The Talk Show

294: ‘DOS Rot’, With John Moltz


00:00:00   I don't think I've ever told you this.

00:00:02   I am a big believer in the poodle.

00:00:04   I also believe though that we should keep it quiet.

00:00:08   But I feel like I'm almost out of this.

00:00:11   Jonas is heading into 11th grade.

00:00:13   I think we're hopefully getting out of the quarantine.

00:00:17   I feel like if I've gotten this far and we haven't gotten a dog,

00:00:21   I'm going to get out of this without a dog.

00:00:23   But in my back pocket,

00:00:24   I've had all along,

00:00:25   if we got to get a dog, we're getting a poodle.

00:00:28   Yeah. Because they're great.

00:00:30   He's good. He's 11,

00:00:34   but old dogs age faster.

00:00:36   So he's a little rickety at this point.

00:00:40   Yeah.

00:00:40   But he's a good boy.

00:00:42   They're great dogs. They're smart.

00:00:44   They have great disposition.

00:00:46   They don't shed.

00:00:48   They don't shed.

00:00:50   They do not shed.

00:00:52   They don't. The only thing that happens is

00:00:55   Karen will cut his hair and then leave the hairline all over the place.

00:00:59   I assume under the assumption the Roomba will take care of it.

00:01:03   I'm not sure what's going on there.

00:01:06   We also have, Amy had a poodle growing up named Andy.

00:01:10   He was a great dog.

00:01:11   They live a long time.

00:01:13   Andy was unbelievable.

00:01:15   I honestly got it.

00:01:17   Was that a little one?

00:01:18   He was like a mid-size.

00:01:20   He wasn't like yours.

00:01:21   Yeah. I think we'll go mid-size next time.

00:01:23   Yeah. Andy was a black poodle who wasn't big like yours.

00:01:32   What's your dog's name?

00:01:33   Grant.

00:01:34   Grant.

00:01:35   Yeah.

00:01:36   Wasn't a big one, but he wasn't one of those mid toy poodles.

00:01:40   Well, that was the thing.

00:01:43   If we were going to get a poodle,

00:01:44   I want to get a big one because I didn't want

00:01:46   something that would shiver every time the door opened.

00:01:49   Andy was a good dog.

00:01:51   He was a very good dog.

00:01:52   But he lived a truly preposterous number of years.

00:01:55   I honestly don't think I'm exaggerating.

00:01:57   I think he might have been 18 when he died.

00:02:00   Wow.

00:02:00   But he lost his hearing towards the end and eventually lost it all.

00:02:07   But he was in good health.

00:02:08   For a dog that lived to be 18, going deaf is probably the least of his problems.

00:02:12   For sure.

00:02:13   Amy's mom's house had this vent.

00:02:17   It still has the vent, I guess.

00:02:18   I shouldn't say she still lives there.

00:02:19   But it has a vent in the floor, and in the winter, it was just his spot.

00:02:23   And the hot air would just come out.

00:02:27   And like many dogs, did not care for the mail carrier

00:02:31   and apparently would have dreams about the mail carrier.

00:02:34   So the real mail would come.

00:02:37   And for years and years, he wouldn't even hear the mail drop in through the slot.

00:02:41   But then he would seemingly have dreams and just jump out of his corner.

00:02:47   Go barking?

00:02:48   Yeah.

00:02:48   And it's kind of neat because an old dog is still a lot more limber and fast

00:02:54   than an old person.

00:02:55   You know what I mean?

00:02:56   A 17-year-old dog, when he had a dream about the mailman,

00:02:59   could still book it.

00:03:02   Well, Grant can't do that.

00:03:04   He's only 11, but big dogs have hip problems a lot of times,

00:03:08   and he's got hip problems.

00:03:09   He's got arthritis and stuff like that already.

00:03:11   So he's wearing down fast.

00:03:16   Yeah, but he does that sleep dream thing.

00:03:18   So you see his paws moving a lot when he's asleep.

00:03:23   And then one night, I was home, and I was up late working,

00:03:26   and I was sitting in the living room, and he was lying there next to me.

00:03:29   And we had a bunch of things go wrong in the house.

00:03:33   And I can't remember exactly what, but just like you buy a house,

00:03:36   it's a money sink.

00:03:38   So I was mad about all that stuff.

00:03:41   And all of a sudden, I hear this thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.

00:03:44   Oh, god, now what?

00:03:45   What is going on in this house?

00:03:47   What is broken down in this house?

00:03:48   And I'm looking around trying to figure out what this noise is,

00:03:49   and he's asleep, and he's having a happy dream in his wagon and his tail.

00:03:53   Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.

00:03:56   We went out to eat last night.

00:03:58   Oh, really?

00:03:59   Oh, it was great.

00:04:00   It was actually great.

00:04:02   I say this.

00:04:03   This is the first time we've been out to eat since March.

00:04:06   I forget.

00:04:07   I used to know the date.

00:04:08   It was like March 10th, I think, or something like that.

00:04:14   But we went out to eat for the first time, and it was great.

00:04:17   Philly, the rules are still no indoor dining.

00:04:21   There's a rumor, possibly.

00:04:23   I guess the plan is some point mid-September,

00:04:25   they might reopen indoor dining with 25% capacity and a bunch of rules.

00:04:30   But in the meantime, outdoor dining only, which we've had for weeks.

00:04:35   And we, the groupers, have simply decided we're just not going to partake in.

00:04:41   And it's just a vague, like, eh, we're good.

00:04:46   Yeah, that's how I feel currently.

00:04:48   I mean, I might do outdoor dining, though.

00:04:50   I mean, that would be certainly something that I would consider.

00:04:52   I would not consider indoor dining at this point.

00:04:54   One of the factors for us isn't germophobia or overt fear of getting it.

00:05:00   It's that July and August in Philadelphia are very hot and humid.

00:05:06   I mean, really hot and humid.

00:05:08   And I don't like to be sweaty when I'm eating,

00:05:14   and I take the heat better than other members of the family.

00:05:16   So it's just, you know, I get it.

00:05:18   And it's great to see it.

00:05:19   We go out for walks all the time, and we go past all these restaurants.

00:05:22   And there's more and more of them opening up with lots of tables,

00:05:25   and it's just a delight to see.

00:05:27   And it's good to see that restaurants are not thriving,

00:05:31   but it seems like some of them have enough space and enough tables

00:05:34   that hopefully they're breaking even, at least.

00:05:37   And I'm so glad to see it, but we went out to eat last night.

00:05:40   And it was great.

00:05:42   It was very nice.

00:05:44   But boy, what a weird thing to go six months without eating

00:05:51   at any restaurant at all.

00:05:53   We do take out an awful lot.

00:05:55   Yeah.

00:05:56   Yeah.

00:05:58   I haven't been in a restaurant, other than to pick up food.

00:06:00   Right, same here.

00:06:01   Same exact thing here.

00:06:03   And for us, we see it, and it was like last Friday I picked up pizza.

00:06:07   And I was like, what in the world is going on with all the DoorDash people

00:06:15   at the pizza place where I've been before?

00:06:16   And I realized, because it was raining--

00:06:18   and it wasn't like pouring down rain, it was just a rainy night--

00:06:20   but because it was a rainy night, nobody could eat outside.

00:06:23   And so therefore, anybody whose plans were I don't want to cook

00:06:29   was getting takeout.

00:06:31   And so the difference between a nice Friday night

00:06:35   and a rainy Friday night in terms of how many people

00:06:38   are waiting at the pizza place for pickup were just kind of crazy.

00:06:46   But they did a great job.

00:06:48   I had to wait a little longer than you'd think,

00:06:50   but they were ready for me, paid in advance.

00:06:52   And therefore, it was like they knew what I had,

00:06:55   and it came right out of the oven into the box.

00:06:57   Here you go, John.

00:06:58   Here's your two pies.

00:06:58   And I was on my way with fresh hot--

00:07:00   I'd rather wait and have fresh hot pizza than get a cold pizza.

00:07:05   Yeah, yeah.

00:07:06   There's a couple places that do this, but one place

00:07:09   that's like a Thai fusion sort of place close to us that we go to.

00:07:13   If you pull up in the parking lot and call them,

00:07:15   they'll bring it right out to you so you don't even have to go in.

00:07:17   Yeah, yeah.

00:07:18   There's a couple places that do.

00:07:19   I mean, in Philly, where we are, it's so pedestrian-oriented.

00:07:24   But it is weird, too.

00:07:25   There's a lot of people who are recreationally driving,

00:07:30   cruising, clearly.

00:07:32   Well, I've had to start doing that because my car won't start if I don't.

00:07:35   I don't take recreational drives.

00:07:37   And then I go to the grocery store every two weeks.

00:07:39   And I have to jumpstart the car again.

00:07:42   You know this from the ones like we're on.

00:07:44   My car died and couldn't even be jumpstarted.

00:07:49   It died, died, died.

00:07:52   And it was an old-ish battery that I don't

00:07:55   think I would have had to replace if I'd been driving normally.

00:07:58   We don't even drive that much ordinarily, but we drive enough.

00:08:02   And I was like, this is ridiculous.

00:08:05   There's no way that it's been that long.

00:08:06   And then I was like, well, wait.

00:08:09   I definitely drove the car at Easter to pick up food on Easter Sunday.

00:08:13   And I was like, how long ago was Easter?

00:08:15   And I did the hey dingus.

00:08:16   Like, hey dingus, how long ago was Easter?

00:08:18   And it was like six weeks.

00:08:20   It was like over six weeks where I hadn't even started the car.

00:08:23   And I was like, oh, yeah.

00:08:25   I guess that wasn't two weeks ago.

00:08:29   Yeah, I did the same thing.

00:08:30   I feel sorry for the car, like the room, but the car

00:08:33   should make a sad noise because I haven't been paying attention to it.

00:08:35   Yeah, we have this great little startup thing here called 1-900 Ice Cream.

00:08:41   I actually don't even know if the phone number works,

00:08:44   but they started it-- somebody maybe old enough to remember 1-900 numbers,

00:08:49   which, again, in hindsight, wow, what a kooky idea that was.

00:08:54   You call a number and pay to listen to stuff.

00:09:01   But they don't have a permanent retail spot.

00:09:04   And so what they've been doing-- and I hope I'm getting the story right.

00:09:11   Amy tends to handle it.

00:09:12   But I think that they just make fresh batch, small batch ice creams week

00:09:17   to week.

00:09:18   And when they have ice cream ready to go, they announce it.

00:09:22   And then you have to quick jump in order.

00:09:25   And then you go pick it up.

00:09:26   But they know a bunch of people in the industry because they often--

00:09:30   I guess they make ice cream for restaurants, too.

00:09:34   And they've just sort of been bouncing between spots that--

00:09:37   restaurants that aren't open.

00:09:39   And so they could take the spot for a month.

00:09:42   And now they're out in a neighborhood four or five miles

00:09:45   from Center City, Philadelphia.

00:09:47   Not far, four or five miles.

00:09:48   And Amy's like, I don't know if you want to go out there.

00:09:51   I'm like, no, no, no.

00:09:52   Get all the ice cream now because I need a four or five mile drive.

00:09:57   Like, I don't even--

00:09:58   To charge the battery up.

00:09:59   I don't even care about this ice cream that's making me fat.

00:10:02   Even though it is delicious, it's absolutely delicious.

00:10:05   And they're a delightful small company.

00:10:07   And I'm happy to buy it.

00:10:08   I was like, I just need a reason to drive the car.

00:10:11   And this is where my life is, you know what I mean?

00:10:13   And it's like, there's a lot worse problems out there.

00:10:17   I drive down by the waterfront of Tacoma, which

00:10:20   is a really nice drive.

00:10:22   And also, you can see other people who are being unsafe.

00:10:27   And you can be really judgy about it.

00:10:30   OK, I get two kicks at the cat with that one.

00:10:35   All right, my thought is we got the holiday week coming up.

00:10:39   Have you guys-- I mean, nobody's--

00:10:41   I haven't gone anywhere.

00:10:42   Ben and I were talking about this on dithering for a bit.

00:10:45   It's like, somehow the whole summer's coming past.

00:10:47   And we didn't really take a vacation.

00:10:50   And it's so totally like my weirdo job--

00:10:54   put a parentheses S behind it--

00:10:56   of doing my site and podcasts.

00:10:59   It's like, I don't really need a vacation the way people--

00:11:02   and again, my old coal miner grandfather

00:11:05   who died when I was in first grade of black lung disease,

00:11:09   he probably could have used vacations for me.

00:11:11   But there is a sort of burnout.

00:11:13   All of a sudden, it's like, hey, I've

00:11:15   been working six days a week and writing nonstop for six months.

00:11:19   Maybe I should take it easy for a week.

00:11:23   It doesn't seem like a vacation, but maybe a slow week.

