373: We Will Give You Color... But It Will Not Be Fun


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00:00:18   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Jason Snow. Hi, Jason Snow.

00:00:22   I'm Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   Big episode today.

00:00:24   So much going on. Huge! Two product reviews! Two! In one show!

00:00:29   You know, the September/October high season for Apple stuff.

00:00:33   It's great, but it's also very busy and there's lots and we have to pack stuff in and you know, it can't all even fit.

00:00:38   We were talking about this, I think last night, and we said, "Oh, we've got a big show tomorrow."

00:00:43   And I realized like what we would also usually have around this time is the Apple Watch, which we don't yet.

00:00:49   And I will say, just this, I have been getting more excited about replacing my Apple Watch.

00:00:54   Hmm.

00:00:55   I think actually WatchOS 8 has been one of these things. I really like that the buttons are bigger.

00:01:01   Just everywhere. Like touch targets are larger in WatchOS 8, which I like.

00:01:05   But that also makes me think, "Oh, a slightly bigger screen would probably be good too."

00:01:09   Mm-hmm.

00:01:10   That's how I get you.

00:01:11   That is.

00:01:12   Wave hashtag's not a whole question. It comes from Marlies who asks,

00:01:15   "Do you enable low power mode when your phone warns you that it's at 20% or do you like to live dangerously?"

00:01:22   Well, I need to stipulate that I don't actually go places and do things anymore.

00:01:30   And so I remember, "Oh, low power mode. I remember low power mode."

00:01:34   Oh, that's when you're out somewhere for a long time.

00:01:39   I would absolutely turn it on at 20% unless I knew I was literally just being lazy and not walking over and plugging my phone in,

00:01:47   which sometimes is the case, right?

00:01:48   It's like, "No, I'm going to run it all the way down because I'll just plug it in when I'm done doing what I'm doing."

00:01:53   But if you're out and about and you get that warning, I absolutely turn it on.

00:01:56   And in fact, I have, over the course of the existence of low power mode,

00:02:00   a bunch of times I've looked at my phone and seen it at like 50% and thought,

00:02:06   "Oh boy, I'm in trouble and I will enable low power mode preemptively before I hit 20%."

00:02:15   Yeah.

00:02:15   Because I realize I'm going to be out for a while and this is going to be a marathon and I'm in trouble.

00:02:19   If I was traveling somewhere, I will always put low power mode on as I leave it.

00:02:25   It's like it goes on, you know?

00:02:27   Which is actually thinking about that focus mode stuff.

00:02:30   I'd probably, because I've started working on my travel focus mode,

00:02:33   just getting it ready for when that happens.

00:02:35   And maybe I could set up a shortcuts automation that whenever that one is enabled,

00:02:40   low power mode gets turned on immediately.

00:02:43   You know, it could be kind of cool.

00:02:45   I like that.

00:02:46   But I pretty much always turn it on when a device warns me, including my iPad now.

00:02:51   My iPad now will say, "Hey, low power mode."

00:02:53   Which is nice. I'm happy they added that finally.

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00:03:08   For the final time this year, we would like to tell you about the work of

00:03:11   St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:03:13   We, believe it or not, Jason, this is the final episode of September.

00:03:16   Yeah, well that's okay because it keeps going.

00:03:21   I'm glad, like I don't need more weeks.

00:03:23   Can you imagine if September was longer?

00:03:25   It's fine the way it is.

00:03:26   38 days is plenty.

00:03:27   This is enough September.

00:03:29   September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,

00:03:32   and so we are supporting the life-saving mission of

00:03:34   St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,

00:03:36   which is finding cures and saving children.

00:03:39   Because for almost 60 years,

00:03:41   St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been on the frontlines of research, care, and treatment of childhood cancer.

00:03:46   Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% since they opened.

00:03:54   But with one in five children not surviving,

00:03:56   St. Jude will not stop until no child dies from cancer,

00:04:00   but they need our support.

00:04:02   This September, the Relay FM community has come together to raise over half a million dollars for the kids of St. Jude.

00:04:07   We're currently at $564,000 while we're recording this,

00:04:11   which is a truly unbelievable astronomical number.

00:04:15   You can be a part of our best year ever by making a donation at stjude.org/relay.

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00:04:34   So go to stjude.org/relay, and you can give today and support the work of St. Jude,

00:04:40   and let's cure childhood cancer together.

00:04:42   It's been an incredible month.

00:04:44   As we're recording, what's the current number, $564,000?

00:04:48   Is that it?

00:04:49   All right, well, I'm setting a new goal.

00:04:52   By the end of this month, Relay needs to reach a million dollars.

00:04:56   Why would you do that, Jason?

00:04:57   So everybody go out there and donate.

00:04:59   This is the Snell goal.

00:05:01   Yeah, yeah.

00:05:02   Only four days left to go or whatever.

00:05:04   Three days left to go?

00:05:05   It's totally doable.

00:05:07   People just need to go donate before.

00:05:09   Let's get that number as high as we can.

00:05:11   How about that by the end of the month?

00:05:12   Because remember, the higher we set the bar this month,

00:05:16   if you haven't donated yet, if you decide to wait till the end,

00:05:18   the higher we set that bar this month,

00:05:20   the higher the bar will be next year for Myke and Steven.

00:05:23   Only if we meet it, Jason.

00:05:24   The more ridiculous things.

00:05:25   No, it doesn't matter.

00:05:26   It doesn't matter.

00:05:27   No?

00:05:28   If you finish at $560,

00:05:29   everybody's going to remember $560,

00:05:31   and you're going to have to go above $560.

00:05:32   No, I'm just talking about your million that you've decided to set.

00:05:34   Oh, my million goal.

00:05:35   Well, I was just trying to be aspirational there.

00:05:38   But my point is if we get them to $600,000,

00:05:41   it's going to be like, "Oh, man, we've got to beat."

00:05:42   Whatever number it is, they're going to have to beat it next year.

00:05:46   And that means that I don't know what strange things they're going to do,

00:05:51   Myke and Steven are going to do to each other,

00:05:53   what stickers are going to have to go wear,

00:05:55   what clothing they're going to have to wear,

00:05:57   what devices they're going to have to use,

00:05:58   but it's only going to get better or worse depending on whether you're them or not.

00:06:02   So just keep lifting up that number.

00:06:04   I have hundreds of more stickers arriving this week because I ran out,

00:06:10   and then I have to go back to finding somewhere to stick them on this desk.

00:06:14   I think I'm going to start with the legs.

00:06:16   So that's still got that going for me.

00:06:18   Yeah, how long do they have to stay on?

00:06:20   Oh, I'm keeping them on.

00:06:21   They're not coming off.

00:06:23   Okay.

00:06:24   That's terrible.

00:06:25   It's staying on.

00:06:26   Everything, this whole desk, I'm keeping it.

00:06:30   I'm actually going to -- I'm planning on clear coating the desk.

00:06:33   Oh, well, that would be better at least.

00:06:36   But the stickers, the Steven face stickers, they're staying on this desk forever.

00:06:41   That's kind of like part of the pain of it all really.

00:06:43   So thank you, StJude.org/relay.

00:06:47   Follow up that probably nobody cares about but me, but I'm doing it anyway.

00:06:51   I have decided to give the shared with you for photos another try.

00:06:55   Because something's broken about this feature.

00:07:00   Jason tells me this, that what I'm having,

00:07:03   which is I get these images that show up in my photos library

00:07:08   that are sent to me mostly, I think it's pretty much just stuff that Adina sends me,

00:07:14   while we're not together.

00:07:16   So like she's at home, I'm maybe at the studio or somewhere else,

00:07:19   she sends me an image of something at home,

00:07:21   and then it shows up in my photos library.

00:07:23   And Jason tells me this should not be happening.

00:07:25   So I am going to keep this feature on to see if it gets fixed.

00:07:31   Yeah, we're going to monitor this.

00:07:32   I do wonder if it knows where your home is,

00:07:34   and since those photos are from your home, it is fudging it.

00:07:39   It's like, well, Myke lives there and Myke was there recently,

00:07:42   and so he probably was there now, right?

00:07:44   I wonder if it's a little too fuzzy and it's encompassing your home.

00:07:48   Maybe.

00:07:49   Even though you weren't there.

00:07:50   The other thing that I thought is maybe

00:07:51   because I would typically have a device at home, but...

00:07:55   Yeah, also the photos you sent involved, it was Adina and a friend and a dog.

00:08:01   Yes.

00:08:02   And I said that the other thing could possibly be that Apple Photos thinks that you're the dog.

00:08:06   Maybe that I'm the dog.

00:08:07   I did check, and it did do...

00:08:09   You know that feature you were talking about last week with like,

00:08:11   where it's like, hey, this is a dog, let's tell you what breed it is or whatever.

00:08:15   I have not seen that on any of my images, like nothing.

00:08:19   I do not... For me, this feature is nonexistent.

00:08:22   You're not missing anything.

00:08:23   It's not great.

00:08:25   The dog breed part of it is real dumb.

00:08:29   And the cats are even worse.

00:08:31   The cat, if you have a picture of a cat and the tail is not visible,

00:08:36   like as often happens, a cat has curled its tail around itself or is sitting on its tail,

00:08:40   it'll say, oh, this is one of the rare...

00:08:42   This is a manx, it's a tailless cat.

00:08:44   Like, no, it's just a cat.

00:08:47   Like, what are you doing?

00:08:48   Machine learning is so stupid sometimes.

00:08:50   Oh, man.

00:08:52   I can't see a tail, so there must not be one.

00:08:54   There's no other way to identify this breed of cat.

00:08:57   It's a very rare tailless cat that you've got here,

00:09:00   or it's literally you just can't see the tail dumb computer.

00:09:03   That's incredible.

00:09:04   If you have... Yes, if you have a purebred-ish dog,

00:09:08   it will probably recognize the breed properly.

00:09:12   If you have a mutt, it will make hilarious guesses about the breed.

00:09:16   And the answer is it's a mutt.

00:09:18   So it's a little bit silly.

00:09:20   But yes, if I search for boxer, I will find my dog

00:09:23   and all the other boxers that I've taken pictures of.

00:09:26   And Muhammad Ali.

00:09:27   But yes, exactly right.

00:09:29   Sugar Ray Leonard will appear in my photo library.

00:09:32   My extensive Sugar Ray Leonard photo collection.

00:09:35   Yeah, you don't know.

00:09:36   I don't know. That's very true.

00:09:38   And whenever I see a billboard or an ESPN documentary about Sugar Ray Leonard,

00:09:43   I'm like, "Oh, Sugar Ray Leonard," and I take a picture of it

00:09:46   and add it to my album, my Leonard Spinks album,

00:09:50   because also there are pictures of Leon Spinks in there.

00:09:53   You do not know about my catalog of boxers.

00:09:56   Is this including underwear?

00:09:58   All right, so we have another...

00:09:59   And dogs.

00:10:00   All in the same... It's a very confusing album.

00:10:04   I want to read a great headline,

00:10:07   mostly just because I want to read the headline

00:10:09   because the headline is so good.

00:10:10   "Tim Cook says employees who leak memos do not belong at Apple

00:10:13   according to a leaked memo."

00:10:15   I just find it very fun.

00:10:17   This is Zoe Schiffer from The Verge wrote this.

00:10:20   Schiffer's been one of the lead reporters

00:10:23   on all of the worker unrest at Apple over the last few months,

00:10:30   mostly in regarding to the work at home stuff.

00:10:32   Basically, Apple had an all-hands meeting,

00:10:34   and information from the all-hands meeting got out,

00:10:37   and then they put out this memo, and then that got out.

00:10:40   Yeah.

00:10:41   But with this memo, though,

00:10:42   I think this is a little bit of an issue

00:10:45   where I do see both sides of it.

00:10:47   So one of the things that Tim talks about is

00:10:51   he mentions product leaks

00:10:53   and then also leaks of internal communication.

00:10:57   Now, the internal communication stuff,

00:11:00   I have no issue with that stuff leaking out there, right?

00:11:04   Because I think I actually encourage people

00:11:06   to speak out if they think the company's doing wrong, right?

00:11:10   We spoke about it on the show in the past.

00:11:12   But I do personally wish there were less product leaks.

00:11:15   I think it's too much now.

00:11:17   We know too much.

00:11:18   I don't mind there being a little bit of stuff,

00:11:20   but I would like to know less than we currently know.

00:11:24   I think it's really funny that Tim Cook said

00:11:27   that he would double down on product secrecy,

00:11:29   and in fact, the leaks are worse than they've ever been.

00:11:32   That's a good point.

00:11:33   Right?

00:11:34   Because they're leaking from all over the place.

00:11:35   This is different from the kind of management memos

00:11:38   and things, which should,

00:11:39   I mean, that's journalism 101, by the way,

00:11:41   is if you get a memo leaked to you

00:11:43   about stopping memos from leaking, you publish that.

00:11:47   That's, I mean, you got to do it.

00:11:49   But yeah, I agree on the other side of it.

00:11:52   But the thing is, I don't think it is primarily

00:11:58   people at Apple who are leaking.

00:12:01   There are leaks coming from Apple in Cupertino.

00:12:04   But I really do believe that the bulk of the leaks we get

00:12:07   are sourced from the supply chain,

00:12:09   because Apple is using contractors

00:12:12   and has less control over the supply chain,

00:12:15   and we see so many things that leak from the supply chain.

00:12:18   That said, I think Mark Gurman gets people from Cupertino,

00:12:23   and I don't know who those people are.

00:12:25   Yeah, because it comes so early.

00:12:26   Like, people that, you know,

00:12:27   when he was talking about the potential new Mac Pro, right,

00:12:30   which we may see, are so early in the--

00:12:33   - Yeah, yeah. - In the process.

00:12:35   Or that 16-inch MacBook Pro when that came out or whatever.

00:12:38   It's much further along.

00:12:39   - I just, I don't know if Tim Cook

00:12:42   is conflating these issues or not,

00:12:47   and if it's effective or not,

00:12:49   because I don't think the message saying,

00:12:51   "Look, don't say anything," is as effective, right?

00:12:55   Like, 'cause some of these leaks matter

00:12:57   more than others in a way.

00:12:59   And I would think that the product leaks

00:13:02   should be what concerns him.

00:13:04   There has been some theory, by the way,

00:13:06   you and I didn't really talk about it,

00:13:08   that some of the things that were wrong last week

00:13:12   might have been an indication of Apple

00:13:15   trying to determine who is leaking.

00:13:18   And I don't think Apple necessarily

00:13:20   was leaking false information,

00:13:22   but I do sometimes get suspicious

00:13:24   when things that sound like they should be,

00:13:27   you know, legitimate reports and then are completely wrong

00:13:31   it does make you wonder sometimes.

00:13:33   More likely it's something that got delayed or changed

00:13:36   and was true at the time,

00:13:38   but I do wonder sometimes if that's part of Apple's strategy.

00:13:41   - That would give them still, though,

00:13:43   the roundabout way of that solution.

00:13:46   So if something was true but didn't get released,

00:13:50   then there could only have been a even smaller team

00:13:54   that would know about it because of the way

00:13:55   that Apple disclosed things internally.

