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202: ‘You Tell Me If It’s a Dongle’ With Joanna Stern


00:00:00   This should be easy for you. You do video now. You do so much video and now

00:00:03   So just recording audio should be a cinch seats for me. This is complicated

00:00:07   Yeah, I do all of I do

00:00:10   Single-handedly all the video and audio production at the Wall Street Journal

00:00:13   Which is crazy. Yeah, I'm just sitting in the recording booth all day

00:00:19   Then I run and I deal with the cameras change the lenses shine the lenses. I

00:00:24   Really I do fine and I don't even do the editing of my podcast. So

00:00:28   It's I still find out no, I have I have a guy named Caleb Sexton who is awesome and does it

00:00:35   He has an awesome name. Yeah, he does

00:00:37   So you upload the stuff for him and then he listens through it and yep

00:00:42   And he finds a place to cut in for the cold opening. He takes out all of our stupidums and Oz

00:00:46   He makes sure our levels are good anybody who enjoys the audio quality of this show can think

00:00:51   When I curse does he I've you know, I've I've listened to these podcasts. Have you ever bleeped me? I don't know

00:00:57   No, we don't believe we had a thing a couple of years ago where I

00:01:01   Mean that show never has that much cursing

00:01:04   But we had a thing a couple of years ago where a couple of people

00:01:06   Must have been listening in their cars or something and sent a note to to Apple

00:01:11   That they were you know

00:01:13   Mildly offended that the curse words got through and her kids heard him in the car and I got a very nice email from someone

00:01:18   It was very nice from Apple and and it was a very, you know, it wasn't just like from an anonymous like

00:01:23   iTunes at apple.com it was somebody who works there and like hey, I'm on the iTunes team. I'm actually a big fan of the show

00:01:28   Just want to let you know if you're gonna curse that's fine, but you got to add the explicit tag

00:01:33   To yeah RSS feed and that's all you have to do

00:01:36   And so I did it and then I don't know it just sort of faded away and I don't we don't really bother with that anymore

00:01:42   So you could swear and I don't think it'll be a matter but I don't well

00:01:46   remember the time I was on and all people complained about was

00:01:50   The sounds of the sirens and the street noise because of my New York City apartment. I I don't understand

00:01:56   I do remember that and I don't know very angry with me, but I don't understand why it

00:02:01   People would complain about that

00:02:03   It didn't seem to me like it was any more excessive than what I would occasionally get in my at the we just moved earlier this

00:02:10   year

00:02:10   Yeah

00:02:10   I think I remember it was the sirens because there were I used to live in New York City and it was

00:02:15   there was like I was either near it was in I was near a precinct and they

00:02:19   I think what happened was there were a couple of like very clear police sirens and people

00:02:27   thought they were being pulled over when they were listening in the car.

00:02:29   Oh, that is funny.

00:02:30   All right.

00:02:31   That's, that's kind of funny.

00:02:32   Yeah.

00:02:33   I remember one time I remember I got some tweets about it and people were very angry.

00:02:36   And so I moved, I moved because of them.

00:02:39   I moved to Jersey City where there are no police cars.

00:02:42   We used to have in our old neighborhood for a while and thankfully the guy either sold

00:02:47   his car or move but we had one guy I never figured out which car it was but

00:02:51   it was a like the world's most sensitive car alarm and number one this was like

00:02:55   five five years ago it's like who still has a car alarm what is this 1989 but it

00:03:01   would go off and and there's nothing I could do like it was you know and it

00:03:05   would you know there's definitely a car alarm and a club you have a club still I

00:03:09   have a club no I don't have a club I'm just joking I used to have a club though

00:03:16   Yeah, I mean, that's what that's what was the company that made the club. And they had

00:03:24   like they had the they always had those commercials. Yeah, I'll tell you what, for a while, every

00:03:30   single car in Philadelphia had the club on it. I mean, their market share was unbelievable.

00:03:34   Right. And it was all and it was all the club brand product for anybody who doesn't know

00:03:39   if you don't live in the US the club was sort of like a bike lock for your steering wheel.

00:03:44   you'd expand it and it was like a bar that you would push it. I just looked up a picture

00:03:49   of it. You should put the link to this. All right, I will make sure Erica's right in this

00:03:53   right in the show notes. Right in the show notes. Wait. I'm putting it in. Yeah. But

00:04:02   everybody had one. And I don't think it really did a damn thing. I mean, I think like just

00:04:07   like anybody with like a hammer to break the glass of your car would then take the hammer

00:04:11   and shatter the lock on the club. Everybody had one.

00:04:13   You know what the club equivalent was for tech? Your password being 123456. That was

00:04:22   the club that you would put on your that was the equivalent. Basically, when you have your

00:04:26   password being 123456, you're basically putting a club on the front of your phone password,

00:04:30   but the the O is zero. Right? I think I use that at one point. Do you ever have a car

00:04:39   stolen? No. Amy had her car stolen when we first moved in together. This is my wife.

00:04:45   She had back in like 1999 in West Philly and it's like the most bizarre

00:04:52   experience like because she thought she remembered where she parked it and it

00:04:56   wasn't there and she thought oh shit where did I park it and and it took her

00:04:59   like 15 minutes of walking around before she realized you know what I think my

00:05:04   car was stolen. That happened to me a couple of months ago but it was towed.

00:05:08   Oh, really? Oh, so how do you know what happens? What do you how long did it take you to realize what happened?

00:05:14   like

00:05:16   15 minutes I

00:05:18   Came back in my apartment building my neighbors like oh no, they were towing from that street and I was like, oh

00:05:25   And that's how I realized I I you know, they were paving the street

00:05:30   And yeah, the Philadelphia Parking Authority is the most efficient police

00:05:35   Organization I've ever encountered in the world if you can call them, you know

00:05:39   They're in some sense of the word the parking authority is law enforcement, right?

00:05:42   the law says if you park here too long you get a ticket right and they wear sort of

00:05:46   Copy sort of uniforms. They're so efficient

00:05:50   It is astounding like there's on Walnut Street here in Philadelphia very busy Street lots and lots like the street where the Apple Store is

00:05:57   And and there's hospitals down that you know hospitals high-end retail very busy Street

00:06:02   I think I forget what time of day I think it's like 4 30

00:06:06   You're no longer allowed to park on the left side of the street. It's like they want to open that up for traffic like

00:06:12   If your car is parked there, it's towed by 431

00:06:16   It is unbelievable how efficient it is. It's like at 4 30 and and one second

00:06:23   There's tow trucks every day because somebody you know, it's a type of it's also the type of place where unfortunately

00:06:29   Visitors they won't just take it like they won't take it first-time offenders. Nope. It's you're out big time because they want that

00:06:35   You know, they want that for traffic. It's crazy

00:06:38   But it's it's like if all law enforcement were that efficient it we would live in some kind of you know

00:06:43   Sci-fi utopia where there is no crime

00:06:45   Yeah, I mean I could probably do I mean this whole podcast could be about my like trials of I mean

00:06:52   I just get a lot of tickets. I have a lot of parking tickets. I just like been collecting them lately

00:06:58   I live in Jersey City now and I have to like it's alternate side parking for street cleaning

00:07:05   and I forget to move it some days and you know.

00:07:08   Well that's the other thing in Philly with the parking authority is if you have unpaid

00:07:11   parking tickets they get you.

00:07:13   I mean they have they they put the boot on your car.

00:07:17   Which is sort of like the fancy version of the club really.

00:07:20   Yeah.

00:07:21   Well but far more effective.

00:07:23   Right.

00:07:24   I mean you're really not going to move that car.

00:07:28   I remember one time we had a place, it was like two houses ago, and we lived on a very

00:07:32   quiet, almost like an alley type street, but it did have broad sidewalks and it almost

00:07:36   never had cars coming down. It was so untrafficked that you could, it was a great place when

00:07:43   our son was very small, so we could go out and just play ball in the street. It was almost

00:07:46   like we had our own little playground in front of the house. One time my father-in-law was

00:07:50   visiting and I told him he could park, just park on the sidewalk, you'll be fine. And

00:07:55   We've had guests come over and just had them park on the sidewalk in front of the house

00:07:59   for a few hours and nothing ever happened.

00:08:01   And of course, I actually left the house to go get something.

00:08:05   Maybe I volunteered to go get coffee for everybody.

00:08:07   And lo and behold, he had a ticket.

00:08:09   And I took it off his windshield and looked at it and it was super expensive.

00:08:12   It was like a $110 ticket.

00:08:15   So I just put it in my pocket and I was like, "Oh shit, I got to pay this."

00:08:18   I hope he never gets a confirmation in the mail like, "Thank you for paying your partial

00:08:24   ticket."

00:08:25   I've paid many a parking ticket on my parents' cars

00:08:28   because I have a problem.

00:08:30   - And people out of the city, they're like,

00:08:32   "Why do you live here?"

00:08:33   - Well, you know, I do like, speaking of parking,

00:08:37   you know, I guess it's not an iOS 11 thing.

00:08:40   And I guess it was in iOS 10, but I feel like in iOS 11 now,

00:08:44   it's far more aggressive at telling me

00:08:46   where I parked my car.

00:08:47   - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:08:48   That's a great feature.

00:08:50   - Isn't it an iOS 11 thing?

00:08:52   - I think it might be, I don't know.

00:08:53   What about maybe just notice it? Hold on a second. I got to do something first. I guess

00:08:59   I gotta I gotta squeeze in a correction to a sponsor from last week. Eero was the sponsor

00:09:03   last week. And they have a great little home Wi Fi thing. You know, it's the best Wi Fi

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00:11:04   because the people down there need help.

00:11:06   So how about that?

00:11:06   - That's a nice guy.

00:11:07   - Right, how about that?

00:11:08   - That's very nice.

00:11:10   - So just hit me up, and you could even lie.

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00:11:16   I bought one and had the shipping.

00:11:18   Free shipping to Jersey City.

00:11:22   What do you want to talk about?

00:11:28   I want to talk about so many things.

00:11:31   There's so much new stuff that's come out.

00:11:34   So much stuff. Yeah. I mean, I mean, I think I know what people want us to talk about.

00:11:41   Which is that?

00:11:41   They want you to tell me that I wrote a terrible Apple Watch review.

00:11:45   We should start with that. Did you get feedback then? I loved your Apple Watch review.

00:11:51   Yeah, let's talk about it. I mean, let's talk about...

00:11:53   All right. So inside baseball, I think people who listen to this realize this, but I feel

00:12:01   like you kind of need the basic backstory on how... It's not just Apple product reviews,

00:12:06   but you know, Apple product reviews are the ones I'm most familiar with. Where review

00:12:10   units get seeded out to writers like me and you and you know, whoever else, generally

00:12:17   about a week before, and then there's an embargo. We signed a non-disclosure agreement where

00:12:21   we can't write about it. And like for me, the still most frustrating is like with the

00:12:26   phones, you can't post pictures taken with the phones to social media until this embargo

00:12:30   date is over.

00:12:31   Yeah, you're not even really supposed to share with anyone information about the phones.

00:12:37   I mean, if you if some some of these non disclosure agreements, you know, I won't specifically

00:12:43   say companies, but they will say in it, that you can have even people within your family

00:12:48   or that can it's really, it's it would only be people within your family or close colleagues

00:12:55   that could know you were testing this device.

00:12:57   Right. And and then there's an embargo did time, which is like, let's say Tuesday, whatever

00:13:02   date at 7am Eastern Time, I think that's what it was for for the time that no one's on the

00:13:07   internet usually.

00:13:08   Well, they've...

00:13:09   Usually...

00:13:10   Well, Apple's actually gotten...

00:13:13   It's better than some companies.

00:13:14   A lot of companies will do midnight because they'll either say because of the markets

00:13:19   or they'll say because of other international markets.

00:13:22   I was talking about the financial markets, but they're also in terms of they're just

00:13:26   scheduling around other time zones.

00:13:30   But yes, we have to agree to the time of when we are allowed to then disclose our thoughts.

00:13:36   And then generally, most of the reviews are ready to go and drop right at the moment of

00:13:41   the embargo time.

00:13:43   I personally have sometimes missed that by many hours because I'm so bad with deadlines.

00:13:50   And lately though, I've had a good run of it.

00:13:52   And I think ever since they've switched to these early morning ones, I've just in my

00:13:56   mind the fact that I think I got to get done the night before means that if I'm a few hours

00:14:00   late, it just means I stay up past midnight one, two, working on it.

00:14:05   So it's easier for me.

