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#79: Getting Ready for iOS 6.


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00:00:11   This is show number 79, and today is Thursday, September 13th.

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00:00:18   All right, so yesterday was the big day.

00:00:21   iPhone 5 announcement day, all the rumors, all the anticipation, all the speculation

00:00:27   all kind of culminates yesterday,

00:00:28   and I wouldn't say, I'd say it was a good show.

00:00:33   I haven't actually been able to watch

00:00:34   through the whole video yet,

00:00:35   but from watching the live blogs

00:00:38   and reading all the summaries and things,

00:00:40   it's pretty much right what we were expecting,

00:00:42   and as a developer, I'm pretty happy.

00:00:45   As a user, I'm also pretty happy.

00:00:47   It's funny, the iPhone 5 is basically,

00:00:50   it's everything I was expecting,

00:00:52   and I mean that in the best possible way,

00:00:54   that there's certainly a part of me

00:00:55   that would wish it was a bit more of a surprise,

00:00:58   that there were a few things that I was like,

00:00:59   "Whoa, that's crazy," but it's perfect.

00:01:03   The iPhone 4 that I've had, or the 4S,

00:01:05   the iPhone 4 form factor that I've had in my pocket now

00:01:09   for about two years is really, really good

00:01:13   in terms of feel and shape and size,

00:01:17   and I like what they did to sort of take

00:01:20   the overall feel of that and make it better.

00:01:23   I made it thinner, lighter, extended about,

00:01:26   made a little longer screen.

00:01:27   The screen I'm not totally convinced on yet.

00:01:31   It's a funny thing.

00:01:32   Which I'll talk about a little bit later,

00:01:35   but what I was doing a little bit earlier today

00:01:37   was doing my iOS 6 updates,

00:01:39   so getting all my apps ready for iOS 6.

00:01:40   And so one of the things you can do

00:01:42   is run it in the new iOS 6 sort of tall simulator.

00:01:46   And it's funny, 'cause I was spending a lot of the day

00:01:49   in that simulator, playing with it,

00:01:51   you know, making sure everything looks right,

00:01:53   doing a few updates, things like that.

00:01:55   And so after spending most of my day,

00:01:58   whatever, five, six hours just in that view,

00:02:01   I then picked up my iPhone and looked at its screen.

00:02:04   I was like, man, it kind of looks short.

00:02:06   And it's a funny thing because I was so,

00:02:08   you kind of had that weird thought like,

00:02:09   really, is this going to work?

00:02:11   I'm so used to this three and a half inch screen

00:02:14   that's been the same way for, gosh,

00:02:16   five years, something like that, six years.

00:02:18   I mean, it's been like that for a long time, five years.

00:02:21   and you're like, is that really going to work?

00:02:25   And it seems like it will.

00:02:26   Really, the only thing that I'm at all concerned about

00:02:29   is one-handed operation and reaching all the way

00:02:33   to the back button on the nav bar.

00:02:36   And I think that's going to be the trickiest part

00:02:37   of the slightly new longer screen.

00:02:40   It seems like they've tweaked things such that

00:02:43   it's not going to be too bad because they also

00:02:45   sort of shifted the screen outward, down on the device,

00:02:50   if that makes sense.

00:02:51   the home button bezel smaller so that the screen's

00:02:54   a little bit lower.

00:02:55   So there's a few things that they're doing.

00:02:56   But overall, looks great.

00:02:58   Mostly I just care about it being faster.

00:03:01   That's the one thing that I saw that I was going

00:03:02   through the video and I'm like, that is great.

00:03:05   They say it's about two times faster.

00:03:08   For me, that's key.

00:03:11   It allows me to do more things in a more beautiful way.

00:03:16   And that's awesome.

00:03:17   That's really what I want to do as a developer

00:03:19   I want to be able to make awesome, quick things

00:03:21   and not have to spend too much of my time

00:03:24   in the nitty-gritty, low-level, super--

00:03:28   in some ways, almost pointless optimizations,

00:03:30   where I'm sitting there trying to tweak

00:03:32   all these tiny little variables and details of performance

00:03:35   to make it responsive and look good

00:03:37   and have all my animations be 60 frames a second and all

00:03:39   this stuff.

00:03:41   And I don't mind doing that.

00:03:42   It's part of being an Apple developer.

00:03:44   But the thing that I always worry about

00:03:46   is I'm not really spending that time on functionality.

00:03:49   I'm just many around, compensating for the slowness of the device.

00:03:53   And so as the devices get faster and faster, I'll have to do less and less of that.

00:03:57   And I mean, one of the best things about Apple and the way that their iPhone has been selling

00:04:02   traditionally is each iPhone traditionally has sold more units than all preceding iPhones

00:04:09   combined, which is a pretty crazy statistic if you keep that in mind.

00:04:13   They're saying that more likely than not, if that pattern holds, the iPhone 5 would

00:04:18   sell more units than they sold of the original, the 3G, the 3GS, the 4 and the 4S combined.

00:04:26   Which is nuts.

