316: Why Tomorrow?


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00:00:08   From relay FM, this is Upgrade episode 316. Today's show is brought to you by

00:00:15   Mint Mobile, Hover, and Matthias. My name is Myke Hurley

00:00:18   and I am joined by Jason Snow. Hello, Jason Snow.

00:00:22   Hello, Myke Hurley! We're back! It's a day after episode 315. It's our new daily

00:00:28   podcast. Welcome to Upgrade Daily. This is, uh, what would this be like?

00:00:32   Upgrade Pro Max, I guess. I have a #snowtalk question and it

00:00:37   comes from Josh and Josh wants to know, quite simply, Jason,

00:00:40   did you enjoy today's Apple event? I loved it. You know,

00:00:43   the number one reason why is it only took an hour.

00:00:47   Fantastic! It was a short one. I actually am a proponent. I know it's more work for

00:00:51   everyone else but I would much rather Apple hold an event

00:00:55   every month or two and roll out a product or two

00:00:58   than have them hold a bunch of products and then just, you know,

00:01:02   give us a barrage of products over two hours,

00:01:05   you know, and then go away for six months. You say it'd be more work.

00:01:09   I actually think over time it wouldn't be more work because we'd get used to it

00:01:13   and it'd be less of a quote-unquote event.

00:01:16   I think there's a cost that Apple has in building it and that we have in covering

00:01:21   it but I'm thinking of Apple. I do think it's more work to do two

00:01:24   product launches than one because you have to

00:01:26   contact all your, you know, press people and brief them and all of that

00:01:30   and set it up not just once but then set it up again. Like, I think there's more

00:01:34   work involved in doing two than in doing one

00:01:37   but I think it's better for us, certainly, to have more to talk about

00:01:41   spread out and I liked how it was snappy. It was an hour. We were

00:01:45   out of there. I mean, we weren't in there to begin with because it's all

00:01:48   virtual but you know what I mean. Yeah, I mean, usually there could be a

00:01:52   wonder like, "Will the episode go longer than the keynote or not?"

00:01:54   Who knows? This one most definitely yes. If you would like to send in a question

00:02:00   to start off a future episode of the show just send out a tweet with the

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00:02:08   Jason, I would like to spend a moment talking about our wonderful friends over

00:02:12   at St Jude. Throughout September we are raising

00:02:15   money for St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:02:18   Did you know that in the US more than four out of five children with cancer

00:02:22   survive? But in many developing countries more

00:02:25   than four out of five of these children will die.

00:02:27   The St Jude International Outreach Program is a global initiative for St

00:02:32   Jude to develop one-on-one relationships with

00:02:34   24 hospitals in 17 countries in low and middle income areas like

00:02:39   Mexico, Haiti and the Philippines. St Jude is

00:02:42   leading the way that the world understands, treats and defeats childhood

00:02:46   cancer and other life-threatening diseases

00:02:49   and St Jude will not stop until no child dies from cancer

00:02:52   and we will be alongside with them continuing to raise money

00:02:56   like the rest of our wonderful community has been doing. Donate today at

00:02:59   stjude.org/relay. You can support St Jude kids from

00:03:03   around the world during childhood cancer awareness month.

00:03:06   Once again that is stjude.org/relay. A couple of big notes on this right?

00:03:13   We mentioned yesterday that we'd passed the half a million dollars total raised

00:03:18   over the last two years. Well now for this year's campaign for

00:03:21   the 2020 campaign we have as of today passed over two

00:03:26   hundred thousand dollars raised which is absolutely unbelievable

00:03:33   and we're going to top it all off this week with podcastathon

00:03:37   2 to 8 pm eastern time, Friday the 18th of September, twitch.tv/relayfm

00:03:46   It is going to be a six hour charity event benefit in St Jude. We'll be

00:03:52   doing everything on video. We've got a bunch of fantastic segments planned,

00:03:56   a wonderful set of relay FM guests, so from hosts and guests we have

00:04:02   excellent interviews with people that are involved with St Jude, people that

00:04:08   work at St Jude. We've got so much stuff

00:04:11   planned. This is going to be bigger and better in every way from last year.

00:04:16   And Jason I am very excited to have built the balloon room.

00:04:21   I have erected a gazebo inside of mega studio

00:04:25   that I will be filling with balloons. I'll put a link in the show notes

00:04:28   to a video I made today where I put the first 100 balloons in the balloon room

00:04:33   throughout the evening for every... we need to decide the exact amount

00:04:39   so amount TBD but basically we will be setting a donation amount that every time

00:04:44   someone donates x amount of dollars another balloon will go in the balloon room

00:04:47   with the hope of filling the balloon room,

00:04:50   the goal of filling the balloon room throughout the evening and I will be

00:04:55   broadcasting live from inside of the balloon room.

00:04:59   So that is just my one of the little hijinks.

00:05:04   Steven's been building something. Oh man, Steven has been working hard on

00:05:08   something that we cannot reveal. That will be amazing. So for basically it

00:05:13   will be the Steven's version of what I'm doing but

00:05:16   obviously in a very Steven way. So you can tune in for those and we're

00:05:21   going to be doing challenges. We're going to be doing so much stuff.

00:05:26   Jason has been putting together an absolutely epic game show featuring a

00:05:30   bunch of relay FM hosts. I think there's nine total

00:05:34   relay FM hosts in that set of segments that I did.

00:05:37   We finished recording yesterday so that

00:05:41   there'll be some game show shenanigans happening. So don't forget

00:05:45   2 to 8 pm eastern time in the show note the tweet that I've linked of mine has

00:05:49   the times in a bunch of different time zones.

00:05:51   I guess considering I'm only going to mention it for the last time here now on

00:05:55   this show I'll say it now 11 to 5 am to 5 pm pacific

00:05:59   1 pm to 7 pm central 2 to 8 pm eastern those are us times

00:06:04   7 pm to 1 am in the uk and 8 pm to 2 am in I think it's central europe is the

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00:06:13   think of time zones twitch.tv/relayfm tune in for all of it

00:06:18   tune in for some of it and bring your wallets to donate

00:06:21   so yeah we're really I'm so excited for friday um I am

00:06:28   very concerned about the amount of work to do between now and then but it's going

00:06:31   to get done and I'm very excited so

00:06:35   thank you.org/relay

00:06:39   Okay before we get into talking about the Apple watch and iPad

00:06:42   updates that we got today I guess we I suppose we have to score the draft

00:06:49   Jason I was so frustrated at this one. This was this was a real roller coaster

00:06:54   yeah yeah yeah as as in one hour we we took a ride

00:06:58   with the uh with our draft picks from yesterday. Also I think it feels

00:07:02   different having only made the picks a day ago to

00:07:05   watch them go up and up in flames than it does if you've got a week to sit

00:07:09   on them or forget them. Usually like the day of the draft a day of the

00:07:13   event I'll go through the draft document again and score it

00:07:16   based on how I think it's actually going to go. I looked at it today and was like

00:07:20   I can't score it any differently to yesterday in my mind

00:07:23   um basically this was a tie and Jason won by the tiebreaker

00:07:28   I would to lose on the tiebreaker ah the worst. Yeah six six six tie well

00:07:35   and I mean it could have been worse Myke it could

00:07:37   have been an an 89 minute long event. That's true.

00:07:42   The tiebreaker was will it be over under 90 minutes and it was 60 minutes

00:07:46   so at least it wasn't close on the tiebreaker

00:07:49   um but the rest of it's I we had scored six six do we need to we should we should

00:07:53   go through it really quickly just to satisfy everybody. So you had

00:07:57   a low priced Apple oh no sorry you didn't get the low

00:08:01   priced Apple watch replacement. That was when you didn't get it. We need to mention this.

00:08:04   Yeah so I I they announced the new Apple watch SE

00:08:08   and I flipped it over to blue and I was like I got it and then

00:08:11   they said oh and by the way the series 3 is still there

00:08:14   and the way I picked it and I shouldn't have phrased it this way was

00:08:18   low priced Apple watch replaces series 3. Yeah should have just said

00:08:23   introduced said replaces series 3 and so that went from blue to red in the in the

00:08:28   scoreboard and that point came off the board which was brutal but I did get

00:08:31   low cost watch omitting always on display. Now there's a little bit of a

00:08:35   debate about this. There is. We could have phrased it better I

00:08:38   think but it was considered valid so if it if you couldn't ever possibly

00:08:42   prove a negative we probably shouldn't have phrased it this way but

00:08:45   the idea is that the low cost watch they did not announce an always on display

00:08:49   because it doesn't have one and that was what I was getting at. Yep

00:08:53   this was a bit not good from Apple though right because like the reason

00:08:56   that there was question is like oh it's the same display as the series 6

00:09:00   like it's not is it and also they they kept talking about the always on

00:09:04   altimeter. Yeah it's like that's not that's not the right thing and I guess

00:09:09   I guess the argument that that Apple would probably make and I you know it's

00:09:13   fine this is it but it's not in the spirit the way people think about it it's

00:09:16   actually the processor that allows for the yeah but anyway it doesn't have an

