349: Six Colors and Not a Color


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 349. Today's show is brought to you by Privacy, Pingdom, and Gabi.

00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Jason Snell. Hi, Jason Snell.

00:00:20   Hi, Myke Hurley. You've caught me wandering around the deserted streets of Apple Park. Hello.

00:00:25   Are you also incredibly muscular all of a sudden or is that just him cooking?

00:00:29   I've used the pandemic to get jacked. Yeah. Oh yeah.

00:00:33   Tim makes me feel bad. Like, I did the opposite of what Tim has done during the pandemic.

00:00:38   That is a muscular 60-year-old fellow, we decided. Yeah. Bravo, Tim.

00:00:42   Spying, going on wires. He's a busy guy.

00:00:45   So we've just about 30 minutes ago from when we were recording the event wrapped up.

00:00:50   So, usual disclaimer at the top of the episode.

00:00:53   There is potentially more information out about all of these products by the time you're listening to this.

00:00:59   Both of us will cover any additional parts next week.

00:01:01   I did get a chance to look at the websites a little, which is not normally something I get a chance to do before we record.

00:01:06   But there will also be, you know, there's going to be a bunch of things.

00:01:09   People are going to be getting briefings today and the rest of the week.

00:01:12   And so you're going to see journalists start to tweet things that are like assertions of facts.

00:01:15   And you're going to be like, "Wait a second, we didn't know the answer to that."

00:01:18   And the answer is, "Somebody at Apple told them that fact." So that's still to come.

00:01:23   So we'll have all of that kind of stuff next week for sure to talk about.

00:01:27   But we should start off by assessing the results of the draft.

00:01:32   I'm just going to say it. I beat you. I did it.

00:01:35   You beat me. You did it.

00:01:36   Year of Myke, everybody.

00:01:38   See, now it's interesting again.

00:01:39   Just.

00:01:40   Just. It was. And it's funny because I kept score.

00:01:43   I kept score.

00:01:45   And then Stephen Hackett just popped up in the Slack with a screenshot of his score,

00:01:50   which is not the official score, but I think is an interesting measure of

00:01:55   what he thinks an unbiased person would score it at. And it matched my scorecard exactly.

00:02:01   Yeah. So basically where it kind of fell down on was the new Magic Keyboard,

00:02:07   I gave you that point, but would have argued that point if otherwise.

00:02:11   Yes. It's the most arguable point is does adding a white version of the existing Magic Keyboard

00:02:18   make it new? Or alternately, if they introduce a bunch of new Magic Keyboards for the Mac that

00:02:25   might work with the iPad, but are this is in the iPad picks section, would that count?

00:02:30   I think the white is arguable.

00:02:33   But it didn't matter because we ended tied.

00:02:37   You won the tiebreaker, so it didn't really matter because it was under 75 minutes.

00:02:43   I should have picked a number lower than 75, although there was a point early on where I

00:02:46   thought, Oh my God, it is going to be longer than 60 minutes because Tim is introducing lots of

00:02:50   things before we even go to the products. But no, clearly they're very disciplined. They're like,

00:02:56   no, we're going to make this run at 60 minutes. So much so that I'm really glad we didn't set

00:03:01   the over under at 60 minutes because I don't know how I would judge that. It felt like they

00:03:06   landed right on 60 minutes, but it might've been a second over or a second under. I don't know.

00:03:11   I think it's clear that they want to keep to an hour because they blasted through the first

00:03:19   section and arguably stuff like many of those things needed more time and they just refused

00:03:26   to give it. Probably. Yeah, probably could have been a 70 minute, 75 minute thing, but it was

00:03:30   no. I think, you know how everybody needs a guidelines, right? I think that they have

00:03:35   settled. This is three in a row where they've done this. I think Apple has decided that for an event

00:03:41   like this, um, you should, you should shoot for 60. Like you should fit in a 60 minute time window.

00:03:47   And, and that's what they did. And maybe the fall one of the fall or the fall event can go longer.

00:03:53   I mean, you know, if you think about it, it's three one hour events for fall this year.

00:03:57   So I could imagine maybe it's the September event. If it's still presented this way,

00:04:01   would go over an hour because there's more stuff going on. But other than that,

00:04:05   they keep to an hour. So just a very quick recap. So we will score you on 5G support and iPad pro

00:04:11   new magic keyboard, iMac, Apple Silicon, new iMac with new colors, podcast related announcement and

00:04:17   Apple fitness plus mentioned, I got one iPad pro using the new screen tech USB for an iPad pro

00:04:23   new iMac has smaller bezels. New iMac has iPad pro design, air tags, Apple TV, and I got the tie

00:04:31   break. So we have started the year with some order restored to the universe. That's right.

00:04:38   We finally, it's a, it's a, it's a competition again after I swept you out of last year.

00:04:43   And I love that for, I did not throw this, but I love that. And in fact, I would say, Myke, for me,

00:04:48   I think the entire event in terms of the draft scoring came down to us trying to divine a

00:04:58   specific marketing decision on Apple's part, which is you and I both figured the chip and the new

00:05:04   iPad pro would essentially be an M one. And we had two options on our, on our draft sheet. One was

00:05:12   chip in the iPad pro is an M one and one was chip in the iPad pro is a variant of the a 14,

00:05:18   even though it's the same chip, we knew what chip this was going to be.

00:05:21   And I picked, they're going to just call it a 14 X and they didn't, they called it M one. They just,

00:05:27   they decided to roll their M one marketing and have that halo also fit around the iPad pro and by

00:05:34   not making that guess. Um, I fall into the tie with you and you take it on the tie break. So

00:05:40   congratulations. Thank you very much. Um, I'm excited for a, some competition now. Yep. Now

00:05:46   it's on now next week's episode is going to be episode 350 of upgrade, which is very exciting

00:05:52   stuff. And that upcoming a week sooner than we expected because we did the emergency draft episode.

00:05:57   And to celebrate, we have a couple of special guests that are going to be joining us next on

00:06:01   next week's episode. Ooh, this is exciting. So we will be rejoined as we were quite a while ago now

00:06:08   by Colleen O'Vielli and also Navpreet Koloti. And we're going to be talking all about the new iMacs

00:06:13   and it's going to be on next week's episode. That's great. I'm very excited to have Colleen

00:06:16   back on the show. Yeah, we talked to her a couple iMac releases ago and, um, and so it's good. And

00:06:22   then I, I talked to her at one point and personally, I think because of the pro display XDR, cause she

00:06:27   was, um, out in front on that one too. And obviously iMac it's her thing. And so it's going

00:06:33   to be great to talk to her about these new iMacs, which are, um, much newer and more different than

00:06:38   the last few iMac releases have been. So there's a lot to talk about. Yeah. We'll talk about the

00:06:43   iMac of course in a minute. And also Nav was who showed off the camera stuff. So cool. It's very

00:06:50   exciting, but I thought Colleen was amazing. Uh, so basically you've seen them on the live

00:06:54   Apple event. Now hear them on upgrade next week. Let's talk about Apple podcasts to begin today.

00:07:00   We got to do it now. We've tried to order the show in the order of most, um, important and

00:07:05   interesting things to us, but with one little asterisk, which is also we are podcasters. And

00:07:10   so we're going to at least touch on the podcast announcements Apple made today. Now I've read the

00:07:15   press release and I saw the video. Yeah, me too. I don't know. I have so many questions and I don't,

00:07:21   I don't actually know. I'm sure that Apple will tell us more about how this works and that more

00:07:27   will come out in this week, but I'm sure you and I who, who make our living, uh, you know, primarily

00:07:33   as podcast people have a lot of thoughts about Apple announcing that they're going to do a

00:07:40   subscription function that it's interesting because this is not Apple podcast plus as a

00:07:46   service. It is more like the app store where Apple is basically going to act and the Apple podcast

00:07:52   app is going to act as a, uh, um, an interface. I was going to say a middleman, which is kind of

00:07:59   what it is between listeners and podcasters and basically take money for a premium podcast content,

00:08:07   which is something that up to now has, you know, we've all rolled our own systems to do this.

00:08:12   Yeah. So to do this, you have to go into the, uh, Apple podcast as program, which is 20 bucks

00:08:18   a year, which is basically like the developer program. It's just the version of that. Um,

00:08:23   and it really is, as you say, it is the app store model. So you set your own pricing, um,

00:08:29   and it's monthly by default, but you can also have annual options and date. You can also do free

00:08:35   trials and sample episodes, but it's not part of Apple one or premiere or anything like that.

00:08:41   It is purely like our car people can buy in and out of what they want to now. The subscriptions

00:08:49   go at 70, 30 for year one per subscriber, and then it drops to 85, 15 for year two. So after

00:08:56   somebody is described for a year, your cut of their money goes down by half. So this is just

00:09:02   like subscriptions in the app store. Um, I mean, I have a real problem with that 30% Jason. I mean,

00:09:09   I'm just going to say it now. Oh, I should actually big asterisk around all of this,

00:09:12   but with me and Jason operate subscription models and we have podcast networks that we manage,

00:09:19   none of what we are saying here is official for the network. So like me and Steven have not yet

00:09:25   even spoken about this. Like there is no decisions one way or another being made right now on this

00:09:30   show about what relay FM or the incomparable will be doing. I just want to state that.

00:09:35   Right. This is, this is just a quick reaction. Plus we don't know all of Apple story. I will say

00:09:39   about the 30%. I hear you. I, one of these days I need to look and see if I calculate out Memberful

00:09:45   and Stripe and all of that. What, what my revenue split with my enabling technology providers is.

00:09:51   Yeah. Um, I, I should probably do that. I think it's probably relatively close to 15.

