220: Mr. Apple Pencil


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade episode 220. Today's show is brought to you by Pingdom,

00:00:16   Freshbooks and Luna Display. My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by Mr Jason Snow.

00:00:21   Hello Myke Hurley. How are you Jason Snow? Hello, can you see me through the the horrible smoke

00:00:29   actually that's outside my window right now. I got the air filter running and I'm breathing in

00:00:36   air that is hopefully filtered a little bit. Yeah, there is, I mean, you know, we shouldn't spend a

00:00:45   ton of time about it because this is a fun show, but there are some just horrible things happening

00:00:51   in California right now. Yeah, pretty much. It's really, really terrible. It's breaking my heart.

00:00:57   I'm gonna put some links in the show notes to the Red Cross if you want to donate to help with the

00:01:03   fires that are happening in California right now. Our hearts go out to the people that are

00:01:10   dealing with this situation. Yeah, I definitely, I grew up in, not that far north, but in the

00:01:18   Foothill region and I actually know people who have family who were in that area. And then there's

00:01:25   some stuff in Southern California that's really bad too. So, but it's yeah, it's a quite a disaster.

00:01:29   It's awful and it is terrible air quality for more than a week and a half here in the Bay Area too.

00:01:38   We're very far away and the whole Central Valley is covered in smoke too and it's bad. So it's

00:01:43   a tragedy happening in places where the fire is burning and then there's actually, you know,

00:01:50   millions and millions of people affected beyond that in terms of not being able to go outside or

00:01:55   having to flee to areas with clear air or into buildings that are filtered air if they don't.

00:02:01   A lot of smart people actually have an Apple related thing here, which is

00:02:04   a lot of very clever smart people in California who want to save energy and be good for the

00:02:10   environment built buildings that use natural outdoor air as their ventilation system,

00:02:17   including Apple Park. And I wonder, Axios did that interview with Tim Cook this weekend on their

00:02:23   HBO show. It was great to see. And they're doing it at Apple Park and they've got the whole interior

00:02:30   of the ring behind them as they're doing this interview with Tim Cook. But you could see how

00:02:34   smoky it was in the background there. And I'm sitting there thinking, I wonder if Apple has

00:02:40   any air filtration system as a part of their natural air ventilation. Because the problem

00:02:48   with building that really clever building that lets in air from the outside is what if the air

00:02:53   from outside is toxic? So I wonder if there's somebody out there who knows, let us know.

00:02:58   That's the story angle I'm concerned about now is if the air gets bad in Cupertino,

00:03:06   can you not work in Apple Park? I don't know. But anyway, there's some links to the Red Cross

00:03:14   in case you're interested in finding out more in our show notes. And again, our hearts go out to

00:03:22   those affected. But we should get on with the show. We should start with #SnailTalk. And this

00:03:26   one comes from Myke, not me, a different Myke. Myke wants to know, "Jason, if you could switch

00:03:31   Siri to a celebrity voice or a character voice, which voice would you choose and why?"

00:03:36   - There was a time when I probably would say Homer Simpson just 'cause I think it would be funny. And

00:03:41   I really liked that there were those GPS things that had Homer Simpson in it. But I'm gonna say,

00:03:46   and this is... I just did two podcasts about this on the "Incomparable." And actually the voice,

00:03:53   the actor who played this character's voice just passed away last weekend. And it is Douglas

00:04:01   Raine who played Hal 9000 in 2001 and 2010. And it is an amazing voice performance if you have

00:04:13   not seen those movies or haven't seen them in a long time. He is the very calm, quiet voice

00:04:19   of a computer who's probably trying to kill you. - Is that what you want though?

00:04:24   - I think that would be hilarious. I think it would be hilarious to have the killer robot...

00:04:32   Oh, by the way, if you ask Siri questions that were asked of Hal in 2001, it will indicate that

00:04:39   it doesn't think that's funny, which I also enjoy. Don't ask Siri to open the pod bay doors 'cause it

00:04:45   doesn't think that's funny at all. - I don't necessarily have a great answer for this,

00:04:49   but I feel like just like a traditionally great voice would be good, like a Morgan Freeman

00:04:54   or something. - Just some person who narrates documentaries or something like that. Or like...

