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267: ‘Just the Tips’ With John Moltz


00:00:00   The World Series has unified our country around around one central theme, which is booing and

00:00:08   heckling Donald Trump. Right. Did you watch that yesterday? It's a beautiful moment that we can

00:00:14   all share together. So you take the kids, you take the kids and at the seventh inning stretch,

00:00:20   you all stand up and you boo the president. This was, it was an interesting thing. And for

00:00:27   For those of you who aren't, I mean,

00:00:30   there's so much real stuff going on with world politics and us politics and

00:00:36   Trump. And it's, you know, it's,

00:00:39   in, in normal times it would be a fun thing to just talk about,

00:00:44   but I'm going to do it anyway.

00:00:46   But I realized that his reception at a baseball game is not important in the

00:00:51   grand scheme of things and that there are many things that are important,

00:00:54   but this is not a political podcast, so let's just focus.

00:00:57   - This is perfect territory for us to cover.

00:01:00   - This is a nonsense podcast.

00:01:01   - Sure.

00:01:02   - So why don't we talk about the nonsense?

00:01:06   So Trump was in a bad position in a couple of ways on this

00:01:11   because it's like a couple of things had to happen for this.

00:01:14   But the first and foremost, the fact that the Nationals,

00:01:17   the Washington Nationals are in the World Series,

00:01:19   which was unlikely.

00:01:20   They were a wildcard team.

00:01:22   So they had to win a one-game playoff just to make the regular playoffs.

00:01:27   And then they had to beat some really good teams to get here.

00:01:30   They were certainly not favored against the Dodgers.

00:01:33   And here they are.

00:01:36   But it's sort of traditional for a U.S. president to throw out the first pitch, usually on opening

00:01:41   day, like at April 1st or something like that.

00:01:44   But Trump doesn't do that, even though Trump claims that as a young man he was the best

00:01:49   player in New York State. And if you believe that. Right, he went from probably

00:01:57   being, you know, like looking at him swing a golf club. He probably was, you

00:02:01   know, an adequate, at least, high school baseball player. You know, by now, now 50

00:02:11   some years later, he was the best player in the state. And yet

00:02:15   somehow didn't play professional baseball. He has even said in so many words that he

00:02:22   doesn't want to throw out a pitch at a World Series because they would make him wear what

00:02:26   he calls "heavy body armor" and that it would make him look too heavy. And then,

00:02:32   funny enough, in the New York Times, the New York Times, which usually, if anything, bends

00:02:37   over backwards to play it straight and avoid denigrating him in news coverage. Believe

00:02:46   it or not, conservative listeners out there, they really do. It drives liberals nuts almost.

00:02:53   Not even almost. But they paraphrased him as saying it would make him look "fat," which

00:03:00   is not the word he used. But other presidents have had to wear the bulletproof vest underneath

00:03:07   jacket. George Bush or younger George Bush in particular you know famously

00:03:12   threw out a pitch at Yankee Stadium shortly after in the world 2001 World

00:03:18   Series which was in the aftermath of 9/11 and threw a strike you know and he

00:03:25   was really worried about it because he I would imagine he had it's a long way

00:03:31   and you know I imagine that those bullet professor are pretty constricting for a

00:03:37   emotion like baseball. Yeah, yeah, I would imagine. And you

00:03:40   know, and if you don't like, I guess they would probably try

00:03:43   you out there and they have you do a couple of you think they

00:03:45   would do that right? Have a few practice throws? Yeah, I think I

00:03:48   remember reading with Bush that he threw a couple in the there's

00:03:51   usually like, there's like batting cages and, and areas

00:03:56   where players can warm up inside the stadium. And so I threw a

00:04:00   couple pitches. Yeah, so not on the mound. Right. But I think

00:04:04   it's you know it's a very as one could imagine throwing a couple of warm-up pitches in a basement

00:04:09   at the stadium uh it's very different than throwing it in front of 60 000 screaming fans at the world

00:04:16   series with an audience of millions watching around the world yeah uh well at least bush bush

00:04:22   wasn't getting booed so you know no you know unanimous cheers for for president bush at the

00:04:27   time because it was a time of unity as it should have been. But Obama, you know, Obama

00:04:35   didn't throw out pitches in times like the aftermath of 9/11. You know, you could consider

00:04:41   Obama's appearances at sporting events to be relatively normal presidential visits or

00:04:47   first pitches.

00:04:48   Jared Ranerel, Jr. Sort of unremarkable.

00:04:49   Unremarkable, other than the fact that Barack Obama, although quite a basketball player,

00:04:56   has obviously never played baseball because if you ever look at the video of it, he really

00:05:02   doesn't know how to throw a ball.

00:05:04   No, I've not seen it.

00:05:06   Which is odd, because usually I could see being a total non-athlete and not really knowing

00:05:11   how to throw a baseball.

00:05:12   That's certainly one thing, but it's a bit unusual to me for someone to be good at one

00:05:16   ball sport like basketball and really really look like a fish out of water

00:05:20   throwing a baseball but who cares right you're not it doesn't count for the

00:05:24   score it's the president of the United States and I would cheer for any

00:05:28   president it's not part of the game

00:05:31   throwing out the first pitch they should really be throwing out the first pitch

00:05:38   screw this handing handing a dinger to the through the ball more likely a ball

00:05:45   Yeah, or a hit by pitch.

00:05:47   Maybe they shouldn't, they should not, well, although, you know, it's probably not going

00:05:52   to be very hard.

00:05:55   But anyway, so I guess I should explain that for our listeners who aren't even familiar

00:06:00   with the ceremonial first pitch.

00:06:02   So I think at most, at all professional baseball games, there's usually a ceremonial first

00:06:10   pitch where it doesn't count for the score but they'll bring out some local.

00:06:15   Yeah usually usually yes so usually it's a local but you know it could be you

00:06:20   know so a youngster who just won a science fair project or national you

00:06:25   know if the kid in your area wins a spelling bee or something like that

00:06:29   they'll bring them out and let everybody cheer but the president often does this

00:06:36   on opening day. Trump has never done it on opening day. And the presidents often, there's

00:06:43   a long history of presidents being baseball fans in particular. Nixon was a baseball nut.

00:06:50   Ronald Reagan had spent time as a radio announcer for baseball games during his early professional

00:06:58   career as a broadcaster. Bill Clinton, I think was a baseball fan. George W. Bush, George H.W.

00:07:09   Bush, the original George Bush as I like to call him, was unlike Donald Trump actually was

00:07:15   an elite baseball player. He played on the Yale team and I think he played in the National College

00:07:20   Champion. I forget if they won the college championship, but they he didn't just play

00:07:24   for Yale, Yale was actually very good, like right before World War II. Very good baseball player,

00:07:31   George W. Bush, owned the Texas Rangers. And in my opinion, still does. Still owns the goddamn Texas

00:07:42   Rangers. And yet, every time me or my friends or my listeners edit the Wikipedia page for the

00:07:48   Texas Rangers to put down that George W. Bush is the owner of the team, it gets edited out.

00:07:54   And I'm not telling you the people listening to this podcast to go edit the Wikipedia page for the Texas Rangers to list George W

00:08:01   Bush as the team owner, but you could

00:08:03   And it wouldn't bother me

00:08:06   You know

00:08:08   It's not even even I still think he owns the team frankly if you can you can't convince me otherwise

00:08:13   But it's into undisputed that he previously owned at least part of the team literally owned a baseball team. Yeah

00:08:21   And he showed he was up. He was went to a lot of those games. Oh

00:08:24   Absolutely and still still goes to some of them. Oh, yeah, and he was there. He did for years

00:08:29   I don't watch much baseball anymore. Yeah, that sucks. But uh, well they

00:08:33   You were on back in in April and they were tearing it up

00:08:37   I know and then you know that that ended it right there

00:08:41   And then I think they might have had the worst record in baseball after that. They started out as like since I was on this show

00:08:49   So now I think we're doing a reset so maybe they'll probably start the year off for getting great

00:08:53   Yeah, so anyway, the Washington Nationals are there that Washington did the city of Washington is nuts for the team there

00:08:59   They're there. They haven't had a championship team and

00:09:02   I don't know. I think the last time a professional baseball team was in the World Series in Washington was

00:09:08   1933 and and Franklin Delano Roosevelt threw out a pitch

00:09:13   now part of the reason they have a long drought is that the team moved to

00:09:19   what was then back back in old time days the washington senators although they're apparently

00:09:23   their nickname i didn't know this until this week was the nationals people referred to the

00:09:27   washington senators as the nationals and that's i guess where they got this name from anyway they

00:09:33   moved to minnesota and became the twins i believe right is it is that i don't know i don't know that

00:09:39   could be as made up i'm willing to believe that sure it could be as made up as anything i'm pretty

00:09:42   sure. Well, they went somewhere. And so there was a decades-long drought where there was no team in

00:09:50   the Washington, D.C. city. And I guess they had to sort of adopt the nearby Baltimore Orioles as

00:09:56   the team of the local team. Yeah, that's when I lived in the D.C. area, and that's who we went

00:10:05   to see. Yeah. Which, you know, of course, was the only game in town. But even went to the old,

00:10:11   what was it national field national bark soldier field no soldier field chicago

00:10:17   yeah right i knew that well anyway trump effectively once they made it to the world

00:10:25   series and it's such a big deal he kind of had to come he really should have thrown out a pitch but

00:10:29   if he threw out that pitch everybody knew what was going to happen he's going to get booed

00:10:33   vociferously uh i'm not even quite sure why that is now i i do know it almost it really is almost

00:10:41   defies belief that in the 2016 election in the city of Washington he got four percent of the vote.

00:10:47   I mean however popular he is nationwide, you know. Well he's just general in metropolitan areas in

00:10:56   general I think he's not very well liked. And I wonder what kind of reception he would have

00:11:01   gotten in Houston. I would have had to have been warmer or at least mixed right there would have

00:11:07   Definitely. So anyway, what happened is he did show up, but he didn't throw out the first pitch.

00:11:11   And the Washington Nationals kind of stuck it to him a little. And so...

00:11:15   Well, the owner wouldn't have him in this box, right? The owner asked that he not

00:11:20   have to ask him to be in the box. Right. It is... the ways of diplomacy are so weird. And,

00:11:28   you know, but that's... what you said is exactly right. So the owner didn't want to say,

00:11:33   I don't want you in my box." So the owner went to the league and said, "I don't want to be put in a

00:11:38   position of being asked if he could be in my box. You know, we'll get him another luxury box. We'll

00:11:45   get him his own box." Yeah, we're gonna kick somebody else out of their box. Which I wonder

00:11:50   about that too, like where'd that box come from? You would think that, you know, a luxury box for

00:11:56   the World Series, like did somebody have to be... Some terrible company probably donated it. Some,

00:12:01   you know, some, you know, like tobacco or gun company probably donated it. Yeah. Or maybe

00:12:07   somebody who doesn't even like Trump just did it for the team, you know, and they were like, hey,

00:12:11   if you'll give up, we know you've got this, we've got this box, but they get the secret service

00:12:15   wants him in this one. They think, you know, the, the line, you know, the, I'm sure the secret

00:12:20   service had some sort of say, right? It wasn't Yeah, it wasn't dead center. Right.

00:12:27   But they also invited a chef, I forget his name, Jose something, to throw out the first pitch

00:12:34   instead of Trump for the game five. And he's a vocal critic of Trump. So they invited a guy who

00:12:40   is a critic of Trump to throw out the first pitch. He didn't show up. Trump, in his entourage, did

00:12:44   not show up until the third inning. So they missed the opening pitch. And then they put him up on the

00:12:51   scoreboard in between innings. And a PA announcer said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the

00:12:55   the United States is here. And then it got ugly. Yeah, it got

00:13:02   really ugly. They booed very loudly. Somebody said it. Some

00:13:06   reporter said, I don't know how they measured. I don't know if

00:13:08   this is BS or not, that it was over 100 decibels. And there's

00:13:12   video of it. And it's like he's on TV, too. And you could see

00:13:16   that he, you know, like always, he's captivated by a television.

00:13:20   So he sees that he's on TV, and he's smiling, like gives his

00:13:24   wife like a nudge like hey look we're on TV and then they're real happy and he's

00:13:28   like waving at the TV even though that's not where the camera is and then it

00:13:34   really is it really does seem you know the booze start and it really does seem

00:13:38   like it really did seem to get to him I maybe I'm reading into his expression

00:13:43   definitely changed there it like the way to play it clearly is to not acknowledge

00:13:49   the booze and just you know right but it really seemed to get him down because it

00:13:54   Yeah, it might you know, he might I'm sure he knew he was gonna get booed that there were that there would be booze

00:14:00   I'm not quite sure he realized sure

00:14:02   I'm not well, who knows with this. Are we sure that he doesn't really think he's super popular

00:14:06   well, he'd

00:14:09   Like maybe he has no idea that his handlers never let him go to a yes neutral right thing like he did

00:14:16   He doesn't even realize that

00:14:18   The only places he ever goes are rallies filled with his

00:14:23   supporters

00:14:24   Because he doesn't even go to like the Kennedy Awards and and I don't even think he would get booed at a thing like that

00:14:29   It's like a black tie an annual black tie event in Washington and the president up

00:14:34   Didn't they stop doing those press the press thing the press dinner? Yeah

00:14:39   Or did they just do it this they think they did it this year without him, right?