00:09:57   And so 15, I have no problem or all with, uh, because, well, again, I'll have to do it. I have

00:10:05   way less of a problem. I'll say 15. Right. When I was thinking about this before, because their

00:10:10   rumors have been circling for the last couple of days. And I was talking to a friend of the show,

00:10:14   underscore David Smith about this. He actually said to me that he thought they would do it this

00:10:18   way. And it hadn't even considered to me to do it more like the app store than a streaming service.

00:10:23   Right. Like then I like a, and that it's much better. I was dreading the, the conversation

00:10:29   with somebody at Apple saying really sign up for our program, which is this, right. We would be

00:10:33   those people. We'd be like the Apple news. Conversation with newspapers, right. Which is

00:10:37   just please opt into this thing. It's like, no, I don't really want to do that. In fact,

00:10:40   this is probably what Apple news should do too, is just make it a conduit where Apple takes a cut.

00:10:46   Uh, so Apple's argument here is going to be for the 30% and for why this is good in general is

00:10:52   Apple podcast is a, an incredibly popular podcast. Uh, client. It's hard to do what we do in Apple

00:10:59   podcasts. You have to set up a whole external system and you have to walk your users through

00:11:04   your customers through getting in there. They will also probably talk about how Apple is going to use

00:11:10   the podcast app to promote stuff. So they're going to say, basically, look, by being on our platform

00:11:16   and our very popular app and by driving users to you, uh, that's why we're taking a cut,

00:11:23   especially in year one is because we're setting all of this up for you. And my skepticism comes

00:11:28   from the fact that I, I really doubt that very many people discover what we do on podcasts by

00:11:35   tapping around in Apple podcasts. Right. Let alone if they discover us, would they then

00:11:40   blindly pay us? Right. No, they would, they would discover us and then they would sign up and all

00:11:45   that. I think so the, really the argument is it's a lot less friction. If you are a fan of upgrade

00:11:51   to press the subscribe button, pay us money from within the app and get upgrade plus right. Just

00:11:58   as one example that that's a Apple's ultimate argument is it's just a lot less friction for

00:12:03   people who are living inside the podcast app because they built everything in. So all you

00:12:07   have to do is tap a couple of times and we'll see what the details that for me, it all comes down

00:12:14   to the details because the challenge here, and I was fascinated that the co-founder and CEO of the

00:12:20   athletic was one of the people in Apple's pod or Apple's press release about this podcast initiative.

00:12:25   And he was like, this is great. We have a lot of people listening to our podcasts. This will be

00:12:29   easy. And I thought this is, this is really weird because, and it goes to the kind of the big

00:12:34   problem I have with this on initial response, which is the athletic is a subscription based

00:12:40   sports content website. You can't read the athletic stuff without paying.

00:12:45   And they've had this podcast strategy and it's sort of been weird because you can listen to

00:12:52   their podcasts as a subscriber to the athletic. Some of them are, or maybe most of them are now

00:12:57   available publicly with ads. It's always been this kind of thing, weird thing where they haven't done

00:13:03   something like we've done. And so it's like, okay, I can see why for them having a system inside

00:13:09   Apple podcast is actually a nice integration, except for one thing, which is they have their own

00:13:14   subscriber base. And I, as a paying subscriber to the athletic, I'm not going to pay them more

00:13:21   for their podcasts in the Apple podcast app. I'm not going to do that. And I don't think most

00:13:25   subscribers would, I'm going to pay for two subscriptions to the athletic, but my guess

00:13:30   is going to be that Apple is not going to like, let you log in with your outside username and

00:13:35   password to get access to subscription podcasts. Right? They don't want that. That's not what

00:13:40   they're trying to do. You might be able to generate codes, maybe. I don't, again, so there's a lot of

00:13:45   technical details. So like for example, with our memberships, you get like a newsletter and

00:13:49   discord access, right? Now, my assumption would be there's no way we could honor that

00:13:55   with an integration like we have through memberful. Unless Apple provided some sort of API where you

00:14:01   could authenticate that they're a subscriber, but for a first cut at this on Apple's part,

00:14:08   I really doubt something like that is there, but it might be, I don't, we don't know. We don't know,

00:14:12   right? But then, so what you, what you risk is having parallel membership plans. If you're

00:14:17   outside of Apple podcasts, like we are, where you've got two different membership plans with

00:14:22   two different sets of functionality within Apple podcasts, you've got one thing, which is the

00:14:26   podcast, which is great because that's the primary thing. That's what you're really paying for.

00:14:30   And the rest of it is like the community and all the other extras and stuff like that.

00:14:36   So that's weird. And then I'll, I just want to lay one other thing on it, which is there's no

00:14:41   app review for podcasts. As far as I can tell, it's not like they're listening to podcasts.

00:14:45   Well, not for each episode. There is a review team, a human review team that's been around

00:14:50   for a long time. Oh yeah, no, that's not what I'm talking about though. What I'm talking about is

00:14:54   when you submit an app to app review, they check it. They don't check podcast episodes.

00:14:59   And I know that there may be some terms, but which is complicated itself because those are terms of

00:15:05   what you're allowed to say on your own podcast, which I have a problem with, but does this lead

00:15:10   to people saying, Oh, we also have a community. If you want that, here's what you need to do.

00:15:15   Unsubscribe from Apple and go to our thing where we get more money and then do it there,

00:15:20   which is something that would get you rejected if you were an app, but in a podcast, what happens

00:15:24   then? I don't know. It's fascinating. I really am looking forward to hearing more about it from

00:15:28   Apple. My overall feeling on this is they have done this the right way. And I'm really pleased

00:15:33   about what they have actually implemented here because it is by and large focused in the best

00:15:40   way for podcast creators. Like I unequivocally believe that like, this is the way to do it.

00:15:45   Who better, who more qualified to talk about how a bunch of a pain it is to set up a podcast

00:15:51   support and subscription system than people who've done it, right? It's like,

00:15:55   this is, this is so good from the side of it, which is easy to pay as a user, uses Apple's

00:16:04   existing stuff. You're going to have Apple's credit card information feeding it. So people

00:16:07   are much less likely to let their, you know, their credit card expire or something like that. There's

00:16:11   like a lot to be said for it. I actually think if you're, if you're a podcaster, the problem is that

00:16:16   this should have happened two years ago or three years ago, because if you're a podcaster who

00:16:21   wants to do a thing like this, this is a really great option because it's so easy. As far as I

00:16:27   can tell, it seems like a really great option. The problem is if you're a podcaster who wants to do

00:16:31   this, you probably already did it. So I don't know. So, yeah, I mean, cause as well, like

00:16:36   all the big, big podcasts have worked this out this past year, if they wanted to do it,

00:16:43   right. People have this stuff. So you mean really it's an interesting time to have launched it.

00:16:48   You should say it's a little late. Um, I'll say from my perspective, I'm happy this didn't exist

00:16:52   before we did our own because we would have done this. And I think it would have been a hard sell

00:16:56   for a lot of our listeners who don't use Apple podcasts and how we would have navigated that.

00:17:02   So my like top level on it is I am not saying that we will do this, but I'm definitely not saying we

00:17:11   won't because the model that they have given here is pretty fair. I mean, for me, I just think it

00:17:21   should be 85, 15 always. Um, because I don't really understand how they can justify 70, 30.

00:17:27   I can foresee using it. Um, it's all in the details and what, what I don't want to do,

00:17:35   but might be required is like I said earlier to essentially offer it two different ways

00:17:41   where, you know, if you're using Apple podcasts and you want to pay us, you can get access to the

00:17:48   stuff, but everybody else will pay us a different way and we'll get access to the stuff and more

00:17:56   stuff. And it's going to be a two tiered thing. And that's not great, but you know, again,

00:18:04   that's somebody who spent time building, uh, building things and cultivating things.

00:18:08   And then I look at this and I think, yeah, but so many people listen to an Apple podcast and,

00:18:12   and I have helped so many people through the process of trying to subscribe to a members

00:18:18   only feed. I have spent so much time and I know you guys have done this too. And I know Marco has

00:18:24   done this with ATP trying to come up with ways to build a website that has links to a members only

00:18:32   feed per person. That is, you know, that you can tap in the right places and it opens in the right

00:18:38   client and it does the right thing. And it's hard. There are bugs in the client apps. I've discovered

00:18:44   literally discovered bugs in podcast clients while working on the incomparable subscription stuff

00:18:49   where it's like, Oh, that doesn't work even though it's ducking. And then they're like, yeah,

00:18:53   that's a bug. We'll fix it. So like all of this effort, because you can't just go in the podcast

00:18:58   app and go, yeah, I'll just, I'll just pay for that. And it's not for everybody because not

00:19:03   everybody uses the podcast app, but for people who do use Apple podcasts, which is wildly popular,

00:19:07   it's going to be a much nicer experience and it's going to enable podcast creators to

00:19:14   make money, which is a thing that I support. So yeah, we'll, we'll have to watch it. It's,

00:19:19   it's fascinating. And it has been like they, they, they mentioned the, when they announced

00:19:23   podcast support, which 2005, I believe, I think I was at the D conference the day that they announced

00:19:27   this and Steve Jobs was there on stage with Walt and Kara. Um, that was 16 years ago and Apple has

00:19:36   largely been hands off about podcasts. This is the biggest thing they've done. They said it and

00:19:41   they're right. This is the biggest thing that's happened other than launching a podcast app on

00:19:45   iOS. This is the biggest thing they've done since 2005. You know, and as the wagons are circling on

00:19:50   the podcast industry, like Facebook is getting into podcasts now as of yesterday, Apple's always been

00:19:56   like the beacon of like, Oh, they're doing it right because they didn't really do anything.

