Under the Radar

229: Money, Time, and M1 Max Macs


00:00:00   Welcome to Under the Radar, a show about independent iOS app development.

00:00:04   I'm Mark O'Arment.

00:00:05   And I'm David Smith.

00:00:06   Under the Radar is never longer than 30 minutes, so let's get started.

00:00:10   So last week, or last episode, we talked about asking for money.

00:00:15   And this week, at least for the first part of the show, I found another way that I'm

00:00:21   going to start asking for money.

00:00:23   And I think it's a good kind of one-two with last week's show.

00:00:28   And then we'll probably, if we have time, which I hope we will, talk about these shiny

00:00:32   new MacBook Pros that just came out.

00:00:35   But to start with, I wanted to talk about something that I'm doing in WidgetSmith, which

00:00:39   it's one of those funny things where if I just sort of describe what it is I'm doing,

00:00:45   it sounds completely absurd that I wasn't doing this before.

00:00:48   But I have my reasons, and that's what I want to talk about.

00:00:51   So in WidgetSmith, there's a subscription that you can use to unlock some sort of special

00:00:57   themes, weather, or tied data, and remove ads.

00:01:01   This is a subscription that's been in there since the beginning, and is one of the main

00:01:08   ways that the app makes money.

00:01:11   However, until just a few hours ago when I released the last update to WidgetSmith, if

00:01:18   you have a subscription and you had set up widgets that made use of these special features,

00:01:26   those widgets would always work forever into the future, regardless of whether you had

00:01:31   a subscription.

00:01:32   So I would never take away your ability to, "Oh, you had a weather widget?

00:01:38   You put it on your home screen?"

00:01:39   So if you've signed up for one month, or I think you could have even have just had the

00:01:43   free trial and never actually paid, I never took it away.

00:01:48   It would just always work forever, and you could just continue to have the benefit without

00:01:54   any downside.

00:01:56   That's awful.

00:01:57   I mean, sorry.

00:01:58   You think you're being nice.

00:02:00   That's just a bug.

00:02:02   That's not good.

00:02:04   That's a business model bug, if anything else.

00:02:06   Sure.

00:02:07   Well, and this is the thing, right?

00:02:09   So this is why I think it's an interesting topic to discuss.

00:02:11   It was a conscious choice I made.

00:02:13   It wasn't an oversight.

00:02:16   It was a conscious choice.

00:02:18   And specifically, it was coming from a place where, obviously, in the best case scenario,

00:02:24   I wanted to have lots of happy subscribers.

00:02:28   And people who subscribe have a reason to continue subscribing.

00:02:32   That they don't, there's not this weird, "Well, you can just keep using the stuff you were

00:02:37   paying for even if you stop paying."

00:02:40   But the thing that I got stuck on and the thing that our last discussion prompted me

00:02:45   to really finally dig into is I always had this anxiety and this fear that I was going

00:02:50   to take away the functionality from someone who actually, in reality, did have a paying

00:02:57   subscription.

00:02:59   And I had sort of over indexed and weighted myself on avoiding that rather than the business

00:03:07   benefit of taking, essentially creating an environment where that would encourage them

00:03:12   to subscribe more.

00:03:15   And so this update was all about, A, just changing it so that it goes away.

00:03:20   So if your subscription expires and your widget now says, "Subscription expired, please renew

00:03:25   your subscription to keep using this widget."

00:03:27   But then also building out the infrastructure to be very, very, very sure that I never show

00:03:34   that unless you really truly, no joke, have an expired subscription.

00:03:40   So that was the sort of journey I've gone on recently.

00:03:43   Wow.

00:03:46   As much as I'm giving you crap because that was way, way, way too generous of you, really

00:03:51   at your own expense, especially because these are paid info sources for you.

00:03:57   So you're actually losing money on these people.

00:04:00   Sure am.

00:04:04   But I can't blame you because I actually do literally the same thing, just I think at

00:04:08   a smaller scale and a smaller rate of money loss because when overcast premium subscriptions

00:04:14   expire, I actually have a grace period in the code that has ranged as I've changed

00:04:21   things over time.

00:04:22   This grace period has ranged from like a week to two months.

00:04:26   But what basically it is, is like I don't actually take away your overcast premium benefits

00:04:32   for about that much time, whatever that grace period is.

00:04:35   I think right now it's about two weeks.

