The Talk Show

233: ‘North Korean USB Fan’ With John Moltz


00:00:00   We are recording on October 31

00:00:02   This is the day after the Big Apple event and every other person on my list of guests to have on the show soon is either

00:00:08   Traveling home from the Apple event or is going to be out trick-or-treating with their young children

00:00:16   And that leaves John moltz

00:00:19   It's nice to be on the list

00:00:25   No, I thought it would be fun that you know

00:00:27   You weren't on for a long time and now you're on back-to-back and we can judge how we did

00:00:30   We we had a preview we had a preview show

00:00:33   I don't either. Well, let me tell you something. Um, I'm

00:00:38   Actually just back from New York. I still stink like

00:00:42   like New York

00:00:45   That's a heavy stink - yeah, I haven't watched it well

00:00:52   They played that I love New York song and the thing yesterday and then one I'd never heard that song before and one of the lines

00:00:58   Is I love the New York stinks. I

00:01:00   Love the stink of it or something. No, I love New York, but I I literally am fresh off the train

00:01:05   but somebody on Twitter asked me how my hat tasted and

00:01:11   I'm confused because I thought when I said along the last show that I would eat my hat

00:01:16   I thought I said I would eat my hat if Adobe didn't get to demo Photoshop for iPad, which they did

00:01:21   Yeah, so I don't really said yeah, so I don't leave any yeah, I mean and I don't think there's any way

00:01:26   We would have thought that they were not going to do that. Yeah, so I don't think there are any hats

00:01:29   I'm supposed to eat but I don't think this is I don't and I don't think that's revisionist history

00:01:33   No, so if if I'm wrong and I need to eat a hat I I was so confident sure

00:01:40   It's a very make sure it's a tiny hat. I was so confident in

00:01:43   In Adobe

00:01:47   Do being on stage for that to do to do Photoshop for iPad that I didn't even take a hat

00:01:52   You know to buy one of those fancy New York hats yeah exactly speaking of

00:01:59   Getting a small one in case you have to eat it. I got to see

00:02:02   I got to see the new palm phone

00:02:06   Really? Yeah, you did we talk about this last week. It's like a little

00:02:10   No, I mean a lot of people have joked that I would get that phone

00:02:14   Yeah, it is a it is a little credit card phone. I think Dan Fromer and I talked about it then

00:02:18   at some point. But yeah, there is a new phone that some company who has purchased the rights

00:02:24   to the name palm is calling a palm phone, but it's just an Android phone. I can't say who had it,

00:02:31   I believe, believe they're under an NDA. But, you know, and you go to these press things,

00:02:36   you get to see stuff like that, you know, somebody else was carrying it around, and I saw it and it

00:02:40   is adorable, but it is definitely not something that you could use as your main phone. I mean,

00:02:47   it's the gist, whatever the merits. It's kind of the idea, right though. I mean,

00:02:50   the point is that you can try and disconnect and turn off those things that are distractions.

00:02:55   Yeah, but the battery life or whatever. The battery life is so bad though, that even if

00:02:58   you're not using it, like if somebody is thinking, well, I could get it because I want to cut down on

00:03:03   using my phone. Like I don't even think that if it was your one and only phone that you could just

00:03:07   keep it in your pocket all day and have it. You know, not even that's a feature so you don't get

00:03:12   distracted. So not only is the screen too small to really use, it's not supposed to be on the phone,

00:03:17   turn the phone off. Right. It dies at 11am. You should just carry around a potato. Yeah.

00:03:22   It does seem like it is. It's not like a piece of junk. It does seem like a nice little iPhone.

00:03:30   It really does look like an iPhone had a baby or something. It's sort of iPhone-ish.

00:03:35   that's what i want to happen but yeah it doesn't have volume buttons

00:03:39   wow and like the only button is the power button and so i said well how do you turn the volume

00:03:46   how do you change the volume and i don't know yet

00:03:49   so anyway there should be some good reviews of that coming out soon

00:03:55   did you i i i guess i should have asked before you started the show did you watch the event

00:04:05   yesterday. That would have been a little awkward if I had not. Yes, I watched the event.

00:04:11   What did you think as a home viewer? I thought it was pretty good. I mean,

00:04:15   as far as the event goes, the event was fine. I think the announcements were nice. I mean,

00:04:20   we got to see the things that we were hoping to see and they turned out pretty well, if rather pricey.

00:04:26   It was a very rapidly paced event. I was talking to some friends at The Verge and those guys,

00:04:35   they have, you know, they're shooting video and they want to get, you know, they're so

00:04:39   busy after these events. I don't know how they do it because you know, there's in the hands-on area,

00:04:43   they're getting the footage that they can edit together and then have like a narrow, you know,

00:04:48   narrate a, you know, here's what Apple announced today and get all this together and get it out,

00:04:52   you know, by like early afternoon. But they like to, um, and smart too, because they're on this

00:04:59   tight deadline. So what they like to do is every time there's like at the end of each section when

00:05:03   when there's the summary page, like iPad, new iPad Pro,

00:05:08   and it comes with, you can get 64 or 256, 512,

00:05:15   or one terabyte, and that is the slide.

00:05:19   They like to take photos of those slides

00:05:21   and have every one of them so that they,

00:05:24   as they're writing, they already have,

00:05:26   here's the four storage options,

00:05:27   here's the starting price, blah, blah, blah.

00:05:29   They don't have to sit there.

00:05:30   Yeah, and then I have to like,

00:05:31   and some of those slides were up so long

00:05:33   that while they were trying to get them,

00:05:34   they're like, "Oh, here it comes."

00:05:35   And it was like up and then gone.

00:05:37   (laughing)

00:05:38   It's like, what, what happened?

00:05:40   - It was a very quick moving event.

00:05:43   - On purpose, perhaps?

00:05:45   - I don't know, I don't know.

00:05:46   I almost think like maybe--

00:05:48   - Before people do the math.

00:05:50   - Oh yeah, maybe, because I do feel like

00:05:53   one of the undercurrents of this that we have to get to

00:05:55   is that the prices have gone up.

00:05:58   If up means I wanna get the latest,

00:06:02   I want to get the new iPad Pro.

00:06:04   - Yeah, you can still get a,

00:06:06   I mean, you can still get an iPad

00:06:08   for fairly cheap actually, but not a new one.

00:06:11   - Yeah, so I was sitting near the front.

00:06:16   I had put in a, I don't think this is funny actually,

00:06:21   but at the last event, I couldn't read the small print

00:06:24   on the slides from the back of the theater.

00:06:27   And I mentioned this and then they were like,

00:06:31   we'll get you a seat closer to the front." And I was like, "Thank you." I wouldn't say that I need,

00:06:36   like... You're sitting on Al Gore's lap.

00:06:39   Pretty close. So I said, "I don't need to be up front, up front. Just middle of the theater

00:06:46   would be fine. I'm not blind, but from the back, I definitely can't read the small print." And the

00:06:52   small print is often what I'm interested in. They're like, "Don't worry, John, we'll take

00:06:54   care of you. I'm in the third row. I was literally right behind in the second row right in front of

00:07:01   me was the guy with the the camera for the live stream shooting people on stage. I mean, there's

00:07:08   also I think there was also sit in front of him Johnny I've. So that was Johnny Ives head that

00:07:14   everybody could see I believe so. Yeah, because it was um, it was slightly distracting.

00:07:23   Yeah, if it was a bald head, it was definitely Johnny.

00:07:25   That's interesting. It might have been. I can't remember exactly. I was watching it on my iPad,

00:07:28   so it wasn't huge, but it was popping up frequently.

00:07:31   I will try to post. Let's see if any of my photos turned out usable. I have some photos that sort of

00:07:38   show the perspective of the camera guy looking at his display and the camera and Johnny Eye in

00:07:43   front of him and whoever was currently speaking on the thing. It was a pretty good seat.

00:07:48   So another seating related question then you were probably close to other Apple people was the was it retail?

00:07:55   Do you know if yes retail packed in there? Yes, I know for a fact that it was and they got excellent seats

00:08:01   They were all up in a very close to the front

00:08:04   Including two young women who were right a friend of the show actually

00:08:08   Matthew Panzareno sat next to me. He hitchhiked on my

00:08:12   Yeah, they were like

00:08:18   What do you need a friend? I was like, yeah somebody to gossip with during the event

00:08:22   But anyway right behind us in the fourth row were a couple of young women clearly from retail

00:08:27   And they were super enthusiastic and I just loved it

00:08:31   I loved their commentary and it was just it was so genuine and I

00:08:36   Feel like in the events in California when the Apple people who are there applaud

00:08:42   there's a sort of I wouldn't say it's gross, but there's a phoniness to it and it's

00:08:47   It's hmm. They mourn they more know when they're supposed to applaud and the yeah things that they're supposed to applaud

00:08:53   Yeah, whereas the the retail people who filled up and they had you know, they had 2,000 some seats and they don't invite anywhere nearly

00:08:59   2,000 press and it you know, whoever makes the the special guest list

00:09:05   You know doesn't add up close to 2,000 so they had hundreds and I don't know how many you know

00:09:10   Retail people they had there but easily hundreds

00:09:13   super enthusiastic throughout the whole thing clearly aren't like the sort of even though they work in an Apple retail store and obviously are like

00:09:21   Good enough at it that they got chosen, you know, I don't know

00:09:24   I don't you know, I presume it was some kind of reward for being a good employee

00:09:29   But they didn't know anything about what was coming up so like for example when when they announced the iPad Pro and they said

00:09:38   for reason X Y & Z

00:09:41   The were switching to USB C and they were like no whoa

00:09:45   and then

00:09:48   When they showed how because it's a USB C port you can now charge your iPhone from your iPad

00:09:54   They were these two young women. They were like I am losing my mind

00:09:58   it was so

00:10:01   During this I don't know if you could hear it on the live stream, but during the NBA game demo

00:10:05   When Steph hit the three Steph Curry hit the three-pointer shield go Steph

00:10:10   It was just so much fun. So after the thing was over, uh, Panzareno and I turned around

00:10:17   and introduced ourselves and we're, and they were just like, uh, what do you guys do? You

00:10:21   guys write, write blogs and they'd heard of tech crunch and they were like, oh, that's

00:10:24   awesome. And we're like, well, what are you guys doing? They work in retail actually in,

00:10:28   uh, they weren't even from New York. They were from suburban square, which is a suburb

00:10:33   of Philadelphia. I was like, I'm from Philly. I know the suburban square store before we

00:10:36   had ones in Philadelphia. That's one of the ones I used to have to go to. I said it's

00:10:41   a very nice store, but that's cool that they brought. They brought people from more or

00:10:45   less the whole eastern seaboard. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's somehow it seemed like it was retail

00:10:50   people like can't exactly remember. There was some well when Angela, when Angela came

00:10:54   out, she, oh yeah, she got crazy. Yeah. A crazy amount of applause for lots of things.

00:11:00   So that I think that was definitely what tipped me off there.

00:11:04   Yeah.

00:11:05   Yeah.

00:11:06   So that was cool.

00:11:07   And I think it was a great idea because again, the enthusiasm was genuine.

00:11:12   I think that these are people who, you know, they're not the least bit jaded by these things.

00:11:16   You know, none of them, I'm almost certain had ever been to one of these before.

00:11:19   I'm sure all of them had, you know, it was the sort of thing that if you're an enthusiastic

00:11:23   Apple store employee, you'd like to, and I think it was a fun show and it was a little

00:11:27   cold in New York yesterday, but still a nice day. And if all the retail people are from

00:11:34   more or less the Northeast, you know, they're used to it. All the California people from

00:11:37   Apple were dying. Somebody I know in Applebee art, she was wearing this. It wasn't that

00:11:52   cold. It was like 46 degrees Fahrenheit. You know, it's a chilly day, a little bit of wind.

