414: The Meat Seems Questionable


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00:00:12   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, Episode 414. Today's show is brought to you by Sourcegraph,

00:00:19   Fitpod, DoorDash, and Bombas. My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Jason Snow. Hi, Jason Snow.

00:00:25   Hello, Myke Hurley. How are you?

00:00:26   I'm good. I have a #snowtalk question for you.

00:00:29   All right.

00:00:30   Mark wants to know, "When you stay in a hotel, do you use the drawers and closets that they

00:00:33   provide or do you leave your things in your bags and your luggage?"

00:00:37   Interesting.

00:00:38   I'm curious.

00:00:39   So what I'll say real quick before you answer.

00:00:41   To me, I read this question and was like, "There's only one answer for this."

00:00:46   It kind of depending asterisk, but to me there's one answer for this.

00:00:51   Which is?

00:00:52   So you use the drawers and closets unless it's a very short trip.

00:00:58   So then I would not unpack.

00:01:00   If I'm there for like two days, I'm

00:01:01   just going to leave it in the back.

00:01:02   But if I'm there for like a week or longer, I'm unpacking.

00:01:05   I have to add on top of Mark's question

00:01:08   here too, if they have the little thing that you can

00:01:10   unfold that's like the little place that you put

00:01:12   your suitcase so it's up, do you use that

00:01:18   or do you just lay it on the floor

00:01:19   is the other question because sometimes I don't use that.

00:01:22   And I just I'm like, oh, yeah, there's that thing.

00:01:24   But it's already on the floor.

00:01:25   So my answer is very similar to yours.

00:01:28   I suspect perhaps our formula might vary a little bit, but it's similar to yours,

00:01:34   which is when we went to Hawaii in February and we were there for a week.

00:01:40   I took all the clothes out and put them in the drawers.

00:01:42   There were, it was a big place.

00:01:45   There were, there was lots of furniture, plenty of place to put clothes.

00:01:49   So we put all the clothes in the drawers and then closed up the suitcase and put

00:01:53   in the closet because that was more convenient. I will say I don't usually stay in a hotel for a

00:02:00   week. I'm usually there for a shorter period of time. I'm usually there going somewhere else. I

00:02:05   don't take a lot of long vacations. And when I do, sometimes they're broken up and all, you know,

00:02:10   and I do, you know, back in the day, especially a lot of business trips, if, if I'm only going to be

00:02:14   in the room for like a day or two, or like when we go to Oregon for like college stuff for the kids

00:02:21   and all that stuff. Like the best Western in Eugene, Oregon. I mean, it's got some drawers,

00:02:30   but we're there for two days. There's not that much stuff in my suitcase anyway. I just leave

00:02:37   it in the suitcase. It's just like, "Eh, I'll just leave it in the suitcase. It's not that big

00:02:41   a deal." But if I'm going to be there for a decent amount of time, and I guess part of my formula

00:02:45   would be if there are our drawers, if there's enough room, if it feels like more convenient

00:02:53   to do that and then stash the suitcase somewhere, I will do that. But I think it takes time

00:02:58   because you really want to settle in and stash that bag somewhere and then just live out of the

00:03:05   drawers. Functionally, my answer to Mark is that I leave my things in my luggage because I'm very

00:03:12   rarely at a place for so long that I would take them out. But if I am, and I just did that this

00:03:17   year, then sure, I'll put them in the drawers. It's fun. It's better. It's not fun living out

00:03:21   of a suitcase and sorting through. And then we actually have... My suitcase has a laundry bag.

00:03:31   A removable, washable laundry bag. Yes. From a past sponsor, in fact. And that is really nice.

00:03:39   and I've traveled with a laundry bag before because the other thing you don't want to

00:03:43   have ideally is the pile of dirty clothes in the corner, which sometimes is what you

00:03:49   end up with.

00:03:51   And also sometimes on trips you don't wear all the clothes and then when you come home

00:03:54   you can just hang the ones back up that you want one and if you have them in a laundry

00:03:57   bag then you know, top tip, if your suitcase doesn't have a laundry bag in it, get a little

00:04:02   bag like a small little bag that you can zip up and throw in your suitcase.

00:04:05   Yeah, got a little cloth laundry bag. And then, I mean, Kate mentioned this in the Discord, but

00:04:10   like, yeah, if you've got a suit or something that needs to be hung up, you immediately pull that out

00:04:17   when you get there and you hang it up, right? That part is not in dispute, right? That's the,

00:04:22   you know, keep that thing folded up in your suitcase as short a time as possible.

00:04:27   But then for the rest of it, yeah, it depends. Because there's no point in unpacking a small

00:04:32   suitcase into a small set of drawers for two days or for something. It's like there's no point in

00:04:38   that. I actually, in listening to you talk, I've refined my initial point. It's not about time for

00:04:44   me, it's mindset. Am I living in this place or am I in transit? That's good. Yes, also when I'm doing

00:04:52   a lot of work stuff, if I'm going to an Apple briefing or something like that, if there's not

00:04:59   a lot of time spent in the room. The room is really just there to go back at the end of the day and go

00:05:03   to bed and then get up in the morning. And it's not a place where you're... Because the place in

00:05:07   Hawaii, we were also hanging out in there with the family and we like watch movies and we were

00:05:13   making dinner and making breakfast. And there's lots of stuff. We were hanging out on the lanai,

00:05:17   like we were doing, we were living in the place. That is different than some places where you're

00:05:22   really just there to maybe do a little bit of work and sleep. And the rest of the time you're

00:05:26   out doing your other stuff, then you're not living in that space anyway. So that's part

00:05:30   of it too.

00:05:31   Thank you so much to Mark for that question. It's a good question. It's a good summary.

00:05:35   Go figure.

00:05:36   Good summary question. You can send in questions of your own by tweeting out with #snowtalk

00:05:41   or use ?snowtalk in the Relay FM members Discord. Got some follow out for you, Jason Sal.

00:05:47   Okay.

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00:07:21   - Upgrade your wardrobe.com. Jason, you have some great follow-up, follow-out.

00:07:28   - Little wardrobe related follow out. Listener Igor tweeted at us. He found an old, very old,

00:07:36   like 2016, 2017 vintage upgrade t-shirt at a charity shop in London. It was next to an

00:07:43   old daring fireball shirt, which is hilarious. Now, several people pointed out the Darren

00:07:47   fireball shirt was actually priced higher. I choose to believe that this is because the

00:07:53   upgrade shirt was well loved and worn a lot. And the daring fireball shirt was rarely,

00:07:57   if ever worn and therefore was in better condition and therefore merited the higher price than the

00:08:02   beautiful beautiful upgrade shirt anyway Igor said he is not one to buy a lot of

00:08:06   merchants so he was very happy to see them and apparently bought the upgrade

00:08:09   shirt and I think that's great I love it man

00:08:14   last weekend I went through my t-shirt drawer and cleared out a bunch in

00:08:19   preparation for the summer of fun. In flux. So I got rid of a few shirts so

00:08:26   there are it somewhere in London there are things that I have donated honestly

00:08:31   Really? Depending on where they are? That could be mine! I just realised!

00:08:35   Oh my god.

00:08:36   That could have been mine.

00:08:37   That could be? Well that would be even they should really mark up the price.

00:08:41   That would be hilarious.

00:08:43   You should put like a secret symbol on the tag or something so that people will find

00:08:47   your shirts know that they belong to you. Little secret mark that's the mic mark.

00:08:52   Oh my god they are large shirts.

00:08:56   It is not outside of the realm of possibility that depending on where they were in London

00:09:02   that they could have been my t-shirts. This is only now just hit me because I owned both

00:09:07   of these shirts, no longer own both of these shirts.

00:09:10   Interesting. I think he said Hempstead?

00:09:13   No, see that's not where I am, but who knows though? We just donated to a central place.

00:09:18   We don't know the shirt circulation of the charity shops in London, the ecosystem of

00:09:22   it may go from place to place or get re- I don't even know. Anyway, if you don't order

00:09:30   upgradeyourwardrobe.com by July 13th you will be forced to haunt the charity shops

00:09:34   in hopes of your nerd t-shirts turning up and that leads me to my mic talk question for today.

00:09:38   -Oh we're back in this segment. -Have you ever shopped in a charity shop?

00:09:44   -I have. I know I've been in them and I've looked around. I don't know if I've ever

00:09:49   bought anything from a charity shop just because there's not been anything I've wanted.

00:09:53   All right, if you've wandered around in it, I think that counts. You don't have to have made a purchase.

00:09:59   I would again. For me, we're more like interesting furniture items, I think would be the thing I

00:10:05   would be the most intrigued about because I'm not really a vintage cloth, the clothing wearer,

00:10:10   you know? So my daughter is a thrifter. This is her hobby. She loves it

00:10:17   and she finds some amazing stuff including you know ironic t-shirts. She really likes the

00:10:24   you know I like the wine aunt t-shirts right where it's like my like I don't really think but yeah

00:10:33   yeah yeah because I mean it's hilarious right like it's it's the like I you know just I'm happy as

00:10:38   long as I'm drinking wine and there's a picture and she's just she thinks it's hilarious anyway

00:10:43   So she loves it. For her Christmas present last year, I went to a local charity shop. It turned

00:10:48   out to be her favorite one. I didn't actually know that. And I decided to... My theme gift was we were

00:10:53   going to give her cash for charity shop shopping, but I wanted it to be a thrift store theme. So I

00:10:59   bought her a few bits of ironic clothing part of it. And was very amazed. If you find stuff that's

00:11:06   any good for like a dollar, it's amazing the things you can find. And I think that's why she loves it.

00:11:12   it. I bought her a Facebook related t-shirt. Somebody obviously, there were a lot of Facebook

00:11:17   t-shirts there. Somebody obviously worked or works at Facebook in my local area and

00:11:25   donated all of her t-shirts to charity. So I got Jamie one of those and we all laughed,

00:11:30   but she wasn't going to wear it. And there was however, an Arrested Development themed

00:11:35   t-shirt that I found that I thought was hilarious. And she has worn that and she liked that.

00:11:38   was a hit. So anyway, it was fun. That was the, yeah, just local charity shop thing.

00:11:43   So you never know. You never know.

00:11:44   You could get some fun stuff, right? Like that's the difference to charity shopping.

00:11:48   Because Igor was just poking around and ended up finding a t-shirt they genuinely wanted.

00:11:53   He's like, "Oh, I listen to this podcast and I've never bought it. So now I'm going to

00:11:58   buy this thing for $1.99 or whatever."

00:12:00   And I'm now going to believe that that is my t-shirt. That's what we're going to go

00:12:05   over.

00:12:06   And now Upgrade Canon listener Igor found the hidden secret mics upgrade t-shirt in a

00:12:11   charity shop.

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00:12:54   I have some follow up for you, Jason. Okay.

00:12:57   According to Mark Gurman, this is not Rumor Roundup. This is a thing. According to Mark

00:13:02   "Mark Gurman, Apple is not expecting to require employees to return to the office

00:13:06   anytime soon."

00:13:07   I've got a couple of quotes that Mark shared that he was kind of given from a source.

00:13:11   "A full implementation of the return to office plan is probably not imminent.

00:13:16   More employees are testing positive for COVID than ever."

00:13:18   Yup.

00:13:19   Yup.

00:13:20   And so my question really, like, I'm not really sure what the plan is here, like from

00:13:26   Apple's perspective.

00:13:27   Like, I kind of feel like they just have to choose a path.

00:13:32   Do they either decide that they are going to allow for way more flexibility in their

00:13:38   work from home, or are they going to say it's time to come back?

00:13:43   Because I just don't see what are you waiting for?

00:13:45   What do you think is going to change?

00:13:48   I think that's where they are right now is they're basically saying, "Well, when this

00:13:52   all blows over, we're all going to return to work."

00:13:56   And then they keep changing how, you know, when it's going to blow over.

00:14:00   I don't know if they're...

00:14:01   I don't know if there ever will be like a blowing over.

00:14:04   I don't know either.

00:14:05   It's just gonna go up and down, up and down, up and down.

00:14:09   And so I kind of feel like many tech companies, they actually just need to make a policy and

00:14:15   then enforce the policy because they haven't really made a policy.

00:14:19   The policy is based on an alternate history, I feel like at this point.

00:14:25   I kind of feel like they need to just be like, "Hey, we're going to be a flexible working

00:14:30   company now and that's that. Because they kind of felt like they were going up, I mean

00:14:37   not a great way but partly in that direction right, a couple of days a week or whatever,

00:14:41   but now they're still like don't worry about it, don't come back. But maybe in the future

00:14:46   we'll take, it just feels like people can't move forward if they're in this limbo I'm

00:14:53   sure. So I feel like they need to just make some decisions and they seem to still be incapable

00:14:59   of doing that.

00:15:01   Yeah, it's a tough one. Like I get it. Your comment about alternate history I think is

00:15:09   dead on, which is I think a lot of policies were made in a return to work era where I

00:15:15   was like, "Oh, well, it's all over." And I mean, to Apple's credit, Apple is showing

00:15:19   awareness that it's not all over.

00:15:21   Yeah, that is good, right? That they aren't, you know, but still, right? Then it's like,

00:15:26   So I think now you can clearly see what's happening.

00:15:29   You need to reassess what that policy was

00:15:31   and make a new one.

00:15:33   - Right, exactly.

00:15:35   Because this is an ongoing thing

00:15:37   and there are gonna be issues.

00:15:39   I know that there's a tendency for people to say,

00:15:45   well, it's over because everybody's tired of it.

00:15:47   But there's a lot of COVID out there

00:15:49   and there are successive waves of variants

00:15:53   and the new, what is it?

00:15:54   BA5 that is rising.

00:15:56   is not only more, it has a tendency to spread more,

00:16:01   but the, not to get technical,

00:16:06   but the shape of the spike protein has mutated

00:16:08   to the point where a lot of the value

00:16:11   of having gotten it before

00:16:12   or having gotten vaccinated before

00:16:14   has the efficacy of that has been reduced.

