371: Midnight Is Starlight's Best Friend


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 371, and today's show is brought to you by

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00:00:17   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Jason Snell.

00:00:19   Hello, Jason Snell.

00:00:21   Hello, Myke Hurley.

00:00:22   So we are 20 minutes or so after the iPhone event ended.

00:00:27   We started our recording as soon as we could this time.

00:00:30   Might be our fastest event to recording.

00:00:33   So, usual caveats.

00:00:36   We haven't even looked at the websites yet.

00:00:38   What we've got is just what happened in the event itself.

00:00:41   Maybe our chat will give us additional information because we do stream the show live as we go

00:00:46   through.

00:00:47   But we're going to give our immediate impressions of what Apple has just announced.

00:00:51   But we start every show with a hashtag SnellTalk question.

00:00:53   And so I will ask you this one from Snape, who asks, "How many windows did you have open

00:00:58   during the event?"

00:01:01   This time what I did was I sat on my couch, had it on the TV via Apple TV, and I brought

00:01:06   out my MacBook Air this time.

00:01:07   So I had a Slack open, I had a note open in BB Edit to take notes, and I had a web browser

00:01:16   window with upgrade.cards open so that I could score the upgrade draft.

00:01:22   And so three is my answer.

00:01:25   I had a notes window, right?

00:01:29   So I set up a note for this event.

00:01:30   Then I also had my Safari next to it, but I was flicking between tabs for the whole

00:01:36   time, watching it on Apple TV just like you.

00:01:39   I never look at Twitter during Apple events.

00:01:43   I get overwhelmed by it and I'm more focused on -- I mean, sometimes I will tweet during

00:01:48   an Apple event, although lately I've been more like I was in the discussion, the Apple

00:01:52   event channel in the six colors Slack this time instead, which I think was a better use

00:01:57   of my time.

00:01:58   But yeah, Twitter is just kind of overwhelming and I've got to take notes.

00:02:03   I mean, really the most that I did was fill up my document with my own notes about what

00:02:08   was going on.

00:02:09   Yeah, if I didn't need to take notes like I do, like because we start recording immediately,

00:02:16   I would probably spend time on Twitter.

00:02:18   I know I used to do that, right?

00:02:19   But look, before upgrade, like, you know, I'd always take notes, but I would be less

00:02:23   focused because I would watch it again maybe before I do a show later in the week.

00:02:27   But because we go live straight away.

00:02:28   I just want to clarify something, by the way, for Snape.

00:02:31   How many windows did you have open during the event?

00:02:33   I did have a window open in my living room, a window open in the dining area and a couple

00:02:39   windows open in the back of the house.

00:02:40   So I had lots of windows open in my house during the event, but I don't think that's

00:02:45   what the question was.

00:02:46   So we need to review our draft results.

00:02:49   So should we just straight up say it went down to the tie this year?

00:02:53   It did.

00:02:54   Let's we can detail what happened, but it did go down to the tie break by a hair, by

00:02:59   a hilarious, hilarious hair to the tie.

00:03:03   And we'll get to that moment because it is an amazing moment.

00:03:05   So on the iPhone, you bested me on the iPhone three to two.

00:03:11   I got the higher frame rate display and you, and I missed on the LIDAR sensor and the always

00:03:18   on display features, which we'll get to not don't exist, not there.

00:03:22   You got that there are iPhone 13, that there is a camera feature that other phones do not

00:03:27   have.

00:03:28   We were arguing a little bit while the event was going on about whether the macro photography

00:03:31   was going to count.

00:03:32   And then they announced the HDR or the pro video.

00:03:40   Yeah.

00:03:41   It was like, yeah, that one, that was made that one easy.

00:03:43   The notch being called out as smaller, which was a great pick because I thought they might

00:03:49   not mention it, but they did mention it.

00:03:52   Yeah.

00:03:53   They kind of mentioned all of the parts, right?

00:03:54   Like they said, cause we were like, Oh, maybe they weren't mentioned in a notch gets smaller,

00:03:59   but let's say the screen's bigger.

00:04:00   And they did both things.

00:04:01   They did.

00:04:02   Just in case you don't get this, this is what we've done.

00:04:06   So ultimately it came down to, and this was one of the deciding factors in the whole thing.

00:04:10   Yeah.

00:04:11   The price points are dueling price points.

00:04:13   Oh, the price points was, was the actual decider.

00:04:16   Cause that was the last thing basically.

00:04:18   Yeah.

00:04:19   Yeah.

00:04:20   And the answer is I picked that they would match their price points and you said that

00:04:22   there would be at least one model that would cost more than its current price point.

00:04:26   I'm still convinced there's going to be that jiggery pokery that we spoke about, right?

00:04:30   That was like not in, when we spoke about this last episode that like, sure, like one

00:04:34   of them is probably more expensive, but there's some deal or whatever.

00:04:38   But that's not the point of the draft here today.

00:04:40   I was, I was genuinely very surprised that none of the four got more expensive.

00:04:45   Yeah.

00:04:46   That was, that was my, my hope was that they would, they would find ways to get it out

00:04:49   of you, but it wouldn't be in the base price.

00:04:51   So on iPhone, the base prices that they quote are the same.

00:04:55   They fit those slots.

00:04:56   They, they, which is not like the last few years, they've been very slowly cranking those

00:05:01   up, but for this year, they're just kind of leaving them where they are.

00:05:04   On the Apple watch side, two, two was the score.

00:05:07   We had three picks.

00:05:08   I put my trust in Ming Chi Kuo who had that report last week that said, no, no, the Apple

00:05:14   watch production is great.

00:05:16   They'll ship in September.

00:05:18   They are shipping in the fall, later this fall with no definitive date.

00:05:22   So I missed on that one.

00:05:24   And we'll talk about, I mean, I guess we won't talk about it later because we only are going

00:05:28   to talk about things that actually happened.

00:05:31   All the rumors of the flat sided design of the Apple watch.

00:05:34   I'm talking about this later.

00:05:36   Don't you worry about that.

00:05:37   All right.

00:05:38   Comment to the design of the Apple watch, whatever the design of the Apple watch changes

00:05:41   are flat sides is not a thing.

00:05:43   So you missed on that.

00:05:44   What we got right.

00:05:45   Increased screen size and no changes to band compatibility.

00:05:48   That was me.

00:05:49   They actually said that out loud too, which surprised me and new watch faces added.

00:05:53   Yes, absolutely.

00:05:54   And no new health sensors.

00:05:57   You got those.

00:05:58   So two, two in Apple watch.

00:05:59   And that brings us to the other pick section.

00:06:04   I picked, we pay a visit to Apple's chip lab that did happen.

00:06:07   The stage of the Steve jobs theater is seeing, you know, that tweet with showing the Joshua

00:06:10   trees came out this morning and I thought, Oh no, they're going to do it all outside.

00:06:14   And the answer was no, Tim is not going outside.

00:06:17   Tim is going to be on the stage of the stage.

00:06:18   He came from outside to inside, which Steve jobs theater.

00:06:24   And we see Ted Lasso himself for people who don't know.

00:06:27   I basically said, we're going to see a picture of Ted Lasso.

00:06:29   It doesn't have to be like in character on stage or something like that.

00:06:31   We just need to see Jason Sudekis as Ted Lasso, his face, not just the name, not just mentioned,

00:06:36   but a picture.

00:06:37   And indeed they blew it up really big at one point.

00:06:39   So that's three for me.

00:06:40   You got two in this category because AirPods were not introduced.

00:06:45   I'm surprised that that was the one you missed.

00:06:47   I expect that they do this in October with max, if they're going to do something else.

00:06:52   I guess so.

00:06:53   This is the big thing.

00:06:54   Obviously we're going to talk about the iPads.

00:06:56   We had no iPad picks in the draft because we didn't think they would have iPads, which

00:07:00   I think that ended up being a bit of a failure on our end.

00:07:02   I think the draft would have been very different if we would have had another round for iPads,

00:07:07   but that's nothing we can do about it.

00:07:08   I'm starting to wonder if we should just force ourselves to pick in a category so that if

00:07:12   it basically comes out, if the product doesn't get introduced, then we just miss all of those

00:07:17   picks.

00:07:18   I mean, we could, but you don't like there to be tons and tons of picks.

00:07:21   So that would be, we would then be onto 12 rounds for the draft.

00:07:24   Yeah, I know.

00:07:25   So we have to make educated guesses if we're going to do categories.

00:07:28   Yeah.

00:07:29   So we could have picked iPad stuff here and we just chose not to.

00:07:33   So you missed on AirPods.

00:07:35   Apple TV Plus trailers, promo video is shown.

00:07:38   Absolutely.

00:07:39   I was hesitant to pick this because you know, I've been burned in this category before,

00:07:42   but Tim was literally like, Hey, we got a lot of stuff.

00:07:45   Let me show it to you now.

00:07:47   And they rolled the whole thing out there.

00:07:49   This pick has burned me maybe four times.

00:07:52   I know, right?

00:07:53   I finally got it.

00:07:54   So I feel like it's a win for me.

00:07:56   And then that brings us to your last choice here, because as we've described it so far,

00:08:02   I've described seven points for me and six points for Myke.

00:08:07   So the last pick, pick 10 for Myke is the rainbow stage at the center of Apple Park

00:08:12   is seen.

00:08:13   And I didn't score this for you for the whole event.

00:08:17   And then Steven said in our little Slack chat, Oh, we definitely saw it.

00:08:22   And I said, I'm going to need a screenshot.

00:08:25   Jason required receipts for this one.

00:08:27   I did.

00:08:29   And here's the thing.

00:08:31   We have a screenshot.

00:08:32   I absolutely am going to give you this point.

00:08:35   I just want to point out it is a shot of Apple Park at sunset that where the ring is, is

00:08:41   lit and inside, if you zoom in, you can see sort of turn to the side and in darkness,

00:08:49   the rainbow stage.