00:11:55   wearing a parka. She had the hood. Oh, she looked like Kenny on the what's that cartoon called

00:12:01   South Park. You know, she had the parka up over her head and cinched. So she's just looking at the

00:12:07   thing. And she's shivering. And I'm just like, Why don't you go inside? Like, and she's like,

00:12:13   I need to greet people. I was like, it's torture watching. I thought it was cool. It was a very,

00:12:21   it's a beautiful, you know, everybody, you know, no surprise, the Brooklyn Academy of Music is a

00:12:24   beautiful theater. They had the hands-on area around the corner. You didn't even have to cross

00:12:28   the street in this—I forget the name of it—one Hudson place. It's like a former bank, like a

00:12:35   turn-of-the-last-century bank. You know, like the way that they just don't build banks like

00:12:41   that anymore. Like a cathedral, a cathedral to money. Carved ceiling and stained glass.

00:12:48   It's funny that none of them, yeah, I mean, none of those are, I mean, well, I shouldn't

00:12:53   say none of them, but most of them are not banks anymore.

00:12:55   No, they're either, they're all like steakhouses.

00:12:57   Or nightclubs, yeah.

00:12:58   Yeah, steak houses, nightclubs.

00:13:00   And this one Hudson Place is just sort of like a rental event space.

00:13:06   But that was right around the corner and it was a beautiful space.

00:13:09   And then there's the Brooklyn, I don't know if it's got a name, but it's the Apple Store.

00:13:15   They showed it on one of Angela Arnett's slides.

00:13:17   It's on like a little wedge-shaped block, so it's sort of like the Flatiron Building

00:13:23   in New York where it's a triangle-shaped building by necessity, and it's just gorgeous

00:13:28   architecture.

00:13:29   It is apparently the building—Apple didn't build the building.

00:13:32   They inherited it, but they did a little work.

00:13:36   And it is just gorgeous in terms of taking advantage, like making that triangle shape

00:13:40   seem like the most natural thing in the world.

00:13:43   Very cool.

00:13:44   All right.

00:13:45   Well, we'll get into the details.

00:13:47   I want to keep moving. I'm going to take a break here and thank our first sponsor.

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00:18:36   The product. You know what I mean? Sleep on the pillow. We're going to send you a pillow.

00:18:43   You've got to sleep on it. I don't care. I'll sleep on anything. You know what I mean? I

00:18:47   keep it but I'll sleep on the pill if it's sleeping I'll try it yeah it'd be

00:18:53   like bicycling 26 miles this episode would not be taking place if I had tried

00:18:59   to swim 2.4 miles I mean I can swim I I could you know yeah I swim a length of

00:19:06   a like a hotel pool though and that's you know who John's done for the day

00:19:12   filled your ring there all right so the event let's just keep it going so what

00:19:20   was the what was the first thing I started with the Mac all right first was

00:19:24   Tim Cook right I thought Tim Cook was really great I thought it might have been

00:19:29   his I don't know why I just seemed to me in the audience that he seemed relaxed

00:19:35   and happy and enthusiastic I didn't really notice that and other people had

00:19:39   that to me though. And thinking back, it does seem like that. Yeah.

00:19:42   Uh, you know, I think he's gotten, he continues to get better and better at being the, the

00:19:49   host of these shows. Uh, it's, uh, you know, among all the different ways that replacing

00:19:56   Steve jobs is difficult, you know, replacing them as the guy who comes out at these Apple

00:20:01   events is gotta be, it's certainly not the most frequent, right? Cause it's, you know,

00:20:06   three, four times a year, maybe, whereas there are other aspects of his job as CEO that are

00:20:13   every single day, from when he wakes up until he goes to sleep. But this is the one that's

00:20:19   obviously the highest profile. I really think he continues to come into his own.

00:20:24   I guess another way to put it is it really seemed to me like he enjoyed it yesterday.

00:20:31   And I think he clearly ad-libbed the,

00:20:33   "Maybe I'll move to New York."

00:20:34   (laughs)

00:20:35   Like he-- - I think so.

00:20:37   I doubt they wrote that for him.

00:20:38   - I know, and I really, 'cause I really do feel,

00:20:40   and I mean it, I think even from his perspective on stage,

00:20:43   I feel like this sort of more genuine energy level

00:20:47   of the retail folks in the audience really came across.

00:20:50   And it was funny too.

00:20:52   - Yeah, it would be great if they could do that

00:20:53   all the time instead of what they do in California.

00:20:56   - And no offense, no offense to anybody who's listening

00:20:59   who's an Apple employee in California and who was,

00:21:02   you know, like maybe you work on Apple Watch

00:21:04   and you were in the theater

00:21:06   for the last month's announcement of the Series 4.

00:21:08   I'm not saying you were a bad--

00:21:10   - I mean, maybe the more reserved attitude in California

00:21:13   is also just because they know more

00:21:14   about what's being announced.

00:21:17   And the retail people have absolutely no idea.

00:21:19   - Yeah, yeah.

00:21:20   And I don't know, it's really cool.

00:21:22   I also thought that his enthusiasm

00:21:28   for the Mac Mini and especially the MacBook Air was sincere.

00:21:33   And I think it's a weird, especially the MacBook Air,

00:21:38   although it's good that the Mac Mini is alive and well

00:21:41   and totally refreshed, that's great.

00:21:44   It's clearly though, the MacBook Air,

00:21:48   and I thought it was great that he made it clear

00:21:49   that this is, he called it, this is our most beloved Mac.

00:21:52   This is the Mac that most people use

00:21:54   and they have the most affection for.

00:21:57   It's, you know, I don't know what percentage

00:21:59   of their overall Mac sales or MacBook Airs,

00:22:01   but I think it's just off the charts.

00:22:03   - Yeah, it has to be.

00:22:05   - And you know, well then why did it go so long

00:22:07   between updates? - Right.

00:22:08   - And I, you know, we can get to that.

00:22:11   I think they don't really have an answer.

00:22:13   They certainly don't have a public answer.

00:22:15   And even talking to folks off the record,

00:22:18   privately after the event, they don't really have,

00:22:22   they're not gonna come out and say it in so many words.

00:22:24   But I kind of reading between the lines,

00:22:26   think I kind of get it. It's not about not having affection for the product or not caring about it

00:22:32   or having a disregard for the people who want to buy it. It's more complicated than that.

00:22:37   But I think it's a really cool update.

00:22:42   Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's such a cool update and maybe it's a little, well, I mean,

00:22:48   it's a higher price than I'd like, but it really makes you wonder why the MacBook is still in the

00:22:55   lineup yeah well and i know what their line is their line is some people want the lightest yeah

00:23:02   laptop possible but the difference isn't that great right well it's three quarters of a pound

00:23:07   which adds up it i didn't get to see one when you carry eight of them i guess

00:23:11   now you're doing a triathlon they didn't have any side by side they only you know the only products

00:23:19   they had in the hands-on area are were the new ones although they did have some some macbook

00:23:24   pros for some of the stations, but they didn't have any 12-inch MacBooks for comparison.

00:23:31   I think because, "Ooh, this is so small and light." Well, here's one that's smaller and lighter.

00:23:35   They're not going to show that, but I do. And I know that there's—I think our audience

00:23:41   and our Twitter universe, the people who follow me—and I see this. This is a very, very common

00:23:48   question for me on Twitter in the last 24 hours is, "Who the hell is buying this 12-inch MacBook now?"

00:23:53   It's more—costs more and slower.

00:23:56   The air is fine in terms of size and weight and has a retina screen.

00:24:00   And I just do think that there is an audience.

00:24:03   I really do think that—I was told, "We're not going to tell you the numbers, but there

00:24:08   is a—it is definitely worth it for us to keep this in the lineup because there's

00:24:11   a market of people who will pay a premium in terms of performance and price, right?

00:24:19   it's you're paying more and getting less of a computer in terms of you know how fast the CPU is

00:24:24   etc. Just to have smaller and lighter. I wouldn't I don't think especially I really you know,

00:24:33   it doesn't mean I mean, I mean, I don't know. I mean, maybe there are people who are concerned

00:24:38   about that. But that that's small difference in weight. But yeah, it's not me. Well, and the other

00:24:46   question that goes with that particular device is why wasn't it updated? And you know, again,

00:24:52   Apple does doesn't talk about products that haven't been up or they don't explain why

00:24:56   a product wasn't updated. It remains remains a product. Right. It's it's it's a different

00:25:01   product cycle is more or less what you can get. It's on a different cycle. But it does

00:25:06   use entirely different Intel chips. It uses these Intel M three chips. And this is not

00:25:12   the podcast to go to for any kind of technical analysis of Intel's product line. I just don't

00:25:17   care anymore. I used to know it. I used to know a lot about it. The ATP listen to ATP

00:25:21   because those guys know it and they'll tell you all about it. But But basically, you know,

00:25:26   I think that the 12 inch MacBook uses something called the M three and the M is for mobile

00:25:30   and it's you know, it's what allows the MacBook not to have a fan. And because it's sort of

00:25:37   more like Intel's attempt at something like the A12 or A11, you know. And supposedly these

00:25:46   chips that are in the new MacBook Air, which Intel is calling a core i5, it's, you know,

00:25:52   and it's the eighth generation, whatever. So I've seen some people who seem to know

00:25:57   a lot more about this may say, well, it's sort of a dodge, it's like a marketing thing,

00:26:01   because it would there'd be more, they'd be more aptly called the M5 that they're more

00:26:04   like mobile. Who knows? You know? Yeah, well, some people know, but I don't care. It's faster.

00:26:12   The Air is faster than the MacBook, but it's not as fast as a MacBook Pro. It's exactly what you

00:26:17   would think based on the product marketing. And the price, and you know, I complain about the

00:26:21   price, but the price is priced accordingly compared to those devices, I would say.

00:26:27   Yeah. And it hits that, it hits that spot because you,

00:26:33   you're forced into it forces you perfectly into awkward choices. It would have been nice. It would

00:26:38   have it would have been nice if they could have said and you know the entry level model with eight

00:26:44   gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage is 999 and the old macbook air is gone that would have been nice

00:26:53   but it's not it's 1199 you know it's 200 more bucks but i think the good news is that now that

00:27:01   we've seen the future of the MacBook Air and a totally you know every single bit of it from the

00:27:07   footprint to the silhouette to the keyboard to the display. This is obviously the future of the

00:27:13   MacBook Air and now we can see the clear path to where this will be $9.99 a year from now. You know

00:27:20   I don't know probably you know. I mean they have I think there have been times before when the lowest

00:27:26   priced laptop was 1100 bucks. Yeah, well, it'll at least be cheaper than it is now it will get

00:27:32   cheaper. Yeah. You know, so that's the you know, it's not good news if you need one right now,

00:27:38   and you're really kind of hoping to either get one for 999 or to get more for 1200 dollars,

00:27:45   you know, if you were hoping to get like 256 gigs of storage or something like that.

00:27:49   I think for a lot of people, I think one of the big differences I really do think that most of

00:27:55   of the people who are even thinking about a MacBook Air really aren't looking at CPU

00:28:01   performance on the Mac as a thing that affects their work. I really think that anybody who's

00:28:05   really pressing the CPU is probably always in the market for a MacBook Pro or has some

00:28:13   other workflow. They showed yesterday, they had this in the hands-on station, they showed

00:28:19   how you can configure Xcode where you can be coding in a coffee shop on a MacBook Air

00:28:26   and you save and you tell Xcode to build. Instead of building there on your MacBook

00:28:31   Air, if you have Xcode set up at home on a Mac Mini, it doesn't even need a display.

