400: Draft of the Ages


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade Episode 400. Today's show is brought to you by

00:00:14   Fitbud, Ooni, Zocdoc, and Theragun. My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by

00:00:20   Jason Snow. Hi, Jason Snow! Episode 400, Myke!

00:00:24   Episode 400! 400 episodes!

00:00:28   It's a lot of episodes.

00:00:29   That's 399 more than one, you know?

00:00:32   - Wow.

00:00:33   That's just, it ends in two zeros.

00:00:36   We got 10 fingers and 10 toes,

00:00:38   and that makes this a milestone.

00:00:40   It's amazing.

00:00:41   - I have a hashtag snail talk question for you.

00:00:43   We're starting off in Epic fashion.

00:00:44   Comes from Salva.

00:00:46   Jason, do you have a favorite mug?

00:00:48   - Of course.

00:00:51   Epic fashion. - Epic, yep.

00:00:53   - Well, I mean, we do talk about,

00:00:54   I'm drinking tea during upgrade.

00:00:56   - Exactly.

00:00:57   For those who don't know, Upgrade is recorded on a Monday morning.

00:01:00   And so I...

00:01:01   And/or a Monday evening, depending on where you are in the world.

00:01:04   That's true.

00:01:05   But in this case, I am fueled by tea for Upgrade, because it's Monday morning here.

00:01:12   So yeah, I do have a favorite mug.

00:01:16   It is a...

00:01:17   I mean, I have several that I like a lot, but the one that I would call my favorite,

00:01:20   I think clearly, I have a mug that I got.

00:01:24   It's actually a duplicate of one that I got because it broke and I had them send me a

00:01:28   replacement at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, which is fun. That's

00:01:36   where they make baseball bats, obviously, although it's complicated because they're


00:01:43   It's very funny to me that you said "obviously." That is not obvious to me at all.

00:01:46   Louisville Slugger is the famous – well, it is a famous maker of baseball bats, although

00:01:52   I read a story recently about how there's like a beetle that's infested all of the trees,

00:01:56   the ash trees that it's an Asian beetle that have got imported to America and is eating

00:02:01   all the trees and so they're migrating all of the bats that were traditionally ash bats

00:02:06   now there a lot more of them are maple I think and another so and and that changed Louisville

00:02:13   sluggers supremacy into something else and it was actually kind of an interesting article

00:02:16   about how this thing that is just a beetle has completely devastated this other industry

00:02:21   Anyway, it's a mug from the Louisville Slugger Museum and it's got baseball seams on it,

00:02:26   so it looks kind of like a baseball turned into a mug and I like it.

00:02:30   And then it broke and I was very sad, but they offered it on their website, so I just

00:02:34   got another one.

00:02:35   I can't find it on their website.

00:02:37   I'm clicking around the website now.

00:02:38   Maybe you bought the last one, so take care of that thing.

00:02:41   Well that was a little while ago, so I better not break this one or I'm in real trouble.

00:02:45   But yes, Louisville, Kentucky, I have some family who live near there.

00:02:52   They live in Indiana, but they live across the river.

00:02:55   But I've been through there a few times and it was a cool museum.

00:03:01   SluggerMuseum.com.

00:03:02   Thank you so much to Salva for that question.

00:03:04   If you would like to send in a question of your own so we can help open an episode of

00:03:08   Upgrade, just send out a tweet with the hashtag #snowtalk or use question mark snow talk in

00:03:12   the Relay FM members discord.

00:03:14   We have a very action-packed full show today.

00:03:17   It is a gigantic show.

00:03:19   This is really one for the ages.

00:03:21   We've got a lot going on today, but I do want to start with some follow-up.

00:03:25   Friend of the show, Russell Ivanovich, wrote in to tell me that after updating to Mac OS

00:03:31   12.3, he was no longer seeing flickering lights caused by his overhead lighting on his Mac

00:03:38   webcam.

00:03:39   I can confirm, Apple's appeared to have fixed this. I tried with both my iMac and my MacBook

00:03:47   Pro and I no longer see the flickering caused by the 50 hertz polling rate on the lights.

00:03:53   You know like we had the 50 hertz, 60 hertz is different in Europe, UK and other parts

00:03:59   of the world to America. There's like different places do these things differently. Which

00:04:03   is like pow and NTSC it's like one of these things you see on televisions

00:04:07   anyway it seems to have been fixed so whoever it is in Apple that I can only

00:04:13   assume Jason heard my complaints because they just seem to have got fixed out of

00:04:17   the blue so I will take 100% credit for this it appears to have been fixed and I

00:04:23   am genuinely very happy so when my studio display arrives at some point in

00:04:28   the near future I'm expecting that camera to work too because it seems to

00:04:33   have been repaired. So I'm very happy about this because it now makes—I now have been

00:04:37   able to remove the terrible Logitech camera that I had on top of my beautiful iMac and

00:04:41   put it back in a drawer. Very happy.

00:04:43   It's a victory. I wonder what update solved this. Was it 12.3?

00:04:46   It was definitely 12.3, yeah.

00:04:48   That's what Russell said? All right. Great.

00:04:50   But, you know, as normal, nothing in any release notes. Like, I've been searching around through

00:04:54   release notes, through the detailed release notes.

00:04:56   No.

00:04:57   Nothing.

00:04:58   Imagine if they actually did that. Did you file a feedback? Have you checked to see if

00:05:01   they sent you a thing that said—

00:05:02   this feedback has been fixed?

00:05:04   - I was planning on filing a feedback

00:05:07   after I tested it on the studio display.

00:05:09   - Ah, now you can't?

00:05:10   - Well then I don't need to.

00:05:11   - It just denied you satisfaction of your feedback.

00:05:13   - Oh no, Jason, I'll tell you now,

00:05:15   every time I don't have to fill in one of those feedbacks,

00:05:17   I'm happy because that process is terrible.

00:05:20   - It's a lot.

00:05:20   - Speaking of my studio display, it still hasn't shipped.

00:05:23   My arrival window starts this week, but it hasn't shipped.

00:05:28   And I did note that I was like,

00:05:30   I like poking around the App Store app,

00:05:31   seeing what's going on.

00:05:32   and

00:05:53   with like two terabytes of storage and more RAM.

00:05:56   And it took me a minute to realize 29th of June

00:06:00   is the date that they are talking about there

00:06:04   for in-store collections.

00:06:06   So Apple are allowing you to do an in-store pickup now

00:06:10   on many configurations of the Studio Display

00:06:13   and the Mac Studio, but in three months from now.

00:06:16   - Well, my Studio Display,

00:06:18   VESA mount standard glass is still listed

00:06:21   as April 6th to April 13th, and it's in processing mode right now, not preparing to ship. So...

00:06:28   - I am in processing between the 30th of March and the 6th of April, and they haven't charged

00:06:35   my card yet, so it's, I'm thinking it's not gonna be this week.

00:06:40   - Probably, probably not. Well, I'm happy that it's just coming through. I mean, I have

00:06:44   one in front of me, but this is the Apple owner, and I'm looking forward to getting

00:06:47   the face amount so I can put that arm back on my desk and see what that's about and probably

00:06:51   have to spend $50 on a Thunderbolt cable in order to get it to be. Oh, I have a side note

00:06:57   and I'm going to mention it now and I'm afraid that people are going to pay money for this

00:07:00   thing and they might not want to do it. Well, they could. They might not want to do it until

00:07:08   I get mine and try it out. But I bought from Otherworld Computing. I bought this thing,

00:07:20   let me see if I can find the name of it. I know I sent it to you last week.

00:07:23   Yeah, I can find it. You can explain it. I know I can.

00:07:25   I got it. I got it. It is the Neuertek New Shelf. It is a mount so that you can put two

00:07:32   two Mac Minis or a Mac Mini and their Mac Mini sized

00:07:36   like hard drive or whatever,

00:07:40   two Mac Mini shaped things in a stack under your desk.

00:07:43   It's basically like a Lucite thing that you screw

00:07:47   under a desk.

00:07:50   And basically it's a mount for multiple Mac Minis.

00:07:54   Guess what?

00:07:55   Sure looks like it'll fit a Mac Studio.

00:07:58   So this is the first thing I've seen

00:07:59   that looks kind of like an under desk mount

00:08:01   for a Mac studio.

00:08:03   And so I'm gonna try it out.

00:08:06   So they're selling them, it's like for old Mac minis.

00:08:10   So it's literally like on clearance.

00:08:14   So maybe people will buy it and they'll sell out of it

00:08:18   and they'll realize they need to make a new one.

00:08:20   But it's 8.1 by 8.1 by 4.4.

00:08:25   So it should fit fine on a Mac studio.

00:08:28   And I'm kind of intrigued by it.

00:08:30   So I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I ordered one

00:08:31   and I'm gonna give it a try

00:08:32   and I'm gonna see if it's any good.

00:08:33   And my biggest concern there honestly,

00:08:35   is the length of that Thunderbolt cable to the monitor.

00:08:38   'Cause I don't think it's gonna be enough.

00:08:39   And I'm gonna have to then go back to other world computing

00:08:41   and spend $50 on a Thunderbolt cable

00:08:44   in order to stretch it from under my desk

00:08:47   up the monitor arm to my display.

00:08:51   - I'm actually pleased that you mentioned this.

00:08:52   You sent this to me and Steven in Slack a few days ago.

00:08:56   And at the time I was concerned,

00:08:58   just this whole thing concerned me.

00:09:00   So now I can actually share some of my concerns with you.

00:09:03   So one, the weight is an issue, right?

00:09:07   You gotta put that thing in there

00:09:08   and hope that it's A, that the plastic is strong enough

00:09:11   to hold it, and that B, it can be screwed into the desk

00:09:16   with enough strength, right?

00:09:17   So that's--

00:09:18   - Right, I mean it looks like it's thick Lucite

00:09:19   and they did make it for multiple Mac Minis basically,

00:09:22   so I would think that it would be okay,

00:09:24   but yeah, I think that's a fair point.

00:09:25   My other under desk shelving that I have

00:09:27   for my audio interfaces is metal.

00:09:30   It also means it's thinner and I think it's stronger.

00:09:33   And that's what I really would like is a shelf like that

00:09:37   that's in max studio proportions.

00:09:39   - Yeah, metal I would prefer to plastic just in general.

00:09:42   My second thought was, are you doing anything

00:09:46   to stop it potentially slipping right out of there?

00:09:49   - That's a great question.

00:09:51   - They sell a product, it's linked on this page

00:09:53   called the New Pad Bass.

00:09:56   - It's like an anti-skid mat.

00:09:59   - Yeah, it's a non-skid rubber foot for Mac Mini.

00:10:02   But I don't know if the dimensions would be right

00:10:05   for the Mac Studio as well.

00:10:07   But if you like it, I implore you to find something

00:10:11   like this because I would be worried that,

00:10:14   you know, it's just, I don't know,

00:10:16   like maybe you could pull on a cable too hard

00:10:18   and then the Mac Studio just flies out

00:10:21   of the back of that thing.

00:10:22   like flip up my desk into standing orientation

00:10:25   and there's a taut cable somewhere

00:10:27   and it just yanks the max studio right out the back.

00:10:29   - Which could still happen even with the base,

00:10:31   but that would be my worry that that thing is, you know.

00:10:35   - I think these are all good questions.

00:10:39   And whoever is out there, I assume,

00:10:41   and I haven't heard from them,

00:10:42   but I kind of assume that 12 South

00:10:44   is gonna build an actual like series of mounting solutions

00:10:49   for the max studio and you know, they'll be pricey,

00:10:52   but they'll be really nice 'cause that's what they do.

00:10:55   And then I also assume, yes,

00:10:57   that these companies that I find on Amazon

00:10:59   that do the bent metal,

00:11:00   put your PC under your desk kind of mounts

00:11:03   will make one that's the right shape.

00:11:05   But it's early days yet.

00:11:07   And I'm curious about doing this thing

00:11:10   as an under desk mount.

00:11:11   So I'm gonna give it a try, but I make no recommendations.

00:11:13   This is all in the name of science.

00:11:15   - I love it.

00:11:16   Science is great.

00:11:17   Have you had any more observations

00:11:20   or any experiences you wanted to share in the past week

00:11:24   when using these products?

00:11:26   Like, has anything popped out for you

00:11:28   or have you been mostly enjoying it?

00:11:30   - Not really, it's been, I mean,

00:11:31   I was gone for a big chunk of the week,

00:11:33   so I've only used it a little bit,

00:11:34   but I had been using it for a long time before that.

00:11:39   And it's just, they're pleasurable to use, right?

00:11:42   I mean, they're fast,

00:11:43   and I was going from that Intel iMac Pro.

00:11:47   So I've had a pretty good experience.

00:11:51   I haven't had any, you know,

00:11:52   restarts of the monitor or anything like that.

00:11:55   The Mac has been fast.

00:11:57   I have, I enjoy the experience of listening to podcasts

00:12:02   about these products that I spent time with

00:12:06   by people who are still trying,

00:12:08   especially people who don't have them

00:12:09   and are still trying to figure out what they all mean

00:12:11   where I've had it for a couple of weeks.

00:12:12   - Well, look, Jason,

00:12:13   we can't all be as lucky as you, right?

00:12:15   - Well, yeah, but I guess what I'm saying is,

00:12:18   it's just funny to hear ATP last week debating like the

00:12:22   noise from the Mac studio display or the Mac studio,

00:12:25   but they don't, they've never heard it.

