The Talk Show

17: The iPhone 5 , with MG Siegler


00:00:00   Am I a hypocrite if I want to continue to poo-poo everybody who complained about things

00:00:10   like the new lightning adapter and the new mag safe for the Retina MacBook Pro, but that

00:00:19   I still want to complain that it took me 10 minutes to get set up here because I'm recording

00:00:23   on the MacBook Air but I only had the retina adapter here at this desk so you

00:00:30   had to do you have an adapter for the

00:00:36   lightning yeah no all I have is the one USB to lightning cable that comes in the

00:00:47   iPhone box. Yeah. So it actually and I even mentioned it in my review if

00:00:54   anything I feel like it almost gave me a better stress test of the battery

00:00:58   because yes without it you can't charge all the time you don't have this one with you at

00:01:04   all points right like I'll go downstairs and we have one in the kitchen and if I

00:01:09   make coffee or something in the morning I'll just you know I'll just put my

00:01:12   phone in there for five minutes and you know give it five minutes of juice it

00:01:15   here and there because why not there's a cable right there yeah I'm most

00:01:21   concerned for my you know work and going to these tech conferences because right

00:01:25   now you don't even think twice about it if you didn't put the the charger in

00:01:29   your bag there's gonna be a hundred other people who have one right and now

00:01:34   there will be significantly less at least for the first first few weeks at

00:01:38   least so yeah and the other thing that I'm worried about in the interim I mean

00:01:43   and obviously this will all be a moot point,

00:01:45   hopefully by Christmas, I would think.

00:01:47   But the fact that there's nothing like a--

00:01:49   - Yes, yes, I was just talking about that today too.

00:01:52   I wonder how quick,

00:01:53   I don't think anyone's talked to them yet,

00:01:54   that would be a good story to see how quickly

00:01:57   they'll come out with their thing.

00:01:59   They had to have obviously been at the,

00:02:01   kind of listening to all the rumors

00:02:02   and knowing the specs and everything

00:02:03   and hopefully getting something ready to go.

00:02:06   I don't know how far along those,

00:02:07   some casemakers, as we all know in Asia,

00:02:10   seem to go, they just go out and make it

00:02:13   based on even rumored specs.

00:02:14   - They like play blackjack with it.

00:02:17   - I don't know if Mophie is a company like that

00:02:19   'cause there's a little bit more involved

00:02:20   with the power angle of it.

00:02:22   And plus they didn't have the new dock connector.

00:02:25   So that's actually a big undertaking for them.

00:02:27   I wonder how quickly they can get one out.

00:02:29   - Yeah, I wonder.

00:02:33   And it's also like sort of a black box

00:02:36   what Apple's relationship is with those companies.

00:02:39   - Yeah, yeah.

00:02:41   Are there any of them that are actually in

00:02:43   Good Enough Gracious that maybe they got some--

00:02:45   - A small heads up.

00:02:46   I know a lot of people at Apple use Mophies

00:02:50   just like the rest of us do,

00:02:51   so that could be some sort of indicator.

00:02:54   I'm so surprised, what do you think about,

00:02:56   why doesn't Apple just do a case like that?

00:02:58   Why leave this, since so many people use

00:03:02   a case battery charger thing,

00:03:04   why not move into that at all as an add-on accessory?

00:03:08   Totally optional, of course,

00:03:09   but why don't you think they do that?

00:03:12   - I think it's probably a perception issue.

00:03:14   - Right, that you would need it.

00:03:15   - That if Apple sold one, it would create the perception

00:03:18   that the phone needs one.

00:03:20   And I actually also think that's why they've gotten away

00:03:23   from the bumpers, is that I feel like the way

00:03:26   that the bumper thing turned out is that people thought,

00:03:30   a lot of people took it as meaning that the phone

00:03:34   needs a bumper, or a case of some sort.

00:03:36   And the whole Antennagate thing, which was really

00:03:39   just a coincidence. I'm convinced. I've talked to people on and off the record at

00:03:44   Apple and I'm convinced that the fact that the bumper alleviated the attenuation was

00:03:51   it's just a coincidence. They made the bumper because they thought they could make a lot

00:03:54   of money selling bumpers to people. And that they look kind of cool and because they thought

00:03:59   aesthetically, "Hey, everybody's buying cases for the phones already. They're going

00:04:05   to keep buying cases no matter what we do, but we put a lot of effort into this beautiful

00:04:08   glass back, let's make one that shows it off and show that, okay, even if you do want a

00:04:14   case, for protective purposes, you don't have to cover up the whole back of the phone. And

00:04:19   then the antenna gate thing hit and it was all just a coincidence, but it created the

00:04:24   perception now, and you'll never be able to convince the people who believe this otherwise,

00:04:28   that Apple knew all along that the iPhone 4 needed a bumper because otherwise it wouldn't

00:04:32   hold a phone.

00:04:33   And now that's probably just being blown even more out now

00:04:38   that the fact that this one doesn't have it,

00:04:40   because maybe they fixed it this time.

00:04:44   - Still one of my all-time favorite moments

00:04:48   at an Apple event was the Antennagate one

00:04:51   when they took questions, and I think they called it a me.

00:04:54   - I remember that, I remember.

00:04:55   I think we were sitting kind of close to each other, yeah.

00:04:57   - Right.

00:04:58   And I asked, "Do you guys use the bumper?"

00:05:02   And it was Jobs, Shiller, and Bob Mansfield.

00:05:07   - I think Cook was up there, wasn't he?

00:05:10   - I don't know, yeah, maybe it was--

00:05:10   - I think he was.

00:05:12   I think Bob Mansfield-- - Maybe Shiller wasn't.

00:05:14   Maybe it was Jobs, Cook, and Mansfield.

00:05:15   - Mansfield definitely was.

00:05:17   I'm sure there's a picture somewhere we could find.

00:05:19   - Yeah, and instead of really answering,

00:05:21   they all just reached into their jeans and pulled them out,

00:05:24   and they all had iPhone 4s with no bumper.

00:05:27   - It's funny, I can just Google "IntentiGate."

00:05:30   That is, of course, what it's called.

00:05:33   So let's see.

00:05:38   If I had been sharper, and I did regret this instantly, I would have…

00:05:41   It was Tim Cook's jobs and Bob Mansfield.

00:05:45   Huh.

00:05:48   My regret on that incident, though, is that I didn't follow up with, "Are you worried

00:05:52   that this free bumper program is going to create the perception that you need the bumper?"

00:05:57   I didn't ask that, and nobody quite asked that.

00:06:00   Such a rare case that you actually got to ask questions at an event.

00:06:08   But anyway, no, that's why I think Apple doesn't do the battery pack thing themselves.

00:06:14   I think they're happy to leave that to third parties and sell them in the store and still

00:06:19   make some money on it.

00:06:20   Eric Meyer Yeah, I'm excited for a new Mophie just for

00:06:24   when I travel.

00:06:25   I'm sure we'll hit on it a little bit, the battery with this phone.

00:06:29   But I mean, there's just no getting around it.

00:06:31   Even if it's a great battery, you're going to need, if you're traveling, you're going

00:06:35   to need it.

00:06:36   Some kind of extra Mophie or bring your power cable with you if you're far away for 12 hours.

00:06:46   As the years have gone on, at least since these Mophie things have existed, I don't

00:06:51   remember them in the 3GS era.

00:06:53   If they existed, I didn't have one.

00:06:54   I used to have like a thing you stuck on the bottom.

00:06:58   They definitely had one because I had not a mophie, but it was something that, and I

00:07:01   remember it because it had like a curved back to, you know, perfectly placed in the curved

00:07:06   back of the 3G and the 3GS.

00:07:09   It was, it didn't have a top to it, so it was kind of just like a bottom thing.

00:07:12   But yeah, there definitely was one.

00:07:14   I think it's, and it's one of those things that I'm guessing you're going to agree with

00:07:19   me and then it's going to make the people who still complain that the iPhone doesn't

00:07:25   have a replaceable battery and is half an inch thick want to strangle us.

00:07:31   But I think it's actually a very graceful solution to the problem where day to day,

00:07:36   I love how thin the iPhone is.

00:07:38   I really love how much thinner the iPhone 5 is and I get through the day with plenty

00:07:44   of battery life.

00:07:45   recording at 7.25 Eastern as we record and I've got what—I don't have the percentage

00:07:51   on but it looks like I've got at least 70% battery life left on this phone. That's

00:07:57   typical for me. I usually make it through the day and have half a charge left, no problem.

00:08:05   On days like you said, conferences are a killer and going to WWDC or something like that.

00:08:10   There's no way I could make it through the day.

00:08:13   And I'm often, you're not even near,

00:08:15   you're in the middle of a conferencing,

00:08:17   you don't have a plug near you.

00:08:18   The Mophie is a great solution to that.

00:08:21   So when I go to a conference,

00:08:24   instead of having my nice thin iPhone,

00:08:26   I've got a big fat iPhone with a case on it.

00:08:28   - Right, and that's like, yeah,

00:08:30   people don't really talk about that,

00:08:31   but that has, it's just a different solution.

00:08:33   You'd either have to carry around a second battery,

00:08:35   which would be smaller than a Mophie,

00:08:38   But the Mophie has the benefit of being a case,

00:08:41   if you want to use a case,

00:08:42   that will protect the phone a bit.

00:08:44   And it's, in the case of the last Mophie that I had,

00:08:48   which was kind of a, there's a super thin one,

00:08:52   and then there's like a more standard thicker one.

00:08:54   That's like an extra charge and a half.

00:08:56   So it's even better than having a secondary battery,

00:08:59   which would only be another one charge.

00:09:02   - All right, and you don't have to power your phone down

00:09:05   to swap it out. - Yep.

00:09:06   And I don't know, every time I test one of these other phones,

00:09:09   and I have to-- like a lot of these, some of the phones

00:09:11   even come without the battery in it.

00:09:13   And you have to--

00:09:13   Oh, yeah.

00:09:14   Most of it.

00:09:15   Like the-- what was the most recent one I have is the Galaxy--

00:09:20   the Nexus S. And that back is--

00:09:23   No, they get probably the Nexus Gal-- the Galaxy Nexus, I mean.

00:09:25   Yeah, sorry.

00:09:26   Galaxy Nexus.

00:09:26   That back is awful.

00:09:28   It's like--

00:09:28   Oh, I've got it right here.

00:09:29   And I just took it off.

00:09:30   And every time I do it, I feel like I can't

00:09:32   believe that I didn't just break it.

00:09:34   No, it feels it's like ripping off a sturdy band-aid, a band-aid that's been like solidified

00:09:39   by something.

00:09:40   It's like popping.

00:09:41   Or like the kind of band-aids they give you at a hospital, you know, like industrial strength

00:09:48   band-aids.

00:09:49   Yeah, I can't believe I'm not breaking off those little flimsy side hinges when I'm taking

00:09:56   that thing apart.

00:09:57   No, I think it's a good solution.

00:09:59   But it is true though that when they change the form factor, we're in this limbo where

00:10:05   now I don't have any extra juice.

00:10:07   I wonder if someone will, if the adapters come out first, get a 30-pin to Lightning

00:10:15   adapter and stick that in their Mophie and try and balance the iPhone 5 within an old

00:10:23   Mophie just without the top on or something like that.

00:10:26   I don't know.

00:10:29   So I figured that, and I think we can easily fill up the whole show with this.

00:10:34   There's no reason for us to rehash our reviews of the iPhone or iOS 6.

00:10:39   I thought, you know, I think everybody's going to read them.

00:10:42   Why don't we take questions and we can answer, you know, talk about stuff that maybe we didn't

00:10:46   address.

00:10:47   And I got plenty of questions on Twitter we could go through.

00:10:50   I have one for you though, and I didn't see anybody ask it.

00:10:53   It's one of those things that maybe doesn't occur to people.

00:10:59   It never really occurred to me until I started reviewing these phones.

00:11:04   But the first one I got to review before it came out was the Verizon iPhone 4.

00:11:12   And then I got the 4S last year.

00:11:16   And that question didn't really come up with those because they were visually identical

00:11:19   to the iPhone 4 on AT&T that was already up before.

00:11:24   So I could just sit there and use it in public and nobody would ever think twice.

00:11:28   But I wondered with this one whether they were going to give us any rules on where we

00:11:32   can take it out, what we can do, and they didn't really.

00:11:35   Yeah.

00:11:36   So there was more rules about what you—it was mostly about sharing photos, it seemed

00:11:41   like, because there would be the kind of the data attached to it where someone could tell

00:11:47   potentially, that it's coming from a different type of device.

00:11:52   But yeah, there were really no rules about that.

00:11:55   Obviously you're told to be careful and not show it to anyone besides your significant

00:12:01   other or your family if you're living at home.

00:12:05   But yeah, no...

00:12:07   And this is...

00:12:08   It makes testing it kind of tricky.

00:12:10   One day I took it out to take a panoramic picture to try and test that out, and I made

00:12:15   sure to go to a secluded area, you know, kind of far away where no one could possibly tell

00:12:20   what I was actually using to take the thing with. And a few times, you know, I would just

00:12:24   have it in my pocket and kind of be using the earpiece for like streaming music if I

00:12:31   was trying to do that.

00:12:33   I really wasn't secretive about it. I just used it whenever I would use an iPhone. I

00:12:37   didn't try to cover up the back or anything, and nobody said anything. And I think in general,

00:12:43   It looks enough like the iPhone 4 and 4S that I can't even imagine.

00:12:49   I think you'd have to be really, really in tune.

00:12:54   Yeah, you'd have to be both, you know, someone who's watching Apple News closely and closely

00:13:00   enough to know exactly what this new device looks like and what's exactly different about

00:13:03   it.

00:13:04   And I think the back is different enough though.

00:13:06   Like for example, today, you know, the first day we could kind of walk around just normally

00:13:10   with it.

00:13:11   I was using it on the Muni here, and definitely was getting a bunch of looks, but San Francisco

00:13:19   is also a place where, you know, tech heavy crowd, especially in between where I was going

00:13:23   to the Soma area, so definitely got some looks.