00:04:27   And what I love about that is that that is speeding the adoption curve as quickly as

00:04:30   possible.

00:04:31   I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday, whenever they release iOS 6.

00:04:35   You know, I have, as many of you probably know, I run a thing on my blog where I track

00:04:41   iOS version stats in my applications and publish it.

00:04:44   it's david-smith.org/ios-version-stats,

00:04:48   is the URL if you need it.

00:04:50   Basically, I just keep track of where we are

00:04:53   in terms of iOS adoption.

00:04:55   If the over-the-air update stuff I've seen in iOS 5

00:04:59   is any indication, iOS 6 will probably have

00:05:02   some pretty cool things.

00:05:04   I remember I posted a iOS, I think it was a 5.1.1

00:05:08   hourly adoption curve, and I remember the biggest comment

00:05:11   that I got that stuck with me was when you were saying,

00:05:14   it's a pretty crazy thing when you can track meaningfully

00:05:17   an iOS adoption on an hourly basis.

00:05:21   That's pretty nuts, the speed at which it's happening,

00:05:24   that you're moving serious percentages every hour

00:05:27   after it gets released is pretty cool.

00:05:29   And so I'll be blogging about that,

00:05:30   probably doing the same thing there.

00:05:32   And that's really cool, and I'm looking forward to it.

00:05:35   Alright, so then, next, the second part

00:05:38   I'm going to talk about today is a little bit

00:05:40   about iOS 6 and getting ready.

00:05:43   So if you haven't already, you need to be submitting

00:05:45   your iOS 6 updates for your applications

00:05:48   as soon as possible.

00:05:50   App Review at this point is probably overwhelmed.

00:05:54   And if history is any guide, what typically is going

00:05:57   to happen is if you submit an update that is just

00:06:01   iOS 6 compatibility, and especially if you only say

00:06:05   that that's what you're doing in your release notes,

00:06:08   they're usually pretty good about getting you approved

00:06:10   by launch day, so by next Wednesday.

00:06:13   So if you are going to, if you have things that don't work,

00:06:18   if you have things that are funny,

00:06:19   you definitely want to get that submitted

00:06:20   as soon as possible.

00:06:21   I finished wrapping up mine earlier today.

00:06:23   I guess it was about 20 hours after the GM shipped,

00:06:27   so it was pretty good.

00:06:28   In terms of I was pretty largely ready for it,

00:06:30   I just had to do a bunch more testing

00:06:31   to make sure everything was good in the final GMs.

00:06:35   But definitely get on that, because if you don't,

00:06:37   the most awkward thing is if someone buys

00:06:39   brand new phone, iPhone 5, they think it's awesome,

00:06:42   they pick it up, they see your app, they think it's cool,

00:06:45   they download it, and it doesn't work, or it works oddly,

00:06:49   then you've got a big problem on your hands,

00:06:51   and you kind of have to deal with that.

00:06:53   The most important thing, just sort of,

00:06:55   there's some getting into the details of it,

00:06:56   I think it's still NDAAed until Wednesday,

00:06:59   but I'm just going to say, the number one place

00:07:01   that you need to be testing in iOS 6

00:07:03   is making sure your app works in all rotations.

00:07:06   And specifically, if you support landscape and portrait,

00:07:10   make sure that that works like you'd expect.

00:07:12   And if things are going funny, make sure,

00:07:14   look at your Windows root view controller

00:07:16   and see if that is correct.

00:07:18   So basically, that's what I've spent my time doing,

00:07:23   is I've, sitting there, I've got two devices on iOS 6,

00:07:26   an iPad and an iPhone, and right now I support iOS 5 and 6.

00:07:31   And I think most of my apps now are up to

00:07:35   base revision of 4.3, which looks like it's largely

00:07:38   becoming that sort of the base, the lowest that you can go

00:07:42   at this point.

00:07:43   And I'm on there mostly just because I think it counts for

00:07:46   about 3% of users, which is a pretty small number, but I'm

00:07:49   still on 4.3 because I don't have a compelling reason to

00:07:51   drop it yet.

00:07:53   It'll probably be dropping it this fall-ish.

00:07:56   But what I've tried to do is I'm usually one back, sort of

00:08:01   like whatever the latest is minus one is where I like to

00:08:04   be.

00:08:04   And so obviously when six comes out,

00:08:09   five becomes the next sort of cutting point.

00:08:11   And five is a great place to be, I think,

00:08:14   when you hit that point.

00:08:15   Because there's a lot of great sort of APIs

00:08:17   and things that came in five that,

00:08:19   like six wasn't as huge of a step forward,

00:08:21   at least for my kind of apps.

00:08:23   So five will be a great place,

00:08:25   and I'll probably be doing that this fall

00:08:27   as iOS six's adoption picks up.

00:08:29   And the old iOS four devices just start getting sunset.

00:08:33   A lot of people who bought older phones

00:08:37   will likely be re-upping this year

00:08:39   and those kinds of things, so it should be good.