00:16:16   So you're gonna see more spread

00:16:19   and like there are still people who get it.

00:16:21   And I mean, you know, Myke, like it's,

00:16:24   Some people get it and they don't feel sick at all,

00:16:26   or they feel sick for a few days.

00:16:28   Other people get it and they're sick for a long time.

00:16:30   So you kind of want to not have your employees get it

00:16:33   if you're an employer.

00:16:34   And if you've shown that you can do your job remotely,

00:16:38   forcing you to go back into the office

00:16:40   and risk getting COVID when you don't need to be there,

00:16:45   seems like a bad idea.

00:16:46   Yeah, I mean, I would like them to just make a reset

00:16:49   and say, look, we believe in in-person work

00:16:53   and we want to return there,

00:16:55   but we're indefinitely putting it off

00:16:57   and we will figure out a new plan at the very least

00:17:00   because this kind of just pushing it off.

00:17:02   'Cause the other thing is it seems like

00:17:04   this is gonna be a bumpy ride too.

00:17:05   Like they're waiting for the perfect moment

00:17:07   to bring everybody back.

00:17:09   There's not gonna be a perfect moment,

00:17:10   but even if there was a perfect moment,

00:17:11   guess what the perfect moment will be followed by?

00:17:14   A backslide where something happens and there's an uptick

00:17:17   and then they're gonna have to deal with the backslide.

00:17:19   So maybe don't wait for the perfect moment

00:17:21   and be a little bit clearer about what you're doing.

00:17:25   And I feel for them and any employer

00:17:27   who is in a situation like this,

00:17:28   but you gotta take care of your employees

00:17:30   and forcing them back in when you don't need to,

00:17:35   when you don't need to is the real issue here

00:17:39   because I know they've gotten a lot of pushback

00:17:41   from their employees who say,

00:17:43   it's not necessary for us to be present.

00:17:45   And I understand Apple saying, yeah, but we like it.

00:17:48   I was like, okay, but that's probably not sufficient right now.

00:17:52   Like I'm still sick.

00:17:56   So like, don't get me wrong.

00:17:57   I'm not saying people should be going back to the office here, right?

00:18:00   But I just feel like that their policies are not what they should be.

00:18:04   It just seems strange.

00:18:05   You just like delay it forever.

00:18:07   I saw on your wonderful web blog, sixcolors.com that you found and posted the first photo you took on your iPhone.

00:18:16   This came up in Ask Upgrade Question

00:18:19   some number of weeks ago.

00:18:20   And I just thought it was a very cute little photo.

00:18:23   This photo is more fun than I imagined.

00:18:27   I love it.

00:18:27   It's just so weird and great.

00:18:29   - This is my son in a meadow in the Sierra Nevada.

00:18:34   It is IMG008.

00:18:37   'Cause we had that Ask Upgrade Question

00:18:41   and like I can't find one

00:18:42   and two is like a super blurry picture

00:18:45   of my kids in the backseat of the car

00:18:47   and three and four are like traffic

00:18:49   out the front windshield.

00:18:53   'Cause I'm testing the camera

00:18:54   while my wife drives us to up in the mountains.

00:18:57   But number eight is Julian standing amid all of these flowers

00:19:02   in a meadow in the Sierra Nevada,

00:19:04   holding a chocolate chip cookie.

00:19:06   Okay.

00:19:08   So yeah, and he's two at that point.

00:19:10   And that was 15 years ago.

00:19:11   And he is, yes, the math works out.

00:19:12   He's 17 about to turn 18.

00:19:14   So time flies when you're reviewing iPhones, I guess.

00:19:18   - It's the cookie that does it for me, man.

00:19:20   - I know, right?

00:19:21   Well, that was my thought too.

00:19:22   It's like, oh, I have all these pictures

00:19:23   of Julian in the meadow.

00:19:24   And then I looked at him like, holding a cookie.

00:19:27   Okay.

00:19:28   So that was why my caption says my two year old son

00:19:30   in a Sierra meadow with cookie.

00:19:32   But that's also, that's the family camp we go to,

00:19:37   or we went to for several years when the kids were younger.

00:19:39   And you know, they, I think when they get you there,

00:19:43   they probably hand the kids a cookie or something like that. So, you know, this is kind of that

00:19:48   camp experience in a nutshell, which is you're out in the middle of nowhere with cookies.

00:19:52   Oh, yeah.

00:19:53   It's the residence in, I think, maybe? No, DoubleTree. It's DoubleTree. It gives you

00:20:00   a cookie when you check in.

00:20:02   But it's always a cookie with nuts in it, so I'm like, "Well, this is useless."

00:20:06   I know, right? Their cookie recipe has nuts in it. It's too bad. Sorry about that.

00:20:09   Why did you do that? I don't know why people do that.

00:20:10   I know.

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00:22:03   Jason, I would like to take a trip back to the Netherlands.

00:22:07   We haven't been in the Netherlands for a while.

00:22:10   You know, that's where my daughter is right now.

00:22:13   Really?

00:22:14   Yeah.

00:22:15   Well?

00:22:16   Yeah, she's not very far from you, I suppose, because the Netherlands isn't that far from

00:22:18   you.

00:22:19   Yeah, she's doing a little summer program in Amsterdam.

00:22:21   It's awesome.

00:22:22   So I've been thinking about the Netherlands.

00:22:23   Did you know, before we get into this, because there's interesting things about the Netherlands.

00:22:27   I mean, it's Stroopwafel, it's a given.

00:22:30   Sorry, I'm playing up the summer of fun angle here.

00:22:33   - Well, we're having fun today.

00:22:34   - It's the 4th of July, it's a holiday for me

00:22:36   and I'm doing a podcast and it's the summer of fun

00:22:38   and we're a little digressions here.

00:22:40   So one, Stroopwafels, they're the best.

00:22:43   Just come on.

00:22:45   Two is I have a story about payment systems

00:22:49   in the Netherlands.

00:22:50   Apologies to all the Netherlands listeners out there

00:22:52   but my understanding is the Netherlands actually was a leader

00:22:55   in terms of payment terminals and contactless payment

00:22:59   and other kind of like electronic payments.

00:23:02   But as a side effect of that, they were so early,

00:23:05   you know how this goes, right?

00:23:06   They were so early that then when the world caught on,

00:23:08   they caught on slightly differently.

00:23:10   And so they're a little bit askew

00:23:12   from the rest of the world.

00:23:14   And although my understanding is that

00:23:15   they're kind of getting back on board

00:23:17   and then in the next couple of years,

00:23:18   they'll kind of be all the way back.

00:23:20   There is a very interesting, strange little quirk.

00:23:23   And it bit Jamie this weekend, which is funny because when we were in the

00:23:28   Netherlands a couple of years ago, right before your wedding, it bit us too,

00:23:31   which is the best, biggest, most popular, whatever, uh, market in the

00:23:37   Netherlands is Albert Heim.

00:23:38   And, uh, they accept credit cards, but they only accept, or they, I think

00:23:45   they maestro cards, which are a very specific Netherlands only credit slash

00:23:52   debit card, right? Maestro card is mastercard. Mastercard has turned it into mastercard debit,

00:23:59   but in the Netherlands maestro still exists. My understanding is that next year they're

00:24:03   shutting it down, but for now they're just holding on to it. And Albert Hein is like,

00:24:08   no, nobody who doesn't have a Dutch debit card can pay with a card here. And then they

00:24:14   put ATMs in their lobbies so that you can go get money. But Jamie went to the ATM and

00:24:18   had no money in it, which is also bad.

00:24:20   Anyway, and I looked up like,

00:24:23   can you get a prepaid debit card?

00:24:25   No, you can't, you can't do any of those things.

00:24:28   So it was just a funny moment of the Netherlands,

00:24:31   you know, they always say,

00:24:32   oh, you Americans are so backward.

00:24:34   Yeah, you know, Europe,

00:24:35   we've had all this stuff at the same time.

00:24:36   Yeah, try to buy some groceries

00:24:38   at an Albert Heinz sometime, try it, try it.

00:24:40   You can't, you just can't.

00:24:42   So anyway, those are my Netherlands facts,

00:24:45   which is Maestro cards, Stroopwafels and dating apps.

00:24:50   - So I'm sure Upgradients will remember

00:24:54   we spent a lot of time talking about Apple's rules

00:24:56   in the Netherlands around dating apps.

00:24:58   They've made some more changes.

00:25:00   So they have once again, so this is again,

00:25:05   Apple making concessions to the Netherlands authority

00:25:08   for consumers, the ACM on allowing external payments

00:25:12   from third-party payment processes and external linking

00:25:15   in dating apps based on a ruling.

00:25:17   Apple have once again softened the language

00:25:21   on the mandatory message they show to users.

00:25:23   So if you say you wanna pay with an external,

00:25:26   say like, "Oh, I wanna not use Apple's payment,

00:25:28   I use an external payment."

00:25:30   There was a sheet that came up

00:25:31   and originally made it seem like you're about to go

00:25:33   to speak to a fraudster or some description, right?

00:25:35   And then they softened it.

00:25:36   They've softened that language further

00:25:40   before you get shown alternate options for payment.

00:25:43   Previously as well, there were two buttons

00:25:45   on that little sheet that popped up.

00:25:47   One continue, one says cancel.

00:25:49   Now it's just one button that says I understand,

00:25:52   which I think is pretty cool.

00:25:54   Developers are now able-- - Less passive aggressive,

00:25:57   right? - Way less, yeah.

00:25:58   Developers are now able to use both type of entitlements.

00:26:02   So there are two entitlements that you can have.

00:26:04   One is third-party payments inside your app,

00:26:07   the other is external linking.

00:26:09   At one point Apple were just saying,

00:26:11   you can only choose one of these,

00:26:12   now you can use both of them.

00:26:14   They've broadened some of the requirements

00:26:16   for payment processes.

00:26:17   Apple had a very strict set of rules

00:26:20   for the type of process that you could use

00:26:22   and they've relaxed that a little bit.

00:26:24   And they've also updated the commission structure.

00:26:27   Now stick with me here.

00:26:29   Previously Apple was saying that it was a flat 27%

00:26:35   that you would receive from every transaction

00:26:39   and then you had to give Apple the rest, right?

00:26:43   Now you get a 3% discount instead.

00:26:47   The difference here is if you are in some kind of program

00:26:52   like the small business program or in a subscription,

00:26:55   you could get your fees down to 15%, right?

00:26:58   So now you only have to pay Apple 12% in those circumstances

00:27:03   where previously you would not get that benefit.

00:27:06   So it was, you got 27%.

00:27:09   I think I'm saying that right.

00:27:12   Maybe my COVID brain's messing up,

00:27:14   but the point is it's like previously

00:27:16   it was like 27% commission Apple would take, right?

00:27:19   That's what I'm trying to say.

00:27:20   - Right, you're right.

00:27:21   So basically it was Apple was gonna take 30

00:27:24   and they said, okay, well you can do credit card processing

00:27:26   and then we'll also take 27.

00:27:28   And now they're saying, whatever we normally take,

00:27:32   will take 3% off of it for processing.

00:27:35   So instead of Apple taking 30,

00:27:37   they're taking X minus three,

00:27:40   which is still 27,

00:27:43   unless you're in that small business program

00:27:45   or in the second year of a subscription thing,

00:27:48   in which case it drops and you get that 3% discount

00:27:51   put on whatever your level is.

00:27:54   - That's the difference, right?

00:27:55   So the main thing you need to pay attention to here

00:27:57   is it's making sure that if you were getting

00:28:00   some kind of 15%, you would still get that 15% as the overall fee and Apple would take

00:28:07   still a 3%, right? So it was taking 3% but you could still get the majority of it. So

00:28:13   the ACM finally seemed happy with these proposals that Apple have given. So it seems like this

00:28:19   is it now. The language has been set.

00:28:21   >> Peace in the Netherlands.

00:28:23   >> And yeah, so this should be peace. Apple subsequently unveiled its plans for South

00:28:29   South Korea came before this, but it's taken the longest to implement.

00:28:33   South Korea was the one where Google did their thing and everyone was happy,

00:28:37   but Apple were like, "We are compliant." Do you remember that?

00:28:40   - Yeah. - Uh-uh.

00:28:43   Apple has unveiled their plans for South Korea.

00:28:47   In South Korea, the external linking isn't a thing.

00:28:54   It's just the in-app payment stuff.

00:28:57   and

00:29:16   that they gave the press release and gave all the details to South Korea

00:29:21   after they'd settled it in the Netherlands because they finally had some kind of like

00:29:25   way of doing it and they were going to roll it out more widely

00:29:28   which is why I thought we hadn't gotten the resolution of the Japanese Fair Trade Commission one yet

00:29:33   which was the first one right I figured

00:29:34   they were going to go with one of them whichever was the most pressing

00:29:37   and then roll out the same rules everywhere

00:29:39   but that's not the case

00:29:40   so in South Korea they are using

00:29:43   one of the previous warning screens which has stronger language and two buttons.

00:29:47   Like the language is way harsher in that than it is in the Netherlands.

00:29:51   They're doing a 26% commission, which is a completely different number.

00:29:57   And it's not going to take into account the 15% thing. So it's going back to that whole idea of

00:30:03   it's 26, right? It's not that it's 26. It has to be a separate app that you submit to South Korea.

00:30:13   if you're going to use these entitlements. So now really Apple are doing the worst possible thing

00:30:18   and making different rules everywhere. I was really hoping that they would just come up with

00:30:26   something and then standardize a bunch of rules everywhere, but they're not doing that.

00:30:29   - I mean, they may yet do that eventually, but it seems like their structure here is

00:30:36   negotiate individual deals with regulators as necessary. And maybe a system will flow out of

00:30:44   that at some point, right? When they've got enough of these that they can find a way to standardize,

00:30:48   or maybe not. Like I've said before, part of their strategy here seems to be just drag their feet as

00:30:54   much as possible and make it as inconvenient as possible so people say, "Oh, forget it."

