263: Extra Professional


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00:00:08   From Elay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 263. Today's show is brought to you by Linode, ExpressVPN, and DoorDash.

00:00:17   My name is Myke Hurley, I'm joined by Jason Snow. Hello, Jason Snow.

00:00:21   Hello, Myke Hurley, what a busy time it is.

00:00:24   It's the most wonderful time of the year.

00:00:28   We have a #snowtalk question that comes from Tom, and Tom wants to know, Jason, can you describe your ideal Apple watch face?

00:00:36   Oh boy.

00:00:36   Apple watch face, Apple watch face. Which way do you say it? Apple watch face or Apple watch face? Do you see what I'm saying?

00:00:42   Apple watch face.

00:00:44   Apple watch face.

00:00:46   [Laughter]

00:00:48   I want analog hands and I want numbers in a circle, like you can actually say California or utility was the classic one.

00:00:57   It looks a lot like watches that I used to wear.

00:00:59   But I want the modern large complication circles on it.

00:01:04   So with California you can get a little bit of that, but it doesn't have the circles on the inside, they're on the outside.

00:01:11   I think actually the California face, which I changed to just be Arabic numerals, it's got a circle complication.

00:01:19   Oh, I should also say 1 through 12.

00:01:21   I don't need the seconds or the minutes or whatever, and I also don't like it when it's just like the 12, 3, 6, 9.

00:01:28   I want all 12.

00:01:29   All the numbers.

00:01:29   I want that look.

00:01:30   I have a little circle complication above it, which is my Carrot Weather, and then you've got the four corner complications.

00:01:36   That works really well for me, so I've actually been using that.

00:01:39   The California face is, there's so many different options you can have with the California face.

00:01:43   So you can have corner complications on that face, huh?

00:01:46   Yes, you can.

00:01:47   Because I've been spending some time on the Apple Watch website for no real reason, just playing around with the configurating thing.

00:01:56   It's because it's due diligence as a podcaster and commentator about Apple.

00:02:00   It's my job to play around with the configuration thing, so I've been doing that.

00:02:03   And the ceramic watch, which I've been looking at for no reason, just I've been looking, you know, like I've been looking at all of them.

00:02:11   The white ceramic watch looks really good with the California face.

00:02:16   It's the face they use to show that one off.

00:02:19   And the white and black California face looks really good.

00:02:23   And I just wanted to say, you know, just for the sake of saying it, because I've been playing around with it, the white ceramic with the black, what is it called?

00:02:38   The link bracelet?

00:02:39   Yeah.

00:02:40   That is a bold look.

00:02:42   It's a very stormtrooper-y look.

00:02:43   It is a very, very expensive watch.

00:02:46   We're like in a little parenthetical bubble here inside Snell Talk, but I'll share it with you that because I write about this stuff, I tend to be, you know, getting a new Apple Watch every year so that I can write about it.

00:02:58   So I'm always reluctant to get anything but the cheapest Apple Watch.

00:03:03   But I will tell you, titanium.

00:03:10   I'm looking at it.

00:03:11   It's cooling you, huh?

00:03:12   Yeah, well, the stainless, you know, it's kind of heavy.

00:03:15   And although there is the stainless black, because I've been looking at the titanium black and the stainless black and all that, it's like, you know, if I was just a consumer getting a watch that I was going to use for the next few years, that would probably be what I would do.

00:03:28   I'll probably just go aluminum, space gray.

00:03:30   As always, I've already got my order in because, you know, I spend too much money on Apple Watches because I need to do it for my job.

00:03:37   But I will admit to looking at that titanium, not the ceramic so much.

00:03:41   That doesn't really do it for me, but the titanium one and thinking, yeah, it's pricey, but it's also pretty.

00:03:47   And if you've been buying the aluminum ones, going to the titanium is like a $400 jump.

00:03:53   But if you've been buying stainless steel, it's $100.

00:03:56   So like it's another option to look at then, I think at that point.

00:04:00   But I agree.

00:04:00   Like it is a very, very different, very different calculation if you're going to that level.

00:04:07   But I'm just saying the white ceramic.

00:04:09   I'm just saying.

00:04:10   I hear you.

00:04:10   I love it.

00:04:11   I adore it.

00:04:12   So the California face, I feel like the California face is a great, having only used watchOS 6 intently for like a week.

00:04:22   I feel like that face is really great because it's so flexible, because you can change what it does in so many different ways.

00:04:28   And that means that it's one face, but it can look dramatically different based on what you do.

00:04:33   My only complaint about it, and this is what keeps it from being my ideal watch face.

00:04:37   It's very close, Tom.

00:04:39   It's a very close is the color issue where California face, unlike other Apple watch faces, doesn't give you the option to set the color.

00:04:51   Of the watch face, uh, in a mode that allows the complications to be multicolor, right?

00:04:58   It's monochrome only.

00:04:59   Yeah.

00:05:00   So I like the black watch face, not with a white dial.

00:05:02   I like the black dial.

00:05:03   So it's basically white on a black background.

00:05:08   And the only complaint I have about it is that I would actually prefer my complications to be in color and they're not they're monochrome.

00:05:14   But other than that, um, that actually lets me, it's flexible enough that it lets me get very close to my Apple watch face.

00:05:21   I have to be honest, this last year, I've spent a lot of time using Infograph modular and while it is incredibly functional.

00:05:28   So before I had a series of essentially Swiss army watches that look very much like my ideal Apple watch face with the kind of tasteful.

00:05:37   Sans serif numbers one through 12 around the dial.

00:05:39   And I had, I had one that was metal, uh, like a brush metal.

00:05:43   And I, before that I had one that I actually got when we got engaged.

00:05:46   That was an, it was a nice, again, not expensive, but a nice watch before that I had, you know, a nerd watch.

00:05:52   I had like a Casio calculator watch at one point.

00:05:55   Um, and Infograph modular is like the calculator watch of Apple watch faces where it's like, it's super nerdy, uh, but super functional.

00:06:05   Uh, and I have been using that a lot the last year, but I, um, I, in the last week I've been using that California face and I like it a lot better.

00:06:13   I really do prefer having the watch hands and the complications.

00:06:17   And I, you know, it's just, and the complications around the side does mean that you don't have the watch hands moving in front of your data certain times of day.

00:06:26   You're like, I can't see this button right now.

00:06:28   That's not great.

00:06:29   So around the edges is a little bit better.

00:06:32   Uh, but again, I would really like it if I had the option to make those complications in color, but otherwise it's very, very close.

00:06:40   So thank you so much to Tom for sending in that question and allowing us to go on a wild couple of tangents there.

00:06:45   If you would like to send on a hashtag snow talk question to open a future episode of the show, just send out a tweet with that hashtag and it may be included.

00:06:55   Um, it, as we are recording today, it is September 16th, 2019, um, which means that depending on what time zone you're in, either today or tomorrow, uh, September 17th is five years of upgrade.

00:07:11   It's five years of upgrade, um, and five years of six colors.com, September 16th.

00:07:16   And the embargo on my iPhone review was late in the day.

00:07:21   I think it was like 5 PM or something.

00:07:23   It was not in the early morning.

00:07:24   It was late in the day.

00:07:26   And as a result, uh, the relay FM CMS is in GMT.

00:07:34   And so it's dated September 17th in the CMS, but it was actually simultaneous with, you know, more or less with the launch of six colors.

00:07:42   I mean, six colors had soft launched just so that it was there and ready to go, but I wasn't pointing people to it until my review stuff dropped.

00:07:51   And yeah, so, so five years, right?

00:07:54   Right now, five years, basically.

00:07:55   So we talked about it two weeks ago, right?

00:07:57   We talked about it or three weeks ago before all the madness of a draft and then an iPhone event.

00:08:05   But, uh, so you can go back and listen if, if you want to hear us reminisce about that, but, uh, yes, thanks to everybody.

00:08:12   It's been a great five years.

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00:08:50   The last week has been absolutely unbelievable.

00:08:53   Um, we had a fundraising goal of $75,000 for St. Jude.

00:08:59   Uh, we are at $131,740 right now.

00:09:04   Um, I want to thank everybody who's donated, um, and everyone who continues to donate.

00:09:10   Uh, I want to thank, you know, all of our podcasting friends here at relay FM and elsewhere.

00:09:16   Um, like the wonderful guys over atp did a wonderful job of talking about this.

00:09:20   Um, going into the podcast, a thumb, which is this Friday, September 20th from four to 10 PM Eastern to be close to doubling our original goal is an incredible feeling.

00:09:33   Um, I want to double it and then some now, and that's what I really hope can happen over the, we're only halfway through September.

00:09:40   Like, and we're going to keep talking about this all September.

00:09:42   I want everyone who's listening to this to join us on Friday, four to 10 PM Eastern.

00:09:48   You can find some time in there.

00:09:49   We've got some wonderful hijinks planned.

00:09:51   We've got some really great stuff that work.

00:09:52   I'm very excited about it.

00:09:54   Jason's going to be there.

00:09:55   Jason's actually putting something together for us, which will allow me and Stephen to take a bit of a break, which is awesome.

00:09:59   And you're going to love it.

00:10:00   Um, we are just absolutely blown away by the support of, of our, uh, wider podcasting audience here.

00:10:07   You're all unbelievable.

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00:10:26   So thank you for your generosity.

00:10:28   Now, I like the fact that, you know, some people look at this and say, well, come on, they're so far above their goal.

00:10:35   That was obviously a low goal.

00:10:37   And then, and then they were planning on it being more than that.

00:10:40   And that ha that's a fundraising technique.

00:10:41   It does happen.

00:10:42   I can exclusively report here that although you guys both told me that you expected to exceed your original goal, you had a second goal in mind that you could unveil.

00:10:55   And, um, and, and probably have that on the podcastathon.

00:10:59   And I'll just point out that you're, uh, way over your second goal.

