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205: ‘If You Trust Your Twin’ With Jim Dalrymple


00:00:00   So you have an iPhone X or X, right?

00:00:02   We're gonna call it.

00:00:03   We're gonna call it the iPhone X.

00:00:04   - 10, yeah. - What are you calling it?

00:00:05   Are you calling, do you accidentally say X?

00:00:08   I accidentally say X all the time.

00:00:10   - No, I didn't.

00:00:13   I don't know why.

00:00:15   - It's 'cause I see it.

00:00:16   I see an X, I say an X,

00:00:18   and I never had that problem with OS X.

00:00:20   I never called it OS X.

00:00:23   It was always OS X,

00:00:24   but I guess that's because I was counting

00:00:25   and I knew that iOS or Mac OS 9 was before,

00:00:29   but I keep catching myself and I'm not. So if I say it,

00:00:31   if I say iPhone X during the show, I'm not trying to be cute.

00:00:35   I'm making a mistake that I wish I wasn't making.

00:00:37   Understood. Well, you have one too.

00:00:42   I do. I got mine yesterday in New York. So long story short,

00:00:46   we can talk about the meta story, but long story short, there were only,

00:00:50   I think nine reviewers around the world who got a full week with it.

00:00:55   Three in the U S Matthew friend of the show, Matthew Panzorino, uh,

00:00:59   Nicole McGowan from Buzzfeed,

00:01:01   who's been doing some really interesting work.

00:01:03   I really like her style.

00:01:04   And Lance Ulinoff from Mashable.

00:01:09   So they got like--

00:01:12   - I'll be honest, that one surprises me.

00:01:14   - A little bit, but Lance has been getting

00:01:16   an awful lot of exclusives, really.

00:01:19   I mean, he had an exclusive with Johnny Ceruggi's team

00:01:27   for the Bionic A11 chip.

00:01:30   He had one a couple years ago,

00:01:35   I think it was back around 2015, about the new MacBook.

00:01:38   Do you remember that one?

00:01:39   - Yeah.

00:01:39   - Or he got some on the record time with Schiller.

00:01:41   And then there was a third one, I forget.

00:01:43   I forget which the third one was.

00:01:45   - Yeah, he's been doing a lot of stuff.

00:01:48   - Yeah, two guys from the UK, two guys in China,

00:01:51   a guy in Japan, somebody from Australia.

00:01:55   but not the usual suspects, not the usual round

00:01:59   of reviewers, nobody from the Wall Street Journal,

00:02:03   nobody from the New York Times,

00:02:06   apparently nobody from TV, although I guess they sent

00:02:09   that kid to the Ellen show.

00:02:10   Did you see that kid at the event last month?

00:02:13   - I did.

00:02:15   - I did not meet him.

00:02:16   - I did see him.

00:02:17   - I did not meet him, but I'll tell you what,

00:02:18   that kid really impresses me.

00:02:19   Were we talking about this before?

00:02:22   I was telling you that in addition to the fact

00:02:24   that he's 12 years old and is a developer

00:02:26   and is already a successful TV personality

00:02:29   on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

00:02:31   He's also a sharper dresser

00:02:33   than I've ever been in my entire life.

00:02:35   (laughing)

00:02:37   - Yeah.

00:02:39   - Like maybe when I got married,

00:02:40   maybe there was like one or two times in my life

00:02:42   where I cleaned up sharp enough

00:02:44   that I could compete with that kid, but I love that.

00:02:47   I think that's great.

00:02:49   - Well, it doesn't take much to dress me.

00:02:50   I have black t-shirt and jeans, so.

00:02:53   I'm good no matter what.

00:02:55   - But anyway, I think people were a little surprised

00:03:00   by Apple's new review strategy.

00:03:02   I feel like what they've done is hit the reset button.

00:03:06   Like, and they've sort of used this opportunity

00:03:09   with this device to completely reset the way

00:03:12   that they're doing reviews.

00:03:14   - I agree, I agree they have.

00:03:16   And that shows, it shows in the way

00:03:18   that they started rolling them out.

00:03:22   You know, we had YouTubers.

00:03:26   I met one yesterday when I was getting my phone.

00:03:30   - Where'd you go?

00:03:32   You went to Cupertino.

00:03:34   - Cupertino, yeah.

00:03:35   So it was a whole different strategy for them this time.

00:03:39   And it's interesting to see it all play out, you know?

00:03:43   'Cause that's not something

00:03:44   that we've seen from Apple before.

00:03:46   - I think that where they were,

00:03:48   I don't know how many people got like the iPhone 8,

00:03:51   How many people are on the, get like a week

00:03:55   with the last few iPhones?

00:03:57   But that number has gotten got big.

00:03:59   Like I think it was up in the 30s.

00:04:01   Like I don't know if that's worldwide or not,

00:04:03   but maybe just US that there were 30 some reviewers of,

00:04:07   I don't know if iPhone 8,

00:04:08   but at least like iPhone 7 last year.

00:04:09   And I can't help but think that Apple took a look at that

00:04:13   and thought, you know what, this is too many.

00:04:15   And they're all doing the same things

00:04:17   and or they're doing goofy stuff,

00:04:19   you know, like trying to set up face ID with a dog

00:04:21   or something like that.

00:04:23   And rather than, my sense is that rather than

00:04:28   slowly scale that back, they like, like I said,

00:04:31   hit the reset button, started over from scratch and said,

00:04:34   let's have a handful of people come out

00:04:36   and let's expand it to new people like these,

00:04:40   the YouTube kids and whatever else.

00:04:43   - Well, yeah, and I guess we'll see how it all works.

00:04:47   I mean, you know, you were mentioning yesterday

00:04:52   some of the people that did the original iPhone review

00:04:56   other than Steven Levy, aren't even around.

00:05:00   - Right. - You know, Walt's not around,

00:05:01   but there are a couple that are, Ed Begg and I forget

00:05:04   who else you mentioned in there.

00:05:05   - Yeah, David Pogue.

00:05:06   It was Pogue. - David Pogue, yes.

00:05:07   - The original four with the original iPhone were Pogue

00:05:09   when he was at the New York Times, Ed Begg at USA Today.

00:05:12   Walt was at the Wall Street Journal at the time

00:05:15   and Steven Levy was at Newsweek at the time.

00:05:19   And Levy was always sort of the exception,

00:05:21   where it's like back then, Apple strategy

00:05:24   was three biggest newspapers in the US,

00:05:27   and probably around the world,

00:05:28   whoever writes for the biggest newspaper, that's it.

00:05:31   And people laugh at USA Today,

00:05:34   but USA Today is, I think, number one newspaper.

00:05:36   I mean, you kind of can't underestimate

00:05:40   how many people read USA Today,

00:05:41   'cause it's like the free newspaper in all the hotels.

00:05:45   - Oh yeah, absolutely.

00:05:47   I mean, that's huge.

00:05:49   I didn't see if Ed posted something today, did he?

00:05:53   - I don't know, I don't think so,

00:05:54   but if he did, he didn't get it till yesterday.

00:05:56   So that's the question.

00:05:57   The question was, like the way that this used to work was,

00:06:02   you know, and part of it was that this phone is weird

00:06:06   'cause there wasn't an event either.

00:06:08   But you know, just as the background,

00:06:10   people seem to forget the timing of this,

00:06:11   but the background for the last few years of iPhones

00:06:15   is that either the afternoon after the event

00:06:18   or the day after the event,

00:06:20   anybody who's gonna get a review unit

00:06:22   comes to meet with Apple.

00:06:23   You get a meeting, they give you,

00:06:26   tell you what they want you to know about the phone,

00:06:28   ask you if you have questions,

00:06:30   which is an important part, right?

00:06:32   I find it so much better to ask questions in person

00:06:34   than like over the phone.

00:06:35   Says the guy doing a podcast.

00:06:39   But you know what I mean?

00:06:42   I don't know.

00:06:43   I just feel like you get better answers from Apple.

00:06:47   Even if it's off the record,

00:06:48   there's more comfort in a face-to-face meeting

00:06:51   than recording, or not recording,

00:06:53   but just talking on the phone.

00:06:54   And typically there's an embargo date about a week out.

00:06:59   So maybe if it's like a Tuesday event,

00:07:00   the embargo date might be the next Tuesday in the morning,

00:07:04   and that's when everybody's reviews,

00:07:06   you can't publish before that,

00:07:07   and then your review is supposed to come out

00:07:09   shortly thereafter.

00:07:10   And this time there was an embargo,

00:07:15   but it was today at 6 a.m. Eastern.

00:07:19   I didn't even get the phone 'til noon yesterday.

00:07:21   So I mean, it's not even, you know,

00:07:23   it would be 18 hours if I stayed up all night.

00:07:25   - Right.

00:07:27   - So I chose, I did not write a review.

00:07:29   I posted like, I linked to Panzarinos

00:07:32   and gave some quick comments,

00:07:33   like just like three or four bullet points

00:07:35   of my first thought to the phone.

00:07:37   But I can't see some of the sites

00:07:38   that are doing reviews already.

00:07:39   I just can't see how they do it.

00:07:42   I just can't see how you can call it a review.

00:07:45   - Right, I did, I posted something this morning,

00:07:49   but I made it very clear in the first paragraph

00:07:52   and I called it a first look, not a review.

00:07:54   I made it very clear that I felt myself

00:08:00   that it would be irresponsible to call this a review

00:08:03   when I've had it for less than a day.

00:08:06   But there were some of the main features

00:08:08   that I felt I could comment on.

00:08:11   And those were face ID because I had been using that

00:08:16   and all the gestures that you can use.

00:08:20   So I did a first look and I said that I would come back

00:08:24   in a week after I get a chance to really use it

00:08:29   and follow up on some things.

00:08:33   I felt from my readers,

00:08:37   that was the responsible way to take care of it.

00:08:41   And I just, I don't feel that I could have given

00:08:46   an accurate review without some more time.

00:08:53   But I can comment easily on some of the things.

00:08:57   I mean, I never even get a chance to take a picture.

00:09:00   I was so focused on face ID

00:09:04   and trying to figure out all the different gestures

00:09:07   that you have that I never really got a chance

00:09:12   to use a whole lot else.

00:09:14   And even in the time since I posted that

00:09:18   at 3 a.m. Pacific time,

00:09:21   I figured some things out with Face ID.

00:09:24   Face ID is amazing, it works over 99% of the time,

00:09:30   but there's those few times when it wasn't working

00:09:33   And I think I might've figured out today using it, why?

00:09:38   And I think my eyeglasses that I only wear

00:09:42   for reading and for typing, they're bifocals,

00:09:45   so I put them down on my nose a bit.

00:09:48   I think it's blocking my eyes.

00:09:50   I think the rim, 'cause they have a big rim,

00:09:52   I think that's what's happening.

00:09:53   - I swear, it's so funny that you would say that, Jim.

00:09:55   I swear to you that I ran into the exact same thing.

00:10:00   Sometimes I wear contacts and then I have to wear reading glasses and other times I

00:10:05   wear my regular glasses, but then I have to lower them on my nose to look at something

00:10:09   close up with no glasses.

00:10:11   So either way, I've got glasses on, glasses off all day.

00:10:14   That's my lifestyle now.

00:10:18   And I had the same thing where I had my regular glasses down on my nose and Face ID fits failed

00:10:22   for like the first time today.

00:10:24   And I was like, "What?"

00:10:25   Because it was so surprising.

00:10:26   Like yesterday it was a little, you know, like it kinda,

00:10:29   I think it, it just had to get used to it.

00:10:31   And I think it, you know, it continues to train

00:10:33   as you use it throughout the day.

00:10:34   But then like today it was like, it's just every single time

00:10:38   don't even think about it.

00:10:38   And then when it failed, it was like a tire screeching,

00:10:42   you know, like, whoa, what the heck happened?

00:10:43   But it's so funny, it was glasses down on her nose.

00:10:46   - Yeah, so I think a couple of things were happening with me

00:10:51   because I have attention to wear on,

00:10:53   which means that you have to be looking at your phone

00:10:57   in order for it to unlock.

00:10:59   So I would pull up the phone

00:11:02   and I believe that I was looking,

00:11:05   without really knowing it,

00:11:07   I was looking at the computer while I put my phone up

00:11:11   or I was looking at the bottom of the phone or something.

