387: The 2021 Upgradies


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00:00:10   From Relay FM, this is the 2021 Upgradies Awards, and these awards are brought to you by Squarespace, ZocDoc, and Memberfall.

00:00:21   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by my co-master of ceremonies for this year's Upgradies Awards, Jason Snell.

00:00:29   Hello Jesus now.

00:00:30   - Hello my fellow co-master.

00:00:32   - It's pretty good, right?

00:00:34   Co-master of ceremonies.

00:00:36   - That's weird, but it's fine.

00:00:37   - What else would you call them?

00:00:38   Like people that host an award show, just hosts?

00:00:41   - Co-hosts, yes.

00:00:43   - But I wanted to make it different to normal

00:00:44   'cause this is a special thing.

00:00:46   - Co-master of ceremonies it is then.

00:00:48   - This is the eighth annual Upgraders Awards,

00:00:51   which is a great thing to have gone eight of these now.

00:00:56   - It's hard to believe.

00:00:57   couple of years, 10th. If you don't know what the upgrade is are, every year we award some

00:01:03   of our favorite apps, media and trends in technology with recognition. Some of these

00:01:08   awards I guess would be considered good for the recipients, some maybe less desired. Unlike

00:01:14   other award ceremonies, which is just people reading out the winners of each category where

00:01:19   the deliberations are done in secret, we go through our process here so you get to hear

00:01:24   how we reach our verdicts. Both Jason and myself come to each category with our own

00:01:29   selections and we take into account the results of our public nomination that we've been

00:01:34   running for the last month or so and we give the top three winners in each category, kind

00:01:40   of nominations in each category as voted by the upgradians and we take those into consideration

00:01:45   as we make our final decision on who wins in each category. Thank you to everybody that

00:01:51   did put in their nominations over the last month or so.

00:01:54   It was hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of you.

00:01:55   So thank you so much for doing that.

00:01:57   - And thank you for compiling all of those

00:01:59   many nominations, Myke, because--

00:02:00   - Oh, it was a fun little task to do

00:02:02   during some holiday downtime.

00:02:04   If you would like to see a history

00:02:07   of all of the previous award winners

00:02:08   over the last many years of the upgrade,

00:02:10   you can go to upgradees.com and find that.

00:02:13   That website is lovingly built and maintained

00:02:16   by a friend of the show, Zach Knox.

00:02:18   I would also like to give a couple of other thanks

00:02:20   before we start the artwork for this year's Upgrades,

00:02:24   which of course is laser inspired,

00:02:26   was provided and produced by David Dooley.

00:02:29   And the theme song for the Upgrades was created by

00:02:33   upgrade composer, Chris Breen.

00:02:36   - Yes, composer of the show, Chris Breen.

00:02:39   - Composer of the show, our in-house composer, Chris Breen.

00:02:43   - It's true.

00:02:43   - We also have a selection of Lifetime Achievement

00:02:46   award winners in the Upgrades,

00:02:47   which we'll discuss throughout the show

00:02:49   as you hit each category that they are related to.

00:02:52   As a reminder, lifetime achievement is given

00:02:55   to a recipient after three wins in the same category

00:03:00   over the history of the upgrade.

00:03:01   So we can get new winners coming in and out.

00:03:04   Because I think sometimes there are some categories

00:03:06   where we could have maybe had seven or eight time winners

00:03:09   at this point.

00:03:10   Should we get on with the awards?

00:03:13   - Let's do it.

00:03:14   - So we start as we always do by looking at some apps.

00:03:17   And our first category of the evening

00:03:18   is going to be the best iOS app.

00:03:21   Overcast is the Lifetime Achievement Award winner

00:03:25   in this category, because obviously listeners of this show

00:03:28   love podcasts and love Overcast.

00:03:31   So would you like to know how the Upgradians nominated

00:03:34   for best iOS app?

00:03:35   - Yes, yes please.

00:03:36   - With 4.9% of the vote is Tweetbot.

00:03:40   11.8% of the vote is Apollo,

00:03:44   and 15.7% of the vote goes to Carrotweather.

00:03:48   I feel like Carrotweather and Apollo,

00:03:53   they are always up here.

00:03:55   - Perennial. - Yeah.

00:03:56   - Perennial choices by the upgradians.

00:03:57   - Carrotweather is a multiple time runner up

00:04:01   in this category, one time winner in 2017.

00:04:05   - Interesting. - Mm-hmm.

00:04:07   - Well, that's a good one.

00:04:07   It's on my list.

00:04:08   Carrotweather is on my list as best iOS app.

00:04:10   I didn't used to use Carrot Weather before a few years ago.

00:04:14   Carrot Weather, I think added,

00:04:16   and this may be when it won last time,

00:04:18   it added support for weather stations

00:04:20   via a weather station network.

00:04:22   So I was able to get like my temperature in Carrot Weather,

00:04:27   which was great, love that.

00:04:29   I still use it.

00:04:32   This year it did its update

00:04:34   with the like interface changes, right?

00:04:37   - Within the last year.

00:04:40   I think that may have been last year that the interface,

00:04:43   if it wasn't last year, it was very early this year.

00:04:46   I've had a real struggle trying to remember

00:04:48   the time span of 2021 way more than 2020.

00:04:52   - Strange, isn't it?

00:04:53   - Yeah, Adina mentioned this to me at one point

00:04:55   and it's completely accurate.

00:04:57   Like it really feels like our year began

00:05:00   when we were vaccinated before then,

00:05:02   it was like a different year, so.

00:05:04   - Right, big hazy year.

00:05:06   - Carrot weather has had, shall I say,

00:05:08   an absolutely incredible year.

00:05:10   It won an Apple Design Award

00:05:11   and an App of the Year Award from Apple.

00:05:13   - Yeah, and I believe it was this year

00:05:15   that they did the modular design, well, they.

00:05:18   By they, I mean Brian Carrot, the person, Mr. Carrot,

00:05:21   who does Carrot weather.

00:05:22   And it was, when I first saw it,

00:05:26   in fact, I remember sending a message to you

00:05:28   when the first beta of the new Carrot weather design

00:05:31   came out, where I said, "Did you see that?"

00:05:34   Like, woo-hoo, 'cause it was rough.

00:05:37   - You were worried, right?

00:05:38   - You were a little worried. - I was really worried.

00:05:40   But by the time it got to the end, you could make it,

00:05:44   I think this was what Brian Carrot's vision was all along,

00:05:46   which is basically make your own weather app

00:05:51   and have it look the way you want.

00:05:52   And he created a whole bunch of different presets

00:05:53   if you don't wanna go into detail,

00:05:55   but that has settled down

00:05:57   and that is my go-to weather app now.

00:05:59   And I like it a lot.

00:06:01   I get frustrated sometimes with the data

00:06:02   that's displayed on the Apple Watch,

00:06:04   but again, that is a universal thing.

00:06:07   complications on the Apple Watch don't get updated the way that they should. It's not

00:06:12   Brian Carrot's fault, it's not Carrot Weather's fault. So I think that's a great choice by

00:06:16   the Upgradients. I had a few others that I wanted to throw on the pile for consideration.

00:06:20   One of them is NetNewswire, which I wrote about this at Six Colors. NetNewswire became

00:06:29   a daily part of my media consumption this year. NetNewswire was released I think last

00:06:35   year for iOS and it's free, it's open source, it's a classic RSS reader going back many

00:06:43   many years on the Mac, and I'm using it in combination with Feedbin, which has an email

00:06:52   gateway to be the place that I read a whole bunch of newsletters that I subscribe to this

00:06:57   year.

00:06:58   And then on top of that I've added in RSS feeds because once you're in that newswire

00:07:02   you might as well add RSS feeds. And it's an app that has absolutely changed my media

00:07:12   consumption I think, and for the better, I would say. And it works the way I like it.

00:07:16   So I want to mention Net News Wire as a possibility here. Let's see, what else? Scriptable, which

00:07:26   I know I mentioned last year as well. Scriptable is a JavaScript app that lets you do a JavaScript

00:07:32   on iOS, but it added support for widgets last year. And that has been a game changer for

00:07:39   me because I was able to build my own widgets to show my own data. And I think that's really

00:07:47   cool. This is Simon Stovering in Copenhagen who makes this app, Simon Scriptable. All

00:07:57   indie developers are naming their apps after themselves.

00:08:00   So that would make me and you, Jason and Myke upgrade.

00:08:04   Maybe. In the context of the show, yeah, it would be, so Jason upgrade says to Myke upgrade.

00:08:09   Yeah, maybe. Maybe. I'm gonna put broadcast in this category. I listen to live podcasts

00:08:16   on my iPhone and Apple Watch, especially Connected, which is a fine show here at Relay FM, but

00:08:23   also accidental tech podcast. But Connected happens during the day, and so I'm frequently

00:08:27   listening to that on my iPhone or my Apple Watch, and that's Steve Trotton-Smith's app,

00:08:33   it's also on the Mac, but I love that I can do that on my iPhone and my Apple Watch, listen

00:08:38   to live streaming podcasts. And Carrot Weather was my fourth, so those are my other suggestions

00:08:43   here.

00:08:44   So the conversation about Carrot Weather made me add Carrot Weather to my list. There are

00:08:50   many categories where I've come with multiple recommendations, this was one where I just

00:08:53   game with one. Because I, for me, I know what my favorite iOS app is probably of all time.

00:09:01   Carrot Weather is way up there. Like I would say Carrot Weather is, without a shadow of

00:09:04   a doubt, the very best Apple Watch app ever made. I've said that before. And that isn't

00:09:09   a category we have here because we would run out after three years. We just give it to

00:09:14   Carrot Weather each time and then have to close down the award category. But Carrot

00:09:22   weather is genuinely one of my favorite applications. It's absolutely fantastic and has gotten

00:09:27   its leaps and bounds this year. Like it's come along like so far. Widgets was a big

00:09:33   thing for that app for me I think and really solidified it as being such a fantastic application.

00:09:40   But the app that I wanted to mention which I will always mention is Timery. Timery by

00:09:45   Joe Timery is maybe the, for me, not maybe,

00:09:50   it is my favorite iOS app ever.

00:09:52   I get such great use out of it, right?

00:09:54   So it's, you know, it's personal to me.

00:09:56   Time tracking is a big part of my life,

00:09:59   but this application, the amount of work

00:10:02   that is put into this and new features is,

00:10:05   it's truly astounding.

00:10:06   Like some of my favorite additions in the past year

00:10:09   before we even possibly get to talking

00:10:12   about the Mac application that was made this year as well.

00:10:16   Things like now for setting a timer,

00:10:18   there's some auto-completing stuff.

00:10:19   So you can start, maybe if I start typing in,

00:10:22   like as soon as I press start timer,

00:10:24   it pops up a text field, I type in like UPG,

00:10:27   and it will give me all of the things

00:10:29   that I have tagged with upgrade

00:10:30   in all my various projects that I've run in the past.

00:10:33   So it's just given me auto-completing

00:10:35   of past entries I've had.

00:10:36   Things like customizable buttons to adjust a timeframe.

00:10:41   So say I've opened a timer and really actually I started this like 15 minutes ago.

00:10:44   I can just hit a little button, turns the timer back by 15 minutes and starts from then.

00:10:49   Uh, the Excel widget on iPad is so good.

00:10:53   And it's one of, I think the smartest ways of implementing that widget class where, uh,

00:10:57   Joe just took four medium widgets and put them in a big grid.

00:11:00   So it's just like what four of the various widget types that is made for the app.

00:11:05   It's just putting them in one big, uh, one big widget.

00:11:08   It really is just absolutely fantastic.

00:11:10   And it really feels like an application

00:11:14   that's so well made for the task that it performs.

00:11:17   And it's really just, I think, a masterclass

00:11:20   in long-term app development.

00:11:22   It's absolutely fantastic.

00:11:24   - Right, and I'll take your word for it

00:11:25   'cause I don't track my time.

00:11:26   - I know you don't.

00:11:27   And I don't use the three of the apps that you mentioned,

00:11:30   right, but I understand the quality.

00:11:33   But I really feel like this is a foregone conclusion

00:11:36   for the winner this year, you know,

00:11:38   now that we've gone through this.

00:11:39   put carrot back in there?

00:11:41   - Yeah.

00:11:42   - All right, it is done.

00:11:44   - I feel like it's gotta be, right?

00:11:45   Carrot weather is the winner.

00:11:47   And our runner ups, I guess we'll go,

00:11:49   I'll put time, Marianne,

00:11:50   and do you wanna pick a runner up from your list?

00:11:53   - I'm going to pick,

00:11:55   let's do broadcasts.

00:11:59   - We're gonna go broadcasts from Steve broadcasts.

00:12:02   - Steve broadcasts, yes.

00:12:03   - So the winners and runners up.

00:12:05   - Actually, technically it's Steve broadcasts, Smith.

00:12:09   It's hyphenated.

00:12:10   - Steve broadcast pastel, is that what you mean?

00:12:13   - Yeah, oh yes, Steve broadcast pastel, right.

00:12:18   - So the winners and runners up in each category,

00:12:20   they are listed on the Upgradies website.

00:12:23   I'm not gonna include them in the show notes for spoilers,

00:12:25   so I don't put the winners in.

00:12:27   So you can find the winners and runners up

00:12:29   of each category on upgradees.com.

00:12:31   Congratulations to Brian Cara for picking up.

00:12:34   - And the whole Cara family.

00:12:36   - Second victory.

00:12:37   on the doorstep of Lifetime Achievement.

00:12:40   - Best newcomer iOS app, the Upgradients voted

00:12:45   with 7.2% for Affirmations,

00:12:49   8% for Obsidian, and 10% for Amplosion.

00:12:54   - I feel like the Upgradients have been listening

00:12:59   to Connected, (laughs)

00:13:01   'cause that's where I know about these apps.

00:13:04   Affirmations is not something that I have used,

00:13:09   but I think it's just like daily positive affirmations.

00:13:16   - It is made by wonderful Relay FM listener

00:13:21   and Discord community member, Justin.

00:13:24   - Justin Hamilton, right?

00:13:25   - Yep.

00:13:26   - Oh yeah, I wrote this up.

00:13:26   So I did use this briefly because I wrote it up

00:13:28   as an example of a nice, it's just nice

00:13:31   'cause it's telling you positive things.

00:13:33   And it's really beneficial in the widgets.

00:13:35   You can get widget touch and that stuff,

00:13:37   but it's also one of my favorite screens

00:13:38   in an iOS app ever, which is just a fidget screen.

00:13:42   And it's just like a bunch of controls

00:13:43   that don't do anything.

00:13:44   Very cool.

00:13:45   And then Amplosion is a

00:13:49   AMP removal extension.

00:13:52   - Yeah, it's a Safari plugin.

00:13:54   And I think that this was the year on iOS

00:13:56   where you got Safari extensions and it's a big deal.

00:13:59   And you and I are both gonna mention

00:14:01   Safari extensions as well.

00:14:02   And Amplosion is one that was its primary task is to remove basically AMP, which is

00:14:07   that Google like website light version that you get trapped on.

00:14:11   And it's really bad, especially if you're trying to send a link to somebody because

00:14:13   then you're sending them the AMP link, which isn't the real link.

00:14:17   And so it kind of overrides that and sends you to the right page.

00:14:21   Mm-hmm.

00:14:22   And that's produced by Christian Amplosion, also known as Christian Apollo.

00:14:29   Apollo Amplosion.

00:14:30   Yes, that's true.

00:14:31   - I have three suggestions in this category.

00:14:35   - Okay.

00:14:36   - A new one that just happened over the weekend actually,

00:14:42   but I'm gonna throw it in here,

00:14:43   thanks to the recommendations of the good people

00:14:45   over at Max Stories is Ismela by Sylvia Reeder.

00:14:50   - Yep, I love this app.

00:14:53   This is one of the most beautiful iOS apps I've ever seen.

00:14:56   And it's so simple.

00:14:57   - So it is fantastically designed.

00:15:00   Look, there are a lot of recipe apps out there.

00:15:03   I have been writing about recipe apps since the days

00:15:07   where they were kind of like based on HyperCard.

00:15:11   Like literally there was an app called Manja

00:15:14   by Up Still Software that was on the Mac

00:15:17   back in the monochrome Mac days, and I used it.

00:15:21   So I've seen them all.

00:15:23   And there are some good ones out there now.

00:15:24   I know a lot of people like Paprika.

00:15:27   - Mella really impresses me partially because of its design

00:15:31   and then partially because of its functionality.

00:15:33   It is, there's a beta that, so it's not public yet,

00:15:36   but there's a beta that does sharing,

00:15:38   which is super important.

00:15:40   - That's what I want.

00:15:40   Oh my God.

00:15:42   That this was, I was gonna say.

00:15:43   - Get Adina on the test flight.

00:15:45   - This would be my app of the year.

00:15:48   Like my, if it did that,

00:15:49   it is missing the one feature I wanted,

00:15:52   which is being able to share an entire library of people.

00:15:55   - Literally on Christmas Eve,

00:15:57   I emailed Silvio Reader who does Mella, confusing,

00:16:02   and Silvio sent me a test flight link

00:16:07   and I got it on Lauren's iPad and I got it on my iPad

00:16:10   and we are now connected.

00:16:11   And that makes all the difference.

00:16:12   Anyway, what I love about this app too,

00:16:15   is that it will let you take a picture of a recipe.

00:16:18   It has an in-app browser.

00:16:20   And when you navigate to a page that's got a recipe on it,

00:16:23   it shows you in another pane what the import is gonna be.

00:16:26   and it's a very good web import.

00:16:29   My only complaint actually is that I have a few recipes

00:16:32   that are in text files, like in files or in notes.

00:16:36   And I want a way for it to share that text basically

00:16:40   with Mella and have it consume it and turn it into a recipe

00:16:43   using its kind of intelligence that it seems to have.

00:16:46   But it's yeah, it's a beautifully designed app

00:16:48   and all of my Christmas cooking and baking

00:16:51   was done in Mella this year.

00:16:53   And that's not bad for an app that I literally downloaded

00:16:55   like four days ago, five days ago, but it's great.

00:16:59   So that one's high on my list.

00:17:01   - I am very excited about that.

00:17:02   Like this app is so beautiful.

00:17:06   Like I love Reader too.

00:17:07   Like Reader is one of my very, very favorite apps.

00:17:10   I should have put that in as a potential nomination,

00:17:13   but I love the way that app looks.

00:17:15   And what's so great about Melee is that

00:17:18   Silvio just took what they clearly know

00:17:20   about how to pass text, right?

00:17:23   And just applied that to this,

00:17:25   which I think is super good.

00:17:27   And I, yes, great app.

00:17:28   Oh man, I'm so excited about the Sharon.

00:17:31   - Yeah.

00:17:32   A couple other nominations

00:17:34   in this newcomer iOS app category, Tio,

00:17:36   which I've written about a little bit.

00:17:38   Tio is really interesting.

00:17:41   It is a text editor.

00:17:42   It's a markdown text editor.

00:17:44   And I've been using it a bit.

00:17:47   It is not my number one text editor on iOS,

00:17:52   but it's up and coming.

