315: The 2020 September Event Draft


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00:00:14   From relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 315, and it is the 2020

00:00:21   September event draft. My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:24   I say goodbye to you Summer, until next year.

00:00:27   You'll be back Summer, we love you. Goodbye Summer. Hello Jason Snell.

00:00:31   I miss the marching bands, Myke. I miss the real marching bands.

00:00:36   I only have the virtual marching bands now. It's college football season. I would

00:00:39   normally be like in a football stadium with marching

00:00:42   bands and they'd be playing, you know, something that sounds a little

00:00:45   bit like the Upgrade draft music and it's just not there. But we're here and

00:00:49   the draft continues. See, because again, 2020 can't stop us. We continue to draft

00:00:54   things. People wonder when is the Summer of Fun going away? Will the Summer of Fun?

00:00:59   It's gone away. It just did it right then. That was it. That's it.

00:01:03   Summer's over. Fun continues. Kind of unexpectedly, I think. So actually I have a hashtag SnellTalk

00:01:08   question for you, which is were you expecting

00:01:12   Apple to have their event this week? We said this last time, I thought it was

00:01:19   more likely that they would have the event on the 22nd and not the 15th.

00:01:23   A week's notice is a little awkward. It is awkward for us

00:01:27   especially, which is why we're doing something a little bit different this

00:01:30   week, which we'll get to in a minute. But I

00:01:33   think what happened, and this was already kind of in the water when we

00:01:37   talked last week and then it got stronger and stronger and then

00:01:40   they made their announcement, is this idea that

00:01:44   it's not an iPhone event and that the iPhone is coming later because of the

00:01:48   delays that we did talk about months ago. They said it would be delayed by weeks.

00:01:52   Luca Maestri, the CFO, said that in their conference call with analysts.

00:01:56   So on that level, not surprising, I think we expected it would be, you know, push

00:02:00   the event back two or three weeks and do it then. And Apple seems to have

00:02:06   decided that they're going to do another event for the iPhone.

00:02:10   And we were kind of guessing about why this would be.

00:02:14   And I think the answer is probably that they want to get these other products

00:02:18   out there and they want to ship iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

00:02:24   and the new version of watchOS as well and just get it out there.

00:02:27   And then they will be able to continue and launch new phones later because

00:02:32   you have to have the new version of iOS before the phone ship, but you don't have

00:02:35   to have the new version of iOS the moment the phone ship. You could have it

00:02:39   earlier, which seems to be what they're probably going to do. So anyway,

00:02:42   you know, with iPhone out of the way then it's sort of like,

00:02:46   it could be anytime and the answer is it is anytime. It's tomorrow

00:02:50   as we record this. It's the 15th. So I thought it was possible. I was hoping

00:02:56   we would, you know, be able to do upgrade and know that it was coming. But

00:03:01   in this era of Apple virtual events we're just going to have to adapt, Myke.

00:03:05   And if you are wondering why on earth are they recording today

00:03:08   when the event is tomorrow as we record this, it's because we are going to be

00:03:11   doing two episodes of upgrade this week. There was no way we were not going

00:03:15   to have a draft. Neither Jason or myself could record over the weekend.

00:03:20   So we were like, you know what, let's draft Monday. We'll do a shorter episode

00:03:23   and then Tuesday we'll come back and do our usual post

00:03:27   keynote episode. And there's no way we weren't drafting. So

00:03:30   it's going to be two episodes. So I would expect most people will be listening to

00:03:33   this maybe in the morning or in the afternoon depending on what time zone

00:03:36   you're in before the event, which I think is kind

00:03:39   of fun if you've got that going on. That's right. And if you're listening after the

00:03:42   event you get to chuckle at all the mistakes we made,

00:03:44   which is also fun. And also if you do listen

00:03:47   after the event, more power to you and I love your support.

00:03:51   If like you will listen to a draft episode after you already know the

00:03:54   results, you are a very special upgrade. You can

00:03:58   get the scorecard out and score along with us since you know the future and we

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00:05:56   So we kind of covered this a little bit but we only

00:05:59   have this one week notice so which was kind of fun

00:06:02   and because of the fact that we've seen lots and lots of media reports for

00:06:07   this event stating that there will be no iPhones

00:06:11   we have decided after some deliberation to exclude

00:06:16   the requirement for iPhone picks from this draft because

00:06:20   we're doing something a little new this time. We're actually going because we

00:06:24   believe there's going to be multiple drafts for this season

00:06:28   we're going to actually do the drafting categories of picks

00:06:31   so we're going to have three Apple Watch picks

00:06:35   three iPad picks and then four picks that are free

00:06:39   and then I think you know depending on what gets announced and what doesn't

00:06:43   in the event we will then for the second draft we will do a similar

00:06:48   thing I think for this year and see how this works but this is

00:06:51   this is maybe something that we will continue because it might add something

00:06:55   new to the draft but just because things were so

00:06:58   peculiar we wanted to maybe lock this one up a bit tighter because

00:07:03   otherwise I think it could have gotten a little bit out of hand

00:07:05   in certain areas so we're doing three picks of Apple Watch three picks of iPad

00:07:10   four picks that are free and those four picks that are free

00:07:14   can include iPhone picks I guess at the pickers

00:07:17   peril maybe? Yes that's right if you want to be bold and say

00:07:23   they will announce the iPhone despite all reports to the contrary you can

00:07:27   but we're not going to waste your time making iPhone picks that we think are

00:07:30   probably not going to happen. Yeah and so I'll go through the rules but

00:07:34   one of the rules that we have is about obvious picks that picks can't be too

00:07:37   obvious and one of the picks that has been removed for obvious

00:07:40   is to say no iPhones and that's still that's but you know that I would say

00:07:46   that was in our document and maybe four days ago when we started it I don't

00:07:49   think it was obvious but now there's been so many reports

00:07:53   over the weekend and today about the fact that there won't be iPhones

00:07:57   at this event that it seems unlikely. We may touch on

00:08:02   this during the episode during the draft

00:08:05   but I am a little bit perplexed as to why Apple just haven't made it

00:08:10   incredibly clear before the event that it won't be

00:08:13   an iPhone related event I think that they could have done that and it would

00:08:17   have been fine but we'll see how that comes back to

00:08:21   bite them if at all because I could imagine you know a lot of

00:08:24   the mainstream press being like Apple announced no iPhones today and that's

00:08:28   kind of like the the story which I don't think is the

00:08:31   what they want to uh receive so we'll see how it goes but

00:08:36   that was an interesting thing for me I mean I they very very clearly could have

00:08:39   just said come and hear us talk about the Apple

00:08:41   watch and just like left it at that but we'll see. All right so these are the

00:08:45   draft rules for this here draft today. We're doing

00:08:48   10 rounds which is 20 overall picks. The winner of the previous draft gets to

00:08:52   pick first and that is Jason. We've had one draft this year which Jason

00:08:56   scored the win on which is the WWDC draft.

00:08:59   For an item to count it must either be clearly announced on

00:09:02   stage or on the video in the video right video

00:09:07   uh either by the person or shown or on a slide

00:09:10   during the presentation so in those word clouds if they have them during this

00:09:14   presentation that stuff will count too. But post it on the website in some weird

00:09:18   corner or set in a in a tweet or whatever like if it's not

00:09:23   in the video stream as we watch it and yes

00:09:26   that means like if you freeze frame it and there's a word on the screen that

00:09:30   counts but like there's always that ancillary stuff that's

00:09:33   on the associated web pages those don't count.

00:09:35   Yep exactly. Stephen Hackett will provide adjudication in the case of a

00:09:41   scoring stalemate between Jason and I but I actually don't remember the last

00:09:46   time we needed Stephen's help where we couldn't decide but it's good to

00:09:50   have it there. We've been pretty gentlemanly about it. I would say very sportsman-like.