00:11:14   Something was going on

00:11:16   where I wasn't actually looking at the camera

00:11:21   and I wasn't aware.

00:11:23   So the phone did the exact right thing and did not unlock.

00:11:28   - Right.

00:11:29   - So it's either that or the rim of my glasses

00:11:33   is blocking my eyes and I can't see my eyes.

00:11:35   And you know, the angle that you hold the phone up

00:11:37   and the angle that you're looking,

00:11:40   because typically when I put my phone up

00:11:42   to unlock it with Face ID, I'm kind of looking down a bit.

00:11:45   So if the glasses are right on the end of my nose,

00:11:48   then it's gonna block it.

00:11:49   So I think it's one of those two things,

00:11:52   because when I deliberately pick the phone up

00:11:56   and look at it, it unlocks every single time,

00:11:58   even when I do it quickly.

00:12:00   So, that's what I think.

00:12:04   - Can we just talk for a second

00:12:08   about that they gave a phone to Mike Allen?

00:12:11   (both laughing)

00:12:14   This to me is part of the befuddlement

00:12:18   over their review strategy.

00:12:20   Now Mike Allen is now the founder of Axios,

00:12:23   a new website where Ina Fried is their tech writer.

00:12:26   And she, they'd even said,

00:12:28   we'll have their official review coming soon.

00:12:31   Presumably she didn't get one until yesterday

00:12:33   with all the rest of us.

00:12:35   But Mike Allen did, who is not a technology writer.

00:12:38   And that's okay.

00:12:39   I actually think that's kind of interesting.

00:12:41   Like, I don't think you need to have like a special,

00:12:43   I'm a technology columnist badge or license

00:12:47   to be able to do a review of an iPhone.

00:12:50   because iPhones are for everybody, right?

00:12:52   It's part of the fabric of modern life today.

00:12:55   So I think that the perspective of somebody

00:12:58   who is not an expert and is a political reporter,

00:13:03   presumably who I'll bet uses his phone all day,

00:13:07   talking to sources, texting, phone calls, texting,

00:13:12   messages, stuff like that, email, I'm sure,

00:13:14   it's a great perspective.

00:13:15   But he didn't even try to write a review.

00:13:17   He just, he gave the, he literally gave the phone

00:13:19   to his 19 year old nephew and let him tell him

00:13:23   what he thought about it.

00:13:25   Like, he didn't even write it.

00:13:26   I don't get that, like.

00:13:29   - I didn't even know you could do that.

00:13:30   I thought Apple wanted you to do the review.

00:13:35   - I was at Apple yesterday when that happened

00:13:38   and I can tell you, you're not allowed to do that.

00:13:40   (laughing)

00:13:43   The language in the NDA is pretty clear.

00:13:46   It's an NDA and it's written by lawyers,

00:13:49   but it's pretty clear.

00:13:50   I think it says something to the effect of

00:13:52   you're allowed to, like your immediate family

00:13:54   can look at it and see it, but nobody else,

00:13:58   and you're not allowed to let other people touch it,

00:14:00   literally, I mean, does everybody stick to that rule?

00:14:03   I mean, I don't think so, but at least officially,

00:14:07   you're not supposed to.

00:14:08   So putting it in your review that you let your nephew

00:14:11   set it up.

00:14:12   - Set it up. (laughs)

00:14:14   - Well, and that to me is part of the thing,

00:14:15   it's like that's the perspective you'd want from a normal person, right? Like, is it hard to set up,

00:14:21   you know, because normal people have to set up their own iPhones. And to me, part of what makes

00:14:26   Face ID so interesting was it was incredibly easy to set up. It was so much quicker than Touch ID

00:14:32   to set up. Yeah, amazing. Amazing. A couple of the reviewers have like some screenshots of the

00:14:38   process. But basically, it's like a two-step process to set up Face ID. The front camera

00:14:44   turns on and you can see yourself and it says, you know, move, move your head around in a

00:14:48   circle. I mean, more or less like, I think Panzarin said Apple described it as just draw

00:14:54   a circle in the air with your nose, right? Because it's not taking your photograph. It's

00:14:59   not a camera, you know, I guess it's using a camera, but the three deep aspect of it

00:15:04   is it's not just like the Samsung phones where you can fool it with a photograph, right?

00:15:09   it really is like the moving your face around in a circle is to let it get that 3D map of

00:15:15   your face, not just a two-dimensional picture, but a literal, a real 3D map, no marketing

00:15:21   spin on the name of this. It really is a 3D map. And then it says okay, and then it says

00:15:25   do it again, and you do it again, and then you're in. And that's it. It's so much faster

00:15:29   than Touch ID, just to set up.

00:15:32   Boom, you're done. It's over. There's no, you know, with touch ID, you had to, you set it up, but then you had to move your finger a different way. And I understand why and it's fine.

00:15:43   But it's interesting when you look at what Apple is doing, they're actually it's not just a picture of your face, they're using depth on your face to activate face ID.

00:15:57   So, you know, you can't fool it.

00:16:01   And I know that people are trying,

00:16:03   but I'm pretty confident

00:16:04   that you're not gonna be able to fool it.

00:16:07   - Yeah, and I realized that Apple is in a weird situation

00:16:10   here where they can't make these phones fast enough.

00:16:15   I mean, I don't know how far out they're pre-ordered already

00:16:17   but last I looked, it was four to six weeks or something.

00:16:22   So it's not like a lack of reviews today or this week

00:16:27   is going to hurt the number of iPhones they can sell.

00:16:30   They're gonna sell every one they can make.

00:16:32   But people are curious about it.

00:16:35   And the number one thing people are curious about

00:16:37   is Face ID because they love Touch ID.

00:16:40   People have grown to love it and they're familiar with it

00:16:42   and they trust it.

00:16:44   And Face ID is new and different and every other phone

00:16:48   that's tried to do this before has failed.

00:16:52   people want to know.

00:16:53   And so I feel like not having as many reviews as usual,

00:16:58   where people can say, look,

00:16:59   I've been using this thing all week,

00:17:01   here's my thoughts on face ID.

00:17:02   It just is unsatisfying.

00:17:04   Again, you can argue, you can say,

00:17:06   well, maybe I'm just being selfish.

00:17:08   And I've, you know, the last couple of years,

00:17:10   I've had review units for a week

00:17:12   and I'm jealous or bitter or whatever.

00:17:16   I mean, if that's what you think,

00:17:17   I mean, I can't disobeys you of the notion,

00:17:19   but that's not really it.

00:17:22   It's, you know, leave me out of it.

00:17:24   Even if I didn't get one,

00:17:25   I still, I wanna know what Joanna Stern thinks

00:17:27   of it after a week, right?

00:17:28   I wanna know what Neelay Patel thinks of it after a week.

00:17:31   You know, I wanna know what Jason Snell thinks

00:17:33   about the iPhone after a week.

00:17:35   I don't know, I think it's so weird.

00:17:38   And I think people are just unsatisfied.

00:17:40   I mean, so like our day one reaction,

00:17:42   we can sit here and say,

00:17:42   "Hey, this is really good for day one,

00:17:45   but it's, you know, it's day one."

00:17:48   the thought on the internet is that you didn't get one at all,

00:17:53   which is not true, you did get one.

00:17:56   And then they think that you're complaining

00:18:02   because you didn't get one early enough.

00:18:06   - Right.

00:18:07   - That's what Twitter seems to be.

00:18:09   - Yeah, but you know what though,

00:18:10   and that's why, this is why people don't complain about,

00:18:13   like privately, I got, after I posted a few things

00:18:17   last night about, oh, thank God Apple seeded these YouTubers.

00:18:20   - Yes.

00:18:21   - Or the one that was really good was the thank God

00:18:23   Mike Allen got one so that his 19 year old nephew,

00:18:25   the emoji expert can tell us what he thinks about it.

00:18:29   And the reason other people don't tweet stuff like that

00:18:33   is 'cause they don't wanna deal with the blowback

00:18:35   from the people who are saying that I'm bitter or whatever.

00:18:38   I don't care.

00:18:39   I don't think this was a good review strategy for Apple.

00:18:44   And again, not selfishly.

00:18:45   I just think it's unsatisfying.

00:18:47   I think that, ignore me, ignore what people are saying

00:18:51   about what I vlogged last night.

00:18:54   But I just look on Twitter and I see people

00:18:56   who have tons of questions and just people,

00:18:58   like the type of people who listen to the show

00:19:00   and who read our websites, like they have tons of questions

00:19:03   and they're not answered and they would be

00:19:05   if there were a wider range of reviews.

00:19:08   And I totally get the idea that Apple wants to expand

00:19:12   the media that they're reaching and that YouTube

00:19:14   is where young people go to get their news

00:19:16   and to read, you know, to reviews.

00:19:18   Like reviews that aren't on YouTube don't reach young people

00:19:20   like that's all my kid watches.

00:19:22   Like he's super into video games.

00:19:24   - What would you have done differently?

00:19:26   - I would have, I would have,

00:19:29   I would have done the expansion to YouTube,

00:19:32   invite them in for the hands-on last week,

00:19:34   do the same thing.

00:19:35   Although I think honestly,

00:19:36   I think they could have picked better YouTubers.

00:19:38   I don't even think they picked the best YouTubers.

00:19:42   Like MKBHD only got his yesterday.

00:19:48   Why he should have the phone for a week?

00:19:50   Why not?

00:19:51   I can't see why you wouldn't want—why wouldn't you want him to have the phone

00:19:55   for a week when the reviews drop?

00:19:58   So I would have done it just as an expansion, you know?

00:20:02   Yes, add these YouTubers.

00:20:04   And sure, if you want to cull the list of reviewers, you could cull it, but I'd certainly

00:20:07   have had more than three in the United States.

00:20:09   That's an interesting number for the entire US.

00:20:14   But you know, they had a strategy going into it.

00:20:18   So I think it's important that people know that you did get one.

00:20:26   That even though you didn't post a review, I mean, I had people even tweeting me today

00:20:32   and said, you know, that you were upset that you didn't get one.

00:20:36   And I didn't want to say, because it's not my place.

00:20:38   Well, we did get one. You know, it's not that he didn't. He has one. So, anyway.

00:20:46   I actually posted, just before we started recording, I actually posted my reviewed roundup

00:20:50   where I said that I got one yesterday and my four bullet points, you know, and then I linked to some

00:20:56   excerpts from Panzarino's and Ngo'em's reviews. So, as we speak, people know that I have one,

00:21:01   but I wasn't going to wake up at six in the morning just to write. I got an iPhone yesterday,

00:21:05   and it's okay so far. Published. [Laughter]

00:21:08   Pete: Yeah. So, will you post a review?

00:21:13   Pete: Oh, definitely. I don't know who knows when.

00:21:16   Pete: [Laughter]

00:21:16   Pete; Now, the way I write, it might be December, but no, definitely. I think it's way too interesting.

00:21:23   Pete; [Laughter]

00:21:24   Pete; Yeah. Well, I'm going to post a follow-up to the points. I mean, if you look at what I wrote

00:21:31   yesterday, most of it is on Face ID, just because I was -

00:21:34   is so fascinating with Face ID.

00:21:37   - It overwhelms the initial,

00:21:40   to me the two things that overwhelm the initial few hours

00:21:44   with the device are Face ID and the lack of a home button.

00:21:48   And we could do a whole segment on that, we will.

00:21:51   But let me take a break here, let me take a break

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00:24:07   So there you go, my thanks to Squarespace.

00:24:09   So the lack of a home button,

00:24:11   that's to me is the next dominating aspect of this phone.

00:24:16   And I'll just add in as a side note,

00:24:21   and as a very noted critic of the notch,

00:24:25   I don't notice the notch.

00:24:28   I really don't, I still don't like it,

00:24:29   but I have to say, in use, exactly as told to me

00:24:34   by Apple product marketing people,

00:24:36   you stop noticing it.

00:24:40   It's like your eyes just don't go to the top that often.

00:24:42   - Well, and that's what I found,

00:24:44   and that's what I wrote yesterday.

00:24:46   I wanted to get the notch thing out of the way.

00:24:48   It was the first thing that I talked about,

00:24:50   and I said, I look at the screen,

00:24:54   I look at the content of what I'm trying to do there,

00:24:59   and the notch is not part of that.

