416: Shout-out to Bridget Knight


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00:00:12   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade Episode 416. Today's show is brought to you by

00:00:18   Sourcegraph, Ladder and Mode. My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by

00:00:22   Jason Snow. Hi Jason. Hi Myke. I have a hashtag stunt talk question

00:00:26   for you comes from Luke. Luke wants to know, Jason, do you use shake to undo?

00:00:30   No. No. No. Especially not... Okay. I used to use shake to undo when it was the only option,

00:00:40   right? And this is how it would go. Oh, I need to undo this thing.

00:00:46   sigh, eye roll, shake.

00:00:51   - Yes. - Yep.

00:00:53   And now they put in gestures for undo

00:00:56   and I don't do that anymore.

00:00:57   - Yeah, it's three finger tap, right?

00:01:03   - Three finger swipe.

00:01:05   - Swipe?

00:01:06   - Yeah.

00:01:08   - Oh, the swipe does do just undo.

00:01:10   If you do three finger tap,

00:01:11   you get that little thing at the top

00:01:12   that says undo, copy, paste.

00:01:14   I mean, I think you get that with one tap.

00:01:19   Anyway, it's the three-finger swipe in one way as a redo and the other way as the undo.

00:01:24   That's the trick.

00:01:25   Right.

00:01:26   There are many ways.

00:01:28   It all takes three fingers.

00:01:29   Yeah.

00:01:30   So if you're still shaking to undo and you're embarrassed by it, three-finger swipe is the

00:01:34   system-wide shortcut in iOS for undo and redo.

00:01:41   There you go.

00:01:43   See, people are going to learn one way or the other.

00:01:45   They're going to learn that there's a tap or they're going to learn that there's a swipe.

00:01:48   But we're providing, uh, you know, either way, we're providing a service today.

00:01:53   Yeah, we are.

00:01:54   As we always do.

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00:02:09   Some follow out, Jason Snow.

00:02:12   Got a few things.

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00:03:43   It's just not a thing that we tend to focus on

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00:03:46   However, we spoke about some things that we really care

00:03:49   about that are going on in the world right now.

00:03:51   Political issues that I said shouldn't be political.

00:03:54   I don't think you should be political,

00:03:55   but some people see them as political.

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00:04:06   If you've heard this and you're like,

00:04:07   "Ha ha ha, I know how to get them."

00:04:08   Well, good luck to you, you know what I'm saying?

00:04:12   - Yeah, that's right.

00:04:13   - I just wanted to ask.

00:04:15   - Podcast reviews were a mistake,

00:04:19   but this is where we are.

00:04:21   - I think stars are fine.

00:04:23   The written reviews I wished kind of didn't exist,

00:04:27   but they do.

00:04:28   - I'd say that for Amazon products too,

00:04:31   but yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.

00:04:33   Some Amazon reviews can be good.

00:04:34   Like if somebody gives like something really useful

00:04:36   and they include pictures and stuff,

00:04:37   that can be pretty good.

00:04:39   - Yeah, the reviews on Apple Podcasts

00:04:40   very much like App Store reviews are from,

00:04:42   I think a decision made in an era

00:04:44   that if Apple were doing it today,

00:04:46   they would not make that decision,

00:04:47   but it got made already.

00:04:49   - Because I think like everybody else, including Spotify,

00:04:52   they have reviews, but it's just a five star rating.

00:04:55   - Also thank you for taking the hit

00:04:58   and looking at our reviews

00:05:00   because I have a very, very firm policy,

00:05:05   which is I don't read podcast reviews.

00:05:08   - Like here's the thing, I wish I didn't, right?

00:05:12   (both laughing)

00:05:14   But I can't, every now and then, I can't help but look.

00:05:19   You know, there's nothing I can do about it.

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00:06:44   segment. I have some follow up as well.

00:06:48   Okay.

00:06:49   Evan, not that one, wrote in to let us know

00:06:52   that there's a new iOS 16 feature to add earnings reports

00:06:55   to your calendar via the Stocks app.

00:06:58   - Yep, it's true, it's true.

00:07:00   They're using one of the many pieces of new information

00:07:03   in the Stocks app,

00:07:04   in addition to all that Apple news integration.

00:07:06   In iOS 16 now, there is a new feature

00:07:09   where they're using the data

00:07:10   of like when every company is doing its earnings

00:07:14   and they're putting a little button in that says,

00:07:16   "Create a calendar event."

00:07:18   So you don't miss the upcoming, you know,

00:07:21   exciting financial disclosure event,

00:07:24   which creates an all day event, by the way,

00:07:28   which I find hilarious,

00:07:29   because if you're on a New York Stock Exchange

00:07:32   or NASDAQ or anything in the US,

00:07:34   the release has come out at 4.30 Eastern,

00:07:36   but let's make it an all day event,

00:07:38   'cause really, when it's corporate earning season,

00:07:40   it's an all day party, right?

00:07:42   - Yeah, it's an all day event.

00:07:42   I mean, we're all celebrating all day, so.

00:07:45   - All day disclosures.

00:07:48   - Woo!

00:07:49   - I know it's early in the beta process,

00:07:51   but I would just like to give my feedback here

00:07:53   that the word event two times in the same sentence

00:07:56   that close to each other, create calendar events,

00:07:58   you don't miss the upcoming event.

00:08:00   I don't think that's--

00:08:01   - Yeah, well file feedback on that one.

00:08:03   File a stocks feedback.

00:08:04   - I just filed it.

00:08:05   - That's what you should be known for is stocks bugs.

00:08:09   Honestly, I imagine the stocks developer

00:08:12   is sitting at Apple and there's like,

00:08:13   it's like that scene in "Ghostbusters"

00:08:15   where the call comes in and Janine says, "We got one," and presses a button and an alarm

00:08:22   goes off and everybody jumps to it. I imagine that's what happens when feedback comes in

00:08:26   for the Stocks app.

00:08:28   They have a fine person's poll and they like...

00:08:30   They care! They found a thing that we... And also I'll just say, this is the first time

00:08:36   I've opened the Stocks app in years, so thanks.

00:08:40   Hey, well, maybe the person who wrote this in is that person.

00:08:45   Maybe Steven, Steven, Steven, the sole developer of the Stocks app at Apple, wrote in to remind

00:08:51   us there's a new feature in the stocks app.

00:08:54   But I am very excited for Apple earnings on June 28th. I think it's going to be an interesting

00:08:59   one again, so I'm looking forward to it. We'll be talking about it at the end of the month.

00:09:03   Or beginning of July. I guess it's beginning of July, right?

00:09:06   - I guess, yeah, I guess that's right.

00:09:08   'Cause it's the 28th, I've added it to my calendar all day.

00:09:12   - Of course you have.

00:09:13   - Party on the 28th.

00:09:14   And so on August 1st, I guess we'll talk about it

00:09:16   and there'll be charts and everybody.

00:09:18   Again, part of the day's partying and celebration

00:09:21   is the unveiling of the charts, right?

00:09:24   - I said June 28th, I meant July 28th, again.

00:09:27   - Oh, it's July 28th.

00:09:27   Okay, well your calendar was filed out as a feedback for you.

00:09:31   - Yep.

00:09:32   - You got the month wrong.

00:09:33   - Thank you.

00:09:34   - Myke gets one.

00:09:35   - Hey Jason, the Discord always does.

00:09:36   - That's how I found that out.

00:09:38   They always file feedback.

00:09:39   Apple has received 52 Emmy award nominations.

00:09:44   - Yeah, they're still getting it,

00:09:46   Ted Lasso is still getting it done and Severance.

00:09:49   That's the one that I think is interesting

00:09:51   is that Severance peaked through there

00:09:53   and got enough attention to get 14 awards.

00:09:56   It's looking, there's a tough slate of nominees out there.

00:09:58   I'm, you know, it's gonna be tough.

00:10:01   Anything they win is gonna be impressive

00:10:03   because there's just so many,

00:10:05   - We're in peak, it's peak TV, Myke.

00:10:06   - Yeah, there was a, there was a lot.

00:10:08   - Platinum age of TV.

00:10:09   - 'Cause Apple got 52, but I think it was in Netflix

00:10:12   and HBO got more, right?

00:10:13   Which, I mean, makes sense,

00:10:14   but it's just to put that into perspective.

00:10:16   Ted Lasso got 20 nominations, Severance got 14,

00:10:20   and then there was another 11 shows that picked up

00:10:25   between one and three nominations.

00:10:27   I think Severance is gonna do pretty well,

00:10:30   and I reckon Ted Lasso's gonna do pretty well again.

00:10:34   - We'll see, like I said, I mean,

00:10:35   it's an honor just to be nominated.

00:10:37   - Yeah.

00:10:37   - They're in some spectacularly tough categories,

00:10:40   but I think it says something about Severance

00:10:42   being the next kind of like critical darling

00:10:45   of Apple TV+ that it got 14 nominations.

00:10:49   - I reckon Severance is gonna get something.

00:10:51   My expectation is that like,

00:10:53   they're in the drama category, right?

00:10:55   And it's "Better Call Sauls" last season.

00:10:57   So I reckon that show's gonna pick up a few,

00:11:01   a few awards.

00:11:03   I kind of imagine it not exactly like but you know like Schitt's Creek when it was the

00:11:08   last one they swept it right I don't think they're gonna sweep it but I reckon there's

00:11:12   probably going to be quite a few awards going to to better call Saul which is a fantastic

00:11:17   TV show by the way that I love very much.

00:11:19   Trip Mickel which by the way I love that name so much Trip Mickel it's a fantastic name

00:11:24   like you're blessed of a name like that no one forgets your name if your name's Trip

00:11:28   Mickel it's a fantastic name Trip Mickel at the New York Times who recently wrote the

00:11:32   book about Johnny Ive, is reporting that Johnny Ive's relationship with Apple has come to

00:11:37   a close. So if you remember when Johnny left to start Love From, there was a consulting

00:11:44   relationship set up between Apple and Johnny Ive, which initially we all laughed at and

00:11:47   thought was just to keep up appearances, but over time it has come to light that no, Johnny

00:11:52   has actually been really involved, and this may have been one of the problems. So the

00:11:56   The New York Times piece says that basically neither side, both Apple and LoveFrom, were

00:12:02   completely happy with the arrangement as it was set.

00:12:05   So it was a multi-year contract that cost Apple $100 million for Johnny, I guess that's

00:12:11   the retainer fee, but Apple had approval over LoveFrom's client list.

00:12:17   And it seemed like these two things made it when they came to the table to renegotiate,

00:12:21   it seemed like both were actually okay with walking away.

00:12:25   - Yeah, interesting story.

00:12:27   As we do here, we wonder like what's the source of this.

00:12:30   He definitely has some good Johnny Ive Camp sources

00:12:33   as came out in his book,

00:12:34   but I wonder if there's some Apple sourcing here too,

00:12:39   given, 'cause I don't think that Johnny Ive's camp

00:12:43   would be like, Apple is unhappy that they're paying him

00:12:46   a lot of money for nothing, right?

00:12:48   That's an Apple thing.

00:12:49   So I'm fascinated by that on one level,

00:12:52   But look, big picture here when this came out,

00:12:56   my immediate thought was it's just the last step

00:12:58   in the long slow fade of this happens

00:13:01   with incredibly high level executives.

00:13:06   Sometimes you end up with this thing,

00:13:08   which is the person has got their foot out the door,

00:13:13   but there's value in the company

00:13:15   keeping a visible relationship with them.

00:13:18   It calms the investors.

00:13:20   It makes everybody feel okay about it.

