Top Four

Top Four 3: Reality TV Shows


00:00:00   I should probably have written something

00:00:02   down you're the worst

00:00:04   yeah all right so Marco was supposed to

00:00:08   pick the topic tonight but he read me

00:00:11   one of his topics from his topic list I

00:00:14   asked him to actually give me the top

00:00:16   four topics that he had had but he

00:00:19   refused to give me the top four so he

00:00:21   gave me one and it really bad it was

00:00:23   terrible it was so bad I can't even

00:00:25   remember what it is right now honestly I

00:00:27   have no idea what you even told me but I

00:00:29   know that when you told me I was

00:00:31   horrified and it was terrible

00:00:32   and that was so i-i've been keeping this

00:00:34   list and notes on my phone never look up

00:00:36   note - my phone - ooh well like your

00:00:39   gift list is there - you don't - see

00:00:40   that no so I like to be spoiled I've

00:00:42   been keeping this list on my phone every

00:00:45   time I think of a good idea for what we

00:00:47   can do for top 4 and he's been hyping it

00:00:49   up like it's the greatest list ever and

00:00:50   he has secrets on there that he wasn't

00:00:53   gonna tell me and so I could be

00:00:54   surprised when he reveals it when we

00:00:55   record and all his topics are so great

00:00:59   turns out they're terrible all the words

00:01:01   so I pick what I thought was the best

00:01:03   one what you want me to do tell the

00:01:05   audience now I forgot so yeah sure tell

00:01:07   me - it's that good

00:01:09   so I think what I thought was the best

00:01:11   one which was roadtrip food options oh

00:01:15   yeah I mean come on

00:01:18   and even as I was saying I was like you

00:01:19   know there won't like argue how yeah

00:01:22   over like how there's only probably four

00:01:25   choices that we'd even list so like it's

00:01:27   not even a top fours are the only four I

00:01:29   would eat Arby's period period there is

00:01:33   no - three or four I will not eat

00:01:36   anything else on the road

00:01:37   everything else is vile and disgusting

00:01:41   Arby's or a bag of gummy bears

00:01:43   that's nope nope warm do that no yeah

00:01:48   bad yeah well you'll everyone always

00:01:51   wants one or two gummy worms but when

00:01:53   you get the bag you have to eat 40 gummy

00:01:55   worms and then nobody wants to feel that

00:01:57   way afterwards and now you get like

00:01:59   stomach aches and nightmares and it's

00:02:01   terrible

00:02:02   you get nightmares from Commerce oh yeah

00:02:04   they'll get you oh my god all right so

00:02:08   our topic tonight is what so our topic

00:02:12   tonight

00:02:13   mmm I don't think I'm ready to talk

00:02:15   about the topic that we talked about in

00:02:17   the kitchen ah I don't think I can do it

00:02:20   yeah I have to do a little bit more

00:02:21   research I don't know I don't want to

00:02:23   hurt feelings I don't want to I don't

00:02:25   think I want to go there yet okay

00:02:27   all right we can wait so what's your

00:02:29   topic for the night so I was trying to

00:02:32   vary it up because Marco was supposed to

00:02:34   pick the topic since I picked the last

00:02:36   two topics but it looks like I am going

00:02:38   to be the topic picker of the family

00:02:40   since Marcos topics are awful as you

00:02:42   heard oh yeah I mean you know you're

00:02:44   typically I'm in charge of wires mm-hmm

00:02:48   anything that includes wires and we

00:02:50   sound really good because of your

00:02:51   choices yeah yeah so so I got wires

00:02:53   covered and things that things that have

00:02:55   wires you have generally soft things and

00:02:58   things that are supposed to look good in

00:02:59   the house and also you manage the

00:03:01   calendar yep I'm good calendar manager

00:03:04   yeah and I and I do the grocery shopping

00:03:05   and the school drop-offs and you do the

00:03:08   putting to beds the laundries and lots

00:03:09   of other stuff yep I do those things

00:03:12   making the bed

00:03:13   changing the sheets yeah well that could

00:03:16   that soft things yeah that's true

00:03:20   yeah so we're gonna add to your faith

00:03:23   hops Ubaid hops hops is soft and he

00:03:25   huffed but I walk hops which involves a

00:03:27   leaf which is kind of like a wire that's

00:03:28   true Wow all of this is really coming

00:03:30   together yeah this is a very well

00:03:32   thought out very well planned I don't

00:03:34   like everything I always say very

00:03:36   well-thought-out yeah Marco it didn't

00:03:38   even oh my goodness no less nothing

00:03:41   prepared oh I have a list it's just

00:03:43   terrible okay all right let me get my

00:03:45   paper here I have a notebook I write

00:03:47   things down and stuff I don't know did

00:03:52   you hear that

00:03:52   microphones pretty good all right so

00:03:55   since we're not doing the topic that we

00:03:57   talked about in the kitchen that we kept

00:03:58   telling each other stop stop stop

00:03:59   talking stop talking say before the show

00:04:01   we're not doing that so you're going to

00:04:04   do top four reality TV shows okay I mean

00:04:11   I wanted to vary it up a little bit and

00:04:12   like you know maybe come back to this

00:04:14   one later but because your topic was so

00:04:17   awful you have forced my hand

00:04:19   to the reality TV show topic now reality

00:04:22   TV shows include a lot of things it

00:04:24   includes competition shows it

00:04:28   I don't know competitions well it

00:04:32   includes category of like survivor and

00:04:35   Big Brother like those kind of like what

00:04:37   some of those like kind of competitions

00:04:39   but wearing the country shows various

00:04:42   finding things shows working in a store

00:04:44   shows working I don't know wait so what

00:04:48   is Hanks would that include things like

00:04:50   diners drive-ins and dives

00:04:52   absolutely yeah does it's based in

00:04:56   reality they're going places and they're

00:04:58   doing stuff even there's one host which

00:05:00   is fine but they're like talking to

00:05:02   people in real life see to me this I

00:05:05   think there's a lot of overlap here with

00:05:07   the Netflix garbage shows category now

00:05:09   do if we still want to do a Netflix

00:05:11   garbage show category no this is Netflix

00:05:13   car my shows I mean like but it doesn't

00:05:15   have to be on Netflix but we just happen

00:05:17   to consume all of our television through

00:05:20   Netflix so if it wasn't on Netflix in

00:05:22   the last like six years so we probably

00:05:24   haven't seen it right I don't have it

00:05:26   the television actually yes we don't

00:05:31   have we have a television set but we

00:05:33   don't have cable yeah there's a word for

00:05:35   that

00:05:36   we're cord cutters that sounds like a

00:05:38   berthing thing well I mean I guess

00:05:42   everybody would be no I guess no you

00:05:44   could just wait for it to fall off right

00:05:46   you know you have to cut it eventually

00:05:49   I'd please don't god stop okay it's

00:05:52   reality shows apparently we are called

00:05:55   cord cutters yes you never heard that

00:05:58   before I mean I guess I have but I just

00:06:00   never thought of myself as one well we

00:06:03   did it before was cool we did it in like

00:06:04   2006 I did it before that because all my

00:06:08   jobs I never bothered having TV cuz I

00:06:09   was wandering the country that's true

00:06:11   yeah anyway so we are cord cutters I'm

00:06:14   sorry to tell you but we do have you

00:06:18   know Netflix iTunes and occasional other

00:06:20   sources

00:06:21   trust me there are plenty of chords in

00:06:22   this house yes I make sure of that so

00:06:27   with that being said so see to me that I

00:06:30   think the goal here you know we

00:06:32   discussed having a Netflix garbage shows

00:06:34   category and to me it's different

00:06:36   because like something like top reality

00:06:38   shows I would put Top Chef really high

00:06:40   on my list

00:06:40   might be number one we'll see but Top

00:06:43   Chef to me is really really high on that

00:06:44   list but Top Chef is not a Netflix

00:06:47   garbage show and when you go to the TV

00:06:49   you're going to it with a certain role

00:06:51   in mind if you just had a really tough

00:06:53   day a really tiring day you're exhausted