00:09:20   always on display so so so it does that that is a thing that they left off of

00:09:25   that new Apple watch SE and and the one that honestly I took a shot in the dark

00:09:31   in and I was choosing between a bunch of things that didn't happen and this one

00:09:35   and I picked this one which was new watch body color and yeah there's a blue

00:09:41   aluminum and there are a bunch of them and there are a bunch of colors there's a

00:09:45   product red yeah so I got I got that one. Now you also got all of your iPad picks

00:09:51   so edge to edge screen second gen Apple pencil and surprisingly I think Magic

00:09:56   keyboard but we'll come to all of that in a little bit and you also got iOS or

00:10:00   iPad OS 14 release date announced. It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow again we're gonna get to that

00:10:05   in detail later on. I thought that we were just gonna give those to ourselves

00:10:09   because they're like oh it come you know like ships next week but like no the

00:10:13   literally at the end they were like no we're gonna spend time talking about

00:10:16   that so yeah I got watch gets a new health focus sensor and Apple watch model

00:10:23   gets extended battery life I cannot believe I didn't get the hand washing

00:10:26   one Jason that felt like a lock to me but nevertheless new non pro iPad gets

00:10:31   flat edge design and touch ID and also I got the Apple fitness workout service

00:10:38   introduced and watch OS 7 release date announced. Yeah I know I think you did

00:10:45   that wrong there I you didn't get extended battery life and you did get

00:10:49   the service. My apologies my apologies I marked that incorrectly yeah yeah so I

00:10:52   got the didn't get the extended battery life I got the the flat edge design

00:10:56   touch ID sensor fitness service watch OS 7 services bundle they were my six. So so

00:11:02   just to be clear here I beat you on Apple watch two to one I beat you on

00:11:06   iPad picks three to two but on our our needs a new name free picking round you

00:11:11   you cleaned up in the free picking area three to one but that left it six to six

00:11:16   which left the tiebreaker to over or under 90 minutes runtime which both of

00:11:19   us thought was a perfectly fair yep way to divide it and it was 60 minutes 60

00:11:25   minutes and out so I will take this on penalty kicks another draft one and I

00:11:32   continue my streak of never winning in September maybe there'll be a second

00:11:41   September probably not well you never know probably not I'm still gonna try and

00:11:45   get one mercy victory before the end of the year I'm gonna try very hard I

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00:13:42   this show and relay FM so let's talk about the Apple watch so yeah Tim set it

00:13:49   out at the start that there were two product lines to talk about today Apple

00:13:53   watch and the iPad so whilst not saying we're not gonna talk about the iPhone

00:13:59   they at least made it clear at the beginning so you mentioned we kind of

00:14:04   touched on it already we've got new colors so we have a blue and a gold and

00:14:09   that gives a yellow gold so like you'd see they've actually brought back

00:14:13   something that's more looks a little bit more like the addition it's a yellow

00:14:18   gold stainless steel option and a new dark gray called graphite stainless

00:14:23   because I guess we need another different dark color name in Apple

00:14:27   products and also the first product red Apple watch they are losing the ceramic

00:14:34   edition and keeping titanium hmm big big news for titanium fans out there I'm

00:14:41   just so happy big news for me seems to be embracing the anodized colored

00:14:45   aluminum thing again like they you know they go back and forth on whether they

00:14:50   want to have colored products or whether they want them all to just be various

00:14:53   metallic grays and that that red is gonna work for some people for me I

00:14:58   looked at the blue one I was like oh god that blue one is gorgeous I love it love

00:15:02   it yeah I'm disappointed about this I really love the ceramic Apple watch I

00:15:08   have the ceramic series 5 and it's a shame like I love the all-white and it's

00:15:14   a shame for me to lose that one I mean maybe I'll just say it right now it's

00:15:18   like I don't think I want this Apple watch yeah so I'm not too fussed and like

00:15:23   maybe I'll get what I want for the series 7 and they'll bring the ceramic

00:15:26   back again who knows but I do agree with the churn of materials and colors I

00:15:36   think Apple should be doing this they should be putting new colors into the

00:15:41   line even if so you end up catching people who think they might otherwise

00:15:45   want their watch for another two years you know maybe people that have the

00:15:48   series 4 like I don't know and then this is a blue one then like oh I would love

00:15:53   a blue watch and then they go over you know the major new feature it's a health

00:15:59   feature is the blood oxygen sensor this is something that we were talking about

00:16:04   yesterday so basically this is a sensor that reads periodically your blood

00:16:11   oxygen level or takes 15 seconds to do a reading and I watched the keynote I've

00:16:17   read the website and basically what I can see is it's about understanding the

00:16:22   oxygen levels in your blood but honestly having consumed a video what I read the

00:16:30   website I don't know why I want this so it is so this is it is actually a

00:16:40   medical thing and they have you check your your blood oxygen and if there's a

00:16:44   little device that if you're over the hospital they just clip this thing on

00:16:48   your finger but you can even buy them in there a little battery-operated things

00:16:51   and you clip them on a finger and they give you the percentage of oxygenation

00:16:55   in your blood and it is actually a case where in kovat 19 what they were finding

00:17:01   especially in the early days was that there were people who didn't who didn't

00:17:05   understand that they were compromised in terms of their lungs and they were by

00:17:10   the time they got to the hospital their oxygenation was really low and this is

00:17:14   an example where if you had one of these devices on you can actually check here

00:17:18   and I'm sure there are some people who've got various things like asthma

00:17:23   other conditions involving bringing an oxygen into your body where you need to

00:17:28   check and see that your oxygen level is at a you know above a certain threshold

00:17:32   so and then this will also apparently warn you've your various although that's

00:17:38   a different feature that's your your oxygen uptake for workouts so you know

00:17:42   it is actually a really relevant thing well there is the later this year they

00:17:47   said they would be able to give you notifications like they do with the the

00:17:52   heart monitoring stuff I actually think that maybe Apple didn't get the approval

00:17:57   they needed in time because they really didn't talk in my opinion very much

00:18:02   about the health benefits of this in the same way that they did with the ECG I

00:18:08   feel like the ECG presentation was much more impactful than the blood oxygen

00:18:14   sensor because you've done a better job of explaining to me why I would want

00:18:19   this sensor then I think the presentation did and yet they said that

00:18:23   they are doing like an asthma study with UC Irvine and so they are working on

00:18:29   some of this stuff those studies don't mean anything to me right they're like I

00:18:33   can't I can't use them and it doesn't tell me why it's helpful to me you know

00:18:37   so I think they I think this is one of those examples where they did an hour

00:18:42   long presentation and they and they were a little more ruthless and in going into

00:18:45   the details of it but you're right there's possibly a regulatory thing to

00:18:48   do although I think if it's in the product they've had to go through

00:18:51   regulatory stuff about it I think it's interesting that it doesn't do it the

00:18:55   other thing it doesn't do is it doesn't do it constantly they've built it into

00:18:59   an app and you open that app and then it runs and in 10 seconds it gives you a

00:19:02   number although they did say it does periodic readings - sure sure but it's

00:19:07   not gonna it's not doing it all the time it will do it periodically just like it

00:19:11   you're not doing a workout it will do your heart rate periodically so it's just

00:19:16   adding it to that level the way it works is kind of amazing right it's but it's

00:19:19   the way all these sensors work they believe it or not shining a light down

00:19:22   onto your skin and measuring the color tells how much oxygen is in your blood

00:19:29   it's pretty wild but this is this is what we can do and now the Apple watch

00:19:32   will be able to do that too yeah I I get the feeling from from you and from the

00:19:37   distance many people in the disco are telling me now about all the benefits

00:19:40   like I can see that this is a good sensor to have I just really feel like

00:19:45   it wasn't can we I didn't get it from what they were telling me basically and

00:19:49   maybe that there's something missing but I didn't get it you wanted more about

00:19:55   why why the oxygen sensor is relevant for you I understand that yeah my um my

00:20:00   dad had essentially COPD basically emphysema breathing thing he had to have

00:20:06   his little his little blood oxygen testing thingy and so this is a this is

00:20:11   one that's just in your watch and there is the s6 chip inside of this I noticed

00:20:19   Jeff Williams referring to this chip as Apple silicon which I didn't know I've

00:20:26   not noted Apple mentioning that phrase before so I guess they will call all

00:20:31   chips they make Apple silicon now I guess unless there's gonna be another

00:20:36   brand for it it sounds like Apple silicon is gonna be the way they brand

00:20:39   across all of their all of their processors interesting that that's a

00:20:43   kind of effect of the Mac transition but now they're talking about it for the

00:20:48   Apple watch and you know presumably we'll do the same for the iPhone in a

00:20:52   nutshell this enables a better always on display it can be two and a half times

00:20:57   brighter outdoors now it's one of the things they were talking about but yeah

00:21:00   I like that it seems like that's the main benefit that one of the word clouds

00:21:05   the visual word clouds noted that this watch has a u1 chip yeah it's ultra wide

00:21:11   band support so this is that thing that that we talked about a lot for the last

