Top Four

Top Four 10: Starbucks Hot Drinks


00:00:05   could that acne shipping truck be more

00:00:07   shady-looking that's awesome you want it

00:00:10   outside it's a beautiful day 30 degrees

00:00:15   windy looks like a good one you found I

00:00:17   was doubting you know I had to find

00:00:20   along the clover machine that's good

00:00:21   they still have one all right flat white

00:00:32   is there any value in also getting the

00:00:35   latte macchiato or is it close enough to

00:00:37   the flat white that like yeah it seemed

00:00:41   [Music]

00:00:47   chai latte green tea latte

00:00:52   the espresso come

00:00:57   [Music]

00:01:01   and the London Fog

00:01:05   and finally you had gathered a hot cider

00:01:08   or

00:01:14   I have a few more just a few yeah go

00:01:18   ahead

00:01:19   yeah all right is your clover working

00:01:25   cool all right what do you think is the

00:01:27   best clover beam that you have dark

00:01:34   medium

00:01:37   perfect let's do Nicaragua thank you

00:01:39   also a tall fight place all right short

00:01:43   americano a short cappuccino

00:01:47   a white chocolate mocha and I think

00:01:50   that's it yeah

00:01:54   that's all yeah just just these like you

00:01:56   know all right you take Apple pay oh you

00:01:59   do Apple pay good

00:02:02   that's all right no one has cool thank

00:02:06   you we're in the corner you know that's

00:02:13   your life do you know which is wish yeah

00:02:17   they're all label that's my last one

00:02:32   that's your last one yeah I got like how

00:02:35   do I get one two three well I'm sharing

00:02:37   a couple of yours

00:02:38   that Kate and I have five they're

00:02:40   exclusively mine but then I want to try

00:02:43   your flat white you steal my pen already

00:02:47   yeah a record um it was one little

00:02:51   mix-up I got two caramel macchiatos

00:02:54   instead of a charge no rush really when

00:02:59   it works all right

00:03:01   maybe you'll end up yours from really

00:03:02   liking the car Lafayette oh well I do

00:03:04   really like yeah it was good I mean my

00:03:06   top contender left so high so I are here

00:03:09   for a top four winter special

00:03:11   Starbucks on location edition so we're

00:03:17   here at they're a local at one of our

00:03:19   local Starbucks because they are

00:03:21   everywhere and we are we walked a whole

00:03:24   bunch of drink

00:03:25   and we're gonna taste and see which ones

00:03:27   make our top four I have two caramel

00:03:30   macchiatos by accident but we're

00:03:31   rectifying that and we're gonna wear a

00:03:35   taste test unit should we get bottled

00:03:37   water why we have so much liquid here

00:03:40   blender the palates no all right all

00:03:45   right so we're gonna write down each to

00:03:47   wear this I'm gonna start with the flat

00:03:48   white

00:03:49   how many do the coffee's first the base

00:03:51   baseline coffees

00:03:52   I got a Pike Place and a clover brew of

00:03:54   the Nicaragua beans this week which they

00:03:58   said over those medium ones what just

00:03:59   kind what I'm going for

00:04:00   they tend to roast really dark for me so

00:04:02   I went with the medium into the dark

00:04:04   even though you can do prefer a little

00:04:05   bit darker roast but no not not as dark

00:04:08   as they so let me try the Pike Place fir

00:04:11   this is their house plan so I can't

00:04:14   write on top this is a fountain-pen

00:04:15   think'll just run off oh you mean do my

00:04:18   pedestrian pet yeah here's layman's man

00:04:21   sorry Mike

00:04:22   using a a precise and v7 roll at all

00:04:26   well Mike was right I'm using the pilot

00:04:29   metropolitan hop medium tipped fountain

00:04:32   pen naturally thanks Mike alright

00:04:34   hashtag so Pike Place roasts first bad I

00:04:39   mean it's a slightly dark roasted for my

00:04:42   taste but even though I do like dark

00:04:45   roast but yeah it's fine it's not it's

00:04:49   not great it's just fine

00:04:51   if I wanted if I want a black coffee

00:04:55   which I usually do then this is okay

00:04:58   okay but it's not the best let me

00:05:00   compare to the clover here this is the

00:05:02   clover brew using a Nicaragua Peru or

00:05:03   Nicaragua bean very different yeah yeah

00:05:08   you should try this also yeah okay mess

00:05:11   up my flat white well maybe I'll try I

00:05:12   need you to figure out what a flat white

00:05:14   is because I already forgot I know I

00:05:16   know I know

00:05:16   so yeah so that's that's their house

00:05:17   broom how do you okay that's a good

00:05:22   reactions oh that's all like me here

00:05:26   okay this is the so this is the flow

00:05:28   grass yeah I think the clover you taste

00:05:30   it first I'll tell you what I think

00:05:31   about are you sure we can't get water

00:05:32   that whatever funds it I mean that's not

00:05:37   your lesson that's view a much less

00:05:41   black it's much better yeah so I would

00:05:44   be ready that the clover is not the pike

00:05:47   I really don't want any more but if I if

00:05:49   I was like on a road trip and that's all

00:05:50   I could get and I really wanted some

00:05:51   coffee I would drink of it I took one

00:05:53   sip of that and I never wanted again

00:05:54   well but you don't like black coffee

00:05:56   usually where's the clover brew is

00:05:58   substantially better it's it's a lot

00:06:00   sweeter a lot less bitterness and it

00:06:04   almost start I don't know I I would

00:06:08   prefer actually a darker roasted being

00:06:09   event but it is substantially better

00:06:10   than her house one all right now so what

00:06:12   was a flat white I remember from the

00:06:13   website I got intrigued and that's why I

00:06:15   ended up ordering it

00:06:16   I mean it's coffee in milk but you know

00:06:17   it's a special milk but like in a

00:06:18   certain pattern I don't know does he was

