423: Ultra Wednesday


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 423.

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00:00:17   My name is Myke Hurley, and I am joined by Jason Snow.

00:00:20   Hi, Jason Snow.

00:00:21   - Hi, Myke Hurley. How are you?

00:00:22   - I am fine and dandy, my friend, because it's iPhone Day.

00:00:26   - It is. It's iPhone Day. It's Apple Watch Day.

00:00:28   - It's Apple Watch Day. - And Apple Watch Day.

00:00:29   - And it's Ultra Day.

00:00:31   - This is Ultra Upgrade. - Ultra Day.

00:00:33   - Welcome to Ultra Upgrade. - It will always be known

00:00:34   from now on as Ultra Wednesday.

00:00:37   - Yeah, so.

00:00:39   - So.

00:00:41   - I have a #snowtalk question for you.

00:00:43   - Okay, sure.

00:00:44   - Comes from me.

00:00:45   - Oh, no.

00:00:46   - I wanna know, Jason, where are you?

00:00:49   - I think we have referred to this in the past

00:00:51   as undisclosed location C.

00:00:55   All I can say is this, I am somewhere deep,

00:00:59   deep within the bowels, the ring.

00:01:03   I am, I may be near Johnny Srouji's chip lab for all I know,

00:01:08   but no, I'm actually in the ring at Apple Park.

00:01:10   - You're in the ring at Apple Park?

00:01:11   - I am in the ring at Apple Park.

00:01:13   I'm not across the street on Tontow Avenue.

00:01:16   I am in the ring in an undisclosed location.

00:01:18   Yeah.

00:01:19   - That's not what I was expecting.

00:01:21   - Yeah, nobody told me not to say that that's where I am.

00:01:23   - I will say that answers a question that I had

00:01:27   because so I knew we were starting around this time

00:01:29   and I was like, where's Jason?

00:01:30   So I open Find My and I was looking and I'm like,

00:01:33   he's nowhere near where he needs to be.

00:01:35   And then you appeared on this call that we've got going on.

00:01:38   So, hey, thank you very much to Apple for hosting Jason.

00:01:42   So we can have this conversation as soon as we can today.

00:01:45   I would like to just start with a little bit of follow out

00:01:50   and I want to talk for a moment about our St. Jude campaign

00:01:54   because it's been going incredibly well so far

00:01:56   and I wanted to spend a little moment

00:01:58   talking about that, Jason.

00:02:00   Okay, we've raised for St. Jude so far this year

00:02:03   over $117,000 so far,

00:02:07   which I'm just blown away by the generosity so far

00:02:11   of the Relay FM community and various podcasts

00:02:14   and websites and all that kind of stuff.

00:02:17   Similarly, we've had, we've got currently, Jason,

00:02:19   over 100 people who have signed up to fundraise as one of the sub-campaign fundraisers so far

00:02:25   this year.

00:02:26   So it's really going incredibly.

00:02:27   I would love our listeners to go to Relay, go to stjude.org/relay and give to St. Jude.

00:02:35   Because look, I will borrow a line from my friend Casey Liss who talks about this on

00:02:40   ATP.

00:02:41   We're obviously about to talk about a bunch of products.

00:02:43   That's what we're going to talk about today and we're going to talk about things we want

00:02:46   to spend our money on.

00:02:47   This is a fantastic place to give some money to.

00:02:49   For the fourth consecutive year, the Relay FM community is rallying together to support

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00:02:59   Since opening its doors in 1962, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has grown in

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00:03:07   They believe that children all over the world deserve the same chance at survival.

00:03:11   Treatments developed at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have helped increase the

00:03:16   overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80%.

00:03:21   While tremendous strides have been made, 1 in 5 children diagnosed in the US will not

00:03:26   survive and globally those numbers are reversed with 4 in 5 children in some developing countries

00:03:31   not surviving.

00:03:32   With limited access to high quality affordable medicines and the financial burden of research

00:03:36   and care, these are hallmarks of the childhood cancer challenge that many developing countries

00:03:41   face and also just this is just a horrible thing that no family should ever have to go

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00:05:13   Should we look at the draft results, Jason Snow?

00:05:17   - I mean, if we have to, we have to.

00:05:19   - You're not keen? - It was a momentous,

00:05:22   look, Myke. - Yes, Jason?

00:05:24   - It turns out that I could've,

00:05:25   I would've had to get every question right.

00:05:32   I would've had to have a perfect score.

00:05:34   And nobody, nobody gets a perfect score.

00:05:37   - Nobody gets a perfect score.

00:05:39   - Except for you, 'cause you got a perfect score today.

00:05:41   - One time, you're a big boy over here.

00:05:44   - Oh yeah. - You eye check, Jason.

00:05:45   - 10. - Only time

00:05:46   this ever happened.

00:05:48   - 10 for 10. - We've gotten close before,

00:05:50   we both got to nine once.

00:05:51   - The only thing you missed is the over under.

00:05:53   - I know. (laughing)

00:05:55   There was a moment where like-- - But it didn't matter.

00:05:57   - It started to get towards the time and I was like,

00:06:00   I was at that point very convinced I was gonna get the 10

00:06:03   because of the "I only have one left" and I was like, "If something happens and I end up

00:06:08   getting screwed on this tiebreaker..." Yeah, oh that would have been the saddest thing ever.

00:06:12   No, so what I missed, because really we might as well just list the

00:06:15   misses because that's all there is, I thought the prices would go up. Not Apple.

00:06:21   Tim Cook's holding them down. No, isn't that a surprise? He's holding them down. And they made a note

00:06:26   for each one to say the prices were staying the same. Starts the same.

00:06:31   Because I think there have just been a lot of people believing that that was

00:06:34   going to be the case and I think that they got to flex.

00:06:38   Really?

00:06:39   They did. And also make that note that it's like, well, this is the same price

00:06:42   because the Mini was cheaper, right? They're like, no, no, this is the same price that the

00:06:47   the 13 price was for the 14. So I got that one wrong. I got new Apple Watch

00:06:53   model is called Pro wrong, but didn't we all get that one wrong? We'll talk about

00:06:56   that and we didn't we'd although I may be in it now we did not pay a visit to

00:07:01   Apple's chip lab and so I got seven and you got ten.

00:07:08   It was one that I thought I wasn't gonna get when in the Apple Watch segment they

00:07:12   closed it out right and I was like oh I'm not gonna get that fitness plus.

00:07:16   No new watch faces.

00:07:17   Well there was the new watch face there was the oh because that came in the

00:07:21   ultra I was always expecting that would be the ultra though I that was where I

00:07:25   I thought they would do it.

00:07:26   - You got it.

00:07:27   - 'Cause it needed the new sensors.

00:07:28   You know, like maybe there would be a body temperature one,

00:07:31   but actually we'll talk about it when we get to it.

00:07:33   The body temperature thing just seems very specific.

00:07:36   They're using it not really for anything.

00:07:38   - And new, and new Fitness+ features.

00:07:41   - Yeah.

00:07:42   - Just ended up being, oh and it'll work on your iPhone,

00:07:44   which is great 'cause my daughter called me the other week

00:07:46   and said, "I wanna use Fitness+, how do I do it?"

00:07:49   And I said, "You don't have an Apple Watch so you can't."

00:07:51   - That's interesting, right?

00:07:53   - I texted her and I was like,

00:07:54   you're going to be able to do that.

00:07:55   So that'll be good.

00:07:56   What do you think the situation with that is?

00:07:58   Do you think that they're just wanting to expand it?

00:08:01   So I guess this is going to be kind of like, you know,

00:08:04   every device integrates with the Apple watch, even the Apple TV, right?

00:08:09   So I guess that they're just going to say like, ah, don't worry about it.

00:08:13   Yeah, I think that's, I think that's it. That they decided,

00:08:17   now that they've launched it, that, um,

00:08:20   maybe getting Fitness+ in front of more people is more important than tying it to the Apple

00:08:25   Watch.

00:08:26   I'm really intrigued to see how it translates because there are times, like in some of the

00:08:30   Fitness+ classes that I've done, they reference the heart rate and they reference like, I

00:08:37   mean, I guess the clothes in the rings just pops up, but they reference things which they

00:08:40   show on the screen, like the burn rate and like where you are compared to other people

00:08:45   and none of that's going to be, or the burn, but none of that's going to translate.

00:08:50   But it's all non-interactive, right? So, I mean, yeah, they might, they may make reference

00:08:53   to it or they may just take that out of the scripts going forward.

00:08:56   Oh, hey, maybe a thing pops up and says, "You should buy an Apple Watch."

00:08:59   Buy an Apple Watch, yeah.

00:09:00   "You know what would be great for you right now? Buy an Apple Watch."

00:09:03   Yeah. Sure.

00:09:04   That would be really fun.

00:09:05   Anyway, congratulations. You were the, uh, you were the champion. I don't have to move

00:09:09   my banner and neither do you. Our penance remain intact.

00:09:13   I would have to check, but I think this might be the first time I've won two on the bounce.

00:09:18   I don't think I've ever done that before.

00:09:20   - Nope.

00:09:21   - Nope, I haven't. - Well done.

00:09:22   - So I'm feeling-- - You're on a roll.

00:09:23   - Not gonna lie, Jason.

00:09:26   Feels pretty good.

00:09:27   - Good, good, good.

00:09:28   - You know how it feels.

00:09:30   - I know how it feels.

00:09:31   - You know how it feels to win. - I've been there.

00:09:32   I've been there before. - Time and time again.

00:09:33   But now I know how it feels. - You win some, you lose some.

00:09:35   But it feels good to win.

00:09:37   Yeah, it does.

00:09:38   - All right, let's thank our first sponsor

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00:11:34   I want to start with what I think may have been the most surprising product

00:11:43   or like the product that I feel like maybe we didn't understand in the exact way going into it.

00:11:50   Apple Watch Ultra.

00:11:52   I feel like that it begins the conversations around this product when we first heard about it

00:11:58   from Mark Gurman began with this is an extreme sports watch, right?

00:12:03   Yes, then we talked ourselves out of it then everybody did right I think including Mark Gorman then started talking about though

00:12:10   This is a pro watch. No. No, this is a

00:12:13   sports watch and Apple

00:12:16   Multiple times caught it a sports watch the best sports watch like that's what they're going for here, right?

00:12:22   Yeah, I'm curious about the dynamic that made the initial report successful

00:12:28   Like he got it, right and that then everything after that was hedging and I wonder partly

00:12:33   I wonder if it might have actually been a reaction to that report that everybody sort of like played it down because they didn't want

00:12:39   People to get it completely right that it might have actually been like now, you know

00:12:44   It's more complicated than that

00:12:46   But the truth is that his report was right it and all of us sort of like talks ourselves out of it and started saying

00:12:52   Oh, well, you know, but probably not it'll probably just be aspirational and they'll have those features

00:12:57   But they won't really talk about it

00:12:58   And that was the thing that struck me,

00:13:00   just like it struck you,

00:13:01   that the Apple Watch Ultra is unrepentantly, specifically,

00:13:06   and I think learning the lesson of the original Apple Watch,

00:13:11   focusing on the thing that it needs to be,

00:13:14   which is a sports watch.

00:13:16   And so it is, what is it, notifications and health?

00:13:21   Like, those are the things that they figured out

00:13:25   that the Apple Watch is good for.

00:13:26   Well, you know, clearly one of the Apple Watch stories

00:13:28   has always been about health and about sports

00:13:31   and about activity and so why don't,

00:13:34   and there's a sports watch category,

00:13:36   so why does the Apple Watch only sort of like

00:13:38   barely touch on the sports watch?

00:13:42   So here it is, it is unabashedly a sports watch.

00:13:45   And I love that the whole presentation was focused on

00:13:48   Apple talking to the experts in the field

00:13:54   about what they wanted out of it, right?

00:13:56   So they get the guy on the boat doing his presentation

00:14:01   about his dive computer app that's gonna be

00:14:04   on the Apple Watch.

00:14:05   And you've got the ultra marathoner,

00:14:07   and one after the other saying,

00:14:11   the message really is we talk to the experts

00:14:14   and these are the features they want.

00:14:17   And it's all in on sports.

00:14:20   It's huge and it's funny 'cause it made sense at the time,

00:14:24   but then we all just sort of like thought,

00:14:26   "Nah, they're not gonna do that."

