Top Four

Top Four 4: Worst Weezer Singles


00:00:00   let me get up my notes here you have

00:00:02   notes what yeah so I actually took notes

00:00:05   for this one the top four worst Weezer

00:00:09   singles and the reason why I decided to

00:00:13   go at this I was a Weezer fan for most

00:00:17   of my teenage years from roughly age

00:00:22   what 12 yeah when it wouldn't bloom when

00:00:25   they blew up and came out I was 12 so

00:00:28   roughly from that point through you know

00:00:31   most of college and then I kind of fell

00:00:34   out a Weezer for a while because their

00:00:36   albums I think they took a turn that was

00:00:38   not aligned with good so yeah I didn't I

00:00:44   didn't care for the much for a while and

00:00:46   then they actually came out with what I

00:00:47   consider a pretty good album last year

00:00:49   after a string of other albums they they

00:00:54   came out with a good one wants to hear

00:00:55   and I like it a lot so I kind of got

00:00:57   back into them and one thing I always

00:01:00   thought about Weezer as as a Weezer nerd

00:01:02   and we might want to mention that this

00:01:04   is kind of how we met I was gonna say I

00:01:05   was waiting for an in gonna I was gonna

00:01:07   say that Weezer is special to both of us

00:01:09   because we kind of met over a

00:01:11   conversation about Weezer

00:01:13   and it brought us together and it got me

00:01:17   into Markos room and he burned a black

00:01:21   black CDR yeah of all of his Weezer

00:01:25   music and so we started talking about

00:01:27   first it the icebreaker was I had an

00:01:30   accent in the middle of nowhere

00:01:31   Pennsylvania where we went to school and

00:01:33   a New Yorker a New York accent so he was

00:01:36   intrigued and mystified and then we

00:01:40   started talking Weezer so it brought us

00:01:43   together and I still have that disc to

00:01:44   this day of course well it's like our

00:01:46   very first little love note so the

00:01:49   problem that we xur has always had for

00:01:51   me was that they they always would

00:01:54   release what I consider to be the worst

00:01:57   song on the album or close to it as the

00:02:01   radio single and especially like the the

00:02:03   first single they would release off of

00:02:05   many of their albums was just some

00:02:07   terrible song and I'd be enough of a

00:02:10   nerd that I would for many of the

00:02:12   album's as they

00:02:13   would come out like before they were out

00:02:15   I would be I would be getting them off

00:02:16   the internet you know getting advanced

00:02:18   copies are here in previews so I would

00:02:20   already know most of the songs in the

00:02:21   album or all them both time they came

00:02:23   out and then when I would hear what they

00:02:25   picked is the single I'd be like what

00:02:26   why that's the worst song that someone I

00:02:28   skip every time why why would you do

00:02:30   that it's so troll it's it's the

00:02:34   original trolling it might be I don't

00:02:36   know so that's that's certainly the best

00:02:38   explanation well hey mr. deejay you

00:02:39   should start playing one of our set one

00:02:41   of the songs yes so just get him I'm

00:02:43   gonna go in chronological order here I

00:02:44   think what what gives Huizar the ability

00:02:47   to have a top four worst Weezer singles

00:02:50   episode made about them is just they

00:02:52   have so many albums I think I have

00:02:54   something like eight or nine albums here

00:02:56   and really I mean I mean the singles are

00:02:59   all rough so we'll start out with the

00:03:01   blue album the blue album was a very

00:03:04   good overall album this was the one that

00:03:06   most people have heard and the but come

00:03:11   on who you is was not the single right

00:03:14   Buddy Holly you mean ya know well it was

00:03:16   the second single see and it wasn't the

00:03:18   first thing go right and many of these

00:03:20   albums have pretty good songs or great

00:03:23   songs as their second or third singles

00:03:24   but so they started out with undone the

00:03:28   sweater song

00:03:31   [Music]

00:03:35   and this is under the sweater song is

00:03:39   not a bad song I like it in the context

00:03:42   of the album but if it's the first thing

00:03:44   you hear

00:03:52   I mean I guess it made sense like in the

00:03:55   context of the 90s like it this is this

00:03:58   was this was 1994 later bro hey man how

00:04:03   you do ya know this you know it doped

00:04:06   take it easy pal this kind of like

00:04:09   grungy I don't care about anything was

00:04:11   still parked very much part of like the

00:04:13   mainstream grunge culture it was a

00:04:15   little late for a like Nirvana everybody

00:04:16   but this was still there as like the

00:04:19   mainstream like this is what people want

00:04:21   was like just not caring being real

00:04:23   laid-back everything sucks like that was

00:04:26   that was grunge culture in the early 90s

00:04:27   so I think that this was not a great

00:04:31   song to open up Weezer to everybody to

00:04:33   but it wasn't a bad song like III would

00:04:36   classify undone the sweater song as

00:04:38   decent I don't know if I would put it

00:04:40   although I don't think I would put it on

00:04:42   my list as the worst for songs I think

00:04:45   they have far worse singles yeah girls

00:04:49   but it in terms of singles they've had

00:04:52   better ones than this one so but I don't

00:04:56   think it makes the the four or list yet

00:04:58   right and then there was Buddy Holly was

00:05:00   the second single and I think that was

00:05:01   great I think that might have been maybe

00:05:03   their best single ever

00:05:05   [Music]