00:13:22   and they essentially pay that person to kind of consult.

00:13:26   Like that is a classic, pay them to consult.

00:13:28   My uncle was a VP of human resources

00:13:32   for a fortune 500 company and he retired

00:13:35   and then he consulted for a while.

00:13:37   And they actually had to,

00:13:38   they didn't have anybody with a skill set.

00:13:40   So they actually did bring him back

00:13:41   to do some stuff for them.

00:13:42   But it reminded me of that where it's the classic,

00:13:45   oh, he's still around, he's consulting.

00:13:48   And it's part of, this is just like,

00:13:51   this is how this was always gonna be with Johnny

00:13:53   is like they're gonna give him different titles

00:13:54   and he was gonna come in a lot less

00:13:56   and then he was gonna kind of just peek in

00:13:59   or work on a special project, special projects,

00:14:02   that's a classic one too, right?

00:14:04   Oh, they're moving on to special projects

00:14:06   which might be nothing.

00:14:08   And then this is like the final step in the process

00:14:13   of sort of removing the bonds between Apple and Johnny Ive

00:14:18   is this, now we are wrapping up our relationship with them.

00:14:21   So I'm sure, and like you could cast this as,

00:14:26   oh, Apple didn't think they were getting value for money

00:14:28   here and that's what Tripp Mickel's report says is,

00:14:32   people inside Apple are like,

00:14:33   we're paying him what, for what, right?

00:14:34   And I get that.

00:14:36   The answer is you're paying him to cushion the panic

00:14:41   in some people in Wall Street about Johnny Ive being seen

00:14:46   as some sort of a magical being who is the last connection to Steve Jobs' Apple and that

00:14:51   without him, Apple is rudderless. And by having him not just disappear but instead slowly

00:14:56   go out the door. And by the way, that timing of last week having the GQ article with Evans

00:15:03   Hankey who now leads, she now leads Apple's design team quoted about the MacBook Air design

00:15:11   like this is the moment where Apple sends the message like, "You know, I know you remember

00:15:15   Johnny but it's been a while and we've been soldiering on without him and everything's

00:15:20   fine so that's what they got for their money is that which is the long slow fade instead

00:15:25   of an abrupt departure that would have upset potentially markets and hurt Apple in the

00:15:31   stock market and you know that's what that's what this is I I mean maybe they maybe he

00:15:36   was involved in some stuff a little bit but I'm I'm sure that those people at Apple who

00:15:41   who are saying we're paying him what for what

00:15:44   are absolutely right.

00:15:45   Like, no, of course it doesn't make sense.

00:15:46   That's not why they were really paying him that.

00:15:48   But I think it is interesting that this came out in a story

00:15:51   and that honestly, I'm surprised it happened so quickly.

00:15:55   I thought that they, you know, Apple's got all the money.

00:15:57   They could do this for longer,

00:15:59   but it may just be that Johnny Ive is a little restless

00:16:04   and still, and that Apple doesn't think

00:16:07   that they actually need that connection anymore.

00:16:09   So I liked, I think you guys were talking about this

00:16:12   on Connected last week, but the idea here too,

00:16:15   that like Johnny and I have,

00:16:16   I don't think he's gonna rush out

00:16:18   and suddenly design a laptop for HP or something.

00:16:21   - You're thinking of dithering.

00:16:23   This is a conversation.

00:16:24   - Oh, dithering talk about that too?

00:16:25   I mean, I listened to so many podcasts over the weekend

00:16:27   while I was traveling.

00:16:28   So I'll just take it up,

00:16:30   as you may have heard on other podcasts or maybe not,

00:16:32   here's the thing.

00:16:33   (laughing)

00:16:33   Johnny and I was bored designing computers, right?

00:16:36   Now, maybe there's some truth to the fact

00:16:38   that if he's starting out love from,

00:16:41   he can make a lot of money putting his name on things

00:16:43   that he's not that involved with,

00:16:45   that he hires people to design

00:16:47   for people in the tech industry, smartphones and laptops

00:16:50   and stuff like that.

00:16:51   But I think the smart argument is

00:16:55   if Johnny I wanted to keep making laptops,

00:16:57   he would have stayed at Apple.

00:16:58   He's bored, he's bored with laptops.

00:16:59   He's been there, done that, solved that,

00:17:03   or at least in his mind he has.

00:17:04   So I think he's gone on to other things,

00:17:09   and it'll all be high-design stuff and weird stuff

00:17:12   that regular people won't buy, probably, and that's fine.

00:17:15   That's like he's ascended into whatever kind of white room

00:17:19   he ascends into, and then he'll live there

00:17:22   and design very expensive products

00:17:24   that most people will never use.

00:17:26   That's probably where he's going.

00:17:27   I mean, I could be wrong.

00:17:29   He could be like the next Oxo Good Grips

00:17:32   or design some hex wrenches that everybody loves,

00:17:35   but probably not.

00:17:37   - I mean, his client list so far has been luxury stuff,

00:17:41   but that may have been because Apple didn't want him

00:17:43   working on consumer electronics.

00:17:45   There could be some.

00:17:46   I agree that he's probably not gonna make a laptop

00:17:49   or an iPhone, but there could be,

00:17:50   he might make a pair of headphones.

00:17:51   You never know, I could imagine.

00:17:53   - Sure, and it might be a broad, essentially non-compete,

00:17:56   which by the way, non-competes are not enforceable

00:17:58   in California, so this is one way you would do that

00:18:00   is you would say, "Well, we're just gonna pay you

00:18:02   to not compete with us for a while.

00:18:04   But again, I think the scenarios are,

00:18:06   it's either something that's esoteric,

00:18:08   or it's a scenario where he wants to build this company up

00:18:11   with money, but in the long run,

00:18:14   is he gonna be putting his best work

00:18:15   into a consumer electronic product?

00:18:18   My guess is no.

00:18:19   That doesn't mean that he might not accept the job

00:18:21   and have his minions, his underlings work on it

00:18:26   with Johnny popping in every now and then

00:18:28   to give a little wink and a nod and then disappear again.

00:18:31   Like it has been reported, and John Gruber did some additional reporting on this, that like

00:18:35   people at Apple have still been going to Johnny for approvals.

00:18:39   And the thing that I don't know about this is if like that's been an official thing or

00:18:44   if he was still around and you've worked with him forever, would you not want his opinion?

00:18:48   Like, I'm not sure what's going on there.

00:18:51   But apparently that was upsetting some people, which I understand.

00:18:54   And also some executives at Apple were upset that people from Johnny's old design team left

00:18:59   Apple to join Love from.

00:19:01   That's also true, right?

00:19:02   That they're hiring people away from Apple

00:19:04   and that that isn't necessarily a very happy kind of thing.

00:19:07   Yeah, if I was a manager at Apple

00:19:08   and I was seeing people go to Johnny Ive,

00:19:10   who's basically been sidelined and is on his way out

00:19:13   and like using him and, you know, the counter argument is,

00:19:17   well, but he's, it's Johnny Ive, why would we not use him?

00:19:20   And I'm like, I get that, but at the same time,

00:19:21   he's not in charge, right?

00:19:23   Like you could pick his brain,

00:19:24   but I could see a manager at Apple being like,

00:19:27   why is he inserting himself, right?

00:19:29   Maybe it wasn't completely clear, honestly.

00:19:31   Like maybe Johnny's still around.

00:19:34   - It's weird.

00:19:35   - Right, like they need to get rid of him so they can move on

00:19:38   and I think this is good, best for everyone.

00:19:40   - In the high level, I think this is just works as designed,

00:19:45   which is, this is the fade away.

00:19:48   This is the slow severing of the relationship

00:19:51   so that everybody lands gently.

00:19:53   Apple gets some continuity.

00:19:55   Johnny gets some money to start up his next thing

00:19:58   and now it's over.

00:19:59   And that's fine. - Everyone sleeps easy.

00:20:03   - I hope so, on a probably a big bed of money.

00:20:07   By the way, Tripp Mickles, do you think he's the third?

00:20:11   Do you think he's like Reginald Mickle the third?

00:20:13   Think that's where that's from?

00:20:14   Or is he actually named Tripp?

00:20:17   - Ooh, that's a good one.

00:20:19   I would like to know if anybody knows.

00:20:21   - I don't know.

00:20:21   I looked, he's from Charlotte, North Carolina.

00:20:23   Went to Wake Forest, went to Columbia journalism school,

00:20:26   I think.

00:20:27   but I can't find any sort of historical,

00:20:29   like a picture of him as a kid in a white suit

00:20:32   (laughs)

00:20:33   with his dad, Reginald Mickle II

00:20:37   and his grandfather, Reginald Mickle I.

00:20:40   I'm just making all of that up,

00:20:42   but I just wonder sometimes you see a trip

00:20:44   and you wonder.

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00:20:49   And I wanna talk to you about some of their keyboards.

00:20:51   They have some beautiful ones.

00:20:52   Over the past couple of years,

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00:20:57   I've even dragged Jason in a little bit more, a little bit further, a little bit further.

00:21:00   Jason was first, then I went head first and then brought him along for the ride.

00:21:04   I have a real love for the beautiful designs that people create, both the keycaps and the

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00:21:39   You can choose the colours, materials, even design accent pieces and fancy internal weights

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00:21:52   Mode have two keyboards that are available.

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00:22:00   And also the Sonnet which is their newest product

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00:22:05   I've owned an 80 for well over a year.

00:22:08   Mode sent me a early unit of the Sonnet to check out

00:22:11   a few months ago and I am in love with the Sonnet.

00:22:14   It is the perfect balance of design,

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00:22:18   I'm also gonna be building their newest version

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00:22:48   Keyboards are a tool that we use to get our best work done.

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00:23:03   Mode keyboards are wonderful to build with incredibly detailed and easy to follow instructions

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00:23:09   It's one of the things that makes your day a little bit more enjoyable.

00:23:13   You can find out more today by going to modedesigns.com/upgradefm.

00:23:17   mode designs dot com slash upgrade FM there'll be a link in the show notes. Mode it's time to rethink

00:23:23   keyboards. Our thanks to Mode for the support of this show and Relay FM. Jason Snell let's talk

00:23:27   about the 2022 M2 MacBook Air. Let's do it I've got one do you have one? I do have one actually.

00:23:34   I had a midnight M2 MacBook Air arrive about 45 minutes from before we started today's episode.

00:23:47   It is a review unit from Apple. And yeah, I have it right now. I just finished the migration

00:23:54   assistant before we started recording, which went very quickly. Migration assistant is incredible.

00:23:58   - My favorite feature in migration assistant is the multiple streams of network that it will

00:24:04   actually show you like, oh, you have a Thunderbolt cable and you have Wi-Fi and you have ethernet.

00:24:07   And we've tested them all and this is the fastest and so we're picking that one. And that's very

00:24:12   impressive. And, you know, I love that they show it. And yeah, I've used it several times

00:24:19   because I review laptops and stuff, right? And so I'm doing a lot of migrations and it works great.

00:24:25   Yeah, I used the Thunderbolt cable and I mean, it just did it so fast. It was like so fast that

00:24:33   I kind of couldn't believe that it finished. So yeah, I have the Midnight model. I have the,

00:24:39   let me see what I've got. I've got 8GB of RAM, which was a surprise to me. 512GB storage.

00:24:49   And it's, I think I have the one with the 10 GPU cores, 8 CPU cores.

00:24:55   And you had a relatively similar one in Starlight, right?

00:25:01   Yeah, in Starlight. Not my favorite color, but that's what they had.