00:06:56   you want to go and sit on the couch and

00:06:57   watch TV and maybe browse Twitter while

00:06:59   you're watching TV you're not going to

00:07:01   put on something like Top Chef it's

00:07:02   actually good that you want to pay

00:07:03   attention to you're gonna put on a

00:07:04   garbage show so to me this might be a

00:07:06   separate category hmm Joey split this up

00:07:09   I think so I think this is chuh shows

00:07:12   everything is ruined my shirt is just

00:07:16   obliterated but I don't I can't think of

00:07:19   anything else that's like a good reality

00:07:21   show besides the two that I have is my

00:07:23   top two Top Chef Project Runway yeah yep

00:07:26   yeah so I don't I guess we could go

00:07:29   further down but because like it just

00:07:31   degrades from there it really does I

00:07:33   don't so we both just said Top Chef

00:07:37   would be our favorite show because I

00:07:38   find that to be a fantastic reality show

00:07:40   the camaraderie is usually really good

00:07:43   between the contestants it is kind of

00:07:46   classy you know they don't really fight

00:07:49   that much it's not about the fighting if

00:07:51   they do fight it's more about the

00:07:54   cooking and the menus and the meals and

00:07:56   who's good at their craft it's not so

00:08:00   much about the the drama

00:08:03   I guess that a lot of other reality

00:08:05   shows kind of fall victim to and that's

00:08:08   also kind of why I like Project Runway I

00:08:10   mean yes there's plenty of drama and

00:08:12   Project Runway but it's mostly about

00:08:15   people being really really good at their

00:08:17   craft and you watching them compete to

00:08:19   be the best especially when contestants

00:08:22   start helping each other which often

00:08:24   happens on both of those shows and then

00:08:26   you always have that one guy that's like

00:08:28   I'm here to not make friends and I'm

00:08:31   here to win I'm here to win I'm not here

00:08:33   to make friends and I'm not gonna help

00:08:35   anybody and it's like guys you're told

00:08:38   those guys always win do you think it's

00:08:41   a thing like you know how there's

00:08:42   there's the Wilhelm scream have you ever

00:08:44   heard of this no it's this very famous

00:08:46   movie sound effect and it's kind of a

00:08:49   thing to put it in every movie somewhere

00:08:51   you know about movies no but I know

00:08:54   about

00:08:54   it's like it's like an insider joke

00:08:56   among filmmakers and film buffs that

00:08:59   there's this one sound effect called the

00:09:00   Wilhelm scream I think that that is just

00:09:02   in like tons and tons of movies from you

00:09:04   know decades ago and forward and it's

00:09:07   it's like this joke to kind of put in

00:09:08   everything do you think reality show

00:09:10   producers have that kind of joke where

00:09:12   they they just always have to have in

00:09:14   every season of every series they always

00:09:17   have to have somebody saying I'm not

00:09:19   here to make friends I'm here to win I

00:09:21   think so because I'm pretty sure I've

00:09:22   heard it on every single reality show

00:09:24   season of like a competition show that

00:09:27   can possibly remember yeah I I'm I'm

00:09:29   almost positive I have and it's it's

00:09:31   funny cuz it's like it's the exact same

00:09:33   phrase almost every time like if there's

00:09:35   not a lot of variety in that phrase and

00:09:38   it's in everything even the shows like

00:09:40   Top Chef which you're pretty low drama

00:09:42   and even even a lot of the shows like

00:09:45   like chopped or you know some like the

00:09:47   shorter shows but they don't even have

00:09:48   that much time to throw in stuff like

00:09:50   that

00:09:51   don't worry no they're still there not

00:09:52   to make friends someone always make sure

00:09:54   that they say that even if it takes like

00:09:57   two or three episodes with a show like

00:09:58   chop the contestants change every single

00:10:00   episode there's still that guy that's

00:10:02   gonna come on and say he's not there to

00:10:04   make friends it's like you're here for

00:10:05   like 30 minutes guy like you still there

00:10:08   were these hairs like no no one cares to

00:10:10   be here right like no one's jumping down

00:10:12   your throat to be your friend like you

00:10:14   can calm down see I I really hope that

00:10:17   at some point they have somebody on

00:10:18   there that says you know what I'm here

00:10:20   to make friends I don't really care if I

00:10:21   win yeah I'd like to hear that too

00:10:23   it'd be cool to have to have some shows

00:10:25   start throwing and throwing that and

00:10:27   every time it's dead yeah but then they

00:10:28   wouldn't get put on because then they're

00:10:30   not like a personality well that's a

00:10:32   personality just maybe a different one

00:10:34   maybe maybe a less exciting one mm-hmm

00:10:36   that's true you know there was a on

00:10:37   project one way I think a lady named

00:10:39   sweet pea she was very nice she was that

00:10:41   kind of person how'd she do she do okay

00:10:44   didn't get that far

00:10:46   right cuz she was there to make friends

00:10:47   I mean but she did make friends did she

00:10:50   I don't know I kind of hope she did

00:10:52   don't know think about have you ever had

00:10:55   friends on a reality show see your

00:10:58   essence because you know the inside you

00:10:59   know and you know that the answer for

00:11:00   you is yes so let me reflect your

00:11:03   question back super famous so to other

00:11:06   people

00:11:06   have you ever had friends on every aisle

00:11:08   why funny you ask I really did really

00:11:11   which show would that be Top Chef and

00:11:14   Project Runway I forgot what the top

00:11:17   chef won yeah well I mean okay they

00:11:19   weren't like we're not like BFFs that we

00:11:21   talk all day so my Top Chef connection

00:11:26   when I was a senior when I was a

00:11:29   freshman he was a senior and we went to

00:11:32   prom together in the same limo because I

00:11:35   went to prom as a freshman I was invited

00:11:37   by a senior and so yeah we went to prom

00:11:39   together in the same limo and hung out

00:11:41   together afterwards and the next day and

00:11:43   I knew him from school and theater stuff

00:11:46   and singing and everything and yeah so

00:11:50   he ended up being a chef on Top Chef and

00:11:52   his name is Richard Sweeney I think

00:11:59   never said that it was such a good

00:12:02   friend didn't say that that's true well

00:12:04   you should at least know the name of the

00:12:07   contestant on and on it was one of those

00:12:10   things that you look you watching a show

00:12:12   and you're like that guy really looks

00:12:14   familiar and then all of a sudden you're

00:12:16   like oh my gosh that's someone I knew

00:12:18   but when you knew someone from high

00:12:20   school and he was 18 years old and come

00:12:22   on now we're in our 30s and he's four

00:12:24   years old three years older than me

00:12:26   anyway this American boy okay that's me

00:12:28   and his life is totally different now

00:12:30   so you see I feel like you you probably

00:12:33   can't claim him as a friend I'm not

00:12:36   claiming you can traverse day I'm saying

00:12:38   I've known people on reality shows from

00:12:41   real life okay because I love to

00:12:46   name-drop no I really don't look so so

00:12:49   you said they were two and the second

00:12:50   one was on Project Runway yes the second

00:12:52   problem Project Runway a co-worker of

00:12:53   mine

00:12:54   Alexander Pope was on Project Runway was

00:12:58   it last season I believe it was last

00:13:00   season anyway he did really great and he

00:13:04   didn't get to the end but I think he

00:13:07   should have gotten further than he did

00:13:08   and I worked with him for a number of

00:13:10   years at making costumes so he is very

00:13:14   very talented and really a hilarious

00:13:17   person who loves roller coasters what

00:13:20   was the topic again

00:13:22   reality shows oh my gosh the reality

00:13:24   shows that you're either good or bad

00:13:25   that you watch either for the goodness

00:13:27   or their badness but I thought you

00:13:29   wanted to separate them I do because I

00:13:32   think they should be different but you

00:13:33   are saying they shouldn't I mean why