00:05:10   yeah what do you mean I mean come on

00:05:13   that I mean everyone knows that's the

00:05:15   thought because everyone knows exactly

00:05:16   it was even on the windows 95 plus pack

00:05:18   cd-rom well alright anyway so what's the

00:05:21   next song alright so after the blue

00:05:23   album that they took a couple years off

00:05:25   and then Pinkerton came out and I don't

00:05:27   wanna get too much into the details of

00:05:29   like their personal histories and

00:05:30   everything because it doesn't matter

00:05:31   Pinkerton was looking back on it it's

00:05:34   it's really a fan favorite the fans of

00:05:36   Weezer loved Pinkerton now back then it

00:05:40   was really a flop it was a massive

00:05:42   commercial flop and I I can't help but

00:05:45   wonder how much of that is because of

00:05:49   their first single that they chose to

00:05:50   release off of this which I consider

00:05:53   easily the worst song on the on the

00:05:55   album and that is El Scorcho I mean it

00:06:00   starts with a gargle

00:06:03   [Music]

00:06:09   it's so bad it's really bad I mean it's

00:06:12   not even music really offensive also

00:06:14   yeah

00:06:16   [Music]

00:06:22   every time this is awful like in so many

00:06:25   ways the the lyrics are awful the music

00:06:28   is awful

00:06:29   the production is awful the singing is

00:06:31   awful everything about it is awful and

00:06:37   can you imagine turning on a radio and

00:06:40   like after hearing but it's like after

00:06:45   you know the blue album was kind of like

00:06:47   it was like a like a modern Beach Boys

00:06:49   record almost it was very like kind of

00:06:50   happy surf rock for the most part you

00:06:53   know even you know at least musically

00:06:54   and then so they had this massive hit

00:06:58   blue album debut and then two years

00:07:00   later the first thing you hear on the

00:07:02   radio from them is that I think El

00:07:09   Scorcho might be on the list for the top

00:07:11   four worst top four worse yeah I think

00:07:12   it's my number one really because it's

00:07:15   we'll go through the rest and we'll see

00:07:17   but I think what makes it probably my

00:07:20   number one is that this was before we

00:07:22   knew that we sure could make terrible

00:07:24   albums so like we we had the greatest

00:07:26   vacations from blue and Pinkerton by

00:07:29   modern by modern evaluation is actually

00:07:32   a good album but to have this come out I

00:07:36   think this I think

00:07:37   else work show being released as the

00:07:38   first single was critical to the failure

00:07:43   of Pinkerton I think it contributed

00:07:45   heavily to the failure of Pinkerton and

00:07:47   that contributed heavily to the Weezer

00:07:50   we have the reason we got from from then

00:07:53   for the next like ten years of making

00:07:55   really shallow quick production albums

00:07:58   because I think I think you know Rivers

00:08:00   is a complicated person the lead singer

00:08:02   and songwriter he's a complicated person

00:08:04   and he took the failure of Pinkerton

00:08:07   pretty hard by most accounts and because

00:08:09   he like he thought he was getting really

00:08:11   personal on it and then then you know it

00:08:14   failed commercially and so he kind of

00:08:16   withdrew for a long time after that so I

00:08:18   would put all that on El Scorcho well

00:08:20   what was the next single on El Scorcho

00:08:22   well so that's every non Pinkerton

00:08:24   ignorance so after El Scorcho was a

00:08:27   really good song it was the good life

00:08:37   oh I love this song right it's catchy

00:08:40   it's upbeat it sounds the way you'd

00:08:42   expect Weezer to sound after hearing the

00:08:44   Blue Album like I would call this one of

00:08:47   their best single releases ever but it

00:08:49   wasn't the first release el Scorcho and

00:08:51   this wasn't until I don't know a month

00:08:53   or two later well let's get to some of

00:08:55   the worst yeah and then oh and also I

00:08:57   should point out after this is pink

00:08:59   triangle that was the third single which

00:09:01   is another great song this is a good

00:09:02   song to you

00:09:11   if they would have made the good life

00:09:13   the first single and Pinkerton the

00:09:15   second and just never really tusks work

00:09:17   Joe that would have been so much better

00:09:19   than what actually happened I think I

00:09:21   think the album would have done way

00:09:22   better I think they would have been

00:09:24   rivers would have been more encouraged

00:09:26   to keep writing songs that way by

00:09:28   putting more emotion and instead else

00:09:30   cork sure ruined the entire universe and

00:09:33   then they also gored showed it oh my god

00:09:37   my number one so then then they took

00:09:42   because of the discouragement from this

00:09:43   he was drew for a few years and he wrote

00:09:46   it he brought some pretty good songs in

