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241: ‘More Smarter’ With Joanna Stern


00:00:00   It's been too long since you've been on the show Joanna. It really has been way too long

00:00:04   I've even heard your voice and not on the show. Yeah about this show. Oh, that's the nice of you to say

00:00:09   Yeah, I don't think we've bumped into each other the last few Apple shindigs or if we have bumped into each other at

00:00:16   The one in Brooklyn. Yeah, it was too cold, right?

00:00:20   It was are you waiting in line to go look at the MacBook Air and I was like

00:00:25   I I don't care enough to wait in this line, right? You and David Pierce were like we're out of here

00:00:29   (laughs)

00:00:30   - Yeah, we'll see this thing tomorrow

00:00:33   when we get a review unit.

00:00:34   And then we did have a great conversation,

00:00:37   which has like, I still have this on my list,

00:00:38   but it sparked a great thought for me to do,

00:00:41   I wanna do an investigative piece on Apple watch bands.

00:00:45   It's a real investigative piece.

00:00:48   Because remember you were standing with Panzorino

00:00:50   and we were talking, I was like, I got this watch band.

00:00:52   It's the Milanese watch band.

00:00:54   - Right.

00:00:55   - 'Cause one of you said, oh, I like that watch band.

00:00:58   I like that you have the Milanese watch band

00:00:59   whatever. And I was like, it's, it's, I don't want to tell

00:01:02   anyone here, but it's a $10 version on from Amazon. And me

00:01:07   and pansarino were standing there doing comparison between

00:01:09   the legit Milanese band and mine to see if it had the little

00:01:13   finger, the little, you know, indent, if it has a little

00:01:17   finger, the fingernail,

00:01:19   to get them to get the magnetic class off.

00:01:22   Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You don't remember this? Yes, I do. No, I

00:01:26   do remember it. Because I remember that it left a lasting

00:01:28   impact on me clearly not as much on you but

00:01:30   No, no, I remember vividly because it looked it we really

00:01:34   had to look very hard to find differences like it is it. It

00:01:38   wasn't you know, the fact that it was only $10 is rather

00:01:40   remarkable because it really did look the same. I mean, yeah,

00:01:45   it's so right here. I love this thing. And, and the biggest

00:01:49   problem I have with it now and I, I need to get the other

00:01:52   Milanese band to see the comparison. This is my

00:01:55   investigative piece is that the magnet really sticks to the MacBook Air. Hmm. And so when

00:02:01   I'm typing the I have to take off the watch because my wrist is like stuck to my MacBook.

00:02:06   Oh, isn't that weird? Oh, it's probably because there's magnets in I was like, why would it

00:02:13   stick to aluminum? Aluminum isn't magnetic, but it's because there's magnets in the MacBook Air.

00:02:17   Yeah, there's got to be a magnet in like the some sort of magnet in the track, you know, in the

00:02:23   palm rest. Basically, the $10 Amazon band is just as good as the $150 one.

00:02:35   Yeah, I noticed I noticed a week or two at

00:02:38   Target they have they just call them target. They don't give them a new name, but there's these mini targets here in Philadelphia

00:02:45   there's a couple of them here in Center City Philadelphia right in the middle of the city and they're nowhere near as big as like a

00:02:50   suburban target, but they're really nice to have in the city because they're

00:02:53   You know pretty big for a store right here in the center city and I noticed up in the electronics section

00:03:02   That I get a total end cap was devoted to I'm guessing its targets in-house brand

00:03:08   I forget what it's called

00:03:09   But like in that they're in-house brand of Apple watch bands and it was I there might have been something for like a Fitbit or something

00:03:16   You know, I don't know there might be almost all Apple watch. Yeah

00:03:19   And some of them look pretty cool. I mean, yeah, that's it

00:03:24   It's a big thing these third-party

00:03:27   Watch bands that are considered considerably less expensive than the ones you can get from Adable and work just as well

00:03:32   And something like some of them like the styles are they're clearly different, right?

00:03:36   Like they're trying to go after like you can't get this at Apple so you can get this

00:03:39   What I like, yeah, I consider pretty ugly chain or something. Yeah

00:03:44   Yeah, I see a lot of women with like the pink chain one and you know, that's look

00:03:48   I'm not gonna judge everyone else's style, but I am and it's bad

00:03:51   Yeah, yeah the ones that was the one thing I found interesting about the target ones, too

00:03:56   is that none of the ones that Target was selling were knockoffs of Apple's own

00:04:03   bands. They were all very different in very different ways, you know, like, like

00:04:08   one of them was, you know, clearly like a masculine one like a like leather. No,

00:04:15   like a chunky link bracelet, you know, like sells that one that they call the

00:04:19   link bracelet but it's sort of sleek and this was more of like a like a fossil

00:04:24   watch. Yeah, or you know, like, like a traditional chunky sport watch, you know, stainless steel

00:04:29   type thing, you know, but very different than anything Apple sells. And they had the other

00:04:35   ones they had were ones with like patterns, you know, like, like, you know, I don't know,

00:04:40   I think it's pretty interesting. And I think it's just a sign of how many gazillion people

00:04:43   have Apple watches now. Agreed. Yeah, I see him. I mean, I am always looking out to see

00:04:49   the bands that people have. But yeah, and I also do like the sly look to see if they

00:04:54   have the cellular version. I'm always keeping an eye on that.

00:05:01   That's an interesting question. You know, it's funny we so Amy and I both have third

00:05:05   generation Apple watches, so I didn't get a new one this year. But we both got the cellular

00:05:10   ones last year and we pay for the cellular. I never use it.

00:05:14   Can I tell you that it's funny, I'm currently paying for the cellular but I don't I bought

00:05:18   a series four that doesn't have cellular. But you're still

00:05:23   Yes, because my review unit needed cellular and they're

00:05:28   like, you need to put it on your account. So I did that. But then

00:05:32   after my review, I liked it so much that I bought it myself.

00:05:35   But I was like, I don't need the cellular I really don't. So I

00:05:40   wanted $10 a month to Verizon. Right? Oh, well, we're paying

00:05:44   20 I guess because we have two. And we never use it. I mean, it's just I it is cool. And

00:05:52   like, but I literally only used it when I was testing it. Yep. And when it gets warmer,

00:06:00   you know, I jog when it's warm, and then I get lazy and fat all winter long. You know,

00:06:06   I guess I'll do it. But the thing for me was that they didn't have the ability to play

00:06:11   play podcasts through third-party apps over the watch to AirPods working quite right yet.

00:06:17   And I know Marco Arman is working on it with Overcast. That's my podcast app. So the

00:06:23   dream would be for me to be able to go jogging with just the watch and AirPods with no phone.

00:06:32   When I do take it, I put it in a goofy fanny pack that I tuck under my shirt, but I still

00:06:37   feel ridiculous even just knowing it's there. So that's my dream. So I might use cellular,

00:06:44   but I feel like if it warms up and that problem still isn't solved, the next time I buy a

00:06:49   watch, I'm not going to get the cellular.

00:06:51   Yeah, I did retest it and obviously I had my issues with the Series 3 cellular, so I

00:06:59   know they corrected all of them since my original review of that. So I tested it on the Series

00:07:04   4 and I was just like, "It's not worth the extra money for me."

00:07:06   - Yeah, I just personally don't find myself--

00:07:08   - Even though I'm paying for it.

00:07:09   (laughing)

00:07:10   - Right, which is ridiculous.

00:07:12   That's even worse.

00:07:13   - I'll call Verizon this weekend.

00:07:14   But actually, I had to call Verizon earlier this week,

00:07:16   and then I asked about that, and like,

00:07:17   oh, sorry, we need to transfer you to another section.

00:07:19   And then I was like on hold for 10 minutes,

00:07:21   and I had another meeting come up,

00:07:22   so I just hung up on customer service.

00:07:25   'Cause I can't cancel it through the Verizon app

00:07:27   for some reason.

00:07:28   - Oh, well, for the reason that you can never do anything

00:07:32   through, without-- - Yeah, that's true, so true.

00:07:34   - Right.

00:07:35   (laughing)

00:07:36   - That's so true. - They definitely want you

00:07:38   to have to suffer and then maybe give up

00:07:40   before you do anything to do that.

00:07:43   - And they've accomplished it.

00:07:45   - I had a terrible time.

00:07:46   I have, what was my story?

00:07:50   I think I've told this on the show before,

00:07:51   so I'll try to keep it short,

00:07:52   and I now forget the details.

00:07:54   But I had an absolutely horrible time

00:07:57   getting an Apple Watch replaced.

00:08:01   I think it's this one I have, the Series 3.

00:08:05   So at some point last year, the one that I bought broke.

00:08:09   I forget what happened, but it was clearly like a soft,

00:08:12   it just was dead, that's right.

00:08:14   I think it had like a water problem or something.

00:08:17   We were on vacation and I was just in,

00:08:21   like the pool was literally like,

00:08:23   I was actually talking to my family

00:08:26   that the pool wasn't even deep enough for me

00:08:27   to feel like I could even sit and get wet.

00:08:31   It was like a baby pool.

00:08:33   So I clearly didn't exceed the limit, the depth limit for the Apple Watch.

00:08:37   And I looked at my Apple Watch and it was just black and touching it didn't do anything.

00:08:41   And I thought it was because my hand was wet, but it never turned on again and plugging

00:08:45   the charger in.

00:08:46   Even after charging it?

00:08:47   Right, right.

00:08:48   Even after charging it.

00:08:49   Did you get the snake?

00:08:50   Did you get the snake thing?

00:08:51   No, nothing on screen.

00:08:52   It was just completely dead.

00:08:54   And because I was in a pool, it's clear that there was some kind of water got in and shorted

00:08:58   it out and it was dead.

00:08:59   Weird.

00:09:00   store. No questions asked, replaced it. Although the thing that was annoying was that they

00:09:06   didn't give me one on the spot in the Apple store. It was like, "Okay, we totally agree

00:09:14   that this is well within the warranty. We'll send you a new one." I had to wait like three

00:09:20   days. That seems weird. It seems like they should just give me one from the back.

00:09:23   Rebekah: From the store, yeah.

00:09:25   - Yeah, because I could buy one, you know,

00:09:27   but I guess they don't stock them.

00:09:29   And the replacement came in the most adorable

00:09:31   little package because all they sent me was the watch,

00:09:33   not the bands.

00:09:34   - Not the box, and no box.

00:09:36   - Right.

00:09:37   - Not the traditional long.

00:09:38   - No, it's just a box, just an adorable little box

00:09:42   that's just big enough to hold an Apple Watch.

00:09:45   - It's funny that you mentioned the box.

00:09:47   Well, go on and I'll tell you why.

00:09:49   - Well, the problem was that it was like the,

00:09:53   It was like my phone still remembered my old watch

00:09:56   that I had given, that's dead and I'd given to Apple.

00:09:59   And I set up the new one and like,

00:10:02   it's like that whole process of like restoring

00:10:05   from a backup with the watch is just crazy to me.

00:10:09   Right.

00:10:10   And, and, and hopefully the one they sent you

00:10:13   did have watchOS 5.

00:10:16   Yeah, but it-

00:10:17   Because that, that is one of the most frustrating things

00:10:20   I've encountered with Apple in the last year.

00:10:22   Trying to update the right a watch OS full version number is like it can take days

00:10:28   Right the bottom line though restoring it. I forget what I wound up doing if I restored or just set up new

00:10:34   I think just setting it up new every time is the better way to go because there's really nothing on the watch that's worth keeping

00:10:39   Activity data should sync like you could still have that in your iCloud. Yeah, and it's on our phone

00:10:45   Yeah, it's on your phone. Yeah in your in your history

00:10:48   So, you know, I don't think you need I mean settings really you have to re-customize your watch faces

00:10:53   Actually, that's true because I just did this too. I got a new iPhone 10 R needed to pair it with the watch my watch and

00:11:01   Did the same thing and set it up as new and was like, oh, you know

00:11:05   I spent so long customizing this watch face with my colors and my little you know complications

00:11:10   Yeah, and it I think it's neat that they give you so many colors, you know

00:11:14   Like there's some of these watch faces where it's like, all right

00:11:16   You can pick the color of the seconds hand and and it's like a list of like 40 colors

00:11:20   It's like the color of the rainbow for the I do the I don't even know the name of it the one that's like I put

00:11:27   Something in each corner a complication in each corner and then there's the one in the in the center right at the time in the center

00:11:33   But I actually so I did this big massive send back of all my review units

00:11:38   and

00:11:38   I had a number of watch review units and they just kind of had been sitting here and

00:11:42   For those interested, the reason I keep a lot

00:11:44   of these review units is like,

00:11:46   I usually try to test the new version

00:11:49   against last year's version.

00:11:50   Even though I don't use the models that are around,

00:11:53   I buy my own, they sit here.

00:11:55   And so I was packaging up a ton of these Apple watches

00:11:58   and I was just thinking like the box

00:12:00   is like the most inefficient Apple packaging, I think, ever.

00:12:04   Because the phone is so compact, you have the small box,

00:12:08   the MacBooks are as compact as they,

00:12:10   I feel like they can be 'cause you've got the,

00:12:12   the chunky charger below it.

00:12:14   But the watch is like the box height

00:12:18   is like five times the height of the watch.

00:12:20   - Yeah, yeah, that's true.

00:12:22   And it's, yeah, and they ship it the long way.

00:12:26   - Yeah.

00:12:26   - And I guess that makes sense for certain of the straps.

00:12:29   Like I guess maybe you, I don't know.

