348: The 2021 April Event Draft


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00:00:16   From relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 348, and today's show is brought to you by Squarespace and PDF Pen from Smile.

00:00:26   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Jason Snell.

00:00:29   Oh, I love that band music. That can only mean one thing, Myke.

00:00:32   Draft time.

00:00:34   Draft time is here.

00:00:37   There is an Apple event happening next week, April 20th, or this week depending on when you're listening to it.

00:00:43   So I'll say April 20th, 10 a.m. Pacific time as always. The event is called Spring Loaded.

00:00:50   Yeah, wind up your springs. Get them loaded. Get ready.

00:00:53   As obviously expected, all virtual at Apple Park.

00:00:57   Sure, previously recorded.

00:00:58   Well, yeah, we'd assume previously recorded, right? If they follow the suit that they have so far, there's no reason to suggest that they wouldn't.

00:01:05   Let me read the rules for the draft. We are going to be doing three rounds of picks. It's going to be broken into three categories.

00:01:12   We're doing iPad picks, Mac picks, and other picks. There's going to be 10 picks total per person.

00:01:19   The winner of the previous draft gets first pick. That was Jason.

00:01:23   Hello.

00:01:24   For an item to count as a scoreable in our draft, it must either be clearly announced on stage or on a slide during the presentation.

00:01:32   Items will only be counted if they occur within the presentation video itself.

00:01:37   This is a keynote draft, not events that occur on April 20th.

00:01:42   Or what can you find out on the web page afterwards.

00:01:44   Exactly.

00:01:44   It doesn't work like that.

00:01:46   Stephen Hackett will adjudicate for us in the case of a scoring stalemate between the two of us. We prefer to score ourselves and we have been very good at this for a long time.

00:01:55   But if we cannot come to a decision, Stephen will be the tiebreaker.

00:02:00   There will be no half points awarded. You get the full thing or you get nothing.

00:02:04   We are, as always, choosing our picks from an agreed pre-approved list that doesn't contain any obvious items.

00:02:13   We do not allow for the most obvious of obvious.

00:02:16   Like, for example, you couldn't say, for example, Tim Cook will be in the presentation.

00:02:22   Seems pretty lost.

00:02:23   A new product will be announced. Those don't make it.

00:02:26   And again, we just sort of build our document of things that we want and we all agree on them.

00:02:31   The points that are awarded on the episode itself are final.

00:02:34   And we also have a tiebreaker question in case we come down to a complete tie in the scoring.

00:02:41   Right.

00:02:41   It's not scored per se. It's literally only used if there is a tie.

00:02:46   There is an interactive scorecard, which is created by a wonderful friend of the show, Zach Knox.

00:02:52   You can find a link to that in the show notes.

00:02:54   We don't recommend that you open it until after you've heard all the picks, because otherwise there'll be spoilers.

00:02:59   But you can come back to this later on and you can score along with us as the event unfolds next week.

00:03:08   So the results of 2020, pretty easy.

00:03:11   There were four drafts and Jason won all of them in an, I think, unprecedented, complete sweep of the year.

00:03:20   I have made it a personal goal to win at least one draft this year.

00:03:26   That's kind of where I'm coming from.

00:03:27   I just want to pick up one win that is important to me for this year.

00:03:33   Just one.

00:03:35   That sounds good.

00:03:35   I hope you get there.

00:03:37   Thank you.

00:03:37   I hope you do it.

00:03:38   I'm rooting for you, sort of.

00:03:39   I know that you also kind of are, this is like that weird thing where Jason sounds both serious

00:03:45   and sarcastic at the same time, but I believe in the seriousness of it.

00:03:49   Well, it's not fun if I win every time.

00:03:51   I want to win every time, right?

00:03:54   For in the moment in each one, I want to win, but it's also not fun for anyone, for the listeners, for you.

00:04:02   And really for me, if it's just one-sided, that's no good.

00:04:06   So, uh, it was a run of bad luck.

00:04:08   I think it was because I've had lots of wins in the past.

00:04:11   You're the annual chairman of the Ricky's over on the connected podcast.

00:04:15   That was a, you, you won that one, but, and you've won this several times.

00:04:19   Clearly my picks are better, just completely like blind because we pick our annual picks.

00:04:24   We pick in January things that could happen at any point over a 12 month span.

00:04:28   And like the more kind of close picks, maybe I'm not so good at, although I also on connected,

00:04:33   I had a good run of a keynote of wins before we had the Twitter account.

00:04:39   As soon as we had the Twitter account, I never won another one.

00:04:42   I can't win the keynotes, but we'll see.

00:04:44   So, uh, we've kind of, I think instituted a pretty standard tiebreaker now, cause it's easy,

00:04:51   which is event runtime.

00:04:52   So how long will the event run?

00:04:55   Basically I get to pick the, uh, over under because, uh, Jason won last too.

00:05:02   I will set the over under and then you get to choose.

00:05:05   And so the idea here is that I need to pick a runtime that I think is, you know, it's cut the,

00:05:11   cut the cake in half and then your, your sibling gets to choose which piece they want.

00:05:15   So you want to make it as fair as possible.

00:05:17   So you want to make it a hard decision and I'm not going to pick 60 minutes because I

00:05:22   feel like there's enough rumor to be here that they might run a little bit over.

00:05:26   So I think I'm going to pick 75 minutes.

00:05:32   As the over under.

00:05:33   Okay.

00:05:33   Do I think this event will run over 75 minutes long?

00:05:38   Cause if I picked 60, it would be easy, right?

00:05:40   Yeah.

00:05:41   I think.

00:05:41   I, I do not, I'm going to say under 75 minutes.

00:05:49   Okay.

00:05:49   The only thing that I could imagine that would push this event over 75 minutes would be something

00:05:58   like the mixed reality headset.

00:06:00   Honestly, something you don't believe will happen.

00:06:02   Yeah.

00:06:03   And I don't, I mean, maybe I'm tipping my hand for later on in the draft, but I do not think

00:06:08   that Apple is going to use this to, to show that off.

00:06:11   I think even if, you know, the, the, the typical product rumors we have here is something in

00:06:16   iPad, something in Mac and maybe some of a little bits and bobs.

00:06:20   I don't think considering some of the events that Apple had in the last year, that this

00:06:25   would be the one that pushes them over 75, because I think they even stuck close to an

00:06:30   hour for the iPhone event.

00:06:32   So, no, I think they were, I think they were over on the iPhone.

00:06:36   I think that's the, that's the thing that Apple has, what the push and pull here is

00:06:40   you don't want to overstay your welcome, but Apple also sort of has this idea of the ideal

00:06:44   two hour media event.

00:06:46   And the last two were an hour, but the last two were also the, the feeling was it was

00:06:51   sort of one event that was cut in two.

00:06:54   I'm not sure if that's the case this time.

00:06:56   One hour and 11 minutes for the October event.

00:06:59   For the October event.

00:07:00   So I think, I think there's a chance that they will run long.

00:07:05   I didn't feel comfortable with 60 because I thought with 60, I would pick the over.

00:07:10   Yeah, I would have gone over.

00:07:12   I almost did 70, but I'm going to set it at 75.

00:07:14   So there it is.

00:07:15   Yep.

00:07:15   So I'm going to say under 75 minutes.

00:07:18   Come on long bloviating person on stage.

00:07:22   I mean, honestly, for us to get to needing to care about the tiebreaker, a lots of things

00:07:27   have gone wrong or completely 100% right at that point.

00:07:30   Right.

00:07:31   Imagine if we both 100% of the draft.

00:07:34   Then imagine that almost happened one time.

00:07:36   That would be incredible though, right?

00:07:37   Yeah.

00:07:38   We'd look so smart.

00:07:39   That would also be kind of boring.

00:07:40   I don't know.

00:07:41   It would look good.

00:07:42   If it happened one time, it would be exciting just for having happened one time.