00:06:20   gonna kill us okay look there's a

00:06:22   picture over there

00:06:23   yeah and browns for Lidia I've also our

00:06:29   espresso con Panna is overflowing out of

00:06:31   the pour spout with whipped cream should

00:06:35   we take a meeting video of that because

00:06:36   that's pretty much we might want to try

00:06:40   that one net to that but that's gonna

00:06:42   have a short shelf life isn't this so

00:06:43   little look at it it is just growing out

00:06:44   of out there it's 4k video of the

00:06:49   portrait orientation video that's sorry

00:06:51   I'm just wobbly - I know I can see the

00:06:54   foot Butchie you drinking all this cops

00:06:56   George god

00:06:57   oops no flat white yeah I mean I like

00:07:02   espresso based drinks much better than

00:07:05   regular coffee

00:07:05   unless it's your coffee actually I'm

00:07:09   getting is the all I'm getting into the

00:07:12   foam with coffee coming through the

00:07:14   bottom of it which is I guess is what

00:07:15   the whole point is that is the point

00:07:16   yeah and the new thing that was at the

00:07:18   latte macchiatto

00:07:19   the it was it's the same ingredients but

00:07:22   just like they poured the espresso on

00:07:23   top of the milk so that kind of layers

00:07:25   like a layered drink yeah and so you

00:07:27   know I'm kind of understanding what the

00:07:29   layer drink is about now can I try yeah

00:07:31   there's this a plant-wide it's nice it's

00:07:35   smooth so this moves out the espresso

00:07:38   it's nice but it's way too much milk for

00:07:41   me like to me it just tastes like I'm

00:07:43   drinking what it is you mostly milk your

00:07:46   drinking some coffee through a milk

00:07:47   shield yeah that's basically it like

00:07:49   it's it is really a lot of coke I liked

00:07:52   it much when I taste all right let's try

00:07:55   the icons on it before it overflows it

00:07:57   further okay so this is now drinking an

00:08:00   impressive array of whipped cream from

00:08:02   feeling the cup this parts warm and this

00:08:04   parts cold because it's only got one

00:08:08   shot of eponymous so we have a short cup

00:08:11   it has a one shot of espresso so this is

00:08:14   pretty much hot it's like it's over so

00:08:16   let's look cream at the top through the

00:08:18   okay so again not not very surprising

00:08:21   it's what you'd expect given that input

00:08:22   right oh you also have black town your

00:08:26   nose and it's adorable

00:08:28   mic mic did it fountain oh it's on my

00:08:32   nose from the top of the lips that one

00:08:34   your man okay I'm first sip I really

00:08:37   didn't like it but now I'm liking it

00:08:40   Kedra when you put a new shield of

00:08:44   whipped cream over the scenario to the

00:08:48   lid okay yeah you have like a liver

00:08:52   you're not that's exactly what I would

00:08:56   expect I mean it's it's almost affogato

00:09:00   wish but yeah it is a little Africa but

00:09:02   off of those are better because they're

00:09:04   ice yeah that white there's there's no

00:09:09   way you'd ever get all the whipped cream

00:09:10   out of there by sipping out of the pour

00:09:13   spout did the espresso like it's almost

00:09:14   out of espresso

00:09:15   you definitely have a stronger taste

00:09:17   with me but yeah

00:09:20   the flat white I think is overall better

00:09:23   well they're very different the flat

00:09:25   white is not a sweet this house this is

00:09:27   your equipment I know but it's broken

00:09:29   it's stronger and it's sweeter but I

00:09:31   think this flat white is much more of a

00:09:33   mellow if I'm getting Starbucks I kind

00:09:35   of just want like you know hang out and

00:09:38   enjoy it

00:09:38   yeah because like after dinner

00:09:42   the espresso yeah it's kind of a desert

00:09:44   all right let me try the americano I

00:09:46   want to see how it compares to the

00:09:47   clover in the bike I used to get these

00:09:50   all the time when I was when I worked at

00:09:51   tumblr this was this was my drink of

00:09:53   choice for like the year that we went to

00:09:55   Starbucks every day I would just get a

00:09:56   short americano cuz I liked it better

00:09:58   than the drip coffee I just want to make

00:10:01   it clear that it's not my fountain pen

00:10:02   that's all over our noses right now

00:10:07   the turn Americanos are they're really

00:10:09   nice actually let me see I mean compared

00:10:10   to the pike yeah I would wait I would

00:10:13   much rather have the Americana it on the

00:10:15   pike place even though well first of all

00:10:17   has a weight less caffeine but even just

00:10:19   the flavors way better you wanna try

00:10:21   Edda compares yeah I've had your

00:10:23   Americana before we've got this on

00:10:25   bright tips I thought oh yeah a toddler

00:10:31   oh you're so leader compared to mine and

00:10:36   I started with my espresso drink yeah I

00:10:39   think so the the pike I I really don't

00:10:41   care for now that I've had better ones

00:10:43   that I guess it's it's your road trip

00:10:46   acceptable but I would never choose it

00:10:48   if I had better options and if you're in

00:10:50   a Starbucks you do a better option

00:10:51   because the short Americana tastes

00:10:52   better the clover brew is better than

00:10:55   them both that the americano just

00:10:57   doesn't have a lot of the coffee flavor

00:10:59   the clover has the pike has a lot of

00:11:02   mediocre coffee flavor and the clover

00:11:04   has a moderate amount of good flavor did

00:11:07   that make sense alright I will edit you

00:11:15   as listening and maybe a bit ah put that

00:11:18   in area okay so I'm gonna go to the

00:11:20   vanilla latte because I'm kind of amping

00:11:22   up the suite level I think yeah so

00:11:24   vanilla latte is next that is insane

00:11:30   [Music]