00:19:59   And from what we know about other companies that are trying to make money from podcasting,

00:20:05   to be honest, this seems like the fairest to podcast creators that I've seen so far.

00:20:10   Because like, look, I'm going to understand the realities of it, right? Like you can't subscribe

00:20:17   to premium Apple podcast content in overcast or pocket cast. And I would never think that that

00:20:22   would be a thing. Right. So like, you know, you've got to respect the business aspect of it. And I

00:20:27   think ultimately from what I've seen so far, and we'll be spending a lot of time looking at over

00:20:32   the next multiple days, this at least seems on the face of it to be the, the truest to what

00:20:40   podcasting can be in this new age, I would assume, because they're not like inserting their own ads,

00:20:46   trying to make a monetization platform and then taking a bunch of stuff away from podcast creators,

00:20:51   which it seems like companies like Spotify are trying to do. Like, right. And could just publish

00:20:55   this big blog post talking about how they want to move away from RSS. It's like, great. Thanks.

00:20:59   So pleased. All right. Well, we will, there will be more on this one, uh, if you're a listener,

00:21:05   but, um, but we will move on to shiny new Apple products, uh, for the rest of the show.

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00:23:17   Let's talk about that iMac. Oh my God, do I want one. It's beautiful.

00:23:22   - We got colors. We got colors. I have thought at several points today that I want one. And then the

00:23:29   more I read about it, the more I realize I want, I want the, it's like very deep thought. It's like,

00:23:34   I want the iMac that comes after this one because it's got a lot of really interesting things,

00:23:41   but it's also got, I think the limitations that we were expecting we might see in an iMac introduced

00:23:48   at this place in time, which is it's an M1 iMac. It's got a bunch of limitations. It's also the

00:23:52   small iMac, which means presumably there will be the bigger iMac at some point, which is probably

00:23:57   what I want, but it is, there's so many things they did here that are such a relief. And I wanted

00:24:02   to just start with color because the color, the color like, I mean, yes, iMac is great.

00:24:09   They made iMacs with colors again, seven colors, not just two colors, three colors, and not just

00:24:14   all various boring shades of gray. They made seven different colors. It's like the old days of the

00:24:19   iMac. And they are brighter than I thought, because it turns out that various rumor type people who

00:24:26   have incomplete information sort of thought that the muted colors were all over the device. And it

00:24:31   turns out that the chin, which still exists beneath the iMac screen, it exists in part,

00:24:38   I think, because it's a nice place to put color, is a more muted color, whereas the reverse of the

00:24:43   iMac is super bright. And the sides too. Yeah, and the sides. So if somebody who lives and works

00:24:49   alone and nobody ever sees the back of your computer, you're like, well, who cares about

00:24:52   what the back looks like? But as we know, from talking to Colleen a couple of years ago,

00:24:57   so many iMacs are in public places. They're in hotel lobbies or they're in big office groups or

00:25:04   whatever, right? There are places where the iMac is being seen. And having those bright colors on

00:25:09   the back, like I was thinking, oh man, every hotel front desk that has, they're going to have to pick

00:25:15   the color that best matches their color scheme. But then it's going to be almost like if it's a

00:25:20   hotel with orange highlights or purple highlights or whatever, it's like, well,

00:25:23   we'll get the purple iMacs. And then it'll be like, it's our custom branded iMac. That's

00:25:29   going to happen because that's a big appeal of the iMac is in those public places too.

00:25:33   So it's six colors, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and then silver. I don't really,

00:25:42   I mean, like I just want, it's like silver is like, silver color, right? I mean, it's tech.

00:25:46   I just wanted to say like, it's not color. It's like available in six colors and a not color.

00:25:51   And then I love it. You know, I wanted to also just say six colors, right? Because yes,

00:25:55   thank you. I appreciate it. Although the brightest, most fun colors cost extra.

00:26:01   Isn't that interesting? Yeah. The yellow, orange and purple, I believe.

00:26:05   There are four options available in the base and then there's seven, uh, at the higher price.

00:26:12   It's the two price configuration options. Yes. Yellow, orange and purple are more expensive.

00:26:18   And you also go from the seven core GPU. The differences are so minute. You go from the

00:26:22   seven core GPU, like at the nine 99 MacBook air to the eight core GPU. Um, and then there are a

00:26:32   couple other very, it's, it's fascinating. I'm, I'm looking forward to taking a deep dive with our

00:26:36   guests next week about it, because there are other questions I've got about sort of like,

00:26:42   what the low end one has. Does the low end have an ethernet port? It doesn't look like it and has

00:26:49   less. Well, none of them have an ethernet port on the back, but there's an ethernet port on the

00:26:53   connector, the power brick, because the iMac has a power brick again, which they spun in a very

00:26:58   interesting way as being a yes, but we get it out of your way and there's a beautiful little cable.

00:27:03   And then, then the brick can be on the floor and there's an ethernet Jack in there. So I'm unclear

00:27:08   gigabit ethernet is standard on the expensive one and not on the base one. I'm unclear whether that

00:27:12   means there's no ethernet at all on that power brick of the low end model, unless you upgrade

00:27:18   or whether it's it's there, but it's not gigabit. It's a little mystery because that's fascinating

00:27:23   too, right? We have a brand new in a long history of very quirky Apple connectors, uh, going back to

00:27:30   like the ADC connector on power max back in the day, this is like that there is a magnetic

00:27:36   connector that is apparently ethernet and power that attaches to the back of the iMac. And then

00:27:42   on the floor, you put the box. So looking at the tech specs page, the lower one, the, the,

00:27:50   so, okay, so there's the cheapest one only has two USB-C or USB 4 slash underbought ports.

00:27:57   And the more expensive gets an additional two USB-C USB 3 ports. And it's the cheaper one

00:28:04   says configurable with gigabit ethernet. So my expectation is that the little power brick

00:28:09   doesn't have ethernet in it for that one. Yeah. Well, that's, that's the question is,

00:28:13   does it have ethernet at all or is it not? And I would think it doesn't, I would, I would think

00:28:19   that it's like literally an iMac that doesn't have wired networking at all because I can hear somebody

00:28:23   at Apple saying who, you know, who needs it. And also we need to make this thing cheaper. So

00:28:28   what are we going to kick off of there? Like two, two ports and yeah. How cool is that power thing?

00:28:35   I think it's awesome. I like it. You know, again, Seneca and me says they've, they've innovated

00:28:40   their way back to an external power brick for their iMac. But the fact is, are they right to

00:28:46   prioritize a thin, you know, thin all the way back, right on the back of it, not bulgy like the,

00:28:52   like the current iMacs are a very thin iMac and put the power on the outside. Uh, yeah, I mean,

00:29:01   I can see the argument there about a power brick on an iMac. Like it's just going to live under

00:29:05   the desk next to the power cord thing that you've got. Well, who cares is people who, who don't have

00:29:11   that setup, but you're right. I think having it be under the desk is probably better and having the

00:29:15   ethernet there as somebody who has my ethernet plug threaded through and often is the thing that

00:29:22   is, is restraining the movement of my iMac. I don't mind. I mean, I already have the power

00:29:27   plug coming out. If I had the power plug coming out and going down to the floor

00:29:31   and ethernet also in there, I would, that would be a benefit to me. That would actually be an

00:29:35   upgrade for me, but I'm sure there's somebody out there who will be very angry that I would just say,

00:29:40   I said, who cares? I'm sure some people care, but like ultimately what does it matter? Right? Like

00:29:46   the thing just goes on the floor, like the rest of the million power bricks I have under my desk.

00:29:51   On the floor or velcro to the bottom of your desk. How they deal with this with laptops,

00:29:54   if they're going to have something like that will be different. And I'll be intrigued because the

00:29:57   reason I say that is this, this all but confirms that MagSafe is coming to the laptops because they

00:30:03   bother to make a magnetic connector for the iMac when ultimately it doesn't need to be magnetic.

00:30:08   You could just plug it in, right? Like the magnet is, is very, it feels very superfluous for the iMac.

00:30:15   But I think that that's super cool. And to be honest, like I, I think the design of putting

00:30:21   the ethernet port on the power adapter to be really cool because it's like, look,

00:30:25   we're bringing back a power adapter. Obviously it'd be better if we didn't have one because it

00:30:28   would just be like, why add something back? So we're going to actually give you additional

00:30:33   functionality by having doing that. And I think that's super cool. I would love to see in the

00:30:39   future, like some kind of upgrading thing where like I could get like a full dock of expanded

00:30:45   expandable ports on one of those. I want a USB hub on that thing, right? Yeah, I do. So, right. And

00:30:50   I can get all that stuff. I hope that that's something we could see in the future, like more

00:30:55   and more IO on a, you know, make it more expensive. I don't care. Like the, all of this stuff is so

00:30:59   expensive these days. Anyway, all of these ports, since everything went to Thunderbolt,

00:31:03   like every dock is like, cost you the moon. So have something that Apple makes, have it all go

00:31:08   through some kind of upgraded magnetic power connector. Like I would be into that. I think

00:31:12   it looks super cool. So we didn't mention this runs the M1, no changes to the M1 by and large.

00:31:18   No, it's the same. It's the same chip with the same limitations. Base models are eight

00:31:25   gigs of RAM upgradeable to 16. The big difference is that the more expensive iMac has the four

00:31:34   ports on the back, but of course only two of them are Thunderbolt and two of them are just USB,

00:31:40   which is, I think the first time Apple's ever done something where ports of the same shape have

00:31:50   different characteristics on the Mac. I don't know. Yeah, it's on the same machine, right? It's

00:31:56   not something they like to do, but I think obviously the M1 has some limitations because

00:32:01   we've seen it with the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13 and with the Mac Mini, which has USB-A

00:32:07   ports that they added. And here it's not A, it's C. But again, like they added ports and there's

00:32:16   a headphone jack on the side, which made me laugh. But yeah, it's still the M1 with everything that

00:32:24   is limited about the M1. 1080p camera, better? Yeah. Still not what I would want, but better?