00:12:32   - The strap is so narrow in the little, in there.

00:12:35   - Right, like why not ship it sort of like already

00:12:39   like rolled up, you know? Yeah, the length of the box too is quite long for what you

00:12:45   like it's like, giant wrist if you needed that length of bands. Yeah. Yeah, it's a different

00:12:52   conversation we should have. Well, anyway, here's the thing when I got that replacement

00:12:56   watch the biggest problem I had so setting it up the Apple aspect of it was sort of annoying,

00:13:01   replacing it and having my phone still think it knew the old watch and I was just like,

00:13:05   forget about that watch. I can't you know, and it was like it the phone wants to connect

00:13:09   to the old watch to wipe it and it's like it can't it the phone is dead and I don't

00:13:12   even have it anymore or the watch is dead I can't don't even have it anymore. Anyway,

00:13:16   solve that. The biggest problem was the new watch wasn't on my cellular account like it

00:13:21   in and I had been told at the Apple store that now now you just set it up restore it

00:13:25   and it'll take over the cellular spot that the old one had. So I was paying still paying

00:13:30   for the old one cellular had a new replacement cellular watch and couldn't do it and I I

00:13:36   I spent a long time trying to do it myself on Verizon's website.

00:13:40   Couldn't do it.

00:13:41   Called them and I got the nicest woman.

00:13:45   She was so great.

00:13:46   She was just a really, really nice woman.

00:13:49   But I could tell as we were talking to her, she understood the problem, but I could tell

00:13:53   that she was just going through the Verizon website, like as she was describing what she

00:13:57   was doing.

00:13:58   And I was like, I don't think that's going to work, but you know, maybe you'll find something

00:14:01   I didn't.

00:14:02   And I swear I timed it.

00:14:03   because you know, you're the one thing about phones is they tell you how long the call

00:14:07   is. I was on the phone for like 57 minutes and it wasn't because I was on hold. It was

00:14:12   a 57 minute phone call where, you know, she did have to put me on hold eventually and

00:14:18   go talk to like, I don't know, somebody else. And eventually it got taken care of, but it

00:14:23   literally took me 57 minutes on the phone with Verizon just to get my replacement watch

00:14:29   to take over the cellular spot that I was already paying for.

00:14:32   - Yeah, I feel like actually that's sometimes

00:14:34   more frustrating when you've got someone nice

00:14:36   who's trying to help but just doesn't know the answer.

00:14:38   - She was so nice. - And you can't be mean.

00:14:40   You're like, I'm sure many of the listeners

00:14:45   to your podcast too feel many times,

00:14:48   we feel we're like, we know more than you probably

00:14:52   about some of this and that you try not to come off

00:14:55   like that and I mean, maybe I'm the only one

00:14:57   who tries not to come off that way,

00:14:58   but I'm like, I hear you, but maybe you can try this.

00:15:03   And you just end up feeling like

00:15:05   you're never gonna get off the phone

00:15:06   and your problem's never gonna be solved.

00:15:08   - Yeah, so here's another thing

00:15:09   I wanted to talk to you about.

00:15:10   Have you used the walkie-talkie feature?

00:15:14   - I used it when I was testing, but not anymore.

00:15:18   - So Jonas had a Series Zero Apple Watch.

00:15:21   In other words, the first one that came out, we got him one.

00:15:25   And he's worn it and like everything,

00:15:28   taking care of, you know, taking care of it. And but it's like it that thing did not get

00:15:33   software updates. Yeah, yeah, it's it didn't support walkie talkie. It does all sorts of

00:15:38   stuff. I don't even know if it got watchOS updates anymore. It doesn't. Yeah. And those things didn't

00:15:43   get good battery life to start and four years in he really couldn't get through a day. Yeah. But he

00:15:51   But he wore it. He liked it. So for his birthday was last week. And we got him a new Apple

00:15:57   Watch. And he was series four. Yes, series four actually got the Nike one because I like

00:16:05   the Nike ones just because they come with the extra watch faces. The Nike ones, which

00:16:09   I think are cool, and they're the same price as this regular aluminum ones. And if you

00:16:15   don't like the Nike stuff, you don't you don't see it. You know, there's no Nike logo on

00:16:20   the actual watch. If you don't like the Nike strap, you don't have to wear it.

00:16:23   But that strap is cool. It looks like Swiss cheese. I like those. Those. I like the holes.

00:16:29   I like the ones with the holes better than the regular Apple ones that don't have the

00:16:32   holes. But if you don't like them, swap them out. So now he's got a new Apple Watch. He

00:16:37   was very happy with it, but had to decide, do we get cellular or not? And I thought,

00:16:41   you know, it's like 100 bucks more and $10 a month. And I just, it's not, it wasn't like

00:16:46   was trying to cheap out on it, but I honestly don't think it's worth it. Because he's never

00:16:51   without his phone. Like, I can't imagine the scenario where, I mean, I guess theoretically,

00:16:56   if his phone was stolen or lost, you know, and he still has watch on that might be convenient, but

00:17:02   you know, I don't know, it just seems like I, I just don't see the use case for it. But anyway,

00:17:07   now he's got walkie, he's got a watch that supports walkie talkie. It's so much fun.

00:17:12   Is he bothering you all the time? No, no, but it's like in school and he's under his desk being like,

00:17:18   no, I haven't got I haven't gotten one from school yet, but I'm waiting for dad come in.

00:17:23   But it's a really fun feature. And we have a house where we're stacked. It's a townhouse and

00:17:30   you just can't, you know, like from the living room, you can't yell to his bedroom and expect

00:17:34   him to hear you. But being able to walkie talkie to him that like, hey, dinner's dinner in two

00:17:38   minutes. It's really super convenient. That's where we have the same situation. Now we have

00:17:44   just working on one floor to another floor. I have the Alexa conference set up. But yeah,

00:17:52   I didn't think about the watch. And the other the other problem with walkie talkie and the reason

00:17:57   I've only discovered the fun of it, other than just testing that it worked in the review period,

00:18:02   is that Amy did have does have a series three watch that is walkie talkie capable and

00:18:09   she refused to accept my invitation. She's like, she doesn't want to be bothered by

00:18:13   exactly. She's like, Yeah,

00:18:18   I mean, it's I mean, there's stuff built in, right? You go back and forth. So like,

00:18:22   you initiate and then you're connected and you can go back and forth. So I guess she couldn't like,

00:18:26   you couldn't interrupt her during a time where she just didn't even just didn't even want to try it.

00:18:32   Yeah, I understand. I'm on Team Amy. Yeah, no, I mean, maybe that's a better solution.

00:18:39   It's my wife both wear the Apple Watch instead of getting another Amazon indirect calm.

00:18:44   Yeah, I it's it really works well for that feature. I mean, I it's, it's really fun. I really

00:18:51   it. I was unconvinced that it wasn't a gimmick. You know, I technically I tried it in a work, but

00:18:57   I find that it's really cool.

00:19:00   Yeah, I guess if you're like at a like a concert or something you like want to keep

00:19:05   well a concert be hard because you wouldn't be able to hear it loud. Yeah, or like, yeah,

00:19:10   I don't kind of need to text a concert. But the other thing though, that I find myself doing,

00:19:14   because I do use Siri dictation a lot, you know, where I'll dictate a text, you know, if I'm,

00:19:19   especially in the winter, you know, when I might have gloves on or something like that.

00:19:22   And when I'm talking to Jonas on the walkie talkie thing, I find myself almost on the cusp of like

00:19:29   saying period, or question mark. Like, I'm so used to if I'm

00:19:36   talking into my watch, I'm, I'm, I need to spell out the

00:19:40   punctuation.

00:19:40   That's, that's actually really funny. Because it's like, I do I

00:19:45   whenever I think to do the text to speech, I never remember to

00:19:49   do the punctuation. And like I because I it's just not part of

00:19:54   my like, it's not part of my habit. And so I'm always like,

00:19:56   oh crap, and I'll delete it and then do it again

00:19:59   with the punctuation.

00:20:00   So it's so ingrained in your muscle memory to do that,

00:20:04   it's just not in mine.

00:20:06   - All right, maybe I should take a break here

00:20:10   before we get really started.

00:20:12   You have a bunch of stuff to talk about, right?

00:20:15   - We could talk about whatever you wanna talk about.

00:20:19   I wanna talk about the iPhone XR.

00:20:21   - All right, well, let's hold on on that.

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00:22:06   And then you can go to LinkedIn and you can wish me a congrats on my work anniversary

00:22:10   Because I just decided to log in to LinkedIn. Unlike the stat that you provided, I don't log

00:22:19   in as often as others. And I have a lot of people wishing me a happy five year work anniversary. So

00:22:28   sorry to all of you who wished me this, but I didn't respond and likely won't respond. But

00:22:35   thank you. Five years at the Wall Street Journal. Let's talk about that. Five years.

00:22:39   sure. What's different now? You do a lot more video, right?

00:22:43   Yeah, I mean, I spent the last year and a half almost two years helping lead our video department,

00:22:50   which was very informative about how to how to be a manager. So I did sort of a crash course in

00:22:59   management over the last two years. But yeah, I mean, I spend more time doing my own video,

00:23:05   and now I'm actually getting back into writing and making my own videos on a more regular basis

00:23:11   because our video department is running along very smoothly. What's your weekly output? I know

00:23:22   you try to you get one big sort of column a week. It's usually you know, like a review or like a

00:23:28   like you were talking before, like an investigation into something like, I mean, I so before I did my

00:23:34   video department gig, I became the deputy head of video,

00:23:37   executive editor of video about two years ago, it'll be two

00:23:40   years in March. Before that I was always I was doing a column

00:23:43   once a week. And it was a column and video once a week. And that

00:23:47   was like, it was pretty demanding, especially with the

00:23:49   video, right? Because the video takes time to script takes time

00:23:53   to shoot, edit. And, you know, especially lately, the ones that

00:23:56   I've been doing have been a lot more higher production value.

00:23:59   And I've been going after some pretty, you know, crazy stunts

00:24:01   in a way, literally stunts with the Apple Watch video. And so

00:24:07   those take a little bit longer. But then when I started doing

00:24:09   the video department gig and more of the management position,

00:24:13   I started I moved to about every other week I publish something

00:24:17   now. Maybe give or take, there was a big month, chunk of time

00:24:21   where I was, I took about six months off from like barely

00:24:25   writing at all. But now I'm, I was actually really good period

00:24:29   for me because I really started to figure out what I wanted to

00:24:32   focus on and how I wanted to broaden out what I what I focus

00:24:35   on or write about. But you know, the fall is usually Apple stuff

00:24:40   like it's my year is usually cover other things in the off

00:24:44   season of not covering the big fall gadget season. Yeah. Yeah.

00:24:52   Yeah. I don't know. Is that interesting to anyone?

00:24:55   No, I think it definitely is. I because you know, it's, I don't

00:24:59   think people think about how and they don't they shouldn't they should just you know see our work

00:25:04   and read what they enjoy but for us on the inside it is very cyclical annually right and you know

00:25:13   and and it's even crazier like i was talking to deeter bone about it like it's even crazier

00:25:18   for you you you who review stuff outside of apple but fall just for me reviewing apple stuff alone

00:25:28   is incredibly crazy. I mean, on the other hand,

00:25:31   and this year for me was crazy, too. Like I look, I think and

00:25:36   actually, like I've spoken to some people about this and

00:25:38   probably not that publicly, but people said to me, like, you

00:25:41   really took your reviews in a pretty crazy direction this

00:25:43   year. Like, if you look at the videos I did, you know, for the

00:25:46   10 10 s max, I got George Marichon, the big basketball,

00:25:51   ex basketball player to review it, because I was like, this

00:25:53   thing's giant, and I need a giant to review it. And I just

00:25:56   was like, let's do that. The Apple Watch piece, I was ever

00:26:02   since they had said on stage, like when they said it, when

00:26:05   Schiller said on stage about the fall detection, I think it was

00:26:08   Schiller, right? Yeah, I think it was Schiller. I was like, I

00:26:12   need to test that and best.

00:26:13   No, no, no, no. Jeff Williams, Jeff Williams.

00:26:16   Yeah, you're right. It's Jeff Williams. I'm like, I've watched

00:26:18   that clip a couple times now or multiple times now and I should

00:26:21   remember. And I was like, I need to test that in like a real way.

00:26:26   And so it took, I mean, the behind the scenes production of that piece where I got these stunt doubles was weeks in the making. Like it was it was especially working in a place like the Wall Street Journal, there was a lot of legal things I had to do to make that piece happen. And people were just like, why did you do these things this year? And I was like, frankly, I think I was getting a little bit bored of the same thing every year. And like, you know, look, that goes to actually just the same thing that's probably happening in the smartphone market and in some ways or shape or form, like phones or phones and reviewing them in the

00:26:56   is becoming harder and harder for us to do because a lot of it's not changed. But yeah,

00:27:03   this year, this year, I pushed myself and there was a couple of weeks where I just was like,

00:27:08   I think I'm gonna collapse from exhaustion. But in a good way, because I had so much fun

00:27:13   doing all of those pieces. Hm.

00:27:15   Fall detection. Literally collapse. My fall detection would have gone off if I had collapsed.

00:27:24   I have heard anecdotally from a few readers who've fallen down a step or two or something like that.

00:27:32   It seems to work remarkably well with very few false positives. And when they've fallen,

00:27:38   it's actually been helpful, or accurate at least. Like, "Hey, are you okay?"