00:21:15   round of iPhones that gives you precision location and it was only in

00:21:22   the iPhone and so it was sort of like one iPhone could find another iPhone yay

00:21:26   but in the long run this stuff has impact for lots of other things

00:21:30   including next generation car using your device to open and run your car like the

00:21:37   first generation of those is using near field stuff but the next generation of

00:21:43   that and probably you know basically starting in a few years all cars will

00:21:48   have ultra wide band as as how you you know use your devices to open them and

00:21:54   start them and this Apple watch has that now also the rumor about you know air

00:22:00   tags and things like that the idea that this is a precision location thing so

00:22:04   where's my where's my Apple watch you should be able to do a find my on your

00:22:08   Apple watch and find exactly where it is because of the ultra wide band stuff

00:22:12   that's in it so that was a little subtle thing just mentioned in passing but you

00:22:17   know that stuff's gonna be in every Apple mobile device before too long

00:22:21   Apple is still quoting 18 hours a battery for this watch there's no change there

00:22:26   they had lots of new watch face designs some of these you have to help me with

00:22:32   this Jason I believe all of these seemed new to me like I don't really have

00:22:37   seeing these for watch OS 7 and this is my question I think is is Apple limiting

00:22:44   some of these things to the new watch or did Apple hold back some features from

00:22:50   watch OS 7 in order to show them off at the Apple watch launch event right I

00:22:56   don't I don't know the answer but it strikes me that some of these features

00:23:00   are I mean they're definitely features in both iOS and watch OS that were

00:23:06   announced today even though WWDC was was in June they announced these features

00:23:11   today and so they they clearly have held back so our our old theory which is well

00:23:17   you know they announced most everything at WWDC but they hold back some features

00:23:21   that are integrated with the hardware that's not really entirely true this

00:23:26   time they held back some features that every device is gonna get but they

00:23:30   wanted to make the big splash with them as part of a larger story today and I

00:23:33   guess stuff like watch faces I mean they don't really need to be in the

00:23:37   developer bears right they that Apple's made them they don't need testing as

00:23:42   such yeah so one of the watch faces that I excited about is a GMT watch face and

00:23:48   a GMT watch face typically means tracking multiple time zones on the same

00:23:52   watch face like I have a world timer GMT timer on right now it's a not obviously

00:23:59   not Apple watch and I like that style of watch personally so I'm intrigued to try

00:24:03   that out there is a face called count up which is for like timing for interval

00:24:09   training I think there's a typograph they call it watch face which I like the

00:24:13   look of an art watch face they worked with an artist to create a face which is

00:24:19   a face which is a face a human face yeah and then also me Moji faces watch face

00:24:25   they have a stripe one which is great because the stripe one basically allows

00:24:30   you to create flags these could be country flags pride flags football team

00:24:34   soccer team baseball team flags I thought that was a very good idea letting

00:24:38   people create their own watch face there really so yeah I'm intrigued to see if

00:24:44   they all come I believe they do and I want to try those out a little bit

00:24:48   myself especially that GMT face they mentioned the watch face sharing and

00:24:56   watch OS 7 did you catch what Jeff Williams kept saying during this segment

00:25:00   yeah there's a face for that there's a face for that now in case you don't

00:25:04   remember that they all campaign was there was an app for that right well and

00:25:08   they're conflating a bunch of things here too which is there are watch faces

00:25:11   and they're also complications mm-hmm that come from apps but they allow you

00:25:15   to build a watch face around it's an interesting idea because it's like it's

00:25:18   not the watch face necessarily it's a watch face with a complication from a

00:25:23   particular app in it which is kind of broadening the definition of what a watch

00:25:28   face is in that way but I thought that was clever yeah and you know because this

00:25:34   is that like like a complication thing but it's a whole combination as you say

00:25:38   right that they're really letting people kind of build and share the whole thing

00:25:41   right so the Apple watch series 6 starts at three hundred and ninety nine dollars

00:25:46   and this can be pre-ordered now it ships this Friday along with the Apple watch

00:25:53   SE which effectively looks like the series 4 it has the s5 chip it comes in

00:26:00   LTE versions it starts at two hundred and seventy nine dollars they also

00:26:05   pointed out twelve dollars a month on Apple card which is a new thing they're

00:26:10   doing two hundred and seventy nine dollars feels higher than what I thought

00:26:15   this watch was going to be yes yeah that was surprising it is it is basically so

00:26:22   our thought was replace the series 3 and the idea is it's it's the series 4 with

00:26:29   some upgrades in it to make it a little more current because the series 4 went

00:26:35   away right they kept the series 3 but the series 4 went away and so they've

00:26:41   essentially brought it back as the SE but couldn't you know couldn't get the

00:26:45   price down with again with the margins that they want to low enough to remove

00:26:49   the series 3 so we're in in the situation now where there are essentially

00:26:53   three watch generations for sale at one time you've got the SE which is a hybrid

00:26:58   of the series 4 and the series 6 essentially and then you've got the

00:27:02   series 3 still kicking around I couldn't I was very surprised about the series

00:27:08   3 yeah you two really felt like not the the plan like it didn't feel like what I

00:27:15   thought the plan was right that it's like we now have these two models that's

00:27:18   it and every year or every whatever we it's right on them but then keeping the

00:27:23   s3 around I mean for developers it's like well now they still got the older

00:27:27   watch around with different screen size different screen sizes yep I think I you

00:27:33   can see the trajectory here right probably next year the series 3 goes

00:27:36   away but they didn't want to because you know part of the story here is Apple

00:27:43   wants to have the Apple watch start at a really low price and the series 3 gives

00:27:46   them that and the Apple watch SE although it's designed to provide some

00:27:49   some price range they obviously I mean they didn't want to spec it down to the

00:27:55   point there would be no point in specking it down to the point that it

00:27:57   could replace the series 3 I guess because at that point it would be a

00:28:00   series 3 so they decided to make it better than that I my initial reaction

00:28:04   when this happened was I actually said this and to you and Stephen in slack

00:28:08   which is they're they're good better besting this thing which is they're

00:28:12   gonna keep the series 3 around in order to say look at Apple watch it starts at

00:28:16   $199 or whatever but you're gonna you're gonna get in there and then you're like

00:28:20   yeah but the SE is way better like that's that's buying psychology 101

00:28:26   right is you offer good better best and you get a lot of people who were

00:28:28   thinking of good good gets them in the door and then they buy better or they're

00:28:33   thinking better and they get upsell to best right those are the options there

00:28:36   but I'm not sure how many people are gonna actually buy the series 3 it's

00:28:39   still a pretty good deal for that price but here's the SE it's a little you're

00:28:45   getting a lot more for that price difference so I think they'll also get a

00:28:50   lot of people in the door for the for the base model and then they'll they'll

00:28:54   sell them up to the SE the SE is missing always on it's missing ECG and it's

00:29:00   obviously missing the blood oxygen sensor right I kind of like the big

00:29:04   things that it that it doesn't have that the series line does have and I guess

00:29:10   over time it's going to trickle these all of these things will trickle down I

00:29:15   guess the expectation now is there will be I would now assume there will

00:29:21   probably be an Apple watch SE every year and they will do this like the iPhone

00:29:25   line I I don't know about every I mean I think I think the Apple watch SE is here

00:29:29   to stay but I imagine that it will just be on sale for a couple of years at least

00:29:36   I don't think it's gonna change next year I think series as made me question

00:29:41   it we'll say no I say yeah I think the series 3 will die next year or the year

00:29:45   after and the SE will soldier on and then at some point they will have to

00:29:49   upgrade the SE because it will be too long in the tooth but for now and it's

00:29:54   funny they chose SE which goes with the iPhone thing I think it's interesting

00:29:58   that they had an opportunity to create like an Apple watch sport brand that

00:30:02   really was to this but they I think they don't want to do that because they like

00:30:06   the idea of saying the Apple watch is what you want it to be it can be a

00:30:08   fitness device or it can be a health device or it can be you know whatever

00:30:13   you want it to be so why brand it SE doesn't mean anything essentially we have

00:30:18   new watch bands there are two models of a loop design that have no clasp of any

00:30:23   kind you basically just slip it over your wrist and it's like stretchy comes

00:30:28   in many sizes because obviously there needs to be many sizes for a product

00:30:32   like this because you have to get it to be exactly what you want the cooling at

00:30:37   the solo loop and they do it in a rubber and a nylon I think it's like a woven

00:30:42   fabric yeah it's like polyester and and and and silicone woven together it kind

00:30:48   of feels like something you want to try on huh yeah right I mean that was my

00:30:52   immediate thought was like this is the perfect thing to sell in a store which

00:30:54   makes it kind of a tough sell now and I know that you can like print out a thing

00:30:59   and wrap it around your wrist or whatever but like you'd really want to

00:31:02   try it on and instead this seems like exactly the wrong time for this kind of

00:31:07   band to be out there at the the non adjustable band but this this is what

00:31:12   Apple has decided to focus on this time they look they look great I mean there

00:31:17   is the argument that why do you need an adjustable band if your arm is always

00:31:22   really relatively the same size although that's not entirely true like depending