00:17:53   And the thing that impresses me about it the most

00:17:55   is that in addition to having a whole JavaScript

00:17:58   kind of like scriptability things

00:18:00   for you to build macros with,

00:18:02   they built their own like version of shortcuts

00:18:04   inside their app with actions

00:18:07   that let you build macro actions using blocks like shortcuts,

00:18:11   which is just, it's wild.

00:18:15   It's over the top, but kind of brilliant.

00:18:18   And it's also like, it's also a clipboard manager.

00:18:20   It's still trying to figure out what it wants to be

00:18:23   in some ways, 'cause it is a clipboard manager

00:18:25   and a text editor and a floor wax and a dessert topping.

00:18:29   So, but it's just the boldness

00:18:34   of building your own shortcuts interface, essentially,

00:18:37   for just actions inside your app.

00:18:39   It is wild.

00:18:40   So, Tio is definitely one to watch

00:18:42   and I wanted to mention it here.

00:18:44   And then maybe my favorite newcomer iOS app, actually,

00:18:48   talking about Safari extensions is Noir,

00:18:52   which is the app that, or extension,

00:18:55   that puts all web pages in dark mode

00:18:57   when you're in dark mode.

00:18:58   Because nothing worse on my iPad

00:19:01   than navigating when I'm in dark mode

00:19:03   and it's night or early morning

00:19:05   to a site that is blaring at me with a white background

00:19:08   and black text on a white background.

00:19:09   And that's over.

00:19:11   Like I installed Noir and that was it.

00:19:16   It's over.

00:19:17   and you can set it per site.

00:19:18   So if there's a site that you don't wanna override,

00:19:20   you can do that.

00:19:21   If it finds a dark mode on a site, it doesn't override it,

00:19:25   but if you don't like their dark mode,

00:19:27   you can turn on Noir's dark mode

00:19:29   and see if that makes you happier.

00:19:31   But basically you set it and forget it and I love it.

00:19:34   So Noir is my other nominee.

00:19:36   - Noir is really good.

00:19:37   It's a really good app.

00:19:38   I saw Amplosion and I saw your option for Noir

00:19:43   'cause I was struggling with this category.

00:19:46   So it made me want to pick an extension because that's been like a really cool

00:19:50   thing this past year is just the addition of extensions.

00:19:54   So I'm picking super agent for Safari.

00:19:57   Super agent is very simple,

00:20:00   but it has improved my web browsing experience immensely.

00:20:04   It pre-fills and removes the cookie notifications that pop up on websites.

00:20:09   So when they want to get your cookies and they want to get your advertising

00:20:13   preferences, Super Agent fills them out for you,

00:20:17   mostly in the background,

00:20:18   so you never need to see them anymore.

00:20:20   You can, it's not just like removing them,

00:20:23   or like an ad blocker, it's actually filling them out.

00:20:26   So you can say what kind of settings you want,

00:20:29   and Super Agent will just complete it.

00:20:32   And now, like if I ever use Safari View Controller, right,

00:20:35   I'm like, what is going on with this webpage?

00:20:38   And Super Agent also gets rid of just like,

00:20:41   you know, sometimes you get those little pop-ups,

00:20:43   like, "Hey, sign up for this newsletter."

00:20:44   Like it removes some of those as well,

00:20:46   which I really appreciate.

00:20:47   It's a very simple application.

00:20:48   It's free as well.

00:20:50   And I really like it.

00:20:51   I have it on my devices now.

00:20:53   - Yeah, the challenge with something like Super Agent

00:20:54   is you only notice when it isn't working, right?

00:20:57   Because you get something like that.

00:20:58   I wonder if I'm getting,

00:21:00   I have not with any of these sort of like

00:21:03   cookie consent blockers,

00:21:05   I haven't had as much luck with it

00:21:07   as I've heard other people seem to have with it.

00:21:08   And I wonder if it's because I'm in California,

00:21:11   So I'm getting the California cookie consent problems,

00:21:14   whereas most of the people who complain about this problem

00:21:16   are in Europe and they're getting

00:21:17   the European cookie consent problems.

00:21:19   - It's very possible.

00:21:20   They're not being coded for whatever it is you're receiving.

00:21:22   But I have had flawless luck with this application.

00:21:25   - Yeah, these are great.

00:21:28   I think it is the year of the Safari extension on iOS.

00:21:34   I think that's it.

00:21:36   My choice here is Noir, believe it or not.

00:21:39   I just think it is a life-changing moment

00:21:42   in terms of my use of my iPad in the evenings

00:21:45   to have everything.

00:21:46   'Cause that was always my complaint when we did dark mode,

00:21:49   when they were like, "Oh, dark mode, it's finally here."

00:21:51   And then you go to a webpage, it's like, it's not.

00:21:53   'Cause all these webpages, even now after years now

00:21:57   of knowing how to make a dark mode version of your website,

00:21:59   there are sites that just don't care.

00:22:01   And it's so great to just say,

00:22:04   "The websites don't care, but I do care."

00:22:09   and I have made your website into dark mode.

00:22:11   It is, it's great.

00:22:13   So that's my nomination.

00:22:15   - I don't use Noir all the time,

00:22:18   but I have it installed

00:22:19   because I use dark mode all the time.

00:22:21   And so I don't necessarily want to force

00:22:23   the color change of websites permanently constantly,

00:22:27   but I do have it installed and I turn it on.

00:22:29   And I will say of all of the extensions I have used,

00:22:33   I think it's the best made one.

00:22:36   Like it looks really nice

00:22:37   and still has a lot of cool features.

00:22:39   So I would be totally down with,

00:22:41   honestly, I would be down with an all web extensions.

00:22:46   So I would have lent towards Mella,

00:22:49   but if you would lean towards Noir

00:22:52   as your winner from that category,

00:22:54   then maybe we should go with Noir as the winner

00:22:57   and Super Agent and Amplosion as the runners up.

00:23:00   - It would certainly be a fun sort of message to send

00:23:03   on what this year was.

00:23:05   Well, let's do it.

00:23:06   Let's call that.

00:23:08   So congratulations to, let's checking here, Jeffrey Noir.

00:23:11   For winning this category and we'll just put a Super Agent

00:23:18   and Implosion as the other two.

00:23:19   And it's the year of Safari extensions on iOS.

00:23:22   - Yep, as an asterisk, I would just say like

00:23:25   the 1Password one is also excellent,

00:23:27   but 1Password, not a new app, so.

00:23:30   - Yeah, I have some issues with the 1Password one

00:23:33   because of the authentication.

00:23:36   I authenticate in 1Password using Face ID,

00:23:39   except that extension doesn't seem to have access to Face ID?

00:23:44   - No, and you have to type your password in

00:23:47   and then you can choose like a refresh time.

00:23:51   - Yeah, I don't, I hate that.

00:23:53   - Yeah, absolutely.

00:23:54   - And I get that that's something where the extensions

00:23:56   don't have access to the biometric authentication,

00:23:59   but it stinks.

00:24:00   - I hope that someone at Apple will recognize that.

00:24:03   Maybe it just wasn't the thing they needed

00:24:05   or thought it was needed.

00:24:06   - If you use the 1Password share extension

00:24:10   and biometrically authenticate,

00:24:13   then it's unlocked and it will be unlocked

00:24:17   for the extension, but you can't just unlock

00:24:21   with the extension without typing in that password.

00:24:23   And I hate that.

00:24:24   It's like on my iPad, I don't wanna type in that password.

00:24:26   I want it to authenticate and know it's me and just do it.

00:24:30   My face is my one password in that case.

00:24:32   - We now move on to best Mac app.

00:24:35   The Upgradients voted thusly with 3.9% for Pixelmator Pro,

00:24:40   6.3% for Obsidian, and 7.3% for Kraft.

00:24:46   Hmm.

00:24:47   A lot of note-taking happening out there in Upgradientland.

00:24:50   That's the thing, right?

00:24:51   That's been one of the trends of this year, the last two years,

00:24:54   but this year especially is these personal note-taking mind applications.

00:25:01   I really, really like Kraft.

00:25:03   I would say it is a great example of a Mac app.

00:25:06   I don't know if I would call it my best Mac app.

00:25:10   I think it is, I mean, everybody says this, it's true.

00:25:13   It's one of, if not the best Catalyst app.

00:25:16   However, I would say Timery would really bump up against that.

00:25:22   But it's a great example of what a Catalyst app can be.

00:25:26   But I know I personally have another app on the Mac

00:25:31   that I think is really good.

00:25:32   and I like your suggestions too.

00:25:33   So would you like to tell the upgradians what they are?

00:25:36   - All right.

00:25:36   One is SwiftBar, which was the replacement for BitBar.

00:25:42   It is the utility that lets you put anything you want

00:25:44   up in your Mac menu bar by running a script.

00:25:46   And it can be a script, it can be a shell script,

00:25:48   it can be an Apple script, it can be a Perl script,

00:25:51   it can be a PHP script, it can be a Python script.

00:25:54   It doesn't matter, a JavaScript,

00:25:56   anything that will run in the command line

00:25:58   and output something, that output will go in your menu bar.

00:26:02   and you could set it how long it's a refresh.

00:26:04   These apps have been around for a while now.

00:26:05   I love it.

00:26:06   I keep writing and modifying,

00:26:08   writing new ones, modifying existing ones.

00:26:10   I have it right now.

00:26:11   It's showing me how many live listeners we've got.

00:26:13   It's showing me the temperature and the rainfall outside.

00:26:15   I've got a little thing that shows me

00:26:17   the air quality outside.

00:26:19   I've got one that shows me what track is playing in music

00:26:22   that a friend of mine requested that I put together for him.

00:26:27   And so I found one and then I just customized it

00:26:29   based on his desire and sent it off to him.

00:26:32   Like it is a great little utility that also,

00:26:34   because it lives in the menu bar,

00:26:37   it is very Mac, very Mac-like.

00:26:40   It's important, Mac menu bar that go together.

00:26:43   Okay, so my next one is Bartender.

00:26:45   We're staying in the menu bar.

00:26:47   Stayin' up there, Myke.

00:26:48   You like it up there?

00:26:49   You like the menu bar?

00:26:50   - I like it when I have Bartender on.

00:26:52   - Yeah, so Bartender updated.

00:26:55   And Bartender, it's been a rough couple of years

00:26:57   for Bartender in the sense, not of their own making,

00:26:59   but in the sense that Apple has like messed

00:27:01   with the menu bar.

00:27:02   They mess with the menu bar size,

00:27:05   they mess with the, they put a notch up there

00:27:07   on some new laptops.

00:27:08   - Well, you see, I wouldn't say rough year.

00:27:10   I would say like the notch was a gift to--

00:27:15   - Well, that's true.

00:27:16   But it's challenging technically the last couple of years.

00:27:19   I feel like macOS updates and hardware updates

00:27:22   have made the menu bar,

00:27:23   which was maybe a little bit of an island of stability

00:27:26   for a while into a free for all.

00:27:28   Like what is happening? - A lot of luck.

00:27:29   - There's control center is up there now.

00:27:32   What's going on with that?

00:27:33   There's a notch, there's different sized stuff.

00:27:35   Like there's so much up there.

00:27:37   And every now and then,

00:27:39   even with like really knowledgeable people,

00:27:41   I listen to podcasts or people would write things

00:27:43   and they'd be like, "Oh, this menu bar stuff."

00:27:46   And my response was always like, "Use Bartender,

00:27:50   just use Bartender."

00:27:51   It is, for years, it is the definitive way

00:27:54   to organize your Mac menu bar.

00:27:56   And I love it.

00:27:58   I mostly use it to create an invisible menu bar space.

00:28:03   That is my number one use of Bartender,

00:28:06   is I have, the way I've got it set up,

00:28:09   I have a few menu bar icons that are visible all the time.

00:28:13   And then if I move my pointer over the space

00:28:18   where they're next to it,

00:28:19   where there isn't anything, a bunch appear.

00:28:22   And those are the menu bar icons

00:28:24   that I don't need to see at a glance,

00:28:27   but I might need to interact with at some point.

00:28:30   And all of that is possible

00:28:32   and a whole lot more in Bartender.

00:28:34   So I love it.

00:28:35   It's great.

00:28:36   And my third suggestion,

00:28:40   and this is gonna be a duplicate of the next category

00:28:42   'cause this is a newcomer,

00:28:43   but I'm seriously gonna say

00:28:47   I wanna consider it as best Mac app too.

00:28:50   It's an app that I first heard about from you and Steven.

00:28:55   - Hmm?

00:28:56   - It's a MimeStream, not the best name.

00:29:02   - Terrible name.

00:29:03   It's not the best name, bad name.

00:29:05   I don't care about saying it 'cause the app's amazing

00:29:08   and I'll say that.

00:29:09   - Well, when the name is so bad,

00:29:10   you can confidently say it's not the best, right?

00:29:11   It's clearly far from the MimeStream.

00:29:15   But this year, what is it?

00:29:20   This year, Google changed its rules

00:29:24   about embedded browsers accessing its services.

00:29:28   And what that meant is that the app that I have used

00:29:31   for years to do my email, Mailplane,

00:29:35   basically ceased development because they realized,

00:29:37   they saw the writing on the wall.

00:29:39   They were not gonna be able, they could fight it for a while

00:29:41   but in the end, their product was not gonna be allowed

00:29:44   by Google.

00:29:45   And I love Mailplane because it was basically a Mac,

00:29:50   it was a whole bunch of Mac stuff

00:29:52   around the Gmail web experience.

00:29:55   And that's 'cause I don't use Apple Mail.

00:29:57   I haven't used Apple Mail for a long time.

00:29:59   I find it unreliable, slow, bad at searching,

00:30:02   bad at getting new mail in my mailbox in a timely fashion,

00:30:06   bad especially when the connections are slow,

00:30:08   but actually kind of bad when the connections are good too.

00:30:11   I don't like it, especially on the Mac.

00:30:14   And so I switched to MailPlane,

00:30:16   which is just loading the Gmail webpage,

00:30:19   and it's great except now,

00:30:22   and it added like Mac keyboard shortcuts

00:30:24   and Mac drag and drop and clicking on a link

00:30:26   would open the Mac default application.

00:30:29   And it was all that stuff just around the edges

00:30:31   to sort of make this Gmail webpage

00:30:33   into something that feels more like a Mac thing

00:30:36   'cause I'm on the Mac, but it's gonna go away.

00:30:39   So within like a week or two of that sad news

00:30:44   when I started sort of shopping around

00:30:46   for another way to check my email,

00:30:49   I heard about MimeStream, which is in beta.

00:30:51   It is from somebody who used to work

00:30:54   on the Apple Mail team, actually,

00:30:56   and is now off on his own.

00:30:58   And it's, and what's his name?

00:31:01   Do we know his name?

00:31:03   - I can find it out for you.

00:31:04   - Oh yeah, yeah, let me know.

00:31:06   I mean, he obviously, it's MimeStream.

00:31:09   He named it for himself.

00:31:11   The, oh, it's Neil.

00:31:16   - Neil MimeStream.

00:31:17   - Neil MimeStream, yes.

00:31:18   Anyway, he made this app and it is eventually,

00:31:22   I think he wants it to be more, but out of the gate,

00:31:24   it is a native Mac app that is a Gmail client.

00:31:28   And what that means is everything works better,

00:31:31   'cause as a Gmail user, everything works better

00:31:33   than Apple Mail does with Gmail.

00:31:36   It understands what Gmail labels are,

00:31:38   it understands what Gmail search is.

00:31:41   If I do a search in MimeStream, it does with,

00:31:44   and I can do the qualifiers and whatever

00:31:46   that I would do in a Gmail,

00:31:48   'cause it's the number one reason that Gmail is great

00:31:50   is that the search is amazing, it's Google.

00:31:53   It just, it works in MindStream.

00:31:54   It's native Mac interface back to buy

00:31:59   all of that Gmail power.

00:32:00   I love it.

00:32:02   I switched immediately,

00:32:06   and it is such a revelation and such a discovery.

00:32:10   Still technically in beta, so it's still free.

00:32:13   He will charge for it eventually.

00:32:16   Sign me up. Sign me up for whatever you're charging, Neil MimeStream, because I love it.

00:32:22   I echo everything you said about both Bartender and MimeStream. They're two Mac apps that I love.

00:32:28   And maybe we'll talk about MimeStream a little bit more in a minute.

00:32:33   I wanted to say CleanShot X, which is an application that I have been on a bit of an

00:32:40   unnecessary or undesired press tour for over the last...

00:32:44   Yes, I know I've noticed this.

00:32:46   Because I think it's so fantastic.

00:32:48   It really is a vastly better screenshot tool

00:32:51   than the one that Apple ships.

00:32:53   - All right, I'm curious a little bit

00:32:55   about what makes it vastly better.

00:32:59   And I say this because I heard you talking

00:33:00   to Steven about this.

00:33:02   And the features that I think he mentioned that it did

00:33:07   all are in the stock, stock Apple screenshot thing.

00:33:13   He was like, "Oh, you can take a screenshot

00:33:14   without a shadow, yeah, you can do that in the stock Apple screenshot. You can take it

00:33:19   with, you know, you can put it on the clipboard, that like, and what that says to me is that

00:33:24   Apple stock thing is bad at discoverability, but very fully featured. So explain to me

00:33:31   why I, as somebody who knows all the tricks of the Apple screenshot tool, should try CleanShotX.

00:33:40   My point is, you're not going to get me with a feature that already exists, but I don't

00:33:44   know about it. So you're left with what does it do better, not what does it show off better,

00:33:53   but what does it actually do better than the stock Apple stuff.

00:33:56   Okay, so one thing, it has a lot of customizability, which I enjoy. So you can choose what part

00:34:01   of the screen you want the little preview to show up on, for example. And you can choose

00:34:06   how big you want it to be and stuff like that. You can choose how long it stays around, you

00:34:10   you can choose if and when it will disappear and what needs to happen for that. You can

00:34:16   choose where to save stuff and all those kinds of things. So it's a little bit more customizability

00:34:20   or easier to access customizability. The markup tools that are in the application are much

00:34:27   preferred and are easier to use. And it, I don't know, it does things in a way that make

00:34:33   more logical sense to me. Like if I take a screenshot, I don't always, I just want to

00:34:39   take the screenshot and then make the decision about what I want to do with it.

00:34:42   I don't want to have to activate like a specific keyboard shortcut combination

00:34:47   to get what I want.

00:34:48   So like I take the screenshot and then I can hover over it and press copy or I

00:34:51   can hover over it and do what I need to do and then just press command C like,

00:34:56   or you can drag the things around really easily.

00:34:59   I don't remember if Apple's version does this.

00:35:01   Like you can just drag the screenshot and put it into a text field.

00:35:05   I also like that you can stack multiple screenshots

00:35:08   on top of each other and they just stack up.

00:35:10   So you could take a bunch of screenshots

00:35:12   of a bunch of things, and it's not like

00:35:14   it doesn't replace each one each time.

00:35:16   You get a new one every time.

00:35:18   Yeah, it does video recording,

00:35:21   which you can also turn into GIFs really easily

00:35:24   if you want to.

00:35:25   It does full screen.

00:35:28   So if you wanna take like a scrolling screenshot

00:35:31   of like a webpage, you can do that.

