Under the Radar

Under the Radar 112: Ideal vs. Pragmatic


00:00:00   welcome to under the radar a show about

00:00:02   independent iOS app development I'm mark

00:00:04   Worman and I'm David Smith

00:00:05   under-the-radar is never longer than 30

00:00:07   minutes so let's get started this week

00:00:09   we wanted to talk about when you're

00:00:11   forced to do something for outside

00:00:15   reasons or market demand or pragmatic

00:00:18   reasons that may be that like maybe you

00:00:21   don't you wish you wouldn't have to do

00:00:23   or you think you shouldn't have to do

00:00:25   but you're forced to do it anyway and

00:00:28   this was brought about the reason I was

00:00:31   talked about this initially is that I I

00:00:33   had a number of things happen recently

00:00:34   with overcast that were of this nature

00:00:36   and where I had to basically adopt to

00:00:39   the way people actually are or the way

00:00:41   things actually work rather than hold on

00:00:44   to my you know long-standing you know

00:00:47   belief that it should be a different way

00:00:49   or my wish that it was a different way

00:00:52   because it would save me some work she's

00:00:54   often up in the case yeah the first the

00:00:58   the big one that kind of drove all this

00:01:00   was overcast recently had to implement

00:01:04   feed redirect support and/or permanent

00:01:07   feed change support and I talked about

00:01:09   this a little bit on ATP last week so

00:01:11   I'm not gonna go too far into it but the

00:01:13   basic idea here is that podcast feeds

00:01:17   change over time and podcasters when

00:01:22   they the podcast is often will move the

00:01:24   feed to a different service or to a

00:01:26   different host or tweeted for an ad

00:01:27   tracking platform or whatever else they

00:01:30   just move the feet and and they don't

00:01:31   like if you move a website you usually

00:01:34   set up a redirect from the old URL to

00:01:36   the new URLs and you usually leave that

00:01:38   redirect there forever and even if you

00:01:41   give it the the permanent redirect code

00:01:43   of 301 rather than the temporary one of

00:01:45   302 you still leave up the redirect

00:01:48   forever because you know that like

00:01:50   there's old links the point to it

00:01:52   there's old search engine ranking that

00:01:54   might point to it and so you you know

00:01:56   that like it's a good practice on the

00:01:57   web to to basically make redirects work

00:02:00   forever so if you're writing something

00:02:02   that that keeps URLs in a database and

00:02:05   and crawls them every so often on the

00:02:08   web you can pretty much never process

00:02:11   permanent redirect codes and be fine

00:02:13   because almost all the redirects will

00:02:16   keep working indefinitely into the

00:02:18   future

00:02:19   and when I made overcast this is how I

00:02:21   set up the database and and this was you

00:02:23   know I mean I made the database in 2013

00:02:25   that's when I made the schema I started

00:02:27   crawling and and started building up my

00:02:30   database of feeds and and the app

00:02:31   launched about a year later and so for

00:02:34   me at the time I made this decision of

00:02:37   how to structure my feeds table and my

00:02:39   feed items table and and how users

00:02:42   interact with feeds and feed items I

00:02:44   designed this whole schema back then and

00:02:46   there was one big flaw in the schema

00:02:49   which was that feeds couldn't have their

00:02:52   URLs changed if a if a feed was created

00:02:56   with a new URL it would be a whole new

00:02:58   feed entry and then there was no

00:03:00   mechanism in place to do things like you

00:03:03   know if if a new URL is created and in

00:03:05   the and then one of the old ones

00:03:06   redirects to that one how do I can I

00:03:09   merge those entries do I copy the old

00:03:12   one to the new one do what does the newt

00:03:14   does the old one have some kind of an

00:03:15   alias list that also points to the new

00:03:17   one I had no setup like that in place

00:03:20   and so the entire app and everything and

00:03:22   the entire database were built up

00:03:23   without that consideration or without

00:03:25   that possibility and this started to

00:03:28   become a problem pretty soon after

00:03:31   launch that a couple of webs a couple of

00:03:34   podcaster at switching their feed URLs

00:03:36   and for awhile I thought well you know

00:03:38   people just subscribe to the new one the

00:03:40   old one will still work forever because

00:03:41   it'll redirect and it'll be fine there

00:03:43   were a number of problems with the set

00:03:44   up in reality one of the big ones is

00:03:46   that when I would do things like count

00:03:49   subscribers to do things like search

00:03:51   ranking the two different entries would

00:03:54   count as independent feeds I would have

00:03:57   to do search filtering so things like