00:05:01   Oh, who is it? - David Attenborough. - Yeah, that would be good. Either one. One of them is a live

00:05:09   one of them is dead. - David is the documenter. - No, I was thinking, what if it's Werner Herzog?

00:05:18   The weather today might be unpleasant. Something like that. I don't know. - Thank you to Myke for

00:05:28   sending in that suggestion. If you would like to send in a question to open the show, the hashtag

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00:06:54   And so you can become a citizen of dongle town. - When we created dongle town, that was when we

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00:09:17   merch if you don't want to, but it's great. And the dongle town t-shirt, I think it's going to be,

00:09:20   I think it's a winner. We've had that design for a while now and we've just been sitting,

00:09:26   we want it so badly. We want that shirt. Exactly. The orange shirt. It's my favorite. The black on

00:09:32   the orange shirt, Johnny Eye's favorite color. It looks great, but there's also one where it's

00:09:36   in more traditional colors, like on a darker shirt. Cause orange is orange, you know, it's

00:09:42   bright. I will say like they're talking about us in the chat room. I see and hear dongle town

00:09:48   all over the place now. It's, it seems to be, uh, it's our follow-up, you know, I guess so.

00:09:53   It's cool on Jason Snow. I guess so. I would love somebody, uh, one of our esteemed researchers out

00:09:59   there to identify the original, um, coining of dongle town on upgrade. Where, where that,

00:10:05   where was that? Cause I don't remember now, but it was probably in 2015, I would guess. Although

00:10:09   I don't know. You would expect it was around the time of that Mac book, right? Yeah. But I don't

00:10:15   know if it was, or if it was when the Mac book pros came out or what I don't, I don't remember

00:10:19   at all. I remember it as something along the lines of me saying, come on down to dongle town. I think

00:10:26   it was just something that just popped out of my mouth. It's like, I kind of couldn't really stop.

00:10:31   Sounds right. It sounds like you. Sounds about right. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds like me. You

00:10:35   probably said it in that, in that mic tone of voice too. Come on down to dongle town.

00:10:39   November 7th, 2016. The episode is called get on down to dongle town and it's all about, uh,

00:10:46   the Mac book pro. Okay. That may, that may be it. It is a two words dongle town. Yeah. We've,

00:10:53   we've upgraded it over the years to be one word, uh, dongle town. I still have this idea in my head

00:10:59   of the English twin town, which is dongle town. Yeah. We'll do a follow up t-shirt next year with

00:11:05   dongle town in old English lettering. There's like a pub. There's like, you know, dongle town arms.

00:11:12   And it'll be ye old port authority and the dongle town t-shirt predates the USB-C on the iPad pro

00:11:17   too, which is great because we're, we are so deep down into that, the suburbs of dongle town now. So

00:11:23   it's great. All right. We should move on with the show. Just talk about a couple of items of

00:11:28   follow up. Uh, one, we both received the bridge 10.5 keyboards and the bridge keyboard for the

00:11:34   10.5 inch iPad pro. Um, it is as great as we would want it to be, uh, you know, like it, it is just

00:11:41   as good as the 12.9 inch one. Um, it's super tiny and cute in a fun way. Uh, it is, I wished that I

00:11:49   had this when I was using the 10.5 because it only makes it an even better travel computer. I think.

00:11:56   So if you do own the 10.5 inch iPad pro and you're looking for a keyboard, get the big thumbs up on

00:12:03   this one again. And they do this one at a bunch of colors too. The great little running machine. It

00:12:06   was, I used to say about the, uh, original 9.7 iPad pro that you could put it with that Logitech

00:12:12   case. And you had this great little compact, like perfect portable writing machine for somebody who

00:12:18   is maybe even not super technical, but like is a, is a, is a writer, a novelist, a, you know,

00:12:24   a computer tech writer, a, you know, anything in between those things that it was good. I think now

00:12:30   what I would say is the equivalent of that is, and it's still for sale too, is that 10.5 iPad pro

00:12:36   with this bridge keyboard, because it's a, uh, the keys are, it's very typeable. The keys are a

00:12:41   little bit narrower than a standard key layout, but it, but it's very easy to type on. Um, and

00:12:46   it turns your iPad, your, your, uh, 10.5 into a laptop when it's in the little clips and the

00:12:52   beauty of it is unlike a laptop, you just pull it out and then it's back to being an iPad again.