00:14:43   Oh, yeah, he has never attended that the White House Correspondents Dinner the way that's it. That's right. Yeah

00:14:51   It's so he gets they make jokes they yeah, yeah, they well they make jokes that they're not their expense and that was you know

00:14:58   You're gonna go into the 2012 one where Obama or

00:15:04   Exactly, whenever whenever it was

00:15:07   Somebody on Twitter today Josh Josh Marshall from TPM was tweeting about that and

00:15:12   somebody tweeted back that it's effectively his

00:15:16   superhero villain origin story. Because what happened, for those of you who don't know,

00:15:21   you can Google it and it's kind of heartbreaking in hindsight, but in 2011 or 2012, I forget,

00:15:28   but Barack Obama was speaking at this White House Correspondents Dinner, which is like a roast,

00:15:32   and you know, it's supposed to get up there and you have to effectively do like stand up,

00:15:36   and had a whole bit ripping into Trump who was in attendance, making fun of him for having

00:15:43   supported that theory that Barack Obama's birth certificate was forged and he was actually

00:15:49   born in Kenya and therefore ineligible to be the president. Ridiculous conspiracy theory.

00:15:56   Really really laid into Trump. I mean really laid into him and it was very funny and apparently

00:16:02   infuriated Trump and a lot of people think might have been the deciding moment that made

00:16:06   him stop saying every four years he'd run for president which is something he had done

00:16:11   since like 1988 and actually do it. And so has jokes on us.

00:16:18   Right. Right. I know. Instead of going back and killing Hitler, going back to Obama not

00:16:26   to tell those jokes.

00:16:30   Or like going back and instead of killing Hitler, I just, you know, giving them a couple

00:16:33   zingers I didn't want to mess with history too much so I didn't kill Hitler

00:16:42   but I gotta tell you I really got some good guts in it I had a whole section on

00:16:47   the mustache alone that haircut come with a free bowl of soup so anyway that

00:17:00   was the highlight of the World Series for me. He really got it. Oh, and they had some

00:17:05   chance too. They broke into…

00:17:07   Oh, that's right. Yeah.

00:17:08   They broke into…

00:17:09   Lock him up.

00:17:10   Lock him up, which is…

00:17:11   And there's been a lot of talk about that since then.

00:17:13   Yeah, that was…

00:17:14   About how uncivil it is.

00:17:17   Yeah. Well…

00:17:19   You know, I just can't be bothered to care.

00:17:25   You know, it's funny though. You see, like, you say, like, so, like, the cities themselves

00:17:29   overwhelmingly. I didn't know how this would play out. I don't know how that I don't know who goes

00:17:33   to World Series games, you know, like, it would occur to me that there might be fans of the

00:17:37   Nationals, not just who live in the city or in the metro area, but it might come from quite far away

00:17:43   in region, you know, there might. I wasn't sure that it that the crowd would be overwhelmingly

00:17:48   against him, you know, like, you know, that the people who are against them are going to boo. But

00:17:54   I thought maybe there'd be a lot of other people who it seems like there's probably a number of

00:17:58   people from Northern Virginia who go and because it's right there right and a lot of those people

00:18:05   are conservative yeah but apparently not or apparently they just you know kept their mouth

00:18:12   shut but it was quite a thing to see uh i would imagine like i don't remember it and it wasn't as

00:18:19   contentious but i would imagine that there were certainly like if you know somebody like barack

00:18:23   obama comes out to throw a pitch there's going to be some people who boo and there's going to be

00:18:27   some people who cheer but I don't think the boos are really gonna it's not gonna be like it was

00:18:32   last night no there really is quite a thing when you think about it that he never goes somewhere

00:18:37   where it's uh just like any famously you know even though he's from New York he never goes back to

00:18:44   New York I mean I guess he was there for like the UN meeting or whatever but he never appears in

00:18:48   public yeah um and it's just New York hates him hates him even more yeah I think so too and I

00:18:54   I think New Yorkers are meaner.

00:18:57   Yeah, right.

00:18:58   They'll throw batteries at you.

00:19:00   I mean, they literally call it a Bronx Cheer.

00:19:02   I mean, they've named it after...

00:19:05   Well, the batteries, that's a Philly thing.

00:19:08   Come on.

00:19:09   Yeah, true.

00:19:10   Yeah.

00:19:11   Bulletproof vests.

00:19:12   They don't make battery proof vests.

00:19:17   Battery proof vests.

00:19:19   Oh, man.

00:19:20   You should get on that.

00:19:21   Yeah.

00:19:22   late, left early, but really, really laid into them. I don't read his tweets. My wife

00:19:28   for some reason does. My wife likes to get in there once a day. She's like just—

00:19:33   So is that how she gets to see she doesn't drink coffee?

00:19:36   Yeah. It's just like a once a day maintenance task, just to see what's going on.

00:19:43   Blood boiling.

00:19:44   Yeah.

00:19:45   I can't look at him. I can't even hear him talk on TV.

00:19:48   There's a lot of people who are like that.

00:19:53   So I'll wait for other people to…

00:19:55   I don't have blocks up on his tweets, so I wait for other people to retweet or something

00:19:59   like that.

00:20:00   That's the thing I do and I still get… because people screenshot it.

00:20:03   Yeah.

00:20:04   And then they post it and it's like, "Oh, I didn't want to see that."

00:20:07   He tweeted the other night, I guess in preparation for his morning announcement that they killed

00:20:11   the terrorist guy, the ISIS guy.

00:20:15   All he tweeted…

00:20:16   He couldn't help himself.

00:20:17   tweeted, something amazing just happened, exclamation mark, and then he went to bed.

00:20:24   Like, you can't do that as the President of the United States. Like, he's, you know what

00:20:28   I mean? Like, put aside all this other stuff, like, how do you not, you know, and then he

00:20:33   had one up to I couldn't believe it. I honestly, God couldn't believe it is that it eventually

00:20:37   did delete this one. But for hours, at least half a day, he had up a tweet that consisted

00:20:43   of four periods and that was it. Just dot, dot, dot, dot. And that was the entire tweet.

00:20:50   And again, we've all, you know, sometimes, I don't know what he's, I guess he always

00:20:55   tweets from his phone, but you know, you can fat finger the return button on the keyboard

00:20:58   and you know, every once in a while you're doing something and some of these apps hit

00:21:02   return and he gives you a new line and sometimes it sends, right, some chats. So you know,

00:21:08   you can hit return on a tweet before you're done and maybe have it go out there and then

00:21:11   just oh any quick you know you'd go and delete it of course right like how do

00:21:15   you know how does it stay up for hours on it that looks like any rational anyway

00:21:20   like why am I arguing yeah why am I arguing it's just no point I just I

00:21:27   think would with other presidents while Twitter has been around so it's mostly

00:21:32   Obama probably yeah entirely right yeah yeah that's right yeah it is entirely I

00:21:37   was thinking of 2012 but yeah no I was it was 2008 well I guess although I

00:21:41   guess George is probably a team running that whole that whole thing you know I

00:21:45   mean that stuff all that stuff was probably talked about yeah and vetted

00:21:50   and crafted before it was published yeah none of it was coming from Obama's id I

00:22:04   I feel bad feel bad for the guy he got booed so sad sad yeah yeah God can you

00:22:12   imagine if Obama went somewhere and got booed that loudly the tweets that would

00:22:17   come out of this jackass celebrating it yeah like you just know it bothered him

00:22:23   and you knew he kind of knew it was gonna happen and I think it was worse

00:22:26   than he expected and like the lock him up chance there was another one like

00:22:30   impeach Trump impeach Trump

00:22:32   That's that's that's good work. Good. I say bravo to the to the to the fans of the Washington Nationals. Yeah, me too

00:22:40   anyway

00:22:42   I mean they're gonna lose but

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00:25:06   Love Squarespace.

00:25:08   I predicted that the opening bit would be 45 minutes.

00:25:11   I think it only took, what did it take, 20?

00:25:14   I'm just not sure. Yeah, I don't know if I could talk about him for 45 minutes. I'm not crazy

00:25:18   I do hope I hope the Nationals come back and when I'm rooting for him

00:25:24   I always root against whoever beats the Yankees. So the Astros beat the Yankees again

00:25:29   So I have to root for the Nationals maybe good for the city. Yeah, I do. It's funny. I do the opposite

00:25:35   You hold a parade for the team to beats the Yankees whether they go on to win or lose the world series

00:25:42   Yeah, you still get her.

00:25:44   Although, you know, I do not have a lot of love for the Astros obviously because

00:25:49   they moved into our division and have, you know,

00:25:52   completely owned the Mariners throughout their history.

00:25:58   Simultaneous with the move went from a historic sad sack team to the best team in baseball over the last five years.

00:26:06   Right. That's a tough division to be in.

00:26:09   But even when they were bad they were always like they always beat the Mariners

00:26:13   We were like we would have a you having a great year and we go to Houston

00:26:17   We lost three in a row in Houston

00:26:19   right because they did have when they first started this process like

00:26:22   You know the the organization that's built this team

00:26:26   They they were like we're gonna we got to start over and they did have a historically bad season. They lost lost 100 games

00:26:32   And you're saying even then they they'd go in and get oh, yeah

00:26:37   Maybe it's my imagination, but I I have a feeling that if I checked that they would have a strong winning record against the Mariners

00:26:43   We had three other, you know, from the you know, whenever these teams were founded sometime in the 70s, right? Yeah

00:26:50   So the big news we got big news today just dropped out of nowhere. Yeah unexpectedly on

00:26:54   Monday well, yeah, I mean, you know right now unexpectedly but

00:27:00   They were rumored to come right? Yeah air pods Pro and

00:27:04   There even that's even the name and there so I believe unless I'm wrong that this is the first time Apple has adopted my

00:27:11   beloved

00:27:14   plural with an S and then an adjective

00:27:17   construction which is grammatically correct for things like your

00:27:22   mothers-in-law or

00:27:25   holes in one a

00:27:27   Talented golfer might have hit three holes in attorneys general attorneys general is a famous one

00:27:33   Because you're not a general you you are an attorney and

00:27:37   Generally speaking, I guess I'm still not quite sure that I know you're not a general

00:27:42   I'm not quite sure where the phrase Attorney General went for came from but because general is an adjective describing the attorney who you are

00:27:49   You're multiple of several of you getting together

00:27:52   For cocktails would be attorneys general and now we have air pods Pro. I

00:27:58   Like it. It can be I realized today there was yeah

00:28:03   It could be a bit of a mouthful though. It was like AirPods Pro Earbuds and it's like

00:28:10   now there's two. Like I wanted to say that I was like talking about the tips, you know,

00:28:16   there's like three adjustable size tips you can have with them. And it just seems funny

00:28:20   when you go plural, adjective plural. But I'm not saying it's a bad name. I like it.

00:28:28   But you could say AirPod before.

00:28:32   I guess you could still say AirPod Pro for one of them.

00:28:35   Like if you take one out of your ear, it is an AirPod Pro in your hand?

00:28:40   I guess?

00:28:42   I don't know.

00:28:43   Yeah, because they don't do that with the iPhone Pro, right?

00:28:46   Or any other Pro?

00:28:47   No, they don't.

00:28:49   They go out of their way.

00:28:50   So it must be like pants.

00:28:52   Yeah, it's a little bit like pants.

00:28:54   And they hit, you know, I go out of my way, I have my quirks in my writing style. I like

00:28:59   to say iPhones, you know, like the iPhones eight. Yeah. But like the backstory, people

00:29:06   often ask about that. And one of the reasons that I adopted that style, especially like

00:29:13   in the headlines and stuff, is that like, let's say I'm reviewing the iPhone eight and

00:29:18   8 plus. You can't, it's hard to pluralize that just by adding an S because if you just

00:29:25   add an S and just type iPhone space 8 lowercase s. You've suddenly invented the iPhone 8S.

00:29:35   Right exactly. S in particular is hard to do it like that because they've, you know,

00:29:41   in their native never come out with an 8S although maybe that's what they'll call the

00:29:45   that's coming out in March. But there was no 8S. But there could have been. We didn't

00:29:50   know. And there was a 6S and a 5S. And did they have a 7S or no? They just went right

00:29:56   from 7 to 8.