00:31:26   on even the time of day your wrist can be bigger or smaller I wouldn't want to

00:31:31   be straight in my watch off by stretching it over my head every day no

00:31:34   I wouldn't want that either no these didn't really appeal to me at all but

00:31:39   that's okay because I mean there are lots of different watch band styles at

00:31:42   this point yeah I could imagine people wanting this who may be doing some kind

00:31:47   of sporting activity and uncomfortable with maybe the watch getting caught and

00:31:51   being pulled off right like I can see uses for it but it's that's this is not

00:31:56   a band style that I would like but what I do love is that Apple continue to

00:32:02   iterate in this area I think it's really cool that they keep doing things that

00:32:07   are outside of what I normally see in the watch world you know they do these

00:32:14   peculiar things which I think is the right thing for them to do because the

00:32:18   Apple watch really continues to look like a product not from the watch world

00:32:23   and I mean it's fine it's totally fine I think the Apple watch is continuing to

00:32:27   look better and better all the time so I figure continue to keep pushing things

00:32:32   forward with the watch bands and not just in color because they could just

00:32:37   keep making different colors of sport bands forever and people keep buying

00:32:40   them but if you want me to keep buying the bands every year give me new things

00:32:44   new features new functionality I think it's cool they mentioned family setup

00:32:49   which is encompass some stuff that we already knew about but added some stuff

00:32:54   that we didn't this will effectively allow for you to with one iPhone maybe

00:32:59   you as a as a parent be able to set up multiple watches maybe two for kids and

00:33:05   maybe one or two for some grandparents all with one phone and they have a

00:33:09   selection of family focus features like you can specify certain contacts that

00:33:13   can be reached location alerts that kind of thing I think the kicker is that this

00:33:19   requires a cell model yeah because they get their own phone number assigned to

00:33:23   them and they need to stand alone so you need to be able to have them be their

00:33:27   own thing and be on have a network connection all the time because that's

00:33:31   the that's the point of them is you know your kid is wearing it you know where

00:33:35   your kid is and they can call for help and all of those things my hope would be

00:33:38   that they will be able to work with the carriers to create these basically like

00:33:46   pooled plans and that you're not going to need to get like four different cell

00:33:51   plans because that why I had a suck generally the carriers will offer an

00:33:57   Apple watch you know and it's literally it's just add this person to your plan

00:34:00   for an additional I think in the u.s. it's ten dollars a month for at least

00:34:04   for my for my AT&T plan it's ten dollars a month to add my Apple watch to my my

00:34:08   shared plan yeah but you see that's like but then if you add four and they pay

00:34:13   $40 a month more yeah you know we're like what I would like is you know you

00:34:17   pay $20 and everyone gets this pool of data and it shared but the thing is

00:34:21   that's might be what it's like in America it's gonna be different in all

00:34:24   different countries different everywhere and any carrier can change it right like

00:34:27   there may be a carrier who wants to create like in the u.s. maybe t-mobile

00:34:32   says well we're gonna give you for $15 a month you can pair as many Apple watches

00:34:37   as you want on the plan and and then that'll be an interesting way that they

00:34:41   compete yep and which will be perfectly within their rights to do so right like

00:34:45   this is basically just a choice that the carriers will make and and that's that

00:34:49   they will be removing the power brick from the watch boxes so it still ships

00:34:55   with the cable I went through the checkout process to see if they had any

00:35:00   process for this there were no there was no alert for me to say that it wasn't

00:35:05   gonna have the brick in the box and it wasn't shown to me as a thing that I

00:35:09   should have added in which one we were talking about is that conversation a

00:35:13   little while ago about the iPhone doing this and I think it's pretty clear that

00:35:17   the iPhone will do this even though for us to clear no the new iPads do still

00:35:21   ship a bit the brick in the box yeah but that's different that's a USB C charger

00:35:25   not everybody has a USB C charger yeah good point good point good point but a

00:35:29   regular USB a style relatively low you know like yeah that that yeah but I was

00:35:37   I was surprised it just did it didn't say like hey do you want this you know I

00:35:40   thought that it would do that and at least at the current checkout process it

00:35:44   doesn't do no apparently you have to go somewhere and then and then say you want

00:35:48   one and then pay an extra 15 bucks I think it's on the accessories page that

00:35:53   they throw you to you know like you add something to the car like you want one

00:35:56   of these accessories but it's way below like all the bands and stuff and this is

00:36:01   this is the part that bugs me is Apple gets to do what it wants here but there

00:36:06   they know that people are gonna complain about this and they're gonna be

00:36:10   surprised by it but they buried in the environmental thing they they mentioned

00:36:14   that it's it's really everybody's got them already so we're just gonna leave

00:36:17   it out and but you if you want one you can buy it for $15 and you know my

00:36:25   feeling is if you wanted to come across as truly caring about the environment

00:36:28   you would offer it to people when they bought the product as an option for free

00:36:35   but when you charge $15 for it as an accessory and all your prices you know

00:36:41   essentially stayed the same what you're really doing is saying we just want to

00:36:45   you know whatever it costs like we're basically leaving something out that

00:36:48   costs X and keeping the price where it is and generating a new revenue stream of

00:36:53   $15 chargers it the environmental message falls away a little bit and it

00:36:59   seems more like their nickel and dime you and unfortunately that is what Apple

00:37:03   did here I hadn't thought of it that way yeah that's a good point I wonder what

00:37:08   they're gonna do with the with the iPhone when it comes to this like how

00:37:12   they're gonna do that messaging if they're gonna if they will say like hey

00:37:15   do you want this it is a more expensive product they could probably afford to

00:37:19   offer the charger as an option for free or for like five dollars or something

00:37:24   like that if they when you buy it which is the way that I advocate is like I

00:37:29   don't want them to give this away for free but I think when you buy an $800

00:37:32   phone if you do want the charger you should just get it and not say well

00:37:38   that's a $15 upsell in order to get that charger that we used to give you for

00:37:42   free and I think the truth is that most people don't need those chargers because

00:37:46   there are so many charger blocks that you've already collected that are USB a

00:37:51   on that end or they or you've got a like a charger a travel charger that you use

00:37:56   or like you know there are so many I don't need any more of them but that's

00:38:01   not gonna be true of everybody so I would like for them to on the iPhone

00:38:06   make that something that's a relatively inexpensive option I can see how maybe

00:38:10   the margins on the Apple watch are a little bit less than there they're a

00:38:12   little hesitant to do that but I'm a little disappointed that Apple doesn't

00:38:15   just offer it as a throw-in at point of purchase not after that but at point of

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00:41:41   right so shall we talk about actually before we go on to the iPad let's stay

00:41:47   in the fitness realm and talk about fitness plus and Apple created it in a

00:41:52   service they did it watch I will say Jason of everything in this presentation

00:41:59   this was the one that impressed me the most I think because as a product

00:42:04   offering I'm like I'm impressed with the iPad air right but like as a product

00:42:10   offering fitness plus really ticked all of the boxes I expected and then they

00:42:17   had that additional like Apple level of implementation that lifted it a gear so

00:42:23   like for example what you have now is a fitness app on your iPad your iPhone or

00:42:30   your Apple TV that adds instructional videos they have new workouts every week

00:42:35   they have a team of instructors right they have like they have hired a bunch

00:42:39   of instructors they will be putting out new workouts every week they have tons

00:42:43   of different workout types at first like they have rowing and they have treadmill

00:42:48   staff core high intensity training they have yoga so many as loads right and

00:42:55   they're gonna be adding other ones I think I had a dance one too when you

00:42:59   start one of the videos say on your Apple TV on your iPad it starts a workout

00:43:05   on your watch that correlates to the video that you're watching and then on

00:43:10   the screen so on your iPad screen for example you see live the metrics from

00:43:18   your watch so like your heart rate you see that there the timer you see that

00:43:22   there it's like overlaid on the screen and if you like hit one of your activity

00:43:26   goals for the day it fires off and tells you you can get and and one thing I love

00:43:31   this is like if they want you to be like hey like keep an eye on your heart rate

00:43:35   they're like make that bigger on the screen for you I thought that these

00:43:39   little details were very well done yeah I we expressed a lot of skepticism about

00:43:45   this it's like oh boy it's another Apple service but and what I think is really

00:43:48   interesting is that it's not Peloton like people are like oh it's Peloton for

00:43:53   people who don't know Peloton is this company that has a bike that has its own

00:43:56   software on it and its own service and its own instructors and it's all kind of

00:44:00   integrated together and it's not cheap but it's all integrated together and by

00:44:05   all accounts it's a pretty great product Apple fans should appreciate a company

00:44:11   that is integrating hardware software and service into one thing right yeah

00:44:14   this is this is different it's not Peloton because it's approaching it with

00:44:18   different pieces of hardware and a different hardware software services

00:44:21   integration and the difference is Peloton is a bike right and there are other

00:44:26   services that are like Peloton but they're like it's a bike or it's a

00:44:28   treadmill or whatever and here it's Apple watch and a display that's either

00:44:36   a phone or an iPad or an Apple TV and you can use hardware with it so you can

