107: A Visual Bombardment


00:00:00   Oh, I should probably open the show notes, that would be helpful.

00:00:03   Oh god this Google Docs is blindingly white.

00:00:09   But the first thing in the show notes is Google Docs has a dark mode somewhere.

00:00:12   Google Docs dark mode.

00:00:16   Where are you?

00:00:18   If I was dark mode, where would I hide?

00:00:21   Oh, are you looking for it in the web browser?

00:00:24   Yeah.

00:00:25   You're not gonna find it there.

00:00:26   What do you mean I'm not gonna find it there?

00:00:27   Because it doesn't exist yet.

00:00:29   You say there's dark mode in Google Docs.

00:00:31   It says it right here.

00:00:32   - On iOS, there is dark mode on iOS.

00:00:34   - Okay.

00:00:35   (laughs)

00:00:36   - I'm not 100% sure why they are so slowly rolling this out,

00:00:41   but I'll tell you now, great, Google Docs in dark mode,

00:00:45   yeah, ain't that great?

00:00:46   (laughs)

00:00:47   It looks weird.

00:00:49   So I'll say it's way better in Docs.

00:00:52   In Sheets, it doesn't work so well.

00:00:54   The colors are all wrong.

00:00:56   - Okay.

00:00:57   - So if you use Google Sheets for anything

00:00:59   and you're coloring cells or rows like I do,

00:01:02   it just doesn't work when you've, like from white to dark,

00:01:05   like really you have to rebuild all the colors again

00:01:07   and stick to one or the other.

00:01:10   But I think Google is aware of this

00:01:12   because they have a per document toggle.

00:01:16   - That's not a bad idea for a spreadsheet.

00:01:19   - No, and it works. - That's not a bad idea.

00:01:21   - I now have everything in dark mode

00:01:24   and when I need to see something in light mode,

00:01:26   I just turn it on or off again,

00:01:28   which at least I have dark mode now,

00:01:30   is an option that is available to me.

00:01:32   I like looking at Google Docs in dark mode,

00:01:35   but I would also really love it on my Mac

00:01:37   because right now on my Mac,

00:01:39   I have five windows open in front of me

00:01:42   and all but two of them are dark.

00:01:45   The one that is light is like a light gray and it's tiny.

00:01:49   It's the call recorder window, which I don't care about.

00:01:52   The only one of them which is taking up

00:01:53   any significant space is Safari

00:01:56   and it is blindingly white but it's full of Google Docs.

00:02:00   - Let me recommend a Safari extension to you.

00:02:04   I like Dark Reader for the dark mode.

00:02:07   That's what I'm using to force Google Docs

00:02:09   to not be brightened into my eyeballs.

00:02:11   - Dark Reader.

00:02:13   How does this work though?

00:02:14   Well, I don't like this website.

00:02:15   It's weird looking.

00:02:17   How does this work?

00:02:18   Dark Reader for Safari.

00:02:19   - What do you mean how does it work?

00:02:20   It makes the page dark.

00:02:22   - No, but will it do it for every website?

00:02:25   Okay, I like Dark Reader for two reasons.

00:02:29   It does have an individual toggle,

00:02:30   so you can say, yes, Google Docs, no, my bank, right?

00:02:35   Like that kind of thing.

00:02:36   So you can uncheck it on your bank website

00:02:38   and then it won't ever run.

00:02:39   And then what I also really like,

00:02:41   which is different from all of the other plugins I've tried,

00:02:44   is it has a couple of different modes

00:02:47   that it tries to make the page dark.

00:02:50   So you know how like on some pages,

00:02:52   the first guess about how should this page

00:02:54   look good in dark mode might not be right.

00:02:56   So you can go in and say like,

00:02:58   this mode doesn't work, try the other mode,

00:03:00   and then have it remember like which darkification

00:03:03   works better for which website.

00:03:05   So I like it, it gives a couple of options

00:03:07   and it makes Google Docs able to be looked at

00:03:10   as well on my screen where everything is dark

00:03:12   and I'm like, I'm not gonna sit here for two hours

00:03:15   recording a podcast with a white piece of paper

00:03:18   in front of me the whole time,

00:03:19   blasting into my eyeballs, like no way.

00:03:21   So Dark Reader is my recommendation.

00:03:24   I've tried a bunch of these and I like Dark Reader the best.

00:03:26   - Well, I mean, I've installed it right now.

00:03:29   - Okay.

00:03:29   - But so here's the thing that I want though.

00:03:31   I want it to just opt into some websites

00:03:35   and not everything.

00:03:36   - I don't think I can help you with that.

00:03:37   - I don't think it does that, right?

00:03:38   I have to turn it on and then opt stuff out.

00:03:41   Like that's all, okay.

00:03:43   - Yeah, you just leave it on and you opt stuff out

00:03:45   as you don't want to use that stuff.

00:03:47   - Yeah, see, I don't know if that's what I want.

00:03:49   - No, give it a try.

00:03:50   It'll be fine.

00:03:51   you'll discover very fast is you forget that it's even there for most places.

00:03:54   And you're going to run into like an 80/20 principle real fast of like the

00:03:57   couple places that you don't want to have dark mode, like always bank websites or

00:04:01   whatever. There's not actually a lot of them so

00:04:04   you just untick a couple of them and you solve like

00:04:07   80% of your problem of "I don't want this to be in dark mode with just a handful

00:04:12   of websites." Give it a try.

00:04:14   Yeah, I'm gonna try it out. I'm gonna try it out.

00:04:17   I'm already like, I'm just flicking between my tabs and I'm seeing some

00:04:21   and I'm turning them off for those websites.

00:04:22   OK, I can I can I'm happy to try this out for a while.

00:04:25   But what it has done is made the Google Docs window darker

00:04:29   and I've changed some of the contrast and I think I'm happy with this.

00:04:33   Yeah, we all know light mode.

00:04:36   Light mode is the worst.

00:04:37   The dark side is cool and the light side is dumb.

00:04:42   Well, let me tell you something that is funny, though.

00:04:44   Both Sheets and Docs, they look exactly color wise how they look on iOS.

00:04:50   So whatever Google is doing is exactly the same as what this developer is doing,

00:04:54   which is annoying me even more because it's proving the point that

00:04:59   Google didn't really spend a ton of time on this.

00:05:02   No, I imagine not. I've always been really terrible as like a color designer. I'm very

00:05:08   aware this is one particular weakness of mine, is that like I'm very bad at selecting colors

00:05:13   that go well together. But I'm very certain looking at light versus dark mode stuff,

00:05:18   that there's just way fewer options with dark mode of how to make things look good that way.

00:05:24   Yes, definitely.

00:05:26   And so that also makes me just wonder when companies are rolling out dark mode like,

00:05:30   "Hey guys, you don't have an infinite rainbow of palettes to choose from here, right?"

00:05:36   It's like, you've got two or three dark backgrounds to pick from

00:05:41   that range from dark gray to darker gray and black,

00:05:46   And then on those, you have a very small handful of colors that look okay.

00:05:50   Like, you shouldn't be investing three members of staff and six months into

00:05:56   picking your dark mode colors. Like, it's just, it's a much, much more confined range.

00:06:01   But also, if you're going to do a really good job,

00:06:05   and some companies have done better jobs than others.

00:06:08   You know what's really annoying? I'm so upset about this.

00:06:13   Google Sheets, they automatically direct to docs.google.com.

00:06:18   So I can't have Sheets always white,

00:06:21   Docs always doc with this plugin.

00:06:24   - Oh, okay, right.

00:06:25   - We'll see, we'll see how this goes,

00:06:27   but for the rest of the episode,

00:06:28   I will be using this doc reader thing.

00:06:31   I like that I could get it from the App Store.

00:06:33   That's cool, I like that.

00:06:34   - Yeah, I don't know how much

00:06:36   of an additional layer of security that is,

00:06:38   but particularly for installing stuff in the browser,

00:06:41   I feel like--

00:06:42   browser extensions. So I'm happy to have at least had a little bit more peace of mind in getting it

00:06:48   through the App Store. Yeah, installing a browser extension from a random website just feels like

00:06:53   asking to get hacked. I wanted to follow up on the podcast, ATHON GREY. How did it go? It was

00:07:00   a fantastic success. We hosted the event for seven hours in total, so this was our charity fundraiser

00:07:06   for St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital. I would say that content level,

00:07:11   I think we did a vastly better job than the previous podcast, and I actually

00:07:15   think it was more entertaining, which you know that came from just having done it

00:07:19   once and that kind of stuff. Technically we pulled it off, it wasn't perfect but

00:07:24   again it's one of those things I kind of learn for next time. There's something

00:07:28   that I've realized is video conferencing software tends not to like seven hours

00:07:32   of constant connection, and towards the end my audio and video was out of sync and I wasn't

00:07:38   aware of it.

00:07:39   So if I would have maybe just quit Discord and reopened it again, I maybe would have

00:07:43   been able to make my end look a little bit better towards the end.

00:07:47   But as Steven put – I'm sure you can sympathise with this, you work really hard at something,

00:07:53   and then something small happens like that, really, and you end up feeling deflated from

00:07:59   it because it's like, oh yeah, right, because it wasn't quote-unquote perfect.

00:08:02   But as Stephen very rightly put to me, it clearly didn't harm anything because we

00:08:07   got the job done, because during the podcast was on itself we raised enough

00:08:11   money to meet our $315,000 goal for the month.

00:08:15   Sweet, that's amazing.

00:08:16   So we ended up going for an extra hour because we were getting so close that we

00:08:21   decided to push it for another hour to meet that goal. And overall in the month

00:08:26   September relay FM and the community raised $456,000 for St. Jif this year.

00:08:31   Woah!

00:08:32   Which is, when I said that then I got like a little shiver in my spine.

00:08:37   So yeah, we've absolutely smashed it and I'm so...

00:08:41   Jeez, like that.

00:08:42   It was such a proud moment to have hit those kinds of figures.

00:08:47   So between both years now we've raised $771,000.

00:08:53   So we'll go for a million next year, I guess.

00:08:55   Total raised over those three years.

00:08:57   Yeah, so proud of this.

00:09:00   We had no idea what it was gonna be like going into it.

00:09:02   Not just the Podcastathon itself, but the fundraising, right?

00:09:05   'Cause the landscape of the globe is very different

00:09:08   to what it was a year before.

00:09:10   - Yeah, yeah.

00:09:11   - And to see the kind of support that we got

00:09:14   for this incredible charity this year

00:09:16   was really very, very amazing, very special.

00:09:20   If you wanna catch the Podcastathon, it's all on YouTube,

00:09:22   So you can go and watch it if you want to.

00:09:24   I'll put it in the show notes.

00:09:25   Yeah.

00:09:26   Really, really thrilled.

00:09:27   That's an amazing response from everyone.

00:09:30   Cause yeah, I was, I was a little bit worried because of like the

00:09:33   global situation this year and I didn't know what the final number was until now.

00:09:38   And, and $456,000 is,

00:09:43   look, you have a hundred thousand here, a hundred thousand there.

00:09:49   It starts, it starts turning into real money real fast.

00:09:51   So yeah, that's incredibly impressive.

00:09:54   And I think a lot of people were tuning in for the balloon room for sure.

00:09:58   Balloon room was a big success, man.

00:09:59   Even my own father who listened to Cortex was like, Myke's going to be in a balloon room.

00:10:04   Where can I see this thing?

00:10:06   I will say balloon room was successful.

00:10:10   People liked it.

00:10:11   I took a bunch of like Instagram stories and put them into a little collection.

00:10:16   And so I'll put those in the show notes as well, which includes stuff of filling

00:10:20   the balloons and then also my favorite thing which was popping them. Gray, I had so much

00:10:28   fun doing that. Like it was, I will say it was like, this maybe sounds a little dramatic

00:10:34   but like it was me, it's like a dream realized to do this because I've wanted to do this

00:10:37   for ages to be in this room and it was like slowly filling up with balloons around me

00:10:41   and I was walking around and I could hide in them which was fun.

00:10:45   You got a lot of balloons in there. I was watching that and I was like this is a bunch

00:10:48   of balloons.

00:10:49   we put like six or 700 in there.

00:10:52   - Oof.

00:10:54   - And like I would, we would come back from the video

00:10:56   and I'll be like hidden and I could just like appear

00:10:58   from the balloons, but popping them was brilliant.

00:11:01   Like I got, you know, like a tube that a poster comes in,

00:11:03   poster tube.

00:11:04   - Yeah.

00:11:05   - And we just got some electrical tape

00:11:07   and stuck some sewing needles on the end of it.

00:11:10   So there was like just three sewing needles poking out.

00:11:12   - Okay.

00:11:13   - And I was just like running around in there,

00:11:14   just popping these things.

00:11:16   It was fantastic.

00:11:17   So yeah, I would say absolute success.

00:11:20   Everything went perfectly well.

00:11:21   The balloon room was better than I thought

00:11:23   and even the cleanup was fun.

00:11:24   So, and then along the way,

00:11:26   we raised nearly half a million dollars.

00:11:28   So yeah, pretty great.

00:11:30   - Yeah, that's really amazing.

00:11:32   That's really amazing.

00:11:33   - On the last episode,

00:11:35   you put out a quest to call Texans to--

00:11:37   - No, don't ask me this now, Myke, okay.

00:11:41   - What is the problem?

00:11:43   - Okay, okay, so look,

00:11:45   I know you're gonna bring up the mask thing.

00:11:47   I'm like, "Oh, great."

00:11:48   Grey asked everybody for a mask.

00:11:50   And I'm like, "I'm so sorry to do this to everyone."

00:11:53   So, you know, talk about community responses being great,

00:11:56   right?

00:11:57   There were also a ton of mask suggestions from people,

00:12:00   which is totally the same as raising half a million dollars

00:12:03   for children's cancer.

00:12:04   (laughing)

00:12:05   - I wasn't really thinking of it like this, for sure.

00:12:08   I get what you're saying.

00:12:09   We've moved on.

00:12:10   We're into the next segment, you know?

00:12:12   - Yeah, this is the transition.

00:12:14   - I played a little diddling sound.

00:12:16   Everyone knows that the way that the time works wants the biddling sounds.

00:12:21   It could have been 20 seconds or two hours in between those two things.

00:12:24   So it's fine, don't worry.

00:12:25   No one knows.

00:12:26   Except the problem is when we're recording, I don't hear the little sound.

00:12:30   Would you like me to do it?

00:12:32   Yeah.

00:12:33   If you think it's going to be the little sound, why don't you just go for it in the recording?

00:12:36   That would be something I would enjoy is you can just go for it when you think it's time.

00:12:42   Biddling?

00:12:42   [laughter]

00:12:47   But yeah, so I realized in getting ready for today's episode, I was like,

00:12:52   everybody participated in "Let's have a lot of mask suggestions for Grey"

00:12:57   and they're probably going to want to know the answer to which mask in Grey liked the best.

00:13:03   And I think I bought them all. Like I bought all of the masks that people suggested.

00:13:09   That's the only way you could have known.

00:13:11   Yeah, okay, so here's the thing. I did find one that I really like, but the problem is the mask

00:13:16   does not on it list the manufacturer. I was going through... This is useless what you were doing.