00:13:34   don't it sounds like we only have one or

00:13:37   two good ones so why don't we just talk

00:13:38   about the bad ones okay it's cool right

00:13:41   up me do you have any other good ones no

00:13:42   I mean I do you want to hear my short

00:13:44   long list you you you could seem to be

00:13:49   the one that is more prepared than me on

00:13:51   this show but in reality I think you are

00:13:53   just as unprepared you just have a

00:13:56   written down version of your

00:13:57   unpreparedness and mine is just like a

00:13:59   slacker I didn't do anything version

00:14:01   I'll tear you alright what do you got

00:14:05   alright cuz you're gonna forget about

00:14:07   half of these shows absolutely okay so

00:14:10   we got Project Runway Top Chef

00:14:12   Mythbusters on Starz LA Ink storage wars

00:14:16   Cake Boss a GT so you thinking can dance

00:14:19   Pickers Hell's Kitchen Ramsay's Kitchen

00:14:23   Nightmares Dog Whisperer hoarders

00:14:25   hoarders what not to wear beauty and the

00:14:28   geek did you forget about that one I

00:14:30   didn't you know today Preppers man

00:14:32   versus food and how the state's got

00:14:34   their shapes which we've been recently

00:14:36   watching always like four episodes of it

00:14:40   so you had on there you ask me about

00:14:42   beauty in the geek

00:14:43   beauty and the geek to me it was I don't

00:14:47   think it has drone for quite some time I

00:14:49   think it's the only brand new four or

00:14:51   five seasons maybe Last Comic Standing

00:14:52   was good I never saw that we should

00:14:55   watch it a beauty and the geek I thought

00:14:57   like I liked it in the sense that I am a

00:15:00   geek and that a lot of the people on

00:15:02   there I could relate to in in a lot of

00:15:06   ways but I didn't think it was that

00:15:10   great of a show like I we watched it we

00:15:13   enjoyed it at the time but I really

00:15:14   don't think it would hold up if you

00:15:15   actually tried to watch it again not

00:15:16   that reality shows ever do but like I

00:15:18   think I think if the same show aired

00:15:20   today we wouldn't even try watching it

00:15:23   because I think we would just assume no

00:15:26   I mean terrible reality shows aren't

00:15:28   really rewatchable know what I'm saying

00:15:31   like you know if they if the show was

00:15:32   still running if it if it if it had

00:15:34   started today

00:15:35   we wouldn't even a chance mmm probably

00:15:38   not no no I watched a lot of garbage

00:15:40   probably if it was on Netflix we would

00:15:42   probably try it right

00:15:44   what about Undercover Boss it so just so

00:15:48   painful we can talk about it though

00:15:49   because it's hilarious he has a bad

00:15:52   reality garbage Netflix show I think

00:15:54   it's great because you don't put a lot

00:15:57   of thought into it

00:15:58   it's incredibly repetitive and doesn't

00:16:00   tie in between episodes so you can jump

00:16:02   in and watch any of the episodes and it

00:16:04   doesn't really matter whether you watch

00:16:05   them all in what order you watch them

00:16:07   they're self-contained so you don't like

00:16:09   watch a whole season to know what's

00:16:10   going on so as a garbage show it is very

00:16:12   very good and it is so very very bad

00:16:15   well because that's the best thing it's

00:16:16   so commonly bad like I love when they

00:16:19   put on their disguises oh yeah like

00:16:21   who's gonna recognize the CEO of some

00:16:25   random company like Oh 1-800 limos who's

00:16:29   the CEO of that nobody knows but they

00:16:32   need to put on disguise because someone

00:16:35   might recognize you and then the big

00:16:36   time like the couple times that like

00:16:38   almost happened they hype it up so much

00:16:41   like oh my god his covers gonna be blown

00:16:44   and then that's it and the whole things

00:16:46   of math it's all gonna be over uh and

00:16:49   then it's not really and they're like

00:16:51   you just need to keep it quiet if you

00:16:52   know I am yeah and that's it and like

00:16:54   and they go to like five different

00:16:55   locations in each episode anyway so it

00:16:58   doesn't even matter like if one of the

00:16:59   managers recognize you but yeah you're

00:17:01   right like like I mean I I used to work

00:17:03   at Staples and I was in college I have

00:17:05   no idea who the CEO of Staples was while

00:17:07   I was working there no clue I would not

00:17:09   I wouldn't even know their name let

00:17:11   alone how to recognize them I can't even

00:17:13   tell you what age or gender they were I

00:17:15   have no idea who'd like it could have

00:17:17   been anybody walking in the door I would

00:17:18   have no clue and before that I worked at

00:17:21   bruger's bagels same deal would have no

00:17:24   idea who the CEO of bruger's bagels yes

00:17:26   can we just automatically cross this one

00:17:27   off the list because I it's just bad no

00:17:30   but it'sit's bad in a way that you want

00:17:32   and you're watching garbage and so is

00:17:33   this on your top for for what purpose

00:17:36   well now we've moved on because what you

00:17:39   only had one on your other list yeah I

00:17:41   only have top chef on my on my good list

00:17:43   they have lots of my bad list so you

00:17:45   have no you have number one is Top Chef

00:17:47   and number two three and four

00:17:49   nothing so you rather watch nothing well

00:17:54   one of the reality shows do i watch that

00:17:56   are actually good very few really all

00:17:58   the other ones that I enjoy are actually

00:18:00   pretty bad okay so we're onto the bad

00:18:02   right so and let me just one more thing

00:18:04   on Undercover Boss the best the best

00:18:06   thing about that show is how incredibly

00:18:09   terrible the prizes at the end are what

00:18:13   about that one guy when they're like

00:18:14   he's so down on his luck he like needed

00:18:17   I don't know it's kid needed to go to

00:18:18   college there was like crazy stuff that

00:18:20   you know the people who are on the show

00:18:22   would benefit from like cash a bonus a

00:18:26   trip anything and someone's like I'm

00:18:28   donating money in your name to this

00:18:30   charity and they're like yeah this

00:18:34   worker who could really use the money

00:18:36   themselves and their boss is like I'm

00:18:38   gonna give like a tree in your name yeah

00:18:40   that was so painful I felt so bad for

00:18:43   those people that got like the shaft

00:18:45   prizes it was or like the one not that

00:18:47   charity is a shaft but I'm just saying

00:18:50   that you know the only people we're

00:18:52   working really hard and being really

00:18:54   awesome at their job and kind of

00:18:55   deserved a bonus cuz like one person

00:18:57   they'd be like you're getting a thousand

00:18:58   dollar bonus and the other person is

00:19:00   like I planted a tree for you and it's

00:19:02   yeah it's that's that's weak it is yeah

00:19:05   it's just is unbalanced yeah and and the

00:19:09   worst ones that the ones that are like

00:19:10   we're gonna put you in leadership

00:19:12   training at our company so it's like

00:19:14   they're putting the person in one of

00:19:16   their own corporate programs that it's

00:19:19   like it's even its work so we're we're

00:19:21   giving you a different kind of work to

00:19:23   do for two weeks

00:19:24   oh my god no that's that that show is

00:19:28   the best because of how terrible it is

00:19:29   it is not my number one worst show but

00:19:31   it is really it is really quite

00:19:33   unchanged I think I got to say my number

00:19:35   one worship worst show will have to be

00:19:38   hoarders I thought you'd say that it's

00:19:40   so awful I can't even watch it it like I

00:19:43   that's so bad it's so disturbing to me I

00:19:45   can't I can't no disturbing i watch it

00:19:48   because i can't fathom how people could

00:19:52   live like that and it fascinates me that

00:19:55   people can live like that and not see it

00:19:58   yeah and so that's why it's like I don't

00:20:01   know that's what it's like the creepy

00:20:03   fascinating other that I feel like when

00:20:07   I watch that show I'm like what is what

00:20:09   is going through your mind you know like

00:20:11   yeah sometimes I walk past a piece of

00:20:14   paper on the floor and decide not to