00:12:58   But, uh, yeah, it's, it's nice. It's, it's funny that, you know, it has arrived at the time when,

00:13:03   uh, the, the 10.5 is now not gone, but no longer as relevant because there are new models. Um,

00:13:11   and bridge is working on new models of the keyboard for the new models of iPad. But

00:13:15   if you've got a 10.5 or thinking of getting a 10.5 instead of one of the new models, because

00:13:20   they're too pricey for you and you're thinking about the keyboards, you might want to look into

00:13:24   this bridge keyboard because it is, it's very good. Yeah. So I really, really recommend it.

00:13:30   Um, on the last episode, I was talking about my frustration of the way that you take screenshots

00:13:36   now on the new iPad pros. We have to do it with like one volume button and the side button as

00:13:43   it's called. And Dr. Drang reminded me that if I'm using my keyboard, I can just use command shift

00:13:48   three or command shift four to take screenshots. I always forget about this. I forget this exists

00:13:53   all the time, but it's great. Yeah, it's good. I, I find myself rarely taking screenshots with

00:13:58   a keyboard attached, but that's just cause most of the iPad screenshots I'm taking of are sort of

00:14:04   like a things while I'm, I, I'm not, I don't have a keyboard attached most of the time. Yeah. You

00:14:08   see, I'm very small. Isn't it like I am, my iPad is always has the keyboard. Like it, I think we're

00:14:15   in the inverse. Like the times that you have the keyboard on is like when I would have the keyboard

00:14:19   off. So it's changing a little bit with the, with the new keyboard, because I think the new keyboard

00:14:23   is a much, um, it's much more likely that I'll keep that around than the old keyboard. But,

00:14:28   uh, yeah, yeah, it's true. We are, we are different. You are a very, very keyboard

00:14:33   centric person, uh, on your iPad. And I'm not,

00:14:36   don't forget next week, we're going to be going back to Myke at the movies with my neighbor,

00:14:42   Totoro. Um, we haven't asked upgrade question on this, which I guess we'll just answer now.

00:14:48   Jake asked, is there any streaming service that has the studio Ghibli movies on it?

00:14:52   Um, no, no, there isn't. Well, I found this out. This movie is hard to get. So if you are planning

00:14:59   to watch, uh, my neighbor Totoro for our discussion next week, you may want to get to

00:15:03   Amazon and get a Blu-ray or a DVD as soon as possible, because that seems to be the only way

00:15:08   to do it. So, uh, this it's unfortunate when these things aren't on streaming services, uh, is this,

00:15:13   are they in the Disney vault? Is that the problem? No. Um, in fact, they're, they're no longer

00:15:17   published by Disney. They're now published by G kids, but it is Miyazaki and studio Ghibli in

00:15:24   general that, um, they don't, they, they don't believe in the streaming services. It's very funny.

00:15:30   They just basically they're, they say no. And I do wonder if at some point they will have,

00:15:35   you know, they will make a deal somewhere and it will be on some streaming service,

00:15:39   but right now they're just not, they're not interested in digital distribution in that way.

00:15:43   So you, you have to, you have to get the discs basically. And I have them all. Yep. Just either

00:15:48   go to Jason's house, um, or go to Amazon one or the other really. And the upgrade is voting is

00:15:55   still going. We have had hundreds of votes for the upgrade is so far, which I'm super excited about.

