247: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2019


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00:00:15   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade episode 247. Today's show is brought to you by

00:00:22   Bombas, Lunar Display, Text Expander and ButcherBox. This is the fourth annual WWDC

00:00:29   draft event and it is the keynote draft for 2019. I want to thank Chris Breen for the wonderful

00:00:36   draft specific theme. The Christopher Breen marching band everyone. I am Myke Hurley and

00:00:41   I am joined by my drafting partner Mr. Jason Snell or my adversary I should say. Yep, that's sure.

00:00:48   Hi, yes, we are adversaries but we're also partners in finding out what will happen next week.

00:00:56   Exactly, now I want to start the #SnellTalk question. It comes from Aaron and Aaron asks

00:01:00   happy draft day, says that, states that and then asks Jason as the underdog for WWDC predictions,

00:01:06   how have you prepared for 2019's WWDC predictions? Who has determined that I'm the underdog? So this

00:01:13   is it. I thought to myself, hang on a second, how is that the case? So I checked because I have all

00:01:18   the results. I have beat you every WWDC draft that we have done. All three, I've won all three. Oh,

00:01:25   interesting. So I am the WWDC draft champion. Please give me that, it's the only thing I've

00:01:30   ever won. I suppose then to Aaron's point I will say that I prepared like I'd done in the past,

00:01:35   which is looked at our list that we agreed upon and then the morning of the draft sort of paced

00:01:43   a couple of things at the top of it that I think I like and that's it. So I think this level of

00:01:49   preparation shows you why I have not won the WWDC draft. But that's no different to any other

00:01:54   draft prep that you do though, right? And you win all of those pretty handily. That's true. It may

00:01:58   be that I just don't have a handle on the WWDC. I will say to Aaron, I actually did for something

00:02:03   that we're going to do later in the draft, I downloaded the video of last year's keynote and

00:02:08   scrubbed through it. So that was like a little refresher of like what's a WWDC keynote like.

00:02:14   Oh, see that is some different preparation. To think about it. You've been studying the tapes.

00:02:19   I did. I went back to the tapes. I think it's something I try to visualize, look at the tapes,

00:02:24   visualize the keynote and stay within myself. If I was a Tim Cook, what would I do? Am I going to

00:02:31   run on stage? No. I'm going to wait back here for a FaceTime based Animoji based or Emoji based demo

00:02:40   for a version of software that will not ship for... Are you making your first pick? No, no.

00:02:45   That's last year. That was a Tim Cook appearance. He was demoing that feature that didn't ship.

00:02:50   Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. See, that's what happens when you go to the videotape. Anyway,

00:02:55   I am as prepared as always, which means nothing. We're always very prepared. We take a year to

00:03:01   prepare for this. Thank you so much to Aaron for that Snowtalk question. If you would like to have

00:03:06   a question included in the show, just send out a tweet with the hashtag Snowtalk and you may help

00:03:10   us open a future episode. Now we are going into the draft and we will start through drafts. There's

00:03:15   all drafts. Good drafts should be started. And that is by talking about the rules. So there are

00:03:21   10 rounds, 20 overall picks. We get 10 picks each. The winner of the previous draft gets first pick,

00:03:28   and that was Jason. For an item to be counted in the draft, for it to be a successful point

00:03:34   scored when we scored them next week, it must either clearly be announced on stage or on a slide

00:03:40   during the presentation. Yes. And it's the keynote because often at WWDC, there will be really

00:03:46   interesting things announced in the State of the Union, which happens after lunch. Doesn't count.

00:03:51   Doesn't count for us. Doesn't count. Doesn't count. This is a keynote draft. If me and Jason

00:03:56   cannot decide on the winner, we do have adjudication from Stephen Hackett. We do have an

00:04:02   extra thing now, which is a tiebreaker. This is something that we introduced last time, which

00:04:07   is a tiebreaker. So we have two ways to get out of some kind of stalemate. If in case of a tie

00:04:12   that we agree upon as a tie, there is a tiebreaker question. If we cannot agree, Stephen Hackett will

00:04:16   adjudicate, but we always prefer to score ourselves, which we will do at the beginning of next week's

00:04:22   WWDC reaction episode. No half points, four points only. There are no points awarded for anything

00:04:29   preannounced or ridiculously obvious. So for example, we cannot say iOS 13 will be announced.

00:04:35   In a discussion that occurred before the episode today, we have removed marzipan from this list,

00:04:41   as we deem it to be probably too obvious. And preannounced, essentially, because they announced

00:04:47   it last year on the Kina that they were going to do it this year. So I think it could be argued,

00:04:52   but I think we just both agreed. We're going to just take the existence of marzipan off the list.

00:04:57   This one kind of skirts against both of these points too closely, so we may as well remove it,

00:05:02   considering we have like 50 items to choose from from our master list that we create. So like,

00:05:08   we're not hurting for options. And if you had disagreed with me and said, "No, no, no,

00:05:12   I think we should leave it on there," my response would have been, "Okay, I pick marzipan then."

00:05:16   Well, yeah. I mean, honestly, I thought that was going to be your first pick. I mean,

00:05:20   it's too obvious. It's going to be mine. We want to have fun here, so it's out.

00:05:25   The points awarded on the episode next week are final as well. So I did mention that the winner

00:05:31   of the previous draft gets to pick first. And so far, there's only been one draft this year,

00:05:35   which was the services event draft, which Jason won, so he's going to be picking first.

00:05:38   We should start with our tiebreaker round, right?

00:05:42   Oh, sure. Let's do that. We can do that now. The tiebreaker round is... So last time,

00:05:48   we came up with the concept of the tiebreaker round, and it was what color Tim Cook's shoes were.

00:05:52   This time, because I want it to be something that's right. The problem is if I pick gray shoes and you

00:06:01   pick white shoes and they're brown shoes, then we don't have a tiebreaker.

00:06:04   That is what we learned from the previous tiebreaker, that we needed something a little

00:06:07   bit more clear because who knows how we could have ever agreed on the color of the shoes.

00:06:13   So since I won the last event, I have an advantage here, but you get to take control,

00:06:19   and it's sort of like I get to set the bar and you get to choose above or below.

00:06:23   So what we're going to do is I'm going to pick a number that is the number of times Tim Cook

00:06:28   appears on stage, comes on stage during the event. You could imagine an event where he's only on at

00:06:34   the beginning of the end would be two times. He sometimes appears as a bridging. It's a little

00:06:41   bit of stagecraft, right? Like they're done with the iOS stuff and Tim reappears and says,

00:06:46   "Well, Apple Watch is great too. Here's Apple Watch," and then he leaves again.

00:06:50   I have a question for you on this, right? So I want to make a clarification point.

00:06:54   If he introduces someone, then leaves and comes back to kind of take control after the introduction,

00:07:01   like imagine a demo of some kind, does that count as times that he appears on the stage?

00:07:06   Yes. If he leaves the stage, and it's not like running a video or something,

00:07:11   but he leaves the stage because somebody else is out there and he's gone and then he returns,

00:07:16   I think that counts. And I think that's where the guessing game comes here.

00:07:19   I will say I did the math last time, and by my account, Tim only was on stage four times

00:07:26   last time. He was at the beginning and the end, the bridge between iOS and macOS and the bridge

00:07:31   between WatchOS and macOS, I think is all that he did. Maybe he was up there a fifth time. Did I?

00:07:38   I have to go back to the videotape, Myke. I have to do more consulting on the videotape here.

00:07:42   Yeah, nope. It's five. I stand corrected. It's five times. So he appeared as a bridge

00:07:47   between all the different segments. And so that's going to be my pick is five. And you, Myke Hurley,

00:07:53   so I get five and I get all the numbers above or below five, but you get to choose which one you

00:08:00   prefer. Does Tim appear more than five times on stage or fewer than five times on stage?

00:08:04   I'm going to go more than five. All right. The reason I'm going to do this,

00:08:08   this year, it does feel like there's potentially more stuff than last year,

00:08:13   like more different things. So I'm going to go with more than five, especially if they do any

00:08:19   kind of like, we want to refresh you about Apple Arcade or Apple TV Plus.

00:08:26   Absolutely. Right. I can imagine there being people coming on and off.

00:08:29   And I'm not trying to railroad you here. I think this is the real question is like, is it,

00:08:31   we don't know. It's sort of like a coin flip. I've set the bar where I think based on last year,

00:08:37   where I think it's sort of reasonable. And then you get your 50/50. My only advantage is that I

00:08:42   get five and all and four, three, two, one. But I think it's more, most, you know, that, that it's

00:08:47   only a tiebreaker. I can't imagine. I genuinely can't imagine he will be, there will be less kind

00:08:52   of breaks than last year. Like I just, I would expect it's probably going to be five or more.

00:08:56   That's just why I went. I think, I think you're probably right. All right. Well,

00:09:00   now that's our tiebreaker. It doesn't count for any points, but if we end up tied at the end,

00:09:03   that will decide it. Tim Cook's appearances. And we may have to go to the videotape ourselves

00:09:07   to determine that one. Yeah. That's going to be an interesting one to, uh, to score that.

00:09:12   So we'll, we'll, we'll have to work that out. I just say while you're watching everybody,

00:09:16   watch count your Tim Cook's count. Hopefully we won't need to use it though, which is,

00:09:21   yeah, that's right. I do wonder if we are ever going to need a tiebreaker. Like the tiebreaker

00:09:26   was not introduced because we tied once. We just decided to do it. No, it's fun. We get to this

00:09:31   way. We get something that's not a pick, but it's also kind of weird and outlandish and, uh,

00:09:36   something to pay attention to. So I like that part of it. All right, let's do this. Jason,

00:09:41   what is your first pick for the WWDC keynote draft of 2019?

00:09:45   Uh, my first pick for the WWDC keynote draft of 2019, it's like a sports draft. They keep

00:09:52   saying the branding over and over again. Okay. Sorry, sorry, sorry. The upgrade WWDC

00:09:57   keynote draft of 2019. Why Myke, my first pick in the upgrade keynote draft of 2019 for WWDC is

00:10:04   dark mode on iOS because they added dark mode to MacOS last year in a rare move where MacOS

00:10:12   got a feature before iOS. That doesn't usually happen, but it's so obvious, especially with the

00:10:17   OLED screens that they're using, but even on the LCD backlit screens, it's there. So it's so nice.

