Under the Radar

86: iOS 11 App Store Pages


00:00:00   Welcome to under the radar a show about independent iOS app development

00:00:03   I'm Marco Arment and I'm David Smith under the radar is never longer than 30 minutes. So let's get started

00:00:09   So this last week we have the beginning of the iOS 11 public beta

00:00:16   process I should say

00:00:19   and so now people outside of the developer program are you know able to go ahead and download iOS 11 which

00:00:27   Means two things the second of which will be discussing on today's show the first being that we now get the fun of

00:00:34   bug reports about iOS 11 from people who've updated at the apps many of which are

00:00:40   impossible to solve

00:00:42   and secondly

00:00:44   We they are now using the new App Store

00:00:47   So the brand new App Store that you know is included in iOS 11 that is visually very different structurally very different

00:00:54   And brings with it a wide range of capabilities

00:00:58   and we've been

00:01:00   Apple is now also updated iTunes connect to allow us to update our

00:01:05   you know App Store pages to take advantage of all this new stuff and

00:01:09   So it seems like a good thing to do a show about to kind of talk through a lot of these new

00:01:15   Fields in this I know a couple weeks ago

00:01:18   We did a similar thing with the old way the App Store worked

00:01:21   But in many ways that is now been deprecated and this is the you know the new way to do it

00:01:26   And it seems like a good thing to kind of think through because there's a lot of subtle changes

00:01:31   I think as well as a few kind of major changes to the new App Store

00:01:35   Layout and if I think apps that aren't updated at all are going to start to feel kind of left out

00:01:42   If they're a feel feel kind of old if they don't take advantage of all these new fields that we now have

00:01:49   You know I wonder how much that's actually true

00:01:51   You know certain things that they that they launched in the app store things like app preview videos

00:01:55   Which we'll get to those launched what two three years ago now that those aren't new and yet

00:02:01   Many apps still don't have it have them mine included, and it doesn't seem to matter that much

00:02:08   And and so like some of these things you know things like the the new formatting of the subtitle and things like pulling in-app purchases

00:02:15   out of

00:02:16   And giving them like their own little entries there some of these things they might end up mattering

00:02:21   But I don't think we actually know yet and and because you know one thing we mentioned

00:02:26   Back when we were doing a little bit of discussion about analytics. I think it might have been the same episode

00:02:31   We mentioned how like if you looked at the analytics that we recently got about you know App Store

00:02:37   Product page views versus conversions and all that stuff in the sources area of the analytics

00:02:43   It really did seem pretty clear that very few people were actually going to the product page before hitting that get button

00:02:51   That you know that relatively few were doing that most people were

00:02:54   For our apps at least most people were making the decision to to get or not get the app

00:03:00   mostly based on its search listing and not necessarily based on viewing the whole product page first, so

00:03:06   Some of these things might not actually matter as much as we think they do that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do them like some

00:03:13   Of them that are pretty low effort. We should probably just do anyway, but I think we it remains to be seen

00:03:18   Whether people will actually care about and even see some of these new things that we're doing

00:03:24   And the one that I think

00:03:27   Big most stands up

00:03:30   Stands out as something because I think you're right in the sense that the way your app shows up in the search listing is

00:03:36   Likely the most important thing to look good in

00:03:40   and

00:03:42   And I think the biggest change there is now that you know it's like app previews are like a much bigger deal there

00:03:50   And they autoplay which yeah the auto planes a big time like you can play them directly from like you

00:03:56   So they'll start playing immediately from that search screen

00:03:58   And I mean it's like just from like a human nature perspective like if things start moving

00:04:04   You know like you have you know sort of you can immediately draw someone's eye to something by making it move and so

00:04:12   It's like the thing the biggest thing that I'm trying to think in terms of like I need to make sure I'm taking advantage of

00:04:16   Is if you know if mine if mine is the only app in a list of three or four apps that?

