The Talk Show

127: ‘A Sack Full of Plucked Feathers’ With Guest John Moltz


00:00:00   Did you hear something just go ping?

00:00:02   - No. - Good.

00:00:04   (both laughing)

00:00:06   - How's the new setup working?

00:00:09   - It's great, it comes with all these dials.

00:00:12   See, that's my old setup.

00:00:16   My old setup was just a mic and then add a USB

00:00:19   and the USB goes in your computer and that is it.

00:00:22   There's nothing else.

00:00:23   - Oh, do you have like a preamp?

00:00:29   - Yeah, this one has, here's the box right here.

00:00:34   It's an Onyx Blackjack Premium 2x2 USB recording interface

00:00:40   from Mackie, and it's got a bunch of these dials and stuff.

00:00:46   Looks serious, I mean, it makes me feel very professional.

00:00:49   It's a very nice piece of equipment,

00:00:51   but now I've got all these dials to turn.

00:00:53   Marco told me how to set it up.

00:00:55   He just sent me a picture and just said,

00:00:57   just turn all the dials like this.

00:00:59   - Yeah, so I did that.

00:01:00   All right.

00:01:03   - Man, that thing, wow.

00:01:04   (laughing)

00:01:06   Really, you have the one that's on Amazon?

00:01:08   - Yeah.

00:01:10   How many dials?

00:01:11   - Well, this one's six, like all of them.

00:01:14   This one has all of them.

00:01:15   - No, this one is--

00:01:17   - The one I'm looking at has like 120 dials.

00:01:20   - No, no, no, this one has five dials, two inputs,

00:01:23   something for the monitor, and then--

00:01:27   This looks like one of your bad interfaces of the day.

00:01:32   Or the week or whatever.

00:01:34   It looks like an Access database gone wrong.

00:01:38   - Are you sending it by Skype or are you sending it?

00:01:42   Oh, I see it, I see it.

00:01:44   Oh my God.

00:01:48   Oh my God.

00:01:51   If that had shown up, if I had just done what Marco said

00:01:53   and this had shown up at my door, I would have just...

00:01:56   (laughing)

00:01:59   - Yeah, it would've been very cinematic.

00:02:01   It would've been one of those things

00:02:02   where I would've opened,

00:02:03   you know, you open the cardboard box from Amazon,

00:02:05   and then I would've seen this,

00:02:07   and then I would've just set the box down,

00:02:09   and I would've gotten my keys.

00:02:11   - Wiped into the ocean.

00:02:13   Just started driving.

00:02:16   - Just drive right to the Atlantic Coast.

00:02:18   - Oh, so you, okay, so you have the Onyx Blackjack 2x2.

00:02:22   - Yeah, oh god, if I got this, I'd just kill myself.

00:02:25   That's more manageable.

00:02:28   - You know what though, to me it looks like

00:02:30   it might as well be this.

00:02:31   This.

00:02:32   - Well it's five more dials than you're used to having.

00:02:36   - It's five more dials than I can handle.

00:02:39   - It's five times as complicated

00:02:40   as what you were using before.

00:02:42   - I don't know if it's because I'm getting older.

00:02:47   I don't know.

00:02:48   I think maybe it's a little bit of column A,

00:02:50   a little bit of column B.

00:02:50   Like I don't think I've ever been very smart

00:02:53   about dealing with complex interfaces.

00:02:55   But you know, it's like with the Apple Music stuff,

00:03:00   you know, and the iCloud photo library and stuff.

00:03:04   I need it to be one dial.

00:03:06   I like, you know, I like one dial.

00:03:09   - Right.

00:03:10   - So I don't know.

00:03:11   But you say I sound good, so we'll take it.

00:03:13   - Yeah, yeah, no, I think so.

00:03:14   What do I know?

00:03:16   - Yeah, you've got crackerjack ears, right?

00:03:18   - (laughs) Right.

00:03:21   I am not, no.

00:03:24   I've actually been struggling.

00:03:25   I bought a couple of Bluetooth headphones

00:03:29   when I got the Apple Watch.

00:03:31   - Yeah.

00:03:32   - And was gonna write up a thing about it,

00:03:33   but I just don't even feel like I can do it

00:03:35   because I don't, first of all,

00:03:37   neither one of them is good, so.

00:03:40   - Which ones do you get?

00:03:41   - So I don't feel like I have a recommendation.

00:03:42   I got cheap ones, I got really cheap ones,

00:03:43   and I feel like I, and that's the other thing,

00:03:45   is I feel like I should try one that's like 100 bucks

00:03:46   'cause I got ones that were like 30,

00:03:49   and they're terrible.

00:03:51   So it's like, so far that's the only advice I have

00:03:54   is don't buy ones that are $30,

00:03:56   which I don't feel like is great advice.

00:03:58   - Yeah, I don't know if you remember,

00:04:00   I would, when Joanna Stern was on a few weeks ago,

00:04:05   back in April, we were talking about it.

00:04:06   We both bought the same ones, these Beats ones,

00:04:08   which are overpriced.

00:04:09   I mean-- - Yeah, right.

00:04:11   That's what I've heard too, so I didn't wanna buy those.

00:04:14   But do those work okay?

00:04:15   - Yeah, I think so.

00:04:18   Well, the thing was is that we both were complaining

00:04:20   about latency and then it was a follow-up a week or two later some kind

00:04:24   listener of the show was like dude you got to get the firmware update and I'm

00:04:28   like firmware update for headphones I mean what the hell is that but it was

00:04:31   honest-to-god truth you go to beats audio and you tell them you got the

00:04:34   beats whatever they're called Bluetooth and then you you get a download and once

00:04:41   you got once I got the download and installed it it really did it I wouldn't

00:04:44   say it fixed the latency because I'm still you know I'm used to the zero

00:04:48   latency of a wired headphone. Right. But it's the latency after installing the

00:04:53   software update on these on these beats was like what you would expect from

00:04:57   Bluetooth headphones. You know it's there's like a fraction of a second

00:05:01   latency but it's reasonable. Yeah. Well one of these would not was skipping and

00:05:09   the other one the other one was and I wanted him for running the other one was

00:05:12   rattling.

00:05:13   So.

00:05:14   Well, I do think Marco tweeted the other day, asked if anybody running iOS 9 beta is experiencing

00:05:25   like some skips and fallouts with Bluetooth headphones.

00:05:29   And I hadn't really thought about it, but I think I was.

00:05:32   I think I am.

00:05:33   And so it's like the beauty of you switching to Bluetooth headphones is that now you're

00:05:39   are susceptible to software bugs and regressions.

00:05:42   Like we've taken this--

00:05:44   - Yeah, it's been more complicated.

00:05:46   - We've taken this thing that worked perfectly

00:05:49   since before we were born, right?

00:05:52   Like 1970, whatever, when we were born,

00:05:55   or for you, '68, whatever the hell it is,

00:05:58   there were headphones, you plugged them in,

00:06:00   and then you hear what you're supposed to hear,

00:06:01   and it works, right?

00:06:03   Until you step on the headphones or something.

00:06:05   And now we've replaced it with something

00:06:07   that when you upgrade your operating system,

00:06:09   maybe your headphones don't work so good.

00:06:11   - You need a firmware upgrade.

00:06:12   - Right, you need a firmware update.

00:06:14   - Yeah, you must have had speakers

00:06:18   with that big jack, right?

00:06:19   - Yeah. - Headphones, I mean.

00:06:23   - No, well, now I have a new pair that I'm wearing

00:06:25   as we speak right now because--

00:06:28   - Oh, they probably, yeah, this thing

00:06:30   has that big jack, doesn't it?

00:06:31   - Yeah, and so Marco said-- - I'm seeing that right now.

00:06:33   - Marco told me I had it, he was like,

00:06:35   "You have an adapter for that."

00:06:36   I'm like, well, I'm sure I do,

00:06:38   but who the hell knows where it is?

00:06:40   And he goes, well, then you should get new headphones too.

00:06:42   So now I'm wearing a pair

00:06:43   of Marco approved headphones as well.

00:06:45   (laughing)

00:06:48   - Well, thanks to cleaning out my basement,

00:06:49   I know exactly where my adapter is.

00:06:51   - Really?

00:06:54   You organized that stuff? - Yeah, I saw it.

00:06:55   I saw it, yeah.

00:06:56   It's one of those big coiled,

00:06:58   it's a long cable,

00:07:00   and it's one of those springy cables too.

00:07:02   So I could walk around.

00:07:04   because you know back in the day you wanted to listen to music and walk around

00:07:08   the room and do stuff and boy could I do that that was what that was that was

00:07:12   Bluetooth headphones back then it was a really really long cable because you

00:07:17   couldn't move your stereo oh but you still needed to move around and it

00:07:21   wasn't like you could put it in your pocket I mean that was like you know I

00:07:25   probably had that I probably got that thing before you know I probably had

00:07:28   that I probably had headphones for that kind of jack before there was before the

00:07:32   Walkman came out.

00:07:33   - Yeah, yeah, nice big fat headphones.

00:07:35   So anyway, yeah, rather than buy a $2 adapter,

00:07:38   I bought a $200 pair of headphones.

00:07:40   (laughing)

00:07:42   No, but in my defense, the headphones I had been wearing

00:07:47   were, they still work, and so I can't say that they're,

00:07:52   you know, somewhere my depression-era grandparents

00:07:54   are coming out of the grave to kill me.

00:07:57   But they still work, but they date back

00:08:01   to like when I was doing the show with Dan Benjamin.

00:08:04   I mean, they're pretty old.

00:08:05   And the leather on the thing that goes over your head

00:08:08   is all peeling off.

00:08:09   I guess it's not even leather.

00:08:10   It's quote, unquote leather.

00:08:12   - Yeah, that happened to me.

00:08:15   - Right, and so like every time I record a show now

00:08:17   or until I got these new headphones--

00:08:19   - Little things are falling out of your hair.

00:08:20   - Well, when I was done with the show,

00:08:22   the first thing I would do would be like to shake my hair

00:08:25   and get all the flakes of leatherette out.

00:08:29   So I thought why not splurge and get a new set of headphones.

00:08:32   - You're worth it.

00:08:33   You deserve it after how many years of podcasting?

00:08:37   - Like a year, two years.

00:08:40   - Oh, well, this show, right?

00:08:42   This version of the show.

00:08:44   - No, this show has gotta be up to three years now, right?

00:08:47   'Cause this is episode 127.

00:08:48   - Yeah, so how does that, yeah.

00:08:50   - Yeah, three years.

00:08:52   - Oh my God, we're old.

00:08:53   - Everything's old.

00:08:58   So what else is going on?

00:09:01   So do you have, well you probably talked about music on like 20 other podcasts by now.

00:09:07   Well you know what though we should talk about though. I talked about it with Dalrymple and it was the day that Jim posted his "Well I Lost 4700 Songs"

00:09:18   And then the show went into editing I think we're I don't know when but it wasn't gonna air for like four days

00:09:25   And in the meantime, you know, he got called into Apple and he wrote like a follow-up and he straightened it out

00:09:30   And so, you know, it was his call but he you know

00:09:33   He's like I'm gonna take some of the music stuff out cuz it's not relevant, you know

00:09:36   It's a the danger of recording a podcast as opposed to live broadcasting

00:09:40   I thought it was funny, but he took some of that out

00:09:43   but we could that we should definitely talk about cuz I don't even know what the hell he took out but

00:09:47   I mean have you what's your experience been like anything like his or I have hardly done anything with it. That's the thing

00:09:54   Oh, yeah, we were on vacation when it first came out and I signed up for it

00:09:58   So who knows maybe my music is gone. I don't know. I haven't looked but I

00:10:02   Signed I signed up with for it, you know

00:10:08   Cuz it's free for a couple of months and I wanted to try the radio stuff out which is new to me

00:10:14   I mean, I'm you know, I'm the old guy who'd never tried the streaming stuff. Yeah, I guess I've tried Spotify

00:10:20   But it didn't really stick for me

00:10:23   And I tried the radio but it's it. I don't know. I haven't really done anything

00:10:30   It seems like all my music is still there

00:10:32   But I am terribly confused though because I'm I'm another one of these people where I do pay for iTunes match

00:10:37   I do have thousands of songs that I ripped from CDs

00:10:43   But now I've got the Apple music right what about you?

00:10:47   Yeah, I mean, but I well I didn't count my songs before I

00:10:51   Join the service so I have no I have no way of knowing

00:10:56   If anything's missing or not actually as far as I can tell I mean other than going back and looking for specific songs

00:11:03   Which I'm not gonna do so I have not I can't say that I've experienced any loss of things that I

00:11:10   brought to the table

00:11:13   And the funny thing is about Jim's post was that I had used it and kind of liked it.

00:11:19   I mean, I liked listening to the curated playlists and I liked listening to the radio stuff.

00:11:27   And then I kind of just forgot about it a little bit.

00:11:30   Because that's kind of the way I've been using streaming services anyway.

00:11:36   I have these playlists that I make of music that I own and I usually end up listening

00:11:40   to those.

00:11:41   And then when I get bored with those, I'll go out and do discovery through some streaming

00:11:46   service basically.

00:11:48   Just say, "Okay, here's some songs that I like, play me some other stuff that's like

00:11:51   this stuff."

00:11:52   And then usually what I do is I go out and I buy the stuff that I like, just because

00:11:55   I'm 110 years old.

00:11:58   So I had kind of like, you know, I'd gone into that other that phase again where I was

00:12:03   just listening to things that I owned, and then Jim's post reminded me, "Oh yeah, Apple

00:12:08   Music is out there."

00:12:09   And I went back and I tried it again.

00:12:11   I mean, I agree that the interface is kind of confusing.

00:12:14   Like, I really don't quite understand the difference

00:12:16   between some of the tabs.

00:12:18   But I do like it for music discovery quite a bit.

00:12:23   I think the playlists are good.

00:12:25   And I generally find something that I

00:12:28   want to keep anytime that I start listening to it

00:12:32   for any extended period of time.

00:12:34   And then the other thing that I recently just tried,

00:12:37   which I hadn't tried the time before, was picking a song

00:12:40   and then telling it to make a channel off that song,

00:12:45   which I think works really well.

00:12:47   So as far as for using it for music discovery,

00:12:51   I really kind of like it.