00:12:28   And it's just kind of funny because there's this back and

00:12:31   forth and there, what I like about it is them detailing

00:12:34   what the conflicting reports, because I have my experience,

00:12:37   but there are conflicting reports.

00:12:38   So they're like, well, Jason says it makes noise,

00:12:40   but somebody else says it doesn't make noise.

00:12:42   And it made me laugh because this is one of those things

00:12:46   that I'm not, like with the camera on the studio display,

00:12:49   I have this like, did I get a weird one?

00:12:52   Am I not seeing it?

00:12:53   Is it my lighting conditions?

00:12:55   I don't really entirely understand why I've had

00:12:58   a better experience than a lot of people have had with it.

00:13:00   Max Studio, I have no doubt about it

00:13:02   because I literally wasn't expecting it to make any noise.

00:13:04   And I was sitting in my office and I went,

00:13:07   "What's that noise?"

00:13:08   And it was the Max Studio.

00:13:11   So if somebody tells you that it's inaudible,

00:13:13   I would say, well, I could hear it.

00:13:15   Maybe that's a difference in what frequency ranges

00:13:19   we can hear, but I could hear it for sure.

00:13:21   And it was like, I wasn't expecting to hear it.

00:13:23   I was surprised to hear it.

00:13:26   It wasn't one of those things where I tested it

00:13:28   and I was like, all right, how do I feel about this sound?

00:13:30   I literally expected it to be silent.

00:13:33   And then I was sitting in my office and I went,

00:13:35   what is that sound?

00:13:37   And it was the Max Studio.

00:13:39   Not a loud sound, but a sound that wasn't there before.

00:13:42   - Yeah, a sound that, yeah, as you say,

00:13:44   a sound that wasn't there before.

00:13:46   I've been thinking a lot about that.

00:13:47   Like we were talking about it last week on the show

00:13:50   and we were talking about it on Connected a little bit too,

00:13:54   where I kind of feel like it's just like really interesting

00:13:56   to me that this machine has clearly been designed

00:14:01   for the Ultra and it does things that the Ultra needs,

00:14:05   but even the Pro version does them too, right?

00:14:07   And I've just mentioned it again, like, you know,

00:14:09   Like the fan, is it not consistently audible in my MacBook Pro?

00:14:15   Like I don't ever hear it, you know what I mean?

00:14:16   So it's just intriguing to me, the decisions that they made.

00:14:19   You know, like someone wrote it to us and said like it's probably because of the power

00:14:22   supply, right?

00:14:23   They want to put air through the power supply.

00:14:25   But the power supply is way bigger in the Mac Studio than the M1 Pro needs to, right?

00:14:30   So like it's just these interesting things that they've done.

00:14:33   When clearly this is a machine that they're going to use for the next 10 years.

00:14:37   I'm repeating something that's unconnected anyway now, but like they're gonna use this

00:14:39   for like maybe for the next five or ten years. So the chips that are gonna be in it then

00:14:43   are gonna be way more powerful. So they built it with that in mind. Like I don't disagree

00:14:47   with it, but it's just intriguing to me.

00:14:49   - After the Trashcan Mac Pro, Apple is going to build thermal headroom into every new enclosure

00:14:55   they build, right? If they're intending it to last.

00:14:58   - Even like, yeah, because that for sure, but like it's just smart design, right? Like

00:15:02   to do it that way, you know?

00:15:03   - Indeed, yeah.

00:15:05   Like you, all of these, like this is like, you know, that the enclosure thing is why,

00:15:09   you know, I, the Mac Pro is going to look like the Mac Pro, right?

00:15:13   Like the one that they've did is this is how it's going to look.

00:15:15   I don't know what they're going to put in it, but I can't imagine it's a one and done

00:15:19   design.

00:15:20   You know, I think the iMac Pro is one where you could maybe argue like, oh, that was like,

00:15:23   it wasn't like a new design, but they did some stuff around that.

00:15:26   But the iMac Pro is an aborted timeline, remember?

00:15:29   They intended to upgrade that thing again and again.

00:15:32   Yep.

00:15:33   That was supposed to be the plan.

00:15:35   So that is the outlier, but I think for clear reason we can see.

00:15:41   Gareth wrote in and said "You were talking about Apple charging more for colors during

00:15:47   Ask Upgrade.

00:15:48   Apple already charges more for colors with the iMac.

00:15:51   There's a choice of 4 colors for the base computer, but if you want yellow, orange or

00:15:55   purple you have to pay $200 more."

00:15:57   That was interesting.

00:15:59   This isn't exactly as clean as we were talking about last time of like, you can get a silver

00:16:05   MacBook Air, but if you want a colored MacBook Air, you'd have to pay a bit more.

00:16:11   But basically in the iMacs, there are certain colors that are only available if you go for

00:16:17   one of the higher spec'd products.

00:16:20   So the reason I don't consider this the same is because it is not color you're paying for,

00:16:26   paying for specs but at the higher rating there are different colors and Apple has done

00:16:31   that right where there you have to pay a little bit more to get out of the base model to get

00:16:36   a bigger color selection it's not quite the same.

00:16:39   I mean they do this with the iPhone too right you want certain iPhone colors you got to

00:16:43   pay more money.

00:16:44   Because my argument was that that theoretical was about you're paying more for color and

00:16:48   that's like the black MacBook which was the literally the same specs as the white MacBook

00:16:52   but cost more because it was black. The iMac, at that level, all of the colors are the same.

00:16:57   If the base level iMac was only silver, right, like you could only get the silver one as

00:17:03   the base level and then the rest of them are more expensive, then this would maybe count

00:17:08   more. I thought this was a good point that Gareth made, right, that there are certain

00:17:11   colors that are locked behind prices, but it's not all colors when it comes to the iMac.

00:17:15   You can still get one with color. Yes. This episode is brought to you by our friends,

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00:20:03   Saddle up, Jason Snow.

00:20:04   It is an episode 400 rumor roundup.

00:20:07   - Oh boy, this is a,

00:20:09   is there a powerful dog involved in any way?

00:20:12   - No, there are no powers.

00:20:13   There are no dogs.

00:20:14   Not today anyway. - Okay.

00:20:16   - iPhone 14 rumors.

00:20:18   It's that time again.

00:20:20   YouTuber Max Weinbach shared some leaked schematics

00:20:24   of the new Pro phone that show that guess what?

00:20:27   The camera module's getting bigger.

00:20:29   All of those potential rumors

00:20:31   that were being shared around of all

00:20:32   next iPhone is going to have a flat back? Noooooo! It's getting bigger! And the iPhone

00:20:39   Pro models will actually also be getting a little thicker. Ming-Chi Kuo saw this report.

00:20:45   Ming-Chi Kuo, I love that Ming-Chi Kuo is on Twitter now because you get loads more

00:20:49   from Ming-Chi Kuo. What would Ming-Chi Kuo be? We need to think of a title, right? Because

00:20:56   I feel like Ming-Chi Kuo is almost as important as all the sheriff of Rumour Town, Mark Gurman.

00:21:03   Ming-Chi Kuo says that the thickness and the camera model change is due to the main camera,

00:21:11   aka the wide camera, being upgraded to feature a 48 megapixel sensor, and the sensor being larger

00:21:19   overall, the sensor size is being increased by 25 to 35%.

00:21:24   I'm pretty excited about this.

00:21:27   The iPhone camera sensors have been 12 megapixel

00:21:33   for a long time, like a long, long time, many, many years.

00:21:36   And so an upgrade to that, I'm looking forward to it.

00:21:39   I'm hoping that it will help reduce the need

00:21:42   for some of the deep fusion processing that Apple do,

00:21:45   which sometimes, I've said this before,

00:21:47   I think impacts my photos negatively.

00:21:51   I think some of the sharpness boosting that they do

00:21:53   can make a photo look too dark,

00:21:55   like too grainy for me in a way, not grainy,

00:21:59   but I don't like the way it looks sometimes.

00:22:01   And I'm hoping that the additional detail that they get

00:22:05   from a 48 megapixel sensor could help with that.

00:22:07   I'm excited about that, but I can't even imagine, Jason,

00:22:11   I cannot conceive of the camera module getting larger.

00:22:14   - Yeah, it does seem,

00:22:16   I mean, there are lots of rumors out there

00:22:18   that Apple is working hard on switching to a more

00:22:21   like periscope kind of approach, right?

00:22:25   Where they lengthen the light travel

00:22:28   by turning it 90 degrees.

00:22:30   And that one of the reasons you might do that

00:22:33   is in order to prevent these modules

00:22:35   from getting bigger and bigger.

00:22:37   - And also allows you to get the bigger zooms.

00:22:39   I think that's probably gonna be the biggest thing

00:22:40   that they do for that.

00:22:42   - So I think the optics are important.

00:22:45   I mean, actual optics, not like metaphorical optics.

00:22:49   People want good cameras.

00:22:50   And I'll tell you, people who care about the cameras

00:22:53   are more prominent than people who care about

00:22:55   the size of the bump on the phone.

00:22:57   - Oh yeah, as well, 'cause like, you know,

00:22:59   said many times before,

00:23:00   but most people put their phones in cases,

00:23:03   and cases level out the bumps.

00:23:04   So like, it doesn't matter ultimately, you know?

00:23:08   - That's what they do, they level out the bumps.

00:23:09   - That's exactly 100% what they're for.

00:23:11   - They say.

00:23:14   Apple has acquired a UK banking startup called CreditKudos.

00:23:19   They are essentially a third party credit checking company.

00:23:22   Their whole aim, their whole thing,

00:23:24   was to provide users with a better understanding

00:23:26   of financial health and credit opportunities.

00:23:28   Like, oh, you know, this is how good your savings are.

00:23:31   Maybe you could get a mortgage for this amount,

00:23:33   that kind of stuff.

00:23:34   To do this, they leveraged something

00:23:36   called the Open Banking Platform, which exists in the UK,

00:23:39   where there's an API that all banks have to agree to.

00:23:43   is kind of cool but maybe I don't think this exists in many other places I doubt it anyway

00:23:47   but I'm pretty I love it here so banks all have to agree to this API so let's say you

00:23:52   bank with bank A and also bank B you can log in bank A's app with bank B's credentials

00:24:00   and see all of your bank accounts and all of your credit cards no matter who they're

00:24:04   with in one app. It's really cool. You have to renew this every little while like which

00:24:10   which isn't great, but you do get that.

00:24:12   And then also there are these companies that pop up

00:24:15   that then you can give all of your logins to

00:24:17   and they can look at all of your stuff for you

00:24:19   and give you suggestions,

00:24:21   maybe suggest other deals to you, that kind of stuff.

00:24:23   It's a cool thing that we have here.

00:24:25   And credit kudos, their whole thing was analyzing this

00:24:29   to help you understand your credit score

00:24:30   a little bit better.

00:24:31   Many people, including the Engadget article

00:24:35   that I will link to in our show notes,

00:24:37   are suggesting this could be a precursor to the Apple card

00:24:40   launching in the UK, I don't think this is the case, Jason.

00:24:44   So if Apple are going to launch Apple Card,

00:24:49   they still need to have a credit card partner

00:24:52   like Goldman Sachs, right?

00:24:54   - Right.

00:24:55   - Now, Goldman Sachs do their own credit checking.

00:24:58   Apple do not do the credit checking for Apple Card.

00:25:01   Goldman Sachs do it.

00:25:02   And if they were to partner with someone in the UK,

00:25:04   that credit card company would also want to do

00:25:07   the credit checking, 'cause they are providing

00:25:10   credit. So there's a possibility that this is part of the puzzle, but honestly I would

00:25:15   expect this is more likely that Apple maybe acquired this company because they want to

00:25:19   make their own financial planning tools or something like that.

00:25:22   Right, expanding the idea of that app, the Wallet app that's got all your accounts in

00:25:28   it and all that to provide a financial health. I wonder if they'll move that stuff out of

00:25:33   the Wallet app at some point or whether it's all just going to go in there. It does seem

00:25:36   like it's doing too many things already.

00:25:38   And I think this could be part of that. I do expect Apple to roll Apple Card out to

00:25:43   other territories, but I'm not convinced that this is part of that puzzle because, as I

00:25:50   say, Apple do not do the credit checking. I looked through support documents today to

00:25:53   confirm this. In the US, the credit checking is done by Goldman Sachs. They use it. Apple

00:25:59   do it. And so I can't conceive of any way that that would be different anywhere else.

00:26:05   No bank is going to be like, "Okay, Apple, we'll trust you with our credit."

00:26:09   Apple do not have the risk here.

00:26:11   The credit card companies do.

00:26:13   It's the partner.

00:26:14   Well, kudos to Apple for this acquisition.

00:26:17   Literally.

00:26:18   Yeah.

00:26:19   Kudos to Apple.

00:26:20   Oh, oh, sorry.

00:26:21   That took me way too long to get.

00:26:22   I'm like, "Oh, Jason's really happy about this acquisition."

00:26:24   You really should have started with that.

00:26:25   Kudos to Apple.

00:26:26   Yeah.

00:26:27   No, literally.

00:26:28   Well, this is why we need you around because I can't think of these things.

00:26:31   Okay.

00:26:32   15-inch MacBook Air.