00:09:48   in the meantime between that and the

00:09:49   next album and then he threw them all

00:09:51   away like a couple months before the

00:09:54   album was to be released rewrote a whole

00:09:56   new album basically from nothing and

00:09:59   seemed to put very little into it and

00:10:01   that became the green album and and

00:10:03   that's where I like the green album to

00:10:04   me it's like a collection of like almost

00:10:07   like two minute demos like it's a very

00:10:08   short album they I think there were a

00:10:10   couple good songs on there that would

00:10:13   have been better debut singles than what

00:10:17   we got which was hash pipe

00:10:20   [Music]

00:10:22   I mean this

00:10:28   [Music]

00:10:34   don't they say like wipe in the song

00:10:39   I thought it was at wife and then I

00:10:42   don't think it's wipe I mean maybe you

00:10:44   could be like ash something that makes a

00:10:46   lot more sense I'm gonna lick this

00:10:47   sucker up I hold I think this is wipe

00:10:52   this site says it's wide I don't think

00:10:56   that's correct I got my app wide that's

00:10:58   awful

00:10:59   what what what is that so I'm not a

00:11:03   lyrics person but I don't think that

00:11:05   makes a lot of sense either I got my

00:11:07   eyes wide eyes wide I got my eyes wide

00:11:12   you got go back and play that that

00:11:14   doesn't sound like eyes wide eyes whoa I

00:11:19   hear it now I guess I all these years I

00:11:23   thought it was a boy and I was wondering

00:11:25   how they could not bleep it uh well it

00:11:27   cuz maybe that's why I said I thought it

00:11:29   was ash white yeah that that is the most

00:11:32   plausible eyes wide cuz you would wipe

00:11:34   your ash from your hash pipe would you I

00:11:36   don't know enough about pot to know well

00:11:38   you would want to you know or maybe ash

00:11:41   white I don't really know if that's a

00:11:43   thing I don't know anyway so hash pipe

00:11:49   and the funny thing is hash pipe

00:11:51   actually did really well commercially so

00:11:54   it served the purpose I still think it's

00:11:56   one of the worst songs on the album I

00:11:58   like El Scorcho better than hash pipe

00:12:00   yeah of course there's kind of a deeper

00:12:02   I mean because the problem with the

00:12:03   green album is like all the songs are

00:12:04   just completely forgettable I think I

00:12:06   like El Scorcho because it's really

00:12:07   funny and it's fun to sing it stupid

00:12:10   lyrics oh it's so bad so alright so then

00:12:13   after hash pipe they released island in

00:12:15   the Sun

00:12:20   see they're so good at picking the

00:12:22   second single on the album so bad at

00:12:24   picking the first so all seconds the

00:12:27   'single is good yeah all first singles

00:12:29   bad mostly yeah like in my list here I

00:12:31   that's mostly the case so then so this

00:12:33   is a pretty decent song and then the

00:12:35   third one they released was photograph

00:12:36   and I don't know how much it matters

00:12:37   like how what singly released third I

00:12:40   think at that point the album's fade is

00:12:41   pretty much decided

00:12:43   [Music]

00:12:46   I think photograph is a very typical

00:12:48   song on this album which is like a short

00:12:50   fluffy song that's completely

00:12:52   forgettable I like it yeah it's not bad

00:12:54   it's just completely forgettable it's

00:12:56   better than hash pipe but I don't know

00:12:58   so maladroit was it was one of those

00:13:01   albums where like they released kind of

00:13:04   on the internet ahead of time and so and

00:13:06   I was following this very closely at the

00:13:07   time so this was pretty good I would say

00:13:09   malodor it was one of their better

00:13:11   releases during their like medium median

00:13:15   years they're like it was it was a

00:13:17   pretty good album it wasn't great it

00:13:19   didn't set the world on fire there

00:13:20   weren't a ton of amazing song tonight

00:13:22   but it was pretty good overall however

00:13:24   the song they chose to be the first

00:13:26   single was dope knows

00:13:32   [Music]

00:13:39   I ranked it as good not great good it's

00:13:44   a keeper yeah it's a keeper and then the

00:13:46   second single was keep fishing which i

00:13:48   think is a much better song

00:13:51   [Music]

00:13:56   I would say keep fishin is actually a

00:13:59   great song for that for them and they

00:14:02   should have made this the first single

00:14:03   but in this case in the case of

00:14:05   maladroit dope nose wasn't that bad

00:14:07   keep fishin I think is better but oh

00:14:09   well alright so then after maladroit

00:14:12   they went to make-believe and

00:14:15   make-believe has all the winners on here

00:14:19   this this is something this one these

00:14:21   are my favorite this is something so my

00:14:23   least favorite favorites make-believe

00:14:25   starts with Beverly Hills

00:14:28   [Music]

