69: Minimum Viable


00:00:00   Let me tell you, Myke, I have had a productivity week like no other I can remember in a very long time.

00:00:10   Sometimes it feels like you have stolen the fire of productivity from the gods and used it to drive the engine of your life for a bit.

00:00:21   And that's just 100% how I'm feeling this week. Every day it's like, bam, bam, bam, I'm getting stuff done.

00:00:28   I look back at my time tracking and it's like all the colors that I want, none of the

00:00:32   colors that I don't, and I'm thinking like, "Oh, is there a way I could have spent this

00:00:38   day better than I actually did?"

00:00:42   And the answer has been no.

00:00:44   It's been just the world's most amazing productivity week, and doubly so because it's coming right

00:00:51   on the back of returning from America, usually when I get absolutely nothing done.

00:00:56   It's just amazing.

00:00:57   Is this forced productivity or are you just, you're just riding some kind of wave?

00:01:01   Like are you forced into doing a bunch of things because of some deadlines or are you

00:01:06   like you've just found some second wind?

00:01:10   I'm aware that I don't have a lot of time before another season of travel begins, but

00:01:16   no, I wouldn't say that it's forced productivity.

00:01:19   You're just firing on all cylinders.

00:01:21   It's like, oh, I've caught this wave and I'm just surfing the wave and it's amazing.

00:01:27   Do you have those times, Myke? Do you ever get those times?

00:01:30   Yeah, I do actually. Every now and then I will have a few days where everything is going well

00:01:37   and I'm knocking all my tasks off my to-do list, and you're like, "Yeah, this has been a good week."

00:01:42   I have those. I can relate.

00:01:44   The thing is, though, you said right there, "Oh, you're knocking all your tasks off of your list."

00:01:50   I never feel that way though because there is when you have a great week, you realize

00:01:58   this intrinsic sadness of maximum productivity, which is being faced with the reality of just

00:02:07   how much it is possible for a human to accomplish in one day.

00:02:12   And that's when you have to face the fact that it is never as much as you would want

00:02:17   it to be.

00:02:18   So it's been an interesting week of both sides of this coin,

00:02:22   where I feel like, man, I could not have spent this week

00:02:25   any better, and I feel like, oh, I got all these things done.

00:02:29   And then, as is the case for everyone, you think,

00:02:32   oh, but there's so many things in the world

00:02:36   that I would want to do, but now I must face up to the fact

00:02:40   that the big part of work is about the selection of work.

00:02:44   It's not really about how much you can get done.

00:02:47   - So what are you saying that like,

00:02:49   even though you have been so productive,

00:02:52   it's still not enough?

00:02:53   Is that what you're saying?

00:02:54   - Yeah, 100%, yeah, 100%.

00:02:56   - So you feel like you're at maximum capacity,

00:02:58   but you're still not doing everything.

00:03:00   - Yeah, so this week, my routine has been really great.

00:03:03   Like I've been getting up every morning,

00:03:05   I've been going into the office, I've been writing.

00:03:07   - Oh yeah, okay, I get it.

00:03:09   - Right, like next I have this dedicated

00:03:12   like two hour block of time,

00:03:14   which is for mentally complicated tasks,

00:03:17   and I've been doing that,

00:03:18   and then afternoons have been super busy,

00:03:21   like I've recorded a bunch of podcasts this week,

00:03:23   and I've had these important meetings for my business,

00:03:28   and I've been doing all of this stuff,

00:03:30   and it's just realizing, like, oh man,

00:03:32   the day just flew by, and I feel like,

00:03:34   oh, okay, this is totally great.

00:03:37   But for example, a project that I referenced a while back,

00:03:40   Project Golem, it's like, oh, I've made no progress

00:03:43   on this particular project that past me thinks

00:03:47   is an important thing to work on.

00:03:49   But it's like, but there's no version of this week

00:03:52   where I could have possibly done that.

00:03:54   Or it's like, oh yeah, I've moved two videos forward,

00:03:58   but I have five in the queue

00:04:00   that I really want to be working on right now.

00:04:02   So it's just like, I just feel very, very faced

00:04:06   with that real realization about like prioritization

00:04:10   is the most important part of the work.

00:04:13   And it's like, yes, you can be more productive,

00:04:16   but the ceiling on how many different things

00:04:20   a person can effectively do in a day is surprisingly low.

00:04:25   Whereas when you're not being productive,

00:04:29   I always feel like, oh,

00:04:30   had I only been knocking it out the park today,

00:04:33   all the things I would have done.

00:04:36   But like, but the reality is on super productive days,

00:04:39   the actual number of things is much smaller

00:04:42   you estimate. So I feel like I've just seen it in super, super sharp relief having not

00:04:47   just a perfect day, but essentially a perfect working week. It's like, ah, I got a lot done,

00:04:55   but it is never, ever, ever possible to get nearly all the things you want to get done,

00:05:02   done, even if you're firing on all cylinders.

00:05:04   That's a harsh realization.

00:05:07   It is. It is.

00:05:09   Because you can't, there's no excuses anymore.

00:05:11   The Utrecht suit was, "Oh, it's because this part of my working setup wasn't perfect today, so I couldn't. There was no way I could have got everything done. If only everything was perfect, it all would have been done."

00:05:24   And then of course the knowledge that I have never had a productive period that isn't followed by a fallow period afterward.

00:05:32   It's like, oh, you pay for these days at some point in the future.

00:05:35   But yeah, it's just interesting to think about.

00:05:37   And it's just been on my mind to have gone through this great week at a time when I really wasn't expecting a great week.

00:05:45   And I have it on my list of things for my weekly review this weekend to really seriously go through my very long project list,

00:05:57   particularly now with that in mind and try to think about like well how many of

00:06:03   these things can you actually get done?

00:06:04   Well yeah because what you've proven is that you can't do all of the things right like it's actually not possible so you need to maybe be a little bit more picky about what stays and what goes.

00:06:14   Yeah yeah but it's sad because I want to do all the things Myke it's just not possible.

00:06:19   [DING]

00:06:20   Sometimes we record an episode of this show,

00:06:24   and then you go and do something.

00:06:26   And I think to myself, why could you not have done this

00:06:30   before you recorded?

00:06:32   Especially when we're in a travel period,

00:06:34   and it's very obvious to tell when we're in a travel period

00:06:37   because the release of the show starts

00:06:39   to slow down a little bit.

00:06:41   Are you going to complain about the [BLEEP] pack?

00:06:43   Is that what you're about to do here, Myke?

00:06:45   You can't use that word, though.

00:06:46   Why?

00:06:47   I can't have you, I can't, I can't, you can't,

00:06:51   I can't do that.

00:06:53   It's not, you know why, I mean, you know why

00:06:56   you have been in this country for long enough

00:06:58   that you know why I can't allow that word.

00:07:00   - But you wanna call it a butt bag instead?

00:07:02   - No, it's not a butt bag, it's a bum bag.

00:07:04   - Oh, okay.

00:07:06   You're using a cutesy word to say but instead of saying but.

00:07:11   - Yeah, but the problem is, I also hate that word.

00:07:13   - That's exactly what I'm doing, Myke.

00:07:16   I'm using a cutesy word to talk about your butt as well.

00:07:20   That's why I'm talking about a f*cking pack.

00:07:22   You know why I can't.

00:07:23   I can't, we cannot keep doing this because I'm just bleeping it every time.

00:07:27   You better not be bleeping f*cking pack, Myke.

00:07:30   I'm bleeping it.

00:07:31   I'm bleeping it every time.

00:07:32   There's nothing that can be said about this that will be happening every single time.

00:07:37   So I think the only way that we can proceed forward to talk about-

00:07:40   I'm appalled!

00:07:41   No, we have to stop right now!

00:07:43   You can't-

00:07:43   I will not be censored in this manner.

00:07:45   You can't bleep me out when I say f*ck pack.

00:07:48   I can.

00:07:49   What if I say-

00:07:50   [record scratch]

00:07:50   [music]

00:08:01   Well you see the thing is though, what's actually gonna happen is

00:08:04   that joke's just never making it in.

00:08:06   So-

00:08:07   God damn it!

00:08:09   This is why I don't like you having final cut of the show.

00:08:12   I feel powerless in this situation, which is making me really angry.

00:08:16   We're gonna have- I think the only way that we're gonna be able to get through this

00:08:19   is if we need to give- we need to give that back just a more general name that we're all happy with.

00:08:24   I'm very happy with f*ckin' back.

00:08:26   I know you are.

00:08:27   That's the name of it.

00:08:28   Right, okay. Well then...

00:08:30   Look, there is no way out of this. There is no way out of this.

00:08:34   Because we're never gonna get past this part of the discussion.

00:08:39   Uh-huh.

00:08:40   And I won't publish the episode with that word being used over and over and over again.

00:08:45   So we need to, we need to just, we need to put this behind us and use our creative minds to just

00:08:53   come up with some kind of cortex sounding name to describe that small utility bag that you wear upon

00:09:01   your front or your back. It could be a "cortility bag". I'll go with that. Sold. Your "cortility bag".

00:09:08   Look, I just need to get away from this conversation, right?

00:09:11   So like, whatever you said we were gonna go with.

00:09:14   Listeners, I'm trying to speak to you now through whatever Myke is gonna let through, right?

00:09:18   But I'm just letting you know that whatever you heard is vastly shorter than the actual

00:09:23   much longer, much protracted conversation that Myke and I had.

00:09:26   I need you to know this.

00:09:27   I need you to know this.

00:09:28   I tried to fight the good fight, but he has the final edit here.

00:09:31   I'll just say, this language is unbecoming of you.

00:09:35   I would say.

00:09:38   Alright. So your "cortility bag". So I was in the market for a "cortility bag".

00:09:45   Which is to describe, in case people have absolutely no idea what we're talking about

00:09:49   right now because of the mess that you have just heard. This is a bag that you wear upon

00:09:54   your front or your side typically. They were very popular I guess in the 80s and 90s. And

00:09:59   now they are mostly considered to be one of the worst fashion faux pas that an individual

00:10:05   can commit. There is a very famous picture of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wearing one.

00:10:10   Oh yeah, that's right.

00:10:11   Yeah, everyone knows that picture, that's an internet meme. That is the picture that

00:10:14   I will put in the show notes so people can understand what we're talking about. But

00:10:17   this is a bag that you kind of clip to yourself and you kind of keep little trinkets and items

00:10:22   and maybe your wallet, your velcro wallet, which I assume you're going to get to, to

00:10:25   go along with all of this.

00:10:27   I mean you're basically describing high school me now, yes, that's correct.

00:10:31   So yes, the issue is I can't understand why you would want one of these.

00:10:41   Okay, so yes, I was in the market for a "cortility bag" and I posted about it on Twitter and

00:10:52   I was, you know, because I hadn't been in the market since I was 16.

00:11:00   I think it's a very small market as well and it doesn't help.

00:11:03   Well yeah, so I was like, I want to know what the deal is.

00:11:06   What's the best one of these a person can buy if money was no object?

00:11:11   Give me your best courtility bag, sir.

00:11:14   And I was asking people for advice and people were leaving some comments in the Reddit

00:11:19   and showing me all of these different models and things.

00:11:21   Yeah, because I was interested.

00:11:23   So before the conversation goes much further though,

00:11:28   though, I do have to say that there has been a development since my wife discovered that

00:11:34   thread on Reddit and said, "What are you doing?"

00:11:38   - Yes. Personally, I was only gonna let it go so far before I engaged your wife in this

00:11:45   conversation because my assumption was if you bought one of these, she wasn't aware.

00:11:52   - Yes, yes. So that's basically what happened.

00:11:57   I'm very pleased. I'm very pleased that this has been shut down.

00:12:00   So yeah, I found out that this is the thing that,

00:12:04   against what I otherwise would want is not going to become a regular part of my

00:12:08   everyday wear.

00:12:09   Every day? You wanted to wear it every day?

00:12:13   Yeah. So I was thinking, I was thinking about how, look,

00:12:18   look, all of this started because I realized that in my everyday wear,

00:12:23   I do not have adequate storage.

