Top Four

Top Four 1: Video Games


00:00:00   so I was asking Marco what his all-time

00:00:03   favorite game was in the terms of not

00:00:07   just out of nostalgia and what you

00:00:09   thought was cool and what you loved but

00:00:10   something that you would play right now

00:00:14   again and enjoy it almost as much as the

00:00:18   first time because you know who can

00:00:19   recreate the first time but pretty darn

00:00:22   close that you would feel like this is

00:00:24   it just this is what I want to play

00:00:26   right now and it will be so much fun and

00:00:28   it'll be great and in any kind of

00:00:30   situation that you found that the game

00:00:32   was great the first time so whether it's

00:00:34   the best multiplayer or single-player it

00:00:36   doesn't matter however you wanted to

00:00:37   play the game and that was what made it

00:00:40   the best for you so what were your picks

00:00:43   huh well your pick I think was more

00:00:46   interesting well so my picks were first

00:00:52   portal second half-life 2 third what was

00:00:57   my third last of us that that's right oh

00:01:00   my goodness last of us which I most

00:01:03   recently played and forth was Dead

00:01:07   Rising because who doesn't love sticking

00:01:09   shower heads into the top Saddam B's and

00:01:11   seeing blood come out which is awesome

00:01:12   lucky him also broke a lot of new ground

00:01:14   right it was just like this huge like it

00:01:17   was just great going through the mall

00:01:18   tons of zombies and just going you could

00:01:21   either play through it or with like you

00:01:23   know the scenarios or you just go nuts

00:01:25   killing zombies like thousands at a time

00:01:28   it was amazing so yeah who wouldn't have

00:01:31   fun doing that again no matter what

00:01:33   Adams asking for help anyway yeah so

00:01:40   yeah

00:01:41   portals my first one because it's just a

00:01:44   brilliant witty wonderful game that I

00:01:48   think has a lot of replay value and is

00:01:51   fun and funny to me every time I play it

00:01:53   you know every time I'm hearing

00:01:54   something different I'm going even

00:01:57   though you go through the polls again

00:01:58   it's it's just great so I think that my

00:02:01   go-to favorite game definitely portal

00:02:04   because I will play it again at any time

00:02:07   and it still brings me joy

00:02:10   so my second favorite which was halfway

00:02:13   to which I has found incredibly joyful

00:02:16   to play and just because of the

00:02:19   storyline very similar to why I loved

00:02:21   the Last of Us I would enjoy playing

00:02:22   that again because I'm a rewatch er of

00:02:24   movies this is no I like to play games

00:02:28   with good stories over and over again

00:02:30   because I just wanted to quote unquote

00:02:33   see that movie again so it's the same

00:02:35   reason why I reread books I'm just a

00:02:38   rewatch er I like the comfort of a story

00:02:40   that I know because I don't like the

00:02:43   risk of wasting my time on uh something

00:02:45   that's gonna suck and you don't have

00:02:50   that much time you uh you need to decide

00:02:52   what you're gonna do with it so I'd

00:02:54   rather stick with something I know so

00:02:57   why I stick with you I mean not kidding

00:03:05   anyway uh I love you need a bill well we

00:03:11   were also discussing a little bit before

00:03:12   we decided to jump onto a Mike was Marco

00:03:15   and I used to play multiplayer half-life

00:03:18   1 together the original half-life

00:03:20   half-life 1 deathmatch not just not

00:03:22   counter-strike just the actual

00:03:23   deathmatch from half-life 1 with all

00:03:25   those crazy maps and the rats maps and

00:03:28   kill box

00:03:29   I love the rats maps I loved going there

00:03:32   all those little holes and running

00:03:33   around the houses falling in the sink it

00:03:36   was great I think kill box is my

00:03:38   favorite half-life one deathmatch matter

00:03:40   I would just always die and kill box you

00:03:41   always wanted to play it and I thought

00:03:43   it was funny just that it existed but I

00:03:45   would I would always die every time well

00:03:47   one of the best things about kill box is

00:03:48   that it was one of the very few maps and

00:03:51   maybe maybe this was remedied after we

00:03:53   stopped playing but at least in the

00:03:55   first couple of years it was one of the

00:03:57   very few maps that you could have fun

00:03:59   playing with only two people and that

00:04:02   that was extremely unusual and so if you

00:04:04   had like you and a friend on a land and

00:04:07   there was no one else around because

00:04:09   everything sucked back then you could

00:04:11   still have tons of fun or I said I

00:04:13   pretty much any other map required like

00:04:15   you know at least for 4 to 6 people to

00:04:17   have any fun on did I play on my laptop

00:04:19   and you played on the desktop yep we did

00:04:21   that on my Toshiba year-old tooshie but

00:04:24   before I converted you to Apple products

00:04:25   that's right before I convert it to

00:04:26   Apple Prada

00:04:27   both on PCs yeah I had to convert you to

00:04:30   Windows 2000 and wasn't that the biggest

00:04:32   step in our relationship that I allowed

00:04:34   you to change my operating system that

00:04:35   was that was a huge step you started out

00:04:38   running I don't think it was any I think

00:04:40   it was 98 it was the beginning of our

00:04:42   real commitment together yeah mm-hmm you

00:04:45   know you got to build trust slowly

00:04:46   exactly but anyways so Marco your top

00:04:50   games because Marco is tricky

00:04:53   see this is a very telling question

00:04:55   because Marco is not a gamer I'm a

00:04:58   slight gamer I would say but you know

00:05:00   Marco he used to play more games than he

00:05:02   does now yeah I was more of a gamer like

00:05:04   in high school in college and before

00:05:07   high school you know you saw the kid but

00:05:08   I pretty much stopped playing games

00:05:11   around the time college college ended

00:05:14   just because I I you know I started

00:05:18   working and started programming more on

00:05:20   the side and just decided I I just never

00:05:22   really got into spending my time playing

00:05:24   games as opposed to like programming

00:05:26   pursuits that I wanted to do instead you

00:05:28   did play half-life 2 though yeah College

00:05:30   yeah I built a gaming PC right after I

00:05:33   graduated from college and it was the

00:05:35   least used computer I've ever owned

00:05:37   because I also at the same time bought

00:05:40   my first Mac laptop and and pretty

00:05:44   quickly switched entirely to using Mac's

00:05:46   full time so I had this

00:05:47   that's nice Pentium 4 gaming PC sitting

00:05:50   there doing almost nothing that I pretty

00:05:52   much built just to play half-life 2 we

00:05:55   both played it on there so yeah there we

00:05:57   go yeah I didn't at the time I didn't

00:05:59   know I was building it just to play

00:06:00   half-life 2 and it probably wasn't worth

00:06:02   it in retrospect I guess still picture

00:06:04   sitting there in the desk in the corner

00:06:06   of the room and I'm turning off all of

00:06:09   the pound II things in half-life 2 and

00:06:10   Markos behind me cracking up laughing

00:06:13   and I'm like what cuz I thought you had

00:06:15   to turn them all off because the first

00:06:16   one you get to it's on NVIDIA law states

00:06:20   that when you come to something with a

00:06:22   switch you should flip it exactly so I

00:06:24   went around almost dying at every turn

00:06:27   and like running like hell to try and

00:06:29   turn all these things off never

00:06:31   realizing they're keeping the outlines

00:06:33   away normally you flip a switch and then

00:06:37   often after you flip a switch the next

00:06:39   stage of the level opens up

00:06:41   and a bunch of enemies come at you so it

00:06:43   was a totally normal thing for you to

00:06:45   find a switch that was on turn it off

00:06:48   and all of a sudden you're rushed by

00:06:50   enemies I love that you're justifying my

00:06:52   ridiculousness and I love you for that I

00:06:54   mean it was hilarious to don't get me

00:06:56   wrong I can hear you laughing I didn't

00:06:57   understand why you were laughing at that

00:07:00   time why are we I'm like I'm just

00:07:02   playing a game this is hard why are you

00:07:04   laughing yeah you begged me to tell you

00:07:06   and I said when you beat the game I'll

00:07:07   tell you I was laughing yeah the second

00:07:10   playthrough was so much easier oh my god

00:07:13   that game was a joke after that oh my

00:07:16   god and I played on hard so there we go

00:07:20   anyway so yeah number one game mr.