00:04:38   And part of that is because I wasn't confident in my own code, my own subscription checking

00:04:44   code, the subscription checking process, the in-app purchase servers, and some of the weirdness

00:04:48   that can happen with payments.

00:04:50   What happens if payments get declined and then somebody reactivates the next day?

00:04:54   In these kind of situations, with overcast premium, the cost to me, there's an opportunity

00:05:01   cost of missing ad views if the person has ads disabled with premium.

00:05:06   But the bigger cost to me is the Amazon S3 storage bill for any uploads that they have

00:05:11   uploaded.

00:05:12   Because that's just hosted on S3, so I pay whatever it is per gig for people's uploads.

00:05:17   And so if I'm not getting money from them, then I will slowly lose money on whatever

00:05:21   their uploads are sitting there costing me.

00:05:24   But the last thing I want to do is if somebody has a gig of uploads in overcast and then

00:05:31   their credit card expired for their renewal and they missed the renewal and they have

00:05:35   to do it a day or two later, I don't want all their uploads to have been deleted in

00:05:39   that time.

00:05:40   That's a terrible experience for somebody who is trying to support me.

00:05:44   So that's why the grace period is there.

00:05:45   I really want to make sure that A, that their sub actually did really expire, that my code

00:05:54   and Apple's code are sure that it did actually expire.

00:05:57   And B, I add a little bit of grace period on top of that just so I don't too aggressively

00:06:01   delete people's data.

00:06:02   And I think that makes sense and I think it's also important to say I think Apple has a

00:06:07   grace period option that you can enable in App Store Connect as well.

00:06:13   Where I remember when I was setting up my subscriptions, there's just a checkbox you

00:06:19   can check that basically says if a subscription ends because of a billing issue, would you

00:06:26   like it to, I think you can have it sort of extend for seven days or something to deal

00:06:32   with this situation.

00:06:33   So it would sort of renew but not really up to a little bit of time.

00:06:38   If it's obviously if they cancel your subscription, you won't get the grace period.

00:06:41   But if it's just the credit card has expired or something doesn't go through correctly

00:06:46   or whatever, I believe there's a way to do that as well built into Apple's thing.

00:06:51   But I think having a grace period beyond that additionally also certainly can make sense.

00:06:57   I think it's one of these, it is this funny question of like you're sort of dealing with

00:07:01   the same problem of what you really don't, you don't, there's this consequence for

00:07:04   taking it away from someone that you want to make sure that you are really, really,

00:07:10   really sure you're doing it at the right time.

00:07:13   Because there's like losing, annoying the person who liked your app well enough to actually

00:07:20   start paying you money for it is the last thing you want to do.

00:07:23   And so being really thoughtful and also having a good clean renewal experience, I think also

00:07:29   makes sense.

00:07:30   In your case, it's making sure that your previously uploaded files don't have to be re uploaded

00:07:38   that there's obviously a cost and keeping them there for a little bit of time.

00:07:41   But that period of time also means that if they renew, it's like boom, they're right

00:07:45   back where they started.

00:07:46   It's great.

00:07:47   And similarly, for me, it's like making sure that if you renew your all your widgets that

00:07:52   previously works, but you know, showing like the expiration handler, like immediately flip

00:07:55   over everything's back where it was, you don't have to do anything.

00:07:58   It's not like you have to re add those widgets to your home screen.

00:08:02   Like making that experience really seamless definitely has an advantage.

00:08:06   But it's it's a weird confidence thing.

00:08:08   At least for me, that was like I had such a such anxiety that was going to be doing

00:08:12   it the wrong way.

00:08:14   And some somewhere somehow someone who did have an active subscription was going to be

00:08:18   shown you know, the expiration handle handle thing and then they would be grumpy and I

00:08:24   you know, ultimately I would lose them as a subscriber, which is probably is definitely

00:08:30   like I was in I was focusing on the wrong aspect of it rather than the giving people

00:08:34   free subscriptions.

00:08:35   And especially, you know, it's like understanding that there's an active cost to that.

00:08:39   But I think that was the lesson I've learned through this process was like, it's entirely

00:08:44   it's entirely fair and reasonable to just do that.

00:08:47   And if that is the case, if there are bugs that are I'm taking away features from people

00:08:51   who should have them like they will let me know probably or that's just a bug that

00:08:55   I should fix just like any other bug and like the individual subscriber as long as that's

00:09:00   not everybody's situation, then the individual subscriber is probably not going to be you

00:09:06   know, it too big of a deal if they identify some bug or some problem somewhere that I'd

00:09:12   have to then go and fix.