00:29:57   No, they went 7 to 8.

00:29:59   Yeah.

00:30:00   You know, they did have the 10S though. So the iPhone X, the big capital X, you couldn't

00:30:07   pluralize that with an S either because it would look like a 10S which you thought, "Well,

00:30:13   never going to name it that because they're not going to put two letters next to each

00:30:16   other and expect you to say one as a Roman numeral and the other one as a letter. And

00:30:21   so of course they did exactly that. The other thing you could do, and it is against, in

00:30:29   my opinion, I guess, as in all such things, there's no decider in chief, but it is sometimes

00:30:39   there it's a common error. People make the typographical error where they'll use an apostrophe

00:30:43   S to pluralize something when all you had to do is add an S. And it further confuses

00:30:50   people and it's a common typo that everybody makes, myself included, where you type I T

00:30:55   apostrophe S when you mean just I T S and or vice versa. I tried to make I tried to

00:31:02   even coin a term for that years ago. I called it an it so but that didn't really that didn't

00:31:07   catch on nearly as well as Mark down. I've tried two things in my life. I invented a

00:31:13   text formatting language.

00:31:14   I got one. I got nothing.

00:31:16   I tried to make it so a thing. Although every once in a while when I commit and it's so

00:31:22   and and use the wrong it's every once in a while a kind reader will report it to me later

00:31:29   by email or Twitter or something and call it and it's so and then that's when I wish

00:31:34   I had like a button to hit to just send a t-shirt to somebody I would like to send the daring

00:31:37   fireball t-shirt to anybody who calls it and it's so but anyway you could but I am not a fan of the

00:31:44   apostrophe s for plural I'm a fan of it when it's like like how would you spell mind your p's and q's

00:31:51   would you just avoid I would avoid saying that you are you would say I would say it but I wouldn't

00:32:00   and type it. So um, wow. Yeah, I mean, I would I would probably large P small s. Yeah, but

00:32:10   that kind of looks like small Photoshop, you know, but in that instance, it's not iPhones.

00:32:14   So well, like, I don't think anyone's gonna think that I invented the iPhone, even the

00:32:19   stodgy New York Times manual of style and usage, which I have a copy of, and often defer

00:32:25   to when I have a question about such a thing. I believe their policy is that when you're

00:32:30   talking about individual letters or numbers, you pluralize them by adding apostrophe s.

00:32:38   So you could do that, but it isn't great. It doesn't look great.

00:32:42   Jared Ranerelle Yeah, and I know that it's used. I just don't

00:32:46   like it. I'm a stickler for that and the other thing, the "I like…" in a sentence

00:32:54   where you're quoting something, I don't want to put the period inside the quotes.

00:32:58   Oh yeah, I don't like that. Yeah. Unless the period was in the original quoted material.

00:33:02   Yes. So I do that. That's one of those things where it's like, I've been writing Daring

00:33:05   Fireball for long enough where it's like, people have given up on telling me about that.

00:33:11   Like kind, and I do appreciate it. I, so many people, do you get this too? I'm sure you

00:33:16   do. Like it's such a thing online where somehow we as a culture have made it a shameful thing

00:33:23   tell people about their typographic errors or spelling mistakes and

00:33:27   That somehow in the internet that you're not supposed to correct people's mistakes and in some context

00:33:35   Yes, you could definitely see how that's considered rude. Like if you're in like a thread or something like that

00:33:39   You don't just and on Twitter. It's like you can't fix it. So right

00:33:43   Yeah, tell me some telling somebody about a typo is just being mean, right?

00:33:47   But so many times when people report my my spelling errors or typographic mistakes

00:33:52   They begin by apologizing and I always write back if I if I write back, you know, no apology necessary

00:33:57   I love typo reports and I would love to hear about the same one a hundred times then never hear about it at all

00:34:03   Because at all hundred people thought well, I'm sure somebody else

00:34:08   I'm sure it doesn't other people have have told them about it already. You don't respond to Chris Pepper anymore

00:34:13   They do know every once in a while. I have to

00:34:18   He always sends something so it's like I would be spending my entire day responding to Chris Pepper if I responded

00:34:23   Yeah, like my way of thanking him typically is just to fix the mistake

00:34:26   And then everyone's in a while I just break down and I do send him a little heartfelt

00:34:34   Thank you. Just to let him know, you know, like hey, I know I don't thank you every time but good God you catch these fast

00:34:40   Yeah

00:34:42   He is in he's almost always every once in a while

00:34:45   I quibble with something that he sends me and I don't agree with it and I don't change it, but he's usually

00:34:50   Even in those instances, correct? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, even when I did I'm just being yeah, I'm being stubborn

00:34:58   obstinate yeah

00:35:00   So you can't just do well you could use apostrophes but many people would report it as a typo

00:35:07   Even if I did it deliberately, I don't want that email and I don't think it looks good

00:35:10   So I use the QT construction the iPhones 8 and I also like the way that that

00:35:16   When I say it though typically what I mean is both sizes so if I say the

00:35:23   the iPhones 11 well the iPhone 11 is a little bit even tougher because then it sort of

00:35:30   Encompasses both the regular iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro

00:35:35   max

00:35:37   So you could say the iPhones 11 Pro just to mean the pro and pro max

00:35:41   It's a I don't know

00:35:42   But anyway, you can tie yourself up in a knot very easily Apple goes out of its way often to avoid

00:35:47   Pluralizing I saw in one of the footnotes for the air pods Pro

00:35:53   They had a footnote they like when they talk about battery life. They always include a footnote to talk about their

00:35:58   methodology

00:36:01   And they said in the footnote that they tested them using

00:36:06   iPhone 11 Pro Max units, which is the sort of thing that they're probably like one half

00:36:16   of one. I'm not gonna even read the footnote. So you're already in like 1% territory. But

00:36:22   whoever it is out there at Apple who who coined that phrase, I know that whoever it was thought

00:36:27   very long and hard about it. Because they know they couldn't say iPhone, they used more

00:36:32   than one, you know, they were testing. It wasn't like, hey, let's figure out the battery

00:36:37   life for these things. We'll test them with one iPhone. Right. So they use several iPhone

00:36:43   11 Pro Maxes, but they can't call them iPhone 11 Pro Maxes because Apple won't pluralize

00:36:48   it that way. So they call them units. They also can't call them phone. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

00:36:54   I do that. I shove another word in there. Yeah. And once you've once you've it's the

00:37:01   sort of thing where like you and I run into it because we're writing about this stuff

00:37:04   all the time and hopefully the people reading it don't notice it but then one it's one of

00:37:08   those things where when you're inside baseball just to go back to the baseball you notice

00:37:14   it in other people's sentences and footnotes and you're like oh I see what you had to do

00:37:20   there yeah it's one of those things where you and you don't you sympathize it's like

00:37:23   the way that writers always sympathize with each other because you know that whoever wrote

00:37:27   that got stuck there. Like that wasn't something that that wasn't when the juices were flowing.

00:37:34   That is like you stop, you take your hands off the keyboard and you really start thinking

00:37:38   about this and you start weighing your options. Do I call them devices? Do I call them units?

00:37:44   Anyway still haven't talked about the actual airpods.

00:37:48   I will often just re completely rephrase a sentence in order to avoid a tricky.

00:37:53   Yep, yep, yep.

00:37:54   - Chromatical conundrum.

00:37:57   - And sometimes you can tell that a sentence was,

00:38:01   you know, you're like, you know,

00:38:02   this isn't the most obvious way

00:38:03   to put this sentence together.

00:38:04   So, you know, you could tell when a sentence

00:38:07   was jiggered around just to get out of a plural.

00:38:11   But, so anyway, these things were rumored all year.

00:38:17   I think, you know, people have been talking about these,

00:38:20   say I don't know how they leaked,

00:38:21   but they, you know, obviously they leaked in advance.

00:38:23   fact that they're noise canceling and that they would be you know yeah the

00:38:28   pictures leaked you know the little diagram of them drawing of them leaked a

00:38:33   couple months ago or something yeah and I think the case leaked too and it is a

00:38:37   weird-looking case it is sort of like well not weird I haven't seen one in

00:38:42   person yet obviously but although they're having press briefings tomorrow

00:38:47   which I think I'm allowed to say I'm going up to New York tomorrow so that's

00:38:50   on Tuesday and they're doing press briefings but I didn't even find out about this till

00:38:55   Sunday night. It's like that's how snap of the fingers this whole thing was. It was like

00:39:02   Sunday night, John, are you free on Tuesday afternoon? We have a new product announcement

00:39:06   and then all of a sudden I wake up Monday morning and the AirPods are out. So the case

00:39:12   is like squatter. It's because the new AirPod Pro pods…

00:39:18   That worked out really well. Yeah, that's the difference between podcasting

00:39:24   and writing. The actual buds you put in your ear…

00:39:27   Just get back up and edit that. In addition to the fact that they have like

00:39:31   a rubber tip, or not even like a rubber tip, they have rubber tips. What would you call

00:39:37   the rod that comes down out of your ear is significantly shorter than the existing AirPod

00:39:44   buds. So they could make the case a little shorter, but they also had to make the case

00:39:50   wider, sort of like, you know, sort of reminds me of the fat nano, the way that, you remember

00:39:55   the old fat nano?

00:39:56   - Mm-hmm, sure.

00:39:57   - You know, it's a sort of squatter case because these buds with, you know, the buds are bigger

00:40:04   because they go into your ear. So that case had to be wire.

00:40:07   **Matt Stauffer:** It's interesting that it's, but it has more volume though.

00:40:11   Yeah. Yeah. Because these are headphones, I should be clear about what I'm saying is that

00:40:17   the case volume wise is larger than the previous generation of AirPods.

00:40:24   **Ezra Klein:** So what, I don't know, what do you think about?

00:40:32   Well, the colors are fantastic, aren't you? Don't you think? I made fun I don't know if you caught

00:40:37   up on there. I right before I did. That's why I mentioned it. I did think I was like, didn't I

00:40:43   just read it like over the weekend? And in fact, it was over the weekend. There was some Chinese

00:40:48   language source and you know, like, I hope it doesn't come across that I'm slagging on Mac

00:40:53   rumors, Mac rumors by the you know, the part of the original idea for the whole site was that they

00:40:58   would just publish all the rumors that come across, you know, and point you know, link to all the

00:41:02   the rumors they're not vouching for it they're just saying the Chinese language

00:41:06   site said they were gonna come in eight colors and then there was I guess that I

00:41:11   don't know that seemed ridiculous that and they even said that there might be

00:41:14   some translation issues here because it was originally in written in Chinese but

00:41:18   they definitely seemed to suggest that there would be black you know ones to

00:41:22   match all the iPhone colors or at least the iPhone Pro colors so there'd be like

00:41:25   a like a gold tope sort of thing gold doesn't really translate to plastic very

00:41:32   well. So that seemed like a red flag to me over the weekend that yeah, this doesn't seem right.

00:41:36   Black seems like the obvious choice for a second color of airplay.

00:41:40   Yeah. And they've that has been rumored for quite some time.

00:41:44   Right. And it just has never arrived. Just an awful lot of people just like the color black.

00:41:50   I think an awful lot of people would prefer that they're they'd be slightly less conspicuous.

00:41:57   You know, it's it's yes. I mean, yeah, I agree with people who say that air pods look goofy

00:42:02   They I think they do look goofy. I think they're a terrific device, but they look goofy in your ears

00:42:07   I see I don't see that I was just talking as I forget who was on the show recently

00:42:11   I have never understood that because they look exactly like the

00:42:15   classic wired earbuds that Apple's I think I'm missing the wires is

00:42:19   Makes them look odd, but doesn't it seem like it's the opposite like taking away the like a little cigarette buds sticking out

00:42:26   But sticking out of your ear. Yeah, but right dear you're old enough. I mean you do you remember when TV remote controls were wired? Oh

00:42:33   Yeah, they there was only like a very brief period of time my family never even owned one, but my uncle I still have that

00:42:40   You don't lose the remote

00:42:46   For decades for those of you don't who never lived through it

00:42:51   The only way to change the channel on a TV was to go up to the TV and turn a dial

00:42:55   Is that a real dial and they're gonna mention and there are always I don't know why this was there were always two dials and the

00:43:02   Second dial didn't do anything and it had a lot more

00:43:04   UHF right

00:43:08   Bevin it never worked it for me

00:43:10   It depended it depend on where you were. I mean every once in a while if you were in in a major metropolitan area

00:43:17   I think you could get a UHF station. So you'd move the the top dial to the UHF setting, right?

00:43:23   Which would produce static. And then the bottom one,

00:43:25   instead of being like having that clicky turn thing, would just be like sort of freeform like a volume

00:43:32   dial and then you'd you know, you'd get

00:43:34   the local community college or whatever.