00:07:22   Herman I mean for me number everything

00:07:25   past number one I have no idea it's it's

00:07:27   a tough it's a tough ranking but number

00:07:29   one is clear and that is total

00:07:31   annihilation no question total

00:07:33   annihilation it I've always been a big

00:07:36   fan of RTS games I spent a lot of time

00:07:39   playing Total Annihilation Land games in

00:07:42   in high school and I was a part of the

00:07:47   community I ran a fan site for a little

00:07:50   while I made my own third party units

00:07:53   that were terrible I was so into that

00:07:57   game and it kind of makes me sad that

00:08:01   that real time strategy games have not

00:08:04   died out but are pretty out of fashion I

00:08:06   mean I don't think we're see we're gonna

00:08:08   see a lot of them I mean already you'd

00:08:10   only see a good RTS game maybe once

00:08:11   every 5 or 10 years or rather you'd only

00:08:15   see a great one every 5 or 10 years like

00:08:17   like you know after ta came out they

00:08:19   were a bunch of other ones like I

00:08:20   thought command & Conquer generals was a

00:08:22   very good game I didn't think it was

00:08:24   great but it was very good it was a lot

00:08:26   of fun you know it was nowhere near

00:08:27   balanced it was completely ridiculous

00:08:30   once you could fill the buses with

00:08:31   rocket people that was that was it but

00:08:34   it was a it was a it was a very good fun

00:08:36   game but Total Annihilation is a great

00:08:39   game and there are very very few great

00:08:42   RTS a--'s and they come out very

00:08:44   infrequently and I I'm not sure we've

00:08:47   had one since then I mean I certainly

00:08:49   have not gotten into one as much that

00:08:50   doesn't mean anything you know there

00:08:53   even it had successors

00:08:55   Kingdoms was terrible but we all knew

00:08:57   that supreme commander was was the was

00:09:01   like the kind of unofficial sequel to it

00:09:02   and that was good but I never got like

00:09:05   because a super meter came out when I

00:09:07   was already in the workforce so like I

00:09:09   was past the time where I could easily

00:09:10   play with my high school friends so I

00:09:13   think this this is probably kind of like

00:09:14   you know you only think the music that

00:09:16   you liked when you were a teenager is

00:09:17   the best music and everything that came

00:09:19   after that sucked most of because at the

00:09:20   time you had like that was the music you

00:09:22   were discovering kind of like with an

00:09:24   adult dish mine for the first time and

00:09:25   you were forming your own tastes and you

00:09:27   had all this time to just listen to

00:09:29   music and do nothing else cuz back then

00:09:30   everything sucked there was no you know

00:09:31   Facebook or anything maybe that was

00:09:34   better but regardless you know there

00:09:39   probably have been better RTS games that

00:09:41   have come out since ta and I just

00:09:43   haven't noticed them but I I don't think

00:09:47   I'll ever recapture that again and the

00:09:48   problem is you know playing an RTS game

00:09:52   that shines on lands and that's a PC

00:09:55   game not a console game that that's kind

00:09:59   of like playing high school football

00:10:01   once you're out of high school like you

00:10:03   can't really ever get together and do

00:10:05   that very easily again you know like

00:10:07   it's like it's the kind of activity it's

00:10:09   like that's a want like I was in

00:10:10   marching band too it's another thing I

00:10:12   love Martin being a marching band but

00:10:13   like in school right like there is no

00:10:18   Westchester County marching band for 32

00:10:20   year olds like that's and I don't think

00:10:22   yeah I don't think I would want to be in

00:10:25   one or rather I shouldn't be in one even

00:10:27   if they probably have a Facebook group

00:10:30   if they do exist yeah that was Facebook

00:10:33   well I mean like my game during that

00:10:36   same era of my life was Starcraft and I

00:10:39   played the hell out of that game you

00:10:41   know I played it all the time with my

00:10:42   friends I played it I played through the

00:10:44   whole campaigns I I did the whole thing

00:10:46   but you know I don't have the same

00:10:49   nostalgia for it I just that's it it

00:10:51   isn't as good of a game probably not

00:10:53   because I just don't feel that love for

00:10:56   it but at the time it was all I played

00:10:58   you know I play all the time battlenet

00:11:00   we did like I know the lurker D and all

00:11:02   that kind of same leg like it just I

00:11:06   play that game so much and

00:11:08   it's just it's not in it's not in my top

00:11:11   five see to me Starcraft you know when

00:11:14   Starcraft 2 came out if actually a few

00:11:16   months after total Total Annihilation

00:11:17   did if I remember correctly it was it

00:11:20   was shortly afterwards and one of the

00:11:23   big problems ta had in the market was

00:11:25   that it required a very high-end

00:11:26   computer when it came out and almost

00:11:28   nobody had a computer powerful enough to

00:11:29   run it at the time it came out and

00:11:31   within you know two years that wasn't a

00:11:33   problem anymore but that too during that

00:11:36   two-year Starcraft came out and had way

00:11:38   lower system requirements Starcraft cuz

00:11:41   ta was actually rendering everything in

00:11:42   software rendered 3d it was except the

00:11:46   land but all the units and everything

00:11:47   everything was he was actually 3d before

00:11:50   3d cards could really accelerate that so

00:11:52   everything was done in software and star

00:11:54   but Starcraft sorry Starbucks was also a

00:11:56   terrible Starcraft was a purely 2d game

00:12:00   everything about it was 2d and and it

00:12:02   showed and I think and Starcraft so not

00:12:05   only was it way easier on the hardware

00:12:07   at the time so it was more accessible to

00:12:08   people but it was also just an easier

00:12:10   simpler game there are way fewer units

00:12:12   you were dealing with much smaller

00:12:14   numbers of units in battles like in tau

00:12:16   would frequently have battles that

00:12:18   included 400 units C and when I was

00:12:21   playing I never even heard of TA and as

00:12:23   a little secret this is the first time

00:12:26   revealed to Marco the reason I got into

00:12:28   StarCraft was because my dad brought it

00:12:30   home and I thought it was neat so I was

00:12:33   expecting way worse yeah that's really

00:12:36   not that yeah my dad started playing at

00:12:40   first yeah took that over so yeah I I

00:12:44   think Starcraft I was never that into it

00:12:48   so I can't really judge that accurately

00:12:50   but I would I would ballpark it as being

00:12:53   of similar quality as command and

00:12:55   conquer generals which is it's a good

00:12:57   game and it's fun but it's not

00:12:58   necessarily maybe a great game now

00:13:00   didn't we play Civ 3 together no we

00:13:03   played rise of Nations

00:13:04   that's right national one we're like you

00:13:07   slowly advanced dirt through the years

00:13:09   yeah Army's get better and like if

00:13:11   you're on horses and then you have tanks

00:13:12   yep yep yep okay resignation because it

00:13:15   was kind of like a follow-on to the Age

00:13:17   of Empires games yeah yeah we enjoyed

00:13:19   playing that you tried to get me to play

00:13:21   TA and I just

00:13:22   and I couldn't love it with you so yeah

00:13:24   well and bye that's my like like me and

00:13:26   all my friends were complete ta experts

00:13:28   and when you're playing with a bunch of

00:13:31   experts as the newbie it's not very fun

00:13:33   no you know and Tia and like starcraft

00:13:35   ta also has a much higher learning curve

00:13:38   because there are so many more unit

00:13:39   types and everything you know the tech

00:13:40   tree is way bigger and everything just

00:13:42   everything's bigger and just has a bit

00:13:44   more of learning curve to it so that's

00:13:46   why ta didn't do as well on the market a

00:13:48   Starcraft that and the system

00:13:50   requirements being way higher but I

00:13:52   still maintain that you know I mean

00:13:54   chess has a learning curve doesn't make

00:13:56   it a bad game also all those games

00:13:58   they're not very good watching games you

00:14:00   know like all of my top games are great

00:14:03   watching games yeah it's it is they have

00:14:06   stories it's like watching a movie so if

00:14:07   you're just sitting with someone playing