00:35:34   It has a timer built into it if you want that.

00:35:37   It also does stuff like you can choose to,

00:35:39   if you take a screenshot of your desktop

00:35:40   or something on your desktop,

00:35:42   you can remove all the things you have on your desktop

00:35:46   so they don't show up in the screenshot.

00:35:48   This is also the same for video.

00:35:50   So if you were doing a screencast,

00:35:51   you don't actually have to clean up anything.

00:35:53   And you can also, if you want to,

00:35:55   choose a screen, like a background

00:35:58   that will show up in those screenshots.

00:36:00   It doesn't have to be your desktop background.

00:36:02   So basically it does a lot of the basics the same,

00:36:07   but then has a ton of customizability.

00:36:10   And a lot of the things that they allow you to customize

00:36:12   are the exact things I want to customize,

00:36:14   but Apple doesn't allow for the options for.

00:36:17   And also, as I say,

00:36:19   I feel like I'm able to make my decisions more slowly

00:36:23   and in my own time,

00:36:24   rather than having to decide exactly what I want.

00:36:27   - Right, if you don't hold down option right now,

00:36:29   everything is ruined.

00:36:30   Yep, so I only need to remember two shortcuts.

00:36:33   One for capture an area, one for capture the whole screen.

00:36:36   - All right, well said.

00:36:38   - So that's what I like about it.

00:36:40   - Okay.

00:36:41   - So for me, I would be cool with craft.

00:36:47   I would be cool, which was the Upgradients pick.

00:36:50   I would be cool with bartender.

00:36:53   Obviously Clean Shot X.

00:36:58   I think between me and you, I think Mime Stream's got a really good shot in the next category.

00:37:03   I think it does.

00:37:05   So I would say, you know, I would be really good with Bartender personally.

00:37:11   Let's do it.

00:37:12   Alright, so we're gonna go with the winner for the best Mac app of 2021 to be Bartender

00:37:17   with the runners up.

00:37:19   Should we go with...

00:37:20   Clean Shot?

00:37:21   Clean Shot and Craft.

00:37:23   Yeah, that works for me.

00:37:26   Good work, Bartender.

00:37:27   I don't know the developer's name, so we'll just go with bartender person for the time being.

00:37:32   Mr. Bartender.

00:37:33   So, best newcomer Mac app, and the upgradians voted thusly.

00:37:39   This is really interesting to me.

00:37:40   Kraft, 9%.

00:37:42   Now that was interesting because Kraft won best Mac app

00:37:47   and got a higher percentage in best newcomer Mac app.

00:37:53   There you go.

00:37:54   Mime stream with 11.2% and shortcuts with 16.4%.

00:37:59   Okay, shortcuts. Yeah.

00:38:02   I had shortcuts on my original shortlist.

00:38:07   I felt like I couldn't commit to it because

00:38:11   I feel like next year I could maybe give it my best Mac app,

00:38:17   but like with the things that I have in my category, they are,

00:38:22   They are fully formed apps that do their job properly.

00:38:27   And Shortcuts does that most of the time?

00:38:30   - I think Shortcuts has gotten better

00:38:33   and is getting better 'cause I think Apple realized

00:38:35   what they shipped wasn't good enough.

00:38:36   It is weird and not Mac-like in a lot of ways.

00:38:41   And some of it is me getting used to it and it's quirks,

00:38:44   but that's not great.

00:38:45   That's not great with the,

00:38:46   oh, I have very specific behaviors I only ever do

00:38:49   when I'm in Shortcuts.

00:38:51   It's like, no, it shouldn't really be like that,

00:38:53   but that's sort of how it is right now.

00:38:55   But it's getting better and everything around it is great.

00:38:58   And it has been a game changer on the Mac already

00:39:01   in terms of what I'm capable of doing.

00:39:03   But the app is still kind of janky.

00:39:10   So I wanna praise its functionality and what it enables

00:39:15   while also saying that as an app,

00:39:18   and we are so app focused with these categories.

00:39:21   Like I'm so happy that it's there.

00:39:25   I wish it was better,

00:39:27   but it's functional, but not great.

00:39:32   And that's tough to give any award to.

00:39:37   My other ones in this category,

00:39:41   Swift Bar, which I've already mentioned,

00:39:43   it came out end of last year.

00:39:47   So basically in the period where it was sort of too late.

00:39:51   And MimeStream, which we just talked about,

00:39:54   which is fantastic.

00:39:58   - I love having shortcuts on my Mac.

00:40:01   And I love interacting with it from the menu bar.

00:40:04   I have yet to really spend a lot of time

00:40:06   building a shortcut on my Mac.

00:40:08   I think I wanna give that a little bit more time.

00:40:11   I also feel like I haven't really had the opportunity

00:40:14   to fully dig into shortcuts,

00:40:16   like the possibilities for the Mac,

00:40:18   but just having, you know, I have the menu bar

00:40:21   and I have the five shortcuts that I use really frequently.

00:40:24   And I really love having access to those right there

00:40:27   as well as needing, like other than needing

00:40:28   to just pick up an iOS device and fire it off, you know.

00:40:31   - Yeah, I just, I showed you something last week

00:40:33   that I built, which is that now the Mac integration

00:40:36   is starting to hit with shortcuts.

00:40:37   So like I can run a shortcut in launch bar

00:40:41   and instead of just running it, I can press,

00:40:43   I can select it and type space and then put in input

00:40:48   and it is passed as input to the shortcut.

00:40:50   So I built a thing that searches six colors.

00:40:53   So if I want a search term,

00:40:55   I want to find something that's six colors,

00:40:56   it used to be that I could either search for it,

00:40:59   but I would end up in a web browser window

00:41:01   and then I'd need to click on the link

00:41:03   of the one that I wanted and copy it to the clipboard.

00:41:06   And I built a shortcut that takes input,

00:41:07   so it comes from Launch Bar,

00:41:09   and then it throws up a little list

00:41:12   of all the article headlines that match it,

00:41:14   that came back from the server,

00:41:16   and I pick one and it copies it to the clipboard.

00:41:18   It's just, it's so good.

00:41:20   And the extra magic that's happening there

00:41:23   is that Launch Bar, a utility that I use all the time,

00:41:26   is now talking to the shortcut,

00:41:29   and that puts it over the edge.

00:41:31   So like, it's really great that it's there,

00:41:33   but it's one of the big stories of this year,

00:41:35   but I don't think, it certainly can't be a winner

00:41:36   for best newcomer Mac app

00:41:37   because of all the problems in the app.

00:41:39   So, and your two, I'm looking at your list here

00:41:44   is two apps that you've mentioned before.

00:41:47   - Yeah.

00:41:48   - MimeStream, which we've talked about

00:41:49   and Timery on the Mac side,

00:41:51   which is the catalyst version of Timery

00:41:55   from the iOS side.

00:41:57   - Yeah, and it's super good.

00:42:00   I think it's catalyst.

00:42:01   I'm pretty sure it's a catalyst app.

00:42:03   - I think so.

00:42:04   - And I just think that Joe has done a wonderful job

00:42:07   with Timery.

00:42:08   It started off as like, "Hey, here's the iOS app."

00:42:11   Like I was on the beta, right?

00:42:13   And it's like basically, "Here's the iOS app."

00:42:15   And then it's added a bunch of stuff to the application,

00:42:18   like sidebar support and stuff like that,

00:42:20   which has then found its way back into the app.

00:42:22   And you remember that thing I was mentioning earlier

00:42:24   about the auto-completing when you type something in?

00:42:26   That first thing is in the Mac app,

00:42:29   and then it found its way to the iOS app as well.

00:42:31   But my very favorite thing that it has is up in the menu bar,

00:42:35   and it's showing me what my current timer is,

00:42:37   but I can very easily click it, I can start a timer,

00:42:40   I can choose from save timers or recent timers.

00:42:43   It really feels like a great example of an application

00:42:46   that started life as a capitalist app

00:42:48   and now does all this other stuff

00:42:49   that not necessarily a standard capitalist app,

00:42:53   I was gonna say capitalist,

00:42:54   not a standard capitalist app would do.

00:42:57   But I just think that Joe's done just a wonderful job

00:43:01   with the TimeRemax app.

00:43:03   It's, you know, when Apple Silicon came out,

00:43:07   It wasn't one of the apps that was like enabled

00:43:09   that you could just run and I was disappointed about that.

00:43:11   But honestly, I'm just happy that I waited now

00:43:13   because the result of this one has been vastly superior.

00:43:17   And as I say is, in going down this development path

00:43:20   has actually made all of the apps

00:43:22   on all of the platforms better,

00:43:24   which I just think is like really awesome.

00:43:27   I just think that that's a great thing.

00:43:29   And then my other nomination is MimeStream.

00:43:33   So you should say you heard about this from me and Steven.

00:43:37   I heard about it first from Steven on a Mac Power Users episode.

00:43:42   I use Gmail and what I was looking for,

00:43:44   so for one email account that I run,

00:43:47   I didn't want it to be in my standard email app

00:43:49   where I have a bunch of accounts,

00:43:50   so I wanted to keep it off on its own.

00:43:52   And I was looking for something to put it in

00:43:54   and I thought, oh, I'll give this Mime Stream a try.

00:43:56   'Cause I couldn't switch to Mime Stream

00:43:59   for all of my email for two reasons.

00:44:00   One, not all of my email is Gmail.

00:44:02   And two, I've come to really rely on Spark's email

00:44:07   sharing system so I can share email with our VP of sales and we can go talk about

00:44:12   email and stuff like that. So I couldn't leave that.

00:44:14   It's too important to my workflow now.

00:44:16   But what I really love about MimeStream is it's like, Hey,

00:44:20   what about all of the best features of Gmail but in an application that's nice

00:44:25   and looks good and is very frequently updated and has everything that you want.

00:44:30   Like one of my favorite things, which is very simple,

00:44:32   but like so many other apps just don't do or can't do or whatever,

00:44:36   is it has the support for the auto-filtering

00:44:39   that Google does, like promotions and updates

00:44:42   and that kind of thing.

00:44:43   You just do it, and it's easy.

00:44:44   And what I also really love is I'm a very particular email

00:44:47   person, right?

00:44:48   I like my emails set up in a certain way.

00:44:51   And this app has every feature I've ever

00:44:53   wanted for an email application, but not in an obscene way.

00:44:58   I think it's very thought through.

00:45:00   Something that's really important to me

00:45:02   is if I read an email and archive that email or reply,

00:45:07   what I want the email app to do

00:45:09   is just send the app back to the inbox,

00:45:12   do not open the next email, right?

00:45:15   I do not want that ever.

00:45:16   And there are way too many apps that you deal with an email

00:45:20   and the next thing it does, hey, here's the next email.

00:45:22   And it marks it as unread

00:45:23   and then you've got the next email in front of you.

00:45:25   I never want that.

00:45:26   And MimeStream has a set so you can choose

00:45:28   when you action an email, what happens next,

00:45:30   and you can choose it.

00:45:31   To me, that is like, if an app doesn't have that setting,

00:45:35   I just feel like the person doesn't use email.

00:45:37   Like, if you always, every single time,

00:45:41   want it to do one thing,

00:45:42   I just don't think you're using email enough.

00:45:44   Because that is a very particular thing that people want.

00:45:48   Some people do their email, they just process it all at once

00:45:51   but lots of people do their emails well like I do,

00:45:53   where it's like, I do one at a time.

00:45:55   Just because I've sent one email,

00:45:57   doesn't mean I now wanna deal with the rest of it.

00:45:59   So, yeah.

00:46:00   Mime stream is awesome.

00:46:01   I love it.

00:46:02   Yep.

00:46:02   And that's why it's the winner.

00:46:05   Yeah.

00:46:05   Of best newcomer Mac app.

00:46:07   This is an easy one.

00:46:07   Yes.

00:46:08   Uh, I really hope that, uh, Neil Mime stream is able to continue pushing this one.

00:46:14   Um, like support other types of email, you know, and, and, and an iOS client as well,

00:46:20   which I know is on their radar.

00:46:22   Right.

00:46:22   Yeah.

00:46:23   Run us up, uh, shortcuts.

00:46:25   Yeah.

00:46:28   I mean, it was on your list and the upgrade is this.

00:46:30   - And the upgrading of the list.

00:46:31   - And the upgrading of the list.

00:46:32   And can we put Timery in again?

00:46:34   - Sure.

00:46:34   - Awesome.

00:46:35   Love you, Timery. Love you, Joe.

00:46:37   - I should create a timer for when we talk about Timery.

00:46:41   - I mean, it would be a lot for me.

00:46:44   That would be a lot of time.

00:46:45   - Yeah, that would be the only timer I would ever use,

00:46:47   though, would just be the Timery timer.

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00:49:03   - I just got that message in Mime stream.

00:49:06   - There you go, you got it.

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00:49:21   out it could be the start of something exciting. Our thanks to MIRBIFUL for their support of this

00:49:26   show and Relay FM. So we now move into some media related categories and the first one is Game of

00:49:33   the Year. Typically this has been non-mobile because we have an iOS Game of the Year category

00:49:40   up next. And the Upgradians voted thusly with 4.5% going to Halo Infinite, 8.5% going to Forza

00:49:49   Horizon 5 and 13.8% going to Metroid Dread. Now I'm just gonna say this up front Jason,

00:49:57   I haven't really done my homework this year. I have not played many video games this year,

00:50:03   especially in the last half of the year. Oh no, but this would be like me not reading a book.

00:50:09   Yeah. I rely on you Myke. Mm-hmm, been pretty bad. Now what I will say is many of my friends

00:50:17   basically made up a very similar list to this one. Forza Horizon 5 is a game that I have played and

00:50:23   really enjoyed it. I would say honestly, you know, maybe spoilers, I don't know if I would have had

00:50:32   a better game than Forza, maybe Halo but I haven't gotten to it yet. I don't think I would have

00:50:38   played Metroid Dread. I know that lots of people love it but it's not really my type of game.

00:50:43   So I feel pretty happy myself in saying Forza Horizon 5, but what have you been playing this year?

00:50:50   All right, well guess what? I have opinions about this category because I played some games that

00:50:55   were not iOS games. Unfortunately they were also not Xbox games or PlayStation games.

00:51:01   And I also believe, looking at your list, none of them released in 2021.

00:51:05   Well, it doesn't matter because this is when I fell in love with them, so that's all that matters.

00:51:09   Yeah, okay. Alright.

00:51:11   Okay.

00:51:13   And here's what they are.

00:51:14   Super Mario Brothers!

00:51:16   [laughter]

00:51:18   Space Invaders!

00:51:20   Game of the Year!

00:51:22   Come on, it deserves it!

00:51:24   I got an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas last year.

00:51:28   And the games that I've been playing this year are Oculus Quest games.

00:51:32   And the two that I have fallen in love with are

00:51:34   11 table tennis because the world needed a super realistic virtual reality table tennis

00:51:40   simulation. It's amazing. It is a perfect fit for the technology.

00:51:46   I hate this game because I suck at table tennis. And it's too good.

00:51:52   Well you can dial the quality of the AI opponent down to nothing and then it's like you're

00:51:56   facing a tree across the table. That was the only way I could play the game

00:52:01   and then I just felt like a fool, really.

00:52:04   - I have gotten up to, I found my level

00:52:07   where I am good enough to win sometimes, but be challenged.

00:52:11   And it's not a very high number, but I love it.

00:52:15   It is one of those things where I was like,

00:52:17   "Oh, I see, yes, this is a good use of VR."

00:52:22   Like of the controllers and the hardware in general,

00:52:25   like I'm very impressed with 11 Table Tennis.

00:52:27   It's really good.

00:52:29   And I'm on the Beat Saber train, I gotta say.

00:52:32   I am always, okay, rhythm games.

00:52:37   I don't like rhythm games that are push a button

00:52:39   or tap a screen.

00:52:41   I don't like them because the idea with rhythm is,

00:52:45   tapping your toes, tapping your finger is not dancing.

00:52:51   It's not.

00:52:53   And rhythm games are like that.

00:52:55   They're kind of like full body games, they should be.

00:53:00   And so when they say, well, we took rock band

00:53:02   where you've got an instrument or whatever,

00:53:04   and we've just made it so you tap on a screen.

00:53:07   It's like, nah, it's a lot less interesting to me then.

00:53:10   So Beat Saber, which makes you lunge after boxes

00:53:15   with a lightsaber to the tune of various kind of Polish

00:53:20   industrial music, or if you pay,

00:53:22   Billie Eilish or Imagine Dragons,

00:53:25   is great. It is, it is fulfilling something, something that Rock Band always used to fulfill

00:53:33   for me, but of course with less equipment to be carted out than Rock Band requires.

00:53:36   And, better. It's better. It's the best Revenant game ever made. Like, it just is.

00:53:42   It's amazing. And this is the case, this is where I'm gonna say, like what you said about

00:53:46   11 table tennis, that I'm terrible at it, and I need to do more, but I'm so terrible at it that I

00:53:54   I can actually make myself move and sweat and things

00:53:58   not doing very well, and that's good enough.

00:54:01   But then you see people who are able to do

00:54:03   incredibly well at it and they have better rhythm than me.

00:54:07   There's just no doubt about it.

00:54:08   But still you're swinging your arms, you're moving around.

00:54:11   It's very effective.

00:54:15   It's a killer app, I would say for this platform.

00:54:17   - It is the VR game.

00:54:19   - Yeah, and I would go so far as to say

00:54:21   that whatever Apple does with their headset,

00:54:24   they better have a rhythm game that is like, you know,

00:54:27   I don't know what they're gonna call it.

00:54:29   Thump.

00:54:32   - Swords.

00:54:34   - Swords.

00:54:36   That's it, thump swords.

00:54:38   They better be their day one thump swords, boom swords.

00:54:41   - Jason, here's the thing.

00:54:42   If Apple do this, there will be a million developers

00:54:44   trying to make their own Beat Saber.

00:54:45   - Sure, their own Beat Saber.

00:54:47   That's also true.

00:54:48   - The only problem is it's owned by Meta,

00:54:50   So you've got to be real careful.

00:54:52   - Well, and you can't just sign, you know,

00:54:54   sign them up to appear on the platform

00:54:56   because Meta has taken them away, but it's a great game.

00:54:59   It really is.

00:55:00   And I love both those games.

00:55:01   So, and I didn't, you know, I thought, oh, VR it's fun.

00:55:05   I had fun with the PS VR.

00:55:06   So I thought, oh, I'll get this thing.

00:55:08   And I wish there was a game,

00:55:11   the other kind of game that I wish there was on,

00:55:14   on the quest that there isn't is the,

00:55:18   I really did love the PSVR game with the little robots

00:55:22   that is a Tokyo studio. - Astrobot.

00:55:25   - Astrobot rescue.

00:55:26   And the PS5 comes with an Astrobot that's cute,

00:55:29   but like that was such a great VR game, VR platformer.

00:55:32   And I have not been satisfied

00:55:33   with any of that kind of stuff on the meta platform.

00:55:35   So that's something that maybe if Apple does it,

00:55:38   or if there's a proper VR for some other gaming platform.

00:55:43   But anyway, I think those games are both great

00:55:46   and I want to at least recognize them,

00:55:48   even though they didn't come out this year

00:55:49   because this was the year that I played them and loved them.