00:43:38   Yeah. You'd get between two ferns from...

00:43:43   But that was how you had 68 you literally had to get up and go to the TV and turn a dial to change the channel

00:43:49   I remember playing with the UHF thing because I I would get hopelessly bored

00:43:54   Because it would be like, you know, yeah the same 11 channels and every day, you know

00:43:59   I'm watching you know, what sheckle and heckle and sheckle again your homesick and are you gonna watch heckle and sheckle again?

00:44:04   No, right. It's another episode of McHale's Navy

00:44:12   You know, there was a character named Gruber on on McHale's Navy. No, I did not remember that

00:44:16   Yeah, it was not it was sort of a second tier character. It wasn't it wasn't Ernest Borg 9

00:44:21   Yeah, like the commandant but one of the one of the one of the guys and McHale's crew was named Gruber and I believe

00:44:28   Inside inside family baseball, I don't I don't believe he had another name

00:44:36   He was only referred to by his last name and whereas the other characters on the show either had first names or Nick

00:44:42   names or something. And it's my belief that there's something inherent about the surname

00:44:48   Gruber that lends itself to people being referred to as Gruber. Like, I've talked to this

00:44:53   with my cousins on my dad's side, and all three—there are three boys, and well, they're

00:45:00   grown men now—but all of them were referred to as Gruber by their pals. And I think there's

00:45:07   inherent to it. But anyway, that's This Week in Famous Groupers.

00:45:11   You need a jingle for that.

00:45:15   We could just borrow the "McKell's Navy" theme song.

00:45:19   Yeah, sure. At this point, why not?

00:45:21   Anyway, I'd get hopelessly bored and I'd think, "Let me try those extra channels again." And I'd

00:45:25   go to the UHF and I'd start twisting and nothing. Absolutely nothing. But then another month would

00:45:31   go by and I'd try it again. Anyway. Yeah, but you had to—it was a combination thing, right? It was

00:45:36   like a magic spell because you had to move the dial and you also had to move the antenna.

00:45:41   And that wasn't gonna happen.

00:45:43   So we have not had cable in the house in, my god, a long time. Eight years probably, at least.

00:45:55   And my father-in-law is now living with us and has wanted to watch some sporting events, which

00:46:03   like I said, I've been avoiding because my favorite team is not very good. And so we've had to

00:46:10   figure out a way to watch some of these sporting events. And we have an antenna. We have a digital

00:46:17   antenna. And so I have recently been reintroduced to the process of having to reposition the aerial

00:46:24   in order to pick up the stations. Yeah. It's quite nostalgic and really super annoying.

00:46:32   I was the sort of kid who would mess with stuff I wasn't supposed to mess with if I thought I could

00:46:40   figure it out, but dealing with the antenna was never even tempting because my parents' home

00:46:45   has like an almost bizarrely sloped roof. Like, who thought that was a good... I don't see how

00:46:54   anybody ever went up there and did any roofing work without sliding right off to their death.

00:47:00   So that was it that would be you had an antenna on the roof. We had an antenna on the roof

00:47:03   Yeah, I think growing up. That's what I had to but this is this is just like a thing

00:47:07   You know connected by a cable to the TV to the HDTV, right?

00:47:11   No, we had it up on the roof and and there were times like I could maybe it it, you know

00:47:17   Just like in pop culture

00:47:19   History like we're all of a sudden we wouldn't get any channels and maybe like a storm

00:47:22   Blew it off or I guess it never blew off

00:47:25   but but you know something and

00:47:27   And my dad would have to go up there once in a while to just it and it was always it

00:47:32   was always a real, a real, a real production because my mom would be yelling at him that

00:47:39   he's going to kill himself.

00:47:41   Don't be careful.

00:47:45   If you like, yeah, just if you remember going to war, if you remember George Costanza's

00:47:50   parents and Seinfeld, that's really very close to my parents relationship.

00:47:56   And it's like, my dad is a very genial, one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. Everybody

00:48:05   who knows him loves him. He truly is a very, much more so than me, a very kind, friendly

00:48:14   human being. But he could get, you know, as a younger man, he had more of a temper. And,

00:48:20   you know, nobody, nobody who has to get up on a roof to do anything when you're the,

00:48:24   Yeah, nobody's in a good mood if you have to get up on the roof. Yeah, so he's already in a bad mood

00:48:29   Sure, it didn't happen all the time. But then there's my mom yelling at him Bob. You're gonna kill yourself

00:48:34   Very helpful, right

00:48:38   Or she'd you know, he'd want to fix it because he wants to watch TV right now

00:48:42   And she'd be like wait till tomorrow in the daytime. You'll see at night

00:48:46   But he you know, he's a man he wants to watch TV right now. So he's gonna go fix it

00:48:52   So anyway, they invented everybody realized that getting up walking across the room and flipping a dial by on the TV set was you know

00:48:59   Terrible everybody could imagine wouldn't it be great if we could change channels from right here. Well the first remote controls

00:49:04   Were were wired

00:49:07   There'd be a wire going from your TV over. Yeah long cable running from the TV to your couch. Yeah

00:49:12   I'm sure nobody ever tripped over it

00:49:14   You know, yeah my grant my grandfather had one like that

00:49:20   What an invention that's what we didn't we didn't have one we never had one like that

00:49:23   But I'm trying to remember if we even I don't even think we had a no actually no we did

00:49:29   Yeah, we had a black and white with a with a channel changer and the way that it worked

00:49:33   It would literally, you know, of course, it would literally change the dial. It would move the diet had

00:49:38   You know, you hit this button like this could junk this big metal thing and it would send an IR signal

00:49:44   And I'm assuming it was I think it was IR

00:49:47   Yeah, but I don't you know, maybe we're all getting like hand cancer and it would

00:49:52   physically move the the dial on the TV I

00:49:56   Guess I would have to yeah. Yeah, because otherwise it would be on the wrong station

00:50:02   Yeah, and the dial actually like changed the frequency that it was listening to yeah

00:50:06   Because it was a real day that TV had a real dial

00:50:09   I mean, I think a lot of them had like push buttons and then like a like a you know

00:50:14   Like a clock counter sort of thing. Yep

00:50:17   Yeah, that station for what station it was on. Yeah, and I remember my uncle had a remote control at one point

00:50:22   That was wireless and but it had buttons that like kinda they were like radio buttons

00:50:26   Mm-hmm, you know what? I mean?

00:50:28   So if you were on channel eight, like it wasn't like you would type in eight, you know

00:50:32   Cuz they still were only 13 channels. Yeah, they just had a button for each channel and when you pressed

00:50:37   Channel eight if you were had been watching channel six six would

00:50:42   depress when you pressed eight

00:50:45   Yeah, yeah, people don't even remember radio buttons anymore

00:50:48   I have a bit of a quandary because I need to I want to set up my father-in-law

00:50:53   To have a TV in his in his room and be able to watch stuff like through the Apple TV on his own

00:51:00   But I know there's no way he's gonna be able to use the that remote. All right

00:51:03   So, I guess I'm gonna I think the best solution is the harmony

00:51:13   but I'm also like I'm also thinking about using getting out just like a a

00:51:17   Controller game controller. Yeah, maybe I'm not sure if that will do everything

00:51:23   I've never even thought about that

00:51:25   Like maybe just I know that you can do it

00:51:27   But just using it just buying another remote and putting my Apple TV remote and in the drawer

00:51:33   Is that the sort of thing I don't want to pry in your family life John, but is that the sort of thing where

00:51:41   This was something you dreaded I would imagine dreading it if my father-in-law

00:51:45   Moved and I got along very well with with both my father and mother-in-law to be honest

00:51:50   I one of the things that's very fortunate about my life is

00:51:53   Amy's mom and dad

00:51:56   Both seemed to seem to like me quite a bit

00:51:59   Good relationship with both, but if he moved in and I had to explain to him that I don't get

00:52:07   I don't get it. I think he's a little he's a little put off by that, you know, he's very easygoing

00:52:14   I mean, you know, I make dinner and anything that I make he's just like oh, this is fantastic

00:52:18   So it's been it's been actually very nice and he has taught he used to be I think I've did I explain this on this show

00:52:25   I've explained it on several other shows, but he was a grand. He was a well not a grandmaster. He was a chess master and in

00:52:33   1962 or something beat Bobby Fischer get the hell out. I never heard this. Yeah get the hell out of here

00:52:39   Yeah, it was one of those games where Fischer was going around playing like 10 different people at the same time

00:52:43   but he

00:52:45   So he made his move and Fischer came back around and looked at the board and just knocked his king over

00:52:49   It's like Wow, that's and he said he had to run after him to get him to sign the card

00:52:54   Just like Fisher moved on he was like now

00:52:59   You lose some you're not getting away from this so easily there. Yeah, right, right

00:53:02   You gotta sign this card and he's noted in some some book someplace or and it's one of those, you know with chess

00:53:07   It's like you can practically go back and see every single game

00:53:10   But there's a site someplace where you can see the moves of the yeah of the game

00:53:13   It's fantastic. Anyway, he don't he's been very

00:53:16   very congenial about the whole thing and

00:53:19   But but I think I think there was an expression of his face, you know, we're like we don't have cable

00:53:26   It was like, "What the hell?

00:53:28   Like, you have every other electronic device in this house and you don't have cable?

00:53:32   What is going on here?"

00:53:34   It was like, you know, it was like we said we were Mennonites or something.

00:53:39   Right.

00:53:40   You've got more iPhones than you have people in the house.

00:53:44   Way more.

00:53:45   Right.

00:53:46   Way more.

00:53:47   But somehow you don't have cable.

00:53:48   Like, I feel like I could explain to my dad or to my father-in-law that we don't have

00:53:52   a landline.

00:53:53   My dad knows that we don't.

00:53:54   We in my house do not have a landline phone service.

00:53:59   And the jump to everybody just has their own cell phone and their own number and you just

00:54:06   call that way.

00:54:09   My dad, in fact, does not have a cell phone.

00:54:11   My mom does.

00:54:12   My dad doesn't because he probably would use it, but he just doesn't want to pay

00:54:21   for it.

00:54:22   But, you know, if he had to move in and we told him, "Here, just take this," and

00:54:30   now you have a cell phone, that's your phone number, he could get it.

00:54:32   And he uses an iPad so he'd get the interface.

00:54:36   The basic concepts are kind of the same, right?

00:54:39   You have a number, you dial the number, and then that phone rings and if the other person

00:54:46   picks up, then you talk.

00:54:48   So the landline experience and the cell phone only experience are pretty comparable.

00:54:52   not having cable TV is sort of a, you got to explain it. Again, I

00:54:59   wouldn't be that I would dread it because I would think, ah, no,

00:55:02   you know, my father in law hates me anymore, even more. I just

00:55:05   wouldn't look forward to explaining it. Right? Yeah, I

00:55:09   feel like people of that generation expect you to be able

00:55:12   to turn a TV on. And with a particularly bad when you're

00:55:15   explaining it, you know, as a game is starting.

00:55:22   Let's watch the football game. Oh, we can't watch the football game because we refuse to pay for cable

00:55:28   Instead I'm gonna pay for

00:55:31   27 different streaming services. Do you have any of those things?

00:55:35   You don't have it you say you don't have the sort of thing like a YouTube TV or the PlayStation

00:55:41   View, I think they call it where you get like it's sort of like getting

00:55:46   Cable service, you know, you get like a bunch of not looked into the PlayStation thing

00:55:51   I would I

00:55:53   Probably wouldn't buy a YouTube streaming service

00:55:58   I

00:56:00   Mean I've seen that they have TV they have a TV thing, but I consider that sort of like buying cable

00:56:05   So it is it you know and you might save some money

00:56:09   It's but it still is. Yeah, it's just it

00:56:14   Hopefully it's you know helping overall just because it's sort of breaking the monopoly of local cable companies

00:56:21   that you have an option but yeah well in here in Tacoma we have a local we have

00:56:27   the town has cable hmm at least for the time being there they're actually it's

00:56:31   going through this whole reorganization thing which is I don't want to go into

00:56:35   at this point but the town set of cable so we get internet through the town and

00:56:39   you can also get TV and and that's just through that you you like right it's

00:56:44   like the like paying your water bill sort of it's a different you don't pay

00:56:49   it at the same time you don't pay it at the same but you're not paying it to a

00:56:51   for-profit corporation right yes somehow the internet with the internet part they

00:56:57   contract out to two different right now it's just two different I think when

00:57:01   they started out it was more but now it's gone down to two and I think

00:57:04   they're actually gonna go down to one and a lot of people are concerned that

00:57:08   it's eventually just gonna lead them to selling the cable business I'm laughing

00:57:15   because I live in Philadelphia. Literally, it's Capletown. Forget it, John, it's Capletown.