00:03:59   you know I filter I don't show search

00:04:00   results that don't have an iTunes ID

00:04:02   associated so when the iTunes ID would

00:04:04   move it would basically lose the search

00:04:08   ranking and the entire history of the

00:04:09   previous one etc so there were all sorts

00:04:11   of problems of that but it wasn't a big

00:04:13   problem because not a lot of podcasts

00:04:16   were moving their feeds in 2014 and then

00:04:19   over the following years a lot of

00:04:23   podcasts switched from HTTP to HTTPS

00:04:27   and because a lot of websites did as we

00:04:30   all kind of learn with that would we

00:04:31   probably should be doing that that

00:04:33   created a whole lot of duplicate entries

00:04:36   additionally during that time a certain

00:04:39   podcast networks shut down or moved or

00:04:42   changed their names change their domains

00:04:43   and that caused even more extra or

00:04:46   removed entries and then the big one was

00:04:50   over the last year or two a lot of major

00:04:54   podcast publishers have switched to

00:04:57   dynamic ad insertion platforms which

00:04:59   hosts the feet of their own our URL for

00:05:01   who knows what reason and so tons of

00:05:05   major podcasts are now switching their

00:05:07   feeds if they didn't already do it with

00:05:09   HTTPS like two years ago in the last

00:05:12   year they're now doing it with ad

00:05:13   tracking platforms so I've had a like it

00:05:17   basically went from a small problem in

00:05:19   year one to a medium-size problem in

00:05:22   year two and a really big problem in

00:05:24   year three and so I finally had to

00:05:27   implement feed redirects and I had you

00:05:30   know all this time I've been thinking

00:05:32   like I can just follow redirects I can

00:05:34   feel like they'll be fine they'll be

00:05:35   they'll be good forever and the reality

00:05:38   was just different the reality was

00:05:39   podcasters don't do things the way web

00:05:41   web developers do things they break

00:05:43   redirects like they consider iTunes the

00:05:45   authoritative source and if iTunes moves

00:05:48   the feed for them which they can do

00:05:50   through multiple different means either

00:05:52   a 301 or putting a special XML tag in

00:05:56   the feed that was returned with a 200

00:05:57   response or going through like an iTunes

00:06:00   customer support representative learning

00:06:02   the podcast directory and like just like

00:06:04   emailing somebody and saying sorry we

00:06:05   messed up our feet can you fix it and

00:06:07   none of those things would carry over to

00:06:09   overcast so the reality of the market

00:06:12   was very very different from how I

00:06:13   wanted it to be I really badly wanted it

00:06:16   to work in this one way that websites

00:06:18   always work which is like you know set

00:06:19   up a redirect and keep it up forever but

00:06:22   the reality was very different the

00:06:23   reality was podcasters had to move their

00:06:24   feeds frequently they would break the

00:06:26   old URLs and redirects most of the time

00:06:29   and even if they didn't I still had this

00:06:31   problem of like split feed in the

00:06:34   database so that's no good so finally

00:06:37   over the last couple of weeks I finally

00:06:39   wrote redirect support and be

00:06:41   cause of my database schema being so

00:06:42   unfriendly to it it's a huge hack and

00:06:45   it's not perfect the way I do it is that

00:06:48   basically like copy your old entries

00:06:51   onto the new feed and delete your old

00:06:53   ones and that's not great like there's a

00:06:56   whole lot of downsides to that one of

00:06:57   the big ones is that the app seeing a

00:07:00   new feed item ID for all these episodes

00:07:02   the APRI downloads them all that's no

00:07:05   good either so you like you it maintains

00:07:08   your history but you have to download

00:07:09   like all of a sudden your phone is

00:07:11   downloading like all your saved episodes

00:07:13   of a certain show that you hadn't

00:07:14   listened to yet and that's kind of weird

00:07:16   to cut to happen unexpectedly so that's

00:07:19   not a great solution but I had to be

00:07:22   pragmatic I had to address this problem

00:07:25   somehow because the market was very

00:07:29   different than what I wanted it to be

00:07:31   yeah and I I think I also hear in what

00:07:35   you're saying it's this thing that is so

00:07:37   happens to me this happened to me so

00:07:39   many times is it's as much as we would

00:07:42   like I think we would like to be able to

00:07:44   predict the future and when we're

00:07:46   initially building our applications and

00:07:49   we're designing them and we're

00:07:50   structuring them we would make choices

00:07:53   that you know our future selves will

00:07:56   thank us for right and conceptually that

00:08:00   sounds great that okay yeah of course

00:08:01   like I should engine you I should struct

