97: The Share Square


00:00:00   I'm recording now.

00:00:00   I've got the little bounce cage for my microphone

00:00:03   or whatever it's called.

00:00:04   - You got one?

00:00:05   - Yeah, you told me to get one, Myke.

00:00:07   - Yeah, but I didn't think you were actually gonna do it.

00:00:09   - Myke, do you think I was gonna just ignore

00:00:12   your equipment suggestions?

00:00:14   - Yes, I did. - That's not the kind of thing

00:00:15   that I would do. - Well, all right.

00:00:16   Do you have a boom on?

00:00:17   Do you have a boom on? - I have a standing desk,

00:00:19   and I can-- - I don't know what,

00:00:21   like what, what?

00:00:23   They're not the same.

00:00:24   - I think that they're functionally the same,

00:00:28   And now that I have the little bounce cage with the rubber bands and whatever,

00:00:31   I should be able to just like, bop it up, bop, bop, tap the desk.

00:00:35   Can you just actually, I want to just not just hit the desk for me.

00:00:38   Okay.

00:00:39   Oh, that's amazing.

00:00:41   Okay.

00:00:42   Is that, that what you needed?

00:00:43   Cause now all I hear is just the sound of the hitting of the desk.

00:00:46   Okay.

00:00:47   Right.

00:00:47   Which is what you want to hear.

00:00:48   Like when I hit my desk, you just hear the sound of me hitting the desk.

00:00:52   Whilst I still think you need a boom arm just for like general comfort,

00:00:56   is much better for your posture because you don't have to move to the microphone.

00:01:00   Yeah, I don't have to move to the microphone.

00:01:01   But that's on you.

00:01:02   Like, I'm just trying to help you out in your life by suggesting that.

00:01:06   What I want in my life, you have now given me, which is the...

00:01:10   I don't know why you call it a roll cage.

00:01:12   That's why I couldn't...

00:01:13   I had no idea what you were talking about.

00:01:14   It's a shock mount.

00:01:15   Mounts to shocks, remember?

00:01:16   Oh, it's a shock mount.

00:01:18   I guarantee you I did not call it a roll cage.

00:01:20   I thought it was like the rubber band thing.

00:01:23   Whatever.

00:01:24   The rubber band cage.

00:01:25   Okay, yeah, that was definitely what you called it.

00:01:28   But anyway, levels, levels?

00:01:30   Yeah, levels, levels.

00:01:32   Levels, levels.

00:01:33   We're all good to go and I'm sure this little rubber band cage makes all the difference in the audio.

00:01:38   So we're good. Let me just get the desk to exactly the right height.

00:01:42   Exactly the right height.

00:01:44   Okay, there we go. Now we're comfortable.

00:01:47   Great.

00:01:48   I am so busy. I have so much going on right now. I genuinely, Gray, cannot remember a time in recent years where I have felt as tired as I feel right now.

00:01:59   It's all good though. So like I have a bunch of very exciting things to talk to you about today.

00:02:04   But like, I am so tired. So we were originally meant to record this episode yesterday.

00:02:10   Right, but yesterday was already a delay from the other time.

00:02:14   Yeah, this is one of the classics in that I think we have actually genuinely rescheduled this episode three times.

00:02:21   This is the fourth date of recording for this very wonderful episode.

00:02:26   I'm pleased though, because so much has happened in this last month,

00:02:29   I'm happy that we can now wrap up this month with all the things I want to tell you about.

00:02:34   But we were supposed to record yesterday, and I basically spent the entire day yesterday

00:02:39   struggling to just move.

00:02:41   I was so tired, like I can't remember a time in recent years where I have been so tired

00:02:48   that like I lacked the energy to really be able to stand up.

00:02:52   It was a very different day.

00:02:53   So I ended up turning yesterday into, well, I would say my wife Idina coaxed me into turning

00:02:58   yesterday into a day of relaxation.

00:03:00   Okay, that's good to do.

00:03:02   Which is not something that I'm very good at doing anymore.

00:03:05   So that was very nice, we watched a bunch of movies, we had a great dinner.

00:03:09   But that was because we have had an incredibly busy week.

00:03:14   But I'll talk about why a little bit later on in the episode.

00:03:16   Because there is something maybe more important happening right now, which is that floating

00:03:19   time zones is then to come to the OmniFocus beta.

00:03:22   So your floating time zone support that you want so dearly is in the current beta release

00:03:28   of OmniFocus.

00:03:30   I wanted to know two things.

00:03:32   One, are you on the OmniFocus beta and have you used it?

00:03:35   And two, how excited are you?

00:03:38   When you feel like a thing has come close many times and has been promised many times,

00:03:44   you can start to feel a little reserved even when it looks like the actual promise is really

00:03:49   going to be fulfilled.

00:03:50   Like they have publicly announced it, it's like release notes?

00:03:53   I'm looking at the release notes?

00:03:54   No, I get it.

00:03:55   I get it.

00:03:56   I get it.

00:03:57   I remember, I think it was mentioned twice in the OmniFocus 2020 roadmap article that

00:04:03   I always read that they publish.

00:04:04   I'm like, "What's going on?

00:04:05   Tell me what's happening."

00:04:06   happening and I saw like, oh time zones were mentioned twice. So like, yes, I'm excited,

00:04:11   but I will not be able to fully relax until it is in the actual shipping release. So have you

00:04:20   tried it? Are you on the beta version? No, I'm not on the beta version. Yeah. And let me tell you,

00:04:27   I could really have used it this month because like you, I have had a month like I haven't had

00:04:32   in years. Hence the three schedule changes. Yes, hence, like, for both of us, it is a small

00:04:41   miracle from the Cortex gods that we are able to record this episode at all. And I have had

00:04:47   a surprising number of long-haul, last-minute long-haul flights in my life this month,

00:04:52   and I could really have used floating time zones. I saw that it was in the beta, but I made the

00:05:00   the conscious decision of, okay, look, this is a month

00:05:05   where lots of stuff is really happening

00:05:08   and this is not the time to run a beta,

00:05:11   even if it's for a feature that you have been hoping for

00:05:15   for literally a decade at this point.

00:05:17   - Oh, especially because in the release notes,

00:05:20   the bullet begins, once your database has been migrated,

00:05:24   - Right, yeah, no, no, no, no, no.

00:05:27   - No thanks.

00:05:28   Like, I'll do it, you know, when it's shipped.

00:05:30   Like, I'm fine, you know, leave it a couple of days,

00:05:33   make sure everything's good.

00:05:34   But like, obviously this is exactly as we expected

00:05:37   as to why it's taken them so long to do this.

00:05:39   They had to change significant things under the hood.

00:05:41   Like, they had to create a new version

00:05:43   of their database system.

00:05:45   And this also ties into OmniFocus for the web.

00:05:48   You have to migrate your database for that.

00:05:50   And I think these two things have come together

00:05:52   at the same time.

00:05:54   - Yeah, I get the impression that that's part

00:05:57   of what's occurring is just like, yeah,

00:05:59   there's a lot of under the hood stuff

00:06:00   for OmniFocus on the web,

00:06:02   so that there can be OmniFocus everywhere,

00:06:04   even for people who don't have Macs or iPhones

00:06:07   and that kind of stuff.

00:06:08   That's a huge transition under the hood,

00:06:10   but that is also why I wasn't gonna run the beta software.

00:06:14   I didn't even, for this crazy month that I've had,

00:06:17   I wasn't even willing to risk my usual trick of like,

00:06:20   oh, I'll just manually copy paste my entire OmniFocus data

00:06:23   into task paper and then put my device into airplane mode,

00:06:27   change the time zone and then like paste it back in

00:06:31   so that everything is in the current time zone.

00:06:33   I thought, you know what?

00:06:34   This is not the time to risk it.

00:06:36   I'm just gonna deal with manually moving 20 items,

00:06:40   you know, five hours this way and then five hours back

00:06:42   and then three hours forward and three hours back.

00:06:45   'Cause I just thought like,

00:06:46   I can't have something else go wrong this month.

00:06:49   But I am very excited for the actual full release

00:06:53   of time zones.

00:06:55   It's like my number one feature for a long time

00:06:58   and I'm super pumped that it's in the beta.

00:07:01   So thank you OmniFocus development team

00:07:03   for having it in the beta.

00:07:05   I look forward to it in the final release.

00:07:09   - When did you first ask?

00:07:12   Like I'm not putting them on blast here,

00:07:14   but just 'cause it's-- - No, no, no.

00:07:15   Well, someone should search it

00:07:18   because I don't know when I first mentioned it on Cortex,

00:07:21   But when I did mention it on Cortex, there's a forum post that's reporting it as a bug

00:07:26   that I swear is from 2011 or 2012 or something that you can search for.

00:07:32   The first instance of, "Hey, I flew from New York to California and now all my timings

00:07:38   are wrong.

00:07:39   I would like to file this as a bug."

00:07:40   They're like, "Yes, we'll put it on the list."

00:07:42   Like, "Oh, okay."

00:07:44   Whatever, now is the only thing that's real and time zones and OmniFocus are coming soon.

00:07:51   So great, the past is irrelevant.

00:07:53   I have bought more keyboards and more...

00:07:56   Jesus Christ, Myke.

00:07:57   Look!

00:07:58   No, wait, no, no, wait.

00:07:59   Stop right now, okay?

00:08:01   What do you mean?

00:08:02   No, stop, okay.

00:08:04   Three episodes ago was mechanical keyboards.

00:08:07   Never heard of them.

00:08:08   Last episode was mechanical keyboards.

00:08:11   Lots of them.

00:08:12   And now you're telling me mechanical keyboards more than any mortal man should have.

00:08:18   So look, I know you probably just want to run through some beautiful mechanical keyboards

00:08:24   that you have found, but I would like, what is the total number of mechanical keyboards

00:08:30   you either have in your physical possession now or are in a current pending order status?

00:08:38   What are we looking at here, Myke?

00:08:40   The total including pending is four keyboards.

00:08:45   - Okay, that's not too bad.

00:08:47   - No. - That's not too bad.

00:08:49   - No, I have four.

00:08:50   So I have three now.

00:08:52   - Okay. - And I have one

00:08:53   Kickstarter campaign that I backed.

00:08:55   And that's everything. - Okay.

00:08:57   - In regards to keyboards.

00:08:59   - Okay, but see, the way you say that, right?

00:09:02   - In regards to the boards of the key.

00:09:05   (laughing)

00:09:08   Okay, but like what?

00:09:10   Do you have a full collection of 3D Pokemon keycaps?

00:09:15   - They're still on the way.

00:09:16   I'm hoping that they will arrive soon.

00:09:18   They're still on the way.

00:09:20   But I have ordered my first sets of keycaps.

00:09:23   - Okay. - Replacement keycaps.

00:09:25   So I ordered two and I have one that is a group by.

00:09:30   But first I wanna talk about the new keyboard that I have.

00:09:34   - What's a group by? - We'll get to that.

00:09:36   - Oh, okay. - We'll get to that.

00:09:36   - Can I click on these links now?

00:09:38   I don't know if I'm allowed to click on links anymore since you got that last time.

00:09:41   Yeah, you're allowed.

00:09:42   So the first link you can click on now.

00:09:44   Number of cortexes.

00:09:47   After the last episode where I spoke about how I really liked the Ergadex keyboard, that

00:09:51   was one that split in half.

00:09:53   But I said I didn't like the fact that so many keys weren't printed, right, because

00:09:56   it was confusing to me.

00:09:58   Many people suggested this keyboard called the Dygma Raise.

00:10:02   I assume it's Dygma.

00:10:04   D-Y-G-M-A?

00:10:05   Yeah, let's run with that.

00:10:06   Dygma.

00:10:07   with Dygma and this keyboard basically has the main features that I was looking for right?

00:10:13   Like it is a split keyboard, mechanical keys, with a built in wrist rest which I prefer

00:10:18   to the Ergadex which has like a separate wrist rest.

00:10:21   It has RGB and some level of customisation but all of the important keys are print on

00:10:28   them.

00:10:29   This keyboard has four keys at the bottom, kind of the space bar that's split in half

00:10:33   and then two keys below that just have dots on them that can be programmed.

00:10:37   But what I've done is, so I've got the two kind of spacebar keys, are spacebars, right?

00:10:42   And then I've configured the keys at the bottom to just be up, down, left, and right.

00:10:47   There's the arrow keys.

00:10:47   That's it.

00:10:49   If I want to, I can do this whole thing where I press a key and then all of your

00:10:53   keys become other keys, but you don't know what they are, right?

00:10:56   Like it's just like, okay, you know, it's like you have infinite keys,

00:11:00   but you have to remember what they all are.

00:11:02   Like I'm not into that because I just don't remember, but this is exactly what I want.

00:11:06   The RGB is amazing, including that it has like an underglow as well as each key.

00:11:12   So like there's an RGB strip that runs around the actual frame of the keyboard,

00:11:17   so it puts the color on the desk as well as keys.

00:11:20   Again, for the listeners who don't know what Myke means when he keeps saying RGB,

00:11:24   it's like he wants his keyboard to light up like a rainbow.

00:11:28   This one lights up both under the keys and what looks like under the physical keyboard,

00:11:34   a bit like if it was a spaceship landing on your desk.

00:11:37   So good.

00:11:38   Plus what I like about this keyboard is that it actually fits together and then you can

00:11:42   decouple it to make it into the split.

00:11:44   So I can have one half for each hand and I can address it however I want.

00:11:49   I really like that and it uses USB-C to do that instead of the weird cable that the Ergadex

00:11:55   uses, which is like a headphone cable.

00:11:57   Oh, interesting.

00:11:59   And then it has a little USB-C splitter, which also has RGB in it.

00:12:04   Oh, okay.

00:12:05   Right, yes.

00:12:06   You don't have to have RGB, by the way, it's an option.

00:12:10   But I'm just happy that I do have it, you know?

00:12:13   I also have it to do it in black and silver, and the silver has white keys and a white

00:12:17   wrist rest, and that's the one that I bought, and I love it.

00:12:21   I think this might be it, Greg.

00:12:22   I think I've found like, I'm sure that I will,

00:12:25   many more keyboards will come by my path,

00:12:28   but I think this is gonna be the one

00:12:29   that I will be using the most of the time.