00:44:44   get on an exercise bike or a treadmill but you can also use weights you can

00:44:50   also just do yoga or have nothing and just be jumping around and doing whatever

00:44:56   you need to do and and that because it's on your wrist and then you've got a

00:45:00   display where they're they're talking to you you've got you get this right you

00:45:06   get you get it in a different set of scenarios and that's different and it's

00:45:12   not fundamentally I think better or worse but it's different and I think one

00:45:15   of the places that they will get pick up for this that they wouldn't that the

00:45:20   barrier to getting a Peloton is enormous because of the price plus I don't like

00:45:24   stationary cycling so I would never get one right so you wouldn't get one but

00:45:27   the barrier here is is none other than signing up for the service and you get

00:45:31   everybody's gonna get a month for free and anybody who buys a new Apple watch

00:45:34   is gonna get three months for free but they have beginner level stuff you don't

00:45:40   need any equipment absolute beginners mode which I love which is like hey if

00:45:44   you are nervous about this like if you've not trained in a while like we

00:45:48   have a program for you and I think that that is such a nice entry point right

00:45:53   like and I think that's super cool I will say that one big comparison to

00:45:57   Peloton that this I don't believe this service does they didn't talk about it I

00:46:00   don't think it doesn't but something that people love about Peloton is the

00:46:03   live sessions right so like you can be on a Peloton bike with a hundred people

00:46:09   from all around the world you just are on at the right time and the instructor

00:46:12   is actually talking to you and other people like will address you by name and

00:46:17   people really love that and I get that right it's like a spin class but sure

00:46:21   home or whatever and well give it give it time if this is a while it wouldn't

00:46:26   get wouldn't surprise me but this is but the Peloton also do recorded classes that

00:46:30   are like these right so that's where these things overlap but as you say

00:46:33   you're not paying I mean the Peloton monthly like the digital plan I think is

00:46:38   like 13 or 14 dollars it's already more expensive but anyway like and and you've

00:46:42   bought an expensive bike in order to buy into it right so so the idea here is

00:46:45   this is a different approach it's similar but it's different and if

00:46:49   you're somebody who is who does not have equipment and wants to get in better

00:46:53   shape it will actually help you do that I think this is all really interesting

00:46:57   the one thing that that I thought here maybe they just thought people don't

00:47:01   need this but as somebody who's been running lately I look at this and I

00:47:04   think well you know what I would like I know there are apps that do this but

00:47:07   they should they should have a running workout that's not a treadmill right

00:47:11   like they should they should have something that is on the Apple watch and

00:47:15   maybe they will at some point where I can go for a run with my phone or with

00:47:18   my Apple watch and have it monitoring my health and you know playing music and

00:47:24   talking to me and doing whatever but the the primary mode at least at launch for

00:47:28   this is it's a video program while you're exercising so you watch it you

00:47:32   see your stats and you exercise and so therefore you know I'm not gonna be

00:47:37   watching something while I'm running out in the world but I can see places that

00:47:41   this could go but where it's starting I think it's very smart I think it's very

00:47:44   smart looks really interesting will it succeed I don't know but I think it is a

00:47:49   perfect fit for one of the ways that Apple has positioned the Apple watch they

00:47:54   integrate about the music you can choose the style of music that you want and if

00:47:58   you're an Apple music subscriber you can get the playlists which is fantastic

00:48:01   right you're like oh I love that playlist or I love that one song what

00:48:04   was it you it's all integrated I think this is super compelling Jason like I

00:48:10   really think they've done a great job here I I know personally like I'm

00:48:17   someone who enjoys yoga and so like I I will give it a go I want to try the

00:48:21   yoga workouts out I would also quite like to just see what their beginner

00:48:25   thing is all about like I want to just go through that I didn't I was interested

00:48:31   in this but I didn't think that they would sell me on it necessarily but I

00:48:34   feel sold on it like I want to give it a go plus it will be included in my Apple

00:48:38   One bundle an actual date it's just coming by the end of the by the end of

00:48:45   the year and in fact although one of the things I was complaining about I wrote a

00:48:50   macworld column about this at one point is my frustration that a lot of the

00:48:53   Apple health features are not on the iPad one of the things they announced

00:48:58   here is you have to be able they're like you could use your iPad and I'm thinking

00:49:01   how is that gonna happen you could use your Apple TV how the answer is that

00:49:05   workouts app which is now called a fitness app will be on the iPad and it

00:49:10   will be on the Apple TV but it's not like on the gold master of iOS 14 or iPad

00:49:15   OS 14 it doesn't exist right this is later this year by the end of the year

00:49:19   it's like they will roll out something another update that includes this app

00:49:23   and then they'll launch fitness plus but it is not happening quite yet yeah and I

00:49:29   imagine the fitness app on the iPad won't sync with an Apple watch or

00:49:35   whatever right like it's it's like directly it's not gonna be like the one

00:49:39   on the iPhone I can't imagine that it will pull data in in the same way I show

00:49:42   it to you in the same way our friend Kyle's the gray who himself has been in

00:49:47   an Apple watch video event points out gym kit he mentioned gym kit and it's

00:49:53   something that I wanted to mention which is there is a path forward here for

00:49:55   Apple that makes them take on things like Peloton a little bit more but I

00:50:01   don't think Apple is gonna be manufacturing exercise equipment right

00:50:04   but Apple has already shown with some of the gym stuff that they've done where

00:50:07   they they're having it so that Apple devices can connect to gym equipment and

00:50:14   read data off of them and I feel like this is a direction that Apple will go

00:50:19   even further in right because Apple ultimately is going to want they don't

00:50:22   want to build exercise equipment but they want to participate and are already

00:50:26   starting to participate in standards that are supported by exercise equipment

00:50:31   so that they can read data and potentially even adjust the settings on

00:50:35   that equipment during a guided workout and that's you know Apple doesn't have

00:50:39   to build a bike Apple just needs to continue to work with exercise equipment

00:50:45   manufacturers to talk to their equipment and then they can do things with those

00:50:49   as part of fitness plus yeah like Peloton they earlier this week introduced a new

00:50:54   bike that integrates with the Apple watch it's called the bike plus so like

00:50:59   you know you're right right like Apple don't think they could just keep

00:51:02   providing the functionality and let other people pick it up and then they

00:51:05   also have their own stuff so yeah Apple one the services bundle is here

00:51:10   it's really time on it there are three tiers there's the individual tier which

00:51:18   is music arcade TV plus and 50 gigabytes of iCloud storage it costs 14.95 a month

00:51:24   you save six dollars a month if you pay for it this way there's the family tier

00:51:29   which is music TV plus arcade and 200 gigabytes of iCloud it's 19.95 a month

00:51:36   you save eight dollars a month and this is the one that would be in the family

00:51:39   plan right the 14.95 a month you can't share of your family plan right then

00:51:43   they have another one called premiere and now they've announced that I

00:51:47   understand what it exists music TV plus arcade news plus fitness plus two

00:51:53   terabytes of iCloud the website says share with up to five people which was

00:51:59   peculiar because it doesn't say family plan like I assume that's what it means

00:52:05   although I don't know whether you I don't know I I struggle with this too

00:52:10   because it's like I should probably add my mom to my family plan because she's

00:52:13   paying 99 cents a month for iCloud and it's like does she want to be in in the

00:52:18   I mean she's in my family but is she in my Apple iCloud family it's like I don't

00:52:21   know but it's surely family sharing but it's just the way they said it was with

00:52:24   me yeah this is 29.95 a month you save $25 a month because fitness plus is 10

00:52:31   bucks right so yeah now this plan only exists in countries where all of those

00:52:38   services exist and all of those services news plus fitness plus do not exist in

00:52:44   every country that TV music arcade do right so you can't get the premiere plan

00:52:50   if you are in many places in the world yeah I think it's gonna be like six

00:52:55   countries or five countries that will have the premier plan but I did the math

00:53:00   because I currently pay for two terabytes of iCloud for my photos and my

00:53:05   device backup that's ten dollars a month I pay for arcade that's five dollars a

00:53:10   month I pay for music family plan that's $15 a month I will soon be paying five

00:53:15   dollars a month for TV plus that's $34.87 so right there on the stuff that I'm

00:53:22   already or about to be paying for you know I've saved money yeah I've saved

00:53:27   five dollars a month and I get news plus which I don't think is worth paying for

00:53:31   but I I tried it I free I went back for a month and I found oh you know there's a

00:53:37   bunch of paywall stuff that I hit that I don't hit with news plus it actually

00:53:42   it's not enough for me to pay for it monthly but it has it has some value if

00:53:47   if I get it thrown in and then fitness plus intrigued me and I thought do I

00:53:53   want that or not and I look at premiere and I think oh well I'm just gonna get

00:53:56   it because I'm already saving five dollars a month and I've rolled in two

00:54:00   more Apple services that I might have been on the fence about so it's not for

00:54:05   everybody right like I look at the iCloud numbers the sizes of those iCloud

00:54:10   bundles at the individual and family level and I think they seem awfully