00:13:23   Just let me finish. Okay, so listen. So I was going through the Reddit and I was like,

00:13:32   "Well, I'll just find it's... Surely the one I like is definitely top voted in this thread."

00:13:37   I was going through and opening the links and like,

00:13:39   "I can't figure out which of these masks is the one that I bought."

00:13:43   And so then I was like, "Well, at least I have two dozen,

00:13:47   three dozen, four dozen receipts for masks that were sent to my house.

00:13:51   I'm sure I can work it out by going through those."

00:13:55   And I cannot.

00:13:58   And I'll tell you,

00:14:00   no one is more frustrated than me because I would like to buy more than one of these.

00:14:04   So here's the deal, listeners.

00:14:07   If, between now and when Myke edits and posts the show, I can figure out which mask it is,

00:14:15   there will be a link in the show notes.

00:14:18   But if I can't figure it out, we can play crowdsource again, and I'll give Myke pictures

00:14:24   of the mask, and people can figure out which one it is.

00:14:28   And so we'll get the answer one way or the other.

00:14:30   But yeah, so I have a mask that I quite like, and I have no idea what company made it.

00:14:36   Thanks everyone.

00:14:37   Did you buy the Adidas ones that I recommended?

00:14:40   Yeah, I hated them.

00:14:41   I hated everything about them.

00:14:42   What do you not like about them?

00:14:44   The logo.

00:14:45   The logo was awful.

00:14:46   It's so obnoxious.

00:14:47   I said that though, didn't I?

00:14:49   Do you remember?

00:14:50   No, I know perfectly well that you said it.

00:14:53   And I looked at it on the page and I thought, "Maybe I can live with this."

00:14:59   But the answer is, when it arrived in the house, I was like, "I'm so physically revolted

00:15:06   by this giant logo that isn't even, you know, it's not like a nice design. It's just words.

00:15:12   Adidas.

00:15:13   No, it's got the little lines on it.

00:15:16   It's written on my face. So, no, I absolutely hated it. Thank you for the suggestion. Zero

00:15:22   out of five stars.

00:15:24   If you remember on the last episode I mentioned that there was a mask that I wanted to try

00:15:27   by a company called Atoms. They are now shipping to the UK. I have bought some and they're

00:15:34   on the way but these look to me to be similar in style to the Adidas ones

00:15:40   right like which is what I like which is like that kind of like polyestery kind of material and

00:15:46   yeah I don't like cloth coverings I don't like surgical ones I don't like ones that are made

00:15:51   out of like thick material like this just really works for me though I've ordered a bunch of these

00:15:55   so I may follow up with you but I don't know what about the logo on the atoms mask it just says

00:16:01   atoms on it. Is that acceptable to you?

00:16:05   I don't love it, but I could live with it because it's significantly less obnoxious

00:16:10   than the Adidas logo.

00:16:12   Right. Okay.

00:16:13   Or the Adidas logo.

00:16:15   No, so you said it... Okay, so there are two ways to say it, and you said it a third way.

00:16:21   What do you mean?

00:16:22   It's Adidas, which is the American way, or the UK one, which is Adidas.

00:16:25   Adidas. What are you talking about?

00:16:27   Which I actually think Adidas is the correct way to say it, because the guy's name was

00:16:32   Addy Dazzler.

00:16:33   Wait.

00:16:34   His name was not Adee Dazzler.

00:16:36   Wait, A-D-I space Dazzler?

00:16:39   Is that what you're saying?

00:16:41   Yes.

00:16:42   Mr. Dazzler?

00:16:43   Addy Dazzler.

00:16:44   Uh, well, okay, his name was Adolf Dazzler, but Addy for sure.

00:16:47   Ooh, that's awkward.

00:16:48   Adolf is an unpopular name.

00:16:50   I mean, he was born in 1900, so he couldn't have known.

00:16:55   He was a German cobbler.

00:16:56   still retroactively awkward.

00:16:58   Yeah, it's funny that, really, isn't it? It's a name that can never be used. Who would

00:17:03   do that? Who would call their kid Adolf? It's just never going to happen. That name is lost

00:17:07   to time. There's not many names, I think, that that's happened to, but that's definitely

00:17:11   one of them.

00:17:12   Yeah, for sure.

00:17:13   Right? I don't know if I can think of another one.

00:17:16   Yeah, but also because of the problem, Joseph Stalin didn't make Joe go out of style.

00:17:21   Which is interesting, right? Because I bet that there were lots of people called Adolf, but they were just maybe in one part of the world.

00:17:29   Yeah, I think, yeah.

00:17:31   Where like Joseph, sounds like Joseph in many different languages, right?

00:17:36   Yeah.

00:17:37   But I don't know what like the anglified name of Adolf is, but you know, most names have some kind of like parallel to them, don't they?

00:17:46   Yeah.

00:17:47   So we don't call him Adolf Dassler.

00:17:50   Let's not focus on that.

00:17:53   He was known as Addy Dassler and he created the German sportswear company Addydas.

00:17:58   Okay, well I don't like his name, I don't like his logo.

00:18:01   End of story.

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00:21:05   say it here again, so if you do buy one of these, the layout and the system in the journal

00:21:11   is not changing.

00:21:13   So the way that the journal is actually put together and the system itself isn't changing

00:21:17   between version 1 and version 2, there's just some tweaks we're making to how the stuff

00:21:21   is put together, the product that we're using and there's a couple of little fun features

00:21:25   that we're putting in.

00:21:26   But if you buy version one, it's not like you're going to be using version one of the system,

00:21:31   if that makes sense, right?

00:21:32   Right, yeah. We haven't invented a new theme system for the new journal. It's the same

00:21:38   theme system, it's still the same basic idea of what's happening.

00:21:42   Yeah, there's just some visual tweaks, really, and then a couple of extra little features.

00:21:46   But yeah, so if you have a journal, or you want a journal, or you've been interested to try it out,

00:21:52   you can now get one for $15. And I will remain, it is a great time to re-theme your year still.

00:21:59   I have been very happy, Gray, and we'll talk about this in a couple of episodes time,

00:22:04   when we do the 2021 yearly themes, but I have been very happy.

00:22:07   I cannot believe that's coming up so soon.

00:22:08   I know, I can't even-

00:22:09   It's like, oh my God. I just realized where that sentence was going.

00:22:13   We are a few, literally a few episodes away from 2021 yearly themes,

00:22:19   But I have been very happy with setting a new theme and it has really invigorated my theme system

00:22:25   journaling over the last few months in doing that because I feel like I'm actually moving towards something and living along something I can achieve

00:22:32   Rather than just spending the whole time thinking about how I can't do any of the things that I wanted to do at the beginning

00:22:37   Of the year, so right. I really recommend it

00:22:41   There's still a few months left of the year so you can go and get a journal now for just $15 and try it out

00:22:46   For yourself looking outside

00:22:48   What's happening Myke the leaves are turning?

00:22:51   What is this the new season the new season is a great time to get a new theme journal on sale now?

00:22:59   $15 cortex merch

00:23:02   Com

00:23:06   I have been waiting for this episode

00:23:14   for months, and I have been so excited over the last couple of days that we can share our iOS 14 home screens.

00:23:22   Okay, well, I'm calling shotgun straight away. You have to go first. That's totally fine.

00:23:28   Okay, just to lay the groundwork as to why I'm excited about this while we're doing this.

00:23:33   iOS 14 introduced two key things to the iOS landscape as to why our home screens may look different.

00:23:40   One of them is the app library, which means that we can now hide applications from the home screen.

00:23:45   They no longer need to be on the home screen.

00:23:47   You can hide whole screens, you can turn screens on and off if you want to.

00:23:52   I've seen people say this, including in Federico Vittucci's wonderful iOS 14 review,

00:23:56   which is available now if you want to get more information on this kind of stuff.

00:24:00   But he mentioned something that I thought if you're not doing, something you might like to do is

00:24:04   to have like a home screen of applications that you can just turn on and off when you want to see it.

00:24:09   It's kind of like a nice little idea.

00:24:11   So you could have all of your work apps on a screen,

00:24:14   and you can just long press on the home screen,

00:24:16   and you can turn screens on and off, which is kind of nice.

00:24:19   - Okay, so this is one of these things,

00:24:20   I have to stop you right there,

00:24:21   because I sort of forgot that this was even a thing.

00:24:24   - Yeah. - Right?

00:24:25   And it's like, there is a lot of aesthetic differences

00:24:28   between last time and this time.

00:24:30   And so even right now, it's like, okay,

00:24:33   so how do I set a screen to be turn-offable?

00:24:37   'Cause I can't figure it out.

00:24:38   Long press anywhere to go into jiggle mode, right?

00:24:40   - Okay, I'm jiggling, just jiggling.

00:24:42   - Now you know you've got the little dots

00:24:44   to indicate which home screen you're on?

00:24:47   Tap that.

00:24:48   It shows you all of your pages

00:24:51   and then you can turn pages on and off.

00:24:54   So like when I installed iOS 14,

00:24:56   all I did was I immediately went there

00:24:58   and just turned off my pages two and three

00:25:00   so I don't have to see them anymore

00:25:01   and that's where all my apps were, right?

00:25:03   And they just got rid of them.

00:25:05   So yeah, but like if people do this

00:25:07   and I think it can make sense, right?

00:25:08   Like you can put all of your work-related applications there

00:25:12   and then when you're on vacation or it's the weekend,

00:25:14   just turn them off and you don't even get distracted

00:25:16   by notification badges anymore.

00:25:18   Okay, so here's the thing about iOS 14.

00:25:22   There is a lot of really cool stuff here,

00:25:24   but a lot of it is hard to find.

00:25:26   So App Library is one, so we can now no longer need

00:25:30   to have every app need to have a place on a home screen

00:25:33   or in a folder, they can just go straight

00:25:35   to the app library.

00:25:36   And then also of course, the big one is widgets.

00:25:39   So there are now widgets available

00:25:42   on the iPhone home screen, which has never happened before.

00:25:45   So Apple has finally joined Android in this.

00:25:48   I overall have been really excited about the widget stuff.

00:25:51   The design and the customization and the flexibility

00:25:54   is more than I expected it would be,

00:25:56   but we'll get into that a little bit more.

00:25:58   But yeah, so now I have widgets on my home screen.

00:26:01   I am assuming you may have at least something on yours.

00:26:04   - We'll have to see.

00:26:05   I am mostly intrigued to see how or if you have changed your home screens now that you

00:26:10   have more control over what you can and can't see.

00:26:14   Oh, we'll see.

00:26:15   Alright, anyway, I spent some time today putting together a nice little graphic for you.

00:26:21   Ooh, okay, this is great.

00:26:23   This is super great.

00:26:24   So I have taken a screenshot of all of my pages.

00:26:29   Oh my goodness, okay.

00:26:31   And stitched them together.

00:26:32   This includes-

00:26:33   - Oh, that's a much better idea, okay.

00:26:35   - Right, so I will do-- - Wow.

00:26:37   - With anything you share with me,

00:26:39   I will do this the same for the show notes.

00:26:41   So when you look at the image,

00:26:42   basically what I've done is,

00:26:44   starting from the today view,

00:26:46   I have taken a screenshot of my widgets,

00:26:49   and also, 'cause you can layer widgets

00:26:52   on top of each other, like a stack, right?

00:26:54   It's cool.

00:26:55   So I've also swiped through the stacks

00:26:57   and taken images there,

00:26:58   so you can see every widget I have, right,

00:27:01   because otherwise some will be hidden.

00:27:03   Does that make sense?

00:27:04   So if you're looking at the far left,

00:27:06   I have a stack of shortcuts widgets on top of each other.

00:27:09   So I've taken screenshots of the widgets.

00:27:12   I only took two screenshots

00:27:13   'cause the third widget's thing is just a set of timers,

00:27:15   which I actually don't really use anymore,

00:27:17   so I think I'm gonna get rid of that widget.

00:27:19   And then we go through the today view

00:27:21   and then to my home screens.

00:27:22   - Okay, okay, hold on.

00:27:24   I need a minute to take all this in.

00:27:26   There's so much going on. - There's a lot going on.

00:27:28   Yeah, this is a visual bombardment here.

00:27:31   - Okay, so the stuff to the left,

00:27:35   are we just scrolling down your formerly called today view

00:27:38   or still called today view?

00:27:39   - I think it's still called today view.

00:27:40   I don't know what it's called anymore.

00:27:42   But yeah, we are scrolling down today view.

00:27:44   - That word never made any sense.

00:27:46   - The first two, they're the same section, right?

00:27:49   But I've just gone through different widgets.

00:27:51   Then we scroll down and we have calendar,

00:27:53   time-ary, we have OmniFocus.

00:27:55   This is the beta version of the widgets.

00:27:57   I don't think they'll be available yet,

00:27:59   but they'll be available soon.

00:28:01   and then we have more time reason

00:28:03   and photos and batteries, right?

00:28:04   So that's my today view.

00:28:06   - Oh, so you're running the beta of OmniFocus, right?

00:28:09   Okay, that makes sense of what some of this stuff is.

00:28:10   I was like, how are you doing this?

00:28:11   But you're in the beta program for OmniFocus.

00:28:14   - I think it's an open beta though, so you can join it.

00:28:17   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, but someone once was like,

00:28:21   "Oh, you wanna upgrade to the beta with you

00:28:23   "or a task manager, do you?"

00:28:24   And I was like, you know what, maybe I should never do this.

00:28:26   That was a terrible idea.

00:28:27   - So there were two things when that happened.

00:28:29   One, that was when they were doing the database.

00:28:30   migration, which is not a thing that I would do.

00:28:33   - That's a great time to do the beta.

00:28:35   - But I really wanted the widgets, right?

00:28:37   - Right, yeah.

00:28:38   - All right, so let me,

00:28:40   I'll do an actual run through for you here.

00:28:42   - Yeah.

00:28:43   - It says you or any of the listeners

00:28:44   don't know what certain widgets are, right?

00:28:45   So, we have a stack of shortcuts widgets to begin,

00:28:50   and they live on the left hand side in the today view,

00:28:53   because that's where it's all been for me

00:28:55   for a long time, right?

00:28:56   Like these shortcuts widgets replace the shortcut widget

00:28:59   that was previous and this is where I always had that.

00:29:02   So we have a grid of eight in total widgets.

00:29:06   I have a couple for OmniFocus.

00:29:08   I have my show prep shortcut where I tap that

00:29:11   and it asks me what show I'm working on,

00:29:13   sets the timer and opens the appropriate

00:29:15   Google Doc for that.

00:29:16   I then have a home fan and a studio fan,

00:29:20   so they're like fans and heaters that I have at home

00:29:23   and in the studio, so I can turn those on and off

00:29:25   via shortcuts.

00:29:27   I have a Cortex posting checklist thing.

00:29:31   So more text listeners will know about this.

00:29:33   I spoke about this a couple of episodes ago

00:29:36   where I reworked some automation that I had

00:29:39   using drafts and things for a checklist

00:29:42   that I produce whenever I publish an episode of Cortex,

00:29:45   so that lives there.