00:55:53   And I think they're great.

00:55:54   - Have you played any of the Beat Saber levels

00:55:57   that you are in like 180 or 360 degrees?

00:56:01   - Oh God, no.

00:56:02   - Oh, Jason is so good.

00:56:03   - Well, I can't even.

00:56:04   - Yeah, I understand.

00:56:06   I understand.

00:56:06   - I can't even do when the boxes,

00:56:09   when they change the sides of the colors of the boxes,

00:56:13   I die.

00:56:15   Like I'm so bad at it.

00:56:17   - I desperately want to see you play this game now.

00:56:19   (laughing)

00:56:21   The 360 levels, like once you get good,

00:56:24   it takes practice, once you get good at it,

00:56:26   they are a whole, it's like a whole different kind of game.

00:56:30   It's wild, they're a lot of fun, they're a lot of fun.

00:56:32   - Well, earlier this year I injured my rotator cuff

00:56:37   and it was one of those things where it was like,

00:56:39   you know, it hurts, it's not fun,

00:56:40   but the really sad part about it was,

00:56:42   (gasping)

00:56:43   it's a, I'm like on the VR disabled list,

00:56:46   'cause it involves waving your arms around

00:56:48   and for several months I really couldn't wave my arm around

00:56:52   without pain, I was like, oh no, I can't play Beat Saber,

00:56:56   I'm on the 11 table tennis injury list now.

00:57:00   But anyway, they're great.

00:57:03   - I think we're gonna have to go,

00:57:04   we can put Beat Saber in as a runner up.

00:57:06   - Thank you.

00:57:07   - We can't give a game of--

00:57:08   - No, it's fine.

00:57:10   - We'll go with Forza Horizon 5.

00:57:12   - Really, oh, I just assumed 11 table tennis

00:57:15   by acclimation. I apologize. I apologize. Game of the year. But

00:57:18   yes. Okay. Well, I'll I'll you're you're this is a racing

00:57:21   game, right? Myke? It's race cars, right? It's a good race

00:57:24   car game. Great. Very good racing car game set in Mexico.

00:57:27   Forza Horizon 5 is the winner of game of the best game of 2021

00:57:31   with Beat Saber and Metroid Dread as our runners up. All

00:57:35   right. So we can move into iOS game of the year. Yay. With 4.6%

00:57:40   of the vote goes to Good Sudoku Plus, 5% of the vote to Mini Motorways, and 5.5% goes

00:57:48   to Alto's Odyssey The Lost City.

00:57:51   Those are all Apple Arcade games.

00:57:53   All Apple Arcade.

00:57:55   And I'll say as it went down from there, still a lot of Apple Arcade in the top 10.

00:58:01   Now I will say for me personally, this 2021 has not been a good new mobile game year.

00:58:12   For me, there has not been a standout new entry.

00:58:17   I don't know why this is, but I have not come across a game this year which I felt was really

00:58:24   like "Oh wow, this is great."

00:58:27   And for me as well, like that list there is very similar to me.

00:58:32   It's like I've enjoyed a lot of games that have come back this year, you know, like Apple

00:58:36   did their like, kind of classics thing where they brought like a bunch of really great

00:58:40   games from the past and brought them back and or, you know, and that is, Minimotorways

00:58:45   was an Apple Arcade, just a straight up Apple Arcade game.

00:58:49   Original.

00:58:50   Yeah, but it was a sequel to a, you know, already popular game.

00:58:55   Very different game.

00:58:56   - They're not that similar, I would say.

00:59:00   - Yeah, but you know what I mean, right?

00:59:01   Like you look at it and you say,

00:59:02   this is very clearly the same people,

00:59:04   they did the same and that noted,

00:59:06   they're doing the same kind of thing.

00:59:08   Good Sudoku Plus is Good Sudoku,

00:59:11   now available in a blockade,

00:59:13   Altos Odyssey to Lost City.

00:59:14   - Good Sudoku was late,

00:59:16   fairly late last year, wasn't it?

00:59:17   Although I don't know, it was a pandemic game.

00:59:18   I can't really even tell. - Who could tell?

00:59:21   So there's been stuff, right?

00:59:23   It's not like there haven't been games.

00:59:25   There have been games this year, but I,

00:59:27   there hasn't been a everyone's going wild

00:59:30   for this iOS game this year.

00:59:32   So you have a longer list than me.

00:59:35   Actually, I think, oh, look at, yeah,

00:59:37   your list is the same as the upgrade.

00:59:39   - My list is the same as the upgrade Ian's.

00:59:41   We are in sync on this and I don't care

00:59:44   if there's a game out there that everybody's talking about.

00:59:46   I just care about the games that I like.

00:59:48   And you know what I like the best?

00:59:49   Alto's Odyssey, the lost city,

00:59:50   which is extra content for my favorite iOS game of all time.

00:59:55   So yeah, I loved it.

00:59:58   I played it all the way through.

01:00:00   My only real criticism is that there needs to be

01:00:02   some sort of a signifier that feels good

01:00:06   when you clear the last thing.

01:00:09   And that doesn't happen.

01:00:10   It just says, "Oh, you don't have any more challenges left."

01:00:13   Like, "Oh, okay."

01:00:15   But it was great.

01:00:16   And they have new artwork and they have new music

01:00:18   and it's the full "Alto's Odyssey" game on top,

01:00:21   plus this is added on.

01:00:23   And if you already played "Alto's Odyssey",

01:00:25   you can load your status and you pick up all that stuff

01:00:28   and you just jump right in.

01:00:29   You have to replay the game from the start, which is nice.

01:00:31   A lot of these plus Apple Arcade games don't do that,

01:00:34   by the way, which I find frustrating.

01:00:37   I would really like if I started off on the regular game

01:00:41   and then came to the plus game,

01:00:42   a button that will load all of my stuff.

01:00:44   - Most of them don't need it though.

01:00:47   - Well, I mean, like I have a, like, sorry,

01:00:52   I really I'm talking about Zach Gage here.

01:00:53   We're like Flip-Flop Solitaire doesn't remember

01:00:55   all of my stats.

01:00:56   Good Sudoku doesn't remember any of my stats

01:00:59   and I, on the plus version.

01:01:01   So I ended up having both versions on there

01:01:04   'cause I already bought the games

01:01:05   and now there's the plus version.

01:01:07   So anyway, that's number one, Mini Motorways.

01:01:10   When I, I was a little lukewarm on it

01:01:12   when it initially shipped,

01:01:13   but I think this is one of those things

01:01:15   that also happened with Mini Metro actually,

01:01:17   that the developer, Dinosaur Polo Club, fun to say,

01:01:21   they ship their game and then they tweak it.

01:01:25   And that just is how they do it.

01:01:28   So I revisited many motorways in the last couple of months,

01:01:31   and it's so much better than it used to be.

01:01:33   They've really added a whole bunch of things on iOS

01:01:36   that were just not there before.

01:01:38   The logic works better, there's roundabouts.

01:01:41   And in fact, the turn taking every week

01:01:43   is a better interface now that makes it clear

01:01:45   what your choices are between like, do you want a highway

01:01:48   and 20 road tokens, or do you want 40 road tokens

01:01:53   and you get to choose which one.

01:01:54   It's much clearer sort of what you're gonna get.

01:01:57   So I think that game is great.

01:01:58   And Good Sudoku, which then again,

01:02:00   came out with Good Sudoku Plus.

01:02:03   I never understood this game.

01:02:05   I know people played it.

01:02:07   I didn't get it.

01:02:08   The whole purpose of this game is to teach it to you

01:02:10   and to teach you how to be better at it.

01:02:12   And it completely worked on me to the point where

01:02:15   I have played it a bunch.

01:02:16   And if you give me a newspaper Sudoku page,

01:02:19   I can solve it pretty fast because I'm not great,

01:02:24   but I'm good.

01:02:26   I'm good at Sudoku now, thanks to this app.

01:02:29   So I love all three of those apps.

01:02:31   - I wanted to throw in another one,

01:02:33   which is Jetpack Joyride Plus.

01:02:35   Jetpack Joyride is one of my favorite iOS games

01:02:37   of all time.

01:02:38   And Apple did the similar thing of asking Halfbrick Studios

01:02:42   to bring Jetpack Joyride back,

01:02:44   give it a little bit of polish here and there where needed, you know, make it fit

01:02:48   all the devices. They added a few things and they brought it back as a plus game.

01:02:52   Honestly, really the iOS game of the year is an Apple Arcade subscription this year.

01:02:56   Um, like I, Apple is continuing the original strategy somewhat.

01:03:03   There they are working with developers and they're creating these really nice

01:03:07   games or they're buying, you know, nice games for the platform.

01:03:11   But I think this is a part of the strategy

01:03:13   that makes a ton of sense.

01:03:16   - Yeah, we talked about it here before,

01:03:17   but the idea that they added in those two other layers,

01:03:20   which is classic games that there's no financial motivation

01:03:23   for them to be updated for the current platform.

01:03:25   They get folded into Apple Arcade,

01:03:26   they provide them a financial lifeline,

01:03:28   and then the converting them off of paid

01:03:32   so that you basically,

01:03:33   essentially because you're an Apple Arcade subscriber,

01:03:36   you don't have to pay for the in-app purchases,

01:03:38   they're all unlocked.

01:03:40   And so you, I mean, that's right.

01:03:43   That's what we're seeing here with all of these

01:03:45   is Jetpack Joyride is a classic game

01:03:47   that's been given a maintenance update

01:03:48   because of Apple Arcade money.

01:03:50   Good Sudoku Plus is a pay game turned into a free game

01:03:53   for Apple Arcade subscribers.

01:03:56   Alta's Odyssey is they commissioned them to do extra levels

01:04:00   and then Mini Motorways is an original essentially.

01:04:02   So like it's covering all of these bases

01:04:05   and that's the dimension that Apple Arcade

01:04:07   didn't have when it launched.

01:04:09   I would be very cool with Alto's Odyssey.

01:04:12   - All right, good. - Going in here.

01:04:15   Which I would say technically makes this

01:04:17   a two-time best iOS game winner,

01:04:20   which is a really weird thing to win.

01:04:23   But they also won, they won with Alto's Adventure.

01:04:29   So three time a winner of an upgrade,

01:04:35   but not, just wouldn't qualify them for Hall of Fame,

01:04:39   nor would it really make any sense to.

01:04:42   Let's go with Mini Motorways and Good Sudoku Plus

01:04:45   as the runners up because I like that it completely matched

01:04:50   with you and the upgrade ends.

01:04:54   And somebody did mention Good Sudoku Plus

01:04:57   was a runner up last year.

01:05:00   Well, Good Sudoku was.

01:05:01   - Oh, Good Sudoku was, yeah,

01:05:02   'cause it came out last year, so, yep.

01:05:05   - So now we move into favorite movie of the year,

01:05:09   The Upgradians voted with 9% for No Time to Die,

01:05:13   15.9% for Shang-Chi, and 27.5% for Dune.

01:05:18   - Wow, that's a lot of Dune.

01:05:22   - Yeah, I'd like to go first

01:05:23   'cause I saw less movies, if that's okay.

01:05:25   - Yeah, sure.

01:05:27   - The two movies that I am gonna put in this category,

01:05:30   I saw this week. (laughs)

01:05:33   Because really, they're the only new movies

01:05:35   I've seen this year.

01:05:36   One is Encanto, the new Disney movie.

01:05:41   Really, really great movie with superb music,

01:05:45   all written by Lin-Manuel Miranda,

01:05:47   who I think has maybe found the next thing that he does.

01:05:52   Like I know that he's working on other stuff

01:05:54   and I need to watch the movie about Rent,

01:05:57   'cause I've heard that's pretty good.

01:05:58   Is it Tick Tick Boom it's called?

01:06:00   - Yeah, I think so.

01:06:01   - Lin-Manuel Miranda writing all of the music

01:06:04   for Disney movies is a really good idea

01:06:06   because the music in this movie,

01:06:08   like so the music in Moana, right?

01:06:10   Moana's music, awesome.

01:06:12   Limo and Miranda played a hand in some of this.

01:06:14   The music in Encanto, he wrote all of the original songs.

01:06:18   They are amazing.

01:06:20   And I think it's super smart to get someone

01:06:22   who's really talented at writing music,

01:06:24   like to write these kind of modern songs.

01:06:27   'Cause as I was saying,

01:06:28   it helps the movies be rewatchable by kids.

01:06:31   - That was always the trick with Disney in its classic era.

01:06:34   first they had the classic Ashwin and Menken and then but then they started to

01:06:39   bring in like songwriters to do pop songwriters like Elton John with the

01:06:45   Lion King and so so they're like Lin-Manuel Miranda he loves Disney and

01:06:49   they work well together and I haven't seen in Kanto yet it's on my list it's

01:06:54   on my list. It's a really cute movie and the animation is great and I'm not gonna

01:06:59   say too much about it but what I like about this movie compared to a lot of

01:07:02   other Disney movies is it's actually quite small in scope. Like, it's not this like,

01:07:09   huge sprawling big adventure. It's like a really small scope movie. And I really liked

01:07:15   it a lot. So my other one is Spider-Man No Way Home. That movie slaps. It's so good.

01:07:22   Oh my god, no spoilers. No spoilers. I freaking love this movie. It's gonna be a Myke of the

01:07:27   movies probably. We're gonna have to talk about Spider-Man No Way Home. Yeah, I think

01:07:30   - We might have to, I think we might have to.

01:07:32   - I wanna see it again,

01:07:33   but I don't wanna go back to a movie theater again.

01:07:34   So I guess I'm gonna have to wait,

01:07:36   but I wanna see it again.

01:07:37   But yeah, I loved it.

01:07:40   I have my, I watched a lot of movies this year

01:07:44   and I logged my movies this year,

01:07:49   which hasn't happened before in Letterboxd.

01:07:52   So I actually kept track of what movies I saw this year

01:07:58   and what I thought of them.

01:07:59   That was a lot of fun.

01:08:01   So here's my list of my favorite seven movies that I saw

01:08:06   that were new-ish, right?

01:08:10   I'm not gonna say a lot of these were Oscar nominees,

01:08:12   so they came from 2020, but I saw them in 2021.

01:08:15   And here they are, "Promising Young Woman"

01:08:20   with Carey Mulligan, probably my favorite movie of the year.

01:08:23   "Coda" on Apple TV Plus, I liked it a lot.

01:08:26   I thought it was really good.

01:08:27   That's the girl who is the hearing child of a deaf family,

01:08:32   who wants to be a musician.

01:08:37   Spider-Man No Way Home.

01:08:39   A movie called Never Rarely Sometimes Always,

01:08:42   which is about two girls who have to take a bus to the city

01:08:47   in order for one of them to get an abortion.

01:08:50   Nomadland, which, you know, won best picture,

01:08:54   but it is really good.

01:08:56   - I liked it too.

01:08:57   I like it too, yay!

01:08:59   Now it's been mentioned on the upgrade,

01:09:00   he's finally they've made it.

01:09:02   In and of itself, which is that movie by the magician

01:09:07   that's basically the film version of his stage show.

01:09:11   If you haven't seen it,

01:09:12   don't look up anything about what happens in it.

01:09:14   It's just an amazing kind of document

01:09:18   of some very clever, interesting stagecraft kind of things.

01:09:24   and a movie called "First Cow,"

01:09:28   which is a very quiet, slow-paced movie

01:09:31   set in the early 1800s in Oregon.

01:09:35   And indeed, a cow is brought to the region

01:09:39   where the people in Oregon are,

01:09:41   and it's the first cow to be brought to that area.

01:09:45   This is pre-Gold Rush, West Coast.

01:09:48   So not really an era that gets even shown that much.

01:09:54   And I had been thinking about that movie the whole year.

01:09:57   I saw it in January.

01:09:58   I've been thinking about the whole year.

01:10:01   Such a strange, but kind of wonderful movie.

01:10:04   And so those are my faves.

01:10:06   - What do you think about "Dune" as the Upgradians' vote?

01:10:11   - I like "Dune."

01:10:14   I didn't put it on my list here.

01:10:15   I like "Shang-Chi" too, and I didn't put it on my list,

01:10:17   but I think that's a really good movie too.

01:10:18   I haven't seen "No Time to Die."

01:10:20   But I like "Dune."

01:10:24   First off, it's just half the movie, but I was charmed by it.

01:10:28   I would like to watch it again at some point.

01:10:31   I'm constantly surprised at how many people love it because I've always

01:10:35   thought Dune to be a real acquired taste.

01:10:38   And when they came out with this movie, I was like, well, okay.

01:10:41   But, and then people are like, ah, Dune, I love it.

01:10:43   I'm like, really, really.

01:10:45   Okay, great.

01:10:47   Like I read like four Dune books and I write like, it's a good movie.

01:10:52   I liked it.

01:10:53   It's a vibe.

01:10:56   I mean, maybe that's kind of one of the things

01:10:58   I like about it is it's kind of like the sound

01:11:00   and the visuals and you just kind of like,

01:11:03   it surrounds you with sand

01:11:06   and but it's also half a movie, unfortunately,

01:11:09   which I'd say I get why,

01:11:13   but I think it's unfortunate.

01:11:15   It just kind of ends and that's just, all right,

01:11:17   stay tuned to part two for part two in three years.

01:11:20   So, but I did like it.

01:11:22   I do think Spider-Man would have ranked higher.

01:11:25   It was creeping up, but we were in the voting closed

01:11:28   soon for that movie.

01:11:31   - Yep.

01:11:32   - It matches on both of our lists.

01:11:34   - Yeah.

01:11:35   - Should we do it?

01:11:36   - We could give it the upgradey.

01:11:38   - Love it.

01:11:39   So do you want to pick a runner up?

01:11:40   - Let's pick Dune.

01:11:43   - Yep.

01:11:44   - And how about Encanto?

01:11:46   - Oh, that's nice.

01:11:47   I love Encanto.

01:11:48   That's a good movie, man.

01:11:49   I think you'll get a kick out of it.

01:11:50   - I will look forward to it.

01:11:52   Good family movie.

01:11:53   So congratulations to Spider-Man.

01:11:56   Favorite TV show, the upgrading has voted

01:11:59   at 11.4% for Foundation,

01:12:01   which ranked way higher than I was expecting

01:12:03   compared to all the other stuff that's come out this year.

01:12:06   Loki with 14.6% and 21.7% for Ted Lasso.

01:12:11   - Wow, that's a lot of Ted Lasso.

01:12:15   - We have the right audience for it, I think.

01:12:17   - Yeah, I think so.

01:12:18   I think you're right.

01:12:19   Here are my seven favorite shows of 2021.

01:12:24   For All Mankind, season two.

01:12:27   It's really good.

01:12:29   The people who know know, there's a TV critic

01:12:34   I like, Alan Sepinwall, who keeps writing about it.

01:12:36   He said it was his favorite show of the year.

01:12:37   And he's like, why, you know,

01:12:39   people just aren't talking about it.

01:12:42   They just don't know about it.

01:12:43   They haven't found it.

01:12:44   - It was on too early.