00:12:32   Like I've only had it for a couple of days,

00:12:34   so I haven't been able to put it through full testing,

00:12:36   but I think this will not only be the keyboard

00:12:40   that I wanna use with my iPad,

00:12:41   but there is a possibility that I may replace the keyboard

00:12:44   on my iMac with one of these,

00:12:45   'cause it really is like everything

00:12:48   that I was looking for in a keyboard.

00:12:50   So I'm genuinely really happy with it.

00:12:52   Like I feel like I've found

00:12:54   the at least like the base usable keyboard for me.

00:12:57   - You don't have it physically with you, right?

00:12:59   'Cause this is still just a pre-order.

00:13:00   - No, no, this one I have, I have it.

00:13:02   It came like two days ago.

00:13:04   - Okay, can you confirm for me then?

00:13:05   It looks like those wrist rests are not removable.

00:13:08   Like you can't take them off, right?

00:13:10   It looks like it's one single piece.

00:13:12   - It has like a metal piece that runs down

00:13:14   and then you can add on a like rubber part on top of it.

00:13:18   - But that metal piece that the rubber part is on top of.

00:13:20   - That's part of the keyboard, yeah.

00:13:22   - Right, that's part of the keyboard.

00:13:23   - Yes, if you don't like wrist rests,

00:13:24   then you won't like this keyboard 'cause you can't.

00:13:27   At least I don't believe right now,

00:13:29   like they have an option where you can have that or not.

00:13:32   - Hmm, okay.

00:13:34   What I do have my eye out for is,

00:13:36   while I love my mechanical keyboard,

00:13:38   I would really like to use a split keyboard like this.

00:13:42   Like I do think that's better in the long run,

00:13:44   but I don't love the wires,

00:13:48   But if it's going to be wires, like, okay, has to be USB-C.

00:13:51   I'm on a real USB-C crusade over here.

00:13:53   Yeah, me too.

00:13:54   And I don't love those wrist rests taking up a lot of space.

00:13:57   Like, I kind of have my eye out for, oh, I want something that I can have in my backpack and use with my iPad.

00:14:04   Oh, I was going to say, like, what's wrong with the wrist rest?

00:14:07   Your wrist will go there, but if you're putting it in a backpack, now I get it.

00:14:10   This one does ship with, surprising to me, a really, this is not useful for you, but I just thought it was nice,

00:14:14   a really lovely carrying case.

00:14:16   That's a nice touch. They didn't need to do that.

00:14:18   No, they didn't. I wasn't expecting it.

00:14:20   But like they're on their page.

00:14:21   They talk about esports a lot.

00:14:23   So maybe this is what you want in esports, right?

00:14:25   You're going from esports to esports.

00:14:26   You want a little case for your keyboard.

00:14:29   I believe that's the lingo.

00:14:30   You're going from esports to esports.

00:14:32   Yeah, of course.

00:14:32   Just different esports, you know, you go into all the esports.

00:14:35   So maybe you want a case for that.

00:14:37   But to me, as just a general customer, I was like, well, that's nice.

00:14:41   Just this just feels I'm genuinely like super thrilled with this one.

00:14:45   I feel like I've got to the point where it's like this is exactly what I was looking for

00:14:50   in this type of keyboard. I still feel like I want a regular keyboard as well, and I think

00:14:55   I've found the one there which is the – I think I mentioned this last time – the Keychron

00:14:59   one that I backed on Kickstarter.

00:15:01   Yes, yes.

00:15:02   Yeah. So that will probably come sometime within the next seven years because it was

00:15:07   a Kickstarter project. So, you know.

00:15:09   And as we know full well, when you are manufacturing something, there can be delays at any moment.

00:15:19   I have so much more sympathy for delayed Kickstarter projects than I did a year and a half ago.

00:15:25   Oh yeah, it's just like, however, you can just delay as long as you need.

00:15:29   I'll be there to support you.

00:15:31   Yeah, take your time guys, I understand.

00:15:34   But yeah, I really like this one.

00:15:36   But then I also bought some keycaps, some replacement keycaps.

00:15:39   So I've put two sets, two sets that I now own.

00:15:42   One of them, the dummy key, which is all greys and orange.

00:15:45   Okay.

00:15:46   And that looks amazing.

00:15:47   I put that on my WASD keyboard.

00:15:51   So I took off the wild colors that I have and put that on instead and it looks really

00:15:55   good.

00:15:56   And then I also bought a set which has Japanese characters on as well as English characters

00:16:02   because I thought it looked really cool.

00:16:04   But I don't have a keyboard to put this on yet.

00:16:07   Okay.

00:16:08   I don't quite understand your label philosophy on keycaps here, right?

00:16:13   Where you're like, "Oh, modifier keys that change the usage of keys. That's ridiculous.

00:16:19   Japanese characters alongside my other letters."

00:16:22   Right, but they have the age letters on them.

00:16:24   Yeah, but it's just clutter.

00:16:25   It's just clutter.

00:16:25   But it looks like, it's just like visually pleasing to me.

00:16:29   Mm-hmm.

00:16:31   I mean, you are a bit of a Japanophile, so maybe I have to let that slide,

00:16:34   but it's not visually pleasing.

00:16:36   I know where the letters and numbers are on my keyboard.

00:16:39   Right.

00:16:40   Right?

00:16:41   They're not the problem.

00:16:42   It's the blank modifier keys in random arrangements that's the problem, right?

00:16:46   Like that's the issue with the Ergadex.

00:16:47   It isn't just that they're blank.

00:16:49   They're like different shapes and in places where keys usually aren't.

00:16:53   And if like you can memorize that, that's great.

00:16:57   Or you can't.

00:16:58   Lots of companies make replacement key caps for the Ergadex.

00:17:01   Right?

00:17:02   So you can like order ones and put them in.

00:17:04   and I just hadn't done that yet because I wasn't completely sold on this keyboard.

00:17:10   And I think really, as soon as somebody sent me a link to the Digma arrays, I was like,

00:17:14   "That's what I want."

00:17:16   That is much more aesthetically pleasing to me, where the Ergadex, for all of its benefits,

00:17:23   kind of just looks like generic PC keyboard just cutting off.

00:17:26   It's like big, thick, black, and chunky.

00:17:30   the Dygma has got more of a style to it that I like. It's just kind of cooler looking,

00:17:35   which I do want as well. I want it to look cool as well as be functional.

00:17:40   I enjoy that this set of Japanese keycaps is trying to play both sides of the computer

00:17:45   field with their super key. Is it a Windows key or is it a command key? No, it's the

00:17:52   super key! I haven't heard that before, but I like that.

00:17:58   companies will ship you Windows or Mac keys. And this one does come with a bunch of extras like

00:18:05   this, but I actually quite liked Super as the key. It was kind of fun.

00:18:09   Yeah, it's a funny name for the key and it also immediately makes sense. Like,

00:18:14   "Oh, it's the Super key." Yeah, of course, that's the command or it's the Windows key.

00:18:18   I can just imagine them sitting down in a meeting going, "Do we really have to print a little

00:18:22   command symbol and a little Windows symbol? What can we do here, guys?" And a little penguin? I

00:18:27   I don't know what Linux does these days.

00:18:29   - Oh, you know, if you go to the next one,

00:18:30   so the one underneath, the GMK Future Funk,

00:18:33   which is the other keycap set that I bought,

00:18:35   that also has Super, so seems like it must just be

00:18:38   pretty normal in the keycap world.

00:18:41   So this was, I said group by, this is a group by.

00:18:44   A group by is when somebody has an idea for a design

00:18:48   and they wanna make it, but they need to know

00:18:51   how many people wanna buy it, so they put up the page

00:18:54   and people buy it, and then it gets made

00:18:56   and shipped to you like this one.

00:18:58   I bought it like a couple of weeks ago

00:19:00   and I might get it in October.

00:19:02   This is like a thing that happens in the keycap world a lot

00:19:05   'cause it's just like people who have designs

00:19:06   and they put these designs on websites and you buy it

00:19:09   and then you'll get it at some point in the future.

00:19:12   So this is the first one of these that I've done.

00:19:14   - So it was like a Kickstarter,

00:19:16   but you already know that you can make the thing.

00:19:18   It's just, it's just a design, right?

00:19:20   Let's do like a pre-order for a design.

00:19:22   - Yeah, but they're like,

00:19:23   they typically are very long lead times.

00:19:26   on these things. I just saw this one, it's like lots of purples and yellows and pinks.

00:19:31   I just really love the look of the keys, so I've bought this set as well.

00:19:36   That's very exciting. That's very exciting for you.

00:19:39   Yeah, you know, what I need is more expensive hobbies, like there's clearly one I need.

00:19:46   So here I am. But this really does like, it speaks to that exact part of me that enjoys

00:19:52   collecting things.

00:19:54   You know?

00:19:56   Yeah, no, you gotta catch all the Pokemon keycaps.

00:19:58   Yeah, that's the thing that you need to do.

00:20:00   You need all the Japanese characters on your keyboard, otherwise

00:20:04   you're just incomplete.

00:20:06   That's gonna be a really nice looking keyboard, right?

00:20:09   Like when I find one to put the Japanese characters on, that's just gonna be nice office dressing.

00:20:14   It is. It's gonna look lovely.

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00:22:00   The thing I was thinking about with the mechanical keyboard about, oh,

00:22:04   one to put in my backpack, is because I've been using the regular like Apple Magic

00:22:09   keyboard as just like a keyboard to have with me.

00:22:11   It's a good backpack keyboard because it's so thin.

00:22:14   When you're traveling with a MacBook, it doesn't hurt to have a spare keyboard with you just in case when you're traveling.

00:22:20   Which is not the least bit just because it's nice to be able to type at a different level from the screen like when you're on an airplane and all that kind of stuff.

00:22:27   But what I also tried at your suggestion, which is a truly mind-bending experience the first time you do it,

00:22:36   is I connected my trackball mouse to my iPad to try out the...

00:22:43   The cursor mode.

00:22:44   Yeah, the cursor mode.

00:22:45   And let me tell you, any listeners out there who haven't tried connecting

00:22:49   a wireless mouse to your iPad, you should do it just to play around for 10 minutes

00:22:54   because it's so weird.

00:22:55   It's very, very weird experience.

00:22:58   And I am so glad you told me, think of it like a finger,

00:23:03   don't think of it like a pointer because that really helped.

00:23:07   It was very interesting to try.

00:23:09   And in a couple of situations when I'm writing

00:23:11   and I'm just using my iPad, I've had the mouse out

00:23:15   'cause my little ergonomic mouse

00:23:17   can switch between two devices.

00:23:18   So it's like, okay, I'll just set the iPad

00:23:20   as the second device.

00:23:22   And it's useful to use that to click

00:23:24   between different parts of a script

00:23:25   in the way that Ulysses displays things.

00:23:28   So it's really interesting.

00:23:30   I hope Apple keeps developing it.

00:23:32   and I couldn't believe what you said,

00:23:34   all the different settings where I decided to set

00:23:37   the right-click button to just be expose,

00:23:40   like go to expose mode, all the apps mode on iOS,

00:23:45   because I'm never gonna right-click on anything else,

00:23:47   and you know what I use all the time?

00:23:48   I use show me the multitasking mode.

00:23:50   - I will say my pro tip, though,

00:23:52   is to set the right-click as long press.

00:23:54   - Okay, right-click as long press.

00:23:56   - Yeah, because more and more in iPadOS,

00:23:59   you get those contextual menus, right, when you long press?

00:24:01   I just never really use those.

00:24:04   I feel like I never...

00:24:05   I think they are becoming more and more important over time.

00:24:07   It feels like more and more apps are using those now.

00:24:10   But then, you know, you used the Logitech one, right?

00:24:13   The Logitech Go mouse?

00:24:14   They have tons of buttons on them.

00:24:16   Yeah, there's buttons to spare all over the place.

00:24:18   So you can put Expos8.

00:24:19   I mean, you can keep it as you want,

00:24:20   but having long press set to a button is very useful

00:24:25   because that is becoming like a thing in iOS more and more.

00:24:29   I think you're right.

00:24:29   going to be used more now that there's been the consolidation of 3D touch versus long

00:24:34   press? Like, hey, there's just one thing, so now it makes more sense for developers

00:24:39   to use.

00:24:40   Because it just wasn't something you could have on iPad, because there wasn't a 3D touch,

00:24:43   so it's like, well, it's popping up in more and more places. And if you try that out in

00:24:49   a lot of places, you end up learning good functions. There's a lot of things that developers

00:24:54   are not hiding but giving you additional access to by using the long press function.

00:25:00   So it's pretty good to have it there.

00:25:01   And once you use the cursor for a while, especially if you're going between Mac and iPad, having

00:25:07   a what looks like right-click menu mapped to the right-click button helps with the jumping

00:25:13   between device to device.

00:25:15   Oh, that's a good point.

00:25:17   Okay, yeah, I'll remap it.

00:25:19   Yeah, you're right.

00:25:20   That long press is effectively a right-click, right?

00:25:22   That's what they're trying to mirror with that.

00:25:25   And so it helps when you're moving around

00:25:28   from thing to thing.

00:25:30   - No, that makes perfect sense.

00:25:31   You're right, I'm gonna remap that

00:25:32   'cause that's a better muscle memory thing,

00:25:34   and especially projecting into the future.

00:25:36   You're totally right.

00:25:37   Because I was just thinking like,

00:25:38   iOS, right click, never heard of it, right?

00:25:41   This doesn't exist at all.

00:25:44   However, there's one thing, Myke,

00:25:47   while it was mostly a mind-bending experience

00:25:50   in a really pleasant way,

00:25:51   "Oh, this is just like a fun different way to use this device."

00:25:55   One thing which I searched high and low for and I couldn't find a setting for,

00:25:59   and I was like, "God damn it, Apple, you're always gonna get people sooner or later

00:26:03   and sometimes you're playing the long game,"

00:26:06   is I couldn't find a way to reverse the scroll direction when you use the scroll wheel.

00:26:12   Do you know if there's a setting for this? Because I looked.

00:26:16   No, because I'm a man of the modern world.

00:26:19   Right, no, I know, but this is it. I had flashbacks to I Can't Remember Which Operating System It Was,

00:26:25   where they added like natural scroll on the trackpad. So on the computer, when you put your

00:26:32   finger on the trackpad, if you push up the page that you're looking at will scroll up.