00:07:46   If it then happened a second time, it would be boring.

00:07:48   True.

00:07:48   All right.

00:07:49   We're going to get into our first round of picks, which is iPad picks.

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00:09:23   So our first four picks, we're going to be doing this in four three three is how these

00:09:28   are being stacked up, because when we were writing out our kind of pre predictions of

00:09:33   things to pick from, we have way more in the iPad column.

00:09:36   So we're going with four picks for the iPad.

00:09:39   Jason, you're up first.

00:09:41   What is your first pick?

00:09:44   All right.

00:09:44   G G G.

00:09:48   You getting it yet?

00:09:49   G.

00:09:50   Oh, OK.

00:09:52   This is a real long joke.

00:09:53   That was 5G.

00:09:55   Nice.

00:09:56   On the iPad pro.

00:09:57   Five of them, because there'll be 5G.

00:10:02   Yes, this is very high up in my potential picks, too.

00:10:06   It feels honestly, I think of all the potential things that they might or might not add.

00:10:11   This seems like the closest to a lock for the iPad for me.

00:10:15   You know, we could argue about like, do they need an all that?

00:10:19   It's like it's an iPad pro.

00:10:20   I I might be able to make the argument that given the speeds of 5G in the certain areas

00:10:25   where they have it, it's like what you really want to be doing is not just checking your

00:10:29   phone there.

00:10:29   You want to be on a more productive device where you can take advantage of the super

00:10:34   high speed iPad fits the bill.

00:10:37   So I think they how would you not put 5G in in the your pro iPad just seems to make sense

00:10:43   to me.

00:10:43   Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense.

00:10:45   I think in my opinion, they can't have a brand new device like that, especially a pro

00:10:49   device.

00:10:50   Having spent so much time talking about 5G for the iPhone and then not bring it to this

00:10:55   product line, you know, it just it would make no sense right to do that, especially when

00:11:01   many thought including me that 5G would come to the iPad before it came to the iPhone.

00:11:07   They would have been something they would have released earlier on in the year, but

00:11:10   they just didn't update the iPad pro until now.

00:11:12   My pick is the other kind of I think probably main feature, especially hardware feature.

00:11:20   At least one iPad pro gets a mini LED screen.

00:11:24   All right, this is the you you've been all over the place picking this this week.

00:11:31   But I think it's a good this is the rumor all along is that there is new display technology

00:11:35   that Apple's been working on for the iPad pro unless we've been misled and it's not

00:11:39   there because it didn't work out this time.

00:11:41   I think the current prevailing rumor is that the larger one will get it in the smaller

00:11:47   one won't but you want one of those iPad pros gets in a mini LED screen.

00:11:51   Do they have to say mini LED?

00:11:53   Well, this is what I was about to ask you.

00:11:58   I think that we'll know when we see it right.

00:12:01   It's a new screen technology and I think Apple will talk about that.

00:12:04   Jason is currently changing it in the document to just say at least one iPad pro uses a new

00:12:10   screen technology.

00:12:11   I think that's a good way to clarify this because I do think that there's a possibility

00:12:16   that Apple does not say mini LED because what's the point?

00:12:20   Right, they'll give it a dumb name.

00:12:21   Yeah, right.

00:12:22   Like it'll be the ultra pro XDRX plus.

00:12:26   It's like we use minuscule LEDs to make this new technology.

00:12:30   It's called clear light, right?

00:12:32   And we're like, all right, fine, clear light.

00:12:34   You call it whatever you like.

00:12:35   I don't care.

00:12:36   We know what it is, right?

00:12:37   Yeah.

00:12:38   And if it's, well, there's some new backlighting on it, but it's not like it's not what we

00:12:43   know to be mini LED, then you're not going to get this.

00:12:45   But like we know what this is.

00:12:46   New screen technology.

00:12:47   Yeah.

00:12:48   It's like, look, we're going to know what it is if Apple spends a bunch of the time

00:12:52   talking about it, right?

00:12:53   They focus on it.

00:12:54   And that's what we're expecting.

00:12:56   A big portion of the presentation for the iPad Pro will be talking about this beautiful

00:13:00   new screen technology and what it allows you to do.

00:13:02   Yeah, fair enough.

00:13:04   What's your second pick?

00:13:06   Oh boy.

00:13:07   I am going to lay it down, even though I think it could go either way, I'm going to lay it

00:13:13   down that the chip driving the iPad Pro will be a variant of the A14.

00:13:18   It will be the A14X or something like that and not an M1.

00:13:24   It may be likened to an M1, but in terms of how they brand this chip that's powering it,

00:13:31   I think they will use the A terminology, A14 terminology, not the M terminology.

00:13:38   Yeah, I wouldn't bet on them saying they put a Mac chip in an iPad because that's just

00:13:45   going to lead to all kinds of complications.

00:13:47   I could make the argument to do it.

00:13:50   It's like it's Mac power in an iPad, but I don't think they will.

00:13:53   I just, if I had to choose, I think they're going to keep it with the way they've done

00:13:56   it, which is that this is a A14X and it's pushing the A14 technology in the iPhone even

00:14:04   further and they'll just, you know, and say, yes, this is very similar to what's in the

00:14:09   M1 maybe, or it's got the same kind of performance we saw in the M1, but that's not, you know,

00:14:15   even if it's literally the M1, I don't think they'll call it the M1.

00:14:20   Because I think Apple do not want to lead people to even think about or focus on the

00:14:30   fact that Macs are powered by the same chips that iPhones and iPads are powered by.

00:14:35   Just wine, money, the waters.

00:14:37   Yeah, I don't think that that's the thing that they want to do.

00:14:39   So I don't think they would do it in the reverse either because then you only have to

00:14:43   reverse it back to realize what the real situation is.

00:14:46   And I think that they, you know, because Apple have, to my knowledge, Apple have never said

00:14:51   that the M1 is based on the A14.

00:14:53   They talk about how they learn so much from the A series chips to allow them to make these

00:15:02   M1 chips and these Apple Silicon chips for Mac, but they don't talk about the fact that

00:15:06   they have like one architecture and it has like these branches off to create these different

00:15:10   types of chips.

00:15:12   So I don't imagine them doing it in the other way around because plus as well, if you say

00:15:16   we've got put an M1 chip in this iPad Pro, say fine, put macOS on it now, you cowards,

00:15:21   right?

00:15:21   Like you don't have to, you don't want to go down that line.

00:15:25   So I did suggest Unconnected and I want to get your thoughts on this.

00:15:30   What if they give a new name to the iPad Pro chip?

00:15:36   Do you think that there's a possibility of that, that they may stop calling it the same

00:15:39   one as it's in the iPhone?

00:15:41   I think it's always, yes, it's always a possibility.

00:15:45   I would say, I think it's more likely that they just call it the M1 than that they would

00:15:49   give it a new name.

00:15:50   I think that you risk having too many chips and I think the goal of the iPad naming all

00:15:55   along has been, chip naming, has been to accrue some value to the iPad from the iPhone and

00:16:02   the prowess that they show with their chip making on the iPhone and also to indicate

00:16:07   that the iPad Pro is taking advantage of a more powerful version of that chip that came

00:16:12   out in the fall.

00:16:13   Now it's the spring and there's a more powerful version with more cores because you want to

00:16:17   do more and there's more battery in the iPad Pro.

00:16:19   So I feel like the most logical thing is to keep doing what they're doing rather than

00:16:24   have like, I don't know, like new labels for all their chips that are all the same chip

00:16:31   really.

00:16:32   I wouldn't put it past them, iPadOS, right?

00:16:35   Like they've already differentiated the OS.

00:16:37   I just think it's the least likely of the scenarios, but it's not a zero percent chance

00:16:42   because it's all marketing.

00:16:42   So my second pick is the only thing that makes me think that they might want to change it

00:16:49   up a little bit, which is that USB 4/Thunderbolt on the iPad Pro.