00:12:52   And then the other thing that I like about it

00:12:54   is because I do so many playlists,

00:12:56   because I manage my playlists myself,

00:13:00   it will sync those through the cloud now.

00:13:02   So I don't have to sync back and forth between my phone

00:13:06   and the Mac where my music is on to get the playlist on there.

00:13:11   Yeah, see, I haven't done playlists in years.

00:13:14   Really?

00:13:15   No, I swear.

00:13:16   You just, what do you do?

00:13:18   You just pick songs that you want to listen to immediately?

00:13:21   Yeah, I don't know, for the most part.

00:13:23   I don't really listen to a lot of music,

00:13:25   is the realization that I have come to.

00:13:29   It's not a service for you.

00:13:30   I am really looking forward to it.

00:13:34   I wanna get it in my car somehow.

00:13:38   - Yeah, that would be nice.

00:13:40   - I need like a new car, I guess.

00:13:42   - Is that what you, yeah, 'cause I have,

00:13:43   I mean, I basically, 'cause I have my phone in my car,

00:13:45   I have it in my car.

00:13:47   - Yeah, well, I can put my phone in my car,

00:13:49   but I can't really hook my phone up to my car.

00:13:51   - Okay, well, you might just need a new stereo.

00:13:54   - Well, yeah, but-- - You don't necessarily,

00:13:57   no, I know you went out and bought a $200 pair of headphones,

00:14:00   but you don't necessarily have to go out and buy a new car.

00:14:04   - Again, it'd be a lot easier to just buy a new car

00:14:07   that had a Lightning jack.

00:14:10   - Honey, I need to get Apple Music in the car,

00:14:14   so we're gonna have to buy a new car.

00:14:16   - Here, sign this.

00:14:20   - Co-sign this lease with me.

00:14:23   - Co-sign?

00:14:28   - Oh, she's the only name on it?

00:14:31   - I'm putting the whole thing on her.

00:14:33   (laughing)

00:14:35   I thought that the...

00:14:42   - So you got your license back is what you're saying.

00:14:46   - Oh, I did, I got that back a couple years ago.

00:14:48   - Okay.

00:14:49   - I think it's such an ambitious undertaking,

00:14:55   the whole Apple Music thing, and I totally understand the...

00:15:02   the one foot on the shore, one foot on the boat,

00:15:05   it's kinda hard to make this shift

00:15:06   from being a download-focused service

00:15:09   that you don't wanna just pull the plug on

00:15:11   and that you still wanna support.

00:15:13   So if people do just wanna buy albums,

00:15:16   you can still do it to this new streaming thing.

00:15:20   I totally realize how complex this is.

00:15:22   And I agree with you that on the content side,

00:15:25   I think they nailed it.

00:15:26   I think from everything I've heard,

00:15:29   people really like these stations,

00:15:31   the ones that are human curated.

00:15:33   People really like--

00:15:34   - People even like Beats 1.

00:15:36   - Yeah, exactly. - Which I don't,

00:15:37   I can't bear.

00:15:39   I mean, to me, that's like,

00:15:40   that was the whole purpose of this digital music process

00:15:44   was to get away from that kind of thing.

00:15:45   Like, I don't wanna hear somebody talking.

00:15:47   So it's not for me, but I'm kind of amazed

00:15:50   that so many people seem to like it.

00:15:53   - Yeah, to me, I think it's sort of trying to be

00:15:56   what MTV was in the '80s.

00:15:59   It's, you know, here's what everybody's listening to,

00:16:02   where everybody is people who care about new music.

00:16:05   But you know what I mean?

00:16:06   Like when we were in the '80s,

00:16:08   there was just one MTV, that was it.

00:16:10   And like, you know, the top 10 countdown every day

00:16:15   at five o'clock or whatever time it came on,

00:16:17   we'd play everything from Motley Crue to Madonna

00:16:21   to Lionel Richie, you know,

00:16:24   there were, it wasn't really segregated by genres.

00:16:28   It was just here's popular music,

00:16:30   everything from heavy metal to dance music

00:16:33   or whatever you wanna call it.

00:16:35   And here's what's new.

00:16:37   And I feel like that's sort of what they're trying

00:16:39   to do with Beats 1.

00:16:41   - Yeah, that's what it seems like.

00:16:43   - But on the flip side, somebody has to make an app

00:16:47   that presents all this.

00:16:49   And I do think it's kind of complicated.

00:16:51   And the other complaints that I've heard from some people,

00:16:55   And maybe it's just the nature of the sort of people

00:16:58   who like to read my stuff, that it's picky people.

00:17:03   But the thing that seems to drive some people really crazy

00:17:06   is that if you don't sign up for Apple Music

00:17:09   and you're not even interested in it,

00:17:11   the new music app is like,

00:17:15   there's tabs that just don't apply to you anymore.

00:17:19   And the other thing I know that people have complained about

00:17:24   is when you do sign up for Apple Music,

00:17:26   it puts my music last in the tabs.

00:17:30   - Right.

00:17:31   - And I thought that was sort of like a weird thing

00:17:34   to complain about.

00:17:35   It's sort of like, is the rightmost tab

00:17:38   the least important tab?

00:17:40   I don't know.

00:17:40   But I brought that up to my wife and Amy agreed.

00:17:43   She was like, oh yeah, that kind of,

00:17:44   to me she thought that implies

00:17:46   that's the least important thing in the app.

00:17:49   Whereas it's really, it might be for you,

00:17:51   depending on the size of your music library,

00:17:53   you might have like 40 or 50 gigabytes of music

00:17:56   and it's all stuffed into one tab in the lower right.

00:17:59   - Right, yeah, I mean the nice thing,

00:18:02   one of the improvements that I found was going in

00:18:05   and you can turn off connect

00:18:07   in, what is it, it's like restrictions, I think?

00:18:13   'Cause it's sort of a, you know, it's like,

00:18:17   you don't want your kid,

00:18:18   you want your kid to have the iPod touch

00:18:19   but you don't want your kid to see like musicians swearing

00:18:22   or something like that.

00:18:23   I guess that's what that's for but you can turn off connect and then when you turn off connect it puts the playlist tab in

00:18:29   the spot where connect is hmm

00:18:31   so that was kind of nice that actually made it a lot better because since I

00:18:35   You know use playlists so much

00:18:37   And you don't really man

00:18:41   If you don't really connect that often and I really can't that often right? I never leave the house

00:18:47   So why would I need connect?

00:18:50   I haven't really that's one of the things I haven't really heard anybody follow up on like is connect working

00:18:55   Is it is are people using it? Is it taking off?

00:18:59   Is it really just is it or is it is it ping all over again and nobody's using it or is it somewhere in between?

00:19:05   Yeah, I haven't seen anybody even talk about it really no not since it came out

00:19:11   It just it seems like it's just like kind of a blog for the artists

00:19:18   In a way, I mean they just seem to post

00:19:21   Where they are post some pictures and maybe a little commentary

00:19:27   But I

00:19:31   Didn't find it very interesting or useful at this point anyway

00:19:34   And they had they had written something about like saying that they were you know

00:19:38   They were gonna bring more to it later

00:19:40   But at this point it was not really it's just not the kind of thing that I'm interested in. Yeah

00:19:48   So are you an iTunes match customer?

00:19:51   - No, I haven't been.

00:19:52   So I don't know if that makes it better.

00:19:56   - Yeah, I feel like that's sort of the point.

00:19:58   I feel like that's-- - The crux of the problem.

00:19:59   - Yeah, or the perfect storm of the problem.

00:20:01   I don't know.

00:20:02   And it never worked that well, I don't know.

00:20:05   I think I was telling, see this is one of those things,

00:20:07   I don't know if it got cut,

00:20:08   but I'll just tell the story again,

00:20:09   where Amy, where iTunes,

00:20:11   I forget if you can even sign up for a family plan there,

00:20:13   but Amy has, I don't know how many gigabytes of music,

00:20:18   but she's got enough music where it's like her total,

00:20:23   it's pretty big, and it's like she could never sync

00:20:27   her whole library to her phone,

00:20:29   otherwise it would fill up.

00:20:31   So she got the 128 gigabyte iPhone,

00:20:36   and now she can sync her whole library and have tons,

00:20:39   it's one of those things where like,

00:20:41   I think with a 64 gigabyte phone,

00:20:44   combined with a photo library and stuff, it would be tight.

00:20:47   And with 128, then she has plenty of room,

00:20:51   including every single song she has in her iTunes library,

00:20:54   which is what she wants, so that if she gets in the mood

00:20:57   to listen to something, she can listen to it.

00:20:59   And I don't know, she's had Jeffrey Zeldman luck

00:21:04   with cloud services.

00:21:06   It's like, I would set her up, and it would say that,

00:21:09   she wants it all there.

00:21:10   She doesn't want to have to stream it.

00:21:11   She doesn't want the cloud icons.

00:21:13   She wants all of her music on the phone

00:21:15   because she paid for the giant 128 gigabyte phone.

00:21:19   And it looks like it's all there, and then it's there.

00:21:21   And then a couple months ago, she came back from the gym,

00:21:25   and she's mad at me, not mad at our course.

00:21:27   She's mad at me because all of her music is in the cloud.

00:21:31   And I'm like, well, that can't be.

00:21:32   And then I look at her music app,

00:21:34   and every single song is in the cloud.

00:21:37   And I can't explain it, I don't understand.

00:21:41   So the way--

00:21:42   - And that was before music?

00:21:44   - Yes, before Apple Music.

00:21:45   So the way I fixed it for her is I just turned off

00:21:48   iCloud match, iTunes match, whatever it's called,

00:21:52   and just hooked her up by USB cable to her Mac

00:21:54   and just synced it like the 2007 way.

00:21:58   Just hooked her up to iTunes, said sync all of the music,

00:22:01   all of her playlists, and I said,

00:22:03   "I fixed your iTunes cloud."

00:22:05   And she said, "Thank you."

00:22:07   And now she thinks that iTunes Cloud works perfectly.

00:22:11   - Well wasn't the whole thing with match

00:22:15   that you would just sign up once

00:22:17   and it would match your previous catalog

00:22:20   and then basically give you rights to everything

00:22:23   that you got from Napster or whatever.

00:22:26   And then you just can cancel your subscription

00:22:30   after the second year.

00:22:32   You don't really need it unless you want it.

00:22:34   I mean so like in her situation,

00:22:36   she doesn't even want it in the cloud,

00:22:38   so she wouldn't really pass that first year

00:22:40   have any need to have an iTunes match.

00:22:42   - Right, but there was supposed to be a way

00:22:43   that you could just say,

00:22:44   but I also want all my music on the device, you know?

00:22:47   - Yeah, yeah.

00:22:48   - I don't wanna have to pull it down by on-demand.

00:22:51   But anyway, I had a long story short.

00:22:52   - And that is definitely currently the one thing

00:22:54   that I find completely fiddly

00:22:56   and I don't quite understand yet is,

00:22:58   'cause I like having it all on the device too,

00:23:00   partially because I have a Sonos and I wanna play,

00:23:03   and I wanna play something on the Sonos

00:23:05   has to be on the device at least until they get Apple Music, which they said

00:23:09   they're going to be doing. But if I want to play something on the Sonos it has to

00:23:14   be on my phone. I have to have something, I have to have it

00:23:19   physically someplace in order to play it obviously. I can't play it from Apple's

00:23:23   cloud because Sonos doesn't know anything about Apple's cloud. So, and

00:23:27   just trying to do that often befuddles me. But I think it's gotten a little bit

00:23:33   easier with an update they recently did because I think and maybe I just it was

00:23:37   there before and I just missed it but now you can go into like a playlist and

00:23:42   just say make this entire playlist available offline hmm yeah I don't know

00:23:49   and it should download all the music so my suggestion my suggestion and it was

00:23:54   just a flippant offhand and you know I you know maybe I'm just waving my hands

00:23:59   here and there's good reasons for it but my suggestion that I tossed out there is

00:24:03   why not make it an all new app? Just have an Apple Music app and then if you sign

00:24:08   up for Apple Music, you use the Apple Music app and it streams all the radio

00:24:12   and it the the thing I'm thinking just loosely maybe I'm you know being stupid

00:24:18   somehow maybe I'm overlooking something and yes if you have an iTunes library of

00:24:23   songs that you already own that app could just see those songs and show them

00:24:27   to you but it would never try to like delete them or do anything magic with

00:24:31   them and then you'd have two apps and then if you don't want Apple music you

00:24:36   could just keep using iTunes yeah which would play your music and then iTunes

00:24:40   could be iTunes and then Apple music could be this app that much like the new

00:24:46   photos for Mac app is like a clean slate both in terms of like the interface it

00:24:53   presents and in terms of the online syncing stuff that it's supposed to do

00:25:00   And there were a bunch of people like reactions.

00:25:02   You know, a lot of the stuff I write often gets

00:25:05   polarized reactions, but this was so completely polarized,

00:25:09   it blew me away, where like, it seemed like half

00:25:12   the people responding to that were like, yes, exactly,

00:25:15   you know, this is exactly what Apple should have done.

00:25:17   And the other half were, you're an idiot,

00:25:19   you're completely missing the fact that the entire,

00:25:22   but here's what's funny, I kind of agree with both sides.

00:25:25   Obviously I agree with the side that says

00:25:27   this sounds like an interesting idea,

00:25:28   and the people who say I'm an idiot,

00:25:30   which is like half the reaction,

00:25:31   we're saying the entire point of this

00:25:33   is to have all of your music in one app.

00:25:36   What was the slogan at WWC was one thought about music.

00:25:41   And I see the appeal of that.

00:25:43   But my response to that response, I guess,

00:25:47   is one thought about music sounds good,

00:25:50   it sounds like a good idea,

00:25:51   but I'm saying that if you look at the actual software,

00:25:54   especially iTunes on Mac, or I guess Windows,

00:25:58   which is probably the same.

00:26:00   It's just, it's more complicated now than it ever has been.

00:26:05   And we've been complaining about how complicated it is

00:26:07   for years, at least since like the iPhone came out, right?

00:26:12   I mean, sometime around that era is when people started

00:26:16   complaining that iTunes was getting, you know,

00:26:18   had too much on its shoulders.

00:26:20   And now with Apple Music in there too, it's more than ever.