00:30:57   Technologically, it's all the same stuff. They're using the same entitlements and all that kind of stuff.

00:31:05   But then you have to code the language in the sheet and all that kind of stuff.

00:31:11   But it's all S-StoreKit external purchase entitlements, which is like SK something something.

00:31:18   It's like they're not creating different entitlements,

00:31:23   Well, they're not carrying different technological ways of doing it, country to country.

00:31:27   Just the rules are different country to country, which is intriguing.

00:31:33   So we can say goodbye to the Netherlands.

00:31:36   I don't think we're going to come back to South Korea.

00:31:38   At some point, this is going to continue to be a thing.

00:31:41   We'll see.

00:31:42   But we'll see.

00:31:43   I feel that we're going to have several weeks of Netherlands-based payment follow-up, but

00:31:46   that's okay.

00:31:47   Like, Jamie's there for a few weeks, so I can have her follow up on whatever we need

00:31:53   to follow up on.

00:31:54   - I would also love to know

00:31:57   what the Dutch charity shops look.

00:31:59   - Oh, I will be able to give you a report for that.

00:32:03   I think she's already been.

00:32:04   - I wanna know.

00:32:06   Rumor round up, Jason.

00:32:09   Mark Gorman had a few more tidbits

00:32:12   about Apple's upcoming products for this year

00:32:15   in the Power On newsletter.

00:32:17   Versus the Apple Watch Series 8.

00:32:19   So this year's Apple Watch should include

00:32:22   a body temperature sensor. The feature has passed Apple's testing. Mark Gorman believes

00:32:26   that both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the extreme sports version, which is how I've

00:32:31   thought of it, maybe we'll call it like Apple Watch Extreme. They're both going to get this

00:32:36   feature. So this is interesting to me because what it's saying is like, that extreme sports

00:32:41   version will be a high end product. Because I was wondering where's it going to sit, right?

00:32:47   If it's going to get the same sensor as the Series 8, my expectation is it will have all

00:32:51   the same sensors but just be designed differently in some way.

00:32:54   It's gonna be a Series 8. My guess is it'll be a Series 8 but in name. That they'll just

00:33:01   it'll be the you know we have the the regular one and then we have the the extreme sports

00:33:07   edition of the Series 8.

00:33:08   I would like this watch from a design perspective for the the case of the watch to be made out

00:33:14   of the same material as the sports bands that would be fun. That fluoroastomer.

00:33:17   last summer. That'd be fun. You just bounce them on the ground. Like a super ball. Yeah,

00:33:22   it just comes right back up to you. Bounce right back. Quote from Mark Gurman, "The body temperature

00:33:27   feature won't give you a specific reading like with forehead or wrist thermometer, but it should

00:33:32   be able to tell you if it believes you have a fever. It could then recommend taking to a doctor

00:33:37   or using a dedicated thermometer." So I think this is, I actually think this is smart because

00:33:43   everybody's body temperatures are different. And so what you really want to do is use this to alert

00:33:50   somebody if you think they're running a fever. And so you measure, you get a sense of the baseline

00:33:56   body temperature for the person who's wearing the watch. And then if their body temperature is out

00:34:01   of whack, you put up an error and say, you know, or an alert and say, we think that you are, you

00:34:06   may be running a temperature and get your attention because yeah, you could keep checking

00:34:11   and keep checking and keep checking. But I'm not sure that makes as much sense as this.

00:34:18   We get to sit here and measure you constantly and let you know, right? Isn't that better

00:34:23   than having to keep checking your temperature? I think. I think that's a smarter way of doing

00:34:27   it, which is we'll let you know if your temperature is out of whack. Otherwise, if we don't talk

00:34:33   to you about it, you're fine.

00:34:35   I would like both though, right?

00:34:37   So if you're thinking about this, right?

00:34:41   This is gonna be more like the oxygen sensor.

00:34:44   The oxygen sensor then the ECG.

00:34:48   'Cause like, so all of the heart stuff

00:34:50   is doing that background monitoring,

00:34:51   but I can also get a reading and do what I want with it.

00:34:55   But like, so I would still want the number, right?

00:34:59   If I wanna be able to go in

00:35:01   and run my own body temperature test

00:35:03   and get like, what is my temperature?

00:35:05   - I know you want it.

00:35:08   I'm not sure that it would be useful.

00:35:11   And I wonder if the origin of this feature is

00:35:13   that they can give you a temperature,

00:35:15   but it's not necessarily a temperature

00:35:17   that will compare to the temperature

00:35:18   if you actually use a dedicated thermometer

00:35:21   to take the temperature,

00:35:22   'cause it'll be off by a little bit,

00:35:23   but the trend is still accurate.

00:35:25   And so like, do they show you,

00:35:26   if your skin temperature is 95,

00:35:30   do they fake it and say 98?

00:35:32   'cause that's what you would test

00:35:33   if you stuck a thermometer under your tongue

00:35:36   or in your ear, or do they, right?

00:35:38   Like, 'cause it might not be what you, it might not.

00:35:42   - It's just like, here's a warning,

00:35:44   you should go and get this checked more seriously.

00:35:48   - That's the important thing is that

00:35:49   if it matches to your internal body temperature

00:35:54   and that if you get a fever, it can tell

00:35:56   because the temperature is greater than usual,

00:35:59   then it can give you an alert.

00:36:00   And I would also argue, yeah,

00:36:02   There's a little bit of a patient, you know,

00:36:06   wanting information like traditionally,

00:36:08   if you feel weird, you take your temperature and like,

00:36:10   oh, I'll run the temperature app.

00:36:12   Whereas what the Apple watch is saying is, no, no, no, no,

00:36:15   we know you're fine.

00:36:16   We'll let you know if you're not, which is, I get it.

00:36:20   Like there's a level of that,

00:36:22   that is Apple telling you like, don't worry about it.

00:36:24   But I do wonder if that's actually what's behind it is,

00:36:27   is that the number they would give you is not a match

00:36:30   for the number that you would get with another thermometer.

00:36:32   And so they don't want to confuse the issue and say,

00:36:34   "Oh, temperature gate, it runs low."

00:36:37   Or, "Temperature gate, it's a different number

00:36:40   because they fake it in order to make it seem

00:36:42   a little warmer because it's cooler on your wrist

00:36:44   than it is in your ear."

00:36:45   Yeah, anyway, I like this.

00:36:48   I really do like this though

00:36:49   because everybody's body temperature is different.

00:36:52   And so if it can learn what your body temperature is

00:36:55   and tell you when it's not in the normal range,

00:36:58   that's the most important thing, I think.

00:37:00   And I think a lot of the winning features of Apple Watch

00:37:04   are the advantage of having a sensor

00:37:08   monitoring you all the time,

00:37:10   telling you when something is different, right?

00:37:13   Like, I think this could be a real winner

00:37:15   in just saying like, you may not have noticed,

00:37:17   but I noticed this thing about you because I take your,

00:37:20   you know, I'm taking your vitals

00:37:21   every five minutes or whatever.

00:37:24   - So do you think that there wouldn't even be an app like,

00:37:27   that would have-

00:37:28   be. I mean, we don't know from Mark Gurman's thing, but it would actually surprise me if

00:37:31   there isn't a thermometer app that will give you a temperature, but that they're not using

00:37:36   that as an alert. That the alert is when you go, you know, out of range, and that that's

00:37:42   when they'll alert you that your temperature is high.

00:37:46   Mark Gurman also believes Apple is still working on a Pro iMac of a larger display. Says that

00:37:52   this will probably be an M3 product and would likely launch alongside an iMac update. If

00:37:58   you remember when we went through that list last week, this was like a question we had,

00:38:01   right? Like, this wasn't mentioned, and he did mention that the iMac would probably not

00:38:06   get a revision until the M3, like the current iMac, and so maybe they will just hold on

00:38:12   to it for a couple of years, the one I have, and then go for it with a bigger update. So

00:38:18   their ice is the new iMac, and we now have a bigger one. I think that'd be kind of cool.

00:38:22   Sure, I'm a little surprised still that the iMac is skipping the M2 generation entirely.

00:38:27   Maybe. We don't know, right? Like, we don't know.

00:38:31   Right. Yeah, I'm still a little skeptical about that, but, you know, Mark says no. And

00:38:35   although Mark's—I can't decide whether Mark's iMac information is not his strongest, or

00:38:40   whether it's just that there's nothing there to see, and that he's reporting the truth

00:38:44   that they're just gonna let it sit there for an extra year, year and a half as an M1.

00:38:50   And also finally, Mark is reporting that AirPods 2 will not feature any health sensors.

00:38:58   So there have been some rumors that there could be either heart rate or temperature

00:39:02   sensors in the new version of AirPods.

00:39:06   This to me, like when reading this report was like, that makes sense to me because surely

00:39:11   it would undermine the Apple Watch, right?

00:39:13   Like if they put a body temperature sensor on the Apple Watch and then immediately put

00:39:19   on AirPods, it's like...

00:39:21   - Oh yeah, I don't need to buy a new Apple Watch.

00:39:23   I just buy the new AirPods and then I'm good.

00:39:25   - And also, I don't know,

00:39:26   but that technology seems quite complicated

00:39:28   for something that's small, but what do I know?

00:39:30   - Also, I'll double back to what I just said,

00:39:34   which is you don't have your AirPods in all the time.

00:39:37   So, I mean, not everybody has an Apple Watch

00:39:39   and if you put them in and your ear temperature is high,

00:39:43   having it say you might have a fever

00:39:45   is probably a feature that is worth it.

00:39:47   but I think it's not the same as being able to monitor

00:39:52   your body temperature kind of constantly

00:39:55   and note when it's out of whack

00:39:57   because you only have your AirPods

00:39:59   in certain circumstances.

00:40:03   -MacRumors is reporting that the MacBook Air

00:40:06   will be on sale from July 15th

00:40:08   based on their sources inside of Apple retail.

00:40:12   I'm personally very excited for the reviews of this product.

00:40:14   I wanted to share just on what I think is gonna occur, right?

00:40:17   So I think the reviews of the MacBook Air,

00:40:20   the M2 MacBook Air will only go one of two ways.

00:40:24   - Huh, interesting.

00:40:25   - It will either be, this is overpriced

00:40:28   or this is the best general laptop you can buy.

00:40:31   I think it's gonna go, I don't know why,

00:40:34   but that's just the feeling I get.

00:40:35   - So either, come on, $11.99 for this,

00:40:39   the other one is $9.99, what are you doing?

00:40:41   or it's gonna be, oh my God, it's so great.

00:40:45   It's light and thin and beautiful.

00:40:46   - And super fast and it's got all these features

00:40:49   and oh my God, we've got more ports and max.

00:40:51   I think it's one of the two, right?

00:40:53   And I don't think there's a middle ground.

00:40:55   I think that all the reviews and honestly as well,

00:40:57   I think it's not gonna be a consensus

00:41:00   between one of those two.

00:41:02   Some places will say this is the best laptop you could buy

00:41:05   and others will say this is overpriced.

00:41:07   - We'll see.

00:41:10   - We'll see.

00:41:10   Ming-Chi Kuo is reporting that Apple has failed to produce their own 5G modem chips for the

00:41:15   2023 iPhone line. Apparently development has stalled based on Kuo's supply chain sources.

00:41:22   Currently it's looking like Qualcomm will continue to supply Apple's 5G modems for the iPhone 15.

00:41:29   Kuo expects that Apple will continue to develop its own 5G chips, but it will take more time for

00:41:39   for the work to be completed and satisfactory

00:41:43   for use in iPhones and other devices.

00:41:46   - Yeah, it's funny because the CEO of Qualcomm

00:41:53   made a statement about how they expected

00:41:55   that they're gonna lose a major supplier next year, right?

00:41:58   - Maybe they thought that was the case, right?

00:42:01   And now Apple's gonna be coming in with an order.

00:42:04   - Yeah, that's the thing that makes this sound

00:42:08   like a real story is that,

00:42:12   'cause you're always like, "Oh, what delayed?

00:42:13   What does that mean?"

00:42:14   Like if they don't announce it, how does it delay?

00:42:16   But it's a loss, a delay in their expectations

00:42:19   and perhaps a delay in the expectations of Qualcomm.

00:42:23   It also shows you how far ahead Apple and other phone makers

00:42:27   and other suppliers of parts have to work.

00:42:30   I assume that we've reached the drop dead point

00:42:35   where Apple has to tell Qualcomm

00:42:37   if they want chips for next fall, for fall of 23.

00:42:41   If Ming-Chi Kuo is reporting this now, what does that mean?

00:42:45   I think it means that that drop dead date has happened

00:42:49   and Apple has had to make the decision,

00:42:51   like, are we confident?

00:42:53   'Cause again, it's the iPhone, it's the crown jewels.

00:42:56   Are we confident that we will be able to ship our own

00:43:00   5G modem in the fall of 23?

00:43:04   And the answer is no, apparently.

00:43:06   And that's interesting, but it also gives you a sense

00:43:10   of how much time they need to tell Qualcomm,

00:43:13   we need those chips, guys.

00:43:15   I know we sued you, but we need those chips now.

00:43:18   - This is such an incredibly important part of the phone.

00:43:21   Right, where it's like,

00:43:22   I know Apple love their custom silicon, right?

00:43:25   And they love to make their phones more powerful.

00:43:27   But if you can't maintain a consistent cell signal,

00:43:30   the phone is useless.

00:43:31   - And I'll also think back

00:43:35   to when the Apple Silicon transition happened.

00:43:36   And everybody was like, "Oh, I don't know

00:43:38   how it's gonna go, how's this gonna be?"

00:43:40   And what I said at the time was,

00:43:43   Apple controls the transition.

00:43:45   Apple chooses when to go until still making chips, right?

00:43:48   At any point, Apple can make the transition.

