439: The 2022 Upgradies


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is the 9th Annual Upgradies Award.

00:00:15   These awards ceremonies are brought to you by our fine sponsors.

00:00:19   They are Membifor, Hover, and Rocket Money.

00:00:22   My name is Myke Hurley and I will be one of your hosts for this evening, and I am joined by Jason Snow.

00:00:26   Hello, Jason Snow.

00:00:28   Hi Myke Hurley, how is it possible that this is the 9th annual upgrade-ies?

00:00:34   So I will say this is one of those things where like...

00:00:38   I reckon I'm a relatively smart person.

00:00:41   But I can't really truly get my head around this being the 9th,

00:00:45   when we haven't been doing the show for nine years.

00:00:48   And I know that like you count at one, not zero, like I get it,

00:00:52   but nevertheless, it really breaks my brain that next year will be the 10th annual upgrade-ies.

00:00:57   but upgrade won't be 10 until 2024, you know?

00:01:01   - Right, well it's because we, yeah,

00:01:02   the first annual upgrade is was only,

00:01:04   first annual also not a thing that you are supposed to say,

00:01:07   but now retroactively, maybe we could say it,

00:01:09   the first, the original upgrade is,

00:01:10   was only a couple months after we started the podcast, so.

00:01:13   - Now it would be the first annual though, right?

00:01:15   Because it was the first, and it is annual, so.

00:01:18   - In retrospect, it was the first annual upgrade is, yes,

00:01:22   but at the time it wasn't, that's a.

00:01:24   - For the people that don't know this joke.

00:01:25   - Episode 16. - This is a thing.

00:01:27   - Oh my God, I can't believe that.

00:01:28   People, like I was really focused on this

00:01:30   being the first annual and Jason did not like that.

00:01:33   I kept calling it the first annual,

00:01:34   but now we've done nine of them, so who's laughing now?

00:01:36   You know what I mean?

00:01:38   - Mm-hmm, me, I'm laughing now.

00:01:41   - Good. (laughs)

00:01:43   I'd like to give some thanks before we begin the upgradees

00:01:45   because this is a whole production every year.

00:01:48   I'd like to thank Chris Breen for our special theme music.

00:01:50   Chris actually composes all of the upgrade themes,

00:01:53   but this is a special one,

00:01:54   so we wanna give thanks to Chris for that.

00:01:56   Thank you to David Dooley for our artwork and branding for this year's Extravaganza.

00:02:01   We can now extend our thanks to Jim Metzendorf for producing and editing the episode.

00:02:07   Thank you to all of the Upgradients for submitting their nominations.

00:02:11   You can find previous winners and hall of fame entrants at Upgradies.com.

00:02:16   We can thank Zach Knox for building and maintaining this website.

00:02:20   To protect spoilers, we won't be putting any of the winners in the show notes.

00:02:24   They will be at Upgradies.com.

00:02:26   Similarly, don't go there until you've listened to it all unless you want spoilers.

00:02:31   Because it's all going to be there.

00:02:33   Exactly.

00:02:34   And I guess a programming note before we begin the extravaganzas this year.

00:02:39   I don't think that's the right words but we're going to go with it anyway.

00:02:42   We changed some categories this year.

00:02:44   We've done this a few times in the past.

00:02:45   We kind of refined some categories, added some categories just as things changed.

00:02:49   We did best holiday gift for a couple of years but then sometimes recorded the upgrades before

00:02:55   the holidays so it doesn't really work out.

00:02:58   But we've made some more changes this year.

00:03:00   We now have a game of the year category which is for all games, no longer an iOS game of

00:03:06   the year, just game of the year so just all games can be included.

00:03:11   Similarly we've removed the multiple podcast categories that we had and now just have a

00:03:16   a favourite podcast category so it's similar to the other media like book, TV, movies.

00:03:22   So we previously had Newcomer and Tech Podcast and now it's just Favourite Podcast is all

00:03:28   of them. However the Lifetime Achievement Award winners of the Flop House and ATP that

00:03:34   carries over. So they continue to be Lifetime Award winners. They are still no longer eligible

00:03:42   for an award because they have achieved lifetime status.

00:03:46   And I was looking over the previous winners.

00:03:49   It is possible that we could crown

00:03:51   some more lifetime award winners in some other categories

00:03:55   in today's upgrade is depending on how things fall.

00:03:58   Maybe we'll talk about that a little later on.

00:04:00   - Well, that's exciting.

00:04:01   - Should we get going?

00:04:03   - Yeah, let's do it.

00:04:04   - Let's begin as we always do with the best iOS app

00:04:07   for the ninth annual upgrade is Jason.

00:04:10   What is your nomination for best iOS app?

00:04:14   - I decided to go with Flighty.

00:04:18   - Yes.

00:04:20   - Now that I am traveling more,

00:04:24   I don't know if I mentioned Flighty last time or not,

00:04:26   but it's just such an impressive app.

00:04:27   It's not cheap, you know,

00:04:28   because flight data is not cheap,

00:04:31   but as a flight tracker, before, during, after,

00:04:36   telling you what gate you're in

00:04:38   and if your flight's been delayed

00:04:40   and what the average flight is on that route.

00:04:42   Is it early? Is it late?

00:04:45   And then this year it added live updates,

00:04:49   including in the Dynamic Island.

00:04:51   So having taken a few trips since then

00:04:54   and also had some friend trips where I'm like,

00:04:56   'cause they have the ability to add trips

00:04:58   that aren't your trips and you can monitor them.

00:05:01   So like when I'm picking my kids up at the airport,

00:05:03   I've been using Flighty with the live activities

00:05:05   in the Dynamic Island and it's just great.

00:05:08   And I'm just such an impressive, well-designed app.

00:05:13   It's not for everyone and I don't use it every day,

00:05:17   but every time I use it, I'm impressed at how good it is.

00:05:20   - Yeah, there's been like a combo of updates

00:05:23   that the app has received this year,

00:05:26   which has ended up resulting in just an excellent year

00:05:29   for the app, right?

00:05:30   As you mentioned, the live activity support,

00:05:32   but they also added the offline tracking as well,

00:05:36   which works really well.

00:05:38   So even when you're on the plane,

00:05:40   it does a better job of giving you a more accurate estimation,

00:05:45   which then works really well with the live activities,

00:05:47   so you don't even need to open the app,

00:05:48   and it's giving you information that it can.

00:05:52   And also, I think they're doing a thing where you can,

00:05:54   if a plane has Wi-Fi, you can get some updates

00:05:57   from the plane's Wi-Fi,

00:05:58   even if you don't sign up for the plane Wi-Fis,

00:06:01   which is very cool.

00:06:01   - Right, because a lot of airplane Wi-Fi

00:06:05   will support iMessage,

00:06:07   And when you support iMessage,

00:06:09   you're actually supporting everything that comes

00:06:11   from Apple's push notification server.

00:06:13   - Genius.

00:06:14   - And that's where app notifications come from, obviously,

00:06:17   which means that the live activity gets updated invisibly

00:06:22   over the airplane wifi, even if you're not paying,

00:06:26   as long as you've got the iMessage stuff turned on.

00:06:28   And it totally works.

00:06:29   It's amazing.

00:06:30   - So I have a couple of apps,

00:06:34   a small selection of apps that I wanted to bring

00:06:37   for my nominations and I'll give my final nomination

00:06:40   once I've kind of spoken about these a little bit.

00:06:41   So one of the great things about the upgrades

00:06:43   is we say every year, this is the award ceremony

00:06:46   where you get to come behind the curtain

00:06:48   and actually hear the deliberation of the awards

00:06:51   before it being given.

00:06:52   - Right, and I should mention by the way,

00:06:54   'cause I didn't give a runner up here

00:06:56   that's not my nomination,

00:06:57   but I will mention Fairlight Recording Studio,

00:06:59   which is my favorite iPad and favorite actually,

00:07:03   podcast editing app, just got an update, just came out.

00:07:06   It's amazing.

00:07:07   I feel like we've nominated

00:07:09   and probably awarded "Fahrenheit" in the past,

00:07:12   but it's great.

00:07:14   I feel like it's even more esoteric an app than "Flighty" is,

00:07:20   but I do love it.

00:07:21   And so it was in my consideration list.

00:07:24   I just decided not to go with it.

00:07:25   - "Fahrenheit" won best newcomer in 2015.

00:07:28   - There you go.

00:07:29   - And it's been a runner up as best iOS app two times.

00:07:34   Right, because of course I love it,

00:07:36   and so I keep mentioning it.

00:07:38   But anyway, it's at version three now, and is great.

00:07:43   - So I also wanted to give a nod to Flighty

00:07:46   for all of the reasons that you mentioned.

00:07:48   You know, one of the other features that I really enjoyed

00:07:50   that they added with that friends flight thing,

00:07:52   where you can track friends flights,

00:07:53   it doesn't then get added to your own statistics,

00:07:56   as it used to before.

00:07:57   So I like that they added that,

00:07:58   it's like a smart way to do it.

00:07:59   And I would say as well, it is an expensive app,

00:08:02   and some people will find use in it, some won't.

00:08:04   But I really like that they have very flexible in-app purchase stuff

00:08:07   where you can buy for a short period of time.

00:08:10   There's some information that if someone's a paying user,

00:08:12   they can share flight information with somebody else who isn't.

00:08:15   It is a very well-built, maintained, and designed application.

00:08:18   I also wanted to give a nod similarly to Carrot Weather.

00:08:23   It's just another one of these apps

00:08:25   that just continues to get so many new features,

00:08:29   to a level that I don't even understand

00:08:31   how you can keep adding so many new features

00:08:33   to a weather app.

00:08:35   And some of them are fun, but some of them

00:08:37   are legit really good, useful things for a weather app.

00:08:41   Plus, Brian Mueller just continues

00:08:43   to add so many more features in for the customization

00:08:47   and visual customization stuff.

00:08:49   It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes

00:08:51   to do this stuff in Carrot Weather,

00:08:53   but what I like about it is for me, you do it once

00:08:55   and you kind of set, and then you can maybe tweak things

00:08:57   a little bit over time.

00:08:59   But then I also wanted to give a nod to City Mapper.

00:09:03   It's an app that I've only started using this year.

00:09:05   It's been around forever here.

00:09:07   It's like a mapping application.

00:09:08   It works in only some cities around the world.

00:09:11   It kind of needs good public transport

00:09:12   for the app to be of any use.

00:09:15   And their live activity support is bar none.

00:09:19   So for example, I used it today.

00:09:22   I was going into London.

00:09:23   And in the live activity JSON, they

00:09:26   have a representation of a London underground line

00:09:30   with all the little dots on it.

00:09:32   and your circle is moving across.

00:09:35   And it will say, it will update two more stops, one more stop.

00:09:38   Get off here.

00:09:39   It is unbelievable the amount of information

00:09:41   they're packing into Live Activities.

00:09:43   And so it just kind of means that your phone is constantly

00:09:46   letting you know where you are on your trip in a way

00:09:49   that I've never seen before.

00:09:50   So I just think the app is great.

00:09:52   All of the service is great.

00:09:53   But their Live Activity support is just superb.

00:09:56   Now, of course, we have the Upgradients.

00:09:58   The upgrade ends with 14.9% for Apollo,

00:10:02   which is basically the same every single year.

00:10:04   This category is typically always Apollo at the top.

00:10:09   - Yep, 15% use Reddit and they all use Apollo.

00:10:12   - And they all use one. - I understand.

00:10:14   - Carrot weather at 12.5% and tweetbot at 4.8%.

00:10:19   I think we should give it to Flighty personally.

00:10:24   - I think we should. - Because it's both an app

00:10:26   that we brought to this, and that like,

00:10:29   it feels like a good win, and I think a deserved win.

00:10:33   And then Carrot Weather is a runner up?

00:10:35   - Sure.

00:10:37   - We usually give two runners up.

00:10:39   So I figured we'll just go with Apollo, right?

00:10:41   'Cause it was the Upgradients vote.

00:10:44   - Sure, why not?

00:10:45   - So for the best iOS app of 2022,

00:10:47   congratulations to Flighty.

00:10:49   - Flighty.

00:10:50   - Along with runners up Carrot Weather and Apollo.

00:10:54   So let's talk about best newcomer iOS app.

00:10:57   What has been interesting to you?

00:10:59   What's the new app that's come across your radar this year

00:11:02   that you wanted to talk about?

00:11:03   - I have two that I wanted to mention.

00:11:08   Actually very late last year,

00:11:10   I came across a new app called Mella.

00:11:13   I don't know if we mentioned it last time or not,

00:11:15   but Mella, I think it was a little too late

00:11:19   to mention that last year in fact.

00:11:21   It's a recipe app and I have been using,

00:11:23   I've been trying to use a recipe manager apps

00:11:26   on Apple platforms since the 90s.

00:11:29   And none of them have stuck, but Mella has stuck.

00:11:35   I've been using Mella for a year.

00:11:36   All of our regular recipes are in it now.

00:11:39   Among the things I like about it, it looks good.

00:11:41   It's got a great design.

00:11:42   It's got a great web clipping feature.

00:11:44   It does a good job of pulling recipes out of web pages

00:11:47   and putting them in your catalog.

00:11:48   It is a delight to use.

00:11:52   It syncs, it does iCloud sync.

00:11:54   You can have shared sync.

00:11:56   So I've got all our recipes,

00:11:59   Lauren's got all our recipes.

00:12:00   We add a new recipe, we both see it.

00:12:02   That's really great too.

00:12:04   And using my iPad as the recipe guide

00:12:07   for cooking something has become really common.

00:12:11   And I like it.

00:12:12   So big fan of Mella, relatively new app

00:12:17   and new to me as well.

00:12:20   Big fan.

00:12:21   - Mella's great.

00:12:21   It's made by the guy who makes Reader, the RSS reader app.

00:12:26   - And so, it's like a clever app for them to build.

00:12:30   Yeah, Silvio, because it's a lot of text passing

00:12:33   to do good recipe applications,

00:12:35   'cause you've got to pull out the life story

00:12:36   before you get to the recipe.

00:12:38   - Right, exactly.

00:12:40   Yes, the, oh boy, whole sidebar about how every time

00:12:44   you try to Google a recipe,

00:12:45   'cause obviously there's an SEO best practices

00:12:48   and the SEO best practices is,

00:12:50   write several thousand words about how you were feeling

00:12:54   on the day you decided to make the dish

00:12:57   and all the details of what towels were in the kitchen.

00:13:00   And then eventually there's a recipe

00:13:02   and they have to parse all of that

00:13:03   and just say, here's the recipe.

00:13:06   It's much better.

00:13:06   And then the other one I wanted to float as a nomination

00:13:09   is it's a game, so it may come up in the games too,

00:13:12   but I wanted to float it here.

00:13:13   It's Zach Gage, of course, not words.

00:13:17   New game from Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger

00:13:20   And it is like a backward crossword puzzle.

00:13:25   It's basically the shape of a crossword puzzle

00:13:27   and you know what letters are in various points

00:13:29   in the puzzle.

00:13:30   And then from that, you have to figure out

00:13:32   what the words are and solve it.

00:13:34   But there are no clues.

00:13:35   The clues are just the letters that go in various squares.

00:13:39   It is perfect.

00:13:41   Like it's just a beautifully done game.

00:13:44   And I will tell you that in the 365 days

00:13:48   of 12, well, that's not two,

00:13:50   'cause I don't remember exactly when it came out,

00:13:52   but I'll put it this way.

00:13:53   I've probably played "Not Words"

00:13:56   at least 250 days this year.

00:13:59   So not every day, but most days.

00:14:02   And I am not an everyday puzzle person.

00:14:04   I'm just not.

00:14:05   My wife is very much an everyday puzzle person.

00:14:09   And she has adopted this too, by the way.

00:14:11   So it gets her seal of approval,

00:14:12   which from Lauren, that is saying something.

00:14:15   But I also love it.

00:14:17   I think it's just the perfect application

00:14:18   of kind of the crossword concept to,

00:14:22   and there are like harder puzzles and simple puzzles.

