Top Four

Top Four 7: Halloween Candy


00:00:00   so hi special top 4 it is a special

00:00:04   November first episode

00:00:06   yes November first episode of top for

00:00:09   Halloween candy special because everyone

00:00:12   knows that November 1st is the day that

00:00:14   everyone picks out on their kids can

00:00:15   Halloween candy wait we're allowed to do

00:00:17   that oh yeah you totally get the stuff

00:00:19   they don't like oh I don't know that yep

00:00:22   and fortunately for us Adam doesn't like

00:00:24   chocolate so we get to eat all of his

00:00:26   chocolate-covered something I feel kind

00:00:30   of bad like I feel like gotta be like a

00:00:31   one for one swap I mean he really

00:00:33   shouldn't he's three years old he

00:00:34   shouldn't be eating that much candy

00:00:36   should I go out and get like a whole

00:00:37   bunch of Smarties and like we can

00:00:38   replace them like one by one no I think

00:00:40   that's okay I don't you know Smarties

00:00:42   didn't make my list

00:00:42   no they're in the middle there - in the

00:00:45   middle yeah they're good they're not bad

00:00:47   they're not good so anyway so now that

00:00:49   our son is old enough to appreciate and

00:00:51   participate in Halloween he actually got

00:00:55   a pretty good load of candy this year so

00:00:58   we want we started talking about our

00:01:02   favorite and our least favorite

00:01:04   Halloween candies because everyone has a

00:01:07   preference of what they're gonna go eat

00:01:09   first or save for last however you like

00:01:12   to reward yourself with Halloween candy

00:01:14   and so we decided to do a quick top 4

00:01:17   special so you want to start with worst

00:01:21   and then we'll do best end on a high

00:01:24   note

00:01:24   yeah alright okay do you want my short

00:01:26   list of worst how many do you have

00:01:29   I had a hard time naming eight Halloween

00:01:32   candy I have 10 on my short list of

00:01:34   worst okay Wow let's do it all right

00:01:36   well I have Milk Duds these are ones

00:01:39   that all these are so guys forgot about

00:01:41   those Milk Duds whoppers tootsie rolls

00:01:43   or Tootsie Roll pops almond joy dots

00:01:47   mounds the pumpkin candy corn I hate the

00:01:51   pumpkin shaped candy corn

00:01:52   Twizzlers Baby Ruth and the banana Laffy

00:01:55   Taffy I hate banana flavored candy I

00:02:00   think that fake banana is so disgusting

00:02:02   but even runts do runts qualify you

00:02:05   don't like the bananas I don't like I

00:02:06   don't really care for the bananas and

00:02:07   runs Wow

00:02:08   usually those go first everyone likes

00:02:10   them well I know that's why we're meant

00:02:11   for each other because I give them to

00:02:12   you really the best

00:02:13   I think is probably the pink one but

00:02:14   yeah and I kind of like the lime ones

00:02:17   even though we spent that one time

00:02:18   throwing them out of the sunroof of your

00:02:19   car while we were driving because we

00:02:21   eaten every other flavor and no one

00:02:23   liked the lime ones but now you like

00:02:24   them yeah I kind of like I like them

00:02:26   better than the banana well so out of

00:02:30   the so my short list for worst I'll just

00:02:34   uh I'll just go through it because mine

00:02:35   are already ranked oh okay I have

00:02:37   rankings in there you want mine let's

00:02:40   let's do I mean okay yeah do you tell me

00:02:42   your rankings because our okay our candy

00:02:44   taste overlaps quite a few but we both

00:02:48   dislike different things so they don't

00:02:52   overlap that much alright my number six

00:02:57   is peanut M&Ms oh yeah they just stink

00:03:01   but they're kind of in the middle around

00:03:02   for me there was dating they're not bad

00:03:04   this is like the context as an adult so

00:03:07   it's not this tastes horrible to me it's

00:03:10   this is just not worth the calories like

00:03:12   this is if I'm gonna be having candy

00:03:13   this is like the most boring useless

00:03:15   candy the peanut M&M is just so like

00:03:18   there's so many better choices and