00:25:06   I do really like the way the midnight looks. I mean, I will confirm it's already covered in

00:25:11   fingerprints. I don't care about that, personally. If I was buying one of these, this is the color I

00:25:18   would go for because it's the new color. Like, the one that looks really new color. Because

00:25:22   the starlight that you have in the images that you put on in your review, it just looks silver.

00:25:29   it just looks silver i know it is the it is the most subtle of all the the colors right because

00:25:37   it is it's not like a bold gold or something right it is silver with a yellow undertone instead of a

00:25:43   blue undertone it it's it's noticeable but it's super subtle yeah it's not i don't really think

00:25:50   that it it's surprising to me to have both silver and starlight like that's you know midnight and

00:25:57   In space grey, I can actually kind of see why you would have both of those available

00:26:01   because this does look somewhere between blue and black, right?

00:26:06   So like it has got a different look to it.

00:26:08   I thought that Starlight and Midnight were the new silver in space grey.

00:26:11   That's what, yeah.

00:26:12   And they would just clear them out.

00:26:14   But they didn't do that.

00:26:15   They're all, the gang's all here.

00:26:18   Nothing's getting rid of space grey, it seems like now.

00:26:22   Space grey, is it the new silver or is silver the new silver?

00:26:25   Like those, like I don't, I don't again, because we, every time we talk about this, people

00:26:29   say, you know, I don't want a colorful thing.

00:26:31   It's like, it's fine.

00:26:32   Like Apple's not going to stop making boring colored products for people who don't want

00:26:37   to have a pop of color in their, in the, in the Apple products they're using.

00:26:41   Like it's fine.

00:26:42   There will always be a silver MacBook, right?

00:26:44   There will always, always be a silver option or a space gray option or both.

00:26:48   Um, but yeah, the, the, you know, I think the starlight is, is nice.

00:26:53   I think it's a nice change from Silver. I think it's a little different and that's a

00:26:57   good thing. Midnight is the one that feels the most different, which is what's exciting

00:27:01   about it.

00:27:02   David: My kind of, I've only got initial impressions, right? You spent like a good few days, if

00:27:07   not a week with yours. I don't know exactly, but I picked it up to bring it from my desk

00:27:16   to where I'm recording now, the digital desk that I have in my studio.

00:27:19   And as someone who, I daily a MacBook Pro and I take that laptop put it in my bag

00:27:25   every day, you know like I'm used to picking it up, I can immediately feel the

00:27:31   difference. Like this is not, I would say it's a light computer, it's lighter. The

00:27:35   thinness I think is the the biggest thing that I can tell is the difference.

00:27:39   You know like it really feels as many people have said much more like an iPad

00:27:46   with a keyboard than a laptop, I think, in the way that it feels to hold in my hand.

00:27:50   It's noticeably lighter than the M1 Air. I, you know, I pick up, I can pick them up in

00:27:58   succession and it's like, it's not one of those imperceptible, it's like, oh yeah. And

00:28:01   some of that is the weight because it is lighter, but some of that is also the spread of the

00:28:04   weight because it's got a slightly larger footprint, it's a little bit deeper, but it's

00:28:08   thinner overall even though it's, you know, thinner than the thick part but thicker than

00:28:13   than the thin part of the M1 Air,

00:28:15   but overall it's thinner on average.

00:28:17   And so the volume is less,

00:28:18   but that also means the way to sort of spread out.

00:28:20   And so I think that they're both of those things

00:28:23   are going on there where it feels a little more balanced

00:28:25   and it also feels it because it is lighter.

00:28:28   And so, yeah, it comes across as being really light.

00:28:31   And then there's just, you know, the old Apple design,

00:28:35   I keep struggling on ways to describe it,

00:28:38   you know, use words to describe it.

00:28:39   Sometimes I refer to it as pillowy,

00:28:41   but you know it's that thing where at the,

00:28:43   it's almost like a really, really subtle dome

00:28:47   where at the edges there's this slow sort of drop off.

00:28:51   So you get the sense that it's almost like

00:28:54   the edges are just a little bit lower than the center.

00:28:57   Where that's the classic MacBook Air design.

00:29:01   It's the design on,

00:29:02   it became the classic sort of MacBook Pro design.

00:29:06   But these new MacBook Pros from last year

00:29:08   and the MacBook Air now, that's not it, right?

00:29:10   Like those surfaces are entirely flat,

00:29:12   and then there's an edge to the next surface.

00:29:17   And that is a really different feel.

00:29:19   Like you mentioned the iPad,

00:29:20   like the iPad Pro was originally like that, right?

00:29:23   And a lot of iPad models had that curved back thing.

00:29:26   And then they went away from that

00:29:30   and they went to flat sides, flat back.

00:29:32   And that's a design thing

00:29:34   that they're bringing through their whole product line.

00:29:36   And it's good, it works, it feels modern.

00:29:39   You know, I'm sure in 10 years people will look at this and be like, "Oh, it feels old."

00:29:44   But that's fashion. That's how it is. But it feels great, looks great, and it is, yeah,

00:29:48   it does have that kind of iPad vibe. It's about the size in one dimension of the 12.9-inch

00:29:55   iPad Pro, but it's taller than that, and obviously it's thicker than that. But it's reminiscent

00:30:00   for sure.

00:30:01   - I mean, and I guess part of the tallness comes from the screen size change, right?

00:30:06   it's gone up a little bit, it's gained a notch.

00:30:09   All of that makes sense to me.

00:30:12   It's like, this is the modern design.

00:30:14   You know, you can like it or not like it,

00:30:15   but now when I open this MacBook Air,

00:30:18   I'm like, oh, this is a modern computer.

00:30:20   Like, it just looks like a modern computer to me.

00:30:22   And you know, we can argue as to whether that's a good thing

00:30:24   but that's just what it is.

00:30:26   - When I was running my review, I was thinking,

00:30:29   okay, I gotta talk about the notch again.

00:30:31   Like, literally what I wanna do is just paste

00:30:33   in the paragraph I wrote about the notch

00:30:34   for the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros.

00:30:37   There are people out there who hate the notch.

00:30:40   I just gotta say, I don't get it.

00:30:41   I don't get it.

00:30:42   It's more space.

00:30:43   It's space that would otherwise not be there

00:30:44   if there was no notch.

00:30:45   It's not like they're intruding a notch

00:30:47   into your precious screen space that you had.

00:30:49   They basically have extended the height of the screen,

00:30:53   but to do so, they've had to still leave the sensors there.

00:30:57   So they're giving, and they built,

00:30:59   for macOS, they've built the menu bar around the notch.

00:31:02   So what you're really getting is a free menu bar.

00:31:05   And the menu bar space that previously was on your laptop

00:31:07   is now content space because the menu bar is hiding

00:31:10   up with the notch.

00:31:12   Now there are scenarios where you use a particular app

00:31:15   that has like lots and lots of windows

00:31:17   or lots and lots of menu items,

00:31:19   or you've got lots of menu bar items

00:31:21   in the upper right hand corner of your screen

00:31:23   where it can be a problem

00:31:25   'cause the notch is sort of like taking up space there.

00:31:27   But I feel like those are edge cases.

00:31:31   I don't use apps that do that.

00:31:32   Even BB Edit, which can do that, I mostly just turn off.

00:31:36   It has a lot of extraneous menus that I don't use,

00:31:38   so I just turn them off and it's not a big deal.

00:31:40   I use Bartender, so that actually reduces the number

00:31:43   of menu items that I have on the right side.

00:31:45   And you get used to it, it's not that big a deal,

00:31:49   and you get more content out of it, that's the truth.

00:31:50   If you really hate it, there's a setting for you

00:31:52   to turn it off and pretend that the notch isn't there,

00:31:54   and you just live in a smaller screen.

00:31:56   But I think more screen space is better,

00:31:59   and having the menu bar up there is better.

00:32:01   So that's, you know, if people don't like the notch,

00:32:03   okay, that's fine.

00:32:05   I think it's, I think it's an, I mean, look,

00:32:07   would it be better if it went all the way to the edge

00:32:09   and there was no notch at all?

00:32:10   Sure, but we don't, you know, we don't live in that world.

00:32:14   But I'm glad that they made the effort to redesign Mac OS

00:32:18   in order to eke out more space up there anyway

00:32:21   with something that actually feels natural,

00:32:23   which is the menu bar, which is not really part

00:32:25   of the universe of your computer anyway

00:32:27   and can hide up there.

00:32:29   - Yeah, I mean, I have no problem with the notch at all.

00:32:32   It is what it is, right?

00:32:34   - Yeah, yeah.

00:32:35   - I would say that the screen,

00:32:37   the thing that I immediately noticed

00:32:39   wasn't the thing that I expected

00:32:41   would be the thing that I would immediately notice, right?

00:32:42   So coming from a MacBook Pro, the 14-inch MacBook Pro,

00:32:46   it wasn't the size, it wasn't the promotion,

00:32:49   it was the brightness.

00:32:50   - Yeah.

00:32:50   - I really noticed that.

00:32:51   - This is brighter than the M1 MacBook Air,

00:32:53   but it's only 500 nits.

00:32:54   It's not, look, okay, so this looks like a MacBook Pro.

00:32:57   And in fact, in that story I mentioned earlier

00:32:59   from GQ in the UK, the Evans-Hankey quotes

00:33:02   are all about how they designed the 14

00:33:05   and 16-inch MacBook Pro and this MacBook Air together.

00:33:07   And they're of a kind, and they do.

00:33:10   If you put them down together,

00:33:12   they look like they are a laptop family,

00:33:14   which calls into question the existence

00:33:15   of that 13-inch MacBook Pro.

00:33:17   We've already talked about that.

00:33:18   Doesn't make sense, except it does, you know,

00:33:22   it's an outlier, just like the M1 Air is an outlier now

00:33:24   'cause it's an older model.

00:33:25   But if you look at Apple's core laptops,

00:33:28   it's 13 Air and then 14 and 16 Pro,

00:33:31   and they are all of a kind, they look exactly the same.

00:33:35   They've been brought together in that way.

00:33:38   Okay, so what differentiates the Air from the Pro?

00:33:40   Because the Air starts several hundred dollars less

00:33:45   than the Pro's start.

00:33:47   Well, what do you lose?

00:33:48   You lose a port, but you lose power

00:33:53   because they have the higher power processors

00:33:55   and the M2 does not match up with an M1 Pro or an M1 Max.

00:33:58   But the big thing I think you lose is the screen.

00:34:01   The screen, while nicer for a MacBook Air

00:34:04   than any MacBook Air screen before,

00:34:06   is not the higher resolution, very bright, HDR capable,

00:34:11   and high refresh rate ProMotion display.

00:34:18   That is like the number one thing you don't get.

00:34:22   It's actually kind of iPad-like, right?

00:34:23   like the high end computer gets the pretty display.

00:34:27   It's a little like that.

00:34:28   So there's a super fancy display

00:34:29   on those high end MacBook Pros.

00:34:31   MacBook Air doesn't have it.

00:34:33   And that's, I think the biggest,

00:34:36   single biggest difference other than,

00:34:37   I guess, the processor family, right?

00:34:39   But like that display is a good display for a MacBook Air,

00:34:43   but it is not close.

00:34:44   Like the MacBook Pro display experience

00:34:46   is gonna be way better.

00:34:47   Except for the 13.

00:34:50   The 13 doesn't count.

00:34:51   - Yeah, we're not talking about that one.

00:34:53   - No, we-- - We're talking about it

00:34:54   in comparison, we'll make it very clear.

