The Incomparable

310: I Hated Mrs. Slimer


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00:00:23   welcome back everybody to the [TS]

00:00:25   uncomfortable on your host Jason Snell [TS]

00:00:27   and we are here to talk about 26 teens [TS]

00:00:30   supernatural comedy film I sound like a [TS]

00:00:33   Wikipedia page the remake of 1984 [TS]

00:00:36   blockbuster comedy sci-fi spectacular [TS]

00:00:38   Ghostbusters this one directed by paul [TS]

00:00:41   feig and starring melissa mccarthy [TS]

00:00:43   Christian wait Kate McKinnon Leslie [TS]

00:00:44   Jones i am joined by my own panel of [TS]

00:00:48   ghostbusters [TS]

00:00:49   Lisa Schmeisser is here she's the heart [TS]

00:00:51   of the Ghostbusters hi Lisa happier in [TS]

00:00:53   your child has everyone [TS]

00:00:55   Erica and sign is also here i am indeed [TS]

00:01:00   the liver of the ghostbuster i'm going [TS]

00:01:02   to stop the medical record it really [TS]

00:01:06   only just looking for the best [TS]

00:01:07   someone will be the kidneys I called [TS]

00:01:09   Holman to sleep in haha no RX and [TS]

00:01:13   scientists to love potato chips [TS]

00:01:15   Shannon Sutter hello lofty keys and she [TS]

00:01:20   knows everything there is to know about [TS]

00:01:21   New York history because she wrote a [TS]

00:01:25   book the head of a sudden New York in [TS]

00:01:27   the past anyway it's wholly wacker hi [TS]

00:01:29   hello [TS]

00:01:30   alright and i will be listening to my [TS]

00:01:33   sexy phone i guess if I'm just gonna [TS]

00:01:35   answer the phones but the phones in the [TS]

00:01:37   aquarium so I don't know how to work i [TS]

00:01:40   do so is so yeah I mean I think I know [TS]

00:01:45   where to start here let's start with the [TS]

00:01:47   cast because one of the great things [TS]

00:01:48   that the public is done in general in [TS]

00:01:51   his movies is work with a bunch of very [TS]

00:01:53   talented people and he keeps working [TS]

00:01:54   with them again and i have a I love Paul [TS]

00:01:59   Feig stuff going way back to freaks and [TS]

00:02:01   geeks which he was deeply involved with [TS]

00:02:06   and I read his book kick me [TS]

00:02:09   adventures in adolescence which is so [TS]

00:02:11   painful and yet so funny and as a [TS]

00:02:13   director he has a he has found some very [TS]

00:02:16   funny women and and there's obviously a [TS]

00:02:19   lot of loyalty there because he works [TS]

00:02:21   with them and they work with him again [TS]

00:02:22   and again [TS]

00:02:23   so this cast is a pretty stellar cast [TS]

00:02:28   paul feig work with melissa mccarthy in [TS]

00:02:32   spy which I want to just say really good [TS]

00:02:35   movie if people haven't seen spy [TS]

00:02:37   I was shocked at how much I like spy I [TS]

00:02:39   comment was like yeah it'll be funny and [TS]

00:02:41   it was great so let's let's start with [TS]

00:02:44   melissa mccarthy because i think in some [TS]

00:02:46   ways her role is the is is I don't know [TS]

00:02:51   it's it's I think it's the most [TS]

00:02:54   difficult in some ways only because she [TS]

00:02:57   kind of has to be a problematic and be [TS]

00:03:01   an opposition to Kate McKinnon and [TS]

00:03:04   crystal to kick to kristen wiig at the [TS]

00:03:06   beginning of the movie that came into [TS]

00:03:07   kristen wiig did everything about [TS]

00:03:10   Melissa McCarthy to me midmost McCarthy [TS]

00:03:12   will always be Sookie from the gilmore [TS]

00:03:14   girls I know right I haven't seen him [TS]

00:03:17   very much in the interim because she [TS]

00:03:19   keeps doing comedy stuff and that's just [TS]

00:03:22   not my scene i don't care if it's women [TS]

00:03:24   or men starring the goofy comedy is not [TS]

00:03:26   is not my thing [TS]

00:03:27   spy kind of entry gotta water hearing [TS]

00:03:30   haven't hear you say that I am I am now [TS]

00:03:32   even more interesting i watched by to [TS]

00:03:35   see that but I i did appreciate seeing [TS]

00:03:39   her in this because she was there wasn't [TS]

00:03:43   a single fat joke in the whole movie [TS]

00:03:44   which is something that I was kind of [TS]

00:03:46   funny man reading yeah and yeah i mean [TS]

00:03:49   there was really there were no no jokes [TS]

00:03:51   based on appearance of a female and ya [TS]

00:03:55   know female looks policing jokes which [TS]

00:03:57   is amazing when you think about it [TS]

00:03:59   yeah and can we talk like look at our [TS]

00:04:03   two most of my credit can we talk for a [TS]

00:04:05   moment about how great the jumpsuits are [TS]

00:04:06   because all right little subcategory [TS]

00:04:09   jumpsuit because they work because II [TS]

00:04:11   because they were cut in a way where you [TS]

00:04:14   know you're flashing cleavage or their [TS]

00:04:16   skin tight or their practical they are [TS]

00:04:19   workwear and get well and well if you [TS]

00:04:21   look at the if you look at how their [TS]

00:04:24   design they do move the pocket placement [TS]

00:04:26   on both Jones and McCarthy so that their [TS]

00:04:28   big cargo pockets on the front of the [TS]

00:04:30   thighs and not on the hips [TS]

00:04:31   um so there's some visual streamlining [TS]

00:04:34   going on but like the point is they're [TS]

00:04:37   so functional and i was paying a lot of [TS]

00:04:39   attention to the wardrobe choices [TS]

00:04:41   through the whole movie and what I [TS]

00:04:42   really appreciate about it is on Abby [TS]

00:04:45   Melissa McCarthy's character is allowed [TS]

00:04:47   to dress like an attractive woman who [TS]

00:04:49   is good hair which she does and and what [TS]

00:04:53   I liked about her character through the [TS]

00:04:54   whole thing is um she was so [TS]

00:04:57   unapologetic one of the things that I [TS]

00:04:59   had a hard time with the first 20 [TS]

00:05:01   minutes of spy and mind you i like the [TS]

00:05:03   movie but thought i had a hard time of [TS]

00:05:04   the first 20 minutes because the first [TS]

00:05:06   20 minutes are basically set up for her [TS]

00:05:07   character to kind of go through life [TS]

00:05:08   cringing apologizing for daring to take [TS]

00:05:11   up as much space she has and accepting [TS]

00:05:13   other people's looks policing over and [TS]

00:05:15   making all these jokes better and stuff [TS]

00:05:16   and it was so so so pleasant to sit in [TS]

00:05:20   the movie where Melissa McCarthy as a [TS]

00:05:23   bee is just allowed to go through the [TS]

00:05:24   movie and be smart and and and pursue [TS]

00:05:28   knowledge the way that she has a [TS]

00:05:29   hypothesis by God and she's going to [TS]

00:05:31   stick to it she's gonna end and she yeah [TS]

00:05:34   i just loved how how comfortable she was [TS]

00:05:37   as it as herself through the whole film [TS]

00:05:39   it was a really interesting contrast the [TS]

00:05:42   request Christian widespread Aaron [TS]

00:05:44   because she plays Aaron is a deeply [TS]

00:05:45   uncomfortable person but like you can [TS]

00:05:47   relax and addy and as as a character as [TS]

00:05:49   a performer and it was just so much fun [TS]

00:05:51   to watch and the only time that she's [TS]

00:05:53   the butt of the joke is when she's the [TS]

00:05:55   butt of the joke because she's you know [TS]

00:05:57   investigating crazy ghost stuff and has [TS]

00:05:59   yeah you know like it's it's nothing [TS]

00:06:01   related to to her as a woman it is it is [TS]

00:06:04   just her character [TS]

00:06:05   yeah she can't handle the power pack in [TS]

00:06:07   and you can go telling around the that [TS]

00:06:09   hasn't made a left but yeah but yeah be [TS]

00:06:12   any character that's ya if there are two [TS]

00:06:15   I mean I think Holtzman and yeah we'll [TS]

00:06:19   get our workout more just I'm going to [TS]

00:06:20   work up to her [TS]

00:06:21   Holtzman and abby are the closest [TS]

00:06:24   analogue two characters in the original [TS]

00:06:25   movie because because Abby is very much [TS]

00:06:28   the dan Aykroyd character she is [TS]

00:06:30   incredibly like over enthusiastic about [TS]

00:06:33   ghost stuff to the point where everybody [TS]

00:06:35   else like yeah gross okay whatever and [TS]

00:06:38   um and there's a lot of the comedy to be [TS]

00:06:40   gained from that and i enjoyed her her [TS]

00:06:42   kind of giddy enthusiasm about it I i [TS]

00:06:45   thought yeah I thought that was I [TS]

00:06:47   thought it was good the jumpsuits i also [TS]

00:06:49   want to bring up that the one things [TS]

00:06:51   always I've always thought about the [TS]

00:06:52   1984 Ghostbusters is there and mentioned [TS]

00:06:55   this in our episode that you can go back [TS]

00:06:57   and listen to about that about that [TS]

00:06:58   movie is they really try to code the [TS]

00:07:00   Ghostbusters is working class [TS]

00:07:02   like plumbers more than they are like [TS]

00:07:05   that like committing very quickly try to [TS]

00:07:06   get you to forget the bees these people [TS]

00:07:08   have PhDs right it's like very quickly [TS]

00:07:10   it's like no no they're wearing [TS]

00:07:12   jumpsuits their plumbers except it's [TS]

00:07:14   like ghosts plumbing and I liked that [TS]

00:07:16   they are they are similarly here wearing [TS]

00:07:18   work clothes that this is not they're [TS]

00:07:21   not superheroes wearing superhero [TS]

00:07:23   costumes they're plumbers wearing [TS]

00:07:25   plumber outfits basically they're [TS]

00:07:27   janitors essentially I felt like she was [TS]

00:07:30   the linchpin sort of the cast she'd was [TS]

00:07:35   probably in the end like if there is [TS]

00:07:39   going to be like a straight man in the [TS]

00:07:40   movie at all they all took turns but she [TS]

00:07:43   was it she had some really funny moments [TS]

00:07:48   and good deliveries a great don't mean [TS]

00:07:51   to her [TS]

00:07:52   all our deliveries from phenomenal but [TS]

00:07:54   but she was there just sort of if she [TS]

00:07:59   was a more subtle part of the movie that [TS]

00:08:01   i was expecting at all after seeing [TS]

00:08:03   bridesmaid and and spy it was she was [TS]

00:08:07   just there to be her and that was that [TS]

00:08:10   was it she did a wonderfully grounding [TS]

00:08:12   she wasn't very County grounding [TS]

00:08:14   presence if that makes sense [TS]

00:08:15   yes yeah it was neat trick to because [TS]

00:08:18   Kristen Wiig is is she comes into it is [TS]

00:08:20   this as the the straight man right [TS]

00:08:22   kristen wiig is the oh I don't believe [TS]

00:08:25   in all your stupid ghost stuff you [TS]

00:08:26   please take my book off the internet [TS]

00:08:27   right and very rapidly though they flip [TS]

00:08:30   it around where she's like enthusiastic [TS]

00:08:31   like we saw a ghost and it becomes it [TS]

00:08:35   becomes though the problem [TS]

00:08:36   melissa mccarthy of a b2b to be more [TS]

00:08:39   like all right I'm a professional here [TS]

00:08:41   you people are all great see we are [TS]

00:08:44   scientists you know for me I had no [TS]

00:08:47   experience whatsoever with melissa [TS]

00:08:49   mccarthy other than knowing she was [TS]

00:08:50   Molly and mike & molly which i didn't [TS]

00:08:52   watch similarly I was not familiar with [TS]

00:08:54   like really any of the cast other than [TS]

00:08:57   this is this movie was my introduction [TS]

00:08:59   for to just about everybody arm and for [TS]

00:09:01   me Melissa McCarthy as you said quite [TS]

00:09:04   often was like the sort of the straight [TS]

00:09:07   man of the group I mean you know yes [TS]

00:09:08   there were times when she was hilarious [TS]

00:09:10   and she could be very funny in the movie [TS]

00:09:12   but there was just as often other [TS]

00:09:14   characters were playing off her [TS]

00:09:15   and as we said it's shifted who was [TS]

00:09:18   being funny who was being the straight [TS]

00:09:21   man and I loved that I loved that you [TS]

00:09:24   know it enhanced the feeling of teamwork [TS]

00:09:26   that we got from this group much more [TS]

00:09:28   quickly than I think in the original [TS]

00:09:30   although that part of that is the fact [TS]

00:09:32   that the original made the mistake of [TS]

00:09:34   not bringing any Hudson until three [TS]

00:09:37   quarters of the way through [TS]

00:09:37   I would almost say since Melissa [TS]

00:09:39   McCarthy is the most kind of bankable [TS]

00:09:41   star of this group that this is also [TS]

00:09:43   sort of generosity of like they like [TS]

00:09:46   they don't need to push Melissa McCarthy [TS]

00:09:48   here she can be generous [TS]

00:09:50   she can throw you know throw humor to [TS]

00:09:53   her co-stars because she's she's gonna [TS]

00:09:56   be fine right like she she's gonna be [TS]

00:09:59   fine she can be that she can afford to [TS]

00:10:00   be generous and and and they can afford [TS]

00:10:02   to let her not have all of the all of [TS]

00:10:04   the big last year not like she doesn't [TS]

00:10:06   have any but sheshe it seems a little [TS]

00:10:09   relaxed to me she didn't have to be she [TS]

00:10:10   doesn't dominate this which you could [TS]

00:10:12   you could look at the cast and say well [TS]

00:10:13   she's going to dominate it because she's [TS]

00:10:15   the one who has the most the biggest box [TS]

00:10:18   off box-office track record of this [TS]

00:10:20   group where Kristen Wiig Kristen Wiig [TS]

00:10:23   gets the gets to get to have the first [TS]

00:10:25   part of the movie she sort of our [TS]

00:10:26   viewpoint character into this world we [TS]

00:10:28   see her Columbia University Charles [TS]

00:10:30   dance is very stern scary Charles [TS]

00:10:33   dancing game of thrones and other things [TS]

00:10:35   princeton is not an acceptable [TS]

00:10:37   university very good joke and and it's a [TS]

00:10:41   distant tough job because she's got she [TS]

00:10:43   you know she comes around but at the [TS]

00:10:45   beginning she's trying to be kind of no [TS]

00:10:47   fun and skeptical and all of that which [TS]

00:10:49   i think i think is interesting she's [TS]

00:10:50   also the farthest away in some ways from [TS]

00:10:54   her analog from the original [TS]

00:10:56   Ghostbusters movie and i think i think a [TS]

00:10:58   really clever creative decision to make [TS]

00:11:01   her not a fraud in a way that Venkman in [TS]

00:11:04   the original is he's a fraud he knows [TS]

