422: The 2022 September Event Draft


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00:00:10   >> From Relay FM, this is Upgrade Episode 422.

00:00:15   Today's show is brought to you by Sourcegraph, Capital One, and Zocdoc.

00:00:19   You heard the music.

00:00:20   It's not the summer of fun anymore.

00:00:22   We're drafting today.

00:00:24   Jason Snell, welcome to the show.

00:00:26   >> From Draft Central, it's me.

00:00:28   Jason Snell, your co-host.

00:00:30   Ready to go.

00:00:31   - I have a hashtag SnellTalk question for you.

00:00:37   That comes from me, Myke Hurley, to you, Jason Snell.

00:00:39   Jason, are you gonna be at Apple Park next week?

00:00:42   - Thanks for asking, Myke.

00:00:43   Yes, I am.

00:00:44   I've been invited to drive down to Cupertino

00:00:49   and do something, see an Apple event.

00:00:53   Now what that entails in 2022, unclear,

00:00:58   'Cause the last time I went down there to see an Apple event,

00:01:00   you know, we sat in chairs and watched a video.

00:01:02   But then afterward got to see new products.

00:01:06   And that may well be what happens this time too,

00:01:09   although it's all to play for about our predictions

00:01:12   about whether that'll be the case.

00:01:13   But I'll be there.

00:01:14   I will be driving down 280 and like the old days.

00:01:18   It's really like the old days to me.

00:01:20   Yeah, good times.

00:01:21   - If you would like to send in a Snow Talk question

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00:01:25   you can just send out a tweet with the hashtag Snow Talk

00:01:27   we use question mark snow talk

00:01:28   in the relay FM members discord.

00:01:31   So we are going to be drafting today.

00:01:32   We are drafting for the September Apple event.

00:01:35   We're assuming the iPhone event.

00:01:37   Now that means it's draft time, which means,

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00:01:47   And then mine is on the way.

00:01:48   I was very upset, I didn't get it in time.

00:01:50   I wish I could have had it.

00:01:52   I would have been wearing it today, but I didn't.

00:01:54   So I haven't.

00:01:55   But for the next one, I will be.

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00:02:05   - Yep, and who would know? - And they would think

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00:02:12   We know for Upgradians, we know the truth.

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00:02:33   Now we spoke about this

00:02:35   in the Six Colors, Six Rescribers podcast,

00:02:37   but you got a new smart lock.

00:02:39   - Yes, we talked about it here two weeks ago,

00:02:43   but we pre, or was it last week?

00:02:45   - It was last, okay.

00:02:46   We spoke about it two weeks ago.

00:02:48   It was on last week's episode.

00:02:49   - It was on last week's episode.

00:02:51   That's it, that was the magic of it.

00:02:53   And that was Monday release, right?

00:02:58   By Friday afternoon, I had a new smart lock

00:03:03   because listener Eric came through

00:03:07   and actually several listeners contacted me to say

00:03:10   what I thought was funny

00:03:11   and we did talk about this

00:03:12   in the Six Colors podcast last week.

00:03:14   Several people apparently were sort of hoarding these

00:03:17   or made lots of orders hoping to get one

00:03:19   and ended up with more than they wanted.

00:03:20   And so I had several people reach out and say,

00:03:23   I've got an extra, including one from Eric

00:03:27   that was in the style that I wanted.

00:03:28   And then I've also heard from several other people

00:03:30   who found it at Home Depot,

00:03:33   which is the thing that I think I mentioned

00:03:34   in the last episode,

00:03:35   which is that this particular Schlage Smart Lock,

00:03:39   Schlage Encode Plus that's got, yes, thank you,

00:03:43   that has NFC support, Apple Home Key support,

00:03:45   so you can just tap and enter your house.

00:03:48   They are slowly trickling into stores

00:03:51   after being announced like in February

00:03:53   and immediately selling out,

00:03:54   and then not having any more stock

00:03:56   for months and months and months.

00:03:57   So anyway, I wrote about it at Six Colors.

00:03:59   Thank you to listener Eric.

00:04:01   And stop sending me links to the Home Depot's page for this

00:04:05   because I already have one.

00:04:06   I don't need any more.

00:04:07   Thanks.

00:04:08   - Well, I mean, some listeners would suggest to you

00:04:10   that you do always need more.

00:04:12   - I don't.

00:04:13   I don't need, I don't have any doors, Myke.

00:04:15   - Well, but like, it's holding them, right?

00:04:17   Just in case, in case somebody else needs them,

00:04:19   you gotta pay it forward.

00:04:19   - Oh yeah, well, I'm not gonna be a lock hoarder

00:04:22   that I'm gonna let that let other people enjoy the locks instead of hoarding them

00:04:26   myself it is September and that means something very important around these

00:04:32   parts well I say it said it's basically September when we're recording this it's

00:04:36   effectively September it's September there's three more days left in August

00:04:41   Myke depends when you're listening it could be September when someone's

00:04:44   listening if you're listening in September send a tweet to Jason say hey

00:04:49   I'm listening to September.

00:04:50   - No, no. - It's fine, it's fine.

00:04:52   - If you listen to this in August

00:04:54   and Myke just told you it's September,

00:04:55   I guess send a tweet to Myke.

00:04:56   - No, you don't need to do that 'cause it's fine.

00:04:58   - Nope, probably not.

00:04:59   - We only need to prove the September point,

00:05:01   we don't need to prove the August point.

00:05:02   - This week includes September, Myke.

00:05:05   This week will include days that are in September.

00:05:09   Isn't that exciting?

00:05:10   Tell the people why that's exciting.

00:05:12   - Because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

00:05:14   For the fourth consecutive year,

00:05:16   the Relay FM community is rallying together again

00:05:19   to support the life-saving mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which

00:05:24   is finding cures, saving children.

00:05:27   Cancer kills more children under the age of 14 than any other disease. That is a horrifying

00:05:32   statistic. But because of generous supporters like you, St. Jude creates more clinical trials

00:05:38   for pediatric cancer than any other children's hospital in the United States. In 2021, one

00:05:44   of those trials reported a more than 20-point improvement in survival rates for high-risk

00:05:49   neuroblastoma, which is the second most common solid tumor in children, and they did it using

00:05:54   an antibody produced at the St. Jude campus. This progress is just one example of the world-class

00:06:00   research taking place at St. Jude. It is carried out by researchers who are among the world's

00:06:05   most highly cited scientists, which is then shared with the world to help doctors and

00:06:10   patients elsewhere.

00:06:12   If you've been listening to our shows over the last few years, you'll know that we

00:06:15   We partner with St. Jude every September to raise money for things like this.

00:06:19   We raise money with them because St. Jude Children's Research Hospital saved the life

00:06:24   of my co-founder Stephen Hackett's son.

00:06:27   We say we raise money for them because over these last many years we have heard from so

00:06:32   many people whose lives have been touched by this incredible organization.

00:06:37   So we ask you, the Relay FM community, to donate to St. Jude to help continue this message.

00:06:45   Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for us to come together in the fight against

00:06:49   childhood cancer, because together we can make a big impact.

00:06:54   We always ask you to make a donation.

00:06:57   If you go to stju.org/relay you can donate.

00:07:00   Donors who make an individual gift of $60 or more will receive a digital bundle which

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00:07:37   Make sure you're aware of this, check with your employer if they will match donations

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00:08:27   this right? You will be able to donate whatever you are able to donate and we will gladly

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00:09:02   this is such an important thing.

00:09:17   And of course, for a very long time, 8 hours in fact, on September 16th, as me and Stephen

00:09:22   will be, knock on wood, coming together again at St. Jude's campus in Memphis, Tennessee

00:09:28   for the 4th annual podcastathon.

00:09:31   We will be there together from 12 to 8 PM US Eastern Time at twitch.tv/relayfm.

00:09:37   Lots of hijinks.

00:09:38   It's going to be a variety show featuring many Relay FM hosts.

00:09:42   Jason will be hopefully producing a wonderful game show again.

00:09:46   Yes, and I need your help, everybody.

00:09:48   Dear Upgradients, I need your help because it is going to be a Feuding Families edition,

00:09:52   which means we need to take the pulse of the thoughts of Upgradients and other Relay FM

00:10:00   listeners, you have to answer a short survey. To go to that survey, go to tinyurl.com/relayfm22

00:10:07   like the year. And it'll be in the show notes. Fill it out. Again, I just want to say, please

00:10:18   don't try to mess with us. Answer, clear your mind, and then answer with the first thing

00:10:24   that pops into your head. And then, you know, the fun begins after that. And I'll do another

00:10:29   I'll host another game show.

00:10:31   This is what my life is now, Myke.

00:10:32   - Game show! - Every year I host

00:10:34   a game show on a telethon.

00:10:37   - That's very important because--

00:10:39   - It's all been leading up to this.

00:10:40   - Game show is where I get to eat dinner.

00:10:42   So very important to me.

00:10:44   - You're welcome.

00:10:45   - 'Cause I get to take a break

00:10:46   and obviously of course they're fantastic.

00:10:49   So look, we're gonna be talking about this a lot,

00:10:51   but for now go to stjude.org/relay.

00:10:53   You can learn more there, you can donate,

00:10:55   you can find out more about St. Jude,

00:10:57   you can find out why we do this,

00:10:58   and you can also sign up to fundraise

00:11:00   because let's cure childhood cancer together.

00:11:03   It is time for some draft information.

00:11:08   - Okay. - Draft rules.

00:11:10   - When are they gonna be finalized?

00:11:11   - They're already finalized.

00:11:12   We finalized this one time.

00:11:13   - Oh, well, I thought you said it was a draft of...

00:11:16   Did I misunderstand?

00:11:17   - Is this the energy I'm getting from you today?

00:11:21   - I'm the challenger, so yeah.

00:11:24   - You're being very challenging.

00:11:26   That makes sense.

00:11:27   These are the rules of the draft. There will be 10 rounds, 20 overall picks. The draft

00:11:31   will be split into three categories. There will be four picks each for the iPhone, three

00:11:36   for the Apple Watch, and three designated as "other". The winner of the previous

00:11:40   draft gets to pick first. That was me. I won the WWE C-Draft.