00:27:43   So far, so good. Everybody who's told me about this has actually been okay.

00:27:49   Yeah, I mean, that was like the crazy thing about taking the leap to do that video was

00:27:56   I had to get all these things set up with getting these stunt doubles who are really

00:27:59   going to fall who are really going to like, take these tumbles. And I didn't really know

00:28:03   it was going to work because I had kept trying to test it on my own with fake falls, and

00:28:08   it wasn't working. Yeah. So it was like, I'm putting a pretty expensive bet on this working.

00:28:15   I mean, I thought like the way I pitched it to my boss was like, even if it doesn't work,

00:28:19   still going to do the story. Like, we'll have these people falling and it doesn't detect it.

00:28:24   And then we'll have Apple's comment about why it doesn't. But as you see in the video,

00:28:29   it detected it pretty much every time. Right. And like we like recreated, I tried to recreate

00:28:36   each of the different trips and falls and slips that they did on stage. So

00:28:42   I remember talking about it that it was it was interesting because they like as a marketing thing

00:28:49   for Apple. It's obviously an interesting feature, but how do you show it without showing

00:28:55   things that are unseemly? Everybody has said this. Everybody I know, immediately after

00:29:03   the keynote, was thinking about if you've got older parents or anybody you know who's

00:29:09   older. It's a fall that somebody needs medical help for is more likely to happen to somebody

00:29:14   who is older. But Apple didn't show that, right? Because it's, you know, it

00:29:21   Dr.

00:29:21   Yeah, they don't want to seem to be marketing it that way.

00:29:24   Right.

00:29:25   They want to seem to be like, we're marketing at this towards a certain age or demographic.

00:29:29   So they showed somebody like on a mountain, you know, active young man on a mountain bike

00:29:34   taking a fall or something like that.

00:29:36   Yeah, they showed they've, because I have watched it a number of times they showed you

00:29:40   a foot on a on a stool on a step stool.

00:29:43   Yeah, I mean, but like the crazy thing is, like, I after testing it so much, I was like,

00:29:49   I think everyone of all ages should have this thing turned on. Yeah, like, it can happen.

00:29:55   You know? Yeah. No. And the other thing too, is to demonstrate the different types of false.

00:30:00   They switched to like pictograms. Instead of showing people falling, they showed like

00:30:04   little cartoon outlines of people. Yeah, little like, circular things with people in the center.

00:30:10   Because yeah, kind of funny if they showed it and it was like a jackass, you know, like

00:30:15   the old TV show jackass is people taking terrible actual falls.

00:30:20   They should have done what I did was get real stunt doubles. I would have solved all the

00:30:23   problems. Yeah, no, it's no regrets about doing that whole video was totally worth it.

00:30:34   All right. What else do we have to talk about? What were you saying you wanted to talk about

00:30:39   after the sponsor break?

00:30:41   Well, the 10R.

00:30:43   Oh, okay. Let's talk about the iPhone XR. So you just got one?

00:30:46   I just bought one. Yeah. Yeah. I wrote a piece last week or two

00:30:53   weeks ago after well, two things happened one, Apple revised its

00:30:58   its outlook. And there was a lot of coverage of that. And then

00:31:02   the journal had a story right on the heels of that, that the 10

00:31:06   R, we didn't use the word flop, but that Apple has cut back

00:31:10   production. And in a big way, Apple has missed the mark,

00:31:15   according to themselves, right? Apple thought that they were

00:31:17   going to sell many more, much more of these phones, and they

00:31:21   haven't and they, and especially in China, they thought they

00:31:23   would and the journal scoop was about how they, they basically,

00:31:28   you know, have cut back production and are disappointed

00:31:32   in the sales, especially in China. And I read that and like,

00:31:36   you know, said to my editor, can I write something on this?

00:31:39   because well, one of the editors said, "Do you want to write

00:31:42   something on this?" And I was sort of feeling that I want to

00:31:44   write something on this because I think this is the best phone

00:31:47   Apple's made in a really long time. And the narrative about it

00:31:51   right now is that it's a flop. And I think it's like, I bought

00:31:55   this phone, I recommend this phone to everyone, I gave it a

00:31:58   glowing review. Like, I want to have a voice in this about why,

00:32:02   why do I think this is happening? And also, like it was

00:32:06   around. I had gotten like a couple days earlier the marketing email from Apple saying you can buy

00:32:11   this phone for $450 right and then you read it and you're like, okay, because I have to trade in a

00:32:16   phone and then it turns out actually can only buy this phone like get $200 off my other phone.

00:32:20   So yeah, like, I just I love I love the phone. I do. I mean, I don't use it. I use the tennis

00:32:31   for two reasons. I actually do use the telephoto camera lens a lot. And it was the one thing that

00:32:38   in like the two week or two I spent using the XR for the review full time, the one thing I missed

00:32:44   was I'd see something like out in the street or something I wanted to take a photo of and I'd go

00:32:48   to switch to 2x and it's like, oh, not there. Like I just forget. But like the main thing is after

00:32:54   after having used the XS for well over a month,

00:32:59   the XR didn't feel, it didn't feel like,

00:33:03   I kept thinking the 2X camera was there

00:33:06   because it just felt so much like an iPhone X.

00:33:10   Actually, at that point, I'd been using an iPhone X or XS

00:33:14   for over a year. - For a year, yeah.

00:33:16   - And the XR completely feels like an iPhone X.

00:33:19   So I do use the 2X camera.

00:33:22   I think most people don't.

00:33:23   anecdotally, you know, talking to friends and family, like, you know, I who have a tie

00:33:28   phone 10, I some of them don't even know it has a two x camera, they just, you know, they

00:33:32   turn on the camera, they point it, they shoot, and that's it.

00:33:35   No, look, it's the one thing I miss. And that's where like, I'd been using the review unit, and I

00:33:41   just finally came down and said, I need to buy a new phone. And the battery life is, you know,

00:33:47   really the best the best thing about the phone. I think the biggest leap Apple's made in in

00:33:52   battery life in years. Yeah. And I was like, I you know, this is what I need. Like, for

00:33:58   me, I can go. Well, let's see, what am I at right now? I'm at 73%. I probably actually

00:34:05   haven't talked I talk on the phone a lot. So usually, like, I'm at like 60%. By midday

00:34:13   on this thing. I don't think I've talked that much on the phone today. But like, I'm gonna

00:34:19   I mean every day I make it and have at least 15% battery life before I'm going to bed

00:34:24   I mean one thing I'm sure you'll agree on is like a very heavy user like on Twitter

00:34:29   I might on email like all the time, especially if I'm in meetings during the day

00:34:33   And I don't want to be the person on my laptop, you know, so

00:34:35   So even on a regular day, you're a heavy phone user

00:34:39   But I think you'll agree that while you're writing a review of a phone you use that heck out of it, right?

00:34:45   Because you're trying to get all of this stuff in, you know, there's an embargo date that's

00:34:51   lifting on Monday. So you're trying to test the camera, you're trying to test this, you're

00:34:55   trying to use the heck out of it. You're shooting video, which is a real battery killer because

00:35:01   you want to get video footage to test it and stuff like that. When I was testing the 10R,

00:35:06   it was like I was using it, you know, and I'd get to like, you know, five o'clock or

00:35:10   something like that. And then I'd like look at the battery and it would be like 70%. I

00:35:15   like this is insane. Like I cannot believe that because I've been using this all day

00:35:18   like and I do think that it's like the battery life is so good on the 10 are that it actually

00:35:26   I think has put Apple in a marketing quandary where they're actually seem to be saying it

00:35:32   more and more in there like as they tweak the 10 our message like I've seen. Yeah, I

00:35:38   think them I think the marketing around the phone has been horrible. I feel like it's

00:35:43   like they don't. I guess it's most obvious on the very excellent in terms of like, the

00:35:51   idea and helping you make your decision. But when you say you go to their compare page

00:35:56   for iPhones, and at the top, there's a nice drop down and you can pick any three iPhones

00:36:02   that are currently available, you know, everything from the 10 s max down to the iPhone seven

00:36:07   or whatever the you know, the last one that they're still selling is and compare them

00:36:13   seven and it gets really weird when you compare the 10 s 10 s max and 10 are the three new

00:36:19   ones on battery life because they don't really come out and tell you hey, the 10 are kills

00:36:25   on battery life. It's like instead of it says like one hour more. I mean, I can pull it

00:36:29   up. I think it's one hour more on like wireless web. And then it's like, or maybe let me just

00:36:36   pull it up. It's like there's like a very small delta between No, but they don't even

00:36:40   compare them stay the same. They don't even compare them to the same things. It's like

00:36:44   they pull it up and see but it's like as I recall, they compare the 10 R to like the

00:36:48   iPhone eight plus and say how much better it is than an iPhone eight plus, but the 10

00:36:53   s and 10 s max they only compared to the iPhone 10. So they're not even comparing against

00:37:00   the same phone, the 10 s and 10 s Max get compared against last year's iPhone 10. And

00:37:04   the iPhone XR gets compared against the 8 Plus.

00:37:08   So they're not even comparing the same thing.

00:37:12   - Well, you can do it in the manual, like compare dropdowns.

00:37:17   - Yeah, but that's such a weird formulation

00:37:19   that they compare, you know, you're looking at all three

00:37:22   and two of them are--

00:37:23   - Oh, you're right, you're totally right.

00:37:24   It says lasts up to one and a half hours longer

00:37:27   than the iPhone 8 Plus.

00:37:29   Lasts up to one and a half hours longer than the iPhone X.

00:37:34   But then if you go down and you scroll down,

00:37:36   it says talk time.

00:37:37   Up to 25 hours.

00:37:39   Up to 25 hours.

00:37:41   Up to 20 hours on the iPhone XS.

00:37:44   Then it says internet use for the iPhone XR.

00:37:46   Up to 15 hours.

00:37:48   Internet use on the XS Max, 13 hours.

00:37:51   Internet use on the XS, 12 hours.

00:37:54   - So they do some, you know.

00:37:56   But I think in practical use--

00:37:59   - In practical use, these numbers aren't even ranking.

00:38:03   - Right, I really do think that in practice,

00:38:06   so what's, here, let me just do the math real quickly.

00:38:08   15 divided by 13 is 101 point,

00:38:11   so 15% more on quote, internet use.

00:38:15   I'm telling you, anecdotally,

00:38:17   you get way more than 15% battery life on the XR.

00:38:20   It's way--

00:38:21   - Yeah, I mean, that's compared to the max,

00:38:22   but yeah, I mean, look, I--

00:38:26   - They just, and I feel like they don't want to hammer

00:38:28   that point home because they don't wanna make the XS

00:38:31   and 10s Max, which costs so much more look bad in comparison. You know that that this

00:38:37   the 10 are really should be emphasized as the by far the best battery life Apple has

00:38:42   ever put in an iPhone, but they don't really want to hammer I feel like they can't bring

00:38:46   themselves to hammer that point home because it makes the tennis and tennis Max look bad

00:38:50   in comparison.

00:38:51   Yeah, so when I was writing this piece about why I don't think the 10 r is done as well.

00:38:54   I mean, one of the reasons I think is that the 10 r as I said, the piece the 10 s and

00:38:59   the 10x max, you know, that to me, the higher end people who

00:39:03   early adopters people have the money, they bought those, right?

00:39:06   They're like, Oh, this is the best iPhone I can get, right?

00:39:08   That's where I actually like, will argue, I don't think it's

00:39:11   the best iPhone you can get. I think the 10R is the best

00:39:13   iPhone you can get. But Apple, like, it makes sense. That's a

00:39:15   more expensive phone, better screen better, you know,

00:39:18   slightly better camera with the extra lens, whatever. The 10R

00:39:22   like then has they have to make the argument that the 10R is

00:39:24   this like, middle, middle case scenario that, you know, is less

00:39:30   expensive than the higher end, but not as expensive or not as

00:39:34   cheap, not as affordable or cheap as the iPhone seven and

00:39:37   iPhone eight. So it's like this weird middle child. And it

00:39:41   doesn't they don't do a great job of marketing why you'd want

00:39:44   that one like the best, the best thing they seem to have come up

00:39:47   with is colors. And it's like, that's the answer, right?

00:39:50   - The marketing is that it's more fun.

00:39:53   - Yeah, like the video, the ad where all the people

00:39:56   are running around in the streets with the suits on,

00:39:59   and it's like, what?

00:40:01   No, this is, to me, like I've said it a couple of times,

00:40:04   this is the best iPhone I've used in years.

00:40:06   And to me, that's not only 'cause of the battery life,

00:40:08   it's just the blend of everything, right?

00:40:10   Like the battery life, the form factor.

00:40:13   Yes, I do miss the Zoom sometimes, but not enough.

00:40:16   - And you still can Zoom, it's just not optical,

00:40:19   you know, you're just getting digital.

00:40:20   - Yeah.

00:40:21   Well, this was like what I harped on in my review

00:40:24   of the 10R, which, you know, I forgot about frankly,

00:40:28   'cause I now have a real child, a human child

00:40:31   and not just my dog, was like when they told me

00:40:34   in the briefing, no portrait mode for animals,

00:40:36   I freaked out.

00:40:38   I was like, what?

00:40:39   Why not?

00:40:40   Is it so much harder to do animals?

00:40:42   Like, you know, what did I add?

00:40:44   They shared some things on the record, off the record

00:40:46   about the algorithms and how they're using it

00:40:50   to identify faces and all of that.

00:40:52   But I thought that was gonna be the biggest thing to me.