00:16:54   This is something that Mark Gorman spoke about a while ago.

00:16:58   It is something that would make, I think, a lot of sense for the iPad Pro, especially

00:17:02   if we believe that they're going to double down on external displays at some point in

00:17:06   the near future for the iPad Pro.

00:17:09   This would be an interesting addition for it because it would allow for different features,

00:17:14   more complexity, being able to drive more screens and being able to daisy chain stuff

00:17:18   together and really kind of beef up what you can do from an expandability standpoint with

00:17:23   the iPad.

00:17:23   That would suggest, right?

00:17:27   So the underlying suggestion of that is if they have USB 4 on the iPad Pro, that's the

00:17:33   M1, right?

00:17:35   Like it's closer to the M1 then because that's what's going on there, right?

00:17:39   Like the M1 has USB 4 and it has the ability to do all of that stuff.

00:17:45   And that kind of differentiates that line more from the iPhone and it kind of then would

00:17:52   put the iPad closer into the camp of the Mac than it would the iPhone.

00:17:57   So that's the only way that I could imagine them, I think, using that as a bouncing off

00:18:02   point to changing the name from the A14 to something else.

00:18:05   But I don't really, I'm not going to stake any money on that particular thing.

00:18:08   But my thing is I think that we're going to see, however they call it, whether it's USB

00:18:13   4, Thunderbolt, whatever, the naming is confusing.

00:18:17   But I think we're going to see that port find its way to the iPad Pro.

00:18:21   I want this to be true, just like I was so happy when they put USB-C on the iPad Pro

00:18:28   because it sends a message that this is more like a computer and less like a phone.

00:18:32   And this would do that too.

00:18:34   I also like the idea that Apple is standardizing on its things, at least other than the iPhone,

00:18:39   that this is the, you know, that the iPad Pro is essentially using the chip and the

00:18:44   ports that are also on the Mac.

00:18:45   And I would imagine that also has some technical advantages to Apple.

00:18:50   There are some questions about what this means.

00:18:52   The reports on this are a little bit vague, right?

00:18:54   It's like, well, when they were testing it, it was the USB 4 Thunderbolt, but will the

00:18:57   final one ship with that or not?

00:18:59   Or will it just be standard USB-C?

00:19:01   I had this a little lower down because I'm not entirely convinced that this is really

00:19:07   going to happen.

00:19:08   I would love for it to happen.

00:19:10   I think the thing to watch for on Tuesday is if they do this, how do they justify it?

00:19:16   Because presumably they won't just say, "And it's got USB 4 with Thunderbolt for the first

00:19:21   time on an iPad.

00:19:22   Hey, moving on."

00:19:23   I mean, they could do that, but they like to tell stories.

00:19:26   They like to have that, you know, why is this important?

00:19:29   Why is this a reason to buy an iPad Pro?

00:19:33   And that's the question, right?

00:19:35   Like if they don't have a new OS version that has external monitor support that is beyond

00:19:40   sort of what's there now that lets you do this, okay, if they don't have that, what do they

00:19:45   have?

00:19:46   Is it a, you know, is it a soft, some other software thing?

00:19:50   Is it peripheral support?

00:19:53   You know, it's also possible that they'll do something that is waving their hands at

00:20:00   it because all the stuff that will really enable this is going to come in the next version

00:20:04   of iPad OS.

00:20:05   But I feel like it's something to watch for because I love, you know, it's like, okay,

00:20:12   well, they totally can put USB 4 and Thunderbolts on an iPad.

00:20:16   Why?

00:20:16   And like, I can think of ideas, but I want to know what Apple uses as its justification

00:20:22   for that, if anything.

00:20:23   So we'll watch.

00:20:24   I could honestly imagine this going a couple of different ways.

00:20:28   Like they could do some whiz bang new set of software features coming in 14.5 that this

00:20:34   takes advantage of, or they could say it also has USB 4 for like extra speed and transfer

00:20:42   or it could just be on a slide.

00:20:43   Yeah.

00:20:44   Right.

00:20:44   Because that whatever they want to do with Thunderbolt or USB 4 on this device might

00:20:52   need WWDC for it.

00:20:54   Yeah.

00:20:54   It's not like the humidity sensor in the HomePod Mini where it's not working at all,

00:21:00   but it's more like it's there, but we're not really talking about it because we're

00:21:03   not really taking advantage of it yet.

00:21:05   And then there'll be an announcement maybe at DubDub that says, oh, uh, oh, the new iPad

00:21:11   Pro can do all of this now.

00:21:13   You're like, oh, okay.

00:21:14   All right.

00:21:15   Um, yeah, I think it's my turn.

00:21:19   Pick it is your turn.

00:21:20   Uh, I, okay.

00:21:22   One of the things that we've learned in the last few years about the iPad Pro launch is

00:21:26   that it's not just about the iPad Pro it's about the accessories, right?

00:21:31   Like the, and I don't mean that in a demeaning way.

00:21:34   I really do mean it that the iPad Pro, the beauty of the iPad Pro is that it is a, uh,

00:21:41   a, just a, just a touch tablet, but that you can add things to it to change the context

00:21:47   in which you use it.

00:21:48   So fundamentally it's a touch tablet, but if you want a keyboard or a keyboard and a

00:21:53   track pad or a pencil or a combination thereof, whatever it is, you can use it that way.

00:21:59   And so the accessories kind of do, they're part of the product.

00:22:05   I know that they're not the product and yet they are kind of the product.

00:22:08   The magic keyboard for iPad Pro makes the iPad Pro better.

00:22:12   Even though that iPad Pro we got last year was not really any different from the previous

00:22:16   one, the magic keyboard changed it.

00:22:19   So I feel like accessories, when you roll out a new iPad Pro, you kind of want accessories

00:22:24   to be part of the story.

00:22:25   The question is what accessories?

00:22:26   Is there a new accessory?

00:22:28   Are there updates to existing accessories?

00:22:30   I am going to say new.

00:22:33   Oh, which one do I want to say?

00:22:36   I'm going to say, I'm so torn here.

00:22:40   I'm going to go the other way.

00:22:41   I'm going to say new magic keyboard.

00:22:42   I was going to say Apple pencil because I think that's also possible, but I'm going

00:22:46   to say new magic keyboard because now we just had a magic keyboard last year.

00:22:52   Why would they do a new one?

00:22:53   I have a couple of thoughts about that.

00:22:55   One is maybe it's a new magic keyboard for a slightly changed iPad Pro that doesn't,

00:23:02   like the old one still remains, but then there's a new one for the new models.

00:23:05   Because, and my rationale here is also, remember last year's magic keyboard didn't, it did

00:23:11   work with the previous iPad Pro all the way back to the 2018 iPad Pro, those work and

00:23:17   the 2020 iPad Pro.

00:23:18   So even though it's a one-year-old product, it covers two generations of iPad Pro.

00:23:23   So could they do a new magic keyboard?

00:23:26   A little bit different ergonomics, maybe backlighting, maybe the charging port also does data.

00:23:33   I don't know.

00:23:35   I feel like maybe they will.

00:23:36   So I'm going to get out on a limb and I'm going to say new version of the magic keyboard.

00:23:40   Man, I'm pleased you made that decision because I really don't think that's going

00:23:44   to happen because I wanted new Apple pencil.

00:23:49   You got it.

00:23:51   We'll just trade accessories here.

00:23:55   So I'll tell you, I would like them to do something more with the magic keyboard, but

00:24:00   I don't know if it's the second year of.

00:24:04   Well, yeah, it's only been a year and it's been what, three years since the Apple pencil.

00:24:08   So sure.

00:24:10   And I don't really know what they would do with the Apple pencil in all honesty.

00:24:14   Well, I think that they might change the ergonomics a little bit, right?

00:24:19   Like the, I don't use the double tap gesture on it because I can't fire it off very well.

00:24:25   I wonder if they might do a new approach to having an alternate.