00:25:01   It's not like the notch is sitting right

00:25:02   in the middle of the screen where you're cursing at it

00:25:04   every time you look at it.

00:25:06   - I only think about it when I want to think about it.

00:25:09   And I think, hey, you know what?

00:25:10   I haven't really looked at that notch in a while.

00:25:12   And then I stare at it and I think,

00:25:13   I still think it looks stupid.

00:25:14   (laughing)

00:25:16   - You're not supposed to do that, John.

00:25:20   - But it doesn't just pop into my head nonstop

00:25:23   like the lack of a home button does.

00:25:25   The home button thing is just over and over and over again.

00:25:29   Maybe like one day in, what am I at here?

00:25:31   I'm at about 28 hours into using this phone.

00:25:35   I believe it.

00:25:36   Panzareno said it takes about three or four days

00:25:39   and then it just clicks.

00:25:40   And then by like his sixth day,

00:25:43   when he went back to his iPhone 8,

00:25:44   he was swiping up instead of pressing the home button

00:25:47   that your habits reverse.

00:25:50   But 10 years of home button habits

00:25:52   it's hard to break. It really is.

00:25:55   - Well, and I think part of doing these reviews

00:26:00   and looking at this, I think that we're hyper aware

00:26:04   of a lot of these different things.

00:26:06   And I was so hyper aware of it

00:26:09   that after a couple of hours yesterday,

00:26:12   when I would pick up the phone,

00:26:14   I was trying to pick up the phone and swipe at the same time

00:26:20   because that's the way that I've seen people at Apple do it.

00:26:25   And it's so quick and yes, that does work.

00:26:29   So I was so aware of trying to do that,

00:26:32   that I wasn't looking for the home button

00:26:34   after a couple of hours.

00:26:36   So that made a big difference for me.

00:26:39   - In practice and you know, some of this stuff,

00:26:45   it's like, I think everybody is,

00:26:47   from the reviews I've read,

00:26:48   it just seems like everybody's consensus is the same,

00:26:51   is that in practice, the key to understanding face ID

00:26:56   is that it doesn't feel like a step.

00:27:00   It doesn't feel like one of the steps

00:27:02   to unlocking your phone is engaging touch ID.

00:27:05   You just stare at your phone, you swipe up from the bottom,

00:27:09   and you're at home screen or back where you were,

00:27:12   or wherever you were before the phone was locked.

00:27:14   It's exactly, it feels exactly like

00:27:17   not having a passcode period.

00:27:19   - Right, yeah.

00:27:21   - And I think back--

00:27:23   - If you do it that way, that's exactly what it feels like.

00:27:27   - And I think back to the, like, you know,

00:27:30   I don't wanna make too big a deal

00:27:32   out of the 10th anniversary thing,

00:27:33   and I really don't think that that's,

00:27:36   I think that was a goal, but it's not like Apple

00:27:39   could've shipped this phone a year ago and held it.

00:27:42   And it's not like if it had been ready a year ago,

00:27:45   they wouldn't have shipped it, right?

00:27:47   They weren't gonna just wait a year

00:27:49   so that they could have it on the 10th anniversary year.

00:27:51   I mean, nobody cares.

00:27:52   But you can't help but think back,

00:27:56   10 is a nice round number because of the number,

00:28:00   at least in our system.

00:28:02   I think back to the original iPhone

00:28:07   and when it was unveiled on stage at Macworld.

00:28:10   And it really was, it sounds silly,

00:28:15   but one of the biggest features was slide to unlock, right?

00:28:19   Because it emphasized everything about the phone.

00:28:23   It was the touch screen, you know,

00:28:25   and the whole thing is a screen, it's just a touch screen,

00:28:29   but how do you keep it from, you know, making pocket calls

00:28:33   when it's in your purse or your pocket or whatever?

00:28:34   Well, it's locked, and then how do you unlock it?

00:28:37   There's a big button and it says slide to unlock,

00:28:40   and you slide it across the screen,

00:28:41   and you're unlocked, and you're in.

00:28:44   And when Jobs did it, everybody like oohed and awed,

00:28:47   'cause it was looked, right?

00:28:49   It looked cool, and it also looked like

00:28:53   super brain dead easy.

00:28:55   Like nobody even needs to be told how to do it.

00:28:57   It actually told you right there in the interface,

00:29:00   in the little channel that the slider went on,

00:29:02   it said slide to unlock.

00:29:04   And it even had like that beautiful animation,

00:29:07   like a glossy highlight that went in the direction

00:29:11   you were supposed to slide the thing to unlock.

00:29:14   But if you think about it, it was like we were so,

00:29:16   collectively, it's only 10 years ago,

00:29:18   but collectively, we as a society were so naive

00:29:21   about device security that, I mean,

00:29:25   I don't think I locked my first iPhone

00:29:27   with a passcode, right?

00:29:28   It was, you know, slide to unlock was the way

00:29:31   you were supposed to unlock it.

00:29:32   You weren't supposed to slide to unlock

00:29:34   and then type in a code.

00:29:35   Like imagine if that's what would have happened on stage.

00:29:39   That's what I'm trying to get at.

00:29:40   Like if, you know, it's like, look at how beautiful this,

00:29:42   you slide to unlock it.

00:29:43   And then all of a sudden you're typing in, you know,

00:29:45   one, one, one, one on stage.

00:29:48   Like it would have ruined the effect.

00:29:49   It's like Face ID has brought us back to that.

00:29:52   Where now you just have, you just slide,

00:29:55   you slide up instead of over,

00:29:56   but you just slide on the lock screen and you're in.

00:30:03   - You know what surprised me the most about this?

00:30:06   Over all, everything is the size of the iPhone 10.

00:30:11   Doesn't that shock you?

00:30:13   - It does.

00:30:14   - The iPhone 10 is more the size of the iPhone 8

00:30:18   than the 8 Plus.

00:30:20   - In person, like I've got them right on top of each other

00:30:23   right now, it's very, very, it's much closer in size

00:30:26   than the numbers alone would make you think.

00:30:30   - Right.

00:30:31   It's literally the size, I have my year old Pixel,

00:30:36   Google, you know, the old Google Pixel here,

00:30:38   but I have the small one, not the XL one.

00:30:40   It's almost exactly the same size.

00:30:42   And that's a phone that I always thought

00:30:43   was only very slightly bigger than an iPhone.

00:30:46   In my pocket, like yesterday in New York,

00:30:49   when I first got the iPhone 10,

00:30:51   I couldn't complete the setup because I needed wifi.

00:30:54   So I was gonna wait to take the Amtrak home

00:30:56   and then do an iCloud backup once I got home.

00:31:00   But I had it set up as like a new device

00:31:03   so I could use it, you know, start using it right away.

00:31:06   But I had my regular personal iPhone in my other pocket

00:31:09   and I actually was getting confused,

00:31:10   like taking it out of my pocket.

00:31:12   I was like, oh, I thought that I had the new one

00:31:13   in this pocket and it was the new one.

00:31:15   It just felt like my old one in hand.

00:31:19   - Yeah, well, I've been using the Plus version.

00:31:23   So the Plus in your pocket, you can feel it.

00:31:27   It feels big.

00:31:29   know, but the eight feels normal in your pocket, the 10 feels normal in your pocket. But when you

00:31:39   fire up the screen and you see that, it's just that the 10 is just all screen. So, I really like it.

00:31:49   Now, as we're talking here, I'm lifting my phone up and locking it over and over again,

00:31:55   just to see if it'll fail. And it doesn't, it won't. It won't fail. It opens every time.

00:32:00   Pete: I'm going to put my glasses on.

00:32:02   I'm doing the same thing.

00:32:03   There's a really neat thing and it sounded like a gimmick.

00:32:12   Pete; Aha!

00:32:12   Pete; What happened?

00:32:13   Pete; It just failed.

00:32:15   Pete; Do you have your glasses down?

00:32:16   Pete; I put my glasses on and put them at the edge of my nose and I purposely…

00:32:21   Pete; There you go.

00:32:21   Pete; Did that sound perfect? You know what I didn't even try yet?

00:32:24   And it was too late in the day.

00:32:26   And it just goes to show like how,

00:32:29   what folly it is to think that you can write a full review

00:32:32   in 18 hours or whatever.

00:32:33   I didn't even try it with sunglasses.

00:32:36   And by the time I thought of it,

00:32:37   it was right before we were gonna start recording.

00:32:39   I'll tell you what, my sunglasses,

00:32:41   at least in my office, I'm not outdoors.

00:32:43   I don't know if it makes a difference

00:32:45   if you're actually indoors or outdoors,

00:32:47   but in my office, it won't unlock

00:32:49   when I have my sunglasses on.

00:32:51   So I don't know if I,

00:32:53   I mean, and I just have regular Ray-Bans. I don't have like any kind of, they're not like

00:32:57   mirrored lenses, they're not polarized lenses, they're just regular Ray-Ban sunglass lenses.

00:33:03   But it did not work for me.

00:33:05   Pete: I tried to, just for fun today, I turned my phone, I set it down on the table

00:33:14   and turned it upside down and tried to do my face ID upside down and it wouldn't open. But

00:33:21   But when I set it down on the table

00:33:22   and did it right side up, it did.

00:33:24   I don't know if that's a thing or not.

00:33:27   - I thought it was interesting how many of the reviewers,

00:33:29   even with the small number of reviewers that there were,

00:33:31   already found twins to test it with.

00:33:34   - Yeah.

00:33:36   - I know Lance found twins and Nicole found twins too.

00:33:41   I think Panzareno was the only one

00:33:42   who didn't have a set of twins.

00:33:44   But in both cases, the twins were able to unlock it.

00:33:47   I don't think that's that big a deal.

00:33:49   I mean, it's easy for me to say

00:33:51   'cause I don't have a twin brother.

00:33:52   (laughing)

00:33:54   But I think most people I know who do have a twin sibling

00:33:59   trust them pretty well.

00:34:00   I mean, it's not-- - Well, yeah.

00:34:02   - You know what I mean?

00:34:03   Like it's not bad enough.

00:34:04   It's not a problem if you trust your twin.

00:34:07   I mean, they probably know your pin code anyway, right?

00:34:11   Now, if you-- - I mean,

00:34:14   if that's a big problem for you,

00:34:16   then you need to use a passcode instead of face ID.

00:34:19   - Right.

00:34:20   I mean, I guess it could be a problem for like teenagers,

00:34:23   maybe like, maybe teenagers are more likely

00:34:26   to wanna get into their sibling's phone

00:34:28   and screw around with it, I don't know.

00:34:31   I mean, it's, it is what it is.

00:34:33   - Yeah, and there's nothing that Face ID can do about that.

00:34:40   - Right.

00:34:41   - It's mapping the face and mapping the depth

00:34:43   and doing everything that it should do.

00:34:46   But if you have a twin, well,

00:34:49   - Not much we can do about that.

00:34:51   (laughing)

00:34:52   Luckily you and I, neither one of us have twins, so.

00:34:55   - I'm trying to think what else here.

00:34:58   - What about the gestures?

00:35:02   - Like which ones?

00:35:03   - I think that Apple, okay, there's two things here

00:35:07   that I think Apple did a really good job with.

00:35:10   One is moving Touch ID apps automatically over to Face ID.

00:35:19   So when I opened my banking apps, it says,

00:35:22   do you want to activate Touch ID?

00:35:25   And I said, okay, this is gonna be interesting

00:35:28   because I don't have Touch ID on this phone.

00:35:30   So yes, I do wanna activate Touch ID

00:35:34   and then Face ID automatically activated for it.

00:35:38   So Apple automatically moved that over for the developers

00:35:43   until they get a chance to update their apps.

00:35:45   One password, when I opened it up, it said,

00:35:49   do you want to do touch ID? I said yes and it came up with a message that I

00:35:54   actually posted in the review and said this app is not set up for face ID it's

00:36:00   set up for touch ID would you like to use face ID and I said yes. So either one

00:36:06   of those two things is fine with me. I was just happy to see that you know for

00:36:12   my banking stuff and for app setup for using 1Password,

00:36:17   I could use Face ID automatically out of the box.

00:36:21   I don't have to sit and wait.

00:36:23   Remember when we have to wait for developers

00:36:26   to update their apps to take advantage

00:36:28   of some of these new features and this time we don't.

