332: The 2020 Upgradies


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00:00:11   From Relay FM, this is upgrade 332 and welcome to the most prestigious night of the year.

00:00:18   The biggest event on the calendar. It is the Upgradies Awards. This is the seventh annual

00:00:23   Upgradies for the year of 2020. This episode is brought to you by DoorDash, Pingdom, SaneBox,

00:00:31   and Hover. I am one of your hosts. I am Myke Hurley and I am joined by my co-hosts for the awards this

00:00:36   evening, Mr. Jason Snell. Hello, Jason Snell. Hello, Myke Hurley. How are you? I am fine and

00:00:41   dandy, my friend. Fine and dandy indeed. You know how much I look forward to this event. I have been

00:00:48   very excited and working away over the last week or so to get everything together for today.

00:00:54   And I'm very excited to start our award category shortly. But we do have some things that we,

00:01:00   you know, we have the intro of the awards, you know, to kind of get everyone settled in.

00:01:04   People are still taking their seats, getting their drinks. Warming up. We're warming up.

00:01:09   So I have a couple of Snell Talk questions for you today, actually, because I had one that I

00:01:14   thought of and then I also found one that was award related. So I thought, if we don't ask you now,

00:01:20   I might not ask you for a year. So my question to you, Jason, is if you could give an honorary

00:01:26   upgradey award to a winner in a category that we do not already have for this year, what would it be

00:01:32   and who would it go to? I like that you're asking this at the beginning because that means that I

00:01:37   really can't give it to anything even remotely close to what we cover. Yeah. Because we don't

00:01:41   know, as we'll get to in a minute, we don't know who the winners will be, unlike other award shows.

00:01:46   This just happens as we go. I am going to give an award for the best helpers of 2020 to public health

00:01:56   professionals, frontline healthcare workers, and vaccine scientists for all that they did in 2020.

00:02:02   Because, you know, 2020. Yeah. The scientific community, the medical community this year,

00:02:09   I mean, it's surely going to be in our lifetimes just an unprecedented effort.

00:02:15   You know, I would expect that we will probably not see anything again on this kind of scale.

00:02:22   Oh, I sure hope not. Yeah. I feel better just assuming that this is a one and done.

00:02:29   Ah, good. And, you know, like, you're completely right. Like the health professionals and the

00:02:34   healthcare workers, the way that they step up like that. And I have kind of been astounded by what I

00:02:41   have learned about kind of medical science this year in the sense of like the entire world focuses

00:02:50   on a problem at the same time with unlimited resource. We can fix it. Yep. And I think that,

00:02:56   you know, that what we've seen with vaccination technology and research this year is kind of

00:03:02   astounding. And I hope that there's some stuff that's learned from this whole process that could

00:03:08   be applied to other things. I completely, you've picked the very best honorary upgrade award and

00:03:15   winner for 2020, I think. Yeah, I think so. And Stitch asked, when and in what category do you

00:03:23   think that Apple TV+ would win its first big award like an Oscar or an Emmy? Take that, Golden Globes.

00:03:32   Take that. Yeah, they won. They did win an Emmy, right? But was it a supporting actor Emmy?

00:03:38   Was what? No, that was the, wasn't that the Golden Globe or was that the Emmy? I think that was an

00:03:42   Emmy, but let's assume as a bigger award. What do you think Apple's biggest award could be?

00:03:49   Put up one for supporting actor Emmy. So Emmy already, there's your answer. My answer for both

00:03:56   of these generally is it's probably some less visible category. I was going to actually say

00:04:01   documentary might be a good example of that. If we're talking about the Oscars, especially,

00:04:06   I think it'll be something that is a, it's a doc or a short or something like that, that's in a

00:04:13   smaller category that we've seen Netflix win those awards before. Like maybe it comes out of Apple's

00:04:21   collaboration with Oprah or, you know, I don't know what it's going to be, but that would be my gut

00:04:27   feeling is that it's going to be something like that. The Oscars are going to be harder, right?

00:04:30   Because they're going to want to, you know, it's that whole premiering things in theaters.

00:04:34   Presumably that will be a rule of, again, at some point. And the Emmys, they've got one, but,

00:04:38   you know, I would also say, you know, documentary visual effects are always a place where they've

00:04:45   got some of these visual effects series, like For All Mankind, where they might actually have

00:04:49   a chance in a category like that. And while we're talking about the Emmys and like major awards,

00:04:55   I would, I mean, I don't know what's going to happen, obviously, but Jason Sudeikis would get

00:05:00   my vote for best actor in a comedy for Ted Lasso. So I wonder if they will, if there will be some

00:05:08   Emmy recognition for Ted Lasso on the way. I wonder if they could, would a show like Ted

00:05:13   Lasso pick up an actual like best comedy, right? Cause that's like the major stuff, isn't it?

00:05:19   Yeah, it's the big, yeah, the big awards is, I think that's a separate question, but it's like,

00:05:23   will Apple win a major category in the Oscars or the Emmys and what would it be in?

00:05:29   And I think that that's, you know, that would be my answer is it's probably

00:05:33   an acting award in a category, but I would, yeah, I would, I think Apple is going to get nominated

00:05:40   in some of these categories. Their slate is good and getting better and it'll be fascinating to see

00:05:45   what they are, but like Ted Lasso is the one that I'm looking at now. Cause that seems so obvious to

00:05:49   me, which of course means that they'll probably not even get nominated because that happens all

00:05:53   the time with the Emmy awards. There's nothing more Emmy awards like outrage about not being

00:05:58   nominated or Oscars, quite frankly. If you would like to send in a question to help us open an

00:06:03   episode of the show, just send out a tweet with the hashtag snow talk or use question

00:06:07   Mark snow talk in the relay of fam members discord. So before we get into the awards,

00:06:12   let's talk a little bit about the upgrade ease. Why do we, why do we have this award show? Why,

00:06:17   why do we have it? Why have we been doing this thing for so many years? You wanted to do it.

00:06:23   When we started the podcast, which we started in September, we got to the end of the year and you

00:06:27   said, Jason, let's do a best of the year award show and we'll call it the upgrade ease and we'll

00:06:34   make it the first annual. And I said, no, you can't call it that. You have to wait a year before it to

00:06:38   show that it's annual and you agreed, which is, was big of you. And, uh, and so yeah, you really

00:06:44   wanted to do it, but this is a thing that I always did at a Mac user and Mac world. We had the Eddie

00:06:51   awards. And so we always had an annual product cycle where we wrote down winners and nominees

00:06:58   and had debates in, you know, in various conference rooms about like, what should be the winner in

00:07:04   various categories. And I always thought that was a fun process. It was also a lot of work and I got

00:07:10   really tired of it at the end and I made other people do it instead of me. I actually ran it for

00:07:15   a little while. Um, but I think there's something to that. And, and what's ended up happening here

00:07:21   is that we've taken our sort of end of the year review show and a way to talk about some of our

00:07:26   favorite stuff from the year and wrapped it in this kind of award structure that replicates a

00:07:32   little bit of that, that kind of back room, the conference room experience of discussing

00:07:40   our options out in public, which is obviously not something we ever did at Mac world or Mac user for

00:07:46   for the Eddie awards. That was all very secret. And then there was just a ceremony for a long time.

00:07:50   There was this actual like tuxedo formal ceremony where actual statues were handed out. But here on

00:07:59   upgrade, you get the, you get to hear the back, the back room conversations about what we should

00:08:03   give the awards. And I think that's part of the fun of it. Yeah. So we have been, uh, and then

00:08:08   over the last few years as well, one of the changes that we made was to, uh, take nominations

00:08:13   from the upgrade. So if you listen to the show, you've been listening to show recently, you've

00:08:17   known over the last month or so we have been taking nominations from you. Uh, we had, I think

00:08:24   it was over 1500, 1600 people cast their nomination. So thank you very much. If you took part. And I

00:08:30   really liked that because we get a lot of feedback and there will typically be applications and things

00:08:37   whether it's stories or media that gets recommended that I otherwise wouldn't have considered. And

00:08:42   that's really great. So we will do as we do every year. I will read out the, for every category,

00:08:48   the top three in the upgrade Ian's voting. And then we will also talk about our own personal

00:08:55   nominations for the categories as well. We use our nominations and the upgrade Ian's nominations

00:09:02   to, for the two of us to decide on who we think is worthy of the win in each category. So it's,

00:09:10   it's really good to have that sometimes the, the upgrade is, can be the casting vote. Honestly,

00:09:15   sometimes the upgrade Ian's have been the entire vote and I expect that there'll be some of that

00:09:19   as we go on throughout the evening. So if you want to see who has won every single award in

00:09:26   upgraded history, there is a website which is built for us by wonderful friend of the show and

00:09:31   moderator of the relay FM members, discord, Zach Knox and Zach, me and Zach work together on this.

00:09:36   And Zach does all the work. Zach just asked me some questions frankly. Um, and I'm very thankful

00:09:41   for that. So that's upgrade ease.com. Uh, I recommend not going there right now because

00:09:46   probably by the time you're listening to this, all of the 2020 winners will be there. So kind of

00:09:51   keep wait, wait until you finish the show, then go look at the 2020 website. It's really great

00:09:57   because we put in every category of every year and you can see every single winner, which is fantastic.

00:10:02   And one of the, one of the quirks of the upgrade ease is our audience being the wonderful, uh,

00:10:09   nerds that they are, have some things that they love so much that they will vote for them

00:10:13   constantly forever. So we, uh, introduced the lifetime achievement award a couple of years ago.

00:10:20   And the way that this works is if any winner continues to win a category, the same category,

00:10:27   uh, three times. So if you win best iOS app three years, it doesn't have to be in a row,

00:10:33   but just in total, you get the lifetime achievement award for that category and you are no longer able

00:10:39   to win it. So this stopped from certain apps and especially podcasts from winning the same award

00:10:46   every year. Um, as it stands right now, we have three lifetime achievement award winners. And part

00:10:52   of being lifetime achievement award winner is you get the recognition every single year in the

00:10:56   upgrade is being one. So of three lifetime achievement award winners are best iOS app,

00:11:03   which is overcast favorite tech podcast, which is the accidental tech podcast and favorite non tech

00:11:09   podcast, which is the flop house. So they are a current, uh, lifetime achievement award winners

00:11:15   in their respective categories. I like how you blamed the listeners for this when we pick the

00:11:21   winners. So it's really on us more than the listeners that we get very excited about things.

00:11:26   That's a good point. Well, what I didn't say is that we are also the same kind of nerd,

00:11:32   right? Who would just continue to, you got to make that connection there. Yeah. That's,

00:11:35   that's a very good point. We're all the same. Uh, so yeah, we, you know, nailed it. There are

00:11:41   certain podcasts, for example, that we love or apps that we love and we would just keep,

00:11:47   uh, awarding them over and over and over again. So it's a good way to force us, uh,

00:11:52   to think about some different things and to pay attention to different things.

00:11:56   All right, before we get into our very first category, let me take our first break of the

00:12:03   evening and thank Pingdom for their support of this show and for helping us put on the upgrade

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00:13:10   get an awesome 30% off your first invoice. Our thanks to Pingdom from SolarWinds for their

00:13:15   support of this show and Relay FM. So we move into the first category of the evening for best

00:13:23   overall iOS app. So this category is open to any application released at any point.

00:13:32   They can pick up the best overall iOS app. We have from the Upgradients, Jason, at 4.2%

00:13:39   Things from Cultured Code. Things is an application that has come up quite a lot

00:13:45   and I don't believe has ever actually won one of the Upgradies. I don't think neither has it

00:13:53   actually been a runner-up in the past, but from my memory, I know that it's always there. It's always

00:13:59   voted pretty highly from the Upgradients. It breaks in to their votes. At 7.1% of the vote,

00:14:05   we have Carrot Weather from Brian Mueller. Carrot Weather is a previous Upgrady award winner from

00:14:13   2017. So could be picking up a second win here tonight. Good luck, Brian Carrot. Okay, 14.6%

00:14:23   for Apollo, for Reddit, from Christian Selig. Another application that has been a two-time

00:14:32   runner-up, weirdly, in the newcomer iOS app. It's won that twice. I'm not sure exactly how that's

00:14:40   happened, Jason, but it has happened. I think the app was re-released at one point. Sometimes there

00:14:47   are irregularities in the voting process, but Apollo is there with 14.6% of the vote from

00:14:54   Christian Selig. This is for the best overall iOS app. Jason, what nominations are you bringing to

00:14:59   the table today? I have four and I'm reminded one of the great things about the Lifetime Achievement

00:15:06   Award winners is it reminds me that we have these categories where you don't have to have done

00:15:11   anything. You just need to continue to exist and be great and you can be nominated and possibly win.

00:15:16   And I'll know when it's time to stop when you say, "Jason, that means this product is now a

00:15:23   Lifetime Achievement winner," and then I have to stop. But until then, I can just keep mentioning

00:15:28   my favorite apps. That's the beauty of this process, which is why I'm going to mention

00:15:32   Fairite Recording Studio from Wuji Juice again, which is probably my favorite iOS app. The audio

00:15:41   editor, I use it for podcasts. I edit the incomparable on Fairite using an Apple Pencil.

00:15:46   I love it. It's great. I can't wait for it to be on the Mac. That'll be nice too. But the experience

00:15:54   of sitting with my iPad and a pencil and editing a podcast, can't be beat. It's my favorite podcast

00:16:01   editing experience is to do it using Fairite. So I'm going to put Fairite on my list.

00:16:07   - Fairite was a runner-up in 2018. - It's because I keep mentioning it and it keeps not winning,

00:16:13   but I'm just going to mention it again. It's great. It's amazing. I want to mention drafts.

00:16:18   Now, I am not... So I've had an annual subscription to drafts for a little more than a year.

00:16:27   They did a special involving Stephen Hackett's St. Jude campaign, and I bought it then. And I thought,

00:16:35   "Well, I'll try it out for a year and it's a discount and all of that." And then I just

00:16:39   resubscribed for another year. I'm not one of these... I think there are a lot of people who

00:16:44   are sort of like in the drafts life cycle, their lifestyle, they're like super into it. And it's

00:16:49   funny how sometimes the more fervent a fan base an app has, and this is true for other things too,

00:16:58   obviously, the less accessible it seems because all the talk about it ends up being about why it's

00:17:05   great to do these incredible things and you put your whole life into it and it changes the way

00:17:09   you think and that happens. - See, notion.

00:17:11   - Exactly. Exactly. And there's lots of examples of that where it's like,

00:17:15   it doesn't actually say... The fact that there are rabid fans of something doesn't actually say

00:17:22   if that app is accessible or not. It says a lot about its depth and complexity and how interesting

00:17:28   it might be. But the app could be pretty accessible or not accessible at all. And you wouldn't know.

00:17:35   And so I've spent the last year using drafts for some things and I like it. I've written a bunch

00:17:42   of articles in it. I use OneWriter mostly when I'm on the iPad writing, but OneWriter has some bugs

00:17:49   in the latest version of iOS. The cursor does weird things and goes weird places.

00:17:53   And drafts is rock solid. I was able to very slightly modify all of my automation stuff in

00:17:59   shortcuts to work with drafts. And the big problem I have with drafts is that it won't let me sort

00:18:05   of sync out to a text file on Dropbox. You can export, but it's not quite the same as a sync

00:18:12   because I do move from Mac to iPad and I wanna be able to write my articles or edit my articles

00:18:18   in either place. - So you mean like if you're writing an article in drafts, you would maybe

00:18:23   wanna be open it in BB edit, but you would need to be a file in Dropbox. - Exactly right. I have

00:18:28   drafts on the Mac. I'm not interested in writing in drafts on the Mac. Sorry, I'm not. I'm gonna

00:18:33   write there in BB edit. I actually have changed my workflow in drafts. I'm now using a shortcut that

00:18:41   will save a copy of the current draft to the Dropbox so I can get there. And I also do have

00:18:47   drafts on my Mac and I can open it and then take it out and put it in BB edit where I want it to be.