00:04:21   You know someone is searching for that has just static screenshots. I think that is going to stand out more now

00:04:28   Than it did previously when it was just like the difference between a screenshot and a screenshot with a little triangle on it

00:04:35   and so

00:04:37   That I think is going to be an interesting thing, but you're certainly right that we don't really know what?

00:04:42   How the impact is going to change?

00:04:44   But if anything like honestly the thing that I'm kind of most worried about going into this fall

00:04:48   It's like it's such a big change like overall

00:04:51   I'm optimistic about it

00:04:52   But it is such a big change and all of the things that like I thought I knew about the app store are going to be

00:04:57   Turned around a little bit and so like every advantage I can possibly get to not have things

00:05:03   You know kind of fall apart this fall

00:05:05   Is you know definitely desired?

00:05:09   I will say it's kind of a strange thing just interested in a more general note as an independent that and these big

00:05:15   Structural changes like are always always bring with bring we know such this is sort of just latent anxiety to me

00:05:22   We were it's like I think it's gonna be good

00:05:24   Maybe not who knows like you never know like something changes here that just really doesn't jive

00:05:30   well with the way that I do my business and then like well that could be you know pretty problematic, but

00:05:35   You know overall. I think

00:05:38   It's probably just we don't know if it's gonna matter, but it's one of those like it's not gonna hurt

00:05:43   I don't think to take advantage of the new stuff and so we may as well try and think through it all and you know take

00:05:48   As best advantage of it as we possibly can yeah, it seems right the new kind of

00:05:52   Structure of things and it's there's a I'll have a link in the show notes, too

00:05:56   There's a great page that Apple put together on a developer portal

00:05:59   They kind of walked through

00:06:01   From top to bottom what the new app store page?

00:06:04   Looks like and the first thing in it, and we're just kind of walk through these sequentially

00:06:09   Is you know your apps title your app name?

00:06:12   What if you want to call it?

00:06:13   And the kind of big key thing here that I think they're driving towards is that this is now

00:06:18   It's limited to 30 characters, and I think that's slightly shorter than it used to be before

00:06:23   I know they've been doing this kind of progressive shortening

00:06:26   Regime where I think it was 60 characters for a while, and I don't know if it's been if it's 30 now as well

00:06:32   But either way it'll be 30 characters this fall and I think

00:06:35   The key thing that they seem to be driving towards and I would imagine that Apple will be more

00:06:41   Fastidious about is

00:06:46   They're driving towards. This is being just the name of your app rather than including

00:06:50   Additional text you know sort of a subtitle with there's a whole new subtitle field so having a name where it's like

00:06:56   You know name of app

00:06:58   You know colon and then a whole bunch of keywords or those types of things are going to I?

00:07:02   Think be much. I would imagine be much more strictly enforced and so their goal

00:07:08   Hope now is that I mean 8 so 30 characters isn't all that many characters to start with

00:07:12   In terms of the number of words you could fit in there

00:07:15   But I you know and if the goal I think now is to convince you know condense that down to be just the name of your

00:07:20   app

00:07:21   Which is probably a good thing unless your app currently includes

00:07:26   Subtitle which I believe overcast does right?

00:07:29   Yeah, so my app is overcast colon podcast player and and see this and like the reason that we all do that is

00:07:36   Because it helps that it helps in a number of important places

00:07:40   You know number one is that has always helped search ranking and the app store search algorithm is still really bad

00:07:48   It's very rudimentary. It's very

00:07:50   It seems to have really weird ideas of what's relevant and what's not to certain terms or to certain apps

00:07:56   so

00:07:58   It really is kind of like a dumb like old web kind of search engine

00:08:01   Where like you you have to stuff the meta field with the right keywords and everything to make the search actually show your app

00:08:07   We will have to see whether moving like if I change my name from overcast colon podcast player to just overcast

00:08:16   And then if I move podcast player into the subtitle field which is probably what I'm supposed to do

00:08:21   Is that going to actually hurt me in search results?