00:12:26   - For what? - I would like more storage.

00:12:29   - For what?

00:12:30   - Okay, look, as a man in the world,

00:12:32   what do I wear?

00:12:33   I'm gonna wear jeans and I'm gonna wear a t-shirt.

00:12:36   That is the minimum everyday wear.

00:12:39   - Okay.

00:12:40   - That's just what's going to happen.

00:12:42   And if you're a guy that does not provide you

00:12:46   a lot of storage, because all I have is four pockets,

00:12:53   two of which at the back, you know, the ones on my bum,

00:12:58   are not super useful because you have to sit on them

00:13:01   and you don't want to overload them with stuff

00:13:03   or you become George Costanza-like.

00:13:05   So you really only have two pockets

00:13:08   and these pockets are already spoken for

00:13:10   with phone and wallet and keys

00:13:13   and trying to shove anything else in there.

00:13:15   Like you're done, you're out of storage.

00:13:17   And so I thought I need more storage.

00:13:19   - But what for though?

00:13:21   - Okay, all right.

00:13:22   (sighs)

00:13:25   All right, so here's how it started.

00:13:26   I bought a pair of earplugs.

00:13:31   Now, these are not squishy earplugs.

00:13:36   They're like custom, unsquishable earplugs

00:13:40   like a musician would get.

00:13:41   - Oh, did you have the thing poured in your ear?

00:13:43   - No, I didn't have that done,

00:13:45   but there was like some sizing for them, right?

00:13:47   So they're not like specifically for my ear,

00:13:49   but they're not squishy.

00:13:50   Like they have a hard part in them,

00:13:53   so they're not something that can be flattened down and used.

00:13:56   They have a volume to them.

00:13:58   And they come in a little case.

00:14:00   And the case is about like 60% the size of an AirPods case.

00:14:05   And then the little earplugs are inside.

00:14:09   This is the item that started it all.

00:14:10   Because I got these a year ago,

00:14:12   and I got them originally for my summer

00:14:16   of traveling last year, because it's like,

00:14:18   oh man, if there's one thing that happens

00:14:20   conferences and events, its stuff is too loud, right? And or you always get like stuck at

00:14:26   a restaurant that's too loud or you're in some environment where it's too loud. And

00:14:31   I just kind of like, I kind of refuse to be in these environments without your protection

00:14:35   at the at the bare minimum. And it's like, okay, this is the thing that I'm this is the

00:14:39   thing that I want.

00:14:40   This is not you just being an old man. Like you have had some issues there, right? Like,

00:14:46   not just like an old fuddy daddy, "Oh, this is too loud for me," right?

00:14:49   Yeah, I mean, I'm sure if I didn't have constant, persistent ringing in my ears, which gets

00:14:54   worse as I get older, I would very well be into old man territory by now anyway. Like

00:14:59   I would have gotten here one way or the other.

00:15:02   Okay, okay. I was trying to like defend you, but...

00:15:06   No, no, if it wasn't that, it would be the other thing. And the other thing is I just

00:15:11   always feel like, why do people go to these places that are loud and then you can't talk

00:15:14   and I don't understand and like, but we're somehow we're all trapped here by the few

00:15:19   extroverts who are like, "Oh, this will be a fun place to go!" And it's like, but I don't

00:15:23   know, it's there's some kind of weird collective action problem there where we just we end

00:15:28   up in this place. So anyway, I got these earplugs. And they were really useful last year. But

00:15:36   they're a real pain to try to carry on me. And it's not that it's a big object. It's

00:15:43   just it's like, oh, this is the final piece of straw

00:15:47   on the camel's back for how much can I actually keep

00:15:49   in my pockets comfortably, where I don't feel like,

00:15:52   oh, I've got a whole bunch of crap in my pockets.

00:15:54   'Cause I hate the feeling of a full pocket, it's no good.

00:15:57   So, and then what happened is when I came back from travel,

00:16:02   I'm just, I'm aware that it's like,

00:16:05   I would love to have these things on me all the time,

00:16:09   because maybe once every six weeks or so,

00:16:12   I'll find myself in an environment where I feel like

00:16:14   I would wear these if I had them on me now,

00:16:17   but I don't have them on me now, right?

00:16:19   Because they're too clumsy and awkward

00:16:22   to just keep on my person.

00:16:24   And this is an item that I want to be part

00:16:28   of my everyday minimum viable carrying items.

00:16:33   And so this is what started to lead me down the road

00:16:37   of how do I acquire extra storage without extra clothing?

00:16:42   And so I thought that the,

00:16:46   that the courtility bag would be the perfect item

00:16:50   because once you open the door

00:16:54   to a whole extra little bag of holding,

00:16:57   then I thought, ooh, the other thing I can do

00:17:00   is I can keep like a little camera in there

00:17:02   because I do have this little Sony camera

00:17:07   that I have around the house.

00:17:08   And I always think like, yes, iPhone photos are good,

00:17:11   But even the world's smallest compact camera

00:17:14   takes so much better photos than the phone does,

00:17:17   and you just don't notice it

00:17:19   until you see them side by side.

00:17:20   And so I've always been happy,

00:17:22   like whenever I happen to have that camera around

00:17:25   and I grab it to take a picture,

00:17:27   it's like, oh God, these photos are so much clearer

00:17:29   and better and nicer than iPhone photos.

00:17:31   So I was thinking like, oh, I could add two items

00:17:34   to the minimum viable everyday carry

00:17:37   if I have a cortility bag

00:17:39   and I can have my little headphones in there,

00:17:42   and then I can have like a small camera in there,

00:17:45   and then they're saying, "Ooh, depending on how big it is,

00:17:47   "maybe one or two minor useful items,

00:17:50   "put some aspirin in there," or like whatever.

00:17:53   Like there's a couple of other things.

00:17:55   So that's where I was going with it,

00:17:57   but apparently my dreams have been dashed

00:18:00   about adding this to the everyday outfit.

00:18:03   So now I don't really know what to do.

00:18:06   minimum viable everyday carrying items.

00:18:10   - Yeah. - Yep.

00:18:12   There is definitely no pre-existing acronyms

00:18:15   to help you in this, your M-V-E-D-C-I.

00:18:20   (laughing)

00:18:21   - Well, you're all like, "LOL, what do you need it for?"

00:18:24   And I feel like I've actually given you a good case

00:18:26   of I would like to be able to have a few more things.

00:18:28   And so like, what do you suggest, Myke?

00:18:31   What is a thing that I could do if this is it?

00:18:34   I mean, honestly, this is it.

00:18:36   I think that, and I don't really understand

00:18:39   how small your jeans pockets are

00:18:40   because like I carry my wallet.

00:18:44   Are you a front pocket wallet person?

00:18:46   Yes.

00:18:47   That's your problem.

00:18:48   Okay, all right, fine.

00:18:50   But I switched to front pocket

00:18:53   because I don't like the unevenness in the back.

00:18:56   Yeah, I know it's bad.

00:18:57   I know I shouldn't do it.

00:18:58   So like the only thing that somehow works

00:19:02   in the back pocket is I do keep,

00:19:04   the only thing I put in there is the AirPods case

00:19:07   has wormed its way into my minimum viable

00:19:11   everyday carrying objects.

00:19:13   - Why is it, look, you need to stop changing here.

00:19:15   (laughing)

00:19:16   Every time, I've written it down,

00:19:18   I've written down the letters basically

00:19:20   every time you've said it,

00:19:21   and they're changing order and now the words are changing.

00:19:24   - Everyone knows what I'm saying here, Myke.

00:19:28   - Yep, yep, yep. - There's a set of things

00:19:29   that you want with you all the time,

00:19:30   and these are these things.

00:19:31   And so the AirPods just made it in under the wire, right?

00:19:36   Like they were the last things to get in

00:19:38   before the door was closed of nothing more.

00:19:40   And somehow the way they happened to sit

00:19:43   in my back pocket never bothers me.

00:19:45   They're always kind of off to the side,

00:19:47   but it's just, anyway.

00:19:48   - But if the earplugs are like smaller than that,

00:19:51   then why doesn't it work in the back pocket too?

00:19:53   - I don't know, it just doesn't.

00:19:55   It's terribly uncomfortable though.

00:19:57   - And it doesn't work with the wallet.

00:19:59   you can't put the wallet and the earplugs in the same pocket?

00:20:02   - No, it didn't.

00:20:03   Like I even tried to buy a slightly different wallet

00:20:05   to see if I could try to squeeze the earplugs in

00:20:08   and like it wouldn't work.

00:20:10   - What kind of wallet do you use?

00:20:11   Do you use a bi-fold wallet?

00:20:13   - I bought a bunch of the different Bellroy wallets.

00:20:15   - Okay.

00:20:16   - 'Cause I've used their like super slim one for years

00:20:18   and I thought like, oh, let me try,

00:20:19   if I upgrade to the next slightly bigger size,

00:20:22   can I get away with squeezing this additional thing?

00:20:23   It's like, no, that doesn't work at all.

00:20:25   So like I'm still just using the Bellroy.

00:20:27   But it's also this dream now that I have, Myke,

00:20:30   of more storage capacity.

00:20:33   Because it's not just about the earplugs,

00:20:37   it's about, wow, if I had like another pocket,

00:20:42   this would be great.

00:20:44   And so I think in a dream world,

00:20:48   I've slowly come back to the idea,

00:20:51   a thing that we discussed on one of the very first episodes

00:20:55   of the show.

00:20:56   - Oh no.

00:20:56   (laughing)

00:20:59   Okay.

00:21:00   - Which is, can I make jeans that are like cargo pants?

00:21:07   (laughing)

00:21:11   Just the secret pocket.

00:21:14   - Can I make jeans with a secret,

00:21:17   like earplugs pocket in them?

00:21:19   - They don't need a secret pocket.

00:21:20   I'm thinking like cargo pants have the side pocket

00:21:23   just on your thigh, a little bit above your knee.

00:21:26   - Great, great, great.

00:21:26   - And so I'm thinking like--

00:21:27   - No, no, no, no, no, come on, come on, come on,

00:21:29   listen, listen, listen.

00:21:30   - What do you mean no?

00:21:31   I think this is a good idea.

00:21:32   This is my, because as soon as the,

00:21:34   like, as soon as the Cortility bag got shot down,

00:21:37   I was trying to think about other things,

00:21:38   and this is my best idea. - This won't make it.

00:21:39   This won't make it either. - Why?

00:21:41   - This is as bad as the Cortility bag.

00:21:43   You can't have this huge pocket on the side of your jeans.

00:21:46   Your wife will not allow this.

00:21:48   - Well, I was gonna have two pockets, one on each side.

00:21:50   - Oh, gosh.

00:21:50   Do you think that you would be able to get away with wearing cargo pants?

00:21:54   Do you think that's something she would let you like...

00:21:56   Well, I don't want to wear cargo pants, though.

00:21:57   Right, I know, but...

00:21:58   I want to wear jeans.

00:21:59   Yeah, but the...

00:21:59   So I want a pocket like a cargo pants on the jeans.

00:22:02   The problem with cargo pants isn't like what they're made of.

00:22:05   It's the fact that they're covered in pockets.

00:22:08   Right, that's why I want those but jeans.

00:22:11   Right, but it doesn't matter what they're made of.

00:22:14   It will always look the same.

00:22:16   Right.

00:22:17   I think it's fine.

00:22:18   I know you do.

00:22:19   You thought the fertility bag was fine too.

00:22:22   Just for the record, I haven't actually run this past my wife yet.

00:22:26   As soon as you do, you'll be in the same situation.

00:22:29   That's why you have to have the secret pocket. It has to be hidden.

00:22:31   Maybe that's why I haven't felt like I really want to bring it up.

00:22:34   You know. Deep down you know.

00:22:39   But I was searching the internet bag. I was typing in like "jeans but like cargo pants".

00:22:45   That's the verbatim search.

00:22:47   Jeans, yeah, but like with the, you know,

00:22:49   with a secret pocket in them.

00:22:51   - Yeah, well, like there are companies,

00:22:53   there are companies that make men's trousers,

00:22:56   like business trousers, that do have secret pockets.