00:26:38   And then they reverse the direction so that if you have a wheel on your mouse, that it should,

00:26:45   if you push up on the wheel, it should move the page up.

00:26:49   - Yeah, and I think you've explained that. Can I try explaining that again?

00:26:52   Because I feel like you made that more confusing.

00:26:54   - Go right ahead.

00:26:56   - So the old way of scrolling is you push up and you will go to the top of a page,

00:27:02   push down, you will go to the bottom of a page.

00:27:05   That's how it used to be on trackpads and on scroll wheels.

00:27:09   - No, but the problem is, there actually is a difference between the trackpad and the

00:27:12   scroll wheel behavior, which makes this slightly confusing.

00:27:15   Really?

00:27:16   Yes, there is.

00:27:17   What is the difference?

00:27:18   It's odds.

00:27:19   You can have the trackpad scroll in the opposite direction from the way that the mouse wheel works.

00:27:25   Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get what you mean.

00:27:27   You can separate, you can add them differently.

00:27:28   But what I mean is that that's the way it always was, right?

00:27:30   That you would push up to go to the top, push down to go to the bottom.

00:27:34   But then it got changed on trackpads first to mirror touch devices,

00:27:40   where moving your finger up would take you to the bottom

00:27:43   because you are physically moving the page.

00:27:46   I think it was the right move to make.

00:27:48   I stand by it because I think it makes,

00:27:50   especially for trackpads, logical sense

00:27:52   that you are moving the content.

00:27:55   But I understand that it breaks a little bit

00:27:58   for some people with scroll wheels,

00:28:00   but for me, I just went all in

00:28:02   on what is called natural scrolling now.

00:28:04   - Yes, well, that's also where,

00:28:06   when Apple did that, we've invented natural scrolling.

00:28:09   It's like, you bastards, right?

00:28:11   Oh yes, my preference is for unnatural scrolling, Apple.

00:28:14   Thank you, thank you so much.

00:28:16   And like, I agree, I'm totally on board

00:28:18   with the conceptualness of it, I think it makes sense.

00:28:21   It's just that with a scroll wheel on a mouse,

00:28:25   my argument is ergonomic, that you just have more strength

00:28:29   and it's more comfortable to close your hand

00:28:32   than to open your hand.

00:28:34   And it's something that you can just feel immediately

00:28:36   if you put slight resistance that, you know,

00:28:39   it's like an alligator's mouth, right?

00:28:40   Like the closing is the natural, stronger gesture and the opening is very easy to prevent.

00:28:46   And so on a computer, when you're looking at web pages, you want the, the gesture that

00:28:53   you're going to do the most, which is.

00:28:55   I want to see more of this page, which means scrolling down on the actual page.

00:29:02   You want that to be the closing hand gesture.

00:29:05   You don't want it to be the opening hand gesture.

00:29:07   And so that's why I'm with them for touch pads.

00:29:10   But I was like, "Eh, whatever, they put an option in for scroll wheels on mice.

00:29:14   There's no problem."

00:29:15   But it's like, Apple's playing the long game and they're just sitting there waiting like a silent submarine,

00:29:21   like, "Oh, don't worry, we'll get you eventually."

00:29:25   And I feel like with iOS, here's where they've gotten me.

00:29:27   I don't think they're gonna put in an option to reverse the scroll wheel direction.

00:29:31   I think there's a zero percent chance of that.

00:29:33   Yeah, because they have a lot of button mapping, but I don't remember seeing that as an option.

00:29:38   The very fact that I couldn't believe, because Apple is famously averse to options,

00:29:42   but I couldn't believe how many options they gave you for customizing what the mouse does on iOS.

00:29:47   But you know where they're not averse to options? Accessibility settings. And that's where this is,

00:29:51   right? Because in accessibility environments, you need to be able to give people

00:29:55   lots and lots of choices so they can set it up just how they need it,

00:29:59   you know? Which is like, you can get lost for like an hour in the accessibility screens

00:30:03   in the settings on iOS because there's so many of them.

00:30:06   Yeah, with any new iOS converts, I always tell them there's two places where they hide the good stuff.

00:30:11   Place number one is accessibility settings.

00:30:13   Like, that's where a bunch of the good stuff is hidden.

00:30:16   And then my mom calls this thing the "Share Square,"

00:30:20   which I absolutely love and I think it's a better name,

00:30:22   and I'm gonna, like, suggest that Apple rename it to be the "Share Square,"

00:30:26   but it's the "Share Square," the little square that has the arrow coming out the top of it.

00:30:30   I think at the very least we should adopt that verbiage from now on on this show because

00:30:36   I think that that is absolutely fantastic.

00:30:39   That is so much better than ShareSheet.

00:30:41   Yes I know, I know.

00:30:43   My mom said ShareSquare once years ago and it completely got in my brain and I always

00:30:47   – like I've tried on the show to say the proper name if it ever comes up, but I've

00:30:51   just decided to give up because ShareSquare is a million times better.

00:30:54   But it's like okay, accessibility settings and ShareSquare, like that's where the good

00:30:58   stuff is hidden on iOS. But yes, it was digging through all of those mouse settings. I was like,

00:31:04   "There seems to be one setting here that's conspicuously absent, and there is no way this

00:31:10   is an oversight with all of these other buttons." And I feel like that's Apple, you know, they had

00:31:15   that shiv behind their back for 10 years waiting, waiting, waiting to get you if you still liked

00:31:21   unnatural scrolling direction with your mice. And now this is where they finally stuck it in.

00:31:25   I'll still make the argument that it's an accessibility setting which direction the wheel goes

00:31:30   but I don't expect this one to change.

00:31:32   I was really glad that you suggested that I try iOS with the mouse.

00:31:36   It's a really interesting experience and I can very much see myself using it

00:31:41   in many situations where I don't have to use the scroll wheel.

00:31:46   It's different.

00:31:48   Yeah, it's different.

00:31:49   It works in its own way.

00:31:51   As long as you remember, very important that you remember,

00:31:55   The cursor is your finger. Your cursor is not a mass pointer.

00:31:58   Yes.

00:31:59   But because the cursor is your finger, you can do things like notification center,

00:32:03   you can bring up the dock, you can do all this, you can do everything your finger can do,

00:32:07   which is not the same as what the Apple Pencil can do. So it's good for that.

00:32:11   Another thing that you mentioned to me a couple of episodes was just taking your

00:32:16   AirPods Pro on a flight.

00:32:18   Yep.

00:32:19   And I thought, "Oh, that's an interesting thing to try."

00:32:23   And four weeks ago, Gray thought, "Well, I don't have any flights to try this on for several months,

00:32:31   so I'll have to wait." But little did he know that he had many, many chances to try out AirPods Pro

00:32:39   on flights in the upcoming weeks. And I thought, "Okay, I brought them along with me, and I brought

00:32:46   my regular Sony WM3000 wireless noise cancelling headphones, which are whatever Sony's current

00:32:56   generation of like the over-ear, expensive, professional…

00:33:00   "Do you mean the WM-1000XM3?"

00:33:01   Oh god, it's the XM3? I thought they named them like the Harry Potter brooms, where it

00:33:08   was like, you know, 3000 is the third one and 4000 was the fourth one, but apparently

00:33:13   Okay, their naming system is crazy. But yeah, it's their third generation ones.

00:33:17   Oh no wait, sorry, the XM3 are the little ones.

00:33:21   Oh, yeah, I mean like the over-ear, over-ear head ones.

00:33:26   WMQ47 5000s I think is what they're called.

00:33:31   Of course.

00:33:32   Yeah, that's their name. But whatever, they're like, I think they're the best

00:33:37   noise cancelling headphones I've ever used, so.

00:33:40   No, they are the WM1000XM3.

00:33:44   Sony, call them, just call them, give them a name.

00:33:47   Oh my god, okay, so the over-ear ones are WM-1000XM3, the ones that go in your ears

00:33:54   are WF-1000XM3.

00:33:58   Does F stand for four in your ears?

00:34:01   Four the ears only.

00:34:03   Yes.

00:34:04   And M is for maximum head space.

00:34:09   I don't know.

00:34:10   No, it's H for head.

00:34:13   - Yeah, headphones. - Headphones.

00:34:16   And the F is for earphones.

00:34:19   There we go, we got it.

00:34:20   - For earphones. (laughs)

00:34:23   I forgot those F ones are like

00:34:26   their little AirPod competitors, right?

00:34:27   I forgot they even made those things.

00:34:29   Yeah, 'cause everybody in the world

00:34:30   is making clones of AirPods now,

00:34:32   since it's a, like those articles

00:34:34   about how it was like a bazillion dollar business

00:34:36   just on its own, it's crazy how popular they are.

00:34:38   It would be like in the Fortune 100, like just AirPods. It's wild.

00:34:42   Yeah, it's ridiculous. But yeah, so I had a whole bunch of situations to literally

00:34:49   try the two headphones back to back. And it occurred to me when on my very first flight,

00:34:55   I had a screaming baby behind me. And I thought, let me try to mentally recontextualize this baby

00:35:01   as a testing environment for my different headphones.

00:35:06   really that baby was actually perfect.

00:35:09   - Yeah, it was great.

00:35:10   So I just wanna say it was really interesting.

00:35:15   And so I find myself in this position of super pumped

00:35:20   for the next version of AirPods from Apple.

00:35:30   Because my result was basically the Sony headphones

00:35:34   are still better.

00:35:35   The AirPods are in most circumstances,

00:35:41   like 80% is good, but there was one place where they really fell down and that I

00:35:48   thought was surprising and it was with human voices.

00:35:51   So on the flights, there were a number of times when if I had my AirPods in and the

00:36:00   the noise cancelling was on, and the one that was really bad that was shocking was the safety

00:36:05   video.

00:36:06   And I honestly thought, like, do I even have noise cancelling on?

00:36:09   Like the voices were just coming through really clearly.

00:36:11   But that's great though, Greg, because you should always pay attention to the safety

00:36:15   video.

00:36:16   No you shouldn't!

00:36:17   The safety video is now a commercial with which to advertise Star Wars to you.

00:36:25   Of course, whenever you are running something with noise cancelling, and you think, "do

00:36:29   I have it on and then you turn it off, you are shocked with the raw cacophony of the

00:36:35   world actually around you. But I did find it was interesting that like, voices and particularly

00:36:42   voices like pilot announcements and anything over a speaker, the AirPods were clearly significantly

00:36:50   worse at that kind of thing of being able to cut that out as a distraction. And so with

00:36:57   With my Sony headphones on, I could totally read while the safety video is blathering

00:37:02   on about whatever things may or may not be important for the plane and I can pay attention

00:37:07   to what I want to.

00:37:08   And with the AirPods, that was way harder.

00:37:10   But the thing is, I cannot wait to not have to carry the huge bulk of my Sony headphones.

00:37:19   This is my feeling on this.

00:37:21   Of course they're not as good.

00:37:23   Of course.

00:37:24   Because the over ear headphones are going over your ears.

00:37:28   Just the seal that they are able to provide is always going to be better, right?

00:37:33   Than like, non-custom molded in ear tips.

00:37:38   But even if they are 80% of the way there from the technology of the noise cancelling,

00:37:46   that makes them like 150%.

00:37:49   Because they're tiny!

00:37:50   They go in your pocket!

00:37:52   I am with you on this, but it's why I wanted to test in some settings.

00:37:56   And like, I was lucky, sort of, yeah, I was lucky for AB testing purposes, but on another

00:38:02   journey I had a real like chatty person, you know, chatting with their chatty friend behind

00:38:07   me about the tiny details of their lives.

00:38:12   And again, it was a situation where it was useful to like, because with noise canceling,

00:38:18   What you're trying to do is avoid the worst possible scenarios.

00:38:22   And I was aware, like, in this situation, the AirPods, I wouldn't feel like I have blessed

00:38:30   relief and escape from the reality around me in this situation where someone's going

00:38:35   to talk behind me for a few hours.

00:38:38   And so I'm still willing to bring the big headphones to mitigate that downside.

00:38:44   like Apple is so close and those Sony headphones are so big and when I look at my backpack

00:38:52   and I try to think what thing in here is the least good ratio of size in backpack versus

00:38:59   how much I wanted in backpack the headphones the Sony headphones are totally the losers

00:39:03   in that thing of like this is the piece of equipment that I want to replace the absolute

00:39:08   most I just want to say again how good the noises

00:39:11   are when you switch mode. So when you go from like transparency mode where they are amplifying

00:39:17   outside sounds, some outside sounds, and noise cancelling where they're trying to basically

00:39:22   get rid of as much as possible, there are these two distinct sounds that it makes. And

00:39:27   the one when you turn on noise cancelling, it almost feels like it's like almost a sound

00:39:32   of closing. Like that one sounds closing and the transparency mode sounds opening. They've

00:39:38   they've got good noises to them.

00:39:40   And when I hear that closed sound,

00:39:42   it's like someone's put a blanket on me.

00:39:44   - That's a good way to describe it, yeah.

00:39:46   - Because it's like such a comfortable feeling,

00:39:49   'cause I know that when I've turned that on,

00:39:51   I want noise to go away,

00:39:53   and it's like I get this beautiful sound,

00:39:56   and then the outside world is muffled,

00:39:59   and it's almost like someone

00:40:00   has just put this blanket on me,

00:40:02   and now I'm in this much more comfortable environment.

00:40:07   That trigger response to those noises is very good.

00:40:10   And they've been like,

00:40:12   bravo to Apple's sound design department

00:40:14   for coming up with those, 'cause they are perfect.

00:40:17   - Yeah, they really are perfect.

00:40:18   And with Apple and Apple products,

00:40:21   there's always the agony and the ecstasy

00:40:24   of all of the things.

00:40:25   But with the AirPods, they have done such an amazing job

00:40:29   and they're one of the best products

00:40:30   Apple has come out with in years.

00:40:32   And you talking about like,

00:40:34   oh, it's a weird feeling of comfort,

00:40:36   the way they make the sound go down.

00:40:38   I think that's part of what I was trying to express

00:40:40   when I was saying it has this augmented reality feel

00:40:43   of like by pressing this button,

00:40:47   I'm not doing something with my electronics.

00:40:49   I feel like I'm changing the world around me.

00:40:53   - It's incredible.

00:40:54   - Yeah, it's so hard to describe.