00:32:33   One of the things that I noticed throughout this presentation, and it has to do with how Apple,

00:32:37   again, it's marketing. They're going to put their best face forward, right? But so many of their

00:32:43   comparisons are to the previous iMac. And so it's like twice the resolution of the previous iMac. So

00:32:48   yeah, the previous iMac camera was terrible. It's much faster than the previous iMac. It's like,

00:32:52   well, yeah, the previous iMac was slow. So sure, all of that is true and all of that is good.

00:32:58   And with the image signal processor in the M1, I'm sure that 1080p camera looks nice. But yeah,

00:33:09   it's sort of table stakes, but they weren't at table stakes. They couldn't sit at the table

00:33:14   before. I really enjoyed best camera we've ever put in a Mac. It's like, wow, I mean,

00:33:18   it's not a high bar guys, right? No, it's not. So the MacBook Pro has a 720p camera. So this is

00:33:25   better. 1080 is better than the 720. It's a bigger number. I would have wanted to see more here,

00:33:31   but they did. I think the iMac Pro has a 1080p, but it doesn't have fancy M1 image signal processing,

00:33:40   I think. Yep. So yeah. I think you're right there. Speakers look great.

00:33:46   Sure. Okay. Yeah. All right. So as somebody who attaches an external speaker to my iMac,

00:33:54   I have always had this sort of skepticism. The iMac speakers in my iMac Pro sound better than

00:33:59   I expect. Every time I hear something go through them, I'm like, oh, that's actually not bad. It's

00:34:03   not as good as my external speakers, but it's not bad. And that's, so this is the thing is like,

00:34:10   they're talking about Dolby Atmos and all of that. And it's like, all right, well, I would love to

00:34:13   hear these because honestly, I would love to not have a speaker sitting on my desk and have the

00:34:17   music come out of my iMac and have it be good enough. But my concern is always that, yeah,

00:34:22   but it's not. It's okay. And for people who don't care enough to have external speakers and stuff,

00:34:28   like you want that experience to be really nice so they can watch a movie on the iMac and have

00:34:32   it sound good. But my skepticism is Apple talks a lot about the quality of the sound on their laptops

00:34:39   and the quality of the microphones on their laptops, because we got studio quality microphone

00:34:43   array on this too. Check the box. It's what they've been talking about for a long time on

00:34:47   their laptops. And here it is on the iMac. And, you know, it's not what I would consider studio

00:34:53   quality. They are doing some stuff to make it sound better. I like that they more pitched it for

00:34:57   Zoom calls now than they used to where they were like, oh yes, musicians are using it with

00:35:04   GarageBand to write songs that they release. And I was like, I'm very skeptical of that. So I'm

00:35:12   mixed between some skepticism. I think Apple overreaches sometimes with the claims they make

00:35:16   about these things. But yeah, a built-in microphone that's better and has more noise

00:35:21   reduction so that you sound better on Zoom is a good feature that should exist because most people

00:35:25   don't buy external microphones and most people don't attach external speakers. So the speakers

00:35:30   should sound better and I'm glad they do. I'm looking forward to hearing them.

00:35:33   I'm just applying a little bit of skepticism about how good they are. I would like to hear them for

00:35:40   myself, please. New peripherals are super interesting. Three keyboards, Apple getting into

00:35:45   that sweet keyboard game. I'm like convinced that they've put these things in color because everybody

00:35:51   likes fancy keyboards now. They're all color matched, including trackpad and mice are color

00:35:57   matched. They have a standard one and then they have the regular kind of what is 65% keyboard and

00:36:05   then they have the one with the number pad as well. In the regular one and in the one with the

00:36:10   number pad, touch ID. We'd stop talking about that. We used to predict this as a future direction for

00:36:18   them and it didn't happen for so long that I, when they announced it, I was like, wow, why wasn't that

00:36:22   on our list? Like that's a thing that's been hovering up there so long that it almost has

00:36:27   just faded away, which was like, could they put, well originally it was the touch bar, right? And

00:36:31   the touch bar distracted us, but it's literally, can they put to touch ID on a keyboard, external

00:36:36   keyboard? And the answer is yes, they can. And they did. Wireless as well. I mean, you know,

00:36:40   that was, I mean, again, like when we were talking about this originally stuff like the Apple pay

00:36:46   stuff that you could do on a, on another device and have it work on a, on a Mac that didn't exist.

00:36:51   So like the, always the question was like, if they were going to do a touch ID, does the keyboard

00:36:55   have to be wired again? Will we accept that? And then I think we stopped talking about it because

00:36:59   it seemed like, well then obviously the next thing to do here, considering they've never done this,

00:37:04   it's just to put face ID on these machines. Now what we can say now is that's not happening anytime

00:37:09   soon. No. Which look, I think that's fine because they now have this. Now I was begging for them to

00:37:19   say, we've also put touch ID on the track pad because I don't and do not want to use one of

00:37:25   Apple's keyboards. So, which is a shame, but like I can live with it. Uh, but I, you know,

00:37:30   I hope that in the future they're able to do that because I mean, the track pad seems

00:37:34   as useful for having something like that on it as the, uh, as a keyboard. But I think this is a

00:37:39   really great addition. Um, I think this is an awesome thing that they've done. Um, I know that

00:37:44   like, and also you get it in the box. So I think that's super cool. So the low end one, you don't

00:37:48   get touch ID on the box. Yeah. Uh, you have to pay extra for it. The higher end one comes with the

00:37:54   touch ID, uh, the small touch ID keyboard in the box. It sounds like, and yeah, we'll have to see

00:37:59   where it goes. Um, I do. I do think there must've been a moment where they decided on the colors for

00:38:05   these things, which is great. Great move. I've been, I have been banging the drum about colored

00:38:10   max for so long now, and here we are. It's very exciting, but I also realized that at some point,

00:38:17   everybody who's in charge of like the peripherals is like, yeah, but all our peripherals are silver

00:38:24   aluminum and you're now going to make seven different colors of iMac. What are we going to do?

00:38:30   And the, and it's like, well, we got two options. We can hide all the aluminum and make them plastic

00:38:35   or something, or we're going to need seven different keyboards and seven different mice.

00:38:40   And, uh, it, that became, since there's three different keyboards and, and the mouse and the

00:38:45   track pad, right? So that means there's one, two, three, four, five times seven. So that's a lot.

00:38:51   That's what 35, uh, 35 different skews of peripherals attached to these iMacs. That's a lot

00:38:58   of keyboards and mice and track pads. Cause they could have just made them white because

00:39:02   every single one of those iMacs has a white part on the front. Also, they didn't make the left and

00:39:07   right arrow keys half width to match the half height, uh, and to leave some space for orientation.

00:39:12   And it makes me sad, but Oh, well, they went for aesthetics on this more than because also as well,

00:39:17   something that I can't, I'm already looking at and I can't abide the, the, there's a corner radius in

00:39:23   the keyboard. And so the right arrow key is a different shape to the left one because they've

00:39:28   taken the corner radius out of the right arrow key. I don't know. I don't know what to say. I'm

00:39:32   not going to use this keyboard that bottom line is right. I'm not going to use this keyboard,

00:39:35   how good it is. Cause I like other keyboards that are not this. And so I, I still hope that they

00:39:40   will one day, at least maybe on the higher end iMac do face ID at some point, or they will find

00:39:45   another place to do touch ID for people who are not using this keyboard, but I'm not going to hold my

00:39:48   breath because it seems like this is their official answer to that question, which is just use this

00:39:54   keyboard with touch ID. I think this is perfectly fine for most users. I am an edge case user. I'm

00:39:59   aware of that. Um, but I think that for the iMacs that most people are going to buy, I would expect

00:40:05   it will be one of either the middle of the top M1. They're going to get this in the box, which I

00:40:08   think is great because it is supposed to note, and there is three different features that Apple's

00:40:12   selling of the 24 inch display, which is a 4.5 K retina display. And it's the only one they're

00:40:18   doing right now. Like the 27 inch iMac is still available because presumably that will not get

00:40:24   revived, uh, revised. I should say until there is a new M1 chip. So it's 1299 for four colors and

00:40:36   1799 for the rest of the colors shipping in May. Um, Dior beloved 21 inch is still kind of

00:40:45   available on Apple's website. The bad, uh, fusion drive option, not retina. Uh, we sell this because

00:40:53   there's somebody out there who is buying for schools or something that wants this thing that

00:40:58   won't spend more than whatever its price is 1099 on a, on an iMac. But I imagine that it will,

00:41:05   it will disappear. I'm not surprised, but what I do like about it is it's, it's really buried

00:41:10   on the website. Um, like they don't really make much of a point of trying to sell this to you. So

00:41:15   I think that's good personally. Uh, but I understand why they still have it because this is what they

00:41:20   do. But yeah, overall, I think this is, so one of the things that, uh, John Turner said is like,

00:41:26   this is the first machine built from the ground up around the M1. I mean, and if you look at this

00:41:32   compared to the laptops, it's like they come from a different company, right? Like this iMac is,

00:41:39   I think very clearly a signal of the future of the Mank. And I'm telling you, if they are this

00:41:45   impressive, I am really excited because this thing looks, it just looks fantastic. So I'm really

00:41:53   excited about it. I have a couple other notes, by the way, I went on backup because you said

00:41:57   something that was incorrect. It's $1499 for the higher end. $1299 for the low, $1499 for the high

00:42:03   end. And then the, they have like an even higher skew for $1699. I was putting seven colors into

00:42:09   the price, which was obviously the wrong thing. You don't buy all the colors. You only buy one.