00:09:14   And this is actually this gets into like business model planning as well, that like one of the

00:09:19   reasons why I'm able to give a pretty generous grace period on on like when I delete your

00:09:24   your s3 uploads.

00:09:26   And probably one of the reasons why you're able to not have your life ruined when these

00:09:30   people's subjects expire is to build in a really healthy profit margin.

00:09:33   Like if you look at the the amount of storage overcast gives you actually, I don't even

00:09:39   know is it five gigs?

00:09:41   I forget what I've said it at now.

00:09:43   10 gigs.

00:09:44   10 gigs.

00:09:45   I have it.

00:09:46   I have it at 10 gigs.

00:09:47   I have it at 10 gigs of service or of storage costs on s3.

00:09:51   It's it's not $10 a year.

00:09:53   It's less than that.

00:09:54   And that's what overcast premium charges and you know of that I get about $8 a year.

00:09:59   I have a profit margin built in there.

00:10:01   And part of that is because hey look it's business you're paying me like that's that's

00:10:05   business.

00:10:06   But also also part of it is I want to be sure that I have enough of a margin that these

00:10:11   little like edge cases here will not ruin me or or similarly like you know there are

00:10:16   ways to temporarily abuse my upload system.

00:10:21   Like there are ways to bypass your own storage limit briefly.

00:10:25   But in practice like you know nobody really does that because there's not really any benefit

00:10:28   to doing that.

00:10:31   But be like if people do that again the margins will cover the difference.

00:10:35   Like I'm not going to be sunk by that because it's fine.

00:10:39   Like I have enough leeway in the margins that that's not going to suit my business.

00:10:45   And I strongly recommend for anybody out there who is pricing you know an app or a subscription

00:10:52   where you have like data or whatever costs on the back end for each user.

00:10:57   I strongly recommend leaving a very healthy profit margin.

00:11:00   Like your costs should be you know I'm ballparking here maybe 20% at most of that subscription

00:11:07   price.

00:11:08   Like you should have a huge margin on that because not only you know not only is that

00:11:13   totally reasonable as a business person in this kind of context but also you need that

00:11:18   to cover these edge cases.

00:11:19   Yeah and I think too similarly it makes me think of the realities of having a trial for

00:11:25   your subscription.

00:11:27   Similarly you need obviously a business model such that the number of people who are using

00:11:31   the trial who have not then obviously paid you anything doesn't sink your business either

00:11:36   for the same reason.

00:11:37   That is what you really want is lots of people to try it.

00:11:40   You want lots of people to be subscribing and signing up and obviously you want them

00:11:44   ultimately to be converting but some percentage of them won't.

00:11:47   Or if you have periods where you have a high spike in new trial starts before you actually

00:11:52   have revenue and the duration of your revenue is also something to think about.

00:11:56   But it's like it definitely is one of these things that it's just good to be thoughtful

00:11:59   about and think through to make sure that you know your business model is resilient

00:12:04   against these types of choices.

00:12:07   And you understand too that it's like yeah this is just a choice I've made and it's like

00:12:10   it was a cost that I decided because you know the nice thing about the things that cost

00:12:16   money for me in this case are the weather data and it scales a little bit but it's the

00:12:22   individual cost of weather data is not too bad especially at the scale that I'm purchasing

00:12:28   it.

00:12:29   But I also just wanted to talk through slightly what I'm doing to make extra double, triple

00:12:35   sure about this.

00:12:37   And I think it's just a good way to think about it is I in a lot of places in my code

00:12:42   in the actual app itself like I'm less resilient in it too if you if you're actually subscribed

00:12:50   or not in terms of I do all the things I should do I use revenue cat for my subscription management

00:12:54   previous sponsor but not this time and they're like I you know use them to make sure to periodically

00:13:04   validate whether someone has a subscription.

00:13:06   And if I think they don't you know I have little indicators and marks you know lock

00:13:10   icons appear on some of their widgets or it shows text in different places in the app

00:13:14   based on that.

00:13:15   That's like the UI equivalent of a yes that's like the most subtle like polite like excuse

00:13:24   me excuse me you still haven't paid your bill.

00:13:28   Yeah it is and the bed but the version that's on the home screen is the like big version

00:13:33   of that where I in big text I'm like nope it's not going to work.