00:14:06   So anyway, all the reviews for Apple Watch dropped and I don't forget which day of the

00:14:13   week it was last week, but it was pretty sensational because yours for the Wall Street Journal

00:14:20   and Lauren Goodes for The Verge both seemingly ran into the same problem where the highlight

00:14:27   feature of this device, the cellular networking, did not work.

00:14:31   - Properly.

00:14:33   - Yeah, reliably, right?

00:14:35   Like sometimes didn't connect, sometimes,

00:14:37   just didn't work the way it's supposed to at all.

00:14:39   And obviously those are the two reviews

00:14:42   that got the most attention,

00:14:44   which obviously was not a good day for Apple.

00:14:48   - No.

00:14:49   And seemingly one of the reasons

00:14:51   they got the most attention was,

00:14:54   and again, this is some of the inside baseball

00:14:55   is up until the very last minute

00:14:59   when we were working with Apple,

00:15:01   they were sort of figuring out

00:15:05   what the sum of the situation may have been,

00:15:08   or what were the reasons that Lauren and I

00:15:11   had some different, you know,

00:15:13   if you read her review carefully,

00:15:14   and you read mine carefully,

00:15:16   we had a lot of the same issues where, you know,

00:15:18   connectivity would just kind of drop

00:15:20   or we would be in these patches

00:15:21   where I would say disconnected,

00:15:23   at least that was what my experience was.

00:15:25   The handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular

00:15:28   was one of the things that I had. But up until that last

00:15:31   minute, Apple hadn't really had statements about what they were

00:15:36   willing to say could or could not be wrong with the product.

00:15:39   And so when I first published mine, I had a statement from

00:15:43   Apple that said, we're looking into these issues. Lauren had a

00:15:47   statement that said something much more detailed, because

00:15:51   Apple had sort of said, we know about this problem, which was

00:15:54   the handoff situation. And so I then quickly had to also scramble an update with a similar

00:16:01   statement that Apple provided to me. So you know, I think what I mean, I think it's probably

00:16:08   a very small amount of readers who wrote to me and said, Well, this is going to be fixed

00:16:11   in a software update. Why are you even sort of going after Apple for this this issue?

00:16:17   And there's two things one, I didn't know the entire time I was reviewing that there

00:16:23   was going to be a software update. And as far as I know,

00:16:27   we still don't have a software update. And two, you you can't

00:16:31   review based on a future promise, right? I mean, I'm not

00:16:35   reviewing the the the watch series seven here, I'm reviewing

00:16:39   the series three, which is what we have, which is my experience

00:16:43   for the week that I had to test it. And, you know, just to even

00:16:47   back up from there, and Lauren did another she she detailed

00:16:50   this in her review. And I, you know, just mentioned that I had tested three of these

00:16:55   products. Well, I had tested two and Jeff Fowler, my colleague, he had one as well.

00:17:01   And he had had similar issues. So from my experience, it wasn't an isolated issue. Again,

00:17:10   we don't really end up really knowing fully when these issues were really happening to

00:17:15   either of us. But again, it's based on your experience as a

00:17:19   reviewer. That's that's what that's, you know, when I when I

00:17:22   write, I'm going to talk about or I'm going to relay what what

00:17:25   my experience was.

00:17:26   Yeah, I think that's totally fair. Especially since it wasn't

00:17:32   resolved by the time the embargo dropped. I mean, it, you know,

00:17:35   if they're going to insist on an embargo time where you can't say

00:17:39   anything until this, you know, you can't you can't review this

00:17:42   as a series of experiences over the week, you know, it's hate that, you know, they're

00:17:51   saying at 7am the review drops. Well, that was your experience with the product at the

00:17:55   time that the review dropped. It's I think it's totally fair. And, and I'm with you that

00:17:59   you can't you can mention that a software update has been promised. But you can't review

00:18:03   it as though the software update is out. And who knows if it solves all the problems you

00:18:08   don't know, you know, it's right.

00:18:10   - And I think some people also took back where I said,

00:18:15   like, this was not, I had a line about how a phone

00:18:20   is a lifeline and it does not do what,

00:18:24   that many people may rely on on this connection

00:18:26   and it does not reliably fit that part,

00:18:30   it does not reliably fit that promise or fill that promise.

00:18:35   And I still stand by that.

00:18:39   There were three times specifically

00:18:42   when I had the second version that they had sent me

00:18:45   where I did lose connectivity.

00:18:46   Some people have asked me, oh, well could it have been

00:18:48   because you were on T-Mobile

00:18:49   and in that area didn't have service?

00:18:52   One time I did not have the phone and I didn't check it.

00:18:55   So that could have been one of the reasons.

00:18:57   But across the board all the other times,

00:19:00   I'm very positive that I do get T-Mobile

00:19:03   or AT&T service in those locations.

00:19:07   - Yeah, if it's not as reliable at holding a signal

00:19:09   as a phone, that's useful information, right?

00:19:12   I mean, 'cause I remember,

00:19:14   I was not a big phone guy pre-iPhone.

00:19:16   I mean, I had one, but it was just literally a dumb phone.

00:19:19   But I remember in the early days of having a cell phone,

00:19:24   probably, I think I probably got my first cell phone

00:19:26   around 2000 or so,

00:19:28   and it didn't even look like a candy bar phone.

00:19:31   It was this thing from Verizon

00:19:33   that had an actual antenna you'd pull out.

00:19:35   (laughing)

00:19:37   - Was it like a skinny one?

00:19:38   - Yeah, it was skinny, it was real skinny,

00:19:41   almost like a even longer Apple TV remote control.

00:19:46   It's like a long skinny thing.

00:19:48   - Yeah, I had a Motorola phone like that

00:19:49   that had something like that.

00:19:51   - And Amy and I got 'em just,

00:19:53   I think literally just so we could talk to each other

00:19:55   while, if we needed to, in the car.

00:19:57   And I remember that there were times

00:20:00   you would just randomly not have a signal.

00:20:04   It was cool to have the phone and you'd be like,

00:20:06   'cause if you never had a cell phone before,

00:20:08   it was like amazing futuristic technology.

00:20:11   I'm talking on the phone and I'm not connected to anything.

00:20:14   And it's like if I have to walk three blocks

00:20:16   to get a signal again, well, that's the price you pay.

00:20:19   But in today's world, I feel like I just have

00:20:24   100% rock solid certainty that as long as my phone

00:20:27   has a decent battery charge, if somebody calls me,

00:20:31   it's gonna come through.

00:20:32   - Get a ring, yeah.

00:20:33   - Right. - Yeah.

00:20:34   And if the watch doesn't work like that, that matters.

00:20:37   - Yeah, no, absolutely.

00:20:39   And I, look, I do believe that the cellular to Wi-Fi issue

00:20:44   that will be fixed in a future update

00:20:48   will solve some of the situations I had.

00:20:51   I do also believe that there was something going on

00:20:54   with my unit in terms of how it was connecting

00:20:57   with the number sync with the iPhone.

00:21:00   I believe that was another issue I encountered.

00:21:03   And look overall I I can't explain why I had some of these drop connections

00:21:10   I can just explain that I had them and I still have the same unit and I've still seen the same situation

00:21:14   So that that's it. So the main issue that came out was that there was an issue with

00:21:21   with public Wi-Fi like let's say like a Starbucks Wi-Fi and if you had previously joined this like a public Wi-Fi

00:21:29   Network and it was therefore in like your I I don't know if it goes through iCloud or not

00:21:34   but your personal circle of trusted Wi-Fi networks, then you could go out without your iPhone and

00:21:40   Your if you're near that network you the phone or not the phone to watch

00:21:45   I mean the watch would say hey, I know that network, you know

00:21:50   John's already signed, you know sign, you know agreed to join this one and I'll get on this network

00:21:56   But it was you know, it's it's one of those networks

00:21:58   I call them captive networks where like in a hotel where like you have to it is free

00:22:03   But you have to like click through sign in is you know, see either sign in or agree to terms or something

00:22:07   Well, the watch can't do that right the watch has no interface for going through one of those captive networks

00:22:13   So the watch is thinking I'm on and and if you've ever think if you think about it like when you're on like a laptop

00:22:18   Or something when you get on one of those networks the Wi-Fi up in your menu bar says you're on Wi-Fi

00:22:24   But you can't do anything until you like go to your web browser and you know

00:22:28   Go to a web page and go through the thing. So the watch is thinking okay

00:22:32   I've got a Wi-Fi connection, but it actually isn't going anywhere because it hasn't gone through the captive thing and therefore nothing works

00:22:39   You're not getting notifications. You can't place phone calls. So that's a real issue

00:22:42   But it sounds to me like you ran into issues that that might have been one of them

00:22:48   But it seems to me like you ran into issues that can't be explained by that

00:22:52   Right. I mean, possibly one or two times I can think about like, so you know, I can think back to where I have was in certain situations. One time where I noticed the dropout was actually when I went jet skiing in the Hudson for the video. And also just because it's really fun to go jet skiing right in front of the Statue of Liberty. I suggest everyone do it and no, I don't have some sort of foreign illness because of the water.

00:23:22   but it is probably very dirty. It is dirty water. So I just I

00:23:27   looked down at the end, I was able to successfully make a call

00:23:30   from right, you know, I was in the middle of the end, you can

00:23:32   see this in the video I made it, I made a call to my dad, it went

00:23:35   through to voicemail. I was right in front of the Statue of

00:23:38   Liberty. But when we were coming back and going back to the dock,

00:23:41   I looked down and I had no connection. And I had no

00:23:45   connection for about, I don't know, two minutes till I

00:23:48   toggled on and off the cellular and then the cellular connection

00:23:51   came back. Could there have been a Wi Fi network on somebody's

00:23:56   boat? I don't know with those sitch with the

00:23:59   I don't think I don't think so. No, and here's why I don't think

00:24:03   so is that on that day one, when everybody on the internet was in

00:24:07   a panic of Oh my god, what the hell is going on here? The fear

00:24:11   was based on it was just such a hectic day trying to get zero in

00:24:17   on exactly what was wrong. But the fear was was that the watch

00:24:20   was joining these networks, even if you'd never joined them before. And as best I can

00:24:24   tell, and according to Apple, people I've spoken to at Apple, that's not happening.

00:24:28   That wasn't happening. It was only networks that you've joined before. But the problem

00:24:32   is there's a lot of those networks like like here in Philadelphia, there's there's an like

00:24:38   citywide Xfinity Wi Fi. Right. And so that's something it's not just like one coffee shop

00:24:46   that has a network that you might be on like if I don't know

00:24:49   if like if that's one of the networks that would cause this

00:24:51   but you could be anywhere in Philadelphia. I mean, like, so

00:24:54   it's very funny that you said that because that could that is

00:24:57   what I think might have happened to me in Jersey City. And if

00:25:01   that is in fact, the the cause I do have that Xfinity. It's Yeah,

00:25:06   the same thing Xfinity Wi Fi. And that does sign in, I believe

00:25:11   on both my phone on my phone and my laptop. But this was on a

00:25:16   is on a loaner iPhone, which I'd never had been on that network

00:25:21   before. Right. So that, that gives me another pause on that.

00:25:26   I and funny part, like part of the backlash of this. And like,

00:25:31   again, I think you got a lot of you know, I'm sure you like you

00:25:34   just said before that you've gotten a lot of you got a lot of

00:25:36   feedback from people if you're being unfair to Apple, which I

00:25:40   don't see, I really don't. But you know, it's it's not your job

00:25:43   to bend over backwards to give it a good review, you're

00:25:45   supposed to give it an accurate fair review. Right. But then I

00:25:48   got the backlash of hey, hey, groups, how come? You didn't

00:25:55   mention all the connectivity issues with it? How come review

00:25:58   says you didn't have the problem? Right? I didn't have a

00:26:00   problem. Right. Yeah. And that like, it when I was reviewing

00:26:06   it, it was funny, I actually was sort of, I have bad luck with

00:26:10   some products. So this would be the third product. And you know,

00:26:16   look, I have to say it's a very stressful situation, right?

00:26:19   You're you're reviewing a product, you'd want it to work

00:26:21   as promised, you want to be able to focus on how people should

00:26:24   use this thing. And you're sort of derailed with this thing just

00:26:27   doesn't work properly. And I had a similar situation with the

00:26:32   Surface Book. I reviewed the Surface Book what two years ago,

00:26:37   yeah, two years ago this October, and I can't because I

00:26:39   because always remember the life situation because you don't

00:26:42   sleep through these processes. You're just like, keep, you

00:26:45   know, you keep going back to the company and tell them what

00:26:47   happened and then try to figure out how to best position that

00:26:49   through for readers. And so I had this problem with the

00:26:52   Surface Book where the Surface Book just kept restarting. And

00:26:56   the company kept telling me, Microsoft kept telling me, No,

00:26:58   no, we've never seen this before. We've never seen this

00:27:00   before. And then they sent me another unit and I would have it

00:27:03   again. And oh, that's so weird that this happened to you. It

00:27:06   is that we've never seen this before.