00:11:06   it's a fraud even though it turns out [TS]

00:11:08   that ghosts are real [TS]

00:11:09   he doesn't care he's just using it to [TS]

00:11:12   have fun and meet girls ladies like that [TS]

00:11:14   exactly right and and hear Christmas [TS]

00:11:16   like she's very serious she's and she's [TS]

00:11:18   gone from metaphysics on to physics and [TS]

00:11:21   she wants to get tenure and then [TS]

00:11:23   everything kind of comes out from under [TS]

00:11:24   her and I think that's like a much [TS]

00:11:25   better a much better starting place for [TS]

00:11:27   that for that [TS]

00:11:29   character to start out as legitimate and [TS]

00:11:30   that puts her in opposition to everybody [TS]

00:11:32   else when she when she finally has that [TS]

00:11:34   moment when she finds out the ghosts are [TS]

00:11:35   real [TS]

00:11:35   she's the only character who has any [TS]

00:11:39   sort of arc but it was an arc that i [TS]

00:11:42   really appreciated of just you know [TS]

00:11:46   having being the the woman in the [TS]

00:11:49   Mansfield and meeting you know we [TS]

00:11:52   meeting tenure and needing to be [TS]

00:11:53   validated and like you said like having [TS]

00:11:57   it all sort of ripped out from under her [TS]

00:11:58   and having to end sir going back to this [TS]

00:12:01   world that she seems to fit in much [TS]

00:12:05   better than the world that we saw her in [TS]

00:12:08   the very beginning of the movie and [TS]

00:12:09   actually learning to sort of live that [TS]

00:12:13   life again and it was it was subtle it [TS]

00:12:17   was like a subtle sort of character [TS]

00:12:19   transformation there were no giant [TS]

00:12:22   catharsis moments for her character [TS]

00:12:24   which was fantastic and it worked it [TS]

00:12:29   worked to sort of propel that little [TS]

00:12:32   emotional part of the movie forward the [TS]

00:12:34   whole movies about friendship cuz when [TS]

00:12:36   she starts when Aaron starts the movie [TS]

00:12:38   she is as you point out a woman in a [TS]

00:12:40   male-dominated field and she's so lonely [TS]

00:12:42   like everything about that character [TS]

00:12:45   just screams isolation and loneliness [TS]

00:12:46   and awkward and trying really hard [TS]

00:12:49   because she's not being authentic to who [TS]

00:12:52   she really is like if you watch how her [TS]

00:12:54   clothes change over the course of the [TS]

00:12:55   movie to theirs by the time she's really [TS]

00:12:57   settled into the whole idea that yeah [TS]

00:12:58   we're doing this Ghostbusters think [TS]

00:13:00   she's back in a sweatshirt and jeans and [TS]

00:13:02   she's super happy and so he well it's a [TS]

00:13:04   huge contrast it but the whole movie you [TS]

00:13:07   take a look at it and what is the thing [TS]

00:13:09   that saves everybody at the end it's a [TS]

00:13:10   Swiss Army knife that Holtzman had given [TS]

00:13:14   to Aaron and said every woman needs to [TS]

00:13:16   be armed and wholesome did that as a [TS]

00:13:19   gesture of friendship and aaron in [TS]

00:13:22   return save his life with it and does it [TS]

00:13:24   will call back but by the end of the [TS]

00:13:26   movie like these four women have all [TS]

00:13:27   solidified their relationships you know [TS]

00:13:29   Patti has sort of tied them into New [TS]

00:13:30   York as a whole when you think about it [TS]

00:13:32   but you know Aaron and Abby heat men to [TS]

00:13:36   their rift and they now share custody of [TS]

00:13:38   Holtzman but it's it's it's about you [TS]

00:13:45   know Aaron becomes a much happier and [TS]

00:13:47   more walk around in person not because [TS]

00:13:49   she goes from physics and metaphysics [TS]

00:13:50   but because she goes from being lonely [TS]

00:13:52   being with her people and I really [TS]

00:13:55   enjoyed that where the movie is a [TS]

00:13:56   celebration of that too [TS]

00:13:59   like where else could it be so [TS]

00:14:01   negatively illustrated but when Patti [TS]

00:14:02   literally slaps a ghost out of Abby [TS]

00:14:04   screaming get my friend the power of [TS]

00:14:07   atty compels you [TS]

00:14:10   yeah and i love that they let Aaron you [TS]

00:14:13   know even as she finds her tribe again [TS]

00:14:15   and settles in chic they let her [TS]

00:14:18   continue to be awkward at times I mean [TS]

00:14:20   just the hurts her crush over Kevin you [TS]

00:14:23   know did she just never might get over [TS]

00:14:26   that he's so cute [TS]

00:14:27   well let's be fair cavities pretty well [TS]

00:14:29   yeah he totally oblivious to it and [TS]

00:14:32   Holtzman just think that's all great fun [TS]

00:14:34   but it doesn't take away from her [TS]

00:14:36   moments where you know the academic [TS]

00:14:38   comes forward and she's thinking and she [TS]

00:14:40   puts puts together conclusions and its [TS]

00:14:44   balance and it is kind of getting back [TS]

00:14:46   to this sort of the mirror image of of [TS]

00:14:48   Peter Venkman because I mean it's you [TS]

00:14:51   know if this movie as as done like this [TS]

00:14:54   was gender swapped it would be really [TS]

00:14:56   gross and ski have the way that that she [TS]

00:14:59   would be treating her her assistant and [TS]

00:15:01   i'm i'm a big fan of flipping that [TS]

00:15:03   around and because the power dynamic is [TS]

00:15:04   so different yes it is funny and it [TS]

00:15:07   works for me although i'd honestly for [TS]

00:15:09   me it was a little a little too much I [TS]

00:15:12   think I I struggled a bit with the first [TS]

00:15:14   cut the first 20 minutes or so of the [TS]

00:15:17   movie and I think I think the parts [TS]

00:15:20   where i continue to struggle later on [TS]

00:15:22   we're mostly around errands character [TS]

00:15:25   because it seems like the jokes that [TS]

00:15:26   were trying too hard and didn't land [TS]

00:15:29   right for me almost always were related [TS]

00:15:32   to her and maybe it's just because [TS]

00:15:33   awkward humor doesn't particularly float [TS]

00:15:36   my boat [TS]

00:15:37   yeah but more because it just don't know [TS]

00:15:39   the the trying too hard thing just [TS]

00:15:41   didn't quite seeing along with the rest [TS]

00:15:43   of it [TS]

00:15:44   that's interesting I had a problem with [TS]

00:15:47   the pacing in this movie I felt like I [TS]

00:15:50   could like if if I had like the movie [TS]

00:15:53   equivalent of a red pen I could go [TS]

00:15:56   through and like delete five seconds out [TS]

00:16:00   of every scene and just pull it together [TS]

00:16:04   and it could be a good 15-20 minutes [TS]

00:16:06   shorter without really losing any [TS]

00:16:09   content and I wonder how much I have to [TS]

00:16:12   go back and see and I wonder how much of [TS]

00:16:14   that would be around her character that [TS]

00:16:16   maybe she's just operating at a slightly [TS]

00:16:19   slower pace just communicate or whatever [TS]

00:16:22   from the rest of the movie and that's [TS]

00:16:23   sort of dragging a little this is a [TS]

00:16:25   problem with modern comedies in general [TS]

00:16:28   because because I've noticed this we [TS]

00:16:29   want to see this is the end which is I [TS]

00:16:32   can't wait for all girl remake of that [TS]

00:16:33   one by the way when I went to see that [TS]

00:16:37   because you've got a bunch of people who [TS]

00:16:38   do a lot of improv there are some really [TS]

00:16:40   laggy bits in that movie which is odd [TS]

00:16:42   because it's about the end of the world [TS]

00:16:44   and that was that [TS]

00:16:45   I think that the the the comedy trend [TS]

00:16:48   towards all we you know give the actors [TS]

00:16:50   a general idea and let them riff like [TS]

00:16:52   you do get some good material but I [TS]

00:16:54   think sometimes you just get a lot of [TS]

00:16:55   stuff that goes on for a beat or five [TS]

00:16:57   longer than it should and I guess we're [TS]

00:17:00   supposed to find part of that funny too [TS]

00:17:02   or just like a but you know I really [TS]

00:17:04   don't care about the process behind the [TS]

00:17:06   camera I'd I don't care like I'm not [TS]

00:17:08   render you're like well Chris Hemsworth [TS]

00:17:10   like totally snowballs inflamed he [TS]

00:17:12   couldn't ad lib or or improv but he did [TS]

00:17:15   his whole interview and profit and I was [TS]

00:17:17   like well I'm glad it worked [TS]

00:17:19   I don't need to know how it works I [TS]

00:17:21   don't care to know if I want to know [TS]

00:17:23   i'll read the IMDb trivia page two years [TS]

00:17:26   and this is on HBO [TS]

00:17:27   oh yeah I I care about a tight final [TS]

00:17:29   product that sings ok it's not like how [TS]

00:17:32   Jason it often enough and points out [TS]

00:17:34   when a writer in a book that likes to [TS]

00:17:37   show their work [TS]

00:17:38   I didn't want to research your folks oh [TS]

00:17:41   yeah and this is this is kind of like [TS]

00:17:42   the visual equivalent of that we did so [TS]

00:17:45   much add living you guys we gotta show [TS]

00:17:47   it to you [TS]

00:17:47   no no you're not you down you look at [TS]

00:17:50   the original movie the look why did the [TS]

00:17:52   original movies exceed the way it did [TS]

00:17:54   well I had some amazing actors but Ivan [TS]

00:17:56   Reitman that man [TS]

00:17:57   it would build a movie and it's I mean I [TS]

00:18:01   haven't seen it in a number of years but [TS]

00:18:03   what I remember of it it's just the [TS]

00:18:05   pacing is just now arriving you forward [TS]

00:18:08   from you two seem through the movie and [TS]

00:18:10   in this one it was like there were it [TS]

00:18:13   was like moving from bit too bit and [TS]

00:18:17   just with some dead space in between and [TS]

00:18:20   it just felt a little more casual then I [TS]

00:18:24   wanted it to [TS]

00:18:25   for what it's worth spy is like that too [TS]

00:18:27   and i say this is somebody who really [TS]

00:18:29   did enjoy spy and has watched it a [TS]

00:18:31   couple times on HBO spy is like that to [TS]

00:18:34   where there are parts of that that just [TS]

00:18:36   go on or there are some excessively long [TS]

00:18:39   you know transitions you're like really [TS]

00:18:42   really this is what we I have to wait [TS]

00:18:44   through this to get to the good stuff [TS]

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00:19:48   this episode I felt like the original [TS]

00:19:50   Ghostbusters was very much it was a a [TS]

00:19:52   comedy of that time know about ghosts [TS]

00:19:56   and stuff and I feel like this movie is [TS]

00:19:58   to this this felt like it was modern [TS]

00:20:00   comedy with yellow the good things and [TS]

00:20:03   all the not-so-good things that tend to [TS]

00:20:05   go along with it that the pacing in the [TS]

00:20:06   the improv stuff being part of that [TS]

00:20:09   there's a whole recorded sound of [TS]

00:20:11   ghosts those parts or whatever that I'm [TS]

00:20:13   like hey I get what you're trying to do [TS]

00:20:16   here but at some point in somebody might [TS]

00:20:18   go [TS]

00:20:18   yeah that's not really working we're [TS]

00:20:20   gonna just take that I don't know we're [TS]

00:20:21   gonna put it all in there and as a [TS]

00:20:23   result of the 21st 20 minutes especially [TS]

00:20:25   I mean we would Erica mention it I feel [TS]

00:20:27   like there's something wrong like it [TS]

00:20:30   just it just doesn't doesn't move and it [TS]

00:20:32   doesn't it doesn't [TS]

00:20:32   Dennis there's a moment where the movie [TS]

00:20:35   catches fire but it is like 20-25 [TS]

00:20:37   minutes in and it's weird it does that [TS]

00:20:39   because it starts off with such a kick [TS]

00:20:41   like Zach woods gives that movie like a [TS]

00:20:43   lonely little round opening some of the [TS]

00:20:45   best lines are in the first three [TS]

00:20:47   minutes of that movie is he an Irish [TS]

00:20:49   gates and there's this really strong and [TS]

00:20:51   be getting us like oh this is it was [TS]

00:20:52   like oh this is not disappointing [TS]

00:20:54   because kids and then like eight legs [TS]

00:20:57   for spider while and you're like okay [TS]

00:21:00   okay and then it does pick up again but [TS]

00:21:03   eat there it's it's it's a little [TS]

00:21:05   sagging spots [TS]

00:21:06   um yeah sure i think those early spots [TS]

00:21:09   felt to me like I have no problem with [TS]

00:21:11   seven and seven and live actors being in [TS]

00:21:14   in any movie really but in this movie [TS]

00:21:16   especially considering the original [TS]

00:21:17   exactly but I do have a huge problem [TS]

00:21:21   with when the movie starts to feel like [TS]

00:21:23   a Saturday Night Live sketch and they're [TS]

00:21:25   definitely parts in the early section [TS]

00:21:28   like the farting joke in particular that [TS]

00:21:30   was that was one where it's just like oh [TS]

00:21:31   no that was my complete my so so coming [TS]

00:21:35   home from this and learn and I actually [TS]

00:21:36   watched the original Ghostbusters when [TS]

00:21:37   we got home from watching this and we [TS]

00:21:40   and we enjoyed this movie and but she [TS]

00:21:41   said she she agree with me about the [TS]

00:21:43   about the first 20 minutes and she said [TS]

00:21:44   here i'll give you two examples she says [TS]

00:21:46   the the Princeton is not an acceptable [TS]

00:21:48   reference that's a good joke and said [TS]

00:21:52   the ghost farting that is not a good [TS]

00:21:54   kind of yeah it's like there's that [TS]

00:21:56   sound like that wasn't good stuff in the [TS]

00:21:58   first 20 minutes just like it [TS]

00:22:00   it was almost like you're watching the [TS]

00:22:02   process of them trying to figure out [TS]

00:22:03   what jokes worked or not accept them [TS]

00:22:05   they didn't edit and like the red pen as [TS]

00:22:07   well as we said earlier then they're [TS]

00:22:09   like ok these don't work and so it's [TS]

00:22:10   almost like we don't know and and [TS]

00:22:12   honestly it's weird what's weird about [TS]

00:22:13   is 25 minutes and it feels like the the [TS]

00:22:16   percentage of things that land goes up [TS]

00:22:19   to a very high percentage but but you [TS]

00:22:22   have to get through that first part to [TS]

00:22:23   get there it's weird one [TS]

00:22:24   if it's in part because because after [TS]

00:22:27   that you sort of have the whole band [TS]

00:22:28   together and ya heart of it as everyone [TS]

00:22:31   gets together it works better [TS]

00:22:33   there's a logical leaps in the original [TS]

00:22:34   Ghostbusters that we noticed when we [TS]

00:22:37   watched it after we watch this where [TS]