00:11:31   that is assaulting Li sweet I used to

00:11:35   drink this kind of stuff okay I'll take

00:11:40   a second step after you knew because get

00:11:42   all this week I wouldn't classify it as

00:11:45   insanely sweet I mean the dessert sip

00:11:46   was really saying it is a sweetened

00:11:48   drink did you get is there different lip

00:11:49   on that is there no there's no whip it

00:11:52   it's a sweet you drink but I would say

00:11:54   it's no sweeter than like hot chocolate

00:11:55   you'd make at home

00:11:56   look we had last night so I had that

00:11:58   fresher member it has that like syrupy

00:12:00   sweet taste to it which it is closed

00:12:02   here vanilla syrup yeah no I don't find

00:12:06   that too I mean I thought we fallen off

00:12:08   of my list I don't like it as much

00:12:10   Wow it's sex it's a syrup taste it's not

00:12:13   in there I mean I've had syrupy coffee

00:12:16   drinks before but I don't know today I'm

00:12:18   gonna try my white mocha I feel like I

00:12:19   didn't expect it even though I knew I

00:12:21   ordered it maybe I should have got a

00:12:23   regular latte oh well I'm gonna put a

00:12:27   sad face I feel like the flat white kind

00:12:28   of obviates the latte but I don't know

00:12:31   anyway

00:12:31   alright I'm gonna try my white mocha now

00:12:33   because it is also a sweet drink so I'm

00:12:35   gonna kind of compare the sweetness

00:12:36   levels now that that's fresh in my mouth

00:12:38   wait whether you're gonna do cappuccino

00:12:39   I was but now when I compare the

00:12:41   sweetness is no I don't like it

00:12:48   that used to be my default order I'm

00:12:49   kind of like mad now that I don't like

00:12:52   it this it so it's a white shit

00:12:55   basically a white chocolate with some

00:12:56   coffee and some milk spoons of sugar if

00:12:59   you've actually much better because it

00:13:01   keeps that the chocolate doesn't

00:13:03   escalate into like the sweet syrup taste

00:13:06   yeah I would say if I actually like this

00:13:07   better but this on my yeah so far yeah I

00:13:10   used to get a drink similar to that at

00:13:11   my at my old cuppa Joe coffee shop in

00:13:13   Bexley well it's their coffee I think if

00:13:22   I wanted a sweet drink but the white

00:13:24   market would be up there on the list

00:13:25   look if I was in the mood Fleming

00:13:26   sweetened highs and we should put it all

00:13:29   so we're not doing any iced drinks today

00:13:30   because it's wintertime and it would be

00:13:32   we already have like thinking of a below

00:13:33   because the Starbucks top for winter

00:13:35   edition so we're doing all hot drinks

00:13:37   and in the summer time we will come back

00:13:39   and get ourselves some coffee milkshakes

00:13:41   and a whole bunch of ice sugar too thick

00:13:43   yeah all the random garbage they serve

00:13:45   yes who will get lots and lots of

00:13:46   glasses of garbage yeah and we will

00:13:48   drink the fever for your listening

00:13:49   pleasure we would also like to point out

00:13:52   I think it's a good time now we're

00:13:54   halfway through our drinks here that we

00:13:56   actually have two people that support us

00:14:00   through sponsorships on relay yes we are

00:14:02   really big if she was still the common

00:14:04   members so the other members and so with

00:14:08   their silver membership we would love to

00:14:10   extend to them but the ability to well

00:14:13   they've already sponsored our beverages

00:14:16   here yes because we knows - we have

00:14:18   earned eight dollars eight dollars yep

00:14:20   proximately eight dollars that Cobra for

00:14:23   two of these right yep right like you

00:14:25   have the receipt right there yeah covers

00:14:27   about two so if you two people are

00:14:29   listening and you want to come forward

00:14:30   we will happily put your Twitter name or

00:14:33   some sort of link in our show notes next

00:14:37   to the drink of your choice that you

00:14:38   would like to sponsor it music our best

00:14:40   you can pick our worst so people out

00:14:43   there if you want to become members that

00:14:45   really happen for us we promise to do

00:14:48   stupid things with your money and drink

00:14:51   lots of Starbucks coffee

00:14:52   so people can sponsor in the summertime

00:14:54   possibly ever eyes alright cool so yeah