01:12:45   I think if it was later in the year,

01:12:47   If For All Mankind had just wrapped up, it would be on more lists.

01:12:51   So, For All Mankind for sure. Hacks on HBO Max, starring Jean Smart and Hannah... oh,

01:13:01   what's her name? Einbinder. That is a great show. It's funny, it's about a young woman

01:13:12   comedy writer and a 50-something woman, legendary, maybe 60, legendary comedian from an era where

01:13:23   it was very hard for a woman to be in comedy. And she's now performing in Vegas and her

01:13:30   agent or her manager and agent convince her, I guess the manager doesn't like it, the agent

01:13:36   convinces her to have this hot comedy talent who's kind of down on her luck because she

01:13:40   she kind of got canceled for stupid stuff she did, to come write for her. And the comedian

01:13:45   is offended and the writer thinks it's beneath her. And you're seeing sort of comedy from

01:13:53   the perspective of two women kind of like beginning and ends of their careers. It's

01:13:59   brilliant. And it's very funny, but it's also really interesting and dramatic. And there's

01:14:06   just it's great if anybody hasn't seen hacks in the US it's on HBO Max it is spectacularly good

01:14:12   Loki I think is the I hope that when Disney+ executives were looking at the output of their

01:14:22   first year they looked at Loki and they were like that one yeah that one yeah I like WandaVision

01:14:29   that was the best one yeah I like WandaVision I like Hawkeye but Loki was the one who's like

01:14:34   "Yeah, that. That. We got it. We hit it. Do that." I don't want them all to be the same,

01:14:40   but Loki was the one who was like, "That. We got it. We nailed it." I love that show.

01:14:45   As somebody who grew up watching Doctor Who, it is like, what if Doctor Who had an enormous Disney

01:14:51   Marvel budget? Because it's kind of Doctor Who-y in a way. It's a weird, weird show, but I loved it.

01:14:57   and I love the soundtrack.

01:14:59   The performances are really good.

01:15:01   Loki is great.

01:15:03   If you haven't, if you've been skeptical

01:15:05   about the Marvel Disney shows,

01:15:06   seek out Loki sometime when you've got Disney Plus,

01:15:08   it's really good.

01:15:10   I loved Hulu's only murders in the building,

01:15:13   which is Steve Martin and Martin Short and Selena Gomez,

01:15:17   or as my daughter refers to it, the show,

01:15:19   oh, the show with Selena Gomez in it.

01:15:21   It's like, yeah, also Steve Martin and Martin Short

01:15:23   are in it for the olds.

01:15:25   It's like a comedy murder mystery about podcasting.

01:15:30   It's great. - I can't watch it.

01:15:31   I can't do it.

01:15:32   I'm sure it's good.

01:15:33   Adina's watching it right now and she loves it.

01:15:35   I can't watch things about podcasting.

01:15:37   I can't do it.

01:15:38   - I actually think the portrayal of podcasting,

01:15:40   although unrealistic in some ways,

01:15:42   is very realistic in other ways.

01:15:43   And I think it's funny. - That's maybe part of why

01:15:45   I can't do it as well.

01:15:46   Like I just can't bring myself to do it.

01:15:48   - You know, the episode title comes up

01:15:50   and it's in like a little overcast kind of interface

01:15:52   and it makes me laugh every time.

01:15:54   It's so good.

01:15:55   "Invincible" on Amazon Prime video,

01:15:58   animated series about superheroes and a family,

01:16:03   and it's not for kids, but I loved it.

01:16:06   I think it's one of my favorite comic books,

01:16:08   and I think a great adaptation, really, really well done.

01:16:13   "It's a Sin," which was from the BBC,

01:16:14   but it's on HBO Max in America by Russell T. Davis,

01:16:18   about a group of friends in the early days

01:16:22   of the AIDS epidemic, and if I describe it that way,

01:16:27   and you think, oh, this is gonna be one of those sad dramas

01:16:32   where everybody dies, it's not.

01:16:36   It's actually joyful and wonderful and sad all at once.

01:16:41   And I think it's a masterwork.

01:16:47   I think it is just, it's worth your time.

01:16:49   It's five episodes, I think.

01:16:51   So well done.

01:16:53   And last, I'll throw in "What We Do in the Shadows,"

01:16:57   which had a third season, I think, on FX and on Hulu.

01:17:00   And that is just a funny show,

01:17:03   funny, dumb show about vampires, and I love it.

01:17:06   - No spoilers.

01:17:07   I'll just say we watched

01:17:09   "What We Do in the Shadows" season three this week.

01:17:12   Didn't like the ending.

01:17:13   - Yeah, I don't know what they're doing there.

01:17:16   - I think the worlds fell off a little bit.

01:17:19   I think two things might've happened.

01:17:21   I think one, they're maybe not sure if they had a season four when they wrote it.

01:17:25   I also think they had maybe five writers had different ways they wanted to end the season,

01:17:30   and over the span of like three episodes, they did all of them.

01:17:33   - They did them all.

01:17:34   - And I'm not sure that that was the right way to go.

01:17:37   - I mostly watch that for the jokes and the characters and not for the plot,

01:17:40   but yeah, at the end, there's sort of a lot of plot that happens.

01:17:42   You're like, you just, and honestly, my whole reaction is like,

01:17:46   you're just gonna undo this all next year.

01:17:48   If you come back, you're gonna literally undo everything.

01:17:51   And that's what makes it even more weird to me, because it's like if they do another one,

01:17:55   they have five things to undo.

01:17:58   Love that show though, like the whole thing.

01:18:00   For me, seasons one and two are better than season three, but season three also still

01:18:05   really good.

01:18:07   My favorite shows of the year, Ted Lasso was an easy one for me to be in there.

01:18:13   I've got a real-time correction by the way, because this is what I do.

01:18:15   I always joke about how I just conflate all British television to the BBC.

01:18:20   a sentence from Channel 4, or as I like to think of it, BBC 4, but it's not. It's Channel

01:18:26   4, it's a commercial broadcaster in the UK. It's a great show though. Okay, please resume

01:18:29   Ted Lasso.

01:18:30   Ted Lasso, easy pick for me. The Morning Show, great second season. Way better than a season

01:18:35   one. If you watched season one, didn't like how it ended, watched season two, it's way

01:18:39   better in a good way.

01:18:40   Okay, I guess I'll have to do that because I watched season one and I thought it was

01:18:42   okay, but I didn't like how it ended and I have not been motivated to watch it, even

01:18:46   though I've been planning on it, so this will be a spur to put it more on the watch list

01:18:50   and we'll get back to it.

01:18:51   If I can give two more recommendations for it.

01:18:52   One, I think they learned what the show is and they made it that.

01:18:57   And there is an episode of this season which is maybe the best episode of TV I've seen

01:19:03   this year.

01:19:04   The rest of the season isn't as good as this, which is why it's not my favourite show of

01:19:08   the year, but it's one of my favourite shows of the year.

01:19:12   For All Mankind, it's just superb.

01:19:14   I think it's probably Apple's best show.

01:19:17   my favourite but they're best right? I just think it is every episode is excellent. Loki

01:19:24   is my favourite Disney and Marvel project that they've done but my I think my personal

01:19:30   favourite television show this year is Dexter New Blood so if you're a fan of Dexter you

01:19:36   have to be a fan of Dexter to watch the show if you don't there's no point but it is the

01:19:41   only television show this year where I have been like all of these other shows I'm like

01:19:46   "Oh great, it's Ted Lasso Day" or "Oh great, it's for Mankind Day"

01:19:52   But with Dexter, I'm like, I cannot wait for Monday

01:19:57   Because I mean, it's a thriller, right? So it has that to it

01:20:00   There is a cliffhanger at the end of every episode of the show, right?

01:20:03   So like, you are motivated to want more of it

01:20:06   But it's just like a really smart way that they have brought the character back for

01:20:10   I believe it's just going to be this one season as a way to put a better bow on the series

01:20:16   - Right, because everybody hated how it ended, yeah.

01:20:19   - And this is, they've done a bunch of really smart stuff

01:20:22   and they have a ton of new characters

01:20:25   and they've integrated some of the old previous stories

01:20:27   into it really well and old characters into it really well.

01:20:30   It is excellent.

01:20:31   If you watched Dexter and liked it,

01:20:33   if you watched Dexter and hated how Dexter ended,

01:20:36   do yourself a favor and watch Dexter New Blood.

01:20:38   So that's my recommendation.

01:20:39   I'm not gonna try and petition it as the winner.

01:20:42   It would be my personal runner up.

01:20:45   So let's do, here's my suggestion, winner for all mankind, runners-up, Ted Lasso and Loki.

01:20:52   I'm good with that. I'm good with that. So for all mankind, we'll win.

01:20:55   Kind of integrating all of our lists and the Upgradients list.

01:20:58   Yeah, and then Ted Lasso and Loki. Like, here's the thing,

01:21:01   Ted Lasso season two was still really great. It was never going to be like Ted Lasso won.

01:21:08   And I don't know how it could be because it's impossible.

01:21:13   - That first season was act one,

01:21:16   where everybody gets to know each other and everything.

01:21:19   And like, you can't, really season two is like, okay,

01:21:23   now we need to tell the rest of the story here.

01:21:25   - But also season one, the surprise of what the show is.

01:21:30   - It's true.

01:21:32   It was magic.

01:21:32   It was locked down.

01:21:33   It was magic.

01:21:34   It was a shot of happiness.

01:21:36   It was so many things that can't be replicated,

01:21:38   but I do think Ted Lasso season two is very good.

01:21:41   - Oh, it's excellent.

01:21:42   It's just not ever --

01:21:44   Nothing is ever gonna be season one of "Ted Lasso," honestly.

01:21:47   Like, it's kind of perfect in that way.

01:21:49   -And I think "For All Mankind" --

01:21:52   "For All Mankind" season two was better

01:21:54   than "For All Mankind" season one, in my opinion.

01:21:57   And so that's why I would push for that.

01:22:00   -I agree. I agree. -Because they improved that show,

01:22:03   even though it already started on an excellent footing.

01:22:06   The problem with "Ted Lasso" is there was no improving on it.

01:22:10   First season was perfect.

01:22:11   you can't prove on that but they lived up to it about as good as possible.

01:22:16   Favourite book category?

01:22:18   Yay! It's my category.

01:22:19   With 7% for Leviathan Falls by James S.A. Corey, 7% for The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green,

01:22:28   and 17.6% to Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

01:22:33   I've read two of those.

01:22:34   Okay.

01:22:36   I'm gonna tell you seven things that I really enjoyed

01:22:40   in books this year.

01:22:42   I'm just doing a lot of sevens.

01:22:43   This is kind of organic.

01:22:44   I didn't choose a bunch of sevens,

01:22:46   but that's how it ended up.

01:22:47   So I guess I can hold sevens.

01:22:49   - A lot of sevens for the eighth upgrade-ies.

01:22:51   - A lot of thinking of holding seven things

01:22:54   I love in my mind.

01:22:55   So this, I looked on Goodreads

01:22:57   because I do log the books I read.

01:23:00   I only started doing that with movies this year,

01:23:05   but I have been doing that with books for a while now.

01:23:09   So you can check out my Goodreads, I guess,

01:23:11   if you wanna see all the books that I read this year

01:23:13   with their--

01:23:14   - Check out my Goodreads, smash the bell button.

01:23:17   - Smash the follow me on Goodreads button.

01:23:21   Here, and I read,

01:23:26   I think I read basically a novel a week this year.

01:23:28   I think not at that pace 'cause vacations you read more

01:23:31   and other times I read less,

01:23:32   but I think I'm gonna finish the year at about 52 books.

01:23:34   - That is obscene to me, in my brain, right?

01:23:39   Like, look, I didn't read any books this year.

01:23:40   - I know somebody who read 150, so, you know, but not me.

01:23:45   So these are the seven that I wanted to mention.

01:23:48   Piranesi is by the writer of Jonathan Strange

01:23:52   and Mr. Norell, which was like a thousand page book

01:23:54   that came out a decade ago.

01:23:55   This is a short book.

01:23:57   It was my favorite book of the year.

01:23:59   I love it.

01:24:00   It is weird, but delightful.

01:24:02   and it gets more, it starts out real weird

01:24:05   and then gets less weird as it goes in a good way

01:24:07   where you start to kind of understand what you're seeing.

01:24:08   But I think it's beautiful.

01:24:09   It is about a person who lives in a giant building

01:24:13   full of statues, classical statues,

01:24:15   and the sea is coming in and there are birds.

01:24:17   And they think that it's the entire world,

01:24:22   but it's not.

01:24:24   So it's amazing.

01:24:25   It's so strange, but I loved it.

01:24:28   Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse is a sort of Mesoamerican fantasy novel about like a...

01:24:37   I don't... I mean there's like there's the Black Sun cult that's trying to overthrow the people who are the rulers and

01:24:44   there's a kid who's supposedly the chosen one and they do terrible things to him, but he's brought to the...

01:24:50   He's brought to the city by a pirate and there's a whole like human sacrifice that's gonna happen and it's...

01:24:57   It's great. I loved it. That's first book in a trilogy. I can't wait for the second book to come out.

01:25:03   I thought it was great. Becky Chambers wrote a book called The Galaxy and the Ground Within,

01:25:07   which if I describe it to you, it will sound like the most boring book ever, because the plot is

01:25:12   basically, there's a traffic delay, and so a bunch of aliens of different kinds are stuck on a planet

01:25:19   for a while. That's the book. It's great. It's amazing. What do they do while they're stuck on

01:25:25   on a planet. I don't know, you know, they interact, they talk with each other. It's

01:25:28   great. I loved it. The Hidden Palace by my friend Helene Wecker is the sequel to her

01:25:34   book The Golem and the Genie. Both of those books are great if you have not read them.

01:25:38   They're set in New York in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when there were lots

01:25:43   of immigrants pouring into New York City, including in this world. Part of the Jewish

01:25:49   diaspora is a golem, a magical creature, and part of the Syrian diaspora is a genie. And

01:25:58   they meet and then there are two books about that. I read an older book this year, but

01:26:07   it took up a lot of time. It was Gnomon by Nick Harkaway. I gave it five stars, so I

01:26:14   have to mention it. It's like a thousand page book. It's like five books in one. I felt like

01:26:20   I accomplished something by reading it and I truly loved it. Just don't read it. Nobody should read

01:26:25   it. That's my warning to you because almost nobody will like it, but I loved it. It's one of those

01:26:34   things where I have to wave people off. They're like, "Oh, that sounds intriguing." It's like,

01:26:37   "No, no, no, no, no. You don't understand how weird and complicated this book is, but if you

01:26:42   do take up the challenge, you may be rewarded,

01:26:45   or you may bail within the first like 40 pages of this book,

01:26:49   but I loved it.

01:26:51   Michael Lewis's nonfiction book,

01:26:52   "The Premonition, a Pandemic Story,"

01:26:54   just really well done, loved it.

01:26:56   Not fiction, but nonfiction, it was good.

01:26:59   And then I discovered a series

01:27:01   that I read the entire series this year,

01:27:03   "The Divine Cities Trilogy" by Robert Jackson Bennett.

01:27:08   It's three books.

01:27:11   It's a kind of urbanish fantasy series,

01:27:15   and I read them all, I devoured them all,

01:27:19   and I love that when I read a book

01:27:21   and it's the first book in a series

01:27:22   and I can't put it down

01:27:24   because it means there's two more books

01:27:25   that I can't put down,

01:27:26   and all three of them are great.

01:27:28   In fact, arguably the series gets better as it goes along,

01:27:31   but the first one alone is "City of Stairs"

01:27:34   is worth reading.

01:27:36   So those are my seven reading picks for this year.

01:27:39   What did you read this year, Myke?

01:27:41   - I think I read something, but I don't remember what it was.

01:27:43   It wasn't anything I enjoyed.

01:27:45   - Fair.

01:27:46   Okay, so how do we do this?

01:27:49   - You have to put the Upgrading Award winner,

01:27:51   same as you do every year.

01:27:52   - Okay, Piranesi is the winner.

01:27:54   That was my favorite book of the year.

01:27:55   I am going to put the Galaxy in the Ground Within

01:28:00   as a runner up and we'll put, let's put Leviathan Falls,

01:28:03   which I also really enjoyed and was an Upgrading pick

01:28:07   as a runner up.

01:28:08   - Great.

01:28:09   - That's the last book in the Expanse series.

01:28:10   It was a good ending to a very good nine book series.

01:28:14   Yes.

01:28:15   - So the Galaxy in the Ground of Inn and Leviathan Falls.

01:28:19   - Yeah.

01:28:20   - Are the runners up in this category.

01:28:22   Okay.

01:28:23   The Expanse is the TV show, right?

01:28:25   - Yes.

01:28:26   - Okay.

01:28:27   I didn't know it was a book series.

01:28:28   Or was it?

01:28:29   - Yeah, it's always, yeah, it's based on that series.

01:28:32   And the series is finishing with book six,

01:28:37   but there's also book seven, eight, nine.

01:28:39   I don't know what they're doing about that, but this is book nine.

01:28:43   So this is the end of that story.

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01:30:29   Alright, we're now going to move into some hardware and technology focused categories.

01:30:36   First is favorite Apple product.

01:30:39   The Upgradians voted with 12.2% for the iPad mini, 12.7% for the MacBook Pro 16 inch and

01:30:48   27.6% for the MacBook Pro 14 inch.

01:30:53   that MacBook Pro splitting the vote there.

01:30:55   It would have been a,

01:30:56   we would have been able to get another one in this category

01:30:59   if I were to put them together.

01:31:00   But to me, they are incredibly different products.

01:31:02   So I thought I would put them in there separately

01:31:05   and that's how it ended up being.

01:31:08   Jason, what is your favorite Apple product of the year?

01:31:11   - Well, I hate to diverge from the upgradients here,

01:31:15   but in my mind, the Apple product of the year

01:31:20   is the 24 inch M1 iMac.

01:31:23   When I saw this in your list, I was like,

01:31:26   oh, that's interesting.

01:31:29   I wouldn't have thought that that was where you

01:31:32   were gonna go with this,

01:31:33   but I actually kind of loved that you did.

01:31:35   - Yeah, I just, I think the iMac, I love iMacs.

01:31:40   I think they're important.

01:31:42   I know that laptops get more consideration.

01:31:44   I know that the MacBook Pro is a very important product

01:31:48   because they made, you know, some amazing,

01:31:52   good redesign decisions in terms of bringing back some ports, in terms of that screen,

01:31:56   which is amazing, and of course in being the place where they've unveiled their pro-level

01:32:00   processors for Apple Silicon. Absolutely, all those things are true. That said, I think

01:32:07   the iMac getting a complete redesign for the first time in almost a decade and bringing

01:32:14   in color and bringing that M1 power to the desktop and some of the interesting design

01:32:20   decisions in terms of the magnet and the ethernet on the cable and all of those

01:32:24   sort of things. I just... and the fact that, again, you can buy an orange or blue or

01:32:30   whatever, iMac. This is favorite Apple product. Is it is it as powerful as the

01:32:35   MacBook Pro? Of course not. It doesn't have as good a screen as the MacBook Pro. Of

01:32:39   course it doesn't. And yet, it is my favorite. I love that they updated the

01:32:44   iMac. I love that they did it the way they did it. I think they did a great job. I

01:32:48   I think it's a beautiful product.