00:40:56   - Because it feels like a lot of the time

00:40:58   like you can barely feel them in your ears

00:41:00   'cause they're so light because there's just nothing to them

00:41:03   there's no cables that it is possible to forget

00:41:05   even have them in. So having this tiny little thing being able to change the world around

00:41:12   you, it really is, it's the best product they've made in a long time. The AirPods took that

00:41:19   crown and the AirPods Pro just destroyed them. Like this is so good.

00:41:25   So good.

00:41:26   I was thinking earlier like, oh, what am I excited for? And like, I'm really desperate

00:41:30   and excited for a new smaller Pro laptop.

00:41:34   That is a purchase that is well overdue for me.

00:41:37   But I am much more excited about whatever the next generation of the AirPods Pro is going to look like.

00:41:46   Because I really think at that point I'll be able to just have those little headphones with me

00:41:51   and not have to have the bigger headphones.

00:41:54   So I was just very surprised at how well, under most circumstances, they held up.

00:42:01   And it's only because of a couple little things that I thought,

00:42:03   "I don't feel like I'm bringing the comfort blanket with me yet fully by just having those,

00:42:08   but it's so close. And if they can make another 20% improvement from where they currently are,

00:42:16   I can totally drop these big headphones that I take with me and save like a huge portion of

00:42:22   of this annoying space in the top of my backpack that I just like, I'll never have to deal

00:42:26   with again.

00:42:27   So they were really, really good.

00:42:29   And that transparency mode of flipping back and forth, especially when you're traveling

00:42:33   to be able to do the little click and like talk to the gate agent and then click make

00:42:37   the world go away.

00:42:39   It's fantastic.

00:42:40   Like the Sony's theoretically have the exact same feature, but it just, it's a little too

00:42:45   slow.

00:42:46   It has a slight lag so you feel like you're behind reality in a way.

00:42:52   And the Apple One just perfectly nails it.

00:42:55   It's fantastic.

00:42:56   [Music]

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00:44:30   So lots of unexpected plane journeys. Definitely feels like a clarity moment in your year of

00:44:41   clarity, right? A clear, very clear, "So how's your yearly theme going?"

00:44:47   Yeah, so it's funny that you mention that because I think of the last four weeks that

00:44:53   I've had as I was originally thinking like, what is this?

00:44:56   Has this been the month of emergency?

00:44:57   Like, but emergency is not the right word because there, while there have

00:45:01   been literal emergencies, it's more been like the month of unexpected urgency.

00:45:07   Is, is the way I would describe it.

00:45:09   Like, yeah, sort of surprise.

00:45:13   This needs to happen right now.

00:45:14   Surprise that needs to happen right now.

00:45:17   I think it's one of these things where the flexibility of the theme really

00:45:21   helps, like what, you know, what does it mean?

00:45:22   What does it mean under different circumstances?

00:45:24   I've really felt that for a bunch of these things that needed to be acted

00:45:30   on quickly in my life, because I've been thinking since the summer about clear

00:45:36   priorities, it's, it's had a knock on impact on decisions of like, oh, I need

00:45:42   to fly to America for a family thing right now, and it just like kind of

00:45:47   run through the decision in my head of like, this is happening or it isn't happening.

00:45:51   Yes, it is.

00:45:52   Here's the reasons why.

00:45:53   And it's just great.

00:45:55   You're, you're having a very busy, un- terrifyingly unexpectedly busy month, but

00:46:01   any particular moment has felt like, yes, this is the thing that I need to be doing

00:46:07   right now.

00:46:08   And you know, there's lots going on, but at any moment you can do one thing and this

00:46:12   is the thing.

00:46:13   Flying to America for this, for this thing, right?

00:46:16   or there's a family emergency over there, like other things need to happen.

00:46:21   But it has been really good to have year of clarity in the background.

00:46:25   And I think there's a way in which two years ago, me would have just

00:46:31   not handled this remotely as well.

00:46:34   I was just thinking like, I did a thing that if I told two years ago me, he would

00:46:38   just refuse to believe that I did it.

00:46:42   I was in the heartland of America and coming back to London and very shortly before I was

00:46:50   about to take a like a red-eye flight overnight, something came up where it was, "Oh, there's

00:46:57   a thing that you should really do elsewhere in the UK."

00:47:01   And I thought about it.

00:47:02   I thought about what are the priorities of things that I'm trying to achieve this year.

00:47:07   And I was like, "Okay, this makes sense.

00:47:11   You know what I'm going to do?

00:47:12   I'm going to get on this red-eye flight.

00:47:15   I'm going to try to sleep overnight.

00:47:17   When I land in the UK, I'm going to have about an hour's give time where I'm going to go

00:47:26   straight from the airport to get on a train to go somewhere else in the UK for like another

00:47:33   thing that I'm going to do.

00:47:35   But the very idea that I would even consider doing anything after a red-eye transatlantic

00:47:43   flight previously, like, I wouldn't have considered it.

00:47:46   That sounds very out of character for you.

00:47:52   It makes sense in the context of what was I trying to achieve.

00:47:56   Any time I can say that to you, I will always take that opportunity.

00:48:02   Yeah, but like, I think that was the most Casey Neistat I ever felt of like, I'm going

00:48:07   to have this wacky travel schedule of I've been in another place and at the, at the last

00:48:13   possible second, I'm going to make a decision to extend a thing even longer, but it really

00:48:17   fit into this preexisting framework of here's what I'm trying to do.

00:48:21   And so I did it.

00:48:22   I was very tired, but it was good.

00:48:24   And the other part of this that I'm really pleased about is for me, what Year of Clarity

00:48:29   is has been a focus on, like we were talking last time about, some of the mechanics of

00:48:35   the creative side of this, like this idea of locking down three topics of like, "Okay,

00:48:40   these three topics are locked," having a clear idea of what state all of the various videos

00:48:45   are in. And so, even while I've had this terrifyingly unexpectedly urgent and busy month, I've also

00:48:54   been really happy with continuing to move the top locked project forward.

00:49:01   Not as fast as I would have been able to do if these things hadn't come up.

00:49:06   But again, it's a case where I'm really aware like, "Oh, two years ago me would have made

00:49:10   almost no progress on this video."

00:49:13   But I think just having in my head this like concept of there are locked projects and one

00:49:19   One of those is the top-locked project.

00:49:23   Really helped me in a bunch of different times to focus on, if you have time, keep trying

00:49:30   to move this one forward in various different ways.

00:49:34   So it's been an interesting and crazy month, year of clarity, helping with a lot of focus

00:49:40   and how I'm thinking about what I'm up to and what I'm doing.

00:49:45   I know your refinement is moving along because I got an adorable photo from you the other

00:49:51   day. Do you even remember what it was, Myke? You sent me a photo of the pot that you had

00:49:56   made in pottery class.

00:49:58   Oh, we're talking about my pottery class?

00:50:01   Yeah.

00:50:02   All right, yeah.

00:50:04   I really love that. I really enjoyed getting that.

00:50:06   Well, I have another photo to send you then because they've been glazed now.

00:50:10   Oh, wow. Okay.

00:50:12   So I hadn't spoken about this yet because it was like a thing that I was trying, I wanted

00:50:17   to see if it was something that I liked and it is and I want to try and do more of it.

00:50:25   It's difficult because you need a lot of space for pottery really. Like you can't, it's not

00:50:30   something you're going to easily do at home, right?

00:50:33   Right.

00:50:34   But I found a class in London and I went and took the class one day and absolutely loved

00:50:40   it.

00:50:41   And so I'm gonna, you know, it's difficult to try and work out how to do these things regularly,

00:50:49   but we're gonna take like a longer class, like a multi-day class, because it's just a couple of

00:50:54   hours. But I got the chance over two hours to sit down at a pottery wheel after very basic

00:50:59   instruction, and I made four pots that I was kind of happy with, actually really happy with,

00:51:05   I'm thrilled with them, Gray. And do you see the picture I sent you now?

00:51:08   I do they look very glazed. They look like you can use them to put things in them. Yeah, and I'm super happy about it

00:51:14   It's like it's a very serene thing and I one of the things that I really like is you've got clay all over your hands

00:51:21   So you can't touch your phone. Mm-hmm because you just can't do anything about that. So

00:51:26   The other thing that I really like about it and it's what originally drew me to this

00:51:31   Like I'd see so I watched a YouTube video. There's a

00:51:35   There's a YouTube channel that I love by the cooking magazine Bon Appetit

00:51:39   And one of the shows that they do is a show called it's alive of Bradley only which is just one of my favorite things

00:51:45   that I found last year, it's just pure joy and

00:51:47   in this one episode he goes to a like a pottery studio and

00:51:53   they do a lots of shots like really lovely shots of

00:51:56   plates and bowls being made and the thing that really astounded me about pottery is

00:52:03   That you effectively take a lump of clay and make something out of what is nothing really

00:52:09   right, so using your own hands you shape this object into existence and

00:52:16   when I sat down at that pottery wheel for the first time I

00:52:21   was

00:52:23   Astounded at how I immediately felt that that like my hands were resulting in this thing

00:52:29   being made and

00:52:32   every movement that I made of my fingers would change the shape of the pot.

00:52:38   And so I kind of worked out roughly how to put a lip on something.

00:52:43   I just worked that part out on my own because it was like, well, if I just kind of try and bend this around my finger a little bit.

00:52:50   And it was just joy and I loved it.

00:52:54   And so it's something that I want to try and do more of.

00:52:57   of, it is way out of my remit right now to be able to do this regularly at home because

00:53:05   it's just, I live in an apartment, like what am I gonna do?

00:53:08   Oh yeah, there's not a lot of space in your house for the pottery wheel.

00:53:12   Nooo.

00:53:13   I think that's uh…

00:53:14   And like, so you know, there is possibility at some point in the future, like if it's

00:53:17   something that I really get into, that I could like rent something with someone, like that's,

00:53:23   know that is a thing you can do or that you know you can rent a lot of time in a

00:53:27   like almost like a timeshare type.

00:53:30   That's exactly what I was gonna ask you have timeshares for pottery wheels?

00:53:33   I think so like I genuinely think so like you know you you meet someone who

00:53:37   has their own shed and they let you pay them to use it. There's still lots of

00:53:41   classes that I can take and that's something that I want to do more over

00:53:44   this year. It's just like a little hobby that I definitely can't turn into any

00:53:49   any kind of part of my professional life,

00:53:53   except for referencing it here.

00:53:55   This is as much as it's gonna be, right?

00:53:57   I went to a party class and I enjoyed it, and that's it.

00:54:00   There's not really anything more

00:54:01   I can tell you other than that.

00:54:02   But this is exactly the type of thing

00:54:04   that I was thinking about in my year of refinement.

00:54:07   Because if this is a thing that I do and enjoy,

00:54:11   it's another part of my life

00:54:12   that I feel makes me more interesting to people.

00:54:15   Because it's like, here is a thing that I do,

00:54:17   And I sometimes, I have this interest in making pots

00:54:20   and I've done it now and here are the pots that I've made.

00:54:23   And it's also just kind of like giving me more things

00:54:26   to care about that aren't work

00:54:30   and cannot be impacted by work.

00:54:33   I say this right now, but it may be some people think

00:54:35   it's about the pen world.

00:54:36   Don't think there's a lot of news in the pottery world.

00:54:38   Like, you know, the new pottery release is a big thing.

00:54:42   Probably there is though, there's every industry.

00:54:44   And also another thing, you're familiar with the great British Bake Off, right?

00:54:49   Yeah, vaguely.

00:54:50   But you're aware of this show that exists as a baking competition.

00:54:55   There is a show on Channel 4 in the UK right now called The Great Pottery Throwdown, which is a pottery version of that.

00:55:01   It's like a pottery competition, like a reality competition.

00:55:05   And I've been watching that at the same time, which has just furthered my interest in this as a potential hobby for me.

00:55:11   But I got this as a present, so Idina got me this as a gift.

00:55:15   And I was really excited but like really nervous because I wanted to love it.

00:55:23   You know?

00:55:24   And it's nerve-wracking going into that kind of situation when you really want to love something

00:55:30   and you just... but you have no idea what it's going to be like

00:55:34   because you could end up like being disappointed, you know?

00:55:36   Because it's like, I really want to love this

00:55:39   but I actually might hate it, you know, when I do it because it's quite physical and it's difficult.

00:55:44   But like I kind of immediately took to it and I was really impressed with myself.

00:55:50   Like I was really pleased and it was just really lovely.

00:55:54   I was quite charmed by that photo and I thought, "Oh good, Myke's starting his classes."

00:55:58   And you know, exploring in these various ways.

00:56:03   And it sounds like it's more viscerally satisfying to handcraft a pot than it is to handcraft

00:56:11   a podcast where both are created directly through the movement of your hands, but it's

00:56:18   not quite the same experience.

00:56:20   And also, not that I'm trying to be Myke the artist here, but I think I described this

00:56:24   to you once, that really heavy podcast editing, like what I do to this show, where I listen

00:56:30   back to the whole thing and really kind of like take it from something and then cut it down and

00:56:35   move things around like really like craft something it reminds me of sculpture that you are taking a

00:56:40   thing and taking tiny pieces out of it yes until you're left with an end result if i could describe

00:56:47   it to any other form of art it feels like that one where you are removing from something to be left

00:56:53   with an end result. But there's a big difference to me in having something at the end, which

00:57:01   is like why I'm so happy with the journal, right? Because we have something, it's a

00:57:05   physical thing.

00:57:06   Like, yeah, it feels so different to look at a physical product and say, "Oh, this

00:57:13   has come into existence because of things that have been done." Right? Like it's

00:57:19   It's a real part of the world.

00:57:21   I've got one right on the table next to me.

00:57:24   It's like, it's here and it's real in a way that the podcasts are great, but it's a different

00:57:32   experience seeing a new download that you have created show up in Overcast versus seeing

00:57:39   a notebook on a table.

00:57:41   There's just something that's different about it.

00:57:43   I mean, especially the thing for me, I'm desensitized to it because of the sheer amount of podcasts

00:57:49   I produce, right? But these pots that I've made, these four pots that I made, I'm just

00:57:56   so proud of them.

00:57:57   That's so charming, Myke.

00:58:00   Because I took these lumps of clay and put my strength into it and tried to make something

00:58:06   out of them. Every single one of them, I tried to make it something. And they didn't all

00:58:12   come out as exactly how I imagined in my mind, but two of them did, right? Two out of that

00:58:18   for, I tried to make them look like that and now they look like that.