00:57:24   The odds of the city of Philadelphia ever providing Broadway. And I know Comcast, for

00:57:34   those of you who don't know, Comcast, which is a giant media conglomerate that owns way

00:57:40   more other media conglomerates than you can even keep track of. They probably just bought

00:57:45   another thing while we're talking. But they own, among other things, all of NBC. They

00:57:51   own Universal. I guess they call it NBC Universal now. But it's all owned by Comcast.

00:57:57   What I'm feeling particularly, I don't know, loathsome or in a bad mood or whatever,

00:58:04   I remind people that Gritty is owned by Comcast.

00:58:08   Is he? Because they own the Flyer?

00:58:10   because they own the team right all right i think yeah i'm pretty sure they own that team

00:58:15   and everybody loves gritty and i love gritty too but you know sorry he's a registered trademark

00:58:22   of the comcast corporation well and it's and it it's pretty you know to go back to baseball they

00:58:29   they don't own the phillies but they own the phillies tv rights uh and so so if you ever

00:58:36   wonder why you can't watch your local team on the MLB at bat app it's because

00:58:42   that situation is it's not true in every city but it's true in a lot of cities

00:58:46   where the the the people who have a say in whether or not they would be allowed

00:58:51   to watch your local team in this app on stream over the internet which you would

00:58:56   pay for is it's determined by the cable company which requires you to have a

00:59:02   a cable subscription to do it. The thing that doesn't make sense about it is of course

00:59:08   everybody knows baseball telecasts have ads between the innings. It's really sort of

00:59:12   a – it's like the only sport where the ads are actually – the ad breaks are actually

00:59:17   natural and they kind of extend them in the playoffs. But in the regular season, it doesn't

00:59:24   delay the game at all. It's one of the beautiful things about televised baseball. But they

00:59:32   They don't even do that. They don't even show the ads because they don't really care about the ads.

00:59:35   They just want to make sure everybody who cares about baseball in Philadelphia has a cable subscription.

00:59:39   Right.

00:59:41   [Laughter]

00:59:43   Look out for number one.

00:59:45   This is an all-time great digression on this podcast because this is all related to whether or not AirPods look silly with or without wires.

00:59:53   [Laughter]

00:59:55   I was trying to remember how we got into this and I couldn't.

00:59:58   I'm usually the first one to forget how a digression started, but I've somehow still had this in mind and

01:00:04   And I've been trying to tie it together with some kind of joke about cord cutters cable cutters. What do they call them?

01:00:10   Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, sure because you get this you and I always wonder like are there anybody is there anybody out there?

01:00:15   I have always wondered this and this is why I've been wanting to make this observation for 10 minutes now is

01:00:20   You know that the way that air pods have become this

01:00:25   status symbol for some bizarre people, you know that you're you know,

01:00:29   you're somehow showing off if you have AirPods and that it's a sign that you're cool or whatever,

01:00:34   which is very alien to me. And I just wonder how many people there's got to be some people who've done it

01:00:40   I mean like teenagers or something who've just taken like the old AirPods and cut cords

01:00:45   Yeah, and then like made it look like they have AirPods

01:00:47   Which obviously wouldn't work at all. So they've just got them in there. It's like Merlin holding his wallet up to his ear

01:00:54   Pretty much exactly except harder to tell

01:00:57   Right, at least if you'd see Merlin holding his wallet up to his ear if you really look at it

01:01:02   You're gonna see that that's a that's a wallet

01:01:04   Whereas

01:01:07   You'd notice I mean you'd have to get really close but you'd have to get really uncomfortably close

01:01:13   What are you doing, oh, sorry, I just want to see I'm on the phone I'm on the phone

01:01:21   But you could you imagine going up to somebody really close to the ear and they're like, what are you doing?

01:01:25   And then you had to tell them I just wanted to see if you really had air pods or if you just cut the cords

01:01:31   off an old pair of

01:01:32   Well, so the new ones it'll be easier to tell. Yeah, they do look a little different

01:01:36   They won't like they don't like anything. I mean, you know, they look quite a bit not like the the ear pods

01:01:41   Do you have air pods? Oh, yeah

01:01:45   I saw I have to I still have my original ones and I have the second generation

01:01:49   One of the things that blew me away today was Dan Morin

01:01:52   Mutual friend it's co-host of what how many podcasts you do with Dan?

01:01:58   I do to that's all rebound and Biff

01:02:03   Biff is the one you guys talk about superheroes. Yes, is that is guy English on that? Okay, the guy English is on yes

01:02:11   Yeah, I

01:02:13   Missed guy English

01:02:15   You just saw guy English I didn't he was that is true he was

01:02:19   He did come in

01:02:22   Go out to dinner with me and my wife about a week and a half ago

01:02:25   We did delightful time took with the hospital more recently

01:02:30   I mean I talked to him every week, but you've seen him more recently than I have yeah

01:02:33   I took him to hop sing he had a great time

01:02:35   Where what the hell now now I've lost the thread

01:02:42   You're gonna talk about Dan's weird ears. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, so Dan had been a hero today that he

01:02:48   was really looking forward to the

01:02:51   the three sizes of

01:02:53   little rubber tips

01:02:55   Because he heretofore had still not purchased air pods

01:03:00   Which I found very you know, but he may it you say it's it's because he has unusual ears or something

01:03:07   Well, so this is the thing about air pods is that there's half the world thinks the other half's

01:03:13   Ears are weird and the other half thinks that has ears are weird because they either either fits you or they don't fit you and

01:03:21   They fit me great and earbuds have always fit me really well. Yeah, and I've always I've always liked earpods

01:03:27   Fine, you know as far as wired headphones go and I'm not like super audio quality

01:03:33   Concerned yeah, I'm only mildly audio quality concerned and

01:03:37   When I got air pods that was like this is perfect. Yeah

01:03:41   But they don't they don't work for him because he's his ears are different and there's a lot of people like that

01:03:46   Yeah, I know Marco Arment has never really been happy with any kind. Yeah, it's just it has to do

01:03:52   It's just you know just a shape shape. Yeah, I remember I remember when they when they debuted air pods

01:03:56   I believe it was in the Johnny I've narrated video that he talked about the fact that they spent

01:04:02   some gazillion dollars, you know 3d modeling the inner shape of

01:04:07   thousands of people's ears of multiple

01:04:11   You know

01:04:13   not dance

01:04:14   women men and children and young people and old people and you know also as many years as they could scan that they scanned them and

01:04:21   Tried to find this shape that was

01:04:23   would fit as many of them comfortably as possible and I remember then getting them and

01:04:29   Then looking at them and looking at the old wire

01:04:33   Ones right next to them and really I mean you get really really close to him

01:04:36   I couldn't see a damn bit of difference in the shape of the thing that goes in your ear

01:04:40   But I know of several people. I I can't name them off the top of my head. So call fake news if you want, but I

01:04:47   Maybe jow kit. I forget Daniel jow kit friend of the show

01:04:51   I

01:04:53   Could be somebody else but I know a couple people who?

01:04:56   who claim that the old wired ones never fit them right, would always be falling out.

01:05:00   And that they therefore were terrified to buy AirPods because they assumed they would fall

01:05:05   out as well. And when, you know, obviously AirPods falling out are A, more expensive,

01:05:10   and B, they're wireless, you know, they could go anywhere, right? Whereas a wired one falling out,

01:05:15   while it's still just dangling connected to the to the cord. But who then tried AirPods,

01:05:21   I get an Apple store or something and lo and behold they actually fit so there is some difference

01:05:26   I don't know. It's like somehow because it's just

01:05:28   Just it is just the cord, right?

01:05:31   Right that the cord actually weighs down the in your ear and pulls it out

01:05:37   But they claimed I do remember Apple claiming that they 3d modeled it on some kind of

01:05:42   You know to some kind of way to find the shape that fit as many ears as possible

01:05:47   But even so that doesn't fit all ears. Yeah, my concern is that Apple will now switch to this design

01:05:52   Which I don't like because I never liked the ones that are like plugs in your ears. Yeah

01:05:56   I've never I've had a number of those and they've never worked well for me and

01:06:00   Even when I get noise cancelling ones, I have to get the over the ear style because I can't deal with those

01:06:06   I had so I so I you know much much as they have gone to large phones against my wishes. I

01:06:14   Have a slight concern that they're gonna go to your plug type

01:06:17   Air pods and I forget if they're noise cancelling or not

01:06:22   Or if it's just the fact that they plug your ear, but I think they were noise cancelling

01:06:27   I had a pair of sure in ear

01:06:30   Yeah, I had those and maybe you got them when I were no I think they were noise cancelling

01:06:36   I think they were too and I got them in the goodie bag for being a speaker at Mac World Expo

01:06:43   I think that's where I got him too. And I

01:06:45   Think we're in the little like round case. Yeah. Yep, and they were black. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, so we got gray but anyway

01:06:53   Well, I don't know dark. Yeah

01:06:55   And I remember getting them and there's all sorts of stuff in that goodie bag. It was it wasn't really quite a racket

01:07:01   I mean that was really that was that was the time that was of the brief the brief moment in time that I

01:07:06   Caught that wave and then and then it went away

01:07:09   I mean hey that shows how long ago was because macworld Expo feels like feels like I was a kid when I went to macworld Expo

01:07:16   you

01:07:18   But I went there. I did a couple of times. I spoke I remember the one time

01:07:22   I did it was a really good talk

01:07:23   It was like and it was gonna become like an annual tradition. It was like Gruber's list

01:07:26   It was like my top ten issues surrounding Apple. I mean and

01:07:29   Specifically I think number two. I didn't want to make it number one, but it was like

01:07:33   Because it just seemed to I didn't know how to fit it in so I think I put it in like number two or number

01:07:39   number three was like Steve Jobs's health, you know, that he's singularly important to

01:07:44   the company. Yeah. Yeah. Just so that, you know, that just tells you how, how long ago

01:07:50   it was that it was, it was not just when Steve Jobs was around, but when it was still sort

01:07:54   of a well, what if something happened to Steve Jobs? But anyway, the goodie bag included

01:07:59   all this other I don't who knows how much other stuff but they had these sure. ear pods,

01:08:05   buds, whatever you want to call them. They're noise canceling. And I like was like, I'm

01:08:10   not gonna like those. I hate that anything that goes in my ear, but I guess I'll try

01:08:13   them and I like Google does I wonder how much these are. I bet they're like 80 or 90 bucks

01:08:17   and I like Google them and they were like $300 or something. I was like, holy hell,

01:08:23   like I better double check before I throw any of this stuff out. This is amazing. They

01:08:26   were like $300 headphones. And I wound up loving them. I date I never liked things that

01:08:33   go in my ear like that and it sealed up, but these Shores really did.

01:08:38   Yeah I tried those for a while and they didn't work well enough for me. So I gave them to

01:08:42   Karen and she enjoyed them but it didn't work for me.

01:08:45   That was one of the ones that I referenced today. That was one of the ones I've had,

01:08:49   but I've had a few others in the years since where there were earbuds that had multiple

01:08:54   options for the rubber part that would go in your ear. And with the Shore ones, I was

01:08:58   like, oh, and the Shure ones weren't just three sizes. They were like, like, you had

01:09:03   like, yeah, there's like six of them. And they had their own case, different types of

01:09:07   material. Yeah, different types of material, very different shapes. They even had it was

01:09:10   like, there was a case for the headphones. And there was like a case for the extra nubbins

01:09:16   or whatever you call it. Yeah. I just put the ones I was like, I don't even know where

01:09:20   to start. This seems like a lot of work. And this is the sort of thing that's going to

01:09:23   drive me nuts. This is this is where I'm not going to say I'm OCD. But this is where I'm

01:09:28   on the spectrum of OCD is it's like indecisiveness, right? Like, I'm gonna it's gonna torment me for

01:09:34   the rest of my life that I maybe picked the wrong ones, but I put this put the default ones in my

01:09:39   ear. I was like, huh, these sound these are a more comfortable than I thought. And then I was like,

01:09:43   these are really comfortable. And I kind of liked them. And so I never even tried the other ones

01:09:47   because I was like, I was afraid to. But I wound up I use those as my airplane headphones for years

01:09:54   and years and years and really always enjoyed them and I forget why I guess I gave them up I gave them

01:10:01   up to get want to go wireless a couple years ago because it's a little known fact but people a lot

01:10:08   of people most people didn't notice but the the iphone got rid of the headphone jack are you sure

01:10:16   I think I would have read about that I am absolutely are you well you would have thought it

01:10:19   would have been a bigger deal but I would have thought that would have been on the verge

01:10:22   You'd think it would be. They're very consumer-focused.

01:10:30   He's a very smart guy. He doesn't miss much. I would think that he would have written about it.

