355: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2021


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00:00:18   From RelayFN, this is Upgrade, episode 355.

00:00:22   Today is the WWDC draft for 2021.

00:00:26   And today's show is brought to you by Hello, Pingdom, and Forward Networks.

00:00:31   I am one of your participants, Myke Hurley, and I am joined by my adversary and also my

00:00:38   combatant in the draft, Jason Snell.

00:00:41   Hi, Jason.

00:00:42   Damn you, Myke.

00:00:43   You won last time, but I'll get you this time.

00:00:46   Something like that.

00:00:47   I don't know.

00:00:48   Yeah.

00:00:49   I have a #SnellTalk question for you, Jason, and it comes from me.

00:00:51   And I would like to know what your plan is for watching the WWDC keynote next Monday.

00:00:55   I think I'm going to do what I did last time, and I'm going to sit on my couch with my nice

00:01:01   TV and take notes and have it on the big TV.

00:01:05   I've done it the first few times.

00:01:07   Apple did the streamed events.

00:01:08   I did it at my desk.

00:01:10   And I think there's something to be said.

00:01:12   I'll be at my desk the rest of the day, right?

00:01:14   Something to be said for sort of having it still feel sort of theatrical, even though

00:01:18   I can't be there.

00:01:19   So I think I'm going to watch it on TV.

00:01:21   What about you?

00:01:22   Yeah.

00:01:23   So far with an iPad.

00:01:24   I got it from the studio for the first time.

00:01:26   So I'm bringing an old TV and my old Apple TV here, which I actually bought a new remote

00:01:31   for, because now I love the new remote so much I couldn't face the old remote.

00:01:37   So I'm going to bring those both to the studio.

00:01:40   So then I'll also be ready to record with you as soon as we can after the keynote, which

00:01:46   is the plan, by the way.

00:01:47   So next week's episode, we will be starting live as soon as we can after the keynote ends.

00:01:53   So if you want to continue listening about and hearing us talk about what's announced

00:01:59   at WABC, you can tune in straight after.

00:02:02   Just keep your eye on our Twitter account and we'll post as soon as we go live.

00:02:07   But we are, of course, today doing the draft.

00:02:10   If you would like to send in a Snow Talk question, I didn't do this.

00:02:13   I just put it into the document, which, listener, you can't do.

00:02:16   But if you send out a tweet with a hashtag SnowTalk or use question mark SnowTalk in

00:02:20   the Relay FM members Discord, then you may be able to help us open an episode of the show.

00:02:25   So let's talk about the rules for the draft today.

00:02:28   This is the largest WWDC draft that we've ever done at my request.

00:02:33   I tried to talk you down and I talked you down a little, but not as far as I would have

00:02:38   chosen.

00:02:39   So it's packed.

00:02:40   We're going to have to move fast.

00:02:42   So as we said before, the way that we do the draft here is Jason and I put together a list

00:02:48   of things that we're able to draw from.

00:02:50   So we come up with our picks, we put in anything we can think of, any rumors that we've come

00:02:55   around and a bunch of things that we just pull out of our brains.

00:02:57   We put them into a master document that we pick from.

00:03:00   We had a lot of stuff in the document, like a lot, a lot of stuff.

00:03:04   So there are going to be 14 rounds in this draft of 28 overall picks.

00:03:09   It will be split into three categories, six total picks for iOS and iPadOS, four picks

00:03:15   for macOS, this will also include any Mac hardware, and then four picks for everything

00:03:21   else.

00:03:23   The winner of the previous draft gets first pick, which finally is me.

00:03:29   I was thinking, I don't know how this works.

00:03:31   This is weird.

00:03:32   Do I not get to go first?

00:03:33   You don't get to go first.

00:03:35   Believe it or not, it's actually not written into the rules.

00:03:38   It's just been one of those things that's been stuck around for a long time.

00:03:41   Sportsmanship.

00:03:42   Sportsmanship.

00:03:43   If you're not planning to count, it must either be clearly announced on stage or on a slide

00:03:47   during the presentation itself.

00:03:49   That's right.

00:03:51   In case of a scoring stalemate between Jason and Myke, Steven Hackett will adjudicate.

00:03:55   We pretty much always score ourselves, but when we can't, we always have Steven's help.

00:04:00   There are no partial points awarded.

00:04:01   It's just a four point or a zero point.

00:04:03   Yeah.

00:04:04   I've amended this in the bill of upgrade rules because it previously said no half points

00:04:10   awarded and I thought, well, we could award a third a point.

00:04:12   Or a quarter.

00:04:13   Or a quarter of a point and that's not, no, that's not the point here.

00:04:14   It's good to have nicely clarified rules.

00:04:17   It is good to have nicely clarified, although we haven't had to deal with this in a long

00:04:21   time because of sportsmanship again.

00:04:23   Sportsmanship.

00:04:24   It's a watchword here, the upgrade draft.

00:04:26   No points awarded for any preannounced or ridiculously obvious items.

00:04:30   So if something is preannounced just before the keynote and it's not in the keynote, it

00:04:33   doesn't count.

00:04:34   No.

00:04:35   And if it's in the Mac OS or the OS state of the union afterward or in a press release,

00:04:38   it doesn't matter.

00:04:39   It's not in the keynote.

00:04:40   It doesn't matter.

00:04:41   It doesn't matter.

00:04:42   It's not in the video, either sad or visual.

00:04:45   The points awarded on the episode are final and in the case of a tie, there is a tiebreaker

00:04:51   question.

00:04:52   I get to pick the time limit that we're going to be doing and then Jason will pick the over

00:04:57   or under and we'll get to that in a bit.

00:04:59   So when it looks at previous draft results, so far I am winning for the year because I

00:05:03   picked up the April victory.

00:05:05   This is ending a two year losing streak.

00:05:08   So I have a document where I keep track of it and I hadn't remembered this, but I have

00:05:13   not won a draft since 2018 up until the April one.

00:05:21   So there we go.

00:05:22   In the past though, I have actually had the most success at WWDC.

00:05:27   I have won the first three drafts consecutively and you have won the past two after that.

00:05:32   So odds are in my favor for WWDC typically, but not recently.

00:05:37   I like your chances.

00:05:40   As always, there will be a link in the show notes of the episode to a scorecard, which

00:05:44   is maintained by the wonderful Zach Knox.

00:05:47   You can go and see that it's an interactive scorecard so you can play along with us as

00:05:51   everything goes through over the course of the event next week.

00:05:59   And they also have a new home now as well where you can also see previous scorecards.

00:06:02   It is an upgrade.cards.

00:06:04   I had no idea there was a dot.cards domain, but there is.

00:06:09   So now we know.

00:06:10   Pick that up.

00:06:11   Tiebreaker question.

00:06:13   So we've been settling on these over under for the event durations recently, which I

00:06:18   actually think is a pretty good tiebreaker because we've done stuff in the past like

00:06:22   Mac OS name, color of Tim Cook's shoes.

00:06:26   Somebody had a good one that I actually enjoyed, which was guess that we each guessed the name

00:06:31   of the location that will be chosen for Mac OS.

00:06:36   And then whoever is geographically closest to it wins, which I think is hilarious.

00:06:40   But this is the foolproof one.

00:06:43   I don't like the complexity of it all.

00:06:45   So this one, somebody sets the number and the other one chooses over under and that's

00:06:50   how the gamblers do it.

00:06:51   And you know, the gamblers wouldn't lie.

00:06:54   Would they?

00:06:55   The Apple will name it and name it with a geographic location.

00:07:01   Right I know.

00:07:02   I know.

00:07:03   And that's the risk there too is that they don't name it.

00:07:04   They just say, well, you know, it's just Mac OS 12 and let's move on.

00:07:09   And then what do we do if we tie?

00:07:10   So this is better.

00:07:11   This is always going to going to work for us.

00:07:14   As a slight aside, because we don't have this in our picks.

00:07:16   So I do just want to ask you now about Mac OS and its naming and numbering.

00:07:21   Yes.

00:07:22   Do you have any particular thought on what they might do this time around?

00:07:26   I definitely think it's going to be Mac OS 12.

00:07:29   I suspect they'll just keep on with the tradition of giving it a code name because that's fun.

00:07:34   Although I wouldn't be surprised at some point if they stopped because iOS doesn't have a

00:07:38   nickname.

00:07:39   None of the other releases do.

00:07:41   Just the Mac.

00:07:42   And if they are going to go to the incremental numbering, they may as well just switch over

00:07:48   to that.

00:07:49   Yeah.

00:07:50   So it could happen.

00:07:51   Apple didn't really talk about it being Mac OS 11, did they?

00:07:54   No, they called it Big Sur, but that wouldn't stop them from saying Mac OS 12.

00:07:58   I think it is something they could absolutely do, but my guess is that they won't stop naming

00:08:04   Mac OS only because it's a fun thing to get people to talk about, you know, what Mac OS

00:08:10   is and it's a tradition.

00:08:12   But you know, Apple breaks traditions all the time when it suits them.

00:08:15   So they could, but my guess would be not.

00:08:19   And you would expect that they would go, if they are going to increment the number, they're

00:08:22   going to go to 12.

00:08:23   They aren't going to skip to 15 or whatever.

00:08:26   No, I think it's going to be 12.

00:08:28   Yeah.

00:08:29   I think you're right there because why would they have changed the number to 11?

00:08:31   Right?

00:08:32   Like if they're then going to jump, that would have been the time to do it, right?

00:08:36   To make that change.

00:08:37   If they were doing that, then we would have already seen Mac OS 12 and 13 earlier this

00:08:41   year, right?

00:08:42   They'd be like, no, what do you mean?

00:08:44   We're just incrementing the number.

00:08:45   And then they would hit 15, but they didn't do that.

00:08:47   So yeah, I think it'll just be 12.

00:08:49   So the tiebreaker question, I had to think about this.

00:08:55   So I get to set the number, how many minutes the event will run for and where we will go

00:09:00   over or under that.

00:09:01   Now, all of the previous events that we've been doing since WWDC, they haven't crossed

00:09:06   the hour mark or they've been right around the hour mark.

00:09:10   Right.