00:26:34   Play analyst Russ Young is reporting from supply chain sources that Apple is planning

00:26:38   a new variant of the MacBook Air for 2023 that would have a 15-inch screen. The smaller

00:26:45   of the two would also get a little bit bigger as well at 13.6 inches. What do you think

00:26:50   about this?

00:26:51   Well, I'm... It'll presumably be based on whatever the new MacBook Air design is, and

00:26:57   so I'm kind of interested in that. I think you could creep up the 13-inch MacBook Air

00:27:01   a little bit without making it that much larger.

00:27:03   And, you know, Apple's done that in the past with iPads

00:27:05   where they've made the screen larger,

00:27:06   but they've tried to keep the dimensions very close.

00:27:09   So that's okay.

00:27:10   Big iPad, I think it's great.

00:27:12   I think this idea, they're obviously doing it,

00:27:14   all the reports say this fall,

00:27:15   where there's gonna be an iPhone Max

00:27:17   that is the lower cost iPhone in a bigger size.

00:27:20   I think there are a lot of people

00:27:22   who desire a larger screen.

00:27:23   You know, the argument would be that if you can get them

00:27:26   to pay a pro price to get the larger screen,

00:27:28   then that's great.

00:27:29   But there's also an argument

00:27:31   that they're not gonna pay,

00:27:33   like as the pro products get more and more expensive,

00:27:36   more expensive than their non-pro counterparts,

00:27:39   it's a harder sale to get somebody

00:27:42   to pay all of that extra money

00:27:44   just to have the bigger screen.

00:27:46   And people do like big screens.

00:27:47   I don't want a 15-inch laptop,

00:27:51   but I can see how people would.

00:27:55   And so they used to do this.

00:27:57   There used to be big iBooks and smaller iBooks.

00:27:59   And so I think that it's a good thing

00:28:02   to give people choice like this.

00:28:04   - Yeah, I agree completely.

00:28:05   And Ming-Chi Kuo added to this one saying that

00:28:10   the product may not even be called MacBook Air.

00:28:13   - Ha ha.

00:28:14   - And this got me to thinking with what you just mentioned,

00:28:16   right, that the expectation is there's going to be

00:28:19   an iPhone 14 and an iPhone 14 Max,

00:28:22   so there's a larger one that doesn't have Pro.

00:28:24   So I was wondering, could this be the MacBook Max?

00:28:28   and they drop the air name completely,

00:28:30   MacBook and MacBook Max?

00:28:31   - I think not because,

00:28:33   primarily because there's a Max chip

00:28:34   and I think that that would be a lot of confusion.

00:28:37   - Good point.

00:28:38   - I do wonder though,

00:28:40   so there's this rumor about MacBook and MacBook Air.

00:28:43   MacBook Air, we've been talking about it a long time.

00:28:46   We talked about it in episode 400 or 300, right?

00:28:49   Now it's 400.

00:28:50   So we'll probably be talking about it in 500 too.

00:28:53   The MacBook Air name, like they tried to kill it,

00:28:56   but they couldn't really kill it

00:28:57   and so they've kept it around.

00:28:59   I do think that MacBook as a name makes sense

00:29:04   and that there will probably be a MacBook

00:29:07   without a name in it.

00:29:08   There were some rumors that that's what

00:29:10   the 13 inch MacBook Pro will turn into, right?

00:29:12   Is a MacBook that is appreciably different

00:29:16   and not as thin and light as the MacBook Air.

00:29:19   So it would actually make sense

00:29:21   that the Air is called the Air

00:29:22   because now there's a MacBook that's kind of in the middle.

00:29:25   whether this would be a 15 inch MacBook Air

00:29:29   or whether it would just be a 15 inch MacBook.

00:29:31   I think it depends on marketing,

00:29:33   but also like what they base it on.

00:29:34   Do they base it on that new MacBook Air enclosure?

00:29:37   What happens to the 13 inch MacBook Pro?

00:29:39   Does it turn into something else?

00:29:42   It's all kind of like hovering out there.

00:29:44   They got a lot of choices to make here,

00:29:46   but they, I feel like the MacBook Air name now

00:29:49   probably isn't gonna go away,

00:29:51   but maybe there's a space for a product in between.

00:29:53   - I would really struggle with a 15 inch computer

00:29:56   called Air.

00:29:57   - It doesn't really follow, right?

00:29:59   - No, it doesn't work.

00:30:00   - So having it be a MacBook,

00:30:02   and having it be in that kind of like intermediate state.

00:30:06   Again, we have to make assumptions

00:30:09   about what this new MacBook Air is gonna look like.

00:30:10   But I can see a scenario where what Apple says is,

00:30:13   look, we're gonna keep the MacBook Air around

00:30:15   and the goal there is it's thin and light,

00:30:17   and maybe it's even thin and light and low cost.

00:30:20   And then we're gonna make the MacBook.

00:30:21   And the MacBook is gonna be similar,

00:30:23   but the idea with the MacBook is we're not as worried

00:30:26   about size and weight.

00:30:27   We want it to be kind of less than the MacBook Pro

00:30:30   in terms of price, but we're not,

00:30:33   the goal there is not the size and the weight.

00:30:35   The goal there is just to have a good solid Mac

00:30:38   for people to buy.

00:30:39   And the people who want to opt for the Air

00:30:41   will opt for the Air, and the people who want the MacBook

00:30:43   will get the MacBook.

00:30:44   And that makes more sense.

00:30:46   - Oh, Jason, I've just thought of something

00:30:49   which is maybe the worst of these

00:30:50   and might actually be the way that they go.

00:30:53   The new one is called MacBook,

00:30:56   and it's the colorful one, right?

00:30:59   - Yeah.

00:30:59   - What we're thinking is the new MacBook Air,

00:31:01   and it comes in two sizes,

00:31:03   and they keep the current MacBook Air around

00:31:04   as the MacBook Air for a while.

00:31:06   - Huh.

00:31:08   I mean, it's possible, right?

00:31:10   It's possible they would keep the old one around.

00:31:12   - Well, that would let them do it,

00:31:13   'cause I think, ultimately, they should drop the Air name.

00:31:17   I think it's only stuck around,

00:31:18   because the MacBook that they'd released,

00:31:22   that was clearly supposed to be the new one,

00:31:25   nobody liked it, and it was more expensive.

00:31:27   - It was overpriced.

00:31:29   - So they couldn't get rid of the MacBook Air.

00:31:31   - Right, and the MacBook Air was still selling at 999.

00:31:34   You're right, I mean, and once you start,

00:31:37   and again, keep in mind what happened here too,

00:31:39   which is when they did revise the MacBook Air,

00:31:41   they literally said in that, that was the Brooklyn event,

00:31:44   they're like, "We're playing the hits here."

00:31:47   Like we kept the wedge shape and we kept the curves

00:31:50   and like that they redesigned,

00:31:51   they designed that new version of the MacBook Air

00:31:55   to be as much like the old version of the MacBook Air

00:31:59   as possible, which is funny.

00:32:01   They're like, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no,

00:32:03   just give them what they want, give them what they want.

00:32:04   But I, and so that's what they had to fight against

00:32:07   is the question of like, do people love this thing so much

00:32:10   that we should just keep it around?

00:32:11   But I think you're right.

00:32:12   One way to go is, I know I said this in another context,

00:32:15   So it's whether they call it air or not.

00:32:17   I really think it's possible that they will keep

00:32:20   the MacBook Air M1 around at 999.

00:32:23   And this new MacBook Air that's coming out

00:32:25   won't be 999, right?

00:32:27   It's gonna be 1299 or something like that.

00:32:30   And they're gonna have two of these MacBook Airs.

00:32:32   They're gonna have the colorful fancy one.

00:32:34   The other way they could do it is they could just say,

00:32:35   no, this is the new Air, it's 999 and that's it.

00:32:37   But that's part of the mystery here is

00:32:40   what is the target for that product?

00:32:41   And then what do they do beyond it?

00:32:44   And that's, I don't know, but they could,

00:32:46   they could call that this MacBook and use it

00:32:48   as the opportunity to get rid of the name Air.

00:32:50   - Mark Gurman is expecting the next iPad Pro

00:32:53   to feature both an M2 chip and MagSafe charging

00:32:57   to be released in the fall of 2022.

00:33:00   I can't get my head around what the MagSafe

00:33:02   would look like on this thing.

00:33:04   What is it?

00:33:04   - I don't, I mean.

00:33:07   - Is it iPhone MagSafe?

00:33:09   Is it MacBook MagSafe?

00:33:10   Is it a third MagSafe?

00:33:12   - Third MagSafe.

00:33:13   That I don't want.

00:33:15   Here's my thing, Apple,

00:33:16   if you're gonna introduce a third MagSafe,

00:33:18   just don't do it, would be my recommendation to you.

00:33:21   We don't need that.

00:33:23   - I mean, iPad Pro already being kind of Mac like

00:33:26   in some ways, I could see them doing it

00:33:28   as just a MagSafe connector on the side.

00:33:30   - And they should do that.

00:33:32   It would be awesome, right?

00:33:32   That'd be really great if they did that.

00:33:35   I would love that.

00:33:36   - Yeah.

00:33:37   - And then the USB-C port would be like, you know,

00:33:39   even, you know, people would say,

00:33:42   it all you should add two USB-C ports on these things but now you won't need to because you

00:33:45   can always have one free so I think that would be pretty cool. I don't want another MagSafe

00:33:49   right like don't create another MagSafe standard and I don't think the iPhone one is the right

00:33:53   bet here so I would agree with you that I would love to see the Mac style for MagSafe.

00:34:00   And we go back to Mark Gurman for our final rumour in the rumour round up today. Mark

00:34:05   Gurman is reporting that Apple is working on a new subscription service for hardware

00:34:09   products. This would allow a customer to pay a monthly fee to get new devices. The expectation

00:34:16   is this would lower the barrier to entry for many customers, allowing for more people to

00:34:20   get the newest products more easily, increasing not just Apple's recurring revenue, but leading

00:34:26   to greater overall revenue. I read from a quote from Mark's Bloomberg article here,

00:34:31   "The program would differ from an installment program," like I will add in, like the iPhone

00:34:36   upgrade program in that the monthly charge wouldn't be the price of the

00:34:40   device split across 12 or 24 months rather it would be a yet to be determined

00:34:46   monthly fee that depends on which device the user chooses and I'll add in it's

00:34:51   very possible that you would probably then be able to upgrade automatically to

00:34:55   the new version when it becomes available if this happens it will

00:34:59   probably be a 2023 thing and could possibly be bundled into Apple's

00:35:02   existing bundles. Yeah, upgrade, how this relates to the iPhone upgrade program is

00:35:09   interesting. My read on this, and you know, I don't know, just my first read

00:35:14   on this is, this is Apple saying we want to convert this kind of loan program

00:35:20   that we do where it's a loan and we've got partners and we just want to convert

00:35:25   it to something we own entirely that's a straight up bit of services. And we're

00:35:29   going to—and so that they would be—for the user, it might not be structured very

00:35:34   differently, but internally, the way the program was financed and accounted for would be different.

00:35:41   I mean, they'd probably stop working with, like, a third party too, right, which I know

00:35:48   they currently do now, and maybe want to set this up themselves. Like, I think of Microsoft.

00:35:55   had a lot of success with the Xbox in the past couple of years where they

00:35:59   bundle them with Game Pass, they charge you a monthly fee but it doesn't cost

00:36:04   you any extra. Like you know usually with these things you're paying a premium

00:36:07   right like you're paying some kind of interest but that isn't how it works

00:36:11   here so you just you're paying them every month anyway because you're paying

00:36:14   for Game Pass so you add a little bit more and you get yourself an Xbox and

00:36:18   this has proven very well for Microsoft over the last year so maybe this is a

00:36:22   the route Apple's gonna go to.

00:36:24   - Yeah, I mean, Apple loves training people

00:36:26   to give them money monthly, right?

00:36:28   And this would be, have some interesting options too

00:36:30   in terms of saying, you know, when the new iPhone comes out,

00:36:34   you basically just choose your level and they give you,

00:36:36   they can literally just say, here's what the prices are.

00:36:39   And those prices are in monthly fee.

00:36:41   - Yup.

00:36:42   - It also, you know, also means you're not buying it.

00:36:45   You're just getting it as part of your service.

00:36:50   I know Microsoft has that thing where after a while,

00:36:52   you own it or something like that. But like, yeah, I don't know. It may not structure,

00:36:57   it may not feel in the end as a user, if you're on the upgrade program, like it's that different.

00:37:02   It'll be interesting to see how they structure it, but it may feel very familiar. I wonder if

00:37:06   the benefit here is more to Apple and gives them flexibility to maybe change the pricing based on

00:37:11   your participation in other bundles or bundling it with other services and being able to alter

00:37:17   the pricing that way rather than keeping it separate like they do with the upgrade program.

00:37:22   I don't know.

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00:39:11   Well, they darn did it.

00:39:13   Apple done did it, Jason.

00:39:15   They did it.

00:39:17   I can't believe this happened.

00:39:18   I cannot believe this happened.

00:39:20   Apple TV+ becomes the first streaming platform

00:39:22   to win Best Picture.

00:39:24   Yep.

00:39:25   So Coda.

00:39:25   We've mentioned Coda a few times on the show.

00:39:28   Coda is notable as being a movie that both features

00:39:33   stars and crew who are all hearing impaired.