00:13:57   - The counterargument would be that maybe

00:14:00   some of the reasons Apple has the issues it has

00:14:04   with product releases where there are bugs

00:14:06   or where there are things that don't seem

00:14:08   to make a lot of sense is because Apple silos

00:14:11   too many parts of Apple off and means that other parts

00:14:15   of Apple don't know what's going on

00:14:17   until announcement or release,

00:14:19   and they aren't prepared for it.

00:14:22   - I think both of the products we're gonna talk about today

00:14:25   have these exact issues.

00:14:26   - Yeah, where the left hand doesn't seem to know

00:14:28   what the right hand is doing,

00:14:29   and I think literally the left hand was in a silo

00:14:32   and was unable to communicate to the right hand

00:14:36   about what it was doing, I don't know.

00:14:37   - How does that new MagSafe wallet work, Jason?

00:14:41   - Oh yeah, I wrote about this really quickly.

00:14:43   It's something that's easy to misunderstand,

00:14:46   and so I thought I'd at least mention it.

00:14:48   So there's a second, the way I wrote about it

00:14:51   is iPhone leather wallet, second generation.

00:14:53   It's like, how could that be?

00:14:54   But it is, it's actually a different piece of hardware

00:14:57   because it has an NFC chip,

00:14:59   and I think the old Apple wallet, MagSafe wallet,

00:15:02   had an NFC chip, but I think that it just was there

00:15:05   to identify the color, essentially.

00:15:07   - It's the same as all the cases, right?

00:15:09   All the cases have something in them

00:15:11   where they can communicate the color.

00:15:13   And I remember at the time Apple said,

00:15:15   like, and other pieces of information,

00:15:18   but nothing else did anything?

00:15:20   - Right, so what's new in the second generation

00:15:24   MagSafe leather wallet is that it has an NFC chip

00:15:28   with a unique identifier per wallet.

00:15:31   And that's important because that's how

00:15:35   this new feature works.

00:15:37   The idea is your wallet becomes detached from your phone

00:15:42   and Find My basically logs where the detachment happened.

00:15:46   Now that they could have done before,

00:15:48   and I'm a little bit baffled about why

00:15:51   they didn't do this before,

00:15:53   because the phone knows when the MagSafe item

00:15:55   has been detached.

00:15:57   So I don't entirely understand,

00:16:00   my best guess is that they may have even wanted

00:16:03   to do this feature last year,

00:16:05   and it didn't work well enough,

00:16:06   and so they just didn't do it.

00:16:08   And they re-engineered the wallet,

00:16:09   and they did a new version of the wallet.

00:16:11   So this new one, when it detaches,

00:16:14   it's like AirPods, right?

00:16:15   AirPods don't have a Find My transmitter in them,

00:16:19   like an AirTag,

00:16:20   but what they do is the phone logs the last time

00:16:24   it saw your AirPods and where that was.

00:16:27   - But at least they have Bluetooth,

00:16:29   so you can get some way of finding them when you're close.

00:16:33   - Right, so the wallet doesn't have any of that.

00:16:35   All it has is a little NFC tag.

00:16:36   The NFC tag cannot be used for Find My ranging.

00:16:40   It doesn't work.

00:16:41   It's gotta be right next to it to do that.

00:16:43   But what it does,

00:16:44   so what it's doing is it's logging

00:16:45   when the wallet detaches.

00:16:46   So if you take your wallet off and leave it somewhere

00:16:49   and then are like, "Where did I put my wallet?"

00:16:51   Your phone knows at least where you took it off.

00:16:54   And if the wallet hasn't been moved from that location--

00:16:56   - So it logs the location?

00:16:57   - Yes, where it detaches.

00:16:58   - Right, 'cause I was gonna say,

00:16:59   if all it does is like,

00:17:00   "Hey, the wallet's not here anymore."

00:17:01   It's like, "Yeah, the phone tells me."

00:17:03   (laughs)

00:17:04   - Find My logs the location.

00:17:07   Optionally, it will actually,

00:17:09   when you detach, it can optionally send you an alert

00:17:13   that says, "Your wallet detached."

00:17:15   If you find that useful, you can turn that on.

00:17:18   And then the reason the NFC chip

00:17:20   with the unique number is relevant

00:17:23   is that optionally, again, you can choose this.

00:17:27   Optionally, you can choose to have your phone number

00:17:29   that's associated with your Apple ID

00:17:32   appear on someone else's phone

00:17:35   if they find your wallet and attach it.

00:17:38   So this is like,

00:17:39   "Well, what if my wallet falls off in public?

00:17:41   "How do people know that it's mine?"

00:17:43   And the answer is if somebody finds it

00:17:45   who's got an iPhone with MagSafe,

00:17:47   they could actually put it on their phone

00:17:49   and it'll say, "This is the phone number

00:17:50   "of the person who owns this wallet."

00:17:53   Which is a very, it's kinda esoteric,

00:17:54   but that's very Apple thinking of like,

00:17:56   "Well, of course everybody's gonna have an iPhone

00:17:57   "with MagSafe and they're gonna be able to do this."

00:18:00   So anyway, but it is a feature you can turn on

00:18:03   essentially to share your phone number

00:18:06   with whoever finds that MagSafe wallet

00:18:10   with that particular ID.

00:18:12   It's like a disclosure thing.

00:18:13   It's using iCloud to do that.

00:18:15   You're allowing some random person

00:18:17   to see your phone number if you choose to show it

00:18:21   and they've got your wallet

00:18:23   and they can call you and say,

00:18:25   "I've got your wallet.

00:18:26   "Give me $50,000 and I'll give it back to you."

00:18:28   Or they could just give it back to you.

00:18:30   One of those.

00:18:31   - Only one of those.

00:18:32   - Also it works with all the MagSafe iPhones.

00:18:35   It's not a iPhone 13 feature.

00:18:36   It works with all of them.

00:18:37   I put it on my iPhone 12 mini,

00:18:39   worked just fine, it pairs.

00:18:41   You choose what you want to share

00:18:44   and how you want it to alert you and that's it.

00:18:48   What it's not is an AirTag

00:18:50   because Apple has not miniaturized AirTag technology.

00:18:56   This wallet only fits three cards in it.

00:18:58   It's too small for actual AirTag technology to be in it.

00:19:03   Maybe one day.

00:19:04   But what they are doing is trying to get it

00:19:06   to be kind of like smart enough.

00:19:08   Now I've seen people on Twitter respond

00:19:10   and say, "This is useless."

00:19:12   And I don't really understand that

00:19:14   because it's useless if somebody picks up your wallet

00:19:17   and runs away with it.

00:19:18   That's true.

00:19:19   It's not an AirTag.

00:19:20   But it's not useless for what I would think

00:19:22   is the most common way anybody loses anything,

00:19:25   which is they don't remember where they had it last,

00:19:27   whether it fell off or whether they took it off.

00:19:29   And that's what this is for.

00:19:30   This is literally the, "I lost it.

00:19:33   Well, where did you last see it?"

00:19:35   And now you can ask your iPhone,

00:19:37   "Where did you last see the wallet?"

00:19:39   And they're like, "Oh, over there."

00:19:41   And you're like, "Oh, that's where it is."

00:19:43   Right? That's what this feature is for.

00:19:45   -Matt Van Ormo, who's one of the very awesome moderators

00:19:49   of our members Discord, made a good point.

00:19:52   He wrote about the wallet, too.

00:19:55   That the Find My has a thing for Item Left Behind,

00:19:59   which is a new feature.

00:20:01   So if you, like, leave your iPad somewhere,

00:20:04   it can notify you if you leave it.

00:20:06   And he was saying, basically, he would like some of that

00:20:09   to be extended to this so that the wallet didn't notify him

00:20:13   about being disconnected when he's at home,

00:20:15   which I think is a very good point.

00:20:17   -Yeah, right now, you literally disconnect the wallet,

00:20:19   and then, like, a minute later, it says,

00:20:21   "Wallet was disconnected,"

00:20:22   when what you really want is to look at location,

00:20:24   and then I leave the place where the wallet is

00:20:27   and have the option of being warned then.

00:20:29   You know you're leaving without your wallet.

00:20:31   But that's not in there right now.

00:20:33   -Or even just don't alert me when I'm here,

00:20:35   which is something that you can do with the devices stuff.

00:20:37   So you can say, like, you can list some locations.

00:20:40   So I have for mine, like, my home and my studio,

00:20:43   because, like, for example,

00:20:44   if I left my studio to go get a coffee,

00:20:48   I would get, like, four notifications

00:20:50   of all of the things that are mine

00:20:52   that I have walked away from.

00:20:53   So I like that -- I'm very happy

00:20:55   you can have multiple locations in that thing,

00:20:56   but if you take the wallet off, then it alerts you.

00:20:59   I don't -- I really don't know why they needed --

00:21:03   why this wouldn't work with the first one.

00:21:05   If the phone knows that a wallet's connected,

00:21:09   it will also know when the wallet has been disconnected.

00:21:12   -Yes.

00:21:13   -I feel like this is one of those things

00:21:14   where Apple may have overthought it and, like,

00:21:17   "Oh, there has to be an individual, like, connection

00:21:20   of a number between --" You know what I mean?

00:21:22   -Like I said, it may be simpler than that.

00:21:25   It may be that they fancied this as a feature

00:21:29   for the wallet last year,

00:21:32   and it didn't work reliably.

00:21:34   And they're like, "Well, just ship it,

00:21:35   and we won't worry about it."

00:21:36   Because you're right.

00:21:37   I don't understand why the old wallet couldn't do this

00:21:41   because it does know when you connect it

00:21:46   and presumably then when you disconnect it,

00:21:48   and yet that old wallet doesn't have this functionality.

00:21:52   And I don't think it's because Apple got so precious

00:21:54   that they're like, "Well, no, it needs a unique ID

00:21:56   because we need to have a finding strategy here

00:21:58   that involves somebody else."

00:22:00   It's like, "Okay. I mean, that's nice,

00:22:02   but I spent the last year with the first-gen wallet,

00:22:06   and it would have been nice to have this feature

00:22:08   for the last year."

00:22:10   And I don't understand --

00:22:11   Like, even if it didn't have this extra feature

00:22:13   of having a unique ID, but I don't know.

00:22:16   I don't know.

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00:24:10   Let's start by talking about the iPad Mini.

00:24:14   You wrote a great review on "Six Colors."

00:24:17   You had the iPad Mini in advance, right?

00:24:19   So how long have you had yours for?

00:24:21   -I got it the Wednesday, maybe, of an ounce a week,

00:24:26   so I've had it for more than a week now.

00:24:30   -Okay, and I got mine on Friday,

00:24:32   so I've had mine for, like, four days or whatever.

00:24:36   I love it, man. I love it.

00:24:39   It's just what I wanted. I love it.

00:24:41   It's such a great little device.

00:24:44   It's super --

00:24:46   What do you think about the size and weight?

00:24:48   How do you feel about it?

00:24:50   -I think it -- Yeah, I think it's really great.

00:24:53   I think it is about as small as an iPad could probably be.

00:24:59   -Yes, it's on the edge, right? Like, it really is.

00:25:03   -Yeah, but having the new modern design

00:25:07   where it doesn't have the space for the home button

00:25:10   opens it up and makes it that much more kind of pleasing,

00:25:14   and you can hold it in one hand, although you know --

00:25:18   You can hold it in one hand, but you won't want to,

00:25:21   and it's not one-hand use.

00:25:23   You can, like, hold it in one hand

00:25:25   and then use your other hand to control it.

00:25:27   You can't really, you know, just hold it in one hand

00:25:30   and use it like a phone. It's not a phone.

00:25:32   It's not a phone. You can thumb-type on it,

00:25:34   which is kind of nice because it's so small.

00:25:37   Yeah, it's just -- It's a really good size.

00:25:39   It is -- I think for people who are looking --

00:25:42   Obviously, look, my review basically says,

00:25:44   "What doesn't it do?"

00:25:46   The whole purpose of it, like with the Mac Mini,

00:25:48   honestly, is to fill all sorts of little niches

00:25:51   that other devices don't fill, and so it is for kids.

00:25:56   It is for people in cramped spaces,

00:25:58   but it is also for, like, readers,

00:26:01   for people who want an iPad as a content-consumption device,

00:26:05   as a thing to read, and the great thing about it as a reader

00:26:09   is that it will run all your e-book apps.

00:26:12   It will run Twitter. It will run your newspaper apps.

00:26:17   It will run an RSS reader, like, whatever -- and Safari.

00:26:20   So whatever you want to read on it, you can read on it

00:26:23   and in this kind of compact size.

00:26:27   So, like, it's good at a lot of different things,

00:26:31   but I think the reader thing is the one that jumped out at me

00:26:36   because I've been hearing people talk about it,

00:26:38   and I used the last iPad Mini as a reader

00:26:40   for a little while just as a trial,

00:26:42   and I was really kind of unhappy with it,

00:26:44   but this one, I think, is a much more pleasant experience

00:26:46   than that one.

00:26:47   I think something about this design

00:26:49   and the feel of it and the size of it,

00:26:51   like, I think they got it right this time.

00:26:53   -Yeah, it's -- For me, it is perfect

00:26:56   for what I want this type of iPad to be,

00:27:01   which is, like, reading stuff, social-media stuff,

00:27:04   watching video at home,

00:27:07   very kind of like light --

00:27:09   very light-work stuff like communication, right?

00:27:11   Maybe sending the occasional e-mail,

00:27:13   answering a Slack message, that kind of thing,

00:27:15   because it's really nice to type on.

00:27:17   You say you hold it in portrait, you can thumb-type on it,

00:27:19   and so it's basically like --

00:27:21   It's basically like typing on a big phone, which really works.

00:27:24   There isn't another iPad

00:27:26   that is as comfortable to thumb-type on as this one

00:27:29   because even the 11-inch,

00:27:31   it's not comfortable to really type on that in portrait mode

00:27:34   like it is on this iPad,

00:27:37   and it does feel like a little book,

00:27:39   especially if you get one of the smart covers.

00:27:41   Like, it just feels like a little book,

00:27:43   and I hold it, you know, like I would hold a phone, you know,

00:27:46   like, Pinky's supporting it, and you just hold it like a book

00:27:49   and read on it like it's a book, and it's great.

00:27:51   -I love those smart covers. -Yeah, me too.

00:27:54   -I ended up with an orange smart cover for it

00:27:56   that's the same as the one that I got from my 12.9-inch iPad Pro,

00:27:59   and that's a hilarious contrast.

00:28:01   It's like a big, big buddy and little buddy.

00:28:04   -Big little. That's funny. -Yeah.

00:28:06   'Cause they're the same thing, but the smart cover,

00:28:08   I really like the smart cover.

00:28:10   I think it's a good accessory,

00:28:12   and I think the smart cover is a good one for the iPad Mini.

00:28:15   Now, having that, it's nice.

00:28:17   I'd kind of forgotten about the smart cover,

00:28:20   like, the smart folio cover thing,

00:28:22   'cause I hadn't had one for a while, right,

00:28:24   because I'd just been purely in iPad Pro land

00:28:28   and always used keyboards, whatever the keyboard version was,

00:28:31   and I'd forgotten that the smart cover folio thing

00:28:34   has the little fold it back into a triangle, prop it up, you know?

00:28:38   -Yep. -And I was like, "Ah!"

00:28:40   I was super excited about it, 'cause, I mean, like, for watching videos.