00:09:11   I feel like that's not enough time for WWDC.

00:09:14   I can imagine that if they're going to go long somewhere, they're going to go long here.

00:09:18   I mean, that's how it's typically always been.

00:09:20   It's going to be very interesting just in general for this having been one year of virtual

00:09:26   events.

00:09:27   And I think it's going to be, I'm intrigued to compare and contrast like just the visual

00:09:33   style of this WWDC to the last one, because definitely the events videos that they've

00:09:38   done, they just keep turning up the pressure on how good they're going to look, you know?

00:09:43   So I'm very intrigued about that.

00:09:44   And also just the presentations, like the sessions and stuff.

00:09:48   Now they've had an entire year to prepare rather than a couple of months or weeks to

00:09:51   prepare.

00:09:52   I'm intrigued to see how the visual style of that's going to be this year as well.

00:09:57   But nevertheless, I have picked 85 minutes as the runtime.

00:10:03   So just under an hour and a half is where I'm going.

00:10:08   Over or under 85 minutes, Jason Snow?

00:10:11   Well I'm looking, I'm considering how long the keynote was last year.

00:10:17   Yep.

00:10:18   Right?

00:10:19   Mm-hmm.

00:10:20   And the answer is it was 108 minutes and 51 seconds.

00:10:28   And so I'm going to go over.

00:10:30   I think it's going to be more like 100 minutes.

00:10:32   Maybe not 120, but I think it's going to be over 85.

00:10:35   So I'll take the over there.

00:10:37   I'm going to say that I did do a slight miscalculation here.

00:10:41   And so this may end up going in your favor, Jason.

00:10:44   But that is perfectly fine.

00:10:46   I'm at 85.

00:10:47   Did you mean to be 115 minutes?

00:10:49   What did you do?

00:10:53   Kind of.

00:10:54   Nevertheless, we're at 85.

00:10:56   That's where we're going to go.

00:10:57   All right.

00:10:58   With that one.

00:10:59   Thank you.

00:11:00   It's your first time picking the over or under.

00:11:02   What am I supposed to do, you know?

00:11:04   Well, you live and learn.

00:11:07   Maybe I'll end up being right though, you know?

00:11:08   You could be?

00:11:09   Mm-hmm.

00:11:10   I won't be.

00:11:11   I feel like now.

00:11:12   No, you won't.

00:11:13   No.

00:11:14   But to be honest, it's the likelihood of us getting

00:11:17   to the tiebreaker with the amount of rounds we have.

00:11:20   I don't know.

00:11:21   It's unlikely to me.

00:11:22   Yes.

00:11:23   So before we get started with our first round, which is iOS and iPadOS, let me take our very

00:11:28   first break of this week's episode and thank our first sponsor, which is Forward Networks.

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00:12:59   So let's get started with the picks themselves.

00:13:01   Let's go into round one on iOS and iPadOS.

00:13:05   And again, I'm all discombobulated, Jason.

00:13:08   I'm thinking, "Right, what's Jason going to pick first?"

00:13:10   But no, it's me.

00:13:11   When I do my prep, I think like, "Okay, these are the two most obvious ones, so which one

00:13:15   am I going to pick, and then is Myke going to pick the other one, or otherwise I should

00:13:18   pick the one that I think Myke won't pick?"

00:13:20   And then I realized, "Oh, Myke picks first."

00:13:23   This isn't how it goes this time.

00:13:24   How intriguing.

00:13:27   Home screen widgets on iPad is going to be my first pick.

00:13:31   Yep, literally the first one on my list too.

00:13:34   I mean, honestly, I think maybe of everything in our list, this one feels like the most

00:13:41   sure thing.

00:13:42   Like, for me anyway, that was kind of how I approached this this time.

00:13:48   Widgets have had a great success over the last year.

00:13:51   People love them.

00:13:52   And it was always very clear that we should see them on iPad.

00:13:57   It seemed like the perfect device for it.

00:13:59   So I can only assume that if we are going to be getting iPadOS as a focus this year,

00:14:04   or at least getting some new features, we might talk about what some of those could

00:14:07   be.

00:14:08   It seems like widgets coming to the iPad would be a pretty sensible and worthwhile addition.

00:14:15   Yeah, I mean, it was missing last year, right?

00:14:19   That was the...

00:14:20   Well, I mean, you can put them in the column.

00:14:23   I guess what you're really saying here is that the little widget place where widgets

00:14:28   live on iPadOS is going away.

00:14:29   Yeah, on the actual home screen.

00:14:30   If they're going to mingle with the app icon.

00:14:33   You can put them kind of wherever you want.

00:14:36   It'd be super interesting.

00:14:38   I would love it.

00:14:39   I could imagine people doing loads of cool things with their old iPads.

00:14:43   Like you set up an old iPad that you've got and it's like a little status board and it

00:14:48   lives off to the side of your desk, like your old iPad or whatever.

00:14:52   Could be super cool, especially if they add more functionality for widgets this year.

00:14:57   Maybe we're going to talk about that in a bit.

00:14:58   I hope that they do.

00:15:00   I think Apple would be really silly to not double down on widgets considering it was

00:15:07   in recent years one of the things that they've actually added into the system that has taken

00:15:12   off in the way that they would want to.

00:15:14   Like I think the last few years for Apple, they've been trying to launch things and they

00:15:18   haven't panned out.

00:15:20   Even last year, watch face sharing, nobody's doing that.

00:15:26   The thing about the widgets too is just like it's all embedded in this disappointment that

00:15:32   the iPad didn't get the attention that the iPhone home screen got last year.

00:15:35   And I think the message, even though Apple didn't say it, but like it was very clear

00:15:38   that next year for the iPad, like we're just not, we couldn't do them both.

00:15:43   Essentially that was the report I saw, right?

00:15:44   We talked about it.

00:15:45   So the iPad got to wait a year.

00:15:48   Well here we are.

00:15:49   So it's time.

00:15:50   What's your first pick?

00:15:52   I'm going to go with what my second item on my list was since you took my first one.

00:15:57   That's fun.

00:15:58   Which is overhaul of notifications.

00:15:59   This is something that Mark Gurman has reported and it's needed, it's necessary, a revisiting

00:16:06   in iOS and iPadOS of how notifications are sent, new features and tools to customize

00:16:14   them.

00:16:15   The idea, I think one of the concepts out there is that you could have different scenarios.

00:16:20   So like certain times of day, certain locations where your notification preferences change

00:16:25   so that you don't see this notification when you're in the house, but you'd see it when

00:16:29   you're out and you don't get it at night.

00:16:30   But these other ones you do get, even if you're sleeping and like having the ability to really

00:16:34   control that.

00:16:36   You know, Android has notification settings that every time I've looked at an Android

00:16:41   phone I'm baffled by them because they're like, that's the argument, right?

00:16:45   Is, oh, you get so much control.

00:16:46   And I look at it and think, oh, this is too much.

00:16:49   This is too much.

00:16:50   And I think that's what Apple is going to struggle with with notifications is I think

00:16:54   offering people control is really great for notifications and it's a must, but it really

00:16:59   fights against a lot of Apple's instincts in terms of keeping it simple.

00:17:03   So I'm interested to see how they do it, but I think they need to do it because notifications

00:17:07   are a mess.

00:17:08   They're a mess across all their platforms.

00:17:09   Notifications on Mac, don't get me started about that.

00:17:12   But I'm hoping that they'll have a more unified idea of how notifications work and put it

00:17:16   on all their platforms.

00:17:18   But this pick is overhauling notifications in iOS and iPadOS.

00:17:23   I always feel like whenever Apple have done this kind of stuff, they never go as far as

00:17:28   I want them to, but I hope that they do something.

00:17:32   And that idea of profiles even that Mark Gorman was talking about that we just mentioned,

00:17:38   that would be nice, but I really want there to just be way more control over, and also

00:17:45   for Apple to enforce it.

00:17:47   What I want, Jason, is like each application has different types of notifications they're

00:17:53   allowed to send and you can choose what you want.

00:17:56   Also you can turn off marketing messages from an application in iOS settings.

00:18:01   That's the kind of stuff that I want to be able to do, but I can't imagine them going

00:18:04   to that level.

00:18:05   Yeah, but I can see the scenario where they say, "Okay, what we're going to do now is

00:18:09   we're going to classify.

00:18:10   You have to, as a developer, classify your notifications."

00:18:13   I wish.

00:18:14   "And you have to put them in these buckets and we're going to look, right, the app review's

00:18:18   going to look and you better not mess this up."

00:18:21   But the idea there that then the user just says, "I want to see these kinds of notifications,"

00:18:26   instead of, "Let me go into this app and deliver quietly," or, "Oh no, do I want to turn that

00:18:31   off?"

00:18:32   It's too much.

00:18:33   That's the question, right, is what's their approach here.

00:18:35   But I appreciate Mark Gorman's report.

00:18:38   I like the idea that they're going to take another crack at it because they need to.

00:18:41   For my second pick, I'm going back to the widget well.

00:18:46   More size options for widgets.

00:18:50   I think that this will be something that comes along naturally with the iPad, that maybe

00:18:55   you might have larger widgets.

00:18:57   But I would also like smaller widgets as well for the iPhone.

00:19:02   Like a widget that takes maybe two app icons in size rather than the four.

00:19:08   I have a couple of widgets that I want on my home screen, but they don't need to be

00:19:12   as big as they are.

00:19:14   Looking at you shortcuts, right?

00:19:15   Like the single shortcut widget as a two-by-two block, it's way too large.

00:19:23   And I think that they could, you know, honestly, I think you could do them in one.

00:19:30   Like one icon sized, right?

00:19:32   Wouldn't that be interesting, a widget that's an icon?

00:19:36   Yeah, and the benefit that you have there is it's updating information.

00:19:40   So like finally your third party calendar app could show you the date as the icon.

00:19:46   At that point, isn't that just a custom?

00:19:47   I mean, you could have more than one, I guess, per app, but it's like a custom automatically

00:19:52   updating icon.

00:19:53   Yeah, it's the automatic updating part, which is exciting to me as opposed to the custom

00:19:57   part.