01:32:51   And so that's my choice.

01:32:54   That's my number one.

01:32:57   - I mean, I love the machine I bought once.

01:32:59   I love it so much I bought one.

01:33:01   And I use it every day.

01:33:02   It's what I use to record and edit my shows on.

01:33:05   Like you, I think it was the perfect machine

01:33:08   for what it is made for, and then some, right?

01:33:11   Like it is the perfect machine for what it's made for.

01:33:13   Oh, and also by the way, it's really powerful

01:33:15   'cause it has an M1 chip in it.

01:33:17   and they made it in colors and I have a yellow one.

01:33:19   It's like so good.

01:33:20   I really love that machine.

01:33:23   I went with, and I echo you here, right?

01:33:26   I echo you.

01:33:27   But I, for me personally, I put in the 14 inch MacBook Pro.

01:33:31   It's just an incredible computer.

01:33:34   It's incredibly powerful, looks fantastic.

01:33:36   Screen is amazing.

01:33:38   They reverted a bunch of weird decisions.

01:33:42   You know, they got rid of the touch bar,

01:33:43   they kept touch ID, they brought some ports back,

01:33:46   brought back MagSafe.

01:33:49   Just a great machine all around.

01:33:51   It looks great.

01:33:52   I love the look of it just in general.

01:33:53   The hardware design of it is great.

01:33:56   I wished it was a little lighter.

01:33:58   I wished it was a little thinner, but not so much that it would change my opinion about

01:34:03   this machine.

01:34:04   And I also love the iPad mini.

01:34:05   I think the new iPad mini is the best iPad for content consumption that Apple has ever

01:34:10   made.

01:34:11   I think that it is perfectly sized.

01:34:14   It looks fantastic.

01:34:15   It's got all of the right features that you would want

01:34:17   out of an iPad for watching video, reading stuff,

01:34:21   like communication and that kind of stuff.

01:34:23   So these two machines, the MacBook Pro and the iPad mini,

01:34:26   they've been really great for me this year.

01:34:29   - Yep.

01:34:30   - So.

01:34:30   - What are we gonna do?

01:34:31   - So, I mean, so obviously I and the Upgradians

01:34:35   vote the same. - It's true.

01:34:37   It's true.

01:34:37   - But I also really love yours.

01:34:40   - You can have it.

01:34:41   I mean, I can be outvoted here

01:34:42   unless you're willing to flip over to my side here,

01:34:45   but it's a great choice.

01:34:47   I mean, the 14-inch MacBook Pro is a great choice.

01:34:51   It is a milestone in the comeback of the Mac

01:34:55   after kind of five years in the Doldrums.

01:34:58   - I would really love to give it to the M1 iMac,

01:35:01   but honestly, I feel like it would be doing a disservice

01:35:04   to the MacBook Pro,

01:35:06   which I think actually really deserves to win this.

01:35:09   - All right, so let's make it the winner,

01:35:11   and let's make the 24-inch iMac and the iPad mini

01:35:16   the runners up.

01:35:17   - Yeah, I love that. - Because I agree with you

01:35:18   about the iPad mini, it's great.

01:35:19   - Man, when I looked at this list,

01:35:24   someone mentioned to me that I forgot to put

01:35:25   the Apple remote on this list,

01:35:28   which sure, I did forget to put that on this list.

01:35:30   - I've got it covered in another category yet to come.

01:35:33   - But I don't think it was gonna win this list.

01:35:35   - No. - It's fantastic, right?

01:35:38   But just in general, when I was putting this whole,

01:35:41   selection together. It has been a super good year for Apple products. In a year that had

01:35:46   I think a very good iPhone that didn't even rank in that top three. Makes sense.

01:35:51   You didn't even mention them.

01:35:52   No, didn't mention, didn't need to. Because everything else has been so excellent as well.

01:35:57   It's made it even harder for the general good products to even come near to them. So, a

01:36:01   great year. Now we're going to do the best non-Apple product of the year. The Upgrading

01:36:07   voted with 3.1% for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which I was like super happy to see. I agree,

01:36:13   great product, but I was not expecting it to see in this list. The Google Pixel 6 Pro at 3.5%

01:36:19   and the Nintendo Switch OLED at 9.7%. I didn't put in, I mean, I guess I could put the Oculus

01:36:29   Quest 2, but it really did come out last year and I got it last year at the end of the year and I've

01:36:34   I've enjoyed it, but I'm not gonna put it on the list.

01:36:36   The product I'm going to put on this list

01:36:38   in terms of hardware,

01:36:40   this is the year that I switched from Kindle to Kobo.

01:36:45   I bought a Kobo Libra, they came out with the Kobo Libra 2,

01:36:47   I'm using that now.

01:36:49   It is, for my money, the best balance of features

01:36:54   in an e-reader and price in an e-reader.

01:36:57   It's got physical page turn buttons,

01:36:59   but it's way cheaper than Amazon's high-end Kindle,

01:37:03   which is the only one that's got physical page turn buttons.

01:37:05   The ergonomics are good.

01:37:07   The screen is great.

01:37:08   It's waterproof.

01:37:09   And Kobo is not Amazon,

01:37:12   which I kind of like not being,

01:37:15   not using that product from Amazon and using an alternative.

01:37:20   So Kobo Libre 2 is my nominee in this category.

01:37:23   - Mine is the Nintendo Switch OLED.

01:37:26   - Yeah. - It's really nice.

01:37:28   I wasn't gonna buy one.

01:37:30   I bought one for Adina and then bought one for myself

01:37:32   because it is so much better than the original Switch.

01:37:36   It makes you wanna play games more in handheld.

01:37:40   It looks so good.

01:37:42   It really does look so good.

01:37:44   - Okay, well, I mean, you and the Upgradients agree,

01:37:46   and I usually defer to you

01:37:47   and the Upgradients in this category.

01:37:49   So let's make that, the Nintendo Switch OLED, the winner.

01:37:53   I would like my Kobo to be a runner up.

01:37:56   And then what do you think?

01:37:57   You can pick a runner up.

01:37:59   You and I only mentioned one product each,

01:38:01   So what else could we throw in there?

01:38:03   - I mean, I do think that the Google Pixel 6 Pro

01:38:06   seemed to be a pretty good device

01:38:08   that a lot of people were really happy about.

01:38:09   It's like if we were gonna go back to the Upgradients,

01:38:12   I would be happy to go with that.

01:38:13   - Okay.

01:38:14   - So congratulations, Nintendo.

01:38:16   Now we mentioned earlier about categories

01:38:20   that maybe people wouldn't wanna win awards in,

01:38:23   and this is the first of those.

01:38:25   This is for the worst gadget

01:38:26   or most disappointing technology of the year.

01:38:30   Upgradients voted thusly, the Apple Watch Series 7 with 3.4%.

01:38:35   I was really surprised about this.

01:38:37   I mean, I was someone who said like,

01:38:40   "I've really wanted a new design for the Apple Watch."

01:38:43   And was disappointed by that.

01:38:45   But this Apple Watch is a very good Apple Watch.

01:38:47   Like last year's Apple Watch,

01:38:49   I could understand in this category.

01:38:51   But this year's Apple Watch, I don't know so much.

01:38:54   I think the screen changes are really good.

01:38:56   8.3% is meta/facebook.

01:39:00   So here's the thing with this,

01:39:01   people put all kinds of Facebook things in every year,

01:39:04   I just group them all together.

01:39:05   So because I don't really know how to,

01:39:08   some people just say Facebook, everything Facebook does.

01:39:10   Some people didn't like the name change.

01:39:12   I'm not really sure why people are disappointed.

01:39:16   Like surely you know Facebook, right?

01:39:18   You know what they're gonna be.

01:39:20   Like who's disappointed, you know?

01:39:22   It's like, anyway, 8.3% for meta and Facebook

01:39:26   8.8% for NFTs. Let your hate flow through you. Yeah I gotta say

01:39:34   Upgradients next year I want a little bit more from you in this category. Okay I

01:39:39   want to I want to get some some I don't know I feel like there could be more

01:39:43   originality in this. Yeah I got some originality for you Myke. I'm excited for

01:39:50   it I saw this in there and I like I know it's gonna be a story. Mm-hmm my nominee

01:39:55   for worst gadget is the Breville Jewel sous vide machine. The wire cutter choice,

01:40:02   although I will point out since retracted, for best sous vide machine. I

01:40:08   have a sous vide from ANOVA. Anova, that's what I have too. And it's good but

01:40:15   it's an early model and it's kind of on its last legs. It's making weird noises.

01:40:20   is I'm sure it's gonna fail pretty soon.

01:40:23   So I've been looking at replacing it,

01:40:25   but I've also, that was, I took it in a classic Jason move

01:40:30   and I know we've talked about this before.

01:40:31   I took a flyer on it and was like,

01:40:35   and then you use it for a while and then you're like,

01:40:36   well, now I have opinions about this product category.

01:40:39   When the first time you buy something,

01:40:40   it's the thing where you end up having to buy two

01:40:43   'cause you buy one and you kind of cheap out and you get it

01:40:45   and then you have opinions and you're like,

01:40:46   oh, now I like this, I have to buy the expensive one.

01:40:49   So I'm in the market for a new sous vide cooker.

01:40:53   I found them, not only do I cook with them,

01:40:55   I thaw stuff with them, it's great.

01:40:58   And I'm a big believer,

01:40:59   if you don't have an immersion cooker,

01:41:02   you don't need to buy fancy materials.

01:41:04   You can use like a Ziploc bag

01:41:06   or buy some silicone zip-top bags that are reusable.

01:41:10   And you don't have to like have one of those vacuum sealers

01:41:14   if you don't want to, but it is great for cooking stuff.

01:41:16   it cooks meat perfectly and it thaws stuff, it's great.

01:41:20   So I look at the wire cutter choices and they're like,

01:41:22   "Well, there is the ANOVA model."

01:41:25   And there are a couple of them.

01:41:26   There's a small one and a big one and all that.

01:41:28   And then there's Breville.

01:41:29   I'm like, "Breville, I love Breville stuff.

01:41:32   I have a Breville T-robot.

01:41:35   Our kettle, our electric kettle is also a Breville.

01:41:39   I love their stuff.

01:41:42   It's really good.

01:41:43   They make really good stuff.

01:41:44   And when my T-robot broke, they took it in

01:41:49   and they either fixed it or just sent me a new one,

01:41:53   but like their service is great.

01:41:55   So I thought, all right, I'm gonna take a flyer on this,

01:41:57   the Breville Jewel.

01:41:58   Here's the thing about the Breville Jewel.

01:42:01   And I think that it is painting a picture

01:42:03   about all the ways that technology is bad today.

01:42:06   It has no controls.

01:42:14   It has no controls.

01:42:16   If you would like to turn it on,

01:42:18   if you would like to set the temperature,

01:42:21   you know what you gotta do?

01:42:25   You gotta use an app.

01:42:28   You gotta pair to it with Bluetooth.

01:42:31   You gotta use their app.

01:42:32   So yeah, you're in the kitchen,

01:42:35   you just put the chicken in a bag

01:42:37   and you're putting it in the thing

01:42:39   and you need to set the temperature to sous vide this thing

01:42:42   and you get the chickeny hands

01:42:43   and you're like, oh, okay, well now I need to wash my hands

01:42:47   and dry them off and then unlock my iPhone

01:42:50   and then adjust it and then, you know,

01:42:51   in order to put in the right temperature

01:42:53   and then set it and all that.

01:42:55   You know what the ANOVA that I have has on it?

01:42:58   It's got a wheel.

01:43:00   It's got a wheel you spin to set the temperature right

01:43:03   and a button you press to say go.

01:43:06   That's it.

01:43:07   And a little screen that tells you what the temperature is

01:43:10   and what the target temperature is.

01:43:13   And I could extend this to cars that over touch screen.

01:43:17   There are lots of other devices that do this.

01:43:19   People, controlling it via app is a nice bonus,

01:43:24   but if the only way you can control a product

01:43:27   is through an app, you failed.

01:43:29   Your hardware is a failure.

01:43:31   You can't, I know we all have smartphones,

01:43:34   so you can abandon all attempts to put any controls anywhere

01:43:38   except in a smartphone app.

01:43:40   I know you can do it, but you shouldn't.

01:43:43   Don't do it because Breville, a company that I really like,

01:43:47   made a very well-reviewed sous vide cooker

01:43:49   that is ergonomically got a lot going for it

01:43:52   in terms of its size and the way it attaches,

01:43:54   and it looks nice.

01:43:55   All of these things are fine.

01:43:57   And then they decided what we won't do

01:43:59   is put any buttons on it.

01:44:01   It's like that iPod shuffle, basically.

01:44:04   No controls, who needs physical controls?

01:44:06   - Hey, Breville, cook the-

01:44:07   - Well, the reason I took a flyer on it is I thought,

01:44:10   Well, at least I could do, it has Alexa integration

01:44:15   and I have an Echo in my kitchen.

01:44:18   So if what I can say is,

01:44:20   "Hey lady, set the sous vide cooker to 145 degrees."

01:44:25   But of course it uses a skill

01:44:28   and this falls into that whole problem

01:44:30   that Alexa skills have where

01:44:32   if you get beyond what Amazon provides,

01:44:36   it gets really weird, really fast.

01:44:39   So you have to phrase it a certain way.

01:44:41   And I realized that while I might eventually internalize

01:44:46   this very specific way of phrasing it.

01:44:48   - Yeah.

01:44:49   - I talked to Lauren about it and she's like,

01:44:50   "I'm not ever gonna say that."

01:44:52   - Because it would be like,

01:44:53   "Hey, Alexa, tell Breville to blah, blah, blah, blah."

01:44:58   Like I don't like that. - Yeah, tell Breville Jewel

01:45:00   to set the temperature to,

01:45:02   it's like you're writing code with your voice.

01:45:06   - You're doing IFTTT, but--

01:45:07   - Audibly.

01:45:08   - Yeah, and so again, if it was,

01:45:10   if it was, "Hey lady, set the sous vide to 120 degrees

01:45:14   and turn it on," it would be maybe arguably usable.

01:45:18   I would say still not, but closer.

01:45:21   But even that is a disaster

01:45:23   because of the way Amazon handles skills.

01:45:27   'Cause the skills are, some skills are good,

01:45:30   most of them are jokes.

01:45:32   So in the end, this went back to Amazon where I bought it.

01:45:36   and I got my money back because as nice as that hardware was,

01:45:41   they abandoned all user interface for their crappy app.

01:45:45   Also the app, crappy.

01:45:46   The pairing experience of the Breville app, crappy.

01:45:48   So a company that has taken pride in making good hardware

01:45:53   ends up making a product with a terrible experience

01:45:57   because they don't care about the software,

01:45:59   even though the software is the entire experience.

01:46:02   So that's my story.

01:46:04   My worst gadget experience of the entire year was the stupid Breville jewel, which is bad

01:46:10   and nobody should buy one.

01:46:12   Until they put a button and a dial on it so you can change the temperature by touching

01:46:17   it.

01:46:18   Imagine.

01:46:19   Yeah, so like, I have an ANOVA and something happened and it was struggling to pair with

01:46:26   the app, like after getting a new phone, I don't know why, but I just stopped caring

01:46:30   about it and just used the controls.

01:46:32   My Anova Sous Vide is not the, it's old enough that it doesn't do Wi-Fi, it only does Bluetooth.

01:46:40   But I connected it and I put it in and I connected it via Bluetooth. And at some point it stopped

01:46:45   working and that was fine because I didn't care because I never used the Bluetooth. I

01:46:48   don't care. I get that if it's on Wi-Fi, if you're like leaving it unattended and you

01:46:52   need to check on it or you want to time it up, like there are reasons. I don't do any

01:46:56   of that.

01:46:57   I'm going for AppleCare+ as my most...

01:47:00   [laughter]

01:47:01   My biggest disappointment in tech-- personal disappointment in technology this year.

01:47:06   I have a really, really scratched up iPhone,

01:47:09   and I was like, "Well, this iPhone's got a bunch of cracks in it or whatever they look like cracks to me."

01:47:14   I took it to the Apple Store, and they wouldn't replace it.

01:47:18   They told me that they don't make replacements.

01:47:22   They only make replacements for cracks, and these technically are scratches,

01:47:26   which isn't the same thing and that that's the end of that.

01:47:30   And I'm not going to they and they weren't going to replace my screen,

01:47:34   even though I have AppleCare Plus and I would happily pay

01:47:37   the the little fee that you have to play for a screen replacement.

01:47:41   I was told by the genius in the Apple store

01:47:45   that they would not do my replacement for me.

01:47:48   They told me that it was just cosmetic.

01:47:52   AppleCare doesn't cover cosmetic damage, even though

01:47:56   I have found a thing which kind of says that it does.

01:47:59   But nevertheless, they told me I should have read the terms

01:48:03   and conditions and told me that if I now broke the screen,

01:48:05   they would know that because they told me not to.

01:48:09   So I have had a really, really scratched up screen

01:48:11   for a few months.

01:48:13   I am planning to deal with this somehow, some way.

01:48:16   I don't know how, but I just couldn't believe it.

01:48:19   The amount of money that I have paid for Apple

01:48:21   Care over the years, I've never done any kind of replacement.

01:48:24   And this is my first one.

01:48:26   And I was just really frustrated by the whole experience.

01:48:28   And so for me, it's just such a disappointment,

01:48:31   like to the point that I don't think I'm gonna get Apple Care

01:48:33   on my iPhones anymore, because I feel like I'm better

01:48:37   just saving the money.

01:48:38   And if I break my iPhone, buy a new iPhone.

01:48:41   I'll get it, I'll just get it repaired.

01:48:44   - Just pay for it to be fixed.

01:48:45   - For the cost of what it would be for Apple Care.

01:48:48   So it was a very, very frustrating,

01:48:50   very, very disappointing experience for me.

01:48:52   - Yeah.

01:48:54   - I don't know how to award this one.

01:48:55   What are you thinking we should do here for what is the worst or most disappointing technology

01:49:04   of the year?

01:49:05   Well, I like mine because it is a gadget.

01:49:08   Yeah.

01:49:09   It is the worst.

01:49:10   We can go with the Breville jewel as the worst gadget.

01:49:15   Take that Breville.

01:49:16   Breville.

01:49:17   And Wirecutter, I guess.

01:49:18   Yeah, and well, yeah, it's funny.

01:49:22   The guy is very nice, but there's a guy who writes for Wirecutter who is the co-buyline

01:49:26   on that and also wrote the iPad cases story that basically says it's fine to put your

01:49:30   iPad in a big thick case and use a kickstand.

01:49:35   And I basically said on Twitter, "No, that's terrible."

01:49:39   And his response was very polite.

01:49:41   He's a very nice fellow.

01:49:42   But then I find that his buylines on this story too, and I'm like, "I don't even know

01:49:45   what to tell you.

01:49:46   You're a very nice guy, but also a monster."

01:49:48   I don't know.

01:49:49   I don't know what to say.

01:49:50   found the one human on the planet that has the exact opposite taste?