00:14:24   So you get like three different puzzles a day

00:14:25   and there are puzzle books.

00:14:27   If you want to go back and like do extra puzzles,

00:14:29   it's just, it's such a good app and so fun

00:14:34   and has earned a spot on my home screen on my iPad.

00:14:37   - This isn't one that I've played.

00:14:41   I don't know why.

00:14:42   I play all Zach Gage games,

00:14:43   but this one must've just come out and I missed it.

00:14:45   - It's really good.

00:14:46   It's really good and you don't need to know,

00:14:48   unlike crosswords where you've gotta like,

00:14:50   know, like solve the clue,

00:14:52   this is about like solving what the word is that's there.

00:14:56   It doesn't matter what it means,

00:14:57   it's like what word goes there.

00:14:59   And it's very smart, really good game.

00:15:02   - So iOS 16 brought that feature,

00:15:04   the, what is it, object or person detection feature

00:15:06   where you can just press your finger on somebody

00:15:09   and drag them out of an image, right?

00:15:11   - Right.

00:15:12   - I couldn't really work out

00:15:14   how this would be useful for me in any way.

00:15:16   and to an app called Sticker Drop.

00:15:19   Came across my radar.

00:15:20   Sticker Drop allows you to make iMessage stickers

00:15:23   out of the things that you can drag out of images.

00:15:26   So people, objects, that kind of thing.

00:15:28   You drop them into the application,

00:15:30   and then they show up in your iMessage

00:15:32   for you to make iMessage stickers out of.

00:15:34   It is a wonderful little app.

00:15:36   Very well done, very smart.

00:15:38   It has some great little features

00:15:39   for how you can customize the stickers.

00:15:41   You can put fun borders around them

00:15:43   so it kind of makes them look less weird

00:15:45   that they're these things or people that are cut out,

00:15:48   uses-- you can kind of do it from a share sheet, right?

00:15:53   So you can bring up the share sheet and add it.

00:15:54   But you can also just use the iOS drag and drop system

00:15:57   to drag it out and then just drop it into StickerDrop.

00:16:00   You open the app and just drop it in.

00:16:02   It is a very well done application.

00:16:04   I think it is excellent, and I'm a huge fan of it.

00:16:06   And I think it's just one of these things

00:16:08   where it's like a developer had a really smart idea

00:16:11   after seeing a feature and then just made it happen.

00:16:13   is Aaron Stevenson is the developer's name.

00:16:17   And the upgrade he has agreed with me,

00:16:19   it was 6.6% of the vote went to sticker drop.

00:16:22   This is probably one of the closer categories.

00:16:24   There's so many different suggestions this year.

00:16:26   Nobody got even a double digit percentage of the overall.

00:16:30   Up ahead is an application that I'd not heard of,

00:16:34   and it came in at 5.5%.

00:16:36   This is a really cute-looking application,

00:16:38   kind of reminds me of Animal Crossing in its design,

00:16:40   and it's a countdown kind of app.

00:16:42   So things that you've got coming up in your life,

00:16:45   you put them into Up Ahead,

00:16:46   and it's a very good-looking application to display to you

00:16:50   your upcoming things, and it's got really nice widgets,

00:16:53   just great fun little design.

00:16:56   So that came in at second in the upgradients with 5.5%.

00:17:00   And then RuneStone at 4.9%.

00:17:03   I thought to myself, "Is this a game? No. It is a text editor."

00:17:07   No, it's a text editor for iOS.

00:17:09   I was thinking of RuneScape.

00:17:12   - This is Simon who did a scriptable

00:17:15   and he decided he would build a text editor for his app,

00:17:21   but also for other people to use.

00:17:25   And so he built, he built Runestone

00:17:29   and worked really, really, really hard on it.

00:17:32   And then it put it into an app

00:17:34   and it's also an open source framework

00:17:36   that other people can use

00:17:37   and are using in their iOS apps as well

00:17:39   to have good text editors for that.

00:17:42   But it's very simple because it is like a text editor engine

00:17:46   that was built to be in kind of other apps,

00:17:48   but it uses the standard, you know,

00:17:51   Apple file dialogue, basically, or file sidebar.

00:17:54   So you open it and there's sort of nothing there

00:17:57   except a file browser and you tap on a file

00:17:59   and it opens in the text editor

00:18:01   and then you edit the text and it's very nice.

00:18:03   It was fun to see that come to fruition

00:18:06   because, you know, Simon's been detailing his work

00:18:08   on his new text editor for Scriptable for a long time

00:18:13   and sort of doing it publicly.

00:18:16   And this is where it ended up.

00:18:18   - So now we're gonna make our decisions.

00:18:19   And so I went over to, I have a Google sheet here

00:18:22   where I keep this stuff.

00:18:22   And I was just reminded by like last year

00:18:25   for the Newcomer iOS app,

00:18:27   all of the winners and the runners-up

00:18:29   were all Safari extensions.

00:18:31   Is that the new Safari extensions on iOS?

00:18:35   And just interesting looking at this

00:18:36   that there isn't a similar thing here, right?

00:18:38   like there wasn't like a particular type of app

00:18:41   that was introduced, like some kind of feature

00:18:43   that was introduced where a bunch of developers

00:18:45   could make a similar kind of application.

00:18:47   - Right.

00:18:48   - I mean, I would push for Sticker Drop here,

00:18:50   you know, both Myke and the Upgradients agree.

00:18:53   - Yeah, I'm okay with that.

00:18:54   I mean, if you confirm it, 'cause I saw this too,

00:18:57   and I'm like, what is that app?

00:18:59   And I thought, I mean, honestly,

00:19:00   I message stickers, really,

00:19:02   but I think it's interesting that they're using,

00:19:05   the whole idea here is they're using that

00:19:06   lift the content out of your photo

00:19:08   and turn it into a sticker thing.

00:19:10   So if you vouch for it and the upgradings vouch for it,

00:19:12   I'm okay with it.

00:19:13   - I mean, you can, and as well,

00:19:14   you can use these stickers in other applications as well.

00:19:16   Like it's possible to do that, but like,

00:19:18   I just liked that it makes use of two features

00:19:21   that I otherwise wouldn't really use.

00:19:23   And because they work so well together,

00:19:25   I do use Sticker Drop for iMessage stickers.

00:19:29   It's like particularly fun.

00:19:30   You have memes of friends,

00:19:31   like maybe pictures of each other

00:19:33   that are just like memes that you use,

00:19:34   and then you can create iMessage stickers out of them

00:19:36   again instead.

00:19:37   And should we, let's go,

00:19:39   I would like to put Mella and NotWords in this,

00:19:42   I'll wrap it up.

00:19:43   - Okay, great, thank you.

00:19:44   I appreciate it.

00:19:46   - And NotWords sounds fun and Mella I am a big fan of too.

00:19:49   So it's a really great app.

00:19:50   So moving to Best Mac App.

00:19:54   - Oh boy.

00:19:55   I have a nice collection this time.

00:19:57   - Okay.

00:19:58   - For Best Mac App.

00:19:58   You know, this is always hard, again,

00:20:00   Best Mac App, where it can be anything.

00:20:03   I try to think of this year

00:20:04   because I could literally just say,

00:20:06   well, you know, BB Edit and Fantastic Hal,

00:20:08   and you know, I can come up with my list

00:20:11   of the apps that I use all the time.

00:20:13   But I wanted to highlight four.

00:20:16   - Great.

00:20:17   - The first is AudioHijack 4.

00:20:19   The brand new version of AudioHijack came out this year.

00:20:22   It has support for scripting and shortcuts,

00:20:25   and it was transformative in my workflows

00:20:28   because I can now control what AudioHijack does

00:20:33   and communicate with it and see what it's doing

00:20:36   and have scripts react to it.

00:20:38   It's just changed so much of what I do

00:20:42   now that I can press a button and Audio Hijack

00:20:45   sort of like does what I expect it to do.

00:20:47   Just love it and have been, you know,

00:20:50   obviously we podcasters, Audio Hijack is what we use.

00:20:53   Mac podcasters, this is the tool, this is it.

00:20:56   This is the thing.

00:20:57   - I will say I also have Audio Hijack as one of mine

00:21:01   and I do very little of the scripting, but enough.

00:21:05   What I will say for me,

00:21:07   the thing that really changed with Audio High-Tech this time

00:21:10   is they finally added the ability for you to manually

00:21:12   make the connections between the blocks

00:21:15   where previously it was doing it itself.

00:21:17   And that could be frustrating if you were trying to make

00:21:19   the window as small as possible.

00:21:21   And so I really liked that you can manually edit

00:21:24   the connections between the blocks now.

00:21:26   That made a big difference to me.

00:21:28   And like just that feature on its own,

00:21:30   it would have got the nod from me,

00:21:31   let alone everything else that they added.

00:21:34   - And also the old version of Audio Hijack

00:21:36   was a lot more sort of stateful

00:21:37   where you had to have it open

00:21:38   and you had to have the windows open.

00:21:39   And now if you, using the scripting engine or whatever,

00:21:43   or using its menu bar items, say, just start this one,

00:21:46   it just does it and it runs.

00:21:48   - And the design's good.

00:21:49   The new design's good too.

00:21:50   - And not having to have that like, I gotta leave it open,

00:21:54   I've gotta leave, and then hide the app,

00:21:56   or I gotta bring it forward and all that.

00:21:57   You don't have to worry about that stuff anymore.

00:21:59   So they really did, it's not just the scripting.

00:22:01   The scripting was the biggest win for me,

00:22:03   but you're right, the fact that you can actually,

00:22:04   you've got a complex system,

00:22:06   you can not have it do the auto connections

00:22:08   and you can connect all the blocks together yourself.

00:22:10   There are also new plugins for it.

00:22:11   It's a huge update and is great.

00:22:15   And if you're anybody who does any kind of audio on the Mac,

00:22:18   'cause it's not just for podcasters,

00:22:19   it's any recording or routing or anything,

00:22:22   it's just an indispensable tool.

00:22:24   - Any audio on your Mac can be recorded of audio hijack.

00:22:28   Just think about what you might want to use that for.

00:22:29   It's awesome.

00:22:30   - And given that this was a new version,

00:22:32   I especially wanted to mention it this year,

00:22:35   even though I could mention it every year.

00:22:37   I want to mention, well, okay, so Ecamm Live,

00:22:41   let's put that in the list here, Ecamm Live.

00:22:44   I wrote a piece about this on six colors this year.

00:22:48   Ecamm Live is a video streaming app.

00:22:51   And I wrote about it a while ago

00:22:53   about how I tried to use it

00:22:55   and felt like it was just too frustrating for me.

00:22:57   and I gave up on it.

00:22:58   And because it was so limited.

00:23:01   And what the beauty of Ecamm Live is,

00:23:02   it's like these big cross-platform things

00:23:05   like OBS and Streamlabs,

00:23:08   where it's an open source project

00:23:11   and then it's been customized

00:23:13   and it runs on all platforms

00:23:14   and all the windows streamers use it,

00:23:16   but it's also on the Mac.

00:23:17   And those apps are out there on the Mac

00:23:19   and they've actually gotten a lot better

00:23:20   in the last year and that's great.

00:23:22   What I love about Ecamm Live is,

00:23:25   the Ecamm guys and they did call recorder

00:23:27   and they've done so many different little Mac utilities.

00:23:30   Ecamm is a Mac developer

00:23:34   and Ecamm Live is a completely Mac, Mac-like,

00:23:39   understandable as a Mac user and fast

00:23:44   because it's just made for the Mac.

00:23:46   In contrast to some of those cross-platform tools,

00:23:49   which at least on the Mac aren't that great.

00:23:51   They're okay, but they're not that great.

00:23:53   It's not cheap again, but it's so good

00:23:55   and it's so Mac-like,

00:23:56   and I really appreciate that about it.

00:23:58   And the best thing about it is,

00:24:00   I used it, I was frustrated at how limited it was.

00:24:03   It was a very new app,

00:24:04   but I was frustrated at how limited it was.

00:24:06   I went away for a year, year and a half,

00:24:08   came back and tried it again,

00:24:09   and everything that had bugged me about it had been fixed.

00:24:14   And I loved that about it too,

00:24:16   that this is an actively developed app

00:24:19   that they really care about,

00:24:21   and they have all sorts of streamers who use it,

00:24:23   and they also use them to do all their demos

00:24:26   and to do their walkthroughs.

00:24:27   And like, they built up this whole kind of like structure

00:24:30   and community around it, including in their marketing.

00:24:33   I think it's super smart.

00:24:34   And I love that at the center of it,

00:24:35   it is a very good Mac app

00:24:38   that is actively being developed

00:24:40   and trying to address its limitations.

00:24:42   And that was such a great thing to see this year

00:24:44   that it evolved so much.

00:24:46   And so now that is the app I use to stream video, period.

00:24:49   That's it.

00:24:50   I've thrown away Streamlabs and OBS

00:24:52   and I just use Ecamm Live.

00:24:54   - That's cool.

00:24:55   I mean, similarly to you, I tried it when it came out

00:24:57   and was like, "Oh, this is interesting,

00:24:58   "but like it doesn't work the way that I want it to."

00:25:01   Or there are things that it doesn't do.

00:25:03   - You and Steven both have streaming PCs.

00:25:04   I would argue that in 2022,

00:25:06   we got to the point where a Mac user

00:25:09   really doesn't need a streaming PC,

00:25:11   unless they're literally streaming PC things.

00:25:14   - Unless you're doing games.

00:25:15   - Yeah, yeah, unless you're doing games.

00:25:16   But if you are just using it to stream like live streams,

00:25:20   There was a time when the smart move was to get a PC

00:25:24   to do that dedicated because OBS ran so much better

00:25:28   on Windows than it did on the Mac.

00:25:30   Not only is OBS way better now,

00:25:32   but Ecamm Live is a perfectly viable,

00:25:34   completely viable solution and integrates with Stream Deck

00:25:38   and all of those other things too.

00:25:40   So I went from being really disappointed in this app

00:25:43   to coming back a year later and loving it.

00:25:47   - Cool.

00:25:47   - And my last mention, which is an app

00:25:50   that actually won best newcomer last year,

00:25:52   but it's still not even at version one,

00:25:57   still not being charged for, but being continually updated

00:26:00   and I have come to rely on it on my Mac every day

00:26:03   is MimeStream, the questionably named Gmail client

00:26:08   that feels like what if Apple Mail was way better

00:26:11   and super tuned for Gmail.

00:26:15   And I was so sad when Mailplane, the Mac app wrapper

00:26:20   around Gmail's web interface went away.

00:26:25   I was so sad about that.

00:26:28   And now it's like it never happened

00:26:31   because I'm all in on MimeStream and it's great.

00:26:33   And every time I go back and I use Apple Mail,

00:26:36   I roll my eyes a little bit

00:26:37   because it's just not nearly as good as MimeStream.

00:26:40   - So for me, Audio Hijack 4, as I mentioned,

00:26:44   is an easy one. I also wanted to give a nod to Timery. Timery is just, like Joe is just

00:26:51   not stopping with Mac features, which is amazing, you know, because obviously he's, you know,

00:26:55   I would assume biggest market is iOS, right, is where the app started, and I think for

00:27:00   a lot of people it makes sense to do the tracking there because of all the widgets and that

00:27:03   kind of stuff, but like me, the reason I wanted Timery on my Mac to do my time tracking is

00:27:09   it's where I'm doing my work now, right, it's where I do my work, and having the menu bar

00:27:13   app the way that it is and just so many like little Mac things that you can set

00:27:17   a preference you start a timer and it just throws a cursor into a text box

00:27:22   which you can start typing in and get record like suggestions for what time

00:27:25   you want to run based on the history of timers that you've run like with

00:27:29   projects and tags all that kind of stuff put together so like for example I can

00:27:33   go to Timery you know use the keyboard command to bring up a new timer and just

00:27:37   type UP for upgrade and it will give me upgrade prep, upgrade recording, upgrade

00:27:42   editing and I can just choose which one of those I want. It's very easy to do all that

00:27:46   kind of stuff. The app is just, just continues to get better and better on all platforms,

00:27:51   including the Mac. And so yeah, I wanted to give a nod for Timery.