00:19:58   Because custom icons, you know, you can do that, but widgets live on the home screen

00:20:03   and they can have data surface to them.

00:20:05   Like imagine your weather app showing you the current weather status in the application

00:20:12   icon because it's a widget now instead.

00:20:15   So I don't know.

00:20:16   I think they will do again, I'm going big on this because I'm sure that they will too.

00:20:23   I feel pretty confident in that.

00:20:26   Honestly, it would be a huge surprise to me to not see a lot of attention paid to widgets

00:20:32   again and expanding them.

00:20:34   Because even last year, it seemed natural that this was the start of a new strategy.

00:20:39   Right.

00:20:40   And we discussed how the, it's one of those cases where people were actually enthusiastic

00:20:44   about upgrading in order to get all the new things so they could get their home screen

00:20:48   customized and all of those things.

00:20:51   Like the logical thing would have been that Apple looked at that and said, oh, we should

00:20:54   prioritize those features.

00:20:56   And widgets is a great example of that.

00:20:57   Like did they do the widgets last year and say, okay, we're done now.

00:21:01   This is it.

00:21:02   This is all it ever needs to be.

00:21:03   I would think not.

00:21:04   I would think that that was 1.0 and we'll see 2.0, but who knows.

00:21:08   Okay.

00:21:09   Give me your second pick.

00:21:10   I'm going to go with more options to change default apps.

00:21:16   So currently Apple offers some options to change some app types away from the default

00:21:23   so that you can have a different web browser and a different email app.

00:21:28   And I think Siri has some custom defaults for things like music, but I'm going to keep

00:21:35   this broad and just say Apple will add to that class.

00:21:39   I have some thoughts about what it might be.

00:21:42   You know, calendar is a good one.

00:21:45   Let's hear it for, is there a calculator service?

00:21:48   We should get that in there.

00:21:49   James Thompson can just like slide in and be like, no, no, Pcalc is your calculator now.

00:21:54   But whatever it is, I just feel like not only is the pressure still on Apple to sort of

00:22:00   show that they're open to third parties and not just trying to take everything for themselves,

00:22:06   but they introduced this concept.

00:22:08   So I'm going to throw in that they'll expand it and add some new things.

00:22:11   Because, and remember, it's a developer conference.

00:22:13   So they're talking to the developers of the third party apps who would benefit from being

00:22:17   able to be set as a default.

00:22:19   So that's why I think that you'll see some, some expansion of this policy.

00:22:26   It is difficult to think of exactly like the ones that they might do.

00:22:31   Calendar makes sense.

00:22:32   Calendar.

00:22:33   Even reminders, like a to do application stuff.

00:22:36   Right.

00:22:37   Right.

00:22:38   And I know, and it's complicated.

00:22:39   And, and this is a weird area where like auto opening of a app based on its type instead

00:22:46   of what app it is.

00:22:47   But there are places where that happens and I think you could do calendar is a good one.

00:22:52   Actually, one of the things that struck me is like, um, Apple's data detector stuff will

00:22:57   find dates and I use fantastical, right?

00:23:00   So then I tap on the date cause it's a hyperlink and it opens it in the calendar app.

00:23:04   That's not what I want.

00:23:06   That's not my calendar app.

00:23:07   So that would be a directly applicable thing.

00:23:09   TJ in the, in the discord just, just suggested one, which is very key for you.

00:23:14   Maps.

00:23:15   Maps.

00:23:16   Yeah.

00:23:17   So you can detect an address and set Google maps as your default that it'll open that

00:23:20   address in Google maps and not in Apple maps and that, yeah.

00:23:24   So I don't know what form this will take, but I'm willing to put down a chip on, um,

00:23:29   more than they've got already.

00:23:30   All right.

00:23:32   For my third pick, I am going back to the home screen.

00:23:35   I'm going back to the iPad again.

00:23:37   My later picks will differ from this.

00:23:39   Uh, but you know, Jason's picked up some stuff.

00:23:41   I would have to, so I've moved my list around app library for the iPad.

00:23:45   Now that was high on my list.

00:23:47   Again, you got me again.

00:23:49   This again, as people will say this, I think Federico wrote this in his review too.

00:23:53   Like app library kind of makes more sense on the iPad in the first place.

00:23:59   Um, so yeah, I would love to see this because you know, I'm sure we, I think we were talking

00:24:05   about this a couple of weeks ago.

00:24:07   My iPad is, you know, I've got a bunch of icons and then a bunch of folders, which I

00:24:11   just throw stuff into and I never know what's in there.

00:24:13   I think it's an even worse state than my iPhone.

00:24:16   I would love app library on my iPad.

00:24:19   I do hope as well Apple does some refinements to the app library.

00:24:24   I really want them to put it in a new gesture, like a swipe up from the bottom gesture like

00:24:29   they do on Android.

00:24:30   So this is my only hesitation about app library on iPad and I had it high on my list of possible

00:24:36   picks is what if it's not app library?

00:24:39   What if it's another take on app library, but it's not app library?

00:24:43   I think it will be, but like when you think about the size of an iPad screen and you think

00:24:47   about how app library is implemented on iPhone, I wonder if they'll have another approach

00:24:54   that does the same thing but isn't maybe the same.

00:24:57   I also wonder like you could do app library as like a, like a widget or an expanding thing

00:25:02   or a column on a page instead of it being the full thing.

00:25:07   I also wonder could you just make an applications icon that imagine if you will an application

00:25:15   folder of a kind that would then you would tap and it would open it?

00:25:19   What about a pad from which you could launch applications?

00:25:22   Oh interesting, interesting.

00:25:24   Anyway that's my issue is only I wonder if Apple will say oh well app library that's

00:25:28   more of an iPhone idea for the iPad.

00:25:31   We've invented appstravaganza.

00:25:33   You're like all right whatever, but yeah I do think that something like this has to come

00:25:38   to the iPad.

00:25:39   It makes more sense on the iPad.

00:25:40   I have you know I struggle with this more on the iPad than I do on the iPhone so I would

00:25:44   really like to just be able to have it be there instead of having to because honestly

00:25:51   after spending a year with app library on my iPhone I look at that set that last page

00:25:55   of my iPad home screen and I just think oh this is so sad.

00:26:00   Like all these folders that are just where these apps are dumped in order to keep them

00:26:04   on the device but not visible to me so I would like that to go away.

00:26:08   Give me your third pick.

00:26:09   My third pick is, this is the big one Myke, it's a big one.

00:26:15   At least one Apple Pro app brought to iPad.

00:26:21   This is way earlier than I had this on my list.

00:26:25   I thought about it and I decided that I think all signs point to this and in fact I would

00:26:34   say and you can see because I picked it here I think it's the most likely quote unquote

00:26:39   solution to the M1 iPad is so powerful why can't you do more stuff with it?

00:26:48   I think it's actually the easiest solution for Apple is to have a long gestating probably

00:26:54   final cut or something for iPad released.

00:26:58   I think it's actually easier for them to do that than say rethink multitasking and windowing

00:27:03   in order to support external displays or something like that.

00:27:05   I feel like just saying oh we brought final cut to the iPad and it's not full final cut

00:27:11   it's missing some features that we'll add later but you can sync your projects back

00:27:16   and forth and you can finally do video editing even though you could with LumaFusion but

00:27:21   now you can do final cut style video editing using the power of the M1 etc.

00:27:26   It could be logic it could be Xcode but I think final cut is probably the most likely

00:27:32   and I just so that's my rationale is really that I think it might be easier for them to

00:27:36   say hey look we did a Pro app instead of the harder work this is me being a little cynical

00:27:41   about this but like the harder work of really overhauling iPad OS to be more properly powerful

00:27:48   for the iPad Pro.

00:27:50   And what you're saying is that then when the question is why is the iPad Pro so powerful

00:27:57   why does it have Thunderbolt they point to final cut right?

00:28:03   That's a pretty interesting thought I hadn't considered that.

00:28:06   I mean I had this low on my list because you know I just feel like we've been burned about

00:28:10   this you know for years.

00:28:13   I remember back to WWDC in San Francisco talking about Xcode for iPad.

00:28:19   I know I know and there are several items on this list that are very much I've been

00:28:23   burned by this so many times am I going to do it again and sometimes the answer is yes

00:28:27   let's just keep picking it until they do it.

00:28:30   And sometimes it's like no I'm not going to pick it and then sometimes that's when it

00:28:33   happens so for this time I feel like this is the most likely scenario of all of the

00:28:39   scenarios about them justifying the power of the M1 iPad Pro they may also just not

00:28:44   so there's that.

00:28:45   For my fourth pick this is maybe a frustratingly ambiguous pick but new features for the Messages

00:28:53   app.

00:28:54   Okay.

00:28:55   You know I feel like they started to do some interesting stuff with messages last year

00:29:02   pinned messages the threaded replies and all that kind of stuff I think Apple could push

00:29:10   a little bit further here you know maybe adding some more functionality to these things that

00:29:16   they have done before.

00:29:20   I don't really have a lot to this.

00:29:22   Well I was thinking you know there are rumors out there about the idea that Apple wants

00:29:27   to do things that are more social media like social network like.

00:29:32   I just don't know what any of that is.

00:29:34   Right.

00:29:35   I mean the one that I will suggest and this is a freebie Apple you can just slide it in

00:29:39   in the next week to the beta is I want Tapax expanded to be any emoji I want.

00:29:44   Just anything right?

00:29:45   I love slack replies and I love Tapax but Tapax with six icons is stupid so I want more

00:29:54   I want emoji reactions basically but there's lots of fun stuff that they could probably

00:29:59   think up in terms of making I mean Messages is so powerful for them and they've only seemed

00:30:05   to recently awaken and realize that they actually need to do things and make an effort on Messages.

00:30:12   Did you in the in the discos stories stories.

00:30:16   Oh man they could write like they could don't like don't joke about that like say its name

00:30:23   and it will appear because we already have everybody's Apple ID and you've got people

00:30:28   that are in your messages and that you've added their contact or that you get their

00:30:31   little icon like there's already a back end directory service so Apple could totally do

00:30:36   it to do stories and there's a story view that's like everybody who's in your contacts

00:30:41   and if you say it three times it will appear.