00:11:03   So this is a legitimate taken by surprise blown through the goal kind of thing.

00:11:08   We hit the $75,000 goal and then hit the $100,000 goal that we had in mind the same day.

00:11:16   So, uh, or like within 12 hours.

00:11:19   So, you know, at this point we're absolutely blown away, but please continue to give, let's just, let's just keep doing this.

00:11:25   You know, there's no harm in that.

00:11:27   It's only good.

00:11:28   So thank you.

00:11:29   Now that'll be great.

00:11:30   Uh, that podcastathon, I'm looking forward to seeing that.

00:11:32   It's a iPhone unboxing, you know, Apple product release day, basically.

00:11:37   So that's actually a pretty great time to do it.

00:11:39   We'll be unboxing a phone on the stream.

00:11:42   Uh, we have some guests planned.

00:11:44   We have some games planned.

00:11:45   Uh, I have a very nice jacket.

00:11:47   Games that people on the stream can participate in is my having, having done some of those over on the incomparable.

00:11:54   There's, there's going to be opportunity for audience participation at points.

00:11:58   It's very fun.

00:11:59   Yep.

00:11:59   So we're really, really excited about it.

00:12:02   Okay.

00:12:03   Let's, let's do some reflections on last week.

00:12:05   There's always little bits of information.

00:12:06   Um, I, I had mentioned on the show about not liking the black crown on the ceramic, white ceramic watch.

00:12:14   Uh, many people pointed out to me that this is probably for, uh, the ECG.

00:12:19   So it needs to be conductive and it's probably a piece of metal.

00:12:22   I still say, I wish they could just find a way to make it white though.

00:12:26   Right.

00:12:26   Right.

00:12:26   I feel like there must be a way and I would prefer it if they'd done that, but, but I will say the more that I've been pairing it

00:12:32   with black watch bands, the more I'm like, oh, it's actually quite interesting.

00:12:35   You can make it work.

00:12:36   I still would have preferred to see that white.

00:12:38   You're just doing your due diligence.

00:12:40   Just my due diligence.

00:12:41   Research.

00:12:41   Yeah.

00:12:41   It's, it's, it's my job to research the Apple watch configurator so I can report on it on the show.

00:12:47   I appreciate your commitment to your subject matter.

00:12:50   I really do.

00:12:51   And I at least feel that my accountant once told me that as long as I talk about it.

00:12:54   That's right.

00:12:57   It's a business expense now.

00:12:58   We've done it.

00:12:58   Good job, Myke.

00:13:00   I think that's how it works.

00:13:01   Uh, Jason wrote a great article about the U1 chip, which goes into depth about the possibilities of this technology.

00:13:07   So this is, I think we touched on it last week.

00:13:09   This is a chip that is in the iPhone, uh, which uses ultra wide band technology, which unlocks a bunch of capabilities

00:13:16   that Apple did not touch on in the keynote and is probably the technology that would underpin.

00:13:22   Uh, an Apple tag product.

00:13:24   So this like tile or tracker like replacement.

00:13:27   Um, and you had a great article, which included a bunch of quotes as well.

00:13:31   Uh, so I kind of wanted you to talk about that a little and then maybe share some of your excitement about this technology.

00:13:37   Cause you do seem pretty, uh, as Tim would say, pretty bullish on it.

00:13:40   Well, I mean, the potential is enormous and talking.

00:13:43   So I knew a little bit about it last week when we talked, but then I talked to this guy who's the, I think, director of marketing for this, for deco way, which is this chip maker that has been, um, making and pushing UWB for a long time.

00:13:57   And you got the sense, I got the sense talking to him that, that there was like this almost celebratory moment of like, even though their chips aren't going in the, in the iPhone, they're like, Oh, it's going to be in every iPhone because what's going to happen.

00:14:12   Their feeling is like Apple puts ultra wide band in the iPhone.

00:14:15   It means everybody who all these other phone makers like Google and Samsung and HTC, like all these phone makers are on these consortium.

00:14:22   Panels that are pushing this tech forward and have been for years.

00:14:27   So it's not like this is a, an Apple thing that Apple invented at all, but once it's in the iPhone, I mean, what he said is it feels to him like the moment when they put wifi in the iBook, which, uh, was like, Oh, this is a, this is a thing.

00:14:43   Now everybody's going to want wifi.

00:14:45   Wifi is going to be a thing.

00:14:46   And what's really interesting is unlike, uh, most technologies that are standards based where Apple kind of gets to them when Apple thinks the time is right.

00:14:57   5g would be a good example of that.

00:14:58   The Apple is the first company to ship smartphones with ultra wide band.

00:15:05   They're they're first out of the gate and the technology is amazing.

00:15:09   Like I said, last week that, uh, according to the, the bare hardware specs of ultra wide band, you can use ultra wide band to determine the location of a device within 10 centimeters, which is about four inches.

00:15:24   Um, what the guy from deco wave told me is that's the bear raw.

00:15:30   If you do some extra work, it can be precise down to a couple of millimeters.

00:15:37   So the idea that this tech, not only does it do data transfer, that's faster than Bluetooth, it's slower than wifi.

00:15:45   It's faster than Bluetooth though.

00:15:46   Not only is it more secure because it can't be spoofed by amplifying a signal because the it's all based on the speed of light in a round trip.

00:15:54   So a lot of, a lot of hacks of like Bluetooth proximity stuff is you, you get the, uh, you get the transmission from somebody's phone, like in the restaurant, and then you transmit it.

00:16:06   To an, uh, a relay basically that's close to their car and the car unlocks because the car is like, Oh, you're close.

00:16:14   So my, so I'll unlock.

00:16:15   Whereas if it's measuring the, the bounce time of the packets, basically the bounce time, uh, at the speed of light of the radio waves, it knows that that.

00:16:25   That key is not close.

00:16:26   So it's more secure.

00:16:29   Um, it's, it's precise in a way that Bluetooth le is not cause it's, it is all about that, um, that strength of signal.

00:16:37   And so then there are all sorts of applications because you know, my door lock is a smart door lock and it's Bluetooth le and it will sense when my phone is near the lock and it unlocks.

00:16:48   But the way it has to do that is arcane because it has to, and follow me here.

00:16:55   It has to, uh, have location services on, on my phone in its app.

00:16:59   It has to see me exit the area around my house and then see me return and get the Bluetooth signal.

00:17:10   And then it unlocks the door.

00:17:11   And the reason is otherwise I'm always just around my house and it's like, Oh, you're here.

00:17:15   And how does it know to unlock your door?

00:17:17   So it actually has to watch you leave and then watch you come back.

00:17:21   Um, and it's because, you know, Bluetooth is limited in what it can do with ultra wide band.

00:17:25   You know, theoretically it could actually see you, um, walk away in, in detail, but it also knows literally when you're standing in front of the door on the wrong side of the door.

00:17:36   Uh, and then potentially if you come in and close the door, it can see that you're now inside the house.

00:17:41   And so now it knows your home and not on the wrong side of the door, and then it can lock the door.

00:17:45   And that's just one example.

00:17:47   Um, whole home audio is a good example where, you know, imagine a future world where when you walk from room to room in a house or an office, the, you know, the audio you're listening to follows you because it knows exactly where you are as opposed to now, where it knows sort of like vaguely where you are or smart home stuff, where it knows that if you're in this room, it's going to prioritize the temperature in that room where it's going to turn on the lights in that room.

00:18:12   And, you know, the home automation can be as complex or not complex as it needs to be, but what you don't have right now, unless you're rigging some occupancy sensors, and even then you don't know who it is.

00:18:24   You just know, um, that there's somebody there.

00:18:27   So there's a lot of potential for stuff like that, that it's just precision AR stuff where you can know exactly where objects are.

00:18:33   They've got these chips in them.

00:18:35   Um, that's another, another thing with huge potential.

00:18:38   So it's just a lot of stuff like that.

00:18:40   It's very exciting that this stuff may come to be.

00:18:42   And the guy said, he thinks it's a no brainer that it will be in the Apple watch eventually, because ultimately what you want, especially if you're tracking people around a house is real kind of biometric, uh, assureness that the person is where they say they are.

00:18:59   Cause we leave our phones behind, but we don't, you've got a watch on your wrist.

00:19:02   They know where you are exactly.

00:19:05   So yeah, it's really interesting.

00:19:07   Um, has a lot of applications for stuff like that.

00:19:10   If the simple version of it would be kind of imagine that it's, it's very close pinpoint kind of GPS, especially inside where you can't do GPS.

00:19:18   So, uh, yeah, I think it's really potentially great technology.

00:19:24   And the reason that I'm more enthusiastic about it is that Apple is apparently all in on this.

00:19:31   And that's really interesting because that means that they have evaluated it and found it useful for their purposes.

00:19:38   And Apple is a great popularizer of technology like this because once Apple's got it, everybody's gonna want to have it.

00:19:44   I mentioned the, uh, Apple tag a moment ago, like this product that's been rumored a bunch.

00:19:52   And I saw you tweet the other day that you had a pet theory, uh, that it's because of air power is meant one of the reasons they may have delayed the launch.

00:20:00   And I liked this theory and wanted you to expand on it a little bit.

00:20:05   Well, I, my gut feeling, and this is just a, you know, it's, it is like I said on Twitter, right?

00:20:12   Pet theory is this is.

00:20:16   So there are lots of things where they're like, Oh, this OS feature got delayed.

00:20:20   This OS feature we're going to pull out and it's going to be later this year.

00:20:23   We have a whole topic later on talking about exactly those things, right?

00:20:26   Right.

00:20:27   So they did that.

00:20:29   So how does that square with this feeling that the keynote was a little short, that the U1 chip only got mentioned in marketing material and not on stage, even though it's this brand new chip from Apple.

00:20:40   And we know how Apple likes to boast about its prowess and creating new chips with clever names that are a letter followed by a number.

