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120: ‘The Move to Frisco’ With Guest Dan Frommer


00:00:00   You're a letterman fan. Yes, you've been watching the end of the show sort of. Yeah,

00:00:06   I watched last night and the night before. Yeah, the Bill Murray popping out of a cake.

00:00:15   That was kind of strange. It was like to me, it was a real throwback to the 80s. I mean,

00:00:22   that's the type of just nonsense from the the late night show in the 80s. Yeah. And I don't know,

00:00:29   like some of it it almost seems like that the fact that Bill Murray was there was almost wasted

00:00:36   but I guess not because so much of it is reminiscing and those and the you know the old

00:00:42   videos and that kind of stuff but it was fun so we're recording on Wednesday the 20th letterman's

00:00:49   final show will air actually he's probably funny I didn't even think about it he's probably recording

00:00:54   it as we are. That's actually kind of, whoa, this gave me goosebumps.

00:00:59   Pete: Should we hang up and go?

00:01:00   [Laughter]

00:01:01   Jon: It's funny, I've never gone. I'm a huge Letterman fan. Never once

00:01:07   saw him live and I do kind of regret that.

00:01:10   Pete I never got to see Jordan live either, so.

00:01:14   Jon Yeah.

00:01:14   Pete It's okay. We'll live.

00:01:16   Jon Did I ever see Jordan live? I don't think I did. I don't think I did. I think I wasted all

00:01:21   of those years. I almost had, I had tickets once. One time early on in the run of his show on CBS,

00:01:30   so this was probably, I think about, it was probably 1998, thinking about where I lived.

00:01:37   I had a roommate for a year and they did a thing where they were going to

00:01:41   have like a whole week of shows where their audiences were all going to be from the same city.

00:01:49   And so one night that week, the whole audience was from Philadelphia. And you know, you entered

00:01:53   a contest and you did it. And my roommate and I thought, "You know what? We've never gone. We've

00:01:57   always wanted to see Letterman. Let's enter this and we'll be in the Philly crowd." And we won.

00:02:01   And so we got, you know, I don't know, thousands of people entered. We were one of like three,

00:02:07   you know, 300 who got two seats. And all we had to do was show up for like a bus around noon,

00:02:14   and they were going to bus everybody up together. And we were getting ready to go, and my roommate

00:02:21   like checked his email, and there was a thing that was like, "All you have to do is click

00:02:26   this button by, you know, last Friday, and you're good to go." And it was like,

00:02:32   I just looked at him, I was like, "Are you freaking kidding me?" And he's like, "I'm sorry."

00:02:39   So we won, but we didn't claim the tickets in time. And so I guess the idea behind it was,

00:02:45   you know, they want to make sure they filled the whole theater. And so the click the thing was like,

00:02:50   "Okay, you've won, but are you sure you're going to go?" And then it was like, that's all you had

00:02:54   to do. But in the meantime, they filled our seats with alternates.

00:02:58   Oh, well, that's a good story. Probably better than the show would have been. Maybe. I don't know.

00:03:04   I've never been to any of those tapings. And I even live in New York City, and I've been here for

00:03:08   now, uh, 10 years basically, and I've never gone to on it, but I, my first year in New

00:03:15   York, I found some email mailing list where you sign up and you get emails inviting you

00:03:21   to be in studio audiences for random stuff.

00:03:25   And I've never even gone to one of those, but it's funny to see the stuff that comes

00:03:28   along.

00:03:29   It's, you know, weird game shows.

00:03:31   And um, one day maybe I'll go to a Fallon now that he's, he's the man.

00:03:37   Yeah. Or the Seth Meyers show. Or Seth, yeah. I don't know. I'm a little wistful about the

00:03:45   Letterman thing. I guess I think he's right. It's like one of those things where

00:03:49   I think he's right that this is the time to go. I do think he's—I think he's—I think he picked

00:03:55   the right time. I think sooner would have been too soon, and I think it probably is time. But

00:04:02   it's still—it's like you just—how can you not be sad if you're a fan?

00:04:05   Yeah, and I wonder how much of it has to do with not just, you know, hosting the show,

00:04:11   but all the other demands that being, you know, being a public figure in the media today are.

00:04:16   For example, he doesn't really do anything online, he doesn't really do anything in social media,

00:04:21   and I wonder how much of that gig now is that sort of stuff. Maybe it's none of it, I don't know.