00:30:44   Oh no.

00:30:45   No look into the app and say it three times.

00:30:49   My thinking for this pick was not so much the detail but the reason and I have another

00:30:55   pick that I'm going to maybe make in a bit if you don't get it too which is I think there's

00:30:59   going to be a story about in all of this stuff I think we're going to hear things about how

00:31:06   you know the last year has changed the way we do X and communication is one of those

00:31:11   things so adding new features to tools that people use to communicate virtually I think

00:31:17   will be something that not only they would be wanting to do but also would have made

00:31:22   the people in charge of producing this software and making the decisions may have realized

00:31:29   more the areas in which they are lacking this year or where things could be improved so

00:31:35   I could imagine new features for messages in that regard.

00:31:39   Yeah I think it's perfectly reasonable and I think I know where you're going when you

00:31:42   say that but we've got a couple more picks here which is great.

00:31:46   I am going to go next with more user controllable design and theming on iOS and iPadOS now this

00:31:54   could potentially even be related to the notifications thing right they might have a bigger.

00:31:59   Picture idea of sort of like modes or you know when I'm at home here are my notifications

00:32:05   and here's how my wallpaper changes.

00:32:09   Android's latest release announcement has a lot of customization in it I'm really saying

00:32:16   I mean obviously we know sometimes Apple and Google do the same sorts of things it's in

00:32:22   the conversation it's in the water they're not copying each other they're literally on

00:32:26   parallel tracks doing the same sorts of things and then they have their individual take on

00:32:31   it I think it's interesting that Google did that Google obviously saw the enthusiasm that

00:32:36   users had with the iOS release last year in terms of customizing their devices well Apple

00:32:41   also saw that and so yeah I think that I don't I imagine that whatever they do should they

00:32:47   do this it will be disappointing in the in the way that it will not ever be what everybody

00:32:52   wants it to be an example I would give would be are you saying that you every UI element

00:32:59   in the system can now change based on a per user base I'll be like no you know I don't

00:33:04   think Apple's gonna do that that's more of an Android thing but I could see Apple coming

00:33:08   up with a set of themes set of statuses or a set of themes to choose from and then telling

00:33:14   app developers here are the themes the users can pick from there are four of them or six

00:33:20   of them and you can choose to change your UI based on what theme the user is using and

00:33:27   so it's like night mode like dark mode and light mode except more more modes and an example

00:33:35   would be that you could also say like my icon changes when if somebody is choosing I don't

00:33:42   know summer mode my icon gets all summery and winter mode my icon gets all wintery right

00:33:48   and my UI changes so that that's the idea I think it will be really restrained because

00:33:54   it's Apple but I feel like Apple is gonna want to do something to sort of get across

00:33:59   the idea that users really do want a little more control over what their devices look

00:34:04   like yeah I don't think they're gonna do as much as Google has done with material I think

00:34:09   it'll be impossible right because Google has literally done everything as far as I can

00:34:13   tell but that's why I came in with the idea of sort of like presets imagine Apple saying

00:34:18   yes you you too can customize your device to one of four items that we have made for

00:34:24   you that we have chosen but I just want to say for the sake of squaring if all they do

00:34:30   is add like a proper blessed custom app icon thing that would count I just want to say

00:34:36   that because we don't have that in there we didn't speak about that but I think that would

00:34:39   count like if they said hey we have this new way for users to set their own custom icons

00:34:45   that is user controllable design yeah I think so yeah and you we know we know what this

00:34:50   is which is it's essentially reacting to the aesthetic AF trend of last fall and being

00:34:57   like oh yeah we got to get some of that in there and whatever they do we'll know it when

00:35:00   we see it the David Smith effect yes underscore the underscore effect I was gonna pick one

00:35:06   here but it's boring so I'm gonna change it for a different one maybe we'll come back

00:35:11   to what was boring there in a minute I'm gonna go with one that I desperately want which

00:35:15   is a redesign of the home app oh nice the whole map kind of sucks it kinda it's really

00:35:22   not very good it's it that the information density is weird all of the controls you know

00:35:29   like takes too long to do everything like for example I recently got internet control

00:35:36   radiated things so they're radiative valves that I can turn on and off I think it's made

00:35:40   by a company called Eve yeah you could finally do what all of us with smart thermostats in

00:35:44   the US have been doing for years which is control your temperature of your environment

00:35:48   with the computer yeah because the environment I've got them here at the studio lots of people

00:35:53   have nested in the UK I just don't have access here at the studio to a central controlled

00:35:58   heating system yeah all I can do is turn the radiators on and off for me to turn them on

00:36:04   I have to long press on a tile and then press a button why do I need to do that why can't

00:36:10   I just press a button on the whole like the one screen and turn it on like that did so

00:36:16   many little things are weird about the home app and there's so much interesting information

00:36:22   that is there like the and the automation stuff is fantastic that part is great it's

00:36:26   designed really well there's got a lot of smart stuff I love how it recommends things

00:36:31   that part of it's great but the main kind of like here is your home and here's its controls

00:36:37   it's so bad like it's it's really just not it is designed to look nice not to be functional

00:36:45   and it doesn't even really look that nice you know you can vary I see a lot of people

00:36:49   very easily get into a case where they're having to scroll you should never need to

00:36:53   scroll in the home app things should be resizing way more before you need to get to scrolling

00:36:59   so yeah I would there needs to be some some rethinking for the home app especially as

00:37:05   it seems that there is a potential for home technology to get better over the next couple

00:37:10   coming years with with the matter initiative this is one that I want to see them put some

00:37:16   some time and effort into now so they're ready for that and they don't like falls later on

00:37:20   because I in theory with the matter initiative I wouldn't have to use the home app I could

00:37:25   use another app

00:37:26   but ideally you use the home app and it would be good exactly right now it's not good oh

00:37:31   this is a funny this is just an aside but I was thinking about how janky homekit and

00:37:36   the home app is the other night at two in the morning or three in the morning this is

00:37:43   not going to end well right I'm I'm asleep this so positively I'm asleep and there's

00:37:50   a beep from above me in my bedroom my ceiling fan has turned on what it's a homekit ceiling

00:38:08   fan and something has told it to turn on I do have an automation for the ceiling fan

00:38:15   however it's an automation that is timed and it runs in the afternoon and it's basically

00:38:19   if it's a warm in the bedroom in the afternoon it turns on the ceiling fan it's a nice little

00:38:23   simple automation that doesn't work as reliably as it should but I have tried all sorts of

00:38:28   other automations including some stuff in the home plus app where I'm trying to do thresholds

00:38:34   where it's like literally if the temperature in the bedroom because why can't you do this

00:38:38   if the temperature in the bedroom crosses a threshold turn on the fan right if it's

00:38:43   warmer than 74 degrees turn on the fan and that never worked I tried that it never really

00:38:49   worked the home app doesn't support it anyway and now I'm a little concerned and it's not

00:38:53   an am/pm problem because the automation is 3 p.m. and it ran the next day at 3 p.m. something

00:39:03   happened either there is a stray command to turn it on that finally came through did my

00:39:10   Apple TV reboot or something or what I fear is my attempts to do a not entirely supported

00:39:18   home plus automation has left some command somewhere in the homekit server that thinks

00:39:25   it knows what it's doing but it's actually and it's not visible anywhere it's like a

00:39:29   zombie thing but it only happened the one well no it happened twice because I turned

00:39:32   it off and I went back to sleep and I woke up in the morning and it was back on oh you're

00:39:37   done now you could you got to remove it I got to move like I got to take the fan down

00:39:42   so my point is home the home app it needs help completely unrelated other complaint

00:39:49   you know in the studio I'm like you know I say hey assistant turn off the lights and

00:39:54   it says your accessories not responding and then I pick up my phone and I turn them off

00:39:59   in the home app and they go off why does that happen I don't understand why that app that

00:40:03   shouldn't be happening right that's a different issue I'm gonna go with a boring one good

00:40:09   and it's vague okay but I feel like it's the kind of thing Apple will do at WWDC new it's

00:40:17   this is like your messages pick new features for FaceTime this was the one that I was referencing

00:40:24   oh this is your boring one that you know this is my boring one this is my this is when I

00:40:28   when I was talking about that I said I might pick I have another one to pick okay for the

00:40:32   same reason you know you would expect this would be an application that had some focus

00:40:36   on it right now is now there have been new features for FaceTime on the iPad Pro because

00:40:42   we now have center stage but I'm thinking more broadly like in the in the year that

00:40:48   we've had where everybody has been doing video conferencing and all of that and everybody's

00:40:52   been using zoom and things like that if I was on the FaceTime team I would say hey why

00:40:57   don't people use FaceTime like I have a every other week family zoom and everybody's on an

00:41:05   Apple device and I don't know why we're using zoom other than people are comfortable with

00:41:10   it and I think that if I were on the FaceTime team I'd be saying hey wait a second how can

00:41:15   we up our game here what do all what do Cisco WebEx and and zoom and and all these other

00:41:22   services have that we don't how can we up our game here I don't know the answer to that

00:41:27   question no animated backgrounds I don't know what it is.

00:41:33   So there are people that pay more money than we're paid to come up with that.

00:41:36   That's right I'm just saying something like no no I'm gonna be picture that I'm an Apple

00:41:39   is it picture I'm Craig all right let's say I'm Craig I'm gonna have my meeting with the

00:41:44   product leads for FaceTime I'm gonna be like you got to give me something.

00:41:48   Yeah.

00:41:49   What what like what in particular something like look at zoom look at WebEx look at all

00:41:55   these competitors out there they do all sorts of stuff that FaceTime doesn't try to do you

00:42:00   know but I'm gonna put this on you I'm not gonna come up with your list for you but give

00:42:04   me something give me some some substantive advancement in something about FaceTime let

00:42:09   it be give you something boring Jason sure join a FaceTime by a link I was about to say

00:42:15   that like yeah how about the ability to create a FaceTime room and email it to people that's

00:42:21   that's almost like a social feature that uses FaceTime super boring but it's one of the

00:42:26   reasons zoom has been yeah so because it's so easy you just send them around to people

00:42:31   FaceTime on the web what about that Jason yeah it's time on the web about recording

00:42:34   a meeting yeah in FaceTime that would be a thing and yes yes seriously backgrounds people

00:42:42   love the backgrounds and zoom just how good your you know machine learning is you should

00:42:47   be able to pick me out right do you use the I don't know all the cameras I got on my iPhones

00:42:51   and stuff yeah do something fun let's do it.