00:11:45   The items that we will be choosing are from a predetermined list of picks that we put

00:11:49   together. We have agreed that they could be verifiable on screen and not ridiculously

00:11:54   obvious. For an item to count, it must be either clearly announced on stage or on our

00:11:58   slide during the keynote presentation next Wednesday.

00:12:02   Stephen Hackett will adjudicate in the case of a scoring stalemate between Jason and Myke.

00:12:07   There are no partial points awarded. The points awarded on the episode are final and finalised

00:12:12   during the scoring segment of next week's show.

00:12:16   In the case of a tie, there is a tiebreaker question. The loser will get the pick of the

00:12:20   tiebreaker, which as always is event runtime.

00:12:22   The winner becomes the draft champion and displays the champion pennant proudly.

00:12:28   The loser becomes the draft challenger and also displays the challenger pennant.

00:12:32   Maybe proudly, it depends how they're feeling about themselves.

00:12:35   The 2022 results so far, Jason won the March event, which I have zero memory of.

00:12:40   Do you remember what happened in March?

00:12:42   What did they do?

00:12:43   Was that Macbook Pro?

00:12:45   What was March?

00:12:46   What was March?

00:12:48   Wasn't Macbook Pro.

00:12:49   What did they do in March?

00:12:50   - Oh, Max Studio.

00:12:51   - Max Studio, WWDC, I won that one.

00:12:54   Historically, Jason is undefeated at September drafts.

00:12:59   So we'll see how that one goes.

00:13:02   There will be a scorecard, upgrade.cards,

00:13:07   which was put together by the wonderful Zach Knox.

00:13:10   So you will be able to score the event

00:13:13   along with us next week.

00:13:15   - Well, you know what I'm watching at home?

00:13:19   I do sort of score along with the presentation.

00:13:22   I don't do it that so much when I'm actually there.

00:13:24   But I mean, if you're just watching along in Cupertino,

00:13:28   honestly, you might as well keep score there too.

00:13:31   - Do you want to do a tiebreaker now?

00:13:33   - Yeah, let's do it.

00:13:34   - So we're going to do event runtime as we always do.

00:13:37   Now, remind me, does that mean I get to pick the number,

00:13:40   right, and then you get to do the over under on it?

00:13:43   - I believe so.

00:13:45   Is that right, or is it the other way around?

00:13:46   Did I do, no, 'cause I picked the number last,

00:13:48   I picked the number last time and was wrong,

00:13:50   and that lost me, and I was the winner going into that.

00:13:53   So yes, you pick the number,

00:13:56   and then I will tell you over or under.

00:13:59   And our upgradients have informed us

00:14:02   that last year's iPhone event was 79 minutes long.

00:14:07   - I'm going to go with 83 minutes.

00:14:14   (sighs)

00:14:17   83 minutes.

00:14:22   Over or under?

00:14:23   83 minutes.

00:14:25   Over.

00:14:27   Over 83 minutes?

00:14:28   Yeah.

00:14:29   Okay.

00:14:30   What do you think?

00:14:32   I'm intrigued.

00:14:33   I just, I think it's, I think there, it's a two hour slot.

00:14:37   I think being that close to 90 minutes is too short.

00:14:42   So I think it's going to be more.

00:14:44   I think they're going to have more to say than, I think they're going to have at least

00:14:47   an hour and a half to say.

00:14:48   - They always give a two hour slot.

00:14:50   What does that mean, a two hour slot?

00:14:51   - Yeah, I know, I know, but like,

00:14:53   they don't always fill the two hour slot,

00:14:54   but I feel like I'm just gonna go,

00:14:58   I'm gonna be optimistic and think

00:14:59   that it's gonna be more like 90.

00:15:01   - All right.

00:15:02   I thought it would be closer to 90,

00:15:04   which is why I went to 83,

00:15:06   'cause it's longer than the last one,

00:15:07   but I didn't wanna go exactly to 90.

00:15:09   I thought it'd be fun.

00:15:10   - Yeah, well, I mean, I could see the argument

00:15:12   that it's an hour and they're off, right?

00:15:13   But it is their biggest event,

00:15:15   and we'll see if they take the opportunity.

00:15:17   In the past, they have sometimes taken the opportunity

00:15:19   to talk about lots of other things.

00:15:21   Also, I'm putting in there a little bit of a possibility

00:15:24   they might have a live portion.

00:15:27   And if that happens, I feel like that expands

00:15:29   the amount of time that they spend, but we'll see.

00:15:33   We'll see, but I choose to be optimistic

00:15:35   and think that if they're gonna have us go down there

00:15:38   for an event that they'll give us

00:15:39   at least 90 minutes of material.

00:15:41   But history says that may not be the case.

00:15:43   Still, I choose to be optimistic.

00:15:45   - Jana in the Discord asks,

00:15:47   "What happens if the time at Apple Park is different

00:15:49   "than the time of the stream?"

00:15:50   We only judge on what's streamed.

00:15:52   - It's the time of the stream, right?

00:15:53   Because in fact, we had that last time

00:15:55   where there was a question of like,

00:15:58   Tim Cook appears before the crowd live,

00:16:02   and Tim Cook did appear before the crowd at the event live,

00:16:05   but none of that was streamed.

00:16:07   It's not part of the program, and therefore it doesn't count.

00:16:10   - All right, so I think we're ready.

00:16:12   - I think so.

00:16:13   This episode is brought to you by our friends over at Sourcegraph. So you've

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00:17:57   Our thanks to Sourcegraph for their support of this show

00:17:59   and Relay FM.

00:18:00   So we now move into the first round,

00:18:03   which will be iPhone picks.

00:18:06   - iPhone picks, four of them each.

00:18:09   - Mm-hmm.

00:18:10   - So I get to go first, which is a rare feeling for me.

00:18:13   - You do.

00:18:14   - It's not what usually happens.

00:18:17   So I actually feel a little bit of intimidation

00:18:21   about the fact that I get to make this first pick.

00:18:23   - Just pick something weird.

00:18:25   Pick something unlikely for fun.

00:18:26   - Oh, is that, this is interesting.

00:18:28   I'm enjoying this.

00:18:30   Okay, I'll tell you what I'll go with.

00:18:33   Always on display comes only to iPhone Pro models.

00:18:35   - That's not weird or fun.

00:18:38   No it's not, is it? No, I'm planning to win.

00:18:40   So we have a couple of different picks here,

00:18:42   you can probably guess the kinds of picks that we have

00:18:44   from the way that this one is worded.

00:18:46   I feel like the always on display

00:18:49   is a feature coming to the iPhone,

00:18:51   which we've wanted for a long time.

00:18:53   Feels like it should have been technically possible

00:18:55   for a long time with the OLED displays,

00:18:57   especially with the ProMotion that came last year,

00:18:59   but they haven't done it yet.

00:19:01   But it really does feel like with everything

00:19:03   that they're doing with complications on the lock screen

00:19:06   or widgets on the log screen,

00:19:08   and the dimming states that we've been talking about

00:19:10   in previous Ruma Roundup segments,

00:19:12   I feel pretty confident that this is gonna be the year

00:19:15   of the always-on display.

00:19:16   - Yeah, this was my top two.

00:19:19   I think if we've ever been told about

00:19:22   what is coming, right, a year and a half

00:19:28   in advance sometimes, this is one of the things

00:19:31   that is at the top of the list,

00:19:33   is they've been telling us for a while now

00:19:36   that this is what we were gonna get.

00:19:37   And you're right, it actually feels more like,

00:19:41   why did we wait so long?

00:19:43   Because it does feel like they had

00:19:46   some of this technology sooner,

00:19:48   but I'm sure they're gonna do exactly what they did

00:19:50   with the Apple Watch, right?

00:19:52   We just say, oh, but we had to put in a new display control

00:19:55   in order to get the frame rate down to the lowest level

00:19:57   because otherwise the battery life is unacceptable.

00:19:59   And I believe that, right?

00:20:01   Like I get that.

00:20:03   I think somebody checked in the current OLED displays

00:20:06   only go down to like 10 frames a second

00:20:08   or something like that.

00:20:09   Like it's not enough for an acceptable amount

00:20:11   of power saving apparently.

00:20:13   So, okay.

00:20:16   I'm looking forward to it.

00:20:18   Should be nice.

00:20:18   - What's your pick?

00:20:21   - All right.

00:20:23   Well, that was my first pick.

00:20:25   So good job to you.

00:20:27   That's the air advantage for having one last time.

00:20:33   I am gonna say, I can't pick that one

00:20:36   'cause Myke already picked it.

00:20:38   I'm gonna, I'm going to say the notch is gone

00:20:43   from at least one iPhone model replaced by cutouts

00:20:47   for cameras and sensors.

00:20:48   This is another one of those rumors

00:20:50   that's been floating out there for more than a year,

00:20:52   which is we're gonna get kind of a hole punch

00:20:55   and a little lozenge,

00:20:56   a couple of objects floating on the screen,

00:20:59   but not the full notch that we've had since the iPhone X

00:21:03   in at least probably the pro models.

00:21:06   But my pick is at least one model.

00:21:09   - I'm personally just excited

00:21:12   for whatever Apple calls these things.

00:21:15   Because it seems like in the rumors it's been--

00:21:18   - Whole Punch and Lozenge.

00:21:20   - Well, I think pill is usually what people go for,

00:21:23   but Lozenge is fun.

00:21:24   And Whole Punch display has been kind of the way

00:21:28   it's been standardized on in the Android world, right?

00:21:31   Because it's been around for a longer time.

00:21:34   Because, you know, the Android phones have mostly stuck

00:21:37   with fingerprint sensors, right?

00:21:40   So the cameras have just been able to be all that's there.

00:21:43   They haven't needed to have the sensor arrays

00:21:45   that Apple's got going on.

00:21:46   'Cause that's what it would be, right?

00:21:47   You would have, most likely, a hole punch for the camera

00:21:52   and then the pill shaped for the sensors for the Face ID.

00:21:55   - Right.

00:21:56   - And that's separated.

00:21:57   Some people's are round.

00:21:58   It's more like a cap capsule,

00:22:00   - Capsule. - Caplet kind of shape.

00:22:01   It's a tablet and a caplet.

00:22:05   - Although lozenges can be square too.

00:22:07   - They can be square and circular too.

00:22:08   So it doesn't really work that way.

00:22:10   But yes, we all know what we're talking about here.