00:08:42   OK.

00:08:43   Other things to keep in mind with iOS 6.

00:08:45   You are going to need to do new screenshots for the new form

00:08:48   factor for the 16 by 9 iPhone.

00:08:51   And if you don't, iTunes Connect will complain

00:08:53   and you won't be able to submit your app.

00:08:55   So just make sure you have those ready to go.

00:08:59   It shouldn't be too big of a problem compared to what

00:09:01   that you had for iOS for the old three and a half inch screen,

00:09:05   but just make sure you have those ready to go.

00:09:09   You're gonna need to submit them.

00:09:10   And I'm also just gonna remind you all that,

00:09:13   make sure that you're also giving some attention

00:09:16   to the iPad.

00:09:17   I ran into this trap a little bit this morning,

00:09:19   where I was so focused on getting everything ready

00:09:21   for the iPhone 5, that there were a few little bugs

00:09:24   that I almost shipped on the iPad,

00:09:27   which is for iOS 6 compatibility,

00:09:29   just because I wasn't thinking about it,

00:09:30   wasn't a focus.

00:09:32   And so it's just something you really need to keep in mind

00:09:34   and focus on.

00:09:36   And make sure you're not forgetting the iPad.

00:09:38   Especially as we start getting ready for the theoretical iPad

00:09:42   Junior, iPad Mini.

00:09:44   It's going to come out maybe next month.

00:09:46   We'll see.

00:09:47   But either way, it's just something

00:09:48   you want to make sure that you're having

00:09:50   a really good experience there.

00:09:52   If you're taking advantage of new iOS features, iOS 6

00:09:55   features, make sure you mention that loud and proud

00:09:57   in your app descriptions, your release notes,

00:10:00   in your description, maybe in your screenshots.

00:10:03   Apple traditionally will feature apps

00:10:06   that are sort of taking advantage of the new stuff.

00:10:08   So if you're doing stuff with Passbook,

00:10:10   make sure that's really clear and obvious,

00:10:12   and get some sort of-- make sure you're communicating that

00:10:15   loudly so that the app reviewers can see it.

00:10:17   And more likely than not, they've been told, hey,

00:10:19   if you see apps that are using Passbook, if you're using--

00:10:22   I guess the routing APIs, those kinds of things--

00:10:25   if you're doing the big marquee features,

00:10:27   make sure Apple knows.

00:10:28   Because there's a good chance they'll feature you,

00:10:29   or at least they'll feature apps in that area,

00:10:31   and so you want to make sure

00:10:32   that you're releasing their running.

00:10:35   And that's most of what I wanted to talk about today.

00:10:37   It's kind of exciting and kind of fun.

00:10:39   I mean, tomorrow morning I'll be ordering my new iPhone 5.

00:10:44   It looks like I'll probably be sticking with AT&T again.

00:10:49   It's not great.

00:10:50   I've just been on AT&T forever,

00:10:51   and I have this big family plan.

00:10:54   And also, I still have one of the unlimited data plans,

00:10:56   which is something you can't get anywhere else.

00:10:58   Not that I really use it all that often.

00:10:59   I sometimes go over what would have been my limit,

00:11:03   usually when I'm traveling,

00:11:04   but what I really like about it

00:11:05   is I just don't have to think about it,

00:11:07   and from a cost perspective, it's a great deal.

00:11:09   So I'll probably stick with AT&T and just get,

00:11:12   I think you save about $200 by extending my contract,

00:11:16   which isn't a huge extension at this point,

00:11:19   just because I'm not even, I think I'm about

00:11:20   nine, 10 months into my old one, so it's not too bad.

00:11:24   So I'll be doing that.

00:11:25   I think pre-orders open at midnight Pacific,

00:11:29   So about 3 a.m. Eastern time, if you want to get up early,

00:11:32   I'll probably be getting up just because I'm a nerd

00:11:34   and I have small children, so I'm used to waking up

00:11:37   at three in the morning, so I'll probably wake up

00:11:38   at three in the morning to try to do my pre-order.

00:11:41   I've done the whole sort of camping out,

00:11:45   waiting in line thing, and that's cool,

00:11:46   and it's kind of fun that you get your phone early,

00:11:49   a few hours, but at the end of the day,

00:11:51   it's just not as important as it used to be

00:11:55   for me to have it right, right, right

00:11:56   first thing in the morning.

00:11:58   Instead I just kind of will do it as it plays out and just ship, you know, they'll ship

00:12:05   it and I'll get it whenever it arrives.

00:12:07   But yeah, so that's it I think for today's show.

00:12:11   Hopefully you had a fun, exciting announcement week.

00:12:13   It should be fun sort of heading into next week, the new phone, new SDKs launching, all

00:12:19   that kind of stuff.

00:12:20   I'll be picking up my weather app theme probably in the next show.

00:12:24   I've got a lot of great questions from you all that I'll be sort of picking up and walking

00:12:27   through and otherwise if you guys have a great weekend happy coding and I'll talk

00:12:32   to you next week bye