00:42:55   We're into our last picks here yeah now the of this massive six pick there's something

00:43:02   there's a thing quite specific there's a whole area of stuff that we've not picked and I

00:43:08   think probably for good reason mm-hmm and it's all the iPad stuff yeah mic calculator

00:43:14   on iPad it's right there weather app on iPad you could put that in there too if you wanted

00:43:19   I'm trying to work out what I want to do here because this is difficult like if you're gonna

00:43:25   put your money down on this one this is one of those situations where I actually would

00:43:30   prefer you to be going first right because I could be as I wouldn't I would expect it

00:43:35   maybe you're similar thinking similarly to me is whichever one I go with you can pick

00:43:39   the other one uh-huh what we're talking about here is like if or what Apple will change

00:43:44   in regards to the way that the iPad works yeah I've got one teed up here if you don't

00:43:51   so I am going to be the downer okay oh man you I saw you put this in oh man well this

00:44:02   I think this is I thought it was a brilliant move when you put this in our document and

00:44:06   and sure bet the under go for it is the pick the core of iPad OS remains mostly unchanged

00:44:13   no multitasking changes no external display support this is this is actually kind of the

00:44:20   flip side of my one pro app which is and that's all that's what you get one pro app and you'll

00:44:28   be happy about it that's all I don't want this to be the case right I want there to

00:44:35   be everything I want loads of new features I just don't I just don't know if I can confidently

00:44:42   say they're gonna do it mm-hmm I want them to do it but I don't know that they will right

00:44:53   this is one of those pics where I'm almost would be happy to be wrong oh sure if it then

00:45:01   but if I'm right I at least get something where otherwise I would get a point I'm sad

00:45:07   about the entire future of the iPad as a platform but I did get a point so yeah I mean look

00:45:16   too many times we've asked for too much for whatever reason and as you mentioned earlier

00:45:23   there's a lot of things that they can do for the iPad while still leaving multitasking and

00:45:30   external display support as is external display support that could come in six months time

00:45:37   with a new monitor right like they did with the trackpad there's no reason to necessarily

00:45:42   do that now and you could still do things like expanding multiple app windows and all

00:45:49   that kind of stuff without changing the multitasking system right so you could be ready for something

00:45:54   like that but what my pick here is saying is like the way that we do split view and

00:46:00   all that slide over that's gonna stay the way that you do multitasking and there's not

00:46:05   going to be any external display support but there are lots of things you could do a massive

00:46:09   overhaul to the files app you could allow people to put files in their desktop you could

00:46:14   I mean I'm all have to judge it right like for example if they ever if they finally introduce

00:46:19   app repairs that could be a thing that you could do but it wouldn't be changing multitasking

00:46:24   it's still you know if it's still you still open them the same you now just get basically

00:46:28   a shortcut and you open them at the same time we'll see but well I think we'll know it like

00:46:33   we said before we'll know when we see it yeah okay my last pick in this category I actually

00:46:39   had at the very top of my list and I was gonna drop it here at the very end I thought it

00:46:42   would have been a great section ender was support for separate apps running on an external

00:46:47   display and the reason I was gonna pick it in that one in particular was I was imagining

00:46:52   a scenario where I've been advocating for a rethinking of basically windowing on iPad

00:46:57   OS and have Apple be like nah but you can stick an app in a floating box that's the

00:47:03   shape of an iPad on an external display yep and it'd be like oh that's great but also

00:47:09   kind of disappointing but since you picked that I'm not gonna go the other way because

00:47:16   I feel like then I'm just sort of doubling down on one scenario and so instead I'm gonna

00:47:21   go I'm gonna go boring again I'm Craig Fedorigi Myke come into my office hey you're in charge

00:47:27   of mail dot app right oh this is what you're going with okay all right do something resembling

00:47:35   anything look like there's the the hey thing from the guys who hate us there's there's

00:47:42   like all these other apps out there that have tried to do interesting things with email

00:47:46   and mail dot app hasn't changed since Steve Jobs used it change it add some more filtering

00:47:55   add snoozing add ml-based prioritization on device make mail dot app better than it's

00:48:05   been for a decade where it's been completely just sort of laying in the weeds and I will

00:48:11   say if they did this then that would also be laying the groundwork for it to come to

00:48:14   Mac OS at some point maybe not this year but that ultimately they would merge those code

00:48:18   bases because mail dot app on Mac OS is like from next step it is ancient and so yeah anyway

00:48:27   I'm gonna pick that I I feel like when we do these WWDC stories we don't ever spend

00:48:34   enough time on Apple's core apps getting improvements yeah and they always do it's not always the

00:48:39   same apps but they always get improvements and so this year I really like that we put

00:48:43   in some apps were like this app gets better especially apps that really need to get better

00:48:48   and mail like I I think Apple maybe fundamentally believes that email isn't a thing which is

00:48:53   weird because they use email too and the fact is as much as we'd like email to go away it

00:48:58   doesn't go away so let's I would love to see Apple actually have a take on intelligent

00:49:06   email instead of doing what they do now which is really just kind of punting if you've seen

00:49:10   a big mail I've seen the web page yeah it's one of those apps that's gonna that looks

00:49:16   perfect and then you know you'll get it you realize oh no it's not it doesn't do all these

00:49:21   things but it's it's a it's a new app that I think it launches this week maybe yeah it's

00:49:27   perfect time for Apple to eat their lunch basically big mail to me looks like exactly

00:49:32   what I want Apple to do with mail right like it's all of the stuff right it's like this

00:49:36   looks like an app that Apple made visually because it's it's got the basic kind of UI

00:49:41   conventions you would expect from a iPad or iPad OS or iOS app but all of the modern features

00:49:46   right like fun ways to read newsletters and smart stuff and you know screening and it

00:49:53   but it's all on device and everything it's really I'm intrigued to try out it doesn't

00:49:58   seem like it will be the app for me because it's like one of the features that I come

00:50:01   to rely on with email now is sharing and collaboration features which I use a spark so I can't imagine

00:50:07   that I would switch to it but I'm really intrigued to check it out but yes this is kind of how

00:50:12   I would expect it but I'm I'm still being reserved in my feelings on it because like

00:50:17   you say these things come around and there's always problems and it's you know it's like

00:50:22   oh yeah it does all this stuff except that one thing that you really desperately need

00:50:26   all right so that was iOS and iPad OS we're only getting started we're just warming up

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00:52:22   of this show and relay FM.

00:52:24   So we're going to do our mac os and mac hardware picks this is all one category the main reason

00:52:31   why this is one category is we didn't have a ton of mac os relay picks so we just put

00:52:36   them all together I am going to go with a dream pick for my first pick Jason all right

00:52:44   dream on shortcuts for mac yay I want this so bad so so bad it has been in my time over

00:52:54   the last year of basically becoming mostly mac focused again with working it's been the

00:53:00   biggest thing that I've missed there are just things that I have to do like so many more

00:53:09   hoops I have to jump through to get simple actions to be done which is kind of funny

00:53:13   because this is the exact thing that mac users say about ipad os a lot of the time but when

00:53:18   it comes to user automation I have learned how to use shortcuts that's what I have learned

00:53:24   and whilst there is a lot more power available to use automation on the mac there is nothing

00:53:29   as simple and intuitive in my opinion and I really desperately want to see apple create

00:53:36   not just shortcuts for mac os but also let's take some of the power available to automation

00:53:43   on the mac and put a new face on it and that face of shortcuts right so don't just make

00:53:47   a simple version make a simple version that can also harness the amount of ability available

00:53:54   to the mac yeah I wrote a piece about this a couple months ago and it just the more I

00:54:00   use shortcuts and the more I then tried to move some of my shortcuts workflows into mac

00:54:05   os and realizing what the limitations were and I thought well this is ridiculous why

00:54:10   is it that user automation is actually easier on an ipad than it is on a mac that's that

00:54:14   should not be the case but automator is really old and it never really became what it was

00:54:19   supposed to be and shortcuts is a lot closer to being the dream of what automator was supposed

00:54:23   to be and I can see this being a multi-stage process where they bring shortcuts to the

00:54:28   mac and it has some limitations but they're trying to sort of bridge out you know to apple

00:54:33   script and automator but they're also trying to build a future for user automation but

00:54:37   yes I would be so happy because this would mean that apple is actually talking about

00:54:41   user automation on mac os again which they haven't talked about really since since Saul

00:54:46   who y'all know was on stage introducing automator and that was like what 15 16 years ago it

00:54:53   was a long time ago now so I hope this happens too I think it makes sense I actually think

00:54:58   it makes sense and it's not just wish casting I don't know when they'll do it but like they

00:55:03   need a unified user automation story and clearly shortcuts is the story yep I'm going to take

00:55:09   another pick that is basically bringing something on ios to the mac that has been we've been

00:55:15   waiting for for a long time and it hasn't happened and developers have been really hoping

00:55:18   for it and this is a developer conference and I'm just going to do it again been disappointed

00:55:22   in the past but maybe this is the year test flight comes to the mac for people who don't

00:55:27   know test flight it is a beta testing system where basically you can sign up for a beta

00:55:34   on your ipad or your iphone and then the developer sends new builds and you update to the new

00:55:39   builds and you can beta test and on the mac those developers have nothing and it's so

00:55:46   bad really really really bad I have a developer who is who is sending me betas on mac os and

00:55:55   it's a an email with a zip file and I had to send like my device id in order to be included

00:56:01   in the builds and it is because it's a catalyst app and it's ridiculous so I don't know again

00:56:08   I'm betting on something that apple should have done five years ago but I'm gonna say

00:56:12   this is the year for test flight and it'll make developers happy yes like one of my very

00:56:17   very favorite ios apps is timere which is the time tracking application and joe the

00:56:22   developer of timere like he's talking about this he has been working on and he's getting