00:20:16   pick it up but I eventually pick it up

00:20:19   maybe like well days later oh my god now

00:20:22   it's time for you to go in the trash but

00:20:24   that's as far as I go but yeah some of

00:20:27   these some of these ones who it's it's

00:20:30   hard to watch a couple of them I cannot

00:20:32   watch animal hoarders because I feel

00:20:34   very bad for the animals yep but you

00:20:37   know a good show hoarders doesn't

00:20:40   doesn't end without a couple dead cats

00:20:42   so I cannot lie I don't know how you can

00:20:45   endure that show I cannot watch that

00:20:47   show it's now that I'm talking about it

00:20:50   I'm pretty embarrassed

00:20:51   yeah I'm pretty embarrassed that I watch

00:20:53   that see to me I think I'm trying to

00:20:56   think of like my number-one garbage show

00:20:58   and why not - where's I watch we watch

00:21:02   totally different garbage shows yeah I'm

00:21:05   thinking it might be Pawn Stars Pawn

00:21:08   Stars is really it's really like when

00:21:10   they had like the old musketoons and

00:21:12   stuff on that show the old guns because

00:21:14   I don't hear about guns at all no a gun

00:21:16   person at all not even not even a little

00:21:18   bit but no I just I like all like the

00:21:19   weird stuff they find I'm sure a lot of

00:21:21   it is like set up and stage and

00:21:23   everything you know I don't care won't

00:21:26   care that any of that stage do you know

00:21:27   a lot of people are like oh how do you

00:21:28   like that this is staged like I watched

00:21:30   storage wars that's so bad

00:21:31   Oh Sarge why that's so good ah yeah it's

00:21:35   great I love all the crazy stuff they

00:21:37   find but I mean we did a little

00:21:39   periscope for like two seconds and

00:21:42   someone said you know was working for

00:21:44   them and I hope they're listening hi so

00:21:46   but I mean even if they plant stuff in

00:21:49   there which yeah changes things a little

00:21:52   bit I still really like the show yeah to

00:21:54   me yeah so so Pawn Stars I think is very

00:21:57   very good it is very entertaining I also

00:22:00   really really like cut through a kitchen

00:22:04   and cut through a kitchen is my kitchen

00:22:07   how I don't know it's not on the list

00:22:10   putting it on right now

00:22:12   so it cut their kitchen to me I mean

00:22:15   there's lots of bad cooking reality

00:22:18   shows and cutthroat kitchen I think is

00:22:20   actually pretty good like when it first

00:22:22   started I thought all this this has all

00:22:23   the makings of a bad one like shock is

00:22:25   the worst chopped

00:22:26   I can't watch because it's so

00:22:28   frustratingly bad the judges are bad

00:22:31   that's why it's because the judges on

00:22:33   chopped are so fickle when it comes to

00:22:38   what they're choosing and why they're

00:22:40   choosing it and they're just like you

00:22:41   would think they'd say this horrible

00:22:43   things about one person another person

00:22:44   completely leaves off half the

00:22:46   ingredients from their dish and then a

00:22:48   third person like makes something that

00:22:49   just needed a little bit of salt and

00:22:51   you're like oh man it has to be the guy

00:22:53   that like left everything off his dish

00:22:54   and then this part of it that he did

00:22:56   make didn't really taste very good and

00:22:57   then when they go to reveal the person

00:22:59   that got chopped it's the dude who left

00:23:01   off a little bit of salt like right and

00:23:03   they'll say well you're we had to chop

00:23:06   you please because your dish was green

00:23:08   it's like it'll be like some random

00:23:10   reason and you're like that's the

00:23:12   problem at that show is like I think to

00:23:14   enjoy these kind of these judging shows

00:23:16   he's judging competition shows I think

00:23:18   the audience has to feel like they can

00:23:20   predict what's going to happen right

00:23:22   before it happens so the audience has to

00:23:23   be able to say oh based on what they

00:23:25   just said I bet they're gonna eliminate

00:23:26   that guy you know like the audience have

00:23:28   to believe that it it makes sense to

00:23:31   them and the version they're seeing

00:23:32   makes sense and then with chopped the

00:23:34   judges like they're there they make the

00:23:36   craziest comments and they they cut

00:23:38   somebody random and it just feels like

00:23:40   it feels like why am I even watching

00:23:43   this if there's like kind of rolling the

00:23:44   dice and for all we know it could be a

00:23:47   good judging panel that's just edited

00:23:49   very badly when it's shown on TV but it

00:23:52   doesn't seem that way it seems like you

00:23:54   know either they have really a bad

00:23:55   editors or they have really a bad judges

00:23:57   and I think it's most likely they really

00:23:59   about judges they just they just judges

00:24:00   the willy-nilly they don't even think

00:24:02   about it there's a one woman that she's

00:24:04   just always angry or at least she always

00:24:06   looks angry and just everyone was angry

00:24:10   I just don't even look like they want to

00:24:15   be there and they're like yeah I'll just

00:24:16   judge your food and then they're like

00:24:18   yeah you're chopped and it just I don't

00:24:19   feel like that the people that win

00:24:21   necessarily deserve it and I think that

00:24:23   that's frustrating but with cutthroat

00:24:25   kitchen

00:24:26   they have hilarious hilarious what do

00:24:30   they call them the judges no sabotages

00:24:34   yeah it was we really liked Alton Brown

00:24:37   so we find him fantastic we really like

00:24:40   to show good eat good eats and and we

00:24:48   saw him do a show live which was really

00:24:51   fun so we really liked him as a host and

00:24:54   then the judges they have on or often

00:24:57   people that were on Top Chef which is

00:24:58   excellent and also they seem their

00:25:01   judging is much more competent and yeah

00:25:04   the sabotages are so funny I love the

00:25:07   tiny kitchen yeah they're just a

00:25:10   constantly something really funny that

00:25:13   is gonna mess people up and then yet

00:25:15   people overcome and it's very very good

00:25:17   yeah it's like like usually the people

00:25:19   who got the most sabotages like it

00:25:21   doesn't seem to affect who loses or not

00:25:24   like it doesn't seem to have a very

00:25:25   strong correlation of like if you get

00:25:27   sabotage the most you will lose like

00:25:29   there's not it doesn't seem like that is

00:25:30   the case yeah my I definitely I love the

00:25:33   ones where they have where they get like

00:25:34   funny-looking tools like either like you

00:25:37   know factional you're too late' of tin

00:25:38   foil or whatever like so there's so many

00:25:39   good sabotages there well when they tape

00:25:42   things to their hands that they can't do

00:25:44   it like tape is an oven mitt to your

00:25:46   hand or whatever it's like your only

00:25:48   source of heat is this like tea light

00:25:50   it's so bad or like they just give you

00:25:53   this garbage ingredient to replace this

00:25:55   beautiful fresh ingredient with I

00:25:57   remember what we watching that that 100

00:26:01   year old egg that was on that was truck

00:26:04   hopped but what they should do on

00:26:05   cutthroat kitchen if they haven't done

00:26:07   it is replace all if they're making like

00:26:08   egg salad replace all your eggs with 100

00:26:11   year old eggs but if anyone doesn't know

00:26:13   what that is look that up we'll put it

00:26:14   in our show notes which we do now we've

00:26:17   shot the way we have shown oh I think

00:26:19   you just signed us up for show notes so

00:26:20   you'll be in charge of that we do a show

00:26:22   notes because the first show you

00:26:23   mentioned like one article so that's our

00:26:25   shit

00:26:26   they are not extensive they're just you

00:26:28   know what they are yeah I would say

00:26:31   among the cooking garbage reality shows

00:26:34   I would say cut through kitchen is

00:26:36   almost good enough to be on the good

00:26:38   list I think it is

00:26:39   was good enough to be on the good list I

00:26:40   was and I think about putting it there

00:26:41   under my project runway I don't that

00:26:44   good it is very good you you with your

00:26:48   top three you can't just like pick spots