00:22:38   it's very like you could stop slow down [TS]

00:22:41   and be like what [TS]

00:22:42   boy things happen like Ernie Hudson [TS]

00:22:44   appears very rapidly they get their [TS]

00:22:46   business setup incredibly rapidly and [TS]

00:22:49   and to go back to the ivan reitman thing [TS]

00:22:51   and also harold ramis coming in and [TS]

00:22:52   working on the screenplay that damn [TS]

00:22:54   Ackroyd's original was apparently in [TS]

00:22:55   comprehensible not surprising really [TS]

00:22:57   um that uh I could see that right where [TS]

00:23:01   it's just like we don't we just skip it [TS]

00:23:02   and the audience will go with it we [TS]

00:23:04   don't need to get into detail here and [TS]

00:23:06   and then there was more time [TS]

00:23:08   some of it i like i like the idea that [TS]

00:23:09   we're almost seeing the this whole movie [TS]

00:23:12   happens almost between the first like [TS]

00:23:14   few scenes of the original Ghostbusters [TS]

00:23:15   because it is about how do they become [TS]

00:23:17   the Ghostbusters but it's kind of too [TS]

00:23:19   much of it i think yeah I could tell i [TS]

00:23:21   got to see it twice at this point the [TS]

00:23:24   first time ship and I went on opening [TS]

00:23:26   night and then last night we took our [TS]

00:23:28   son are 14 year old and I could tell arm [TS]

00:23:32   just sort of by its sensing how much he [TS]

00:23:34   was squirming in the seat next to me [TS]

00:23:36   when he was engaged and when he was [TS]

00:23:39   getting bored and the biggest chunk of [TS]

00:23:41   kind of you know shifting around heavy [TS]

00:23:45   sighs that could sort of thing for the [TS]

00:23:47   most part was in that that first 15-20 [TS]

00:23:49   minutes as we're getting things together [TS]

00:23:51   now imagining him you like using him as [TS]

00:23:54   a guinea pig and you're sitting there [TS]

00:23:55   next to him taking notes like and then [TS]

00:23:57   making time marks about when he squirms [TS]

00:23:59   there's like a little stopwatch for she [TS]

00:24:01   clicks on every time a very harold ramis [TS]

00:24:03   like turn the dial to the right if [TS]

00:24:04   you're having a good time so i turn the [TS]

00:24:06   dial [TS]

00:24:07   no no just like a little like a little [TS]

00:24:09   ticker where every time he pitches you [TS]

00:24:11   know another ticket ok let's talk about [TS]

00:24:13   let's talk about Kate McKinnon because [TS]

00:24:14   everybody loves Kate McKinnon and she's [TS]

00:24:17   she's the whole grains analog here she [TS]

00:24:19   is the enthusiastic scientists who does [TS]

00:24:21   not have their place never this bonkers [TS]

00:24:23   but no you know it's true it's true [TS]

00:24:25   butBut it well though he did that were [TS]

00:24:27   there was that time you tried to drill a [TS]

00:24:28   hole in his head but they stopped him [TS]

00:24:30   but yeah this is uh this is it is the [TS]

00:24:34   breakout character for sure she does [TS]

00:24:36   you know she does a fantastic job why [TS]

00:24:38   don't you all tell me about your your [TS]

00:24:40   feelings about to get just one that [TS]

00:24:43   we're just going to hold my god that [TS]

00:24:46   feels the sol-gel in her case it's not [TS]

00:24:50   just lines and how she delivers them how [TS]

00:24:53   she goes through the technobabble like [TS]

00:24:54   you know Big Bang bob and weave got a [TS]

00:24:56   Faraday cage and all that she does that [TS]

00:24:58   very well but just she's anytime she's [TS]

00:25:01   on screen you know she's there [TS]

00:25:04   her face her her body her posture her [TS]

00:25:07   her physicality is just drawing and you [TS]

00:25:11   know she's stealing scenes without even [TS]

00:25:12   saying a word [TS]

00:25:14   it's amazing the posse when I went to [TS]

00:25:16   see it with likely exit the theater and [TS]

00:25:19   everyone just kind of side for a while [TS]

00:25:20   inside and then my friend says chris [TS]

00:25:23   hemsworth the second sexiest thing in [TS]

00:25:25   the Hobby out here here yeah and and you [TS]

00:25:29   that you could like you could feel your [TS]

00:25:31   kinsey scale recalibration talked about [TS]

00:25:35   it briefly on the on the last very [TS]

00:25:38   podcast and my co-host a bath like as i [TS]

00:25:40   was just going on in gushing she's like [TS]

00:25:42   yeah she's like it did you hear that [TS]

00:25:43   trombone noise as you slid down [TS]

00:25:46   Mackenzie schools good [TS]

00:25:49   they're gonna be like 10 years from now [TS]

00:25:51   you're gonna have podcast by by people [TS]

00:25:53   who are like and that is that I realized [TS]

00:25:55   something about myself [TS]

00:25:56   what spot stickers but it's it's it's [TS]

00:26:00   such a smart and nuanced performance [TS]

00:26:04   when you look at it too because she's [TS]

00:26:05   got everything from the expressions and [TS]

00:26:07   she plays off of everybody so [TS]

00:26:08   beautifully like the scene where they're [TS]

00:26:10   interviewing Kevin Holtzman doesn't even [TS]

00:26:12   say a word she just um except for like [TS]

00:26:15   being so radio times we've been doing in [TS]

00:26:18   your life that [TS]

00:26:19   like after that she just lets everybody [TS]

00:26:21   else go and she looks back and forth [TS]

00:26:24   like she's a tennis match and I like [TS]

00:26:27   that she is not sucking up all the [TS]

00:26:30   attention on the screen with look at me [TS]

00:26:32   look at me but she drags you into the [TS]

00:26:35   scene because she's just so present and [TS]

00:26:37   engaged that you finish eat pulled into [TS]

00:26:40   her level which I loved that generosity [TS]

00:26:42   again I think everybody had had that [TS]

00:26:44   sort of same level of the generosity so [TS]

00:26:46   everybody got a chance to shine but I [TS]

00:26:50   think I think you guys are right that [TS]

00:26:51   when she was on screen she did draw my [TS]

00:26:54   eye and yeah I was it was sort of hard [TS]

00:26:57   to look away because i think in part [TS]

00:26:59   because she is the kind of character [TS]

00:27:00   that I don't know that I've ever seen a [TS]

00:27:02   woman playing on Sri before and it's [TS]

00:27:05   such a delightful kind of character to [TS]

00:27:07   just be she's being who she is she's not [TS]

00:27:10   trying to please anybody she is [TS]

00:27:12   enthusiastic and excited about stuff [TS]

00:27:14   about the guts of the machinery and and [TS]

00:27:17   everybody's cool with that it's not only [TS]

00:27:20   that she is this kind of character who's [TS]

00:27:21   excited about it is that she's [TS]

00:27:23   surrounded by people who just let her be [TS]

00:27:25   that kind of person and and go with it [TS]

00:27:28   oh you performance reminds me actually [TS]

00:27:30   is French and Saunders haha up because [TS]

00:27:32   I'm Tommy I'm a huge fan of both on [TS]

00:27:35   French and jennifer saunders and one of [TS]

00:27:38   the reasons i was i I was that I fell [TS]

00:27:40   head over heels in love with your brand [TS]

00:27:42   of comedy in the nineties was precisely [TS]

00:27:44   because they have that huge level of [TS]

00:27:46   engagement and that complete lack of [TS]

00:27:48   self-consciousness and the commitment to [TS]

00:27:49   the material where they respect the [TS]

00:27:51   material that they can see how absurd it [TS]

00:27:52   is and so when my kid was playing [TS]

00:27:55   holtzman there's just this level of like [TS]

00:27:58   the dial goes up to 11 on on it and [TS]

00:28:00   she's you can tell she respects the [TS]

00:28:03   character she's not playing holtzman as [TS]

00:28:04   a joke which is which is great i felt [TS]

00:28:07   sometimes the camera almost didn't know [TS]

00:28:08   what to do with her that it was they [TS]

00:28:11   obviously that the direction had been ok [TS]

00:28:15   you guys just sort of each other and [TS]

00:28:17   celebrate and you know Holtzman you do a [TS]

00:28:20   horseman thing but because she was sort [TS]

00:28:24   of over to the side or she was you know [TS]

00:28:26   not in that the center of the frame it [TS]

00:28:28   was like like like someone said as she [TS]

00:28:30   drew my eye but then [TS]

00:28:31   didn't know where to look and that was [TS]

00:28:33   like the only drawback to her character [TS]

00:28:36   was at times it was like she's so [TS]

00:28:38   magnetic I can't look anywhere else and [TS]

00:28:40   the Cameron wants me to look somewhere [TS]

00:28:42   else there was there was one there was [TS]

00:28:44   one holds a moment that i did not like [TS]

00:28:45   because once again it felt like you know [TS]

00:28:49   it didn't even feel like saturday night [TS]

00:28:51   live' moment it felt like a commercial [TS]

00:28:52   during Saturday I've moment and that was [TS]

00:28:54   the central rabbit yes yes [TS]

00:28:56   yeah i was i was still ripped out of the [TS]

00:28:59   movie at that point that it was such a [TS]

00:29:00   deadline [TS]

00:29:02   yeah that worked for me i was i was [TS]

00:29:04   fascinated by the commitment with that [TS]

00:29:06   with the potential for the face and I'm [TS]

00:29:08   like and I'm like later you look back [TS]

00:29:10   when that when that when the evil ghost [TS]

00:29:12   is slamming area and you see Holtzman [TS]

00:29:14   watching and she's literally surrounded [TS]

00:29:15   by a semicircle of broken potato chips [TS]

00:29:18   and I was like that that is some [TS]

00:29:20   commitment to this to the product [TS]

00:29:21   placement yeah yeah and it's not even [TS]

00:29:24   the product it just it felt like a line [TS]

00:29:26   she would say even though we had not [TS]

00:29:28   seen much of her character yet it just [TS]

00:29:30   it it sounded exactly like something to [TS]

00:29:34   me that that that Holtzman would say in [TS]

00:29:36   that moment maybe maybe the problem was [TS]

00:29:39   simply because it came so early because [TS]

00:29:40   i really had not gotten a feel for her [TS]

00:29:42   character at that point and it just [TS]

00:29:43   seemed just but felt like you know I a [TS]

00:29:46   clanking sort of a sound instead of a [TS]

00:29:49   nice ringing but if it would have come [TS]

00:29:50   later in the film i would I wonder if I [TS]

00:29:52   would have been much more okay with it [TS]

00:29:54   and maybe not in a scene with that much [TS]

00:29:58   sort of manufactured tension no human [TS]

00:30:02   hanging in that situation would I just [TS]

00:30:04   was like who is this place and that is e [TS]

00:30:06   that is talking to a potato chip during [TS]

00:30:08   the middle of those since cartoony yeah [TS]

00:30:10   in the first scene where you meet her in [TS]

00:30:12   Abby's lab it seems pretty obvious to me [TS]

00:30:15   that Holtzman was kind of was kind of [TS]

00:30:16   hazing Aaron because you lose this who [TS]

00:30:18   is this person's interrupting our two [TS]

00:30:20   min fiefdom yeah and threatening my [TS]

00:30:22   connection with another person right [TS]

00:30:26   it's like bubble but it's just the two [TS]

00:30:27   of us no it's gonna be three [TS]

00:30:28   yeah and so so I'm wondering like how [TS]

00:30:30   much of her whack-job behavior was I get [TS]

00:30:33   to try out my new toys and how much for [TS]

00:30:34   a whack-job behavior is there somebody [TS]

00:30:36   here who's upsetting might might might [TS]

00:30:38   my dynamic you know in bearing in mind [TS]

00:30:41   this is a completely fictitious [TS]

00:30:42   character and [TS]

00:30:43   but but you know i'm not saying she was [TS]

00:30:46   calculated about it but you know she's [TS]

00:30:48   thrown off balance maybe her her [TS]

00:30:50   responses to throw other people [TS]

00:30:51   off-balance because she certainly didn't [TS]

00:30:53   respond this way to Patti joining the [TS]

00:30:55   team it was but but she seemed to have a [TS]

00:30:57   little bit of thing with aaron going on [TS]

00:30:58   yeah I will you know what whatever [TS]

00:31:00   comedy needs the Lisa it means an agent [TS]

00:31:03   of chaos that's gonna be on my tombstone [TS]

00:31:08   one of the things that I I I think about [TS]

00:31:12   Holtzman is when we talk about the [TS]

00:31:14   analogues to the the previous movie is [TS]

00:31:16   she gets all of the groucho energy the [TS]

00:31:19   roving agent of chaos energy that's in [TS]

00:31:22   Venkman in the original that is not in [TS]

00:31:24   in in a in Aaron here it's in Holtzman [TS]

00:31:27   so she becomes this like roving agent of [TS]

00:31:30   chaos [TS]

00:31:31   she's the groucho she's doing wacky [TS]

00:31:34   stuff while everybody else is a little [TS]

00:31:35   more grounded and that allows her the [TS]

00:31:37   freedom to be wacky because there are [TS]

00:31:39   more ground people around her and and i [TS]

00:31:41   think it works great i mean she's the [TS]

00:31:43   break out of this movie [TS]

00:31:45   there she like she is the best thing in [TS]

00:31:47   this movie I think by far have you guys [TS]

00:31:49   seen the alien abduction sequence on SNL [TS]

00:31:52   yes it was that it was the week that [TS]

00:31:55   Ryan Gosling was was the guest host and [TS]

00:31:58   there is owned a sketch that's done [TS]

00:32:01   where kate mckinnon Cecily strong and [TS]

00:32:02   ryan gosling play three people who have [TS]

00:32:04   been bodily kidnapped by a spaceship and [TS]

00:32:06   are asked to describe the experience and [TS]

00:32:09   oh you know while I was watching that [TS]

00:32:11   sketch the whole time it was going on I [TS]

00:32:14   kept thinking the only reason this works [TS]

00:32:15   as well as it does because it's a great [TS]

00:32:17   piece and and like Kate McKinnon just is [TS]

00:32:21   phenomenal on it but the point is she's [TS]

00:32:22   phenomenal precise because she's got [TS]

00:32:24   Cecily strong to play off of and strong [TS]

00:32:26   is doing her best to try to play it to [TS]

00:32:28   try to keep it grounded and leveled and [TS]

00:32:31   you know here you have the same thing [TS]

00:32:32   where you just had both that where you [TS]

00:32:34   had Melissa McCarthy's yes this is what [TS]

00:32:37   I am dealing with is a physicist was [TS]

00:32:38   quite possibly demented let's just all [TS]

00:32:40   keep on killing Aaron shut your mouth [TS]

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00:34:08   uncomfortable [TS]

00:34:09   ok so let's let's talk about Leslie [TS]

00:34:10   Jones is patty is so good [TS]

00:34:14   she's great good but is such mixed [TS]

00:34:16   feelings and the feelings about this [TS]

00:34:18   because yet soon as they announced that [TS]

00:34:20   that that the the black character was [TS]