00:16:00   I'm really, really pleased to see that. Um, so you can go to our show notes. You can find, uh,

00:16:06   our nominations form for the fifth annual upgrade is so very, very excited about that. So you're

00:16:12   still can take part, give us your votes. Um, we're going to be announcing the closing day over the

00:16:17   next few weeks, but it's best to get your vote in now. So you don't forget. So that will be in our

00:16:23   show notes. And I have one item of upstream for you today, Jason, which is Apple related.

00:16:28   Um, Apple have inked a deal with the Oscar winning studio A24 to develop a selection of movies for

00:16:35   their upcoming streaming service. It is a multi-year agreement. Um, A24, if you don't

00:16:41   know who they are, I didn't know the name. They are responsible for films like Moonlight,

00:16:46   which won the best picture in 2016. Um, and room, the witch and X Machina have been some of their

00:16:52   more popular movies. So I found this interesting because it's not just TV that they're doing.

00:16:58   Yeah. Here's, here's their film strategy, right? This is here, here we are. We, we,

00:17:03   we speculated about this, about, are they going to just do TV? Cause Netflix and Amazon both have

00:17:09   original films as well and obviously would not be investing in them as they are if they didn't find

00:17:15   them effective. I'm fascinated by it because I have very rarely watched an original film

00:17:21   on either of those streaming services. I just, it just has never, never really clicked for me that,

00:17:28   Oh, here's a movie premiere on Netflix that I want to watch. Maybe, maybe they will turn the corner

00:17:33   at some point and, and, and do that. But it just, it has never really gotten into me, but obviously

00:17:38   it has worked for them because, uh, also as our friends in the entertainment industry point out,

00:17:44   uh, the other part of this is, is awards, which is not to be discounted, which is if you're Netflix,

00:17:52   if you're Amazon, if you're Apple, the prospect of winning an Academy award is, uh, is worth spending

00:18:00   money on films for. And there's an argument to be made that films of a quality level to win an

00:18:05   Academy award these days, the kind of funding that they're going to get for the budgets of a prestige

00:18:12   kind of film may, this is money that they may have a hard time getting elsewhere to make a deal with

00:18:19   Netflix or Amazon or Apple. So that's fascinating as a dynamic too, that so many mainstream Hollywood

00:18:26   releases these days are big blockbusters. That's sort of what the game is and that the prestige

00:18:30   films that when Oscars may not be, uh, in that category, they might find a harder time getting

00:18:36   made, but, uh, Netflix and Amazon and Apple seem to be very interested in that. So it's not just

00:18:42   that audiences may enjoy original films on these platforms. It's also, I think some, uh, desire to

00:18:49   win prestige through the Academy awards. Yeah, I think it's like they want to just get eyes,

00:18:57   right? Like awards bring eyeballs. Well, right. It's good. It's good prestige. It's good marketing.

00:19:02   Everybody's talking about that movie and it's only on Apple's service or it's only on Amazon.

00:19:06   That is like a, when Manchester by the sea got nominated for a bunch of Oscars. That was

00:19:09   interesting because that was an Amazon movie and it was on Amazon. And so if you wanted to see it,

00:19:13   you had to go to prime video and watch it. Well, it's like Amazon had that, um, they had that TV

00:19:18   show transparent that won a bunch of awards too, right? Like, and I know it got a bunch of people

00:19:22   talking. Sure. TV awards, prestige. I mean, that's big too, but then there's a whole other award

00:19:27   category you get from making a movie. So yeah. And arguably like more people pay attention to

00:19:32   the movie awards and the TV awards, I think. Yeah. All right. Today's episode is brought to you by

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00:21:24   podcast. Our thanks to FreshBooks for their continued support of this show and Relay FM.

00:21:29   So Jason, you've just completed some huge reviews, right? So many, many, many, many thousands of

00:21:38   words have left your brain through your fingertips over the last couple of weeks. Congratulations.