00:14:32   I love that his rapping doesn't even

00:14:37   rhyme no it's not even good rapping but

00:14:39   maybe that's why it's really funny and

00:14:42   [Music]

00:14:52   this was another song where it

00:14:54   commercially it was a success I think

00:14:56   but it's so bad this might be my

00:15:00   favorite best worst single it's so bad I

00:15:04   know because I like the wrapping is so

00:15:06   bad right alright so after this they the

00:15:10   second single was we are all on drugs

00:15:14   [Music]

00:15:18   I mean this is this is a really really

00:15:25   terrible song they wanted people to play

00:15:27   this on the radio there's really not

00:15:29   much you can say about it except for

00:15:30   like just your mouth of Gabe with aw

00:15:36   [Music]

00:15:41   okay this one's my number one worst

00:15:44   number we are all on drugs yep this is

00:15:47   my number one number one we are all on

00:15:49   drugs

00:15:50   number two Beverly Hills and really I'm

00:15:54   still deciding el Scorcho because I just

00:15:56   find that so funny okay

00:15:59   but it's up there they also again I

00:16:01   don't know how much the third and fourth

00:16:02   singles matter but they also released

00:16:04   perfect situation which again this is

00:16:08   like this is like a green album song

00:16:09   there's not much content it's it's a

00:16:13   pretty shallow song it has rivers going

00:16:14   whoa a lot like that's like the chorus

00:16:17   is rivers going whoa like it there's no

00:16:21   words right there's not much again

00:16:22   there's not much content here

00:16:34   [Music]

00:16:36   and again this was on the radio yeah

00:16:39   this was a third single add this if at

00:16:40   least is a little more catchy I mean

00:16:42   there it's at least musical you know

00:16:44   they like it's not a great song I don't

00:16:47   think they should have released that as

00:16:48   a single but I mean it's better than the

00:16:50   first two right and then this is such a

00:16:53   pity was that was the last one again

00:16:55   fourth single how much does it matter

00:16:56   but this again is also not a good song

00:17:03   but not a terrible stuff but now

00:17:05   compared to the rest of the album are

00:17:06   these songs equal and the rest of the

00:17:09   album or is the rest of the album better

00:17:18   oh this is pretty bad yeah this is

00:17:21   pretty bro this is really bad yeah I

00:17:23   mean for me I think perfect situation

00:17:24   with the chorus of woe is the most

00:17:28   accurate representation of this album

00:17:29   because it's an album of no content like

00:17:31   it's like they made an album with

00:17:33   nothing to say and so that's why rivers

00:17:36   just going whoa for so many of the songs

00:17:38   like that's in a lot of the songs on

00:17:40   this it's like you need to fill time

00:17:42   yeah I didn't like this album at all

00:17:44   really I thought this was the album that

00:17:46   made me stop buying Weezer albums for

00:17:47   like ten years alright so next up is the

00:17:50   red album this was 2008 this album

00:17:53   begins the first single here is a song

00:17:56   entitled the greatest man that ever

00:17:59   lived in parentheses variations on a

00:18:02   shaker him so it's a pretty long awkward

00:18:06   title that does not make me want to play

00:18:08   it at all so this song begins in I think

00:18:13   the least compelling way for what's

00:18:16   supposed to be a radio single

00:18:30   so the point of a single is I think to

00:18:32   be catchy to to get in people's head and

00:18:36   to make them want to hear the rest of

00:18:37   the album so if you heard this like

00:18:41   would you even pay attention would you

00:18:42   even like would you know if you're on a

00:18:44   stream you should probably skip it if

00:18:45   you're in the radio you probably change

00:18:46   the station or zone out like

00:18:48   [Music]

00:18:53   now you think you're getting pulled over

00:18:55   if you're listening to it in the car

00:18:56   again there's no this isn't even musical

00:19:02   [Music]

00:19:08   maybe this is my number one it's really

00:19:11   bad

00:19:17   how is this a variation on a hymn I

00:19:19   don't know the back story but I don't

00:19:22   think I want some of the back story

00:19:23   sounds like he's in pain I think he's

00:19:26   always in pain what is this okay this is

00:19:35   my worst one this is number one I think

00:19:36   it maybe not my number one well I

00:19:38   thought I'll score show with my number

00:19:39   one but this is no this is my number one

00:19:41   if there's drums like that like little

00:19:44   drummer boy drums

00:19:45   number one out for me it is just who can

00:19:49   you imagine you can you read back that

00:19:51   tremendous title well with a greatest

00:19:53   man that ever lived and then in

00:19:55   parentheses variations on a shaker him

00:19:57   I'm just making a big scribble I bet he

00:20:00   and I scribbled next to it just the red

00:20:02   album I mean this that's my number I I'm

00:20:05   stunned at how incredibly inappropriate

00:20:09   this song is to be released as the first

00:20:11   single of an album

00:20:14   [Music]