00:42:13   You see is the challenge there. So I can see why you did the math wrong. I want to talk about the

00:42:17   chin. Does there need to be a chin there? I think because this is so thin, it does because they

00:42:21   literally can't tuck that. That's where the computer is and everything else is the display

00:42:26   and the speakers, right? So it would be very hard to hide all that behind the display without making

00:42:29   the whole thing thicker, which they could do, but they really want this to be this super thin slab.

00:42:34   It reminds me also of even the earliest days of the iMac. There were always these complaints about

00:42:38   the iMac that it was really one of the innovations Apple had in early iMacs was they essentially used

00:42:45   laptop parts for a desktop computer in the old days, there were laptop parts and there were

00:42:49   desktop parts and it was heresy almost to use laptop parts in a desktop computer.

00:42:55   But Apple has done it a lot because they're really good at making laptops. And they say,

00:43:00   for most people, laptop performance is plenty on the desk too. And I was thinking about that while

00:43:06   I was watching this rollout because this is a laptop, right? Like it's so thin. I know it's big

00:43:12   and it's got a huge screen, but if you look at it, not only is it the M1 chip, which is in those

00:43:16   laptops, but like it's laptop technology. This is a pretty powerful device, but it's still kind of the

00:43:24   idea here is they're using their laptop tech to make this thing thin. And yes, it could be huge

00:43:32   in the back. And if you sit in the front of it all day, you wouldn't notice that. But like,

00:43:35   that's not what Apple wants to do with the iMac. They want it to be thin. So it looks great from

00:43:39   all angles. And so they use their laptop tech to do this. This is basically a MacBook Air or a 13

00:43:45   inch MacBook Pro, except with a bigger screen. And I think that's okay. But it is a choice they made.

00:43:52   That's why the chin exists still, even though the bezels are much thinner, which is good because the

00:43:57   bezels I'm looking at my iMac right now, my iMac bezels are enormous and this iMac's bezels are not.

00:44:03   And by having the chin there and the foot as well, they're color matched and they're that little

00:44:08   color. So the color shines through. If the color was only on the back, you would never see it.

00:44:11   So that's all good. And very important to me, and again, you talk about niche features, but

00:44:19   these are available with a VESA mount instead of a foot. So you don't take it off. You order,

00:44:25   as has been true in the consumer iMac for quite a while now, you don't take the foot off and then

00:44:29   attach them out. It comes in two configurations. And I was thinking about that and thinking,

00:44:34   well, this thing is so thin and light that it would actually be really interesting on an arm.

00:44:38   My disappointment here is that if you look at that arm, I know it would be a lot of engineering work

00:44:47   because I know that that thing is not light, but I look at that arm and I think,

00:44:50   it is a shame it's not more adjustable. It is one height and then you tilt it. And that's all you

00:44:56   can do is tilt it at the one height. And I do wish Apple would redesign its iMac stand to be

00:45:04   more adjustable. And we make a lot of jokes about the Pro Display XDR stand, right? And mostly about

00:45:10   how much it costs and therefore it's probably over engineered. But I would love it if Apple

00:45:15   offered a couple of different styles of iMac stand in the future, right? Not just-

00:45:19   - Wait for the Pro one, Jason. - Well, maybe the high-end one could do something like that.

00:45:24   And that would be great because I look at this and I think, well, yeah, of course you want

00:45:27   a simple stand that doesn't cost a lot so that you can get the price down, but it would be great

00:45:31   if your options beyond that weren't just, well, get the VESA mount and stick it on whatever,

00:45:36   versus we also have an upgraded stand. If you want a more adjustable stand, we make one that you can

00:45:43   order on your iMac instead. And they didn't do that this time, maybe they'll do it down the road.

00:45:47   So the foot's a little bit disappointing just because there's no real innovation there in terms

00:45:54   of adjusting the height of your display, which isn't a kind of important thing. And that means

00:45:57   that some of these beautiful new iMacs will end up on top of a dictionary because you gotta get it at

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00:48:24   What did they do? Those mad people at Apple, they did it. M1 in the iPad Pro.

00:48:29   Yeah, well, this is why I lost the draft. And like we said at the top, we knew that this was

00:48:36   essentially what they would do because we knew the M1, when they announced the M1, we're like,

00:48:40   yeah, that's the A14X, right? Like they're going to make an iPad chip. They've already been making a

00:48:47   more capable version of their iPhone chip as a variant for the iPad for a while. And so when

00:48:55   they announced the M1, it looked very much like that. And so the question was, are they just going

00:49:00   to use that chip in the iPad Pro? I think the answer obviously was yes, always, clearly that

00:49:05   was what they were going to do. The question was just, what is the marketing behind it? And what

00:49:12   they did was they chose to call it M1 because they've been beating the drum on M1. And so why

00:49:17   not, honestly, why not just take all of the work that they've done that is accrued to the M1 and

00:49:23   roll it into the iPad Pro because it allows the iPad Pro to kind of like get the glow of all of

00:49:28   the praise that's been given to the M1. As a result, though, also, Myke, right? It's been since

00:49:34   2018, fall of 2018, I believe, was it, or was it 20, fall of it 2018, right? Since the iPad Pro with

00:49:46   the A14X came out, is that right? I think so. It's been a long time because the last update,

00:49:52   or sorry, the A12X. Yeah. It's been a long time because the last update was last spring,

00:49:57   and it was just that, you know, another GPU core update and LIDAR, right? So in terms of the amount

00:50:04   of time we have been living with essentially the same iPad Pro. - A12Z. - Well, yeah, it was A12X

00:50:12   and then it was A12Z. - Yeah. Oh, yeah, sorry. - Because the A12Z just added the one core. So A12X

00:50:18   to this, like, it's a big deal. I think that there's, obviously, Apple will talk about how

00:50:27   much faster it is, and it is. It's a much more powerful chip. I think a lot of people are still

00:50:31   straining to find ways to use the power on 2018's iPad Pro, right? Like, that's always been the

00:50:42   challenge. That was the thing that we talked about a lot back in 2018 was great that there's all this

00:50:49   power, but how can you use it on the iPad? And those are software limitations. So I still have

00:50:56   those questions, even though this is a much more powerful chip. Now, I sit there in Fairight

00:50:59   Recording Studio and I export out, I compress a project in order to, when I'm done with it,

00:51:04   I compress it and compresses it into a zip file. And that takes a while. And I think, oh, on M1,

00:51:11   this would go a lot faster. So I can find some cases where I want it to be faster,

00:51:16   but really what I want is on the software side to take advantage of all this power that they

00:51:22   poured in there because this thing with an M1 is gonna be that much more powerful than the previous

00:51:28   iPad Pro, which is already probably more power than most people could use. - If I can run iPad

00:51:34   apps on my M1 Mac, why can't I run M1 Mac apps on my iPad now? Like, that's the question that

00:51:40   we're not, like Apple have done this to themselves. We're gonna be asking these kinds of questions now.

00:51:45   Like, look, we had spoken about this so many times. Fundamentally, we understood that the M1

00:51:51   is a variant of the A14 chip, right? Like it just seemed obvious that that's the way that they did

00:51:55   it. Apple never said it. Well, now they've said it, right? Like the M1 can run in both an iPad

00:52:03   running iPadOS and a Mac running macOS. So now we're gonna, these kinds of questions will start

00:52:11   to get asked more and more directly because if we can go one way, why can't we go the other? Or why

00:52:19   can't you do the work necessary to go the other way? Like, why can't I run macOS on my iPad Pro now?

00:52:25   - Well, I mean, it's not a Mac, it's an iPad, but yes, it's a harder question to ask. I still had,

00:52:31   you know, I had that item that we didn't pick in the draft about like Mac compatibility. It's like,

00:52:35   I don't think it's impossible to imagine a scenario where there's a virtual Mac that you could run or

00:52:42   something like that, like down the road, these, look, the choice of calling this an M1 and an

00:52:49   iPad Pro, this is Apple deliberately pushing the iPad and the Mac together. They've been doing that

00:52:56   for a couple of years now, right? The whole catalyst conversation is about pushing the

00:53:00   iPad and the Mac together. When they talk about catalyst apps running on the Mac, they talk about

00:53:05   iPad apps. It's a path from a good iPad app to a good Mac app. So I don't know what their intent

00:53:12   is. I know that Apple's intent fundamentally is to keep the iPad as a touch tablet at its base,

00:53:19   but it can go to all sorts of interesting places. And so, you know, how far does that go? If you add,

00:53:28   you can already add a keyboard and a trackpad to an iPad. At what point could you not say,

00:53:34   all right, why can't I run something from the Mac on this? It's practically a Mac already.

00:53:39   And so I think, look, they've put an incredible amount of power into this iPad Pro,

00:53:46   you know, including adding Thunderbolt 4, a Thunderbolt USB 4. That's never going to not

00:53:54   be confusing. And really they haven't, in my opinion, really delivered on anything from

00:54:02   the iPad OS side that would suggest why you would do this. So my hopes now are focused

00:54:10   solely on WWDC because I'm now expecting Apple to show me enhancements in the software side

00:54:18   that argue why this amount of power should be in an iPad. Because one of the things that I was

00:54:26   thinking was convinced, I was convinced about is that, oh, they're going to bump the battery life,

00:54:30   but there was no indication to suggest that that was the case, right? I was like, well,

00:54:34   you know, surely they're just going to increase the battery life now because the battery life's

00:54:38   so good on my Mac Pro, it's better than my iPad. The iPad already benefited from that because it

00:54:43   was already running on Apple's chips. So they already were optimizing for that. And they can't,

00:54:48   you know, the iPad has to be one single plane. And so they don't, they have to stuff everything

00:54:52   in there, including battery and display, and that's harder. And so there's less battery.