00:08:04   structure these things you know with

00:08:05   maximum flexibility and I should be able

00:08:07   to I should a head of time I should

00:08:09   consider all these possibilities the

00:08:12   reality is I've done this enough to know

00:08:14   that you can't like that is impossible

00:08:18   and things will change and break and

00:08:21   become problems in ways that you could

00:08:24   never have predicted maybe you get

00:08:27   slightly better at this you know maybe

00:08:28   you don't make the same mistake twice

00:08:29   like those types of things may be

00:08:32   improving but I feel like the situation

00:08:34   you find yourself in is something that

00:08:36   is universal to app development or just

00:08:38   you know software engineering in general

00:08:40   that you will at some point make be

00:08:44   forced to either you know you either

00:08:45   have to make an assumption or you have

00:08:48   to explode complexity like those are the

00:08:51   two choice one of those two things you

00:08:53   have to do at

00:08:54   hundreds of points in your application

00:08:57   as you're developing it you either have

00:08:59   so you can make an assumption you can

00:09:00   say in this case you're going to assume

00:09:02   you know that mapping a feed URL to the

00:09:06   fee a ID directly will be a stable link

00:09:09   or you have to explode complexity and

00:09:12   like you had build you'd have to do some

00:09:14   very complicated things to make that

00:09:17   work you know flexibly and in this case

00:09:20   you know you chose to make the to start

00:09:22   with the assumption but like that's the

00:09:23   same thing that we do all the time

00:09:25   there's so much so much of you know soft

00:09:27   development is about getting good at

00:09:31   making that decision between making an

00:09:33   assumption and expanding complexity and

00:09:35   you could apply this stuff so many thing

00:09:37   it's like how complicated is your class

00:09:38   hierarchy you know what do kind of

00:09:41   choices do you do for data no data

00:09:43   persistence or or so many different

00:09:45   things come down to this base this very

00:09:47   simple situation or do you are you going

00:09:49   to make an assumption or are you going

00:09:51   to explode complexity and like and that

00:09:55   means that you're stuck like now you

00:09:56   have to go and do be forced to do this

00:09:58   thing because your assumption proved to

00:10:01   be wrong or proved to be in wrong enough

00:10:04   that continuing with that assumption

00:10:07   becomes problematic and it's so much

00:10:10   more complex to is like like as I've

00:10:12   mentioned this on Twitter here and there

00:10:13   the last couple of weeks I've gotten a

00:10:15   number of people who are suggesting like

00:10:17   oh why don't you why didn't you just do

00:10:18   this with your database or why didn't

00:10:19   you just make this migration happen and

00:10:21   a lot of them a lot of the the ideas or

00:10:24   suggestions don't really work or aren't

00:10:26   as simple as they sound

00:10:27   because overcast is not just a local app

00:10:29   with a local database it is a service

00:10:32   with a server back-end that syncs

00:10:34   between multiple copies of your app on

00:10:35   multiple devices so any kind of like

00:10:38   one-way migration either can't happen or

00:10:41   is way more complex than you would think

00:10:43   and also because it is a server back tap

00:10:46   the the complexity of the schema has a

00:10:49   direct relationship to how scalable it

00:10:52   is and how efficient it is and how

00:10:54   expensive it is to host you know if if

00:10:57   every look up to the feeds table has to

00:11:00   then make another look up to some kind

00:11:02   of like URL aliases table or something

00:11:05   like that like to to map the URL to the

00:11:07   feeds arm fetching

00:11:08   that's a pretty significant hit in

00:11:10   performance that's that's much more

00:11:11   complexity and that could be way more

00:11:14   load on the database servers and that

00:11:15   could really make scaling more difficult

00:11:17   and if you have multi if you have many

00:11:19   of those things in your schema for

00:11:21   flexibility and everything then you

00:11:24   start running into pretty big scaling

00:11:26   problems and big challenges that either

00:11:28   just make your life hard or make things

00:11:30   cost way more to hosts and that could

00:11:32   break your business model so like

00:11:33   there's there's all sorts of other

00:11:35   considerations here that make things

00:11:37   that this sound like a hard problem

00:11:38   anyway so that was you know one problem

00:11:42   of many that I've had and I kind of

00:11:45   wanted to talk for the show about a few

00:11:47   more of those but before we do speaking

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00:13:29   much to Linode for running all of my