00:11:26   I don't know.

00:11:27   I mean, yeah, eventually you need to reset your mind a little bit, right?

00:11:32   I guess, I think.

00:11:33   It certainly feels like maybe--

00:11:36   but anyway, I thought we could do a lighthearted show and not

00:11:38   worry about stuff like--

00:11:40   Well, we bought a pool.

00:11:41   We bought an above-ground pool for the summer, which has been great.

00:11:48   And here is a terrible place to have a pool,

00:11:52   because there's basically two months out of the year

00:11:54   that you're going to be able to use it.

00:11:56   And we are quickly approaching.

00:11:58   And we got it in a little bit late, because it was hard.

00:12:01   I mean, I did all the work for myself, basically.

00:12:03   But you got to flatten the--

00:12:07   my yard was not flat.

00:12:09   And you got to flatten it out, because otherwise the thing will just

00:12:11   like tip over.

00:12:12   So now--

00:12:14   How do you do that?

00:12:15   --it's going to get a lot more work than I thought it was going to be.

00:12:17   How do you flatten a yard?

00:12:19   I mean, so you just have to start digging.

00:12:22   And you get a board, and you put a level on the board,

00:12:25   so you can get the distance of the whole board to see if it's level.

00:12:30   And you just keep going around until you get it close enough.

00:12:33   And it's supposed to be within like an inch the whole way around.

00:12:36   And I think I got about that close.

00:12:39   I'm still completely nervous that it's just

00:12:41   going to-- I'm going to wake up one day, and the side busted open,

00:12:44   and the whole thing spilled all over the yard.

00:12:46   Because it's a good-- so we got a good size, and we got like a 15 foot.

00:12:51   Because we wanted to be able to have other people over and be 15 feet apart

00:12:55   from each other, and have you be in the pool.

00:12:57   And we only have done that a couple of times, which was nice.

00:13:01   And it's a great thing for Hank, because Hank loves to swim.

00:13:04   He loves to be in the water.

00:13:05   So it was a good way for him to get out of the house.

00:13:09   Oh, that seems luxurious.

00:13:11   Yeah, so now we're face-- now I got to deal with it for the winter,

00:13:15   and I don't even know what to do.

00:13:17   Just move.

00:13:19   Yeah, I think that's probably the easier way.

00:13:22   Put the house over sale.

00:13:25   Includes pool.

00:13:27   No, like I said, we've dried the value down.

00:13:30   So the other funny thing about going out to eat yesterday

00:13:33   was everything closes earlier.

00:13:37   It's like places close at 8.

00:13:38   And I don't know about you, if a place says they close at 8,

00:13:42   I don't want to get a reservation in the last half hour.

00:13:46   It always feels like you're imposing.

00:13:48   And it's not like a selfish, oh, I think they might run out of stuff.

00:13:51   It just feels like--

00:13:53   You don't want to be the last person in there.

00:13:55   Yeah, I don't like to be the last person in a restaurant.

00:13:58   Last person in a bar, a little different.

00:14:02   That'll do.

00:14:03   Yeah, they'll just push you out.

00:14:04   You know what I mean?

00:14:05   There's no problem.

00:14:06   The last person in a restaurant, they don't want to be rude.

00:14:12   So we ate at 6.15.

00:14:14   And part of the novelty of the whole thing

00:14:17   was I don't think we've ever eaten in a restaurant at 6.15

00:14:22   other than a wedding or something.

00:14:27   But not like, hey, let's us the family go eat.

00:14:30   And we got out.

00:14:31   And it's like 7.30, quarter to 8.

00:14:34   And it's like, wait, why am I full?

00:14:37   What is going on here?

00:14:39   Am I retired?

00:14:40   In your schedule, that was probably like lunch, right?

00:14:42   Yeah.

00:14:44   But I felt like, maybe we should move to Florida, go to Boca.

00:14:48   Because then we'll be closing places out by eating at 6.15.

00:14:54   Yeah.

00:14:55   It's further north up here.

00:14:57   And we get a big difference between sunlight in the summer

00:15:01   and sunlight the rest of the year.

00:15:03   And it's already started.

00:15:06   So it'll be light until almost 10 o'clock some days during the summer.

00:15:12   So yeah, they can't start the fireworks at least until 10 o'clock on 4th of July.

00:15:17   Not that there were any this year.

00:15:20   So now we're getting towards September.

00:15:23   It's noticeably different.

00:15:26   So we went and walked the dogs last night at like 8.20.

00:15:29   And it was dark already.

00:15:31   And that was just like, man, this is really starting to feel like it's fall now.

00:15:37   And it always does when it gets dark.

00:15:40   But it feels like we didn't really have a summer.

00:15:42   I mean, the other thing I noticed at dinner last night at 6.15

00:15:45   is I was looking at Jonas.

00:15:46   And I was like, man, you really have not gotten out this summer.

00:15:52   He doesn't look unhealthy.

00:15:54   But he definitely looks like a kid who has spent an entire summer

00:15:58   indoors playing video games.

00:16:00   Yeah, and that is pretty much--

00:16:01   other than go out to the pool, Hank has been inside from almost all the summer.

00:16:06   Yeah, and he wore sunglasses throughout the meal.

00:16:09   And I thought, you're just being a jerk.

00:16:12   You're trying to look cool.

00:16:14   Is it his sunglasses or anything?

00:16:15   Or maybe have your eyes--

00:16:16   Yeah, right.

00:16:18   We're turning into vampires.

00:16:21   Yeah, have you done vampire-like damage to your eyes and your light sensitivity?

00:16:25   I don't know.

00:16:26   All right, let me take a break here to thank our first sponsor.

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00:16:30   Oh, man.

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00:19:08   All right, this is why I want to talk to you, John.

00:19:10   We got to go.

00:19:11   We got to do this.

00:19:12   I got to dig in.

00:19:13   I got to rant.

00:19:14   The main event.

00:19:17   So 18 months ago for Christmas, we got Jonas a gaming PC.

00:19:22   You and I have talked about this.

00:19:25   I feel like you and I--

00:19:28   Long suffering.

00:19:29   I have never--

00:19:30   Others and children with PCs.

00:19:33   All right.

00:19:35   And again, it's not like I'm one of those people who's

00:19:37   ever spelled Windows with D-O-Z-E at the end.

00:19:41   But I used it.

00:19:42   I had to work using Windows computers when I was in the '90s

00:19:48   and coming out of college.

00:19:50   I knew it.

00:19:50   I really found it tasteful.

00:19:52   I was like, this is so gross.

00:19:54   And so I've never bought one.

00:19:58   I got an Xbox, like the original one, circa 2000,

00:20:03   which let you play PC era games on the Xbox.

00:20:07   I like video games.

00:20:08   I don't really play them much anymore,

00:20:09   but I did when I was younger.

00:20:11   Never bought a PC.

00:20:12   Never owned one.

00:20:14   Told Jonas, look, all right, I get it.

00:20:17   You want one.

00:20:18   I'm not trying to talk you out of it,

00:20:20   but this is the biggest, nicest thing you're ever

00:20:24   going to get from me.

00:20:27   I don't know a lot about this.

00:20:30   You're going to have to take some responsibility here

00:20:34   on knowing how to manage this.

00:20:36   I mean, I'll certainly try to help you out.

00:20:38   It's not like I'm going to say-- I'm not going to touch it.

00:20:43   And it's been great.

00:20:44   That's what you got him.

00:20:47   We got something from MSI.

00:20:50   I forget.

00:20:50   Trident.

00:20:51   I don't know.

00:20:52   So it wasn't a build your own thing.

00:20:53   We got a pre-configured thing.

00:20:55   And I know that that's up there.

00:20:57   And I did a lot of research.

00:20:58   We did a lot of research, but I didn't want to build it.

00:21:02   And he didn't really want to build it.

00:21:04   It seemed like if we get one that just all comes put

00:21:07   together, then we know it all works together.

00:21:09   And we've both been very happy with it to date.

00:21:15   Maxed out on the graphics card, which is core of our problem.

00:21:24   Anyway, it was great for 16 months out of 18 months.

00:21:27   And then, I don't know.

00:21:29   But I guess it was about a month ago.

00:21:31   Who knows in corona time?

00:21:32   Four or five weeks ago, Jonas says.

00:21:37   I think maybe water got in my PC.

00:21:40   By itself?

00:21:44   Well, it's on the ground.

00:21:47   And there's been-- it's like a weird thing.

00:21:51   You think, well, that's not how leaky windows work, right?

00:21:54   Where one time there's rain, and he gets a little bit of water

00:21:58   in through a window.

00:21:59   And then it never happens again.

00:22:00   And so you can't really identify what the hell is going on.

00:22:02   But that's sort of what happened.

00:22:04   Where it's like, yeah, there's a weird rain.

00:22:07   This is a tower?

00:22:08   Yeah, it's a tower.

00:22:09   Yeah, OK.

00:22:10   OK.

00:22:11   It's on the ground.

00:22:13   It was-- most nights, puts it to sleep,

00:22:16   wakes up, and then starts playing games.

00:22:19   Woke up, and power was off.

00:22:21   And then when he turned it on, it was in a weird diagnostic mode,

00:22:24   which in hindsight, we realized was like the BIOS thing, which

00:22:28   doesn't look like the old DOS BIOS thing anymore.

00:22:31   It's like a manufacturer's thing that was graphical.

00:22:36   But he tried to fix it at that point.

00:22:38   So I didn't see that at that point.

00:22:40   And then it didn't work.

00:22:42   This is the weird thing.

00:22:43   It manifested itself as working, but it was only driving his display

00:22:49   at 1024 by 768, which was not right, and not even the right aspect ratio.

00:22:56   So everything was sort of stretched, and none of these games would launch.

00:23:02   Windows was working, and he could do things like browse the web

00:23:05   and whatever.

00:23:05   It just was the display thing that was broken.

00:23:08   And I was like, well, this doesn't seem like water damage at all.

00:23:11   What makes you think it's water damage?

00:23:13   And I'm thinking this whole thing is kaput.

00:23:17   And there's nothing by his window.

00:23:19   There's no signs, nothing on the floor.

00:23:21   I'm like, what?

00:23:21   And he's like, well, I don't know.

00:23:22   I just guessed that that's what would break it.

00:23:24   And I'm like, wait.

00:23:26   Wait, wait, wait.

00:23:27   I'm not mad.

00:23:28   I'm not going to yell.

00:23:29   You've taken good care.

00:23:31   Nothing came in through the window.

00:23:33   And I'm like, wait, it didn't even rain.

00:23:34   I was like, did you spill something on it?

00:23:36   Just tell me.

00:23:37   Did you somehow spill something even though it's off to the side?

00:23:39   I'm not going to yell at you.

00:23:41   We'll figure it out.

00:23:42   We'll fix it.

00:23:43   And he's like, not that I remember.

00:23:45   And I'm like, Jonas, what do you mean not that you remember?

00:23:51   If you are even suspicious, did you rest a can on it

00:23:55   and you're worried that the can was condensed with humidity

00:23:59   and dripped into it?

00:24:00   Just tell me.

00:24:01   If that's the sort of-- and you're like, does that count?

00:24:03   Are you trying to parse this legally?

00:24:07   And he's like, no.

00:24:08   And I was like, do you have any vague recollection

00:24:10   of any incident like that that would involve drops of water

00:24:13   getting into the top of this thing?

00:24:15   And he's like, no.

00:24:16   And I'm like, so it's not water damage.

00:24:18   Water damage shorts electrical things out.

00:24:21   They don't tend to still turn on and half work.

00:24:26   And so the whole water damage thing was a complete red herring.

00:24:30   It was just his--

00:24:31   this is the level of--

00:24:32   Just his idle speculation.

00:24:33   Yeah.

00:24:33   So we start digging around.

00:24:39   And can I just tell you, Windows is so much worse

00:24:43   than it ever was.

00:24:46   On the surface level, it's like I thought, well,

00:24:48   maybe it's gotten better.

00:24:50   People say it's gotten better.

00:24:51   It kind of looks better.

00:24:53   But it's so much worse than it ever was back in the day

00:24:58   when I had to use it.

00:24:59   It's horrible.

00:25:00   Windows is a goddamn criminal nightmare.

00:25:04   And in my mind, I have--

00:25:07   and for years, I own the Pixel phones.

00:25:10   And I used to have a Nexus.

00:25:11   I try to stay up to date with the Android thing.

00:25:14   And in my mind, I've always sort of thought, well,

00:25:16   Android is to iOS as Windows was to the Mac.

00:25:20   And there's things I see in Android.

00:25:21   I'm like, this is just so distasteful.

00:25:24   It's that Steve Jobs line about Bill Gates.

00:25:26   That his problem is he just has no taste.