00:27:08   And I did what I did and I reported that story

00:27:12   and I said, I can't recommend this thing.

00:27:13   And then it turned out that lots of people

00:27:14   had the Surface Book problem.

00:27:16   And surprisingly, Microsoft had seen this before.

00:27:18   And we did learn later down the line

00:27:22   that there were issues with the Intel chip

00:27:23   and the chip set that they were using

00:27:25   and graphics and all of that kind of situation.

00:27:27   And in this case, look, I'm very happy to hear

00:27:31   that most people are not experiencing this problem.

00:27:35   It seems like the Wi-Fi thing is something

00:27:39   Apple's gonna fix, and I'm happy to hear.

00:27:41   What I have heard from some readers

00:27:42   is that they've had a lot of hard time

00:27:44   initiating the service,

00:27:46   whether that be through AT&T or T-Mobile.

00:27:48   People have just said, like,

00:27:49   "I don't have service on this watch.

00:27:50   "What's wrong with it?"

00:27:51   And then they say they went back to the carrier,

00:27:53   and then they get it sorted out with Apple and the carrier.

00:27:56   - I had an issue with that with my review,

00:27:59   and I felt uncomfortable about that,

00:28:01   because our review units for the watch

00:28:05   were when Apple handed them to us in our briefing

00:28:09   where they give you the review and you sign the NDA

00:28:12   and everything, was already paired

00:28:14   with the review unit iPhone 8

00:28:16   using an Apple-provided AT&T SIM card.

00:28:21   And the part that made me uncomfortable about that

00:28:23   is that to me, how do you get this set up in the first place

00:28:27   is a huge part of the equation.

00:28:30   And it's true that you only do it once.

00:28:33   But to me, it's one of those things that makes Apple products

00:28:37   Apple products, when they're truly feel like a good Apple

00:28:41   product, is that even though you only do--

00:28:44   - It's a seamless setup.

00:28:45   - Right, and even with the packaging, even with the

00:28:48   exorbitant expense that they put in their product packaging,

00:28:50   I think it goes back to Steve Jobs that sure,

00:28:53   you only open the thing once, but you also only get to make

00:28:56   a first impression one time.

00:28:57   And if the first impression is bad, you're starting off

00:29:00   on the wrong foot.

00:29:01   But the fact that I didn't get to review that process

00:29:03   made me a little uncomfortable,

00:29:04   that it was already set up and working.

00:29:06   But it does seem like people are having problems,

00:29:08   but it also seems to me,

00:29:10   like I had Apple show me the process in the briefing,

00:29:13   just to, you know, where do you go?

00:29:15   Do you have to go to AT&T's website?

00:29:16   Do you have to go to Verizon's website?

00:29:18   No, you do it all through the app on your phone,

00:29:20   and it's, you know, boom, boom, boom,

00:29:22   and then it should just work.

00:29:23   And it's like, well, that seems pretty good.

00:29:25   But I wish that I could have done it myself.

00:29:27   - Yeah, yeah.

00:29:28   I mean, I wish I could have tested with my main phone number.

00:29:31   that's always a big, I try to test every phone

00:29:34   that I test with my SIM card because there's really,

00:29:38   I mean, with iMessage it's easier

00:29:40   because you get your text messages

00:29:42   or you get it through your iMessage account,

00:29:44   but phone calls and texts,

00:29:46   you don't get the same amount of that

00:29:48   if you've got a spare number or a loner number.

00:29:51   But yeah, no, I mean, look,

00:29:53   that was the experience I have other than the LTE issues.

00:29:56   Look, I loved being untethered from the phone

00:29:59   the for the certain little experiences I had with it. I

00:30:03   think battery life. There is only so far you can go with it.

00:30:07   But that's sort of how Apple has said, people will use this thing

00:30:11   or they want people to use this thing. And other than that, I

00:30:15   mean, it's a good Apple Watch.

00:30:16   You've I mean, it and I think it makes a difference a

00:30:22   significant difference. And I think it has with all three

00:30:24   generations of Apple Watch, whether you're wearing the 42

00:30:27   millimeter or the 38. I mean, and it's just common sense. It's like, even, even the 42

00:30:32   millimeter Apple Watch is actually pretty small compared to a lot of other smartwatches.

00:30:37   And especially now that it has cellular networking, it's like, wow, that's really remarkably small

00:30:42   for a cellular networking device. And the 38 millimeter Apple Watch is significantly

00:30:47   smaller than the 42 millimeter one. So there's, it has to be I mean, it's it's not even like

00:30:52   a wow that sucks it's like well of course the battery life it can't be as

00:30:56   good and I remember that you had some problems with the first generation one

00:30:59   with with like doing workouts and then coming out of a workout and the battery

00:31:05   life was halved yeah because I mean and in any of those cases when you're doing

00:31:09   something that's like you're solely relying on the watch for a certain point

00:31:14   you're either tapping for running your if you're running your gut you're

00:31:18   tapping the GPS before there was GPS you were being and still is

00:31:22   and Apple's done a lot of work to get the battery life down

00:31:24   when when the heart rate monitors being tapped. And

00:31:26   actually it is pretty remarkable now with the real time heart

00:31:30   rate tracking how they've kind of kept the the status quo on

00:31:34   the battery life. Without the LT on this thing, I really can go

00:31:39   now about a day a day and a half. I forgot to charge it I

00:31:42   think yesterday or the night two nights ago and so I had to

00:31:47   I charge it when I like probably midday

00:31:49   through my workday the next day.

00:31:51   Which is, look, that's far better than where we had started.

00:31:56   But I do look forward to the series.

00:32:01   I mean, I guess, what do you think,

00:32:03   when they have a new version of this,

00:32:04   they're gonna stop with the series?

00:32:05   Like would they redesign it fully?

00:32:07   Will it be Apple Watch?

00:32:09   - No, I think they like the series thing.

00:32:10   I don't know. - The series thing?

00:32:11   - Yeah, somehow it works for a watch.

00:32:16   I think they'll stick with it.

00:32:18   No, I'm glad to hear that you can get through,

00:32:20   like a, I forgot to charge overnight,

00:32:22   and it's at least, it's still not dead the next morning,

00:32:24   so you have a chance.

00:32:25   - Right. - That's actually pretty good.

00:32:26   - And that was, I didn't work out that day,

00:32:28   you know, I didn't like use the GPS

00:32:29   or anything along those lines.

00:32:30   And I also find when I'm working out more,

00:32:32   I keep the screen on more, 'cause I'm looking down at it.

00:32:34   - Right.

00:32:35   - So, yeah, I fully recommend the non-LTE version.

00:32:41   I'm looking forward to getting this update,

00:32:46   so I can recommend the LT version.

00:32:47   And again, I know that many reviewers

00:32:52   have not had the problem,

00:32:52   I know many customers have not had the problem,

00:32:54   but I've had the problem.

00:32:56   That's all I can speak to.

00:32:57   I'm probably just bad luck.

00:33:01   - I don't know, I've had really good luck with it.

00:33:05   Last night we went out to eat

00:33:06   at a really, really noisy restaurant,

00:33:07   like so noisy that me and Amy and Jonas actually,

00:33:11   when we first got seated, we were like,

00:33:13   "Why do we come here?

00:33:14   "This is too noisy."

00:33:15   like that noisy.

00:33:16   And I thought, well, this will be a good test of the watch.

00:33:18   And I brought my personal phone,

00:33:20   but wearing my, still wearing my review unit watch,

00:33:24   but I'd left the phone that it's paired with at home.

00:33:26   So it was on cellular. - Right.

00:33:29   - And I dictated a text to Jonas right there on the watch.

00:33:33   And Siri was fast.

00:33:35   It got the entire sentence completely accurate.

00:33:38   And it just worked in a very noisy restaurant.

00:33:40   So I have to say, I've been-- - No, totally.

00:33:42   - I've been really pleased with it.

00:33:43   - I noticed that too.

00:33:44   - I noticed that too and I had that in my review.

00:33:46   I mean, when this thing was working, Siri was really fast.

00:33:49   The text on, you know, just voice to text for texting

00:33:53   was super fast 'cause I did really try and live with it

00:33:55   alone for the day.

00:33:57   And the best way to input text on this thing

00:34:01   is with your voice.

00:34:01   It's just hands down.

00:34:03   I mean, the little sketch thing is just terrible.

00:34:07   - You know, Jonas is really good at that though.

00:34:10   He loves the little thing where he writes his responses

00:34:13   and he's good at it.

00:34:14   I don't know if it's because his fingers are still small or what, but...

00:34:17   I think it is that.

00:34:18   And also, being able to hit the little...

00:34:21   If you need to delete, the delete button, like go back, is so small.

00:34:27   It is so small.

00:34:29   I'm looking at it right now.

00:34:30   I'll tell you what.

00:34:33   The other thing, before we leave the watch reviews, is that you...

00:34:35   So you took a jet ski ride out on the Hudson.

00:34:40   Nicole McGowan, who reviews these things for BuzzFeed.

00:34:43   She swam like 1000 meters out into the San Francisco Bay and then placed a phone call

00:34:49   out there.

00:34:51   YouTube made me feel so lazy, like where my testing of the cellular was, I went to get

00:34:55   coffee.

00:34:56   I mean, look, that is a little bit more practical.

00:35:03   I volunteered to walk to pick up from school.

00:35:07   So that tagline, the marketing tagline I got this in the email yesterday from Apple, you

00:35:13   telling you this is on sale, is make a call

00:35:15   from your surfboard.

00:35:16   So, and Lauren Goode actually did, she's a surfer.

00:35:21   She did do that, which I was very impressed with.

00:35:24   I mean, but yeah, you wanna take these things to,

00:35:28   you wanna, I wanna put Apple's marketing claims to the test.

00:35:31   And that was one of the reasons I wanted to live

00:35:34   with the thing for the day was when I was sitting

00:35:36   in the keynote, is it Jeff Williams?

00:35:39   Is it Jeff who? - Yep, yep.

00:35:41   he said, and that's how I started my video, you can live

00:35:45   with just this watch and no phone. And he didn't mean it

00:35:48   like forever. But that's what I heard, like in this in the

00:35:51   contents of a sentence. So that's why I wanted to live the

00:35:54   whole day with just the watch. And yeah, I also went on that

00:35:59   trapeze, which was just the craziest thing I've ever done

00:36:02   for work. Did you make it to the end of the video? Did anyone

00:36:06   make it to the end of the video. For some reason, I was

00:36:11   thinking, trying to think of ways, how will I get my heart

00:36:14   rate up without really moving? You know, because that's one of

00:36:17   the things that like, I was like, I'm really impressed by

00:36:20   that. And actually, as someone who has like, some anxiety

00:36:22   disorders, I was like, that kind of spoke to me during the

00:36:25   presentation where they said, you know, people have found that

00:36:28   when they look down at their watch, and they're, they're,

00:36:30   they're feeling anxious, and their heart rate is up, it's

00:36:32   comforting to know that it that it is that's that is the real

00:36:35   biological function that's happening or the real affect.

00:36:39   And so I was like, how can I make my heart rate go up

00:36:42   but I won't be moving?

00:36:44   And I was like, oh, heights, I'm so scared of heights.

00:36:48   And so I forget who might have been sitting with me

00:36:50   or I just was like, what about a trapeze?

00:36:53   And then I just did that.

00:36:55   But it didn't work because I had actually

00:36:57   climbed up the ladder, which if the watch senses motion,

00:37:01   it doesn't think that there's anything.

00:37:03   but my heart rate did hit 157 standing on that thing.

00:37:06   - It makes the assumption that you're,

00:37:08   and now that it has the barometric thing,

00:37:11   so it can tell that you're going up.

00:37:13   - Right.

00:37:14   - 'Cause like--

00:37:15   - Yeah, the altimeter.

00:37:16   - Yeah, it just assumes that you're going up a set of stairs

00:37:19   or a ladder with a heavy backpack on or something,

00:37:21   and that's why your heart rate is accelerating.

00:37:23   But anyway, you have a dedication to your craft

00:37:25   that I salute because I also--

00:37:28   - I mean, it made for a great video,

00:37:29   but I met, and people were like,

00:37:31   "Oh, wow, you cut in that sound effect?"

00:37:32   I'm like, no, that was me.

00:37:33   (screams)

00:37:36   The worst scream I've ever,

00:37:41   my wife is like, I've never heard anything like that

00:37:43   come out of you.