00:13:30   servers and supporting the show so

00:13:33   another one I had with overcast a small

00:13:36   one before I go to another big one is

00:13:38   password protected feeds this is one

00:13:42   that you know podcasts sometimes we'll

00:13:44   have paid memberships or other kind of

00:13:47   like you know meant private feeds that

00:13:48   they protect with some kind of password

00:13:50   authentication scheme usually you know

00:13:52   HTTP basic auth it's compatible with

00:13:54   with a lot of apps and this becomes a

00:13:57   problem when you have a server-side

00:13:58   crawling like overcast does and in a

00:14:00   couple of a couple of competitors do

00:14:01   because it the question becomes like

00:14:04   where do you do you retain the password

00:14:07   and the entry on the server side and

00:14:09   then do you crawl with someone's

00:14:10   password do you how do you protect that

00:14:13   from being used by multiple people and

00:14:16   then if you have a whole lot of people

00:14:18   who all have separate usernames and

00:14:20   passwords they're calling the feed with

00:14:21   do you have to then crawl the feed from

00:14:22   like you know a hundred thousand

00:14:24   different users from like hundred

00:14:26   thousand different copies of the feed

00:14:27   like you have to keep all those in your

00:14:29   database and have those clogging up your

00:14:31   crawler so it's kind of a big problem so

00:14:33   when I launched overcast I made a

00:14:35   decision I'm just not gonna support

00:14:37   those and I this was kind of like a

00:14:39   political decision like I don't like

00:14:41   that I have to support these so I'm just

00:14:43   gonna see if I can not support them and

00:14:45   and just hope that nobody uses password

00:14:48   feeds anymore after a while and that

00:14:51   turned out not to be the case at all it

00:14:52   turned out that password feeds are

00:14:55   getting more and more popular as more

00:14:58   and more podcasts exist and many of them

00:15:00   choose to have paid tiers or private

00:15:02   feeds or something like that and what a

00:15:05   lot of people figured out also is that

00:15:07   when I switch my crawlers to use go when

00:15:11   I switch to it to a go offered crawler

00:15:12   goes URL library if you supply it a URL

00:15:18   that has the username and password

00:15:19   prefixed on it the way you could do like

00:15:21   username colon password at hostname it

00:15:24   that will just work correctly in the go

00:15:28   crawling library and people figured this

00:15:30   out about overcast a couple years ago

00:15:31   and so people have been adding user name

00:15:34   and password feeds to overcast

00:15:36   anyway and just doing it you know just

00:15:38   like the nerds who figure that out no to

00:15:40   just add that manually as a URL and so

00:15:43   I'm already now having my database

00:15:45   beefed look with lots of these copies of

00:15:47   these things and and lots of different

00:15:49   feeds and and the good thing is that

00:15:50   like you know concerns like whether it's

00:15:53   you know kept private or not that just

00:15:55   kind of works with overcast because I

00:15:56   filter by weather feeds have iTunes IDs

00:15:59   and if they don't have iTunes IDs they

00:16:01   don't show up in search or in many other

00:16:03   places and so these copies of these

00:16:07   private fees that have these using the

00:16:08   passwords prefixed on them don't have

00:16:10   iTunes entries so they don't show up and

00:16:12   search so that that part ends up working

00:16:14   but I am seeing my database slowly

00:16:16   filled with these anyway and now there's

00:16:19   so many of them that if I would like

00:16:21   close that hole and make those not work

00:16:23   anymore that would be a pretty big

00:16:25   problem for me I have a lot of very

00:16:27   angry people and that would probably be

00:16:29   like you know a pretty nasty move so I'm

00:16:31   not gonna break these now instead of

00:16:34   decided you know what actually the right

00:16:36   move here is to just make an interface

00:16:39   like on the add URL screen

00:16:42   I should just detect whether it's given

00:16:45   me a 401 response and prompt people to

00:16:48   enter a username and password and just

00:16:50   store that for them in the URL for the

00:16:52   feed because again this is like

00:16:54   pragmatic versus ideal like in the ideal

00:16:57   world I shouldn't have to deal with

00:16:58   these in the real world turns out I do

00:17:01   and so I might as well make it pleasant

00:17:04   for people who use them and I might as

00:17:06   well and and you know the reality is I

00:17:08   just have to design my crawlers and

00:17:10   scale my crawlers in such a way that

00:17:13   having a whole bunch of these feeds in