00:18:51   So I've got some work arounds for that. I wish there was a way to say, just sync this with a

00:18:57   file provider so I can go back and forth. And I get why philosophically that's not something

00:19:03   that drafts wants to do, but as an iOS app on its own, the great thing about it having that depth

00:19:10   and having those people who believe in it is anytime I want to do something in drafts,

00:19:14   I can do it. Like there's a way to do it. That amazes me, but I'm not using the depths of it

00:19:22   like some people are, but I've been very impressed that whenever I need to try and reach for a tool

00:19:27   to do something that I want to do, they're available. And like you're setting keyboard

00:19:32   shortcuts and like it's got all of the nice stuff. So I've spent a year with drafts and

00:19:35   I'm very impressed with it. So I wanted to mention it. Yeah, I will say the same thing about drafts

00:19:40   in the sense that I don't use it very much, but I use it for a few things and it fills some holes

00:19:45   for me with automation that otherwise would be really tricky. And the way that I've been able

00:19:50   to get those to work is by purely having the idea and searching for it in the drafts action

00:19:55   directory and someone's already done it. This is definitely one of those applications where it's

00:20:00   like if you can think of it, it's been done already. Like if it's possible somebody's done it

00:20:05   and you can install one of those actions and get it to work for you. So drafts for me is more of

00:20:12   a bridge between things, but a very useful one. Yeah. And for me, I'm also not using it as the way

00:20:21   that it's sort of done on the label, but I enjoy it. It's very good. I've been very impressed with

00:20:26   it. My entire story of writing on iOS is essentially trying to find something that will replicate what

00:20:31   I want from a writing app that I get from BB edit. And there's nothing that does that. There's

00:20:38   nothing that does it exactly the way that I want to do it. And I obviously don't use 90% of BB

00:20:43   edits features either because it's primarily a development tool and I use it as a writing tool.

00:20:48   But the various markdown editors in iOS, none of them quite get it right.

00:20:55   A lot of them have scripting involved, which is great. And that's why I use OneWriter and

00:21:00   that's why I've used drafts. The problem is the downside of having an app that really supports

00:21:06   user automation is that sometimes, I'm not saying this always happens, but sometimes the developer

00:21:11   says, "I don't need to build features for my app because you can build them yourself or get one

00:21:17   from a friend in a script." It's like, "Well, no, search and replace should not be a user script.

00:21:25   It should be a feature of the app and I can go from there." And that's the problem I see with

00:21:29   a lot of these iOS apps that don't have a lot of functionality. And some of the ones that do

00:21:34   don't do it just don't work the way I want. Ulysses is a good example where Ulysses is a

00:21:39   really great app, but the way that it wants to hide the code from you, especially like hyperlinks,

00:21:47   I don't work like that. I don't want my hyperlink text to turn into a block that you have to click

00:21:54   on to open to edit as an item. I want it to just be text and Ulysses doesn't want to do that. So

00:21:59   I get why, but it doesn't work for me. So my adventure of attempting to find an iOS writing

00:22:06   app continues, but drafts has become... I'd say I'm writing in drafts maybe half the time and in

00:22:13   one writer half the time. I sort of go back and forth. I get frustrated with one writer,

00:22:16   I go to drafts, but it's given me time with drafts to be impressed about how good it is.

00:22:23   - Okay. - I have two more I want to mention. One is Libby. A lot of people don't know about this,

00:22:30   especially if you're in the US though. Libby is an iPhone app, essentially. I don't even know if you

00:22:35   can use it on the iPad. I don't. I only use it on the iPhone, but it is a... Oh no, it is on the

00:22:40   iPad. I will use it occasionally there. It ties into your local library. It's part of the OverDrive

00:22:47   if your library has that and it lets you... It's great because this is an app that lets you check

00:22:53   out audio books from your local library and they download into the app and you use it to play

00:22:59   the audio books. So if your library has audio books available, you may not even know this,

00:23:04   you can use this app. It's super easy to use. This stuff used to be very complicated and now it's very

00:23:09   easy. So you can check out an audio book and then listen to it and then check it back in

00:23:14   without going to the library and it's just on your phone, which is presumably where you want to play

00:23:18   an audio book from. I also use it. It's the best interface that I've found to find what books are

00:23:24   available to borrow to use on my Kindle from the library. And you use the Libby app to find those

00:23:32   books and to put them in your wishlist or to check them out and send them to your Kindle. And I do

00:23:37   that all the time too. So I'm using my local libraries features. Some disclaimer, my wife

00:23:44   works at my local library and she's the one who turned me on to this thing, but it's great. It's

00:23:48   a really nice app. And for people to use library services, especially this year when going into

00:23:55   libraries is probably not happening. There's so many digital services that are available and this

00:24:01   is a great app. It legitimately, it's so convenient to have it on your phone. So Libby, there it is.

00:24:10   And finally, I want to mention Scriptable, which I spent a lot of time using this year.

00:24:17   Scriptable is an app that lets you write and execute JavaScript on iOS.

00:24:25   But the killer feature this year of course, is that Scriptable supports

00:24:30   widgets. So you can write your own widget to do whatever and put it on your home screen. And I

00:24:37   did that a couple of times. I wrote a weather, I wrote a widget for air quality using air sensors,

00:24:43   local purple air air quality sensors during the wildfires here and made that into my first GitHub

00:24:49   project. And a bunch of people are using a version of that now, which is awesome. And it sits on my

00:24:54   home screen and it tells me what my air quality is. And then I also wrote one just for me that uses

00:25:00   all the data from my weather station. On my Mac, I've got it in a menu bar, but on my iPhone and

00:25:05   iPad, it's in a little widget that's powered by Scriptable. So that's pretty incredible to be able

00:25:12   to build something that is living on my home screen and is updating regularly. And I made it

00:25:18   myself for me. That's pretty incredible and Scriptable lets you do that. So you mentioned

00:25:25   widgets. My three nominations for best overall iOS app all have fantastic widgets. And it's how

00:25:32   I actually mainly interact with these applications now, either by looking at the widgets on my iPhone

00:25:37   or my iPad or tapping the widget to open the application. So Timery, honestly, I think Timery

00:25:44   is one of the best iOS apps of all time because it is so well made for its purpose. It has absolutely

00:25:52   everything that you need if you want to time track and it does nothing more, nothing less.

00:25:58   And it is perfectly built by someone who, Joe Hirabar, who clearly understands how to do this

00:26:08   kind of work. You know, like it's very rare that I used an application where I feel like the maker

00:26:13   of that application works exactly like me. And Timery is an example, I think, of just a

00:26:21   very well executed simple application that has powerful features in it if you want to dig through

00:26:28   it. Super good. The widgets are fantastic. Joe has done just a superb job with charts and stuff.

00:26:34   So allowing you to see statistics of your time tracking and you can create as many widgets as

00:26:39   you want. You can arbitrarily change the colors of them to whatever you want. You can label them.

00:26:44   You can turn certain projects on and off on the widgets. So you're just, you know, so like,

00:26:49   for example, now I have a widget that shows me all of my time track today, one that shows me all of

00:26:55   my time track this week and one that shows me all of my time track this week just for podcast

00:27:00   recording and editing. I like to have that data. It just lives in my today view. I can scroll down

00:27:06   and get it whenever I want it. It's just there. It's just superb. Absolutely superb.

00:27:10   The other one, again, actually for me, all three of these, they're like my personal Hall of Fame

00:27:16   of applications. Carrot Weather is the next one. This is the only nomination from me or you that

00:27:23   matches with the Upgradients. Carrot Weather is just superb. It's such a great application.

00:27:31   It is one of those applications that now I never open because the widgets are just perfect.

00:27:38   Like Brian has done something with the widgets and Carrot Weather that it's so incredible where the

00:27:43   widget type that I use, people always ask me which one it was. So I'm going to just double check the

00:27:49   name of it because I don't want to get it wrong. So like there's a bunch of different types of

00:27:52   widgets that you can use with Carrot. And the one that I use is called the forecast widget.

00:27:58   And it changes throughout the day between a bunch of other types of widgets that the app can give

00:28:04   you. So like in the morning, I will get what the weather is for the day. And then later on,

00:28:10   I will get the like in the day, I'll get the weather for the next few days because towards

00:28:15   the end of the day, you just want the weather for the week. And if it's raining, the application,

00:28:19   the widget updates to show me how long it's going to rain for. It is an absolutely superb

00:28:25   implementation of this feature. And it's just, I'd never need to open Carrot Weather anymore

00:28:32   because the widget is exactly what I need all the time. Fantastic. And then talking about fantastic,

00:28:38   Fantastical is my next choice. Fantastical 3 gave me the two things that I really desperately

00:28:49   wanted from this application. I mean, I've used Fantastical since the original. I wanted to have

00:28:54   an iPad version that looked like the Mac version. And I wanted the calendar sets from the Mac

00:28:59   version on iOS. They added these, they refreshed the design, they added some new features in.

00:29:04   Some of these features I use, some I don't use, but I appreciate what they're doing.

00:29:08   Like they have the ability for you now to like create an event and like with a bunch of options

00:29:14   and send it to people and they can choose what event they want and it blocks it all out in your

00:29:17   calendar. It's clever stuff, but it's not a feature that I need. And then the overall design polish

00:29:25   and then the widgets, just superb. Like I have a widget now where I've got a calendar and my

00:29:31   next upcoming events. It has a little heat map on it, which I wasn't sure about at first, but I've

00:29:35   come to really like the heat map on the widget, which shows where my busy and empty times are.

00:29:41   So yeah, absolutely superb update that the app saw this year. So Fantastical is my third and final

00:29:48   nomination for this category, which I think this category is going to be tricky now, Jason. So...

00:29:54   Yeah, I think so.

00:29:54   Do you, after hearing, so I would say after hearing your nominations, I definitely could

00:30:02   imagine Drafts as the winner here, personally. I don't know if you feel any different from

00:30:10   hearing mine.

00:30:11   Uh, you, you, well, you should like Ferrite more. That's number one.

00:30:16   Okay. So Ferrite, I really appreciate Ferrite and what it's doing, but I do not use it.

00:30:22   Right. Um, I imagine a world where I would, but I don't want to take the time to learn a new

00:30:30   application until I get the benefit of having it everywhere. So if and when Ferrite makes its way

00:30:36   to the Mac, I am then more, I am then going to choose to learn Ferrite where I'm on the Mac

00:30:43   primarily, and then use the iPad as a separate thing. For me personally, I couldn't edit a

00:30:48   podcast on my iPad with the precision that I want the way that you do. Cause I just don't think

00:30:54   ergonomically that would be good for me. Right now. I know for you it works and for anybody

00:30:59   that does it, it's awesome. This is just a mic problem. Okay. You know?

00:31:04   All right. But I love Ferrite. I love Ferrite. It is a superb application. Some of the, the

00:31:11   interfaces, not to my personal tastes, but I appreciate its power.

00:31:16   It's a mic problem. A mic problem.

00:31:18   Um, well the, the listeners, the Upgradients did vote second for Carrot Weather and you mentioned

00:31:26   Carrot Weather. I also use Carrot Weather and I like it a lot, although I don't like it as much

00:31:31   as you and I don't like the widgets as much as you. In fact, I'm using Weatherline just for the

00:31:36   widgets cause I think they're better than Carrot Weather's widgets. Um, just the way that the data

00:31:42   is presented, I think is better in Weatherline cause it's a more readable and shows me the ups

00:31:47   and downs of the high temperature, which is exactly what I want. Interesting. Um, and Carrots

00:31:52   don't do it for me. I do like Carrots overall. The Carrot Watch app is also superb.

00:31:58   Um, I do have that, but, uh, so I, yeah, you're right. This is a difficult one. I think

00:32:04   Fantastic Cal is an interesting point. I don't love Fantastic Cal on iOS as much as I do on the Mac.

00:32:09   Honestly, I, I, I'm much more frustrated by how it works on iOS. Um, I don't think it's as good

00:32:14   as the Mac version. Um, so. I think it's fair we can pause Fantastic Cal, right? Because I love it

00:32:23   everywhere. You love it on the Mac. Maybe we'll talk about it later. So we can knock Fantastic Cal

00:32:28   out. I'm going to understand that Timery is not going to win this, right? So like, I know that,

00:32:34   but it's, it's important to me, but it is an application that you need to use to understand it.

00:32:39   Sure. Timery is a previous winner. It won, uh, you gave me the ability to give it the

00:32:45   newcomer iOS app last year. Oh, so, so this is interesting. So an app that I don't use,

00:32:51   I, I checked off the box. So there's a precedent for that. I let the app that you love so much.

00:32:58   There's a lot of precedent where me and you bargain for things that we really care about.

00:33:03   That isn't, this is not new. It's true. Like, look, what I'm saying is, so I think the winner

00:33:09   of this category needs to come from me and you because I don't use Apollo. I don't know if you

00:33:15   use Apollo. I don't know. I have it. I have used it. I find it too fiddly. My problem is more with

00:33:22   Reddit than Apollo. Apollo makes Reddit more usable for me, but my problem is Reddit. And if I,

00:33:29   personally, if I was leaning towards one of yours, I would lean towards drafts because

00:33:34   I am aware of the amount of effort that has been put into an application over the last couple of

00:33:41   years. And I think that it deserves the recognition for that. All right. Well, my favorite, my, my

00:33:48   favorite is, is fair, right? What do I, what do I have to do to get you to pick fair, right? As the

00:33:53   best overall iOS app? Well, I mean, I could just put one in my pocket for later on. So I'll give

00:33:58   you fair, right? But dangerous. They just say, this is, this is it. People were in the horse

00:34:02   trading. You're in the room with us now. This is the beauty of the upgrade ease and you don't like

00:34:07   books. So Libby's out. It's a very interesting thing, but like I even struggle to just understand

00:34:13   how renting books from a library works. If you're not in the library, we don't need to get into this

00:34:18   conversation today. Um, so here's my thing. I think we are deciding for the winner and the

00:34:26   nominee and then, and the runners up between carrot drafts and ferrite. That's what we are.

00:34:31   So we just need to decide which one of those three is going to win. Yeah. Um, I

00:34:37   cannot imagine the fact that ferrite has never won an upgrade. Is that right? It's never won.

00:34:42   Ferrite has never won. No, Ferrum. No, Ferrite is never won an upgrade. Oh, wrong, wrong, wrong.

00:34:49   2015. It won best newcomer. Okay. All right. Well then, then I'm going to say, let's give it to

00:34:56   drafts. Let's do it. I think it's worth it. I think it's, I think it is a worthy winner.

00:35:01   So we're going to say that the winner of the best overall iOS app for 2020 is drafts with the

00:35:07   runners up being carrot weather and ferrite. Sorry Mr. Carrot. Sorry, Brian Carrot. Close. So close.

00:35:13   Can I make a confession about carrot weather? One of the things I don't like about it is the

00:35:17   thing that made its name, which is the snarky forecast. I don't like them. I find them

00:35:21   unpleasant. I turn them off immediately. Yeah. Honestly, I, I know people like it,

00:35:26   but, um, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to move away from that.

00:35:30   Well, I think, and I think, I think perhaps it's getting de-emphasized over time, but I get it. It

00:35:36   really did make people pay attention to it. And that's what you want. That's the name of the game.

00:35:41   But it actually prevented me from using it for a long time because although the functionality

00:35:45   was great, I thought some people don't take it seriously. Yeah. Anyway, it's a great app.

00:35:50   I think it would be a shame to get rid of it because it's where the, the kind of like the,

00:35:55   the app whole thing comes from. But I think having it turned off by default

00:36:01   might be the right option going into the future. Who are we to tell Brian Carrot what to do?

00:36:06   Brian Carrot has had a very successful career, so I'm sure that Brian gets it.

00:36:11   It's a great app, regardless. Also, why has Toggle not bought Time-O-Re? Why has that not happened?