00:25:29   I say, this is just--

00:25:30   but it's like, Android is so much better and more tastefully

00:25:35   designed than Windows--

00:25:39   to mobile devices than Windows is to PCs that it's like--

00:25:44   ah, I can't even.

00:25:45   I can't even, John.

00:25:46   I can't even.

00:25:48   Well, part of the thing that's really frustrating when

00:25:50   you start to diagnose a Windows problem

00:25:52   is that there's different places to look now, right?

00:25:57   Because it used to be you go to the control panels.

00:25:59   Like, everything was in the control panel section.

00:26:02   I mean, I may be using the wrong words.

00:26:03   No, that's it.

00:26:04   That's it.

00:26:04   I think it's control panels, right?

00:26:06   But now, there's like a system preferences interface, which

00:26:12   I believe came about--

00:26:14   actually, I'm pretty sure it came about

00:26:16   during Windows 8 when they were trying

00:26:17   to do touch-based screens so that you

00:26:20   have this thing that has much bigger touch targets so

00:26:23   that you can use it with a tablet, in a tablet form

00:26:26   factor.

00:26:27   But when you really want to do anything that's actually

00:26:30   going to help fix your device, you've

00:26:32   got to go into the control panels.

00:26:36   And that's still the same basic thing that it was under XP.

00:26:41   Yes.

00:26:42   Yes.

00:26:43   It's all still there.

00:26:45   But it's not the thing that-- but you have to find that,

00:26:47   right?

00:26:48   It's not a menu item.

00:26:50   The menu item thing is the system preferences,

00:26:53   which is like a bunch of basic settings.

00:26:56   But everything where you really configure

00:26:57   the guts of the machine is under the control panels.

00:27:01   And you have to search to find that every single time.

00:27:05   At least I do.

00:27:06   You have to go in.

00:27:08   I swear to God, I'll put this in the show notes.

00:27:10   But it's like you've got to go into the Run menu.

00:27:13   And it's just like launching a CD-ROM in 1996,

00:27:18   where you've got to type the exact right incantation.

00:27:21   It's like you've got to type like DEVMGMT something,

00:27:26   dev management.

00:27:27   And it's like, oh my God, we're back at the seven character

00:27:30   file names.

00:27:31   We're at that level of DOS rot.

00:27:34   In a sense, actually having my son, whom I love,

00:27:43   and who truly did and does take care of his PC,

00:27:49   and who really does enjoy it, and it's

00:27:52   a big part of his social life in normal times

00:27:54   and the entirety of his social life in corona times,

00:27:59   I really wanted to help fix it.

00:28:03   Whatever it takes.

00:28:04   If we need to spend our way out of it,

00:28:05   we'll spend our way out of it.

00:28:07   It's important.

00:28:10   This is such a pile of heap of garbage.

00:28:13   Again, in a sense, it is almost impressive the way

00:28:17   that their strategy of managing technical debt

00:28:20   is to keep architecting ways to haul all of it with them.

00:28:28   In like this Dante's Inferno--

00:28:31   We will leave no setting behind.

00:28:33   Right, like multiple layers of hell.

00:28:35   Like you think you're in hell just going

00:28:38   through their settings app, but then you

00:28:40   realize you've got to go back to the control panel.

00:28:43   And then eventually you're back in the registry,

00:28:46   and it's 1993 again.

00:28:52   I kind of knew this was the case from helping him set the PC up.

00:28:57   Even just setting it up when everything

00:28:59   was new and working properly and we

00:29:01   needed to do a few things like there

00:29:03   was a courtesy copy of a Norton or something

00:29:08   that was set to auto run.

00:29:09   And it's like, well, let's figure out

00:29:10   how to get rid of this because you don't need it.

00:29:12   And let's just get this Microsoft's own Windows

00:29:15   Defender set up.

00:29:16   That seems like what you want.

00:29:18   That's all you need.

00:29:20   And even just setting it up, you still can't get out.

00:29:24   You can't just sit on the modern surface layer.

00:29:26   But this is seriously like a technical debt layer.

00:29:28   This is like you're back at some point going back on a Mac,

00:29:33   and Susan Cares' control panel is still there.

00:29:36   You're looking at black and white Chicago 12 pixel font.

00:29:43   There used to be--

00:29:45   for a long time, there was something--

00:29:47   if you started in recovery, what was that?

00:29:50   Where it had the OS 9 style.

00:29:53   There was-- yeah, it was like the--

00:29:55   That got dragged forward for a long time, but that's not--

00:29:58   I don't think that exists anymore.

00:30:00   Or maybe I'm thinking of the tools.

00:30:04   You'd get that CD that had the--

00:30:07   Hardware diagnostic tool.

00:30:09   It was called the hardware diagnostic tool, and it did.

00:30:13   It wasn't Mac OS.

00:30:15   It was some weird--

00:30:16   It was something made to look like it.

00:30:18   Yeah, something made to look like it.

00:30:19   Whereas this actually is the old Windows XP running

00:30:23   under the hood with just a veneer on top, which is--

00:30:28   all the way back strategically, it's

00:30:29   exactly what Windows was at the beginning.

00:30:31   Windows was just a DOS program.

00:30:34   If you recall, you would just type--

00:30:36   you'd boot into DOS and type win to get the Windows.

00:30:40   And when people bought a computer that launched,

00:30:43   quote unquote, launched into Windows,

00:30:45   it was just an auto-exist bat file

00:30:47   that had the win command in it.

00:30:49   Yeah, yeah.

00:30:52   I ran a small office back then.

00:30:53   Yeah, we had Windows 3.1 for work groups, 3.1.1 or something

00:30:58   like that.

00:30:59   Yeah, that was a trip.

00:31:02   So anyway, what it is is we figured this out.

00:31:05   We're in the control panel.

00:31:07   We find that the Nvidia G-Force GTX, whatever,

00:31:12   2080 is his video card.

00:31:15   And you go to General, and it would say--

00:31:18   here, I have a screenshot.

00:31:22   I'll read it.

00:31:23   Windows has stopped this device because it

00:31:25   has reported problems, parentheses, code 43,

00:31:30   end parentheses.

00:31:32   And it was another way to tell that the video was

00:31:37   being driven by something called the Windows default driver.

00:31:42   And it's some kind of generic thing built

00:31:44   into the low level of Windows.

00:31:45   So in other words, even though we never

00:31:48   unplugged his display and put it into a different port

00:31:52   on the back of his PC--

00:31:53   because there's a bunch of them, because there's so many--

00:31:58   because he put a video card in, and then the video card

00:32:00   has two DisplayPort ports and an HDMI port.

00:32:04   But then there's one on the motherboard

00:32:06   that has a plug in it, because it's like,

00:32:08   don't use this one, because that's just

00:32:10   the dumb one on the motherboard.

00:32:13   But we never unplugged anything.

00:32:14   So it was still plugged into the same thing

00:32:17   that used to be driving it as this advanced expensive Nvidia

00:32:20   G-Force gaming card.

00:32:21   But now it wasn't.

00:32:22   But it was that the driver Windows was using

00:32:25   was no longer the Nvidia driver.

00:32:27   It was this default driver.

00:32:29   And now, all right, this makes some level of sense.

00:32:31   This is why it's a 1024 by 768.

00:32:34   And none of your games--

00:32:36   it doesn't even come close to meeting

00:32:38   the minimum specs of any game other than maybe Minesweeper,

00:32:43   which is still there.

00:32:44   Oh, no, it's not still there.

00:32:46   They got rid of Minesweeper, which is criminal.

00:32:48   I think they make you pay for all the old games

00:32:50   that they used to do for free.

00:32:52   I forgot.

00:32:53   Jonas and I were playing Minesweeper.

00:32:55   But the best way to get it now is through Google.

00:32:57   You just go to Google and type Minesweeper

00:32:59   and they have a web-based version.

00:33:02   But I was teaching them how to play real games

00:33:03   like Minesweeper.

00:33:06   So OK, code 43.

00:33:08   This is something to go on.

00:33:10   This isn't helpful, but you go on it.

00:33:12   And you go-- and I'll put it in the show notes.

00:33:15   It's a really helpful article, truly is, at a site called--

00:33:20   what's this site called?

00:33:21   Crazy Web Studio.

00:33:23   How to Solve Code 43 Nvidia--

00:33:26   That's reassuring.

00:33:27   Nvidia GTX 10XX or RTX 20XX.

00:33:32   It's a whole bunch of video cards

00:33:33   that have that naming scheme GPU problem.

00:33:37   And there's ways to--

00:33:40   you can-- techniques to go through.

00:33:44   Completely uninstall all the Nvidia device drivers

00:33:47   and reinstall them from Nvidia.

00:33:49   Reboot.

00:33:51   Didn't work.

00:33:53   Start using some scripts that people have written

00:33:56   and it seemed--

00:33:58   the people swear by them and there's enough people.

00:34:01   And you can kind of say you're not just

00:34:03   running a truly random script.

00:34:05   But it's like a bat file.

00:34:06   And it deletes-- delete, deletes.

00:34:10   Super deletes the drivers.

00:34:13   Because I guess what they have to do is get into the registry.

00:34:16   And the registry is still like the Yoda's Dagobah

00:34:20   cave of the dark side.

00:34:24   Everything's sort of dreamlike in there.

00:34:28   Anyway, the script-- people swear by it that it works.

00:34:30   Then reinstall them and it might work.

00:34:33   That didn't solve it.

00:34:36   So I thought, well, this is-- and then you get there.

00:34:38   And here's the-- we did read that.

00:34:41   I read the whole article, but it says, important.

00:34:44   You also have to consider that the issue can

00:34:46   happen for hardware problems.

00:34:48   In some cases, the PCI card was not plugged in properly.

00:34:52   In other cases, the alignment cable of the graphics card

00:34:54   was not any more plugged properly.

00:34:57   This is slightly broken English, perhaps.

00:35:00   And in other cases, the graphic card was broken.

00:35:03   This doesn't make any sense to me,

00:35:07   that if the graphics card is broken,

00:35:09   that it's still working in some low mode.

00:35:13   Like, I was like--

00:35:14   Well, wouldn't it default back to whatever the graphics are

00:35:17   that are included on the Intel?

00:35:19   Well, but it's not plugged into it, right?

00:35:21   It's-- how would the display be getting this when it's

00:35:25   plugged into the display port?

00:35:28   Right?

00:35:29   It wasn't like, oh, we're not getting any picture out

00:35:31   of this video card.

00:35:32   Let's plug it into the Intel graphics port

00:35:35   on this motherboard and at least get a picture

00:35:38   and see if we can diagnose this.

00:35:40   We never unplugged anything.

00:35:43   I checked with Panzareno, who's a gamer.

00:35:45   And he said that that makes some level of sense,

00:35:49   that there's like-- that the hardware card could have

00:35:52   failed.

00:35:53   It's broken.

00:35:54   It's out of warranty by far.

00:35:56   It's a 12-month warranty, so it's out of warranty.

00:35:59   But even when it fails, it might have an emergency mode.

00:36:04   This makes some level of sense at the way PC components work.

00:36:07   And it's like, I guess that is-- so to the PC world's credit,

00:36:10   that is better than nothing, I guess.

00:36:14   But the error message is exactly--

00:36:16   It's more confusing, though.

00:36:17   The error message for drivers that need to be reinstalled

00:36:21   and a card that has a cataclysmic hardware failure

00:36:25   or a card that isn't properly seated in the PCI slot

00:36:31   are all the same.

00:36:33   Code 43.

00:36:35   That's it.

00:36:35   That's all you get.

00:36:37   So I had the idea then of, well, before we order a replacement

00:36:42   video card, which is expensive-- effectively,

00:36:45   a gaming PC is just a minimal--

00:36:48   It's all-- yeah, it all revolves around that.

00:36:50   It's a high-end video card with a computer wrapped around it,

00:36:54   right?

00:36:55   I mean, effectively.

00:36:57   So I was like, don't worry.

00:36:58   You know, it's not your fault. If this broke, it's truly--

00:37:02   this is what you get when you buy a cutting-edge video card.

00:37:07   No harm done.

00:37:08   You're not in any trouble.

00:37:10   This isn't coming out of your college fund.

00:37:13   Which wouldn't-- I've worried.

00:37:15   I've got to go to a state school now.

00:37:17   Yeah, which I worry.

00:37:17   You'd be like, ah, who cares?

00:37:21   I need this now.

00:37:23   But I thought, before we spend the money on this,

00:37:26   how can we prove that it's not a software problem?

00:37:29   And I thought, well, what about booting

00:37:31   from an external drive?

00:37:34   Well, that's easy on a Mac, right?

00:37:37   If you have a drive.

00:37:38   And we have plenty of drives in our house.

00:37:41   And Windows, that is not easy at all to just say,

00:37:45   I would like to install Windows on a USB drive

00:37:49   and then boot from that drive.