00:22:12   So I'm gonna go on that one.

00:22:14   That seems like a pretty safe choice

00:22:18   that's been talked about for quite a while now.

00:22:20   - That was very high up on my list.

00:22:21   That was gonna be my third pick.

00:22:23   - Oh, okay.

00:22:24   - 'Cause I feel like this will happen.

00:22:27   and I'm actually, I'm pretty excited about it.

00:22:30   My second pick is, it's gonna be another pro focus thing.

00:22:35   'Cause that's, you know, I know that's not in the pick.

00:22:38   We say at least one iPhone model,

00:22:40   but this is gonna happen on the pro phones, right?

00:22:42   - Yeah, right, sure. - If it happens now.

00:22:42   - Well, man, imagine that.

00:22:44   They're like, "We've removed the notch,

00:22:45   "but only from the lowest end phone."

00:22:48   - Only the cheapest phone,

00:22:50   not even the max phone will have it.

00:22:51   It's just-- - No, it's the iPhone SE.

00:22:53   We've removed the notch from the iPhone SE.

00:22:55   It gets a little hole punch now.

00:22:57   - You're welcome.

00:22:58   - Yeah, everyone knows the notch on the FNSC

00:23:00   is highly contested.

00:23:01   My second pick is gonna be the Profones

00:23:06   get an upgraded camera.

00:23:09   - Okay.

00:23:10   - We put in brackets more megapixels,

00:23:12   like that's the thing.

00:23:14   - Okay, yeah, let me tell you why I put more megapixels

00:23:17   in this choice in our little menu of pics.

00:23:19   - That's the particular thing.

00:23:21   - They talk about upgrading the camera all the time,

00:23:23   but the megapixels has remained the same, right?

00:23:25   They're like, "Oh, but the focus pixels or the aperture, it picks up more light, it's

00:23:31   a new sensor."

00:23:33   That's not enough this time.

00:23:35   More megapixels.

00:23:36   So here's what I'll ask about the more megapixels.

00:23:40   What if they don't say megapixels, but it's obvious that that's what they're talking about?

00:23:44   What if they call it like high resolution or something like that?

00:23:47   More detail?

00:23:48   We're a gentleman here.

00:23:50   I think it's going to be clear if it has more megapixels.

00:23:53   They'll say something, right?

00:23:54   they don't say megapixels, they will say

00:23:57   it's got four times as many pixels or--

00:24:00   - 'Cause the rumor, the way it's been reported on

00:24:03   is the way that a lot of people do it.

00:24:05   It'll be a 48 megapixel sensor or camera

00:24:08   that will be binged 12 still,

00:24:13   so they'll still be binning the image,

00:24:15   but it'll be of a higher quality.

00:24:16   So we'll work it out, but we'll know what it means.

00:24:19   - We'll, yeah, we'll know it when we see it.

00:24:21   - But yeah, so these three pics at the top,

00:24:24   This is why I am actually really excited for the iPhone 14 Pro.

00:24:28   Because obviously that's the phone I'm going to go for anyway, right?

00:24:32   And these three features, to me, if they do all these three,

00:24:38   this is like as big a change as you could hope for on a phone, I think.

00:24:45   To be like a big feature like an always on display.

00:24:48   That's going to be a big feature, I think, for me.

00:24:51   the notch changing is effectively a new design element,

00:24:56   right, which happens every now and again.

00:24:58   And then the expectation is,

00:25:01   this will be a very sizable change to the camera experience.

00:25:05   So I think those three things just on their own,

00:25:09   I'm very excited about this phone if it happens.

00:25:12   - But wait, there's more mic.

00:25:13   It's also gonna get a new processor.

00:25:15   - I don't care about this.

00:25:16   (laughs)

00:25:17   - The iPhone 14 Pro gets a new A chip is my choice

00:25:20   And here the implication is that maybe

00:25:21   the iPhone 14 proper does not, but I'm not picking that.

00:25:25   I'm just picking new year, new chip in the iPhone Pro.

00:25:28   - The reason this doesn't excite me

00:25:31   is because this is what I'm used to, right?

00:25:32   So like this is gonna be that weird thing of,

00:25:35   it will be nice- - I just wanted to say,

00:25:36   but wait, there's more, you know.

00:25:38   - It'd be nice to have because we'll have it, but you know.

00:25:41   - I'm the challenger, I gotta do what I can.

00:25:43   I gotta do what I can.

00:25:45   New A chip.

00:25:46   - I'm just gonna move straight ahead

00:25:48   'cause I don't really have a ton to say about this.

00:25:50   I actually think it's more interesting

00:25:51   to talk about the inverse, which we'll talk about, right?

00:25:54   Which is what about the iPhone 14?

00:25:56   - Here, here, new H-hip.

00:25:58   Oh, you know, it'll be the basis of the M3 probably, maybe?

00:26:03   It'll be 10% faster in things.

00:26:07   Yay.

00:26:08   Okay, what's your pick?

00:26:09   - My pick, so this is pick number three, right?

00:26:15   - For you, yes, yeah.

00:26:16   color option added to at least one of the pro phones

00:26:20   is different to what we've seen before.

00:26:22   So not a green or not a blue.

00:26:25   - Yep.

00:26:25   - Now the rumor-

00:26:26   - A lot of purple rumors out there,

00:26:27   a lot of purple rumors out there right now.

00:26:29   - Yeah.

00:26:30   That has been going around for a while

00:26:32   and then there was some supposed like

00:26:34   leaked footage of the case,

00:26:38   which also had the property that had been spoken about

00:26:40   that like it was almost iridescent in a way,

00:26:43   like it changes color with the light.

00:26:45   I would like all of that.

00:26:47   I'm intrigued.

00:26:48   It would honestly take a lot to move me from gold.

00:26:50   Like it would have to look really good

00:26:52   because I love the gold iPhone.

00:26:55   But yeah, basically for me,

00:26:58   I just want them to say that pro colors

00:27:02   can be more than green or blue, you know?

00:27:04   - Okay, I, look, color,

00:27:08   one of our favorite topics here, right?

00:27:11   I agree with you.

00:27:12   I think it's a very exciting rumor

00:27:14   that there's gonna be,

00:27:15   that Apple's gonna embrace the purple

00:27:17   and do it in the initial release

00:27:21   and not in their weird, you know,

00:27:23   spring color update that they do.

00:27:25   However, I'm gonna put one caveat here,

00:27:29   which is I love the idea of a purple phone.

00:27:31   It's great.

00:27:32   My daughter has a purple phone.

00:27:34   I love it.

00:27:35   It's fun.

00:27:35   It's a different look.

00:27:37   Purple is a fun color.

00:27:38   Great.

00:27:40   However, what gives me pause is, you know,

00:27:42   Blue and green are kind of fun colors too,

00:27:44   except in the iPhone Pro where they're not.

00:27:49   - They make boring versions of those,

00:27:51   make it boring purple.

00:27:52   - And so this is what I'm afraid of.

00:27:54   I'm afraid they're gonna make the most boring purple ever.

00:27:56   And we're gonna be like, yeah, well,

00:27:58   if you hold it up in the right light,

00:28:00   I guess that's purple.

00:28:02   And so that's my fear is like,

00:28:06   will it be a fun purple or will it just be deep purple?

00:28:11   - I don't know.

00:28:12   - That's a good point.

00:28:14   And yeah, you're probably right, but I don't know.

00:28:18   Maybe more like an amethyst, you know,

00:28:20   which is that might be nice, we'll see.

00:28:22   - Okay, that was my, that was actually rated higher.

00:28:25   I decided at the last minute that the new A chip

00:28:28   was more of an obvious pick.

00:28:30   I mean, it's super obvious, right?

00:28:31   iPhone gets new chip,

00:28:32   but this year there are rumors that there's gonna be,

00:28:35   it's they're changing their chip pattern

00:28:36   and that's why that wasn't allowed pick.

00:28:38   I am gonna go with a pricing.

00:28:43   - Ooh, okay.

00:28:46   - One, which is a little more tricky,

00:28:49   but you know, no guts, no glory.

00:28:53   I'm gonna lean in to inflation

00:28:57   and pick that some phones starting prices

00:29:03   will be higher than on the iPhone 13.

00:29:08   - Yep.

00:29:09   Lean into Inflation would be a great episode title,

00:29:12   by the way, if we didn't title these.

00:29:15   - If we did.

00:29:16   - Yeah.

00:29:16   - And to be clear,

00:29:18   the rumored iPhone 14 Max being more than the iPhone 14 Mini

00:29:24   is not what we're talking about here.

00:29:26   We're talking about base, somewhere in the line,

00:29:30   the base model is going to not be what it is now,

00:29:36   because Apple is going to increase their average saving price

00:29:40   or selling price of these phones by doing,

00:29:43   maybe it's a straight up price increase,

00:29:46   maybe it's killing the lower storage tier

00:29:49   and forcing everybody up to the higher storage tier

00:29:52   for the same price,

00:29:54   but the lower storage tier doesn't exist.

00:29:56   But I just, I'm gonna bet on some iPhone price increase here.

00:30:01   I'm gonna do it.

00:30:04   - For easy scoring at home, what we're talking about

00:30:06   is a price change on either the iPhone 14,

00:30:10   the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 14 Pro Max, right?

00:30:13   Because the iPhone 14 Max,

00:30:16   I mean, it's not gonna be cheap.

00:30:17   - It doesn't exist.

00:30:18   - It's like gonna take the price of the mini.

00:30:20   Can you imagine like, look,

00:30:21   we wanted to stick to the prices.

00:30:23   I know this.

00:30:23   - If you'd like a larger phone, pay $100 less, it's great.

00:30:27   - If it was really important to us

00:30:29   to stick to those prices.

00:30:30   - Yeah, but if you imagine like,

00:30:32   If the iPhone 13 Pro starts at 1099, or the 14 Pro,

00:30:36   or the 14 Pro Max starts at 1199, that would be,

00:30:41   or if the iPhone 14 starts at, let's say,

00:30:47   849 even, right, instead of 799,

00:30:52   that's what we're talking about.

00:30:54   - Right.

00:30:54   I would be very, very surprised

00:30:58   if those prices will stay the same.

00:31:01   - Me too, but Apple has surprised me with their pricing,

00:31:03   being aggressive with pricing before.