00:43:50   Apple is very proud of its chip making

00:43:54   and is not gonna make a transition

00:43:57   that reflects badly on them, right?

00:43:59   Like the moment that Apple was going to make

00:44:01   the Apple Silicon transition

00:44:03   to what we now know as the M1 was gonna be a moment

00:44:07   where everybody was blown away by the M1.

00:44:10   Because otherwise, why would you do that?

00:44:12   Why would you come out at the moment

00:44:14   where it wasn't really all there

00:44:16   and it was really kind of behind Intel

00:44:18   and oh, this is like every Mac user's taking a hit.

00:44:21   Like you would never do that.

00:44:22   Well, guess what?

00:44:23   The iPhone is more important product to Apple than the Mac.

00:44:27   Cellular signal is a very important feature of a cell phone

00:44:33   And if you can't come out and at least have parity

00:44:37   with the Qualcomm experience, you need to not do it.

00:44:42   And I suspect that that's what happened here,

00:44:45   which is, you know, 'cause the last thing Apple wants to do

00:44:48   is have this perception that like, oh yeah,

00:44:50   Apple replaced the good Qualcomm chip

00:44:52   with their own crappy chip, and now the new iPhone is bad.

00:44:56   Like that's bad on so many layers, right?

00:44:58   Like it's the layer of like, oh no,

00:45:00   the iPhone is perceived negatively.

00:45:02   Like that's really bad for Apple.

00:45:04   And then on top of it, it's like,

00:45:05   oh, an Apple's own chip design prowess is now in question.

00:45:10   Like that hurts.

00:45:11   So they're not gonna do it.

00:45:13   They're not gonna do it unless they can do it right.

00:45:14   And this is our first signal that they're not there yet.

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00:47:31   and Relay FM. So Jason, I was inspired by David Sparks, our friend of the show.

00:47:38   Yep.

00:47:39   And one of his labs posts. I think it was a labs post. Max Sparky Labs is awesome by

00:47:43   the way. I recommend it.

00:47:45   It is. It is his membership.

00:47:47   Yep, David produces a wonderful amount of content that I enjoy greatly. A lot of his video.

00:47:51   He's living the life of not being a lawyer anymore to do other content. It's great.

00:47:56   And I like that he makes a lot of video content. That makes it different to me to some of the other

00:48:00   membership programs that I subscribe to, like newsletters or podcasts, but it's his video,

00:48:06   which I like. Anyway. But he made a couple of videos about an iPad status board. So I've

00:48:14   taken his example and of just what I'm using my iPad Air for, the iPad Air that I primarily

00:48:19   bought for Stage Manager, but would otherwise outside of testing kind of be mostly unused

00:48:25   here at my studio. So basically what this is, is it's using like widgets and stuff to

00:48:31   have a iPad that sits on your desk, that's just the screen is on all the time, where

00:48:37   you're able to get access to information. And then for me also kind of using universal

00:48:42   control and stuff like that and trying out more of these features. So I wanted to show

00:48:46   you how I have it set up, talk about how I'm using it and talk about some things that are

00:48:50   frustrating me about the experience. Okay. So I've got a screenshot in the show notes

00:48:56   of this iPad and how it's set up right now. And primarily it's pretty widget focused.

00:49:03   So I have a couple of stacks and then some widgets. So the top left, I've got a stack

00:49:09   of the large widgets of FantasticOwl and Carrotweather, and that rotates. The rotating was interesting

00:49:18   because what I learned quite quickly is widgets rotating in your peripheral vision is quite

00:49:27   like, I find it quite distracting. So one of the things that I've worked out though

00:49:34   is if I change the theming so the colors are the same,

00:49:39   it doesn't distract me because carrot weather,

00:49:42   usually I use like a widget where the background color

00:49:47   is like condition dependent.

00:49:49   So it can be blue if it's sunny and blah, blah, blah.

00:49:52   But if I changed it to black,

00:49:54   which I don't really like the look of as much,

00:49:55   but I have fantastic hours dark mode too,

00:49:57   like just the black calendar,

00:49:59   then it doesn't distract me in the same way

00:50:01   because it's just changing over,

00:50:03   but it's not changing over and changing color.

00:50:06   So that was something that I found that was annoying me.

00:50:08   But that's the only stack that I've got going on there.

00:50:12   But that was an interesting thing.

00:50:15   Oh, I do actually, I have some time tracking shortcuts

00:50:19   underneath the timery widget that I have,

00:50:21   but that doesn't rotate on its own like that.

00:50:24   That's how I use timery widgets.

00:50:26   Like wherever I put a timery widget,

00:50:28   I put shortcuts that access timers underneath it,

00:50:31   underneath that widget,

00:50:32   'cause that just makes sense to me.

00:50:34   I have a Todoist widget.

00:50:36   I have a WidgetSmith/photos widget,

00:50:40   which when I took the screenshot just so happened,

00:50:44   photos was giving me a reminder of a time

00:50:46   that we spent together in Ireland.

00:50:48   Even though the widget says trips to Bottaschine,

00:50:51   which is a--

00:50:52   - Romania.

00:50:53   - Which is in Romania.

00:50:54   - I have never been to Romania and yet photos

00:50:56   thinks that we were together in Romania.

00:50:57   - We, I went on--

00:50:59   - Did I send you a picture or something?

00:51:01   No no no, so I went on a trip to Ireland for all and then from Ireland went to Romania.

00:51:08   Oh. For some reason photos has put all of that together in one trip.

00:51:13   Oh boy. I don't know why it does that but it did that.

00:51:17   Well I love that it's a picture of us. That somebody else, of us taking a picture together

00:51:22   that somebody else took a picture of. Yeah.

00:51:24   Even better. Even better. Then I have Spark which is my email and then TrainBeacon which is an app

00:51:30   that I used to tell me the train times from the studio to home. So this is

00:51:36   like what I have I have this just sitting here all the time and it works

00:51:40   pretty well. So where is it positioned? Is it below your screen? It's

00:51:45   below and just to the right a little bit because that's where I have a space for it

00:51:49   okay because I'm trying it out right now. I think ideally I would want it directly

00:51:53   below but then I would just have to rearrange some stuff on my desk and I

00:51:56   I don't want to do that until I'm sure that I want this as

00:51:58   like a thing.

00:52:00   - And my, so my big concern, I love it.

00:52:02   I love the idea of a status board.

00:52:04   I love when Panic had their status board, sadly, RIP,

00:52:07   they killed it.

00:52:09   We actually used that at Macworld for a while.

00:52:11   I set up like a TV with an iPad Velcroed on the back,

00:52:14   running status board by Panic,

00:52:17   because I really liked the status board concept.

00:52:20   I thought about doing that here.

00:52:23   You know, I feel like I keep coming back to like,

00:52:26   would I use it versus just having various statuses

00:52:29   on my Mac screen?

00:52:31   And I thought about the iPad and so I'm curious,

00:52:36   is it, I mean, the iPad's meant to be kind of like

00:52:40   held in your hands.

00:52:41   And so my concern is that if you set it down somewhere

00:52:44   kind of off to the side,

00:52:45   that everything's going to be a little small.

00:52:47   It's okay.

00:52:49   - I mean, I think it's fine.

00:52:50   I mean, there is a thing where most of the time

00:52:53   my iPad uses an iPad mini.

00:52:55   So like, this is big for me.

00:52:57   This is like a big iPad.

00:52:59   - I guess with iPad OS 16,

00:53:00   you're gonna be able to do the more space.

00:53:03   Can you make it larger?

00:53:03   You could make it, you could do a thing

00:53:05   where it's like bigger stuff

00:53:06   and maybe it would look better that way.

00:53:08   - Well, I am doing that.

00:53:09   - That was the thought I had.

00:53:10   - So I'm doing the bigger space on this iPad.

00:53:13   - Bigger spaces.

00:53:14   And then you're using the extra, you know,

00:53:16   the extra large widget for your weather

00:53:19   And all right, I think this is an interesting idea.

00:53:23   I mean, I love the idea of ambient stuff.

00:53:24   I use, that's why I have all that stuff in my menu bar

00:53:27   is I'm trying to give myself like ambient information

00:53:30   that I can just glance at and say,

00:53:31   okay, that's what's going on.

00:53:32   And so I think this is an interesting idea.

00:53:35   The idea that you've got like a little buddy.

00:53:38   - It's information like I have a lot

00:53:40   and like a lot of this stuff does live in my menu bar,

00:53:43   right, as you say,

00:53:44   but I actually think it can be much nicer

00:53:47   to just have it all visually there.

00:53:49   - Mm-hmm.

00:53:50   - But let me talk about some of the issues

00:53:52   I'm having with this.

00:53:53   - I was gonna, before we get there,

00:53:54   I have one hypothetical for you,

00:53:56   which is what if you could attach a monitor to a Mac,

00:54:01   use it as an external monitor,

00:54:04   and then put widgets on it?

00:54:06   Imagine you could just run the widgets on your Mac.

00:54:10   - Yeah.

00:54:11   - Imagine if you could do that.

00:54:12   - Right.

00:54:13   - Oh well.

00:54:14   - If I could just, but yeah, cannot do that.

00:54:16   So I'm using universal control for the first time seriously.

00:54:21   Like I tested it out,

00:54:22   but never really had much of a use for it myself.

00:54:25   And I'll preface this by saying I'm using iOS 16,

00:54:30   or iPad OS 16.

00:54:31   So maybe there's some weirdness there,

00:54:33   but maybe people can let me know

00:54:34   if I'm having a regular experience.

00:54:38   I find it not to be very reliable.

00:54:41   So I have the box checked inside of system preferences

00:54:45   to automatically reconnect my iPad to my MacBook Pro.

00:54:50   And that never happens.

00:54:51   Either sometime in the day or the next day,

00:54:55   I have to do the thing where I push the cursor

00:55:00   through the screen and do that little linking.

00:55:03   And then I have my iPad sitting underneath my Mac

00:55:07   and you can't, at least I have not found a way,

00:55:10   I don't think it's possible to get the linking

00:55:13   to happen that way.

00:55:13   it has to go through the left or the right it seems.

00:55:16   I can't push my cursor down to do that connection.

00:55:20   So every time I have to say, push it to the right,

00:55:23   then open system preferences, go to displays,

00:55:25   then drag the iPad down underneath the display

00:55:29   and like that little arrangement thing that they have.

00:55:31   And then I can go like from the bottom of my max monitor

00:55:35   to the top of the iPad monitor, right?

00:55:37   But I'm having to do that every time.

00:55:39   It's not remembering that arrangement.

00:55:42   And that is frustrating to me.

00:55:45   Now, I don't know if you have experienced

00:55:47   that universal control very much,

00:55:49   but like I'm finding that annoying to me.

00:55:53   And I don't know if there's something

00:55:55   that the beta's got going on,

00:55:57   or if it's like, this is just what it's always like,

00:55:59   but that is annoying to me.

00:56:00   - I haven't used universal control a lot.

00:56:04   - Yeah.

00:56:05   - So I don't know.

00:56:06   I definitely have found that it's not as reliable.

00:56:11   Like when it works, it's magical,

00:56:13   but it doesn't always feel like it works.

00:56:16   - Yeah.

00:56:17   Like I have another little thing where

00:56:19   I use a Logitech mouse, right?

00:56:22   And the scroll wheel doesn't work on my iPad.

00:56:27   It scrolls on my Mac, even though the cursor is on my iPad.

00:56:33   - Oh, wow.

00:56:36   - So I bring the mouse down and I'm on my iPad,

00:56:41   on my iPad and I want to scroll a web page but it actually then just scrolls Safari on

00:56:46   the Mac for example because it's like wherever the cursor was last. Similarly a lot of the

00:56:51   times I have to click somewhere on the iPad for the keyboard to work otherwise the keyboard

00:56:55   stays on the Mac. But you know this is a technology that I know so many weird things are having

00:57:02   with this like so I feel like I'm a little bit more forgiving of it but it is just like

00:57:06   one of those things where it isn't as magical as I would want. If I use my Magic Trackpad,

00:57:12   it works fine, the scrolling is perfect, but with my Logitech mouse it isn't. Maybe it's

00:57:16   because I used a little unifying receiver and not Bluetooth, but nevertheless, the system

00:57:22   knows the scroll is going on, can't it pass that through? I don't know. So that's Universal

00:57:28   Control. I would say it's a really interesting feature and the fact that it just works is

00:57:34   is great when it works, but it also doesn't work sometimes.

00:57:37   But the fact that I can just go down is nice.

00:57:38   - Yeah, it's hard to rely on it,

00:57:39   which is the shame of it, right?

00:57:41   - Yeah, exactly.

00:57:42   But I'm not like,

00:57:44   I'm not using it a lot, right?

00:57:47   So like, it doesn't really bother me very frequently,

00:57:50   but when I do wanna use it, it's never just as,

00:57:52   it never, it's not like it just works in a way that I want.

00:57:57   Monroe in the chat is saying,

00:57:58   "The Logitech software is incompatible

00:58:00   "with universal control right now."

00:58:02   So there you go, that explains it.

00:58:03   I would love more control over my iPad's power settings.

00:58:08   So to get this to work,

00:58:12   you have to turn your display to never go to sleep, right?

00:58:15   'Cause if the display's going to sleep, this is useless.

00:58:19   - Right.

00:58:21   - So what I would like to do is tell iPadOS,

00:58:25   if this iPad is connected to power, don't go to sleep.

00:58:30   don't go to sleep because then what I could do is always have this thing

00:58:36   connected to power and put it on a smart switch that turns off when I leave in

00:58:42   the evening. Have you thought about just plugging it into your Mac too?

00:58:48   Then when you put your Mac just, well no, you'd have to shut it down and you are a

00:58:52   sleeper and not a shutter downer. Well I take the laptop away from me. Oh okay

00:58:57   well then that would have the same effect.