00:03:20   they're better so it's similar to that

00:03:22   my number five is three musketeers which

00:03:25   wait what was so your candy was hemp

00:03:28   what number number six was peanut M&Ms

00:03:30   oh so your oh six okay

00:03:31   my bottom six this is tough number five

00:03:33   Three Musketeers similar wasn't that

00:03:36   it's just it's just not good enough

00:03:38   Three Musketeers yeah it just tastes

00:03:39   like bad chocolate and some sugar like

00:03:41   there's nothing it's not good enough

00:03:43   yeah it's not good enough but it's not I

00:03:45   I don't hate it so I didn't put it in my

00:03:47   worst worse for me is hate well not good

00:03:50   enough for just like they're in the

00:03:51   middle they're not even worth mentioning

00:03:52   alright number four my finally bottom

00:03:55   four here okay number four the plain

00:03:58   chocolate Hershey bar yeah it's pretty

00:04:01   yucky yeah again I hate to I hate the

00:04:04   taste of certain things more than I

00:04:06   dislike the blandness of an a Hershey

00:04:09   bar see there there isn't a lot of candy

00:04:11   that I actually dislike the taste of and

00:04:13   that's why I have to go go to this

00:04:14   method I'm most certain Candy's right

00:04:18   and I don't have that strong opinion on

00:04:19   almost any of it so yet plain Hershey

00:04:23   bar just not worth it you know just

00:04:26   boring not where

00:04:27   that takes of space I'd rather have

00:04:28   something else number three sugar

00:04:30   daddies what it's on your worst list

00:04:33   yeah I have sugar daddies on my best

00:04:35   list no because that's just similar so

00:04:38   Milk Duds III didn't even I forgot those

00:04:40   existed but Milk Duds have a problem for

00:04:42   me that they just are like too

00:04:44   time-consuming and sticky to eat very

00:04:47   very easily like it's just not fun mmm

00:04:50   just like sticks all over your teeth and

00:04:51   everything

00:04:52   sugar daddies have a similar problem for

00:04:54   me they are sticky yeah well if you get

00:04:56   the sugar baby ones they're sticky I

00:04:59   don't like those they get stuck in your

00:05:00   teeth but the sugar daddy that's like

00:05:02   it's like a toffee ish lollipop maybe

00:05:06   I'm thinking of the babies yeah you're

00:05:07   thinking of the babies the baby stink

00:05:09   because they get stuck in your teeth

00:05:10   yeah okay I'm thinking of the sugar

00:05:11   daddy is the ones that are like on a

00:05:13   lollipop you you eat those and it

00:05:16   becomes like this tremendous long string

00:05:18   of disgusting wet toffee so but it's

00:05:23   unwieldy it's and then if you try and

00:05:25   chew it like pulls out all your feelings

00:05:27   so I know I was thinking other ones that

00:05:29   donut sticks they're just just

00:05:30   individually wrapped all right so that's

00:05:32   one over three my number two usually the

00:05:35   only thing on this list that I actually

00:05:36   dislike the taste of and that is I

00:05:39   really really hate candy coconut and so

00:05:41   number two is a tie between Almond Joy

00:05:43   and mounds hmm you know the two popular

00:05:46   coconut flavored chocolate bars I just

00:05:49   don't I will never want to eat an Almond

00:05:51   Joy or mounds bar that's so funny

00:05:53   because I totally have mounds and I'm

00:05:55   enjoy on here is my least favorite

00:05:57   that's your number one uh some of my

00:06:00   least favorite ones okay my number why'd

00:06:02   we give you my number one yet oh okay

00:06:03   I'm sorry that was our number two Oh

00:06:05   tied for number two your lists or so

00:06:07   yeah tie for number two difficult to

00:06:08   keep up with you're not that much better

00:06:10   recently I'm Way better well my number

00:06:14   one worst Halloween candy gum got any

00:06:19   particular kind of gum just in any kind

00:06:21   of gum but there are bad gums and there

00:06:23   are good gums no there aren't

00:06:25   gum I mean first of all gum in general

00:06:26   it would be like pretty bad but those

00:06:28   like pink chalky

00:06:30   why does a live I tell ya know the