00:21:44   That's not where I thought you were going with that. I really thought it had left my brain,

00:21:49   like it had oozed out of my brain through my fingertips. Oh no, no, I've lost my brains

00:21:55   at my fingertips. Yeah. And it's been distributed to the world who's read them and everybody's

00:22:01   happy. Last week, we talked about my iPad Pro review, which is up and we can put a link in

00:22:04   the show notes to it, I suppose. And we'll talk about it later, but that was 5,000 words that came

00:22:10   out of my brain. And I wrote that entirely, that one, I wrote entirely on the smart keyboard folio

00:22:17   on the iPad Pro. Right, so this is what I want to get into, right? Considering you've gone through

00:22:21   all of this, I'm interested in seeing what your writing setup is right now from a software and

00:22:29   hardware perspective. And if spending such a time, you know, like looking at and writing so many

00:22:35   thousands of words has made you rethink or reconsider anything based upon any frustrations

00:22:41   you may have felt during this period of time. Well, I, so I'm reminded that I like the smart

00:22:47   keyboard. There are some people who don't like the feel of it. I like the feel of it. I think it is

00:22:51   solid. It's not, you know, it's not my favorite, but it works fine and I can get into a groove on

00:22:59   it and write on it and it's not a problem. Although what I am finding is that it's way

00:23:02   too easy for me to press the little globe button in the bottom left corner and pick up the emoji

00:23:08   keyboard when I don't want to. I hit that a lot by accident. But it's good and it's stable on my lap,

00:23:14   which is really the thing that is most important to me is that I can sit on the couch or even in

00:23:20   bed and have the ability to write things with the keyboard, which the old one, you could do it,

00:23:26   but I never liked it. It never felt comfortable to me because it was much less stable. And also

00:23:32   the keyboard being that single plane instead of it being folded over a bunch of times and having

00:23:36   the thick part and the thin part like this to the point where like I measured it, I weighed all of

00:23:42   these. The, uh, the, the 12.9 keyboard folio is heavier than the old 12.9 keyboard, um, by quite

00:23:52   a bit, like 406 grams to 338 grams. It's heavier. And yet to me, it doesn't feel bulkier and that's

00:23:59   weird, but it doesn't because it is just wrapping around the device, uh, rather than having that

00:24:06   extra thickness and all of that. And, and, and it's not as clumsy. It's a, it's a funny, it's

00:24:11   a funny feeling. So I'm liking that. I will say that when I get my hands on a, you know, a bridge

00:24:16   keyboard for the new iPad pro, I'm going to be excited about that. Cause I'm, I think that that

00:24:21   will be, uh, fantastic. Um, and then a funny thing came up last week because I took a picture of the

00:24:29   new iPad pro in that, uh, that doc that I tweeted about a long time ago and grouper asked me what it

00:24:35   was and all of that, which is the, the Vias on doc. I've got that doc. I've also got that other doc

00:24:39   that you have both of them. Um, yeah. And the, um, and they're both, they both have their advantages.

00:24:46   Um, Tabitha is a little bit taller. The Vias on doc, I feels nicer cause it doesn't have little

00:24:53   spindly plastic things sticking out secure feeling. Yeah. And a little less fiddly too. So I,

00:24:58   but I was using the Vias on doc and I took a picture of it with the, uh, my keyboard just

00:25:03   attached via directly via USB C via an adapter rather than routed through the USB three adapter

00:25:11   for lightning with power, which is sort of the other way. I might've even just had it be a

00:25:15   Bluetooth keyboard, but anyway, I did that and I brought up, uh, I think I had drafts on the screen

00:25:21   and people were like, Oh, are you writing in drafts now? And I was like, no, actually that's

00:25:25   just, I brought that up for, cause I was checking something out that somebody mentioned about a

00:25:29   drafts update, but I don't write in drafts and somebody was saying, well, you should give it a

00:25:33   try. There's drafts for Mac is in beta now and you could try it out. And I realized, um, this is one

00:25:38   of those funny things where I've built this little writing workflow around my preferences, which, um,

00:25:45   is, is kind of funny. It's so I write on BB edit on, on my Mac, unless I'm like working on a novel

00:25:51   or something, I'm writing BB edit on my Mac, uh, long form stuff I will put in Scrivener, but most