00:58:59   But either way, yeah, I think there are some issues

00:59:03   with the OLED display on,

00:59:06   well there's no OLED displays on iPads though, right?

00:59:08   It's just, I was gonna invent the iPad screensaver,

00:59:12   but we don't want that, we don't want that.

00:59:13   - No, and I don't want the display on

00:59:16   when I'm not here, right?

00:59:17   - Right, totally.

00:59:18   - But so currently I have it that it's just like,

00:59:22   just be on all the time and then I have to turn,

00:59:24   like lock it at night.

00:59:25   - You have to press the button at night,

00:59:26   which is not the worst thing in the world,

00:59:28   but yeah, it would be nice if you could,

00:59:30   - Get a bit more granular. - You could set an automation.

00:59:32   Can you set an automation to like,

00:59:33   - I wanted to, I can't find anything in shortcuts

00:59:36   that allows me to change anything about the lock state

00:59:39   or the like the screen state.

00:59:41   'Cause that was where I went first.

00:59:42   I was like, I know there's weird stuff in here.

00:59:44   So this is my next thing.

00:59:46   Give me some shortcuts triggers

00:59:48   for locking and unlocking the device.

00:59:50   Like that would be honestly better, right?

00:59:53   Like not even unlocking, I can do the unlocking, right?

00:59:56   but just turning the screen off.

00:59:58   So then I could be like, when there is no power,

01:00:03   turn off the display.

01:00:05   That's what I want it, right?

01:00:06   Because then I can set up another trigger

01:00:08   on a home kit switch and do it that way.

01:00:11   - I think this is interesting.

01:00:13   I've thought about using an iPad as an auxiliary screen

01:00:16   with universal control to do some apps

01:00:19   that are not that important.

01:00:20   'Cause you can also just flip over

01:00:22   and put Fantastic Cal in full screen

01:00:24   and look at your calendar over there.

01:00:28   Like there are other uses that you can have.

01:00:29   You could move out of widget mode momentarily

01:00:33   without having to do it on the Mac.

01:00:34   And with universal control, that's a lot better

01:00:36   'cause you're using those iPad apps

01:00:38   that are perfectly good instead of using a sidecar.

01:00:41   - And I've been doing that

01:00:42   'cause like now just like having the iPad on my desk,

01:00:46   it's not far from me.

01:00:47   I am finding myself quite frequently

01:00:48   like just tapping the fantastic L icon with my finger, right?

01:00:52   and just like, I can just look at your calendar.

01:00:55   And I could also imagine, I haven't done this yet,

01:00:57   but I could imagine like using it as a reference for things,

01:01:00   either to have articles there or video there or something

01:01:03   while I'm doing something else.

01:01:05   - Sure.

01:01:05   - And I've also been using it to control music

01:01:09   on my HomePod because I much prefer doing that

01:01:12   on an iOS or iPadOS app than on my Mac.

01:01:16   I find that way nicer.

01:01:18   - As somebody who air plays on a Mac every day,

01:01:21   It's not as good.

01:01:23   - It's been nice for that, right?

01:01:24   That I can just like, you know,

01:01:27   use control center with my finger and just like.

01:01:30   - Oh man, you know, the next step,

01:01:32   I'm gonna throw this out there.

01:01:33   Maybe this is a Max Sparky video that he should make

01:01:35   or I should make one, but I'm now envisioning,

01:01:38   'cause I do keyboard controls for all my media controls.

01:01:41   So like a play, pause, next, all of that is,

01:01:45   I've got little macros that,

01:01:46   'cause I don't use the F keys,

01:01:48   I use a different set of keys.

01:01:50   I thought you could probably run a macro

01:01:52   that runs a shortcut.

01:01:54   Could you run a shortcut that tells the iPad?

01:01:58   I don't know.

01:01:59   That's my next thing is like, can I,

01:02:01   they need universal shortcuts or something, right?

01:02:03   I wanna be able to on my Mac, press a key

01:02:07   and run an automation that tells the iPad to do something

01:02:10   like play or pause or something like that.

01:02:12   - Robot MLG in the Discord has said,

01:02:18   This isn't perfect, but you could have a shortcut

01:02:21   toggle low power mode on,

01:02:23   which would turn display sleep on.

01:02:25   So that might be a way to get around it.

01:02:29   I'm gonna try that.

01:02:30   - Oh yeah, interesting.

01:02:32   - So that, I'm not sure if it does override it,

01:02:35   but I expect it probably would override my setting.

01:02:38   - Really great piece of feedback from David in the chat,

01:02:40   who says sometimes the right answer might be

01:02:42   get a second computer monitor.

01:02:43   But here's the thing, what I said earlier, which is,

01:02:46   I would, you need, there he's followed it up

01:02:48   with you need better back OS software.

01:02:49   'Cause like all these widgets are on Mac OS.

01:02:52   You could probably do it,

01:02:53   but the widget presentation is so good.

01:02:56   And you can only get it on the Mac

01:02:59   in notification center, right?

01:03:01   Like even if there was an app,

01:03:02   literally just an app that was an empty canvas

01:03:06   on which you could put widgets,

01:03:08   that would be fine, but you can't.

01:03:13   And in some cases, the iPad version just as superior,

01:03:17   plus you can see the widgets that you can't see on the Mac.

01:03:20   So that's the thing is, yeah,

01:03:22   'cause I kind of agree with David,

01:03:23   like a second monitor or even a second monitor

01:03:27   with a little bit of space devoted to widgets

01:03:31   might be a solution here.

01:03:33   Or even if you've got a big display like a Pro Display,

01:03:37   a little area on your monitor with widgets on it,

01:03:40   dedicated to widgets.

01:03:41   But Apple has thus far decided that Mac OS users

01:03:44   never need to see widgets except on demand

01:03:46   in notification center.

01:03:48   And it's super frustrating, but that's where we still are.

01:03:51   - The other part of it, which is where it started with David

01:03:54   and that's what inspired me is I have this iPad.

01:03:56   Like I have it already.

01:03:57   - Yeah, I think that's right.

01:03:59   And with Sidecar, it is a second Mac monitor

01:04:02   when you want it to be.

01:04:04   Which is the beauty of it, right?

01:04:05   - Sidecar's pretty cool.

01:04:07   - Yeah, I mean, I don't use it a lot,

01:04:08   but I was thinking the other day

01:04:10   that I was editing a video project in Final Cut

01:04:13   and I was really frustrated because of screen space.

01:04:17   'Cause even on a 27 inch monitor,

01:04:19   like trying to see the whole picture and all that.

01:04:21   And I realized, oh, you know what I really should do

01:04:22   is use Sidecar and put the output monitor as the iPad.

01:04:27   And then I stave a lot of space

01:04:31   and I'm gonna try that the next time.

01:04:33   So yeah, I think the iPad as a versatile kind of like,

01:04:36   sometimes it's an iPad, sometimes it's a monitors,

01:04:39   Sometimes it's just like a widget player,

01:04:41   but I would even argue on the iPad,

01:04:44   I'm coming around to this idea.

01:04:46   We'll call it dashboard.

01:04:47   We'll totally call it dashboard.

01:04:48   The idea that there should be a widget presentation mode,

01:04:51   even on the iPad,

01:04:52   I would love an app that you could run

01:04:55   that just had arbitrary collections of widgets in it.

01:04:57   And then no doc, right?

01:05:00   No doc and a separate from what's on the home screen.

01:05:03   Why are the widgets?

01:05:03   Why do they have to be on the home screen?

01:05:06   Maybe there's a widget presentation mode

01:05:08   and then you put that on,

01:05:10   okay, I'm calling it for next year.

01:05:11   This is on my wishlist for next year now.

01:05:13   Dashboard on the Mac and the iPad

01:05:15   that allows you to only display widgets

01:05:18   in a very nice presentation mode,

01:05:20   because widgets are great.

01:05:21   And I am frustrated that Apple is not doing more with them.

01:05:24   - Like I really want an Apple made,

01:05:29   like I know this third party apps,

01:05:30   but is there a little janky?

01:05:31   I want music controls on a widget.

01:05:33   I just want it, all right?

01:05:35   I just want to give it to me.

01:05:36   - Yeah, I do wonder they're doing that new thing

01:05:41   that is not gonna come out until later in the fall.

01:05:44   That's the live event notification on the walk screen.

01:05:48   It's basically a widget.

01:05:49   And I wonder if that is your interactive widget, right?

01:05:53   That there will be an API that sort of that API

01:05:55   for an ongoing thing.

01:05:57   And wouldn't it be nice if you could plant that

01:05:59   on your home screen too, so you can say.

01:06:00   - I think it's potentially the start of that, right?

01:06:02   Like it's, like I could imagine maybe next year,

01:06:05   like we're gonna bring the great technology

01:06:08   of live activities together with widgets.

01:06:10   - Right, right. - But still gonna be

01:06:12   like only in these certain fields though

01:06:15   will be their start, I bet.

01:06:16   - So I wanted to put in a plug for Scriptable,

01:06:19   scriptable.app.

01:06:20   If you know or can learn or can bash around with JavaScript,

01:06:26   Scriptable lets you make your own widgets.

01:06:30   I have been, and I actually just wrote about this last week.

01:06:34   I want to talk about most of this stuff in a future episode about your experimentation with weather.

01:06:39   Briefly, I've been playing around with WeatherKit, the web API for WeatherKit. Now that I have an

01:06:44   Apple developer account and they released the WeatherKit API. And of course, I have a widget

01:06:50   that shows me my current weather and I realized, "Whoa, I could do a widget that shows me the

01:06:54   future." And I really love the weatherline widget and weatherline is dead. And it seems to have

01:07:00   gotten bought by Fox for Fox weather. And I thought, you know, I really, one of the

01:07:05   great things about weather kit is that weather kit is from Apple and is very much not reselling

01:07:12   your location data anywhere. And so I'm like, I'd really like to use weather kit to build

01:07:16   something like weather line. And it turns out somebody used a different API to do an

01:07:23   hourly weatherline like thing in Scriptable, which I took and changed to use WeatherKit

01:07:30   and to show daily instead of hourly. And it needs some work, but it totally works. And so now it's

01:07:37   showing data from my weather station and data from WeatherKit and charting it. And I just want to put

01:07:43   out a plug, like, because our audience has got a lot of technical-minded nerds in it. And for you,

01:07:50   mic I know it's a little bit much but I you know you've got friends who might be

01:07:54   able to help like if there isn't a widget to do what you want yeah you can

01:07:59   use something like scriptable and make it which is so great but like the idea

01:08:03   that you can just build your own widget I love it so I'm using it for for a

01:08:07   couple of widgets and I think it's great I recommend iPad status borders I think

01:08:11   to try out especially if you are you know like I know that there are so many

01:08:15   nerds that listen to this that like maybe bought an iPad and then weren't

01:08:19   sure what to do with it you know this could be something like and for me it's

01:08:25   like I feel like I've worked out as of today actually I do not own an iPad Pro

01:08:29   sold them both oh they're gone I don't need it right now now what I tell you I

01:08:36   did have this thought today I was using my iPad mini and I was like I know that

01:08:43   they're not gonna update this and I'm very confident that that next iPad Pro

01:08:48   is going to be tempting in some way or another. We'll see right? Like I think one of the things

01:08:54   I'm going to try doing in the meantime is like I might take this iPad home and try and use it the

01:08:59   way that I use my iPad mini. But man I love the iPad mini. It's so good to read on. It's so good

01:09:04   for video like and it's so small. I hope that they keep working on it. But yeah I don't I have the

01:09:11   iPad Air and the iPad mini and they are they are very capable for what I need to do and I think

01:09:17   I think they're great.

01:09:18   - We'll see.

01:09:19   I mean, it's a journey.

01:09:20   We're all on it.

01:09:21   We go in different places.

01:09:23   The thing about recording it and releasing it every week

01:09:24   is that people follow us on the journey

01:09:26   and can also remember back

01:09:28   when we were on a different journey.

01:09:29   I want to put in a plug for Pido,

01:09:31   which is a Python app that I have only used a little bit,

01:09:35   but also apparently does widgets.

01:09:37   So if you are a Python person and not a JavaScript person,

01:09:39   maybe I'll switch to that

01:09:41   'cause I am not a JavaScript person.

01:09:43   Make your own widgets, people.

01:09:44   It's great.

01:09:45   And I love the idea of the status board.

01:09:46   I'm gonna try this some more.

01:09:47   Universal control makes it more interesting too, right?

01:09:49   That ability to set it over there.

01:09:52   And sometimes in your mental model,

01:09:54   you reach over and touch it.

01:09:55   And other times in your mental model,

01:09:56   you just slide that pointer over there.

01:09:59   - I've been doing exactly both of those.

01:10:02   Yeah. - All right.

01:10:02   Well, we'll have to check in.

01:10:03   We'll have to do status board status in the future.

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01:12:08   of this show and Real AFM. Summer of fun! Summer of fun! It is the day of independence. Fire up the

01:12:16   grill. I'm gonna be grilling some some some meats on the grill. Okay. Uh yeah for me I'm a meat eater.

01:12:25   Sorry if that uh disturbs you those who aren't. You can put other things on the grill. That's

01:12:30   - That's right, it's okay.

01:12:32   Fourth of July, Independence Day in America.

01:12:38   I am spending my morning on the Fourth of July

01:12:41   talking to a Brit.

01:12:43   - Hello.

01:12:44   - The, hello.

01:12:45   We declared independence in 1776 from your guys.

01:12:52   - Yeah, it's something that a lot of people still,

01:12:54   for some reason, continue to think is a very,

01:12:56   it's like very important to them.

01:12:59   - Yeah, 246 years later, like super hot, yeah.

01:13:02   - Wow, we did it!

01:13:03   Like congratulations, I don't care.

01:13:05   (laughing)

01:13:06   - Yeah, yeah.

01:13:06   Coming up on 250, coming up on a quarter

01:13:09   of a millennium now, it's okay.

01:13:11   - No one thinks about it here.