00:14:09   a video game and you're the watcher you

00:14:12   know which I actually love watching

00:14:14   people play video games it's pretty not

00:14:16   that kind yeah just not uh you know

00:14:21   things like TA and Starcraft it's just

00:14:23   who wants to see it's just not fun yeah

00:14:26   there's no story it's all about the

00:14:29   battles right it's personal it's too

00:14:31   personal

00:14:31   exactly there was even I was reading

00:14:34   this article a couple months ago about

00:14:37   it was like it was like the German board

00:14:40   game designers they keep making all

00:14:41   these great German board games that we

00:14:42   all love like Settlers of Catan and

00:14:44   Porter and Puerto Rico and stuff like

00:14:46   that

00:14:47   Agricola however that's pronounced I'm

00:14:49   sorry and you know all these games and

00:14:51   they share a lot of the same qualities

00:14:53   of like what makes a game fun or not fun

00:14:57   and they were something big ranking and

00:14:59   like monopoly was ranked as one of the

00:15:00   least fun games and honestly monopoly

00:15:03   gets a bad rap I was an expert monopoly

00:15:05   player for like two years and so one fun

00:15:07   playing with Marco because he's so

00:15:09   serious with monopoly well monopoly gets

00:15:11   a bad rap because the number one

00:15:14   complaint people have about it is it it

00:15:15   takes too long the reason it takes too

00:15:18   long is because you have to wait until

00:15:20   everybody goes bankrupt and the way

00:15:22   people think they're making the game

00:15:24   easier and more fun for their family is

00:15:27   they have these house rules that inject

00:15:29   money into the game like oh if you land

00:15:32   on a free parking you get $500 or

00:15:33   whatever like all these like these rules

00:15:35   that

00:15:35   add money to the game and if you're

00:15:37   adding money and you're waiting for me

00:15:39   to go bankrupt that's gonna take longer

00:15:41   so all the house rules that supposedly

00:15:44   make monopolies easier make it longer

00:15:46   and so if you actually play by the rules

00:15:48   it doesn't take as long but anyway yeah

00:15:50   it only takes four hours instead of

00:15:51   eight it does not take four hours I mean

00:15:55   if you're playing with people who

00:15:56   already know how to play the game and

00:15:58   don't take forever to make their turns

00:15:59   you can complete monopoly game in like

00:16:01   an hour and a half

00:16:01   what's your monopoly piece wait let me

00:16:03   try and guess the race car of course

00:16:05   yeah all right what's my monopoly piece

00:16:08   hmm if you were playing today if I'm

00:16:13   playing

00:16:13   always maybe the thimble oh yeah I

00:16:17   forgot about the pimple did I just

00:16:21   change your piece

00:16:22   no I guess I have two favorite pieces

00:16:26   awesome I have a backup strategy the

00:16:29   backup piece in case you ready case

00:16:31   somebody takes it well I could I like I

00:16:33   like the pieces that I can interact with

00:16:35   while fiddling so you know just like I

00:16:39   like games where you can easily stack

00:16:41   the pieces I like I like the iron

00:16:43   because it has the little handle and I

00:16:45   like the thimble because you can put it

00:16:46   on your finger that makes sense yeah all

00:16:49   the other pieces you can't really

00:16:50   interact with them or like the ones like

00:16:53   like the the horse statue that just like

00:16:55   falls over so easily yeah that one's got

00:16:57   a dog those both got adorable and but

00:17:00   it's very highly contested so I just

00:17:02   rather stay out of that fight and even

00:17:04   though it's very much domestic Betty of

00:17:06   me too you know like the thimble and the

00:17:08   iron even though I hate ironing Marco

00:17:11   did all the ironing was you have a nice

00:17:14   fancy iron that you use at Christmas

00:17:16   that's for large amounts of fabric for

00:17:19   like ironing clothes well you don't

00:17:21   worry with my wardrobe now yes nothing

00:17:24   to do except for replace your shirts

00:17:26   exactly which I do don't you know I

00:17:29   literally do nothing online shopping is

00:17:32   wonderful so go back to monopoly yeah

00:17:34   and what the reason we're done oh the

00:17:37   reason I brought that up is because like

00:17:39   there is this article I'll have to blame

00:17:41   to it for the show notes for the show

00:17:42   that isn't a real show and there was

00:17:44   some article it was saying like you know

00:17:45   what makes games fun and everything and

00:17:47   one of the principles that makes games

00:17:49   fun is if one player can have like a

00:17:53   pretty clear victory early on and like

00:17:56   everyone kind of knows like that

00:17:57   person's probably gonna win but you but

00:17:59   like everyone has to play it through

00:18:00   anyway that is less fun right and also

00:18:03   one of the less fun things is if there's

00:18:05   player elimination in mid game so like

00:18:07   if someone it like officially loses the

00:18:10   game

00:18:11   but then the game doesn't actually end

00:18:12   for the other players for a while like

00:18:14   monopoly if you go back exactly so you

00:18:19   can look at video games and a lot of

00:18:21   them you know a lot of the multiplayer

00:18:22   games have these similar problems yeah

00:18:24   when you're playing like the bond games

00:18:26   and then one person dies and then you're

00:18:28   like well go get a drink I guess well

00:18:31   you know you just respawned oh don't you

00:18:34   know like deathmatch games or don't have

00:18:36   this problem like the team-based games

00:18:38   have a very slight version works like

00:18:39   there's something that you really like a

00:18:41   delay we're like you have to wait to get

00:18:43   back into it and like yeah that's really

00:18:45   it's a really short delay usually it's

00:18:47   not it's nice it's not significant like

00:18:49   you might have to wait for your whole

00:18:50   team to die or something but you're

00:18:51   you're waiting maybe thirty seconds to

00:18:53   two minutes you know you know you're not

00:18:54   waiting hours Tim where am I thinking of

00:18:57   it like he was totally getting knocked

00:18:58   out well in lots of games I mean but the

00:19:00   reason I brought this up is like RTS is

00:19:02   have this problem where like they have

00:19:04   they have both these problems where it

00:19:06   you can often often very early on it's

00:19:09   very clear if one person's gonna win and

00:19:10   they had like they have such a

00:19:11   commanding leave is so obviously to the

00:19:13   other players but you just kind of have

00:19:15   to wait until they come around and kill

00:19:16   you all that's no good and also if

00:19:18   you're playing a RTS round with more

00:19:21   than one of the person so if there's if

00:19:22   there's more than two players in a game

00:19:24   and you're the guy who gets killed right

00:19:26   you know in the middle slash no rush

00:19:28   right yeah if you're kind of person in

00:19:31   your olds it rush your base and kill you

00:19:34   with like three Zerg and that's it all

00:19:35   right

00:19:36   and that's so so death so that makes

00:19:38   them less fun with if you if you're if

00:19:39   you die first and have to sit around

00:19:40   waiting for your friends to finish the

00:19:42   game before you play the game and then

00:19:43   online as you just mention like the

00:19:46   reason I see I only ever played RTS

00:19:49   games with my friends

00:19:50   uh yeah other people online are totals

00:19:52   right like lately there are certain

00:19:54   certain game types can tolerate like big

00:19:58   mismatches and skill and have it not be

00:20:00   totally unfun for everybody else and

00:20:02   some

00:20:02   times it involves like you know giving

00:20:04   the people who are less skilled of bonus

00:20:06   stuff look like it like Mario Cart does

00:20:08   like that they're rubber banding they

00:20:10   call it of like mm-hmm

00:20:11   keeping with like artificially keeping

00:20:12   the players closer in the game but like

00:20:15   an RTS doesn't have that and so like

00:20:17   every time I try to play an RTS online I

00:20:19   would go into you know some lobby if

00:20:23   something started a game with some

00:20:24   people and I would just I would die

00:20:26   within like five minutes it's like to

00:20:28   get what you know these are people who

00:20:30   were like really advanced players who

00:20:31   knew all like this the special build