00:28:43   So, like, a good use of this device for me is I'm doing the dishes,

00:28:47   and I want to watch a video of some kind.

00:28:49   So I could just put it on top of the bread bin.

00:28:52   It sits perfectly there. It is really great.

00:28:54   Like, this is, like, I've been using my 11-inch iPad at home

00:28:57   for the last little while, like, for ages,

00:29:00   and doing these kinds of things on it,

00:29:02   and this is so much better than that at this job,

00:29:04   all of the things that I want it for,

00:29:06   which is this mostly, like, consumption and the occasional thing.

00:29:10   You know, you mentioned about size a minute ago,

00:29:13   about, like, it being on this kind of the smallest that an iPad could be.

00:29:17   I think iOS 15 does show that in a bunch of places.

00:29:20   Like, it feels like it barely fits in places, right?

00:29:24   Like, the dock is incredibly small.

00:29:27   So I migrated my iCloud backup from my iPad Pro to it just for fun.

00:29:32   Oh, no! That's not a good idea.

00:29:34   And then I turned it into vertical orientation,

00:29:37   and the dock was, like, a series of very tiny dots that you could tap on,

00:29:42   and maybe you would get the right--

00:29:44   I ended up pulling a bunch of things out of the dock

00:29:46   because it's like, "Oh, no, no, no, no. That's hilariously too small."

00:29:49   Also, the layout is weird.

00:29:51   Like, I railed about the iPadOS home screen last week

00:29:55   about how it's not really good enough

00:29:57   and the changes they made are just kind of patching an existing thing

00:30:01   that's not that good and hasn't been that good ever since the start.

00:30:04   But it's even worse on the iPad Mini,

00:30:07   where there are these enormous margins on the left and the right

00:30:11   when you're looking at it horizontally.

00:30:13   Enormous!

00:30:14   Like, the margins are there on the other iPads.

00:30:17   They are.

00:30:18   But they're not as egregious.

00:30:19   It looks like you're only using, like, I don't know,

00:30:22   two-thirds of the home screen?

00:30:24   Yeah, yeah. It's-- I don't get it.

00:30:27   I don't get it.

00:30:28   I don't understand how, in iOS 15,

00:30:31   especially knowing that this product is coming

00:30:34   and not rethinking how the home screen on an iPad works--

00:30:39   Well, it's like they did, didn't they?

00:30:41   But they did it wrong for this device.

00:30:43   I felt it with the iPad Pro, but I really feel it with the Mini.

00:30:46   And, you know, it just exacerbates all the feelings I already had

00:30:50   about how the widget placement is weird and all of that,

00:30:53   because now on this you've just got just space to the left and the right

00:30:57   where there's nothing there.

00:31:00   And it is small.

00:31:01   I mean, bottom line is you've got to have pretty good near vision

00:31:05   to use this thing, because you can crank up the text size on it,

00:31:09   but, like, it's-- everything is tiny,

00:31:13   because it is a higher resolution screen,

00:31:15   so everything is very small, which is, again,

00:31:18   why it's probably a device more for the young.

00:31:20   But, yeah, you can crank up the text size,

00:31:22   and you will-- if you are over the age of 40,

00:31:24   you probably will need to crank up the text size on it,

00:31:27   because it's too small.

00:31:30   I-- on all my devices, I actually have dynamic text set to the smallest.

00:31:35   I had to bump it up on the iPad Mini.

00:31:37   Is it too small?

00:31:39   Even Myke Hurley, small text Hurley.

00:31:41   Even me, even big small text boy over here.

00:31:44   Like, you know, we were saying earlier about,

00:31:46   like, we have referenced in the episode,

00:31:48   places where it feels like maybe Apple's teams

00:31:50   aren't talking to each other.

00:31:52   This does feel like one of those,

00:31:54   because it does feel like that home-- the home screen,

00:31:56   it's, like, wrong in a way that it doesn't feel wrong

00:32:01   on the other iPads in the same way.

00:32:03   Like, we have said that could be better.

00:32:05   Yeah, but, like, we all agree it could be better,

00:32:09   but on the iPad Mini, it does feel like something's broken.

00:32:12   It feels like it got shrunk in a way.

00:32:14   My first reaction when I started it up was,

00:32:17   "Whoa, what is happening on the home screen?"

00:32:20   And, yeah, it's--

00:32:22   There's something odd going on there.

00:32:25   On that, about the text size, I want to talk about the display.

00:32:28   I feel like the display isn't as good as my 11-inch iPad

00:32:33   in a way that I can't put my finger on,

00:32:36   but it doesn't feel as good.

00:32:38   Do you-- have you come to that?

00:32:40   I don't know if I've compared it to that,

00:32:44   but, I mean, I've accepted that it's not--

00:32:46   it's not the state-of-the-art screen anymore, right,

00:32:48   because the iPad Pro is the state-of-the-art screen that's got that.

00:32:51   But, like, my 11-inch iPad hasn't got the Mini LED, right?

00:32:55   Yeah.

00:32:57   Maybe-- oh, you know what?

00:32:58   Davis said maybe ProMotion is one thing.

00:33:00   That could be, but I feel like when I'm looking at it,

00:33:03   the colors don't look as good to me in a way,

00:33:06   but I don't know if this is, like--

00:33:08   it's like a trick in my mind or something,

00:33:10   but, like, I feel like it's not as high quality

00:33:14   as the 11-inch iPad Pro,

00:33:16   but when I look at the tech spec pages,

00:33:19   it seems to suggest it's the same stuff.

00:33:22   Yeah, I don't know.

00:33:23   But I feel like that the Air and the Mini

00:33:26   probably don't get the best screens, but, you know?

00:33:29   I think that's probably true.

00:33:31   And so it might be a case of just, like,

00:33:33   this isn't as high quality as the Pro one,

00:33:36   even though they seem to suggest they have all the same features.

00:33:39   Mm-hmm.

00:33:40   You were very excited to order a purple one.

00:33:43   I got Starlight, so it--

00:33:45   And Starlight, like, literally,

00:33:47   I had to put it next to a silver iPad

00:33:49   and then take my glasses off

00:33:51   and put my face down at the level of the two iPads

00:33:54   in order to barely detect the extra yellow cast

00:33:59   that makes it Starlight instead of silver.

00:34:01   But then I saw pictures online of everybody

00:34:04   who got that purple one, like you,

00:34:07   and who were very excited to have a purple iPad,

00:34:10   and I got to say, everybody had the same reaction.

00:34:14   The same reaction, which is, this is purple.

00:34:17   It's gray.

00:34:18   Okay, in some light, it has a purple hue to it,

00:34:25   but it's not purple like what I thought I was gonna get.

00:34:29   It was gonna be purple like that iPhone is purple.

00:34:32   Yeah.

00:34:33   But the difference is, and I know why,

00:34:35   the difference is that's glass with a color underneath.

00:34:39   Right.

00:34:40   This is aluminum.

00:34:41   And for some reason, Apple aren't or can't

00:34:44   put the same level of color.

00:34:45   But I feel like they do a good job with the iMac.

00:34:48   My iMac is really yellow.

00:34:50   I don't understand quite what they did with the iPad Mini,

00:34:54   which feels to me like a fun product,

00:34:57   and yet they have made it in boring colors.

00:35:01   Like, that purple should be far more vibrant,

00:35:04   and we know they can make brighter purples

00:35:07   because the backs of the iMacs have brighter purples.

00:35:10   And the iPad Mini strikes me as the device

00:35:12   that you'd want to do that with,

00:35:13   and instead it seems really conservative.

00:35:16   And, you know, I don't want to say boring

00:35:19   because some people want something more muted,

00:35:22   and muted doesn't necessarily have to be boring,

00:35:24   but, like, I feel like--

00:35:25   Yeah, but you wouldn't buy the purple one, would you, right?

00:35:27   Like, if you wanted a muted color.

00:35:29   Yeah, when your color choices are imperceptible

00:35:32   unless you really work at it,

00:35:33   they're not really good color choices, are they?

00:35:37   No. You know, you mentioned starlight,

00:35:39   and I want to give a bit of follow-out.

00:35:41   I do another show here on Relay FM called "The Test Drivers"

00:35:43   with tech YouTuber Austin Evans.

00:35:45   We interviewed Steve and Tana and Tom Boger,

00:35:48   friend of the show, from Apple about the new iPad Mini,

00:35:51   and I asked them to tell me what starlight was.

00:35:53   So if you want to hear what they said,

00:35:56   you can go check the episode out.

00:35:57   It's episode 40 of "The Test Drivers."

00:35:59   I said, "What is it? What color is it?"

00:36:02   The best answer I got from somebody at Apple

00:36:06   was just what we've said before,

00:36:08   which is it's silver but with a more yellow undertone,

00:36:17   which is accurate, but, boy, it's so --

00:36:20   Like, they could have called it silver,

00:36:23   and everybody would have been like,

00:36:25   "Hey, did you notice that Apple silver

00:36:27   is slightly yellower than it was?"

00:36:29   And people would be like, "Yeah, I did notice that."

00:36:31   Still silver, though.

00:36:32   And that would be the end of it.

00:36:35   Yeah.

00:36:37   Look, the folio I'm happy with.

00:36:39   My cherry folio, which is actually purple.

00:36:42   I'm very happy with this.

00:36:44   But the -- I mean, now, really, the only part that I see

00:36:49   is the rail around the outside,

00:36:50   which is a little bit more purple than the back.

00:36:53   So I guess I got that going for me.

00:36:56   About Apple, come on.

00:36:58   Like, you did such a good job with the iMac.

00:37:01   Like, those colors are all so big and vibrant and bold.

00:37:05   I wonder whether Apple's kind of weird approach

00:37:11   to colors in these products is actually an effect of --

00:37:16   We can't blame everything on the pandemic,

00:37:18   but I don't even want to choose the reason why.

00:37:20   I just want to say I wonder if it is an effect

00:37:23   of these products all being kind of out of sequence

00:37:27   from one another in the development process,

00:37:29   because there should be a head of color at Apple,

00:37:33   of materials who's in charge of the colors,

00:37:36   who is your color czar at Apple, right?

00:37:41   And they should have formulated a philosophy

00:37:44   of what the colors are and how Apple's going to move.

00:37:47   And you see it in some categories, right?

00:37:48   Watch bands, smart folio cases.

00:37:51   Like, there are places where Apple's color philosophy,

00:37:53   they come out with new colors, and you're like,

00:37:55   "Oh, great. This is great."

00:37:57   But with the iPad being so muted

00:38:00   and the iMac being so forward,

00:38:03   like, I don't know what's going on here.

00:38:06   Like, and with the iPhone 13,

00:38:10   they dropped the number of colors.

00:38:13   Like, they made that big deal about that purple phone,

00:38:16   and, like, purple phone's gone. Purple phone's gone.

00:38:18   -What about purple phone? -So what is happening?

00:38:22   And why?

00:38:23   We know you can anodize aluminum to be bright and cheery,

00:38:26   and this is an iPad mini, and it's not bright and cheery.

00:38:29   Why? Why is it that way?

00:38:32   But I do wonder if maybe the reason why

00:38:34   is because this was a plan that was done a while ago,

00:38:38   and they -- since then, they did the iMac plan,

00:38:42   and this one had to kind of proceed the way it was.

00:38:44   I don't know. I don't understand it.

00:38:46   I feel like their color story is all jumbled up.

00:38:49   Well, these colors are close --

00:38:52   like, on the iPad, are close to the iPad Air,

00:38:54   which they have colors, but they're also gray, right?

00:38:57   Like, federal got, like, a blue one, but it's a gray one.

00:39:00   The same as purple is actually gray with a little bit of purple on it.

00:39:03   So you might be -- like, and then the iMacs are much more vivid.

00:39:06   So maybe -- I don't know, maybe the next ones --

00:39:09   Why wouldn't iPad not be vivid?

00:39:11   That's the part that gets me.

00:39:12   And, again, maybe it's just because they're out of sync,

00:39:14   but I don't understand why.

00:39:15   I can maybe understand -- look, I don't want the iPad Air

00:39:18   or iPad Pro, which I like, to be boring,

00:39:20   but I think we've all accepted the fact

00:39:22   that Apple thinks "pro" means "boring."

00:39:24   So, okay, but the iPad Air and the iPad Mini are not pro products.

00:39:30   They should be fun, and the colors are like, "We heard you,

00:39:34   and while we're not willing to be fun, we will give you color."

00:39:39   But it'll be not fun.

00:39:41   You can buy a purple iPad if you want.

00:39:43   It'll say "purple" on the receipt.

00:39:45   Yeah.

00:39:46   And there's purple on the box, which is the color you really want.

00:39:48   I don't understand Apple's reluctance to make their products fun.

00:39:53   I really just don't understand it,

00:39:54   especially now that we've seen the iMac, because the iMac is fun.

00:39:57   I mean, we could argue, well, the back of the iMac is fun.

00:40:00   The front of the iMac is muted, but the back of the iMac is fun.

00:40:03   The front of my iMac is very yellow.

00:40:05   Like, this isn't any other color other than yellow.

00:40:08   Yeah. Oh, yeah.

00:40:09   I'm looking at this orange iMac right now, and it's --

00:40:12   It's undeniable what color it is.

00:40:14   It is, and yet, on other parts of their product line,

00:40:19   that should be more fun.

00:40:21   So, now, this actually gives me concern about the new MacBook Air,

00:40:25   because I've been hoping that the new MacBook Air would be in iMac colors.

00:40:29   No, I think it will be.

00:40:30   And I'm worried now that it's going to be in Starlight,

00:40:32   and it's going to be in purple that's not purple.

00:40:35   No, I'm confident that it's going to be in full-on color.

00:40:38   I think something's different, I don't know why,

00:40:40   between the Mac team and the iOS or iPad or iPhone team.

00:40:44   I have faith.

00:40:45   I don't know what's going on.

00:40:46   I have faith.

00:40:47   Colorzar, help us.

00:40:48   Help us, Colorzar.

00:40:49   Please.

00:40:50   This iPad mini has buttons on it.

00:40:53   One of the buttons is a Touch ID button.

00:40:55   This is my first experience with the Touch ID button.

00:40:58   Ah, yes.

00:40:59   I haven't tried out the iPad Air.

00:41:01   It's fine.

00:41:03   I wish it was faster, and I miss Face ID.

00:41:08   I -- Yeah, I think --

00:41:10   I think the problem with Touch ID on the -- on the power button is,

00:41:17   if you're used to Face ID on your phone,

00:41:20   and you're used to Face ID on an iPad Pro,

00:41:24   then it's just a different way of using it,

00:41:28   and you have to get used to it.

00:41:29   I think if you don't have --

00:41:30   Everything feels like more work.

00:41:32   I think if you don't have an iPad Pro,

00:41:34   it's probably much, much easier to adapt to it.

00:41:37   But, yeah, I am reminded when I use one of these devices,

00:41:42   whether it's a mini or an Air,

00:41:44   I'm constantly reminded of all of the ways that I've just assumed Face ID

00:41:50   and just skipped authentication as a thing I even think about on my iPad Pro.

00:41:56   And now suddenly it's like, "Oh, right.

00:41:58   I got to lay my finger down on that.

00:42:00   Where's the button? It's over here. Okay.