00:36:17   What is wrong with them? I don't know. I don't, I don't think I want it to happen because I don't

00:36:21   trust the application development team because they do not do a good job in my opinion of any

00:36:26   of their apps. You know, if they wanted to buy Time-O-Re and let Joe continue doing Joe's great

00:36:31   work, that would be great. But otherwise I want it to live forever. All right, so let's move into

00:36:35   our second category. I don't think we're all going to take this long, but that one, that one was

00:36:39   surprising. Best newcomer iOS app. The Upgradients voted with 3.3% for Hey from Basecamp. 4.5% is

00:36:50   Reader 5 from Silvia Rizzi. And at the second largest percentage of the evening, 38.5% for

00:37:02   WidgetSmith from David Smith. What are your votes? I nominate a few here. So, NetNewsWire got revived

00:37:12   this year. A new open source version from Brent Simmons and the Open Source Project.

00:37:19   NetNewsWire 5, it's really good. I use it every day. I wasn't using RSS until NetNewsWire 5 came

00:37:25   out and I now use RSS on my iPad every day. So, I'm going to throw that in there. It is new. It is

00:37:33   NetNewsWire, which has been around forever and yet new. I want to mention an app called LongPlay,

00:37:38   which looks at your Apple Music Library and shows the albums in it. And the idea there is it's a way

00:37:44   to visual, Steve Jobs would have loved it. Let's just put it that way. It's like lots of album

00:37:47   covers. You can sort them in different ways by recent or by most plays or by things that you've

00:37:53   not listened to in a while. And then you tap on the album cover and it plays that album straight

00:37:59   through using the music app. Or I don't think you can do Spotify because I don't think it has the

00:38:04   APIs for it, but using the music app, it basically will play that album. So, it's like a single album

00:38:10   browsing and play interface. I think it's really clever. I like it a lot. WidgetSmith, yeah, right?

00:38:17   Like the 39% of Upgradients. Yeah, absolutely. I would just like to correct myself, Jason. It's

00:38:23   actually the third largest. Okay. There was a late entry. A tradition like no other, Myke,

00:38:29   is you trying to compare vote totals and then having to correct it. I think that happens every

00:38:34   year too. Yes, there's a lot. It forms my heart. I think that does happen every year. And I'll

00:38:40   throw in the Fitness Plus app, actually, the Apple Fitness app with Fitness Plus, because I think

00:38:44   that some of the stuff that they have done with that service, which doesn't really have a category,

00:38:48   and the live data from your Apple Watch streaming to your iPad is pretty clever. So, those are the

00:38:55   four that I wanted to mention. I have one and it's WidgetSmith. Yeah. There's so much to it,

00:39:02   right? Like, there's the whole story and the fact that David Smith is a personal friend of both of

00:39:07   us. And that would be fine. You know, like, WidgetSmith probably would have always made it

00:39:12   into this category for me anyway, because I love David's apps and David does a great job. And I was

00:39:18   using WidgetSmith through the beta period. It was powering some widgets that I had on my home screen.

00:39:23   But then WidgetSmith became the most popular app in the world for a couple of months. And so,

00:39:28   you know, like, just the fact that the story and then what David has done with it since,

00:39:34   and how much better that application has become at doing the things that people want it to do,

00:39:39   I think is actually kind of astounding. Like, that over the time that WidgetSmith has been available,

00:39:45   I continue to add more and more widgets to my home screens based on the new types of widgets

00:39:53   or the new types of themes that David is creating. And this isn't just a case of, like, I want to keep

00:39:58   supporting my friend. Like, I'm now, like, I have a little countdown timer on my home screen until

00:40:04   New Year's and stuff like that now. And it's like all this, like, really just beautiful design for

00:40:10   the themes that David has been working on. Like, I just think that it is, it is an astounding app

00:40:16   that caught lightning in a bottle and then in true underscore fashion, he has capitalized on it and

00:40:22   has just made it the best possible version of itself that it can be. I think it's astounding.

00:40:26   - Yeah, well, so here's the funny thing. If this was like a Six Colors piece where I was picking

00:40:34   my favorites, NetNewsWire wins because NetNewsWire changed how I consume information on my iPad in

00:40:39   the morning. Like, it's great. I'm so glad to see that it's back. If you haven't tried it,

00:40:44   give it a try. It's free open source project and they're doing a great job.

00:40:51   - Can I ask, what is it about NetNewsWire compared to say, like, I use Reader,

00:40:56   and what do you find from NetNewsWire that makes it just so good for you?

00:41:02   - Part of it is just that it seems to work the way I want it to work. I think maybe part of it

00:41:07   is that it is, because of Brent's long history with RSS, it is a, I found a lot of RSS readers

00:41:14   to be very featurey. And in a way, it's sort of like our previous conversation, in a way

00:41:22   that I'm sure they have lots of users who really want all of these features, and I don't. And what

00:41:29   NetNewsWire is to me is simple and does all that I want it to do and nothing else. If it does have

00:41:40   a reading list or stuff like that, I don't know because I don't use those features. I just kind

00:41:45   of want to have some subscriptions and a readable area and be able to tap through to view it in a

00:41:52   web view and like, it does exactly what I want. And after bouncing off of lots of RSS readers,

00:41:58   this simple new NetNewsWire, I didn't bounce off of. I mean, that's sort of how I have to put it,

00:42:05   is I have tried over the years. Have I tried the latest version of all of the RSS readers? No,

00:42:10   I haven't. But over the years I've tried lots of RSS readers on Mac and iOS, and none of them

00:42:15   have stuck. So that's why. But in this case, since this is not my picks, but a collaborative process,

00:42:23   this is what separates us by the way from whatever happens on Connected, your other podcast,

00:42:29   where it's like a blood sport. Here we are, as with our drafts, gentlemanly,

00:42:35   a collaborative process. WidgetSmith was on my list. It was your list and it was number one on

00:42:42   the Upgradients list. So of course, WidgetSmith is the winner. And it is a worthy winner.

00:42:46   I just want to say it again. I'm obviously keen to award my friends.

00:42:55   Sure. But I think it being the most popular app in the world kind of negates that.

00:43:03   This is not a popularity contest for the world. It's a popularity contest with Upgradients and

00:43:08   you and me. But it's still one though. So there you go. So what are we going to, I say we pick

00:43:12   net news while five as one of the ones up and would we pick another one? I want to put longplay

00:43:18   on the list because that's just so rare. It's so rare that I see a new iOS app and I'm like,

00:43:23   Oh, this is delightful. Like the platform has been around so long now that a lot of times you're like,

00:43:27   Oh, it's another one of these, or it's another take on this. And I'm sure there have been apps

00:43:31   that have done this in the past, but like this one really stuck with me as an enjoyable way to kind

00:43:35   of float things back to the top of my music library. I've never heard of this application

00:43:39   before or it hadn't stuck in my mind. And it sounds like a really fun little idea. So moving

00:43:45   to the best overall Mac app, the category, uh, one of the two categories that we created the

00:43:52   Upgradients voting for, because we would struggle with these. Um, and here we go again, 4.2% things

00:43:58   from culture code, which funnily enough, the exact same percentage of the vote that it got for the

00:44:02   iOS category. Just found that funny. 5.4% Safari from Apple and 6.2% Fantastic Al from Flexibits.

00:44:14   - Hmm. Some familiar names there. I have a bunch of nominees in this category. And this is,

00:44:20   you mentioned we turned this over to the Upgradients. Let's just say that the last

00:44:23   five years, especially, oh, kind of rough for the Mac, right? Dark period there, not a lot going on.

00:44:31   Things have picked up a little bit. I'm encouraged. Things are, things are picking up.

00:44:36   So I've got some apps I want to name that I've used on the Mac in the past year that I think

00:44:40   are great. Because again, this is one of those categories where like literally I should just put

00:44:45   BB Edit in my personal hall of fame. It's the app I use the most on the Mac. I love it. It's great.

00:44:49   It keeps getting better. It's amazing. I know I'm sounding like one of those people that turn me

00:44:56   away from apps because they rave about them. It's like, no, no, it's too deep. I can't go there.

00:45:01   But I'm not going to mention BB Edit because I don't know. It's like the air we breathe.

00:45:04   I want to mention Descript, which is the podcast editing app that lets you edit

00:45:13   by editing a transcript of what people said, and it turns it into edited audio.

00:45:20   This, when it was first announced a few years ago, I was like, that's interesting, but I don't

00:45:26   believe that it would work. And I tried it out and it was okay, but not great. The transcript

00:45:30   quality isn't great because, you know, machine-based speech to text is not, it's still not great.

00:45:37   You can pay extra to get a good transcript or you can be cheap and get a bad transcript. And I'm

00:45:44   cheap, so I got a bad transcript. But I came back to it because when I was planning on using the,

00:45:49   building the 20 Max for 2020 podcast project with lots of interviews, I thought, how in the world

00:45:55   am I going to do this? And I started to think I'm going to need to get like a transcript with time

00:45:58   code and then like highlight the stuff that I want to take out. And I started to do that. I thought,

00:46:03   this is ridiculous. And then have somebody cut out all those bits and put them in. And I thought,

00:46:07   wait a second, isn't there an app that does this? And I started using Descript and I use it for

00:46:15   every episode of 20 Max for 2020. Couldn't have done it without it. It is kind of magical. It's

00:46:21   not perfect. It's got some issues. I wish it was better in a few ways, but it was a lifesaver for

00:46:26   me. And I cannot believe how good it is at what it does. It seems like something that would be

00:46:31   impossible. It needs some cleanup and their editor, they've got an inline editor and it's not great.

00:46:38   And it doesn't handle conversations very well in terms of like visualizing them. It's a lot

00:46:43   of steps to kind of trim. So what I ended up doing was exporting the final piece out into Logic,

00:46:49   where I felt like I had a more capable editing system, but I could not have done those podcasts

00:46:58   without this app. And it really is for anybody who is editing audio that fits within what Descript is

00:47:04   good at, it's amazing. I think Merlin uses it for Roderick on the line. - He does. Merlin also uses

00:47:12   it for lots of stuff. Like you see him making clips from shows and stuff out of it. It's very

00:47:16   clever. It can create things that you can share. I want to echo that I've used Descript for a couple

00:47:23   of things. One thing of mine was, it was an episode of a show and I had that feeling like,

00:47:30   "Oh, I think there was a curse word that I didn't cut." And Descript allowed me to search for it.

00:47:36   I had cut it, but otherwise it would have been a two hour process of re-listening to the show again.

00:47:41   And I think it's very powerful. I think the stuff that you've been doing for Max for 2020 is great.

00:47:48   What I don't like about it is the thought that people have. I think also the thought that they

00:47:54   try and put out into the world from their marketing of like, this is all you need to edit a podcast.

00:47:59   And I do not agree with that because things like removing ums and removing r's and stuff like that,

00:48:05   just removing them with a machine, I guarantee it's going to sound weird in places. It requires

00:48:10   finessing. - It's good that that feature is great. And I used that feature, but that I think you're

00:48:18   right, which is the challenge that they've got moving forward. And I think they know it at

00:48:23   Descript is they're not great as an audio editor. And I look at it and think, well, I know logic and

00:48:32   I have logic. So why would I ever use their audio editor? Because it's just not that good.

00:48:37   I see, in the long run, they need to, they can't say our product is stage one of a multi-stage

00:48:45   process that leads to a different product that we don't make. They can't do that. So they're just

00:48:49   going to have to get better at building their audio editor and other workflows to smooth out

00:48:54   all that audio. Because that's, I mean, if you listen to 20 Max for 2020, and you heard me say,

00:48:58   Brian Hamilton provided post-production help, I basically handed my logic files to Brian and

00:49:04   Brian went through every single dialogue edit and smooth them all out because they're not good

00:49:10   enough. Like that's the downside of Descript is that you need to do extra work. While amazing and

00:49:17   really magical, it's not really up to my standards straight out of the app. You got to do extra work

00:49:27   and you can do some of that work in the app, but it's not very good. Or you can take it to another

00:49:30   app. Still though, magical, use it all year. Great. Final Cut Pro, I'm going to put on the

00:49:37   list because I made 20 Max for 2020 videos as well. And I do all the total party kill videos

00:49:42   and stuff like that. And I just want to, it's not new, but it's amazing. And on the M1 Max,

00:49:46   it's even more amazing. It's so easy for me to build video projects that look exactly like I want.

00:49:55   And, you know, although professionals have famously complained about the Final Cut Pro 10

00:50:00   interface since the day it started, I love it. It works. It's understandable to me. And in fact,

00:50:07   there are aspects of it that I wish other apps would pick up because I occasionally am in a

00:50:15   different app and I think, why is it not doing this? There are problems with it. It's audio

00:50:20   support is terrible. It's shameful that you can't apply like a master compressor to a project and

00:50:27   stuff like that. It's bizarre, but it's great. So Final Cut Pro on my list. I want to mention

00:50:34   Pixelmator Pro 2, new version this year. They're doing wacky machine learning stuff.

00:50:40   Really great app for photo and image editing. They just, yeah, they're right on the forefront

00:50:50   of trying to push machine learning stuff, not just into iOS, but into the Mac. So I want to

00:50:54   mention Pixelmator. I'm going to throw audio hijacking again. Also not a hall of famer yet,

00:51:00   right, Myke? Not a hall of famer yet. - No. It would be if it won this time.

00:51:06   - Yeah, I just, I don't know what to say. I have to mention it every time because

00:51:10   Catalina, so two reasons. One is Catalina really broke audio apps and the RogueAmoeba apps

00:51:21   specifically. Catalina made a bunch of changes, completely broke them. So part one, I spent all

00:51:27   summer after I moved to Catalina to write about it, having to use a different computer to record

00:51:33   podcasts because I need audio hijack. I have to use it. And it made me understand how much

00:51:41   I appreciate it. Part two, they also spent all summer working with Apple to get it

00:51:50   running again after Apple basically broke it with the changes it made to Catalina.

00:51:54   And they got it out the day that, or not Catalina, Big Sur. They got it out the day that Big Sur came

00:52:01   out, which is amazing. And then it took a little bit of time to get it working on M1, but now I

00:52:08   believe it's working there now too. So although it's not new, it is kind of new. It is kind of

00:52:16   the story that I missed it because of Big Sur, and I appreciate the work they did to get it to work

00:52:23   on Big Sur because it was not easy working with the new security restrictions in Big Sur.

00:52:30   And then finally, I already mentioned it before for iOS, I prefer the Fantastical

00:52:34   version on the Mac. I think it's much better than the iOS version. I love it.

00:52:39   And that's what I use. And you know me, a lot of my scheduling, a lot of my planning,

00:52:44   a lot of my to-dos are in a calendar and it's Fantastical. So that's my long list of potential

00:52:51   winners in this category. Yeah, I have two. We spoke about them already. It's Fantastical 3

00:52:56   and AudioHijack would be my two here. So I think we have something interesting.

00:53:06   Fantastical is on all of our lists. AudioHijack is on both of our lists. Putting AudioHijack

00:53:15   in this year would lock it up for Lifetime Achievement. It's not a reason to do it,

00:53:20   but it's an interesting one. But Fantastical 3 is really, really good.

00:53:32   Yeah. And people were mad about it. Remember that?

00:53:36   Yeah, but...

00:53:37   Yeah, I know. People are unhappy that they moved to subscription. Maybe I'm going to upset those

00:53:45   people here. But I actually think that the way that they handled the move to subscription

00:53:52   was fair. They messed up some things. There were some issues with the actual transition,

00:53:59   which upset people, which I understood there were some bugs in the way that they did it.

00:54:03   But my understanding is by and large, they kind of locked the features. And if you wanted new

00:54:09   features, you'd have to pay, but all your old features were kept in place. Now, I will say

00:54:15   that was the messaging that they spoke about. If there is asterisks to that, then fine. I am a

00:54:21   paying subscriber and I'm very happy with it. And honestly, as well, I paid for that application

00:54:29   however many years before. Fantastical is one of those types of apps that you kind of want to be

00:54:35   around forever if you use it all the time. I have no problem in paying for it. I have no problem in

00:54:39   supporting the development for the application. I'm more than happy to pay for these kinds of

00:54:43   tools. So maybe I'm the "wrong" audience to find that kind of stuff bad, but no,

00:54:51   I actually think that it's good for the application because I talk about this kind of stuff a lot,

00:54:56   like what is the business model? Well, the business model is they need to continue to

00:54:59   make money to make the application. I want the application to stay around. I'm happy to pay them.