00:10:24   It's a nice option for people to have actually prefer dark mode on iOS more than I prefer it on

00:10:29   MacOS I found, but since Apple has done the work on MacOS, I feel like it's a natural extension.

00:10:34   This is also one of many things that we're going to pick that have been rumored that have been

00:10:38   reported by various people, whether it's a gear Rambo or Mark Gurman. And, uh, I think it's only

00:10:44   logical that there'd be dark mode on iOS. Something that I've been thinking about when it

00:10:49   comes to dark mode is like what it's actually going to be like, is it going to be what we would hope it

00:10:56   would be, which is like that there is like, you know, they, they keep all the color, but they

00:11:00   make everything darker, you know, everything that's white turns black, but everything else

00:11:04   kind of remains the same. Or maybe there are like, you know, you get some apps that they'll change

00:11:08   the text sort of tint colors to different colors, or is it going to be like a gray scale mode?

00:11:13   Like where just everything is in black and white? I don't know. Right. Like I've been thinking about

00:11:17   this because I was rereading Mark Gurman's report and it, it seems to talk about like everything

00:11:24   being like dark and black and grays. And I was like, Hmm, I wonder what, which, which it's going

00:11:29   to be like, I hope that it would be how we think of dark modes now where everything that's in color

00:11:35   will still be in color. I think so. I think that's what I would hope, but, but we'll wait and see

00:11:40   what it might be. Jason is like, unless you are developing properly, that's what will happen to

00:11:45   you. Right? Like if you use the API's, then you can have things in color, like the, um,

00:11:50   the invert color thing, you know, there's like an invert color mode in accessibility

00:11:54   and you can, uh, as a developer, if you properly support it and you can have like images, not

00:12:01   invert, but if you don't officially support it, they will invert. And I wonder if it could be

00:12:05   something like that, right? Where it's like, if you don't officially support it, we're just going

00:12:09   to take all the color away from you. Um, but if you do officially support it, then you can kind of

00:12:14   specify what, what will be what, who knows? We'll see, but this is something I desperately want.

00:12:19   I really do want it. Um, so I hope that they do it. Uh, it was, that was, uh, going to be my

00:12:25   second pick, Jason. So I had it very high up in my list. Um, I'm, I think I'm going for a pretty safe

00:12:31   number one, cause I want to win, uh, new Memoji sticker options. Okay. Um, I think that they will

00:12:41   do something, um, related to Memoji because it's only a year old. Um, and it seems to have been

00:12:49   popular enough, right? I think people seem to really like it. Uh, it seems to be something,

00:12:53   it's one of those things that I think can help sell a phone to people. Uh, but some of the rumors

00:12:59   have been that, you know, you will now create your Memoji and you'll be able to just choose

00:13:03   pre-made stickers. So you don't have to make faces every time. I would really like it for that

00:13:07   reason, but I would actually really like them, Apple to kind of go after Bitmoji where Bitmoji

00:13:12   not only creates like expressions, but things that surround them. Right. So there's like Bitmoji.

00:13:18   It's a congratulations and your characters in it or all sorts of sorts of stuff that they update

00:13:23   frequently. And I think that Bitmoji is popular enough that Apple could, could try and do something

00:13:28   a bit similar, but I at least think that me mode new Memoji stickers would be able to present you

00:13:33   with a set of effectively your own emoji that you can pick from as opposed to needing to make the

00:13:40   faces. Right. Like I've spoken about this in the past. This is Bitmoji where they basically,

00:13:45   where they're posed in certain ways, but they're using your Memoji character. Yeah. I would love

00:13:50   to see, you know, like all of the yellow faced emoji, right? Like the little yellow circle face

00:13:54   emojis. Um, they basically just recreate all of those with my own face. That's what I would love.

00:14:01   Right. So like, then I have my own emoji at that point. Right. And put in the me in Memoji.

00:14:07   I was reluctant to pick this because it's so specific and I'm not a hundred percent sure. I,

00:14:12   I'm, I'm pretty sure there will be something related to Memoji and Animoji because aren't,

00:14:16   why would there not be? Um, but the stickers, I wasn't a hundred percent on that. So that's a bold

00:14:22   pick, but I think, uh, you love it. So that's the, the part of the balance of the draft.

00:14:26   There is a part of it of wish casting. Yeah, it does happen. You got to fight against the

00:14:29   wish casting. Um, all right. For my next pick, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go big. Myke, it's the big one.

00:14:36   It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen very much like it did a couple of years ago with the iMac pro.

00:14:41   It is the unveiling of the new Mac pro. Wow. Jason, you have picked this much earlier in the

00:14:49   draft than I was expecting. It would come out in the draft because this is one of those things where

00:14:56   we all feel like it should happen. Right. But I don't know. I just, I agree with you. Right.

00:15:04   I completely agree with you. I feel certain now of course, watch them not do it, but I feel like

00:15:08   this is the audience. This is the place they've already said it's coming. It's not going to be

00:15:12   real like released, but like what they did with the iMac pro, this is going to be their

00:15:19   sneak peek to get the developers whipped in a frenzy. Um, we'll, we'll know that it's coming

00:15:24   and you know, and, but that'll be, that'll be it until it ships. And maybe that maybe it'll again

00:15:30   ship in December or something like the iMac pro did. Who knows? I agree with all of that. Right.

00:15:34   Cause like we are on the exact same page here because all of that seems super logical,

00:15:39   but I'm, there's just something where I'm, I'm not, I just don't feel a hundred percent on it.

00:15:44   I just don't. And I don't know why. Um, in, you know, cause you'd say like, oh,

00:15:49   we wouldn't have heard anything more about it. Right. Because they would keep it close to their

00:15:53   chest. And I guess, you know, where we are sitting right now, there's not been any like

00:15:57   official leak, which would suggest that there will be nothing.

00:16:02   It's already also technically been announced that it's coming. So it's in a weird in-between state.

00:16:09   Yeah. Um, and I don't know where they're making it and I don't know when they're making it and

00:16:13   it's possible. I think this, I think this gives them the opportunity to impress people. We have

00:16:19   gotten little clues about what it's like that have leaked out, but I feel like they, they, they have

00:16:24   the opportunity with this product to, um, announce it well in advance and, uh, and blow people away.

00:16:30   So I think they're going to do it. I, I, I don't know why they wouldn't. Right. Like if it's going

00:16:35   to ship this year and they've already said that it's coming, the developer audience is the place

00:16:41   to drop that product. Yeah. So one of the things I think about when I'm going into the draft is I

00:16:50   try and put myself into Apple's mindset of like, what is it that they want to market to the mass

00:16:54   market? Right? Like what, what do they want to show off? And I was thinking about iOS,

00:16:58   especially on the iPhone. And it feels like this year there maybe might not be a ton for the iPhone.

00:17:04   Right. Like it feels like a lot of maybe the iOS work will be on the iPad this year. Right. So I

00:17:09   thought, well, if they want to show off, like what, what are some of the big features coming

00:17:12   to iOS? Um, I think they're going to do a, another demo of Apple arcade. Oh, right. Because this will

00:17:19   be something that they can show. They can maybe have, nobody has come out and demoed a game.

00:17:24   Yep. They didn't do any of that. Right. Like they just showed videos and stuff. Um, so we may see

00:17:28   somebody come out. They may want to say something to the developers in the audience, right. About

00:17:33   kind of like to, to get people excited about why they want to submit their game to Apple arcade.

00:17:38   But I think that this will be one of the things that they, they come out and they show it off.

00:17:41   And Zach in the chat room, Zach Knox, by the way, creates the incredible, uh, interactive draft

00:17:47   scorecard, which you'll find in the show notes. So you can, uh, score along with us next week,

00:17:51   as well as the PDF version. But Jack mentioned game demo on stage. I think moving forward,

00:17:55   the only game demos, uh, Apple arcade game demos, right? Like that's how that's going to be. Like,

00:18:00   this is not the pick, but that's probably what will happen into the future. I don't know because

00:18:04   like, uh, unless it's huge, unless they get like epic to come. I think, I think you make a good

00:18:10   point, which is that why, if you're going to show off the GPU on the new iPhone in the fall,

00:18:14   why not make it a developer who's developing that? And it's going to be exclusive in Apple arcade.

00:18:18   Right. I think there's some, there's something to be said for that. Uh, we may get like an AR demo

00:18:24   or something like that, but even then they may, they may try to have it be just Apple arcade,

00:18:27   but you're, you're specifically saying some something on stage. Now you say demo. So are

00:18:32   we going to see a game demonstrated? Is that what we're measuring here? Not just mentioning

00:18:35   Apple arcade again, but demonstrating a game. Well, I kind of mean just like showing it off

00:18:40   a little bit, like not necessarily demoing a game, but like, it's gonna, it's gonna get some time,

00:18:44   right. That they're going to talk about Apple arcade. They're going to show off Apple arcade.

00:18:47   Like it's going to be a part of the iOS presentation. Basically Apple arcade showed off

00:18:52   and we'll, we can debate whether it's showed off or not. If they mentioned that it exists and then

00:18:56   move on, I think maybe you don't get a point, but if they, if they go into some detail and,

00:19:00   and brag about it a little bit, then I think you got it. Yeah. Cause I just, you know, I think that

00:19:05   they want to keep the services narrative going, right. Like just to keep refreshing people on it.