00:54:56   No, I understand all of that, but like my thinking was just like, well, surely there's going to be

00:55:00   some benefit that I can see right now, because ultimately the things that Apple show you that

00:55:05   the iPads can do, like, I mean, it can already do all this stuff. Like no one, you know, even the

00:55:11   most intense iPad users and not being like, Oh, I feel so like handcuffed with this. Let's say,

00:55:16   I mean, rejoice if you're somebody who uses an iPad in, I guess, mirrored mode in a pro display

00:55:23   XDR or is using it for, for output while you use a video app on the iPad screen, and then you're

00:55:29   outputting to the pro display XDR because the new iPad pro will support the XDR at full resolution.

00:55:36   And this is my point too, which is like we said last week. Okay. What's the story about

00:55:42   Thunderbolt? Why do you have it? And they, they did what I thought they would do in saying, Oh,

00:55:48   fast storage for video or photography. Isn't that great? Which is like, okay, that is what I would

00:55:55   have predicted is the bare minimum. If you can't say anything else about Thunderbolt, at least you

00:56:03   can say it's fast importing photos into light room and it's fast importing, uh, 4k HDR video into your

00:56:12   video editing app that isn't final cut pro because final cut pro doesn't run on iPad by the way. Uh,

00:56:17   still, well, I just say while we've been recording today, there has been some information shared that

00:56:23   apparently apple has made reference on some press briefing calls that final cut for iPad is in the

00:56:28   looks. Well, we will, I'll believe that when I see it, but this is, this is, I think the point here,

00:56:38   which is that Thunderbolt port is nice, but has no real story behind it. And zooming out a little

00:56:52   bit, honestly, isn't that the case with the iPad? It's sort of been the case with the iPad pro for

00:56:56   a few years now, which is sort of like, okay, we get it. You are building amazing hardware.

00:57:04   What can we do with it? And believe me, I am trying all sorts of interesting things with my iPad and,

00:57:11   and, and Federico is, and other people are like, we, there are people who are doing lots of really

00:57:17   interesting things with the iPad, but the iPad hardware is not the problem. So if,

00:57:25   if they are going to do something like, you know, they, they nod toward the pro display XDR,

00:57:30   but the use of it right now is so limited. It does make me think, you know, this is a great

00:57:36   setup for a new version of iPad iOS that actually will properly take advantage of external displays

00:57:42   and, you know, whatever, whatever other stuff, high speed data transfers and all that in a

00:57:50   bigger story, or, oh, this is perfect final cut pro on the iPad pro. So it should be there.

00:57:56   So that's great. We'll get there. It's just in this announcement,

00:57:59   we got the bare minimum, which is well, yeah, you can plug in faster stuff. Now,

00:58:03   This reminded me very much of the USB-C edition when they put USB-C on the iPad pro,

00:58:10   they kind of couldn't really do anything great. Can I plug in a, a thumb drive and

00:58:14   read the contents? And at that point it was like, no, you can't.

00:58:19   So again, I really feel like that. I mean, look, this is a cool iPad pro. There's other things too,

00:58:22   which makes it cool. It feels like a very pro iPad pro, but they've taken some moves,

00:58:28   like calling it M1 and then putting Thunderbolt on it, which feels like, okay,

00:58:31   I am confident they have a story for this, but we're not going to find that out for another seven

00:58:38   weeks. But I feel confident that iPad OS will take advantage of this. Like I do feel very confident

00:58:47   about that. I hope so. Center stage, which is a new feature that's coming as part of the addition

00:58:53   of an ultra wide camera, which is very interesting. This is one of my favorite features to this, uh,

00:59:01   to this iPad. I thought it looked super cool. I feel like we were just talking about this too,

00:59:06   but not in the context of the iPad. We were talking about this in the context of an Amazon

00:59:11   echo like thing for, from Apple that had a screen on it or something that was on a TV.

00:59:17   But the idea is the same, which is you get a wide lens. You can take a really high quality

00:59:24   view of everybody in a room, and then you use machine learning to do some intelligent zooming

00:59:33   on the subjects so that a stationary device will dynamically photograph whoever is a participant in

00:59:44   a video call. And the other way I could describe this is if you ever watch a TV show or a movie

00:59:50   where somebody's on a, on a it's usually scifi because it was the future, a video call with

00:59:55   somebody and the person talking, there's like camera movement and stuff where it's like,

01:00:01   they're zooming in or they're panning over or they're zooming back and you're like, wait a

01:00:04   second. I thought this was a video phone. Why is the camera moving around? And it's because they

01:00:09   directed it like a TV show and not like an actual video camera. And I admit those scenes make me

01:00:13   laugh, but this is that, this is that, which is of course, silly 20th century mortal as I'm watching,

01:00:20   you know, star Trek or something like that. Um, well in the future, there'll just be a really

01:00:25   high quality camera and an intelligent computer will choose where to point the camera. And that's

01:00:30   what this is basically. So, um, it, uh, we'll, we'll see how uncanny it is in practice, but it's

01:00:37   a cool idea. I think it's a really smart idea and there's also an API for it. Federico confirmed

01:00:41   that. Um, so you know, it won't just be FaceTime that uses this, uh, what is it open standard?

01:00:47   FaceTime is an open standard, but it's not like that. It'd be an API for this. Zoom or whatever,

01:00:52   it's going to be able to tap into this. And I think it's really cool. I like this feature.

01:00:56   I wouldn't have expected that, but it feels like a very post pandemic world feature. Yeah. It's

01:01:01   funny that it's on an iPad because an iPad is a camera you actually can move. Yeah. But we have

01:01:06   this, we do zoom, uh, conversations with, um, with family and we have the same issue, which is

01:01:12   it's like getting a good angle for shooting us versus getting a good angle for seeing the people

01:01:19   and all of that. Like it's a, it's kind of a mess. And seriously, Myke, when we were talking about

01:01:24   that Apple TV HomePod combo soundbar kind of thing, and they said it might have a camera on

01:01:29   it for FaceTime. It's like, this is what it would do. This is literally the feature they would,

01:01:35   if that product exists, it will have center stage. The idea is it's going to shoot everything in your

01:01:39   living room. And when you do a FaceTime, it's going to zoom in on the people who are participating in

01:01:44   the call because that you can't move that camera. It's just going to be locked in place. And that's

01:01:49   probably what they would do if they did a HomePod with a screen and a camera that was like the

01:01:54   Amazon echo show they would use center stage. It might even be something that they bring eventually

01:02:00   to the Mac as well. Right. Because that's those, those can be sometimes especially desktop, Mac's

01:02:07   more stationary kind of things too. So it's fascinating to see them doing this again. I

01:02:11   want to see how uncanny it is. Is it weird or does it seem natural? Um, does it move around a lot or

01:02:17   does it settle? I don't know. Liquid retina XDR display on the 12.9 inch. It is a mini LED display.

01:02:24   It features 10,000 tiny LEDs. The previous 12.9 had 72. Okay. So I'm going to add a,

01:02:33   a callback here to what I just said about Apple builds all this great hardware.

01:02:37   We get it. You make great hardware, which is as a 12.9 inch iPad pro user,

01:02:44   having them say, well, it's basically going to be like a pro display XDR. Now

01:02:48   we've raised the price and we've done this incredible engineering to make you have this

01:02:54   incredibly better display. And it's like, that's great. Personally, I don't use the iPad pro for

01:03:02   that for stuff that needs that feature. Again, that's fine. It doesn't need to be for everybody,

01:03:07   but I had that moment where I just thought to myself,

01:03:11   I guess Apple knows the game it's playing here. The game it's playing here is they're going to load

01:03:16   their, all of their hardware with these high-end features that could be used by pros and everybody

01:03:21   who's not a pro looks at them and goes, well, like if it's good enough for the pros, it's certainly

01:03:25   going to be good enough for me. And they buy it. And, and so that's why, you know, most people are

01:03:29   not going to shoot high frame range, uh, HDR 4k video on their iPhone pro. Right. But you could,

01:03:36   and isn't that cool. That's what this feature looks like to me with a mini led. It's like,

01:03:41   I'm sure it's very impressive. I'm sure it's going to be great for watching movies and for

01:03:45   editing photos and all of those things. It, I did have a moment where I thought,

01:03:49   is this overkill like to put a pro display XDR in an iPad, like, um, the iPad pro itself is overkill

01:03:59   in a lot of ways. I think you're right. I think maybe it is an overkill product in general. So

01:04:02   why not more overkill? I would have been much more excited about this myself. Well, for two things,

01:04:10   one, if it was on the 11, but also if, if it didn't increase the price, I think that that does

01:04:14   make it a little bit like, how much more has it gone up? What did the, uh, the fourth generation

01:04:20   star? I don't remember an Apple's website. Isn't helping me, but it started nine 99. I think it was

01:04:27   seven 99 and nine 99. And now it's seven 99 and 10 99, which goes absolutely a prediction that I

01:04:32   would have made yesterday that didn't come true is that I thought with the existence of the iPad air,

01:04:37   that that 11 inch iPad pro would get a higher price. They didn't, I don't think they do anything

01:04:43   to it. What they could, what they could justify. Like, look, it also gets, it's going to happen.