00:17:15   the database is not going to be a

00:17:17   problem and that's just the reality

00:17:19   because the reality is you have to do

00:17:22   like it's really hard to impose your

00:17:26   will on your users in that way like if

00:17:29   people want to you want to do this thing

00:17:31   and they want to use your app to do it

00:17:32   they're going to do it mm-hmm like it

00:17:35   would doesn't really get you very far if

00:17:38   like when someone put like the

00:17:39   alternative I suppose is like if someone

00:17:41   went to the ad URL screen and you

00:17:43   detected they there was a you know a

00:17:45   username and password prefix to the URL

00:17:47   you know you could throw up a big nasty

00:17:49   mess

00:17:49   a chance a no no no this is not what we

00:17:52   do and it was with a wagging finger bad

00:17:56   URL that's really that otherwise this is

00:17:58   going to happen like people are going to

00:18:00   realize it is happening yeah and if

00:18:02   anything you could you view it it's like

00:18:04   okay well you were able to without

00:18:07   without really doing any extra work you

00:18:09   were able to see how big of a market and

00:18:11   need and interest there is in this so at

00:18:15   least it's a slightly positive in that

00:18:17   sense like rather than building this

00:18:18   feature ahead of time you're able to

00:18:19   build it now knowing that it will be

00:18:22   used that you know roughly how many

00:18:24   people are going to use it and then you

00:18:25   can you know make changes to the way you

00:18:28   do crawling or the way that you manage

00:18:30   these things accordingly to take

00:18:32   advantage of it and so like it's a good

00:18:34   thing in that sense but yeah like you

00:18:36   can't

00:18:36   I mean you this is this is a kind of

00:18:38   thing that just sort of always happens I

00:18:39   find that you know you expect people to

00:18:42   be using your app in one way and so

00:18:44   often it is the way that you want to use

00:18:47   it or the way that you you know you have

00:18:48   it in your mind and then you get a

00:18:50   support request you get an email from

00:18:51   somebody and they show you something

00:18:54   about how they were using your app that

00:18:56   can kind of sum it's like it's like

00:18:57   you're doing what exactly what woke okay

00:19:02   like and sometimes I see those things

00:19:05   and it's like that's genius like that's

00:19:07   amazing I need to you know like

00:19:08   percolate this up into this actual

00:19:10   proper feature and sometimes you're just

00:19:12   like um I'm amazed that works it's not

00:19:17   intended to work I don't know if it will

00:19:20   work in the future

00:19:20   good luck but like it is just one of

00:19:24   those things that you know users are

00:19:26   shockingly creative about with the ways

00:19:28   that they'll make something work

00:19:29   especially I mean inviting thing it's a

00:19:31   compliment to Overcash that people even

00:19:33   though this isn't a feature of the app

00:19:35   they took the effort and did the work to

00:19:37   make it you know to somehow make it work

00:19:40   because they want to use the app anyway

00:19:42   that they don't want to switch to

00:19:43   another app that mase you know support

00:19:45   this at a at a official level because

00:19:49   that you know they like the app and they

00:19:51   want to stay with it anyway and my final

00:19:54   example here that I wanted to talk about

00:19:55   today was when the iPhone 10 came out it

00:19:59   you know it has this new OLED screen and

00:20:01   it turns out that completely black

00:20:03   looks really good on an OLED screen the

00:20:06   problem is that completely black doesn't

00:20:08   look so good if you have like a totally

00:20:11   black background and you know other

00:20:13   elements that are like you know lighter

00:20:15   and go totally black does not look as

00:20:16   good on LCD screens the screens that

00:20:19   we've had an iPhone since the first

00:20:20   iPhone before this but true black looks

00:20:23   really good on OLED and and all those

00:20:25   like dark Gray's that we've been using

00:20:28   on LCDs because that looks better there

00:20:30   don't look good on the iPhone 10 so what

00:20:34   as soon as Efrain 10 came out there was

00:20:35   immediate demand from users who want all

00:20:38   their apps to have true black themes

00:20:41   available designers haven't been

00:20:43   accustomed to LCD screens for the last

00:20:45   forever designers have all have all

00:20:47   basically said like you know looked it

00:20:49   doesn't look as good it's hard and it is

00:20:51   harder in many ways like there's certain

00:20:53   certain design themes and standards that