00:19:10   And I think that it will be, it will be, it will be a part of iOS 13. My concern about this pick

00:19:17   is that this is the developer conference and Apple arcade is invitation only. Yeah. And I think you

00:19:24   can spin that as being sort of like aspirational and talk to your app store contact. If you've got

00:19:29   an idea and all of those things, another thing from Zach in the chat room during WWDC, there are

00:19:34   labs to pitch your game. Oh, well there you go. So, I mean, that, that would be how they'd have to

00:19:38   pitch it though, because at the services narrative, it's a service event. It's very much like the

00:19:43   narrative is we have hand selected the finest of the cream of the cross. Yeah, that's right. Only

00:19:49   the five star game developers, but then everybody else is like, Oh, I got, I make games. I want to

00:19:53   be in the Apple arcade. And so how you mentioned you message that to developers, but that may be

00:19:57   part of the conversation is like, what are we looking for and come to come see us. And we're

00:20:02   going to have a whole thing where you can go and, and pitch us on your game that you're, you know,

00:20:06   that you're developing, but we don't want and probably things like we don't want ideas. We want

00:20:10   games. We want to see stuff. Yeah. Hey, it's another idea though, why I think this work in my

00:20:16   favor. Apple arcade is not just an iOS. If they need things for the tvOS portion of the keynote,

00:20:22   that's true. Apple arcade might fit into that quite nicely. Right. Because what else are they

00:20:27   going to put on tvOS? I'm not really sure. So that's our first two picks. We have eight more

00:20:34   picks to go, um, as well as some bonus rounds, um, at the end of the draft today. So this feels

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00:22:10   show and Relay FM. So we now move into pick number three. Jason, what you got?

00:22:17   Oh boy, I am going to go with, when in doubt, go with good rumor, I say. And not entirely

00:22:27   wish casting, but I think that it is, uh, an intriguing feature and so specific that it must

00:22:35   actually exist, which is a screen or window sharing feature between Mac and iOS. This is the

00:22:42   Luna display, like way of Mac apps displaying on iPads that I think is a wacky idea. And yet

00:22:56   the rumor is so specific that I kind of feel like it's gotta be true. So I choose to believe

00:23:03   the lie here. I have yet to get my head around what I think this feature is actually going to

00:23:09   look like. Like, yeah, because I feel like there is a, an awfully wide spectrum that Apple could

00:23:16   operate in here, right? Whether they straight up do like what, who are our next sponsor on today's

00:23:21   episode, Luna display do, which is like allowing you to completely mirror your screen, or if you

00:23:25   can just share app at a time, like a window at a time, or if there's actually no sharing going on

00:23:30   at all. And it's just a beefing up of continuity. Like, I feel like I don't know, like, is it going

00:23:36   to be marzipan apps only? Is it going to be any type of app? Like it's, it is an intriguing idea

00:23:42   and Apple have in theory, the tools to do it, but I have yet to really nail down and I don't,

00:23:49   and I don't think I will be able to like, what do I actually think this feature is going to look like?

00:23:53   I want to wait and see what they show me. But what's the, the, what's the spin they put on

00:23:58   it? Cause I agree with you. I think the question is, I don't think that they're just going to knock

00:24:01   off Luna display, right? Um, I, I, I think as I do for most things that are features that are done by

00:24:07   third parties and then Apple builds something is Apple's not trying to hit the edges. It's trying

00:24:12   to do something that it thinks the masses will like. Cause I, I still don't think that Apple

00:24:16   are going to make a feature where they basically say your iPad is just a good display for your Mac.

00:24:23   Right. But I do think that they might say you press this button or click, you know,

00:24:28   command click or control click on this thing in the toolbar or whatever. And your Photoshop window

00:24:33   is now on your iPad. I could see that like, but then, then it's more like continuity,

00:24:39   it's more like handoff or it's more like a, you know, almost like a, uh, expose kind of thing

00:24:45   where it's this, you know, you're sending a window over there. It's like something completely new for

00:24:50   Mazapan apps. It's kind of none of those things, right? Like it's like, Oh, it's this thing that

00:24:55   Mazapan apps can do, but it's such a specific thing that I feel like it's probably true.

00:24:59   And therefore I'm picking it and I can't wait to see what it actually is. And I can go, Oh yeah,

00:25:03   that's the thing I picked, I guess. And we'll move on from there. Cause it's a draft, but yeah,

00:25:08   I feel like something that specific is probably true. And so I'm going to trust in the report

00:25:13   that there's something going on involving, uh, stuff shooting out of the Mac and landing on an

00:25:19   iOS screen. That's a, that's very, uh, that's a, that's a, that's an image. My third pick is

00:25:26   multiple windows or instances of applications on the iPad. Okay. This is a difficult one because

00:25:33   no one can really decide what this rumor means, right? Like we hear, we've spoken about this so

00:25:41   many times now, but right. Tabs or words side by sides or different pairs of multitasking,

00:25:48   who knows? We're going to know it when we see it. Right. So the third round is the vague round is

00:25:53   what you're saying. It seems like it, but like, I think that this is basically what we're going to

00:26:00   see is you will be able to have the same app in more than one place. And that could be either that

00:26:05   an application can have multiple windows open and they look like split view now, or you can have an

00:26:11   application in multiple places, like in multiple app pairs and it doesn't break them down. Like

00:26:16   apps can live in multiple places, um, on, uh, on iOS, uh, on the iPad. So this is one of those

00:26:23   things where like the wording of this one might not be what we see it, but when we see it, we'll

00:26:27   know what it is. If you know what I mean. So, uh, I, this feels like something that is inevitable.

00:26:35   It feels like a feature that should have existed a long time ago. And it definitely feels like

00:26:39   something that is more possible when you think about these applications also being on the Mac.

00:26:46   Where windowing is important, right? Like it's so it seems like that will be the time.

00:26:51   This is one, one solution that, uh, handles, uh, how those apps behave on marzipan on the

00:26:58   Mac and allows them to enable features on iPad. Yeah. Round four. Round four. Okay. Um,

00:27:08   Myke, I want to win too. And that's why I'm going to pick more watch faces for watchOS.

00:27:16   All right. Okay. Cause what's watchOS without new watch faces made by Apple. Uh, it's nothing.

00:27:25   There are always new watch faces made by Apple. We can be frustrated because they won't fix their

00:27:29   old faces. We can be frustrated because there are no third-party faces, but if time has taught us

00:27:33   anything, it's that with every new release of watchOS, there are new Apple designed watch faces.

00:27:38   And why should that, why should time stop now? Time has been good for us so far. So I think

00:27:43   that will continue into the future. And yes, I know this is boring, but, uh, I think it's

00:27:48   going to keep happening just endlessly. Yeah. I guess the sub, the sub pick is,

00:27:54   will Apple show any watch faces that Apple watch users want to use?

00:27:58   That's maybe a different pick question. Yeah. And we'll, we'll guess we'll find out about that,

00:28:06   but I mean, I would say that from what has been announced from like, from Bloomberg,

00:28:12   from our government at Bloomberg, it doesn't really feel like there is a ton of stuff in there,

00:28:16   which is particularly useful rather than just being nice to look at a demo, but, but I guess

00:28:21   we'll wait and see about that. My wish casting is that they are going to go through and actually

00:28:25   update all their old faces to be good again, um, instead of leaving them kind of in their

00:28:31   frozen state. Uh, but that's, we'll see. I, they got so much criticism last fall for what a, uh,

00:28:39   lax approach to watch faces that Apple has had. Um, I hope they took that to heart,

00:28:46   but who knows? We certainly haven't seen any reports that they did.

00:28:49   So for my fourth pick, whilst the existence of Marzipan, uh, is not deemed draftable,

00:28:57   there are a lot of, uh, picks in our list that are ramifications of Marzipan existing. Um,

00:29:03   so I'm going to be picking that Apple will bring more of their iOS apps to the Mac,

00:29:07   um, and that they will show them off. So I'm thinking here, podcasts, for example,

00:29:14   right? That that is going to be an application that they bring over and it looks just like the

00:29:18   iOS app or whatever the new version of that is. Right. So you're, you're, you're like sneaking

00:29:23   in here cause I have bulleted below it. There are some specific apps, but you're just saying,

00:29:27   well, broadly specific apps, but I'm just going for, I'm going for the broad one.

00:29:31   Okay. That they will, they will take, they will on stage say, Hey, this is an app of

00:29:36   ours from iOS and now it is running on the Mac. Okay. That's what I'm going with. All right. That

00:29:42   I think that's, I think the only tricky thing, I think it's obviously going to happen. I think

00:29:45   the only tricky thing is, uh, whether they brag about it or not, but I think they probably will

00:29:50   because they were going to want to evangelize to developers. This is why I was thinking that,

00:29:54   that we're eating our own dog food even more than we did last year when we had those four apps,

00:29:57   there are even more apps that are more capable and you can make apps like this too using the

00:30:03   same methods as us. Yeah. Okay. I could see that. This isn't my pick, but if we're going to add a

00:30:07   little bit more color to it, I think that they will show off an application that is more complex

00:30:12   than the stuff that they did last year. So they can show the range of these tools,

00:30:18   right? Because in theory, Apple need to show that any application can work here, right? Like that's

00:30:25   kind of what they will want to show, right? Like you can bring any application no matter how

00:30:29   big and strong your app is. And I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of surprise,

00:30:35   right? Where they're like, Oh, you know, this app that we were working on, or like we have,

00:30:39   you know, we have this application that is on iOS and on the Mac. Well, now we're just using the iOS

00:30:44   code base. Right. And it would be like, wow, they must really believe in it if they're bringing

00:30:49   calendar, right? You know what I mean? Like it's, yeah. You know what I mean? Where it's like,

00:30:53   they actually bring an important app or like notes or messages, right? Like they're just like, well,

00:30:58   messages is the iOS version now and that's that. And that actually makes a lot of sense that it

00:31:02   would do that. So I think that they will make a song and dance about some, some kind of,

00:31:07   some applications coming over and there'll probably be some important ones as well to kind of really

00:31:12   show that, um, Apple believe in these tools. Yeah, I think that's a pretty good one. Pretty good pick

00:31:18   pick five. I'm going to go with a non. Well, no, this, this would probably be a Mars and pan

00:31:22   app actually. So it might be, it might count as yours, but it's new on Mac. And that is,

00:31:27   that is why I want to mention here is because it's not just that it's a Mars and pan demo,

00:31:30   but because Apple has promised that there will be support for the TV service on the Mac this fall.