00:14:58   my dog I think it's moving up on my land

00:15:00   because it's it's less sweet and it has

00:15:04   it keeps a little bit of the Mormon

00:15:06   coffee bitter notes yeah

00:15:08   alright I'm gonna try the cappuccino

00:15:10   this is a plain short cappuccino I'm not

00:15:12   short because I knew from my previous

00:15:14   Starbucks notary from years ago that the

00:15:16   short has a better ratio of espresso to

00:15:18   milk so I'm going with that it kind of

00:15:22   tastes like nothing

00:15:25   yeah it kind of just tastes like coffee

00:15:28   foam yeah I think I think maybe maybe a

00:15:31   different ratio would have been better

00:15:32   so maybe maybe the short was not the

00:15:34   ritual I think it's just the espresso

00:15:36   it's not very good because I've had like

00:15:38   yeah well the espresso in the americano

00:15:40   is not that strongly flavor you know

00:15:43   it's it's good for what it is for you

00:15:46   know a lot of espresso based drinks are

00:15:49   super flavorful and a lot of times they

00:15:51   get their flavor from the various here

00:15:53   they're putting in alright so right

00:15:55   which is shouldn't make me the case but

00:15:57   is I'm gonna go for the caramel

00:15:59   macchiato which I have I'm gonna be

00:16:02   shocked if that is not too insane this

00:16:04   wait for you after your reaction of the

00:16:05   vanilla no this is amazing this is

00:16:09   freakin amazing

00:16:10   I love this drink I'm so happy I deal

00:16:13   with them right now because you know why

00:16:14   cuz it tastes like caramel it doesn't

00:16:16   taste like vanilla syrup which has some

00:16:19   sort of strange weird a sweetener in it

00:16:20   I bet you if we looked at the bottle of

00:16:21   the vanilla Sarah that would have a

00:16:22   weird sweetener you got it I I don't

00:16:25   think I do I think that you have

00:16:27   something funny alright look but this

00:16:29   isn't that's amazing caramel macchiato

00:16:31   rocks my world so far it's my number one

00:16:33   oh yeah sweet

00:16:35   sweet caramel goodness yes it's so

00:16:41   wonderful I don't know if I'd like a

00:16:44   regular Mafia Masha macchiato

00:16:46   I think it's macchiato but I was not

00:16:48   gonna be the arbiter frenzied ation okay

00:16:50   but it is espresso not expressive of

00:16:52   corrective no election espresso that's

00:16:55   super good see now let me come all right

00:16:57   now try to go back and we'd rather than

00:16:58   online I am fun I agree I I don't

00:17:03   first of all I don't think there's any

00:17:04   artificial sweeteners in the vanilla

00:17:05   serif but then weird there but I do

00:17:07   think that the caramel macchiato is the

00:17:09   better sweet drink of those two as a

00:17:12   genomic repair to the white mocha hey as

00:17:14   if melon cat as the vanilla latte is

00:17:15   brewing together amazing better yeah I

00:17:18   think I might have missed on missed wake

00:17:20   of the Syrah

00:17:24   they don't like it as much as the Carmel

00:17:27   that is my number one Rock the charts

00:17:30   I'd say the white mocha and the Carmel

00:17:31   are very close in how much I like them

00:17:33   but I like the way I mouth a little bit

00:17:35   more but it's very close it might be too

00:17:37   close to call

00:17:38   I think karma works really well with

00:17:41   coffee

00:17:41   cuz like the bitter and the like the

00:17:43   earthy caramel sugar crystallized

00:17:46   proudness of it I love that there's

00:17:49   black all over your nose you have like

00:17:50   it go over your nose so I'm trying to

00:17:58   take you seriously as you're talking and

00:17:59   I'm looking at those that I can't I

00:18:00   can't not see it I can't not see you're

00:18:02   so calm we're professionals yeah this

00:18:05   professional podcasters okay all right

00:18:06   Thoreau is amazing and I will certainly

00:18:08   be finishing you after we are done okay

00:18:11   now I want to move on you see I have a

00:18:14   whole bunch of teas yeah we're done with

00:18:17   yours cuz you're I didn't do any of the

00:18:19   Teavana

00:18:19   stuff on this visit I figured if that

00:18:21   becomes a thing I do like to you

00:18:23   sometimes so it then becomes a thing I

00:18:24   think maybe do it like some other time

00:18:27   [Music]