00:55:03   Mm-hmm. Yeah, I mean, I agree. I agree. I think there were some rollout issues and there were

00:55:10   some bugs and it led to some misunderstandings. And there were features that were fundamental

00:55:14   features that were marked as not being available, but there was some confusion there. So I

00:55:21   mean, they were trying. Yeah, that's my feeling is they tried really hard to get it right while

00:55:28   still also doing what was right for their business. And they didn't necessarily execute 100%,

00:55:31   but I think most of the criticism was not coming from the people who were dealing with the

00:55:39   shakiness of some parts of the rollout. I think it was from people who were offended that they

00:55:43   had to pay for software. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know what to do. I mean, it seems weird

00:55:51   to me to say that the best overall Mac app this year was a calendar. That was pretty good.

00:55:57   What do you think? So audio hijack is fantastic, right? I love it. I use it every day.

00:56:07   But they didn't do anything new this year. No, they just, well, I mean, it's best overall,

00:56:13   so it isn't, you know, maybe when did they add the broadcast block? That wasn't this year,

00:56:18   was that was when you had your bachelor party. So that was a while ago. Oh, yeah. It was literally

00:56:23   at your bachelor party when the beta came. Yeah. We spoke about it on the sofa. Yes. Well,

00:56:28   my argument is that I missed it when they broke it and that I'm impressed that they got it unbroken,

00:56:33   given what Apple did to Big Sur, which is great. Like, look, I'm not saying that you always have to

00:56:40   continue to add new features for software to be good because maybe audio hijack is feature

00:56:44   complete. I personally don't think it is. I think that there is still stuff that they can do with

00:56:49   it. The point that I'm making with that is like, Fantastical had a major new version this year,

00:56:53   which changed a bunch of stuff about the app. I think that they made a bunch of

00:56:57   features of the application better and nicer to use. So I would say that again, this, it would be

00:57:03   better that way. It's on my list. It's on your list. And it was number one in the hearts of the

00:57:06   upgrade ends. So let's do it. Fantastic Al 3 is the winner of the best Mac app for this year.

00:57:13   I think it's easy to put audio hijack in as a runner up. Do you have another runner up that you

00:57:20   feel particularly should be here? I would like to put Pixelmator in here personally.

00:57:26   Well, that was not going to be my choice. Okay. What would yours be? No, let's do it. Let's do it.

00:57:31   I was going to put Descript in there, but again, I'm also cognizant of the fact that two podcasters

00:57:34   giving out awards, give a lot of awards to podcasts and audio tools and that's maybe over done. So

00:57:39   let's do that. I think that what Pixelmator have done with Pixelmator Pro and continue to do,

00:57:44   is technically very impressive and they're doing stuff that's truly new. So I think that it

00:57:51   deserves some kind of recognition. So the final software pick, uh, well, the final app pick,

00:57:57   we have games coming on later on is the best newcomer Mac app. This is a category that was

00:58:03   interesting. Definitely a lot of new Mac apps this year, um, but not as many as I thought there was

00:58:10   going to be. Um, so we have at 6.4% of the nominations from the upgradients is craft from

00:58:17   Lukey Labs. Craft is the note-taking application that's been become quite popular this year.

00:58:22   9.8% of the vote is Overcast from Marco Arment. So Overcast, previous Lifetime Achievement Award

00:58:29   winner in the iOS category is now finding itself in the Mac category because of the M1 Macs.

00:58:35   And 13% of the vote is Nova from Panic. What have you got?

00:58:39   Um, so many, again, again, I think I'm feeling better about the Mac than I have in a while.

00:58:47   I'm gonna mention that new NetNewsWire 5 again, it's brand new. I'm going to mention SwiftBar,

00:58:53   which is the replacement for BitBar that puts information up in your menu bar. I love it.

00:58:58   I love BitBar. It sort of trailed off in development. SwiftBar is a new

00:59:02   version of it that adds some nice new features. Um, Messages on Big Sur.

00:59:09   It's great. We got, we have features in Messages. What? Uh, Pixelmator Pro 2,

00:59:17   although there were a bunch of great Pixelmator Pro updates in the 1 range that also came out

00:59:21   this year that I would throw in there, including their, uh, support for AppleScript. Yes, indeed,

00:59:26   in 2020, a major Mac app added support for AppleScript. It's true. True story.

00:59:30   Uh, Fantastical 3 could technically be in this category, although we already gave it an award.

00:59:35   I want to mention Service Station, which is this great little utility that lets you, um, it's for

00:59:41   me, basically. Uh, it lets you attach, uh, scripts into the right-click menu in the Finder and a

00:59:49   script or apps and assign them based on file type. And so like, if I right click on a, an image on

00:59:56   the desktop, one of the items in the list is open in Photoshop, which is almost always what I want

01:00:02   to do, but there's also like an upload to six colors and it's right at the top level, not in

01:00:06   a sub menu. And that's, that will kick off a script that will upload it to six colors. And it's just a

01:00:11   nice little, little Mac utility that lets you customize all sorts of stuff that happens when

01:00:17   you right click on a file in the Finder. I like it. That's fun. And it's in the App Store too.

01:00:22   Cause when I hear about apps like this, I get a little bit concerned, right? Like if they're doing

01:00:25   something weird, but I always feel better when I see that they're in the Mac App Store.

01:00:29   Yeah. And so I use, that's what I use now for all of my like weird automations, but I also use it

01:00:33   for a bunch of quick launches. Like the Photoshop one's a great example where I've just assigned to

01:00:37   a bunch of image types, like put, just put open in Photoshop at the top level because I do that so

01:00:42   often. And a lot of, you know, JPEGs are going to open in preview if I double click them and I don't

01:00:47   want to change that association. There's it's complicated. I could imagine with PDFs, like I

01:00:52   don't want to open every PDF in PDF pen, but I do frequently. Yeah. And going to right click open

01:00:58   with us annoying. So yeah, exactly. That's a little step. I want to mention Bartender for

01:01:04   Bartender a long time, long standing Mac utility that lets you simplify your max menu bar. I already

01:01:09   said, I put a lot of things using Swift bar up in my menu bar, but there's too many things up there

01:01:14   and Bartender lets you organize them and hide them, hide a bunch of them. Bartender for like

01:01:18   audio hijack had to be re you know, basically rewritten for big Sur and it's different,

01:01:25   but it still does everything that I wanted it to do. And I love a long standing Mac utility

01:01:31   getting up to speed and Bartender for did that. And I will mention Nova as well, which people

01:01:40   mentioned this is, this is basically the new version of what was Kota panic. Sold the name

01:01:47   Kota to a startup and change their Kota to code editor. And now that it's got a name for the new

01:01:54   version, which is Nova, I have it. I bought it. It's very impressive, especially if you do web

01:01:58   development. Um, I was using it for some of my web stuff too. Um, it's just such a good Mac app and

01:02:04   it's so rare to get these. It's so nice to see these big professional focused on the Mac apps.

01:02:10   And although this is kind of the legacy of Kota, it's also technically a new app. So that's a lot

01:02:16   of new Mac apps. So I will say for me, if you take everything you said about net news, why five,

01:02:23   and I'll apply it to Rita five. Um, I absolutely love Rita. Like the design of it is just works

01:02:30   so well for me. It's a beautifully designed application and I use it on iOS a lot, but I also

01:02:36   use it on Mac a lot. Um, I like that there's parity between the applications on each, on each, um,

01:02:42   of the platforms, but they have different features in places where it makes the most sense. Like for

01:02:47   example, the share menu, isn't that good on the Mac as it was on iOS, right? With extensions and

01:02:53   all that kind of stuff. So to develop a Silvio put in some, uh, actions that you can perform just in

01:03:00   like the toolbar of the application. So like one of mine, the main thing that I do is I take

01:03:05   articles and save them to Apple notes so I can refer to them later, right? When I'm sitting down

01:03:10   to do my show prep and on reader on the Mac, there's just a little icon that I can press with

01:03:15   the notes icon on it. And I click it and it's gonna save it to notes and stuff like that,

01:03:19   but just overall the Polish and the design of this application is fantastic. I absolutely love it.

01:03:25   I think it's beautifully designed and is truly excellent on all platforms. And I wanted to put

01:03:30   it in here, the Mac, I would also like to give, um, a nod to two of yours. So messages, which is

01:03:38   great, but I don't want to give it the win here, but I love messages on the Mac. Uh, the reason I

01:03:43   don't want to give it a win is because we're only saying this because Apple let messages get so bad.

01:03:48   Like nothing is great about the new messages app except for the fact that it's finally exists.

01:03:54   Yeah. Right. No, you're right. It's the classic thing of like, if Apple does a bad job for a long

01:03:58   time and then finally does a good job or its job, is that a word worthy? Probably not. Probably.

01:04:05   Uh, but you know, like message is notable because it's a catalyst app and I don't think anybody

01:04:11   notices it. People will tell you, I know it's it and maybe they do. Some people are much more

01:04:15   particular. Many of my friends, but I don't even, I don't even know. Right. It's like, it's a Mac app

01:04:21   to me. Like I don't see how it could be any different. Uh, but I wanted to mention bartender

01:04:25   four as well because bartender four, you could see they had to start again, but I actually prefer the

01:04:31   way it works right where you like hover over and it expands. And I think they've done a really good

01:04:37   job. And from going back to the beginning of an application starting again, I actually think

01:04:43   they've rebuilt it to a better place than the previous versions of bartender. So I would tip

01:04:48   my hat to them because I think that was an incredible achievement that they achieved the

01:04:52   bartender four team. So what are we going to do? Well, okay, so we can both agree on bartender.

01:04:58   Yep. But you and the upgrading is going to agree on Nova. Yeah. Nova's not for me, right? Like,

01:05:05   sure. It's barely for me. Yeah, it's barely for me. Exactly. Right. But it's so, it's so impressive

01:05:11   with what it does and that it's a, uh, an actual Mac app. I love how many options there are,

01:05:17   but there aren't as many options as there should be because there should be more iOS apps in this

01:05:21   category. Um, we're going to talk about that. I think for their service to the Mac and for the

01:05:28   fact that this app is, uh, is so impressive, uh, I, we should give it to, to panic. Yeah. Nova.

01:05:35   I really liked the idea of giving panic an award because they are very, very good at what they do.

01:05:41   And I think award worthy. Um, let's put bartender four and as a, as a runner up and what do you

01:05:49   want to put any other runners up in here? I mean, I would put messages in as a runner up.

01:05:53   Um, why don't we put, uh, since you liked how I described it, let's put service station in there

01:06:01   just as a little, you know, I agree with that. That's a great idea. Cause I've got,

01:06:05   I've left the tab open in Safari for that because I'm checking it out to the show today.

01:06:09   So that concludes the app portion of the show. I think probably the highest contested set of

01:06:18   categories, but we still have many more to come. So who knows? This episode is also brought to you

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01:06:49   is spending time in email. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing, except for the fact

01:06:53   that we all know that we get so much more email than we need. We get emails that don't need

01:06:58   answers. We get emails that really should never have come to us in the first place.

01:07:01   You know, you can kind of get that like gray area between like what is spam and what is meant for

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01:08:32   Game of the year time!

01:08:40   From the Upgradients, 7% of the vote goes to Among Us from InnerSloth,

01:08:47   which is probably one of, if not the most popular games in the world this year.

01:08:54   7.1% goes to The Last of Us Part 2 from Naughty Dog, which is a PlayStation 5 game.

01:09:01   And 18.3% is Animal Crossing New Horizons from Nintendo.

01:09:06   I usually let you get what you want in this category. And so it will be this time. I will

01:09:13   mention three games that I really enjoyed this year, two of which are iOS games. So I'll mention

01:09:19   them again. Yeah, I mean, there is we do have an entire category for iOS game of the year.

01:09:23   You are performing the sin that many of our Upgradients performed this year. I don't know why

01:09:29   we need to put iOS games in the game of the year category when we have an iOS game of the year

01:09:33   category. But nevertheless, let me not let me not speak of them then I will not speak of them now.

01:09:37   I will speak of them in like two minutes. But exactly. I will say the game that I played all

01:09:41   the way through and dearly love this year. And it's not a new game. But it was the game of the

01:09:46   year for me, not on an iOS device. And that was something called Astro Bot Rescue Mission

01:09:53   recommended to me by James Thompson. I played it on the PSVR. And it was delightful. It was so good

01:10:01   as a virtual reality platformer where you you control a little robot and you stand there and

01:10:08   watch the robot and a platformer controlling a remote character in a platformer is what

01:10:15   all platformers are doing it in a 3D world where you're standing inside of it and having to look

01:10:21   and be like, can I jump from there to there? How far away is that? It was great. It's such a great

01:10:28   game. And now anybody who bought a PS5, I think it comes with this Astro Bot game. No, it's a

01:10:35   different one. It's called Astro's Playroom. No, no. That's what I that's what I meant. This

01:10:41   Astro Bot. Not this game. This Astro Bot has a game. Oh, yes. This is this is Sony's new like

01:10:49   character. Yeah. So there's a there's a new Astro Bot adventure. If you get a PlayStation 5, it's

01:10:55   this guy. It's adorable. This little robot. So cute. And the VR experience for a for a first VR

01:11:02   game that I'd ever played. Just breathtaking. So funny to see how you translate a traditional

01:11:11   originally 2D platformer into a virtual world. Oh, so good. Play the whole thing all the way

01:11:18   through. And you know me, Myke, I don't do that with games. Don't play them all the way. I don't

01:11:23   invest hours and hours in console video games. It doesn't happen. I played Astro Bot all the way

01:11:27   through. Love it. It's a super great game. It's a 2018 release, but that doesn't matter. But it

01:11:32   doesn't matter for me. It's my game of the year. Exactly. And that's perfectly fine because it is

01:11:36   fantastic. And the reason that Astro's Playroom exists is because Astro Bot Rescue Missions is

01:11:42   so good and people loved it so much. Like Sony understand that they have fun little character

01:11:46   here and they keep doing really fun things with that. I think this is the third game they've had

01:11:49   Astro in. And Astro's Playroom, if you get a PlayStation 5 at any point in the future,

01:11:55   Jason, I don't know if that's the thing that's entered the Snell household yet or is planning to,

01:12:00   you're going to love Astro's Playroom, my friend. Like if you liked Astro Bot Rescue Missions.

01:12:06   Just got to find a PS5. That's the problem. My son for Christmas got a, opened up one of his

01:12:13   presents. It's a piece of paper with a picture of a PS5 on it saying, you will get a PS5.

01:12:18   Oh, so sad. I feel for him. I really do. I really feel for him. I know how hard that's been for a

01:12:23   lot of people. Again, I think we're going to talk about that later on in the episode too.

01:12:27   My game of the year is Animal Crossing New Horizons. It's, you know, it's not.

01:12:34   It's the game of the year in many ways, isn't it? It's difficult in the sense like,

01:12:38   it's actually the way that I try and describe Animal Crossing as the game of the year.

01:12:42   It's the emphasis is different. It's like the game of the year in a way that games

01:12:50   aren't typically game of a time. Yep, exactly right. No, it's emblematic of this year. It came

01:12:58   out just as lockdowns were happening around the world. So people stayed back and played

01:13:02   cooperatively. It is a game that is continuing to be played in my household. It came out in March.

01:13:10   We play it every day. It's beautiful. It's fantastic. Animal Crossing New Horizons would

01:13:17   have been one of my picks a game of the year, regardless of the pandemic, because I love the

01:13:21   series and have done for years. And it is a vastly improved version of Animal Crossing to the games

01:13:30   that it has preceded. It is not without fault, but that's Nintendo always. Nintendo always have

01:13:35   faults. And honestly, it's part of their weird charm that their games are never really perfect.

01:13:40   Because even like the best Nintendo game, in my opinion, ever made, Legends is out of Breath of

01:13:45   the Wild is also not a perfect game, because it has basically no story, which is really weird.

01:13:51   But Animal Crossing New Horizons is a phenomenon. It's been a phenomenon. It's one of those rare

01:13:58   games that has broken out into popular culture and people are buying switches to play it.

01:14:03   Nintendo has done a very, very good job over the year of adding in new stuff to keep you

01:14:10   coming back to it. So I would desperately love to give Animal Crossing the upgrade.