00:31:40   And so I want to pick that they're going to show off not necessarily demo, but show at the very

00:31:46   least and mentioned there'll be some images on a slide, the new TV app on Mac OS, because it is

00:31:54   something that again, it's, its existence is implied, but I think this will be an opportunity

00:32:02   for them to S to show us that. Yes. Yes. Cause this has been the question people have been asking

00:32:07   is like, well, where's the TV app? Like there's iTunes on the network. There's going to, there,

00:32:10   there needs to be a TV app that you say that you're going to support TV in the fall. So where

00:32:14   is it? So we're going to see it. They're going to be like, yes, the Apple TV app is now on Mac OS

00:32:19   with, uh, you know, presumably in the fall with the new OS version, although I wouldn't put it

00:32:23   past them to actually also release it, uh, on, on Mojave, but it depends on Mars, a pan, right.

00:32:29   They may not be able to, and that's fine. That's a motivator to get people to update.

00:32:34   Yeah. And again, it's like the, obviously the Mac will really have some time to shine, uh,

00:32:40   in the keynote this year, probably more than it has in many years, right? Like what will be considered

00:32:45   in the Mac OS section is going to be a lot more beefy, I think this year, uh, than it has been in

00:32:50   some previous years, but they still need stuff to show as like features, right. That Apple has made

00:32:57   and TV is one of them. It's an easy one to show. All right. So we're still in round five,

00:33:03   my fifth pick is a redesigned reminders app. Um, this one has been rumored enough for me to feel

00:33:11   like it's going to happen, especially because it is one of those things which feels serious,

00:33:16   seriously overdue that there would be some kind of, uh, update to reminders. So we're going to see,

00:33:21   uh, I think a, a big, some big changes happening to the reminders app, um, in iOS 13, again,

00:33:28   Jason could be another candidate for, for Mars upon it could be on the Mac, but also the idea

00:33:33   that they, well, and they could talk about how they made all these changes and that they propagate to

00:33:37   the Mac because the Mac version is going to also be Mars pan. They didn't need to build two different

00:33:40   versions of the apps. Um, I think that's going to be an interesting story, right? That Apple

00:33:45   needed to take its team that was spending time building a Mac version of the app and they,

00:33:49   they stopped. They don't need to anymore. They just build the Mars, a pan version that goes

00:33:52   everywhere. Uh, I know that some people who use reminders as a super simple reminders app

00:33:56   are a little concerned that it's going to get features and be complicated. My guess is that,

00:34:00   again, that doesn't sound like Apple and that there will be ways to just use it in the most

00:34:04   simple of modes, but having a little more, you can make it more complicated, but it won't necessarily

00:34:10   be if you don't want to use it that way. Like the stuff you can do to tasks that you put in,

00:34:14   but they don't necessarily all need that. If you know what I mean, right? Like you can start

00:34:19   putting due dates and projects and tags, hopefully. Uh, but you don't need to,

00:34:23   you can just run it the way that it has been. I would be super surprised if, if Apple made this

00:34:28   app more complicated for everyone that's currently using it. Cause I expect quite a lot of people use

00:34:34   it. Yeah. I'm sure that they will come on stage and they will say like, reminders is the most

00:34:39   used to do application on iOS in the world because it's the one that's built in. So I hope that they

00:34:48   make it better. Like again, we spoke about this, but like they made notes better. I would love to

00:34:52   see that for reminders. All right. Round six. Yep. Okay. I think this is, this is a little bit of a

00:35:00   strategy kind of, um, not draft strategy, Apple strategy kind of pick, which is, I feel like one

00:35:05   of the things they do and they, they've done this in the past when they talk about tvOS.

00:35:09   Look, there's not a lot in tvOS, but you know, what comes along with tvOS is tv strategy and deals.

00:35:17   And that's why I'm going to pick that Apple is going to announce some partnerships either for

00:35:23   the TV service or for Apple TV channels. Uh, just because I feel like this is the place where they

00:35:31   would do that and talk about how, you know, we're really happy to announce that now we've added blah,

00:35:36   blah, blah to the channels lineup. So I will say, cause you mentioned this,

00:35:40   you said this to me earlier. It's the developer conference. Yeah, I know. And yet, uh, last,

00:35:45   I believe at multiple WWDCs, they've talked in the tvOS portion about deals.

00:35:50   Or, I mean, you look at Apple music because I'm not, I'm not sure that they've got much more to

00:35:55   say about tvOS to be honest. So I feel like it's a, it's an opportunity for them to mention,

00:36:01   uh, that new, you know, these new channels are going to be, you know, we already rolled them

00:36:05   out on tvOS and now, but they're going to be better because we added, you know, some service

00:36:10   that is not currently on there. And so I'm just, I feel like I don't even know what this would be,

00:36:14   but I feel like I don't want to bet against Apple announcing some sort of, uh, TV related partnership

00:36:21   because they do that. I'm struggling with this pick. Uh, it's got, I don't know if this is

00:36:28   something that I'm saying because I want it or if I actually think it's going to happen.

00:36:32   It's the classic draft conundrum, like classic. Okay. Um, refinements changes,

00:36:42   redesigns to the iPad multitasking features. I don't really know how to class this. Um,

00:36:48   yep. Because I, you know, I don't think if we say redesign, I don't think they're going to do like

00:36:53   what they did in iOS 12 or 11, I should say where they just completely overhaul the whole thing.

00:36:59   But I believe that we will look at I iPad multitasking, you know, on, on iOS. Um, and I'm

00:37:05   focusing on iPad more than anything else. Uh, but we will look at the iPad, the way that iPad does

00:37:11   multitasking and be like, Oh, that's, that's different in some key ways. Um, so I think for

00:37:16   the pick, I would say to iPad multitasking, um, just, do you think that that seems fair?

00:37:21   Yeah. I, um, had this on my list very high and kept thinking about, do I want to go here?

00:37:28   How will I redefine it? I went through everything that you went through. So I think, uh, I think

00:37:33   that's a reasonable way of doing it. Yeah. Like it, that, that, that, that, I just feel like if

00:37:38   they're going to do the multiple window stuff, they do need to make some changes at least.

00:37:43   Um, and also as well, like I am very used to the multitasking system, but it is not

00:37:52   straightforward. And I think that now everyone's lived with it for a couple of years. I would

00:37:58   really like to see Apple say like, we're going to keep what we have, but we have some new ways

00:38:02   to make it a little bit easier to access. That's what I would like to see, you know, um, do you

00:38:08   agree like that? It's like, we're used to it and it seems fine, but it could be, it could be better.

00:38:14   Yeah. And it may just be, um, Federico has talked about this a lot, like, and you and Gray talked

00:38:19   about it. Like it may just be as simple as, um, the visual highlight of like where the keyboard

00:38:25   control is, or it may just be some keyboard shortcut additions, or it may just be a little

00:38:30   bit of, like you said, refinements, a little tweaking of the rules or how it all works

00:38:34   together. It could be a wholesale change, but, uh, but something I have a hard time believing

00:38:42   they would leave it alone completely after two years. Yeah. Cause they didn't the last time,

00:38:47   right? I was nine till I was 11. So yeah. And you've, you've got multiple windows and instances

00:38:52   of apps on iPad also as a pick. So I think these may go together because how could you do one

00:38:57   without the other? Yeah, exactly. Right. Like they, they kind of need each other. All right.

00:39:01   So we're up to, we're up to pick seven. Um, but before we get to that, let me thank our second

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00:41:00   Pick number seven, Jason, what you got?

00:41:04   I think it's going to happen, Myke. I think the thing that we've been dreaming about for all this

00:41:09   time is finally going to come to pass and iTunes is gone and dead and we don't have to worry about

00:41:14   iTunes anymore. They've killed it. They've murdered it. They're going to replace it with

00:41:18   something brand new and shiny. Oh, wait a second. I'm wait. What was that? Oh, no word has reached

00:41:24   these shores that instead what Apple is going to do is just rename iTunes to music and take out a

00:41:29   bunch of features that they're going to move to Mars Pan apps, but that's my pick a quote new

00:41:34   music app on the Mac. So here's my question. Well, for this picked account, are we looking

00:41:43   at an app called music? Is that what we're looking for? Basically? Yeah. Yeah. So there is an app

00:41:48   called if they decide to do a Mars, a pan version of the music app on iOS and put that on the Mac,

00:41:52   that would count. But the rumor is strong that it's not that. And then it is instead just iTunes

00:41:58   kind of refactored, but either way I'm saying, yes, the iTunes app brand goes away and we return

00:42:05   to a music or we go to the music app, the branding that already exists on iOS, the death of iTunes.

00:42:11   Huh? Can we ever really kill it? I don't know, but it's slowly happening. So that's good. Yeah.

00:42:19   I've been one. I've been really wondering about this myself. Like, and I know, I know what the

00:42:23   rumors are and I know what people are saying and et cetera, et cetera. But like, I'm just wondering,

00:42:28   like, is this really gonna like, what is this going to be? Like, is it going to be just as

00:42:33   simple as this is the skeleton, the iTunes, right? Like it just seems so strange to me to do that.

00:42:40   I mean, you could UI wise, you're just dropping out those extra features that you get to by going

00:42:45   command two, command three, command four, command five. You just pull those all out. Right. It may,

00:42:49   it may make it simpler. The Apple music experience in iTunes, it sucks. It feels like you're using a

00:42:56   web browser. Well, because you are, it's fine. It's fine. I use iTunes and Apple music every day,

00:43:03   and I think it's fine. And I would probably choose it over, over the music app today,

00:43:07   just because of the functionality that I would lose. But I do wonder in the long run,

00:43:13   if it makes sense for the music app to just be the marzipan version. But I think if I'm Apple

00:43:20   and I already had the iTunes team working, maybe there are some reasons like device sinking. They

00:43:24   can keep that stuff in there to keep iTunes around. And maybe the argument was really just,

00:43:28   look, we've got to bring all these other media apps over to the Mac. Why don't we just leave

00:43:33   music where it is? It's fine. We're going to lose lots of features if we go to, as we've all

00:43:38   elaborated on various podcasts over the last month, if you just took the music app from iOS

00:43:42   and put it on the Mac, you would lose a lot of functionality. And so a good product manager might

00:43:49   end up deciding, you know, let's leave it for now. Let's, we'll pull all this other stuff out.