00:09:56   No half points can be awarded. Four points only.

00:09:59   Yes. No points awarded for pre-announced or ridiculously obvious items so if Apple

00:10:04   announces an Apple Watch between now and tomorrow

00:10:07   doesn't matter. And in the case of a tie we have a tiebreaker question and as the

00:10:13   loser I get to pick the tiebreaker my

00:10:16   answer to the tiebreaker. Now you may be saying to yourself boy

00:10:19   that's a lot of rules. If you think that I recommend you go

00:10:22   listen to last week's episode of Connected

00:10:26   in which you guys decided to pick up the excitement of having

00:10:30   a pre-Apple event challenge from upgrade. I think we

00:10:34   inspired that and it has become more and more baroque over time. It's mostly just

00:10:41   rules now. It's it's the show is largely rules and

00:10:44   the picks are sort of you guys arguing about the rules is the point and then

00:10:47   the picks are beside the point. Yeah anyway it's basically what I like

00:10:51   about what we call the Rickies which is the predictions for Connected is they

00:10:54   are pretty much the opposite of these ones

00:10:57   which was I think by design from everybody involved right so it's

00:11:01   mostly rules not very serious and it's full of conspiracies. Indeed not

00:11:06   like us. Not like us. We know what we're doing here. It's all

00:11:09   above board. Serious stuff. So I mentioned before

00:11:12   there's been one draft this year which was funny to me to go through the

00:11:15   results. It's like oh wow only one draft this year

00:11:18   which you picked up the win and going back for our history of drafts I have

00:11:22   never won a September draft. I've only ever won

00:11:24   drafts in June. I have never won a draft in September.

00:11:28   Maybe the iPhone is the curse for me and if there's no iPhone it will be broken

00:11:32   today who knows. 2020 anything everything is different

00:11:35   anything can change and that you could come out on top.

00:11:39   Not feeling particularly confident going into it though Jason I'm not gonna lie

00:11:43   maybe that's like giving you blood in the water but

00:11:45   this one this one's so weird and so different.

00:11:48   I'm right there with you. I don't feel particularly confident but we do have a

00:11:52   tiebreaker as I mentioned so in the event of a tie we go to our

00:11:56   tiebreaker question and we decided on this before the show.

00:11:59   So we're doing an over under on the duration of the event.

00:12:02   So the tiebreaker is 90 minute duration is the baseline that we have picked.

00:12:07   Will we say over or under in runtime and as the loser I am going to pick first

00:12:12   and I'm going to say that we will see over 90 minutes.

00:12:18   Do I get the 90 if it's bang on 90? Do I get that? Is it 90 and over?

00:12:22   You're picking me over so if it's 90 minutes and zero seconds I win.

00:12:25   If it's 90 minutes and one second you win.

00:12:28   All right so I'm gonna get over 90 minutes Jason we'll get under 90 minutes.

00:12:33   I had to really deliberate on this one Jason

00:12:35   but it seems like everywhere that it's listed

00:12:38   Apple has given themselves two hours for this.

00:12:42   So that's that's kind of what's let me go for the 90 but I will tell you

00:12:46   if they are just doing what we think they're gonna do

00:12:49   I don't know how they can go for 90 minutes but

00:12:52   we'll see as we go through this conversation as to whether we believe that.

00:12:56   This is why we said that at 90 because we the idea of playing over under is you

00:12:59   need to come to an agreement about a number that

00:13:02   is that gives you pause that you're like oh

00:13:05   that's really hard because I feel like that's a good break.

00:13:07   And I thought 90 was actually a pretty good break because I think the real

00:13:10   question here is is Apple going to stuff this so full that

00:13:13   they basically are going to fill their two hours that they always

00:13:17   fill or is this a different kind of event where there's a lot less stuff and

00:13:21   even though they've got a two-hour slot they're not really going to fill two

00:13:24   hours and it's an hour 15. And I think those are both reasonable

00:13:29   arguments and that's essentially what we're

00:13:30   saying by placing it at 90. So Myke's going for the as a tie break again it's

00:13:35   only a tie break for the the stuffed mega stuffed

00:13:38   event and that leaves me with the the lighter

00:13:42   lightweight event and we'll see. Don't forget you'll be able to score along at

00:13:45   home and we encourage scoring along at home

00:13:48   and we will put a link in the show notes to an interactive scorecard that is

00:13:52   created by a good friend of the show, Zach Knox. Zach puts together these

00:13:56   wonderful scorecards for us. Yes and we just stressed him again by

00:13:59   creating sections of the he doesn't actually have to call out the sections

00:14:02   if he doesn't want to but we are sectionizing the

00:14:05   draft this time. I have a pretty bad uh track record of

00:14:09   informing Zach in advance of any information.

00:14:12   You've seen you've seen it right here that was the informing in advance.

00:14:15   Moments before we begin Zach has been informed.

00:14:20   Sorry Zach. All right let's take a break and we'll get into

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00:16:16   and RelayFN. Are you ready Jason?

00:16:21   One, two, three. Come on we can do this. I feel trepidatious about this one too

00:16:28   because I don't feel like I was ready. It happened

00:16:32   before I was expecting and then everything I usually

00:16:36   am prepared for of a September event I feel like I can't

00:16:41   pull on any of that knowledge which I know it's very peculiar

00:16:45   but we are where we are so let's go for we're going to do the first three picks

00:16:50   now which are going to be Apple Watch only picks. Jason what is your first?

00:16:55   I like forcing us to pick Apple Watch items right

00:16:59   like usually it's like I'll throw in an Apple Watch item it's like no we must

00:17:02   pick Apple Watch items we must predict things

00:17:05   about the Apple Watch. It changes the strategy this does too. It

00:17:10   does because I have things I'm more sure about that aren't Apple Watch picks

00:17:14   right so my first pick would have not not even been an Apple Watch pick so it

00:17:20   changes the strategy of approaching the draft. Indeed it's like a bunch of little

00:17:23   mini drafts. Indeed which is so we may keep it we may not but like this is

00:17:26   something fun to try. All right so I'm going to predict

00:17:29   the low-priced Apple Watch model that replaces the Series 3.

00:17:33   This is my first pick. I think it's a good one I think it is one of the most

00:17:37   likely ones because we know Tim Cook likes taking old models and

00:17:41   discounting them and by all accounts including like

00:17:44   Apple's own disclosures the Series 3 has sold really well and

00:17:49   it's a good it's a good deal like it's a good deal

00:17:52   it's not the best but it's a good deal however a little

00:17:55   long in the tooth they probably want to upgrade it and the

00:18:00   Series 4 is already discontinued right they didn't keep it

00:18:03   around so you've got the Series 5 and the Series 3

00:18:06   what do you do the rumor is that they're not going to bring back the Series 4

00:18:10   although you know they could do that but what I'm predicting here is it's going

00:18:14   to not be called the Series 4 and it's probably going to have some tech

00:18:18   that's different from the the Series 4 and the Series 3 so a new

00:18:22   model an Apple Watch SE if you will that might not be the name but that idea

00:18:27   of keeping a low price Apple Watch in the uh in the

00:18:31   price list in addition to whatever they introduce

00:18:34   that's sort of the cutting edge Apple Watch

00:18:37   this this um this thought this rumor is intriguing to me but I can't really put

00:18:43   my finger on what I think this product is actually

00:18:46   going to look like I think will it look like

00:18:51   the Series 4 Apple Watch will it look like an Apple Watch we've never

00:18:55   seen before will it have a different form factor like

00:18:58   is it just a cheap Apple Watch or is it a different product like I

00:19:04   I at the moment I am not a hundred percent

00:19:08   sure what I think about this but I do I do

00:19:15   go along with the thinking that there will be a new product

00:19:19   yeah so my my guess if I had to guess specs which is not part of the draft but