00:20:33   order to optimally come and rush people

00:20:35   as soon as possible I mean the same

00:20:37   thing happens for first-person shooters

00:20:38   to though you go online and they just

00:20:40   like blow your head off the second you

00:20:42   walk out and that's it like it's over I

00:20:45   feel like with the first-person shooters

00:20:46   they like you have you at least have a

00:20:47   chance like get one shot off sometimes

00:20:49   and the most recent 13 year olds they're

00:20:52   brutal

00:20:53   oh my gosh they are too good at games

00:20:57   well I loved the Last of Us so I tried

00:21:00   to play it online for like two seconds

00:21:02   and forget it oh it was over they were

00:21:04   like you're ruining our team you're dead

00:21:06   and that's it and I was like I'm so out

00:21:08   of my league yes go back to my quiet

00:21:11   living room maybe why I stopped really

00:21:14   playing games as an adult because like

00:21:16   my friends are my friends were used to

00:21:17   play games with in college in high

00:21:18   school they're all you know different

00:21:20   states different things they have jobs

00:21:21   they have kids whatever like so what

00:21:24   about kids but you would love journey

00:21:27   john shoutout to you

00:21:29   journeys great online cuz you don't have

00:21:32   to really interact with anyone cuz no

00:21:33   one can kill you well this is this is

00:21:35   part of the reason why like these days

00:21:38   if i'm gonna play a game at all i really

00:21:40   care more about either either like a

00:21:42   casual game that you can just play with

00:21:44   anybody you know like letterpress like

00:21:46   in a turn-based like you know

00:21:47   intellectual games that are not that not

00:21:50   that hard you know for people like not

00:21:52   that big of a skill gap it becomes a

00:21:54   problem there so the things like

00:21:56   letterpress or these games that have

00:21:59   really good single-player modes that I

00:22:00   never even even either isn't a

00:22:02   multiplayer mode or I don't need to play

00:22:04   it to really enjoy the game I think I

00:22:06   think games like Draw Something where

00:22:07   people's vastly different skill levels

00:22:10   make it even better because someone who

00:22:12   can draw amazing makes it fun because

00:22:14   they can draw amazing and then

00:22:16   someone who draws awful makes it fun

00:22:19   because it's hilarious how awful people

00:22:21   draw things but yeah you can still guess

00:22:23   what it is exactly is that game still

00:22:26   around

00:22:26   didn't they sell like a gazillion

00:22:27   dollars to somebody that was a good

00:22:29   story so we know the guy Charles who

00:22:31   Charles Horman who was the founder of

00:22:36   like with you oh my god oh my god he's a

00:22:41   character if you're listening Charles

00:22:43   you are great he's not listening but

00:22:47   anyway yeah no that was a good story

00:22:50   actually so so that it was this company

00:22:51   called Ivan like with you that first was

00:22:54   some kind of like like dating game and

00:22:57   then he it was and it was all flat it

00:22:59   was this big flash game for the web

00:23:01   browser this is all before this was a

00:23:03   couple years before the iPhone I was

00:23:04   like 2006 within seven you're right in

00:23:06   the beginning a tumbler yeah yeah yeah

00:23:09   so is this big flash game he very

00:23:11   quickly discovered that rather than like

00:23:14   scoring these points that you could use

00:23:16   for dating purposes which is what it

00:23:18   originally was he discovered this making

00:23:20   making casual flash games was way easier

00:23:24   to get people to care about it and use

00:23:25   it and there was way more money in that

00:23:27   so this first insight pivoted into that

00:23:29   and so even though it was called I'm in

00:23:31   like with you it was just these these

00:23:32   like stupid games it had nothing to do

00:23:34   with dating and it eventually in tons

00:23:36   and tons and tons of stupid games right

00:23:38   it was like like you know how like most

00:23:40   of the first games for the we were like

00:23:42   collections of mini games Charles's

00:23:45   stuff put that to shame like there would

00:23:47   be so many of these things like anyway

00:23:50   and then see it was renamed OMG pop and

00:23:53   that's what it was for a while and then

00:23:55   one of the games they made for that for

00:23:58   that site that was just a collection of

00:24:00   flash games one of the games they made

00:24:02   eventually whether and I don't know

00:24:05   whether it was flash first or not but

00:24:07   was draw something so you and you can

00:24:10   tell me that it looks like it looks like

00:24:12   a casual flash game it's like hangman

00:24:15   for drawing yeah like it just it looks

00:24:18   like it was made by flash developers

00:24:20   because it was and it plays like a

00:24:22   casual flash game because it basically

00:24:24   is so that came out and his company was

00:24:28   basically in shambles at this point

00:24:30   far as I know I don't have any inside

00:24:31   info because we stopped talking to them

00:24:32   you know we just stopped seeing him cuz

00:24:34   we moved out of the city we stopped

00:24:35   seeing everybody yeah yeah so we you

00:24:37   know I haven't talked to Charles Foreman

00:24:39   and since 2006 I think but but from what

00:24:43   I've heard his company was really like

00:24:44   in shambles and and they happen to have

00:24:47   this one game draw something that was

00:24:49   taking off like crazy on the iPhone and

00:24:51   iPad and right at the peak of that game

00:24:55   when it was as big as it could possibly

00:24:57   be

00:24:57   Zynga bought their company for like a

00:25:00   gajillion dollars for some massive

00:25:02   amount of money Zynga bought the whole

00:25:03   company which was in shambles and then

00:25:07   and it turned out Zynga bought them

00:25:09   literally at the peak of draw something

00:25:12   like the game started plummeting and you

00:25:14   see because you know it was a fad so

00:25:16   right after the game was bought but a

00:25:19   chillin playing it for like three days

00:25:20   and like everyone played it yeah every

00:25:22   like even my dad was playing it we were

00:25:24   laughs its Derek about everyone's

00:25:26   drawings oh yes everyone was playing it

00:25:28   but then it just dropped like a rock and

00:25:30   this would be a terrible story for the

00:25:32   person who bought it if it wasn't Zynga

00:25:34   who's just evil like so

00:25:36   nobody ever should feel any sorrow for

00:25:38   Zynga for anything so it's great like

00:25:40   it's it's like if bin Laden got ripped

00:25:43   off in a deal like you'd like nobody

00:25:45   nobody thinks badly of that I mean you

00:25:49   know they're on that they're not that

00:25:49   bad but but they're they're they're not

00:25:51   good people

00:25:52   you know like they're you know that was

00:25:54   obviously hyperbole but I think it's not

00:25:57   good people

00:25:58   so nobody cares if everything it gets a

00:26:01   bad deal so anyway oh my god I was

00:26:08   getting a B Tetris I think if if I had

00:26:11   to pick a game that was the best game in

00:26:13   the world I would say Tetris but I

00:26:16   haven't played Tetris in a very long

00:26:18   time because I used to play like crazy

00:26:20   on my graphing calculator in school but

00:26:22   the problem is that I Tetris really

00:26:26   requires a d-pad and buttons and I

00:26:29   really have not had devices that have

00:26:31   those things that can play Tetris for a

00:26:33   long time at least you know that that

00:26:35   have a version of Tetris for than like

00:26:37   you know I guess we know we have the ps3

00:26:39   but that's I don't think there's a good

00:26:41   tetris version time you play testers

00:26:43   might

00:26:44   been on our NES on the enolate or on the

00:26:48   emulators yeah I think it was on the

00:26:49   emulator but even I was its gamepad so

00:26:52   anyway Tetris on phones is terrible

00:26:53   Tetris and iPads yeah same thing you

00:26:56   know all these all these great games

00:26:58   really require a d-pad and buttons and

00:27:00   just suck on a touchscreen so do you

00:27:01   even have a number 2 game I have a whole

00:27:04   bunch of games that would that would all

00:27:05   be like number 4 right like I don't like

00:27:08   I don't if that makes sense like see you

00:27:10   over 1 to 4 but like 3 you know I would

00:27:14   put moon base commander up very high I

00:27:16   wouldn't include it the game of the year