00:28:36   It can be completely headless. You can have a Mac Mini or any other Mac at home do all

00:28:41   the computationally expensive stuff. If you have a couple of iPhones and iPads hooked

00:28:48   up to it. You know, as testing devices, it can run like a whole series of tests on those

00:28:53   devices with builds for each one and do all of this, you know, remotely and it's, you

00:28:58   know, meanwhile, the CPU on your MacBook Air and coffee shop is exercising itself blinking

00:29:04   the cursor and Xcode. Right. You know, so so there's ways around it, if your work is

00:29:10   performance, you know, and other, you know, they had like another setup for video people

00:29:14   who might stack five Mac minis on top of each other. And then when they're finished editing

00:29:20   a video, they can send it to those Mac minis. Because the big thing video people have to

00:29:27   deal with is they need, once they're done editing, they need eight different versions

00:29:31   of different formats and sizes. You can just send that to five Mac minis and they all work

00:29:37   on it in parallel and spit it out.

00:29:42   The other thing in the lineup, the other thing in the Mac lineup that sticks out is the 13-inch

00:29:48   MacBook Pro without touch bar, both price-wise and feature-wise, aka the MacBook escape because

00:29:57   it has an escape key.

00:29:58   And the thing that really sticks out about it to me is all the MacBook Pros with a touch

00:30:04   bar got updated a couple months ago in July, except the one without the touch bar.

00:30:09   get updated this week and it's what does it cost like twelve ninety nine I think I think

00:30:16   it starts at twelve ninety nine I think you're right I'm almost certain it starts at twelve

00:30:19   ninety nine which is a hundred dollars more than the MacBook Air it is faster there is

00:30:25   it is with even without an update that I was told unequivocally it is a faster computer

00:30:30   at there's there's almost there's no benchmark you could get that's going to make the MacBook

00:30:34   Air with the same amount of RAM perform better than that MacBook escape. It is faster. But

00:30:41   the thing that really sticks out to me is that it doesn't have the Touch ID because

00:30:46   the keyboard on the new MacBook Air seems to be the keyboard that an awful lot of people

00:30:50   have been begging Apple to make, which is I don't want the Touch Bar. I don't want

00:30:54   to pay for the Touch Bar. I don't think I'll use the Touch Bar, but I want that fingerprint

00:30:58   sensor. So can I have the old function keys and a nice escape key in the corner, but give

00:31:02   that fingerprints gets the sensor and they've that's that's what this device has but that

00:31:07   13 inch MacBook Pro that doesn't have it and yet it costs more that kind of sticks out.

00:31:12   Yeah. So I don't know if that machine is here for the long run. I think one one side of looking

00:31:17   at it is that that machine is is going to go away. Yeah. And the other side was that maybe Apple

00:31:24   likes to keep it around just so they can say that the MacBook Pro lineup starts at 1299.

00:31:30   that doesn't seem like something apple would would would you know well the question i mean i guess

00:31:35   part of the question though is what is what is the future of the touch bar yeah because that

00:31:40   will change a lot of this equation yeah and again apple you can ask like well why doesn't you know

00:31:47   why why don't you have the option of a touch bar in a macbook air you know uh and you know and

00:31:52   they don't they're not going to come nobody's going to come out and say look it had to be

00:31:56   be cheaper. But effectively, that's the answer. You listen to what they say, and it's like,

00:32:02   "Okay, yeah, whatever the Touch Bar costs, it would have kept it from costing." That's

00:32:07   one of the reasons this device is $1,199.

00:32:09   I don't know. Do you get the sense that they have some sort of vision for the Touch Bar

00:32:15   or that it was just an idea that they had at the time and tried it and it doesn't seem

00:32:20   like it's going to work out?

00:32:21   I think it's a great idea in general. I think that a bunch of fiddly little keys, F1, F2,

00:32:28   F3, F4, is a really 1978 computer idea. And so Apple obviously thought that too because

00:32:36   for a very long time now they've all defaulted not to being F keys unless you hold down the

00:32:42   function, the little FN key, and they default to features like brightness and keyboard brightness

00:32:47   and volume. I think that replacing them is, you know, those keys with a touchscreen type

00:32:54   thing is a good idea in principle. I just don't know that the touch bar as we know it

00:32:59   is the right answer. Friend of the show and our mutual friend Craig Hockenberry has had

00:33:03   a great idea that he proposed on a slack that you and I are on a couple weeks ago where

00:33:08   he his idea was it should be more like the control strip from the Mac OS nine Mac OS

00:33:13   8 era. There's a hack that can do that. I forget the name of it, but I downloaded it and tried it

00:33:20   out and it was very fiddly and sort of like beyond my patience to try to configure, but it shipped

00:33:29   with a bunch of defaults and I tried a couple of the defaults and they were nice and I think they

00:33:34   were probably better. Some of it concerned me because for some reason the weather widget that

00:33:39   they had for it was using a Russian weather site. I was like, "Hmm, not sure what's going on in the

00:33:45   background here." So I ended up uninstalling it. But I think that's completely right. I think a

00:33:51   control strip would be much more useful for a broader group of people. And the weird thing

00:33:58   about the whole thing is that it seems like it's really more appropriate for just general users

00:34:05   rather than pro users. Yeah. Because the pro users are up in arms because they want to

00:34:10   have physical keys because they they're the ones who actually rely on those function keys.

00:34:15   Yeah. So I don't know. I'm optimistic because I feel like Apple is not a company to they

00:34:21   they I feel like they're one of their strengths is that they recognize their mistakes, you

00:34:26   know, and it may take them a long time and they may be completely silent until you know,

00:34:30   they don't they don't acknowledge them until they have, you know, here, here's the answer.

00:34:34   around there. They very rarely do what they did with the Mac Pro, you know, last year

00:34:39   and say, okay, we kind of we kind of we kind of missed this whole move to GPUs and back

00:34:45   painted ourselves in a thermal corner, etc, etc. So we're back to the drawing board, we're

00:34:48   going to make an all new Mac Pro, it's going to be awesome. And you have to wait like another

00:34:51   two years. Yeah, they don't do that very often. So but I'm optimistic that it's just software,

00:34:57   right? The touch bar is just software. So they could they could write, they could do

00:35:00   something different or improve what they have in a radical way, and because it's just software,

00:35:05   everybody would get it. Yeah. And when I got it, it felt to me like watch zero, watch OS one.

00:35:15   And I thought, well, it showed promise, but it needs to be taken to the next level. And they

00:35:23   eventually did that with the watch. And I get the sense now, looking back on the watch, that they

00:35:28   probably had an idea that it really was going to be like a health, you know, much more health centric,

00:35:32   but they didn't have all that stuff ready up front and they wanted to ship it. Yeah. When they had it

00:35:38   and so they worked that in but but I kind of get the sense that they did know that at the beginning

00:35:43   and I maybe there's the same thing going on here and that other shoe will drop eventually but

00:35:50   right now I just don't know what it is. Yeah and there's some some touch bar things that I really

00:35:55   don't get like when you're using Safari it like tries to show you things that represent your

00:36:00   tabs in the front most window I changed that I can't I can't understand them I don't I look at

00:36:06   them and there's nothing yeah you know you can't see what they yeah they're them in enough detail

00:36:11   to for it to make sense so I changed it to like I think I've got the forward and back button yeah

00:36:16   and like oh yeah and then they get a thing that shows you all of the open yeah tabs on the screen

00:36:23   I have to admit, one thing I do use, I don't have it, I don't have, I spent six or seven

00:36:28   weeks using MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar as a review unit over July and August. I did

00:36:34   find myself using, in a lot of dialogue boxes, the buttons show up in the Touch Bar, like

00:36:39   OK and Cancel or whatever. And if you have to type a password or something and there's

00:36:44   a big blue Verify button, I found myself using that a lot. Just because I'm staring at the

00:36:50   the keyboard to type my password or whatever it is I'm typing. And then there's the button

00:36:54   and I just poke it. So there's things I do that too. So hopefully they have smart user

00:37:02   experience, people thinking very hard about the ways that they could plus it, to use Walt

00:37:07   Disney's term. But I will say this, at the event yesterday and milling about the hands-on

00:37:13   area and talking to various friends in the racket, there were way more people who, if

00:37:20   the touch bar came up, it was, are they still gonna just abandon the touch bar was way more

00:37:25   of a of a talking point, then, boy, I wish this machine had the touch bar. Like, that

00:37:31   really didn't come up. It really didn't. Yeah. And the thing that people a lot of people

00:37:34   I heard, it's not just, you know, it's the very obvious thing. A lot of people are like,

00:37:39   yeah, this is what I want. I just want the touch ID thing in the corner. Yeah, I spent

00:37:43   a lot of time with the machine connected to a monitor and the lid closed and typing on

00:37:47   and click the keyboard. So I can't can't fully get used to the touch board because I don't use it

00:37:53   like half the time. Yeah, it's not available. Yep. The other thing I thought was very striking

00:37:58   in the Mac portion of the event when we can segue and talk about the Mac Mini, but

00:38:02   it was very, very obvious that there is a uncomfortable Cold War, not Cold War, but

00:38:11   Apple's relationship with Intel is strained. Yeah, the word the name Intel was not once mentioned by

00:38:18   anybody on stage. Nobody verbally think I think you're I used to you type you've got some place I

00:38:22   think you're wrong about Yeah, I think the woman I can't remember. I can't I can't remember any

00:38:27   other name. Yeah. Well, they do a whole group of new people. I don't know who anybody was. I have

00:38:31   a minor complaint about that. I wish that they would put the name of the employees on screen.

00:38:37   And even if it's Angela Arens and we know who it is, you know, who cares, you know?

00:38:42   Because that's one small thing that Tim Cook is doing now that I don't like anymore. So if

00:38:46   it's somebody new, he will announce their full name. Like, here's John Ternus. And like the woman

00:38:53   he gave her full name. I don't know it either. I know exactly who you're talking about. Tall,

00:38:59   blonde woman. She was great. I think she said it all at some point. Yeah. Well, if she did,

00:39:04   she said it once. I was kind of listening. It might have been once and I'm almost certain that

00:39:09   then the word Intel only appeared on one slide and it was a very small print. It was sort of like the

00:39:16   like the diagram of the inside of the MacBook Air and in pointing out like here's this,

00:39:25   here's that, here's that, you know, here's where the chip is, here's where the graphics thing is,

00:39:29   here's where the speakers are and there was like, you know, it said like Intel fifth,

00:39:33   eighth generation, whatever, and point into a thing. And then the entire Mac mini thing,

00:39:38   they didn't use the word Intel in any of the slides. Very telling. And they never talked

00:39:43   about the chip. They never said anything about what it can do. And compare and contrast that

00:39:48   with the iPad Pro later, where they were talking about it. Yeah. And part of it is I think that

00:39:52   they're very clearly unhappy with Intel and the performance of Intel chips over the last few years.