00:14:27   And they, we'll come back to this,

00:14:29   'cause there was a lot of that in this.

00:14:31   I think a lot of the assumptions about this event

00:14:35   were people underestimating Apple.

00:14:38   - Hmm, all right, I mean, I'm excited to pick that apart

00:14:41   as we go through, 'cause--

00:14:42   - Big company, you know,

00:14:44   one of the most successful companies in the world,

00:14:46   and yet, somehow, I think, sometimes,

00:14:49   we underestimate them, or we kind of blunt their

00:14:50   we underestimate them or we kind of blunt their ambition

00:14:55   and say, "Nah, they're not gonna do that."

00:14:58   And sometimes they take big shots.

00:15:02   - I think the thing that I've taken away from this

00:15:04   is this really actually could have been called

00:15:05   Apple Watch Extreme, because yes, it's the sports watch,

00:15:09   but they really are,

00:15:10   they're really pushing on the hard end of sports,

00:15:15   because one of the things that I was intrigued about

00:15:19   is going into this, like if it's gonna be a pro featured watch or a sports featured watch or whatever,

00:15:25   how do they stack it up against the others?

00:15:27   Where the whole promo for the Series A is focused around a guy running outside.

00:15:31   So it's clearly like Apple Watch Ultra is not like now the only one that's going to be positioned as sports, right?

00:15:38   Or fitness.

00:15:39   Where this one, like all of the promo videos is like,

00:15:42   "No, no, do you climb mountains? Do you run in deserts? Do you like dive under, are you a scuba diver?"

00:15:48   But also, what I like about the way they do things,

00:15:52   I find some of those watches to be really ugly,

00:15:57   because they're built to be utilitarian.

00:15:59   I've seen images of this thing,

00:16:01   I've seen hands-on photos of it afterwards,

00:16:05   it looks really cool.

00:16:06   Did you get to see one?

00:16:07   - It does, yeah, absolutely.

00:16:08   It's chunky.

00:16:10   - It looks chunky, yeah.

00:16:12   - It's chunky, but the face is flat,

00:16:16   And so in that it's very different from other Apple Watch.

00:16:19   It's still recognizably an Apple Watch

00:16:20   'cause it's got the curved corners, but its face is flat.

00:16:24   And then, you know how like the digital crown

00:16:29   from the very beginning has meant to be kind of,

00:16:33   I mean, you can almost hear it in Jonny Ive's voice,

00:16:35   imparts a bit of elegance of using the language

00:16:40   of watchmaking in the Apple Watch, right?

00:16:43   And it is, it is a fine kind of elegant control.

00:16:47   You look at the one on the Apple Watch Ultra

00:16:50   and it's like a gear or something

00:16:53   or something out of a toolbox.

00:16:55   It is chunky and heavy and it's just,

00:16:59   it's the same word in a different language almost.

00:17:03   And then the fact that they,

00:17:05   and then the other button which is designed

00:17:07   to kind of disappear is more prominent.

00:17:10   And then there's the big orange button on the other,

00:17:12   the action button on the other side.

00:17:16   - Orange, it's all orange, right?

00:17:17   No matter what color you get, that's always orange.

00:17:19   - International orange, the Golden Gate Bridge color.

00:17:21   - I love that color.

00:17:23   All of the orange is definitely selling me on it.

00:17:26   I have no doubt that Steven's freaking out.

00:17:27   He loves orange too.

00:17:29   And they mentioned, and it makes sense,

00:17:32   like the crown and the buttons,

00:17:35   they're meant to be operated even if you have gloves on.

00:17:38   - Have gloves on, right?

00:17:39   - Right, which I think is smart.

00:17:40   - Because in a lot of these environments,

00:17:42   your hands are covered.

00:17:43   So yeah, that's really smart.

00:17:44   Also, I don't think having a dedicated button

00:17:49   for essentially user assignable or app assignable

00:17:53   on that action button is a smart bit of,

00:17:56   I think Apple learning about how people wanna use

00:18:00   the Apple Watch and thinking about this context,

00:18:02   but also more broadly, I was talking to James Thompson

00:18:05   a little while ago about a watch app

00:18:08   that I was thinking of, wondering why it doesn't exist.

00:18:11   And one of the challenges is those buttons

00:18:13   sort of have system functions for the most part.

00:18:16   They scroll, but like to push in the crown

00:18:19   or push in the button, it does system things.

00:18:21   And I don't think apps are allowed to take them, right?

00:18:25   - I mean, it would break, right?

00:18:26   You'd never be able to leave the app.

00:18:27   - You could never leave the app, right?

00:18:29   So action button, there it is.

00:18:31   It's like, well, this button,

00:18:32   and they showed it with that dive computer

00:18:33   that the action button does something in the app.

00:18:36   Like obviously the app is written

00:18:38   to support the action button for an action,

00:18:41   which is really cool,

00:18:42   'cause that's a thing that Apple Watch apps

00:18:44   haven't really been able to do, legally at least, before.

00:18:47   So, yeah, I love that this is,

00:18:49   you know, it's a big chunky watch,

00:18:51   and it does what it's good at.

00:18:53   It's got a big battery,

00:18:55   and then they've got their low-power mode

00:18:57   that makes it an even longer-lived battery,

00:19:00   and it's all good.

00:19:01   - It's the David Smith mode, right?

00:19:04   But they didn't really give any information about that.

00:19:05   I don't know if you know anything more.

00:19:06   - No, and there's low-power mode,

00:19:08   and they didn't, they like,

00:19:10   - It wasn't that. - They specifically didn't

00:19:11   call it that, right?

00:19:12   So I think that maybe there's a variation on that

00:19:15   or something for the Apple Watch Ultra.

00:19:17   - I mean, I expect that it has low power mode

00:19:20   'cause it's in watch hours nine.

00:19:21   I assume it has that.

00:19:22   It probably gets like seven months of battery life.

00:19:24   But they referenced like 60 hours of battery life

00:19:29   with enhancements.

00:19:31   I expect it is a kind of like adventure mode or something.

00:19:34   - Adventure mode, yeah.

00:19:35   - Where it's still more-- - Perhaps.

00:19:36   - More functionable.

00:19:38   I wanna, there's a couple of design--

00:19:40   - More functional. - Yeah, that's a word.

00:19:41   Don't worry about it.

00:19:42   - Yeah, okay.

00:19:43   - A couple of design things that I wanted

00:19:45   to get your take on.

00:19:46   So the screen is flat and the case comes up

00:19:49   and surrounds it.

00:19:50   What does that look like?

00:19:52   It seems interesting.

00:19:53   - I don't even know how to describe it.

00:19:57   It's just a flat face and then it's got

00:19:59   a titanium ring around it basically.

00:20:01   And there's a little bit of a chamfer on the side

00:20:03   and all that, but it's a really different look

00:20:06   from one direction, right?

00:20:07   Like the edges look very Apple Watch,

00:20:09   but the flatness is very different.

00:20:10   - 'Cause it's almost got like a camera bump look to me now,

00:20:14   where it's like you've got the part

00:20:16   and then it's like a shelf that sits on top of it, right?

00:20:19   You know, like over the time our camera bumps,

00:20:21   they get like little protrusions.

00:20:23   It kind of has that kind of look to it in a weird way.

00:20:26   - I mean, I'm sure they did a lot of sort of

00:20:28   ruggedness testing too, of like what are the shapes,

00:20:32   you know, what's gonna reduce the impact

00:20:34   so it doesn't break and, you know,

00:20:36   it doesn't smash on the side of it

00:20:38   or on the front of it,

00:20:39   just so that it can survive in these environments.

00:20:41   Rocks, ice. - I saw a friend of the show,

00:20:43   Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs tweeting,

00:20:46   'cause Quinn's a big watch guy,

00:20:47   and he helped me with a term, crown guard.

00:20:52   So when something on a, when you have,

00:20:56   'cause you've got the digital crown,

00:20:58   has that bump, right, and the bump kinda goes around it.

00:21:01   - Yeah. - It's called a crown guard

00:21:04   in watch terms, so we have the phrase now

00:21:07   for how to describe the bump that sits on the side now.

00:21:11   Crown guard. - Okay, crown guard.

00:21:14   - It has, all of them have cellular,

00:21:16   which makes sense, right?

00:21:17   For some of the stuff that they describe later on.

00:21:20   And I think also just simplifies the offering.

00:21:23   7.99, which I think,

00:21:28   I'd actually, do you know what?

00:21:31   I don't know what I think about that price, 7.99.

00:21:34   I haven't thought about it until just now.

00:21:36   I would not have guessed that it would be that low, honestly.

00:21:40   I was thinking that this was gonna be a 999 kind of watch.

00:21:43   Now we'll have to think about where it fits

00:21:45   given its functionality and all of that,

00:21:47   but I would have overshot on that.

00:21:49   I wanted to mention the whole dual band GPS

00:21:54   and on top of all that,

00:22:00   that compass where you can set waypoints

00:22:02   and there's a way back.

00:22:03   So if you get lost,

00:22:04   it's actually been tracking where you've been moving.

00:22:06   - How cool is that?

00:22:07   - And you can retrace your steps.

00:22:09   - It's like the breadcrumb Apple Watch.

00:22:11   - That's amazing, it is.

00:22:13   - Hansel and Gretel.

00:22:14   - Hansel and Gretel, Apple Watch, Hansel and Gretel.

00:22:17   Another rejected name.

00:22:19   Little bit long, little wordy.

00:22:22   - I think that is a cool feature.

00:22:23   And yeah, they've done some stuff

00:22:25   that I don't really understand,

00:22:26   but I believe them when they're like,

00:22:27   they put new GPS stuff in there.

00:22:29   The dense urban conditions was a really interesting idea.

00:22:33   'cause I know this is something that I've struggled with.

00:22:35   You're like in a big city and your iPhone just freaks out

00:22:38   'cause it's not where you are anymore.

00:22:40   So I really hope they bring this technology

00:22:42   to their other devices,

00:22:43   not just the Apple Watch Ultra in the future.

00:22:46   The siren that they've put on the watch

00:22:49   that you can hear from up to 180 meters away,

00:22:53   which is powered by a bigger, louder speaker

00:22:55   and they put three microphones on it, I think,

00:22:56   so they can do some noise cancellation stuff

00:22:59   if you're, as they showed in the video,

00:23:01   climb in a mountain face and you need to call base camp.

00:23:03   It literally said base camp on the watch.

00:23:06   - Yeah, that was where he was calling was base camp.

00:23:09   Yeah, I think the idea there too,

00:23:11   that this is a watch that they think a common use case

00:23:13   is gonna be out on its own without an iPhone attached to it

00:23:16   using cellular and you have to use it to communicate

00:23:18   and all of those things kind of follow from that.

00:23:20   I was impressed 'cause this was what,

00:23:22   45 minutes at the beginning of the presentation.

00:23:25   I mean, the Apple Watch was not a footnote

00:23:28   to this presentation and this particular model.

00:23:31   I mean, the regular Apple Watch, we can talk about it.

00:23:33   - We'll get to it, yeah.

00:23:34   - There's not as much interesting in there.

00:23:36   There are a few things, but this Apple Watch Ultra,

00:23:39   they had so much, and I didn't feel bored by most of it

00:23:44   because it was more like they kept piling things on.

00:23:46   I lost a little focus when we went to the guy on the boat

00:23:49   talking about the dive computer.

00:23:51   - Yeah, just 'cause I don't understand

00:23:52   what he's talking about, but it seems interesting.

00:23:55   - And I started to wonder,

00:23:57   do they shoot that out on a boat,

00:23:59   or did they have him be in front of a screen

00:24:01   and bumped him around there?

00:24:04   'Cause he was being bumped around

00:24:05   and he probably had to loop all his dialogue.

00:24:09   I did take a moment and think about the filmmaking

00:24:11   at that point.

00:24:12   And Apple refers to this as a film, by the way,

00:24:15   because Tim Cook came out on stage

00:24:16   at the Steve Jobs Theater today,

00:24:19   before the presentation, like he did at WWDC,

00:24:22   and he said, "Good morning."

00:24:23   - Good morning. - Good morning.

00:24:24   And then he said something interesting,

00:24:27   which was, and since you didn't see it, I'll tell you,

00:24:31   it's been three years since the last event here,

00:24:33   and we really miss doing these events.