00:26:50   this is this is about the top four is

00:26:52   this is about how many like in order if

00:26:54   you don't have anything else to put

00:26:56   between it it's automatically your

00:26:57   thirds like that's just how it happens

00:26:59   last show you didn't have a second like

00:27:01   you just didn't you didn't know there

00:27:02   was no number two for you know you had

00:27:05   one

00:27:05   you had three and you had like six on

00:27:07   four the only thing I don't like about

00:27:09   cut their kitchen is the prizes again

00:27:12   are usually end up being kammath ly

00:27:14   small like you know they have their own

00:27:16   fault the most they can they can win is

00:27:18   $25,000 but I've never seen anybody even

00:27:21   go above like what about 12 or so I

00:27:24   can't I can't say for sure and usually

00:27:26   usually like what we end up seeing is

00:27:28   somebody will win the show and they'll

00:27:31   win like maybe 3,000 bucks

00:27:32   and it's like a half-hour isn't so bad

00:27:36   for a competition I don't

00:27:39   that seems unreasonably cheap for what

00:27:41   you're comparing it to competitions that

00:27:43   last month's I I guess it still seems

00:27:46   like a little bit too too small I don't

00:27:49   know anyway so what what else do you

00:27:51   have on your list for either good or bad

00:27:53   reality shows slash competition shows

00:27:57   slash Buster's well we have to talk

00:28:01   about a little I like I like tattoo

00:28:03   shows yeah much Markos chagrin I do not

00:28:09   have any tattoos marco also does not

00:28:12   have any tattoos I know of I'm pretty

00:28:15   sure I know now okay so so so yeah I

00:28:24   really like tattoo shows and we've been

00:28:27   recently watching one that was that's

00:28:29   called um bad tattoos I think yeah and

00:28:32   it's about a guy who walks around Vegas

00:28:35   fixing people's tattoos and he's very

00:28:37   good at it

00:28:38   I mean Marco sat down and watched a

00:28:40   couple with me and I think he kind of

00:28:41   liked a little bit because it's very

00:28:43   interesting how good they can cover up

00:28:45   tattoos with other tattoos yeah I don't

00:28:48   I don't like tattoos at all

00:28:50   I it's not I don't like hate people with

00:28:52   tattoos I just

00:28:53   just don't do anything for me I just

00:28:55   don't like they don't appeal to me at

00:28:58   all and so I don't I can't look at the

00:29:01   show and say oh that's a really awesome

00:29:03   tattoo but what I can do is I can look

00:29:07   at this show and I can say wow that was

00:29:09   a really creative job and a really

00:29:11   effective job at covering up that bad

00:29:13   tattoo you know like that's what like

00:29:14   any other tattoo show I wouldn't really

00:29:16   enjoy you like tattoo makeover shows

00:29:19   sure it's just like it's interesting

00:29:22   it's like it's a design problem it's

00:29:24   like how the heck do you cover that up

00:29:25   and the guy is really good yeah you

00:29:28   can't see like even when there's like

00:29:29   crazy thick Fontan words they over them

00:29:32   up I mean they have to come up with like

00:29:33   tremendous tattoos but they do it and I

00:29:36   also I love LA Ink that was one of my

00:29:38   favorite reality shows which is Kat Von

00:29:41   D's tattoo shop in LA and I love her

00:29:47   show I think she's excellent and she's a

00:29:50   fantastic artist if he's ever seen the

00:29:52   show she can tattoo portraits on people

00:29:55   that look real it's it's incredible she

00:29:58   can also draw them so she is you know

00:30:00   very very talented in many many ways and

00:30:03   she just happens to be an incredible

00:30:05   tattoo artist there's that I have

00:30:08   nothing to say I've walked through and

00:30:10   seen like five minutes of it and I can't

00:30:12   get through it because that that seemed

00:30:13   like a shift from the pit from the parts

00:30:15   I've seen correct me if I'm wrong is

00:30:16   that a show that's more about like the

00:30:17   interpersonal relationships and drama

00:30:18   and stuff it gets there but I watch it

00:30:21   for the tattoos it's like I used to

00:30:23   watch I to watch it for the tattoos

00:30:24   because I like the art version I like

00:30:26   read it I read the articles right I do I

00:30:29   do read the articles like I watch it

00:30:32   because I want to see it's like I want

00:30:35   to see you know the finished product I

00:30:36   want to see how it comes out because

00:30:38   these people are really fantastic

00:30:40   artists that just happen to be doing

00:30:42   tattoos on people and I find it

00:30:44   interesting what people decide to put on

00:30:46   their body permanently and what their

00:30:48   choices are yeah yeah so also I want to

00:30:52   talk about to totally switch gears here

00:30:54   Dog Whisperer that's interesting okay I

00:30:57   guess that's a reality show yeah that

00:31:00   makes sense it's wholly reality show and

00:31:01   you know we watch Dog Whisperer a lot

00:31:04   and we learned a lot

00:31:06   Cesar who is the dog whisperer I want to

00:31:10   say Cesar Chavez but that's not it Cesar

00:31:13   Millan I know it's these are balloons

00:31:14   yeah but you don't know what Cesar

00:31:17   Chavez look like no nevermind anyway

00:31:19   that Simpsons

00:31:20   you're the worst okay right before we

00:31:23   got hops we watched tons and tons of Dog

00:31:25   Whisperer and when he was a puppy and we

00:31:27   did almost everything that they said and

00:31:29   he is an amazing dog now yeah and we've

00:31:32   also we have we have done tricks like

00:31:36   that or like training methods like that

00:31:37   in small ways whenever we are around

00:31:40   like you know our parents dogs or

00:31:42   whatever and they work like instantly

00:31:46   yeah it's it really is incredible how

00:31:49   much Cesar is right about how dogs work

00:31:52   and I know that there's there's a lot of

00:31:55   controversy around his methods from some

00:31:57   people and I don't have look too deeply

00:31:59   into those into the controversy because

00:32:01   all we know is that the parts that we do

00:32:03   work really well well he's dealing with

00:32:05   a lot of the times dogs that are

00:32:06   problems or already like pretty bad and

00:32:10   he needs to you know rehabilitate the

00:32:14   dog so it's better and then train people

00:32:16   that's there's a little logo line and to

00:32:19   teach them how to communicate with dogs

00:32:21   properly so that the dog understands

00:32:23   what the human wants the dog to do and

00:32:25   if you start off fresh with the puppy or

00:32:28   a dog that's only slightly misbehaving

00:32:30   and not like aggressively biting people

00:32:32   you can take his methods and it really

00:32:36   works like just simply taking your dog

00:32:38   for a walk appropriately like not

00:32:41   letting the dog pull you on a walk but

00:32:43   farce forcing the dog to walk with you

00:32:45   it just changes everything it doesn't

00:32:47   matter what kind of leash you have on

00:32:49   the way that it really doesn't like it

00:32:50   just it matters how you are deciding to

00:32:53   walk with your dog this is that's very

00:32:56   hard for me to not say long island walk

00:32:58   with your dog into the Long Island

00:33:03   corner there yeah anyway so little

00:33:07   things like that small training bits

00:33:10   like making the dog wait before going

00:33:12   through doorways sit and make eye

00:33:15   contact before giving them food things

00:33:17   like that just really very quickly make

00:33:20   of

00:33:20   very well-behaved dog yeah it's really

00:33:22   we have had such great luck with those

00:33:24   methods and part of it you know

00:33:25   obviously some dogs are easier to train

00:33:27   than others because of their

00:33:28   personalities and our dog is also just

00:33:30   really easy because he's naturally very

00:33:33   like a rabid and submissive and it's a

00:33:36   natural rug so what's next on your list

00:33:38   of good or bad reality we're still going

00:33:41   are we done I don't know well do you

00:33:45   have you now you're trying to get all up

00:33:47   on my list you didn't want anything to

00:33:50   do with my list

00:33:51   well we watched so much garbage I have a

00:33:54   GT on here but we didn't we haven't at