00:19:23   if I had to guess specs it would be that it will be um the processor that's

00:19:29   in the new the new Apple Watch that same processor

00:19:33   remove 3d touch right because we assume 3d touch is going to get removed from

00:19:38   the Apple Watch anyway they've already removed it from the operating system

00:19:42   um and not always on display

00:19:47   and then maybe or maybe not the the kind of edge to edge display that's in the

00:19:51   modern models but my guess it's going to be a combination

00:19:54   of specs from the three four and five and maybe six

00:19:59   right but something that they can make cheaply

00:20:03   for them keep their margins up and then let it sit there for another two years

00:20:07   because that's their that's what they do right that's what the se model is

00:20:10   the se doesn't get the old chip it actually gets the current chip but then

00:20:13   it sits there for three four years so I think that's what they're going to do

00:20:16   with the Apple Watches they're going to build a new

00:20:19   kind of like a new old watch and uh it'll have a little bit from column a

00:20:24   and a little bit from column b maybe I'm uh showing my hand a little bit

00:20:29   here but we have this as a potential pick in the

00:20:32   draft and I'm seeing a lot of people talk

00:20:34   about this kind of thing of Apple trying to create like a different form factor

00:20:38   product yeah and I I don't think they're going to do

00:20:41   that I think the Apple Watch is the Apple Watch um

00:20:45   I don't imagine them putting in the effort to create

00:20:50   what would essentially be a different product right

00:20:53   that that seems like maybe for the future

00:20:57   but I don't even think that that would be called an Apple Watch

00:21:01   myself like I think that would be a separate fitness product from Apple

00:21:05   and yeah it's not to say that Apple might not do a fitness band at some

00:21:08   point if you imagine something with little or no display that really is just

00:21:12   a low sort of simple looking band that people

00:21:16   won't feel like they're wearing a watch they're just wearing a fitness band but

00:21:18   it does all of the data syncing and stuff to your iPhone and you have to

00:21:21   bring your iPhone with you or start things off on your iPhone I could

00:21:24   see them maybe making that product the problem is

00:21:27   the Apple Watch exists and Apple has put all this effort into the Apple Watch

00:21:31   and they can make a relatively cheap Apple Watch and I think like

00:21:35   why why create a product that makes it less likely that you'll buy an

00:21:41   Apple Watch when you can make a cheaper Apple Watch

00:21:44   and sell that to people and I know that there's probably a market for a 99

00:21:48   dollar or whatever fitness band and people who don't want to wear a

00:21:51   watch but do want a fitness tracker I know but Apple's put so much

00:21:55   investment into what the Apple Watch is and what it represents

00:21:58   that I think even though they could make that product I'm not sure it makes sense

00:22:01   for them to make that product instead of just making a more affordable Apple

00:22:04   Watch and letting it ride because that's where

00:22:06   they're that's their greatest asset.

00:22:09   All right I'm gonna make my first pick of this draft and say that the Apple

00:22:13   Watch will receive a new health focused sensor. Yep that was going to be

00:22:17   my pick if I didn't pick the other one. Yeah so you know I think I always think

00:22:22   back to last year with the Apple Watch and they really

00:22:26   surprised us right I remember kind of around this time

00:22:30   last year we were talking about the September

00:22:32   event right for uh the the iPhones and the Apple Watch

00:22:38   everything that came out and I remember saying that the biggest

00:22:41   surprise for the both of us was the always on display

00:22:44   in the Apple Watch Series 5 because Apple absolutely

00:22:49   surprised us with that one it wasn't rumored nobody thought it was coming

00:22:53   I think even before that episode we'd spoken about the fact that we thought it

00:22:57   was never going to happen like if it hasn't happened by now and

00:23:01   there's no rumors it kind of seems like it's maybe not going to happen

00:23:04   and you know I was blown away by it because it it made the product

00:23:08   more useful for me and I think was an important thing

00:23:11   I don't necessarily think we're going to see something that's going to do

00:23:17   that again this year because really that was the first time that the Apple Watch

00:23:21   product hardware had ever done that to me right like

00:23:23   really surprised me like that and you know it may have been because like

00:23:28   from a supply chain perspective you can't see that right like you know if

00:23:33   you're putting them together you've got case sizes and molds and stuff you you

00:23:38   can't see this feature and that may have been one of the reasons it didn't get

00:23:41   out or there just isn't such a market for

00:23:44   Apple Watch leaks as there are iPhone links but all of this to say is I don't

00:23:50   believe we're going to see the Series 6 doing something

00:23:54   so out of the box depending on what we're expecting

00:23:59   but what I do always expect Apple to do is wherever they can

00:24:03   push the hardware forward for other health features

00:24:07   and that the Apple Watch Series 6 will get something some new

00:24:11   sensor that will be used for a new health

00:24:14   application not necessarily an app but like a

00:24:18   an application of a health feature and this is

00:24:21   something I would this isn't in my pick but I would expect

00:24:25   that the whatever the new watches are will all get this

00:24:28   right I think that they will do an almost like iPhone

00:24:33   11 kind of idea of like these two watches are effectively the same we've

00:24:38   put the same chips in them we've put the same sensors in them the

00:24:42   differences are the design and the screen right and maybe you know

00:24:46   maybe the the overall shape of the device but that they will want to start

00:24:50   off this this new say the Apple Watch SE we'll call it for the sake of

00:24:54   conversation they want to start off the Series 6 and

00:24:56   the SE at the same baseline and then the SE will maybe go you know

00:25:01   for two generations right but like they start it off saying like here we go

00:25:05   and move on from there that's just my belief but my pick is that there will be

00:25:08   some new health focused sensor that finds its way

00:25:12   into the Apple Watch models this year yeah the most likely scenario is oxygen

00:25:17   which Apple's already been experimenting with doing some measurements of but

00:25:20   I think what they what the dream is and whether they'll be able to get a

00:25:24   authorization for this because it gets into medical device territory

00:25:27   but the the dream is that instead of having the little thing that you have to

00:25:31   put on your finger to to measure your oxygen that they will be

00:25:35   able to do an oxygen display and that in this era of of COVID it

00:25:39   looking at your oxygen number and being able to see if you're you have enough

00:25:43   oxygen is actually a a bigger selling point so whether it's

00:25:47   that or something else though if it's a new sensor

00:25:50   for health you get it and you get the point

00:25:54   what's your second pick oh boy this is hard

00:25:58   this is hard yeah this is I I am gonna go

00:26:03   with um the low-cost watch omitting always on display

00:26:11   and this is a tough one because again the se argument

00:26:15   is it does most of what the current one does but it does need to be cheaper

00:26:19   and so it's gonna have to find some features somewhere isn't it

00:26:23   yeah and that's the always on display there are some special display

00:26:27   technologies that they're using now it would give apple

00:26:30   it would save apple a lot if they only had to make one display

00:26:34   but it would also save apple a lot if they could use the same cheap display

00:26:37   that they're using in the existing model and just keep it there instead of making

00:26:40   this other display that's more more expensive so i i don't have a huge

00:26:44   confidence in this but i'm going to throw it out there that

00:26:46   that's a brand new feature that we got last year and that it's more taxing in

00:26:50   terms of battery perhaps this um you know this one will

00:26:53   have they don't want to tax its battery so much

00:26:55   perhaps it even has less battery i don't even know but

00:26:58   um i think that that's an easy feature to let go but

00:27:01   i also want to acknowledge the risk here which is that apple might just say no

00:27:05   we're going to standardize on one display and it's going to be the display

00:27:09   that's in the series 5 for this model instead of the display

00:27:13   that's in the series uh three or four yeah i can see that like i i see why