00:24:35   And, but he said, "We've made these films,

00:24:38   "and we really like how these films are put together,

00:24:42   "and how they get our product out there,

00:24:43   "and we hope you enjoy the film."

00:24:44   It was very much what I've been saying,

00:24:47   which is, it's the director introducing the film

00:24:52   at the film festival, and then, in this case,

00:24:54   I think he might have even been in the front row afterward,

00:24:57   but then we just watched the film, as it were.

00:25:01   But I thought it was very, very impressive,

00:25:05   and while the Apple Watch Ultra,

00:25:09   a name that they've been using,

00:25:10   that they use with the M1 Ultra, right?

00:25:12   So it's been flowing out there,

00:25:14   and it's a superlative, right?

00:25:15   You could call it extreme,

00:25:16   but Ultra is sort of like, this is the most.

00:25:20   So it was in the palette, and so they chose to use it.

00:25:22   I think it's an interesting product.

00:25:24   not necessarily a product that I'm personally interested in,

00:25:27   but I love, it is the antithesis

00:25:29   of that original Apple Watch presentation,

00:25:31   if you think back, right,

00:25:32   which was very much like, what's it for?

00:25:35   Well, I mean, anything.

00:25:36   And this is like, this is what it's for.

00:25:38   Like, this watch was born for a purpose.

00:25:42   And I love products like that, that know what they are.

00:25:46   - Yeah.

00:25:46   Yeah, this is the most focused of any Apple Watch, for sure,

00:25:53   of what it's made for.

00:25:55   They even made three new watch bands to go alongside it,

00:25:59   and they're named very clearly.

00:26:01   Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, Ocean Band.

00:26:04   If you can't work out what they're meant for,

00:26:07   they can't help you.

00:26:08   But they look cool, though.

00:26:09   I love the look of the Alpine Band.

00:26:12   And I think I did see, Jason, that these

00:26:15   will work on the larger of the two existing watches.

00:26:20   And if you have bands, they will still fit on these.

00:26:25   But they might not match up exactly,

00:26:27   but that's kind of how that's gonna work.

00:26:30   What I'll say is, I am really intrigued to see one of these.

00:26:35   I'm really intrigued to put one on.

00:26:38   It is, I do not believe this is my

00:26:43   everyday aesthetic for what I'm looking for in a watch.

00:26:48   Now I could imagine there are times where this would look really good with some of the

00:26:54   clothes that I wear.

00:26:56   Especially with some of the orange pops and stuff like that.

00:26:59   I just think that wearing the right set of clothes would look really good.

00:27:04   What I like about my current Apple Watch, and I use the gold stainless steel, is it

00:27:09   looks simple enough in a regular day, but I can dress it up.

00:27:14   I feel like this watch is going to be difficult to dress up.

00:27:18   I think it will always scream what it is.

00:27:21   But if you are, you know, like this really does feel to me,

00:27:25   similar aesthetic to the G-Shock,

00:27:28   which is what we've been talking about for a long time in that it is big and it

00:27:31   is bulky and you know what it is when you see it and you can't hide that.

00:27:36   But you can, it looks cool if that's what you're into.

00:27:40   Let's be honest. If you invite an ultra marathoner over to dinner,

00:27:43   even if they dress up, you know, they're an ultra marathoner.

00:27:46   And they want to tell you too, so this is the easy way for them to tell you.

00:27:51   You could be like, "Oh, that's a big watch."

00:27:52   You're like, "Oh, yeah, I need this watch because..."

00:27:54   - They used it to run across the Sahara Desert.

00:27:56   - Because when I run across deserts, I need the battery life, you know?

00:27:59   - Yeah.

00:28:00   - It's an easy...

00:28:01   If you are an ultra marathoner, congratulations, you know I have a new way to tell people.

00:28:07   - I use this to orient myself out of a snow blind situation where I had to go back to my base camp.

00:28:15   I called my base camp.

00:28:16   I keep them in my contacts list as Basecamp.

00:28:19   - Just, well I mean, Casu hasn't got their Basecamp

00:28:21   in the contacts list.

00:28:22   If you're gonna call Basecamp,

00:28:23   why would you not put them in the contacts list?

00:28:24   - Why would you not?

00:28:25   - The one last thing I did wanna mention,

00:28:27   I just thought it was interesting.

00:28:28   The Depth app that they've worked on,

00:28:31   that they partnered with an existing company to do that.

00:28:34   I just think that's really interesting.

00:28:36   But I think that it's not,

00:28:41   I don't think it's called,

00:28:42   they referenced it as like a Depth app,

00:28:44   but I don't think it,

00:28:45   just they worked with this company called Oceanic Plus to integrate this new thing and

00:28:50   it's like really well done it looks like. Yeah the app is Oceanic Plus from

00:28:54   Jewish Outdoors right? But it looks very appley in its design I think it looks like that I

00:29:00   really do believe that this was a... oh there is a depth app okay so I've gotten that confused

00:29:07   I'm looking at the Apple Watch Ultra page now. Oh there's two yeah it automatically

00:29:09   uses the depth app and then there's Oceanic Plus which is the dive computer. Yeah. Dive

00:29:13   app from a third party. Cost unknown.

00:29:17   So super cool. Super super cool. Yeah so that $7.99 order today. Some products were ordered

00:29:24   today which is interesting. But this one is shipping on the 23rd of September so a couple

00:29:30   of weeks away.

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00:31:19   That wasn't the only Apple Watch.

00:31:20   Not at all. Not even close.

00:31:23   Not even close. There was the Apple Watch Series 8, which... There were points during

00:31:30   the presentation where I couldn't work out if they were telling me there were

00:31:36   new features to the watch or not. Where they were telling me what the Apple

00:31:42   Watch Series 8 could do and what it was good at and the features that it had and

00:31:47   I was like "uh... does it not already do this?" I was very confused for quite a bit of this.

00:31:56   - That happened with the iPhone too,

00:31:57   but definitely there's a,

00:31:59   like they ran that commercial basically.

00:32:02   It's a film within a film if you will.

00:32:04   And they did the, it lists like,

00:32:07   hey, you're doing stuff with your Apple Watch.

00:32:09   And you know, it included the new features

00:32:12   along with all the other things that it does.

00:32:14   And I understand that when you're trying

00:32:15   to communicate the product,

00:32:17   on one level you want to communicate

00:32:19   the totality of the product.

00:32:20   Whereas we're kind of like interested in what is new

00:32:23   in the new one that you're introducing today.

00:32:26   And so we got with the regular old Apple Watch,

00:32:30   there's not a lot here.

00:32:32   It includes a feature that is, it turns out,

00:32:35   is spanning the Apple Watch and the iPhone,

00:32:38   which is the crash detection,

00:32:40   which is following on from fall detection

00:32:43   in the Apple Watch.

00:32:44   They now have across the watch and the iPhone

00:32:47   this crash detection idea

00:32:48   because they've built in a new,

00:32:51   It's like a new gyroscope, new accelerometer,

00:32:54   a barometric sensor, and they built it together

00:32:57   where it can basically determine if you're in a car crash

00:32:59   using a machine learning model.

00:33:01   And it will, so previously, if you fell while running

00:33:04   with an Apple Watch, it would do this.

00:33:07   Speaking of somebody who fell while running

00:33:08   with an Apple Watch.

00:33:09   - How does it time with the iPhone?

00:33:11   - The iPhone has crash detection too.

00:33:13   - But like, so if I had a crash

00:33:16   and I just had my iPhone in the car,

00:33:18   it would also do the same thing?

00:33:20   - Yes. - Okay, that's interesting.

00:33:21   - Yeah, same feature. - 'Cause obviously,

00:33:22   full detection's not on the iPhone.

00:33:25   - Yeah, right, but same feature for this,

00:33:28   and it looks like they've put the same sensors

00:33:30   in both devices, so crash detection

00:33:32   is not an Apple Watch only feature,

00:33:33   it's also an iPhone feature.

00:33:35   But it was first introduced here.

00:33:37   Better battery life, low power mode,

00:33:42   again, that they're doing--

00:33:43   - But these are WatchOS 9 features, right?

00:33:45   Like that was also interesting. - Exactly.

00:33:47   - There was like a lot of WatchOS 9 features,

00:33:49   "Oh, hey, you can do low power mode."

00:33:51   Series four and later.

00:33:53   Cellular now will support international warning,

00:33:56   series five onward.

00:33:58   - Roaming.

00:33:58   - International roaming.

00:34:01   - There we go.

00:34:02   - If you need to roam, you can roam.

00:34:04   - But it did get a new sensor.

00:34:06   And this was--

00:34:06   - It did, the temperature sensor.

00:34:09   So, so, remember what I said about how Apple

00:34:14   doing new sensors in the Apple Watch is a delicate balance

00:34:17   of what it's allowed to make medical claims about

00:34:20   for FDA reasons?

00:34:22   Well, I think what's interesting here

00:34:27   is what they're allowed to talk about

00:34:30   and what presumably they either aren't allowed to talk about

00:34:34   or weren't satisfied that the results were worth it.

00:34:37   Because what we didn't get is,

00:34:40   let's say you're running a fever, we'll warn you.

00:34:43   It's just not claimed at all.

00:34:45   This is a feature that has been very specifically limited

00:34:48   to cycle tracking and retrospective ovulation estimation.

00:34:53   And I wanna say so often the tech industry gets criticized

00:34:59   because the perception is, and I think the reality is,

00:35:02   it's a lot of men making decisions about features for men

00:35:06   and not for women.

00:35:08   And so to see a major health feature in the Apple Watch

00:35:12   that is dedicated to ovulation and ovulation estimation,

00:35:16   I think is interesting.

00:35:18   I think it's an interesting milestone

00:35:21   in terms of doing this.

00:35:24   I also think it's interesting because, okay,

00:35:27   I don't know the backstory of this feature

00:35:30   and this sensor and the probably years long attempt

00:35:34   to get this in an Apple Watch,

00:35:36   but I wonder, is this what they initially thought

00:35:41   would be the banner feature,

00:35:43   or did they try and try and try

00:35:46   to get a temperature sensor in the Apple Watch,

00:35:48   and in the end, this was the thing

00:35:50   that it was capable of actually using it for, right?

00:35:52   Like this is the one where they're like,

00:35:53   well, we can check, you know,

00:35:56   'cause when we were having kids, it was, you know, temping,

00:35:58   like she said in the presentation,

00:36:00   it's temping to figure out when the ovulation is

00:36:02   and all of that, and like,

00:36:04   well, we can do that on the Apple Watch.

00:36:05   That's awesome, but part of me thinks,

00:36:08   was that always all you were looking for was that?

00:36:11   I mean, great if it was, but there are other things

00:36:13   you could probably do with a temperature sensor too

00:36:15   that are not claimed here.

00:36:18   But this is cool.

00:36:19   I remember, I mean, my kids are in college now, right?

00:36:21   So I remember thinking back to the Excel spreadsheet

00:36:24   with temperatures in it that we had 20 years ago,

00:36:26   and I think this is pretty awesome.

00:36:29   - But even within what it can do, it seems limited,

00:36:33   at least from the way they described it.

00:36:34   And you have to wear it at night to benefit from this.

00:36:38   - It is, it is an overnight feature.

00:36:40   They're metering you every five seconds overnight,

00:36:44   which is, yeah, clearly, 'cause what they said is,

00:36:48   although it's interesting

00:36:49   'cause it's got the two temperature sensors,

00:36:50   so it's trying to reduce the noise

00:36:53   of the temperature of your environment

00:36:54   and remove that from the equation.

00:36:56   Like, are you in a hot room or are you in a cold room?

00:36:58   What's the difference between the temperature

00:36:59   at the top of the watch and the bottom of the watch?

00:37:01   That's interesting.

00:37:02   But then overnight, they feel like that's when

00:37:05   you can get the best guess about what your kind of

00:37:07   actual resting body temperature is,

00:37:09   not during the day.

00:37:11   So you have to wear it at night

00:37:12   in order to do this tracking.

00:37:13   - But that seems like a potentially,

00:37:16   and I would love to know otherwise,

00:37:19   a limit of the sensitivity of the technology, right?

00:37:24   - Yeah, I think they must have tried it.