00:58:23   And unfortunately, like you, I had a bit of unexpected emergency travel over the last

00:58:30   month because we wanted to book in a class to glaze them ourselves because it's just

00:58:36   like a whole other thing.

00:58:38   But we had them glazed by the studio that we did the course at.

00:58:43   But at some point over the next couple of months, I'm very busy right now, which I'm

00:58:47   to get to very shortly. I know I'm like really teasing this out, but like I'm very busy right now.

00:58:52   So I haven't been able to book in like a longer course, like multiple day courses that you can do,

00:58:57   where instead of two hours, you are there for like two or three days for like six hours a day.

00:59:03   Probably you cannot move at the end of it because it is, it takes a lot of strength. You know,

00:59:09   if you really want to try and do something right, like it takes a lot of strength.

00:59:13   I have a lot of respect for people that do this thing every day because it is intensive, you know?

00:59:19   I felt it for a couple of days, you know?

00:59:22   Oh, here's some muscles I don't usually use, you know?

00:59:25   Yeah, doing anything new that is remotely physical,

00:59:29   you get to learn about muscles that you didn't know that existed in your body.

00:59:32   Yep.

00:59:32   I know.

00:59:34   For example, horse riding, you think, "Oh, I'm just sitting on top of a horse.

00:59:39   I hardly notice anything," right?

00:59:40   I was like, "You're gonna notice tomorrow all many parts of your body that you did not know existed."

00:59:46   - This is new. I had no idea you knew how to ride a horse.

00:59:49   - Doesn't everybody know how to ride a horse?

00:59:51   - No, Craig, they don't.

00:59:52   - Yeah, well, look, you take horseback riding lessons.

00:59:57   That's just a thing people do.

00:59:58   You take pottery classes, you take horseback riding lessons.

01:00:01   - Yeah, I guess we're all learning things about each other today.

01:00:03   - Yeah, let's not get distracted.

01:00:05   I love your pots.

01:00:07   Have you Instagrammed your pots yet?

01:00:08   No, because I wasn't planning on telling the world at all about this, but you did.

01:00:12   So now I want you to put them up on Instagram and then everybody, all the cortexins, you

01:00:18   can go give Myke some Instagram love for his pops.

01:00:22   I think he deserves it.

01:00:23   Thank you.

01:00:24   So yeah, and also my business partner, Steven, bought me for my birthday a wine tasting class.

01:00:31   Oh, that was the very thing that you mentioned on the show in particular.

01:00:35   The company unfortunately didn't have any dates until May, but that's fine.

01:00:39   So I will be doing that.

01:00:40   So that's another part of my refinement.

01:00:42   So these things will go well.

01:00:44   And I have a new project.

01:00:45   I've been mentioning a new project for a while.

01:00:47   That new project is launched.

01:00:48   It is a brand new podcast here on Real AFM called The Test Drivers, working with the

01:00:54   wonderful technology YouTuber, Austin Evans, who I've been a fan of for years.

01:00:58   And we are making a tech show together, testing out all kinds of technology.

01:01:03   The reason that this lends into my refinement is most of my technology coverage relates

01:01:09   to Apple products, but my love of technology expands wider than that.

01:01:16   And that's what this show focuses on.

01:01:18   It's everything.

01:01:19   So it's like new tech, old tech, games consoles, stuff from Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple,

01:01:26   who doesn't matter, right?

01:01:28   Like if it's technology that we think is interesting, we will talk about it and we will, as a matter

01:01:33   the name Lens, we will test it. So we're going to test things in detail. The way that

01:01:37   name test drivers came about, there's a few things to it. One is it's like testing and

01:01:42   working out daily drivers. That's the idea. It's a phrase that people use in technology,

01:01:46   what is your daily driver? What's the thing you use every day? But I also, when I came

01:01:51   up with the name for the show, because I was also thinking about things that are larger

01:01:55   than the podcast itself. So Cortex brand has kind of changed my idea about how I name projects.

01:02:02   We were lucky that the name of this show lent itself to more than just the show.

01:02:07   Oh, yeah, yeah.

01:02:08   I always think it's interesting when people launch YouTube channels or podcasts or anything,

01:02:14   if people are asking about names, I'm always in favor of like, the more broad name, like

01:02:19   don't... it's very easy to pen yourself in with a name and then later on realize,

01:02:28   "Oh, we've evolved from what that thing originally was."

01:02:32   - Yeah. - Right?

01:02:33   Like, you know, when I see people name Project The Daily Whatever,

01:02:37   it's like, "Ooh, are you really committing to Daily

01:02:40   for the life of this entire project?

01:02:42   Like, maybe don't."

01:02:43   - So the name for this one was like,

01:02:45   it came from the Mythbusters.

01:02:48   Because what I like about the name, the Mythbusters,

01:02:51   is it relates to the television program,

01:02:54   but also the hosts.

01:02:56   They are the Mythbusters,

01:02:58   and their show is called The Mythbusters.

01:03:01   So for the test drivers, it's like,

01:03:03   me and Austin are the test drivers.

01:03:05   We are the people testing the technology,

01:03:08   and our show is also called that.

01:03:10   So we've got two episodes out

01:03:12   by the time you're hearing this.

01:03:13   The first one went in depth about the new Samsung phones,

01:03:16   the Galaxy S20 line.

01:03:18   Then the second episode is more of,

01:03:21   I think, the typical type of episode

01:03:23   that we're gonna be doing,

01:03:24   because we take one thing and we talk about it in a lot of detail and it's basically trying

01:03:29   to help me understand which Android phone to buy, which is a, I have found as more I'm

01:03:34   looking at it, seriously, a very complicated thing to do, especially right now, like I

01:03:39   feel like the beginning of the year is a very difficult time for working out what Android

01:03:43   phone to buy.

01:03:44   - Yeah, listening to you and Austin talk about the jungle of all of the different Android

01:03:51   things was crazy making to me.

01:03:54   'Cause I'm not very much in this world at all.

01:03:56   And it's like, oh, I knew Android is a thing

01:03:59   that multiple manufacturers can make.

01:04:01   But even within just an individual company,

01:04:04   like the product diversity, I knew it was large,

01:04:09   but I didn't have any idea the level of craziness

01:04:13   until I heard the two of you talking about it.

01:04:15   Like it was literally, it was very shocking.

01:04:18   (laughs)

01:04:19   It really, really was.

01:04:20   Because it's very different to Apple.

01:04:21   Yeah, oh yeah.

01:04:22   Most of the larger Android manufacturers, they have multiple phone releases a year.

01:04:26   Apple is like, "Hey, we've got this thing for you, and you're gonna like it."

01:04:31   There is a loss of rumors, and I think that this is like a whole different thing,

01:04:35   suggests that's changing, that they might end up doing two phone releases every year now,

01:04:39   with like four different lines of phone, but that's like a whole thing for another day.

01:04:42   Whatever, and it'll still be one tenth of one percent the diversity in the Android market.

01:04:46   Correct, correct. Very correct.

01:04:47   I'm really glad that you can finally talk about this project because, you know, you've told me about it for a while and I got a preview and for listeners who hear Myke on his whole plethora of shows, I also really like this because I think it's the kind of project where in retrospect, you can see like little hints of this for a long time.

01:05:10   I've been aware of you on other shows like mentioning Android products or I forget when it was, but just was it like a year ago or so?

01:05:19   But you bought an Android phone just to try out and like to talk about on your other shows.

01:05:25   And so I think it's a very natural extension of a bunch of things that you've been thinking about anyway, and just a like a perfect venue to explore further interests.

01:05:40   I really like to see that kind of project from creators that I know, things that to the audience

01:05:49   might initially seem surprising, like, "Oh, I know Myke. He talks about Apple stuff." But if you're

01:05:56   paying attention to the development of that creator closely, you can see in retrospect,

01:06:01   "Oh, it's not that surprising that he has now created a technology podcast that goes like

01:06:08   very far afield from the core Apple ecosystem. So like, I'm just very happy to see someone

01:06:16   develop in that way of like initially surprising, but in retrospect makes perfect sense.

01:06:22   And this project is 100% that for you. Like it's a perfect evolution of your interests and also the

01:06:34   public perception of who you are in the technology world.

01:06:39   And that's the refinement. That's why it ties into my year of refinement.

01:06:42   I know, I know. That's why I was giddy about the double meaning of refinement. I was like,

01:06:46   "Oh, you clever boy! I know what's coming!" And this is perfect for that.

01:06:51   I want to be seen as someone who cares about all of technology, because I do.

01:06:57   and I want to get into more, right?

01:07:01   Because I want to be able to have an outlet

01:07:03   to talk about all of this stuff,

01:07:05   but also have a reason to try more things out.

01:07:08   So I'm really excited, and Austin's like the perfect person

01:07:11   to work with on this one.

01:07:12   - Oh yeah, yeah.

01:07:13   - 'Cause he is such a great communicator.

01:07:16   It's what I really love about his YouTube videos,

01:07:18   is he can so easily make things

01:07:21   that do not make any sense to me make sense.

01:07:26   You know, people may remember when I built my gaming PC,

01:07:30   Austin helped me, not only his videos, but like,

01:07:33   I also had a call with him, it was like,

01:07:34   "I need, I don't understand what I'm doing, right?

01:07:37   "Help me."

01:07:37   'Cause he's so good at that, and we get on really well,

01:07:40   and our chemistry's great, and so like,

01:07:43   I'm very, very happy with how the show's come out,

01:07:45   so I really hope that people will give it a try.

01:07:47   Like, I genuinely feel like this is a very important step

01:07:52   in my career, like, of who I want to be,

01:07:55   and the type of creator that I want to be

01:07:58   in the same way that Cortex was,

01:08:00   because before this show,

01:08:03   people only knew me as a technology podcaster.

01:08:07   And whilst Cortex,

01:08:09   Cortex definitely has technology roots in it,

01:08:13   it's about a lot more than that.

01:08:15   It is that we hope that people don't,

01:08:18   like I don't want people to think of this as like an advice

01:08:22   or productivity podcast.

01:08:23   - Yeah, because it isn't.

01:08:24   but that people come to, because it isn't,

01:08:26   but people can come to this show and take parts of it

01:08:30   to apply to their working lives, right?

01:08:32   Which is, I mean, I know that we're really like

01:08:34   on a line with that one, but that's the way we see it.

01:08:37   We are not here to give you advice,

01:08:39   but we hope that by coming to this show,

01:08:41   you may pick up something you can apply to your own lives,

01:08:44   right, which is like it's a different thing.

01:08:46   - Yeah, the way I always think about it is,

01:08:49   you know, it's a thing that I always felt myself looking for

01:08:54   and appreciate, which is you get to hear people

01:08:58   talk about the way they think about stuff

01:09:00   or how they approach different kinds of problems

01:09:02   in a very broad way.

01:09:04   And it's useful just to be able to hear that

01:09:07   because you're not always in an environment

01:09:10   where that sort of conversation is naturally around you.

01:09:13   So that is the role of GORE-TEX.

01:09:16   Because of that, it's a more personal show

01:09:19   where the audience has gotten to know you

01:09:22   much more as a person.

01:09:24   But it is not a show where I'm gonna try an Android phone

01:09:28   with you for a month.

01:09:30   - No one will do that.

01:09:31   - No way.

01:09:32   - I've tried it.

01:09:32   (laughing)

01:09:33   No one will do it.

01:09:34   No one will let me talk about folding phones.

01:09:36   No one's gonna let me try out Android phones.

01:09:39   But that's a whole other thing of the show.

01:09:41   In an episode in the not too distant future,

01:09:45   I'm gonna switch to Android for a week

01:09:47   and just see what happens.

01:09:48   - Have fun with that.

01:09:49   - I'm gonna switch to Windows for a week,

01:09:51   see what happens.

01:09:52   These are the types of things that we're gonna do,

01:09:55   as well as talking about what is going on

01:09:57   in technology now.

01:09:59   We're also gonna look at older products,

01:10:01   we're gonna look at like general operating systems.

01:10:04   There is going to be an episode

01:10:05   where I'm gonna convince Austin to try out task managers

01:10:08   'cause he doesn't have one and I don't understand.

01:10:10   So-- - Oh my God.

01:10:11   - Yep, yep. - Austin, Austin,

01:10:13   what are you doing, man?

01:10:15   OmniFocus has time zone support coming out,

01:10:18   like now's a good time, you know, get like, Jesus Christ.

01:10:21   - Well, you could just use the app

01:10:22   already has it, which is Todoist, the greatest to-do manager. But I will say he's very receptive

01:10:28   to this episode, as of quite recently was asking that we bump it up in our episode planning.

01:10:33   He needs it.

01:10:34   Good, good. That makes me nervous to hear when someone doesn't have a system. Like,

01:10:39   even if they have the like retro Snell style, "Oh, I just have a calendar," like whatever,

01:10:43   you need something. Austin, task managers, that should be episode three, not episode

01:10:48   whatever you're planning on.

01:10:49   So I'm really just genuinely very excited about this project.

01:10:55   It is also going to change a lot of my work requirements, which I'm intrigued about.

01:11:01   Tools that are cross-platform were becoming more and more needed by me.

01:11:06   Yeah, I was going to say, maybe don't switch to Windows during Cortex week.

01:11:12   I know that Cortex week is always your easy week, but still, I'd rather not have Cortex

01:11:17   be Windows week.

01:11:18   - Well, I will also say, even in a switch to Windows,

01:11:22   it will be for what I do on my iPad.

01:11:25   - Right, okay.

01:11:25   - Right, I'm not keen on disrupting the recording workflow.

01:11:30   That's a whole thing where it's like,

01:11:33   I'm not gonna take risks on that one,

01:11:35   I think, for the time being.

01:11:37   But yeah, I'm just so excited for what this project

01:11:42   could end up being.

01:11:43   I'm really pleased with how it's begun,

01:11:46   And I really hope that people, you know, I would say if you haven't heard the show now,

01:11:51   probably start with episode two because episode one, if you haven't heard it, features a lot

01:11:56   of information you now already know.

01:11:58   So yeah, just start with episode two.

01:12:00   If you like it, you can go back and we will have a show, I think, pretty much every two

01:12:04   weeks.

01:12:05   We have a lot of really cool plans for the show and I cannot wait to see where it ends

01:12:12   up going.