00:39:37   And this is basically what the entire movie is about.

00:39:40   I haven't actually seen Coda.

00:39:41   You've seen it, right?

00:39:42   - I've seen it in one of my favorite movies of last year.

00:39:44   It's a movie that- - It's on our list.

00:39:46   - It's a good movie.

00:39:49   It is structurally, I think, a very familiar story.

00:39:52   And I think that a lot of people have issues

00:39:54   with the fact that it does read,

00:39:55   the synopsis of it reads very much like a,

00:39:58   you know, made for TV, Lifetime movie

00:40:00   or something like that.

00:40:01   It's not, but what I like about it is all of the details.

00:40:05   I think all of the details are good.

00:40:07   I think it makes some really good creative decisions

00:40:10   in every moment of the film.

00:40:13   I love the setting.

00:40:15   I enjoy the characters, the family.

00:40:17   They're so clearly drawn and memorable.

00:40:21   Just a lot, that's the beauty of it to me.

00:40:25   So plus, yes, it is deaf, mostly deaf crew,

00:40:30   our cast and I think crew.

00:40:34   And yeah, the writer-director is not,

00:40:36   but, and Troy Kotzer, who plays the dad,

00:40:39   won Best Supporting Actor as well.

00:40:42   And CNN Hater, who was the writer and director,

00:40:47   won Best--

00:40:48   - Best Adapted Screenplay.

00:40:49   - Screenplay.

00:40:51   - So that basically as well,

00:40:53   I think it's called They Ran the Board,

00:40:55   I don't remember the phrase,

00:40:55   but every Oscar they were nominated for, they won.

00:40:59   - Yep. - So it was three.

00:41:00   So Apple now has three Oscars under their belt,

00:41:04   but the big one is the fact that they won Best Picture.

00:41:07   They were the first streaming platform to do this.

00:41:09   Netflix have been trying.

00:41:11   - Yeah.

00:41:11   - I think going into the Oscars up until maybe

00:41:13   like a week ago, everyone thought the big dog movie

00:41:16   with a thing called the Power of the Dog.

00:41:18   - Power of the Dog.

00:41:19   - With Benedict Cumberbatch.

00:41:21   - There are dogs visible in it, but it is--

00:41:24   - It's not about a dog?

00:41:25   - Those are not the titular dogs, no they're not.

00:41:27   I saw it this weekend, so now I know all about

00:41:29   the Power of the Dog.

00:41:30   I have felt the Power of the Dog.

00:41:31   - Everyone thought that was gonna win,

00:41:33   and then there was like a turn in Hollywood, right?

00:41:35   Where then all of a sudden Coda was the front runner.

00:41:38   A lot of people I saw who follow Hollywood's stuff closely,

00:41:43   who were tweeting before the event were saying,

00:41:47   "The vibe is so funny because the vibe is very much like

00:41:52   they don't want Netflix to win

00:41:54   and they do want Apple to win."

00:41:56   Which is funny because they're like,

00:41:58   "We don't want this giant tech company

00:42:00   invading our movie industry.

00:42:03   Do you know about the other giant tech company

00:42:06   that's invading your movie industry?"

00:42:07   But the difference is that Apple, first off,

00:42:10   all of these people in Hollywood, they love Apple,

00:42:12   they love Apple's products,

00:42:13   they're all using Apple's products.

00:42:15   And I think Apple and Apple's executives are perceived as,

00:42:18   in some ways, as doing it the right way,

00:42:21   that they are not viewed as a disruptive force

00:42:24   like Netflix is.

00:42:25   - They have done a really good job, I think,

00:42:27   of setting themselves into Hollywood now.

00:42:30   - Yeah, they hired Zack and Jamie from Sony,

00:42:34   and they brought in a bunch of people

00:42:35   to do their movie side now,

00:42:37   and they're perceived as being friendly to talent

00:42:40   in a way that Netflix is not

00:42:44   and friendly to the movie industry

00:42:46   in a way that Netflix is not.

00:42:47   Which is not to say that there aren't issues.

00:42:51   Like there was a story, I forget where it was,

00:42:54   there was a story about the history of CODA

00:42:56   this week that I read.

00:42:57   - It was in Puck News, you sent it to me.

00:42:59   - Oh, it was Puck, that's right.

00:43:00   - It's behind a paywall.

00:43:01   - It's a paywall, but it was a really good story

00:43:05   about how Apple wants to own everything worldwide.

00:43:08   And when they bought, so they bought "Koda" at Sundance.

00:43:12   So it's also, I think, the first Sundance movie

00:43:14   to win best picture.

00:43:16   They bought it at Sundance. - Really? Huh.

00:43:17   - But I think so.

00:43:18   But anyway, regardless of that,

00:43:21   like of these movies that got,

00:43:22   that was, somebody said that,

00:43:24   I don't know if that's true or not,

00:43:25   but it was a Sundance movie.

00:43:26   And then they go to the film festival

00:43:28   with these indie movies and then people bid for them.

00:43:30   And Apple bought it,

00:43:31   but they had already sold some of their rights

00:43:32   to overseas distribution.

00:43:35   They'd bought some European, I think, countries,

00:43:38   people had bought it to theatrically screen there.

00:43:40   And Apple said, "Well, that's good,

00:43:41   but we gotta buy it all back."

00:43:44   'Cause we want it all.

00:43:45   And that that's one of the challenges that Apple has.

00:43:47   And that Apple has changed its tune,

00:43:48   'cause people were kind of grumpy that they're like,

00:43:51   and that it makes it hard to sell your indie film

00:43:53   if you're afraid to sell parts of it,

00:43:56   to earn your money back,

00:43:57   because what if a streamer comes in and buys the whole thing?

00:44:01   And then when they started to put things in the contract

00:44:03   that said, well, we're selling you the rights,

00:44:05   but if a streamer comes in to buy the whole thing,

00:44:06   you lose the rights and we give you your money back.

00:44:08   And the people who are buying rights were like,

00:44:10   no, we're not gonna do that.

00:44:11   We're not gonna agree to that.

00:44:12   And it sounds like Apple has adapted

00:44:15   and has been more willing to not buy every single country

00:44:19   or to work with a rights holder,

00:44:20   to come up with some sort of way

00:44:21   where they screen it in their country.

00:44:23   And then they're working about it.

00:44:25   But it's interesting that this was more complicated

00:44:27   than just Apple writing a check at Sundance for Coda.

00:44:31   They actually had to unwind.

00:44:32   - Yeah, they bought this one a while ago.

00:44:34   This was one of their earlier purchases, I think.

00:44:36   - But they're positively thought of in Hollywood,

00:44:38   and I think that's really interesting that Netflix

00:44:40   is seen as this big bad disruptor.

00:44:41   And Apple is just, because Apple was sort of

00:44:45   later to the game and its ambitions

00:44:47   are a little more constrained,

00:44:49   and also because it's Apple, honestly,

00:44:51   and Apple is viewed positively by the people in Hollywood

00:44:54   because they make the products that the people

00:44:56   Hollywood love, right? And that is an advantage for Apple even though it's, you know, the people

00:45:01   designing Macs are not the people who are buying movies, but it's still all part of that kind of

00:45:06   gestalt for Apple. So people were much more positive. And I gotta say, I think that's one

00:45:13   of the reasons Coda won and Power of the Dog didn't, is that the people in the Academy have

00:45:17   much more positive feelings about Apple than they do about Netflix, even though, yes, Apple is a

00:45:22   giant tech company because what Apple represents to them is not what Netflix represents to them.

00:45:26   - Yeah, Netflix came away with one Oscar. Apple had three. I think I saw that. So

00:45:31   Netflix walked in and walked out, I think, feeling very differently. It went very strangely for them.

00:45:38   I will say like one thing that I think from our perspective, which is just like an interesting

00:45:42   parallel, is this whole situation plays into Apple's typical playbook so well, arrive late,

00:45:50   do it best. Now what I will say is I don't think this is holding out for the long term,

00:45:54   but like for the story of right now, like as of today, that's the way it seems to have occurred,

00:46:00   right? Because there's been lots of stories and like lots of the talking about the fact that

00:46:04   Netflix have been working on this to get best picture for years, right? Like they had, was it

00:46:11   Roma? They had the Irishman. And then this one, I think there might have been a couple more as well,

00:46:17   but like they have been very specifically targeting,

00:46:21   'cause of course you would,

00:46:22   best picture at the Oscars is a big frigging deal, right?

00:46:25   And so everyone targets it if you're in this business,

00:46:28   it's what you want, right?

00:46:30   - Yeah, and we've been talking about,

00:46:33   since Apple started to get into this,

00:46:35   we, you know, obviously we talked about it

00:46:37   when it was all just rumors

00:46:38   and then we've seen it kind of come to fruition now,

00:46:40   it's really kind of funny that,

00:46:41   that event where they launched Apple TV+

00:46:43   was three years ago,

00:46:44   where they had Steven Spielberg and Jason Momoa

00:46:47   come out on stage and all that.

00:46:48   That was three years ago and here we are,

00:46:49   they won best picture.

00:46:51   But we talked throughout,

00:46:53   and I know we talked about it a hundred episodes ago,

00:46:56   that one of the ways the strategy is validated

00:46:59   and it makes the company kind of like feel good

00:47:02   and say, see, we're not just hemorrhaging money here,

00:47:05   we care and we make good content.

00:47:08   Like it isn't something that goes directly

00:47:12   to the balance sheet, but getting recognition matters.

00:47:15   and you could see how much getting recognition

00:47:18   mattered to Apple.

00:47:19   It's why those very early nominations

00:47:23   for the morning show were a big deal.

00:47:25   And that one, remember, Billy Crudup won

00:47:27   a supporting actor award from somewhere, SAG,

00:47:30   or Golden Globes or something.

00:47:32   And we're like, oh, Apple's really gonna make hay with that.

00:47:34   And then Ted Lasso happened.

00:47:36   And Ted Lasso ended up being strangely the thing

00:47:39   that was like the big deal where Apple is like,

00:47:41   see, we dominated.

00:47:43   And I'll just, so now there's this,

00:47:45   and it's meaningful to Apple

00:47:47   and it's meaningful to all the other streamers.

00:47:49   It would be meaningful to Amazon and to Netflix.

00:47:51   I think it's also funny to think that now there's a,

00:47:55   Apple is the reigning champion of best comedy at the Emmys

00:47:59   and best picture at the Oscars on Apple TV+.

00:48:03   What?

00:48:03   - I mean, but like this is that thing, right?

00:48:06   Like where it is too early to call it,

00:48:09   but this is the situation, this is what they do.

00:48:12   Like in technology, this is what they do, right?

00:48:14   Like it's the old thing of like Apple arrives late

00:48:17   to the game, but they always do it better

00:48:19   than everyone else, you know, asterisk, asterisk.

00:48:22   - Well, it's hard because they're going into an area

00:48:24   that they didn't know.

00:48:25   And I think that this is the key where they did their stuff

00:48:27   where they were tinkering around with video content, right?

00:48:29   And that's- - Planet of the Apps.

00:48:30   - And so Planet of the Apps, everybody brings it up.

00:48:32   And when they hired what, Jamie Ehrlich and Zach Van Amburg,

00:48:37   Zach and Jamie, the pair from Sony, when they hired them,

00:48:40   everybody was like, "Oh boy, more Planet of the Apps."

00:48:42   And I was like, no, no, no, this is Apple admitting

00:48:45   that Eddie Q is not gonna make great TV and movies, right?

00:48:50   That it needs to be people who understand the business

00:48:53   and understand the people.

00:48:55   And they set up their offices in LA with Zach and Jamie,

00:48:59   and they got to work and they hired a bunch of respected TV

00:49:01   and film executives from all over the world.

00:49:04   And they had a strategy and we can see the strategy now,

00:49:08   right, the strategy is be like HBO was.

00:49:11   The strategy was be a little picky

00:49:13   and come up with some like,

00:49:16   and pay for quality and pay for high profile talent.

00:49:20   And not everything's gonna be a hit.

00:49:22   And of course, everybody who's waiting to feed the narrative

00:49:24   that Apple doesn't know what it's doing in Hollywood

00:49:26   is gonna pick on the stuff that does not become

00:49:29   a great success and make jokes about it.

00:49:31   But the truth is nobody has a track record

00:49:34   of perfection in Hollywood.

00:49:36   You pick your spots and then you,

00:49:38   if you create a good system

00:49:40   where you're picking the right stuff,

00:49:42   some of it's gonna hit.

00:49:43   And "Tetlasso" hit, obviously "Coda" has one best picture.

00:49:48   I would say that you see it with some of the other stuff

00:49:50   that's coming on Apple now.

00:49:52   There's a huge undercurrent of "Severance" fandom

00:49:57   that I keep hearing people discover "Severance"

00:50:01   which I've only seen episode one of and I loved it,

00:50:04   but that's the Adam Scott TV show.

00:50:06   - Oh, I haven't seen that yet, but it's on the list.

00:50:09   directed by Ben Stiller.

00:50:11   I keep seeing people discover it and say,

00:50:13   "This is amazingly good."

00:50:15   - I'm scared of it.

00:50:16   'Cause it's like a little bit thriller-y.

00:50:18   I'm like a little bit like, I want to see it,

00:50:20   but like I'm nervous.