00:13:38   So if you wanted to look at the weather data inside of the app on you know in the editor

00:13:44   you could like fair enough that's the choice I'm making but like I want to that's where

00:13:48   I've gotten but on the flip side in the widget where I am actually showing up the you haven't

00:13:55   paid screen.

00:13:57   I in my widget refresh logic like before I do that I check in with RevenueCat like they

00:14:06   have a call that you can make that basically is the like is this is this person a subscriber

00:14:11   and I call that before I show the thing.

00:14:14   So I'm doing a check in like regularly and that way I'm not dealing with a weird case

00:14:20   where I'm you know this isn't a some stale data or some weird cached result is being

00:14:25   shown.

00:14:26   So it's like before I take it away from you I make very good you know make very sure that

00:14:31   it's actually truly gone.

00:14:32   Okay and you've expired and then RevenueCat in my case is taking care of the you know

00:14:39   keeping that data correct and accurate and they you know they register for all the web

00:14:43   hooks from Apple and all the all the complicated subscription stuff that you can do but it's

00:14:47   like the way that I'm structuring it is it's like I use the normal typical approach for

00:14:52   managing your subscription but before I take it away like for realsies I do one final like

00:14:57   actual contact your sort of contact you know contact the server say has this person really

00:15:01   you know expired and if yes great I'll show the you know you need to you need to buy screen

00:15:08   otherwise I sort of continue to give them the benefit of the doubt if there's some weird

00:15:13   renewal issue going on or a mismatch between what I have cached locally and what's actually

00:15:18   truth on the server.

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00:17:06   So now that we've found ways to ask our users for money we've also this this last week discovered

00:17:11   a new way to spend that money specifically this is the you know Apple gives you the money

00:17:17   and then takes it right back.

00:17:19   This is like the you know the company's script in the mining town or whatever.

00:17:24   Yeah exactly.

00:17:25   Might as well just pay us an Apple store gift cards at this point.

00:17:27   Yes we're putting all the money right back to them.

00:17:30   Yeah and in this case I am happy to report that I'm recording this show on a brand new

00:17:37   14-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor which is the worst name for anything.

00:17:45   It's the M1 Max for M1 Max.

00:17:48   But it's the M1 maximum we have to use the full word the M1 maximum.

00:17:52   So I have an M1 maximum in front of me.

00:17:54   Or is it Maximilian maybe?

00:17:56   Yeah and it is great I mean it's a weird thing like it's I've had it for about a day I think

00:18:01   yours is on a boat somewhere.

00:18:03   It's going to be loaded onto a boat in an hour and I will get it a few hours after that.

00:18:09   Sure.

00:18:10   But yeah it's like this is the like it's like the Apology Mac.

00:18:15   This is the it's great in so many ways and it's been it's fascinating to see Apple's

00:18:23   professional version of Apple Silicon that we had the M1 which I think we both love and

00:18:27   I think had both been using as our primary development machine for the last whatever

00:18:33   first year essentially.

00:18:36   And it's been fabulous.

00:18:37   I've loved it and it was a night and day improvement from Intel.

00:18:42   And this is less I would say night and day but is noticeable and meaningful.

00:18:48   But you know coming from an M1.

00:18:50   So for me so as I can speak to it more specifically in my own experience in the first day so a

00:18:56   clean build of Widgetsmith which is an entirely SwiftUI app but is quite extensive and has

00:19:02   tons of SwiftUI views and everything.

00:19:05   On my M1 it takes about 40 seconds and on this it takes about 20 seconds.

00:19:10   So oh man you're killing me.

00:19:13   It's great.

00:19:17   And like it was one of those funny things where it's like sure it's you know it's

00:19:22   a little bit expensive and compared to an M1 which is incredibly inexpensive in many

00:19:27   ways like getting a MacBook Air with an M1 is an amazing machine for the money.

00:19:33   Whereas this it's like I don't know if it's this cost this machine that I'm using

00:19:37   now probably costs like five times what that machine costs or something.

00:19:41   And it's obviously not five times faster but I am noticing the sort of I always get

00:19:46   confused how to say this it's like it's 50 percent faster or twice as fast.

00:19:50   I don't know.

00:19:51   It's frustrating.

00:19:52   It's fast.

00:19:53   It's the reality is is it is noticeably faster for operations like compilation.