00:04:26   No, he's pretty clear about it. I think it was in the New York Times interview. Either that or he

00:04:30   did two big interviews recently, which is unusual for him. He's, you know, usually pretty reticent.

00:04:35   But he did the New York Times interview and the Rolling Stone interview, cover story really.

00:04:40   I think maybe in both places it was acknowledged that the game today with the late night show

00:04:46   is partly, at least partly, to make viral bits that can be separated from the rest of the show

00:04:54   five minutes on YouTube and can get shared. And that his show really doesn't do that,

00:04:59   and it's not really set up to do that.

00:05:02   kind of the opposite of John Oliver,

00:05:04   which is basically exists to feed

00:05:08   the Monday Morning Blogger quota.

00:05:11   - Right. - Every single site

00:05:13   rushing to summarize what he said the night before.

00:05:18   - That is exactly what happens with his show.

00:05:21   It is so funny.

00:05:22   It's like, why don't you just let people watch it?

00:05:26   - Yeah.

00:05:27   Well, but that is one way, you know,

00:05:31   wink to let people watch it is to have them watch it on your blog with your, you know,

00:05:35   your summary and commentary.

00:05:37   Right.

00:05:38   Hey, I really enjoyed your intimate look at your iPhone stands and I want to send you

00:05:46   mine.

00:05:47   You posted this weekend, Daring Fireball, your two iPhone docs and I think you'll get

00:05:55   a kick out of the one that I bought in Tokyo.

00:05:57   Is this for real?

00:05:58   Is this for real?

00:05:59   I don't wanna even say,

00:06:01   (laughing)

00:06:02   did you own this stock?

00:06:03   - Yeah, I bought it in Tokyo.

00:06:05   (laughing)

00:06:06   - All right, I don't even think we should talk about it.

00:06:08   I'm going to put it in the show notes right now

00:06:11   as Dan's iPhone dock.

00:06:15   You're all gonna have to go and load the show notes

00:06:20   and see this for yourself because there's absolutely no way

00:06:24   that we can do justice to it,

00:06:25   unless you really wanna talk about it.

00:06:27   - I'll just tell you the backstory.

00:06:28   Here's what I think.

00:06:29   I don't even remember.

00:06:32   Uh, well, I know where I found it.

00:06:33   I found it in, uh, Tokyo hands, which is the greatest.

00:06:37   Uh, it's, it's kind of a mixture of a home Depot and, um, I don't know, like a

00:06:44   bed bath and beyond or something like that.

00:06:46   I don't know.

00:06:46   It's just a great home and a hardware store in Tokyo.

00:06:51   And I think it, it, I don't think it's the same company that makes the, uh,

00:06:57   incredibly realistic food models that you would see outside of a Japanese restaurant where

00:07:03   uh you know the each little piece of sushi looks perfect and that kind of stuff i bought those in

00:07:10   the past does this thing have a charger no no no so it just props it up it's just a way to prop up

00:07:15   i have a i have a six plus i don't need a charger sir uh uh anyway the year before i bought this i

00:07:24   I got an iPhone 4S case that's bacon and eggs,

00:07:27   and that looks even more ridiculous.

00:07:30   So this cheeseburger iPhone holder is my favorite.

00:07:36   I wanted to get one for the office,

00:07:38   but I was worried that someone would snag it

00:07:40   'cause it's just so crazy.

00:07:41   - I've been meaning to write about these iPhone docs

00:07:44   for a while, and it's just one of those things

00:07:45   where I didn't really have a reason to, and then went at.

00:07:47   So the thing is is Apple came out yesterday--

00:07:49   - Right, and that was the context.

00:07:51   Right, with a new lightning thing.

00:07:54   And it's just been--

00:07:55   I like having an iPhone dock, a charging dock, though.

00:08:01   I like it.

00:08:01   I like that if I'm going to have to charge my phone while I'm

00:08:04   at my desk or something like that,

00:08:06   why not have it on a dock?

00:08:07   It's better than having it lay down.

00:08:08   But over the years, it's just been like nobody

00:08:14   could ever keep it straight.

00:08:16   The original iPhone shipped with a dock.

00:08:19   It was right there in the box.

00:08:21   And it was a great dock.