00:33:58   which stands where America's Got Talent

00:33:59   which we started watching because Howard

00:34:01   Stern's on it where Howard fans yeah I

00:34:05   really don't see us watching it after he

00:34:08   leaves which is presumably after this

00:34:09   season no I wouldn't either I have Cake

00:34:11   Boss on here okay seemed like it was

00:34:14   pretty good actually like as these shows

00:34:16   go there's much more about like the

00:34:18   family brush painting with each other

00:34:19   and that gets really old fast I mean I

00:34:21   used to love watching America's Next Top

00:34:23   Model until it became the Tara banks

00:34:25   look at me show and it also became about

00:34:28   all of the models complaining to each

00:34:30   other in the house pretty much the whole

00:34:32   time because I was watching that show

00:34:34   again for the photographs like I wanted

00:34:37   to see the photos that they got out of

00:34:40   people and you know how they look before

00:34:41   before they're all like done up and then

00:34:43   they're you know the artistic process

00:34:45   that's what I found the show interesting

00:34:47   for and then it just became total

00:34:49   garbage fight fest so I quit watching

00:34:51   that let's talk about man vs. food

00:34:55   that's a pretty good one yeah I mean you

00:34:58   you're more into it than I am because

00:34:59   you just love crazy stuff I mean how do

00:35:05   you rank that between your other because

00:35:07   you had you seem like you have a lot of

00:35:09   shows that are about the same rank yeah

00:35:11   I'm pulling to you here I have like a

00:35:14   whole bunch my number six shows and I

00:35:17   have nothing three or four but I really

00:35:20   like my own versus food because I like

00:35:22   well I don't necessarily want like

00:35:24   watching competitive eating but I do

00:35:26   like when he goes around to the

00:35:28   different restaurants all over the

00:35:29   country and talked about like what their

00:35:31   best thing is

00:35:33   it just looks so delicious yeah like

00:35:36   like the that show usually has a two

00:35:38   segments that the first one is like I'm

00:35:40   just going to go eat something that's

00:35:41   really famous and the second half is

00:35:43   like now I'm gonna go eat like the big

00:35:44   challenge food and I usually I like the

00:35:47   first half better most of the time

00:35:48   because usually the first half is the

00:35:50   part that's more like food tourism and

00:35:52   the second half is more like let's see

00:35:54   if you can finish this ridiculously

00:35:56   seemingly impossible task of eating this

00:35:58   pile of garbage well see if you just

00:36:00   want food tourism you could always do

00:36:01   guy Furies diners drive-ins and dives

00:36:03   but I find I think his name is Adam

00:36:07   actually yeah the guy's name is Adam who

00:36:10   does members food man vs. food I find

00:36:12   him more personable and I just I had the

00:36:17   places he goes they're pretty neat I'm

00:36:18   pretty sure there's been plenty of

00:36:20   overlap between the two but I like that

00:36:22   the show switches it up and then they

00:36:25   have like this weird usually like

00:36:26   strange competitive eating aspect to it

00:36:29   at the end it's pretty gross when he

00:36:31   vomits especially after having

00:36:33   milkshakes he can't keep down those

00:36:36   milkshakes I don't blame him

00:36:37   trying to drink like 15 milkshakes and

00:36:40   you know a half hours really unhealthy

00:36:42   but yeah I like it needs very spicy

00:36:47   foods very large foods seems to me like

00:36:49   the the like stuff like the milkshake

00:36:52   thing like that that is not interesting

00:36:53   to me like I even as a viewer like that

00:36:55   that doesn't seem like it's that

00:36:56   interesting of a challenge to me like

00:36:58   the best man vs. food challenges are the

00:37:00   ones that are not just like here's a

00:37:04   normal thing eat ten of them but instead

00:37:06   it's like here's like a tremendous

00:37:09   version of a normal thing or here's a

00:37:10   really weird combination of things or

00:37:12   here's like a really extreme version

00:37:14   like some crazy hot pepper or something

00:37:15   like you know that I think is more

00:37:17   interesting than yours 15 milkshakes

00:37:20   it's not like that that's true so it

00:37:23   seems like we have found a topic that

00:37:25   neither of us have strong opinions on

00:37:28   because you know so it seems like with

00:37:32   garbey shows like there is no ranking

00:37:34   for garbage you know I think that

00:37:35   there's just one big pool of garbage but

00:37:38   yeah I mean it's just it's hard to rank

00:37:40   things because the longer they last the

00:37:43   worse they get in terms of seasons

00:37:46   usually because they start you know

00:37:48   stretching you know and reaching for

00:37:50   straws is that the phrase I don't know

00:37:51   grasping at straws sure she's reaching

00:37:54   for the stars they start reaching for

00:37:56   the stars yeah okay

00:37:57   and then it's just it all falls apart

00:38:00   and it's not very good and even when

00:38:02   they switch the people if they try and

00:38:04   do that then it's jarring it's just not

00:38:07   good and then a lot of it's very

00:38:08   repetitive or it's sad or it's you know

00:38:11   like you know the addiction shows like I

00:38:13   can't watch any of those they're just

00:38:15   too depressing yeah yeah I liked what

00:38:18   not to wear a lot but then that gets a

00:38:20   repetitive - because they always put

00:38:22   everyone in the same outfit they're like

00:38:24   well we're gonna try and style this for

00:38:26   you but it totally looks like the same

00:38:29   dress that they put the other girl in

00:38:30   that was a completely different person

00:38:31   they've changed the color Holmes

00:38:34   Inspection home done Holmes will see

00:38:37   novel see Holmes on a home they don't

00:38:39   actually enjoy that much

00:38:40   we tried watching a few of them they

00:38:41   aren't that good that's your home's

00:38:42   inspection the same guy different

00:38:45   different kind of show it makes you

00:38:46   spanic about your house it may if you

00:38:49   own a home it's like oh my god what are

00:38:51   all the things there fuck with my house

00:38:53   right this instant

00:38:54   that is leaking creating mold and my

00:38:56   walls are gonna fall down yeah you got

00:38:59   to watch Homes inspection it's on

00:39:00   Netflix at least at the time we were

00:39:02   recording it I'm pretty sure it's still

00:39:03   there and it there's only been a handful

00:39:05   of season that that company unless yeah

00:39:07   yeah homes inspection and it is oh my

00:39:10   god it is so scary cuz like the guy Mike

00:39:12   Holmes Mike on yeah he's great like he's

00:39:15   an actor yeah Canadian of course

00:39:17   although all the nicest people are

00:39:18   Canadian so so he's great and he he

00:39:22   basically goes and homes on homes I

00:39:24   think was was less compelling because it

00:39:27   was like we're gonna go help these

00:39:29   people who were rich enough to renovate

00:39:32   their house and they just got a crappy

00:39:35   job done we're gonna finish it whereas

00:39:36   like homes inspection is a lot more kind

00:39:40   of morally justifiable or or more

00:39:42   there's more empathy there where home

00:39:43   inspection is like here are some people

00:39:45   who got screwed on the house they bought

00:39:47   and and they usually oftentimes as

00:39:50   people who really couldn't afford to fix

00:39:51   it yes or to fix it right at least you

00:39:55   know and like that that I think is a

00:39:56   more interesting emotionally it's more

00:39:59   interesting show

00:40:00   I don't think you could say that these

00:40:01   people who were the regular homes on

00:40:03   homes that I mean come on you save up

00:40:06   money to do a home renovation because

00:40:08   you want to do it you specifically like

00:40:10   pick something out you're trying to get

00:40:12   something fixed in your house it you can

00:40:15   not have a you know you could have a lot

00:40:16   of money or you could have very little

00:40:17   money regardless of it was someone saved

00:40:20   up to do this to their home and then it