00:27:18   that nobody played is that what it was

00:27:19   it was it was the best game nobody

00:27:21   played of 2002 according to GameSpot I

00:27:24   didn't even know if GameSpot still

00:27:25   exists don't think it does good shooting

00:27:27   text exactly

00:27:28   you're dead on so moon base commander

00:27:31   would definitely be up there but again

00:27:32   that's a game where that plays best on a

00:27:35   land and it and you can't really play it

00:27:37   like to public people on the internet it

00:27:38   doesn't matter how you play it it's it's

00:27:41   your favorite game regardless of ease of

00:27:44   recreating like this is just fantasy

00:27:47   here yeah I mean you place the collector

00:27:49   directly on the energy pool yeah like I

00:27:51   would definitely play moon base

00:27:53   commander like I would love to play that

00:27:54   again why well because it requires

00:27:58   Windows yeah to set up like I mean we

00:28:04   both have good computers that could run

00:28:06   it but then you have to either set up a

00:28:07   virtualization thing which doesn't

00:28:08   really work that well with most games or

00:28:10   set of boot camp which is even more of a

00:28:12   pain in the and takes up even more space

00:28:14   but at least works better well now that

00:28:16   we instantly have you know dozens of

00:28:17   listeners someone out there should make

00:28:19   a I phone version and we or iPad version

00:28:21   when you play that's the best Easi

00:28:23   somebody bought the rights to moon base

00:28:25   commander a couple years ago because it

00:28:27   re was the owner of it the big publisher

00:28:29   Atari not like the old gaming eventually

00:28:30   anyway and they had this big auction

00:28:32   when they sold off all their like crappy

00:28:34   properties nobody wanted for almost no

00:28:36   money and this was one of them I

00:28:37   actually considered putting in a bid but

00:28:39   really yeah III was think about buying

00:28:41   the rights to maneuver yeah well I mean

00:28:44   I didn't get I didn't get far like the

00:28:46   GameStop bins looking for it yeah yeah

00:28:50   because it was only it was only ever

00:28:52   like five bucks like I'm pretty sure it

00:28:53   was released directly into the $5 bin

00:28:55   like it it's made for two

00:28:57   ya know the rule easter letter directly

00:29:00   to video yeah exactly yeah it's the it

00:29:02   was like the direct-to-video equivalent

00:29:04   it was like just released into the $5

00:29:05   bin I mean I would love to hear from

00:29:07   anyone else who played this game because

00:29:09   it really is quite fun the first time

00:29:12   you played it was I with you we played

00:29:13   no it was it was in marks apartment in

00:29:16   Ohio anyway oh so you but you showed it

00:29:18   to me and then yeah sure it's you soon

00:29:20   afterwards and we played it together a

00:29:21   lot yeah yeah I mean it because it's

00:29:23   it's a great game for five bucks and so

00:29:26   anyway so a company I forget the name a

00:29:27   company bought the rights to moon base

00:29:29   commander like you know a year and a

00:29:31   half ago or two years ago and they they

00:29:33   tweaked it a little bit to run basically

00:29:35   on modern systems and without a disk and

00:29:37   they released it on Steam so you can you

00:29:39   can go buy it right now on Steam I think

00:29:41   I think it's five bucks still if you

00:29:42   only play it on Windows exactly that's

00:29:44   the problem there's still no Mac version

00:29:46   and it does virtualize okay until I

00:29:48   Carroll ELLs or whatever one of those

00:29:49   like it virtualize is okay but it's not

00:29:52   great like there's some Mouse issues and

00:29:54   it's just what it needs to be modernized

00:29:58   and I think it would make an amazing

00:29:59   turn-based iPad game yeah because like

00:30:02   all you to do is like you know touch

00:30:03   where you want the things to land and

00:30:05   how much it's very much like a

00:30:07   scorched-earth kind of quick yeah it's

00:30:11   like it's a wrap you it's everything is

00:30:13   turn-based there I mean there's an

00:30:15   optional time limit but it doesn't

00:30:17   really need to be time limited and you

00:30:19   know and the precision of the

00:30:20   controllers rolling around the map yeah

00:30:22   I mean like so easy you could so easily

00:30:24   do this well as easy just to make any

00:30:27   game but which is really not complicated

00:30:29   there's like some like you know gulabi

00:30:32   looking pools and some mountains and

00:30:34   that's about it yeah and and it was just

00:30:36   images those weren't 3d models like that

00:30:38   yeah yeah so you could you could totally

00:30:40   do and the land was totally static too

00:30:42   because no matter what you threw on it

00:30:43   the stuff would just blow up with like a

00:30:45   cheesy explosion right it would leave

00:30:47   like a scorching a sprite that's being

00:30:50   right on top of the land like it was

00:30:51   yeah it was no big deal so yeah you

00:30:54   could totally do this game you could

00:30:56   probably even build it like with sprite

00:30:57   kit in like I don't know not that much

00:31:00   time and you probably put more time on

00:31:01   the artwork than you would on the engine

00:31:03   and nowadays now there are all these

00:31:06   physics engines like game developers can

00:31:07   just add a physics engine of things and

00:31:09   like it does collision detection for you

00:31:11   does that the ballistics and all the

00:31:13   textures would be like three dollars you

00:31:15   know like I mean you could spend them I

00:31:18   think only money getting it done and

00:31:20   like fashion like fashion in games has

00:31:22   changed since then you could just do it

00:31:24   like desert golfing style where like you

00:31:26   just have everything just be the the

00:31:27   shittiest version it could look like

00:31:28   everything just like you know flat

00:31:30   colors and lines and low resolution

00:31:32   maybe of like moon texture come on well

00:31:35   make it a fit then it'll stall it crazy

00:31:36   make it make it look like a crappy old

00:31:39   NES game with you know very big pixel

00:31:42   art and that's it that's all you know I

00:31:44   think it's way cooler because it looks

00:31:46   more like f-zero kind of styling like

00:31:49   with that like lobby space but I think

00:31:54   it's like I think I think it looks a

00:31:58   little bit dated though because like

00:31:59   everything in 2002 look like that right

00:32:02   so it would be a cool 2002 retro game

00:32:05   maybe wow this looks so 2002 I love it I

00:32:11   I think 2002 is a little bit too close

00:32:14   to have any retro fans no one's like man

00:32:16   I I wish I could play this on a zip disc

00:32:18   right now he's like the pastels of the

00:32:20   90s decorating like no one no one's into

00:32:22   that anyway right it was too soon it's

00:32:24   too sick even zip disks those that's

00:32:26   that was earlier yeah it's like morally

00:32:28   it's the 2002 is more like saved my

00:32:30   yearbook on zip drives yeah this is more

00:32:32   like you know the the peak of CDRs you

00:32:36   know a dvd-r wasn't really out yet CB

00:32:38   ours were anyway so I would put moon

00:32:41   base commander somewhere around number

00:32:42   four with everything else around number

00:32:43   four so moon base commander doesn't even

00:32:46   rank number three above your other

00:32:47   number fours I don't know I don't know

00:32:49   what the other number fours are I mean I

00:32:51   actually oh I know I know I know what

00:32:54   about what was the game we bought the

00:32:57   PlayStation 4 the one game wipeout yeah

00:33:00   yeah wipeout but but which one like know

00:33:04   your favorite this is all about you hon

00:33:06   I the one I spent the most time playing

00:33:08   was the ps2 version that I bought for

00:33:11   your roommates ps2 and Holly and I never

00:33:13   actually owned a ps2 you know yeah and

00:33:18   so I bought a pink alot of kool-aid that

00:33:20   year it was literally like not like

00:33:24   joining a cult like we actually

00:33:25   kool-aid yeah we were so into it it was

00:33:28   we were allowed to this we were college

00:33:30   we were adults and we can make decisions

00:33:31   that's mostly it wasn't actually here

00:33:34   she no chair it was like it was like

00:33:36   Crystal Light or something really other

00:33:37   actual kool-aid no and we made in the

00:33:40   Nalgene bottles before your analogy

00:33:41   involved anyway so I drank kool-aid