00:42:02   Yeah, and there it is.

00:42:03   Oh, I pressed the button.

00:42:04   Now it went to sleep.

00:42:05   I can't do that.

00:42:06   I got to just lay it there and hold, and then it will open."

00:42:09   You know, it's just -- It's very clever,

00:42:12   but if you're used to Face ID, it's not the same, and it's --

00:42:17   Yeah, it's fine.

00:42:19   It is what it is.

00:42:20   They didn't want to put the Face ID stack in these lower-cost devices.

00:42:24   I get it.

00:42:25   I do like that they put the rest to open thing in there.

00:42:29   So, like, if I tap the screen, I can then just put my finger on it.

00:42:32   It will open up.

00:42:33   I don't then have to, like, swipe up to open the thing.

00:42:36   Yes, that is very clever.

00:42:37   You don't have to make that additional gesture, the laying of your --

00:42:40   Right, because your face is always there, right?

00:42:42   So you need to do an affirmative thing to say,

00:42:44   "Yes, my face is here, and I want to unlock,"

00:42:46   whereas laying your finger on the button is the affirmative gesture,

00:42:50   so that's all you should have to do.

00:42:51   They moved the volume buttons to the top edge

00:42:54   because the pencil takes up the whole side,

00:42:56   and they introduced a feature here,

00:42:58   which I don't know why it's only on the iPad mini

00:43:01   because it could be on every iPad.

00:43:03   They're all the same, where the volume buttons

00:43:06   are contextually aware of rotation,

00:43:09   so up is up and down is down depending on which is facing up

00:43:15   and which is facing down for volume

00:43:17   rather than it being the up and down volume buttons

00:43:20   are always the same buttons

00:43:21   no matter what orientation you have the iPad in.

00:43:23   It's very clever.

00:43:24   That said, this is the most --

00:43:25   I like it.

00:43:26   I know Apple always has thought that iPads were vertical

00:43:29   and that horizontal was lesser, which is weird

00:43:33   because I always use my iPad in horizontal orientation.

00:43:36   This is a very vertical iPad.

00:43:38   I feel like this is, like, the most vertical iPad ever.

00:43:41   The most.

00:43:42   I mean, they made it more vertical

00:43:43   than the one that came before it, right?

00:43:45   Like, it actually became a little bit taller.

00:43:47   This is the most vertical.

00:43:49   This is the most portrait iPad.

00:43:51   But, yeah, I actually like this.

00:43:53   I think they should bring this to every iPad.

00:43:55   I think it's smart because I never think about

00:43:58   what's up and down for volume on this one.

00:44:01   It just is always correct, which I kind of like.

00:44:04   Talking about the portraiteness of it,

00:44:07   very easy to type there.

00:44:10   In landscape, if you bring up the software keyboard,

00:44:13   you lose basically the whole display,

00:44:16   which is interesting because this is the only one

00:44:19   that Apple doesn't sell with a keyboard,

00:44:21   which I understand why they don't,

00:44:22   but it's funny for that reason.

00:44:24   It's maybe the one that most needs a keyboard.

00:44:27   So I have been using the split and floating keyboards a lot.

00:44:31   Right, which are in there.

00:44:33   Yeah, and, again, the split keyboard works great on this one

00:44:36   because then you have back-to-thumb typing again.

00:44:38   Mm-hmm, and I definitely recommend,

00:44:40   and I put a picture in my review about this,

00:44:43   but either get a keyboard that's got a little case

00:44:46   that is a place where you can set it

00:44:48   or use the Smart Folio to do it or get a little stand.

00:44:52   It doesn't even need to be an iPad stand.

00:44:54   It could be any little art stand.

00:44:57   I got a thing that came with my desk set,

00:45:00   like my pen holder.

00:45:02   It came with my desk when I bought my desk.

00:45:04   It was a throw-in.

00:45:05   And one of the items in this six-piece bamboo office desk stuff

00:45:10   was a phone holder, which I always thought was so weird.

00:45:16   Like, why do you need a phone?

00:45:17   But it fits that iPad mini,

00:45:19   and I just used that and a random Bluetooth keyboard.

00:45:23   And I put it in vertical mode,

00:45:24   and I wrote my entire iPadOS 15 story for six colors on it.

00:45:30   So the point is, I don't think,

00:45:34   and somebody will probably make something that's like a case

00:45:36   that also is a keyboard for the iPad mini.

00:45:39   Don't buy it.

00:45:41   The iPad mini is too small to have a decent-sized keyboard on it.

00:45:44   So get a keyboard that you can --

00:45:47   or if you already have a keyboard,

00:45:49   just get a Bluetooth keyboard that you can take with you

00:45:52   and either a case that lets you put it up, prop it up,

00:45:55   or like a little stand,

00:45:57   and that's how you write on the iPad mini.

00:45:59   And you bring that stuff with you,

00:46:01   and you can get a tiny, thin, light keyboard

00:46:05   and throw it in a bag and have it at the ready.

00:46:07   So that's what I would recommend.

00:46:09   -And also, like, Bluetooth will work,

00:46:11   and because it has USB-C on it,

00:46:13   you can plug in any keyboard with a USB-C cable.

00:46:15   -Yeah, also true.

00:46:16   You can literally just plug in any USB-C keyboard.

00:46:19   I really enjoyed writing in vertical orientation

00:46:23   just because the screen's so small,

00:46:25   and that was a better --

00:46:26   I mean, I like writing in vertical anyway,

00:46:27   but on the iPad mini, I felt like it was a really good fit.

00:46:30   And if you use a USB keyboard,

00:46:32   then you have to have the port on top,

00:46:36   and then you have to stare at the cord

00:46:37   coming out the top of the iPad,

00:46:39   which is, like, a little thing, but it's weird.

00:46:41   So, yeah, anyway, that's my --

00:46:43   I think this is actually

00:46:44   a pretty great little portable writing tool,

00:46:47   but, you know, it's not something

00:46:51   where you can turn it into a little teeny-tiny laptop

00:46:53   without a keyboard that's bad.

00:46:55   So find a -- you know, like, something --

00:46:58   I was using -- I actually tried the Studio Neat Canvas with it,

00:47:01   which is like an Apple Magic keyboard...

00:47:03   -Canopy.

00:47:04   -...in a little protective case. Canopy, that's right.

00:47:06   And you snap it back, and you put the iPad in it,

00:47:08   and then you've got a thing that's kind of like a laptop

00:47:10   but kind of not.

00:47:11   You use it on a tabletop.

00:47:13   Like, lots of options out there.

00:47:15   Choose your favorite.

00:47:16   Or just find a keyboard you got laying around.

00:47:18   That's all you really need.

00:47:19   -Mm-hmm.

00:47:20   So this thing has a version of the A15 in it.

00:47:23   We spoke about that last time, that it is a binned version.

00:47:25   So it has less GPU cores and a slower CPU than the phone.

00:47:32   But you really put that thing through the ringer

00:47:34   for your review, didn't you?

00:47:35   -Yeah, so the A15 on the iPad Mini is a lower clock speed.

00:47:39   So its score is essentially the same as the iPad Air,

00:47:42   which is an A14, other than the GPUs a little bit better

00:47:45   'cause it's got the five GPUs that the iPhone 13 doesn't have

00:47:49   but the 13 Pro has.

00:47:50   -Oh, it has the five. Sorry.

00:47:52   It has more than the regular phone.

00:47:54   -Yeah, they lower the clock speed

00:47:56   but didn't throw out a GPU core, essentially.

00:48:00   Bottom line is, whether it's A14 or A15 performance,

00:48:03   iPad Air, iPad Mini, the point I wanted to make --

00:48:06   and I did, I edited a podcast on it with the Apple Pencil.

00:48:09   I needed to do it in vertical orientation

00:48:11   'cause, again, it's a very small screen

00:48:13   and I needed to see all my tracks.

00:48:15   But I did that.

00:48:16   I did the "Relay FM" balderdash bonus episode

00:48:20   that's in the departures feed on relay.fm.

00:48:23   I did that entirely on the iPad Mini

00:48:28   with the Apple Pencil in Fairlight Recording Studio.

00:48:31   It worked great.

00:48:32   I wrote an article.

00:48:34   Like, I did all the things that I would do on my iPad Pro,

00:48:38   and all I can report is that it did them all fine.

00:48:41   Like, literally, the Air and the Mini are full-featured,

00:48:46   and the iPad line has been so overpowered

00:48:49   for the last few years

00:48:51   that, while it doesn't have M1 power,

00:48:54   it has all the power it needs, essentially,

00:48:57   to do whatever you want.

00:48:58   So the screen may be small,

00:49:00   but the capability is not limited.

00:49:03   It pretty much will do whatever you throw at it.

00:49:06   -This is it, right?

00:49:07   Like, this thing will handle mightily

00:49:12   more than you would probably want to do on it in most cases.

00:49:16   Because, like... -Yes.

00:49:18   Editing a podcast in portrait mode on an iPad Mini

00:49:23   is the worst and best way to do that, right?

00:49:28   Because you want to have it in landscape

00:49:32   so you can see what's coming in the audio,

00:49:35   but if you put it in landscape,

00:49:37   you then can't see all the tracks, right?

00:49:39   So it's like, "Ah!"

00:49:40   This kind of isn't a great way to do this.

00:49:42   But if you want to do anything, the A15 will run on it.

00:49:45   But hey-ho. -Yeah.

00:49:47   -And it's much faster than the iPad Mini from 2019.

00:49:50   That much is certain.

00:49:52   -Definitely.

00:49:53   It has 5G, too, which is...

00:49:55   -Yeah, if you buy the cellular model, which, again,

00:49:57   you're going to pay extra for that,

00:49:58   and you're probably going to get the one

00:49:59   that's not the base model, and at that point,

00:50:01   it's a much more expensive product.

00:50:03   But it does have 5G support.

00:50:05   It does not support millimeter-wave, though.

00:50:07   So the version of 5G that's kind of like a hotspot

00:50:11   where you can get two gigs of Internet

00:50:14   and it's mind-bogglingly fast,

00:50:16   that version is not supported.

00:50:18   It won't do that.

00:50:19   It's just the regular old kind of like 5G connectivity thing.

00:50:22   -Yep, which is all you can get here anyway.

00:50:25   So we don't have millimeter-wave.

00:50:27   -Yep.

00:50:29   -Charger in the box. I was surprised about it.

00:50:31   There's a charger in the box.

00:50:33   Wasn't expecting that.

00:50:35   Speakers sound good. They're pretty loud.

00:50:37   I don't know if you had much time.

00:50:39   Were you editing with headphones on,

00:50:40   or were you using the speaker?

00:50:42   -I was using the speakers, and they were fine,

00:50:44   except that I discovered that in vertical orientation,

00:50:47   I was editing with the bottom speaker pressed against my body,

00:50:51   and that didn't work,

00:50:52   but the top speaker was making the noise, so it was fine.

00:50:55   And I readjusted a little bit

00:50:56   so I could get both speakers to play.

00:50:58   -Just once again, just because we're big fans here

00:51:02   in the upgrade program, yay for center stage.

00:51:04   Just happy that it's there.

00:51:06   -Got to be everywhere. Glad it's there.

00:51:08   Works great. Should be everywhere.

00:51:10   Glad they put it on this pro--

00:51:12   So to temper my disappointment with the color story,

00:51:15   at least they got the center stage story right.

00:51:17   That's the right thing to do. That should just be everywhere.

00:51:20   Put that thing everywhere.

00:51:21   -USBC, of course, just because -- even just for charging,

00:51:24   I would prefer it, because I have more USB charges --

00:51:27   USB-C charges in my house than Lightning at this point

00:51:29   because I have so many devices that charge via USB-C, so...

00:51:33   To round this part out, who is the iPad Mini for?

00:51:37   Who is this iPad Mini for?

00:51:39   -What I said at the beginning is what I mean here,

00:51:41   which is it fills a whole bunch of different needs.

00:51:46   And that means that it's not going to be

00:51:49   Apple's highest-profile product.

00:51:51   They're not going to prioritize it, right?

00:51:53   None of that is going to be true, but they keep it around.

00:51:55   So when Apple says, "Oh, well, you know,

00:51:57   pilots like it because it's small,"

00:51:59   like, that's the story of every use case for the iPad Mini,

00:52:04   like the Mac Mini.

00:52:06   It fits in a small space, or it's for kids,

00:52:09   or it's for somebody who wants the smallest thing possible.

00:52:14   It's for people who want, you know, say,

00:52:16   "Oh, I don't really want an e-book reader,

00:52:19   but an iPad could make a good reader for e-books

00:52:22   and other stuff, but I don't want to do

00:52:25   complicated stuff with it. I just want to do this."

00:52:28   I mean, that's literally what the base model iPad Mini is for.

00:52:30   It doesn't have a lot of storage.

00:52:31   It doesn't need a lot of storage.

00:52:32   It's going to do what you want, which is that pretty basic stuff,

00:52:36   other than the fact that, I mean, really,

00:52:37   it's essentially an iPad Air with a small screen.

00:52:39   And so the screen, you're trading screen size

00:52:43   for a small physical device, and it is, you know,

00:52:48   that screen is small, so you're going to have to crank up,

00:52:50   you're either going to need good eyes,

00:52:52   or you're going to need to crank up the text size on it.

00:52:54   But other than that, like, it's for anybody who wants

00:52:57   a small iPad, and I think especially, it'll do anything.

00:53:03   So it really is, like, no compromises, just tiny.

00:53:07   So is this the one that fits in your life?

00:53:10   Because it fits where other iPads don't, by definition.

00:53:15   - I think for right now, like, this would be my top pick

00:53:18   for somebody who wants an iPad for all of the things

00:53:22   an iPad can do that aren't work.

00:53:24   Because it's, like, so small,

00:53:26   but it still does everything really great.

00:53:28   Like, it's a great size for video, great for reading.

00:53:31   I think probably the best one for reading,

00:53:33   because it's so thin and light.

00:53:35   - Yeah, for sure.

00:53:36   - But my only caveat with this is it's great right now

00:53:42   because of its specs and design right now.

00:53:46   I don't know how long this iPad Mini

00:53:49   is going to be this exact iPad Mini.

00:53:53   The iPad Mini has had such a strange life, you know,

00:53:56   where it's gone from being, like, the darling

00:53:59   to, like, swept under a rug for a long time.

00:54:02   And I don't think it's possible to guess at this point

00:54:07   what Apple's plans are for the iPad Mini

00:54:10   for the next five years.

00:54:12   - If I had to put money on it,

00:54:14   I would be that they will update this iPad Mini

00:54:17   in two and a half years

00:54:18   and do nothing but put a new processor in it

00:54:20   and that this is going to be the same for five years.

00:54:22   And at the end of five years, everybody's going to be like,

00:54:24   "Oh, that iPad Mini still looks like it did in 2021.

00:54:27   What are they doing?"

00:54:28   And that's just the nature of it.

00:54:29   But if you buy one of these, you know,

00:54:31   Apple's not going to come and take it away from you.

00:54:33   So it's yours to do.

00:54:34   And it is so powerful.

00:54:35   Again, because the iPad has been so overpowered for so long,

00:54:39   it is going to do anything you want to do with it for years.

00:54:43   It really is.

00:54:44   Because it does more.