00:22:59   Like this is a thing that exists.

00:23:01   It's like, hey, you are a business monkey

00:23:03   going into the office every day

00:23:04   and you wanna have more storage

00:23:06   and you still have to have pants that,

00:23:08   like that's a thing that exists in the world,

00:23:10   but I couldn't find anything that was like that

00:23:12   but for jeans.

00:23:13   So that's why I was thinking,

00:23:15   just like in the early episodes,

00:23:17   to say, "Maybe if I bring a pair of my pants into the tailor and explain what it is I'm

00:23:22   looking for, I can get what I want and then give them 10 pairs of jeans and say, 'Make

00:23:28   them all the same.

00:23:29   Make them all like this.'

00:23:31   And then I can carry an additional number of small items with me every day."

00:23:35   In this instance, I think that's probably the best idea.

00:23:43   Right.

00:23:44   So you are behind me on this for when I bring it up.

00:23:46   I just want to check.

00:23:47   - If you can-- - Like you say,

00:23:49   like Myke says it's okay. - If you can modify--

00:23:51   - Right, Myke's the fashion guy,

00:23:52   and he says it's okay. - If you can modify

00:23:53   your existing jeans to include a pocket which is hidden.

00:23:58   - No, I don't think I can make it hidden, though.

00:24:00   I think that's asking a lot of us here.

00:24:01   - You can. - I was thinking

00:24:02   of putting the pocket on the outside,

00:24:03   and then it can also store more.

00:24:05   - No, no, no, no, 'cause you, (laughs)

00:24:08   you just don't understand.

00:24:10   I just can't. (laughs)

00:24:15   I don't see why my problems are so funny, Myke.

00:24:17   I can't tell if you are aware of what you're asking, like, because the pocket on the outside-

00:24:26   I don't understand why a pocket on the outside is such a problem for the world.

00:24:31   Like, for a man who spends so much time wanting attention to be drawn away from him, I don't

00:24:38   know why you want to do these things.

00:24:40   Like, everyone will look at you when you're walking down the street.

00:24:42   I feel like I explained why I want to do this.

00:24:44   And I don't understand why, I wouldn't notice

00:24:47   if someone has an additional pocket on their jeans.

00:24:50   - Well no, but this is the parameters.

00:24:52   Typically, like an additional pocket is fine,

00:24:55   but you want like a big pocket on the front on the outside.

00:24:58   People will notice that because you--

00:24:59   - Yeah, on the side, on the side above the knee, right?

00:25:03   So it's like, that's where I'm thinking the pocket will go.

00:25:05   - Like with outside fastenings and stuff?

00:25:08   - Yeah, like, yeah, you need to like clip it closed, right?

00:25:11   Like if there's a camera in there, you don't want the camera to fall out, or when you sit down.

00:25:15   So you need like a button? Yeah, like a button on the side of it.

00:25:19   You should just buy a utility kilt and just be done with it.

00:25:22   What's a utility kilt?

00:25:24   [laughs]

00:25:26   Just look it up.

00:25:27   Okay, alright. I'll make a note for the end of the show.

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00:27:46   A couple of episodes ago, you were talking about the fact that you were having trouble

00:27:51   with your charging solutions when traveling.

00:27:54   It's a lot, this is, there's a thread here running through right now.

00:27:57   Yeah, the thread is "Gray wants to fix the problems in his life, and why is the world

00:28:02   resisting me?"

00:28:03   That's the thread.

00:28:04   Why is the world against you?

00:28:05   It's a shame.

00:28:06   It's a great shame.

00:28:07   Why isn't the world manufacturing USB-C peripherals for me?

00:28:10   I don't understand.

00:28:11   The ballad of CGP Gray.

00:28:13   Why is my life so hard, Myke?

00:28:15   So you said you wanted the Quotex listeners to make suggestions for you, right?

00:28:20   Yeah, I did.

00:28:21   That they would go to the subreddit and make suggestions.

00:28:23   And I said to you that you would not get what you were looking for.

00:28:29   Right? I said you can ask for these suggestions.

00:28:32   I feel like you're getting ready to gloat here is what you're doing.

00:28:34   You will get things and people will make lots of suggestions,

00:28:40   but you won't get what you were looking for.

00:28:41   And I wasn't going to bring this up,

00:28:43   But a couple of days after you tweeted and you were like, "haha, see? I was right. I got lots of suggestions."

00:28:50   But my point was never... my point... I knew you'd get lots of suggestions.

00:28:55   But I knew you would not get what you were looking for, which was a way to reduce all of your cables

00:29:01   and all of the things that you take with you, just so you can charge like three or four different items.

00:29:06   So I want to know, did you get what you were looking for?

00:29:09   - Okay, yes and no. - Okay.

00:29:13   - Did I get what I wanted?

00:29:15   No, I did not get what I wanted,

00:29:19   which was a world in which USB-C

00:29:22   is a useful connection technology.

00:29:25   - Or at least viable for everything you use, right?

00:29:28   Which is more what you're looking for, right?

00:29:30   A way that USB-C can be like--

00:29:32   - The universal connector it's supposed to be, right?

00:29:35   - Yes.

00:29:36   - Of like, I wanna connect into devices

00:29:38   and I want to connect into power sources.

00:29:41   And one of those ends should be USBC,

00:29:43   so I only have to think about the attachment end,

00:29:46   not the connected to power end.

00:29:49   But that is not the universe that we live in,

00:29:52   not by far, not if money is no object.

00:29:56   It just, it doesn't exist.

00:29:58   And yes, I thought maybe somewhere on the internet

00:30:02   there was a stone I had left unturned

00:30:04   and the commenters would find that stone and go,

00:30:07   "Oh, here it is, here's the thing for you."

00:30:10   But no, that was not the case.

00:30:11   However, I do have to say,

00:30:13   I was really interested in all of the comments

00:30:16   and I found it super useful because between everyone

00:30:21   who left comments in that thread,

00:30:23   I feel like every possible permutation

00:30:28   and combination of charging devices

00:30:32   and solutions that existed in the world

00:30:34   was presented before me in one place where I could survey them all and make a judgment.

00:30:41   And so I did find that discussion very useful.

00:30:44   But no, it didn't give me the thing that I was hoping for, which is a universe where

00:30:48   USB-C is a viable choice.

00:30:50   It was really interesting to read through everything.

00:30:53   And there were lots of suggestions where people haven't invented all sorts of cables where

00:31:03   They're trying to recreate a new universal standard,

00:31:07   which then just becomes like the XKCD comic of like,

00:31:09   "Oh, there's too many standards,

00:31:10   so we should unify them all with a new standard."

00:31:12   Like, "Now we have too many standards plus one."

00:31:15   Where people were having these interesting

00:31:17   magnetic connectors and just a whole bunch of stuff.

00:31:21   And I considered it all and, you know,

00:31:24   it's not worth going through like the matrix in my mind

00:31:26   of what are the trade-offs of all of these various things.

00:31:30   But the end result of where I was on my first little test run trip in America is that I

00:31:38   am still using that Anker charger I mentioned before, the one that has a single USB-C port,

00:31:45   and it has four USB-A ports.

00:31:48   And I bought a bunch of wires to try to cover myself with all of the devices that I need.

00:31:53   They're just regular USB-A to either Lightning or micro USB or USB-A to USB-C.

00:32:00   I have all of those plus the Apple Watch charger

00:32:02   and that is the thing that I used on the last trip

00:32:04   and it worked pretty well.

00:32:08   There's only one real problem.

00:32:15   And the problem is this,

00:32:17   that USB-C power output on that Anker brick,

00:32:23   it's not quite enough power to keep the laptop

00:32:29   charged if you're running it at full capacity.

00:32:34   Ah, okay, then you may need a new one.

00:32:36   Because you're looking for a specific spec.

00:32:41   I think it's called power delivery, like PD.

00:32:45   That's what you need, or like there's like a different like wattage or amperage.

00:32:50   It is possible to do this.

00:32:53   Okay, no, but here we go, Myke.

00:32:54   Okay.

00:32:55   I understand that it is possible to do,

00:32:57   again it's a question of minimizing equipment.

00:32:59   - Oh, it's gonna be too big, right?

00:33:01   - The Anker One will go up to 60 watts over USB-C.

00:33:06   And if you're using the laptop to just do email

00:33:10   and browse the internet or whatever,

00:33:11   it will charge off of that 60 watts.

00:33:14   But when you open up Final Cut,

00:33:17   and it's doing background rendering

00:33:20   while you're working on it,

00:33:21   it slowly, slowly drains down.

00:33:25   And I thought, oh, this isn't gonna be a problem.

00:33:29   This is fine, it drains down slow enough

00:33:31   that it doesn't matter.

00:33:33   But it turned out like it was enough of a problem

00:33:36   that the very fact that I was using that charger

00:33:38   delayed me uploading a video by day

00:33:40   because I couldn't render the thing.

00:33:43   So that was frustrating.

00:33:46   But I think I still might just live with that as a problem

00:33:50   because the size of the brick that I would need to bring

00:33:54   to run the laptop at full capacity, like all the time,

00:33:58   is so enormous.

00:33:59   And then it also means I now need an additional,

00:34:03   I need to have like an additional item of like,

00:34:05   this also needs a power adapter

00:34:07   for wherever I happen to be.

00:34:08   So I think I actually can live with that

00:34:13   as long as now I know like,

00:34:14   oh, I actually have to plan for that in advance,

00:34:16   that if I'm going to be editing for eight hours

00:34:19   and then immediately trying to do an export,

00:34:21   like that's not gonna happen,

00:34:22   I have to do the export the next day.

00:34:24   And luckily, most of my videos are not like,

00:34:28   oh, it needs to be up by a particular time.

00:34:29   It's like whenever.

00:34:30   So I think that's what I'm going to end up with.

00:34:33   But I'm still really sad that I don't have wires

00:34:36   where I can just plug stuff either into the laptop

00:34:38   or to charge it.

00:34:39   But I feel like I'm closing in

00:34:43   on what the minimum viable charging situation is.

00:34:46   Although lesson learned is that I need much shorter wires

00:34:50   than I brought last time.

00:34:52   Like I brought longer wires than is necessary.

00:34:53   It's like, oh, I can actually use all these tiny wires because the charger comes up on the desk.

00:34:57   Yeah, I have a bunch of those tiny wires.

00:34:59   Yeah.

00:34:59   They're really, really good.

00:35:00   Like the Anker makes just like tiny lightning ones and tiny USB-C ones.

00:35:05   Like I have this horrifically large battery.

00:35:09   And I think this battery might have that power that you want, right?

00:35:13   That it could, but it's not a wall charging thing.

00:35:15   It's like one of those big external batteries.

00:35:17   Because I have it for the Nintendo Switch because it's the first battery.

00:35:20   I think it's the power anchor power core plus 26 800 or something and it and it will charge

00:35:28   and like keep charge for the Nintendo switch when you're playing. It was the first battery

00:35:33   that would do that it was powerful enough for that. I don't know if that's powerful

00:35:37   enough for a mac pro I don't know but I comes in a little pouch and in that pouch I've just

00:35:42   stuffed in like all these little tiny cables. They're really good. It is funny to me that

00:35:48   like and it but it is exactly what I expected what you were already doing was the best you could do

00:35:55   but there's just some optimizations to make to it because those those things that you plug into the

00:35:59   wall they're the best option right now there isn't anything else that will get you what you want

00:36:03   purely because what you're looking for doesn't exist which is some way to unify these cables

00:36:08   because even though USB-C is pretty great not everyone is using it and not everyone will use it

00:36:14   and it's going to be years until we get to a point where people are.