00:08:50   At which point I said to myself, that is the saddest rainbow stage you'll ever see.

00:08:56   It's the dark rainbow.

00:08:58   It's where rainbows go to die.

00:09:00   That's a pro rainbow.

00:09:01   That is an Apple pro rainbow.

00:09:03   That's your midnight lemon right in there.

00:09:07   So you get that.

00:09:09   And that means it's seven, seven.

00:09:10   I was thinking it might be seven, six, but it's seven, seven, which means we have to

00:09:13   go to the tiebreaker.

00:09:15   People may remember our tiebreaker.

00:09:17   It's got to be one that one of us will definitely win.

00:09:19   That's why we do an over under based on the running time of the show.

00:09:23   I set the over under at 72 Myke picked the under and the show ran for 78 minutes.

00:09:30   So close.

00:09:31   That was so close.

00:09:33   You do win.

00:09:34   And you know what?

00:09:35   Congratulations to you.

00:09:36   I do not mind winning tiebreakers because it's kind of like I was comfortable with my

00:09:42   picks.

00:09:43   I think we both did really well in this draft like pick wise.

00:09:46   Other than completely blowing it with the iPads.

00:09:49   We don't have to think about that.

00:09:51   No, let's not.

00:09:52   No, I think there were some good picks in here.

00:09:54   I think there were some surprising omissions given all the rumors and just that it did

00:10:00   come down ultimately to the price points because at the price point, whoever was going to get

00:10:06   the iPhone pro prices right was going to win the draft.

00:10:12   And Apple chose this year not to do what I always say they want to do which is raise

00:10:17   the prices of things.

00:10:19   So that's how it goes.

00:10:21   So no controversy here.

00:10:23   It's all adjudicated.

00:10:25   And I believe that closes the draft results segment.

00:10:28   Yes.

00:10:29   Completed draft is done.

00:10:31   We can move on and we can talk about St. Jude because all my word.

00:10:36   Let's do it.

00:10:37   Things have gone bananas Jason in the last week.

00:10:39   So we were going to come into today to talk about how close you were getting to the $333,333.33

00:10:47   goal but we can't because that goal was reached this morning.

00:10:53   We've blown past it now.

00:10:54   There's two three things happened in the last week.

00:10:57   We hit a quarter of a million.

00:11:00   We hit the amount of money that took us to $1 million raised over the last three years.

00:11:06   And then today we passed our goal of $333,333.33 smashed through it.

00:11:16   We've now raised over $336,000 for the kids of St. Jude.

00:11:20   We have a new goal $400,001.

00:11:24   This is where we want to get to now.

00:11:26   The St. Jude podcastathon is coming this Friday the 17th.

00:11:32   We are running from 12 to 8 p.m. Eastern at twitch.tv/relayfm.

00:11:36   We have game shows.

00:11:37   We have games.

00:11:38   We have hijinks.

00:11:39   We have guests.

00:11:40   It's going to be eight hours long.

00:11:42   The longest, biggest, baddest in a good way podcastathon we have ever done.

00:11:48   We are going all out this year and we want to smash through all of our goals.

00:11:52   There's balloons.

00:11:53   There's confetti.

00:11:54   There's all kinds.

00:11:55   Make sure that you're there twitch.tv/relayfm on Friday September 17th from 12 to 8 p.m.

00:12:02   Eastern.

00:12:03   Also, go donate.

00:12:05   Go to twitch.tv/relay, donate now, then donate again during the podcastathon.

00:12:09   We'll see you there.

00:12:10   Should we get into it?

00:12:11   Let's do it.

00:12:12   Let's start with the iPad because that's kind of where Apple started.

00:12:15   Yeah, and where we didn't.

00:12:17   Yeah, this is a surprise to me.

00:12:20   I mean, we can probably talk about this later, but I don't know now what I think about the

00:12:24   rest of the year.

00:12:25   Yeah, I guess we'll get back to that.

00:12:26   This was something that I think you and I both fully expected would come later, but

00:12:29   they have this stuff now.

00:12:31   And given it's interesting the Apple watch they don't have now and they still announced

00:12:35   it, but the iPad they've got it now.

00:12:38   It's ready to go.

00:12:39   And so they're going to they're going to put it out there.

00:12:41   I guess I should say before we get started with this one of the themes here of this of

00:12:45   this California streaming even though Tim is on stage in Cupertino is they had people

00:12:52   in different locations for the different products.

00:12:56   So the iPad is in San Francisco basically at the Exploratorium on the water by the Ferry

00:13:02   building and that's where they did the the iPad presentation and then the others are

00:13:06   in different places.

00:13:07   We'll have to mention those when we get there, but that's that's where the iPad was and we

00:13:10   got we got two new iPads, right?

00:13:12   We got the the iPad the adjective lists just next generation of iPad and the much rumored

00:13:20   and wanted I think iPad mini in iPad Air style so that which you know, I I'm by far more

00:13:29   excited about the iPad mini but you know, leave it to Apple to point out.

00:13:34   Yeah, I know all of you nerds are bored by the 329 iPad with the A13 chip and the still

00:13:41   has the touch ID home button and uses the first generation pencil and all that but it

00:13:46   is and I quote our most popular iPad.

00:13:50   Did they say that?

00:13:51   I miss that.

00:13:52   Yeah.

00:13:53   Oh, yeah more than once they said it.

00:13:54   Yeah.

00:13:55   I wonder I mean, they're not gonna they're not because I was wondering like, you know

00:13:59   of all time.

00:14:00   Yeah, of course.

00:14:02   But yeah, that's interesting.

00:14:03   I guess it just yeah, they wouldn't they wouldn't say it right.

00:14:05   It's like what's the point?

00:14:06   Well this is remember we were talking about like the fate of the iPad when it was kind

00:14:10   of doing badly.

00:14:11   This is their solution right which is that they were always being beat up for the fact

00:14:16   that there were all these cheap tablets and then Apple's tablets were just not competitive

00:14:21   in terms of price and Apple solution was the iPad which they introduced for that first

00:14:26   time they were reintroduced I guess right because they brought back the original base

00:14:29   iPad at that event in Chicago and since then it's been holding down the low end of the

00:14:37   price and it freed them to innovate up at the high end and have expensive iPads while

00:14:43   having the whole line kind of start down at the bottom with a lot of the features that

00:14:46   just are in the OS that you get regardless of whether you spend a thousand dollars at

00:14:50   329.

00:14:51   So you know it's not a product that's exciting technologically for most of us who follow

00:14:57   this.

00:14:58   What's exciting about it is that it's it's 329 and now it's a lot better than it used

00:15:01   to be.

00:15:02   It's never going to be cutting edge.

00:15:04   It's always going to be trailing several years behind the other iPads but you know that they're

00:15:08   you know their messages for schools it's 299 and it's way faster than a Chromebook.

00:15:12   That's basically their whole argument there.

00:15:14   It doesn't need to be faster than an iPad Pro.

00:15:17   It needs to be faster than a Chromebook and of a reasonable price where they can try to

00:15:21   sell it into schools.

00:15:22   And is that price 329?

00:15:24   Is that any different?

00:15:26   I don't think so right?

00:15:28   I don't think so.

00:15:29   I don't think the price has changed.

00:15:30   It's a 299 for education.

00:15:32   Hitting the slot it's what they did was they get they doubled the storage to 64 from 32

00:15:37   to technically better value.

00:15:38   It's 329.

00:15:39   I mean the biggest feature on this iPad is the center stage with the ultra wide camera.

00:15:45   That's the I think that's the biggest feature on this honestly like everything else is like

00:15:49   A13 update you know which is nice because the old one wasn't and so great but yeah I

00:15:55   think you're right the the 12 megapixel ultra wide with center stage which is this you know

00:16:00   it was not I think not fated to be even at the time a high end feature but it rolled

00:16:06   out on the iPad Pro so it was a pro feature but like it's immediately rolled down to the

00:16:11   lowest end of the iPad line because of course it has this is just a I think it's a no brainer

00:16:17   feature for everyone.

00:16:18   I think center stage ultimately is going to be on every product Apple can possibly make

00:16:22   and put it in.

00:16:23   So of course it's here.

00:16:25   This is in fact I think maybe signals that you're going to see center stage in a lot

00:16:29   of places because why wouldn't you?

00:16:33   It's a great feature.

00:16:34   First gen Apple pencil true tone display.

00:16:37   They made a lot of first gen Apple pencils and they're going to still sell them.

00:16:41   So let's talk about the iPad mini which as we know the most important use secured to

00:16:44   the leg of a pilot.

00:16:47   That was really interesting.

00:16:48   In a doctor's lab coat it's also pretty good.

00:16:50   Yeah I was really glad that they this presentation checks a lot of boxes that you and I always

00:16:56   want them to check and that they frequently don't check and it gets frustrating like this

00:17:00   is a perfect example where I want to know the use case for the iPad mini like sell me

00:17:05   on why this product exists and they immediately did it right.

00:17:09   They said it's strapped to a leg of a pilot in flight it tucked in a doctor's lab coat

00:17:14   like here are real world uses where you want a little iPad mini and then lots of shots

00:17:19   of people holding it in one hand with their fingers wrapped around it which is like the

00:17:23   most effective message to send about why iPad mini exists right is you can hold it in one

00:17:30   hand you wrap your whole hand around it I mean depends on your hand size but like the

00:17:35   point is that's the thing it's this small.

00:17:39   So later on what you know I'm going to talk about something that disappointed me greatly

00:17:42   in this presentation and without the iPad mini here I think I would have been a pretty

00:17:46   bit of a downer on this presentation to be honest because the thing I was most excited

00:17:51   about they didn't do but this iPad mini is like the dream device that I've wanted for

00:17:57   a while now along with many people like this thing looks absolutely fantastic like so we've

00:18:04   got the great design you know the flat side design small bezels comes in a bunch of colors

00:18:10   purple pink starlight and space gray.

