Developing Perspective

#55: Personal Connections


00:00:00   Hello and welcome to Developing Perspective. Developing Perspective is a podcast discussing

00:00:05   news of note in iOS development, Apple and the like. I'm your host, David Smith. I'm

00:00:09   an independent iOS developer based in Virginia. This week I'm coming at you from WWDC in San

00:00:14   Francisco. This is show number 55. First, apologies for my voice. I spent last night

00:00:22   at the beard party or Jim Dalrymple's party, which was incredibly fun, but also incredibly

00:00:29   He had a live karaoke band and I'm not sure if my ears or voice will recover anytime soon,

00:00:35   but it was definitely a good time.

00:00:37   So first, I'm going to follow up on the last show I did, which was recorded right after

00:00:42   the WWDC keynote.

00:00:45   And at the end of that, I asked a couple of questions just to see if there are any listeners

00:00:49   out there who had questions or things while I'm out here that they wanted me to address.

00:00:53   And I got a couple of great questions from Nalen B on Twitter, who asked really two things.

00:00:59   And I'll walk through them in sequence and then have slightly more general thought at

00:01:06   the end probably.

00:01:07   So first he asked, you know, sort of what is my favorite new feature in iOS 6?

00:01:13   And this is actually fairly straightforward.

00:01:15   I mean, it's a funny thing because everybody's going to have their pet feature.

00:01:20   You're going to see something, and they're going to be like,

00:01:23   that is-- that's exactly what I wanted.

00:01:26   I need that for my app.

00:01:26   I've always wanted to do that.

00:01:28   Or it'd be great if I could do xyz.

00:01:31   And for me, into iOS 6, the thing

00:01:33   that I'm most looking forward to is content purchase

00:01:35   within applications.

00:01:38   And they talked about this in the keynote.

00:01:40   But essentially, there's a way in iOS 6

00:01:42   that you can purchase content without leaving

00:01:45   your application, so iTunes content specifically.

00:01:48   And for me, it's like, wow, that sounds like an awesome feature

00:01:51   that I could actually look into implementing in audiobooks,

00:01:55   or potentially even in other places,

00:01:57   to better help the experience of a user trying

00:02:01   to buy something.

00:02:03   So maybe they can buy professional audiobooks

00:02:05   from iTunes and then play them in the app.

00:02:08   Or even if you're doing cross-promotion

00:02:10   between applications, being able to,

00:02:12   rather than having to kick them out of your app

00:02:14   to go to the App Store, that they can pop up

00:02:16   little sheet for this.

00:02:19   I've never seen it, but my guess is

00:02:21   that this is very similar to the experience you'd have with IAD,

00:02:25   where with IAD, if you do IAD for developers

00:02:30   and you click on the thing to buy an app,

00:02:32   you can actually buy it within the application

00:02:33   without ever leaving.

00:02:34   And my guess is this is fairly similar,

00:02:36   though like I said, I haven't actually seen it.

00:02:38   But that's exciting to me.

00:02:40   And related to that, I'm very excited about the features

00:02:43   they were talking about with regard to promotional websites.

00:02:48   Or they didn't talk about it as a promotional website thing.

00:02:52   But the ability to send a user from your website

00:02:58   directly to the App Store with kind of a standard banner

00:03:01   at the top, I don't think they've

00:03:03   published the details of it, but from what

00:03:05   they showed in the keynote, there'll

00:03:06   be this way that if you go to-- so say you go to audiobooksapp.com.

00:03:11   Right now, I have one of those standard available in the App

00:03:13   store, blue-black buttons that Apple publishes

00:03:17   and that they recommend people use.

00:03:19   And that's great.

00:03:20   I think people generally are used to it.

00:03:22   But I think there's something that

00:03:23   will be even more powerful if there's this very standard sort

00:03:27   of system-looking version of that.