00:08:22   And then it didn't fit the 3G or 3GS.

00:08:25   And it's like, oh, well, no.

00:08:26   And then they didn't come with a dock.

00:08:28   And then the iPhone 4 came out.

00:08:29   And it turned out the iPhone 4 fit in the original iPhone

00:08:32   dock really well.

00:08:33   Even though the iPhone 4 had a sort of square bottom,

00:08:37   and the original iPhone was more like the Apple Watch,

00:08:39   sort of a pill-shaped, capsule-shaped thing,

00:08:42   it just fit in the crevice they had for it almost perfectly.

00:08:46   And the 30-pin was more than enough to keep it stable.

00:08:50   So I went back to the original dock with my iPhone 4 and 4S.

00:08:54   But then ever since, it's been a shit show.

00:08:57   - I never had a dock until the elevation dock,

00:09:03   which came, what, two weeks before the cord switched.

00:09:09   So that was it for me.

00:09:10   I was like, all right, I'm not buying anymore.

00:09:12   - I somehow wound up with two elevation docks.

00:09:14   I think I bought one, I did the Kickstarter,

00:09:16   and then I think they sent me one as like,

00:09:19   You know like in my role as a you know, maybe you'll link to it public figure type thing

00:09:23   I don't know says I don't remember buying two but somehow I wound up with two and never used either of them because

00:09:29   Exactly. They it only shipped like two it was 30 pin and it only shipped two weeks before the the first lightning phone came out

00:09:36   I guess that must have been the iPhone 5

00:09:38   Yep, right

00:09:40   And they did have a thing where you can you can go there now even and get like a kit so you can transform it

00:09:47   and from a 30 pin thing to a lightning thing,

00:09:49   but I never bothered with that.

00:09:51   - No, who wants to do that?

00:09:52   - Well, I'm sure some people do,

00:09:54   but it wasn't worth it for me.

00:09:55   - No, nor I.

00:09:56   - The big things for me with the dock is,

00:10:00   in most cases, you wanna be able to use it one-handed.

00:10:03   In other words, you don't have to put one hand on the dock

00:10:05   and one hand on the phone to separate it

00:10:07   without picking up the dock with the phone.

00:10:10   And you want it to be able to fit.

00:10:14   I like the idea.

00:10:16   I mean, I waste money on everything.

00:10:19   I just like the idea though of getting a dock

00:10:21   and then being able to use it for maybe more than a year

00:10:24   (laughs)

00:10:25   just in case the iPhone shape sizes changes.

00:10:29   So I like the idea of a dock that is sort of agnostic

00:10:32   to the shape of the iPhone.

00:10:33   - Future proof?

00:10:35   - Future proof.

00:10:36   - Well, it makes sense too

00:10:37   because so many people use a case now

00:10:41   and that's a slightly different shape

00:10:43   than a phone with no case

00:10:46   or there are so many different sizes.

00:10:49   There's 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus.

00:10:54   So lots of different phones to handle with one design.

00:11:01   - Yeah, the new iPhone dock from Apple seems,

00:11:05   I'm curious, I guess I'll buy one

00:11:07   just because I'm, again, I'm really bad with money.

00:11:11   I don't need it, but I'm curious about how it works,

00:11:13   so I guess I'll buy one.

00:11:14   because it doesn't have any kind of,

00:11:16   the only thing that, it's just a lightning nubbin

00:11:19   that sticks out of a flat piece of plastic.

00:11:22   There is no back, there's no slot that the phone goes into.

00:11:26   It's just a lightning, the lightning port itself

00:11:29   is the only thing that's gonna support the phone,

00:11:32   which sounds like it would be a little fragile,

00:11:34   but I don't know, maybe they've figured some way

00:11:37   to make it really sturdy.

00:11:38   - It makes me feel less irresponsible

00:11:40   for picking my phone up by its lightning cable

00:11:43   all the time, which I do.

00:11:44   - Yeah, do you have the problem where you,

00:11:48   your lightning cables kinda wear out over time

00:11:49   because of that?

00:11:51   - Has not happened yet.

00:11:53   In fact, the one I'm using now is a third-party one,

00:11:55   and even that one has been really good, so.