00:37:27   Again, I'm just assuming here,

00:37:28   I am assuming that they tried it to work all the time

00:37:31   and found that there was too much noise during the day.

00:37:34   - Yeah, and whilst very useful

00:37:37   for those trying to have children, or otherwise,

00:37:42   to understand ovulation is really important.

00:37:47   Retrospectively is helpful for planning,

00:37:52   but it's not like, "I want to know right now,"

00:37:57   or like, "I want to institute this in the morning every day."

00:38:05   - Yeah, yeah, no, it's very much like,

00:38:07   again, what's the story there,

00:38:08   and are they not allowed to do it,

00:38:10   or is it that they tried that,

00:38:11   and they thought this is not reliable?

00:38:12   And do you wanna be, do you wanna be the,

00:38:16   blamed when you say, okay,

00:38:19   I think you might be opulating now,

00:38:21   and like, well, my Apple Watch said I was,

00:38:23   so I don't know.

00:38:25   - But what I will say about this,

00:38:27   this has been, I think, my hope is they learned

00:38:30   from the blood oxygen sensor,

00:38:33   because the blood oxygen sensor also came with a bunch of caveats.

00:38:37   And really the story was, "Hey, you can do this!"

00:38:42   But with no link between what it might be actually realistically useful for,

00:38:48   and this, whilst caveated, is useful.

00:38:52   Is useful.

00:38:53   Right?

00:38:53   Because you can use this along with the other things you're doing

00:38:58   to track ovulation as another data point.

00:39:03   - Yeah, and to track the menstrual cycle

00:39:05   and notify first cycle deviations,

00:39:07   which is also a useful health feature.

00:39:09   It's all good, it's all good.

00:39:11   You're right, the rollout is tangible in that way.

00:39:14   And this is a claim that can be made, which is great.

00:39:18   I just-- - I'm happy for it.

00:39:19   - With all of these features,

00:39:21   I'm curious about what the story is behind their conception

00:39:26   and then, no pun intended,

00:39:28   and what finally gets put out there,

00:39:32   and if there are features that died along the way

00:39:34   because they weren't, you know,

00:39:37   that there was too much noise or it was unreliable.

00:39:40   And I'm, on one level, like you,

00:39:43   I'm glad to see that this actually came to pass

00:39:46   because otherwise you end up in a situation

00:39:50   where it's really awkward and you're like,

00:39:51   well, we have a sensor, what does it do?

00:39:54   - So I'm, if, 'cause I know we've been hearing about this

00:39:56   a while, if they've maybe held off on this so they could do this with it, then great.

00:40:03   Because even if not perfect, this is a feature.

00:40:06   You know, it's like in the same way of like the ECG, you know, you can't use it in place

00:40:12   of every other type of ECG available, but it can give you useful information.

00:40:17   On that, by the way, taking a slight turn, Apple love to do their like stories, right?

00:40:23   Like these were extreme.

00:40:26   guy falls into a garbage truck, a bear breaks into the living room. Oh my god, these are

00:40:31   getting a lot more than they have been in the past.

00:40:33   I love that they're all introduced and you can't see them, you can only hear them, and

00:40:37   the one guy's whispering.

00:40:38   Yeah, I was like, what's that about? I'm intrigued.

00:40:39   And the answer is, there's a bear is the answer. There was a bear in there. Also, the filmmaking

00:40:47   there where they're like, hey, woman who was in a plane crash, we're going to make a set

00:40:55   of a crashed plane and put you in it to sell an Apple watch. How do you feel about that?

00:41:00   I was wondering that myself. How does she feel about that?

00:41:02   Any post-traumatic stress from that incident or we all good here? You know what I mean?

00:41:08   Like how you feeling? But, and that one also was introduced halfway through, right? It

00:41:14   wasn't introduced in the beginning. They knew the hit they had on that one. I will say,

00:41:19   I do like every time one of these starts, I'm like again, and then when it ends, I'm

00:41:23   That was real good.

00:41:25   - Yeah, no, I really liked that a lot.

00:41:27   Although my favorite filmmaking craft note will come,

00:41:32   I think comes later in the iPhone

00:41:35   where there's an amazing,

00:41:36   it's almost like the child of the home set happened.

00:41:39   Did you notice that one?

00:41:41   - Yes.

00:41:41   - Where there's the subway

00:41:42   and the jackhammer man and the cafe.

00:41:45   Well, that was in the iPhone presentation, right?

00:41:48   - Yes.

00:41:49   - Or was it AirPods? - No, AirPods.

00:41:50   AirPods, that was AirPods Pro.

00:41:51   - It was AirPods, okay.

00:41:52   That was, I love that.

00:41:54   I wanna point it out, if people didn't notice,

00:41:56   it starts with those fun pans where like,

00:41:59   oh, she's in the subway,

00:42:00   but now she's stepped out of the doors of the subway

00:42:02   and she's in an alley with a jackhammer guy behind her.

00:42:05   And I'm thinking, that seems a little artificial, I wonder.

00:42:09   Again, I'm thinking about the filmmaking.

00:42:10   And then she steps into the cafe and I said,

00:42:12   well, this is very stylized and artificial, but it's fun.

00:42:15   And then she steps out of the cafe forward

00:42:20   and she's on a stage and it pulls back

00:42:23   and you see the three things and they're both,

00:42:25   they're all in like boxes in a set behind

00:42:29   where she's standing.

00:42:29   And I thought it was so, I thought that was so clever

00:42:32   to call out the artifice of it.

00:42:35   So I guess Tim Cook is right, it is a film.

00:42:37   All right, fine.

00:42:38   - There have been a few people in our Discord,

00:42:39   which is a member's Discord.

00:42:41   You can get access to it.

00:42:42   If you sign up at getupgradeplus.com,

00:42:44   you also get longer ad-free versions

00:42:46   of every episode of Upgrade, including this one.

00:42:48   - Including this one.

00:42:49   was like, surely they're actors

00:42:51   in the Apple Watch presentation.

00:42:53   I know two people personally who wrote those--

00:42:56   - Been in those. - Been in those.

00:42:58   And we had an upgrade listener, so three.

00:43:01   - Yes. - Remember there was that time?

00:43:03   We mentioned it, 'cause Kyle, friend of the show Kyle,

00:43:07   was in one, and then somebody else wrote in and said,

00:43:11   that was me too, so three. - That was me.

00:43:13   - In the past, they've used the real people.

00:43:16   And I will say-- - Yeah, those are real people

00:43:17   Some of those did not feel like actors' performances.

00:43:22   For sure.

00:43:23   So I think they're the real people.

00:43:25   And honestly, I feel like that's the way you should do it.

00:43:28   Like if you're going to read real people's stories,

00:43:31   you should give those people the ability

00:43:32   to tell their stories.

00:43:33   And they do that.

00:43:34   And I like that they do that if they're going to do it.

00:43:37   So I think that's Apple Watch Series 8.

00:43:40   Order today, shipping on the 16th.

00:43:42   I will tell you, Jason, I'm actually pretty happy.

00:43:44   I don't want a new Apple Watch.

00:43:46   I'm not gonna, I'm not planning on upgrading.

00:43:48   - That's fine.

00:43:49   - There isn't, but I'm happy about that.

00:43:51   I think I've said this before,

00:43:52   it's actually something I want from the Apple Watch,

00:43:54   that they do enough to get me every two to three years.

00:43:58   I don't want or need this to be replaced every year,

00:44:02   and so I'm pretty happy about it.

00:44:04   But Adina's on a Series 4, and she's like,

00:44:07   I really want one.

00:44:08   So like, perfect.

00:44:09   'Cause I've been wanting to upgrade her anyway,

00:44:11   because I think she would benefit

00:44:13   from the always-on display,

00:44:14   'cause I think it makes a huge difference

00:44:16   to wearing the watch frequently.

00:44:18   And these features, she's like, I want one,

00:44:20   so we'll go in with that.

00:44:22   Apple Watch SE.

00:44:24   - They redid it, everybody, they redid it.

00:44:27   - I think, for me, they've done it.

00:44:29   This is it.

00:44:31   Now, Myke Hurley has been a staunch critic

00:44:35   of the Apple Watch SE, 'cause at $329,

00:44:41   which I think it was before, if I'm right.

00:44:43   - $299, $299 was $299. - $299.

00:44:47   - Too expensive.

00:44:48   - And the Series 3 was $199, right?

00:44:51   - Yep, it's now $249.

00:44:52   - It's about $8,249 for the second generation.

00:44:55   Same system and package as the big Apple Watch.

00:45:00   - The Series 8.

00:45:01   - So you're not really, you know,

00:45:03   but it's the older display.

00:45:06   - It was $279 before.

00:45:08   - Okay.

00:45:09   - So it's cheaper.

00:45:10   But even though I would love to see it at 199,

00:45:13   like that's the number I want them to hit,

00:45:15   249 for a brand new Apple Watch of any description,

00:45:20   I think is good.

00:45:22   I think that's fine. - I agree.

00:45:23   I agree.

00:45:24   And it's a more advanced,

00:45:27   like the display is more advanced.

00:45:29   Like it's better in a bunch of ways

00:45:30   where it doesn't feel like,

00:45:32   obviously, and they mentioned the kid thing.

00:45:35   And there was just a story,

00:45:36   I think in the New York Times about this,

00:45:38   about kids with Apple Watches.

00:45:42   And like, that's a thing, that's a real thing.

00:45:44   And they get a lot of these that are like that.

00:45:46   So that you want the cellular model,

00:45:48   but they obviously did some work

00:45:51   to get the price down a little bit.

00:45:53   Presumably that nylon composite on the back

00:45:56   might be part of that,

00:45:57   but it allows it to match the colors a little bit more

00:45:59   and good to see it.

00:46:01   Glad to see it's there

00:46:02   and that Apple seems to be comfortable at 249

00:46:05   as the base of the Apple Watch.

00:46:07   They said 80% of Apple Watch SEO,

00:46:10   and it's the first time Apple Watches makes sense,

00:46:12   especially if they go to the younger people.

00:46:15   It includes motion sensors for crash detection,

00:46:17   so it has all of that.

00:46:20   What it still doesn't have, and I will say,

00:46:22   to Apple's credit, they have a key differences

00:46:24   on their comparison page now to show you what differs

00:46:28   very specifically between the models that you're suggesting,

00:46:31   that you're looking at.

00:46:32   Things it doesn't have, which I think are big things,

00:46:35   doesn't have the ECG app and some of that kind of stuff.

00:46:39   It just does high heart rate.

00:46:40   Um, I don't think this is born, but it doesn't have the blood oxygen sensor,

00:46:44   but the biggest one, which I am actually pretty disappointed about is no always

00:46:47   on display. Right? Like I think the 249,

00:46:51   there should be an always on display,

00:46:52   but I will say now 249 for something that's brand new,

00:46:56   I think they've hit a good point,

00:46:58   but what they don't have anymore is a sub $200 Apple watch because the series

00:47:01   three has gone away and they are not keeping around the original se.

00:47:05   at all in the line up. So the Apple Watch line up starts at "New SE" and that's it.

00:47:12   Which is interesting right? Yeah, love it.

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00:49:04   Let's talk AirPods Pro real quick.

00:49:08   Okay.

00:49:09   Um, they put a new chip in it, uh, combined with some new drivers.

00:49:15   They're apparently saying it's vastly better, uh, audio quality.

00:49:19   Yeah, I did not test this out because there was a long wait and it was in a loud room.

00:49:24   I guess I got the text, the noise canceling a little bit, but I want to hear it for myself

00:49:28   to find out, but they did say the quality was better.

00:49:31   High bandwidth, I don't know exactly,

00:49:35   I mean, did they go into specifics?

00:49:38   So they're really just like high bandwidth connectivity,

00:49:40   and you know what that means,

00:49:41   and then did they make any claims beyond that?

00:49:45   Like spatial, did they talk about lossless

00:49:47   or higher bit rates or anything like that?

00:49:49   They just said high bandwidth connectivity.

00:49:51   - On the pages either about that.

00:49:53   - So more to come there probably is my guess

00:49:56   is that there was a feature

00:49:57   that they were not ready to talk about,

00:49:59   so they didn't talk about it, but it's implied.

00:50:03   Big thing though is the precision finding, right?

00:50:06   So like, I believe you can precision find the case

00:50:11   and the individual earbuds, which is great.