00:24:29   And I also keep thinking that they could, um, put a sensor on the back so that you could

00:24:35   flip the pencil over to erase.

00:24:36   That's something people have always wanted to be.

00:24:39   And I think that would be better.

00:24:40   Well, the first one had the cap, so you couldn't do it, but the current one doesn't and could

00:24:44   totally do it.

00:24:45   Yeah.

00:24:45   Yeah.

00:24:47   That's a good one.

00:24:47   Just, just adding a different kind of tip or sensor at the back of it would be super

00:24:51   cool and would make people really happy.

00:24:53   I think.

00:24:53   Yeah.

00:24:54   Because I agree the, the idea of the double tap thing was, was a good idea.

00:24:58   But in practice, it's hard to do reliably.

00:25:03   Like I can make it work, but it's not reliable.

00:25:06   For me, it's, it doesn't work with how I hold the pencil.

00:25:09   So it's hard for me to do it reliably.

00:25:11   And if I leave a, an important function turned on on that, I will trigger it accidentally.

00:25:16   Yeah.

00:25:17   So I just turn it off.

00:25:18   Yeah.

00:25:19   Yeah.

00:25:19   And some people in the discord are saying, what about a black version of it?

00:25:24   Yeah, sure.

00:25:25   Like a non-white version would be nice.

00:25:27   It's more pro that way.

00:25:28   All right.

00:25:29   So that's the peripherals round, new app magic keyboard, new Apple pencil.

00:25:32   I guess so.

00:25:33   Well, we'll see.

00:25:34   They'll watch.

00:25:34   They'll do a completely new accessory.

00:25:36   Yeah.

00:25:37   That actually is in the list that I do have it on my potential list to pick.

00:25:44   It's getting harder as you might expect down here at the end.

00:25:46   Okay.

00:25:47   She, we have a lot of things that we could potentially pick from and this is your final

00:25:51   option, right?

00:25:52   Okay.

00:25:52   I'm going to lean into the Thunderbolt thing.

00:25:55   And this is, I alluded to this earlier, but I'm going to pick it now, which is what do

00:26:00   they do when they say we've got Thunderbolt on this thing?

00:26:02   Let's assume that you're right.

00:26:03   And they do.

00:26:04   I think that would be a great opportunity to explain why these are pro systems.

00:26:09   Plus we talk about the power of the chip, which is going to be like M1 level chip.

00:26:12   If there was ever a time for Apple to announce a pro app, not currently on the iPad from

00:26:22   Apple, this might be the time.

00:26:25   So that's going to be my pick is Apple announces a new Apple pro app for iPad for the first

00:26:32   time on the iPad.

00:26:33   Is it final cut?

00:26:33   Is it logic?

00:26:34   I don't know, but I'm going to throw it in there.

00:26:37   Cause maybe this, maybe this time, maybe this time, you know, my, my thought process here

00:26:45   was really, what do you do with Thunderbolt?

00:26:47   If you don't have display display windowing done, because that's going to be a iOS 15

00:26:54   feature.

00:26:55   What do you do?

00:26:56   And I thought, well, you could do a demo of video editing with fast storage coming across

00:27:02   the line.

00:27:03   And maybe even using your secret sauce, have your video editing app actually be functional

00:27:10   on a large monitor, even though most apps can't do that yet.

00:27:13   Right?

00:27:14   Like you could, you could maybe do that.

00:27:17   Cause you can put up like a preview on an external display, but it's not quite the same

00:27:22   as having the UI up there.

00:27:23   So that was what led me down this path is like, I wonder if, you know, cause I thought for

00:27:30   a while now, the only way we're getting pro apps from Apple, they have these iPad pros

00:27:34   for so long now, and yet their pro apps aren't on them.

00:27:36   The only way we're going to get them is in, in, you know, couples with hardware because

00:27:44   they're obviously the most proud of the hardware and not the software.

00:27:48   So that's, I'm just going to do, I think this is going to happen.

00:27:51   I don't know.

00:27:52   I'm taking a gamble here, but I want it.

00:27:53   I want it to be true.

00:27:54   I want to believe.

00:27:55   So I'm going to throw it in there.

00:27:56   That one, that feels like honestly, the, the pick that we've been burned on too many times.

00:28:03   I know, I know, but that's why I picked, see, I'm doubling back around though.

00:28:06   And I'm like, ah, that's how they get you.

00:28:08   Now is the time.

00:28:09   And maybe it isn't, but I'm going to pick it.

00:28:12   It feels like just reading the tea leaves.

00:28:15   This might actually be a good time to do it because of the power of this new chip, because

00:28:20   of the potential that there'll be faster IO on the device, because we're talking about

00:28:24   the idea of driving larger displays.

00:28:26   You know, you throw all that together and I'm like, well, this would be a good time to

00:28:31   do say final cut pro or logic on the iPad pro, but I don't know.

00:28:38   They've they've they haven't done it yet.

00:28:40   So thus, thus far it is an infinite number of days that that product has not existed.

00:28:46   So it's, you know, we'll, we'll see.

00:28:49   All right.

00:28:49   My last pick in the iPad round, we've been very focused on the iPad pro.

00:28:53   Yes.

00:28:54   New iPad mini.

00:28:56   Okay.

00:28:58   It is the oldest iPad in the line.

00:29:02   They, this is one of those products that they either have to kill.

00:29:09   Or update, update, and I think they're going to update it.

00:29:16   You think it's going to be like in the style of the, of the air and the, and the pro where

00:29:21   it's got the sides and all that, but you don't need to pick that, but you think that that's

00:29:24   what they're going to do, right?

00:29:25   It's going to be a modern iPad mini.

00:29:26   And then this one will sit there for another four years in the product line with like an

00:29:29   a 14 processor in it.

00:29:31   Here's what I want.

00:29:32   And here's what I think.

00:29:34   What I want is the modern design, right?

00:29:41   And even a little iPad air.

00:29:43   Yeah.

00:29:44   Like a little iPad air, right?

00:29:45   Colors, everything.

00:29:47   And they either make it screen bigger or all physically smaller.

00:29:51   Right.

00:29:51   I think my, my personally, I would prefer them to just shrink the bezels in and keep the

00:29:56   screen exactly the same.

00:29:57   That's what I would like them to do because, you know, it's worth remembering the iPad

00:30:02   mini still available with an a 12 in it.

00:30:06   So it's getting a little long in the tooth, that thing.

00:30:08   What I think they will do is modernize the design a bit, but keep the home button.

00:30:15   That's what I think they're going to do.

00:30:16   Interesting.

00:30:17   I would predict that they would monitor modernize the look and give it the touch ID button.

00:30:23   That's on the, um, I hope it's on the iPad air.

00:30:26   I hope that's like what I'm saying.

00:30:28   I don't want to get my hopes up.

00:30:30   Right.

00:30:30   Right.

00:30:30   Cause cause what I really want is the way to go here.

00:30:34   Right.

00:30:34   Like a hundred percent.

00:30:35   That's the way to go.

00:30:36   Yeah.

00:30:36   But I, I, I don't want to assume that they're going to do that.

00:30:41   Like I want it to be a truly modern iPad mini.

00:30:46   That's what I want.

00:30:48   I just wouldn't want to, you know, I don't want to speak that too much into the world

00:30:54   in case it might, in case I get upset.

00:30:55   Okay.

00:30:56   I would love it.

00:30:57   Oh my God.

00:30:57   I would love it.

00:30:58   It'd be great.

00:30:58   Don't tempt fate.

00:30:59   Don't tempt fate.

00:31:00   That would be just a really, really excellent product.

00:31:03   So I believe Apple will do this at some point.

00:31:06   I just don't know if this is the time, but I think that we're going to get a new iPad

00:31:10   mini because it is worth noting they updated.

00:31:15   Did they update the regular?

00:31:17   Yeah.

00:31:17   They updated the regular iPad last year.