00:11:59   - It seems like it's tricky business designing a dock,

00:12:02   because like you said, number one, future-proving it,

00:12:05   you wanna go for different thicknesses

00:12:07   and widths of the iPhone,

00:12:08   and then you wanna go case or no case,

00:12:10   and how many types of cases can you manage to support,

00:12:15   et cetera.

00:12:16   - And how easy do you want it to be to dock and undock it,

00:12:21   whereas it seems that Lightning has its own kind of

00:12:23   tension system built in, so.

00:12:27   - Yeah.

00:12:27   - I don't know.

00:12:29   I don't use, yeah, that's why I don't use a dock.

00:12:32   Just kinda plug in and flop it down

00:12:35   on the table next to me.

00:12:40   I have a question for you though, which is,

00:12:42   why do you think they made this?

00:12:43   Or if they'd had it a long time ago,

00:12:46   why do you think they decided to ship it now?

00:12:49   - Somebody said, and I don't know if it's right or not,

00:12:51   but somebody said on Twitter that the docs over the years,

00:12:54   a lot of them that Apple has,

00:12:56   Apple's own first party doc for iPhone

00:12:58   has often come out mid-cycle on the iPhone,

00:13:01   that they didn't come out alongside the phones.

00:13:03   And I don't know why that would be.

00:13:05   I saw somebody else who tweeted that,

00:13:07   I think it was Jeremy Horowitz,

00:13:09   who's at 9to5 Mac now, that he, I guess he got one already

00:13:13   and it, like he read the fine print on the box or whatever

00:13:17   and it was 2014, so it must have, you know,

00:13:20   they must have started assembling them months ago,

00:13:22   but they didn't start selling them until now.

00:13:25   I don't quite get it.

00:13:26   I think the basic idea though is that for some people,

00:13:30   a dock, whether you use it at your desk

00:13:32   or you use it like at your bedside or you have both,

00:13:35   it's, you know, it's a sensible place.

00:13:37   If you're gonna charge your phone at the same place

00:13:39   all the time, it makes sense to have a dock

00:13:40   instead of just a cable.

00:13:42   I mean, if you just have a cable,

00:13:43   you definitely can't do it one-handed.

00:13:46   You need two hands.

00:13:47   So the one-hand ability is definitely, to me, a convenience.

00:13:51   And I get my desk, like when I'm developing,

00:13:54   you know, working on betas of Vesper and stuff like that,

00:13:56   as a dev, I know almost all developers have some kind of dock

00:13:59   so that they can have their phone in a usable,

00:14:02   readable state alongside their computer.

00:14:05   I have some corrections to make.

00:14:06   - Uh-oh. - I should get this

00:14:07   out of the way. - Let's do it.

00:14:08   Actually, a lot of these are pretty old.

00:14:13   Paul Kaphakis was on the show, I don't know, two months ago, and we were talking about

00:14:18   aspirin and whether it was something that was thousands of years old or like a hundred

00:14:23   years old.

00:14:25   So aspirin, as we know, it was first produced 110 years ago in the late 1800s.

00:14:32   Sort of a snake oil type thing, but it actually worked.

00:14:35   But the natural form of it, which is called salicylic acid, is found in plants, i.e. the

00:14:44   willow and myrtle, and has been used for thousands of years.

00:14:47   So that's the source of the confusion.

00:14:49   As early as 3000 B.C., the ancient Egyptians used willow bark and myrtle to reduce pain

00:14:54   and fever.

00:14:56   And those are some of the ingredients that were used to make aspirin starting in the

00:15:00   late 1800s.

00:15:02   So it's sort of a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. I have another note

00:15:08   here. I don't even remember which show it was. I think it was Merlin Mann when we were

00:15:12   talking about—

00:15:13   Man, these are old shows.

00:15:14   Yeah, well, I forgot to look at these notes. I have these notes for all the follow-up,

00:15:18   all the corrections. Really, this should be a very long list, because I make a lot of

00:15:22   mistakes every episode. But when Merlin was on, we had a discussion about when to let

00:15:27   our growing children watch which movies.

00:15:30   And I said that, you know, "Caddyshack" came up,

00:15:33   and I said, "No, of course Jonas

00:15:34   "hadn't seen "Caddyshack" yet."

00:15:35   And then my wife was actually listening to the show,

00:15:38   and she goes, "You dummy, we let him watch "Caddyshack,"

00:15:40   and I remembered, yes, we did.