00:13:27   I bet that's very different there.

00:13:29   Yeah, it would be pretty dangerous, I think, to try and walk around just with it out before

00:13:37   the reviews come out because I think someone would figure out what you're doing.

00:13:42   And I do.

00:13:43   I walk around the city and I use it, but I really do try to be cognizant while I'm walking

00:13:49   and using my iPhone of that whole issue of somebody walking by, swiping it out of your

00:13:55   hand and taking off.

00:13:56   Right.

00:13:57   I do.

00:13:58   I mean, I'm sure that there's times when I get engrossed in what I'm looking at where

00:14:03   maybe I'm susceptible to that.

00:14:04   But with this one, I was so super paranoid because all I could think of is how awful

00:14:11   that phone call would be.

00:14:13   And I'll bet Apple would be really nice, but it's like that's a phone call you do not want

00:14:18   to make.

00:14:19   No.

00:14:20   Which makes it all the more incredible that it was an Apple engineer who is the one case

00:14:25   of someone losing it, leaving it at a bar.

00:14:29   Yeah.

00:14:30   There is no way that I want to be that guy.

00:14:31   No, definitely not.

00:14:32   Yeah, I think I tested the iPhone 4, so that was slightly different, significantly different,

00:14:39   but people had already kind of seen it because the Apple engineer who left it in the bar.

00:14:48   And the other thing too, and I mentioned this on this show I think with Moltz two weeks

00:14:52   ago, and again I don't think I'm spilling any secret, but to my knowledge, nobody, none

00:15:00   of the people in the press get seated with a review unit until after the event.

00:15:06   Yes, as far as I know. I certainly don't. But you know, I saw Pogue coming out

00:15:12   before me. I mean, so you know, I mean, there's, I don't think there's anybody in

00:15:16   the list higher than Pogue. Right. You know, and it just makes sense. I mean,

00:15:21   that's what, you know, we all had six days. Everybody who got a review unit got it

00:15:24   last Wednesday after the event or later. Yeah, though I don't know, I don't know if

00:15:28   I'm just thinking about this, remembering it differently.

00:15:32   But it seems to me that back in the day when maybe even

00:15:36   the first iPhone reviews were coming out and stuff,

00:15:39   obviously they had a different kind of crew,

00:15:42   some of the same people, Pogue and Mossberg, I'm sure,

00:15:44   had their review units.

00:15:46   But I think they had a smaller crew of people reviewing it

00:15:51   than even they do now.

00:15:52   And I want to say that they had it for a longer amount of time.

00:15:57   But that was also a kind of a weird situation because that first one, of course, they unveiled

00:16:04   in January and then didn't launch until June.

00:16:07   Yeah, that's a good question.

00:16:09   I wonder when those original iPhone review units went out.

00:16:13   Yeah, I think they had them for a longer time, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

00:16:18   I think they might have, too.

00:16:20   And I know that Apple—I know that there was a lot more hand-holding in terms—maybe

00:16:25   not handholdings are wrong term but that like help like the one the guys who

00:16:31   lived in New York who got them I know Steven Steven Levy was one that there

00:16:36   were Apple engineers who went to New York for the pure the entire period of

00:16:40   the review in case something he encountered any kind of problem or

00:16:44   anything like that yeah and remember there were there was like pictures I

00:16:48   think there was a picture of Steve Jobs like a little league baseball game using

00:16:52   No, a soccer game.

00:16:53   Soccer game, that's right.

00:16:54   It's terrible that I even remember that, but I remember it was a soccer game.

00:16:57   But, you know, so he had no problem using it out in public, because again, it had already

00:17:01   been unveiled.

00:17:02   Kind of funny, though.

00:17:03   It's one of the best pictures I can remember of Jobs, because it really seems like over

00:17:08   the years there were very few, like, casual pictures of him in his private life.

00:17:13   Yeah.

00:17:14   And, you know, it's to the credit of the tech industry that it's nothing like Hollywood

00:17:17   where there's any kind of paparazzi culture.

00:17:21   Right.

00:17:22   And who else would there really be?

00:17:24   Maybe that's why.

00:17:25   Jobs is maybe the only guy in the history of Silicon Valley who, if there had been a

00:17:28   paparazzi industry, people would have hounded him.

00:17:31   It was just a guy.

00:17:32   It was just another guy at the soccer game, and there's a picture of Steve Jobs using

00:17:35   an iPhone before the iPhone came out.

00:17:38   Right.

00:17:39   Right.

00:17:40   It's the ultimate humble bread.

00:17:42   I gotta put that in the show notes.

00:17:47   So yeah, I tried to go through and we got a lot of questions coming at us.

00:17:51   I tried to bookmark a few of them as well, but I know you went through and starred some of your favorites because

00:17:56   These have been coming in for a couple hours now

00:17:58   So I think you know the first thing we should probably address though is the is the map situation because as expected

00:18:05   That's that's the thing that everyone is talking about right now, and some people are up in arms and you'll - at his post

00:18:10   There's there's one on tech crunch that even haven't even read yet

00:18:13   But it's uh it's pretty you know scathing review of of what's going on with the map situation

00:18:18   So we should probably yeah and an eels was pretty good and his example was pretty pretty damning where he lives in Manhattan

00:18:24   and searched for

00:18:26   Something something Lexington and it that came up as whatever Lexington Avenue is in Brooklyn

00:18:33   Yep, which is really really a bad guess and it is

00:18:36   Exactly the sort of thing that Google is good at not just in maps

00:18:40   but in anything where just with a little bit of context right of hey, you're in Manhattan and

00:18:48   if you're searching for some number Lexington, you almost certainly mean Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

00:18:54   Right, and it's because they have years and years worth of data now to show exactly what people are

00:19:00   likely to be looking for based on not only search queries, but location of that. And Apple is new to this.

00:19:09   So that's going to be one of those unfortunate kind of early road bumps, which is something that

00:19:16   you have to imagine will get better, of course it will. But yeah, that's going to be a really

00:19:22   annoying thing. Have you run into anything like that, any major issues like in Philadelphia?

00:19:28   Is it okay there? You know what, testing it out day to day in Philly, I just walk everywhere 90%

00:19:35   of the time, and it's been fine. But Philly is like Manhattan, it's a grid city. So it's really,

00:19:43   really it's not a stress test for mapping it's not like Boston we did the

00:19:49   driving I used the turn-by-turn on Saturday morning and he had we had to go

00:19:54   over to New Jersey because my wife was raising funds for this charity walk and

00:19:58   we had to get there and New Jersey is kind of notorious notoriously bad

00:20:03   driving state I mean number one that people who live there are just awful

00:20:06   drivers and I know that you know there's people who live in New Jersey who listen

00:20:10   into the show, but you guys know it's true.

00:20:12   (laughing)

00:20:13   I mean, you guys are terrible.

00:20:14   - Right.

00:20:15   - And it's a turnaround state,

00:20:19   where almost everywhere,

00:20:21   you're never allowed to make a left turn.

00:20:23   You've gotta go past the intersection

00:20:25   and go to a turnaround.

00:20:26   - Right, right. - So that you're making

00:20:28   a right and a right and a right to make a left,

00:20:30   which is why, in my opinion,

00:20:31   everybody in New Jersey is a terrible driver,

00:20:33   is because they never learn how to make a left turn.

00:20:35   (laughing)

00:20:37   And the turn-by-turn directions were great

00:20:40   until the very, very end, and then it just sort of,

00:20:43   it's like, it got us really close,

00:20:46   and then there's no way to actually turn on the road

00:20:48   we wanted to meet, and I think what happened

00:20:50   is it got confused by the whole turnaround thing.

00:20:53   Like it did, I think it put us right where we wanted to be,

00:20:56   but on the other side of the road.

00:20:58   And it was, you know, we just kinda had to eyeball it

00:21:01   from there, you know, like a bunch of monkeys

00:21:04   who don't even have, you know, computer-aided

00:21:07   driving instructions.

00:21:08   - Right. - Like the old days.

00:21:09   So that was one hiccup.

00:21:13   But other than that, I haven't run into it.

00:21:15   But I'm not really a heavy maps user.

00:21:17   I wasn't sure how else to test it.

00:21:19   I typed some things in Philadelphia.

00:21:21   I typed how to walk to City Hall, and it gave me exactly the right directions to City Hall.

00:21:28   Yeah, and I'm pretty much the same way.

00:21:32   I used the driving directions once.

00:21:34   We were at a wedding this weekend, and we kind of used it to get there, and it worked

00:21:37   perfectly.

00:21:38   I was really happy with the way it worked.

00:21:41   Especially, you can go into other apps and do something

00:21:44   and it keeps alerting you when it needs to alert you.

00:21:47   And it's great that it works in lock screen,

00:21:49   great that it works horizontally as well as vertically.

00:21:52   And I had no problem with any of that.

00:21:54   It was also, the maps themselves were pretty good.

00:21:57   We were in Carmel, which is a less populated area

00:22:00   than San Francisco.

00:22:01   And I was able to find these small little restaurants

00:22:03   that we were going to, it all seemed to be there

00:22:05   and worked just fine to get us to those places.

00:22:09   San Francisco, I've used it a pretty good amount of times.

00:22:13   Now, the one thing I haven't tried too much

00:22:16   is the Muni system here.

00:22:18   That's not because I don't think that,

00:22:20   you know, I just, I think that the Muni system itself

00:22:23   kind of sucks and I don't, I never use Google Maps for it

00:22:26   because it's just hard to know

00:22:28   if the Muni is actually working on that day

00:22:30   and they have pretty bad data sharing

00:22:32   for that kind of information.

00:22:33   And so that's the thing that has everyone up in arms,

00:22:36   or one of the major things that has everyone up in arms

00:22:38   as well is of course the public transportation stuff.

00:22:41   And Apple has said that they're gonna partner

00:22:43   with third parties on it.

00:22:45   I think some of those are starting to go live.

00:22:47   I don't know, I don't think that they were live.

00:22:49   They certainly weren't live leading up to the reviews.

00:22:51   I looked for a few things and nothing was ready to go yet.

00:22:55   It just said it was kind of a blank screen

00:22:57   in the transit area.

00:22:58   - Yeah, same with Passbook.

00:23:00   - Yeah, I actually, I got some,

00:23:02   I got them to send me some demo things for Passbook right before the thing.

00:23:08   That seemed to work well, and I think some of those apps are going live right now too.

00:23:12   But the transit stuff is problematic, though I've already... someone... you know Buzz Anderson

00:23:19   actually tweeted out earlier to look at this app called Transit, which I just downloaded.

00:23:26   And this thing is pretty slick looking.

00:23:28   It updates in real time.

00:23:29   It's optimized for the iPhone 5 screen already.

00:23:33   I mean this looks, I'm going to get a lot of shit for this, but this looks better than

00:23:39   anything in the transit aspect of Google Maps that I was using previously within iOS 5 and

00:23:46   before that.

00:23:48   And does it work across cities?

00:23:50   Right now it's just kind of locating you, so it's locating me in San Francisco and it's

00:23:56   showing me the nearest bus routes, and it's hiding 32 more just in case I want to search

00:24:02   for something. Then you can also search. I could try looking up New York.

00:24:07   But do you know, is it San Francisco only, or would it work in other major cities?

00:24:11   I believe it works in every major city. And it's actually using—it's powered by Foursquare

00:24:15   data, which is sort of interesting.

00:24:16   Huh. Well, that's interesting.

00:24:18   Yeah.

00:24:19   Because that's the one thing I was wondering how this was going to play out. And I know

00:24:22   that there is no worldwide standard for public transportation sharing.

00:24:30   Even though it's public transportation and you'd think that they would be obligated to

00:24:33   sort of make it somehow share the data, that there's some proprietariness as to who's got

00:24:40   the data and stuff like that.

00:24:42   Right.

00:24:43   And there's all different kinds of systems and they don't talk to each other.

00:24:45   Even in San Francisco, there's two or three different systems, Caltrain, BART, Muni.

00:24:50   And to Google's credit, it was a mountain of work to just sort of encapsulate all that

00:24:55   in Google Maps.

00:24:56   Right.

00:24:57   And another, you know, there's a bunch of other apps that have been out for a bit or

00:25:01   are coming out soon that are kind of using city by city, different variations of the

00:25:06   maps.

00:25:07   So you download a specific app for New York City or you download a specific map for San

00:25:11   Francisco, for Los Angeles, whatever.

00:25:13   So I'm not sure just because this one is located just to where I am.

00:25:19   But this looks pretty good.

00:25:23   So I think it remains to be seen how well it will integrate within Maps itself.

00:25:27   And if it's worth getting up in arms about right now, it's definitely...

00:25:34   I understand where the rage is coming from, because it is something that, at least on

00:25:40   the face of it, looks like Apple is taking a step backwards, and people are going to

00:25:44   be upset about that from a functionality standpoint.

00:25:47   Not everyone, I think, knows why it's happening.

00:25:51   I think you made this point earlier that we don't know for sure that it was all just Apple

00:25:55   wanting to do it.

00:25:56   Maybe there was some negotiation between Google as well and they just decided to part ways.

00:26:02   I'd heard something to that effect, just kind of a one source thing, but something

00:26:07   along those lines that it wasn't all that different from the YouTube situation.

00:26:10   Dave: Actually, after I wrote that today, I had a little birdie tell me that that was

00:26:15   roughly in the ballpark. And that's not to say that it's entirely Google's fault. It's

00:26:20   just that there were negotiations and that where Google was coming from, Apple was not

00:26:25   -- it really was not satisfactory.

00:26:28   So if there was any sort of debate within Apple about whether their own mapping stuff

00:26:32   was ready to pull the trigger on this year or did they need another year, that the stance

00:26:38   with Google made it worse. It nudged them more in that direction. Like I don't think

00:26:43   that it was, I don't think it was cut and dry in any way. I don't think it was cut and

00:26:47   dry in terms of where Apple felt their own mapping tech was. I don't think it was cut

00:26:51   and dry like Google's demands were simply untenable, but it definitely was like a mixed

00:26:58   bag like that.