00:27:18   you've gone for this pick i can also see why you are

00:27:21   in two minds about it a little bit right but you know

00:27:25   if you're going to make this product cheaper you have to cut a cost somewhere

00:27:29   and the always on display has only appeared in one of the five watch models

00:27:35   so and you also need to not only just cut costs

00:27:39   you have to have re give people reasons to upgrade

00:27:43   right they need reasons to get the series 6

00:27:46   and an always on display could be part of that

00:27:50   right like there has to be some reason why somebody would pay

00:27:55   the extra 100 150 dollars 200 whatever that's right to get the the main model

00:28:01   and this could be yeah the question is what the differentiators are but there

00:28:04   have to be differentiators they can't literally

00:28:06   say we've got two new models to introduce you today there's the series

00:28:09   six and there's uh the the se which is

00:28:11   identical to the series six but cheap probably not going to do that and if

00:28:16   we were going back to the iphone argument you know the only differences

00:28:20   between the no the sorry the main difference between

00:28:22   the 12 and 12 pro is the screen technology so

00:28:27   similarly right yeah and that's because i mean again like

00:28:31   one of the things that can help is if you use older screens in your devices

00:28:35   you know how to make them your yields are higher

00:28:37   it is a way to bring the prices down yeah and they do they do want to make it a

00:28:41   cheaper to make object that they can sell for a lower

00:28:44   price and keep their margins up so i have a one that's a little bit out of the

00:28:48   box here but i got some love in behind it

00:28:50   my second pick is that somebody will wash their hands during the presentation

00:28:54   almost pick this one it's a good one it's a feature

00:28:58   of watch os so why would they not demo that

00:29:01   and it will give them a little joke to do

00:29:04   uh when going between scenes so like i expect at some point they will go to

00:29:09   like a bathroom in apple park and like craig's washing his hands

00:29:13   you know like but i somebody's going to wash their hands during this

00:29:16   presentation because it allows them to demo that

00:29:19   feature allows them to add a little joke in

00:29:22   and i expect and will also allow them to use the scenery that they have at apple

00:29:27   park at their disposal um i mean we hadn't

00:29:31   spoken about this but my expectation is that this event will look

00:29:35   just like wwdc from a production perspective right like

00:29:38   that's my guess because it seems

00:29:42   i had also heard that they were shooting on campus again so

00:29:46   i'm very confident it will look the same yeah i mean i i don't know why you

00:29:50   wouldn't just replicate that because it worked so well and i think it was

00:29:53   it didn't just work well it was like critically acclaimed right like

00:29:56   everybody loved it so why would you not do that

00:29:59   and let me tell you because i have been in one the bathrooms at apple park are

00:30:07   exactly what you'd expect from an apple designed like it's the

00:30:12   same design look as the apple stores and like

00:30:15   it's yeah it would be a fun place and then people would see what a apple park

00:30:20   bathroom looks like they've made all that effort to make them

00:30:22   look nice you gotta show it off so i think this is a good one the only

00:30:26   the only thing that gave me hesitation here is that it's a feature that was

00:30:28   already announced wwc so they may gloss over it and not spend

00:30:32   the time on it but i feel like it's a pretty good pick because this is

00:30:36   there's a real really high chance high probability

00:30:39   that they're gonna use this uh as you said as a way to sort of punctuate

00:30:44   the health features of the apple watch and watch os

00:30:47   yeah i mean it's like with the iphone they always spend time going back over

00:30:50   ios right and so i expect that they will

00:30:53   spend time going back over watch os and frankly there isn't a lot in watch os

00:30:58   um it does make me wonder if one of the actually i don't know if this is a pick

00:31:03   or not uh there's a pick here that i so i won't

00:31:05   talk about it now but we'll get to the end of this and then i'll mention what

00:31:08   i was going to say okay what is your third pick your last

00:31:13   apple watch pick i am going to pick that the watch body

00:31:18   among the color options there's a new color option

00:31:22   i don't know what the color option is and what i'm saying is

00:31:25   an option that doesn't exist currently so if they brought back an old color

00:31:32   option an old material option that we that we had in the past but we don't

00:31:37   currently have i want credit for this but i think they're going to change it up

00:31:40   i i think that and again i think this is a risky pick

00:31:43   because sometimes they don't but i do feel like

00:31:46   innately in apple watch is change in look and if they don't change the body

00:31:51   massively they still like to rotate in some new

00:31:55   looks and that comes in watch band colors it

00:31:58   sometimes comes in watch band styles and it can come in the body color and

00:32:04   body style as well i don't know what this is i have

00:32:07   always been a big proponent of colorful apple products and wishing that they

00:32:13   would do more anodize that aluminum make it red make it

00:32:16   blue make it green i think that would be fun

00:32:18   if you could buy a green apple watch aluminum model i think that would be

00:32:22   awesome but just in general a little bit of

00:32:26   wish casting here but also feeling like apple likes to play with

00:32:30   the look of the apple watch on the surface level so i'll take a shot

00:32:37   yeah i would just uh confirm for the sake of people checking the

00:32:42   picks so this can even be a new material uh well

00:32:46   a material that doesn't exist in the series 5 line so it could have

00:32:50   existed before so if they bring down gray ceramic for example that would count

00:32:53   sure or it's a new color of an existing

00:32:57   material right like like a blue aluminum yeah

00:33:00   exactly so which i think like if they brought back

00:33:02   rose gold did they ever have rose gold did they always have just that one

00:33:07   rose gold in the apple watch i don't remember it

00:33:11   i don't know we'll have to we'll have to check on that we'll get our uh our

00:33:14   our sources on it but yes and and that means yes mike if they bring back the

00:33:17   solid gold apple watch i win i mean sure do you though do you win we

00:33:23   all win we all win when the solid gold apple watch is here

00:33:28   so before before i make my pick i will make the point that i was gonna make

00:33:31   earlier before i forget it talking about like software features what

00:33:36   what i was gonna say is like watch over seven

00:33:39   doesn't have a lot of new stuff in it and

00:33:42   one of the things it does have is sleep tracking so

00:33:46   i could imagine them doing uh something around sleep tracking which could relate

00:33:51   back to that sensor this is a pick that we have but it's not

00:33:54   the pick that i'm making but that was the idea i think i think

00:33:58   it's a a dare i say it risky pick because

00:34:01   um it may be that the software is all they're doing for sleep tracking but i

00:34:04   do think it's possible that since they have that software that

00:34:08   there will also be something in the hardware that enhances the

00:34:13   sleep tracking yeah that we haven't seen because they

00:34:16   haven't announced the hardware yet but i didn't pick it either

00:34:18   so i don't blame you

00:34:21   all right so i was gonna pick your pick for my final pick here

00:34:25   so we we have been really on point today we've been sniping each other here we

00:34:30   are building this is the great thing about the draft it's a competition it's

00:34:32   also a collaboration where we build our best list

00:34:36   so i'm looking over my picks here all right so i think the thing that i'm

00:34:40   going to go with is that the apple watch gets claims of extended battery life

00:34:46   right so this is where they say essentially the battery life is longer

00:34:50   yeah or they say a number that is larger than

00:34:53   the number they say now yeah exactly like you know that it's

00:34:57   somehow we can see during the presentation that the battery

00:35:00   life would appear to be getting better and it's either they say it's getting

00:35:03   better or they say this gets this battery life

00:35:05   and that's more than than what the watch is currently getting yeah i think that's

00:35:09   good um knowing what we assume at least which

00:35:12   is that since as i mentioned earlier the watch os

00:35:15   update removes 3d touch from the operating system that

00:35:21   it will be removed from the hardware and what we've seen

00:35:25   when they removed it from the iphone hardware is you pick up space and space