00:29:46   And then also something boring, a CPM calculator.

00:29:50   CPM is an advertising metric for how much you charge,

00:29:55   and I just have a calculator for it

00:29:56   because I can never remember the calculation.

00:29:59   So I built a shortcut to do it for me.

00:30:01   Then underneath that, right,

00:30:02   so we have to look on the right image now,

00:30:04   so it gets a little confusing,

00:30:06   for what's underneath in that stack.

00:30:09   These are my time tracking related shortcuts.

00:30:12   So I have start any timer, so I just tap that

00:30:15   and it will give me a list of all of my timers

00:30:17   I can tap and it just begins.

00:30:19   It doesn't need to open any application,

00:30:21   that's the one thing that Shortcuts has.

00:30:23   Every other widget opens an app,

00:30:25   but the shortcuts widget doesn't need to open the app.

00:30:28   Recording and editing is another one

00:30:30   where when I tap that shortcut,

00:30:31   it asks me, are you recording or editing right now?

00:30:34   And if I say recording,

00:30:35   it sets a timer based on what's in my calendar.

00:30:38   So I like that one.

00:30:39   - Yeah, I always think that's one of my favorite

00:30:42   like little clever automation things

00:30:44   that you've ever mentioned.

00:30:45   Like it never would have crossed my mind.

00:30:46   I was like, oh, of course,

00:30:47   you already have this data somewhere.

00:30:48   I could just love that as a shortcut.

00:30:50   - You have to name things particularly, right?

00:30:52   - Oh, of course, yeah.

00:30:53   - But if you do that,

00:30:54   And honestly, I actually didn't have to change anything,

00:30:57   but I just have to be careful stuff I had in the future.

00:31:00   Plus track time is one that I use all the time,

00:31:02   which is if I've forgotten to set a timer

00:31:05   for the work that I'm doing,

00:31:07   I can hit that and it will say how many minutes

00:31:09   and then which thing do you want to assign it to.

00:31:11   So I like that.

00:31:12   Update tag will just update the current time tracker

00:31:15   with a different tag.

00:31:16   And then I have stop timer and open time array.

00:31:18   So they're my time tracking shortcuts.

00:31:21   I use those less and less now because of the time array

00:31:24   widget, there are many different time-re widgets, and that's the one that's sitting

00:31:27   underneath and it's showing I was preparing for Cortex whilst putting this

00:31:31   stuff together obviously. So the time-re widget is better and worse in

00:31:36   different ways, it's not through fault the developer, like one of the things

00:31:39   with widgets in iOS 14 is they cannot be interactive, unless it's a shortcuts

00:31:44   widget, it's the only one that can be interactive. So the the old time-re widget

00:31:48   used to have a bunch of buttons and you tap them and it would start and stop

00:31:51   timers right? We never need to open the app. That isn't the case anymore but I've

00:31:55   gotten really used to having the added utility of, so I have that like the

00:32:00   current running timer there and I can tap that and it gives me a lot of

00:32:04   different options right when you're actually opening the application so I've

00:32:08   gotten used to it and plus there are some other timer-y widgets that I have

00:32:12   which didn't exist before or couldn't have existed before and overall for me

00:32:16   it's kind of like made up the whole package to make it worth it.

00:32:21   Fantastic Cal underneath. So this is the big Fantastic Cal widget. So I've got the

00:32:27   date and a calendar and then showing me what's on my calendar for the day.

00:32:32   Oh your heat map of calendar busyness makes me feel physically ill just looking at it.

00:32:38   I thought you wouldn't like that. I mean I yeah yeah.

00:32:42   That's a fantastic feature. It's a cool feature yeah.

00:32:46   I remember turning it on once and being like, "Oh, of course this makes no sense for me at all,"

00:32:49   because almost every one of my days is like, "There's nothing scheduled for today."

00:32:53   And then there's just like a couple of things.

00:32:55   But I think that's a really, really nice feature.

00:32:58   And in a widget, that's a great way to like, "Oh, let me have a quick look at my calendar."

00:33:03   Yeah, the idea of the information being glanceable is a perfect thing.

00:33:08   At first, I didn't like it because it's quite visually busy,

00:33:12   but I kind of left it on for a bit and I've grown to enjoy it.

00:33:16   And it's basically when you look at the image, it starts off with like nothing to yellow to orange.

00:33:23   And it's basically like a traffic light system of how busy your day is. And the deeper the color,

00:33:28   the more events you have on the calendar. So it's just an easy way, like at a glance, to see like,

00:33:33   when am I busy, when am I not busy? Then I have underneath that, so we're on to the third image

00:33:38   in this panel now, right? This is a time-ary widget showing what I have tracked for the day.

00:33:45   Then we have one of the OmniFocus widgets underneath,

00:33:49   which is showing me kind of my forecast

00:33:51   over the next few days,

00:33:52   and then it also has a list of stuff that's due today.

00:33:55   - As someone who's in the OmniFocus beta,

00:33:58   I just have to ask now,

00:33:59   like the forecast view was interesting.

00:34:01   I presume that you can just set a custom perspective

00:34:04   for one of those instead,

00:34:06   like that's an option on the widgets?

00:34:08   - They have a separate set of widgets in the current beta,

00:34:12   it could all change,

00:34:13   that are called perspective widgets.

00:34:14   and I don't believe they show the forecast,

00:34:17   but you can just get a list of all tasks in a perspective.

00:34:19   - Yeah, great, that's what I'm looking for.

00:34:21   Like, I specifically don't want the forecast,

00:34:23   but I was like, oh, I hope that forecast

00:34:25   isn't attached to everything.

00:34:26   So that's why I had to know,

00:34:27   I had to interrupt you there for my own selfish reasons.

00:34:31   (laughs)

00:34:31   - Then I have underneath that another Timery widget.

00:34:34   This is also something I like.

00:34:35   You can have multiple widgets

00:34:37   with multiple different information types.

00:34:39   And at a request that I made,

00:34:42   the developer of Timery, Joe,

00:34:44   allowed for me to selectively change the theme.

00:34:47   I think all widgets should have this.

00:34:50   Widgets have dark and light themes to them.

00:34:52   A lot of developers have actually worked

00:34:55   to create lots of different color options,

00:34:57   and I love that, so I can choose

00:34:59   what I want the colors to be.

00:35:00   But other than that, they will all pretty much

00:35:03   have dark and light themes to them.

00:35:06   I want the developer to allow me to choose

00:35:09   if I want the widget to have a light or a dark theme

00:35:12   and not just take it by what's on the system.

00:35:14   because that's what I wanted here.

00:35:15   Like, I have two widgets that look very similar.

00:35:18   They're just graphs, right?

00:35:20   But I know the light one means today

00:35:22   and the dark one means this week.

00:35:25   -Yeah. -What I also love

00:35:26   is with these time-re-widgets, you can make lots of choices.

00:35:29   So this is just showing me podcast-related stuff,

00:35:34   what I've tracked in a week per show.

00:35:36   -Okay, that's what this is. Right.

00:35:37   -So this is a combination of prep, recording,

00:35:40   and editing with just show tags in them.

00:35:44   Busy week for upgrade this week, why was that Myke?

00:35:47   Yeah, yeah, yeah, Apple event again.

00:35:50   So upgrade and connected actually, that's more than I would usually spend one episode

00:35:56   in a week.

00:35:57   Oh yeah, connected is right behind it.

00:35:58   Yeah, in a week.

00:35:59   But yeah, five hours for each of those, basically a full on work day nearly for each show, but

00:36:05   that's kind of how it goes.

00:36:06   Then I have the photos widget.

00:36:07   The photos widget is an absolute joy.

00:36:10   This is the Apple's Photos widget, and it surfaces just photos from your library.

00:36:15   And every day I get something where I'm like, "Oh, look at that!" or "Hey, that happened!"

00:36:19   I like that widget a lot.

00:36:21   Shortcuts and photos are the only Apple widgets that I'm using.

00:36:25   Then I have the batteries widget, which I always forget exists, but it's there.

00:36:30   Now we move on to my actual home screen.

00:36:34   Question one is, why do you have the Fantastical widget duplicated?

00:36:39   You have it on the Today View and you have it on your home screen.

00:36:42   Why?

00:36:43   Well, I don't very frequently look in my Today View.

00:36:47   Right, so really, the Today View serves to get to my shortcuts and also a time-ary.

00:36:55   But if I want to, like if I'm purposefully thinking, "Oh hey, I want to just get a quick

00:36:58   glance at stuff," I could look at the Canada widget there.

00:37:02   Really, the top two widgets in Today View, past that, I don't really look at them very

00:37:06   often.

00:37:07   like here's a bunch of data in case I want it.

00:37:10   - Right, okay, that makes sense.

00:37:11   - But if I want to see my calendar,

00:37:13   I want it on my home screen.

00:37:15   - Okay, and so you just have it in a stack with the weather

00:37:17   so you can flip to it if it's not already presented to you.

00:37:20   - Yeah, I have Fantastical and Carrot Weather

00:37:22   in the top slot.

00:37:24   They're both medium-sized widgets.

00:37:26   And I have this one doing the auto-rotating

00:37:28   that Apple does.

00:37:30   And most of the time I feel like I see what I want,

00:37:33   but it's because I only have the two widgets there,

00:37:34   it's really easy to flip between the two of them.

00:37:37   What I've been able to do with these two,

00:37:39   and this is like a thing that I've been trying out,

00:37:41   is now I no longer have Fantastic Al and Carrot's apps

00:37:45   on my home screen.

00:37:46   - Right, right, yeah, because yeah, you don't need them.

00:37:49   - Because when I wanna get to them,

00:37:50   I just tap the widget and it opens the app.

00:37:53   Took a little bit of getting used to that,

00:37:55   but now I'm pretty used to it

00:37:57   after like a couple of weeks of doing this.

00:38:00   And I would say Fantastic Al and Carrot Weather,

00:38:03   they're like my favorite, you know?

00:38:06   I really love time read widgets too, but like these,

00:38:09   the widgets that I'm using,

00:38:10   they're the ones that have standard test of time,

00:38:12   but the fantastic count on carat ones are excellent.

00:38:14   I think probably my favorite widget

00:38:15   is the carat weather widget,

00:38:17   because this one widget, I use the forecast widget,

00:38:21   and it's just fantastic,

00:38:23   because it shows different types of data at different times.

00:38:28   So like in the morning, I get a,

00:38:32   like in the early afternoon,

00:38:34   I get a daily by hour forecast, right?

00:38:39   What the rest of the day's gonna be like.

00:38:40   In the evening, it changes to a weekly forecast.

00:38:44   So I can see what's coming up over the next few days.

00:38:48   Because in the evening, I don't really need to know

00:38:51   the hour by hour, right?

00:38:52   - Right, yeah, at that point you don't care,

00:38:54   like what was the high today.

00:38:56   - Exactly. - It's not relevant

00:38:57   information anymore.

00:38:58   - And if it's going to rain, or if it's raining,

00:39:01   it changes to the rain widget.

00:39:03   like rain information in the widget.

00:39:05   So like, it's gonna rain for the next hour

00:39:08   and here's the graph of rain.

00:39:09   - Yeah, once again, I'm continually impressed

00:39:13   by the Carrot developer and just like the aggressive use

00:39:18   of all of the new features that come out every time

00:39:23   and also almost always thinking about them

00:39:24   in an interesting way.

00:39:26   - It's like I use this widget, but all of those widgets,

00:39:29   all of those view types that I just mentioned,

00:39:31   they're also their own independent widgets.

00:39:33   So if you only wanna have always the hourly one,

00:39:36   you can do that.

00:39:37   And also, all of the information in that widget

00:39:39   is configurable.

00:39:41   So I said I want the high and low,

00:39:43   the precipitation and the UV index,

00:39:46   and I also want the temperatures and feels like,

00:39:48   because it's the only temperature that matters.

00:39:50   - It's the only temperature that matters.

00:39:51   (laughs)

00:39:52   - And you can do all of that.

00:39:54   And so yeah, the Carrot Weather widget is just stupendous.

00:39:57   Like it's absolutely stupendous.

00:40:00   Again, as you said, as always.

00:40:03   And then else on my home screen,

00:40:04   I have the small forecast widget for OmniFocus,

00:40:08   which I at first wasn't sure about this,

00:40:11   but I actually really like it now.

00:40:14   What I don't need is past so much.

00:40:17   I would prefer today in the next two days

00:40:20   rather than past today and the next day.

00:40:23   Because it's just not really something that I'm fussed about.

00:40:26   But I also understand it could look a bit visually weird

00:40:29   to have the highlighted day be on the left most side

00:40:32   that three column. But nevertheless I like this and when I tap it, it opens OmniFocus

00:40:37   to the forecast view, which is where I mostly am. I have it in a stack with a shortcut underneath,

00:40:45   which is my OmniFocus task shortcut, which is the only way I enter tasks into OmniFocus.

00:40:51   Oh, okay. So this is for input, the OmniFocus. Oh, that's clever to have it under there.

00:40:58   I was wondering what the deal was. I thought you might just be using this shortcut to open

00:41:01   perspective but I thought that doesn't seem like Myke, this is going to do something else.

00:41:04   That's actually a really good idea to have the input be in a stack that's under something else.

00:41:11   You can just flick up, tap, and enter a task into OmniFocus. That's a really good idea.

00:41:16   Yeah on their larger widget sizes they have like a button, well like when you tap it,

00:41:21   it opens to the entry, but I like entering OmniFocus tasks by shortcuts. Like their

00:41:28   Their shortcut support's very good,

00:41:29   it's very easy to build.

00:41:30   - Yeah, it's very good. - And it's way faster.

00:41:33   This is the same shortcut that I have

00:41:35   in the shortcuts widget that's in my today view,

00:41:38   and I'm trialing it out here as well,

00:41:40   but there's just something I like about the logic

00:41:43   of where I can just flick it over

00:41:44   and press that to enter a task.

00:41:46   Before we move on, how are you feeling about my home screen?

00:41:50   Is the, this is the only place where there's apps now

00:41:53   is on this one screen, as you can see.

00:41:56   - Yeah, yeah, I like your wallpaper selection there.

00:41:59   - Do you? - I feel like, yeah,

00:42:01   I think that's a good one.

00:42:02   - Thank you. - It's a little busy,

00:42:04   but I think it works because it's flat.

00:42:06   - It is a photo I took of the wallpaper

00:42:09   at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

00:42:10   - Oh, that's nice. - That's what that is, yeah.

00:42:12   - That's nice, okay.

00:42:14   Okay, I can aesthetically understand that.

00:42:17   That makes sense.

00:42:18   So yeah, I like it.

00:42:19   You've definitely had worse wallpaper, Myke.

00:42:20   - Oh, I know, yeah.

00:42:22   This is why I'm happy,

00:42:23   because I think this is my favorite wallpaper.

00:42:26   I actually have it on all of my devices.

00:42:28   I love it so much.

00:42:29   And so I'm pleased that you're not repulsed by it,

00:42:32   and I'm especially enthused

00:42:34   that you think it's actually quite nice.

00:42:36   - Yeah, it's extra funny

00:42:37   that it is literally wallpaper as well.