00:27:55   That's great. The Upgradients voted at 6.7% for Safari,

00:28:01   which is interesting. 4.3% for Craft and 3.5% for Obsidian.

00:28:09   You know, okay, Obsidian is a really interesting app, right?

00:28:14   And it's very powerful.

00:28:16   And I appreciate that about it.

00:28:18   But I will say that if I nominated Slack

00:28:22   or 1Password in this category.

00:28:23   - Love Obsidian, man.

00:28:25   They just love Obsidian. - People would be like,

00:28:26   oh my God, but it's not even a real app.

00:28:29   It's just a collection of web things

00:28:31   that are wrapped on the Mac.

00:28:33   And Obsidian is that too.

00:28:34   But I guess everybody's okay with it

00:28:37   because they do love it, and that's fine.

00:28:39   I specifically, I'm not not nominating 1Password by the way,

00:28:43   because of how it's built.

00:28:46   Actually, there are things I really like

00:28:49   about the new version of 1Password, and I do rely on it,

00:28:51   but there's also a bunch of interface choices

00:28:53   that they made that I think are not good.

00:28:56   And it frustrates me enough that I wasn't gonna nominate it

00:28:59   regardless of how they built it.

00:29:00   - Yeah, I'm kind of like that,

00:29:01   I'm a bit neutral on the new 1Password.

00:29:03   I like some of it, but I also don't like some of it.

00:29:05   Like I used to be able to get to my credit cards

00:29:08   really easily and now it's like,

00:29:10   I've got to go find my credit cards

00:29:12   'cause it doesn't want to show them to me.

00:29:14   And I don't understand why.

00:29:16   They think I use one password in a way that I don't.

00:29:20   They think I need access in the sidebar

00:29:22   to a bunch of things that I don't

00:29:24   and not the things that I do and it's really frustrating.

00:29:27   And so this year I'm definitely not gonna propose it.

00:29:31   But I just want to point out Obsidian is a-

00:29:33   - It's a funny one to have in there.

00:29:35   It's very funny, but I get why people like it

00:29:37   and the power of it.

00:29:38   I've tried it.

00:29:39   It doesn't work for the way I work,

00:29:41   but every time I hear somebody like Federico talk about

00:29:45   how he's using it, I'm amazed by it.

00:29:47   And I think that's so cool,

00:29:49   but that's where it ends for me. (laughs)

00:29:53   - So, "Run is Up," bonus thought of "Run is Up,"

00:29:56   I would say we should probably go with,

00:30:01   I mean, I don't wanna get, I mean,

00:30:04   I don't really wanna give Safari the best Mac,

00:30:06   I just don't want.

00:30:07   - No.

00:30:07   - So I would say maybe, should we go with a pick Timery,

00:30:11   'cause I love it, and Ecamm for you,

00:30:14   'cause we haven't spoken about that one before?

00:30:16   - Yeah, let's do it.

00:30:17   And then we'll do Ecamm Live,

00:30:19   and then we'll put Audio Hijack as the winner.

00:30:20   - And you know what that does?

00:30:22   It creates-- - Oh, is it

00:30:23   in the Hall of Fame?

00:30:24   - It creates our third lifetime award-winning

00:30:27   individual group. (clapping)

00:30:30   So now Audio Hijack has now won the best Mac app three times.

00:30:35   It won in 2022, it won in 2018, and it won in 2016.

00:30:41   So it was won three times overall.

00:30:43   And that's the rule.

00:30:44   You win three times, become a lifetime award winner,

00:30:47   you're no longer eligible for the future.

00:30:49   And this stops, you know, the idea of just like

00:30:51   some categories would just been the same apps all the time.

00:30:54   So we want to mix things up.

00:30:55   So congratulations to Rogan Mieber and Audio Hijack.

00:30:58   Not only have you picked up a win this year,

00:31:00   You are now a Lifetime Award winner,

00:31:01   making the third Lifetime Award winner.

00:31:04   This is the first non-podcast Lifetime Award winner.

00:31:08   - Finally, those podcasters have stopped talking

00:31:10   about audio hijack.

00:31:11   - I know.

00:31:12   - Or will we?

00:31:14   - Or will we?

00:31:15   No one could know.

00:31:17   So that's really cool.

00:31:19   I'm happy about that.

00:31:19   And so should we move on to best newcomer Mac app?

00:31:22   The entire reason that we have Upgradients, do the vote.

00:31:25   This is why we created it, because it can be complicated.

00:31:29   So I would tell you, even though I have been using my Mac

00:31:33   more this year than I have in years,

00:31:35   I don't have an app to nominate in the best newcomer Mac app.

00:31:41   There hasn't been anything that has really

00:31:44   made a significant impact on me that has received

00:31:48   a release in the last year.

00:31:50   There are lots of apps that have been updated

00:31:52   and that kind of stuff.

00:31:53   And I've taken great use of them and I've loved them.

00:31:56   but I haven't had any brand new applications to me

00:32:00   that I felt would be a nomination for me.

00:32:03   - Well, in a shocking turn of events,

00:32:09   I am going to nominate MimeStream,

00:32:13   our previous winner in this newcomer category,

00:32:17   because it's still at version 0.40.1

00:32:21   and hasn't come out yet.

00:32:22   - Okay, so this is interesting.

00:32:23   I saw you do this and it's also, spoilers,

00:32:26   4% of the upgrade hands voted for MimeStream,

00:32:28   making it third.

00:32:29   Now I love MimeStream, but it's also not a newcomer.

00:32:34   - The newcomer category.

00:32:35   I agree.

00:32:36   I agree.

00:32:37   I just, I laugh about it cause it seems new

00:32:38   because it's still version zero.

00:32:40   - And it's also just feels very much like

00:32:42   it's an active development, which it is.

00:32:43   But I mean like really, really proper development

00:32:46   of like is an update every week kind of active development.

00:32:49   - Yeah. And he hasn't shipped it.

00:32:51   I also nominate Audio Hijack 4 in this category

00:32:54   because it's new version, but I'm not sure if,

00:32:58   I mean, if that really counts

00:33:00   and it just got the hall of fame, so it's hard.

00:33:04   The other app I thought of, and I have not used it a lot,

00:33:07   but I've read a lot of writing about it

00:33:09   and I've used it a little bit.

00:33:11   I've been trying to use it more, is this app Raycast,

00:33:15   which is like a 2020s take on the quick launcher.

00:33:21   on the quick launchers that we all got like 20 years ago.

00:33:26   So like Alfred and my personal favorite launch bar

00:33:32   and Raycast, it's basically one of those.

00:33:38   I think what's different about it is that it's new.

00:33:45   And I like that it's new.

00:33:47   This is a category that felt like it was,

00:33:50   it was basically set, right?

00:33:52   - Yeah, I can't believe there's a new one

00:33:54   of these applications.

00:33:55   - Right, I mean, it started with Quicksilver

00:33:58   and then you got Alfred and Launch Bar

00:33:59   and it was a real thing in what, the 2000s, right?

00:34:03   - Yeah, and then Spotlight, right?

00:34:05   - And then Spotlight picked up a lot of the features of it.

00:34:08   It's true in the default OS, although not,

00:34:11   again, it's an Apple feature, so it's for the masses

00:34:13   and simplified and all of that.

00:34:16   So Raycast existing, I think is kind of cool.

00:34:21   I have moments where I really like the fact

00:34:26   that somebody is trying very hard

00:34:28   to build a new version of these

00:34:30   with the sensibilities of the modern era, right?

00:34:33   They don't have to support existing users.

00:34:36   They don't have to have an evolving code base

00:34:39   that's been around for 20 years.

00:34:41   Raycast can be built for just a brand new world

00:34:44   and a new set of whatever is current on the Mac today,

00:34:49   integration with shortcuts and all those things.

00:34:51   Not to say that the other apps don't have that,

00:34:52   but they have to, you know,

00:34:54   write their building brick by brick over 20 years

00:34:56   and Raycast comes in and is like,

00:34:57   "We got a new take on it."

00:34:59   I like that about it.

00:35:00   What I don't like about it a little bit

00:35:02   is that it feels like they're reinventing the wheel.

00:35:05   And there's something about their writing and their company

00:35:11   where they talk about, "Oh, we got an investment

00:35:13   and we're building this and we've got this thing

00:35:15   that we're doing where I feel like it's very congratulatory

00:35:18   for literally reinventing apps

00:35:21   that have already existed for 20 years.

00:35:23   Like it doesn't feel new.

00:35:27   It feels like a new take on an old thing.

00:35:31   And yet the way it's marketed is sort of like,

00:35:33   oh, it'll blow your mind.

00:35:34   Look at what it does.

00:35:35   I'm like, hmm, hmm.

00:35:38   So I'm torn a little bit, but what I do like about it is

00:35:41   It feels like a real Mac app.

00:35:43   It is designed for Mac productivity.

00:35:46   There are not a lot of those apps out there.

00:35:49   And I do, this is a category

00:35:51   that is near and dear to my heart.

00:35:52   I love these quick launchers.

00:35:54   I think that they can be incredibly powerful.

00:35:57   So I wanna support it,

00:36:01   but I also had that moment where I think,

00:36:03   and yet at the end of the day,

00:36:05   it really is just playing a song

00:36:09   that we all know from 20 years ago.

00:36:13   - Yeah, it's an interesting app.

00:36:15   I know a lot of people that have come to really like it.

00:36:17   And it's also doing some interesting stuff,

00:36:19   like it has window management tools built into it

00:36:21   because like why not?

00:36:22   And I like that someone's putting all this stuff

00:36:24   into the Mac.

00:36:25   I'm intrigued about the company and what they're up to.

00:36:28   They take an investment, they have a Teams plan,

00:36:30   but it's like really hard to give them money.

00:36:33   The amount that they give away for free

00:36:36   before they start charging is really interesting.

00:36:38   So I wonder where this app's gonna go.

00:36:41   It's been kind of in the corner of my eye for a while.

00:36:44   I might, you know, I've been trying to use it,

00:36:47   like trying it out.

00:36:48   I use Alfred and I'm a very happy Alfred customer,

00:36:50   but I am really intrigued by all of the integrations

00:36:53   that Raycast have.

00:36:54   Like there's like a bunch of extensions.

00:36:55   This is kind of like obsidian really,

00:36:57   where people can write extensions for the app.

00:37:00   - And that's the part that I like about it, right?

00:37:04   When I say that it's modern,

00:37:07   That's the kind of thing where it's like,

00:37:08   okay, we're gonna build this thing

00:37:09   and then we're gonna do the very modern thing of,

00:37:11   we're gonna have all these different extensions to,

00:37:13   you know, web services and things in the system

00:37:15   and we're gonna build those things out

00:37:16   and they're extensible.

00:37:17   And it's not like the other apps don't do it,

00:37:19   but again, the other apps do it in a way that is more

00:37:23   of the 15, 20 years ago take

00:37:25   because that's when they evolved

00:37:27   and this thing is like a fresh take on it.

00:37:29   And that part I find very, yeah, very interesting.

00:37:33   It's just, you know, again, tempered with the fact that

00:37:35   It doesn't feel like there's a lot of new ground

00:37:37   being broken here.

00:37:38   - I mean, if you want an example of its newness,

00:37:40   the one of the most, the top featured extension right now

00:37:43   is to interact with GPT-3.

00:37:45   So you can do that inside of Raycast in case,

00:37:47   I don't know, you need to do it immediately.

00:37:49   - Don't do that.

00:37:50   - So the upgrade-ions of 4% with MimeStream,

00:37:54   because they believe, like you do, that it's a new app.

00:37:57   - It's new to you.

00:37:58   - 5.8% for Diffusion B,

00:38:01   which I thought was really interesting.

00:38:04   Like, but like, you know, and was of the now in a way that I kind of like.

00:38:10   For sure.

00:38:10   Um, and 9.8% for Arc browser from the browser company, which is

00:38:17   fascinating because it was quite a big margin to the second app.

00:38:21   And it's not publicly available.

00:38:24   It is a closed beta that you can get an invite to it.

00:38:29   You can just put your name down, you can put on a list.

00:38:32   This is an app that I am personally really interested in.

00:38:35   I see people that use Arc, they post things that Arc does.

00:38:39   I've seen people build these home pages

00:38:42   that are like a collection of six live tiles of other pages,

00:38:46   and they just do really interesting stuff,

00:38:48   and people write their own code injections

00:38:51   that just get added in really simply.

00:38:53   I think this is going to be a big deal, Arc,

00:38:56   but it's got to come out first.

00:38:58   - I agree.

00:39:00   So I'm kind of stuck here with what is the winner

00:39:04   in this category and what are the runners up.

00:39:09   There's an overlap, but I mean,

00:39:12   I don't know about giving an app best newcomer twice,

00:39:17   but like we make the rules.

00:39:19   So maybe it's kind of funny to do that.

00:39:21   I don't know.

00:39:22   - Oh yeah.

00:39:26   You know, I think so.

00:39:28   I think we should do it.

00:39:29   Alright, so MimeStream does an almost impossible thing.

00:39:32   Two years in a row is the best newcomer.

00:39:34   Ship 1.0, Neil.

00:39:36   We could end up in a weird situation where next year MimeStream becomes a lifetime winner

00:39:41   in the best newcomer category, which would be very weird.

00:39:45   That would be amazing.

00:39:46   And let's go with Raycast, and I want to put Diffusion B in as a run around.

00:39:51   Just because it tells a time in history, as we look back.

00:39:55   You know, when we're doing the 18th annual upgrades, we'll be like, "Oh yeah, that was

00:39:58   year everybody thought that AI art was the thing we were all going to do with our time.

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00:42:08   So we move on to our next category.

00:42:10   We're kind of moving into more entertainment apps now.

00:42:13   We've got the entertainment awards, I should say.

00:42:17   We've got the app awards taken care of.

00:42:19   So move to entertainment.

00:42:21   And we start with game of the year.

00:42:23   - Okay.

00:42:24   - I would like to start here

00:42:25   and just give an emphatic recommendation for Marvel Snap.

00:42:30   This game is so goddamn good.

00:42:37   - All right, please explain it to me

00:42:38   like somebody who doesn't know what Marvel Snap is.

00:42:40   - Yes, Marvel Snap is a card game, right?

00:42:44   Like a collectible card game

00:42:46   where you play against each other, you know,

00:42:47   like in like a Magic the Gathering, like a Hearthstone,

00:42:51   you know, like Pokemon, that kind of idea.

00:42:53   But it's using the Marvel property, right?

00:42:56   So it is a very simplified version of a game like this.

00:43:00   You have a small deck, and each game,

00:43:03   like each actual game is timed

00:43:05   to last about three to four minutes.

00:43:07   There are six rounds, and each of those rounds

00:43:11   has a ticking clock on it, so it can only last for so long.

00:43:14   And the cards are very simple.

00:43:15   You have a cost of the card and how much damage the card can do.

00:43:19   And then there are some cards have additional powers to them

00:43:22   that they can maybe change an outcome

00:43:26   or change the power of other cards, that kind of stuff.

00:43:28   But don't worry about that too much

00:43:29   if you're just trying to learn what the app is.

00:43:31   And effectively, you're just playing

00:43:33   against people in these very short games.

00:43:35   you're looking at the cards that you have in your hand and in your deck and picking

00:43:39   the ones that you think are going to give you the best strategy for winning the game.

00:43:43   Because you are playing against real people, mostly there are bots but they try and match

00:43:47   you up with real people as much as possible. When I win I feel this sometimes can feel

00:43:53   this real sense of accomplishment. If I pull off a strategy, I've got a strategy going

00:43:56   into a game and I win the game, oh it feels so good. And you're also collecting up the

00:44:00   cards as well so you have a collection of cards and they all have great art and you

00:44:05   you can update the visuals of them, you can upgrade the cards. It is a very very good,

00:44:11   so you hear me say all of this, I tell you it's free and you're like oh here we go. You

00:44:17   can play this game as much as you want, as often as you want without paying them a cent.