00:03:30   And also, my guess is-- and this is just

00:03:32   kind of what you looked up in the keynote--

00:03:34   is that that'll be a smart banner in the sense of the app.

00:03:39   They will know if you already have the app.

00:03:40   So if you have it, you can just take you right to it.

00:03:44   Otherwise, you can buy it.

00:03:45   It'll show you the price and the right locale,

00:03:48   which is always kind of a tricky thing right now.

00:03:50   Because on your website, you can't show--

00:03:53   you can never really do pricing because you have no idea really

00:03:56   which store they'll be buying it in.

00:03:58   And a lot of that seemed to be taken care of.

00:04:00   The details are still a bit fuzzy,

00:04:01   but that's definitely something that I'm

00:04:03   excited from being able to better promote my applications

00:04:06   and just hopefully drive better conversions.

00:04:09   And so then the second question Nalen B. asked was,

00:04:13   what features am I excited and would want

00:04:17   to be implementing on day one?

00:04:20   And there's two parts to that.

00:04:22   One, those are the things that I want to make sure that my app

00:04:25   works on iOS 6.

00:04:28   And so there's part of it that's just

00:04:29   wanting to update and make sure everything works,

00:04:31   which is fairly obvious, hopefully, and straightforward.

00:04:34   Then there's always this little push after new OS comes out,

00:04:37   where Apple tends to promote and feature applications that

00:04:42   take full advantage of new stuff.

00:04:45   And it's fair enough.

00:04:46   They're trying to promote and increase the awareness

00:04:50   and sell the value of doing the upgrade.

00:04:53   And so the two things that seemed to me

00:04:55   that application developers should be looking at

00:04:59   is the social integration part that they seem

00:05:02   to be emphasizing with iOS 6.

00:05:04   So Facebook and Twitter, it seems

00:05:06   So if it makes sense in your app,

00:05:09   definitely making full use of those frameworks

00:05:13   and those capabilities I think will make a lot of sense.

00:05:15   It's something I expect to add in my iOS 6 compatibility

00:05:19   update, would be to make sure that you can post and talk

00:05:22   on Twitter and similarly on Twitter.

00:05:28   And then related is there's been this massive push with Maps.

00:05:34   And it is clearly a huge deal to Apple

00:05:37   that they're moving away from Google Maps.

00:05:40   And I imagine any application that

00:05:42   is integrating with their mapping software

00:05:45   and in doing that in a way that makes it look good,

00:05:49   lets it do things that you couldn't do necessarily

00:05:52   with the old mapping software, or even just helping

00:05:55   to bring the current mapping software,

00:05:59   or their new mapping software, up in some of the ways

00:06:01   that Google Maps currently can't do,

00:06:03   or that it can't do, but Google Maps can.

00:06:07   And so that's, I think, an area I'm not as sure about that.

00:06:10   That doesn't really fit in the realm of what I usually work on.

00:06:14   But it's definitely something that I'm thinking about.

00:06:17   Maybe there's a one-off or a smaller app

00:06:19   that I do to take advantage of some of the new mapping stuff,

00:06:23   just to be in there and hopefully

00:06:25   get on Apple's radar, which is always the goal.

00:06:29   So those are just some quick answers

00:06:31   to those great questions.

00:06:33   So as always, if you have any other thoughts or questions

00:06:36   or things while I'm out here, just hit me up on Twitter.

00:06:39   I'm @_DavidSmith on Twitter.

00:06:43   So then the rest of today's show,

00:06:45   I was going to talk about something that just really

00:06:49   struck me so far this week.

00:06:51   It's Wednesday.

00:06:51   I'm recording this at a very, very ungodly early hour

00:06:55   in the morning on Wednesday of WWDC.

00:06:59   And it's so striking how different meeting people

00:07:04   in person is versus the virtual relationships

00:07:07   that we in the iOS development community

00:07:09   tend to develop over things like Twitter.