00:20:56   just either don't work or have to be

00:20:57   severely modified to work with a true

00:20:59   black background and design ocean argue

00:21:03   like maybe they don't think it looks as

00:21:05   good but the reality is a lot of people

00:21:09   think it looks good and a lot of people

00:21:10   want it and one of the things they

00:21:12   started doing when the iPhone 10 shipped

00:21:15   I got a massive spike in requests for

00:21:18   supporting the accessibility smart

00:21:20   invert colors feature because what had

00:21:23   happened was people seeking more dark

00:21:26   themes in their apps with iOS apps that

00:21:28   so often are like bright white they

00:21:30   there have been numerous articles posted

00:21:32   online and telling people hey neat trick

00:21:34   you can turn on this smarter invert

00:21:37   colors feature in accessibility settings

00:21:38   and all your apps turn black and so they

00:21:41   were doing that and overcast didn't

00:21:43   support it correctly with like it like

00:21:44   it was overcast was not excluding the

00:21:46   images from being inverted so all the

00:21:48   artwork would look weird so I got this

00:21:49   huge spike in requests when the iPhone

00:21:52   10 came out to support smart invert

00:21:55   colors the reality was these were not

00:21:57   people who needed this for accessibility

00:21:59   reasons for the most part they were

00:22:01   people who just wanted a black theme and

00:22:03   because it looks so it looks so good on

00:22:05   their on their iPhone 10 and it's better

00:22:07   on the battery and stuff so even though

00:22:10   I thought you know I should probably

00:22:11   like you know true black I thought

00:22:13   looked kind of you know it's it's it's a

00:22:15   pretty bold look when you first see it

00:22:17   I now think it looks good but it took me

00:22:20   a few hours before I thought it looked

00:22:21   good after I started using it but the

00:22:25   reality was the market was making their

00:22:27   own black-themed even if I wasn't like

00:22:29   they would just turn on my white theme

00:22:30   and turn on smart invert colors and

00:22:32   accessibility and they were making a

00:22:34   black theme so the correct thing for me

00:22:37   to do which I did in the next update was

00:22:39   fix my spar time for colour support to

00:22:41   make the images look correct and then

00:22:43   also add a black theme because like

00:22:46   that's the reality no matter what you

00:22:48   think of black themes everyone now wants

00:22:52   them and if you don't give them one they

00:22:54   will work around that to get themselves

00:22:57   one with accessibility settings and that

00:23:00   makes a lot of the system look really

00:23:01   weird and it's over like if you don't

00:23:04   need invert colors as an accessibility

00:23:06   option you shouldn't be using it there's

00:23:07   lots of weird side effects to it but

00:23:09   people wanted the black themes so badly

00:23:11   that they did that so again it's one of

00:23:14   those situations where like designers

00:23:16   thought you shouldn't do pure black but

00:23:18   the market says differently and you just

00:23:19   have to adopt at that point yeah but it

00:23:22   is always tricky and I think that it

00:23:24   comes to mind is I've made the mistake

00:23:25   in the past of going too far down this

00:23:29   road of adding things like themes and

00:23:33   like these kind of more super

00:23:35   superficial options to an app and then I

00:23:37   end up regretting it in this way in the

00:23:39   sense that you now have three themes you

00:23:44   need to support in your app and you know

00:23:47   when you're anytime you add a view

00:23:49   anytime you make a change you're gonna

00:23:50   have to make sure that it works well now

00:23:52   in all three of those themes it reminds

00:23:56   me in a weird way of localization where

00:23:58   I like and in my early days with

00:24:02   localization I would get somebody who

00:24:04   would say hey you know I I would like to

00:24:07   localize your app into you know whatever

00:24:09   language they spoke natively and I use

00:24:11   it all the time I think it'd be great

00:24:12   and I'll you know be happy to do the

00:24:14   translations for free just send me the

00:24:16   strings file and it's like initially I

00:24:18   used to think that's a great idea like

00:24:20   sure let me let me know the more the

00:24:24   better and then you realize now I need

00:24:26   to support this going forward and every

00:24:28   time you add a string to your

00:24:29   application

00:24:30   you have to have it translated or now

00:24:32   you when you do screen shots you need a

00:24:34   different thing to manage there and so

00:24:37   while it is sometimes it's good to you

00:24:39   know it's good to be adaptive and good