00:44:25   The only thing that you, so there are a couple of things you can pay for. You can pay for

00:44:29   currency in the game if you want to upgrade your cards faster but all that upgrading the

00:44:34   cards does is just change their visuals. It doesn't change the cards how they play and

00:44:40   you can't buy more powerful cards really. There are some asterisks to that, they might

00:44:47   sometimes have a special event where you can buy one card but it's not like you can go

00:44:51   in and be like give me a pack of cards and maybe in those six I might get one that's

00:44:55   good. No you know what you're buying if you're going to do that. They also have their battle

00:44:58   passes where you can play to earn everything pretty much in the battle pass which is kind

00:45:04   event season but you can also pay them a bit of money to jump forward a few levels but

00:45:09   all it does is just gives you some unlockables but again those unlockables by and large won't

00:45:13   necessarily change the way that you play the game.

00:45:16   It is so good, the tutorial is so good.

00:45:19   If you've never played a game like this before, like I had never played a card game like this

00:45:23   before, their tutorial is so good at explaining how to play this kind of game and you come

00:45:31   out of it and you feel great and you just slowly divulge the pieces of the game to you

00:45:37   and then eventually you're let out into the world and you don't really know at what point

00:45:41   that begins which is also very interesting like it's hard to tell where the tutorial

00:45:45   ends and you actually playing the game with real people begins. It is a truly fantastic

00:45:52   iOS game. It's also on the Mac because they checked the checkbox so you can play the iOS

00:46:00   game on the Mac. I adore Marvel Snap. I only really checked this out because I love Marvel,

00:46:07   right? So it was like an IP that I like. But it is taking the games industry by storm this

00:46:12   year just because of how good it is. It is so well made. It's a wonderful game.

00:46:17   My nomination I've already talked about, which is Not Words by Zach Gage, which is the rare

00:46:23   game. You know me, Myke, I'm very skeptical about any added burden on my time, right?

00:46:31   I'm like, "What is this gonna cost me?" And like, "Do a puzzle every day." It's like,

00:46:36   "Oh, you know, do I really want to commit to doing a puzzle every day?" Well, I don't.

00:46:43   And we've talked about my game playing, right? A couple weeks ago we talked about this in

00:46:47   reference to the playdate, and it's like, I'm really bad at playing games because I

00:46:50   I just always end up prioritizing something else

00:46:52   that I'm doing instead of playing games.

00:46:54   And so, although I wanna play games, I just don't.

00:46:56   And yet, "Not Words" got me to play almost every day.

00:47:00   And that is, and it's a great game.

00:47:03   So that's my, it didn't set the world on fire,

00:47:06   it didn't change the world.

00:47:07   But for me, it was incredibly successful at what it did.

00:47:12   - Yeah, "Gradians" voted, I think, predictably,

00:47:15   which I understand, in that they picked

00:47:18   three of the very best video games released.

00:47:20   this year on traditional consoles. Horizon Forbidden West at 4%, God of War Ragnarok

00:47:28   at 6.3% and Elden Ring at 8.4%. Most game of the years in all outlets this year will

00:47:34   be either Elden Ring or Ragnarok. I think one piece of context that I meant to say with

00:47:41   Marvel Snap, this year I've played more video games than I have in years. I'll talk

00:47:48   about why a little bit later on in the episode but I'm playing tons of games as

00:47:50   yet and I've played some truly fantastic games this year that is how good Marvel

00:47:55   Snap is like I love it more than all of the traditional games that I've played

00:48:00   this year I will say I have yet to play God of War Ragnarok because I haven't

00:48:05   been able to get my PlayStation set up at my new house I have tried Elden Ring

00:48:09   and it's just not for me right so I would like to propose Marvel Snap as

00:48:14   game of the year, not words and Elden Ring as our runners up.

00:48:17   Yep, sounds good.

00:48:18   All right, so we're going to move into favorite movie. I would like you to start this one

00:48:25   off for us.

00:48:26   All right, I had four that I rated very highly on my diary on Letterboxd, because that was

00:48:34   the repository of my brain of what did I watch this year. It's nice to have a repository

00:48:38   for that stuff.

00:48:40   And so I was able to quickly go through,

00:48:43   these are the four that I wanted to highlight.

00:48:46   In the Marvel movie category, "Wakanda Forever,"

00:48:49   I think was the best Marvel movie.

00:48:51   A good movie, not as good as "Black Panther,"

00:48:54   but a very good movie that does some really interesting

00:48:58   things, makes some interesting choices.

00:49:01   I wanted to mention the Pixar movie "Turning Red"

00:49:04   about a girl in Toronto in the 90s, 2000s,

00:49:08   who turns into a giant super panda.

00:49:13   It is super stealth, a Marvel movie,

00:49:18   not based on any Marvel intellectual property mind.

00:49:21   You just, you don't realize it.

00:49:24   And then at some point you're like,

00:49:25   this is kind of a superhero story, isn't it?

00:49:27   It totally is.

00:49:28   It's great.

00:49:29   I love that movie.

00:49:30   And then in the serious theater, serious movie fronts,

00:49:34   I wanted to point out too, the Oscar nominated,

00:49:39   but I watched it this year,

00:49:42   so it counts as far as I'm concerned.

00:49:44   And Oscar winning, "Power of the Dog."

00:49:49   - Oh, the dog movie.

00:49:50   - The dog movie that we talked about, you know what?

00:49:52   It's really good.

00:49:54   - It's powerful.

00:49:55   - Benedict Cumberbatch directed by James Campion.

00:49:58   It's a really good movie.

00:49:59   I saw the dog movie, it's a really good movie.

00:50:01   And on Apple TV Plus of all places,

00:50:06   Denzel Washington in "The Tragedy of Macbeth."

00:50:10   - Interesting.

00:50:11   - A, oh, that movie, a black and white

00:50:16   directed by one of the Coen brothers.

00:50:23   It is in a Shakespeare adaptation.

00:50:28   I watched it because it was an Oscar nominee

00:50:31   and I was interested in watching those.

00:50:33   And I was completely blown away by it.

00:50:38   Not just the performances, but the filmmaking choices

00:50:43   and the way it looked.

00:50:45   It was the single best experience I had

00:50:48   watching a movie this year.

00:50:50   And so "The Tragedy of Macbeth" on Apple TV+,

00:50:54   I would say was my favorite movie of the year.

00:50:57   - Wow.

00:50:58   - Yeah, right?

00:51:00   I'm surprised too.

00:51:01   - Oh, I went with "Turning Red."

00:51:04   Love that movie. - I love that Pixar movie.

00:51:07   - Just love that movie. - It's so good.

00:51:08   - Oh my God.

00:51:08   I did not expect that the movie was gonna make me cry,

00:51:11   and it did big time.

00:51:13   And so this one's a little skewed, "The Batman."

00:51:17   So two things on this.

00:51:18   I did really love this movie.

00:51:20   Like I had a great time,

00:51:22   but I know that part of it was the experience.

00:51:25   watched this in Memphis with Steven.

00:51:27   Like it was the first time I'd seen a movie with friends

00:51:31   in a very long time.

00:51:32   - Ah, yes.

00:51:33   - So my experience of that movie was heightened by that.

00:51:38   - Well, let me tell you about my Batman experience

00:51:40   'cause Lauren and I started to watch it

00:51:41   and about 30 minutes in, both of us were kind of tired

00:51:43   and it was all dark and slow.

00:51:45   And I was like, this isn't working for either of us.

00:51:47   And I turned it off.

00:51:48   I was like, that's it for the Batman.

00:51:49   Nice try.

00:51:50   I was kind of watching it reluctantly anyway.

00:51:52   - I think the Batman needed to be seen in the cinema.

00:51:56   - Well, hold on.

00:51:58   I then watched the rest of the Batman

00:52:00   like five days later by myself

00:52:04   and I thought it was really good.

00:52:05   - It's a great movie.

00:52:07   - It's a really good movie.

00:52:08   I was in the wrong frame of mind

00:52:09   and I think it starts a little bit slow

00:52:12   and I didn't really get what vibe

00:52:14   that Matt Reeves was going for.

00:52:18   And I think I brought in some of my prejudices

00:52:23   about some of the previous Batman movies

00:52:27   and the things I liked and didn't like about them.

00:52:29   And I'm not a fan of the,

00:52:32   "Oh, it's dark and gritty and everything's miserable

00:52:35   and it's Batman."

00:52:36   'Cause like, Batman can also be fun.

00:52:39   Batman doesn't have to be like that.

00:52:40   And yet I was like, oh, here's another movie

00:52:43   that's dark and slow and miserable and Batman is in it.

00:52:48   And then the switch flipped when I had that moment

00:52:51   where I thought to myself,

00:52:52   oh, this is, they're literally doing

00:52:57   a almost like '70s dirty, gross,

00:53:02   grungy detective crime movie.

00:53:09   Or something like, or something like "Zodiac," right?

00:53:12   Like that kind of, almost like a period piece,

00:53:15   even though it's not.

00:53:16   And once I realized like, oh, I see what you're doing here.

00:53:20   You really are doing, not doing a Batman movie in many ways,

00:53:24   you're doing a detective movie with Batman,

00:53:26   which is great 'cause he's supposed to be,

00:53:28   you know, it's detective comics, all of that.

00:53:30   And that's when it flipped over for me.

00:53:32   And I'm like, okay, actually, I kind of enjoy this movie

00:53:35   now that I understand what it is.

00:53:36   But it took me a second try to get there.

00:53:39   But I did get there.

00:53:40   - I think that there's a reason that so far, at least,

00:53:43   it seems to be surviving the DC reworking

00:53:48   that James Gunn is doing right now.

00:53:50   It seems like this is one of the things

00:53:52   they're not gonna get rid of.

00:53:54   - It does seem that way.

00:53:56   - The Upgradients vote is 7.7% for Wakanda Forever,

00:54:00   16.8% for Top Gun Maverick,

00:54:03   and 22.2% for Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.

00:54:07   - It's a very popular movie that's gonna do really well,

00:54:09   I think, during awards season as well,

00:54:11   everything everywhere all at once.

00:54:14   I'm gonna expose myself as a monster and say,

00:54:18   "I thought it was fine."

00:54:20   - Okay.

00:54:21   I haven't seen it yet.

00:54:22   - I didn't dislike it,

00:54:24   and I think it probably suffers

00:54:26   from having everybody rave about it before I saw it.

00:54:29   - This is why I haven't seen it yet,

00:54:31   because of that. - But I thought it was fine.

00:54:33   I thought it was a perfectly fine movie.

00:54:35   I didn't think it was earth-shattering.

00:54:37   There's also a possibility here

00:54:38   that I am so deep down in the genre

00:54:42   that things that are maybe surprising to other people

00:54:45   are not surprising to me, and so I don't find it as novel.

00:54:49   But yeah, I thought it was a good movie.

00:54:52   I just, you know, I don't really understand,

00:54:55   it didn't match up with the raves

00:54:56   that I saw from other people about it,

00:54:58   but I get why people love it.

00:55:00   I know so many people love it.

00:55:01   We did the "Incomparable" episode about it, I just opted out.

00:55:04   I had people who loved it talk about it

00:55:05   because I didn't wanna hear me talk about it.

00:55:08   I wanted to hear the people who loved it talk about why they thought it was great, but it

00:55:11   didn't do that for me.

00:55:12   So, let's take a look at what we've got here, right?

00:55:15   We've got a couple of overlaps.

00:55:16   So we've got Turning Red, me and you both voted for Wakanda Forever, you and the Upgradients

00:55:21   voted for.

00:55:22   You love Tragedy of Macbeth?

00:55:24   Yeah.

00:55:25   I'm okay with Turning Red winning this category because that was one of, absolutely one of

00:55:29   my favorites.

00:55:30   I would want Tragedy of Macbeth to be a runner up because it was my favorite movie of the

00:55:33   year.

00:55:34   also do everything everywhere at once. Sure. So I love that. I love because I

00:55:40   don't think Tony Wright's gonna get the nod many places. I'm happy that we get to

00:55:44   do that because that was a very big surprise to me just how much I love that

00:55:48   movie. Me too. Me too. I mean it was a Pixar. I thought it would be good. I...

00:55:54   my expectations were sort of zero. I was just like I don't even know a lot about

00:55:57   this movie and that was why it surprised me too because it was just like oh it

00:56:01   kind of came out of nowhere, it felt like at the time.

00:56:04   I hope that Disney pull Pixar back together again

00:56:09   and do what they need to do with Pixar.

00:56:11   - Yeah.

00:56:12   - Because the movies are still great,

00:56:13   but they're just not giving them the market news.

00:56:17   - Yeah, I mean, running them all on Disney Plus

00:56:19   and yeah, there's a lot of things going on there

00:56:21   that they need to fix.

00:56:23   - Let's talk about our favorite TV show of the year.

00:56:27   - Oh boy, so many choices.

00:56:29   - So many.

00:56:30   It's a great year for television.

00:56:33   Great year for television.

00:56:34   What have you got?

00:56:37   You want me to go?

00:56:38   Yeah.

00:56:39   Okay, I'm gonna give you five.

00:56:41   Okay.

00:56:42   Of a list that will probably,

00:56:44   when I think about this a little bit more,

00:56:46   will end up being a top 10 list that I'll post somewhere.

00:56:48   But here are my five.

00:56:50   You know I watch a lot of TV, this is my thing.

00:56:52   Yep.

00:56:53   I think this is my top five.

00:56:55   Severance on Apple TV Plus,

00:56:59   just, you know, chef's kiss.

00:57:01   - Yep.

00:57:02   - I think, I just, I was kind of skeptical.

00:57:05   I was like, I don't know.

00:57:08   It's like a workplace, like black comedy or a,

00:57:11   and then I watched it.

00:57:13   I'm like, this is the best.

00:57:15   - I had very specific places that I thought

00:57:18   it was going to go to of like,

00:57:20   people have relationships in both sides

00:57:22   and then those relationships collide like romantic ones.

00:57:25   And none of, like, you know, it's just like,

00:57:27   that was what I thought the show was gonna be.

00:57:29   - Nah, wasn't that.

00:57:30   So again, like you, I was very surprised with where it went.

00:57:34   - Yeah, exactly.

00:57:36   It surprised me in all good ways.

00:57:40   And or the Star Wars show.

00:57:43   And I will say, if you are a person who is skeptical

00:57:45   of Star Wars shows and sci-fi shows,

00:57:50   and oh, well, when you say that it's the best show,

00:57:55   What you mean is that it's the best of a, with an asterisk,

00:58:00   the best of this kind of show.

00:58:01   - The best franchise show.

00:58:03   - Exactly, or you're grading it up a little bit

00:58:06   because it was like, oh, no.

00:58:09   Andor is legitimately one of the very best

00:58:13   TV shows of the year, TV shows of the year.

00:58:17   Not good for Star Wars, not good for genre, just good.

00:58:21   Just good.

00:58:22   You can watch it not caring about Star Wars,

00:58:25   And it is good. It is legitimately that good. And that was also a surprise because I went

00:58:31   into that show thinking, "Ah, okay, like it's a guy from the Rogue One movie who is a sort

00:58:39   of secondary character and somehow he's got a show and what will that be about and it's

00:58:48   It's a prequel to a prequel and I don't understand what it's all about.

00:58:53   And it was, um, it just legitimately great.

00:58:57   Legitimately.

00:58:58   All the way.

00:58:59   I haven't seen it yet, but I want to.

00:59:01   The reason I didn't start it when it started, because I was very much, I already knew the

00:59:05   fate of this guy.

00:59:06   Like what stories are they really going to tell to excite me?

00:59:09   But I know like everyone is just praising this show like you wouldn't believe.

00:59:12   It's probably next up for us.

00:59:14   I would argue.

00:59:15   I already know the fate of this guy.