00:31:05   So they could do it again.

00:31:06   I mean, the Apple, the Apple, the dollar is strong

00:31:09   and that is bad. - The Apple is strong.

00:31:11   - The Apple is strong.

00:31:12   The state of the Apple is strong.

00:31:14   The dollar is strong and so Apple, you know,

00:31:18   Apple could afford to keep US dollar prices stable

00:31:20   and then just raise the price literally everywhere else

00:31:22   in the world, but I have this feeling,

00:31:26   there was that one report that they were expecting

00:31:28   the average selling price to go up 10 or 15% and I did the math in my spreadsheet and I

00:31:33   was like, I don't see how this isn't a price increase. Like, just changing the mix

00:31:37   from the mini to the max doesn't do it. So, we'll see.

00:31:42   Alright, my final pick in the iPhone round. At least one camera upgrade to the iPhone

00:31:49   14.

00:31:50   Okay, what does that mean?

00:31:53   - Well, that they will call on stage

00:31:55   some kind of improvement.

00:31:56   My expectation, this isn't in the,

00:31:59   my expectation is it's a higher quality ultra wide,

00:32:02   'cause that's something that's been lacking

00:32:04   on the regular phone.

00:32:05   - So how is this different from the upgraded camera

00:32:10   more megapixels?

00:32:11   - Oh, this is the iPhone 14, not the Pro.

00:32:13   - Oh, the regular iPhone 14, you're right, right.

00:32:15   The regular, to the regular iPhone 14,

00:32:18   some kind of camera upgrade there.

00:32:20   No, that's good.

00:32:21   That's a good pick.

00:32:22   - Yeah, like it's not gonna be the big change,

00:32:24   but I would be really surprised if they didn't,

00:32:26   if they did nothing.

00:32:28   - Do something.

00:32:29   - Right.

00:32:30   (laughing)

00:32:30   Especially 'cause the iPhone, if I'm remembering right,

00:32:33   the iPhone 13 Pro got a higher quality ultra wide

00:32:37   and the iPhone 13 did not.

00:32:39   And that made the change between color and resolution

00:32:43   way closer.

00:32:44   I expect, personally expect that will come down

00:32:47   to the iPhone 13, that the ultra wide will be high quality.

00:32:51   Is this rear facing only?

00:32:52   Or if they upgrade the front facing camera,

00:32:54   would that be fine?

00:32:55   - I think any camera.

00:32:57   - Any camera.

00:32:58   - Yeah.

00:32:59   - Okay.

00:33:00   I think that's good.

00:33:00   I like the idea.

00:33:01   I wonder, we have a bunch of pics

00:33:04   that are related to the iPhone 14.

00:33:05   And I think it's just kind of really hazy of like,

00:33:09   what if you're differentiating these pro models

00:33:12   from the non-pro models,

00:33:14   and you've been doing that for a little while,

00:33:16   what is the path for features from the pro models

00:33:19   to move down, right?

00:33:20   like, 'cause there's ProMotion, which could come down,

00:33:24   there's the LIDAR sensor, there's other camera stuff,

00:33:28   like, there's a bunch of stuff in the Pro phones

00:33:31   that could come down.

00:33:33   When do they do that?

00:33:34   Is it now?

00:33:36   Is it not now?

00:33:37   Do they spread the prices between them even further, right?

00:33:41   We held down the price of the iPhone 14,

00:33:43   but not the iPhone 14 Pro, right?

00:33:45   Like, it's all out there.

00:33:47   And I think that that's one of the big,

00:33:50   what I consider at least,

00:33:51   maybe I'm not reading the right rumor articles

00:33:52   or remembering them,

00:33:53   but I think that there's more mystery

00:33:55   about what exactly gets pulled into the 14,

00:33:57   'cause everybody's focused on the shiny 14 Pro new features,

00:34:01   but I think it's just as interesting

00:34:02   about what Pro features come out of the Pro line

00:34:05   into the regular line.

00:34:06   - Yep, I agree with you.

00:34:08   - All right.

00:34:09   - You gotta pick one of those?

00:34:10   - I am not.

00:34:11   Certainly not.

00:34:15   - Well then, can I just pause you then

00:34:17   before you give your last bit?

00:34:18   - Yes.

00:34:19   Because you mentioned the LIDAR, because I was considering that one.

00:34:22   And that is a real question to me of when does the LIDAR sensor come to the regular

00:34:28   iPhone and like the regular iPad?

00:34:31   Like when does that happen?

00:34:33   Because it feels like that is only becoming more and more of a future thing.

00:34:38   Like, or does it never happen because they're only doing it to get information

00:34:41   for the sensor, for the headset and like, they don't feel they need it on everything.

00:34:45   Like, I don't know, but I figured it would have happened by now.

00:34:48   - That would be my gut feeling.

00:34:49   My guess is that it's a pro feature

00:34:51   because the only people using it are developers

00:34:54   or people who are interested in AR or,

00:34:58   and really if you're LIDAR scanning furniture

00:35:00   in your house or whatever, like you could just say,

00:35:02   well, that's a pro feature.

00:35:04   But how many people are using the LIDAR sensor

00:35:06   for it to matter?

00:35:07   I mean, Apple knows, I suppose.

00:35:09   But it would be one of those things

00:35:11   that would be easy to keep off of non-pro products

00:35:14   and just be like, you know, it's a pro feature.

00:35:17   - I don't know.

00:35:18   - All right, final pick in the iPhone round.

00:35:20   - Yes, it is a little amorphous,

00:35:23   but you know what I'm talking about here.

00:35:25   Pro phones get a camera software feature

00:35:30   that other phones do not have.

00:35:33   So this is the mysterious,

00:35:36   there'll be something great in the new camera

00:35:39   on the Pro phone that necessitates a change

00:35:44   to the camera app in some way.

00:35:47   - Okay, my clarifying question for you,

00:35:51   'cause I have a hope, a personal hope.

00:35:53   So like, will this be only an addition of a feature

00:35:57   or could a removal of a feature?

00:36:00   - Oh, well, I mean, you're thinking about sweater mode.

00:36:04   - Yes, which I'm hoping that the higher quality sensor

00:36:07   means they won't need to do deep fusion anymore.

00:36:09   - I have a problem with that only in the sense

00:36:12   that I have a hard time believing that Apple is going

00:36:14   to declare a feature dead on stage.

00:36:17   - Right, we could maybe infer it.

00:36:19   But I will say David has made a good point in the chat,

00:36:22   8K video recording, which seems pretty good

00:36:25   and that would do it.

00:36:25   - Sure, 8K video recording, astrophotography,

00:36:29   any kind of mode change that they do based on the new thing,

00:36:32   maybe you're changing between the ways that the binning,

00:36:34   the binning works, right?

00:36:35   They have a way of like different ways of doing it

00:36:38   that are on that very particular camera

00:36:40   that gets different effects.

00:36:42   And like, I don't know what it is.

00:36:43   I'm kind of open to whatever,

00:36:45   but I think if you're putting that new camera on there,

00:36:47   one of the Apple like tricks, one of their moves is,

00:36:51   they're also updating the software with a thing

00:36:53   and the software and the hardware work together

00:36:55   and all that.

00:36:56   Also, I'll just say as somebody who writes a book

00:36:57   about photos every year,

00:36:58   and this year I decided I'm gonna do a chapter

00:37:00   about the camera app

00:37:01   because there's so many features

00:37:03   that feed into the photos app

00:37:04   that come out of the camera app.

00:37:06   And I had that moment where I thought,

00:37:08   oh yeah, I can't write that chapter now

00:37:10   'cause Apple's gonna blow it out of the water in September.

00:37:12   That's gonna happen, right?

00:37:14   They're gonna do a new, surprise,

00:37:16   the new camera app is even more different than you thought.

00:37:19   - We've changed the entire UI.

00:37:21   - Yeah, yeah.

00:37:23   So we'll see, we'll see.

00:37:24   But that's gonna be my pick,

00:37:25   is something new in the camera app.

00:37:28   - All right, that's our iPhone picks.

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00:38:52   Move on now to Apple Watch picks.

00:38:55   Apple Watch.

00:38:56   I'm gonna go first with at least one Apple Watch screen is bigger than any previous watch.

00:39:06   Hmmm. It's time. The big Apple Watch. The bigger Apple Watch. It could just be that

00:39:11   there's- that both Apple Watches are a little bit bigger. Or it could be that there is a

00:39:14   mega watch that is now going to be released. This wasn't in our picks, and there was a

00:39:20   rumor before today, I don't know when I think about it, it's like conflicting rumors about

00:39:24   like whether Apple Watch bands will fit, but I feel like we've been through this already.

00:39:28   We went through this before about whether Apple Watch bands will fit or not, and I don't

00:39:35   know. I don't think it's going to be that much bigger. It will be a bit bigger though.

00:39:39   This is the potential pro one. Apple Watch bands are not compatible across

00:39:45   sizes, so a bigger watch would probably necessitate a bigger band, I would think, unless they

00:39:52   work hard to maintain that, right?

00:39:55   'Cause they've grown the two sizes

00:39:57   and kept band compatibility, right?

00:39:59   - Yeah, you're right, it could just be a third one, right?

00:40:00   - But the large one and the small one

00:40:03   don't share compatibility.

00:40:04   So if there's a third model that's even larger,

00:40:07   it might not share compatibility.

00:40:09   - That's a very good point, I hadn't considered that.

00:40:11   Yeah, it's different, right?

00:40:12   It's very different.

00:40:13   - Right, it's a third size.

00:40:15   If it's like small, medium and large,

00:40:17   all the mediums, which we've thought of as the big watch,

00:40:20   are shared and all the smalls are shared,

00:40:23   but it might be that this new one is not,

00:40:25   or it might be that it is, I honestly don't know.

00:40:27   - It's not like this bigger screened watch

00:40:29   is going to replace the current biggest.

00:40:31   - Doesn't seem like it would.

00:40:33   - No. - Right?

00:40:34   All right, I'm just gonna throw in,

00:40:38   it's an annual pick for us, somebody's got to pick it,

00:40:40   the new health-related sensor on the Apple Watch.

00:40:44   Rumors are that there's gonna be

00:40:45   a temperature sensor on there,

00:40:46   so that's what I'm pretty much staking.