00:18:12   Alright Apple, Apple we need to talk about your colors again because it's more confusing

00:18:18   now why do some colors have names and some colors are just the name of the color we have

00:18:23   starlight midnight starlight midnight you know as you know starlight pink is starlight

00:18:33   midnight pink the gray all over the place here's my question starlight is in multiple

00:18:40   options the Apple watch comes in starlight as well so my question for people look color

00:18:45   is not my best thing it's not my best thing I like colors right but I can't see them very

00:18:49   well certain ones and all that what I'm really asking here is is starlight just silver?

00:18:58   I think so because it's not pink because it's got a kind of a pinkish yellowy hue is it

00:19:03   yellowy so it's not yellowy it's not silver so did they gold up the silver and call it

00:19:11   starlight because most stars are well I mean stars are like there are lots of stars and

00:19:15   starlight can be lots of frequencies so that is from a science perspective it's very confusing

00:19:19   but I laughed when they said it because they said starlight and space gray and I thought

00:19:25   have we just gone all in on the like if you're facing this way it's space and it's gray and

00:19:29   if you're facing that way it's you're in space but it's starlight I don't I don't know also

00:19:34   space isn't gray it's really black but starlight really isn't this whatever color this is I

00:19:39   don't know what starlight is and I guess we'll find out is it is it just a rebranded silver

00:19:46   or is it a yellowy thing that is a little bit different from silver but isn't gold I

00:19:52   don't know I'm very confused by starlight the iPhone 13 comes in pink blue midnight

00:19:57   starlight and product red I don't understand midnight starlight I don't I don't get it

00:20:03   like whatever but there's the colors I mean there's a purple one I think it looks fantastic

00:20:07   pink one looks great too but anyway liquid retina display it's the same physical size

00:20:13   now has an 8.3 inch display because it's right you know shrunk the borders down 500 nits

00:20:18   of brightness which seems really great on this kind of device yep touch ID power button

00:20:23   5g it's basically an iPad air a little iPad air which is what it should be USB C it has

00:20:29   no smart connector of any kind but it does have the second generation Apple pencil it

00:20:34   has better cameras it has center stage Apple seems super pumped about this in general landscape

00:20:41   stereo speakers starting at $499 order today available next next week you mentioned the

00:20:48   smart connector and I I had a moment where I tried to envision an iPad mini sized smart

00:20:56   keyboard or magic keyboard and my hands immediately cramped and I had to stop imagining it but

00:21:02   it is like you know you can always attach a keyboard to it Bluetooth keyboard or whatever

00:21:08   and use it that way too but it's a very small device is what I'm saying but it is otherwise

00:21:14   it feels like it's basically an iPad air which is great because that's a great iPad and now

00:21:19   the iPad mini is that way and also just the flat sides and all of that that whole styling

00:21:24   I feel like that's gonna be a better feel in terms of holding this thing it looked really

00:21:29   good and and I think benefits greatly from not being that old design anymore I think

00:21:34   I think it makes the iPad mini much more appealing I'm super excited about this product I think

00:21:39   it looks really really nice like I'm intrigued to see where it will fit in my life like I

00:21:44   think I have a good idea like I use my 11 inch iPad Pro on the sofa at home all the

00:21:52   time to do reading and watching video and stuff like that and I honestly think this

00:21:57   is probably the better product for those things but we'll find out I mean this also feels

00:22:03   like the iPad that I could always have in my backpack so I've just having this thought

00:22:09   now I struggle to choose between laptop and iPad now and I'm traveling because I like

00:22:13   the iPad for a bunch of things this one I'm sure you would never even notice it in your

00:22:18   backpack compared to any of the other iPads especially because you know it doesn't have

00:22:22   like a keyboard or anything so you just get the I have a little smart folio I ordered

00:22:27   one already before we started the right before right before the show we had to stop the reason

00:22:31   the show isn't even closer to the event itself is Myke had to order an iPad yep because they're

00:22:37   all straight away and I and I really wanted to pick one up because it looks super great

00:22:40   so I'll have one of those next week so I'm really excited about this product I think

00:22:47   this seems just really cool it has an a 15 in it with six core CPU five core graphics

00:22:52   Apple didn't mention this during the presentation didn't say the chip they just were talking

00:22:56   about how powerful it was but it has an a 15 in it so yeah I'm really into this right

00:23:02   seems great I really laughed when they talked in detail about all the percentages of fastness

00:23:06   that it had and didn't mention what chip it was and there was that moment of like oh it's

00:23:10   the a 15 and they don't want to announce it yet so they just said it's fast suffice it

00:23:15   to say it's fast but if you go this is the one Apple web page that I did go to after

00:23:19   the event before we did this which is the iPad mini page that says yeah it's an a 15

00:23:26   so that's what it is even though they haven't announced at this point in the keynote they

00:23:29   hadn't announced what chip it is it's the a 15

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00:25:03   Apple watch time watch yes oh man by the way Jeff Williams I think in Big Sur he's on the

00:25:11   California coast regardless looks like Big Sur lots of people wearing vests and jackets

00:25:16   if they're presenting in this venue because it's uh it's foggy out there I mean I'm gonna

00:25:22   buy one I'm actually kind of excited by it but let's let's let's get to your you're booing

00:25:27   here because you really felt and we talked about this last time you really felt like

00:25:31   it was time for Apple watch to get a new look and although they made some tweaks that I

00:25:38   think are interesting and and nice they are tweaks to make the standard familiar Apple

00:25:46   watch design a little bit nicer they're not a rethinking of what an Apple watch style

00:25:53   should yeah I think nicer is still maybe you know we're not sure because it's bigger right

00:25:58   and it I am intrigued to see what that's actually gonna feel like one of the things that I was

00:26:04   intrigued about would get the watch getting bigger with the potential of having a design

00:26:08   refresh is it may have felt a little bit more sleek on the wrist now I think it's potentially

00:26:15   gonna feel just a bit bit bit clunky but John I mean we we really don't know I I'll as somebody

00:26:22   who's had one on my wrist for almost every day since it shipped I think seeing them say

00:26:29   you know softer more rounded corners with a subtle wraparound effect and seamless integration

00:26:33   with the curve of the case like trying to get it to be a little bit less like a hamburger

00:26:38   with with cheese on top of it and more like if right the glass kind of sitting on top

00:26:44   of the thing instead having it be kind of a little bit more kind of smoothly integrated

00:26:49   that's gonna be nice I would like that crease to go right that crease being removed or the

00:26:54   little ridge that is on the current Apple watches from the screen to the case it's gonna

00:26:58   be really great and pulling out the the border right and having it be even 40% less of a

00:27:04   border than on the series 6 right again picking up that real estate I had to laugh at the

00:27:09   one stat which is it's 50% more pixels than the series 3 now the series 3 should not even

00:27:14   be something that we talked about except we're gonna have to talk about it because they're

00:27:16   still selling it but it is remarkable that the that the new one has 50% more pixels than

00:27:22   the essentially the original Apple watch pixel count that's that's good so what we're getting

00:27:30   here is what could very well be a really really nice evolution of the standard Apple watch

00:27:37   design what disappoints you clearly is that that's all it is and you thought that this

00:27:42   would be the year where they might take a little bit more of a leap yeah it was something

00:27:46   that a lot of rumors were pointing to and also just logic you know like every so many

00:27:50   of Apple's products now are moving to this new design language that we spoke about a

00:27:54   bunch with flat sides and stuff like that and it really felt like it was the time for

00:27:58   that in my opinion for the Apple watch to go that way I think the amount of time that

00:28:02   it's been around for it's maybe been around for I think too long with the curved edges

00:28:07   I think that that design is tired now for me for something to wear which is supposed

00:28:13   to be fashionable I think this one design style has reached its I think logical conclusion

00:28:20   Apple doesn't think so and that's fine for you know and I'm probably going to get one

00:28:25   but I think somewhat begrudgingly for two reasons one because I don't like the design

00:28:30   and two they don't have the case that I want I'm a ceramic Apple watch where and I would

00:28:34   love a new one but they don't have that so I don't even really know what I would what

00:28:38   kind of case I would go for honestly because again they do a lot of colors starlight is

00:28:43   here as well I don't like the color aluminium watches myself they've got midnight starlight

00:28:50   red yes blue green in the aluminium which I don't know I don't know so I'm disappointed

00:28:57   silver graphite and gold stainless and a natural and a space black of the titanium and then

00:29:02   there's a gold one but I don't know what material that is but stainless steel in the stainless

00:29:07   steel the gold one yeah yeah so the the big top line stuff here also new watch OS features

00:29:15   we should mention more bike features they held these back to announce here more bike

00:29:21   features including auto pause and resume when you stop and start your bike the like outdoor

00:29:25   bike outdoor bike features fall detection that's tuned toward bike so when you're in

00:29:28   a bike workout it uses different algorithms to detect if you fall them off your bike they

00:29:32   say they better support e-bike so if you're riding a bike with a power assist it's it's

00:29:37   gonna do a better job of calculating out how much you're actually working everyone with

00:29:42   a power bike is like oh no right like they'll lose their rings so yeah that's right you

00:29:47   got you didn't earn those folks you didn't earn those so but the actual watch yeah so

00:29:52   more pixels shrunk the borders tighten up the design of the of the watch and especially

00:29:59   the glass and the watch kind of contour 70% brighter display when in its dim display mode

00:30:08   indoors that's really good they talked about what fits on that screen that they redesigned

00:30:14   like the UI so it's easier to hit the buttons they can fit okay both there's a full keyboard

00:30:20   with tap or slide keys you can fit 50 more percent more text like type on the screen

00:30:27   compared to again compared to the series six there's some new faces they talked about that

00:30:33   this the glass is more durable and crack resistant because it has more robust geometry I think

00:30:38   that's a really interesting example of materials engineering right where it's the shape of