00:35:31   is at such a premium on the apple watch so really there are

00:35:36   two options there either it gets thinner or it gets more

00:35:40   battery and you throw in also that a new chip

00:35:43   probably is better at regulating um battery usage

00:35:48   and it's not a bad pick to make because i could also imagine them saying

00:35:52   the se is like because if it's got it doesn't have an always on display

00:35:57   it's the same size and doesn't have uh force touch 3d touch i could imagine

00:36:03   them saying like this is the longest battery life we've

00:36:07   ever seen on an apple watch yeah you know i i've amended your pick to

00:36:11   be an apple watch its claim of extended battery life it could be either model

00:36:15   it could be either model that's that's a good clarification so

00:36:18   they are apple watch picks so that's three picks down let's move

00:36:21   on to ipad so next picks four to six ipad

00:36:26   only picks take it away jason oh boy um i'm gonna go out of the gate

00:36:32   with a i think a fairly substantially rumored

00:36:36   guess which is that this is going to be a new ipad

00:36:39   presumably ipad air although who knows about the marketing name but what

00:36:43   they're going to do is they're going to bring the edge to edge

00:36:45   screen design right to the ipad they're going to get rid of those huge bezels

00:36:49   and the home button on the bottom and all that stuff that we

00:36:53   those of us who use who are using the modern ipad pro are like

00:36:57   oh that's like an ipad from two years ago but

00:37:00   um they it's literally all the other ipads are like that still it's only the

00:37:03   ipad pro that changed so um this is part of something that we've

00:37:07   talked about here before the idea that the ipad air

00:37:10   allows apple to bring ipad pro features down

00:37:14   in the in pricing because not everybody wants to buy a 900 iPad

00:37:18   and um and apple has been really aggressive at bringing things like

00:37:22   apple pencil down to the lower priced ipads

00:37:26   pretty quickly which i think says something about their confidence of the

00:37:30   value that is still embedded in the ipad pro at the top of

00:37:34   the line so i think it's a rumor that makes sense to me i

00:37:38   think it's they want to go there with all of these products and it's just a

00:37:41   matter of rolling them out over time and ipad air is up next so it gets it

00:37:47   and so just to clarify we're just saying new ipad with edge to edge

00:37:52   screen design so it could be it could i mean like let's imagine it did nothing

00:37:56   to the ipad air but the ipad mini got this

00:37:58   right like that would work too yeah it doesn't have to be the ipad air it

00:38:01   doesn't have to be called ipad air it's a new ipad

00:38:04   that drops that it shrinks down the bezels gets rid of the home button

00:38:08   yeah and part of the reason that we're saying new ipad is

00:38:12   i'm i don't know what they will call this ipad right i know right this just

00:38:16   becomes ipad or it's ipad air or whatever um and

00:38:21   frankly like all like that like that if they introduced a new ipad pro like

00:38:25   it's not going to change the design it doesn't it's not what it is this is a

00:38:29   non-pro ipad as jason is amending the pic now new non-pro ipad

00:38:34   with edge to edge screen design so i am going to say

00:38:38   new non-pro ipad gets a flat edge design all right so we're we're very on track

00:38:45   again with this one i think we've mentioned this in the past

00:38:50   this ipad pro design is not just the ipad pro

00:38:55   design it is 2020 onwards apple design right of like a more kind of

00:39:01   industrial design flat edges sharper corners you know

00:39:05   we've seen this coming to the iphone we've seen this coming rumored to be

00:39:09   coming to the imac right so like we are seeing like a a

00:39:15   flat edge design uh on a new non-pro ipad right and i'm just going to say it

00:39:21   now because uh steve ml on the chat room said what if

00:39:25   it's the ipad mini pro or something like that

00:39:27   look the point is you don't get any points if they just revise an existing

00:39:31   ipad pro that's exist got an existing trait yeah this is about a model that we

00:39:36   haven't seen before with this trait that it didn't have

00:39:40   before that's what we're talking about here i

00:39:43   think we know it when we see it i love it when we are more in agreement as the

00:39:46   competitors than the audiences about who's writing

00:39:49   news wrong yeah i think that's good i think i think

00:39:53   these these are the rumors right is that apple wants to push all of the

00:39:56   this stuff down into um down into everybody

00:40:00   else's uh everybody else's ipad right they just they want to do that

00:40:06   all right i'm gonna uh pick up from your pick then

00:40:09   and run with it and say that that means since it's got a flat edge design it's

00:40:13   going to be pencil 2 compatible because pencil ipad

00:40:18   pencil is is fine and all but then you use the ipad

00:40:20   pencil 2 and if you've ever gone back to the original ipad pencil you're like

00:40:23   what is this like with the with the cap with the lightning nubbin under it and

00:40:30   all of that like the new pencil is so good and

00:40:34   i i think this apple wants to roll it down and ultimately stop making apple

00:40:38   pencil 1 and the problem with apple pencil 2 is

00:40:41   it charges inductively and you have to stick it to the side of the ipad which

00:40:44   means you have to have a flat sided ipad which this ipad that we're guessing

00:40:49   about is going to be so why would it not bring

00:40:52   support for pencil 2 now there is a possibility they'll do the flat sides

00:40:56   but they'll save money by not acting adding the inductive charging and

00:40:59   they'll still use pencil 1 and you'll still have a lightning port on

00:41:03   it which is a pic that's out there and uh you'll have to plug it in but i

00:41:07   believe that apple really wants to get rid of that

00:41:09   old approach and uh move everybody to the new one so it's the time

00:41:13   predict pencil 2 yeah it's the time like the the the i think we've seen it right

00:41:18   like that the ipad line is like the mac laptop line really

00:41:24   where like the the professional models get a certain feature

00:41:27   and it will eventually roll its way down through the entire consumer line as well

00:41:31   as the professional line yeah and we have seen that happening with

00:41:34   the ipad pro since its existence and we're going to continue to see that

00:41:38   here so you know we're going to see and so i think like really the reason they

00:41:42   go to the flat edge design for this new ipad is so it can be

00:41:46   compatible with with apple this was my next pick for that

00:41:50   reason like i think that there is a cause and effect here

00:41:53   it's not just for design it's also for function and i think they're gonna

00:41:57   they're gonna move it down that way yep yep also you don't want the confusion

00:42:01   right like yes oh wait wait this one looks like that

00:42:03   one but it doesn't use that it uses this like why would that

00:42:06   like it doesn't make sense they want to because this is part of a

00:42:09   a sweep that will eventually encompass the entire ipad line

00:42:13   yeah so like why would you do a half measure when you're gonna want to get

00:42:16   the a pencil 2 everywhere eventually i don't think it's happening this time

00:42:20   but like i believe that the magic keyboard will come to these to

00:42:24   the lower ipads in the future but just not yet

00:42:27   and so like you know this is the the march forward right where it's like

00:42:32   you can now give the apple pencil 2 to other ipads because the pro ipads

00:42:37   have been differentiated by the fact that they have the magic keyboard and

00:42:42   with trackpad right right so like you you know i think i think that apple

00:42:47   is smart here right like you've got to give some clearly the ipads these days

00:42:52   a big part of it for apple is what accessories can we sell right because it

00:42:55   it bumps up the numbers it's great for the ipad right the ipad is a

00:42:59   really accessory heavy product for apple now and it's good for it and i think

00:43:02   they learned that with the ipad pro but they can't give all the accessories

00:43:06   to all of the products because it reduces a reason for somebody to spend

00:43:10   the extra on the ipad pro like i believe apple sell more i would expect that they

00:43:15   sell more ipad pros now because of the magic keyboard like people want that so

00:43:20   they bought they maybe spend the extra couple of hundred bucks and get