00:54:14   small you can add more storage and pay a little bit extra to expand your iCloud

00:54:19   storage beyond that on top of the bundle but it does look it's a little scant the

00:54:25   iCloud storage at both of those levels I wish they had thrown in a little bit

00:54:28   more storage there but as somebody who's already paying you know $30 and it's

00:54:33   about to be $35 a month to Apple for existing services I look at this and I

00:54:37   think this is great because it's gonna save me money and if you're in and I

00:54:42   think a lot of our listeners probably are depending on what country you're in

00:54:45   already in a position where you're paying Apple 20 25 30 dollars a month

00:54:48   for services then you look at Apple one and you're like well I just saved money

00:54:52   and got more it's not for everybody but that I mean that's the beauty of a

00:54:56   bundle is that they're not making you buy a bundle you can buy them

00:54:58   individually but if you're interested in enough of them to make it worth it you

00:55:03   can you can either save money or pick up some services that you didn't really

00:55:08   want but you wouldn't turn away if they gave it to you as part of the bundle

00:55:12   hilariously the the pounds prices are the same it's 14 95 90 95 25 95 so I'll

00:55:20   play I'll basically be paying about $40 a month for this but that's what Apple

00:55:25   does these days Jason they just swap out the currency simple if they you know if

00:55:31   the if the American dollar is good enough for us it's good enough for you I

00:55:34   guess no no because if I was paying the American dollar Jason I would be saving

00:55:39   no no I'm just saying that it's worth 30 it's worth 30 American dollars and

00:55:43   therefore it's worth 30 everywhere except in Canada where it's worth 35

00:55:48   iPad 8th gen super boring yes yes look look the iPad eighth generation like the

00:55:57   seventh generation before it it exists to be sold for 329 or 299 for education

00:56:03   it's it exists to have a cheap iPad it exists so Apple can stand on stage or in

00:56:08   a video and say we now have an a12 bionic in this so again it's you know a

00:56:14   couple year old processor but as they pointed out like it's still way faster

00:56:18   than most Chromebooks and a lot and tablets and and stuff that competes with

00:56:25   especially in education and so they you know it's a boring it's the old classic

00:56:30   iPad it and it's just got a newer chip that's still two years old but it's

00:56:35   newer than what it was and it exists like they it's it's gonna be boring it's

00:56:41   always gonna be boring but it's super important for Apple remember when Apple

00:56:45   was really dinged because the iPad was too expensive and there were a bunch of

00:56:48   cheap tablets like that doesn't happen so much anymore because Apple has a

00:56:52   cheap iPad now and it's this one and we are all bored by it but it's super

00:56:57   important that it exists yeah look it is an important product in the lineup like

00:57:02   I don't deny but this is one of the things that if this was a more combined

00:57:09   event like maybe this would have been I don't think this would have made it in

00:57:12   to the event right like if if iPhones were coming then and Apple decided they

00:57:16   also wanted to show off iPads and and watches in the same event as an iPhone I

00:57:21   don't think this one would have either a been in it or be got as much time as it

00:57:24   did but they may as well put it in while they're talking about the iPad sure

00:57:28   before we got into the iPad air retime fault real-time follow-up from friend of

00:57:32   the show Mark Gurman that the titanium Apple watches and a man's Apple watches

00:57:38   keep the power adapter in the box therefore really just underlining what

00:57:44   you were saying about it being cost saving measure because yeah what is it

00:57:48   like titanium Apple watches like bought by people with more carbon offsets like

00:57:52   what's the thing keep no people who buy titanium Apple watches are just well

00:57:57   known to not have power adapters they just don't have them who knows why they

00:58:03   need them every time the iPad air basically an iPad Pro and in some ways

00:58:10   even more pro than the current iPad Pro the design it has the liquid retina

00:58:15   display so it has that edge to edge display the flat sides but it comes in

00:58:20   some colors as well as the regular colors colors green blue and rose gold

00:58:25   funnily enough Jason the blue is a different color to the blue of the Apple

00:58:30   watch and the sky is a different color gold to the Apple watch which makes me

00:58:35   think if I was gonna like thumb in the air right I bet the iPhone 12 colors

00:58:41   match the iPad air and the pro colors match the Apple watch series 6 interesting

00:58:50   that would be my thing could be I just again you know I'm so slow clap to Apple

00:58:56   for putting colors in their products iPad air you get a blue iPad air great I

00:59:02   want to get a color in the pro line I will at least like say you know what

00:59:06   fine like if you don't want to do it in pros because pros are too serious in

00:59:09   your mind for some reason then you should at least do it here and they have

00:59:13   and the colors look great I really like the green one I think the green one

00:59:16   looks really nice one looks really good no it's it's great I'm just so happy

00:59:20   like Apple just goes back and forth on colors but I'm very happy that they did

00:59:26   that and this is something that we talked about yesterday and have been

00:59:30   talking about for a while Apple has been super aggressive at taking iPad Pro

00:59:34   features and pushing them down to the other iPads Apple is not afraid of

00:59:38   moving those pro features down after a couple of years and here you have it

00:59:43   right the iPad air is essentially a low-end iPad Pro at this point it's

00:59:49   missing some of the features of the iPad pros but it's picked up Apple pencil 2

00:59:54   support for that magic keyboard which you doubted yesterday and I thought

00:59:58   would happen and it's this thing is the same size as the small iPad Pro and so

01:00:03   uses all the same stuff including that magic keyboard so it's got a lot of

01:00:08   those features it doesn't have promotion it doesn't have the sensor stack for you

01:00:14   know for a face ID oh yes I do in Lida yeah and a slightly smaller screen it's

01:00:20   like 10.9 instead of 11 right doesn't have the two back cameras or the LIDAR

01:00:24   but it's but you know it's close and then it's got they've got a brand new

01:00:28   first-time scene touch ID sensor on the power button yeah and the touch ID

01:00:34   sensor you know they're using the power of the a14 which we'll get to in a

01:00:39   minute and and they're scanning that finger and you're training it you know

01:00:43   you move your finger all over like you do when you train touch ID people who

01:00:47   have face ID for a while maybe I've forgotten this and then even though that

01:00:51   is a smaller surface area than usually for touch ID it's scan that whole finger

01:00:58   and it can take a cross-section whatever cross-section of your finger lands on it

01:01:01   and fairly quickly wake it up and in fact you can there's two different ways

01:01:06   to do it you can like push the button in and then after you pushed it in you rest

01:01:11   your finger on it for a moment and it pops open and unlocks or you can

01:01:15   actually tap the screen because it's got the tap to wake on on the iPad air so

01:01:19   you can tap to wake and then just just tap your finger on the on the home

01:01:23   screen or home button for a moment and it unlocks so it's a that's really

01:01:28   exciting whether Apple will bring a touch ID button to other products in its

01:01:33   mobile product line remains to be seen but I think it's really cool that they

01:01:37   did that here yeah I guarantee they will but it won't be this year that's that

01:01:41   yeah this is the thing yeah I think if I had to bet it would be that Apple's

01:01:44   kicking themselves that they had this tech and that they that they couldn't

01:01:47   get it in the iPhone because the iPhone lead times are too long but they do have

01:01:50   it and so I would almost make a bet now that in the long run every iPhone will

01:01:55   have a touch ID button on it just for convenience why not right which why not

01:02:00   like authenticate me and whatever way you can get to me first based on the way

01:02:04   that I've like you interacted with the device yeah so I would say like you know

01:02:10   I agree what you're saying right that like we spoke about this that it is the

01:02:14   right move to bring all of these features they've just done it faster than

01:02:17   I expected right like I did not expect that that was the magic keyboard was the

01:02:21   big surprise to me because it really felt like the differentiator and now

01:02:25   it's it's you know it's got USB C this thing too like it's it's it is I think a

01:02:30   very difficult like if you want to get the the regular sized iPad right now I

01:02:36   don't really know why you'd get a pro like the only real thing that that you

01:02:44   could benefit from is the promotion display but honestly I mean a face ID I

01:02:49   do like face ID on my iPad I will say that but if you've not had it on an iPad

01:02:53   I don't think you'd you would you would feel like you were missing it right like

01:02:59   you because the touch ID in the power button is a nicer place I think than the

01:03:03   home button so yeah if you're coming from an iPad Pro but nobody's coming from

01:03:07   an iPad Pro to an iPad air right like they're coming from your previous iPad

01:03:10   air or from the iPad and so they're not gonna they're gonna be so blown away by

01:03:14   the things that did come from the iPad pros I don't think they're gonna cry too

01:03:18   much about not having face ID yeah and again like Emma saying in the chat the

01:03:22   speakers are different and I could call them the speakers in the upper yes

01:03:25   absolutely fantastic well so there's there's four speakers in the iPad Pro

01:03:28   there are only two speakers in the iPad air but they are side by you know

01:03:31   they're on the opposite sides now so you do get the stereo so it's better not the

01:03:37   same it's like again like if you're coming from anything other than the

01:03:39   current iPad Pro I mean but look there is an argument to be made for some

01:03:43   people that they might want to go from the 2018 pro to this sure is this has