00:36:17   Yeah, well, I mean, like I said last time, I actually suspect that a USB-A to a mini USB

00:36:24   cable on the other end, I think that might be almost unmovable out of the market. I feel like

00:36:29   that's so cheap and so small and so easy compared to the more expensive USB-C that in 15 years,

00:36:37   there will still be devices that use it. Well, my feeling on this is that when it will change,

00:36:43   but when it changes USB-C will be to like USB what Mini is now like that there will be something else

00:36:50   and then we have USB-C on all these things but then it doesn't move again right so like your

00:36:54   toothbrush will get USB-C but by the time that happens there's another new universal standard

00:36:59   yeah yeah like it's wireless charging everything's wireless charging except the toothbrush right

00:37:05   which now has USB-C yeah I mean I do suspect that that's actually where we'll end up going is is the

00:37:12   the next battle will be what can charge wirelessly

00:37:14   and what can't charge wirelessly.

00:37:16   Because I already find myself looking at all of my devices

00:37:19   and thinking like, man, I wish this GoPro

00:37:22   could charge wire, like I don't care how slowly

00:37:24   if I could just put it on a wireless charger

00:37:26   and it would charge, I would love that

00:37:28   just to have the option.

00:37:29   And then they're also in my odyssey for charging solutions.

00:37:37   People do sell these micro USB to wireless charging coil adapters.

00:37:44   So you can like tape a wireless charging coil to the outside of the device.

00:37:48   Nah, you're okay. You're okay. I don't want to do that.

00:37:52   Like the Qi charging stuff feels pretty awkward anyway.

00:37:58   Right? Like there's something, I know it's okay, but there's just something about the...

00:38:03   "Oh, the way it works is it's just a coil, like a wire coil that's just in this thing."

00:38:07   And I'm like, "Ah."

00:38:09   I don't know enough about how the wireless charging works to feel like it's completely

00:38:14   okay.

00:38:15   That's just induction with electricity.

00:38:17   It's fine.

00:38:18   There's nothing to worry about with that.

00:38:19   I know it's fine, but it feels more like out there than what we currently have.

00:38:26   Every now and then, and again, I know that this is irrational, but every now and then

00:38:31   I'll like unplug a device because I'm convinced it will end up catching fire and this could

00:38:35   be anything. But it's like it's so subjective the way that I react to this stuff. It's like

00:38:40   I'll leave my iMac plugged in all the time but sometimes I won't leave my house with

00:38:45   the iPad plugged in.

00:38:46   Right, yeah, because it might burst into flames, that's what you're concerned about.

00:38:49   Exactly, like it could just spontaneously explode and I know that it is irrational but

00:38:53   sometimes it's best to just lean into those irrational fears a little bit so you just

00:38:58   don't fret about it all the time.

00:38:59   not but okay. So the Qi charger stuff triggers that more for you because you think, "Oh,

00:39:04   it's these two coils of wire just laying on top of each other."

00:39:08   Yeah. And also, like, just because it's new, right? Like, in that I'm so used to power

00:39:12   comes from physically plugging something into something else. There's this weirdness to

00:39:18   me and like, "Oh, you just put it on there and the power just goes in." I'm like, "I

00:39:22   don't…" Like, how… I assume something's heating something up. I just don't like

00:39:25   it. I don't like it. That isn't why I don't use it. The reason I don't use it is because

00:39:30   I don't find it as useful for me than these little docks that I already have. Because

00:39:36   we have Qi chargers in use in this house. Adina uses Qi charging and she loves it. But

00:39:41   I don't. Except for this, which I thought was hilarious, there was a couple of days

00:39:44   ago we were going to bed, we always like read on our phones in bed or whatever before we

00:39:48   go to sleep and we'd been out all day and she was like "Oh no, I only have 5% battery

00:39:54   And I can't charge my phone.

00:39:57   And I'm like, "Ha ha, here I am with my cable."

00:40:00   You know, she's just like, she'll read it for a few minutes, put it down for a few minutes,

00:40:05   read for a few minutes, put it down for a few minutes.

00:40:07   This won't help quell your anxieties at all.

00:40:09   But the way to think about what the cheat chargers are doing, this is not what they're

00:40:13   doing, but it's close enough.

00:40:15   It's kind of like when you put, if you think about taking two magnets and you put one on

00:40:21   a table and then you take the other one and put it underneath the table where the first

00:40:25   magnet is and they hold themselves together and how like, oh, you can rotate the one on

00:40:29   the bottom and the one on the top will rotate as well. That's like the, that's sort of the

00:40:34   mechanism by which you're charging the phone, right? Is motion through the bottom coil is

00:40:40   causing motion through the top coil and that's how they're charging. You wind up the iPhone,

00:40:46   right? That's how you're doing it. You wind it up and that's what those things do.

00:40:49   - Oh, winding, I'm used to that now, I understand.

00:40:52   - It's a way to wind up the phone

00:40:53   without having to physically connect something to the phone

00:40:56   'cause you can use magnets.

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00:41:27   [P

00:41:48   the last 300% is still to go. You've actually played a game on it.

00:41:51   I've played multiple games on it. It's like done done. I've even streamed on it like it is. It is

00:41:56   done. I did it in a day which I cannot believe. Wow. I did. I thought this was gonna. I was

00:42:03   preparing for like a four day cold sweat situation right. You know like when when you're trying to do

00:42:09   something like this with technology and it doesn't work and you start to get all frustrated with it

00:42:13   right and then like four hours pass and you need to change your t-shirt right like that's what I

00:42:17   I

00:42:30   asking me this, they're gonna say "what's your parts list?" so I'm gonna put a link

00:42:34   in the show notes to my PCPartPicker.com part list because everyone wants to know what your

00:42:39   parts are because if you're in this world, it's like "oh what processor did it get?"

00:42:46   I would ask, "why have you done such a thing?" but for anyone who has played games on a Mac,

00:42:52   the answer is obvious why you have done such a thing, yes?

00:42:57   It's more if you want to stream on a Mac.

00:43:01   So I've been doing a bunch of game streaming recently.

00:43:05   If you remember, we were talking about this a long time ago and I bought something so

00:43:09   I could stream with my Nintendo Switch, but overall it was just bad.

00:43:14   The Mac could just not do it the way that I wanted.

00:43:17   And I've been doing some streaming recently, streaming some Steam games, and I set up OBS.

00:43:23   OBS is this open source broadcasting software, that's what OBS stands for, and it is used

00:43:28   across the industry. There are other products, but OBS is a very good... okay. OBS is a very

00:43:35   powerful application. OBS is a minefield to try and understand. You've tried to use OBS,

00:43:40   right?

00:43:41   Yes, I used it and then abandoned it. Yeah. I could not get it to work the way I needed

00:43:48   it to work on a Mac.

00:43:49   got it to work on the Mac by having a close to two hour Google Hangout session with a

00:43:56   guy called Dan who really helped me out a lot and got it to a point where I was able

00:44:01   to stream on the Mac at 1080p, 60 frames a second, it looked great. When I installed

00:44:07   OBS on the PC it said "hey, do you want us to just check your settings for you?" Done.

00:44:15   And it is perfectly set up and it looks better than it ever did on the Mac of course, right?

00:44:20   But that's one of the big differences between the using it on a PC and using it on the Mac

00:44:26   is OBS sets itself up.

00:44:28   Oh my god, yeah.

00:44:30   Right?

00:44:31   And like if you've ever tried to use OBS on a Mac, you are now like punching the screen

00:44:36   because like trying to set OBS up on the Mac is a test of every ounce of patience you have.

00:44:43   Oh yeah.

00:44:44   I don't feel like a dumb, technically illiterate person, and I failed in this task to get it

00:44:50   to work the way I wanted it to.

00:44:52   So it's wonderful, it works perfectly, but I am so happy with what I have done here.

00:45:01   But this happy moment, it was hard fought.

00:45:09   This is a really difficult thing to do.

00:45:11   build the PC you mean? To get from "I want a PC" to "I have a PC" if you are not

00:45:19   familiar with this. And you're not buying it from Dell or whatever? Does Dell still

00:45:26   exist? I don't even know. Yeah they do. Their PC stuff is all Alienware for gaming now.

00:45:30   And they do some other stuff as well but like they have a whole range. Yeah like if I had

00:45:35   like if you told me like you need to get a PC for gaming what are you gonna do? I'd

00:45:39   like, uh, Alienware? Like that'd be the only word that would pop in my head.

00:45:42   Or the Corsair One. That was one that we were talking about a long time ago.

00:45:45   Oh yeah, that's right. Yeah, yeah, that's right.

00:45:47   Yeah. And I have a bunch of Corsair parts in my PC, which I've realized I've not given a name to

00:45:53   yet, and I feel like I need to do that. There needs to be a name for my PC, but I don't know

00:45:56   what it's going to be yet. So I've been wanting to do this for a while, and a friend of ours,

00:46:03   a wonderful YouTuber by the name of Austin Evans, he's really, he's very, very good at this kind of

00:46:08   stuff and he does PC builds and if like about a month ago he did a streaming PC build and I was

00:46:15   like okay this is it right this is what I want to do right like I want to build a streaming PC

00:46:21   he's made a video talking about how to do it I feel like I've got to do it right um I didn't like

00:46:26   the case that he used so I asked him for some of the recommendations he made the recommendations

00:46:32   and then I started buying the parts. That was a long process which took two weeks to assemble the

00:46:41   parts because I don't know, say it was like 16 or 17 discrete boxes that needed to be delivered.

00:46:49   Now imagine dealing with delivery companies for 17 discrete items.

00:47:00   I have had things go missing.

00:47:03   I have had things go get canceled on the day that they were dispatched.

00:47:06   Right.

00:47:07   I have had multiple items get stuck in warehouses and I've had to cancel things

00:47:12   because like I kept planning into my week when I would build this thing.

00:47:17   So like I would be like, right, OK, on Tuesday I'm going to build it

00:47:20   because the last thing arrives Monday.

00:47:21   Didn't arrive Monday. It comes Wednesday.

00:47:23   So like I had been I was at a point where I was ordering something at one point.

00:47:28   They would say it would be too late.

00:47:30   I would cancel it with them, order it with someone else.

00:47:32   Like it has been wild because at a certain point,

00:47:34   I had 15 boxes in my office and I was dying to build it. Right.

00:47:39   So I was like, what place can get it to me tomorrow? What can I do here?

00:47:42   What can I do there? And then, um,

00:47:45   the last day I was getting my last piece to arrive, which was my case.

00:47:50   And I thought to myself,

00:47:51   because people had already started to ask me because I posted a picture of my

00:47:54   motherboard on Twitter. They're like, Oh, what is your parts? Like what,

00:47:59   What is your part list?

00:48:00   So I found PC part picker and I started entering everything.

00:48:03   PC part picker has a very useful tool

00:48:06   called the compatibility check.

00:48:08   - Ah.

00:48:09   - Where they look at all of your parts

00:48:11   and tell you if one of them is not compatible.

00:48:14   I accidentally bought the wrong case,

00:48:16   which was the last thing that I was waiting for.

00:48:19   It had taken me close to a week

00:48:20   to get the case to be delivered

00:48:22   with three different orders with three different companies.

00:48:24   And the whole time I was buying the wrong one.

00:48:28   (laughing)

00:48:29   I have one of these cases just sitting over there because there was nothing I could do

00:48:33   to stop the last delivery. So that thing needs to go back at some point. But I also accidentally

00:48:38   bought two gaming cards, video cards as well, so I have an extra video card in the office

00:48:43   too. All of these need to be returned at some point. But then I overnighted a different

00:48:50   case which is much bigger, but even though it's much bigger, it's probably ended up being

00:48:56   for the best because I then had a lot of space to build. Because originally I was going to

00:49:03   put this gaming PC on the same desk I have a corner desk that I have my iMac on. So I

00:49:08   was going to have them both there. And then I bought some stuff, I bought an ultrawide

00:49:14   monitor but I got a 25 inch one because I was like "well I don't want it to take up

00:49:17   too much space" that kind of thing. And then I was looking at Mega Office and I realised

00:49:25   I think I've sat on the sofa in Mega Office twice in a year.

00:49:31   So Gray, I am calling you from Mega Office 2.0, because Mega Office 2.0 stands for "There

00:49:37   are two desks now in Mega Office.

00:49:40   Goodbye sofa!

00:49:41   Sofa is gone."

00:49:42   I'm sad that your vlogging sofa is gone, but you know, the world evolves.

00:49:47   The world changes.