00:43:24   the ipad pro instead but you know we'll see so

00:43:27   i'm actually gonna gonna diverge a little from my current thinking

00:43:31   to say that i reckon that this new ipad with its edge to edge screen and its

00:43:36   flat edge design will still have a touch id sensor

00:43:43   interesting very interesting so this is there is a rumor out there

00:43:47   that apple is not putting in the face id sensor bank yeah on these things but

00:43:52   instead has built touch id into a different part

00:43:56   of the device the rumor is it's actually on the sleep wake button

00:44:01   and that that's where you will press with your finger and it will unlock

00:44:06   um which it would be interesting right that would be interesting to see a new

00:44:09   touch id implementation that we haven't seen from apple before

00:44:13   versus just putting the face id stuff in there like

00:44:16   it's in all the other products i think that

00:44:20   again going back to like with the uh apple watch se

00:44:25   you've got to save some money somewhere and this could be one of the places that

00:44:31   you're able to save some money it's not putting face id in there and i

00:44:35   also think that this technology putting touch id

00:44:38   in a sleep wake button i believe is going to be a future technology for

00:44:43   other apple products anyway so i i or at least having touch id return

00:44:49   to face id products i think will be a thing that they do so

00:44:52   yeah this is an expectation that i have for this product line

00:44:56   and again it's like another differentiator for the pro the pro has

00:44:59   face id yeah i think i think you are making an important

00:45:05   uh following an important line which is what do you what do you hold back

00:45:09   from the ipad air that you have in the ipad pro

00:45:13   and there are two ways of looking at this and one is you want to hold back

00:45:17   on things in order to drive people to your more expensive

00:45:20   ipad the other way to view it is you hold back on things that cost

00:45:25   because uh then you can make the product cheaper

00:45:29   and sell it at a lower price and still keep your margins high

00:45:33   so there are two different ways to approach it and apple has done both

00:45:36   and can choose both and i think that what's interesting to us is trying to

00:45:40   pick that apart and also we're in this interesting state where we have this

00:45:43   kind of not an update to the ipad pro that just happened

00:45:46   and i think you and i are both anticipating that there's probably

00:45:49   a new wave of ipad pros coming that are going to have features

00:45:53   that make them that much more impressive compared to the ipad air

00:45:57   but we don't know what they are yet and they're not here yet so this is all

00:46:01   kind of floating out there of like what exactly does apple do to

00:46:05   make the ipad air different from the ipad pro

00:46:09   what is your final pick in the ipad round well i'm going to pick what you

00:46:13   said wasn't going to happen which is that it's going to be compatible with the

00:46:15   magic keyboard interesting okay yeah the ipad air the

00:46:19   current ipad air and the current 11 inch ipad pro are so

00:46:22   close in size that i feel like they could build the

00:46:28   ipad air's body on the 11 inch ipad pro's body make the

00:46:31   dimensions the same add the smart connector to the back

00:46:34   just as they're adding the apple pencil connector we're saying to the

00:46:37   the little charger to the side and then it would fit all of the existing

00:46:41   because this is something that apple has has strived to do lately which is

00:46:44   um if you can make a new ipad that fits existing accessories you don't have to

00:46:48   make new variations on those accessories and you know what the magic keyboard

00:46:52   costs a lot of money and if apple can open up an even wider

00:46:55   market to sell more of those expensive keyboards to people who are buying a

00:46:58   you know a five hundred dollar ipad air instead of a nine hundred dollar

00:47:04   or eight hundred dollar ipad pro like why not do that so i

00:47:08   i think they will go down that path and they will make it the same size

00:47:12   it's not going to have the big you know camera bank on the back

00:47:17   but it that's okay because the new magic keyboard fits the older ipad pro that

00:47:21   doesn't have the big camera bank on the back too they they

00:47:24   designed it to be backward compatible and i think when you look at that and

00:47:27   you think apple actually does want to sell the magic keyboard to as many ipad

00:47:30   users as possible so why not make you can use the smart

00:47:34   keyboard for the 11 inch pro you can use the

00:47:38   magic keyboard for the 11 inch pro in the ipad air and it'll be okay

00:47:42   because the you know these ipad pros are going to get more features

00:47:45   next year and there'll still be enough differentiation there so yeah i'm not

00:47:49   100 confident on this but it feels like the right thing for them to do

00:47:53   which is just let anybody who wants to buy our our magic keyboard

00:47:57   go to town just more people buying that expensive keyboard that apple makes a

00:48:01   lot of money on great let's do it now for my final pick

00:48:07   i don't have anything that i'm particularly confident in nor do i want

00:48:14   to pick the exact same pick that i made on

00:48:16   connected which is that the new ipad will get a lidar sensor because in the

00:48:20   past i have doubled down on pics too often

00:48:23   and then been sad when they didn't come true

00:48:25   yeah so i'm actually going to do something unprecedented for me jason i'm

00:48:29   going to play against myself and for my final pick say that the new

00:48:34   ipad will get face id

00:48:37   this is actually not unprecedented i believe once before you had two picks

00:48:41   oh really

00:48:44   look i want to guarantee a point in this round so yeah i'm gonna do that

00:48:48   all right i'm not confident enough in anything for my third pick

00:48:52   right so we have again i just go for it we have it left to pick from this new

00:48:57   ipad mini not confident in that new ipad pro i'm not confident in that

00:49:02   new ipad to get a lidar sensor i don't want to double down

00:49:06   or new ipad to get usb-c and i'm still not sure about that one

00:49:11   i don't i maybe i feel like it's i feel like that

00:49:14   that is if i had another pick that's what i'd pick because i think that

00:49:18   i think that it goes with everything else which is just

00:49:22   eventually are all the ipads gonna have usb-c yeah they are they're all gonna

00:49:25   have it as soon as they get apple pencil 2 support

00:49:28   the that lightning's gonna turn to usb-c and

00:49:31   you know i just feel like that's all part of the the hole here but

00:49:34   i get you it's it's less certain than some of these other guesses

00:49:38   um i believe it could happen uh but i am deciding

00:49:42   to guarantee myself a point in this round instead

00:49:45   that's that's the decision that i've come to i may come to regret it

00:49:49   but for me like i i feel that the lidar on the usb-c kind of like a

00:49:54   equal chance of happening or not happening so i'm kind of just gonna

00:49:58   just go with giving myself uh and you know what jason maybe in some wild

00:50:04   world they put both on the ipad and then i get two points but that seems

00:50:08   incredibly unlikely but you never know right and wouldn't

00:50:11   that be for me just a wonderful thing to occur

00:50:15   that it has both touch id and face id and then i get two points

00:50:20   can you imagine that can you imagine the celebration that i would have

00:50:23   if that such a thing was to occur that would be fascinating but uh it probably

00:50:27   won't happen but you'll be kicking yourself if it's usb-c but um

00:50:30   you know it may not be with three mandatory picks about every single one

00:50:34   of these products we end up with some really weird picks

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00:52:38   and relay fm all right jason so we are moving into

00:52:42   our final round which we are referring to as

00:52:46   free picking for this round it's wide open

00:52:50   because we have a selection of categories

00:52:53   so ranging from audio based pics to mac pics to software pics

00:52:58   to iphone or general miscellaneous products or services

00:53:02   that apple may be pulling from for this event all stuff that we believe

00:53:09   is due to arrive by and large by the end of the year so

00:53:13   it's uh quite free and open so jason hit me with your first

00:53:17   pick in our final round oh boy this is so

00:53:21   it's so hard this is such a weird event there are four picks in this round by

00:53:24   the way yeah because we want to we want a nice uh

00:53:27   nice ten i'm gonna say that apple will

00:53:33   apple will mention that the iphone is coming later this fall

00:53:36   oh okay okay yeah i can imagine this so i can very much

00:53:43   imagine the end of the presentation being like ten like

00:53:47   enjoying us again later this fall when we

00:53:49   show you what we're working on with the iphone something like that and