00:34:56   We're talking about MacBook Pro,

00:34:57   we're talking about the new ones.

00:34:59   - The proper modern Apple laptop lineup now

00:35:02   is M2 MacBook Air, 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro.

00:35:06   And then Apple also makes two other computers

00:35:09   that are in their old design

00:35:10   that are also available for sale as laptops.

00:35:13   And that's it, that's what the laptop situation is right now.

00:35:16   - Yep.

00:35:17   Do you have any particular thoughts about the M2 chip?

00:35:22   - Oh, it is what it is.

00:35:27   It's the same chip.

00:35:28   I mean, the lesson we learned with the M1

00:35:30   that came in so many different computers

00:35:32   is that essentially you're getting the same chip

00:35:35   in a different wrapper.

00:35:36   So it is the same one that we talked about

00:35:40   with the MacBook Pro, 13 inch.

00:35:42   It's the M2.

00:35:43   It's faster than the M1 in a lot of ways.

00:35:45   It has the ability to run at higher power.

00:35:51   That also means that it can get warmer.

00:35:53   I did some tests of the M1 or the M2 Air

00:35:58   versus the M2 13-inch Pro,

00:36:02   which we said we weren't gonna talk about,

00:36:03   but now I'm gonna talk about it 'cause it's the same chip.

00:36:05   And I was just trying to detect at what point it separates

00:36:08   because the Air doesn't have a fan and the MacBook Pro does.

00:36:12   Now we could argue that the MacBook Pro

00:36:14   has its own thermal issues and that maybe it's not,

00:36:16   you know, doesn't have that great a cooling system,

00:36:19   but it does have a fan, right?

00:36:20   It at least does have a fan in there.

00:36:22   And the answer was, could I get the MacBook Pro

00:36:25   to run faster than the MacBook Air?

00:36:28   'Cause that's the one thing the MacBook Pro

00:36:29   has going for it is the fan.

00:36:31   Well, I did a bunch of stuff.

00:36:33   I did an isotope de-reverb,

00:36:36   which is like the reason I buy computers

00:36:38   with lots of processor cores, because it takes forever.

00:36:41   De-reverb-ing an echoey room for somebody

00:36:44   who's playing Dungeons and Dragons

00:36:45   for Total Party Kill for three hours.

00:36:48   That is a long, long process.

00:36:52   So I did a de-reverb that took about five minutes,

00:36:54   so it was a shorter file,

00:36:55   and the times between the two were the same.

00:36:58   Didn't see any divergence.

00:37:02   I did a Final Cut Pro export,

00:37:03   which I'll grant you was a 1080, it was not a 4K export.

00:37:06   It was a 1080 export, took about two hours,

00:37:07   or 20 minutes, took about 20 minutes

00:37:10   on the second identical.

00:37:13   Okay, no change, nothing different.

00:37:15   In the end, what I ended up doing to find any difference

00:37:17   always take Cinebench, which is a CPU-based benchmark that does rendering, and you can

00:37:23   put it on a loop and say, "Run this test for," in my case, I just said, "for 10 minutes.

00:37:27   Run it until it's after 10 minutes and then give me the score." And on the 10-minute test,

00:37:33   the MacBook Pro was a little tiny bit faster. And you can see the results in my review.

00:37:39   It was marginally faster. So there was definitely some throttling going on in the MacBook Air

00:37:44   that was not going on in the MacBook Pro at that point.

00:37:46   But I'll point out, it was still,

00:37:48   both of them were still way faster than the M1 Air.

00:37:51   So there's that.

00:37:53   And two, they were, they're both way slower

00:37:55   than the MacBook Pro, the 14 and 16, right?

00:37:58   So they are what they are.

00:37:59   They are exactly what you expect them to be.

00:38:01   And I appreciate that tech,

00:38:06   Twitter and YouTube and podcasts delves deep in things like

00:38:13   throttling and performance and all of that,

00:38:15   because you wanna keep Apple honest.

00:38:19   That said, nobody should be talking about throttling

00:38:23   on the MacBook Air, 'cause it's not relevant.

00:38:26   Like, the work you have to go to,

00:38:29   to get it to throttle at all, is so much that,

00:38:34   and what's the worst that happens?

00:38:37   It gets a little warmer, it doesn't really get hot,

00:38:40   but it gets warm and it slows down a little bit,

00:38:43   but it's still much faster than an M1 computer,

00:38:45   way faster than an Intel-based MacBook Air

00:38:47   that you were using before.

00:38:49   And so the worst that happens is you have to wait

00:38:52   a little longer.

00:38:53   And in most cases you don't,

00:38:55   because the bar has been set so high for performance now

00:39:00   with the Apple Silicon chips,

00:39:01   that what we used to call an extreme workload

00:39:04   in extended conditions, like even a couple of years ago,

00:39:08   is no longer extreme.

00:39:10   because it just does it without a sweat.

00:39:12   So you're left with finding these edge cases

00:39:14   where it really pushes it over the edge.

00:39:16   And what I would say there is,

00:39:17   if you're looking for an edge case like that,

00:39:19   well, you have a choice to make,

00:39:21   which is if you can afford it,

00:39:23   you can buy the MacBook Pro,

00:39:24   which is gonna be way faster

00:39:26   and has a better cooling system.

00:39:28   Or if you'd rather have a small laptop that's cheaper,

00:39:31   just use the MacBook Air,

00:39:32   and it will be a little slower

00:39:34   because it's a cheaper computer with a slower processor.

00:39:38   And the throttling is really not even the issue there.

00:39:40   The issue is it's a slower computer with a slower processor

00:39:43   'cause it's not a Pro or a Max, it's just a base level.

00:39:47   So it is MacBook Air is honestly,

00:39:51   it's enough computer for, you know, 99.9% of people.

00:39:56   I think the reasons you don't get it are

00:39:58   you must have two external displays

00:40:00   in which case you gotta get a MacBook Pro,

00:40:02   sorry to those people.

00:40:04   If you really want the best quality display on the laptop,

00:40:08   That is a place where the MacBook Pros are far and away,

00:40:11   as we've said, above what the MacBook Air has.

00:40:14   You want that extra port?

00:40:17   There's only one extra port,

00:40:18   'cause the Pros only have three ports in MagSafe,

00:40:20   and this has two ports in MagSafe,

00:40:22   so it's not even that much of a bonanza.

00:40:24   But the differences are pretty clear,

00:40:26   and if you took the MacBook Pro 13 out of the equation,

00:40:29   and the M1 MacBook Air out of the equation,

00:40:31   which you can't because of pricing,

00:40:33   but if you did, and you just had these three laptops,

00:40:35   they would make sense,

00:40:36   'cause it's essentially the low end laptop,

00:40:38   which is pretty good.

00:40:40   And then the high end laptop, which comes in two sizes

00:40:42   and is way better in a bunch of ways.

00:40:44   And that's actually, it's like Apple is creeping

00:40:47   towards some simplicity in the MacBook line,

00:40:49   which is why I'm sure that something will come out

00:40:51   that'll totally wreck it.

00:40:52   But they're creeping in that direction

00:40:54   'cause the Air makes sense as the little buddy

00:40:58   who's less capable and cheaper than those MacBook Pros.

00:41:02   - I think that there is a lot,

00:41:05   - There's obviously a lot of conversation around this,

00:41:07   as you mentioned, especially on YouTube.

00:41:10   This is not a professional computer, it's not that.

00:41:15   - It's not. - You know?

00:41:16   The fact that you can make it hot, okay, you can do that.

00:41:21   That's a thing. - Yes.

00:41:23   - But that's the vast majority of people

00:41:26   that buy this computer, they will mostly use it

00:41:29   for standard computer tasks.

00:41:32   - They're never gonna throttle it.

00:41:34   never, ever, ever, ever, ever gonna come close

00:41:37   to throttling it, right?

00:41:39   And like I said, throttling sounds terrifying.

00:41:41   It's not, it just means that it runs a little slower

00:41:43   until it cools down.

00:41:44   It just means your job runs slower,

00:41:47   but your job's already gonna be running so much faster

00:41:49   than it was on your previous computer

00:41:50   that you won't even notice or matter.

00:41:52   I think that this is also spillover

00:41:54   from that 13-inch MacBook Pro, where,

00:41:57   I mean, look, we've already beaten it to death,

00:42:01   so I won't go back into it.

00:42:02   But I think that in addition to the fact

00:42:03   that it's completely uninspired and I'm beating it a little bit completely

00:42:08   uninspired old design why does it even exist it's to hit a price point you like

00:42:13   nobody should buy it I think it's fair to say why is it called Pro if it

00:42:18   doesn't have a pro chip it doesn't support more external monitors and it

00:42:22   doesn't support the maximum you could get out of the m2 chip because it's

00:42:28   cooling system still isn't really good enough at high levels to keep it cool

00:42:33   enough to stop it from throttling even with the fan blowing. Like, I think those are all

00:42:37   fair questions. I think the fact that that computer shouldn't exist at all, it kind of

00:42:43   trumps the rest of them, but I think those are fair questions to ask. But this is a MacBook

00:42:47   Air. I think the honestly, I think the only fair question to ask about the MacBook Air

00:42:52   in this whole universe that we're talking about is it's 1199. And I have in the back

00:43:02   in my head just a little bit of a concern, right? Like, isn't this what Apple did before

00:43:08   with the MacBook, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, where they tried to make a brand new

00:43:16   MacBook Air that people would buy, but because it was not $999, they didn't. They just kept

00:43:22   buying the $999 one. And I think that there's enough value in here that you should probably

00:43:26   get the M2 version, but keep in mind, like, you should probably upgrade the SSD because

00:43:32   it'll be a lot faster if you have a 512 SSD than the 256 because of a design decision

00:43:36   Apple made. And so the base model is not as great, even though we didn't get it. Strangely,

00:43:40   Apple's not giving this out to reviewers, so we haven't seen it, but that's going to

00:43:43   be the case, just as it was with the MacBook Pro. My concern about this product more is

00:43:48   how long is that M1 MacBook Air going to hang around? Because this is a great product, but

00:43:52   this product needs to go to $999. It really does.

00:43:55   gotta happen within two years I feel like. Inflation is an issue and all that

00:43:59   but my point is is you can't make this product this products not gonna be the

00:44:05   number one selling Mac laptop if it's $200 more than the product that's

00:44:12   perfectly good that everybody loves so that's my big concern is more not with

00:44:16   the product but with the fact that Apple is letting it hang above the old product

00:44:21   because it has some vibes of the 12-inch MacBook

00:44:24   and that 13-inch MacBook Pro that were the retina ones,

00:44:28   so you shouldn't buy the MacBook Air,

00:44:29   and everybody just kept buying the MacBook Air,

00:44:31   non-retina for $999 because they liked it.

00:44:34   So at some point, Apple's going to --

00:44:36   Hopefully this product -- I guess what I'm saying is,

00:44:38   hopefully this product is engineered

00:44:40   in terms of profit margin and parts and all of that

00:44:43   to push down the line and kick the M1 Air out at some point,

00:44:48   because it does need to do that.

00:44:50   - Maybe this was just a really bad time

00:44:52   to launch a new laptop.

00:44:53   - Oh, undoubtedly.

00:44:54   This is a terrible time to launch a new laptop.

00:44:57   And the other thing is, this is a unique time

00:45:01   where the Apple Silicon transition is so dramatic

00:45:04   that if you come from an Intel to an M1 Air,

00:45:09   which is a year and a half old product,

00:45:11   it's still 10 times faster, right?