00:40:00   part of it is it's very it's not just rumors to me at this point this event made it very clear to

00:40:06   me that apple is on the cusp of moving the mac to their own arm chips yeah i mean what does cusp

00:40:12   mean does it mean 2019 i i don't know but at least in their hearts they're they've checked out

00:40:19   of their relationship with intel it was well and you could see and it was some of it was just

00:40:24   pretty obvious and when they did mention things like that they would say um the new mac mini is

00:40:30   five times faster than the old one which four years ago the last part left unsaid and then

00:40:37   you know they would talk about how much faster the iPad was it's 10,000 times faster than

00:40:43   the one that shipped last year right but and I think the other problem they had is that

00:40:47   they couldn't really brag about how fast the you know the Mac mini or the MacBook Air was

00:40:53   at doing X like some real world task because if it was a task that could be done on the

00:41:00   a new iPad Pro, the iPad Pro would embarrass it. Like, I don't know what, you know, I didn't

00:41:05   try to sneak into the hands on area, try to sneak Geekbench into the hands on area thing.

00:41:12   Some people do that. And I don't know, I honestly, I guess because you can download Geekbench,

00:41:17   I don't know how they get it on iOS devices, because I don't know how they get the app

00:41:21   store to authorize it. But you know, people try to do it. I'm quite sure that like Geekbench

00:41:27   scores would show the iPad Pro embarrassing the MacBook Air in terms of performance and

00:41:33   you know, alright, Geekbench is just an arbitrary benchmark in real world performance. So this

00:41:41   is an Apple. You know, you know, they obviously had a bunch of people from Adobe there. One

00:41:47   of the hands on stations yesterday was to show Lightroom. Austin Mann was actually there

00:41:54   to the photographer. I've linked to him on during Fireball a couple times. He does these

00:41:57   great iPhone camera reviews where he goes like around the world like he'll go to Africa or

00:42:02   Patagonia. You know, so everybody knows his reviews. They're there. He's a terrific photographer.

00:42:08   These are amazing shots. And he's also just a great he's a really friendly person and and and

00:42:13   his enthusiasm for encouraging everyone to be more creative as a photographer with their device is

00:42:20   just it's contagious. Anyway, he was there and they were using some of his photos that he had shot with

00:42:26   a hassle bed. I don't know how much a hassle bed costs, but it costs a lot. And it shoots

00:42:33   50 megapixel images. And of course, they're raw. I don't even know if a hassle bed doesn't

00:42:39   shoot raw. So these are raw images from a hassle bed that are 50 megapixels. And they're

00:42:46   open on the new iPad Pro in Lightroom. And you can pinch to zoom and the zoom is every

00:42:51   bit as smooth and perfectly tracking your fingers every step of the way, no matter how

00:42:55   fast you pinch as though it's like a simple little photo off your iPad or taken with the

00:43:01   iPad camera. And this is a 50 megapixel raw and you sit there and they demoed it but I

00:43:08   got to play with it and you can just say like turn it black and white and it's like this

00:43:10   whole 50 megapixel thing. It's almost as though the adjustments you make in Lightroom have

00:43:15   been already computed and you're just switching between images. And then they had a 15-inch

00:43:22   MacBook Pro next to it also running Lightroom. And the demo wasn't to make the MacBook Pro

00:43:29   look slow. The demo was to show the workflow of how your images in Creative Cloud show

00:43:35   up both places at once, you know, that you can go into the field with an iPad Pro and

00:43:40   connect your camera and start making edits and do all this cool work. And then as soon

00:43:44   as you sit down at a Mac, you don't have to do anything. They're already there. You know,

00:43:47   that was the demo. But I opened the same image on the MacBook Pro and use the trackpad to

00:43:51   pinch to zoom. And it you know, it was fast and I used to use Lightroom. I love Lightroom. I just

00:43:57   sort of lazily at my level of photographic enthusiasm, switching to Apple photos just

00:44:03   made things a little easier. It it scaled as you pinch to zoom in Lightroom on the trackpad. It's

00:44:12   scaled better than I remember Lightroom scaling a couple years ago on my Mac at home with far

00:44:18   smaller than 50 megabytes. It was very smooth, but it wasn't like the iPad Pro.

00:44:22   And that's not because—that's just the way that the iPad Pro is fast in ways that don't

00:44:29   just equate to Geekbench numbers. It's this whole integrated—everything

00:44:36   is under Apple's control, and it really does stick out.

00:44:43   Well, one of the things that's come out since the event is that the terabyte one has twice the RAM.

00:44:52   Is that right?

00:44:52   You're skipping away. You're skipping ahead. You're skipping to iPad Pro. I kind of mentioned it.

00:44:55   I mentioned it only in the context of them not talking about Intel. Let's do Mac Mini first.

00:45:00   We got to do Mac Mini.

00:45:01   Oh, yeah. Right. We're still in the Mac. Sorry.

00:45:03   Yeah. But I got sidetracked by talking about how clearly Apple is going to move. There's just

00:45:09   100% all the rumors aside, doesn't matter what, you know, Mark Gurman or has had sources to say,

00:45:16   which I think he's right. I think he's got it exactly right. But it just you don't need sources,

00:45:21   you can just listen to what they're enthusiastic about and why the iPad is as performant as it is.

00:45:27   And they need to bring that to the Mac, then and they just need to because these companies,

00:45:32   these systems aren't like it's not like the old days, when you can just take a computer

00:45:38   and pick the Intel chip out and put a newer Intel chip in and just stick it in a socket

00:45:43   and now it's a faster computer. Even though they are Intel-based computers, Apple is designing

00:45:48   these things as integrated holes the way they do with iOS devices, except they don't have

00:45:53   control over these essential aspects of it. I think it's driving them nuts.

00:45:58   The Mac Mini. What about the colors for the MacBook Air? I think that's pretty, it's like

00:46:06   they've, they've got the, they got rid of rose gold, like right lineup, right? They've

00:46:11   they've sort of switched to, there's like one true gold now for Apple's aluminum products,

00:46:17   you know, like the stainless steel gold is sort of a different look, but because I don't

00:46:22   think the Apple Watch has golden rose gold anymore either. No, it doesn't. Yeah. It's

00:46:26   sort of like it has a gold that has like a touch of pink, but you wouldn't call it rose

00:46:31   gold. I don't know how else to say it. I think if you like Apple's other recent gold products,

00:46:40   you'll like the gold MacBook Air. If it's not your thing, get the space gray one.

00:46:47   Dave Asprey And then the classic color.

00:46:51   Dave Asprey The classic color, whatever you want to call

00:46:53   it. I guess they call it silver.

00:46:55   Somebody was speculating that because everybody bought space grey stuff as soon as they could that silver is gonna be the new space grey and people are gonna buy the

00:47:02   That the silver is gonna be super popular. I don't know they both look good

00:47:06   Yeah, I think that I think that space grey is a little bit more forgiving in terms of like

00:47:11   Dirt and scratches and stuff like that. I

00:47:14   Think so, too because the MacBook Pro I had for a couple weeks this summer was was the space grey and you know

00:47:19   I had it and I got you know took it to the beach and I mean I don't use it on the beach beach

00:47:24   but took it to a beach town and took it in the water. Yeah, took it to the ocean. It

00:47:30   really doesn't show the salt water. It doesn't show the corrosion. Computers love salt water.

00:47:36   Yeah, that's why it's good for them. I'm not surprised, but it's just another little way

00:47:45   that the MacBook Air seemed dated, right? Because it didn't have any color choices.

00:47:49   All these other computers have these fun color choices and here's their most popular one

00:47:53   and you can have any color you want as long as it's silver.

00:47:56   Well, now you can have any color of Mac Mini you want as long as it's space gray.

00:48:02   Yeah, that's cool though.

00:48:04   It looks really cool.

00:48:05   It's a cool little thing.

00:48:09   Some people were wondering about the size, like if the size was going to go any smaller,

00:48:13   but it's still the same size, right, basically?

00:48:15   Hold that thought and let's thank our next sponsor.

00:48:18   It's our good friend.

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00:49:22   Dave Asprey That's why I'm on this show.

00:49:25   Dave Exactly. But I will. I guarantee you I will buy

00:49:31   some of these for the holidays and I am going to order them in November. And then it is

00:49:35   a relief. I'll tell you what. Some of you people are sane people and you do a lot of

00:49:39   your holiday shopping in November because that's just what the same people do. Others of you are

00:49:44   like me and you're a procrastinator and if you ever do buy something in November for somebody

00:49:50   my God what a great feeling it is it's like the weight of the world is off your shoulders like I

00:49:53   don't know I don't have to worry about what to get the grandparents I've bought them a bunch

00:49:56   of fractures of the kids or the dog or you know whoever you want to get the picture of that's what

00:50:01   I'll do is I'll buy one thing in like November and think oh my god I'm so ahead of the curve and then

00:50:05   and be buying everything else.

00:50:07   (laughs)

00:50:07   - Well, get your fractures early.

00:50:10   These are fantastic gifts.

00:50:11   They are the good, my number one recommendation every year

00:50:14   for a thing that you can get as a gift

00:50:16   for friends and family.

00:50:18   Everybody loves pictures.

00:50:19   It is fantastic to get some of your pictures

00:50:22   printed out and off your digital devices.

00:50:24   Yeah, 99% of my photos live on my devices

00:50:28   and I look at them on screens.

00:50:30   Get the ones that are your favorites,

00:50:33   the ones you've put the little heart on in photos.

00:50:35   get those printed out, give them to your loved ones.

00:50:37   It's a fantastic gift.

00:50:38   They've got a whole bunch of sizes,

00:50:40   every size from small to large.

00:50:42   Everything come, they come with everything you need

00:50:45   to set them up.

00:50:45   If it's like a small one,

00:50:46   you wanna put it on your desk or your mantle.

00:50:48   If it's a bigger one that you wanna hang,

00:50:50   it comes with everything.

00:50:51   Because they're printed directly on glass,

00:50:53   they don't need frames.

00:50:54   The picture is the frame.

00:50:56   And so it's just a total corner to corner image,

00:51:00   and it looks amazing.

00:51:01   And I guarantee you, that's the other thing,

00:51:03   is people come in, and if people don't know Fractured,

00:51:05   say what the hell has this picture hanging up without a frame and then you'll get to tell them

00:51:08   about fracture just like I'm telling you. They have a green factory carbon neutral. You can feel

00:51:14   good about that. Go to fracture me. Their website is fracture me.com slash talk ta lk and you'll get

00:51:22   a special discount on your first fracture order. And don't forget to pick the talk show in their

00:51:28   one question survey after checkout. That's fractureme.com/talk. I'll just spoil it.

00:51:35   The question they ask is, "How did you hear about Fracture?" I don't know if you can

00:51:39   guess that. But anyway, they're a great company, fantastic gift. Go get them now and you'll

00:51:45   thank me later. Macbook, not Macbook, Mac Mini is the exact same size and more or less

00:51:53   That's the story I was told. It's really great. They were like, "Look, we haven't updated

00:51:59   it in a while. We know. We're not proud of it. It is what it is, and there's various

00:52:04   reasons for it." What they really wanted to do was have a meaningful update. Again,

00:52:14   without throwing intel under the bus, more or less, they didn't mention intel, but

00:52:18   what they said was, "If you've been watching Moore's Law in recent years, there really

00:52:22   isn't a lot of gain to be had with what we used to call speed bump updates. I think it

00:52:29   might have—so basically, I think it's sort of like—I don't think the Mac Mini would

00:52:33   have been that much better of a computer if they'd done minor speed bumps in the last

00:52:36   few years. I think it just would have made people who want the product to be alive feel

00:52:40   better because it's proof that Apple hasn't forgotten that the product is there. I think

00:52:48   at this point, the Mac Mini had gone so long between updates. I think it was like four

00:52:52   years. I think people were afraid that it's like, let's say you're in the Apple store

00:52:56   and Tim Cook comes in and it's like, Oh my God, Tim Cook is in the Apple store and he

00:53:01   comes up and he's like, Hey, how are you? I'm Tim. And you're like, Hey, and you get

00:53:04   to ask a question. I think people were afraid to ask about the Mac Mini cause he'd be like,

00:53:08   we still sell Mac Mini. What? And he'd be like, turn around to his shoulder and be like,

00:53:12   cancel that. There's one sitting over there. I think people were afraid, afraid to even

00:53:17   mentioned it. Like he'd come in the Apple store, people would cover up the Mac Mini,

00:53:19   like I'm afraid Tim's gonna find out we're still selling this and kill it. But it ends up they made

00:53:24   a truly meaningful update. It is completely new. Everything is new about it, except as you said,

00:53:31   the form factor and that's based on their extensive, extensive conversations with their

00:53:38   biggest Mac Mini customers and that the things they heard is we want higher performance, we want

00:53:43   more RAM. We want you to go all SSD, you know, if we can get performance gains out of that.