00:50:21   - So anyway, there's a lot of this stuff.

00:50:23   So like this is, I think could Apple TV+

00:50:26   have been a colossal failure?

00:50:27   Yes.

00:50:28   Are they spending way more money

00:50:29   than they're taking in for this?

00:50:32   Yes, but I think it serves a larger strategy for Apple.

00:50:36   And I think one of the things that they really wanted

00:50:38   was validation that like they are serious about this

00:50:41   and they are not gonna be falling all over themselves

00:50:44   making crappy content like Planet of the Apps

00:50:46   or something like that and Carpool Karaoke.

00:50:48   Like that was not what they were doing

00:50:50   once they hired Jamie and Zach.

00:50:53   This is what they were gonna do.

00:50:54   And this is just, you know, they have arrived.

00:50:58   This is, you know, we can talk about like

00:51:00   what role they play in the streaming future

00:51:03   and whether there's room for a more niche player

00:51:06   like Apple is right now.

00:51:07   But when you look at the Emmy nominations

00:51:09   and the Oscar nominations and the wins

00:51:11   and all the trophies that they're picking up,

00:51:13   it sounds like they have a way to be relevant

00:51:16   even if they're not producing at the level

00:51:18   of something like Netflix.

00:51:19   So it's a, I mean, they should take a victory lap.

00:51:22   They should be doing some power sliding on Infinite Loop,

00:51:24   right, like this morning, get out there.

00:51:26   - I mean, it's early in the day, but I'm thorough, for us,

00:51:29   but I'm thoroughly expecting an apple.com takeover

00:51:32   of the webpage at the moment.

00:51:33   Currently it says Academy Award nominee,

00:51:36   best picture coder, like halfway down the page, I'm expecting that the apple.com webpage

00:51:41   will look very different at some point today.

00:51:43   - Probably.

00:51:44   - Something I wanted to just touch on a little bit, I've been seeing some people talk about

00:51:47   this online, saying, oh, this isn't an Apple original, like some of the TV shows, as if

00:51:52   it's like they didn't do the work for this.

00:51:55   This isn't how the movie part of this works.

00:51:57   - Yeah, I mean, you make a deal at various points, and Apple is spinning up their own

00:52:02   Apple you know production shingle where they can produce movies themselves

00:52:06   But that feels like that's gonna be more TV than it is movies

00:52:09   But like the movie like so I looked into this a little bit

00:52:11   So the one that we're talking about the power of the dog the Netflix movie that wasn't a Netflix original

00:52:16   They bought that like this happens a lot like the movies get there's like a lot of production companies

00:52:22   And they make the movies and they take them to film festivals and they get bought

00:52:25   But like the difference which I will understand is when a movie wins best picture

00:52:31   people don't usually focus on universal pictures

00:52:34   as part of the story, right?

00:52:36   - But this is the first movie that was, you know,

00:52:40   basically exclusive to a streaming service

00:52:42   to win Best Picture, and that's why it's notable.

00:52:44   Remember when we were saying like,

00:52:45   Apple was like, oh, the historic nominations for Coda,

00:52:47   and we're like, what are they exactly?

00:52:49   And the answer was, because it's a primarily deaf cast

00:52:51   and all that was what they were going for.

00:52:53   Well, here's another barrier broken,

00:52:55   which is streaming service movie wins Best Picture.

00:52:59   That's a big deal.

00:53:00   No, but they bought it at Sundance.

00:53:02   This is true.

00:53:03   But at the same time, this is a movie

00:53:05   that premiered on Apple TV.

00:53:08   It's on Apple TV.

00:53:09   It's domestic.

00:53:10   It's reported US domestic box office is $0

00:53:13   and it won best picture.

00:53:14   It's pretty wild.

00:53:17   And again, they get the credit not for making the movie,

00:53:19   but for buying the movie and also for promoting the movie

00:53:22   and spending more than $10 million on their Oscar campaign.

00:53:25   And they got the trophy for it.

00:53:28   - Yeah, that's how it looks, right?

00:53:29   This is how it works.

00:53:31   - This is how it works.

00:53:32   - The difference is, as you say,

00:53:32   usually we don't focus on it, like who is behind it.

00:53:35   It's usually like we focus on the cast, the crew,

00:53:38   that kind of thing.

00:53:39   It's not so much.

00:53:40   However, I'm sure that there are pockets of this, right?

00:53:44   So like if it's a Marvel movie, we focus on that.

00:53:46   You know, if a Marvel movie is to win Best Picture,

00:53:48   we're like, "Oh wow, Marvel movies want Best Picture."

00:53:50   So there are these little fiefdoms.

00:53:52   I'm naturally going to assume

00:53:56   that there will be an Oscars-focused episode of Downstream.

00:53:59   I would think we'll talk about it at least quite a lot,

00:54:01   but that'll be next week.

00:54:02   - At least quite a lot.

00:54:03   Yeah, I look forward to it.

00:54:04   So if people enjoyed this conversation--

00:54:05   - There's a lot going on.

00:54:06   - And they want more of the, yeah, there sure is.

00:54:08   And they want more of the wider context

00:54:10   of the effect of the Oscars.

00:54:12   You can go check out Downstream here on Real AFM,

00:54:14   featuring Jason Snell and the very wonderful

00:54:17   Julia Alexander who does a fantastic job.

00:54:19   You two, I really love it.

00:54:20   - I just ask her the questions and then she talks

00:54:22   and she gets paid to think about this all day.

00:54:24   Like that's what she does, so it's great.

00:54:26   She has such a great perspective on it.

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00:56:43   Okay, so there's episode 400.

00:56:45   Yeah, happy 400.

00:56:47   So we're gonna be scoring a draft.

00:56:50   We are!

00:56:51   Surprise!

00:56:52   Surprise!

00:56:53   Mm-hmm.

00:56:54   I think we forgot we did this for a while.

00:56:58   I did, and then it came up in my to-do list a couple of months ago as a thing that I needed

00:57:03   to check, and I was like, "What does that mean?"

00:57:05   And then I went to the wonderful upgrade.cards, which is put together and maintained by a

00:57:10   friend of the show, Zach Knox, on episode 300 of this here upgrade program, which was

00:57:17   many moons ago. When exactly was that? Let me see. Upgrade 300. It was all the way back

00:57:25   in June of 2020. June 1st, 2020. We did a draft in episode 300 of things that we think

00:57:34   may or may not happen in a hundred episodes time. And here we are today, 100 episodes

00:57:41   later. So here's the funniest thing about this is because Apple, because of the pandemic,

00:57:47   which we were already in when we recorded episode 300,

00:57:50   but because of the pandemic,

00:57:51   Apple ended up changing its way that it announced events

00:57:55   to be a week's notice,

00:57:56   which meant that this episode is actually happening

00:57:59   like a month before we thought it would.

00:58:01   - Yeah.

00:58:02   - Because we had to do so many bonus episodes

00:58:06   in order to do our draft.

00:58:08   - Like luckily I had prepared against myself for there

00:58:10   by setting that task way in advance.

00:58:12   And today when I set my task for episode 500,

00:58:17   which is in obviously 100 weeks from now,

00:58:19   all the way out in February of 2024,

00:58:22   'cause we're gonna be doing another draft today.

00:58:24   I said it in like January. - January 1st.

00:58:26   - Yeah, in January 2024 to remember that we got it.

00:58:29   - You never know how many episodes of Upgrades

00:58:31   you're gonna do.

00:58:31   - We will start by scoring the episode 400 draft

00:58:36   that we did in episode 300,

00:58:38   and then we're gonna be making more draft predictions today

00:58:41   for episode 500.

00:58:42   - Now, before we get started, I just wanna point out,

00:58:43   I listened to some of this today,

00:58:45   'cause of course we record these

00:58:46   and then have no memory of them later.

00:58:48   And I listened to it and I asked you then,

00:58:51   and it's funny 'cause I was thinking this now,

00:58:53   and I actually asked you about it then,

00:58:54   which is does this count toward the winner

00:58:57   of the overall upgrade draft champion for the year of 2022?

00:59:02   Or is it more of an exhibition?

00:59:05   And your response was,

00:59:06   I think it's an exhibition unless I win it.

00:59:09   - Yes, I stand by that today.

00:59:11   (laughing)

00:59:14   And I will say for now, for episode 500,

00:59:17   this is purely an exhibition.

00:59:19   - Okay, thank you.

00:59:20   - This does not count, either way.

00:59:22   - It's just for fun.

00:59:23   - Because it's weird, right?

00:59:24   Like it doesn't act like the other drafts in its own way.

00:59:29   Like the pricks are very different,

00:59:31   it's a lot more nebulous.

00:59:33   And plus, to me, like, I mean, we'll talk about this maybe,

00:59:36   but when I was thinking of my picks for this draft

00:59:39   we're about to do in a bit,

00:59:41   I was picking things that initially,

00:59:43   thinking it's like this is going to be in like 2025. It's like, yeah, like really far

00:59:48   it's like no no no no no. You gotta scale it back. That happened 100 episodes ago too

00:59:53   where you said at some point you know you were reminded that it was only two WWDCs between

00:59:58   then and now and so you gotta you gotta restrain yourself a little bit. I'm like oh this is

01:00:03   five years away from it. No it's not it's not five years away. Okay can I tell you what

01:00:08   my first pick in round one in episode 300 was? Yeah I think we should go through them

01:00:12   we'll go through all of yours, go through all of mine, we'll score them.

01:00:14   Apple receives an Oscar nomination.

01:00:20   So good. This is so good.

01:00:23   And I say in the episode, I say in the episode, I don't think I can pick that they're going

01:00:27   to win an Oscar. If I had to pick an award, I would say that they would win an Emmy, which

01:00:31   they also did. But can you imagine if I picked Apple receives an Oscar and we did the episode

01:00:37   the day after the Oscars. Can you imagine? But all I did was the nomination, so I get

01:00:43   the point.

01:00:44   - I would have laughed you off the episode if that would have been ludicrous, genuinely

01:00:48   ludicrous to pick back then, that they would win an Oscar. What was your second pick?

01:00:55   - Are we gonna do mine straight up?

01:00:57   - Yeah, I think we should just do all of them.

01:00:59   - My second pick was MacBook Air name, this is what we were talking about earlier, MacBook

01:01:03   Air name still exists on a product.

01:01:07   It's a good one.

01:01:08   That's a good one.

01:01:09   It was really a question and I just thought they're not going to be able to kill it.

01:01:13   And then we had this discussion earlier today where you said, well, maybe they'll kill it.

01:01:16   And I thought, maybe, maybe not.

01:01:20   Maybe they can't kill it.

01:01:21   So I get that one.

01:01:23   iOS app development possible on the iPad.

01:01:27   It is.

01:01:28   It is.

01:01:29   We don't think about it a lot because it's a little bit constrained, but the Swift playgrounds

01:01:34   on iPad now you can develop and submit straight to the app store. I think at one point we

01:01:39   did talk about some apps that are out and available in the world that have been made

01:01:44   this way.

01:01:45   Yeah, for sure. So that came true. All right, some of these picks and I'll probably do this

01:01:50   this time too are the spirit of the age. So we were talking a lot about encryption stuff

01:01:57   and like law enforcement not wanting to be boxed out

01:02:02   of reading people's text messages via encryption.

01:02:06   And so I guessed Apple would be targeted

01:02:08   by specific encryption related legislation in the US.

01:02:11   This hasn't happened.

01:02:13   The sites of Congress have gone in other places

01:02:17   in terms of regulating big tech and not to encryption.

01:02:20   And my final pick, which I am gonna say is arguably wrong,

01:02:25   Although if I really cared,

01:02:27   I could make the argument that it's right,

01:02:29   but I think it's not in the spirit of the pick,

01:02:31   which is four different products exist

01:02:34   with the name AirPods.

01:02:36   Now we have AirPods Pro and AirPods and AirPods Max.

01:02:40   And you could argue that there are Apple still selling

01:02:42   two different AirPods, but they have the same name.

01:02:46   - Yeah, their website has four things on it.

01:02:49   - Yes.

01:02:50   - They are basically the same thing.

01:02:53   - Also, I said that they could sell

01:02:54   like a little charger, which they do sort of

01:02:59   for like laying down the AirPods

01:03:02   and laying down your iPhone.

01:03:03   But I think this is probably arguably,

01:03:06   each of us has a pick that's sort of like,

01:03:07   you could try to lawyer it into being right.

01:03:10   But I think in the spirit of it,

01:03:11   what I was saying is they gotta keep on churning out

01:03:13   new AirPods products.

01:03:15   Holding around the last generation

01:03:18   doesn't feel like it's for different products, right?

01:03:20   It feels like it's three different products,

01:03:22   one of which has the old version and the new version.

01:03:25   So I'm willing to let that one go

01:03:27   and that gives me three points.

01:03:28   - Three points, okay.

01:03:29   So my round one, Apple services bundle unveiled.

01:03:34   - You were a believer.

01:03:36   I was skeptical because it had been rumored for so long

01:03:39   and hadn't happened and look what happened.

01:03:41   - Pick two.

01:03:42   - I pay for it.

01:03:44   - Apple by Johnny Ive collaboration.

01:03:47   Nothing ever happened.

01:03:48   - Yeah, you thought that they were gonna do a collab on like-

01:03:51   - I thought they would do one thing.

01:03:52   - Like a watch band.