01:14:15   So it shall be. Thank you very much. What are we going to go with Runner-Ups?

01:14:24   Um, I don't know. I think we should give one to Among Us because it is so prevalent.

01:14:32   Sure, it's also an iOS game, but you know, it is on other platforms. I get it. But it's also

01:14:36   an iOS game. It is primarily not an iOS game. It has an iOS version. But like the game in the way

01:14:43   it's popular is like played on PC, but lots of people play on iOS too. It being cross-platform,

01:14:49   I don't think means that it should not be in this category, in my opinion.

01:14:53   Okay, then fine. It's your category. Let's put Astro Bot into Jason.

01:14:58   Sure, why not? You make me feel good. Great. Look, it's a great game. I'm not

01:15:02   going to lie. It's a fantastic VR experience and I love VR experiences.

01:15:06   iOS game of the year time. The Upgradians voted thusly. At 3.3%, The Last Campfire by Hello Games.

01:15:16   At 19.6%, Among Us from InnerSloth. And at 22.1%, Good Sudoku by Zach Gage and Jack Slashinger.

01:15:25   You had a bunch of games that got brought from your game of the year category into your iOS game

01:15:32   of the year category. So what are they? Yeah, so here are my three nominees for iOS

01:15:36   game of the year. Good Sudoku. I didn't play Sudoku before this game. This game professes

01:15:41   to teach you how to play it. I know how to play Sudoku now. How about that? It did it.

01:15:48   I'm pretty good. I'm pretty good. I'm not great. The puzzles, the hard puzzles are really hard,

01:15:53   the highest level puzzles I knew hints for. But it taught me this game and it's a lot of fun and,

01:15:59   of course, beautifully designed. I like that game a lot. I want to nominate Roundguard,

01:16:04   which is an Apple Arcade game. We talked about it here. It's a roguelike where you're like a

01:16:09   pinball, but it's a person and you've got different things you equip because it's a

01:16:13   roguelike every time. Roguelike Pagle. Roguelike Pagle, exactly. It's really good. My only

01:16:19   hesitation here is that I played it a lot and then they did an update where they added all of

01:16:24   these other gameplay elements and I just stopped playing it because I was getting close to doing

01:16:32   everything I needed to do using the gameplay elements that I knew and I felt like they swept

01:16:39   the rug out from under me. And rather than having it be like, "Once you're done with this, you can

01:16:44   turn on this feature or add this new thing in," they just changed the game and I literally have

01:16:49   not played it since then. So I don't know what that says about how game updates should work,

01:16:56   but it really turned me off. But I had enjoyed it up to then. It was a lot of fun. And a fit,

01:17:01   as I said in the episode when we talked about it, it fit with the way that I want to play

01:17:05   a lot of games, which is I want to be able to sit down and feel like I played a complete sort

01:17:09   of session and have it be relatively short. And if I have a little more time, I can play another

01:17:13   session of it right then. But what I don't want to do is feel like I'm making an enormous commitment

01:17:18   and Roundguard was good for that. And then speaking of that, a similar thing, two spies.

01:17:26   Two spies is... That is my favorite iOS game of the year. It is a turn-based spy versus spy program.

01:17:38   They just got an update to do season one. It's almost like a board game. It's a strategy game,

01:17:45   but if you've got iOS devices in your house, you play against someone else. They're on their

01:17:49   device. You're on your device. You're kind of sneaking around Europe trying to find the location

01:17:54   of the other spy and assassinate them before you are assassinated. It's really good. And you may

01:18:04   know the developer because Alan Pike from Steam Clock Software is... I think it's his baby, or at

01:18:10   least he is one of the parents of two spies. It's really good and a lot of fun. And I had enjoyed

01:18:18   playing that with the computer opponents and in my house against my wife where we try to assassinate

01:18:23   each other on two spies. Oh nice. Okay, so I'm going to bring the mood down a little bit.

01:18:29   I have realized in creating the upgrade, my nominations for the upgradees, that one of the

01:18:36   side effects of 2020 for reasons I have no idea why is I haven't really played any iOS games this

01:18:41   year, Jason. I don't know why. Too much time in Animal Crossing. I don't even think it's that

01:18:48   because, I mean, it would have been that case between March and May, but Animal Crossing now,

01:18:53   for me, is at most 10 minutes a day. And Two Spies is a game that I've had installed on my devices

01:19:01   forever and if needed to play. I've dabbled of a few, right? Like I played Round God, I played a

01:19:07   bunch of the Apple Arcade games, but no game this year has really stuck with me that I feel like I

01:19:15   have an iOS game of the year. Like, good Sudoku is great, but I don't like Sudoku, right? Yeah.

01:19:22   You know, it's just a shame for me because Zach Gage, who I think is the best iOS game developer

01:19:27   of all time, in my opinion. I agree.

01:19:30   I can appreciate that Zach Gage is good Sudoku, who worked with Jack Sheslinger on this.

01:19:39   Nope. I know it's fantastic. I've tried it, it's fantastic, but it's not for me. So I don't have

01:19:45   one. I don't have a pick. Well, I am going to declare Two Spies the winner.

01:19:53   Great. It's great. It's an iOS only game by indie iOS developers. It's really fun. They just did a

01:20:03   big upgrade with better AIs and stuff. We should definitely put a good Sudoku as a runner up.

01:20:13   And I'd actually like to put Roundguard as a runner up too, because I like that. But we could

01:20:16   put Among Us in here. We already gave Among Us one.

01:20:20   I just put Roundguard in as the runner up. So Two Spies is the winner with good Sudoku and Roundguard

01:20:24   as the runners up. Because Roundguard is a game that I liked, but I think the difference is that

01:20:30   every iOS game that I've played this year, I've bounced off of very quickly. I don't know why,

01:20:35   but that's just the way it's been for me. Favorite movie of the year, the weirdest category.

01:20:40   Oh boy. The weirdest category. It's worth noting,

01:20:44   we cut off the awards a week ago. A couple of movies have come out since then. Soul and

01:20:52   Wonder Woman, which people may have wanted to vote for, but they couldn't. So in the

01:20:57   upgrade, Ian's voting at 10.1% is Palm Springs. So good.

01:21:02   I've yet to see that, but it's on our list to watch soon.

01:21:05   It's so good. It is seriously, if you haven't seen it, it's on Hulu in the US.

01:21:11   Don't be turned off by the fact that it's Andy Samberg. Some people don't like Andy Samberg.

01:21:15   I love Andy Samberg though.

01:21:16   So here's my pitch just really quickly for Palm Springs, which is, you know, Groundhog Day?

01:21:24   This movie isn't Groundhog Day, but it's the closest thing you're ever going to find.

01:21:33   Okay.

01:21:34   How about that?

01:21:35   I like it. I'm up for it. I want to watch it. We're going to get it. So I think it's

01:21:38   an Amazon here now on Prime Video.

01:21:40   Yeah, it got bought. It was bought at a film festival. So Hulu took it in the US and it's

01:21:45   elsewhere in other markets.

01:21:46   13.6% for Tenet.

01:21:51   Christopher Nolan.

01:21:54   I'm not sure about this one. I wonder what our upgrade Ian's are doing at movie theaters, but

01:21:59   you know, you do you, I suppose. And 15.9% is Hamilton on Disney Plus.

01:22:05   Ah, yes. I'm not surprised by that.

01:22:08   I'll just say it like now, Hamilton is one of the only movies I've seen that came out in 2020,

01:22:14   and I loved it. I think Hamilton, Kate has pointed out to me that Tenet is out on DVD now.

01:22:22   So maybe, I'm hoping people watched it afterwards.

01:22:24   Not when this was voted on.

01:22:27   Oh, really?

01:22:28   I don't think so.

01:22:29   Oh, okay. Well, there you go. That's a shame. Hamilton was fantastic. I love Hamilton.

01:22:34   And I love the movie version. I think they did a fantastic job with it.

01:22:37   I've watched it a couple of times since it came out. I'm super into it. So it is my pick and

01:22:45   very likely would have been one of my picks no matter what 2020 looked like.

01:22:49   Well, I also didn't see very many movies this year. Watched a lot of TV,

01:22:56   didn't see a lot of movies this year. So this was a tough one. I wrote down three.

01:23:00   I wrote down Hamilton.

01:23:02   Okay.

01:23:03   I wrote down Palm Springs.

01:23:05   And I wrote down Soul.

01:23:07   Ah, okay. I haven't seen Soul yet.

01:23:09   It's really good. It's really good. Available on Disney Plus worldwide,

01:23:13   where Disney Plus is available.

01:23:15   Disney Plus is the winner of the favorite movie category this year, clearly.

01:23:18   I, well, I mean, or there's Hulu with Palm Springs.

01:23:21   Palm Springs is really great.

01:23:21   Well, but they got two though is what I mean from...

01:23:24   Yeah. Well, that's, that's for sure. That's for sure. But I'm going to go with you. I think,

01:23:28   I think my most delightful film experience of the year was watching Hamilton on release day.

01:23:36   Cause they did a really good job as somebody who loves that show and has seen it in person

01:23:40   three times, they did a really great job with that production.

01:23:44   All right. So let's do that and let's declare Hamilton as the winner. And I would say Soul

01:23:50   and Palm Springs as our runners up in this category.

01:23:52   Sounds good. Hamilton, a movie due to be released in theaters in 2021, pulled forward and wins.

01:24:01   Yeah. It's an interesting story.

01:24:03   Funny year.

01:24:04   Funny year.

01:24:04   Favorite TV show and then there's been a lot more action in this category than the movie category.

01:24:09   For sure.

01:24:10   8.1% is the Queen's Gambit from Netflix.

01:24:14   Great.

01:24:14   I was surprised to see how to get up there. Honestly. I haven't seen it yet.

01:24:17   Good on you. Upgrading.

01:24:19   It's a good, good, very good show. Liked it a lot.

01:24:22   14.3% the Mandalorian from Disney Plus.

01:24:27   This is the way. Great show.

01:24:29   This is the way. If you would like to hear what we had to say, both me and Jason,

01:24:33   about the Mandalorian, if you subscribed to Upgrade Plus, we had a whole big conversation in it.

01:24:38   Yeah.

01:24:39   And then on this week's episode of the incomparable, you spoke about season two of

01:24:42   Five Hello Folks.

01:24:43   Yes. Yes. Including two from the UK, but not you.

01:24:46   Not me.

01:24:46   Other people. Other UKians.

01:24:48   And this one is the highest percentage in the Upgrading's picks of any win in any category

01:24:56   for the whole of 2020 at 46.5%.

01:25:00   Tiger King!

01:25:02   That actually didn't come up very high, which is surprising. I think people forget that

01:25:07   that was this year.

01:25:08   Yeah.

01:25:08   Ted Lasser.

01:25:09   Yes.

01:25:10   Yes.

01:25:13   I mean, it was the obvious winner.

01:25:15   What I will say is I am surprised at the gap between Ted Lasso and the Mandalorian.

01:25:20   I am a little bit too, but, um, and I, so this is funny because I wrote, I just wrote down

01:25:26   Ted Lasso in our document. It was like, clearly it's Ted Lasso. I wasn't really thinking about

01:25:30   it. You wrote down three shows and honestly, Myke, I think those are my three favorite

01:25:35   shows of the year. So I think, I think you got it. I think you nailed it.

01:25:40   Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, and What We Do in the Shadows.

01:25:43   What We Do in the Shadows.

01:25:44   We did a comparable about that too.

01:25:46   Can only assume that the reason that What We Do in the Shadows didn't appear very high

01:25:50   in this list because it didn't just because a lot of people hadn't seen it. Cause if you've

01:25:54   seen that show, it's the best comedy. I think it's the best comedy of the year.

01:25:59   Ted Lasso is a comedy, but I don't think it's as funny as What We Do in the Shadows.

01:26:05   Right. No, what makes Ted Lasso great is, is, is not only is it funny, it is, uh,

01:26:10   It's got heart.

01:26:11   heartfelt. Yeah, exactly right.

01:26:12   But What We Do in the Shadows is hilarious. And one of the most clever interpretations

01:26:18   of a premise that I've seen, um, there, there are things in that show, one, the movie is

01:26:23   fantastic. You don't need to see the movie to watch the show cause it's different, but

01:26:26   they live in the same kind of universe, but the, the, there are things about vampires

01:26:31   in that show, just so cleverly made.

01:26:33   It's, it's brilliant. Um, it is, I think we've talked about it briefly on this podcast

01:26:38   and I said, it's the closest to This Is Spinal Tap that I've ever found in terms of tone.

01:26:43   And for somebody who owns This Is Spinal Tap in like eight different forms of media and

01:26:49   considers it, you know, one, it's one of my favorites to say that this is the closest

01:26:55   I've ever seen to getting the vibe of This Is Spinal Tap, uh, except it's about vampires

01:26:59   instead of rock stars who aren't as different as you might think. Um, it's, it's great.

01:27:05   It's legitimately a great show. It's, and it's hilarious. It's just hilarious. It's

01:27:09   hilarious. I love it. So Ted Lasso clearly is our winner.

01:27:15   - Let me just say, I want to just say something about Mandalorian.

01:27:19   - Sure.

01:27:19   - Mandalorian is about a TV show than Ted Lasso. Now, I understand what I'm saying here.

01:27:25   You can have favorites and bests, right? Ted Lasso is my favorite show of the year.

01:27:30   I think the Mandalorian is the best TV show that I've seen this year.

01:27:33   - Well, that's a, that's a weird dichotomy and I don't, I don't actually agree.

01:27:36   - I, that's how I feel, right?

01:27:38   - You can listen to that Mandalorian episode of the Incomparable and there, there's,

01:27:41   I love the Mandalorian.

01:27:43   - I understand. I've seen all of it this year, right? So, you know.

01:27:47   - Yeah, right. That's true. You did it really fast. So what I'll say is, I think season one

01:27:53   has a, I liked season one, but it reached a crescendo where I sort of the last couple

01:27:58   of episodes where I realized I really loved it. Season two, I liked all the way through.

01:28:02   And yet at the same time, I don't know, I think it suffers, every individual episode of the

01:28:07   Mandalorian season two is great. I think it suffers a little bit from, in hindsight, being,

01:28:14   being plotted to create spin-offs. - Sure, sure, sure.

01:28:19   - And I didn't, I think that it actually is weakened a little bit by the fact that it's

01:28:24   trying very hard to sort of merchandise itself and its characters.

01:28:27   - It's selling the other people more than Mando in this season.

01:28:32   - In hindsight, you're like, why are there those guys in X-Wings that are kind of like

01:28:36   the Highway Patrol and why does Cara Dune get a badge? Sorry, spoilers for, these are,

01:28:41   it doesn't matter. Why does Cara Dune get a badge at one point and, you know, is Boba Fett around?

01:28:46   Like, you start to think, wait a second, are these all spin-off TV shows of the Mandalorian?

01:28:51   And the answer, Francis, yes, they are. So I don't know, but it was great. It was great.

01:28:59   I think Ted Lasso is fundamentally the best show of the year, but The Mandalorian is legitimately

01:29:06   a great show. I enjoyed it a lot. - Ted Lasso is the easy winner of this.

01:29:11   And I think that the, as you say, right, we agree, The Mandalorian and then what we do in the shadows

01:29:19   are our runners up. - Yes, but shout out to the Queen's Gambit and that 8% vote. That was,

01:29:24   I enjoyed that a lot. That was a show that I really enjoyed this year. It was very well done

01:29:28   on Netflix. - Been a good year for TV,

01:29:30   and 2021 is going to be an even better one, I think. - Yeah, I got a long, long, long list.

01:29:36   I discovered Taskmaster this year and I love Taskmaster too. That's such a great show. So

01:29:42   a lot of good TV. That's why I haven't seen so many movies is that there was a lot of good TV

01:29:46   this year. - I think that's going to be a trend going into the future, right? Like TV. - If they

01:29:50   can make more episodes of TV, I think we're about to enter a soft spot where the pandemic is going to

01:29:55   make it hard for there to be as much new TV, but we'll see. There's still a lot.