00:26:59   Yeah, and that's essentially the same exact thing that I heard. And so, I mean, it is

00:27:05   what it is. There's no question that this is going to get better over time.

00:27:10   Right. Because it gets better by collecting usage

00:27:13   data. Just like with Siri, where Siri got better, so they kind of had to release Siri

00:27:19   as a beta too early, like not good enough, because it needed the millions of people using

00:27:24   it to get better with the aggregate data. The big difference, though, is that Siri wasn't

00:27:29   replacing something, whereas Apple's maps are replacing a mapping system that was really

00:27:35   good.

00:27:36   Yeah, and I know you highlighted earlier, and I did later as well, Scott Raffer was

00:27:41   talking a bit about the flip side of this, which is, everyone's overlooking, but it's

00:27:45   also, the reason why this is probably more of a mutual thing too is because this is actually

00:27:50   really bad for Google as well because they're losing tens of millions of devices that were

00:27:55   sending them data and perfecting their mapping system. And that's all going out the window

00:28:01   now. It's not just the Maps app itself, it's also the SDK stuff. So all those apps that

00:28:05   were using the Google Maps SDK, which are now switching over to Apple Maps, I mean,

00:28:10   Google can't be happy about losing that data.

00:28:13   That's just valuable information that they no longer have.

00:28:15   Yeah.

00:28:16   And even so, even the other thing too, and I'm not trying to say rah rah, the new maps

00:28:21   is all a big bag of candy, but there's definitely some good stuff in there.

00:28:25   Like the graphics are much improved, and they're based on not just in terms of graphic design,

00:28:31   but although that's better too, they just look better.

00:28:33   But now they're vector images, so they scale better.

00:28:36   Whereas before it was all a bunch of bitmaps, and if you zoomed in or zoomed out, you had

00:28:39   to re-download a new set of tiles because it was all bitmaps.

00:28:45   Google has vector images from apps but withheld them from Apple.

00:28:48   Apple didn't get those.

00:28:50   Now they have them because they have their own tiles.

00:28:53   And it's definitely better.

00:28:54   When you pinch in, zoom in out, it's better.

00:28:59   And the app is better.

00:29:00   The app has actually been much, just in terms of stepping away from the data, the mapping

00:29:05   data, just the interface of the app itself is really nice.

00:29:08   Yeah, I mean, as I said in my review of it, I don't think that it's as good yet as Google

00:29:17   Maps previously was, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.

00:29:22   And I know that people are going to be up in arms about it because it's a change and

00:29:25   everyone gets up in arms about pretty much every change.

00:29:28   And there is no question that it's a slight step backwards, but I don't know how the actual

00:29:34   regular general public will feel about this.

00:29:36   So right now we're still in the phase where it's mostly the tech community and the surrounding

00:29:43   areas that are downloading iOS 6 today and are experiencing it for the first time and

00:29:48   getting all up in arms.

00:29:49   But when regular people start to use this, it's not clear how much they'll view it as

00:29:54   a downgrade or if they'll really even care, if they'll notice the differences.

00:29:58   Obviously people who use transit a lot will.

00:30:02   Public transportation, I think, will.

00:30:03   But overall, I don't know.

00:30:06   I just don't think it ends up being that big of a deal like three months from now.

00:30:10   Yeah, I don't think so either.

00:30:11   We'll see.

00:30:12   It's definitely something I think everybody's going to keep their eyes on.

00:30:14   And I also don't think it's something that Apple is in any way underestimating.

00:30:18   Yes.

00:30:19   I don't think they were like, "Oh, yeah, yeah.

00:30:20   We'll just switch maps."

00:30:21   I mean, I think they realized that this is a pretty big deal, similar to the move from

00:30:28   doing everything tethered over USB to your computer to iCloud, that if people are going

00:30:34   to start trusting their backups to iCloud, Apple took that, you know, I think very seriously.

00:30:39   And I think in hindsight it's worked out very well.

00:30:43   Another thing, before we get to the reader questions, just a couple of notes I had.

00:30:46   It really stands out to me today, and just, you know, I'm sure there's somebody somewhere

00:30:50   who had a problem downloading and upgrading to iOS 6, but it seems like, again, it was

00:30:55   another major update that rolled out really, really smoothly.

00:30:58   And nobody else in the industry is getting updates like that.

00:31:02   here's the day the OS comes out and everybody who wants it can just go get

00:31:07   it over the air right I was even I was I was at home earlier before I had head out

00:31:11   for the day for my meetings and debating whether or not to update my iPhone 4s

00:31:18   which I hadn't updated yet I didn't even have it on the beta any of the beta

00:31:21   builds of the virus 6 and so I just was like well let's just see how it works I

00:31:25   don't see much people many people complaining about it on Twitter and took

00:31:28   I don't know half an hour total between all the resets and installing and downloading and and then resetting and it worked fine. It was great

00:31:35   Yeah, I did the same I had my I did my iPhone 4s on the 8 through the ADC

00:31:44   I did the I put the GM build on a couple days ago or but when I started testing the iPhone

00:31:49   5 so that I could do if I did anything side by side, it would be the same OS on both. Yep

00:31:55   But I did my iPad just like a normal consumer today, and it couldn't have been easier

00:32:00   I mean, it was just tap tap and then you know next thing you know

00:32:04   I'm updated and one nobody else gets I mean Android users dream of something right and they've and I think they've been

00:32:09   Promising it for a couple of years, and it just never seems to quite get come to fruition

00:32:13   One other nice thing that I noticed

00:32:17   With the the iOS 5 to iOS 6 update on the 4s was you know so I've I've used that that device for a year now

00:32:24   I had a lot of kind of saved history within maps for things I was searching for.

00:32:29   It saved all of that stuff, even though it's a completely new app, completely redone.

00:32:34   They were able to port all of that saved information, including my searches that I was doing a few

00:32:39   days ago, are all still right there.

00:32:42   And even the search field itself was still populated with the last thing that I had searched

00:32:46   for in the old version of maps.

00:32:48   That's pretty impressive.

00:32:49   Interesting.

00:32:50   Yeah.

00:32:51   Interesting.

00:32:52   I didn't notice that.

00:32:53   Here's another one I have.

00:32:57   I'm sort of all over the map here.

00:32:58   But I'm interested because you had the black iPhone 5.

00:33:02   I've got the white one.

00:33:05   Do you agree that blacks look a lot blacker on screen?

00:33:08   Oh yeah.

00:33:09   Yeah.

00:33:10   I also think, and just looking at the picture you posted in your review on TechCrunch, when

00:33:15   the screen is off, it looks like black is blacker.

00:33:18   Yeah.

00:33:19   looking at it right now, you really can't tell where the screen starts until you tilt

00:33:25   it a little bit into a bit of light.

00:33:28   And then, especially with the, so just on the main screen, the lock screen, you've

00:33:36   got the black along the top, the black bar with the carrier, in this case Verizon, and

00:33:41   the battery indicator.

00:33:43   And it's pretty close to what the face of the actual phone is.

00:33:49   And I think you hit on this in your review that with the letterboxed apps, you think

00:33:56   you might not be able to tell where the face of the iPhone ends and where the letterboxing

00:34:02   begins and that's really true.

00:34:04   Especially part of it's because of the colors and the light of the app itself, but it almost

00:34:12   just looks normal.

00:34:14   It looks like you're using an iPhone 4S.

00:34:16   It's just kind of centered in the middle of this slightly larger device.

00:34:20   Yeah, it definitely sticks out on the white one.

00:34:23   The Letterboxd apps really just look a little off.

00:34:29   But again, I don't think that should keep anybody who wants to buy the white one from

00:34:32   buying the white one because, I mean, literally today, I think I've had 50 app updates.

00:34:38   I think I'm down to one app that I use on a daily basis that hasn't been updated yet

00:34:43   for the new screen.

00:34:44   simple note. I talked to a developer earlier who had updated

00:34:48   right before the rollout and just said

00:34:50   super easy as long as your app is doing something that's

00:34:55   kind of a linear timeline based thing, I mean

00:34:58   most of these already have scrolling built in so all they're doing is just

00:35:01   showing more of that screen so it's a really easy one. I wrote yesterday

00:35:05   when I linked to the new Netflix app and I called it weak sauce that it

00:35:09   wasn't updated yet and I got some flack from people saying come on give

00:35:13   these guys are break, the thing was only announced six days ago. And so maybe that weak sauce

00:35:19   is a little bit harsh. But the thing that I noticed though is that I was already getting

00:35:22   updates from other apps that supported it. And the fact that Netflix plays video, video

00:35:29   really is the one, I would say it's the one thing that benefits the most from the new

00:35:34   screen size because it's 16 to 9. I mean, that's the single biggest reason I think to

00:35:39   go 16 to 9 is video playback. And what's the one thing you'd use the Netflix app for? It's

00:35:44   video playback.

00:35:45   And Netflix went out of their way.

00:35:46   People saying that they can't test or whatever. But it doesn't seem to have stopped anybody

00:35:48   else. Like you said, I can't speak firsthand. I don't have an app in the App Store. But

00:35:53   it doesn't seem like it was hard. And all of the apps that I've tried so far that claim

00:35:59   compatibility in the release notes, every single one of them works just fine. I haven't

00:36:03   had a single app that says that it works on the iPhone 5 screen that doesn't for some

00:36:08   reason.

00:36:09   none of those developers have actually seen, or most of them have not seen even the iPhone 5.

00:36:13   They're doing it purely off of the emulator. So, and yeah, Netflix obviously knows that they had

00:36:20   it in their notes like coming soon, you know, support for the iPhone 5. Also, you know,

00:36:26   along those lines, it's pretty sad that Twitter released a huge update yesterday and could not

00:36:33   add in support for the iPhone 5. I mean, maybe it was coincidental, maybe they were targeting

00:36:38   that day before.

00:36:40   I mean, they couldn't have known when the reviews were

00:36:42   going to come out, or you think they wouldn't.

00:36:43   Though they are built into iOS, I mean,

00:36:45   they do work with Apple closely.

00:36:47   And so how could Apple not give them the heads up like, hey,

00:36:49   on this day, make sure your app is kind of ready to go.

00:36:54   And then just adding kind of fuel to the fire,

00:36:57   Tweetbot, of course, comes out with one

00:36:58   that's the update that's perfect.

00:37:01   So did Twiddleater knew.

00:37:03   And just by-- I almost took the screenshot,

00:37:05   and then I should have, because I

00:37:07   I would have had to hold it until after the embargo was over. But I had an update yesterday

00:37:14   where there were three and only three apps that had been updated, and it was so poetic.

00:37:19   It was Twitilator, New, Tweetbot, and Twitter. And it was the two third-party clients that

00:37:26   updated to support the new screen size and Twitter that didn't.

00:37:29   Right, which is, I mean, to be fair, Facebook didn't either. Facebook did not push an update,

00:37:35   with all their new talk of native compatibility and the new integration within iOS 6, they're

00:37:39   not still ready to go, and they have a huge team, obviously, but it's ridiculous that

00:37:43   Twitter put out a huge update, 5.0, they make a big deal about it, and they don't have it

00:37:48   ready to go for this.

00:37:49   All right, let me take a break.

00:37:51   Let me do this first sponsor.

00:37:53   And first sponsor is an iPhone app called Log Your Run.

00:37:58   All one word, Log Your Run.

00:38:00   And it's an iPhone app for people interested in tracking any sort of outdoor activity.

00:38:06   And it's developed by a guy named Tim West.

00:38:07   He's an indie developer and he's been writing apps for the App Store all the way since 2009.

00:38:13   And so the update, speaking of apps that are on the ball, doing the right thing, he worked

00:38:18   hard to have an update ready.

00:38:20   The one that's in the App Store right now, it's ready for the launch of the iPhone 5.

00:38:23   I can vouch for it.

00:38:24   It takes advantage of the new screen size.

00:38:27   In email, Tim tells me he lost seven pounds just

00:38:30   while testing it, the new version for iOS 6.

00:38:34   So he uses-- it takes advantage both of the iPhone 5,

00:38:38   the new screen size, and some of the new features in iOS 6.

00:38:41   And they've got some new GPS stuff, the location stuff

00:38:44   in iOS 6.

00:38:47   It takes advantage of the new map APIs, more accurate

00:38:51   location, like Wi-Fi location.

00:38:54   So it's really great, perfect for iOS 6, even better

00:38:57   than it was before on iOS 5.

00:38:59   So what's the app do?

00:39:00   Well, it tracks sort of like a pedometer type thing,

00:39:04   tracks how far you've gone.

00:39:05   And it also has training programs that you can do.

00:39:09   You can do stuff for like couch to 5K.

00:39:13   You can train for a full marathon.

00:39:16   It's even great though for stuff if you're not

00:39:18   into running or jogging or something like that.

00:39:20   It's great for just logging walks,

00:39:22   like if you walk your dog and want to see how far you go

00:39:24   every day.

00:39:26   It'll tell you how many calories you've burned, distance traveled, time taken, and to top

00:39:32   it all off, you can share the data on Twitter or Facebook and/or you can set up an account

00:39:39   on logyourrun.com and the data will sync to it and so it's all backed up and you can switch

00:39:45   to another device, plug in your user account and all of the data you'd used on your other

00:39:49   device is right there.

00:39:53   Really great app.

00:39:54   It's in the App Store, $1.99.

00:39:57   Two bucks.

00:39:58   Two bucks and you get this great app.

00:40:00   You can find out more.

00:40:01   You can look up Log Your Run on the App Store or you can go to logyourrun.com.

00:40:08   Check it out.

00:40:09   How, you know, speaking of a third-party app that's doing map integration like they are,

00:40:13   how does that look?

00:40:15   I really haven't played around too much with the third-party stuff, so doing it through

00:40:18   the SDK, I assume it's just kind of the exact same.