00:30:43   the glass or the you know the shape of that surface that's making it more resistant it's

00:30:48   it's like they've probably reduced some stress points or whatever when it takes yeah exactly

00:30:53   it added ip6x certification which is for dust resistance so you know it's still swim proof

00:30:59   it's still fine but like they added this dust resistance qualification I guess there are

00:31:03   a lot of people who are like their example was you know falling off their bikes into

00:31:07   the dust and they're like oh no it's okay the dust ingress is it's gone faster charging

00:31:13   they have a fast charging with a USB-C cable unclear whether that's included in the box

00:31:17   or whether you have to buy it no way is it included in the box Jason come on the USB-C

00:31:21   version of the cable you gotta buy that separately but updating the charging and so they're they're

00:31:26   virtues here that they're extolling one is in 45 minutes you can go from zero to 80 percent

00:31:31   but I think perhaps more importantly eight minutes will get you enough for sleep tracking

00:31:36   for the night so if your watch is running out of juice pop it on the charger for eight

00:31:41   minutes while you're brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed and then it'll be ready

00:31:44   for sleep tracking overnight so that's all of what's going on here's the thing this is

00:31:49   a good addition to the Apple watch I wish I would have never seen the rumors that told

00:31:53   me it was gonna look different because otherwise I wouldn't feel as frustrated as I do somebody

00:31:58   in the chat I will get their name in a moment Gwen suggested that I get the gold one to

00:32:03   match my phone and that's probably what I'm gonna do those I was thinking about gold anyway

00:32:08   because that's an actual watch color you know and and right you know as I said before like

00:32:13   I like to try and make it as watchy as it can be some of the watch faces look nice but

00:32:18   I already know they've the one they were showing off a lot where like the numbers are kind

00:32:22   of leaking around the edge that's my favorite visually but I can't put any complications

00:32:26   on that I would assume which is a bit of a bummer so yeah look I what I'm gonna look basically

00:32:31   can you imagine like the the complications kind of oozing out of the side too like weird

00:32:38   so usable I'm just a little frustrated right I want it I wanted more here this is a this

00:32:44   is a good update but it's not enough for me I will be moving to this though because there

00:32:50   was some stuff that I do want to pick up like I want the bright or always on display because

00:32:54   you know that that got brighter in the series six and then bright still in the series seven

00:32:58   and I'm still on the series five and so that's something that I know that I would like and

00:33:03   we'll see you know and I'll move forward from there but bit of a shame I'll say for me it

00:33:09   was a bit of a shame the biggest shame though is the series three still around one hundred

00:33:14   ninety-nine dollars the SC is at 279 still can't get it cheap enough and seven Stein

00:33:18   at three ninety nine I think well your comment I think from last time about how it's just

00:33:23   gonna be another year like it's not gonna happen yet you were proven right and so we

00:33:27   all have to live with a series three for another year and and they're gonna keep the SC around

00:33:33   and they just haven't been able to do it so so be it so be it and then of course later

00:33:40   this fall for shipment so all those rumors about them having trouble getting production

00:33:46   ramped seem to be true in that they are not giving any time frame other than later this

00:33:52   fall for Apple watch sales which bumps me up because I am ready to buy a new Apple watch

00:33:57   and I would have already done it if they had let me but I am gonna definitely get one I

00:34:01   don't know what I'm gonna get in terms of the model I use my Apple watch all the time

00:34:06   I'm using a series five this looks great bigger screen brighter I'm really looking forward

00:34:10   to it color wise yeah I have had a black watch the whole time and I presume you know I assume

00:34:18   that's where I will go I don't I guess that's midnight yeah it's kind of a bit blueish looking

00:34:25   on the website don't know or I may I may Myke I may treat myself Oh treat yourself Jason

00:34:34   and and go with space black titanium now you do you will be dealing of a weight difference

00:34:43   yes yeah I know if I if I leave the the light embrace of aluminum I'm gonna have to deal

00:34:49   with a different weight with titanium or stainless although titanium is pretty light I imagine

00:34:54   that the titanium weight isn't as dramatic a difference is going to stainless yeah a

00:34:57   lot of that stuff is like you're not gonna know to you try it on yeah you know and and

00:35:01   then there's and then there's a good old midnight midnight good old friend midnight you know

00:35:07   midnight starlight's best friend I guess there was some fitness plus stuff that they focused

00:35:11   they spent quite a lot of time with fitness plus I know new workout types does more countries

00:35:18   but with subtitles which seems like a weird way of dealing with a you want to work out

00:35:24   read the subtitles I don't know why they wouldn't do dubbing dubbing feels like the right move

00:35:30   there my my guess is that that they have a strategy for international rollout and this

00:35:35   is what they have in this phase and then they will go beyond that because you what you'd

00:35:40   really like is to have instructors speaking different languages but they only have so

00:35:45   many instructors already but you're right you could also do dubbing you could totally

00:35:50   do that and maybe they'll get there because I agree who wants to read subtitles while

00:35:55   they're exercising yes it's a peculiar choice I think and Myke group workouts powered by

00:36:02   share play a feature that does not exist yet with up to 32 people working out together

00:36:09   using share play at the same time I don't know how that's gonna work they really just

00:36:12   kind of mentioned it in passing I guess it's sort of like a make your own peloton I don't

00:36:17   know I don't know what is going on there but yeah they spent some time with fitness plus

00:36:22   right just to remind everybody that fitness plus is part of the Apple watch equation as

00:36:28   well as the services equation it's where Apple watching services meet in the Venn diagram

00:36:33   is fitness plus so you know they mentioned it and showed that they you know they show

00:36:37   off that they've got all their trainers and that they're there I think it serves a purpose

00:36:41   just to remind people that that is a service that exists and that Apple continues to grow

00:36:45   it yeah because a lot of people might not have thought about it very much and like in

00:36:49   that time they've added so many new workouts new different types of workouts as well as

00:36:52   just like the weekly additions that they have you know the share play thing is like just

00:36:57   like as a reminder you've got to have an active FaceTime call I don't want to be FaceTime

00:37:01   calling my friends and having them look at me while I'm working out no that's not nobody

00:37:06   wants that but I do like the idea of them having some kind of group feature for fitness

00:37:11   plus but it being powered by share play I don't know man I don't know I just can't imagine

00:37:17   that Jason you would like to see me while I'm working out I can't imagine that either

00:37:22   for either of us you know I miss you Jason I know I know but you don't need to see me

00:37:27   on my bike you don't need to see me on my stationary bike sweating we should mention

00:37:32   since we're in the Apple watch segment that we should mention that this is of course there

00:37:35   was that story about how the the keyboard for the Apple watch got rejected that was

00:37:42   the store for a long time flick type was removed from the store by Apple because it was a keyboard

00:37:48   for Apple watch and then of course they announced a keyboard for Apple watch today yeah so you

00:37:57   know that's going to be apparently it is already another lawsuit so there you go yeah Costa

00:38:02   Ilethair you like yeah they posted a an image on Twitter I'll put it in the show notes of

00:38:07   their review saying that it was rejected because it was a keyboard for the Apple watch which

00:38:13   is against the iOS human interface guidelines but not for not for Apple unfortunately you

00:38:19   would see yeah anything else on the Apple watch I mean you seem pretty into it yeah

00:38:23   I wasn't looking for what you were looking for from it I do agree that Apple needs to

00:38:30   branch out with the Apple watch and that could be some new designs it could be some specialty

00:38:37   versions which don't necessarily even need to be they could be mid-generation right they

00:38:41   don't need to be every fall so they could do a ruggedized version of the series 8 in

00:38:48   the spring or something if they wanted to but the idea of doing kind of like a super

00:38:52   ruggedized version and also taking that original thing and refining it a little bit more I

00:38:57   do think that they need to to get there and and I appreciate your feedback on that it's

00:39:02   not what I was really looking for I'm happy with it but yeah I think I see what you're

00:39:07   getting at and it has been a long time since Apple introduced the Apple watch and it hasn't

00:39:14   changed a lot so I do believe at some point that I am in a minority of Apple watch users

00:39:20   here with the frustration that I have on it and you know it's just because I spent the

00:39:25   last few years every five or six days changing out my watch for one of the like five watches

00:39:31   I own you know they're like varying price points I have like a G-Shock I have an Omega

00:39:35   like I have a selection of watches that I collected over the last few years and I like

00:39:40   to be able to switch that up and now I wear the Apple watch because I'm focusing more

00:39:45   on my fitness and it's amazing for that and that's why I wear it like it is so good at

00:39:48   fitness that I am willing to not wear my other watches for the time being because I really

00:39:53   want what it gives me with fitness there is nothing else like it like and it pushes me

00:39:59   to do a little bit more every day like all of that stuff is amazing and I feel in better

00:40:03   control of my health because of it in a way that it hasn't before like just its features

00:40:09   and my current outlook have aligned and but I'm a little tired of seeing not just this

00:40:17   same design every day but ultimately like by and large the same design that I've seen

00:40:22   for the entire run of the Apple watch and when there was a potential it seemed like

00:40:26   it was going to change I was excited about it I will say the bigger screen interests

00:40:30   me for sure there are other features of this which I'm I'm kind of into and maybe it'll

00:40:35   be one of those things that like I get a new nice case color like I get a nice shiny gold

00:40:39   one and I'll be really happy I don't mean to like because I know people get like they're

00:40:45   going to be excited about it and I don't want to like harsh anybody's buzz on it like if

00:40:49   you're into this like Jason is awesome like I'm happy for you because it means that you

00:40:53   got what you wanted right like like you put me maybe somebody out there doesn't care about

00:40:57   the iPad mini but I really do and I'm excited for it right it's like different strokes for

00:41:01   different folks and I'll just keep crossing my fingers that I'll get something new in

00:41:05   the coming years yeah I think I think that's about right this episode of upgrade is brought

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00:44:28   our thanks to uni pizza ovens for their support of this show and relay fm let's talk about