01:30:01   - Your favorite category. - This is like game of the year. This is the flip side. This is where

01:30:06   I pick the winner. - Favorite book. - Yeah, that's right. - This, I mean, okay, so in Upgrade Plus

01:30:12   today, which you can subscribe to at getupgradeplus.com, you get ad-free versions of

01:30:16   upgrade and additional content. In Upgrade Plus today, we're going to talk about how I compile the

01:30:22   lists for the upgrade insults. The book category is the hardest one to put together because

01:30:31   the variance in the way that people answer this question, whether it's like the title and the

01:30:38   author or the title and no author or the way that they write title and author, this is very hard to

01:30:44   put together. Nevertheless, 4 point, and plus, this is the one that typically has the lowest votes

01:30:50   for the winners because there's so many answers put in. So 4.2% is Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson.

01:30:58   9% is A Promised Land by Barack Obama. And 9.5% is The Aleph Extraction by Dan Morin.

01:31:07   I love that Dan wins this category from the Upgradients. The Upgradients love Dan Morin.

01:31:12   - They do, they do, and they should. - More than Barack Obama is what we've learned.

01:31:16   - Well, it's a 1-2. It's a tight 1A, 1B. Yeah, and Obama. 1A and 1B. I have two

01:31:29   that I'm going to mention, and then I will declare a winner, and books by two of my friends will be

01:31:36   the runners-up. Are you ready? - Okay.

01:31:41   - My favorite book of the year is a book by Argeny Martine called A Memory Called Empire.

01:31:48   It's a science fiction novel. It won the Hugo Award this year. I read it in January.

01:31:51   It, I was just looking through my Goodreads. It's one of two books that I marked this year as a five

01:31:58   star. It's great. I mean, it's great. It's weird. I'm sure it's not for everybody. You don't have to

01:32:09   have read anything else to read it. It's a science fiction novel about somebody from kind of the

01:32:14   outskirts of a giant galactic empire going to the capital, and there's a lot of weird things that

01:32:21   happen, and the capital, the culture of this empire is very strange. But the book is, it's a

01:32:26   fun ride, but it's also a, got a lot to say about culture, and I mean, it's in the title, about

01:32:35   imperialism, and it was great. It was legitimately great. It's a first novel too. Blows me away. This

01:32:41   is her first novel. Loved it. So that's the, that's going to be the winner because it's the

01:32:47   best book I read this year. - Okay.

01:32:48   - Period. I want to plug the Aleph Extraction, of course. Olive, the olive extraction. It makes

01:32:54   olive oil. It's an olive extractor. - Oh, did I say it wrong?

01:32:57   - No, it's all, Aleph, I'm told it's Aleph, Aleph Extraction. I don't know. Aleph Extraction.

01:33:04   Sorry, Dan. - That's my fault.

01:33:06   - Dan, buy Dan's books. Buy Dan's books. - Yep.

01:33:08   - So let's make that an honorable mention because the Upgradients wanted it. And I'm going to throw

01:33:13   in a nonfiction pick that I think people like if they haven't read it. It's called The End

01:33:20   of Everything, Astrophysically Speaking by Katie Mack. A book about all the different ways that

01:33:27   the universe can end. One of which is probably how it will end, but we will all be gone by the

01:33:32   time it happens, probably. Don't worry too much about all of it, but it's a very entertaining

01:33:38   book that tries to deal with some big issues in science in a way that regular people can

01:33:43   understand. And it's funny because Katie is funny. And yeah, it's really good. So I'll

01:33:50   throw that on the runner's up lists, but Memory Called Empire is the winner.

01:33:56   (upbeat music)

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01:36:06   So let's so we've we've okay so we have finished our app category we have finished our media

01:36:12   categories now we are moving into kind of what I think of as the technology hardware categories and

01:36:19   we will talk now about our favorite Apple product of the year. Upgradients voted thusly 12.3% is the

01:36:27   Magic Keyboard for iPad 13.1% for the iPhone 12 mini. This was a surprise to me Jason. I didn't

01:36:37   expect the mini to not only get this high but it beat all of the other iPhones by quite a margin

01:36:45   and 30.8% of the vote is the M1 MacBook Air.

01:36:56   This is a really tough category. It's been a great year for Apple Hardware. It has.

01:37:02   It has. My list is the Upgradients list. Okay. All three of those are the three that I wanted

01:37:15   to nominate. Okay. Do you have a different order? Well I haven't ordered them yet but I do. I do

01:37:24   have a different order. All right. And this is gonna this is gonna be I'm not I'm not sure what

01:37:30   we're gonna do because I think my favorite oh oh I don't I can't even decide I think we have we have

01:37:39   the life-changing hardware coming up. I could make a very strong argument that the Magic Keyboard for

01:37:44   iPad Pro is life-changing hardware. Okay. It has it has improved the way that I use my iPad Pro a lot.

01:37:51   It might be my favorite Apple product of the year but I'm very torn because that M1 MacBook Air is

01:38:00   amazing for what it does and what it costs. It's amazing. I love it. But the Magic Keyboard

01:38:10   I just I just because the MacBook Air came out recently and I love the iPhone 12 mini too. Don't

01:38:15   get me wrong I love it too. But the Magic Keyboard came out a long time ago but it's just so good.

01:38:24   I think it might be my favorite but it's close. What about you? Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

01:38:31   M1 MacBook Pro. I don't have an Air. iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of course. That's my three. Now

01:38:43   this is difficult. Like this is genuinely very difficult because

01:38:47   the Magic Keyboard feels like it wasn't this year for a couple of reasons.

01:38:54   One of them is that you know we've so much has happened like the Magic Keyboard came out at the

01:39:01   very beginning of lockdowns. It was March that it was announced. I think it shipped in April.

01:39:08   But also I have products that were kind of like this one for a while. You know like what it

01:39:14   allowed me to do. Magic Keyboard is obviously so much better at it by integrating the trackpad

01:39:18   and it really did change how I use my iPad. The big way.

01:39:24   But quarantines have actually moved my computer usage back to the Mac.

01:39:35   So I'll tell you right now Jason I have not used my 12.9 inch iPad Pro in about two months.

01:39:41   Scream emoji. I use my 11 inch iPad Pro.

01:39:47   Sure. Nearly every day for stuff but it's not work really anymore. If I'm working I'm using a Mac.

01:39:54   And these days the Mac that I choose to work on is an M1 MacBook Pro and I adore it.

01:40:05   I adore it. Touch ID is amazing. Yep. Right. The screen is fantastic. It's incredibly fast.

01:40:15   I plug it into monitors frequently. Perfect. What's great. There's a little bug but it works

01:40:22   super great. Sometimes I have to just like turn the monitor on and off again. I don't know why

01:40:26   it happens but sometimes I end up with like half of the laptop screen on the monitor screen.

01:40:32   Whatever. It's not a problem. I don't care. The ways in which I work have been forced to change

01:40:42   because of the environments that I'm finding myself in more and more.

01:40:46   And it just happens to have happened at a time where I am more interested in the Mac than I have

01:40:53   been in years because the Mac is more interesting than it has been in years. So I expect that over

01:41:01   the next year things are going to rebalance a little bit. But I do expect that from now

01:41:07   for the long term future I will be using the Mac more than I have done. It's a platform that I'm

01:41:15   using to do my work rather than it just being the platform that I use to do my recording. Right.

01:41:21   Like I'm talking about everything else I used to do on an iPad or Mac.

01:41:24   So I'm very torn. It is for me between those two things because the magic keyboard for iPad Pro

01:41:31   is really brilliant. It's an absolutely brilliant product that totally changes how you use the iPad.

01:41:37   But the M1 MacBook Pro is so much better than my other MacBook Pros that I've had in the past.

01:41:46   Like by a country mile that computer is better. And so I am really genuinely struggling with what

01:41:57   I would pick here. But then I have the problem of the M1 MacBook Pro isn't the product that's

01:42:01   going to win it anyway. Like if it's going to go to one of them it should go to the MacBook Air.

01:42:05   Well. But I don't want to discount the fact that the magic keyboard for iPad Pro turns the iPad

01:42:10   into a different thing. My iPad usage doesn't work anymore without the magic keyboard. Here's

01:42:17   the funny thing just behind the scenes. I think both of these products are going to get some level

01:42:24   of acclaim in the upgrade ease because there are two categories coming up. As they should.

01:42:29   Yeah. So we this is the again we're back in the in the in the room where it happens.

01:42:34   Yeah. Trying to figure out how to do this. Personally I think that that Apple's best

01:42:42   achievement this year is the M1. Yeah. I am going to endorse that and say let's choose the M1 MacBook

01:42:47   Air. Yeah. The favorite Apple product of the year. It's so exciting. It's so incredible.

01:42:53   You know they this product potentially changes all of computing now. You know it's funny we'll

01:43:00   talk about 20 max or 2020 later on but you know one of the episodes is the MacBook Air.

01:43:06   And what the MacBook Air did is change the category of laptops change laptops right.

01:43:11   They became thin and light steps. That was the thing. The M1 is is probably going to be a similar

01:43:17   point where like no no computers should be on power like it's time to move away from x86 because

01:43:24   look at what this can do and we could be in a I think I think personally we could be in that kind

01:43:29   of area. Let's go with magic keyboard for iPad Pro as a runner up and I'm happy to put the iPhone

01:43:35   12 mini in there as well as a get me in the upgrade is what we want. Yeah. Look look it's it's kind of

01:43:42   like for every reason that you would give the mini except for one is the same reason that I go for

01:43:50   the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You know the one reason that's different is there hasn't been something

01:43:55   like this but it's the point of like people that love that phone really love that phone. You know

01:43:59   what that's the same for me right because the iPhone 12 Pro Max is everything I want out of an

01:44:04   iPhone. So it's a similar reason so I'm happy to grow on that. There is a whole world of technology

01:44:10   though Jason that is not made by Apple so we have our favorite non-Apple product of the year.

01:44:16   At 4.2% the Peloton Faith will come out for the Peloton Bike Plus. At 6.2% is the Xbox Series X.

01:44:25   Microsoft I think will hurt a little bit here by having two consoles

01:44:30   and if there was only one console I think they may have been bumped up a little higher but they

01:44:37   would not have toppled Sony. I did actually do the math on this. They would not have toppled Sony at

01:44:41   17.8% with the Sony PlayStation 5 as the upgradience pick for favorite non-Apple product of the year.

01:44:48   What have you got Jason Snell? I have two things that I got basically for Christmas. Okay. Although

01:44:57   one of them was a little bit earlier. I'll just mention them because these are the the non-Apple

01:45:02   products that I've enjoyed this year so far. One is I got a new Roomba. Okay. Listeners to upgrade

01:45:11   will know that a couple years ago I got a Roomba just you know to try it out a low-end Roomba. I

01:45:14   got the i7 this time. I got the one that knows where it's going. Do you have the thing where

01:45:19   empties itself? Yes I do. Oh all right we need to talk about this. Not now. Yeah it sounds like

01:45:26   a jet engine taking a jet plane taking off it's ridiculous but it's the best and having the ability

01:45:31   to say hey little robot go clean the back of the house go clean the bedroom. Okay all right we'll

01:45:38   talk about this later on. People are working in the front of the house it's fun. And I got

01:45:42   an Oculus Quest too. Okay. Yeah see the PSVR convinced me that VR games are fun. And the Quest

01:45:51   is the best. And the Quest is the best and it doesn't have cabling like the PSVR it's such a

01:45:57   hassle to make sure the cables are all set up right. And it doesn't have that stupid camera.

01:46:01   And I yeah you have to set up the camera and I didn't want to pay even more to get the PlayStation

01:46:07   move controllers so I was just using a standard PlayStation controller whereas the Quest comes with

01:46:12   two hand controllers that are essentially like the move controllers. Yeah they're really good. So

01:46:17   it's it's really good I've only had it for a week but I'm very impressed with it it's a lot of fun.

01:46:24   VR games are fun. I played Vader Immortal over the weekend. Did a little Beat Saber which is

01:46:32   hilarious. It's very fun. And yeah I'm very impressed that it is just being able to map out

01:46:42   the fact that it's got I mean we should talk about it later. The fact that it's got a basically an

01:46:46   AR mode where you can see what's around you so you don't step on things and then paint on the floor

01:46:51   where you want your current play area to be. It's so smart it's so good and and having had the PSVR

01:46:56   experience I have appreciation for all the things that it does well because the PSVR as much fun as

01:47:04   it was to use that for the games that I played on it was you know janky. The PSVR is super janky.

01:47:13   You know it's janky in so many ways like half of the hardware is old hardware that they repurposed

01:47:20   you know like the move controller and the camera they had those for different things like oh this

01:47:24   could kind of work. Except for the headset all of the other components were not built with VR as the

01:47:31   focus and it suffers from that where the Oculus products are built that way. I have the original

01:47:39   Oculus Quest and it is the best VR experience that I've ever had because it's freeing because

01:47:45   you're not tethered you know it's very and you can do whatever you want which is great. Like my you

01:47:51   know I have a PC in my office at home and I have an Oculus Rift but I didn't have a lot of space

01:47:57   there's nothing I can do about it and the Quest we can play in the living room where we have the space

01:48:01   and it's fantastic so I endorse the Quest as a product. Yes I know that Facebook own Oculus.

01:48:08   Yeah I don't want to hear it I don't love it but I also as Marco got one too and he was saying he

01:48:13   said yeah I know Facebook sucks also I'm on Instagram and I'm not leaving there and that's

01:48:16   owned by Facebook so you pick and choose what you want to do with with Facebook and I basically

01:48:21   don't use Facebook but I do use Instagram and I use WhatsApp. Oculus is good. Yeah I don't use

01:48:27   Facebook and if people want to be like no Facebook in my life that's fine. It's you man. I have

01:48:32   decided I've decided that I'm not going to draw the line at this product or at Instagram for that

01:48:39   matter that's fine. For me PlayStation 5. Yeah it's very very good. You can find one sure.

01:48:46   If you yeah if you can get one good for you I do have one and I love it and I got the 48 inch LG

01:48:55   OLED TV from their C series. So happy because you know OLEDs tend to be over 50 inches

01:49:04   too big for my space from where we watch TV we'll be too close. We tried it we got like a 50

01:49:10   something inch LG TV but too close. The 48 inch LG OLED perfect for our space. I absolutely love

01:49:19   this TV and it's the perfect pairing for my PlayStation 5. Super good. Like even like even

01:49:27   the speakers of the television are really good like in a way that I've not seen from a TV before.

01:49:32   I know it's never as good as having a sound system but it really does have great sound coming from

01:49:39   the TV which is great because that's how I play my games right. Like I use the HomePod for when

01:49:43   watching stuff on Apple TV but I can't play my Switch or PlayStation with that. Sounds great.

01:49:49   I really love it. I like the LG TV UI. I don't use it very much but it's great. I love that I have

01:49:54   it's in HomeKit so I can turn my TV on and off and change my inputs on my iPhone. Love it. Fantastic.

01:50:02   Really great. All right so picking the winner for this I think PlayStation 5 has got to be in the

01:50:09   mix. Yeah. I mean you love it and the upgradians love it and I have no opinion and I don't need to

01:50:17   pick a VR headset or a Roomba so I'm okay with just giving it to the PlayStation 5. Let's go.

01:50:23   PlayStation 5 is the winner with Oculus Quest 2 and Myke's TV and the 48-inch LG OLED TV.

01:50:34   I think my TV from two years ago was the runner-up in this category so like our TVs

01:50:38   always get to be runners-up in the upgradies. It's the law now. 2018 Jason's 4k HDR TV. That was

01:50:45   the winner in my document. Right. It's a great TV. Like the LG OLED TVs are great and I'm so pleased

01:50:53   that they created something for people that don't have big rooms. It's a great product. Now we move

01:50:59   into worst gadget or most disappointing technology of 2020. The mean awards. The mean awards. This is

01:51:06   an interesting one Jason. So we have a 4.7% 5G. I get it. Yep. 5.6%. The MagSafe Duo charger.

01:51:15   I have a problem with this pick which I'll come back to in a minute. 5.8% MagSafe.