00:34:24   not going to be a scientist was going to [TS]

00:34:25   be the am NOT a scientist which [TS]

00:34:27   apparently in the original Ghostbusters [TS]

00:34:29   he would have the black character was [TS]

00:34:30   originally supposed to be a scientist [TS]

00:34:32   and then they couldn't get any Murphy so [TS]

00:34:34   they changed it Ernie Hudson apart [TS]

00:34:37   seeing an earlier draft of the script [TS]

00:34:38   right and he's all later draft and they [TS]

00:34:40   dripped out huge chunks of of his [TS]

00:34:42   background [TS]

00:34:43   how did he not set the studio and fired [TS]

00:34:45   well yeah he's had a problematic [TS]

00:34:47   relationship with the work i think since [TS]

00:34:49   then where is recognized for it means [TS]

00:34:50   happy about it but at the same time he [TS]

00:34:52   knows that it's not what he signed up [TS]

00:34:53   for [TS]

00:34:54   yeah yeah so when they announce this I [TS]

00:34:57   was I was I was kind of upset and and [TS]

00:35:00   not pleased but then I saw the movie and [TS]

00:35:02   and I still agree that it is it is not [TS]

00:35:05   cool that we have the one black [TS]

00:35:06   character being the one who is [TS]

00:35:08   you know that sort of down-home folksy [TS]

00:35:11   friendly friendly kind of person but on [TS]

00:35:13   the other hand she was amazing she [TS]

00:35:15   played it really really well she tight i [TS]

00:35:18   mean she you know you might say Melissa [TS]

00:35:19   McCarthy is the heart of the [TS]

00:35:20   Ghostbusters i don't think so i think it [TS]

00:35:22   was i think was passed I think I think [TS]

00:35:24   she's the one that pulled everybody [TS]

00:35:25   together and really made the team [TS]

00:35:27   actually work because she believed in a [TS]

00:35:29   min away they didn't believe in [TS]

00:35:30   themselves that makes them it's so much [TS]

00:35:32   a better part then pour Ernie Hudson is [TS]

00:35:35   winston zeddemore in the original so [TS]

00:35:37   much better by far and and she has much [TS]

00:35:40   more to do she's a much more [TS]

00:35:41   well-realized character her introduction [TS]

00:35:43   scene is one of my favorite scenes in [TS]

00:35:45   the movie where she's just working the [TS]

00:35:46   job at the subway and the end and the [TS]

00:35:48   bad guy walks by and says don't worry [TS]

00:35:50   when the world ends you'll be the last [TS]

00:35:52   to die and it is what the hell was that [TS]

00:35:55   that was and then it's always the bad [TS]

00:35:57   guy [TS]

00:35:57   oh right and and her reaction is an [TS]

00:36:00   internet comin to shoot unless you get [TS]

00:36:02   them all together [TS]

00:36:04   she's funny and it but there is that [TS]

00:36:07   other issue which is it's the black [TS]

00:36:09   character who's not as well educated as [TS]

00:36:12   they are and she's but she's streetwise [TS]

00:36:14   didn't strike me that she was less [TS]

00:36:16   educated than the other others yes HD [TS]

00:36:21   right you know there's no need to show [TS]

00:36:23   that she's in any way dumb or stupid she [TS]

00:36:25   just knows different stuff right but [TS]

00:36:27   that's still less educated i agree if we [TS]

00:36:29   didn't have the trope of the the the [TS]

00:36:32   black character in the group of white [TS]

00:36:34   characters is the one who's streetwise [TS]

00:36:35   but we do have that that that that's [TS]

00:36:37   always the rules streetwise and yes she [TS]

00:36:40   is but then she's also she's reads she [TS]

00:36:43   knows history she knows New York she [TS]

00:36:45   knows all these places and for God's [TS]

00:36:47   sake she's the one who figures out what [TS]

00:36:49   to do with the car to call or tex all [TS]

00:36:51   the details all the details are done [TS]

00:36:54   right [TS]

00:36:55   yeah even the parameters it's the sketch [TS]

00:36:58   the bare-bones outline of it that's [TS]

00:36:59   that's probably not right but yeah all [TS]

00:37:02   the fleshing out is good and she [TS]

00:37:04   benefits from it she is she is not just [TS]

00:37:07   what I thought she might be from the [TS]

00:37:09   trailer which is which is the streetwise [TS]

00:37:11   subway person she knows history and in [TS]

00:37:14   detail right and the whole history of [TS]

00:37:16   New York she does solve things to save [TS]

00:37:20   the world [TS]

00:37:21   told me there's so much that's great [TS]

00:37:22   about her it's just when you abstract [TS]

00:37:24   that you're like you know it does come [TS]

00:37:26   from a place that is kind of an [TS]

00:37:28   unfortunate a bit of scaffolding but [TS]

00:37:32   they get yeah it feels like after they [TS]

00:37:33   made that decision then they made lots [TS]

00:37:35   of great decisions to to make this apart [TS]

00:37:38   that Leslie Jones could really dive into [TS]

00:37:39   and she did the real problem is the fact [TS]

00:37:41   that there aren't other and there aren't [TS]

00:37:43   a ton of other roles for black women [TS]

00:37:45   getting to do a whole bunch of other [TS]

00:37:47   things if we had a whole basket full [TS]

00:37:49   movies coming out every year where you [TS]

00:37:51   had a black woman as a PhD in a black [TS]

00:37:53   woman as a scuba diver and a black woman [TS]

00:37:55   as you know anything else you can think [TS]

00:37:56   of [TS]

00:37:57   then this wouldn't stand out as being [TS]

00:37:59   such a big deal but because there's such [TS]

00:38:00   a address of good roles or roles at all [TS]

00:38:04   for women of color the the few rules [TS]

00:38:06   that come out there really do kind of [TS]

00:38:08   need to stand for four more than they [TS]

00:38:11   should have to end it is sad and it [TS]

00:38:13   sucks but that's that's the way it is [TS]

00:38:15   and in a movie that was that was billed [TS]

00:38:19   and obviously built to up end as these [TS]

00:38:22   tropes and turn them on their heads [TS]

00:38:25   it did seem like a pointed a mission [TS]

00:38:29   that she would incident not pointed but [TS]

00:38:31   not like they're trying to send a [TS]

00:38:33   message or anything i should have said [TS]

00:38:34   that but but more like okay then why [TS]

00:38:37   didn't you guys do this because it's so [TS]

00:38:39   obvious why didn't you turn this one on [TS]

00:38:41   its head to ya or even within the movie [TS]

00:38:43   like you know why couldn't the character [TS]

00:38:45   that Cecily strong plate i couldn't have [TS]

00:38:47   been a black actress you know being [TS]

00:38:49   being the PR person for the mayor [TS]

00:38:51   you know that that's the one that's [TS]

00:38:53   another thing I thought in the second [TS]

00:38:54   time around you know [TS]

00:38:56   yes we've got this wonderful gender [TS]

00:38:58   swapping and gender flipping and playing [TS]

00:39:00   with those roles but there's only two [TS]

00:39:03   black characters in the movie this is [TS]

00:39:05   New York City surely there's more ethnic [TS]

00:39:07   diversity in European that has [TS]

00:39:09   represented by one angry chinese store [TS]

00:39:12   delivery and the common yeah i totally [TS]

00:39:16   by the exact words would work at an [TS]

00:39:17   historic mansion because that's [TS]

00:39:19   precisely the type of job that trust [TS]

00:39:20   fund brats get back there's you know [TS]

00:39:23   there's a whole lot of there were a [TS]

00:39:26   whole lot of other opportunities at [TS]

00:39:28   everything at every point and they did [TS]

00:39:31   do I think a passable job because they [TS]

00:39:33   cashed them [TS]

00:39:34   I'm like it's omar i'm trying to get [TS]

00:39:36   porn actors me oh yeah michael kenneth [TS]

00:39:38   williams yeah we just get over it so far [TS]

00:39:41   as one of the as one of the FBI stupid [TS]

00:39:43   FBI agents along with matt walsh right [TS]

00:39:45   Chris Hemsworth should we talk about [TS]

00:39:47   chris is cat heads with Kevin for [TS]

00:39:49   himself [TS]

00:39:50   we talked about chris hemsworth that yes [TS]

00:39:53   I should have just pointed out to will [TS]

00:39:55   when you ever be able to watch another [TS]

00:39:57   Marvel movie and we'll just like no with [TS]

00:40:00   43 it's coming Chris Hemsworth has [TS]

00:40:03   handsome man syndrome where he's really [TS]

00:40:05   really funny but no one's going to [TS]

00:40:06   realize it because he's so handsome like [TS]

00:40:08   John had had that problem for well [TS]

00:40:11   doesn't seem to have any more he's [TS]

00:40:13   finally overcome with intense therapy [TS]

00:40:14   and making here I thought he could have [TS]

00:40:19   been funnier to be honest like I thought [TS]

00:40:21   that people's reactions to him we're [TS]

00:40:22   very funny i like that by the end of the [TS]

00:40:24   movie they've basically acknowledge the [TS]

00:40:26   just paying him to to be to to be to [TS]

00:40:28   breathe and be attractive and he'd [TS]

00:40:30   almost figured out the father well [TS]

00:40:32   that's how is one of the things that I [TS]

00:40:33   find very funny is that he gets he gets [TS]

00:40:35   better as the movie goes along he's [TS]

00:40:37   never anything but terrible but again he [TS]

00:40:39   gets better he can answer the phone [TS]

00:40:41   although he doesn't know what to do he [TS]

00:40:42   says that the one point he says they [TS]

00:40:44   have a goat which also yeah it's [TS]

00:40:47   probably probably not ago probably a [TS]

00:40:49   ghost but yeah I will say that bit with [TS]

00:40:51   the glasses was hysterical weeping [TS]

00:40:52   scratches I think Alaska and I although [TS]

00:40:55   i wish they had just left it i wish he [TS]

00:40:58   done that and they had the reaction look [TS]

00:41:00   at but then not the question you laughed [TS]

00:41:02   out loud before they talked about it [TS]

00:41:04   yeah it could have been just so subtle [TS]

00:41:06   that he would do that and there would be [TS]

00:41:09   that way did that just happen and then [TS]

00:41:10   they will go on [TS]

00:41:11   yeah yeah I felt like I i love the idea [TS]

00:41:15   that they are appending the the pretty [TS]

00:41:17   bubbleheads secretary stereotype but for [TS]

00:41:20   me it was just most of it was too much i [TS]

00:41:23   wish that there would have been I don't [TS]

00:41:25   know maybe a quarter of the amount of [TS]

00:41:27   Kevin stuff in there or just you know [TS]

00:41:29   more of the same sort of in the [TS]

00:41:30   background but let's focus on him and [TS]

00:41:33   his interview thing and his pictures [TS]

00:41:35   like in hindsight I can laugh about it [TS]

00:41:37   because i have talked to other people [TS]

00:41:40   about it so I somehow that sort of [TS]

00:41:42   softens it but in the movie theater i [TS]

00:41:45   was kinda like screaming in my seat [TS]

00:41:46   being like really [TS]

00:41:47   really yeah and i think its balance [TS]

00:41:51   because you also have like in the latter [TS]

00:41:53   part of the movie when he gets possessed [TS]

00:41:55   by Rolen and then Hemsworth does a [TS]

00:41:57   rather damn good job of you know doing [TS]

00:42:00   your kc ya so he did that I mean he's [TS]

00:42:04   always had good comic instincts because [TS]

00:42:06   there are actually several moments and [TS]

00:42:07   thor where even my husband who's finicky [TS]

00:42:11   about both comedy and and load super [TS]

00:42:13   superhero movies like my husband [TS]

00:42:15   actually laughed out loud at the same [TS]

00:42:16   time I was and when I was watching [TS]

00:42:18   avengers age of ultron like his casual [TS]

00:42:21   pasty like his casual delivery of some [TS]

00:42:24   lines in his haste in his hasty amending [TS]

00:42:26   of others is obviously supposed to be [TS]

00:42:29   you know he's got good time he's got [TS]

00:42:31   good instincts and i love the dance [TS]

00:42:33   sequence because you can't not have the [TS]

00:42:36   winner of Australia's dance with the [TS]

00:42:37   stars in your life without making him do [TS]

00:42:39   a dance number like it i only used him [TS]

00:42:42   that they made him to have this is so [TS]

00:42:44   great [TS]

00:42:44   thank you i agree i I am very very glad [TS]

00:42:48   that we got to see the dance number in [TS]

00:42:50   the credits but i am even more glad that [TS]

00:42:52   they did not get in ya see you provide [TS]

00:42:55   like that I like that we don't get a [TS]

00:42:57   whole lot of him I to be honest one of [TS]

00:42:59   the things I like about it is i like how [TS]

00:43:01   the bulk of the road movie focuses on [TS]

00:43:03   the challenges that go to the women the [TS]

00:43:05   relationships they have with each other [TS]

00:43:06   the way they look at the world and kevin [TS]

00:43:08   is just like this [TS]

00:43:09   Cavendish's thereto to burnish their [TS]

00:43:11   motivation or give them someone to talk [TS]

00:43:13   to or whatever and I'm like this is what [TS]

00:43:15   it's like being the girl in every other [TS]

00:43:17   movie this is so fun to watch [TS]

00:43:18   bigflip do any pots have nearly the same [TS]

00:43:22   amount of screen time that he did I [TS]

00:43:24   remember her as being in maybe three or [TS]

00:43:27   four see shoes actually she's not very [TS]

00:43:29   many strange yeah she's in ghostbusters [TS]

00:43:31   too much more serious that's true and [TS]

00:43:33   she gets it she gets a nice we should [TS]

00:43:34   talk [TS]

00:43:35   there are there are a lot of cameos in [TS]

00:43:37   this movie she gets she gets interesting [TS]

00:43:39   we are at a hotel receptionist desk [TS]

00:43:42   being exactly who she was in [TS]

00:43:44   ghostbusters which I thought was a good [TS]

00:43:45   fit [TS]

00:43:46   dan Aykroyd is a shifty cabbie who says [TS]

00:43:49   I ain't afraid of no ghosts which I [TS]

00:43:51   thought was actually a good use of of [TS]

00:43:53   dan Aykroyd in that scene [TS]

00:43:55   Bill Murray gets to extend my reach [TS]

00:43:59   literally thought bill murray was going [TS]

00:44:00   to be like a passerby it's like I walk [TS]

00:44:02   through your movie but that's a pretty [TS]

00:44:03   good to extended scenes as the guy who [TS]

00:44:05   does not believe in ghosts and is [TS]

00:44:07   ejected out a window think gets killed [TS]

00:44:10   by one who loves ya i have mixed [TS]

00:44:12   feelings about those cameos like I get [TS]

00:44:14   the peep [TS]

00:44:16   I don't personally I get that other [TS]

00:44:17   people have really strong nostalgic [TS]

00:44:19   attachment to these movies and [TS]

00:44:21   passionately enjoy the University room [TS]

00:44:23   and have a big relationship with the [TS]

00:44:24   cock cartoons or whatever and so it's oh [TS]