00:20:16   [Applause]

00:20:19   oh stop playing it I'm kind of want to

00:20:22   hear the rest of it which maybe it's

00:20:23   serving its purpose I want to know how

00:20:24   bad it gets I mean I think I've heard

00:20:26   how bad it gets but it keeps changing

00:20:28   there's all these different variations

00:20:30   on different songs in the same there's a

00:20:33   lot of variations on this hymn

00:20:40   now what are we listening to this is

00:20:42   still the same trick oh my god

00:20:44   too many variations

00:20:52   nope this is number one there's no

00:20:54   contest

00:21:02   God is there more there's still another

00:21:05   two minutes I think it's a six minute

00:21:08   long song pretty long for a radio single

00:21:09   this is their first single from this

00:21:11   album yes this is blowing my mind this

00:21:15   is a stage in each of us is a play stop

00:21:22   it stop the music I thought the only

00:21:24   fair that we have to hear the whole

00:21:25   thing if we're declaring it our number

00:21:26   one I think we have to hear the whole

00:21:27   song I mean but are people really gonna

00:21:30   be able to listen to us listening to the

00:21:31   whole song and complaining about it

00:21:33   somebody has to but they can't hear the

00:21:35   song themselves not the whole thing I'll

00:21:37   put in clips if you don't like it if you

00:21:42   don't like it you can shut it this is

00:21:44   terrible

00:21:48   [Music]

00:21:51   what

00:21:56   oh my god that's all I can say it's

00:21:59   still going

00:22:04   we have to make michaelis no those no no

00:22:07   one should have to listen to this

00:22:10   [Music]

00:22:14   oh my god

00:22:18   it's finally over that was horrendous

00:22:21   i I'm shocked at how bad that song is oh

00:22:28   my god Ida there's just so much

00:22:35   happening there Wow there were so much

00:22:38   happening that was supposed to be sick I

00:22:42   mean yeah I understand if it's like a

00:22:44   song kind of like shoved in the album

00:22:46   because they wanted to be like a little

00:22:47   artsy or you know throw in something

00:22:50   different or try something new but not a

00:22:52   single no no no no that's exactly my

00:22:55   point like who picks these things you

00:22:56   know what I mean like do the producers

00:22:58   pick these things or do they pick them

00:22:59   it seems I get some kind of like

00:23:01   collaboration between the record label

00:23:02   in the band I mean you know Weezer has

00:23:04   enough clout that I think they can

00:23:05   pretty much can dictate them I don't

00:23:07   know it's from their record singles but

00:23:10   it's I mean this is a it's the best

00:23:13   example I think of like an album that

00:23:14   like well I think it well and maybe it

00:23:17   doesn't have better song so the same the

00:23:18   second here's the second thing we called

00:23:20   dreamin I'm bored well after the first

00:23:27   one of me I'm bored already

00:23:31   [Music]

00:23:41   this is really rough there's not enough

00:23:44   slots in top four for all the worst

00:23:46   songs

00:23:48   [Music]

00:23:50   this whole album just needs to be set on

00:23:52   fire yeah else is on here well the next

00:23:55   single was pork and beans

00:23:58   [Music]

00:24:08   I like that it has got a like back to

00:24:11   their quirky weird roots it's like the

00:24:13   modern sweater song and this was

00:24:15   actually a hit

00:24:17   [Music]

00:24:24   oh I know this song yeah you've heard

00:24:26   this before yeah this isn't as bad as I

00:24:29   remember this this is actually in the

00:24:31   list all right so this is actually a

00:24:32   decent song I'll put that that is decent

00:24:34   then they had a fourth single called

00:24:37   troublemaker I'm bored I'm doodling it's

00:24:46   not as bad as the other ones I wouldn't

00:24:48   put it on the list alright so now we go

00:24:51   to rata tube

00:24:53   which I'm not even sure I've heard this

00:24:55   album all the way through can we really

00:24:57   talk about it then well let's hear the

00:24:59   single this has what might be the second

00:25:03   worst title of the single which is

00:25:06   called in parentheses if you're

00:25:09   wondering if I want you to and

00:25:11   parentheses I want you to know starts

00:25:14   with the parentheses yeah and it's

00:25:17   called if you're wondering if I want you

00:25:18   to I want you to which is weird really

00:25:21   creepy and probably should not be a

00:25:24   message that we are telling people so

00:25:26   here's what that song sounds like

00:25:30   [Music]