01:04:47   It also gets the, you know, it gets everything except for the new display. Right? So that new

01:04:54   display will happen at some point down the road to the 11 inch iPad pro at which point it will be eight

01:04:58   99, which is what we saw from them, you know, all the way back in the, the iPad pro this has

01:05:03   happened. So I only really been the last year or two where they've actually released them exactly

01:05:07   the same time with the same features. They had this for the first few revisions, like this one

01:05:11   will come out and then there was a small one and a small one had this and then the big one came out

01:05:15   and it had the, like they, you know, they've kind of been out of step a little bit. Um, but I mean,

01:05:19   this does seem like a really cool iPad. Um, yeah, it's not, I don't think this is an iPad for me

01:05:28   anymore. Uh, like I use an 11 inch and I use it a lot, but I'm using it for, uh, most of the time

01:05:37   more iPad-y things. This is my iPad. So am I going to get one? Yeah, of course I am. Yeah. I mean,

01:05:44   you didn't upgrade though, right? Like you're a couple of years away from when you upgraded.

01:05:47   Is that right? Yeah. I mean, right. Because the last one had nothing to commend it, you know,

01:05:55   especially, and the magic keyboard works with both models and all that. But this one, um, you know,

01:06:01   again, I'm a, I'm a 12.9 inch iPad pro user and there's probably not a lot that would,

01:06:05   could happen to change that. And so I am interested in this because of the processor,

01:06:10   honestly, more than the display, just having the faster processor, because I do use at least

01:06:16   some things I use on my iPad do stress out the processor. And so, uh, but, but you're right.

01:06:21   Also, there's this question of, yeah, but in a, in a few months, will it perhaps be more functional,

01:06:27   never buy hardware because you're hoping that the OS update will enable more things, but it's

01:06:32   something to watch that this hardware may be that much more impressive come summer when they've

01:06:38   announced what the next iPad OS features are, if they really can roll out some things that take

01:06:44   advantage of this hardware. Yeah. Like I could imagine, uh, we get one of these for Adina. So

01:06:49   she is a comic artist and uses the iPad pro solely for that. And I could imagine better screen,

01:06:57   brighter screen would be helpful for her in a bunch of ways. And she uses procreate and really

01:07:02   pushes procreate and she uses my old 2018 iPad or yeah, 2019, whenever it's 2018 one and the 2020

01:07:13   and now 2021 iPad pros, they have more Ram in them and procreate can have more layers in it with

01:07:21   those devices. So that might be enough for her to want to, to want to get one of these. So maybe

01:07:26   there'll be one in my home. Uh, but I can't imagine upgrading even my 11 inch until Apple show me that

01:07:35   I will want to do that post WWDC because I mean, I love my 11 inch iPad pro. It's my favorite iPad

01:07:42   pro, uh, that Apple's ever made. I think it's fantastic. It's just like, it's perfect. Um,

01:07:46   and I've said that I think it's, I think for most people it's the best one. Oh, we didn't mention

01:07:50   5g. Of course they put 5g on it, uh, 5g and they put what it can go up to two terabytes of storage

01:07:57   now. I think. Yeah. So the person tried to give examples for it's like, you might need this if

01:08:02   you're, I don't know, whatever. Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah. So that's that. So I think that this iPad pro

01:08:11   it's all of the things I expected plus some additional good parts. Like I expected to see

01:08:17   the USB for Thunderbolt thing, but I didn't expect them to have anything to tell me today

01:08:22   why I would want that. And that's what happened. I'm excited because it's an actual proper update

01:08:26   to the product, the iPad that I use the most, but there's, there's, there needs to be more here.

01:08:31   There needs to be more to this story. This episode is brought to you by Pingdom from SolarWinds. If

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01:09:43   Winds for their support of this show and Relay FM. It actually happened. AirTags,

01:09:49   or a product that exists in Apple's lineup now. I couldn't stop laughing for a while.

01:09:54   And Lauren looked at me and I said, "You got to understand this product's been rumored for

01:09:58   two years and it actually happened. It's got the name we thought. It explains, "Hey, everybody,

01:10:05   remember the iPhone event in 2019 where they unveiled the U1 chip and it didn't do anything?"

01:10:10   Well, now it does something and it'll help you find your AirTag even if it's in the

01:10:18   cave that's in your couch cushions. - I like that. It was a cute little ad.

01:10:24   - It was a cute ad. - It was beautiful too. There isn't

01:10:28   really much to say about this because it's everything we thought. So, you know,

01:10:32   you can buy them for $29 for one, $99 for four. It uses the Find My Network and all the Bluetooth

01:10:40   stuff, but they have U1 chips in them. So you can do what they call precise finding if you have a U1

01:10:46   device, which means you can basically just keep moving your iPhone around until it's like, "Hey,

01:10:50   it's here." They have tools to prevent unwanted people tracking and they have a bunch of

01:10:55   accessories for physically connecting them to things. Leather loops, keychains, other types

01:11:00   of loops. They have an Hermes option as well, which comes engraved with an Hermes logo on it,

01:11:06   because I guess why not? And they're available later this month to... Oh, they're pre-ordered

01:11:14   Friday. Everything else is pre-ordering later in the month, but pre-order Friday coming by the end

01:11:19   of April. I mean, I do need a new keyring. Like I have a keyring that I don't like, and I've been

01:11:26   thinking like, "I want a new keyring." And I want to try this product out. I'm going to get one. I'm

01:11:30   going to get a little tag on it. And I mean, I'll probably get a four pack and then also have one

01:11:35   like my backpack or whatever. I want to see what this thing's all about. I actually,

01:11:41   from a fundamental level, I like the idea because I think Find My is really cool. And I like the

01:11:50   idea of being able to have more things, arbitrary things in Find My. And I love that it's a user

01:11:57   replaceable coin cell battery. I think that's fantastic, right? Because I could have easily

01:12:01   imagined them saying like, "It comes with a charger. When it's done, it's done." Right? Or

01:12:06   like, "You need to charge it via Lightning. You have this adapted charger thing every now and then."

01:12:11   So like, I'm happy all that's there. This isn't an exciting product because we've known about it,

01:12:16   all of these details basically for two years, and I've been talking about it at least every couple

01:12:22   of months. But it is a thing that I think makes sense. And I'm kind of like, "Yeah,

01:12:27   cool." Like as a customer, I'm up for it. Yeah. I don't know if I have very many things that I

01:12:32   would actually use this on, but I'm intrigued by it. And I like that they are really pushing the

01:12:37   engraving hard here, but I get it, right? Like basically they want you to engrave these things

01:12:42   with a custom initial or emoji or whatever. And then you identify that that's what it is.

01:12:49   And you're like, "Oh, that's this one. And where is it?" So interesting stuff. We've talked about

01:12:55   the technology behind it. It is a privacy-based thing that is... There's low energy Bluetooth,

01:13:00   and it's finding IDs that are obscured and locations, and everything is sort of like

01:13:05   handed off in a way that you don't know who saw it, and you just know that it was seen and where

01:13:10   it was seen. And I think that's all really interesting. We talked about stalking on this

01:13:19   show. And one of the things that it does is there's AirTag detection. So if somebody plants...

01:13:29   Somebody plants an AirTag on you or in your car or whatever, it will actually

01:13:36   notice if there's an AirTag that is not near its owner, but near you. And if it like... It will send

01:13:48   you an alert saying there is an AirTag near you, which is interesting. And you can actually find

01:13:54   the AirTag. And this has two purposes. One is, "Oh, did you know that there's this object that's

01:14:00   separated from its person?" And you could actually like maybe find it and return it to the person.

01:14:05   But also if somebody tries to track you, you will know, at least if you have an Apple device. I

01:14:10   wonder if there's also a... If it chirps or something every now and then to let it know

01:14:14   that it's out in the wild somewhere. I don't know. But they're trying to anticipate this stuff,

01:14:20   which I think is interesting too. I like the amount of engineering that seems to have gone

01:14:25   into just that one specific part of it. It's one of these things where it's like,

01:14:35   who's responsibility? Is it Apple's responsibility to do this? I think it's very easy to argue yes,

01:14:42   but I also could imagine an argument of no. I don't think that would be the right argument,

01:14:48   but I could imagine someone making it. I'm happy that they've gone to this kind of level

01:14:54   for adding a feature like that. And it seems to be so built into the product, which shows...

01:14:59   I mean, we see this a lot where there were decisions that companies make that seem to be

01:15:05   like, "You didn't consult everyone on this decision." And this seems like something where

01:15:11   from the beginning they have had this in mind. And I appreciate that as a feature. I think it's cool.

01:15:18   There's lots of accessories. Apple makes them. Other people are making them. Belkin's got one.

01:15:23   The one that made me laugh was that there's an Hermes set of accessories. So if you want

01:15:29   an expensive Hermes leather key ring or a luggage tag, you can get those. I know that they won't

01:15:35   call it this, so I will call it this. It's an Hermes tag? Air? Tag?

01:15:44   Oh, oh! Man, that could be too long. Yeah, okay. A-I-R-M-E-Grav-S.

01:15:53   H-E-R-T-A-G. Sure, that could be. Air tag. Air tag. Anyway, there's something there. We'll workshop

01:16:02   it. We'll workshop it. But it's here. Never has so much virtual ink been spilled for such a kind of

01:16:08   minor product. But it's interesting. That's where now in the light of day it's like, "Oh, yeah,

01:16:14   this is kind of interesting and some people will like it and people will find uses for it." My

01:16:18   only other AirTag comment here is $29 for one, $99 for four. It's actually priced more reasonably

01:16:25   than I thought it would be. So yeah, there it is. Apple TV. I can't believe this. So the Apple TV 4K

01:16:35   continues to exist as a brand name. They've just put a new processor in it, the A12 Bionic.