00:37:50   That was like a day.

00:37:53   But we did get it to work.

00:37:55   And the video was exactly the same, 1024, 768.

00:38:00   Fresh installation of Windows with a--

00:38:05   you could tell it was, right?

00:38:06   Wasn't like a clone of his original C drive.

00:38:10   Can you believe there's still C drives, by the way?

00:38:12   C and D drives?

00:38:13   Well, I mean, I know there aren't, but--

00:38:16   Anyway, we had a lot of father-son time.

00:38:20   So maybe this is all a good story.

00:38:22   But I was like, do you know where the A and B drives are?

00:38:25   And Jonas was like, no.

00:38:27   And I was like, have you ever wondered?

00:38:28   He said, yes.

00:38:30   And I said, those are reserved for floppy drives, which

00:38:36   no longer are supported by the operating system.

00:38:40   And you still need it to be the C drive.

00:38:42   Right.

00:38:43   And he's like, no.

00:38:44   And I'm like, yep.

00:38:45   So anyway, long story short, we replaced the video card.

00:38:54   We got it.

00:38:54   It took a while, because it's one of those things that

00:38:57   still has to ship from China.

00:38:58   And therefore-- and it's still the way

00:39:00   shipments are messed up.

00:39:01   And the quarantine world took like a week and a half

00:39:05   or something.

00:39:06   Got it.

00:39:06   We learned how to replace a video card in a modern PC,

00:39:10   which was-- and again, sort of is a father-son--

00:39:15   it's like LEGOs, except the card cost $1,000.

00:39:18   So let's be careful.

00:39:20   Right?

00:39:20   Just what you wanted.

00:39:26   Right.

00:39:27   And--

00:39:27   We have LEGOs, but much more expensive.

00:39:29   And lo and behold, once we got the replacement video card in,

00:39:33   hooked everything back up, closed it all up, rebooted it,

00:39:36   it was all back to normal.

00:39:37   So that was it.

00:39:39   And did you buy a different kind of card,

00:39:41   or did you buy exactly the same?

00:39:43   Ah, I'm so glad you asked.

00:39:46   So we bought the exact same card.

00:39:48   I called MSI.

00:39:50   Number one-- and this is weird.

00:39:52   So I tried their online help first,

00:39:55   because I, of course, don't like to talk to people on the phone.

00:40:00   And their online help was one of those things that--

00:40:03   and they tried to steer you to it,

00:40:05   I guess for obvious reasons.

00:40:07   It's cheaper.

00:40:08   And it's one of those things, those awful chat

00:40:11   things on the web.

00:40:13   And it's like-- and they don't answer for a while.

00:40:17   You know, they'll be like, how can I help you?

00:40:19   And you're like, I have an MSI, Trident, whatever, whatever.

00:40:22   And here's-- you know, and I've already written a bunch of this

00:40:25   so I can paste it in, you know, and be as helpful as possible.

00:40:29   And they're like, oh, let me see.

00:40:30   And then, of course, they're worried

00:40:32   that I want a refund or whatever,

00:40:33   even though it's out of warranty.

00:40:35   And I'm like, I realize it's out of warranty.

00:40:37   I just want to know what I should do.

00:40:39   And then they don't answer for a while.

00:40:41   And then it's like they come back, and they're like,

00:40:43   if I don't hear from you in 30 seconds,

00:40:45   I will consider this ticket closed.

00:40:46   And it's like, wait!

00:40:48   This is terrible.

00:40:49   And they were not helpful.

00:40:50   They had like a fact, and it's like, ah, I

00:40:52   found all this already.

00:40:53   I called them, and I talked to a nice young man,

00:40:57   possibly in Texas.

00:40:58   He sounded like, you know, sort of had a distinctive--

00:41:01   Yeah, we've had Lenovo's--

00:41:05   well, Hank has had a Lenovo and a Dell.

00:41:07   And I think both times, the people that I talked to

00:41:09   were in Texas.

00:41:09   Yeah, very helpful.

00:41:11   And again, once I made it clear that I realized

00:41:14   this is well out of the 12-month warranty

00:41:16   and I don't want warranty service,

00:41:18   I just want to know what's the best thing to do,

00:41:21   it was very helpful.

00:41:22   And we got to the conclusion of you really

00:41:24   should just buy a new card.

00:41:26   And the best card you could get is the same model.

00:41:29   So I bought it again.

00:41:30   And I said to Jonas, this is a--

00:41:32   but we shopped around, and even the pictures

00:41:34   looked a little different.

00:41:36   It's still the RTX something 2080.

00:41:40   But it's like a Rev 2.0.

00:41:43   So it's the same graphics card from Nvidia,

00:41:47   and it's from the PC Maker MSI.

00:41:49   So it's built-- and it was like a half inch bigger.

00:41:53   But you have to be careful, because he

00:41:55   doesn't have like this big giant.

00:41:56   Like I said earlier in the story,

00:41:58   he doesn't have a giant build your own case.

00:42:00   It was an all-in-one enclosure.

00:42:02   But the all-in-one enclosure is still

00:42:04   sort of bigger and more spacious and meant for component

00:42:08   swapping more than like an Apple product.

00:42:11   It's a totally different design, though.

00:42:15   It's everything about-- it might be the same graphic card,

00:42:18   but even like the green motherboard,

00:42:21   when I peek through it-- because it's

00:42:23   like got like all this other stuff glommed on top of it.

00:42:26   You know what I mean?

00:42:27   If you've ever looked at these things, you know, the fans--

00:42:30   well, it's all fans.

00:42:31   It's just a bunch of fans.

00:42:34   But the thing I noticed was that the heat sink

00:42:37   was completely different.

00:42:38   It's just a totally different heat sink style.

00:42:41   Doesn't look like more of a heat sink,

00:42:43   doesn't look like less of a heat sink,

00:42:45   but it's just totally different architecture

00:42:49   of where the physical coils go.

00:42:51   And I was like, probably what happened

00:42:53   is that the old one overheated at some point,

00:42:56   and it burned out, and that they've completely

00:42:59   redesigned it in the interim.

00:43:00   And then again, Pansarino said, oh, yeah.

00:43:02   And he goes, how old was it when you bought it?

00:43:04   And I was like, it was like two months old.

00:43:05   And he was like, yeah, you bought the dumb one.

00:43:07   [LAUGHTER]

00:43:10   Because I said to him, I was like, here's the worst part.

00:43:12   I was like, what if these things have an 18-month lifespan?

00:43:15   Right, you're just-- yeah, pay you $1,000 every 18 months.

00:43:18   Right, and I was like, next time we'll just, I guess,

00:43:20   get a new PC.

00:43:23   Maybe you'll be 18 at the time, and I'll just disown you.

00:43:26   [LAUGHTER]

00:43:29   Good luck.

00:43:31   Oh, that's my story.

00:43:33   Well, we're still in the midst of a similar--

00:43:37   so he has a Dell laptop now.

00:43:40   He's always wanted laptops, but he still likes playing games.

00:43:43   So I try and get a laptop with a decent graphics card.

00:43:46   And he had something-- he claims that-- he

00:43:49   thinks that it was a virus.

00:43:51   He doesn't have any idea what it was.

00:43:53   But the hard drive--

00:43:54   something happened on the hard drive.

00:43:56   And so I finally got around recently to opening it up

00:43:59   and pulling the hard drive out.

00:44:00   And it is wiped.

00:44:02   It is not even--

00:44:03   it's not just empty with Windows or empty

00:44:06   with any bootable thing.

00:44:07   It is like you plug it in, and it does not

00:44:09   recognize that the drive has been formatted at all.

00:44:12   And I have not been able--

00:44:14   I haven't tried yet.

00:44:15   I mean, it could be just damaged.

00:44:16   Was this the C drive?

00:44:18   It was the startup drive?

00:44:19   Yeah, which was a hybrid.

00:44:23   It's a terabyte hybrid drive.

00:44:25   And I think hybrids are not necessarily the best.

00:44:29   I think for durability, you're better off

00:44:33   either with a full SSD or a spinning drive.

00:44:37   So I think if I have to get a replacement,

00:44:39   I'll probably just get an SSD, get the largest SSD

00:44:41   I can afford.

00:44:42   Yeah, the way Jonas's works is his C drive

00:44:46   is a spinning hard disk.

00:44:47   But he has a built-in D drive that is an SSD.

00:44:51   And the games are all no to store their data on the D drive.

00:44:56   And it seems like it's both a more logical way

00:44:59   to put the thing you care about, the games on the SSD.

00:45:05   And it seems to keep your game data

00:45:07   safe from any Windows screwage, screwy-upyness.

00:45:11   You know, like you're like, you know,

00:45:14   we'll just kind of go over here.

00:45:15   You be over there.

00:45:20   We're going to be over here doing the fun stuff.

00:45:22   Yeah.

00:45:23   Which I guess for gaming games, because games so much run

00:45:26   in their own kind of environment, that makes sense.

00:45:29   Yeah.

00:45:30   Yeah, I think so.

00:45:32   Yeah, that's just sort of like, just give me

00:45:34   enough to boot to launch.

00:45:36   Yeah, and then it basically takes over the computer.

00:45:40   And the operating system does nothing at that point.

00:45:43   Yeah.

00:45:44   So anyway, Windows, worse than ever.

00:45:46   This would drive me nuts.

00:45:48   Like my whatever-- I don't want to call it OCD-ness,

00:45:53   but it's whatever weird part of my brain

00:45:55   that lets me have my physical desk be a mess,

00:45:58   but I know where everything is.

00:46:00   No, don't touch it.

00:46:01   That's where all the important legal papers are.

00:46:05   But I want my computer to be very neatly organized,

00:46:09   including my stuff.

00:46:11   But I also like the idea that the system itself

00:46:14   is self-explanatory.

00:46:16   That users' library preferences is your users' preferences.

00:46:22   And library, root level library preferences

00:46:27   is stuff that's system-wide for all users.

00:46:29   And it's so neat and organized.

00:46:31   And there's-- I just keep thinking about how,

00:46:33   like, I think it was Adam Anks.

00:46:35   Somebody recently had an article in the last year about, like,

00:46:39   hey, does anybody find the order of control panel or system

00:46:42   preference panels in the system prefs app to be random?

00:46:46   And somebody pointed out that you can go to the View menu

00:46:49   and organize alphabetically.

00:46:52   And you can just change system preferences on the Mac

00:46:55   to just order all of them alphabetically.

00:46:57   And people who can't remember where some of them are, like,

00:47:01   oh my god, you just saved my life.

00:47:04   Because the other order by categories

00:47:08   is, like, they don't tell you what the categories are.

00:47:11   You know what I mean?

00:47:12   Yeah.

00:47:13   It is?

00:47:13   Yeah, it's something-- yeah, someone at Apple

00:47:15   decided what the logical collection is.

00:47:17   Right.

00:47:17   Now it doesn't-- yeah, right.

00:47:18   It's difficult to say what that actually is.

00:47:21   And it's not just a Mac OS X. And I

00:47:24   say that very specifically, like, starting in 2001, 2002,

00:47:29   you know, the original Mac OS X. It's not like a carryover.

00:47:32   It's like, even with iOS, with the Settings app,

00:47:36   the organization of the Apple ones,

00:47:39   before you scroll down far enough

00:47:41   at the root level of Settings to get to all your third party

00:47:44   apps is sort of arbitrary.

00:47:46   You know, I think it was Adam Engs who was writing, like, I don't

00:47:48   understand this order at all.

00:47:50   Like, why is Safari down there where it is?

00:47:54   Why is the camera app in there with music?

00:47:57   So, like, the camera app is down there in a section.

00:47:59   It's the-- the first group is airplane mode Wi-Fi.

00:48:03   It's like, OK, this is all networking stuff.

00:48:05   And then there's notification sounds,

00:48:07   do not disturb, and screen time.

00:48:09   I don't know why they're together.

00:48:11   And general control center, display and brightness,

00:48:15   accessibility, wallpaper, Syrian search, Face ID and passcode.

00:48:21   It's starting to get confusing, right?

00:48:23   It's like, why isn't this together?

00:48:27   Then there's one that's just iTunes and App Store

00:48:29   and Wallet and Apple Pay.

00:48:30   And they kind of make sense together.

00:48:32   It's like, well, there's where your financials-- you know,

00:48:34   you put credit cards in those two.

00:48:36   And then you start getting weird.

00:48:38   Then there's a bunch of apps.

00:48:39   And then it's like everything else, right?

00:48:41   Yeah.

00:48:41   But then there's--

00:48:42   But everything else.

00:48:43   But yeah, but then two sections of everything else.

00:48:45   Right.

00:48:46   Yeah.

00:48:46   And then the one that's really weird

00:48:48   is that one underneath the next section, where it's music, TV,

00:48:54   books, podcasts--

00:48:55   I'm going out of order--

00:48:56   Game Center, where you're like, OK, this is all content stuff

00:48:59   from Apple.