00:40:22   Maybe the hooks are the exact same.

00:40:23   Just looks great. Yep, just looks right there

00:40:26   You know and look it's exactly what you think it's just you know, it's the new look with the the new style maps. Yep. Thanks

00:40:35   So let's get to some of these questions. Let me see

00:40:38   Let's see what my favorites have I just favorited a bunch of these questions

00:40:42   a

00:40:45   Lot of these we already covered are the maps concerns real or just hyped fears. I think it's

00:40:51   Hyped right now. It's it's over. We don't know. I think there is something to really have to find out when more people start you. Yeah

00:40:57   I

00:40:59   Have one real quick that wasn't that I didn't see answered in any other thing

00:41:03   So someone asked I don't know if we're reading these names out, but Marcus

00:41:06   Splegel asks

00:41:09   The keyboard in landscape mode. So obviously we have a larger screen now

00:41:13   So how does it handle that? So I look I you know did the little test with the 4s versus the iPhone 5 so it's actually

00:41:20   The keys are bigger. They do make them a little bit bigger, so it should be easier to type now in landscape mode than it was previously.

00:41:27   There's also a little bit of a sliver of open room now on either side of the keyboard.

00:41:33   The space bar is significantly larger than it was on the 4S.

00:41:38   So yeah, they basically just made the keyboard a little bit longer, including all the keys.

00:41:44   Obviously for when it's in vertical mode,

00:41:47   it's going to be the exact same keyboard

00:41:49   'cause it's the same vertical width.

00:41:51   But yeah, landscape, the keys are bigger.

00:41:55   - But they're not as big, the maximum size they could be.

00:41:57   That's sort of like they figured out,

00:41:59   well look, here's the widest it could be

00:42:01   and still be comfortable,

00:42:02   and it still doesn't stretch to the whole side,

00:42:04   so there's like some white space on the left and right.

00:42:06   - Yep, exactly.

00:42:07   - I never type that way, do you?

00:42:09   - No, I don't either.

00:42:11   Mostly, I don't use, I use the horizontal view

00:42:14   for looking at watching videos.

00:42:17   Trying to think of, I use it a lot actually on the iPad,

00:42:21   especially now with the Logitech keyboard accessory,

00:42:25   constantly in landscape mode,

00:42:26   but I don't use the iPhone all that much.

00:42:29   Some games and some videos, that's pretty much it.

00:42:32   - Yeah, same here.

00:42:32   Do you have the same problem I do

00:42:35   with the letterboxed apps where typing is off

00:42:38   because the keyboard is raised up?

00:42:40   glad you said that in your review. I didn't really hit upon that. I noted that it's hard to...I

00:42:44   keep miss hitting on top when I'm trying to scroll to the top because I'm aiming for right below the

00:42:53   earpiece and instead you need to aim for where the time is. So that's screwed me up a bit. But yes,

00:43:00   also while typing with the keyboard when it's in a letterboxed app is definitely a bit off.

00:43:07   I'm especially having problems with the lower left for some reason.

00:43:10   I just keep missing it.

00:43:11   Yep, same here.

00:43:12   Same exact thing here.

00:43:13   Yeah.

00:43:14   Like the shift key and I don't know.

00:43:15   But again, I really don't think it's going to be a problem.

00:43:17   I really think every app that I use on a regular basis is going to be updated probably by the

00:43:21   time this show airs.

00:43:22   Yeah.

00:43:23   Yep, totally.

00:43:25   Lex Friedman, our friend Lex Friedman asks, "When you run an older app boxed, does tapping

00:43:31   the top of the iPhone screen scroll up?"

00:43:34   There we go.

00:43:35   the actual status bar. You have to tap the status bar.

00:43:38   It has to be the status bar. That's something that's also been annoying to me.

00:43:43   The letterbox area is just a dead zone. It does nothing. It's like it doesn't even

00:43:49   exist as far as I can tell.

00:43:51   Did you notice that when you have a push notification that comes in, it goes down in that area,

00:43:57   and it actually does not go over the app at all. It goes down perfectly into the space,

00:44:02   the black space above the app, which I think is a—

00:44:04   No, I did not notice that.

00:44:06   As far as I can tell, I can't say I read every single review, but I do believe that

00:44:10   yours is the only one I read that pointed that out.

00:44:12   So that's actually a point to MG.

00:44:16   Good observation.

00:44:17   Thank you.

00:44:18   Yeah.

00:44:19   No, I hadn't seen that.

00:44:20   I thought that was a pretty nice touch of how to do that.

00:44:21   Because remember before when people were talking about how they could possibly do a longer

00:44:26   screen?

00:44:27   Some people were mentioning that.

00:44:28   Like maybe they just do kind of notifications in that area, because right now it just goes

00:44:32   above the top of the app, and that's kind of what they ended up doing for older apps.

00:44:38   Is that what happens with apps that aren't letterboxed, though?

00:44:42   Do they get squished down with letterboxed notifications?

00:44:45   They don't get squished down.

00:44:46   Or do notifications go on top again?

00:44:47   They get – yeah, it goes on top.

00:44:48   It has that weird kind of animation where it almost looks like it's rotating in.

00:44:52   Yeah.

00:44:53   Yeah.

00:44:54   Though –

00:44:55   Maybe they should have squeezed them down, presuming that they all support – there

00:44:59   There are no apps that support only the big size.

00:45:02   Right.

00:45:03   So they already have those assets that they need to get the size right.

00:45:09   I don't know what switching the assets would be like.

00:45:11   But yeah, I always thought that it was a little strange how notifications kind of roll in

00:45:17   on top of the apps.

00:45:20   But things like when you're on a call or you have something else, you have Skype that's

00:45:26   live, it squishes everything, right?

00:45:29   Rather than kind of rolling down or rolling on top of it, that actually squishes, whereas

00:45:33   notifications just lay on top.

00:45:35   It's kind of a weird thing.

00:45:37   You know what?

00:45:38   And that brings to mind my least favorite change in iOS 6, very least.

00:45:43   And I find it almost baffling.

00:45:47   And Craig Hockenberry and I talked about it a few weeks ago when he was on the show, but

00:45:50   I think that segment got cut during the editing process.

00:45:53   all sorts of good stuff gets cut on these shows, which is the new colored status bar.

00:45:59   Oh, yes. Yeah.

00:46:01   Where it's some kind of algorithm that the, you know, and in all the built-in apps, it's

00:46:06   blue.

00:46:07   Right.

00:46:08   Where you can see it. So, like, if you open Settings app, you can see it. You open Settings

00:46:11   app, and instead of this silver status bar, wherever it used to be silver in all previous

00:46:17   versions of iOS 6, like a platinum sort of color. Now it's a color that's computed on

00:46:24   the fly based on the color of the status bar at the top of the screen. So in settings,

00:46:30   it's sort of a light blue. And in theory, like an app like Yelp where it's red, it would

00:46:35   be pink or something like that.

00:46:37   So I just opened Yelp. It's not yet, but Yelp also isn't optimized yet.

00:46:42   No, actually what Yelp did though, no I think they did optimize, but I thought what I noticed

00:46:48   was that Yelp went with the black status bar.

00:46:50   Yeah, Yelp is black, sorry.

00:46:51   Right.

00:46:52   It's not red.

00:46:53   So what it is, this to me is so confusing and it's actually very disappointing and almost

00:46:59   a little concerning that that status bar color thing went through the whole summer and nobody

00:47:04   at Apple took it out.

00:47:08   Because A, it's ugly.

00:47:10   It really is.

00:47:11   It looks terrible, I think, even when it's blue.

00:47:13   And in other apps that have custom colored status bars, which is a nice way and a common

00:47:17   way for apps to brand themselves, like some to-do app, instead of being blue, it's green.

00:47:23   And that's their color.

00:47:24   And Yelp, clearly, very branded with the red.

00:47:29   Netflix branded with red.

00:47:31   It's a good way to brand your app.

00:47:34   These colored status bars, it's just ugly.

00:47:36   I really can't believe that they would do that.

00:47:40   And it's like it's more complicated now.

00:47:42   It's like why is it?

00:47:43   Or the second reason why I think it's a bad idea is that a colored status bar previously

00:47:51   always had very specific meanings.

00:47:53   Right.

00:47:54   Yep.

00:47:55   I was just going to say that.

00:47:56   It means you're on a call or...

00:47:57   Green means there's a phone call.

00:47:59   Yep.

00:48:00   Blue means you've got tethering on.

00:48:02   Yep.

00:48:04   And then the connection.

00:48:05   Somebody's connected with what do they call tethering?

00:48:09   sharing or whatever they call it. But you're tethered. In other words, you don't want to

00:48:16   accidentally leave it on. Marco Arment at WWDC had his MacBook tethered to his iPad because it

00:48:25   was better than the hotel Wi-Fi but left it open when he went to sleep and then iTunes kicked in

00:48:30   and downloaded a new episode of Mad Men and used up his entire 2 gig allotment. So he was out like

00:48:36   It was like a $15 extra charge for downloading an episode.

00:48:40   So you want to know that, though.

00:48:41   You want that blue status information is important.

00:48:44   And red means you're recording.

00:48:45   I totally agree.

00:48:46   Another thing.

00:48:47   That has actually tricked me.

00:48:49   I look at this.

00:48:50   I have mail open right now, and it looks like I'm tethering because it's pretty much the

00:48:54   same.

00:48:55   It's slightly different.

00:48:56   Right.

00:48:57   And it's not even like with the mail app.

00:48:59   So the mail already has kind of this gradient fade at the top of it going from kind of a

00:49:05   gray or white to a darker blue. And so it just doesn't really match this kind of muted

00:49:12   blue that they have along the status bar. It just doesn't look very good.

00:49:17   No, it really doesn't. The black, I think. The ones that do black

00:49:21   look pretty good. I wish they would have just gone with black.

00:49:23   The third reason that I find it concerning is that the proper solution was staring them

00:49:30   right in the face, which is to – it's not to say that the status bar color rules

00:49:36   from the iPhone didn't need to be changed or whatever.

00:49:39   I think they could have been made better.

00:49:40   But what they should have done is just copy the iPad.

00:49:44   Here's the rules for the iPad status bar.

00:49:46   If the status bar is visible, it's black.

00:49:49   That's it.

00:49:50   That's the rule.

00:49:51   There is no colored status bar on the iPad.

00:49:53   That's it.

00:49:54   If it's there, it's black, and that's it.

00:49:58   And it's great.

00:49:59   that's what they should have done for the iPhone. Just make it black all the time.

00:50:02   Yeah, it really does look better when it is black.

00:50:05   So what I think developers should do, because developers get to choose. In the old days,

00:50:09   you used to get to choose between the silver one or the black one or not to have one. Or I guess

00:50:14   you could have a clear one that shows your wallpaper through the back. Everybody should

00:50:22   just ask for the black one. And wait for Apple to get the hint and just, in a future update

00:50:30   to iOS, just make it black for everybody and take out the whole option. But yeah, if I

00:50:36   could change it in any one app, it would be mail, because mail's the one app I use the

00:50:39   most where that stupid blue status bar is staring me right in the face.

00:50:44   BRIAN: Yeah, it's pretty bad. I'm trying to look now to see if there are any others that

00:50:48   that are as glaring as the blue.

00:50:51   Even like Apple's own, even the music app uses black now.

00:50:56   - Right.

00:50:58   - Yeah.

00:50:59   - Well I think anybody with good taste

00:51:00   wants the black one now.

00:51:01   - Right.

00:51:02   - I don't know, 'cause what Apple should've done

00:51:03   is just given everybody the black one.

00:51:05   - Yeah.

00:51:07   Yeah.

00:51:07   - Let's see, next question.

00:51:10   This one's sort of open-ended.

00:51:13   Well here, let's take the first one.

00:51:15   Ryan Jones has two questions.

00:51:17   first is are we now convinced that they're going to stick with a TikTok strategy?

00:51:20   In other words, is next year's iPhone going to look just like this one?

00:51:23   Right.

00:51:27   I would guess yes.

00:51:28   I would guess that the next iPhone, you know, based on nothing other than what they've done

00:51:33   in the past.

00:51:34   But I think they're pretty happy with this design and I think they should be.

00:51:37   I think they have every reason to be pretty happy with this design.

00:51:40   So you know, unless they're going with something radically different, I don't know why they

00:51:46   would necessarily change this? I'm trying to think if there's any improvements they

00:51:51   could do. Of course, there are improvements they could do, but is there anything that

00:51:56   would constitute a lot of work being put in to replace something that's pretty well done

00:52:03   right now? I would guess that they—

00:52:05   I think unless something turns up, like all of a sudden three months from now, all of

00:52:10   these day one iPhones, the glue starts coming off them or something like that, and they

00:52:15   of peeling apart, unless there's something like that, some kind of technical problem

00:52:19   that comes up. I think they would because, A, I think it's really good and B, I think

00:52:25   that they appreciate the way that they can benefit from releasing a new phone that already

00:52:30   has a gazillion cases and accessories that fit it on day one.

00:52:36   Eric Meyer You know, one thing that people have been saying

00:52:38   that I haven't noticed, but I've gotten the question a few times, is scuffing on the back.

00:52:43   So you have the white one, so it's silver.

00:52:45   Mine's the slate or whatever they're calling it.

00:52:49   I haven't noticed that yet,

00:52:50   but a few people have brought it up,

00:52:51   so I don't know if that will end up being an issue,

00:52:55   but that could be something where maybe they reinforce

00:52:58   or change the coating on the aluminum of the back

00:53:01   if that really is an issue, and that remains to be seen.

00:53:03   - Right, and it wouldn't be unprecedented.

00:53:05   Like, remember the first, or one of the first iPod Nanos

00:53:10   where the front face was some kind of

00:53:12   plastic that was bizarrely scratchable. Almost hard to believe that it went through testing.