00:59:17   show that's got somebody at their center, right? Like, and Better Call Saul is like

00:59:21   this too, right? It's like, you know the fate of that guy, but it's not the point.

00:59:29   It's how it's, it's, in fact, Andor and Better Call Saul have some things in common, including

00:59:33   the fact that they're both about sort of like, who is this guy and how does he get where

00:59:37   we know he's going to be from that other thing, right?

00:59:42   Yep, that makes sense.

00:59:44   Speaking of we know what's gonna happen to this guy,

00:59:47   Star Trek Strange New Worlds, which is making a lot of top 10 lists too, which warms my heart,

00:59:52   it's just a breath of fresh air. It is a franchise that said

00:59:59   we know what people actually want from Star Trek, which is they want Star Trek. They want

01:00:05   every week they go to a different planet and have an adventure

01:00:09   and have a collection of really interesting characters

01:00:12   along the way and kind of a happy spirit

01:00:15   of adventure and exploration,

01:00:18   which is not in the zeitgeist

01:00:21   of what modern TV, streaming TV is like,

01:00:23   which is why the previous

01:00:25   and the other Star Trek streaming shows

01:00:27   are all sort of like modern prestige dramas

01:00:30   and season-long story arcs and all those things.

01:00:32   And for Strange New Worlds, they're like,

01:00:33   "Nope, bright uniforms, go to a different planet every week.

01:00:36   "USS Enterprise, we're gonna,"

01:00:38   and it's literally a prequel to the original Star Trek,

01:00:40   on the Enterprise with the previous captain,

01:00:43   who we know his fate, but some great performances,

01:00:47   especially Anson Mount as Captain Pike.

01:00:50   10 episodes, super fun, can't recommend it enough,

01:00:55   just a delight to watch it.

01:00:58   And then I have two more.

01:00:59   The Bear, which is on Hulu in the US,

01:01:03   probably Disney+ everywhere else, I don't know.

01:01:05   - It is now, yep.

01:01:06   The Bear, a show about a famous chef who sort of returns to his family restaurant, kind

01:01:16   of in disgrace, sort of, after the death of his brother who ran the restaurant.

01:01:22   And it is, for a show that is literally about people in a restaurant, and maybe people who've

01:01:29   worked in restaurants will understand why this is, but it is one of the most intense

01:01:34   TV shows I have ever seen and is so good at being about characters and being about, you

01:01:45   know, but also being about action and like it's yeah it was a breath of fresh air and

01:01:52   a shock and it's so good it's it's just I don't know what to say about the bear. Watch

01:01:57   it. You will be glad you did. And then finally I'm gonna say the latest season for all mankind

01:02:03   at number five on my list.

01:02:04   Apple TV Plus show, very good, had a new season,

01:02:10   it's all about going to Mars.

01:02:12   That show builds the tension like no other show on TV

01:02:16   in some ways, and although it is sort of increasingly

01:02:19   outlandish in a lot of ways,

01:02:21   I could not stop watching episode to episode.

01:02:24   Really just a, what a rollercoaster ride

01:02:27   of sort of near future sci-fi-ish action.

01:02:32   Just that show is a great show and I love it.

01:02:34   That's my five.

01:02:37   - My list goes She-Hulk, number four.

01:02:40   I really loved She-Hulk.

01:02:42   It gave me exactly what I wanted from a Marvel show.

01:02:46   - It's a good show.

01:02:47   Breaking some ground, being funny and a little meta.

01:02:52   - And I wanted to see her as a lawyer and we got that.

01:02:57   It was the one thing I wanted from the show is I wanted,

01:03:00   I wanted Jennifer Walters, right?

01:03:03   I wanted to see her do Law and we got that, right?

01:03:06   And it was hilarious.

01:03:08   - Superhero Law.

01:03:09   I mean, it is She-Hulk attorney at Law, right?

01:03:11   Like that was the joke and also the subject matter

01:03:14   is in the title there and it's, yeah, that was very good.

01:03:17   - You mentioned it earlier, but Better Call Saul

01:03:19   finished this year just sublime.

01:03:21   Such a good TV show.

01:03:23   That is a show that builds drama almost unlike anything else.

01:03:28   I will agree with you that For All Mankind,

01:03:30   which is my second favorite show of this year,

01:03:33   I could not believe what they pulled off in this season.

01:03:38   It was like, I don't understand.

01:03:39   It was like every episode, even the first,

01:03:41   the opening episode is one of the most nerve wracking

01:03:45   opening episodes of any TV show I've ever seen.

01:03:48   Like, they took things to such a level,

01:03:50   it felt like that there couldn't have been

01:03:52   the rest of a season.

01:03:54   It's like, how are you going to continue from this point?

01:03:57   Yeah, superb and again, the season ends

01:04:00   and it's just like, we know there's another one coming,

01:04:02   I think, I assume.

01:04:04   I don't recall if they've done it,

01:04:06   but I mean, I couldn't remember if Apple

01:04:07   officially announced that like, hey, we're doing it again,

01:04:09   but I'm sure they have.

01:04:11   But it's again, we're in this situation with the show

01:04:13   where it's like, I don't understand

01:04:14   how you will continue making the show

01:04:16   based upon everything that you've done,

01:04:18   but handled just wonderfully.

01:04:20   Such a fantastic show, but it's just easy.

01:04:23   The best television show this year was Severance.

01:04:26   I just think it's not even up for any argument

01:04:28   like it was the best TV show.

01:04:30   - I agree.

01:04:31   No, it's, I had the Alan Seppenwald,

01:04:33   the TV critic for Rolling Stone tweeted out a message

01:04:37   that was, "You can't do Ties, you can't do also Rands,

01:04:40   name the best show you saw this year, just one."

01:04:45   And I thought that was a really interesting challenge

01:04:48   'cause it's a lot easy making these lists.

01:04:49   And it made me sit there and think for a while about,

01:04:52   specifically about Severance and Andor.

01:04:55   and it's Severance. It is. And a lot of my pals are like, "Oh, Andor is the best show."

01:05:01   And it's like, "Nah, I gotta go with Severance. It is. I think it is the best. The best."

01:05:07   I think maybe a lot of people, including me, forget that Severance came out in 2022.

01:05:11   Because it was early.

01:05:13   Maybe so. It was early.

01:05:15   So, like, it feels like it was a 2021 show, but no, it came out in 2022 and it was sublime.

01:05:19   Yep. The best.

01:05:20   The upgradings went 5.2% for House of the Dragon.

01:05:23   Okay.

01:05:24   22.7% for Andor and 26.1% for Severance.

01:05:29   We're all in sync here.

01:05:31   So I think Severance is the winner, Andor and For All Mankind as it runs up.

01:05:36   All right. Yeah, that sounds good.

01:05:40   Favorite book category, which unbelievably I have a nominee for.

01:05:47   Oh boy.

01:05:48   After Steve.

01:05:50   Boo!

01:05:51   I liked it and I read it, alright?

01:05:53   Booooo!

01:05:54   You can boo me, I read the book.

01:05:56   I read a book this year that came out this year.

01:05:58   Congratulations.

01:05:59   Is it also the worst book you read this year?

01:06:01   Uh, no.

01:06:03   But I, because I've read more than one book and I wouldn't say, the other book that I read, I liked, I wouldn't have called it the worst, but I just didn't like as much as After Steve.

01:06:11   Technically that's the worst book you read because you only read two.

01:06:14   Mm-hmm.

01:06:15   Alright.

01:06:16   I, I, I have a problem with that book.

01:06:19   It has lots of interesting things in it.

01:06:20   things in it.

01:06:21   - There is an Upgrade Plus episode where we talk about it.

01:06:24   I don't remember offhand which one it was,

01:06:26   but there is an episode where we talk about it.

01:06:29   I'll see if I can find it.

01:06:31   - Okay, yeah, not for me, not for me.

01:06:35   I read 50 books this year and, you know, it happens.

01:06:41   That's why I'm not playing games.

01:06:43   My three favorite books of the year,

01:06:44   The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik,

01:06:47   which is the third book in her Scholomance series.

01:06:50   We just are, I guess, about to do an incomparable episode

01:06:54   about that whole series.

01:06:56   Great three-book series, now done.

01:06:58   This was the last one.

01:07:00   And you know, some series start with a bang,

01:07:02   and then they kind of fade out as they go.

01:07:04   And this didn't do that.

01:07:05   It did the reverse.

01:07:06   It built up everything that you've

01:07:09   learned in the first two books and then starts

01:07:13   to interrogate some parts of the premise of the books

01:07:15   while it brings it to a really rousing climax.

01:07:19   The Golden Long Enclaves is, well, the whole series,

01:07:24   it's kind of Harry Potter-esque only in the sense

01:07:27   that it is about a magical school that people go to

01:07:30   for high school, except that most of them don't survive it.

01:07:35   Most of them die.

01:07:36   And they're locked inside for four years.

01:07:39   And then some of them come out at the end,

01:07:41   but mostly they don't.

01:07:43   And we follow some students who are in that school.

01:07:47   and it's brutal and really interesting

01:07:51   and it's just great, great story.

01:07:54   Fairy tale by an author, a young up and coming author

01:07:59   you may not have heard of named Stephen King.

01:08:03   It's great.

01:08:04   - It would be funny if it was like,

01:08:05   yeah, no, not that one, that would be hilarious.

01:08:07   - No, no, it's that one.

01:08:09   It's that one, it's Stephen King at,

01:08:11   I would say there are some different Stephen Kings, right?

01:08:13   There's the horror writer Stephen King

01:08:15   And there's this kind of like mythic fantasy writer,

01:08:18   Stephen King, and this is that.

01:08:20   This is that mythic fantasy writer.

01:08:22   My favorite Stephen King book is probably "112263,"

01:08:26   which is the book about a guy who goes back in time

01:08:28   to try to stop the Kennedy assassination,

01:08:30   except it's way more complicated than that.

01:08:34   And that book is great because it's emotional and lyrical.

01:08:37   It's sad.

01:08:39   It's kind of about what history means

01:08:42   and how history affects us

01:08:44   and how you can't change your own personal history

01:08:47   and what it means to learn and grow as a person.

01:08:49   I mean, it gets into lots of different areas.

01:08:51   And "Fairytale" kind of reminded me of that.

01:08:53   That said, "Fairytale" is a book about,

01:08:55   ultimately about a magical portal to another world

01:08:59   and a kid who goes through it.

01:09:01   But even in that, the book takes its time to,

01:09:05   before the portal even is found,

01:09:08   to get you to know who this kid is

01:09:11   and what the rules of the world are

01:09:13   and who's the old man who was basically guarding the portal.

01:09:16   I loved it and I couldn't put it down.

01:09:20   So if you don't,

01:09:23   I think there are a lot of people

01:09:24   who don't read Stephen King.

01:09:25   I think there are also a lot of people

01:09:26   who read Stephen King selectively,

01:09:28   but this is, I think, one of his very best.

01:09:31   And it's the kind of Stephen King that I really like,

01:09:34   which is a little more dark, towery,

01:09:35   a little more in that epic fantasy kind of category

01:09:39   and not the horror spooky stuff.

01:09:42   I will say like on that it is wild to me that Stephen King is continuing to put out books that people like.

01:09:49   Mm-hmm.

01:09:50   Like I just kind of, I kind of can't believe that because just because of how many he's done now.

01:09:55   You know what I mean? It's just like I don't think there are many people that have had the kind of career that he has had.

01:10:00   He's been writing like a novel or two a year since the 70s.

01:10:03   And he's still doing stuff that people like.

01:10:06   You know like he, that's just wild to me.

01:10:08   Like this doesn't, like musicians don't have this kind of success, right?

01:10:12   And in general, right?

01:10:13   - Very rarely, yeah.

01:10:14   - Authors don't, movie makers, you know, don't, like,

01:10:16   he has an almost unparalleled levels of success, Stephen King.

01:10:21   It's really, really interesting.

01:10:23   - And the third book, it's actually a novella.

01:10:25   So it's kind of short, that I adored this year is "Elder Race,"

01:10:30   which is by the British author, Adrian Tchaikovsky.

01:10:34   And it is a delightful story that is simultaneously,

01:10:38   well, okay, interleaved chapter by chapter,

01:10:43   a science fiction story and an epic fantasy story

01:10:48   that are happening at the exact same time,

01:10:51   it just matters which character is narrating.

01:10:55   - I love the premise of that.

01:10:57   - It is because there is a wizard.

01:10:59   - Harry.

01:11:00   - Who needs to solve a problem

01:11:02   that a princess brings to him.

01:11:04   And there is also a very old and depressed

01:11:07   space traveler who is one of the locals on the planet that he's been observing

01:11:16   because he's an anthropologist it comes with a warning that possibly some rogue

01:11:22   leftover technology has gone awry it's the same story it's great and it's short

01:11:30   and Adrian Tchaikovsky is a brilliant writer but this is just a little novella

01:11:34   and it's I loved it to death and so so yeah I'm gonna say and I'm gonna say

01:11:41   that was my favorite although the cool enclaves was also great and fairy tale is also

01:11:44   great but elder race is the one I keep telling to people I love the idea of

01:11:47   that book that sounds fascinating yeah it's really good it's it's so good at

01:11:52   4.5% the upgradians voted for the lost metal by Brandon Sanderson okay 5.2%

01:12:01   percent for After Steve by Tripp Mickle. What can I say? By the way it's episode

01:12:07   427 of Upgrade. If you subscribe to Upgrade Plus there is a very long

01:12:12   aftershow where me and Jason have a fight about this book. And at 14.6%

01:12:18   The Nova Incident by Dan Lauren. Dan, he's just doing his job. He's out

01:12:24   there with his street team. They're marketing that for the latest book.

01:12:28   It's a really good book and a really good series. You should you should read them all the galactic cold war by Dan Morin

01:12:33   All right, what are we gonna do here? Well, this one is typically for you to stack right you like

01:12:39   Yeah, so I want to know what what you're feeling. I mean, obviously I would like half to Steve as a runner-up

01:12:45   But it's if you can handle that, you know, man

01:12:50   Okay, let's say elder race is the winner

01:12:54   let's make the Golden Enclaves a runner-up and we need one more runner-up

01:12:58   is that right? it's a Nova incident. Dan Moran is a three-time runner-up in the

01:13:05   upgrades now and I I've got to say I love that you cannot do it right you

01:13:10   cannot do it you just can't do it. if there was if there was a real like empty

01:13:14   hole there where there was nothing but I can't do it no. can't do it? no. we're gonna move

01:13:20   into the brand new category now, favorite podcast.

01:13:24   Yeah, I mean new and yet it's really just a combination of several categories.

01:13:28   Yeah, but it's a new category now. It's like, but it is as you say, it's a smoosh, it's

01:13:33   a smooshing together of all the podcast categories. And so for this, I'm going to recommend a

01:13:39   show that was new for me this year, even though it's been going on for a long time, but it's

01:13:45   It's an example of the type of show that I love the most.

01:13:49   It's the type of show that I make.

01:13:50   It is the Kinda Funny Gamescast.

01:13:52   So Kinda Funny is a podcast network.

01:13:55   They are audio and video.

01:13:57   I tend to watch their shows as video rather than audio.

01:14:00   I just think the presentation is nice and I like to do that.

01:14:05   They have a bunch of different shows.

01:14:06   They do games, they do games news, they do pop culture stuff, movies, TV shows.