00:49:48   If you don't have two desks in an office, do you even have a desk?

00:49:53   Probably not.

00:49:54   You know, because it even applies to desks.

00:49:56   It does.

00:49:57   Two is one.

00:49:58   One is none.

00:49:59   Yeah.

00:50:00   In both of my offices I have two desks, so yeah, I completely agree with you.

00:50:02   It's the only way to roll.

00:50:03   It's the only way to roll.

00:50:04   I now have two desks in MegaOffice 2.0, and one of those desks is dedicated to my gaming

00:50:09   PC.

00:50:10   That's cool.

00:50:11   One other thing that I did that I didn't know that I'd done was I bought RAM with LED lights

00:50:16   in it.

00:50:17   And I thought to myself, that's ridiculous.

00:50:21   But what I didn't know, Gray, is the AMD processor that I bought comes with a fan.

00:50:25   The fan has LEDs in it too.

00:50:28   I hope you got a clear case so that you can see all the LEDs.

00:50:31   My case has a big glass side to it.

00:50:32   Well there you go, there you go.

00:50:34   It's not a gaming PC unless you have a window into which you can see all the little LEDs

00:50:38   blinking.

00:50:39   Exactly, because here's the thing, I wasn't planning on having LEDs in the case specifically,

00:50:43   but I did want to lean into some of the fun and ridiculousness of gaming PCs.

00:50:47   So I bought my keyboard and mouse, I bought the Razer ones, they have all those rainbow

00:50:52   lights on them.

00:50:53   Oh yeah, yep yep.

00:50:54   Right, because I was just like, I don't want this to be boring, right?

00:50:58   There is all this stuff available, let's lean into it a bit.

00:51:01   And then as I'm building this thing, I'm realising everything, like my motherboard has LEDs on

00:51:06   it, my fan has LEDs, and my RAM.

00:51:09   This is like a party in here, it's incredible.

00:51:12   And you can sync your keyboard and mouse's LEDs together, but also to Philips Hue bulbs.

00:51:21   Oh wow, okay.

00:51:24   So I have, and I will put a link in the show notes, I did an Instagram story, but I have

00:51:30   saved it.

00:51:31   So there's part of it you can see, my keyboard is changing colour, and I have this little

00:51:37   hue lamp that is also changing colour in sync wheel.

00:51:40   It is amazing.

00:51:42   so ridiculous but I love it. I love it because it's so wild.

00:51:47   Yeah, no, that is super ridiculous but it crosses over into the world of fun and it

00:51:53   feels like maybe you need to game while eating some special food as well. Like I feel like

00:51:57   maybe you need to lean into this all the way, Myke.

00:52:00   Like Mountain Dew and Doritos?

00:52:01   Yes, yeah, exactly. Like a lot of Mountain Dew and Doritos is exactly what I mean because

00:52:07   it sounds like you're having a crazy time over there with your Hue lights and your million

00:52:11   LEDs.

00:52:12   That's great though. I'm like, I can't believe you got this whole thing done since the last time we spoke.

00:52:16   I gotta say, it's impressive for someone who's just been working on the Macs forever, you just buy these sealed boxes.

00:52:22   But did you enjoy the process of putting it together?

00:52:25   So I have never done anything like this. I changed RAM once in an iMac through the iMac's RAM door.

00:52:35   Yep, I remember that door.

00:52:36   So that is as much as I have ever done.

00:52:39   So I was really nervous about this.

00:52:42   There were so many things that I could do to screw this up.

00:52:46   And it seems like this stuff has gotten a lot easier,

00:52:50   but it's not easy.

00:52:52   Like you couldn't just deliver me these parts

00:52:55   and I could just do it.

00:52:56   Like that's not how this is gonna work.

00:52:58   So I watched a bunch of YouTube videos.

00:53:00   I took a lot of notes.

00:53:02   Like I worked out step by step,

00:53:04   how was I gonna do this, right?

00:53:06   Like what was the order I was going to go in?

00:53:08   And then it was like a three hour process of looking at these notes,

00:53:14   cross referencing four different instruction manuals and working out like this

00:53:20   connector, where does it go?

00:53:22   Right, because this place just tells you to plug it into this thing, but not all

00:53:27   motherboards are the same.

00:53:28   So you have to find where that is on your motherboard.

00:53:30   And like I had to and it was difficult and like working out about the power supply,

00:53:35   Like what needs power? Like what am I looking for that requires power in this?

00:53:39   Like what plugs do I use? And it was all like,

00:53:42   it was just a case of me with all of the instruction manuals and taking my time,

00:53:47   I was able to do it all. And I only made one mistake.

00:53:51   The fan that goes on my processor, I put on in the wrong orientation.

00:53:56   Like I had to like flip it 180 degrees, right? I just put it backwards.

00:54:00   But that was the only thing. And it seems fine. Um,

00:54:04   I was very careful when I was taking it back off again.

00:54:07   But when I turned it on and it posted,

00:54:12   I was elated.

00:54:17   I was so proud of myself that I was able to do this.

00:54:21   - And you should be.

00:54:22   - 'Cause I was, I've been thinking of this as like,

00:54:25   it's almost like a rite of passage at this point.

00:54:29   Because I am a person whose life is in technology.

00:54:33   I talk about technology every day, it's what I do,

00:54:37   but I've never done anything like this,

00:54:39   even remotely like this.

00:54:41   Like everybody that I know has done something, right?

00:54:43   Either they used to work at an Apple store

00:54:45   or they have their own home server

00:54:47   or like they've wired Ethan.

00:54:49   I've never done anything like this,

00:54:51   like anything like tricky with hardware

00:54:53   or like a hardware project

00:54:55   that has required me to do something.

00:54:58   But like I built that computer with my own hands

00:55:02   And I feel like, I didn't want to say this,

00:55:06   but now I'm getting so excited, I'm going to say it.

00:55:09   I feel more affinity for that PC

00:55:11   than I have any Mac in like five years.

00:55:14   - Yeah, well, I mean, that's the effect

00:55:16   of making the thing yourself.

00:55:19   I'm not the least bit surprised about it.

00:55:21   - I understand now why everyone was telling me this

00:55:24   for so long, like, "Don't buy, you must build."

00:55:28   This is like, everyone has been telling me this,

00:55:29   and I'm like, "Oh, but that seems like so much hard work."

00:55:32   But that's my PC.

00:55:34   I picked all the parts out, I made all the mistakes,

00:55:38   and then I put it together and I made it work.

00:55:41   I troubleshooted what needed to be troubleshooting.

00:55:45   I'm dealing with drivers, I hate drivers,

00:55:47   but I'm dealing with them and I'm making it work.

00:55:50   I'm fixing the problems that are coming up,

00:55:52   I'm patching the leaks.

00:55:53   I'm dealing with it and it's my project.

00:55:58   An iMac, you go to apple.com, you click three boxes,

00:56:02   and it arrives and you plug it in and it's done.

00:56:04   And here's the thing, for my work, that's what I want.

00:56:09   - Right, yeah.

00:56:11   - I'm using an audio tool, like an audio box, right?

00:56:15   'Cause I have a headset, a really nice headset

00:56:18   that I'm using for my gaming PC.

00:56:19   For some reason today, I installed a Windows update

00:56:23   and then that just stopped working

00:56:25   and the driver wouldn't work and I had to go back

00:56:27   like three driver iterations for some reason

00:56:30   and now it works. When I plug this into the Mac, I don't need to do anything. Nothing.

00:56:36   It just works. As soon as I plug it into the Mac, I can select it in my audio apps, right?

00:56:42   I can select it in Skype and it's done. But for this thing, you have to install the software,

00:56:46   troubleshoot the software, and then you get like, when you go into the input lists, it's

00:56:51   there three times. Why is it there three times? I have no idea, right? It's so much more complicated,

00:56:57   But then at the same time, the graphics quality that this thing outputs, Gray I've never seen

00:57:05   anything like it.

00:57:08   I can play everything on Ultra, all my graphics settings are automatically getting set to

00:57:13   Ultra on the games that I'm playing and it looks incredible.

00:57:18   And I today just opened up OBS, I turned on my streaming just to test it, done.

00:57:23   1080p 60 frames a second, no problem.

00:57:26   It's a great thing to build your own PC and it's even better to do it in the modern

00:57:32   world where you then get to see graphics so beautiful they could make a grown man shed

00:57:38   a tear.

00:57:39   Because that's not something you're seeing on your standard Mac anytime soon.

00:57:48   I absolutely love it.

00:57:49   I've never generated more recycling in my life.

00:57:54   every one of those 17 boxes came in another box which had a bunch of packing paper in

00:57:59   it.

00:58:00   It's got to have the packing paper.

00:58:02   But I absolutely love it. I keep turning around and looking at it. It's awesome and I'm

00:58:08   so so so pleased that I did this.

00:58:11   So is this the start of Myke the live streamer?

00:58:15   Yeah, I think so. I mean, I play video games a bunch anyway and I'm trying to, you know,

00:58:22   I'm making playing video games more,

00:58:25   like especially publicly as a part of what I do

00:58:28   because I enjoy it and I like that experience.

00:58:31   And now I have incredible hardware

00:58:34   to help make it even easier.

00:58:35   So I'm gonna say this thing, I'm gonna say it before,

00:58:40   I'm gonna say it again, go listen to Playing For Fun

00:58:42   and subscribe to our Twitch channel,

00:58:46   which is Playing For Fun FM,

00:58:47   there'll be links in the show notes.

00:58:48   That's where you'll be seeing the majority

00:58:49   of my game streaming.

00:58:51   We better be able to see those LEDs while you're streaming.

00:58:54   - I'm gonna find a way to make that happen

00:58:57   'cause this is a thing like people have asked us for this,

00:58:59   like you should have yourself in it.

00:59:01   And this is a thing that I just knew

00:59:02   I was never gonna be able to do with the Mac.

00:59:04   Like it was just never gonna be a thing

00:59:06   that I could make work like reliably.

00:59:09   But yeah, I'll set up a camera

00:59:11   and so I'll be on the stream too at some point.

00:59:13   That's like a thing that I will do.

00:59:16   - I don't think you heard me.

00:59:16   I didn't ask for you on the stream.

00:59:18   LED camera or GTFO.

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01:01:05   The next time that me and you are going to talk, we will be probably face to face again

01:01:13   for our WWDC discussion. We're both going to be at WWDC again this year.

01:01:18   Yeah, I mean, we might record in separate hotel rooms.

01:01:22   No, it worked great. It worked great last time. Everyone can see it because one year

01:01:26   later you published the vlog that you've been working on very hard for 365 days of work

01:01:34   on this project.

01:01:35   [laughter]

01:01:36   You make it sound so bad when you say it like that, Myke.

01:01:43   So you can go now and get ready for this year by watching last year and you see me. I'm

01:01:51   very honored to make a vocal appearance on your YouTube channel.

01:01:54   Yup, yup. There I am.

01:01:58   I did enjoy all the comments from people who briefly thought they had somehow missed this

01:02:02   year's WWDC when the video came out. They were like, "Holy hell, how did I..." Oh,

01:02:09   wait a minute. That's fantastic. That's really good.

01:02:12   Yeah, I enjoyed it. It's like, "Oh, I'm going to warp time through my vlog."

01:02:17   I think you made the right decision, because I'm assuming you haven't been working on

01:02:21   it for a year, but after six months you may as well wait twelve months.

01:02:24   Yeah, that's basically what it was. Yeah, I was essentially done with it in November,

01:02:33   but like I never had any intention to publish it quickly, like that was not the idea. And

01:02:39   it's just like a tinkering hobby kind of thing. So yeah, but it's like I was basically done

01:02:43   in November and then I didn't touch it until like the month before I was thinking like,

01:02:48   It's coming around again.

01:02:51   Let me actually get this all the way done and published."

01:02:54   Yeah, because I did sort of toy with the idea of putting it up in November or December,

01:02:59   but I thought like, "It just feels dumb.

01:03:01   Like it feels dumb to upload it in the winter."

01:03:03   And so I thought like, "I'll just wait a while longer."