00:40:49   Remember, the back of your wrist is slightly warmer now.

00:40:52   That's what it's gonna know.

00:40:54   But okay. - Yeah, you know,

00:40:55   I had this in my little short list,

00:40:57   but it was relatively low down,

00:40:59   'cause I feel like I've been burned on this pic

00:41:01   too many times. - Oh yeah, you have.

00:41:02   You have, you have.

00:41:03   But I think this is the year though.

00:41:04   This is-- - This is the year

00:41:06   of new house senses. - Not this time though.

00:41:07   Not this time.

00:41:08   This time we're gonna get it right.

00:41:09   This time, we got the external display.

00:41:12   We got external display support for the iPad.

00:41:14   This is the year where everything comes true.

00:41:18   - Hmm, I'm gonna make a quick switch out here in my list.

00:41:23   I don't wanna double, I felt like I was gonna end up

00:41:25   doubling down too much.

00:41:26   So I'm gonna say--

00:41:27   - Well, I'll throw in one more item

00:41:29   about the temperature thing, which is just to say,

00:41:31   what I want to see is I'm really interested

00:41:33   in the narrative, I always say that, right?

00:41:35   I always say about everything is like,

00:41:36   how does Apple spin this?

00:41:38   But I'm really interested in the narrative

00:41:39   about a temperature sensor, because there are,

00:41:42   with all the watch features, there are like FDA issues,

00:41:45   but there's also like, what are the benefits to this?

00:41:48   And as we've talked about, we've chronicled on upgrade,

00:41:50   some of the contortions that they've had to do

00:41:52   about things like the oxygen sensor,

00:41:54   where they're like, well, it's not for medical use,

00:41:57   but you can look at it,

00:41:58   but it's really not for medical use.

00:41:59   So for the temperature thing,

00:42:00   that's the question is what's that story?

00:42:02   And what I'm hoping the story is gonna be

00:42:04   is something like we're able to monitor

00:42:06   your body temperature fluctuations over time,

00:42:08   and then identify anytime it deviates

00:42:10   and give you a warning so that you could then use

00:42:13   an actual thermometer and think that you might have a,

00:42:16   there's a possibility that you're starting to run a fever.

00:42:18   Like, but how do they tell that story?

00:42:20   What are they allowed to say?

00:42:21   We'll see.

00:42:22   But that, I'm always fascinated about how Apple has to spin

00:42:26   health-related features in the Apple Watch

00:42:28   because they're so highly regulated.

00:42:30   - So my second pick is at least one watch

00:42:34   gets longer battery life.

00:42:35   - Oh yeah.

00:42:37   - You know what, actually, as I say that,

00:42:40   let me ask you a question.

00:42:42   - Okay.

00:42:42   is the new watch hasn't got a previous model, right?

00:42:47   - Right.

00:42:50   Well, you could say new watch has most battery life

00:42:55   of any Apple Watch ever or something like that

00:42:56   if you wanted to.

00:42:57   - Yeah, 'cause I think that's more what I'm going for,

00:43:00   that the new watch has the highest battery life, you know?

00:43:04   Like that's kind of more what I mean.

00:43:06   I think it's very possible that the regular watch

00:43:09   will also get more battery, but that's not, you know?

00:43:12   - Yeah, well, how about new watch

00:43:13   has longest rated battery life ever?

00:43:16   - Yeah.

00:43:17   - Right, 'cause that's the idea here,

00:43:18   is they're gonna make a claim,

00:43:19   it's like this is the longest Apple Watch battery life

00:43:22   we have ever had.

00:43:23   - Yeah, so that's what I'm going for.

00:43:26   'Cause I think that to me, honestly,

00:43:29   feels like the reason you make the thing bigger, right?

00:43:33   - Yes, number one reason.

00:43:34   - It's one of the big two reasons for making it bigger.

00:43:37   You make it bigger so you can put a bigger battery in it,

00:43:41   because I think people really want that.

00:43:43   That feels pro, right?

00:43:45   Like it's got the, it lasts longer,

00:43:47   like lasts longer like you, you're so active, right?

00:43:50   You're like all over the place, right?

00:43:52   - Yeah, you're killing, you're doing eight workouts a day

00:43:55   and those really kill the battery.

00:43:56   And we, you know, most people don't,

00:43:58   but you do because you're awesome.

00:44:00   And now we've got to watch for you

00:44:01   that isn't gonna let you down because you're awesome.

00:44:04   Did we mention that you're awesome and extreme?

00:44:06   - 'Cause also the longer battery life,

00:44:08   it tells stories for a bunch of different things.

00:44:11   You can also say, "You're a frequent traveler

00:44:14   "and your battery's often dying.

00:44:16   "Now it won't with the pro Apple Watch."

00:44:19   There's a bunch of different stories that they can tell

00:44:22   that aren't sports.

00:44:24   'Cause this is one of the things

00:44:25   where originally we were talking about,

00:44:27   this is the extreme sports watch.

00:44:29   But then over time, that story has started to refine

00:44:32   and it's like, maybe that's just one of the things

00:44:34   that it's good for.

00:44:35   And I feel like that's more likely for Apple

00:44:38   than to like, "Oh, we made this watch and it's just for people that climb mountains."

00:44:42   That doesn't really seem like something that they would do.

00:44:45   Right.

00:44:46   We'll see.

00:44:47   I'm going to say new Apple Watch SE.

00:44:51   Fails about time.

00:44:52   I'm hopeful that this will be the end of the "we're keeping very old watch models around

00:44:59   and also there's an SE strategy" and replace it with...

00:45:03   I mean, they may keep an old watch model around, that's fine, but it feels like the old SE,

00:45:09   which was what, three years ago now?

00:45:12   Was a misfire.

00:45:15   They wanted it to be their low-end watch, and they couldn't get it there.

00:45:22   And so they kept the Apple Watch 3 around.

00:45:25   And it's still technically around.

00:45:30   The challenge is that the current SE is 279 and the 3 is 199.

00:45:35   I don't know how they're gonna square that,

00:45:38   but I feel like it's time for them to recalibrate

00:45:41   what the SE is and maybe even make it cheaper,

00:45:46   believe it or not, so that they can get rid of the 3.

00:45:51   But we'll see.

00:45:52   This is a shot in the dark, but it feels like,

00:45:56   there are some rumors about it, but it also feels like

00:45:59   this has been a sore point in the Apple Watch product line

00:46:01   for a few years now that it's sort of like,

00:46:03   it can't do what they want.

00:46:05   Look, they don't want that Series 3

00:46:06   to still be hanging out there,

00:46:07   but they really like saying Apple Watch starts at 199.

00:46:10   So do they come up with an SE at 249 or something like that?

00:46:14   That's like a little more modern.

00:46:16   - Do you know, Jason, I had some kind of misplaced memory

00:46:19   that they had gotten rid of the Series 3.

00:46:22   I think, oh, it's that watchOS 9

00:46:25   doesn't come into the Series 3, right?

00:46:27   - Yeah.

00:46:28   - So this is the beginning of the end.

00:46:29   Like if you, yeah, it seems like the Series 3

00:46:31   can't survive, right?

00:46:33   But if you go to the Apple Watch page right now--

00:46:37   - You can buy it.

00:46:38   - You can buy it.

00:46:40   Good Things Come in 3 from 199, right?

00:46:44   - You can give them 179 pounds right now

00:46:46   and you can get a watch that in like,

00:46:48   oh, and you know what?

00:46:49   Currently unavailable in the smallest size.

00:46:52   The biggest size I can get,

00:46:54   the smallest size, can't get it right now.

00:46:56   - Well, yeah, I mean, they can't be making them anymore.

00:46:59   - I gotta hope so.

00:47:00   I gotta hope so.

00:47:02   If you can still buy this thing by the end of next week,

00:47:05   I'll be so upset.

00:47:07   But I will say-

00:47:08   - That would be quite a draft pick, really.

00:47:09   - That SE watch-

00:47:10   - The full one series three is still for sale, ah!

00:47:12   - I've been a bit of a hater of the SE

00:47:14   because I think it's not good value at all.

00:47:17   Like it never has been.

00:47:18   - All right, I think that's part of the problem, right?

00:47:19   Is that it didn't do any of the things

00:47:22   that it was trying to do.

00:47:24   - It wasn't cheap enough

00:47:25   and it didn't have enough of the good features.

00:47:27   So like, you know, like me and Adina have been talking,

00:47:30   like she wants to get a watch for her mom.

00:47:32   And what we're most likely gonna do

00:47:34   is wait for the new one to come out

00:47:36   and try and get a good deal on like a series five

00:47:38   or series six or something.

00:47:40   Because many of the features that we would want her to have

00:47:45   are not in the SE.

00:47:47   - Right.

00:47:48   - You know, and one of the things--

00:47:50   - It's okay on one level if that's true,

00:47:53   but I think that the problem is

00:47:55   It's a lot easier to discount that

00:47:56   if it's the cheap Apple Watch, but it's not.

00:47:59   - It's not, it's not the cheap one.

00:47:59   - It's got the Series 3 below it.

00:48:00   - Yeah, it wouldn't bother me if it was $179 or whatever,

00:48:05   right, 'cause it's like, okay, I understand

00:48:08   why it doesn't have an always-on display,

00:48:11   or fall detection, or a blood oxygen sensor.

00:48:13   You know, like, I understand.

00:48:15   - Right, it does have fall detection, by the way.

00:48:17   - It's not.

00:48:17   - SE does have fall detection.

00:48:19   - Does it have all of the fall detection options?

00:48:21   - I think so, yeah.

00:48:22   - Okay, well, let's say it has that one.

00:48:24   but many of the other features, right?

00:48:26   And it's just like, you want all of it,

00:48:28   or at least like make it cheap, and it's neither.

00:48:31   Anyway, my final pick.

00:48:35   Now I've got to make a decision here

00:48:38   as to whether I am going to, okay,

00:48:42   so I am still going to double down

00:48:45   on there being a brand new Apple Watch,

00:48:47   but I'm not going to go with the original pick

00:48:49   that I was going to make.

00:48:50   I'm going to chicken out a little bit and say,

00:48:52   new watch face is announced, not from WWDC.

00:48:56   - Okay, so what goes into a special watch face

00:49:00   for a larger watch?