00:54:45   Even if you push it, like, you're like,

00:54:47   "I'm going to buy this and do video editing."

00:54:49   I'm like, "All right, well, you're pushing it then."

00:54:51   That's a little bit more.

00:54:52   But, like, for most people,

00:54:54   it's going to have enough power to serve them

00:54:57   for many years, really many, many years.

00:55:01   - Because even the one that was before it,

00:55:03   you could still get stuff done on it.

00:55:05   And you would still do most of the things you wanted it to do.

00:55:08   It was just old.

00:55:10   - I will give a piece of advice to people

00:55:12   who are going to plan on using this as a reader,

00:55:14   which is embrace focus mode,

00:55:15   because I think the biggest virtue of something --

00:55:19   Well, I love the E Ink screen on a Kindle or a Kobo.

00:55:22   I love E Ink screens.

00:55:24   Problem is that the E Ink readers are not multitaskers,

00:55:27   the unitaskers.

00:55:28   They're really only good at reading books.

00:55:31   And I'm testing, actually, an Android tablet

00:55:34   that's an E Ink tablet that will run apps and stuff.

00:55:37   And honestly, all it's done is reinforce the fact

00:55:40   that purpose-built unitaskers are better,

00:55:44   because, you know, an E Ink screen is not an LCD screen,

00:55:49   and it does not have --

00:55:51   Anyway, it's complicated.

00:55:53   There are things about that device

00:55:54   that are fascinating to me,

00:55:56   but, like, what it really makes me want, again,

00:55:58   is that a Kindle or a Kobo just have apps on them

00:56:01   that are designed for them,

00:56:03   because apps for phones are for phones.

00:56:05   My point here is, if you get an iPad Mini to be your reader,

00:56:08   that's great.

00:56:10   Use focus modes, because I think the best --

00:56:13   Other than the screen,

00:56:14   the best thing about a Kindle or a Kobo

00:56:16   is that you aren't being interrupted by a text message.

00:56:21   You aren't being interrupted by a push notification

00:56:23   from a news app.

00:56:24   You aren't being interrupted by a mention on Twitter

00:56:27   or anything like that.

00:56:28   They don't have any concept of that.

00:56:30   They really make you focus on what you're reading.

00:56:34   And now with iOS 15, you have focus mode.

00:56:38   And so I would just recommend,

00:56:40   like, the reading experience is vastly improved

00:56:44   by not having --

00:56:45   Or leave it in just "do not disturb all the time"

00:56:46   if you really want to, but, like, don't be interrupted,

00:56:49   because I think that it really degrades

00:56:51   the whole reading experience to be constantly interrupted,

00:56:54   which I am on my iPad, and I am on my iPhone.

00:56:57   So now that we have focus mode,

00:56:59   you could set that up and use it,

00:57:01   and I think that would make this a much better reader.

00:57:03   -This episode of "Upgrade" is brought to you

00:57:05   by our friends over at Smile,

00:57:07   and I want to talk to you about one of their wonderful products.

00:57:10   One of my very favorites of apps on my Mac is Text Expander,

00:57:14   because Text Expander removes the repetition

00:57:16   from my daily work, allowing me to focus on what matters most,

00:57:20   and it can do it for you, too.

00:57:22   Say goodbye to repetitive text entry, spelling errors,

00:57:25   and trying to remember that right thing to say.

00:57:27   Something I also have Text Expander do --

00:57:29   You know, you get a lot of products or services

00:57:32   that they format their --

00:57:34   Like, the name of their company in interesting ways,

00:57:36   you know, like maybe capital letters in certain places,

00:57:38   like "Camel Case."

00:57:39   You know, like, you think it's two words,

00:57:40   but it's actually one word,

00:57:41   and you've got a couple of capital letters in the middle.

00:57:43   You can have Text Expander just replace that

00:57:45   so every time you do it wrong, it corrects it for you.

00:57:48   So, for example, I have iPad Mini as one of those,

00:57:50   because the "M" in the Mini is not capitalized.

00:57:54   So if I type "iPad Mini" with a capital,

00:57:57   it de-capitalizes the "M" in the Mini.

00:58:00   You can set all that stuff up very easy,

00:58:02   because when you use Text Expander,

00:58:04   you can say the right thing in just a few keystrokes.

00:58:06   It's better than copy and paste.

00:58:08   It's better than a script or a template,

00:58:09   because the Text Expander snippet allows you

00:58:11   to maximize your time by getting rid of repetitive things

00:58:14   that you type while customizing

00:58:16   and personalizing your messages.

00:58:17   You can still add in as much information as you want

00:58:20   to a Text Expander snippet.

00:58:21   They can pull up these little fields,

00:58:23   and you can select from preselected things,

00:58:25   or you can just type in some text

00:58:27   and still allow you to personalize it

00:58:28   while still having, like, you know,

00:58:30   everything else being prewritten for you.

00:58:32   It's awesome.

00:58:33   Text Expander can be used in any platform, any app,

00:58:35   anywhere that you type, so you can take back your time

00:58:38   and increase your productivity.

00:58:40   As a listener of Upgrade,

00:58:41   you can get 20% off your first year

00:58:43   just by going to textexpander.com/podcast,

00:58:46   where you can learn more about Text Expander.

00:58:48   That's textexpander.com/podcast.

00:58:51   Our thanks to Text Expander from Smile

00:58:53   for their support of this show and Relay FM.

00:58:55   It's time to talk about the iPhone 13.

00:58:58   So, I have just an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

00:59:03   You have all of them?

00:59:05   -I do. I have all of them.

00:59:06   -Big money Jason over here.

00:59:08   -Well, no.

00:59:10   [ Laughs ]

00:59:11   -A very nice company, so... -Robbed an Apple store.

00:59:14   -Sends me iPhones every year.

00:59:16   -Can you give me a rundown of the models and colors

00:59:19   that you have?

00:59:20   -I have a -- I guess they're calling it, midnight,

00:59:24   a black iPhone 12 mini.

00:59:26   -It's got a little bit of blue in it, right?

00:59:28   I actually do think that that --

00:59:30   the midnight on the regular phone looks really nice.

00:59:34   I actually do like that color.

00:59:35   -So, I have a black iPhone 12 mini

00:59:39   and a midnight iPhone 13 mini.

00:59:42   They look exactly the same.

00:59:45   -Oh, okay. Fair enough.

00:59:47   Maybe I just like the black then. Who knows?

00:59:49   -I have a --

00:59:51   Is it silver or starlight on the 12?

00:59:54   -I think it's starlight.

00:59:55   Silver is -- Silver is on the Pro.

00:59:58   The only thing they added to the Pro was Sierra Blue.

01:00:01   The rest of the colors are the same names as before --

01:00:03   graphite, silver, and gold.

01:00:05   -It's a professional starlight. Professional starlight.

01:00:08   -Wait. Are you saying 12 or 13?

01:00:10   The Discord's saying a lot of things.

01:00:12   What are we talking about? -13.

01:00:13   -On the 13? -We're talking about 13.

01:00:14   I was just comparing the iPhone 12 mini

01:00:16   to the iPhone 13 mini.

01:00:18   And their blacks are the same, and I can't tell the difference.

01:00:21   And that's just how it is, and get used to it.

01:00:25   So, okay. Starlight, I guess, is what this 13 is.

01:00:31   I have a gold iPhone 13 Pro,

01:00:36   and I have a Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max.

01:00:40   -Okay, so at least you got one right color,

01:00:42   which is the gold one, because the gold one's the best one.

01:00:45   I think, obviously, my personal opinion.

01:00:48   -Pop that right in the case.

01:00:49   -I have seen the Sierra, because Adina got a Sierra.

01:00:53   It's fine. Like, it's a blue.

01:00:56   It's a blue. It's me, Chris Pratt, over here.

01:00:59   I don't know. It's like --

01:01:01   -I am -- I love -- I love blue.

01:01:05   Blue is one of my favorite colors.

01:01:07   In my life, it's been my favorite color.

01:01:09   Orange is coming on strong, but blue, always there.

01:01:11   Love blue.

01:01:13   I'm super disappointed with Sierra Blue.

01:01:15   It's not blue enough.

01:01:17   I feel like it is once again gray with a little blue in it.

01:01:21   -Okay. Mm-hmm.

01:01:23   -It is blue. You can't deny it.

01:01:25   -And that's not even an anodization thing, right?

01:01:28   -And yet in certain light, it's blue, and in other light --

01:01:32   like, in lower light, it's just a very gray --

01:01:37   I don't know. I was disappointed,

01:01:39   'cause I was like, "Yeah, blue phone,"

01:01:41   and it's not midnight blue, where it's so black,

01:01:43   you can't even tell that it's blue.

01:01:45   It's a real -- No, I was disappointed by it.

01:01:48   It is -- Once again, it is Apple's color conservatism

01:01:52   coming out, where not every phone has to be muted, right?

01:01:57   Like, you can make some that are not,

01:01:59   but this Sierra Blue is only stunning

01:02:05   if you consider the grand sweep of the color palette

01:02:09   of Apple's conservative color choices.

01:02:12   And, in fact, I would agree with you.

01:02:15   If you want a phone that is stunning,

01:02:18   that, like, shouts out, "Look at me,"

01:02:21   you get the gold one, because the sides of the gold one

01:02:24   are super shiny and gold and beautiful,

01:02:26   although, even then, the back of the gold one's kind of muted.

01:02:30   It is, but I like it enough, you know, 'cause, really, for me,

01:02:36   the only thing I like about the gold is all the gold,

01:02:39   so the gold on the camera, the gold on the sides, right?

01:02:42   And then the back of it,

01:02:43   they could do whatever they want with it.

01:02:45   I actually don't want the back to look gold, honestly,

01:02:48   'cause that would be too much, right?

01:02:50   -Well, great. It doesn't.

01:02:51   -So, for me, it's kind of like it is a very, like, yellowy hue, right,

01:02:57   which works for me, 'cause I actually find that, honestly,

01:03:01   like, one of the things that I think is different about the gold

01:03:04   is that it gives you just the right amount of gold,

01:03:07   I think, before it being too much,

01:03:09   and then the back color is much more of a good, like,

01:03:13   companion to the gold part, where all of the other colors,

01:03:17   it feels like they're trying to match it,

01:03:19   and I don't think it works.

01:03:21   -So, I mean, this continues my disappointment

01:03:24   with the iPhone 12 Pro, which is I don't like the design

01:03:28   as much as I like the base model 12,

01:03:30   and I don't like the 13 Pro

01:03:32   as much as I like the base model 13 in terms of the design.

01:03:35   I prefer the shiny back to the matte back.

01:03:37   I think that I prefer the aluminum sides,

01:03:40   the shiny stainless steel sides.

01:03:42   I feel like they chose these two phones

01:03:44   to be kind of mirror, you know, like, opposites of each other,

01:03:47   and I think the other way is better.

01:03:50   The low-end choice actually looks better.

01:03:53   By the way, I have to say,

01:03:55   I take it all back about my iPhone 13.

01:03:58   Apple trolled me on my iPhone 13.

01:04:00   -Okay. -It's pink.

01:04:02   -Oh. -It's pink, and I can't see it.

01:04:05   -So, you thought you had starlight, but you have pink.

01:04:08   -No, I -- Well, I couldn't remember,

01:04:10   and now I'm looking at it and thinking, "Oh, right, it's pink."

01:04:12   The back looks completely white to me because I'm colorblind.

01:04:16   And the aluminum sides really pretty much look silver to me,

01:04:20   but I have confirmed with independent experts

01:04:22   within my house that it is a pink phone.

01:04:24   -Okay. -I wouldn't know.

01:04:26   So, thanks, Apple.

01:04:28   Fortunately, they sent along a silicone case

01:04:30   that makes it, like, extra pink.

01:04:32   -I mean, on their website, the pink one looks very pink,

01:04:35   but to be honest, on Apple's website,

01:04:38   all of the colors look more than they are.

01:04:40   -I can't judge how very pink it is,

01:04:42   but I will say that I can see some pink,

01:04:44   but it needs to be very pink.

01:04:46   If I can't tell that it's pink, it's not very pink.

01:04:48   It's subtly pink, and I can't see it.

01:04:50   It looks white to me, so it is subtle.

01:04:52   It doesn't even look gray. It looks white.

01:04:54   So it is very subtle, which is the story.

01:04:57   I mean, we talked about colors with the iPad Mini.

01:05:00   I'm gonna say it here, too. I'm really disappointed.

01:05:02   Apple feels -- It feels to me like they took a step back

01:05:04   with the colors of the iPhones.

01:05:05   There are fewer options on the 13s.

01:05:08   The blue one is still kind of a bold color,

01:05:10   but, like, where are the bolder colors for the fun 13s?

01:05:13   There's the red and the blue.

01:05:15   -The red doesn't count.

01:05:17   I feel like product red doesn't count

01:05:19   because, like, it's not really that red.

01:05:21   -It looks good.

01:05:22   -You know, I feel like it's --

01:05:24   When it comes to, like, being a color,

01:05:26   it's kind of like a cop-out

01:05:27   that Apple didn't actually really choose the color.

01:05:29   They just support the charity,

01:05:30   which is cool that they continue to do it.

01:05:32   -We established, I think, last time

01:05:34   that there's more than one color that's allowed for product red,

01:05:37   and they chose this color, but it's a bright --

01:05:39   At least it's a bright, bold color,

01:05:41   and the blue is a pretty good color.

01:05:44   But, like, I don't know.

01:05:45   Again, it's an incredible piece of technology,

01:05:48   and I'm complaining about the colors,

01:05:50   but, like, I still am a little bit baffled

01:05:52   because our iPhones are kind of a place to --

01:05:54   Yes, a place to express our personality,

01:05:56   and while I absolutely endorse, as we did with the iMac,

01:06:00   you need to have silver.

01:06:01   You need to endorse --

01:06:02   You need to not force somebody

01:06:04   to have, like, a bright, shiny color thing.

01:06:06   You need to give them options.

01:06:08   But I wish there were also options that were more fun,

01:06:12   and I'm disappointed in the limitations of these phones.

01:06:16   That said, you know, there are some options,

01:06:19   but I just -- Like, they made the big deal

01:06:21   about how fun the purple phone was,

01:06:22   and there's no purple phone.

01:06:23   I don't get it. I don't get it.

01:06:25   -So, by and large, the design of this phone --

01:06:28   The industrial design is the same as last year,

01:06:30   which was expected.

01:06:31   -It's the same.

01:06:32   The camera bump is different and bigger,

01:06:36   but otherwise, the industrial design choices of last time

01:06:40   are the same other than the color choices being limited,

01:06:43   and, you know, I like the design of the 13 more than the 13 Pro,

01:06:47   just like I did with the 12 and the 12 Pro.

01:06:49   -I can't help but laugh about --

01:06:52   Laugh with regards to iPhone 13 Pro cases,

01:06:57   and, like, case users now have a bump, too,

01:07:00   which I think is hilarious. -Yeah.

01:07:02   -Because I'm not a case user anymore.

01:07:05   I moved away from case life,

01:07:07   and I deal with the bump on my phone, right?

01:07:09   It's like, "Oh, you just put a case on your phone,

01:07:10   it gets rid of the bump."

01:07:12   "Not anymore. He's got a bigger bump."