01:03:05   And then after I put the dragon video up, I felt like, "Oh, this is a good time to

01:03:09   put up something, one, not super serious and two, not about death."

01:03:14   So that's why I put it up.

01:03:15   And I was like, "Oh, I'll put the vlog up now."

01:03:16   He's like, "Oh, I've been away for three or four months. Here's a vlog from last year!"

01:03:21   So you could go and watch that and you can see what our arrangement is. Just two guys sitting

01:03:30   around a hotel dining room table and we'll probably do the same again.

01:03:35   Yeah, with a million wires.

01:03:36   So many wires.

01:03:37   When you record in person, there's so many wires on that table. I didn't use it,

01:03:41   but there's an overhead shot that I had recorded of just what the table looks like because it's

01:03:45   It's crazy.

01:03:46   Like how many cables are running everywhere

01:03:49   when you need to record in person in a hotel room?

01:03:52   It's just like, ooh, it's a big spaghetti mess.

01:03:54   - But we got through, we made it through,

01:03:56   and we'll do it out again,

01:03:57   because that was vastly better than the year before

01:04:00   of us recording in the same hotel in separate rooms.

01:04:03   It was much better to sit and look at each other

01:04:07   in the eyes as we talk about computers.

01:04:09   - Okay, we'll do it in person.

01:04:11   - You said at the time,

01:04:12   And it was a really good point that you made

01:04:15   that 2017 felt like Apple's apology year,

01:04:19   where everybody got their thing.

01:04:22   They got the thing that they wanted, you know?

01:04:24   We got new iPads, there were new MacBook Pros,

01:04:28   there was the iMac Pro,

01:04:30   there was a bunch of different software enhancements

01:04:33   all across the board.

01:04:34   Everyone got their thing.

01:04:36   You know, like, oh, you want VR support on the Mac?

01:04:38   Well, we're working on that.

01:04:39   And if you want eGPU,

01:04:41   you want to have an external GPU,

01:04:42   oh, we're doing that.

01:04:43   Like stuff you never would have expected, they did a bunch.

01:04:47   So I am wondering if we can try and think about,

01:04:51   or maybe try and make some rough attempts

01:04:55   at trying to understand what we think 2018 will be.

01:04:59   If 2017 was the year of apologies,

01:05:02   what's 2018 going to be all about?

01:05:04   - Oh, I've got the name for 2018 already.

01:05:07   - Go on then.

01:05:08   - And, oh, okay, so it's going to sound like a joke,

01:05:11   but it's also a serious name.

01:05:13   So I think that 2018 for WWDC

01:05:18   is going to be the year of tumbleweeds.

01:05:23   I think it's going to be a very quiet WWDC

01:05:29   in terms of features and things.

01:05:34   It's gonna be pretty sparse up on that stage.

01:05:38   kind of like, was it iOS 10 that had messages?

01:05:43   - 2016.

01:05:45   - Yeah. - Yeah.

01:05:46   - 2016 was bad for me,

01:05:48   'cause that was when we were doing our live show, right?

01:05:51   And I hadn't adequately planned for no content.

01:05:55   - Yeah, never again.

01:05:57   Obviously they didn't,

01:06:01   but I felt like Apple personally screwed me that year.

01:06:04   Like, oh, I'm gonna do something that's live

01:06:07   and there's nothing to talk about, well, they're not gonna fool me twice.

01:06:11   Here's the thing. I think it's going to be a tumbleweed year, but I am hoping

01:06:20   that that could actually be a good thing for this year's WWDC.

01:06:28   So that's kind of my thought for what the year might be. Do you agree?

01:06:31   Do you have a different perspective on it?

01:06:33   I thought that it was going to be completely tumbleweedy.

01:06:38   And then there'd been some rumors

01:06:40   about this project called Marzipan,

01:06:43   which was basically gonna become this way

01:06:46   to create iOS apps on the Mac effectively,

01:06:50   in the most simplistic terms.

01:06:52   But then there's been a lot of contradicting rumors

01:06:56   about like, yes, that's happening,

01:06:57   but do not expect it this year.

01:06:59   So now I am back on the,

01:07:01   yes, this is going to be a very quiet one this year.

01:07:04   In so much is that for all of the shows

01:07:06   that I'm going to be doing,

01:07:07   I'm already making some plans for backup content.

01:07:11   - Yeah, yeah, I'd have backup content.

01:07:13   - Yes, don't worry.

01:07:14   - Keep it right in your courtility bag

01:07:16   so you can pull it out at any moment

01:07:17   when you're doing the show,

01:07:18   because you are going to need it.

01:07:20   - Because I did not make that plan in 2016

01:07:23   and it ended up being a problem for me.

01:07:26   But so this year I will not make them,

01:07:28   Fool me once, Apple.

01:07:30   So I'm just getting ready for that.

01:07:32   I don't think it's going to be nothing.

01:07:33   I think that there's going to be some interesting stuff, but it's not going to be like last

01:07:37   year and I think that it's going to be way more like 2016.

01:07:42   But this doesn't stop me from wanting things, no matter what I think.

01:07:48   And so I think that we both wanted to talk about some things that we hope to see, at

01:07:52   least, coming from WWDC this year.

01:07:55   And I would say for both of us, these are mostly like expectation managed things. Right?

01:08:04   Like I think that we both, I mean looking at the lists that we've got here and like

01:08:08   the things I know I want to talk about, I'm not going to mention stuff that like, "Oh,

01:08:12   I really want brand new iPadOS." Like, you know, I'm not being silly. Like I'm understanding

01:08:18   within the remit of what I think the year is going to be and kind of setting my expectations

01:08:22   even that way.

01:08:25   do you want to start like what kind of things are you hoping to see?

01:08:28   Yeah, I do want to start because

01:08:32   there's really one thing that listeners of the show will know for me has been

01:08:41   just a really long standing deep frustration with iOS in particular that I really hope

01:08:54   will be addressed this year.

01:08:56   I think there may be good reason

01:08:58   it might be addressed this year.

01:09:00   And while we are trying to manage our expectations,

01:09:04   I think I might flip out a little bit

01:09:08   if it's not done this year.

01:09:11   And that is improvements to the notifications

01:09:16   and the Do Not Disturb system on iOS.

01:09:20   Like if there is one thing that is the biggest source

01:09:24   of frustration over many years for me,

01:09:27   it is this combination of two things and how they interact.

01:09:32   And it's just deeply inadequate,

01:09:37   it's buggy, it's poorly designed, it's very frustrating.

01:09:43   And I remember the first WWDC

01:09:47   after the Apple Watch came out,

01:09:49   you and I were so confident

01:09:52   that that was going to be the time

01:09:54   Apple was obviously going to rework

01:09:56   how their notifications and do not disturb system work.

01:09:59   We're like, oh, obviously once you own an Apple Watch,

01:10:02   it makes so clear all the limitations of the system

01:10:07   and how it isn't good.

01:10:08   And they must have just been waiting

01:10:10   until the Apple Watch came out to do it.

01:10:12   And we were like, 100%, this is going to be fixed

01:10:15   and improved and here we are like four years later

01:10:18   and there has been nothing.

01:10:20   If anything, it has arguably gotten worse over time.

01:10:23   - It has categorically gotten worse.

01:10:24   There is no argument.

01:10:25   Like they removed the application sorting,

01:10:28   so everything's just in one huge messy list.

01:10:30   It's terrible.

01:10:31   - Yeah, it's absolutely terrible.

01:10:33   And I was trying to put my finger on

01:10:36   like how to summarize one of the frustrations

01:10:40   that I have in particular.

01:10:41   And I realized a lot of it comes from like,

01:10:44   even the way do not disturb works,

01:10:47   I realized this is a system that is designed for meetings,

01:10:52   for someone who's going to a business meeting.

01:10:59   And it's like, while I am in my business meeting,

01:11:02   I want the phone to just be silent in my pocket.

01:11:05   And then when the business meeting is over,

01:11:07   I'm going to go back to regular life.

01:11:09   - I would also throw in there sleeping.

01:11:12   I think it's for those two things, meetings and sleeping.

01:11:15   - Yeah, meeting and sleeping, right?

01:11:16   But it's like you have almost functionally turned

01:11:19   the phone off in a sense.

01:11:22   That's how it will act.

01:11:25   And people just use their phones for so much,

01:11:30   it's crazy to me that there's really only one level here

01:11:34   where it's like nothing or everything.

01:11:38   And I mean, this is a case where it's like,

01:11:42   if you've ever seen someone have an Android phone

01:11:43   and show you what their notification

01:11:45   and Do Not Disturb stuff can do,

01:11:47   it makes Apple just look,

01:11:50   it makes it look like they are 10 years behind

01:11:53   and still doing the first thing

01:11:55   that a guy suggested in a meeting.

01:11:57   And they've never rethought it since then.

01:12:00   And they added one thing,

01:12:02   which is Do Not Disturb while driving,

01:12:04   which frankly feels like that thing

01:12:07   that they touted as a big feature

01:12:08   was somebody's like weekend project

01:12:10   that they did as a passion project at Apple.

01:12:12   And they're like, "Oh, I have the code."

01:12:13   So that if you're connected to the Bluetooth of your car,

01:12:15   it turns on do not disturb.

01:12:16   Oh great, we can pull that in really easily.

01:12:18   One of the things that I'm very aware of is I feel like

01:12:21   do not disturb, it's this concept of I want the phone

01:12:25   to not disturb me, I want my iPad to not disturb me.

01:12:30   And one of the things that means is the way their system

01:12:33   currently works is you can be doing something like

01:12:36   I have do not disturb on on the phone

01:12:39   and I'm reading a book, but because the phone is like,

01:12:43   oh, but you're on and looking at the screen,

01:12:44   Like it'll let some notifications roll right through.

01:12:46   And it's like, maybe that's not what I want right now.

01:12:49   Like I don't want this idea that the phone is off or on.

01:12:52   You can stop that, but then it's just, it's another binary.

01:12:56   So you can either have it show nothing when it's unlocked or still show you notifications

01:13:01   when it's unlocked.

01:13:02   But like, it's still just a binary off or on, which is still not, it's not enough for

01:13:07   this.

01:13:08   This is like an area where you can allow granularity.

01:13:11   Yeah.

01:13:12   You have to allow granularity.

01:13:15   It's the number one thing,

01:13:18   I mentally make this distinction between

01:13:21   notifications that are internal to the phone,

01:13:24   like things that I have set up to help my life run,

01:13:27   and then the external world,

01:13:29   and I make a mental distinction between those things.

01:13:33   Everybody's gonna use their phones differently.

01:13:36   Everybody's going to want different kinds of things

01:13:38   for when they want to be disturbed,

01:13:41   who they want to be.

01:13:42   Like it's still crazy to me that you can't have

01:13:45   like meaningful separations of your iMessages.

01:13:48   Like everybody is just the same level of notification

01:13:51   on iMessage, which is nuts.

01:13:53   It's the real, it's the thing that for me

01:13:57   is the real biggest genuine frustration with the device

01:14:01   that it's mind blowing to me that it has been able

01:14:04   to linger in this state for as long as it has.

01:14:07   And I'm hoping because this year is really the year

01:14:11   where all of the companies are feeling this pressure

01:14:16   about how we use our devices

01:14:18   and how humans manage their attention

01:14:20   that even if Apple wasn't in January

01:14:24   planning to do this at all,

01:14:26   that two months ago they realized

01:14:28   if we are the only company that doesn't announce this,

01:14:31   it looks bad.

01:14:32   Because Apple should have been the first to this.

01:14:35   - Especially 'cause they're the ones under fire.

01:14:37   Like they're the ones that the media focuses

01:14:40   their attention on when talking about this stuff.

01:14:42   That like it's the iPhone that's ruining

01:14:45   the way that people live their lives.

01:14:47   - And it's like it's so directly in Apple's wheelhouse

01:14:51   and like it's crazy making to see Google give a presentation

01:14:55   where they're like, we really care about how the phone

01:14:57   steals your attention away and we have all of these tools

01:14:59   so you can manage your notifications.

01:15:01   And like, and it's like Apple should have been the one

01:15:04   to do that years ago.