00:45:13   Like you're not taking a step backward

00:45:16   by going to an M1 Air,

00:45:17   which is why I still think they're gonna sell

00:45:19   a lot of M1 ears because they're cheaper and you don't, it's still a huge upgrade from

00:45:25   Intel to Apple Silicon. So this is a unique time for Apple to even offer, continue offering

00:45:30   an old model because the old model's value as an upgrade is still enormous.

00:45:36   - All right, so I wanted to ask you, do you think that this job does a, this machine does

00:45:43   a good job of replacing the previous MacBook Air, but I want to actually ask you that question

00:45:47   slightly differently because I think you've answered yes to that, but what I want to now

00:45:51   ask you is, someone comes to you and they say, "Jason, I want a Mac. What do I get?"

00:45:59   I have to update my, you know, what laptop do I buy my kid for college story. And I mean,

00:46:07   I don't have an easy answer. I would say, and you can see this in my review sort of

00:46:11   at the end, I have a section that's sort of like struggling with this issue. The M1 Air

00:46:14   is great. And I don't know what your financial circumstances are. I don't know what your budget

00:46:21   is. The M2 Air is really nice. Like, if you can afford to buy an M2 Air instead of an M1 Air,

00:46:27   I think you should, right? But the M1 Air is a couple hundred bucks cheaper,

00:46:35   and yeah, the screen isn't as good, and it doesn't have MagSafe.

00:46:42   So if you're really like stretching to get a new laptop for your kid or something, and you're like,

00:46:49   $11.99, or maybe if I upgrade it, it's $13.99, is really too rich for my blood. You're not going to

00:47:00   go wrong getting a refurb M1 Air if you want to, right? Save even more money. And of course,

00:47:05   we should say if it's your kid in school, you can buy it for $100 less at the education store.

00:47:10   So you can get a really great deal for an M1 Air and it will be a spectacularly good computer.

00:47:16   I will say, think about who you're buying it for. I bought my son a MacBook Pro before this

00:47:21   thing came out. I bought him a 14-inch MacBook Pro, base model basically. And one of my reasons

00:47:25   for doing that is his computer died. And I thought, well, I could get him an M1 Air. And then I thought,

00:47:29   he destroys power cords. He destroys power cords. He torques the edges of the power cords,

00:47:37   and I have to replace his USB-C power cords all the time.

00:47:41   And like, yes, should I teach him better cord etiquette?

00:47:43   Of course I could.

00:47:44   He's a teenager, he's not listening.

00:47:46   And I thought to myself,

00:47:48   MagSafe has a substantial value for that person.

00:47:52   Because if he tries to put that level of torque on MagSafe,

00:47:56   it's just gonna pop off

00:47:57   and he's not gonna destroy the cord probably.

00:47:59   - He'll learn better cord etiquette

00:48:01   'cause his laptop will never be charged.

00:48:03   - Exactly.

00:48:04   He'll have to baby that MagSafe to keep it on there.

00:48:06   So I think it comes down to it.

00:48:08   So I've got my personal reasons

00:48:10   for thinking MagSafe was a priority.

00:48:12   And yes, today I would probably just get him a MacBook Air,

00:48:14   but his computer died his middle of his senior year.

00:48:17   And I got him the MacBook Pro and it's like,

00:48:20   I'm doing a nice thing for my kid

00:48:21   who's graduating and going off to college.

00:48:24   But that's what I would say is you've gotta balance

00:48:29   the new features in the M2 Air,

00:48:32   which the M2 processor is one of them,

00:48:34   but like the design and the MagSafe and the bigger screen

00:48:38   is really, and then sort of niceness of all of that,

00:48:41   that's really what you're paying for there.

00:48:43   And it's a little bit faster.

00:48:45   And everybody's gonna have to balance those two things.

00:48:48   I'm glad the M1 Air is still out there.

00:48:50   Like we said a moment ago,

00:48:52   because this is a unique time where, you know,

00:48:55   if you're sitting, most people buying these computers

00:48:58   are coming from an Intel laptop.

00:49:00   Like the M1 Air is still an enormous leap forward.

00:49:03   It's still, even though it's two years old,

00:49:05   it's an enormous leap forward.

00:49:07   So there's no shame in buying an M1 Air.

00:49:10   And if your priorities don't include spending more money

00:49:15   for a new design and MagSafe and a little bit bigger screen,

00:49:20   if you're like, yeah, it doesn't matter to me,

00:49:21   save your money.

00:49:23   Or use that money to buy a little more storage

00:49:26   or a little more RAM instead,

00:49:27   and on the M1, the M1 Air is gonna be great.

00:49:31   So that's the, I think that's the M2 Air's biggest competition, is literally it's the

00:49:34   M1 Air, because it's still so great.

00:49:36   Yeah, I'm, so basically my plan is to use this over the next couple of weeks as my daily

00:49:44   machine.

00:49:45   Alright.

00:49:46   So in two weeks time or so, I will talk about what it's been like for me to swap out the

00:49:52   MacBook Air, the MacBook Air from my MacBook Pro.

00:49:56   So I'm going to use it plugged into my studio display, it's going to be the laptop I take

00:50:00   to and from the studio every single day and I'm gonna use it as my main computer and see

00:50:06   how far it can get me.

00:50:09   Because also this is actually me working out if this is what I want to do anyway.

00:50:15   Like I've thought about what it would be to have a MacBook Air as my main computer and

00:50:19   then my MacBook Pro as my actual always permanently plugged into the podcasting setup.

00:50:26   Because that machine is so powerful.

00:50:29   And sometimes when I do things on my M1 iMac, I'm like, "Oh man, this MacBook Pro is so

00:50:35   much faster."

00:50:36   Like for all of the processing of audio and stuff.

00:50:39   So that might be where I end up going, but I'm pleased to have this computer for a couple

00:50:43   of weeks so I can try and work that out.

00:50:45   So I'll report back on that.

00:50:48   The yellow iMac, by the way, because Zach is already feeling bad about it, the yellow

00:50:52   iMac is going to become my home computer.

00:50:54   So like a permanent computer at home, nice and on display, so don't feel too bad for

00:50:59   it.

00:51:00   It will be having a new lease of life at home eventually.

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00:52:37   So it is the summer of fun. Summer of fun. Summer of fun. So we're going to draft again.

00:52:42   We are. In honor of World Emoji Day, which was yesterday. Yesterday. Congratulations

00:52:47   to World Emoji Day for being itself.

00:52:49   - Okay, to the day itself?

00:52:51   - Well, Jeremy Burge moved on.

00:52:53   So I was gonna say congratulations to Jeremy.

00:52:55   - No, congratulations to Jeremy,

00:52:57   who did not have to go on "Immediate Blitz" yesterday,

00:53:00   and instead just got to hang out and drink fruity drinks at,

00:53:04   right, didn't he have like a frozen alcoholic something?

00:53:06   - Something like that, yeah.

00:53:07   - It looked great.

00:53:08   So Jeremy was living large basically,

00:53:11   and not being on CNN, talking about emoji,

00:53:13   wearing a emoji shirt.

00:53:15   So good, congratulations to Jeremy.

00:53:17   - I saw Jeremy just a few days ago

00:53:19   and we were talking about this

00:53:22   and he did seem pretty excited about not--

00:53:25   - He got a reprieve.

00:53:27   You don't have to do anything for emoji day this year.

00:53:30   - 'Cause he retired.

00:53:32   - He did.

00:53:33   - Jeremy canceled emoji.

00:53:33   - Good for him.

00:53:34   - It's the end of emoji now.

00:53:35   - Yeah, he doesn't use them anymore.

00:53:36   - No. - It's not true.

00:53:37   - He loses them a lot.

00:53:39   Whenever I message with Jeremy,

00:53:40   I always feel like, I always add a lot of emoji anyway,

00:53:43   but I always feel like I have to put one in

00:53:44   and I bet so many people do that to him in his life

00:53:46   and he probably doesn't need it.

00:53:49   - He's living in a bubble, he thinks that emoji

00:53:50   are far more popular than they actually are.

00:53:52   (laughs)

00:53:53   - So Jason said to me, "Let's do an emoji draft."

00:53:57   And I was like, "I can't think about my favorite emoji."

00:53:59   But then you upped the stakes, which I enjoy.

00:54:01   - So what we're gonna do is, well, I thought emoji draft,

00:54:04   it's gonna end up being really boring

00:54:06   'cause we're gonna draft like the same ones

00:54:07   that we always draft.

00:54:08   I wanna put a little, I wanna do a spread of emoji here.

00:54:13   So we're gonna alternate.

00:54:14   We can pick from any emoji on the board.

00:54:17   However, instead of it being,

00:54:19   'cause then it's like, oh, well, you get a smiley

00:54:21   and then I get what's left,

00:54:22   and then you get animals in nature

00:54:24   and then I get what's left, right?

00:54:25   So here's what we're gonna do.

00:54:27   We can pick, but we have to pick one

00:54:30   from all of the keyboard categories,

00:54:35   except for flags, 'cause flags are boring.

00:54:38   So smileys and people, animals in nature, food and drink,

00:54:40   activity, travel and places, objects and symbols.

00:54:43   Seven categories, we're gonna make seven emoji picks each.

00:54:47   We don't have to do them in any particular order.

00:54:48   So if you wanna leap in for an activity, do it.

00:54:52   - Oh.

00:54:53   - Well, yeah, no, we're not doing them in order

00:54:55   because you need to prioritize.

00:54:57   'Cause otherwise I'm getting the second pick

00:54:58   in every single category.

00:54:59   So you can choose in any order

00:55:01   and then I will choose one from anywhere.

00:55:04   You just can't choose more than one in a particular category.

00:55:07   - All right, I'm gonna pick my favorite emoji then,

00:55:09   even though I know you won't pick it anyway,

00:55:11   but I'm gonna pick it.

00:55:13   - Okay.

00:55:14   - It's in the symbols category.

00:55:15   - All right.

00:55:17   - It is called heart decoration.

00:55:19   That is the name of my favorite.

00:55:22   - Okay, and what does it look like?

00:55:23   - It is a kind of pinky purple square

00:55:27   with a white heart in the middle.

00:55:29   - All right.

00:55:31   Heart decoration. - So I've gone through today

00:55:33   and I've gone to Emojipedia and got all the official names

00:55:36   of my emojis that I'm picking.

00:55:37   - Oh wow, look at you.

00:55:39   Everyone has a heart that they like, right?

00:55:41   You know, like you're a blue heart person.

00:55:43   Maybe I spoke that way.

00:55:44   I know Steven's an orange heart person

00:55:46   and I wanted to be different.

00:55:48   And so I went with this very strange heart,

00:55:52   which is just, it's a white heart in a box.

00:55:55   - Why are you putting a heart in a box, Myke?

00:55:58   Why are you doing it?

00:55:59   - That's me.

00:56:00   I put hearts in boxes and give them to people.

00:56:02   I am a creep.

00:56:03   (laughs)

00:56:05   - Oh no.

00:56:06   That's terrible.

00:56:07   (laughing)

00:56:09   - Oh, okay, what am I gonna choose here?

00:56:11   Yeah, you have given it away.

00:56:13   I am going to choose, let's find him here.

00:56:20   In "Smileys and People."

00:56:26   - Okay.

00:56:27   - Oh, there's so many to choose from here too.

00:56:31   Oh my God, I use so many of these.

00:56:36   In smileys and people, I am going to choose man shrugging.

00:56:41   - Really?

00:56:43   - Yeah.