00:08:24   and and if so

00:08:26   how do you get anybody to do that besides actually making it an enforced rule and

00:08:31   Having a rule and having a widely enforced rule or two different two very different things in the app store

00:08:37   So I don't know

00:08:39   What the right move there is yet?

00:08:42   and I'll probably play with it and see you know try to like do some testing and see if it actually changes things but

00:08:47   it's not going to be very nice if

00:08:50   In order to make your app look the best and use these fields more semantically that you actually lose search relevance

00:08:57   Like that would that would be very very bad the other place that I think that helps to have those

00:09:02   Those little like, you know trails on your title is in listings and in search listings and everything

00:09:07   so this is another area where like I think time will tell like how

00:09:13   How much users actually read those little things with those little subtitles as they're skimming the list?

00:09:20   because like if they search for a podcast app and you know

00:09:23   Half the things on the screen first of all are gonna be alarm clocks because the app store search is so bad

00:09:28   Half them are gonna be Instagram cropping

00:09:30   tools and Twitter spam bot tools and then about every third one's gonna be a podcast player and

00:09:35   if mine says overcast colon podcast player in the big bold black text

00:09:40   They're gonna see that if it doesn't if that's relegated to the subtitle field

00:09:44   then they might skip over mine not realizing it is what they're looking for and

00:09:48   They might go to another one that still has like - podcast player app, you know in its title

00:09:54   And they're doing some things to clamp down this like the the formatting of those titles on the phone

00:10:00   especially the the main title is getting cut off pretty soon like like I'm I like on my iPhone 7 Mike Mike my search listing

00:10:08   Currently says overcast colon podcast PL dot-dot-dot

00:10:11   and so

00:10:13   The effectiveness of that is kind of you know, not great and then the subtitle which because I haven't filled one in says music

00:10:20   And which is not the category my app is in

00:10:23   Which is weird

00:10:26   And all the other apps here seem to have

00:10:29   Categories like entertainment utilities for some reason. I'm listening to music. So I'm gonna have to look at that

00:10:36   But so it seems like to some degree we're going to be kind of forced into using this new structure

00:10:42   so I just hope that the apps that actually do it right and

00:10:46   Actually use the subtitle field and don't put a bunch of crap after a colon or a dash and their main title field

00:10:51   I hope they're not penalized in search ranking, but that's a lot to ask for the App Store search

00:10:56   you know the App Store search historically has

00:10:58   Rewarded all this bad behavior with results and it forced to actually stop doing the kind of these kinds of things

00:11:05   That's gonna have to change too

00:11:07   Yeah

00:11:08   and cuz I mean I think in movie if it makes sense to move on to the actual subtitle field and a couple of the

00:11:12   rules for that because the interesting thing there is in some ways the subtitle field is

00:11:18   like a

00:11:20   explicit

00:11:21   keyword stuffing

00:11:23   Opportunity like in some ways that's what they want you to put there. Like the point of the subtitle is to

00:11:30   Briefly summarize your app, you know in a concise compelling way like that's their specific wording for what that should be

00:11:37   And in many ways that is the like that's where you would put all of the kind of the key

00:11:42   You know the keywords that make sense

00:11:44   For your app and I mean the interesting thing too they say with the subtitle is they actually recommend

00:11:49   You know changing this over time so that

00:11:53   You know, you may have a different subtitle when you launch the app versus when you do have, you know

00:11:58   It's a more stable app or based on what's going on like in some ways

00:12:02   I would hope that they're you know, it would seem foolish if they're not incorporating subtitle into your search

00:12:07   Like ranking somehow but it's gonna be a really interesting thing to see how they balance the you know

00:12:15   It's like one more place to throw key. Is it like one more place to throw keywords?