00:53:19   I haven't noticed it, but I tend to take pretty good care of my iPhones in general, and I

00:53:26   take extra special care of these review units. So I can't say that I've put it down on any

00:53:32   surface that I think would have even scratched it. But somebody told me that – and I didn't

00:53:37   look, but somebody told me that in Gadgets' photos of theirs, that their black one looks

00:53:42   like along the chamfered edge there's a word that more in the last week than in

00:53:50   the rest of my life combined yeah that you can it looks like the black is

00:53:54   wearing off and it's sort of silver I heard that too I haven't seen the

00:53:57   picture yet myself either I don't notice that though at least not yet and I've

00:54:03   been I just throw it in my pocket like a like I do with all the phones kind of I

00:54:08   I have, I don't have my keys in the same pocket,

00:54:12   so that wouldn't do it,

00:54:13   but I'm not being extra delicate with it,

00:54:16   but I haven't noticed.

00:54:17   - Right, I don't think I am either,

00:54:18   and I have not noticed any kind of scratching.

00:54:20   Mine looks, I think with a little rub on my shirt here,

00:54:23   it would look mint condition.

00:54:25   - Yep.

00:54:26   So we do expect the TikTok to continue then.

00:54:29   I wonder-- - I do too, yeah.

00:54:31   - I wonder-- - I just think that

00:54:32   it really benefits them economy-scale-wise.

00:54:37   Of course, though, that just doubles down on all of the,

00:54:40   oh my god, this is so boring, it looks exactly,

00:54:42   I can't believe one other year of the phone

00:54:44   looking exactly the same sort of reaction.

00:54:47   But like I said, I think that's,

00:54:49   in the same way that the iPhone has been growing

00:54:53   at this insane pace year over year,

00:54:56   I think Matt, oh boy, Richmond,

00:55:00   I forget his name, he's a kid, like a high school kid,

00:55:03   but I think he was the first one to point it out that,

00:55:05   but now Schiller's been saying it publicly

00:55:07   that every single generation of the iPhone has sold more than all previous generations

00:55:12   combined.

00:55:13   Yeah, that's insane.

00:55:14   Which is bizarre.

00:55:15   It's just insane growth, but it explains why everything surrounding Apple's financials

00:55:19   have exploded in the last five years.

00:55:23   I think that that chasm between consumers and the, as Charles Arthur called them in

00:55:29   his review in The Guardian, the digerati, that's grown too.

00:55:34   It's not like it stayed the same.

00:55:36   growing year over year, this sort of, oh my god,

00:55:39   I can't believe Apple's done that.

00:55:41   So, but yeah, and that almost makes me think

00:55:43   it's more likely that they're gonna stick

00:55:44   with the same design, because what more

00:55:47   would drive those people ballistic next year

00:55:49   than if the new one comes out and looks the same?

00:55:52   - I do wonder, like, do they stick with

00:55:54   kind of the 5S moniker, though?

00:55:56   Because like S, you know, it's either stood for speed,

00:55:59   or kind of Siri, you could say, last year, whatnot,

00:56:02   but it's like, with this one, this is significantly faster

00:56:06   than the 4s.

00:56:07   And so it's like, they're not calling it though the 5s

00:56:09   because it's just the five.

00:56:11   And so it's like, what do they keep the s up?

00:56:13   What do they do?

00:56:14   Is the s arbitrary?

00:56:15   You know, like they call it the 5L for something else.

00:56:20   How do they--

00:56:21   - Would they call it the six?

00:56:21   I don't think they would.

00:56:22   It doesn't, it seems like, you know,

00:56:24   but you never know, like they're naming don't,

00:56:26   if there's anything that's irrational about Apple,

00:56:28   it's the way they name it.

00:56:29   - Right, right.

00:56:30   We were all, most of us, you know,

00:56:32   I think we had talked about this previously

00:56:33   that we were, everyone was kind of expecting

00:56:35   at least a few months ago that it would just be called

00:56:37   the new iPhone because they would go along the lines

00:56:39   with the iPad 'cause it makes sense.

00:56:41   It's just called the iPhone on the back.

00:56:42   They don't make any thing, but it's,

00:56:45   for marketing, everyone was already calling it the iPhone 5.

00:56:48   Why not call it the iPhone 5?

00:56:50   It's what everyone understands and what,

00:56:53   they already have all this built-in hoopla around it,

00:56:55   so why not go with that?

00:56:56   - Right, yeah, I'm not sure.

00:56:59   I think that they could too.

00:57:04   I think that if they wanted to, they could have.

00:57:07   And I know that it's different than the iPad,

00:57:10   because with the iPad, they don't have this model

00:57:12   where they keep the old one around year after year,

00:57:14   although the iPad 2 is still around.

00:57:16   I don't think they're gonna do that next year.

00:57:18   - Right.

00:57:18   - But I still think, though, that even if they were all,

00:57:22   if they just erased the 4 from the iPhone 4

00:57:25   and erased the 4S from the iPhone 4S

00:57:28   and just had these three phones in their lineup,

00:57:31   free 99 and 199, 299, 399. They could still do it if they just called them all iPhone

00:57:38   and just said that the newest one is the new iPhone and the other ones are just called

00:57:41   iPhone and then you have to figure out, well, for $99 you'll get a "iPhone" that has these

00:57:47   specs and for free you'll get one with these specs.

00:57:49   And I sort of liked, I think Horace DeDew had a comment on it a while ago talking about,

00:57:55   well, maybe they're going, maybe they're sticking with the number because, and while they didn't

00:58:00   with the iPad because the iPad, if there is an iPad mini, there'll all of a sudden be

00:58:04   two different kind of different devices, not just different SKUs, but two actual different

00:58:11   devices.

00:58:12   Whereas with the iPhone, there is no iPhone mini and it's kind of pointing to the fact

00:58:14   that there will only ever be the iPhone and not kind of, so they can keep going up in

00:58:20   numbers.

00:58:21   Whereas if you had the iPad 3 and then the iPad mini and then you had the iPad 4 and

00:58:24   the iPad mini 2, that gets pretty messy for obvious reasons.

00:58:29   But I don't know.

00:58:30   I don't think that's the worst theory in the world.

00:58:33   I have no idea if that's legit or not.

00:58:35   But yeah.

00:58:36   It does.

00:58:37   There's a question I have had though with them calling the latest iPad the new iPad.

00:58:43   Let's say the speculation's right and an iPad mini or an iPad Air, whatever you want to

00:58:49   call it, comes out next month, October, plenty of time for the holidays.

00:58:54   Do they still call the new iPad the new iPad, even though it's not the newest iPad?

00:58:59   Right.

00:59:00   And especially…

00:59:01   It raises…

00:59:02   It really makes me curious about what they're going to call the thing, and what are they

00:59:05   going to call the iPad 3, as I call it, after it's not the newest iPad?

00:59:10   Right.

00:59:11   And what if they do upgrade the iPad as well with the new dock connector, the regular size

00:59:17   iPad as well?

00:59:18   So, yeah, there's some branding confusion potential there.

00:59:22   Yeah, I wonder how they're going to play that, but I'm not sure.

00:59:27   But I wouldn't-- I'm a lot more sure that-- well, I wouldn't say sure, but I would bet

00:59:33   a lot more money that next year's iPhone, whatever it's called, is form factor compatible

00:59:38   with these than I am about whatever the hell they'll call it, the 5S or something new.

00:59:44   What do you think about colors?

00:59:47   Do you think they'll ever go colored?

00:59:49   They've obviously gone that way with the iPod Touch this year.

00:59:53   They've gone full on into the wide range of colors, five colors to choose from.

00:59:59   I think they could do it with the iPhone.

01:00:02   But I think though that going with like five colors, that they wouldn't do that on day

01:00:06   one because they wouldn't want to try to anticipate demand and have a bunch of yellow ones left

01:00:13   over and not enough black ones or something like that.

01:00:16   Right. And it's something that actually could help... Apple, everyone has talked about this

01:00:21   a lot, but they're in this... It's not a problem per se, but it is sort of an interesting situation

01:00:28   where the vacuum that's created when people know that a new iPhone is coming, they just...

01:00:35   People stop buying them. And so that causes all kinds of problems with the quarterly reports

01:00:40   and causes problems on Wall Street. Even though people should be smart about this, they're

01:00:45   They're just not.

01:00:46   And so if they did something like halfway through the product cycle, release three,

01:00:51   five colors, whatever, that could help bolster those numbers.

01:00:56   It just is a question of does it make economic sense for them to do?

01:00:59   Do people get up in arms because they just bought the blue iPhone and now the iPhone

01:01:03   5S is coming out?

01:01:06   Those types of questions.

01:01:07   In the meantime though, it is definitely an opportunity for competing phone makers to

01:01:11   stand out.

01:01:12   Nokia clearly has, I mean, I haven't made any money on it because it doesn't seem like

01:01:16   many people are buying them, but at least branding-wise, they've sort of positioned

01:01:20   themselves as the colorful phone maker.

01:01:22   And then today, HTC launched a bunch of Windows phones that – I think they look good, at

01:01:28   least in the pictures, although they do seem very, very thick.

01:01:31   I don't want to get into a discussion of a phone I haven't even touched, but it does

01:01:35   seem – it seems like they're going thicker when the market leader has just gone thinner

01:01:40   than anybody.

01:01:41   And again, I think the case thing comes into play with the iPhone, whereas a lot of people

01:01:46   still use cases.

01:01:47   We'll see if that changes at all with the iPhone 5, but that's one way that people customize

01:01:52   it with their own colors.

01:01:54   Back to the questions.

01:01:55   Jeffrey Bonavia asks, "Good question.

01:01:58   Should I upgrade to iOS 6 if on an iPhone 4 or 3GS?

01:02:04   Maps don't have turn-by-turn or 3D.

01:02:06   No Siri removes Google.

01:02:08   Is it worth it?"

01:02:11   That is a good question.

01:02:12   It really is.

01:02:13   I'll tell you one thing.

01:02:14   One reason I can think of that you might want to – my advice would be to anybody in that

01:02:17   position would be wait.

01:02:19   Wait and see what people say because if it's a turd and really slows those devices down,

01:02:24   you're going to hear about it soon.

01:02:26   So I would say, A, wait.

01:02:28   B, the one thing that jumps out is that it seems like Apple's really improved WebKit

01:02:33   performance again because a non-tech link to a thing where somebody had posted the Sun

01:02:39   SunSpider benchmarks of the new 5.

01:02:43   And out of curiosity, I ran it on my 4S after upgrading to iOS 6.

01:02:50   And the numbers I was getting on the 4S were way higher than the ones that they had listed,

01:02:54   which presumably were on the, you know, whatever the latest version of iOS 5 were.

01:02:58   It actually moved the iPhone 4S up to like, up from like, I don't know, somewhere in the

01:03:02   teens to like number 6 on their list.

01:03:06   So it seems like WebKit really got a nice boost, so that those numbers for the iPhone

01:03:10   5 aren't just because the A6 CPU is so fast, but that they've actually improved JavaScript

01:03:18   and HTML rendering in WebKit.

01:03:20   Yeah, and so that type of stuff is going to be stuff that comes out over the next week

01:03:25   or next two weeks where you see not only JavaScript performance, you see, like, is camera performance

01:03:31   better on those devices? Is battery life better on those devices as a result of iOS 6? So I think,

01:03:36   yeah, that's really how you have to weigh this. And you'll also hear more about if people,

01:03:42   after all the kind of controversy right now, if people really are annoyed with the new Maps

01:03:48   product and whether it ends up being just kind of an OK thing. And it's in a way that Maps,

01:03:55   like I said, is two steps forward, two steps back. If you don't get turn-by-turn directions or 3D,

01:04:02   you're missing some of the steps forward. And you might really, you know, if you're a heavy

01:04:07   maps user, if you use your iPhone 4 and you do use maps all the time, you really might

01:04:12   also might want to wait and see what other people have to say. I would definitely, I would probably

01:04:15   wait. And what if Google just comes out with their own maps and then that totally negates

01:04:20   that problem, you know, but it doesn't sound like that's going to happen anytime soon.

01:04:24   Yeah, I wonder about that.

01:04:25   Danny Sullivan just had a thing I linked to

01:04:27   before the show started where he got like a sort of

01:04:29   no comment from them about that.

01:04:30   But I wonder what that means though.

01:04:32   'Cause if I were Google, and you know, I'm definitely not.

01:04:36   And we had a Google Maps app that we felt like

01:04:41   we're working on it but it's not ready yet,

01:04:44   maybe another couple of weeks but soon,

01:04:46   I still wouldn't say soon.

01:04:48   I think that the Apple strategy of keep your mouth shut

01:04:52   until it's actually done done.

01:04:55   Never let's-- it never fails.

01:04:58   There's no reason to talk about it

01:05:00   and say it's coming soon if you're not 100% sure.

01:05:05   But so didn't right when all of this first came out,

01:05:08   when iOS 6 was still in beta and everyone figured out

01:05:12   what was going on, didn't someone at Google

01:05:15   come out and say something like, we look forward to having

01:05:19   some mapping product for iOS devices in the future.

01:05:23   This is several months ago already,

01:05:24   but I thought someone said something like that.

01:05:25   - I've seen you recall something like that,

01:05:26   like post, I can't, I don't remember exactly where,

01:05:29   but yeah, after WWDC, when it was made official,

01:05:31   I remember something like that.

01:05:33   - Right.

01:05:34   So maybe he was just,

01:05:35   maybe it was someone speaking out of turn,

01:05:37   or maybe, you know, maybe plans have changed, who knows?

01:05:40   But yeah, I think you're right that if they're just not

01:05:44   saying anything about it now, it doesn't mean,

01:05:46   it could go either way.

01:05:47   But I do think it's a different case than with the YouTube app, and for a couple of

01:05:54   reasons.

01:05:55   For one thing, I think that the monetization strategy for YouTube is a lot more obvious,

01:05:59   which is that Google is making money with pre-roll ads on YouTube videos.