01:13:13   - However, well of course nobody thinks about it there.

01:13:16   We all think about it here.

01:13:17   So I wanted to do something fun for the summer of fun

01:13:21   and fun for us as an American and an English person

01:13:25   on the 4th of July.

01:13:28   This is one of those things you say,

01:13:30   I think this is not gonna be fun for me, right?

01:13:33   - Well, we'll see.

01:13:34   We'll see, we'll see.

01:13:36   I would like to begin and we'll see how far this goes,

01:13:39   but I would like to begin because I was searching yesterday

01:13:41   for things I could test you on about America.

01:13:43   And you won't be surprised to find out

01:13:45   that what I actually found

01:13:46   were a bunch of dumb Buzzfeed quizzes.

01:13:48   - That doesn't surprise me at all.

01:13:50   - This is a Buzzfeed quiz that actually is credited

01:13:55   to the Senior Content Operations Manager of Buzzfeed UK

01:13:58   and a member of the Buzzfeed staff.

01:14:00   It is, would you, are you more British or American?

01:14:06   And I think it is intended humorously.

01:14:10   I think it is amazing.

01:14:11   So let's start out.

01:14:13   What would you rather drink, coffee or tea?

01:14:16   - Oh, I mean coffee, right?

01:14:17   I mean, I can see where this is going already.

01:14:19   Yeah, coffee.

01:14:20   - What would you rather eat, meatloaf or a beef roast?

01:14:25   Oh, beef roast.

01:14:26   Okay.

01:14:28   Here's, this is my favorite of all the questions.

01:14:30   Which beach would you rather visit?

01:14:32   Cornwall or Venice Beach?

01:14:36   Are you getting it yet?

01:14:37   Oh, Cornwall, because I've been to Venice Beach and it's not nice around there.

01:14:43   All right.

01:14:44   What landmark would you rather visit?

01:14:46   Stonehenge or the Grand Canyon?

01:14:49   Grand Canyon.

01:14:50   I'm sorry, Stonehenge, but...

01:14:53   Where would you rather spend a sunny day?

01:14:55   Hyde Park or Central Park? Central Park. All right. I love this quiz. It's literally

01:15:01   US or UK every single time. Where would you rather see a musical? The West End or Broadway? West End.

01:15:09   It's a shorter commute for you. I think it's nicer. I think the West End is nicer to be in

01:15:17   than Times Square, for example, and Broadway is spread out way more than the West End.

01:15:24   Emma pointing out Cornwall is not a beach. Indeed it is not, although it does contain many brilliant

01:15:29   beaches. And that answer is correct. All right, which cocktail would you rather drink? I'm a

01:15:33   little stumped on this one, so good luck. Cosmopolitan or porn star martini?

01:15:39   Oh, so a porn star martini is a passion fruit martini, by and large, which I think you pour

01:15:48   the vodka into. What is in a Cosmopolitan? Cosmopolitan.

01:15:54   I couldn't tell you.

01:15:55   Oh, Google's doing a thing. What is in, hold on.

01:16:01   Vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and triple sec in a cocktail shaker. So it says, "Bon

01:16:05   Appetit."

01:16:06   Mm. I'm gonna say Pawn Star Martini.

01:16:09   All right. How English of you? Okay. This is where I laughed out loud, legitimately,

01:16:17   when I saw this for the first time and I thought,

01:16:19   "Oh, I just am gonna do this quiz on upgrade.

01:16:22   We're just gonna do it."

01:16:23   What late night food would you rather have?

01:16:25   Taco Bell or a kebab?

01:16:28   (laughing)

01:16:30   The classic choice.

01:16:35   The classic choice.

01:16:37   Is it Taco Bell or a kebab?

01:16:39   - This is actually incredibly difficult.

01:16:44   (laughing)

01:16:46   because, you know what, I'm gonna say Taco Bell because,

01:16:51   okay, so this is a bad question.

01:16:56   I'll tell you why this is a bad question.

01:16:58   - Oh, this is a bad, yeah.

01:16:59   - No, no, no, this is a, generally the worst question.

01:17:02   - Among bad questions, this is a very bad question, yes.

01:17:04   - If you go to Taco Bell, it's not just one food,

01:17:07   like you choose from the Taco Bell menu.

01:17:10   - Exactly. - Now, if they're telling me

01:17:11   I can choose from a kebab shop menu,

01:17:13   well, now we're in a different realm.

01:17:14   Well it has to be a kebab though, it has to be a kebab.

01:17:17   It can't be any kebab but it has to be one.

01:17:21   Well look, because in a kebab shop you can just go in and get like chips.

01:17:25   Yeah, sorry.

01:17:27   Well in Taco Bell, like Taco Bell is not like, oh you can only get the tacos, like they do all kinds of stuff.

01:17:33   So I'm gonna say Taco Bell because I don't really like kebabs, especially from a kebab shop.

01:17:39   And in Taco Bell I feel like the Taco Bell answer is giving me more agency.

01:17:43   - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

01:17:44   You don't like kebabs especially from a kebab shop?

01:17:47   - Well, you can get like,

01:17:49   Donna and Sheesh kebab from like nicer restaurants

01:17:53   than like what would be considered like a,

01:17:56   I've had a beer and I'm going to a kebab shop.

01:18:00   It's like-- - Okay.

01:18:01   And at the kebab shop,

01:18:02   there are other things you'd rather order.

01:18:04   - Yes.

01:18:05   - Interesting.

01:18:05   What an interesting contradiction that is.

01:18:08   - Well, because I like kebab

01:18:13   from good places.

01:18:16   Yeah.

01:18:17   To me, the kebab in a kebab shop,

01:18:19   the meat seems questionable at best sometimes.

01:18:23   Uh-huh, yep.

01:18:24   And I don't want to do that.

01:18:26   So like, I would get like, just some chips,

01:18:30   especially because if I had had too much to drink

01:18:34   where I'm going to a kebab shop,

01:18:35   the idea of just like the carbs to help soak everything up,

01:18:40   that is good for me, right?

01:18:42   So, yeah.

01:18:44   All right. Which museum would you rather visit? The Smithsonian National Museum

01:18:49   of Natural History in Washington, D.C., or the Natural History Museum in London?

01:18:53   I mean, I haven't—I'm just going to say the Natural History Museum in London. I'll give you

01:18:59   a couple of answers for this. One, it's a fantastic museum. It has great exhibits. Two, it is across

01:19:05   the road from three other museums, so I don't know what the Smithsonian's got going for it.

01:19:11   - No, because this is the-- - It's got the entire--

01:19:12   It's like a whole, like, there's a dozen museums.

01:19:16   - Wait, which museum did you say?

01:19:18   - Natural History Museum in London,

01:19:20   Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

01:19:22   in Washington, D.C.

01:19:24   - Why would they pick those two?

01:19:26   - They've decided you're gonna see old bones.

01:19:29   Which museum containing old bones would you rather visit?

01:19:31   - Wait, so this isn't the Natural History Museum

01:19:34   in New York?

01:19:36   This is a different one. - No, it's the one

01:19:37   in Washington, D.C., it's the Smithsonian National Museum

01:19:39   of natural history.

01:19:40   - Okay, 'cause the Smithsonian's multiple things, right?

01:19:45   'Cause I've been to Smithsonian and it was something else.

01:19:47   - There's many, many Smithsonian museums in DC.

01:19:50   - Okay, so Zach, all museums in London are free to go into.

01:19:54   So giving me the free thing is not helpful.

01:19:57   They're all free here.

01:19:58   That was a comment from our Discord.

01:20:02   I'm still gonna go with the Natural History Museum in London.

01:20:07   - I mean, like the West End, it's close, it's convenient.

01:20:09   - It's not about the clothes.

01:20:12   I'm not assuming I have to travel, right?

01:20:13   Like I'm assuming that like there's something magical

01:20:16   and I'm just going there.

01:20:17   And it is because like the science museums right there,

01:20:19   I love the science museum, the V&A is right there,

01:20:21   the V&A is awesome.

01:20:22   So like I would choose,

01:20:24   I would choose Natural History Museum in London.

01:20:27   - Now this is the question that has split the US and the UK

01:20:29   for so many years.

01:20:31   And we're gonna settle it right here.

01:20:33   Which is where would you rather go shopping?

01:20:35   The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia

01:20:38   or the lanes in Brighton?

01:20:40   - What?

01:20:41   (laughing)

01:20:43   Why?

01:20:45   - I think there's a picture here.

01:20:46   There's like, there's lobsters and meat and sausages

01:20:51   in Philadelphia.

01:20:52   And in Brighton, I don't know, there's things in Brighton.

01:20:55   There's people walking down the street in Brighton.

01:20:57   - This is absolute madness.

01:21:00   - It is, but you must answer

01:21:02   'cause it's the upgraded 4th of July quiz.

01:21:05   - I'm gonna go the lanes

01:21:06   'cause the lanes are fantastic in Brighton,

01:21:07   but like I don't have any context for these two things.

01:21:12   You need to give me this link to put it in the show notes.

01:21:15   - David in the chat room says it's amazing.

01:21:17   Oh, I will, I will.

01:21:18   I'm just preventing you from saying it.

01:21:19   - Maybe it is, but I'm gonna go with the lanes.

01:21:22   - What dessert would you rather eat?

01:21:23   Apple pie or sticky toffee pudding?

01:21:26   - Sticky toffee pudding.

01:21:27   - What chocolate would you rather eat?

01:21:31   - This is ridiculous.

01:21:32   - Hershey's Kiss or Cadbury cream egg?

01:21:34   - Would I prefer to eat good chocolate or chalk?

01:21:37   Hmm. Let me think about this.

01:21:39   You can't spell chocolate without chalk, okay?

01:21:41   Uh-huh. There is absolutely, like --

01:21:45   Sorry, America. Your chocolate sucks, all right?

01:21:48   I'm coming down hard on this one.

01:21:50   It's Cadbury's.

01:21:51   You can absolutely get good chocolate in America.

01:21:54   Oh, yeah. And Hershey's is not chocolate.

01:21:55   I like Hershey's chocolate, but it's not chocolate.

01:21:57   Mostly we just get good dark chocolate.

01:21:59   I've had great chocolate in America.

01:22:00   Ghirardelli is fantastic in San Francisco.

01:22:02   I love that.

01:22:03   But, like, we're looking at this as, like,

01:22:06   - We will hold up these two, right?

01:22:08   Hershey's is the American, Cadbury's is British, right?

01:22:11   Like this is like the idea here,

01:22:13   even though like, you know, now the ownership is much-

01:22:16   - No, we gotta live it.

01:22:17   We gotta live our stereotype, it's fine, I get it.

01:22:19   Which holiday would you rather celebrate?

01:22:21   Which holiday would you rather celebrate?

01:22:23   Bonfire night or Thanksgiving?

01:22:26   Those are your choices.

01:22:33   why not go with 4th of July and bonfire night,

01:22:36   which are the closest.

01:22:37   - Well, that would fit most with the tenor of this quiz

01:22:41   to just have it be the most obvious American

01:22:43   and British things and make you choose,

01:22:45   but they've chosen Thanksgiving.

01:22:47   - Jason, I'm gonna say that this quiz is doing,

01:22:51   this is actually fitting this quiz of like,

01:22:53   here are two things,

01:22:54   they're not actually really that close.

01:22:57   - No, but one is American and one is British.

01:22:59   Okay, Thanksgiving.

01:23:00   - 'Cause Thanksgiving is fantastic for the food

01:23:02   And I don't like fireworks, right, in general.

01:23:05   - Okay, there you go.

01:23:07   Finally, finally, where would you rather

01:23:09   ring in the new year, Times Square or the London Eye?

01:23:12   - That's, I can't, that's not a question.

01:23:17   You can't be on the London Eye anyway, right?

01:23:21   So you're not actually on the London Eye,

01:23:23   you're on the bank. - I know.

01:23:24   I mean, it would be amazing if you were up at the top

01:23:26   of the London Eye while the fireworks are going off.

01:23:28   - But this is an easy one anyway, it's New York,

01:23:30   because London is trying so hard to have like,

01:23:35   we wanna be like Times Square.

01:23:37   And it's just not happening.

01:23:38   - We have reached the answer of the super difficult quiz.

01:23:41   You are more British,

01:23:43   although I think it was closer than you might expect.

01:23:46   And the quiz says,

01:23:47   all dressed in green with a cup of tea, you're a true Brit.

01:23:50   - Green?

01:23:51   - And then there's a gif of Mary Berry saying,

01:23:53   you should be very proud.

01:23:55   - Okay.

01:23:57   Wow.

01:23:58   That is,

01:23:59   I mean, that is, that's a terrible quiz.

01:24:04   Whoever wrote that, like,

01:24:05   (laughing)

01:24:06   I don't, there are so,

01:24:08   I just don't understand some of the comparisons.

01:24:10   Like, that didn't make any sense to me.

01:24:13   While some things were like,

01:24:14   oh, this is the analogous one to the other.

01:24:16   And then here is just like two completely random things,

01:24:19   but they're both like in a category.

01:24:23   - All right.

01:24:25   We're moving on to the British American English quiz now.

01:24:29   Oh. I don't know what that is.

01:24:30   I'm gonna give you a British English word

01:24:32   and you must give me the American English equivalent.

01:24:34   Oh my God.

01:24:35   All right, this is fun, okay.

01:24:37   Bonnet of a car.

01:24:40   Oh my, hood.

01:24:44   Correct.

01:24:47   Yeah.

01:24:48   Pack of cards.

01:24:50   Deck.

01:24:51   Correct.

01:24:54   Dummy.

01:24:56   Pacifier?

01:24:58   I didn't even know that one. Yeah. I didn't know you called those dummies. That's funny.

01:25:05   Uh, single ticket. I don't know. What? Wait, so this is in English it's single in like

01:25:16   in in British in English it is single ticket and I have to give you the American English

01:25:22   - What?