00:49:00   But then Photos is in there.

00:49:02   Entertainment style.

00:49:03   Right, but then Photos is in there, and the camera--

00:49:07   and camera is in there.

00:49:08   And that camera one is kind of important.

00:49:11   If you care about using your phone as a camera,

00:49:13   because it's where you set what's your default video.

00:49:15   Do you want to shoot 4K?

00:49:16   You want to shoot 1080p?

00:49:18   Why in the world is something so hardware related with all--

00:49:21   it's all a bit weird.

00:49:22   You kind of remember where it is.

00:49:24   Yeah.

00:49:25   I mean, I figure most people use the search thing now.

00:49:27   Yeah, I think so, too.

00:49:28   And maybe that's why they've sort of gotten away with this,

00:49:31   and it's sort of grown.

00:49:32   And I think if you went back to the original 1.0 iPhone

00:49:36   and looked at the layout of the Settings app,

00:49:39   you'd be like, well, this makes complete sense.

00:49:42   And somehow something that started making complete sense

00:49:45   grew into something that seems a bit arbitrary.

00:49:48   All of those complaints, when you dig in and try

00:49:51   to do something-- system preference, control paneling,

00:49:54   settings, whatever you want to frigging call it--

00:49:56   on Windows, you are like, oh my god,

00:49:58   thank god for the complete sanity of the Apple

00:50:01   layout of these things.

00:50:05   Yeah.

00:50:07   I'll just reuse the analogy.

00:50:10   I really did start to feel like Luke down in the Dagobah

00:50:13   cave, where it's like the frame rate's off.

00:50:16   You're right.

00:50:17   All of a sudden, it's like, is that really Darth Vader?

00:50:19   Remember being a kid, and you'd be like, what is going on?

00:50:21   What is going on?

00:50:22   This makes no sense.

00:50:24   This is the greatest movie I've ever seen,

00:50:26   and I thought I was on top of it,

00:50:27   but Darth Vader is down here.

00:50:29   All of a sudden, and he's Luke?

00:50:31   What?

00:50:32   And why isn't Yoda helping him?

00:50:33   Why would Yoda let him go down there, and the frame rate's off?

00:50:36   And yeah.

00:50:37   And it's like, what the hell happened?

00:50:38   He cut his head off, and what?

00:50:40   It's Luke?

00:50:43   Why?

00:50:43   What the hell is going on?

00:50:44   That's what it feels like when you're in the XP's control

00:50:47   panel in Windows.

00:50:49   It's like, where am I?

00:50:50   Which is not even-- yeah.

00:50:52   I think under XP, it was ugly, but it made sense.

00:50:55   It made more sense anyway.

00:50:56   And now it has this extra layer of, hey, we're being friendly,

00:51:00   but you've also just obfuscated so many things

00:51:02   that I can't even understand what's going on anymore.

00:51:06   The other thing-- so the other PC story

00:51:08   that I have from the last year is that Karen's dad's--

00:51:14   he bought a new computer when he moved in with us,

00:51:16   because the one that he had was ancient and running,

00:51:18   Windows 8.

00:51:20   And so he wanted me to help him migrate his old stuff

00:51:24   to his new computer.

00:51:25   And they don't have-- as much as we complain about the Apple

00:51:29   migration tool, there is no--

00:51:32   with Windows 10, there is no migration tool.

00:51:34   There is something that you can move your settings,

00:51:37   but you can't move apps.

00:51:39   It won't move your apps for you.

00:51:41   And so you have to pay $40 to this company that--

00:51:45   they have this recommended tool that you use,

00:51:46   and it's like $40.

00:51:47   And I was like, oh, you've got to be kidding me.

00:51:50   So I paid the $40 to get this tool,

00:51:52   and then it moves everything.

00:51:53   And it worked fine.

00:51:55   It worked quite well.

00:51:56   But one of the things that he still had was RealPlayer.

00:52:00   [LAUGHTER]

00:52:02   My god.

00:52:04   And it moved-- it dutifully moved

00:52:05   RealPlayer, which is what it thought it should do.

00:52:08   But then I could not get rid of RealPlayer.

00:52:11   I thought you didn't need this anymore.

00:52:12   And it kept popping up trying to--

00:52:14   every time you reboot it would say,

00:52:15   RealPlayer would like to be your default.

00:52:17   Like, stop it.

00:52:18   OK, nobody uses RealPlayer anymore.

00:52:20   You need to go away.

00:52:21   And setting it as your default player for anything

00:52:24   has got to be the worst thing you could possibly do.

00:52:26   Completely insane.

00:52:27   Right.

00:52:27   And I could not get rid of it.

00:52:29   It's still on that machine.

00:52:31   And now it's-- I've inherited it since he passed away.

00:52:34   And so I have set it up to--

00:52:35   I made a Minecraft server for Hank on it.

00:52:38   But every time it boots, even in my user,

00:52:40   it still has RealPlayer popping up there saying, hi.

00:52:43   Remember me from 1998?

00:52:46   Oh.

00:52:47   That's just the most ridiculous thing possible.

00:52:54   The only thing-- I mean, what else?

00:52:55   It somehow is even sillier than if it was AOL.

00:52:58   I don't even know what could be sillier than RealPlayer.

00:53:02   Yeah.

00:53:02   And there are instructions for how to get rid of it.

00:53:05   Like, you have to--

00:53:07   some of them involve reinstalling it and then

00:53:10   deleting it.

00:53:11   And I've tried all of them, and it just simply will not go away.

00:53:15   There's probably a registry thing

00:53:16   that I have to do that I haven't figured out yet.

00:53:18   But maybe someday I'll get--

00:53:20   I also just think that I'm going to end up

00:53:21   wiping the whole machine starting all over again.

00:53:24   But which is not easy.

00:53:26   That's the thing about trying to create a boot disk,

00:53:29   an external USB drive to boot Windows, was I had to use--

00:53:33   seemingly had to use third party software.

00:53:38   And I forget why there was a free mode.

00:53:41   It was a very highly recommended utility.

00:53:44   It seemed like the way that Mac users talk about super duper,

00:53:47   people talk about this thing.

00:53:49   I forget what it is.

00:53:52   And it was like, I don't know, $15 or something.

00:53:56   And Jonas thought it was like a deal breaker.

00:53:59   And I'm like, Jonas, wait.

00:54:02   We're talking about replacing-- if this doesn't work,

00:54:04   we're talking about spending like $1,000 or close to $1,000

00:54:07   on a video card.

00:54:08   We can spend $15 on a software utility.

00:54:11   He's like, well, that seems like a lot.

00:54:13   And you buy $60 games every time you scratch $60 together.

00:54:17   But it's like-- and I'm reminded--

00:54:19   did you see the tweet from Cable Sasser, a friend of the show,

00:54:24   where his son-- forget how young his son is.

00:54:27   But just to say he's 10, 11-ish, maybe,

00:54:32   was really getting into art and wanted to get Procreate for iPad.

00:54:35   And he's like, Dad, everybody says this is the best, but it's $10.

00:54:41   Knowing that this was like a deal breaker.

00:54:43   And hey, it's like, you don't understand what your father does for a living.

00:54:49   It was like the--

00:54:50   I could just imagine with Cable, it was the sigh of all sighs.

00:54:54   We've lost.

00:54:54   We've lost.

00:54:55   We've actually lost this war.

00:54:57   We think we're still battling to keep indie utility and productivity

00:55:02   software alive.

00:55:03   And it's--

00:55:04   But it's over.

00:55:05   It's over.

00:55:06   And I said to John, you know how much this would have cost when I was your age,

00:55:10   this utility that would match--

00:55:11   Oh my god, yeah.

00:55:12   It was like the one--

00:55:16   on two reasons.

00:55:17   Some of the smartest people in all of the early era of computing

00:55:20   were involved in recovery tools.

00:55:23   Because A, you had to be really smart to make them work, right?

00:55:26   Because you're talking about saving people's data from drives.

00:55:29   Remember drives-- I said to Joe this too.

00:55:32   I was like, you have no idea how often drives went bad.

00:55:35   Oh, yeah.

00:55:35   It doesn't even matter.

00:55:36   It wasn't even like an Apple thing versus PCs.

00:55:39   Drives would just go bad.

00:55:41   Even we in the Mac thought we were so lucky,

00:55:47   because at least we'd get a little sad Mac.

00:55:50   [LAUGHTER]

00:55:53   And it's like, you know--

00:55:55   Getting back to our, the droids should make noises.

00:55:57   Right.

00:55:58   Right.

00:56:00   But it's like, technically, you had to be very good to read bits

00:56:04   and off a drive that had gone corrupt in its--

00:56:07   whatever we used to call them, boot sectors or whatever they were.

00:56:12   But then also, you were very smart, because guess what people

00:56:15   are willing to pay a lot of money for?

00:56:18   They're willing to pay a lot of money to get their data back

00:56:21   when an emergency has crippled them from getting access

00:56:27   to the file they need right now.

00:56:28   It was good business and whatever.

00:56:34   I was like, this would not be $15 back then.

00:56:36   This would be like, we'd have to call the bank and authorize--

00:56:40   And replacement drives were crazy expensive too.

00:56:43   Oh, yeah.

00:56:44   Crazy expensive.

00:56:45   You had to buy another one.

00:56:46   You were like, oh, god.

00:56:47   Oh, my god.

00:56:47   Got one.

00:56:48   Right.

00:56:48   I was like, drives were like the video cards of the day.

00:56:50   It was like, oh, this whole thing is just a computer built around a hard disk

00:56:57   just to keep me from having to use 40 floppy disks.

00:57:00   Yeah.

00:57:01   Yeah.

00:57:01   I had-- for my first computer was an SE with a high density-- not the 30,

00:57:06   but with the high density floppy drives.

00:57:08   It had two floppy drives instead of an internal drive and one floppy drive.

00:57:14   And then it had an external hard drive, which was great.

00:57:17   Because the guy--

00:57:18   I bought it from a guy because I was going to graduate school.

00:57:21   And the guy said, I feel like this is a good setup because you can--

00:57:24   if the drive goes down, you can run the OS on one of these floppies.

00:57:27   And then you can have another floppy in there with your data and programs

00:57:30   and stuff like that.

00:57:31   I was like, yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

00:57:33   And it never happened.

00:57:34   But it was still--

00:57:36   it was great.

00:57:36   I always thought that was a great setup.

00:57:39   Whatever we did to get this bootable USB drive of Windows took forever.

00:57:44   It took a lot longer than you'd think it would.

00:57:46   And I was like, but--

00:57:47   and Jonas was getting a bit impatient.

00:57:50   And I was like, well, I realize this is taking longer than I think it should.

00:57:55   But I remember-- and let me tell you about what

00:57:58   it was like in the old days--

00:57:59   I remember the first time I had a job where we got Windows NT.

00:58:04   And it came on floppies.

00:58:05   And it was like 40 floppies.

00:58:07   Yeah, yeah.

00:58:08   And he's like, come on.

00:58:09   I'm like, nope, 40 floppies.

00:58:11   And you would put it in.

00:58:12   And I guess in theory, somebody could have built a robot to do it.

00:58:16   But instead, what they would do is hire college kids.

00:58:20   And you had a job.

00:58:22   And I was like, so I got paid for an entire day of work.

00:58:24   I showed up at 9.

00:58:25   And today was the day I would install NT on this PC.

00:58:30   And I would just sit there and wait and wait.

00:58:32   And then the floppy-- it would tell me.

00:58:34   And I hit a button.

00:58:35   And the floppy would pick out.

00:58:36   And I'd put number 2 in there.

00:58:38   It would take a couple seconds for it to figure it out,

00:58:41   get its bearings in the floppy drive.

00:58:44   Then it would continue.

00:58:45   And this would go on.

00:58:46   And by the end of the day, maybe I was done.

00:58:48   Times change.

00:58:54   Yeah.

00:58:56   All right, let me tell you.

00:58:57   Speaking of which, this is actually--

00:58:59   I swear to God, I didn't set this up.

00:59:00   Didn't set it up.

00:59:02   This is a true coincidence.

00:59:03   But my god, our next sponsor, Backblaze.

00:59:06   What a great segue.

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00:59:12   with none of the hassles I just talked about in the old days.

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00:59:18   Also, not expensive like in the old days.

00:59:20   $6 a month.

00:59:22   You back up everything-- your documents, your music,

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00:59:32   Or case of catastrophe, something happens.

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00:59:43   You're away from home, but you need to access them.

00:59:45   If you need to, you can get the whole drive sent to you.

00:59:49   Like FedEx, they'll just put it on a USB drive, send it to you.

00:59:53   Really, you can just restore your computer by mail.

00:59:56   That's just unbelievable.