01:07:14   -Not anymore.

01:07:15   -Yeah, it's almost like a protective bump now,

01:07:18   I think, that they're doing there.

01:07:19   -Which makes sense, because otherwise,

01:07:22   the lenses would just be protruding from the case,

01:07:24   but it is just funny.

01:07:26   The camera bump is big, but, like, I'm immediately used to it.

01:07:30   It's just like, whatever.

01:07:31   But I do think, like, I can't --

01:07:33   I mean, you could say this now --

01:07:34   I just can't imagine it getting bigger.

01:07:36   -I don't know. I mean, don't say that.

01:07:37   -Well, see? Yeah, 'cause it's gonna.

01:07:39   I mean, it will. I know it will, but I can't imagine it.

01:07:42   Can you feel any weight difference?

01:07:44   -It's hard for me because I have the two --

01:07:48   I've been using a Mini.

01:07:49   -I mean, I immediately felt -- I took it out of the box,

01:07:52   and I was like, "Oh, I know. I can tell."

01:07:54   Like, immediately, I can tell. -They all seem huge

01:07:55   and heavy to me, but, yes, it feels --

01:07:58   Yeah, they all seem huge and heavy to me.

01:08:01   -I did the device-to-device transfer thing this time.

01:08:05   -How'd that go? -Took a few hours.

01:08:07   Took, like, 2 1/2 hours, which is fine,

01:08:09   'cause I was setting up my iPad Mini, so that was all good.

01:08:12   And it went mostly okay.

01:08:14   So the main benefit of doing this is that

01:08:17   I didn't have to download all my photos again, right?

01:08:20   And I have, like, 100-and-something gigabytes

01:08:22   of photos on my device.

01:08:23   And most of my applications were already logged in for me.

01:08:27   There were a few that I still had to log back into,

01:08:30   but, by and large, most applications,

01:08:32   I was already logged into.

01:08:34   And that's, like, big thumbs up.

01:08:36   That's why I would do it. It was great.

01:08:38   I did get no notifications for 12 hours,

01:08:40   which was very strange.

01:08:41   I have no idea if this was related

01:08:43   to the device-to-device transfer,

01:08:45   but my old phone was getting notifications,

01:08:47   and the new one wasn't until the next morning.

01:08:50   And the only other thing that went wrong for me

01:08:52   is I had to manually transfer my watch.

01:08:54   It didn't do that automatically, and it should with this.

01:08:58   And I am also one of the people --

01:09:00   I don't think this is related,

01:09:01   but I am one of the people that is affected by a bug

01:09:05   that Apple has addressed and will apparently fix,

01:09:07   is that face unlock with the watch

01:09:09   isn't working for me right now.

01:09:11   So I try and turn it on, and it just fails.

01:09:14   -Yeah, that's a known thing that apparently happened.

01:09:16   -This is a known issue, yeah, which is a shame,

01:09:18   but I don't know what it is that causes it.

01:09:20   It feels like it's actually pretty inconsistent.

01:09:23   Like, I know people that did the device-to-device transfer,

01:09:26   and it was fine.

01:09:27   And I know -- It feels like this is a pretty random thing,

01:09:30   but, like, there's some set of circumstances

01:09:33   which makes it feel like it's random.

01:09:35   But I would say, overall,

01:09:36   like, I actually kind of liked this way of doing it.

01:09:39   It's nice and clear.

01:09:41   You get a bit of customization to it, as well.

01:09:43   You can choose some things you do want to transfer over

01:09:46   and some not.

01:09:48   And really, all it is, you have to just wait a little bit,

01:09:50   but by and large, it worked fine.

01:09:52   And Dina's was a little bit different.

01:09:54   Like, hers worked, and her phone was working,

01:09:56   but then the old one still said it was transferring

01:09:58   for a long time, but it was done.

01:10:00   So the old phone kind of got stuck.

01:10:02   But if the old phone stuck, whatever,

01:10:04   you want to play with a new one.

01:10:05   But I think I'll do this.

01:10:08   Because, you know, iCloud -- The iCloud backup,

01:10:10   you get into the phone faster,

01:10:13   but then you're dealing with everything downloading.

01:10:15   And depending on the time of the day when you are doing that,

01:10:18   you can be in a real bad mess

01:10:21   because stuff's downloading, you know?

01:10:23   And I still had a bunch of apps

01:10:25   that were downloading from the store, but it wasn't as many,

01:10:27   and I didn't have to sync a bunch of data,

01:10:29   which is the thing that takes the time, right?

01:10:32   Most of the large chunks of data, that was already done.

01:10:36   So, you know, the only thing it didn't transfer over for me at all

01:10:40   were test flight apps, which I hoped it would do.

01:10:43   I had to redownload and sign into all of those.

01:10:45   So I had to sign into Slack and stuff again.

01:10:47   -I did an iCloud backup restore,

01:10:49   which now it offers --

01:10:51   It basically looks at your iPhone that's there

01:10:54   that is the iPhone backup and says, "Let me do a backup right now

01:10:58   so that I can be completely exactly where this phone is right now,"

01:11:01   which I think it didn't used to do.

01:11:03   Maybe it did that last year, but it used to be like,

01:11:06   "Is this a recent backup or not?"

01:11:08   And now, like, the iPhone just says, "Let me back up.

01:11:11   Let me run a backup run right now

01:11:14   so that it's completely exactly what this phone is."

01:11:17   And then I did a restore.

01:11:19   And the nice thing about the restore is that it comes back to life fairly quickly,

01:11:23   but then it's sitting there in the background

01:11:25   restoring a bunch of stuff.

01:11:27   And the difference is, yes, there's different stuff

01:11:30   that remains logged in with one process versus another.

01:11:35   Like, I think I got all my test flight apps back,

01:11:38   but I needed to relog into -- Oh, let's see.

01:11:42   Did I need to relog into Slack? I think I did.

01:11:44   -I mean, I had to because Slack wasn't installed.

01:11:47   But if I would have had Slack installed from the App Store,

01:11:52   it probably would have worked.

01:11:53   So I think what I would do next time is,

01:11:55   I would just install the App Store versions of a bunch of apps,

01:11:58   do the device-to-device transfer, then go back to Test Flight.

01:12:03   And then I would probably get what I needed

01:12:06   because then everything stays installed if you switch between one or the other.

01:12:09   But it was fine.

01:12:11   What I'll say is, it was fine.

01:12:14   It worked as I wanted it to.

01:12:16   And as we've noted many times on the show, that isn't always the case.

01:12:20   I had issues, but I expected to have some.

01:12:22   And the issues that I had weren't that bad.

01:12:26   Because, you know, manually transferring the watch

01:12:28   doesn't really do anything. I don't lose anything.

01:12:30   Like, the watch transfer thing is actually very simple

01:12:35   because it does this weird thing.

01:12:37   I don't know what it's doing, but it moves from one to the other.

01:12:39   It does, like, a backup and moves it over to the other device,

01:12:41   and it works fine.

01:12:42   And now it's paired to the other watch -- other phone. No issue.

01:12:46   So, really, I didn't expect it to be perfect.

01:12:49   And it did most of the job right.

01:12:51   And I had, in some ways, a better experience than I usually do

01:12:55   because I don't have to spend the next two hours with one password open.

01:12:59   Yep, it makes sense.

01:13:00   Again, go back to what we said many years ago about the iPhone upgrade process.

01:13:05   It's a lot less painful than it used to be.

01:13:08   They've done a lot of work here, and I migrated four phones last week, right?

01:13:13   So, it's better. It's a lot better than it used to be.

01:13:18   So, I feel pretty vindicated in my prediction about ProMotion.

01:13:22   I've been saying ProMotion was going to be the thing for me.

01:13:25   Like, I was very confident it was going to be the best feature of this new phone.

01:13:29   And for me, it is the best feature on this new phone.

01:13:32   It looks so good.

01:13:33   What do you think of ProMotion before I wax lyrical about it for a bit?

01:13:39   I fear that I am going to be a dissenter about ProMotion.

01:13:45   Okay.

01:13:46   I've been using ProMotion since it came out on the iPad Pro, right?

01:13:51   Like, I absolutely understand it, and I like it.

01:13:59   And I look at it on the iPhone 13 Pro, and I can tell that it's there.

01:14:05   There's no doubt about it.

01:14:08   It's smooth.

01:14:11   All the animations are smoother.

01:14:13   The scrolling is smoother.

01:14:16   I think the biggest point to it is that the text is still readable while you're scrolling, right?

01:14:25   In a way that it was maybe less readable while you were busily scrolling.

01:14:29   Animations, you definitely can see it when you flick from the bottom to go back to the home screen.

01:14:35   Like, that's all just much smoother.

01:14:38   It's nice.

01:14:40   That said, I don't pick up an iPhone 13 or 12 and go, "Ick, this is only 60 frames a second.

01:14:51   I wish I had ProMotion."

01:14:53   And so for me, what I have to say is it's a nice thing, and I look forward to it coming to all phones.

01:15:05   I would not buy a phone just because it had ProMotion.

01:15:09   I don't think it's that important.

01:15:11   Cool. We feel opposite.

01:15:13   I think it's friggin' amazing, and I am completely sold, and I would never go back.

01:15:18   I absolutely adore it.

01:15:20   Let me bring in the clincher. Myke, I bought an iPhone 13 mini.

01:15:24   We need to get to that in a minute.

01:15:26   Okay, we've got to get through all of this, and then we can come back to the mini part.

01:15:31   Well, the point is I have been tempted by ProMotion and the other features of the Pro phones,

01:15:39   and I've decided that I like my life pretty much the way it is, so I bought a 13 mini.

01:15:44   We will come back to that at the end, because we've got a lot of other stuff to talk about,

01:15:49   and we can come back to it.

01:15:50   But anyway, the display I think is amazing.

01:15:53   It feels so much more noticeable to me than on the iPad, like in apps, in the OS.

01:15:57   I think everything feels faster and more responsive and just overall more nice to look at.

01:16:03   This is for me the reason to upgrade.

01:16:07   If somebody said to me, "Hey, why would I upgrade to this?"

01:16:10   I would say to them, "For the ProMotion display," because I love it.

01:16:13   And there's a scale. Stephen can't stand it, turns it off, right?

01:16:17   He's never liked ProMotion.

01:16:18   And then Jason's kind of like, "Yeah, take it or leave it," and I'm like, "It's the reason to buy the phone."

01:16:23   And I think that it is going to be a personal taste thing.

01:16:26   I don't think it's going to be the same as Retina in that way.

01:16:30   Like, Retina was just like, you try it and you can't go back.

01:16:33   But I do think it has a similar thing as Retina, you have to experience it to know what is different.

01:16:40   I agree, and it is superior.

01:16:42   I guess my point is, and I feel this way more on the iPhone than I did on the iPad,

01:16:48   I will say you see it more on the Pro Max because it's just more,

01:16:52   and you see it more on the iPad because there's more pixels that are moving.

01:16:55   And I wonder if that's part of it too.

01:16:57   But what I'm saying is not that it isn't a thing, because it is a thing and it is really nice.

01:17:03   I guess what I'm saying is when I use a non, because I've done this for the last week,

01:17:08   I've gone back and forth between all these various models.

01:17:10   And the difference for me is that I am not, it's not like Retina,

01:17:15   where you go to a non-Retina Mac and you think, "Oh no, this is terrible."

01:17:20   It's not like that.

01:17:22   And honestly, when I was using the iPad mini, I didn't even think, "Oh no, no ProMotion."

01:17:26   I didn't think that. It's fine.

01:17:29   And then you see the ProMotion and you're like, "Oh, that is nice. That is nice."

01:17:33   It is definitely nice.

01:17:35   I guess what I'm saying is when I use a non-ProMotion phone, I don't miss it.

01:17:40   I just don't miss it.

01:17:42   It's nicer when it's there, but I don't miss it when it's not there.

01:17:46   And I feel like you, I mean, if you care about it, that's great.

01:17:52   It's another little brick in the wall, another reason to get a ProPhone,

01:17:57   but I feel like the camera is a much better reason to get the ProPhone than ProMotion.

01:18:03   But it's a good feature.

01:18:05   It's undeniably a beautiful thing to see that stuff scrolling by at 120 frames per second.

01:18:10   But I don't miss it when it's not there.

01:18:14   There are some bugs with ProMotion on the iPhone 13.

01:18:20   Apple have addressed them.

01:18:22   One is going to be fixed and another is kind of like--

01:18:25   I think it's a bug, it's like an unexpected thing

01:18:28   where developers sometimes have to make a P-list, amend their P-list.

01:18:34   I don't know how to say the right phrase.

01:18:36   P-list entry to say that they want to be able to take advantage of 120 hertz at all times

01:18:43   rather than just when the device is saying, "Hey, do it."

01:18:47   So I did also note that low power mode locks the ProMotion to 60 hertz maximum.

01:18:54   That makes sense.

01:18:55   I will say, there's a use case thing here too.

01:18:58   If you're somebody who is a scroller, which I mean,

01:19:04   like you are reading content as it scrolls,

01:19:08   and you scroll slowly and read the content as it scrolls by,

01:19:13   you want ProMotion because it makes the readability of scrolling text so much better.

01:19:22   If you're somebody who doesn't do that, who reads a page,

01:19:24   if you're a pager and not a scroller, it doesn't really matter to you.

01:19:28   That may be a simple use case difference.

01:19:31   It's like if you're trying to get content while you're kind of slowly scrolling along in Twitter or whatever,

01:19:36   this is going to be a way superior experience.

01:19:39   Let's talk about the camera.

01:19:40   What do you think of cinematic mode?

01:19:42   This is the mode that Apple, I guess,

01:19:44   this is the thing in the cameras Apple seems to care about the most.

01:19:46   Do you?

01:19:47   I think it's a lot of fun.

01:19:49   I feel about it a little bit like I feel about portrait mode.

01:19:54   They are cousins.

01:19:56   I think it's fun.

01:19:58   I think it looks fun.

01:19:59   I think you take videos in it and they look different,

01:20:03   and you show them to people and they're like,

01:20:05   "Oh, look at that. That looks so different.

01:20:08   Look at the..."

01:20:09   I shot a video of my dog on a path out in the woods,

01:20:13   and I showed it to my wife after we got home,

01:20:16   and she was there, but I showed her the video,

01:20:18   and she's like, "Oh, look, the background's all blurry.

01:20:20   That's really nice."

01:20:21   That's what cinematic mode is.

01:20:23   It is a mode for regular people to shoot videos that feel more cinematic,

01:20:29   and you couple it with the amazing, amazing stability stuff that Apple does

01:20:35   that they've been improving over the last few years.

01:20:38   I'm walking along on a trail with my dog,

01:20:42   and it looks like I got a steady cam.

01:20:44   It's bananas how good the stability stuff is.

01:20:47   Then you throw in the soft focus background kind of stuff,

01:20:51   and it's like, "Wow, this is so movie-like."

01:20:53   It's just a huge fun feature for regular people.

01:20:58   I'm frustrated that Apple talks about professionals

01:21:02   because it's not like portrait mode.

01:21:06   It's not good enough for professionals.

01:21:08   I saw, like, yeah, everything gets fuzzy.

01:21:12   The glasses on the top of somebody's head are fuzzed out.

01:21:15   The sides of the dog's face are fuzzed out weirdly.