01:15:05   Like if you had to pick which of the major companies

01:15:09   is gonna be the most concerned about how your phone

01:15:11   steals your attention away,

01:15:12   it's like clearly it should have been Apple.

01:15:15   So that's why I feel like I kind of can reasonably hope for

01:15:20   and expect this because it's not just a personal desire,

01:15:25   but it's also peer pressure from other companies

01:15:28   that like you really have to have something cobbled together

01:15:31   for this, otherwise it's gonna look terrible

01:15:33   that you still have your useless, useless, useless notification and do not disturb system.

01:15:40   So that is like, in many ways, that is my number one by a factor of 10 thing for WWDC

01:15:50   and everything else is like, oh, stuff I've thought about and that I like, but that is

01:15:53   the one that if it's not there for me, I'll really feel like, oh God, not another year

01:15:58   of this nonsense.

01:15:59   - Yeah, I am in complete agreement with you.

01:16:01   I've wanted this for a while anyway,

01:16:03   and I've been making some changes to my setup recently

01:16:07   where I'm not using Do Not Disturb

01:16:09   as heavily as I have had in the past,

01:16:12   and I am mostly unhappy with the way that Do Not Disturb

01:16:16   means that literally every single notification

01:16:19   can come through unless I go in and turn them all off,

01:16:22   but that isn't what I always wanna do.

01:16:23   I don't want them all off all the time.

01:16:25   I just want some of them off some of the time.

01:16:27   And devices being more aware of each other

01:16:31   and how affecting one thing on one device

01:16:32   should affect things on another device.

01:16:34   Like this is stuff that they should be working on.

01:16:37   And really, I mean,

01:16:39   I roll my eyes at a lot of the type of discussion

01:16:44   around some of this stuff,

01:16:47   but Apple 100% should be doing something better

01:16:52   with notifications and how certain companies

01:16:55   can send things to me.

01:16:56   And I don't think that this should be 100% on me

01:17:01   as an individual to go in and turn everything on and off.

01:17:04   I would really like like tiers of importance, you know?

01:17:07   Like maybe I'll get a notification from a game,

01:17:09   but it shouldn't be giving me a banner.

01:17:11   And I shouldn't be the one that has to like go in

01:17:13   and manually change all of that.

01:17:15   Like there should be way better management

01:17:17   of the way that applications are allowed

01:17:20   to get in contact with me.

01:17:21   And there should be way more based upon the intent,

01:17:24   like, you know, how you mentioning

01:17:26   that they should be like a prioritization, I think,

01:17:28   with certain applications, certain types of applications.

01:17:32   And I think this is well within their power

01:17:34   to do something like this.

01:17:36   Notifications from Apple have been mostly the same

01:17:41   since they've been introduced in like iOS 4.

01:17:43   They have really, really done a bad job of this.

01:17:46   And I think the reason that they are coming under fire

01:17:49   is because they brought this in and they just left it alone.

01:17:52   And it's really time that they need to do this.

01:17:54   this needs a big, big overhaul.

01:17:56   And this is the perfect year for it

01:17:57   because Google just basically stood on stage

01:18:00   and made a huge song and dance about this at Google I/O,

01:18:03   about the way that they're thinking about,

01:18:06   the way that people use their devices

01:18:07   and their digital wellbeing and stuff like that.

01:18:09   I mean, that notification stuff is already really good

01:18:12   and they're adding even more do not disturb features

01:18:14   and stuff like that.

01:18:15   - Even if Google hadn't announced anything new,

01:18:20   they still feel like they're light years

01:18:22   beyond Apple's system, right?

01:18:24   You know, as it currently stands

01:18:26   before even any of their new stuff rolls out.

01:18:29   So that's why it's like,

01:18:30   if Apple could even get to where Google was on this,

01:18:35   I'd be thrilled.

01:18:36   But I also just find it interesting that, you know,

01:18:40   you and I use our devices in very different ways.

01:18:43   And for both of us, this is a huge issue.

01:18:47   And we're on the extreme ends of this.

01:18:49   We're like, you get a lot of notifications

01:18:51   and I'm always trying to pare down

01:18:54   to the minimum viable number of notifications.

01:18:57   And on both ends of the spectrum,

01:18:59   we're like, this system is useless.

01:19:01   - Because it's not good for anyone.

01:19:03   It's not built for any human being.

01:19:05   Because it is built for 2008 or whatever, 2010.

01:19:10   It's not built for 2018 and that's what they need to do.

01:19:14   I would like to see new iPad hardware.

01:19:18   I don't expect we're gonna get a lot

01:19:21   in the front of iPad software this year,

01:19:23   and I am happy to make the trade off of,

01:19:25   we get big iPad enhancements every two years,

01:19:28   as long as the hardware keeps getting better.

01:19:30   - Do you mean like an alternating schedule

01:19:32   where each year you're getting software or hardware?

01:19:35   Like is that what you mean?

01:19:37   - I am happy with that, but they need to get into that.

01:19:40   I mean, you know, this would be new hardware

01:19:42   two years in a row, but the hardware

01:19:44   had gotten really old before that point.

01:19:46   So, but like I would be happy if they started this year

01:19:49   with hardware this year, no software.

01:19:51   Next year, software and no hardware.

01:19:53   And I would be happy with that going forward.

01:19:56   I would like to see bug fixes for certain things

01:19:59   and some things cleaned up here and there,

01:20:01   but I would like new iPad hardware.

01:20:03   I want new cases and thinner bezels and face ID

01:20:06   and all that kind of stuff.

01:20:07   That's what I'm looking for.

01:20:09   And that's something that I really hope that they do.

01:20:11   And there isn't really much in the way of supporting this,

01:20:15   but I do genuinely believe

01:20:17   that we will see new iPad hardware on stage.

01:20:20   - My next biggest one is going to be,

01:20:25   there are many things that I could say here,

01:20:27   but I'll just put it under this category of improvements

01:20:31   to the Apple Watch software,

01:20:34   because this is an area where,

01:20:37   not remotely as bad as notifications,

01:20:39   but I feel very much that Apple released WatchOS,

01:20:44   They did a redesign in watchOS 2,

01:20:47   and from watchOS 2 until watchOS 4,

01:20:50   I couldn't tell you anything of significance

01:20:53   that has changed.

01:20:54   And I feel like it's like this is the year

01:20:59   where maybe we could have some updates to this,

01:21:03   some features that could be added,

01:21:05   like more customizability with watch faces.

01:21:08   I'd really love to see that.

01:21:09   And I'm kind of hoping for it

01:21:12   because if I was a betting man,

01:21:15   I would say that this might be the year

01:21:18   that Apple does something different

01:21:20   with the physical design of the Apple Watch,

01:21:23   because I feel like last year

01:21:24   they got the cell radio into it.

01:21:26   And so then that feels like, okay,

01:21:27   the Apple Watch is a complete device.

01:21:29   And now Apple can maybe start their endless obsession

01:21:34   with thinness and smallness or change the case.

01:21:36   And so I'm kind of hoping like,

01:21:38   maybe there's a big rework of watch OS along with a new design released later in the year.

01:21:46   So I feel like if they if there's big changes in watch OS, that might be a good sign that

01:21:51   there's also going to be changes in the look of the Apple watch this year. And I feel like

01:21:56   if I had to bet this feels like it's the year to do it if they're going to do it anytime

01:21:59   soon.

01:22:00   Every year there is a there's something that happens at WWDC where you can look at it and

01:22:05   it seems out of place. Like when they introduced what was called size classes.

01:22:12   Yeah, size classes.

01:22:14   Like iPhone apps could be a larger size, you know, like, oh, maybe you should not think

01:22:20   about these in exact dimensions, but in kind of like pie in the sky dimensions. And what

01:22:25   that meant was a bigger phone was coming and it didn't make sense with what was currently

01:22:30   available at that time, but everybody could go, ah, there's your confirmation of a bigger

01:22:33   And I expect that there will be something in watchOS 5

01:22:38   that doesn't make sense with the current Apple Watch so much,

01:22:42   but will make way more sense if you're thinking about it

01:22:45   as what will the future of the Apple Watch look like.

01:22:47   - Yeah, or again, like,

01:22:49   always hold out for more customizable watch faces.

01:22:52   I feel like that is still the biggest thing

01:22:54   that's holding the Apple Watch back.

01:22:57   And, you know, no matter how great of a designer

01:23:02   Johnny Ive may think he is with watches.

01:23:06   People get bored simply with having to look

01:23:09   at the exact same thing for four years.

01:23:12   And it's like at the very least from a fashion perspective,

01:23:15   like can we get some more genuinely customizable options

01:23:19   on the Apple Watch?

01:23:20   I feel like that's really holding it back.

01:23:22   And I'd love to see the ability to, you know,

01:23:26   let the software express the capabilities of this device,

01:23:30   of this device because it feels like of any product that I own, the Apple Watch by far

01:23:36   feels like it's the one that is most hobbled by its software limitations versus its hardware.

01:23:42   And so that's why it's like, man, I'd really love to see some improvements here. What else

01:23:45   are you looking for, Myke?

01:23:47   About a year ago, Apple bought the team that makes one of our favorite iOS apps, Workflow,

01:23:53   which is the app that allows for automation on iOS by chaining actions together from apps

01:23:59   to apps and with web APIs.

01:24:01   Use it every day, dozens and dozens of times a day.

01:24:04   And it's not dead, we were worried it was going to be dead.

01:24:08   They have not been updating it, it was many large features that they had in the past,

01:24:11   right?

01:24:12   There's not been like huge updates, but they have been improving it and making bug fixes

01:24:16   and doing little things here and there.

01:24:18   I would love to see this year, why did Apple buy Workflow?

01:24:24   Yeah, yeah, that's very good.

01:24:27   something. I want to see something where I can point at it and be like "ah there it

01:24:32   is" and what my hope is is that like inbuilt into the system a bunch of

01:24:37   different ways to have applications interact with each other like some kind

01:24:41   of scripting some kind of like really easy to use because like customizable

01:24:46   things that you can do. I can very easily see this tie into something like Do Not

01:24:51   Disturb where you're dragging around certain chains of items to be like this

01:24:55   is good but this is not good and you know like if then statements and stuff like that.

01:25:00   I would really like to see a lot of that stuff find its way into iOS.

01:25:03   Wow, I never even dreamed of something like workflow plus notifications plus do not disturb.

01:25:08   It's like oh wow that would be that would be just like all my dreams come true.

01:25:12   I never thought of it until I just said it and now I'm convinced that's what they're

01:25:16   working on.

01:25:17   Yeah, it's like man I can't wait to drop a bubble that that says like iMessages but not

01:25:22   on Thursdays between three and six.

01:25:24   - Yeah.

01:25:25   - Oh God, that'd be wonderful.

01:25:26   But whatever it is, I wanna see some idea

01:25:31   as to why Apple thought it was important to hire this team.

01:25:34   And even more so, to let the workflow app

01:25:38   continue to be an app that exists.

01:25:40   - Yeah, I agree.

01:25:42   I think that that's a really good one.

01:25:43   That's a really interesting one.

01:25:46   Yeah, and I too would be very happy

01:25:49   to see something like that.

01:25:50   Instead of the workflow team just,

01:25:52   you know, their man hours getting absorbed

01:25:54   into the behemoth that is Apple

01:25:55   and then never having any idea why they're there

01:25:57   or not seeing any clear improvements.

01:26:00   All right, now I have something a little bit different

01:26:03   for something else that I would like to see at WWDC.

01:26:06   Now, I will say upfront,

01:26:08   this will never happen in a million years,

01:26:11   but I would love to see it.

01:26:13   - This is what this section's all about, right?

01:26:15   Like, we can just talk about some stuff.

01:26:18   It might happen, it might not, but at least we said it.

01:26:20   So then if it does, we look like geniuses.

01:26:23   - Yeah, so I want to see Apple kill the touch bar.

01:26:28   I really strongly think that the touch bar

01:26:35   on the MacBook Pros is a total dead end

01:26:39   and a total waste of developer time and attention.

01:26:43   - So here's the thing, I think it will happen.