00:59:57   They'll overnight FedEx it to you,

00:59:58   and you can restore and return the hard drive to us

01:00:01   when you're done--

01:00:02   to them when you're done and get the money back for the drive.

01:00:05   So they'll just send you a hard drive with all your stuff

01:00:07   overnight, get it the next morning, copy it back.

01:00:10   You're restored.

01:00:11   Send the drive back to them.

01:00:12   You get the cost of the drive back.

01:00:14   That's just unbelievable.

01:00:15   You need to just get one file somewhere.

01:00:18   Use their iOS app.

01:00:19   You can just go right in to your last backup.

01:00:21   There's a list of everything backed up

01:00:23   from your Mac or your PC.

01:00:25   Find the file you want.

01:00:26   There it is right on your iPhone, your iPad,

01:00:29   wherever you are.

01:00:31   Really, just great mobile apps.

01:00:33   They have restored over 50 billion files

01:00:36   for its customers, fully featured.

01:00:38   And when it runs on your Mac, you install Backblaze.

01:00:42   You sign up.

01:00:42   You sign in.

01:00:43   And it just runs silently in the background.

01:00:46   You don't even know it's there.

01:00:47   There's never any kind of interruption.

01:00:49   You don't have to do anything.

01:00:50   But you need to see what's going on when the last time it was.

01:00:52   You just go into System Preferences, go to Backblaze.

01:00:55   There it is.

01:00:56   Anything you want to see in it, very easy, nice interface.

01:00:59   While you're just using your computer,

01:01:01   you don't have to worry about it.

01:01:02   But there you go.

01:01:03   They have a full backup of all your stuff offsite,

01:01:06   out of your house, out of your office, wherever you are.

01:01:09   Really, I've been using it for years and years.

01:01:12   Never a problem.

01:01:13   I recommend it to everybody.

01:01:15   It's really great.

01:01:16   They have a fully featured trial with no credit card required

01:01:19   upfront at backblaze.com/daringfireball.

01:01:23   Just go to that URL, backblaze.com/daringfireball,

01:01:27   and they will know that you came from here

01:01:30   and that they're continuing to support the show.

01:01:32   It's a 15-day free trial.

01:01:34   It's just fantastic.

01:01:36   No credit card required.

01:01:38   One last time, backblaze.com/daringfireball.

01:01:43   Yeah, backing up back then was--

01:01:46   Impossible.

01:01:47   I don't remember what I did.

01:01:48   I think it just backed things up on floppies.

01:01:50   You would back up files that you needed to keep,

01:01:52   and that was about it.

01:01:53   Yeah, I still have all those floppies.

01:01:56   I guess if I--

01:01:58   Mine are all right behind me right now.

01:02:00   I always say, as some people get into golf,

01:02:03   it's like, I guess my retirement plan is I'll get into retrocomputing

01:02:07   and hope that my floppies still work, I guess.

01:02:10   Yeah, but anything truly important, like if I

01:02:15   had a game that was really good, I would just put it on floppy and label.

01:02:18   I was real-- I don't know if you did this.

01:02:21   I had a style writer.

01:02:25   Remember the style writer?

01:02:27   Yeah, oh, yeah.

01:02:27   An inkjet.

01:02:29   And I bought labels, like floppy disk labels.

01:02:33   And what's that?

01:02:36   That one company that has a weird monopoly on labels.

01:02:42   Oh, yeah.

01:02:43   I can't think of the name.

01:02:44   Well, whatever they are, I bought their floppy disk labels.

01:02:46   And if I had a game I really liked, I would make a custom icon.

01:02:51   I'd go into ResEdit, get the icon.

01:02:53   If the style writer was black and white, so I'd get the--

01:02:56   even though I had a color LC, I'd go into ResEdit

01:02:59   and get the black and white icon, right?

01:03:01   Because all the games still had to have black and white icons

01:03:04   to some of the Macs for black and white.

01:03:05   Yeah, because if you were running it on an SE or something, yeah.

01:03:07   Right.

01:03:07   And I would make custom labels for the games

01:03:09   and make these as nice as I could make them labels,

01:03:13   and then have an archive of all my stuff that I just

01:03:16   downloaded from the internet.

01:03:17   That was my backup.

01:03:19   Nice.

01:03:20   What else did I have?

01:03:21   I had a tape drive at some point.

01:03:24   Oh, really?

01:03:25   Wow.

01:03:25   Yeah.

01:03:26   Tape drive.

01:03:26   We had one at work, but I never had one at home.

01:03:30   The zip drive was the first thing that I had.

01:03:33   I bought a tape drive.

01:03:34   And what was the name of the program?

01:03:36   It was the official-- the best backup program for professional--

01:03:41   because this was after college.

01:03:42   And I was doing-- most of my income was from freelance work.

01:03:46   So I felt like I should be professional and get a backup thing.

01:03:49   So I had an expensive backup drive.

01:03:51   And I had these tapes that were expensive, and it was backing it up.

01:03:55   And it's a typical Murphy's law.

01:03:57   I never once needed them and never once backed up or restored a single thing.

01:04:03   I spent, to my mind, a fortune.

01:04:06   It could have been better spent on fun stuff on a backup system

01:04:10   that I never once ever used, ever.

01:04:12   Not even one time, one file.

01:04:15   Oh, my god.

01:04:15   Whatever happened to that one file?

01:04:17   I bet I could get it from a tape.

01:04:18   Nope.

01:04:18   Never used it.

01:04:19   I have no idea if any of them ever worked, ever.

01:04:22   Because you couldn't boot from them.

01:04:24   That was the thing.

01:04:24   If it wasn't a bootable thing, you'd have to get the tape

01:04:27   and restore it to our-- it just seemed so hard to test,

01:04:30   so I never tested it, which, of course, is pretty dumb

01:04:33   that I spent a relative fortune of my personal net worth on a backup system.

01:04:37   It was like having a painting of your backup.

01:04:39   [LAUGHTER]

01:04:41   Anyway.

01:04:45   But that was-- tape was the cheap way to do backups, right?

01:04:50   Because you could back up a lot of data on tape for relatively--

01:04:54   It was an inexpensive medium.

01:04:56   Right.

01:04:57   So you could have large amounts of data, and it was no random access.

01:05:04   Yeah.

01:05:04   Yeah.

01:05:05   Right.

01:05:05   And yeah, that's right, because you had to back up the whole thing.

01:05:07   Right.

01:05:08   Well, and you--

01:05:09   We had to restore the whole thing in order to get one file.

01:05:12   Right, because unlike a hard drive, if you

01:05:13   wanted to get one file that was at the beginning of the tape

01:05:16   and the other at the end of the tape, it would take you 20 minutes.

01:05:22   Anyway, good times.

01:05:27   Yeah, most of that stuff is right here at my feet,

01:05:29   because I podcast from the basement.

01:05:30   And so-- and speaking of things that you had to plug in,

01:05:34   different cards in the back.

01:05:35   My Performa 6400 is right here with the--

01:05:39   and I got an extra card, like the video, the advanced video card for it.

01:05:43   I forget what the heck the company was that made it, but it was a card

01:05:48   that you put into the thing, and then you had to get a cable

01:05:51   to reroute the video through the card in the back.

01:05:55   So, yeah.

01:05:57   All right, moving on.

01:05:59   I just figured the rest of the show, we'd just talk a little lighthearted stuff,

01:06:03   maybe make some movie TV recommendations.

01:06:05   But the one thing related to that is there's a rumor a couple weeks ago

01:06:10   Mark Gurman had that Apple's supposedly thinking

01:06:13   about coming out with a bundle of their subscription content stuff, which

01:06:17   has-- yeah, it seems pretty obvious.

01:06:20   Ever since they started offering more than one monthly subscription thing,

01:06:23   people have wondered why don't they have a bundle where you can get them

01:06:27   together, with the idea that it's named Apple One,

01:06:31   or at least that's the working title, according to Gurman.

01:06:35   And I wrote about this during Fireball.

01:06:37   I suggested that maybe they should try to--

01:06:41   what Gurman described seemed way too complicated to me.

01:06:45   It just seemed like it's not much of a bundle, right?

01:06:48   Like, it just seemed like there'd be like one tier with music and TV,

01:06:53   and then you can pay more and get news and pay more and get this and pay--

01:06:58   and it's like-- and then ultimately, it was like--

01:07:02   so a family with family sharing could wind up

01:07:05   saving $5 on what would otherwise cost $45 a month to get all of it--

01:07:10   music and TV with sharing, with news, with Apple Arcade,

01:07:15   and extended more than the default iCloud storage.

01:07:20   And to me, my take was, well, I don't know--

01:07:22   and I feel like pricing and names are the sort of things that

01:07:26   are the last to leak, because they can be known by the least number of people.

01:07:30   They can keep that within--

01:07:31   I was going to say Schiller's group, but maybe it's

01:07:33   JAWS's group at this point.

01:07:36   But I suggested that they should really try

01:07:39   to be aggressive on the pricing on this, and maybe try to get it to like $20

01:07:44   bucks for a single or $15 bucks for a person and $20 bucks for family sharing,

01:07:51   with the idea that maybe they have to-- right now, it's $10 bucks for Apple

01:07:54   Music as an individual and $15 bucks a month for Apple Music for a family.

01:07:58   And because Apple doesn't own all that music or any of that music,

01:08:03   they have to license it.

01:08:04   It's not really up to Apple that they can't just--

01:08:07   unlike Apple Arcade, where they can say, look, Apple Arcade,

01:08:10   it's $5 bucks a month.

01:08:11   And if you have a family, everybody in your family can use it,

01:08:13   and there's no upsell for family sharing.

01:08:16   They can do that because they own the rights to all the Apple Arcade games.

01:08:19   They can't do that for music.

01:08:20   So let's just assume family sharing has to cost $5 bucks more.

01:08:24   Why not $15 and $20 and get more people on it?

01:08:29   And a lot of people wrote to me, and were like, wait,

01:08:31   aren't you the one who's always saying that Apple

01:08:33   charges a fortune for everything?

01:08:35   And here's me and you.

01:08:36   We always have our segment when you're on the talk show that's

01:08:38   spend Tim Cook's money, right?

01:08:40   [LAUGHTER]

01:08:43   Yeah.

01:08:44   I feel--

01:08:44   Yeah, well, I would love it if they--

01:08:46   I don't think they'll do it just because of that,

01:08:49   because they tend to charge more for everything.

01:08:52   Right.

01:08:52   And this seems-- yeah, I mean, like you said, this is aggressive.

01:08:56   I think it would be wonderful if they were aggressive.

01:08:58   Because I'm currently paying--

01:09:00   well, I'm not paying for TV+ yet, because I'm still on the free here.

01:09:04   But I probably will, because I think there's enough stuff on it

01:09:07   that I really, really like.

01:09:09   Maybe we'll get to some of that a little later.

01:09:11   But I got to pay for the music.

01:09:15   We're all using music.

01:09:17   I'm paying for arcade.

01:09:19   Hank is actually not playing arcade very much, if at all, frankly.

01:09:23   But I do occasionally, and I like seeing what's available.

01:09:27   And that's the one I keep thinking, well, am I

01:09:30   going to get rid of that or not?

01:09:31   But if it was a part of a bundle, I would probably totally

01:09:35   pay for the whole thing.

01:09:36   And $5 a month is--

01:09:40   I'm getting old here-- $60 a year.

01:09:42   I had to double check that.

01:09:45   It's not nothing.

01:09:46   But I feel like $5 a month for new games is roughly what I would waste.

01:09:51   And I don't play a lot of games.

01:09:52   Even me, as someone that doesn't play a lot of games,

01:09:55   I would still find a new game.

01:09:57   And it's $3 or $2.

01:10:00   I'll buy it.

01:10:02   I'm on that for $5 a month.

01:10:04   I'm interested enough, even though I don't spend a lot of time on Apple Arcade

01:10:08   games.

01:10:08   I like seeing it.

01:10:09   It seems fair.

01:10:12   My argument in favor of this, even knowing that Apple stuff tends

01:10:15   to be expensive and they don't discount it,

01:10:17   is that services are very different.

01:10:20   There's no or less marginal cost for increasing it.

01:10:26   When more people sign up for Apple Arcade,

01:10:28   Apple doesn't incur any extra costs other than the download

01:10:32   cost of the games to more people, which is negligible.

01:10:36   Come on.

01:10:38   As opposed to people who might think, oh my god, the new iPhone 12

01:10:43   is going to start at $1,100.

01:10:45   I wish they would only charge $800.

01:10:47   And it's like, well, welcome to Apple.

01:10:51   They're going to charge more.