01:10:33   Well, as far as I know, he never commented. So I switched to wireless ones years ago,

01:10:38   and I got a pair of the Bose over-the-ear ones. Anyways, I'm curious how these AirPods are going

01:10:45   to work. I'm not as skeptical as I would have been if I hadn't had that very positive experience

01:10:50   the Shores for years and years that maybe I will like these. I don't know.

01:10:54   Well, and I think what's interesting about where you talked about the nubbins, so supposedly

01:10:58   these will use sound to figure out if you're wearing the right.

01:11:04   Yeah, that's what Dan linked to. Yeah, so there's some kind of way in software. I don't know where

01:11:11   this is. I guess it's in, it's probably one of those things I'm sure that'll be iOS only and

01:11:16   won't make it to the Mac. But there I guess in settings somewhere, there'll be some kind of way

01:11:22   that you can. It's unclear. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I go up for this media briefing,

01:11:28   like, okay, so there's a test but how do you get to it is in the settings app? Do you just your

01:11:32   ear tip fit test ear tips? Yeah, your tip fit test. That sounds like one of those things that

01:11:38   you say like a tongue twister to get ready to go on a podcast. Your tip fit. It's pluralized ears,

01:11:43   tip. God damn plurals. This would all be so much easier if we as a species only had one ear.

01:11:55   Right in the front of our head.

01:11:58   Yeah, right in the forehead, right? That's the obvious.

01:12:01   It would have to be.

01:12:02   Right. Yeah, because everything else is taken, right? We only have one mouth, right? You know?

01:12:09   Well, maybe we would have two mouths if we only had one ear.

01:12:12   Yeah, there's probably a planet somewhere where everybody has all the species all the their equivalent of mammals

01:12:17   Everybody has two mouths, you know, because what happens what happens if you know you you get a toothache into one mouth

01:12:22   Well, yeah, you're the mouth to keep going

01:12:24   Start right. Yeah, Star Trek always went like crazy. I always thought they were going they were really going out all out on designing an

01:12:32   Alien when they would put like nostrils someplace other than where a human

01:12:38   All the aliens were just people with bumpy foreheads, right?

01:12:42   But then occasionally they'd put like nostrils like, you know in between the eyebrows or yeah. Yeah. No totally

01:12:49   Yeah, we're up on the forehead like what if instead of making a rigid forehead

01:12:54   We put a nose another me another mouth or an ear up there. Yeah

01:12:58   They never call me I

01:13:05   Are you looking forward to the Picard full of ideas what we can forward to what the Picard I

01:13:10   am

01:13:13   Man talk about aggression. How can I not Chris Hicks the next hour of this show?

01:13:17   I hold that thought let me tell you about our next sponsor. It's our good friends. It's another classic. We're going we're going deep in the classic

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01:16:03   but it's getting close. Fantastic. It's the greatest gift idea. Find. Think of every single

01:16:07   person in your family who would like to see pictures of you or your kids or your pets

01:16:13   or even just trips that you've took together or something like that. Anybody who could,

01:16:18   you could give a picture to send them a fracture for the holidays. It's the easiest thing in

01:16:22   the world. And it's my favorite thing about sending fractures as a gift idea is as long

01:16:26   as you keep taking more pictures next year, you can do it again and again. You could be

01:16:30   the guy or the gal who that's your thing every Christmas is you give your parents or your

01:16:36   grandparents or whoever it is. Give them a picture every year, something like that. You

01:16:40   can just do it over and over again. People won't get tired of it. Fantastic gift idea.

01:16:44   Go ahead and do it now. Get it out of the way because they get into December and they

01:16:47   get backlogged behind Christmas and the other holidays. So don't forget to go to Fractured

01:16:53   at Me and don't forget to tell them you came from the talk show. I love that company. I

01:16:58   could talk about them forever.

01:16:59   Tim Cynova Yeah, and they have great, very friendly customer

01:17:01   support.

01:17:02   John Green They really do. They're very friendly people.

01:17:04   Tim Cynova I wanted to make sure that they could do a

01:17:08   black and white. And so I contacted them and she did not call me dummy, but she could have

01:17:15   easily because it was right there on the website. But she pointed me to like the section where

01:17:21   they had examples of black and white.

01:17:23   It's not the most ridiculous question, but it generally is sort of like if you buy a

01:17:31   color television, can you watch a black and white movie? Black and white are two of the

01:17:36   colors in the spectrum.

01:17:39   See, now you're saying dummy.

01:17:42   Yeah, I guess I am.

01:17:44   That's fair.

01:17:48   So what were we talking about?

01:17:49   We were going to go off on a terrific aside there.

01:17:51   Oh, Picard?

01:17:52   Oh, yeah, Picard.

01:17:53   You want to talk about Picard?

01:17:55   Well, you know who the showrunner is.

01:17:56   Or should we talk about, we should maybe talk about the reviews for Apple TV Plus.

01:17:59   Oh, yeah.

01:18:00   Well, let's save those, file those away for the third segment of the show.

01:18:06   Let's stick to AirPods for now.

01:18:10   AirPods Pro.

01:18:14   One color, you can get them whatever color you want.

01:18:16   White, rumored to have come in black and midnight green just like the other phones didn't

01:18:21   come in that.

01:18:22   Why do you think they don't make colored iPods?

01:18:24   My theory, as I spoused on my website earlier today, is that they sort of see them as a

01:18:29   branding thing, that they're sort of an iconic look that dates back to the ad campaign for

01:18:35   iPods that lasted for years, years and years and years, those silhouette of people listening

01:18:40   to music and dancing.

01:18:42   It was a very long-running ad campaign and I feel like today's air pods still sort of carry on that like you see

01:18:50   People walking down the street wearing white things sticking out of their ears and you just know their air pods and that would be diluted

01:18:57   Even if they just added one more color like black it would dilute that to some degree

01:19:02   Yeah, even even though other companies make I mean in four years have made white right wired headphones

01:19:10   And other companies now make white we're you know knock off air pods basically, right?

01:19:15   It reminds you of Apple. Yeah, even if you're seeing someone who's not actually wearing their headphones

01:19:21   Yeah, and for some reason nobody's really come out with air pods that really look like air pods

01:19:27   You know like where it's you know, like the Google ones or look like

01:19:32   No name brand. Yeah. Yeah. No name brand has really come out with anything that really follows that that

01:19:38   that rod sticking out of a thing pointing down design. There's all sorts of different designs

01:19:43   that people have come out with for their wireless earbuds, but nobody's really copied that yet.

01:19:48   Whether they did it out of deference, like pride, like we're not going to copy this iconic design,

01:19:55   or whether there's some kind of technical reason that Apple has an ability to make them like that

01:20:00   and put the battery in that little rod that others technically haven't been able to copy, I don't

01:20:06   know but yeah I would think the battery technology would be hard to do you know

01:20:11   for us for a regular company to duplicate anyway you know maybe the most

01:20:16   the major companies could probably do it yeah but and it maybe it's just too

01:20:20   shameless I don't know you know like a Samsung Galaxy Note 11 came out with I

01:20:26   never bothered them before I that's what I think I was like I'm just kind of

01:20:29   Samsung is this whole my whole segment here I've been thinking about Samsung

01:20:33   Why hasn't Samsung made something that looks as much like AirPods as they possibly can?

01:20:37   I don't know. But it kind of sucks if you think about it that way, though, in a way,

01:20:43   because it's sort of like they're not white and only white for our benefit. It's sort of for

01:20:50   Apple's benefit as a branding thing. So for the people who wish that they made black ones,

01:20:59   sort of sucks. And I assume, I mean, we think that there will be AR glasses coming sometime,

01:21:08   and I would assume that because that is something that is more front and center on the face,

01:21:12   but it would, assuming that these things are real, that they would be more fashion oriented.

01:21:19   Well, look at what they've done with the watch.

01:21:21   And you'd be able, yeah, I mean, but still, yeah, but still, I'm trying to figure,

01:21:25   I'm trying to think of how they would look so that you can still make them your own statement and then

01:21:33   it would also say, "Hey, these are from Apple."

01:21:35   It's a fact. I can, you know, and that's a product that we know is in the works,

01:21:41   but so far has no leaks of hardware. So I, yeah, I've been thinking about that too,

01:21:50   because I know, and I know there was a rumor, I think it was Ming-Chi Kuo,

01:21:54   all the rumors are being cheek-quo really. Well, all the good ones. Yeah, all the ones from the

01:21:58   supply chain. But he, you know, he just, he came out a couple weeks ago, a week or two ago and said,

01:22:02   yeah, the glasses or goggles or whatever the hell they are coming out. He has no idea,

01:22:05   no idea what they look like. And I find stuff like that fascinating that, you know, he's confident

01:22:11   enough in his source that he's, you know, willing to put his reputation on the line by saying

01:22:17   definitively that Apple's currently planning to come out with them in 2020. But it has no idea

01:22:24   really what they look like or what they do. Really. But I've been thinking about that.

01:22:30   You know, this is a good aside, really, because it's like there's different ways to do glasses.

01:22:35   The biggest—

01:22:37   Yeah, that's it. There's a vast variety of glasses.

01:22:40   Well, and the biggest thing would be, is this something you're supposed to wear all day?

01:22:44   Which is what the idea behind Google Glass was, that this is something you would wake up in the

01:22:50   morning and put on and then you walk around all day with these things on and you yeah you would go

01:22:55   to dinner so you mean from like a functional standpoint right from a functional standpoint

01:23:00   as opposed to like i'm talking about style or is it is it more like air pods where it is a thing

01:23:05   that you would wear temporarily you know like you don't to do something i'm sure that i'm sure that

01:23:12   there's some kids who wear their air pods all day but i think there are people yeah i mean i

01:23:18   you know, we went out to lunch on Sunday and for dim sum and there were I saw several people wearing

01:23:25   AirPods at the restaurant while they were dining just like one in there one in there.

01:23:30   Yeah, so I you know, but but that's my thought is maybe that these don't think of it as Google

01:23:36   Glass, think of it as something more like AirPods for your eyes and that you'd put them on. Maybe

01:23:40   you're going for a walk or a run or something and you'd put them on while you're going and then you

01:23:45   could see your text messages or something floating in front of you, but you wouldn't

01:23:49   wear them all day and they wouldn't be a replacement for prescription glasses? I don't

01:23:54   know. It's just, you know, there's a lot, it's just very common. The watch was a little

01:23:58   bit like this, but the, the idea of Apple branded glasses has way more questions like

01:24:03   that. Like, but if they're not a replacement for prescription glasses, how does somebody

01:24:09   who needs glasses wear them? Right? They kind of have to be right. Like they kind of have

01:24:13   to be something that you could buy and then how is that going to work? Like you go to

01:24:17   Apple.com to pre-order them and then what? You have to take them to your optician to

01:24:22   get lenses put in?

01:24:23   Yeah. Yeah.

01:24:24   And there's just a lot of questions. Everybody's just like, "Oh, yeah. Apple's all in on

01:24:28   AR and they're going to come out with glasses." But it's like there's a lot of big fundamental

01:24:34   questions surrounding a product like that that I don't know how they square that circle.

01:24:39   And the fashion angle is one too, where it's like, okay, so now everybody, half the people

01:24:43   in North America that I know all wear the same watch.

01:24:49   But right from the get-go, I mean, if anything, they might have had more variety of watch

01:24:56   bands at the original Apple Watch than they do now, or at least as many.

01:25:02   I mean, they...

01:25:03   Oh, yeah.

01:25:04   Very, very consciously.

01:25:05   right from the beginning, day one, they were like, we have a zillion different watch straps

01:25:11   to choose from of different styles and materials, you know, rubber and leather and metal bracelets

01:25:16   and Milanese and now they've got the Velcro ones and all sorts of different colors and

01:25:24   they change them up every six months. So that's a big part of how they pulled this off. Like,

01:25:30   And I really firmly believe that if there were only like white, you know, like a space

01:25:36   gray watch with a black band and a regular aluminum one with a white band and that's

01:25:45   it, I don't think the Apple Watch would have taken off.

01:25:48   I literally think that the configurability, the ease of – and how easy it is.

01:25:54   It's a genius physical mechanism that they invented.

01:25:56   I think it's crazy that we dealt with those fiddly little prongs on watches prior to the

01:26:04   invention of the Apple Watch. We dealt with those things for a hundred years.

01:26:09   Right. It's like the easiest to change watch strap I've ever seen. And I'm a bit of a watch

01:26:14   nerd is nowhere near as easy to change as the Apple Watch one. And I've done it because I have

01:26:21   a couple of mechanical watches and I've changed the straps on them and it's terrifying.

01:26:26   John

01:26:28   Shoot across the room.

01:26:29   Trenton Larkin Right. And there's a little,

01:26:30   they're literally called spring bars and they do shoot across the room.