00:50:16   Like you can go in to find mine,

00:50:17   it's like where's the left earbud, it's over there.

00:50:20   I think that's the case.

00:50:21   And the little speaker, so your case will chirp too

00:50:24   and let you know where it is.

00:50:25   So, you know, bring it to the Apple TV remote next, but.

00:50:28   - Two more features on the case.

00:50:30   They put a lanyard loop thing in there, right?

00:50:33   - Right.

00:50:34   - But Apple doesn't make a lanyard.

00:50:35   The company Incase make a lanyard,

00:50:38   and Apple have two or three of them available on their store.

00:50:42   I think it's weird to put the holes on the case

00:50:45   and not make a lanyard yourself.

00:50:47   - It's a little weird.

00:50:48   - It seems like quite a strange thing to have done

00:50:50   to then just have one third-party manufacturer

00:50:53   available for these things right now.

00:50:55   - I mean, they know that literally everybody in the world

00:50:57   will make a lanyard case.

00:50:58   - Yeah, and admittedly, there are already lanyards

00:51:00   made by everyone, right?

00:51:02   - In existence, there are lanyards.

00:51:02   - But it still was just a funny thing to me

00:51:04   that they did that.

00:51:05   The case now as well, you can use an Apple Watch charger

00:51:09   to charge it, yes!

00:51:11   - It means that any of those combo chargers

00:51:14   that have an Apple Watch charger now,

00:51:15   that is also an AirPods Pro case charger.

00:51:19   Yeah, that's a nice little extra.

00:51:20   - So you can use the travel duo thing that they have,

00:51:23   and even if you don't have an Apple Watch,

00:51:24   can benefit from it. I just think that's really cool. It's like a good thing to

00:51:28   have and it means that companies don't have to make the three charger thing

00:51:31   anymore they can just make a two charger thing. And the thing that we've

00:51:36   been asking for since the very beginning, capacitive sensor so that you can

00:51:43   actually run your finger up and down to do volume control. That's something that

00:51:47   everybody's like, "Why don't you make it like a trackpad?" And they're like, "Mmm, you know

00:51:51   we think you should tap on the side of your head." And then later they're like,

00:51:53   "We think you should squeeze, that's what you should do."

00:51:56   And now it's like, "Okay, you can squeeze and stuff,

00:51:58   "but you can also just run your finger up and down

00:52:00   "and do a volume control."

00:52:01   That's pretty cool.

00:52:02   - I'm intrigued about that because I remember

00:52:04   when they went from AirPods to AirPods Pro,

00:52:06   I stopped thinking about that

00:52:08   because I felt that the stems are too small now.

00:52:10   - And yeah, somehow. - So I'm really intrigued

00:52:12   to see what that feels like.

00:52:13   There is also an extra small ear tip.

00:52:16   Great, if you have tiny ears, right?

00:52:18   That's good.

00:52:19   - Good for tiny ear people.

00:52:20   - Oh, and the active noise cancellation

00:52:23   seems to have been vastly improved.

00:52:26   - Yeah. - Double the amount before.

00:52:27   I'm really intrigued.

00:52:28   - I'm very much interested in the part that they're doing

00:52:32   with their own tech.

00:52:34   And then they seem to suggest that the,

00:52:36   sticking it in your ear, that seal is part of it too.

00:52:41   So they work together.

00:52:42   But yeah, I love AirPods Pro and I use mine all the time.

00:52:46   So I'm really looking forward to trying this out

00:52:48   and seeing how they actually sound and feel.

00:52:51   - During this part of the presentation,

00:52:53   that there was a cameo from Heli from Severance.

00:52:57   - Yeah, I got that one. - Walk getting on a train.

00:52:59   - Didn't win the draft for me, but Heli,

00:53:01   and at the end, she comes back.

00:53:02   At the very end of the credits,

00:53:04   she flickers into and out of existence.

00:53:06   - It's her standing on the train platform.

00:53:09   Of all of the shows--

00:53:12   - Did you notice the train's info board?

00:53:14   The train is on an infinite loop.

00:53:17   That's the train line, it's the infinite loop,

00:53:19   and the next stop is the Milky Way Road.

00:53:22   - Okay, that's weird.

00:53:23   - It's in the galaxy there, yep.

00:53:26   - I will say, of all of the TV shows to have a cameo,

00:53:30   Severance is an odd one.

00:53:32   We had, me and you had spoken about this, I think,

00:53:35   about the idea of them going down the floor

00:53:37   and they go past the Severance floor.

00:53:38   Did we talk about this in last week's episode?

00:53:40   - We did, because there was the idea that

00:53:43   Stephen Colbert had done his Severance thing,

00:53:46   and they were filming, and so maybe there was an opportunity

00:53:49   to do something there.

00:53:50   That's not what they did, but if you look at Apple's TV app

00:53:54   right now, like the two big things that are promoting

00:53:57   because they're the Emmy nominees,

00:54:00   are Severance and Ted Lasso.

00:54:01   So Severance gives them something that's not Ted Lasso

00:54:03   to talk about. - And also,

00:54:05   Severance is the new darling, right?

00:54:07   Because-- - It is.

00:54:08   - Because Teddy, he's done this year apparently, so.

00:54:10   - Ted's going out the door, but Severance is coming back.

00:54:13   - And also, you know, like I think,

00:54:14   Severance has had the most recent popular acclaim.

00:54:20   Ted Lasso season two didn't have a strong popular acclaim

00:54:23   as season one did.

00:54:25   - No, it's the hot new, hot new thing.

00:54:27   Let's talk about the iPhone.

00:54:28   Hey, here we are, we got there.

00:54:30   - Can you believe it?

00:54:31   iPhone 14. - We got 50 minutes

00:54:33   to talk about the iPhone now, let's do it.

00:54:35   - iPhone 14 and 14 plus.

00:54:39   - 14 plus, yeah, it's plus club.

00:54:42   Plus Club is back. Plus Club has reopened its doors. A club that I was never a member of.

00:54:49   No. Uh, you were, I mean, obviously we knew this was gonna happen, but this is the end of the road for Mini.

00:54:55   It is.

00:54:56   How you feeling?

00:54:58   I mean, I've had two years to prepare, I feel like, for this.

00:55:01   And the answer is, that's why I bought one last year, is because I knew it was the last one.

00:55:06   Both get a little bit of extra battery life, that's like an important thing right off the top.

00:55:11   Sure.

00:55:11   and the 14 Plus because of its size

00:55:13   and I guess the feature that it has,

00:55:16   it is the biggest battery in an iPhone ever

00:55:20   or like the longest lasting battery in an iPhone ever,

00:55:23   which makes sense really.

00:55:24   - In the 14 Plus, yeah.

00:55:25   - Yeah.

00:55:27   The A15 Bionic chip is powering it all.

00:55:30   - Okay.

00:55:30   - Weird, right? - All right.

00:55:31   - The way they said this. - Okay.

00:55:33   All right.

00:55:34   Correct me if I'm wrong,

00:55:37   but I was under the impression that the iPhone 14,

00:55:42   or yeah, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro

00:55:46   were powered by the A15 bionic chip,

00:55:48   and there was only one, and that was the chip.

00:55:51   The way it was pitched in the presentation was,

00:55:56   I think, aspirational for the future of the iPhone,

00:56:02   which is what they didn't say is,

00:56:04   this is the same chip that was in the iPhone 13 line.

00:56:09   They said this is the chip that was in the iPhone 13 Pro.

00:56:14   - Yes.

00:56:16   - Now going forward, I suspect this is what will happen.

00:56:20   - Yes.

00:56:21   - Is that the Pro chip will next year be the regular chip

00:56:24   and then the Pro gets the new chip.

00:56:25   - Yeah.

00:56:26   - But that didn't happen this year.

00:56:28   But they acted as if it did.

00:56:31   - Yes.

00:56:31   - Which is just amazing and fascinating.

00:56:33   But yeah, it's the same chip.

00:56:35   It's the same chip, same chip.

00:56:36   - Yeah, 'cause they said this was the chip

00:56:39   in the iPhone 13 Pro.

00:56:42   - It was, and it showed me the lock.

00:56:44   - And also the iPhone 13.

00:56:45   - And also the iPhone 13.

00:56:47   Yeah, in fact, it was the iPhone 13 Pro

00:56:49   introduced this amazing chip that you already know,

00:56:51   'cause it was also in the iPhone 13.

00:56:54   Yeah, that was a head scratcher for me.

00:56:58   Like, I admire their commitment to the bit,

00:57:02   but I think that is an aspirational thing.

00:57:04   Like, look, what are you gonna say?

00:57:06   We didn't change the chip, so emphasize the positive.

00:57:10   So that's what they're gonna do is their chip.

00:57:12   Actually, the part that they did

00:57:14   that I thought they would do, and I'm glad that they did,

00:57:16   is the part where they said, we're way ahead.

00:57:19   We're so far ahead that the competition

00:57:21   hasn't even passed the iPhone 11 yet.

00:57:23   That was a fun little shot at the competition.

00:57:27   And the truth is, if I look at this,

00:57:29   the fact that they're taken a year off

00:57:31   from the chip development in the lower end iPhone,

00:57:33   it's almost like reaping the rewards of being so far ahead.

00:57:39   Like you're so far ahead that you can stop

00:57:41   and take a break for some of your phones,

00:57:43   if not all of them, and they're still gonna be ahead.

00:57:46   They're still gonna be great,

00:57:47   and I think that's what's going on here.

00:57:48   - Okay, the Discord's very excited,

00:57:51   and so I must address this before we also,

00:57:54   so people can close their Twitter apps too.

00:57:56   This chip has the five core GPU

00:57:59   that the pro version of the chip had.

00:58:02   So they were the same chips.

00:58:03   - So that's the difference.

00:58:04   That's the difference is that they bend the number of GPUs.

00:58:07   - Yes, but realistically, let's all agree

00:58:11   that one GPU core, you're not gonna feel it.

00:58:15   Like, just so we all can agree here

00:58:17   that yes, you're technically correct,

00:58:20   but ultimately this is the thing.

00:58:23   I think as well as the chip, we are seeing now,

00:58:28   you were alluding to this for sure,

00:58:29   of like maybe we're gonna get a bit more

00:58:31   of this going forward,

00:58:32   because they talk about improvements to the camera,

00:58:35   and a lot of the features referenced on the camera

00:58:37   were features that were in the previous Pro models,

00:58:39   like sensor shift, optical image stabilization,

00:58:43   faster aperture and better low light performance,

00:58:45   autofocus on the front-facing camera,

00:58:47   like this is stuff that came to the Pro phones before.

00:58:50   - And now it's being rolled down.

00:58:52   - Very excited about this.

00:58:53   I didn't notice it during the presentation,

00:58:56   but a friend of the show, One Two John,

00:58:58   John Voorhees mentioned it afterwards on Twitter,

00:59:00   Apple now calls the wide camera the main camera, finally.

00:59:04   We've been calling it main camera for a long time

00:59:07   because it's just clearer and they're doing that now.

00:59:10   Deep Fusion got a shout out.

00:59:12   - It did.

00:59:14   - And I was hoping--

00:59:16   - It didn't just get a shout out, Myke,

00:59:18   it went further up the pipeline.

00:59:19   - I was hoping we would hear about Deep Fusion today

00:59:23   because they would say no more Deep Fusion.

00:59:25   - No, no, no, no.

00:59:26   It is now a part of the photonic engine.

00:59:29   - The photonic engine. - However,

00:59:30   the way they describe the photonic engine

00:59:33   seems to do what I am looking for,

00:59:36   which is more detail, brighter colors.

00:59:40   Because I think deep fusion darkens images.

00:59:44   And so I am excited about this new thing.

00:59:49   - They brought it up the pipeline.

00:59:50   - They brought it up the pipeline.

00:59:51   And when you bring it up the pipeline, color.

00:59:53   - And it's trying to solve perhaps

00:59:54   the problem that you had with it.

00:59:56   - Yeah. - By doing that, I think,

00:59:58   I just wanna say, I don't envy the marketers

01:00:02   who have to describe something like this, right?

01:00:05   Because what they're really saying is,

01:00:08   we changed our photographic pipeline

01:00:11   and the way we process multiple images in order to,

01:00:13   and like, they have to invent things like deep fusion

01:00:16   and the photonic engine.