00:19:58   You know the changes that we saw going from Intel to M1 around just general responsiveness

00:20:07   I think are less noticeable that they were just you know the kind of like responsiveness

00:20:11   of applications or the speed at which they took to launch and things.

00:20:14   I've noticed a lot less of that this time around.

00:20:18   But for the purposes of things like compilation or I mean I'm not a video editor but I imagine

00:20:23   if that's the case or when you're bouncing a logic project reading podcast editing for

00:20:27   you I guess like it's going to be noticeable and it's going to be great.

00:20:30   I'm I'm so envious I can't wait to get mine in literally a few hours.

00:20:37   But oh man I'm looking forward to this because I've seen a big range of gains for people

00:20:43   with Xcode benchmarks like it seems like for extremely large projects it seems like the

00:20:48   gains are actually not as big of a percentage but for more medium sized stuff like what

00:20:53   you and I are compiling I'm seeing a lot of people report like you know roughly twice

00:20:57   as fast and and if that's true for my for my project then I'm going to be extremely

00:21:03   happy with this and this is like my my frustration here and I know this is you know the the first

00:21:09   worldiest of first world problems my frustration here is that they did not release this chip

00:21:15   in any desktop and so if I want this chip and you know I'm not expecting this has to

00:21:21   come out like next month or anything it seems like I think Apple's done for the year with

00:21:25   hardware releases and so I think the the soonest we could expect desktops with this would be

00:21:31   in probably mid to late spring and that is you know six months away so so you know the

00:21:39   question is like do I wait six months and leave my Mac mini as my desktop you know my

00:21:44   M1 Mac mini which I love leave that as my desktop the only thing with the M1 Mac mini

00:21:49   is you know I do have slower compile times than these new ones will have probably and

00:21:55   more important to me is that my RAM ceiling of 16 gigs with the M1 series of chips I'm

00:22:02   really up against that much of the time and so I would definitely benefit from more RAM

00:22:07   and so I my my theory so far and I'll you know you'll hear me here at on ATP waffling

00:22:13   about this probably for the next couple of weeks but I'm thinking you know one option

00:22:17   would be to just get a higher powered configuration of this laptop and use it as my desktop you

00:22:24   know plug it into the XDR and plug it into all my stuff which is actually what I did

00:22:28   with the MacBook Air the M1 MacBook Air for a little while before I had the Mac mini but

00:22:34   I love desktops and I love like how they're always they're always installed in the same

00:22:40   place they have more ports although not as big of a difference anymore they have they

00:22:45   have more ports they have you know hardware Ethernet built in you know they they're you

00:22:50   never have to wear like oh is the internal screen woken up but the external screen isn't

00:22:54   like no because there is no internal screen like it just it makes so many things easier

00:22:57   and more reliable and that's what I'm hoping to get someday in a in a you know a Mac Pro

00:23:05   with Apple Silicon like that's that's my long term goal is you know spec'd up Mac Pro with

00:23:11   you know as the numbers indicate possibly like two to four of these M1 Macs chips that would

00:23:16   be amazing but that doesn't exist yet and it's probably not going to exist for at least

00:23:21   six months and probably more like 12 months so that is that that's the problem for me

00:23:26   is like do I actually want to have limited RAM and slow compile times for the next six

00:23:31   to twelve months or do I want to you know change things up and maybe put a laptop as

00:23:35   my desktop again and just have it in clam shell mode most of the time so I don't know

00:23:39   I'll see what happens when I actually get mine to test and see how fast it is.

00:23:43   Sure and I feel like too it's this transitional period like between essentially the next for

00:23:48   the next year probably is in my mind I've just kind of accepted the fact that I may

00:23:56   never it's like at each point in this in the Apple Silicon rollout I am not necessarily

00:24:03   buying the perfect machine for my needs as we go but I'm buying the best machine that's

00:24:09   available.

00:24:10   Yes.