00:18:28   yeah all right so I have these teas I

00:18:32   think what do you think green tea or

00:18:34   chai green tea is the lightest all right

00:18:38   senator so but well but it's in a green

00:18:40   tea latte and who knows what's all right

00:18:42   I'm gonna go which I think I think the

00:18:44   green thought is very sweet but I'm

00:18:45   proud of you okay the chai latte smells

00:18:47   really good and spicy all right I don't

00:18:49   like when they're too spicy I like a

00:18:50   balance between my chives I don't like

00:18:52   go ahead tastes like water and I don't

00:18:53   like when it tastes like a whole spice

00:18:54   bomb that's been like marinating for

00:18:57   years

00:18:57   it shouldn't taste like cinnamon toast

00:18:59   crunch I don't want to taste like

00:19:00   potpourri right tastes a little bit like

00:19:03   potpourri

00:19:04   it's very strong cinnamon and natsu

00:19:07   maƱana I don't know

00:19:09   clothes clothes that sort of this really

00:19:11   strong clue it's a little throat Burnie

00:19:14   like hot heat wise or no like spice life

00:19:17   okay not heat Spice concentrated about

00:19:20   how spicy are you try let's say we go

00:19:22   under special to chai tea latte chai tea

00:19:24   latte

00:19:25   I like the basic flavor but it's way too

00:19:29   sweet for me yeah I do like the flavor

00:19:31   is good like it's not it's not a bad

00:19:33   flavor it's just a bee let's try a spice

00:19:36   black tea and you're supposed to taste

00:19:39   the black tea and I don't I just tasted

00:19:41   spice that's what yeah that's Pleasant a

00:19:44   really good choice you can taste the

00:19:45   black tea in addition they get well

00:19:47   balanced right right this might be like

00:19:49   a powder because there's no tea bag

00:19:51   hanging out of this so do I ever have

00:19:54   tea bags I don't know I don't like shy

00:19:57   enough to ever order enough but I know a

00:19:58   lot of its powder and there's definitely

00:20:00   bad powders and good powders yeah I mean

00:20:03   it's good it's true there's Mike

00:20:05   sometimes I feel like those flavors but

00:20:06   yeah all right so now I'm gonna try the

00:20:10   London Fog London Fog which is the black

00:20:13   tea based something right this is like a

00:20:16   latte and it's slightly sweetened with

00:20:18   vanilla syrup also so might have the

00:20:20   same fate as the vanilla latte but it's

00:20:23   black tea smell like a latte ish melt

00:20:27   beginning and it's vanilla Sarah

00:20:31   let's give it a shot smells good smells

00:20:34   like black meat it's a real great

00:20:39   that's really good pro-grade I know it's

00:20:42   a polarizing T upon T people I like

00:20:45   Robert is a girl great we need to make

00:20:47   sure I I forget it my it was some kind

00:20:50   it was some kind of English like t known

00:20:52   for being English that's why they call

00:20:54   the London Fog T known for being English

00:20:56   it if I call T known for being English

00:20:58   not really I mean I think it's mostly

00:21:00   known for being like Chinese and we just

00:21:02   kind of stolen that day I could be wrong

00:21:04   I have no I don't know about you looking

00:21:05   up I'll try yeah you try that is the

00:21:07   London Fog but just a hot tea latte of

00:21:10   some kind ooh that's interesting isn't

00:21:13   it good you know what it isn't that

00:21:14   sweet

00:21:15   you know it's a really good balance of

00:21:17   of the black tea but it is sweetened cuz

00:21:20   it doesn't taste like this is actually a

00:21:22   decent balance it's even a little it's

00:21:24   you can tell it's sweetened but I think

00:21:26   this is the first sweet drink that

00:21:28   everything that we've had today that

00:21:29   does not seem like it's too sweet

00:21:31   well we should we declare by everybody

00:21:33   the sizes of all these drinks everything

00:21:35   that I didn't say was short is tall we

00:21:38   didn't get any larger than at all yeah

00:21:40   everything is okay it's Earl Grey tea

00:21:43   sweetened with vanilla syrup been

00:21:45   steamed come I will I will include that

00:21:50   in my in my my ranking I think that's

00:21:54   really nice I like that better than the

00:21:55   chai yeah the tribe was too sweet and it

00:21:58   tastes like tea and really that really

00:22:00   tastes like sweet tea if you like those

00:22:03   like mulling spices yeah then this chai

00:22:05   would be really good for you if you

00:22:07   really really like those strong spiced

00:22:09   yeah fall flavors but if you want if you

00:22:12   like those flavors but you like them

00:22:13   more mild I don't think you would really

00:22:15   like this charge yeah I would even I

00:22:18   would hesitate to call the London Fog a

00:22:20   chai and it doesn't really taste like a

00:22:22   chili tastes like sweet my Black team

00:22:23   this London Fog it's very warming like

00:22:26   he is kind of want to curl up with it

00:22:27   it's really nice

00:22:28   I mean chai implies like a certain spice

00:22:30   blend and the dist I don't think has but

00:22:33   I like that a lot

00:22:33   it's actually really good as a result of

00:22:35   not having it I think I might put that

00:22:37   right behind my beloved caramel

00:22:40   so that was possibly my number one this

00:22:43   might be my number two so far I put it

00:22:45   at number three well I'm just ranking

00:22:47   them now and then I'm gonna go back