00:42:39   - Yeah, I hadn't thought of that,

00:42:41   but yeah, that's a good joke in there.

00:42:42   Yeah, I really struggled with paring down my screens here,

00:42:46   'cause I wanted to just have one.

00:42:48   That was what I wanted.

00:42:50   I made changes in the future,

00:42:51   but that was what I wanted to go for.

00:42:53   And I had to sacrifice a couple of applications

00:42:57   so I could fit that two by two widget in there.

00:43:00   Because I was able to free up some space

00:43:03   because there was some apps that I didn't need anymore,

00:43:05   but it was really a thing of trying to work it out.

00:43:07   I never had the clock on my main home screen.

00:43:11   It was always on a second screen.

00:43:13   But of applications that I am opening and closing every day,

00:43:16   the clock is one of them because I turn on and off alarms.

00:43:19   I don't have the same alarm every day.

00:43:21   I selectively turn on alarms

00:43:23   depending on when I want to wake up the next day.

00:43:25   So like the clock app had to come forward, right?

00:43:28   Which meant something had to go.

00:43:29   So yeah, it took a bit of time to get there,

00:43:33   but I feel pretty happy about the selection of apps

00:43:36   that I have on the home screen.

00:43:39   - Yeah, I was originally like, why is Discord on there?

00:43:43   But of course, while you were talking,

00:43:45   I worked my way through of like,

00:43:46   oh, I know why Discord's on there.

00:43:49   - Well, there's actually a couple of reasons.

00:43:50   So I spend a lot of time in Discord now

00:43:53   because we have the Discord available for Relay FM members,

00:43:56   of which if you go to getmoretext.com and get more text,

00:44:00   which is more call text with no ads,

00:44:02   you can also get access to the Relay FM members Discord.

00:44:06   But also the keyboard hobby is very Discord heavy.

00:44:10   - Oh, oh right.

00:44:11   You're, I forgot, you're participating

00:44:14   in your keyboard scene on Discord.

00:44:16   That's where the cool kids hang out for the keyboard stuff.

00:44:18   - It's also good for product releases.

00:44:21   Like if you're in Discord, they'll ping the Discord

00:44:23   and say like, "Hey, we have a new product."

00:44:24   And so, I'm a part of like 20 Discords,

00:44:29   but I don't look at any more than two of them.

00:44:33   - Okay.

00:44:34   - The rest of them are just like, I'm there in case

00:44:35   they say, "Hey, this new thing is available

00:44:39   for sale right now," right?

00:44:40   And so I have that, and it's just like a thing

00:44:42   where I can lurk in these places if I want to.

00:44:45   But yeah, as I dive deeper and deeper

00:44:47   into mechanical keyboards, Discord is becoming more of a thing.

00:44:50   Okay.

00:44:51   Yeah.

00:44:52   So yeah, that makes, that makes, that makes total sense.

00:44:54   The one that catches my eye, but this is just because I've, you know, I've been on

00:44:59   a renewed crusade about this with people, but I was like, Oh, you've got, you've

00:45:02   got Twitter down there, like how often are you opening Twitter every day, Myke?

00:45:05   Like I don't, it's on your dock, like real estate.

00:45:09   My screen crimes and tell you, can't I?

00:45:11   Yes, you can tell me in your screen crimes.

00:45:16   screen time, scream crime, god damn it I still can't do it.

00:45:20   Why is it so hard?

00:45:22   - It isn't for most people though.

00:45:26   - It is, no, it's like, it's a tongue twister.

00:45:29   Screen time crimes, it's impossible.

00:45:32   No one can say it.

00:45:33   - Well, again, it tells you it's the app you open

00:45:36   after pickups, right?

00:45:37   And on average, it's 22 first used after pickup.

00:45:42   But that's, you know, but really, like,

00:45:44   if I look over the week, it's always the top one or two applications for me.

00:45:50   Twitter.

00:45:50   It's in top one or two for pickups?

00:45:52   Yeah.

00:45:53   For first to use after pickup?

00:45:54   Yeah.

00:45:55   And also for actual usage.

00:45:57   Hmm.

00:45:58   I spend a lot of time.

00:46:00   Although I will say actually that the numbers are starting to get skewed now

00:46:03   because I'm using a Mac with Catalina, which also reports into these figures.

00:46:09   Oh, oh right, right.

00:46:10   Okay, so yes, you, yeah, this is, um, I don't know,

00:46:14   Like, do we have a regular time when we talk about screen crimes?

00:46:17   I can't remember.

00:46:18   We do not, but I have it in my topic list for a future episode.

00:46:23   Well, I want to go through that again, mainly because I realized that where it's

00:46:27   like, oh, I actually have a much bigger picture.

00:46:30   See, like things that things are misreporting, right?

00:46:32   Because I have here, I'm looking at it now, nine hours in Notion.

00:46:37   I'm not using nine hours of Notion.

00:46:39   It's just open on the Mac.

00:46:41   Yeah.

00:46:41   We never talked about this, but like in the last rollout, like I've always been

00:46:46   extremely frustrated with, you know, the way Apple does this stuff and just like

00:46:51   the way downtime works and the way time reporting works and yeah, after that last

00:46:56   rollout where they include the Mac, it's like, Hey guys, you know what I don't need

00:47:00   to see?

00:47:01   You've got Finder open for 47 hours of the past week.

00:47:05   It's like, thanks.

00:47:06   I really appreciate that.

00:47:08   Oh, there was a finder window open on my computer while I was doing other

00:47:11   stuff for 47 hours, really useful.

00:47:13   I understand why they're doing it because they're primarily viewing it as a like

00:47:19   parental time control tool and like incidentally a let us tell you how

00:47:26   you're using your computer thing.

00:47:27   But yeah, the moment that rolled out within a week, I was like, Oh my God, I

00:47:30   have to turn off the share across all devices because this is, this is totally

00:47:35   crazy and madness and also the weird way that I want to run my phone is infecting absolutely

00:47:42   everything else and so it's very odd now.

00:47:45   Yeah, we'll come back to the skin cramps at a later date, but yeah I just did that too,

00:47:50   like just turn it onto one device or the other and it really changes things. But yeah, Twitter

00:47:54   is high on Twitter is high for me, you know, it's like one of those things. Should I use

00:48:02   Twitter less, yes, sure, but doom scrolling, that's where I have in my life sometimes these days.

00:48:08   I know, but it's just like, oof, the doc, it makes me sad to see it on the doc there,

00:48:13   and then like, oof, top one pick up, don't do it, don't do it, man.

00:48:17   I tweet less, but consume as much.

00:48:20   Yeah, okay, so, you know, tweeting less is great, it is great, but I think Twitter

00:48:25   literally makes people crazy, and even if you're just doom scrolling, it's like,

00:48:29   I've seen people become real weirdos and I think you can point to Twitter a lot for the cause of that.

00:48:36   But I'm not here to shame you, but it just did catch my attention.

00:48:40   No, no, I know. It's a good question, especially on this show, these kinds of questions are good.

00:48:45   And yes, I think it is something I would like to try and start addressing again.

00:48:50   Maybe I'll make it a New Year's resolution.

00:48:52   Yeah, make it a New Year's resolution. You're gonna quit smoking and Twitter.

00:48:58   All right, should we move on? Is there anything else on my home screen you wanted to point to?

00:49:02   No, I was just curious if you happen to remember like who didn't make the cut for the widgets,

00:49:08   because like the thing that I think is sort of interesting about upgrading for the first time

00:49:13   to this version of the operating system and then playing around with widgets is I know one of my

00:49:18   immediate experiences, even as someone who, you know, if we take a look at the last time we looked

00:49:23   at my home screen like there wasn't a lot there. I still feel like woof these widgets take up a lot

00:49:30   of space and they really do force a trade-off because there's a great utility in having four

00:49:36   buttons and since many of the widgets are really like conveying some limited information I think

00:49:45   when you first start playing with them it really does force you to like have to make some tough

00:49:49   tough decisions about what do you want there.

00:49:52   So I'm just curious if you happen to remember who got cut.

00:49:54   - I can tell you, I have an old screenshot in front of me.

00:49:56   - Who got cut.

00:49:57   - So the music app got cut, the files app got cut,

00:50:01   Calzones got cut for good reason,

00:50:04   which we'll get to in a bit.

00:50:05   Fantastic Cal got cut because it could be cut

00:50:07   for the widget.

00:50:08   - Right, right.

00:50:09   Well, if you still had the Fantastic Cal icon on there,

00:50:11   I'd be questioning your sanity.

00:50:13   - Indeed.

00:50:14   The Canary app got cut.

00:50:15   I just realized notifications.

00:50:17   This is my home security camera thing.

00:50:19   - Right, okay.

00:50:20   - Carrot got cut, Narwhal, Reddit client that I use,

00:50:23   Airtable, Pipedrive, but those weren't really

00:50:27   being used very much.

00:50:28   Shortcuts, Timery.

00:50:30   - Okay, all right, that makes sense.

00:50:32   - There were a couple of applications on here

00:50:33   that I was using to like fill out my home screen

00:50:36   because I couldn't work out what to replace them with, right?

00:50:38   - Right, of course.

00:50:39   - And then there was some that I got to get rid of

00:50:42   because of the fact that I was adding their widgets, so.

00:50:46   - And you haven't gone the cool kid route

00:50:49   of redoing all of your home screen icons

00:50:52   with shortcut shortcuts.

00:50:54   - No, no.

00:50:55   I will say if Apple removed the requirement

00:51:00   to have it open shortcuts first, I would consider it.

00:51:04   - Interesting, interesting to hear you say that.

00:51:05   - You know, I did have a thought of like,

00:51:08   CGP Grey ahead of the curve, right?

00:51:11   All these teens have discovered having custom shortcuts

00:51:14   for icons, but you were doing it for years.

00:51:17   - My only thought on this is like, well, well, well,

00:51:20   like everyone thought I was crazy.

00:51:22   Like your whole home screen is shortcuts,

00:51:24   that's ridiculous.

00:51:25   And I was like, I'll just wait.

00:51:27   I'll wait and like, I forged the world with my attention

00:51:31   and the world will eventually come to me.

00:51:33   And it was like, here we are.

00:51:34   But I honestly, I wasn't sure if you would decide

00:51:37   to go all in on this,

00:51:39   of like now would be the time to try the shortcuts.

00:51:41   But for you, opening the shortcut app

00:51:43   is still the deal breaker.

00:51:45   - I don't like it.

00:51:46   Visually, I think it's super cool, right?

00:51:49   And I applaud people who are taking the time

00:51:53   to pick or create their own icons and set them all up.

00:51:56   If you have no idea what we're talking about,

00:51:57   I'll put some links in the show notes,

00:51:59   but it's so meme-y that if you use an iPhone,

00:52:01   you probably have heard about this thing

00:52:03   if you're not already doing it yourself.

00:52:04   - And if you've been listening to Cortex,

00:52:06   like you've heard us talk about this for years as well.

00:52:08   - 'Cause you've been doing it for years.

00:52:09   But if Apple did do that,

00:52:10   if they would just like stop having to open

00:52:12   shortcuts app or if they created an official like this is how you change your icons type thing,

00:52:18   I would 100% do it. I would find some cool icons online, lots of people selling great icon packs

00:52:24   now and I would have something that was maybe a little bit more to my aesthetic tastes or whatever

00:52:29   and or something I thought of like I could have certain applications that when I tap them they

00:52:33   open to exactly where I want them to be in that app because that's something that you could maybe

00:52:39   do, right, where it's like, you know, I might have like an OmniFocus icon which

00:52:43   just opens to a specific view in OmniFocus rather than the last place I

00:52:46   left off or whatever. But no, I haven't done that because I don't like

00:52:51   the jumping between applications. It would annoy me. I know it would annoy me.

00:52:55   That's why I've never done it, because that step is a frustration for me.

00:52:59   Yeah, I think that's a totally fair frustration.

00:53:03   Alright, so you have one more screen then when we slide over, or two more screens.

00:53:07   Two more screens of just widgets.

00:53:09   - Yeah, it's one and a bit, because the very final screen,

00:53:12   there's just widgets I'm testing or playing around with.

00:53:14   - Ah, okay.

00:53:15   - But the next one is fixed.

00:53:17   So I have two, three WidgetSmith widgets.

00:53:20   And most people listening to this show,

00:53:22   well, I will say, of course I have WidgetSmith widgets.

00:53:25   And most people would hear that and say,

00:53:27   well, yeah, of course, because like everyone knows

00:53:29   WidgetSmith, but my, of course, is because WidgetSmith

00:53:32   is made by one of my closest friends, underscore David Smith,

00:53:36   who we have mentioned on this show before.

00:53:37   He was also the developer of apps like Calzones, which is an app that I

00:53:41   had mentioned on Cortex multiple times.

00:53:43   Yes.

00:53:43   Frequently mentioned on the show, _DavidSmith.

00:53:47   Fastest developer in the West.

00:53:49   And we are now just saying this to try and prove how cool we are that we

00:53:52   know the guy who made WidgetSmith.

00:53:53   WidgetSmith, which was like number one app in the world.

00:53:57   I got to hang out with _atWWDC.

00:54:01   Like that's so cool.

00:54:02   I've been to his house, okay?

00:54:05   I think, I know I was, I don't know if you were testing WidgetSmith during the beta period.

00:54:09   You weren't running betas, were you?

00:54:11   No, I was late to the show.

00:54:14   So Dave was number one for many weeks and is still, I think, in the top 10 in the US and other countries.

00:54:19   It really was, it was just the app, right? Like it was the app, it's what you downloaded, right?

00:54:25   Like, I know I was thinking about this, I joked with him about it, but I genuinely believe it's true.

00:54:29   Like, there were people updating their iPhone to get WidgetSmith, right?

00:54:34   That was like a real thing, which is an absolutely wild notion.

00:54:38   He was basically the emoji of this release.

00:54:42   But I was using two Widgetsmith widgets before it went wild, which was the time one, so this

00:54:48   just shows me all the times in the time zones that I need to know about, and the steps widget,

00:54:53   so it shows how many steps I'm doing on a daily basis.

00:54:56   And then after Widgetsmith exploded, I was like, "Oh, it does actually have all these

00:55:01   other types of widgets and customization options that I never would have thought to look at.

00:55:05   And that was the whole funny thing about this of like, I think everyone that I knew that

00:55:09   was testing the app, we are all just thinking like, what is the best utility I can get out

00:55:14   of this application when the rest of the world was like, how can I use this application to

00:55:18   customize my home screen?

00:55:20   So after that was when I was like, why don't I actually try and theme these widgets to

00:55:24   my background?

00:55:26   Which I did.

00:55:27   Yeah, it looks nice.

00:55:28   It looks really nice.

00:55:29   And I am very happy with that actually.