01:26:34   So you'll never find it again. But you could scratch it, you know, you have to use a tool

01:26:41   that you if it's, you know, most watches are made of material, even like stainless steel that could

01:26:45   be easily scratched, you know, you don't want to do it, but you feel like an income poop taking it

01:26:49   it into somebody else. I wouldn't open the case of a watch if it was a battery-open battery,

01:26:56   a quartz watch with a replaceable battery. If it was waterproof, I wouldn't trust myself

01:27:03   to do it.

01:27:04   I'd buy it.

01:27:05   I haven't had a watch with a replaceable quartz battery in a very long time. But when

01:27:09   I did, I always took it to a jeweler because I live here in a city where there's tons

01:27:13   of professional jewelers where you can take a watch. But to change a strap, I wouldn't

01:27:17   I feel like an income poop, but I do it myself, but it's a pain in the butt. Anyway, that's a huge

01:27:23   part of the Apple Watch success. I don't see how that quite translates to glasses, right? Like,

01:27:28   everybody has the same sort of front-facing frames, but you get to pick the side pieces

01:27:34   that go over your ear. You know, that does it. Right. That doesn't seem right either, right?

01:27:38   Yeah. Because that's the most, the front part is the most important part.

01:27:42   Right. And so I don't see it. I don't know. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's all about, but

01:27:47   But when I think about it as something you would wear all day, it just seems less and

01:27:52   less likely because I just don't see how they would make glasses that everyone would

01:27:55   want to wear without looking like you've joined some kind of sports team.

01:28:00   You know, like, welcome to the team.

01:28:04   Everybody wears the same glasses, you know.

01:28:08   It just seems very, very strange.

01:28:09   I don't know.

01:28:10   I can't wait to see how you do it.

01:28:13   But then, you know, compare and contrast the variety of watch straps that Apple alone offers,

01:28:17   let alone the fact that third parties are easily able to get the, you know, to make

01:28:23   their own watch straps for the Apple Watch with AirPods, which are white and only white.

01:28:29   There you go.

01:28:30   That was the, but that was funny because I switched sizes when I got the Apple Watch

01:28:35   5, the Series 5, and needed to get all new bands.

01:28:40   But I don't think I ever would have done that in the past.

01:28:42   like when I got a new watch I would just wear the band that it came with for you know

01:28:46   15 years or whatever until it fell apart and then I'd go grudgingly go to the mall and buy a new band

01:28:52   but because it's you know I can change the band so easily I was like oh I gotta get I gotta get

01:28:59   new bands so I got you know I got the one that it came with and then I got two other bands to go

01:29:05   with it yeah so you dropped down in size you went to yeah yeah to the 40 millimeter yeah I stuck

01:29:11   with the big boy watch. But it's a close call.

01:29:15   I mean, this is perfect for me. And yeah, I didn't want to go bigger, definitely.

01:29:19   Yeah, I would be curious to know how the sales break down on that, because you figure most

01:29:27   women are going to buy the 40 millimeter because their wrists are smaller. And you know, they've

01:29:35   conspicuously—another thing that's never changed with Apple watches, they've never

01:29:38   labeled them as men's and women's. It's always just been two sizes and then both can be dressed

01:29:45   up in very different ways depending simply on the strap. There has to be more people,

01:29:51   since they increased the size with Series 4, it has to be more people buying a 40 than ever before.

01:29:57   **Matt Stauffer** I would think so.

01:29:58   **Ezra Klein** Because I know an awful lot of men,

01:30:00   just on the podcast I listened to, switched to the 40 millimeter.

01:30:04   Yeah, yeah, I would think that they would they could find room for you know, another 30 36. Yeah

01:30:10   Yeah, I would think so too. Yeah, but maybe you know that it's already there's already enough SK use. I don't know. Yeah

01:30:18   What else on the airpods so we've got the the nubbins got the nubbin test the ears fit well Jesus

01:30:28   What is it the ears fit something?

01:30:30   Ear tip fit test tears ears tip. No, you forgot the plural job. I

01:30:34   Made that part up. I guess they could it could have been ear tips fit test though

01:30:39   Again, somebody at Apple probably really put some thought into that but looking forward to see how that works

01:30:45   it sounds to me like that fit test is a lot like a

01:30:49   very an ear canal

01:30:52   Sized version of what home pods do you know room test? Yeah, right where they it's like it's it plays sound

01:31:00   and then there's a microphone pointing into your ear. So in addition to the

01:31:05   microphone that picks up outside noise for the noise cancellation and you know

01:31:09   so you can make phone calls and talk to your ear pods, they now have a microphone.

01:31:14   The new ones have a microphone inside that points into your ear so that they

01:31:18   can dynamically adjust to sound better, which really is kind of amazing.

01:31:30   There's an interesting feature.

01:31:33   - I sort of feel like it's my job

01:31:37   mostly to complain about Apple.

01:31:39   That's, you know, that's what we do.

01:31:41   And I do feel like in a large sense that they've,

01:31:46   you know, I could do hours and hours and hours

01:31:49   talking about it and in fact have,

01:31:51   if you listen to the back episodes of this show,

01:31:53   you read my website, but that the trend, in my opinion,

01:31:57   has moved too much across all of Apple's products,

01:32:00   but like, especially with the Mac in particular,

01:32:02   towards encapsulating too much.

01:32:07   And it's like, well, we'll just make this simpler,

01:32:10   but it's like, they've made it too simple.

01:32:12   And now there's no way to do power user things.

01:32:15   But sometimes encapsulating the whole thing

01:32:19   is exactly the right thing to do.

01:32:21   Like the way that to get HomePods

01:32:23   to do their fancy, adjust their acoustic output

01:32:28   based on the acoustics of the room that they're in

01:32:32   and readjust as soon as the accelerometer in the device

01:32:36   can tell that it's being picked up and moved

01:32:39   and then, oh, I've been moved so I need to recalibrate.

01:32:42   But doesn't go into a test mode where it plays weird sounds.

01:32:46   It just plays whatever you told it to play

01:32:48   and initially just sort of listens

01:32:51   to see how it itself sounds and adjust dynamically.

01:32:55   And you don't have to do anything.

01:32:56   There's no buttons, there's nothing to do.

01:32:58   There is no mode to enter.

01:33:00   You don't have to enter a mode.

01:33:01   It just does it automatically.

01:33:02   That to me is Apple at its best.

01:33:04   That's something that encapsulating all the complexity

01:33:08   and just don't worry about it.

01:33:09   Just put it in your ear and we'll adjust.

01:33:12   We're using a little hidden microphone.

01:33:13   - I'll be interested to see if it can, I mean,

01:33:15   I'll be interested to see if it can recommend which ones.

01:33:19   I think that would be pretty wild.

01:33:20   I think it would be able to say, "Nah, these are not quite right." But if it could say, "Try this one."

01:33:25   I wonder if part of this, you know, so they apparently snap on and snap off. I wonder if

01:33:31   there's something physical. It wouldn't be electronic, but it's maybe some kind of way

01:33:38   that it knows which size is on. Like, would your AirPods Pro know that you have the medium tips in?

01:33:47   and then say, "Hey, why don't you try the larger ones?" And you're like, "I don't know where they are."

01:33:52   I lost them when I opened the box. I wonder how much replacement tips are going to cost.

01:33:57   $150. Oh, there's a Just the Tip joke. Just the Tips joke in there.

01:34:04   Welcome to the Apple store. What would you like? Just the tips. Just the tips.

01:34:15   Why do you think that they didn't announce these at the event last month?

01:34:18   Yeah, I don't know. I mean, you speculated because they weren't quite ready, right?

01:34:25   And that maybe they're gun shy because of the air power.

01:34:27   Because of the air power. Yeah. Although, I mean, air power was, well,

01:34:33   it wasn't really close, right? It couldn't have been, but I think

01:34:39   it seems like a different situation. I mean, these things were very close to shipping.

01:34:42   Yeah, I mean, you know there here we are. I think it's about seven weeks later eight at the most right? It's

01:34:48   Seven or eight weeks later and here they are and you can pre-order them and they're going to start shipping in two days

01:34:55   so at that

01:34:58   closeness it seems to me that they should that that's within the realm of being

01:35:02   99.8% certain I'm gonna I'm gonna guess it's because they didn't want to affect sales of existing air pods

01:35:10   Okay, so a couple people on Twitter's point

01:35:12   Suggested that to me as well, but yeah that that I would buy if these were

01:35:17   Replacements for air pods as we know them if these are the new air pods for 160 dollars

01:35:24   And now when you buy our pods is what you get, but they're two hundred and fifty dollars not 160 dollars

01:35:29   Yeah, and so it

01:35:31   And you know I still think it could change people's buying though

01:35:35   I mean, you know, particularly if you're the I mean Apple seems yes exist Apple seems by buying it by a Christmas present now, right?

01:35:43   Apple seems patient enough to me though that that if these are going to affect and and presumably they are going to affect sales of

01:35:52   the other

01:35:53   AirPods that there will clearly be some number and

01:35:57   People who would have bought regular AirPods if they were still the only AirPods

01:36:02   AirPods, but who will instead buy AirPods Pro because they want the noise cancellation

01:36:09   or whatever else. It seems to me that however big that number is of people who would have

01:36:16   bought them in between September the 10th or whatever day that event was and today,

01:36:24   that Apple is a patient enough company to say, "Okay, we'll let you wait. That's

01:36:28   fine with us because you're going to be spending 90 more dollars."

01:36:31   Yeah.

01:36:32   Yeah.

01:36:33   So I don't know about that.

01:36:35   Maybe?

01:36:36   I don't know.

01:36:37   It seems, I mean, in general, I would say that they tend to try to announce things within

01:36:41   like a week or so of things being available.

01:36:43   Yeah.

01:36:44   Yeah.

01:36:45   Except for…

01:36:46   And there are, and it doesn't, obviously it doesn't matter when it's a new category.

01:36:50   Right.

01:36:51   Because the only other, you know, you're only stealing sales from other companies,

01:36:55   so that's fine.

01:36:56   So, yeah.

01:36:57   in theory, they were really hoping that they would be ready to ship by the end of September,

01:37:01   and they could have announced them on stage, but because they weren't now, they just don't want to

01:37:06   get it. They just don't want to do that. And they, you know, like, and there were, like, the iPhone

01:37:11   10 shipped before the iPhone 8. Is that the way it worked? But then the next year, the

01:37:23   10 are shipped later than no i guess i wonder if they have people who come in and buy both

01:37:28   at the same time both the airpods and the airpod pro no by by an iphone and airpods oh

01:37:37   yeah maybe and and then and they thought well you know if like you're the kind of person who wants

01:37:43   airpods pro you're going to delay your iphone purchase until they come out and they didn't

01:37:47   want to they didn't want to set back the initial quarter sales of the new iPhones

01:37:52   of the new iPhone whoo I like that theory John I like you can have that

01:37:56   yeah I like that theory all right now I remember it's just so nobody sends in a

01:38:01   correction with the original iPhone 10 the 10 shipped later than the iPhone 8

01:38:06   and I almost suspect I almost suspect that they wanted it that way because mm-hmm

01:38:13   If they shipped the 10 and the 8 at the same time, all of the reviews would have been entirely about the 10.

01:38:20   And the 8 would have not gotten any attention.

01:38:23   So they shipped the 8 first so that it would get reviewed as fairly as possible.

01:38:28   And even so, most of the reviews, I remember noting at the time, they still all mentioned the iPhone X,

01:38:33   which was then coming later, and then the iPhone X shipped.

01:38:36   next year the XS and the XS Max shipped first and the XR shipped later.

01:38:43   And that might have been a delay that might not have been on purpose or strategic to stagger

01:38:49   the reviews.

01:38:50   But maybe it was because in my opinion and most other people who reviewed them's opinion,

01:38:59   the XR was so good that for an awful lot of people it was the right phone for them even

01:39:06   not even looking at the price. And they kind of wanted to get as many of the thousand dollar

01:39:13   phone sales as they could. But anyway, so they've done that with things other than AirPower where

01:39:19   they held the event and one of the big announcements wasn't coming until weeks into October.

01:39:26   I don't know. It's very, very strange. Well, not very strange, but it's curious.

01:39:32   Yeah, there's not obviously there's a lot of there's a lot of thought that goes on

01:39:36   and it's tough to armchair quarterback all that.

01:39:40   Anything else on the AirPods Pro? I don't think so.

01:39:45   Yeah, you're going to upgrade or no? You're going to stick with what you know?

01:39:47   Like I said, I don't like the plugs, the ear plug thing, so I'm good.

01:39:52   I wonder how they're going to do the things in the store. I don't know. What did they do now?