01:03:53   - Just to say that they did it,

01:03:55   which was 'cause they were sort of,

01:03:55   "Oh, we're gonna continue working together."

01:03:57   Nothing happened.

01:03:58   There is, like, it's not a collaboration,

01:04:00   but it was known that, like, apparently he was,

01:04:02   it was reported anyway,

01:04:04   that he was still helping out with the Colorful iMac.

01:04:07   That was a report.

01:04:08   I think Wyatt had that report,

01:04:11   but I don't know about that one.

01:04:13   Three, Apple hardware product focused on AR is unveiled.

01:04:18   Not yet, Myke Hurley.

01:04:20   - Not yet.

01:04:21   - No, you're so close, but not yet.

01:04:23   - Pretty close, but not yet.

01:04:24   - So close.

01:04:25   - Round four, consumer Macs transitioned

01:04:28   to ARM-based processors.

01:04:30   I love that, it's such a funny little thing.

01:04:32   Like there's a lot of hedging in there, you know?

01:04:34   - Well, you know, it was before Apple Silicon Transition

01:04:38   began or was even announced.

01:04:40   It was right before it was announced.

01:04:42   And we were like, how long are they gonna do the transition

01:04:45   and are they really gonna be able,

01:04:46   there's a lot of, are they really gonna be able

01:04:49   to make pro level Macs with their chips right away.

01:04:53   And so you constrained your pick

01:04:55   to the consumer Macs will get there.

01:04:57   What's funny if you listen to that episode and I did

01:05:00   is my response to this pick was to say

01:05:02   that one of the things on my list was

01:05:05   only the Mac Pro will remain on Intel.

01:05:08   - Oh interesting. - It's like wow, wow.

01:05:11   - Yeah, I think I was pretty lucky

01:05:13   'cause I think I could have easily gone

01:05:14   with Apple transitions of their Macs

01:05:17   like it wouldn't technically be correct, right?

01:05:19   'Cause there's still one out there.

01:05:21   - Yeah, and the Intel Mac Mini is technically still there,

01:05:24   although I think I could probably again litigate

01:05:25   that they said very specifically they only had one left

01:05:28   to go when it was the Mac Pro,

01:05:30   that if I had picked that, we could have said it was right.

01:05:32   But you backed off of it,

01:05:33   and I think that was a prudent thing to do.

01:05:35   And yeah, thumbs up, that was a good one.

01:05:38   - And then my final one is the iPhone launch schedule

01:05:40   is staggered, for example, spring and fall.

01:05:43   Now, the iPhone SE is out, but that's not what I meant.

01:05:47   What I meant, which they haven't done,

01:05:49   but I still think there's a possibility

01:05:50   that one day they may do this,

01:05:52   is the regular and Pro phones come out at different times.

01:05:57   To do this though,

01:05:58   they do need to take the Samsung approach,

01:06:00   which I'm now less, I'm a bit more shaky on.

01:06:03   It's like the regular and Pro phones are really different.

01:06:07   The only time I see this happening now

01:06:09   is if they do something

01:06:11   which is like a very different kind of iPhone,

01:06:13   like a foldable iPhone or something like that.

01:06:15   - Well, I will say the rumor

01:06:18   that they're not gonna update the processor

01:06:21   in the low-end iPhone this year, in the fall,

01:06:24   does make me want,

01:06:28   I don't think they're gonna do it either,

01:06:30   but once they do that,

01:06:33   like what's stopping them from only releasing,

01:06:36   the other way they could do it, let me put it this way,

01:06:38   the other way they could do it

01:06:39   is they could release the Pro phones in the fall

01:06:41   and then with the A16,

01:06:44   and then in the spring release the regular phones

01:06:46   in the A16, right?

01:06:49   They could do that.

01:06:50   And they might even do that this time, right?

01:06:51   They release those regular phones with the A15 in the fall.

01:06:55   Again, I don't think they will, but they could.

01:06:57   And then in the spring they could be like,

01:06:59   "Oh, and now they're updated with the A16," or something.

01:07:03   Like, I don't think it'll happen.

01:07:05   I'm just saying you're seeing a bifurcation

01:07:08   of the two iPhone models, the two iPhone lines

01:07:13   that wasn't there before.

01:07:16   And if one of them has a different processor,

01:07:18   the other one, so it's not even on the same processor cycle

01:07:21   'cause the processor cycle's been

01:07:23   what has been driving this, right?

01:07:24   It's like new processor, A15, it goes in the iPhones

01:07:26   and then it goes in other stuff and versions of it exist

01:07:29   and there's an X and there's an M1 and whatever else.

01:07:32   And if that's not true, if like this falls,

01:07:34   iPhones have the old chip in it for half of the models,

01:07:38   Like, it's not an unreasonable second step for them

01:07:41   to just say, "We're not gonna release them

01:07:43   at the same time."

01:07:45   And you could put them on the same chip generation then,

01:07:48   but stagger their release.

01:07:50   Again, I don't think they're gonna do it,

01:07:51   but they could. - I think the problem

01:07:52   is always gonna be design.

01:07:54   Like, if they're gonna follow the same design

01:07:57   and mostly feature the same, like, features,

01:08:00   they can't do it.

01:08:01   - But the designs are diverging a bit too, right?

01:08:03   So like, I guess that's my question,

01:08:05   is how divergent are those two models gonna go?

01:08:07   Again, I think they get plenty of attention

01:08:10   releasing all the iPhones at once.

01:08:12   So that's probably what they're gonna stick with.

01:08:13   But I've never really bought your iPhone launch

01:08:18   stagger theory, but the more that they make them different,

01:08:23   the more I think it's possible

01:08:25   that they could do that down the road.

01:08:26   'Cause if they're identical, it doesn't make sense.

01:08:28   - I just think it flattens the logistics

01:08:30   and it flattens the revenue a little bit more.

01:08:33   And I think that there's a lot of benefits to that.

01:08:35   - Yeah, you spread it out a little bit.

01:08:36   And honestly, also I will say,

01:08:38   if you roll out the new chip generation in the fall

01:08:40   with the pros, and then the non-pros follow in the spring,

01:08:45   you will also, if you're Apple, pick up some people

01:08:47   who will want the newness and the hotness.

01:08:50   And those are the people, first off,

01:08:52   the people who are buying right away

01:08:53   when a product gets announced,

01:08:55   are the kind of people who are buying a pro product,

01:08:57   'cause they care about the new specs.

01:08:59   If the other phone model is not as new

01:09:01   and doesn't really have new specs anymore,

01:09:03   it's kind of trailing behind,

01:09:05   it's a lot less important that it be announced

01:09:07   at the same time, because those buyers, like the SE,

01:09:10   those buyers are kind of trickling in over time.

01:09:12   I guess you could say that there are holiday buyers

01:09:15   who wanna buy a new iPhone for the holiday season,

01:09:18   and so putting it out in the fall is the right time.

01:09:21   And that's true, but I don't know.

01:09:24   I guess I'm saying, I don't think it will happen,

01:09:28   but it's less unlikely than it used to be, I think.

01:09:32   - I would say, so three, two to you,

01:09:34   I would say we did pretty well between the two of us.

01:09:38   - I think so. - Half.

01:09:39   You know, that's not too bad actually.

01:09:41   - 50% of our predictions for 100 episodes out came true

01:09:44   and two more that were, you know,

01:09:49   arguable in some ways.

01:09:51   I like the AirPods thing.

01:09:52   The spirit there was really more AirPods products

01:09:55   and they are selling four AirPods,

01:09:57   but they're not, it's really more like three and a half.

01:09:59   So I didn't quite hit the threshold, but yeah,

01:10:02   - Yeah, we are, we did okay, I think.

01:10:05   - Yeah, I'm pretty proud of us.

01:10:07   - Yeah, good for us.

01:10:08   Oh, I wanted to mention something else I found

01:10:13   before we shift gears to the future.

01:10:15   I wanted to mention one other thing that we mentioned

01:10:16   in episode 300 that I thought was funny,

01:10:19   is one of our stories about what was being acquired,

01:10:22   films that were being acquired by Apple TV,

01:10:24   we talk about the Oscar and all of that,

01:10:26   was "Killers of the Flower Moon."

01:10:30   the Martin Scorsese directed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio

01:10:35   and Robert De Niro and Oscar nominee Jesse Plemons,

01:10:39   by the way.

01:10:40   And what I think it's funny is it still hasn't come out.

01:10:44   Its release date is November.

01:10:46   So 100 episodes ago, Apple acquired a film

01:10:49   or decided it would be producing the film.

01:10:52   And we are, check back in November,

01:10:56   check back eight months from now.

01:10:58   - Weirdly, I'm not surprised about this, honestly,

01:11:01   with a Martin Scorsese movie.

01:11:02   - It takes a long time to make a movie,

01:11:04   but it was just one of those moments where I'm like,

01:11:05   "Did this fall through?"

01:11:06   And the answer is no, no, it's coming out in November,

01:11:09   but it was 100 episodes ago that it was announced

01:11:12   that Apple was going to bankroll it.

01:11:14   - I mean, and it's obviously doing it

01:11:15   'cause they signed the first look with Martin Scorsese.

01:11:17   Yeah, as well.

01:11:18   - Yeah, and this is in Apple Studios,

01:11:19   what I said before about them getting further up

01:11:22   in the chain, right?

01:11:23   Like there's buying a movie at Sundance

01:11:25   where you're just buying a movie that was already made

01:11:28   and you saw it and you liked it and you wrote them a check.

01:11:30   This is Apple Studios.

01:11:32   So this is way further back, obviously,

01:11:34   two years ago where they put down their money

01:11:38   and said, we want to be in business with Martin Scorsese

01:11:40   and Leonardo DiCaprio and we're going to make this movie.

01:11:43   And we'll see it all in November

01:11:44   when it will be primed for Oscar season, you know,

01:11:47   and so it goes.

01:11:48   - All right, let's take our final break

01:11:50   and then we will do our episode 500 draft.

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01:13:12   And so you, you know, and it's mine is fueled

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01:13:22   They are all interchangeable,

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01:13:37   - Man, I haven't had a pineapple pepperoni pizza

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01:14:22   So the episode 500 draft we turn our attention to now.

01:14:27   - Here it is.

01:14:29   - Now in our document you have put me as pick him first.

01:14:32   Are you just being kind to me here?

01:14:34   - I have decided.

01:14:36   - All right.

01:14:37   - That the challenger, challenger.

01:14:40   - In this one.

01:14:41   - In the draft of the ages should go first.

01:14:45   - I like that name.

01:14:47   I just was calling it in my mind the episode draft,

01:14:49   but I like draft of the ages.

01:14:52   So this is, remember, February, 2024.

01:14:55   My first pick is, in February, 2024,

01:14:58   there will be no Apple car.

01:15:00   - You stole my number one pick?

01:15:03   (laughing)

01:15:04   - Yeah, so this is actually-- - I had it at the top

01:15:05   of my list, still no car.

01:15:07   - For people that are draft historians,

01:15:09   people that really know how we play our drafts,

01:15:12   there is something we're doing differently here.

01:15:15   Usually we have a shared draft list, right?

01:15:18   We always talk about that and we pick from that.

01:15:21   - We were having a conversation and I suggested,

01:15:24   well, considering this is so far in advance

01:15:26   and we could pick literally anything,

01:15:28   why don't we keep these lists secret from each other?

01:15:32   - I regret giving you the first pick now

01:15:34   'cause that was gonna totally be my first pick.

01:15:36   It's a, what do they call it on the Ricky's website?

01:15:39   It's a downer pick.

01:15:40   It's a bummer pick, but I think you're right.

01:15:45   - It's not gonna happen, right?

01:15:47   - No, it's not gonna happen.

01:15:47   - It's not gonna happen.

01:15:48   I don't think it's ever gonna happen.

01:15:50   - It's definitely not happening in two years time.

01:15:52   - Right, it's the buzz killer pic.

01:15:53   That was a buzz killer pic, but it's a smart pic.

01:15:57   - Who's buzz is being killed by me saying,

01:16:00   you know what I mean?

01:16:01   Like who's out there is like really into it.

01:16:03   - Predicting a thing that doesn't happen is,

01:16:08   all right, I am going to say an iMac larger than 24 inches

01:16:14   will be released.

01:16:17   - Okay, yeah.

01:16:19   - Maybe you should say we'll be available, you know?

01:16:21   - We'll be announced or available, yeah.

01:16:23   - Yeah, that's nice, that's nice, I like that.

01:16:25   - 'Cause I don't wanna fall in that trap of being,

01:16:28   well, technically it's not available,

01:16:30   but they only announced it last week.

01:16:32   - Who's doing that, by the way, is that me?

01:16:34   - No, that would be the pedants on the internet,

01:16:39   bad people, bad people, not you.

01:16:40   - Okay, cool.

01:16:41   - No, I mean, you're right, the gentleman's agreement here,

01:16:43   I could say, again, will exist,

01:16:46   and that's all we need to say, right?

01:16:48   That works for me.

01:16:49   - Right, because then we're not arguing about,

01:16:51   well, technically does it exist?

01:16:52   If not, it's only been announced.

01:16:54   And again, that's not you, that's everybody else.

01:16:57   - We know that's not me.

01:16:57   - So the gentleman's agreement, it's fine.

01:16:59   It's really, it's everybody on connected

01:17:02   who fights about what the words of a pick mean.