00:56:26   ready to release very soon a mac version of the app and he has to see he's been we've

00:56:33   been testing and every time he makes an update he has to email me a link to a dropbox folder

00:56:38   where I can download a zip file to update it and then because I use like two macs I

00:56:44   have to remember to also download it on my laptop right and it's just an absolute nightmare

00:56:51   considering how simple it is like so like I also use timere on my iphone on my ipad right

00:56:57   and on my ipad I have test flight set to automatically update so like I'll get an email from joe saying

00:57:04   here's the new build for the mac and I was like oh look at that later on and then I'll

00:57:07   pick up my ipad and it's like it's automatically installed via test flight it's like the difference

00:57:12   is so massive between these things that I desperately want to have test flight for the

00:57:20   mac as well and I'm sure so many developers would want it and again even if they start

00:57:25   it small right like it's just catalyst to begin just start it because it this really

00:57:33   is something that I believe apple even said was coming at one point and just never has

00:57:40   and they really need to bring this yeah okay we're in agreement yeah we're we're uh if

00:57:46   we ran the zoo this would happen but we don't so we just have to guess about what the zoo

00:57:50   will do all right I'm gonna go I think this is somewhat risky but I feel confident okay

00:57:57   mac brick pro 14 inch with apple silicon will be announced at wwdc hardware wow there are

00:58:05   lots of conflicting rumors I think there was a report today even supply chain reports are

00:58:13   saying q3 according to digitimes I mean that q3 is july right I think if this is a product

00:58:23   that's even close to being ready you've got to announce it at wwdc like these are the

00:58:29   people that want that machine yes so I desperately hope that we're gonna see it Myke q3 starts

00:58:36   tomorrow right or no it starts in a month a month from tomorrow a month from tomorrow

00:58:41   that's right seven so like you could announce something in a week and say it ships july

00:58:46   10th and it's q3 yep like you and that makes perfect sense right so you announce it next

00:58:51   week pre-orders in two weeks ships two weeks after like you know it's like you can make

00:58:56   this work this is you know and I just think that this is a product so many people want

00:59:03   this is the perfect audience for it and I know if they have them close enough to ready

00:59:08   I'm sure like if they're ready they're gonna release them but they have them close to ready

00:59:10   go for it because otherwise are they selling a lot of Intel 13-inch macbook pros really

00:59:16   I don't think so because you know the other thing is like if we think you know we were

00:59:20   talking about Mark Gurman's report last week otherwise you can have a lot of Macs getting

00:59:24   started to get backed up right I've really really hope this would be such a great part

00:59:29   of the presentation to really show off something bold and big and powerful and new yep I hope

00:59:36   I hope we see it next week well with you having picked that I am going to pick something that's

00:59:41   related but also I think maybe a little broader uh-huh which is new Apple silicon Mac chip

00:59:49   yeah introduced mm-hmm here's my rationale there are two ways this could go there could

00:59:54   be a new MacBook Pro announced with a variant of let's say the m1 that has more cores and

01:00:00   this would count they could also say oh by the end of the year we're shipping a new Mac

01:00:06   Pro and it's gonna have a zillion cores in it and that would count because that would

01:00:09   be a new chip any pre-announcement of anything involving a new non m1 Mac chip would would

01:00:17   cover me here so that's that's how I'm gonna do it that's how I'm gonna play it yeah I

01:00:21   had this this was mine also my next pick Oh doubling down well I had to take it from you

01:00:25   then and that that way we we keep pace with one another here because this is like you

01:00:30   know they could do anything right I mean yeah I just think if they and they could they're

01:00:35   right I mean there's any number of machines that might use this but I think you're you're

01:00:39   right I'm a little concerned by the reports it's like oh it's q3 although like you know

01:00:44   we eventually got after I'm divided 12 in half and got six and said oh well that's halfway

01:00:49   through the year the beginning of June nope that's not how it works we we ultimately ended

01:00:54   up at oh it's just a couple of weeks after where q3 ships q3 could happen and that Apple

01:01:00   has not been afraid to pre-announce some of these products and say it ships in a month

01:01:04   ships in three weeks you know take your pre-orders in two weeks and then it ships two weeks after

01:01:08   that they totally could do that so I think that we are both on the same page about this

01:01:14   being something that they could do and if they do it it's not gonna be the m1 right like

01:01:19   you can't just keep putting m1s and things and calling them Pro there has to be another

01:01:22   story here so if you think about something that's based on the a14 cores it's like an

01:01:26   m1 but it's got more cores it's an m1x no matter what they call it it's basically you

01:01:31   know what I mean when I say it's an m1x and that would be a thing that they could ship

01:01:35   now because I don't think they're shipping something that's based on like whatever the

01:01:39   a15 cores are because that's a thing that we don't even see that ship until the fall

01:01:43   so I think it would just be the you know sort of six months later it's a little ish but

01:01:50   you get me it's sort of like the half step of the m1 for my third pick I am going to

01:01:55   say that at least one more Apple system app will be based on catalyst I put this in the

01:02:02   document and I thought it wasn't a trap I think it's a good like I don't know what it

01:02:09   is but they do seem to keep putting catalyst apps on the Mac right what do you think it'll

01:02:15   be I have no idea but something that I redesign so like right you know they could they could

01:02:20   do a new design for an application and say now it's based on catalyst and I think that

01:02:25   there's something important for Apple to continue doing that and kind of putting their money

01:02:29   where their mouth is and you know they did messages as catalyst which is the other one

01:02:36   that they did it wasn't music was it was podcasting I can't be was the TV catalyst as well so

01:02:42   yeah I just want to keep seeing them push this if they want developers to adopt it personally

01:02:49   I want developers to adopt it and I want Apple to do more catalyst I think that the technology

01:02:54   is good for users because it provides them with a great choice of applications and stuff

01:02:59   and having used some of the iOS apps on a Mac they do the job but it's much better when

01:03:06   a developer goes the extra mile to make it a catalyst app so it still has a lot of the

01:03:13   same bones but now supports a bunch more stuff which feels right for the Mac so you know

01:03:19   stuff like full Swift and Swift UI is I think is still many years away from being a true

01:03:25   thing that people could take advantage of so in the meantime and maybe even past that

01:03:29   catalyst should still be a technology that Apple continues to work on and one of the

01:03:34   greatest ways for them to continue working on it is to continue to use it for important

01:03:38   applications in the system yeah and I'm gonna be specific here and I updated our list to

01:03:43   be at least one new or updated Apple system app based on catalyst the idea here is they

01:03:47   could replace an existing app or they could add an app that was only on iOS or an app

01:03:52   that's new across all platforms that's based on catalyst. Can you imagine mail? But it

01:03:59   could also literally be hey we made this new app and now it's you know oh boy everybody

01:04:04   clips is now available on that goes it could literally be anything I think the idea is

01:04:08   it's a bundled in Apple app that they mention on stage that is that's sourced by catalyst

01:04:15   so and in terms of like how do we know we'll know like it'll be obvious whether it's catalyst

01:04:20   or not and we should be able to judge it based on that because sometimes people are like

01:04:24   they didn't say it was catalyst on stage it's like yeah but if they announce it and then

01:04:28   we find out that it's based on catalyst before we score it I'm I'm willing to use research

01:04:33   to confirm that the thing we saw on stage was what we thought it was that's not the

01:04:38   same as saying it didn't happen on stage so I'm okay with that. Sportsmanship. Last year

01:04:44   Mac OS introduced control center you know we got we got a version of control center

01:04:49   so I'm going to pick major improvements to control center I feel like control center

01:04:54   is a lot of work that still could be done I'd love to see third-party stuff appear in

01:04:58   control center and have a third-party API for control center but failing that I would

01:05:02   like to see a lot more in control center I think control center on the Mac is actually

01:05:06   a pretty good idea and that migrating a bunch of stuff that used to hang out in the menu

01:05:10   bar into control center is a good idea again I'm not going to tell Apple what to do here

01:05:15   but I just feel like control center is also a 1.0 and there's work to be done to make

01:05:21   it better and to perhaps integrate third parties a little bit so I'm going to put a chip down

01:05:27   on on control center being better. It's a good start like I like that I can pull things

01:05:32   out of the control center and put them in the menu bar I think that's really cool why

01:05:36   can't I go the other way though as well you know yeah well this doesn't happen a lot but

01:05:41   during the beta process last summer control center got way better like control center

01:05:45   the first beta was not a beta it was like an alpha it was missing all these features

01:05:49   and and I wrote a whole section in my like public data first look about how control center

01:05:53   didn't do all these things and when it came time to look at the final beta and you know

01:05:58   the release candidate I was like oh look at that they they've addressed so many of the

01:06:02   issues that control center had early on so I've actually I was actually impressed with

01:06:07   the pace of their changes and so I'm also sort of keeping that in the back of my mind

01:06:11   that whoever was working on control center did a lot of good work over last summer to

01:06:16   move it forward and I hope that they've been working in the background to keep moving moving

01:06:20   it forward for for this year so we'll see.

01:06:23   Okay this is our final pick in the Mac at Mac OS round and I'm back in this point again

01:06:29   where I'm really stuck about where I want to go.

01:06:32   There's a couple very mic categories out there that are sitting there.

01:06:38   Yeah what I'll say is we have maybe I think in upgrade plus today we'll talk about maybe

01:06:46   some stuff that didn't make our lists.

01:06:48   Sure.

01:06:49   We have some software picks but I don't think this is going to be a year for a lot of software

01:06:54   stuff for the Mac just in general I don't really imagine a lot of the stuff changing

01:07:00   for the system itself I think I'm going to go bold again.

01:07:04   Okay.

01:07:06   Because there has been precedent for this and I think it would make sense to do it but

01:07:11   it would be very bold but there is precedent.

01:07:15   New Mac Pro preannounced.

01:07:18   Oh okay.

01:07:20   So they've done this twice they did it with the iMac Pro and they did it with the Mac

01:07:25   Pro at WWDC preannounced this high end computer that will come at the end of the year.

01:07:32   You can look at it but you can't touch it.