00:44:26   you can see the best of harold ramis [TS]

00:44:28   only get to see all of our old friends [TS]

00:44:29   and in bit parts and it's not and I'm [TS]

00:44:32   just like hit it's it's it's felt some [TS]

00:44:34   of those interactions little she warned [TS]

00:44:36   in or they wouldn't have been nearly so [TS]

00:44:38   good if you're like oh look it's annie [TS]

00:44:40   potts you know doing things the phones [TS]

00:44:42   haha so I'm just like well it's it's [TS]

00:44:45   it's nice that they were there [TS]

00:44:47   my my favorite one was actually when [TS]

00:44:49   Ernie Hudson and Leslie Jones E string [TS]

00:44:51   of the hearses the end of a session next [TS]

00:44:53   up for the whole movie right there you [TS]

00:44:55   have it for the whole movie and I didn't [TS]

00:44:56   see it I didn't stop to think about it [TS]

00:44:58   and so when he shows up on my god of [TS]

00:45:01   course are set so it is so that was so [TS]

00:45:04   great i thought that was good i think i [TS]

00:45:05   think the problem is when they overstay [TS]

00:45:06   their welcome if they're fast and [TS]

00:45:08   they're out of there it's okay like [TS]

00:45:09   accurate thing was a little bit long [TS]

00:45:10   bill murray's thing was very long but at [TS]

00:45:13   least he got to be kind of against type [TS]

00:45:16   and then is horribly killed which he had [TS]

00:45:18   famously said about doing a Ghostbuster [TS]

00:45:21   sequel that he would only come back and [TS]

00:45:22   do it if you got killed in it and so [TS]

00:45:24   they can so they killed him i would so [TS]

00:45:26   so about this so Ghostbusters the [TS]

00:45:28   original I've seen it like 50 60 times [TS]

00:45:30   it is one of my favorite movies of all [TS]

00:45:31   time even though I is very flawed I know [TS]

00:45:33   I'm see enough times you notice all the [TS]

00:45:36   flaws let me tell you about it but like [TS]

00:45:39   I will say this and and of course [TS]

00:45:41   there's the whole controversy about [TS]

00:45:42   people saying oh this is terrible [TS]

00:45:43   they're remaking this wonderful movie [TS]

00:45:45   well guess what every single movie that [TS]

00:45:46   ever made any money will be remade at [TS]

00:45:49   least once probably more times than that [TS]

00:45:51   I can you can tell as somebody who's [TS]

00:45:53   seen the original 50 60 70 times you can [TS]

00:45:56   see that the people who made this movie [TS]

00:45:59   not only know that movie they love that [TS]

00:46:02   movie and they know it by heart because [TS]

00:46:04   there are such obscure references not [TS]

00:46:09   only these cameos but they're like [TS]

00:46:10   really weird obscure reference [TS]

00:46:12   says throughout to the original now we [TS]

00:46:15   could argue maybe it's too much maybe [TS]

00:46:18   you should pretend like that movie [TS]

00:46:20   didn't happen and just make your movie [TS]

00:46:22   instead of being I mean that this is [TS]

00:46:24   like the argument about about watchmen [TS]

00:46:26   being faithful to the comic it's about [TS]

00:46:28   star trek into darkness being too much [TS]

00:46:30   trying to make Star Trek to there'll be [TS]

00:46:31   lots of different versions of this [TS]

00:46:33   argument and I I think there's something [TS]

00:46:35   to those arguments but what I will say [TS]

00:46:37   is as somebody who loved that movie I [TS]

00:46:39   felt the love that this movie had for [TS]

00:46:42   that movie they're making their own [TS]

00:46:43   movie it's kind of not as remake easy as [TS]

00:46:47   I thought it was going to be the Stay [TS]

00:46:48   Puft Marshmallow Man is a ghost balloon [TS]

00:46:51   not the big bad guy [TS]

00:46:53   it's not it's not quite as as you know [TS]

00:46:56   they they weren't just remaking it with [TS]

00:46:57   the with the women instead of men in the [TS]

00:47:00   part but I can feel the love for the [TS]

00:47:02   original do these people get it they [TS]

00:47:04   know everything that was in that movie [TS]

00:47:05   and they reference it throughout so but [TS]

00:47:08   you know I think arguable whether that [TS]

00:47:09   actually makes this a better movie or [TS]

00:47:10   not but it's certainly sent the message [TS]

00:47:12   to me that these are people who know [TS]

00:47:14   everything there is to know about [TS]

00:47:16   Ghostbusters when they made this movie [TS]

00:47:18   it might not make it a better movie but [TS]

00:47:20   i think it makes it more lovable movie [TS]

00:47:21   because it was for me it's I mean seeing [TS]

00:47:24   the love that they have made me feel it [TS]

00:47:26   and I think most of the cameos they did [TS]

00:47:29   a decent job of having a reason for it [TS]

00:47:32   like yeah bill murray's was the longest [TS]

00:47:33   but i also think that his character kind [TS]

00:47:36   of needed to be in the movie whether it [TS]

00:47:37   was Bill Murray playing it or something [TS]

00:47:39   completely different they had to have a [TS]

00:47:41   skeptic to kind of push again he's [TS]

00:47:43   almost william atherton part in the [TS]

00:47:45   schoolroom the second half of that cami [TS]

00:47:48   aware he's actually in the office with [TS]

00:47:50   them was the only seen or I felt actual [TS]

00:47:54   tension and didn't know what the [TS]

00:47:55   characters were about to do the it was [TS]

00:47:59   it felt in some ways to me like almost [TS]

00:48:02   like the heart of errands character was [TS]

00:48:06   in that scene that this is he he's the [TS]

00:48:10   gatekeeper he's the one she has to feel [TS]

00:48:12   like she has to prove herself to and so [TS]

00:48:14   there's that question are we going to [TS]

00:48:16   release the ghost and prove them or are [TS]

00:48:19   we going to keep the ghosts because we [TS]

00:48:20   spent so darn much time like right after [TS]

00:48:23   this thing and capturing it whatever [TS]

00:48:25   and it just felt like you know we've [TS]

00:48:27   seen the first half of of errands like [TS]

00:48:31   struggled to be validated by the mail [TS]

00:48:34   expert in the University and this was [TS]

00:48:37   the second half and it's that feeling of [TS]

00:48:40   like do I want them to acknowledge me or [TS]

00:48:44   or am I asking for a pat on the head and [TS]

00:48:47   you know is that just the wrong move and [TS]

00:48:49   I was I wanted her to feel like she was [TS]

00:48:52   above it but I really wanted that goes [TS]

00:48:55   to pop out of there and prove him wrong [TS]

00:48:56   and then I killed him you have attention [TS]

00:48:58   attention is not just are they going to [TS]

00:49:00   open or not which is really interesting [TS]

00:49:01   because they have different opinions and [TS]

00:49:02   they don't you know that they get right [TS]

00:49:04   but then the tension also when they open [TS]

00:49:06   it's like it looks like is there gonna [TS]

00:49:08   be a ghost remember that moment is [TS]

00:49:09   pretty was like hello little guy low and [TS]

00:49:12   the boom he's dead [TS]

00:49:13   ok working we don't see him dead but [TS]

00:49:14   he's he's very badly and the window has [TS]

00:49:19   been defenestrated yeah exactly right [TS]

00:49:21   you hate that I hate when that happens I [TS]

00:49:24   want to ask about the plot you know we [TS]

00:49:26   we've covered a lot of it obviously what [TS]

00:49:29   happens here is we have a rowan who is [TS]

00:49:31   our who is our bad guy who who is Neil [TS]

00:49:35   Casey he he tells patty for have [TS]

00:49:37   helpfully that she's going to be among [TS]

00:49:39   the last to die as a service worker [TS]

00:49:41   thanks dude he is he's got this is a [TS]

00:49:44   place where i actually like this plot [TS]

00:49:46   better than what they did in the [TS]

00:49:47   original Ghostbusters because i think [TS]

00:49:50   it's a very clever modification they [TS]

00:49:52   have an enemy in ghostbusters [TS]

00:49:54   the enemy is the supernatural enemy uh [TS]

00:49:56   of gozer who is it was basically like a [TS]

00:50:02   guy built a building in the twenties and [TS]

00:50:04   then 60 years later finally it worked [TS]

00:50:07   and in this movie [TS]

00:50:08   somebody is causing everything to happen [TS]

00:50:10   this guy is trying to bring about the [TS]

00:50:12   apocalypse he has a plan [TS]

00:50:13   he's trying to open the door from you [TS]

00:50:15   know to the other dimension and I think [TS]

00:50:17   that's a really good choice that that [TS]

00:50:19   they there is a subtle moment well it's [TS]

00:50:21   not super subtle but like there's a [TS]

00:50:23   glowing like one of his devices in the [TS]

00:50:25   mansion at the beginning and we don't [TS]

00:50:27   like nobody goes oh look there's a [TS]

00:50:30   device down there it's sort of like nine [TS]

00:50:32   or pushes in a little bit and then you [TS]

00:50:33   just kind of move on but it you think [TS]

00:50:36   back to it later you're like oh he was [TS]

00:50:37   there too [TS]

00:50:38   and that's the end and I I like that [TS]

00:50:41   about this that they have it they have a [TS]

00:50:42   true enemy and and it's this guy i don't [TS]

00:50:47   i don't know if i love the fact that the [TS]

00:50:49   guy ends up being the towering creature [TS]

00:50:51   destroying the city at the end rather [TS]

00:50:52   than a scary malevolent you know God [TS]

00:50:55   from another dimension but i do like [TS]

00:50:57   that it happens for a reason [TS]

00:50:59   instead of it just sort of happening [TS]

00:51:01   like weather which is what happens in [TS]

00:51:03   original yeah i'm glad that it happened [TS]

00:51:05   for a reason that they did have somebody [TS]

00:51:07   trying to bring this about like you said [TS]

00:51:10   rather than just spontaneous boogeymen [TS]

00:51:12   from the original ghostbusters [TS]

00:51:14   um I was almost not sold on the arm you [TS]

00:51:21   know nerdy picked on by getting revenge [TS]

00:51:23   on the entire world thing until we hit [TS]

00:51:26   one moment they're confronting him in [TS]

00:51:28   the hotel and he's complaining about how [TS]

00:51:30   he's been bullied and beaten all his [TS]

00:51:31   life and abby is just like yeah that [TS]

00:51:34   happens to us too and you know the [TS]

00:51:37   unspoken and you know we didn't go crazy [TS]

00:51:40   yeah whereas i could absolutely by this [TS]

00:51:42   guy as as the villain ya can get outside [TS]

00:51:46   sense of entitlement yeah his complete [TS]

00:51:50   inability to take any responsibility for [TS]

00:51:52   how people react to him and how he moves [TS]

00:51:54   through the world his completely skewed [TS]

00:51:57   sense of priorities his false sense of [TS]

00:52:01   Education it was just if you had been if [TS]

00:52:06   you had gone to somebody and said make [TS]

00:52:07   me a movie where read it is the villain [TS]

00:52:10   like like this is what they would have [TS]

00:52:14   come up with they could not have made [TS]

00:52:16   this guy I'm you know I suppose there's [TS]

00:52:18   a criticism to be made with all you [TS]

00:52:19   could have tried to make it you know [TS]

00:52:21   gives a little sympathy former have [TS]

00:52:23   understand his motivations but you know [TS]

00:52:25   I kinda like the idea that moves like no [TS]

00:52:27   you don't have to sympathize with them [TS]

00:52:28   you are under no obligation to [TS]

00:52:30   understand this guy the fact of the [TS]

00:52:32   matter is that by the time you interact [TS]

00:52:33   with them use a total tool box and you [TS]

00:52:35   and you just want me in your life it [TS]

00:52:37   doesn't there's no origin story that [TS]

00:52:39   makes him more sympathetic and there's [TS]

00:52:41   no good reason for what he does he's [TS]

00:52:42   just he's insulting city and jerk and [TS]

00:52:45   yes he did that moment is actually kind [TS]

00:52:48   of breathtaking when he does the villain [TS]

00:52:51   speech thing and he's like they never [TS]

00:52:52   listen to me and they didn't take me [TS]

00:52:54   seriously and and they look down on me [TS]

00:52:56   and all that and then the Ghostbusters [TS]

00:52:58   looking more like you know that's pretty [TS]

00:53:00   much what happens to us all the time [TS]

00:53:01   right yeah I just [TS]

00:53:03   that's what makes that's what makes them [TS]

00:53:05   so that's actually that is what made up [TS]

00:53:09   for cuz i'm i'm actually on the other [TS]

00:53:10   side of the fence hear from you Jason I [TS]

00:53:12   i really missed the sort of ancient evil [TS]

00:53:17   coming to take over and maybe just [TS]

00:53:18   because i read i read so much fantasy i [TS]

00:53:21   like the ancient evil i just miss that [TS]

00:53:22   there was not in the original [TS]

00:53:23   co-sponsors kind of no catalyst for it [TS]

00:53:26   and i wanted i love that I like that [TS]

00:53:28   there's no cattle it feels more cult [TS]

00:53:30   that way it's like the thing that has [TS]

00:53:31   been sleeping potion doors open for you [TS]

00:53:34   now I guess it's time for her to wake up [TS]

00:53:36   already know maybe because I play so [TS]

00:53:38   much D&D just there you know reading [TS]

00:53:40   Lovecraft about the idea of sort of an [TS]

00:53:42   ancient evil that doesn't particularly [TS]

00:53:44   have a face at least not the one that [TS]

00:53:45   you can see to me is much more [TS]

00:53:47   interesting as a villain in whittier [TS]

00:53:49   somebody roll a 1 and the building which [TS]

00:53:51   up it's just when can i angered the [TS]

00:53:56   building [TS]

00:53:57   have you tried sweeping sidewalks it [TS]

00:53:59   likes that if you're gonna give them the [TS]

00:54:01   villain of face and actually you know [TS]

00:54:03   have it be a character i could not have [TS]

00:54:05   chosen any better than this because yes [TS]

00:54:07   the idea of you know just the the [TS]

00:54:10   stereotypical angry nerd on the internet [TS]

00:54:14   being that you know he's like a walking [TS]

00:54:16   youtube comment and it's bad guys so [TS]

00:54:19   gathers you can't go wrong with that so [TS]

00:54:22   i did i did enjoy and that seemed that [TS]

00:54:24   you guys mentioned was also like a [TS]

00:54:25   jaw-dropper for me because I was like [TS]

00:54:27   wow way to lay it out for us film left [TS]

00:54:30   about that what else I loved is that in [TS]

00:54:32   this movie the women don't do a whole [TS]

00:54:34   lot of emotional labor for them in their [TS]

00:54:35   lives like there aren't any scenes where [TS]

00:54:37   they spend their time fretting or [TS]

00:54:39   worrying about some dude state of mind [TS]

00:54:41   they don't spend a whole lot of time [TS]

00:54:42   trying to make some trying to eat some [TS]

00:54:44   guys and security by mouthing platitudes [TS]