00:22:48   because we haven't finished yet yes you

00:22:50   still have some all right so next I

00:22:51   already do the chai yeah we have the

00:22:54   crunchy latte which I have high hopes

00:22:57   for and very excited because I really

00:22:58   like the green tea frappuccino so I'm

00:23:01   really excited about this latte and then

00:23:03   we have the caramel apple spider yeah

00:23:05   which is basically like apple juice hot

00:23:06   apple cider with caramel in it all right

00:23:08   it's like an apple cider latte right all

00:23:11   right let's try the green tea first I'm

00:23:13   afraid it might be too sweet but it

00:23:14   certainly it's bright neon green yeah

00:23:19   I'm a little afraid I really like green

00:23:21   tea like real Green Day's I release your

00:23:23   air condition probably well there's no

00:23:29   ruin green tea right that's kind of

00:23:31   finicky like you couldn't whose hand

00:23:33   somebody a cup with hot water and I like

00:23:35   that it tastes weird it tastes weird

00:23:37   like a Thai iced tea but I really love

00:23:38   it let's see and I want more crazy a lot

00:23:42   a super good you know that's not as bad

00:23:44   as I thought of it I mean I think I'm

00:23:46   mad I'm not like this

00:23:47   I like it too I'm really surprised do

00:23:48   you like it it's too I wouldn't want a

00:23:50   whole one because it's too sweet for me

00:23:52   drink whole hmm but I do like it as like

00:23:55   a dessert deprived version of green tea

00:23:57   because it actually has a green tea

00:23:59   taste normally you're not supposed to

00:24:01   put anything going to you the idea of

00:24:02   putting a ton of sugar I think milk and

00:24:04   yeah then whatever is making that bright

00:24:06   green is is kind of scary but it does

00:24:09   taste like green tea and I like green

00:24:10   tea and so I appreciate that flavor out

00:24:12   of them yeah I like it a lot it's really

00:24:15   fun it's just as fun as the property

00:24:17   number right it's like if you took green

00:24:18   tea and threw a party in the cup rather

00:24:20   than the more normal kind of like but

00:24:21   has a remedy Billingsgate

00:24:23   it has a really weird taste to it and

00:24:25   just like a Thai iced tea where you're

00:24:27   not sure you like it but you can't like

00:24:29   once the phases beta from your mouth you

00:24:31   want another sip will say to me like I

00:24:33   now have the aftertaste in my mouth of

00:24:35   green tea with there's a great like

00:24:37   creamy

00:24:38   yeah had a green tea ice cream which I

00:24:40   do like yeah that's really good yeah

00:24:44   we're like a green tea macaron like yeah

00:24:47   yeah yeah I would say I would like a

00:24:51   little bit more bitterness in it but

00:24:52   it's very cool I mean my tasty powder

00:24:54   nobody else like what I like though use

00:24:56   green green tea powder we're making her

00:24:58   tte confections oh I think that's why

00:25:00   those are really good yeah yeah that I

00:25:03   thought it was the line play bang works

00:25:04   compared to the London Fog to see which

00:25:06   one's gonna be better no green she's

00:25:08   better here well the women fuck I think

00:25:09   is less sweet let me throw there it is

00:25:11   less sweet so wait maybe which one would

00:25:12   be better if y'all go to Starbucks you

00:25:16   kind of want sweet because we don't have

00:25:17   that much sweet home

00:25:19   oh yeah the green tea is substantially

00:25:21   sweeter than the London Fog Oh

00:25:22   substantially I would say we go back to

00:25:26   the normal colors come on then the green

00:25:28   tea kind of like tastes better like adds

00:25:30   like ice cream or a milkshake but if you

00:25:33   actually we're gonna have like a large

00:25:34   cup on your desk that you were drinking

00:25:35   over the course of it morning that will

00:25:38   be way too much sweetness for me yeah

00:25:41   it's crazy all right I'm gonna stay with

00:25:42   London French number three all right

00:25:45   going to the caramel apple spice which

00:25:47   is my comedy option oh my goodness it is

00:25:52   so caramel apple spicy

00:25:55   yeah well cuz there's no part of that

00:25:57   will balance out the sweetness it's all

00:25:59   like sweet ingredients sweet it's like

00:26:00   sweet apple juice correct with sweet

00:26:02   syrup but sweet caramel sauce in it yeah

00:26:05   if there's no way to make that Malek

00:26:07   overly sweet it's super good though

00:26:10   that's it it tastes like a caramel apple

00:26:13   yeah it's a I mean it's it's there's

00:26:15   obviously like a lot of cinnamon flavor

00:26:17   there's some kind of spice caramel it

00:26:22   might just be the apple flavor yeah yeah

00:26:25   a sample of caramel here right yeah

00:26:27   all right we still we've tried them all

00:26:29   yeah it's very sweet

00:26:31   all right I gotta try to compare one

00:26:33   more time I got to compare the green tea

00:26:34   latte to the white logo to see her well

00:26:36   caramel on the spice so it does have

00:26:38   some spice in it but it's nowhere near

00:26:39   as much bicycle charges yeah very green

00:26:44   tea you're gonna go back to the flat

00:26:45   white white mochas filling us some

00:26:49   coffee someone's flat whites good I like

00:26:52   it better than your americano well yeah

00:26:54   it's full no but it's better than I

00:26:57   think it's better than the latte

00:26:58   [Applause]