01:49:55   It's my nemesis. Yeah, it's my nemesis, I guess. To be fair, the way the Wirecutter

01:50:00   pick reads for the Breville is the reason it's not our number one pick is because it

01:50:05   requires an app. But they like the app. But they do like the app. They say the app is

01:50:09   nice. It's not nice. Maybe by the standards of terrible apps that you use when you're

01:50:16   you're testing products, it's not that bad.

01:50:18   - Yeah, I mean, I can imagine wire cutter editors

01:50:21   see the worst apps, right?

01:50:23   - I would imagine so, but I just, I can't,

01:50:26   my hope is that Breville doesn't look at that and say,

01:50:28   oh, look, they picked us.

01:50:29   My hope is that Breville looks at that and says, wow,

01:50:31   we would have been the wire cutter pick

01:50:32   if we put a temperature control on the top

01:50:35   of our sous vide cooker, like every other sous vide cooker.

01:50:38   But we'll see.

01:50:38   So yes, let's make that the worst gadget.

01:50:40   And then I'm fine with AppleCare+ being a runner up

01:50:42   and let's make NFTs a runner up.

01:50:44   Let's do that.

01:50:45   Why not? Let's celebrate in a way the NFT.

01:50:49   2021 in a nutshell.

01:50:51   And we go back to good with the most life-changing hardware of the year. The Upgradients voted

01:50:56   with 4.5% for the M1 iPad Pro, which I was just surprised about, I think. I wasn't expecting

01:51:04   to see that in there. My expectation is a bunch of people bought an iPad Pro, didn't

01:51:07   have one before. And once you get your first iPad Pro, yeah, it will change you because

01:51:11   this is a super great product.

01:51:12   6.2% for the Apple Watch, clearly not the same people

01:51:16   who found it the most disappointing technology of the year.

01:51:19   And 7.6% for the 14 inch MacBook Pro.

01:51:23   - Which I get that, I totally get that.

01:51:25   - I'll say for every reason that I spoke about earlier,

01:51:27   the 14 inch MacBook Pro is my pick here.

01:51:31   Like in a year where I have come back to the Mac

01:51:35   in a quite significant way,

01:51:37   this machine is just pushing it further and further

01:51:39   where I love using this computer so much,

01:51:41   I want it to be my main computer all the time

01:51:43   because it's so great to use.

01:51:45   I always come back to your incredible line

01:51:49   from your review, it's a Mac Pro in my backpack

01:51:52   and I just think it's incredible.

01:51:55   I love the power of this thing.

01:51:57   - So let me tell you what I bought this year, Myke.

01:52:00   I got a,

01:52:03   I bought a new receiver for my home theater.

01:52:10   I cut the cord and replaced cable with fiber

01:52:15   and replaced my TV service

01:52:20   with an over the top streaming service.

01:52:22   I made all sorts of,

01:52:25   I pulled the Logitech infrared remote thing

01:52:28   out of my living room.

01:52:29   I overhauled my entire TV viewing experience

01:52:35   in my living room this year,

01:52:36   all because of the Apple TV remote.

01:52:39   (laughing)

01:52:41   All because of the Apple TV remote.

01:52:43   Because I got that Apple TV remote

01:52:46   and it has that power button on it

01:52:48   and it has this whole thing about like,

01:52:49   I'm gonna turn on your TV

01:52:50   and the TV's gonna turn on the right inputs

01:52:52   and it's all gonna work.

01:52:54   And you know what?

01:52:55   It almost did,

01:52:57   but I had to replace some hardware and make some changes.

01:52:59   But now we're at the end of the year

01:53:01   and has my life changed?

01:53:02   It has, because we no longer have five remotes.

01:53:05   We have a remote to control all our TV entertainment.

01:53:10   And it's the Apple TV remote

01:53:12   because Apple TV now has our television on it.

01:53:14   We don't have TiVo anymore.

01:53:15   And I've got a receiver that does all of the ARC

01:53:19   and CEC stuff so that when I press the button,

01:53:23   it turns on the Apple TV, it turns on the television,

01:53:25   it turns on the receiver, everything just works.

01:53:28   When I press the button to turn it off, everything turns off.

01:53:31   It is amazing.

01:53:33   And I required some changes

01:53:34   and I need to spend some money,

01:53:36   but I just wanna point out,

01:53:37   it all was prompted by that new Apple TV remote

01:53:41   that is not the Siri remote.

01:53:43   And I don't know what's more life-changing than that.

01:53:46   - I love that remote.

01:53:48   It's so good.

01:53:49   I would be very happy to give it the win.

01:53:51   - MacBook Pro already won one.

01:53:54   - That's why I think it.

01:53:56   - I love what it says about our choice

01:53:58   for most life-changing hardware

01:54:00   being the new Apple TV remote too also.

01:54:02   It's like, yeah, take that old Apple TV remote.

01:54:04   - Well, it's super good.

01:54:06   I think I said this somewhere recently.

01:54:08   My favorite thing about this remote

01:54:10   is I never have to think about the remote anymore.

01:54:13   I spent a lot of time thinking about my remote control,

01:54:17   right, like when I had the old Apple TV remote,

01:54:21   like where is it?

01:54:22   How am I holding it?

01:54:23   Am I touching the right place on this thing?

01:54:25   Like all that kind of stuff.

01:54:27   And with this Apple TV remote,

01:54:28   I just get to use it like a remote and it's great.

01:54:31   And so, works really good for me.

01:54:33   I'm very, very, very happy with it as a product.

01:54:37   As when it comes to a second runner up,

01:54:40   I don't really have one.

01:54:42   And I don't like the, to me, like Apple Watch and iPad Pro,

01:54:46   I don't know about those ones.

01:54:47   I mean, I get that people are feeling it, but it doesn't.

01:54:50   - I'm gonna make a suggestion, which is the iMac,

01:54:55   because I know you did a lot of stuff in your life

01:55:00   because of that iMac.

01:55:01   I will say that, but I actually wanna make a,

01:55:03   I wanna rescind something here and just say,

01:55:05   I can't believe I kind of did this.

01:55:07   The Apple Watch has made one of the biggest changes

01:55:09   to my life in the last 12 months,

01:55:10   which is around health and fitness.

01:55:12   - Let's do that then, because I constantly

01:55:15   am changing my behavior based on the Apple Watch

01:55:18   and integrating it into my life.

01:55:20   And as I mentioned earlier, being able to go for a run on,

01:55:23   I often am running on Wednesdays when Connected is on,

01:55:28   and I am literally just running with Apple Watch and AirPods

01:55:32   listening to the live stream via broadcast over cellular.

01:55:36   And I had those moments of like,

01:55:38   I cannot believe this is actually working and it does.

01:55:40   - I would like to lodge a side complaint though.

01:55:44   - Yes.

01:55:45   - Which is about the way that Apple handles

01:55:47   when you move across time zones

01:55:48   when it comes to the activity app.

01:55:51   - Ah, does it move your ring day things?

01:55:54   - No, that's the problem, it doesn't, it doesn't move it.

01:55:58   So I lost a really long move day streak because I was only awake,

01:56:02   like only awake for a few hours because of a flight that came in.

01:56:06   Right.

01:56:06   And it was really frustrating to me and I think that they should do a better job

01:56:10   of recalculating it. Um, you know, like one of the things I loved,

01:56:14   "Pedometer++" by _DavidSmith recalculated, right?

01:56:18   Based upon the actual time zone of where I was and Apple didn't,

01:56:22   doesn't do that. And I find that really, really frustrating, you know,

01:56:25   like I'm flying from the west coast of America to home,

01:56:28   I just don't have enough time in the day

01:56:30   to actually get the rings closed anymore.

01:56:33   And if they did the recalculation, I would have done it

01:56:35   because it was already like the next day in the UK

01:56:39   and I'm still moving around inside of the airport.

01:56:41   And I just find that stuff really frustrating.

01:56:44   I mean, and as Beaks is saying in the chat,

01:56:46   I will also just tack this one on.

01:56:47   The fact that Apple doesn't allow any kind of rest days

01:56:50   is bananas, like still that they don't incorporate

01:56:54   Any kind of rest days into streaks is really, really weird

01:56:58   up until this point that that's still the case.

01:57:00   It actually honestly feels unhealthy for them to insist

01:57:05   that you must be exercising every single day.

01:57:08   That actually doesn't feel like the right thing to do.

01:57:13   - I agree, actually that is, I'll say that,

01:57:16   not just skipping, but target.

01:57:18   In fact, a lot of the guidelines talk about exercising

01:57:24   three or four times a week.

01:57:26   So if you exercise three or four times a week,

01:57:28   you should be given credit as exercising that week.

01:57:31   But a lot of Apple's approach is basically like,

01:57:35   gotta crush it every day.

01:57:37   - Oh, it's like, oh, you've got COVID, doesn't matter.

01:57:39   Keep working out. - Crush it every day.

01:57:41   - Like, you know, like, what do you want from me, Tim?

01:57:43   - Taking a flight, you have a sick day,

01:57:45   you're taking a flight, whatever, like, no, crush it.

01:57:48   - Doesn't matter, run up and down on the plane.

01:57:50   Come on, what's wrong with you?

01:57:51   - Yeah, that's right.

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01:59:48   All right.

01:59:49   So our favorite tech story of the year, the upgradians, they're just never going

01:59:56   to quit it 9.2% for the MacBook pro just in general, then another 9.2% for the M1

02:00:03   Pro and M1 Max chips. Wow. And then 10.8% for App Store Regulation.

02:00:10   I would like to nominate a story. This was my favorite tech story of the year. Is it? It's sort

02:00:17   of a tech story. Close enough anyway because I think it says something also about the value of

02:00:21   objects and NFTs and things like that. Yeah. It is a sort of an art collective called Mischief

02:00:32   and they bought an Andy Warhol print from 1954 called "Fairys"

02:00:38   and then what they did is they built a machine to make, it's a sketch, they built a machine

02:00:50   to sketch on paper with identical strokes as the Warhol. And then they made--and they, like,

02:01:03   weathered the paper. And they said basically their goal was to make it so you couldn't tell

02:01:07   a difference between the real one, which they owned, and the fakes. So they made 999 of them?

02:01:18   and mixed in the real one, destroyed they say, all evidence that would indicate

02:01:31   which one was the real one, and then sold them all for $250 each. So if

02:01:45   If they bought it for about $20,000,

02:01:48   they then sold them for perhaps $250,000.

02:01:51   So they made an enormous profit.

02:01:53   But what I also love about this is just the idea

02:01:56   that they've essentially created,

02:01:59   by eliminating the originality of it

02:02:01   and making a bunch of identical copies

02:02:04   and mixing in the real one,

02:02:07   a whole bunch of people for $250

02:02:10   could buy a one in a thousand chance

02:02:12   that theirs is the original,

02:02:15   but no one will ever know.

02:02:16   So it's almost like they own the original

02:02:19   or part of the original, but nobody ever knows.

02:02:22   And I just, this was my favorite tech story of the year

02:02:24   because it so interacts with the idea

02:02:29   of what originals are and what their value of art is

02:02:33   and everything that's come up

02:02:35   with the whole NFT story this year,

02:02:38   the idea that they transformed this art by buying it,

02:02:41   copying it, and then losing it essentially

02:02:44   so that you can't tell the difference between the real

02:02:47   and the quote unquote fakes.

02:02:49   They're all fakes, even the real one,

02:02:51   but they're also all real, even the fake ones.

02:02:55   So anyway, that's my favorite text of the year.

02:02:59   - I hadn't heard of this until I saw it in our notes.

02:03:03   I think I saw it clever.

02:03:04   I know they do loads of wild stuff

02:03:06   and this is just not one of those wild things.

02:03:08   - Yep.

02:03:09   - I've gone in two directions.

02:03:10   I've gone with like, you're doing,

02:03:12   the basically the two ways you can go with this.

02:03:14   You can either choose a specific story or an overall story.

02:03:16   And I'd leave it blank and just let people choose what they want.

02:03:19   My favorite article that I read this year was by Lauren Goode at Wired.

02:03:26   Lauren wrote just an incredible, heartbreaking, fascinating article

02:03:31   about memories in photos that really helped crystallize something that I

02:03:38   was feeling a lot and just did it in a better way than I ever could have.

02:03:42   and why this technology, whilst it can be great,

02:03:45   can also be very upsetting,

02:03:48   and why I have hoped that Apple would do more,

02:03:51   and they've done a little bit more,

02:03:53   but nowhere near enough in allowing for people

02:03:55   to control the things that they are being

02:03:57   constantly reminded about on their devices.

02:03:59   It was just an incredible thing that Lauren wrote,

02:04:03   and just like a real amazing thing to have written

02:04:08   and to share something so painful with us

02:04:11   in a way that really helps highlight the issue. So it's just a great article.

02:04:17   And then some of my favorite trends of the year and stories. One is Apple Silicon, like

02:04:22   the upgradients, just the way that that has continued to be such a fascinating story and

02:04:27   is only continuing to get more interesting and allow for even more speculation. It's

02:04:32   been great. It's been a great time this past year to talk about the stuff on this show

02:04:36   Joe and others, like, you know, it is one of the rare things where we have wild dreams,

02:04:42   they are exceeded, and then we get to have even more wild dreams and see if they'll be

02:04:46   exceeded. It's like, it's great. This kind of stuff doesn't happen very much. And then

02:04:50   the other is app store regulation, just in general. It's been another thing that we've

02:04:54   spoken about a ton. I like talking about it. I do not feel as satisfied from this as I

02:05:00   do about Apple Silicon and the way that that's been going over the last year. I think that

02:05:05   that I hope there's going to be more results from this stuff,

02:05:09   but currently it seems like the courts

02:05:11   aren't going to be the way that it's done.

02:05:13   -Right.

02:05:15   -So, what do you think?

02:05:17   -I don't know.

02:05:18   I'm kind of tempted to split the difference

02:05:20   and go with the upgrading pick of the App Store regulation.

02:05:24   Apple Silicon was the story of the year last year, by the way.

02:05:28   -Yeah.

02:05:29   -The story continues, obviously.

02:05:31   -Yeah.

02:05:32   -But I think maybe going with that,

02:05:33   because we talked about that a lot on upgrade.

02:05:35   I think that's a pretty good general topic

02:05:38   and then maybe our links are the runners up.

02:05:41   - Yeah, I like that.

02:05:41   That makes a lot of sense 'cause that's,

02:05:43   I think it's difficult like,

02:05:46   because we both brought like a thing

02:05:47   that we both personally thought was really interesting,

02:05:49   like picking one of those is really hard,

02:05:51   but you know, you can look at the content of the show.

02:05:54   We like talking about App Store regulation stuff.

02:05:56   It's an interesting thing to talk about.

02:05:58   - For sure.

02:05:59   - Favorite tech screw up of the year?

02:06:02   The upgradings voted at 6.6% for App Store regulation.

02:06:06   At 8% for Apple's CSAM announcement,

02:06:10   the child's sexual abuse material announcement.

02:06:15   And 30.5% for meta/Facebook.

02:06:18   - Does walking screw up?

02:06:20   I guess that's the name maybe,

02:06:21   the naming is what they mean there.

02:06:23   - Well, yes and no.

02:06:25   Again, I lumped these together

02:06:26   because it didn't really make sense to me otherwise.

02:06:29   Some people it was the naming

02:06:30   and some people just write Facebook,

02:06:32   which again, upgrade ends,

02:06:34   please feel free to vote whoever you want.

02:06:36   But if Myke Hurley can help steer you,

02:06:39   be more expressive about what you're,

02:06:42   like there are so many people

02:06:43   that just write the word Facebook.

02:06:45   And it's like, look, I understand you don't like Facebook.

02:06:48   I get it, right?

02:06:49   But give me more than that, you know?

02:06:51   'Cause if everybody just said

02:06:52   the meta Facebook rebranding, fine.

02:06:55   I don't know, I don't think that was a screw up at all.

02:06:57   I actually think it was quite a smart move.

02:06:59   I'm not really sure what the screw up is.

02:07:00   Maybe people don't like the name, I don't know,

02:07:02   but I think it makes sense.

02:07:03   Anyway, it's not worth getting into now.

02:07:05   It's obvious what the winner of this year is, right, Jason?

02:07:09   - I think by a claim from you and me,

02:07:12   the rollout of Apple's child safety features

02:07:16   and the CSAM in particular, but really the whole thing,

02:07:20   'cause it also encompasses the fact

02:07:21   that they rolled out a bunch of stuff

02:07:24   that was sort of interrelated

02:07:26   and it caused certain features

02:07:28   to get attached to other features

02:07:30   in ways that just made the whole thing explode.

02:07:32   And then Apple had to do its damage control,

02:07:37   where there was like an announcement

02:07:39   and then there was like a leaked mention,

02:07:41   and then there was another announcement,

02:07:43   and then there was another,

02:07:44   like so many repeated damage control cycles had to happen.

02:07:48   And then they pulled the features back and said,

02:07:51   "Based on feedback, we're going to release these

02:07:54   at a later time."

02:07:55   And some of them have been released since recently,

02:07:59   Others remain unreleased and perhaps,

02:08:02   perhaps will never be released in the form

02:08:05   that they were announced in.

02:08:06   So this was a bunch of stuff that made, you know,

02:08:10   people upset that called into question

02:08:13   some of Apple's choices.

02:08:14   Apple, as we talked about on the show,

02:08:17   Apple very much released it like we are so awesome.

02:08:21   Technically we have done an amazing thing

02:08:23   and everybody said, what are you doing?

02:08:25   This is terrible.

02:08:26   So badly communicated and some questionable technology decisions, and it all kind of fell apart.

02:08:37   So what an amazing tech screw-up it was from Apple this year.

02:08:42   Yeah, this was a big one, honestly, on the level that they usually don't do.

02:08:48   Like, this was just like, every part of it was bad. Like, the way it was announced was terrible.

02:08:56   the way that they had to retract everything was terrible. The way that it was like, "Oh no,

02:09:01   we were just seeing what people thought about it." Like some of the wording you'd see in some press

02:09:06   outlets is like, "No, this is... you messed up big time." And it was again, as we talked about it on

02:09:13   the show, if they were just more open, it wouldn't have happened this way. If they engaged with

02:09:19   people more rather than just, as you say, I think you said at the time, coming down from the mountain

02:09:25   in with the stone tablets of like, this is completed,

02:09:27   we're getting ready to ship this.

02:09:29   - And we've reinvented it.

02:09:31   Everybody else has got a different take on this,

02:09:33   but we have reinvented it and now it's gonna be great.

02:09:36   And everybody said, oh, we have all these problems

02:09:37   with how you reinvented it.

02:09:39   That maybe we could have had that conversation

02:09:41   out in public when you were talking about it,

02:09:42   but instead you came down from the mountain and yeah.

02:09:45   This is, and there's some conversation

02:09:48   in the members discord about,

02:09:49   is this a PR problem or a tech problem?

02:09:51   I think it is absolutely both.

02:09:52   I think that whoever decided to conflate all of these features,

02:09:55   and maybe they were conflated by engineering or somebody on the technical side,

02:09:59   and so it was just rolled out to PR and they had to do it this way,

02:10:01   but nobody at any point said,

02:10:03   "This is too many things that are not entirely interrelated,

02:10:06   and they're all going to be connected by the public when we announce it in ways that might..."