00:24:41   to be you know responsive to users that

00:24:44   it is in the back of my mind I've been

00:24:45   burned enough by it now that I'm like do

00:24:47   I really want this theme do I really

00:24:49   want to have to you know that your your

00:24:50   great trick where when you're checking

00:24:52   you know dark mode switches have it

00:24:54   switched between the themes you know

00:24:56   every every set for a couple seconds so

00:24:58   that you can make sure that you want

00:24:59   your you wanna looks good so I really

00:25:01   want that to cycle through three well or

00:25:03   now maybe if someone suggests four or

00:25:05   five like you it gets to a point where

00:25:07   you can end up being too responsive to

00:25:11   your users and so I guess there's a

00:25:12   certain element where you have to draw

00:25:15   lines and you have to say like or at

00:25:17   least to think about do what how willing

00:25:18   am i to support this you know how

00:25:20   endured injustice create confusion to

00:25:23   people now when they look in your

00:25:25   Settings app and look at the themes area

00:25:27   and they're like do I want dark or do I

00:25:29   want black it's kind of like when you

00:25:32   know Apple is selling the matte black

00:25:34   and the jet black iPhones interesting to

00:25:37   be like it now I have this choice I

00:25:39   don't know like how do I know which

00:25:42   one's better and you know they're having

00:25:43   a bit of opinion there may actually be

00:25:45   helpful but in this case it's like

00:25:47   you're you're at a certain point you're

00:25:49   being forced to do it just by the volume

00:25:52   of requests but it's always yeah it

00:25:55   makes it makes my developer since this

00:25:57   tingle a little bit and be like do I

00:25:59   really want to do this do I understand

00:26:00   what I'm taking on by adding this it

00:26:02   seems like just a little option you know

00:26:04   it's just oh it's just black but you

00:26:07   know you this is just the way things go

00:26:08   I suppose I mean honestly I did it on a

00:26:11   plane flight like that's how fast it

00:26:13   wants to do because it's almost worse

00:26:15   yeah it's so easy it's like oh let me

00:26:18   just do this one thing and then it turns

00:26:20   out you have to support this one thing

00:26:22   forever well to be fair like you know

00:26:24   it's similar to localization going from

00:26:27   one to two themes is a lot more work

00:26:30   than going from two to three and you

00:26:33   know like going from two to three like

00:26:34   if you if you did you're one to two

00:26:36   migration like if you added theming to

00:26:38   your app in a reasonable way adding

00:26:41   additional themes is actually pretty

00:26:43   straightforward

00:26:44   and you are right that that you know

00:26:45   there is certainly a testing and

00:26:46   maintenance burden and maybe a screen

00:26:48   shot bird and if you if you go that way

00:26:50   for certain things but you know it

00:26:52   really is not as big of a deal but again

00:26:55   the reality is if the market is like if

00:26:58   people are willingly making their

00:27:00   experience with your app worse and

00:27:02   possibly their experience with their

00:27:04   entire phone worse in order to achieve a

00:27:07   thing that you don't think you have to

00:27:08   do

00:27:08   the reality is you probably have to do

00:27:10   it sure yeah I mean ultimately it's like

00:27:15   there's always a tension there but you

00:27:17   have to a certain point you just have to

00:27:18   relent and it's I suppose it's more just

00:27:20   a question of making sure we're being

00:27:21   thoughtful when we were lent that we

00:27:23   understand what we're taking on that

00:27:25   these seemingly small choices that we

00:27:28   you know can make we have to live with

00:27:30   for a long time and I guess that in some

00:27:32   ways that's the theme of all three of

00:27:33   these kind of challenges you've had to

00:27:35   navigate is that whenever we are making

00:27:37   choices as we're developing we have to

00:27:40   understand that you know we're going to

00:27:42   live with all of these choices going

00:27:43   forward and so at least trying to be

00:27:45   thoughtful about them or thinking or

00:27:46   take a moment to be like do I really

00:27:48   want to do this or how can this come

00:27:50   back to bite me in the future you know

00:27:51   how am I going to hate myself in the

00:27:53   future because of this choice that I'm

00:27:55   making and having a little bit of

00:27:57   thoughtfulness is probably wise just to

00:27:59   avoid you know getting into situations

00:28:02   that we may regret later thanks we'll

00:28:05   see everybody and we'll talk to you next

00:28:06   week bye