00:20:49   And none of that happened.

00:20:51   And so it's very easy from that to go.

00:20:53   Yeah, you know, I bet the tracker thing just got pulled out at the last minute and that's why it didn't get talked about because this would have been the perfect time to talk about the U1 in the context of the tracking thing.

00:21:03   And my pet theory is that the difference is that's a hardware product.

00:21:08   And for some reason, they were not a hundred percent confident.

00:21:13   That they should announce it at the Apple event.

00:21:17   And I think it comes back to AirPower.

00:21:20   I think they all had a conversation, you think a little more than one about what happened two years ago when they announced a product that was a piece of hardware that they thought was ready, but was totally not ready.

00:21:33   And I think maybe everybody agreed that if hardware is not ready, don't announce it.

00:21:40   And that's my pet theory about AirPower is that they thought or not about AirPower, but about Tracker is that AirPower was the lesson and the Tracker is the manifestation of that lesson, which is, you know what?

00:21:55   If we're not a hundred percent confident, if it's not ready, if we've got some issues, if it's not, we're not sure about it, don't announce it.

00:22:04   We can announce it next month at our event that we haven't announced or we can do a press release or we can push it off till next year.

00:22:09   But don't announce it.

00:22:11   And, you know, it gives them the option if like, what if this fails?

00:22:16   What if the U1 doesn't work as well as we think it's going to?

00:22:19   What if they're having some serious problems with the radios or serious problems with the Tracker or the battery life of the Tracker or the chip itself in the Tracker maybe needs to be revised?

00:22:29   I mean, there's lots of reasons why it's not quite right.

00:22:31   All the way to the point of them never releasing it and saying, well, we never said the U1 was going to be anything other than point to point airdrop for now.

00:22:39   So never mind.

00:22:41   They could do that.

00:22:42   So that's that's my theory is that I wonder if this is Apple being careful about product announcements for hardware that they're not ready with because they got so burned with AirPower.

00:22:52   It would not surprise me.

00:22:53   I wanted to touch on Apple Arcade really quickly there, as I just noticed on someone just sent to me that it looks like Apple just had an embargo go out for Apple Arcade.

00:23:09   So some YouTube business and such got briefing time and now they're talking about Apple Arcade.

00:23:15   So that's the thing that's happening.

00:23:17   But I wanted to give some follow out to another show that I do here on Relay FM called remaster, which I host Federico Viticci and Shahid Khan Al Ahmad.

00:23:25   And we did a deep dive into Apple Arcade, kind of what we think about the games that have been announced, some thoughts on some of the developers that have been announced to be involved.

00:23:36   And then also, as we usually do on remaster, which is what makes the show, I think, a little bit unique because Shahid worked for PlayStation for so long and basically worked on projects.

00:23:46   Exactly like this for PlayStation.

00:23:48   He brings his industry knowledge to talking about this stuff as to why a company might want to go into a deal like this.

00:23:56   And if I'm kind of like talking about, does he actually think that it will be effective overall for the developers?

00:24:03   So as remaster episode 80, if you want to listen to that, then you can.

00:24:09   Yeah, it's yeah, we will probably be getting since this was a noon Eastern embargo.

00:24:15   It would not surprise me if we're about to have the role rolling embargo festival this week where there's a new embargo drop at 9 a.m. every day this week.

00:24:25   Leading up to the phone release, watches, watch iPhone 11, then iPhone 11 pro, you know, all that.

00:24:31   There will be separate boggles, I'm sure.

00:24:34   So that's that's going to be a whole thing.

00:24:36   There was some stuff like Entertainment Weekly had a big like they had a bunch of previews as well.

00:24:41   So there's there's been a bunch of stuff going up and this week is probably going to be a lot more.

00:24:48   So that'll be fun.

00:24:50   All right. But we have a lot of stuff to get to on today's episodes.

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00:27:01   We have a lot of upstream news.

00:27:04   We have some headlines and then we have some big stories around Apple TV Plus as well.

00:27:08   We will start with a cancellation.

00:27:10   So do you remember that weird sounding drama TV show that Apple bought the rights to which Richard Gere was going to be in?

00:27:19   And it was him and another actor I don't think they'd named yet who played elderly Vietnam veterans

00:27:25   who hated millennials and they had a woman that they were both in love with who died.

00:27:30   Yeah I remember us being puzzled by that premise.

00:27:32   It was based on an Israeli TV show.

00:27:34   Yeah so this show has been cancelled because of undertones of vigilante justice.

00:27:38   So it turns out that the plot is them going on a shooting spree.

00:27:44   Like that's the plot.

00:27:46   I can't believe Apple bought this show now.

00:27:49   I'd never seen that part mentioned until the cancellation.

00:27:53   But Apple wanted the show to focus on the relationship between the two veterans.

00:27:58   But the show creators and showrunners wanted to focus more on the anger and violence.

00:28:03   The show has now been cancelled because Apple doesn't want to make a show like that.

00:28:06   Yeah this is one of those things where Apple had given a commitment so Apple has to actually pay a

00:28:11   pay a fee penalty to abandon the show.

00:28:16   But I could see why they would not be want to be involved in that show.

00:28:19   Yeah that's this is one where it's like you know what?

00:28:23   Maybe that's not the right type of time you want to be set in.

00:28:25   I get that one.

00:28:26   And that was their note to the producers and the producers like no this is what we want to do

00:28:29   creatively and Apple's like well we're going to walk away.

00:28:32   Here's your money we're walking away.

00:28:33   But they're making more deals.

00:28:35   Joseph Gordon Levitt will create and star in a drama for the service.

00:28:39   It is said to follow an elementary school teacher grappling of adulthood in LA.

00:28:43   That's what we've got for that one but it's another series coming from a well-known name

00:28:48   who has a good track record.

00:28:50   And they've also acquired the rights to a documentary that has been completed from

00:28:54   Bryce Dallas Howard.

00:28:55   It's called Dads and it will feature a quote light-hearted look at modern parent

00:29:01   modern paternity around the world revealed through anecdotes and wisdom from average

00:29:05   dads and celebrities like Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris.

00:29:10   What is it?

00:29:13   You don't sound too happy about this one.

00:29:17   I mean this is this is not for me because I looked at this and I thought this description

00:29:23   gets worse with every word.

00:29:25   It's like okay it's a documentary about light-hearted documentary about dads featuring

00:29:32   celebrity dads.

00:29:33   Okay great.

00:29:34   It's being produced by Ron Howard.

00:29:37   Well that's appropriate right appropriate Bryce Dallas Howard's thing about dads is

00:29:41   being produced by dad sure.

00:29:44   Apparently a theatrical run for this documentary is also being considered and it's being shown

00:29:50   off at a film festival.

00:29:51   Let me recommend Father's Day.

00:29:54   Let's just go lean all the way into it all the way.

00:29:56   So this is just something they've picked up.

00:29:59   I'm not sure why they did that but we'll find out.

00:30:01   They're gonna have movies.

00:30:01   That's something that you and I have talked about a little bit which is this is not all

00:30:05   TV shows right.

00:30:06   It's they're gonna have they're gonna movies but it's not gonna be like a catalog of old

00:30:09   movies as much as it is that they're going to put their money in for movies that are

00:30:13   either going to premiere on Apple TV plus or are going to go to theaters and then will

00:30:17   be exclusive to Apple TV plus after that and so they're you know they're they're trying

00:30:21   to find ways to plump up the the relatively meager catalog of Apple TV plus.

00:30:26   Yeah it's probably going to be a lot of documentaries as well.

00:30:30   I reckon they're going to be the movies because this happens quite a lot with documentaries

00:30:34   right.

00:30:34   Somebody makes them and then shops them around and somebody buys them.

00:30:37   For sure.

00:30:40   I think there's an accurate feeling it's entirely accurate that people don't go to see documentaries

00:30:45   in movie theaters very much but they do watch them on streaming and so that's where they

00:30:50   go now.

00:30:50   Yep that is a very very good point indeed.

00:30:53   What else have we got Apple TV plus is going to have a web app so we'd wonder what they

00:30:59   Apple would do in the sense of if you can't get to it from whatever device you want to

00:31:03   get to right like maybe you're on an Android device or maybe you've got a TV that Apple

00:31:08   isn't supporting but it has a web browser.

00:31:10   Well there's going to be a web app.

00:31:11   This is kind of putting to rest as well the idea of Apple's content and whether it's going

00:31:17   to be family friendly.

00:31:19   Remember we were talking about that right a long time ago like oh they're going to make

00:31:22   everything family friendly and everyone's pointing to the stuff that's been cancelled

00:31:25   and it's like oh it's all going to be just for kids.

00:31:27   Well a bunch of expensive NBC right.

00:31:29   Yes that was the idea network television.

00:31:32   Well many of the shows carry TVMA which is mature audiences or as I saw here in the UK

00:31:38   the word caution on them which I find much cuter really but that's so we know that now

00:31:44   see the morning show for example they're both TVMA what that means you know whether it's

00:31:49   going to be violence or nudity or language or a mix of all of them or whatever it's going

00:31:55   to be but these shows are meant for adult audiences so they are going to have that mix.

00:32:00   My guess is and I heard from some people that are like really disappointed by this because

00:32:04   they were hoping that NBC's or see I did it again expensive NBC's brand Apple's brand

00:32:10   was going to be expensive NBC it was going to be well these are these are family friendly

00:32:13   at least to a point it's not going to be really hardcore.