01:25:23   - Yeah, it's single with ticket in parentheses after it.

01:25:26   - I don't understand.

01:25:29   Can you write this down so I can see what it's saying?

01:25:34   'Cause I feel like I don't even,

01:25:36   I don't know what it's actually asking me.

01:25:37   Single. - Okay, I did it.

01:25:39   - Single ticket.

01:25:40   Oh, Emma said it in the chat, but this is probably it.

01:25:45   I wouldn't have gotten up with this.

01:25:47   Is it one way?

01:25:50   - Oh, is it like a traffic ticket?

01:25:53   I don't even understand.

01:25:54   It is one way.

01:25:55   - Yeah, this is like a ticket on a train or a plane.

01:25:58   - Oh, it's a one way ticket on a, oh.

01:26:00   - One way ticket.

01:26:02   - Okay.

01:26:03   - Yeah, okay, I get this.

01:26:03   I wouldn't have gotten that.

01:26:04   Like I would not have gotten that, but yes,

01:26:06   it's one way or round trip or return or whatever you call it.

01:26:09   - Look, I'm just getting all these questions

01:26:10   from the internet that I don't endorse the quality clearly.

01:26:14   Q.

01:26:14   - Line.

01:26:18   - Yeah, stand in line.

01:26:20   Lift.

01:26:20   Elevator.

01:26:22   Boot of car.

01:26:25   Trunk.

01:26:26   Autumn.

01:26:29   Fall.

01:26:31   I prefer fall to autumn, by the way, just as a word.

01:26:35   So in the leaves, fall.

01:26:37   It is.

01:26:38   It's nicer.

01:26:39   That's one of the ones that I do prefer.

01:26:40   Biscuit.

01:26:41   Wait, now I'm confused again.

01:26:47   Am I giving you the American word for biscuit?

01:26:49   - Yeah, give me the American word for biscuit.

01:26:51   - It's what I call a biscuit, right?

01:26:54   So cookie.

01:26:56   - Cookie, yeah.

01:26:56   - 'Cause this is where like, this is where it confuses me

01:26:58   'cause you have biscuits, but they're a different thing.

01:27:01   - Yeah, exactly, and caravan.

01:27:02   - Trailer?

01:27:04   - Yeah, you got it.

01:27:06   - Look at that.

01:27:07   I think there was only one I didn't get right, right?

01:27:09   Which is the single ticket one.

01:27:12   - And I'm gonna conclude with another stupid quiz,

01:27:18   Just really quickly,

01:27:19   where are you more likely to hear the sport shown here

01:27:24   in this picture, which I'll put in the Discord

01:27:26   'cause it's very good.

01:27:27   You need to see it.

01:27:28   It's a video question.

01:27:30   - A video question?

01:27:31   - Yeah, there it is.

01:27:32   Or it's a picture question.

01:27:33   They call it a video Daily Double.

01:27:34   - Okay.

01:27:35   - Where are you more likely to hear that sport

01:27:38   known as soccer?

01:27:39   (laughing)

01:27:42   - Let me thank America.

01:27:44   I'm gonna go with--

01:27:45   - Yeah, you're correct.

01:27:46   Good job.

01:27:47   You don't need to see the image on gradient so you know what that is now.

01:27:50   No, multiple, it's a picture of soccer, football match.

01:27:53   What's the most common name for London's underground method of transportation?

01:27:56   Good news, Myke, it's a multiple choice question.

01:27:58   Excellent.

01:27:59   The subway, the metro, the tube, or the underpass.

01:28:04   Wait, oh my god.

01:28:05   Wait, so hang on a second.

01:28:07   Is this now a quiz for Americans about British things?

01:28:10   I don't know why.

01:28:11   Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

01:28:13   The tube.

01:28:14   with our British versus American English quiz, okay?

01:28:17   - Okay, okay, okay.

01:28:18   - I think the underpass, again,

01:28:20   I literally only read this quiz

01:28:22   because I wanted to give you the option

01:28:24   of choosing the underpass, the London underpass.

01:28:26   Everybody loves the London underpass.

01:28:28   - Do you know what an underpass is?

01:28:30   - I know what an underpass is in America.

01:28:32   What is it in the UK? - Yeah, it's the same.

01:28:34   It's when you go underneath like a--

01:28:36   - Yeah, there's like a street with another street

01:28:38   or something else underneath and you go under it.

01:28:40   - I wasn't sure if that was an Americanism too.

01:28:43   - Yeah, I just, I love the idea that nobody knows

01:28:46   that it's called the tube.

01:28:48   - Or the underclass is small because it's underground.

01:28:51   - Literally they said the most common name

01:28:53   for London's underground method of transportation.

01:28:55   Like it's literally the underground, but they,

01:28:58   oh, this is a good one.

01:29:02   It's visual.

01:29:03   So people are just gonna have to trust me.

01:29:05   What is the shape called?

01:29:06   - Oh, wait again.

01:29:09   So I don't know who I'm answering as anymore.

01:29:13   In British English, what is the ship called?

01:29:14   - Rhombus.

01:29:15   - That's not one of the options.

01:29:17   You have to choose between trapezium, trapezoid,

01:29:19   a skew rectangle, or headless triangle.

01:29:22   - That's not a rhombus, it's not a rhombus.

01:29:25   Can you give me those?

01:29:25   Can you give me those again?

01:29:27   - Trapezium, trapezoid, a skew rectangle,

01:29:30   or headless triangle.

01:29:31   - I mean, honestly, I don't know.

01:29:33   I mean, it is a headless triangle, but I don't,

01:29:35   I've never known this to have a name.

01:29:38   - Okay, it is,

01:29:42   It is a trapezium in British English and a trapezoid in American English. Wow.

01:29:46   Well, I wouldn't even know.

01:29:48   All right. Which of these words is plural in British English but singular in American English?

01:29:58   Oof. All right.

01:29:59   Pants. Scissors. Glasses. Maths.

01:30:05   What am I answering?

01:30:08   Which of those is singular in American?

01:30:11   - Wait, so I don't understand the question.

01:30:16   - Pearl in English, pearl in British English,

01:30:21   but singular in American English.

01:30:23   So I would say, you know, I put on my pants today.

01:30:29   - Wait, so it's math, right?

01:30:33   - It's math, yes.

01:30:34   - Yeah, okay, I just didn't understand the question.

01:30:37   I couldn't work it out.

01:30:39   Yeah.

01:30:40   - Okay, and finally to wrap it up,

01:30:41   this is gonna be amazing.

01:30:42   In which color, I'm sorry, in which country

01:30:44   are you more likely to run into the following sentence?

01:30:47   He read chemistry at uni.

01:30:50   It's American, very American.

01:30:51   Sorry, we don't even need to answer that one.

01:30:54   Yeah, so that's, look, the other option was gonna,

01:30:57   I was gonna make you name all 50 states

01:30:58   and I'm not gonna do that, so.

01:31:00   - Do you want me to try though?

01:31:01   I mean, I'll get like 10.

01:31:04   Like I'll tell you right now.

01:31:05   - Okay, let's do it.

01:31:07   We're gonna do name as many states as you can.

01:31:09   Let's go.

01:31:10   - All right.

01:31:11   West Virginia.

01:31:13   (laughing)

01:31:15   - Okay.

01:31:15   - Why I started there.

01:31:16   - I don't know either.

01:31:18   - I think it's like my brain is like,

01:31:19   if I don't say where Casey lives,

01:31:21   he'll just murder me, right?

01:31:24   - Yeah.

01:31:25   - Which actually I should--

01:31:25   - Casey doesn't live, just to be clear,

01:31:27   Casey does not live in West Virginia, okay.

01:31:29   (laughing)

01:31:30   - Virginia.

01:31:32   Yes, this is even better 'cause I got it wrong.

01:31:34   - Got it on the second try, good job.

01:31:35   - Yeah, no, but that's better

01:31:36   because he will be more mad at that.

01:31:38   The Macarons have been messaging you.

01:31:40   California.

01:31:41   - Thank you.

01:31:42   - New York.

01:31:43   - Yep.

01:31:44   - North Dakota and South Dakota.

01:31:46   - Yeah, good.

01:31:47   - Oregon.

01:31:50   Washington.

01:31:53   Does DC count as a state?

01:31:58   - It's not a state.

01:31:59   - It's just a district of Columbia.

01:32:04   - Okay, uh...

01:32:06   Maine?

01:32:09   - Yes.

01:32:11   - Is Rhode Island a state?

01:32:14   - It is.

01:32:15   That's 10.

01:32:16   - Even though it sounds like an island.

01:32:18   Vermont?

01:32:20   - Yep.

01:32:21   Going to New England, folks.

01:32:23   - Tennessee?

01:32:25   Georgia? - Just left New England,

01:32:26   folks, yep.

01:32:27   - I'm all over the place, right?

01:32:30   Where else?

01:32:30   Where else do I know?

01:32:31   I need to think about who I work with now.

01:32:35   - Who you work with, that's a good clue.

01:32:37   - But now I'm like, who do I even work with anymore?

01:32:40   You know, I can't even think.

01:32:42   Texas?

01:32:44   - Texas?

01:32:44   All your exes are in Texas.

01:32:48   - No.

01:32:49   - That's a song.

01:32:50   - No.

01:32:51   I said California already, right?

01:32:56   - You did.

01:32:57   - Honestly, it'd be helpful if I could see

01:32:58   the things that I've said.

01:33:00   Is anybody keep a track of it?

01:33:01   - I can send you what you've said so far.

01:33:05   - If you could put them in our Google doc though.

01:33:07   Oh, you're keeping track of it.

01:33:08   All right, great.

01:33:09   - Oh yeah.

01:33:10   You sit watching Oregon, California,

01:33:11   North and South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia,

01:33:13   Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Vermont,

01:33:15   Maine, Rhode Island.

01:33:16   Yes, you have a map.

01:33:17   - Hawaii, Nevada.

01:33:18   - Yep.

01:33:20   Great, thanks you for Hawaii.

01:33:23   - Florida.

01:33:29   Boy, what are those ones up the top there?

01:33:33   (laughing)

01:33:34   You know?

01:33:35   What are they doing up there?

01:33:37   You know, I don't know what they are.

01:33:40   - Think about some cities maybe

01:33:41   and what states they might live in.

01:33:43   - Yeah, so that's a really good tip,

01:33:44   but like I can't think of anything anymore.

01:33:47   All right, hold on.

01:33:48   What is that big square one in the middle?

01:33:50   What is that?

01:33:51   What are all these places?

01:33:53   Does anyone live in any of them?

01:33:55   What is it?

01:33:56   Wait, hang on.

01:33:58   It's coming to me.

01:33:59   No, it's not.

01:34:02   Hold on.

01:34:03   (laughing)

01:34:04   Okay, hold on.

01:34:05   Where's like Utah?

01:34:06   - Correct.

01:34:08   - Okay.

01:34:10   Ohio.

01:34:11   North Carolina and South Carolina.

01:34:23   - Very nice.

01:34:24   You gotta get those directional states.

01:34:26   - Yeah, why are there only, there's never the,

01:34:30   it never matches completely, right?

01:34:31   So it's just like, you don't do east and west,

01:34:35   it's just like north and south.

01:34:36   Hmm, it's like, what is that one near New York?

01:34:47   Illinois, I'm not saying it's the one near New York.

01:34:51   - It's not.

01:34:52   - But that came to me while I was thinking of that one.

01:34:53   - Where Chicago is.

01:34:54   - Yeah, no, I know that.

01:34:56   But like that came to me while I was thinking of Pennsylvania.

01:35:00   - Very nice, yes, correct.

01:35:02   That's the one near New York.

01:35:03   - Yeah.

01:35:04   - It's one of the ones near New York.

01:35:06   - Yeah.

01:35:07   'Cause then, right, let me think.

01:35:08   What is there any places that I've been to

01:35:10   that I've not listed yet?

01:35:12   Probably, but which?

01:35:14   I said Washington already.

01:35:17   - Yep.

01:35:18   - Can I get an update of my,

01:35:19   oh, you've put it in there already, thank you.

01:35:21   - Yeah, there's a new update now.

01:35:23   - All right, I don't know if this is good to listen to,

01:35:25   but we've embarked upon this journey and I'm quickly running out of steam here.

01:35:30   I don't...

01:35:31   Right, you're almost halfway.

01:35:33   That's actually way better than I would have expected I would have done.

01:35:38   And I know I'm missing some, I'm obviously missing some glaring,

01:35:42   I've got some glaring emissions right now,

01:35:44   but then I know I've got some that like, who even lives there, you know?

01:35:48   Yeah.

01:35:49   I'm not going to say which one is which.

01:35:51   Yeah, look at the map, look at the map and maybe it'll inspire you.

01:35:54   -If not. -Okay.

01:35:58   -Now, there's two states next to each other

01:36:00   that look like they should be a pair,

01:36:01   but I bet they're not.

01:36:04   The ones next to Georgia. -Hmm.

01:36:07   -Like, that looks like that should be a pair to me

01:36:08   because they've got, like, some geographical --

01:36:12   -Yeah. -But I don't know.

01:36:14   -They're not. -No, they're not.

01:36:17   -Do you remember when we were in Memphis

01:36:19   and we were looking out across the river at a different state?

01:36:21   Do you remember what state that was?

01:36:23   Is that Arkansas?

01:36:24   - Yes, it was.

01:36:26   - Thank you.

01:36:27   Louisiana.

01:36:30   - Thinking about the Mississippi River now, huh?

01:36:34   - Nope.

01:36:35   (laughing)

01:36:35   It was just the next one that came to my brain.

01:36:37   I don't know where that goes.

01:36:39   Is Minnesota a state?

01:36:46   - It is.

01:36:47   - Yeah.

01:36:48   I always get it and Minneapolis mixed up in my brain.

01:36:52   Minneapolis is in Minnesota.