00:53:50   And we can get like a T2. The T2 is interesting because it shows that's the little

00:53:58   Apple system, you know, ARM system on a chip that is used for like the secure enclave and stuff on

00:54:05   the MacBook Pros and then now with the MacBook Air that have the fingerprint sensor. The Mac Mini

00:54:11   obviously doesn't have touch ID or face ID because it, you know, there's nowhere to touch and it

00:54:16   doesn't have cameras. But it uses the T2 for all these other things that the T2 does like the it's

00:54:21   the it's the storage controller. So all this, you know, to get even faster SSD throughput,

00:54:28   it all goes through this instead of going through the CPU, all sorts of other things that that the

00:54:33   T2 can handle to make everything faster. I think that's where the video encoding comes from. Like,

00:54:39   They I think they said it was 900 times faster. Was it 90,000 times faster? I don't know. I think

00:54:45   it's a big number. h h vc video encoding is 900 times faster because they're not giving it to the

00:54:52   Intel CPU to do not because the Intel so slow but that it video encoding through a CPU is so much

00:55:00   less efficient than when you dedicate a little part of a hardware chip that you know, there's

00:55:04   a little part of the T two that the only thing it does is encode a GVC video. And it's like,

00:55:08   like, oh, I can do that 900 times faster. Well, now you get that. And the other thing

00:55:13   they heard from customers, though, is, here's the only thing is that we've, you know, we

00:55:17   have 10,000 of these things. And we look, here's where they are. See how and you see

00:55:21   how these do we have these slots? Like, if you do change the fit in the same slots, if

00:55:28   you do, yeah, if you do change the size, we we can, we can deal with it. But if you can

00:55:32   keep the size the same, that would be really awesome. Because

00:55:35   Yeah, and they made a point of showing those kinds of installations.

00:55:40   Absolutely. So they called out long-time sponsor of the show, MacStadium. I don't know if they've

00:55:46   ever sponsored the podcast, but they've sponsored Daring Fireball many times. So I'll mention that

00:55:49   in the interest of full disclosure. Brian Stuckey is head--he used to run a business called Mac Mini

00:55:59   colo with the MAC Mini colocation. And MAC Stadium, I think it was a merger. But anyway,

00:56:07   what used to be MAC Mini colo is now MAC Stadium. And Brian Stuckey has been sponsoring

00:56:12   Daring Fireball for at least over 10 years from the MAC Mini colo days till now, maybe

00:56:17   more like 15 years. One of the earliest sponsors. And I don't think I've ever met him actually,

00:56:23   but I've known him through email for years. Good guy. He was actually at the event. I

00:56:27   see him, unfortunately. It's kind of hard to bump into everybody when there's 2,000 people,

00:56:32   but I know he was there, which is cool for him. I think he had to keep his mouth shut about going,

00:56:39   because I think if he'd been tweeting like, "I'm going to the Apple event," I think everybody—

00:56:46   **Matt Stauffer:** Like, "Why is he going to the Apple event?"

00:56:49   **

00:56:49   Yeah. Yeah. But they showed max stadium and it was, you know, and they mentioned them on stage,

00:56:56   which was really cool. It's cool, you know, to me, for somebody who I've known for a long time,

00:56:59   I sort of ran this business as a little, you know, you know, started small and made it big.

00:57:04   But I was told that they there's all sorts of big companies that have similar set ups. I don't know

00:57:13   if they have quite as many Mac minis as Matt max stadium, but you know, thousands, literally,

00:57:17   there's a bunch of big companies with thousands of Mac Minis doing whatever. And they can't mention

00:57:24   them. They didn't even say who they were off the radar. It just wasn't worth it legally and getting

00:57:30   clearance. And a lot of these companies are so big that it's just, there's a bit of bureaucracy.

00:57:35   But they have, this is more popular than you would think was the gist of it.

00:57:45   video encoding a lot of, you know, I don't know if they have thousands, but a lot of

00:57:48   a lot of companies, you know, movie companies and stuff like that. I don't know, just just a lot of

00:57:52   people with that infrastructure. So keeping the form factor the same size was a big deal. And you

00:57:56   and I talked about this last week about the mini isn't all that many anymore. So why can't they

00:58:00   just make it smaller? And that's it? Because that's what many customers, many customers don't want

00:58:05   that. Basically, for however many consumers there are who would want that and wish it was more like

00:58:13   like an Apple TV size.

00:58:16   This is still kind of small, and you can fit it.

00:58:19   It certainly isn't going to take up

00:58:20   a lot of space in your home entertainment center

00:58:22   if that's where you're putting it, et cetera.

00:58:24   And then there's a lot of other customers

00:58:25   who are buying thousands of these things who really don't

00:58:27   want the size to change at all.

00:58:29   I have a retro pie, and I'll tell you,

00:58:31   anytime you have to plug anything into that,

00:58:33   it's actually too small.

00:58:34   It's kind of a pain in the ass, because the cord--

00:58:37   if you're using a controller or something with it

00:58:39   as a USB cord, it'll just pull the thing.

00:58:43   when you're doing any kind of movement, it'll pull it right off the table. And I would imagine,

00:58:47   I mean, you're not doing the same thing with one of those Intel NUCs, but to me, it doesn't need

00:58:53   to be that much smaller. So what's the retro pie? Is that like a raspberry pie type thing?

00:58:58   Yeah, it's a raspberry pie thing that you configure to run old games.

00:59:03   Oh, that's cool. Atari and other things like that.

00:59:06   Why don't I have one of those? That I am 100% licensed to use.

00:59:11   I just for the record, it's all on the open up. I paid for these at some point, I'm sure.

00:59:22   What else? What? What else about the magmini? I mean, there's not that much to say about it.

00:59:27   It is all new. Well, it's 300 bucks more. It starts out 300 bucks. Yeah. And so that

00:59:32   why will I will just say right here, I hats off to Mark Derman, who didn't have a lot of details

00:59:37   on it, but did did say all along that it was going to be geared toward toward a more professional

00:59:43   user base. And it's undeniable that that's true. You know, you listen to what they're

00:59:48   saying about this. And you know, the price increase reflects that, you know, yeah, it

00:59:53   is, you know, it's still the cheapest Mac you can buy. Yeah, it's and you know, it's

00:59:58   the old Mac Mini, especially I think the one that the previous generation in addition to

01:00:02   being old, was also I think, the least popular one ever, because they did things like solder

01:00:07   the RAM onto the motherboard. And right. It was another difference, right? Is that the

01:00:11   RAM can be upgraded. Yep. The fact the AM is the RAM is just, you know, in a socket.

01:00:16   The catch is that it's not user accessible, meaning it's not like a simple thing where you

01:00:22   unscrew a little hatch and there's the RAM and you pop it out and put it in it's officially needs to

01:00:27   go to us authorized service provider because it's complicated to get to. So I think anybody who is an

01:00:34   an enthusiast, though, could do it with like an iFixit guide or something like that if

01:00:39   you're of that bent. Whereas when it's soldered on the motherboard, there's nothing.

01:00:47   Right. But not so the hard drive is not upgradeable, right?

01:00:52   I don't think so. No.

01:00:53   Yeah. I think the hard drive is soldered in.

01:00:54   Yeah. And I think that's part of that whole secure chain from the T2 to the storage controller

01:01:00   and through to the hard drive. So there's a reason for that. People may not like the reason, but

01:01:06   buy the storage you want when you configure it. But anyway, that's good news. Yeah, but effectively,

01:01:14   the old generation Mac Mini was made up of laptop components, and the new one is made up of desktop

01:01:20   components from the CPU to the RAM to the storage. And I think that's great. And it has tons of ports

01:01:26   on the back. That's another reason to keep the bigger size because it really is sort of ports

01:01:31   from one side to another. Lots of USB-C, a couple of the old USBs. It's got all sorts of ports.

01:01:40   Yeah. Yeah. The big ones, the little ones. One of the things I would say about the price difference

01:01:48   though is they did have a $500 one previously, but the $500 one was a piece of shit.

01:01:53   Yeah. Yeah.

01:01:55   I mean, it was a lousy, very low end,

01:01:58   like I think it had a spinning hard drive,

01:02:00   a 1.4 gigahertz CPU and four gigs of RAM.

01:02:05   I mean, you're getting way more now.

01:02:09   I mean, yeah, you're paying more,

01:02:10   but you're getting way more for your money.

01:02:12   - The one thing that was a little sad in the hands-on area,

01:02:14   to me at least, as a longtime fan of Apple's branded

01:02:18   standalone displays over the years,

01:02:20   was that all of the minis were hooked up

01:02:22   to like the LG 4K display.

01:02:24   And that is, it's not ugly.

01:02:27   It's not attractive, you know.

01:02:29   It's, it was weird, it's weird to see all these,

01:02:33   you know, to see an Apple event

01:02:34   and have all of the displays be these very generic

01:02:37   LG black displays with--

01:02:39   - I haven't heard anything about that

01:02:40   in quite some time.

01:02:41   - Well, I think it's waiting for the Mac Pro

01:02:43   and it might be so expensive that it wouldn't make sense

01:02:46   to use with a Mac Mini for most people.

01:02:48   And I don't know, I don't know what the story is,

01:02:49   but they're working on a Pro display.

01:02:51   but obviously isn't coming out yet. So they had nothing to show. But it is a little weird

01:02:58   that they've got a machine that needs a display and they don't sell a display anymore.

01:03:04   That would have seemed crazy 15 years ago, right? Why wouldn't Apple sell a display?

01:03:10   A little crazy. I don't have much else to say about the Mac Mini though. I don't have

01:03:16   one in my life. I don't need one. I'm glad though for the people who do. I'm very happy

01:03:21   for all of you who are Mac Mini fans. I hope, I think everybody's happy. It seems like people

01:03:25   are happy. I guess I'm interested. You know, I'm going to wait a while and possibly pick

01:03:30   one up as a reefer, but I want, you know, I need a new complex server in my house and

01:03:36   I think the base one would probably do fine. Yeah. I guess it kind of makes sense now too,

01:03:42   why they're selling the standalone space, gray keyboard and mouse, because you know,

01:03:47   if you buy a Mac mini, it doesn't come with any keyboard or mouse. It's like bring your

01:03:50   own but now you know it's a space-grade device you can buy the space-grade iMac Pro keyboard

01:03:56   and mouse you know to go with it it's nice and then that leaves us with the the iPad

01:04:04   Pro right the one thing I ordered you did order one I did order which one did you get

01:04:10   I got the cheapest one I could get because again talking about the price I mean I saw

01:04:15   So I got the 64 gigabyte.

01:04:17   I have a 64 gigabyte Air 2 now, and I'm still not

01:04:21   using all the space on it.