00:40:54   Like, am I gonna miss portrait mode on browser?

00:40:58   And turns out I didn't, and that's why I went for the XR.

00:41:01   - Yeah.

00:41:02   Yeah, and the other thing too is that the biggest,

00:41:09   other than the camera, the other big reason,

00:41:14   The big difference is that the 10 R has an LCD LED LCD screen

00:41:20   Not OLED, right and it's 2x retina instead of 3x retina

00:41:25   But it turns out I mean I actually asked I was like is that the reason it gets better battery life and I was told

00:41:33   Yes, that yes that the LED both both because LED is LED and because it has fewer pixels

00:41:41   Right the lower resolution. Yeah lower resolution means the GPU has to control fewer pixels on screen and it actually is more efficient

00:41:49   It's it's that's the reason that the 10r gets better battery life than the bigger 10s max and way better

00:41:56   battery life than the slightly smaller tennis

00:41:59   and

00:42:01   You say well, okay, so it's more efficient, but it's a cheaper screen and it's only 2x. It's like not even 10 quote unquote 1080p. I

00:42:11   - I like the LED screen.

00:42:13   I do see the difference in blacks, right?

00:42:17   - Oh, I definitely see the difference

00:42:18   when I go back to using the OLED.

00:42:21   - But to me, side by side,

00:42:22   the only place where I really prefer the OLED

00:42:24   is when having really deep blacks matter,

00:42:28   like if you're watching video or something

00:42:31   and it's a dark, scary thing or black or whatever.

00:42:35   But I don't watch tons of video on my phone

00:42:38   and the type of videos I do watch on my phone

00:42:40   just like, you know, like YouTube reviews, you know, and so the depth and my videos.

00:42:46   Yeah, exactly. That's what I meant. Like, you know, product. That's what you meant. Yeah,

00:42:50   Joanna's videos. No, I actually it's true, though, I probably do watch most of your videos.

00:42:54   I'm gonna put more black scenes in my in my videos for you. I don't do much where we're having

00:43:00   the true black of OLED matters. If anything, I would rather have an OLED iPad because I do watch

00:43:08   stuff like Netflix on my iPad, where, you know, I'd rather have an OLED iPad and an

00:43:13   LED phone than the other way around. I understand why the iPad hasn't gone OLED yet for technical

00:43:20   and cost reasons. But, but that's where I watch videos in my day to day life on the

00:43:24   phone. I don't most of everything I look at is, you know, white background. And I actually

00:43:29   like the LED. I feel like it has better, if anything, better angles. You can look at it

00:43:38   from any angle and it looks great. And the 2x, 3x retina thing, I think, is a total checklist

00:43:47   looking at the specs nonsense because, sure, in theory, 3x is better than 2x. But the way

00:43:55   that OLED works where it actually, you know, there's a different count of the sub-pixels.

00:44:03   On LED it's simple. Every single pixel is red, green, blue. On OLED, I'm sorry for those

00:44:12   of you who care, but I forget which one it is, but it's like, there's like a green pixel

00:44:17   for every pixel, but only every other one gets a red and only every other one gets a

00:44:21   It's like when you look at it under a microscope, it's not a simple RGB layout.

00:44:26   And this is a neil i patel conversation for this.

00:44:29   I think we did talk about it when he was on.

00:44:31   But basically, though, if you count sub pixels, the actual basically saying it and listen

00:44:36   to that whole thing.

00:44:37   Now, you know, it's actually if you count sub pixels, the actual red, green and blue

00:44:46   diodes under the screen, a three or two x led has a is very close in resolution to a

00:44:53   three x OLED. Like the reason OLED is three x is because at two x it would look terrible.

00:44:59   It would look it would look worse than it. And so it's it's not even that much better,

00:45:04   you know, and I don't see the difference. I don't look and I know, you know, I'm getting

00:45:09   older and I don't have the vision I used to but I don't look at the two x x 10 are and

00:45:14   think, Oh, those pixels are too big, I can see the pixels. It's

00:45:17   a great display.

00:45:18   It's a great display. And I mean, going back to taking

00:45:22   photos with it. I, for me, that's always the biggest kind

00:45:26   of test with the OLED is like, when I'm taking photos with it,

00:45:29   is it look as good as the shot I'm going to take, right? Right.

00:45:32   I don't have that with the 10R or just like, take, I like

00:45:38   taking photos with it. I think my photos look great on it.

00:45:40   Again, just wish I could have portrait mode of browser. But

00:45:43   you know yeah it's you know I think it'll come someday I think Apple's gonna

00:45:49   be working on portrait mode for browser on on the 10r for me well I think that

00:45:53   the technical reason it's browser mode it's what they're gonna they're calling

00:45:57   it internally I heard it's because portrait mode with the the cameras with

00:46:02   two lenses use both lenses at the same time to get the depth mask or whatever

00:46:09   whatever they call it.

00:46:11   Whereas with only one camera lens,

00:46:13   they've got to figure out the depth.

00:46:15   - They're using software.

00:46:16   - Right, and the software,

00:46:17   it's like the machine learning thing they have,

00:46:19   it's specifically trained on human faces.

00:46:22   - Well, that's, for the video I went,

00:46:25   I had this other crazy idea for the video

00:46:28   that I wanted to find like animals that look like humans.

00:46:30   But I ended up going to a farm to shoot it

00:46:34   and tried it with like every animal I could,

00:46:37   goats, cows, we had a duck in there,

00:46:41   and I couldn't get it to work.

00:46:44   I did get it to work, if you've watched the video,

00:46:47   with the front-facing camera.

00:46:49   So if you hold the front-facing camera,

00:46:51   because there's two cameras there,

00:46:54   and you do a selfie with an animal,

00:46:55   or you hold the camera around the other side,

00:46:58   you flip the other side and you're shooting with that,

00:47:01   you can use portrait mode to get animal photos.

00:47:04   - I tried it with mannequins.

00:47:06   - This is, oh yeah.

00:47:07   - Yeah, and it works great if it's sort of a,

00:47:12   it works exactly as you'd think with a mannequin

00:47:17   that is pretty much human realistic,

00:47:21   but most stores these days use sort of iconic mannequins,

00:47:26   you know, like they don't really have eyes,

00:47:29   they're just sort of like blank faces, you know what I mean?

00:47:32   - Yeah, that's a weirder idea

00:47:34   that are then testing with the farm animals, I have to say.

00:47:37   - It makes a lot of sense.

00:47:38   A realistic-- - It really does.

00:47:39   - A realistic mannequin, it works great,

00:47:41   and with the sort of unrealistic, would you never--

00:47:44   - This is giving me an idea.

00:47:46   - Yeah, I ended up not publishing those

00:47:48   because I felt like I didn't take enough of them.

00:47:50   Like, I took a couple--

00:47:51   - Didn't have enough comparison.

00:47:53   - Yeah, and it's like when I first found the one that was,

00:47:55   there's like a sort of like a secondhand shop nearby

00:47:59   that often puts, they have like a,

00:48:01   it's creepy little girl mannequin,

00:48:03   but it's really human realistic, painted eyes.

00:48:08   It's not just a blank, it has the coloration.

00:48:11   And so out of the corner of your eye,

00:48:14   it looks like a little creepy little girl

00:48:16   just standing perfectly still outside their store.

00:48:18   And the 10-R portrait mode just got her,

00:48:22   it worked perfectly every time

00:48:24   when I was shooting pictures of it.

00:48:25   And I'd already taken a few of other mannequins

00:48:29   that have blank faces

00:48:31   and it didn't work with any of them.

00:48:33   - And then the manager of the store called the police on you.

00:48:35   - Exactly, like what?

00:48:36   (laughing)

00:48:38   So this guy taking pictures of all the mannequins.

00:48:40   - This guy's taking pictures of a child mannequin.

00:48:42   - Right.

00:48:43   (laughing)

00:48:44   From multiple angles.

00:48:46   - From multiple angles.

00:48:47   (laughing)

00:48:48   And then he keeps taking out different phones

00:48:50   and taking them.

00:48:51   - Yeah, that was true.

00:48:53   (laughing)

00:48:54   Absolutely true.

00:48:56   - Totally normal guy.

00:48:57   - Right.

00:48:58   - Yeah.

00:49:00   - It is funny 'cause I think one of my favorite

00:49:02   portrait mode photos I've ever taken with an iPhone X

00:49:05   was of a dog last year.

00:49:07   I don't even know whose dog it was.

00:49:08   I was at some beer garden place outdoors

00:49:12   and the neighboring table had this adorable,

00:49:14   like a black lab, very friendly.

00:49:17   And he just was looking right at me

00:49:19   like he wanted his picture taken.

00:49:23   And I asked, I said, "Do you mind if I take a picture

00:49:25   of your dog?" - Yeah, it's nice.

00:49:26   - 'Cause I wanted to see how portrait mode worked

00:49:27   and they're like, "Sure, go ahead."

00:49:28   I took a picture and it was just one of those portrait mode shots that it comes out and

00:49:34   it's like, I cannot believe I took this picture. I cannot believe this came off a cell phone.

00:49:38   You know?

00:49:39   Yeah. No, I have a couple. I mean, having a real child, I now appreciate those moments

00:49:45   so much more too, because I like, not that I don't love my dog as much, if not more than

00:49:51   my real child. But I love them equally. You love all your children equally.

00:49:57   One of the other cool things...

00:49:58   have one child, but do you have a pet?

00:50:00   No, we don't have pets. We travel too much. That's what I tell them. They're constantly

00:50:06   on me about it. Everybody wants pets but me.

00:50:10   Yeah, but then you have another feeling of your son bonding with your dog.

00:50:17   Yeah, I don't know. It just seems like a lot of work.

00:50:22   It is a lot of work and now, yeah, it's a lot of work.

00:50:26   And now January. Yes, exactly. I see people walking the dogs outside and I'm like, not

00:50:33   me. And I know that if we had a dog, it would be me. It'd be me out there walking the dog.

00:50:38   It's me every night and every morning. Yeah. You know, and it's just easier to say no before

00:50:45   you're in love with a dog. I had a dog growing up and I loved him tremendously. So I know

00:50:50   exactly what it's like. And if I had, you know, if he came back, I would, I would, you

00:50:54   know, I would, I would, of course, do everything I could to make him as happy as I could. But it's

00:50:58   easy to say no before you fall in love with the dog.

00:51:00   Yeah. And before you see your child fall in love with the dog.

00:51:04   Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because I was I was the closest to our dog growing up because I was the

00:51:10   kid, you know?

00:51:10   Yeah. I mean, our dog currently hates our kid. But yeah. He loves him when he's dropping. He loves

00:51:18   him when he's dropping food. It's it's wonderful for him. He's like, this is a full on buffet. And

00:51:23   And then the kid is like pulling his tail and tugging at his ears and trying to give

00:51:28   him a hug.

00:51:29   And he's just like, "I don't like hugs and I don't like to be touched by you."

00:51:34   But he just sits there and takes it.

00:51:35   Yeah, he really does.

00:51:36   He's such a good dog.

00:51:41   So speaking of battery life, have you gotten the new battery cases to test?

00:51:46   I got mine this morning.

00:51:47   Yeah.

00:51:48   When did you get yours?

00:51:49   I haven't gotten the 10R one.

00:51:51   - Hmm.

00:51:53   - Do you have the 10R one?

00:51:53   - No, I only got the one for the 10S because I'm--

00:51:57   - Yeah, that's what you have.

00:51:59   - Like you, I still have my 10R review unit,

00:52:01   but the only phone I use right now

00:52:03   is my daily carry personally owned 10S.

00:52:06   So I just asked for the 10S battery pack.

00:52:09   - Well, yeah, I mean, that's the same.

00:52:11   I just, I bought the red 10R a couple of weeks ago

00:52:16   and I've been just using it.

00:52:17   And so I'm like, when I get the battery case on here,

00:52:20   I think I'm estimating even before like really looking

00:52:23   at the milliamp hours and all of that,

00:52:25   I've seen a lot of it.

00:52:26   I don't even wanna look at it.

00:52:27   I just wanna, I'm betting I can go two full days

00:52:31   without charging.

00:52:32   What do you think?

00:52:34   - When did your show up?

00:52:35   - Oh, I haven't gotten the 10R battery case yet.

00:52:38   It's gonna come next week, they said.

00:52:41   I guess I should just go to the store, but.

00:52:43   I got the 10S, but I'm not using the 10S anymore.

00:52:46   I'm not, you know, I don't feel like using it, taking it.

00:52:48   I don't like to carry multiple phones anymore.

00:52:50   Just too forgetful.

00:52:52   - I don't need this battery pack on a daily basis.

00:52:54   I think even with the iPhone 10,

00:52:59   since I've, in the last, I guess, what is that?

00:53:02   13 months, 14, 15 months,

00:53:04   whatever long since I've been using an iPhone 10,

00:53:06   I think that there have only been maybe two days

00:53:10   where my phone has actually run out.

00:53:13   And I think maybe even only,

00:53:17   I could probably count on my fingers and toes the number of days where my phone's gotten

00:53:21   to the red.

00:53:22   Probably 120 days.

00:53:23   What kind of life do you live?

00:53:25   What do you do?

00:53:26   Well, I don't know.

00:53:30   I don't know how I don't know.

00:53:31   I guess because I'm not on the phone during the day that much.

00:53:34   I don't know.

00:53:35   But I usually I get through a day.

00:53:37   Have your notifications turned off?

00:53:38   All of them?

00:53:39   No, no, I don't do anything like that.