00:15:41   So yeah, so I let my son watch "Caddyshack"

00:15:44   when he was, I think, 10.

00:15:45   - I think that's when I first saw it, too.

00:15:48   - That's my thinking, that was my thinking

00:15:50   of letting him watch it.

00:15:52   - I remember my dad, like, stood in front of the TV

00:15:54   for a couple minutes during one scene.

00:15:57   like, "Just look over there for a second." And it's a great movie to see. And then you watch it

00:16:03   again like 50 times in college and it's a totally different movie at that point. But why not?

00:16:10   Tom Bilyeu: Yeah. Again, no idea which episode this was for, but somebody—I guess we were talking

00:16:16   about some of my eye problems and we were talking about that Warby Parker should make a monocle.

00:16:21   ends up they do make a monocle. I'll put that in the show notes. Warby Parker does make a

00:16:27   monocle. I don't know that I would recommend it. It seems to me like that's sort of taken the,

00:16:31   you know, the hipster, the hipster thing a little far going with a monocle. But there you go.

00:16:39   That's marketing, man.

00:16:40   Warby monocle. There he goes right in the show notes.

00:16:47   Joanna Stern. Joanna Stern was the great Joanna Stern was on the show a few weeks ago and we were

00:16:52   talking about these both of us had turned out bought the same bluetooth headset beats

00:17:00   power beats these little beats power beats or bluetooth they're meant for like you know wearing

00:17:07   my exercise and stuff i'd never had bluetooth you ever had bluetooth headphones no so i'd never had

00:17:13   had them before and I bought them while I was testing the watch because I wanted to

00:17:18   test the--

00:17:19   - And these are like the $180 ones?

00:17:21   - Yeah, they're, you know, like everything from Beats are pretty expensive.

00:17:24   I find I've been pretty happy with them so far.

00:17:27   Pretty comfortable.

00:17:28   - And these are the ones that had that little like kind of finger coming off them that holds

00:17:32   in your ear?

00:17:33   - Yeah, sort of.

00:17:36   There's like a thing that wraps around your ear and then there's a thing that goes in

00:17:39   your ear.

00:17:40   - Yeah.

00:17:41   But the complaint we both had was that the latency was really bad, just the Bluetooth latency.

00:17:47   So like when you pause, it was like, it felt to me, I don't know what it really was, but it felt to me like a second or two goes by before the audio actually pauses.

00:17:56   And then you hit play again and it's a second or two before it plays, which was like driving me nuts.

00:18:02   And somebody sent in, I forget who, sorry, I don't remember, that you got to run the Beats Updater.

00:18:09   There's a firmware update for these headphones you go to

00:18:12   I'll put it in the show notes, but anybody who bought these things guy it never even occurred to me

00:18:17   I guess it makes sense that there would be such a thing, but I've never thought of

00:18:21   Headphones as having firmware that you could update

00:18:24   so you run this beats updater and

00:18:27   It still is not quite it

00:18:31   I don't think Bluetooth can ever you know is ever gonna match the latency of hardware

00:18:36   But you know like a you know a cable but it it's a it reduces the latency all the way down to what I expected

00:18:44   At the outset there's like a fraction of a second where when you pause

00:18:47   Until it actually pauses and there's a fraction of a second when you go to restart the audio before it actually starts playing again

00:18:52   But it seems totally reasonable and way different than what it was when I opened them out of the box

00:18:57   So anybody out there who buys like these beats

00:19:01   Headphones if you get these Bluetooth ones and you find the latency is like insane

00:19:05   like how could they do this get this updater the updater is weird too it's

00:19:09   like a Mac app that you run that then goes to opens a web page in Safari and

00:19:14   it's the web page that shows you the progress as it updates a thing that's

00:19:18   plugged into your device by USB very strange but it worked isn't that amazing

00:19:23   software update for your headphones it just never would have occurred to me to

00:19:27   look how do you how do you charge them and how often do you charge them USB you

00:19:33   charge them by USB there's a little micro USB thing on the bottom of the

00:19:39   left earpiece and it has a rubber nub and that covers it I guess for you know

00:19:44   sweat and water resistance so you just plug it in by USB so the the fact that

00:19:52   Apple made that iPhone dock and and does not yet have a proper charging station

00:20:00   is something that puzzles me.