00:06:32   cylinders this though the silver worse

00:06:34   yeah the the pink chalky cylinders of

00:06:38   like bubble gum those are

00:06:40   pretty bad well because the the problem

00:06:42   with gum especially in the context of

00:06:44   Halloween candy is that it just ends the

00:06:48   eating and the flavors like you know

00:06:50   you're supposed to chew them for a

00:06:51   little while at least I don't know how

00:06:53   long those people take but you're not

00:06:54   supposed to you just like chew it until

00:06:56   the flavor runs out and then spit it out

00:06:57   even though that's what everybody wants

00:06:59   to do and the flavor last like three

00:07:00   seconds yeah especially those pink

00:07:02   chalky ones and they come in purple -

00:07:03   purple chalky I don't think I've ever

00:07:05   seen yeah the purple chalky gums they

00:07:07   have a slightly better flavor but it

00:07:09   just stays there two seconds then

00:07:11   they're over yeah so that's so just gum

00:07:13   in general like the last thing I want is

00:07:15   to end my candy consumption at all while

00:07:19   eating Halloween candy and if I'm going

00:07:20   to end it

00:07:21   the last flavor I want in my mouth is

00:07:23   not stale gum all right that's fair

00:07:25   alright well my list is number four is

00:07:29   the banana Laffy Taffy which for some

00:07:31   reason always ends up in when I was a

00:07:35   kid in my Halloween bag or now there's

00:07:37   one hovering in Adams and yeah so curse

00:07:41   and number three is the mounds um enjoy

00:07:45   combo cuz it's pretty much the same

00:07:47   candy so you made fun of me for

00:07:49   including those as one entry in the list

00:07:50   and you also include them as one and

00:07:52   well I did after you did because you set

00:07:54   a precedent before I only had mounds on

00:07:56   here and I left out the almond joy

00:07:58   because at least it had some almond to

00:08:00   like placate the terrible coconut in it

00:08:04   but anyway number two for me is any kind

00:08:08   of Tootsie Roll Tootsie Roll pops

00:08:10   tootsie rolls I don't it just they are

00:08:12   terrible they look like little turds and

00:08:15   they taste like I don't even know what

00:08:19   they taste like they taste like they

00:08:22   taste like dirty candy like just like

00:08:24   muddy candy mud candy anyway so and

00:08:28   number one for me is whoppers I hate the

00:08:33   flavor of malt anything let me hold on

00:08:36   let me get the long island in their malt

00:08:38   much it anything nothing malted don't

00:08:42   like the malted stuff tastes like honey

00:08:47   it's just like an assault it's a mouth

00:08:49   assault it's so bad I like mostly early

00:08:53   I don't think

00:08:54   first of that great but just like in

00:08:56   general and that's malt flavor

00:08:57   surrounded by Cory talk ilat right so

00:09:00   they're just terrible

00:09:01   right like I I like malted things in

00:09:04   general but I think whoppers are not

00:09:07   among the better ways to get malt flavor

00:09:09   just because you're right you know it's

00:09:11   it's a crappy it's a crapoly made candy

00:09:12   but I don't I don't disagree with the

00:09:15   flavor but so many people love mothballs

00:09:18   my whole family loves everything malted

00:09:20   you like malted things anyway but I

00:09:22   wanted did you did you listen to my list

00:09:25   my big shortlist well I had dots on here

00:09:28   yeah I know how you feel about dots yeah

00:09:30   they're so awful can I tell you dots are

00:09:32   in my top list I figured they would

00:09:34   that's why I want to bring it up right

00:09:35   now while we're talking about the worst

00:09:36   because of dr. the war alright so

00:09:40   they're so stupid they're just like oh

00:09:44   they're they're just like gummy color

00:09:47   like yeah but and so the color doesn't

00:09:50   taste like anything oh it tastes like

00:09:51   color sugar so much better so so my my

00:09:56   best list is also again in the context

00:09:58   of an adult so it's not necessarily what

00:10:01   tastes best but what I am happiest to