00:12:18   Or not because it's only 30 characters long

00:12:21   So it can't be that long and it's supposed to you know

00:12:24   It's user facing so you know, you can't just vera ideally wouldn't just be like, you know a string of space separated keywords

00:12:30   but who knows like I

00:12:33   think in some ways the injury I think to your point the interesting thing is they may be

00:12:37   enforcing the rule about

00:12:40   You know shortening it most just by design by like the way that everything like that

00:12:44   Everything is displayed bigger now it seems and so if things are getting more truncated the effectiveness

00:12:51   Is diminished but yeah, we'll see. I definitely hope that you're right and that it isn't you know

00:12:56   They're taking advantage of the subtitle field the way we would sort of hope them to so that

00:13:01   We can move away from the whole like the advantage of the title field being stuffed with keywords is a great tool

00:13:08   Good week in you know in the in this in this new version of that and they can just make search better

00:13:15   Taking advantage of the new fields that we have as well. Yeah

00:13:20   The other see the next field is the icon which doesn't really change. I mean, it's they have their

00:13:24   The same things the same general recommendations, you know, I mean the icon is the icon

00:13:30   I think it's slightly bigger in the display now, but I mean that is what it is

00:13:34   But the next one that they talk through is serve as you're working your way down the page

00:13:38   I'm gonna try worth saying that on the page. There's also some new stuff that we don't really directly control

00:13:43   Like it shows your ranking in a category now

00:13:48   Directly on your app store page. So even if you came to it not from a chart you would still see how well you chart

00:13:55   Which is interesting I guess

00:13:58   Like I kind of see why you wanted to put it put that there and like if you're highly ranked

00:14:03   That's good, but it's kind of harsh if you're not ranked well

00:14:07   345 and utilities or whatever had like and especially because the categories are so broad for else

00:14:14   There's so many apps where you know saying that you are ranked like you could rank lowly in like productivity

00:14:21   But for your particular type of app, you're actually the best and you rank the best

00:14:26   Like that can kind of look kind of bad

00:14:28   And I mean, I don't know one wonder what the actual cutoff is for that

00:14:31   I have to you know poke around and see if I can work it out

00:14:33   Like is it you know, once you're out of the top hundred out of the top 250, you know

00:14:38   Is it really going to show you that you're you know, you are the you're you're not you're at your app number

00:14:43   6,000 in a category, you know any category like that's at a certain point

00:14:47   I hopefully they cut it off

00:14:48   But anyway, the big big thing in the key thing that I think is the big change is app previews

00:14:54   So these are these short videos and they're 30 seconds long

00:14:58   They must use footage captured on the device that shows how you use the app rather

00:15:03   so it needs to be sort of a screen cast of your app rather than being like, you know a a

00:15:09   Promote a production video of like, you know someone walking down the street pulling out their iPhone and looking at it

00:15:15   Like it's not a commercial in that way

00:15:17   These now you can have up to three of them

00:15:20   they will autoplay on the

00:15:23   on the either the search results as well as the app page and

00:15:30   You know before they autoplay the poster frame will be shown there and you can also now localize them which in some ways

00:15:39   I'm like, this is great

00:15:40   Like you can do a lot of potentially interesting things there sort of like app previews makes so much sense for something like a game

00:15:47   for a lot of more

00:15:49   Non gate for utility based applications

00:15:52   Like I feel like these get really hard to do like I've struggled a lot with kind of coming up with an interesting thing

00:15:57   That isn't just like me thumbing through the app

00:15:59   You know to make it a bit more engaging

00:16:02   But you know, I don't know what I'm gonna do with three of these and trying to localize them

00:16:08   certainly also from an effort perspective sounds like a huge pain because you and it's presumably I'm going into final cut and

00:16:16   creating like multiple copies of this

00:16:20   Project and changing the text inside of it each time and like it is going to be really hard

00:16:26   but at the same time like like I said

00:16:29   it's there because they're auto playing like they are important now in a way that they weren't necessarily before because