01:04:22   And I have a bunch of games on there that are larger

01:04:25   than a gigabyte that I'd never play.

01:04:27   And I thought, OK, I mean, mostly what I do

01:04:30   is I'll either be typing in text files,

01:04:32   or I'll be streaming video.

01:04:35   So I don't actually need that much storage on it.

01:04:37   So I thought, OK, I think I can live with it.

01:04:40   And so I got the cheapest.

01:04:44   got the 11 inch iPad Pro 64 gigabytes and I just got the folio cover and then with taxes you know

01:04:53   it's practically a thousand dollars. It's a lot. Yeah and you know we were talking about this

01:04:59   before I mean and I don't want to bury it so we might as well lead with it. I mean the starting

01:05:04   price for these new iPad Pros is significantly higher than the previous starting point. I think

01:05:09   The old 10.5 iPad Pro started at $650. I'll round up a dollar. I get confused by $640, $650.

01:05:18   Now it's $800. So that's a big increase. And then the 12.9-inch one, I forget. Was it $999?

01:05:28   I don't know. But it's—

01:05:29   **Beserat Debele:** I don't remember what it was. No.

01:05:31   **Erik Kayo:** But it went up quite a bit. Oh, here it is. It went from—oh,

01:05:36   I guess you could get it for $799. Oh, I didn't know that. So you could get a 12.9 inch for

01:05:40   $799 and now it starts at $999. And they are selling older ones still, I guess, at their

01:05:48   lower price points. I don't know what to make of this. I know people are disappointed in

01:05:54   it. And there's people on Twitter chirping at me that, you know, that, you know, and

01:06:00   I guess with the watch they did, it was a similar thing where the entry level series

01:06:03   four watch is more expensive than last year's entry level series three watches.

01:06:07   But I kind of feel like they're adding, you know, Apple, I don't feel like they're just

01:06:14   increasing prices, I don't, you know, just for the sake of increasing prices, and that they could be

01:06:20   selling these things at the prices from last year and still give you all of these improvements. I

01:06:26   think that they're like improving these products in significant ways that make them more expensive.

01:06:30   Like, it's I just tell you looking at having looked at the new iPads in person, they are

01:06:35   really, really impressive displays. And I think that these displays I think it's more expensive

01:06:41   to do this. It is. They're not just cutting the corners in a round circle there. There's a lot of

01:06:47   complicated stuff like neilite Patel and the verge had a great article about the iPhone 10 are and

01:06:52   the display masking and what they're doing to make the round corners look nice and not you don't see

01:06:58   see any jagged pixel edges and stuff. And I think it's expensive to get them to reduce

01:07:04   those bezels. They're not just cutting the bezels off. Those bezels covered important

01:07:09   things that backlit the display.

01:07:12   Tim Cynova It's not like with the Mac Mini where the

01:07:16   thing hasn't been updated in four years. The iPad has been updated continually. And if

01:07:21   want a new you know you can I mean I forget when when they did that update

01:07:26   that made the 9.7 inch 10.5 inches that was like a year and a half ago yeah

01:07:32   something like that I mean but Reese you know not that long ago and it's still a

01:07:36   good device and it's better than it was a few years ago and that thing is

01:07:41   considerably cheaper and then they still sell and you know relatively new base

01:07:45   iPad family 350 yeah so they're you know the the iPad lineup covers all sorts of

01:07:50   price points. It's just if if your mental model is I want the best iPad at you know

01:07:58   in the 60 you know lowest storage configuration I want the entry level best iPad the price

01:08:04   is now higher than it used to be but I just feel like just like with the iPhone 10 10

01:08:10   and now the 10 s it's not so much about raising the price of the new best model it's making

01:08:17   the new best model a higher tier, you know, a premium product. And I will say having touched

01:08:24   these things yesterday, these they feel so great in hand. They I love the squared off

01:08:29   side. Yeah, I love well, we talked about that. Yeah, we talked about that last we talked

01:08:32   about it in the context of the se. Yeah, I'm super excited. If you anybody who likes the

01:08:38   se, you know, flat sides is going to love these iPads. I think it's even better on the

01:08:42   iPads and there were rumors that they would be flat and I guess a lot of that

01:08:47   came out of the case making industry but there are also rumors that they would

01:08:51   diamond cut the chamfers as they called them you know like the SE but they

01:08:56   didn't there's there the sides are flat but they're sort of rounded when it goes

01:09:01   from like the back to the side it's not a 45 degree angle or harsh cut and I

01:09:07   actually think it's better I think it is just in terms of the way like the back

01:09:12   turns to the side turns to the display it's the best iOS device bar none

01:09:17   Apple's ever made of any phone any iPad it is this is the way I kind of want the

01:09:23   phones to be like this it is really yeah I mean I would like that more it is it's

01:09:28   in the amount where it's where it is rounded is just so comfortable it really

01:09:34   is so super comfortable to hold in one hand and and the way that they made the

01:09:40   kept the footprint of the the old 10.5 kept the footprint of the device the

01:09:47   same and just made the screen bigger to go edge to edge mm-hmm because and it

01:09:52   makes a lot of sense it's exactly as they did that way the cover would still

01:09:55   be a full-size keyboard if they shrank the device then you'd have like a little

01:09:59   mini keyboard that would not be good so that they don't you don't want the

01:10:04   footprint smaller because you want to have a full-size keyboard and then with

01:10:07   the bigger one, they did shrink the device because it was big and heavy. It's actually

01:10:12   a little confusing in the hands. It was confusing to me in the hands-on area because they'd

01:10:16   be very friendly.

01:10:17   Dave: Which one was which?

01:10:18   Dave: Yeah, they'd hand it to me and they'd be like, "Here, you can play with it. Here's

01:10:22   the new pencil and you play with it." I'm like, "Wait, which one am I holding?" They're

01:10:25   like, "Oh, that's the big one." I'm like, "Oh." You never got confused with the other

01:10:30   iPad Pros. You weren't confused for even a nanosecond whether you had the big one or

01:10:36   or the smaller one.

01:10:37   Now it is a little confusing.

01:10:39   I mean, if you see them side by side, it's very clear.

01:10:42   They're not that close in size,

01:10:44   but the big one is so much more single hand holdable

01:10:46   that it makes a difference.

01:10:48   And I will say this, the Apple Pencil, I love.

01:10:55   This is one of the best 2.0 Apple products I can imagine.

01:10:58   I think the original Apple Pencil was a great product,

01:11:01   and I think people who have it love it.

01:11:04   But every single thing they changed about it is better.

01:11:07   So it has a matte--

01:11:09   And basically, they really hit the large complaints

01:11:12   about it anyway.

01:11:13   Yep.

01:11:14   Well, let me just run them down.

01:11:18   So it has a matte finish instead of a glossy finish.

01:11:22   And I like that.

01:11:23   It just feels way better.

01:11:24   And at least every pen I own that I like

01:11:28   has a somewhat grippier finish than an glossy Apple

01:11:32   pencil. I think it sounds like the smallest thing, but I think it just feels so much better.

01:11:40   It has a flat side. I know the old Apple Pencil was weighted so that it shouldn't roll off

01:11:46   tables. I'll tell you, if you want to keep a pencil from rolling off a table, giving

01:11:51   it a flat side is the way to go. It no longer has a cap. The rumor came out that the iPad

01:12:00   was going to USB-C and so a lot of people are like, "Well, they're going to have to

01:12:03   switch the new pencil to USB-C." That was a good guess, but I think getting rid of anything

01:12:10   that you stick into the iPad is way better. Pairing and charging magnetically through

01:12:16   inductive charging is so much nicer. The fact that the flat side lets it stay stuck to the

01:12:22   iPad is—a lot of people for the last couple of years have been like, "Well, where am I

01:12:28   I supposed to put the pencil?

01:12:29   Right, it's a good question.

01:12:31   And now there's a great place to put it

01:12:33   and it's very natural.

01:12:34   The magnets are fantastic.

01:12:37   I know at the day, I think they even mentioned

01:12:40   that there's like 140 magnets in the iPad.

01:12:44   The case connects better, the pencil connects great.

01:12:48   They're very strong magnets.

01:12:51   The pencil feels very secure and there's no cap.

01:12:56   So you don't need a cap to lose.

01:13:00   You don't have a little weird lightning coupler to lose.

01:13:04   It's just one piece and it's just really nice.

01:13:08   It's a great update.

01:13:10   - It works exactly the way you would want it to work.

01:13:13   - I like it.

01:13:16   It's great that the iPads now have tap to wake

01:13:18   and now they've added this feature

01:13:20   where if you use the pencil to wake it,

01:13:22   it automatically jumps you to notes.

01:13:25   Did you see this?

01:13:26   No, I did not see that. Yeah. So I think they mentioned it in the event, but they didn't

01:13:29   really say it jumps you right to the system notes app. Uh, and you, it's a setting. You

01:13:35   can have it set to open your most recent note or always go to a new note. So if you use

01:13:41   the pencil to wake the screen, you can instantly go to, you know, whichever you prefer most

01:13:45   recent note or always a new note. And it's a lot like, um, when you take a photo without

01:13:52   having unlocked the phone, all you get is access to that photo. Okay, so like if you

01:13:57   do tap to wake the iPad, the only note you can see is that one note, you can't just,

01:14:03   you know, all without authenticating with face ID, you can't go look at your other notes.

01:14:10   Face ID works great in in the hands on area, you know, the the Apple employees had it trained

01:14:15   to their faces. So I didn't get to try it with my face. But, you know, I have physical

01:14:22   I observed with my own eyes it working upside down left, left, right, all four orientations.

01:14:28   That seems like a huge thing. There's a very cool animation that you get if your thumb is holding

01:14:36   the covering the sensor array. It will say your hand is I forget what it says like move your hand

01:14:46   move your hand dummy and then it has an arrow pointing to which you know where it's being

01:14:52   covered because you don't have to know you're not really supposed to know where that camera

01:14:56   you can use it in any orientation right and so if it's on the if your thumb is covering it on the

01:15:01   right it'll be an arrow pointing over there and if it's covering on the left the arrow will be over

01:15:05   there and and i and because i don't have a 10 or 10 anything higher than that um that's new right

01:15:12   you can't use the 10. No. Yeah, like that. Because the 10 still has a still has an up

01:15:18   and a down. Yeah. And it's, which is hard to tell sometimes. Yeah. And they even said

01:15:24   that this the fact that it works in multiple orientations is done in software. And that

01:15:29   the reason it doesn't do it in software on the iPhone is that people don't hold the iPhone

01:15:32   upside down. So I mean, good enough. I have to say I don't I don't you know, I guess it

01:15:41   It would be nicer if it woke up in landscape, but I can't say that that's an annoyance.

01:15:48   But with the iPad, it definitely seems like something they had to get right, and they

01:15:51   did.

01:15:52   I'm trying to think what else about the iPad.

01:15:57   Do you have any questions about the iPad?

01:16:00   Dave: I don't think so.

01:16:03   I'm just very excited about it.

01:16:07   My Air 2 is basically fine for what I'm using it for because I'm really not taxing

01:16:11   very much but I saw this and was just like well it's been four years I'm gonna get it.

01:16:15   Oh the pencil has engraving now you can get if you order it online you can get your pencil engraved

01:16:21   with your name and I wonder how much of that is just it has a flat side so why not and how much

01:16:27   of it is like people are like 20 yeah you're working in an office or 20 pencils and like is

01:16:34   "Is that my pencil?"

01:16:35   "No, no."

01:16:36   Let me see what it says.

01:16:39   You cannot see it.

01:16:41   Oh, the pencil, and the pencil has that double tap feature.