00:10:04   see in Halloween candy specifically

00:10:07   right and so one thing here so and this

00:10:09   is anyway we got to point out that these

00:10:10   are the mini versions of things so

00:10:12   you're not committed to eating an entire

00:10:14   something or a huge role of something

00:10:17   that you know you would just pick up at

00:10:19   a CVS or a drug store or a pharmacy or

00:10:22   anywhere that sells candy you know this

00:10:24   is the the one bite that's what we're

00:10:26   focusing on so it's okay to include

00:10:29   candies that you normally wouldn't buy a

00:10:31   whole chocolate bar of but it's fun to

00:10:32   get in a Halloween candy wear and that

00:10:34   not really that right there is the

00:10:36   premise of what maybe pick the ones I

00:10:38   did as my favorites because we're not

00:10:41   really big candy people most of the time

00:10:43   and if I were to like go to the

00:10:45   drugstore and buy a candy bar well I

00:10:48   really never do that but if I was gonna

00:10:50   do that whatever bar I would pick would

00:10:52   be different than what I have on this

00:10:54   list here because what I have is listens

00:10:56   like things I like having a little like

00:10:57   you know trial baby size of and a lot of

00:11:00   things don't come in the trial baby size

00:11:02   and even if they do they're kind of rare

00:11:04   so I wasn't like inclined to include

00:11:06   them nobody makes like a little mini

00:11:07   whatchamacallit bar

00:11:08   even that whatchamacallit bars are one

00:11:09   of the best full-size bars you can buy

00:11:11   mm-hmm yep although not as good it's a

00:11:13   score bar but anyway so this and also

00:11:17   that the the flipside of what you just

00:11:18   said is that many of these candies you

00:11:21   don't really ever see except for

00:11:23   Halloween like you don't really see or

00:11:25   you wouldn't buy it so like glaring you

00:11:27   I don't think I agree with that all

00:11:29   right well anyway so let me start so so

00:11:31   my number seven is Reese's peanut butter

00:11:33   cups because they're very good but you

00:11:36   can kind of get them whenever you want

00:11:37   yeah buying them stand alone isn't that

00:11:39   ridiculous so like you know I wouldn't I

00:11:41   mean I don't I wouldn't do it

00:11:43   necessarily but like if I was like at a

00:11:46   gas station on a road trip and I wanted

00:11:48   like a quick sugar rush for some reason

00:11:50   even I don't usually do that but if I

00:11:51   were to do that I would consider buying

00:11:53   a little two pack of Reese's Cups and

00:11:55   and cuz I enjoy peanut butter things

00:11:57   they're pretty good even a little bit

00:11:59   greasy for me but pretty good in general

00:12:01   okay and I always I always eat those

00:12:03   like near the beginning when I'm going

00:12:05   through Halloween candy my number six is

00:12:08   tootsie rolls but the but only the non

00:12:11   chocolate flavors because like again

00:12:13   when else okay

00:12:14   those don't count they are a new stupid

00:12:17   invention and they're not really tootsie

00:12:19   rolls whatever it is not really tootsie

00:12:22   rolls agreed but I actually enjoy the

00:12:25   vanilla and I think there's a strawberry

00:12:27   they've been on there pretty much at

00:12:28   that point their taffy

00:12:30   sure but regardless so you know the non

00:12:33   truffula tootsie rolls or something

00:12:34   again you never really see that outside

00:12:35   of Halloween candy

00:12:36   so tootsie rolls are supposed to be

00:12:38   chocolate well that's that flavor the

00:12:40   brown one it just tastes like brown okay

00:12:50   I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be

00:12:52   chocolate I mean I think it's chocolate

00:12:54   in the same sense that like that like a

00:12:56   you who is supposed to be chocolate it's

00:12:59   like it's kind of loosely chocolatey

00:13:00   it's brown water

00:13:02   yes anyway so number six non chocolate

00:13:05   it's your rolls number five Mike and

00:13:07   Ikes ah see I like Mike and Ike I know

00:13:11   that you like her and Mike and Ikes