01:36:53   - I know, and I can never remember which is which,

01:36:55   or if one of them is the other one of the Twin Cities,

01:36:59   right, like a--

01:37:00   - St. Paul and Minneapolis are the Twin Cities.

01:37:03   They're both on the,

01:37:04   they're across the Mississippi River from each other,

01:37:06   and they're right next to North and South Dakota.

01:37:07   - Wait, is Mississippi a state?

01:37:09   - I've said it many times, and yes, it is.

01:37:12   - I couldn't remember if it was just a river or not,

01:37:14   you know?

01:37:14   - It is a river and a state, it's both things.

01:37:17   - I just wanna say for the record, by the way--

01:37:18   - You're 27, good job.

01:37:20   - I am doing better than this

01:37:21   than if you showed me a map of England.

01:37:23   I'll tell you that right now.

01:37:24   Should I name towns in England?

01:37:26   No, no, I couldn't.

01:37:28   It's just London.

01:37:30   I'm upsetting everyone today.

01:37:32   That's what I've decided I'm gonna do.

01:37:34   I'm gonna tap out here.

01:37:36   - Okay, 27 out of 50 in about six and a half minutes.

01:37:41   - What am I glaring?

01:37:42   What am I glaring omissions do you think?

01:37:44   - Well, I will go, I'm gonna go left to right.

01:37:47   But first we'll start on the bottom.

01:37:48   You got Hawaii, Alaska sitting right there in the little box.

01:37:53   Non-continuity.

01:37:53   Okay.

01:37:55   We mentioned the Grand Canyon earlier.

01:37:56   That's Arizona, which is right below Utah.

01:37:59   - I should have got Arizona.

01:38:00   - Right next to Arizona is New Mexico.

01:38:03   Right above New Mexico is one of the,

01:38:06   that square that's right in the middle there.

01:38:08   That's Colorado.

01:38:09   - Ah, yeah.

01:38:10   - Right above it is Wyoming.

01:38:11   - No, I wouldn't have got Wyoming.

01:38:12   - A little pointy thing to the left of Wyoming is Idaho.

01:38:15   - Wouldn't have got that.

01:38:16   - Above Wyoming and Idaho is Montana.

01:38:18   -Wouldn't have got that.

01:38:19   -Below South Dakota is Nebraska.

01:38:21   -Mm, maybe.

01:38:23   -Below Nebraska, that rectangle that's right in the middle

01:38:25   of everything is Kansas.

01:38:27   -Should have got that, I feel like.

01:38:29   -Below Kansas is Oklahoma.

01:38:31   -I should have got that, too.

01:38:33   -To the right of Kansas, above Arkansas, is Missouri.

01:38:36   -Wouldn't have remembered that.

01:38:37   -That's where St. Louis is. -Sorry, Missouri.

01:38:38   -Above it is Iowa.

01:38:40   -Wouldn't have remembered that Iowa.

01:38:41   Sorry, Iowa.

01:38:41   -To the right of Minnesota is Wisconsin.

01:38:45   -The cheese. -The cheese.

01:38:46   - Yeah, that's right, Green Bay Packers.

01:38:48   To the right of Wisconsin is Michigan.

01:38:50   - Should've got Michigan.

01:38:51   - Between Illinois and Ohio is Indiana.

01:38:54   - Okay.

01:38:57   - Right below Indiana is Kentucky, right above Tennessee.

01:39:01   - That's where the chicken comes from.

01:39:03   - It's where the chicken is fried

01:39:05   and then sent out to the rest of the world.

01:39:08   Mississippi's pair, if you consider Mississippi

01:39:10   to be West Alabama, I guess,

01:39:12   then Alabama would be East Alabama.

01:39:12   - You see what I mean though?

01:39:14   Like visually, at least on the map you've shown me,

01:39:16   It looks like it could be a West East state, but it isn't.

01:39:19   - I know, just as Vermont, which you chose,

01:39:21   is the pair of New Hampshire, which is right next to it.

01:39:23   - Ah.

01:39:25   - You missed Massachusetts, which is where Boston is.

01:39:28   - Okay.

01:39:29   - Which is right below Vermont and New Hampshire.

01:39:31   You missed Connecticut, which is right next to Rhode Island.

01:39:34   - I couldn't remember if Connecticut was its own.

01:39:37   I was gonna say it, but then I also,

01:39:39   'cause I know people like...

01:39:40   - There would have been no penalty if you had said it.

01:39:43   - I'm about to say a thing that I probably shouldn't say.

01:39:44   I think Connecticut likes to think it's New York

01:39:46   is my impression that I get from people that I know.

01:39:49   - Parts of Connecticut do.

01:39:50   Parts of Connecticut think they wanna be Massachusetts.

01:39:53   So, you know, that's fair.

01:39:54   - So that's why I thought Connecticut was in New York,

01:39:56   which is why I didn't say it.

01:39:57   - It is not.

01:39:59   You miss New Jersey, which is just hanging out right there

01:40:01   next to New York.

01:40:03   Those go together.

01:40:04   - I record him with Casey tomorrow

01:40:06   and I desperately hope he doesn't listen to this before then.

01:40:11   Nestled next to the bottom of New Jersey is Delaware,

01:40:15   the home of the president of the United States

01:40:19   and next to Delaware,

01:40:20   the weirdly very weirdly shaped state of Maryland.

01:40:25   And that's your 50 states, Myke.

01:40:28   So you did pretty well, 27 out of 50,

01:40:29   you got more than half.

01:40:30   That's pretty good.

01:40:31   You haven't been to that many states

01:40:33   and you still named them.

01:40:34   So good job. - That's very true.

01:40:35   Thank you very much.

01:40:36   Was that fun?

01:40:39   I don't know.

01:40:40   I don't know, but it was summer of fun and yeah, USA.

01:40:44   There we go.

01:40:45   Now you've learned.

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01:42:13   Alright lets finish up today with a couple of #AskUpgrade questions before we say goodbye

01:42:18   to the Upgradians.

01:42:20   First question comes from Ramone. Ramone wants to know, what are your thoughts about notifications

01:42:26   and live activities being on the bottom of the iOS 16 lock screen, do you think Apple

01:42:31   should add a toggle to place it on the top position like iOS 15, similar to the option

01:42:36   we have for the Safari Tab Bar?

01:42:39   I don't.

01:42:41   I think that having it down on the bottom is good because you can scroll through it

01:42:44   with your thumb when you're holding your phone, and I think that's a nice place for it to

01:42:49   be.

01:42:50   So I like it.

01:42:51   I can see how other people might not like it, but I don't feel like it's too analogous

01:42:55   to the Safari tab bar, only in the sense that you're more likely to be scrolling from the

01:43:00   bottom and they want to give you quick access so that you can flip that up and see your

01:43:03   notifications if you need to.

01:43:06   >> Yeah, I haven't tried this and I haven't used iOS 16 yet.

01:43:11   I'm going to put it on my phone probably this week.

01:43:15   And I think the idea of moving the notifications down is fine.

01:43:20   I think the live activity is being on the bottom.

01:43:22   Makes sense.

01:43:23   I mean really, like if I'm going to be having more of a focus pot on the image that I'm

01:43:28   using and on the design of the time and on these little widgets, then I want the notifications

01:43:33   out of the way.

01:43:34   If you have the notifications at the top, right, it just hides everything.

01:43:37   So I'm willing to try this.

01:43:39   I think the Safari thing, but honestly, here's the thing.

01:43:43   Safari tab bar on the bottom is a better place to have it.

01:43:46   Like the address bar, it's better down there.

01:43:49   The problem with Safari wasn't moving the thing.

01:43:52   it was all the other stuff they were doing. I think it's way better to have the bar at

01:43:56   the bottom on Safari. It was all the way they were laying out the buttons and stuff that

01:44:00   was the real problem.

01:44:02   Shapiro asks, "Do you think that there are developers at Apple that work on the full

01:44:06   release cycle of an operating system? Meaning that they are working on the 16 betas now,

01:44:12   but also 15 betas are still being worked on. Kind of stinks to be on 15.5 etc. when the

01:44:17   cool kids are on 16. So here's the question, I just wonder what you think. Do you think

01:44:21   people are tasked to work on an entire release or do you think there are like, there are

01:44:27   different teams that work at different stages, that kind of thing? How do you think this

01:44:31   works?

01:44:32   I don't know. I would love if a little birdie inside Apple would tell us the answer to this

01:44:35   because this is not really secret and there's an answer here. My guess is that people get

01:44:40   assigned to maintain parts of the... I think they're probably multitasking. I don't think

01:44:46   that people are just sort of in the sad, like sweeping up behind the elephant kind of part

01:44:50   of the job maybe, but like more likely it's like they've got a 16 track that they're working

01:44:56   on and they've also got 15 cleanup that they're doing and that those are both going on and

01:45:02   the people are being retasked on and off. And at some point they'll ship what is probably

01:45:07   the final 15 and they'll move on to 16 full time at that point, but that probably people

01:45:12   are popping around back and forth. I doubt that there's just sort of a sad team that

01:45:19   doing the cleanup on the old thing while the new team is building the new team? I mean,

01:45:23   there's probably a point in the development process where there are people who are doing

01:45:26   both and they're getting started on the new and other people are more on the old, but

01:45:30   I'd love to hear the truth about it. My guess is that it's kind of messy, but I don't know.

01:45:35   And I'm sure that there are people listening to this who know exactly what this answer

01:45:37   is. So I'd love to hear from you. Yeah. Yeah. I just would find that fascinating. Ricky

01:45:44   Mickey asks, "With iOS 16's addition of the fitness app without Apple Watch, does it mean

01:45:49   that regular watch wearers can use their iPhone to close their rings? How does this affect

01:45:54   the watch wearing situation for Myke and Jason?" So it's only move.

01:46:01   - It's only move, right, because it's got the pedometer there. It's not measuring your

01:46:08   heart rate or anything like that.

01:46:09   - Exercise or standing or anything like that. So it's doing an approximation for the move.

01:46:13   - Yeah, and I love my Apple Watch

01:46:15   and I use it all the time for exercise

01:46:18   and also I just wear it all the time

01:46:19   and it's the watch that I'm wearing on my wrist.

01:46:21   So, and I was wearing a watch before,

01:46:22   so this is not really any different.

01:46:24   In that way, I would wear a watch regardless,

01:46:27   so why would it not be the Apple Watch?

01:46:29   So it has no effect on me whatsoever.

01:46:30   In fact, I'm more frequently out and about without my phone

01:46:34   than I am without my watch,

01:46:35   because I will often go for walks or exercise or whatever,

01:46:39   just with my Apple Watch.

01:46:40   So it doesn't affect me at all,

01:46:41   But it is cool for people who don't have an Apple Watch

01:46:44   to at least get some bit of feedback there.

01:46:47   - If they did like all three of them

01:46:49   and we're doing some kind of approximation thing,

01:46:50   then I would love that

01:46:52   because then I wouldn't have to wear my Apple Watch

01:46:53   all the time to maintain my fitness stuff.

01:46:56   As I've mentioned before,

01:46:56   like I would like the option

01:46:58   to wear one of my other watches, my nicer watches.

01:47:01   Where sometimes I will wear my Apple Watch

01:47:03   just out of habit

01:47:04   because I want to get that information.

01:47:07   Like that's what I actually care about the most.

01:47:08   So as I said before,

01:47:09   I would love Apple to make a product that did it.

01:47:11   My expectation now is that they've got so much data

01:47:15   about how Apple watches calculate health

01:47:17   that they've been able to build an algorithm

01:47:19   that they can use, that they put on the iPhone.

01:47:22   I reckon that's how they've been able to do this, right?

01:47:24   That like they're able to pair the two things together,

01:47:27   right, like if an Apple watch is reporting

01:47:29   this amount of information

01:47:30   and an iPhone is reporting this amount of information,

01:47:32   we can work out what the difference is between the two.

01:47:35   And then they've built some kind of approximation

01:47:36   for the move thing, which I actually think is really cool.

01:47:39   But it's very clear, like I think this is a cool feature,

01:47:42   but like from Apple's perspective,

01:47:43   this is a great like gateway to the Apple Watch.

01:47:47   Like if you end up becoming someone who's like,

01:47:50   I really love knowing this move number,

01:47:52   the natural next step for you is to get the real good stuff,

01:47:56   get an Apple Watch.

01:47:57   I think it's smart.

01:47:58   I do think it's smart.

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01:48:18   members who support us with Upgrade Plus as well. If you want to find Jason online you

01:48:22   can go to SixColors.com. You can also find Jason at @JasonL on Twitter, JSNE00. I saw

01:48:29   a headline that made me think of you the other day Jason that Apple announced the earnings

01:48:33   for later in the month.

01:48:34   Oh yeah, I jotted that down.

01:48:36   I'm gonna cut my chart, my charts.

01:48:38   I'm gonna warm up the chart machine for that one.

01:48:40   - Do you remember that time when everyone forgot?

01:48:43   - Yeah, yeah.

01:48:44   It was, well, I mean,

01:48:45   - Something was going on. - There was a time

01:48:46   where we didn't mention it

01:48:47   and then somebody mentioned it in passing

01:48:49   and it was like, oh yeah, and Apple results are tomorrow.

01:48:50   And I had that moment of like, oh geez.

01:48:53   - Yeah, 'cause also like John Voorhees

01:48:56   also had the same thing, but like for whatever reason,

01:48:58   that very specific one, everyone forgot.

01:49:00   - I now have a recurring reminder for every three months

01:49:02   in the middle of a month to look for the Apple results date

01:49:07   and put it on the calendar.

01:49:09   - Gotta get it on.

01:49:10   - Because it changes, but it's always happening.

01:49:13   So yeah, then we'll talk about it afterward.

01:49:15   - I can't wait.

01:49:16   You know I can't wait.

01:49:17   I am @imyke.

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01:49:27   We'll be back next week.

01:49:28   Until then, say goodbye, Jason Snell.

01:49:30   - Goodbye, Myke Hurley.

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