00:53:52   and or it might just be as simple as like and we've got some great

00:53:55   you know great new iphones in the pipeline that we'll be telling you about

00:53:59   later or something like that and the reason i

00:54:01   say this because this is apple does not come

00:54:03   comment on on speculation about future products but

00:54:06   what you said early on in this episode really goes here which is

00:54:10   apple really does i think need to make it clear that iphones are coming but that

00:54:15   this isn't the iphone event yeah and so i think mentioning it

00:54:19   some point forward promoting if you will that there will be iphones but not now

00:54:25   is something that they are going to need to do um you know they might not they

00:54:29   might just play it cool but i feel like it might what what's the

00:54:32   harm in just saying yeah we know you are excited about the iphone we are

00:54:35   too stay tuned um but you know i i admit that this is a

00:54:39   risk but i do think it's maybe a smart move on their part to

00:54:42   to just call it otherwise they do risk people getting kind of

00:54:46   angry because we all know that that everybody's been given the high sign

00:54:50   that there are no iphones but uh the general public doesn't know so

00:54:54   making it clear making a clear statement that

00:54:56   they're on the way uh later this fall and you'll hear more from us then

00:55:01   would be a way to do that yeah i think that i mean because it's like

00:55:06   it's not like they haven't already said that iphones are coming later this year

00:55:10   like they've have already said it you know what i mean like they said it on

00:55:13   the conference call right like that our iphones will be late so

00:55:18   it's it's not like that they are saying they will you know

00:55:21   it's not like they're trying to pretend there won't be iphones this year or

00:55:24   something right like and this and we there's no argument

00:55:28   about the fact that this is the time that it usually happens

00:55:32   september right app will keep to that schedule

00:55:36   this is them not keeping to that schedule so it may

00:55:40   be i think it would behoove them to mention it at least uh and to set that

00:55:46   expectation so i i i this was not my first pick it was my

00:55:50   second pick but it was one that i was gonna have

00:55:52   mine is actually uh i think one of the things that they are going to do

00:55:57   to fill this presentation with a little bit of time

00:56:01   is to do a bunch of fitness demos because they will be introducing an

00:56:04   apple fitness workout service some kind of subscription thing some

00:56:10   video thing i think this ties in with uh the apple

00:56:15   watch part of the presentation quite quite heavily um it will potentially

00:56:20   tie into if they're going to talk about services at all which i think

00:56:23   the other part of this will be talking about services

00:56:26   um in general in this event uh it gives them a little bit of time

00:56:30   to because they they don't have to to squeeze this demo down

00:56:35   right to fit in with a bigger product launch um i think

00:56:39   and also uh the the apple park setting is the perfect setting with their gym

00:56:46   or even just some some more non-descript rooms right to show you kind of like

00:56:49   working out in your living room with apple's fitness service

00:56:52   i think that this is uh this is the time that will introduce that

00:56:56   yeah this is we were really harsh on this rumor when it came out the idea

00:57:00   that they would try to get in yet another kind of game

00:57:03   using their advantage but i also see the i i can see them doing it the rumors out

00:57:09   there i can totally necessarily think they should or nor do i really want them

00:57:13   to uh because i think that this is maybe

00:57:16   something that can just be left to other companies because apple do not have to

00:57:19   do everything even though they feel like they do these days

00:57:21   uh but i do think it's something they're going to do uh

00:57:24   before i think that they should or shouldn't is a different is a different

00:57:27   matter yeah all right uh yeah the choices keep

00:57:32   getting harder i am going to go for it and say

00:57:37   uh over the ear apple branded headphones are going to make their debut oh boy

00:57:44   jason snell yeah this is bold well i'm i'm i'm out of

00:57:49   i'm out of easy picks okay okay okay this is a bold one this is a bold one

00:57:56   like i think that this is a product that will exist

00:57:58   but it definitely feels more like an introduction with the iphone

00:58:03   but but i can also see why they would do it now because it's not

00:58:07   as tied to the iphone as air pods are i guess right exactly it'll work with

00:58:11   existing iphones it'll work with other stuff it gets it out there if they're

00:58:14   ready for it and the rumors have been out there that they've been working on

00:58:16   this for a while now they're ready for it getting it in the

00:58:19   channel with plenty of time for the holiday season to get people to buy

00:58:23   uh those those uh headphones i don't i honestly don't think this is any bolder

00:58:27   than the apple fitness workout service as a pick

00:58:29   because i think they're both a little bit chancy because apple could announce

00:58:32   them now or later um and they could exist or not exist

00:58:36   because they're based on kind of rumors but

00:58:38   of all of the kind of rumored hardware products that might get picked in this

00:58:42   free pick round for us i feel like uh i feel like maybe it's time for this one

00:58:47   and apple you know i know it seems like it's more

00:58:50   tied to the iphone but i will say you could argue that wearables

00:58:55   is a key strategy for apple and the other part of wearables other than the

00:58:59   apple watch you know and possibly even the more popular part

00:59:03   of wearables is air pods in the air pods line and if

00:59:06   you think along those lines having this be a part of the

00:59:09   presentation kind of fits because it's about apple and wearables

00:59:12   instead of about sort of iphone accessories

00:59:16   wow i almost convinced myself there i know that this is a product that i

00:59:20   personally really want to see now i know but we'll see now you got to be rooting

00:59:24   for me haha well it's my consolation if you're right

00:59:30   yes that i get the thing that i want excellent

00:59:34   i'm going to make my second pick in this round that the watch os 7 release date

00:59:39   will be announced

00:59:41   makes sense an exciting pick by any stretch of the imagination

00:59:46   but uh i think we're going to get some software release dates because

00:59:50   i mean personally i think all the software is coming in september with

00:59:52   people like my friend frederica want it to happen or not

00:59:55   um and considering they will be showing off the apple watch and watch os 7

00:59:59   i can imagine saying and you'll get these great features

01:00:03   on whatever date yeah i think the uh the only chance that this isn't the case is

01:00:10   i want to be clear here if if they say that it runs watch os 7 and they say

01:00:16   that it's coming out on a certain date the the the watch is that's not saying

01:00:21   watch os 7 is out on that day no they have to say

01:00:23   watch os 7 will be available for customers on such and such great

01:00:27   features all right yeah i think so i think i had a debate about the software

01:00:31   releases because i can see them saying it and i can see them not saying it i i

01:00:36   just i can see both sides i think it makes

01:00:38   like a lot of our picks i would probably advocate for them saying it but

01:00:43   apple does all sorts of stuff that i wouldn't

01:00:46   do and i will say like i mean we can maybe debate this i'll see if you agree

01:00:52   even them saying like watch os 7 will be available

01:00:56   in later this month later this month i would say still counts

01:01:00   yeah because it's basically just acknowledging that it's coming

01:01:04   right like that's which i don't think is a thing that

01:01:07   you can bank on right now but i think is a thing that they

01:01:11   that they will do i agree um i i think a little less likely because of

01:01:15   the iphone not being a part of this event but there is an ipad as a part of

01:01:18   this event we're thinking and if they're going to mention the

01:01:21   release of watch os i think that they will then also mention that ios is

01:01:26   coming out in the same time frame so i'm going to just throw that on the fire and

01:01:29   say my next pick is ios 14 date announced

01:01:32   i can actually imagine personally and i think that this is pretty conceivable

01:01:37   that the ios 14 rehash will be in this presentation even

01:01:42   though the iphone won't be right like i think they spend that time

01:01:46   going over the software again i think they'll do it here i think they'll do it