00:26:24   It's all of the store.

00:26:25   It still has, you could still buy iOS apps in iTunes.

00:26:30   So it's all the music store, the entire iOS app store,

00:26:35   but not the Mac app store.

00:26:36   All of your music that you own.

00:26:40   And now it's got all of the Apple Music stuff

00:26:42   that you subscribe to.

00:26:43   To me, that's an awful lot that you're asking one app to do.

00:26:46   - Seems like, yeah.

00:26:53   It does seem like it should be broken apart,

00:26:56   and it's easy to say that 'cause we don't know

00:26:59   (laughs)

00:27:00   any of the real reasons why it's actually one app,

00:27:02   particularly.

00:27:04   - Right.

00:27:04   - But at this point, it's just--

00:27:06   - Right, and I wanna emphasize that.

00:27:08   - Completely unwieldy.

00:27:09   - Right, Marco mentioned it too in his post

00:27:11   that it's easy to think of a lot of reasons

00:27:14   why they didn't go that route,

00:27:16   why they might have fully considered it

00:27:17   and decided not to go that route.

00:27:19   And I'm not saying they should have,

00:27:21   I'm just tossing this as an idea of maybe they could have,

00:27:25   and maybe things would be better.

00:27:26   The one thought that occurs to me about it is

00:27:29   it might have taken a lot longer.

00:27:32   I mean, look how long photos for Mac took.

00:27:35   It was announced at WWDC last year,

00:27:38   and they even said when they announced it,

00:27:40   it would be early 2015.

00:27:42   I think they said early 2015,

00:27:44   or at least they said it's not coming soon.

00:27:48   And it still didn't ship.

00:27:50   it didn't come out of beta until like April or May.

00:27:53   I mean, it was very close to a year

00:27:54   after they announced it at WWDC 2014

00:27:57   before photos for Mac shipped not as a beta for Mac.

00:28:02   It absolutely takes longer to start over,

00:28:06   even if your goal is to have a simpler,

00:28:09   less complicated interface.

00:28:11   So maybe that's the main reason.

00:28:13   I don't know, that it's always easier

00:28:15   to just keep tacking on to iTunes

00:28:17   then to take the time to start something now.

00:28:19   Yeah, every once in a while you read one of these opinion pieces

00:28:29   or someone says that Apple's the new Microsoft, which

00:28:31   I think is ridiculous.

00:28:32   But this is like one instance where I actually

00:28:34   think it's kind of does apply in that iTunes does seem like it's

00:28:39   just become so overburdened with added features

00:28:43   that it's like Office was back in the early 2000s.

00:28:47   - Well, it is, as a general rule,

00:28:51   the idea that you just keep tacking into this one app

00:28:54   is sort of the Microsoft, in loose general terms,

00:28:57   it's sort of a Microsoft way of doing things

00:29:00   and not the Apple way of doing things.

00:29:02   - Yeah, and they've never gotten rid of anything.

00:29:06   - Right, I mean, and just comparing--

00:29:07   - And the Apple, it seems like,

00:29:08   we used to go through this throughout the 2000s

00:29:11   where like iMovie and things like that

00:29:13   where they would take something and then just like

00:29:15   blow it up and start all over again,

00:29:17   and you'd lose things.

00:29:19   But often you'd end up with a better app.

00:29:23   And in this instance,

00:29:25   they just don't seem to be doing that at all.

00:29:28   - What about, do they still have podcasts in iTunes?

00:29:34   I know on iOS, see that's another,

00:29:36   that's a perfect example, right?

00:29:38   So on iOS, they, yeah.

00:29:40   So in iOS, they created an entirely separate podcast app.

00:29:44   And on the whole, it's what matters anyway,

00:29:49   'cause I mean, I know from the stats from this show

00:29:51   that most people listen to podcasts on their phone

00:29:55   or some kind of mobile device, so it makes sense.

00:29:58   But it's crazy that on the desktop,

00:30:00   they still have podcasts in there too, right?

00:30:04   And maybe that's another sign of the Mac

00:30:07   as a second-class citizen to iOS,

00:30:08   that they don't make a standalone version of.

00:30:11   - Can you tell what the client is?

00:30:12   Can you tell what the biggest usage by client is?

00:30:16   - Yeah. - On the list?

00:30:17   Is it the podcast's app or something else?

00:30:20   - Well, for me, it's Overcast.

00:30:23   - Yeah, okay.

00:30:24   Right, there's a little bit of selection bias there.

00:30:27   - Yeah, without question.

00:30:28   It's because, you know,

00:30:29   Darren, or Darren Fireball readers

00:30:32   and listeners of this show are way more likely to,

00:30:36   you know, to even know, I've heard of Overcast,

00:30:39   let alone, you know, be smart enough

00:30:41   to actually sign up for it.

00:30:43   And somebody sent me, after I tweeted,

00:30:48   I think I tweeted that, I tweeted the stats

00:30:51   that I get from SoundCloud,

00:30:57   which is where I host the audio for this.

00:30:59   And they said that they're like the producer

00:31:01   on like a general interest podcast.

00:31:04   Seemed pretty popular, you know,

00:31:05   some like 20 or 30,000 downloads per episode.

00:31:10   And for them, Overcast was way down.

00:31:15   I mean, it wasn't even close,

00:31:16   'cause it was even behind other iOS clients,

00:31:20   just because it hasn't been out as long.

00:31:22   But, you know.

00:31:23   But I don't get it.

00:31:26   I'm trying to look it up here.

00:31:28   Where's the stats?

00:31:31   It doesn't say podcasts for iOS.

00:31:35   It's called, it's the background process

00:31:38   that does the downloading.

00:31:42   - Oh, okay.

00:31:42   So you probably can't tell if it's the difference

00:31:46   between that--

00:31:47   - Apple Core Media.

00:31:49   - Yeah, if it's the difference between that

00:31:51   and iTunes on a Mac.

00:31:54   - Well, no, because then-- - No, you can't,

00:31:55   but you can tell by platform.

00:31:56   - No, but then it says, so here's my stats

00:31:59   for the previous episode with Jason Snell, episode 126.

00:32:04   So for the RSS version, which is just about everybody,

00:32:13   Overcast is 29,000.

00:32:16   Apple Core Media iPhone, which I take to mean

00:32:19   the podcast app on iPhone, this is about 17,000.

00:32:25   Then there's iTunes, which is 4,500.

00:32:28   and I think that's iTunes on the Mac.

00:32:30   Apple Core Media iPad, so it's interesting,

00:32:34   I do get it broken out between iPhone and iPad is 2,700.

00:32:39   Mozilla is 2,400, and I think Mozilla means,

00:32:43   see this is where I have to guess,

00:32:44   I think it means anybody who listens in any browser,

00:32:47   because you know how like every browser says

00:32:49   that they're like Mozilla?

00:32:52   - Right.

00:32:53   - Because there's no freaking way that Mozilla would come,

00:32:56   the actual Mozilla would come in ahead of Safari.

00:32:59   Then downcast at a respectable 1900,

00:33:05   pocket casts at 1700, Instacast, Castro,

00:33:09   and then way down at 200,

00:33:12   poor old Apple Core Media for iPod.

00:33:15   (laughing)

00:33:18   Very sad.

00:33:21   Not many, and I figured, I would have said a year ago

00:33:25   a joke that one of them was John Syracuse it but now he's got an iPhone that's right

00:33:29   No, so I do have good stats like that that's interesting

00:33:34   But to me it's crazy that they still stick. I

00:33:37   podcasts in the iTunes I

00:33:40   Don't even yeah. Yeah

00:33:43   And I wonder if some of it is just about they feel like if they put it in a different app now that people are

00:33:49   Going not open the other app

00:33:51   Really for you know, like a new service like music

00:33:55   - Well, and I guess it's so that there's,

00:33:58   I mean, they're called, I even, did I tweet this

00:34:01   or blog it, I always forget, but it's funny

00:34:04   that we call them podcasts, but nobody listens

00:34:07   on iPods anymore, everybody listens on iPhones and stuff.

00:34:11   But if you do listen to it on your iPod,

00:34:16   and it's not an iPod touch, it's like an iPod iPod,

00:34:19   then I guess you still need to sync it from iTunes.

00:34:22   - Right.

00:34:24   So I guess I understand why they haven't taken it out

00:34:27   for people who need to sync to an iPod,

00:34:29   but for anybody who just wants to listen to it,

00:34:31   I really think it ought to be a standalone app,

00:34:34   even on the Mac, that works just like the iOS podcast app.

00:34:38   - Yeah.

00:34:39   - But what do I know?

00:34:41   - Huh.

00:34:43   Maybe that's next.

00:34:47   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:34:48   - Keep holding.

00:34:49   - Well.

00:34:49   (laughing)

00:34:52   that in the app store for the Apple TV.

00:34:56   Someday they'll come.

00:35:00   - All right, let me take a break

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00:39:32   - I was late on this mattress before.

00:39:33   - The light's free.

00:39:35   - How about the, 'cause this is the thing

00:39:42   I wrote the other day is just thinking about Apple Music

00:39:44   and the problems people are having.

00:39:46   My problems, it seems to me like everything's working for me

00:39:49   it's just that I'm confused about how it's supposed to work.

00:39:52   Compare and contrast with the new iCloud photo library

00:39:57   which I was more worried about

00:40:00   because I care much more about my photos than I do my music.

00:40:05   And I have backups of everything and I've got stuff,

00:40:09   but I just, I don't know,

00:40:10   I just worried that it wasn't gonna work.

00:40:12   And I backed up my phone beforehand

00:40:16   so that if I turned on this thing

00:40:19   and it erased my photo library on my phone,

00:40:22   I could just restore the phone to where I was

00:40:24   before I turned it off.

00:40:25   I backed up my Mac, I backed up my phone,

00:40:29   And I turned this thing on a couple weeks ago, whenever.

00:40:32   And again, everybody's had the same sort of first reaction.

00:40:37   If you have thousands of photos,

00:40:38   I think I've got like 17 or 18,000 photos total

00:40:41   from my old iPhoto library and what I took on the phone.

00:40:47   It did take a while for them to sync initially.

00:40:51   I don't know, a couple of days, something like that.

00:40:54   But lo and behold, maybe like a day or two,

00:40:59   two days after I signed up for this thing

00:41:01   and turned it on on all my devices.

00:41:02   All of my devices have all my photos.

00:41:05   And when I take a photo with my phone,

00:41:07   by the time I go to my Mac,

00:41:09   even if I'm just sitting here at my desk

00:41:11   and I go to the Photos app, there it is.

00:41:13   It's right there at the bottom of my, all your photos.

00:41:16   It is, and for people who say Apple never gets

00:41:23   cloud services right or something like this,

00:41:25   I would say the Photos thing seems like an example

00:41:28   where they did.

00:41:29   Have you tried it?

00:41:32   I have not.

00:41:33   I'm actually fiddling with it right now,

00:41:37   just because I was afraid of that initial sync

00:41:40   process taking so long.

00:41:44   And also, just the fact that I felt

00:41:46   like I was going to probably have to upgrade the storage

00:41:48   space because I didn't think I was going to--

00:41:50   because I think my libraries--

00:41:51   and that was the other thing I was trying to do,

00:41:52   was figure out how big my library is.

00:41:53   But that's always been my problem,

00:41:56   is that I just have too many pictures.

00:41:57   and a lot of them are just crap and should be thrown away,

00:42:00   but I don't wanna go through that process

00:42:01   of going through every single thing

00:42:04   and trying to figure out what should go and what should stay.

00:42:08   So I have not done it yet.

00:42:10   But it sounds like maybe I should.

00:42:12   - And I tweeted, I guess I, or I blogged about it yesterday,

00:42:16   and a couple people on Twitter,

00:42:19   obviously it's not working for 100% of all people.

00:42:21   There's some, I don't know,

00:42:23   does anything ever work for 100% of all people?

00:42:25   I don't know.

00:42:26   But it seems to me like there are a lot fewer people encountering problems with the iCloud

00:42:30   photo library than there are people encountering problems with the music.

00:42:35   And conceptually, to me, it is very, very simple.

00:42:39   It's all of your photos and all of your albums across all your devices.

00:42:43   And you have two options.

00:42:45   Download the originals to this device, whether it's a Mac or iOS thing.

00:42:48   And that means you get the original image that was taken from the camera or optimize.

00:42:54   And if there's something that's a little hand-wavy, it's what does this optimize photo storage

00:42:59   mean?

00:43:03   Somehow it means on this device you don't get the full-res versions.

00:43:07   iCloud will resize them to make sense on your device.

00:43:12   So I guess you get smaller ones on your phone and bigger ones on your Mac.

00:43:16   But on either case, if you turn on optimized storage, you're not going to get the original

00:43:21   image.

00:43:23   - The complaint I've seen on Twitter from people

00:43:25   is that even with optimized photo storage on,

00:43:28   it still takes up too much space,

00:43:29   that it's taking up 10 or 20 gigabytes on people's phones.

00:43:34   And they don't have that much space

00:43:35   maybe because they bought a 16 gigabyte phone

00:43:38   or 32 or something like that,

00:43:41   which is a reasonable complaint.

00:43:42   But then if you have, I guess the argument would be

00:43:45   that if you have a space-constricted device,

00:43:48   storing your entire photo library even optimized

00:43:52   is not a good idea for that device.

00:43:54   - Right.

00:43:55   - 'Cause I don't know what the solution would be.

00:43:57   I guess Apple could in theory store

00:44:01   even tinier thumbnails or something.

00:44:04   I'm not quite sure. - Yeah.

00:44:05   Isn't that what the Google,

00:44:08   I mean the Google service goes down real low, doesn't it?

00:44:12   - I guess because, and maybe that just is their

00:44:15   web-based route showing because something like Flickr

00:44:19   or any kind of web-based photo storage service,

00:44:22   there's the idea that it even could download all your photos

00:44:25   doesn't even make sense because there's no way to,

00:44:27   you know, you only get five megabytes of local storage

00:44:30   or whatever the limit is for a website with local storage.

00:44:33   - Where is, is that stored in, yeah, there it is.

00:44:39   Oh no, that's not it.

00:44:40   Oh, there it is, okay, yeah,

00:44:41   so my library is like almost 50 gigs.