01:14:13   one of their shows is the games cast which is just focused on video games what they're

01:14:17   playing reviews that kind of stuff but while it has this topic it is just as much about

01:14:24   the relationships between the hosts than it is about the show itself and where it takes

01:14:31   it even further is like there are like between 8 to 12 kind of funny hosts and they kind

01:14:38   of rotate onto the show depending on who's going to be there and there are just like

01:14:43   it's like us right like there are relationships between everybody there are feuds occurring

01:14:48   between the hosts that sometimes it was spoke about on this show but now it's coming into

01:14:53   this one you know like it is as much about their relationships as it is about the type

01:14:59   of topic right and you get both and that's what I love I love that about kind of funny

01:15:04   in general and the games cast is maybe my favourite because they also have a show called

01:15:10   the kind of funny podcast which is just like four of them get together and they just talk

01:15:13   about whatever and I love that show but it doesn't have a structure it doesn't have a

01:15:18   guiding light where the games cast does so even if there's nothing funny happening they'll

01:15:22   just talk about the video games that they came to talk about so like I think it is like

01:15:25   a perfect example of the type of show that I like to make and enjoy too. I also wanted

01:15:31   to mention the Always Sunny podcast as like you know over the last few years I keep finding

01:15:36   these shows that are about a TV show made by the people who made the TV show it's like

01:15:40   that next level up from the like a lot of stuff that you do on the incomparable right

01:15:44   like where it's like we like the show we're going to talk about it then all of a sudden

01:15:47   it became financially viable for hosts of the shows to do it the fascinating thing about

01:15:54   the Always Sunny podcast is the show is still running like it and the host and it's not

01:15:59   just and the hosts of the show weren't just on the show, they made the show. It's really

01:16:08   unique in that. They are the creators, showrunners and stars of a currently running television

01:16:15   show. For example, now they are referencing and talking about the fact that they are in

01:16:21   the writers room for the next season. I love the Always Sunny podcast. Again, it's a

01:16:27   show that I watched the video of rather than listen to the audio for, I actually switched

01:16:31   over. They started doing a video show and then at a certain point there were a lot of

01:16:36   visual gags. Just how it happens. This is why we don't do video by the way because you

01:16:41   just can't help but get into video. And so I decided to start watching it and I just

01:16:48   love it. It is fantastic and it's hilarious. It is as, I actually prefer the Always Sunny

01:16:56   podcast to Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it is a show I enjoy but like I just

01:16:59   really find those three guys fascinating and they have a producer on the

01:17:04   show who's a producer on Mythic Quest, Megan Gantz,

01:17:09   and she is like was originally like off-camera but now is part of the show

01:17:14   too and so it makes up the four of them and they're just as a group just

01:17:17   excellent. I wanted to mention that one too. They're my two podcasts and I'm bringing it to

01:17:23   - Okay, that's good.

01:17:26   All right, so I struggle with this

01:17:29   'cause I have very limited time to listen to podcasts.

01:17:33   And so there are very few podcasts

01:17:34   that I listen to every episode of,

01:17:36   but I do dip in here and there to various other podcasts.

01:17:40   And there are ones that I've found that I've enjoyed

01:17:43   and I wanna recognize at least a little bit.

01:17:45   One of them is the Playdate podcast from Panic.

01:17:47   - Yeah.

01:17:48   - 'Cause I think it's a well-produced,

01:17:51   Produced with Care show, you know, a little company

01:17:54   with little game device that they are selling

01:17:58   and they want to do.

01:17:59   So it's marketing, I guess, but it's also sort of just

01:18:02   good storytelling about how the product came to be.

01:18:07   And this year it's been also about how the software came

01:18:09   to be and telling the stories of the people

01:18:11   who've written the games.

01:18:12   - Their first episode, which was in April,

01:18:15   the story of Play Date, it's a hundred minutes.

01:18:17   It's one of the best podcast episodes I've ever heard.

01:18:20   Yeah, it's just sublime and incredible and so well done.

01:18:25   - Yeah, it's the story of how the product came to be

01:18:29   and then the stories of the people who are making the games.

01:18:32   And like, it's just a very well produced podcast

01:18:36   about an interesting subject.

01:18:37   So I wanted to shout out Playdate Podcast.

01:18:42   There is a podcast called Origin Story,

01:18:44   which I really like and I've listened to a few episodes of.

01:18:49   This is "Origin Story" by Ian Dunt,

01:18:52   the British politics writer,

01:18:56   and Dorian Linsky.

01:18:58   And the idea there is they talk about the real stories

01:19:04   behind what they say is the most misunderstood

01:19:07   and abused ideas in politics.

01:19:10   So they take a phrase or a word and they unravel it

01:19:15   and say sort of like, where did this come from?

01:19:18   Why do we use this term?

01:19:20   And I think it's very smart because they're trying to

01:19:23   go beyond the sort of like any of the phrases,

01:19:26   I'm not gonna even mention the phrases that they cover

01:19:28   because any phrase that they cover has a hot button meaning.

01:19:32   And you're like, "Oh, I know what that is."

01:19:34   And the whole point of origin story is that they unravel it

01:19:38   and say, "Well, where did this come from?"

01:19:39   - I think this was a newcomer for you last year, I think.

01:19:43   'Cause I've heard about this before

01:19:44   and I think it'll only come from you.

01:19:46   - It's possible or I mentioned it,

01:19:47   I think it came out this year though, but anyway,

01:19:49   it wasn't nominated as a newcomer last year.

01:19:51   So I'm going to just throw it in smart idea for a podcast

01:19:56   and a podcast actually let's do a bunch of episodes

01:19:59   of this year.

01:20:00   I think it's a great thing that they're doing it.

01:20:02   And again, it's kind of a revamp of a show

01:20:04   that's been on the air for a bazillion years,

01:20:06   but somebody had the intelligence to be like,

01:20:09   let's do a podcast for our fans who want to know about like

01:20:12   behind the scenes.

01:20:13   And that's because this show got a new producer this year.

01:20:16   there was a lot of drama,

01:20:18   but it's the venerable, long running

01:20:21   American game show "Jeopardy",

01:20:23   which I do watch every episode of and love.

01:20:26   It's a family tradition.

01:20:28   They have a podcast called "Inside Jeopardy"

01:20:30   that is hosted by one of the producers

01:20:32   and interviews the producers and the players

01:20:37   and talks about the gameplay and the strategies

01:20:40   when they change the rules or they do special episodes

01:20:44   in a tumultuous year for the show

01:20:46   where they have like, they had a host

01:20:48   and then they, that guy and a producer

01:20:51   and that guy left and they brought in multiple hosts

01:20:53   and then they ended up with two hosts

01:20:54   and they like, and a lot going on.

01:20:58   The podcast has been really fun and interesting every week

01:21:01   to talk about sort of like what happened this week

01:21:04   on the show and that give me that good behind the scenes

01:21:07   stuff where they're talking about like the decisions

01:21:09   they make and the choices they make

01:21:11   about making the show work.

01:21:13   Again, like you said about the Always Sunny podcast,

01:21:15   There's something to getting that.

01:21:17   Give me the people who make the show

01:21:18   talking about how they make the show.

01:21:20   It's good stuff.

01:21:21   And I love that the executive producer of that show,

01:21:25   who's Michael Davis, who's been doing game shows forever,

01:21:28   like who wants to be a millionaire and like endlessly,

01:21:31   is also a gigantic soccer fan.

01:21:34   And his desire to view Jeopardy

01:21:37   through a sports lens delights me,

01:21:39   because he's like, these are players, these are athletes,

01:21:41   these are sporting events, we need a post-game show,

01:21:43   we need post-game interviews, we need to talk about it,

01:21:46   we need to hype up the events.

01:21:47   I like it.

01:21:49   I think it's a good way of approaching a TV game show,

01:21:51   is to say, this is basically sports for smart people.

01:21:54   - For a show that's been going for so long

01:21:56   and has had such a set format for so long,

01:21:58   it's probably time to do something different with it.

01:22:01   But still keep the show that is cool.

01:22:03   - Keep it fresh.

01:22:04   And when I say sports for smart people, I like sports.

01:22:06   I'm not saying people who like sports are dumb.

01:22:09   I think that lots of smart people like sports,

01:22:11   but you know what I mean.

01:22:12   It's like, these are people whose qualification is

01:22:15   that they stand on a stage

01:22:16   and answer very obscure trivia questions, right?

01:22:19   And like, and Michael Davis's point is to say,

01:22:22   that's a sport, right?

01:22:24   Let's treat it like a sport,

01:22:26   even though, you know, yes, it's not,

01:22:29   but treat it like it is.

01:22:31   And I think that's kind of a brilliant insight.

01:22:32   And that's something that I get more of

01:22:34   by listening to Inside Jeopardy

01:22:35   and understanding what their rationale is.

01:22:37   And then in our own little world, I do listen to Connected.

01:22:41   Connected got slid to the top of my priority queue this year.

01:22:45   It is my number one podcast.

01:22:48   That and the Flop House, I guess.

01:22:49   So the Flop House is number one.

01:22:51   You guys are number two,

01:22:52   but it's my number one tech podcast

01:22:55   that I try to tune in for every week.

01:22:57   - I greatly appreciate that.

01:22:58   Thank you very much. - It's funny.

01:23:00   You guys have a great rapport and you talk about issues,

01:23:02   but it's also funny.

01:23:05   I mean, and there are other podcasts that do that.

01:23:06   The Rebound does a good job of that too.

01:23:08   I like having that change of pace, right?

01:23:10   that's just a little bit less serious and a little bit more about the personalities of the hosts

01:23:14   kind of knocking off each other. It's great.

01:23:16   Yeah, which is exactly what kind of funny games kind of stood for me, right?

01:23:20   Because it's a similar thing.

01:23:22   It's like, I want to hear about video games, but I also want to hear these guys make fun of each other

01:23:26   and play pranks on each other and stuff like that.

01:23:27   The upgradians voted...

01:23:30   So, I'll say something about this when we're done.

01:23:32   6.4%, Cortex.

01:23:35   7.6%, upgrade.

01:23:37   We've made, we've finally made some waves this year.

01:23:40   And 13.9% is connected.

01:23:43   So here's the thing that I didn't expect this to happen,

01:23:46   but it makes sense.

01:23:48   - Once again, we established

01:23:49   that Upgrading's favorite podcast is connected.

01:23:52   - Yep, this keeps happening.

01:23:53   But, hey, you know, I just assumed-

01:23:56   - They don't want us to get too confident.

01:23:57   They don't want us to get too cocky.

01:23:58   - No, I just assumed they're like,

01:23:59   "Oh, I'm listening to the show.

01:24:00   Obviously, I really love the show."

01:24:02   They don't, you know,

01:24:02   - Yeah, I think that's the truth of it,

01:24:04   but it just makes me laugh every single time.

01:24:06   We've got to give them something to aim for.

01:24:09   I did not expect this to be so relay dominated.

01:24:14   I did not expect this to be--

01:24:16   all shows that I'm on would end up being

01:24:19   what happened to this category.

01:24:21   Yeah.

01:24:23   I will say that it is--

01:24:25   I actually had an emotional reaction

01:24:28   when I was totaling these up.

01:24:30   And I felt pretty humbled by it.

01:24:34   So I appreciate that people enjoyed the shows

01:24:36   that one so much. I will also use this as a reminder to say that there are a ton of

01:24:40   great shows here on Relay FM. Go to relay.fm/shows and find a show that I'm not on and check

01:24:46   that one out too if you haven't already. There are a ton of really great programs. But I

01:24:51   will also say thank you for listening to my shows and please keep listening to my shows

01:24:54   as well.

01:24:55   We may need to change the form for next year to disqualify shows we're on.

01:25:03   - Maybe, yeah, maybe.

01:25:04   I mean, we'll keep playing around with it,

01:25:06   but like, we wanted to simplify it,

01:25:09   and obviously listeners of our shows

01:25:11   will like the shows that we make, right?

01:25:13   Would be my assumption, and that seems to--

01:25:14   - Or at least the shows that you make.

01:25:16   I mean, none of my shows are on this list.

01:25:18   - Well, Upgrade is.

01:25:19   - I mean, yeah, okay.

01:25:20   But the other two are not, they're you.

01:25:22   They love, well, and, but then again,

01:25:24   Cortex is great and Connected is great, so I get it.

01:25:27   - I would like to put the Kind of Funny Games cast

01:25:30   in as a runner-up.

01:25:31   I'm not gonna push for a twirl.

01:25:32   - Okay, great.

01:25:33   - And then I will abstain from deciding the winner.

01:25:36   (laughing)

01:25:39   - Play Date Podcast is the other runner up.

01:25:41   - Okay.

01:25:42   - And Connected is the winner.

01:25:45   - Thank you very much.

01:25:46   So what this does is, because we're gonna look at the,

01:25:50   we're including the tech podcasts here.

01:25:53   So that now makes Connected a two-time winner of an upgradee.

01:26:01   I thought about making Upgrade the runner-up

01:26:03   because I thought it would be funny.

01:26:05   Upgrade was the runner-up last year.

01:26:07   - And the year before.

01:26:08   - There is something funny about our own podcast,

01:26:11   never quite winning the awards.

01:26:12   - Just never doing enough to get it over the line.

01:26:16   - But that's what I would say for this year.

01:26:18   - Yeah, well, I like that we're simplifying the categories.

01:26:21   I do wonder if,

01:26:25   we'll see how we feel about this for next year.

01:26:28   'cause if this just ends up happening every year,

01:26:31   I mean, eventually all of our shows

01:26:35   will just get lifetime achievements

01:26:38   and just fall off the line.

01:26:39   - Yeah, but that's a lot.

01:26:39   - But it's like if we didn't do it,

01:26:41   ATP would be here every single time, right?

01:26:43   And so, yeah, we're gonna have to work that out,

01:26:46   but I will say for this time, thank you very much.

01:26:49   - It's an imperfect category.

01:26:50   - It felt pretty good to me, I will say.

01:26:52   Felt pretty good to me.

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01:29:03   What is your favorite Apple product of 2022? Well that's a big question isn't it?

01:29:14   a lot of good Apple products this year. M2 MacBook Air this year.

01:29:18   AirPods Pro 2 this year. Love them both a lot. Bought them both, right?

01:29:26   But there's another Apple product that I bought this year that I love, that I bought.

01:29:34   And it blew our minds when it was announced. Because a new Mac in a new category that we

01:29:42   that we haven't seen before, what is this thing?

01:29:44   That's the Mac Studio.

01:29:45   And Mac Studio is my favorite Apple product of the year.

01:29:49   I bought the base model basically,

01:29:53   but I love that they, remember that this is the product

01:29:56   they rolled out, it's the fastest Mac ever.

01:29:59   I believe the high-end M2 Ultra,

01:30:03   or M1 Ultra Mac Studio, like this little thing,

01:30:09   it's the fastest Mac ever.

01:30:10   and it kind of came out of nowhere.

01:30:13   So I feel like we may never see its like again, Myke.

01:30:18   We may never see its like again, but this year we saw it.

01:30:23   - I don't really have a lot of thoughts about the Mac Studio

01:30:25   other than the fact that I think it's an interesting product.

01:30:28   You know, I decided it wasn't one for me

01:30:30   and it's also a weird product in some way,

01:30:31   but that kind of makes it kind of adorable.

01:30:34   But no matter what, it was easy for me.

01:30:38   The M2 MacBook Air is actually my favorite Mac of all time.

01:30:42   It is a perfect laptop.

01:30:46   - It's pretty good.

01:30:48   - I have zero problems with it.

01:30:50   I have never found a better,

01:30:54   I've never experienced a better combination

01:30:57   of portability and power.

01:30:58   And it is so powerful and it is so thin

01:31:03   and it is so light.

01:31:05   It is just an absolutely wonderful computer.

01:31:09   It's my favorite Mac that I've ever owned.

01:31:11   It just makes me happy.

01:31:13   And it's just another reason why it's like,

01:31:16   I'm just all in on the Mac now.

01:31:19   And that laptop is just absolutely perfect.

01:31:22   I can put it in my backpack every day,

01:31:24   take it to and from the studio,

01:31:25   so I can have it at home if I ever need it.

01:31:27   And I barely know it's in my bag.

01:31:30   It is outstanding.

01:31:32   I get that there are more powerful laptops.

01:31:35   I get that.

01:31:38   I get that there are laptops with better screens

01:31:41   and more ports.

01:31:43   Like get, totally get it.

01:31:45   There are more powerful

01:31:48   and feature rich Mac laptops available.