00:44:33   the iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini of course comes in five colors pink blue midnight starlight

00:44:39   and red midnight starlight first star i see tonight it's that darth pung song right star

00:44:45   that one that's gonna be in my head a lot now uh so the screen is bigger because the

00:44:50   notch is smaller smaller sensor bar okay is what they said 800 nits of brightness at 1200

00:44:57   peak nits of brightness there's a much brighter screen for that phone which is fantastic uh

00:45:02   it features an a15 bionic chip which is still five nanome it's a six core cpu two performance

00:45:08   four high efficiency cores and four core gpu of a 16 core neural engine so interestingly

00:45:15   apple is binning the a15 for the iphone 13 yeah the pro has five gpu cores and the third

00:45:23   and the regular 13 has four so they are right out of the gate doing some processor binning

00:45:29   which is that process where you make chips and some of them have those cores enabled

00:45:34   and some of them don't because they didn't qualify or whatever uh and and they're using

00:45:39   that to their advantage here so there's a little more graphics power in the pro model

00:45:42   than in the in the non-pro model also i've been told starlight by muse not by daft punk

00:45:48   don't email mike no i'm thinking of a starlight by the superman lovers which is a french house

00:45:54   musician but not daft punk oh yeah it's the superman lovers that's the song i'm thinking

00:45:58   of so there you go now i've got that muse song in my head thanks the camera's a diagonal

00:46:04   now yeah this is the domino domino configuration so for those people who have opinions seems

00:46:09   like this is because of the uh they've put the sensor shift uh optical image stabilization

00:46:15   optical image stabilization here so maybe the sensors are bigger maybe they needed to

00:46:18   spread them apart a little bit more than they did before uh 47 more light and new ultra

00:46:26   wide of less noise and they got the cinematic mode video what do you think of that i i need

00:46:32   to see more i mean they did do a whole kind of funny uh who done it um mystery thing as

00:46:39   a demo knives out parody i mean let's just call it what it was yeah i i'm i i'm i don't

00:46:44   know exactly what's going on there is it all using portrait mode tech to do that it sounds

00:46:52   like it is because at one point somebody in the in the iphone pro video mentions that

00:46:57   you could you can change it later so that suggests that it is a calculated thing but

00:47:05   the way it works is you can do what looks like deep focus photography except it's video

00:47:09   and it is using some machine learning stuff they've analyzed how actual cinematographers

00:47:16   do rack focuses and things like that and then they built an engine that does it and it's

00:47:20   looking at the composition of the frame and where people are looking and all of that to

00:47:25   do sort of dynamic stuff and then you can also sort of tap in order to tap on a face

00:47:29   to focus to that face or tap and hold to follow focus on that there's a there's a bunch of

00:47:35   stuff in there that apple you know showed really quickly and it makes it sound great

00:47:41   and i immediately thought i bet it's way more complicated and uh maybe not as effective

00:47:47   in reality my i gotta be honest i i saw a lot of twitter hot takes that were basically

00:47:53   like ah ha ha we've eliminated the need for cinematographers and all of that which i know

00:47:58   they're jokes but i looked at the demo which is apple at its best right that demo is apple

00:48:04   showing off this feature at its best and i thought yeah i don't think it's that great

00:48:09   like i don't i don't think it looked that natural you know i think the problem was with

00:48:14   the demo is they were overdoing it like you you know if they were making a video or i

00:48:20   were making a video losing this feature like it's not going to be a thing that i would

00:48:24   focus on i think the biggest feature of this cinematic mode she didn't really focus on

00:48:30   is that you can change the focus after the fact yes that's that's that's the thing is

00:48:34   because it's synthetic you can change it later like i think that like you you could maybe

00:48:40   be in a situation where you're like all right i'm gonna shoot this important family video

00:48:44   or whatever right like i'm shooting a video that's important to me i'll just do it in

00:48:47   cinematic mode and i'll handle the focus part later on like that seems really cool or like

00:48:52   that you just don't need to think about it because for me like i'm not going to be able

00:48:56   to work this stuff out as i'm shooting because there's stuff that you can choose like you

00:49:00   can fix the focus onto a certain person and not necessarily rely on the machine learning

00:49:05   stuff but like i'm not setting up scenes so i don't know what's going to happen in the

00:49:09   videos that i'm taking right so this could be a cool feature for that but we'll we'll

00:49:15   kind of have to see there was a great line where the presenter said we studied the art

00:49:19   of cinematography i just thought that was very funny yeah no that's the and and and

00:49:23   we consumed it and now we are it but anyway my point is that um it looked you know they

00:49:31   made it look simpler than it probably is and i thought that their demo was not as impressive

00:49:36   as a baked demo by apple should be it's cool and it looks fun and i think people will use

00:49:45   it and i like that they're doing some of this stuff but like even their demo i was not super

00:49:52   impressed with some of the the the focus moves they felt able to explain a little bit more

00:49:57   like like what is it that doesn't impress you i thought the camera focuses happened

00:50:03   and sometimes sometimes they felt like they happened late sometimes they happened they

00:50:07   felt like they happened a little too fast like instead of having a kind of more smooth

00:50:12   transition it was more like a honestly it felt a little like a camcorder where it goes

00:50:17   from one focus point to another focus point and it goes and it happens really fast and

00:50:24   i you know those those timings there's an art to it and it just it felt a little bit

00:50:30   off to me and and that's all i really have to go on is that i watched it and i thought

00:50:34   this is a cool feature and i like a lot of things about it and i like the whimsy of the

00:50:38   demo and yet there were several times in it where i thought yeah but it really i don't

00:50:42   think it's that great and this is it at its best in an apple demo so we're gonna all have

00:50:47   to see how this actually works in practice i appreciate that they're trying to do stuff

00:50:51   like this because you know the end goal is that your home movies look cool and fun and

00:50:58   more cinematic that is the end goal it's not to put any cinematographers out of work which

00:51:02   is nice because they had that one very nice cinematographer who was in the the pro video

00:51:06   and you know he he still had a job to hold an iphone camera and and shoot fake scenes

00:51:11   from things that aren't movies with catherine bigelow so um you know he he still is going

00:51:16   to have a a job i guess is what i'm saying but if you can make more movie texture for

00:51:21   people's home videos then uh that's fun that's great for me i think it was just i saw it

00:51:28   too many times in that in that little video and i think that that might have been the

00:51:32   thing i know what they were doing right i get what they were trying to do with that

00:51:35   like and i don't really feel like i can judge it from a technical level or an artistic level

00:51:40   really i know that there was a bunch of stuff going on i'm intrigued to see it because like

00:51:44   there was a part of me it's like oh wait can i already do this like but i guess it's the

00:51:48   automatic stuff especially right it's doing it on its own rather than me choosing what

00:51:52   to focus on i'm intrigued by this feature as i say the thing that intrigues me most

00:51:58   is choosing focus afterwards like that seems like a like a cool thing and i'm really surprised

00:52:05   that they didn't really press on that which makes me maybe think that that part of it

00:52:09   is not as good as i hope maybe because i feel like that's the whole feature like in my mind

00:52:14   it's like oh yeah amazing i can choose to focus later on like i definitely want that

00:52:19   so i don't know we'll see we'll see i don't know and and keep in mind it's it's probably

00:52:23   portrait mode style so it's probably going to have cases too where you look at it and

00:52:26   you're like yeah but it doesn't look very good it didn't get everything it's a little

00:52:29   bit interesting right yeah and it all like maybe it just doesn't look as crisp in points

00:52:34   i don't know we'll find out i'm sure i'm really intrigued to see what this feature is all

00:52:38   about like apple thinks that this is good enough that they are adding a mode to the

00:52:42   camera right like there is a new like option the camera dial which is called cinematic

00:52:48   and so they think that it's important enough right now and into the future that it's worth

00:52:52   adding that into which is that is prime real estate right they don't add a lot of things

00:52:56   into that wheel i don't think many have been added in over time maybe just portrait is

00:53:01   they only want so you've got oh and slow mo so there's time lapse slow mo video photo

00:53:06   portrait and pano there are things in there and you think like maybe there's two that

00:53:11   have been added in there over time so adding another one in there that's that feels like

00:53:15   a big deal so they said it's all dolby vision hdr graded and that kind of stuff i'm intrigued

00:53:23   right like i think uh i'm just intrigued i want to see how this works uh 5g there's 200

00:53:30   carriers now uh as said it's taking over 5g is taking over sure so that's good uh battery

00:53:36   life this was an interesting one for me i feel like this is actually the biggest story

00:53:40   about the iphone 12 and the 12 pro 2 but um it's it's the fact that they managed to improve

00:53:46   battery life which i imagine you mean 13 oh sorry 13 yes okay cool i thought you were

00:53:50   saying like the biggest story of the 12 is that the battery was bad or something yeah

00:53:54   no well i mean on the mini maybe no the the on the 13 the um battery life through some

00:54:02   combination of a better 5g radio a better algorithm to switch off a 5g when it's not

00:54:08   necessary and a bigger battery they made a point of showing the little x-ray thing and

00:54:12   saying a bigger battery that they have managed to get you know they're rating it as an hour

00:54:18   and a half longer on the mini and two and a half hours longer on the 12 and the pro

00:54:24   phones also are rated as having longer battery life like that's really good especially for

00:54:28   the mini which the battery life wasn't fantastic on it so if you manage to eke out an hour

00:54:33   and a half more and two and a half on that mainstream phone the 12 that's that's really

00:54:39   good like that and i think that is a testimonial to the both the new processor but also the

00:54:46   uh a little more mature 5g radio find my support is coming to a new magsafe wallet i just found

00:54:53   that like an interesting little tidbit well the way they described it it sounds to me

00:54:57   like essentially when your wallet disconnects from magsafe it logs where you are yes which

00:55:06   is similar to the way that air pods work right now yeah so it's not what it's not doing is