00:44:44   - Your iPhoto library?

00:44:47   my photos library.

00:44:49   - Oh, 'cause you have upgraded to photos.

00:44:53   - I've upgraded to photos, yes.

00:44:55   I have not turned on--

00:44:57   - How many--

00:44:58   - 8500 photos.

00:44:59   - How many pictures is it?

00:45:00   8500, yeah.

00:45:02   So I've got 16,500.

00:45:04   - The big things are probably the videos.

00:45:06   - Yeah, probably.

00:45:07   - Does it sync the videos too?

00:45:11   - Yeah.

00:45:12   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:45:13   They call it photos, but it's just like photos

00:45:16   your on your phone on the phone it really means anything you shot with a

00:45:20   camera yeah I know it's certainly very nice to have but I just I don't feel

00:45:27   like paying for an extra extra service because that's not gonna fit no that is

00:45:35   not gonna fit well what are you you still on that you're on the free tier

00:45:38   yeah I'm still on the free tier yeah yeah that ain't gonna work but that

00:45:44   That raises a good point though, that it's twofold,

00:45:48   which was A, why is the free tier still just five gigabytes

00:45:53   for this company with 200, again,

00:45:58   and it seems like it always comes up

00:45:59   when you're on the show, it's like,

00:46:00   let's spend Tim Cook's money.

00:46:02   - Exactly.

00:46:03   - And so we'll put in our standard disclaimer here

00:46:07   that we understand we're not trying to say we're know-it-alls

00:46:10   and we know more than Apple how to spend money,

00:46:12   and that the way that you accumulate $200 billion in cash

00:46:17   is by maybe not spending your money willy-nilly

00:46:22   on every idea that two idiots on a podcast say

00:46:25   that you should spend money on.

00:46:27   I'm just saying it seems to me though,

00:46:29   given what other companies with less money

00:46:33   than Apple offer for free storage,

00:46:37   it just seems to me like maybe Apple could be

00:46:40   a little bit more competitive in that regard

00:46:42   as to how big the free tier is,

00:46:44   and that it would be in their interest

00:46:46   in terms of getting more people to use this,

00:46:49   the photo syncing, which I think they've put a lot

00:46:53   of work into and would like people to use.

00:46:55   And then the flip side would be

00:46:58   the 16 gigabyte devices thing.

00:47:00   - Yeah, completely.

00:47:04   - Because even if, and this was like when I asked

00:47:09   Phil Schiller on stage last month,

00:47:13   part of his answer defending the 16 gigabyte devices

00:47:16   is that more and more of people's storage is cloud-based.

00:47:19   But even if, as these people responding to me on Twitter

00:47:23   are pointing out, even if you turn on

00:47:24   optimized photo storage, if you have a lot of photos,

00:47:29   it still consumes an awful lot of storage on your device.

00:47:34   Or at least awful lot if you have a 16 gigabyte device.

00:47:38   Mm-hmm yeah, if you have a 16 gigabyte device you basically don't have any room to spare

00:47:42   Yeah, it's really it's just it's

00:47:48   And I lived with a four gigabyte phone for two years well. I think it makes sense

00:47:54   This is one of the differences between the music and photos if you just use the streaming for Apple music

00:47:59   I guess that makes a lot of sense on a 16 gigabyte device right that you don't have anything stored locally or almost nothing

00:48:05   That it really is just cached

00:48:07   and you're listening to the Beats 1 radio station

00:48:11   or something like that, that's fantastic, right?

00:48:14   That you can listen to a wide variety of music,

00:48:16   you can search for music, you can get the urge

00:48:19   to listen to a certain artist,

00:48:21   and as long as you've got the bandwidth,

00:48:23   if you've got WiFi or enough space on your cellular plan,

00:48:28   you can just listen to it without worrying

00:48:29   about the storage.

00:48:31   But with the photos, even again,

00:48:34   there's just no way to participate in this

00:48:36   if you have a lot of photos in your library

00:48:38   without using some significant degree of local storage.

00:48:41   And 16 gigabytes just is pretty brutally short for that.

00:48:48   - They don't really sell an eight gigabyte phone anymore,

00:48:52   do they?

00:48:53   - Not new, but not top tier,

00:48:58   but if you go and buy an iPhone 5C,

00:49:01   it's only eight gigabytes.

00:49:02   - Is it still, is it?

00:49:03   - Yeah, absolutely.

00:49:06   Oh my God. So yeah they still do.

00:49:08   Yeah. So for all my I mean they still

00:49:10   said you know that's I consider that selling

00:49:12   it. I mean you can you buy it

00:49:14   on lock for $450.

00:49:16   Yeah if there's a buy now phone

00:49:19   if there's a buy now next to a button

00:49:22   next to it on

00:49:23   the website I guess yes technically

00:49:26   it is for sale.

00:49:27   But yeah I think your only choice yeah your

00:49:33   only choice if you buy a five seat

00:49:35   today is to get an eight gigabyte.

00:49:37   And it's just the way that it works.

00:49:40   So if they don't move the baseline

00:49:43   for the brand new top tier 6S and 6S+,

00:49:47   which again, I'm just guessing

00:49:49   that's what they're gonna do in September.

00:49:51   If they don't move the baseline up to 32,

00:49:54   then I don't know what they're gonna do.

00:49:56   Are they gonna, if they keep the storage tiers the same,

00:49:59   it seems like all the storage tiers will be the same,

00:50:01   and then the mid tier one is still gonna be

00:50:03   only 16 gigabytes and the low-end one might still only be 8 gigabytes which

00:50:09   seems crazy. That seems completely crazy. I mean the good news is

00:50:15   that they you know have have done the work to make iOS 9 require a lot less

00:50:21   storage space initially to upgrade which is was definitely I mean they pretty

00:50:28   much flat out said it was a problem at WWDC for iOS 8.

00:50:32   But for a lot of this stuff, it really is--

00:50:36   - You couldn't even upgrade your phone.

00:50:38   - Right, and it's like, and it really,

00:50:40   it really starts to, especially I think

00:50:44   with the camera stuff, really starts to directly conflict

00:50:47   where it's like, how can they brag about

00:50:50   how nice the camera is and how high the quality is

00:50:53   of the video?

00:50:55   - When you can store about four pictures.

00:50:56   - Right.

00:50:57   (laughing)

00:50:59   You can take one panoramic photo.

00:51:02   Burst mode up to two images.

00:51:07   - Now I know we've talked,

00:51:11   I think we've talked about this before,

00:51:12   but would you go back to the four inch phone?

00:51:15   - Oh, that's a great question.

00:51:19   I, in theory, I would.

00:51:25   And in fact, I just spent almost a week

00:51:28   using my four-inch iPhone 5S because I put iOS 9 on it

00:51:33   and I put my SIM card in it so I could actually try it.

00:51:37   I've since gone and upgraded my regular iPhone 6

00:51:40   to the latest iOS 9 beta because it's that,

00:51:44   at least for me, if you go switch to the iOS 9 beta

00:51:49   and your phone dies, don't complain to me.

00:51:51   But for me at least, it seems at least as solid

00:51:55   is iOS 8, so why not?

00:51:57   And I really, really like the San Francisco font,

00:51:59   and it's good for testing and stuff.

00:52:01   But I spent a week using it on my 5S

00:52:04   before I took the plunge with my iPhone 6.

00:52:07   And I really, really liked it.

00:52:10   Really, really, I love the size.

00:52:12   And I know that the screen is smaller,

00:52:14   and I'm rocketing towards needing reading glasses.

00:52:19   So I appreciate the bigger screen size.

00:52:22   But just as something to carry around,

00:52:24   I would do it.

00:52:26   But the big but is,

00:52:28   here's how I think they're gonna do the phones this year.

00:52:30   And I don't even think it's that hard to predict.

00:52:32   I think they'll come out with an iPhone 6S

00:52:35   and an iPhone 6S Plus.

00:52:38   And they will be exactly at the prices

00:52:41   of the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

00:52:45   And it'll have a new A9 system on a chip instead of the A8.

00:52:50   And it'll have a new camera in both.

00:52:52   I guess when people say the rumor is that there's gonna be

00:52:57   a rose gold option, that makes sense to me.

00:53:02   You know, just like when they first went to the iPhone 5S

00:53:07   was when they added the gold,

00:53:09   just so there's something that looks like--

00:53:11   - Some different cosmetic change.

00:53:14   - That you can tell at a glance this is the new one.

00:53:17   Who knows, maybe they'll even anodize

00:53:19   the aluminum differently,

00:53:21   go from space gray to space black

00:53:22   or something like that on the black one.

00:53:24   But just a color difference or something like that.

00:53:27   Then I think one tier down,

00:53:31   they will have a new phone called the iPhone 6C,

00:53:35   which would be, I think, four inches.

00:53:39   Possibly all new colors compared to the 5C.

00:53:43   - I would think so.

00:53:44   Well, probably the iPod colors.

00:53:46   - That's, yeah, exactly.

00:53:48   Like instead of that sort of pastel-y palette,

00:53:50   maybe more of like a bold, bolder colors,

00:53:53   like the new iPods, yeah, exactly.

00:53:56   - Which is, I mean, and they come in silver and gold too.

00:54:00   - Yeah, well, but I don't think they would do that

00:54:02   with plastic.

00:54:02   - You don't think they would do those with,

00:54:03   oh yeah, 'cause these aren't, the iPods are not plastic.

00:54:06   - No, they're aluminum. - Yeah, right.

00:54:08   - But I think colors like those colors.

00:54:10   But I think it'll be the same type of plastic case

00:54:14   that the 5C has, just with new colors.

00:54:18   A8, the camera from the iPhone 6.

00:54:23   And because the case is thicker,

00:54:26   it won't have the little nubbin sticking out,

00:54:28   it'll sit flush.

00:54:29   It'll be just like an iPhone 6,

00:54:32   except a four inch screen and a plastic exterior.

00:54:37   Which is a great phone and I'd be very tempted by it,

00:54:39   but I suspect I'll be an idiot and buy the bigger one

00:54:43   because I want the camera, really.

00:54:46   Even more than the faster system on a chip

00:54:48   is I want the best camera possible.

00:54:50   - I think I might get it.

00:54:54   - I would be very tempted though.

00:54:55   - Yeah, I think I really just prefer that size.

00:55:00   And I held one of those, a friend had one, the 5C.

00:55:06   I'd held them before, but I held it again recently.

00:55:12   And I really liked it.

00:55:14   It just felt really good.

00:55:15   I mean, the plastic, even the plastic felt,

00:55:17   It's a nice plastic and the seams are well put together.

00:55:22   It's a nice little phone, so I actually think I'm gonna go.

00:55:26   I'm gonna go down.

00:55:26   - Yeah, I could see it.

00:55:28   What do you have right now?

00:55:30   - A six.

00:55:31   - Yeah, so it'd be a new phone.

00:55:33   - It's the same phone, just a smaller size in plastic.

00:55:37   As long as I can get, 'cause I have a 64,

00:55:42   so that would be, I guess that would be a question,

00:55:44   is if I could get a 64.

00:55:45   - Oh, yeah, I wonder.

00:55:47   - 'Cause I don't, well actually no, I think the...

00:55:52   - What do they sell now with the iPhone 5S?

00:55:56   - That's what I'm trying to figure out.

00:55:58   - 16 and 30. - 16 and 32, right?

00:56:00   - Yeah, so what you need is you need Apple

00:56:02   to up the minimum.

00:56:04   - Right, they would have to update the...

00:56:06   - If they go 32, 64, 128, then the two tiers

00:56:10   for the mid-tier one would be 32 and 64.

00:56:13   - Yeah.

00:56:14   - I could see them doing it, I really could.

00:56:18   And then I think the, I guess, the 5S moves down

00:56:23   to become the--

00:56:27   - That's weird though.

00:56:28   - The free phone.

00:56:29   That's a little weird. - See that's what's weird.

00:56:31   - That's where, maybe they keep the 5C around,

00:56:34   you know, and they have the 5C and the 6C.

00:56:36   It is a little weird.

00:56:39   - That's the bottom part, yeah,

00:56:40   the bottom part is what's confusing to me.

00:56:43   What do they do down there?

00:56:45   'Cause they have to have a free phone.

00:56:47   - Right, and I guess the reason it seems a little weird

00:56:50   to have the 5S be the free one is without turning it on

00:56:54   and without knowing what the specs are

00:56:56   of the system on a chip or the camera,

00:56:58   it just looks like it's the more premium device

00:57:00   compared to the plastic 5C.

00:57:03   - Right. - So I don't know.

00:57:05   - Doesn't it seem like they could just do a 5S,

00:57:07   I mean 5S internals in plastic?

00:57:09   - Yeah, but what would they call it?

00:57:11   They already have a 5C.

00:57:13   5 CS.

00:57:14   5 CS.

00:57:15   This is…

00:57:16   This is…

00:57:17   Apple circa 1993 would have been done.

00:57:25   Yeah, right.

00:57:27   The Performa…

00:57:28   The Performa, the iPhone Performa.

00:57:30   The Performa 6400CD.

00:57:32   Well, of course it's called the CD.

00:57:35   It has a compact disc player.

00:57:37   That's the one I have.

00:57:41   640i CD. It has Wi-Fi. Of course we have to put an "i" in there. What do you say?

00:57:54   What do you think? Do you think you think you're gonna go smaller?

00:57:57   Well, if I can get 64 I think I will. If what we're describing is what it is, if

00:58:02   it's basically iPhone 6 internals in a plastic case and the cases are

00:58:06   are not the current ones.

00:58:10   The colors are not the current ones.

00:58:11   They're the more like the current iPod ones

00:58:14   than the current 5C.

00:58:16   And I can get 64 gigs.

00:58:18   I will probably go with the,

00:58:20   what are we calling it?

00:58:22   6S, 6C.

00:58:24   - 6C, I think it'll be called the 6C.

00:58:26   And I totally, I do, and having spent a week with it

00:58:30   just now, and I've never done that before.

00:58:33   Usually by nine months into the iPhone cycle,

00:58:35   I can't go back to the old one 'cause it feels too slow.

00:58:38   But the 5S to me totally holds up

00:58:43   and it feels a little bit slower than the 6, but not much.

00:58:46   It's like a really good phone.