00:37:44   I was like, yeah.

00:37:45   - I have a severe height.

00:37:47   It's not like, you know, I don't know.

00:37:51   It doesn't really affect me very often,

00:37:53   but I don't like getting close to an edge.

00:37:55   And if I watch somebody doing something like that,

00:37:58   my palms start sweating.

00:38:01   There's one of the Mission Impossible movies opens with Tom Cruise rock climbing and it's

00:38:08   uh... I think it's the one that John Woo directed, I forget which one, but it's like he's free

00:38:12   climbing and he has no safety harness on. Of course it's a freaking movie, it's a fictional

00:38:16   movie and I know that he's not going to, you know, the Mission Impossible movie is not

00:38:20   going to open with Tom Cruise plummeting to his death, but when I watch it my palms get

00:38:24   It's so wet and and it amuses Jonas to no end. Like I'm like here feel and it's it's it feels like I dip my hands in water

00:38:32   Can't I just you know, there's a similar scene

00:38:36   And I feel the same but it's ace Ventura

00:38:39   To when nature calls and he's like on to the cliffhanger. He's like he's like it's like a cliffhanger scene

00:38:45   No, the Mission Impossible one seemed to go back to it because there's another one reason in that skyscraper in Dubai

00:38:50   and he's hanging on the outside of the building and again my palms just I could just cut my hands together and get like a

00:38:57   Cup of sweat. I can't help it. It's involuntary

00:39:00   But it also means that I'm now googling this ace Ventura

00:39:04   I was ever hanging like that by my hands. I would have no chance of holding on because

00:39:10   Hands would immediately just slick up and I would just

00:39:14   Yeah, yeah, no, I mean I

00:39:20   I probably wouldn't have like jumped off that trapeze or whatever they say glide off of it, but I just jumped

00:39:26   If I hadn't been doing it for like if there hadn't been two cameras on me

00:39:31   I was like, it will be mortifying if I if people at work think I didn't actually do this

00:39:35   So you make these videos with a rig you got like a helmet rig sort of or is it more of is it a helmet?

00:39:41   or just like a headband that mounts a

00:39:43   camera to your like forehead so for the for the for the jet ski and the

00:39:49   trapeze, it was a GoPro, you know, just a headband thing, the

00:39:54   head mount thing. And then for the other scenes, because I do

00:39:57   like to shoot with a nicer camera. We have a nice Sony that

00:40:01   we put on a on a hockey helmet. Yeah. I mean, and I love it. So

00:40:08   I, you know, I did this for my first time with the first Apple

00:40:11   Watch video, and now I've sort of just made it into a series

00:40:13   because it's actually one, it's it's a really fun way of making

00:40:17   videos and sort of giving people a real first person perspective

00:40:21   of how you how you'd use these things in everyday life. Now,

00:40:25   granted, I realize that in everyday life, you don't go jet

00:40:28   skiing in the Hudson or trapeze. But so I just like it as like,

00:40:33   as a way to show that and then also, like, it gives me the

00:40:36   ability to sort of voice, like these normal everyday

00:40:39   occurrences or how you would use it versus sort of just talk to

00:40:42   the camera or talk to the viewer and say, this is a watch. And

00:40:45   and this is what I thought of it here,

00:40:47   and this is what I thought of it here.

00:40:50   So yeah, I've always just, I've now loved this dial,

00:40:52   and it seems to be something people like.

00:40:55   A lot of people complain about my voice in it,

00:40:57   but I don't know, this is my voice.

00:40:59   - I like it.

00:41:00   All right, let me take a break here

00:41:01   and thank our next sponsor.

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00:42:02   And a lot of times, like for example,

00:42:05   We got so much stuff to review in San Francisco last week.

00:42:10   We got two phones, an Apple Watch, Apple TV,

00:42:14   that gave us HDMI cable.

00:42:17   So everything I packed I had to take home,

00:42:18   and then I had to throw all that stuff in the suitcase too.

00:42:22   Worked perfectly, it's really great.

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00:42:45   is that each one of these things, the carry-ons at least,

00:42:47   come with a built-in USB battery charger.

00:42:51   So, and it has a huge, huge, like 2,000 or 20,000 milliamps

00:42:56   so you can charge two devices at once,

00:42:59   you can charge your phone like a whole bunch of times.

00:43:02   And so when you're sitting there at the gate waiting for your flight,

00:43:05   you don't have to look for one of like the two lucky seats that are near like

00:43:09   an outlet or a USB port or something like that.

00:43:11   You can just take any seat that's open and then just plug your phone in to your

00:43:15   suitcase and get a charge. It's absolutely terrific.

00:43:19   I personally find that airports still have such spotty cell coverage that my

00:43:24   phone, when on days when I travel,

00:43:26   it just seems like my phone drops 20% from when I first get to the airport to

00:43:30   when I get to the gate, let alone whatever dicking around

00:43:34   on the internet I do when I'm at the gate.

00:43:36   And so it's great.

00:43:38   It's just such a convenient place to have a battery charger.

00:43:40   And then it's just like one last thing you need to worry

00:43:43   about keeping in your pockets and if you ever travel

00:43:45   with like a portable battery charger or something like that.

00:43:47   It's a terrific feature.

00:43:49   - Isn't it one more thing you also need to charge though?

00:43:51   - Yeah, so you do.

00:43:52   You do need to remember once in a while.

00:43:54   - You do need to remember to charge your luggage.

00:43:57   - But I charge mine like, I don't know,

00:43:59   like once or twice a year.

00:44:01   Yeah, but like once or twice a year.

00:44:02   Or like maybe I get home and I think,

00:44:04   well, I'll just charge it while I unpack

00:44:06   or something like that.

00:44:07   The battery in the suitcase is so big

00:44:08   that you don't really need to remember

00:44:10   to charge it very often.

00:44:11   - Does it eat into the size of the suitcase?

00:44:14   - No, not at all.

00:44:14   You would never know.

00:44:15   - It's that, yeah.

00:44:16   - You would never know that there's a--

00:44:17   - These are very nice bags.

00:44:19   - They really are.

00:44:20   I've been using one for a while.

00:44:22   The wheels, I'll just verify that the wheels on mine

00:44:24   have held up, mine must be over a year old by now.

00:44:28   and I've taken it on every single trip I've taken

00:44:30   since I got it, and the wheels are just terrific.

00:44:33   If you've never had one of these suitcases,

00:44:37   like the old way of a travel bag had like two wheels

00:44:39   and you have to pull it behind you,

00:44:41   but the new way is to have four wheels

00:44:42   so you can just kinda like push it along.

00:44:45   It just rolls like a dream, which is a big deal for me,

00:44:49   'cause I used to have one that squeaked

00:44:52   as I went down the airport.

00:44:53   So it was a huge upgrade for me

00:44:55   versus the ratty old suitcase I used to have.

00:44:58   So here's where you go to find out more.

00:45:00   Awaytravel.com/talkshow.

00:45:03   No the, just /talkshow.

00:45:05   Awaytravel.com/talkshow.

00:45:08   And if you use the promo code talk show during checkout,

00:45:11   you will save 20 bucks off any suitcase.

00:45:14   20 bucks off any suitcase at awaytravel.com/talkshow.

00:45:18   It's a great product.

00:45:19   I really, I haven't left the house without it in a year.

00:45:23   - Do you have these stickers?

00:45:26   - I don't think I have any stickers.

00:45:27   or if I do, I don't know what I did with them.

00:45:30   - That's cool, you can put stickers on the bag.

00:45:32   - There you go. - So you know

00:45:33   that it's yours.

00:45:34   - Do you ever do the thing-- - You had me at stickers.

00:45:37   - Yeah.

00:45:37   Do you ever pick an ugly suitcase

00:45:41   for like the one that you check in?

00:45:43   - Yeah, yeah, that suitcase is never attractive for me.

00:45:47   - No, because-- - Well, it's like

00:45:48   really beaten up.

00:45:49   - Well, the theory is, my theory, our theory is,

00:45:53   A, they get beaten up anyway,

00:45:54   but B, if you get like a nice black one,

00:45:57   everybody has a nice black suitcase.

00:45:58   And then it's like you're sitting there at the thing

00:46:00   looking for your luggage,

00:46:01   and every other suitcase looks like your suitcase.

00:46:04   So we picked, it's not from Away, it's some other,

00:46:09   just a dumb suitcase, not a smart suitcase,

00:46:11   but we picked like this garish purple color.

00:46:14   And every time we travel,

00:46:17   somebody else has the exact same suitcase.

00:46:18   It's uncanny, because they're thinking the same thing.

00:46:21   - Exactly, but I'm designing you one right now

00:46:25   with your stickers on this.

00:46:26   - Oh, that'd be fantastic. - I'll send you a screenshot.

00:46:28   - Oh, that'd be fabulous.

00:46:29   Oh, any-- - You can get the discount.

00:46:32   - Anything else on Apple Watch?

00:46:33   - I always love your sponsors.

00:46:35   - Why? - Because I always find,

00:46:36   because I always find out about new things I should buy.

00:46:39   - I agree. - I mean,

00:46:42   not usually the tech ones, but there was also that,

00:46:45   what was the photo one that I actually--

00:46:47   - Fracture. - I think I cut, fracture.

00:46:49   Yeah. - Guess what?

00:46:50   I think they're one of the sponsors.

00:46:51   - They're coming up?

00:46:52   - Spoiler, I think they're coming up.

00:46:54   Let me see.

00:46:55   - Oh, by that point I'll be done designing your bag

00:46:57   with the stickers on it.

00:46:58   - Yeah, Fractures coming up.

00:47:00   Spoiler.

00:47:04   - Spoiler, spoiler on the sponsors.

00:47:07   - You know what, I--

00:47:08   - This actually looks very nice.

00:47:09   - I have, before we get onto more recent tech stuff,

00:47:12   let me just take, we'll take like a half time,

00:47:16   and I'm gonna do some follow up here,

00:47:17   clear up some issues from previous episodes of the show.

00:47:20   Number one, I've been talking about Numan-O cookies.

00:47:24   You ever had a Numan-O cookie?

00:47:25   - No.

00:47:27   Have I?

00:47:28   I don't know.

00:47:29   - Numan-Os are the Paul Newman Snack Food Company's version

00:47:32   of Oreos, and they're the best Oreo type cookies

00:47:35   you're ever gonna have.

00:47:36   Because the, and it just came up a couple episodes ago.

00:47:41   I forget if it was with Jason Sneller, who, but,

00:47:44   Oreo-like cookies get a bad rap because all the fake Oreo cookies, to me, I've always

00:47:54   tasted terrible in life.

00:47:55   Never as good as a real Oreo.

00:47:57   And I think, and this has turned into a sensation on my Twitter feed with people going out and

00:48:01   buying Numinos.

00:48:03   And it's unbelievable.

00:48:05   I stand by the fact that the Numinos is a superior cookie to an Oreo.

00:48:09   And you just read the ingredients, you can see it.

00:48:11   It's like real sugar, not the partially hydrogenized corn oil or whatever the other crap is.

00:48:17   Real chocolate wafers actually taste like chocolate and the cream filling in the middle

00:48:22   actually tastes like cream instead of just pure sugar into a paste.

00:48:28   It's overwhelming to me how many people out there, listeners of the show, are going out

00:48:32   buying the Numinos.

00:48:34   It's unbelievable.

00:48:35   It's like something like, I would say at least 95% of the feedback, at least 19 out of every

00:48:40   responses is, "Wow, you're right. These are way better than Oreos." And of course, you're

00:48:44   never going to get 100%. But I didn't even think it would be that high. I really didn't.

00:48:49   So anyway, my thanks to everybody.

00:48:50   I gotta buy them now.

00:48:51   Yeah, you gotta get Numinos. Just get the regular ones.

00:48:54   Which, like, the regular ones? I'm looking on the website now. You don't suggest the

00:48:58   ginger ones?

00:48:59   Well, I like the ginger ones, but you gotta like ginger.

00:49:02   What about Hinto Mint?

00:49:04   I like those too. I do. But it's the standard Numinos.

00:49:07   Peanut butter Numinos.

00:49:08   Oh, and I will say this my son and I conducted a test and here's the one it this is part of the follow-up is

00:49:13   A lot of people said hey, what about Trader Joe's Joe Joe's now Trader Joe's has a yeah

00:49:20   They're in-house brand and there were some people who speculated that maybe Trader Joe's Joe Joe's were just rebranded new minnows

00:49:26   I can see that. Nope. We did a blind taste test here in the house conducted by my wife

00:49:33   she

00:49:35   And my she didn't want to eat him but so my son and I both blind test tested

00:49:39   Numenos side by side with Jojo's and both a clearly not the same cookie and B

00:49:45   Both of us agreed that the Numeno is a superior cookie

00:49:48   I I'm more concerned about these other options from Newman's cookies. Have you seen these orange chocolate chip cookies?