00:43:53   That'll be good for our app. And then it's got the existing functionality for music built in.

00:43:58   We don't have to rebuild it. Let's just do that. So I think, I think it may be a very pragmatic

00:44:02   decision. Plus it may have been a decision made earlier that I don't know. I don't know, but I

00:44:08   think either way, I think maybe we finally reached the point with Marzipan where they're going to sync

00:44:13   up their media apps. And once you create sort of podcasts and TV, then maybe the iTunes app,

00:44:21   it's time for it to get a new name, the music name and icon from iOS.

00:44:28   As we move into round seven, I'm now at the point where I'm rearranging my entire list,

00:44:33   because I feel not confident in the picks that I made for myself earlier.

00:44:38   So now I'm going to go with pick number seven, new health focused watch apps. So Apple will introduce

00:44:47   almost as good and tried and true as new watch faces.

00:44:51   Yes. You know, I think it's very clear by now. And I think for good reason,

00:44:56   Apple is very aware of the fact that the Apple watch is a health device for a lot of people.

00:45:01   And even for people that don't consider it their health device, they use some of the health features

00:45:06   on the device because it has all the senses. Like it's, it's good. Um, we've heard rumors of some

00:45:11   stuff and, and, you know, like, I like the idea of the medicine tracker and stuff like that,

00:45:15   and the menstruation tracking features. And if they can, they can have this stuff available

00:45:21   to people and they'll give it a little brand naming and stuff like that. And it will be like

00:45:24   exclusive to the Apple watch. And it's like a good reason to use the Apple watch. Fantastic. Right.

00:45:29   Like, you know, I would say right that if they have really good pill tracking, like I know that

00:45:34   that's going to be something where I will look at it and be like,

00:45:38   Oh man, like I, that's going to be a feature, like just another little pebble for me being like,

00:45:45   Oh, that's something I want. Right. But I don't wear an Apple watch now, so I wouldn't have it.

00:45:50   And then I would, do you know what I mean? It's like, it's one of the, every time they

00:45:52   just add these little pebbles in of like, Oh, actually quite like that. So I think that,

00:45:57   I think it would be really good. Um, I, I would, I would, you know, I'd be very confident about

00:46:04   the fact that there will be some kind of new health apps on the Apple watch. Cause you say

00:46:08   it's like, what else are you going to do with it? Watch faces and health apps. Like that's,

00:46:12   that's the Apple watch. It is cool at this point. Oh, yep. Yep. Absolutely.

00:46:18   All right. So what you got? Oh yeah. We're down to it now. Um,

00:46:23   I am, you know, I'm going to double down. I'm going to double down on the big one, Myke.

00:46:30   I'm going to double down on the big one. John Syracuse, are you out there? Are you listing

00:46:34   Apple display mentioned Jason? That might be too much. My friend.

00:46:40   It's never too much, Myke. I don't know. It's exactly enough. Exactly enough.

00:46:47   Okay. Okay. Right. Cause cause you'll say, oh, new Mac pro what? Oh, everybody's growing wild.

00:46:54   And then like, but what are you going to hook up to it? Apple display lasers.

00:46:59   I can see it. I can see it. I can smell it. Wow. Okay. Apple made display. We're back in the Apple

00:47:10   because then they can show off the Mac pro and the display.

00:47:15   Well, I mean, it will be great, but I just don't know how much showing off they're going to do.

00:47:23   Well, again, how much showing off do they need to do? They can acknowledge its existence.

00:47:28   But they could also say it's an ultra wide 31 and a half inch HDR, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

00:47:34   Don't, you know, get ready kind of thing. I think, uh, I think we'll see it.

00:47:40   Yeah. Every draft there is a strong pick. Like, you know, and I think this might be it

00:47:48   for this one. I think that might be the wildest one. I'm not saying it won't come true,

00:47:55   but like, uh, there are lots of things still in our list that are much more conservative

00:48:00   than the one you just chose. I got two more. I got two more. So you never know.

00:48:02   It could get weirder. Um, I'm going to go.

00:48:08   It's a shame really, cause I'm going so boring now because you just went so outlandish, but

00:48:12   Myke wants to win screen time on the Mac screen time on the Mac.

00:48:16   That was going to be my next pick. So that's a very good pick.

00:48:19   Um, this is something, you know, you spoke, you mentioned this a few weeks ago, right? Like

00:48:24   the idea of let's use this year is also a time to just bring more iOS stuff to the Mac again.

00:48:30   Um, and, and so screen time feels like an, a natural thing to move over for parental

00:48:36   control stuff, but also to be able to give you a full picture on what you're doing with your

00:48:41   devices, right? Like people can be as addicted to a laptop as they can be a phone. Right? Like,

00:48:47   and if that's what we're really trying to do here is to set this kind of stuff up, then let's see,

00:48:51   let's see what that could look like. So screen time on the Mac, um, I would personally really

00:48:55   like it, but I also think now's the time. All right. Yeah, I agree. Um, parallel

00:49:02   controls on the Mac is not very good. And so rolling screen time in and hooking it all up

00:49:08   together so that you can administer screen time for all devices. My kids have Macs and iOS devices

00:49:15   and the, the, uh, supervision interface is completely different and separate, and that

00:49:21   needs to change. Um, whether it happens this year, the rumors are that it will so great.

00:49:26   It should happen. Um, it's, it's something they need to do.

00:49:29   We have two more picks each. It's true. It's true. Um, my next pick is going to be a little

00:49:36   more conservative than the last one. Uh, but I do have a, well, I don't have a spin on it. I want

00:49:40   you to visualize something. Myke, I want to want you to visualize what podcasts are displayed in

00:49:46   the screenshots. When Apple shows off the new Mac version of the podcast app. Well, who knows

00:49:56   visualize upgrade visualize upgrade. Yeah. Anyway, congratulations to this American life

00:50:02   and serial for appearing in the demo of the new podcast app. And maybe I don't know that one

00:50:09   about the serial killer in LA, the dirty John. Is that the name of it anyway? Which serial killer

00:50:15   do you want to pick all the true crime podcasts? Congratulations to them for that. But yes, I do

00:50:20   think, uh, kind of going with my pick about the music app on the Mac and your pick about showing

00:50:26   off Mars, a pan apps. I feel like podcasts is a great example of Apple pulling out, uh,

00:50:33   functionality from iOS and giving it its own dedicated space on the Mac. It feels like a

00:50:37   marketing feature now, like, Hey, podcasts, you like those, right? Like it more than ever. Now

00:50:42   podcasts is an actual thing that you can put into marketing and that you love podcasts, right?

00:50:47   Wouldn't you love to listen to them when you're at work on your Mac as well? Well, we have a podcast

00:50:51   app like as if, as if podcasts never existed on the Mac before is probably how they're going to

00:50:55   sell this. Um, so, but I, I would like genuinely, I would like to see it. Uh, I think it would be

00:51:01   great to see a version of the Apple podcast app as its own thing of its own icon on the Mac, right?

00:51:09   Like it was important when that happened for iOS, it will be important when it happens for the Mac

00:51:13   as well. So I would really like to see it. I have flip-flopped on this next one quite a lot because

00:51:19   it feels like something that should happen. It feels like something that would tick a lot of

00:51:23   boxes from a few months ago, but still at the same time, I'm just not a hundred percent sure if I

00:51:29   believe it, um, external storage device support for iOS. Wow. This is the most wishy of wish

00:51:38   casting picks here. I love it. Here's the thing though. Let's make it happen. Okay. Do we have

00:51:43   the power to make it happen? To be honest now, I don't care about this, Jason, I would never use

00:51:47   this feature, right? Like you just want your co-host to stop, uh, talking about it. Don't you

00:51:52   know, just shut up. Here's the reason I want this because I want iPad reviews to stop talking about

00:51:59   this. All right. Well, yeah. Yup. I get it. Because I really believe now I know that there

00:52:05   are some people again, like including Federico cause he does this, but I know most of the people

00:52:10   that complain about this, this feature not existing when the iPad pro came out,

00:52:13   would never use it anyway. Right. It's true. I think it's a useful, um, representative feature

00:52:21   of, um, the iPad pro reviews talking about how USB C is on them, but they don't enable a lot

00:52:29   of functionality because essentially there are no device drivers for them and built into the OS.

00:52:35   It is wider than, than the idea of just external storage. Right. But people just categorize it as

00:52:40   such, but it's an, it's an easy example. Like you can't plug in a thumb drive. And so, you know,

00:52:45   you've got USB C, but you can't plug in a thumb drive. I think, and that's why I would be, um,

00:52:49   see, this is where I am with this mic. I would be shocked if Apple didn't address this because they

00:52:56   got beaten up about this when the iPad pros came out and it's, and the perception was,

00:53:02   this was a feature that they delayed from last year. And this is, you know, this was the problem

00:53:06   is they got beaten up. They did not get this thing in there. And then the USB C iPads come out and

00:53:11   everybody goes, you can't treat them like USB devices because they don't do anything. So I would

00:53:17   be shocked if they don't address it just because they want like you, they want to stop hearing

00:53:21   about that. That said, I have been burned on this feature. So this feature should have been added to

00:53:26   iOS five years ago. Right. And so part of me says there's a little voice inside my head that

00:53:32   saying they're never going to do it because they should have done it five years ago, but here we

00:53:38   are. So I hope they, I hope they finally do. I hope they were embarrassed enough by the iPad pro

00:53:41   reviews to finally actually add this feature that should have been there five years. Yeah.

00:53:45   I do think though, the change point for why it would happen now and not five years ago is USB C

00:53:51   over lightning. Right. I agree. I agree that that is a good plus, you know, the files app is more

00:53:56   advanced than it was five years ago and all that. I get it. I get it now. I hope you're right.