00:58:49   The 5S is to me probably the best phone they've ever made.

00:58:53   It's held up past its prime better than any previous phone.

00:58:58   And I miss that form factor.

00:58:59   - Right, that phone to me was the pinnacle

00:59:04   of iPhone technology.

00:59:06   - And just the way that the sides are flat

00:59:09   and the size of it, it feels to me like I couldn't drop it

00:59:11   if I wanted to.

00:59:12   Like it just feels like undroppable,

00:59:14   whereas the 6 just feels, still feels like, you know, it's--

00:59:19   - It's slippery.

00:59:21   - It's a bar of soap every time you take it out.

00:59:23   - Yeah.

00:59:23   Well, they don't listen to us, so.

00:59:28   - Nope, never.

00:59:29   - No, they listen to you, but they don't listen to me.

00:59:32   (laughing)

00:59:34   Let me do another sponsor and it is our good friends.

00:59:39   It is a coincidence.

00:59:40   I don't set these sponsor schedules,

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01:03:28   - Yeah, that's right.

01:03:32   And then you go to that URL and it says,

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01:03:36   (laughs)

01:03:38   - There you go.

01:03:38   See that?

01:03:39   There you go.

01:03:41   You're already buying a pillow.

01:03:44   - I'm really considering it.

01:03:46   I used one in Japan.

01:03:47   Um slept fine. Yeah, it's it sounded crazy to me. Apparently it again

01:03:53   I I know it's part of the the material they gave me but it's from what I've gathered

01:03:58   It actually is very common in yeah in Asia. Yeah, and that's the I mean the one thing that it does really well

01:04:03   It's like support you're like if you have got neck support problems

01:04:06   This is probably a really good solution because that and that's what I spend I spend most of my day

01:04:11   Configuring my pillow for neck support for before I go to bed

01:04:16   - I guess I'm, 'cause I'm old.

01:04:18   So, something like this helps a lot.

01:04:24   - I know, it's one of those things where, you know,

01:04:29   let's face it, a hundred years from now,

01:04:30   we're gonna look back at us,

01:04:32   and everybody's probably gonna be a vegetarian, you know.

01:04:35   All the stuff we're doing.

01:04:36   - Savages.

01:04:38   - Well, I was--

01:04:39   - Or that like, that grown, that meat grown in a lab.

01:04:42   - Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for.

01:04:44   I hope by the time I'm an old man,

01:04:46   Hopefully we'll be able to switch to that.

01:04:48   'Cause I was gonna say, isn't it,

01:04:49   it is kind of disgusting to think about the fact

01:04:52   that a lot of us have slept a lot of time

01:04:55   in a sack full of plucked bird feathers.

01:04:57   Like if you don't call it a pillow

01:05:00   and you just call it a sack full of plucked feathers,

01:05:04   it's-- - It is a little weird.

01:05:08   - Well, we're laughing 'cause it's weird and gross,

01:05:09   but if you take a deep breath and think about it,

01:05:12   it seems a little inhumane, I have to say.

01:05:15   - And which I realized-- - Yeah, there's like

01:05:16   a naked goose walking around someplace.

01:05:19   - Right, which is-- - This is cruel.

01:05:21   - Which is a little bit hypocritical

01:05:24   from someone who eats two or three steaks a week.

01:05:26   (laughing)

01:05:28   Like I realized that somewhere there's a cow

01:05:31   about to be slaughtered to be turned into a steak

01:05:33   who is like, "Hey, if you wanna pluck my hair out--"

01:05:36   - I'd much prefer. - Right?

01:05:38   Let's make a deal.

01:05:43   Did you see that the thing with that El Chapo guy

01:05:46   down in Mexico?

01:05:48   - No.

01:05:50   - You didn't see this?

01:05:51   The drug guy who broke out of prison?

01:05:53   - Oh, I saw an oblique reference to that.

01:05:57   So you fill me in on that.

01:05:59   - So I forget his real name,

01:06:01   but everybody just calls him El Chapo.

01:06:03   He's a Mexican drug lord kingpin.

01:06:07   Sort of a, who was the guy who was the head

01:06:09   of the Medellin Cartel back in the '80s?

01:06:12   was real famous. He's a guy who's like hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in drug

01:06:18   profits. And a couple of years ago, they caught him and they locked him up and he busted out

01:06:24   of prison. And he went on the lam. And then the US got involved and last year they caught

01:06:33   him again. And apparently what they said was... It's kind of an interesting story. It's...

01:06:38   Rita it's is that the official story was that it was with some intelligence from the United States and then the Mexican

01:06:44   you know national their equivalent of the FBI busted the guy at like a

01:06:48   Resort hotel somewhere in Mexico

01:06:52   You know like life on the lam was apparently really tough for this guy

01:06:58   But there's reports now

01:07:02   From other people that it wasn't even the the Mexican special police

01:07:06   it was US DEA agents wearing the

01:07:10   Mexican in federal police uniforms just for the optics, you know that they you know that it didn't look

01:07:18   It doesn't look good to people in Mexico if you us, you know law enforcement agents are running around Mexico

01:07:24   But they arrested the guy and the u.s. Said let us take this guy extradite him. Let us charge him in the u.s

01:07:30   Come on, the guy busted out

01:07:32   and

01:07:33   And as they were arresting him and they you know, I rained him whatever they call it the guy swore

01:07:39   He stood up and he said, you know, I'm gonna bust out again

01:07:42   And the Mexican government said no you're not not this time we're putting you in a supermax prison, you know, it's unbreakable and

01:07:53   And now the guy broke out again

01:07:59   Hey, it broke a busted right out. My joke is that they run the place like Arkham Asylum

01:08:03   But there's video in his room there in the first place

01:08:08   So the story that they said the day after he broke out is that they somebody you know?

01:08:13   Sympathetic to his cause some of the guys from his is you know his cartel they they started making a building

01:08:20   There was a building that was put up like a cinder block type

01:08:23   a very, very simple structure about a mile outside the prison.

01:08:28   And then inside this building, they dug a hole,

01:08:30   and they dug a tunnel underneath the prison

01:08:34   right into his cell.

01:08:36   And then they cut a little 20 inch by 20 inch square hole

01:08:40   in the shower.

01:08:41   - In the shower, that's what, yeah.

01:08:42   - In his cell.

01:08:44   And so there's video footage.

01:08:45   His cell was under 24 hour, seven day a week surveillance,

01:08:48   video surveillance, so they have the footage.

01:08:51   He's in there pacing for a couple of minutes,

01:08:53   and then he walks over to his bed

01:08:54   and puts on a pair of shoes,

01:08:55   and he walks into the shower,

01:08:57   and he just disappears.

01:08:59   He just goes down all.

01:09:01   And apparently they're really good.

01:09:05   His cartel is sort of,

01:09:08   has like mining level expertise digging these tunnels

01:09:13   because apparently that's how they get

01:09:14   a lot of the drugs into the United States,

01:09:17   that they've got like a-- - Okay, of course.

01:09:19   - They've got like a network of tunnels like this.

01:09:21   But it's a mile in a little hand dug tunnel.

01:09:26   But they had a little track down there.

01:09:30   It's pretty cool, they have pictures of it.

01:09:32   They've shown the media.

01:09:33   They rigged up a dirt bike,

01:09:36   like a little motorcycle onto a track.

01:09:38   So he didn't have to crawl the whole way.

01:09:41   And they had lights down there too.

01:09:43   But then he could just get on this little bike

01:09:45   that's on a track and then it just scooted him

01:09:48   right out to this building and now he's gone.

01:09:50   Yeah, lighted, it says lighted and ventilated tunnel nearly a mile long.

01:09:58   Yeah.

01:09:59   But now there's some controversy about it though because apparently they have not let

01:10:05   anybody from the media, they've let people from the media down into the tunnel and they've

01:10:10   let people into his cell and look at the hole that was dug and shine like a flashlight down

01:10:15   there. But nobody has verified that the tunnel goes all the way from this building right into

01:10:21   his cell. And there's the... So the conspiracy theory is that he didn't even have to do that.

01:10:26   That part was faked so there'd be some kind of cover story, but that...

01:10:31   For him getting out?

01:10:32   But yeah, but that the corruption is so bad...

01:10:35   Oh, so somebody just waltzed them out the front door?

01:10:37   Yeah. That somebody decided... And there's a couple of people who work in the prison

01:10:43   who've been arrested already for not doing their jobs.

01:10:46   But that maybe they took it,

01:10:47   maybe he cut them a deal where it's like,

01:10:49   I'll send your family so much money,

01:10:51   you'll do a couple years, you'll do five years or whatever,

01:10:55   but I'll make it worth your while.

01:10:56   And then they made this fake tunnel

01:10:58   just to have a cover story.

01:11:00   I don't know.

01:11:02   Either way that means that.

01:11:03   - I know, I like the previous.

01:11:06   I like to think that they made the whole tunnel.

01:11:11   - Yeah, I do too.

01:11:12   That's just, that's much more, that's much more romantic. The other one is, uh,

01:11:15   this, uh, disappointing that it's just simple corruption.

01:11:20   I don't mean to laugh. I mean, it's, you know, yeah, it's not,

01:11:29   it's not great that he's out, but right. I mean, you know,

01:11:33   they didn't kill anybody on the way out, but he'll probably get somebody. Oh.

01:11:37   And the other thing, the,

01:11:39   This is the other part that makes it so amusing,

01:11:42   is that he got into it, or either he

01:11:47   or somebody with his official Twitter account

01:11:50   got into a bit of a ruckus with Donald Trump.

01:11:53   Have you heard this?

01:11:56   - What was I asleep all week?

01:11:59   - Yeah, I don't know.

01:12:00   So I guess he busted out, and Donald Trump,

01:12:03   this fit right into Donald Trump's narrative

01:12:05   that Mexico is not to be trusted,

01:12:10   and that there's sort of a criminal element

01:12:13   running wild down there or whatever.

01:12:15   I don't know, Donald Trump shot his mouth off

01:12:18   that if he were president,

01:12:19   nobody would be breaking out of Mexico.

01:12:23   - I did see that, I didn't understand it.

01:12:25   I didn't because I didn't know who El Chapo was.

01:12:27   - But then after he shot his mouth off,

01:12:34   there was something like an unofficial Twitter account

01:12:39   for El Chapo that tweeted at Donald Trump

01:12:42   that he better shut his mouth and watch his back.

01:12:46   - El Chapo's media intern fired back angrily.

01:12:52   That's gonna look interesting on a resume.

01:13:02   - I was a social media manager for El Chapo.

01:13:05   - I just like the idea that the guy busted out

01:13:09   of the second, the most secure prison in all of Mexico

01:13:12   for the second time with all this publicity

01:13:15   and then he gets on Twitter and starts getting upset

01:13:18   that Donald Trump is talking bad about him.

01:13:20   So anyway, if anybody out there is listening

01:13:29   from El Chapo's crew.

01:13:31   - We're highly respectful.

01:13:34   - We are, and hats off to you for escaping.

01:13:38   No insult implied.

01:13:42   We don't need any trouble.

01:13:45   El Chapo put, what's it say here?

01:13:48   I just Googled this.

01:13:49   El Chapo puts $100 million bounty for Donald Trump dead.

01:13:55   Wow, that's from TMZ.

01:13:56   I don't know if that's true.

01:13:57   - Oh yeah.

01:13:59   - Yeah, only if it comes straight from El Chapo's Twitter

01:14:03   account, can you trust it?

01:14:05   - I wonder if he has the check mark.

01:14:11   (laughing)

01:14:14   - Verified El Chapo.

01:14:18   - All right, what else is going on?

01:14:25   Bit of follow up, bit of follow up with Jason Snell

01:14:28   on the previous episode we had talked about the new Pebble Time smartwatch and

01:14:34   I complained about the the my two big complaints about the one that I bought

01:14:39   were that the screen it was very very low contrast I couldn't read it and the

01:14:44   fonts are too small and that the the vibration alert is way too strong and

01:14:50   powerful so they came out in the meantime I guess they did listen to my

01:14:56   show they put out a software update that gives you a little bit of control over

01:15:00   the screen and over the taptic response and so I got some email from people who

01:15:06   are like holy cow you just complained about this you know they've fixed it it

01:15:10   doesn't really fix either of them in my opinion the taptic thing maybe a little

01:15:15   bit but it still is is taptic thing it seems to me I installed the update it

01:15:21   does seem like turning that down lessens the feeling like I'm getting an electric

01:15:24   shock when it vibrates on my wrist, but it's still loud.

01:15:29   I still can hear it.

01:15:30   And the brightness thing doesn't solve any

01:15:33   of the problems at all, because the brightness

01:15:35   is only when the backlight is on, and it is brighter,

01:15:39   and that can help a little bit,

01:15:41   but it doesn't help the contrast at all,

01:15:43   and it doesn't help at all with the lack of contrast

01:15:46   when the backlight isn't on at all.

01:15:48   So I still have to give a thumbs down to the pebble time.

01:15:54   - I'm assuming that Pebble is in the smartwatch market share numbers that came out.

01:16:10   - I guess so.

01:16:11   - I think that's part of the news from this week, the smartwatch.

01:16:16   - It doesn't say specifically, it just says Apple, Samsung and others.

01:16:20   And Pebble's, well I don't know, is Pebble,

01:16:24   I would think Pebble would be bigger than Samsung,

01:16:25   but I really have no idea.

01:16:27   - Yeah, I don't know about that.

01:16:28   Samsung might be ahead of Pebble,

01:16:29   but Pebble's got it ranked somewhere on there.

01:16:31   I mean, they've sold, you know.

01:16:33   - Yeah, well they only have three,

01:16:34   Apple, Samsung, and others.

01:16:37   So this is strategy analytics.

01:16:39   Saying that Apple Watch captures

01:16:43   75% global smartwatch market share in Q2 2015.

01:16:49   which doesn't, I mean, you know,

01:16:51   that doesn't seem terribly surprising.

01:16:53   Even though nobody really knows how many they shipped.

01:16:59   - No, nobody knows, so.

01:17:01   - So there.

01:17:04   - But on the other hand-- - You think you know,

01:17:08   you're wrong.

01:17:09   - On the other hand, nobody knows how many Samsung

01:17:11   has ever shipped because Samsung stopped reporting

01:17:13   all those numbers for everything, not just for watches,

01:17:16   but for smartphones and stuff too a while ago.