01:03:48   the a14 bionic chip the first Apple device to get this chip is fascinating

01:03:54   and shows you the weird time frame like at the weird like wibbly-wobbly time

01:04:00   that we're in because I guarantee you this was not supposed to be the first time

01:04:05   since the iPad 2 that an Apple chip family has debuted in something other

01:04:11   than an iPhone and for a long day you in the conceit like like and I know it's

01:04:18   like the iPad 2 was a obviously I could see my product but like it was different

01:04:21   now right but the idea is like it if this had debuted in an iPad Pro first if

01:04:25   we would have got this chip in the 2020 iPad Pro we wouldn't have really bad too

01:04:29   much of an eye at it right like it's like okay cool of course right but the

01:04:33   a14 bionic chip has is a 5 nanometer chip it is 6 core CPU which is 40%

01:04:41   faster a 4 core GPU which is 30% faster 2 times faster neural engine 10 times

01:04:48   faster machine learning accelerators this thing is a beast yeah and and it's

01:04:53   funny because they did do a little chip presentation but I suspect that they

01:04:56   held a bunch of hype back because they're gonna want to hype it again when

01:04:59   the iPhone comes out and explain again just why the a14 is so great but they

01:05:03   did sort of split the difference here and do the a14 launch now and talk about

01:05:08   why it's so great it's you know it's got the four performance cores and two

01:05:12   energy efficiency cores and all that you know it's a six core processor it's got

01:05:17   a bunch of machine learning like you said accelerators and the idea here is

01:05:22   that it's much more efficient at machine learning and this is obviously something

01:05:25   Apple cares about across the line and let's say it like not only is this the

01:05:30   first product to carry this generation of Apple silicon in it and it's an iPad

01:05:36   air and the iPhone will follow but let's just say it like this is also almost

01:05:44   certainly the generation of chip that will go in the Mac for the first time

01:05:49   and here it is on the iPad air it's funny funny how life comes at you fast

01:05:53   sometimes huh yeah I I am really excited to see the benchmarks on this thing I

01:06:00   really want to see the benchmarks from this thing to really just really

01:06:05   understand what are we dealing with here because it feels like this is very

01:06:12   powerful and I wonder like is will we see this year an a14 X in another

01:06:20   product or will we wait I don't know I don't know I don't know I I think the

01:06:24   iPad Pro has to have the equivalent of an a14 X in it we've debated whether you

01:06:30   could do a low-end Mac like a MacBook using just the a14 and get away with it

01:06:39   and the answer is maybe I reckon you could I reckon maybe and so that's

01:06:43   Apple's plan then maybe they would need that but I feel like the iPad Pro chip

01:06:48   is gonna be in most of the Mac's that they release so whether that's this fall

01:06:52   or next spring we'll see do you think we're gonna see another iPad Pro this

01:06:59   year like where did I go now with the iPad Pro I think that's the the real

01:07:04   question is the iPad Pro is on the clock right there are so many the it makes

01:07:09   sense for Apple to do this and pull Pro features down to the iPad air I think

01:07:11   it's great I think it makes sense but it also implies that they've got a next

01:07:17   step for the iPad Pro which honestly mini LED right this year is very

01:07:23   middling like not an update update for the iPad Pro also actually strongly

01:07:27   suggests that there is a much bigger update coming yeah but it's not it was

01:07:31   not ready yet so maybe that's early next year and and yeah it does the display

01:07:36   technology change what other stuff are they doing in that product in order to

01:07:41   vault it further because although I think Apple is comfortable having the

01:07:46   low-end iPad Pro and the iPad air be where they are now I would say in the

01:07:51   long run they're too close for comfort this is this is that moment when they're

01:07:55   close but then the iPad Pro is gonna get a boost and then be appreciably better

01:08:01   in a whole bunch of ways that it isn't right now but what those ways are remains

01:08:06   to be seen I don't know it sounds like the rumors suggest that this is a more

01:08:10   of a next year thing than it is and I would I would believe that if for no

01:08:14   other reason than Apple bothered to do an iPad Pro update this year mm-hmm and

01:08:19   that suggests that they they needed some time before the next iPad Pro was gonna

01:08:22   be ready to go yeah in addition to doing USB C that means that it does 4k video

01:08:27   out so that's yet another thing that it's got going on so it's got USB C and

01:08:31   that means all the video out you'd expect so it'll do a 4k video out just

01:08:35   on an iPad air for starting a $5.99 right like so so bringing down the iPad Pro

01:08:42   price a lot of these features now come down to $5.99 which is Apple's been doing

01:08:47   this for a few years now that when they finally kind of got the iPad product

01:08:51   line where they wanted it and this is just you know the machinery continues to

01:08:56   spin and those features keep coming down in price as time goes on so here we are

01:09:00   the 11 inch iPad Pro starts at $7.99 but that is for 128 gigabyte so that $5.99

01:09:08   model is I think somewhat unfortunately a 64 gigabyte model yeah but it's $5.99 I

01:09:16   mean again I know I know I know but it's that's super such a super small amount

01:09:19   and this tops out at 256 gigabytes at $7.49 is where the iPad where the iPad air

01:09:27   tops out but again fantastic product gets all the incredible accessories

01:09:32   available to it really like the Apple pencil - it's just like an absolute

01:09:36   winner like yeah this is a fan absolutely fantastic product like if I

01:09:40   if someone came to me today and said like I want to get an iPad which one should

01:09:44   I get this is this is my current recommendation to people like even if

01:09:49   they were saying like well you know I want an iPad Pro I would say look at

01:09:52   this first because it's cheaper you get all of the features pretty much that you

01:09:58   are most likely to care about and it's gonna last you maybe a little bit longer

01:10:03   because the chip is newer I think Apple figures that the people who are buying

01:10:07   the iPad air are people who are upgrading and getting new features and

01:10:14   are probably not iPad Pro buyers I think that they they figure like the iPad Pro

01:10:19   buyers know who they are and they're self selecting and the iPad Pro buyers are

01:10:23   not buying iPad pros right now so they're fine and then throw in the magic

01:10:28   keyboard right I mean that is not a cheap keyboard but at least it does work

01:10:33   with this thing that starts at $5.99 and that means that Apple's Apple's complete

01:10:38   iPad argument just got cheaper right like here's our answer to other laptops

01:10:46   is we've got an iPad plus a magic keyboard that's got keyboard pointing

01:10:51   device and an iPad all in one and that just came down in price by a couple

01:10:55   hundred bucks and that's that you know an Apple like I said yesterday happy to

01:11:00   sell more magic keyboards to whoever wants one for the you know price and the

01:11:05   profit margin they're getting from that thing this episode of upgrade is brought

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01:13:09   mint mobile for their support of this show and relay FM now I was 14 iPad OS

01:13:18   14 watch OS 7 TV OS 14 they're coming tomorrow Jason big surprise yeah this

01:13:26   one the gold master releases are out now this is this is this is surprising what

01:13:35   this tells me personally is Apple's timeline never changed because this is

01:13:42   when it would be coming out right like in a normal set of circumstances we

01:13:47   would be getting iOS 14 basically now and we are so even though WWDC came

01:13:54   later Apple stuck to their timeline right does that make sense what I'm

01:13:59   saying like this is we in in 2020 version B the iPhone would have been

01:14:05   announced last week probably on Wednesday and then Wednesday at the

01:14:09   following week which it is is when iOS 14 would have dropped and that's what's

01:14:13   happening but typically when a new version of iOS comes out we get a week

01:14:18   notice they say hey developers here's the golden master submit your apps yeah

01:14:24   it's not just here's the gold master it's here's the golden master here's the

01:14:27   final version of Xcode yep here are all the things you need to submit your apps

01:14:31   so that they can get approved so that they can be ready yeah when the new

01:14:37   version of the OS ships to people so that people don't update and then your

01:14:41   apps are weird and then they complain to the developer that their apps are broken

01:14:45   because let's make it clear in case you're not that familiar with this no

01:14:49   developer could submit their application for iOS 14 for review until today and

01:14:56   ios 14 comes out tomorrow so that means for any app to be available with widgets

01:15:04   in for example in the App Store they have to have been approved between now

01:15:09   and maybe at this point 12 hours from now seems unlikely at best and I find

01:15:18   that peculiar I asked our friend of the show James Thompson so like I asked him

01:15:22   to sense check that for me and James says it depends on how long that review

01:15:25   is gonna take for iOS 14 builds sometimes in the best conditions app

01:15:29   review can be the same day but I doubt that it will be right now I think it's

01:15:32   almost impossible but James said that he will try and get something in tonight

01:15:36   and see what happens and I have been seeing James along with many other

01:15:40   developer friends fighting with Xcode like Xcode's not working there seems to

01:15:44   have been an issue this is very peculiar to me I have been thinking about this

01:15:51   for the last couple of hours I can't work out why they needed to do this

01:15:57   right so they have to have watch over 7 and ios 14 available for the watches

01:16:03   right yes and the watches ship on Friday there yes why do they need to ship on

01:16:09   Friday why don't they ship next Friday or why didn't they a week ago say