00:54:02   It really just to me, like we've said about, I want to just like double down on the point,

00:54:06   right? Like that, even if this is something I didn't want to do, you just do it. So it just,

00:54:10   just, just let's, let's move the narrative on from this one point, but also as well, it is, um,

00:54:17   if you want to continue to show the iPad as a more professional device, this is just like another

00:54:21   check box that you can put on a list, right? Like the Apple could just be like, Oh no, we do think

00:54:26   of it as a, as a tried and true full computer because you can plug a thumb drive into it if

00:54:30   you want to. And it's like a super boring thing, but will, it will make people happy, even if they

00:54:38   would never use it because now they know they can and it's available to them. And that's great news.

00:54:42   All right. Here's my last regular pick, Myke desktop Safari mode on iPad.

00:54:47   You know, it's a little bit of an esoteric feature, but I can see how they're going to pitch it on

00:54:52   stage as a great iOS feature for iPad, which is, you know, essentially, Hey, you've been using your

00:55:00   iPad and then you've loaded a weird like cell phone version and thought, but I'm on this

00:55:04   beautiful big screen. Why am I viewing the cell phone version of this website? Well, now with iOS

00:55:08   13 Safari on iPad, you don't have to, uh, there's, there's a user, there's a user pitch here. And I

00:55:14   don't think this is going to be a major feature, but I think that this is going to be in their list

00:55:17   of iPad features is, is that you can, you can have a Safari on iPad act more like a desktop browser.

00:55:22   And not like a mobile browser. So in, in, from a technical perspective, like in essence,

00:55:27   what it's doing is you don't need to say request desktop mode anymore. Yeah. That's basically it.

00:55:32   Or whether it's by default or whether you can set per site to load the desktop version instead,

00:55:38   there will be some detail there, but the, the overall version is that, yeah, you're,

00:55:43   you're going to be able to set Safari to, to on the iPad to act more like a desktop browser and not

00:55:49   like a, uh, not like a mobile browser. Yep. My hope would be that like this, this idea is tied

00:55:55   into something else, right? Where it's like, Hey, but you know how some, some old websites don't

00:56:00   even work with touch. Well now, because you can use a cursor on now we've enabled additional

00:56:05   features for the Apple pencil that like help you get around that, you know, that kind of thing.

00:56:09   Whilst we wait for the internet to catch up or something like that, that would be nice. I would

00:56:13   like that. Um, I really struggled with my last pick. I was toying with just saying new animoji,

00:56:19   but I'm not happy with that. Uh, I just, I'm not happy with that. What would it be?

00:56:23   We should, that's what our draft should have been is the next animoji. I think that I will continue

00:56:28   to add more, like every major version of iOS, like all the point releases, they bring them

00:56:33   an emoji in them, but I'm just, I just, it doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like a good competition

00:56:38   to say new animoji considering I already picked Memoji. So I'm going to go with new features in

00:56:45   mail because mail needs new features, you know, like every third party mail app that exists today

00:56:52   does, does some stuff, right? Like it has new features, features that are considered to be

00:56:57   normal for email apps. Now, whether you use them or like them, stuff like snoozing, right? That

00:57:02   kind of stuff like having some kind of place where you can say, Hey, this email is important. I want

00:57:06   to get back to it later. Um, and, and I think just little features like that will end up coming, uh,

00:57:12   to either iOS, the Mac, both hopefully, uh, but, but there will be some stuff that will be put in,

00:57:20   uh, to, to try and make mail a little bit more with the current times. Um, and because I think

00:57:27   mail needs it to be honest, especially on iOS mail needs some new features. So new features to mail.

00:57:33   Um, I'm not going to specify where I'm just going to say new features in mail.

00:57:37   All right. Sounds good. That's the 10. That's 10. We have a, we have a bonus round and then we've

00:57:45   also got our, uh, our things we didn't mention that we kind of wish we had. Mm-hmm. But before

00:57:51   we do, considering we've now done the 10, this feels like a perfect time for a break. So we have

00:57:56   our 10. We said we have that extra point. We have the tie breaker, but that's the important part. We

00:58:00   have our 10. Um, how do you feel about your picks? You know, I don't know what ends up happening is

00:58:08   that I look at Zach Knox's report card later after we score. And then, and then, and I go,

00:58:14   Oh no, like I've made a horrible mistake that that usually happens. Although sometimes not like last,

00:58:20   I think the March one. And then one of the ones last year, I remember going through and scoring

00:58:23   it and thinking, Oh, I have, I have a real advantage here over Myke, but then sometimes

00:58:29   I do it and I go, Oh no, I have not done well. So going into the TV event, like I scored myself

00:58:37   as winning like before, like before we began. Right. Like things, things can change very quickly.

00:58:43   Yeah. Um, but we both felt more confident about me last year until it happened.

00:58:47   Yeah. And then it's like, Oh, these things that we thought were definite,

00:58:51   they're like the idea of bundles, right? Like they don't need to talk about it because they're

00:58:57   not talking about pricing yet. Right. And if I don't think we necessarily considered that that

00:59:01   would be a thing, right? That they just would not mention prices. And because they didn't mention

00:59:05   prices, they didn't need to talk about bundles. So they just didn't talk about them. All right.

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01:01:51   for their support of this show and relay FM. I love their deals. It's just brilliant. It's

01:01:56   just a bunch of free meat. All right. All right, Jason, do you want to tell everybody what you've

01:02:02   picked as our special bonus round? Yeah, I decided that for our bonus round, which is worth a point

01:02:08   if you get it right, but we both are picking the same thing and it is what will Mac OS be called?

01:02:12   That's what it is. I'm happy to do this, but consider myself at a great disadvantage because

01:02:17   I do not know anything about national parks in California. Right, whereas I've been born and

01:02:23   it's not all national parks. It hasn't always been a national park. Or at least beautiful places in

01:02:27   California. I've lived my entire life in California. And so, yeah, but I made a list. I made a list of

01:02:34   a bunch of possible names. You see that list? Do you have that? I see the list. All right. And I

01:02:39   am not going to pick the one that I really kind of wish they call it, which is Mac OS 13. Just sync

01:02:46   it up. Stop with the place names. You stop with the cat names. Stop with the place names. Have

01:02:50   everything be 13 and then move forward with that. But assuming that they keep going with California

01:02:55   names because it's fun. I'm going to pick Joshua Tree, which is an area, a very scenic park inside

01:03:03   the borders of the Mojave Desert because it allows them to do something like they did before,

01:03:09   where they went sort of, you know, Sierra High Sierra Yosemite El Capitan. It allows them to

01:03:15   do Mojave and then something in the Mojave Desert, which is Joshua Tree. But I wrote a bunch of other

01:03:21   things down. You got you can pick Mac OS 13. You can pick Death Valley, which I want to pick.

01:03:27   While hilarious is probably not a product. I want to pick it. I think that if they do their little

01:03:34   skit where they pick the name, right? I think Death Valley will be mentioned as like a wink,

01:03:40   wink, nudge, nudge to death of Mac OS. But I don't think they'll pick it.

01:03:44   By the way, the bad news about if it's Mac OS Joshua Tree is that there'll be a YouTube album

01:03:49   downloaded on it automatically. So watch out for that. And they could perform except they don't

01:03:55   really have bands perform at WWDC. So maybe not. Spinal Tap. I will point out by the way, Spinal

01:04:00   Tap update. They played a concert for the first time in like a decade earlier this year. And so

01:04:06   Spinal Tap is still on the board somewhere for some performance someday.

01:04:11   So I have a question for you because I just need a little bit of help, right?

01:04:15   Okay. Yeah.

01:04:15   So I can understand a little bit about these places. So my expectation will be that they

01:04:19   will do with this version of Mac OS what they've done in the past, where they will pick a name

01:04:24   that they can then next year pick a thing inside of that place.

01:04:29   So Mojave is going to be a one-off and then they're going to go to something different.

01:04:33   Oh, it wasn't? Oh, okay.

01:04:36   They went from the Sierras down to the Mojave. So Sierra, High Sierra, and then Mojave.

01:04:41   All right. So of the stuff that you've put in there, is anything in Mojave?

01:04:45   Yeah. So other than Joshua Tree, so Death Valley is in the Mojave Desert.

01:04:49   You know, Sequoia National Park is kind of adjacent to it. It's on the mountains,

01:04:55   like on the hills and the mountains on the other side. Tehachapi is in there.

01:04:59   Oh, come on.

01:05:00   There are some other, like Bodhi. Well, Tehachapi would be great because

01:05:03   nobody could spell it or pronounce it. Well, there's so many in this list that

01:05:06   can't be easily spelled anyway, even like Mojave.

01:05:10   Yeah. The one that I really like is there's a little town in the desert on the eastern side

01:05:15   of the Sierras called Bridgeport. And I love that because it's the bridge you see to the new apps.

01:05:21   All right. I'm going with that one. Bridgeport.

01:05:23   You're going to go Bridgeport?

01:05:24   Yeah, I'm going with Bridgeport.

01:05:25   Yeah, you sold me on it. Honestly, I have no idea. I want it to be called Death Valley because I

01:05:30   think it would be hilarious. I think Hollywood would be hilarious too.

01:05:34   Hollywood, sure. Tahoe, Alcatraz. Mac OS Alcatraz, your 32-bit apps are in jail.

01:05:39   Tahoe was what I was going to choose when I was saying, because Tahoe is like,

01:05:45   that's a place of its own, right? But I had forgotten that obviously Mojave is the place,

01:05:52   and now we need to pick the thing inside of it.

01:05:53   I think, I don't, I mean, they could not do that this time. And I think,

01:05:57   I think Tahoe and Sequoia are both very nice names that they could pick.

01:06:02   Sequoia is, again, super difficult to spell. I think Tahoe, it would, would,

01:06:07   that would be my, the other one I'd pick, but I'm going to go with Bridgeport because

01:06:10   I think it's funny.

01:06:11   All right. It's probably not going to be either of these things,

01:06:15   which is why it probably doesn't matter.

01:06:17   Yeah.

01:06:17   But, uh, Mac OS 10 Joshua Tree sounds like a bit of a mouthful to me.

01:06:23   It does. Um, you know, let's root for Mac OS 13.

01:06:28   Yeah.

01:06:28   Solves everything.

01:06:29   God, it would be great, wouldn't it?

01:06:30   13.0.

01:06:31   I would just really like it if they just did that. Or choose something that's not California

01:06:35   place names.