00:40:22   got done wrong and it was and they don't

00:40:25   have enough money to do it again that's

00:40:27   the problem with the ones that the

00:40:29   contractors failed okay that's true I'll

00:40:31   give you that that's fair I mean come on

00:40:33   that's really crappy if like you know

00:40:34   your contractor comes you take time you

00:40:37   hire them they do the work and then they

00:40:39   end up not doing it right and you have

00:40:42   no repercussion to like find them if

00:40:44   they ditch you if they leave a job

00:40:46   half-done a lot of them were like jobs

00:40:49   that were just never finished they just

00:40:51   left you know like and then the people

00:40:53   are like hung up for the money that they

00:40:55   already gave them and they can't afford

00:40:57   to have someone else in because they

00:40:58   already spent half their money getting

00:41:00   the first job done that didn't work out

00:41:01   okay that's fair I'll give you that yeah

00:41:03   but I still think that homes inspections

00:41:06   inspection is a better show it's more

00:41:07   relatable it's more like because you

00:41:10   know everyone who buys a house or even

00:41:12   lives in a rental house everyone who

00:41:14   lives anywhere everyone who buys a house

00:41:17   can relate to the problems that homes

00:41:20   inspection uncovers whereas the problems

00:41:22   at homes on homes addresses it's a it's

00:41:24   a much smaller narrower audience if

00:41:26   people who can relate to that because if

00:41:27   that's the only people who have had

00:41:28   renovation done whereas homes inspection

00:41:30   is all homeowners that who could look at

00:41:33   this show and not only enjoy it and feel

00:41:35   empathy for the people but also like it

00:41:37   freaks them out and it interests them to

00:41:39   see all the different ways that these

00:41:41   houses are terrible and then of course

00:41:42   that prompts you to look at your own

00:41:43   house and to see all the ways that your

00:41:45   own house is terrible in all the ways

00:41:47   they're discussing on the show oh yes

00:41:49   it's really great yeah yeah it's awesome

00:41:52   yeah yeah roof ventilation very

00:41:55   important very important the mold will

00:41:57   come alright so this episode of top four

00:42:03   our top four lists are Top Chef

00:42:07   from me project one runway number two

00:42:10   from mark oh nothing

00:42:14   number three nothing for either of us

00:42:18   right number four

00:42:20   giant pool of garbage of cars with I

00:42:25   think cut through a kitchen bobbing at

00:42:28   the top of that

00:42:29   yeah cutthroat kitchen maybe that's our

00:42:30   number three well that's what I said if

00:42:32   it's if you don't have something in a

00:42:34   slot and there's one that's over the

00:42:36   other ones it's your number three like

00:42:38   you you gotta put it in there I think we

00:42:40   can leave gaps so here's a question

00:42:42   think you are think that's that's why so

00:42:45   to close this out

00:42:47   let's talk critically about our topics

00:42:50   about Top Chef and Project Runway now do

00:42:52   you is there anything I don't watch

00:42:54   Project Runway really so so I will

00:42:55   address this only to you then instead of

00:42:58   you know officer myself or anyone else

00:43:00   here so I'll dress is only to you is

00:43:02   there something about Project Runway

00:43:04   that you think is declining because it

00:43:07   has been running a while you said

00:43:08   earlier shows that run a while have

00:43:10   things that are declining is there

00:43:12   something in Project Runway that you

00:43:13   think is getting worse over time well

00:43:15   they have new judges which is fine I

00:43:17   think that they're good judges so it's

00:43:19   pretty it's fine they are getting a

00:43:22   little bit more into the drama of things

00:43:24   and I guess that you know having it be

00:43:28   on so long it might be getting a little

00:43:30   long in the tooth is that the right

00:43:32   thing to say I don't know I think so

00:43:33   that sounds good

00:43:35   so but in general I think it's standing

00:43:38   up because everyone kind of wants to see

00:43:43   it's fun to watch people make the things

00:43:47   that they make on Project Runway you

00:43:49   know because they the challenges that

00:43:50   they have are usually very creative

00:43:57   especially when they use an

00:43:58   unconventional materials challenge or

00:44:00   they do this kind of challenge or you

00:44:02   know they have to get fabric from this

00:44:05   place or they have to work within this

00:44:08   restriction that they put on them for a

00:44:09   challenge and that's very interesting to

00:44:11   see how different people kind of adapt

00:44:16   to that they had a moment in their

00:44:18   reality in their show one of the years

00:44:20   they did this teams thing they tried

00:44:22   that out and that didn't work out so

00:44:24   they reverted back the neck

00:44:26   year and I think they even had a couple

00:44:27   people on who were on the teams thing

00:44:29   back because it was such a crappy year

00:44:32   to be on

00:44:33   I think the sponsorship stuff is getting

00:44:36   a little bad on Project Runway you know

00:44:38   they're really kind of hounding the

00:44:40   Lexus sponsorship and cramming it down

00:44:44   your throat and being like this is the

00:44:45   Lexus challenge or this is the yoke play

00:44:48   challenge it's like how what does that

00:44:51   have to do with Project Runway is

00:44:52   running around some boardwalk trying to

00:44:54   sell yogurt to people and get them to

00:44:56   say the words that make them think of

00:44:58   the yogurt and so then you have to use

00:45:00   those words as your inspiration for your

00:45:01   garment like the steps to that in order

00:45:05   to get back to fashion did that take to

00:45:07   connect yogurt to fashion it was

00:45:09   horrible I don't know why they're doing

00:45:11   that kind of stuff I think that that we

00:45:13   know why you're doing it oh yeah well we

00:45:15   know why but I'm saying it's such a good

00:45:17   show they don't really need to I feel

00:45:20   like they don't need to do that because

00:45:22   they are a very good reality show

00:45:24   they're not just like one of these

00:45:25   one-off garbage pile shows but I mean in

00:45:29   general I'll keep watching because I

00:45:30   really like seeing again it's the it's

00:45:32   the artistic creative results that I

00:45:37   like to watch I love the very final part

00:45:39   of this episode is when they're showing

00:45:42   what came down the runway versus what

00:45:45   they had to work with and I I find the

00:45:47   creative creativity and the people the

00:45:50   best part that's why I like Top Chef

00:45:52   it's their creativity and their food

00:45:54   that's why I like Project Runway and I

00:45:57   like quarters no no well I like to see a

00:46:02   clean house ish even though we know it's

00:46:05   probably not going to stay that way but

00:46:07   that's why I tried to like top model but

00:46:10   that fell through for me and that's why

00:46:13   I like Cake Boss because you get to see

00:46:15   all the cakes that they make creatively

00:46:17   after you know what someone ordered

00:46:19   versus how they come up with it and how

00:46:21   they build it and it's that part's I

00:46:24   love the result the creative result you

00:46:27   know in a in a reality show so now I'm

00:46:30   gonna turn the question that I just

00:46:31   asked you about Project Runway on to

00:46:33   both of us for Top Chef Top Chef we both

00:46:35   agree our number one pick right yeah

00:46:37   definitely so what do you

00:46:40   think about Top Chef if anything what do

00:46:42   you think is is getting worse over time

00:46:46   see to me I can point to definitely some

00:46:50   of the corporate tie-ins while it

00:46:52   doesn't sound like it's as bad as the

00:46:53   Project Runway ones some of them are

00:46:55   pretty painful and forced yeah yeah when

00:46:58   they're like let's use the Reynolds Wrap

00:47:01   challenge right right and you have to

00:47:04   it's like and let's say we have to pile

00:47:06   every one into this new Toyota and we're

00:47:07   gonna talk about how spacious it is wow

00:47:09   I can't believe no I hate them drive

00:47:11   themselves to go shopping like well but