01:06:04   And now, with the standalone YouTube app that you get from the App Store, they're showing

01:06:10   the pre-roll ads, whereas the old built-in YouTube app from Apple didn't do the pre-roll

01:06:15   ads.

01:06:17   So I would think Google is actually happy with this move.

01:06:21   It sounds weird that if you, as a partner, not an Apple, you're not Apple, but as a partner,

01:06:28   that you would have such an incredibly privileged position as to have your app, well, it wasn't

01:06:33   their app, but to have your service featured as one of like 12 default apps.

01:06:41   Even Twitter and Facebook don't get pre-installed by default.

01:06:44   You would think you'd never want to give that up.

01:06:46   because they didn't have ads, I actually think that they've got to be delighted by this.

01:06:50   Oh, totally. It was a loss sleeper. That's all it was before.

01:06:53   And it's the number one free app in the App Store. It probably will be for a long time.

01:06:57   Yeah, so it's going well.

01:06:58   Especially for the next month or two as people update to iOS 6.

01:07:03   And Maps isn't... It's not entirely different from that because I don't know if you ever

01:07:08   noticed, but it wasn't a huge part. It's much bigger in the YouTube situation, but there

01:07:15   There were sponsored venues within maps and those were controlled by Google.

01:07:21   And so Google was making money off of, I don't know how much, I don't know if it was any

01:07:26   meaningful amount at all, but they definitely had sponsored locations within maps on iOS

01:07:32   and they were definitely making money from that.

01:07:34   And I'm surprised that Apple allowed it, I don't know why they would or wouldn't, and

01:07:39   I don't know what those negotiations looked like, but they're losing money as a result

01:07:43   of not making money.

01:07:44   It was like a different colored search result.

01:07:47   Like you'd type in burger and it was like a blue dot meant like sponsored and red dots

01:07:51   were the regular result, something like that.

01:07:55   So yeah, there's that motivation, but I just don't think there's as much money that it

01:07:58   compels them to do it.

01:08:00   And I do think that there's a competitive angle they could take where if they withhold

01:08:05   it and have like a wait-and-see attitude with Apple's built-in maps if if the

01:08:14   iPhone gets a reputation as a crummy device for maps it works in Google's

01:08:19   favor if Google Maps isn't even I think I think that's what the the point of the

01:08:25   one of the tech ranch articles was about that someone said basically you should

01:08:29   hold back for six months and just see if Apple kind of buries themselves with

01:08:33   this move. Right. Like, you know, counter-intuitively, it actually, I think it's more likely that

01:08:38   they're going to try to do their best on a standalone Google Maps app. The better the

01:08:44   built-in mapping is in iOS. The worse it is, I think it's almost less likely because it

01:08:49   … Right. Right. It just helps. It bolsters the

01:08:53   Android case. There's never … You know, Lauren Brikter

01:08:56   had a tweet today where it just said that it makes them sad. This whole map thing makes

01:09:00   him sad because it's like the epicenter of the whole hypothetical, "What if Google and

01:09:05   Apple were still allies?"

01:09:07   And let's let Google do what they're best at and let Apple do what they're best at.

01:09:12   Imagine how great of a maps app they could have after five years if they were still singing

01:09:18   Kumbaya and having Eric Schmidt come up on stage during events and stuff like that.

01:09:22   Eric Meyer Yeah, and you could get different, better

01:09:26   search results.

01:09:27   You could have better tailored things just for the iPhone.

01:09:29   good of all kinds of things. I wonder, I'm actually going to load it right now to see

01:09:32   how maps looks within Safari. So you can still, obviously they have a tailored version of

01:09:40   maps for Safari for iOS and let's just see how well it looks. So it has to use your location,

01:09:47   of course. It's still, oh god, they got all this ugly blue. They actually, it's kind of

01:09:55   funny they have this white area at the bottom for no apparent reason.

01:09:59   It's obviously just not tailored yet for the larger screen.

01:10:03   They just have this white area right above the bottom bar of Safari in between the map

01:10:10   and the bottom bar.

01:10:14   They're clearly paying attention here.

01:10:16   But it's fast.

01:10:17   It works well.

01:10:18   You can pinch to zoom.

01:10:20   Yeah, so, you know, it's an option.

01:10:25   It's not ideal, perhaps, but it's something that works once Google figures out how to

01:10:36   customize for the taller screen.

01:10:38   I think it's something that people could go back to.

01:10:41   I don't know.

01:10:42   I don't know.

01:10:43   It just seems to me like the...

01:10:44   I mean, it'd be good for a quick look up, I guess, if you were unhappy with what you

01:10:48   got from the Maps app, but...

01:10:50   Right.

01:10:51   If something you were looking for just was not coming up, you could always fall back.

01:10:54   You're not going to want something like that for turn by turn though.

01:10:57   No.

01:10:58   Here's a question from Brian, no last name.

01:11:01   In future iOS, do you think the UI risks growing stale, and what features would you like?

01:11:08   His suggestions are widgets and Zephyr-style swipes.

01:11:12   I don't even know what that means.

01:11:14   What does that mean?

01:11:15   Is that that thing where you swipe on the keyboard?

01:11:17   I don't know.

01:11:18   No, I don't think so.

01:11:20   But if you're used to it, I'm sure it's frustrating.

01:11:24   Some people swear by that.

01:11:27   We don't know what Zephyr swipes are, but I definitely would like to see kind of more,

01:11:34   maybe taking more of a cue from some of the things in even Windows Phone where it's more

01:11:40   live updating things, whether that's widgets or even the weather app that showed the correct

01:11:48   weather, kind of like the calendar does now.

01:11:49   It shows the correct day.

01:11:50   Right.

01:11:51   I do.

01:11:52   Yeah.

01:11:53   dynamic icon.

01:11:54   Yeah, that could be kind of cool.

01:11:58   I'm trying to think, the icons are so small that it would be hard to show meaningful data,

01:12:02   but maybe rather than just having a red notification dot, maybe if you have a DM in Twitter, there's

01:12:11   a blue notification dot or something slightly different, so you know there's a difference

01:12:15   between the notification elements of it.

01:12:17   I think there's a little bit of wiggle room for things they could do there.

01:12:21   But again, it's hard.

01:12:23   Apple is not going to change the icons themselves anytime soon, I would imagine.

01:12:29   So it's kind of hard.

01:12:30   You know, do you do like a four icon by four icon widget type thing?

01:12:35   I don't know.

01:12:36   Yeah, well, I wouldn't, it wouldn't shock me.

01:12:39   And I think if they did, it would be something like that, where you could make a widget that's

01:12:42   defined as like some array of icons, you know, a two by two square or like you said, like

01:12:51   a four by one line. Yeah. But I don't see them doing that. I think people under... I

01:12:58   think nerds tend to underestimate the tremendous, not even appeal, but almost

01:13:05   the comfort of the iOS home screen simplicity. That all it is is apps. Right. You know

01:13:15   exactly what to do. That's it. These are your apps. Yep. There's only one place to

01:13:19   go for apps and there's no… that whole difference I think between the list of your apps and

01:13:27   your home screen in Android, I think it baffles people. I do. It gets me confused sometimes.

01:13:35   But like when you delete something from your home screen, you're not deleting the app.

01:13:38   You're just deleting like an alias to the app and the app itself is…

01:13:41   Right. And then you keep swiping over and then you get to widgets and then you get to

01:13:45   other types of content. It's very strange.

01:13:46   I just think you cannot underestimate how comforting normal people find that the root

01:13:51   level of the device is so profoundly simple.

01:13:55   And do geeks suffer for that because we could handle things like a live updating sports

01:14:04   widget?

01:14:05   I guess so.

01:14:06   But I don't know.

01:14:08   But they sort of have those widgets now, right?

01:14:11   They're just in the notification screen.

01:14:12   So they have weather, they have stocks.

01:14:15   are the two. You know, you have to imagine that they'll come out with more. Maybe you'll

01:14:18   have a, I don't know what, I'm trying to think of what else you could possibly want. You

01:14:24   know, maybe even music player in there, but they already have that at the bottom when

01:14:27   you swipe to the left.

01:14:29   I think it's a lot more likely that they would open up widgets in the notification center

01:14:34   than widgets on the home screen. I don't think we're ever going to have widgets on the home

01:14:38   screen.

01:14:39   Yeah, I agree with that. I also, you know, it's not really a UI thing, but I would love

01:14:44   to see just the ability to change the things like the default camera. So you know you could

01:14:50   change it to Instagram or Camera Plus or one of the other whatever your favorite camera

01:14:55   app is. I don't know if they'll actually do that but that's that would be a small little

01:14:59   thing that I'd like to see.

01:15:00   Yeah and along the same lines being able to specify a custom default calendar app, a custom

01:15:06   default email app, a big one I think for a lot of people would be a custom browser so

01:15:10   you could use Chrome as your browser instead of Safari.

01:15:13   Yeah, that would be a huge feature for me, I think, iOS 7.

01:15:19   One thing I definitely wish they had still in Safari is just the ability to switch between

01:15:25   tabs without having to zoom out and kind of swipe between them.

01:15:28   The thing that they do in Safari I think is much better, which is just kind of swiping

01:15:31   from the side and being able to quickly swipe between them.

01:15:35   I like that element a lot more.

01:15:36   Let me take a break.

01:15:37   Let me do the second sponsor.

01:15:39   And welcome back.

01:15:42   as, or as some people call it, Pixelmator, as a sponsor.

01:15:48   Now Pixelmator, as I'm sure everybody knows, is a great graphics, photo editing, and image editor for Mac OS X.

01:15:58   It's in the App Store, and they've got a new version that's out today, 2.11.

01:16:02   Sounds like a minor upgrade, but bear with me.

01:16:05   It's in the App Store. It's a free upgrade for everybody who's already got Pixelmator.

01:16:10   What they've got is they've got a brand new feature in the new version and it's called

01:16:17   the healing tool or it's actually a much, much upgraded version of the healing tool.

01:16:23   Actually brings us back to we were talking about Band-Aids earlier in the show.

01:16:27   It's the little Band-Aid icon in the toolbar.

01:16:33   You rub the healing tool, you take a brush, rub it over a part of the image and it just

01:16:37   replaces it, it identifies what that is and replaces it.

01:16:42   They have a demo video on their blog.

01:16:44   Go to pixelmature.com/blog.

01:16:45   Look at their latest post.

01:16:47   They have a demo video.

01:16:48   You have to see it to believe it.

01:16:49   What they've got is a picture of a woman laying on grass, a bunch of balloons around her.

01:16:53   You use the healing tool and rub it over one of those balloons.

01:16:57   It gets replaced with grass and it's all sort of seamlessly meshed together so that it doesn't

01:17:02   look like the balloon wasn't even there.

01:17:05   You could do it with a brush.

01:17:06   do it with the selection tool. Select an area of the screen, invoke the healing tool, and

01:17:10   boom. It's like magic. It's a magic feature. I don't think there's anybody else in the

01:17:17   app store that has a feature like this. You've got to see it to believe it. Go to pixelmature.com/blog

01:17:23   to see the demo video. Just go to pixelmature.com to find out more about the app. It's just

01:17:32   fantastic app. If you don't have it, you're absolutely nuts. Unbelievably good app.

01:17:38   I actually use a—I don't know if it's Pixelmator.

01:17:41   Here's what it is. It's Pixelmator.

01:17:43   Whatever you pronounce it.

01:17:44   Like Automator.

01:17:45   That's what I figured.

01:17:46   But first time they sponsored the show, I always thought it was Pixelmator. And somebody—I

01:17:52   don't know who—somebody convinced me months ago when I said that. They're like, "No,

01:17:55   these guys are from the Netherlands," or something like that. It's Pixelmator. And

01:17:58   I thought, "Really? I never knew that." So the first time they sponsored the show,

01:18:01   I read it as Pixelmator. And then I got all these emails from people saying, "Oh, great

01:18:06   show. But by the way, you botched it on their name." And then I asked them, and they were

01:18:11   very, very nice about it. And they said they don't care how I pronounce it, but it's Pixelmator.

01:18:15   But now it's like a gag, and I don't know which way to go with it. I don't know which

01:18:20   way to go. I don't know if I should run with the gag and keep mispronouncing it the John

01:18:24   Gruber way or if I should do it the right way. But just in case anybody's actually confused,

01:18:28   it really is Pixelmator.

01:18:29   Okay, well I like Pixelmator a lot. I actually use it a pretty much... that's like my go-to

01:18:34   thing now because I used to use Photoshop all the time. Photoshop's sort of overkill

01:18:39   though. I don't really need to do any kind of major professional editing to that extent

01:18:47   with PSD files. So now I just use pretty much Pixelmator for every little image tweaks that

01:18:53   I do.

01:18:54   The healing tool thing, you've got to see this video. I mean, it's just mind-boggling.

01:18:58   I haven't tried that yet. It comes from an indie developer shop with two or three guys. It's just unbelievable. Really check it out.

01:19:04   You see any other questions? Let's get a couple more questions and we can wrap up the show.

01:19:09   Yeah, I got one that I think I didn't see anyone address it. Probably someone addressed this in one of their reviews.

01:19:14   I haven't gotten through all of them quite yet.

01:19:17   Nut Media asks, "Does the iPhone 5 camera take

01:19:21   3.2 or 16 by 9 photos?

01:19:25   The answer is when you're holding it in landscape mode,

01:19:29   it takes 3.2 photos.

01:19:31   It's a little bit tricky because, of course,

01:19:34   the screen is longer,

01:19:35   so you wonder if it's taking these long photos,

01:19:38   but they actually redid the camera,

01:19:41   so you have quite a large now photo snapper area

01:19:46   on the right-hand side when you're holding it horizontally,

01:19:50   or when you're holding it vertically,

01:19:51   it's at the bottom.

01:19:53   But so you have a big picture-taking button now, and it squishes the screen back to basically

01:19:59   the 3x2 ratio is what ends up happening.

01:20:03   I thought the same thing, and it's actually the truth is that it takes the exact same

01:20:07   size pixels as the iPhone 4S, I mean same exact pixel dimensions as the iPhone 4S.