00:33:45   played uh this is our gaming podcast

00:33:48   yeah I already forgot the name what was

00:33:51   it

00:33:51   I did we have a name no no not of our

00:33:53   podcast of the game we were just talking

00:33:55   about wipeout wipeout yeah yeah so we

00:33:57   were talking about wipeout I believe

00:33:58   fusion I think that was the one for

00:34:01   people of that game isn't that even like

00:34:04   the nostalgia of playing that it's a

00:34:06   really fun reason to go for I don't

00:34:09   think it's even that high it's below

00:34:11   your it's a game I remember playing tons

00:34:13   with you and it's still not even I put

00:34:15   that around like you know ten fifteen I

00:34:17   don't know so yeah I think our

00:34:19   conclusion is your top game as ta

00:34:21   which also happens to be my initials

00:34:24   even before we were married

00:34:26   and second is monopoly which has nothing

00:34:30   to do with video games and what I say

00:34:33   third is nothing and your fourth is a

00:34:35   whole bunch of other stuff yeah so

00:34:37   basically basically what I what I've

00:34:40   what I decided is that I'm a terrible

00:34:42   gamer as I always have been and that

00:34:43   might have a number one game a bunch of

00:34:46   number four games only one of those I

00:34:48   could actually name and then a number

00:34:50   ten or fifteen game no you may named a

00:34:52   couple we have moon base commander yeah

00:34:54   we have a wipeout no I that was the one

00:34:57   I said was like ten or fifteen ten or

00:34:59   fifteen it just jaw dropped like ten

00:35:01   mics right now that's I did we can

00:35:05   listen to the recording also in the

00:35:06   fours I would put one of the worms games

00:35:09   that one of the two DS games and that's

00:35:11   when we were we were on the couch having

00:35:13   this conversation like we should really

00:35:14   record this and we should totally talk

00:35:17   about worms because we played worms

00:35:20   together a lot and it is fantastic and

00:35:23   fun oh yeah I mean and worms like talk

00:35:25   about thank the game for a game time for

00:35:27   God right like worms you can play it

00:35:30   with a controller or with a touchscreen

00:35:32   doesn't matter were cute adorable it's

00:35:34   adorable it's it's accessible for people

00:35:37   even if they're not very good

00:35:38   games normally you can and one of the

00:35:41   biggest things you can play a hot seat

00:35:42   like you don't each person doesn't need

00:35:44   their own device or console or

00:35:46   controller or or you know compressor for

00:35:49   young couples yeah like you can you can

00:35:51   just like you can gather four people are

00:35:53   out a computer or an Xbox and you can

00:35:55   play worms and it's great it's a lot of

00:35:57   fun they had they had a bad time with a

00:36:00   3d transition though yeah Wednesday once

00:36:02   the weapons start getting really

00:36:03   complicated they ruined it it was so

00:36:06   great just having it was fun naming your

00:36:08   worms and having a hideous team Marcos

00:36:11   favorite favorite kill was the prod

00:36:14   absolutely of course because I'm a

00:36:16   smartass you just go over and prod a

00:36:19   worm and off they go and that was the

00:36:22   prod that what makes the prod so great

00:36:24   it's horrible a die from the prod

00:36:25   exactly what makes the prod so great is

00:36:28   that it is really insulting because it's

00:36:32   like I could have I could have killed

00:36:34   you in in a much bigger way with the

00:36:35   Holy Hand Grenade with what was it

00:36:38   exploding sheep there were so many great

00:36:40   and wonderful ways to kill somebody in

00:36:42   that game and you just walk over and you

00:36:44   poke them and then they die like it's

00:36:47   like I'm gonna put no effort into this

00:36:49   whatsoever and you're gonna die like

00:36:50   that's if that's it's the master insult

00:36:52   it's just like that's it it is the best

00:36:56   anything you could do to kill someone

00:36:57   with a prod I would go to ridiculous

00:36:59   lanes to do or like in the very the

00:37:02   sudden death when everyone has one after

00:37:04   like all the toxic the neurotoxin falls

00:37:07   from the sky is need to like slink on

00:37:10   over get your pride exact did but it's

00:37:15   hilarious when you miss the pride that's

00:37:18   the risk you take right and like that

00:37:20   that's why when you when you succeed it

00:37:22   is so great because you are taking a

00:37:25   pretty big risk of embarrassing yourself

00:37:27   by trying it man it's so great I

00:37:30   remember the one we played was a worms

00:37:32   world party which is very similar to

00:37:34   worms Armageddon but with a couple more

00:37:35   things a worms Armageddon was the one

00:37:37   that most people would play at the time

00:37:38   worms world party was the one that I had

00:37:40   and it was it was just great and

00:37:42   actually I actually even had worms one

00:37:44   on my 486 worms one was great but anyway

00:37:48   yeah not only not only the gameplay but

00:37:50   the process of setting up your team

00:37:52   everything it just it's so personal it

00:37:54   was funny it was cute you could be as

00:37:56   creative as you wanted to be and yeah

00:37:59   Marco always picked the soul man voices

00:38:01   you don't know yeah it was great I mean

00:38:05   that and again it was accessible it was

00:38:07   fun

00:38:07   it had very low system requirements and

00:38:10   you could it had hot seats you could

00:38:11   play with everyone around one computer I

00:38:13   mean that's a great game it has been

00:38:15   years since we played that and could we

00:38:17   could we play that again we're

00:38:18   discussing how to be played again but

00:38:21   where could we play worms well there

00:38:22   they have like the worms franchise is

00:38:24   still going and they have these games

00:38:26   available for iPad and everything but

00:38:27   really they have really terrible reviews

00:38:29   everyone says like they crash all the

00:38:30   time like it seems like so many so many

00:38:32   of these big awesome old game franchises

00:38:35   many of them are still around today but

00:38:37   they're terrible like SimCity really

00:38:39   thanks Tim Tower remember when that came

00:38:41   to iPad yeah we were all excited sim two

00:38:44   hours coming sim towers coming and then

00:38:45   it just wasn't that good yeah it was

00:38:47   pretty bad

00:38:48   and and SimCity I haven't actually

00:38:50   played the new sim cities yet but from

00:38:52   the reviews I've read it seems like

00:38:55   everyone thinks some more things about

00:38:56   it which is like you think it's gonna be

00:38:59   one thing and it's just it just doesn't

00:39:00   capture the spirit of the old what I

00:39:02   mean I didn't even like some city for to

00:39:04   be honest I was a SimCity one two and

00:39:07   three thousand person myself but so even

00:39:10   some cities don't make the list they're

00:39:11   still on number four

00:39:13   nor lower I would I would say SimCity

00:39:16   3000 which is the one I had the most

00:39:18   time I had a lot of time with one two

00:39:22   and three but three thousand I think was

00:39:23   the best SimCity that was made but I

00:39:25   would group that in with the force with

00:39:27   my number fours oh that's that you one

00:39:30   of them when you born city would be one

00:39:32   of them sorry and what else yeah I mean

00:39:36   Tetris number two I don't know ta some

00:39:41   stuff and you know Tetris worms your two

00:39:45   and three are the dark times now we have

00:39:50   like two I I would say half I too would

00:39:53   be in the four is also because it was

00:39:54   just such a great game especially at the

00:39:56   time but yeah put that in there for sure

00:39:59   we're also talking about how we tried to

00:40:00   do a speed run through half-life 2 oh

00:40:02   yeah that's a fun because it's fun it

00:40:05   you know

00:40:06   if you're actually serious about

00:40:07   speedruns I imagine it would be a lot of

00:40:10   work to keep up with them and try to do

00:40:11   them and just very tedious it works I

00:40:12   try to beat your times and everything if

00:40:14   but if you're like us you don't normally

00:40:16   do speedruns to do one every so often is

00:40:18   really fun it's hilarious just outrun

00:40:21   everything not pick up any kind of

00:40:23   power-ups don't open any crates just

00:40:26   book it yeah just run over locals

00:40:29   [Laughter]

00:40:32   none of the extras explore nothing

00:40:37   [Music]