00:47:15   what I mind is is when they make the

00:47:17   contestants talk about how nice the car

00:47:20   is yes it's so obviously forced and and

00:47:23   you know they're feeding them line so

00:47:25   obviously Showtime with watching them do

00:47:28   like the automatic parking or something

00:47:30   yeah like or like oh let's watch this

00:47:32   trunk open wow that opens so smooth like

00:47:35   they're wasting time it's like I want to

00:47:37   the show I want you to spend time on

00:47:41   showing me why you're like doing the

00:47:43   thing you're doing and how you're

00:47:44   creating it and what your thoughts are

00:47:46   you know all the good parts of the show

00:47:48   right it's like we're buying the show on

00:47:49   iTunes so it's commercial free we don't

00:47:52   want to see a Toyota commercial in the

00:47:54   middle maybe that's why they're doing

00:47:55   because they know so many people now are

00:47:57   buying these kind of shows like

00:47:58   commercial free and it's that's possible

00:48:01   honestly I doubt that many people buy

00:48:03   them on iTunes but that's that's just a

00:48:05   guess but so I do think that that Top

00:48:07   Chef has that problem of a lot of those

00:48:10   corporate sponsorships are really forced

00:48:11   and and and not only do they take up

00:48:14   time but I think some of them actually

00:48:15   make this show worse like like when they

00:48:17   mess with the challenges and then

00:48:19   another another big thing is when they

00:48:20   have gimmick judges at the challenges so

00:48:24   one example from from a recent season

00:48:26   was when they had pee-wee Herman on and

00:48:29   and and I like like I was a huge pee-wee

00:48:32   Herman fan as a kid I loved pee-wee

00:48:33   Herman why he's real you know well but

00:48:37   they didn't have Paul Reubens on they

00:48:40   had pee-wee Herman the character yeah

00:48:42   you rode a bike in and everything Paul

00:48:44   Reubens is like 60 so it was kind of

00:48:46   weird but that's right he don't have

00:48:48   that creepy makeup on and everything -

00:48:50   yeah and and so like as much as I love

00:48:53   people

00:48:53   Herman as a kid that just was weird it

00:48:56   didn't fit it felt like both it felt

00:48:59   like both Paul Reubens / pee-wee Herman

00:49:01   and Top Chef were selling out to each

00:49:03   other like they were both sellouts it

00:49:05   made me think less of both of them that

00:49:08   that happened and they'll and they'll

00:49:09   have you know different like you know

00:49:10   musicians and actors on sometimes two

00:49:13   and we're like well I they like green

00:49:14   things I really like eggs and Billy with

00:49:17   peewee Herman it was like what do you

00:49:19   make for a fictional character and then

00:49:21   how does a fictional character judge

00:49:23   things it was just weird yeah they'll

00:49:26   have stuff like that where it's like you

00:49:28   know some some of the gimmick challenges

00:49:30   are a little weird and and sometimes

00:49:32   they'll have them and this this is

00:49:35   arguable whether this is a problem

00:49:37   sometimes they'll have elimination

00:49:39   decisions based on really kind of wacky

00:49:42   challenges that you kind of think like

00:49:45   that was kind of unfair to eliminate

00:49:46   someone for that you know but that's

00:49:48   less of a problem that the the tie-ins

00:49:50   with the celebrities and the product

00:49:53   endorsements are are I think the biggest

00:49:54   challenge but for the most part you know

00:49:55   I think Top Chef really holds up that

00:49:59   the core of the show the judging seems

00:50:03   like it's solid it seems like you know

00:50:06   we've never had a serious problem with

00:50:07   the top chef judging as viewers like we

00:50:10   and we've watched every season so the

00:50:11   the judging is solid it seems like the

00:50:14   the the competition the core of it most

00:50:17   of it is solid and the editing and

00:50:20   everything still seems good it doesn't

00:50:22   seem like it's getting too trashy or to

00:50:23   into the drama or anything like that it

00:50:25   seems like overall it's still very solid

00:50:27   there's these few little cracks in the

00:50:28   foundation that get me a little worried

00:50:30   about it yeah I agree and Project Runway

00:50:32   is very similar that yeah

00:50:34   all right I think that's it hey make it

00:50:39   work wait I want to add a segment to our

00:50:44   show called I have made a huge mistake

00:50:49   my huge mistake is in relation to our

00:50:52   video game episode and thinking about it

00:50:56   a little bit more because we recorded

00:50:58   that episode kind of we were

00:51:00   chit-chatting on the couch as couples do

00:51:02   and talking about stuff and things that

00:51:04   we like and you know and so we decided

00:51:07   to jump

00:51:07   Mike as you know regular couples do and

00:51:10   record a podcast and everyone does that

00:51:12   for the most part I'm pretty solid with

00:51:14   what I've chose but I think my number

00:51:16   four was not well thought out I really

00:51:21   like you know Dead Rising I think it's a

00:51:23   good game but but I don't really think

00:51:26   it deserves my four spot and my huge

00:51:31   mistake I think I need to put in there I

00:51:33   think I need to put journey I think I

00:51:36   need to put journey on Syracuse or this

00:51:39   is not Syracuse of pressure I made this

00:51:42   decision after no before before I made

00:51:47   this decision before he was bugging me

00:51:50   on slack okay

00:51:51   but the reason I decided to put journey

00:51:53   on is because I played it again would be

00:51:55   it was my third time now playing journey

00:51:57   and normally I don't really care for

00:52:01   games that have kind of a Japanese

00:52:04   animation tone to it I just that art

00:52:09   style isn't appealing to me and so I

00:52:11   can't usually get very into games like

00:52:13   that this game does have a little bit of

00:52:16   that especially you know with the carpet

00:52:19   dogs dragony creatures that are in this

00:52:23   game but it is way more stylized than

00:52:27   that and playing through it again and

00:52:30   the magic of it I think I really do need

00:52:32   to have it as my top four my number 4

00:52:35   slot because it's so different I was

00:52:37   writing it off because I was thinking it

00:52:39   wasn't as joyful replaying it as I

00:52:43   thought but since we recorded I had to

00:52:46   replate it again and it really deserves

00:52:48   a spot because it is unlike any other

00:52:50   game and its really very it's a very

00:52:54   special game and it deserves at least

00:52:56   number four so I put that out there and

00:53:00   I'm not ever there has been so much talk

00:53:01   about journey if you want to know more

00:53:03   about journey the incomparable has

00:53:05   talked about journey we John siracusa

00:53:09   and I talked about journey on ATP one of

00:53:11   the episodes we'll put that in the show

00:53:13   notes along with the incomparable

00:53:14   episode and Mike on Mike and Federico

00:53:21   talked about Israel on virtual yes so

00:53:23   there's been lots of journey talk and

00:53:25   you know a little bit of hearing your

00:53:27   friends talk about journey kind of makes

00:53:30   you love it a little bit more because as

00:53:32   you hear people getting excited about

00:53:34   playing it for the first time you get

00:53:36   really it it because you want to know

00:53:40   about someone else's first time and then

00:53:42   that's exciting and I think that that

00:53:45   aspect of it the camaraderie the joy the

00:53:49   the delight the the magic that that

00:53:52   journey has really elevates it up beyond

00:53:56   what I would I originally you know one

00:53:59   off thinking about I was thinking too

00:54:02   much about the fun and the instant

00:54:05   thrill and the excitement and the

00:54:08   adrenaline of a lot of the other games

00:54:10   that I've that I've chose and I wasn't

00:54:13   thinking about the small independent

00:54:14   games that I have played and so I think

00:54:16   journey journey absolutely deserves a

00:54:19   spot so I'm sorry journey I made a huge

00:54:21   mistake but I hope I'm making it up for

00:54:23   you now can I stop now yeah so you want

00:54:31   to go watch something stupid