00:25:38   I don't read it I don't hate I don't

00:25:40   hate it yeah it's not bad I kind of want

00:25:43   to like jump and snap that's getting

00:25:56   worse hmm yeah it's I wouldn't say this

00:25:59   is an awful song it's not a good song

00:26:00   but it's not a bad song so then the

00:26:03   second song the second single off this

00:26:05   within almost as bad title I'm your

00:26:08   daddy

00:26:09   [Music]

00:26:15   I like this one too yeah this is

00:26:18   actually a decent one I'll put the

00:26:19   Senators decent what else we got

00:26:22   this early the next album is Hurley

00:26:25   which actually has the guy from lost the

00:26:27   character Hurley on the cover so the

00:26:29   first single off Hurley is memories

00:26:33   [Music]

00:26:38   well they're just really into lost I

00:26:40   don't know maybe or maybe there is this

00:26:43   album is about lost I think I think

00:26:45   Hurley was the best part of lost you

00:26:46   talk about lost some time no we have to

00:26:50   re-watch it that would be unbearable I

00:26:51   think yeah I don't think I could we

00:26:53   watch it I can tree watch the first two

00:26:54   seasons maybe until they find the others

00:26:56   yeah even after they find the others

00:26:59   until things start getting weird in time

00:27:00   shifty well yeah that was yeah I think

00:27:02   the hatch and everything that was good

00:27:04   yeah I think the others were season 3

00:27:06   maybe and then the time shift II wasn't

00:27:09   until like what four or five I just got

00:27:11   so bad yeah

00:27:16   [Music]

00:27:20   again don't hate it this is completely

00:27:23   forgettable it's not bad but it's you

00:27:26   know there's nothing really grabbing me

00:27:27   I'm dancing it doesn't make the list

00:27:32   you're not awful enough all right and

00:27:34   then next is hang on

00:27:43   yeah all right not bad yeah not in the

00:27:45   list nope so it seems like they're

00:27:47   getting better over time

00:27:48   at choosing their singles so R attitude

00:27:51   and Hurley both had decent singles yeah

00:27:54   next all right so next was the most

00:27:57   recent album everything will be all

00:27:59   right in the end which i think is a very

00:28:00   good album for them I like it a lot

00:28:02   I like the art you have the big monster

00:28:05   thing in the mountain mountains - pretty

00:28:06   cool yeah so and this again I think this

00:28:08   is a pretty good album like overall I

00:28:10   think this is the best album they've

00:28:11   made in years and I like it a lot and

00:28:14   it's gotten me back into them so let me

00:28:17   see the singles on this were back to the

00:28:21   shack which is get you back get you back

00:28:24   to the Weezer Shack yeah that was the

00:28:26   worst that was a horrible joke cut that

00:28:29   out

00:28:37   [Music]

00:28:39   [Applause]

00:28:41   I like this song I don't think it's

00:28:43   great but it's decent

00:28:45   it's Rocking see now you like Weezer and

00:28:49   I like Weezer but they're pretty lyrical

00:28:51   and I'm surprised you like them usually

00:28:54   you like much more musical than lyrical

00:28:57   people like I don't really care that

00:28:59   much about their lyrics but they know

00:29:01   how to make catchy music also and that's

00:29:03   what I think that's why I think they're

00:29:05   so popular and they were so popular you

00:29:07   know for so long because they do know

00:29:09   how to make catchy songs even when

00:29:10   they're bad they're often catchy like

00:29:13   this is this is a decent song this is

00:29:15   again I don't think this is a bad choice

00:29:16   I think that's decent not amazing well

00:29:19   cuz it seems like that the lyrics and

00:29:21   every in the music it's much deeper it's

00:29:23   more personal to rivers like he's

00:29:24   actually writing stuff again well he's

00:29:27   not writing like his throw away garbage

00:29:29   songs right and I think lyrically this

00:29:31   song holds up pretty well to that yeah

00:29:34   tells a nice little story it's all about

00:29:35   like how much cheese is gonna do what he

00:29:36   wants and doesn't care anymore right

00:29:38   yeah it's about which is great because

00:29:42   that's kind of like the coming home of

00:29:44   this album and being good yeah exactly

00:29:47   exactly

00:29:49   alright so second single was Cleopatra

00:29:52   [Music]

00:29:56   I like the way it starts we've heard

00:30:01   this album a couple times around the

00:30:02   house now you can tell me no more

00:30:06   [Music]

00:30:07   [Applause]