01:01:50   alongside the ipad part um and maybe they'll bring

01:01:54   out a current gen iphone to show off widgets on the iphone but

01:01:58   you know i i personally think that both of these

01:02:01   software releases are happening before the end of september

01:02:04   and i don't think the next event will be before the end of september

01:02:08   so i don't see how they i don't see how they do an original event just for the

01:02:11   apple watch and not give it a release date and and

01:02:15   not have it run the latest version of watch os which requires the latest

01:02:18   latest version of ios yeah i just don't see i think that chain of events which

01:02:23   is shipping with watch os 6 i know like people want like what

01:02:26   no i don't think that's happening whenever this this is coming it's coming

01:02:29   with watch os 7 yeah i think apple know that this is the

01:02:34   thing that they maybe should be targeting or they have just made the

01:02:38   decision that you know what this is just too difficult

01:02:40   and they'll do what you know they they'll release some different times

01:02:44   like i i don't think that that they are going to create a version of

01:02:48   watch over six that can run on apple watch series 6 i just don't think

01:02:52   they're going to spend the energy doing that and if they mentioned an ipad os

01:02:56   release date and not an ios release date which seems highly unlikely

01:02:59   unlikely to me i'm going to take that too but i don't think i think i think

01:03:02   they come in a bundle yeah that's fine uh technically they don't

01:03:07   but we'll say it's fine if they announce either ios or ipad os because last year

01:03:10   ipad os came out at a different time to ios

01:03:13   um but if they mention either ios or ipad os

01:03:17   is uh 14's release timeframe that will count for either or for me

01:03:21   i think that's fine yep that was going to be

01:03:25   uh my next pick so i am going to circle back around to services and say

01:03:30   that we were at this event we'll see the introduction of an apple services bundle

01:03:34   because what is a draft at this time of year without me making this pick

01:03:38   um plus there is a lot more smoke at the moment uh

01:03:41   then well well that's for sure yeah it's right outside my house ha

01:03:45   oh there's a lot more uh signals than usual about services bundle

01:03:51   uh lots of reports and also i saw someone noting that apple was registering a bunch

01:03:57   of like apple one which is apparently the name

01:03:59   domain names yeah and again they had the android apple

01:04:02   music app leak which amazing still the lack of

01:04:07   attention to detail if they're trying to keep secrecy

01:04:09   but yeah a bundle might might be the challenge with this pick is

01:04:13   is it now is it next time exactly but it could happen

01:04:17   so my my rationale on this is there's still a ton of hardware that we are not

01:04:23   talking about right now right all of which will be four iphones

01:04:27   and as of right now during this draft new exciting macintoshes and

01:04:33   there's a lot to cover in those you may as well give

01:04:38   everything more time to breathe by having two basically two hour events

01:04:42   instead of one two hour event right so spread it out and and one

01:04:46   two hour event and one 89 minute long event let's yeah yes of course sorry

01:04:50   sorry how could i forget how could i forget

01:04:54   fine i picked jason snow boy uh it's getting down to it

01:04:58   i i so want to pick mac not mentioned but i think they will mention the mac in

01:05:02   passing right i think they will mention it in passing

01:05:05   and say you know we've got great max coming with apple silicon

01:05:09   and or you know mac os high sierra is great and that's coming out later this

01:05:12   year or something like that i think that there's a real chance that

01:05:15   they will mention the mac in passing not give it the complete cold shoulder

01:05:19   which makes me not want to choose that um so

01:05:24   oh boy um i'm gonna i'm gonna say apple tv content trailers on it okay

01:05:31   uh that that they will show some video of

01:05:35   of stuff from apple tv plus that you know they will they will take a moment

01:05:40   to preview something that's coming on apple tv

01:05:43   plus uh for all mankind has a trailer that they

01:05:47   that's out there that they might show they might debut a a different show

01:05:50   there's a question of what they've got that's coming that they can actually

01:05:53   show but they've got some stuff and they're going into their second year

01:05:56   of apple tv plus so they got to mention at some point it could be at the iphone

01:06:00   event or it could be here um you know there's some rumors about new

01:06:04   apple tv hardware update as well that could happen now or it could happen

01:06:07   later but regardless uh i don't know

01:06:12   i i'm running out of things to pick and this like

01:06:15   never bet against apple promoting apple tv plus with some trailers

01:06:20   i am uh i'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel here

01:06:25   did i i snipe that one from you i was considering it

01:06:28   okay yeah yeah it's tough and i'm gonna go with mac not mentioned it's it's uh

01:06:34   thought about that but but i think that that one at this point

01:06:38   might be a little tricky yeah the same same as me i think they're proud

01:06:42   proud enough to mention it because i've also personally i know

01:06:47   i have not personally ruled out the possibility of of the first apple

01:06:51   silicon mac occurring this event like i think that the percentages are

01:06:56   slim but i don't think the percentages are

01:06:58   none i agree i think that there is a

01:07:01   possibility of this sure but i'm gonna go with oh god

01:07:06   new version of the home pod okay

01:07:11   i don't really have much to say on it like either there will be a cheaper one

01:07:15   or there's something to it but so like you know

01:07:19   one of the one of the things for this is is you know i've heard this a bunch of

01:07:22   like the home pod is running old chips and

01:07:24   eventually they're going to want to start getting rid of those it's the same

01:07:27   as the apple tv i was tossing up personally between new

01:07:30   version of the home pod a new version of the apple tv

01:07:33   i think i think those in the headphones are all in the same percentage chance of

01:07:36   happening right which is they're out there air tags too right

01:07:39   they're out there when will apple announce them whenever it feels like it

01:07:42   who knows when that is right maybe this time maybe not maybe this year maybe not

01:07:46   we just don't know but they're out there so i think new version of home pod is

01:07:51   just as likely as some of these other choices including

01:07:54   mine that you said was a bold choice so yeah i feel like uh you know that that's

01:07:58   the this is the true gambling part of the draft right which is the

01:08:02   things that we have a pretty good idea from reports are

01:08:05   going to happen but we don't know when and that's the trick here is you have to

01:08:09   pick now is the time for this product and we

01:08:12   just don't know so that's fun it's exciting it means

01:08:15   that uh we'll have a little extra when we're uh when we're watching the

01:08:18   event on tuesday so that's it for the draft you want to

01:08:24   we're going to be back tomorrow yes tuesday tuesday tuesday bonus

01:08:29   upgrade tuesday tomorrow splitting upgrade this is like a

01:08:33   little mini upgrade and then you get a little like bonus maxi upgrade tomorrow

01:08:37   it's just we're all over the place this is the small

01:08:41   uh iphone and tomorrow is the big iphone this is this is upgrade mini and we're

01:08:47   gonna get upgrade max pro yes pro max oh max tomorrow yeah sure

01:08:52   so thank you so much for tuning in to this very special draft

01:08:55   event and we'll be back with more from uh recording as soon as we can after

01:09:02   the event tomorrow uh the event today maybe depending on

01:09:04   when you're listening to this but you can expect as usual that we will

01:09:08   have all of our reactions and opinions and hot takes as soon as we

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01:09:23   get i think in today's we're gonna we're gonna do a bit of draft debrief

01:09:27   um i have some thoughts that i want to share jason with this new uh

01:09:31   this new model that we've had here of the of the categories so we can

01:09:35   we can maybe talk about that um thank you so much to smile and door dash for

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01:09:51   jason oh probably i feel like i feel like

01:09:56   i am the person who reminds you about this

01:09:59   before i ever know i mean dan and i go back and forth about i mean i will i will

01:10:02   tweet some things right i i don't the volume everybody can

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01:10:11   not doesn't need to be large but sure um six colors event

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01:10:42   different and i find that so interesting to see what people score and what they

01:10:46   don't

01:10:48   so that's it for this episode we'll be back don't forget

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01:10:58   until tomorrow jason snow say goodbye see you tomorrow mike

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