00:24:11   And that is going to essentially for the next year that's just going to be the case that

00:24:16   whatever the last machine that Apple released it's like in some ways starts to be it's

00:24:20   like that's the best one and that's the best one and it's better just in fundamentals

00:24:24   and then hopefully you know this time next year we will hit a point where now we can

00:24:30   start to make those individual choices about which machine is the actual best one for my

00:24:34   needs for my circumstances my setup however I actually like like it in practice and it's

00:24:40   weird because it's like I think for me I think for me personally this 14 inch that

00:24:45   I have here is probably the machine that I expect to continue buying and like if there's

00:24:50   an M2 maximum that comes out like I will buy that as well when it's like it'll be the

00:24:56   sort of the one that I'm sort of focused around because I like the portability I like

00:25:02   that I can I don't have to have two setups that I manage which is just a different preference

00:25:07   for me but I definitely also have in my mind that whatever they come out with that's

00:25:12   better like I want because the difference in my productivity my ability to do my job

00:25:20   is tangibly impacted by having a machine that compiles so much faster that that is a noticeable

00:25:28   thing that in a given month there's only so many hours of time that I will be able

00:25:34   to be productive just in terms of like psychologically and logistically like that's all I've got

00:25:40   whatever that ID number is I have a say I have a hundred hours a month of like true

00:25:44   productive time and if I can get the tooling set out of the way of that time so I can be

00:25:51   more productive so that I can get more done that is a tangible impact on my business and

00:25:55   that you know it may makes a lot of sense and so you know if the rollout had been flipped

00:26:01   around such that the say like the 21 inch IMAX had come out first and then the MacBook

00:26:08   the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the M1 and have had to come out second it's like

00:26:12   I probably would have bought one of the you know the IMAX and then potentially skipped

00:26:17   or maybe would have gotten the M1 but it's like understanding that the first machine

00:26:21   was not the machine that I ultimately want but it's like it's just gonna be that's

00:26:24   the best one that's available right now and these are the best machines that are

00:26:27   available right now they're probably gonna be the best machines that are available for

00:26:32   nice things or six months and so it's like I'm excited to get it I think and I can

00:26:37   start to have those benefits now because future benefits of a theoretical machine in the future

00:26:42   like don't do me any good because at that point if there is a better choice I can make

00:26:47   that choice then I can sell this machine like I have choices that I can make then but for

00:26:52   now like it's amazing it's great and I'm I couldn't be happier.

00:26:56   Yeah that to me that's kind of the calculus I'm going through in my head too is like

00:27:00   you know it feels wasteful to to buy a machine that I might replace in six or 12 months but

00:27:07   when you like I'm doing so much development work right now and every single time I build

00:27:13   like to know that it could be twice as fast and as I see myself like crashing into my

00:27:17   RAM ceiling constantly I'm like oh boy like you know it becomes potentially worth it you

00:27:23   know because for a lot of people you know money is the more scarce resource than time

00:27:29   and for me that was true for you know the first half of my life at least not two thirds

00:27:34   of the first but but now time is is the more scarce resource for me and I'm very fortunate

00:27:40   that's the case but but you know what that means is that the calculus for this decision

00:27:45   changes and if there is some way for me to save a substantial amount of time over the

00:27:50   next six or 12 months that I that I otherwise would you know that things would otherwise

00:27:54   just be slower during that time there is a big value to that to me and that value very

00:27:59   well might and probably will cover the cost of this machine minus you know what I would

00:28:03   get from sales and trade and stuff like that.

00:28:06   Yeah and I think that's yeah it's like that's just reality and it's like if you

00:28:10   someone of those like it you know if you can afford it great do it I think you'll have

00:28:14   a tangible impact if you can't like fair enough then you know get a MacBook Air and

00:28:19   it's costs which is what is it 1099 or something like that it's a great machine you won't

00:28:26   be it's like you you you'll be getting a lot of great impact from this but if you

00:28:30   can afford one of these like go for it and like get it to get 64 gigs of RAM because

00:28:36   that is I think by far the my biggest frustration with the M1 was that that I would periodically

00:28:41   just hit hit the RAM the RAM limit and all of a sudden it's like my computer is unresponsive

00:28:46   and broken until I work out what I need to shut down and deal with and so it's like

00:28:50   64 gigs that's a lot I don't expect to run into that limit hardly at all.

00:28:55   Yeah me too well I am very much looking forward to getting mine and also just I'm as I've

00:29:01   said on ATP like I'm so happy so far with these machines not again not having used one

00:29:06   yet but all the reviews seem to support that it's as good as they say it is and it they

00:29:11   finally fixed the MacBook Pro it seems and I cannot wait to get my hands on mine I'm

00:29:16   so excited.

00:29:17   Yeah.

00:29:18   So thank you for listening everybody and we will talk to you in two weeks.

00:29:21   Bye.

00:29:21   Bye.

00:29:22   [BLANK_AUDIO]