00:55:12   it doesn't have like a little secret detector in there right but it is going to let you

00:55:18   um it is going to let you go back to that point of like where did it detach because

00:55:25   that's really it's literally i lost it well where did you last see it the phone will say

00:55:30   i last saw it here and maybe that will be helpful unbelievably it does not work with

00:55:35   the clear case this is a thing on apple's website i cannot fathom what would mean that

00:55:40   one case is different but it doesn't work with the clear case i don't know how like

00:55:46   what is that what's happened there you know so let's get to the most important thing i

00:55:50   think about this honestly the most important thing is that for these phones is that they're

00:55:55   699 and 799 they held the price points and they doubled the base capacity to 128 and

00:56:01   there are lots of rumors out there that apple is going to be really messing around with

00:56:04   capacity on low-end iphones and those proved to be completely untrue they start at 128

00:56:11   and they added 256 and 512 options that's really good my daughter has a 64 iphone 11

00:56:18   and like no no you can't no it's not good enough so so doubling the storage capacity

00:56:26   from the old 64 base to 128 and and hitting the price point and then you throw in that

00:56:32   they extended the battery life again you're not the the market for this is not people

00:56:38   who are already using a one-year-old phone the primary market is for people who are using

00:56:44   a two three four-year-old phone the fact that they are able to hold their price points from

00:56:48   last year though and keep it at 699 799 the fact that it starts at 128 i actually think

00:56:53   that that's the best the single best thing about it is it is better cost the same and

00:56:59   the storage all got a boost like that's all really good and the battery life is better

00:57:03   like what do people want and the cameras are better i mean you roll it all together and

00:57:06   it's like for especially for the non-pro model like that's what you want you want it to be

00:57:11   better it costs the same that's i i don't know it's not i know that doesn't sound very

00:57:17   nuanced but on one level i feel like like we can overthink it like that's what the iphone

00:57:23   13 needs to be it needs to kind of keep going keep getting better don't ratchet the price

00:57:29   up anymore and solve the capacity issue and help the battery life a little bit this is

00:57:34   as well less but that's i'm not saying that in a bad way like but i think apple is just

00:57:38   off the s naming now they're just incrementing every year which i i prefer if they're going

00:57:42   to continue to increment every year yeah the iphone 12 was an absolutely fantastic iphone

00:57:49   and all of the ways that they've improved on this one are good right brighter screens

00:57:53   awesome longer battery life like who doesn't want that and my understanding is especially

00:57:58   if you have a 13 mini you really want that it's a shame that they could only find an

00:58:02   hour and a half right because i think it needs a lot more is the understanding i have from

00:58:07   the people that i know including you that have a mini seems to be a battery life thing

00:58:12   and cameras getting better right like all of that stuff is just that's exactly what

00:58:16   you want these are all the features that you're looking for no uh no ultra wide on the selfie

00:58:22   camera yet which we were hoping for but i bet i i would be very willing to bet that

00:58:26   the iphone 14 will have center stage support i think that they seem to be pretty pretty

00:58:31   keen on that feature and as i said before like there are a lot of benefits to put in

00:58:35   an ultra wide lens in a in a selfie anyway because you could you can get better selfies

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01:00:58   a thanks to fitbod for their support of this show and relay fm now i should mention uh

01:01:03   because we did our tour of california that the iphone 13 was in san diego okay so shout

01:01:09   out to i've been right past there that was that was san diego look look great um the

01:01:15   iphone 13 pro was jaws standing outside apple park at night at night because it's a pro

01:01:25   pros only work at night that's right that's why that's where the dark rainbow is this

01:01:29   cupartino you gotta embrace the dark rainbow the yeah that was weird i thought like well

01:01:35   we're taking a tour but we we didn't jaws didn't go anywhere jaws isn't in yosemite

01:01:40   or something jaws is just outside apple park and i'll just a little bit of um stagecraft

01:01:45   here because we do like to talk about that jaws also seemed super dubbed in like apple

01:01:49   park wasn't a great place for audio so it felt like to me like his whole performance

01:01:54   was uh was was dubbed in later it sounded really unnatural to me and the screen behind

01:02:00   him again in part because it was at night the screen behind him seemed extra fake now

01:02:06   i wonder if the screens are and i in fact i suspect that those screens there's no way

01:02:11   those screens were real are are fake all the time right especially when they were doing

01:02:15   presentations in public places they can't have those screens just showing off the features

01:02:19   of every single new iphone exactly so the so the screens are almost certainly fake or

01:02:25   at least there's a screen there but it's replacement um but there's something about the jaws screen

01:02:30   that i think because of the darkness it just seemed extra fake the whole thing seemed really

01:02:33   kind of weird and artificial to me just from a pure stagecraft perspective and i wonder

01:02:37   if they actually intended something better and different and it didn't come off and so

01:02:41   they ended up having him be outside apple park at night but it just seemed like tour

01:02:45   of california we're gonna take you to all these places and now we're back at apple park

01:02:49   uh for jaws but anyway it's fine it's pro you're right it's dark and professional and

01:02:55   that's where we are yeah it's a big old camera bump hold on hold on sierra blue sierra blue

01:03:03   okay yeah color they have a real bright color so we've got graphite gold silver and sierra

01:03:10   blue this is different to blue and it's not like i don't know sea sea blue or like i don't

01:03:16   know shimmer water or anything night blue yeah we've got sierra blue uh clearly only

01:03:21   blue and green can be pro colors it went clearly run through them they just go back so next

01:03:26   time we'll get like forest green or something like that nevada green graphite so it's not

01:03:33   space gray still the graphite still kind of looks green to me or brownie uh i mean look

01:03:38   there was no obviously i was getting the gold again i absolutely adore my gold phone i'm

01:03:41   getting another gold phone um so i'm into that yep i'm assuming for you the sierra blue

01:03:47   might be enough to tempt you away but maybe we'll get to that in a minute because i know

01:03:51   we were talking about whether you would move away from the mini or not so again smaller

01:03:56   notch as the a15 chip it has the more powerful version of the a5 core gpu so the binning

01:04:03   here you know again more graphics power if you get the pro i think that you know i think

01:04:08   it's a big thing because it's yet another way for apple to differentiate pro from not

01:04:12   is by you know from the beginning saying that their chip you know chip features the best

01:04:18   chip only goes in the pro model and it in practice what it's going to mean is that the

01:04:25   gpu performance will be that much faster because it's literally it scales so instead of it

01:04:30   being four it'll be five and so it'll be that much faster it'll you know that's it won't

01:04:38   be that interesting i think in terms of the benchmarks there will be graphics based benchmarks

01:04:41   where it's faster it's probably not going to be something that affects everybody i will

01:04:45   also say that that gpu is probably necessary because they did finally do something with

01:04:55   it that is going to need more graphics power which is driving that new display up to 120

01:05:03   hertz so the display is probably where the biggest i think user feature will be but again

01:05:09   yeah you know as you said to me and it's the same that every youtuber has had for a long

01:05:14   time you can't demo 120 hertz in non-120 hertz content it's just not possible to give the

01:05:20   impression they kind of tried to show like it was a half-hearted effort because they

01:05:25   had to do something of showing like oh it's responsive and all of that but you know we're

01:05:29   all watching at presumably 30 frames per second or maybe 60 frames per second we are not seeing

01:05:34   120 frames and you can't show you can't show hdr on a non-hdr you cannot show 120 frames

01:05:40   when it's not 120 frames you can't show the p3 color gamut when you're not using high

01:05:46   color in your video like you can't there's stuff you just can't demo very well and so

01:05:50   this is one of those cases where we know if we've used a pro motion display on an ipad

01:05:55   quite what that looks like and how impressive and smooth and nice that can be or in the

01:06:00   case of somebody like steven hackett how creepy and weird it can be and you turn it off but

01:06:04   like it's a you have to kind of experience it and they couldn't show it we're not saying

01:06:09   steven's creepy and weird by the way like steven just doesn't like that feature well

01:06:13   i mean when he's looking at 120 hertz refresh display he does get a little bit creepy and

01:06:17   weird that's why he has to turn it off to go back to normal it's like a kind of a werewolf

01:06:21   type thing looks at the moon yeah oh man that's he's like a screen wolf bigger brighter screen

01:06:26   ios of course has been optimized throughout to go with the 120 hertz i wonder what it's

01:06:31   gonna i wonder if this is going to be one of those things where developers are going

01:06:33   to struggle with it i'm not sure right like are there optimizations you would want to

01:06:38   make as a developer i don't know and if you're on an ipad you've already done it presumably

01:06:43   right like because this is the ipad already has this feature this is a feature that that's

01:06:48   already on the ipad so it's probably already kind of handled and so you know i i think

01:06:53   but but it's a really nice feature that that's the thing about it is like we when promotion

01:06:58   was rumored on the ipad pro we're all like yeah well okay and then you see it and you

01:07:02   think unless you're steven you think oh right like oh oh i see yes right and then you go

01:07:10   back to one that doesn't have it you're like oh this is garbage it's the the other one

01:07:13   is really nice it's just really nice and the fact that they can um that they can do this

01:07:17   and that they can dynamically change the display rate it's all the things that we already talked

01:07:21   about like four or five years ago about the ipad pro are now true of the iphone 13 pro

01:07:27   where you get that promotion feature and they're using the promotion designation for it which

01:07:31   i think is also interesting uh all the developers in the live discord chat are saying that it's

01:07:36   not difficult to optimize for 120 hertz in most instances so that's cool um i'm really

01:07:42   pumped about this i mean there's just isn't much we can say i mean in a few weeks time

01:07:47   you'll be hearing us talk about how good it looks or whatever right and then you'll still

01:07:50   not really get anything about it this is just one of those things it's hard to to demo but

01:07:55   i do think it's going to make a real big usability difference um i think it's going to make our

01:08:00   phones feel quite different if this is one that you go for so this is a feature i've