00:40:38   exactly

00:40:40   so yeah I mean what else I mean I've

00:40:43   enjoyed a lot of desert golf and I think

00:40:44   I might put in top ten somewhere not not

00:40:48   in two or three maybe in the floors

00:40:50   maybe not top four here we're not even

00:40:53   going for me to say really padding up

00:40:56   that fourth spot I mean yeah nothing man

00:41:00   I don't I I don't have a lot of great

00:41:02   like I have a lot of games that I played

00:41:04   and had fun at the time like like I said

00:41:06   like CNC generals is a great example

00:41:08   that I played it I had a lot of fun at

00:41:10   the time but I would never like take the

00:41:12   time right now to go set up a system to

00:41:14   play that again like it would never be

00:41:16   worth that time to me

00:41:17   no not even worth the time like think

00:41:19   this is this is Fantasyland because it

00:41:21   doesn't matter how much time or how many

00:41:23   people it requires to play your favorite

00:41:25   game or we're just talking and let's say

00:41:27   you have an entire day where you have to

00:41:29   play games and you have to play four of

00:41:32   them what's the first one you would play

00:41:34   I mean if I have my friends I'm playing

00:41:37   yeah it doesn't just say everything's

00:41:39   magically in place for you to play your

00:41:41   favorite game in any kind of

00:41:43   configuration that you would be happiest

00:41:45   and most joyful playing yeah so that's

00:41:48   that's going to be T a moon base

00:41:50   commander maybe maybe a racing game so

00:41:54   maybe why the commander K is actually in

00:41:57   a gear number two so we have ta nut for

00:41:59   sleepy moon base commander number two

00:42:01   wipeout number three and a whole bunch

00:42:05   of others for number four and I wouldn't

00:42:08   say though I wouldn't say wipeout is my

00:42:10   favorite game ever but if I'm gonna be

00:42:11   playing I'm gonna be playing multiplayer

00:42:13   game like I want to build like a

00:42:15   playlist of what I would play building a

00:42:18   playlist of

00:42:19   you're you know then yeah then I would

00:42:22   probably go yeah I would go ta moonbase

00:42:24   a racing game of some kind and if

00:42:26   shooting game of some kind

00:42:27   I think that would be common but you're

00:42:29   a favorite racing game of some kind

00:42:31   seems to have been wipeouts I think so I

00:42:33   mean we had a lot of fun with Mario Kart

00:42:34   but that was at Mario Kart or is it

00:42:37   wipeout well see I use I generally love

00:42:39   the category of battle racing racing

00:42:42   with weapons I think that's a lot of fun

00:42:43   and not always some of them have been

00:42:45   pretty terrible but for the most part

00:42:46   that that category is very fun and

00:42:49   that's why Mario karts fun that's why

00:42:51   wipeout is fun the new Mario Kart is not

00:42:53   fun sorry John siracusa it is not fun we

00:42:56   play it anyhow and I can't get into it

00:42:59   if there's too much happening

00:43:00   there's too much happens that's this is

00:43:02   the problem like this is you get like

00:43:03   some sort of weird spiral wings and hell

00:43:06   of things and I don't know I don't know

00:43:09   what's happening I don't know what's

00:43:10   happening I just miss the days where you

00:43:12   had little balloons on the back of your

00:43:14   car and you had to drive after each

00:43:15   other and try and pop him though I it

00:43:20   took it took us falling out of most of

00:43:22   the modern gaming world or at least took

00:43:24   me falling out of most of that world

00:43:27   before I realized how inaccessible it is

00:43:30   and me I don't know if it's getting more

00:43:32   inaccessible over time like if the walls

00:43:34   are getting higher or if it's just me

00:43:36   getting older and further away from

00:43:38   being it now as soon as Mario got 3d it

00:43:41   got crazy it's crazy yeah I never

00:43:43   honestly I never liked Mario World I

00:43:45   mean like I respect it I mean a 3d mark

00:43:47   I respected it as a game Mario 64's I

00:43:50   respected it as a game it was it was a

00:43:52   very good technical achievement but I

00:43:54   never wanted that game I never wanted

00:43:57   like I never wanted to really play it

00:43:59   like I enjoyed watching it when it was

00:44:02   brand-new and it was revolutionary but I

00:44:03   think 2d Mario's were more fun and if I

00:44:07   would if I was gonna go back and play

00:44:08   any Mario game right now it would either

00:44:10   be Mario 3 or Super Mario World and

00:44:13   neither of which are 3d

00:44:14   yeah more recent that's going right back

00:44:18   to the kids these days I know they're

00:44:21   crazy music

00:44:22   kids these days a 3d Mario games and 3d

00:44:25   worms and Mario Kart that sucks I know

00:44:28   back when things were simpler that's a

00:44:30   thing like I feel like games

00:44:33   have at least like you know like like

00:44:35   the big-name games like the triple a

00:44:37   big-name big-budget games that are for

00:44:39   PCs and consoles for 50 bucks like that

00:44:41   that genre of game in the time since

00:44:44   that was a new thing like in the 80s and

00:44:45   90s and as games have come up they've

00:44:48   they've added so much like there's so

00:44:51   much more to them now they've just

00:44:53   bolted on and bolted on like like

00:44:55   Microsoft Office toolbars and buttons

00:44:57   like they just like bolted stuff on over

00:44:59   time to just keep making the game's

00:45:01   better and better and newer and more

00:45:03   interesting that people who already know

00:45:05   them I feel like it's pushing out people

00:45:07   who don't already know them because it's

00:45:09   it's making the games way more

00:45:10   complicated like you know controllers

00:45:13   these days have way more buttons on them

00:45:15   than controllers did in the 90s and 80s

00:45:17   systems can do way more the games have

00:45:19   way more features there's all these

00:45:20   different special moves and everything

00:45:22   and and not to say that games used to be

00:45:24   easier necessarily what they use let's

00:45:27   talk about the special moves because in

00:45:29   my top four list I have at the very

00:45:31   bottom number four is Dead Rising which

00:45:35   as soon as you stop playing that game at

00:45:37   least for me and my amount of memory it

00:45:40   is impossible to get back into like I

00:45:43   was playing Dead Rising 2 the one where

00:45:46   you're stuck in the where are you stuck

00:45:50   it doesn't matter somewhere there's

00:45:52   zombies it's crazy casino kind of thing

00:45:54   but I was almost done playing the game I

00:45:57   may be a couple missions from the very

00:45:59   end and I had to stop I believe I might

00:46:01   have had a baby or something but I had

00:46:04   to stop playing and I can never go back

00:46:07   because I made it so far I I can't

00:46:11   imagine you know playing through it

00:46:13   again I'm talking about the second one

00:46:15   here without just you know kind of going

00:46:19   around and killing zombies that's that's

00:46:20   super fun but you know seriously playing

00:46:23   through all the levels again because the

00:46:26   catalog of moves you have to remember in

00:46:28   order to get back into it at that high

00:46:30   level to continue on it's just

00:46:33   impossible like I don't think I can

00:46:34   remember the button combinations that I

00:46:36   had to remember when I was playing the

00:46:38   game for like a week straight you know

00:46:40   like it's it's just over I'm so glad I

00:46:43   beat the first one in one shot because

00:46:46   otherwise

00:46:47   I don't think I could go back and play

00:46:48   it even though it is one of my favorite

00:46:50   games and I just love the the concept in

00:46:54   the world that it created I just I don't

00:46:57   it's just not accessible to to pick up

00:46:59   in the middle of it where you know and

00:47:01   certain games that have easier

00:47:03   functionality and it's just like you

00:47:05   know shoot you have some weapons and you

00:47:07   just do it or games like Marco

00:47:10   you know like Tetris or something where

00:47:12   it's just kind of a more casual yeah

00:47:14   yeah yeah more casual gaming that it's

00:47:16   easy to love and easy to jump in and out

00:47:18   of you know some of the more complex

00:47:20   ones its whoo it's rough that I don't

00:47:22   know how people play things like Street

00:47:24   Fighter what was the one like yes yeah

00:47:27   yeah yeah couldn't do it couldn't do it

00:47:31   well that's and compared to something

00:47:32   like Dead Rising that's trivial or

00:47:35   what's a Final Fantasy's those I can

00:47:37   never get into either because yeah

00:47:38   there's a there's just so many like move

00:47:41   combo potion jumping spinning this thing

00:47:44   like leaving Zelda has that stuff though

00:47:46   well again Zelda's another one you have

00:47:48   to like sit and play through it and like

00:47:50   have that catalogue of knowledge but if

00:47:52   you let it lapse for you know a couple

00:47:55   months a year two years you can't just

00:47:57   like jump back into a game and be like

00:47:58   alright now I'm gonna beat this you know

00:48:01   you you had to have just done it yeah

00:48:03   that's true you can't give up in the

00:48:04   middle if you plan on finishing I mean

00:48:07   to some degree I would say the GTA games