00:36:31   So I think they did a really good job with that.

00:36:33   - It's one of those features where it's clear

00:36:37   and Apple does not like to talk about timelines.

00:36:41   I know from talking to Panzorino, there was a question,

00:36:44   that group of journalists who got the reviews

00:36:47   a week in advance, they all met with Apple executives

00:36:51   together last week.

00:36:53   Sort of like that Mac round table

00:36:56   that I was at earlier in the year.

00:36:58   And there was a question about how long Face ID

00:37:01   was in development and they were like going to answer

00:37:04   and then somebody cut it off.

00:37:06   It's like, no, we're not gonna talk about timelines.

00:37:09   Apple does not like to talk about how long stuff

00:37:12   was in the works, but it's very, very obvious to me

00:37:15   that Face ID was in the works at least as long as Touch ID,

00:37:20   'cause everything surrounding Touch ID's APIs

00:37:24   is not touch-specific or fingerprint-specific.

00:37:28   It's like the name of the kit is, I think, biometric kit.

00:37:31   Like, they've had ideas, and who knows?

00:37:34   They might have other ideas too, in addition to Face ID,

00:37:38   But they've been thinking about biometrics collectively rather than fingerprints specifically,

00:37:45   obviously, from the get-go.

00:37:46   And the fact that, like you said, the apps just work is proof of it because they're

00:37:50   just making the… effectively, the app just says, "Okay, if you permit it, give me a

00:37:58   biometric authentication."

00:38:00   And the dialog box they show might say touch ID, but that's because the developer was

00:38:05   making an assumption that they shouldn't have made.

00:38:08   That's just what they typed.

00:38:09   But the API they call is just saying,

00:38:11   give me a biometric authentication.

00:38:13   And when you use it on the iPhone 10, it just works.

00:38:16   So my Amex app is exactly like that.

00:38:18   So that's one of those apps that I get,

00:38:21   it makes sense, I guess, for something financial

00:38:22   where even when you restore from iCloud,

00:38:25   it doesn't remember your credentials.

00:38:27   Like I had to, like that's one of those apps

00:38:29   where I had to re-authenticate.

00:38:32   And when I did, it literally said,

00:38:35   same thing that you're talking about where it was like, do you want to set up touch ID? And I,

00:38:39   and it even said, like, I think the OS gave me a warning that said, this app has not been updated

00:38:43   for face ID. Do you want to go ahead? And I said, yes. And again, like you said, it just works.

00:38:48   Tim Cynova Yeah. I was, I was very,

00:38:51   very glad to see that because that makes the experience just seamless for the user. Okay. The

00:38:58   app hasn't been updated yet, but Apple doesn't care because we have another security methods

00:39:03   that's even more secure than touch ID.

00:39:05   - One of the things I've been thinking about

00:39:08   ever since iOS 11 shipped,

00:39:10   and I guess iOS 10 was similar too,

00:39:13   but I think Apple has been thinking about this for a while

00:39:15   is that when you're on your lock screen

00:39:17   and you've got a couple of notifications,

00:39:20   one of the things that's annoyed me ever since,

00:39:22   like for the last six weeks,

00:39:23   ever since I started imagining using Face ID

00:39:26   is that when you tap on one of those notifications,

00:39:28   like let's say here's an iMessage from you

00:39:30   and I tap that message,

00:39:32   So with touch ID, I would then have to move my thumb

00:39:37   from where I touch the notification down to the bottom

00:39:42   to do my fingerprint.

00:39:44   Whereas now I just touch the notification and boom,

00:39:47   it just opens messages.

00:39:51   - Right.

00:39:52   - Like I really do think even just one day in face ID,

00:39:56   I'm sold, it is better than touch ID.

00:39:58   And this is just the first generation.

00:40:01   - Well, and Panzareno made an interesting point

00:40:06   that he, you remember when we moved from Touch ID Gen 1

00:40:12   to Gen 2, I mean Gen 2 was so fast

00:40:15   that before you used to be able to touch the home button

00:40:17   and just take a look at your notifications.

00:40:19   - That's right.

00:40:20   - Gen 2, you touch the button

00:40:21   and you were already unlocked, you know?

00:40:24   So he said that he would be happy

00:40:28   if it was somewhere in between Gen 1 and Gen 2.

00:40:31   And that's basically where he felt that it landed.

00:40:34   And I would, I'd say that's fair,

00:40:37   but it's certainly not slow at all.

00:40:43   It's not as slow as Gen 1 Touch ID was.

00:40:46   Face ID is a lot faster than that.

00:40:48   And I think it's, in a lot of ways,

00:40:50   it's a lot more convenient

00:40:52   because as soon as you pick the phone up,

00:40:55   even if you're gonna use Touch ID,

00:40:57   you would pick the phone up

00:41:00   And as you're raising it, maybe put your thumb on it

00:41:03   to unlock.

00:41:04   Well, the same thing is kind of happening.

00:41:06   You put your thumb down there and you're swiping up

00:41:08   and as your phone lifts, it's unlocked.

00:41:11   So I don't have any problems with the speed,

00:41:17   but you have to think that it's only gonna get better.

00:41:20   It's not gonna get worse.

00:41:22   - Right.

00:41:22   - So the other thing that I was really impressed with

00:41:26   is the amount of gestures that,

00:41:29   I mean, there's a lot of gestures that we had

00:41:31   with the iPhone for years.

00:41:35   But if you're scrolling through your pages of apps

00:41:40   and you wanna go back to the very first screen,

00:41:42   you just swipe up and it'll zoom you back

00:41:45   to the first screen.

00:41:46   That to me is kind of cool.

00:41:49   They were thinking about that.

00:41:50   They know that people, before you used to just hit

00:41:53   the home button and it would zoom you back.

00:41:55   Well, now you just swipe up on whatever screen you're on

00:41:58   and it'll flick you back to the first one.

00:42:00   - Yeah, that swipe up kinda is the new home button.

00:42:03   Even in areas like that.

00:42:05   I hadn't noticed that, but now that you say it,

00:42:06   it does work.

00:42:08   That's pretty cool. - Yeah, that one,

00:42:10   I don't know why, but I end up using that one quite a bit.

00:42:14   And then you swipe down from the right side,

00:42:16   you get to Control Center.

00:42:18   You swipe down from the left side,

00:42:20   you get your notifications.

00:42:22   - One of the things that's interesting to me

00:42:25   about Control Center is that you don't have

00:42:27   swipe far. It's like, you know how when you do notification center, it pulls down as you pull,

00:42:37   like if you pull down one inch, you only see one inch of notification center. If you pull down two

00:42:43   inches, you see two inches. It's one to one with your finger. And I think the idea there is that

00:42:48   you might just want to peek at the bottom one and then let go. But with control center, it doesn't

00:42:53   do that, which is what I expected it to do. Instead, you just sort of swipe down about a

00:42:57   quarter inch and the whole control center is there. And the reason I think that that's a

00:43:02   good idea is that you don't, it makes it a lot easier to open control center than I thought it

00:43:08   was going to be. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know why, but I never used control center a whole lot until

00:43:19   recently. And I really, I can't figure out why. Because there's a lot of good stuff in there,

00:43:27   that you can use. But I would mostly use Control Center to turn on the flashlight.

00:43:34   Yep.

00:43:34   (Laughter)

00:43:35   That was it. That was Control Center for me, the flashlight. I could take everything else out of

00:43:42   there and just put a big flashlight button. But now I am using Control Center a bit more.

00:43:47   It's interesting to me how many little things have changed only for the iPhone 10 and not

00:43:52   for the iPhone 8.

00:43:55   For example, when you're on the lock screen and you want to jump to the camera just without

00:44:02   even unlocking the phone, on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 and 6S and every

00:44:08   other phone running iOS 11, when you're on the lock screen, you swipe from the right

00:44:14   to the left and the camera slides into view.

00:44:18   And you could still do that if you want.

00:44:22   But they also added this little camera button at the corner

00:44:25   that you can just sort of give a force press to

00:44:27   and it clicks, it gives you some haptic feedback

00:44:31   and you jump right in.

00:44:32   And I kind of, I like that because I feel like

00:44:35   that swipe gesture is often hard to make one-handed.

00:44:37   - Yeah.

00:44:40   - And I love the haptic feedback of knowing, okay, I'm in.

00:44:43   So if you're not even looking at the phone,

00:44:45   you already know that the camera's on

00:44:47   because you get that little bit of haptic feedback.

00:44:49   But it's so interesting-

00:44:50   - And the same with the flashlight button.

00:44:52   - Right, it's so interesting to me though

00:44:53   that that's only on the X and none of the other iPhones.

00:44:56   I'm not quite sure why that is.

00:44:58   Yeah, and the flashlight's the exact same way

00:44:59   where you don't have to swipe or anything.

00:45:01   You can just give it a force tap and it clicks.

00:45:04   Very nice click.

00:45:05   Oh, before I forget, I don't wanna forget.

00:45:10   Another little feature.

00:45:12   This is obviously not like a flagship,

00:45:15   wow, we could talk about it forever.

00:45:17   But I really, really like it one day in,

00:45:19   is the fact that you can wake the phone

00:45:21   just by tapping the screen.

00:45:23   - Yes. - Anywhere.

00:45:25   - Yes.

00:45:26   - That might be the one aspect of the iPhone X

00:45:30   that I'm already so used to that I could never go back.

00:45:32   Even after 10 years of never being able

00:45:34   to wake my phone with a tap on the screen,

00:45:36   now that I can wake my phone with a tap on the screen,

00:45:38   I feel like we were living like animals.

00:45:41   (laughs)

00:45:43   Did you notice this though?

00:45:47   That if you have notifications on the screen

00:45:51   and you tap the screen and there's mail message,

00:45:56   it'll say the name and it'll just say mail message.

00:45:59   It won't give you the detail of what the message is

00:46:02   until you lift it up and it will unlock.

00:46:05   - Right.

00:46:06   - And then it will fill in the preview

00:46:09   of what the messages are.

00:46:10   - Well, and it's not-- - But while it's locked,

00:46:13   it won't. - It's not unlocking.

00:46:14   It's like, you know what I mean?

00:46:17   Like it's not taking you away from the lock screen.

00:46:20   It's just-- - No.

00:46:21   - It's just saying-- - It's authenticating.

00:46:23   - Right, it's authenticating.

00:46:24   And they do show it with a lock,

00:46:25   but the lock animates and it swings open.

00:46:28   But all it means is, okay, I know it's you.

00:46:31   - Yeah, and then it will,

00:46:33   as soon as you do that,

00:46:35   all of the messages, notifications,

00:46:37   will fill out with their preview.

00:46:40   And then you can swipe up to unlock if you want

00:46:43   or you can just put it back down.

00:46:45   - Apparently that was a feature before.

00:46:47   I did not know that.

00:46:48   I never turned that on.

00:46:49   So you can do that with a Touch ID iPhone.

00:46:51   But I feel like it's such a natural fit for Face ID.

00:46:56   What did I call the feature?

00:47:00   The attention awareness, the attention awareness.

00:47:02   - The attention awareness, yeah.

00:47:04   Do you have that turned on?

00:47:05   - Yeah, I do.

00:47:06   At least I think it's on by default, right?

00:47:08   I didn't turn it off.

00:47:10   - It is on by default.

00:47:11   I went in and looked because when I was trying to figure out

00:47:15   those couple of times when face ID wouldn't work,

00:47:17   I thought it was my attention.

00:47:19   It does work too that when my alarm went off

00:47:26   at like quarter after two this morning

00:47:29   to get up and post this first look,

00:47:34   the alarm was ringing and I get up and looked at the phone

00:47:37   and the volume dimmed.

00:47:38   Hmm because it knew that it had my attention. I was looking at the phone the volume dim down

00:47:44   so

00:47:46   even even though I was

00:47:48   You know tired as hell I wanted to try that

00:47:52   So I actually picked up the phone and looked at it to see if it would work and it did the volume dim down and one

00:47:58   Of the other things that it'll do is it will not dim the screen if you're viewing like a web page

00:48:04   Because it knows that you it has your attention. Yep

00:48:08   So, you know, that kind of stuff is useful. You know, you often see the phone dim the screen,

00:48:14   you have to tap it to bring it back again, but if it knows that you're looking at it, it won't.