01:08:04   wanted for a long time and i'm really excited about it they did not take that extra step

01:08:08   to take it to an always-on display i know i wouldn't be surprised if this is an ios

01:08:13   feature next year maybe because in theory they can do this now you know maybe they will

01:08:18   want to wait until the iphone 14 might get this feature then um and then maybe they can

01:08:24   attack it then they could announce a developer tool you know when they announce ios whatever

01:08:32   what's next now 16 ios 16 uh will have an always-on display and they can announce it

01:08:39   as being for the iphone 13 pro and everybody can work on that and then you know the new

01:08:45   iphones will all have it or something like that they could do that now that they have

01:08:48   a device that's in the ipads could benefit from it too maybe i don't know i don't know

01:08:53   i i don't know so um yeah we it's hard for us to get this across because this um podcast

01:08:59   is very cinematic and is shot in 24 frames a second so we can't there is there is a rumor

01:09:05   of oled ipads coming so maybe it's a combo of all of that i don't know but they've got

01:09:10   now that they've got the the um the xdr with the the mini led there's rumors still saying

01:09:17   they go into oled i don't know man i don't know there's lots of there's rumors that say

01:09:22   it's a flat apple watch and that there's an always-on display right not all the rumors

01:09:26   are true some of the rumors are fake oled's better than mini led anyway right all right

01:09:31   like if you can actually go there you you actually get true blacks rather than i don't

01:09:35   know we'll find out all right cameras cameras biggest camera advancement ever okay i feel

01:09:42   like they stayed they they bring out like they said most pro iphone ever biggest camera

01:09:47   i'm sure they said this last time as well i know it's marketing it's always the most

01:09:51   pro everything because it's the newest best everything yeah it's always the best iphone

01:09:56   ever it's the least like the more they say it the more i roll my eyes of course it is

01:10:01   you you are you making your products worse over time of course it's the best thing you've

01:10:05   ever made but what exactly you know did they do and the answer is that they you know they

01:10:10   increased the sensor on the wide and they added an autofocus on the ultra wide and they

01:10:15   added a macro mode and now all the cameras support night mode and like they they there

01:10:20   was a lot of refinement here of sorting adding adding features to some of the cameras that

01:10:25   didn't have parity with the other cameras they added there's a new version of smart

01:10:32   hdr smart hdr4 i don't it's kind of weird to brand it but the idea there is just that

01:10:36   they've got a smart hdr feature and they've got this thing called photographic styles

01:10:40   which i thought was really funny because what they're trying to do because because you know

01:10:45   when you take a photo on your iphone there's this whole image processing pipeline that

01:10:49   fires off and apple does all this stuff with it and if you shoot in raw you don't get that

01:10:54   i believe is kind of what happens there and the what they're trying to do here is create

01:10:59   sort of like some styles that are variables in how the pipeline works on photos that create

01:11:07   different looks they try to sell this to pros and there's this moment where i i was thinking

01:11:12   to myself are pros really gonna want to do like photographic looks in the pipeline but

01:11:19   maybe i mean basically what they're saying is they've got the four defaults styles and

01:11:23   then there are some aspects of those styles that you can edit with a couple of sliders

01:11:29   and make it and this is on the 13 and the 13 pro and make it look sort of like how you'd

01:11:34   like so is that a pro feature i'm interested to hear how pro photographers react to that

01:11:41   i think the answer is probably that if you really just want to bypass apple's pipeline

01:11:46   you will shoot in raw and that'll be it but that if you're somebody who likes kind of

01:11:55   likes the look of what apple is doing with the photos but it's not quite right you may

01:11:59   be able to tweak essentially apple's presets into a better preset and use that and that

01:12:05   seems to be what's going on with the photographic styles so i have i have some skepticism because

01:12:10   it sounds sort of like a pro feature that pros are going to turn off and so it's like

01:12:15   okay then why does this feature exist and i don't know whether it's more for sort of

01:12:20   people with pro aspirations but they really need more help and apple is letting you dip

01:12:26   down into their pipeline and change a couple of the of the the settings which is cool i

01:12:31   just i i'm not convinced i guess that this is a pro feature versus a really prosumer

01:12:37   kind of feature to make better automatic pictures right rather than what a pro might want from

01:12:43   it so i think like maybe maybe i could maybe make a use case for this so like i was interested

01:12:49   in pro raw because i like to take i like to take and fiddle around with photos right like

01:12:53   i'm not i don't consider myself to be a professional by any means but i like to take photos on

01:12:57   my iphone and i like to play around with them in um like visco and stuff like that and edit

01:13:03   and and tweak and all that kind of stuff and so i thought okay well let me try pro raw

01:13:07   and see if it makes any benefit to me and i don't understand what i'm doing like it's

01:13:12   maybe too much of a jump for me i've never used raw photography before and so maybe this

01:13:17   is like a bridge for someone like me this that's exactly what i think i mean we have

01:13:22   a question a while ago about what does pro mean right for to help somebody with their

01:13:26   thesis um and i think this might be a good example of that which is is this really a

01:13:32   pro feature i'm i would love to hear from pros who are like yes actually we will use

01:13:36   this but i think the point is not necessarily that it's for professional photographers it's

01:13:43   for people who care more about photography and want to do a little bit more with it but

01:13:49   are not going to go to just shooting everything raw and working on it that you know it gives

01:13:54   you more control over apple's pipeline which i think is cool again i think it's cool i

01:13:58   have questions about like exactly who's going to use this feature but the idea that apple

01:14:02   has built a feature that lets you have at least a few sliders and some presets about

01:14:08   how the apple pipeline itself reacts to when you capture an image and what image is is

01:14:15   finalized i'm watching like a little demo on the website and they're showing like how

01:14:19   you kind of tweak stuff i am the person who wants it's for you yeah yeah because yeah

01:14:25   i like to to play around with with photos and this would give me live in the camera

01:14:30   like if you adjust the color or the saturation in this way you're going to get a little bit

01:14:35   like i think i think this could be a feature i could really enjoy and the end result is

01:14:39   by the way and i think this is very cool um and again it's not for everybody but the end

01:14:43   result is that you can kind of create a look for all the photos you shoot with your iphone

01:14:52   so like you can make you can make a look that that is you know mike's pictures look like

01:14:57   this these are mike's preferences of how he shoots on his iphone and they're down in the

01:15:02   details of apple's image pipeline and so all the photos you shoot then are going to have

01:15:07   that sort of your preference applied to them whereas up to now the apple imaging pipeline

01:15:13   there is one preference it's what they were how they capture honestly i'm really excited

01:15:17   about this now i did not understand it when they were talking about it i don't know why

01:15:20   it just it missed i think hearing you explain it and looking at the website and like seeing

01:15:25   how the ui works i think has really helped me like maybe i was taking some notes then

01:15:29   so like maybe they showed out and i didn't see it but yeah i i would say i'm i'm pretty

01:15:34   into this idea i think this could definitely be something just for me it's not a lot of

01:15:38   sliders i think that they showed two so it's like you get you get looks and then you've

01:15:42   got two sliders to customize but the the net result is that yeah you are for the first

01:15:46   time able to sort of set up a preference of how apple's image pipeline works to make images

01:15:52   that are pleasing to you and i think that could be really cool you know and it's not

01:15:57   just a pro feature they showed it the pro section but it's like it's on all the phones

01:16:01   so it really is is more a prosumer kind of feature and i think it's a i think it's a

01:16:05   fun idea pro res video was one of the things that they did add this is for the pro which

01:16:10   is again it's like adding pro roll last time maybe they'll add something next time which

01:16:14   it makes pro res video more approachable to me but there's some new there are some new

01:16:20   things going on with the camera hardware so 92 2 percent better low light performance

01:16:25   for ultra wide which i'm really into because the low light performance on the ultra wide

01:16:29   is really bad this is a note that i wrote down all of the lenses seem to be better in

01:16:34   a bunch of ways that people who like photography will probably like like loads of statistics

01:16:39   that i don't get right yeah we're going to a three times optical zoom which is interesting

01:16:45   because i went to 2.5 from two and now up to three i've tried some phones with three

01:16:49   times optical zoom i think it might be a little too much so i'm intrigued to see what i think

01:16:54   about that from the iphone what i am personally really excited about is macro photography

01:16:59   they're using the new autofocus mode on the ultra wide and you can get up to a two centimeter

01:17:05   distance and it really has like a very different look i've wanted macro on an iphone for a

01:17:10   long time because sometimes it's like a little picture that i want to take i want to zoom

01:17:13   in a lot and i kind of can't get it or i can't get the details the way that i want and so

01:17:18   like something that i've done for a while is like using the telephoto lens instead to

01:17:22   help me get closer but it's still not that look that i'm after so i'm really excited

01:17:27   about macro like some of the shots that they show look really good because one of the things

01:17:31   on a lot of phones with macro lenses is they put a specific macro lens on it which is low

01:17:35   quality but the images that apple is showing it also does macro video as well looks really

01:17:42   cool so i am very much looking forward to playing around with all of the new camera

01:17:46   stuff to be honest i'm actually pretty excited about it more than i was i feel like more

01:17:52   practically excited this time than last time because the iphone 12 pro max there was like

01:17:57   this big sensor what could it mean dslr i'm really like it didn't i don't really think

01:18:03   it made a massive difference right like year over year from pro to pro with the pro max

01:18:08   um it was a better camera but we i think we're all thinking like oh my god have they finally

01:18:13   done this massive jump and i don't know how much of a big jump that it was like the sensor

01:18:17   shift stuff so but for me these features like the optical zoom i'm intrigued about but it

01:18:24   will be something i can see better low light and ultra wide macro photography and then

01:18:29   the the photo uh styles is that what it's called uh yeah i think so styles photographic

01:18:36   styles those things just for me they seem like they are right up my alley for what i

01:18:41   do with my phone's camera so i'm excited about those nice 1.5 hours longer battery on the