00:32:16   I think the truth is first off it's not entirely true right like network standards are not

00:32:21   what they were 20 years ago and there's more stuff you can show on network TV not every

00:32:26   network TV show is appropriate for young audiences even though you know there are limits to what

00:32:34   they will show but more than that my guess is that Apple has its own idea and you look

00:32:39   at it with something like them killing the the show about the the angry veterans who

00:32:43   want to shoot at millennials I think they've got an internal idea of what their standards

00:32:48   are and they with the TVMA or caution I think what you're really going to see is failing

00:32:58   to failing to see them so far we're going to have to just guess but my guess is going

00:33:01   to be there's stuff that they're not going to allow right but there's other stuff they

00:33:07   are going to allow and so if you're in these kind of ratings boxes that currently exist

00:33:12   something like TVMA my guess is there's stuff that is traditionally thought of as TVMA that

00:33:16   is mature audiences only that Apple is okay with and that other stuff they're not okay

00:33:21   with and so you know it's a very blunt label but if you were believing that everything

00:33:27   that that Apple was going to show was going to be sort of PG then that's not the case

00:33:32   no it's like we just for connected our member special our relay of members special just

00:33:37   posted we watched the Steve Jobs movie the Michael Fassbender movie and that's like rated

00:33:44   R but it's just language there's nothing else in it and I know that language can be difficult

00:33:49   for people right I understand that but I think when people see this they think well this

00:33:53   is just Game of Thrones but it doesn't mean that you know yeah like Jennifer Aniston is

00:33:58   not going to behead Steve Carell right like that's not going to happen probably not if

00:34:03   she does it'll be like we won't see it it'll be off camera huh but there's definitely going

00:34:06   to be some some adult oriented themes at least in those shows I'm sure so and I and I get

00:34:13   if you if you if you're not cool with it but I personally am happy to see that they're

00:34:16   going to have a range because that's what I want I want a range I want to be able to

00:34:19   pick in my content Disney Plus is up and running in the Netherlands now yeah how about that

00:34:26   congratulations Netherlands who is getting a weird like test run of Disney Plus New Zealand

00:34:33   is usually the place that games companies pick for stuff like this but Disney has picked

00:34:37   the Netherlands right now the application is available and it's in the free trial period

00:34:42   and there's some articles in a put a tweet in the show notes which has a video kind of

00:34:47   showing the interface interface looks really nice but it's been stuff about that before

00:34:51   there's a lot of like interesting ways they categorizing things like a Darth Vader collection

00:34:55   the stuff yeah it's all back catalog right now none of the original content is in there

00:35:00   yet that's still coming in November so there's a lot of stuff it's cool that they're doing

00:35:06   it because we'll get to see it but it would be even nicer if you know I could get it but

00:35:11   I still won't be able to but this also explains why they made that announcement that it was

00:35:16   going to be available in like the US Canada and the Netherlands on day one I thought that

00:35:20   the Netherlands right it was like this is why yes yes they are using it as their test

00:35:25   market and and so that's where it's starting but yeah yeah it definitely felt weird at

00:35:30   the time but now we get it right now we understand so Netflix fighting back they picked up a

00:35:39   sword and have swung it at the competition so they're losing the office they're losing

00:35:44   friends but in 2021 they get Seinfeld worldwide streaming rights Seinfeld's on Hulu now I think

00:35:51   in the US but they're they're picking it up and they're picking it up worldwide which

00:35:55   is very interesting because I don't think it streams anywhere else Hulu has this weird

00:36:00   deal that they get all the rights I believe but like so you can't even it's like difficult

00:36:06   to even buy digitally in other places like it's like really limited but now Netflix have

00:36:12   picked it up streaming worldwide 180 episodes that's a big get so they're not giving in

00:36:17   for as much as they're losing stuff they're still fighting and this is it you may be asking

00:36:22   yourself well what what's the difference between friends and the office and Seinfeld that those

00:36:29   are leaving Netflix and this is coming to Netflix and the answer is friends is owned

00:36:32   by Warner Brothers WarnerMedia now the office is owned by NBC Universal Seinfeld is owned

00:36:39   by Sony which doesn't play in the streaming wars right now really and so on one level

00:36:48   this is great because it's like oh well this is we can be a free agent we can sell this

00:36:51   to the highest bidder Netflix can roll in and do it on the other hand I'm just going

00:36:55   to point it out now we can file this away for an episode of upgrade in 2021 whoever

00:37:01   buys Sony's entertainment business is going to be so angry that they've given Seinfeld

00:37:06   away to Netflix but oh well that's right because we've seen so many of these deals where everybody

00:37:12   they sell streaming rights away for some long period of time and then they have their own

00:37:16   aspirations and they have regret it's crazy it feels like this may be like yeah because

00:37:22   this means Sony's like this is a crown jewel and they're gonna get a lot of money for it

00:37:25   which is great but what does it say about Sony's aspirations I think it says that Sony's

00:37:29   current management doesn't really think that they're gonna play in these streaming wars

00:37:32   and they're better off selling their selling their catalog to one of the Giants for lots

00:37:37   of cash so here it is so it is believed that Sony I started that Hulu was paying 160 million

00:37:44   dollars a year for Seinfeld I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix are going to be paying

00:37:50   upwards of 200 because they had to wrestle it away right because who wouldn't want to

00:37:55   grab this because it's the only show that anybody can buy right because the rest of

00:38:01   them are like of this type of caliber the rest of them are all locked up I bet they

00:38:05   paid a lot of money for that but they did and I'm interested to see because I don't

00:38:10   think Netflix have said yet how long that deal is for us forever Disney CEO Bob Iger

00:38:18   resigns from Apple's board seems about time if you may remember Eric Schmidt was once

00:38:24   on Apple's board - it's true it gets to the point where like it's probably no love loss

00:38:28   but they're in direct competition now like he can't continue to sit in good faith on

00:38:31   that board they all made the right noises about this they said you know we love Bob

00:38:36   he's great we expect to Apple I think said we expect to continue to have our great relationship

00:38:41   with Disney and ABC and all of that like they're very positive about it and so it may be Bob

00:38:48   Iger wants to take that step back in general what happened to Steve Jobs's shares did they

00:38:56   go to the estate or did they go to Apple because that was a whole big thing for a while. No

00:39:01   that was his personal share so no Laureen Powell Jobs may still be one of Disney's larger

00:39:06   share individual shareholders I don't know if she's divested of them or not. I remember

00:39:12   that was a big thing for a long time wasn't it that wasn't a corporate relationship it

00:39:16   was Steve Jobs was on their board but you know Disney has been very supportive because

00:39:21   of the relationship especially between Disney and Pixar like the relationship between Bob

00:39:28   Iger and Steve Jobs was was strong and they would make deals with Apple they were I think

00:39:35   the first on board with some of the TV stuff was ABC stuff so it's a long-standing relationship

00:39:41   but it's true they are less aligned in some ways than they used to be I don't think anybody

00:39:46   really considers Apple playing the same game that Disney Plus is and in fact they will

00:39:50   probably be partners more or less on the fact that they're tying into Apple's data in the

00:39:55   TV app and they're gonna be on Apple's platforms and stuff like that but yeah I think there

00:40:00   comes a time where you say this is weird enough and I'm gonna need to recuse myself from this

00:40:03   portion of Apple's business that maybe it's better that we go our separate ways and just

00:40:07   be kind of partners being partners business partners where it makes sense is a lot different

00:40:12   than having your CEO on the board of somebody who you compete with in some areas so it makes

00:40:16   sense. All right so what else do we have aha this is an interesting story Apple TV Plus

00:40:23   the year that everybody gets for free and services revenue so there's two parts going

00:40:28   on yeah first is an article that you wrote which was really useful and little did we

00:40:32   know we'd need it a couple of days later so you were kind of thinking about like what

00:40:37   is gonna happen because I think we'd even touched on it in the show right like on last

00:40:41   week's episode like what is gonna happen to services revenue as Apple gives away this

00:40:47   year and then what happens the year after when they in theory pull it back right so

00:40:53   everybody then has to start paying right so you kind of went digging and noticed that

00:40:57   Apple changed how they account for services and hardware being bundled together and what

00:41:02   happens in the revenue reports. Yeah I noticed this because it broke all my charts because

00:41:06   they had to they had to restate their earnings for one previous year which also meant that

00:41:11   all other previous years were no longer using that technique it's very frustrating and it's

00:41:15   it means that my charts my beautiful beautiful charts don't work as well as I wish they did

00:41:20   but it it tweaked something in me when this came up I was like oh you know they did just

00:41:25   change that to take and it's weird right so basically they have decided and I think this

00:41:32   is a due to like it being good accounting practice is what you're supposed to do is

00:41:38   if you include services with hardware you should not allocate all the money to hardware

00:41:44   because you're bundling services in and they're part of the value of the phone and so what

00:41:48   Apple did was they classified some value for the service of providing maps Siri and the

00:41:57   that 5 gig free iCloud account and they amortize that over some period of time that's the life

00:42:04   of an iPhone and include that in services so there when they restated their earnings

00:42:11   what it ended up doing was shift the services revenue up and the hardware revenue down a

00:42:17   little bit because basically if you think of it this way if you buy an iPhone for a

00:42:22   thousand dollars over the course of time I don't know forty dollars of that or something

00:42:28   is considered services revenue I don't know the actual number now I don't think Apple's

00:42:32   disclosed it is it goes to services that revenue goes to services instead of hardware it's

00:42:38   not a pure hardware revenue when you buy an iPhone because some amount of the content

00:42:43   of it is considered services now those are on all the time so you wouldn't do that with

00:42:51   something like the Apple TV thing but I would imagine that they would you know transfer

00:42:56   some revenue to the services line you have to sign up for it it's one per family so it's

00:43:03   only a percentage a you know a limited percentage of iPhone sold that will that will sign up

00:43:09   for the year of Apple TV plus and those are the only ones they're going to count and I'd

00:43:14   imagine that it will be discounted I don't know that for certain but I I would imagine

00:43:18   they're not going to say well it's $4.99 a month times 12 and that let's deduct that

00:43:24   from the iPhone revenue for this iPhone I imagine they have a bundle price or something