00:56:44   - That's your favorite emoji

00:56:45   in the smileys and people category.

00:56:46   - You know, well, look, I use the joy emoji

00:56:51   and I use the wink emoji

00:56:53   and I use the upside down smiley face emoji

00:56:56   and they're all really great

00:56:57   and the head exploding emoji too.

00:57:00   But like I find myself using the shrug emoji a lot

00:57:05   because of the world and not understanding people

00:57:08   in the world.

00:57:09   So I'm gonna go with the guy shrugging.

00:57:12   - All right, I'm gonna go to activity next.

00:57:18   - Okay.

00:57:19   - Trophy.

00:57:20   - Trophy, is this various, why trophy?

00:57:26   Tell me why trophy.

00:57:27   - I like emoji that can be used in various ways, right?

00:57:32   And I feel like the trophy emoji can be used

00:57:35   to celebrate something for somebody.

00:57:38   You can give it as a compliment to someone.

00:57:40   You know, like if Adina says to me, "I washed the dishes,"

00:57:43   I could send her a trophy emoji.

00:57:45   It's like, you just won, you're a trophy winner now.

00:57:47   You just won an award for doing that.

00:57:49   So I like the trophy emoji a lot for that.

00:57:51   It's one of those ones where like,

00:57:53   it's very obvious what it means when you receive it.

00:57:56   And it's fun.

00:58:00   All right, that's great.

00:58:04   Oh, I am, yeah, this is tricky.

00:58:06   There are so many things to pick for them here.

00:58:08   I'm gonna go with a classic inactivity.

00:58:15   You know it, they roll it out from the center field fence

00:58:19   at the beginning of the season, the baseball emoji.

00:58:21   - Ah, baseball emoji, I would never pick that one.

00:58:23   - Love to have a baseball, love to have a baseball.

00:58:25   - They have a lot of balls.

00:58:27   - There's a lot, well, yeah, there are.

00:58:30   I thought you were gonna pick what Steve just put in the Discord, which is the curling stone.

00:58:34   Curling emoji. Oh, curling is on the rise, but I think I have to shout it out for baseball here.

00:58:39   Mm-hmm.

00:58:41   I mean, baseball really needs it, you know?

00:58:45   They need their emoji.

00:58:46   SF Symbols, I think they just added—

00:58:49   That was—I discovered while I was working on, like, some menu bar or something that SF Symbols doesn't have—

00:58:55   Oh no, it was—Overcast uses SF Symbols for the playlists, and there were no—

00:58:59   I was doing a sports playlist

00:59:01   and there's almost no sports iconography for SF Symbols.

00:59:04   But in the new version of SF Symbols that's coming out,

00:59:07   they added all the sports iconography, which is great.

00:59:09   - I'm gonna go food and drink now.

00:59:13   - Okay.

00:59:14   - And I'm gonna pick,

00:59:15   this is like a similar usage to trophy for me,

00:59:17   which is bottle with popping cork,

00:59:21   is the champagne emoji.

00:59:22   Because again, it's like,

00:59:24   that's a great way to celebrate something.

00:59:26   You know, somebody tells you they got some big news,

00:59:28   good news they did something awesome you send them back a champagne emoji you know with some

00:59:33   confetti on the iMessage you could do that you know like the little awesome some fireworks or

00:59:38   something it's a good one it's a good one i love it that's a good one um i

00:59:45   i'm gonna stay there in food drink okay can you guess what i'm gonna what i'm gonna choose here

00:59:55   Yes, it's the other one that I put in here, which is the pizza emoji.

00:59:59   You got it. It's pizza. I love the pizza emoji.

01:00:04   Yeah, I picked two.

01:00:04   You put a little pineapple next to it, but I can only pick one. I'm gonna pick the pizza emoji.

01:00:09   Just in case you sniped any of mine. I made two in my little shortlist here.

01:00:13   Ah, I see. I see.

01:00:14   Pizza was my other one.

01:00:15   Okay.

01:00:16   I'm gonna go to Smiley's and People.

01:00:19   All right.

01:00:21   and I'm gonna go with smiling face with hearts.

01:00:24   So it's a little smiling face with the hearts around it.

01:00:27   I think of this as just the love emoji.

01:00:29   That's how I think of this one.

01:00:31   And so that's a big thanks.

01:00:33   - I knew you would pick this one.

01:00:34   I know you love it and it's a great emoji, right?

01:00:36   'Cause it's basically the,

01:00:38   I appreciate the love that is either being,

01:00:40   that's being sent to me or that I am sending to you.

01:00:44   It's really good.

01:00:46   - I like it a lot.

01:00:47   It's a good one.

01:00:47   - I use this in a lot of places where people use hearts,

01:00:51   I think, like I could do one of the heart emojis.

01:00:54   Like I do this a lot.

01:00:55   Like for me, the heart emoji that I use,

01:00:58   like the heart decoration, I use that as kind of like,

01:01:01   a like, you know?

01:01:02   That's how I think of that one.

01:01:04   But this one is like, I appreciate you.

01:01:06   - That's nice.

01:01:08   I am going to stay in animals and nature.

01:01:17   - You stay in it.

01:01:19   This is the first pick in Animals in Nature.

01:01:20   - Oh, sorry.

01:01:22   Oh, I'm looking at Animals in Nature.

01:01:24   (laughing)

01:01:25   And I'm going with monkey face.

01:01:27   - Oh, just general monkey face?

01:01:29   I'm gonna pick mine real quick,

01:01:30   which is see no evil monkey.

01:01:32   - Oh, yeah.

01:01:34   - Now, I will say that since I added the hiding,

01:01:39   there's the emoji now where you've got the hands

01:01:41   over the eyes with the peeking through.

01:01:43   I use this less, but I still love this emoji.

01:01:47   The monkey ones are great.

01:01:49   - Yeah, I'm a big fan.

01:01:50   There's a monkey emoji,

01:01:52   which is like a more of an animal style emoji

01:01:55   where you see the monkey in the tail and all of that.

01:01:57   This monkey has quite a story, right?

01:01:59   This monkey is looking at you and then it sees no evil

01:02:01   and hears no evil and speaks no evil.

01:02:02   But also then we get the like the full body shot

01:02:05   of the monkey.

01:02:06   But I like the monkey face.

01:02:07   - I don't like the full body shot of the monkey.

01:02:10   - No, I don't either.

01:02:11   - I don't know why they chose the cartoon monkey face

01:02:15   for that one.

01:02:16   Well, I think they think, "Look, we already did a monkey, so it's that monkey."

01:02:20   But they have other ones. Like, I think, is it zebra or horse where they have a cartoon head, and then a regular one?

01:02:26   Like, it looks more like...

01:02:29   You were gonna say human, right?

01:02:31   I was gonna say human, yeah.

01:02:33   Darn it.

01:02:33   It's still fine.

01:02:34   Whose turn is it?

01:02:38   Uh, it is my turn, because we doubled up on monkeys there.

01:02:42   Yeah.

01:02:43   Oh, travel in places.

01:02:44   This is where I can choose from various trams.

01:02:47   - Yep.

01:02:48   - Or I can do objects, which is very special.

01:02:53   I had to decide whether I'm going to pick some objects

01:02:55   that are ironic.

01:02:59   'Cause I use a lot of objects ironically.

01:03:03   - Sure.

01:03:04   - Like my favorite bad emoji is the,

01:03:11   Isn't there like a, there's like a pen with a key

01:03:16   or pen with a lock, it's pen with a lock,

01:03:18   which is like means like cryptographically signed.

01:03:21   And I think that is one of the dumbest emojis.

01:03:23   I know why it's there, but it's really dumb.

01:03:28   Boy, the choices here.

01:03:32   I am going to choose Bridget Knight.

01:03:37   - I originally heard that as somebody

01:03:40   called "Bridgett Night."

01:03:41   - "Bridgett Night," I am going to choose "Bridgett Night,"

01:03:43   yes.

01:03:44   - The "Bridgett Night" emoji.

01:03:45   'Cause it's the Golden Gate, right?

01:03:47   - 'Cause it's the Golden Gate Bridge, yeah.

01:03:49   In most representations, it's the Golden Gate Bridge,

01:03:52   and I live there, so.

01:03:53   (laughing)

01:03:55   Shout out to "Bridgett Night" wherever she is.

01:04:00   - I'm gonna stick with traveling places

01:04:03   and choose "Airplane Departure."

01:04:05   - Oh, "Airplane Departure," "Airplane Taking Off."

01:04:09   - Yeah.

01:04:10   'Cause to me that means I'm going somewhere, you know?

01:04:13   I set that in Slack as if when I'm traveling

01:04:16   that becomes my little away emoji icon or whatever it is.

01:04:20   And that means Myke's on the road, you know?

01:04:24   Which I appreciate.

01:04:26   - That's pretty good.

01:04:28   While I stall to pick an object,

01:04:32   my next pick is going to be Blue Heart from Symbols.

01:04:35   My go-to heart is the Blue Heart.

01:04:38   I think I've described this,

01:04:39   that now there are lots of colors of heart, which is great,

01:04:41   but there was a time when the red heart was there

01:04:44   and you're like, hmm, I don't know,

01:04:46   red heart has some extra meaning to it that I don't,

01:04:49   I don't wanna do that.

01:04:51   So blue heart is my trademark heart and I love it.

01:04:54   We're down to objects now.

01:04:57   It's the object emoji draft from here on out.

01:04:59   - This is, this one's difficult for me

01:05:04   because there is an emoji that I have

01:05:07   my personal favorite in this category but there's an emoji in the objects category that

01:05:13   if I don't pick it I'm not gonna hear the end of it and people are gonna stop saying

01:05:18   it so I'm no...

01:05:19   Well you could leave that for another podcast and pick a different one here.

01:05:23   No, no I'm gonna have to pick it here I'm never gonna hear the end of it.

01:05:26   In the objects category I will pick the microbe microbe emoji.

01:05:32   Also known as the weird fish.

01:05:33   a weird fish. In the non-Jeremy era, there is no reference to weird fish on the Emojipedia

01:05:40   page, although I think that also happened during the Jeremy era.

01:05:43   Oh, maybe it was during the buyout era, the corporate buyout era.

01:05:47   We gotta clean this up, we can't say weird fish on the – you know, I actually think

01:05:51   it happened during COVID, because this became the COVID emoji, so I think you had to not

01:05:57   call it weird fish anymore, probably for the best.

01:05:59   That's a shame.

01:06:00   Mm-hmm.

01:06:01   Wow.

01:06:02   I don't even know here.

01:06:04   It is really funny to me that both, but like Federico has a full color version of his tattoo

01:06:09   on him, you know?

01:06:10   Uh-huh.

01:06:11   Like Steven did an interpretation, I'll say, of a tattoo.

01:06:16   Federico went full ball.

01:06:19   Straight on.

01:06:20   Mm-hmm.

01:06:21   I'm gonna finish with an emoji that I use all the time because it's a shortcut in Slack,

01:06:25   which I'm in all the time.

01:06:26   Yeah.

01:06:27   and slack is it's technically party popper,

01:06:30   but the shortcut in slack is tada.

01:06:31   - Tada.

01:06:32   - And I use it all the time whenever somebody

01:06:34   is celebrating something or sometimes ironically.

01:06:37   And it gets a lot of use and it's pretty nice, right?

01:06:42   There are some other celebratory emoji,

01:06:44   but that's the one that I tend to go with.

01:06:45   There's the one where there's the kind of cups

01:06:48   that open and drop confetti out,

01:06:50   but I don't want that one.