01:39:56   I don't know. I wondered that too because you know, if you wanted to come in and try them on,

01:40:01   They're they can't they can't reuse them and they can't

01:40:05   Burn one every time somebody wants to try it on. I still remember very vividly being just like i'm blown away

01:40:12   by

01:40:15   By what they were doing but then realizing well they kind of have to do that was that at the

01:40:20   When they introduced the original air pods

01:40:22   I don't know. What was that three years ago

01:40:25   Uh, yeah at in the hands-on area for the press after the event

01:40:31   they they would they come out with a tray of them it was like like being at a

01:40:37   cocktail party I honestly got like somebody would come out with a tray of

01:40:41   air pods like hors d'oeuvres you know and and you'd you you couldn't just pick

01:40:47   them up and and yourself because you know then you'd walk off with them but

01:40:54   you you would find a helpful Apple person and they would say would you like

01:40:57   to try AirPods and you'd say yes. And then they would have this tray and then they would

01:41:02   take a pair and let you try them. And then I guess they were already paired with like

01:41:06   their, you know, like a demo iPhone and they play a couple of songs and ask you what you

01:41:11   think and then you could like double tap to try all the stuff. And then you would say,

01:41:16   Oh, that's interesting. And then you'd hand them back to them. And then they would put

01:41:20   them on another tray of this already used AirPods. And there was a nonstop shuffle of

01:41:27   Apple employees bringing out fresh trays and taking away the trides.

01:41:33   They were just going in the back and turning around and coming back.

01:41:36   That was the joke.

01:41:37   Everybody was joking about that.

01:41:38   They're just walking behind that door and then just turning around.

01:41:45   I wonder what they do in the stores.

01:41:47   I don't know.

01:41:48   I actually don't know the answer to this question.

01:41:49   I would think that – yeah, but you can't – like dummy ones don't really help because

01:41:55   you can't hear anything.

01:41:56   Right. Right. You can feel the fit, but it doesn't. That's not enough. Yeah. Hmm. Yeah.

01:42:02   I don't know. Well, we'll find out. Maybe with these, they can just do the tips and

01:42:07   they'll just go through thousands and thousands of tips a day. I don't know.

01:42:11   I guess. Yeah, I guess that's true. That would be cheaper for sure.

01:42:14   I don't know. We'll find out. I'll file that away for future follow-up. All right. Let me take

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01:45:15   Terms and conditions, both terms and conditions apply.

01:45:19   What about the name AirPods Pro?

01:45:23   I feel like that's sort of like,

01:45:24   oh, you thought Pro maybe wasn't applicable to the iPhone?

01:45:27   Hold our beer.

01:45:30   (laughing)

01:45:33   - Yeah, it's a little odd, isn't it?

01:45:34   - You wanna argue about whether these are professional phones?

01:45:37   - Is noise cancellation a Pro feature?

01:45:39   Like maybe, I don't know.

01:45:41   - It's like I've been saying for a while,

01:45:42   it's Apple parlance for higher end.

01:45:45   It really is. And sometimes it does mean professional. The Mac Pro literally should not be purchased,

01:45:52   or even the iMac Pro should not be purchased by anybody who doesn't really have a professional

01:45:57   need for what it does above a non-Pro Mac. Although I do wonder how many people have

01:46:04   bought iMac Pros because they're space gray. I don't really need an iMac Pro.

01:46:09   I'm sure there are some.

01:46:10   But damn, that keyboard!

01:46:12   You can get the keyboard though, can't you?

01:46:15   Yeah, I think you can now, but when it first came out you couldn't. But it's also a

01:46:19   better looking iMac, if you prefer space grade to regular aluminum. Those are really pro.

01:46:27   MacBook Pros used to be really, really pro, but now, you know…

01:46:31   Time for the last three years.

01:46:33   Yeah, not so much. They're just sort of like the regular MacBooks, and it's the

01:46:37   MacBook Air that's different because it's like thinner and lighter. The only way to

01:46:41   get a 15-inch laptop from Apple is to get a MacBook Pro. So if you want a bigger display,

01:46:46   which is a very normal thing to desire, bigger displays are better. And if you're willing

01:46:53   to trade the extra weight and size in your backpack or whatever you carry it around in

01:46:59   for a bigger display, your only option is a MacBook Pro. With AirPods, I don't think

01:47:07   there'll ever be a better example of Apple using the word "pro" to mean higher-end or

01:47:12   deluxe or premium or plus or whatever you want to call it.

01:47:16   Yeah, it's funny. I mean, and they tried it—well, the addition was just like—that

01:47:22   was not the same, but there was no functionality difference.

01:47:27   Well, they still have addition. They still call it like the titanium and the ceramic

01:47:31   ones "addition," which is not a bad word. I think the original—I think it's very

01:47:36   cleverly used and I think now that the materials are like hundreds of dollars more expensive

01:47:42   as opposed to $15,000 to $20,000 more expensive, I think it works pretty well. I've got the

01:47:50   titanium one. I bought the titanium one.

01:47:53   Yeah, it's nice looking.

01:47:54   Yeah, I like it. I was going to talk to Rene about it last week because I know he got one

01:47:58   too. But I like it a lot. My short review of the titanium Series 5 Apple Watch is that

01:48:05   I like it a lot and I can you lift your wrist what I didn't go to that event yeah

01:48:12   It's heavier. It's heavier though right no because I had stainless steel before

01:48:16   Okay, I always had the my but I thought it was heavy. I thought it was heavier than the stainless no no it's right

01:48:22   Okay, it's almost exactly

01:48:24   Mathematically in between the weight of aluminum and stainless steel ones oh, so I got it. I got it backwards. Yeah, okay, okay?

01:48:29   Titanium is lighter than steel

01:48:33   I wasn't at that event in September, so I didn't see it and the first thing I was like, ooh

01:48:37   How's that titanium look I texted to Panzorino and he said it has a DeLorean look to it

01:48:42   And I cannot put it better than that

01:48:44   It's like it's just off the cusp me badgering him while he was in the hands-on area after the event

01:48:49   That's exactly what it looks like has sort of an 80s brushed

01:48:53   I mean, it's funny because the DeLorean famously was made out of stainless steel

01:48:58   And this is made out of titanium and the state they do have stainless steel watches, but they're polished not brushed

01:49:04   Anyway, I like it a lot

01:49:07   I would like to get a silver one, but I you know when that just looks silver

01:49:10   But I don't feel like the aluminum silver looks good enough. I think the black aluminum silver looks better, and I'm not paying

01:49:16   Which I mean because I'm gonna buy these probably every couple of years and I just I'm not gonna pay

01:49:24   $600 every two years to to get a watch when I you know, I used to pay $70 every two decades, right?

01:49:29   So now you're calling me a dummy

01:49:31   I feel like that's you know, I

01:49:36   Don't buy I've had three Apple watches. I've bought all of the odd numbered ones. That wasn't necessarily a strategic choice

01:49:44   It's just that series three was the first one that I felt was a compelling

01:49:49   Upgrade over my original. Yeah

01:49:53   Yeah, well I got this I had the zero and then I got the three and then the foot yeah

01:49:56   I guess I did have the zero well the one is weird because the one came out with the two

01:50:00   You know so what we call the zero is what I had

01:50:04   Then I skipped I skipped a generation then I bought a three then I skipped the four and I just bought a five

01:50:09   Yeah, that's what I'm doing

01:50:12   But cheaper miss the other girl

01:50:14   What else so the

01:50:18   the Apple TV

01:50:20   Plus shows you were gonna say that came out and the review. Yeah, many of the reviews are not great for

01:50:25   Set for half of the shows anyway, so they the ones that I saw mostly seemed to think that

01:50:32   For all mankind and Dickinson were pretty we're pretty good. Yeah, and then see and the morning show or not

01:50:40   Yeah, although the AV the AV Club was much more favorable to the morning show and gave it a B+ hmm

01:50:48   Yeah, I saw the Hollywood reporters review of the morning show and they they seemed to indicate it was a very interesting review

01:50:55   I haven't linked to it yet

01:50:56   But it was an interesting way to do a review where they talked about

01:50:58   that if you know what to look for in a TV show you can see the seams and

01:51:02   It's you know, maybe a spot where the lighting is different because it was a shot it they had to pick up a shot

01:51:09   Weeks later we were missing a shot and they didn't get the lighting right or you pick up a shot where they call it ADR

01:51:16   I forget what it stands for but like where a line of dialogue is sort of

01:51:19   adjusted after the fact because they have to explain a plot point or something like that and

01:51:24   They suggested that there's an awful lot of seams in the first two episodes of the morning show

01:51:30   and now is that

01:51:32   Seeing what they want to see because they're the Hollywood reporter and they know the backstory the backstory is that the original showrunner?

01:51:42   Of the show got forced out and a new one was brought in and it was already in production and it led to a messy

01:51:49   legal fight with the I don't know what guild it is, but one of the you know, whatever the

01:51:54   professional organization who

01:51:57   Media mediates such disputes over credits, which is a huge deal in Hollywood

01:52:02   You know

01:52:02   Like I always say like once you know this you'll see you it's usually a sign of a movie that is not going to be

01:52:07   good is if the screenwriting credit has five names and and some of that's been passed around right

01:52:15   well and some of them the thing to look for is some of the names are separated by the word

01:52:19   a nd and some of them are separated by ampersands in the same title card it's not a mistake it

01:52:26   actually in the writer's guild of america there is a i don't even know what it is i forget the

01:52:31   difference like i think the ampersand is for like two people who work together work together and

01:52:36   And these other guys came in later and threw out their script

01:52:42   And rewrote it or they threw out large enough portions that they got to put their name in

01:52:48   I'm pretty sure ampersand ties you together and and is

01:52:52   A separation of teams and the sign of a dispute of some sort, but I could be getting it backwards

01:52:59   It doesn't matter but once you know that when you see an opening of a movie and there's a written by

01:53:04   screenplay by with four names some ampersand some walk out yeah it's probably gonna be messy but

01:53:10   anyway there seemed like there was a lot that according to them there's a lot of that with the

01:53:14   first two episodes of the morning show where it seems uneven and unsure of what what the vibe

01:53:19   it's going for is so anyway i'm looking forward to that show anyway but i'm not i'm just not i

01:53:25   was never interested in it's not the kind of thing that i generally watch i'm you know from the

01:53:30   beginning I was interested in For All Mankind and then I wasn't super impressed by the first trailer

01:53:35   but then this later one I really liked and for some reason I didn't I mean I for some reason I

01:53:43   found Dickinson very interesting and I don't know why I just thought it was weird looking and thought

01:53:50   yeah I'll try that too. I'll try all of them. My wife is not a fan of period pieces and the further

01:53:58   further back in time something goes, the more likely she is to reject it before we even begin

01:54:03   watching it. So I feel like for all mankind is a definite maybe, because the 60s aren't that

01:54:09   long ago. Whereas anything like a Sherlock Holmes type thing, like Victorian, forget it. She'd just

01:54:18   purposely fall asleep. So just be-- I showed it to Karen, and Karen is big into sewing her own

01:54:24   clothes and looked at the outfits and the music and thought she was right there. So she's looking

01:54:32   forward to that. Yeah. Do we even know yet? Are they going to do a Netflix and show them all at

01:54:38   once or are they going to spit these out? Yeah, they're dropped all at once, which some people

01:54:45   said might have been a mistake, but you don't know. I mean, because I don't know. I guess the

01:54:52   idea that you could retool after people have seen a couple of episodes. But most of these

01:54:59   things are shot well enough in advance that it's not that easy to just go back. You know,

01:55:04   if you watch a season of television that's a 20 episode run, yes, the tail end of that

01:55:13   they haven't shot. But they probably shot the first half. And I think most of these

01:55:18   are like 10 episodes or something, right?

01:55:20   Yeah, I think 10 is sort of like the new standard season

01:55:22   So these are all you know, these would have been shot even if it was even if they were releasing every weekend between now and right

01:55:28   You know January or whatever. Yeah, I'm curious to see how the signup thing goes, you know, because I bought a new iPhone already

01:55:35   So I should be getting a free. Yeah, but I'm looking at that today. I was thinking I haven't bought any fun anything

01:55:40   I should maybe I should buy something

01:55:42   Yeah, you know what they want me to think

01:55:48   Don't be an idiot don't be an idiot and spend five dollars a month to see these shows

01:55:52   Spend a thousand the Apple TV is the cheapest thing. I just get another Apple TV

01:55:59   All right, that's all I had on my agenda for the show anything else

01:56:04   There's always more to talk about but yes, it's no there's no use talking more about Apple TV

01:56:10   Plus when five days from now, I just I just hope the president goes to more baseball games

01:56:16   All right, John, thank you very much people can thank you for having me people can enjoy you all over the internet

01:56:23   What do you want to plug?

01:56:25   The rebound

01:56:27   turning this car around Biff and

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01:56:47   Thanks. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here, John.

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