00:13:14   they're good a B you can get them the

00:13:17   rest of the year but they only come in

00:13:19   such ridiculous quantities that you

00:13:21   really feel bad yet

00:13:22   the rest of the year what kind of maniac

00:13:24   loves a Mike and Ike I do they're really

00:13:27   good

00:13:28   sometimes at our grocery store they they

00:13:30   have them in the big bulk bin and

00:13:32   sometimes it'll get like the stupid

00:13:33   little tiny bag of them anyway that's

00:13:38   number five number four Reese's Pieces

00:13:40   see to me that's on my list

00:13:42   yeah reason I like Reese's Pieces and

00:13:44   one and the only reason they didn't rank

00:13:45   higher is again that I really can get

00:13:47   them whenever I want and it doesn't feel

00:13:49   that ridiculous to get a little better

00:13:50   everything feel so Halloweeny yes

00:13:52   they're orange and brown and they are

00:13:55   small candies yep they are small and pop

00:13:57   well yeah and I would say you know

00:13:59   Reese's Pieces for those who don't know

00:14:01   if anybody isn't living under a rock

00:14:02   here they look almost exactly like M&Ms

00:14:05   but wait so what do you say Jesse do you

00:14:07   say Reese's pcs peanut Oh Reese's

00:14:10   Reese's Pieces yeah yeah yeah someone

00:14:13   caught some people call them Reese's

00:14:14   yeah well yeah I heard a lot of that in

00:14:17   Ohio growing up is bouncing things no

00:14:20   it's just wreath wrong Reese's Pieces

00:14:23   pieces of Reese's right you don't say am

00:14:25   antenori see you don't know sometimes I

00:14:29   do okay anyway so so Reese's Pieces very

00:14:33   good candy if I had to do just absolute

00:14:35   of any candy they would probably be nice

00:14:37   they might even be higher than number

00:14:38   one the number four but just because of

00:14:40   Halloween candy like that they aren't

00:14:42   that special to see for Halloween all

00:14:44   right number three dots because dots are

00:14:48   complete garbage but I like them I can't

00:14:50   explain it

00:14:51   they're complete they were Mike and Ikes

00:14:52   like there and the only the only time

00:14:55   you can get dots outside of Halloween is

00:14:57   generally get movie theaters and you get

00:14:59   this tremendous box and nobody wants

00:15:00   that many dots but my little little

00:15:02   Halloween boxes only have like four dots

00:15:04   in them you love the candies that nobody

00:15:07   remembers exists oh except remember last

00:15:11   year when we have our two years ago

00:15:13   whatever it was that we had all the

00:15:14   mixed candies and what went first buddy

00:15:17   what do we run out of first we ran out

00:15:19   of the dots first oh really yeah so hey

00:15:25   dots they all commented on them and took

00:15:27   them well no no it is because I didn't

00:15:30   know that was our like one of our first

00:15:32   years with with trick-or-treaters in the

00:15:34   house

00:15:34   and I had a whole bunch of chocolate

00:15:36   candies and dots so dots were the only

00:15:39   like sugary chew candies and it turns

00:15:41   out that now the kids these days they

00:15:44   all like the sugary to junk candies and

00:15:46   that is why the dots went it wasn't

00:15:48   because they were dots it was because

00:15:50   they were sugary chew candies and not a

00:15:52   whole bunch of chocolate like everyone

00:15:53   else in the neighborhood gives out and

00:15:55   the kids don't really like I would be

00:15:57   open to that argument if the kids didn't

00:15:59   call them out by name and say hey dot

00:16:01   like they were actually a box well they

00:16:04   were just writing it okay all right

00:16:07   that's my number three my number two

00:16:09   Butterfinger

00:16:10   because Butterfinger is crispity

00:16:13   crunchity peanutty butter to read butter

00:16:15   for you I mean obviously three of these

00:16:17   things have FP butter I'm a fan of

00:16:18   peanut butter and Butterfinger whatever

00:16:21   it is ya own special taste I have no

00:16:24   idea it's like if you start with a

00:16:26   peanut butter kind of flavor and just

00:16:27   cram as much sugar into it you possibly