00:16:36   Like that is going to that is certainly again. It certainly gets your attention

00:16:39   Like I don't I don't think I like it from a user perspective just thumbing through the store on you know

00:16:44   my testing device, but if that's where they're going like

00:16:47   Wow, like this is good

00:16:50   You know

00:16:50   it gets your attention for sure as you as you move around the page to have all the and it's like as soon as you

00:16:56   Pause scrolling for a second like things start happening

00:16:59   And so having it coming up with a compelling version of an app preview is you know going to be a pretty significant thing

00:17:05   I imagine I think kind of like for years the the App Store was this

00:17:10   Relatively static unchanging thing and there was only so much you could do to make your app look good and professional in the App Store

00:17:18   And what they've done now is they've raised that ceiling

00:17:22   So now like there's there's more ways that you can make your app stand out make it look professional

00:17:28   What these are actually going to have a meaningful impact. We don't really know yet

00:17:32   At preview videos before this, you know before they were very

00:17:36   Prominent and auto playing didn't seem to matter that much from people that I spoke with

00:17:41   It didn't it didn't seem like they made that big of a difference

00:17:44   But now it seems like they're you know, they're having a lot more emphasis plates on there

00:17:48   They're going to add probably more value now by a lot than they did before

00:17:51   So this is all you know, like kind of you're saying earlier like this is all kind of ways that

00:17:57   The bars being raised if you want your app to look like complete and professional and polished in its App Store listing

00:18:05   We now have a lot more we have to do and I think in that preview video

00:18:08   Pretty much now has to be part of that

00:18:11   and so I too I've never made one and I've been I've a Twitter and with ideas in my head about like what I might do and

00:18:17   It's it's never been that compelling or fleshed out, but I'm gonna have to now but you know again

00:18:22   It's it's it's like getting a getting a nice icon made for your app or making sure you take nice screenshots with like clean status

00:18:28   Bars, like it's just one of those things that we have to put more effort into it now

00:18:32   And that's just that's the rules of the road

00:18:34   And if you don't if you don't want to do that, then you can still be in the App Store

00:18:38   But you you might suffer from having fewer downloads or fewer purchases as a result because you won't look as good as everyone else

00:18:46   I mean in ostensibly like I'm sure the reason why they're emphasizing at previews now is that

00:18:51   Theoretically it should give the customer a better sense of what's going on

00:18:56   Like in the app that you know

00:18:59   Rather than someone downloading the app or downloading an app and it turns out it's not what they want

00:19:04   Like at least they can get you a sense of what the app is going to be like to use so like I ostensibly

00:19:10   That's a good bit. That's certainly better than

00:19:12   What we have net, you know, like just say screenshots. But yeah, like it is gonna be a lot of work

00:19:18   I do not look forward to

00:19:20   You know spending this, you know, probably a week this summer just in Final Cut Pro trying to

00:19:26   Put you know put something together like because I mean I love in some ways this like learning the new skill of that

00:19:31   But it is going to be interesting. I mean, I'm sure too like it's gonna be coming up with

00:19:37   The right like taking taking advantage of the fact that it auto plays is

00:19:42   I think a significant thing in so far as like the first three or four seconds of that video

00:19:47   needs to be

00:19:49   really

00:19:50   Impactful, I would think definitely because like that is

00:19:54   It's like this is you you have this you have a few seconds to just grab the users attention before they scroll on

00:20:00   You know as they're scrolling through the search listing like you need to do like jump out at them and be like, hey check me out

00:20:06   I'm awesome, but you know hopefully in a respectful

00:20:09   productive way

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00:21:30   So the next couplet of parts of our app page that we can kind of work through is the

00:21:37   Description area as well as the promotional text

00:21:40   Area and what's interesting here is the it sounds like much and I think this is new the description field

00:21:48   Or maybe this has been this way for a while. I can't remember the description field is going to be locked

00:21:53   To a submission which so essentially app review is going to be looking at your description