01:51:22   Now I was not expecting MagSafe to be here. Now I can imagine it's maybe people carrying over

01:51:34   the frustration of the removal of chargers which is part of what's going on here. I don't think

01:51:41   that like MagSafe is disappointing as a technology. The MagSafe Duo which is the little case thing.

01:51:52   My problem with it being here is I struggle with products in this category if people have never

01:52:02   used them. Right. I mean the reputation for that product is not great but very few people have

01:52:07   actually used it. And that's the thing like our friend Federico loves it but Federico's situation

01:52:14   means it works great for him. So he has a metal nightstand so it magnetically attaches. So like

01:52:18   Federico's in best case scenario for that. But I struggle with that to say like oh that is the

01:52:26   worst gadget of the year because it's not a gadget that people I think have used in the numbers that

01:52:33   voted for it. Genuinely I'm very surprised that MagSafe was at the top of the upgradience list.

01:52:40   Do you share my surprise? Yes I don't understand why. I have the MagSafe charging puck. I like it.

01:52:49   It's the better if you're Qi charging it's better than any other Qi charging solution.

01:52:54   But so there are parts that are bad right. The cable is too short. That's annoying right.

01:53:01   But I don't think that that would then say that all of MagSafe is a disappointment.

01:53:06   But the upgradience are going to do what they're going to do Jason.

01:53:10   That's right. That's why we love them. But they voted high on it. But what are your disappointments?

01:53:16   Well I think there are a few that haven't been mentioned yet that I want to mention.

01:53:19   AirPods Max case. Which again I haven't used but people seem to hate it. You know I don't hate it.

01:53:30   I know why people don't like it. It's not great but you can just not use it.

01:53:36   I use it. It's where I put my AirPods Pro and I'm done with them.

01:53:42   My AirPods Max and I'm done with them. It's fine. But there you go.

01:53:45   I haven't used it so I have no opinion. Here are the two that I'm more seriously

01:53:53   going to promote. One of them is in the list which is 5G. I think this was the year that iPhone users

01:54:00   got to see what a marketing scam 5G is. And is it disappointing and bad? I don't know. Maybe.

01:54:13   Depends on how you want to argue it. But the fact that 5G is sort of a scheme to get people to pay

01:54:19   more on their phone bills and has been sold by the entire wireless industry is this thing you've got

01:54:24   to have that doesn't actually have benefit to most users because the 5G speeds aren't that great.

01:54:30   And the places where the 5G speeds are great are essentially like Wi-Fi hotspots. They're very small

01:54:34   and 5G will be necessary over time. But at present I would say 5G is disappointing. There might be a

01:54:40   better category for 5G marketing than this but there it is. And then the other one that I came

01:54:45   up with which I know is near and dear to your heart too is the ability to run iOS apps on Apple

01:54:51   Silicon Max which was mentioned in June, briefly mentioned when it rolled out, not really emphasized

01:55:05   by Apple PR and then when we all started using it discovered why which is it's kind of half-baked

01:55:11   and most of the apps you want to use aren't in the store. So it was a super disappointment and

01:55:18   probably my biggest disappointment in tech this year personally because I thought this was going

01:55:24   to be huge and it's a technical failure and also a store supply failure because everybody seems to

01:55:32   have opted out. Yeah it's like I think as we spoke about it at the time there are many applications

01:55:38   that I know would run great but the developers just don't want to put them in the store and I

01:55:42   find that disappointing. And I know that there are some apps that just don't run very well because

01:55:46   Apple support isn't very good but you know I've used enough of these apps to know the ones that

01:55:52   do or don't work and this has been a major disappointment for me this year like you said

01:55:59   on all fronts from the technology that's available to the take-up of it because I really thought that

01:56:04   this was going to be like absolutely transformative for the Mac. One of the apps I really wanted to

01:56:09   have running on my MacBook Air, one of these iOS apps is from my cable company and it's the ability

01:56:15   to watch basically live TV and put it in and they have a website that'll do it but the website is

01:56:20   very bad and I wanted to be able to put it in picture in picture and all that. I was very

01:56:24   excited to discover yesterday that something happened either the 11.1 update or an app update

01:56:29   where all of a sudden it works. It didn't work before it launched but it sort of didn't do

01:56:33   anything and then it started to work and I was very excited and I sent a note in Slack to you

01:56:38   and Steve and I was like "hey finally some good news about the iOS apps on Mac front" and then I

01:56:44   looked in the app store and guess what since I downloaded it it has been removed from the app

01:56:50   store so no one else will be able to take advantage of this app that I can use because they've removed

01:56:55   it because of course they have. I think iOS apps on M1 Macs is going to be the winner of this.

01:57:01   I think it does. I think it does. I want to put 5G in for sure as a runner-up. I don't want to put

01:57:09   MagSafe in personally. Don't want to do that. Let's just leave it there. Let's leave it there.

01:57:14   Most life-changing hardware. The Upgradients voted with 8.3% for the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

01:57:22   9.8% was AirPods Pro so a lot of Upgradients got AirPods Pro in 2020 and at 10.9% Apple Watch.

01:57:33   Fascinating. The Apple Watch always scores highly in this category and I understand why. Like if

01:57:40   you've just gotten an Apple Watch and you're new to the Apple Watch and there are a lot of people

01:57:43   new to the Apple Watch it will have a big impact on your life. I just wasn't expecting it again to

01:57:51   be uh to not just be in the running but to win the category. Yeah it's uh it's a perennial right?

01:58:03   If you get an Apple Watch or you're using your Apple Watch. I could argue that it's

01:58:08   my most life-changing hardware this year because it's gotten me to actually start running and stick

01:58:11   with running and run a couple of 5Ks and stuff like that. That's mostly because I can do it

01:58:16   the way I want using the Apple Watch and the fitness app and tracking and having it remind

01:58:21   me and stuff like that. That happened a few years ago for me but I get that for different people you

01:58:27   could you could phrase it different ways. I have a nominee here and it's something that we talked

01:58:31   about earlier which is the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and iPadOS cursor support together.

01:58:36   Really did change my favorite piece of hardware which is my iPad Pro for the better and I um

01:58:44   going into 2020 I would never have believed what happened in the spring. Not talking about

01:58:52   the pandemic talking about cursor support added to iPadOS and this first party keyboard with

01:58:58   trackpad for iPad designed for iPad. That's uh it was amazing and I still use it all the time

01:59:03   and I love it so for me that's the uh I agree with the 8.3% of upgradients of the Magic Keyboard.

01:59:10   Magic Keyboard's gonna win this category but I have a personal pick which is a big thing in my

01:59:17   life this year has been building custom mechanical keyboards. It's become my new hobby it's an

01:59:21   interest that I absolutely love. It's been my COVID hobby right? Lots of people have had one

01:59:27   this has become mine and it was really sparked by my first kind of entry in this world like at the

01:59:36   custom mechanical keyboard like the the luxury keyboard world as it were which is a keyboard

01:59:42   called the U80 by a company called Rama. It is absolutely wonderful uh I use this keyboard nearly

01:59:50   every day um still and I absolutely adore it. I love the design I love how it feels to use um

01:59:58   it's an absolute beast it's so heavy because there's this huge brass weight in the back of it

02:00:03   it really is just a superb product wonderfully made and I adore it so it's just a personal

02:00:10   thing here because it you know this this hobby has changed a part of my life this year it's

02:00:16   given me entertainment and interest and intrigue in a time which has been challenging um and this

02:00:22   one was definitely the one that really kind of set off for me. So we will go with Magic Keyboard

02:00:29   for iPad Pro as the winner in this category very easily um what about the runners-up?

02:00:37   I would say your keyboard and the Apple Watch. I think so yeah see because just with the Magic

02:00:44   Keyboard right like just to double down just to make the point that you made again but

02:00:48   it really changed what it meant to use an iPad and it's gotten even better by the fact that it's not

02:00:57   just for iPad Pro anymore right the iPad Air 4 also can use this product which is fantastic

02:01:04   because it really does fundamentally change how you use the iPad in excellent ways and especially

02:01:13   the the cursor support as well that goes along with it it's really just superb.

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02:03:37   our final set of categories for the evening now we have some some some text stories,

02:03:44   text screw up categories and then the hotly contested podcast awards in the upgradees.

02:03:52   So we go for favourite tech story of the year now there's also a particularly difficult one to

02:03:59   do the grading for because people just write sentences. Ideas, sitting in your ideas. It's

02:04:05   a tricky one however I was able to coalesce the answers together at 3.1 percent of the votes is

02:04:13   the Apple and Google exposure notification system which was a favourite story of people for this

02:04:19   year 11.5 percent is quote "App Store controversy" this includes Hey, Epic, Fortnite and many of the

02:04:30   other App Store related issues that there's been throughout this year and but with 44.3 percent

02:04:37   the transition to Apple Silicon and the M1 Max. Yeah so I put two two stories down and sometimes

02:04:46   I look further afield from Apple but in this case I'm going to stick with Apple for 2020 because

02:04:51   I want to do that and these are I think fun stories. The Apple Silicon transition is absolutely

02:04:57   on my list because this was the year that it happened they announced it and they made it

02:05:01   happen will continue but like this is the year that it happened so that's a great choice good

02:05:05   job many upgradees who chose it. The other one I'll throw in there is iOS customization something

02:05:14   that we've talked about a lot the idea that with iOS 14 you had the ability to build these widgets

02:05:20   and it led to this wild and some changes to shortcuts and we ended up in this wild place where

02:05:25   there was a huge trend this fall toward people customizing their iPhones especially the icons

02:05:33   the widgets the whole thing and that pent up user desire to make their devices their own that is you

02:05:42   know not new people have wanted to personalize their devices for decades now but it finally they

02:05:49   had the tools to do it and they did so I think that's a big story for this year too. Yeah I will

02:05:57   also say Apple Silicon transition has been fascinating and is setting up for what I'm sure

02:06:03   to be is a very interesting 2021. I personally have really enjoyed the comings and goings

02:06:12   of all of the App Store controversies this year. Oh boy enjoy is a strong word for it. What I mean

02:06:17   by enjoy is like I found it fascinating I found the back and forward fascinating all of the stuff

02:06:26   that it dredged up like these emails from Apple executives to each other and there's just I think

02:06:34   there's been a lot of intrigue in it and as a person who finds the comings and goings and machinations

02:06:42   of big companies interesting this has been like catnip for me this year really this story and

02:06:50   again not going away but I think we've seen a lot of the fireworks already and then I have also loved

02:06:58   the iOS customization stuff but also coupling that with Widgetsmith you know seeing the rise of that

02:07:05   application and being able to stand by and watch one of my closest friends go through all of that

02:07:11   was kind of incredible to me so I couldn't not include it here. Yes. I think it's very easy to

02:07:18   to go with Apple Silicon transition as the winner with iOS customization and App Store

02:07:27   controversy as the runner's up I think that seems pretty cut and dry to me and I should disagree in

02:07:32   any way. I agree completely. Cool and look the Apple Silicon transition I think was always going

02:07:40   to be interesting right like however it happened good or bad or even if it was just oh look this

02:07:46   was easy and everything's the same but we all got a lot more I think than we were expecting from this

02:07:52   right like the the products and the way it was all done really just absolutely fascinating and

02:07:59   really fun to talk about. So now we move into our favorite tech screw-up of the year so there's some

02:08:08   interesting ones in here 7.8% is Cyberpunk 2077's terrible launch this one unbelievable uh honestly

02:08:19   too much for me to even try and summarize but this is a video game it's been waiting for a long time

02:08:25   delayed delayed delayed delayed came out was okay but buggy on PC absolutely abysmal on many

02:08:34   consoles then it turned out that there was like the the reviews were much better than the game

02:08:41   would seem to indicate because all of the reviewers only got uh PC review codes nobody got to see it

02:08:48   on consoles and see how bad it was and then the footage and stuff that was being shared seemed to

02:08:53   from the developer seemed to be um not console away from running on the consoles and then the

02:09:02   next-gen console patch and like version got delayed again and there was a lot of crunch at the

02:09:08   development studio and lots of reports of people being working for so much time then the developer

02:09:14   i'm trying to customize i'm trying to summarize it here that then the developer said basically

02:09:19   for playstation uh owners if you want to refund fine ask sony sony seemed to not have agreed to

02:09:26   that and ended up just pulling the app from the store and refunding everyone absolutely bananas

02:09:32   now there's like a class action lawsuit from the investors in the company cd project red huge story

02:09:38   big disappointment for a lot of people including me i was really looking forward to this game

02:09:42   but i've decided to just leave it for now maybe i'll come back to it at some point when it's

02:09:46   maybe running the way i want it to so wild story one of the worst console launches for

02:09:53   controversy that i think i've ever seen 9.9 is the app store controversy so everything surrounding

02:10:00   hay and epic that we were talking about earlier um it's considered by our gradients to be screw-ups

02:10:06   on all sides i think uh probably yeah i interpret this at least personally i interpret this as that

02:10:14   this is um on the all sides is a good way to put it that apple is partly responsible for the screw-up

02:10:19   here because apple um has i would say madly responsible yeah you're no i think you're right

02:10:25   i think this is really an own goal on apple's part that they could have avoided this controversy

02:10:29   if they had wanted to and it feels like they left it for a long time yeah and only now are attempting

02:10:35   to evade and avoid this controversy when they could have done it sooner but they were stubborn

02:10:40   and uh while i had a lot of criticism for hay and epic and other places this bottom line is that

02:10:48   apple is being scrutinized by powerful forces like governments and you know important regulators

02:10:55   and they could have avoided so much of this and instead they just sort of walked right into it and

02:11:05   and that's why that would be how i would classify it in the category of screw-up

02:11:09   yeah yeah because like you know i would say is their job to avoid this as the as the runners of

02:11:16   that is like the owners of that platform um but yeah there we are with that one um

02:11:22   also 22.2 from the upgradients quibi you know it's a great choice yeah that is a spectacular

02:11:35   screw-up quibi the whole yes quibi yep just terrible i mean we saw it coming we knew it

02:11:47   would happen i think we did an episode where maybe it was an ask upgrade question there was

02:11:54   a question about quibi and and it was like does quibi have any chance and it was just launched

02:12:00   and i think the answer we gave was no no no it's a disaster it's it's it's a it's gonna be a disaster

02:12:07   and it was a disaster and don't let uh anybody tell you that it was the pandemic it wasn't the

02:12:14   pandemic it was that it was a bad idea yeah it was always a bad idea it was a bad idea when we

02:12:19   first heard about it like yep i'm sure the pandemic didn't help but you know i i love the thing i've

02:12:25   heard bed thompson say many times and i put it here it's like the pandemic just accelerated

02:12:29   things that were already in motion quibi was not going to work it just wasn't um and maybe it died

02:12:35   faster because of the pandemic like maybe they would have been able to get more investment but

02:12:41   then maybe people called on them because it was maybe a bad time to invest i don't know but

02:12:47   absolute screw-up what are your votes here quibi is a great one um and i'll throw in a couple others

02:12:55   are these screw-ups i don't know um 5g conspiracy theories okay yeah i don't know if that's a tech

02:13:06   screw-up or not i mean 5g i've already expressed that my skepticism about 5g in general but some

02:13:12   people express their skepticism about 5g and being convinced that it's like mind control

02:13:16   anyway that was that was an interesting story and then related to that also there are people

02:13:24   who believe that all wireless devices are are used for mind control and my favorite story perhaps of

02:13:32   the year uh about this is people who bought uh you can buy on amazon faraday cages for your wi-fi

02:13:38   routers which will block the signal from them which is amazing because they're not useful if

02:13:45   you block the signal i don't understand what you'd use like what i don't just don't plug it in

02:13:53   yeah but is is people is the story that people don't understand technology and blame it for all

02:14:01   their ills a tech screw-up or not i don't know i don't think so quibi is right down the middle as

02:14:07   a tech screw-up so i'll just throw i just wanted to mention those other stories i i would say we

02:14:11   we go with quibi as the screw-up uh and then again app store controversies and cyberpunk

02:14:19   yeah in there because that works for me that's what a year point one is a is kind of incredible

02:14:24   what a year yeah but quibi man my word just bravo to you all right here we go podcast time