00:20:02   But, you know.

00:20:04   - Charging station for what?

00:20:05   - Well, just now I have three things I plug in

00:20:08   almost every night.

00:20:09   Four if you count this new MacBook.

00:20:11   And now if I get wireless headphones, that's five.

00:20:13   So someone's gotta do a, you know, it could be Apple.

00:20:18   I don't know, someone's gotta do

00:20:20   the best charging station possible.

00:20:23   - So how long do they last?

00:20:25   I think that they say they last like six hours.

00:20:28   - All right, so that's once a week or something.

00:20:29   - I've been running a lot recently,

00:20:31   at the last, since the weather's gotten nicer.

00:20:35   And I did have one run where my headphones conked out

00:20:38   halfway through, and I was very confused.

00:20:40   It just was like, it just plays like a little sad song,

00:20:43   like, (imitates guitar)

00:20:45   and then I guess that means we're out of juice, goodbye.

00:20:49   And then you got nothing.

00:20:50   So I don't know, I try to remember to charge him

00:20:54   every second day or two, I don't know.

00:20:57   It's hard to know.

00:20:57   do get a little battery meter in your status bar in iOS. So it's like when you have them

00:21:05   paired with your phone, it shows up in between your phone's battery indicator and the little

00:21:14   Bluetooth icon in the status bar. There's a little vertical battery, a little tiny one.

00:21:19   It's actually hard for me to see, but I can kind of get a rough picture of whether it's

00:21:23   like mostly full or mostly empty. So you can see the battery on your phone of the charge

00:21:29   of your headphones. It's all fiddly enough. The whole thing is fiddly enough that I now

00:21:35   understand why Apple doesn't ship their own wireless headphones yet.

00:21:40   Darrell Bock Yeah. But it works well with the watch?

00:21:44   Dave: It did in my testing, but in real life I don't – what I really want to listen to

00:21:51   do is podcasts.

00:21:52   - Right.

00:21:53   - And to listen to podcasts, I still need my phone,

00:21:55   so I've still got my phone on my arm while I'm running.

00:21:59   I have it paired with my phone 99.9% of the time.

00:22:04   I did pair it to the watch while testing it

00:22:06   to see if it worked, and it did work,

00:22:08   but that's really only good for music

00:22:10   that you stick on your watch.

00:22:12   - So strange they didn't launch with podcast support,

00:22:17   but priorities, I guess. - Well, it is strange.

00:22:20   - Yeah, and who knows what the schedule is

00:22:23   for third-party apps.

00:22:25   I mean, a WatchKit app is never gonna be able to do it.

00:22:27   There's no way, like Marco can't make Overcast

00:22:31   store anything locally on the watch yet, right?

00:22:35   It's all, WatchKit is all stuff that runs

00:22:38   and stores stuff on the phone.

00:22:40   So the only way that you could get podcasts on it now

00:22:42   would be if you put the actual podcast episodes

00:22:45   in your iTunes library and then made a playlist in iTunes.

00:22:47   this sounds like having an iPod in 2002. You make a playlist and then you tell your watch,

00:22:52   "That's the playlist I want to sync to." But then you're stuck managing your podcast by hand like

00:22:57   an animal.

00:22:58   Tom Bilyeu: Yeah, it's not worth it yet.

00:23:02   Darrell Bock No. I mean, it would, in theory, be nice. I would love to go running without the

00:23:07   phone and just have the watch. And I don't care about GPS, so that wouldn't bother me. But it's

00:23:12   to have the podcast to listen to, I still need the phone.

00:23:14   Cool. What else you got?

00:23:19   Correction wise. Oh, one more thing. And this is like super nerdy. This was last week with

00:23:26   David Sparks on the show and I said, it was my mistake, not his, that RTF, you know,

00:23:32   the rich text format that TextEdit has long defaulted to, I think all the way back to the next

00:23:38   days even before next was purchased by

00:23:42   apple you know the rich text format and that's a microsoft originated format was

00:23:46   sort of cross-platform

00:23:49   style text

00:23:50   uh... wasn't supported i was i said it still isn't supported in i was and i was

00:23:54   talking about the complications that people you know you have a few

00:23:57   you'd if you restore your text anything but plain text

00:24:01   that long-term eventually whatever style text format you have chosen to use