00:22:00   And it has to be approved and can only be up changed with a with an app update

00:22:06   But then there's this new field there was just 170 characters called promotional text

00:22:11   Which in some ways seems a bit silly

00:22:15   I just I've looked at my own app description

00:22:17   And I've just noticed now that when I added auto renewing subscriptions about ten months ago

00:22:22   You know that big blurb that you are required to add for auto renewing subscriptions about like here's how it's priced it will automatically renew

00:22:28   I just copied that from from Curtis who makes the slopes app

00:22:34   He's he called he calls his subscription season pass because it's it's a snowboarding app

00:22:39   There yeah

00:22:40   And I just spotted in my description that I had neglected to change the word season pass in my disclaimer so that I've been calling

00:22:47   My in-app purchase by the wrong name in a disclaimer that Apple allegedly reviews for almost a year

00:22:52   You know there's that

00:22:56   Wow, I mean

00:22:59   From a user perspective I mean I think the reality is like the way that Apple displays descriptions the bottom part of it is of

00:23:05   Your description is so hard to get to and I think in this design is even more so like it's so truncated

00:23:12   And like you have to hit a button to see more

00:23:14   Like really like the first sentence of your description is important now

00:23:18   It's like they have like the super first sentence of your description

00:23:21   Which is the promotional text area so that you now have like 170 characters to say something

00:23:27   Really super like awesome about your app and we can change that as many times as we want

00:23:32   but like but even that is buried in this new layout like you have you have what's new above everything else and

00:23:38   Then you and then you have screenshots

00:23:40   And then you have to go below all the screenshots and the what's new to get to the little blob of text

00:23:46   Which is almost on an unlabeled. It's like it's very like

00:23:50   The the apps for descriptions have always been I think pretty

00:23:53   Loosely read minimally read by people and this seems like it's going to make them even less

00:23:59   Frequently read because they're really just buried in this interface. Maybe yeah, the first two sentences matter

00:24:05   I don't think anything I mean, I mean as you could tell by my non caring about my disclaimer enough to change with the name

00:24:11   properly I

00:24:12   have only edited my description of my app in the

00:24:15   Three years it's been out

00:24:17   I've edited it maybe twice and only like to to add like a major new feature like oh now

00:24:24   There's a watch app like, you know

00:24:25   I got to put that in here

00:24:26   But I've almost never changed it because I really have seen no evidence ever that the description matters at all

00:24:33   I mean, I think the description at least and I guess the new promotional text field as well

00:24:37   it's like it's this kind of thing of I don't think it's ever going to

00:24:40   It's not that important for most people

00:24:44   But it's like it may be important to some people like I don't I certainly know if like, you know

00:24:49   I've talked to people who that's where they go first like as they go and read the description

00:24:54   That's just how they think and like, okay, that's great

00:24:56   I'll have a nice big long like bulleted list of all the features of the app and you know

00:25:00   Try and make it sound compelling and I guess I'll make my promotional like text field for that be

00:25:06   You know, it's like it's like try in some ways essentially

00:25:09   It's like trying to take your app and boil it down into like a tweet essentially like that kind of a length

00:25:14   Yeah

00:25:15   and so like that's in some ways that's a good exercise probably as a

00:25:18   developer to be able to say like it's like your elevator pitch of for your app of like

00:25:23   This is why this is what it is. And this is

00:25:25   Why you might like it?