01:17:18   So, you know.

01:17:21   - Yeah, and I was talking about this with Dan

01:17:23   and Guy on our show and,

01:17:26   I just, why does Apple,

01:17:31   why is Apple the one that seems to report all this stuff

01:17:33   and nobody else does?

01:17:34   - Yeah, it's always a little funny to me

01:17:37   that Apple, which has long had the reputation

01:17:40   as being the most secretive of companies,

01:17:42   is the one that, you know,

01:17:44   reveals the most about its sales and stuff like that.

01:17:47   And now that they're not, they're still being held

01:17:52   to a different standard.

01:17:54   - Amazon doesn't even know how to put a label on an access.

01:18:01   - I like that people like--

01:18:05   - They'll only report numbers.

01:18:06   - Snell, when he was tweeting or posting some of the results

01:18:11   from all the companies that posted stuff

01:18:16   in the last week or two.

01:18:17   'Cause in the interim, Apple has reported

01:18:19   its quarterly results and a couple other companies did too.

01:18:22   He calls them Amazon charts.

01:18:25   So among the many charts he made

01:18:27   for Apple's quarterly results is he made one

01:18:30   for Apple Watch sales and it just has a bunch of quarters

01:18:34   with nothing. - A line going up.

01:18:37   - Then a line going up and with no access.

01:18:40   Q3, up.

01:18:41   Sales are up from since before it went on sale.

01:18:45   Yeah, the first quarter is really the best, right?

01:18:52   They just shoot straight up.

01:19:00   So I haven't really been paying attention.

01:19:02   What has happened to Apple's stock price since then?

01:19:05   I know overnight when they first released their results, their stock dropped something

01:19:14   like 6% overnight.

01:19:16   Yeah, it looks like it's still down.

01:19:18   Although it seems like it's returned a little bit.

01:19:22   - Down from when though?

01:19:23   - Well, from before they reported the results.

01:19:26   - Yeah.

01:19:27   So it's at 1.22 now.

01:19:33   - Yeah, before they announced their results,

01:19:36   it was up around like 1.30ish, 1.32.

01:19:38   - Still way up for the year.

01:19:41   - Yeah.

01:19:41   - But it's been sort of flat since about February.

01:19:45   I mean, going up and down,

01:19:48   but not really getting out of that same range.

01:19:51   - Which, you know, on the whole,

01:19:55   again, what am I, am I a financial expert?

01:19:57   But it seems to make sense to me

01:20:00   that a large, very large, and predictable company

01:20:05   should have a relatively stable stock.

01:20:11   Like, I don't know.

01:20:12   To me, it has been, and I can laugh

01:20:15   because I don't have my money in Apple.

01:20:17   But I, and I worry sometimes.

01:20:19   I was thinking about it the other day

01:20:20   that I crack jokes about the volatility

01:20:23   of Apple's stock price.

01:20:25   And it occurred to me that there's probably

01:20:27   an awful lot of people who read "Daring Fireball"

01:20:29   and listen to this show who it's not very funny at all.

01:20:32   - Not very funny. (laughs)

01:20:36   - And again, and I don't think it's, you know,

01:20:38   I don't think it's the knee jerk,

01:20:39   oh, well, they're fans of Apple,

01:20:42   so they put their money in Apple.

01:20:44   I think it's probably because they're smart people

01:20:46   and it's been a very good buy for a long time.

01:20:50   And I think that a reasonable person

01:20:52   could reasonably expect that their future remains bright.

01:20:58   So this has nothing to do with investing in a company

01:21:01   'cause you're a fan, I think it's smart.

01:21:03   And I think that when they reveal record-breaking

01:21:08   quarterly results.

01:21:10   And the market cap drops $50 billion in after hours trading.

01:21:16   It's not very funny at all.

01:21:19   - Why are we laughing?

01:21:22   - I don't know.

01:21:23   I do think in all seriousness though,

01:21:24   I think, and again, I'm not an expert.

01:21:27   I know that one of the strategic differences

01:21:30   the company has made in this Tim Cook era

01:21:33   from the Steve Jobs era is that they've gotten involved

01:21:36   in the stock buybacks and the,

01:21:39   what do you call it when they give money

01:21:42   back to the shareholders? - Dividends.

01:21:43   - Dividends.

01:21:44   The dividends, I don't know, maybe not so much,

01:21:48   but with the stock buybacks,

01:21:49   that it actually, it's a way to mitigate that

01:21:52   because presumably, if Apple's smart,

01:21:56   they waited until after they announced these results

01:21:59   to do more of the stock. - To buy the stock.

01:22:01   - Right, that if they could,

01:22:03   if they are smart enough to foresee

01:22:05   that the fact that there's so many people

01:22:08   whose expectations were so high

01:22:10   that this was considered disappointing

01:22:13   even though it broke records.

01:22:14   - Well I guess that's the nice thing

01:22:17   about being an Apple investor currently

01:22:19   is that even if the stock is flat,

01:22:20   there are other things that make it an attractive buy.

01:22:24   - Right, right.

01:22:26   Just sit there and hold it

01:22:27   and you're gonna make more money than you would

01:22:30   compared to interest rates.

01:22:34   or spending it like I do.

01:22:35   (laughing)

01:22:38   But the five, you look at the five year,

01:22:44   it's pretty good.

01:22:47   There was a big, there was kind of a run up in 2012

01:22:51   and then it came back down towards the end.

01:22:53   But since then it's been climbing fairly steadily.

01:22:57   - Yeah, if you smooth out 2012 to 2013,

01:23:02   it still goes up.

01:23:03   It went, but it's, you know, it's in the long run, it looks like a,

01:23:07   clearly an anomaly. Yeah. Uh, yeah. Boy.

01:23:11   I mean it seems like we got the, we got over the, the fear that Tim Cook was not,

01:23:16   you know, not the man for the job.

01:23:19   Well it's, but, but the, the,

01:23:22   the run-up was under Tim Cook too because jobs died at the end of 2011.

01:23:27   Yeah. I think there was sort of, I think there was sort of a,

01:23:30   I think there was a mania in 2012 where there was,

01:23:33   holy shit, they didn't just shut the doors, right?

01:23:38   They didn't just shut the doors.

01:23:39   It seems like the company is still,

01:23:42   employees are still showing up for work.

01:23:44   The lights are still on in Cupertino.

01:23:48   So there was like a mania and they ran it up

01:23:51   and then there was the second half of the year,

01:23:55   which is, boy, I had some of the best claim chowder

01:23:57   of all time where the Apple board should fire Tim Cook.

01:24:02   Why has it taken so long for the Apple board

01:24:05   to fire Tim Cook?

01:24:06   - Those are good times.

01:24:09   - Good times.

01:24:10   I bet, again, I bet that was a great time to be Tim Cook.

01:24:13   Not that he was worried.

01:24:17   I'm sure he wasn't worried.

01:24:18   - No, no, not at all.

01:24:19   I thought it was funny.

01:24:22   - You know, Al Gore's online too.

01:24:26   Tim, I've been reading and...

01:24:28   (laughing)

01:24:31   It sounds, I guess that's a little bit more

01:24:32   like a Bill Clinton.

01:24:33   - That's a little bit, but still pretty good.

01:24:36   - Bill Clinton's on line three.

01:24:37   - Well, that's great, for some reason

01:24:38   Bill Clinton's on line three.

01:24:40   - I've been reading Business Insider.

01:24:42   (laughing)

01:24:43   - I'll do 'em.

01:24:44   (laughing)

01:24:46   Forbes.

01:24:50   (laughing)

01:24:52   Some guy on Forbes says you shouldn't be

01:24:54   (laughing)

01:24:56   - Is that true?

01:24:58   - Forbes contributor.

01:25:00   So the stock is doing well.

01:25:07   The company is doing well.

01:25:08   They have a lot of money.

01:25:11   And we still have five gigabytes of iCloud storage.

01:25:14   (laughing)

01:25:16   - And eight gigabyte iPhone 5Cs.

01:25:19   - All right, let me do another sponsor.

01:25:23   - Well, I'll roll this in 'cause I actually,

01:25:25   it's a good segue.

01:25:26   Remind me I wanna talk to you

01:25:27   about the new Steve Jobs movie.

01:25:29   But our next sponsor is our good friends at Fracture.

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01:26:25   It breaks you out of only experiencing these things

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01:26:30   Your Mac, your iPhone, something like that.

01:26:32   It brings them into the analog world

01:26:34   and there's an emotional aspect to that

01:26:37   that it's just hard to explain.

01:26:40   I'm trying to do it right here, but it's hard.

01:26:42   But it really does mean something to me at least.

01:26:45   And I know that in my house,

01:26:48   We like having the pictures printed out

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01:26:57   Give your photos, this is what they say,

01:26:59   give your photos the analog beauty they deserve.

01:27:02   And it's amazing to me, given how good the iPhone camera is,

01:27:08   how big you can print a photo

01:27:10   that you've taken with your phone

01:27:12   and still have it look good

01:27:14   when it's hanging on a wall printed out.

01:27:16   I still, in the back of my mind,

01:27:18   I still think phone photo equals like 640 by 480.

01:27:23   Don't print it very big or you're gonna see the pixels

01:27:25   or whatever.

01:27:26   It's amazing what photos from an iPhone 5S or 6,

01:27:31   what they can look like when you print them real big.

01:27:34   And Fracture does a great job of it.

01:27:36   So here's where you go.

01:27:38   Go to their website, fractureme.com.

01:27:42   And the code for this show is daring fireball,

01:27:45   all one word.

01:27:47   And if it's your first order, you save 15% by using that code.

01:27:52   So go to fractureme.com and remember the code

01:27:55   during Fireball.

01:27:56   You'll save some bucks.

01:27:57   So go print a photo.

01:27:58   Print a photo.

01:28:00   Trust me, you're going to appreciate it.

01:28:04   I said on the last show-- they've sponsored the last show,

01:28:06   too.

01:28:06   They sent me a nice picture.

01:28:07   Complimentary, just as part of our friendship,

01:28:10   them sponsoring the show and me saying good things about them.

01:28:13   They sent me a print of me and Phil Schiller on stage.

01:28:16   Got it right here.

01:28:17   Right here in my office as I speak.

01:28:22   - Was he talking about me?

01:28:25   (laughing)

01:28:26   - He did, he was cracking jokes.

01:28:28   I like molds.

01:28:29   That should have been the title of the episode.

01:28:33   I like molds.

01:28:34   (laughing)

01:28:37   - It's on my resume now.

01:28:38   - It's on my resume.

01:28:39   He was mad that I cracked a molds joke.

01:28:42   - As well he should be.

01:28:46   - You can say what you want about iCloud.

01:28:48   Say what you want about 16.

01:28:50   You can say what you want about 16 gigabyte phones,

01:28:52   but you start cracking jokes about molds.

01:28:54   - Schiller's at your door.

01:28:58   - So have you seen this, there's a new documentary

01:29:02   coming out about Steve Jobs.

01:29:04   - Oh, the documentary.

01:29:06   - Yeah, that one.

01:29:07   - That's the one you wanna talk about, not the other one.

01:29:09   - And it seems to me like they are,

01:29:11   I mean, I guess it was done.

01:29:13   I don't even know why, the independent movie business

01:29:16   seems so complicated to me,

01:29:18   'cause they screened it at South by Southwest this year,

01:29:22   which was March.

01:29:23   Alex Gibney, and I've seen some of his movies.

01:29:31   I saw his Scientology movie, Going Clear,

01:29:34   Scientology and the Prison of Belief,

01:29:36   which was really highly regarded.

01:29:39   And I find Scientology fascinating.

01:29:42   It's just such a weird, crazy thing.

01:29:45   Like it's a religion, like a religious cult

01:29:48   for rich celebrities. (laughs)

01:29:52   - No, you're gonna get letters.

01:29:54   - Well, I don't know.

01:29:55   - Talk about people coming to your door.

01:29:57   (laughs)

01:29:58   - Come to my door.

01:29:59   You know, I used to get a lot of Scientology paraphernalia.

01:30:04   Did I ever tell you that?

01:30:06   - No.

01:30:07   - Well, when I was growing up,

01:30:09   I read a lot of science fiction.

01:30:11   a lot of science fiction.

01:30:13   I consumed it vociferously.

01:30:15   Was that the word?

01:30:17   I read as much of it, voraciously.

01:30:18   I read as much of it as I could get.

01:30:20   And at some point I read some of the books by

01:30:25   L. Ron Hubbard.

01:30:27   I forget this series, I don't know.

01:30:30   It was one of the, some crazy shit that he wrote late.

01:30:33   - Yeah, it's the one that they made the stupid triple--

01:30:36   - No, I read that one too.

01:30:37   There was Battlefield Earth, which was one novel,

01:30:39   and then there was another one,

01:30:40   which was like a series of 10 novels.

01:30:43   And I didn't think it was good.

01:30:47   And it was weird.

01:30:49   It seemed, I swear to God, I'm not making this up.

01:30:51   I'm not making this up.

01:30:52   It seemed weird to me.

01:30:54   And I was like 10th or 11th grade.

01:30:56   And it seemed weird to me that the bad guys

01:30:59   in this space opera, it was something about aliens.

01:31:02   And most people on Earth don't know the aliens are there.

01:31:05   And then there's a good guy who's protecting Earth.

01:31:07   And there's bad guys from another planet

01:31:09   who are trying to take over the earth

01:31:11   or something like that.

01:31:12   And the bad guys are psychiatrists.

01:31:15   - Yeah, well. - And I thought

01:31:20   that was a little weird.

01:31:21   - Until you look into Scientology

01:31:25   and then it suddenly becomes.

01:31:27   - Right, but I guess I mail ordered the books

01:31:32   or something like that.

01:31:33   Well, then I started getting Scientology stuff in the mail.

01:31:38   And I did not ask for that.

01:31:41   And I didn't even know it was the same guy.

01:31:44   'Cause you remember in the '80s,

01:31:45   there used to be commercials for the Dianetics all the time.

01:31:48   - Oh yeah, yeah, right.

01:31:49   - With the volcanoes exploding and stuff like that.

01:31:52   They sent me stuff like that.