01:12:13   So I really, really hope that people check it out.

01:12:15   relay.fm/testdrivers but you can find it in Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocketcast, everywhere

01:12:20   you get podcasts you can find it. So go check it out.

01:12:22   Put a link to episode 2 in our show notes so that people can just click straight to

01:12:26   there and get to listen.

01:12:28   Yes, I will. So please go give it a try, especially, especially, if you are one of the people that's

01:12:32   like "I wish Myke would talk about Android, you know, I wish I'd hear about Android or

01:12:36   Windows on this show." Well I've now made the show for you. You just go there and you'll

01:12:40   get it.

01:12:41   - Put those comments because your Android needs

01:12:44   can be satiated.

01:12:45   Not by me though, by Myke.

01:12:47   - Not by you, not by you.

01:12:48   Not yet anyway, no, no, never.

01:12:51   It's not happening.

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01:14:00   [BEEP]

01:14:01   Big news time.

01:14:02   - Okay. - I have even more big news.

01:14:03   - That wasn't the big news? - Well, that's big news, but I have new big news.

01:14:06   - I was gonna say, that's pretty big news.

01:14:07   But you already knew that news. I have news for you that you don't know a lot about.

01:14:12   Okay, tell me, tell me.

01:14:13   I have got an office.

01:14:15   *sigh*

01:14:16   That's my sigh of... envy. That's what that sigh was.

01:14:20   Mega studio, baby.

01:14:21   Tell me about your office.

01:14:22   What's happening? That's the name. Mega studio.

01:14:25   Mega studio?

01:14:26   'Cause it's more than an office, great. It's massive. It's huge. It's...

01:14:30   Oh, you mean studio, like, recording studio.

01:14:34   You don't mean studio like a tiny room that also has the toilet in it where the desk is.

01:14:40   Okay, so it's the opposite of that kind of studio.

01:14:43   So this place is just a big room.

01:14:46   It is 630 square feet, this office.

01:14:51   That seems pretty big.

01:14:52   It's pretty big.

01:14:53   It's nearly the square footage of my apartment.

01:14:56   It's what we're looking at here.

01:14:59   Much bigger than I need.

01:15:01   It's maybe too big, but it gives me room to grow in.

01:15:04   Basically it's like the exact type of arrangement that I was looking for.

01:15:08   It's a...

01:15:09   I haven't bought, it's a rental agreement, it's a lease that we signed, and it's for

01:15:14   a couple of years, which is exactly what I wanted.

01:15:16   I didn't want to do like one year, I wanted to do multiple years.

01:15:20   I've sent you a picture, I will put some pictures in the show notes of me standing in the corner

01:15:24   of Mega Studio in its empty state.

01:15:27   Oh wow, that's great!

01:15:28   Jeez, that looks really big.

01:15:30   Great, it's very big.

01:15:31   I could have like a soundproof working space in this, like you've got room to spare.

01:15:36   I do have room to spare.

01:15:37   We can, I will tell you about all my room to spare.

01:15:41   It's on the like very upper limit of my budget.

01:15:45   It's about the maximum that I would want to go, but I'm pretty happy that it's like owned

01:15:49   by a large company and not by an individual.

01:15:52   Like it's kind of a really like best of both worlds type situation because whilst it's

01:15:58   owned by a large company, it isn't like one of these co-working space companies, because

01:16:05   we can do whatever we want to the space, but we just have to return it to its original

01:16:11   setting when we leave.

01:16:13   So, if we wanna drill holes in the wall, if we wanna paint it, we can do whatever we want,

01:16:19   but when we leave, it just has to be painted all white and clean and nothing left in it.

01:16:25   Which is like, yeah, that's perfect, that's what I want.

01:16:27   That is perfect. That's exactly what you want.

01:16:31   It's all brick walls, there's no glass walls.

01:16:33   Right?

01:16:34   Glass walls, they don't let you drill holes in those glass walls to put up stuff that you want.

01:16:38   That's not an option.

01:16:39   So yeah, brick walls, much better for drilling holes than glass walls, speaking from experience.

01:16:44   Yeah, I have lots of keys now.

01:16:46   So like a big keyboard, I have lots of keys on my key ring.

01:16:49   There's a lot of keys.

01:16:52   You sound excited by that.

01:16:53   I'm not excited by that.

01:16:54   The keys are the worst.

01:16:55   I hate it. I have to carry two sets of keys on one key ring. My home keys and my office keys.

01:17:01   Three keys and a key fob is what I have to carry around me all the time now.

01:17:06   The keys that you have to have, can you replace those with an electronic key or are they

01:17:11   public space kind of keys that you pass through?

01:17:14   Two of them are public space things.

01:17:15   But that's one thing I'm not really allowed to change.

01:17:20   Because that is technically owned by the company.

01:17:23   they own the building and that's the door, like we can't change the door because the door has all

01:17:28   like the gotta be fire safe right like all those kinds of rules right so it's gotta you know fire

01:17:34   safety but i don't want to carry a key. Fire safety, shmaaya shmaifty. Yeah. You don't care

01:17:41   about airplane safety, don't care about fire safety, you just live on the edge. My convenience

01:17:47   above everything that's that's how it goes. But i said expensive like the expensive thing is the

01:17:53   the creeping costs?

01:17:54   - Yes.

01:17:56   - So that's where it gets you, right?

01:17:58   - That is where they get you, yes.

01:18:00   - You know, like they have the costs

01:18:01   that they tell you the rent is every month

01:18:03   and you're like, "Ooh, that's expensive."

01:18:05   But then of course, nobody tells you,

01:18:07   like nobody ever tells you anything in this country

01:18:10   when you're a business, including the VAT price.

01:18:13   - Yeah.

01:18:14   - And it drives me mad.

01:18:15   So VAT is like a government mandated tax, it's called.

01:18:19   - Value added tax.

01:18:20   - And at the moment it's 20%.

01:18:22   and that tax is included in everything that you buy in this country, right?

01:18:26   Like, if you buy something, VAT is on top.

01:18:29   If you're a business, you can be VAT registered,

01:18:32   and if you pay VAT, you can also claim back VAT.

01:18:36   It is a system that I will never understand, right?

01:18:39   I know, I've never understood the reasoning for this.

01:18:40   If I don't have to pay the VAT, why do you charge me the VAT?

01:18:45   Because I'm just gonna get it back from the government later on,

01:18:48   so like, what's the point?

01:18:49   It feels like someone has a job because of this.

01:18:52   They're like, "What if I change this system, then I lose my job?"

01:18:56   But sometimes, I don't know if you've ever come across this,

01:18:58   you can give your VAT number to a company and they don't charge you the VAT.

01:19:01   So why do I ever have to pay the VAT? I don't understand.

01:19:05   Someone will try to explain this to me, no one will ever make it make sense to me.

01:19:09   My accountant has tried many times and failed.

01:19:11   I know, I've given up on this entirely as well.

01:19:14   But the thing for foreign listeners to understand is

01:19:17   one of the ways this really catches you if you're looking for office rent because I've come across the same thing of the prices are listed without VAT

01:19:25   but it's so unusual for the UK because you just never think about the VAT tax because it's just part of the price in every normal day experiences

01:19:35   All consumer purchases, the only price you see is with the VAT included

01:19:41   This isn't like, I know that some sales taxes in America is a different thing, where you see the price without the tax and they add the tax on, but that does not happen here.

01:19:48   Because VAT is like a given. Everything has VAT added onto it. So you forget.

01:19:54   Yeah, you just forget that this is even a thing that exists, except when you remember how pleasing it is to see a price that is listed as £5 and you can hand someone a £10 note and get a £5 note back.

01:20:05   Like the incorporation of the tax allows there

01:20:07   to be nicer numbers in an easy way

01:20:09   that like adding sales tax on later doesn't allow.

01:20:12   But it does mean that you forget that it even exists

01:20:17   until you start trying to budget for an office

01:20:20   and realize you're off by a 20% margin

01:20:22   because in this one case, it's not listed.

01:20:26   Yeah, it's infuriating.

01:20:27   - Which is, you know, 20%, that's a lot of percent.

01:20:30   - Yeah, it's, yeah, 20%, it is a lot of percent.

01:20:33   - Yep, especially in when office space costs you, right?

01:20:36   Like, it's a lot of money.

01:20:38   And then everyone wants a deposit, you know?

01:20:41   And it's like, you're gonna pay us

01:20:42   three months rent up front.

01:20:45   And this is one of those things

01:20:46   where it's like a business thing,

01:20:47   where I was like, haha, you got me.

01:20:49   Where it's like, first year's rent is this amount,

01:20:51   second year it goes up by 5%, and it's like, okay, fine.

01:20:54   Oh, but the deposit is based on the second year's rent.

01:20:58   I'm like, all right, you got me, right?

01:21:00   It's just like, there's no reason to do this

01:21:02   other than the fact that you want more money. And I treat a deposit like this as money that

01:21:07   is gone, and if I get it back at the end, that will be a bonus. But that money has left

01:21:12   forever.

01:21:13   Yes, yeah. That is psychologically the best way to deal with a deposit.

01:21:18   Business internet, very expensive. It is three times more expensive than my home internet

01:21:25   and a lot slower.

01:21:26   I was gonna say, that's because it's three times faster, right?

01:21:29   No, no, no.

01:21:31   But what they tell me is,

01:21:32   oh, there's a 24/7 support line, awesome.

01:21:35   But unfortunately, this is the only downside for me

01:21:38   in this building is I can only use the internet service

01:21:42   provided that they have made the deal with.

01:21:44   - Right.

01:21:45   - So, and the business internet company needs a deposit.

01:21:48   Why?

01:21:49   - Yeah, they have to pre-purchase your internet.

01:21:51   I think that's what it is.

01:21:52   - I guess that's how it works, yeah, sure.

01:21:54   - It certainly has nothing to do with the fact

01:21:56   that they can extract a deposit

01:21:57   because they're the only ones that you can deal with.

01:22:00   - And what else are you gonna do?

01:22:01   - Yeah, we have a deposit that's five times

01:22:04   the length of your contract pay in advance deposit.

01:22:07   That's what they do.

01:22:08   The thing that you have to worry about here, Myke,

01:22:10   because I feel your pain,

01:22:12   I feel your pain so deeply with these creeping costs.

01:22:16   And as listeners know, I gave up my glass office

01:22:21   in advance of last summer.

01:22:22   I had a lot of reasons to do it,

01:22:25   But one of the reasons was this, this creeping cost effect where

01:22:30   even after you've moved in, I started finding these situations where it's

01:22:34   like, well, we've got you now.

01:22:37   And so like, Oh, there's an additional service cost for this thing.

01:22:41   And there were just a number of little like added things here and there.

01:22:47   And you're like, God damn it.

01:22:49   You know, if I'd known all of these costs in advance, I would've, I would've thought

01:22:53   about how long I'm going to sign up for this in a very different way.

01:22:57   And it's just, it's a frustrating situation that's very different from a

01:23:02   residential rent situation, because I think it's very easy to impose these

01:23:09   kinds of creeping costs on a business.

01:23:12   Partly because of the way business taxes are done and the way that a person has

01:23:16   to think about business expenses, but also because the landlord knows you're renting

01:23:22   office because presumably the business is profitable enough to pay you and your salary

01:23:29   is at least somewhat flexible. So like there's just this way in business real estate that

01:23:35   the wrench can be turned in this slow and frustrating way and I was feeling that a lot

01:23:41   with my previous glass cube and I was like, "Forget this. This is too much. I'm out

01:23:46   of here. Goodbye."

01:23:48   Yeah, you were in a slightly different situation to me though, where like I feel confident in mind because there kind of isn't really anything they can do.

01:23:57   I feel like, I mean, I may be proved wrong but...

01:23:59   Yeah, we'll check in in a year.

01:24:01   We'll check in, yeah.

01:24:02   If there's a door fee or anything.

01:24:04   Yeah, sure.

01:24:04   But yeah, it is like all of these things do just make it very frustrating because with the business you feel like, okay, I want the budget, I want to know how much it costs.

01:24:14   You know what I would like the most? I'd like to know all this information up front when I'm trying to make a decision,

01:24:18   but it's fundamentally impossible to know that stuff up front.

01:24:22   But I'm really glad that you've been able to front up the internet deposits and whatever other deposits you need.

01:24:29   And even though you're tiny and often the vast distance of the space that you have, you look so happy.

01:24:37   Well, because this was also after I'd been through my like, "Oh my god, I can't afford this phase."

01:24:42   and then it took some work,

01:24:45   but I was able to shore up the savings.

01:24:48   So I've been saving for this kind of thing for a long time.

01:24:52   And I was able to do some different budgeting

01:24:56   and work out, all right, can I afford this?

01:24:58   How long can I afford this for?

01:25:00   And I felt pretty good.

01:25:01   I had a meeting with my accountant.

01:25:03   I felt good about it.

01:25:05   And I have made sure that I have a six month break

01:25:09   my lease and I have enough savings for those six months. So if all else fails, right, like

01:25:16   they are there and I can pay the rent that I have to contractually pay if something terrible

01:25:21   happens then I have to leave, right. So like I'm just going to keep that locked away forever

01:25:25   that's going to stay in my bank account, right. So that's just there. And then I also had

01:25:30   to set aside a budget to furnish it because it's completely empty and it's one big room

01:25:36   which means it's very echoey.

01:25:39   I am not there now, no,

01:25:41   because it is completely impossible

01:25:45   to record audio in there right now,

01:25:47   because it's just one big echo chamber.

01:25:50   - I'd like to hear a snap test in that room, right,

01:25:53   where you're testing for audio,

01:25:55   you snap your fingers and you see how long it takes

01:25:57   for the echoes to die down.

01:25:58   - It's getting better.

01:25:59   It's getting better because we have started furnishing.

01:26:03   - Okay.

01:26:04   - But it's like, I have to kind of,

01:26:05   I can't move into the studio until we have finished furnishing.

01:26:09   Right.

01:26:10   Because until we have finished furnishing,

01:26:12   I won't be able to work out how much more soundproofing we need to do.

01:26:16   Oh, right, yes, right, right.

01:26:17   Because you just want to see what's the state of things with all of the furniture in there.

01:26:23   If I can ask you a question though, Myke, because in this photo of you looking very happy with your arms outstretched,

01:26:29   you have little squares and rectangles marked out on the floor.