00:53:40   I get lots of notifications.

00:53:41   You're not that popular?

00:53:42   Yeah, like are you not that popular?

00:53:43   You don't get a lot of notifications?

00:53:45   I don't know.

00:53:46   computer so much of the day when I'm working that it's, you know, I don't know, I get through

00:53:51   the day easily on the phone most days and it's days like when we're on vacation or something

00:53:56   like that and I'm on only on the phone and not near a charger or something that I need

00:54:01   something like a battery pack or something. So I would never, it wouldn't even occur to

00:54:04   me vaguely to use this battery case all day every day. But like when I go to like the

00:54:11   days when Apple has an event, you know, death on the because it's on the phone and it's,

00:54:18   you know, trying to struggle to get a signal because there's 1000 other people all, you

00:54:23   know, trying to get a signal. I'm taking lots of pictures, etc, etc. So for like, something

00:54:30   like that, I like this case is definitely going in my travel bag. I think it'd be

00:54:36   great. But it's weird.

00:54:38   It's the weird thing for me.

00:54:40   It's like, we'll see what happens with the testing,

00:54:43   but if I could go two days without charging,

00:54:46   do I even care?

00:54:47   I can charge at night,

00:54:50   and I also just got this fancy clear case for the 10R.

00:54:55   I've been testing clear cases for the 10R,

00:54:57   and by testing, I mean just buying random ones on Amazon.

00:55:00   And I put a wallet attachment on the back,

00:55:02   and I kind of would rather have the wallet attachment

00:55:05   than a big battery hump.

00:55:06   - Hmm, I actually did a review.

00:55:10   I don't know if you saw it.

00:55:11   - I think I should write a piece about cases.

00:55:12   - Oh, I wrote it, but then I did a video review

00:55:14   on Twitter of the clear battery case.

00:55:17   I don't do videos very often. - I saw that, I saw that.

00:55:19   It was my favorite.

00:55:20   - I, I, I, I, it was-- - It's clear, you're like,

00:55:24   it's like just like hearing the boxes, yeah, I mean.

00:55:27   - It was completely wordless,

00:55:28   and a lot of people enjoyed it.

00:55:30   I just opened it up and-- - Yeah, I watched that.

00:55:33   I bent it and I tapped it on our kitchen counter.

00:55:36   'Cause I feel like that was,

00:55:38   the point of that was to sort of try to convey

00:55:41   through the video a sense of what type of material it is.

00:55:45   Because that it's, you know,

00:55:46   the clear case is a very different material

00:55:49   than Apple's other silicone cases.

00:55:51   Because it's, you know, you have to use

00:55:52   entirely different materials to make it clear.

00:55:55   I had so much fun making that video.

00:56:00   - Yeah, after I watched it, I said,

00:56:02   I watched it, I said, "We need him to come work

00:56:04   "at the Wall Street Journal video department."

00:56:06   I watched that and I said, "Now this is,

00:56:08   "I've gotta recruit him."

00:56:09   - There were like one or two people though

00:56:11   who were really upset. - Our recruiter should be

00:56:12   in touch soon.

00:56:13   - There were one or two people though who were so upset

00:56:15   that I didn't say anything.

00:56:18   But I wanna know what you think.

00:56:20   I was like, "I don't know, wait for the review."

00:56:23   But I do think it's a nice--

00:56:25   - It's a nice case, but the button on the side

00:56:28   of the Apple case is very hard.

00:56:30   - Yeah. - It doesn't have a lot of give.

00:56:34   So now I'm using this case from Spigen

00:56:37   and the button on the side is just the right amount of give

00:56:40   but it's a little bit thicker than the Apple case.

00:56:42   - I have the Spigen one.

00:56:44   I bought a few too.

00:56:45   Even though I don't plan to buy and own a Tenar

00:56:50   but in the name of having an opinion and being able to,

00:56:55   it's perfect that I did.

00:56:56   Now I feel like I'm justified.

00:56:58   I spent--

00:56:59   - We're having this conversation.

00:56:59   This is the review.

00:57:00   - Yeah, it's a business expense.

00:57:02   But I bought the Spigen one 'cause it was well regarded.

00:57:05   And the thing that drives me nuts about the Spigen one

00:57:07   is that they put so much text all over the sides.

00:57:10   Like, look at the sides.

00:57:11   It's like-- - I know.

00:57:12   - And it's all sorts of crazy stuff.

00:57:14   Like in the corners, they have it labeled

00:57:17   as like anti-fall cushioning technology.

00:57:22   And it's clear-- - Wait, I don't have

00:57:23   that on mine. - No, look on the one corner.

00:57:26   Come on, it's like the bottom right corner on the side.

00:57:28   There's like a tiny-- - What color is your,

00:57:30   - Oh, there it is, but mine's red,

00:57:32   so it's really concealed.

00:57:33   - It is, because it's a clear case, it is very concealed.

00:57:37   You know, you have-- - What colors your 10 are?

00:57:40   Yeah, you would be able to see this way better

00:57:44   if you had like one of the blue ones.

00:57:46   Yeah. - I have the blue one.

00:57:47   - I was gonna say, if you had a blue one,

00:57:49   I didn't notice that till now.

00:57:51   I mean, it was bothering me already

00:57:53   that it said Spigen on the side.

00:57:55   - Oh no, I don't have the blue one, I have the white one.

00:57:57   I have the boring one.

00:57:57   - Yeah, you'd see it on that too.

00:57:59   - Yeah, yeah.

00:57:59   the I have the red one, which is the best one. And I like the

00:58:03   red, I asked for red and I got white. I bought the red. So

00:58:07   yeah, it was just no brainer. It was funny, because I think that

00:58:10   they were a bit constrained on the review units. And it was

00:58:13   like, at first Apple PR was like, hey, you know, what color

00:58:17   10? R would you like? And I think I asked for blue or blue

00:58:21   or red, I think I said. And then they were like, how about white?

00:58:24   And I was like, okay.

00:58:27   So my funny story with that is they gave me a black and I said, "Is there any way I can get a red?"

00:58:32   And I had already known in my head that I wanted the video to be...

00:58:37   I had an idea that I wanted to hang the phones in an apple tree. And because I wanted the whole

00:58:46   review to be, you know, which apple do you pick? And for some reason, they were like, "Yeah, we can

00:58:51   get you the red." And it like just worked out really well because you don't want to have like

00:58:55   like a black phone hanging in an apple tree.

00:58:58   - Well, and that was partly why I happily accepted

00:59:01   the white one, which I think was the,

00:59:04   well, black probably would have been the worst one

00:59:06   because it would look the most like my--

00:59:08   - The 10.

00:59:09   - My black iPhone 10, right?

00:59:11   So white was better than black.

00:59:12   Even though if I were personally to buy a 10R,

00:59:16   I'd probably get black 'cause I just buy black everything.

00:59:19   But the reason I got the sense from Apple PR

00:59:23   that there weren't enough of every color

00:59:26   for everybody to get red or blue

00:59:28   or whatever the most vibrant ones.

00:59:30   - I think I'm the only one who had the red.

00:59:33   - From the reviews I saw, I think so.

00:59:35   And I don't blame, oh no, MKBHD got red, of course.

00:59:40   - Yeah.

00:59:42   - 'Cause how could you not give him red?

00:59:44   - Yeah, it's his brand.

00:59:45   - But I don't do the video reviews

00:59:47   and I don't take my own product photography for my reviews.

00:59:50   So, you know, I happily took one for my colleagues,

00:59:55   my fellow reviewers across the spectrum that, you know,

00:59:59   let the ones who actually are going to shoot videos

01:00:02   take the colorful ones.

01:00:03   I'll happily take the boring white one with no complaint.

01:00:07   But anyway--

01:00:07   - And if you're wondering, or anyone here listening

01:00:10   wondering why I've put so much time and effort

01:00:12   to my case shopping,

01:00:14   it's that I broke my original review unit.

01:00:17   (laughing)

01:00:17   break review units all the time.

01:00:20   Every time I broke the 10s Max. And I also broke the 10R. And

01:00:26   it's because I don't have cases on it. I they slip out of my

01:00:29   pocket. They slip off of things when I'm charging them. And it's

01:00:36   yeah, the 10R on the back just shattered in the corner. Which

01:00:42   by the way, like if you don't have AppleCare, it is like it

01:00:45   it costs you like half the phone to replace the back at this point. It's like $500 to just

01:00:50   swap out the back if you don't have Apple care. Hmm. I don't have Apple care. I don't either. I

01:00:56   haven't bought Apple care. That's why I have a case. I haven't the upgrade program. No, I'm not.

01:01:00   Because I don't like things like that. I don't understand it. I might maybe I would save money.

01:01:05   I do buy myself any money. I don't. I Yeah, but I don't understand it. I like the simplicity of

01:01:14   okay, the phone you want costs $1,149. And then I pay $1,149 plus the tax. And now I've paid the

01:01:22   money and now I own the phone and the phone is mine. I don't Well, I think we're both probably

01:01:27   privileged enough to afford that. I think we're also I don't know about you. But I like I'm like,

01:01:32   I don't want to necessarily give that phone back. What if I want to keep it? What if it's a,

01:01:36   you know, what if I wanted to be a family, family heirloom? Like, whoa, I don't want I don't want

01:01:40   want to give you this phone when I'm done with it. And I'm with

01:01:43   you the same, like last one is like, I want to pay it out,

01:01:46   right? And like, not have any hidden fees anywhere. Like, I

01:01:50   just want to know where my money's going. Right? Yeah,

01:01:53   anytime I do a story on upgrade programs or cellular, whatever

01:01:58   program monthly bills that AT&T or Verizon are trying to sell

01:02:02   you on some new great monthly thing that's going to bundle

01:02:05   everything. It's always it's it's never beneficial to the

01:02:09   the customer, the consumer.

01:02:10   That's pretty much my reporting anytime I do anything

01:02:14   on cellular plans.

01:02:15   - Yeah, and I'm an idiot.

01:02:20   I've got every iPhone I've ever owned.

01:02:23   And so I've got a little mini museum of iPhones.

01:02:27   And I don't do that with my other stuff.

01:02:30   I guess I do.

01:02:34   I guess I do have a bunch of old Macs,

01:02:35   but I don't have them set up in a museum

01:02:37   or anything like that.

01:02:38   or just in boxes.

01:02:40   But every once in a while, I like to get out an old iPhone

01:02:43   and just sort of compare it.

01:02:44   But like with Amy's, we just sell them

01:02:48   or give them to friends or hand,

01:02:50   put them to good use.

01:02:54   - Trade it in for the 10R.

01:02:56   - Right, well, we don't do the trade in,

01:02:58   but it's like my friend Lee who runs a place here in Philly,

01:03:03   Hopson Laundromat, he doesn't like buying new phones,

01:03:06   so we just sell him Amy's old one every year.

01:03:09   But you can't do that with the trade-in program.

01:03:14   Again, I think that, like you said,

01:03:16   I almost certainly would save money, but I'm not on it.

01:03:20   - Yeah, yeah.

01:03:22   - I don't like leasing.

01:03:23   I've never leased a car.

01:03:25   And I understand if you wanna get a new car

01:03:27   every three years, it's better to lease, but I just--

01:03:31   - Yeah, I'm currently leasing a car for that reason.

01:03:33   - Right, but I see on the other,

01:03:34   I'm the idiot who's driving a car from 2006

01:03:37   because I own it and it has nothing wrong with it.

01:03:40   I actually, that's not an idiot.

01:03:42   That's like one of the few areas of my life

01:03:43   where I'm financially sensible.

01:03:45   - Yeah, and if you know that that kind of car

01:03:48   is gonna work for you for 10 years, then why not?

01:03:51   15 years, would you say since 2006?

01:03:54   - Yeah.

01:03:55   - Amazing.

01:03:56   - 2006, but we don't drive much.

01:03:57   It's one car, and it just, literally just this week

01:04:01   went over 55,000 miles, so.

01:04:03   We don't do a lot of driving.

01:04:06   So what is that?

01:04:07   That's like 5,000.

01:04:08   - Wait, 55,000 miles since 2006?

01:04:11   - Yeah.

01:04:12   - Wow.

01:04:12   - So 12 years, only 55,000 miles.

01:04:14   Really, honestly, we probably shouldn't--

01:04:16   - Yeah, 'cause you're doing city driving,

01:04:18   and yeah, I'm in the same boat.

01:04:20   - Right.

01:04:21   - But I just figure I'm gonna outgrow this car,

01:04:25   and I had thought, yeah, it's a five-year lease.

01:04:27   - Yeah, well, technically it's actually ridiculous,

01:04:30   because the car doesn't even have it. It doesn't even have a tape deck in there. Yeah, I literally

01:04:37   have it as a tape deck and a CD player. And you have one of those tape your the tape to

01:04:42   3.5 millimeter headphone jack in there. We did but it at some point broke and I never

01:04:47   bothered to replace it. I probably should buy those work with the no they do they work

01:04:54   with the dongle right? Yeah, it's an iPhone. Yeah, I'd have to get it. I have to use dongle.

01:04:58   I guess I don't know. I guess I should get a new one. I don't know. We just usually just

01:05:02   listen to the XM radio. So but I don't have XM radio in there. Oh, yeah, I came with it.

01:05:09   Oh, like a subscription. Yeah, but we don't have any, you know, not only, you know, carplay,

01:05:13   forget about carplay. We don't even have the 30 pin connector for the old iPods. Like,

01:05:19   there's no line. I don't even have a CD player in here. Yeah, well, we do have a CD player,

01:05:24   - We don't have CDs anymore.