00:49:03   Just we made some that are bigger?

00:49:05   - Yeah.

00:49:06   - And they're gonna say that on stage.

00:49:06   It's like, well, we also have a few new,

00:49:08   or is it gonna be like extreme

00:49:10   or taking advantage of the new space

00:49:11   or for adventures or for active people

00:49:15   or like, I'm just wondering what the story is

00:49:17   around those new watch faces that we haven't seen before.

00:49:19   - My expectation is,

00:49:21   there will be new watch faces that take advantage of the larger screen. So like, more complications

00:49:30   on this watch face, or like we have a new modular one and it's got like a hundred rows

00:49:34   of things on it. Or they just have a, like for example, maybe they have a body temperature

00:49:41   watch face.

00:49:42   - Ah, okay, sure. I mean, that's a good one that means that you get any model. And you

00:49:49   - You know, Zach and the Discord pointed this out

00:49:51   and it's absolutely true.

00:49:51   They add watch faces in September all the time.

00:49:55   Often they don't mention them on stage,

00:49:56   but they're in the screenshots.

00:49:58   So that's a challenge, right?

00:49:59   'Cause we have to compare,

00:50:00   we have to do a little bit of an analysis

00:50:02   of what was on the screen.

00:50:03   And is that a face we haven't seen before?

00:50:05   I think I got a point at one point for that.

00:50:06   So yeah, I think it's a good pick.

00:50:08   - It's something they can do and should do.

00:50:10   I mean, they should always be adding new watch faces

00:50:12   all the time anyway, because why not?

00:50:13   But, and they can do it in September

00:50:14   because as long as they stick with the conventions

00:50:17   of complications. It doesn't require any developer testing. So they can just announce these new

00:50:22   things. They should always have some for watchOS and some that take advantage of whatever features

00:50:28   are new in the watch hardware. So that's my final pick. New watch faces.

00:50:33   All right. Well, I'm going to do a naming pick and say it's Apple Watch Pro.

00:50:39   Ooooh, alright.

00:50:41   Okay.

00:50:43   I feel like you're probably right.

00:50:46   Um, if I was like, so I only had one naming pick on my shortlist and it was pro.

00:50:52   Pull one out for extreme, right?

00:50:55   Because I love that name.

00:50:57   I've seen people in the Discord over the last week say max, which also could still be the case.

00:51:04   But because it's going to be the most expensive,

00:51:08   they're probably gonna go with Pro, right?

00:51:11   - It breaks compatibility,

00:51:13   also allows them to have a Pro Max later,

00:51:15   but it breaks compatibility, it's like a new model.

00:51:19   How do you place it above the others?

00:51:21   I think the biggest threat

00:51:22   is that they don't call it anything.

00:51:23   They just say that's a larger size.

00:51:25   That it's just Apple Watch and it comes in three sizes.

00:51:27   - It's like, yeah, it's the Apple Watch series 8,

00:51:29   52 millimeter or whatever.

00:51:31   - Yeah, I think that's the danger

00:51:34   is that they won't differentiate it by product name at all.

00:51:37   - This is part of the Apple Watch Series 8.

00:51:41   Interesting, I hadn't thought of that, but that,

00:51:43   you know what, the only thing--

00:51:46   - Unfortunately, I did.

00:51:47   - Well, no, the only thing in your favor

00:51:49   is that the SE exists.

00:51:52   - Yeah. - Right?

00:51:53   That isn't just called like,

00:51:55   and I think the reason that is

00:51:56   'cause it doesn't have all the features, right?

00:51:58   So how you see this is the question,

00:52:00   Is it gonna have any features that's different?

00:52:03   Probably not.

00:52:04   - Because if it's just larger with a bigger battery,

00:52:06   then why is it not just a Series 8?

00:52:09   I'm talking myself out of this pick now,

00:52:10   which is unfortunate.

00:52:11   (laughing)

00:52:13   I'm not happy with any of my pick choices here though.

00:52:17   - Do you know what?

00:52:18   - Honestly.

00:52:18   - I actually think they might not name it now.

00:52:20   Because if it is just a longer battery life,

00:52:26   and that's it,

00:52:29   and the bigger screen.

00:52:30   There's no reason. - There may be

00:52:31   some other features in it though.

00:52:32   There may be some other features, right?

00:52:33   - There may be.

00:52:34   - Some picks that we have not made here

00:52:35   that I think could happen would be things

00:52:37   that would allow it to be.

00:52:39   I'm also keeping in mind there's a rumor

00:52:40   that it's only gonna be made of the rugged materials

00:52:42   like titanium or something like that.

00:52:43   So it's essentially a replacement

00:52:45   for the Apple Watch Edition.

00:52:46   - Which technically isn't a different product.

00:52:48   It's still part of the Series 8.

00:52:50   We would never consider that its own thing, right?

00:52:53   - Right, but it is edition, right?

00:52:55   So they could potentially do that.

00:52:56   But right, isn't that interesting?

00:52:58   They could also just say it's only available as an edition.

00:53:02   It's a mystery.

00:53:05   I'm gonna, I mean, but you know, I made that pick.

00:53:07   So even though I've talked myself out of it,

00:53:09   I feel like I already made it.

00:53:10   The pick is in.

00:53:11   - This isn't the pick, but like I would say,

00:53:12   if we said like, it doesn't get a name

00:53:16   and it was the edition, I would say it doesn't get a name.

00:53:19   Right, you know what I mean?

00:53:20   'Cause like edition is just a configuration of materials.

00:53:24   I'm actually now, I'm now coming around

00:53:27   that they will not give this a name.

00:53:29   And you heard it here first, by the way.

00:53:32   - Yeah.

00:53:33   (laughing)

00:53:34   - If this is just part of series eight.

00:53:36   - That wasn't one of the picks I could choose though.

00:53:38   So here we are.

00:53:39   I'm gonna go with it.

00:53:40   - You're gonna go, so you're, Jason,

00:53:42   your final pick is, and the final pick of the watch round is.

00:53:45   - Are you gonna let me change it?

00:53:46   'Cause then maybe I'll consider changing it.

00:53:47   But I did say it.

00:53:48   - If you wanna change your pick now to that, go for it.

00:53:53   'Cause I wouldn't have put it in my list.

00:53:55   But if you wanna say that the new Apple Watch

00:53:59   is just part of the Series 8 line,

00:54:00   or however you wanna word it, that's fine by me.

00:54:03   - Hmm, so tempting.

00:54:06   - 'Cause I like that a lot, but I don't like it enough

00:54:10   that it would have been one of my top three.

00:54:12   - Hmm.

00:54:14   (sighs)

00:54:20   Yeah, that's a good question.

00:54:21   - I may, I may, I may, I am now though, as we speak,

00:54:24   putting this as a potential Ricky pic?

00:54:28   - I'm going to keep it where I let,

00:54:32   play it where it lies.

00:54:33   I said pro, we're gonna go with that.

00:54:36   I'm gonna say that they're gonna attach a pro name to it.

00:54:39   Why not?

00:54:41   But I want full credit if you pick that on other podcasts.

00:54:44   - I'm writing it down now.

00:54:46   Spoilers.

00:54:48   This is now one of four potential risky pics

00:54:51   that I'm putting in, 'cause we have to do this

00:54:54   because we have to all agree on them in advance

00:54:56   because otherwise we fight bloody murder on podcasts.

00:54:59   - It's madness.

00:55:01   - So, but that one I think is pretty good

00:55:03   because I haven't seen anybody say that so far.

00:55:07   So I feel like that would be risky.

00:55:10   - Well, right, that's one of the reasons

00:55:12   that nobody seems to know it for sure

00:55:13   is maybe because there isn't one, name wise, right?

00:55:17   - Yeah.

00:55:17   - That it's just, we've got these models

00:55:20   and they've got different features

00:55:21   and you get more battery life,

00:55:25   but it's just the bigger watch.

00:55:27   We'll see.

00:55:29   - I'm writing everything down, this is good.

00:55:31   This might be, you may hear this later.

00:55:34   It might at least be a flexi.

00:55:36   - I think the pro story is also compelling,

00:55:38   which is why I'm gonna stay with it.

00:55:39   I think that there's something about differentiating the line

00:55:41   and saying, look, one of the solutions

00:55:44   to how do we get to have expensive Apple watches

00:55:46   and not expensive Apple watches,

00:55:48   like the problems with the SE and the Series 3

00:55:50   is to ultimately split the line into a pro line

00:55:53   and a not pro line.

00:55:54   And this might be a way to start down that path

00:55:57   of having more expensive Apple watches

00:55:59   and less expensive Apple watches.

00:56:01   But I could also see the counter argument,

00:56:02   which is, you know, let's keep it simple.

00:56:04   They range in sizes, and then there's like the old models

00:56:07   and the SE, and they're different.

00:56:10   I can see it both ways, which is why it's a pick,

00:56:12   'cause I don't really know what's gonna happen.

00:56:14   - I wanna give Joe Steele credit in the Discord.

00:56:16   This is an extra thing, I just think it's really good.

00:56:20   so I want to say that the purple color could be called twilight.

00:56:23   Hmm.

00:56:24   I like that.

00:56:26   Why not?

00:56:26   At least it'd be the first one that makes any sense.

00:56:29   Yeah, that's why it won't happen.

00:56:31   [LAUGHTER]

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00:58:10   So we now move into our final round of picks, which is the other picks round.

00:58:31   So this can be any hardware, any software, stagecraft, whatever is left fits right in

00:58:37   here.

00:58:40   And I'm gonna go with new AirPods Pro.

00:58:43   That's my first pick.

00:58:45   Really?

00:58:46   Yeah, I'm trying to manifest this one because the battery life on my AirPods is pretty shocking.

00:58:52   Come to us AirPods Pro now!

00:58:54   Exist!

00:58:55   They've been around for a couple of years.

00:58:57   This flows with the original AirPods.

00:59:00   So they were kind of around for two years before they created the second version of

00:59:04   them.

00:59:05   This has been something heavily rumored for a while.

00:59:08   What features it will get, I don't know, really.

00:59:13   Potentially slightly refined design.

00:59:15   There was some rumors of fitness features for a while that went by the wayside.

00:59:19   There's been some, I think, code found about potentially new Bluetooth technology for higher

00:59:24   quality and lower battery life that's been found in one of the betas.