01:06:35   They can keep all the version numbers in lockstep, right? Then everything, every time they do a

01:06:39   release, it's like, oh, it's 13, you know, 1301 over here and 1301 over there. And they released

01:06:44   them all instead we got 10, 15 and 16.

01:06:47   Yeah. Let's move it all. I would like them to move it. All right. We'll just wait until

01:06:52   next year when it becomes Apple OS anyway. So we won't even need to worry about it.

01:06:55   Okay.

01:06:55   Okay. So we're going to do our, what we didn't pick rounds. So me and Jason, you know, we,

01:07:00   we will this down to stuff that we think, uh, could be likely. And then we give our 10 picks

01:07:05   from those, but that usually will end up leaving us. If we'd be, if we're playing it correctly

01:07:09   with some extras, because naturally some of the stuff that I think is going to happen,

01:07:13   Jason's going to pick. So do you want to give me a few instances of things that you think

01:07:17   will happen, um, or likely to happen, but did not make it into your top 10?

01:07:21   Yeah. The other items that I had on my list, uh, Siri shortcuts on the Mac, which is rumored

01:07:27   and, uh, kind of makes sense if you're bringing marzipan to the Mac. Um, the, but, but it's

01:07:33   Siri shortcuts. So it's basically like really what it is is kind of customizable actions

01:07:38   happening using Siri triggers. I feel like Apple is more committed to Siri on the Mac

01:07:42   than anyone else is, but they are, I think Apple's more committed to Siri on everything

01:07:47   than anyone else is. Yeah. Yeah. But Siri on the Mac is one of those things where,

01:07:51   you know, I never use it, but it's there and Apple always talks about it. And so why wouldn't they

01:07:57   do something about this? And it has been rumored. So I'm going to put it on the list, um,

01:08:01   update to messages. This is my marzipan of, of, um, messages on the Mac that lets us do things

01:08:07   like I message effects and things. So we're not reduced to set with lasers. We actually

01:08:12   see the lasers on the Mac. That would be nice. So I was going to pick that again, not, not 100%

01:08:18   sure on that, but I have hope that that will happen. And, uh, back to Siri, Siri intents

01:08:22   for developers. This is like new ways for apps to, uh, to basically get controlled by Siri without

01:08:29   having to rely on Siri shortcuts. And we've been hoping that you could do that to control different

01:08:33   music apps and podcast apps. And it hasn't happened yet, but maybe this year.

01:08:37   The Siri intense one is that I believe this will happen. I don't know if it's going to find its

01:08:44   way into the keynote, right? Like the idea of saying like, oh, now is the developer you can,

01:08:49   uh, it's a developer feature though. So this, this, I feel like this could sit very comfortably

01:08:54   in the state of the union without it needing to be like, you know, talking about like, oh,

01:08:58   if you're a media application, you can now use Siri to call up a library. Like, you know, I just,

01:09:04   I don't know. I don't, I have a gen general concern, um, that shortcuts won't make it into

01:09:12   the keynote. I don't know where this has come from, but I just have this concern that like,

01:09:18   they won't mention it this year. Like stuff will be happening to it, but it's not going to get

01:09:21   time. And so I, I'm starting to actually think that like just a lot of Siri stuff might not

01:09:28   really find its way into the keynote. I really want to be wrong on this one. I don't really know

01:09:33   where this, this fear is coming from, but it's, I think it's from just a general fear of people

01:09:38   that have used this app for long enough, right? That it's going to die at any moment. Like,

01:09:43   I think I'm just getting that fear come back again, right? Like there was always a fear that

01:09:47   workflow could, could go away. And then when it got bought by Apple, that it would definitely go

01:09:50   away and now shortcuts is here. So now I'm scared shortcuts is going to go away, even though they

01:09:54   have absolutely no reason to believe it. Um, so yeah, but the idea, just the Siri intense stuff,

01:10:01   I think it will happen. I just don't know if I see it in the keynote, but we'll see. Uh, swipe

01:10:07   keyboard is one of mine. So the ability to be able to swipe your finger across the keyboard and

01:10:12   auto correct does its magic and presents you with a word. Yeah. It's a really nice feature that has

01:10:17   existed in other third party keyboards for a long time. Um, it is on my iPhone cause I use Gboard.

01:10:22   That is the way that I pretty much always use typing. That's how I type. Uh, it is using the

01:10:28   best of auto correct, right? Like an auto correct should be good enough at this point. And it's

01:10:33   really easy to type this way with one hand when you have a big phone. Um, I've, I find it comfortable,

01:10:39   uh, and I like to, I, I really like to use this feature. So, um, I would like to see it into

01:10:44   Apple's keyboard. Uh, I don't, I can't imagine that it would make me move from Gboard. Like I just,

01:10:50   for me, Gboard works really well. It has a lot of features that Apple shouldn't have like the

01:10:54   ability to search for emoji. Um, and it's auto correct. I find to be more reliable than Apple's

01:10:59   auto correct. It doesn't suffer from those bugs that you see in Apple's auto correct system.

01:11:03   We're like, Oh, now everyone's getting this. Like for example, just a few weeks ago or a couple of

01:11:08   months ago, if you type like ha ha ha ha ha, like all, you know, like ha ha ha ha ha like a bunch

01:11:13   of times, like say you did it a bunch of times, split it into two separate ha ha ha ha, which is

01:11:17   super weird. Uh, people, I don't think send that to each other. It looked very strange. Um, so,

01:11:23   you know, like, but then everyone gets it. And it's just this, it's, I think it's with that

01:11:26   differential privacy stuff, right? Where like we spoke about this before there have been multiple

01:11:30   software updates that were like that have fixed auto correct bugs, which is just like the weirdest

01:11:35   thing. And I don't have those problems with Gboard. I also really liked that I can search

01:11:39   Google from my keyboard, which seems weird when you say it. But if you need to send somebody an

01:11:45   address to a restaurant and they're asking you in a text message, you never lead to leave messages to

01:11:50   do that. So that's why I don't know why it has turned into a marketing pitch for Gboard, but I

01:11:55   do really like it. Continued focus on performance improvements and stability. I think it's going to

01:12:00   get some time. Um, I think people were really happy with that on iOS 12. And I think that just

01:12:05   to continue and focus on like, we're going to do a bunch of stuff and it's going to make your

01:12:08   phone better in these ways and this way and this way and this way, I think will be a big winner

01:12:13   for people. Um, so I think that that's going to continue and also, uh, some loosening, some

01:12:20   changing of Mac app store rules. This could be, um, expand expansion of more entitlements,

01:12:26   which is kind of some of the stuff that we saw last year. Maybe they make some business model

01:12:29   changes to go hand in hand with the idea of bringing iOS apps to the Mac, right? But we're

01:12:34   going to make it a little bit more comfortable for you as a developer. If you want to come on board,

01:12:39   uh, then, then these are some things that you could, that you could look to expect. Um,

01:12:44   and really to just try and make it more like a better, uh, like proposition to developers who

01:12:50   have maybe so far stayed away from it. Yep. Sounds good. Is that where we are? I think so. I think

01:12:55   we'll let reality be our judge now. All right. Now, uh, believe it or not, there was some new

01:12:59   MacBook pros released last week. And before, before we, uh, round out today's episode,

01:13:05   I want to talk about that. So, uh, but first let me thank our final sponsor and that is TextExpander

01:13:10   from our friends at Smile. TextExpander lets you insert words, phrases, forms, templates, and more,

01:13:14   and we're just a couple of key clicks everywhere you type. You can take control of your time and

01:13:19   productivity by letting TextExpander handle your repetitive typing tasks. The brand new TextExpander

01:13:24   6.5 is available for Mac OS and 2.0 for windows. Both new versions of TextExpander are sporting a

01:13:30   new visual editor for snippets. The new editor makes it easier to see and edit snippet fill-ins

01:13:35   and dates and date math, nested snippets, and more. I just created some new TextExpander snippets.

01:13:40   We actually share these with a bunch of people at relay.fm now to kind of make sure that we have

01:13:44   consistent communication with companies that we work with, which is really important to me.

01:13:47   And I was able to create some new snippets and it was so easy to be able to just tap on some

01:13:53   buttons and see them visually appearing rather than being like previously, it was kind of like

01:13:57   strings of text would appear in the snippet, which was a little bit harder for me to get,

01:14:01   but now it kind of just a little bubble and it just has the calendar and it just says the month

01:14:06   and it's just like a nice way to be able to build these snippets of this fill-in information.

01:14:09   And you can see it all visually there so you know what are the parts that will pop up when

01:14:14   somebody types the abbreviation to be able to enter that information themselves. I love TextExpander

01:14:20   and if you already love TextExpander, they have an affiliate program now as well so you can make some

01:14:24   money about it when you recommend it to people, which is great. You can find out more on their

01:14:27   website about that. If like me you're always looking for ways to be a little more productive,

01:14:32   you need TextExpander. It makes typing those repetitive phrases and paragraphs unbelievably

01:14:36   quickly, unbelievably easy and an entire paragraph that would take ages to type can be expanded in a

01:14:43   second, leaving you more time to get done what you need to. Go to textexpander.com/podcast to learn

01:14:49   more about TextExpander right now. Our thanks to TextExpander for their support of this show

01:14:54   and all of Relay FM. So Jason, can you tell me what happened with the MacBook Pro last week?

01:15:02   Well it got updated. Okay. That's basically it. The 15-inch got the 9th generation Intel processors

01:15:11   going all the way up to to eight cores, six or eight cores. So if you really want the most

01:15:18   possible multi-core performance on an Apple laptop, that 15-inch MacBook Pro will let you

01:15:25   get there with eight cores. And there were some minor speed bumps to the 13-inch TouchBar model.

01:15:33   These are just the TouchBar models. The MacBook escape model remains a product in Apple's lineup

01:15:39   that hasn't been updated in two years. And yeah, so that happened. It's just a little minor thing,

01:15:45   but it's nice for people who are looking for a more powerful MacBook Pro. But of course,

01:15:51   everybody really wants to talk about the keyboards. And Apple has acknowledged that.