00:25:28   How many people are actually gonna read it? Who knows but it's there and

00:25:32   like in some ways I

00:25:36   Like that it's only 170 characters and like to just like that's what I need to come up with like as the core description and

00:25:42   the long one I think is much more there as like it's just big junk drawer to put a lot of all the features to

00:25:48   Talk about the app at a great length

00:25:50   With the understanding that it's unlikely to be read by many people

00:25:53   But hey, maybe you know

00:25:55   Maybe it'll convince a few people and there's not much harm in it because it doesn't really clutter the interface at all

00:25:59   like I can make my description fairly detailed and

00:26:01   That doesn't hurt anything because most people will never see it

00:26:05   So at least there's that

00:26:07   And lastly I think

00:26:10   The biggest change that they've done is to the there will now be a section

00:26:15   about in-app purchases on

00:26:17   The App Store page itself and most significant you can promote up to 20 in-app purchases

00:26:23   On this page or this section of the page and most significantly I think is that you can now theoretically buy that in-app purchase

00:26:31   Directly from the App Store. Mm-hmm

00:26:34   Which is cool

00:26:37   I suppose it seems kind of weird because it's gonna be really hard to give

00:26:41   Context to the user for why they would want to buy it

00:26:45   Like I'm just trying to think of in the you know

00:26:48   And say like an example of overcast where you have your sort of premium subscription

00:26:53   in-app purchase that like

00:26:56   It seems an odd thing for the purse for someone to be going to the App Store to start that purchase

00:27:03   Like maybe it makes a bit of sense for somebody

00:27:05   To do you know for like a game of a level or something or an expansion within a game?

00:27:11   To me this feels like in Iowa and iPhone OS like 1.0 or 2.0

00:27:16   The SDK where you were supposed to put your settings in the settings app with the settings bundle

00:27:20   Like this kind of feels like that

00:27:21   I don't think anyone is going to think to look in the App Store when they want to buy new levels for the game

00:27:26   They're playing

00:27:27   I mean if anything I do kind of wonder if what Apple is more doing here is

00:27:32   trying to

00:27:34   Give users a sense of what the cost of in-app purchases are

00:27:38   Yeah within an application because like right now I mean this is something I remember harping on years ago

00:27:44   But that like it's kind of it used to be you know that the button says used to say free now

00:27:49   It says get but like back in the day it would say free and it's like it isn't acting like no

00:27:53   It's not actually free at all. It actually is expensive which is why it now says get yeah, you know

00:27:59   And but the European Union had feelings about that. Yes, and and from rightly so I think and so in some ways

00:28:04   I kind of like that this will you know, it's trying to emphasize the price

00:28:08   I mean the price has always been there before if you sort of dig for it

00:28:11   But promoting it a little bit in the way that is shown in the UI. Maybe it's just trying to make that a bit clearer

00:28:17   but I don't know it's like I'll probably promote a couple of my in-app purchases because

00:28:22   Sure, like in you know in most of my apps at this point

00:28:26   Like the in-app purchase is usually some kind of unlock or remove ads type of thing

00:28:31   and so it's like sure if someone wants to do that from the App Store like great, but

00:28:36   Yeah, it's like I don't expect that to be a high traffic area for in-app purchases though

00:28:41   I suppose we will know how where they came from because I think it's we get a different transaction type in store kit

00:28:47   So if it turns out to be a huge deal, we'll actually be able to measure that which is kind of nice, too

00:28:52   That's true. I didn't think about that way

00:28:54   All right, is that it for today? I think it's all we have time for I think so

00:28:57   And yeah, the rest of the stuff is all kind of pretty small stuff. Like we still have it. We still have keywords great

00:29:03   We can still spam them and people will still abuse them. But otherwise, yeah

00:29:06   I'm just looking forward to actually just seeing how the stuff actually works in practice how it performs

00:29:12   We know whether people actually use it. I'm very much looking forward to that

00:29:15   yeah, and I think it's also I'm kind of looking forward to the opportunity to go through my app and

00:29:21   Go through all my apps and reread their other descriptions and look at their screenshots and just kind of

00:29:26   Give them a once-over to make them better because I honestly don't look at them a lot after the fact

00:29:31   And so this isn't it's nice to have something to force me to do that. Yeah

00:29:34   All right. Well, we're out of time this week. Thanks everyone for listening. We'll talk to you next week. Bye

00:29:39   Bye.