01:06:51   I like the one where it's almost like a megaphone

01:06:54   is shooting out confetti.

01:06:56   That's the one I like.

01:06:57   So I'm gonna put that in there.

01:06:59   (laughing)

01:07:01   - I see one in our Discord, which, you know the Oh No guy?

01:07:05   - Uh huh. - Oh No.

01:07:06   Where that's coming out of a tada.

01:07:09   - Out of a tada, oh yeah, that's pretty good.

01:07:11   - Which is really good.

01:07:12   - I, and that, so that's our little run through emojis

01:07:16   for World Emoji Day.

01:07:17   I will say, now I'll tell a little story,

01:07:18   which is I had an idea, because in many of the slacks

01:07:22   that I'm in and some Discords,

01:07:24   There are two custom emoji that we use all the time.

01:07:27   One is a picture of Tony Sindelar, our friend,

01:07:31   who did the GMing, our role-playing game member special

01:07:35   last couple of years.

01:07:36   - Yep.

01:07:37   - And a long, long, long, long time ago,

01:07:41   Tony would always audibly say, when you made a reference,

01:07:45   he would say, "Reference acknowledged,"

01:07:47   which I always thought was very, you know,

01:07:48   it's very funny 'cause it's like, you know,

01:07:49   you're fishing for somebody to acknowledge your reference

01:07:51   and he just goes out and says it in a kind of a passive

01:07:56   aggressive way. It's great.

01:07:57   - Yeah. If you've heard people on podcasts say reference

01:07:59   acknowledged, that is a meme that came from Tony.

01:08:02   - It's basically from Tony.

01:08:03   So there's a picture, Tony's icon was this picture of Tony

01:08:06   taken by Dan Morin ages ago, ages ago.

01:08:11   And we made that the reference acknowledge emoji.

01:08:13   And that just sort of spread so that like in other chats,

01:08:17   other places where people don't even know Tony,

01:08:18   they're like, why is this the reference acknowledge emoji?

01:08:20   I said, well, it's Tony Sendler.

01:08:22   So I had this thought,

01:08:24   and then we also have a Skeletor emoji,

01:08:26   which is based on art that somebody else did,

01:08:27   and we paid him a royalty for the t-shirts

01:08:29   and stuff like that.

01:08:30   And I thought, you know what?

01:08:32   I could commission those as emoji.

01:08:34   And I thought, well, who does that?

01:08:36   And I went to Jeremy Burge and I said, who's your artist?

01:08:40   Do you have an artist you could recommend for Emojipedia

01:08:43   that I could use to do some custom emoji work of my own,

01:08:48   just for fun?

01:08:49   And he got me in touch with an artist

01:08:53   who does a lot of the emoji work for Emojipedia.

01:08:57   And I got, I commissioned custom reference,

01:09:01   acknowledge and Skeletor emoji.

01:09:03   And so the Skeletor emoji is just a,

01:09:05   in the style of Apple's faces, except it's Skeletor.

01:09:09   And the reference acknowledge emoji is Tony Sindelar,

01:09:14   a cartoon version of Tony Sindelar pointing his finger

01:09:17   as if to say reference acknowledged.

01:09:20   - Where are these?

01:09:21   - They are, let me see if I can find them here.

01:09:25   - Do you have them?

01:09:26   - They're on the incomparable Slack,

01:09:27   but I can, I'm gonna post them in the discord too.

01:09:30   I wasn't planning on talking about it.

01:09:31   So now I've got to go to the incomparable, there they are.

01:09:33   - Oh, I've seen the Tony one.

01:09:36   I've seen the Tony one.

01:09:38   I didn't know that was me.

01:09:39   - That's the new reference acknowledged emoji.

01:09:42   So now you don't even need to know.

01:09:44   Now you could say, if this was a Unicode,

01:09:46   They would be like nerd, nerd,

01:09:49   acknowledging a reference, nerd pointing to the right.

01:09:52   Nerd with tie pointing to the right,

01:09:54   but it's a reference acknowledge.

01:09:56   And yeah, Skeletor.

01:09:57   It's based on the, you know, it's like the skeleton from,

01:10:00   or the skull from the emoji set,

01:10:02   but with a hoodie and a little heart for,

01:10:06   upside down heart for a nose.

01:10:07   And it's a hooded skeleton emoji.

01:10:10   - Terrifying, but great.

01:10:11   - I love it.

01:10:12   - That's some emoji.

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01:11:50   That's some #AskUpgradeQuestions for you, Jason Snell.

01:11:53   The first comes from Brant who asks,

01:11:55   "Which do you think will come first,

01:11:57   face ID on the Mac or touch ID in display of an iPhone?"

01:12:02   - Oh, wow.

01:12:06   That's a tough one 'cause I think both could happen

01:12:12   but also both could never happen.

01:12:14   I'm gonna say Touch ID in the iPhone display

01:12:21   only because I feel like Face ID on the Mac

01:12:23   obviously hasn't been a priority for Apple.

01:12:25   Like they could do something like what Microsoft does

01:12:27   with the Windows login feature

01:12:29   and they obviously have decided

01:12:30   that that's not good enough for them

01:12:31   and that if they're gonna do Face ID

01:12:33   they're gonna do it properly.

01:12:34   And those laptops are so space constrained,

01:12:38   they're so, to fit a sensor

01:12:40   in the thin laptop display shell is just,

01:12:43   it's asking a lot and they've all got Touch ID

01:12:47   and there's an external keyboard with Touch ID.

01:12:49   They just did their display

01:12:50   and it doesn't have Face ID in it.

01:12:52   Like, I feel like they were just redesigned to the MacBook Pro

01:12:56   like they've had ample opportunity to put Face ID

01:12:59   on the Mac and they haven't done it.

01:13:00   And so I'm gonna take that as evidence

01:13:01   that they don't think that they need to.

01:13:03   And instead say Touch ID on the display on the iPhone,

01:13:06   is it redundant?

01:13:07   Are they really proud of Face ID?

01:13:09   "Yes, are there situations where Touch ID

01:13:11   is better than Face ID?"

01:13:12   "Yes, will they get there at some point?"

01:13:16   "I think yes."

01:13:17   So I don't have proof that they dislike that idea

01:13:20   and they seem to dislike the Face ID on Mac ID.

01:13:23   So that's why I choose that.

01:13:25   What do you think, Myke?

01:13:27   - I have to think about this

01:13:28   'cause I feel like Face ID on the Mac

01:13:33   would be easier to implement

01:13:36   than touch ID in display on the iPhone

01:13:40   in a way that is really good for Apple at least.

01:13:43   Like I know lots of companies, lots and lots of companies.

01:13:47   You know, I was thinking about this the other day.

01:13:48   Like I was thinking about the, you know,

01:13:50   like the rumor of the whole punch and pill thing

01:13:54   on the next iPhone, like instead of a notch.

01:13:57   And I was thinking like, you know,

01:14:00   I was thinking Samsung phone, sorry,

01:14:01   Android phones including Samsungs don't have this problem.

01:14:04   I was like, oh yeah, because nobody is lent into the face identification the way that

01:14:08   Apple has.

01:14:09   Like, a couple of device manufacturers tried it, but ultimately just, they just do like

01:14:14   a visual scan, it's not using like IR, like they just use like a facial recognition kind

01:14:20   of thing.

01:14:22   But they really have all just kind of stuck with touch ID outside of iPhone, right?

01:14:28   And so all of these devices, they don't have to worry about the notch or whatever, really.

01:14:33   They could do the hole punches because they really push on having some kind of fingerprint

01:14:38   scanning.

01:14:39   So I was thinking really Apple's kind of like, they're focused on this technology, they're

01:14:44   just going to keep doubling down on it.

01:14:45   And I really like it.

01:14:46   I actually in general prefer Face ID, especially since they added the Face ID with a mask on.

01:14:53   It's like again, has made me fall in love with Face ID all over again because I didn't

01:14:57   have that frustration.

01:14:59   Apple doesn't have anything that they make with the technology of in-screen touch ID.

01:15:06   And I don't know just like kind of like how they would make that work for themselves or

01:15:10   whatever, but face ID, they know how to do.

01:15:14   So like I kind of go back and forth on it.

01:15:18   I think I would say face ID on a Mac is more likely to come first in touch ID display on

01:15:23   an iPhone.

01:15:24   Yeah, I mean, it's a tough question.

01:15:28   I could imagine them bringing it to the power button

01:15:31   of the iPhone faster, but that's not the question.

01:15:33   - Yeah, I don't know.

01:15:36   This is a, it's a tough one.

01:15:38   'Cause I don't think I have a great expectation

01:15:40   for either of them anytime soon.

01:15:42   They could, like I said, both of them could happen,

01:15:46   but I don't think I would bet on either of them.

01:15:47   - I would say we're at least two years away

01:15:50   from Face ID on a Mac.

01:15:51   - I, yeah, I think it might be longer

01:15:56   unless there's a surprise

01:15:57   and they have a high-end, maybe a high-end display

01:16:00   that's rumored has a Face ID sensor in it.

01:16:03   I could see that, it's possible.

01:16:05   But again, it's gonna be so limited

01:16:07   because they're not gonna bring them to the laptops

01:16:09   for a while, I think, unless they,

01:16:11   like, I mean, I don't know, it's gonna be hard.

01:16:13   Unless there's something that we're not thinking of,

01:16:15   which it could be, like, what if they have,

01:16:17   they sneak a sensor into the bottom case of the laptop

01:16:20   that shoots up at your face and can be thicker

01:16:23   'cause it's at the back of the keyboard or something.

01:16:26   Like maybe, maybe something like that.

01:16:28   But the displays are so thin that getting a super thin Face ID sensor up there is going

01:16:34   to be tricky.

01:16:35   Not that they couldn't do it, but it's going to be hard.

01:16:37   Yeah, maybe it's not the laptops at first, right?

01:16:41   Maybe.

01:16:42   Something that's super weird to me, I don't know why this has happened.

01:16:45   Like I'd forgotten about this, but I saw it when the public beta came out, I saw it in

01:16:49   an MKBHD video.

01:16:51   That Face ID on the iPhone now works in landscape.

01:16:54   Oh, does it?

01:16:56   Yeah, I just tried it out to test it myself and it does.

01:17:00   I don't know why, why has it taken this time to do that?

01:17:05   It's very peculiar to me.

01:17:08   When the iPads have been doing it for years.

01:17:10   Yeah, I don't know, not a priority

01:17:13   or there was a particular software quirk that,

01:17:16   I mean, it's possible that they reorganized the iOS,

01:17:19   the iPhone face ID stuff when they did the mass detection

01:17:24   and that, you know, right?

01:17:26   It's possible that they did the first implementation

01:17:28   on the iPhone, then did one for the iPad

01:17:30   that needed to be broader.

01:17:32   Didn't bother rolling that back to the iPhone

01:17:33   'cause who cared?

01:17:34   And then the mask thing came up and they're like,

01:17:36   oh right, well we should probably take the code

01:17:38   from the iPad and then build on that

01:17:39   so that they stay kind of in sync a little bit.

01:17:42   So it could just be that simple,

01:17:45   but that's just a, I'm just guessing,

01:17:47   I'm spitballing with that one.

01:17:49   - Eric wants to know,

01:17:50   can continuity camera auto detect an iPhone

01:17:54   that's other than my primary iPhone.

01:17:56   So for example, I could leave a spare older phone

01:18:00   connected permanently to my display,

01:18:03   like I do with Camo.

01:18:05   So can it detect more than one phone basically?

01:18:08   - I believe so.