00:54:45   or or like no no its you really [TS]

00:54:48   misunderstood and we're here to help you [TS]

00:54:50   like like they take care of each other [TS]

00:54:52   as friends but like nobody is there to [TS]

00:54:55   make Kevin feel good about his life [TS]

00:54:57   choices nobody [TS]

00:54:58   is there to make this villain feel good [TS]

00:54:59   about his life choices they don't even [TS]

00:55:01   want to make the mayor feel good about [TS]

00:55:02   anything he's doing and is it is so nice [TS]

00:55:05   like okay is so nice to watch a movie [TS]

00:55:08   like that where after watching say [TS]

00:55:10   Captain America 3 where everyone was [TS]

00:55:12   like no no Tony Stark don't do that or [TS]

00:55:14   no no captain america don't do that [TS]

00:55:17   these are my friends too or after [TS]

00:55:19   watching like the Avengers where it's [TS]

00:55:21   but I don't know man what do you think [TS]

00:55:23   the problem is and like it's just so [TS]

00:55:26   nice to have these people who are like I [TS]

00:55:28   like I like science thing up i like [TS]

00:55:30   being right about stuff I like hanging [TS]

00:55:32   with my friends I like papa john's pizza [TS]

00:55:34   because the script makes me and we're [TS]

00:55:36   gonna do this thing [TS]

00:55:38   there's a moment where Abby's character [TS]

00:55:41   explicitly calls role in a bully [TS]

00:55:43   she shouted out the window Adam as he's [TS]

00:55:45   like riding away with with some Kevin's [TS]

00:55:47   body and it felt very deliberate and I [TS]

00:55:51   appreciated the heck out of it that and [TS]

00:55:54   again like another while you lay it out [TS]

00:55:57   for the movie just laying it out there [TS]

00:55:59   because we see him getting bullied and [TS]

00:56:02   by other people and he is still himself [TS]

00:56:05   a bully and it's a direct pointing the [TS]

00:56:09   finger at every internet jerk who is [TS]

00:56:12   using his own tortured history as as an [TS]

00:56:15   excuse and that was I was gonna wave a [TS]

00:56:17   flag that was what I was like four mhm i [TS]

00:56:20   want to talk about the the government [TS]

00:56:23   part of this story which again in the [TS]

00:56:24   original they go see the mayor the here [TS]

00:56:26   we get first of andy garcia is the mayor [TS]

00:56:28   which is just a wacky part and Cecily [TS]

00:56:30   strong [TS]

00:56:31   Cecily Strong's is a is a PR person [TS]

00:56:34   basically you know it does not unclench [TS]

00:56:36   your jaw and not even a little bit of [TS]

00:56:38   here SIA has one of the other wacky [TS]

00:56:41   lines in the movie which is I'm not the [TS]

00:56:43   jaws mayor don't say I'm a bear and [TS]

00:56:46   they're meeting their fetters a deep cut [TS]

00:56:50   that is bizarre but i want to ask about [TS]

00:56:52   the FBI stuff because this is actually [TS]

00:56:54   one of the problems with the plot of [TS]

00:56:55   this movie is I feel like there's that [TS]

00:56:57   moment where the basically the [TS]

00:56:58   government calls on the supernatural [TS]

00:57:00   people like that Fox Mulder had been [TS]

00:57:02   waiting his whole life for this moment [TS]

00:57:03   and he never got it is which is like yes [TS]

00:57:06   there is a conspiracy but we've got it [TS]

00:57:10   so just go back we're going [TS]

00:57:11   and the funny part is we're going to [TS]

00:57:13   pretend that you're incompetent but now [TS]

00:57:15   it's totally real and and that is funny [TS]

00:57:17   but I never really bought this part of [TS]

00:57:20   the story because I felt like I wanted [TS]

00:57:22   the government to either say we're [TS]

00:57:25   covering it up but we know nothing and [TS]

00:57:27   have them be like outrage like we can [TS]

00:57:29   help you with this or to have it be like [TS]

00:57:31   the government is on it and they've got [TS]

00:57:33   their own people on it [TS]

00:57:35   I really honestly all I really wanted [TS]

00:57:36   was a scene where they said we got our [TS]

00:57:38   we've got our top men working on and [TS]

00:57:40   maybe who and they taught yeah man I [TS]

00:57:42   realized that's referencing another one [TS]

00:57:44   of my favorite movies but still that [TS]

00:57:45   moment of like oh no the government's [TS]

00:57:47   got this and the ghost buster will be [TS]

00:57:48   like no no we're the experts so who do [TS]

00:57:51   you have [TS]

00:57:52   and instead it was like they didn't want [TS]

00:57:53   to talk about it like they didn't want [TS]

00:57:55   to say the government new other than [TS]

00:57:57   that look at it or that the government [TS]

00:57:59   wasn't completely incompetent and just [TS]

00:58:01   want to cover it up and hope it went [TS]

00:58:03   away I felt like they were in this weird [TS]

00:58:04   middle ground and I felt like I get why [TS]

00:58:06   they did it for the plot and the movie [TS]

00:58:09   and maybe some of the jokes but I really [TS]

00:58:11   it didn't sit well with me like the FBI [TS]

00:58:14   agents are like the FBI agents and [TS]

00:58:15   diehard they're completely useless and I [TS]

00:58:20   don't know I just I just wanted [TS]

00:58:22   something different I felt like there [TS]

00:58:23   must have been some other spin they [TS]

00:58:24   could put on on like what the government [TS]

00:58:26   knows to make the Ghostbusters more [TS]

00:58:28   incensed or see more capable like that [TS]

00:58:31   the government doesn't even want to [TS]

00:58:32   listen to them and instead it was like [TS]

00:58:33   no no we've got it under control [TS]

00:58:36   blank space yeah like you said it [TS]

00:58:38   doesn't fit because they they don't go [TS]

00:58:40   for one or the other up to me it just [TS]

00:58:42   felt like this one huge metaphor of um [TS]

00:58:45   you know women's efforts being undercut [TS]

00:58:48   again you know like if a woman does [TS]

00:58:50   something and there's a man around you [TS]

00:58:51   can take credit for it he might yeah [TS]

00:58:53   yeah that's sort of that it's not like [TS]

00:58:56   that i just wanted a better explanation [TS]

00:58:57   for why I get I I mean that it was [TS]

00:58:59   effective and funny when they're always [TS]

00:59:01   made to be incompetent NBC on TV and [TS]

00:59:03   they're like oh man I just wanted like [TS]

00:59:05   why did that happen and I did I didn't [TS]

00:59:08   get any logic I felt like from the movie [TS]

00:59:09   about that now I don't forget him [TS]

00:59:11   this is a post-911 world and they you [TS]

00:59:13   know sort of have to acknowledge what if [TS]

00:59:16   if this was a real thing if ghosts were [TS]

00:59:18   really happening in New York help with [TS]

00:59:20   home some homeland security would have a [TS]

00:59:22   role in it they would be doing something [TS]

00:59:25   um and they wouldn't necessarily want a [TS]

00:59:27   public entity involved in nature but on [TS]

00:59:30   the other hand you know if they were [TS]

00:59:32   serious about that then you know you [TS]

00:59:34   shut down the whole operation you [TS]

00:59:36   convince the Ghostbusters to move to [TS]

00:59:40   another town or you know arrest them or [TS]

00:59:42   something we'll just stay out of this [TS]

00:59:44   one because we had our own people but we [TS]

00:59:45   never really saw their own people [TS]

00:59:47   yeah it would be really funny if they [TS]

00:59:48   had talked about their own people and [TS]

00:59:49   you cut to like Claire Danes in a room [TS]

00:59:51   with a really elaborate charge yard [TS]

00:59:54   between photos and she's like ranting [TS]

00:59:57   and raving and no one is listening to [TS]

00:59:58   her like that would have been one of the [TS]

00:59:58   her like that would have been one of the [TS]

01:00:00   greatest you okay and it would have also [TS]

01:00:03   done a really good job of continuing the [TS]

01:00:05   theme that women often don't get listen [TS]

01:00:07   to even when they're onto something and [TS]

01:00:09   even when they should be respected for [TS]

01:00:10   their chops like that would have been [TS]

01:00:11   just a wonderful idea where they're like [TS]

01:00:14   do we have a best person like of course [TS]

01:00:15   we do and they're cut to somebody who's [TS]

01:00:17   there [TS]

01:00:18   her phone is literally disconnected and [TS]

01:00:19   nobody's noticed and she's got her giant [TS]

01:00:22   diagram and she's figured out the whole [TS]

01:00:23   thing and she's ranting and raving about [TS]

01:00:24   New York and no one is talking to her I [TS]

01:00:27   kind of wondered especially at the end [TS]

01:00:29   after seeing the dance sequence moved to [TS]

01:00:32   the end credits i wondered if there is [TS]

01:00:34   there is actually more to the FBI plot [TS]

01:00:37   haha that got either not feeling in the [TS]

01:00:39   first place or film and cut or something [TS]

01:00:41   because I agree it did feel it felt very [TS]

01:00:43   thin like it in a movie that had a lot [TS]

01:00:46   of depth in a lot of places it was just [TS]

01:00:48   like sort of the one paper thin thing [TS]

01:00:50   that was just plastering over one little [TS]

01:00:52   section of the tone you got to see this [TS]

01:00:54   right here is like my I would I felt [TS]

01:00:58   overall like just so confused about this [TS]

01:01:01   movie when i left the theater because [TS]

01:01:03   there's so much I liked about it and so [TS]

01:01:05   much that just didn't work that I ended [TS]

01:01:07   up did just feeling very alike [TS]

01:01:12   I didn't know what I thought of it I [TS]

01:01:14   haven't felt that way about a movie in a [TS]

01:01:16   long time but going back to the die-hard [TS]

01:01:18   thing i thought of die hard 2 and it's [TS]

01:01:20   in die hard the FBI become sort of the [TS]

01:01:24   de facto villain in that they are they [TS]

01:01:27   play straight into the hands of a [TS]

01:01:31   coolant and Hans Gruber and they further [TS]

01:01:35   his scheme and that serves to build up [TS]

01:01:38   John McClane in a way that doesn't [TS]

01:01:43   happen in this movie and so they really [TS]

01:01:45   i mean they are i felt like they needed [TS]

01:01:48   a reason to sideline the ghostbusters [TS]

01:01:53   yeah that was why it's your example on [TS]

01:01:55   the sideline them and they never really [TS]

01:01:58   get a good excuse like because we say so [TS]

01:01:59   yeah like once they toss Bill Murray's [TS]

01:02:02   character out a window it's like they [TS]

01:02:03   still need some somebody or something [TS]

01:02:07   keeping them down and this was the best [TS]

01:02:09   they could come up with [TS]

01:02:10   yeah I feel like to address means point [TS]

01:02:12   um [TS]

01:02:13   I loved the experience of watching this [TS]

01:02:15   movie and I loved that I got all the way [TS]

01:02:18   for the movie and I was able to like let [TS]

01:02:20   out a breath I hadn't even been aware I [TS]

01:02:21   was holding um because again there's no [TS]

01:02:24   looks policing in this movie [TS]

01:02:27   no woman is reduced merely to whatever [TS]

01:02:29   value she brings to a dude's life like [TS]

01:02:31   there's no Cameron Crowe thank you [TS]

01:02:33   woman for helping me see the value of [TS]

01:02:35   who i am because you have done nothing [TS]

01:02:36   but devote your life to the value of me [TS]

01:02:38   like that there's just so much about [TS]

01:02:41   this movie that sell friendly 22 to me [TS]

01:02:46   as a woman watching it um you know the [TS]

01:02:49   the idea that it's women who have [TS]

01:02:52   relationships with each other when they [TS]

01:02:53   don't spend our time talking about men [TS]

01:02:54   at all like they actually have thoughts [TS]

01:02:56   and feelings about the world or or [TS]

01:02:58   things that they're interested in um and [TS]

01:03:00   when they're in a fight there is nothing [TS]

01:03:02   sexualized about what they're doing and [TS]

01:03:04   they want to resolve things they want to [TS]

01:03:07   result like the unit because it's one of [TS]

01:03:09   the corp beats in this movie is that a [TS]

01:03:12   bee and Aaron makeup and they become [TS]

01:03:13   friends and collaborators but they're [TS]

01:03:15   stronger for it and so I love that it [TS]

01:03:18   was a movie that doesn't make you feel [TS]

01:03:19   bad about how you look it is a movie [TS]

01:03:21   that celebrates women as people with Fox [TS]

01:03:24   and ambitions and interests outside of [TS]

01:03:27   men and families and things like that [TS]

01:03:29   and it's celebrated female relationships [TS]

01:03:31   and there's no Manic Pixie right dose [TS]

01:03:33   right right there's no emotional labor [TS]

01:03:35   than anybody does [TS]

01:03:36   there's no emotional labor anybody does [TS]

01:03:37   they shouldn't have to do and so like [TS]

01:03:40   that's just such a weird experience to [TS]

01:03:42   have and I can't remember the last time [TS]

01:03:44   i've watched a movie where I haven't had [TS]

01:03:46   to go okay yes but at some point during [TS]

01:03:49   the movie where I have to like it even [TS]

01:03:50   though some of it just like is all [TS]

01:03:52   oh that's right um that said just [TS]

01:03:55   because the movie had all those great [TS]

01:03:57   and novel things going for it [TS]

01:03:59   there are like complications that you [TS]

01:04:02   could drive a truck through and there [TS]

01:04:05   are choices i would have made in the [TS]

01:04:07   movie and there is like I don't know I [TS]

01:04:11   may be the only one who's really [TS]

01:04:12   disappointed that the movie also didn't [TS]

01:04:14   throw a wrench and Aaron by having the [TS]

01:04:15   woman who haunted her at the end of her [TS]

01:04:17   bed come back like I was so happy that [TS]

01:04:19   didn't happen [TS]

01:04:20   no because she actually [TS]

01:04:22   and I was like who the hell wants a [TS]

01:04:23   woman what the hell has a kid for a year [TS]

01:04:25   and thought if this ghost comes back and [TS]

01:04:28   aaron has to confront it like this can [TS]

01:04:29   be a moment that lets her move on from [TS]

01:04:31   that primal trauma you know I would have [TS]

01:04:34   liked to have seen how they would have [TS]

01:04:35   had a movie would have handled that I'm [TS]

01:04:37   not exactly a local yeah only because I [TS]

01:04:41   was so thrilled that they didn't have [TS]

01:04:43   that because that seemed to me to be [TS]

01:04:45   sort of the I was like no one needs a [TS]

01:04:47   catharsis in this movie no one uses the [TS]

01:04:50   past [TS]

01:04:51   no one needs to like have the like hug [TS]

01:04:55   it out and cry sort of thing happened to [TS]

01:04:57   them [TS]

01:04:58   yeah that is you anything brought up [TS]

01:05:00   that woman I was like well there's the [TS]

01:05:01   gun on the mantelpiece i'm just waiting [TS]

01:05:03   for it to go off and when they did [TS]

01:05:05   didn't it would just had when it was [TS]