00:07:12   And there are probably, I don't know,

00:07:15   thousands, if not hundreds of people

00:07:18   who I have some amount of relationship online.

00:07:21   So it's probably hundreds of people

00:07:23   for whom I have some kind of actual relationship.

00:07:26   We've gone back and forth.

00:07:28   I know who they are, they know who I am.

00:07:30   We kind of have this rapport, but it

00:07:35   is kind of empty in some ways because I've never actually

00:07:39   met them.

00:07:41   And you can, to some degree, just sort of get beyond that

00:07:45   by just sort of keeping in the community,

00:07:48   staying on, putting things out there,

00:07:51   letting people know about you, following up on people

00:07:53   and being interested in what they're up to.

00:07:55   There's something just so powerful.

00:07:57   Like last night, I ran into a lot of people

00:08:00   who I knew sort of from the internet,

00:08:03   other people who are fans of the podcast,

00:08:05   which by the way was awesome.

00:08:06   If you're a fan of the podcast,

00:08:07   then I ran into you this week.

00:08:09   That's just, that is absolutely awesome to me.

00:08:12   Thanks for your support of the show

00:08:14   and thanks for letting me know that you like it

00:08:17   'cause as I've said before,

00:08:20   the thing that keeps me doing the show

00:08:21   is a feeling of that it's useful to people,

00:08:25   that it's helpful.

00:08:26   I don't make money from the show.

00:08:27   It's just something that I like to do.

00:08:29   And I'm really glad that it's helpful

00:08:33   and useful and fun for people.

00:08:35   So if I've met you, awesome, that was great.

00:08:38   And then it's just running into people who you admire,

00:08:41   running into people whose work you followed

00:08:45   for a long time.

00:08:46   It's so awesome to have a face

00:08:48   that's not just a 2D avatar.

00:08:50   It is your, it's like it's a handshake.

00:08:53   I remember, I think it was Sean Blanc

00:08:55   wrote a great article about this,

00:08:56   where you're talking about the power of a handshake.

00:08:59   And there's something about it

00:09:00   where it's a personal connection.

00:09:02   And there's almost like a spark of that,

00:09:04   where it's like there's a moment of recognition

00:09:07   where you first see someone and you're like,

00:09:08   hey, wait, to what, do I, oh, oh, you're, yeah,

00:09:13   from, perfect, yeah, that's great.

00:09:15   And I feel like there's something that almost,

00:09:18   it's like that interaction is,

00:09:22   such as kind of a permanency and a longevity where you're likely to remember that person's

00:09:30   face now.

00:09:31   And you'll remember them in a different way than you would if it's just like, oh, that's

00:09:34   their avatar on Twitter or something.

00:09:37   It's just kind of awesome.

00:09:38   And I always struggle with this a lot with conferences because I'm not a particularly

00:09:43   social person by nature.

00:09:44   I mean, I think this is a common theme probably across the development community, not iOS

00:09:50   specifically but just in general.

00:09:52   I mean, the kind of people who self-select to be software engineers are typically not

00:09:58   the most outgoing, effervescent people who-- it's the classic thing of, we were the nerds

00:10:06   in high school.

00:10:07   We were typically not the cool kids, quarterback of the football team, going dating the prom

00:10:14   queen kind of thing.

00:10:16   And that's just sort of typical, that's a broad stereotype and probably not necessarily

00:10:22   a strictly accurate one.

00:10:23   But I think in general, at least for me, it is hard to meet new people.

00:10:31   It's hard to kind of just be that social butterfly.

00:10:33   And there are some people I know who can do that and that is awesome.

00:10:35   And when I see them sort of out doing it and it's like introducing themselves to people

00:10:40   who are legends, I'm just in awe.

00:10:44   But it's nice to have an environment this week where it's somewhat normal and it's somewhat

00:10:51   expected to say hi to people, to introduce yourself.