00:49:54   No, I have not I although I'd have it orange

00:49:57   Mmm, I don't know about that. I love Newman's I love Newman's own I

00:50:03   every night I drink Newman's own lemonade. Oh, that's good. Sometimes

00:50:08   the half a nap but I have the lemonade every night. Yeah, you

00:50:10   got to get the Newman usually with vodka.

00:50:12   Well, I mean,

00:50:16   not an animal.

00:50:18   Exactly.

00:50:20   Got to get the Newman's just join. I'm telling you, I'm going

00:50:24   to there's no way I'm not going to get the Newman knows now I'm

00:50:26   getting them. I will say just goes back to the the free

00:50:30   shipping, free overnight shipping with the Eros. I believe people outside the United

00:50:35   States might have a hard time getting their hands on Numinos. There were some people in

00:50:39   Europe who tweeted some pictures where when they tried to order them from Amazon, they

00:50:42   were like $30 a package. They're not worth $30 a package. If you can't get them at a

00:50:49   reasonable package of cookies price, you're not missing out that much. Here's one that

00:50:55   you're going to like this. So a couple episodes ago with Jason Snell, I was talking about

00:51:01   a very clever cable that I bought from Belkin. Now it was expensive because I got it like

00:51:06   an idiot. I bought it at the Apple store. So it was like $29. But it's like a nice long


00:51:11   Are we going to be talking about dongles? I feel like every time I come on this podcast,

00:51:14   we talk about dongles.

00:51:15   It is sort of a dongle. Let me describe this cable to you.

00:51:20   All right, I'm excited. I'm starting to cut you off.

00:51:22   tell me if it's a dongle. It's a USB a on one end. So it's just like the standard old school USB

00:51:27   thing. And on the other end, it's micro micro USB, but with a little lightning

00:51:33   condom that is connected by a little Oh, I know it. Right. And so I know this.

00:51:40   And it's it's a game changer for me because I still I hate micro USB. It's a three way,

00:51:47   right? Well, no, no, it's two way. But all these people, a whole bunch of readers sent

00:51:52   me I will put this link in the show notes. I've got it right here. But at the end of

00:51:55   the cable, there's a three way. No, it's only two. The one I was talking about is only lightning.

00:52:00   But the new one from mono price, this is the one I want to talk about. I'm going to put

00:52:03   this link in the show notes. It's a three way cable from mono price. Now remember, mono

00:52:07   price, we've talked about them before, like they make great cable. What was so special

00:52:10   about yours? Well, it was just saved me one cable. So instead of I instead of taking having

00:52:16   a micro USB cable in my backpack just for charging things like external just had one

00:52:22   way out.

00:52:23   See, I got you.

00:52:24   I got you.

00:52:25   Right.

00:52:26   But don't buy that to anybody.

00:52:27   Anybody went out and bought that on my recommendation.

00:52:28   I apologize because what you really want is the new three way cable from Monoprice, which

00:52:31   is one cable that does micro USB, USB C and lightning all on one cable.

00:52:37   And so all you never have to worry if you have this cable, you could charge anything

00:52:42   and everything.

00:52:43   charge your Wii or not Wii what's it called the the new Nintendo thing the

00:52:47   Nintendo switch you could charge an external battery pack that takes micro

00:52:51   USB and then there's a little lightning one you pop on and and there it looks a

00:52:54   little ugly almost like a like a trident because it's got two of these little

00:52:59   caps to switch you know tip you know it but it's a fantastic cable and at mono

00:53:05   price it's super cheap I forget what it is it's like here I'm gonna write an I'm

00:53:09   gonna write another story I haven't been writing much lately but I I'm gonna

00:53:12   to write another story about charging $9.99. You've now

00:53:17   convinced me this this cable, this is what I was picturing

00:53:19   because I got almost the same exact pitch from a company this

00:53:23   morning as this, it's but it's a different company that makes

00:53:28   this. It's not the mono price one, but it's almost it's it

00:53:33   actually looks like a little bit like a higher quality fabric

00:53:36   cable. You know, they have like the the fabric cords. That's

00:53:42   what that's what we talked about the last time to the anchor one

00:53:44   has the fabric on it.

00:53:46   No, they make a cable onker makes a cable. Is it anchor or

00:53:50   anchor?

00:53:50   I don't know. I always say anchor now.

00:53:53   Really, I'd go with anchor. But with my with my history of

00:53:57   pronunciation, I have no idea. You know, I had the same

00:54:00   conversation a number of months back, I was interviewed by a

00:54:04   reporter at the verge who was doing a story on anchor. And

00:54:06   because I basically become known as an anchor fangirl, I they

00:54:09   interviewed me about it. And I kept saying anchor I think.

00:54:14   Well, it's funny, you would bring them up because my next

00:54:17   bit of follow up is, is on the sponsor. No, they are not a

00:54:21   sponsor, but they have a 31. Actually, actually, let me let

00:54:25   me hold off on the on the anchor thing. But I'll go with this.

00:54:27   There's a panzerina I last week, we're talking about Apple's new

00:54:30   sports straps that have like a velcro like enclosure or clasp

00:54:34   or something like that. And I speculated idly, hey, can you

00:54:38   just call that stuff velcro or is that a trademark or what's the deal and turns

00:54:43   out I was exactly right it's exactly like Kleenex using Kleenex to describe

00:54:48   facial tissue or Clorox to talk about bleach it is a trademark and I got an

00:54:53   email from a reader or listener I should say that was very very interesting and

00:54:58   he happens to know somebody who is a hook and they it's like they want you to

00:55:04   call them hook and clasp. What they want you to call the generic version of Velcro is ridiculous.

00:55:11   It's like hook and clasp or something like that. But he's an engineer who works on that

00:55:15   stuff for the Velcro Corporation and apparently they did work with Apple on this band. It

00:55:20   actually is like the most advanced hook and clasp material available in the world today.

00:55:27   The thing that's neat about it is you can kind of tell just by looking at it that you

00:55:31   You could use it for months and months and the hook part isn't going to get, which is

00:55:37   the soft part, isn't going to get fuzzy the way that cheap versions of this will.

00:55:43   But they don't want you to call it Velcro in this case because I guess Apple isn't licensing

00:55:49   the Velcro trademark, even though they did work with the Velcro corporation to develop

00:55:54   these bands.

00:55:56   But anyway, the most funny thing, and here it is, I'm going to put it in the show notes.

00:56:00   The Velcro company put out the most cringe-worthy YouTube video I have ever seen in my entire

00:56:07   life.

00:56:08   It is employees of the company.

00:56:12   Don't play this now because it's going to wreck you.

00:56:14   Play it when the show is over, Joanna.

00:56:18   It is a song called "Don't Save Velcro."

00:56:20   Oh no.

00:56:21   No.

00:56:22   This is called Hook and Loop.

00:56:23   This one's a hook.

00:56:24   This one's a loop.

00:56:25   You call it Velcro but we're begging you.

00:56:26   This is called Hook and Loop.

00:56:27   This one's a hook.

00:56:28   This one's a loop.

00:56:29   Not only is it a cringe-worthy song, but I really do believe that they picked actual

00:56:42   employees of the company because they can't carry a tune.

00:56:46   Oh, I can't wait to watch it.

00:56:49   So anyway, don't call it Velcro, but it is indeed advanced engineered hook and clasp

00:56:56   whatever closure that Apple worked with in coordination with

00:57:01   the Velcro company, even though they're not calling it Velcro.

00:57:04   So anyway, that's a bit of follow up. And then

00:57:06   I actually love that band. I had to cut that out of my video

00:57:08   because it's getting too long. But I love that band.

00:57:10   Which band? Oh, that strap. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

00:57:13   That's strap. Sorry. Yeah. I love the bands. The Velcro. Don't

00:57:16   say the Velcro.

00:57:17   I thought you were saying I was like, What the hell are you

00:57:19   talking about?

00:57:20   Sorry. Yes, the watch band. Yeah.

00:57:24   I could see how it's going to be a super popular watch band because it is,

00:57:28   again, I don't think I'm a Velcro guy, but especially for workouts,

00:57:33   it really is like, it's super lightweight, it's super soft.

00:57:36   And I think it's going to be super durable.

00:57:38   Yeah, I'd rather get that as the standard, which is I think the same price.

00:57:41   If you, if you buy it on Apple's site, I think that if you just buy the,

00:57:46   the, the series three or the series two with that band is the same starting

00:57:51   price.

00:57:52   Yeah. And I like a lot of people, uh,

00:57:54   I find their standard sports strap, I think it's really fascinating.

00:57:59   I've got some from the original Apple Watch and I've worn them over and over.

00:58:03   I don't spend a lot of time with them, but I know some people who do.

00:58:06   And it is amazing, their original sports strap, the rubbery one, it's incredibly durable.

00:58:11   Like you would think maybe the hole that you poke it through would wear through or something

00:58:15   like that.

00:58:16   It's amazing.

00:58:17   So my son Jonas has one.

00:58:18   He has a red sports strap on his Apple Watch and he got an Apple Watch way back when it

00:58:22   was a new thing. And I've looked at it in his sports strap. It's a little dirty. The

00:58:29   red isn't quite, it doesn't look brand new, but it doesn't look gross. It just looks a

00:58:33   little like something that an 11, 12, 13 year old kid has worn almost every day for a while.

00:58:39   But the hole that he pokes it through is as good as the next as any other hole, like the

00:58:45   ones that he's never used. So the durability on that is amazing. But I, like a lot of people,

00:58:49   I find that it's a little sweaty. I find that my it's like my my wrist reacts to that rubber

00:58:54   And I also don't find it intuitive to put on I'm sorry

00:58:58   But like whenever I get my nails done and it's like I had to take my watch off and someone has to put this thing back

00:59:03   On me no one knows how to put it on

00:59:05   Once you know it you you you know, yeah, one two three on yeah

00:59:11   That's why I like the the new non velcro, whatever it's called. Yeah

00:59:15   Yeah, same price. I'm looking on the website. Yeah

00:59:18   Yeah, I mean it could get dirty though. Yeah, it's your point. The other one's more durable

00:59:22   It's like the velcro version of the Milanese loop with the magnetic thing, which is so so super easy to get on and off

00:59:29   But unlike the magnetic one doesn't doesn't when you flex your wrist doesn't like get a little looser

00:59:35   Yeah, no, it's a good fit. Yeah, I like that too. I didn't really write too much about it in my review either

00:59:41   But it's it's really good. Yeah

00:59:43   All right, let me take a break here and thank our next sponsor

00:59:47   which has already been spoiled by somebody, Fracture. Fracture is the photo

00:59:53   decor company and they're out to rescue your favorite images from the digital

00:59:56   ether. They print your photos directly on glass and add a laser-cut rigid backing

01:00:01   so they're ready to display right out of the box. This is literally edge to edge.

01:00:05   It's like a fracture print is like where cell phones are going. Like, you know, you

01:00:11   could talk about like the reduced bezels on today's cell phones but they're not

01:00:15   really edge-to-edge. Like that's the thing like with the iPhone 10. It's

01:00:19   certainly far closer to edge-to-edge than anything Apple's ever done and

01:00:23   arguably with the reduction of the chin and forehead closer to edge-to-edge than

01:00:27   any other phone on the market. But it's not edge-to-edge. There is a bezel.

01:00:30   Fracture prints come out and it's literally just a piece of glass that is

01:00:34   edge-to-edge your photo. It looks so amazing. It looks futuristic. It's

01:00:41   not digital. It's not electronic. It's an analog print of a photo printed directly

01:00:45   on glass, that you hang on a wall, put it on your desk, put it on your mantle, whatever.

01:00:48   But it kind of looks futuristic because it just, there is no frame. It's really, really

01:00:53   a great look. It puts all the focus on your photos. And there's really, really high quality

01:00:58   printing. Everything that you get from them comes with, they call a 60-day happiness guarantee.

01:01:04   So you have 60 days and if you don't like it, they'll give you your money back. And

01:01:08   And every fracture is handmade in Gainesville, Florida

01:01:12   from U.S. sourced materials in a carbon neutral factory.

01:01:16   So you can feel good about that.

01:01:17   So for more information and 10% off your first order,

01:01:21   visit fractureme.com/podcast.

01:01:25   That's literally the URL they want you to use.

01:01:27   Fractureme.com/podcast.