01:17:05   - Not me.

01:17:06   - That's who I was doing.

01:17:07   No, not you.

01:17:07   - Not me, those three guys.

01:17:08   I probably should update you by the way,

01:17:10   that I have come around.

01:17:12   I've come back around to an IAMAC Pro.

01:17:15   like after we spoke about it a couple of weeks ago,

01:17:19   you know, I've come back around to that idea.

01:17:21   I think that an IOMAC Pro will exist,

01:17:24   but sometime into the future.

01:17:26   And I do agree with you that I think it will be before

01:17:29   February 2024, but honestly might be only just, right?

01:17:34   I could imagine that being a announced in December,

01:17:38   2023 kind of deal, who knows?

01:17:40   - Yeah, could be.

01:17:41   - All right. - We'll find out.

01:17:42   I think that since we're picking here

01:17:45   for what will be the beginning of '24,

01:17:49   I am going with the idea that by the end of '23,

01:17:53   there will be a big iMac, yeah.

01:17:55   - All right, so my second pick.

01:17:57   So we're all very excited about Friday night baseball

01:18:01   coming to Apple TV Plus, right?

01:18:03   - Aren't we though?

01:18:04   - Like very excited.

01:18:06   If I'm ever gonna watch baseball,

01:18:07   I want it to be on a Friday night.

01:18:09   Also, actually kind of funny--

01:18:10   - I'm gonna text you.

01:18:11   I'll text you when it's on.

01:18:12   It's kind of funny.

01:18:14   It would technically be Saturday morning baseball for me,

01:18:17   which is so it's funny that they're calling it that way

01:18:19   considering it is going to be available.

01:18:22   - Maybe they'll brand it differently

01:18:23   in places where it's Saturday.

01:18:25   - Terrible time on Saturday baseball, we'll call it.

01:18:28   - It's Saturday afternoon baseball in Australia

01:18:33   and it's probably Saturday baseball

01:18:35   in Saturday morning baseball maybe in Korea and Japan.

01:18:38   So I don't know, maybe, but terrible,

01:18:41   - Terrible time baseball, late night baseball.

01:18:43   - Terrible time baseball is what we'll call it.

01:18:45   But that's not my pick.

01:18:46   My pick is that Apple TV+ will include live programming

01:18:50   that is not sports.

01:18:51   - Ooh, what does that mean?

01:18:54   - I don't know.

01:18:55   - So to be clear here, this isn't like bundling in

01:18:59   a cable channel that has it as like a channel.

01:19:02   It's like you pay for Apple TV+

01:19:04   and you get live programming that is not sports.

01:19:07   - Yeah, it's part of the Apple TV+ subscription thing,

01:19:10   right, like in the way that the Friday night baseball is.

01:19:13   You know?

01:19:14   Like I don't want to say like Apple makes it,

01:19:15   if that makes sense, but like it's that,

01:19:17   as an Apple TV Plus subscriber, without any add-ons,

01:19:22   unless it comes from Apple.

01:19:24   All right, you get what I'm trying to say, right?

01:19:27   Like if you're an Apple TV Plus subscriber,

01:19:30   you can get live programming.

01:19:31   It is possible that Apple may charge you more for it,

01:19:34   if that makes sense.

01:19:35   - Right, but it's coming from Apple TV Plus,

01:19:37   it's not being shunted from another source.

01:19:38   - From somewhere else, no.

01:19:40   What is this? What do you think this will be?

01:19:42   Because this is... I don't...

01:19:44   This could be live specials of some kind.

01:19:46   Maybe they go into news, right?

01:19:49   They have that news podcast. Maybe they do that.

01:19:52   Honestly, I don't know, right?

01:19:55   But I tell you what made me think of this, right?

01:19:58   A hundred episodes ago, I don't think I would have expected that they were going to be doing live sports.

01:20:04   So my thinking is that there is a potential for stuff

01:20:09   for them to do in this area.

01:20:11   They're gonna have learned about it from sports.

01:20:13   Maybe they move into something else.

01:20:15   Like James is saying, concerts.

01:20:17   Concerts could be a thing that they put on Apple TV+.

01:20:19   It could be a whole thing that they do.

01:20:21   I don't know, right?

01:20:23   But live TV is a thing that exists,

01:20:25   and there are things that you can do on live TV.

01:20:28   Like a live comedy show, right?

01:20:30   Why not?

01:20:31   Like a Saturday Night Live or something.

01:20:32   - Sure.

01:20:33   - Yeah, maybe.

01:20:34   - And it's not necessarily, it's like,

01:20:36   oh, they have so many things.

01:20:38   Like it could just be one show that they do every week,

01:20:40   but it's live.

01:20:42   That's what I'm thinking.

01:20:43   I'm just thinking that in two years' time,

01:20:46   from where they are now to where they were two years ago,

01:20:49   like I'm thinking of the progression of Apple TV+,

01:20:52   I can see them just wanting to try lots of different stuff,

01:20:55   and I could imagine a live show.

01:20:57   - Interesting.

01:20:58   I'm gonna go a little more restrained than that

01:21:00   and say Apple TV+ will broadcast another live sport

01:21:03   that is not baseball.

01:21:05   - So I was thinking this,

01:21:06   but wanted to be a little bit more daring,

01:21:08   but like I was thinking it too.

01:21:09   - You are more daring. - It could be football,

01:21:10   it could be some kind of racing.

01:21:12   - Racing, yeah sure.

01:21:13   - That was my first pick and then I was like,

01:21:15   "No, let's go, let's swing for the fences."

01:21:17   - Yeah, good for you, good baseball metaphor there.

01:21:19   I like that.

01:21:20   - There will be two more products branded studio

01:21:24   is my third pick.

01:21:26   - Oh, I had on my list another Apple hardware product

01:21:30   called Studio.

01:21:31   - Again, I thought I could go with one,

01:21:33   but like, no, why go with one when you can go with two?

01:21:35   You know? - Two.

01:21:36   Swinging for those fences.

01:21:38   I like it because it is a word that was just introduced,

01:21:43   but it is an interesting direction for them.

01:21:48   That it feels like this,

01:21:49   they don't drop a new word into their product lineup

01:21:54   without careful consideration

01:21:56   of how they might deploy it.

01:21:57   - Yeah, I mean, they're using it in two places already.

01:21:59   You know what I mean?

01:22:00   - Yeah, yeah.

01:22:01   And we've seen with Max and with Pro and with Mini

01:22:04   and with Air that they like to recycle their descriptors.

01:22:09   Right?

01:22:10   So why would they not do this?

01:22:12   - And it's a brand new name.

01:22:13   It can mean a bunch of different things.

01:22:15   You know, it's got the create angle tied into it

01:22:17   and I'm really excited about it.

01:22:19   But particularly, I just love it.

01:22:20   I think it's a great brand.

01:22:21   So that's why I wanted to pick it.

01:22:23   And I was like, let's just go all studio everywhere.

01:22:26   - Like I think AirPods Max will be rebranded

01:22:29   to AirPods Studio.

01:22:31   - To AirPods Studio.

01:22:32   - Mm-hmm.

01:22:33   - It's a good name.

01:22:34   It's a better name.

01:22:35   - It's a great name.

01:22:35   It's a great name.

01:22:36   What's your third pick?

01:22:37   - I'm looking at this list now

01:22:39   and I'm just not loving any of them.

01:22:42   I'm just gonna go with big products again.

01:22:48   - Okay.

01:22:49   - And iPad will have a display larger than 12.9 inches.

01:22:54   - Wow.

01:22:56   Are you wowing that pic or wowing that it's such a timid pic?

01:23:02   Because I think it's definitely going to happen.

01:23:03   I actually think it's possible that 12.9 will get bigger, but I think that there'll be a

01:23:07   larger iPad.

01:23:08   Yeah, iPad Studio.

01:23:09   This is one of those things where it's like, do I believe this will happen?

01:23:14   Yes.

01:23:15   Do I believe this will have happened by February 2024?

01:23:19   I don't know.

01:23:20   I don't know.

01:23:21   Because like the rest of my picks today except for one that I have in my little list

01:23:26   I have like a list of seven here. Yeah, that's kind of where I'm at with a bunch of these where it's like

01:23:31   Yeah, oh, yeah. Do I think it's gonna happen? Yes, I do. Will it have happened in?

01:23:35   Less than two years. I'm not so sure but okay. I mean like here's that yes, I agree

01:23:42   This is gonna happen. It makes sense, right, but I just

01:23:44   Yeah

01:23:46   Okay, cool. Good pick. Thank you. I have an iPad related one, but it's a buzz killer and it oh

01:23:53   I'm really I'm doing it for the memes honestly, but dystopian science fiction is happening now right here. All right

01:23:59   I'm gonna make a pic right now, right?

01:24:02   Okay, this is fun. This is your turn. I'm gonna make a pic right now

01:24:06   Uh-huh that I could be wrong about potentially tomorrow

01:24:11   Wow, right

01:24:15   - For those who keep the live scoreboard,

01:24:18   you can just mark this one off tomorrow.

01:24:20   - No, maybe not, but it's not a definite.

01:24:22   - 'Cause it's something that could be invalidated

01:24:25   at any time, is what you're saying.

01:24:27   So this is like a won't, right?

01:24:28   This is like, this won't happen.

01:24:30   - Yeah, kind of.

01:24:31   WWDC has not returned to the pre-2020 style.

01:24:35   - All right.

01:24:37   - So as we're recording this,

01:24:38   it's very expected that within the next couple of days,

01:24:42   Apple will announce their 2022 WWDC plan.

01:24:46   And they could shock the world and say,

01:24:47   "Hey everyone, come back."

01:24:49   Myke Hurley thinks that's not gonna happen, right?

01:24:52   And Myke Hurley thinks it's never gonna happen.

01:24:54   - And you think it's not gonna happen next year either.

01:24:56   - I think it's done.

01:24:58   Like the idea of we're gonna bring 5,000 developers

01:25:03   to San Jose and do like a week's worth of programming,

01:25:07   I don't think that's ever gonna happen again.

01:25:09   And so that's where I'm going with it.

01:25:11   - Hmm, I think you may be right,

01:25:14   but I think it's interesting.

01:25:15   Like we don't know what the,

01:25:17   if things settle down and you get a whole year,

01:25:22   that's the question, right?

01:25:23   Like will Apple, if things settle down for a whole year,

01:25:26   say we're bringing it back or will Apple be like,

01:25:28   we're never bringing it back and we just don't know.

01:25:32   I think there's a good chance you're right.

01:25:34   I said at some point, 'cause you said pre 2020 style,

01:25:36   which I think is a good point here,

01:25:37   because I've said that I can still envision a scenario

01:25:40   where Apple uses WWDC as a media event.

01:25:44   - Oh yeah, for sure.

01:25:45   I think there's a chance they'll do that this year.

01:25:47   - Yeah, like a kickoff that's at the Steve Jobs Theater

01:25:51   that is a media event with people.

01:25:54   - And select developers that they wanna invite.

01:25:56   - And select developers, but it's not a conference.

01:26:00   It's a media event kicking off a week of virtual conference.

01:26:04   I think that there's a really good chance

01:26:05   that that's where they're gonna end up.

01:26:07   - Because, look, I said it at the time when I stand by it,

01:26:10   I think that is a better thing

01:26:13   for Apple's developer community as a whole.

01:26:16   - It is, it is.

01:26:17   'Cause only a tiny, tiny fraction could ever get a ticket

01:26:20   and even afford to go to San Jose for a week.

01:26:23   And so for most people, WWDC has always been virtual

01:26:28   for most people.

01:26:29   - Forcing it to be virtual has meant that they've had

01:26:32   to open up more opportunities for people that are virtual

01:26:35   and they'll continue to do that.

01:26:36   - And build new technologies and it works really well

01:26:39   and people are pretty happy with it.

01:26:40   So I agree, as much as I would be sad to lose it

01:26:44   because I wrote a piece many years ago on iMore

01:26:46   about how it basically took the banner from Macworld Expo

01:26:50   in terms of being the place that was like the event,

01:26:52   in-person event for our community.

01:26:55   The truth is if you're Apple and you look at it,

01:26:57   it doesn't really make sense.

01:26:59   So this makes more sense to do it this way.

01:27:03   That said, Apple is also the company

01:27:06   that is bringing everybody back to the office.

01:27:08   when we're like, you know, but you could do it virtually.

01:27:11   Apple's like, no, but we really believe

01:27:13   that having people in person,

01:27:14   and that could extend to WWDC.

01:27:16   I don't know.

01:27:17   - I don't.

01:27:18   I mean, I don't buy that at all.

01:27:22   There's an argument.

01:27:23   I've seen people making that argument.

01:27:24   It's like, this is an apples and oranges situation here.

01:27:29   - I agree, and yet I guess my point is not

01:27:31   that that would be the logic.

01:27:32   I guess my point is that I don't entirely agree with

01:27:35   or understand Apple's rationale there.

01:27:37   And if I don't understand that,

01:27:40   maybe I don't understand how they feel about WWDC.

01:27:44   - Sure. - I don't know.

01:27:45   For my next pick, Myke,

01:27:48   I put the first part of it in our document,

01:27:51   Somewhere in the World.

01:27:53   - I'm really intrigued about this.

01:27:54   For the last five minutes in our document,

01:27:56   it says somewhere in the world.