01:07:35   And I personally believe that this is going to be a 2021 product you know maybe they sneak

01:07:41   it in right at the end of the year but I think it's going to happen and again just like the

01:07:49   14 inch MacBook Pro this is the audience to do it because I mean these people buy them

01:07:54   but these people also care the most right and the Mac Pro unlike any other computer

01:08:00   that Apple sells is a product that Moore's law does not apply to at all they've proven

01:08:06   it because they keep these things on sale like they when they showed off the new one

01:08:11   the trash can Mac Pro a product that Apple had on the record said was flawed in multiple

01:08:16   ways was still available for purchase for a long time up until they released they knew

01:08:23   everybody loves Mac Pro the return of the cheese grater Mac Pro so if they have one

01:08:28   in the chamber which it seems like they do if that's likely to come this year which I

01:08:33   think there is a possibility of now would be the perfect time especially even if they

01:08:38   did if they unveiled the MacBook Pro the new one and they're like this is so great it's

01:08:43   so powerful look how amazing this is we also have something that's so much more you know

01:08:48   just a little teaser like they've done before I would love you'd love to see it Jason that's

01:08:54   a big pick and I'm a little flummoxed because it was not what I was expecting and now I

01:09:00   have a really hard decision to make because I have a whole bunch of things that are kind

01:09:03   of interesting to me but they're all a little bit risky but with your risky pick there I

01:09:10   feel a little bit emboldened to pick something so I'm gonna do you know that thing Myke where

01:09:16   I said sometimes you pick things over and over again just hoping them hoping to will

01:09:21   them into existence and it's like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown right

01:09:25   it doesn't actually ever happen well you just said Apple was going to release a new Apple

01:09:30   silicon MacBook Pro for the developer conference because these are developers they're the they're

01:09:35   one of the biggest audiences for Pro Max I'm gonna I'm gonna lean into that and say you

01:09:39   know what would pair really well with that an external display okay I think this might

01:09:47   be a bit category although depending on how it goes it could be in the iPad category to

01:09:51   but I'm gonna mention it here new Apple external display announced not picking the size not

01:09:57   picking the price just saying something that isn't the pro display XTR available and would

01:10:03   pair nicely with a MacBook Pro and I think it would be kind of interesting because it

01:10:08   would pair with a MacBook Pro obviously of a Mac Pro and if they do actually and hopefully

01:10:13   do something to the iPad there's a big story throughout the whole keynote for why this

01:10:18   product would exist and maybe they needed the iMac to come out first before they could

01:10:23   do this we'll see I mean my only pause on the external display is I would have assumed

01:10:33   some kind of rumor to suggest it yep but who knows yeah who knows there have been rumors

01:10:40   about Apple working on an external display though but it's just been a while since we've

01:10:44   heard them but they could be there and again this is a thing where it might be hard to

01:10:48   know because it's a different kind of aspect of the supply chain and where they sourcing

01:10:53   their panels and are those panels for I'm that we've thought were for IMAX but they're

01:10:57   also for an external display we don't know but it's possible that it's it's sneaked by

01:11:02   and again I want to believe and and we'll see like for your I wanted to mention your

01:11:09   Mac Pro choice the reason I had that low on my list it is a thing that I could totally

01:11:14   see them doing I'm gonna bet that they do it next year that it'll be like two years

01:11:21   ago we stood up here and said we were making a two-year transition to Apple silicon and

01:11:27   it's missing and here's the Mac Pro and then everybody goes wild maybe even in person imagine

01:11:33   that so we'll we'll we'll see but I think they could do it because you know again what's

01:11:38   gonna stop them from from doing that but that's why I think that they're gonna they're gonna

01:11:43   over deliver on the two year we're gonna get the both of our picks here wrong and that's

01:11:48   fine except we'll be sad but it'll be fine we're used to disappointment this episode

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01:13:04   the support of this show and relay fm so we're gonna label now everything else so everything

01:13:10   else anything any category any hardware any other operating system is in our everything

01:13:17   else round i'm gonna pick something i think i picked last year classic and i think that

01:13:25   i was surprised they didn't do it last year uh and so this may have not been a wwc pick

01:13:31   but a september pick so focus on mental health features for watch os i just think that this

01:13:37   is the next area of health that apple should be going after here they have the breathe

01:13:43   app but i don't think that's enough and with potential like they have an upcoming feature

01:13:48   of um background sounds we spoke about in the accessibility section uh stuff like i

01:13:54   think it was last week and i can imagine stuff like apple adding background noises as maybe

01:13:59   a guided meditation type application or something like that um i think that mental health features

01:14:05   and helping people relax helping stress related stuff things like that uh i think that they

01:14:10   would be a a really sweet addition to the overall health suite of watch os okay makes

01:14:17   sense it makes sense i i struggled to think of what would be in watch os so it's nice

01:14:21   that you got a watch os pick in there and yeah i agree this is something that they could

01:14:25   they could focus on and it sounds very much i can imagine that being a thing that they

01:14:29   mentioned on stage for sure yeah watch os is hard to make picks for i think i don't

01:14:36   know if it's maybe particularly hard for me because i don't wear a watch very often and

01:14:40   apple watch it very often but i think some of the things that i would want to pick for

01:14:45   watch os are things they're just not going to do maybe we'll get we'll touch on these

01:14:51   but it's just stuff like at this point i just don't believe that they're any any closer

01:14:55   to doing it but we'll find out oh i am gonna pick so this is uh i'm gonna explain myself

01:15:02   here as a part of this because i'm not sure it's exactly what exactly what was in our

01:15:07   our document but i just want to explain what it means because there's a parentheses and

01:15:11   it's very confusing um a home segment is my pick a home segment yep now my rationale here

01:15:19   is matter has been announced which is formerly chip it's the home alliance we also have seen

01:15:25   thread radios appear in various apple products i'm not saying apple's going to unveil its

01:15:31   entire home strategy here but i feel like we may i'm going to pick here that we're going

01:15:37   to have them talk about smart home technology perhaps we will see that uh demo home that

01:15:45   they used in videos last year to talk about what apple views as the stuff that it's doing

01:15:53   in the home so i'm not sure what form this takes but i wanna i basically i'm saying they're

01:15:58   going to talk about and perhaps even show a home environment and apple's take on the

01:16:04   smart home now that seems really broad but i will say it's also something that's really

01:16:08   easy for apple to not do or to talk about in the fall but i'm gonna throw it out here

01:16:14   as a possibility i had this pretty high on my list i would have picked it if you wouldn't

01:16:17   have um i think the way that we can kind of say is look if they just said like hey here's

01:16:22   our new version of the home app that's not it it needs to be like as part of the keynote

01:16:27   where they are talking about various more than one things that are related to home and

01:16:34   even if they just say hey for developers you're now having access to uh you know the home

01:16:38   the homekit server is in all these different devices and you have access to thread radios

01:16:41   which means you can do it doesn't have to be a lot but it needs to be more than just

01:16:45   the home app improved it needs to be something more sort of strategic either about adding

01:16:49   apple products to the home or about how homekit works or how the thread radios enable more

01:16:56   connectivity to other devices or that or they mention matter and talk about the matter strategy

01:17:02   like it could be lots of different things but it's not just we updated the home app

01:17:05   that's not a home segment that's just an app update i'm going to go with it's getting hard

01:17:12   now there's a reason that this is the everything else category yeah one that i'm looking at

01:17:17   maybe maybe i'll come back to it my concern is that it might be too focused for the state

01:17:24   of the union than the wwdc presentation yeah there's they do a much more technical presentation

01:17:31   that happens in the afternoon pacific time that often has big announcements in it that

01:17:36   are technical that are very focused on developers because they know that the morning is viewed

01:17:40   by developers and it's a more technical thing but it's also viewed by the general public

01:17:44   at a level that the afternoon session is not so some technical announcements that we could

01:17:49   pick might actually happen in the state of the union which doesn't count for us then

01:17:53   i'm going to go with something that may be a little premature but i think something people

01:17:57   will be watching out for a new wireless audio streaming protocol for air pods all right

01:18:03   you know i think this will probably be something along the lines of like an airplay 3 or something

01:18:08   like that yeah but it could also just be we invented or did you know there's this obscure

01:18:13   footnote in the bluetooth spec that allows this thing well we're we're putting it in

01:18:17   and that means you can stream apple lossless to all of our wireless or whatever like something

01:18:21   like that where they say we're doing something new in order to enable new features in air

01:18:26   pods that's what i mean like this isn't the pick specifically but obviously what we're

01:18:31   hinting at is they do something that enables some form of lossless support for their existing

01:18:38   products yeah i think that makes sense it's not a big meaty one no no but but it's it's

01:18:45   hanging out there and there's a real you know will they do that or not i think there's been

01:18:49   some strong suggestions that they have a uh another shoe to drop about this but they're

01:18:55   holding it and so perhaps this is when they would announce such a thing i don't know why

01:18:59   they wouldn't announce it in advance but they haven't they could have said we plan to release

01:19:04   support for new apple lossless streaming later this year they could have just said that and

01:19:10   they chose not to which i think is a little weird but maybe they will say it now well

01:19:15   i'm going to throw caution to the wind in terms of what i just said about the mac OS

01:19:20   state of the union and say that there will be some improvements to swift ui that will

01:19:25   be mentioned on stage that swift ui is going to come up and have it be what the pick is

01:19:29   is significant improvements to swift ui really though what i'm looking at is they got to

01:19:34   talk about swift ui getting better in some way they can't just say hey whether you're

01:19:38   using swift ui it's not swift ui mentioned but in terms of significant i mean it's really

01:19:43   significant enough to mention in the keynote that it improved would be this was this was

01:19:48   the thing uh-huh you know i'll tell you what gave me pause for this uh maybe two years

01:19:54   ago significant improvements to catalyst and apple said hey here's swift ui remember oh

01:20:01   no oh no what if they're like oh hey we did swift ui and that was great but now we've

01:20:05   got swifter ux so this is the thing where i can imagine that they could do a bunch of

01:20:11   stuff but it might not be they might not talk about facing because it's not because it's

01:20:16   not new yeah my hope my hope is that there's something in there that makes them especially

01:20:21   since they're throwing a bone to the developers and the developer conference it's like you