00:48:19   Pete: It's just one more step towards making little, helpful C-3PO style robots.

00:48:23   [Laughter]

00:48:24   Pete; Right?

00:48:25   [Laughter]

00:48:26   Pete; Right? I mean, that's obviously where technology is going. I mean,

00:48:30   I've talked about this before, but it's like, why shouldn't your phone know who you are? Like,

00:48:34   I can recognize a person, why can't a computer? Computers are very good at pattern matching.

00:48:38   You wouldn't tolerate having an employee who couldn't recognize you.

00:48:45   So why do none of our devices recognize us? Why can't my TV know that when I turn the TV on,

00:48:56   nine times out of 10, I want the Apple TV as the input? And with my wife, nine times out of 10,

00:49:01   and she wants the TiVo.

00:49:02   So like, the TV should know who we are,

00:49:05   and if it sees that Amy is watching TV by herself,

00:49:08   as soon as she turns the TV on,

00:49:09   it should switch to the TiVo.

00:49:11   - It doesn't. - It doesn't, but it should.

00:49:15   - As soon as she walks into the room,

00:49:17   regardless of what you're doing, it should switch to TiVo.

00:49:19   - Yeah, exactly, yeah.

00:49:20   (laughing)

00:49:21   That's pretty much what happens, frankly.

00:49:24   (laughing)

00:49:26   What about reachability?

00:49:29   Do you have reachability on?

00:49:30   I didn't even realize there was some speculation that they had gotten rid of it.

00:49:35   Like the old shortcut for reachability.

00:49:37   This is the feature that like moves the screen halfway down so that you can one-handed, you

00:49:43   can reach the stuff at the top of the screen.

00:49:45   The old shortcut was like, I think it was a double touch of the home button, double

00:49:49   touch, not a, not a double tap or double click.

00:49:52   It was just, just touched the touch ID sensor twice and it would jump down.

00:49:57   So the new one is if you turn it's off by default.

00:50:00   if you turn it on, you go to that little

00:50:02   home button indicator.

00:50:04   What are we calling that thing, do you know?

00:50:05   The horizontal line at the bottom of the screen.

00:50:09   - I don't know what we're calling that.

00:50:10   - Is there a name for that thing?

00:50:12   I don't know. - I don't think so.

00:50:13   - I'll call it the home button,

00:50:14   or the home dash.

00:50:16   - Home dash. (laughs)

00:50:18   - So instead of swiping up on that thing,

00:50:21   which is how you unlock the phone,

00:50:23   you swipe down on it, and you don't have much room,

00:50:26   so it's like a little short down swipe,

00:50:28   and it turns on reachability.

00:50:29   I don't like it.

00:50:30   but I never liked reachability, period.

00:50:32   - Well, one thing that I find with reachability

00:50:37   was for people using the plus versions of the phone,

00:50:42   not so much for the non-plus versions.

00:50:47   To me, the iPhone X is more of a non-plus version.

00:50:51   It's just the screen is big.

00:50:52   So physically, it doesn't feel as big as the plus phone,

00:51:00   but the screen is actually bigger.

00:51:01   - I think that, do you think they're gonna do

00:51:03   a plus size of this phone?

00:51:04   I think next year they're gonna do a plus size.

00:51:07   I think that they'll have a second one

00:51:08   that's like 6.8 inches or something.

00:51:10   Don't you?

00:51:13   I feel like, 'cause I feel like some people love the plus.

00:51:16   And you know, this phone doesn't do like the two panel

00:51:19   layouts for things like mail or messages.

00:51:22   You know how like on a plus phone,

00:51:23   when you rotate the phone sideways,

00:51:25   you get like a sort of a mini iPad layout

00:51:28   where you have two columns, mailboxes and messages.

00:51:31   This phone doesn't do that.

00:51:32   And I feel like some people love that.

00:51:34   I really do think there's room for it

00:51:37   because this phone doesn't feel big at all.

00:51:39   - No, you're right, it doesn't.

00:51:41   I never noticed that.

00:51:42   I never look at my mail or messages on landscape.

00:51:46   - I never do anything on landscape.

00:51:47   The only thing I ever do on landscape is watch videos

00:51:50   or look at pictures or whatever.

00:51:52   - Yeah, I don't think people do much in,

00:51:57   in landscape, to be honest, but watch movies or something like that. I do watch video in

00:52:04   landscape, but that's about it. I never even knew that wasn't there in this one.

00:52:11   Never even thought to look because I don't use it.

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00:55:04   What else?

00:55:10   I got a couple other things to talk about.

00:55:12   do it. I think everybody, as far as I've seen, I mean, I haven't done like an exhaustive

00:55:19   survey, but it seems to me that everybody who got one of these review units, either

00:55:25   a week ago or yesterday, the big group of us that got them yesterday, everybody got

00:55:28   the silver one. I don't, I haven't seen anybody post a picture of the space black.

00:55:33   No, I got a silver. Yeah, everybody I know got silver. René was with me yesterday in

00:55:40   in New York, he got silver, I got silver.

00:55:42   I kinda see why.

00:55:45   I personally ordered last Friday night.

00:55:48   Did you order last Friday night, by the way?

00:55:50   - I did not.

00:55:51   - I did, I ordered one Friday night.

00:55:53   Actually, I ordered two.

00:55:54   I got one for me and one for Amy.

00:55:55   We could talk about that in a moment,

00:55:58   but I got the space black.

00:56:00   I always buy black.

00:56:01   It's just, whatever's the blackest black that I can get

00:56:04   is what I get.

00:56:04   Last year was the only time I had a dilemma

00:56:06   because the bastards made me choose between two blacks.

00:56:09   (laughing)

00:56:11   I'm glad I got jet.

00:56:12   I'm glad I got the jet black.

00:56:14   'Cause I feel like it's,

00:56:16   and it's exactly what I thought when I ordered it,

00:56:18   is I kind of think,

00:56:19   I think that the last year's iPhone 7 flat black

00:56:23   or whatever they, matte black, whatever they called it,

00:56:25   to me looked better.

00:56:26   It looked more like sort of

00:56:29   like a classic piece of camera equipment, like a tool.

00:56:33   But that grippiness of this jet black finish,

00:56:38   it exactly feels like the glass that they've gone to

00:56:41   across the line this year.

00:56:42   And it really, really helps holding the phone

00:56:44   like when you're in warm weather,

00:56:47   wet hands or something like that.

00:56:48   I think the silver kind of pops.

00:56:52   I personally, my own taste just leans towards

00:56:56   the more muted look of the space gray,

00:56:58   but I feel like this silver really pops

00:57:00   because in a way that it's just like almost impossible

00:57:04   to photograph the way that the stainless steel sides

00:57:07   are so shiny.

00:57:09   It's like, it's just such a hard thing to photograph

00:57:12   the shine of like a high gloss stainless steel.

00:57:15   - Yeah, yeah.

00:57:18   Remember when we first talked about the phone colors,

00:57:25   I thought this one almost looked white.

00:57:28   - Yeah.

00:57:29   - You know, it kinda, to me, I'm looking at it now,

00:57:31   to me it kinda does, but it has that silver band and

00:57:37   I like both of them.

00:57:39   I saw both yesterday.

00:57:40   I didn't know which one I was getting

00:57:42   until I got home and unpacked it.

00:57:45   And it honestly, it didn't really matter to me.

00:57:48   I really do like both.

00:57:52   - I kind of wish that the space black one

00:57:53   had the space black glass back,

00:57:55   but still had the shiny chrome sides.

00:57:58   I don't know.

00:58:01   But there is, and there is, again,

00:58:03   this is not an original observation.

00:58:04   I'm pretty sure every review I read today

00:58:07   mentioned it in some way, but the shiny sides really does harken back to the original iPhone

00:58:12   10 years ago, which had like that sort of chrome border around the display.

00:58:18   Yeah, I, I love the, I love the feel of it. I love the look of it. I think mostly I, as

00:58:30   much as I love, I, and I've said before, I love the big phone. I don't love the big phone.

00:58:36   I love the big screen.

00:58:38   And this, I have an even bigger screen,

00:58:41   but a smaller phone.

00:58:42   So, it feels more comfortable to carry around.

00:58:46   It feels more comfortable to use,

00:58:48   but you actually have more viewing real estate.

00:58:53   - I'm not a bezel hater.

00:58:56   I was not of the opinion that it was a disaster

00:59:00   for Apple to stick with the same tried and true design

00:59:03   with the iPhone 7 last year.

00:59:06   But that's, you know, and again,

00:59:09   and if this phone just happened to, you know,

00:59:11   let's say things had slipped and the only new phones

00:59:14   that Apple had shipped this year

00:59:15   were the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

00:59:17   I don't think that would have been a disaster.

00:59:18   Those are, they're great phones and they look fine.

00:59:20   - Yes, they are. - Yeah.

00:59:22   - But using this phone for a day,

00:59:23   you really do see what wasted space

00:59:25   the chin and forehead are.

00:59:27   Like, I don't think it's terrible.

00:59:28   I don't, you know, I guess maybe the more I use this,

00:59:31   the more dated that might look,

00:59:33   but it is wasted space though.

00:59:35   It really does it.

00:59:37   - Well, it's wasted space for what we have now,

00:59:42   but for the technology that was put into that phone,

00:59:47   it's needed space.

00:59:49   I mean, I love my iPhone 8 Plus.

00:59:55   I think it's a great phone.

00:59:56   But when I look at the chin and the forehead of that,

01:00:01   and then look at this iPhone 10 with no chin and forehead,

01:00:04   I think, wow, that's a huge difference.

01:00:08   - It's a good display, it really is.

01:00:11   And Apple, I'll bet that in your briefing,

01:00:14   they mentioned the same thing.

01:00:16   I think that it's almost a sore point with them

01:00:19   within the company that this is not like

01:00:22   an off-the-shelf Samsung component.

01:00:24   It's not like they just went in and said to Samsung,

01:00:28   well, give us what, this type,

01:00:31   here's the OLED displays you guys make,

01:00:33   give us one of the model 5A27 whatever,

01:00:36   and cut to this size, blah, blah, blah.

01:00:39   This is a totally custom design by Apple.

01:00:41   Apple designed the display, Samsung just makes it.

01:00:44   But it's unlike anything that,

01:00:46   it's unlike the OLED display in any Samsung product

01:00:50   because it's not a Samsung design.

01:00:52   - Yeah.

01:00:53   - And where it manifests itself to me

01:00:56   is that the colors look right.

01:00:59   Like the app icons don't look,

01:01:01   They don't have that OLED oversaturated look.

01:01:05   And I know that like OLED displays have gotten a lot better

01:01:09   across the board in recent years,

01:01:10   but I still look at like high end,

01:01:13   some high end flagship Android phones,

01:01:16   like the ones, especially the ones from the

01:01:18   Korean companies like Samsung and LG.

01:01:23   And to me, they look too saturated.

01:01:25   And I think, I don't even think it's like a technical,

01:01:27   I don't think it's that they are inferior.

01:01:30   I think it's on purpose that they're made to pop

01:01:34   because for some people,

01:01:35   some people like that oversaturated look.

01:01:38   You know, and it,

01:01:39   I was just talking about it on the show last week

01:01:45   with Renee, that Google is taking some flack with the pixels

01:01:50   because Google has set their color balance

01:01:53   more towards like an iPhone that's not oversaturated.

01:01:57   And there's some people in the Google ecosystem

01:02:00   who are so used to that, or just genuinely do prefer it,

01:02:03   that they think that the pixels look washed out,

01:02:05   whereas I think the pixels look like,

01:02:06   finally, an Android phone with good color.

01:02:08   (laughing)

01:02:11   I have absolutely, one day in,

01:02:15   I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever

01:02:19   about the color reproduction on this phone.

01:02:21   - No, none.

01:02:22   - Everything looks good.

01:02:25   Photos look good, apps look good.

01:02:28   - Dark apps, dark apps like the Apple Watch app look great.

01:02:32   Light apps with a white background like male look great.

01:02:35   There's no weird, you do get a blue,

01:02:38   Panzarena wrote about this I think,

01:02:40   but if you hold it at a really oblique angle,

01:02:43   like almost like you're looking at it from the side,

01:02:45   there is a slight blue shift that you don't get

01:02:47   with an LED screen, but it's only at,

01:02:50   it's not like slightly off angle,

01:02:52   it's like truly an oblique angle.