01:01:29   And don't forget to mention the talk show

01:01:31   in their one question survey after you place your order.

01:01:35   And that one question I'm guessing

01:01:37   is where did you hear about Fracture?

01:01:39   So my thanks to them.

01:01:41   Taking a lot of pictures of your son?

01:01:44   - I am, I am.

01:01:46   So I, well, I actually, this,

01:01:48   'cause I was working so hard on the Series 3 review,

01:01:52   I hadn't really been using the 8 Plus that much

01:01:55   because I was using my other iPhone with the,

01:01:59   that wasn't the one that was paired with my watch.

01:02:02   So I started using the 8 Plus a lot

01:02:04   to play with the studio lighting in his head.

01:02:07   It's very funny.

01:02:08   And then when he was born, I bought this Sony camera,

01:02:12   which I'm obsessed with.

01:02:13   It's the RX100.

01:02:15   - Oh, that's a good camera.

01:02:17   - Yeah, so I mean, most of the photos I've taken with him,

01:02:20   I mean, I take a lot on my phone,

01:02:21   but most I've taken on this camera,

01:02:23   which I just like, it's just great

01:02:25   to not have a phone with you sometimes.

01:02:27   - So it's funny.

01:02:30   So Jonas was born in 2004, and in 2004,

01:02:32   my nice camera was still, it was a Canon SLR

01:02:36   shooting 35 millimeter film.

01:02:37   - Oh really? - Yeah.

01:02:39   - Oh yeah, I guess so.

01:02:41   - And so what I used to do is shoot rolls of film,

01:02:46   and then when I got them developed,

01:02:48   I would have the photo place that got the prints made,

01:02:51   put them on a CD.

01:02:53   But they're like, in hindsight, I mean, they're not bad.

01:02:56   They're good photos because it was a great camera,

01:02:57   and almost all shot with a 50 millimeter prime lens.

01:03:00   And so in a certain sense, they're really nice.

01:03:03   But the scans that they gave me are so ridiculously low res,

01:03:07   like megapixel-wise, it's criminal.

01:03:09   They're like, I don't know, like 1024 by 768

01:03:12   or something like that, I don't know.

01:03:14   So there's a, you know, in times of like,

01:03:18   what kind of pictures I could be taking now if he was born,

01:03:21   it's, you know, it's kind of seems like,

01:03:24   he's only 13, but seems like not that old,

01:03:27   but it's like, wow, it's like photo-wise, it's ridiculous.

01:03:29   And then the other thing is right before he was born,

01:03:31   He was born in January, and for Christmas,

01:03:33   my mother-in-law got me, or got us as a family gift.

01:03:37   She said, "Whatever video camera you want me to get."

01:03:40   So I picked it out, she got like a Panasonic Mini DV.

01:03:45   - Right, right.

01:03:46   - And I thought, this is great,

01:03:48   it's shooting digital on Mini DV tapes.

01:03:51   But it's standard definition,

01:03:53   and the camera was just humongous.

01:03:56   - Did you ever convert them?

01:03:57   - I've convert, you know, here's the stupid thing.

01:03:59   I converted half of them.

01:04:01   And I thought, there was a place here in town

01:04:03   and it was kind of expensive, but I thought,

01:04:06   well, I'm only gonna do half because what if I don't like

01:04:08   the results and I did half and the results were good,

01:04:13   as good as I had hoped.

01:04:14   And then I've just never gotten around to going back

01:04:16   to get the second half done.

01:04:17   Like I still have them, I should use this as a kick

01:04:19   in the pants to go do it, but I have half of them digitized.

01:04:23   And you know, it's not bad.

01:04:24   It certainly blows away anything.

01:04:26   There's like three minutes of Super 8 footage

01:04:29   of me as a toddler.

01:04:31   But it's crazy that in 13 years

01:04:36   that we've gone from shooting standard definition

01:04:39   on mini DV tapes, and you still see

01:04:41   the tape-like staticky artifacts every once in a while,

01:04:45   to now you can shoot 4K,

01:04:47   - Totally. - 60 frames per second video

01:04:50   on your phone with optical image stabilization.

01:04:53   It is absolutely insane.

01:04:56   - And let me tell you a funny thing

01:04:57   that just like sort of thinking forward.

01:04:59   So I've been trying to work on a story

01:05:02   about augmented reality told in augmented reality.

01:05:05   And so as part of my current job of kind of also exploring

01:05:10   some new video opportunities for the video department

01:05:14   here at the journal, I started talking to a company

01:05:16   that shoots basically depth video 360.

01:05:20   Well, there's a couple different terms for it,

01:05:24   but basically it's called volumetric video,

01:05:27   which is like an object that's, you get the 360 view,

01:05:31   but it would have depth to it,

01:05:32   and sort of what the new iPhone camera can do,

01:05:34   but only, that can only do it, I guess, about 180 degrees,

01:05:38   but they can do it 360 degrees.

01:05:41   So there's this company in LA that does this,

01:05:43   and they almost went to their set and everything and did it.

01:05:46   Turns out the file size is just massive,

01:05:48   and awesome technology that just isn't really ready

01:05:51   to be put into apps right now.

01:05:54   And the woman who was doing the PR said,

01:05:56   bring your new son with you,

01:05:59   because this is how his generation

01:06:03   is gonna have videos and photos.

01:06:06   And isn't it gonna be amazing that you'd have this now

01:06:09   as a place marker in time or a marker in time?

01:06:13   Which I actually thought was a really good PR pitch,

01:06:17   but also made me think, is it actually,

01:06:19   is this how my kids, and your kid now,

01:06:23   you said he's 13?

01:06:24   You said? - Yeah.

01:06:26   So 13 years from now, is that the type of video and photos that our kids will be taking?

01:06:32   Yeah, I don't know. It's hard for me to say.

01:06:34   Yeah, there's no way to predict. I just thought it was interesting. Yeah, are we going to

01:06:39   be 3D objects that sit on tables? I don't know.

01:06:42   Yeah. It's like I knew that the 3D TV fad from five years ago was nonsense. I just knew

01:06:50   immediate is like this is this is not this is not good this is just a the

01:06:54   industry's trying to get people to buy TVs that they don't they shouldn't want

01:06:57   like is there something in the future though that will make the like truth

01:07:04   indeed like you know what I mean like the the 3d that you could do five years

01:07:07   ago is a gimmick and required goggles and stuff but is there something with

01:07:10   depth sensing that could blow away thinking of photos and videos as a as a

01:07:15   as a flat image, I think that's probably true.

01:07:20   I think that will be true.

01:07:22   And there's gonna be something, you know what I mean?

01:07:23   And it's the same way that I,

01:07:25   the way that I was like, wow, this is great,

01:07:26   I'm gonna get this great digital video of my son

01:07:30   as a toddler, and thought, this'll be great,

01:07:35   I'll be so happy for the rest of my life

01:07:36   that I've got this stuff.

01:07:38   And literally 10 years later, I'm like, this is a joke.

01:07:40   And I feel like there's gonna be something

01:07:41   that's gonna make the video and footage

01:07:43   that you're shooting now look like a joke in 10 years?

01:07:47   - Yeah, I mean, like, I think the AR stuff

01:07:50   is actually really compelling,

01:07:52   'cause when you do look at it,

01:07:53   and one of the tests that I've done

01:07:55   where I'm sort of this 3D object that sits on a table,

01:07:59   it does feel so much more lifelike, right?

01:08:01   Like I do, I'm like, oh God, that really is me,

01:08:03   and you can actually see the proportions of my face,

01:08:06   and I don't know, it's just,

01:08:10   the technology's not there yet, obviously,

01:08:12   but I do wonder, okay, 13 years from now,

01:08:14   what is the way we're looking at photos

01:08:17   or preserving memories?

01:08:19   - Yeah, I don't know, but it's always changing.

01:08:22   There's no doubt about it.

01:08:24   Yeah, I wanted to talk about this.

01:08:26   One last piece of follow-up,

01:08:29   and I think I was with Panzorino last week,

01:08:31   but we were talking about the fast charging on phones,

01:08:35   and I think it's a real nickel and dime move

01:08:38   that with 800 to $900 phones.

01:08:43   And I'm guessing with the $1,000 plus iPhone 10 coming up

01:08:47   that Apple still ships the little measly five watt charger.

01:08:50   And they have this new fast charging feature

01:08:53   on the new iPhones.

01:08:55   And I did some timing on it.

01:08:57   It does charge faster than my iPhone 7,

01:09:00   but it actually doesn't charge that much faster

01:09:02   because I guess there's a certain threshold

01:09:05   where they can call it quote fast charging.

01:09:07   But iPhones for years and years now have charged faster

01:09:11   if you charge them in a more powerful wall unit.

01:09:14   Specifically for me, always just use the iPad one.

01:09:17   Just use the iPad one everywhere.

01:09:18   And your phone will charge much faster

01:09:20   than it does in the little cube,

01:09:23   the one that looks like a pair of dice or a die

01:09:25   from a board game.

01:09:26   But to get the true fast charging, you need a,

01:09:30   Apple's, if you stick with Apple stuff,

01:09:32   you gotta buy separately Apple's 29 watt charger.

01:09:36   It's the same charger that comes with a MacBook,

01:09:39   you know, the MacBook with one port.

01:09:41   And Apple charges like $300 for this charger.

01:09:45   (laughs)

01:09:46   - Basically.

01:09:47   - It is a very expensive charger.

01:09:49   It does charge faster.

01:09:51   But our friends at Anker, or Anker if you prefer,

01:09:55   they have a 30 watt charger that's only 26 bucks.

01:09:58   I will put a link to the Amazon thing in here for it.

01:10:00   Apple's 20, here, I actually have a note.

01:10:03   Apple's is not $300, it's $49.

01:10:06   But as far as I can tell, the Anker won for $26,

01:10:09   which is not quite, if only they would cut the price

01:10:13   by a dollar, I could say it's half the price.

01:10:15   But $1 away from being half the price of Apple's

01:10:18   and is every bit as good.

01:10:20   - Wait, are you talking about the four port one?

01:10:22   - No, no, no, it's just-- - 'Cause I have--

01:10:25   - It's a $26 charger that is exactly like an Apple charger

01:10:29   except black.

01:10:30   Here, I'll quick send you a link.

01:10:32   It is.

01:10:33   And I know-- - 'Cause I recommend.

01:10:35   - If you have something to recommend, I will put that.

01:10:38   - Yeah, but this is USB-C, this is what you want.

01:10:40   - Yes, yes, and that's the thing.

01:10:42   To get the true fast charging, you need USB-C.

01:10:44   That's the thing I'm talking about, if anybody's confused.

01:10:47   To get the true fast charging and to charge your iPhone

01:10:49   the fastest way you possibly can, it has to be USB-C

01:10:52   'cause USB-C has a higher power capability

01:10:56   than older versions of USB.

01:10:58   So it's a brick you put in a wall,

01:11:00   a little tiny thing about the size of an Apple charger.

01:11:02   you put it in the wall, you connect a USB-C

01:11:04   to a lightning cable to your--

01:11:06   - This is, yeah, yeah.

01:11:08   - Now the other thing that Apple--

01:11:09   - The one I have, which I think, again,

01:11:12   I mean, maybe I should just start a whole new website

01:11:15   that's dedicated to about charging.

01:11:17   Because I have so many,

01:11:19   I just need to write this column again.

01:11:21   And it's funny, anytime I have a briefing with Apple,

01:11:23   I always wanna talk about why they don't make

01:11:25   better chargers, and they obviously do not wanna

01:11:29   talk about that with me, ever.

01:11:32   I have the four port USB, regular USB-A,

01:11:36   but we'll charge just as fast as a whatever, a 29 watt

01:11:41   or is it, what is the iPad one, is it 29 watt?

01:11:45   - Yes, 29, not 30.