00:43:29   that's a discount but still that they're counting it against it but even if it's the full price

00:43:34   it's going to be for a small percentage of iPhones that are the ones that sign up for

00:43:37   the service and that would go towards services revenue so in the end what will happen is

00:43:42   the per unit sales of iPhone will go down a little bit in terms of revenue per unit

00:43:48   which is another thing we don't know because we don't know how many units they sell and

00:43:52   the services revenue will go up a little bit and it'll just be a little trade-off that

00:43:55   they they it will be accounted for I guess is what I'm saying and because somebody was

00:43:59   asking because before the weird thing happened after I wrote this story what people were

00:44:04   really asking was what does this mean in terms of of next year like Apple's deferring services

00:44:11   revenue for a year because they're going to get no revenue from all these free accounts

00:44:15   and is that bad for services revenue in the short term and my answer was kind of not because

00:44:20   there'll be some allocation for it it actually might be worse in the long term than it is

00:44:25   in the near term right because this is what I was talking about last week of like you

00:44:30   do this for the first year you you put a bunch of money in because everyone's jumping on

00:44:35   that that year free so you're like okay we're gonna take the money from the iPhone put it

00:44:40   into the services bet right and you get like a bunch of like a services part and you get

00:44:43   like a spike of revenue but then a bunch of people don't take it for the second year and

00:44:49   then it goes down again potentially right Apple I guess hoping that with the combination

00:44:54   of a it doesn't cancel automatically look they made that choice all right look you can

00:45:00   say what you like about Apple being the perfect company you wish they always were they made

00:45:04   the choice that this is a renewing subscription if you take that year free so they're hoping

00:45:08   they get some people just let it roll in or two that they will have a compelling enough

00:45:13   slate of content by that time that people will want to pay for it that's the hope that

00:45:18   they're gonna make but if a bunch of people do cancel then it was an interesting and maybe

00:45:22   risky thing to do but we'll have to wait and see on that one yeah somebody at Goldman Sachs

00:45:28   kind of went a little bit berserk and issued a note in fear of this whole thing saying

00:45:33   that if they do I like this word amortize their revenue the ASP the average selling

00:45:40   price of their products is going to see a significant fall and therefore expected to

00:45:45   see a 26% decline in Apple stock there is a lot of massive assumptions made in this

00:45:52   note and I know that the what these like investor notes are always big assumptions but like

00:45:56   this is probably doing what you said we would not do right which is take $4.99 a month and

00:46:01   multiply it by 12 and take that off the price of the iPhone for five years which would be

00:46:06   a large hit to ASP but they're not gonna do that right anyway Apple issued a statement

00:46:12   refuting this claim saying that Apple TV+ will not have a material impact on ASP clearly

00:46:20   Apple knows what amount they can swallow right right or aware of this and they make the decision

00:46:26   the existing services thing I looked it up the average because because they restated

00:46:32   their 2018 figures I think you could actually compare it to the previous figures that were

00:46:39   not restated and my calculation was that basically on average iPhone revenue was reduced by 1%

00:46:50   so 1% of iPhone revenue was transferred to services revenue and it's not going to be

00:46:57   that amount again it'll be less than that yeah yeah I would imagine so so on a thousand

00:47:02   dollar iPhone purchase $10 goes to services and $990 goes to phone revenue this is not

00:47:12   even accounting for the fact that the ASP may have changed anyway right like Apple might

00:47:18   have a margins yeah exactly yes yes for example there's no 3d touch on these models and that

00:47:23   way that had a specific cost that is not there anymore so we don't and we don't know any

00:47:27   of those details so yes right like I cannot imagine that Apple is doing a clever end run

00:47:37   here to gut iPhone revenue to blow up services revenue right we're talking about small numbers

00:47:43   and is bananas that Goldman Sachs wrote what it wrote and also to refute that Apple's

00:47:53   stock price at the moment is largely tied to changes in services revenue yeah right

00:47:59   the the analyst at Goldman Sachs who wrote this note is often on the on the call the

00:48:06   analyst call after the results come out that's how I recognized his name and I thought oh

00:48:10   you're not getting invited on that call this time you're not going to get a question in

00:48:14   this time rod hall you're not going to get a question there's another level of weirdness

00:48:19   that you may be thinking to yourself what I know that name Goldman Sachs their apples

00:48:23   partner on Apple card yeah they're independent for financial analysts and all that but it

00:48:27   is weird isn't it I know I know that that stuff doesn't overlap but it does it just

00:48:31   adds another level of weirdness to the whole thing right we're like that analysts got a

00:48:37   call it's like why'd you do this someone from an interdepartmental memo so you really you

00:48:44   have really given me a bad day I have complained about so IDG's parent company owned an analyst

00:48:50   firm owns an analyst from IDC and we criticized IDC's forecasts by the way IDC's forecast

00:49:01   is the one where they they announced sort of in the early part of this decade that in

00:49:05   in two years Android would have like 70% of the smartphone market and Windows Phone would

00:49:12   have 25% or something like that and the iPhone would have 5% it was some it was one of these

00:49:16   or it was actually more egregious than that there's one of these things where it's like

00:49:19   it's over for the iPhone Windows Phone is going to take over and share with Android

00:49:23   and it's even maybe it was even like kind of down on Android it was going to be like

00:49:26   50% Windows Phone 40% Android 10% and at the time it was ludicrous anyway we would occasionally

00:49:36   refer to some dumb prediction that IDC would make and would I get a call occasionally from

00:49:42   someone higher up in IDG or from someone over at our colleagues at IDC complaining about

00:49:48   us beating them up in public yeah yeah that would happen so I'm sure Rod Hall got a call

00:49:54   from somebody but he's gonna he's gonna say what I said which is you know we're independent

00:49:59   we get to say what we think and even in this case even if it maybe it was kind of dumb

00:50:04   it was it was pretty dumb so yeah lots lots of stuff happening in streaming media and

00:50:11   it's and we're entering like the season of it right like this is where it's all gonna

00:50:16   start pretty soon it's all it's all gonna be dropping it's all gonna be happening are

00:50:20   we gonna talk is this upstream become TV reviews I was just about to ask you this question

00:50:27   I mean I don't know I mean I guess this is it's terrible to ask for a straw poll like

00:50:33   this I don't really know but like dude do people want us to do that right shall we review

00:50:39   shows I think first reactions of some of these shows might be worth it I don't think we need

00:50:43   to go in depth but I think some first reactions would be good I am hoping and he doesn't even

00:50:47   I think know this yet but I am hoping that Stephen Hackett will join me for a series

00:50:51   of TV podcasts over at the incomparable about for all mankind because it's a space show

00:50:56   yeah I talk with him about that even if you just do it on the liftoff but like whatever

00:51:01   like at least I'm really keen to hear you guys talk about that TV show right right because

00:51:07   it's I think that one I think of all of the TV shows that I've seen that one has the most

00:51:12   interesting premise to me the premise is really really good right I mean I've heard a lot

00:51:18   of people like even after last week I still like the premise of see like that it's still

00:51:23   I still find it like intellectually very interesting but for all mankind has the most compelling

00:51:29   one I think of all of the ones that I've seen this is the show in case you need a refresher

00:51:34   where the Russians get to the moon first and the space race doesn't end that's that's kind

00:51:40   of in a nutshell that's the show so yep is that the Ron Howard one no it's Ron Moore

00:51:46   right that's for the one more Ron Moore who did that'll start Galactica yeah yep so great

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00:53:43   so we mentioned last week that we will talk about this this week and that is Apple software

00:53:48   release schedules because they kind of gave a very brief overview and then everything

00:53:52   became a lot clearer later on so I'm going to link to a post over on Mac stories John

00:53:58   did a great job of putting this together to have all the release dates I'm very quickly

00:54:01   going to give an overview of what we're going to be seeing over the next couple of weeks

00:54:05   so iOS 13 drops this week on the iPhone on September 19th iPad OS and iOS 13.1 it is

00:54:14   assumed but not known that these are the same thing drop on September 30th tv OS 13 is on

00:54:21   September 30th watch OS 6 is on September 19 if you have a series 3 watch or later if

00:54:28   you have a series 1 or 2 watch is coming some point later this year HomePod software update

00:54:34   is on September 30th and Mac OS Catalina is in October now if you remove Mac OS Catalina

00:54:41   from this because Mac OS tends to come a little bit later anyway and has done for the last

00:54:45   few years it was probably expected that iOS iPad OS tv OS watch OS and the HomePod update

00:54:52   were all supposed to drop on the 19th but we all saw throughout the beta cycle which

00:54:58   was rocky at best they split it right this is the first time Apple's ever done this and

00:55:03   they started beta testing 13.1 before 13 had even reached GM the golden master and I believe

00:55:10   as well so I've had people ask me this question if you are running 13.1 you can actually upgrade

00:55:16   to 13 on the GM like that it will be possible to do this that that is my understanding I

00:55:22   don't know the method in which you have to do this you may have to do it on a Mac but

00:55:28   you don't have to is my understanding I need like I haven't had this completely confirmed

00:55:32   but I my understanding is you can upgrade to 13 without needing to wipe your phone so

00:55:39   okay that is a possibility that I have heard but this you know this is where we are there

00:55:46   are lots of features being pushed 13.1 there's some features that we're expecting for 13

00:55:51   to uneven in 13.1 there and then you look at stuff like there's new cross-platform features

00:55:56   if you look at reminders an Apple arcade right these are supposed to be cross-platform they're

00:56:01   not going to work everywhere on day one reminders is even more tricky because you have to upgrade

00:56:05   reminders database to take advantage of the new things which then means reminders won't

00:56:10   sync so all of your 13 iOS 13 devices will sync and all of your non iOS 13 devices or

00:56:18   before Catalina devices they will sync but they won't sync together I tested this myself

00:56:22   today I have reminders running on 13.1 on my iPads and I have not upgraded my phone

00:56:30   yet the reminders databases they have completely different tasks they are not seeing each other

00:56:35   and then you look at Apple arcade right the idea of one of the ideas of Apple arcades

00:56:39   you can play these games everywhere but it's only going to be on the iPhone for the best

00:56:43   part of two weeks so armchair analysis time this year right like this is one of the worst

00:56:52   for releases now it could be and I'm sure it is that they are doing this to maintain

00:56:57   stability across all these devices which is great right like you are better to delay and

00:57:03   make it stable than you are to release it all at the same time and it be an absolute

00:57:07   nightmare for everybody but we're assuming that these are all going to be stable when

00:57:13   they come out right because not a lot of people are really even getting to touch the 13 GM

00:57:17   right now because everyone's on 13.1 I've been running 13 on my iPhone this last week

00:57:21   I actually updated until until the 13 GM came out the most golden master and that's the

00:57:30   one I'm running on it and it's fine it's fine I mean it feels I think pretty stable it's

00:57:35   good it's weird that it is missing all these things that are in the betas but it's it's

00:57:40   been fine for me and the GM of watchOS 6 2 actually.