00:26:59   I was totally rather have up in the

00:27:01   Lotte yeah the last day but ultimately

00:27:03   that's too much milk for me okay

00:27:05   I think flat White's gonna be my number4

00:27:08   and my runner up comedy option is gonna

00:27:12   be my number 5 I have so many non coffee

00:27:14   drinks here

00:27:15   I have like I ordered have coffee as

00:27:17   drinks and then half kind of tea base

00:27:19   drinks because I don't really like

00:27:21   Starbucks coffee so if I'm gonna come

00:27:23   here and order a drink this is like what

00:27:26   I would decide to order not so much

00:27:28   finding the best coffee in this place

00:27:30   because just want to find like the best

00:27:32   do more drink to order okay for my cell

00:27:36   phone I have a similar issue that I

00:27:39   don't really care for their drip coffees

00:27:41   we took my phone over there Pike Place

00:27:43   is from like as I as I add more things

00:27:47   that I've tried the pike fish gave

00:27:48   dropping down the list because

00:27:50   everything else is just better than that

00:27:52   green tea is so weird the americano as

00:27:54   it is cooled I'm able to taste more of

00:27:57   the flavor and it also isn't as good as

00:27:58   I initially thought I also feel like

00:27:59   Starbucks is kind of like a weird a road

00:28:01   trip to treat awesome yeah we don't

00:28:04   usually we don't go out and get it so if

00:28:06   I'm looking for a treat something

00:28:08   getting something weird like this green

00:28:09   tea latte would be really appealing

00:28:11   that's the only reason that's staying

00:28:13   out of the number four spot right now my

00:28:16   number one is the clover I try the bug

00:28:18   again it is the only time I've ever had

00:28:21   decent coffee at Starbucks I wouldn't

00:28:23   even say it's great but anything I got

00:28:25   my order and I would say my number two

00:28:28   is the fog my step number one club or

00:28:31   number two London Fog that's out of

00:28:33   nowhere you totally are gonna order it I

00:28:35   know because it could it isn't overly

00:28:37   sweet it has good flavor of what appears

00:28:40   to be a decent black tea and black tea

00:28:44   snob little coffee snob so I could be

00:28:45   totally wrong about how giving it to me

00:28:47   is good

00:28:48   the espresso con Panna does not cool

00:28:51   well no espresso never does oh my gosh

00:28:53   especially with all that whipped cream

00:28:54   it's like really bitter now I'm gonna

00:28:58   say my number three is the white mocha

00:29:00   I love all these sweet drinks I had the

00:29:03   white love that one again it's coffee

00:29:05   based so it's but it's sweetened enough

00:29:07   that it kind of overcomes in the

00:29:08   bitterness of the espresso I would say

00:29:10   white mocha my number three my number

00:29:13   floor having a little bit of trouble

00:29:14   with I I was originally going to put the

00:29:16   americano or the high place but as

00:29:18   they've gotten less than perfectly hot

00:29:20   you can taste a lot more flaws it's

00:29:23   funny the vanilla latte is tasting

00:29:24   better the last time it's good let me

00:29:26   kind of fly way to go it's just way too

00:29:31   much for me it's so into the fall milk I

00:29:33   only try them in all out there that's

00:29:35   also way too sweet I even have a green

00:29:38   tea let's do oh it's so sweet it's

00:29:41   really sweet but it's really interesting

00:29:44   I can just have all these peopIe number

00:29:46   four no in front of you you can pick one

00:29:49   to put in your number four all right now

00:29:51   let me see you what do I look cappuccino

00:29:53   machine it's just kind of boring like

00:29:55   it's about come along here no one try

00:29:57   that one again

00:29:58   yeah try to get I think you know I get a

00:30:02   little bit buzzed here I think I think

00:30:07   caramel macchiato might be my number

00:30:09   four well I'm having trouble picking a

00:30:11   number four okay but think about it

00:30:13   you're on a road trip yeah and you need

00:30:15   to order something from Starbucks

00:30:17   because you just feel like having a warm

00:30:20   drink yeah well if I'm on a road trip

00:30:22   I'm looking for caffeine so if I'm on a

00:30:24   road trip I'm gonna get either you know

00:30:25   if we can problem with the clover I'll

00:30:26   get the clover otherwise I'll probably

00:30:28   get the Americana okay so let's say that

00:30:29   then let's say you're not looking for