00:48:09   are like that oh yeah oh yeah you know

00:48:11   it's not quite the same good like the

00:48:13   moves aren't as complicated but it's

00:48:15   very similar MRIs Maps like you can't

00:48:17   remember them you're like how did I get

00:48:19   here to that place and this play it's

00:48:21   like you have to play a lot to remember

00:48:23   the map in order to get around really

00:48:25   fast exactly and even then as a GTA

00:48:27   friend I mean you know not GTA 1 and 2

00:48:29   those were top-down 2d but I actually

00:48:31   played and enjoyed when they were out

00:48:32   which one do we play together we played

00:48:34   Vice City right and we would uh we we

00:48:37   kind of tag-team it where we would play

00:48:39   a mission until we couldn't beat it

00:48:42   anymore and then we'd pass it off to the

00:48:44   next person no II would just switch off

00:48:46   on death or being caught that's what I

00:48:47   mean like up through missions and then

00:48:49   once we got stuck on on something and

00:48:51   then we pass it off and the next person

00:48:53   would would be able to have it come at

00:48:55   it with like fresh eyes and do it then

00:48:57   you passed that mission and then once

00:48:59   that person got stuck on like maybe

00:49:01   five missions after that we'd switch

00:49:02   again that was great yeah a lot of fun

00:49:05   but even then like I would not go back

00:49:07   and play Vice City again now but we

00:49:10   never finished it because it was on your

00:49:11   friends that's right we never finished

00:49:13   it and it was my friend's xbox and he

00:49:15   had to go home for the summer because we

00:49:16   hit the end of it and so we don't have

00:49:18   our saved game so there's no way I'm

00:49:19   gonna start over right like and then

00:49:21   like you know I later got my own Xbox

00:49:23   and a copy of I city and just never

00:49:25   played it because we didn't want to

00:49:26   restart the whole save game and like I

00:49:29   don't know like to me now looking at

00:49:31   games like that they just seem like work

00:49:34   like I don't want to play that game

00:49:36   because it just seems like a bunch of

00:49:38   work to me like in a bad way work where

00:49:40   you don't really accomplish anything and

00:49:43   then you're like yeah and nobody says

00:49:46   anything everybody and not to mention

00:49:49   and you know and part of the problem

00:49:50   with those games it's like it's kind of

00:49:51   like when you when when like you're a

00:49:54   college freshman and every other word

00:49:57   that you say is a swear word because you

00:49:59   can finally swear without your parents

00:50:01   being up your butt constantly so like

00:50:03   you think swearing is really cool for a

00:50:05   couple of years and then you realize

00:50:07   it's just like okay this is a tool to be

00:50:09   used sometimes but it's not that cool

00:50:11   and I think GTA kind of has that where

00:50:13   it's like when it first came out it was

00:50:15   like oh my god you can like pick up

00:50:17   hookers in a car and drive over people

00:50:19   and stuff and it was this like really

00:50:21   cool thing when you're in college and

00:50:23   now as an adult looking at this I'm just

00:50:25   like that's kind of girl this is like I

00:50:28   don't I don't really want to be playing

00:50:29   that oh here let me help you get that

00:50:32   change off the floor yeah like here take

00:50:40   your wallet at least like I don't want

00:50:41   to be a about it like it just now I'm

00:50:44   sorry prostitute I'll pay you now

00:50:45   instead of killing you you do take

00:50:49   square I love our 20-minute podcast this

00:50:55   is great yeah so yeah I I couldn't I

00:50:59   can't enjoy games like that anymore like

00:51:01   I feel like I feel like it would be like

00:51:03   going back and visiting a high school

00:51:05   like I just feel like I'm too old to do

00:51:06   that yeah I can't really play games

00:51:08   where I'm a thug to real people yeah

00:51:10   it's different you got to survive it's

00:51:12   brutal yeah and I can't play like a

00:51:13   realistic war games

00:51:14   cuz no I don't like realistic war is

00:51:16   terrible a male like a watcher I can't

00:51:19   watch people play realistic war games I

00:51:20   just I don't get it and I'm not into

00:51:23   sports games

00:51:24   I'm not into RPGs so like or mmo's so

00:51:29   there's really there's not that many

00:51:30   game types out there that are still made

00:51:32   in in reasonable quantities say that I

00:51:35   really would would get into and I think

00:51:37   that I think that's just one of the

00:51:38   reason I'm not a gamer right now is

00:51:39   because like I fell out of it for a

00:51:42   while and what's made now be the stuff I

00:51:46   don't care about or stuff that seems

00:51:48   impenetrably complex to me looking

00:51:51   looking in from the outside yeah and all

00:51:53   the little like independent games that

00:51:54   we have since like downloaded and played

00:51:56   on xbox and on PlayStation they're just

00:52:01   not they're not play again enough

00:52:03   they're not they're not good enough to

00:52:05   play again yeah they're very grey them

00:52:08   they're great when you play them like

00:52:09   limbo and I love that one Shadow Complex

00:52:13   yeah oh that's yep that way I think yeah

00:52:16   shadow come for a really good braid was

00:52:18   so hard we never got and yeah we weren't

00:52:21   smart enough to get that you uh you got

00:52:22   a lot further than I did I did but it

00:52:24   just whoo-hoo I'm very stuck and I will

00:52:28   never become unstuck at the level I'm

00:52:29   stuck at yeah just broke my brain like I

00:52:32   was like okay I get this I get this

00:52:34   time-traveling physics backwards do that

00:52:36   okay and then it's like I don't know it

00:52:39   just shut down

00:52:40   it hit my wall smart wall was just

00:52:44   smacked into and I debris just died so

00:52:49   yeah I don't like those games we I think

00:52:53   we liked him a lot because they were

00:52:54   like older games like braid is like

00:52:56   Mario World on crack and Shadow Complex

00:53:00   is really just Metroid but done with

00:53:02   modern graphics and stuff mm-hmm

00:53:04   so it was like usually these are you

00:53:05   know old game types that are kind of you

00:53:07   know them to was kind of fun like we we

00:53:10   would be on the couch together playing

00:53:12   them and and one of us would have the

00:53:13   controller and the other one would be

00:53:14   like ooh try that way or oh I saw that

00:53:17   little secret thing so we were kind of

00:53:19   like backseat driving each other with

00:53:21   the game but we liked that it was fun it

00:53:24   was it was cooperative it was yeah good

00:53:26   time it was like our little date night

00:53:28   was playing

00:53:28   little games like that exactly and and

00:53:31   that like I would love for to find more

00:53:34   games like that but there there aren't

00:53:36   that many like we started playing limbo

00:53:38   like that but then I ended up finishing

00:53:39   it yeah I wasn't I didn't get that into

00:53:42   limbo creepy love it you kind of squish

00:53:49   in everything that ragdoll physics or is

00:53:54   it just like runs down your spine

00:53:57   exactly exactly so anyway those are

00:54:03   those are our games and I think uh-huh

00:54:06   at least I'm the worst at this

00:54:08   you are the worst of this but I have a

00:54:10   great name for our podcast I thought

00:54:12   about it while we were waiting for our

00:54:13   dog to pee I think we should call it top

00:54:16   4 and we should talk about our favorite

00:54:20   four things in pretty much any category

00:54:23   whenever we're feeling like it yeah I

00:54:27   think there's a lot of different things

00:54:28   that we can discuss that we like and

00:54:31   don't like because we're really good at

00:54:33   that about having opinions very good

00:54:35   opinion we're super good at opinion I

00:54:37   mean no one's gonna listen to this

00:54:38   though sure they will no no chance well

00:54:41   we'll see we'll take a little Twitter

00:54:43   poll or I I don't know do they do that

00:54:46   do you have like little I'm sure there's

00:54:48   a million different apps that nobody

00:54:50   cares about to let you do this you like

00:54:51   us check yes sir no if not we can write

00:54:55   one that can be our next startup will

00:54:57   you go to prom with me I figured it more

00:55:00   appropriate name would just be Tiffin

00:55:01   Marco bull for a while I mean that's

00:55:03   that could be the subtitle but I think

00:55:06   time for pretty good because it focuses

00:55:08   us to four things even though we know

00:55:10   we're gonna be talking about 30 things

00:55:11   that's true and we're probably gonna be

00:55:15   as good as I was naming my top 4 video

00:55:18   games I picked my first one and my 22nd

00:55:22   video I did it was half-life 2 no no no

00:55:30   portal right then half-life 2 then the

00:55:35   Last of Us and then left Dead Rising

00:55:38   okay

00:55:39   that's not bad

00:55:41   yeah not bad and those are my top based

00:55:44   on how much fun I had playing them and

00:55:46   how odd that I would love to play them

00:55:49   again so they'd be on my like I have

00:55:51   free time playlist I would love to have

00:55:55   the time to play them all again yeah man

00:55:59   I wish somebody would make good RTS more

00:56:01   often