00:10:55   And people are, it's a classic thing of it's so easy to build up people in your mind whose

00:11:01   work you admire to make them something other than just human, to make them these kind of

00:11:08   these sort of almost like a legendary figure.

00:11:11   And the persona and the marketing in some ways that they put out there is intentional

00:11:19   and is part of their brand.

00:11:20   And, you know, they're sort of their personal brand, I suppose you'd say.

00:11:23   But it's great that you can, you know, it's like for almost everybody, it's like you meet

00:11:27   them, you say hi, you shake their hand, and suddenly that's not them.

00:11:33   They're not, you know, their online persona.

00:11:34   They're a person who is having a good time that's out enjoying, you know, some time with

00:11:39   friends.

00:11:40   almost always, genuinely glad to meet you, to say hi,

00:11:44   and to talk to you, which is great.

00:11:46   And so for me, it's always a difficult thing.

00:11:50   And I always struggle with conferences where a lot of people say,

00:11:52   oh, I love going to conferences.

00:11:54   They're so good for networking.

00:11:56   And I hate that term.

00:11:57   I mean, it is--

00:11:59   it's like networking sounds like a form of torture to me.

00:12:02   Like, oh, so I'm supposed to be out and schmoozing and glad handing.

00:12:05   and all those terms that just make me cringe.

00:12:11   So for me, it's not really about networking in that way.

00:12:15   I very rarely--

00:12:16   and I think it's like I talked about in my pre-WWDC show

00:12:23   last week, which unfortunately not enough people listen to,

00:12:26   because there are a lot of rude people at WWDC

00:12:29   in terms of being disrespectful to presenters and things.

00:12:32   But I digress.

00:12:34   But it's not about, you know, it's not like,

00:12:39   oh, I'm out here to try and drum up work or to sell apps.

00:12:42   It's just great to meet people.

00:12:46   It's just awesome.

00:12:47   And some, you know, so I'm typically don't go

00:12:50   to a lot of conferences.

00:12:51   I mean, a lot of that's just sort of for family reasons

00:12:53   that it's a big deal and a big sacrifice for my wife

00:12:56   for me to be gone all week with our two kids at home.

00:12:59   And so it's something that I can just sort of,

00:13:01   oh, that looks cool, oh, that looks cool.

00:13:03   even beyond the cost of doing that.

00:13:06   But it's pretty awesome to be able to do it

00:13:08   and to come out here and to meet all these people.

00:13:11   And so if you hear this this week while you're out here

00:13:14   and you haven't yet said hi, please just either look for me.

00:13:19   I look quite a lot like my Twitter avatar, thankfully.

00:13:22   And either find me that way or send me an at reply on Twitter

00:13:27   and we can try and meet up.

00:13:29   And like I said, there is something

00:13:31   awesome about shaking a hand.

00:13:33   And so anyway, that's it for today's show.

00:13:36   As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns,

00:13:38   I'm on Twitter @_davidsmith.

00:13:41   The feed for the show is Dev Perspective,

00:13:43   where you can just get notifications when new shows

00:13:46   post.

00:13:46   If you have questions about anything, iOS 6,

00:13:49   Mountain Lion related, whatever, while I'm out here or otherwise,

00:13:53   just let me know.

00:13:55   I'll probably do a couple more shows this week.

00:13:58   It's my hope.

00:13:58   I'll probably do a little less than I was originally thinking,

00:14:01   And a lot of that's just because the keynote didn't

00:14:04   go into as much of the developer part that I would have hoped.

00:14:07   And so a lot of the rest is just under NDA,

00:14:09   and so I can't talk about it.

00:14:11   So it's a bit tricky for me to at this point,

00:14:13   because I know things that I'm not technically

00:14:15   allowed to talk about.

00:14:17   And so I don't want to overstep my bounds in that way.

00:14:20   But otherwise, I hope you have a good week.

00:14:23   Happy coding.

00:14:24   And I will talk to you later.

00:14:26   Thanks.

00:14:27   [