01:16:46   And I've been-- - That changes tools, right?

01:16:50   - Well, by default it changes tools.

01:16:52   Like it'll change from the pencil to the eraser tool.

01:16:54   And then it's a system-wide setting

01:16:56   that you can have it do something else.

01:16:59   Like you can have it bring up the color picker

01:17:01   and then individual apps can have it do other things.

01:17:03   I forget what Photoshop had it doing, but they had it doing something more Photoshop-specific.

01:17:08   But it's pretty cool.

01:17:10   That demo, that AR demo that they did with it, was actually, I think, one of the-- I mean,

01:17:16   I don't have an application for that, obviously, but I think that one looked really cool and

01:17:22   was way better than those game demos that they always do.

01:17:28   Yeah, yeah, I saw in the hands on area, I saw a Lego demo again. And it's cool looking. And

01:17:34   the new the latest chips definitely get the stuff on the tabletop better. You know,

01:17:41   that doesn't quite seem like it's almost on the table. It really does look like little Lego mini

01:17:45   figs running around the table. But I just don't I don't see the I see the appeal of a video game.

01:17:52   and I see the appeal of building Lego kits and I don't see the appeal of holding a thing in front

01:17:59   of a Lego kit and playing a video game. I don't see it. Well, I mean, like I said, I don't have

01:18:04   an applet. I mean, I'm not going to do a multi-layer Photoshop that I want to suddenly start animating,

01:18:13   but some people are probably going to need to do that. So the other big question I know that

01:18:20   Everybody has and I don't know what the answer is an apple isn't gonna to say is the big thing everybody

01:18:23   Well, let me you know what before we wrap up. I know we got it. We got a ghost in

01:18:26   This is a sort of a hit quickie show. I bet I got it. I got to do one more sponsor

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01:22:48   code talk show 2018. So lightning port. Yeah, a lot of people see this as the death now

01:22:58   that well isn't this a sign that next year they're just going to go USB C on all the

01:23:02   devices and if the iPhone had USB C then you'd only need USB C chargers right you could have

01:23:09   a new recent vintage MacBook or MacBook Pro or MacBook Air you could have a recent vintage

01:23:16   iPad Pro or you could have like the next year's iPhone and then they'd all charge with USB

01:23:24   And that certainly there is that is appealing I have to say

01:23:29   Yeah, why would you?

01:23:32   That was that was one of the funny things was one of the features that they announced for the iPad

01:23:37   The new iPad Pro is that you could charge your phone charge your iPhone from it

01:23:41   Which are we laugh because nobody has that cable?

01:23:45   Unless you went out and bought it yourself. You don't have a USB C to lightning cable

01:23:52   Yeah, it's it but on the other hand so I see it and you know

01:23:55   And I don't know I would I be like shocked if next year's iPhone had a USB C port

01:24:00   I guess I wouldn't be because you know and then you would think well

01:24:03   I guess it kind of makes sense because now everything that uses a charging cable charges via USB C and the port is

01:24:10   Bigger than a lightning port. It's a little thicker

01:24:13   It is definitely wider but you know, it's not thicker or wider enough that it would you know

01:24:20   It doesn't seem impossible, you know

01:24:22   like I have the pixel 3 here and the pixel 3 uses

01:24:26   USB C and you stare at the bottom of the pixel and you stare at the bottom of an iPhone recent iPhone and it doesn't

01:24:31   Look like the pixel has a bigger port it is bigger, but it you know doesn't look bigger

01:24:35   But on the other hand, I think Apple likes having a proprietary charger on the iPhone

01:24:42   You know why but why specifically I mean I understand there's there are different there are some other pro reasons why they want to put USB C

01:24:50   on the iPad. Yeah. And if you listen to what they said about it, it's like driving a 5k display.

01:24:56   It is hooking it up to peripherals that I don't think would make sense or as much sense hooking

01:25:01   them up to an iPhone. Do you think they'll get to the point where they will like,

01:25:06   let you plug in a hard drive and access the file system somehow on an iPad? Yeah,

01:25:13   you can kind of do that now. I do it with certain but you have to have like a touch of a third party

01:25:19   app or something? Yeah, and then the third-party app has to like do the integration with the

01:25:23   files app. Right. You know, and it's it all seems a bit crazy from a Mac user's perspective.

01:25:33   You know, like it used to be before the Macintosh that it was technically tricky to mount another

01:25:41   storage device on a computer. You as a user would have to do something to mount the disk

01:25:48   and it was quite a revelation with the Macintosh

01:25:52   where it would, I mean, it would even suck

01:25:55   the floppy disk in.

01:25:56   You would start to put the floppy in

01:25:59   and it would helpfully, like I see,

01:26:02   you're putting a floppy disk into me.

01:26:03   Here, I'll take it and I will pull it in.

01:26:06   And then you didn't have to pull it out.

01:26:07   You would eject it by dragging it to the trash

01:26:10   and it would pop the floppy disk right out.

01:26:14   But the fact that when you popped one in,

01:26:17   the disk just showed up on your desktop and there it was.

01:26:20   And it looked like a floppy disk.

01:26:22   The icon of the thing that appeared on the desktop

01:26:24   was a floppy disk.

01:26:25   There it is.

01:26:26   It's in your computer mounted.

01:26:28   We take that for granted.

01:26:30   That was a revelation.

01:26:33   And it made sense to everybody who used the Macintosh,

01:26:37   whether they knew what mounting a disk meant

01:26:40   in any technical sense or not.

01:26:42   It seems weird that you have to get like a special app

01:26:45   and it only works with certain brand drives

01:26:47   and then it doesn't really just appear on your iPad.

01:26:51   It's like now you go through the app

01:26:52   and then it's in the files app

01:26:54   and it all seems a bit convoluted.

01:26:57   And I get it, I'm not saying that Apple should,

01:27:00   I'm not saying that that's a mistake

01:27:01   because on the other hand,

01:27:02   the fact that you don't have to worry about storage

01:27:05   on an iOS device.

01:27:07   You never have to worry that you've taken out the SD card

01:27:11   where all of the data from your notes app is stored

01:27:14   and now your notes app doesn't have that data

01:27:17   because the card isn't there or the disc isn't there.

01:27:21   But when you do want files from a disc,

01:27:24   it really does seem like,

01:27:26   well, shouldn't I just get a Macintosh?

01:27:29   - Right.

01:27:30   - So I don't know.

01:27:30   I kind of feel like external storage

01:27:33   should show up in the files app.

01:27:35   And there is a security argument about that too, right?

01:27:38   There's, you know, that you can get like a,

01:27:42   know there's there's USB thumb drives you know that that that can be you know there's security

01:27:48   exploits that you you know you get like a bad USB thumb drive and stick it in your computer and you

01:27:53   can well that was that whole yeah the whole thing with the North Korea thing was they were handing

01:27:56   out those right those fans they're handing out USB fans to reporters everybody all the people on

01:28:05   Twitter were like, Do not use these. Right? Was it? Keep, keep cool and plug, please plug

01:28:14   this in your laptop. So there is a security angle there. But I almost feel like look,

01:28:22   that's, you know, that's your problem, Apple, you know, why don't you, you know,

01:28:26   look at the code path from the USB subsystem and the sandboxing and make sure that there is no,

01:28:34   you know, that, you know, that this, this can be, this can be done securely, that you should be able

01:28:39   to feel confident plugging a North Korean USB fan into your iPad and not be worried that it's going

01:28:48   to, you know, take over your iPad. It kind of, I don't know, it just seems to I think you're right

01:28:55   that you should be able to plug in external storage on these devices and have them show up

01:28:59   in the files app. Yeah, well, it's just, you know, they want to take they want to make the

01:29:04   I've had a real pro machine and that's got to come at some point right because there's you know, and and yeah sure

01:29:11   What's what are the people doing?

01:29:12   you know if you can plug the camera right in and

01:29:15   Take all the images or the video footage right off the camera over USB C and and and a couple of people and and these

01:29:21   aren't even Apple employees Apple had like

01:29:23   Some folks from Adobe I told you, you know were there there were you know

01:29:29   a bunch of non Apple people who'd been invited there and and everybody it reiterated

01:29:34   involving like video and photography that just unprompted. They're like, and seriously,

01:29:38   this is so much faster at importing, you know, files, photos and videos, you know,

01:29:43   it really is faster, like noticeably faster workflow. That's great. But sometimes it is,

01:29:49   it's not a camera, it is just a disc or you're working with somebody, you know, like me and you

01:29:54   are out there, you know, shooting video, and you've got the video on your iPad, and you I want to get

01:30:01   that file from you and it's huge, you know,

01:30:05   your drop isn't the way to do it, right?

01:30:08   You know, it really does seem like you should be,

01:30:11   and we have a hard drive, you know,

01:30:12   we have an external SSD, you should be able to like drag it

01:30:15   to that SSD and then I should be able to plug it in.

01:30:17   Like, SneakerNet is often still the fastest way

01:30:20   to move a really big file.

01:30:21   - Yeah.

01:30:22   - And it does kind of stick out.

01:30:25   Whereas if we were using two MacBooks of any kind,

01:30:27   that's exactly what we would do and it would work.

01:30:30   - Yeah.

01:30:31   I don't know where they're going with that. I did hear I know another question I got asked

01:30:36   is I did not get to try this. I was already out of the hands on area. So I can't, I can't

01:30:42   verify this. But I asked Apple and they said yes, is when the previous generation of iPad

01:30:47   Pro's you could run two full screen apps side by side on the bigger one, the 12.9 inch,

01:30:53   but the the 10.5 inch one, you could run two apps side by side, but not like 5050 where

01:30:59   they're both quote unquote full screen.

01:31:01   You can do that now in the 11 inch iPad Pro,

01:31:05   which I think is a cooler way to multitask

01:31:08   if you're doing that, you know,

01:31:09   so you don't have to have one of them in the,

01:31:11   what do they call it, compact view,

01:31:12   where it's effectively like the width of a phone,

01:31:14   even though it goes like a really tall skinny phone.

01:31:17   - Is that because,

01:31:19   you think that's because of the performance

01:31:21   or because of screen size difference?

01:31:25   - I don't know.

01:31:26   - Well, it's a different aspect ratio, right?

01:31:27   - Yeah, it's slightly wider

01:31:29   If you're looking at it in landscape,

01:31:32   where it's the long way, like laptop mode,

01:31:35   it is slightly wider.

01:31:38   I just watched a developer video

01:31:40   where they even said how many pixels it is.

01:31:42   It's like, I don't know, like 140 some pixels extra,

01:31:46   which is like half an inch.

01:31:48   I don't know.

01:31:49   It's not real noticeable.

01:31:50   I didn't notice it looking at the devices.

01:31:52   I only noticed it when I was told afterward

01:31:54   that it's a slightly different aspect ratio.

01:31:56   I don't know if that's the difference.

01:31:58   It doesn't seem like aspect ratio

01:31:59   would be the explanation though,

01:32:00   because the 12.9 inch one was always

01:32:02   the old four to three aspect ratio and had it.

01:32:04   I think it's some kind of performance thing.

01:32:08   I think that there was some kind of thing

01:32:11   that was faster on the, graphically faster

01:32:13   on the bigger iPad Pro, and now they both can do it

01:32:15   without breaking a sweat.

01:32:17   - Right.

01:32:18   - I don't know.

01:32:19   Trying to think, what else?

01:32:22   It seems like it covers it.