00:59:28   So we'll see, but I know that just I'm ready because I want a new pair because my

00:59:34   battery life is starting to die pretty quickly.

00:59:37   Well, I'm looking forward to this.

00:59:39   I had one of the rattling pairs, so I got mine replaced a little while ago, so the batteries

00:59:43   are doing fine in those.

00:59:45   But I love them, so I will inevitably buy a new set at some point, and I would like

00:59:52   to see them get an upgrade.

00:59:54   So I would love for you to manifest those into existence.

00:59:58   But I will say, it seems slightly risky here for a first pick in this category.

01:00:04   Yeah.

01:00:05   I mean, then again, I had it second on my list.

01:00:08   So how risky could it be?

01:00:09   I honestly, for me, if there's any hardware that isn't an iPhone or an Apple Watch, I

01:00:13   think it's this.

01:00:14   All right.

01:00:15   I think that's fair.

01:00:16   I think that's right.

01:00:17   I think you're right about that.

01:00:19   Okay.

01:00:20   I'm going to go with the Johnny Shroogee pick and say we're going to visit Apple's old chip

01:00:25   lab in quotation marks.

01:00:27   the thing that might be real or it might be a set,

01:00:30   but the chip lab where they're gonna tell us

01:00:32   about the advances in their new chip.

01:00:34   - Yes, I mean, there's gonna be,

01:00:36   we are very confident it'll be a chip of some kind.

01:00:38   And if there is, they love to go down there.

01:00:41   - Right, I mean, it could happen,

01:00:43   like imagine a year where they don't do a chip update,

01:00:46   but there's been no rumor

01:00:47   that there are no chip updates this year.

01:00:49   So I think there will be one

01:00:50   and that they will talk about it.

01:00:52   - I have a question I'd like to ask you about,

01:00:53   one that we have in here,

01:00:54   which is Apple Fitness Plus features.

01:00:57   Would new types of exercises count as a feature?

01:01:00   - New types of exercises in the Fitness Plus service would?

01:01:06   Sure, but if it's like a new workout type

01:01:09   on the Apple Watch that doesn't count,

01:01:10   that would have to have been in the Apple Watch category.

01:01:12   - No, of course.

01:01:13   Yeah, then I'm gonna pick this,

01:01:14   Apple Fitness Plus features.

01:01:16   - Previously unannounced, right?

01:01:17   'Cause if they announced,

01:01:18   do they announce some new ones in WWDC?

01:01:20   I'm not sure if they did.

01:01:21   - I don't think so.

01:01:22   The reason I've gone with this

01:01:23   this just fits the pattern of the last few years.

01:01:25   Like, when they talk about the Apple Watch,

01:01:28   they talk about Fitness Plus,

01:01:31   because it's kind of like a one-two.

01:01:33   And Fitness Plus workout types

01:01:38   feels like a really easy thing to just keep adding.

01:01:41   Because you only have to shoot so many of them, right?

01:01:44   And then they're just there, it's part of the catalog,

01:01:46   you just keep growing the catalog.

01:01:48   At a certain point, you'd assume that they would try

01:01:51   and do as many as they possibly could for like however many can fit to match up with

01:01:57   the workout types there from the Apple Watch. You know, I was just thinking like if I was

01:02:01   assuming there would be any services mentioned, it would be Fitness Plus. And so I'm assuming

01:02:08   they will take a trip to Kevin Lynch will go back down to the gym and there'll be some

01:02:13   new Fitness Plus stuff.

01:02:15   It's a good fit with Apple Watch, right? Because the Fitness Plus is an Apple Watch service

01:02:19   essentially. So it makes sense. This is the time to do it. I think I like your

01:02:25   pick. I think that's good. If they're gonna announce things about Fitness Plus,

01:02:28   this is the time. So what's the pick? It's new Apple Fitness Plus features?

01:02:33   Is that it? Yeah. Or is it just that Apple Fitness Plus features in the

01:02:37   presentation in some way? What's the pick there? No, we're gonna go with new Apple

01:02:40   Fitness Plus. Okay. I think that's one and the same. I feel like I would be

01:02:44   really surprised if they were like, "Hey Fitness Plus exists." Let's check in on Fitness Plus.

01:02:47   It's great.

01:02:48   It's the same as it always was.

01:02:49   Back to you, Tim.

01:02:50   All right.

01:02:51   I am going to say that I am going down to Cupertino, to the Steve Jobs Theater, to watch

01:03:01   a prerecorded video.

01:03:03   The event is all prerecorded.

01:03:05   Yeah.

01:03:06   Yeah.

01:03:07   I had this.

01:03:08   This is going to be my next one.

01:03:10   I want them to do part of it live.

01:03:11   I want them to do the opening where they come out on stage and Steve Jobs Theater is like

01:03:16   full of people and they're clapping and there's like, "Hey everybody, let's watch a video,"

01:03:22   and then we go to the video, but I just, and then at the end Tim comes back and he's like,

01:03:25   "Wasn't that a great video? Yay, everybody changed." It's like, "Yay." Or that they pipe

01:03:29   in like the audio when the people are clapping in the front rows who are Apple employees

01:03:33   and VIPs and so it makes it feel more like you're watching it, you know. All of that

01:03:38   is possible, but I just don't think they're gonna do it. I think they're gonna do it just

01:03:41   like WWDC where they're gonna welcome us in advance before the thing rolls. We're gonna

01:03:45   to watch it live with everybody else and then we'll go back to the lobby where they're

01:03:51   going to have the iPhones set out.

01:03:54   I very much would like them to at least do a portion of it live. I feel like maybe this

01:04:01   still isn't the one to do it. I feel like this is going to happen eventually. Even if

01:04:08   Tim Cook just comes out and does his intro and outro on stage, which honestly it would

01:04:15   would surprise me if they didn't do it,

01:04:18   'cause it seems so easy to do that,

01:04:21   but maybe they just like that they don't need to.

01:04:23   I think it will happen in the future.

01:04:25   Maybe not now, we'll find out.

01:04:27   - I think that this was up in the air too,

01:04:29   so that they produced this video package,

01:04:31   knowing that we can invite people or not, but we can't.

01:04:34   I have a hard time believing that they produced it all

01:04:36   and didn't, and were like, okay,

01:04:40   but we're gonna commit to having people invited

01:04:42   and doing part of this live, right?

01:04:44   So maybe they shot it out both ways.

01:04:46   And so there's an opportunity for them

01:04:48   to do a little wraparound kind of segment

01:04:51   where Tim is there and the people are in the theater.

01:04:54   But my guess is not.

01:04:56   Also there's technical reasons.

01:04:57   Like if it's honest, I don't know how they load things up

01:05:00   and, you know, loading things in advance for a product

01:05:02   and that's one of the CDN, all that.

01:05:03   But like, it's gotta be easier to do it

01:05:05   when you're not streaming it actually live

01:05:06   and you're just going from a pre-taped recording.

01:05:08   So I think that that's my guess,

01:05:11   even though in the long run,

01:05:13   I think that they might go back to having it be more of a kind of wrapping segments

01:05:18   live. They may never go back to live, but they built that theater, so maybe.

01:05:23   All right, so I get my final pick. You do?

01:05:28   The Rainbow Stage at the Center of Apple Park is seen.

01:05:33   I feel like we need to make it a draft rule that one of us has to pick the Rainbow Stage.

01:05:37   I feel like we will always pick the Rainbow Stage in some.

01:05:40   Well, there's usually a flyby and you can see the rainbow stage out there in the middle,

01:05:45   right? So...

01:05:46   Do you remember the one in the darkness?

01:05:48   There was that one where we almost got it, but we got the dark stage, the dark rainbow,

01:05:51   the saddest of all the rainbows.

01:05:53   I feel like that one burned me so bad, that now I have to pick it. Because you picked

01:06:01   that and you won. So now I won it, just in case.

01:06:06   Yeah. Wow. You've left me with slim pickings here, though.

01:06:11   Yeah, it's real slim. It's real slim.

01:06:13   We'll do, like, in Upgrade Plus, we'll do the—

01:06:16   we'll talk about the iPhone and the Apple Watch picks we didn't make,

01:06:19   but I think we should talk about the other ones that we—

01:06:22   like, the picks in the "other" category,

01:06:24   just so we can kind of lay the groundwork for what we realistically think is possible at this event.

01:06:29   I think we'll talk about that once you've picked your last one.

01:06:32   Okay, can I make a modification? 'Cause we've got the Ted Lasso pick, right?

01:06:35   which is there's a Ted Lasso video.

01:06:38   How about this one as an alteration?

01:06:40   Apple TV+ character or characters appear in character

01:06:45   in a promo video.

01:06:47   - Yes, but it's not a trailer is what you're saying.

01:06:49   - Right, right.

01:06:51   So what I'm saying is, is it,

01:06:53   or I don't even need to say in promo video,

01:06:56   appear in character just for this, just for this event.

01:07:00   - Some original content for this event.

01:07:03   What I'm saying is, could it be Ted Lasso?

01:07:06   Yes.

01:07:06   Could it be the Severance people?

01:07:10   Yes.

01:07:11   It could be any kind of like a character,

01:07:14   it could be the morning show people.

01:07:16   They could be, but somebody from out of Apple TV+

01:07:19   appears just in a thing made for this event.

01:07:23   It's not a trailer.

01:07:25   Because I feel like they gotta do that at some point, right?

01:07:29   They gotta do that.

01:07:30   - If they ever do it with Severance,

01:07:32   I will think someone over there has lost their mind.

01:07:35   - I know, but it got nominated for a lot of Emmys.

01:07:39   - Like what would, I tell you what would be

01:07:40   the absolute greatest thing is if they're going downstairs,

01:07:45   you know, like they go through the building.

01:07:48   - Oh yeah.

01:07:49   - And they go through the severance floor.

01:07:50   Now that would be amazing.

01:07:55   - Let me give you a pitch.

01:07:56   One of those transitions between videos,

01:07:59   somebody's going down a white hallway,

01:08:00   Like we're headed to the, let's check in on Craig

01:08:03   or whatever, and they go into the room

01:08:05   and it's the severance room and they're like,

01:08:07   well, sorry, wrong room. - That's what I'm saying.