01:21:19   There are places that are in focus,

01:21:21   and then other places that are the same distance that are not in focus,

01:21:24   and it's confusing.

01:21:25   If you're going to break it down and care about the level of professional quality,

01:21:31   whatever, it falls apart.

01:21:33   I wish Apple would stop making it about,

01:21:35   "We talked to a professional cinematographer,

01:21:37   and here's a movie we shot,"

01:21:39   and made it much more about, "Here are home movies that look cool,"

01:21:43   because that's what it's for.

01:21:45   I think Apple's mis-messaging this, and I don't know why,

01:21:48   other than putting it in a pro context because it's a pro phone.

01:21:51   I don't think this is a pro feature.

01:21:53   It's a fun feature for regular people, and it's really fun.

01:21:56   It looks amazing, and it's fun,

01:21:59   and you can overlook all of the limitations of it because it doesn't matter.

01:22:03   The only question is, is it fun?

01:22:05   And it passes that test. It is fun. They look great.

01:22:08   I think it's, like, a very fun feature, right?

01:22:12   This is the thing I keep coming back to, too.

01:22:14   It's like, this is very fun.

01:22:16   I have enjoyed playing around with it.

01:22:18   I feel like it will only get better like Portrait Mode did, right?

01:22:20   This is the Portrait Mode of video.

01:22:23   It's the same kind of technology.

01:22:26   For me, the killer feature is that you can edit it after the fact.

01:22:29   Sure, and that's fascinating because they actually have to put, like,

01:22:32   little key frames in and have you adjust,

01:22:34   and, like, there's a whole interface there that they've built in

01:22:37   that I have to add to my book about the Photos app

01:22:40   because it's a new feature,

01:22:42   but they are giving you that kind of control over it,

01:22:44   which also means that if you have part of it that you don't like,

01:22:48   you can change it.

01:22:49   I think that's important because if you're using this feature

01:22:52   for a precious moment in your life and the feature screws it up,

01:22:56   you can fix it.

01:22:58   I think that's why it's the most important.

01:23:00   I don't think this is the kind of feature where regular people

01:23:04   just shoot it and use it, and then the pros will come in

01:23:07   and tweak it and make it perfect because I don't think, again,

01:23:10   it can't really be made perfect,

01:23:12   but I do like that you can fall back.

01:23:15   If it did something that's not quite right, you can fix it

01:23:18   because you don't want to have a feature like this

01:23:21   and then shoot your kid's birthday party and have it get messed up

01:23:24   and be like, "Oh, I can never use that video

01:23:27   because the experimental cinematic mode feature focused on the wrong thing."

01:23:32   So I like that it's there so you can rescue stuff

01:23:35   that doesn't look right.

01:23:37   And it just makes it as well that I don't have to--

01:23:41   So here's the thing that I would say makes me feel like a professional using it.

01:23:46   I don't have to be smart enough to catch everything

01:23:51   when I'm immediately shooting, but I can fix it in the edit bay,

01:23:55   and that feels like a professional thing to me from where I come from, right,

01:23:59   of like, "We can do what we're doing here.

01:24:01   Something can go wrong. I can fix it later."

01:24:04   -Yeah, sure. -So that comes from my world

01:24:06   of being a professional.

01:24:08   I mean, this is probably not--

01:24:09   I mean, it's definitely not how professional video works, right?

01:24:12   Like, you can't change the focus afterwards.

01:24:14   That's why it's a prosumer feature to use that buzzword is.

01:24:17   It's giving you a pro kind of vibe for something that a pro would never use

01:24:21   but you are using.

01:24:23   And then I get to look like, "Oh, look at this cool thing that I did."

01:24:26   And it looks cool, right?

01:24:28   I mean, it really does.

01:24:30   Like, that's the bottom line is that it's a super fun feature,

01:24:34   and it is only going to get better.

01:24:36   And I feel-- This 1.0, I feel more positive towards than portrait mode.

01:24:41   Like, I like portrait mode, but it took a while, really, to get good.

01:24:47   Or even--

01:24:49   It feels similar. It's got problems, but it's fun.

01:24:53   Like, it's got problems, but it's fun.

01:24:55   Like, I take portrait mode pictures all the time because they're fun,

01:24:58   and I'm aware of the failures, and I know that I could turn it off

01:25:01   if I don't like it, right?

01:25:03   But it is fun, and this is--

01:25:05   I'd say this is more dramatic because we are all so well-versed

01:25:09   as 21st century people in visual--

01:25:12   reading visual media, reading what a movie frame composition is.

01:25:18   And that's what this feature is playing on,

01:25:20   and it just gives you that extra little vibe of it

01:25:23   while you're watching it.

01:25:24   Like, "Oh, it's like-- Oh, it's--"

01:25:27   Literally, I just took a video of my dog out on a trail,

01:25:32   but now the background is blurred out, and she stays in focus,

01:25:35   and it's like, "Oh, my God!"

01:25:37   It shouldn't be that cool, but it is because of cinematic mode.

01:25:41   That's the whole point of it.

01:25:43   Tyler Stormont had a great video on YouTube

01:25:46   because he is a professional, and he talks about it,

01:25:49   and he's pretty excited about it too.

01:25:51   And because he's a professional,

01:25:53   what he shoots with it is very beautiful, plus he's shot it in Hawaii.

01:25:56   So I'm going to put a link in the show notes to this.

01:25:58   He explains it and goes through it and has some really great examples

01:26:01   of what you can do with this mode.

01:26:03   So if people want to see it, they can.

01:26:05   It's better than me just shooting things on my desk, right,

01:26:08   which I could also do, but it's not as exciting.

01:26:11   I love the macro mode.

01:26:13   I wanted this for ages, and I'm really happy that they put it in there.

01:26:17   This is also something that Apple said they're going to improve

01:26:21   because currently right now it automatically switches,

01:26:24   and they're going to add the ability for you to manually turn it on and off,

01:26:28   I believe, so I think that'd be good.

01:26:31   I think that's the right call there.

01:26:33   Yeah, the macro mode is really fun, and you can get --

01:26:37   you're going to take a lot of pictures of keyboards with it, right?

01:26:39   I've already taken pictures of keycaps and all that kind of stuff,

01:26:43   which is one of the things I would want.

01:26:45   I have these really cool Pokémon artisan keycaps,

01:26:48   and I've wanted to be able to take pictures of them,

01:26:50   but I can't get it to look the way that I want,

01:26:52   and I already did it with the macro mode

01:26:55   because you can get really close up to stuff

01:26:57   and take really good-looking photos. I think it's awesome.

01:26:59   I'm very pleased with it.

01:27:01   And the photo styles thing --

01:27:03   so this is something that we've been talking about,

01:27:05   I think, quite a bit last time because I'm pretty pumped about it.

01:27:09   But the thing that I wanted to just mention --

01:27:11   because I've only tinkered with it a little bit right now.

01:27:13   I feel like this is something I'm going to need more time with

01:27:16   because Ian in the Discord reminded me,

01:27:19   obviously you do macro video, too, which is even better for keyboard stuff,

01:27:22   so I'll be doing a lot of that.

01:27:23   I've forgotten about macro video.

01:27:25   It didn't even cross my mind I could do that.

01:27:27   But the photographic styles thing where you can --

01:27:32   it makes me sound like it's a person.

01:27:34   Photo styles sounds like a person to me.

01:27:37   Terry Styles' brother.

01:27:38   Exactly. It's like, "Hey, this is photo styles."

01:27:40   Mm-hmm. Like and subscribe.

01:27:42   Because I feel like I need to spend a bit more time with it

01:27:45   and take a lot of photos of it and tweak it and stuff,

01:27:47   which I'm excited to do.

01:27:49   But the thing I was surprised about is when you open the camera app for the first time,

01:27:52   it prompts you to try it out,

01:27:54   and I would not have expected them to do that.

01:27:57   I know, right?

01:27:58   All right, check this thing out.

01:28:00   It's everything we already said about it, which is,

01:28:03   is this a pro feature?

01:28:05   Well, probably the pros are going to use RAW,

01:28:07   but it's a feature that gives you more kind of control

01:28:11   over the look of your photos in default mode, non-RAW, burned in.

01:28:16   Apple's pipeline is doing magic things, taking multiple shots,

01:28:20   putting them all together, making some artistic decisions,

01:28:22   and then you can choose a bunch of different artistic decisions

01:28:26   about the pipeline and get the photos that you want out.

01:28:30   So if every photo you want, you want to be kind of like cool,

01:28:33   you can do that.

01:28:35   I am somebody who loves, in the terms of photographic styles,

01:28:40   warm, rich photography.

01:28:43   Mm.

01:28:44   That's what I like, warm rich.

01:28:46   Is he related? Is he a friend of photo styles?

01:28:48   Warm rich?

01:28:50   Warm rich is photo styles' best friend.

01:28:52   Oh.

01:28:54   Warm rich, I don't know what his last name is.

01:28:56   They never say it. They just call him Warm Rich.

01:28:58   He's always taking off his shirt and stuff because, you know, he's too warm.

01:29:01   Because they do this thing where if you tweak it,

01:29:03   because you can tweak them, right, it gives it a new name for you.

01:29:08   So you can go in, they have standard, and then you've got rich and warm

01:29:11   and cool and vibrant.

01:29:13   And then if you tweak it, they rename it based on what it is.

01:29:16   So I ended up with warm rich.

01:29:18   Vibrant warm is where I am right now.

01:29:21   But I don't know how long it's going to stick around. We'll see.

01:29:24   I kind of like it though.

01:29:26   And it's fairly easy to toggle it on and off, which is also a nice kind of feature.

01:29:29   But the idea, like, literally the idea is if you can make every photo you shoot

01:29:36   more aesthetically pleasing to you, do it, right?

01:29:39   Yeah, isn't that good? Yeah.

01:29:41   Do it.

01:29:42   Yeah, I haven't left it on yet because I haven't decided yet.

01:29:45   But this would be something that I play around with.

01:29:47   So I could imagine wanting to switch depending on what I'm taking a picture of as well.

01:29:51   So we'll see.

01:29:53   I have no thoughts about battery life yet.

01:29:58   Well, I'm intrigued because you obviously you've buried the lead with the Mini

01:30:02   or you've already given it away.

01:30:03   I can't remember what the phrase would be.

01:30:05   I'm assuming this has got to be a part of that.

01:30:09   Yeah, right.

01:30:10   Like, again, I don't go out of the house that much.

01:30:13   But if the 12 Mini had a problem with battery life, just because it's small with a small battery,

01:30:20   and now it's got a little bit bigger battery and all of the battery life improvements that Apple has thrown into the 13s.

01:30:26   And so the 13 Mini undoubtedly has better battery life.

01:30:31   I have not tried to run down all four phones and see how long they last.

01:30:38   But other people have done that, and it seems like Apple's claims are essentially valid,

01:30:43   that Apple is doing a whole bunch of different stuff here to extend the battery life of all four of these models.

01:30:49   And that's great.

01:30:51   I know that my battery was already great before, and so just more hours of it is going to be continued.

01:30:56   Even greater.

01:30:57   No, the Pro Max battery life, I can't even imagine.

01:31:00   That's all day.

01:31:01   That's like all day on a long flight battery life.

01:31:05   It has an A15. It's faster.

01:31:08   Yeah, I did some benchmark tests of it, and the answer is, yeah, it's faster.

01:31:13   It is actually kind of in line.

01:31:15   It's not quite as big a jump as the previous chip generations have in CPU, but it is a jump.

01:31:23   And then the GPU is a bigger jump.

01:31:26   Obviously, the GPU is more impressive in the Pro models than the regular models, because they have the extra core that's turned on.

01:31:32   But it is faster.

01:31:34   I think it's good in the sense that Apple's chip generation still are progressing from generation to generation.

01:31:43   We are getting a, you know, whatever it is, between 10 and 20 percent core boost every year.

01:31:51   So they keep rolling on with that.

01:31:53   But they do seem to have.

01:31:54   This is a lighter update, 14 to 15, than kind of the previous generations.

01:32:00   But it's still progress, and presumably this will be the foundation for a whole bunch of Mac chips that are coming next year.

01:32:08   So I saw Quinn Nelson say on Twitter that he thinks that this is a bigger update than the 11 was to the 12.

01:32:17   And I wonder what you think about that.

01:32:19   I don't know. I mean, the 11 had the big visual changes to the phone.

01:32:25   And I think for most people, that's the most important thing, is actually what it looks like on the outside.

01:32:33   I think if you care about the cameras and if you care about the display, I could see the argument.

01:32:40   I thought it was—I feel like these are both differently incremental updates.

01:32:46   But I think it's—my disagreement would be—I'm sure he meant it in a very specific way.

01:32:51   My disagreement would be that the 11 to 12, I feel like, was a physical change, a visual change.

01:32:56   I think that's kind of what he was getting at, which is the biggest thing in the 12 is that it looked different.

01:33:04   But the 13, I think, is going to have a bigger effect on my usage than the 11 to the 12 did.

01:33:13   Because you get used to the design really quick.

01:33:16   But the things that I like in this, which is all of the new camera stuff, where there's the camera improvements this year,

01:33:23   the camera changes way more than last year. Across the board, there's just so much more stuff.

01:33:29   Especially if you're on the—the difference between the 12 Pro and the 13 Pro,

01:33:33   where you're going up from the lesser of the two telephoto lenses,

01:33:38   and now both of them are getting that 3x telephoto lens. That's a big jump for that.

01:33:42   You're not getting that as a Pro Max user, but other people are getting a bigger jump there.

01:33:45   But this brings me back around to the post that I wrote on Six Colors, which is the iPhone 13 Upgrader's Guide.

01:33:53   Because the fact is, most people aren't buying an iPhone 13 after buying an iPhone 12.

01:33:57   They're upgrading from a previous model. So I did a story last week—

01:34:01   Yeah, this is a really cool article. Thank you for mentioning it, because I forgot to bring it up earlier.

01:34:05   Because literally, I just went back to the iPhone 7 up to the 11 and the SE and said, "Here's what's changed since you got your last phone."

01:34:17   Just to try to give people an idea of, like, "We roll all these upgrades together. What does it look like?"

01:34:23   And what that told me, I did that, and I had to go through it a few times.

01:34:27   And I'm sure there's still some mistakes in there, but there's a lot of data that I was trying to collate.

01:34:32   And I linked to Apple's comparison pages so you can compare for yourself on specs.

01:34:36   But what struck me about it is where the big kind of era shifts have been.

01:34:42   And obviously, the shift to OLED, the shift in the iPhone 10 to OLED, so a big shift.

01:34:49   And getting rid of the Home button and doing Face ID, like a big shift.

01:34:54   It also struck me that, you know, if you look at it from this vantage point, like from the 7 or the 8 or the 9,

01:35:01   and then you compare it, like, to what's different in the 10 and the 10S and then the 11,

01:35:10   it is an incremental thing. I see why people don't update every year.

01:35:13   Like, there are details that get better every single year.

01:35:17   But when you sweep three years of changes into one upgrade, then it's a real upgrade, right?

01:35:24   And the truth is that's what most people are doing.

01:35:27   I full credited my friend Monty who said, "You know what I want is a review that tells me what I'm going to get

01:35:33   when I upgrade from my iPhone 8." And I thought, "That's a good idea."