00:31:19   Right.

00:31:20   And it still has the home button and everything on it.

00:31:23   So yeah, that's true.

00:31:24   It would, it would launch the mini ahead of the regular iPad, but I feel like the iPad

00:31:29   air is leading the way.

00:31:30   Right.

00:31:30   And that the other, these other products, if they're going to continue existing, are going

00:31:33   to follow that, that approach they're going to, they're going to look like that.

00:31:38   They're going to have that feature.

00:31:39   They're not going to pick up face ID or something, but they'll, they'll pick up pencil to support

00:31:43   and they'll pick up touch ID on a button.

00:31:45   And, but you're right.

00:31:46   It may not be the case.

00:31:47   They may say no, no, no, for the cheap ones.

00:31:50   We're just going to keep it the way it is.

00:31:51   All right.

00:31:52   So that was our first set of picks picks one to four.

00:31:57   So now picks five to seven, the next three picks are Mac based.

00:32:03   Would you like to kick us off?

00:32:04   Yeah, I'm going to go with the one that's teed up for me, which is Apple Silicon based

00:32:09   iMac announced pretty simple.

00:32:12   There's going to be a new iMac, Myke.

00:32:14   Finally, we, this show has talked about the possibility of there being a new iMac with

00:32:20   like some new stuff for a while now.

00:32:23   And, um, it hasn't happened.

00:32:25   It keeps like the pro apps on the iPad pro.

00:32:28   It's like, surely this time.

00:32:30   Nope.

00:32:30   Surely this time.

00:32:32   Nope.

00:32:32   So I'm going to do it again.

00:32:34   I think, I think it's time.

00:32:35   I think it's time.

00:32:36   A couple of times they've tricked us, right?

00:32:38   Like there's a new iMac, but it's not what you were expecting.

00:32:41   This one has a nano texture display.

00:32:43   It's like, Oh, hang on a minute.

00:32:44   What are you doing?

00:32:45   What are you waiting for?

00:32:46   And the answer is Apple Silicon was what we were waiting for.

00:32:50   I hope, I really hope.

00:32:53   The thing that I'm a little concerned about is there hasn't, there hasn't been, I haven't

00:33:00   met a lot of rumors about, um, an iMac or any Mac news of this event.

00:33:07   If I was putting money on it, I would say it's going to happen, but I am a little bit

00:33:12   skittish of it.

00:33:14   I mean, you've always got that thing of iOS stuff always leaks first.

00:33:20   Right?

00:33:20   Well, that is one of the interesting factors about the way we've structured these drafts

00:33:25   where we've, we're forcing ourselves to make Mac picks because I feel like there were probably

00:33:28   another couple of iPad, iPad picks in us easy otherwise, but we limited ourselves to four

00:33:35   each and are now forcing ourselves.

00:33:37   So the downside of that is if one of us believes an iMac is going to happen and the other one

00:33:41   doesn't, um, what are you doing with these three picks?

00:33:45   You still got to make Mac picks.

00:33:46   No, we've had some rumors, I think John Prosser reported that they were doing the colors,

00:33:52   right?

00:33:52   Um, and, and people said that it's coming, but it just has, there hasn't been as much

00:33:57   noise and there very rarely is, but it seems to have gotten a little bit quiet on that

00:34:02   front, but I really do hope it's going to happen.

00:34:05   And I am obviously going to lean into it myself on my pick that the new iMac has dramatically

00:34:10   smaller bezels.

00:34:11   Nice.

00:34:12   We did have an option here.

00:34:14   Some of the options I put into our list of things that you can pick are the sad, angry

00:34:19   options because sometimes things make you sad or angry.

00:34:22   And so one of them was new iMac looks just like old iMac.

00:34:25   Can you imagine, Hey everybody, it's a new iMac is a 21.5 inch iMac, but it's got an

00:34:32   M1 in it now.

00:34:33   I did feel a little sad when I, when I saw that when you put it in the document, I was

00:34:37   like, don't put that on me.

00:34:39   You got to bet, bet that we're all going to be disappointed, but I like it.

00:34:43   I like it better that we're going to bet for a positive things like dramatically smaller

00:34:48   bezels.

00:34:48   And, and what does dramatically mean again, this isn't the Ricky's.

00:34:52   We're not going to, we're, we know what, when we see it, right.

00:34:55   If it's like, well, it's really just the 21.5 inch iMac, but the bezels are a few millimeters

00:35:00   smaller.

00:35:00   It's like, well, that's not it.

00:35:02   It really is.

00:35:02   It's it's you're, you'll know it when you see it.

00:35:05   You're like, Whoa, those bezels they're gone.

00:35:06   Where'd they go?

00:35:07   I hope so.

00:35:08   Myke.

00:35:08   I hope so.

00:35:09   That was going to be my pick next.

00:35:10   So you, you, I endorse your, your selection.

00:35:13   Although I am worried about them making a regular iMac that looks too good just for myself,

00:35:21   you know, because I want to wait for a pro machine, which I mean, we can talk about it

00:35:27   maybe, but I don't think, I don't think we're going to see what would replace my, what I

00:35:32   would want to replace my iMac with, but right now we're not there.

00:35:36   What's your second pick?

00:35:37   I am going to go with color because I like life to be colorful and the iMac started out

00:35:44   as a colorful product.

00:35:46   Apple has experimented with color in other places, but not on the Mac.

00:35:49   And there was that rumor about it as well.

00:35:53   I like the idea that there will be colors beyond what we have had up to now, which is

00:36:00   silver and space gray on, on iMacs for quite a while now.

00:36:06   Really just silver.

00:36:07   Right.

00:36:07   But the iMac Pro is space gray.

00:36:09   Yeah.

00:36:09   You can't choose as such.

00:36:11   You have to buy a different product.

00:36:12   Yeah.

00:36:14   Right.

00:36:14   So, so I mean, literally if it's not silver or space gray, if there's something else,

00:36:20   that's all I'm saying.

00:36:21   Is it gold?

00:36:22   Is it blue?

00:36:23   Is it green?

00:36:25   I don't care.

00:36:26   As long as it's not silver or space gray, it will be a new color for the iMac.

00:36:30   You know, Jason, I don't know about this one.

00:36:33   I don't know either, Myke, but this was the one that I thought of all of our Mac picks

00:36:36   after the first two we did.

00:36:38   I actually thought this was the most likely, believe it or not.

00:36:41   Right.

00:36:41   Yeah.

00:36:41   No, we have an interesting collection.

00:36:43   Yeah.

00:36:44   Yeah.

00:36:44   And, and a lot of it maybe feels a little bit too new.

00:36:50   I am going to be a little bit boring and double down for my second pick and say that the new

00:36:55   iMac features an iPad Pro slash Pro display style design.

00:36:58   Oh, okay.

00:36:59   So that's the look that it's going to have is it's going to have the flat edges.

00:37:03   What we mean by that is like the flat edges.

00:37:05   It's boxy.

00:37:06   Instead of the curvy edges.

00:37:08   Again, we'll know it when we see it, but something that's much more like a flat back and flat

00:37:12   edges, lots of flat stuff instead of what the current iMac has, which is a little tiny

00:37:18   flat edge, but mostly it's a big curvy back.

00:37:20   I mean, we're not expecting it to have all those holes in the back, like the pro display,

00:37:24   right?

00:37:24   I mean, I don't think they're going to do that, but what we are looking more to here

00:37:29   is that we're thinking that it's going to be flat on the sides, flat on the back, that

00:37:37   kind of thing.

00:37:37   And if we disagree, we'll have Steven say, is this iPad Pro, Pro display style design?

00:37:43   I really don't think that that's something we're going to need to disagree on.

00:37:46   I think we will know it when we see it.

00:37:49   Well, the fact is, and I just relocated one of our picks to the other round because it's

00:37:54   actually another pick.

00:37:55   So I'm going to move that down.