01:02:55   - Yeah.

01:02:56   - Like so oblique that you couldn't really use the phone

01:02:58   from that perspective anyway, so who cares?

01:03:00   - Right, yeah.

01:03:01   - I guess the big unknown is,

01:03:05   'cause OLED famously compared to LED,

01:03:08   one of the downsides is that OLED is way more susceptible

01:03:12   to burn-in and have like image retention type problems.

01:03:16   Typically after the phone or whatever the device is,

01:03:19   phone, TV, whatever, is in use for a long time.

01:03:22   Now Google got in some trouble

01:03:24   because their new Pixel XL to start suffering this

01:03:28   about six days in, which is not good.

01:03:32   - Not good.

01:03:33   - This is the sort of thing though

01:03:34   that even like a full week long review,

01:03:36   you can't tell, there's no way.

01:03:38   And I even asked Apple about it,

01:03:40   like, how do you simulate like,

01:03:44   and they said that their answer was that they put a lot

01:03:46   of work into mitigating burn-in and they're well aware of it

01:03:50   and they would have spent a lot of time.

01:03:51   I was like, well, how do you simulate that though?

01:03:53   I was like, you know, like our Ikea used to have a robotic butt.

01:04:01   In the chair department, there's like a chair that Ikea, so they don't have it at our Ikea

01:04:06   anymore, but I used to love it.

01:04:08   And they had in glass, like plexiglass-enclaced, one of their chairs, and they show how they

01:04:12   test it.

01:04:13   And they had this robot butt that would just sit in the chair, get up, sit in the chair,

01:04:17   and there was like a machine calibrating it to say that it was like simulating somebody

01:04:21   who weighs 185 pounds.

01:04:23   And there was a counter that incremented

01:04:25   every time this robot butt sat in the chair.

01:04:28   So how do you test a chair?

01:04:31   Well, you actually have a robot butt sit in the chair

01:04:35   10,000 times or however many times I got up to.

01:04:38   How do you simulate a year worth of OLED use?

01:04:43   And Apple wouldn't answer.

01:04:45   They're like, we've worked it.

01:04:48   Like the answer was we, secret sauce.

01:04:52   - I have no doubt that they did.

01:04:53   I mean, they're very good at that.

01:04:56   So.

01:04:58   - I love trying to get them to answer a question

01:05:00   even off the record.

01:05:01   Is there anything that you'll tell me

01:05:04   that isn't one of your talking points?

01:05:06   And the answer is usually never.

01:05:08   (laughing)

01:05:09   But we shall see.

01:05:11   It's obviously one of the--

01:05:11   - That's why they have talking points.

01:05:13   - Do you think, I know that with the iPhone 8,

01:05:16   they improved the audio output from the speakers.

01:05:21   - Yes.

01:05:22   - Who was I just listening to?

01:05:24   I think it might have been Marco on ATP,

01:05:28   but somebody whose podcast I listened to

01:05:29   was saying about how they've started listening to,

01:05:34   like when they're in the kitchen,

01:05:35   they won't even bother putting headphones or AirPods in.

01:05:37   They'll just play the podcast through the speaker

01:05:41   like you're using a little portable radio,

01:05:43   and it's actually gotten useful.

01:05:45   Like if you've calibrated your expectations

01:05:48   for how the speaker sounds based on like the original iPhone

01:05:52   and the 3GS and the iPhone 4,

01:05:54   and you just think it sounds really tinny and thin,

01:05:58   it's like they, you know, again, it's still a phone.

01:06:00   It's not like magically gonna sound like a boombox,

01:06:02   but it's really pretty useful.

01:06:04   I find that this phone,

01:06:05   I was listening to some stuff this morning,

01:06:08   just, you know, again, just to try it.

01:06:10   And I don't know if it's any louder than the iPhone 8,

01:06:12   but it's certainly louder than iPhones in the past were.

01:06:15   It's not just that it's loud, it's clear.

01:06:20   So, you know, you can have loud and sound distorted and kind of awful.

01:06:27   The speakers in the iPhone 8 and the X are just really good. I think they're really good.

01:06:34   I listen to music all the time without my headphones on just using the iPhone.

01:06:39   phone. And sometimes I'll use my Mac, most of the time I'll use the iPhone because

01:06:44   then if I get up and, you know, I have a couple of great stations that I listen to, if I get

01:06:50   up and do go for a walk or whatever, I'll just throw my headphones on or if I go in

01:06:55   the car, I just, I keep it playing all the time. And when I'm at home, I just play

01:07:01   through the iPhone speakers and it's great.

01:07:04   I think big picture, it's so interesting to me the strategy Apple has taken with the iPhone 8

01:07:15   compared to the iPhone 10, where the iPhone 8 is completely familiar. I mean, sure, it looks as a

01:07:23   new glass industrial design on the back and it does the wireless charging now, but that's just

01:07:28   in addition to everything that came before it.

01:07:31   Like, if you're familiar with any iPhone,

01:07:34   I would say from around the 5S forward, right?

01:07:38   5S, I think was the first one with Touch ID.

01:07:41   If your iPhone is a 5S, a 6, 6S, 7,

01:07:45   and you get an iPhone 8,

01:07:47   you're gonna be completely familiar with it.

01:07:49   You know how Touch ID works.

01:07:51   The basic proportions are the same.

01:07:53   You know to swipe up from the bottom to get control center.

01:07:57   It's familiar across the board.

01:08:02   And there's so many little things that they changed

01:08:05   in iPhone 10 all at once that,

01:08:09   and to me the box that I think Apple is trying to get out of

01:08:13   with the iPhone 10 is that when you have

01:08:15   a super successful technology product,

01:08:18   that familiarity and when it's so popular

01:08:22   that the truly mass market,

01:08:24   hundreds of millions of just regular people

01:08:26   who aren't nerds and are not technology enthusiasts,

01:08:29   to use and depend on your product every day,

01:08:33   you break that familiarity at your own risk, right?

01:08:36   And I think we've seen that with Microsoft over the years,

01:08:39   where Microsoft, I think, has bent over backwards

01:08:42   in so many ways to maintain compatibility

01:08:47   with just old versions of DOS and stuff like that.

01:08:50   They were limited to the goofy three-character

01:08:54   file extensions for so much longer than they had to be

01:08:57   for technical reasons just because they wanted

01:09:00   to maintain compatibility with old software.

01:09:03   And I kind of feel like the iPhone X,

01:09:07   in a lot of these little decisions,

01:09:09   it's things that I bet Apple has been wanting to do

01:09:13   for a while but felt like they couldn't

01:09:15   because they don't wanna break familiarity.

01:09:17   And now you can go in an Apple store

01:09:19   and if you're the type of person who wants an iPhone

01:09:22   that seems totally familiar to you,

01:09:24   you can get the iPhone 8 and you're not really settling

01:09:27   for like a second tier phone.

01:09:30   It's a very different strategy

01:09:32   than when they had the 5C a couple years ago,

01:09:35   which was sort of like year old tech and a plastic case.

01:09:37   Like this thing gets the, it gets the,

01:09:40   it's almost amazing how many of the features

01:09:42   the iPhone 8 gets that the iPhone 10 has.

01:09:44   - Well, and what people have to remember--

01:09:48   - I'll bet, I would just love to hear

01:09:51   from Apple Store people after these are both out there,

01:09:54   just how many regular people come in

01:09:56   and gravitate towards the eight,

01:09:58   not because they don't wanna pay an extra 200 bucks,

01:10:00   but because they don't want something that's unfamiliar.

01:10:04   - Well, and let's not forget that the eight

01:10:08   has a lot of updated components as well.

01:10:11   So it's not like you're getting a seven with a new name.

01:10:15   - Right, no, it has the A11 Bionic chip, it has the--

01:10:19   - Yeah, I mean, these are powerful, powerful phones.

01:10:22   - Right, the 8 Plus has the portrait mode

01:10:24   with all the fancy new lighting effects, you know?

01:10:27   - Yes, and I love the 8 Plus, I really do.

01:10:31   And the only reason that, you know,

01:10:33   I keep talking about the Plus,

01:10:35   the only reason that I use the Plus is because of my eyes.

01:10:40   You know, I have trouble seeing now,

01:10:43   I need glasses to read things,

01:10:45   and I boost up the font size and all that kind of stuff

01:10:50   on the lower ones, but it's so bad sometimes now

01:10:55   that it's like I get two letters a line or something.

01:10:59   So I use the plus, so that's what I talk about a lot

01:11:05   'cause that's what I use.

01:11:07   - It's one of my favorite things about all of iOS

01:11:10   is the dynamic type size thing.

01:11:12   And it's not just because I use it too, I need it,

01:11:15   at least a couple of clicks,

01:11:16   I think I'm like two clicks above default,

01:11:19   but I probably should go to three, but I'm fighting it.

01:11:22   But the thing that I love about it,

01:11:24   the thing that I love about it is that,

01:11:26   not just that it's there.

01:11:27   I mean, first and foremost, it's great that it's there,

01:11:29   'cause if you can't read, that's a problem.

01:11:31   And if you can read,

01:11:32   it makes all the difference in the world.

01:11:33   But the thing I love about it is that when you turn it up,

01:11:35   it doesn't look like you're using

01:11:37   a weird accessibility mode.

01:11:38   So many ways, the way software used to be written

01:11:43   in the old days was everything was just right down to the pixel.

01:11:49   You couldn't really-- if you'd bump the font size up one point,

01:11:52   everything would-- all the layout would break, right?

01:11:55   And so you might have a mode like this on your software,

01:11:57   but it would look janky.

01:11:59   It would look like you're using a special mode for people with bad eyes,

01:12:02   whereas you can turn the dynamic type up a large amount.

01:12:07   And it still looks like a properly written app, and all of Apple's apps

01:12:12   support it.

01:12:12   and most third-party apps do too.

01:12:14   They just look fine.

01:12:15   They look great.

01:12:16   It looks like that's the way it was supposed to be.

01:12:17   It was supposed to be bigger type.

01:12:19   And I just appreciate that so much

01:12:21   'cause it would annoy me if I needed it to read,

01:12:25   but made the OS look janky.

01:12:28   - Yeah, and to your point,

01:12:32   most developers are supporting that

01:12:35   and have for a number of years.

01:12:38   So, if you're, you know, if you need that extra big type like you and I,

01:12:45   although, you know, you've got to go, just jack it up there, John.

01:12:49   Stop fighting it, just do it. You know, I have mine jacked up and all of my things look great.

01:12:56   All my apps look fine, everything looks fine. I can, you know, actually, if I hold the phone away

01:13:03   a bit, I can see if I need to, like a text message or something. But if I'm actually

01:13:09   gonna read an email or something like that, I always have my glasses on my t-shirt collar

01:13:17   under my beard. So I'll just pull those out and put them on and it's fine.

01:13:23   Pete: Let me see here, what else do I got? So what about, with control center in the

01:13:28   top right, how are you finding that reachability-wise?

01:13:31   wise? I know that's a question a lot of people have because if people tend to hold the phone

01:13:37   towards the bottom and therefore control center is your thumb is already there. So the old style of

01:13:42   swiping up from the bottom to get control center, it's it literally moved all the way as far away

01:13:48   as it possibly could. From where it was. Yeah. So here's here's the problem with me. And we talked

01:13:54   about earlier. I never used Control Center that much. So I, as I started to use it a bit more

01:14:01   recently, I just reach up, I'm trying to think now because I have been going in there, you know,

01:14:12   yesterday too when I got this phone. I've just been using my, the index finger of my other hand.

01:14:17   I just reach up and pull Control Center down.

01:14:21   - Yeah, it's like, I've been trying to think about it

01:14:23   and it's just one of those things that's so hard

01:14:25   with just one day, but so far,

01:14:26   I haven't really been annoyed by it,

01:14:28   but I also noticed that a lot of the time

01:14:29   I'm already using the phone with two hands

01:14:31   and so it is out of the matter.

01:14:33   I think for some people who rely on it one-handed,

01:14:37   they're gonna be a little annoyed.

01:14:39   - Yeah, yeah, I suppose.

01:14:41   I just, it's not one of those things that I use a lot.