01:35:37   Monty's in for a good time.

01:35:39   So thank you, Monty. Yeah, he did get a new phone, actually, this cycle.

01:35:43   So he inspired this, but he went ahead and bought a new iPhone.

01:35:48   So congratulations, Monty.

01:35:51   Actually, he bought a new iPhone, and he has music that's only on his own old iPhone that is not on a computer

01:35:56   because he changed computers, and that music didn't come.

01:35:59   And we had to try to figure out how to extract music off of an iPhone on Windows.

01:36:04   Oh, man.

01:36:06   And I think the end result of that is Monty said, "I'm just going to treat my old phone like an iPod

01:36:11   that has nostalgic music on it if I want to listen to it."

01:36:15   I was like, "Wow, that works, I guess."

01:36:18   So anyway, if you are still thinking of upgrading, it's kind of a fun article

01:36:23   that tries to put these year-over-year iterations by Apple in a bigger perspective.

01:36:28   So if you're coming from the 7, here's everything that's going to change, and it's a lot.

01:36:34   I just want to say, there's a lot. Like, the rhetoric online right now,

01:36:38   "This is a nice year." This is not. This is more. This is a big.

01:36:42   I think this is big. Like, people are just focusing on the visual.

01:36:47   I think if Apple just dropped this on us any other time,

01:36:52   I think the set of features is fantastic.

01:36:55   Isn't that always the story? I feel like every time there's a visual design year,

01:36:59   the next year, the visual design doesn't change at all,

01:37:03   and Apple does a bunch of improvements under the hood, and everybody,

01:37:06   people are like, "Oh, it's so boring, it's exactly the same," and other people are like,

01:37:10   "But no, all of the internal changes are interesting," and they have this debate.

01:37:14   It feels like this is the, like, phase time that's happened.

01:37:17   Visual design is important, right? Because, like, I absolutely loved the visual design last year,

01:37:21   and I still love it, right? Like, it was my favorite feature of last year's phone,

01:37:25   because in my opinion, it was the only real noticeable feature of last year's phone

01:37:28   from the 11 to the 12, was the visual design, because Apple was saying,

01:37:33   "Massive improvements for the camera!" Like, what they did last time didn't really change anything,

01:37:37   I feel like. I could not really tell any difference.

01:37:40   But what they've done this time is, like, tangible features that I can use

01:37:45   without being like, "Oh, but if you use RAW, then you'll really get," you know,

01:37:50   like, these are things that I've added to the camera that me and Myke Hurley can use and enjoy,

01:37:56   and the screen is awesome. I think this is a fantastic upgrade, I'm very happy with it.

01:38:00   And I think we'll continue to be more happy with that upgrade as time goes on.

01:38:06   So, I think it's awesome.

01:38:08   Okay.

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01:38:29   you don't even need a Mac for this, but you can still export to Xcode and Swift Playgrounds

01:38:35   as real SwiftUI designs.

01:38:37   Details Pro is made by a former Apple design prototyper, and it's trusted by designers at Apple,

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01:38:47   And it helps you learn SwiftUI concepts and apply them to beautiful designs,

01:38:52   so you can create designs in seconds without writing any code.

01:38:56   A design with live SwiftUI colors and typography, and export that code to share with developers.

01:39:02   Details Pro is available now on iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

01:39:06   See? You don't need a Mac, you can use it on your iPad and iPhone.

01:39:09   And the app itself is made of SwiftUI.

01:39:12   You get five files for free, then it's just $9.99 a year at detailspro.app.

01:39:17   Or you can make a $29.99 one-time purchase to get unlimited files,

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01:39:32   and use the starting points and inspiration.

01:39:34   Details Pro is beginner-focused, approachable, and easy.

01:39:37   So go to detailspro.app to get started today.

01:39:41   That's detailspro.app.

01:39:43   Our thanks to Details Pro for their support of this show and Relay FM.

01:39:47   Let's do some #AskUpgrades questions to finish out today's episode.

01:39:52   Paul asks, this is one of those questions we kind of have an answer to, but I do want to talk about it.

01:39:57   "Why do iPads with Touch ID, like the new Mini, not work with the new Magic Keyboard or Touch ID?

01:40:03   Is there a technical limitation or an oversight?"

01:40:05   So when it says not work, what I'm assuming Paul means is the Touch ID sensor doesn't work,

01:40:10   because the keyboards work. I tried it.

01:40:12   The keyboards do work, but the Touch ID sensor doesn't work.

01:40:16   I'm assuming it's because it's just all Mac-focused, right?

01:40:20   Like this isn't a thing that will translate because it's like this is a Mac feature.

01:40:26   Like this keyboard works with Mac. It does not work with other stuff.

01:40:30   In the same way that like it only works on M1 Macs.

01:40:35   So I think that's right, is that this was a priority for M1 Macs,

01:40:42   and it would require iPadOS work that they didn't prioritize, because why?

01:40:50   It's not made for the iPad.

01:40:52   That said, I have a theory. I have a conspiracy theory, Myke.

01:40:57   Come through the looking glass with me.

01:41:00   Come down the rabbit hole. You ready?

01:41:02   What if Apple was thinking of making an iPad that worked better,

01:41:09   or updated iPadOS to work better in a desktop configuration?

01:41:14   You know, the much ballyhooed, never to be seen so far idea of letting you plug an iPad into a monitor

01:41:24   and use it using a keyboard and a mouse, as opposed to what it does now where it does screen mirroring.

01:41:31   The idea that you'd actually be able to control it in a desktop configuration.

01:41:35   That would be a good time to add support for the touch ID on the Magic Keyboard.

01:41:40   But that hasn't happened yet. So that would be a thing that you could say,

01:41:43   "Let's just update that feature later. We don't need to update an iPadOS now,

01:41:47   because we're not going to support this use case. We'll do it later."

01:41:51   And I'll throw in there, what if they made a Magic Keyboard for iPad that had a touch ID sensor on it?

01:41:58   I don't know. They maybe do that too sometime.

01:42:01   Why? What would that be for?

01:42:02   I don't know. I don't know. I'm just saying, probably not, right? Because face ID is better.

01:42:07   But anyway, that's my thought is, I don't see the use case that's enough for them to invest iPadOS resources on it yet.

01:42:18   And perhaps there will come a day when they do.

01:42:21   Because they would have to, I mean, literally they would, I know it sounds like it's the same thing.

01:42:26   It's just touch ID, but it's touch ID over Bluetooth and you have to train it.

01:42:30   And it's different. It's different on MacOS. And they would have to build that feature into iPadOS.

01:42:36   And I think they just decided that not enough people are going to use that feature for them to care.

01:42:40   Maybe they will care someday. It will probably be tied to some use case that we don't have yet.

01:42:45   Yeah, I don't think they'll do it because I think it's not going to be now, right?

01:42:49   It's going to be sometime in the future they would add this feature.

01:42:51   Because you can't even buy this keyboard.

01:42:53   No.

01:42:54   You can now, can't you? You can.

01:42:56   That's why I think the triggering moment is the ability to do external display support.

01:43:00   Because once you can do external display support, theoretically, you can put the iPad in a dock or have it not facing your face.

01:43:06   And then you need an alternate authentication system for it.

01:43:10   And you could argue at that point that they want to make the Magic Keyboard work in that scenario and look.

01:43:15   It even works with touch ID. And that would be enough for Apple to roll that feature in. But not until then.

01:43:20   Maybe. Yeah, just again, in the long run, it's face ID on everything though.

01:43:25   But maybe...

01:43:26   I would hope so, right?

01:43:28   Yeah, but then maybe an issue you'd run into is if you were somehow making like, if you ever were going to do the external display support for iPad, face ID wouldn't be optimum then.

01:43:41   Unless what they're assuming is you would use Apple's monitor which had face ID in it.

01:43:46   Which has face ID.

01:43:47   Which is probably what they would do. And if you didn't want to, well that's your own problem.

01:43:50   We've entered a second rabbit hole now.

01:43:52   We're in so many. We're in a warren now, Jason, me and you.

01:43:55   That's right. Sorry rabbits.

01:43:57   There's like interconnecting rabbit holes everywhere. Get out of here. We're talking.

01:44:00   But yeah, I just think this is one of those things where like for now, even if it could work, it's just like we're not going to spend a ton of time focusing on this.

01:44:09   For the keyboards for the iPads.

01:44:13   Yeah.

01:44:14   Because really they only have one iPad that they don't sell a keyboard product for. And I think Apple would prefer to sell you one of the keyboards for iPads.

01:44:22   To answer Paul's question though, I don't think there's a technical limitation, nor do I think this is an oversight.

01:44:31   I think, you know, I think they could do it and I think they might do it someday.

01:44:34   But they, there's just not enough of a use case here right now for them to care about it.

01:44:39   Jay Mush asks, Apple has seen big battery jumps for MacBooks and iPhones. Isn't it time for the iPad to get in on the fun?

01:44:47   Well, the MacBook thing is unfair, right? Because it's going from Intel to Apple Silicon and the iPad has always had that advantage, which is why the iPad's batteries have always been what they've been.

01:44:58   The iPhone, there's probably some battery life help in the A15 that could come to the iPad, but they also put in a bigger battery to make it heavier. Are they going to do that on the iPad? Maybe?

01:45:10   Maybe?

01:45:11   I would like to, I mean, look, iPads have great battery life, right? But like, why does it just need to always be 10 hours? Why can't it be more?

01:45:20   I know. I think that's the question is, is really to rephrase Jay Mush's question. Is Apple ready to redefine what iPad battery life is and raise their target from 10 hours to something more than that?

01:45:37   As somebody who uses an iPad Pro in the Magic Keyboard and at its podcasts and all sorts of other stuff with my iPad Pro, I can run my iPad Pro battery down pretty fast. I really can. A lot faster than 10 hours.

01:45:53   So I would love more battery life. There is the expense of losing the weight thing and having it be thin and light is nice, but I hope so. I hope Apple, I guess my answer would be, I would love for Apple to say, we improved iPad battery life by 1.5 hours or 2.5 hours.

01:46:15   Right. I would love to see something like that to start. It doesn't have to be 20 hours of battery life, but I would love to see Apple start pushing that iPad battery life number up every iteration by an hour or two. That would be great.

01:46:27   John asks, what is a good source of making Siri shortcuts? Or perhaps there's a website with pre-made shortcuts. So John's just getting into shortcuts. I said Siri shortcuts. I wish I wouldn't have said that. Now I can never take it back. They're not called that. They're called shortcuts. I shouldn't have just read the question as it was. I would like to apologize to the entire shortcuts community.

01:46:50   I have four sources for you here. The max stories, shortcuts archive, which Federico just updated today. And there's like a billion there now. The shortcut subreddit.

01:47:02   Matthew Casanelli has a shortcuts archive of his own. And then also the relay FM podcast automators where they have, they talk about all kinds of stuff, but shortcuts comes up a lot and you can pick and choose some episodes. So that's the great thing is there is a great community for this.

01:47:23   And it's people that really care and they put a lot of work into it. So you can definitely dive in. And one of my favorite things about some of this stuff, some of the shortcuts too complicated for me to understand, like some of the stuff that Federico makes is like, oh yeah, I can't get my head around it.

01:47:39   Right. But, but I love that I have it, but I can't put, I can't really learn from it myself, but a lot of stuff because of the way shortcuts is made, you can kind of poke around in existing ones and start to learn. And that's how like I have some knowledge of how to build shortcuts just from installing some shortcuts and poking around and see how they work. I do really like it for that. And I'm very excited for them to come to the Mac.

01:48:03   Yeah, it's shortcuts in iOS 15. It's a little bit of a rough ride and there are some fixes in the new 15.01 beta, but it's still buggy. And I think shortcuts on the Mac is going to be buggy too. It's going to be a rough fall for shortcuts, but I think in the end, the future is bright.

01:48:22   And the final question today comes from John. If you had to pick a job within Apple and it could be any position that you choose from store employee to CEO, what would it be?

01:48:34   Wow. Clearly not colors are because I'm not qualified.

01:48:39   Well, I mean, you really care about it, but you wouldn't be able to do the job effectively enough, unfortunately.

01:48:44   Yeah. Yeah.

01:48:47   Don't worry about qualification in general for this question, right? Because we can choose whatever we want and neither me or you is qualified enough to be the CEO of Apple. But we could take that job if we wanted based on the construct of John's question.

01:48:59   Yeah, I would feel bad for Apple.

01:49:02   Well, it would be really good, but just for people like me and you, otherwise probably wouldn't be great. I know mine, by the way, like I know what it is.

01:49:10   Worldwide header product marketing.

01:49:12   Oh, you want the Phil and Joss job.

01:49:15   Yeah. Yeah. Schiller and Joss's job. The reason is because one, I care about marketing stuff anyway. It's like, I like that. I'm interested in that.

01:49:24   But that job, I bet other than Tim, you're maybe clued into more stuff than anybody else.

01:49:32   Because if you are head of product marketing, the way that works at Apple is like multiple things, not just the marketing products, but it also goes into the development of products.

01:49:40   It seems like there is like a, it goes in both. They got like feet in both camps. You must know so much stuff in that role, right?

01:49:48   Things that's coming, things that's happening now. I feel like that is a real, like pulling the strings kind of job. I feel like that would be fascinating.

01:49:56   I, Oh man, so many potential answers here. I'm not qualified to be like John Ternus's job, which is senior vice president of hardware engineering.

01:50:12   But what I'm really trying to get at is it would be an interesting job to really be deep down in the product development world, right?

01:50:20   I, I think I would be much better and much happier making things than promoting things. Right?

01:50:32   Like I would be as a, as a journalist, I would be uncomfortable in a role where I was having to speak the party line about a product that I was selling.

01:50:45   I could do it. I didn't consider myself a journalist, right? I'm like, I consider myself a communicator. So I just communicate.

01:50:52   And you sell ads, right? Like I am not a salesperson, right? I am not a salesperson, so I don't want Jaws' job.

01:50:59   So something where I'm making products would be the job that I would want.

01:51:03   Arguably though, you don't want Ternus's job either then, because John Ternus, like a big part of his job is doing that as well.

01:51:10   But, but it's making the products and then, and then selling the products you chose to make. A little bit different than being just like they hand you a product and say, sell this.

01:51:18   Yeah, but you see, I am also imagining that, that my role as worldwide head of product marketing, I do have also a foot in the like creation camp because I believe that like everything that we, or I have heard, seems to suggest it's all interconnected.

01:51:32   I mean, of course there are people in Apple that are just pure marketing. They don't know anything until a week before, you know, whatever.

01:51:38   So here's my answer though. I want Eddy Q's job. I want to have meetings. I want to make deals. I want to go to Hollywood. I want to, I'm going to get, I'm going to go to NBA games. Is that part of the job? I don't know. I'm going to go to NBA games. I'm going to like get a boat.

01:51:54   I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to be Eddy Q. That's my job.

01:51:57   I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to be Eddy Q.

01:52:01   That's right.

01:52:02   And then, and then you'll get thanked on stage at the Emmys.

01:52:05   That's, you know it.

01:52:06   Thanks Eddy Jason.

01:52:08   Yep.

01:52:09   T-Dog.

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01:53:22   Goodbye, Myke.

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