01:05:08   just this little monologue that she got [TS]

01:05:10   to have about her origin as a [TS]

01:05:13   ghostbuster that that to me felt like a [TS]

01:05:18   little gift it was like we got to see [TS]

01:05:20   inside her for a little bit was like the [TS]

01:05:23   only bit of Interior already we got on [TS]

01:05:25   you know I guess any of these characters [TS]

01:05:28   really that wasn't directly related to [TS]

01:05:30   the plot and it got to just stand there [TS]

01:05:31   on its own as an intimate moment and I [TS]

01:05:33   was really glad we didn't get to see [TS]

01:05:35   that old lady [TS]

01:05:36   yeah it does feel like a movie that is [TS]

01:05:37   very much moving forward this is this is [TS]

01:05:39   a river running you know down the stream [TS]

01:05:41   carrying these characters forward were [TS]

01:05:44   not yet not confronting the past and [TS]

01:05:46   stuff well i think that would be a fun [TS]

01:05:48   thing to look at in in the sequel i do [TS]

01:05:51   agree at that is not something that I [TS]

01:05:53   actually noticed or thought about in [TS]

01:05:55   watching the movie but now that i think [TS]

01:05:56   about it i'm i'm ok with it not being [TS]

01:05:58   there because it would have maybe felt a [TS]

01:06:00   little bit like backtracking i want to [TS]

01:06:02   mention the dance because we've touched [TS]

01:06:03   on it i just found i want to say again [TS]

01:06:05   that it's really bizarre like first off [TS]

01:06:07   in the movie [TS]

01:06:08   I mean you could tell that they have [TS]

01:06:10   been blessing for deciding something [TS]

01:06:11   didn't work and and just taking it out [TS]

01:06:13   but like in the movie he makes the the [TS]

01:06:17   cops and the FBI guys and everybody else [TS]

01:06:19   in the street [TS]

01:06:20   do these dance poses and you're watching [TS]

01:06:22   and you're like what is happening huh [TS]

01:06:25   the bathroom and then and then at the [TS]

01:06:27   end of the movie over the end credits [TS]

01:06:30   there's a dance scene with stats in that [TS]

01:06:34   moment and [TS]

01:06:35   it's just I I'll i can't remember seeing [TS]

01:06:38   something so clearly like what we liked [TS]

01:06:41   this sort of but not enough to put in [TS]

01:06:44   the movie so we'll put it over the end [TS]

01:06:45   credits like this scene and I I mean I [TS]

01:06:48   guess it goes to a week and fuel all of [TS]

01:06:50   our theories about stuff that makes no [TS]

01:06:52   sense because they made changes in [TS]

01:06:54   editing because thatthat's you know I [TS]

01:06:56   don't know I just wanted to mention it [TS]

01:06:58   because it's really bizarre that they're [TS]

01:06:59   like yeah and remember that scene it [TS]

01:07:01   didn't make any sense [TS]

01:07:02   here's the music video over the end [TS]

01:07:03   credits it felt like it was an [TS]

01:07:04   acknowledgement of we all know how [TS]

01:07:06   movies are made we all see like the [TS]

01:07:08   second disc that comes with with the [TS]

01:07:10   blue right now we all see the behind the [TS]

01:07:12   scenes in the cutscenes and whatever so [TS]

01:07:14   instead of saving the cutscene for the [TS]

01:07:15   for the you know the the extra on the [TS]

01:07:18   disc here you can have it now and it was [TS]

01:07:20   like here's our gift to you yes that [TS]

01:07:22   moment was stupid [TS]

01:07:23   here's the here's why that moment was [TS]

01:07:25   stupid here's what you didn't see we're [TS]

01:07:26   going to show you now instead of you [TS]

01:07:28   having to wait six months [TS]

01:07:29   yeah i think my guess is that this was [TS]

01:07:30   rolling killing time waiting for the [TS]

01:07:33   Ghostbusters to show up you know wait [TS]

01:07:35   because they were eventually gonna get [TS]

01:07:36   there there's his line about women [TS]

01:07:38   always later whatever it is and as you [TS]

01:07:40   said they realize that it too long to [TS]

01:07:43   goofy but if we put it in the credits [TS]

01:07:46   and i think that works because both of [TS]

01:07:48   the viewings that I've seen so far are [TS]

01:07:51   people who were still there watching [TS]

01:07:53   guess what guys there's scene after the [TS]

01:07:55   credits stay for it that a lot of people [TS]

01:07:59   were giggling and laughing watching it [TS]

01:08:01   so the way they found to use it i think [TS]

01:08:04   it worked [TS]

01:08:05   mhm yeah i think this was the most like [TS]

01:08:08   uplifted and happy and chatty and giggly [TS]

01:08:11   and audience has ever been both during [TS]

01:08:14   the credits and at the end more people [TS]

01:08:16   stayed for the credits during this then [TS]

01:08:18   then even most of the Marvel movies are [TS]

01:08:21   going to see on opening night you know [TS]

01:08:22   you'd think those people would know [TS]

01:08:23   better than to leave before the credits [TS]

01:08:25   are open but are over but no no they're [TS]

01:08:27   they're gone [TS]

01:08:28   whereas a good chunk of the theater [TS]

01:08:30   stayed around for this and then as the [TS]

01:08:32   lights were coming up and everybody was [TS]

01:08:33   wandering out afterwards people were [TS]

01:08:35   joking with each other and laughing and [TS]

01:08:37   talking about things they had seen in [TS]

01:08:38   the movie and you know Harold Ramis is [TS]

01:08:41   bust and just take it was such a feeling [TS]

01:08:43   of come together Glee that I hadn't [TS]

01:08:47   experienced even at like something like [TS]

01:08:49   the force awakens which was an amazing [TS]

01:08:51   experience all its own [TS]

01:08:52   it didn't have the same sort of feeling [TS]

01:08:54   of just pure togetherness and happiness [TS]

01:08:57   which was really nice to experience and [TS]

01:08:59   I i do credit at least some of that with [TS]

01:09:01   having such just a a blatantly [TS]

01:09:04   over-the-top happy we're having a good [TS]

01:09:07   time sort of seen over the credits i [TS]

01:09:09   didn't mind it over the credits it was [TS]

01:09:11   like baby group dance yeah exactly [TS]

01:09:12   probably to them for taking it out [TS]

01:09:14   because that would have been horrible in [TS]

01:09:15   the beginning but yeah I mean I had some [TS]

01:09:17   issues with the with the end secrets but [TS]

01:09:20   boy they would have been so much worse [TS]

01:09:21   had that yeah part of the movie proper [TS]

01:09:24   are what are your issues [TS]

01:09:25   tell me tell me your issues my issue was [TS]

01:09:27   that it got toward the end and I [TS]

01:09:29   realized oh dear this is going to be a [TS]

01:09:31   great big over-the-top in-your-face cgi [TS]

01:09:35   action sequence and one of the things [TS]

01:09:37   that I love so much about the original [TS]

01:09:39   Ghostbusters was sort of the elegance of [TS]

01:09:41   the end of it it's for schlubby guys [TS]

01:09:43   that have to climb a whole bunch of [TS]

01:09:45   stairs and they're not in great shape [TS]

01:09:46   and they're exhausted and really they [TS]

01:09:49   beat the bad guy [TS]

01:09:50   bye-bye using their brains and you know [TS]

01:09:53   they almost beat themselves by using [TS]

01:09:55   their brains two things right you know [TS]

01:09:56   it but they're they're just you know [TS]

01:09:59   it's for proton packs and using them [TS]

01:10:01   appropriately there's there's not an ex [TS]

01:10:04   action sequence so the fact that they [TS]

01:10:06   were adding it here I was like really in [TS]

01:10:07   this day and age I guess every single [TS]

01:10:10   summer blockbuster has to have an annual [TS]

01:10:11   sequence and I was kind of very sad [TS]

01:10:14   about that and then as I was watching it [TS]

01:10:16   dawned on me you know what you never get [TS]

01:10:19   to see women having an action sequence [TS]

01:10:21   like this [TS]

01:10:22   just just all kinds of of glory and [TS]

01:10:25   they're just they're having fun and [TS]

01:10:27   kicking butt in a way that I mean [TS]

01:10:30   usually when you see really kick-ass [TS]

01:10:31   lady action sequences the ladies are [TS]

01:10:34   dressed in skin tight leather and [TS]

01:10:36   there's a lot of slow motion and [TS]

01:10:37   close-ups on peeping bosoms and all that [TS]

01:10:40   sort of stuff within the action sequence [TS]

01:10:42   which drives me crazy and here we didn't [TS]

01:10:44   have any of that this is just a bunch of [TS]

01:10:46   people who are trying to save the world [TS]

01:10:47   and actually having fun doing it and [TS]

01:10:50   realizing that this is something that [TS]

01:10:52   almost never gets a chance to happen and [TS]

01:10:54   this whole movie is one big thing that [TS]

01:10:57   almost never get a chance to happen i [TS]

01:10:58   cannot blame them for taking this [TS]

01:11:00   opportunity to put something like that [TS]

01:11:02   in there and and then you had the [TS]

01:11:04   ultimate scene which yeah that was that [TS]

01:11:06   was lying on the Kinsey scale right yeah [TS]

01:11:08   yeah 40 yeah we are post matrix is of [TS]

01:11:13   course there was going to be special [TS]

01:11:15   effects and as you said some kind of [TS]

01:11:17   made big fight sequencers you know they [TS]

01:11:19   were going to fight a big band of some [TS]

01:11:21   sort on I had a and as you said all we [TS]

01:11:25   got was them fighting them helping each [TS]

01:11:28   other than supporting each other as they [TS]

01:11:31   fought arm and then that was you have [TS]

01:11:34   the other thing of the the way they [TS]

01:11:37   chose to take it out loosen his grip and [TS]

01:11:39   they go for the court shot loved it with [TS]

01:11:41   am absolutely loved one of the things [TS]

01:11:44   that I like throughout this movie is and [TS]

01:11:47   a thing that doesn't happen again it got [TS]

01:11:50   the original Ghostbusters just skipped [TS]

01:11:51   right over it is [TS]

01:11:52   Holtzman in the background is inventing [TS]

01:11:56   new things all the time right yeah and [TS]

01:11:58   it's like manic you and all we get you [TS]

01:12:01   know and in the original Ghostbusters we [TS]

01:12:02   get literally two scenes where they use [TS]

01:12:04   their equipment there's a scene in the [TS]

01:12:06   hotel [TS]

01:12:07   I mean I guess it's too seems there's [TS]

01:12:08   seen upstairs where they burn the toilet [TS]

01:12:10   paper and scare the the lady in pink me [TS]

01:12:12   get slimed and there's the scene in the [TS]

01:12:13   ballroom and then there's the scene at [TS]

01:12:15   the end right that those are the two [TS]

01:12:17   things we see of them using the [TS]

01:12:18   equipment here at the end one of the [TS]

01:12:21   things I really like about it is it's [TS]

01:12:22   messy enough when they get there that [TS]

01:12:24   they have to use their equipment and we [TS]

01:12:26   see everything that they've used and [TS]

01:12:27   then some things that we didn't even [TS]

01:12:29   know holtzman a invented and and and [TS]

01:12:31   everything like is used with a purpose [TS]

01:12:34   they use they use the the little proton [TS]

01:12:37   packs of so much more than it's used in [TS]

01:12:40   the original and you can really see like [TS]

01:12:41   these are why they work the way they [TS]

01:12:43   work which i really like all of that if [TS]

01:12:46   there's anything in that and I really [TS]

01:12:48   like that when they finally get the [TS]

01:12:49   giant towering thing you're like well [TS]

01:12:50   let's go for a soft spot and they and [TS]

01:12:52   they shoot him in the crotch I thought [TS]

01:12:54   that was hilarious [TS]

01:12:55   I didn't think it went a little i went a [TS]

01:12:57   little long i also like the ghost I [TS]

01:12:58   think that goes really weird that like [TS]

01:13:00   that all still like ghost walking around [TS]

01:13:02   and stuff yeah another I thought they [TS]

01:13:04   looked to glow and weird and I like to [TS]

01:13:06   them I thought they I thought it was a [TS]

01:13:07   like almost like a carnival but evil and [TS]

01:13:11   ghostly currently i liked it i think [TS]

01:13:14   that the portal thing was a little bit [TS]

01:13:16   years and I and I get why emotionally [TS]

01:13:18   they wanted to have 11 of them save the [TS]

01:13:21   other one and and all of that but it is [TS]

01:13:23   not only do they feel a little big hero [TS]

01:13:25   6 to me but it felt like that one was [TS]

01:13:27   was uh I kind of wanted to be over I [TS]

01:13:29   don't want them to just sort of solve [TS]

01:13:31   the problem and be done instead of [TS]

01:13:33   having it extend for another five [TS]

01:13:35   minutes as they kind of go down through [TS]

01:13:37   a portal and then come back i kinda like [TS]

01:13:39   that because it was to me that was sort [TS]

01:13:41   of the replacement for the elegance of [TS]

01:13:43   the ending of the original I I wanted a [TS]

01:13:45   little bit of that more sort of but [TS]

01:13:47   intimate ending and and that was how I [TS]

01:13:51   got it and I i agree that it does maybe [TS]

01:13:53   feels a little bit tacked on but i [TS]

01:13:55   just-i I just thought it was beautiful [TS]

01:13:57   i'm going to admit it gave me it gave me [TS]

01:13:59   entirely different kinds of fields that [TS]

01:14:01   made me all kind of weepy and and happy [TS]

01:14:02   and stuff so I did the way that the [TS]

01:14:04   problem was solved the way I i was [TS]

01:14:07   really happy that it was Patty who [TS]

01:14:09   solved it but but the world the way that [TS]

01:14:12   you know here's the setup and here's the [TS]

01:14:14   thing the the car that's got the bomb on [TS]

01:14:16   top of it and here's you know the thing [TS]

01:14:17   we it felt like the last 10 minutes of a [TS]

01:14:21   mid-level doctor who episode we're ok [TS]

01:14:25   now the doctor has to solve the problem [TS]

01:14:27   well here's the thing that's going to [TS]

01:14:28   solve the problem apply solution a2 [TS]

01:14:32   problem be there you go it happened when [TS]

01:14:35   it needed to happen [TS]

01:14:36   there you go and that to me felt a [TS]

01:14:39   little not pat but just I wanted more i [TS]

01:14:44   wanted a little more surprised i wanted [TS]

01:14:46   a little more tension and it was just [TS]

01:14:50   everything was just telegraphed so [TS]

01:14:53   clearly three minutes before it actually [TS]

01:14:55   happened that I just I was a little [TS]

01:14:58   bored toward the end and that was that [TS]

01:15:00   was disappointing [TS]

01:15:01   yeah i mean i i'm with you i'm the [TS]

01:15:04   downer i feel like the bomb on the car [TS]

01:15:07   was not overly telegraphing I just [TS]

01:15:10   thought it was it was seated at the [TS]

01:15:12   right time it didn't it didn't feel too [TS]

01:15:14   obvious to me I didn't think of until [TS]