00:24:06   is not going to be supported anymore

00:24:09   and it turns out rich text format is in i_o_s_ as of i was seven

00:24:13   i was seven added it and i'll put a link in the show notes there's an and s are

00:24:17   at r_t_f_ text document type

00:24:20   in i_o_s_ as of i was seven

00:24:23   but uh... and so it's not even that recent i guess i guess it's two years

00:24:26   ago but i'd i did not know that

00:24:28   what uh... anyway from i_o_s_ one through six there was no r_t_f_ support

00:24:32   so i was kind of right

00:24:33   What format does the notes app use?

00:24:36   - That's a very good question.

00:24:39   I think that it now uses HTML under the hood.

00:24:44   - Interesting, 'cause I believe it does styling, right?

00:24:51   You can--

00:24:52   - Yeah, it didn't use to and now it does

00:24:54   and I believe it's HTML.

00:24:57   It's some kind of HTML under the hood

00:24:59   but you're not supposed to know that.

00:25:00   - Yeah, interesting.

00:25:01   What does Vesper use?

00:25:03   - That's plain text.

00:25:04   - Oh, that's right.

00:25:06   - Right, which is a very deliberate choice on our part.

00:25:09   - Yeah, cool.

00:25:10   - I think that's it though.

00:25:15   Now I think I've cleared the deck on corrections and mistakes.

00:25:18   - Speaking of those Bluetooth earbuds,

00:25:20   well I remember I did go into the Apple store

00:25:23   a few weeks ago and just kind of looking at the options

00:25:27   that were out there in case I was gonna do

00:25:29   an impulse purchase.

00:25:31   and the guy there kind of showed me all the different options and that's the one that

00:25:36   he recommended but even those looked a little cumbersome.

00:25:40   Pete: Which ones?

00:25:42   PAUL Which ones?

00:25:42   PAUL The Beats ones, the ones that you have.

00:25:44   PAUL Yeah. Do you know what drives me nuts about them? I know that they didn't make them,

00:25:50   they're probably designed before the Beats acquisition by Apple and I know that they're

00:25:56   made for anybody, they're not meant to be paired with an Apple product, they're meant to be paired

00:26:00   with any product that supports Bluetooth. But the little clicky thing for plus/minus and play/pause

00:26:09   and that has the microphone on it is on the left string, not the right string. And every Apple one

00:26:15   ever made is on the right string. And so I still have the habit where if I go to pause it while

00:26:19   I'm wearing them, I reach up with my right hand and I fish around and can't feel it.

00:26:25   I've experienced the same thing these bows headphones i'm wearing now have it on the left

00:26:29   Your uh, your phone pod, I guess so whatever you'd call it and it why would you do that?

00:26:34   If you're a designer like I I know that you can't just say well apple did it this way

00:26:38   So it's a standard but it's a de facto standard because nobody makes more headphones than apple

00:26:43   I think apple's probably like the number one headphone maker in the world

00:26:46   There's probably more pairs of those white earbuds out there than any other headphone in existence

00:26:52   I guess in this case because there is only one chord coming off of them. These are can headphones earbuds, I guess by definition you have to have

00:26:59   two chords so

00:27:02   Uh, all the earbuds i've seen do it on the right

00:27:05   But I don't know

00:27:08   Strange

00:27:09   Yeah

00:27:10   All right. Let me take a break and uh, thank our first sponsor and it's our good friends at squarespace longtime supporters of the show

00:27:19   Here's the thing. I talk about Squarespace all the time because they often sponsor the show.

00:27:23   Best way to think about Squarespace is that they are like next generation. They're like leveling up

00:27:29   on hosting your own website. Like the old school way of hosting a website is you get some kind of

00:27:34   account and then you have a bunch of folders and directories that you SFTP in and you just make all

00:27:41   your sites with files and images and throw them up there and do this. Squarespace is so much far

00:27:48   beyond that. They're not a web host. They are an all-in-one platform and it you

00:27:54   start with something that is so much more advanced. It's it's like if you're

00:27:59   making an app in today's world you start with these incredible frameworks you

00:28:04   know like cocoa for iOS or the Android frameworks for Android. Squarespace is

00:28:12   like that for a website. You start with this tremendous framework that has all

00:28:16   this sort of stuff you need and you're working at such a higher level and it is great for

00:28:25   both sides of the expertise fence.