00:57:43   I wonder if 13 straight up 13 is going to ship on the phone.

00:57:48   I don't know I mean they have a 13 GM and it they have builds of it for all the different

00:57:54   phones so I would imagine that everybody on an iPhone will get the 13.0 build on Thursday.

00:58:03   But has it changed the camera app?

00:58:06   You know I don't know.

00:58:07   Stuff like the way that you take video by just pressing on the camera shutter I can't

00:58:12   imagine that that's just for 11 and above because it's not.

00:58:15   Well my guess is and I don't have my phone here to check my guess is that the 13 build

00:58:22   on the new iPhones might be have a different camera app enabled than the 13 build that's

00:58:28   on everything else and maybe that's a 13.1 feature for everyone else I don't know.

00:58:31   Possibly yeah but yeah this one has been it's been a bit standout for a lot of the wrong

00:58:36   reasons this year.

00:58:38   Yeah well this is this is we we talked about a couple weeks ago but it's the idea that

00:58:44   ideally out everything Apple ships in the fall ships at once because you do have these

00:58:48   interlocking services you do have the reminders stuff for example where you need to be on

00:58:53   all of them across the board.

00:58:57   But you know you can't ship or if you're Apple you can try but it's very very hard to ship

00:59:04   every single operating system on the same day plus they learned their lesson that like

00:59:09   that breaks stuff on their servers so they want to roll it out over time anyway and I

00:59:14   think that there's a level of maturity and them saying you know the iPad things not ready

00:59:18   and we really need to get the phone thing ready so we're going to push the iPad back

00:59:22   a little bit so it's one of those things where I feel like they're being grown up about this

00:59:27   and saying look we can't do it you know and we can complain like well you should be able

00:59:31   to do it maybe they should but I also kind of like the idea that they're saying we know

00:59:36   we should but we can't like it would be irresponsible for us to ship what we've got so we're gonna

00:59:40   we're gonna make some choices and we're gonna roll this out over time.

00:59:43   I think the next shoe to drop is don't conceive of something like Reminders that requires

00:59:51   everybody to be on the same version like you need to build that feature update so that

00:59:57   there's some level of compatibility if you're not gonna if you're gonna stagger your releases

01:00:01   right that that's the next step is don't make assumptions that the releases are not staggered

01:00:05   if they are and Reminders is the perfect example of that which is like literally if you get

01:00:10   this on your iPhone and you press the update button your iPhone and your iPad and you're

01:00:14   not on betas or anything when this release comes out your iPad and iPhone no longer talk

01:00:20   for Reminders if you press that button and if you don't press that button hey Reminders

01:00:24   is here it's new don't press this button because it's not on your iPad yet it's not ideal and

01:00:29   I think that maybe in the future they will I think that's the next stage here is not

01:00:34   first step is admitting that you have a problem which is that you can't ship everything at

01:00:38   the same time step two is no longer building your software with the plan that everybody's

01:00:42   gonna get the update at the same time because they're not and as Mac users we know that

01:00:45   lesson because the Mac hasn't been getting those updates at the same time at the same

01:00:49   time as iOS for ever now but iOS 13 does have a lot of features in it that are really great

01:00:56   we've both been using it for a period of time and I wanted to focus on a couple of things

01:01:00   about that we're excited about I want to talk about some things that are in iOS 13 but I

01:01:06   haven't got to use yet and then we're gonna then you're gonna talk about some of the things

01:01:09   that you have enjoyed using most already in iOS 13 so I have a small list of stuff Apple

01:01:15   Arcade I cannot wait to see these games Jason I am the closer we get the more excited I'm

01:01:21   getting because it seems like Apple surprise didn't do a great job of talking about the

01:01:28   games that they have on this service I think a lot of it may have been in their defense

01:01:35   I think maybe a lot of games were like waiting to be completely finished or they're rolling

01:01:39   out like a couple of days later or for whatever reason they went with what they went with

01:01:44   their press release that they sent out was pretty good it had a good list but they're

01:01:48   still like it seems like there's going to be an us to game there's creators of Monument

01:01:52   Valley coming later this week right they have like a game that nobody has seen anything

01:01:57   about that's dropping as part of Apple Arcade I am really excited to dig into some of these

01:02:02   games I keep seeing teasers there is a Twitter account called I think killer cow who has

01:02:10   been compiling all of this stuff if you're interested in seeing the games that they used

01:02:14   to work at touch arcade and pocket gamer if you are interested in seeing some of the games

01:02:21   that are coming to Apple Arcade that is the Twitter account to follow because they're

01:02:24   doing a good job of compiling all of those but I am really excited to get my hands on

01:02:32   this and it seems like just the more and more I find out about it the more and more I stand

01:02:37   firm in my assertion that this is the best value streaming like subscription for service

01:02:41   that Apple has so I'm really excited about that multiple Windows support on iPad OS this

01:02:48   is something I haven't really been able to play with very much because most of the apps

01:02:51   that I would want to use multiple windows with they obviously don't have iOS 13 builds

01:02:55   yet so I am really keen to try out I will get ready to start the clock on Google Docs

01:03:03   and how long that's going to take to update but once all those start coming out I'm really

01:03:07   excited about that because I think it's going to be a great way to change some of my workflows

01:03:13   on iOS I'm really excited about that sign in with Apple seems keen like something I'm

01:03:19   really keen to try Joanna Stern did a really good article about that seems like she got

01:03:24   some access to some sign in with Apple apps and also as well I saw that Apple had clarified

01:03:31   a little bit like they've reduced some of the restrictions on sign in with Apple to

01:03:35   make it more comprehensive for applications that shouldn't be blocked by it so they've

01:03:42   done some work there but I'm really keen to be able to use that feature for some stuff

01:03:46   that I'm not massively keen on giving some of my information away that's going to be

01:03:50   great dark mode in more applications I absolutely love iOS dark mode I will leave it on all

01:03:58   the time I love it on my iPad I'm going to turn it on on my phone leave it on all the

01:04:01   time because I always choose if an app has dark mode I'll put it to a dark mode so I'm

01:04:06   really excited to see that Apple is kind of popularizing further this idea and giving

01:04:11   people more tools to enable that so I'm excited about that I've been using that in timing

01:04:16   mode where it's sunrise sunset basically is dark mode comes on on my iPad because I don't

01:04:22   use dark mode at all on my Mac and I've liked it I've actually liked it so I think that's

01:04:28   what I'm going to do is I'm going to have it be in the daytime it's light mode and at

01:04:32   night it's dark mode that works for me and also reminders I haven't really given reminders

01:04:37   a fair shake yet because I've not had iOS 13 on my iPhone but I want to see if it's

01:04:44   possible for me to move from Todoist to reminders I want to give that a really good try I am

01:04:51   very keen with the features that Apple has been adding and I'm really excited to one

01:04:59   read Federico's chapter in his review on that and two so I can really get the full beats

01:05:05   because I think he's been using it like it's been like really using it and has moved to

01:05:09   it of course so I you know because I know he always tries stuff out but I actually don't

01:05:15   notice for sure but from the hints that I've gotten from him is he has moved to reminders

01:05:20   so I'm willing to give that a go as well because I don't use over time I have I use less and

01:05:25   less of the kind of power user features of Todoist and I think reminders might be able

01:05:29   to do what I want so I'm keen to try that out I will have the problem of not wanting

01:05:34   to up having the issue of not wanting to upgrade my Mac but that's just a thing I'm going to

01:05:40   have to deal with and write like I don't mind I mean really all I ever do on my Mac is mark

01:05:47   off a task but I never I'm never at my Mac without an iOS device being around so I don't

01:05:53   think it's going to be a problem we'll find out maybe that will be the thing that makes

01:05:56   me move to Catalina we'll see but I am these are some of the things I'm excited about Jason

01:06:01   yeah sounds good those those are all you know I'm not as excited about those things as you

01:06:07   but I am still interested in them I'm very interested in Apple Arcade and multiple windows

01:06:12   I have yet to actually find find a scenario where I really embrace it but that's partially

01:06:19   because some of the apps that I would yes in that scenario aren't aren't updated yet

01:06:24   exactly like one app that I've seen that looks really interesting in that regard again I've

01:06:29   I've only seen like videos of it is drafts right so the the drafts app the the like text

01:06:37   app there's a lot of interesting stuff that agile tortoise the developer seems to be doing

01:06:43   with multiple and stuff like you can I because I didn't even know you could do this you can

01:06:46   press a button in the app to open a second window which I straight up didn't know that

01:06:52   you could do that and then you can have like live markdown previews alongside your text

01:06:57   so I think this is one of those things where I'm in very intrigued to see what developers

01:07:03   are able to do with the multiple windows support like are there weird and wonderful things