01:05:26   It's ridiculous.

01:05:27   - Actually, we're in this Book of the Month club for Noah

01:05:32   and one of the books came with a CD last month.

01:05:37   And I was like, what the hell is this?

01:05:39   He's like looking, he's playing around with it

01:05:42   like it's a Frisbee or something.

01:05:44   Where would I put this CD?

01:05:47   (laughing)

01:05:50   - We got a friend's gift,

01:05:54   it was like a Penn and Teller magic kit for Christmas

01:05:58   or over the holidays.

01:06:00   And it comes with a DVD.

01:06:03   And it was like, I even said, I was like,

01:06:05   I don't know what you're gonna do with the DVD, sorry.

01:06:08   - Yeah, sorry, it was a DVD.

01:06:09   It was a DVD that came in with the book, yeah.

01:06:12   What am I gonna do with that?

01:06:14   I don't have a DVD player anymore.

01:06:16   I bought the I forget what brand. But I bought like a USB DVD player a while back knowing,

01:06:28   you know that we don't have any we don't have any max in inactive use anymore that have

01:06:34   the slot so I bought one. And so I thought, you know, just in case when I need it, but

01:06:40   I don't know where I put it. It's somewhere in my office, I guess.

01:06:44   I have one of those two. I don't know where it is. When I used to, I used to test the MacBook

01:06:48   Air so often the old MacBook Air with Windows. So I had a USB powered, same thing, CD, DVD drive.

01:06:58   Yeah, where is that thing was made by Samsung? It was like pretty cheap.

01:07:01   Yeah, I don't know. So I've got one but it's but on the other hand, since buying it probably at

01:07:08   least a year ago, maybe longer, but at least a year ago, I've lost track of where I put it in

01:07:13   in the office never used it and have never once thought,

01:07:18   "Oh, now I need it."

01:07:19   You know, I just, I've literally gone an entire year

01:07:22   without once even having the vague urge of,

01:07:24   "Okay, I've got this CD or DVD in my hand.

01:07:28   You know, where's that thing so I can actually use this?"

01:07:30   - Where does it go?

01:07:31   - Yeah, like that's just a technology

01:07:33   that has just dropped off the face of the earth.

01:07:35   - Right, like possibly at some point soon,

01:07:39   USB ports and headphone jacks.

01:07:41   - You know, it's kind of funny thinking about it.

01:07:43   Like it wasn't that many years ago where Netflix,

01:07:46   when they first tried to make the switch

01:07:48   from their discs by mail delivery

01:07:52   and wanted to rename that, they picked a Goofy,

01:07:54   I forget what the Goofy name for it was

01:07:56   and just used the Netflix name for the online streaming.

01:08:01   And there was outrage, outrage from the people

01:08:04   who were getting their discs by mail.

01:08:06   But talk about being ahead of the,

01:08:12   being ahead of the curve. Like I think if you went around to teenagers today and told

01:08:16   them that, you know, yeah, what Netflix used to be like 10 years ago. Yeah. They would

01:08:23   you'd have to explain to them. I mean, how many episodes would feel like? How many episodes

01:08:27   of Stranger Things? Or what did I else did I just watch on Netflix? I just watched like

01:08:33   the worst series on Netflix. Would you how many CDs would you need? Well, you couldn't

01:08:38   - Right? - We haven't even been.

01:08:39   - How many DVDs would you need?

01:08:40   - Yeah, we've had Netflix since that era,

01:08:42   and it was wonderful.

01:08:45   It was really so much better than going to video stores.

01:08:48   But to get a TV series, you'd have to mail, watch,

01:08:53   I guess TV series, usually the DVDs

01:08:55   would have more than an episode.

01:08:56   It'd have-- - Right.

01:08:57   Yeah, they would have, they'd have multiple,

01:08:58   but I'm looking at Friends,

01:08:59   'cause I used to watch Friends on DVD,

01:09:02   and I feel like one season was a couple of discs.

01:09:07   Mm hmm. Okay, so on the box set, the complete series of friends on Amazon, 100 bucks is 40 disks.

01:09:18   Good story. That's a funny story. Like you just give that to like a millennial who's been watching

01:09:28   that millennial I don't know, like, yeah, but whatever. Teenagers, teenagers, teenagers,

01:09:33   and see if they could figure it out. Did I tell you? Did I tell you this the last time you're on?

01:09:38   It's a total thing that teenagers love friends. My you know, Jonas just turned 15. He over the

01:09:44   last two years has watched the entirety of friends. All really all seasons twice. What

01:09:51   about it? He's just like, he just I mean, I guess what's changed? I've tried to you know,

01:09:59   like, what is it about it? And he's like, I don't know. I just think it's funny, you know,

01:10:02   And he's watched Seinfeld too. But Friends to me stands out more as a can't believe it stands the

01:10:07   test of time. And Amy was telling me it's it is such a sensation on Netflix is so popular on

01:10:13   Netflix that the cast of Friends is still making every one of them is still making like $20 million

01:10:20   a year from their residuals on Friends because of the Netflix deal. Well, it was funny because last

01:10:26   Last night I was watching "Shameless."

01:10:28   You ever watch a show on Showtime?

01:10:30   - No.

01:10:31   - And I mean, you shouldn't anymore.

01:10:32   The first couple seasons are amazing

01:10:34   and now it's like ninth season

01:10:35   and I'm like, I'm still watching, why am I still watching?

01:10:38   But Courtney Cox was on it.

01:10:39   And I was like, does she have to do this show?

01:10:41   - Nope.

01:10:42   - Yeah, she's on like the ninth season

01:10:45   in the middle of the season.

01:10:47   What is Courtney Cox doing on here?

01:10:49   - Yeah.

01:10:50   - She doesn't have to do it.

01:10:52   And she's like, what else?

01:10:53   She's been in, what's it called lately?

01:10:55   some other cable thing.

01:10:59   - I saw somebody had a story,

01:11:02   it might have been the New York Times,

01:11:03   somebody had like a culture story

01:11:05   on the unbelievable sustained popularity of Friends,

01:11:08   and the bizarreness that it's like core audience now

01:11:12   are kids who weren't born when Friends was on.

01:11:15   And you can't prove what the appeal is,

01:11:18   it's all subjective,

01:11:19   but that there's something about the pre-internet,

01:11:24   pre-phone world that Friends has that there's a simplicity to life in that era that appeals

01:11:31   to kids in today's, you know, text-text-text era.

01:11:35   I will read that story because that sounds interesting.

01:11:39   Yeah, it's fascinating. And you know what? One of my favorite things about that Friends

01:11:43   thing because I'm—it just appeals to me. I just like it when people are good people.

01:11:49   I like it when people behave in a… I like the stories of camaraderie. And I just love

01:11:58   that the six key cast members of Friends throughout the entire run of the show always negotiated

01:12:05   together. Everybody got paid the same amount. And they just negotiated everything as a block.

01:12:11   And as, you know, like Jennifer Aniston maybe got more popular, or maybe Courteney Cox was

01:12:17   more popular at the beginning or Chandler, you know, whatever, whoever, you know, was,

01:12:22   they just they just like, Nope, we like each other. We're, this is great. But let's, let's

01:12:27   keep it simple. We'll negotiate as a block and all six of us will get the same salary.

01:12:31   I just love it. Yeah.

01:12:34   It just, I mean, I watch him like on those shows. I watch him on like TBS. I love TBS still.

01:12:42   Because like, I think we've talked about this on one of your podcasts before. It's just like the

01:12:46   the serendipity of turning on and turning on TV and watching something that you didn't think

01:12:51   of watching. Like I love that still. And it's the pretty much the only reason I still have cable.

01:12:56   And like, I just like, yeah, it's just like, for me, like, I don't want to go to something

01:13:02   that's sometimes in a mood. I've had to meet a lot of hard decisions during the day. I don't

01:13:06   want to make a tough decision of what to watch on Netflix. And like, I don't really want your

01:13:10   algorithms trying to pitch me on something that like you think I'm going to like, and then I lose

01:13:14   myself in it because I want to watch till the end because that's the kind of person I am.

01:13:17   So yeah, like I watch on TBS all the time and it's every time I turn it turn it on. It's like,

01:13:23   still funny, or still like, makes you chuckle at the ridiculousness of, I don't know, something.

01:13:31   I have to go soon.

01:13:33   How soon?

01:13:36   Like 10 minutes.

01:13:38   All right. Well, I got it. I got it.

01:13:40   Squeeze it in an hour and a half.

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01:15:24   Go to takecareof.com and enter code talk show 50. That's takecareof.com with special code

01:15:34   talk show 50 talk show five zero is how they spell the code. So here's before we go, I

01:15:41   want to talk MacBook Air got to talk keyboards. I just want to say one thing about the battery

01:15:46   case that showed up. It showed up had totally dead charge. I put the phone really put the phone in and

01:15:52   the iOS recognized it and instantly gave you that smart, clever thing that says, okay, your phone's

01:15:57   at 99% because it was like first thing in the morning. The battery case is at zero. And so far,

01:16:02   everybody I've talked to like Renee Richie got one a couple days ago every and a couple

01:16:05   people are starting to get them today just you know preorders everybody's shows up with

01:16:10   zero charge and I think it's a legal thing with standalone lithium ion batteries because

01:16:15   one thing Apple does say on the ordering page at apple.com is that they have to ship by

01:16:19   ground you can't pay for air shipping and because it's at zero I mean it was enough

01:16:25   to let it see it I took it up and I put it on my bedside I put my phone in it put it

01:16:29   on my bedside charger on the key key charger. And it did it lit up the key charger like,

01:16:35   okay, this is doing something. And I actually went back to sleep for a bit. And then I woke

01:16:41   up and the case was even deader than it was originally. It like no longer even like the

01:16:47   iPhone didn't even know it was plugged into a smart chase smart case like the key charging

01:16:51   did nothing. And so I think it's supposed to charge the phone first. Yeah. And I think

01:16:57   did that and it was already at zero and it just was like, I think you need to have some

01:17:01   kind of charge to do Chi because it's like a two way handshake. So I think a completely

01:17:06   dead thing can't charge by Chi. I think you so when you get it, anybody out there and

01:17:12   I think Apple should tell you this and it doesn't seem to tell you in my perusal of

01:17:16   the guide, you should charge it by lightning first, even if you plan to charge it by Chi

01:17:20   going forward. I thought at first it might be broken. I thought maybe I got a dud, but

01:17:25   charged by lightning and everything is fine after that including G charging. But when

01:17:29   you was the phone dead or did they had the phone was completely phone was completely

01:17:34   charged. But after you know the case, which started at zero, it went from being at zero,

01:17:41   but the phone could still see that it was zero to being like it was like a like like

01:17:45   it wasn't a battery case at all. Like it was just a case like it didn't even the you know,

01:17:50   and you'd go to the battery thing in Control Center

01:17:53   that tells you, hey, here's your phone's charge,

01:17:56   here's your case's charge.

01:17:57   The case wasn't even listed.

01:17:59   It didn't even give it a zero.

01:18:01   - Yeah, 'cause I got an email from Apple

01:18:04   just explaining some of the info about it.

01:18:07   And they were saying that depending

01:18:09   on how you charge your phone,

01:18:11   it depends, the order of charging the phone

01:18:14   or the case matters on the type of charger you have.

01:18:16   So like a five watt charger

01:18:18   is gonna charge the phone first.

01:18:20   10 or 12 watt charger is going to charge the iPhone and the case simultaneously. And higher

01:18:29   up it goes more like, I don't know, case 30 watts out of 40, 10, 18 watts, it will do,

01:18:35   you know, fast charge the iPhone then fast charge the case. I think, obviously, they've

01:18:40   made this this battery pack more smarter, quote unquote, than the last one in terms

01:18:46   of how fast it can charge.

01:18:48   Dave: Yeah, and I think that's why they're not talking about mega amp hours because that's

01:18:54   not a good metric. It's a lot more complicated than that, and the smartness is definitely

01:19:02   there. It's definitely pretty clever.

01:19:04   Anyway—

01:19:05   Stephanie: I mean, I just wrote back because this is—anyone who knows my biggest fight

01:19:10   against Apple now knows that it it pains me that they still sign up to sell the five watt charger

01:19:17   in it or when you buy an iPhone the five watt charger chargers what's included. I bring this up

01:19:22   in every review and every meeting with Apple. So well, the more reason they should sell it with

01:19:30   a 10 watt or 12 watt charger. All right. Let me push back on that, though. I I wrote that

01:19:36   - You're wrong. - 1.2 and said,

01:19:38   I even described it as shameful, I thought,

01:19:39   with the iPhone 10.

01:19:40   But the pushback I got from people was that some people--

01:19:43   - They charge overnight.

01:19:45   - Well, they don't care about how fast it is,

01:19:47   they care about how small it is.

01:19:49   And that it's-- - But Apple can make it

01:19:51   that small, but a little bit bigger.

01:19:54   - Right, that would be the ideal,

01:19:56   would be something faster than five watt,

01:19:59   maybe even if it was like seven and a half watt

01:20:01   or something, but could they get a 10 watt charger

01:20:04   into a size like that. I don't know. But yeah, the size of the five watt charger is a big

01:20:09   deal. And there really are a lot of people who prefer it. And I know you say this to

01:20:16   some people who really think it's, you know, just are concerned about speed and they're

01:20:20   like, that can't possibly be true. Who would prefer it? But they really there's just, they

01:20:24   don't they don't know. They don't care about the speed. It's so it's

01:20:28   where are they putting what like, where are they putting it that there's no space for

01:20:31   a little bit bigger charger?