01:08:09   That would be unbelievable if they did that.

01:08:11   - Right?

01:08:12   - 'Cause I would love it.

01:08:14   I will just say, by the way, Catherine mentioned this,

01:08:15   we never spoke about it on the show.

01:08:17   Jon Hamm's gonna be in the morning show.

01:08:19   That is like the best follow up of all time

01:08:20   to those fantastic ads that they were doing,

01:08:23   everyone but Jon Hamm.

01:08:24   I do not know if this was intentional or not, right?

01:08:27   But love it.

01:08:28   I love that Jon Hamm's gonna be in the morning show.

01:08:30   -Makes me more excited for that season. -He made it. He did it.

01:08:33   He's more excited for that season.

01:08:34   I'm not confident about this pick at all, but I am left with it.

01:08:38   So, there we are.

01:08:39   If they do that thing that we both want now of going through a floor

01:08:44   and it's a severance floor, best Apple event ever.

01:08:46   Like, because that would just be bananas good.

01:08:50   Weird, but brilliant. I would love that so much.

01:08:52   Right. Just good for the comedy of it.

01:08:54   I also was thinking about this because there's a Colbert bit

01:08:58   that was Stephen Colbert cut out of severance.

01:09:01   And so they're shooting, you know,

01:09:03   they were able to shoot that at some point

01:09:04   in the severance sets, right?

01:09:08   And that's part of the thing that,

01:09:10   that's why I keep thinking about Ted Lasso too,

01:09:12   is that they got this third season of Ted Lasso

01:09:14   that they have shot or they just finished shooting

01:09:16   or are shooting.

01:09:16   I don't know exactly the timing,

01:09:17   but like that's when you would wanna do it, right?

01:09:21   As a part of, or right before or after shooting

01:09:23   where you've got the sets and you've got the actors

01:09:25   and they look like their characters.

01:09:27   and that would be the time to do it.

01:09:29   I'm surprised we haven't gotten the Ted Lasso bit up to now,

01:09:32   but maybe it just doesn't make sense.

01:09:33   Severance thing might make sense.

01:09:34   Maybe it's something else.

01:09:35   I don't know, I'm just saying.

01:09:37   Let's throw it in there 'cause I got nothing else.

01:09:40   My other choices here are no good.

01:09:42   So that's what I'm gonna choose.

01:09:44   - So let's go through those then.

01:09:45   So that's the draft done, draft locked up.

01:09:47   - That's it.

01:09:48   - Now, the other things that were in this category

01:09:50   was new AirPods Max, some AirPods in non-white colors.

01:09:55   - Yeah, I love putting that one in there.

01:09:57   What if I pair pods weren't white?

01:10:00   Just for a moment, imagine that's my color.

01:10:03   That's my colors are coming out.

01:10:04   - A new iPad Air is announced

01:10:07   and a new regular iPad is announced.

01:10:09   - Yeah, it's gonna be next month.

01:10:10   - It's gonna be.

01:10:11   - Or sorry, in two months, 'cause it's not September yet.

01:10:13   - Apple TV plus trailers or promo videos shown.

01:10:16   - That could happen.

01:10:17   - Very spotty this one though.

01:10:19   - Yeah, it comes and goes.

01:10:20   - Yeah.

01:10:21   - They could get to boast about all their Emmy nominations

01:10:24   and talk about how great that service is.

01:10:26   And maybe there's an Apple TV announcement.

01:10:28   That's not been rumored,

01:10:30   but there could be Apple TV related stuff.

01:10:32   It's possible.

01:10:33   - That's on here.

01:10:34   New TV hardware announced as a possibility,

01:10:36   but I'm not holding that hope.

01:10:39   We usually have a variance of Craig is seen,

01:10:42   so much as much person is seen,

01:10:44   but we didn't do those this time.

01:10:46   - Except for Phil Schiller's voice is heard,

01:10:48   which I thought was weird.

01:10:49   - Disembodied for Schiller.

01:10:50   - Hey everybody.

01:10:52   Maybe he's in the severance floor.

01:10:53   the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater is seen,

01:10:56   what's the possibility? - Oh man.

01:10:57   See, so that's the counter pick to my pick of it not being,

01:11:02   like, so here's one of the weird things is,

01:11:04   could they do a video that's entirely prerecorded

01:11:08   and screen it at the Steve Jobs Theater

01:11:10   for people sitting in the Steve Jobs Theater

01:11:12   that takes place in the Steve Jobs Theater,

01:11:14   but it's not taking place there?

01:11:15   It gets very confusing, right?

01:11:17   Like, but we're in the Steve Jobs Theater

01:11:19   and Tim's not there.

01:11:20   We're watching Tim on, but he's not there.

01:11:22   I mean, we figure it out, but I'm just saying,

01:11:25   would they do that if it's not live?

01:11:28   Maybe, but it's much more spotty than the loving,

01:11:32   panning past the Apple Park campus

01:11:34   and seeing the rainbow stage.

01:11:36   - So yeah, on that as well, one of the picks

01:11:39   for some of the event is live.

01:11:40   - Sure.

01:11:41   - The event mentions that they are welcoming people

01:11:44   back to Apple Park.

01:11:46   - Right, which could happen.

01:11:48   They could say it even in a prerecorded bit.

01:11:50   They could say, you know, we're getting back to work here at Apple Park.

01:11:54   If it's a live event, they would absolutely be like, it's so great to be back live here

01:11:57   at Apple Park with all of you, if they choose to do that.

01:12:01   But I pick that they won't, so I'm not going to counter that with another pick.

01:12:04   - Because again, we could very much have what happened at WWDC.

01:12:07   I actually would expect that, that at the very least, Tim comes out and welcomes you

01:12:11   all and says like, here's a video.

01:12:13   And then the video starts at the same time it starts for everybody else.

01:12:16   - Yep.

01:12:17   messaging about the benefits of the App Store. Oh man, that's a perennial. And they are

01:12:24   going to be talking about iOS release, presumably, and so saying we love developers and isn't

01:12:30   the App Store great, this could be a time where they could do that if they feel they

01:12:33   need to. Apple AR/VR hardware announced. We're not expecting it, right? I don't. I can't

01:12:41   believe we didn't put game demo in here, because game demo is always good for a laugh,

01:12:44   - Yeah. - There's usually a game demo.

01:12:46   - Yeah, but like-- - There's almost always

01:12:47   a game demo.

01:12:48   - It's snoozy time.

01:12:49   A new HomePod hardware announced.

01:12:52   Possible, this one?

01:12:54   - Anything's possible.

01:12:55   - I think of all of the other hardware picks,

01:12:57   like outside of AirPods,

01:12:58   I would maybe rank HomePod as next.

01:13:01   - Maybe. - Or most likely

01:13:04   for this event.

01:13:05   - Or Apple TV.

01:13:06   - I actually think HomePod is more likely than Apple TV.

01:13:10   - Yeah, I think, and this would go to choosing the under,

01:13:13   which I didn't do for the runtime,

01:13:16   is I think that six months ago,

01:13:20   they planned on this being the AR/VR event.

01:13:23   - Yes.

01:13:26   - And now it, but it's been a while

01:13:28   that we've kind of known that they weren't gonna

01:13:31   probably do it that way,

01:13:32   that it's gonna be later on or early next year.

01:13:34   - That's either like end of this year,

01:13:36   start of next year as a node to the event.

01:13:38   - Something like that.

01:13:39   - Dedicated event is I'm still thinking that.

01:13:42   - You never know, maybe they'd surprise us all.

01:13:44   Just surprise us all.

01:13:45   Wouldn't that be fun?

01:13:46   - Wouldn't that be fun?

01:13:48   All right, so next week, kind of some information

01:13:51   on what's gonna be happening, right?

01:13:53   So we won't be recording on Monday.

01:13:56   We will be holding until Wednesday,

01:13:59   'cause that's when the Apple event is.

01:14:02   We will be recording live as soon as we can

01:14:05   after the event ends.

01:14:08   Keep an eye out on Twitter and we'll let you know

01:14:10   as soon as we know when.

01:14:11   But keep in mind, I'm gonna be in Cupertino,

01:14:14   and there's probably a hands-on area.

01:14:17   So after the event ends, it won't be like I can just

01:14:20   sort of turn to my left and begin doing a podcast.

01:14:23   I'm gonna be in a crowd.

01:14:25   - But we may know in advance a fixed potential time, right?

01:14:29   - Right, if we learn that we've got an ability to record

01:14:33   at a particular time, we'll announce that.

01:14:35   WWDC, I was down on the Apple campus,

01:14:40   and they had set up a recording area.

01:14:43   If that repeats, then we would have the ability

01:14:46   to do it a little earlier.

01:14:47   If I come home, it will be a little later

01:14:49   'cause I gotta drive all the way home.

01:14:51   So we'll keep you updated about that

01:14:53   if you wanna listen live.

01:14:54   And then of course, the episode will come out

01:14:56   later on Wednesday too.

01:14:58   It's just that we have to record it

01:15:00   and then it has to be edited and then it'll be out.

01:15:02   So everything will be pushed back to Wednesday,

01:15:06   sort of late in the day.

01:15:07   - Yeah, so it will be Wednesday.

01:15:09   still the episode will come out.

01:15:11   But if you wanna hear our impressions immediately,

01:15:12   tune in live and we'll be sharing

01:15:14   about when we're gonna do that.

01:15:16   And because Jason will be at the event,

01:15:18   we can presume there will be a hands-on area

01:15:21   and you will be able to come to the episode

01:15:23   with immediate iPhone impressions,

01:15:26   which has not happened for an incredibly long time.

01:15:29   - Wouldn't that be fun?

01:15:30   And Apple Watch impressions maybe too, who knows?

01:15:33   - Yeah, yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

01:15:35   Very much looking forward to it.

01:15:36   So that's it for this week's episode.

01:15:38   And

01:15:54   to find Jason online he's @jsnell J S N E double L and at sixcolors.com I am

01:15:59   @imike I M Y K E we'll be back next week the iPhone event and we'll be able to

01:16:08   score the draft and then get right into it talk about everything that is

01:16:11   announced on stage next week until then say goodbye Jason Snow

01:16:16   see you on the other side Myke

01:16:20   [MUSIC PLAYING]

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01:16:30   [BLANK_AUDIO]