01:18:47   pro two and a half hours longer on the pro max jason this phone is going to last longer

01:18:53   than i can i think at this point yeah the pro max's battery is absolutely unbelievable

01:18:59   like i've noticed that you know as i've been leaving my house more and we went traveling

01:19:04   and we went like we went to romania a few months ago i really noticed on a travel day

01:19:08   just how how powerful the battery was um and now it's like just it's just gonna go forever

01:19:15   so i'm i'm like two and a half hours more on that phone i would never i would not have

01:19:19   expected this year uh a battery jump let alone one of that kind two and a half hours is amazing

01:19:25   i'm curious how much of the battery gain they mentioned that the battery is bigger in all

01:19:31   of them so obviously they're saving size in some way in the internals they've found more

01:19:35   room for battery what's that about but i've got to think that the the 5g like it's a year

01:19:44   later like five we were apple wasn't there at the very beginning of the 5g rollout but

01:19:49   apple was there at the 5g rollout you know last year it's still a pretty young technology

01:19:54   they've got a new 5g radio this year i assume that is we're in such early days for 5g that

01:19:59   i would imagine that the 5g is way more um battery efficient than it used to be plus

01:20:04   they mentioned that they've got their own tech that's essentially doing exactly what

01:20:08   it should be which is and i don't know if it's their own or if it's literally in the

01:20:13   qualcomm modem but it's the idea that you can if you're only getting lte speeds it drops

01:20:17   you down to lte and so that's a battery saver too so i i wonder how much of their battery

01:20:23   life um claims here are coming out of just having a better 5g modem versus uh a15 you

01:20:32   know what i think i might be able to answer that for you jason so oh yeah this is iphone

01:20:36   12 pro max to iphone 13 pro max on apple's power and battery page so video playback goes

01:20:42   from 20 hours to 28 hours audio playback goes from 80 hours to 95 hours video playback streamed

01:20:50   from 12 hours to 25 hours uh-huh that difference in the streamed is nearly is over double yeah

01:20:58   and it's not that big a difference for the other for the other areas so maybe it is your

01:21:03   modem about the 5g right like there's something going on there that's that's a huge difference

01:21:07   because video playback without streaming is an eight hour difference is that a streaming

01:21:11   on cellular or is that streaming on wi-fi it just says video playback streamed that's

01:21:15   what it says but that's such a that's a much much larger difference so potentially the

01:21:19   victory you know there are lots of different ways that battery life gets extended but i

01:21:24   i've got to think that 5g modems being better is a big part of it plus the battery is bigger

01:21:31   plus the a15 is probably more efficient plus they've probably found other places that they

01:21:36   can be more efficient but still it's a big difference and you know we have said before

01:21:42   sometimes the battery life is the most important feature in your phone if you you know if you

01:21:47   have to if you lose your phone because it's died or you have to bring a battery pack around

01:21:53   like that's not as good like having phone phones that last and apple has come a long

01:21:58   way in the last few years with battery life but to continue making those kinds of improvements

01:22:03   is a big deal and i'm honestly surprised that they have increased it with the promotion

01:22:11   because most phones that go to high refresh rate or adaptive refresh rate displays they

01:22:17   see a battery life hit like this is something samsung has seen oneplus has seen they see

01:22:22   a battery life hit i think this must be apple being really aggressive in terms of how they

01:22:26   handle video and cranking down the frame rate when you're not using it that they had that

01:22:31   little demo where they says they do it but apple can do it the best because you know

01:22:35   all the other companies are building on android they've built their own controller and they've

01:22:38   got right like apple's done a whole custom job and and i'm not surprised that they would

01:22:42   be eking out better battery life because of that and these phones can go up to one terabyte

01:22:47   of storage it'll cost a lot of money but you know if you're shooting pro res video you

01:22:53   probably need a terabyte for one thousand five hundred and four ice pounds hold on let

01:22:58   me get the uh let me get the u.s. dollars uh amount here it will go up to let me see

01:23:05   what the gold one will cost let me make a difference one thousand five hundred and ninety

01:23:10   nine dollars sure for uh for one terabyte phone pro max don't think i'm gonna go for

01:23:17   that and that's no i know i'm not going for that 512 i'll probably go for 14.99 for a

01:23:22   one terabyte pro if you don't want the max why would i want the pro oh well no you i

01:23:29   mean just people and people in general but yeah if we're if we want to max it out to

01:23:33   the the maximum maximal uh price point max to the max max to the max is 15.99 so i'll

01:23:41   ask you i mean it's might be it's probably too early to tell for you because but uh do

01:23:45   you have a feeling about what you will be going for with your iphone uh i'm still thinking

01:23:53   about it i'm inclined to go with the the mini just because i have loved um the mini for

01:23:59   the last year and i think that that is you know i just i i like the size and then i hold

01:24:04   a larger phone in my hand and i think oh no like this is this is too much that that said

01:24:10   promotion and yeah those cameras like i'm open to the idea of getting an iphone 13 pro

01:24:20   but i'm also really tempted by the mini i want to see them in person too because uh

01:24:25   it seems like they haven't changed a lot in terms of the look and i i liked the look of

01:24:31   the 12 better than the 12 pro and if that's still the case which it seems like it is um

01:24:37   that's going to factor in too that i just like how it looks but them having a blue model

01:24:42   even though it's kind of a boring blue they have a blue pro uh i'm intrigued by that like

01:24:47   i'm i'm on i'm i'm not mike you were saying i was on the fence last time i'm not on the

01:24:52   fence but i'm next to the fence i'm looking over at the other side i'm thinking about

01:24:56   if i need to jump the fence but i'm still standing on the mini side of the fence right

01:24:59   now i mean and there is a possibility that you will get the opportunity to handle some

01:25:03   of these sooner than other people it's happened in the past maybe it will this time or at

01:25:07   least kind of around that time so you'll be able to make an informed decision so maybe

01:25:10   you'll help other mini i hope so just make their decision because if i think really it's

01:25:16   going to come down to a lot of people for like what they think of that display i think

01:25:20   that's going to be the big difference a lot of people i can imagine will just go yeah

01:25:24   i don't know but i already know where i sit in that camp and for me it is a like it will

01:25:29   be a must buy uh for me so i'm into it i'm excited about the phone i think it's it's

01:25:36   this one is better in all the ways that i wanted this iphone to be better in i didn't

01:25:40   need anything else personally this it's got what i want it's got better cameras i always

01:25:46   want a better camera um it's got things i wouldn't have expected in the camera like

01:25:50   a macro i didn't ever assume apple would do this and i'm pumped about it and it's got

01:25:55   the promotion display which i've been asking for for i think two to three years now so

01:26:00   bigger battery life as well take it i'll have it and it's and they've also re-upped that

01:26:04   gold look because that's 100 what i want i love my big shiny phone and i want another

01:26:11   one all right well that is i mean i wrote that review of the 12 pro max like it is a

01:26:16   an amazing slab of technology most iphone and it continues to be most iphone and this

01:26:22   this is the most iphone they've ever made mike to what i noted aside from the battery

01:26:27   life there isn't anything different in the pro max i don't recall any specific feature

01:26:33   that the pro max has that differentiates it from the pro phone because obviously we have

01:26:39   to because all of them have the sensor shift now um i don't think there's i'm looking at

01:26:46   their website real quick it got like what bigger screen uh there's no other like dividing

01:26:52   line on the specs page so by and large the same just depends on the size that you want

01:26:58   um of the phone yeah so overall uh how you feeling about this event i think it was fine

01:27:05   i think it was a it was exactly what it needed to be other than the ipad stuff which was

01:27:12   a surprise and is nice to see like the ipad itself is boring but necessary and popular

01:27:18   right but it's nothing nothing new the mini is nothing new because we already had the

01:27:22   mac the ipad air but it's new for the mini size which is great and i think that's an

01:27:27   exciting product because of that um but in terms of the apple watch and the iphone you

01:27:32   know the main events they're they're what we expect like i don't want to damn it with

01:27:38   faint praise i want to say it is exactly what apple needs to do this was not an event that

01:27:44   was going to blow us away in terms of what they had it was more obligatory it's apple

01:27:50   doing its best because every year it's going to come out with new iphones and they're going

01:27:53   to be incrementally better and every now and then they do something that's more you know

01:27:58   newer or more impressive than that but this is not that year this is the kind of year

01:28:02   where apple needs to do its job and improve all of its products and then and then sell

01:28:06   them and i thought it did a perfectly fine job of doing that i think the presentation

01:28:10   was fine um it was all all okay i know you're disappointed about the apple watch i'm excited

01:28:15   about the apple watch because i i i want a new apple watch and um you know it was it

01:28:23   was necessary and they did a fine job but it's also if people are looking like some

01:28:28   people always are for the next big revolutionary thing no of course it wasn't that it was this

01:28:33   year's iphone event and it was absolutely that like this is their most iphone event

01:28:40   ever how about that i like it uh for me i feel good about it because i you know i was

01:28:47   disappointed in one thing but i got something i didn't think i was going to get out of this

01:28:51   event you know i figured that basically the entire ipad that they mini that they have

01:28:56   shipped is exactly what i wanted them to do and kind of expected them to do and they've

01:29:00   given it to me maybe a month earlier than i was expecting that so nice i'm perfectly

01:29:04   fine with that pre-orders for iphones begin this friday also shipping on the 24th um so

01:29:11   uh luckily i just checked the pre-order opens at 1 p.m here for me because i really didn't

01:29:17   want to be pre-ordering a phone during the podcastathon and so i don't need to because

01:29:21   from my time zone the podcastathon starts at five o'clock so i will have my opportunity

01:29:26   to try and get my iphone pre-order in in time so i could pick it up the week after along

01:29:31   with my ipad mini that's gonna be a great day for me if i can get all of those at the

01:29:34   same time so yeah that was it that was the september event that's it that's one one for

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