00:55:30   were just black before. I was like no I can make them look good and then also I

00:55:33   use the photos widget. One of the widgets that Widgetsmith has is it can

00:55:38   look in an album and I have an album of photos which I think is hilarious and

00:55:44   adorable. I call it the close-up album and it's a selection of pictures that I

00:55:48   take of Adina uncomfortably close to her face. Which I just think is

00:55:54   hilarious so I just have these like large selection of images where it's

00:55:59   it's just too close and I think that's so funny and I have just have these

00:56:03   images going over time so it just pulls different ones there for me and some of

00:56:08   them are hilarious and some of them are adorable and that and I like that a lot

00:56:11   and then I also have another one of the photos widgets there so it's just the

00:56:15   same one it's like a smaller version of Apple's photos widget right and then on

00:56:18   the very final screen there's another widgets with widget which I'm testing

00:56:22   because Dave is working on analog clock stuff,

00:56:25   so I was testing one for him to make sure it looked okay.

00:56:28   And then the two at the top are like a trend of widgets

00:56:32   that I've seen, which I really like,

00:56:33   which are brilliant and hilarious.

00:56:36   So one on the right is called Sticky Widgets,

00:56:37   and it is a widget version of the Stickies app on the Mac.

00:56:42   -Okay.

00:56:43   -So you can tap on that, type whatever you want in there,

00:56:47   and it's just like a sticky note that lives on your home screen,

00:56:49   and you can customize it.

00:56:50   You can have as many of them as you want.

00:56:52   It's kind of like brilliant and hilarious at the same time.

00:56:56   And then Scriblet is something similar,

00:56:58   which is it uses the pencil kit stuff.

00:57:01   So you can draw with your finger of an Apple pencil

00:57:03   on the iPad and bring it over to the iPhone.

00:57:05   And you can also bring up images and doodle on images.

00:57:08   So they're just like two widget types of like,

00:57:11   if you wanted to keep basic information on your home screen.

00:57:14   So I liked both of those and I've been kind of like

00:57:16   playing around and testing them out.

00:57:17   So that is my iOS 14 home screen selection, Gray.

00:57:22   - I mean, there's a lot going on.

00:57:25   I mean, I know even with just the,

00:57:27   oh, there's eight screenshots in front of me to survey.

00:57:32   But I mean, I gotta say, I think this is,

00:57:36   I would rank this as one of your,

00:57:38   maybe the best looking of your home screens

00:57:42   in the years that we've known each other.

00:57:43   - I'm happy with it.

00:57:45   like the aesthetics of it, I'm very happy with it.

00:57:48   I like that I only have one screen that I have to focus on

00:57:51   and then every other screen is just superfluous now

00:57:54   and then the rest of it is just searches.

00:57:57   I don't use the app library very much.

00:57:59   In the initial betas I did

00:58:01   because the app library was my second screen,

00:58:03   I didn't have a second screen,

00:58:05   so I was using it all the time.

00:58:06   But the fact that I have to swipe like three times

00:58:09   to get to it means I'm not using it very much.

00:58:11   - Yeah, yeah, three swipes instead.

00:58:12   - What I would really like is a swipe up

00:58:15   on the home screen to bring up the app library,

00:58:16   just like on Android.

00:58:18   That's what I would like.

00:58:20   - Oh, that's interesting.

00:58:21   Yeah, I guess swipe up doesn't do anything

00:58:22   on the home screen, does it? - No.

00:58:23   - I think that that gesture is free.

00:58:25   - You know, like right at the very bottom,

00:58:26   that's how you get to like the home or multitasking

00:58:29   or whatever. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:58:30   - But in the same way that you pull down to go to search,

00:58:33   I would like to pull up, right,

00:58:37   to bring up the app library.

00:58:38   That's what I would like.

00:58:40   - Hmm.

00:58:41   Huh, you found you use it that much.

00:58:43   Okay, that's interesting.

00:58:44   - I would use it that much if it was there.

00:58:47   Because when I only had the one screen,

00:58:50   I was reflexively would swipe to the right

00:58:54   to go to more applications,

00:58:55   but I didn't have the home screens there, right?

00:58:57   Then I would go to the app library

00:58:59   and I found that the sorting was pretty good,

00:59:01   or if not, I could just search right from that screen.

00:59:03   But yeah, I was using it, but now I'm not

00:59:06   because it takes so many swipes to get over there,

00:59:08   but I would use it more if it was more readily available

00:59:11   to me.

00:59:12   So how are you thinking about widgets in this widget world?

00:59:16   - So I think I mentioned on this show,

00:59:19   when we were talking about self-determinacy,

00:59:24   that my hope, my best case scenario with widgets

00:59:28   is that whilst we would lose functionality in interactivity,

00:59:33   that we would gain in some way, right?

00:59:38   That like, yes, we've lost something

00:59:40   in having widgets, being able to do things

00:59:42   inside of applications, but we will make a gain.

00:59:44   And I think overall that the availability of widgets,

00:59:49   the type of information and the applications

00:59:52   that they're connected to,

00:59:53   vastly outweighs any downsides.

00:59:57   Because my phone now gives me all of this information.

01:00:02   To some extent, my iPad, but Apple really need to,

01:00:06   with iOS 15, find a way to make this work,

01:00:09   to put widgets on the home screen.

01:00:11   Because then, like, shit is popping off at that point.

01:00:15   My iPad is gonna be incredible with all this information,

01:00:18   right, it will be like command center.

01:00:21   It'll be amazing.

01:00:22   - Yeah, yeah, and for sure, for sure,

01:00:26   if Apple had known how big of a deal

01:00:28   widgets were going to be,

01:00:30   they would not have like quarantined off

01:00:34   the widgets on the iPad. - They would have put

01:00:35   the work in. - Yeah, like they would have

01:00:36   done it if they would have known.

01:00:37   - 'Cause I believe this is just a case of like priorities

01:00:40   or whatever, there is no reason to do it

01:00:41   other than the fact that they didn't do it.

01:00:43   Every reason Apple has given is just like,

01:00:45   ah, let's mark it and speak, right?

01:00:46   - Dudes, widgets are so popular, you will sell iPads

01:00:50   because people want more widgets.

01:00:52   - Yeah.

01:00:52   - Like, they have to do it.

01:00:54   - Basically, what Widgetsmith did,

01:00:56   which it was Widgetsmith that did it, right,

01:00:59   has made widgets more popular than anybody

01:01:03   ever would have expected them to be

01:01:05   without a shadow of a doubt, right?

01:01:07   And now I think people are more willing

01:01:09   to try out widgets from other applications that they use

01:01:12   because hey, they're already used to adding widgets.

01:01:15   So, you know, like, yeah.

01:01:17   But what I like about them

01:01:19   is that I'm getting this information.

01:01:21   I have the weather on my calendar available to me

01:01:24   all the time.

01:01:25   - Yeah.

01:01:26   - You know, I'm on my home screen a lot, right?

01:01:29   And so that information is there

01:01:31   and it's readily available to me.

01:01:33   And I really like having even just those two things.

01:01:37   If I had nothing else, I would be happy to have that information because it's information

01:01:42   I frequently want, frequently need, and now I have it there.

01:01:47   I'm more aware of when it's going to rain because the Carrot weather widget is telling

01:01:53   me when I'm looking at my home screen.

01:01:56   That is useful information.

01:01:57   Having the photos widgets brings a smile to my face more in the day than before because

01:02:04   I see these little memories.

01:02:05   It's like, "Oh, that was nice."

01:02:07   So I have that for me there.

01:02:09   And overall, I really like the aesthetics

01:02:12   of finally having a different look to my home screen.

01:02:15   That it is no longer just a grid of icons.

01:02:18   Super good.

01:02:19   So I'm very pleased with what has happened so far,

01:02:24   even though really, you know,

01:02:25   like widgets haven't been available for very long

01:02:27   and more applications that I use are adding them over time.

01:02:31   So yeah, I think it's really great.

01:02:33   And we all thought Apple would do more in year two

01:02:37   of widgets, you know, maybe to make them more interactive

01:02:39   or whatever, whatever they end up doing,

01:02:41   you know they're gonna do more of it

01:02:43   because widgets have been an absolute

01:02:45   unmitigated success for them.

01:02:47   - Yeah, yeah.

01:02:48   I think like for sure, there's been a lot of meetings

01:02:51   at Apple about like, so widgets.

01:02:53   (laughs)

01:02:55   - Yeah.

01:02:56   - What's the widget roadmap and whatever it was,

01:02:59   compress it, compress it by a quarter.

01:03:02   You know, we now have the widgets team.

01:03:03   You know what?

01:03:05   I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that if there's a dedicated widgets team

01:03:09   in a way that there wasn't before.

01:03:10   I'm sure there's at least a cross department working group, Gray.

01:03:13   I'm sure they've got something going on.

01:03:15   Oh, wow.

01:03:16   You make it sound so exciting with your business talk.

01:03:18   Cross department working group.

01:03:23   Oh boy.

01:03:23   I did choose particularly the worst sounding, least sexy name for this, but

01:03:29   probably what is the most likely of what is actually occurring.

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01:05:25   So come on then.

01:05:27   Okay let me show you my home screen.

01:05:29   Okay so I can see...

01:05:32   Oh is this the home screen?

01:05:34   Yeah this is the home screen.

01:05:36   What did you think I sent you?

01:05:38   I thought it was the today view.

01:05:40   No I have the today view. I can send you the today view.

01:05:42   Yeah I want all of them.

01:05:44   Okay.

01:05:45   Right because I need to be able to view them the way that I sent them.

01:05:49   them. Right, yes, I understand what you want. Those are the only two screens. Well there's another

01:05:55   screen because I can see... I know there's a dot but that the dot has just been where I've been

01:05:59   a place to put widgets that I want to try but there's nothing really on that screen. It's just

01:06:03   like so I don't mess up the home screen. These are the only two actual screens which is my home

01:06:09   screen and the Today View and these are the widgets that I'm currently running on those.

01:06:14   I will say, by and large, this is exactly what I was expecting.

01:06:20   Okay, you were expecting a 100% widget-y world.

01:06:24   I was expecting no apps on your home screen, and that's what we've got.

01:06:29   What we have four widgets.

01:06:32   The reason it surprised me was because it's like the batteries widget.

01:06:36   I'm surprised that's on your home screen.

01:06:40   Yeah.

01:06:43   That's why I for some reason just immediately assumed that it was the today view.

01:06:49   Also I have to say, the other thing that really confused me, and I'm going to say it now,

01:06:52   I cannot believe how much color is on this screen.

01:06:55   It is a pink to blue gradient.

01:06:59   And I think that really threw me for a minute.

01:07:02   What's happening here?

01:07:03   What do you mean?

01:07:04   What do you mean?

01:07:05   That's just not a very...

01:07:06   That this, you know, if I...

01:07:08   Basically, if somebody just opened links and went to this one first, they would assume

01:07:12   that this was my home screen, I think.

01:07:14   - Look, I'm just living the outrun life

01:07:16   and sometimes you just want to change and it looks cool.

01:07:19   - It looks great.

01:07:20   Like I love it, right?

01:07:22   But that's just a surprise to me.

01:07:24   - It actually like, it partly was a thing that you said,

01:07:28   okay, this is gonna sound really weird,

01:07:30   but so my home screen was just black before

01:07:33   and it put the widgets on and especially in the beginning,

01:07:37   all of the widgets are like, oh, hey, it's dark mode,

01:07:39   we're going to be black.

01:07:41   And there were also just fewer options as it was playing around with things.

01:07:44   There's a weird way in which the black widgets on the black background,

01:07:49   I thought just looked terrible.

01:07:50   It somehow made the whole phone seem even darker and we, and inconsistently dark.

01:07:57   I just didn't like it.

01:07:58   So I was, I was looking around for something.

01:07:59   I was like, let me try something that's more colorful.

01:08:01   And I just, I stumbled upon this, but yeah, so I'm, I'm with you totally that.

01:08:06   widget designers need to have options to set the background colors separately from whatever

01:08:12   the system mode is. I get why over the summer when everybody was working on it this wouldn't

01:08:16   have crossed anybody's mind like oh I'll just have it follow the system setting but the moment

01:08:21   you start to use them you realize even if my phone is in dark mode it does not mean that I want the

01:08:28   home screen to be in dark mode and I just think like that's a distinction that people haven't

01:08:33   considered. What I really want app makers to do is to offer lots of options, but at the bare minimum,

01:08:41   considering you've probably already made light and dark, at least let me choose between those.

01:08:45   And then maybe later we can talk about different colors, right? But immediately,

01:08:52   just let me choose between light and dark. Yeah, so I was just looking for a brighter wallpaper

01:08:57   because I felt like if I've got to have all of these black rectangles on my screen, I feel like

01:09:01   like I have to lighten it up elsewhere.

01:09:03   I do have the battery widget on

01:09:05   because the main thing has been like my,

01:09:08   it's an easy way to keep an eye on the watch battery

01:09:12   for me to just be like, okay,

01:09:13   when do I need to just top it up

01:09:15   if I'm sitting at my desk?

01:09:16   And also the, I really like having a sense

01:09:19   of the headphone batteries as well.

01:09:21   So I find it useful enough

01:09:24   that I do like having it right there on the home screen.

01:09:27   - It's like, I agree with all of that, right?

01:09:28   Like I like to know that information.

01:09:30   I just don't like to know it so much that I would give it such prominence.

01:09:35   Yeah, yeah.

01:09:36   I do.

01:09:37   I don't know.

01:09:37   I just, I want to see, I want to see the circles.

01:09:39   I like them and I like, you know, it's like, oh, they're charged.

01:09:42   And, uh, I was really surprised when it worked with my Sony wireless headphones.

01:09:46   I'm like, oh, this will, it'll show the battery for this as well.

01:09:48   Like that's fantastic.

01:09:49   I just assumed that would only work with Apple devices.

01:09:52   Nope.

01:09:52   It works with some other stuff that connects to the phone.

01:09:55   I've been surprised like not everything, but some things.

01:09:58   I guess maybe if it uses a certain type of Bluetooth or whatever, like where it can report that information back to the system.

01:10:04   Yeah, so it's- I like it there. I'm also using the Carrot weather the same way that you are. It's, you know, absolutely fantastic.

01:10:11   So are you using the small version of the forecast?

01:10:14   Yes, I'm using the small version of the forecast there. And again, Carrot can never be more impressed,

01:10:21   but they do just such a good job of figuring out like when to flip over into a different mode. I really like that.

01:10:27   Like I said this before, I'll say it again, I mean, we've loaded them with enough praise

01:10:30   in this episode, but I'm going to do it again.

01:10:32   I genuinely think it's one of the very best iOS apps ever made.

01:10:36   And like it is in a very small category of apps that I would consider in that, and Carrot

01:10:41   Weather is 100% one of them.

01:10:44   Yeah, for sure.

01:10:45   Then just like, what I have is Timery at the top, which is showing me the how much time

01:10:50   have you logged on various things.

01:10:52   I do like the little bar graph, and then I have Fantastic Cal at the bottom of here's

01:10:56   the items that are on your schedule for the day. And so yeah, I like this as the home

01:11:00   screen. I was asking about your feeling about widgets because I've never been more unsettled

01:11:08   and uncertain about home screen setups.

01:11:12   Oh, I have had this and I still am a little, but over the last maybe week I kind of crystallized

01:11:19   on a bit, which it helped with OmniFocus adding theirs because I was really waiting on that.