01:20:12   Yes.

01:20:13   It's the same dimensions.

01:20:14   Right, 8 megapixel.

01:20:15   Yep.

01:20:16   Yep.

01:20:17   And of course that's different if you do the panoramic mode, which is huge.

01:20:21   I took one and stuck it in my review, and I had to shrink it down so much because it

01:20:26   ended up being like something ridiculous.

01:20:28   It was like 100,000 pixels by something else or something like that.

01:20:31   And so I of course had to shrink that down to get it to work.

01:20:33   But it's sort of interesting that the only way to take those panoramic shots is by holding

01:20:38   it horizontally, not holding it—or sorry, by holding it vertically, not holding it horizontally.

01:20:43   Right.

01:20:44   It's counterintuitive because you think, well, it's so super wide, the result, that

01:20:48   you're going to hold the camera wide.

01:20:50   But if you think about it, it actually makes sense because they're gonna stitch it together

01:20:53   anyway, so why not get the most vertical data as possible as you're shooting.

01:21:03   So it actually does kind of make sense, but it is counterintuitive.

01:21:06   I think it also helps you hold the camera, because the iPhones I find, always find, is

01:21:10   easier to hold up and down than it is left.

01:21:16   Totally.

01:21:17   Especially now that it's even thinner,

01:21:19   you're kind of, you know, you're being very delicate

01:21:21   with your fingertips to hold it

01:21:23   if you're holding it in landscape mode.

01:21:25   - Here's a quick question.

01:21:26   I've gotten this a couple of times,

01:21:27   is do folders fit another row of icons?

01:21:30   Yes, they do.

01:21:31   So instead of three rows of icons,

01:21:33   you get a four by four array in a folder on the screen.

01:21:37   - Yeah, it's sort of funny in the reviews I have read,

01:21:41   like no one really talks about the extra row of icons

01:21:43   as being like a big thing.

01:21:44   And you would have, you know,

01:21:45   when you first saw the picture, whoever,

01:21:47   I think it was 9to5Mac, you know, actually got,

01:21:49   figured out the correct code within Xcode or whatever

01:21:53   to make it do the extra thing.

01:21:55   And that was like the big reveal

01:21:56   because it showed that we were gonna get a bigger screen.

01:21:59   But no one really talks about that anymore.

01:22:00   It is nice, it's nice to have an extra row.

01:22:02   It's great to have an extra row

01:22:04   within the folders themselves.

01:22:05   But I don't know,

01:22:08   I actually tweeted this out earlier today.

01:22:10   I don't know, I know you said in your review

01:22:12   that you were kind of in between thinking between the--

01:22:19   which was better, the 3 and 1/2 screen or the 4-inch screen.

01:22:22   And I kind of alluded to the same thinking of it.

01:22:26   But now after using it, now that I'm out and about using it,

01:22:28   and I'm switching pretty regularly today

01:22:31   since I upgraded to iOS 6 on the 4S,

01:22:33   it's just like I look at the 4S now after using the iPhone 5,

01:22:38   and it just looks like the short, stumpy, slow,

01:22:42   younger sibling.

01:22:43   It reminds me of the stumpy iPod Nano for some reason.

01:22:47   - It does.

01:22:48   I use the word squat.

01:22:49   - Yeah.

01:22:51   - I also found, and it's funny,

01:22:52   'cause I spent all day yesterday really writing that review.

01:22:55   I mean, I was really in writing mode all day long.

01:22:57   And just today, I realized that I've actually subtly,

01:23:03   subconsciously developed a new grip on the phone

01:23:07   that does actually make my thumb,

01:23:10   like I called it, I used the baseball parlor,

01:23:13   it's like choking up, like you're choking up on a bat.

01:23:15   But I found myself today, I went out to grab a sandwich,

01:23:21   and I noticed, and I was reading, checking Twitter,

01:23:24   and without thinking about the grip,

01:23:26   I noticed that I was doing it.

01:23:28   So I do think that that's growing on me,

01:23:32   and I know that when I spoke to Apple PR

01:23:36   and questioned it on day one when I got it,

01:23:39   they said, "Give it a week."

01:23:41   They've been carrying it around for a while

01:23:44   and that you get used, you really do get used to it.

01:23:46   But that they totally understood that they agreed

01:23:50   that the first day, if you are like an iPhone user daily,

01:23:55   it is definitely different.

01:23:58   - Right.

01:23:59   It's just, it's longer, so it is a different balance.

01:24:03   You're almost forced to hold it differently.

01:24:06   just to make sure that it's going to be secure in your hand and feel like it's going to tip

01:24:10   over or something.

01:24:12   Micah Clemens asks, "How has the speaker improved or changed for the iPhone 5? Any proximity

01:24:18   sensor issues a la the iPhone 4?" Proximity sensor, I'd say I've noticed nothing. I mean,

01:24:23   it just seems to just work just the way it's supposed to.

01:24:26   Speaker, I would say no change.

01:24:28   Yes, I actually highlighted a different tweet that I was also asking about the speaker.

01:24:34   I tried it out a little bit right before we went on.

01:24:38   I assume we mean the speaker, not the earpiece,

01:24:41   for listening to a phone call, but rather

01:24:44   for playing music or playing a podcast or something through.

01:24:47   And to that end, I don't notice any difference.

01:24:50   I think that it's pretty much the same.

01:24:52   If anything, I feel like the 4S one

01:24:56   may have been a little bit louder at the same setting.

01:24:59   I don't know if that's a device change, if that's

01:25:02   something else, or maybe it's just my hearing is weird.

01:25:05   But in terms of the speaker for listening to phone calls,

01:25:09   Apple's made this big thing about how they have

01:25:11   all the noise, they have some new noise canceling elements.

01:25:15   - A third microphone.

01:25:16   - And I did a, a third microphone, right,

01:25:18   and I did a call and it seemed great.

01:25:20   I honestly don't hold the phone up to my ear

01:25:23   that much when I make calls.

01:25:24   I do use the earbuds a lot.

01:25:26   - Yeah, I try to, too.

01:25:29   I also think that in my week, I didn't do any kind of specific testing on it.

01:25:34   I do think that the improvements I noticed last year in the vibrator in the 4S have translated

01:25:40   over to this one.

01:25:41   It seems like it is really – I forget.

01:25:44   Somebody explained the technical difference in how they changed the vibrator in the 4S,

01:25:49   but it was all new compared to the ones before and I think that this phone has a really – it's

01:25:54   good.

01:25:55   One thing that is also different with Apple and a lot of these other companies, and Amazon

01:26:01   is one of them, is Amazon has gone with the new tablets with stereo speakers and they're

01:26:06   bragging about it.

01:26:07   I've never gotten a straight answer out of Apple, but I do get the impression that their

01:26:11   idea is that stereo speakers on these tiny devices make no sense because they're too

01:26:17   close.

01:26:18   You don't, you know, there's no point in having stereo speakers that are right next to each

01:26:21   other.

01:26:22   Right, right. There is an ideal space in between speakers for you to get the full stereo effect

01:26:29   of something, and how can they squeeze that in to such a small device?

01:26:34   Maybe there's an – arguably, there's some kind of logic to having stereo speakers on

01:26:38   a tablet, maybe, on a big tablet, but there's none on a phone.

01:26:42   Right.

01:26:43   And famously, what you think are two speakers at the bottom of your phone have never been

01:26:46   two speakers. There's only one speaker.

01:26:48   Right.

01:26:49   can play some music through the speakers and cover up one of the—I forget which side,

01:26:52   left or right, but cover up the one side and all the sound gets blocked.

01:26:57   And they may—people may actually recognize that now because the headphone jack is at

01:27:03   the bottom now. It makes one of the speakers' grills significantly smaller than the other.

01:27:07   I actually thought with my original iPhone—I didn't know that. I didn't know it wasn't

01:27:10   stereo. I just looked and thought that there were two speakers. And so I remember—I didn't

01:27:16   go to the Genius Bar specifically for that problem.

01:27:18   I went there for some other problem with the phone,

01:27:20   with the original iPhone, but I said,

01:27:22   and by the way, it looks like one of my speakers

01:27:23   is blown out, and he goes, no,

01:27:24   there's no speaker on that side.

01:27:26   I was like, oh, and I felt like that.

01:27:27   I felt like a big dummy.

01:27:28   I was like, huh.

01:27:30   He was like, yeah, people come in,

01:27:31   he was like, people come in here all the time about that.

01:27:34   - That's funny.

01:27:35   You know, one other,

01:27:36   while we're speaking of the kind of the bottom part

01:27:39   of the device, I've noticed that I actually really like

01:27:44   the headphone jack being at the bottom. I keep trying to put it on the top when I first go to

01:27:49   plug in because I'm just used to it, but I like it because it seems it's a much more natural

01:27:55   flow from your hand to putting the device in your pocket because you don't have to flip it

01:28:00   around in order to do so because you're holding it in your hand and then I just put my hand kind

01:28:06   of down to my pocket area and then just like let it drop in there rather than having to to kind of

01:28:12   of flip it around it and make sure that the headphone jack is the thing up. So in other

01:28:18   words, I'm just putting it in my pocket bottom up rather than top up, and I find that flow

01:28:24   to be actually nice.

01:28:25   I asked about that change specifically, and sometimes you can ask and they will give you

01:28:31   a "here's what we were thinking behind this change" explanation, and sometimes they won't.

01:28:36   And I thought maybe they would on this one because it's obviously not, this is not super

01:28:40   competitive. You know what I mean? They're not going to tell you about processes behind

01:28:44   how they drill the aluminum out and stuff like that. But I thought, up or down on headphones,

01:28:49   what are you thinking about that?

01:28:51   I got a very polite and non-answer. But I think it's twofold. I think one, it's exactly what

01:28:58   you said, that if you're going to be listening to stuff while the phone's in your pocket,

01:29:04   it makes total sense for it to be on the bottom because everybody puts the phone in top first,

01:29:09   I mean, does anybody put the phone in the other way if they're not connected to headphones?

01:29:14   I put the phone in top first.

01:29:16   So in the old way, if I did want to have the headphones connected while the phone was in

01:29:21   my pocket, I had to put the phone in to me upside down.

01:29:25   And I think the other factor is – and Shiller has alluded to this, I think, and I saw somebody

01:29:33   talking about it.

01:29:34   And talking about the move from the old dock connector to the new lightning connector is that

01:29:39   Apple had originally thought that people would be using iPhones with docks

01:29:44   Where you would stick it in a dock on a 30 pin connector and that that's how you would charge it

01:29:48   You'd have a dock on your desk. I mean, I think the original iPhone shipped right, right?

01:29:51   Yes, either that or I was stupid enough to buy this thing

01:29:55   I think you're right. I think it did. That's a great point

01:30:00   Yeah, that now no one well, they he's already they've said right that they're not going to know it

01:30:05   They're not gonna do a doc and that did people you know people that's not they've they don't they don't use docs

01:30:09   Themselves and they don't think customers do either people just have cables and they lay the phone on the on it flat on a thing

01:30:15   And stick a cable in there, but when they thought hey

01:30:18   I think people are gonna use a dock with this then it made sense for the headphone to be on top because

01:30:22   You know, it'd be the only way you could access the headphone

01:30:24   Yep. Yeah, that makes that makes a lot of sense

01:30:28   I have a question here from Jeremy Collins who asks, is there any other UI improvements

01:30:37   for taller screen or is it limited to simply more information?

01:30:40   So I think this is a good question because we haven't really seen this yet aside from

01:30:45   the CNN app that was -- >> And OpenTable.

01:30:46   >> And OpenTable, sorry, yes.

01:30:50   And both of those were the ones that were shown off at the actual event as good examples

01:30:55   of how you can use a larger screen.

01:30:57   So for the most part, the developers

01:30:59   who have done app updates today have just basically allowed

01:31:03   you to see more of a list view, because that's

01:31:07   like a pretty easy update to do.

01:31:08   What CNN and OpenTable are doing is really kind of rethinking

01:31:12   the way the UI can flow because you have more screen real

01:31:17   estate at the top and bottom.

01:31:19   And I haven't had too much chance

01:31:21   to play with the CNN app yet.

01:31:23   I opened it earlier.

01:31:24   But it is really totally different than it was before, and I think in a very good way.

01:31:29   So I'm pretty interested to see how app developers end up using that extra real estate in a more

01:31:35   compelling way than just adding to a list.

01:31:38   The one app—and I've gone back and forth over the years between calendar apps on iOS.

01:31:45   I've daily spent months with a whole bunch of apps, but lately I've just been using the

01:31:49   built-in one.

01:31:52   And it's a really nice improvement there, where you can have month view and actually

01:31:56   have a reasonably sized list underneath.

01:31:58   That's not to say that they redid – they didn't really redo the interface.

01:32:02   It's just that there's an app where it really does make a huge difference, where

01:32:06   before you only had like one line underneath, whereas now you get like three or three and

01:32:09   a half lines underneath, you know, so you could see your day's agenda underneath the

01:32:14   month.

01:32:15   Yeah.

01:32:16   Yeah, that's so much better than –

01:32:17   I can't think of any other app, though, that is specifically really different.

01:32:21   It's just more.

01:32:22   Right.

01:32:23   I wonder, though, if you know, do people start—maybe you incorporate some sort of tray in that,

01:32:30   you know, at the bottom or at the top, kind of because you have more real estate there

01:32:35   rather than what you were doing before.

01:32:36   I don't know.

01:32:37   I have no idea what they'll end up doing, but I would imagine that people will be experimenting

01:32:40   with that starting as soon as they get their hands on the iPhone 5.

01:32:43   Yeah, I would think so, too.

01:32:45   I think it's really nice for—just for the obvious reason I said in my thing for

01:32:50   but reading too. And I'll tell you which app it really stands out to me is iBooks. Because

01:33:00   I've always thought that Apple's design for iBooks took away too much space by keeping

01:33:06   a chapter header or title at the top and the location thing at the bottom, where no matter

01:33:12   how you'd set it, it didn't seem like you got a comfortable amount of text on screen

01:33:16   at once, whereas now you do.