01:16:40   The big new feature that that enables is high frame rate HDR, which they're working with

01:16:46   partners in or something. Okay. This is one of those classic things where it's like,

01:16:49   "Hey, it can do this." You can't watch anything. Yeah, other than the high frame rate HDR video

01:16:56   you shot on your iPhone 12. Like literally that's what you've got. However, how do you make this

01:17:03   product interesting? A few things. Again, there's the color balance stuff where they're going to use

01:17:09   sensors on your iPhone to detect the output of your TV. It's like, "Stop even messing with your

01:17:15   TV. We will filter the output of the device to make it look good on your TV." There are other

01:17:22   devices that do stuff like this. Obviously, various game consoles will actually have you

01:17:27   hold up a controller or something and they will do some calibration. Usually it's for

01:17:33   delay. It's for sync detection and stuff. This is kind of like that. I like that. It's a great idea.

01:17:39   How can we make it so that it looks good on your TV without you actually having to know what looks

01:17:44   good? I like that. The phone will do it. You're doing a color profile for your television.

01:17:51   This is a great feature. This is the kind of feature. One of the lines that the presenter

01:17:57   mentioned is, "Why do you want this?" Because it has power that smart TVs just don't have.

01:18:03   My favorite thing was that power then was just a list mostly of services that Apple provides.

01:18:08   It's not really powerful. But look, if you're going to still charge me $179 for this thing,

01:18:13   you got to make it worth my while. I actually think this color balancing thing, it's obviously

01:18:19   not worth it for that. But this is one of those things where it's like, "Okay, this is one of

01:18:25   those things where now that I'm in the Apple ecosystem, I get a benefit like that. I'm up

01:18:30   for that. That sounds great. This is a good feature. Thank you for adding it. I'm excited

01:18:34   about it." But the best thing, there's a new remote. And it's visually, I mean, I haven't

01:18:41   used the thing, but visually it's like every complaint I had seems to have been addressed.

01:18:46   It looks fantastic. Yeah. And actually the thing that I was afraid of losing was that I actually

01:18:52   kind of like the track pad on the Apple TV for certain things like scrubbing. And so they've got

01:18:59   it's a five-way click pad with swiping gestures and you can scrub around the ring

01:19:03   to do the scrubbing gesture. And it's like, yeah, actually that right. It's very much a classic

01:19:09   iPod kind of thing, which I swear I mentioned at some point in the last couple of months is could

01:19:13   they go back to just something like the iPod and here it is. So this is like a baby of the

01:19:20   front row remote and the Apple TV remote. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Right. And then there's a Siri

01:19:25   button on the side. I'm sure that won't be annoying and you won't accidentally touch it

01:19:29   or something, but we'll have to see, right. In the end, it's gotta be used by real people in the real

01:19:33   world and we'll see how it works. But it certainly seems like Apple has finally tried to address all

01:19:39   of the problems with the Siri remote. It's much bigger in all of the dimensions. It's longer,

01:19:45   it's chunkier. And I think that's great though, to be honest, because that makes it more findable.

01:19:51   One of the biggest issues in my home is like, it just gets lost in the sofa. Like there's like,

01:19:57   you know, a piece of paper on top of it and you'd never know there was a remote.

01:20:00   Can you find this with the Find My network? Do they do something with that maybe?

01:20:03   I mean, they should have you. I mean, it should have a new one in it, but I don't think it does.

01:20:08   Even if it's just Bluetooth, low energy, something in there. Just, I mean, I'm just saying.

01:20:15   But yeah, it's something, right? It still costs $179, still has storage options.

01:20:21   Yeah, I mean, that's just ridiculous. Like, I can't believe that they're still doing the storage

01:20:25   options thing on this. You can get 32 or 64 gigabyte and the 64 gigabyte is $200 more expensive.

01:20:31   I don't know who's buying that 64 gigabyte Apple TV or what they're doing for it. Like,

01:20:36   I really don't understand it. Yeah, I think that this is, the remote is super cool.

01:20:42   I'm into it overall. You know, like, I honestly wasn't, I wasn't expecting a change to the remote

01:20:50   at all. Like, I didn't think they would change it and they've done everything I would have wanted

01:20:54   from it. Did I say $200 more expensive? You're just raising all the prices today.

01:20:59   So I meant it was $20 more expensive. I am making everything more expensive today.

01:21:03   But this remote is kind of everything I would have wanted it to be and makes it, I think, worth,

01:21:10   for me, I'm going to upgrade to this. So it's funny, like, this is the one product that I

01:21:16   immediately knew I was buying. Everything announced today, it's like, yes, I'm in on it.

01:21:22   So because like, I'm sure you can buy the remote. I know you can buy the remote. I assume it will

01:21:27   work with the old one. But I'm into those other features like this, the color thing and all that

01:21:32   sort of stuff. I assume that that's just part of the new Apple TV, not only as part of the new chip.

01:21:37   So I don't mind upgrading for that. So this will be a product that will be making its way to the

01:21:44   Hurley household. Before we wrap up, couple of tiny extra things that popped up. There's a

01:21:50   purple iPhone 12. Yeah, surprising. Apple Card family seems cool. I would really like them to

01:21:59   try and expand the Apple Card outside of America at some point. That's what I was kind of hoping

01:22:03   they were going to say today, but that wasn't it. And there's a headlamp or a trailer.

01:22:08   - Yeah, I'm excited about the Apple Card thing. Just, you know, I signed up for one,

01:22:13   but it's just me and now it can be the rest of the people in my family because it's a good deal,

01:22:18   especially if you're Apple paying for something. So I'm very happy about that. And that it feels

01:22:22   very much like they are addressing some of the issues that they've been criticized for,

01:22:29   which I think is interesting because I think it's very much like Apple chose the ways it wanted to

01:22:33   break the rules of credit cards when it launched Apple Card. And then it went, and everything else

01:22:41   is like, okay, you just do everything else the way you always do credit cards. And then they got a

01:22:45   lot of criticism because they're like, "Hey, you said you were going to change how you do credit

01:22:48   cards, but you didn't do this and you didn't do this." And this is an example of that, of Apple

01:22:52   being like, "All right, so next round, here's another thing that we want to change based on

01:22:59   criticism and feedback they've got." So I think that's a good sign and I'm happy that they've

01:23:02   done that. Ted Lasso, I just, I love the fact that when we were talking about Apple TV+,

01:23:09   there were all these shows that were like, "Oh, these are the launch shows. These are going to be

01:23:13   big. Which one's going to break out? Are people going to watch it? Are people going to want to do

01:23:16   it?" And even now, I think it's funny, even now that when Tim Cook talks about it, he's like,

01:23:24   "And Apple TV+ is great. It's got things like, uh, like everybody loves The Morning Show.

01:23:30   And then there's Oprah. Um, but Ted Lasso." And I think it's like, okay, first off,

01:23:38   you're still trying to make The Morning Show happen. Okay. Um, it's fine. It's fine. There's

01:23:43   nothing wrong with it. Well, it was used in some demos, but yeah, I know For All Mankind,

01:23:50   uh, was having a great second season. So, but I think it is funny that in the end it's like,

01:23:56   yeah, but it's, it's Ted Lasso, right? Like it's actually, it's, it's actually Ted Lasso. That's

01:24:01   our breakout show. And this was the admission of that, right? It was like, they literally showed

01:24:07   the season two Ted Lasso trailer in an Apple event. Uh, then, you know, it's July 23rd is

01:24:13   the announcement, uh, of the, of the release date of the premiere of Ted Lasso season two,

01:24:19   how far we've come that, um, but Apple has recognized it like, no, Ted Lasso has all

01:24:23   the momentum. That's the one that everybody's talking about. And I just want to say my favorite

01:24:28   little Easter egg from this event, if you watch to the end of the scrolling credits at the end,

01:24:33   where they talk about how they made this with the rules of the County health departments and all

01:24:38   those things, the very last thing that begins to scroll is Ted Lasso's biscuit recipe. And it

01:24:44   starts to show the first line of the recipe. And then it goes to black and the Apple logo comes up

01:24:48   and that's the end of the show. That's a good, I didn't see that cause I had already furiously

01:24:53   started making notes. Uh, but that's a very good Easter egg. It's interesting to me how they've

01:24:59   leaned into Ted Lasso like this. I mean, obviously they had to, right. Because like, it's such,

01:25:05   it's that big success. You know, it's kind of funny. He's like, and Ted's like, Tim's like,

01:25:09   Oh, I love, Oh, I love Ted Lasso. It's my favorite show. And it's like, okay, Tim, I'm sure you like

01:25:15   it. But like, you know, you went to the premiere of the morning show. You actually had a premiere

01:25:20   from the morning show, right? Like, you know, Ted Lasso snuck its way in there.

01:25:26   But it's, you can't deny it. And that's actually the sign of, of Apple TV,

01:25:30   which I was going to say maturing Apple TV plus maturing, but really it's just like,

01:25:35   look, they had a word of mouth hit. It's it's big. Like they need one. You want to have people,

01:25:40   you want more than one, but like, there's this question like, well, what is it? Is it really the

01:25:44   morning show? Is it for all mankind? Like what are, what are people talking about? And then

01:25:47   Ted Lasso happened. It's like, Oh, there it is. That's it. That's the one.

01:25:51   So I think that's it. It's a big event. It was a lot of stuff. It was exciting.

01:25:57   Yeah. Yeah. This was pretty good. They, they did in an hour. They packed it in,

01:26:01   they should have taken more time. They should have gone above 75 minutes. I said,

01:26:04   you would say that, wouldn't you? Uh, I'm excited to see more about the product.

01:26:13   I'm very excited next week. Uh, when we get to talk to Colleen and Nevebrey on the show from Apple,

01:26:19   then we talk about all about the iMac. Um, so that's going to be really great. Uh, if you want

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