01:31:55   And my dad, it wasn't like an intervention,

01:31:57   but my dad was like,

01:31:58   "How come all this stuff is coming for you?"

01:32:00   And I was like, "Oh, well, I read this guy's

01:32:02   like Star Wars type book,

01:32:05   and I guess they signed me up for this."

01:32:07   He goes, "Well, donkey."

01:32:09   My dad--

01:32:10   - I guess I'm in a cult now, I guess.

01:32:11   - My dad's advice was don't get into this shit.

01:32:14   (both laughing)

01:32:17   - He was right.

01:32:19   - But anyway, Gibney made a documentary about Scientology

01:32:25   that was well-regarded, and I enjoyed it,

01:32:28   but I didn't think, I enjoyed it

01:32:31   because I'm interested in the subject,

01:32:33   but I thought it was sort of a weird documentary.

01:32:36   but now he's made one about Steve Jobs.

01:32:40   - Right, and this is the one that the Apple executives

01:32:42   have objected to.

01:32:43   - Yeah.

01:32:46   - Like, ADQ, I think, was the one who tweeted about

01:32:50   how it was mean-spirited or something like that.

01:32:53   - Yeah, I think so.

01:32:54   - Not the man that he knew.

01:32:55   - Yeah, and I guess he saw it at South by Southwest?

01:32:58   I don't know, I guess, I hope he saw it.

01:33:00   I hope he's not saying it without having seen it.

01:33:04   And the preview looks great.

01:33:06   I'll put the trailer in the show notes.

01:33:11   Here I am copying and pasting it right now

01:33:12   so I don't forget.

01:33:14   I think I've been doing a good job, just as a meta note,

01:33:16   I do think I've been doing a better job lately

01:33:18   of actually putting in the show notes everything

01:33:20   that I claim to put in the show notes.

01:33:22   The trailer looks interesting,

01:33:26   and it makes it look like it's a fair and balanced

01:33:30   look at the guy's life.

01:33:33   But the poster to me is a little worrisome.

01:33:36   Did you see, have you seen the poster?

01:33:38   - No, I have not.

01:33:40   - Let me see if I can find a link to the poster.

01:33:42   The poster is sort of a weird.

01:33:44   - So this is Steve Jobs, the man in the machine.

01:33:48   - Yes.

01:33:49   Not to be confused with the other popular movie, Ex Machina.

01:33:53   - Also that's Steve Jobs.

01:33:57   Which Steve Jobs builds a robot.

01:34:00   - Oh man, where's the poster for this movie?

01:34:03   I don't know.

01:34:05   Gotta find the poster.

01:34:06   - Is it in there?

01:34:08   Oh, wow.

01:34:09   The one that's just his face?

01:34:11   - Yeah, it's like a weird Photoshop job,

01:34:13   'cause that's not what he, yeah, you know?

01:34:15   It's, they've sort of, yeah, definitely.

01:34:19   'Cause you can find the original image for that,

01:34:22   and it's like they've made him look sinister.

01:34:25   I don't know how else to say it,

01:34:26   but they've sort of sinister--

01:34:28   - Well, yeah, it's like it's all,

01:34:30   they made the background black instead of, right?

01:34:33   - Yeah. - It looks like he's in

01:34:34   the shadows instead of just standing in a room.

01:34:38   - And they kind of gave him like devil eyes,

01:34:40   you know what I mean?

01:34:42   Like they've, there's like a Photoshop filter.

01:34:44   - Oh yeah.

01:34:45   The eyes do look different, don't they?

01:34:48   - Yeah.

01:34:49   Well, he had very dark, he had very dark eyes,

01:34:54   so his eyes wouldn't, you wouldn't be able to see,

01:34:56   it looks at, you know what I mean?

01:34:58   like if you have dark brown or black eyes,

01:35:02   you don't see the cornea, or not the cornea,

01:35:04   what's that called, the iris like that.

01:35:06   - Right.

01:35:07   - But it makes it look sort of like what happened

01:35:10   to Anakin Skywalker when he went to the dark side.

01:35:12   (laughing)

01:35:15   I don't know, so I'm a little worried.

01:35:18   I do think-- - It's not talking

01:35:19   about the prequels.

01:35:20   - I am going to watch this movie, but I did not watch.

01:35:24   Have you ever watched the Ashton Kutcher one?

01:35:26   - I have not seen any of them.

01:35:27   I did not see the Ashton Kutcher one because I didn't even see Pirates of Silicon Valley.

01:35:31   I just I really don't have a lot of tolerance for these.

01:35:35   [Laughter]

01:35:39   I mean I would rather read a factual account and I guess this is

01:35:43   this will probably be more factual but eh, yeah.

01:35:47   So you're not going to go see this. I don't have

01:35:51   plans to go see it. It's

01:35:55   Maybe it's too on point, I don't know.

01:35:57   It seems like,

01:35:58   it seems like the thing that I would go see,

01:36:02   so that's why I don't wanna go see it.

01:36:04   - No.

01:36:06   But it seems like they're beating,

01:36:07   and I give more power to them

01:36:09   because I don't feel like this is a dirty trick,

01:36:11   but the Aaron Sorkin movie is coming out in October.

01:36:15   This documentary is coming out in September,

01:36:18   so it's a way to sort of,

01:36:19   clearly the documentary is gonna have less,

01:36:22   as an independent production,

01:36:23   It's not gonna have the marketing behind it that the Aaron Sorkin blockbuster stars studied

01:36:31   fictional, fictionalized, fictionalized?

01:36:33   What do you call something like that?

01:36:37   Based on a two-story book, the thing is gonna have.

01:36:40   So come out beforehand and you can kind of piggyback on the publicity.

01:36:48   But I'm not quite sure how it was screened at South by Southwest in March and it isn't

01:36:52   coming out until September.

01:36:53   I don't know if they have they you know, yes, they show sort of a pre-release

01:36:56   Yeah, was that like a rough cut or is that yeah probably yeah, I don't know

01:37:00   anyway

01:37:02   Eddie Q called it mean-spirited, but I don't know maybe that doesn't mean that it's you know, maybe that I don't know

01:37:07   I I've liked the guy's previous films enough that I'm gonna give it a shot

01:37:11   It seems like you could you could kind of portray him

01:37:14   In in you know, depending on what you want to show you can portray him in many different ways

01:37:22   - Yeah, well, I will put it--

01:37:24   - There's definitely some things about Steve Jobs

01:37:27   that weren't great. (laughs)

01:37:29   I don't think anybody necessarily denies that,

01:37:34   but if you chose to just show those things, though,

01:37:39   it wouldn't necessarily be an accurate depiction.

01:37:42   - Right, so be curious, and it sounds as though

01:37:45   he's gotten some people who used to work for him

01:37:50   to do interviews.

01:37:52   I'm interested to see how recently they worked for him.

01:37:56   Like, is this all stuff from the '80s and '90s,

01:37:59   or has anybody who's worked with him

01:38:02   in the last 15 years opened up?

01:38:05   - Yeah, 'cause he each certainly changed over the years.

01:38:09   - Yeah, but-- - Not that he was ever

01:38:12   like laid back, but I think most of his worst screaming

01:38:18   was probably during the 80s.

01:38:20   - I've heard stories. - You don't think so?

01:38:22   Okay, all right.

01:38:23   - Well, no, no, I think you're right.

01:38:25   I think you're right that most of it and the worst--

01:38:27   - I'm not saying you're shocked, I'm just saying.

01:38:29   - Right, but that there were still some good stories

01:38:32   from recent years of yelling and screaming.

01:38:37   - Okay.

01:38:39   - Trying to think what else is going on.

01:38:43   Have you got anything else going on?

01:38:45   - We can talk about Spectre.

01:38:46   You wanna talk about Spectre?

01:38:47   - Oh, we should talk about that, but let me take a break.

01:38:50   - Yeah. - Take one last break

01:38:51   and thank our final sponsor,

01:38:52   and then we'll talk about Spectre.

01:38:54   That's a good one to finish up.

01:38:56   It's our another-- - That trailer,

01:38:57   that trailer I've definitely seen. (laughs)

01:39:00   - It's our good friends at Igloo, Igloo Software.

01:39:06   These are the guys who make the intranet,

01:39:09   intranet that you will actually like.

01:39:12   Share news, organize your files, coordinate calendars,

01:39:16   manage projects all in one place.

01:39:20   Their latest upgrade, they call it Viking,

01:39:22   that's the name of the upgrade to the igloo platform,

01:39:26   revolves around documents and how you interact with them,

01:39:30   how you share them, how you gather feedback on them,

01:39:33   and how you make changes.

01:39:35   They've even added the ability to track who has read

01:39:38   or downloaded documents to keep everybody on the same page.

01:39:45   effectively, it's like read receipts for email, but less annoying. You only see them when

01:39:50   you're logged in. It's not like they're going to chase you down and bug you with them. But

01:39:54   it just helps you track whether people on your team, people that you work with who have

01:40:00   to read something have actually read it. Very simple idea. Now they've added it to the igloo

01:40:06   platform. Really great. If your company has a legacy intranet that looks like it was built

01:40:14   90s that's because it probably was built in the 90s you should give igloo a try

01:40:21   they've got a fantastic deal up to ten people can use igloo free of charge

01:40:28   indefinitely you just if you have if you've only got like you know seven

01:40:32   people on your team you just sign up for igloo and you just use it and you don't

01:40:36   have to pay anything if you've got a bigger team if you've got a bigger

01:40:40   company, you can start a trial, get 10 people to try it and see if it's as good as I'm telling

01:40:47   you that it is, if it's as good as Igloo says that it is. And only when you agree that it

01:40:52   is, only when you say, "Wow, this is great. This can totally be the hub for our communications."

01:40:59   Then you can start paying and they've got fantastic rates for numbers of employees above

01:41:04   10.

01:41:05   So sign up for a free trial. Here's how you go. You don't even need a discount because

01:41:09   it's free for up to 10 people, but at least they'll know you came from the show if you

01:41:14   use this URL igloosoftware.com/the-talk-show. My thanks to igloo. They're a great service

01:41:25   and longtime supporters of the show. So, Specter, new trailer for Specter came out last week.

01:41:35   - I have mixed feelings about it.

01:41:37   - Well, yeah.

01:41:38   And are your mixed feelings simply because of what you wrote?

01:41:45   - Yes. - Okay.

01:41:47   - Yeah.

01:41:48   - Okay.

01:41:49   See, I didn't get what you're alluding to there.

01:41:54   So wait, where did you read, so where did it say

01:41:59   chilling connection between Bond and his enemy?

01:42:01   - Oh, that's on their website.

01:42:03   if you go to 007.com and--

01:42:05   - Okay, 'cause I think I saw it on YouTube or something.

01:42:08   - Yeah, so I will put this in the show notes.

01:42:11   I'm trying to remain as spoiler-free as I can for this,

01:42:15   although not quite to the degree I'm doing

01:42:17   for the Star Wars movie.

01:42:18   The Star Wars movie, I don't even,

01:42:20   I didn't even watch the second trailer.

01:42:21   - Oh my God.

01:42:22   - I swear to God, I'm going full-on,

01:42:26   like you say Star Wars and I just go,

01:42:29   "Nah, nah, nah, nah, my ears are covered."

01:42:32   I just don't want to know the goddamn thing.

01:42:36   With the Spectre trailer, I did go there and I read it.

01:42:41   And at Whiskas, our friend of the show, Dave Whiskas,

01:42:45   vouched for me that this was not a,

01:42:48   'cause he's got no self control.

01:42:50   He has absolutely no self control whatsoever.

01:42:53   So if they released a trailer called the spoiler trailer,

01:43:00   Here's the spoiler trailer.

01:43:02   It'll spoil everything in the movie.

01:43:03   - It'll tell you everything that's happening in the movie.

01:43:05   - Dave Whiskus would watch it and then regret it instantly,

01:43:09   but then he would watch it.

01:43:10   He vouched for me that the trailer,

01:43:12   the second, the new trailer for "Spectre"

01:43:15   was not spoilery.

01:43:16   And I agree with his conclusion having seen it.

01:43:19   I don't feel like I know the plot of the movie really.

01:43:22   Other than what the title alone tells you,

01:43:25   which is that, you know, all right, "Spectre's" back.

01:43:28   Right?

01:43:29   I was bothered though by the insinuation that there's like some kind of boyhood connection between James Bond and Spectre.

01:43:39   Well, and this, maybe I'm wrong about that. I don't know.

01:43:41   It does not say boyhood.

01:43:43   No, no, but it does say connection, but it does not say boyhood.

01:43:46   Right, but I don't know. I got a bad feeling about it.

01:43:51   Like I know indeed. Yeah, I agree that if you're if you're

01:43:55   Your supposition is correct then I that does seem kind of lame

01:44:03   So I'm hoping it's not that the best the best email I got from a reader saying hey

01:44:10   I don't think we should wear I got the heat somebody wrote to me. I forget I forget everybody writes me email

01:44:15   But there's here's what made me feel better about it. This is my fear. My fear is that

01:44:19   that Christoph Waltz is Blofeld. Now, so far so good. If they're not saying it,

01:44:27   they're saying Christoph Waltz is in the film, they're saying that he's like the

01:44:30   leader of Spectre. If his name is Blofeld, fantastic. But they haven't spoiled that.

01:44:35   I don't know if it is or not. Everybody is thinking maybe. That would be great.

01:44:40   My worry is that they're gonna say like James Bond and Blofeld are like long-lost

01:44:44   brothers or something like that. You know, that there's some kind of like family

01:44:49   relationship or something like that. And somebody who reads Daring Fireball said,

01:44:53   "You know what? I was worried about that too, but then I thought about it and

01:44:56   realized that there's no way, even if they had the idea to do that, they'd

01:44:59   realize they couldn't because Austin Powers did that." And they would realize

01:45:06   that they've stepped into the realm of parody and

01:45:11   and goofiness because Austin Powers had already done that with Dr. Evil.

01:45:18   Well, good point.

01:45:20   The worrisome aspect would be if the people making Spectre haven't even seen Austin Powers.

01:45:28   Right.

01:45:29   And like they're putting the finishing touches on the edit right now.