01:18:11   I think any device that's close to your computer

01:18:16   that is logged in with any iPhone,

01:18:19   it's running iOS 16 and is logged in with your Apple ID

01:18:22   is available as a camera.

01:18:23   Yeah, I don't know if I've had two running in proximity

01:18:28   for me to test that.

01:18:32   I will test that at some point,

01:18:34   but I've definitely used a camera that's not my phone,

01:18:39   but another one that's logged in and that has worked.

01:18:42   So I think it's just a continuity feature.

01:18:44   If you had another phone,

01:18:46   keep in mind there's some compatibility issues, right?

01:18:47   It can't be an old iPhone.

01:18:49   It's gotta be, for some of the features,

01:18:51   it's like iPhone 11 and later.

01:18:53   For some of them, it's like 10 R and later.

01:18:55   Like there's some compatibility issues

01:18:57   with continuity camera on the iPhone.

01:18:59   But if you do have a capable one

01:19:01   that's just hanging out by your desk being used as a camera,

01:19:04   sure, you should be able to do that no problem.

01:19:06   - David asks, "Now that the M2 has finally arrived,

01:19:11   how long do you think we'll need to wait to see M2 chips

01:19:15   in any of the other five products

01:19:17   that Apple currently ships with the M1?"

01:19:22   [sighs]

01:19:23   So I will just note, Mark Gurman said over the weekend

01:19:27   that he expects M2 Pro and Macs chips in the,

01:19:31   to start appearing in MacBook Pros sometime

01:19:34   between the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023.

01:19:37   - So what I want to say is in less than a year,

01:19:40   they'll all just be updated to M2.

01:19:42   However, Mark Gurman suggests that they're not going to

01:19:45   bother updating a bunch of them to M2, like the iMac.

01:19:48   I don't get it.

01:19:50   Like, I don't get it.

01:19:51   I don't get why they wouldn't update to the M2.

01:19:55   It surprises me that they don't have this thing set up

01:19:59   so that they can just flip over to the M2

01:20:02   on these systems one at a time as the M1.

01:20:05   And maybe it's an issue of like the M1

01:20:07   becomes cheaper to produce.

01:20:08   And it's still, as we've talked about earlier,

01:20:11   such a leap from Intel that you can get away

01:20:14   with keeping the M1s around for quite a while.

01:20:16   And it's still a big update from any previous Mac.

01:20:19   But I know that Apple didn't use to do this,

01:20:23   you know, quite as often with these updates,

01:20:25   but like they got the M2 now.

01:20:28   You would think that they would be motivated

01:20:30   to just roll that M2 out into all those other systems

01:20:34   and upgrade them.

01:20:35   But, you know, maybe the price is such a consideration

01:20:38   at this point that it's just easier to leave them there.

01:20:40   So I think according to Mark Gurman, David,

01:20:44   we'll have to wait forever

01:20:45   because some of those products

01:20:46   are not ever gonna get an M2.

01:20:48   they're gonna go to M3 instead,

01:20:50   and they're just gonna skip M2.

01:20:52   I think that's weird,

01:20:53   but that's what Mark Gurman sort of thinks

01:20:55   is gonna happen.

01:20:56   - I reckon if they do it more, it'll take like 18 months.

01:20:59   I reckon 18 months is gonna be the kind of...

01:21:02   - Yeah, but I mean, like again,

01:21:03   Mark Gurman just came out and said

01:21:05   the next iMac will be an M3.

01:21:07   So what is that about, right?

01:21:09   So I don't know.

01:21:10   I don't know.

01:21:11   I think some of them will get M2,

01:21:12   but I suspect maybe that they're gonna take them along

01:21:15   as needed.

01:21:17   So like the Mac mini is rumored to get an update,

01:21:20   but the Mac mini rumor is that they're gonna get an M2

01:21:23   in there, but also have an M2 Pro option, right?

01:21:26   So that makes it a more of an upgrade

01:21:29   than just from M1 to M2.

01:21:31   So maybe the 13 inch MacBook Pro will be an outlier again,

01:21:35   in that it's identical to its predecessor,

01:21:37   except for they swapped in the new chip.

01:21:39   But I kind of assumed that they would do that

01:21:41   to most models and just update them in place.

01:21:46   Todd asks, "If you record uncompressed audio,

01:21:51   do you use WAV, so W-A-V, or A-I-F-F,

01:21:55   which is Apple something something lossless?"

01:21:58   What is that? Apple something file format?

01:22:01   - Audio Interchange File Format, actually,

01:22:02   is I think what it is.

01:22:03   By the way, WAV and A-I-F-F are actually identical.

01:22:05   They're just bit stream audio, they're uncompressed audio.

01:22:08   The difference is the headers.

01:22:10   So they are no different.

01:22:12   And it is, yeah,

01:22:15   there after the headers that tell you what's in it,

01:22:18   it's basically the same file.

01:22:20   I mostly use WAV because one of the editors that I use

01:22:24   uses a Mac and one of the editors I use uses a PC.

01:22:27   And so I just find it easier to do WAV

01:22:30   because nobody looks at a WAV and goes, huh?

01:22:32   And AIFF, sometimes people go, huh?

01:22:35   Also AIFF, you have this question of is it .AIFF or .AIFF

01:22:39   and like WAV is just WAV and everybody knows it

01:22:42   and it's fine.

01:22:43   So I save everything as a WAV.

01:22:45   I do wave too because for the same reason it's just the most... I mean I started recording

01:22:53   uncompressed because old Upgradients will remember when Myke used to use a trash can

01:22:59   Mac Pro and it would sometimes completely lock up during recording and the only way

01:23:07   for me to be able to use my computer again was to power it down forcibly.

01:23:15   Right, good times. Which if I was recording in an mp3 or something like

01:23:20   that would I would lose the audio because the way that an mp3 kind of

01:23:24   works is like it the file is completed when you stop recording and a

01:23:30   non like securely completed I'm simplifying this massively but if

01:23:35   If an MP3 file cuts off before you press stop on the recorder

01:23:40   and it saves it, it's mostly unusable.

01:23:43   Like, most of the time, you've lost the audio.

01:23:46   So I started recording in Wave because it's uncompressed.

01:23:52   Whatever's being written to the file

01:23:54   is just where the file will end if power cut, for example.

01:23:58   Or there's an error.

01:24:00   -So, yeah, when we were using Call Recorder,

01:24:03   using QuickTime, it needed to finalize the recording

01:24:06   where it was a complete loss.

01:24:08   And it's like unacceptable.

01:24:10   So record to wave.

01:24:12   - We did it with wave.

01:24:13   - Yeah, so if you pull the plug, it just,

01:24:16   yeah, the recording stopped obviously

01:24:18   'cause you pulled the plug on your computer,

01:24:20   but every single sample is in the file.

01:24:23   So yeah, the second part of this question

01:24:27   was compressed lossless format.

01:24:29   In the end, disk space isn't an issue for us,

01:24:32   File transfer time isn't really an issue for us.

01:24:34   These are big files, but they're not enormous

01:24:36   and our internet's fast enough.

01:24:38   And personally, same thing, right?

01:24:40   Which is I'd rather keep it as simple as possible

01:24:42   of reading what's the waveform off the microphone

01:24:46   or the interface and putting it on the disc

01:24:48   as quickly as possible.

01:24:49   A compressed format, all it gets me is more CPU use

01:24:52   of my computer, more chances for it to do something bad.

01:24:55   (laughs)

01:24:56   And I don't, and yeah, it's a smaller file,

01:24:59   but I don't need it to be a smaller file.

01:25:00   If I wanted the archive to be smaller,

01:25:02   I will compress it into a flack or something.

01:25:04   And I have a script that Marco Arment actually wrote

01:25:07   and gave me a billion years ago

01:25:09   that will automatically sort of flack compress everything

01:25:13   or decompress it in a logic project.

01:25:16   And I use that with a Hazel script

01:25:19   that looks at all my old logic projects

01:25:20   and just flattens all that stuff down into flack

01:25:23   where it's gonna save a lot of space.

01:25:25   But when I'm working on it,

01:25:26   I don't wanna deal with any of that.

01:25:28   So it's just straight up wave.

01:25:29   Yeah, I record everything in Wave and basically just have a Hazel script, Hazel from Noodle

01:25:35   Soft is such a really great application that just, it just bins the old files from that

01:25:40   audio, the file where I have all my audio HIDAT recordings saved.

01:25:44   Because they're about like between 300 and 600 megabytes, the files that, those WAV files.

01:25:49   So I don't want them building up forever, you know, like just the calls or whatever,

01:25:52   like the actual recordings of the calls before I do any processing to the audio.

01:25:56   I just have it go in and just clear those out for me.

01:25:58   - Last question today comes from Brant who asks,

01:26:03   if you could choose any color you want

01:26:06   for the new MacBook Air that doesn't exist currently,

01:26:09   which one would you want the most?

01:26:11   - I was thinking about this.

01:26:15   I am caught between saying, I'd probably say blue.

01:26:20   - Okay.

01:26:21   - But orange would be just fine with me.

01:26:23   I would choose blue or orange.

01:26:24   That's sort of my, that's where I am in my life right now

01:26:26   is can I get in blue or orange?

01:26:28   well then that's what I would like it in.

01:26:30   - Orange would be what I would want.

01:26:32   That would be the color I would want.

01:26:34   Be orange.

01:26:34   Although I would be tempted to get it in yellow

01:26:36   to match my iMac.

01:26:38   - Yeah, sure.

01:26:39   - So either that's either orange or yellow.

01:26:41   - Gold laptop.

01:26:42   - Mm-hmm.

01:26:43   - I'm just trying to imagine that thing in blue

01:26:44   and it would look so good.

01:26:46   But I agree with the theory espoused

01:26:49   on several podcasts last week that they got time.

01:26:52   Gruber wrote that in his review too.

01:26:54   It's like, this is a brand new design.

01:26:56   They got time to do iterations where they add different colors

01:27:01   because this design will be with us probably for many years to come.

01:27:05   - Yep. All right, if you would like to send in a question

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01:27:25   Thanks to Jason as always for joining me.

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01:27:46   We'll be back next week with a prerecorded episode.

01:27:50   Just so if there's any news that happens.

01:27:52   - Some are fun.

01:27:53   - We're some are fun in it

01:27:54   - And we're pre-recording an episode.

01:27:56   - With special guests.

01:27:57   - With special guests, but special guests you know,

01:28:01   we're not pre-announcing some like,

01:28:04   we're not, we haven't got like the Johnny Ive special

01:28:06   or whatever.

01:28:07   - We're diving back in classic upgrade fashion,

01:28:09   we're diving back into the verticals,

01:28:10   we're gonna have three experts on who you know,

01:28:12   who y'all know, and we're gonna talk about three different

01:28:16   sort of vertical categories for segments with each of them

01:28:19   as part of the Summer of Fun, it'll be fun.

01:28:20   - So that will be next week's episode.

01:28:22   So if there's any big news, it will come the week after.

01:28:25   So that's what we're gonna have to do.

01:28:27   Okay? Okay.

01:28:28   Deal, everyone?

01:28:29   Deal.

01:28:30   - Meet back here again next week.

01:28:31   You'll be here. You'll hear us.

01:28:33   We won't actually be here.

01:28:34   And then we'll meet back here again in two weeks

01:28:36   and we will be here.

01:28:38   Yeah.

01:28:39   - Until next time.

01:28:39   - That's how time works.

01:28:40   - Say goodbye to Jason Snow.

01:28:41   - Goodbye, Myke Hurley.

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