00:25:56   stuff I write is in BB edit. Uh, and BB edit is a Mac only there's no iOS equivalent, but it does

00:26:01   text files. And so what I, what I've created is this whole system where I, um, my, all of my

00:26:07   default, I even have the default folder app default to be be added to a folder called stories,

00:26:13   which is on my Dropbox and the stories go in the stories folder. And that means that they're

00:26:21   available via Dropbox in that folder. I have set my, uh, writing app on my iPad, which is currently

00:26:27   one writer to, uh, connect to Dropbox and look in the stories folder. So when I go on one writer

00:26:33   or if I create a story there, it goes in that same stories folder. And that gives me round

00:26:40   trip stuff where I can start a story here on my, on my Mac and BB edit, take the iPad out

00:26:46   and pick up where I write, where I left off because it's looking in that same folder.

00:26:51   And then I actually have a, um, uh, Hazel script that runs a Hazel rule that runs on my Mac.

00:26:58   Uh, and Hazel is this utility that'll do all sorts of things like watching folders and

00:27:03   waiting for a certain conditions. And then it, it springs into action and Hazel takes everything

00:27:08   older than like a month out of the stories folder and puts it in a old stories folder.

00:27:14   Uh, so I still have that stuff, but I want to kind of keep the stories folder to only the,

00:27:20   really the recent stuff that I've been working on. And that system is actually working really

00:27:24   well for me. It gives me the freedom to use any iOS text editor that has Dropbox connectivity,

00:27:30   which not all of them do. Um, and if I, there was a fantastic iOS text editor out there and

00:27:38   it only worked with iCloud drive or something I would consider I could, I could modify my system

00:27:43   to do that, but, uh, I realized that that's where I am with my, with my, uh, kind of writing setup

00:27:50   now is I w I want to keep using BBA on the desktop and then I find, you know, something and I'm open

00:27:55   to one writer is working for me right now. And actually, while I was writing the iPad pro review,

00:27:59   I think I might've mentioned this last week, it literally updated, uh, in the middle of a paragraph

00:28:05   about, uh, how you have to update apps to change this, to support the new screen sizes of the iPad

00:28:12   pro models. Um, I went to, I was like, I wonder, and I went to the app store app and looked for

00:28:17   updates and there was a one writer update that updated it to work better with the screen. It was

00:28:22   one of those moments like, okay. And then I went back and, and I continued writing. My apps must

00:28:26   be updated. It was kind of, it was, it was, it was weird. It was very weird. So anyway, that's

00:28:32   working for me now. I would be happy like one writer gets occasional updates. It's okay. Uh,

00:28:37   I have, I have yet to find a, uh, um, uh, text editor that syncs to Dropbox and does mark down

00:28:44   and ideally has some, you know, either good, uh, commands or programmable macros and all that. I,

00:28:50   you know, it's, I used editorial for a long time, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Um,

00:28:54   I I'm kind of open in a way that I'm, let's be honest. I'm not on the Mac, like BBA,

00:29:01   I've been writing in for 20 years. It seems unlikely. I think that's what I said to the

00:29:05   person who told me about drafts. I said, I'm not saying never say never, right. I'm not saying that

00:29:09   I'll never use anything but BB edit, but it would take a lot for me to not be using BB edit on my

00:29:16   Mac, but on iOS, I'm much more open. Yeah. It is a bonus if there's a Mac version. So you could,

00:29:22   if something was weird, you could just open the Mac version of the iOS app and fix it. Right.

00:29:28   But certainly, certainly. And I am writing in markdown, I'm writing in plain text. I'm not

00:29:34   interested in styles. This is one of the reasons, uh, that I don't use Ulysses is that although

00:29:40   Ulysses supports markdown, it really wants you to treat it like a styled text editor, like word kind

00:29:46   of thing. So like the hyperlinks get all, you know, turned into buttons and they hide the links

00:29:52   and only show that it's text with an underlying link. And I don't want that. Like, I understand

00:29:57   why other people might want that. And I talked to the people from Ulysses about it and they,

00:30:03   they totally have a philosophy of what they want to do with that app. And it just doesn't

00:30:08   fit with how I write and that's fine, but that means that it's not going to be an app that I use

00:30:13   because it doesn't fit with trying to keep it simple and keep it plain text and, uh, you know,

00:30:18   use macros to help me generate my plain text, not hide it. Yeah. Yeah. I understand.