01:11:24   Yeah, OmniFocus is the real, like, let's see what happens one.

01:11:28   LINDSAY Yeah, and so I've kind of gotten to a bit

01:11:30   more comfort with it, but I do still feel like my home screen is in flux, depending

01:11:37   on what other widgets may or may not appear, and so there is definitely this feeling of

01:11:44   unease with it, but where I am with it right now, I like it a lot, but I can certainly

01:11:50   understand it, especially because of the route that you have taken on the home screen here,

01:11:54   of just like no apps, four widgets.

01:11:56   You have no stacks, right?

01:11:58   There were just single widgets?

01:12:00   - Yeah, they're basically single widgets.

01:12:02   The fantastic L1 is sitting on top

01:12:04   of the like automatic Siri shortcuts thing,

01:12:06   but that is gone.

01:12:08   I just didn't happen to get rid of it today.

01:12:10   It was like, this prediction algorithm is not good enough

01:12:13   to take up this much real estate on my home screen.

01:12:15   - Is that what shows you the applications?

01:12:17   Right, it's like a one that's like the eight grid of apps,

01:12:20   two by four of apps?

01:12:21   - No, no, no, no, no.

01:12:22   it's the Siri suggestion one.

01:12:25   It's their version of like,

01:12:26   what does it think you want to do?

01:12:28   And it tries to automatically recommend

01:12:31   either your shortcuts or anything in the whole system

01:12:34   that plugs into shortcuts.

01:12:35   And my experience is like,

01:12:36   you're guessing is too terrible on this.

01:12:39   Like it's not good enough.

01:12:40   - Whatever system Apple uses for this

01:12:42   is really good at guessing what app I want

01:12:44   when I go to the search field,

01:12:45   but terrible anything else.

01:12:48   - Yeah, that's why I was shocked at how bad it was.

01:12:51   And I kept thinking like,

01:12:52   Oh, it must just need some time to calibrate was like, no, it doesn't.

01:12:55   It's not doing well here.

01:12:56   And I cannot understand how it can do so well at guessing apps and so poorly at

01:13:01   shortcuts, especially cause like just mentally running it through with like,

01:13:04   Oh, Hey guys, guess what?

01:13:05   It's six 30 in the morning.

01:13:07   I'm going to run a timer.

01:13:09   I've just finished my boot up timer.

01:13:11   Guess what timer it's going to be?

01:13:13   Like it's going to be the starting writing timer.

01:13:15   Like it is every time at this time.

01:13:18   Like, how can you not know that it's been two weeks of doing this every day.

01:13:22   And they're like, "Would you like to check the weather now?"

01:13:24   Like, "No, I f*cking wouldn't.

01:13:26   Carrot is right above you, you morons.

01:13:28   Like, why would I check the weather?"

01:13:30   So anyway, yes, there's technically a stack,

01:13:32   but no, there isn't really.

01:13:34   - I'm surprised that you are still using the folders

01:13:39   there at the bottom.

01:13:40   - Okay, yeah, so all right.

01:13:43   So the folders at the bottom were my like,

01:13:46   what's going to happen here?

01:13:48   And so I used to have four folders,

01:13:51   And the way that I'm using the folders is, is actually just, I would like to have all

01:13:58   of the badges for certain kinds of things in one spot.

01:14:02   It's a grouping, right?

01:14:03   So the one that had to go was I had a generic other grouping and I was like,

01:14:08   well, I really want at least one shortcut that I can always just hit on the home

01:14:14   screen, which is my generic shortcut to like launch every other shortcut, you

01:14:18   menu system that I built for myself. So I can just go like tap, tap, enter to OmniFocus,

01:14:23   you know, or tap, tap, tap, invoke a template for all the actions for the next Cortex, like whatever.

01:14:28   So like that little rocket ship launcher there is my like, you can pry that out of my cold dead

01:14:34   hands. Like I will never give that up. But it meant I only have four slots on the bottom. So

01:14:37   I had to get rid of one of the folders. But the other three folders are like the first one on the

01:14:41   the left is basically OmniFocus and Reminders, like it's all of the task notifications.

01:14:48   The second one is mostly iMessage, it's like social notifications. And then the third one

01:14:55   is like Slack messages and a couple of other like important work-related messages. So those

01:15:02   are the way I'm like grouping things together into those three. So they're not really folders.

01:15:08   just like, how can I collect these things together? And then everything else like whoosh

01:15:13   away into the app library you go, and I never look at it. Like I just never ever look at

01:15:19   the app library. I do everything from searching. I don't love it. I like the, the asymmetry

01:15:24   sort of bothers me that it's like three folders and the launcher, but there's no way around

01:15:30   it. Like I can't make it look better. I don't want to compress two of those categories into

01:15:37   Like, I could compress maybe, like, work and tasks or social and work into one and then

01:15:46   put the rocket launcher in the center and it would look significantly better, but I

01:15:51   don't think I can genuinely do that because I wouldn't like the ambiguity in what the

01:15:55   tasks are.

01:15:56   It's that little notifications trick which is a thing that you stumbled upon for yourself

01:16:00   and are now kind of boxed into it because there's no way to replicate that any other

01:16:05   way.

01:16:06   of multiple applications can have the notifications,

01:16:10   but they get bundled together and shown to you

01:16:11   as a group on the folder.

01:16:14   - Yeah, so the only way to do it

01:16:17   is to collapse three down into two,

01:16:18   and I just don't like the,

01:16:20   there's no version of those combinations, which is great.

01:16:24   Like social and work would be the best,

01:16:28   but it's still not fantastic,

01:16:31   because there's a big distinction between,

01:16:33   there's a message on Slack I should look at,

01:16:35   at and like there's a text from my wife.

01:16:37   Like I don't really want to combine those two into one little area and then be like,

01:16:40   "Oh, I wonder which one it is."

01:16:41   Part of the whole point is like, I don't have to wonder what the notifications are.

01:16:45   But yeah, so I like, I feel very in flux about this design.

01:16:51   Overall, I'm very happy with widgets.

01:16:54   I think perhaps my main frustration, and I don't know if this is, if this is related

01:17:01   to like the tools developers have or whatever, but I feel like a lot of the

01:17:05   widgets, they take up a lot of space and their information density is very low.

01:17:12   And so lots of the widgets I feel like, come on, you can put you could put more

01:17:16   on here. Like even the the timer re-widget up at the top like, okay I don't really

01:17:22   care about the total tracked time. Like you can you could show me the total

01:17:25   track time and you could fit in what's the current running timer. Like almost

01:17:30   all of the widgets I feel like you could you could squeeze something else here.

01:17:34   Like the fantastic Cal one at the bottom, you can see like this basically is half

01:17:38   of it is totally wasted space.

01:17:40   Like there's nothing that's being used there.

01:17:42   I just find that as like a recurring frustration with a lot of the widget

01:17:45   design, but I have a suspicion that maybe it's to do with the tools

01:17:49   Apple has given developers, but I don't, you know, I just don't know.

01:17:52   But I think overall it's definitely a net win.

01:17:57   And then right now my, the today view exists almost entirely as like a legacy tool at this point.

01:18:07   Yeah, because the old widgets can be there.

01:18:09   Yeah, the old widgets can be there.

01:18:10   What's keeping you on calzones?

01:18:12   The thing that is keeping me on calzones is that it did not occur to me until you showed me your home screen that I could reproduce this in Widgetsmith, which I just totally will do.

01:18:21   That's what I was double checking.

01:18:23   There's no particular reason, it didn't cross my mind that I could do it that way.

01:18:29   And you don't even have to have the guilt of leaving behind an app that your friend made.

01:18:33   Because your friend made the other app.

01:18:35   That's exactly it, right? There's this other thing of like, oh if you're showing off your home screens,

01:18:39   there's also a big difference of like, and I'm not using Underscores app anymore, right?

01:18:44   But it's like, oh no, that's fine, I don't have this problem this time, I'm keeping the same one.

01:18:48   And now you're getting to use Underscores' favourite child, right?

01:18:52   Yes, exactly.

01:18:54   So Calzones, I'll switch over.

01:18:56   OmniFocus is also there because I'm not on the OmniFocus beta, so I wanted that there.

01:19:01   The only thing though that I do wonder is on the Today View, I do use this widget to

01:19:08   tap, like to check off OmniFocus options quite a lot.

01:19:13   You're not gonna have that option anymore.

01:19:15   Okay, so the old Legacy widget doesn't even exist anymore in the new beta.

01:19:19   In the beta they actually have kept the legacy widget.

01:19:22   I haven't seen any other application do this, so I don't know if you're allowed to, or if

01:19:29   they've just made the decision that other apps aren't making.

01:19:34   I'm not really sure what the deal is there, I don't know if you can keep them both, but

01:19:37   of all of the apps that I've used, it is the only app that I have installed that has remained

01:19:43   with the old one as well, so I actually don't know what the situation is there, and I also

01:19:48   can't speak to if they will keep it around, right?

01:19:51   - Right, right, of course.

01:19:53   The reason I was just thinking about that is like,

01:19:54   if I had the option to keep the OmniFocus one there, I might.

01:19:57   - Oh, actually, Carrot has got the old one there as well,

01:20:00   so I think maybe this is a thing that developers can do.

01:20:05   Personally, I'm just trying to get used to not having them

01:20:08   because they're gonna go eventually.

01:20:11   - Yeah, yeah, of course.

01:20:12   It's like, we're playing a game of hangman

01:20:15   that they're all gonna lose with every time

01:20:18   there's any change in the operating system for sure.

01:20:20   I think the only other reason I was thinking that the Today View is kind of

01:20:23   nice is the ability to slide over, you know, without like having to open the

01:20:27   phone properly, which is why I also have the widget there for just checking,

01:20:31   like, what is the current timer that's running without having to go to the home

01:20:35   screen?

01:20:35   That's another reason why I do have some duplication, like at the calendar and

01:20:38   stuff, because I can grab that straight from the lock screen.

01:20:41   Yeah.

01:20:42   So one of the things I've been doing a lot, which is I really mostly quite like

01:20:46   is I've been slowly making sure to convert all of my shortcut timers into being like

01:20:54   things that I can say to Siri. And so like, I can just say track this, track that, and like,

01:21:00   the timer just runs and it all runs from my phone. And I've slowly built up a system so like,

01:21:05   there's a little notification that shows like, yes, this is the timer running. But every once

01:21:09   in a while, I do have that moment of like, did you really do that, Siri? I don't know if you did. And

01:21:13   And so I just want to be able to quickly like swipe over onto the today screen and see like,

01:21:18   yes, the Cortex prep timer is running.

01:21:21   Yeah, that's one of the things that I have there.

01:21:22   So I was really happy actually, because I didn't think it's possible that there is a live running timer on the widget.

01:21:28   Yes. Yeah.

01:21:30   That's one of the only things that Apple enabled of like, this is a constant because everything else just updates on a schedule that the developer can try and set, but the system ultimately decides.

01:21:40   Ah, interesting. Okay.

01:21:42   but they kept, like, count up and count down as a live element that you could have on widgets.

01:21:48   Oh, thank goodness, because yes, the time tracking is one of the main things.

01:21:52   I would have been heartbroken if there wasn't a way for that to work,

01:21:55   of like, you know, like every 10 minutes it updates, it's like, no, this isn't useful,

01:21:59   because you've made this very, very bad.

01:22:02   When I tell Siri to track whatever, I wanted, like, I'm almost always checking within five seconds,

01:22:08   from like, "Mmm, did that run?"

01:22:11   And I wouldn't want to have that be

01:22:12   an every 10 minutes kind of thing, so.

01:22:14   - I will say as a timer,

01:22:15   you've done a very, very good job

01:22:17   of watching out for the system.

01:22:21   So like, my understanding is this is not very easy to do,

01:22:25   like that I can use shortcuts to start a timer

01:22:29   and the time re-widget picks it up.

01:22:31   - Okay, so it's looking for system notifications.

01:22:35   - My understanding at least is that is a non-trivial thing

01:22:38   to make that work seamlessly.

01:22:40   And I know from the beta that it took a bit, right?

01:22:43   For the developer to get that right.

01:22:46   Also trying to notice when other devices

01:22:49   are updating it as well, it also does a good job of that.

01:22:52   Which again, my understanding is, not an easy thing to do.

01:22:55   Like if I start a timer on my iPhone,

01:22:57   is it picked up by my iPad?

01:22:59   So yeah, when I say about favorite apps,

01:23:02   I mentioned it earlier, timer is one of them.

01:23:04   Actually, let's not get into this,

01:23:05   'cause state of the apps is coming too.

01:23:07   We're doing Stay at the Apps so soon.

01:23:08   Don't start doing a rundown of like your favorite apps.

01:23:10   - Home screen, screen crimes,

01:23:12   and Stay at the Apps, only one episode.

01:23:14   Madness around here, what are we doing?

01:23:16   (laughing)

01:23:17   - But yeah, so I don't know, I just feel like,

01:23:20   I feel uncertain with a lot of this.

01:23:25   And you know, most of the time when we do this episode,

01:23:28   I'm like, here's the home screen.

01:23:30   I've been rocking it for a while and I love it.

01:23:33   And I think this is also just a side effect of,

01:23:35   clearly lots of people were caught off guard by the widget stuff.

01:23:40   And so tons of my apps are slowly rolling out like,

01:23:43   "Hey, we've got a widget, we've got a widget."

01:23:45   - It is also worth remembering that developers

01:23:47   did have significantly less time

01:23:50   to make enhancements this year.

01:23:52   - Well, yeah, because iOS 14 is released tomorrow.

01:23:55   It's just my favorite thing I've seen in an Apple keynote

01:23:58   in a really long time.

01:23:59   I literally laughed out loud.

01:24:02   like, "Tim, you crazy maniac!"

01:24:05   [laughter]

01:24:06   F*** all of you! You complain over the summer?

01:24:09   Yeah, I loved it because it was also like, "Oh hey, just FYI, iOS 14 tomorrow. Bye!"

01:24:16   And he walked off stage, I was like, "That's amazing. People will remember this in the

01:24:21   development community for 20 years."

01:24:23   Yeah, this is one of those things that will always be brought up. You remember that time

01:24:27   on iOS 14? We had less than 24 hours notice.

01:24:29   Yeah, I was like, that's amazing.

01:24:31   And here I was like sitting doop-a-doop like I haven't run the betas and like, oh, great.

01:24:36   I just get the whole thing tomorrow.

01:24:37   Amazing.

01:24:38   But yeah, so like, I feel like I'm doing just way more playing around and because of, of like the information density thing, I feel like I still keep swapping a lot of this up of like, eh, should I do it this way?

01:24:54   Should I do it that way?

01:24:55   I don't know.

01:24:56   But I do think I'll probably still land ultimately on like two screens in this way, like the

01:25:08   today screen for stuff to check that I don't need like running on the home screen the whole

01:25:14   time and a more like home screen information board of like here are the things that you

01:25:22   actually do want to be reminded of all the time when you open up the home screen.