00:30:11   I like it it's building it's good it's

00:30:14   too good for our list yeah this is a

00:30:16   good song I still don't think that shows

00:30:18   the best singles but this is I can't

00:30:21   complain about these choices really like

00:30:22   they're not that they're not bad they're

00:30:23   decent choices yeah it shouldn't be a

00:30:26   single yeah especially that like it's

00:30:28   the second single so that the second

00:30:30   single I think is pretty important to

00:30:31   kind of like like it's it's supposed to

00:30:34   hook anyone who didn't get hooked by the

00:30:35   first single I think see it's you know

00:30:37   alright the second single gives you a

00:30:39   reason to buy the album I feel like the

00:30:41   first single gives you a reason to buy

00:30:43   the single the second single gives you

00:30:45   more of a reason to buy the album and

00:30:47   then the third single if that one's with

00:30:49   clinch or two and you have three good

00:30:50   songs then you're gonna buy the whole

00:30:52   album as opposed to just the three songs

00:30:53   right alright so the third single off

00:30:56   this was da Vinci which I think might be

00:30:57   my favorite song on the album yeah too

00:31:07   good for the list yeah this I would say

00:31:09   this is a very good choice and maybe

00:31:11   should have been the first single on

00:31:13   this album maybe he was the pickup I

00:31:15   could feel it coming

00:31:16   feel the wave

00:31:19   [Music]

00:31:21   [Applause]

00:31:28   [Music]

00:31:33   yeah I like this see this sounds like

00:31:35   classic Weezer right it does this sell

00:31:38   albums good yeah this is this this is a

00:31:40   solid revival like I really did not like

00:31:42   where they went for the last couple and

00:31:44   then this I think was a solid revival of

00:31:46   like kind of getting back on track okay

00:31:49   let's go to the next album all right

00:31:51   this is it that's it well there's no

00:31:52   more singles go away

00:32:03   yeah it's not right song for a single

00:32:05   it's a good song overall but they're

00:32:07   getting better yeah

00:32:08   alright so that's it now that's all that

00:32:11   that's that's all they're official

00:32:12   albums I'm not gonna count like singles

00:32:14   and compilation that everything that's

00:32:15   okay so we're going back here my number

00:32:18   one is the gentleman the variations on

00:32:22   shit the greatest man that ever lived

00:32:24   shake your hand that is also my number

00:32:30   one it is so so bad Alan just so weird

00:32:34   it's like weird as a single like okay if

00:32:36   you like it as a song awesome but as a

00:32:38   single on the radio that is just if you

00:32:42   don't like it it's what's a what's a

00:32:46   nice radio word for ballsy I wouldn't

00:32:49   even say it's ballsy I would say it's

00:32:51   dumb like to put that as your radio

00:32:53   single because it doesn't really

00:32:55   represent the album very well and it's a

00:32:58   terrible song and it's a terrible radio

00:32:59   single like it it is I can't imagine

00:33:02   anybody any program director or anybody

00:33:06   programming a streaming station anybody

00:33:08   anywhere

00:33:09   looking at that listening to that song

00:33:10   and saying I would like to play this for

00:33:12   our audience or anybody hearing that

00:33:14   song if somebody somehow played it

00:33:17   anybody hearing that song and saying I

00:33:19   want to buy that album yeah no okay

00:33:22   so on the same album my number two is

00:33:24   dreamin

00:33:29   Jim it was pretty bad to see I think

00:33:31   though for me like it just kills this

00:33:34   album it's seriously it just digs its

00:33:36   hole and just drops it in it and it

00:33:38   forgets about it forever it's so

00:33:39   terrible it just sets it doesn't make

00:33:42   you want to buy any song on this album

00:33:43   based on those two which is sad because

00:33:46   we like real either we do right well and

00:33:48   the third single pork and beans was very

00:33:50   successful that should have been the

00:33:52   first I think I still think it's a

00:33:54   terrible song overall it's pretty funny

00:33:57   but it's yeah but I mean they didn't

00:33:59   have a lot of great choices on the album

00:34:00   you know what's your number two my

00:34:03   number two I think has to be El Scorcho

00:34:09   just because of the impact it had at the

00:34:12   time like it was so it was so costly to

00:34:17   them and in the end that was their first

00:34:20   truly awful single like I'm done the

00:34:23   sweater song was not a bad single it's

00:34:25   not a great single but it's it's decent

00:34:26   you know but then to launch your second

00:34:30   album with such high expectations to

00:34:32   launch that without score show I think

00:34:33   is fatal it's that's almost my number

00:34:35   one it was my number one before I gave

00:34:37   this crazy long titled song and listen

00:34:39   now that I've heard that it has to be

00:34:41   number one but well if we're talking

00:34:42   just the first singles off of the album

00:34:45   I think I would have to go with Beverly

00:34:47   Hills as my number - yeah Beverly Hills

00:34:53   is really really bad now that being said

00:34:56   because we're on drugs which is was my

00:35:00   number three but if we're not gonna do

00:35:01   second singles well I think we can do

00:35:04   second singles but it's not as powerful

00:35:06   no it's not as fast like if your first

00:35:08   Mila comes out and just sucks that I

00:35:10   think is is more what this what this

00:35:12   episode is about right yeah yeah okay so

00:35:14   number one is greatest worst song ever

00:35:16   yeah number two for me is El Scorcho

00:35:18   what's your number two again was it

00:35:20   Beverly Hills Beverly Hills okay and

00:35:22   then number three what do you think is

00:35:24   your number three hash pipe

00:35:26   [Music]