00:37:58   The fact is, I don't love any of the options we've got here.

00:38:04   They're all a little risky, although that's not bad.

00:38:06   It's not bad to be risky.

00:38:09   And even though I said, I don't think it's going to happen, I'm going to pick it for

00:38:15   my last Mac pick, which is new Apple Silicon chip variant announced.

00:38:20   So this pick is, this pick is actually the Macs we're going to introduce today have the

00:38:26   M1X and they've got a few more cores or a few more GPU cores or processor cores.

00:38:31   And that is how they differentiate from the first wave.

00:38:35   So I'm not saying there's going to be an M2, but I'm saying, and I don't really believe

00:38:40   this, but I'm going to pick it, which is there's a slight variant.

00:38:43   It's the M1X processor.

00:38:45   It's got more cores, whatever, something for them to use.

00:38:48   I don't think this is actually going to happen, but I don't like any of the other items on

00:38:52   our board here.

00:38:52   So I'm going to pick it.

00:38:54   If they do that, do you expect more than one size?

00:38:58   Maybe, maybe, but it may also be that the idea is that they want to do a, here's the

00:39:07   scenario is there's an M1X.

00:39:09   It's got better GPU and better CPU.

00:39:13   They put it in the iMac and then maybe a WWDC, they put it in the MacBook Pro 16 inch.

00:39:20   And they say, you know, basically it's better.

00:39:24   And then that is it until, and maybe they put it in the Mac mini, I don't know, but then

00:39:30   that's it until fall when there's an M2.

00:39:32   And then they turn things over.

00:39:35   I don't think this is going to happen again.

00:39:37   I don't think it's going to happen.

00:39:38   I think that, and, and because I think you could get away with the M1 in the small iMac

00:39:45   and you can just wait for the MacBook Pro and the big iMac for a processor that's got more

00:39:50   power, but that would be the scenario is that they decided to do a little step up, not changing

00:39:57   the chip itself, but just giving it some more cores, just as they do with the iPad for the

00:40:04   desktop computer and maybe some other computers, whether, you know, whether now or in June

00:40:10   or later on.

00:40:11   But like I said, I'm picking it.

00:40:12   I don't think it's going to happen, but I think it's enough of a possibility that I

00:40:16   need a third pick.

00:40:17   So that's what it's going to be.

00:40:18   - My only pause on the M1 in the iMac period is if they are restricted to the amount of

00:40:27   IO they can put on those machines.

00:40:30   - Sure, sure.

00:40:31   That's the real question is, is the ports on the back and is it enough for an iMac to

00:40:36   do that?

00:40:36   Because keeping in mind, like...

00:40:37   - I think it might not be enough.

00:40:38   - Because you can only do one external monitor and right?

00:40:42   - So the Mac mini, just as a refresher, has two USB-A ports and two USB-4 Thunderbolt

00:40:49   ports.

00:40:50   - Yes.

00:40:50   - The current iMac has four USB-A and two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C.

00:40:56   And there are limitations to the amount of ports they can put on the M1 chips.

00:41:02   Off the top of my head, I don't remember the exact limitations, but I think if they could

00:41:08   only put two USB-A to USB-C ports on an iMac, I don't think that's enough even on the small

00:41:17   one.

00:41:17   - And there's ethernet back there and there's...

00:41:20   And keep in mind, it's driving its own display, which means that the laptops can only drive

00:41:26   a single external display.

00:41:27   - Oh, so...

00:41:28   - Mac mini can do two, but one of them via HDMI, right?

00:41:32   So like, there's lots of limitations, which I think is, again, this is the scenario why

00:41:35   they need an M1X.

00:41:36   - And this could be when they do it.

00:41:38   Interesting.

00:41:38   - It could be.

00:41:39   - I think some of the prevailing thinking is they would do just an M1 in the small one,

00:41:45   right?

00:41:45   We've spoken about that.

00:41:46   - It's gonna be an upgrade for what's there, right?

00:41:49   Plus the new design.

00:41:50   That's probably all they need to do, even if they take away ports, because again, it's

00:41:53   the low-end iMac, right?

00:41:54   The low-end iMac doesn't necessarily need a whole lot of peripheral connectivity, right?

00:42:01   It's the low-end one.

00:42:02   They're gonna do a high-end one.

00:42:04   This is just taking the 21.5.

00:42:06   Like, they could do that for a year, right?

00:42:09   And then next year, they'd be like, "Oh, well, now we've got the new chip, and it's got more

00:42:12   ports, and isn't so much better."

00:42:14   But they could get away with it for a year.

00:42:15   They totally could.

00:42:16   - And could you imagine them having different I/O on the different iMacs?

00:42:20   So like, the small iMac has this many ports, and the big iMac has this many ports.

00:42:25   - Yeah.

00:42:26   - Okay.

00:42:26   - Yeah, I can see it.

00:42:27   Again, maybe not in the long term, but in the short term.

00:42:30   Like, if I'm Apple, do I hold up shipping a new iMac because it's not gonna have as much

00:42:35   ports as the bigger, more expensive iMac that I'm planning on shipping later with a different

00:42:39   chip?

00:42:39   I'm not gonna hold it up for that.

00:42:41   Like, it's fine.

00:42:43   Like, it's gonna be an upgrade.

00:42:44   And the people who've got the other iMacs, if they don't like it, they can just keep

00:42:49   their old iMac for a little while longer, and then they'll get something down the road.

00:42:53   So I think, even though I'm picking this, I'm a big believer in Apple's ability to just

00:42:59   stuff the M1 in some more computers, and they'll be fine.

00:43:01   Because, you know, we're maybe a little more jaded now, but the M1 is spectacular.

00:43:05   And putting it in a new design iMac, that's enough.

00:43:08   - It would be amazing in an iMac, right?

00:43:09   - Oh yeah, an M1 iMac?

00:43:11   - Yeah.

00:43:12   - With a new display style and all of that?

00:43:15   Like, that's a hit product.

00:43:16   They don't actually need to do more with it than that.

00:43:19   - The question just being is that the M1 wouldn't work in the larger one if the larger one is

00:43:27   going to be supposed to be this one of big power, right?

00:43:29   Like it's supposed to replace the current large iMac, which is a really powerful machine.

00:43:34   It's an iMac Pro Power machine.

00:43:36   And they need a little bit more for that one.

00:43:39   So that would be why they would maybe do, and will do, a variant eventually.

00:43:45   I'm going to join you in this.

00:43:47   I feel like you've swum here.

00:43:51   - Come on in.

00:43:51   Yep, come on in.

00:43:52   - Apple announces a GPU of their own design.

00:43:55   - What?

00:43:56   - Yeah.

00:43:57   - Okay, so separate from the graphics cores that are on the M1, this is an Apple GPU.

00:44:07   They're like, "Oh, well, the iMac, we need to have more ability," or some other product,

00:44:11   but let's just say the iMac.

00:44:13   "We need a little more graphics power.

00:44:14   We need to drive multiple displays."

00:44:16   So this has the new X1, the G1, the whatever, a discrete sort of branding for an Apple GPU.

00:44:25   - Mm-hmm.

00:44:26   So we'll talk about, in Upgrade Plus today, we're going to talk about the things that

00:44:30   we didn't pick, but really, for me, everything else is its own brand of unlikely in our Mac picks.

00:44:39   And so when you're saying the Apple Silicon chip, if they have a variant of the Apple

00:44:45   Silicon chip, I could imagine them also having a GPU as well, because then we might be talking

00:44:51   about, "Oh, they've surprised us, and they actually want to do a much more powerful

00:44:55   iMac than what we were necessarily expecting."

00:44:58   And if and when they do that, they may want to have their own GPU.

00:45:01   It is very likely that they will have their own GPU at some point, or at least an option

00:45:07   for that in some machine.

00:45:08   - For sure, yeah.

00:45:09   - Maybe this is the one.

00:45:11   - Maybe.