01:20:33   Well, I think it's like some people have said pocket some people have said women with small purses like to keep one in their purse

01:20:40   and

01:20:43   Sometimes you can be like in a coffee shop or something like that and because somebody already has something in the one socket you there's not

01:20:50   Room, okay. I see that point

01:20:52   I see that point the ones that cover like right, you know the longer chargers that cover the other other socket, right?

01:20:58   I see that I see that point the thing I you know, I'm just telling you that it's not me

01:21:03   I don't really like that charger.

01:21:05   I don't like the way that the prongs

01:21:07   are always sticking out on it.

01:21:08   I like the ones, even if they're bigger,

01:21:10   I like the way to have the prongs, I don't know why,

01:21:13   but I don't like that the prongs

01:21:15   are always sticking out on it.

01:21:16   But I'm just telling you that there are people,

01:21:18   and let's face it though, it's also gotta be,

01:21:20   it's cheaper for Apple to include the five watt charger.

01:21:22   - Well, that's why I get so angry about it.

01:21:24   - Right, but I do think that there--

01:21:25   - Right, 'cause then they wanna upsell you

01:21:27   to the 12 watt charger.

01:21:28   Most people who have an iPad have a 12 watt charger,

01:21:32   So it's not like you can't just find one lying around.

01:21:35   But if you wanna upgrade to that,

01:21:37   you're paying like 20 bucks.

01:21:39   I mean, obviously you can just buy like a better anchor one

01:21:42   on Amazon, which is what I've been suggesting

01:21:44   for like five years now.

01:21:45   But no, I think that the next iPhone,

01:21:50   I'm actually not sure about the USB-C rumors.

01:21:53   - I know, I do no way.

01:21:54   I say no way.

01:21:55   And I'm not speaking from any inside info.

01:21:58   - I say no way on the USB-C port on the iPhone itself.

01:22:03   But I could see them moving to a higher watt charger

01:22:08   in the box with a USB-C in.

01:22:12   - Yeah, because at this point,

01:22:16   all of their new MacBooks and the iPad Pro

01:22:20   can charge a phone,

01:22:21   but they can only charge it with USB-C out, right?

01:22:24   So I think what the next iPhone will come with is a,

01:22:27   Hopefully, it'll still be a lightning charger,

01:22:30   but it'll be USB-C on the other end,

01:22:33   and with some kind of USB-C brick,

01:22:35   which hopefully would not be five watts.

01:22:38   (laughs)

01:22:40   So this would be the year, but hopefully.

01:22:44   'Cause I think it's ridiculous that you can't charge a brand,

01:22:47   you can go into an Apple store and buy a brand new MacBook

01:22:50   and a brand new iPad Pro and a brand new iPhone, right?

01:22:53   And so, wow, aren't you a great Apple customer.

01:22:55   You're spending thousands of dollars

01:22:57   on these three products, and then you take them home

01:23:00   and you can't charge the phone

01:23:02   from either of those two thousand dollar plus devices

01:23:06   without buying a very expensive, you know,

01:23:11   $30 cable from Apple or using a dongle.

01:23:14   And if you use a dongle, you're losing the power delivery.

01:23:18   - Yeah, and I mean, one day we may get out air power

01:23:22   so we can charge some of these things simultaneously,

01:23:24   that'll be slower. I mean, it's gonna be wireless speeds. But yeah, it's just ridiculous that

01:23:30   if you buy a brand new MacBook and a brand new iPhone, you can't charge the phone from

01:23:35   the MacBook without spending $30 on a cable that you charge the MacBook. You mean you

01:23:43   can charge you can't plug the phone into the MacBook without an extra cable that doesn't

01:23:47   that isn't included. I mean, you know, Google does the right thing with the pixel and they

01:23:52   it takes USB-C in, but they ship it with a little dongle

01:23:57   so you can charge it from any USB-C.

01:24:00   Like it's in the box, so you can charge it

01:24:02   from a USB-C to USB-C, or you can charge it

01:24:06   from USB-A to USB-C right there in the box.

01:24:09   And for a $750 phone, it doesn't seem like a lot to ask

01:24:13   for, put the dongle in the box.

01:24:16   - No, no, but I'm now thinking it through,

01:24:19   it's like if you have the USBC, you know, whatever the other side of the cord. That's,

01:24:28   it's gonna, I mean, it'll be a slow, it'll be a hard adjustment for some people. But, you know,

01:24:33   most of the ecosystems moving to USBC in any way.

01:24:36   I don't believe that Apple will switch the iPhone itself to USBC. And I know that somebody

01:24:42   piped up with a rumor this week that they did. And there's,

01:24:45   There's a report this week. Yeah, but I don't buy it and it wasn't it didn't seem like a report came from anywhere

01:24:50   Sensible, I think that it's one of those cases where yes, the iPad Pro did move to USB C

01:24:57   But I think it's one of those cases where if you listen to what Apple said about why the iPad Pro has USB C

01:25:03   They are telling you the honest truth. There's no spin on it and and their explanation for it was that

01:25:10   It's the iPad Pro is it more is meant for professional use

01:25:14   It's meant to do more of the things that you can do with a laptop and that involves plugging peripherals in and though

01:25:19   Therefore it has USB C. It is you know, I read that those things don't apply to an iPhone

01:25:25   You're not gonna plug in, you know audio equipment to an iPhone

01:25:28   I know some people do stuff like that with an iPhone, but it's not you know, it's not common. I

01:25:32   Really don't think so

01:25:34   And I think that there's just no way they're gonna give up the proprietary

01:25:37   advantages of having complete control over lightning

01:25:40   They love having control and and it's been I mean, I guess it's been a while. I mean it's been since iPhone 5

01:25:48   Yeah, and the other thing too, don't forget

01:25:50   nerds like us people who listen to the show we understand the you know, the differences and we can see this panacea of

01:25:59   It theoretically would be great

01:26:01   if everything you owned all charged by USB C and you could have this one cable that you could plug into an iPad and a

01:26:08   MacBook and a phone and you'd have all this cables you could get rid of

01:26:11   But out there in the normal world every time when when Apple switched from the old adapter to the lightning

01:26:18   People thought it was a money grab

01:26:20   They were like they just want me to now they want my money for you know

01:26:23   All these new chargers and stuff like that and if they switched it to USB C again

01:26:28   They'd think it's a money grab even though they would be switching to an industry standard

01:26:32   Right and also like it was a bigger like it was a much bigger deal when they did a way with the 30 port

01:26:38   Was it 30 pin because it's a 30

01:26:41   yeah, 30 pin connector because

01:26:44   Because at that point there were so many

01:26:47   Accessories that were plugging in that way, but now it's like feels like everything's I don't know

01:26:54   what was the last time you plugged your your iPhone into like a

01:26:58   speaker doc. Even in hotels, I don't know. I don't use that. I don't use those. I don't

01:27:05   trust them to be honest. Yeah, I just feel like you don't plug in as much like it would

01:27:10   be an ecosystem shift, but not as big as it was back then. But I still don't think they'll

01:27:14   do it. I still don't think they'll do it. All right, let me take a break and tell you

01:27:18   about Dashlane. Dashlane is a password and personal information manager. Let's just start

01:27:25   store things like your passwords, your logins, your credit cards, your passport numbers,

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01:27:35   every platform you might use iOS, including both iPhone and iPad support Mac, a nice native

01:27:42   Mac app, Windows, Android, all the major platforms. So especially if you are a cross platform

01:27:50   person. Maybe at work, you use windows, maybe at home, use Mac, uh, you have iPhone, but

01:27:56   you have to use windows. Dashlane is for you. They include a browser extension that enables

01:28:01   auto fill so you can access all of your login information, your credit card numbers, right

01:28:06   where you need it, when you need it, right in the form in the webpage. Bring it up, sign

01:28:12   up for a new account somewhere. Need to generate a new password. Dashlane will do it for you,

01:28:16   give you a secure password, fill it in and store it in Dashlane for subsequent use. How

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01:30:23   you check out and are it on the checkout form and you will save 10% off the already easily

01:30:28   affordable dashlane premium service. My thanks to dashlane. All right, we got to talk Mac

01:30:34   MacBooks before. Okay, yes. So you've got the new MacBook Air, you bought it? Yes. I

01:30:40   had the company buy it for me. But yes. Well, Jonas has one too. He needed a new laptop.

01:30:45   And he was a good sport about it. But he had, you know, he needs it at school. He's, you

01:30:50   know, his school kids bring a laptop. He had to use his old MacBook that had a broken keyboard.

01:30:56   So he was literally using a magic keyboard

01:31:01   connected by Bluetooth to his MacBook

01:31:04   for like the first two months.

01:31:05   - Your poor child.

01:31:06   - Because I knew that the MacBook Airs were coming.

01:31:08   - It was coming, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:31:09   - And I wanted to see it before we decided what to buy.

01:31:12   And I was glad that we did because he--

01:31:14   - Yeah, such a good dad.

01:31:16   - He loves it.

01:31:17   It's absolutely, no doubt in his mind

01:31:20   he wanted the MacBook Air, which was great

01:31:22   because it was also less money than a MacBook Pro.

01:31:25   - Yeah.

01:31:26   - All right, why'd you buy it?

01:31:30   - I mean, this is what I wanted.

01:31:32   I've wanted it for a long time.

01:31:33   They made the laptop I've wanted for many, many years.

01:31:36   And I think I tweeted a couple of weeks ago,

01:31:40   like it is everything I said in that initial review.

01:31:42   I love it.

01:31:43   The one thing like, yeah, I'm living the dongle life

01:31:48   right now, I've got a couple of things hanging out of it

01:31:50   as I podcast here.

01:31:51   The battery life has been great.

01:31:54   the, you know, everything, the form factor of it, you know,

01:31:57   it's like, I was carrying around a 13 inch old MacBook Pro

01:32:01   with all of the ports on it.

01:32:02   So it was like, I don't even know how many pounds

01:32:05   that thing was.

01:32:06   So I, it just, it's been great for me.

01:32:07   I still, you know, I still don't love this keyboard.

01:32:10   I just don't love this keyboard,

01:32:11   but otherwise like, it's been great.

01:32:13   - The keyboard is the one thing that keeps me

01:32:15   from switching to one.

01:32:16   I'm still on a 2014 13 inch MacBook Pro.

01:32:19   And for reasons, basically visual reasons,

01:32:24   that my eyes are at a weird place

01:32:29   and I see much better looking at a laptop

01:32:32   from laptop distance than my iMac.

01:32:34   So I used my MacBook Pro the last year or so, mostly.

01:32:39   I don't use my iMac anywhere near as much as I would

01:32:42   if I didn't have the visual thing.

01:32:44   And because I'm using it so much, I want the keyboard.

01:32:48   And so because of the keyboard,

01:32:49   I'm sticking with the 2014 MacBook Pro.

01:32:51   And also, frankly, my MacBook Pro doesn't feel slow at all.

01:32:54   Like I don't, you know, it's, and it is retina,

01:32:56   and it's not much heavier than a MacBook Air,

01:33:00   but the keyboard keeps me on it.

01:33:02   - I mean, I've adjusted.

01:33:05   And it's like, people were like, you know,

01:33:06   thought that was an unfair thing of me to say.

01:33:08   I think I said like, the keyboard's still terrible.

01:33:10   You know, maybe that's too harsh.

01:33:11   Maybe it's just not as good as what it used to be.

01:33:15   But I just, sometimes I feel like I don't write as good.

01:33:19   That might seem stupid.

01:33:21   - I do too.

01:33:22   I'm picky about keyboards.

01:33:24   You've, you know, and you've always been picky

01:33:25   about track pads and you, you know,

01:33:28   and one of the reasons I've always been a genuine,

01:33:31   I'm not just buttering you up because you're on the show,

01:33:33   but a huge, huge fan of your work is that you really have,

01:33:37   to me, a very open mind about Mac and Windows.

01:33:42   Like you get both and that you, you know,

01:33:44   Like I can't review a Windows laptop because it doesn't matter how good the hardware is.

01:33:49   I think Windows is disgusting as an operating system. And I'm it's I really do like Jonas

01:33:55   got a gaming PC for Christmas and I'm helping him said I haven't used Windows in forever.

01:33:59   It's disgusting. It's worse than ever, in my opinion. I can't I can't get past it. So

01:34:03   I couldn't I can't judge the trackpad or the keyboard or the performance. Windows 10 is

01:34:09   not using Windows 10 is disgusting. I think it's disgusting. I think it's hard. Really?

01:34:13   because it's like it's like Windows 10. It's like you go into like the settings and there's

01:34:17   like the new window 10 settings. But then there's an advanced button and you hit it

01:34:21   and it opens up the windows. It opens up the windows seven settings and then the windows

01:34:25   seven settings has a button that opens up the old XP style thing like they're all yeah,

01:34:30   it's a mess. It's just there's yeah, it's still a mess. But I see how it's better in

01:34:34   some ways I but you know, you open up the start menu and it looks like all of a sudden

01:34:39   I'm in Las Vegas. It's like what the hell is going on? There's five columns and all

01:34:43   these colors and it's I can't stand it. So I can't Yeah, I can't review one objective.