01:16:14   here's the GM I don't know I can't think of any I can't find logic in this Jason

01:16:21   it's a very very weird thing to do because it's like at a time where many

01:16:28   developers not just indie developers many developers across up and down right

01:16:34   company sizes are feeling frustrated at Apple they do this and it's like there's

01:16:40   no I can't find a logic to it because you could say like Oh Apple wanted to

01:16:44   get the Apple watch sales in on this financial quarter it's not gonna make a

01:16:48   difference to what's gonna be a dismal financial quarter because there's no two

01:16:52   weeks two weeks of Apple watch sales is not gonna make that much of a difference

01:16:57   regardless it's not gonna pick up more than like a single percentage point my

01:17:01   my guess is that it was a chain of events it was you know we're gonna

01:17:05   declare this a final so that we can ship it so that we can we're gonna bring

01:17:10   the Apple watch forward and we're gonna bring the iPad forward but that means we

01:17:13   need to ship them which means we need to ship the OS at which point we need we

01:17:18   might as well build that version for the new phones when they come and then

01:17:22   they'll just update when they get there okay I get all of that but you're right

01:17:25   the next question is Thursday or Friday if you have to do it this week why put

01:17:31   iOS 14 out tomorrow and why not release a GM last week right and I think maybe

01:17:38   the answer there is some of the things that we found which is there's things in

01:17:41   the in the GM that weren't in the betas because Apple made some announcements

01:17:46   and maybe there's stuff in there that wasn't in there before right but then

01:17:50   put those in iOS 14 point 0.1 yeah day one in date for the new products right

01:17:57   like yeah I yeah I just this this is so weird to me give it given how I mean

01:18:04   developers yesterday were reading the tea leaves and being like whoa you know

01:18:07   there's there we've had these updates coming fast and furious and that this is

01:18:12   a sign that maybe they're about to go gold master I mean like that was out

01:18:14   there but not having a GM not having the final Xcode like this is this is it took

01:18:22   it took a lot of longtime Apple developers by surprise because this is

01:18:28   not it's not just that it's a surprise it's that if you want to submit with a

01:18:33   new version of Xcode you need to like get it and then submit it and then

01:18:37   literally if it comes out tomorrow people are gonna be updating tomorrow

01:18:41   and you're you know if you're really quick about it you'll have submitted

01:18:46   will it be approved and it just I come back to your thing which is why did it

01:18:51   need to be this way and I don't know we don't know all the details and maybe the

01:18:55   answer is it wasn't supposed to be this way and then they had an issue and then

01:18:58   so it slipped but they knew they had the hard deadline because they were going to

01:19:02   have this event and they were going to announce the watch and the iPads and so

01:19:05   therefore they need to have it I don't know that that's my best guess is that

01:19:09   this isn't malicious and this isn't uninformed by people at Apple but more

01:19:13   that something happened that compressed the schedule beyond what you know what

01:19:19   they would have liked it but the end result is that developers are kind of

01:19:21   freaked out and again I'm fortunate I can follow all of that but you could have

01:19:25   set put the gold master out yesterday and you could have iOS 14 come out and

01:19:31   Thursday right like you could have given more than less than 24 hours notice

01:19:35   because people will update to iOS 14 and they're gonna have no widgets yeah and

01:19:42   they're gonna apps that are that are weird and maybe don't work right and

01:19:47   yep mm-hmm so like yeah Apple is is inconveniencing their own customers

01:19:53   their own customers will have a bad experience even if you remove our

01:19:57   developer like leaning right like we lean towards developers because most of

01:20:02   our friends are developers many people in community and listeners are

01:20:05   developers so we are very developer focused but if you just look at the

01:20:09   customer side of it people that pay attention to this are gonna be like where

01:20:14   are all the widgets that I was promised where all the app clips yeah where's

01:20:19   all this do it it's why aren't you doing widgets there's nothing answer is just

01:20:23   wait and I just I find it I just find it for if this is really weird to me it's

01:20:30   it's strange so overall I have a question for you looking at everything

01:20:36   that they announced did this event have a reason to exist at it didn't should it

01:20:43   have been what do you think oh I mean it didn't have to exist like I said at the

01:20:53   top I like it because it's it's short and then more events shorter events and

01:20:58   more of them I kind of like the idea certainly didn't have to Apple could

01:21:02   have delayed all of these - I think Apple at some point said okay well the

01:21:07   phones are delayed so we're gonna delay the announcement of the phones but we're

01:21:11   right on time with the watch and the iPad so we might as well just go ahead

01:21:14   and announce them and we have too much embedded in especially the watch with

01:21:19   the fitness plus service for us to launch it with a press release we really

01:21:23   wearables is very important to us we need to not let that go by but we don't

01:21:28   want to wait and hold them hold them up for the iPhone so let's do it like that

01:21:33   was obviously a decision that they made that they didn't want to wait they

01:21:36   didn't want to hold him up but they didn't think that this was it was more

01:21:41   important than not having an event and also I think it's a question of like

01:21:44   could Apple call more events like why why not just do a an iPhone and Apple

01:21:51   watch event or an iPad and Apple watch event mm-hmm so they did so it didn't

01:21:57   have to but Apple decided why not do it why make them wait for the iPhone I

01:22:02   would say you know this is all about what's available to ship when I'm always

01:22:09   struck by the fact that Apple watch in this case Apple watch and iPad have have

01:22:15   essentially nothing in common it's literally we're gonna talk to you today

01:22:18   about two things that have nothing in common except Apple and if you were

01:22:22   planning this in advance as opposed to what this is which is we've got the

01:22:26   products that we've gotten here they are I would put the iPad with the Mac right

01:22:31   as they've done in the past not with the Apple watch it's a weird like iPad

01:22:37   doesn't even talk to the Apple watch it can't can't even talk to the the whole

01:22:40   health API stuff it's just it won't it's my complaint about it isn't I think

01:22:45   that's dumb but it doesn't do it so they press them together because that was

01:22:49   what they had and I'd say you know thematically it's not the best fit but

01:22:53   they are the products that they have and they didn't want to wait so you know I

01:22:58   think that's it I think I think maybe it's that simple which is look if we're

01:23:01   not calling people in person to an event anyway and we're just making a video why

01:23:05   don't we just make an hour-long video about these to get them out of the way

01:23:09   and potentially the other part of that story is we know what we've got a long

01:23:15   with the iPhone for later and it's a lot so we'll give all of that room to breathe

01:23:22   and get these things out of the way when they're ready to go and I think that's

01:23:26   probably part of the truth is they're looking at what one event would be like

01:23:29   with everything that's on their plate and saying that's not a good idea that's

01:23:34   too many things and so if we're gonna break it up why don't we just do an

01:23:37   event in the in the traditional mid-september slot for products that are

01:23:43   ready to ship and get them out and ship the OS and then do a second event later

01:23:48   so didn't have to happen but I understand why they probably did it it

01:23:52   is a little bit weird thematically doesn't really link up they don't have

01:23:55   one story to tell here it's really like two stories to tell neither which is the

01:24:00   iPhone which is the story everybody wants to hear but you know again I don't

01:24:05   mind that it's a different kind of Apple event it's not earth-shattering a lot of

01:24:08   the criticism will be literally that it's not earth-shattering it's like

01:24:11   that's okay that's okay personally are you looking we are you interested in in

01:24:19   any of this hardware for the snow household hmm I think I think probably

01:24:25   not I'm I'll be as always I'll be tempted in the Apple watch be tempted by

01:24:30   the Apple watch a little bit just because I do use my Apple watch a lot

01:24:34   and I'm you know and I'm very excited about the colors honestly the colors

01:24:41   excite me but probably not this is probably not an event that's going to

01:24:44   generate a lot of hardware sales in our house I'm I have no hardware I'm gonna

01:24:49   get all I'll sign up for Apple one and yeah well I'll be I'll be in the bundle

01:24:55   and I will try out the fitness stuff for sure so the serve on the services side

01:24:59   ironically after all of that and all our complaints about Apple and trying new

01:25:02   services the services that this is the stuff that you and I both walk away from

01:25:06   this event saying oh I'll try that out yep don't forget Friday 18th of September

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01:25:47   Thursday but there is still a lot to come maybe next week we'll talk a little

01:25:52   bit about that I'm sure next week we'll be talking a bunch about iOS 14 tvos 14

01:25:57   and all that good stuff and I'm sure there will be a lot of drama between now

01:26:02   and then Jason Snow. Real time follow-up our friend of the show James Thompson

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01:26:42   but like yeah I assume you're working on something nope I'm not okay that's fine

01:26:47   I apologize Dan wrote a piece about iOS when that went to public beta that I

01:26:52   would imagine that he might adapt and turn into a piece that's a review and I

01:26:57   wrote about iPad OS a little bit and I will probably do a version of that at

01:27:01   some point right but in terms of the advanced work that I've done on iOS and

01:27:08   iPad OS in terms of writing no none fair enough fair enough I'm sure there's a

01:27:16   lot of stuff still going on out there they're gonna find Jason online at Jason

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