01:00:17   They've gotta explain in a sort of vague

01:00:20   but sort of understandable way to regular people

01:00:22   what exactly it does.

01:00:24   And when, you know, the alternative would be,

01:00:26   it's better, okay?

01:00:27   Like, it's just, it's better.

01:00:30   Just, that's it, it's better.

01:00:31   And instead they're trying like photonic engine

01:00:33   and we're, you know, we branded it

01:00:35   and we move it up the pipeline

01:00:36   and it improves the low light and, which is great.

01:00:39   I mean, we'll have to see it.

01:00:40   - I like that they brand a thing.

01:00:42   Now there's a new brand,

01:00:43   which includes the old branded terms.

01:00:45   - The old brand.

01:00:46   - And then in like four more years,

01:00:47   the photonic engine is gonna become a part

01:00:49   of ultra tele pro and then, you know.

01:00:53   - Yeah, exactly right.

01:00:54   And don't forget, we also got a new mode, action mode.

01:00:57   - Action mode.

01:00:59   What do you think's happening with this?

01:01:00   - Which is just a stable,

01:01:02   it's more aggressive anti-stabilization, anti-shake stuff,

01:01:06   but it seems to be something that they put in a mode

01:01:09   or a toggle to turn it on and off.

01:01:11   - I could imagine it maybe zooms in the image a bit,

01:01:13   so you get some play with the--

01:01:15   - Yeah, something like that is probably what's going on.

01:01:18   - And they're saying, so you don't need to gimbal anymore.

01:01:20   It's their whole thing, right?

01:01:21   - Yeah, but you wouldn't want to use this all the time.

01:01:23   This is something you turn on

01:01:25   because you know you're gonna be doing this.

01:01:26   So there are obviously trade-offs involved.

01:01:28   Like you said, maybe they're zooming in

01:01:29   or something like that, but it's there.

01:01:32   - I will say with the photonic engine thing,

01:01:34   it was something that they kept mentioning,

01:01:36   which is interesting, it applies to all of the cameras.

01:01:39   All of the cameras get this benefit, which is cool.

01:01:41   - Yeah, 'cause it's the pipeline.

01:01:42   It's happening within the image pipeline that they built.

01:01:45   It's all, it's further up.

01:01:46   - All US models, eSIM now.

01:01:50   - Of this, yeah, eSIM.

01:01:52   - eSIM.

01:01:53   - This was the introduced in the we love eSIMs segment.

01:01:57   - Interesting.

01:01:58   - And I'm sure it's good for Apple

01:02:00   because they get rid of the SIM tray

01:02:01   and they don't have to engineer that

01:02:03   and they don't have to cut it out of the side of the frame

01:02:06   and they don't have to leave space on the inside

01:02:08   and have a SIM reader or any of that stuff.

01:02:11   It makes me uneasy just because I still use a SIM card

01:02:13   because I keep transferring it to different phones

01:02:15   that I'm reviewing.

01:02:16   So that's interesting.

01:02:18   - So I looked into this a little bit.

01:02:20   - Yeah.

01:02:21   - Apple has a support document.

01:02:22   As part of the quick setup thing,

01:02:24   you're able to transfer the SIM card that's in a phone

01:02:28   to an eSIM on a new phone.

01:02:31   - Right.

01:02:32   - Which is sort of interesting.

01:02:32   - The only things that give me hesitation

01:02:34   are things that are more about me

01:02:36   than they're about the regular person, right?

01:02:38   'Cause for me, it's like,

01:02:39   well, if I wanna try four different phones,

01:02:42   now I have to transfer my eSIM to that phone

01:02:44   and then transfer it to this one.

01:02:45   And how many transfers and does my carrier get upset

01:02:48   that I'm transferring my eSIM around or do they not care?

01:02:51   Maybe they don't care, but I'm always worried

01:02:53   that they're gonna say,

01:02:54   "Oh, this guy's changed his eSIM 10 times,

01:02:57   "so we're gonna flag his account," or something like that.

01:03:00   But I think I'm just gonna have to give up

01:03:01   and embrace the eSIM now.

01:03:02   'Cause SIM cards are dumb, right?

01:03:04   SIM cards are stupid.

01:03:05   We shouldn't have them anymore.

01:03:06   - No way.

01:03:07   - It's like, why should we ever,

01:03:10   yeah, we shouldn't have them anymore.

01:03:11   - And I have a similar thing to you.

01:03:13   I'm like intrigued, 'cause, so,

01:03:15   these iPhones come out when I'm in Memphis,

01:03:18   at a podcast-a-thon, I'm going to try and get an American phone. I will have to see

01:03:23   if I can transfer my British eSIM to an American phone. Who knows, right? We'll find out. I'll

01:03:30   let you know how it goes, Jason. We can talk about it. But, you know, I want to get one.

01:03:35   So far out, Myke. Far out. Far out, baby. Far out. The answer is, after a year, literally

01:03:43   this was the rumor for last year's iPhone event after a year of rumors the

01:03:50   satellite emergency feature emergency SOS by satellite is true it's true mm-hmm

01:03:57   it's all true it's all true baby and it's great I know we've talked about it

01:04:01   before but the idea is when you're out of service and something bad happens

01:04:06   that's really bad yeah and so they've made this thing and I like how they

01:04:09   talked about look it's complicated because we don't have the big antenna so

01:04:12   we have this user interface where you have to point it

01:04:15   at the satellite and it's, you know, on the inside,

01:04:17   it's like the range, it's doing the,

01:04:19   what's the strength of signal from the satellite.

01:04:21   And I used to have satellite TV and I remember being up

01:04:24   on my roof trying to point the dish in exactly the right

01:04:26   place to hit the satellite.

01:04:27   It's kind of like that, you know, keep moving,

01:04:29   keep pointing at satellite once you lock it in

01:04:32   and you hold it there and it can take less than 15 seconds

01:04:36   in clear sky, but in light foliage,

01:04:39   it might take a few minutes.

01:04:40   It's a very low speed transfer,

01:04:42   but it means that you can send an emergency message

01:04:46   or using Find My, share your current location via satellite.

01:04:51   And I think this is great because again,

01:04:52   it's gonna save lives.

01:04:53   We know that already.

01:04:55   Next year, we'll have the emergency SOS via satellite

01:04:58   saved my life video montage of real people.

01:05:01   - You're gonna get a combo.

01:05:02   Someone's like fallen down and they're on a mountain

01:05:05   and they couldn't call base camp because they've fallen over.

01:05:08   - Right.

01:05:09   or crash detection, they're gonna be out on the outside

01:05:12   of cell service and they crash into a tree

01:05:15   and it calls and it uses the satellite to do it.

01:05:19   I also thought it was really interesting that they talk

01:05:21   about having to compress the text 'cause they're really,

01:05:23   really limited with what they're able to send

01:05:26   across the satellite from an iPhone, right?

01:05:28   All the way out into space, that's hard.

01:05:31   And that on top of that, they built basically a wizard

01:05:34   that walks you through identifying

01:05:36   your current emergency situation.

01:05:38   And that's super smart because that allows them to boil it down to the exact details in a way that

01:05:44   is a very, very short amount of data that's being sent over the satellite. And then on the other end

01:05:50   is being translated back into the report of where they are and what the situation is. And then they

01:05:57   said that they've got it where those get sent as text messages to places that accept text messages

01:06:02   and places that have a live operator,

01:06:04   they have an operator who will relay the message via voice

01:06:09   from your message to the emergency.

01:06:13   Like it's really well thought out.

01:06:14   It's so smart.

01:06:15   It will save people's lives.

01:06:17   And this leads me to my question, which is,

01:06:20   how, this is a service.

01:06:22   I was listening to Accidental Tech Podcast

01:06:24   from last week while I was driving down here.

01:06:25   And they were talking about this

01:06:27   and it struck me, this rumor.

01:06:29   I thought, this is a service.

01:06:31   And you can't,

01:06:33   you can't really say if you don't wanna die

01:06:38   out in the middle of nowhere, pay us a fee, right?

01:06:41   Like that's a hard sell, right?

01:06:44   Like, hey, this new iPhone has this life-saving feature,

01:06:48   here's what it costs for us to save your life.

01:06:50   And yet it's a service you can't not,

01:06:54   I think, charge for it ultimately,

01:06:57   because this is a, you know,

01:06:59   they're using a satellite provider,

01:07:02   they're doing all the satellite data transfer,

01:07:03   it can't be cheap.

01:07:04   So what they did, and I was really impressed with this,

01:07:09   is they did a free for two years with purchase.

01:07:14   So you get this for your iPhone for two years with purchase,

01:07:20   presumably at that point you're gonna have to pay something

01:07:22   to keep it going.

01:07:23   But if you're a new iPhone buyer--

01:07:25   or it's a part of iCloud Plus or something like that.

01:07:28   - Right, but it's not gonna be an upsell where it's like,

01:07:31   congratulations on spending $1,000 on your phone,

01:07:33   would you like to not die out in the wilderness?

01:07:36   That'll be an extra whatever.

01:07:37   No, it's covered for two years.

01:07:39   I think it's an interesting solution to that problem

01:07:42   of that this is totally a service,

01:07:44   and they could have said, pay us for this service up front.

01:07:47   If you want satellite emergency SOS, you gotta pay us,

01:07:51   and that's not what they did,

01:07:52   and I think that's a great move.

01:07:54   And it really is something that not everybody's gonna need, right?

01:07:58   Like, lots of people, sure, but lots of people, not so much.

01:08:04   I feel like, depending on where you live in the world and what you might get up to, I don't know.

01:08:09   But nevertheless, it's quite a morbid thing to think about, but it is really interesting to build features into your products

01:08:18   that are designed to help you not die as a selling point?

01:08:23   - So I, yeah, and that's what I mean

01:08:26   when I say the challenge of how do you use something

01:08:30   that is gonna save you from dying,

01:08:33   but has a real cost, right?

01:08:36   Apple has had to make a deal with this satellite company

01:08:38   and build this whole system.

01:08:40   And it's not just the cost of building the software

01:08:43   and stuff, it's the ongoing cost of connecting

01:08:46   to their satellite network.

01:08:47   And that's a real cost because satellites aren't free.

01:08:50   You gotta shoot them up there.

01:08:52   And then they're up in space.

01:08:53   And if they come down, you gotta have a replacement

01:08:56   that you can switch to.

01:08:58   And it's expensive.

01:09:00   But yeah, it's really unpleasant to have to juxtapose

01:09:04   the idea that there's life-saving technology

01:09:06   and pay up dead beats, right?

01:09:07   Like you don't wanna do that.

01:09:09   So what do you do?

01:09:11   And so making it the free for two years

01:09:16   is I think it's a pretty interesting and good compromise.

01:09:20   I think, I mean, the argument is,

01:09:23   maybe not everybody needs this thing,

01:09:25   but I think that's not, maybe I'm wrong,

01:09:28   but I think that's not true.

01:09:29   I will tell you that we had to drive up to Oregon

01:09:33   for Julian's college orientation.

01:09:35   And then we were just in the Eastern Sierras

01:09:39   over Labor Day weekend.

01:09:40   And you're streaming music and then it stops

01:09:44   and you realize that you are out of service.

01:09:46   like you're in the mountains, you're around Mount Shasta,

01:09:48   or you're going through the mountains in Oregon,

01:09:52   or you're going through Yosemite,

01:09:54   and sometimes you've got service.

01:09:57   I mean, I would be surprised,

01:09:59   'cause then a notification would pop up,

01:10:01   and I'd be like, "Oh, we're back in service for a moment,"

01:10:03   and then it would go away again.

01:10:04   Like, if you live your life at any point

01:10:07   in a place like that, and you hear these stories

01:10:09   about people who are like,

01:10:10   just they're going through the mountains

01:10:12   on the way to see grandma,

01:10:15   and their car breaks down and they don't have service.

01:10:19   Like what do you do in a situation like that?

01:10:22   And the answer is you tell your kid to stay in the car

01:10:25   and the snow's coming down and you try to get to the road

01:10:27   and if somebody's coming, you flag them down

01:10:30   or is nobody coming and 'cause they closed the road

01:10:33   but you were the last car through.

01:10:34   I mean, it's terrifying.