01:15:15   after patty said it so as an action [TS]

01:15:17   sequence i thought the end was boring [TS]

01:15:19   but I get totally get the emotional [TS]

01:15:21   appeal of it right i mean I that's why [TS]

01:15:22   that scene is there it was just sort of [TS]

01:15:24   coming right on the heels of the rest of [TS]

01:15:26   the action sequence and also I know I [TS]

01:15:28   have [TS]

01:15:28   I have that inside me which is like the [TS]

01:15:30   physics of either on a cable and then [TS]

01:15:33   through a portal and how are they going [TS]

01:15:34   to pull them back and how she actually [TS]

01:15:36   speeding up to catch the error because [TS]

01:15:40   are you are they in avoid floating [TS]

01:15:42   around and any guy in a kind of but [TS]

01:15:44   again emotionally resonant absolutely it [TS]

01:15:46   was it was just I think maybe piling it [TS]

01:15:48   all together but a lot to like about it [TS]

01:15:52   and and and i think it ended and fun [TS]

01:15:55   what else have we not talked about the [TS]

01:15:56   people want to mention because now is [TS]

01:15:57   your time to bring it all out [TS]

01:15:59   have we talked about holds me yet [TS]

01:16:01   because she's pretty great didn't I just [TS]

01:16:04   yeah [TS]

01:16:05   oh okay just making sure just making [TS]

01:16:07   sure i think my favorite thing is [TS]

01:16:08   actually the first time i watched it [TS]

01:16:09   when they were all these groups of girls [TS]

01:16:11   and all these groups of women and then [TS]

01:16:12   after it was over everyone stayed in the [TS]

01:16:14   theater and watch the way through even [TS]

01:16:16   to the like that the Stinger see at the [TS]

01:16:18   end and then everyone just like stood in [TS]

01:16:20   the aisles and talked and some the lobby [TS]

01:16:22   and talked instead the bathroom and [TS]

01:16:23   talked and it was just there was this [TS]

01:16:25   palpable sense of pleasure and relief [TS]

01:16:28   and it was such a great movie going [TS]

01:16:31   experience and so I think that's gonna [TS]

01:16:33   color my perception of the movie for a [TS]

01:16:35   while and I'm looking forward to seeing [TS]

01:16:36   this one comes out on HBO and two years [TS]

01:16:39   or whatever because it will be [TS]

01:16:40   interesting to see how i received the [TS]

01:16:42   movie then compared to you know the [TS]

01:16:44   experience of going to see the movie um [TS]

01:16:46   it has anybody else have that that [TS]

01:16:49   observation experience for you have to [TS]

01:16:50   kind of separate out the whole at this [TS]

01:16:53   place and time the movie felt like this [TS]

01:16:54   but when i see in a different context i [TS]

01:16:56   suspect it will be something else [TS]

01:16:57   oh yeah I'm not even trying though in [TS]

01:16:59   this case i did a resident of it as it [TS]

01:17:01   is 400 can yeah yeah yeah there's that [TS]

01:17:05   because i went in with the mindset you [TS]

01:17:08   know early on [TS]

01:17:09   I'm going to pay for this movie and I [TS]

01:17:11   don't care if it's garbage i'm going to [TS]

01:17:12   pay for this movie just out of principle [TS]

01:17:14   and the more I saw of it you have the [TS]

01:17:16   more i was thinking okay I think I'm [TS]

01:17:18   gonna like it [TS]

01:17:19   I did not expect to come out feeling [TS]

01:17:21   loving it just feeling like I was on a [TS]

01:17:24   high and i still felt that pretty much [TS]

01:17:26   the second time around you know even [TS]

01:17:28   though my son was like you know I liked [TS]

01:17:30   it but you know uh I didn't like this or [TS]

01:17:34   I thought that was kinda corny your [TS]

01:17:35   disowned quiet he hated [TS]

01:17:38   mrs. Slimer haha oh I hated this line [TS]

01:17:42   between he was ok with Slimer but he [TS]

01:17:44   hated the existence of mrs. library and [TS]

01:17:48   I admit I'm necessary you know goofy [TS]

01:17:51   unnecessary but i don't know why that [TS]

01:17:53   just ticked him off so much I thought [TS]

01:17:55   that was a really good comedy [TS]

01:17:56   build-to-order it's like he steals with [TS]

01:17:58   her and then we seem kind of comeback [TS]

01:18:00   and then he comes back again like yeah [TS]

01:18:02   this people there's like other ghosts [TS]

01:18:05   with him and I think he would have been [TS]

01:18:07   fine with a full car he just didn't like [TS]

01:18:09   that he didn't like mrs. lamber with her [TS]

01:18:11   blonde respond week or whatever ya miss [TS]

01:18:13   pac-man I'm on I'm on Team your son [TS]

01:18:16   mmm yeah I i kind of am too [TS]

01:18:19   I I enjoyed that they generate the ghost [TS]

01:18:22   so aggressively and she ended up just [TS]

01:18:23   being such an awful stereotype because [TS]

01:18:25   it it it felt like this pacman it's like [TS]

01:18:28   everything in the eighties when they're [TS]

01:18:30   like oh people are complaining because [TS]

01:18:31   there's no female characters will show [TS]

01:18:32   you now and they stick in someone's [TS]

01:18:34   gonna bow on her head come on yeah it's [TS]

01:18:37   so awful it's just it just has a feel of [TS]

01:18:40   fine and that's what I love about it is [TS]

01:18:43   because it's just such a it's such a [TS]

01:18:45   call back to all of those stupid stupid [TS]

01:18:48   1980 style cartoons that we have to put [TS]

01:18:51   on a girl or else now will pick us here [TS]

01:18:53   you go [TS]

01:18:54   yeah i kinda just tried to forget the [TS]

01:18:56   whole Slimer that I liked I liked seeing [TS]

01:18:58   Slimer at the hot dog cart i thought [TS]

01:19:00   that was a nice little it was a nice [TS]

01:19:02   little callback that you didn't [TS]

01:19:03   necessarily have to have run original [TS]

01:19:05   movie to to just enjoy but yeah then [TS]

01:19:07   this Slimers and his family getting it [TS]

01:19:12   yeah that was just that was too much for [TS]

01:19:14   me and I had actually forgotten all [TS]

01:19:16   about the fact that had happened until [TS]

01:19:17   you guys is probably a good thing i want [TS]

01:19:21   to mention the scene where they were [TS]

01:19:23   they that their big sort of eureka [TS]

01:19:25   moment where they figured out that it's [TS]

01:19:27   lay lines and they figured out by [TS]

01:19:29   mapping out the attacks because i am [TS]

01:19:32   such a huge sucker for a good like [TS]

01:19:36   yuriko realization seen with a map in it [TS]

01:19:39   and where is because if that [TS]

01:19:41   visualization of oak is where were [TS]

01:19:44   getting the realization we can see it as [TS]

01:19:47   they see it and [TS]

01:19:48   I can't remember one that had any women [TS]

01:19:51   at the the two other ones i can remember [TS]

01:19:53   our hunt for red october has one and so [TS]

01:19:57   does sneakers gotta love when you draw [TS]

01:19:59   you draw thing and things connected [TS]

01:20:01   there like who they connect right it's [TS]

01:20:03   like the way we search for a pattern for [TS]

01:20:05   the serial killer and somebody goes but [TS]

01:20:06   what if we did it like this yeah oh my [TS]

01:20:08   god that's where the serial killer is [TS]

01:20:09   it's a great moment I i had a thing that [TS]

01:20:11   I want to mention which is about the [TS]

01:20:13   ending so the ending they they like [TS]

01:20:17   thanks for saving the city what do you [TS]

01:20:18   want and they're like we want that [TS]

01:20:20   firehouse that's the firehouse from from [TS]

01:20:22   the original Ghostbusters we want that [TS]

01:20:24   to be our HQ like all right and it's [TS]

01:20:26   gonna get it and we see Sigourney Weaver [TS]

01:20:28   in what is a fun cameo as these as the [TS]

01:20:32   mentor for holtzman he lets her forties [TS]

01:20:35   you're doing a great job there [TS]

01:20:38   yeah and that that little scene as well [TS]

01:20:41   as the post-credits scene because every [TS]

01:20:43   movies got one of those where where [TS]

01:20:45   where they're saying because nobody's uu [TS]

01:20:47   v one of the things that i love about [TS]

01:20:51   this movie and I loved about a feeling I [TS]

01:20:55   got walking out of a lot of those [TS]

01:20:56   classic Star Trek movies always felt [TS]

01:20:59   this way was like that I can't wait to [TS]

01:21:01   see the next part of the adventure like [TS]

01:21:03   you know the news and instruct for they [TS]

01:21:05   get that they get the new enterprise and [TS]

01:21:07   they're about to go out and adventures [TS]

01:21:08   you leave the theater kind of uplifting [TS]

01:21:10   of like what will those adventures be [TS]

01:21:11   right and that's how I left this movie I [TS]

01:21:13   didn't think going into it I never even [TS]

01:21:16   thought about them doing a sequel to [TS]

01:21:17   this movie and I came out thinking I [TS]

01:21:19   really want to see that movie i really [TS]

01:21:21   want to see them with the all of their [TS]

01:21:23   powers with the firehouse and and and [TS]

01:21:26   this cool setup and and sigourney weaver [TS]

01:21:28   as the scientific mentor I want to see [TS]

01:21:31   that and that that's a neat trick to you [TS]

01:21:33   had me sit through the whole movie and [TS]

01:21:35   get to the end and say oh I want to see [TS]

01:21:36   I want to see more and they did it [TS]

01:21:38   I had a lot of fun with this movie and [TS]

01:21:40   and I wonder what I like about a [TS]

01:21:42   conversation as I feel like we've [TS]

01:21:43   covered the high points and I think [TS]

01:21:45   we've covered the flaws that this movie [TS]

01:21:47   has and this is not a movie without [TS]

01:21:48   flaws but you know there were pacing [TS]

01:21:50   things things that probably should've [TS]

01:21:51   been cut out just a few strange creative [TS]

01:21:53   decisions and then also it's a lot of [TS]

01:21:57   funny moments of good character stuff [TS]

01:21:58   great cast of the castings phenomenal [TS]

01:22:00   yeah oh yeah oh yeah and I mean 1i liked [TS]

01:22:04   it i mean i didn't i didn't love it [TS]

01:22:05   I don't think it's like the best movie [TS]

01:22:07   I've ever seen or anything but I thought [TS]

01:22:08   it was real I thought it was a really [TS]

01:22:09   good comedy and I love this genre and [TS]

01:22:12   and that this is jean de that was [TS]

01:22:13   basically created by the original [TS]

01:22:14   Ghostbusters i would argue which is the [TS]

01:22:16   blockbuster comedy the action sci-fi [TS]

01:22:20   comedy and it was a very eighties kind [TS]

01:22:23   of concept and i love that I love that [TS]

01:22:24   there are good spooky ghosts and and [TS]

01:22:27   science things and jokes altogether [TS]

01:22:29   that's sort of my thing so I this did [TS]

01:22:33   this did that and more [TS]

01:22:34   more like this please yeah you know I [TS]

01:22:36   much more like that i would say that at [TS]

01:22:38   this point i do love it and I think a [TS]

01:22:40   lot of that is likely that was saying [TS]

01:22:42   just because of the feeling that I had [TS]

01:22:43   watching at the experience and you know [TS]

01:22:45   maybe years down the road maybe even [TS]

01:22:47   just a few months down the road i will [TS]

01:22:48   it will be downgraded to get to liking [TS]

01:22:50   it and finding it and enjoy a movie but [TS]

01:22:52   really from i mean i can actually tell [TS]

01:22:54   you kind of where the turning-point [TS]

01:22:55   happened for me there's the awkwardness [TS]

01:22:57   at the beginning that i wasn't quite [TS]

01:22:59   enjoying and then you get the scene [TS]

01:23:00   where Holtzman is dancing to the rhythm [TS]

01:23:02   of the night and then added comes in and [TS]

01:23:06   says I don't mean to depart in which [TS]

01:23:09   they had me that that that dancing that [TS]

01:23:12   line was like a little hook directly [TS]

01:23:13   into the heart of America and they just [TS]

01:23:15   dragged me along for the rest of the [TS]

01:23:17   movie and holster replies I was into [TS]

01:23:19   March see how I thought it was a good [TS]

01:23:24   today that was the moment that they had [TS]

01:23:26   me and they kept me until the very end [TS]

01:23:28   so i don't know i'm still writing on the [TS]

01:23:30   high i plan to go see it again probably [TS]

01:23:31   next week i was hoping to see you again [TS]

01:23:33   before we recorded I just didn't have [TS]

01:23:34   time so so yes I'm going again [TS]

01:23:37   yeah i'm hoping to go again this weekend [TS]

01:23:39   so that the so so that'd be a strong [TS]

01:23:41   second we get the books [TS]

01:23:42   yes see I wish I didn't feel like this [TS]

01:23:46   movie is as much of a precious gift as [TS]

01:23:48   it actually is [TS]

01:23:49   yeah because I wish I could just enjoy [TS]

01:23:53   it as a comedy on its own terms and [TS]

01:23:56   acknowledge successes and acknowledge [TS]

01:23:58   where it needed work and have a nice fun [TS]

01:24:01   summer comedy that you go and you see in [TS]

01:24:03   your laugh at and maybe four days later [TS]

01:24:05   you don't remember half of it but that's [TS]

01:24:07   fine [TS]

01:24:08   the guys get that all the time how many [TS]

01:24:10   times have I gone and seeing one of [TS]

01:24:12   those [TS]

01:24:12   and it in fact instead we felt like you [TS]

01:24:16   know i-i've I feel like I have to really [TS]

01:24:20   punch up the good things about it and [TS]

01:24:22   you know sort of not so much about the [TS]

01:24:25   bad things about it because it's just so [TS]

01:24:28   rare and precious and it just sort of [TS]

01:24:33   makes my heart twists all right I think [TS]

01:24:36   we've reached the end but i want to [TS]

01:24:37   thank my panel for telling me that [TS]

01:24:40   there's a phone in my desk and not just [TS]

01:24:41   in the aquarium [TS]

01:24:42   it's important to pro tip for getting to [TS]

01:24:47   know it's ok Jason we like you despite [TS]

01:24:49   your many many frustrating work haha i [TS]

01:24:52   think there's something about a goat uh [TS]

01:24:54   Lisa miser thank you so much for being [TS]

01:24:57   here [TS]

01:24:57   I just want you to have books can't fly [TS]

01:24:59   and magical babies [TS]

01:25:00   holy worker thank you thank you erica [TS]

01:25:03   and sign thanks for being here and thank [TS]

01:25:04   you you guys this is exactly how I [TS]

01:25:06   pictured my desk was a good line and she [TS]

01:25:12   had suffered thank you for being here [TS]

01:25:14   always a pleasure and thanks for being [TS]

01:25:16   here for listening to this edition of [TS]

01:25:17   the uncomfortable we will see you next [TS]

01:25:20   week [TS]

01:25:25   [Music] [TS]