01:11:48   - Which is, they have four ports

01:11:51   and then you can plug in your iPhone and your iPad

01:11:55   or your like, I plug in,

01:11:57   that's the single charger brick that I travel with

01:12:01   I don't have my MacBook and I just try you can charge your iPad iPhone and Apple watch in the same thing

01:12:06   Here's the other thing that it's really hard to get a

01:12:12   USB-c to lightning cable like and I don't think I think yeah, I think I'm right that mono price still doesn't make one

01:12:21   So you got to buy apples and it's a $25 cable for just a goddamn one meter charging cable

01:12:30   So even you know the cheapest way you can get fast charging on your iPhone to my knowledge with recommended

01:12:35   Certified cables is to get the anchor thing you plug in the wall that has a USB C

01:12:40   Port on it and then you get Apple's USB C to lightning cable, which itself costs 25 years

01:12:45   But then you can charge your phone faster

01:12:47   But I'm doing a story on this I'm making some time yeah

01:12:52   I I think it's getting all this crap in and I'm testing it all yeah, I've seen this this you the anchors

01:12:58   thing I'm gonna buy one of these I'll put this in this I have four of these so

01:13:01   it's I have I have I have one of these at my office I have one of these at home

01:13:05   and I keep one of these in my bag it's a 40 watt four port Michelle has one of

01:13:09   these be wall charger now this these are USB a ports though yeah that's the thing

01:13:14   I don't find that the fast charging I my personal no this won't this won't happen

01:13:18   with the fast I mean this will charge faster than the dice right and and I

01:13:22   don't charge as fast as what as the USB C new fast charging spec but I don't

01:13:27   think the difference between this, that USB-A charging with a bigger charger, with like

01:13:32   a 10 watt or greater charger, I don't think the difference is that great to buy it. I

01:13:36   really don't in my testing. It does charge a little faster, but not that much faster.

01:13:41   Unless you frequently find yourself in a situation where you've literally got five minutes to

01:13:46   get the most charge you possibly can, and a 5% difference in the battery charge you

01:13:51   get in five or 10 minutes is actually going to make a difference, which I can't imagine

01:13:54   that scenario, it's not worth it. Yeah, this is a great product to keep in a bag for traveling.

01:14:00   It's it's a 40 watt charger.

01:14:01   Marie-Claire The one thing I have complaints about, yeah,

01:14:05   the one complaint I have about this is that the cords just get tangled. Because you but

01:14:10   but if you buy the fabric cords from Monoprice or from Anker, you're you're in a better place.

01:14:15   John Green That's another thing about the cord. Yeah,

01:14:18   the the cords that are made out of like, like a braided fabric, would you call it? It's

01:14:25   like braided. They don't get tangled. And they're cheaper than I know. I love those.

01:14:29   Anyway, this is good stuff. I love talking about cords.

01:14:35   I definitely going to my editor right after this and asking to write this cord charging story soon.

01:14:42   I've been I was like, I think he wanted me to wait for air power. Is that what's called air power?

01:14:47   Well, I think that's I know it's not yeah air power air power. I keep power. I keep wanting

01:14:53   to call it air charge. But it's called air. I want to call it I power. But yeah, I mean,

01:15:00   I think that's probably its own piece. And I'm still so does air power work with the current

01:15:07   Apple Watch? I believe so. But that may it might only work with the Series three watch. I'm not

01:15:15   sure. That's an interesting question. I don't know. I guess I should.

01:15:22   And does it work with the current AirPods?

01:15:24   No, you'll need a new case.

01:15:26   Has anyone seen my AirPods?

01:15:27   No, it definitely won't work with the current AirPods because it goes through the case and

01:15:33   that's what they showed on stage is that there's going to be a new case for AirPods.

01:15:37   For AirPods.

01:15:38   And the AirPod case, the way you'll know if it's new or old is that the little light that tells you

01:15:43   Is it green or orange to let you know the charging state is on the outside not the inside?

01:15:48   Because you'd be able to rest it and Apple's plan is that when these new air pods come out

01:15:53   They're going to sell that case separately for people who already own air pods

01:15:57   I see probably for some smart ridiculous amount of money, but

01:16:02   You know, it is what it is. I don't know where my air parts are right now. I

01:16:06   Do know that they went through the wash again last week and they yet again came out perfectly fine

01:16:12   Just a little bit cleaner now.

01:16:15   Here, let me take one last break. I know we're running short on time. I want to take one last

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01:18:10   Oh, I somehow I knew we were gonna end up

01:18:14   on cables and chargers.

01:18:15   I think it's important and I think it's worth--

01:18:17   - Is it me?

01:18:18   I mean, you brought it up this time.

01:18:19   - I know, but I, well, I think it's us.

01:18:21   - I love it.

01:18:22   I actually, so I think I said this in this interview

01:18:28   with The Verge is that Anker has become so popular

01:18:32   because Apple does such a terrible job

01:18:34   of providing solutions for charging its gadgets.

01:18:37   Not only 'cause of the price, which we all know,

01:18:40   but they actually solve the problems

01:18:42   that Apple doesn't solve with their billions of dollars

01:18:45   for R&D and for face detection and all these things,

01:18:50   which is they solve the problem of multiple USB ports,

01:18:54   better quality product, not a cable that falls apart.

01:19:00   and now some of this fast charging stuff.

01:19:02   Yeah, I just don't get it.

01:19:06   I don't, I don't, I don't know.

01:19:09   - I'm obsessed with, I have blown so much money

01:19:13   over the years on portable battery chargers.

01:19:17   The basic idea is that for days like when I'm at,

01:19:20   on vacation like at Disney World,

01:19:23   it just kills your battery, just kills it

01:19:26   because A, I'm on the phone all the time

01:19:28   waiting in lines for rides or whatever. And when you're in a big crowd like that, it's

01:19:32   just, you know, even if they, as they've made service, self-service better there, it just

01:19:38   kills your battery. Days like when we have the events at Apple, it's like I'm on the

01:19:44   phone doing Twitter during the keynote in a room full of a thousand people who are all

01:19:48   doing the same thing. And yes, the Apple has a really nice Wi-Fi network that's set up

01:19:52   for that and it works really well. But somehow on those days, my phone just takes a beating

01:19:57   and I don't want it to go dead.

01:19:58   So I love having just that small, I don't want a big one.

01:20:01   I don't want like a giant charger for charging

01:20:04   six phones at once or for charging an iPad.

01:20:07   I just want a charger I can keep in my pocket

01:20:10   that I won't even feel like I have something in my pocket.

01:20:12   And I've gone through so many of things like this.

01:20:15   There was like a Mophie one I had for a while

01:20:17   that they don't make anymore.

01:20:18   It was really small, like a credit card size one from Mophie

01:20:21   and it fell apart at some point.

01:20:23   So anyway, the one I love best is this one

01:20:25   I just sent you the link to I'll put it in the show notes. It's a $20 one from anchor

01:20:28   It's the only thing I don't like about it so cute because it's cylinder. It does roll around

01:20:33   But I kind of wish it was more like a pencil like where it had like at least one flat

01:20:40   Side or something, but it's just like a little cylinder

01:20:43   And you put it in your pocket and it's like you don't even notice it's there and and then I there's other ones that I've had

01:20:50   I have a whole shelf full of these things and I have some that have built-in lightning cables, which is super convenient

01:20:55   But all I do is I buy like a little the smallest possible lightning cable you can get I think Amazon sells one

01:21:01   That's only like three inches long or something or four inches. I don't know

01:21:06   The mono price one is six inches long, which is actually longer than you need for this thing

01:21:11   But just get like a cheap

01:21:14   three inch four inch six inch lightning cable

01:21:17   Lightning the USB from Amazon or from both or from mono price or something like that

01:21:22   You plug it into this thing and it just works and it's and it's super solid

01:21:26   Like the build quality on the anchor stuff is so impressive

01:21:29   Compared to other brands in my opinion. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I you know

01:21:35   I still have the smart battery case from Apple for my phone

01:21:38   So I I don't buy some of these likes more peripheral battery chargers, but these are these are good things

01:21:45   This one's just adorable. Yeah, it's real and it's just really really good really

01:21:50   I don't know just really it just feels good. Whereas a lot of the ones I have from other companies

01:21:54   I

01:21:56   Didn't think about this but will the 10 so the tennis was to have two hours more battery life. Yeah, supposedly

01:22:03   Are they gonna make a battery case for it? Yeah, they gonna make a battery case for it. Maybe I don't need one

01:22:08   I bet that they don't I bet they don't

01:22:11   Because it would yeah, I

01:22:15   I think that there was always that I think Apple was late to dip their toes in that and they you know

01:22:21   They introduced it like in a weird way like I think it was with the iPhone 6 or 6s

01:22:25   It was definitely somewhere in that area because they didn't it was a success and and they didn't do it at their event

01:22:31   they just sort of

01:22:33   They just sort of they actually introduced it via reviews

01:22:36   Yeah, so I had one of the I think they only seeded to like me and a couple of other people and I had you

01:22:42   Probably had it too. I think we actually talked about it

01:22:45   Yeah, and I mean I have always been a fan of that product. I know a lot of people thought you think it's ugly. I

01:22:51   Love it. Yeah, I like it too

01:22:54   I've spent a lot of money on them too, but it doesn't fit my needs because I don't need it

01:22:59   90 95 percent of the days of my life and on the days when I do I'd rather still have my phone no case

01:23:06   until I need to charge and then just have a thing in my pocket that I can plug it into for a couple of minutes and

01:23:11   and get a little top off.

01:23:14   But I can slowly see-- - See, I have the red one,

01:23:15   and I have it on all the, well, actually, it just broke,

01:23:18   so I haven't had it on.

01:23:20   Somebody tried to shove their phone in it,

01:23:21   and it broke the lightning port.

01:23:24   But see, if I'm in meetings all day, and I'm on my phone,

01:23:28   or on my commute, which isn't that long,

01:23:32   I just am on my phone nonstop for 45 minutes

01:23:34   with no service, so it's looking for service,

01:23:36   and I can get to the office and be down to 50% already.

01:23:41   - Yeah, yeah, you need something.

01:23:43   - Yeah, I actually love that product a lot.

01:23:45   - My guess is that the increase, I mean, they actually,

01:23:47   I mean, I think the two hours of battery life

01:23:49   that Apple is claiming is two hours of in-use battery life.

01:23:52   And if that's true, if that's true,

01:23:54   I think it's got battery life more,

01:23:56   that's why they never made one for the plus size phones,

01:23:59   is that they don't need it, so I don't know.

01:24:02   - Yeah, no, and I mean, that should get,

01:24:04   I think that should get me through.

01:24:07   It should be, yeah, and it makes sense

01:24:09   the OLED screen and I guess the more screen space or the, you know, they have more space

01:24:17   in there to pack a little bit of a bigger battery.

01:24:19   How are we doing on time? We got to wrap up soon, right?

01:24:23   We do.

01:24:25   Anything else you wanted to talk about before we do sign off?

01:24:31   Tiny MacBook Air.

01:24:33   Cables. Yeah, my review of the tiny MacBook Air.

01:24:38   Did you see the Google Levi's commuter trucker jacket with Jacquard?

01:24:44   I think I saw some tweets about it.

01:24:48   It's the dumbest looking thing I've ever…

01:24:50   I don't know what…

01:24:51   I feel like the one problem with Google is that they don't seem to have anything inside

01:24:56   the company that stops a dumb idea from coming out.

01:25:00   Like I think it was…

01:25:01   I think that it's good for companies to throw out crazy ideas like having a smart jacket.

01:25:08   But then at a certain point before you actually ship it as a product, you've got to say, "Well,

01:25:12   wait.

01:25:13   This needs to be killed because this isn't...

01:25:16   Let's go back to the drawing board and come back in another year or two with something

01:25:19   better."

01:25:20   It's not even worth going into, but it's just useless.

01:25:24   It's like a denim jacket that you put a device in the sleeve and it becomes like a remote

01:25:29   control for audio and for talking to Google Assistant.

01:25:33   But this isn't new, is it? I mean, like that idea has been around for like ski

01:25:37   jackets and Apple came out with one. Apple came out with one in 2003 for the iPod.

01:25:43   It was like a, I forget, you know, and it, you know,

01:25:46   the only advantage over this over that was that, uh, back in 2003,

01:25:50   you still had to plug your iPod in, you know, it was, it wasn't wireless.

01:25:54   It was all cabled to your headphones. And this is obviously over Bluetooth,

01:25:58   But I just can't see, if you have to have headphones in for any, it doesn't have a display, so everything you get from it is through headphones,

01:26:04   why not just put the smart thing in the headphones and then you don't have to have the jacket on all the time?

01:26:09   Like, it's, it in no way is better than, let's just say AirPods, for example, where you don't have to wear the same jacket every day and keep the jacket on and all the time and,

01:26:19   and then it came out that they say you can, you can only wash it 10 times before it loses the touch of duty.

01:26:26   - You can only watch a jacket?

01:26:28   I mean, granted, I don't know the last time

01:26:29   I washed my jean jacket, but I mean.

01:26:32   - Well, I actually got, I wondered about that

01:26:34   'cause I don't really wash a jacket all that often,

01:26:36   but I don't wear a jean jacket.

01:26:37   But I did get email from some people

01:26:39   who live in San Francisco and say

01:26:40   that they wear a jean jacket often

01:26:42   and they do need to wash it all the time

01:26:43   'cause it picks up the many fine aromas

01:26:47   of the city of San Francisco very easily.