01:27:58   I'm like, what is it gonna say?

01:27:59   - Do you have a guess about what follows

01:28:01   Somewhere in the World?

01:28:03   - Somewhere in the World,

01:28:06   Apple opens another campus?

01:28:09   - No, no. - Okay, 'cause they are

01:28:11   doing that, so that would be it.

01:28:12   - Somewhere in the world,

01:28:14   Apple will let users sideload iOS apps.

01:28:17   - Oh, Jason, we might talk about this next week, by the way.

01:28:20   I have some links for maybe for us to talk about next week.

01:28:23   - Okay, this is me putting down that someone's gonna make--

01:28:26   - I couldn't squeeze antitrust into this episode today,

01:28:29   I just did not have the time,

01:28:31   but I've got a lot to say again.

01:28:32   - I know, but that's gonna be my choice,

01:28:35   is that somewhere by the beginning of 2024,

01:28:37   somewhere in the world, someone will have forced Apple.

01:28:42   Well, I don't know.

01:28:44   See, here's the thing.

01:28:44   I would guess the EU, but the thing is,

01:28:47   I didn't know what was gonna happen in Korea and Japan

01:28:51   and the Netherlands specifically, right?

01:28:54   - For all we know, it's gonna happen in the Netherlands

01:28:56   in three weeks time, right?

01:28:57   - You never know.

01:28:58   It'll be like, well, you know, it turns out that in Italy,

01:29:00   we have to do this, but just in Italy,

01:29:02   and Federico's gonna go, ha ha!

01:29:04   but right before he realizes that all of his accounts

01:29:06   are American.

01:29:08   So we'll see where it is in the world.

01:29:09   I'm not gonna tell you where,

01:29:11   I'm just gonna tell you somewhere out there in the world.

01:29:14   If it's on the moon, it doesn't count.

01:29:15   If it's in the world and Apple is forced or decides,

01:29:19   but probably forced to let users sideload iOS apps.

01:29:23   - Okay, we're having fun, right?

01:29:25   - Yeah, it's only an exhibition, not a competition.

01:29:27   - My last pick, iPadOS will not have better support

01:29:31   for external display.

01:29:32   (laughing)

01:29:34   Oh, you know I had this pic, but I have it the other way.

01:29:39   - Yeah, of course.

01:29:41   - No, external display support for iPad won't happen,

01:29:44   you say. - Yeah, yeah.

01:29:45   - It's just like, we always want it,

01:29:47   it's not gonna happen. - It's not gonna happen.

01:29:49   Well, look, at the same time for longer,

01:29:50   we've been asking for them to improve audio routing,

01:29:53   you know, that never happened.

01:29:55   - Right?

01:29:56   - I mean, look, here's the thing,

01:29:58   I don't know if they want us to do this.

01:30:00   - Yeah.

01:30:01   I am inclined to believe that they will

01:30:04   because the hardware supports it.

01:30:06   - I mean, I really hope they will, right?

01:30:08   But-

01:30:09   - So the hardware supports it,

01:30:10   they've been iterating on multitasking.

01:30:13   If I had to predict this point,

01:30:17   because my pick was gonna be external display support

01:30:20   for iPad will happen, you said won't happen.

01:30:23   If I had to predict though, what I would predict is,

01:30:26   and I highly recommend what two weeks ago,

01:30:28   episode of Connected where Federico

01:30:30   got really sort of despairing about the future of the iPad

01:30:33   in an intelligent way.

01:30:35   It was very, very good.

01:30:36   And I really, I liked how he discussed it,

01:30:39   his frustrations with where they're going.

01:30:41   And that's what I would pick.

01:30:42   I would probably predict that they will support

01:30:44   external displays, but it will be in a way

01:30:47   that is limited and disappointing

01:30:50   and doesn't really solve the larger issue

01:30:53   of how you handle multiple things displaying on an iPad.

01:30:57   That would be my prediction.

01:30:58   But you're right, they could just say,

01:31:01   "No, no, that's not what it's for.

01:31:03   "We don't wanna do that."

01:31:05   And I mean, what could you say to that?

01:31:09   That's been their behavior up to now.

01:31:11   I don't know.

01:31:13   - It's similar to me of touch screens on Macs.

01:31:17   - Right.

01:31:17   - That should have happened by now, I feel like.

01:31:20   - This is easier 'cause all the pieces are there,

01:31:22   all that is required is will.

01:31:23   I think that, I mean,

01:31:24   and a little bit of multitasking improvement,

01:31:26   but it's way easier to get external display support

01:31:30   on the iPad than it is to get touchscreen on the Mac,

01:31:33   because they would need to make some serious changes

01:31:35   to the Mac to do that, I think,

01:31:37   in a way that they don't need to do for the iPad.

01:31:40   - Well, I mean, re-architecting the multitasking system

01:31:44   could be pretty big.

01:31:45   - They already did a lot of it though.

01:31:47   That's the thing is they already did so much.

01:31:49   Yes.

01:31:50   Yeah, they've got windows,

01:31:52   they've got the new little controller

01:31:53   at the top of every window.

01:31:54   Like it feels, what they did with the last version of iOS

01:31:57   felt to me like they were positioning themselves

01:31:59   to do more with windowing and positioning of windows

01:32:03   on iPad OS.

01:32:04   So, but will they?

01:32:06   But will they?

01:32:07   I will tell you this, I had a moment with the studio display

01:32:10   where I had, I was trying to do,

01:32:12   I was doing my MacBook Air on the studio display.

01:32:15   So I had all of my stuff that's plugged into the back

01:32:18   of my iMac that's now plugged into the back

01:32:19   of the Mac studio, plugged into the back

01:32:22   of the studio display so that I could test out

01:32:24   the sort of like one cable thing with my MacBook Air.

01:32:28   And when I was done with that,

01:32:30   I plugged it into my iPad Pro.

01:32:31   And you know what I got?

01:32:34   I got a really weird blown up pillar boxed iPad screen

01:32:39   on the display.

01:32:40   But what I also got is my keyboard and track pad

01:32:42   that were wired and plugged in to a USB hub

01:32:46   that ran to the display just worked.

01:32:49   and I was sitting there driving a cursor around on the screen

01:32:53   and I thought, you know, so close.

01:32:57   But they would --

01:32:58   but do they even want to take it across the line?

01:33:00   So I think it's a fair point.

01:33:02   I guess we'll find out in 100 episodes or sooner.

01:33:06   -Here's one of those things where I hope I'm wrong

01:33:08   and if I'm wrong, then it will be a gift to myself

01:33:10   because I will have got a thing that I want, you know,

01:33:12   but I don't have complete faith in them to do this.

01:33:16   -Yeah, well, complete faith.

01:33:19   - I get it.

01:33:20   - What's your final pick?

01:33:22   - Oh, so many to choose from here.

01:33:27   I'm gonna say a product we haven't talked about here.

01:33:30   An Apple Watch gets a new design.

01:33:33   New design.

01:33:36   New design.

01:33:37   I don't know what that design is.

01:33:38   I don't know if it's going to be,

01:33:39   we're not doing the old look anymore

01:33:40   or it's we're doing an addition to the old look

01:33:42   or maybe it's that much rumored like,

01:33:44   oh, we're gonna make Apple Watch sport

01:33:46   and it's this weird rugged thingy.

01:33:48   but it's like Apple will sell an Apple watch

01:33:50   that doesn't look like every Apple watch

01:33:52   that's been sold up to now.

01:33:54   - Yep.

01:33:55   - Well, I don't know.

01:33:56   - That makes sense.

01:33:57   - I think it's worth putting a, I mean,

01:33:59   like pros for this pic are,

01:34:02   there's been rumors about some of this

01:34:04   and don't you think it's time?

01:34:05   - I thought it was time last year.

01:34:07   - Cons, they've never done it.

01:34:09   So why would they do it in the next hundred weeks?

01:34:13   We'll see.

01:34:13   I got two release cycles to be proven right there.

01:34:16   So we will find out the answer to this draft sometime

01:34:20   on or before February 2024,

01:34:24   2020 sometime February 2024.

01:34:26   - I think technically we'll probably know before then,

01:34:28   right?

01:34:29   Because all these things will happen or not.

01:34:30   But that's the fun of it.

01:34:31   You can just set a monthly timer to go check that,

01:34:34   the page on upgrade.cards and score where we are right now

01:34:39   in the grand scheme of things.

01:34:41   And I did that like two months ago when you reminded me

01:34:44   of this, I went and I scored it.

01:34:46   And I was like, oh, I think I'm gonna win,

01:34:47   but it was kind of funny,

01:34:49   'cause again, completely forgotten that we did it.

01:34:52   - Now we're running out of today's episode, Jason,

01:34:54   with a couple of #AskUpgradeQuestions.

01:34:57   - Yep.

01:34:57   - Michael asked, "Given that the Studio Monitor

01:35:00   contains basically an iOS device,

01:35:03   and given that Macs can control iOS via universal control,

01:35:07   what are the chances that Apple will activate a mode

01:35:09   in which the monitor becomes an iOS device

01:35:12   controllable from the Mac?"

01:35:13   No, I will just say, we have been getting lots of questions

01:35:17   like this, so I just wanna answer it

01:35:20   so we can stop getting them.

01:35:21   - Zero.

01:35:22   - Exactly.

01:35:23   So like there's been, what about if it's an Apple TV?

01:35:26   What about if it's this?

01:35:27   What about, they're not gonna do any of that.

01:35:29   This is not gonna happen.

01:35:31   There is zero reason to do this.

01:35:33   - So is it possible that somebody will hack

01:35:35   into this thing via the connection that like--

01:35:38   - I'm convinced that's going to happen

01:35:40   and I can't wait to see the YouTube video.

01:35:41   and get it to generate something on screen,

01:35:45   whether it's iOS or it's really just like a Darwin

01:35:48   something or other.

01:35:49   Maybe, but like actually creating a mode

01:35:55   where your monitor becomes an iOS device

01:35:58   for your attached Mac?

01:36:00   No, no, no, no.

01:36:05   And honestly, even if you said, well,

01:36:07   what if Apple thinks that there's value

01:36:08   when having taken the iOS simulator

01:36:10   and making kind of a broader thing for the Mac users.

01:36:12   It's like one, catalyst.

01:36:14   They already have that path

01:36:16   for people who want to have apps on it.

01:36:18   And two, even if they wanted to have like a virtual machine

01:36:21   of an iOS device in a Mac today,

01:36:24   they would run it virtually on the Apple Silicon

01:36:27   that's on the Mac that's way more powerful

01:36:29   than the Apple Silicon that's in the display.

01:36:32   - Does it even have a wifi radio inside of it?

01:36:35   - No, it doesn't have any of those.

01:36:36   The only way it could communicate is over the wire

01:36:39   from the Mac.

01:36:41   - So no is the answer. - No, zero.

01:36:43   - To all of these questions of could they do this?

01:36:45   No, the studio monitor is a monitor

01:36:47   that you plug into another device

01:36:49   and it generates and shows you what's on that device

01:36:51   and that's how it's gonna stay.

01:36:52   And John asks, is the 13 inch MacBook Pro,

01:36:55   rumored to drop the pro name,

01:36:57   gonna be the Mac equivalent of the iPhone SE?

01:37:00   I could see that scenario of prices have raised

01:37:02   on the new MacBook Air.

01:37:04   So this is like, you know,

01:37:04   do we think it's gonna remain in a product line

01:37:06   for a while and go cheaper?

01:37:07   Basically I included this,

01:37:08   what if they just call it the MacBook SE?

01:37:11   And then just leave it at that.

01:37:13   - Oh yeah, great history of SE products on the Mac.

01:37:15   Maybe, but I don't know.

01:37:20   I mean, it's a weird one, right?

01:37:22   'Cause I think that this is the problem is that,

01:37:24   is the MacBook Air the cheap Mac,

01:37:27   or do they take something else

01:37:29   and de-content it down to be the cheapest Mac?

01:37:32   'Cause you want a laptop under a thousand,

01:37:34   that's what you want.

01:37:35   And I could see them, would that product be the MacBook Pro

01:37:40   or would it just be a successor called MacBook?

01:37:42   And would we really be able to call it the same thing?

01:37:45   Would it be based on the same stuff?

01:37:46   I don't know.

01:37:47   I think it's an interesting question

01:37:48   because Apple could rejigger things

01:37:52   so that the MacBook Air is a little more expensive,

01:37:55   but then there's a MacBook that's cheaper,

01:37:57   that's not as light and fun, but is available.

01:38:01   I'm not sure they're gonna do that though.

01:38:03   Like they've done the MacBook Air down at the bottom

01:38:07   for so long there, they may not be able to do it.

01:38:09   - I think the similarity will be

01:38:12   that this product will fill a price gap,

01:38:15   like the iPhone SE fills a price gap,

01:38:17   but I don't think it's gonna fill the same one,

01:38:19   not the lowest. - Yeah, it's hard to see.

01:38:20   I mean, that is a MacBook Pro.

01:38:22   It costs a lot more than a MacBook Air.

01:38:24   So they would really need to like rethink it,

01:38:27   at which point, if they're selling it for $999,

01:38:28   it's not even the same product anymore,

01:38:30   if they do that, right? - True, yep.

01:38:32   - So I don't think so.

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01:40:03   Goodbye Myke Hurley.

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