01:07:11   that I hadn't yet considered so I'm excited about it so we started doing a we put our

01:07:16   list together me and Dan Morin of our features that we were excited about and rolled it out

01:07:22   as a beginning of a series on six colors that's the 13 13 features of iOS 13 because what

01:07:28   we're not going to do is write tens of thousands of words about iOS somebody else's on that

01:07:33   one and he's got it covered I don't need to do that not going to do that and I decided

01:07:40   rather than writing like a mega review of iOS 13 again somebody else has got that covered

01:07:46   and I wrote down all the features off of all the marketing pages and everything of all

01:07:51   the features in iOS 13 and iPad OS 13 and there's so many so many and I decided you

01:07:56   know what I can't do this I'm going to triage this I'm going to pick some features that

01:07:58   are my favorites and I'm going to write about those and so we're going to do well let's

01:08:03   see if we get to 13 we should it's called that we can find 13 features that we like

01:08:08   the 13 features of iOS 13 so first one I wrote about it's already up is shortcuts which is

01:08:14   just the shortcuts updates are great and they're going to get even better like shortcuts in

01:08:20   iOS 13 they make more sense visually because they're sort of phrased like sentences so you

01:08:27   can see sort of like what a block in shortcuts is doing and where it's getting the information

01:08:32   from which used to be implied but not explicit and it also allows you to replace that you

01:08:41   know what it's using as its input it used to be since it runs shortcuts run from top

01:08:46   to bottom so it's sort of like this step then this step then this step then this step it

01:08:49   used to be the assumption was it was always taking from the previous step and if that's

01:08:55   not what you wanted you wanted to grab something from somewhere else you had to like insert

01:08:59   another block and say no no get this thing and now use it and it was really messy and

01:09:06   frustrating and with this new approach you just change the part of the sentence that

01:09:12   says what it's getting and pointed at some other thing which is super helpful and so

01:09:19   I like that a lot I like that it's not quite a shortcuts feature but shortcuts are in the

01:09:23   share sheet now as individual shortcuts and you can edit the share sheets to put your

01:09:27   favorite shortcuts up at the top which means that now it's like one very easy tap to get

01:09:33   to your most important shortcuts which makes them way better likewise the widgets on the

01:09:40   home screen on the iPad it's so much better I put shortcuts widget on the home screen

01:09:46   and I can just run some shortcuts from the home screen and I don't need to open up shortcuts

01:09:49   and find that shortcut it's in the widget I tap it it runs and we're done which is really

01:09:54   great there's other stuff going on to the there's automation stuff coming in iOS 13.1

01:10:03   that has the potential to be pretty great and that you can key off NFC tags or times

01:10:11   of day and run shortcuts at certain times there's a simplified version of that that

01:10:16   will run on your home kit server basically your Apple TV or your iPad that's acting as

01:10:21   your home kit server in the house for home automation stuff that's a little more complex

01:10:25   than what's currently there so you know there's a lot of really good stuff in shortcuts I've

01:10:30   I'm very happy to get it to get an update for that one.

01:10:34   Yeah I've yet to really dig in to the shortcut stuff because again I've been waiting to see

01:10:40   the applications that I use what they're going to be doing.

01:10:42   This is the thing the potentially the single biggest thing that's happening in shortcuts

01:10:46   is something that you can't see until the apps get updated because apps can now it used

01:10:51   to be everything that you did with app automation was from the clipboard or from a URL that

01:10:56   had a bunch of data inside it and now in iOS 13 apps can actually pass data and ask for

01:11:03   what what do you want and give me this and I'll give you this back and you know it's

01:11:08   a it they're building out the foundations of a completely native way of apps passing

01:11:14   data around instead of the old way of cheating by putting it on the clipboard or in URLs

01:11:19   but to really take advantage of that you need to have your key apps be updated to support

01:11:25   it and that may not come right away either because we know a bunch of app developers

01:11:29   where this summer has really been a sprint to sort of like get their existing apps to

01:11:33   work right in iOS 13 and that step one step two is add some features that are from iOS

01:11:39   13 and then the step after that is look at catalyst so just as this has been an interesting

01:11:45   summer for Apple and its beta release cycle and all of that I think not all the apps that

01:11:52   we want to have fully supporting every new feature of iOS 13 are going to be there at

01:11:57   launch day I think that a lot of developers are trying to make sure that their apps run

01:12:01   fine on iOS 13 as step one and that's the right call. What else? A lot of changes in

01:12:10   the Photos app that are really good a lot of new editing features in the Photos app that

01:12:17   it's not quite a match for the Mac version but it's getting close I don't know why they

01:12:23   don't have a retouching brush in there it drives me crazy. If only you had some kind

01:12:28   of device on the iPad that could let you do retouching really easily. Right what would

01:12:35   that be like? Pixelmator Photo will do it and Pixelmator Photo if people don't know

01:12:43   this it's amazing I'm going to write this up at some point I think that it has not been

01:12:46   learned, not been noticed by enough people. Not only is it great but you can you take

01:12:54   a photo in Photos and you share it to Pixelmator Photo and you edit it and then you go back

01:12:58   to the share menu in Pixelmator Photos and one of the items is put this back on top of

01:13:05   the existing photo in your Photos library which I didn't even know was an API but it

01:13:09   is and it works and so you can most apps the way they work with Photos is you share a photo

01:13:16   out and then they'll add it as a new photo in your Photos library but Pixelmator Photos

01:13:21   will actually add it as the new latest version of your existing photo that it's based on

01:13:26   in your Photos library it's so good and it's got that retouching brush so that it'll do

01:13:32   some pretty amazing work quickly removing people from scenes and stuff like that. Like

01:13:37   I have straight up removed complete people from Photos. Yeah by just drawing on them

01:13:44   and yeah it's great so I you know why is that on the Photos app I don't know but there's

01:13:47   still a bunch of good stuff in the Photos app and I'm looking forward to the changes

01:13:51   in the camera app that are happening with the new phones as well. You know my other

01:13:56   stuff I have a lot of iPad stuff like the Files app and the pinned widgets that I mentioned

01:14:00   with shortcuts like I really like those those are iPad features the desktop browsing in

01:14:04   Safari the mouse support which I have some caveats about. Safari is so good Jason. Oh

01:14:09   my god Safari is so good. Yeah it's not perfect but it is a real transformation of the iPad

01:14:16   experience to have more desktop-y Safari. I like Find My. I like the Find My app. I like

01:14:23   having Find My Friends and Find My iPhone both of which are apps that I've used in one

01:14:30   place in that and I think that they did a good job I think it's a good app I like it

01:14:34   there are some quirks about it that I don't like where it takes me away like when I'm

01:14:40   looking at the map and I want to see who's around me and then it's like nope now I'm

01:14:43   going to take you away from that and show you nothing and it's like come on come on

01:14:47   app so there's some there's some things to be worked on but I think it's good to have

01:14:50   that there. CarPlay this is a thing that now it's on my primary iPhone that I can use a

01:14:56   little bit more is the new CarPlay is so much better than the old CarPlay especially the

01:15:00   dashboard appearance where you can see the map and you're now playing and like it's and

01:15:05   Siri doesn't get in the way of everything else that like there's a lot of upgrades to

01:15:09   CarPlay that if you use CarPlay every day upgrading to iOS 13 on your iPhone will be

01:15:16   a really nice experience because CarPlay is better it's like a major update for CarPlay

01:15:22   and then the swipe typing I know that you can swipe type on third-party keyboards and

01:15:26   have been able to do since they introduced third-party keyboards but there's a lot of

01:15:29   stuff that you need the Apple keyboard for the Apple keyboard as the first-party keyboard

01:15:34   is the one that you know you keep coming back to the Apple keyboard because it is the one

01:15:41   that Apple demands in certain circumstances it Apple assumes that it's there and all my

01:15:47   attempts to use Gboard and I have used it a lot over the years but to get that inside

01:15:54   of the standard Apple keyboard is very nice it took them a long time to get here but they

01:16:00   did a good job I think the implementation is good and it's good to have swiping on the

01:16:04   default. Still missing one feature to bring me back from Gboard and that's emoji search

01:16:10   I can search emoji Gboard can't do that on the Apple keyboard so I'm even though I am

01:16:16   so happy because swipe typing there's two things I love about Gboard well three things

01:16:20   I love about Gboard swipe typing emoji search and a better autocorrect or like at least

01:16:25   a dictionary I find it to be much more relevant to what I need a lot of the time but yeah

01:16:30   it's just a shame that they've not done anything on emoji search I don't I feel like at this

01:16:35   point it's going to be a one more thing like I can't even imagine what's holding them back

01:16:41   I think they believe that the quick type thing where you type the name of the emoji and it

01:16:44   gives you it as an autocorrect option they think is emoji search. Because like I agree

01:16:50   I get what you get that point but like if I type in Gboard a word it will show me like

01:16:58   10, 15 suggestions sometimes depending on the word that I've typed and also Google is

01:17:02   very good about assigning alternative meanings to what an emoji is right right and so yeah

01:17:10   it's yeah and Apple's not so good at that so I would love to see it but anyway iOS 13

01:17:16   coming this week I would expect on next week's show we will have a little bit more to say

01:17:20   about it when we finally get our hands on apps that could support it as well as talking

01:17:26   about our new iPhones and maybe Apple watches who knows so I'm very excited about next week's

01:17:31   show who knows depends on how diligent we are about you know our professionalism so

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01:19:02   this show and all of relay FM and it is time for some hashtag ask upgrade questions and

01:19:08   we start with Nicholas. Nicholas wants to know do you think the LTPO which is the new

01:19:13   Apple watch display the LTPO display will make its way into the iPhones maybe in 2020.