01:10:35   So this is, and our smartphones are so important

01:10:38   and they're such an important part of our lives.

01:10:40   So to have this be built into every iPhone

01:10:43   and have it be free for two years after you buy that iPhone.

01:10:46   Yeah, I'm really glad that they went to the trouble

01:10:50   of building this feature in because there's a difference

01:10:52   between buying a fancy survival radio

01:10:55   that you carry with you in the back country

01:10:58   and just getting stuck somewhere with your iPhone.

01:11:02   - So we mentioned already that these devices

01:11:05   are sticking in price, $799 and $899,

01:11:10   both available to order this Friday.

01:11:12   The iPhone 14 is shipping September 16th.

01:11:14   The iPhone 14 Plus is the sacrificial iPhone.

01:11:18   It's not shipping until October 7th.

01:11:20   This is the only phone that has been dated this way.

01:11:24   I expect it's like, we have,

01:11:26   here's my thinking on this, right?

01:11:28   Who knows, right? - Okay.

01:11:29   - We have a limited amount of parts

01:11:30   that we can use amongst the phones in general.

01:11:31   - Priorities.

01:11:33   - Let's put this on the phone

01:11:35   that does not already have a direct model, right?

01:11:39   Because they don't, you know,

01:11:41   where they don't want to go for a period of time

01:11:43   where they're not selling a certain phone

01:11:44   or they do it today and it's like weeks and weeks

01:11:47   and weeks away and then they're like,

01:11:49   well does that mean nobody's gonna buy an iPhone,

01:11:51   regular iPhone for a long period of time?

01:11:53   This phone is not replacing something technically.

01:11:56   There isn't an iPhone 13 plus.

01:11:59   So they've just decided this is the one

01:12:01   that will go into October.

01:12:02   Because what could be part of this phone specifically

01:12:06   that is a problem part is how I look at it, I don't know.

01:12:09   Yeah, I think it's priorities, you're right.

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01:13:23   iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

01:13:28   - Oh yeah, it's time to go to a special island.

01:13:32   I call it the Dynamic Island.

01:13:34   This is exciting.

01:13:38   I am incredibly hyped for this phone.

01:13:41   - You know what's not exciting about this phone, Myke?

01:13:44   - What?

01:13:45   - The color.

01:13:46   - Oh yeah. - The color is not exciting.

01:13:48   - I don't like the purple, Jason.

01:13:50   - I've seen the purple.

01:13:51   - Tell me about it.

01:13:52   - It is, remember when I said Apple would find a way

01:13:55   to make purple not exciting?

01:13:56   - No. (laughs)

01:13:59   - It's, you know how the midnight laptop,

01:14:01   it's like, oh, it's black.

01:14:02   And then you look in exactly the right line,

01:14:04   you're like oh I see I see it's blue this is like that it's like hey it's a

01:14:10   gray phone and then you're looking right and you're like oh I guess it's purple

01:14:13   so they really should have caught this Twilight then as a listener recommended

01:14:17   they should have right except except they didn't do midnight and starlight

01:14:21   because those aren't professional colors instead we get silver gold deep purple

01:14:24   and another space black what does that another space black why space gray but

01:14:31   - But if space gray was already not a defined color.

01:14:35   - Yes.

01:14:36   - Why do we need space black?

01:14:37   Why can't it just be space gray?

01:14:39   - I don't know.

01:14:41   - How black is space black?

01:14:42   'Cause it looks kind of gray to me.

01:14:44   - Apple has decided that the iPhone Pro

01:14:46   should not come in fun colors, even as an option.

01:14:49   It should just have sort of like

01:14:51   really super standard colors.

01:14:53   Okay, but deep purple like midnight forest

01:14:57   and darkened seascape and, you know,

01:15:00   again, 2 a.m. lemon.

01:15:03   These are all just terrible colors.

01:15:05   - I mean, look, ultimately I'm happy I don't have

01:15:08   to just to make a hard decision to move away

01:15:10   from my beloved gold and gold looks as amazing as ever,

01:15:12   so I'm going gold.

01:15:14   - Deep purple, I mean, I like purple.

01:15:16   I like that it's purple.

01:15:17   Let's go to the dynamic.

01:15:18   - This thing looks amazing.

01:15:20   Have you gotten to see it in use?

01:15:22   - Yeah, yeah, in use I used it.

01:15:24   So here's the thing.

01:15:25   We base so many of our stories and speculations

01:15:28   on rumors from the supply chain

01:15:30   And the rumor from the supply chain was about the cutouts.

01:15:32   So everything was about the cutouts.

01:15:33   It was about the little lozenge and the little dot

01:15:35   and it was cutouts.

01:15:36   Apple's gonna have cutouts in their display,

01:15:37   like a hole punch.

01:15:38   It's gonna be like an Android,

01:15:40   they're gonna have little hole punch things, whatever.

01:15:42   And then last week it was sort of like,

01:15:44   oh, but maybe they'll be connected.

01:15:45   And then over the weekend it was like,

01:15:47   oh, and maybe the little recording indicator light

01:15:49   will be in there instead of somewhere else.

01:15:51   And if you're somebody at Apple,

01:15:54   if you're a fly on the wall at Apple,

01:15:55   you're like, oh, they're getting closer.

01:15:57   They're getting closer.

01:15:58   Are they gonna get it?

01:15:59   Are they gonna figure it out?

01:16:00   And the answer is no, they didn't get it.

01:16:03   It was an actual surprise because what Apple did

01:16:05   with the Dynamic Island, I think it's so funny and clever,

01:16:08   is they took the existence of those cutouts

01:16:13   and the idea that they would mask it with a little element

01:16:15   and they designed a whole bunch of status indicators

01:16:19   around that element, that that element grows and stretches

01:16:24   and the items that appear in the indicators

01:16:26   are artfully placed not on the cutouts.

01:16:30   And it's like, you can, in bright sunlight,

01:16:32   you can see the cutouts, right?

01:16:33   You can see them.

01:16:34   But most of the time,

01:16:36   you forget that the cutouts are even there.

01:16:38   And instead, the little dynamic island

01:16:41   is just your little buddy

01:16:42   who gives you information about stuff.

01:16:44   And it's not marring your display.

01:16:48   It's an always on information bar.

01:16:53   So smart and clever.

01:16:55   little whimsical animations everywhere to make it wider or taller as needed.

01:17:00   So yeah, you're in music and you're playing music and then you

01:17:03   flip up to go to the home screen and as you flip up to the home screen a music

01:17:08   widget, essentially for lack of a better name, flips up into the dynamic island

01:17:15   and it sits there with a little tiny, teeny tiny thumbnail of the album art

01:17:19   and a dynamic waveform that is color matched to the album art by the way and it's not fake,

01:17:27   it's real. And you know Myke, the answer here is this is why live activities weren't coming

01:17:33   in iOS 16.0 and they said they were coming later this fall is because I think these are

01:17:39   basically live activities. They go together. I was hedging but like it was very clear in

01:17:46   the moment, it's like, oh, this is what, this is the other part of what the Live Activities

01:17:50   API is, is this display. And so, yeah, it's like a huge change in the iPhone interface

01:18:00   to have a live status area that's available no matter what you're doing that says what

01:18:05   else your iPhone is doing and integrated in a way that is funny and playful and natural.

01:18:13   So the proof is going to be in how it is to use, but in a short amount of time with it,

01:18:20   like I'm inclined to think that this is going to be a winner. That they took the bear problem

01:18:26   of those two cutouts and instead of doing something, doing nothing or doing the minimum,

01:18:31   which is masking them out and maybe putting a dot back there, they said, "Why don't we,

01:18:36   in a very quintessentially Apple way, why don't we lean into it and make this a fundamental

01:18:42   iPhone interface element that is part of our identity going forward for the iPhone.

01:18:46   Really excited about it.

01:18:47   And that, there was a confirmation from a friend that just showed Serenity Caldwell.

01:18:51   It is part of Live Activities and Activity Kit.

01:18:53   It's not available in the release candidate right now, but will be coming to iOS 16 and

01:18:58   Xcode later this year.

01:18:59   So when the iPhone ship, it will only be Apple's, it will only be Apple's apps and services

01:19:05   in the Design Make Island.

01:19:07   And then later on this year, you'll be able to see third party apps when the Live Activity

01:19:12   these things ships, it's all kind of tied into that.

01:19:15   The always on display got very little time and information.

01:19:20   - Yeah, yeah, it is, I got to play with that too.

01:19:23   It looks good.

01:19:25   I think it's funny that again, so,

01:19:27   remember when I said earlier in this episode

01:19:30   that I think people underestimate Apple?

01:19:32   - Mm-hmm.

01:19:33   - Well, here are a couple other examples,

01:19:35   which is the Dynamic Island,

01:19:36   everybody underestimated Apple and figured they'd just,

01:19:38   you know, patch it up with some pixels and call it a day.

01:19:41   - Yeah.

01:19:41   do that. They leaned into it. Always on display I think is in that category too

01:19:46   because I think everybody just like we did where we said oh that it's gonna be

01:19:50   an Apple Watch Pro and they're not gonna lean into the sports features I think we

01:19:52   said oh well you know let's get let's curb our enthusiasm let's get our little

01:19:56   let's not get our hopes up it's probably gonna drop out the images and it's gonna

01:20:00   be really kind of a very boring thing because they want to save power and it's

01:20:04   like no no if you've got a colorful background picture when it's in always

01:20:09   on mode, it's still visible. It's dimmer and they are doing some algorithms to reduce what

01:20:17   is displayed so that it draws less power on the OLED display. But it's not like everything

01:20:23   fades to black and with some very light gray items. The widgets are monochrome, but your

01:20:31   background is not monochrome. It's still there. And like the Apple Watch, it will drop out.

01:20:37   I set a timer and then put it into always on mode and it did the Apple Watch thing where

01:20:42   it doesn't show you the rest of the seconds.

01:20:44   It only shows you the minute.

01:20:45   Right.

01:20:46   It's like, come on, you're refreshing once a second.

01:20:49   Refresh the second hand, please.

01:20:51   But yeah, it's way more vibrant for, again, a dimmed display, but it's way more vibrant

01:20:59   and personalized.

01:21:00   They're not throwing that stuff away.

01:21:02   Now that you've personalized your lock screen, good news, we're making it all disappear when

01:21:06   and it's always on.

01:21:08   And then you tap and it all kind of lights up.

01:21:11   - Yeah, this is a feature I feel like I really need

01:21:14   to use myself as well to like fully understand it

01:21:16   because it's not, it is very different to what I expected.

01:21:19   Like I can't work out how bright does it feel?

01:21:23   Like, and again, like we're saying like,

01:21:24   what do you do with it at night?

01:21:25   Like I'm intrigued about that.

01:21:27   - And it depends on, I think it probably depends

01:21:30   on your light environment, right?

01:21:31   Like I would imagine that it's actually brighter

01:21:33   when you're outside and dimmer when you're inside,

01:21:35   but it does and it's got a little,

01:21:37   it's got a little animation, like literally you tap it

01:21:40   and it fades up, right?

01:21:42   It doesn't just blink or anything.

01:21:43   It fades up into the full presentation mode.

01:21:46   Again, a little bit like the Apple Watch.

01:21:48   Clearly, this was all a lesson learned

01:21:51   on the Apple Watch applied to the iPhone,

01:21:54   but it looks good.

01:21:55   - It has an A16 chip?

01:21:58   - Yes, new chip, no chip lab,

01:22:01   but Greg Joswiak gave us the plug

01:22:04   And I'm just gonna point out,

01:22:05   this is the next generation Apple chip,

01:22:08   which means it might be the next generation

01:22:10   on which the M3 is based for the Mac.

01:22:15   Maybe not.

01:22:16   There are some rumors that they might skip a generation

01:22:18   at some point.

01:22:19   It's their first four nanometer chip.

01:22:20   - That's the key part though, right?

01:22:22   Like if it does become, or even if this doesn't,

01:22:25   but now we can see what, okay,

01:22:28   probably the M3 will be four nanometer at least, right?

01:22:32   - Yeah. - Or most,

01:22:33   or whatever way we do it.

01:22:35   - Yes. - And then, I guess,

01:22:37   I think really for me, the only thing that I noted,

01:22:39   which was interesting, is as a new display engine

01:22:42   on the chip, which is powering the always-on

01:22:44   dynamic island's anti-aliasing.