00:28:28   If you are the sort of person who doesn't know the technical stuff like HTML syntax,

00:28:33   how to write JavaScript, how to write CSS, it's great because you can design your own

00:28:38   website visually like using an app, just looking at it and making it look the way you think

00:28:44   it should look and then that's the way it really is. But if you have the technical expertise,

00:28:49   and I bet a lot of people who listen to this show do, and you know how to build your own

00:28:52   site by hand with HTML and stuff like that, and you might think, "Well, then I don't

00:28:57   need Squarespace." Well, you don't need it, but it could really, really just give

00:29:01   you a leg up and you can get started. You can be finished in minutes maybe, but hours

00:29:07   even with a lot of tweaking as opposed to days or weeks because they give you the hooks

00:29:12   where if you want to inject your own JavaScript into a page because you're using some kind

00:29:19   of thing that has a JavaScript API, you can do that.

00:29:22   If you want to tweak the CSS, you don't want to just use the visual stuff.

00:29:27   You actually want to get in there and do something specific in the CSS.

00:29:30   You can do that too.

00:29:31   So you've got the automatic mode, but you can switch to manual if you want.

00:29:36   Really, really great stuff, and you can just save so much time and be relieved of so many

00:29:41   details that you don't need to worry about.

00:29:44   Everything looks professional.

00:29:45   So many professionally designed templates to choose from and they're all just starting

00:29:48   points where you can tweak them and modify them from there.

00:29:51   And you can use it to build just about any sort of site you can imagine.

00:29:55   An online store, Squarespace has their own commerce stuff, a blog, you can use it for

00:30:00   podcasting, they have their own.

00:30:01   They even let you host the audio there.

00:30:04   They take care of everything.

00:30:06   So where do you go to find out more?

00:30:07   If you have a website to build, any kind of idea for a website, go to squarespace.com.

00:30:13   You get a free trial.

00:30:14   You can do everything with it, with the free trial, and you don't need to put a credit

00:30:18   card in advance.

00:30:19   Then when you are ready to buy, use this offer code, JG, just my initials, JG, and you will

00:30:25   save 10% off your first purchase.

00:30:28   My thanks to Squarespace.

00:30:30   Build it beautiful.

00:30:31   That's their new slogan.

00:30:34   So what's going on?

00:30:35   You know what I got yesterday?

00:30:36   What's that?

00:30:37   I got my personal Apple watch.

00:30:40   - Whoa.

00:30:42   - I got the one that I ordered one minute

00:30:43   after they went on sale.

00:30:45   Space black link bracelet.

00:30:49   - How do you like it?

00:30:51   - I like it a lot.

00:30:52   I'm very, very happy that I picked this one.

00:30:55   - What band were you wearing with the review unit mostly?

00:30:57   - Mostly the link bracelet.

00:31:00   - Oh, okay, I didn't know you had one.

00:31:02   - So yeah, I got the watch.

00:31:04   They asked me, you know, when the, you know,

00:31:07   like a week before I got the review unit,

00:31:09   they were, you know, they were like,

00:31:11   which one do you want?

00:31:13   And we're not seeding review units of the edition models.

00:31:17   So it was like, you can have any one you want

00:31:19   except for the edition,

00:31:19   which I would not have asked for anyway.

00:31:21   - Have you seen one yet in the wild?

00:31:23   - I have not, not outside the store.

00:31:25   - I have not either.

00:31:26   - Or an Apple event.

00:31:27   I've actually been thinking about writing about that,

00:31:28   actually.

00:31:30   Hold that thought, hold that thought.

00:31:31   - All right, all right.

00:31:32   And I asked for this one. I asked for I said well, okay, I'll take the space black

00:31:40   Link bracelet and they said okay, and then when I got my review unit there, we couldn't give you that one

00:31:46   Sorry, and so they gave me the regular link bracelet

00:31:48   I

00:31:50   you know, I

00:31:52   Asked why and they just gave me that Apple like we don't you know, we're not gonna tell you why and that was that

00:31:59   But my guess you know just based on the shipping times is that they just were back logged production wise even with the relatively few number

00:32:06   That they would need for you know review unit, but definitely for sure though