01:19:20   I mean it's a much larger display and there are so many other issues I feel like the way

01:19:26   I'd phrase this is Apple is always trying to push things forward and they learn from

01:19:33   the work they do in other areas in fact I have made the argument that the Apple watch

01:19:38   display feels to me like Apple learned a lot of lessons when they built the promotion display

01:19:41   on the iPad in terms of variable frame rate and then that was something that they had

01:19:46   a skill in and that perhaps aided them in building the Apple watch display. So I'm sure

01:19:51   their display people push this stuff keep in mind they have to work with partners on

01:19:57   the panels as well and you got to have a panel that's large enough for this but yeah I think

01:20:03   Apple's goal is to make displays use less power and maybe that will I mean also if you

01:20:12   had a variable frame rate iPhone display a promotion iPhone display which we still don't

01:20:17   have that does work both ways they could crank it up to super smooth but they could also

01:20:22   crank it down and save a lot of power and this technology the light on could help them

01:20:27   go further like to 120 hertz like there are phones out now that do that so MKBHD just

01:20:33   did a review of the new Razer phone which is a phone with a 120 hertz AMOLED display

01:20:40   and he says it's just absolutely unbelievable and it's doing some stuff like you can change

01:20:45   some of the like the refresh rates and stuff but a screen that can really like completely

01:20:51   adapt in this way could allow Apple to do that without needing to change too much about

01:20:57   this is a thick phone like as a massive battery and it will last for days right like he's

01:21:02   you know it's another thing but I probably doesn't want to make a phone that's this thick

01:21:05   but the LTPO display or that technology could help them in the future. I do think that there

01:21:10   is a probably a goal ultimately to letting your iPhone be on all the time to write on

01:21:16   the screen. And maybe some very you know having the notifications there in a very kind of

01:21:23   like power friendly way and they're not there yet that's a big screen and the tech is complicated

01:21:26   so you know 2020 iPhones I doubt it but you never know and I'm not sure there's a one-to-one

01:21:32   there because the Apple watch is a very different thing but I would say that Apple is always

01:21:36   learning from the requirements of one of Apple's products will often feed into knowledge that

01:21:43   allows them to do something similar on their other products because a lot of their goals

01:21:47   are aligned right like having better screens and having better battery life and using less

01:21:52   power and all of these things are the same even though some of the details per product

01:21:57   are different so you know I'm sure it has informed them and that we'll see that elsewhere.

01:22:04   James asks will the iPhone 11 Pro clear case fit the iPhone XS? I want a clear case but

01:22:12   not planning on upgrading this year. Jason I did some field research. Oh good good boy

01:22:18   you are so professional this week. I know. I mean not like you aren't otherwise you've

01:22:23   got the extra mile you've gone the extra mile this week. So I have okay so I have let everybody

01:22:28   down a little bit I couldn't test this on a XS. I tested it on a X. Okay. Adina has

01:22:33   an iPhone X and the clear case because she's going to be getting an 11 Pro and this is

01:22:40   really weird. It fits but the buttons have moved. So the buttons so the sleep wake button

01:22:49   and the volume and all the ringers on the case they are I think a little lower down

01:22:57   so it while it fits all the buttons are being pressed so no it kind of doesn't work because

01:23:05   Siri is constantly trying to be activated. Also as well you have the huge camera hole

01:23:09   on the back. James other companies make clear cases you can if you really want one that

01:23:13   bad I recommend you get one that's actually made for your phone. Yes. But yeah I was surprised

01:23:19   about that the button placement appears to have changed from the XS to the 11. For some

01:23:26   reason I never thought that that stuff changed. Well I mean when the camera bump changes as

01:23:31   much as it has I think they feel like they feel free to make other changes. Yeah but

01:23:35   it's just kind of one of those things that maybe it changes more often than I think it

01:23:39   does right like and I just never know because why would I know but those buttons have moved.

01:23:44   Well the X and the XS the bump moved very slightly because I remember putting a X case

01:23:52   on the XS and thinking it's not quite like you could kind of force it but it was a little

01:23:56   bit bigger I think. Yeah. So yeah it was yeah it was possible but this is even less possible

01:24:03   because your volume buttons won't work anymore. That's not good. Not good. Peter asks the

01:24:08   new iPhones don't have the word iPhone on the back is this the first step to changing

01:24:12   the name? No. But I did want to mention this because this is one of those things where

01:24:19   like it can be slightly different depending on regulatory bodies the backs of the iPhones

01:24:24   in Europe are not clear they have they still have regulatory symbols on them. Interesting.

01:24:30   So it's just a shame because I would love there to be nothing. I am a little bit upset

01:24:35   that they moved the Apple logo down because that's exactly where my pop socket goes so

01:24:40   I don't know what I'm gonna do about that Jason. So the short answer is no the long

01:24:47   answer is if Apple wants to change the name of the iPhone what it puts on the back of

01:24:51   the previous year's iPhone will have no bearing. Agreed. Alright our next question comes from

01:24:58   Andrew what are your current odds on a new Apple TV being unveiled in October? Well there

01:25:05   are some rumors out there that there's new Apple TV hardware so I would say yeah it's

01:25:12   a very slight update to the Apple TV so I'd say I don't know 50/50 I doubt here's the

01:25:17   thing I doubt it's something you want to wait around for. I can't imagine what they're gonna

01:25:24   add which is gonna make you like... I don't think they are I think the rumor is it's a

01:25:29   very very mild upgrade where they're upgrading some of the internals but it's not it's still

01:25:34   just gonna be a literally a black box it's still just the Apple TV 4k that's it so I

01:25:44   would say that there's a decent odds that there might be a new one but the odds are

01:25:47   very low that you're gonna care. Yeah okay I guess this is one of the things where it's

01:25:52   like if you can wait then wait but don't worry about it at the same time I think is kind

01:25:59   of what I like you know what I mean like if you if you don't have one and you don't need

01:26:03   one immediately just wait until the TV shows start popping out because they won't release

01:26:08   something after that and like it's not gonna be like November 5th there's gonna be a new

01:26:12   Apple TV they'll do it before TV+ so if you can wait then wait that would be my my feeling

01:26:20   on this. Robin says will I be able to use reminders on iOS 13 reminders on Mojave even

01:26:26   if it's not the new reminders so we were talking about this earlier no you you can't do that

01:26:32   so that's you bear that in mind before you upgrade. Well you can there's a there's a

01:26:39   compatibility mode. Apologies yes but you don't get the new features right you lose

01:26:44   some of the new features. You can use it you're gonna have a little button that says upgrade

01:26:48   or whatever it is every time like our show except I don't think it says that because

01:26:52   I would be very excited if that's what it said. Of all the places to promote the show

01:26:56   reminders is weird but like we'll take it we'll take it but you'll be you'll be being

01:27:02   bugged to upgrade to the new feature for a while and that will be annoying but you can

01:27:09   do it and you get to use some of the features of reminders before you move over but basically

01:27:17   yes you you can you will just keep getting bugged because Apple can't assume that everybody

01:27:23   who's got a new iPhone is running the latest version of their OS everywhere else and so

01:27:27   they can nag you about it but that's all they can do. Joel wants to know are you getting

01:27:31   a green iPhone Pro? You got to read the second part because it's a joke. It's a real Slofies

01:27:38   choice. Yeah Joel I don't even want to answer your question because you made you said Slofies

01:27:45   choice and that is that's a bad joke about a bad word and the answer is no not only is

01:27:52   green not a color that I'm very good at among the colors but I'm kind of a blue guy if it

01:28:00   was a midnight blue iPhone I would be all over it but instead I am getting a space gray

01:28:04   and putting it in a midnight blue case. So Michael Stieber of 9to5Mac kind of put put

01:28:12   like a mock-up of a blue. Did you see it? Like what a blue iPhone Pro would look like.

01:28:19   I want it. It makes me so sad. No I'm going for gold as I always do that's gonna be my

01:28:27   color. Go for the gold. Go for the gold Michael you're going for gold and Adina is getting

01:28:35   space gray again she's all about and keeping it keeping it simple. My daughter's phone

01:28:40   is ordered her college going away to college get a new phone phone very exciting her first

01:28:45   new phone ever it's not a hand-me-down. Oh yeah. Yeah and it's an iPhone 11 in purple.

01:28:55   That's a good color I was poking around at those and like if I was gonna buy one what

01:28:59   one would I buy and purple is the one I would go for out of the colors. And finally today

01:29:05   Devon asks what is the over under on there being a future or current iPhone cameo in

01:29:12   C the TV show. It seems incredibly unlikely to me because it's basically a post-apocalyptic

01:29:18   setting so I don't think they're gonna have phones but this did make me want to ask the

01:29:23   question what is Apple product placement going to look like in its TV shows. I would not

01:29:28   be surprised if everybody in Apple's TV shows is uses iPhones and Macs. That's actually

01:29:33   not surprising because I mean maybe not the Russians and for all mankind. What about like

01:29:42   the morning show like they all gonna be using Macs? Yeah they're all gonna have iMacs and

01:29:47   stuff. Do you think? I don't know why not. I mean I know a lot of TV shows use Apple

01:29:52   products anyway right? Yes that's that's what I was gonna say is that this is actually not

01:29:57   unusual lots of shows have an Apple product placement thing where they get promotional

01:30:02   consideration for an Apple. Like I'm watching Brooklyn 99 at the moment and that's always

01:30:07   at the end of every episode. Yep yep. They use the iPhone a lot in that well as well

01:30:11   it's one of those TV shows that actually understands how phones look when you use them right that

01:30:16   when you're on a phone call to somebody you're not looking at the lock screen right right

01:30:20   they do a pretty good job of like trying to actually show what phones really look like

01:30:25   in that show. And when you hold the phone to your head it is not lit up. Exactly exactly.

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01:31:21   I be right in thinking that? Yes I'm sure I'm sure that we'll be continuing to do wonderful

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01:31:43   to know because you are gold. Go!

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