01:33:18   It really makes a big difference in that app.

01:33:21   And Instapaper, I think Instapaper always took greater advantage of the screen space,

01:33:27   like when you tap to make the toolbar and everything go away.

01:33:32   Always use the screen better than iBooks does, but it's really, really nice to have Instapaper

01:33:37   now on this device.

01:33:39   Yeah, and something like Techmeme too, just a web app, you know, just a web version of

01:33:46   it is much better because you're just displaying so much more information and that's not a

01:33:50   native app, it's just within Safari itself, but because Safari now has so much more screen

01:33:55   real estate, you know, one thing I sort of wish they would have borrowed the same thing

01:34:00   that they're doing now, when you hold Safari horizontally, there's a new button at the

01:34:06   bottom to be able to make the top and bottom fade away, the top and bottom bars, but you

01:34:12   can't do that in vertical mode, and I really wish they would have done that.

01:34:17   You know, there's times when I'm just scrolling through a bunch of information, like on TechName

01:34:22   for example, and I don't really need both the URL bar and the bottom bar there.

01:34:28   So I wish they would have brought that over to the vertical mode as well.

01:34:31   Yeah, I almost – I suspect it's because they don't want to cram another button there,

01:34:38   whereas when you're in horizontal mode, there's a lot more room for a button.

01:34:43   But I kind of do agree where it makes as much sense as a feature in vertical mode as in

01:34:49   horizontal mode.

01:34:50   The other thing with putting another button – and I don't know.

01:34:53   I don't want to design the app for them, but I do kind of wish they had figured out

01:34:57   some way to do it, is iCloud tabs, where this is one of my favorite features that Apple

01:35:08   has added across the system this year.

01:35:11   And I really, you know, I was looking forward to it, getting all my stuff, getting all my

01:35:15   computers on Mountain Lion, all my Macs on Mountain Lion, and all my devices on iOS 6,

01:35:19   and it's great.

01:35:22   Except that on the Mac, Safari, the clouds, you just click that cloud button and there's

01:35:27   the list of them. And on the phone, you've kind of got to go to bookmarks and then go

01:35:31   back to iCloud tabs, and there it is. And you're never going to just leave it there,

01:35:35   so you're always like three taps away from it.

01:35:39   And it's great on the iPad, too, because it's the exact same way on the iPad, where it's

01:35:42   an actual icon. But here, yeah, it's buried in the menu system.

01:35:46   And I think it's a great feature. I mean, I am always thinking that I've got this thing.

01:35:51   I was reading MG's review of the phone, and where is it? I thought I had it, and it's

01:35:57   because I forget I was on a different Mac or a different device or whatever.

01:36:01   I've got open tabs on every device

01:36:05   and I never remember which one they're on. And iCloud tab is exactly

01:36:09   what I need. And while we're

01:36:13   in Safari, someone else brought up Brad

01:36:17   @beingbrad says, "Why does Safari still have separate search and URL fields?

01:36:21   Hate that so much." Obviously, Apple just changed this

01:36:25   in Safari for OS X, but it remains the same in Safari for iOS, where they don't have a

01:36:32   unified search bar.

01:36:37   And I don't know why that is, except I think it makes more sense on an iOS device because

01:36:43   you're touching something.

01:36:44   You're going for a touch target with your thumb rather than, you know, if you're using

01:36:49   tabs or the tab key or whatnot to get it to kind of navigate around or if you're

01:36:53   using a you know your your finger to just navigate around it's it's sort of

01:36:58   tedious to switch between two different two different boxes up top sort of

01:37:03   redundant whereas because you're touching it you can just kind of know

01:37:09   what you know what you want to hit whether you want to hit the URL or the

01:37:12   search bar and it's the same thing because it's you know it's all a thumbs

01:37:16   It is a good question. I think the answer is actually even more simple than that. I

01:37:21   think it's because when you're in the URL field, they give you a special keyboard that's

01:37:25   optimized for URLs with characters like underscores and dashes and doesn't have a spacebar.

01:37:31   You get a dot com button.

01:37:34   And I think that's the explanation is that the advantage of having one is there's a big

01:37:40   tradeoff there where they would lose the – you'd only have the normal keyboard whereas now

01:37:46   you have this special, you're entering a URL keyboard, which would go away. So that's why

01:37:51   I think iOS still has two fields. Wouldn't be a bad preference, though.

01:37:55   **Matt Stauffer:** That makes sense.

01:37:56   **Ezra Klein:** And then, you know, I mean, Safari has a bunch of preferences. They even added a...

01:38:00   And they just stash it in that, not just in setting Safari, put it all the way down in setting Safari

01:38:06   Advanced, where they've got the new developer mode, the web inspector. Put it in there,

01:38:12   because the sort of people who really want that, you know, are the type of people who

01:38:17   wouldn't hesitate to go three levels deep in settings to turn it on. But I think it

01:38:21   would be a good, I think it would be a great preference setting.

01:38:25   There's a, then there's the conspiratorial thought that, you know, that would lead to

01:38:28   more Google searches.

01:38:29   Well, but I see, I don't think that carries any water though, because if that were the

01:38:33   case then they wouldn't have added it to the Mac version of Safari.

01:38:36   Yeah, right. I agree.

01:38:38   I think I'm running out of questions here, and I think we're probably running out of

01:38:43   time.

01:38:44   But do you see any other good ones?

01:38:47   >> Someone -- let's see.

01:38:48   Amit Runchal asked, kind of curious to hear our thoughts about the rift in iOS 6 UI elements,

01:38:57   you know, between the supposed rift at Apple between Forstall and maybe Johnny Ive or whoever

01:39:03   it is, but basically with all the the skeuomorphic stuff I think is what he's referring to. So

01:39:09   some of the, you know, the felt in Game Center and that kind of stuff.

01:39:16   Yeah, the contentious theory on that is that there's two camps inside Apple that are sort

01:39:23   of opposed, where there's the camp that likes the sort of non-skeuomorphic look of apps

01:39:31   like Mail, Safari, and even new updated ones like Music and the App Store and Maps. Maps

01:39:42   is another good example where it's just like this sort of pure Chrome look versus the Game

01:39:49   Center calendar, whatever. I think there's some merit to that from what I've heard that

01:39:56   there's definitely people who are opposed to the calendar app on the iPad and the Mac. But

01:40:04   I don't think it's like a religious war where somebody really wants to like… I don't think

01:40:13   it's like a problem, like a sign of internal division.

01:40:22   Well, I mean, it is, it's just, I don't know, everyone I talk to doesn't seem to like the,

01:40:29   you know, either the felt or any of the calendar stuff, but Apple still feels the go with it. I

01:40:36   mean, is that for the, I don't know, the common person to feel like, you know, you're replacing

01:40:42   your desk calendar with a version that's like a digital representation of it?

01:40:49   I actually wonder how much of it and I don't know I mean I think forestall is probably a little bit on the

01:40:53   skeuomorphic side

01:40:54   But I really think that the leading proponent of it was Steve Jobs personally and that yeah

01:40:59   I think it's now that he's you know no longer with us. I think it's I think it's starting to go away

01:41:04   I mean because there's anything

01:41:06   Gone skeuomorphic since Steve Jobs died. I don't think so

01:41:10   I think everything everybody complains about was already in place when Jobs was at the helm

01:41:17   Right you know you could is there anything in like pass book?

01:41:21   Let me open it up here. It's I think you know they appropriate in pass book though. I really do

01:41:26   I don't think I'm not it looks nice close to it and in general. I think like pass book is probably a

01:41:32   Good example. Where is my pass book?

01:41:34   And while we're talking about pass book you know someone asked how it actually works, so you know during the during my demo time

01:41:43   I actually had Apple send me some some demo ones since I know the apps were live yet, and it's basically you can

01:41:48   You could do as far as I understand you could do one of two things either

01:41:52   apps after you you know you buy a ticket through Ticketmaster

01:41:56   and then you get an email and in the attached to that email is basically a file which is a

01:42:03   Passbook file and you click on it within mail in in iOS, and then it just instantly loads

01:42:09   And that's what that's what I did and it worked you know within one second

01:42:13   It was it was loaded into my pass book and so that seems like a really great thing

01:42:18   I worry a little bit about right now. I have I think I have eight

01:42:21   Different passes in this thing, and it's you know it's getting a little crowded

01:42:25   I don't know how they deal with if you have a lot of these things like so if you have a Starbucks card

01:42:28   which is going to be kind of an evergreen thing apparently that you have in your in your wallet or or

01:42:35   The Starwood kind of one versus like a movie ticket, which will go away after a time

01:42:40   I don't know how they deal with having so many of those in there

01:42:45   But you know I'm curious to see how pass book gets adopted. They have a great group of partners

01:42:50   It looks like you know that I saw that a event bright is going to be using it

01:42:54   And then obviously the ones that we've already seen is the examples

01:42:57   They have a lot of airlines using it ticket master all those kinds of things major league baseball - if the MLB

01:43:03   Yeah, major league baseball.

01:43:04   It's only like three ballparks right now, but I mean presumably that's the sort of thing

01:43:07   that might be tough to roll out mid-season.

01:43:09   So maybe by next year they'll have a lot more of the teams involved.

01:43:12   But you can buy tickets in the app.

01:43:15   I forget which three ballparks it is, but the tickets you can put them right in your

01:43:19   passbook and then you just show up at the gate and they scan them.

01:43:23   Someone asked, and I don't have this open.

01:43:25   I think I just saw it in passing.

01:43:27   I think they were asking us actually for the show.

01:43:30   I don't know the answer to this, and I don't know if you will either, but if you need some

01:43:34   sort of special barcode scanner to be able to do it through the iPhone screen, I think

01:43:41   that there is something to this question because I think that I've gone to the airport before

01:43:46   and had it on the, you know, had a ticket kind of just through the web browser open

01:43:51   to be scanned and it was either a QR code or barcode, and they couldn't scan it for

01:43:56   for some reason with a regular barcode reader.

01:43:58   They needed a special kind of barcode reader

01:44:00   to be able to do it.

01:44:01   I don't know if that's because it's behind glass,

01:44:03   if there's a reflection problem or whatever.

01:44:05   I don't know if that's been fixed or not.

01:44:07   Have you heard anything about that?

01:44:08   - No, I have not heard anything about that.

01:44:10   I thought that those scanners were just like a dime a dozen,

01:44:14   that they're just red lasers.

01:44:16   I don't know.

01:44:17   I don't know anything about it.

01:44:18   - Maybe I'm remembering it incorrectly,

01:44:19   but someone did ask a question along these lines,

01:44:22   and it made me remember back to this one time

01:44:23   and they could not scan my thing because they didn't have

01:44:27   the correct scanner for it.

01:44:29   And who knows, maybe they had a QR code scanner

01:44:31   and they needed a barcode scanner.

01:44:32   I don't know, maybe something as simple as that.

01:44:34   But there may have been something to the fact

01:44:35   that you needed a special scanner,

01:44:36   and I don't know if that's true or not.

01:44:38   So unfortunately, we don't have an answer.

01:44:42   But yeah, overall, I think there's also

01:44:45   a talk that you could also download

01:44:48   one of the apps, like the MLB app,

01:44:50   and those could easily pass the tickets right

01:44:53   into your Passbook rather than doing it over email.

01:44:56   And they actually, when you click on the things themselves,

01:44:58   they all have these little info

01:45:00   in the bottom right-hand corner things

01:45:03   where you can click on it,

01:45:04   and a bunch of them have different lock screen toggles

01:45:08   and the ability to kind of use location

01:45:11   and those types of things.

01:45:12   - Yeah, I'm with you, though.

01:45:14   I'm optimistic, but I'm curious

01:45:17   as to whether like six months from now

01:45:19   it's gonna be one of those things

01:45:20   where all of us have Passbook on our first screen

01:45:23   and we've all got like a thing in there or two

01:45:25   and that's where all of our airline tickets are going

01:45:27   or is Passbook gonna turn into one of those apps

01:45:29   that you'd stash into a folder

01:45:31   and wish they would just let you delete.

01:45:33   - Right, right.

01:45:34   And I know there's a lot of,

01:45:37   quite a few developers out there

01:45:38   who are working on kind of loyalty card aggregators

01:45:40   and those types of things

01:45:41   who are working on integrating within Passbook.

01:45:43   So yeah.

01:45:45   - But I do, I just remember from WWDC,

01:45:48   I was one of the sessions I went to

01:45:50   And it really does seem like a very clever system,

01:45:52   because it's very simple.

01:45:54   I mean, it's really not a lot of work to hook up to.

01:45:58   And it does seem like they thought it through very much.

01:46:01   So it's not like a boil the ocean plan,

01:46:03   like the whole NFC thing, where it involves-- well,

01:46:06   and then millions of retailers will install this hardware that

01:46:09   hooks up to our system.

01:46:11   It's really largely based on hooking up to these things

01:46:15   that all these retailers and gates at the airport

01:46:18   already have, which is a huge difference.

01:46:24   And just doing it smart with technology,

01:46:27   where if you cross into a certain geofence,

01:46:31   it will pop up the airline ticket.

01:46:33   So it's there ready to go for you.

01:46:34   Or it's on the lock screen even, so you

01:46:36   don't have to actually dig through anything to find it.

01:46:40   I think that they make a pretty compelling case for why

01:46:44   all the airlines should get on board with this.

01:46:47   Yeah, I hope they do.

01:46:48   Here's a quick question from Spearheads.

01:46:50   He asks if you can split the keyboard when you're in landscape.

01:46:53   No, you cannot.

01:46:54   I wouldn't admit it.

01:46:55   There's not enough room for it.

01:46:57   I don't think so.

01:46:58   I don't know.

01:46:59   I think that's it.

01:47:00   That's the show.

01:47:01   MG Seigler, thanks for being here.