01:15:56   And so, yeah, I talked to Apple and they acknowledged that they made a materials change

01:16:02   to the keyboard and that they felt like it directly addressed to the problem of that they

01:16:07   were getting, which of course they always, they want to say, you know, the vast majority of Apple

01:16:13   customers have no problems with the keyboard. But we've made like the third, fourth, or fifth

01:16:19   revision to this keyboard, but who's counting? So, you know, again, the vast majority, and yet they

01:16:24   know there's a problem here and they know there's at the very least a perception problem. And who

01:16:29   knows how big the reality problem is for them. And so they have made another materials change.

01:16:34   It sounds like they've maybe changed the, the material, the silicone material that's supposed

01:16:39   to prevent kind of ingress of debris. And they seem to have... And they've changed the,

01:16:47   according to iFixit's analysis, they seem to have changed the switch itself, the dome,

01:16:54   to something different, which is a lot of people had been speculating that the dome

01:16:57   switch might've actually been the issue and not the ingress protection. But what Apple would say

01:17:03   is they believe that this dramatically improves the ability of the keyboard to resist the problem

01:17:11   of missing keys or doubled keys. And in addition to that, because they are fighting a perception

01:17:19   problem here, they extended their keyboard program, which was previously on the 2015 and 2016

01:17:26   and 2017 models with a butterfly keyboard, to cover all the 2018 and 2019 models. So basically,

01:17:35   if your Apple laptop has this butterfly keyboard in any of its versions, you get free service on

01:17:43   the keyboard from Apple for four years from purchase, which is, which is not a bad bit

01:17:50   of insurance on that keyboard. Yeah, because that's like no Apple care needed, right? Right.

01:17:55   If you're worried about the keyboard for the first four years, yes, Apple's gonna cover you. And I've

01:17:59   seen people say, "Oh, well, it's a real endorsement of the quality of this keyboard that they're

01:18:05   covering on an extended repair program, their brand new keyboard. So that must mean that it's

01:18:10   also got the problem." And I mean, people can be as cynical as they wanna be. That's not why they

01:18:15   did it. They did it because they wanna reassure people that although they have made this change

01:18:19   that they think solves the problem, they don't want people to be like, "Oh, does it really solve

01:18:24   the problem?" They wanna come right out and say, "Look, we stand by this. We will fix it for four

01:18:28   years if you buy this keyboard, regardless of that." And I think that the clarity of saying,

01:18:33   it doesn't matter which version you've even got, you got four years of coverage from us. And,

01:18:39   by the way, in a story that we've been talking about for a little while now, reports about how

01:18:44   Apple has made a bunch of changes to get keyboard repairs to be expedited, like doing more of them

01:18:49   in the stores and having the turnaround be faster, because that's been a part of the complaint too,

01:18:54   is it's not just taking it into the store, it's taking it to the store and then losing your

01:18:57   computer for an extended period of time while they fix your keyboard. And so they've turned that-

01:19:02   - Which is why a lot of people wouldn't take them in even if there's a problem,

01:19:06   and then it only exacerbates the problem and your opinion of that issue, right?

01:19:11   - Yes. And if you're not near a service provider or an Apple store, it's hard. But even if you are,

01:19:16   if they're backed up and it's gonna take days or a week or whatever, you're without your

01:19:19   computer, that's no good. So all of that is in there. And then there was another little-

01:19:24   - I'm wondering if I should take mine in. - Are you having a problem with it? Otherwise-

01:19:27   - Well, I have Marco's. Do you remember the original MacBook Pro with the E key that broke?

01:19:33   I own that computer. That's the concern is I don't even know if I could, 'cause I bought it from him.

01:19:39   Maybe I can. - Well, I think you could,

01:19:40   I think you could, but it's original retail purchase for four years. So if it's within

01:19:44   the four-year window, you could take it in. - I have no idea. I have no idea.

01:19:47   - Just ask Marco when he bought it. But the other, so yeah, this is all going on. And the other piece

01:19:53   is that if you've got a laptop from 2018, apparently, if you take that in to be repaired,

01:19:59   they will replace it with the 2019 keyboard that's on these new laptops. That apparently

01:20:05   is, Apple says is better. They can't swap out the older ones, but they can swap out those. So

01:20:11   like if I had a problem with one of the MacBook Airs that I've got in the house from 2018,

01:20:16   and I took that into my local Apple store, it would get replaced with the same keyboard

01:20:20   that's in these MacBook Pros, which is great. - And there's a part of me that doesn't want to

01:20:23   get my keyboard fixed. Like I feel like I own a piece of podcasting history, right? Like the

01:20:28   keyboard that started Marco's hate of the keyboard. - As Zach points out in the chat room,

01:20:33   that model didn't come out four years ago. So it's covered just by definition.

01:20:38   - I need to make a decision. - So, yeah, I mean, they may laugh at you

01:20:41   and be like, why do you have the American MacBook Pro? But I bet you they'll cover it if it's got

01:20:45   keyboard problems. So you might want to do that before it becomes four years old and is not

01:20:50   covered anymore. - To be honest, I don't even know if it's worth the aggravation. I use it

01:20:54   three or four times a year. It's like, we will be recording next week's episode of Upgrade using that

01:21:03   very MacBook Pro. But outside of that, it doesn't get used a lot. We'll see. Before we wrap up today,

01:21:10   I wanted to make a little announcement. Relay FM turns five in August, and we're going to be doing

01:21:17   a special live show to celebrate, which is going to be in San Francisco. It's going to be on August

01:21:22   the 22nd. Relay FM's fifth birthday will be August 18th. But on August the 22nd, we're going to be

01:21:28   hosting a show. We're going to try and make it the biggest and bestest live show that Relay FM

01:21:34   has ever done. We're going to be bringing in as many of our wonderful hosts as we possibly can,

01:21:40   having them involved in the show. Jason's going to be there. - Yeah, I mean, I live here, so sure.

01:21:44   - Exactly. It's easy for you. - I can show up. - But yeah, we're really, really excited about this.

01:21:48   We found a wonderful venue that we're going to be hosting the show in. So it's going to be on August

01:21:53   22nd in San Francisco. Tickets are available, but they're selling. We will sell out. So if you do

01:21:59   want to be at the show, I'd recommend it. And we're going to do everything we can to make it

01:22:04   as good or better than any live show we've ever done before. Because it's a big one. It's a really,

01:22:08   really big one for us. I will cry. So if you want to see me cry on stage, come buy a ticket.

01:22:16   But yeah, that's going to be pretty incredible to celebrate our fifth anniversary with a bunch

01:22:22   of amazing listeners and a lot of our hosts. I'm really, really excited about that. But in the

01:22:27   meantime, next week, WWDC. So Jason's going to be front and center. Maybe not front and center,

01:22:33   but he's going to be right there at the keynote. And we'll be recording and releasing our episode

01:22:37   as soon as we can after the keynote ends. As is tradition, we want to be right there for you

01:22:44   within a few hours. And we'll do everything we can to get our episode out. If you want to listen

01:22:50   in to us recording live, we'll be again attempting our very best hotel Wi-Fi permitting to live

01:22:56   stream the episode. So you should follow the upgrade Twitter account, which is @_upgradefm.

01:23:02   And I'll put a link to that in the show notes in case you're not following already, because we'll

01:23:06   be tweeting out from there when we're going to be going live. I'm really excited. I feel like it's

01:23:11   going to be a big year. I feel like we're going to have a lot to talk about next week.

01:23:14   Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be huge. Just the Mars Japan thing alone is going to be huge. And there

01:23:20   are going to be iOS announcements, probably iPad announcements. There's going to be a lot for us

01:23:24   to talk about. It's going to be a big show. Yeah. I feel like ramifications-wise, this is going to

01:23:28   be bigger than last year. Right. And it'll reverberate into the episode after that. And

01:23:32   you know, it'll go on and on and on. But it'll be a big, big episode next week.

01:23:36   If you're in San Jose, we hope to see you there. If you don't have tickets to the Relay FM live

01:23:40   show on Wednesday, there is like 10 left. So if you want to come and see the live show,

01:23:46   which I really recommend that you do, because it will be great, you should do that. I'll put a link

01:23:50   to that in the show notes as well. But I think that's it, Jason Snell. We're going to be

01:23:54   together next week. I can't believe it. Next week. It's hard to believe. I'm going to make that the

01:23:59   short walk across the street. Don't walk.

01:24:01   And a few crosswalks to... No, no. From the keynote to the hotel. That's sort of our thing.

01:24:08   As we go from the keynote to your hotel high above San Jose. And then we'll have to plan our

01:24:15   lunch order, you know, like our tacos or whatever we're going to get.

01:24:19   We'll work all of that out. Yeah. Very, very excited. Can't wait to be in San Jose.

01:24:24   Sunny San Jose. It looks like it's going to be as well. I'm so excited about all of that.

01:24:28   But we'll be back next time. Thank you so much to tune in to the fourth annual WWDC

01:24:34   keynote draft. We'll find out who the winner is. Will Myke keep his streak of WWDC going or will

01:24:41   he lose it as soon as he learned that it existed? You'll find out next time. Thank you so much to

01:24:46   our sponsors, the wonderful people at ButcherBox, TextExpander, Luna Display and Bombast. Jason,

01:24:52   where should people go to keep up with your coverage over WWDC week?

01:24:56   Well, that's great. You can go to sixcolors.com. You can follow Bleed Six Colors, which is the

01:25:02   Six Colors Twitter account or for special events. We have Six Colors event on Twitter.

01:25:07   And I'll probably post some thoughts there from the keynote. Wonderful. All right. If you want

01:25:12   to find Jason and Alainis @jsnwll, J-S-N-E-L-L-L. I am @imike. You can find links and information

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01:25:28   interactive scorecard for the draft. So you can score along with us and make sure that you tweet

01:25:33   us the way that you scored it. I always love to see those rolling in as the keynote goes through.

01:25:38   And we'll be back next time for the biggest episode of the year recorded live in San Jose,

01:25:44   California. Until then, say goodbye Jason Snow. Goodbye Myke Early.

01:25:51   [Music]