01:22:46   So there's something going on there.

01:22:48   - They didn't make a lot of speed claims here.

01:22:51   I do think that they focused on,

01:22:53   they did talk about the high power cores are more powerful,

01:22:59   and they use less power.

01:23:00   And then the efficiency cores,

01:23:01   And the truth is those four efficiency cores,

01:23:04   the iPhone is not using the high performance cores often.

01:23:07   - It is not interesting or enlightening,

01:23:10   I think at this point to hear about the power

01:23:12   of the chip inside of the iPhone.

01:23:15   - Yeah, honestly, I think you're right.

01:23:17   - I don't care about it anymore.

01:23:18   - And that's why they talked about,

01:23:20   instead they talked about using their cores

01:23:22   and their CPU cores and their GPU cores

01:23:24   and the neural engine and the ISP to do camera stuff, right?

01:23:28   Because that is, in fact, I would be surprised

01:23:32   if the thumbnail sketch of what this phone model year

01:23:35   was going to be way back when was,

01:23:38   this is the one with a 48 megapixel sensor on it.

01:23:42   And therefore, the chip development for this chip model

01:23:46   needs to kill it on the image processing

01:23:50   because this is when we're doing it.

01:23:52   - It's gotta do whatever it's got to do

01:23:54   to deal with so much more information coming down.

01:23:58   - The pipeline, I've read the pipeline.

01:24:01   But for me--

01:24:02   - You get higher up,

01:24:03   then you see what's coming down sooner.

01:24:05   - And you need more of it.

01:24:06   For me, I wanna know raw power and speeds

01:24:10   and cores for the Mac, right?

01:24:12   But for the iPhone and for the iPad,

01:24:14   it's not really interesting anymore.

01:24:16   - It's more what you can do with it

01:24:17   because they're not constrained in any other way.

01:24:18   - Especially now because it used to be fun of like,

01:24:22   look how much faster this is than my Mac.

01:24:24   Well, that doesn't count anymore

01:24:25   'cause we have those chips now.

01:24:27   So like it's not, anyway. - Exactly.

01:24:29   - The camera though, Jason Snell,

01:24:31   my God, I'm so freaking excited.

01:24:34   They gave me literally everything I wanted

01:24:36   from the camera segment of the keynote today.

01:24:39   - So the things that we thought they might do, right?

01:24:43   'Cause the simple version was, well, that 48 megapixel,

01:24:46   they're gonna do pixel binning, which they did.

01:24:48   They call it the quad pixel sensor.

01:24:50   That's the whole idea.

01:24:51   You use four pixels, so you've got lots of light

01:24:54   to make a really, really, really good looking

01:24:56   12 megapixel image.

01:24:57   Great.

01:24:58   But what else can you do?

01:24:59   And this is where it's like,

01:25:00   well, what do they choose to do?

01:25:02   The answer is they chose to, among other things,

01:25:06   create a virtual additional iPhone camera,

01:25:11   which is the cropped middle 12 megapixels of the new sensor

01:25:16   at which you can take a full resolution photo.

01:25:19   There's no optical zoom or anything.

01:25:21   It's just a cropped in.

01:25:22   It's not using the quad pixel at that point.

01:25:24   It's using the actual pixels,

01:25:25   but you can do that and it's like you've zoomed in to 2X

01:25:29   for full resolution photos and 4K video.

01:25:34   - I love this.

01:25:35   Like I love that the 3X exists, but I miss the 2X

01:25:39   and they even called it out in a way I was so happy about

01:25:42   where they're like,

01:25:43   because also 3X is not so good for portrait, which it's not.

01:25:47   Like I feel like portrait photos now

01:25:49   I'm either too far away or too close.

01:25:51   - Yes.

01:25:52   - And 2X is so much better for that.

01:25:53   So I'm really happy about this.

01:25:55   I hoped they would do something like this.

01:25:58   People thought, and I had thought,

01:25:59   I wondered, will they use this sensor to do 10x zoom,

01:26:03   like Samsung does, but they hadn't done that.

01:26:06   What I'm happy is they've done

01:26:08   what I actually realistically wanted,

01:26:10   which was more settings that are of high quality,

01:26:15   rather than pushing past quality.

01:26:17   And I think one of the reasons they haven't done this

01:26:19   is there is a future iPhone

01:26:21   expected to get a periscope camera,

01:26:23   and so you may as well wait for that one to do that,

01:26:25   that kind of further out feature.

01:26:27   - I just wanna be clear.

01:26:29   Again, it's not a digital zoom.

01:26:33   What they're doing is using the 12 megapixels.

01:26:37   Instead of taking 48 and binning it to 12,

01:26:39   and it's taking the 12 like it was the old iPhone,

01:26:43   but because it's got the lens

01:26:45   that's displaying on the whole sensor,

01:26:47   and they're taking the center of it,

01:26:49   it's effectively a zoom,

01:26:51   but it's zooming by discarding the quad pixel algorithm

01:26:56   and instead using the more classic one dot per.

01:26:59   So the image quality is not gonna be as good

01:27:02   as at the normal camera mode,

01:27:05   but it's not a digital zoom

01:27:06   because it's not inventing pixels.

01:27:08   - Yep.

01:27:08   But they can still throw it through

01:27:10   our wonderful friend photonic engine

01:27:12   and get some better results out of it maybe.

01:27:15   - Yeah, there's people in the chat room saying

01:27:16   it's a digital zoom.

01:27:18   I mean, define it how you want.

01:27:19   To me, digital zoom means you're creating information

01:27:21   where there isn't any.

01:27:23   Where you're taking something that,

01:27:24   you're blowing up pixels and making virtual pixels

01:27:27   and making the image look bigger than it actually is.

01:27:31   And they're not blowing up pixels here.

01:27:33   They're just cropping the pixels.

01:27:34   So that feels different to me.

01:27:37   - But everything across the board is getting better

01:27:39   with hardware and with software.

01:27:41   The ultra wide has a larger sensor,

01:27:43   three times better improvement in low light.

01:27:46   By the way, the main camera has a 2X improvement

01:27:49   over the 13 Pro in low light for this stuff.

01:27:51   Higher quality macro mode photos.

01:27:55   They have a new adaptive flash,

01:27:57   which I thought was really smart,

01:27:58   that dependent on the focal length of the image,

01:28:01   they adapt how much light they use, which is genius.

01:28:05   And then for cinematic mode, they go up to 4K now in video,

01:28:10   and you can do it at 24 frames per second.

01:28:13   And ProRAW, you can use the full 48 megapixels resolution,

01:28:19   if you know what you're doing with it.

01:28:20   - Yeah, right.

01:28:21   That's it, like what, so what if you say,

01:28:23   well, it's great that you're doing this quad pixel thing,

01:28:25   but I want all those pixels.

01:28:27   I'm a pro photographer and I want 48 megapixels.

01:28:29   The answer is great.

01:28:31   Then you use ProRAW, you get all 48 megapixels of it.

01:28:34   Do what you want with it.

01:28:35   And that's great.

01:28:36   That's fantastic.

01:28:37   - They didn't do 8K.

01:28:39   - Cinematic mode 4K at 24 and 30 is great for people who,

01:28:44   I mean, again, it's who is that?

01:28:45   It's a, for the filmmakers who use the cinematic mode,

01:28:48   I'm not sure anybody is, but if you're an aspiring filmmaker

01:28:51   and you want to shoot 24 4K in cinematic mode, you can now.

01:28:54   - Well, I was listening to the Six Colors

01:28:57   Secret Subscriber podcast and our friend David Sparks said

01:29:01   he wanted to use cinematic mode, but it was just at 1080

01:29:05   and that wasn't working for what he wanted

01:29:07   with the rest of his workflow.

01:29:08   - So there you go, it's for Sparky then.

01:29:10   - It's a higher quality image.

01:29:11   There was no 8K video.

01:29:13   Now I'm assuming that the sensor could do it.

01:29:16   I am expecting they are not doing it yet for two reasons.

01:29:19   One, not a lot of use, I think, for 8K as it stands right now.

01:29:23   And two, the file size is massive.

01:29:26   - Yes, and you have to get it over

01:29:27   that little lightning port.

01:29:29   - Yeah, which is not great.

01:29:31   So I just think right now there isn't a need for 8K.

01:29:34   Let me tell you, Jason, I'm so excited for this phone.

01:29:38   This is a big upgrade, it looks like.

01:29:41   - Yeah, yeah.

01:29:42   I'm looking forward to the real photo samples.

01:29:46   - Yeah, or just my own images, right?

01:29:48   You know what I mean?

01:29:49   Like just, yeah.

01:29:50   - If you're the kind of person who buys an iPhone

01:29:54   for the camera, I feel like there's no question about this.

01:29:58   Like we'll see what the reviews are and all of that,

01:30:00   but like this is a camera upgrade.

01:30:02   I do think that we have the Dynamic Island

01:30:06   as an amazing design upgrade.

01:30:09   - And the always on display too.

01:30:12   - Yeah, there's a bunch of, yeah, for the boring third,

01:30:17   well, this is what Apple does though, right?

01:30:19   It's like it's the third version of this body.

01:30:22   So what do you do to make it interesting?

01:30:24   The answer is you do a lot of really interesting stuff

01:30:26   that isn't changing the body in year three,

01:30:28   because the body's been out there for a while

01:30:31   and it's not that exciting,

01:30:32   but you can do some other exciting stuff.

01:30:34   And so here it is, they've got the island,

01:30:37   they've got the always on,

01:30:38   and they've got this new camera system.

01:30:41   And then that's a, again, it's that for,

01:30:43   if you're just going on looks,

01:30:45   it looks like it's more or less the same phone,

01:30:46   but if you're looking at the specs

01:30:48   and you're looking at what it does,

01:30:49   it's actually a pretty dramatic upgrade.

01:30:52   - Yeah, I'm really, I am genuinely really pumped.

01:30:55   They've given me the things that I wanted the most, right?

01:30:59   That I've really been looking forward to.

01:31:01   And, you know, one of them was just like,

01:31:04   "Hey, the screen's gonna look different."

01:31:06   But then they've taken it that step further

01:31:08   with this like delightful UI element in the dynamic island,

01:31:12   which by the way, that is a really bizarre name.

01:31:16   - Dynamic island? - I love it.

01:31:18   Like I love it, but that's why it's a wild name.

01:31:21   - My immediate thought was dynamic island is what happens

01:31:25   when you release a phone with a notch

01:31:28   and everybody calls it the notch.

01:31:30   And you're an Apple product marketer and you're like,

01:31:32   I don't like that name.

01:31:33   And somebody says, well, why didn't you give it a name?

01:31:36   And you're like, oh, yeah.

01:31:38   Well, if we ever do something like the Notch again,

01:31:40   we're gonna brand it.

01:31:41   - You know what?

01:31:42   - And so here it is.

01:31:43   - I'm gonna say you are spot on there

01:31:45   because they just wanted you to say the Face ID sensor

01:31:48   or nothing, right?

01:31:49   You just don't call it anything, it just is.

01:31:52   - Right, so we're gonna have to retro name the Notch now.

01:31:56   I propose the Static Peninsula.

01:31:59   But it could be, we'll work on it.

01:32:02   We'll workshop what the Notch is called.

01:32:04   But it's offshore of the Dynamic Island.

01:32:08   So that's everything announced today.

01:32:10   - Yeah, and this is again September 16th.

01:32:13   - So we have, I'm sure we'll have more

01:32:17   to break down next week.

01:32:18   - I'm sure, so I mean, I'm still,

01:32:22   you've had a little bit of time,

01:32:23   I'm still sort of in the bubble here.

01:32:24   - Yeah, for sure.

01:32:25   - In the ring.

01:32:26   - And yeah, you're within the ring bubble.

01:32:29   - Can you believe upgrade is coming to people live

01:32:31   from inside the circle at Apple Park?

01:32:35   - I cannot believe that, that was a big surprise

01:32:36   for all of us. - It's hard to believe.

01:32:37   But look at that. Look where we've come, kids.

01:32:39   - We've come so far.

01:32:40   - Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode.

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01:33:24   Until then, say goodbye, Jason Snell.

01:33:27   - Goodbye, Myke Hurley.

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