01:32:23   It is, it's interesting that there's a thing that came out,

01:32:27   I don't know the details on this, but Stephen Troughton Smith seems to think that the 1

01:32:32   terabyte iPad Pros and only the 1 terabyte iPad Pros have more RAM, that they have 6

01:32:38   gigabytes of RAM instead of 4 gigabytes of RAM, which is a little interesting.

01:32:42   So it's 6 compared to 4, not 8.

01:32:44   Okay.

01:32:45   I don't know.

01:32:46   I could be wrong.

01:32:47   They have slightly more RAM, but that's kind of interesting and I don't quite get the use

01:32:50   case for it.

01:32:51   I'm with you.

01:32:52   My iPads, I don't need a lot of storage on my iPads.

01:32:55   So the idea of a one terabyte iPad, it seems crazy to me,

01:32:57   but I get it that people are using it in a professional.

01:33:00   - Oh yeah, completely.

01:33:01   Yeah, particularly now that you're gonna have Photoshop.

01:33:03   - Yeah, that these Photoshop files can be huge.

01:33:05   - There's definitely gonna be a lot of people

01:33:06   who are gonna need that.

01:33:07   - And so I guess if you're really serious about it,

01:33:09   you need the more RAM, I don't know.

01:33:12   It is the crazy thing that,

01:33:14   the crazy thing about these iPads as computers

01:33:17   is that they just sort of break your mental model

01:33:21   of what a personal computer is, right?

01:33:23   So like the MacBook Air, brand new MacBook Air,

01:33:26   it's gonna be super popular.

01:33:27   It is obviously gonna be Apple's most popular Mac.

01:33:30   And it's a computer exactly like

01:33:32   we've always thought of them.

01:33:33   And you can get eight gigs of RAM by default,

01:33:37   or you can go to 16 gigs of RAM.

01:33:39   And that's a nice upgrade for the non-pro laptop.

01:33:44   The Mac Mini can go up to 64 gigs of RAM,

01:33:49   which is a serious, serious amount of RAM.

01:33:51   That's, I guess, thousands of dollars.

01:33:53   It's a lot of, you know, that's a lot of RAM

01:33:56   for a previously non-pro device, you know?

01:34:01   - Right, right.

01:34:03   - The iPads, you know, traditionally, you know,

01:34:06   Apple doesn't talk about RAM in iPads,

01:34:07   which A, is a little weird for a computer, right?

01:34:11   That's weird.

01:34:12   Like, you wouldn't buy a Mac that,

01:34:15   you would never buy a Mac if Apple didn't tell you

01:34:17   how much RAM was in it.

01:34:18   It would just, that would just be very strange,

01:34:20   but they've never talked about the RAM in iOS devices.

01:34:23   even though you can just get an app from the app store

01:34:26   and install it and it'll tell you

01:34:28   how much RAM is in the device.

01:34:29   The apps know, Apple won't talk about it.

01:34:32   But it's so funny to think about the iPad Pro

01:34:33   and how many ways it's more performant

01:34:36   than the MacBook Air or even MacBook Pros.

01:34:39   And yet it has less RAM, way less RAM,

01:34:42   which is really weird.

01:34:44   It's a very strange thing.

01:34:47   It's like, it's almost like an alternate universe version

01:34:50   of what a personal computer is.

01:34:51   that how can this thing be faster if it has so much less RAM?

01:34:55   And it makes things like Photoshop very, very tricky,

01:34:57   I believe.

01:34:58   I think the hardest part of Photoshop on iPad,

01:35:02   I think I mentioned this last week,

01:35:03   is the memory management,

01:35:06   that the graphics is easy 'cause it's a better GPU.

01:35:10   CPU isn't constraining it anymore.

01:35:12   The display is wonderful.

01:35:15   It's the RAM.

01:35:17   And in the demo, on the on-stage demo they showed yesterday,

01:35:21   They said it was a three gigabyte PSD file.

01:35:25   They actually told me afterwards that it actually wasn't a PSD file.

01:35:31   It was actually a PSB file.

01:35:33   I don't even know this.

01:35:34   I'm out of the loop on Photoshop.

01:35:35   It's a PSB file and that stands for Photoshop big.

01:35:38   I'm not making this up.

01:35:42   I'm not making this up.

01:35:45   But if it's a three gigabyte file and they open it up.

01:35:48   PST has plenty for me.

01:35:49   I thought that was a great demo. I don't know if you if you notice this, but I thought it was a

01:35:53   really cool demo where it looked like they're editing this little section of a bunch of flowers.

01:35:58   Yes. And then and you think that's the whole demo, right? It's like they go through this thing and

01:36:03   she keeps going out. Yeah, she keeps zooming out and out and out. And then it's 3d. And then,

01:36:07   oh, we're animating. Right? Yeah. It was, you know, what's that movie? The Christopher Nolte,

01:36:15   the prestige. When you're doing a magic trick, it's not enough to do the trick. There has to

01:36:20   be the prestige at the end. It's like the kicker. The Photoshop demo on the iPad had that prestige,

01:36:27   where it's like, "Oh, and by the way, we were only looking at a little tiny corner of it. It's

01:36:32   this big." And like you said, "And we're using these layers to do it in 3D and render it in

01:36:36   augmented reality." And the butterflies animate. Now we're going to have some butterflies.

01:36:41   Yeah. That was really cool. But it really showed it look, all of us when they zoomed out. It's like,

01:36:47   oh, yeah, that looks like it could be a three gigabyte file. Right now I understand. But it's

01:36:52   you think like, well, three gigabytes, if it has four gigabytes of RAM, you know, you can see how

01:36:56   maybe they load the whole document and RAM, but it's like, you know, they have to keep the undo

01:36:59   stack. And right, you know, the it's more complicated. Yeah, I think that's right. I think

01:37:04   the application. We loaded the entire file. Oh, we don't have any room for the app.

01:37:14   Well, which feels like something out of the old days on the Mac.

01:37:19   Maybe they're using Ram Doubler.

01:37:20   Right. Maybe they brought Ram Doubler to the iPad. I think there's definitely some

01:37:26   truly advanced computer science going on just in terms of memory management to make that

01:37:30   work the way it does. And it is absolutely not surprising in the least that Adobe is

01:37:36   the company doing it, that they've got this history of memory management and stuff like that.

01:37:42   It's truly, truly impressive. It's nice that flash thing is behind us.

01:37:46   Yeah. Isn't it great to have Adobe on the right side of computing and to be really excited about

01:37:55   Adobe's new products. Yeah. Well, I can't think of anything else. That's a good wrap-up.

01:38:01   Okay. I thought it was a fun event. I, you know, I, what else? I guess we could watch it. I mean,

01:38:07   the only, the only one weird thing was like, they, they talked about how, how, you know,

01:38:10   how great they think it is that people do all this creative stuff with the Mac. And now we're

01:38:14   going to show you a video about that. And it was just like black and white pictures of people

01:38:18   sitting in front of their Macs. It's a slideshow. It's like, what? They didn't show anybody

01:38:24   actually doing anything. No, that was odd. It was a little odd. The other thing that

01:38:29   I thought was weird about that slideshow of images was how many of them had a glowing

01:38:33   Apple logo on the whichever laptop they were going away. That is something that came up

01:38:38   yesterday among a couple of people. There's a lot of people who are like, you know, I

01:38:40   miss the glowing Apple logo. Uh, you know, I think everybody does. I think Apple knows,

01:38:45   know but they've they've made the displays so thin i don't i don't think they can do it anymore

01:38:50   yeah i threw i had it i had an old power book um that had i had like scrap for parts and it was

01:38:55   just sitting there it's like the aluminum one though like the one of the last ones

01:38:58   and uh i just was cleaning my office out the other day and i decided to get finally get rid of it

01:39:03   and um i before i did though i pride that i tried the lid off and i kept the lid

01:39:07   i was thinking maybe i'll put some leds behind this yeah that's pretty cool uh i guess the other

01:39:13   The only other thing to mention are things that didn't get updated. No, no news about IMAX period

01:39:18   or IMAX. I was hoping for AirPods. Yeah, no AirPods and no, no mention of AirPower.

01:39:26   Yeah, which is, doesn't exist. Is got to be the, I, I don't know what to make of it. I had nobody,

01:39:39   I couldn't even bring myself to ask about it. I tried a month ago and it was so uncomfortable.

01:39:45   I couldn't bring myself again because I'm sure the answer didn't change, you know, but

01:39:49   not coming yesterday to me means it is not coming in 2018. I mean, maybe they're so embarrassed

01:39:57   about the AirPower thing that they will just put it on sale, you know, someday in November and it

01:40:02   just appear on that store and they're just don't even want to talk about it. I don't know. They

01:40:07   they probably should. I don't know.

01:40:09   I don't know. They won't say. And if there's anybody at Apple who knows, they're keeping

01:40:14   their mouth shut as far as I can see. So who knows? It might ship in November in times

01:40:19   for the holidays, but I have to think that it isn't. I don't know if it's ever going

01:40:24   to ship, to be honest.

01:40:25   Right. Right. It seems like there's a chance that it won't.

01:40:28   Yeah. And they're obviously all in on inductive charging, and they're saying that the inductive

01:40:34   charging with the pencil and the side of the iPad is the smart. They can't say for certain,

01:40:40   but they believe it's the smallest inductive charger ever made by any consumer electronics

01:40:45   company. So they are doing world leading work in inductive charging. And presumably if this

01:40:54   air power ever ships, they obviously didn't mention it as a feature of Apple pencil, but

01:40:59   I can only guess that it would charge on the pad too.

01:41:04   obviously didn't bring that up. It'll charge on the air when we finally ship it.

01:41:10   Yeah. I think the story with iMacs is nicer. You know, iAirPower is a disaster. I think the story

01:41:15   with iMacs is the iMac 5Ks are great. The iMac Pros are great. And they're just like how I said,

01:41:22   like they're really only interested in meaningful updates. They don't want a little 3%, you know,

01:41:27   well, we can swap the CPU out and you'll get 4% better performance. It's just that they don't see

01:41:32   see that as worthwhile. They'll update these things when there's something they can do

01:41:36   that makes them much better. Who knows what that is? I would hope it's face ID, but presumably

01:41:44   that's coming eventually. It would be nice if it came next year. But I feel like if it's

01:41:48   not a serious, serious update, they're not doing it. That's about it.

01:41:55   Well, Jon, thanks for coming back on the show after such a lengthy absence.

01:41:59   I know. I know. I'd say I miss talking to you. So once a year, happy to do it once a year, once a week.

01:42:04   Turning this car around famine. That's your fatherhood podcast with people.

01:42:15   I'm going to mention the rebound with the fan of Lex. And then I'm going to mention it again,

01:42:21   because Guy loves it. When I mentioned it is the speedy arrow cast.

01:42:24   the speedy arrow cast is yeah about coming and dan guy and dan and it's they talked about

01:42:30   comic books that have come to life yeah that's right right another comic hey is this daredevil

01:42:35   show good i've heard daredevil is good yeah i think this third season is is quite good yeah

01:42:39   um that just came out yeah i like the first season the second season i thought started out really

01:42:44   good and then peter off but um i think the third season has returned to form so yeah that showed

01:42:49   some of the other shows are not necessarily so great yeah somebody else somebody else told me

01:42:53   after last week's show that the hey don't don't hesitate that the new Star Trek Discovery is great

01:42:58   you know you did you know if you like Star Trek at all you're gonna love this uh so okay I've got

01:43:02   it I don't know when I'm gonna start maybe it'll be like a Christmas thing and I'll watch it with

01:43:06   the boy uh but I've got it on my list I'm gonna watch the Star Trek all right well then I'll talk

01:43:12   to you about it then yeah a year from now