01:25:25   You want to know if your batteries are running low, you want to know if it's raining outside,

01:25:29   you want to know if you forgot that Cortex is recording today despite Myke's constant reminders,

01:25:36   and you want to know if you're being like just unreasonably lazy and your unintentionally timer has been running for the last two hours

01:25:44   and now it's the most frequent thing that you've done in the day.

01:25:47   I feel like that's a relatively good mental divide, like check an information board, but

01:25:55   I'm very, very uncertain.

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01:27:51   New iPhone time, kind of, kind of.

01:27:54   What do you mean kind of?

01:27:55   Well we know when we know about them, but it's mid-October and depending on the phone

01:28:01   if you want it's like over a month until you can get it.

01:28:05   This is notable, I guess, for multiple reasons really. There are now four iPhones in three

01:28:11   different sizes. Depending on the phone that you want, I guess you get some different features,

01:28:17   but it's mostly the same. They all have OLED screens now. They all have a new design, which is

01:28:24   flat sides as the design. Can we just pause right there and say, "Please, Apple, these round edges,

01:28:33   Let's never do this again.

01:28:35   I think you're good for a while at least, right?

01:28:38   Because they've clearly decided this is the route, right?

01:28:42   And I think when Apple makes a decision like this,

01:28:45   which is like, well, now they have three different product lines

01:28:50   that have this flat edge design.

01:28:52   We have the iPad Pro, the new iPad Air,

01:28:53   and now all the iPhones.

01:28:56   The rumor is the iMac is gonna look like this too.

01:28:59   I think you're good for a while with flat edges, honestly.

01:29:02   Yeah, I hope so.

01:29:03   Like I am with you on this, but I just always worry that four years from now,

01:29:08   they'll be like, you know, it would be cool to have a phone with round edges.

01:29:13   And be like, guys, no, we've done this before.

01:29:15   These soap phones are terrible ideas.

01:29:18   When I saw that they had the flat edges, I was like, Oh, thank the Lord in heaven

01:29:23   above, like I have a phone that I can hold with my monkey paw, like, yeah, a flat edge.

01:29:29   Don't give me the round edges.

01:29:30   like round edges from, what was it, six onward?

01:29:33   It was just awful, and I hated them every year.

01:29:36   And it just, they made cases mandatory.

01:29:38   And now it feels like, oh, it's a phone,

01:29:40   I can hold it with my hands

01:29:41   without having to have a case on it.

01:29:43   So I'm thrilled about the flat edges.

01:29:45   Like I could not be, this is one of my favorite features.

01:29:48   Like top three flat edges.

01:29:50   - Well, we'll see.

01:29:51   I mean, like we haven't held them yet, right?

01:29:53   Like we don't know what they're gonna,

01:29:54   I mean, like my assumption is they'll feel good to hold,

01:29:56   but again, like the sizing of them is different, right?

01:29:59   Like, they were flat edges when these phones could very easily fit in one hand, and most

01:30:04   of these phones, I think all except one of them, doesn't really anymore, right?

01:30:09   And even the smallest one is bigger than the phones were back then.

01:30:13   I understand, but unless they're making the sides out of a frictionless material, I just,

01:30:19   I can't conceive of any way that the flat edges aren't going to be easier to grip, to

01:30:25   pick up, less droppable, or even just little things like, "Hey, you know what's nice?"

01:30:30   Sometimes being able to set your phone on an edge to take a picture when you walk away,

01:30:34   right? Like, couldn't do it with those round edges, like, flamp all over the phone would

01:30:38   go. So, three thumbs up to flat edges for me. That's my rating.

01:30:43   Back to the old gray rating scale there. New colors. So, in the Pro line we have blue and

01:30:49   gold and there is red, blue, black, white, and green in the regular line.

01:30:57   Better cameras across the board.

01:30:59   Um, I will say that the camera stuff is tag confusing.

01:31:03   Essentially there are better, there are improvements for all of the phones,

01:31:07   but depending on which phone you want, you may get more or less improvements.

01:31:10   Yeah.

01:31:10   I also feel like Apple intentionally a little bit seemed to obfuscate some of

01:31:16   the, in the, in their original presentation, it was like, was very

01:31:20   unclear about which phones have which features.

01:31:23   And I went back later and I was watching their little summary of the iPhone thing.

01:31:28   And I had to screenshot the like two seconds where they actually show

01:31:32   you what the real differences are.

01:31:33   And we're like, okay, let me really compare this because your comparison

01:31:37   page on your website is worthless for all the information that I actually

01:31:40   want to know about what's the difference between the lenses and

01:31:44   the sensors and everything else.

01:31:46   So I feel like there was a little bit of like,

01:31:50   don't look too closely at this.

01:31:52   - Yeah, it's definitely tricky to nail down

01:31:56   some of the camera stuff.

01:31:57   Like what I know is that the Pro Max

01:32:00   has a vastly better camera,

01:32:03   'cause they detailed that way more.

01:32:05   And it seems like for the other cameras,

01:32:07   there are improvements, I think mostly in the regular lens,

01:32:12   right, what is called the wide lens,

01:32:14   but it's the regular lens.

01:32:16   Why they call it a wide lens is maddening.

01:32:18   The normal lens.

01:32:19   - Yeah, I hate that.

01:32:20   Yeah, and there's software improvements, right?

01:32:22   So like night mode can be done on any lens now

01:32:25   and stuff like that.

01:32:26   But the Pro Max gets LiDAR,

01:32:28   which apparently helps with focusing in low light

01:32:31   and enables portrait mode in night mode.

01:32:34   But it also has more zoom on the telephoto,

01:32:37   it goes to 2.5.

01:32:39   It has a better main camera with a much larger sensor,

01:32:43   which will make better low light

01:32:45   and that basically means indoor photography is better.

01:32:48   And there's a new stabilization system

01:32:51   on the main camera as well,

01:32:52   which is more akin to the way that a DSLR is stabled,

01:32:56   where instead of just stabilizing the lens,

01:32:59   they also stabilize the camera sensor itself.

01:33:02   - That was one of those things,

01:33:03   as soon as they said it, I thought,

01:33:04   I'm sure there are technical reasons

01:33:06   why it didn't happen before,

01:33:08   but this seems like obviously the better path to go.

01:33:12   Don't try to stabilize the lens, stabilize the sensor.

01:33:15   - Yeah, I mean, which is why good expensive cameras

01:33:17   do this, right?

01:33:18   But I think it's a like miniaturization,

01:33:22   technical challenge and physical size of phone problem.

01:33:26   'Cause this is the biggest iPhone ever made.

01:33:28   The screen is massive in the Pro Max,

01:33:30   but it's not physically that much larger

01:33:33   than the Pro Max it replaces,

01:33:35   but it's a little bit larger.

01:33:36   But the screen is larger, they made the borders smaller.

01:33:40   I will say these phones, I think all look fantastic.

01:33:43   Like the visuals of them look fantastic.

01:33:45   I am very into the gold.

01:33:48   - I was gonna ask if you have a color preference here.

01:33:51   - I thought I was gonna be all in on blue.

01:33:53   But when they showed the gold stainless steel rails,

01:33:59   I was like, "Oh no, that's the one for me."

01:34:02   - Wait, gold stainless steel rails?

01:34:04   What do you mean the rails?

01:34:05   - Yeah, so you know the outside of the phone, right?

01:34:08   They color match it to the phone.

01:34:10   - Oh, okay, I see what you mean.

01:34:12   - Yeah, that does look pretty good.

01:34:14   - The gold stainless steel, I think looks fantastic.

01:34:18   So gold is gonna be what I'm going for.

01:34:20   Obviously I'm going for the larger phone.

01:34:22   - I was gonna say, there's no way you're not going

01:34:24   for the iPhone Pro Max.

01:34:27   - Pro Max. - Like for sure.

01:34:28   - Yeah, I mean, I think, so yeah, I was like wondering,

01:34:31   I was like, oh, I'll see what they've got, right?

01:34:32   Like maybe I'll change, who knows, right?

01:34:35   Because I was, and I remain a little bit concerned

01:34:38   about the screen continuing to get bigger, right?

01:34:40   Like it's not a lot bigger, but it is bigger.

01:34:43   And I think that maybe the current phone

01:34:46   is like the maximum at which it feels even remotely

01:34:49   comfortable to use in one hand.

01:34:51   And like that phone continuing to get bigger

01:34:54   at now 6.7 inches diagonally might be like,

01:34:59   I think we've passed the point, right?

01:35:03   Where it's comfortable to use.

01:35:05   But they have done for the Pro Max,

01:35:08   what they did for the original Plus phones

01:35:10   in that they have made that phone tangibly better

01:35:14   in one of the most important ways an iPhone can get better,

01:35:17   which is the camera.

01:35:19   And I'm really pleased about that

01:35:20   because I think that's what this phone deserves.

01:35:23   It is the most expensive, it is the most inconvenient

01:35:26   because it's so physically large.

01:35:28   Continue to make that worth my while

01:35:31   outside of screen and battery life improvements, right?

01:35:35   Like put more cool technology in this thing

01:35:38   and I am super excited to try out these cameras.

01:35:42   - Yeah, I was just looking around,

01:35:45   like I could see just tons of people complaining about like,

01:35:49   oh, the bigger phone has the better camera.

01:35:52   But I just think people are thinking about it the wrong way

01:35:56   'cause it's like, you know, guys,

01:35:58   I agree with you that there should be this differentiation,

01:36:01   but it's not for the purpose of product differentiation.

01:36:06   It's like, look guys, if they make the Pro Max and the Pro have the same camera,

01:36:12   it's not because they have decided to not differentiate it's because they

01:36:18   have decided to not take advantage of the larger space that they have.

01:36:24   Which means that the Pro Max has a worse camera than it theoretically could.

01:36:29   You will always be able to make a better camera with more space.

01:36:35   And if you don't like it, take it up with physics.

01:36:38   Like that's where your complaint department has to be.

01:36:42   And you know, so when people are like,

01:36:44   "Oh, I want the better camera on the smaller front."

01:36:46   It's like, it is never gonna happen.

01:36:48   - You have to wait, right?

01:36:50   In a couple of years probably,

01:36:51   they will find a way to do the sensor shift

01:36:53   on the smaller front.

01:36:55   Because again, it's like the reason

01:36:57   they've been able to do it now

01:36:58   is because they can make the technology small enough.

01:37:00   Give them enough time at enough scale,

01:37:02   Apple will work out how to shrink it down.

01:37:03   History has shown this.

01:37:04   they do these wild things and they end up making the cameras way better again.

01:37:07   But I agree.

01:37:08   I am super pleased that they are once again, taking advantage of the canvas

01:37:12   that they have in the phone being massive, using that physical size

01:37:17   to the advantage of the phone.

01:37:19   Like you can fit more in the case, do more with it.

01:37:22   So, um, what are you leaning towards?

01:37:26   Because for me, like I was like, I thought that you might want the better camera,

01:37:30   but I could also imagine you being intrigued by the mini.

01:37:34   Oh, Myke, I have never been more torn in my whole life of iPhone buying.

01:37:44   No exaggeration.

01:37:46   I am genuinely finding this a gut wrenching decision.

01:37:50   Like I can't decide.

01:37:53   And I keep going between all three phones.

01:37:58   And so it's like, God, do I love the idea of the 12 mini, right?

01:38:05   I love it.

01:38:05   Uh, actually I really love the blue on the 12 mini.

01:38:09   I actually think the blue on the mini is nicer than the blue on the pro.

01:38:13   Yeah.

01:38:14   I, I, it is the only time I have found myself really pulled to buy a phone that is not black.

01:38:23   I do like the, I do like the Pacific blue on, on the pros.

01:38:27   black like the graphite looks terrible in the images.

01:38:32   Oh I haven't even looked at it.

01:38:33   Oh it's like it looks brown. It's very weird.

01:38:35   Oh yeah you're right it does look like a terrible black.

01:38:37   Because they've changed it now it's now called graphite like the watch.

01:38:40   Oh we're not in space anymore.

01:38:43   Space gray a color name that makes just as much sense as space orange.

01:38:47   Like have you guys looked at space?

01:38:49   And they gave up on the 25 million different color options that has been space gray over time.

01:38:54   I'm sure someone's done it, but there's got to be a fantastic infographic of like,

01:38:58   what Apple thinks space grey is, and like, here's 70 versions of grey.

01:39:02   It's like, it's always infuriating.

01:39:05   Like, I hated everything about it.

01:39:06   I like space orange, by the way.

01:39:08   We may have to make like, some kind of Cortex brand product in space orange at some point.

01:39:13   Let's do it.

01:39:14   Let's do it for sure.

01:39:17   But yeah, so the mini, the blue, I think it looks fantastic.

01:39:22   And I've always been pulled by the smaller phones.

01:39:25   Like I just, like, I just really liked the idea of the smaller phone.

01:39:29   But so then here's where I was like, I was really looking at the camera differences

01:39:36   and having done some professional photography in the past, you know, just

01:39:41   like trying to look at the actual specs of it, like, okay, this is what this means.

01:39:45   And, and blah, blah, blah.

01:39:45   Like the differences in the pro max are very significant.

01:39:50   Like this, the sensor size thing is huge.

01:39:53   Sensor size doesn't just matter in low light.

01:39:56   Like it matters for every image you take.

01:39:59   Stabilization is also one of those things.

01:40:01   Like you can never get enough stabilization, especially if

01:40:04   you're doing any kind of video.

01:40:06   You know, so I was looking at those Pro Max things.

01:40:09   I was like, this camera is a lot better.

01:40:12   And I've, I've always said that.

01:40:14   The only thing Apple needs to say every year to get me to upgrade is the

01:40:20   two words, better camera. And like, that's it. If you change

01:40:24   nothing else, but you make the camera better, I will give you

01:40:26   money for a new phone. Like it's a totally done deal. But goddamn,

01:40:30   I feel like I know I will be unhappy with the size of that

01:40:34   phone. Yeah, I didn't like the size of the max before. It's

01:40:38   like I could tolerate it, but I always found it annoying. And

01:40:41   the pro max is a lot bigger, but being a little bigger is like,

01:40:46   I don't love it. I don't know if you know this, and I'm not

01:40:49   gonna make it any easier for you in telling you this but the 12 mini is

01:40:53   smaller than the iPhone SE, the current SE.

01:40:55   Oh god damn it!

01:40:57   Like okay that's infuriating.

01:41:00   This is also I have never more wanted to see the phones in person but also like if there's any place like crawling with people in central London is like I am not going into an Apple store in central freaking London like that is not happening.

01:41:16   So yeah, like I'm, I'm totally drawn towards the mini like that is the phone, the blue

01:41:21   mini is the phone I want to buy.

01:41:23   There is no question about that.

01:41:26   However, there's two problems.

01:41:28   One is a possible problem and one is an actual problem.

01:41:31   The possible problem is Apple's really poor track record of keeping the small phone updated

01:41:40   frequently.

01:41:41   You are not going to have a problem with this.

01:41:43   I don't think that's the case this time, but I'm just bringing it up because it's something

01:41:49   in the back of my mind.

01:41:50   I'm like, "Look, I am happy to get on the small phone train as long as this train is

01:41:57   pulling out of the station and going down the line."