00:30:31   caffeine yeah I was looking for like a

00:30:36   fun bar bucks yeah then I think even the

00:30:39   fog or more likely the white mocha

00:30:43   sometimes also like on a road trip the

00:30:46   act of drinking is keeping you awake

00:30:48   yes still I just ripped one dropping my

00:30:50   pants do you think all over our noses we

00:30:53   can that's true this place is filling up

00:30:55   with teenagers yeah it must be lunchtime

00:30:58   yeah foggy foggy it gets my number too

00:31:01   because it is not as sweet as the sweet

00:31:03   drinks and they're they're a little hard

00:31:05   to take after a few sips and sweet

00:31:06   dreams

00:31:07   so clover number one fuck number two why

00:31:09   moko number three it's almost too sweet

00:31:11   but not quite and caramel yeah I don't

00:31:14   know before I can't believe we have this

00:31:15   much overlap so my number one is the

00:31:18   caramel macchiato my number two is the

00:31:21   lunch of Avadh number three green tea

00:31:23   latte and number five as before is the

00:31:26   flat white alright not bad

00:31:29   number five caramel apple spices yeah

00:31:32   whatever the children's drink it at the

00:31:34   placement so what do we do with all

00:31:37   these we drink them over what time span

00:31:41   over the next week well because we have

00:31:46   14 cups on our table 13 of which we

00:31:48   order so how do we finish 13 drinks when

00:31:51   I'm already almost at my caffeine limit

00:31:52   for probably the day well I'm definitely

00:31:54   taking it I'm taking my favorites I'm

00:31:57   taking log in the green tea and I have

00:31:59   to

00:32:00   it hasn't been accidental caramel

00:32:02   macchiato well we both like them

00:32:04   although I don't want anymore

00:32:05   how much should we spend I'm just

00:32:07   curious like 44 yeah $44 $44 so we are

00:32:13   definitely in the red no we have a

00:32:16   sponsor so so $38 or $36 right 36 Yeldon

00:32:23   we were sponsored by our wonderful

00:32:23   listeners yes thank you listeners so

00:32:26   much for sponsoring this endeavor and

00:32:27   yet we will happily go out live on

00:32:31   location again at any time should you

00:32:35   want us to eat or drink things bring

00:32:37   their listening pleasure

00:32:44   all right this has been top 4 tip

00:32:48   DeMarco and thanks to our wonderful

00:32:50   listeners and everyone at relay asked

00:32:52   them for how we make this possible you

00:32:54   know overall I just wasn't in back of

00:32:56   everything like I thought I would hate a

00:32:57   lot more if their drinks Penta but I

00:32:59   actually did but I think my stomach

00:33:00   burns but I'm really happy that now we

00:33:03   know yeah and then watch tomorrow

00:33:06   they're gonna get rid of this really

00:33:07   good London Fog drink it will never

00:33:09   happen again

00:33:10   yeah well at least like the white mocha

00:33:12   did my number 3 there at least gonna

00:33:14   probably keep that the Clover Hill

00:33:15   number 1 which is very hard to find like

00:33:17   most stores don't have my I can do come

00:33:19   on yeah there's been around forever

00:33:21   yeah that's safe yeah the plucky others

00:33:23   are safe the flat white and the it's my

00:33:26   go-to version are both safe oh yeah

00:33:28   spilled a drop to it just exploded at

00:33:31   the top

00:33:31   I was watching there was no there was no

00:33:33   foul play it was it just disintegrated

00:33:36   in my hand no that just fell out all

00:33:40   right I don't have half the show good

00:33:47   that's throwing up after show in the

00:33:51   bathroom let me get a lot of gargle

00:34:06   [Music]

00:34:10   oh well it was interesting recorded so

00:34:23   full I don't think I could do it again I

00:34:25   think that a little caffeine for the

00:34:27   month

00:34:28   oh just a most washy

00:34:39   I can hit the lay down

00:34:44   I am vibrating hi I'm really feeling not

00:34:53   so good I went through the stages of

00:34:57   digestion very quickly

00:34:58   hi that was very very and then smiling

00:35:07   like a crazy person full of sugar and

00:35:09   now I feel really sick to my stomach

00:35:13   everything's happening in my guts I feel

00:35:17   like thinking like vibrate out of my

00:35:19   body like I don't I feel okay like sick

00:35:22   wise I'm just like incredibly buzzed all

00:35:26   of the drinks that we just drank are

00:35:28   mixing together in my guts I'm making a

00:35:32   new drink is it good

00:35:35   no it's not in my top four