01:10:54   My argument in a totally let's just try to make Apple the most money possible

01:11:01   cynical perspective is a lower priced bundle that seems like, well,

01:11:07   oh, man, at that price, I should just sign up,

01:11:10   would get so many more people to pay $15 or $20 a month to Apple monthly,

01:11:17   so many more people who don't spend anything monthly to Apple,

01:11:22   or even if they only have music, which I think for obvious reasons

01:11:26   is probably their most popular thing, just to get them to spend $5 more

01:11:31   than they're already spending for Apple Music and just give them

01:11:35   everything except-- and again, the news,

01:11:36   they can't just throw in free because news they don't own.

01:11:39   They have to pay all of the publishers who are in news plus.

01:11:43   And also, it also seems like the least popular thing

01:11:48   because it's also the one aspect of this that is not fun at all.

01:11:52   Right?

01:11:53   Certainly right now.

01:11:55   Right.

01:11:55   It's like, who would like to relax?

01:12:00   Who wants to pay $5 for this news?

01:12:04   No good, thanks.

01:12:06   Oh, I don't want to see anything about that story.

01:12:08   What else is in the news?

01:12:10   Oh.

01:12:11   Oh, the least-- the good news is a hurricane that wasn't as bad

01:12:21   as they thought it was going to be, but was still bad and caused a lot of--

01:12:27   that's the good news.

01:12:28   OK.

01:12:28   Yeah, I'm going to say I'm going to go back to arcade.

01:12:31   Maybe walk--

01:12:34   Go back to staring at the wall.

01:12:36   Yeah.

01:12:36   It's the new episode of Ted Lasso out.

01:12:39   Yeah.

01:12:39   How much do I have to pay to just stare at the wall?

01:12:42   Right.

01:12:42   But again, they can't just throw it in free from Apple's perspective

01:12:48   because they have to pay them.

01:12:49   And it seems like that's also something that's not as appealing to everybody.

01:12:53   And then the storage thing-- oh my god.

01:12:57   How many years now have we been talking that, hey,

01:13:01   the storage for Apple or for iCloud is kind of expensive.

01:13:06   The default free one is ridiculously small and doesn't help anybody back up anything.

01:13:13   When is this going-- this has to change eventually, right?

01:13:18   We're not going to be here 20 years from now doing episode 1,000 of the talk show

01:13:22   talking about the same 5 gigabyte plan for iCloud, right?

01:13:29   It has to change eventually, says me, the guy who's--

01:13:33   50, right?

01:13:34   It's 50?

01:13:35   Or 50, whatever.

01:13:36   Yeah.

01:13:36   OK.

01:13:37   I just wanted to make-- because originally, I think maybe it was like five or something.

01:13:40   It was five for a while.

01:13:41   Right.

01:13:41   And you know, it's funny.

01:13:44   A couple of people wrote to me when I wrote about this.

01:13:46   And other people-- I'm not close.

01:13:48   Oh, wait.

01:13:49   Hang on a second.

01:13:50   50 is $1 a month.

01:13:52   Yeah.

01:13:52   Yeah.

01:13:53   You still have to pay to get to 50.

01:13:54   I think the default, the free one is still like 10 gigabytes, I think.

01:13:58   That sounds right.

01:13:59   Yeah.

01:13:59   But it's not enough.

01:14:01   I don't know.

01:14:01   Or if they want to say, OK, for free, we're still going to be mean.

01:14:05   And we're not going to give you enough.

01:14:07   But just make it so if you pay anything, you have enough to back up your device and typical

01:14:12   photo albums.

01:14:12   The $1.99 plan really isn't enough for people who are shooting video.

01:14:17   And it just doesn't make sense that they're shipping these devices with truly amazing

01:14:23   4K cameras, like kind of crazy.

01:14:25   Again, I still look at it.

01:14:27   I never look at things that I'm on because I can't stand looking or listening to myself.

01:14:31   But I still look at my talk show remote and think that we shot that with iPhones.

01:14:37   I can't believe it.

01:14:38   It looks so good.

01:14:39   It's 5 gigabytes is free.

01:14:42   5 gigabytes.

01:14:43   So I guess what you said originally was correct.

01:14:44   I talked myself out of it, Josh.

01:14:46   Because it just seems like, oh, that can't be true.

01:14:48   That seems so ridiculous that I couldn't believe that that was real.

01:14:52   So maybe my hope, and again, I'm truly Charlie Brown kicking Lucy's football with iCloud

01:14:59   storage plans.

01:15:00   But my hope is that they've been holding on to these old ones as long as they have so

01:15:05   that when they unveil this bundle, they can say, and you're going from this terrible plan

01:15:13   that we don't even know what maniacs, all of us have been here forever.

01:15:18   Yeah, who did this?

01:15:21   Who did this?

01:15:22   Now you can pay this one low monthly fee and you get on a four still.

01:15:26   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:15:27   Get him up there.

01:15:28   But anyway, but the other on the flip side, I just sort of unrelated to my argument that

01:15:35   the bundle should be relatively low priced and compelling.

01:15:38   The two, the most you can give them is like, I forget what it costs per month.

01:15:42   What's the 50 gig or two terabyte plan?

01:15:44   10 bucks a month, which isn't much per month, but that's the most you can get.

01:15:51   And it's, I've heard from a bunch of daring fireball readers who are either pressing up

01:15:55   against it or are over it and now have to manage what do they do with their videos?

01:16:02   You know, and if you, you know, I can't even imagine what we'd be at if all of my video

01:16:07   from my now 16 year old son, if I had 4k footage of him when he was a baby, my God, we'd be

01:16:15   over two terabytes easily.

01:16:18   Yeah, so and that, and just sort of ballpark estimating the age of the people emailing

01:16:23   me, it's people with younger kids, they have more home video footage.

01:16:26   And why not shoot 4k, right?

01:16:29   I mean, you want the, you know, don't be an idiot and shoot 1080 to save space.

01:16:34   You know, you have these memories of your precious family.

01:16:37   Don't you love your child?

01:16:38   Yeah.

01:16:39   Don't you realize how big TVs are going to be in 40 years?

01:16:41   Yeah, right.

01:16:42   So I don't know.

01:16:46   But anyway, that's my basic idea is that at a fundamental level, even if Apple wants to

01:16:51   be, you know, why are Apple's prices so high?

01:16:53   Why do they have 38% profit margins across the company?

01:16:56   Because they enjoy making money there.

01:16:59   That's, you know, part of what they do is they, you know, how do they sleep at night?

01:17:04   There's a line from Mad Men, you know, somebody asked Don Draper, how do you sleep at night?

01:17:08   And he says, on a bed of money.

01:17:13   Even if they're in it for the money, they want to make the most money they can on their

01:17:17   own branded services.

01:17:19   I think they would make more money by having a compelling bundle that's a lot lower than

01:17:27   the price of the a la carte.

01:17:29   Okay, I'll get music and TV plus and arcade.

01:17:34   And I guess I need more storage because I have to back up more than five gigabytes of

01:17:41   stuff.

01:17:43   Why not make it like a dislike?

01:17:45   No brainer.

01:17:46   Okay, you were spending close to $40 a month for 20 bucks a month.

01:17:50   You can get this.

01:17:51   But then yes, you'll make less money from people like me who were spending 40 bucks

01:17:56   a month or something like that.

01:17:57   But you'll make up so much more from all the people who were only spending 10 bucks a month

01:18:02   on music.

01:18:03   And, you know, yeah, the math has to work out that there's some sweet spot in there.

01:18:09   Maybe my dream prices are too low, but something where it's way less than the buck than the

01:18:14   a la carte combination five like the German story that says you might save five bucks

01:18:18   a month if you buy everything is like, what's the point?

01:18:22   Yeah, I don't know.

01:18:25   What do you think?

01:18:25   Well, it seems to me like, yeah, there's obviously there's a spreadsheet someplace in Cupertino

01:18:31   that has all of this on it, right?

01:18:32   And my guess is that they figure out where that sweet spot is, and then they add $5.

01:18:37   I guess.

01:18:40   I don't know.

01:18:41   I really hope it's true.

01:18:43   Anyway, last thing on the show, I just wanted to throw out some recommendations for people

01:18:47   for maybe this holiday week and what to watch.

01:18:50   I want to recommend Ted Lasso, which is an Apple.

01:18:53   Have you been watching?

01:18:54   Oh, my God.

01:18:55   I've seen it like three times all the way through.

01:18:57   I so good.

01:18:59   And it's so good.

01:19:01   And it's not what I expected at all.

01:19:03   I thought it was going to be and I think maybe they played that up in the previews.

01:19:08   I thought it's the premise is this guy was an American football coach in Kansas or Missouri.

01:19:16   I forget where he's from.

01:19:17   Who somehow gets hired as the head of a Premier League soccer team in London.

01:19:23   Fish out of water.

01:19:25   I figured the guy was going to be like 30 Rock slapstick.

01:19:32   Truly dumb guy comedy.

01:19:34   You know, like Ernest goes to coach soccer level of comedy.

01:19:38   I like Jason Sudeikis.

01:19:39   I thought it would be like that.

01:19:40   It's not like that at all.

01:19:42   It is funny.

01:19:42   I enjoy it, but it is way less.

01:19:46   He's not a dumb guy.

01:19:48   He's he's really quite smart.

01:19:50   He's quite smart.

01:19:51   And as one of the most easy, like he's sort of like Yoda, right?

01:19:54   I mean, yeah, he's wise.

01:19:55   He's not smart about soccer at all.

01:19:58   It he forgets.

01:20:00   He forgets that they have ties.

01:20:02   He forgets all these things, but he's smart about people.

01:20:05   Right.

01:20:06   And it's an earnest show in a way.

01:20:09   It's not cynical.

01:20:11   It is.

01:20:12   It is a throwback on Twitter.

01:20:17   I was talking about how much it is a little thread and friend of the show, Adam.

01:20:21   Lisa Gore just I think he described it as I he just likes it because it everybody in

01:20:25   the show is nice to each other.

01:20:27   And that's not quite true.

01:20:28   There's you know, yeah, no.

01:20:30   Yeah.

01:20:30   But there's a heart of the heart of the show is nice.

01:20:32   And in people who are nice to each other, really, you know, are the ones that you.

01:20:36   I associate with and root for.

01:20:39   I love it.

01:20:41   Amy loves it.

01:20:42   I've I have watched.

01:20:43   There's an episode that like the second to last episode, Amy fell asleep very early and

01:20:48   I couldn't stop.

01:20:49   And I usually am very good about like stopping anything.

01:20:52   And I was so into it.

01:20:52   I've watched the whole thing and then we just watched it again last night.

01:20:55   And I've just I've watched an episode.

01:20:57   I haven't watched an episode of a show that I've watched before in years.

01:21:01   I mean, literally since Mad Men.

01:21:02   I loved it again.

01:21:04   It was great.

01:21:04   It was the one that the episode where they had the charity thing for underprivileged

01:21:08   children.

01:21:09   And it was a nice surprise.

01:21:12   Amy was like, Wait, was this the one I fell asleep in?

01:21:14   I was like, Yeah.

01:21:14   And she was like, So we have another one.

01:21:15   I was like, Yeah.

01:21:16   And she was like, Yeah.

01:21:17   And it was like the happiest thing that's happened to us in months.

01:21:20   The next one's even better.

01:21:22   Well, we watched it last night, but she didn't know.

01:21:26   She thought we were catching up.

01:21:27   And I was like, No, we have 30 more minutes.

01:21:29   And it was great.

01:21:31   And it's such a great cast.

01:21:32   It's like a classic sitcom, you know, like Cheers where there's like, you know, I don't

01:21:38   know, a dozen characters and you like them all.

01:21:40   And they're all even the ones who aren't in a lot are like, I like them.

01:21:45   Yeah.

01:21:46   And some of them are working on the writing.

01:21:48   At least I know the guy who plays Roy Kent wrote one of the more recent episodes.

01:21:52   Oh, really?

01:21:53   Yeah.

01:21:53   Yeah.

01:21:55   I was looking it up online.

01:21:56   I really enjoy that show.

01:21:59   And I would just say, just forget about the trailer.

01:22:01   Just go watch it if you have Apple TV.

01:22:03   Yeah.

01:22:04   Because I because I went back.

01:22:05   I don't even remember seeing the trailer per se, but I went when they announced that I

01:22:09   went back and looked at some of the because he's it started out as an ad for NBC's coverage

01:22:15   of Yeah, yeah, football, like British football, right?

01:22:20   Beth is, you know, like, goofy American, and it was much more I mean, not slapstick, but

01:22:26   much more silly.

01:22:27   And, and, you know, he was much more of a Homer Simpson type.

01:22:30   I guess.

01:22:30   Yeah, yeah, that's a good way to put it.

01:22:33   Yeah.

01:22:33   Like Homer Simpson, caught you coaching a sport he doesn't know the rules to.

01:22:36   Yeah, yeah.

01:22:37   And the premise is just so the basic premise is so ridiculous.