00:35:28   I think I agree I think I have to go

00:35:33   hash pipe on that as well because he

00:35:35   Beverly Hills as much as I don't like it

00:35:38   it did very well for them so I I can't

00:35:42   put that as high on my list as you do

00:35:43   yeah but it's silly it's just like but

00:35:49   it's it's similar to pork and beans and

00:35:51   that it did get a lot of radio time it

00:35:52   was very popular it was very catchy and

00:35:54   and it is not as bad but HAP I it could

00:35:58   have it could they could have picked a

00:36:00   better better song from that album on

00:36:03   there it wasn't a great album I'm not

00:36:07   sure they could have honestly it was it

00:36:09   was pretty pretty rough out how they

00:36:13   definitely could have picked a better

00:36:14   yeah if they would have picked island in

00:36:16   the Sun that would be a better choice

00:36:18   and that was their second they can often

00:36:20   pick good second singles yeah second

00:36:23   single was fine but to put hash pipe up

00:36:25   there so hash pipe is easily my number

00:36:27   three and now my number four is El

00:36:29   Scorcho because I do like it I like it

00:36:31   in its awfulness so that's why I had to

00:36:34   lower it down the list on worst awful to

00:36:37   the least awful because I liked it I

00:36:39   don't know it just it just tickles my

00:36:42   heart see I think I'm gonna for my

00:36:45   number four let's see it is a kind of

00:36:48   terrible the lyrics are bad

00:36:51   no saying else the court show mmm no I

00:36:55   like it

00:36:56   it's funny it makes me think of history

00:36:59   in our lives so I like it you you

00:37:02   associate of all the Weezer songs we've

00:37:04   shared together you associate that one

00:37:06   with the background of our life no not

00:37:08   exclusively it's just there because I

00:37:10   believe it was probably one of the songs

00:37:12   you put on my CD it had to have LC work

00:37:15   show yeah cuz it you didn't yeah yeah

00:37:17   you gave me didn't even though I lied

00:37:19   instead I had it maybe I out of mercy

00:37:22   mitad that one yeah alright so my number

00:37:28   four have you gone number four you el

00:37:30   Scorcho yes oh your number my number

00:37:31   four I think I'm gonna have to go with

00:37:33   we are all on drugs

00:37:38   no but we are doing number ones songs

00:37:41   where all the drugs was number two

00:37:43   but Beverly Hills wasn't that bad so my

00:37:46   number one is the greatest song that

00:37:48   ever bombed

00:37:49   number two is El Scorcho number three is

00:37:52   what did I say was number three hashtag

00:37:55   and number four for me is we are on

00:37:58   drugs okay well then if we're doing that

00:38:00   then mine is the greatest song that was

00:38:02   ever the worst and then number two its

00:38:05   dreamin number three is we're on drugs

00:38:08   and number four would be hash pipe or

00:38:12   Beverly Hills oh you don't have a firm

00:38:15   number four I'm thinking about it give

00:38:17   me a second I have my little I have a

00:38:20   solid list this time and I did research

00:38:22   one had to be searched this is much more

00:38:24   your show in your pics though I think at

00:38:26   the fair I'm glad that you have now that

00:38:28   it's your topic this is the first time

00:38:30   it's been your topic so I think that

00:38:33   that's right of you to have a list and

00:38:35   for me to have a little bit of a Marco

00:38:37   list very small little bit of a Marco

00:38:39   list I am pretty personal sir yeah I'll

00:38:43   give you credit you did pretty well not

00:38:45   nearly as bad as my usual list quality

00:38:48   yeah I think if we are adding the other

00:38:50   songs in just general worst singles that

00:38:53   came out at all Beverly Hills hash pipe

00:38:55   in no Scorcho are probably tied for

00:38:57   fourth so you have to read number four I

00:38:59   do have three number fours but I have I

00:39:01   have a one two and three and three

00:39:03   number fours I don't have like 15 15 or

00:39:06   whatever you had I win no you don't win

00:39:09   I win so in closing I don't think Weezer

00:39:12   is a bad bin I like a lot of their music

00:39:14   and I hope this was actually not too

00:39:16   negative about them as a band no it was

00:39:20   just I just think it's amusing that they

00:39:21   have such incredibly bad abilities

00:39:25   especially you know recently it's it

00:39:27   does seem like they've fixed that in the

00:39:29   last couple releases but in all their

00:39:31   earlier work they just seemed to pick

00:39:33   the worst songs as their first singles

00:39:35   for all their albums yep

00:39:47   [Laughter]

00:39:49   it's so bad I bring home the turkey and

00:39:53   I bring home the bacon