00:16:30   can to the point where the sugar

00:16:31   crystallizes and forms a bark it's like

00:16:33   that's whatever it is that it always

00:16:36   looks like really good Leakey skin cells

00:16:37   inside boo well when you look at the

00:16:40   inside it's like all the layers like

00:16:42   little skin you know like when you look

00:16:44   at the skin cells under a microscope it

00:16:46   has all like the flaky layers ooh I

00:16:48   didn't say to me it looks it looks like

00:16:51   like a shale kind of rock like like blue

00:16:53   so that's probably way less gross than

00:16:56   skin cells yeah anyway that's my number

00:17:00   two and and again it's I would never buy

00:17:02   a regular-sized Butterfinger bar cuz

00:17:05   that would be way too much yeah yeah and

00:17:07   it hurt your teeth a little you don't

00:17:09   like to range long fun size one at

00:17:10   Halloween that is the perfect size of a

00:17:12   Butterfinger one inch I like the tiny

00:17:15   ones also I like Butterfinger yeah and

00:17:17   the tiny would also give you a better

00:17:19   chocolate ratio like it needs the

00:17:21   chocolate to kind of bounce out a little

00:17:22   bit kind of finish it off and if you get

00:17:24   the big bar if you get way more of the

00:17:26   like peanut butter shale inside and you

00:17:27   don't get enough chocolate to to

00:17:29   properly balance that but yeah so I

00:17:31   would never buy flosses Butterfinger but

00:17:32   really enjoy having the little ones on

00:17:33   Halloween and my number one candy

00:17:35   mmm-hmm nerds nerds no I love nurse do

00:17:39   you have a particular flavor not really

00:17:41   I just like all of them okay I've never

00:17:43   tried it in like I I like nerds but I

00:17:47   don't

00:17:48   I like them in the size of Halloween

00:17:51   candy because I like the big box with

00:17:54   the two openings that like I don't know

00:17:57   they they slice yeah they slide like

00:17:59   little doorways and it's cool and you

00:18:00   could like mix them in your mouth

00:18:02   I like that and I miss that in the baby

00:18:04   ones so let's make my Halloween candy

00:18:07   but I only would have them on Halloween

00:18:09   so that's exactly it like this the

00:18:12   reasons number one is a I like them a

00:18:14   lot they're not very heavy

00:18:16   they they're not really like peanut

00:18:18   butter cups you kind of feel bad about

00:18:19   afterwards who they're so heavy and oily

00:18:21   you can feel all those calories nerds

00:18:22   kind of hide the calories and sugar and

00:18:24   bright colors and the stuck in your

00:18:26   teeth though now they dissolve so fast

00:18:28   those sugar

00:18:29   I have bumpy teeth yeah you're too you

00:18:32   my awesome smooth teeth they don't get

00:18:33   stuck in but so and and and like I would

00:18:36   never as an adult I would never think to

00:18:38   buy one of those full sized boxes and

00:18:41   nerds like the ones are like some packet

00:18:42   cards I would never buy that as an adult

00:18:44   I would never feel like I was allowed to

00:18:46   but the little tiny boxes at Halloween

00:18:48   that's allowed and because they're so

00:18:50   light ish and so fun and so good and I

00:18:53   like all the flavors that is why and

00:18:56   because I would only ever have them in

00:18:58   Halloween that is why they are my number

00:19:00   one Halloween candy that's fun that was

00:19:02   the first thing that Adam ate from his

00:19:04   Halloween candy yeah I pulled out the

00:19:06   Nerds and the rescue tree and I said I

00:19:08   bet you will like these and he tried the

00:19:10   Nerds himself he wanted that one first

00:19:11   yeah and he he tried it and he loved him

00:19:14   he ate the whole box all right time for

00:19:16   my list yep let's do it I'm gonna show

00:19:17   you going to tell you my short list and

00:19:19   then I'm gonna go through my numbers all

00:19:20   right I got sweet tarts Twix Sour Patch

00:19:23   Kids

00:19:24   sugar daddies when you have on your

00:19:26   worst list Kit Kats which I love the

00:19:30   tiny Kit Kats candy corn come on that's