01:20:24   won't believe what you could do with swift ui now you can build all of these mac apps

01:20:28   or you can build a custom watch face or you can whatever it is this could go very nicely

01:20:32   with widgets it could interactivity and widgets being a new thing that you can do because

01:20:38   of these new additions in swift ui swift ui i just i i'm i'm putting down a marker here

01:20:44   for apple crowing about how swift ui has gotten even better right just as a thing which they

01:20:50   may not do because you mentioned catalyst like wow everybody was pumped for catalyst in the

01:20:54   next year like we're not mentioning catalyst so but i'm gonna put it down and say they're

01:21:00   they're gonna pump up because i think unlike catalyst which is a transitional technology

01:21:03   swift ui apple thinks is the future and so they're gonna pump it some more it's like

01:21:07   i think all they did that year was just say they gave the new name like this is a part

01:21:13   of mac os it's called mac catalyst that was basically all they did it was super weird

01:21:16   yeah podcast subscriptions get a plug is my third pick that was next on my list i think

01:21:23   this is gonna be a big thing by any stretch you know people may not be aware of this or

01:21:28   such but this was rolled out as part of 14.6 but has been delayed it was but they were

01:21:34   supposed to be available now and i think it's been delayed to later in june i think this

01:21:39   is partly because the rollout of the new podcast app has been a bit of a disaster kind of user

01:21:45   facing and publisher facing it's just been a nightmare across the board it's like you

01:21:50   know for example if you're seeing that our shows if you're an apple podcast user are

01:21:54   taking a while to update this is a part of the new part of issues in the new apple podcasts

01:22:00   so i think maybe apple's kind of waiting to get its kind of ducks in a row a little bit

01:22:04   more before pushing out the people to get it but i could imagine them putting something

01:22:12   into apple podcast some new feature or something that also touches on apple podcasts and then

01:22:17   they say you know and you can use this for our wonderful new podcast subscriptions feature

01:22:23   which is you know like i can imagine them just sliding that plug in purely because this

01:22:29   is a new initiative that has yet to even launch so i could imagine them maybe just giving

01:22:34   it another little kick before it gets out of the door yep makes sense i i think i put

01:22:39   that in our list you definitely a possibility and i had it next on my list so i'm gonna

01:22:43   go with watch os pick because i feel like i need to make one i struggled here but i'm

01:22:47   gonna say more data on always on watch faces like more watch face data will be displayed

01:22:52   and they'll say something about how look at look at this all we've improved the always

01:22:57   on watch face even more and it lets you show other stuff i'm not sure what the stuff is

01:23:01   and i know that they won't go into great detail of like well what we've done is we changed

01:23:04   the timing of the screensaver and when it comes up i'm just gonna say like really this

01:23:09   is always always on watch faces get better is really what i mean here yeah okay in fact

01:23:16   let's just say that always on watch faces get better yeah that's probably a better a

01:23:20   better pick yeah but that's because that's what i'm going for is that what what is there

01:23:25   left to announce for watch os well that that is an idea i have which is they did the always

01:23:29   on watch face and then they they did it a little bit brighter but like i would like

01:23:34   them to be like well now we've come so far that we can really do better stuff in terms

01:23:38   of what gets displayed and what apps can show maybe there's a an explicit sort of way that

01:23:44   an app can third-party app can register and say i want to hold on to the watch face when

01:23:50   i'm running and the and the face dims which it can't do now like there it goes to a screensaver

01:23:56   which is really dumb so i'll throw it out there why not even if like as a developer

01:24:01   you could provide a separate version of your of a ui in your application as a dark mode

01:24:06   you are like a always on ui sure like yes it's more work but something would be fantastic

01:24:14   yeah because i get frustrated and i use my apple watch all the time i get frustrated

01:24:18   by as great as the always on watch face is there are a lot of times where it goes into

01:24:22   dim mode and the thing that i want to see on it isn't there anymore and i know that

01:24:26   atp talked about this the one that really gets me like i use it as a stopwatch i use

01:24:30   it as a timer and that screensaver kicks in and it obscures the information that's there

01:24:37   it's like why would you stop showing the stopwatch because i haven't touched the screen for 10

01:24:42   seconds and then to get off you can't just like tap and stop the stopwatch you have to

01:24:46   like um you know bring it up and then open it up and it's ridiculous right you should

01:24:50   be able to say oh the stopwatch will not show you hundreds of a second anymore but will

01:24:55   still update every second or where the timer will show you an update every five seconds

01:24:59   or three seconds or one second and none of that is there now so that's what i'm talking

01:25:03   about about just having the always on watch display it's not even faces right it's the

01:25:09   watch display get better final pick of the draft swinging for the fences in this one

01:25:15   yeah well i've run out of things too so let's get wacky tv app redesign huh let's give it

01:25:21   another go why not right we just keep trying the future of uh television is redesigned

01:25:29   just keep giving it a go uh i don't i couldn't really tell you what you would do i think

01:25:35   the tv app continues to suffer from information being laid out and navigated in weird ways

01:25:44   what i really want to see apple do is crack some kind of system where they can bring in

01:25:50   all the content like do whatever it is you need to do to get netflix in there right basically

01:25:58   i want apple to do what they have to do this isn't what i'm picking this is what i wish

01:26:04   they would do that i could actually set the tv button on my remote to open the tv app

01:26:10   not go to the home screen by default it goes you know when you press that tv button it

01:26:16   opens the tv app because in theory all of your content should be there but it isn't

01:26:20   and that's what i want i want them to work out some way to make that work and that's

01:26:24   more than software that's deals as well and i believe google has gotten close with this

01:26:30   so i think google tv i think is what it's called now i think they even show some netflix

01:26:33   stuff in there so i don't know how they're doing it but that's what i want to see apple

01:26:38   do that's my final pick it's not a big one it's it kind of sucks as a final pick i apologize

01:26:43   because it kind of i don't even really know what this would look like but uh i think that

01:26:48   they have yet to nail this design whatever this design would be for the tv app because

01:26:56   i think it continues to be designed on a designed with different varying strategies in mind

01:27:04   that haven't come to pass yet and so maybe they need to give it another go okay that's

01:27:09   reasonable i put a lot of very strange things in here you know i'm tempted to pick because

01:27:15   they're hilarious but i am going to the question is how boring do i want to get i have no good

01:27:22   choices now i i literally i have no good choices yep i oh boy maybe we haven't been very imaginative

01:27:29   when it comes to watch os and tv os this year but i i just i am struggling to think of realistic

01:27:36   things that they would introduce like i just listened today um on app stories john and

01:27:42   federico have been doing like their wish list episodes and they were talking about they

01:27:46   had um alex who's uh who works at max stories on the episode today because he does their

01:27:51   watch os reviews every year and he was talking about wild incredible stuff right like that

01:27:57   you know you would swipe him from the left to bring in an app that you choose and you

01:28:01   apple could put like like what uh watchmouth does and you know you could have different

01:28:06   complications appearing at different times but i just don't think they're going to do

01:28:08   any of that yeah that that's that's the challenge is not coming up with ideas of things you'd

01:28:13   like to see but things that you think are there's actually a likelihood because if you

01:28:16   can invent a hundred different features for watch os well the problem is that each one

01:28:19   of them maybe has one percent chance of coming true because you don't know where apple's

01:28:24   going to go next so you just you try to have something broad i am going to then go with

01:28:28   another constant thing that everybody predicts that it is going to happen and this is sort

01:28:32   of tied to maybe my swift ui pick as well which is why not third-party apple watch faces

01:28:38   at long last the developers will be able to build watch faces they'll have to be approved

01:28:43   by apple they'll use swift ui and they're going to open up the let's just i don't believe

01:28:48   this but they're going to open up the doors they're going to be like finally we've been

01:28:52   doing this for seven years finally we're going to let you develop watch faces but we have

01:28:58   to approve everything and you know etc etc etc but we're finally going to be able to

01:29:02   do it i'm sure there will be it won't happen but if it does happen there'll be lots of

01:29:05   footnotes and and lots of asterisks but that would be an exciting addition to watch os

01:29:11   for us to add a huge risk vector of copyright infringement come and get it well honestly

01:29:17   i think the existence of the app store is a huge risk vector of infringement and if

01:29:21   they say we have to approve everything as with all other apps and if anybody files a

01:29:27   claim the the watch face just gets zapped right like you that this is the business apples

01:29:33   in right like ultimately if apple didn't want to deal with that kind of thing they wouldn't

01:29:38   have an app store right they they have imposed this on themselves because the benefit is

01:29:44   worth it and i know that they were particular like they they made a point of this with the

01:29:49   stickers right because they knew that was going to be a thing oh yeah i i think that

01:29:53   um and they did make right stickers is a great example i would imagine that if they're going

01:29:58   to do this whoever is in charge of approving watch faces will be well versed in the intellectual

01:30:04   property of watch faces right it also wouldn't put i wouldn't put it past apple to say we

01:30:11   have some guidelines about which watch face types are available to you because these are

01:30:16   the ones that have cleared right right and and and you know you don't do these but do

01:30:23   use these as the basis for that but be able to customize it in some way right maybe it's

01:30:27   even like you're really kind of remixing a complicated set of apple watch faces but able

01:30:33   to do it in a way that is not watch face sharing right it's it's it's more technical than that

01:30:38   a really easy way for them to get around it which i think will kind of suck is just you

01:30:43   can't make an analog watch face that would remove so much of the risk it would it would

01:30:49   be a lot less exciting that way because that's sort of what we want to see but anyway it's

01:30:53   just various like you know you can make as many watch face types as you like as long

01:30:58   as they have a digital readout right they don't have hands could be but i like i said

01:31:02   i i'm only picking this because it's literally the last pick in the draft and i got nothing

01:31:06   that i like better but i'll uh i'll take a flyer on apple watch faces it's gotta happen

01:31:10   someday right so that's the draft if you want to score along as the keynote is unfolding

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01:31:40   wwc uh i'm excited to just be excited about the event this year rather than last year

01:31:47   which was a lot of like how's it going to work like there isn't really any of that this

01:31:50   time we know how it's going to work uh and i'm really excited to see that and then some

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