00:45:12   - All right, so iPad picks, Mac picks are down.

00:45:16   We just have our other round left.

00:45:19   - Other.

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00:47:30   It is time for our other picks round now, Jason.

00:47:34   So this is pick number eight overall in this draft.

00:47:38   What have you got?

00:47:39   Well, we've seen some trends at Apple about podcasts, some Apple original podcasts that

00:47:48   have been announced.

00:47:49   It's making me a little queasy, Myke, making me a little worried.

00:47:53   Something's going on.

00:47:54   And so not to get too insidery here, but we're a podcast.

00:47:58   I have my ears to the ground of the podcast world.

00:48:02   I'm just saying a podcast related announcement will be made.

00:48:06   That's it.

00:48:08   Is it a service podcast plus?

00:48:10   Is it a new initiative?

00:48:12   Is it new original podcast?

00:48:14   I don't know, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna say, they're gonna say something about podcasts.

00:48:19   Probably not gonna put connected show art up on the screen, but maybe, maybe, but they'll

00:48:26   say something, say something about podcasts.

00:48:29   This was high up on my list too.

00:48:32   I just got a feeling I got a vibe.

00:48:35   Yep, the services revenue continues to be a thing and or services in general.

00:48:39   Apple is continuing to make their own content and there have been some changes in the beta

00:48:48   process for the podcast app.

00:48:50   They've been adding features like little things, little quality of life features in some cases,

00:48:54   which are intriguing.

00:48:55   You've got like the follow button, stuff like that, that they're adding instead of subscribe.

00:49:01   I do think that there's something going on, but we'll find out.

00:49:06   We'll find out.

00:49:07   My didn't take my top pick away.

00:49:10   My top pick for the other round is that there will be a discussion on app tracking transparency.

00:49:15   I don't think that Apple is going to let a public relations event go by at the moment

00:49:25   without talking about this.

00:49:26   So is this in the context of maybe releasing the new version of iOS and saying one of the

00:49:30   great features in this new version that we're releasing today is app tracking transparency?

00:49:35   Yeah.

00:49:35   You know, and or when they talk about all of their products, they would talk about security

00:49:41   now, right?

00:49:42   And they could be like, and one of the other ways that we're ensuring your security is

00:49:47   by making sure that apps won't track you across the web as part of iOS 14.5, that kind of

00:49:55   thing.

00:49:55   I do think that this is something they will want to focus on, and so I think that we're

00:50:02   going to see a mention of it here.

00:50:05   I believe that they will touch on it here.

00:50:06   Yeah, I, you may be right.

00:50:11   I wasn't going to pick this because I think that Apple is really good at staying on brand

00:50:18   and that bringing attention to this kind of controversial topic is maybe not what they

00:50:23   want to do during a product event.

00:50:25   But I can go the other way and say it's an iOS release.

00:50:28   They can trumpet.

00:50:29   This is an opportunity when people are paying attention to toot their own horn about this

00:50:35   feature and explain to an audience that's watching for product information why they're

00:50:41   right and everyone else who's against it is wrong.

00:50:44   And they may do that.

00:50:46   I'm voting the other way, which is that maybe they will say it's not relevant to this.

00:50:50   Let's keep it out of the product event.

00:50:52   But I could totally see it happening.

00:50:54   I just I wasn't going to pick it, but I I think you may get that for sure.

00:50:58   But I see your point, too, though, right?

00:51:00   That it might be like we can just keep having Tim appear in on TV and talk about this instead,

00:51:06   right, rather than eating.

00:51:07   But but I do I could just imagine it being like, you know, they know they have a lot of

00:51:11   people watching them during these things.

00:51:13   Sure.

00:51:14   They are able to talk to their audience about it.

00:51:16   Feels like it might be more of a WWDC.

00:51:21   Thing, but it is hot right now and this OS version is coming out.

00:51:24   But this is yeah, I mean, this is the one where it actually takes effect.

00:51:29   So well, you know, in the sense of it's enforced, you have to you have to say that this is the

00:51:34   thing that you're doing if you're an app that tracks people.

00:51:37   OK.

00:51:37   What's your next pick?

00:51:40   No.

00:51:40   Oh, I've seen it going in the document already and I'm just excited about it.

00:51:45   This is this is the pick that we moved out of the Mac section.

00:51:48   Yes.

00:51:49   And I'm going to pick it now.

00:51:50   All right, then again, not because of a huge degree of confidence, but because it's the

00:51:54   one that I think I like the most of what we've got left.

00:51:57   And another thing that could be part of the story of the iPad Pro, maybe.

00:52:04   And the iMac, maybe, I don't know, I see I'm not confident in it now, but I'm not confident

00:52:13   in any of them, so I'm just going to say it new Apple display.

00:52:15   I'm putting it down new Apple display.

00:52:17   There it is.

00:52:17   I said it.

00:52:18   New Apple display.

00:52:20   Oh, boy.

00:52:21   There it is.

00:52:22   Like it or not, take it or leave it.

00:52:27   New Apple display.

00:52:28   No, people would like it and they would take it.

00:52:29   Right.

00:52:31   I am picking all the greatest hits today.

00:52:34   Here's the thing.

00:52:34   If the iPad Pro has really good external display support and they bring out a new iMac, I could

00:52:44   imagine them also saying, by the way, we have this new display, it's everything you love

00:52:50   about this iMac display.

00:52:52   I just think it's too soon.

00:52:55   I don't personally don't.

00:52:57   I don't think we're going to get a new display until we get another machine that.

00:53:05   I don't know, Jason, I don't know.

00:53:07   I'm talking myself around on it.

00:53:09   Maybe, maybe.

00:53:11   I don't know.

00:53:11   Yeah.

00:53:13   I don't know either.

00:53:14   And there's probably a better time to do it probably with laptop announcements.

00:53:18   Also, does it steal the thunder of a larger iMac down the road?

00:53:23   I don't know.

00:53:23   Like, again, it's got to happen sometime.

00:53:26   And if it happens this time, I get a point for it.

00:53:29   So there it is.

00:53:29   AirTags announced.

00:53:32   Oh, Myke.

00:53:33   That's what I'm going for.

00:53:37   Wow.

00:53:40   I mean, look, we've been saying for a long time that they're going to do this.

00:53:44   I'm going to pick the Loch Ness Monster in the next round.

00:53:46   We'll just throw that in too.

00:53:47   Surely.

00:53:48   With the Apple display and the AirTags.

00:53:50   If this product exists, now is the time to do it, right?

00:53:56   One of the reasons they haven't released this product, I believe, is because everyone was

00:54:05   indoors.

00:54:06   Bad time to release a product like this.

00:54:08   But the world's opening up again.

00:54:10   They have the Find My Network that exists.

00:54:14   They felt it was necessary to launch it now.

00:54:17   I think that they decided to launch it now, so they didn't have to talk about this during

00:54:23   the event because all they will want to do is focus on the product that they're making,

00:54:28   which is the AirTags.

00:54:29   I think it's happening next Tuesday.

00:54:33   I mean, maybe.

00:54:35   I picked all sorts of things that are mythical and wouldn't it be amazing if.

00:54:40   And so welcome.

00:54:41   Welcome to this side.

00:54:42   You're right.

00:54:45   It would seem like a good time for AirTags to be introduced.

00:54:49   I just, you know?

00:54:55   Yeah.

00:54:55   Great.

00:54:57   It feels like there's been a lot of times, right?

00:54:59   I know I can't muster up enthusiasm.

00:55:01   I guess I've come around on some of these others and I'm like, no, now is their time.

00:55:04   Now is their time.

00:55:05   And then I get to AirTags and I'm like, boy, like, oh, I'm not there with the enthusiasm.

00:55:10   I do think that it's probably a time where it could happen, but I, yeah, I don't know.

00:55:16   It's weird that we have been anticipating a product for so long that we also kind of

00:55:21   don't care about.