01:31:51   And yet, I think if you looked at the M2 MacBook Air

01:31:57   and what it can do, you know,

01:31:59   and you could say like, oh, well, 20 years ago,

01:32:00   boy, it would blow people's minds.

01:32:02   two years ago it would blow people's minds, right?

01:32:05   Three years ago it would completely blow people's minds.

01:32:08   Of users of any Mac laptop.

01:32:12   And it's the not quite low end

01:32:14   'cause they kept the M1 around

01:32:16   and put this in at a higher price,

01:32:17   which is one of the unfortunate things about it

01:32:19   is that it can't hold down $999 at this point.

01:32:23   Will eventually probably, but not yet.

01:32:26   But what it's capable of doing,

01:32:30   And we've struggled with this in the computer world

01:32:32   for a very long time now,

01:32:34   which is as Moore's law advances

01:32:36   and we get these more powerful computers,

01:32:38   yeah, we add more features that take advantage of the power

01:32:41   and to do different things.

01:32:43   And there's now machine learning processing,

01:32:45   there's all this stuff going on.

01:32:47   But the truth is a long time ago,

01:32:50   we left the era where computers were not powerful enough

01:32:55   for 95, 98% of the people who use computers.

01:32:59   We did that actually kind of a long time ago,

01:33:02   but even if you'd argue, yes,

01:33:03   but there were these edge cases,

01:33:05   like we've definitely left it now.

01:33:07   That I would argue that unless you are an incredibly

01:33:10   high-end Mac user, which a lot of our listeners are,

01:33:16   but I would say even among those people

01:33:17   who self-identify as high-end Mac users,

01:33:20   you know, like if you get a 14 or a 16 inch MacBook Pro,

01:33:26   I think you're probably doing it

01:33:28   for the ports and the screen and not the power

01:33:31   because almost nobody needs more power

01:33:35   than the M2 MacBook Air.

01:33:37   That's amazing to me.

01:33:39   There are nice things about those MacBook Pros

01:33:41   and when they get their M2s,

01:33:42   they're gonna be really fast and I get it.

01:33:44   But like the M2 is so powerful and has no fan.

01:33:48   And again, yes, are there edge cases?

01:33:53   Of course there are, but they are so edgy now.

01:33:56   So yeah, it's a great laptop.

01:33:59   I bought one, I love it.

01:34:00   It has changed my travel math as well

01:34:04   in that I went for a long time

01:34:07   just trying to avoid bringing my MacBook Air with me.

01:34:09   And now I bring my MacBook Air with me

01:34:11   because it's so light and so completely capable.

01:34:14   - Two ports, MagSafe, like come on, come on.

01:34:18   - Yeah, the MagSafe's really nice.

01:34:20   And just having it to do all the Mac things

01:34:23   and be so capable, it's just as capable as my desktop.

01:34:27   I could not have my Mac Studio

01:34:30   and just have my MacBook Air plugged into this display.

01:34:33   And a bunch of things I do would be slower.

01:34:35   It's absolutely true, but not really any slower

01:34:39   than like the iMac Pro I was using before.

01:34:43   So it would be fine.

01:34:45   - The Upgradients voted at 16.9% for AirPods Pro 2,

01:34:51   17.5% for Apple Watch Ultra,

01:34:55   and 18.6% for the MacBook Air M2.

01:34:59   AirPods Pro 2, super good.

01:35:03   I love them.

01:35:05   - So I would propose that we give MacBook Air M2 the win

01:35:09   and have the runners up be the Mac studio

01:35:11   and the AirPods Pro 2.

01:35:12   - I, not only do I agree with you,

01:35:14   I'd already written it down in my Google sheet

01:35:17   'cause I knew that was where we were gonna go with this.

01:35:18   Frank, it just felt like obvious to me.

01:35:20   That's because we are on top of this.

01:35:25   That's because this is the ninth upgrade-ies

01:35:29   and it's episode 439, we're on it.

01:35:31   - What's your favorite non-Apple product this year?

01:35:34   - I struggle with this because I always think like,

01:35:38   I don't feel like I accumulate lots and lots of products

01:35:42   throughout the year, I really don't feel like I do that.

01:35:45   And that's what ends up being in this category a lot,

01:35:47   is like other stuff that I have accumulated

01:35:50   that's not directly for my job.

01:35:53   Although I will say as a runner up,

01:35:55   I'm gonna say the keyboard you made for me.

01:35:58   - Oh, okay.

01:35:59   So that's the Keychron Q1.

01:36:02   - Well, it's a Keychron Q1,

01:36:03   but it's also with the Kiwi switches

01:36:06   that you lubed with a little paintbrush.

01:36:09   And it's got the, I've got the key caps are from Drop,

01:36:14   but they're-

01:36:18   - The Severance ones?

01:36:19   - They're the severance ones.

01:36:20   That's one of my favorite non-Apple products of the year,

01:36:23   but I'm gonna say the Playdate.

01:36:25   - Oh, that's a good one.

01:36:26   That's fun.

01:36:27   - I love that it exists finally.

01:36:31   - Yeah.

01:36:32   - And I love the design of it and I wish I played it more.

01:36:35   And although I think it's a knock against it

01:36:37   that I haven't played it as much as I would like,

01:36:39   I think it's a case for it that I want to play it more.

01:36:44   - I have become a Sonos customer.

01:36:48   Oh boy, it's a whole world there.

01:36:50   - I love it.

01:36:53   Just using it for audio, I bought a bunch of things

01:36:57   and yeah, it's fantastic.

01:37:01   Like it was something I wanted for a new home.

01:37:04   I wanted to just have more music in the home more easily.

01:37:07   I kind of don't like the way

01:37:10   that you play music on HomePods.

01:37:12   I find it really awkward to control with the phone.

01:37:14   Sonos does such a good job with that app.

01:37:18   Like, I just kind of can't believe how good their app is.

01:37:22   I also don't even understand how they're able to do

01:37:24   all the things that they can do.

01:37:25   Like, I've signed into Sonos with my Apple Music,

01:37:28   Adina has signed in with her Spotify,

01:37:30   and we can both get to all of our music in the Sonos app.

01:37:34   Like, it really is bananas how well it works.

01:37:37   I love how easily, like you can, you know,

01:37:40   one of the things about Sonos, right,

01:37:42   they kind of invented the idea of the same song

01:37:47   being played in multiple places, right?

01:37:49   Like multiple devices.

01:37:51   That was kind of their thing from a very long time ago.

01:37:54   They really know how to make that work well.

01:37:56   Like when you adjust volume in the app,

01:37:59   you can move it up and down,

01:38:00   but then you automatically get the controls

01:38:03   to adjust every single volume level

01:38:06   of all of the Sonos speakers that you have.

01:38:09   So I have Sonos Move, which is the movable one.

01:38:14   I have Sonos 1, which is that kind of regular one, and I have 5, and I got that because

01:38:19   I can plug my record player into it, and I can play records on my Sonos system.

01:38:25   It's just like, so good, absolutely love it, do not know why they had Giancarlo vs.

01:38:32   Buscito, was the like their voice, like their voice assistant, is a great voice, but it's

01:38:37   like villain, he's a villain, but love it, you know, I say like, you know, please stop

01:38:40   the music and you know and Gus Fring tells me yeah he's gonna stop the music

01:38:44   it's like great I saw him by the way he was on my plane when we were coming back

01:38:49   from LA and but my my my favorite Nine Apple product of the year is the Valve

01:38:56   Steam Deck this thing unbelievable it has changed my life

01:39:02   spoilers for later on it lets me play so many more video games and lets me play

01:39:08   play the best video games possible in the palm of my hand.

01:39:14   It is so good it defies logic.

01:39:17   When I heard about this thing and they showed it off I was like there's no way this thing

01:39:20   is going to be comfortable or work well and turns out it is comfortable to use and works

01:39:25   well.

01:39:26   They know how to make things for video games over at Valve.

01:39:29   They did an unbelievably good job.

01:39:31   The Steam Deck is absolutely fantastic.

01:39:37   The Upgrading has voted at 2.8% with the LG C2 OLED TV, which is like fascinating to me

01:39:43   that that was in there.

01:39:44   That John Siracusa's TV?

01:39:46   I don't think so.

01:39:47   No, I think it was a Sony.

01:39:48   Interesting.

01:39:49   He won with a Sony.

01:39:50   I have the LG C1 OLED and love it, so I agree.

01:39:54   So last year.

01:39:55   I know, right?

01:39:57   The Panic Playdate at 9% and the Steam Deck at 13.6%.

01:40:03   Alright.

01:40:05   do you think? I would be very happy giving this to the playdate. I mean we could, we

01:40:12   could give it to the Steam Deck, you and the Upgradients definitely picked it. I don't

01:40:17   know. I would be happy either way around. Well, I mean, hmm. Like, the Steam Deck is

01:40:25   a better product, and it is better at what it should do. Let's give it to the Steam Deck

01:40:31   and we'll have the playdate as a runner-up.

01:40:34   And if you want to pick a Sonos thing

01:40:36   and put it in there as a runner-up, that's great too.

01:40:38   - I will pick the Sonos Move.

01:40:41   - Okay.

01:40:42   - So we now move into the worst gadget

01:40:46   or most disappointing technology of the year.

01:40:50   I would like to just throw mine out there real quick,

01:40:52   which is just the 11 inch iPad Pro.

01:40:55   Like the iPad Pro line in general, disappointing.

01:41:00   but that one specifically, just bad.

01:41:03   Like there are things it should have got,

01:41:04   but it didn't get like the, the mini LED screen.

01:41:08   It just about, just like a bad lineup in general

01:41:11   from the iPad Pro this year,

01:41:12   but that 11 inch M2 iPad Pro, just bad.

01:41:16   - What's the name of that iPad kickstand case, Dealey?

01:41:20   What did we decide that was?

01:41:22   It's a smart keyboard folio, magic keyboard folio?

01:41:26   - The, oh, the one that comes with the 10th gen iPad.

01:41:29   - So.

01:41:30   - Yeah, Magic Keyboard Folio, right?

01:41:33   - Magic Keyboard?

01:41:34   - Folio.

01:41:35   - Magic Keyboard Folio.

01:41:37   - For iPad, that's it.

01:41:39   Because it's folio because it doesn't

01:41:43   have the cantilever thing,

01:41:44   it just has a kickstand part on the back.

01:41:46   - Is that one of yours?

01:41:49   - I found, yes.

01:41:51   - Okay.

01:41:51   - That's why I'm mentioning it.

01:41:52   I found Apple's choices with the iPad this year

01:41:56   to be perplexing.

01:41:58   And while I understand that this probably was a cost thing,

01:42:02   because I feel like everything at the low end

01:42:03   of the iPad line is a cost thing,

01:42:06   I thought that the fact that they introduced an iPad

01:42:09   that is roughly the same size as a bunch of other iPads,

01:42:12   but uses a completely different accessory,

01:42:16   and that it's an accessory that has a kickstand,

01:42:18   which I am officially on the record as disliking

01:42:21   with a detachable keyboard,

01:42:23   that was disappointing to me.

01:42:28   That product is disappointing to me.

01:42:30   It really adds a lot of thickness and weight.

01:42:32   It adds a lot of price.

01:42:34   And I think the Magic Keyboard is better.

01:42:36   I understand that maybe it's just too expensive

01:42:38   to put on a low-end iPad,

01:42:40   because it is very, very expensive.

01:42:43   But that whole thing disappointed me.

01:42:46   And I think I have to say,

01:42:47   the other nominee I'm gonna make is center stage cameras.

01:42:52   Not just the one in the studio display.

01:42:56   Because while I've been a fan of center stage,

01:42:59   the criticism of the center stage camera

01:43:00   in the studio display has made me realize

01:43:03   that all center stage cameras look like that.

01:43:07   Because they're all using that wide, the ultra wide lens,

01:43:11   and then panning and scanning within it.

01:43:13   And the image quality is not great,

01:43:16   even though the auto pan and scan is.

01:43:21   And in terms of disappointing,

01:43:25   Not only was it put in the studio display

01:43:27   and obviously just disappointed a lot of people,

01:43:29   but with continuity camera on iOS 16 and macOS Ventura,

01:43:34   you can put your iPhone with that amazing camera

01:43:42   or even last year's iPhone or the year before his iPhone

01:43:44   with their amazing cameras on the top of your screen.

01:43:47   But then when you turn on center stage,

01:43:49   what you don't get the really, really good camera

01:43:52   panning and scanning.

01:43:53   you get the wide angle camera

01:43:56   that's not very good panning and scanning.

01:43:58   And it ends up as that same lousy image quality

01:44:00   as on the display.

01:44:02   So then you have to like turn it to the regular camera

01:44:05   at which point it's not cropped right.

01:44:07   It's a whole mess.

01:44:08   And I think that, I think Apple is too enamored

01:44:11   with center stage as a concept

01:44:14   and the execution isn't good enough.

01:44:18   - Like I would say the idea of center stage is good.

01:44:23   but the hardware that they are having to use

01:44:26   to power this feature is not good.

01:44:29   - They keep recycling the same 12 megapixel wide angle camera

01:44:33   and I think that in a casual setting on an iPad, it's okay.

01:44:37   I think at your desk in a meeting,

01:44:41   in the right lighting it can be okay,

01:44:45   but in any other lighting it's not okay.

01:44:48   And there's no fallback on the studio display.

01:44:51   And I would say the problem with continuity camera,

01:44:53   which is a great feature,

01:44:54   is if you decide not to use center stage,

01:44:57   you are left with a really bad crop.

01:45:00   And Apple gives you no tools to crop it better,

01:45:02   even though it's a very high quality camera

01:45:04   that's got plenty of resolution to give,

01:45:06   Apple gives you no.

01:45:07   So on one level, I feel like the center stage stuff

01:45:11   also exacerbates Apple's bigger issue it's got

01:45:15   with forward facing cameras.

01:45:18   just not, there's just not enough going on there.

01:45:22   It's just not quite right.

01:45:25   - So the Upgradients voted thusly,

01:45:28   6.8% Twitter, we'll get to that later on,

01:45:32   7.1% the iPad Pro 2022, so the whole line,

01:45:36   I combined the line,

01:45:39   and 8.25% the MetaQuest Pro.

01:45:43   This one is curious to me,

01:45:46   as like why people have put this one in there.

01:45:50   - I think it was meant to be a game-changing thing

01:45:52   and all the reviews were like, it's not, right?

01:45:55   It's a little bit better than the existing one

01:45:57   in "Cost of Fortune."

01:45:58   - But like were people expecting, like do people want it?

01:46:02   Like, you know what I mean?

01:46:03   Like sometimes I do feel like there is a tendency

01:46:07   amongst the voting up gradients

01:46:10   to be upset with anything Meta does.

01:46:13   - I get it.

01:46:15   I think though that the Quest Pro really was considered a disappointment because people

01:46:19   thought that it would be more impressive than it actually ended up being.

01:46:23   Eddie Robinson at The Verge had a wonderful review just like scathing.

01:46:26   But I would say I'm just surprised that it was the most.

01:46:30   To this audience, the iPad Pro should be more of a disappointment, I feel like.

01:46:34   But hey, I'm surprised every year.

01:46:37   I would like to back the center stage cameras as the most disappointing thing.

01:46:43   - You know, honestly, Myke, I think that saying

01:46:45   the iPad Pro of 2022 as the most disappointing

01:46:49   is a good choice.

01:46:51   - What's going on? - You said it,

01:46:52   the Upgrading and set it at 7%.

01:46:54   And I think that it viewed as a whole,

01:46:57   the fact that we got a generation of iPad Pro

01:46:59   that is essentially just a place like a carbon copy.

01:47:03   And we went 18 months with no changes other than the chip

01:47:07   when it's very clear there should have been something

01:47:09   and they just weren't ready for it.

01:47:11   And so for iPad Pro users,

01:47:13   you're basically treading water for another 18 months

01:47:16   before they do something new with that product

01:47:19   that is largely unchanged other than the chip.

01:47:21   And you know, I mean, yeah,

01:47:22   largely unchanged design since 2018.