01:45:32   They're doing the color correction, double checking the spelling and all the titles,

01:45:39   Credits, you know make sure everybody's you know got their name spelled right in the credits and they're putting some guy walks into the editing room

01:45:45   This is the plot to Austin Powers

01:45:51   Back in here

01:45:55   Change some change couple scenes real fast

01:45:59   November you have to rerecord some of these lines

01:46:08   Well the trail I mean the trailer itself I think looks great. Yeah, it does look great

01:46:12   It's you know, it's got basically everything you want to see you know

01:46:15   And James Bond trailer. Yeah, I also I like the idea that

01:46:20   Without any kind of single overarching plot that spanned all these films that they're tying together

01:46:28   Some of the characters from the entire

01:46:30   Daniel Craig era, right?

01:46:34   Yeah, you know with mr. White who's played by here's his name. J. Who's a real creepy looking guy Jesper Christiansen

01:46:41   he was the the the bad guy pulling the strings in Casino Royale and

01:46:46   Then at the end of Casino Royale James Bond shows up at his porch and shoots him in the leg

01:46:52   Right, and then it's you know

01:46:55   The the best part of quantum of solace is that it opens like immediately afterwards and he's got he's got him in the trunk of

01:47:02   of his car, which is really cool.

01:47:04   It was kind of a cool thing,

01:47:06   'cause they never really did that with the Bond movies.

01:47:08   They never really--

01:47:08   - Tied 'em together in any way.

01:47:10   - Yeah. - Really, yeah.

01:47:11   Yeah, I mean, they were all, for the most part,

01:47:14   I mean, a couple references here and there,

01:47:15   and then a couple dumb references.

01:47:18   This never happened to the other guy.

01:47:20   - Right.

01:47:21   Well, my favorite example of the opposite of that,

01:47:24   and back in the day when Dan and I were reviewing

01:47:27   all these movies, they used to recast,

01:47:30   they just cast the same actor in totally different roles.

01:47:34   And so in,

01:47:35   you only live twice,

01:47:39   which is the one where Bond goes to Japan.

01:47:42   Sean Connery film.

01:47:44   I guess his fifth one, after "Thunderball."

01:47:49   And he meets the MI6 agent.

01:47:53   He's like an older British fellow

01:47:55   who's been their station guy in Tokyo for a long time.

01:47:59   And then he gets, he's a very nice guy,

01:48:04   but he says to James Bond, it's kind of a famous scene,

01:48:06   he's gonna make him a drink, and he says,

01:48:09   "I'm gonna make you a vodka martini,

01:48:12   "stirred, not shaken," right?

01:48:15   And of course that's backwards,

01:48:16   but Connery being a gentleman just says,

01:48:18   "Sure, good enough.

01:48:20   "Don't make a fuss, don't make a scene."

01:48:23   And then the poor guy before,

01:48:24   I think before he could even finish the drink,

01:48:26   he got stabbed.

01:48:29   - Well anyway, that same actor is the guy

01:48:33   who plays Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever two movies later.

01:48:38   So like two movies later.

01:48:40   - Back then, particularly like 60s, early 70s,

01:48:45   the only way you would see the movie is if it came on TV.

01:48:48   The only way you'd see it again is if it came on TV.

01:48:51   So they have a like, sure, we'll just use the same actor.

01:48:56   Why not?

01:48:58   We like the guy, we know the guy.

01:49:00   - They didn't even put makeup on him,

01:49:02   they didn't give him a wig or anything.

01:49:04   He looked exactly the same,

01:49:06   except that instead of wearing a kimono,

01:49:08   he was wearing whatever you call those suits

01:49:11   that Blofeld wears.

01:49:12   - Naru jacket, right?

01:49:15   - Yeah, exactly, Naru jacket.

01:49:17   - Now, you had posted sort of a,

01:49:22   kind of more like an Easter egg, right?

01:49:24   From Casino Royale.

01:49:26   - Yeah.

01:49:27   someone had pointed out, which was the guy who tosses in the car keys in the parking

01:49:33   lot says park, tells him to park the car and then he like rams it into somebody's car.

01:49:41   Look like Blofeld.

01:49:42   No, no, no, not Blofeld.

01:49:44   Goldfinger.

01:49:45   Goldfinger.

01:49:46   Goldfinger.

01:49:47   That's right.

01:49:48   Look like Goldfinger.

01:49:49   Yeah.

01:49:50   Yeah.

01:49:51   And, and then the, the, the license plate was sort of a, what do you call those things?

01:49:57   - The code for-- - Hexadecimal color.

01:49:59   - Hexadecimal, yeah, for like a goldish.

01:50:02   - The license plate to me was stretching it,

01:50:05   'cause it's, I feel like if they were gonna do it

01:50:08   on the license plate, maybe it would have been

01:50:09   more like the atomic number for gold or something like that.

01:50:13   - Yeah.

01:50:14   - No, I mean it sincerely, that I think the hex color

01:50:17   was really stretching it.

01:50:20   - And it's not quite, it's not really very goldish.

01:50:22   - But his car was gold.

01:50:25   it was a gold colored Lexus or something like that.

01:50:29   And he does it.

01:50:31   I mean, it's like the exact same sweater.

01:50:33   To me, it's like beyond coincidence.

01:50:35   Like maybe they weren't actually saying,

01:50:37   "Hey, this is gold finger."

01:50:38   Maybe they were just kind of goofing around

01:50:40   and it's not really--

01:50:41   - Yeah, that's what it seemed like to me.

01:50:43   It's more like an Easter egg than it's a--

01:50:45   - Well, yeah.

01:50:46   - Just a funny thing to put in.

01:50:49   - Yeah, yeah.

01:50:50   Like we have to have a guy who's gonna toss him the keys

01:50:53   and we want him to, you know, he's gonna be a jerk

01:50:58   and purposefully back his car into a thing.

01:51:02   So we're gonna make the guy a jerk

01:51:03   who just sort of assumes that he's the, you know,

01:51:07   the valet.

01:51:10   And then once you go down that path

01:51:13   of making the guy a jerk, why don't you make him Goldfinger?

01:51:16   It's kind of a cool joke.

01:51:17   I saw another thing too, I will put it in the show notes.

01:51:23   Somebody, I didn't tweet this yet though,

01:51:25   but somebody found out, somebody figured out,

01:51:27   there's a, in one of the old Ian Fleming novels,

01:51:30   I think it was on Her Majesty's Secret Service,

01:51:32   which was widely regarded as one of the best books

01:51:37   that he wrote, and that's the one that George Lazenby,

01:51:42   Lazenby played the role, is polarizing.

01:51:48   It's my least favorite of the classic Bond movies.

01:51:50   Some people love it though.

01:51:51   But anyway, in the novel, James Bond has to escape

01:51:56   from somewhere and he doesn't have any weapons on him,

01:52:00   so he uses his Rolex as a quote unquote knuckle buster.

01:52:05   So it's like brass knuckles.

01:52:08   So he takes his Rolex off, puts it around his fist,

01:52:11   and uses the stainless steel Rolex to bust some jaws.

01:52:16   And then they even said, it was like in the novel,

01:52:19   It was like, and then like the next day he like woke up

01:52:22   and the first thing he did was go to like a jeweler

01:52:25   to get a new Rolex because it's the only,

01:52:26   it's like the only, it's like somehow it's like described

01:52:29   as like the only watch that you can trust

01:52:30   to like crack skulls with.

01:52:32   So somebody figured out by freeze framing

01:52:36   in Casino Royale at the very end of Casino Royale

01:52:41   in the fight scene in Venice while the building is sinking,

01:52:44   at some point when James Bond is fighting those guys,

01:52:48   there's a scene where it looks like he turns his left wrist

01:52:51   upside down as though the way you would

01:52:53   to take off your watch, and then it cuts immediately.

01:52:57   But then if you look at all of the punches he throws

01:52:59   in the next scene, so you can see that Daniel Craig

01:53:01   has a watch around his arm.

01:53:03   It's very clear. - Oh, so really?

01:53:04   - Yeah, very, very clear. - Oh, interesting.

01:53:06   - And so the speculation is that,

01:53:08   but there's also, and that's the one

01:53:09   with the really, really prominent product placement

01:53:11   where on the train where he first meets Vesper Lind,

01:53:16   and he's like, "Well, you..."

01:53:19   And he says, "I'm good at poker 'cause I can read people."

01:53:23   And he reads her, and then she tries to read him,

01:53:26   and she says, "I bet you have a Rolex,"

01:53:28   and he goes, "Omega," which is super, super...

01:53:31   Not only is he wearing an Omega wristwatch,

01:53:34   he says it, and he says it as though it means

01:53:37   that it's better than a Rolex.

01:53:39   It's like the best product placement they could ever have.

01:53:42   The speculation, nobody knows this,

01:53:43   but the speculation is maybe they were going

01:53:46   use it that way and the Omega people were like we don't we don't want to you

01:53:49   don't we don't want to see the washing them getting smashed into somebody I

01:53:53   think they're nuts though I think if the Omega people shut that down they're out

01:53:57   of their minds I think that that's it it would have like even doubled what was

01:54:03   already the best watch product placement and bond history yeah but it was a cool

01:54:10   thing to me people they paid come pretty like car companies pay tremendous

01:54:14   amount to see those cars destroyed. Right, exactly. Yeah, I mean like Mercedes was a big part of the

01:54:24   Jurassic world. Oh, I haven't seen it yet. Mercedes, you know, like Jeep type things everywhere. Yeah,

01:54:30   and even one there's one, there's one I thought was kind of egregious but I like the movie but

01:54:38   they're the kids or the kids run off on their own they escape they're sort of

01:54:44   the person watching them and they run off on their own and they're like they

01:54:47   because they want to have a good time and she's just like plodding them

01:54:50   through the dumb stuff the dumb parts of the the park and and so the older kid

01:54:56   says you know they go see something oh I guess they go see the giant like fish

01:54:59   dinosaur thing and then the older kid says to the the younger kid let's go

01:55:06   Let's go see something else really cool and then they cut immediately to her Mercedes

01:55:10   And then you know and like somebody walks in I mean it's it's a you know, it's sort of a seamless thing

01:55:17   But it's like I was just like oh god

01:55:19   They clearly paid for that. There's no way

01:55:23   but yeah, I mean those things all get like French stuff and

01:55:26   Yeah, did shoot up and pooped out by dinosaurs, yeah, yeah, so who knows maybe it wasn't maybe it was just cut out

01:55:35   out just for the sake of cutting it out. Maybe it wasn't even at their request, who knows?

01:55:40   But it was a nice, I swear to God I will put a link in the show notes, but it's a nice

01:55:44   homage to original Ian Fleming source material. And it came about somehow, the guy who wrote

01:55:55   about it was on a movie blog and he got the tip from a collector who bought the original

01:56:01   prop that Daniel Craig wore for those scenes. And it was a replica of whatever Omega Seamaster

01:56:10   he was wearing at the time, but with a steel band, but with a, it was the watch itself

01:56:16   was like rubber. And he bought that original prop. And it drove people, it made him, he

01:56:24   was like, I did, you know, somehow I guess he talked to somebody with the props department,

01:56:28   But it didn't make any sense that they would even have that prop.

01:56:31   And then he like went back and like watched the movie real closely and like freeze-framed

01:56:34   and figured out, you know, where it was used.

01:56:41   How many movies is he in for from here on?

01:56:46   That's a good question.

01:56:47   I think he's in for at least one more.

01:56:50   Yeah, I think it's one more.

01:56:51   I was trying to see if it was on his Wikipedia, but I don't see it.

01:56:54   No, I think it's at least one more.

01:56:56   that would bring him to five, right?

01:57:00   Yeah. - Yeah, yeah.

01:57:03   - Which is, you know, and would also bring him to,

01:57:08   you don't wanna run into the Roger Moore problem

01:57:12   where even with Hollywood makeup, you look,

01:57:15   you just look too old.

01:57:17   - Yeah.

01:57:18   No, he's not that old.

01:57:23   He's not that good. - No, no,

01:57:24   and he's a great-- - He's still in his 40s,

01:57:25   Yeah. I mean, Roger Moore was like, was he like 83 when he filmed the next one?

01:57:30   He was really old by the time. I mean, like those action scenes were just,

01:57:36   you'd see some guy struggling to move and then all of a sudden he's running like

01:57:41   crazy.

01:57:42   I think that was the one we had to,

01:57:44   I think he had to like run up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.

01:57:49   That's yeah, that's exactly. Yeah.

01:57:50   And it really was like this. Yeah.

01:57:53   - Yeah, the stunt was just Roger Moore

01:57:55   running up a flight of stairs.

01:57:57   (laughing)

01:57:59   - Wiped him out.

01:58:01   Was no good for like a week after that.

01:58:05   - To his credit, he was on the record

01:58:12   is that he wanted to wrap it up

01:58:14   after whichever one he made in like 1981

01:58:16   or something like that.

01:58:17   And they begged him. - Put more money at him.

01:58:20   - Yeah, and just, and he made two more.

01:58:23   He made two more than he wanted to make.

01:58:25   Anyway, that feels like a show.

01:58:30   I don't have anything else on my list of topics

01:58:32   to talk about. - No.

01:58:34   - John Moltz, I thank you for returning to the show.

01:58:36   Where can people get more Moltz?

01:58:38   - Well, @Moltz on Twitter or verynicewebsite.net.

01:58:43   - And your podcast with-- - Yes, my podcast

01:58:46   with Dan Morin and usually Lex Friedman,

01:58:52   The Rebound, reboundcast.net, and what's the other one?

01:58:57   Turning this car around with Lex and Jon Armstrong.

01:59:00   - Yeah, that's a parenting podcast.

01:59:03   - Yes, and business ideas.

01:59:07   (laughing)

01:59:09   - And business ideas.

01:59:10   - Yeah, Death Coaster, Death Coaster is one of our babies.

01:59:15   The theme park built around a Death Coaster.

01:59:20   (laughing)

01:59:23   You should open up a restaurant.

01:59:25   That's a good business for you.

01:59:27   - Deathcoaster restaurant?

01:59:28   - Yeah, yeah, combine the two.

01:59:30   - There'll definitely be a restaurant in the theme park.

01:59:35   (laughing)

01:59:37   - All right, thank you, Jon.

01:59:41   - My pleasure.

01:59:42   - All right, go pick up your kid.

01:59:44   [BLANK_AUDIO]