02:14:34   favorite tech podcast i hate this category i hate these categories you know why i hate them because

02:14:39   i don't listen to podcasts as much anymore because i don't have a commute and it's it's very hard

02:14:44   my my podcast listing is very much what my podcast listing was with a few exceptions

02:14:50   when we started these categories and so it's painful it's painful because i just i don't

02:14:54   have as much to contribute i'm not out there trying a bunch of different podcasts well that's

02:14:58   why we have time i don't have time i would say for me it's been really easy this year

02:15:02   for these categories because i've actually consumed new shows for a couple of the categories

02:15:10   because there are new shows and they're easy picks for me um in in these categories so the

02:15:16   upgradians 7.7 of the vote for favorite tech podcast goes to the talk show with john Gruber

02:15:23   13.6 is upgrade which again i will only assume here jason you know i think it's easy to assume

02:15:31   the upgradians just think they can't vote for upgrade and i don't know this continues a

02:15:37   delightful trend where upgradians never pick upgrade as their favorite tech podcast but

02:15:41   always like their second favorite i think that's amazing and hilarious and uh it it

02:15:46   muses me to no end 25.6 uh goes to connected which is another show that i host here at relay fm

02:15:53   well well that's the one with all the japes right all that all the ludicrousness runner-up last year

02:16:01   runner-up 2017 winner in 2018 and of course atp not allowed in this category because it won

02:16:09   every time uh i have three that i wanted to mention so more techs which is i which is cortex

02:16:16   with more stuff in it i i listen to that it is not every episode thank you but i i enjoy it for the

02:16:23   sake of voting um if a show has a member show which is a different you just rolled it into

02:16:30   cortex that's fine i'm just saying i listen to more text thank you um i also listen to connected

02:16:38   again not every episode i don't have the time but a lot and i also listen live sometimes which is

02:16:42   also fun and you guys have a uh a great rapport you've had it since you started um you're all

02:16:49   okay so the people on connected are not quite you in real life they're

02:16:55   a little bit exaggerated sure the for the fun of it for the japes yes exactly even yes even

02:17:02   fedorico he's not quite that wacky in real life but close um it works really well it is a very

02:17:11   funny uh podcast like i i think if i if somebody said i want to listen to tech podcasts but they

02:17:17   have to be funny i'd say well you want the rebound and connected those of them those are your your

02:17:23   kind of zany apple themed podcasts it's like a different type of entertainment it is yeah it is

02:17:31   and although we have fun here we have fun here but it is different um and not not as wacky we're not

02:17:38   as wacky as connected is so i like i enjoy connected because of the that dynamic um and

02:17:43   all of the ridiculous things that you guys do on there it's great you took like you could have just

02:17:46   stolen the draft from us but you didn't instead you made a bizarre byzantine rules-based competition

02:17:55   some of which the rules don't even matter and it doesn't uh anyway in a couple of weeks i know

02:18:03   and then um and and the one tech podcast that i picked up this uh this year is dithering the

02:18:09   subscription only podcast well i mean all podcasts are subscriptions but you have to pay for it from

02:18:14   ben thompson and john grouper 15 minutes three times a week and i've really enjoyed that and

02:18:18   also 15 minutes is about how as long as i can uh that that's my uh that's my shower podcast i can

02:18:24   i can listen to that while i'm in the shower and get my quick download of tech stuff and then move

02:18:29   on because i have too many podcasts in my queue uh my favorite tech podcast that this year is dithering

02:18:37   um now i will just say we're going to talk about 20 max later for a good reason but i love dithering

02:18:47   um my favorite episodes of the talk show were always the ones with ben thompson because i like

02:18:53   the balance that they bring of technology and business plus they disagree a lot which i like

02:19:01   and i also enjoy that my opinions change between the two of them so it's always interesting because

02:19:08   i'm sometimes on one side of the argument one sometimes on side of the other i do also really

02:19:13   love that it's 15 minutes and it's three times a week it's like perfect little like making coffee

02:19:18   doing the washing up taking a shower that type of thing i think it's a genius idea excellently

02:19:23   executed yes i love it like i really really love it so as somebody who edited clockwise

02:19:30   every episode of clockwise for like i don't know 150 episodes 200 episodes i don't know when i

02:19:35   stopped doing clockwise but that's a 30-minute show and although we would we would underrun

02:19:41   we couldn't overrun and dithering is 15 minutes not a second less or more and so one of the things

02:19:49   i really enjoy and jim metzendorf i believe edits that podcast who edits some relay shows and some

02:19:55   incomparable shows um i enjoy it also because i can tell how i love seeing how jim has to fill

02:20:04   the time to get it to 15 by having that sometimes that stopwatch clicks for a long time folks

02:20:10   i love it it's hilarious because it's really hard to hit it right on the dot and um and he does it

02:20:17   but sometimes you you the clock goes on a long time and it makes me laugh so yeah i i think it's

02:20:22   a great newcomer but also a great tech podcast and i i'd be happy with it winning it's not in

02:20:28   the upgradians picks it appears later on uh which is interesting i'm not going to petition for

02:20:35   connected to win which will upset steven look i'm so thankful that the upgradians over a quarter of

02:20:43   them voted for connected i love that right and look i understand it because i listen to shows

02:20:48   like connected uh if you like connected you really like it because it's that kind of show right yeah

02:20:54   like you're in it and you love it but i'm i cannot give myself an award i just can't do it like i i

02:21:01   would i want to win awards who doesn't but i don't want to give them to myself so if i does that mean

02:21:07   that you shouldn't have you have you ever gotten uh an upgradey yeah i think you have yeah connected

02:21:13   has won right so i insisted on it and then it's a gentlemanly thing i'm like no no after you yeah

02:21:19   and i allowed and i sort of bestowed it upon you but you're not going to bestow it upon yourself

02:21:23   no okay well in this case though i think i think dithering is the answer i think dithering should

02:21:29   win it's true like there aren't many shows where i think to myself oh is today the day yeah and

02:21:40   that is one where i think about i'm like oh is today a dithering day and those don't those don't

02:21:44   queue up for no i'm listening to them immediately i listen every single day i listen to them this

02:21:49   is the same actually with the trajectory daily podcast which is another one that i picked up to

02:21:53   see that i love all right and uh for runners-up i'm gonna say connected and and upgrade because

02:22:00   give ourselves a runner-up always the bridesmaid well we can't we've set we've established that

02:22:08   one of us can give an award to the other one but we can't give it to ourselves no and unless like

02:22:12   steven breaks into the upgradees to give us an award so here's the conditional set upgrade needs

02:22:18   to get over 90 of the upgradians vote for us to give ourselves the award all right there we go

02:22:23   precedent has been set last two awards campaigning for the 2021 upgradees has begun already for your

02:22:30   consideration favorite non-tech podcast the upgradians voted this one's wild this is like

02:22:37   the books one where it's just like here is 1500 different shows uh 3.7 of the vote goes to

02:22:45   reconcilable differences four percent of the vote goes to dubai friday and 4.5 of the vote goes to

02:22:52   cortex wow this is a hard one as well because again i don't listen to that many podcasts and

02:22:58   my podcast that i listen to all the time it's in the hall of fame so the flophouse yes so that

02:23:06   leaves me i'll list some i've mentioned some of these in past upgradees the podcast with mike

02:23:10   shur and joe paznanski um 13 minutes to the moon which is a bbc podcast that was originally

02:23:16   released last year about apollo 11 but they did a new season this year about apollo 13

02:23:20   really well done very good podcast um reconcilable differences again one of those

02:23:27   podcasts that i don't listen to every episode but i do listen sporadically when i have the time

02:23:33   and is delightful and we know those guys and i want to mention dan moran's podcast a complicated

02:23:39   profession about the mandalorian episode by episode um over on the incomparable i i listened

02:23:45   to every episode of that too and really enjoyed dan and his guests and he had a different guest

02:23:49   every time um breaking down what happened in the mandalorian and that is a sign of a show that i

02:23:54   really like that i want to listen to the episode by episode breakdown as the um as the show's being

02:24:00   released uh for me my brother my brother and me i've got to give it another nod i love that show

02:24:08   um but for me also the besties you may remember the besties i've spoken about it on this show

02:24:15   before because it became a spotify original right it is no longer a spotify original interesting uh

02:24:23   from what i could piece together from what they said on the show spotify did not want to renew it

02:24:28   huh so this is answering a question of if you do not have a lot of listeners on spotify and

02:24:34   you're a spotify original they will get rid of you which is what it seems has happened here with the

02:24:40   besties they have now got the show back they moved the feed which is cool the feed got moved so

02:24:47   spotify will do that for you they're out on their own again they put all the old feeds all the

02:24:52   episodes back in the feed and now they're trying to build up their audience base again and one of

02:24:56   the things that i like that they said on the show and i think it's gonna be interesting is we're

02:24:59   gonna find out what happens to a listenership when you go exclusive and then don't so this is like

02:25:08   these questions we've been asking for as long as spotify have been doing this stuff is what happens

02:25:12   to a listenership if you were a podcast that people listen to then you went exclusive it goes

02:25:18   down and then how do you get it back again so i encourage people to go listen to the besties it

02:25:22   is video game podcast it's the best video game podcast i've ever listened to i adore it justin

02:25:28   and griffin mcelroy chris plant and uh russ frostick previously all at polygon the show

02:25:33   will start when they're at polygon and it is the idea of the what if the world's best friends played

02:25:39   the world's best games i love it it's just a superb show it's very funny very entertaining and uh

02:25:44   very cool i love it so that's uh i think this one's gonna be tricky what i will say you've got

02:25:51   rectiffs the upgrading has got rectifiable differences i have really been enjoying

02:25:56   rectiffs in quarantine or quan as they call it like i i've really enjoyed the show

02:26:03   like more than i ever have during this period i've been i take a lot of uh um

02:26:11   comfort listening to merlin and john talk about how they're getting through the pandemic

02:26:19   i don't like listening to stories about john's toe i could do without those uh but aside from that

02:26:26   it's a great show and look i would i would give it the nod here jason it's not one before

02:26:32   let's do it reconcilable differences it was a previous uh runner-up and is the winner of

02:26:40   the favorite non-tech podcast this year um let's what do you want to go with for the runners-up i

02:26:46   would like to put the besties in here because do it and whichever uh a complicated profession

02:26:52   cool they are more runners-upness for dan moran

02:26:55   okay final award of the evening this one is for favorite podcast newcomer we've reached the end

02:27:06   you know so these award shows they tend to run long the upgradeions 5.6 percent to test drivers

02:27:12   which is a show that i hosted austin evans and i'm very thankful for that so thank you to everybody

02:27:16   that put that in there i wasn't expecting it i'm very thankful for it 11.1 of the vote goes to 20

02:27:22   max for 2020 which is jason's podcast which completed today yes if you're a member it

02:27:29   completed today and if you're not it'll complete thursday that'll be this is the week this is

02:27:33   because you mike you see i've run out of 2020 yeah just in time huh see what i did there you really

02:27:38   got that one at some point i had to start because i was gonna run out of 2020 and that's in the name

02:27:43   of the show so this is the week we have to release the episode on thursday uh i do and in fact it is

02:27:53   coming out thursday because also i did that last week too because the holidays on the fridays so

02:27:57   i moved them to thursdays but it does get me in on on december 31st yeah yeah 16.1 percent goes to

02:28:05   dithering oh yes make sense stays here i understand why people put it here rather than your favorite

02:28:11   tech podcast because it's new but i think that show honestly for me i like it so much that it's

02:28:19   i wanted to honor it there plus okay my vote here is very simple it's very clear it's 20 max of 2020

02:28:27   and i think that it fits better in the newcomer because it's gone uh it's it's gone now it's not

02:28:33   gonna not gonna come back you genuinely put a year in it and that pretty much limits you have done

02:28:40   an absolutely outstanding job with this show like thank you when i say all that stuff i said about

02:28:49   dithering of where is dithering and as soon as it comes out i listen to it it's exactly the same for

02:28:55   20 max this is not just because you're one of my closest friends because i don't feel this way about

02:29:01   every project that all of my friends have ever made right where it's like not just that i enjoy

02:29:06   it but that i enjoy it enough that i will stop listening to shows that i'm halfway through to

02:29:13   listen to the next episode of 20 max because you have created a audio documentary series

02:29:21   about the macintosh with excellent production values you have done some truly wild things in

02:29:28   tracking down old ceos of companies it's very well edited you know that's to the to work of you and

02:29:36   and brian as well for the help that brian's given you but i know that really you've you've brought

02:29:41   the story together right you've done an an absolutely excellent job with this thank you

02:29:50   thank you i it was meant to be a creative challenge it was more challenging than i

02:29:52   thought it would be and uh i'm very happy with the result too i i absolutely am it was not part

02:29:57   of the original plan to even do it and i ended up doing it i got a um i got a mention that i'll

02:30:03   mention here there was a uh a site discover pods.com that named the 71 best podcasts of

02:30:08   2020 it's interesting numbers 71 y71 but 20 max for 2020 is on there so well i'll take it

02:30:14   i'll take it seven top we're top 71 yeah i want it to win this yeah you won't give it to yourself

02:30:20   but i think 20 max 2020 strangely not too many minutes ago we we established that one of us can

02:30:27   give the other one an award and that that i have previously given you one so i think it's clear

02:30:33   that i will accept gratefully also i don't have anything else to put in this category no thank you

02:30:39   so 20 max for 2020 wins our favorite podcast newcomer of the year we have dithering and the

02:30:46   test drivers as our runners up and thus concludes the upgrade for 2020 look 2020 has been a tricky

02:30:55   year all right that's putting it lightly doesn't mean there hasn't been good things and i'm really

02:31:00   happy with the list of stuff that we've had here today because there's been lots of great content

02:31:04   there's been lots of great news and products and technology and i'm very pleased that we've been

02:31:10   able to assemble a list of these things for you here i would like to thank the many many many

02:31:16   upgradeans who voted in the upgrades this year and also everyone who has supported us this year by

02:31:23   listening to the show this is our final episode of 2020 we're going to be into next year which

02:31:28   i'm excited about into 2021 um i also want to give a extra special thanks as well to everyone that has

02:31:35   become a member and supported upgrade this year it's been uh we've really enjoyed uh putting

02:31:39   together upgrade plus and we thank you for your support yeah it's been a challenging year obviously

02:31:44   for everybody and uh one of the delightful things that has happened this year is that so many people

02:31:50   when we rolled out the new membership system so many people decided that they were going to

02:31:56   support upgrade directly and you know can't i think mike and i cannot be more grateful to you

02:32:01   for doing that we really do appreciate it and for everyone else you know the bottom line is you kept

02:32:05   listening and we thank you for listening because i think a lot of us didn't um have lost some of our

02:32:11   podcast listening time so we appreciate you continuing to listen to this show 332 episodes in

02:32:18   thank you to everyone who chooses to listen to upgrade we know that there are many podcast choices

02:32:24   out there many of them we mentioned and so thank you so much for listening to this show and uh

02:32:29   another year in the books but uh it was i think in terms of this podcast it was a good year and

02:32:35   very few things i could say that about but in terms of this podcast i think it was a good year

02:32:39   i would also like to thank simon buckmaster for his incredible work on the upgrade his artwork

02:32:46   this year and all of the artwork that he has created for this show over uh of course of our

02:32:51   time all of our wonderful chapter artwork simon has created for us and we're very thankful for him

02:32:57   uh zach knox for building upgradees.com where you can see the winners of every category of every

02:33:03   year um and also zach puts together our draft scoreboards and scorecards for us as well so

02:33:10   and also thank you to chris breen for creating the theme song for this episode and every other

02:33:15   theme that we have you know the the regular theme the summer fun theme all put together by chris

02:33:24   thank you so much for listening to the upgradees for 2020 we would like to wish you a very happy

02:33:29   new year thank you very much to our sponsors for this episode door dash hover same box and

02:33:36   pingdom we'll be back next time until then take goodbye jason snow goodbye jason snow

02:33:41   a special one oh and i won the draft too it's not necessary we know this already

02:33:50   you giveth and you taketh away right