01:47:24   It's evolved a little bit

01:47:26   and it evolved almost not at all this year.

01:47:28   So I'm comfortable with that being the winner,

01:47:30   quote unquote, and put center stage as a runner up.

01:47:34   - And should we put the MetaQuest Pro as a runner up too?

01:47:37   - Sure, why not? - Give what they want.

01:47:39   - Yep, sure.

01:47:40   - Most life-changing hardware,

01:47:42   I'll say for me, for all the reasons I mentioned earlier, is the Steam Deck.

01:47:47   I wanted to play more video games this year, this enabled that to happen for me because

01:47:52   it's so easy to download basically any game that I want to play because they're basically

01:47:56   all on Steam and because it's effectively a Nintendo Switch for PC games so I can just

01:48:03   pick it up and put it down.

01:48:04   I just wake it and I'm back in the game again.

01:48:07   It is unbelievably user friendly in a way that I wasn't expecting because it is still

01:48:12   ultimately PC gaming. Every game that I've wanted to play has run really well

01:48:18   on it. Tons of games, basically every game now is optimized to run on it

01:48:23   because it's such a success as a hardware and now like as of this

01:48:28   recording you can just buy one. Like that was a thing for a while that they were

01:48:32   struggling with demand but now you can just place an order and one will ship in

01:48:36   like a week in most countries where they have it available. So I think this is an

01:48:41   absolute home run and it's really made a massive impact on my life and enabling

01:48:45   me to be able to more easily play the games that I want to play. It's cool, no

01:48:52   doubt about it. Great idea for a product. I put the MacBook Air M2 in this

01:48:58   category for all the reasons I said before. I travel with it now. It doesn't

01:49:02   feel like it's compromised. One of the reasons I stopped wanting to travel with

01:49:06   my MacBook Air is that I was unhappy with the fact that, you know, with the

01:49:10   the state of affairs of the Intel Macbooks.

01:49:13   And I had my iMac Pro at home.

01:49:16   And so I was using the Intel MacBook Air less and less.

01:49:20   And it was kind of, I had to update the software every time.

01:49:23   And the M2 MacBook Air really kind of reinvigorated my love

01:49:27   of a laptop and being able to pull that laptop out

01:49:31   and do work on it without having it feel inferior and bad,

01:49:35   where I just decided I was gonna do it all on the iPad.

01:49:37   So it really did like literally changed how I use devices

01:49:42   by having that available to me.

01:49:45   - The upgrade is voted at 3.4% for the Steam Deck,

01:49:48   4.4% for AirPods Pro 2, 5.6% for the Apple Watch Ultra,

01:49:53   and 8.7% for the Apple Watch.

01:49:56   Now this is a complicated thing for me.

01:49:57   That's why there's four here.

01:49:58   We usually just bring in the top three.

01:50:00   I was a bit conflicted about how to score the Apple Watch

01:50:05   because it was like Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch, Apple Watch, and I combined those together

01:50:11   but the Apple Watch Ultra I did not combine with the Apple Watch because it felt like a different product still

01:50:16   like it felt like of the people who consider the Apple Watch Ultra to be life-changing

01:50:21   maybe wouldn't have with the regular Apple Watch like it's like a different category of people

01:50:26   but I wanted to put all four of them in here to kind of you know, but you know there's like

01:50:31   Yeah, so, I don't know, I would be very happy with the M2 MacBook Air taking this category,

01:50:39   making it I think an unprecedented two-time winner in the same upgrade-ies, which is really

01:50:47   weird as like a thing to occur.

01:50:49   Well the other choice here is the Steam Deck, which would also be a two-time winner.

01:50:53   Yeah, the reason I would lean MacBook Air is because I agree with you, right?

01:50:59   where you have not been able to have this experience, but I have had an

01:51:04   experience like with the MacBook Air where it has also changed the way that I

01:51:08   work. All right let's do it then. That's wild, same one. So we'll go M2 MacBook Air

01:51:13   is the winner in this category and I would like to pick the Apple Watch Ultra

01:51:17   like specifically because I just think it's interesting and then maybe the Steam Deck.

01:51:23   and the Steam Deck.

01:51:25   So most life changing hardware award goes to the M2 MacBook Air which also won favourite

01:51:32   Apple product this year.

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01:53:40   So we are in our final categories of this year's upgradeies.

01:53:44   We're going to talk about the favourite tech story of this year.

01:53:48   I'm going to do mine real quick because it's not going to be the winner.

01:53:52   But there are some obvious things and they are negative things by and large.

01:53:57   I wanted to talk about something that made me really happy this year,

01:53:59   and I was very excited to dig into, as Upgradient's will know,

01:54:02   it's the launch of Matter.

01:54:04   - Ah, yes. - I loved learning about it.

01:54:07   I'm happy about the potential future that it's going to mean for the smart home.

01:54:11   I loved reading a lot of the reporting about it over on The Verge especially,

01:54:15   and being able to see all the new products that were coming out.

01:54:19   I've really enjoyed it, and I'm continuing to enjoy learning more about

01:54:23   what our Matter future is going to be.

01:54:25   and that felt like a positive story

01:54:27   of something that I'm excited about

01:54:28   rather than all of the other things.

01:54:32   - Yeah, no, it's nice to be positive.

01:54:33   I'm gonna be positive about a negative story actually.

01:54:36   - Yes, go for it.

01:54:37   - For mine.

01:54:38   So one of my favorite things that I discovered this year

01:54:41   is that I discovered that a dry financial column

01:54:46   on Bloomberg could make me laugh so hard that I cried.

01:54:52   - Okay.

01:54:53   that happened this year more than once.

01:54:56   And so I just want to applaud.

01:54:59   I mean, it started with Twitter

01:55:00   and we're gonna get to Twitter,

01:55:02   but the stuff that really made me laugh was the FTX stuff,

01:55:06   the FTX meltdown as covered in just, I think the funniest,

01:55:11   like informative, serious,

01:55:15   and all from somebody who understands cryptocurrency

01:55:18   and wrote a big story about it.

01:55:20   The day-to-day fallout of the FTX disaster

01:55:23   as covered by Matt Levine of Bloomberg

01:55:26   in his excellent daily-ish column "Money Stuff,"

01:55:32   he's a very funny guy, a very funny writer,

01:55:36   but also super knowledgeable.

01:55:38   And you gotta laugh, right?

01:55:41   Like the story, the FTX story is so disastrous.

01:55:44   It's just complicated and also just horrible

01:55:49   to have an expert who can walk you through what's going on

01:55:52   and all the way make you laugh, it's a little miracle.

01:55:56   So Matt Levine, a very good writer,

01:55:59   started covering sort of like everything Elon Musk

01:56:02   was doing this year,

01:56:03   but I think he achieved his greatest work covering

01:56:07   what was going on at FTX.

01:56:08   I can't even describe how good a job he did

01:56:13   or how much he made me laugh.

01:56:15   I was having eaten lunch, reading his column,

01:56:17   and just tears going down my face because it was so funny.

01:56:21   Just what a trick from Matt Levine.

01:56:24   - I will say one thing.

01:56:26   I'm very happy to see that Bloomberg have a specific RSS feed

01:56:29   from Matt Levine's column.

01:56:31   Happy to see that.

01:56:33   - Yeah.

01:56:34   - What I will say about like the FTX thing

01:56:36   is like not a thing that we've spoken about.

01:56:39   It is technology, but it's kind of outside

01:56:41   of what we would normally talk about on the show, right?

01:56:44   But like what a just bananas story.

01:56:47   like absolutely wild what on earth is going on

01:56:52   and continuing to evolve, right?

01:56:54   Like we're recording this show a little in advance,

01:56:57   but like, so who knows what's gonna have happened

01:56:59   by the time that this goes out, right?

01:57:02   But like just a truly wild story in technology,

01:57:07   which may be like the beginning of the end

01:57:12   for this type of cryptocurrency,

01:57:14   or at least for the exchanges.

01:57:16   We're not sure.

01:57:17   The Upgradients voted at 5.4% for crypto crashing.

01:57:22   That included everything FTX related

01:57:24   and that kind of stuff.

01:57:25   I just kind of lumped it in together.

01:57:27   - Sure.

01:57:28   - Similarly at 7.3% for AI art and chatbots,

01:57:33   but at a staggering 41.4% Elon Musk buys Twitter.

01:57:38   - Yeah.

01:57:41   - Now what I will say is,

01:57:43   let's come back to that in our next category.

01:57:45   And why don't we, I wanna give AI Art and Chatbots

01:57:50   a runner up.

01:57:54   - Okay.

01:57:55   - I wanna give Matt a launching a runner up

01:57:57   because that's actually fun.

01:57:59   And we're gonna put FTX.

01:58:02   - By Matt.

01:58:04   - FTX with a hat tip to Matt Levine.

01:58:07   - Matt Levine.

01:58:08   - 'Cause sometimes it's the favorite story, right?

01:58:11   When we talk about a specific story,

01:58:12   it's his coverage put it over the top for me.

01:58:15   But it is the whole crypto crashing thing

01:58:17   is quite a story this year.

01:58:20   And then the way Matt handled it, it's just amazing.

01:58:23   - We go into our final category.

01:58:26   Favorite tech screw up.

01:58:29   - Surprise.

01:58:29   - I'm just gonna start with the upgrade ends.

01:58:32   2.4% meta layoffs.

01:58:35   - Take that Facebook.

01:58:36   - That's again, I don't know if I have some weird bias.

01:58:40   Like I'm not a fan of meta.

01:58:42   I'm not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook,

01:58:44   like particular, they're kind of whatever to me now.

01:58:47   But like, this was just like a weird thing

01:58:49   to see 2.4% of people that their favorite techs

01:58:52   grew up this year was that Manta had to lay off people.

01:58:54   Like everyone's laid off people wise.

01:58:56   But anyway, 6% is the crashing of crypto.

01:58:59   But I said staggering, how about this one?

01:59:02   79.1% of Upgradians voted for Elon Musk buys Twitter

01:59:07   as their favorite techs grew up.

01:59:12   So I would say that this is like,

01:59:14   depending on where you are in the timeline,

01:59:18   it's either your favorite or just the biggest, right?

01:59:20   So like, how could you not?

01:59:21   - Yeah.

01:59:22   - This is obviously mine too.

01:59:24   - I have enormous, yeah, mine too.

01:59:26   I have enormous value over the years

01:59:29   that I've gotten out of Twitter.

01:59:30   And so seeing what's happened this year,

01:59:33   would I call this a favorite?

01:59:36   I mean, I don't think I would, but like-

01:59:40   - It's the biggest.

01:59:41   I'll say a couple of things about it,

01:59:42   'cause we've mostly limited our Twitter conversation

01:59:45   to Upgrade Plus, but I'll just say a couple things about it.

01:59:47   One is, in terms of screw up,

01:59:51   I have a hard time seeing a scenario

01:59:54   where Elon Musk doesn't end up losing

01:59:57   tens of billions of dollars on this.

02:00:00   Even if he gets it stabilized,

02:00:01   even if it becomes something else,

02:00:03   I just have a hard time imagining

02:00:06   that this is not only an enormous opportunity cost,

02:00:08   he has other things he should be worried about.

02:00:11   Although I imagine the people who work at SpaceX and Tesla

02:00:13   are maybe even a little relieved that he's not around,

02:00:16   he's focused on Twitter,

02:00:17   but he's gonna lose tens of billions of dollars.

02:00:20   And I think that that,

02:00:21   and potentially destroy a major social media site.

02:00:24   That's a screw up.

02:00:25   And then the other thought I had was just,

02:00:28   if you had handed me a story summarizing

02:00:31   what has happened with Twitter a year ago,

02:00:34   I would have assumed that it was an onion story.

02:00:40   because it's too outlandish, it's too ridiculous.

02:00:43   So many of the details are like,

02:00:45   "No, surely he didn't do that."

02:00:48   When this was all going on, people were like,

02:00:50   "Oh, you know what he's gonna do?"

02:00:51   And I'd be like, "No, I mean, it's not gonna be that bad.

02:00:54   "Oh, it's worse than I thought, okay."

02:00:57   And so, yes, I think it's monetarily a screw up

02:01:02   and personal brand wise a screw up

02:01:06   and just whatever Twitter ends up being at the end of all of this, a screw up.

02:01:13   And none of this was necessary, but here we are.

02:01:17   Yeah, it's like a screw up in every possible— you name it, right?

02:01:21   You name it.

02:01:22   And it's a screw up, right?

02:01:24   You name it.

02:01:24   You know, I did not expect that this year I would leave Twitter.

02:01:28   Like, there wasn't something that I assumed would happen.

02:01:32   It's something that I thought about for a long time,

02:01:35   but nothing ever drove me to do it.

02:01:37   But this is just like, yeah, I'm just,

02:01:39   I don't want to be a part of this anymore.

02:01:41   I don't enjoy it anymore.

02:01:42   And it's not going in places that I want it to go.

02:01:45   I, when this news happened, I was like, oh, interesting.

02:01:50   Like I think Twitter would fare well as a private company.

02:01:54   And I still do believe that,

02:01:56   but I think it also needs somebody

02:01:58   who actually knows what they're doing.

02:02:01   And I don't think he's the person that does.

02:02:04   and is just being a buffoon really, in every sense of the word. Even me saying that is

02:02:11   like that's not a harsh enough word but I just don't know of a word to encapsulate his

02:02:16   being right now. But he's just absolutely destroying this thing. And even if it is still

02:02:23   around it isn't what it was and that's already happened.

02:02:28   a shadow of a doubt Elon Musk buys Twitter is the biggest tech screw up of this year

02:02:35   might be one of the biggest if not the biggest in upgrade his history so I'll run these back

02:02:43   quickly and we can see right last year Apple see some announcement which they're not even

02:02:50   doing that anymore so that's quibi in 2020 Oh quibi Oh the memories the Samsung

02:02:58   Galaxy Fold in 2019.

02:03:04   2018 Facebook's privacy scandals.

02:03:07   So I'm assuming this was Cambridge Analytica.

02:03:11   2017 HomePod leak.

02:03:15   2016 Samsung Note 7 exploding.

02:03:24   2015 Aaron Rodgers throws a surface.

02:03:27   Oh, that was good. The HomePod leak was that they were recording audio and passing it around.

02:03:32   Oh, yeah, that was pretty bad.

02:03:34   And this one is wild because I can't believe that we were recording the show when this happened.

02:03:40   In 2014, the Amazon Fire Phone.

02:03:43   That feels like longer ago than our show.

02:03:46   And yeah, I'm willing to say Elon Musk buying Twitter is the worst one of all of those.

02:03:50   Yeah, it's pretty bad.

02:03:52   Yeah, but Aaron Rodgers threw that tablet that one time.

02:03:54   All the quarterbacks throw those Surface tablets now, all of them.

02:04:00   It's amazing.

02:04:01   Tom Brady is like, "Forget it."

02:04:03   It's a product placement.

02:04:05   Good job, Microsoft.

02:04:06   Apple might be in that with the soccer, right?

02:04:09   Oh yeah, sure.

02:04:10   And they are in the Apple, actually iPads are in baseball dugouts now.

02:04:15   So our runners-up are Metaleos and Cryptocrashing, but the winner is Elon Musk buying Twitter

02:04:20   as the biggest tech screw-up of the year.

02:04:24   And the final upgradey in the 2022 upgrade is the 9th annual.

02:04:31   Thank you so much for listening to this very special episode.

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02:04:56   That's another thing that I do.

02:04:58   Uh, thank you to our fine sponsors for this episode, Rocket Money, Hover, and

02:05:03   Memberful, and we'd like to thank you for listening and to all Upgradients,

02:05:08   a very happy new year to you all.

02:05:10   Indeed.

02:05:11   Until next year, Jason Snell.

02:05:13   Whoa.

02:05:15   Say goodbye.

02:05:16   Goodbye Upgradients, and thank you.

02:05:18   [Music]

02:05:25   you

02:05:27   [