01:42:01   And so like, "Okay, if there's going to be another small phone next year that has a better

01:42:06   camera, I'm happy to just like pretend and be two years behind the top of the line camera

01:42:13   technology. Like I would totally do that. But they don't have a great track record. I agree.

01:42:18   I suspect they're going to sell a lot of these iPhone minis. Like I think this is good. They're

01:42:23   going to sell a bazillion of these. Yeah, it could potentially be the best selling model.

01:42:28   Yeah, yeah, I think that's very possible. So that's why I say that is a theoretical problem.

01:42:33   The one that really puts a dagger straight through my heart is that the second lens is the

01:42:40   super wide angle lens, it's not the telephoto lens.

01:42:43   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:42:45   - And that is brutal.

01:42:47   Like that is so brutal and that's the one

01:42:49   that's really hard to get past

01:42:51   because I use the wide angle, the super wide angle,

01:42:55   occasionally it's nice to have,

01:42:58   but I could totally do without it.

01:43:01   The telephoto lens is the one where it's like,

01:43:04   giving that up is really hard

01:43:07   and is going to be a constant frustration.

01:43:09   like I don't have the telephoto lens.

01:43:12   I get why they did it,

01:43:13   because in the computational photography stuff,

01:43:16   I can easily understand how the super wide

01:43:19   is the lens to have if you're combining information

01:43:23   from the two lenses.

01:43:24   Like that just, that perfectly makes sense, I get it.

01:43:28   - And also you can fake a zoom.

01:43:30   - Yeah, yeah, to most people's satisfaction,

01:43:33   you can fake a zoom.

01:43:34   So like-- - Yes, yeah.

01:43:35   That's the good asterisk, but yes.

01:43:37   Yeah, like cropping is in Zoom.

01:43:39   Digital Zoom is not a thing, people.

01:43:42   Digital Zoom is a lie.

01:43:43   - Just move.

01:43:44   - So that is the part that just kills me.

01:43:50   Like it really kills me is the lack of the telephoto lens.

01:43:53   And so then I think, well,

01:43:55   why don't I just go with the 12 Pro?

01:43:59   It's like the camera is better than my current camera.

01:44:02   Not like amazingly better, but it is better.

01:44:06   But then, here's the problem, Myke.

01:44:09   iPhone 12 Pro is the iPhone of compromise.

01:44:13   And you know what the thing about compromise is?

01:44:16   Everybody's unhappy, or you, if you're an individual,

01:44:20   you're unhappy in both directions.

01:44:22   So I know if I get the iPhone 12 Pro,

01:44:25   I'm gonna both think, "Ugh, this phone could be smaller,

01:44:28   "and it could have a better camera," right?

01:44:32   - Yeah, the middle one is not the right one,

01:44:34   because you're right, you're not benefiting from either of the things

01:44:38   which is even making you question which phone to get anyway.

01:44:41   Exactly, right?

01:44:42   So like the iPhone 12 Pro is like, this is the phone of compromise.

01:44:48   And there's plenty of times in life when compromise is the correct solution.

01:44:52   And this may well be the time when it is a correct solution, which is

01:44:57   why I'm saying I'm genuinely frustrated between all three options.

01:45:02   But so then with the iPhone 12 Pro, it's like, okay, well, I want the better camera.

01:45:05   So why don't I just like min max the actual thing that I want?

01:45:11   It's like, do I want the better camera?

01:45:13   I really, really do.

01:45:16   Do I want to be carrying around a phone that was bigger than the phone that I

01:45:20   already found uncomfortably big to carry around?

01:45:23   I really don't.

01:45:24   And so then I'm like, well, maybe I'll get the mini.

01:45:26   It's like, but I know if I get the mini, I'm going to constantly miss the telephoto

01:45:29   lens. Like it's really going to be annoying.

01:45:32   Small battery of course.

01:45:33   Yeah, it's like, "Okay, well so then I should compromise and I should get the 12 Pro."

01:45:37   It's like, "Oh, but the 12 Pro doesn't maximize either of the characteristics that you want,

01:45:41   so like, well, why don't you get the better camera? Okay, I'll get the better camera, but then it's gonna be like..."

01:45:45   I just keep going round and around and around and I like...

01:45:49   I cannot decide. I really cannot decide this year, and it's gut-wrenching.

01:45:54   Luckily you do have a little bit more time to decide,

01:45:57   because both of those phones go on pre-order at the same time,

01:46:01   Which is not until the 6th of November.

01:46:05   Yeah.

01:46:05   Yeah.

01:46:06   But I just, I don't know what I'm going to do.

01:46:08   I don't know what I'm going to do.

01:46:09   And I thought after the presentation, it was going to be a much easier call, but

01:46:15   the, like, the more I dug into the details, the harder a decision it came to be.

01:46:19   And so I don't know anyone who was on the fence before you screwed.

01:46:27   What do you mean?

01:46:30   - Anybody who was on the fence of the phone sizes,

01:46:34   this presentation has made everything way worse.

01:46:37   Because now, there are vastly different phones.

01:46:40   Plus, the fact that the 12 Pro and the 12

01:46:44   are the same size now,

01:46:46   and the 12 Pro is bigger than the 11 Pro.

01:46:51   So if you were already unhappy,

01:46:55   then you're gonna be really unhappy, right?

01:46:58   'Cause I know a lot of people felt like the 11 Pro

01:47:01   was too big and then the 12 Pro is now bigger.

01:47:05   So now you have to decide, do I wanna go to the Mini

01:47:08   and give up features because you're losing stuff

01:47:10   like the other camera and stuff like that?

01:47:13   Or do I get a phone that's bigger?

01:47:15   Or do I get a phone that's even bigger

01:47:17   if I'm already gonna go bigger?

01:47:19   - Yeah.

01:47:20   - It's definitely tricky.

01:47:21   I personally think this is the best lineup Apple has had

01:47:26   for a long time, if not ever,

01:47:28   because there is tangible choice and they're comparable.

01:47:33   Like the fact that Apple makes a phone

01:47:35   as small as the iPhone 12 mini

01:47:37   and it has an A14 chip in it and two excellent cameras

01:47:40   and 5G and Face ID and the MagSafe,

01:47:43   which we'll get to in a minute,

01:47:44   and the new ceramic shield, strong glass,

01:47:47   like this is what people wanted the iPhone SE to be,

01:47:52   which is like a non-compromised small phone.

01:47:58   So it's absolutely excellent that they've made that,

01:48:02   but for people that are looking to upgrade

01:48:03   from a phone over the last two years,

01:48:06   the choice is difficult for people.

01:48:10   - Yeah, I'll agree.

01:48:11   You're in charge of the product lineup at Apple or whatever.

01:48:16   It's a very good product lineup.

01:48:18   And it's not quite, but it makes me think of that old like,

01:48:22   four-- - The four quadrants.

01:48:24   - Yeah, the four quadrant chart of like,

01:48:25   you've got the Pro and you've got the consumer

01:48:28   And you've got good and you've got better.

01:48:30   And it's like, I think that is a very good model for like, what is your product lineup?

01:48:35   So I think, yes, it's the names are still a little, like a little off, but it's fine.

01:48:39   Like you're they've they've had, they have a sensible selection of phones, but it's just,

01:48:46   it's for me personally, it's.

01:48:48   It's gut wrenching.

01:48:50   Like it really, really is.

01:48:53   And I can't even, I can't even come to the conclusion of like, well, you

01:48:58   know, which one, which one do I just order, even if I'm trying to frame it

01:49:02   of like, just to try it right.

01:49:04   Which one is I still can't even make the decision of, of, of that.

01:49:07   And, and yeah, the, the, you're right.

01:49:10   The additional complication here that the iPhone 12 pro is a little bigger.

01:49:16   Is also really throwing me because it feels like, Oof, I don't

01:49:21   want this phone to be any bigger.

01:49:22   But I can see that it would make sense of like, it might be more tolerable to deal with

01:49:28   a phone that's significantly bigger than one that is just annoyingly bigger, right?

01:49:33   So it's brutal.

01:49:34   I can't, I don't know.

01:49:36   I don't know what I'm going to do.

01:49:39   How cool is that MagSafe though?

01:49:42   The MagSafe is very cool.

01:49:44   The MagSafe is very cool.

01:49:46   I don't like the name because it feels like Apple's rubbing a little thumb in your eye

01:49:51   about like, "Hey, remember MagSafe?"

01:49:54   Like a perhaps defining invention from Apple

01:49:58   that has saved my laptops many times

01:50:00   that we replaced with USB-C.

01:50:02   Like, "We're bringing it back, but we're not."

01:50:05   - Well, you don't know.

01:50:06   - I hope they do eventually.

01:50:07   - Could be a bold new world in Apple Silicon.

01:50:10   - Yeah, I mean, I guess maybe for something

01:50:12   like the smallest laptop, they could have a 20-watt charger.

01:50:16   - Like, I'd say the fact that they have brought it back

01:50:19   or all, puts more chance of them bringing it back

01:50:23   to the laptop.

01:50:24   - Yeah, maybe.

01:50:26   - I don't think it's gonna happen,

01:50:28   but I feel like it's more possible now that this exists

01:50:33   than if it would have never existed.

01:50:35   - Yeah, I think they're just recycling the name.

01:50:37   I don't think we're gonna get laptop chargers

01:50:39   that are mag safe.

01:50:40   - Oh, they're definitely recycling the name,

01:50:42   but the fact that the name exists again

01:50:44   means that Apple believes in the technology again.

01:50:47   I reckon it'll probably just be USB-C, but nevertheless, it's nice to dream.

01:50:50   Yeah, but it is, it's very cool.

01:50:53   That clear case that shows you where to put the MagSafe is one of the

01:50:56   fugliest things I've seen Apple produce in a long time.

01:50:59   It is ridiculous.

01:51:00   Like it has a magnifying glass on the back.

01:51:02   It's terrible.

01:51:03   It like, it made me think of the iPhone case that had all the holes on the back

01:51:08   that said "HUN" when it went over the iPhone thing, it was like, like who

01:51:13   designed that it was just awful.

01:51:15   Like guys, just combine those three circles on the bottom

01:51:18   and it would say iPhone, nice and neatly centered.

01:51:21   Like I don't know what you were doing.

01:51:22   But no, the MagSafe looks totally awesome.

01:51:25   That looks like a really, really nice feature.

01:51:27   I'm glad that they're upping the wattage a little bit,

01:51:30   like slowly, slowly chipping away

01:51:32   at one of the biggest problems about wireless charging,

01:51:35   which is just the slow speed.

01:51:36   - I guess they've done two, right?

01:51:38   That it's faster with the MagSafe, it does 15 watt.

01:51:42   but also now it aligns properly because there's magnets,

01:51:47   so it's easier to get the lining correct.

01:51:49   - Yeah, no, it's very cool looking.

01:51:52   The other thing, of course,

01:51:53   I'm sure you had the exact same thought that I did

01:51:56   as soon as you saw that wallet, which was like,

01:51:59   maybe we could put some kind of hook

01:52:02   on the back of the phone here,

01:52:04   some kind of little gripper,

01:52:07   especially if, say, I was gonna have a big phone,

01:52:10   like a little ring or something that could pop out of the back.

01:52:14   - It's almost like a socket which you could pop.

01:52:17   'Cause I was like, I saw this and was like,

01:52:19   ah, you see, they're making wireless charging

01:52:21   more appealing to me now than it has been before.

01:52:25   But I can't wireless charge because I'm a popsocket guy.

01:52:28   And if the phone's getting bigger still,

01:52:30   I definitely need my popsocket.

01:52:33   I can't get rid of that.

01:52:34   And then popsocket did announce after the event

01:52:37   that they will have MagSafe compatible pop sockets.

01:52:42   When that's gonna happen, I don't know.

01:52:44   I reckon we'll be like six months away from that,

01:52:46   but I like the idea of this as a possibility

01:52:50   in the future still though.

01:52:52   And I think a lot of questions like

01:52:54   how strong is the magnet?

01:52:56   Is it actually gonna hold?

01:52:58   Right, like that's what I'm not sure of.

01:53:00   I mean, I assume it's strong enough,

01:53:01   but I don't know how strong.

01:53:02   So yeah, I'm keen to see what will happen there.

01:53:06   But the MagSafe thing is clever.

01:53:08   I'm genuinely pleased that Apple have opened it up for third parties to make

01:53:12   products, that it's not just a thing that they make, you know, obviously you have

01:53:16   to, I'm sure go through some kind of certification with them or whatever, blah,

01:53:19   blah, blah.

01:53:20   But, you know, I think it's cool that there will be other options.

01:53:23   And I think as a wireless charging thing, this is much better than what

01:53:27   Apple had done previously.

01:53:29   Yeah, it looks pretty cool.

01:53:30   In my dream fantasy land, Apple would make something that's like a pass-through

01:53:35   charger that's also a gripper for the back of your phone.

01:53:38   Like, I don't know if that would be technically possible, but that's,

01:53:41   that's what I would totally love.

01:53:43   And again, if you're listening, Apple, I don't care how few watts get through, right?

01:53:50   If you know, you're trying to charge at 20 and only five make it through the

01:53:54   pass-through gripper charger, that's fine.

01:53:56   I can live with that.

01:53:57   You know, that that's, that's the thing that I'd be looking for.

01:53:59   I'm just going to put this side by side comparison of the three phones to the

01:54:04   side of my screen and bring back up our show notes for more text time.

01:54:09   And I'm just going to have all three of them looking at me the whole time.

01:54:12   I figure that window is probably going to remain open on your desktop for quite a while.

01:54:17   Yeah, but my brain and I literally bounce like, "Pro Max?

01:54:22   Pro?

01:54:23   Ooh, Mini?

01:54:25   Eh?

01:54:26   Pro Max?

01:54:27   Pro?

01:54:28   Ooh, Mini?"

01:54:29   Ooh, Mini!

01:54:30   I think you should go with the Pro Max.

01:54:36   Pro Max is the option for the head.

01:54:40   Mini is the option for the hearts.

01:54:42   Because the reason I think is you already have this phone, it's not like you're jumping

01:54:46   up from the regular one.

01:54:48   And so you're used to dealing with a phone of this size for all of its frustrations.

01:54:52   But this phone is a better version of the new one than the current one.

01:54:57   Because the current one is just a big version of the smaller phone.

01:55:00   It doesn't have anything else except a bigger battery, but like it's just, if you took the

01:55:04   phone and dragged it diagonally, right, in Photoshop, that's the 11 Pro Max.

01:55:11   But the 12 Pro Max at least has what I think is like the functionality to warrant it being

01:55:18   called Max.

01:55:19   Yeah, no, I agree.

01:55:21   That's the whole dilemma.

01:55:24   It has the features that make it worthwhile.

01:55:26   That's why I think it isn't a dilemma.

01:55:28   I think you should just stay on the train that you've been on, get the 12 Pro Max, and

01:55:33   benefit from the better camera.

01:55:34   Yeah, you're just trying to get me to join your plus club.

01:55:36   That's all you're trying to do here.

01:55:37   You're already in the club.

01:55:38   No, I left!

01:55:39   And plus, you've left a bunch of times.

01:55:45   And I may leave again.