00:55:22   And are sick of it.

00:55:25   Yeah.

00:55:25   But it could be very cool.

00:55:28   It could be.

00:55:28   They do it well and it's priced well.

00:55:31   I do think it could be a great product.

00:55:34   And you know, it might only be one of those products that you realize is so great until

00:55:38   you actually like really need it.

00:55:40   You know, you buy one and you put it on your bag and then one day you lose your bag and

00:55:44   then you find your bag, you know, because of the AirTags.

00:55:46   But it's going to be an interesting sell this one.

00:55:51   I would be intrigued to see how exactly they sell it if they do show it.

00:55:55   Final pick, Jason.

00:55:57   Final pick.

00:55:59   All right.

00:56:00   I am going to go because I don't like the chances of a lot of these things that we've

00:56:05   got in our document.

00:56:06   I'm going to go with a, a little bit of a weird one.

00:56:09   All right.

00:56:09   Which is Apple Fitness Plus will be mentioned.

00:56:12   Oh, I don't.

00:56:14   Okay.

00:56:16   All right.

00:56:16   Hang on.

00:56:16   What are we, what are we talking about?

00:56:18   There's a mention here.

00:56:19   It'll be mentioned on stage.

00:56:21   It's in the document.

00:56:22   First off, you let it go in the document, but, um, it's, uh, it mentioned like some,

00:56:28   something about like, it's great part of our Apple Fitness product, or you could use

00:56:31   the iPad.

00:56:32   People are loving that, or people are loving these AirPods on Apple with, with the new

00:56:36   Apple Fitness.

00:56:36   I just want to, I think that they're, this is a good, like, it's not a given, but I feel

00:56:41   like they're going to pump it up.

00:56:42   So I throw it in there.

00:56:43   Did you see that they just added a bunch of new fitness types?

00:56:48   I did not see that.

00:56:50   Yeah.

00:56:50   Like three days ago, they added a bunch of new fitness types, including, um, like for

00:56:57   new workouts, new trainers, workouts for, uh, people who are pregnant.

00:57:01   So that kind of thing.

00:57:02   The real question is how do they, like, can they shoehorn a plug of something like that

00:57:08   into this event or is it too focused on these products for them to do it?

00:57:12   And I think that, you know, they've been fairly disciplined in some of these other

00:57:15   video events with not going off in that direction.

00:57:18   At the same time, it is a relatively new service.

00:57:21   It gets them a time if they can kind of wait to work it in to one of the product segments.

00:57:25   Do they do that?

00:57:26   I I'm I'm it's worth putting a coin down on Apple Fitness Plus mentioned.

00:57:31   So there it is.

00:57:32   These new, uh, workouts are come out on the 19th.

00:57:35   They come out on Monday.

00:57:36   So I actually think that works against you.

00:57:39   I don't know.

00:57:40   Or may, or do they want to mention it and say, oh, we got all these great workouts that

00:57:43   we just put out.

00:57:44   I don't know.

00:57:44   Maybe, maybe not.

00:57:45   Maybe, maybe not.

00:57:47   I'm not feeling good about this last one, but again, we don't have a lot of like,

00:57:56   sound options here.

00:57:57   We just have a bunch of esoteric things or unlikely things.

00:58:03   I know.

00:58:06   Well, if you see now why I did Apple Fitness Plus mentioned new Apple TV.

00:58:10   Oh, all right.

00:58:11   It could happen.

00:58:13   It's been rumored.

00:58:15   I don't think it's going to be exciting.

00:58:17   Um, but we're not going to get any of these products that we were talking about last week.

00:58:23   I did have one of those, um, unhappy picks in the document, which you probably saw, which

00:58:28   is you could pick Apple TV gets a lower price.

00:58:31   You could also pick Apple TV doesn't get a lower price.

00:58:34   That was my favorite.

00:58:35   So this isn't my pick, but I think it's going to be the same Apple TV, you know, and tolerate,

00:58:41   um, with some internal design changes and for a different price, I think lower.

00:58:48   Yeah.

00:58:49   Yeah, it could be, but not, not the completely.

00:58:53   You know, I blown away.

00:58:54   It's, it's not like the Apple TV.

00:58:56   I know at all.

00:58:57   It's like, no, it's going to be pretty much just like some, a new version of that with

00:59:00   a new processor and maybe some new functionality, but basically the same old thing.

00:59:04   Maybe it'll have a new remote.

00:59:05   Maybe it won't.

00:59:06   It'll be a little bit cheaper and probably designed to be made cheaper so that they can

00:59:11   maintain their margins at a lower price.

00:59:13   Yes.

00:59:14   Like I could imagine them getting rid of the storage choice, right?

00:59:18   Because that's bananas.

00:59:20   Nobody needs that anymore.

00:59:24   So, all right.

00:59:25   That is it.

00:59:26   That's the draft.

00:59:27   This one's going to be, I think it could be a bit of a bloodbath, honestly.

00:59:34   I'm feeling good for you.

00:59:36   Yeah.

00:59:36   Oh, thank you.

00:59:40   Thank you.

00:59:40   We'll see.

00:59:41   Uh, as you said before, there is a scorecard in the show notes, which are over at relay.fm/upgrades

00:59:47   or 348 or in your podcast app of choice.

00:59:50   So you can come back to that and grab it before the keynote begins on Tuesday.

00:59:54   So you can score along with us.

00:59:55   We will be back on Tuesday recording after the event, obviously.

01:00:00   It would be silly to record before, uh, because we wouldn't know what was happening.

01:00:06   So we'll be recording on Tuesday.

01:00:07   If you do listen live, uh, we'll be announcing on Twitter at some point when we'll be live.

01:00:12   We reckon it will probably be not too long after the event ends, but I guess that depends

01:00:17   on the over-under of it all.

01:00:18   So, so we'll see, we'll let you know when that's going to be, but we will be streaming

01:00:22   live on Tuesday after the event.

01:00:24   Um, we will also be releasing our episode on Tuesday as well.

01:00:28   If you would like to find out about the things we didn't pick, we're going to be talking

01:00:34   about those on upgrade plus and upgrade plus you will get additional content every single

01:00:39   episode with no ads.

01:00:40   You can go to getupgradeplus.com and sign up.

01:00:43   Thank you so much.

01:00:43   If you have, we really appreciate that support.

01:00:47   Thank you to Squarespace and Smile for supporting this episode.

01:00:51   Jason, are you going to be doing any live coverage of the event next week?

01:00:54   I will probably do some live tweeting and all of that, but we'll just be watching with

01:00:58   everybody else.

01:00:59   And then, uh, very soon after, uh, it's over, we'll be live with upgrade.

01:01:05   You bet.

01:01:06   Excited.

01:01:07   Excited.

01:01:08   I'm happy.

01:01:09   I feel like we've been waiting for this event forever.

01:01:11   I'm happy that it's happening.

01:01:13   I'm also kind of pleased that it is happening in April because kind of late April into early

01:01:21   May, we usually have nothing to talk about because WWDC is too close, right?

01:01:26   Until the WWDC rumors start, which like the information doesn't tend to get out until

01:01:30   kind of like in May time.

01:01:31   So I'm pleased that we're doing this now because we're going to have like new products

01:01:34   coming out.

01:01:35   We're going to have weeks of stuff to talk about as we lead up to WWDC, which is only

01:01:39   seven weeks away, I think.

01:01:40   So not very far.

01:01:42   Thank you very much for listening to this draft, this emergency draft episode of upgrade.

01:01:48   If you want to find Jason online, go to six colors.com.

01:01:50   That's where you'll find everything that he'll have to say after the event.

01:01:54   And he's @JSNOW on Twitter, J S N E double L I am @IMICLYKE.

01:02:00   Thank you so much for listening and we'll be back next time until then.

01:02:03   Say goodbye, Jason Snow.

01:02:04   See you next week, everybody again.

01:02:06   (upbeat music)