01:26:46   I think that will happen.

01:26:47   I don't know if it's gonna be this year,

01:26:48   it might be the year after,

01:26:50   But I think that it is very clear at this point

01:26:52   that that piece of technology will not break outside

01:26:57   of the MacBook Pro.

01:26:59   I think that they have not put a lot of effort into it

01:27:01   since it came out.

01:27:03   Part of its existence is for Touch ID,

01:27:05   but Touch ID has already been replaced.

01:27:07   - Oh yeah, yeah.

01:27:08   - I understand why you would say like,

01:27:10   oh, we don't think,

01:27:11   I don't think they're gonna get rid of this.

01:27:12   I think that they will.

01:27:13   - Okay, so now what I mean here though is,

01:27:18   You know, it's like, what you don't want is,

01:27:22   when something is in pain,

01:27:25   you don't want it to linger around, right?

01:27:27   You want a nice, clean end.

01:27:31   And so I think a bad thing to do

01:27:33   is to just have it linger in that way,

01:27:37   and to have it be a thing that's just sort of there,

01:27:41   and they don't put a lot of effort into it.

01:27:43   So the main functionality it provides me

01:27:46   is when it crashes as I try to change the volume

01:27:48   on my computer and then the volume buttons don't work

01:27:51   until I reboot the machine.

01:27:52   I really think, like they don't need to say it on stage,

01:28:00   but what would fill my heart with joy is if Apple said,

01:28:04   you know, as a pure crowd-pleasing moment, they said,

01:28:06   "Hey, we have new MacBook Pros this year

01:28:07   "for all the developers in the audience."

01:28:09   And when they show them on screen, there's no touch bar.

01:28:13   and we can just move right past that.

01:28:17   - I actually think that they've walked into

01:28:19   an easy way to get rid of this thing.

01:28:22   There is a lot of consternation right now

01:28:25   about the quality and reliability

01:28:28   of the keyboards on the MacBook Pro.

01:28:30   There are lots of problems,

01:28:31   and it's kicking up quite a bit of dust

01:28:36   in kind of the enthusiast industry.

01:28:39   Like people were very upset at these keyboards.

01:28:41   I literally had one break on me this morning.

01:28:43   - There you go.

01:28:44   - Getting ready for the show.

01:28:45   I had a key break this morning while I was getting ready

01:28:47   on my adorable.

01:28:48   I was like, oh, here we go.

01:28:50   - So I think that whenever they get ready

01:28:53   to show off the new keyboard,

01:28:54   'cause they have to be working on a new keyboard

01:28:56   at this point, they just show it off like,

01:28:58   and we've made this wonderful new keyboard that does this,

01:29:01   and it does this, and it does this,

01:29:02   and the touch bar's just gone.

01:29:04   Like it's just gone.

01:29:05   And you don't ever pay attention to it,

01:29:08   or they don't need to call it out

01:29:10   because they have a new keyboard and the touch bar is part of the keyboard. The keyboard

01:29:15   is all new and it's amazing because of this and as part of that new keyboard is no touch

01:29:19   bar. Job done. And they fly away into the ether and oh by the way we had a face ID.

01:29:24   Right like and then that's it.

01:29:26   I didn't I didn't think of connecting those two dots but yeah you're right they do have

01:29:31   a way to walk out of it which is to be able to talk about their amazing new keyboard.

01:29:35   Right because they could just be like we had to go back to the drawing board and completely

01:29:39   re-engineer what the keyboard means for the MacBook Pro. That's how I would do it if I

01:29:43   was in that situation. Because you have this perfect out for both things, like where you

01:29:48   kind of hint at but don't particularly, like you put all of the blame on the touch bar,

01:29:55   right? By like, oh we had to go back to the drawing board because of that darn touch bar,

01:29:59   nothing to do with it, right? But like you're like, oh you scamp, you ruin the keyboard for

01:30:04   everyone right and even though like the same problems exist even on the max

01:30:09   about the touch bar but they have the new right but you can like my adorable

01:30:13   like my I have a MacBook Pro I was using it a couple of days ago and two of the

01:30:18   keys started clicking in a very strange way that's the beginning of the end

01:30:23   right there but I use it only like twice every year so I can stretch that thing

01:30:27   out that's I think that's a that is a genius marketing move there that Apple

01:30:33   if you're listening, you should totally take that one.

01:30:35   That's the way to talk about it.

01:30:36   - Just rewrote some of the keynote slides, there you go.

01:30:38   You can take that one for free.

01:30:40   - Some guy's crossing out the picture

01:30:42   of their new MacBook Pros with touch bars.

01:30:44   No MacBook Pro and then is like,

01:30:45   quick, we gotta add some do not disturb slides.

01:30:47   Ah, all right, add it in, add it in.

01:30:50   - All you need to do is just in the keynote,

01:30:52   say the word banana and we will know, right?

01:30:55   Did you say banana and we'll know,

01:30:57   so all you need to give us is a thanks.

01:30:59   - Good, I like that, I like that.

01:31:02   So to go back, like why do I think it's the year of tumbleweeds,

01:31:05   even though we've been discussing all these things that we want, is there was,

01:31:11   it was, I can't remember if it was a leaked memo or it was a rumor that Apple

01:31:14   is,

01:31:15   is switching to this longer two year schedule for thinking about

01:31:19   features in each of the operating system releases.

01:31:22   It was kind of a bit of both. It was apparently, um,

01:31:26   an internal meeting that, that the,

01:31:29   the topic of which made it to outside.

01:31:33   - Right.

01:31:35   So, years and years ago,

01:31:39   when Apple switched to the yearly schedule,

01:31:41   I remember thinking at that time,

01:31:43   like, oh, I don't think this is a good idea.

01:31:46   It will surprise no one who follows my work

01:31:49   to know that I do not think that schedules

01:31:53   make things better.

01:31:54   I think there's a way that schedules

01:31:56   can really make things worse,

01:31:58   because then it becomes about the work meeting the schedule

01:32:02   as opposed to other things.

01:32:04   And I always really liked that Apple had new versions

01:32:07   of macOS when it was ready.

01:32:10   And sometimes it would be big

01:32:12   and sometimes it would be small,

01:32:14   but it wasn't on a regular schedule.

01:32:16   And I always thought like, oh, that's why it's so good

01:32:18   because they're not under this,

01:32:19   and they're like, oh, we're gonna have macOS

01:32:21   on an annual schedule.

01:32:22   I was like, oh no.

01:32:24   And the Apple of now is a very different company

01:32:28   from the Apple of 10 years ago.

01:32:31   And I don't think it would be possible for them to switch

01:32:34   to a no schedule system anymore.

01:32:38   That's just out of the question.

01:32:39   But the idea that they're going to expand their horizon

01:32:45   to like projects can take two years

01:32:48   as opposed to taking one year.

01:32:51   And that if you building for that,

01:32:53   It allows them to change the scope

01:32:57   of what's going to happen in any particular year

01:32:59   and move things back more easily.

01:33:01   And you can see how organizationally

01:33:03   you can make it less of a disaster

01:33:05   if things have to get pushed back for two years,

01:33:08   if you're already thinking on a two year timeline.

01:33:11   And I really hope that this is something

01:33:14   that Apple is deeply internalizing

01:33:17   because there have been some of the strangest,

01:33:21   weirdest bugs, particularly on my iOS devices,

01:33:24   this last round.

01:33:26   And like, I have an example.

01:33:31   I had like the weirdest personal bug,

01:33:34   which also to me feels like a real disaster of a bug,

01:33:37   something that hits something that is so core

01:33:40   that this should never happen.

01:33:41   But Myke, you know how sometimes I travel

01:33:44   and I want to stay on gray master time.

01:33:47   - Yeah. - I don't want to change.

01:33:49   This is a thing that's become a semi-regular part of my life in travel.

01:33:52   But guess what?

01:33:55   Ever since the latest version of iOS,

01:33:59   when I go into my phone, I press the switch to say phone,

01:34:04   stay on London time. Don't,

01:34:07   don't switch to West coast time because I am going to live my life on London

01:34:12   time. Well, whenever I fly,

01:34:16   guaranteed the phone switches that setting back randomly

01:34:21   at random points in time.

01:34:23   And that's the kind of bug that it feels like

01:34:26   it's so core to the system,

01:34:28   like something is screwing with how the phone

01:34:30   keeps track of time.

01:34:31   - Yeah.

01:34:32   - And it's flipping a preference switch back

01:34:36   when I'm not looking.

01:34:38   And everybody has something like that where,

01:34:43   Obviously what I'm doing is a weird edge case,

01:34:46   but it shouldn't happen.

01:34:47   And I know too many people with too many weird edge cases.

01:34:52   And so I feel like I'm very happy

01:34:54   if Apple takes a slower approach and says,

01:34:58   okay, it was gonna be like,

01:34:59   we're gonna spread stuff out over two years.

01:35:02   We're gonna make sure that stuff is more baked

01:35:05   before it ships.

01:35:07   But what that does mean is the first time you switch

01:35:10   to a two yearly schedule, the very first year,

01:35:14   it's going to have to be a quieter year.

01:35:17   And so if this WWDC is tumbleweedy,

01:35:21   they come in like, do not disturb

01:35:23   but notifications is their big, we can show you feature.

01:35:25   And then there's like, maybe not a whole lot more.

01:35:29   I will actually, I will do my best to internalize that

01:35:33   as a good sign that Apple is going to try to

01:35:37   have a longer time horizon and let things more fully bake

01:35:41   before they get shipped out.

01:35:43   - I just had a thought that I haven't heard anybody say,

01:35:48   and it seems obvious to me now that I'm thinking it.

01:35:51   Something doesn't have to be done for you to show it.

01:35:56   And if they wanna say that they're moving

01:36:00   to a longer development schedule,

01:36:04   They don't have to then not show anything.

01:36:08   Like, we're very used to them showing us in June

01:36:12   what's gonna ship in September,

01:36:13   but they could show us in June what's gonna ship in March.

01:36:17   - Possibly.

01:36:18   I mean, I think there's, if I was advising Apple,

01:36:22   I would probably tell them not to do that.

01:36:23   I would take the PR hit on a quiet year, but it's possible.

01:36:26   - They do this anyway, right?

01:36:28   Where they show things in June

01:36:30   and then they don't ship for a year.

01:36:32   - Still waiting for my air power back.

01:36:33   Exactly. We're still waiting for AirPlay 2 and we're still waiting for messages in the

01:36:37   cloud. None of these things were shipped and they were shown last June. So they could say

01:36:41   like we're going to go on a two-yearly release cycle, but over the next year we're planning

01:36:48   on releasing these features. I don't know.

01:36:51   Yeah, it's a possibility. It may be. I don't know.

01:36:53   So then at least they have more to show even though less will ship in September.

01:36:57   I think at the very least if they're going to announce messages in the cloud or features

01:37:03   like that. They should be even more vague with their dates than they currently are.

01:37:08   Well, they need to be more sure. They need to be more sure that it can happen. I don't

01:37:13   know what happened with those two features. Like, nobody really knows knows. Something

01:37:17   really bad happened with those two features. I think it is Airplay 2 and Messages in the

01:37:21   Cloud is why one of the big reasons why we're getting this slower release potentially is

01:37:27   because they announced these features and they couldn't ship them for whatever reason.

01:37:32   Yeah, whatever happened is bad.

01:37:34   And what's extra funny is the other day,

01:37:36   my iPhone was showing a banner on the bottom of iMessages

01:37:40   saying iMessages in the cloud, like not working correctly.

01:37:44   I was like, what are you doing iPhone?

01:37:46   - There were all these strange remnants of this stuff

01:37:49   supposing to have shipped by now

01:37:51   and they just like appear in these random places.

01:37:54   They're like, it's like the ghost of messages

01:37:56   is like haunting the phone.

01:37:58   - Yeah, well, that's like another great example of like,

01:38:02   Maybe wait until stuff is fully baked

01:38:04   before you start trying to shove it in.

01:38:06   And then like, oh no, we can't clean it out properly.

01:38:08   And you're gonna get weird messages about it for a year.