01:26:32   Is that from you?

01:26:33   Is that like your plan for what stuff is?

01:26:36   - Mm-hmm, we have done that.

01:26:37   - Okay, so are you planning to subdivide

01:26:42   the office into different rooms?

01:26:45   - No. - Okay.

01:26:46   So it is still going to be one big open space.

01:26:49   - One big open space, but with different stations.

01:26:52   - Right, right.

01:26:53   That is gonna make the soundproofing

01:26:55   much more difficult though,

01:26:57   if you're gonna keep it as a big space.

01:26:59   - Yes, okay.

01:27:00   So the only part that I have to soundproof,

01:27:03   like really soundproof and reduce echo

01:27:05   is what I'm calling the recording station.

01:27:08   So at the moment, like I have ordered

01:27:11   these soundproof panels that will go behind my desk,

01:27:15   like these big kind of freestanding panels.

01:27:17   I've ordered a bunch of foam to go on the walls.

01:27:20   Then with all of the furniture that we're buying,

01:27:23   which is like multiple desks, some soft furnishings, rugs,

01:27:26   all that kind of stuff, I'm hoping that will be enough.

01:27:30   If it isn't, we'll keep trying to add different soundproofing things.

01:27:36   Maybe we would put something over the top of the desk as well, and I feel like we could probably get it done.

01:27:42   If none of that works, I'm gonna get a booth. Just put it in there.

01:27:46   Right, yeah, that makes sense. That's kind of what I was wondering, is if you're gonna get an actual booth booth.

01:27:52   I don't want to do that, because I don't want to feel like I'm trapping myself in this tiny little prison every time I'm recording.

01:27:58   But that is like the worst comes to worst situation

01:28:01   But I am also very confident that we can do this because there are many youtubers with much larger spaces that can do it

01:28:08   Okay

01:28:09   So like I'm confident it can be done with like enough foam and furniture and soft furnishings in that

01:28:17   Environment I will ask if any cortexes have tips for soundproofing large environments. Please put them in the reddit thread

01:28:25   I would love to see it, but I do feel like I

01:28:27   I can get what I need with the stuff that's available

01:28:32   because we currently have just got some soft furnishings

01:28:36   and a couple of pieces of furniture in there

01:28:38   and the echo is decreasing already a lot

01:28:41   from when it was just completely empty.

01:28:43   So considering how much better it is

01:28:46   and how little we have in there right now,

01:28:48   I'm feeling confident that we can get it

01:28:50   to a place that we want it to be.

01:28:52   But it is priority number one, right?

01:28:56   Well, okay, it's the highest priority,

01:28:58   but it is not the first thing to be done

01:29:00   because we have to furnish the whole thing.

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01:30:25   I think for me to talk about the furniture that we're getting, I will tell you the plan

01:30:29   for what Mega Studio is going to be because you will see in the image masking tape on

01:30:33   the ground.

01:30:34   Right.

01:30:35   The masking tape is kind of delineating the stations in the office.

01:30:40   So Idina taking the photo is standing in the recording station, which is like the far corner.

01:30:45   I wanted to do it in a corner because I figured that would allow me the maximum amount of

01:30:50   foam to go on the walls.

01:30:52   - Is the end that you're standing in,

01:30:55   is the entrance off to the side there?

01:30:57   Or is the entrance where, okay.

01:30:59   - The entrance is off to the side of where I'm standing.

01:31:02   So there is the recording station.

01:31:04   There's also kind of like this little angle to the wall.

01:31:08   So like, you know if you have like a chimney breast,

01:31:11   the wall comes out for a moment.

01:31:13   - I don't know what a chimney breast is.

01:31:15   Do you mean just a chimney that goes up the wall?

01:31:17   - Yeah, sure.

01:31:18   It's called a chimney breast.

01:31:20   when it comes on the wall and it makes the indentation on the wall.

01:31:22   That's not real. You're messing with me.

01:31:24   I'm not.

01:31:26   Oh, no you're totally right. That's a thing.

01:31:28   I know it's a thing.

01:31:30   So there's something like that.

01:31:32   There isn't a fireplace in our office.

01:31:35   I kind of wish there was. It would be amazing.

01:31:37   And I figured that's where they've got that kind of thing in front of me.

01:31:42   So I feel like I'm going to foam all of that up

01:31:45   and I'm hoping that enough angles with foam will trap the sound.

01:31:49   Who knows how it works? We'll find out.

01:31:51   So that's that. I then have...

01:31:53   That's not going to be my desk, though.

01:31:55   So this is a different thing for me. I'm going to have

01:31:57   a desk where I record,

01:31:59   and then a desk where I edit

01:32:01   and do my regular work.

01:32:03   Yeah, that's great. I'm always

01:32:05   such a big advocate of separate

01:32:07   spaces if you can, and you have

01:32:09   a lot of space in which to subdivide

01:32:11   separate spaces. So it's like, I have a lot of space,

01:32:13   I've seen a bunch of people, I've seen you do it,

01:32:15   I've seen Austin do it, like having these like separate

01:32:17   spaces. Yeah, seems really good. And also, like if I'm soundproofing it all so much,

01:32:23   I don't want to be sitting there all the time on my own. I feel like I'm on my own in there,

01:32:27   like in this tiny little room and I have this huge studio. So like, I want to be able to

01:32:31   break out of it when I'm not recording. So this is also going to be super different because

01:32:36   this is going to be a very different working environment. I've ordered a desk for this

01:32:40   station, which has two VESA arms. Oh, for the workstation? For the recording station.

01:32:45   Oh, for the record? Okay. So it's a standing desk with two VESA arms so you can get the microphone at the right height?

01:32:50   Nope. It is a standing desk, but that's not why I've done that.

01:32:54   Oh, that's not why. Okay.

01:32:55   So I have one VESA arm, has a laptop mount on it, and one VESA arm is for a monitor because my plan is I will be recording from a laptop.

01:33:04   Why? That seems like a strange place to introduce even the possibility of less reliability.

01:33:11   Well, I can't record and edit on the same machine, right?

01:33:15   if I have two desks.

01:33:17   At least not in a way that I want to do it,

01:33:19   because that's running a lot of cables and I just don't want to do that.

01:33:22   But I always have to have a laptop for when I travel and record.

01:33:26   So it will be the same laptop.

01:33:28   Oh, so you're optimizing for simplicity and for travel with your recording setup.

01:33:34   Is that what you're doing? That's what that sounds like.

01:33:37   Yeah, with the same gear that I used when I'm in the studio.

01:33:40   Yes.

01:33:40   Right.

01:33:41   Okay.

01:33:41   Right.

01:33:42   But yeah, so you're, but you're optimizing for, for traveling and simplicity with a laptop for recording.

01:33:47   Okay.

01:33:47   Yeah.

01:33:48   No, that makes sense.

01:33:48   I guess that makes sense.

01:33:49   So I'm going to be using that same laptop because I also just want like a super simple setup, right?

01:33:54   Like as in like that is just a system.

01:33:56   Simplicity is very valuable.

01:33:57   Yeah.

01:33:57   We all know that.

01:33:58   Yeah.

01:33:58   So that's why we get standing desks instead.

01:34:00   So basically this laptop is just set up for recording and that's what I will use when I'm recording shows.

01:34:06   Because really recording a podcast, it takes nothing.

01:34:09   like from a processing power, it doesn't need a lot of screen space, like that thing will just be

01:34:14   off on the side doing its thing and then I'm going to have a monitor that it will be attached to

01:34:19   where I can have show notes and stuff. So that and that's I'm going to have a much smaller desk than

01:34:23   the one that I currently have there and that's why I got the VESA mounts so I could have the

01:34:27   desk space underneath and that the computer wouldn't take up any space on the desk.

01:34:32   So that's going to be the recording station. Then my editing station is where my iMac Pro will be,

01:34:38   the machine I'm currently speaking to you on now.

01:34:41   And that will be for when I'm editing,

01:34:42   and maybe for doing some types of work,

01:34:45   I will have that there.

01:34:46   It's like that would be my main desk.

01:34:48   And I do know I have her own station

01:34:50   and work area there as well.

01:34:52   So we're getting her a new desk,

01:34:54   so she will be able to do her work from the studio,

01:34:57   because this is one of the other reasons

01:34:59   that we wanna get a space outside of home,

01:35:02   because I have this office, she needs space to work too.

01:35:05   And at the moment, it's just working like basically

01:35:08   on our dining table, which we both find frustrating.

01:35:12   She needs space to work also, but because she doesn't have podcast recording, it can

01:35:18   be done in theory from anywhere, but that means it's being done everywhere, and we want

01:35:22   to get work out of our home now.

01:35:25   B: Again, I'm with you so strongly on this, and doubly so as a couple.

01:35:31   You don't want to have just one environment that's everything, including all of your work.

01:35:38   So yeah, like getting getting work out of your house, if you can, for the two of you

01:35:43   is such a win.

01:35:44   Yeah, and this is one of the reasons we wanted a big space is because she deserves to have

01:35:47   her own area as well.

01:35:49   But I also didn't want it to be us to be like just tripping over each other all the time.

01:35:53   So yeah, being able to get something big allows us to stretch out a bit.

01:35:57   I'm gonna have a secondary desk, which will be like a hot desk for visitors,

01:36:01   because I love space if people want to come over.

01:36:04   So we'll have like a monitor and stuff there, but this is also what I will use as my iPad writing desk, I think.

01:36:10   Ah, okay.

01:36:11   Right, so that's that thing I've been talking about for a long time.

01:36:14   Right, you're gonna have like a monitor that guests can plug into?

01:36:17   Yep.

01:36:17   That's a great idea. That's a really good idea.

01:36:19   Like a monitor and like a Thunderbolt dock, so I can plug my iPad into it,

01:36:23   but then people can also bring their own device and just plug into it and they're good to go.

01:36:27   And that's the hot desk if you're in like a corporate environment, that just means there's a cable and you plug into it.

01:36:32   The area that I'm most excited about is the lounge area.

01:36:36   Which will also be a working area for me because I very frequently work on the sofa as well as working at a desk.

01:36:43   So I wanted to recreate something like that in the office.

01:36:46   So I've got a really nice chair and the sofa.

01:36:49   Is this lounge area visible on the current rectangle pattern that I'm looking at?

01:36:53   The area that I am standing in?

01:36:55   That's the lounge area.

01:36:58   Okay, good.

01:36:59   Good.

01:37:00   I feel like the lounge area needs to be as far away from all the other areas as possible.

01:37:04   Exactly, so I'm not constantly being called to the lounge.

01:37:07   Yeah, and like I know this sounds dumb, but I don't think it is.

01:37:12   I feel like you need some kind of visual screen a little bit to just separate the lounge area

01:37:19   Yes, we were thinking about doing that.

01:37:20   Just visually?

01:37:21   Yeah, like some plants or a little wall for soundproofing or something, but I think it's

01:37:27   really important to be like, this space is separate.

01:37:30   Let me run this one by you.

01:37:31   Not only will they look different visually, we have different rugs for each area.

01:37:35   Oh, perfect.

01:37:36   Great.

01:37:37   I'll show you those.

01:37:38   I'll show you those in just a second.

01:37:39   I have those two.

01:37:40   And then also I want a gaming setup, but this will probably be the lounge area.

01:37:44   But what I'm not sure about yet is where the PC will go.

01:37:48   That's the part that I'm not sure about yet.

01:37:50   Because the gaming PC could actually very easily live at the hot desk.

01:37:54   Because the original idea always was for me to set up my second desk in my office because

01:37:59   it's effectively just a Thunderbolt dock with a Thunderbolt cable can be plugged into anything.

01:38:04   I haven't worked out where the gaming PC is going to go yet.

01:38:07   I don't love the gaming PC at the hot desk if you're also going to use the hot desk as

01:38:12   an iPad writing desk.

01:38:13   I don't like that.

01:38:14   It's pollution.

01:38:15   I'm just not sure.

01:38:16   into this yet like because I want to get a nice TV for the lounge area like how well PCs and TVs

01:38:24   work together. Yeah I think but I think like you're crazy if you you have a lot of space but

01:38:29   I don't think you have enough space to have a separate gaming area that's not also the lounge

01:38:35   area. I mean just like physically sure you could do it but I think it's more like the psychological

01:38:41   and distance from everything else. I really think the lounge area should feel a bit quarantined

01:38:48   from other things. And even just having the gaming PC there pollutes that a little bit.

01:38:53   I don't like that. As my suggestion anyway. But I'm a little aware that I'm a little

01:38:59   bit far on the end of the spectrum of trying to have distinctness wherever possible.

01:39:05   I definitely want it, but it's really just a technical thing because I haven't worked out yet.

01:39:10   It's like, if I get like a 50 inch TV, can my gaming PC drive it?

01:39:14   I just don't know the answer. I haven't looked into it.

01:39:16   I mean, the answer is probably depending on the TV that I buy, but I haven't looked into it yet.

01:39:21   So this is where we are so far.

01:39:24   So we signed the lease like a week and a bit ago, like a week ago.

01:39:28   So far we have collected the keys. We visited IKEA, of course.

01:39:32   Of course.

01:39:33   Of course. We bought at IKEA a small desk and some folding chairs so we could have something to sit and wait on with all of the inevitable deliveries that would be coming our way.

01:39:43   We made our first IKEA order. The IKEA order has arrived already. Only one item missing. Every IKEA order has an amount of items missing and we only had one.

01:39:58   Right, that's pretty good.

01:39:59   Yep, and in that included some rugs and stuff, and I'm pretty happy with the way that some

01:40:06   of that stuff started to come together already.

01:40:08   The lounge area rug, and a beautiful lamp that I fell in love with, and a TV cabinet.

01:40:15   We built a kallax.

01:40:17   You know those things, right?

01:40:20   I don't know what a kallax is.

01:40:21   It is like the standard IKEA storage system.

01:40:26   Oh, okay.

01:40:27   Yeah, yeah.

01:40:28   - Yeah, yeah, I know that, yeah.

01:40:29   - Yep. - Okay.

01:40:30   I'm not really up on my exact names

01:40:33   for all the different things in IKEA.

01:40:34   - That just means you haven't shopped to IKEA enough,

01:40:37   so bravo to you, I guess,

01:40:39   for not having to go through that.