00:19:33   like the ultimate Halloween candy candy

00:19:34   corn is so good butterfingers Reese's

00:19:38   Pieces

00:19:38   swedish fish the tiny bag right cuz nice

00:19:42   and good to have the Junior Mints mini

00:19:44   boxes awesome York Peppermint Patties

00:19:48   again the mini ones and airheads and the

00:19:51   mini ones so I see my peanut butter is

00:19:53   your mint I don't not loudly care for me

00:19:55   like I don't dislike it but I I was a

00:19:57   junior mint Wow

00:20:01   okay so my going from for my number four

00:20:05   is airheads I really like them I love

00:20:08   them mini because they're not committal

00:20:10   and there's so much better than taffy

00:20:11   they have like they taste like I don't

00:20:15   know when Snapple came out with like

00:20:16   those juices are they not like the

00:20:19   regular juices they came out with like

00:20:21   these sugary drinks and cool bottles

00:20:22   like the first thing that they came out

00:20:24   with besides the regular snapples it

00:20:26   tastes like those in candy and I really

00:20:28   missed those

00:20:29   it's just isn't it just like taffy with

00:20:31   air bubbles in it is that what it is no

00:20:33   it's it's sweeter than taffy it's like

00:20:35   cuz taffy I don't know it's just it's

00:20:37   different it's it's different but it has

00:20:40   a similar consistency to taffy okay but

00:20:44   they're very good

00:20:45   number two is a tie between sweet tarts

00:20:50   and swedish fish because I like the size

00:20:53   of different I know they're very

00:20:55   different

00:20:55   I think Swedish fish are gonna have to

00:20:57   go down to the number of my number five

00:20:59   so those are available year-round

00:21:02   everywhere like you I always guess we

00:21:04   just fish like in every candy bowl

00:21:05   everywhere I like the small ones I don't

00:21:08   like when they're too big I don't like

00:21:09   biting into a honkin fish and like

00:21:11   having to take two bites of a fish I

00:21:13   agree I like the mini ones there should

00:21:15   be one bite exactly single bite fishes

00:21:17   so but and I really love sweet tarts but

00:21:20   I don't want to get a whole roll of

00:21:22   sweet tarts I just want the three in the

00:21:23   little pack that's all I want and I

00:21:25   think they're delicious

00:21:26   number three is Reese's Pieces because I

00:21:29   mean come on Halloween they look like

00:21:31   Halloween and they're amazing they're so

00:21:33   good the whatever peanut butter is in

00:21:35   there it's just delicious and my number

00:21:39   one is Junior Mints

00:21:41   I love the Junior Mints yeah and I'm

00:21:44   looking that much I do I really like

00:21:46   them they're super refreshing now have

00:21:48   you have you ever been tempted to buy a

00:21:49   box of Junior Mints outside of Halloween

00:21:51   yes at movie theaters I will always get

00:21:53   a box of Junior Mints but we never ever

00:21:55   go to the movie so you don't know that

00:21:56   right yeah I think woman's last me went

00:21:58   to the movies like college I have no

00:22:00   idea but that is my go to movie candy or

00:22:02   is Junior Mints so I never go to the

00:22:05   movies though the only time I would get

00:22:07   a box of Junior Mints would be at

00:22:09   Halloween

00:22:10   so maybe actually maybe they shouldn't

00:22:12   be my number one because I rather have a

00:22:14   big box of them

00:22:16   hmmm this is a dilemma I know because

00:22:18   they're watching one of my my preferred

00:22:21   candies out of like you know the various

00:22:23   you know stock American candies that are

00:22:26   out there right there are let me get

00:22:28   this I really like fancy candy bars I

00:22:31   would rather eat fancy candy bars than

00:22:34   almost any of this junk

00:22:35   but oh definit we're talking about

00:22:36   Halloween candy so yeah Halloween candy

00:22:38   available in America mm-hmm

00:22:40   so in that case everything else would

00:22:42   just move up a slot and I'd add in

00:22:43   swedish fish so if I if I eliminated the

00:22:46   Junior Mints junior mint well