01:26:50   - God.

01:26:51   - So my quip on "Daring Fireball" after it came out

01:26:54   that it can only be washed 10 times was that it not only

01:26:58   figuratively stinks, but will literally stink as well. And I

01:27:02   was pretty proud of that one.

01:27:03   I'm proud of you for that is I'm just looking at this. I don't

01:27:08   understand. I mean that I've written so much about I mean,

01:27:11   so much about this smart dumb tech. Oh, good. There's a guide

01:27:18   to how to use your jacket. That's always what I've wanted.

01:27:20   All right, we'll wrap this up. This is gonna be

01:27:22   brush your side. You got to brush this. What the?

01:27:25   These are going to be the best show notes ever.

01:27:27   We're gonna I mean, the entire thing was show notes. And it's

01:27:32   just all this show should just be called show notes. It's all

01:27:35   just links to numino cookies and anchor charging products.

01:27:39   Basically, what else was on your list here that you want? We did?

01:27:43   Yeah, I think that was about it. That's it's fine. Oh, you have

01:27:46   my tweet in here about the face ID on the watch. I still think

01:27:49   that's a good idea. All right, let's wrap the show with that.

01:27:51   what I that raised my I was like, Hmm, why?

01:27:56   Mostly, I think it's because I've been taking the watch on

01:27:59   and off so much. So I'm always typing in the little password.

01:28:03   But also, there are so many times where, and this is goes

01:28:08   back to the nose watch situation, where my hands are

01:28:13   full, right? Walking the dog, I have a bunch of stuff in my

01:28:16   hands, I'm going into the door, you know, my mail, I've got the

01:28:19   mail, my bag, all this stuff. And I can't, I can't touch the

01:28:25   watch. So I guess we would, I guess face ID would need to turn

01:28:29   into some sort of other sort of gaze control. Yeah. But

01:28:33   I could see that I actually know exactly what you're talking

01:28:36   about. And and as somebody who was my face not able to control

01:28:40   the watch as somebody who's a lot of the time still wears a

01:28:44   like a analog mechanical watch. And you know, I've got like

01:28:48   three or four, which counts as to some degree as a collection. When you have a

01:28:54   handful of stuff, and it seems to me like that's the most likely time when the

01:28:59   raised to wake on the watch doesn't work because you can't move your wrist

01:29:04   crisply enough because like especially if like what you're carrying on your

01:29:08   watch hand is a beverage, and it frustrates me every time I do that where

01:29:15   I'm looking clearly at the watch face and it's just black.

01:29:19   And I know that if I had a different watch on,

01:29:22   I'd be able to see what time or the date or whatever is.

01:29:25   So I could see that.

01:29:26   I could see that if it had like a face ID thing

01:29:28   that was always just sort of looking--

01:29:29   - I think it's like gesture control, right?

01:29:31   A little bit, or facial gesture.

01:29:33   I mean, and look, I think that's where,

01:29:35   I mean, there are a lot of,

01:29:37   I think one of the most exciting things about the 10,

01:29:39   and I don't wanna get into this,

01:29:40   'cause I'm sure you've done many podcasts on the 10,

01:29:42   and we can do it after the 10 comes out.

01:29:46   I do think that Apple is setting up the technology here

01:29:49   for some other paradigms to interact with the screen.

01:29:53   And as dumb as an emoji might seem to some people,

01:29:57   there's a lot of interesting technology in there

01:29:58   that's allowing you to sort of move your face.

01:30:02   And it's, I mean, how accurate some of that face stuff was

01:30:06   that when I saw it in the demo

01:30:07   was a little bit scary, actually.

01:30:10   like it picked up me blinking, right,

01:30:13   in my Animoji, poop emoji demo

01:30:18   when I recorded it and sent it to myself,

01:30:20   and it's in my video from the event.

01:30:22   At the end, my eye sort of, I guess, blinked,

01:30:25   but we cut it on that end,

01:30:27   so it looks like I had like a lazy eye.

01:30:29   (laughing)

01:30:32   My Animoji has like a lazy eye.

01:30:33   - Right, so the same way that you can snap a photo

01:30:36   and have it snap at the wrong,

01:30:39   just the wrong moment of like mid-wink.

01:30:42   - Yeah. - You know what?

01:30:43   I've noticed with the iPhone 8

01:30:46   that I took some photos of my son

01:30:48   and I thought like based on the snapshot

01:30:50   that you get right when you press the shutter

01:30:52   that I got him like mid-lazy eye

01:30:54   and then I look at the photo and it's not

01:30:55   and I think that the phone is being smart enough

01:30:58   to detect it and say let me take the frame

01:31:01   from an eighth of a second later.

01:31:04   You know what I mean?

01:31:05   - Especially if it's a live photo.

01:31:06   - Yep, I'm convinced that the iPhone is doing that now.

01:31:10   You know which product I want?

01:31:11   - So anyway--

01:31:13   - I want Face ID in the MacBook.

01:31:14   - In the MacBook, me too, me too.

01:31:16   I think totally.

01:31:19   - Just I open the clamshell and it doesn't matter

01:31:22   if I'm wearing, I love the thing where if you have

01:31:24   your watch, it'll unlock it.

01:31:26   It's one of the main reasons I wear the Apple watch

01:31:28   while working, but it would be so much better

01:31:31   if all I do is open the clamshell and it's like,

01:31:33   oh, it's you, here you are, unlocked.

01:31:36   No Touch ID. - Totally.

01:31:37   I think it makes way more sense

01:31:38   than the Touch ID actually in the Mac.

01:31:40   - Yeah, because it would happen

01:31:44   in a thing that you're doing anyway, right?

01:31:45   You have to open the clamshell

01:31:48   and literally nothing else.

01:31:49   There's nothing else you would have to do

01:31:51   other than have it trained on your face already.

01:31:53   I think it's inevitable.

01:31:54   - So I mean, and I don't know.

01:31:57   I mean, hard to say if Apple wants us to be winking

01:32:00   and moving and nodding our heads at technology,

01:32:03   but it seems like I'm okay with it.

01:32:07   It seems like that would be a fine use case in my life,

01:32:10   especially when walking the dog,

01:32:12   to look down at my watch, I don't know, blink or something,

01:32:15   and it scrolls to my next message or something.

01:32:17   I don't know.

01:32:18   - Well, and you raise a good point about the unlocking,

01:32:22   because most of the time, I don't have to type the number,

01:32:27   because I'll just put the watch on and then unlock my phone,

01:32:30   and then there's the thing where,

01:32:32   - I never do that. - Once you've unlocked

01:32:32   your phone after you've put it on, it'll unlock the watch.

01:32:35   But now that the watch is being billed as a thing

01:32:37   that you don't need your phone with, right?

01:32:39   And it is. - Right, right.

01:32:40   - That I think it actually, I think you're right

01:32:41   that that actually does, you know, again,

01:32:43   how in the world would they put that, you know,

01:32:45   if it's such a big ugly notch on the iPhone X,

01:32:47   we might be five years away from them being able

01:32:50   to embed it seamlessly in the watch.

01:32:52   But when it happens, it'll seem like,

01:32:54   how did we live without it?

01:32:56   - Yeah, and we'll see how Apple Pay works on the X,

01:33:00   But as they demoed it, you look at the phone, right?

01:33:03   And then you put it to the receiver.

01:33:05   I don't know if it's the other way around.

01:33:07   - Well, and the other thing you have to do on the 10

01:33:09   is you have to double click the side button.

01:33:10   It's like once you get into--

01:33:12   - Oh, you do?

01:33:13   - Yeah, there's some kind of like,

01:33:14   and I'm not quite sure, I still don't know.

01:33:18   And there was a whole bunch of things

01:33:19   that came out yesterday, like an Apple white paper,

01:33:21   and Renee Ritchie wrote an article.

01:33:23   I'm still not sure what the order is

01:33:24   and what exactly you're gonna see on screen.

01:33:27   Because the thing about double clicking the side button

01:33:29   is people aren't gonna guess that.

01:33:32   So it's gotta be something on screen that tells you,

01:33:34   double click the side button to confirm

01:33:37   that you want to do this.

01:33:38   But the whole reason to do it is that

01:33:41   just because you're looking at your phone,

01:33:42   nobody can come by you with a near-field communicator

01:33:46   and authenticate a charge, right?

01:33:48   That's the whole-- - Oh, that makes sense.

01:33:49   - It makes total sense when you think about it.

01:33:51   When you think about it of I don't wanna get ripped off

01:33:54   just because I'm looking at my phone on the subway

01:33:56   and some clever scammer walks by

01:33:59   with a little near-field thing that confirms--

01:34:01   - But the way it is now is you just have to authenticate

01:34:04   by pressing down on the fingerprint ID,

01:34:07   which I guess is the action.

01:34:09   - But you do get a chance, though,

01:34:10   to pick an alternative form of payment.

01:34:12   If you don't wanna use your default card,

01:34:14   you wanna pick a different card.

01:34:15   So something will appear on screen with an interface

01:34:19   for letting you pick another card or to cancel

01:34:22   if you just say, "Ah, I don't wanna buy this."

01:34:26   So something like that.

01:34:26   - Well then maybe it ends up being that actually

01:34:28   it's gonna be faster to still pay with your watch.

01:34:30   - Yeah, I think so too.

01:34:32   And again, with the watch, and it's similar to it,

01:34:34   like with the watch where you put it into that mode

01:34:36   by double clicking the button.

01:34:37   Maybe that's-- - Double clicking the button.

01:34:38   - Maybe that's what it is, is you'll just,

01:34:40   it'll be just like the watch, to get it into Apple Pay mode,

01:34:42   you just have to start by double clicking the button.

01:34:45   I don't know, and that might be it, I don't know.

01:34:47   But they'll have to somehow train people

01:34:49   that that's how you do it.

01:34:51   - Right.

01:34:52   And yeah, oh look, I'm just super excited about Animoji,

01:34:54   I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie

01:34:56   I do think I think that part of the reason they made an emoji isn't so much because they think it's gonna be super popular

01:35:01   Although it might be but it's you know, it's like those Apple watch

01:35:03   weirdo emojis never really caught on but I do think that one of the reason they spent the time to make it was to show

01:35:09   You just how accurate the face tracking is, you know the fact that that's what

01:35:13   Right, right. It's it really does track like your eyes blinking in real time and the facial, you know

01:35:20   Contortions you make and I think that it's sort of just like a proof of you know, trust us

01:35:24   We're really we're not just taking a simple picture of your foot face. We're doing some serious 3d tracking here

01:35:29   right

01:35:31   Yeah, I mean I was I was most impressed by an emoji really

01:35:34   Well, this is one of those things - one of the funny things about being reviewers is that once assuming I don't even know it's like

01:35:43   You know, I wrote the other day that you know, Apple doesn't talk about things in advance even with with you know

01:35:48   people like us. But assuming that we get review units of the iPhone 10, before they go on sale,

01:35:54   it's you'll be one of the few people I can send an animoji to because I'll know that you're,

01:35:59   you're, you're, you'll know, you'll know, I'll just be sending animojis constantly.

01:36:03   Right. So like what we had the original Apple Watch you and I had, it's just, I don't know,

01:36:09   just seem sending creepy mime hands all the time, right? And heartbeats and

01:36:14   and little scribbles.

01:36:16   - Haven't done it since the first Apple Watch.

01:36:18   Haven't used any of that.

01:36:19   - No, but you and I had like this 40 message,

01:36:22   iMessage thread that was nothing but weirdo emojis

01:36:25   and heartbeats and scribbles.

01:36:29   It'll be like that with-- - It's true.

01:36:31   - You'll be getting poop animoji from me,

01:36:34   probably within a few weeks.

01:36:36   - I gotta think about how I'm gonna really test animojis.

01:36:41   It seems like a real job that Apple designed for me.

01:36:44   - It does, 'cause it lends itself to video very well.

01:36:49   - It does, yeah, which they're always like,

01:36:52   what are you gonna do with this?

01:36:55   Anyway, we shall see.

01:37:00   - People can follow you on Twitter @joannasturn.

01:37:04   - Yep. - @joannasturn.

01:37:06   And of course, read your fine work

01:37:08   and watch the video work at the Wall Street Journal.

01:37:11   Always a pleasure to have you on the show.

01:37:15   - Always a pleasure to be here.

01:37:16   - Hope to see you soon.

01:37:17   - Always a pleasure to talk about your sponsors, really,

01:37:21   what I'm here for.

01:37:22   - Thank you, Joanne.

01:37:23   - I'm going to get some Newman's O's, Newman O's, Newman O's.