01:14:44   So I'm trying to, what if I had to reach up there

01:14:46   to go to the home?

01:14:48   - Yeah.

01:14:48   then maybe I would be annoyed with that.

01:14:52   But--

01:14:55   - True Tone is great. - Yeah, it doesn't bother me.

01:14:58   I love True Tone.

01:14:59   I want True Tone in my eyes.

01:15:02   - So my last six weeks of iPhone usage

01:15:07   were whenever it was in mid-September

01:15:11   when we got the review units for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus,

01:15:14   I spent most of my time with the iPhone 8,

01:15:16   some time with the iPhone 8 Plus.

01:15:18   both of those have True Tone and I really liked it.

01:15:20   And I wrote my review and used them a bit more,

01:15:24   but then I went back to my personal iPhone 7

01:15:29   and I noticed it and it was like,

01:15:31   I wish I missed True Tone.

01:15:35   But then that was like about four weeks,

01:15:37   three, four weeks of that.

01:15:39   And then now back to True Tone again,

01:15:41   it's like, man, I am never not using True Tone again.

01:15:46   Like on the train last night on the way home from New York,

01:15:49   I had both phones out while I was, I needed both phones.

01:15:53   And it's like side by side in the harsh,

01:15:55   well, not nearly harsh lighting,

01:15:57   but the, it's a weird color on the Amtrak train.

01:16:00   It just, it's like night and day.

01:16:03   It's like the iPhone 10 looks to me normal

01:16:07   and the iPhone, my iPhone 7 looked so blue.

01:16:09   It was weird.

01:16:10   It was crazy.

01:16:11   I love this feature.

01:16:15   I, it's hard to explain to people

01:16:20   how good True Tone is, just for reading,

01:16:25   just for looking at your iPhone.

01:16:27   I mean, I don't know about you,

01:16:28   but when I travel, I'm on a train or a plane

01:16:33   or waiting at a gate, I'll read a lot of news, websites,

01:16:38   what's going on, and you notice it when you don't have it,

01:16:45   When your phone is hard to read,

01:16:49   then you notice that strain of trying to read.

01:16:53   But with True Tone, it really helps

01:16:56   because it's not, it's so subtle in what it does,

01:17:01   but so helpful in what it does.

01:17:05   So I think everything should have True Tone.

01:17:08   - I think the last item on my list here

01:17:12   is using un-updated apps, meaning third-party apps,

01:17:16   or even first-party, because some of Apple's own apps

01:17:19   from the App Store, like the Apple Store app,

01:17:21   have not been updated yet for the iPhone X screen.

01:17:26   I haven't spent much time with them,

01:17:29   because a lot of the apps, even like Tweetbot

01:17:31   and some of the third-party apps I use

01:17:33   have already been updated.

01:17:35   - Yeah.

01:17:36   - It is weird.

01:17:40   I mean, effectively it just sort of letterboxes it

01:17:42   with a black bar at the top and bottom.

01:17:45   And it really just, it doesn't look bad though.

01:17:48   Like the way that in past transitions like this,

01:17:52   when you had to use, like when you first got an iPhone 4

01:17:55   and you'd use an app that didn't have retina graphics,

01:17:57   it looked like total garbage.

01:17:59   Like really just the worst looking thing ever.

01:18:04   When the iPhone 5 came out and the screen changed

01:18:09   from three and a half to four inches

01:18:11   and they would letterbox the apps.

01:18:13   They looked terrible

01:18:14   'cause it just looked like they were squished

01:18:15   and there was so much dead space at the top and bottom.

01:18:19   I would say this is the least objectionable.

01:18:23   When you open, of those transitions,

01:18:26   when you open an un-updated app,

01:18:27   it just looks like an older, like an iPhone 8.

01:18:30   - Yeah.

01:18:32   - It's not a ridiculous--

01:18:33   - Yeah, it's not squished, it's not stretched,

01:18:36   It's not pixelated, it's not anything, it's just an app.

01:18:41   - Yeah, and you have a black chin and forehead.

01:18:45   - Right, so you can tell right away that,

01:18:49   okay, this app isn't optimized for iPhone X,

01:18:53   but developers have also over the years

01:18:56   gotten very good and very quick at updating their apps

01:19:00   for new devices and new screens.

01:19:03   and you've been one of the best ones

01:19:08   before these new screens and everything are released

01:19:13   at giving people an idea of,

01:19:16   okay, here's what's gonna happen,

01:19:19   here's what it's gonna look like.

01:19:20   You start getting into all that math and stuff

01:19:23   that you know, resolution.

01:19:25   But that's really helpful for people to understand

01:19:31   what's going to happen and what needs to change.

01:19:34   So, but I find developers are really quick

01:19:37   to update that stuff.

01:19:38   As a matter of fact, I've got a couple of updates

01:19:41   yesterday and today of apps that were updated for iPhone 10.

01:19:47   - Yeah, I would expect that by Friday.

01:19:50   I'll bet every single day of the week,

01:19:52   from now till Friday, the app store,

01:19:55   your notification badge on the app store app

01:19:57   is gonna be like 20 every time you go to load

01:20:00   because everybody is submitting their things.

01:20:03   And Apple takes pride in that.

01:20:06   Apple loves to see people, and again, it speaks to,

01:20:11   it's a culture within Apple to not let things stagnate.

01:20:17   I mean, look at how they broke compatibility

01:20:19   with 32-bit apps with iOS 11.

01:20:21   Like, that's the sort of thing that Microsoft would never do

01:20:24   at least not in the old days, right?

01:20:25   Like, they kept backwards compatibility with old sites,

01:20:29   There's pros and cons to both strategies.

01:20:31   Like I'm not sitting here saying

01:20:32   that Apple's strategy is always the best.

01:20:35   There's a couple of old apps

01:20:36   that I really had great fondness for

01:20:39   that it's a little sad

01:20:40   that I can't even run them anymore on iOS 11.

01:20:42   - I agree.

01:20:44   - But I understand that that's progress

01:20:46   and that the whole system runs better

01:20:48   if they don't even have 32-bit libraries to load.

01:20:52   If all they have to do is load one set of OS libraries,

01:20:56   there's an efficiency win.

01:20:57   And you know.

01:20:58   - Yep.

01:20:59   So it's, you know.

01:21:01   - And I'm all for that, to be honest.

01:21:03   I think that you need to keep moving forward

01:21:07   in order to keep pushing the platform forward.

01:21:10   And there are developers out there that are using,

01:21:13   you know, in the year that an iOS is released,

01:21:18   developers are pushing the limits of that platform

01:21:21   by the end of the year, you know?

01:21:23   And then Apple releases something new

01:21:25   and gives them a bunch more headroom

01:21:26   and, you know, developers plow in.

01:21:28   but if you keep adding backward compatibility into that,

01:21:32   then you're holding yourself back.

01:21:34   - Yeah, well, so what's your bottom line?

01:21:37   I don't know, that scratches off all of the iPhone 10

01:21:40   related things for me.

01:21:43   - Well, bottom line is that for me,

01:21:47   Face ID works a hell of a lot better

01:21:51   than what I thought it would.

01:21:56   I love the size versus screen size dimensions.

01:22:01   Smaller size phone, bigger screen.

01:22:06   To me, a win-win is huge.

01:22:10   Love that.

01:22:11   There's nothing that I actually hate about the phone.

01:22:15   I said in the thing about the notch,

01:22:17   I don't notice the notch.

01:22:19   If I stare at it, then yes, okay, I notice it.

01:22:22   but I look at the screen and for the content

01:22:26   that's on the screen, so the notch doesn't bother me.

01:22:29   - I see how they went with it though.

01:22:31   - There's nothing that I really dislike.

01:22:33   - And I think the difference is that

01:22:36   if you're just staring at screenshots

01:22:38   and the screenshots show the notch, it looks ridiculous.

01:22:43   And it's like, how could Apple ever approve this?

01:22:45   But I feel like the way that it happened,

01:22:48   and I know that this is a big thing within Apple,

01:22:52   is to make real prototypes.

01:22:54   You don't just look at printouts on a piece of paper

01:22:56   of what the interface looks like.

01:22:58   You've gotta run it on the real device.

01:23:00   So if it's an iPhone app, you know,

01:23:03   Federighi had an interesting comment

01:23:04   in the Panzareno article where they were,

01:23:07   their first simulations of the software

01:23:10   of the iPhone X were running on an iPad

01:23:13   because they didn't have hardware yet to run it on

01:23:16   and they needed an iPad to get something big enough

01:23:19   to have this big, tall, skinny retina display.

01:23:23   - Oh yeah, yeah.

01:23:24   - That was as real as they could possibly make it, right?

01:23:28   So the realest they could get at that point

01:23:30   was to run it on an iPad.

01:23:31   But then as soon as they could run it on real hardware,

01:23:33   they ran it on real hardware, right?

01:23:35   And I think once they,

01:23:40   you know, they knew that they had this sensor package.

01:23:43   Here's the design.

01:23:43   Now, do we want to put black pixels in the corners

01:23:47   to sort of disguise it?

01:23:48   Which is really, that's the look you get

01:23:52   when you run an un-updated app, right?

01:23:55   - Correct.

01:23:55   - Or do we want to embrace it?

01:23:58   And I feel like once you're using it on a real device

01:24:01   and you see what it looks like when they embrace the notch,

01:24:04   it really does, it doesn't make the notch look good to me,

01:24:08   but it really does, you just forget about it.

01:24:10   You really do.

01:24:11   I know that that's what Apple has told us

01:24:13   on and off the record.

01:24:15   But in one day I have found that that is true.

01:24:17   It really is true.

01:24:18   And that's just such a relief to me

01:24:20   because if it was like annoying me

01:24:24   every moment of every day, it might be a problem.

01:24:28   - Yeah.

01:24:28   Is there anything in your day of using it

01:24:32   that you really dislike about the 10?

01:24:35   - That's a good question.

01:24:37   I'm gonna keep you in suspense

01:24:38   and I'm gonna thank our third and final sponsor.

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01:27:10   My thanks to them.

01:27:12   So is there anything I do not like about the iPhone 10?

01:27:17   I'll tell you, no, not so far.

01:27:21   I'm not completely sold on the home button thing,

01:27:24   but I really do, at this point,

01:27:26   I'm not willing to say I don't like it either.

01:27:27   I just feel like I'm in the unfamiliar,

01:27:29   I just have this 10-year-old habit

01:27:32   of stabbing my finger at the bottom of the phone

01:27:34   to click a button and there's nothing to click.

01:27:37   And I just do it without thinking.

01:27:41   And when I think about it, it's easy.

01:27:44   - Yeah, I think that, like I said earlier,

01:27:46   I think I'm so hyper aware with it.

01:27:47   - Cannot possibly say that with any judgment though

01:27:51   in 24 hours, I think it's gonna be fine.

01:27:53   And it fits with what I've been told by other people

01:27:56   who've used this thing for a while,

01:27:58   that yeah, within a week, you just start swiping up

01:28:00   on all your iPhones and you're disappointed

01:28:02   when they don't work.

01:28:03   (laughing)

01:28:05   - Well, you remember, I remember very vividly

01:28:07   because these technologies roll out one device at a time.

01:28:11   And there might be a time three years from now

01:28:14   when we're using iPads with Face ID

01:28:18   and MacBooks or iBooks or iMacs with Touch ID,

01:28:23   I mean, Face ID.

01:28:24   Face ID would be so great in an iMac.

01:28:25   It totally, how do you put a Touch ID sensor on an iMac

01:28:30   when the keyboard isn't connected to the computer?

01:28:33   How do you trust that wireless connection?

01:28:34   Guess what?

01:28:35   Just skip it.

01:28:36   Don't even use touch ID.

01:28:37   And put a face ID sensor package in the iMac Pro.

01:28:40   That would be so fantastic.

01:28:41   - That'd be great.

01:28:42   - But in the meantime, when it's only on one device,

01:28:46   when the technology is good and the design is right,

01:28:49   and it's like, oh yeah, this is the way it should be.

01:28:51   I remember very vividly for like a year,

01:28:54   every time I go to use an iPad,

01:28:55   I would just put my thumb on the home button

01:28:58   and expect it to unlock and think that it's broken

01:29:00   when it doesn't.