02:10:11   You know, somebody could have said, "No, no, no, let's roll these out separately."

02:10:14   And they just said, "No, we're going to make a big blast here about safety and protection."

02:10:18   And it hurt them by doing that.

02:10:20   And then it's also a technical thing,

02:10:22   because that choice of how they did the CSAM detection

02:10:25   on device, which you can listen to our episode about it,

02:10:28   we talked about it in detail,

02:10:30   they did something for what they thought

02:10:32   were the right reasons,

02:10:34   but were not perceived that way by the public.

02:10:36   And it's one of those things

02:10:37   where they were reinventing the wheel,

02:10:38   they were creating something new

02:10:40   that they thought was superior,

02:10:41   and it might be superior once you dig in, it might not be.

02:10:45   - And I also said there's the argument

02:10:48   that I think still remains is,

02:10:49   Also, they chose a path which was like the least resistance

02:10:53   for them because then if they put it on the phones,

02:10:56   they didn't have to do the scanning at scale

02:10:58   in their data centers.

02:10:59   - Exactly. - Right.

02:11:00   - They can use your power on your device to do it.

02:11:03   - And at the same time,

02:11:05   potentially changing the security of your device,

02:11:08   depending on who you talk to, right?

02:11:10   And it's like, I don't know if this is the right--

02:11:11   - Yeah, and I think they, as we said at the time,

02:11:14   I think for me, my best guess is they,

02:11:19   from a very technical perspective, we're thinking,

02:11:22   what we're doing is we're stopping you at the door

02:11:24   on your way out to iCloud and doing a scan then.

02:11:27   And by doing this, we're protecting your privacy

02:11:31   because we're not scanning you out in the cloud,

02:11:33   nor are we scanning you on your device,

02:11:35   we're scanning you at the doorway on the way out.

02:11:38   Unfortunately, that is a really nuanced idea

02:11:43   that I think if you aren't spending all your time

02:11:48   thinking of how Apple software is architected,

02:11:51   you end up boiling it down to the essentials,

02:11:55   which is, oh, my device is looking at all my pictures,

02:11:57   which it's not quite, but sort of,

02:12:01   and again, this is why it was a screw up.

02:12:03   - Yep.

02:12:05   So easy one for us, the biggest tech screw up of the year

02:12:08   was Apple CSAM announcement,

02:12:09   and we'll put Meta and Facebook in,

02:12:12   and also App Store regulation as the runners up

02:12:16   in that category.

02:12:17   Congratulations everyone.

02:12:18   Yeah, great.

02:12:20   So our final three categories of the night are our podcast related categories.

02:12:24   And the favorite tech podcast award has a lifetime achievement award winner,

02:12:29   which is the accidental tech podcast, which won three years in a row, I believe,

02:12:34   and picked up its lifetime achievement award.

02:12:36   The Upgradians voted for the following a 5.6% with dithering, 18.8% with upgrade.

02:12:45   We'll come back to that in a minute.

02:12:46   And 29.5% for connected.

02:12:49   So those last two on relay FM there.

02:12:52   I just wanna say again,

02:12:53   obviously 100% of Upgradians would vote for upgrade,

02:12:56   but most of them just feel like they can't.

02:12:58   I feel like I just need to say that every time

02:13:00   'cause it's obviously the way it goes, right Jason?

02:13:02   Obviously.

02:13:02   - Every single time we find

02:13:05   that Upgrading's second favorite podcast is upgrade.

02:13:08   - Stop that.

02:13:09   That's not, no, that's not how, we are number one.

02:13:12   And then they just vote for us

02:13:14   because they feel like they can't, I don't know.

02:13:16   I have one that I wanna, I usually don't have,

02:13:21   most years I do not have a show for this.

02:13:25   But one I just wanted to say is Mac Power Users.

02:13:27   I, as I mentioned earlier, I have been really getting

02:13:32   into the Mac more this year, so the show has become

02:13:36   even more useful to me.

02:13:37   Like, because Mac Power Users focuses on a bunch of stuff,

02:13:40   right, like I really love the episode they just did

02:13:42   last week about the studio set ups.

02:13:44   And those are the episodes I would always listen to, like without fail, but I would pick and choose some because

02:13:49   they did a lot of obviously Mac focused shows and I just wasn't really so Mac focused.

02:13:54   I have become much more Mac focused so I'm listening to the show more and more and more than I ever have in years.

02:14:00   And Stephen and David, they are really good together.

02:14:05   They are a very good pair, they do a great job, their interviews are really good, they get some wild guests.

02:14:11   had someone from Pixar on the show, it was like fascinating stuff. Yeah, they do a really

02:14:15   great job of Mac Power Users and I just wanted to recognize that.

02:14:20   I agree, I like that show a lot. I think that they had to figure out what they were doing

02:14:25   when the host change happened, when Steven came in, and I think that they have successfully

02:14:29   kept the show going, and that's not a given. That was a hard job that the two of them had

02:14:35   to do. A long-running show with the two hosts, and then one of the hosts leaves, like, that

02:14:41   is not a given that that show can continue to exist.

02:14:43   - Usually that would kill a podcast,

02:14:45   and the two of them are only getting to new heights together.

02:14:48   It's just a super great testament.

02:14:51   - My favorite tech podcast is probably "Connected."

02:14:56   - That's very sweet of you to say, thank you.

02:14:58   - Which is why apparently I then conspire to possess it

02:15:04   'cause you gotta kill the things you love.

02:15:07   (laughing)

02:15:10   - I like app stories, I like under the radar,

02:15:15   I like automators, which I think we maybe gave an award to.

02:15:19   And I wanna do one more shout out to The Rebound,

02:15:22   which is Lex Friedman and John Moltz and Dan Morin.

02:15:27   It is like, imagine if you will,

02:15:29   a kind of alternate universe version of connected.

02:15:32   I know that's hard to do,

02:15:35   but The Rebound is kind of like that.

02:15:37   - Imagine an alternate universe of connected,

02:15:39   - Not that one is the rebound.

02:15:40   - Not that one, it's the other one.

02:15:41   It's the rebound and James Thompson is on there sometimes

02:15:43   and Guy English is on there sometimes.

02:15:45   And it is a, but it is like,

02:15:47   the rebound is like connected in that

02:15:49   it's a tech podcast with three guys

02:15:52   and it's kinda about the jokes.

02:15:55   It's very funny, funny podcast.

02:15:59   So I wanna recommend that.

02:16:00   I'd be okay giving this to MPU

02:16:02   with upgrade and connected as the runners up,

02:16:04   always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

02:16:06   - I'm totally up with that.

02:16:07   Let's do it.

02:16:08   - Let's do it. - Mac Power Users

02:16:10   is our favorite technology podcast of the year.

02:16:13   Because look, it is very rare when me and Jason

02:16:16   both bring something to this category where they match.

02:16:19   So I think it's good to honor that.

02:16:21   - Yeah, it's a good one.

02:16:22   - Connected did win this multiple years ago.

02:16:26   Otherwise, it's basically a runner up every single year.

02:16:30   - Sure.

02:16:31   - But you know, I don't really like giving awards to myself.

02:16:33   So I wanna win them.

02:16:35   I don't wanna be the one that gives the podcast award.

02:16:37   - Yeah, one of these days we should just give upgrade

02:16:39   the winner, I think if, well, I should, should I say this?

02:16:43   - No, you shouldn't say it, but everybody knows

02:16:45   what you're about to say, we don't actually say it

02:16:48   and I agree with you and then we move on

02:16:50   to our favorite non-tech podcast,

02:16:53   the Lifetime Achievement Award winner being the Flop House.

02:16:56   The Flop House, I think if I remember rightly,

02:16:59   the Flop House and ATP, yeah, they both,

02:17:03   in the first three years won each year

02:17:06   And so we created the Lifetime Achievement Award for them primarily,

02:17:10   because otherwise they would probably win most years, so we wanted to change that up.

02:17:16   And the Upgradients voted thusly.

02:17:19   2.9% for Dubai Friday, 5.9% for Cortex, and 5.7% for Reconcilable Differences.

02:17:28   This is always a really interesting category to me because it's one of the closest.

02:17:32   'cause everybody listens to lots of different podcasts.

02:17:35   And that's, you know, so there's a lot,

02:17:40   a lot, a lot of votes for this.

02:17:41   Reconcilable Differences won last year.

02:17:43   Just as a note. - It did.

02:17:47   That's about right.

02:17:48   It's a great podcast, I like it a lot.

02:17:51   Nominations I brought to the table this time,

02:17:53   For All Mankind, official podcast from Apple.

02:17:55   The Foundation, official podcast from Apple.

02:17:58   - Wow, look at you. - They did a good job

02:17:59   with that. - Fanboy.

02:18:02   - Yeah, sure.

02:18:03   Well, I could counter that and say,

02:18:07   the Foundation official podcast

02:18:08   in which the creator of the show

02:18:09   sometimes needed to explain what was happening in his show.

02:18:12   Anyway, a perennial for me is the Paz cast

02:18:17   with Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur

02:18:21   where they draft things and talk about sports.

02:18:24   Now on its fifth home, I think,

02:18:27   but still releasing podcasts.

02:18:29   And I'll throw in Rektif Sand Cortex

02:18:31   Those are both shows that I don't listen to every episode,

02:18:36   but I do listen to a lot.

02:18:38   - I appreciate that.

02:18:40   "Cortex," one of the only shows that appears

02:18:43   in both of the categories.

02:18:45   Nobody ever knows where to vote for it,

02:18:46   which personally I see as a great victory of my own,

02:18:50   that nobody's really sure.

02:18:51   What kind of podcast is this?

02:18:53   And my answer is yes.

02:18:59   I will say for Wrecked Ifs, it is just a truly fantastic show.

02:19:06   And I'm halfway through the most recent episode.

02:19:09   Oh, the refrigerator.

02:19:10   I've got that at the top of my queue.

02:19:12   I haven't listened yet.

02:19:13   I'm already feeling like this is going to be another classic.

02:19:15   I'm like a third of the way through the episode.

02:19:19   I wanted to make my nomination for Talking Sopranos.

02:19:24   I think last year I spoke about,

02:19:29   I think last year I spoke about the West Wing Weekly

02:19:32   as one of my favorite shows

02:19:34   'cause I would just finish watching the West Wing.

02:19:36   Talking Sopranos is like this.

02:19:39   It is two of, well actually more than if anything,

02:19:44   two of the, Steve Schrepper who played Bobby

02:19:48   and Michael Imperioli who played Chrissy, Christopher.

02:19:53   They started the show in March of 2020, so it was a pandemic project for them,

02:19:59   because they had a touring show where they would do stories about the Sopranos,

02:20:04   and they, this week, completed every episode.

02:20:08   And it's fantastic.

02:20:12   Like the shows that are like this, the ones that are produced by people involved with it,

02:20:18   they have stories that you otherwise wouldn't hear,

02:20:20   and they have access to absolutely everybody.

02:20:23   And they interviewed everyone to do with this show.

02:20:26   It is strange in places.

02:20:32   It's a little bit like,

02:20:33   they have a really interesting and I think really very funny

02:20:38   dynamic between the two of them.

02:20:40   But some people might not like that.

02:20:42   And it's a little off color in some places too,

02:20:46   which I would totally understand if people wouldn't like,

02:20:49   but also, I don't know, it's kind of expected, I think,

02:20:52   about a show about The Sopranos, I don't know.

02:20:55   But I've really enjoyed this show.

02:20:58   'Cause The Sopranos is one of my favorite shows ever.

02:21:02   And getting to hear about the stories that went,

02:21:06   you know, and the people and the mindset

02:21:09   of what went into creating this show,

02:21:11   I just think is really great.

02:21:12   I haven't started listening to Parks and Recollection yet,

02:21:16   but that's gonna be one I think will fill this hole

02:21:19   when I'm done with talking to Primus.

02:21:22   So yeah, that would be one of my recommendations this year.

02:21:24   I'm not gonna push for it to win.

02:21:26   I'm very happy with it being a runner up.

02:21:28   - Okay.

02:21:29   - But what do you wanna do for this category this year?

02:21:34   - So just for, I need to consult the official Bible

02:21:39   of the Upgradies, Upgradies.com.

02:21:42   Last year, it was, it was rectifs.

02:21:47   Has rectifs won twice or just once?

02:21:50   - Rectifs has won once.

02:21:52   I do want to note, I've made an error in my list here

02:21:56   by saying Cortex got 5.9%

02:21:58   and ReconcileableDifferences got 5.7%.

02:22:01   I think it was 6.7%.

02:22:02   I know it was more than Cortex though,

02:22:04   so I misspoke there.

02:22:06   It did, I don't, I cannot tell you the exact thing.

02:22:09   I think I just mistyped it.

02:22:10   It must've been 6.7.

02:22:11   All right, I'm going to say since Rec. Diffs

02:22:16   was number one by the Upgradians,

02:22:18   let's give it the award again.

02:22:21   - Yeah. - It's a good podcast.

02:22:22   - It's a very good show that people should be listening to

02:22:25   here on Relay of Home if they're not already.

02:22:26   - Excellent show notes as well.

02:22:28   Excellent show notes.

02:22:29   - Excellent show notes.

02:22:30   Would you like to give another runner up?

02:22:33   - Yeah, let's do, we'll do your Talking Sopranos runner up

02:22:37   And let's make, let's make Cortex the other runner up.

02:22:42   - Look at that.

02:22:48   - So like upgrade it didn't win,

02:22:53   but it's an honor just to be nominated.

02:22:56   - Merlin Mann is a strong winner of this category.

02:22:58   This is Merlin's fifth win, I believe in this category.

02:23:01   Or fourth, fourth win.

02:23:03   - That was great.

02:23:04   That was very award show.

02:23:04   This is Merlin's fifth win in this category.

02:23:06   - He's dominated tonight for two categories.

02:23:10   - I think this is also, I think,

02:23:12   I believe Merlin is a five time, maybe six time

02:23:17   overall winner in the upgrade.

02:23:18   So, Brack

02:23:19   Diffs won favorite podcast newcomer in 2015.

02:23:23   No, it makes him five.

02:23:27   And then Dubai Friday has picked up two awards

02:23:30   and Reconcileable Differences has now picked up two awards.

02:23:35   They're heavily awarded, Merleman.

02:23:36   And so we get to our final award of the evening,

02:23:38   the favorite podcast newcomer of the year.

02:23:41   3.1% for Football is Life on The Incomparable.

02:23:45   Ooh.

02:23:46   4.8% for Conduit here on Relay FM.

02:23:49   And a massive 28.5% of the vote, one of the highest percentages of the evening,

02:23:57   goes for Downstream here on Relay FM.

02:23:59   Am I on that one?

02:24:01   Is that mine?

02:24:01   You're on that one.

02:24:02   That's one of your ones.

02:24:04   That obviously makes a lot of sense and is my personal pick as well, downstream.

02:24:08   Uh, I really wanted this show to exist because it's obviously a topic

02:24:12   that we both care about greatly.

02:24:14   Uh, Julia is the perfect person to host this show and along with you.

02:24:20   And so I really love downstream.

02:24:22   It's just what I want.

02:24:24   It's, it's a lot of information and it's told in a really great way with a lot of

02:24:29   great context to be provided about an area that I do find fascinating, which is how do

02:24:36   these big companies navigate this landscape. So I think Downstream is a very worthy winner

02:24:40   of this award.

02:24:41   MATT ROWE, MD Well, if you and the Upgradians agree, then

02:24:44   I'm happy to accept this award on Julia's behalf. And also, it is something we would

02:24:50   like to have you on at some point.

02:24:51   MATT ROWE, MD I would love to be on.

02:24:53   MATT ROWE, MD To talk about what the UK lay of the land

02:24:56   is. We're going to try to do that with the UK and Australia and maybe find some other

02:24:58   guest to explain what streaming looks like in their countries because it's different everywhere.

02:25:03   I could just tell you right now, Sky ate it all up. Thanks for coming everyone, I'm gonna leave now.

02:25:08   Nice. But I have lots of opinions on that, so yeah I would love to be on the show. So yes,

02:25:12   congratulations to Downstream for the favorite podcast newcomer award and conduit in Football

02:25:19   is Life in the Runners-Up. Great. Look at that. So that was the 2021 Upgradies Awards.

02:25:27   - How about that? We did it. - Congratulations, everybody.

02:25:29   Congratulations to all of our winners, all of our nominees, all of our runner-ups.

02:25:33   Thank you to every Upgrading for listening.

02:25:37   This is obviously our very last episode of the year 2021.

02:25:41   - I'm really excited to kick off another year of the show. - Wow, I hope so.

02:25:44   Unless Apple announces an event for January 4th and we have to come back and do a draft,

02:25:48   but probably not. Probably not.

02:25:50   Probably not. I'm gonna hope not, anyway.

02:25:53   I would say 2021, been a weird old year, but for this show, been a great year.

02:25:58   I've really, I've really enjoyed everything that we've done this year.

02:26:01   I think it's been one of our strongest, if not our strongest year of the show.

02:26:06   I, you know, I think I'll take a moment to reflect now.

02:26:08   I, I love the interviews that we've had, all of the drafts and stuff and event

02:26:13   coverage we've done, Summer of Farm was great this year.

02:26:16   Um, so, you know, obviously we, we're continuing to really enjoy producing

02:26:21   bonus content in Upgrade Plus and thank you again to every Upgrading that supports the

02:26:26   show that way. But the biggest thanks we can give to at this time of year is for everybody

02:26:31   that listens to the show and loves the show and continues to share it with people. I love

02:26:38   doing this and I'm very thankful that I get to do this show with Jason every week. So

02:26:44   thank you to everybody for listening. Jason, thank you for working with me on this project.

02:26:48   So, great honor. - Yes, thank you, Myke.

02:26:49   It's been a while now and yet here we are,

02:26:51   we're still doing it, I love it.

02:26:53   It's a huge part of my week, every week.

02:26:54   Great way to start my week too.

02:26:57   And I, yeah, likewise, I think we're making good episodes

02:27:01   and having good conversations

02:27:03   and I really enjoy talking to you every week.

02:27:05   And I am interested in the fact that this is the year

02:27:08   where I broke the seal and we did an episode

02:27:10   that I was mostly not on.

02:27:11   That was a milestone for me.

02:27:13   And even then I couldn't resist being on a little bit.

02:27:15   - We have to have you on a little bit.

02:27:17   Just a little, little tiny bit.

02:27:18   Uh, if you'd like to find, uh, some information about the award

02:27:23   winners, go to upgradees.com.

02:27:25   You'll find, uh, all of the links there to all of the content and all of the

02:27:29   shows and everything that we've spoken about and thank you to Zach Knox for the

02:27:34   great work that Zach does on that project.

02:27:37   Uh, thank you all for listening.

02:27:39   We'll be back next year.

02:27:41   Until then, thank you for, thank you for this wonderful evening.

02:27:44   Uh, say goodbye, Jason Snow.

02:27:47   Goodbye Jason Snell.

02:27:48   [Music]

02:28:06   [ Silence ]