01:22:42   It's, you know, like, imagine if like, it's like saying, like, imagine if the United

01:22:47   States put a reality show game show host narcissist sociopath and elected him president of the

01:22:53   United States.

01:22:54   You know, a guy who doesn't know soccer coaching in the Premier League in England, it doesn't

01:22:59   be you know, couldn't happen.

01:23:00   But anyway, I really recommend it.

01:23:05   And again, I am a cold, you know, me, john, I'm cold hearted.

01:23:09   I like I like my comedy mean, I like I like my cynicism.

01:23:15   This show is like a feel good show.

01:23:18   And I love it.

01:23:19   Even I need it.

01:23:20   I need this show.

01:23:20   And I know it wasn't planned for when it came out.

01:23:23   But it is it is truly the perfect.

01:23:26   It's the it's perfect for right now.

01:23:27   It's exactly it is just it's so so it really decompresses you watching the show.

01:23:34   Yeah, it is the proverbial cold glass of ice water and hell.

01:23:38   Yeah.

01:23:38   So Ted lasso is my recommendation.

01:23:41   And it's been renewed for another season.

01:23:43   Oh, that's fantastic.

01:23:44   Yeah.

01:23:45   I feel like I feel like this could be the sort of show that really I'm not gonna say

01:23:50   it's gonna single handedly turn Apple TV plus into a hit.

01:23:53   But it seems like the type of show that's gonna have word of mouth.

01:23:56   Like people will say,

01:23:57   Oh, yeah, I noticed that I felt for a while I was watching I got on it early.

01:24:01   And I felt like I was talking about it.

01:24:03   And nobody else was and then all of a sudden, like this, this floodgate Well, not all of

01:24:06   a sudden, slowly, this floodgate started opening.

01:24:08   And I keep seeing more and more people talking about it.

01:24:11   And everybody who talks about it is just like, wow, this is so good.

01:24:15   And I wasn't expecting it.

01:24:17   Yeah.

01:24:17   And and, you know, and there is something to be said for the sitcom format 30 minutes,

01:24:23   here's a story.

01:24:24   But it's modern.

01:24:25   It's not a it's a throwback sentimentality wise in a way that people are good to each

01:24:30   other.

01:24:31   But like, it unlike a classic sitcom, which was always meant purposefully so that the

01:24:38   episodes can be seen in any order, written for syndication, you know, so that, you know,

01:24:43   like when you watch Cheers, you don't have to know you don't have to watch season.

01:24:46   Yeah.

01:24:47   So you can watch any episode immediately.

01:24:49   If you didn't watch Episode three, you're never going to get Episode four.

01:24:52   No, they're all they all stand alone.

01:24:54   This one it they go in order, you have to watch the season in order, which is a very

01:24:58   modern streaming way of writing a season.

01:25:01   It's so easy to get into.

01:25:03   Ah, I totally recommend it to anybody.

01:25:07   Anything else you want to recommend?

01:25:08   Um, no, I would just say one more thing about it.

01:25:13   It's, um, it's definitely my favorite just to talk about moral Apple TV Plus, but it's

01:25:17   definitely my favorite Apple TV Plus series.

01:25:20   And there's there are a couple that I really like.

01:25:22   I really liked Dickerson and I really have liked the space one.

01:25:26   For All Mankind.

01:25:28   I like For All Mankind could not get Amy involved in it at all.

01:25:32   I enjoyed it.

01:25:33   Glad they got season two coming out.

01:25:34   We enjoyed as a family, the M Night Shyamalan one, which Oh, did you?

01:25:39   Okay, what's it called?

01:25:40   I'm not a big horror fan.

01:25:42   So that one was, uh, it seemed like it was well made, but it wasn't my cup of tea, particularly.

01:25:47   I only I didn't get through the first episode.

01:25:48   It's actually filmed blocks away from our

01:25:52   servant.

01:25:54   It's called servant.

01:25:55   That's right.

01:25:56   I wanted to say beloved.

01:25:57   And I knew that was it.

01:25:58   It's it is very M Night Shyamalan.

01:26:04   Right.

01:26:05   It's a little lower on the horror.

01:26:07   You know, it's very it's suspenseful, though.

01:26:10   And it's weird.

01:26:11   Yeah.

01:26:11   Did you watch or no?

01:26:13   I watched some of I watched some of the first episode and I was like, yeah, I'm not gonna.

01:26:16   This isn't and it's not and it's not because I think it's bad or it's poorly made or anything.

01:26:20   It's just it's a I do not care for horror very much.

01:26:25   Yeah.

01:26:25   So and the other thing was so the other thing I've heard very good things about is Lovecraft

01:26:31   Country, but another thing that is horror that I probably will.

01:26:34   Yeah, I think that's next on our list.

01:26:37   That's HBO Max.

01:26:38   Yeah.

01:26:39   Yeah, that would be next on our list.

01:26:42   We're going to watch that.

01:26:43   Anyway, that's pretty good.

01:26:45   I heard there's a rumor that Apple might extend the TV plus thing for another year with purchases.

01:26:52   You know, I can see why.

01:26:56   And I feel like it's sort of how do you bootstrap a because they're not doing that.

01:27:01   They didn't buy the library rights to anything, right?

01:27:04   Like when you get and this is like before like a year ago before TV plus launched, everybody

01:27:09   was like, Well, why are people going to pay for a service that only has even if the six

01:27:14   shows are great?

01:27:15   Why would you pay five bucks a month for a service with six shows that when you watch

01:27:20   them, you're out?

01:27:21   And the answer was, well, they're really kind of going to go out of their way to give it

01:27:25   to anybody who buys any other Apple hardware product.

01:27:29   And that's how you bootstrap it, right?

01:27:32   And I kind of see that.

01:27:34   But to me, that's why Apple TV plus it's don't compare it to Netscape or not a Netscape.

01:27:41   Jesus, Netflix definitely don't compare to that.

01:27:44   Netflix is entire business is getting people to pay, you know, 10 or 15 bucks a month for

01:27:49   Netflix, right?

01:27:50   That is the it's it's, you know, as sprawling as they're in.

01:27:53   They don't have any.

01:27:54   Yeah.

01:27:54   That's that's what they do.

01:27:55   And it's kind of a thing of beauty, you know, that they pivoted from a will mail you DVDs

01:28:01   at home to we've, we're now the preeminent library of streaming content that everybody

01:28:07   has.

01:28:07   It's a thing of beauty, because it's so nice and simple.

01:28:11   And the value proposition is, will you watch, you know, 10 bucks of Netflix a month?

01:28:17   Probably.

01:28:18   So yeah, you'll get it.

01:28:20   The TV plus thing is to me more like Apple or Amazon Prime video where nobody signs up

01:28:26   for Amazon Prime to get Prime video, you sign up for free shipping, and then you, you have

01:28:33   these prime shows you can watch and they're, you know, some of them are pretty good.

01:28:36   And you know, it's one of the easiest streaming things.

01:28:39   If it went away for me, I really probably wouldn't miss it.

01:28:42   But I'm glad I have it because every once in a while something comes up.

01:28:47   And I feel like TV plus for Apple is and always will be like that in that it will make way

01:28:53   more sense in the context of an Apple one bundle where, okay, you know, you just give

01:28:59   us like 25.

01:29:01   Okay, add five $30.

01:29:03   All right, they give us just give us something a month and we'll give you these TV shows

01:29:07   too.

01:29:07   Wow.

01:29:09   Is the free year thing going on is still going on right now?

01:29:12   Yeah, because they it Well, it has to be because it started they announced it with the iPhones,

01:29:17   right?

01:29:17   So the iPhones were last September 7th, 8th, 9th, something around there, or 12th or something,

01:29:24   you know, somewhere around September 11th, but never actually September 11th.

01:29:28   And they didn't actually sell they actually announced it and they didn't sell the phones

01:29:33   for another week or two.

01:29:35   So even the earliest like if you bought a new iPhone at the very first day, your year

01:29:40   of TV, like if you bought if you bought Well, the reason I asked is I just bought Hank a

01:29:44   new phone.

01:29:44   Oh, yeah, I think you do.

01:29:46   Yeah, I think you still get you should still get a year of of TV plus.

01:29:50   Yeah.

01:29:51   Anyway, that's my recommendation.

01:29:55   Anything else?

01:29:55   Yeah, I guess the other thing what a sad story.

01:29:58   I don't want to end on two percent of a note but this Chadwick Boseman.

01:30:01   Yeah, passing.

01:30:02   Yeah.

01:30:02   Oh my god.

01:30:03   What a completely out of the blue for you know, most everybody.

01:30:07   Yeah, yeah, they kept it private and I don't blame him, you know, but I mean, who would

01:30:11   have thought it doesn't even make any sense.

01:30:13   The guy had was fighting cancer for four years while he was like the most fit even literally

01:30:19   played superhero.

01:30:20   I mean, yeah, and like the part.

01:30:22   Oh, and who else did he play?

01:30:24   Well, he played Jackie Robinson, like one of the greatest athletes in history of America.

01:30:30   And he looked like one of the great athletes of America and he's fighting cancer and died

01:30:35   and my god, what a sad story.

01:30:37   But I will just say, and I know everybody, you know, he was so talented, so amazing.

01:30:43   And everybody knows Black Panther and ABC or Disney, I guess, did a really cool thing

01:30:47   where they showed Black Panther on ABC, which everybody gets.

01:30:51   You can even get it over the air commercial free.

01:30:54   Yeah.

01:30:55   A night or two ago.

01:30:56   What a great way to truly to honor him.

01:30:58   No commercials and put a nice thing about his life afterwards.

01:31:01   But I'll just say 42, the Jackie Robinson movie is one of my favorite sports movies

01:31:07   of all time and is one of.

01:31:09   Right.

01:31:09   Okay, I've not seen it.

01:31:10   Oh, it's so good.

01:31:11   I really recommend it.

01:31:12   I would be my last recommendation.

01:31:14   Like, you know, I don't have to say go watch Black Panther.

01:31:17   I mean, probably everybody's seen Black Panther, which is a great superhero movie.

01:31:21   But 42 is just amazing.

01:31:23   And in terms, you know, it's, you know, the sort of where we've come and how far we have

01:31:28   to go with race relations in this country.

01:31:30   It is as well, you know, sadly, is more relevant than it should be in 2020.

01:31:38   But he's so good.

01:31:39   He's he was such an amazing actor.

01:31:42   It's you just don't think of him as, oh, there's Chadwick Boseman.

01:31:46   It's like, no, that's Jackie Robinson.

01:31:49   So good.

01:31:50   So that would be my other recommendation is watch 42.

01:31:53   I will check that out.

01:31:54   You see, he died.

01:31:55   It's I'm not like a coincidence person, but he died on Jackie Robinson Day in Major League

01:32:01   Baseball, which is so weird.

01:32:04   And it's not even usually usually it's April 15.

01:32:06   But it couldn't be because they weren't playing baseball on April 15.

01:32:09   Right.

01:32:11   Anyway, this timeline.

01:32:13   Oh, anyway, that's my recommendation about this timeline.

01:32:17   John, it's always good to talk to you.

01:32:19   People can get plenty of discussion.

01:32:22   People can hear it here.

01:32:23   Hear your good voice on turning turning this car around the podcast with with our good

01:32:30   friend, Lex and oh, you said his name.

01:32:35   Lex and John Armstrong.

01:32:38   John Armstrong.

01:32:39   Also a good friend.

01:32:41   You see the joke I had.

01:32:42   I have some some poor guy on Twitter fell right in the middle of it.

01:32:45   Did you see the thread Lex and I had on Twitter?

01:32:48   I skim past it because I'm trying I'm trying not to doom scroll these days.

01:32:54   And I am I am not I am no longer I used to be a completist as far as Twitter goes.

01:32:59   And now I'm like, nope, nope, nope, not today.

01:33:01   Lex Lex had a tweet that was something to the lines of, oh, is anybody else running into

01:33:06   the thing or, you know, late summer and these troubling times they they're waking up at

01:33:10   515.

01:33:11   And it was literally said 515.

01:33:13   And I just wrote me too.

01:33:15   And somebody wrote Yeah, how do you not be a morning person and just some random and

01:33:22   I wrote Oh, we're talking about 515 in the morning.

01:33:24   It was I couldn't have set it up better with a sock puppet account.

01:33:31   Anyway, John,

01:33:34   I'm glad you got I'm glad you got up early for this podcast.

01:33:36   Ah, I am getting up earlier.

01:33:39   I guess if 11 is early.

01:33:42   Who knows some days I do get up early.

01:33:45   It's crazy times.

01:33:46   Anyway, good talking to you, John.

01:33:48   Have a good holiday week.

01:33:49   Oh, yeah, I will.

01:33:50   You too.

01:33:50   Enjoy the pool.