01:29:01   And every single time, every time I do it,

01:29:04   and then I'd realize, oh, it doesn't have Touch ID yet.

01:29:07   So I think that Face ID is gonna be like that.

01:29:09   - I agree, and that's just, it's just habit.

01:29:14   - All right, why am I touching this?

01:29:16   Touching this button like an animal.

01:29:17   The camera is great.

01:29:20   I mean, that's one of those areas

01:29:21   where it is slightly better than the iPhone 8 Plus camera,

01:29:25   because the wide angle camera is exactly the same,

01:29:28   and the telephoto camera is,

01:29:32   it's half a stop faster.

01:29:34   It's f/2.4 instead of f/2.8,

01:29:36   which if you don't know camera technology,

01:29:38   all it means is that it can take a good picture

01:29:41   in half the light.

01:29:43   That wherever the minimum amount of light

01:29:46   that the iPhone 8 Plus can take a picture

01:29:48   with the 2X lens,

01:29:50   the iPhone X can go halfway that much light further

01:29:55   to get a good picture, which is great.

01:29:57   and it has image stabilization on the telephoto lens,

01:30:00   which the iPhone 8 Plus doesn't have.

01:30:01   But overall, the camera on the iPhone 8 is so great,

01:30:05   and it's so equal to the iPhone X.

01:30:08   - And don't forget the front-facing camera

01:30:13   has portrait mode on the iPhone X.

01:30:14   - Yeah, yeah, I took a couple of those.

01:30:15   I look okay. (laughs)

01:30:19   - Well, yeah, I mean, I did too, but that's--

01:30:22   - I'm not a big selfie taker.

01:30:27   - I do think though, I know that the billions of people are,

01:30:30   and I know that's a very popular art form on Instagram.

01:30:33   I feel like the portrait mode with the, you know,

01:30:37   for the selfie camera is gonna overwhelm Instagram

01:30:40   as soon as these things start rolling out

01:30:43   into people's hands.

01:30:44   - Agreed.

01:30:46   But it does work and it is beautiful.

01:30:48   - Yeah.

01:30:49   So I checked on the store there.

01:30:51   Right now, if you went to the Apple store.com

01:30:54   or store.applecom, whatever the hell you go to,

01:30:57   tried to buy an iPhone X right now,

01:31:00   they're quoting five to six weeks delivery.

01:31:02   So that would take you into like mid-December.

01:31:07   - That's not bad though,

01:31:08   'cause it was five to six weeks after the first day.

01:31:10   - Yeah. - So that's pretty good.

01:31:13   - Yeah, I feel like they're pretty confident

01:31:15   about the ramp up.

01:31:16   That is pretty good for a phone

01:31:18   with an awful lot of pent up demand.

01:31:21   - Yeah.

01:31:22   - Trying to think what else.

01:31:23   You know what I'm not a fan of?

01:31:25   I am not a fan of wireless charging so far.

01:31:29   Did you wind up using that a lot?

01:31:32   I'm gonna try again.

01:31:33   - I have it in a place where I can put it down

01:31:39   and wireless charge, but I, whenever,

01:31:44   I guess it's just what I'm used to,

01:31:45   but whenever I go to charge, I expect it to charge fast,

01:31:49   and wireless charging is not fast.

01:31:51   I have a fast charger set up

01:31:56   and my wireless charger was right beside it.

01:31:59   So, again, habit, if I had to take my fast charger away,

01:32:03   I probably would have used wireless charging more.

01:32:06   But my fast charger was right there

01:32:09   and I would just plug it in

01:32:10   and then by the time I realized, just say, ah.

01:32:12   - Somebody wrote to me talking about this recently

01:32:16   and I think I was in the context of me complaining

01:32:21   that they still ship the small charger with the iPhones

01:32:25   instead of the bigger one that charges faster.

01:32:28   And the thing that I didn't,

01:32:30   I called it like a nickel and dime move.

01:32:32   And then a bunch of people wrote to me and said,

01:32:35   "Hey, you know what?

01:32:36   "I like the small charger 'cause it fits everywhere

01:32:39   "or like women can keep it in their purse

01:32:42   "and it doesn't take up, hardly takes up any space."

01:32:46   I heard from people who like the way

01:32:47   that the little charger that ships with the iPhone,

01:32:51   that the prongs don't fold in,

01:32:53   so you never have to screw around

01:32:55   with bending the, you know, getting the prongs in or out.

01:32:58   It just, you know, it's so much simpler.

01:33:01   The prongs are so sturdy.

01:33:03   And, you know, sometimes when you have another plug

01:33:05   in an outlet, like you've got an outlet in a wall

01:33:07   with only two plugs, but if you have a big plug into one,

01:33:11   you don't have room for another big charger,

01:33:13   and this one will always fit.

01:33:15   So I've heard there's actually a lot of people

01:33:17   who like the small charger, but then somebody else wrote,

01:33:19   And somebody speculated that maybe Apple ships

01:33:23   the small charger because it's better

01:33:24   for the long-term health of your battery

01:33:26   than using the fast charger.

01:33:29   And I thought that was an interesting question.

01:33:32   So I asked Apple about that.

01:33:34   And the answer was, you don't have to worry.

01:33:36   They only support charging methods that are,

01:33:40   and I asked also about wireless charging.

01:33:42   Is wireless charging better for the battery,

01:33:44   worse for the battery?

01:33:45   And the gist of it was,

01:33:49   - One of the reasons that it took them a while

01:33:51   to get wireless charging is that they only support charging

01:33:54   that they think is good for the long-term health

01:33:57   of the battery of your phone.

01:33:59   So if they thought that using your 29-watt MacBook charger

01:34:04   to fast charge your phone,

01:34:06   if they thought that was gonna be detrimental

01:34:08   to the long-term health of your battery,

01:34:10   they wouldn't support it.

01:34:11   Whether people wanna complain that,

01:34:14   oh, the iPhone still doesn't have fast charging or not,

01:34:16   they wouldn't do it because they just want you to know

01:34:18   that whatever they officially support

01:34:20   is good for your phone.

01:34:22   - Yeah.

01:34:22   - So anyway, I had the white Belkin key charger,

01:34:27   Qi charger, whatever they call this,

01:34:28   Qi, is that what it's called?

01:34:30   With the iPhone 8, and I didn't like it.

01:34:34   And Jason Snell had a, I loved it.

01:34:36   He had a great review of the iPhone 8 this week.

01:34:40   And I just, part of it is thinking,

01:34:44   'cause I already knew at the time that I read it

01:34:45   that I wouldn't have an,

01:34:47   I wouldn't be rushing to get an iPhone 10 review out

01:34:50   this morning.

01:34:51   And, you know, looking, you know,

01:34:54   making lemonade out of lemons, you know,

01:34:57   it'd be nice to take my time with it.

01:34:58   And I really liked the sort of six weeks

01:35:01   with the iPhone 8 perspective that Jason put in his review.

01:35:06   But one of the points he made that I totally found myself

01:35:09   nodding in agreement with was that he just was not

01:35:12   that big a fan of wireless charging.

01:35:14   And one of his points was what you said, it's slow.

01:35:17   So if you are gonna charge your phone, why not do it fast?

01:35:20   And then he made a point and I've seen it too,

01:35:22   where at least with the Belkin one,

01:35:25   you can get notifications that vibrate your phone

01:35:27   and it vibrates off the sweet spot.

01:35:29   And then all of a sudden it's not charging anymore.

01:35:31   Like I absolutely, I thought it was my mistake.

01:35:35   I woke up the one morning when I was testing it

01:35:38   and it was only, you know, it was only at like,

01:35:40   my phone was at like 40% and hadn't charged.

01:35:43   and I thought, oh, I must've put it on the pad wrong,

01:35:45   to quote and paraphrase Steve Jobs, I charged it wrong.

01:35:49   I'm convinced now that what happened

01:35:53   was it vibrated off the sweet spot.

01:35:55   So anyway, I've got the Mophie one now,

01:35:57   which people are saying is better, the black one.

01:36:01   - That's what I have, the Mophie one.

01:36:03   Now, wireless charging to me is as much a mindset

01:36:08   as it is about the technology.

01:36:10   So when I was putting it down on the wireless charger,

01:36:15   my phone was always charging,

01:36:19   because you put your phone down,

01:36:20   I'm typing on my laptop and typing away and typing away.

01:36:23   And then I picked my phone up for some reason,

01:36:26   go for a walk or do whatever.

01:36:27   Then I come back and you put it on the wireless charger.

01:36:30   So it's always there.

01:36:32   It's more of a convenience than anything.

01:36:34   So when I remember to do that,

01:36:37   the convenience factor of wireless charging did work.

01:36:41   But when, if I have a half an hour

01:36:44   and I'm going out somewhere,

01:36:46   it's going on the fast charger.

01:36:47   - Right.

01:36:48   - You know, 'cause I want as much,

01:36:50   I wanna plow as much charge into that as I can get.

01:36:53   So that was the dilemma for me.

01:36:57   Well, a lot of it was just remembering to do that.

01:36:59   So, you know, I'll try that again with the iPhone 10,

01:37:03   but what I'll do is take my fast charger away

01:37:05   and put it somewhere else.

01:37:06   - You know what I just figured out?

01:37:07   I just figured out that my microphone

01:37:09   is interfering with Face ID.

01:37:11   'Cause I'm sitting here playing with this phone

01:37:13   while we're talking and Face ID,

01:37:15   it's like it keeps asking me for my passcode

01:37:17   and I'm like, what the hell?

01:37:18   Why is it asking for my passcode?

01:37:19   And I realized it's 'cause I have a big black microphone

01:37:21   right in front of my face.

01:37:23   - Ah, well how about that?

01:37:26   - See, that's the type of thing you can't get

01:37:28   in a 24 hour review.

01:37:29   You gotta use it for a week, you know what I mean?

01:37:32   Anyway, I don't have anything more about it.

01:37:35   I like this product.

01:37:37   I think that it is as good as advertised.

01:37:40   And I think it's fascinating how many little changes

01:37:44   Apple has made to the experience,

01:37:46   both hardware and software with this one phone.

01:37:48   For the most popular product the company has ever made,

01:37:53   and one of the most popular products any company

01:37:55   has ever made in the world, it is a big change.

01:37:58   But I do think it's for the better.

01:38:00   - I have no complaints so far,

01:38:04   but it's been a day and a half.

01:38:07   But there's nothing that I've seen so far

01:38:10   that would give me any pause.

01:38:13   - I always say, when in doubt,

01:38:14   I know that people think that everybody

01:38:16   who's got the word marketing in their name

01:38:18   is a natural born liar,

01:38:20   and they're trying to sell you shit

01:38:23   and tell you it's a filet mignon.

01:38:25   Apple traditionally, trust but verify.

01:38:31   Look into it, don't just take them at their word.

01:38:33   but for the most part, when they tell you something,

01:38:36   they really mean it.

01:38:37   And so like when Tim Cook billed this as,

01:38:39   this is the future of the iPhone,

01:38:41   this is the way it's going,

01:38:42   after a day with it, I think it adds up.

01:38:46   And I think that all these little things

01:38:48   like moving control center and getting rid of the,

01:38:50   I mean, getting rid of the home button

01:38:51   is obviously the biggest change.

01:38:54   It's the, it was the central,

01:38:57   the only two main controls of an iPhone

01:38:59   were the touchscreen and the home button,

01:39:01   and they got rid of one of them.

01:39:03   Right, you could use an iPhone with broken volume buttons.

01:39:05   You could use an iPhone if the mute switch breaks, but you couldn't use an iPhone without

01:39:09   a home button unless you turned on that goofy on-screen home button thing that the people

01:39:15   in China all use.

01:39:16   You know what I mean?

01:39:18   Even without a home button, you need to fake it.

01:39:20   And that's just, it was not the real iPhone experience using that.

01:39:23   And now they've gotten rid of it.

01:39:25   And it's hard to overstate how fundamental a change that is, but I think they have a

01:39:30   good idea here.

01:39:31   So do I.

01:39:33   All right, Jim, everybody can read your fine work on a daily basis at The Loop.

01:39:41   That's loopinsight.com.

01:39:44   And then on Twitter, they can read your terrible insights at J – @JDalrymple.

01:39:52   (laughing)

01:39:54   (crying)