01:34:48   Well, look, I don't I don't I'm not a laptop reviewer anymore. I would be very rusty if

01:34:54   I mean I did for for this for the MacBook Air review. I did do a big call in of what

01:34:58   I thought were going to be the best windows, laptops and I reviewed an HP and a and a surf

01:35:03   the Surface laptop next to it, because I wanted to, to pretty

01:35:07   much compare what Apple had said was a big leap ahead in certain

01:35:11   places to what what the what the Windows side has been doing

01:35:16   actually for the last two or three years. So you know, in

01:35:18   terms of battery life in terms of keyboard in terms of screen.

01:35:21   Look, I found the that's actually one of the I found

01:35:26   everything to, you know, pretty be pretty status quo for on both

01:35:30   I thought the battery life on this HP Spectre I tested

01:35:35   was off the charts better,

01:35:37   but the screen resolution was a little bit lower

01:35:40   and the screen wasn't as nice.

01:35:41   It's a little bit thicker too,

01:35:43   but the biggest pain point for me

01:35:44   was that these other really super thin,

01:35:46   like very stylish Windows laptops have real keyboards,

01:35:51   with real keys that press down.

01:35:54   So it's like, they can do it.

01:35:57   I know, like they could do it,

01:35:58   But they really, they love this.

01:36:01   They love this butterfly mechanism.

01:36:04   - Yeah, and I've typed on a Microsoft Surface,

01:36:07   just to type on it, it's a better keyboard.

01:36:09   I would prefer their keyboard over Apple's in a heartbeat.

01:36:12   - The Surface laptop keyboard is basically

01:36:15   the same keyboard, and I love it.

01:36:17   - And even the Google thing.

01:36:20   - Yeah, the Google Pixel, the new Pixelbook.

01:36:23   Or the Pixelbook has a nice keyboard,

01:36:25   but the new Pixel Slate.

01:36:28   with the round keys.

01:36:29   - With the round keys is fun.

01:36:30   I don't know, I haven't used it for extended period,

01:36:33   but it's fun. - I think the round keys

01:36:35   is a gimmick, but the feel of the keys is better,

01:36:39   and it's a super thin, it's a tablet cover,

01:36:42   it's super thin, so clearly Apple could do it.

01:36:44   So I'm really fingers crossed,

01:36:46   hoping that they somehow go back to admit defeat

01:36:51   and go back, not go back to the old keyboard,

01:36:53   but go back to a keyboard that has a better feel.

01:36:56   And the other thing, I used a Macbook Pro,

01:36:59   a 15 inch Macbook Pro for six weeks over the summer

01:37:02   while reviewing it, six weeks.

01:37:03   And it was the only Mac I used period

01:37:05   in the whole time.

01:37:07   So I did get used to it.

01:37:08   It's not like--

01:37:09   - Yeah, you get used to it.

01:37:10   And that's, like people are saying like,

01:37:12   oh, you said it was terrible.

01:37:13   I've been fine with it.

01:37:14   I'm like, yeah, okay, you get used to it and it's fine.

01:37:17   But when I go back to the old one, it just feels like home.

01:37:21   It just feels so right.

01:37:23   And usually in the, you know, when you when when Apple makes a big change like that, when

01:37:27   you go back to the old thing, it feels gross or weird or Oh my god, I can't believe it

01:37:32   should always feel bad to go back to the old one. And whereas the keyboard feels good back

01:37:36   to the home button on the iPhone eight or something. Yeah, it's like, yeah, that's like,

01:37:42   yeah, it feels longer. And like, I'm like, I have to move and yeah, it just feels ridiculous.

01:37:48   I honestly, I've been hearing from people about because of this 10. R piece that I wrote

01:37:52   about how there didn't go to the 10 R and they bought the iPhone seven or eight because

01:37:55   of the home button because x y&z reasons and I just think that's I mean, I don't write

01:38:00   back all these people but I think it's short sighted.

01:38:03   That's why companies most companies don't change when they have a hit product right

01:38:07   they because they don't want to hear from the people who you know, the anti early adopters

01:38:11   and want what they're familiar with, you know, and don't really have an open mind about trying

01:38:17   the new thing. I wrote about this, I speculate that I think that maybe that might be one

01:38:22   of the reasons the 10R is a little bit less popular than Apple anticipated is that people

01:38:27   who maybe were like thinking maybe I'll get a new iPhone this year and they don't want

01:38:31   to get one because none of them have the home button or the headphone jack and they're not

01:38:36   I have heard from those readers because I think they read the Wall Street Journal and

01:38:40   well, they definitely read the Wall Street Journal and there's there's something to that.

01:38:44   Yeah, I mean, there's also the the entry level price point of the iPhone seven.

01:38:49   They're like, I don't have to deal with this whole new thing. And it's cheaper. Okay, I'm fine.

01:38:54   On the flip side, I'll tell you this, and I'll bet you'll agree. I love the new MacBook trackpads.

01:39:01   I love it. I think that the fake haptic click that they give you is the it's the most uncanny thing

01:39:09   I've experienced. Like, it's hard to believe that it's not a real click. It really is. And then when

01:39:14   when I went back to my this 2014 has the actual what did they

01:39:17   call it the seesaw clickboard, you know, trackpad that actually

01:39:21   moves, you know, and has like less clickiness at the top

01:39:25   because it's a lever. It does feel gross. It's absolutely a

01:39:29   huge step back. The current trackpads are just amazing.

01:39:33   Yeah, I mean, I just, I had also gone from that 13 inch, which we

01:39:39   had a smaller surface area. And I'm just like, this is, I love

01:39:42   this. I love this laptop. Like for me for like this past year,

01:39:46   like Apple gave me like, you know, you could look at can look

01:39:51   at what what's been going on with their stock price and

01:39:53   everything that's, you know, been around it, but they made

01:39:56   some really great updates this past year.

01:39:58   Yeah, I think that the people hemming and hawing over the tech

01:40:02   specs of the MacBook Air are missing the point. It's, you

01:40:05   know, it's a I mean, around the

01:40:07   you can benchmark it and you for you know, $100 more, you can get

01:40:11   the MacBook Pro that doesn't have the touch bar

01:40:16   and it's faster and it's only slightly heavier

01:40:19   and the same thickness in the back, et cetera, et cetera.

01:40:23   I think that the MacBook Air's appeal though is large.

01:40:28   I feel like that teardrop shape is part of the appeal

01:40:31   and it doesn't matter how,

01:40:32   if it's actually not by volume that much less volume

01:40:37   than the one that doesn't teardrop.

01:40:39   it's just a nicer shape because when you take it out, you never

01:40:42   orient it wrong.

01:40:43   Yeah, I mean, the form like, I just prefer the smaller size of

01:40:47   this air. For me, the biggest question is like, why is that

01:40:49   MacBook still around? And I get the arguments about it sort of

01:40:53   like, you know, smaller, stat, more stylish, like sleeker

01:40:58   looking, maybe I don't actually feel that way. But on the pro, I

01:41:03   think there's a lot of reasons to go up. But I don't like the

01:41:07   size is not does not bother me. Yeah. I don't think it's I mean,

01:41:11   that is where I do see the gap between the two like I would far

01:41:14   rather have this air for both battery life and for the size of

01:41:18   it. Yeah. And the combination of no touch bar, but does have the

01:41:23   touch ID is really is sort of one of those. Hey, this is what

01:41:27   everybody was asking for. Yeah. And when I mean, I, I'd say I

01:41:32   was thinking about this when I have my Apple Watch on, I really

01:41:34   do prefer the unlock with the Apple watch. Right? Like it just is faster. But yeah, it's

01:41:40   handy to have that there. Yeah, the touch bars of what's real. I don't know. I've just

01:41:46   always see that thing on people's like their laptops and meetings and just like, Have you

01:41:50   ever touched that?

01:41:51   Trenton Larkin It looks cool. I know. Yeah. But I have to

01:41:54   say that's something I didn't. I don't hate it. And I don't hate it like some people do.

01:41:59   But like I said, using it for six weeks nonstop. I didn't hate it. And there's some things

01:42:03   I like about it. I like dragging the sliders around for the brightness and volume. But

01:42:08   when I went back to not having it, I didn't miss it. I did not miss the touch bar. Yeah,

01:42:14   I didn't miss it at all. I don't hate it, but I didn't miss it. And I feel like—

01:42:17   Yeah, I mean, this laptop, there's very little about it that I would change. And there's

01:42:23   very—I mean, the keyboard's one of them, and they probably won't change that. And

01:42:28   the ports are one of them, but I've learned to live with that far more than I thought

01:42:31   I would.

01:42:32   Isn't the most baffling one the mag safe

01:42:34   Yeah, I miss mag safe. I really do

01:42:38   It feels like such a step backwards and I don't know what the solution is and I get that USB C power delivery

01:42:44   Has all sorts of actual technical advantages and charging performance and it's a standard plug

01:42:50   but man the say it that

01:42:53   Mag safe has saved my MacBook, you know, and this is something

01:42:58   Yeah, and this is something me and you had talked about on some other podcast one thing that bothers me is that there's no

01:43:04   USBC port on the right-hand side. Yeah. Yeah, because when I'm in bed we had this conversation

01:43:11   I think around the MacBooks last year. Yeah, or two years ago. I wanted on the other side. Yep

01:43:16   Yep, I agree to that's that is

01:43:19   It's nice that you can charge

01:43:21   From both sides on the MacBooks that do have them on both sides and right not having it on both sides

01:43:26   I just it's a small thing, but I've got something USB plug in

01:43:30   right here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's like the cord is

01:43:34   going behind the thing to go in to charge. Yeah. But I mean,

01:43:40   yeah, I've gone over the time that you have. But I sure I have

01:43:44   three things I need to review in my inbox.

01:43:47   It is always a pleasure having you on the show. Everybody can

01:43:52   read your excellent work in the Wall Street Journal and on

01:43:56   Twitter, you are @joannasturn, right? No funny punctuation. What are you working on this

01:44:05   week? Can you say or is it a secret?

01:44:07   Yeah, I mean, I'm doing well, I don't know when it's going to come out. So I'm going

01:44:12   on vacation. I'm trying to finish this piece about webcams, which was prompted by me getting

01:44:19   this new laptop and being like, do I need a webcam cover? And I started to dig into

01:44:24   it and I don't know.

01:44:25   - That's your answer. - Not sure where

01:44:26   it's fully going.

01:44:27   Yeah, I'm gonna get a webcam cover.

01:44:29   - Are you really?

01:44:30   I don't worry about it.

01:44:32   I don't think that, I think that's not an issue.

01:44:34   - Yeah, well, you'll see in the piece

01:44:37   why I now feel like, yeah.

01:44:40   - Did you know this, what is the rule?

01:44:45   It's, oh, the, Apple's latest security guide

01:44:50   says that, I think it starts with the MacBook Air,

01:44:54   When the cover is closed,

01:44:57   the microphone is physically detached.

01:45:02   There's a physical disconnection

01:45:04   and it's only the microphone because if it's closed,

01:45:07   you don't need to worry about the camera

01:45:08   because the camera's in the dark.

01:45:10   - Already closed. - Because the thing's closed.

01:45:12   It's a really clever idea.

01:45:15   But it did raise the notion to me

01:45:17   that if Apple thinks enough about it to do that,

01:45:20   is it just to give people peace of mind

01:45:22   or is there something to worry about when it's open?

01:45:25   - So this is the piece that I'm basically after

01:45:27   'cause for me, I also have cameras all over my house now.

01:45:32   And so I'm like, well, people are covering their webcams

01:45:34   at work and on their laptops,

01:45:36   but they've got Nest cameras everywhere and all this.

01:45:40   So yeah, I'm not sure where it's all leading,

01:45:43   but I've sort of been digging into it.

01:45:44   I'm not positive, don't be this piece next week,

01:45:47   but at some point, someone will read that piece.

01:45:49   - I thought it was interesting.

01:45:50   Last year, when they invited a handful of us to have that Mac Pro roundtable, me and

01:45:55   Panzarino and Fried and John Petchkowski, I think Lance Ulanoff was the fifth. Phil

01:46:05   Schiller had a keynote prepared, and I'm certain that it was his personal MacBook that

01:46:13   he was using. I remember thinking, "I wonder if he covers it." No, he doesn't cover

01:46:17   it.

01:46:18   Hmm. Yeah, I'd be one of the things I'm doing is trying to reach out to Mark Zuckerberg

01:46:21   to find out but I'm sure there'll be no comment on that. I'll bet they will have no comment.

01:46:25   But here's I want to say something about that. I've been meaning to get this off my chest

01:46:29   forever. So there's a picture of Mark Zuckerberg from a handful of years ago inside Facebook

01:46:34   doing something and he's at a MacBook and the camera is covered. I don't think there's

01:46:41   any reason to believe that that's his MacBook. I think he was there. I think he was posing

01:46:45   for a picture. It might be. But I think that the assumption that that's his personal MacBook

01:46:51   is has no validity whatsoever, because it was sort of a staged photo. And you know what

01:46:55   it's like when you're staging a photo, you just put props up, you know?

01:46:59   Well, you know, I'll ask that question. Yeah, I would ask that question. I think that the

01:47:04   fact that the our collective tech world has assumed as fact that that was his MacBook

01:47:11   is

01:47:12   But he would be a high value target.

01:47:15   - Oh, definitely.

01:47:16   - And given how easy it seems to be to hack someone's webcam

01:47:20   for what I'm finding in my reporting.

01:47:23   Yeah, I don't know.

01:47:24   - All right, I can't wait to read the report.

01:47:27   - Yeah, me too.

01:47:28   - Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

01:47:30   - Great to be here and speak to you again.