01:40:41   - It's always a weird mix of very fun,

01:40:44   but also super stressful.

01:40:46   That's what every trip to IKEA is, like,

01:40:49   oh, all of these pieces are delightful,

01:40:51   but also this is incredibly stressful.

01:40:53   - And I ordered a alarm system.

01:40:57   - Okay.

01:40:57   the smart home internet of things type alarm system.

01:41:04   Not one of these ones installed by a big professional, but one that's just like, "Oh, there's some

01:41:08   cameras you can set up and some door sensors and stuff like that."

01:41:11   So I wanted to be able to control it myself.

01:41:13   It's good to have something that's on a separate layer from whatever the building itself provides.

01:41:18   And I want to do a bunch of smart homey stuff in the office.

01:41:22   We have those big overhead lights and I do not want to use those, so the plan is get

01:41:27   a bunch of other lamps and stuff that can hopefully fill the room.

01:41:31   And I want to go all hue with that stuff, which means we have to decide a smart home

01:41:37   system, right?

01:41:38   Yes.

01:41:39   Like a voices system.

01:41:40   Going all Amazon Echo in the Mega Studio.

01:41:43   Interesting.

01:41:44   Interesting.

01:41:45   What's the reasoning for that?

01:41:46   It is better, that stuff.

01:41:49   Just the home integration stuff is better.

01:41:50   Yes.

01:41:51   Siri and HomeKit to be faster, but the Amazon Echo ties into more services more easily.

01:42:01   So we've decided that that's what we're going to go for.

01:42:04   And also I observed the usage patterns in our home, and Adina uses the Echo more than

01:42:09   the HomePod.

01:42:10   So I figured that let's go with what we're both used to, and we went with that.

01:42:15   The alarm system that we use ties into it so I can arm it from the Amazon Echo just

01:42:20   by my voice. It ties into so many other services really easily that we just decided to go with

01:42:27   that. And also Amazon were doing a deal on like you could get two of their Echo Plus

01:42:33   and this like subwoofer thing for the price of a HomePod.

01:42:37   Well yeah, HomePods are not cheap. Apple's not helping themselves there with that.

01:42:42   No. So but it's like we don't listen to a ton of music typically, but I now have a system

01:42:46   that can do good music in the office because it comes with like this subwoofer and the

01:42:51   reviews were good and but really like I just wanted to get two echoes for a good price.

01:42:56   Right. I don't know if this is the case. This is just my

01:42:59   anecdotal experience but especially in a place where you're going to be recording,

01:43:04   I have rarely found when I'm in homes that have echoes that the echo is falsely triggered and

01:43:12   starts to talk to you. Yes, this is a big part of it.

01:43:15   Yeah, which is a real danger of, so like my office at home where I'm recording to you right now,

01:43:22   I have a HomePod that I use to play thunder sounds on, right, because it's always necessary.

01:43:27   But I went into the settings and did the thing where I say like, "Don't ever listen to me." Like

01:43:32   if I'm not physically touching this HomePod, it should never be listening. And that's entirely

01:43:39   because of false triggers while recording.

01:43:43   And the HomePods are real chatty

01:43:45   about those false recordings.

01:43:46   Like, "Hmm, what were you saying?

01:43:49   Oh, I didn't quite catch that."

01:43:50   It's like, "No, no, no.

01:43:51   That's not what you need when you're recording."

01:43:53   So I wasn't sure if your experience with the Amazon Echo

01:43:57   is that they're just triggered less,

01:43:59   but that's the way it seems to me anyway.

01:44:02   - Oh, definitely.

01:44:02   Like we have both a HomePod and Echo

01:44:07   within earshot of each other.

01:44:09   And every, like it feels like at least once a day,

01:44:11   the HomePod's like, hmm?

01:44:13   - Yeah.

01:44:14   - But the Echo never gets set off.

01:44:16   - Yeah.

01:44:17   - Like, okay, not never, it does happen, but way less.

01:44:20   Like I would say to a factor of five is the difference

01:44:24   of these two things going off together.

01:44:26   But like the Echo right now,

01:44:28   it's just, it ties into way more services.

01:44:31   And so it just made, it felt like the logical

01:44:34   choice for us, for everything that we wanna have

01:44:38   going on in the studio.

01:44:40   - Oh, this is great though.

01:44:41   This is really exciting.

01:44:42   Like all the stuff you already have, the plans,

01:44:45   I'm really excited for your office.

01:44:50   And like the space is huge.

01:44:52   I'm very curious to see it when you feel like

01:44:56   it's reached operational mode

01:44:59   and like to see what you've done with the whole thing.

01:45:01   - It's gonna take a lot of work.

01:45:03   So like, you know, we're there every morning,

01:45:07   crack of dawn at the moment,

01:45:08   because we have deliveries coming, right?

01:45:11   And we have to be there to accept the deliveries.

01:45:14   So that's like, when I talk about why I'm so tired,

01:45:17   it's that plus like building all this furniture

01:45:21   and it's just like a whole big thing, right?

01:45:25   - Oh yeah, yeah, and it's a big psychological deal

01:45:29   moving into a new space like this.

01:45:31   So yeah, it's like, it is a tiring sort of thing to do.

01:45:35   - Yeah.

01:45:36   - You know, I'm looking at your pictures.

01:45:37   I got immediately distracted by the fact that we have the same little toolkit from IKEA, I guess?

01:45:41   Everyone has the IKEA toolkit.

01:45:43   The little orange one.

01:45:43   Yeah.

01:45:44   It's like, I bought that, I don't know how many years ago, but I have it.

01:45:48   I see all your deliveries.

01:45:50   Like, yeah, I like these little photos.

01:45:51   I see the-

01:45:52   They see the Kalax?

01:45:53   The big, grey thing?

01:45:54   I was gonna say, I forgot the name for it, but yes, I see the Kalax

01:45:57   on top of your very fancy rug over there.

01:46:00   Yeah, IKEA rug.

01:46:01   So I like it.

01:46:02   I like it a lot.

01:46:03   And I do think the rugs are really good for subtle psychological reminders of the separation of the spaces.

01:46:10   So yeah, I like this.

01:46:12   So I have the red rug, me and Idina are at our desks, we have green versions of that red rug.

01:46:18   And then the lounge area has a high shag rug, right?

01:46:23   It feels really soft.

01:46:25   And then also the sofa's gonna be there, and we're thinking about getting a screen anyway to go behind the sofa.

01:46:33   So people can't see in so well because we're not allowed to cover the window in case there's a fire.

01:46:42   So everything's to do with fires apparently.

01:46:44   I would love to be moved in in March. That's the goal.

01:46:49   I mean our sofa won't arrive until the end of March because sofas take a long time.

01:46:54   Yeah it's always weird how long sofas take. I don't understand.

01:46:57   Yeah we bought from a company that makes them. That's why.

01:47:00   that you order it, they make it,

01:47:02   and then they send it to you.

01:47:03   So it's like that's why it takes the time it takes.

01:47:06   But the sofa's gonna be, I reckon,

01:47:09   is also gonna be one of the largest soft furnishings

01:47:12   that we have, but then it's like,

01:47:13   there's desks coming, and then we need to then

01:47:16   move some stuff.

01:47:18   So it's all very, the timing of everything

01:47:21   is gonna be really tricky.

01:47:23   Because I have to feel confident

01:47:26   that the room is soundproofed

01:47:29   before we can move.

01:47:30   And, but also not all of the furniture will be there.

01:47:37   - Yeah, but this, I think this is easy.

01:47:39   Like you should think about soundproofing it

01:47:41   in absence of the sofa and just go from there.

01:47:45   And then the sofa's bonus.

01:47:46   - That's kind of where I'm going with it.

01:47:48   But then it's like, I've got to wait for these screens,

01:47:51   which I ordered and the company has not shipped them yet

01:47:54   or given me any kind of update.

01:47:56   Like I don't know when they're supposed to be shipping.

01:47:58   It said they had them in stock.

01:48:00   It's like, we have them in stock, why haven't you shipped it?

01:48:02   You know? - Right.

01:48:03   - How in stock is it if they're always

01:48:05   just sitting there processing?

01:48:07   I am getting severe flashbacks to when we bought the house.

01:48:11   - Right, yeah.

01:48:13   - 'Cause we were also on a lot of time pressure then,

01:48:16   because we had to leave my family home

01:48:20   because my mom had sold the house.

01:48:22   So it's like, wow.

01:48:23   - There was a real get out deadline with that one.

01:48:25   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:48:26   You gotta go because there's no house for you anymore.

01:48:30   So when we owned it, we were just being slow, right,

01:48:32   at getting things done, and it was like,

01:48:34   whoop, can't be slow anymore.

01:48:35   And for me, I know how much money this office costs me

01:48:39   every day I'm not in it.

01:48:41   Right? - Yes, yes.

01:48:43   - I know that.

01:48:44   I know that number, because it's very easy

01:48:46   to divide the rent by 30.

01:48:47   - Yeah, this is the, I need to extract more value

01:48:51   out of this space per day than this number, yeah.

01:48:54   - And it's also a reason I'm probably

01:48:55   going to travel less this year because I can work out how many studio days a plane ticket

01:49:01   costs. So you know, but I'm cool with that because one of the reasons I travelled as

01:49:07   much as I did is I would look for excuses to travel where I could because I liked the

01:49:12   break up in my life, right, like of like mixing stuff up, not being at home so much, going

01:49:17   out and doing different things in different environments and I feel like that I'm going

01:49:22   get a lot of that out of the studio, you know? It's gonna be really weird to have a commute again.

01:49:26   Yeah, how long is your commute going to be?

01:49:29   It's between like 20 and 40 minutes depending on the connections,

01:49:33   like it's all public transport. Guarantee this is what makes us get a car.

01:49:37   Yeah.

01:49:38   Because it's 10 minutes in a car.

01:49:40   Right, yeah, and even that variance is quite high of 20 minutes if the connections work great,

01:49:47   40 minutes if they don't. A 50% variance is difficult to plan for, so 100% this is why

01:49:56   you get a car. You're going to have a car as soon as you can with this office, for sure.

01:50:01   Oh yeah, but we're in a great area. It's like one of those kinds of areas, it's full of creative

01:50:07   stuff. There's lots of little restaurants and things, and I also found a swimming pool within

01:50:13   walking distance, which I'm really excited about because that would be lovely to start being able

01:50:18   to do again. So yeah, I'm really enthused by this place. It's going to take a lot of work to get it

01:50:27   to where we want it to be, but if we're able to move in in late March or early April, that's going

01:50:35   to be kind of incredible and it's going to make a big difference to our lives in a lot of ways.

01:50:42   It seems kind of funny that I've been searching forever,

01:50:46   then I mentioned on this show

01:50:48   that I couldn't find anything,

01:50:50   and then within a week I'd found something

01:50:52   and gone to see it.

01:50:53   - No, but that's great.

01:50:55   It's such an exciting project.

01:50:57   Just like the clay pots,

01:50:59   it's also a project where you can very clearly see

01:51:02   the physical difference that you're making with the space,

01:51:06   assembling IKEA furniture with your bare hands.

01:51:09   So yeah, this is a great project in and of itself,

01:51:12   But I'm also excited for you that you've found an office space and a place to work outside

01:51:18   of the home and I just, I think you're totally going to love it once you move in.

01:51:22   I think like the one last thing I wanted to say on it is like, you know, talking about

01:51:25   the finance part, it's that, you know, saying it's like at the top end of my budget, which

01:51:28   isn't necessarily the best way to go into a thing like this.

01:51:32   But this is one of those things where I feel like I'm taking a bet on myself.

01:51:39   And I think that every now and then when you run your own business, it's a risky thing

01:51:43   to do, but it can be quite a rewarding thing to do.

01:51:47   Like 2020 for a lot of reasons I'm hoping is going to be like a really great year.

01:51:52   I'm really excited about the test drivers and where that could go.

01:51:55   I'm really excited about Cortex brand and where that could go.

01:51:59   And Relay FM has started the year off really strong.

01:52:02   And so I'm like, there's like a bunch of things going on right now after 2019, right?

01:52:07   After like my year of stabilization.

01:52:09   I got myself into the position where I was then ready to start moving different

01:52:13   things forward.

01:52:14   And now I feel like I'm kind of like pushing all the chips in, you know,

01:52:19   like, I, I,

01:52:20   I feel like I've got this momentum right now where a lot of stuff could go

01:52:25   really well this year. And I'm,

01:52:28   I genuinely believe that having like this dedicated workspace is also going to

01:52:33   help me manage that a lot better. You know,

01:52:36   I'm kind of planning at the moment like to have no recording gear at home.

01:52:41   I think if you can get to that place that's a good place to be.

01:52:44   Because like I thought about like oh I'll have it at home for travel but it's like no no I can just

01:52:49   have my travel gear in the office and I take it home the day before I leave or whatever right,

01:52:56   to pack it. But it's like it will put into place like way more boundaries in my life

01:53:01   whilst also at the same time giving me like when I am working more focus on work because I will be

01:53:09   in a working environment right like I feel like bringing that routine back into my life is going

01:53:15   to be a big difference maker for me that I'm really excited about after five years of doing

01:53:21   what I'm doing but now I feel like I'm at the right stage to be able to

01:53:29   "Take that bet on myself that I won't lose money on this."

01:53:34   Right, like that's kind of where I'm coming at it

01:53:36   from right now, but I have also, I'm not stupid

01:53:41   and I have the safety net, right?

01:53:43   - Yeah, yeah, that's the way to do it.

01:53:46   You wanna take a bet where you don't lose everything

01:53:49   if you lose that bet.

01:53:51   And I'm with you on this, like you have a number

01:53:53   of projects that, like it's a good time for you

01:53:58   to have a separate physical place because of what you said

01:54:03   and why I've always loved really separated areas

01:54:06   is it makes you more serious about work

01:54:11   and it makes you more serious about when you're not working,

01:54:15   which is what's necessary for long-term health

01:54:20   in all areas of your life.

01:54:22   I love that even having this office

01:54:25   has already made you think about,

01:54:27   I don't even need to store my travel podcast gear at home.

01:54:30   Like I think that's a great sign.

01:54:32   And yeah, I really think it's a good time

01:54:35   for you to have a separate physical space

01:54:38   and to work on all of the various projects

01:54:42   in the mic universe.

01:54:43   And this is a good place to do that.