00:30:27   Um, did you mention, are you still using the Matt.ai mini tactile pro?

00:30:33   Yeah. So, so on, so I have, um, normally I'm writing, uh, like I'm, I'm writing more in my,

00:30:41   in my lap. That's a great configuration to write sitting on the couch. Uh, very nice. Uh, when,

00:30:47   as it gets cooler into fall and winter, um, it's nice as a change of pace to leave my desk. And

00:30:53   also I don't have a strong heating out here in the office to go into the other room and I can

00:30:58   sit under a blanket and sit on the couch and middle of the day, if the kids are at school

00:31:01   or whatever, and I'm the cat next to me and I'm writing on there. And that was generally where I

00:31:07   used, uh, the bridge keyboard, but right now I'm using the smart keyboard folio and that works,

00:31:12   that works great. But another change of pace that I like to do is to go work at standing up at the,

00:31:18   um, at the bar in my kitchen. And, you know, it's all to play for because again, I'm open to other

00:31:24   things. The nice thing about the Mattias, uh, what is a quiet laptop keyboard, which is the silver

00:31:29   monstrosity, right? As you pointed out, it's thick, it's, you know, big kind of curved plastic

00:31:35   bezels all around it. It's very much the state of the art Apple design of 2008.

00:31:40   I typically, you know, more power to them. I can't stand the look of their products.

00:31:47   Yeah. Well, the thing is their, their new stuff all looks like Apple's modern stuff where it's

00:31:52   thin with aluminum, but those are also not the mechanical, the fancy mechanical keys. I agree.

00:31:58   I think they need a, uh, an industrial redesign for their mechanical stuff, but they, they don't

00:32:04   have it. So that's it. They could do something that doesn't look like this, but still has all

00:32:09   the features, you know? Well, there, there, there are lots of other mechanical keyboards. Like the

00:32:13   one I'm using now at my Mac, it, it, it has no bezels at all. It has an aluminum frame around

00:32:17   the bottom and that's it. Which is that one. It's a, what is this one? So many keyboards.

00:32:24   Yeah. I have so many, this is the vortex. Uh, I forget which, which model it is, but it's a,

00:32:29   it's a little mini cause remember I have the little tiny keyboards. Yeah, you do. Um, but so

00:32:34   I I'm using on the iPad out there right now. I'm mostly using that keyboard, that, that Bluetooth

00:32:40   Matthias keyboard, because it's got really nice mechanical keys and it's Bluetooth, which really

00:32:45   just means I don't have to, if I'm carrying my iPad and that keyboard out there, cause I don't

00:32:49   leave them set up out there, it's my kitchen. I, uh, it's nice not to have to plug anything in,

00:32:54   right? I have, um, mechanical, like a USB Matthias keyboard that is white that I can plug in and use.

00:33:03   And I've got a whole bunch of other keyboards too, but again, there are lots of issues here because,

00:33:07   you know, I got, I got a lot of keyboards. If it's not a Mac keyboard, um, on the Mac,

00:33:13   you can flip command and control and so that they're in the right place. If it's a PC keyboard

00:33:19   and then, and then go about your business iOS, you can't do that. So if the PC keyboard, suddenly

00:33:24   the keys in the wrong place and for keyboard shortcuts, cuts and stuff. And I don't like that.

00:33:28   So it's gotta be a Mac keyboard or have a switch that lets it go into Mac mode. And then the other

00:33:33   thing is just, uh, the, the size of it. If it's a, if it's a big keyboard with a number pad or

00:33:37   something, I'm not really that interested in it because it's, uh, I don't, I don't want that. I

00:33:41   want a smaller keyboard. So I continue, but in the end, I think my number one thing is just,

00:33:46   Bluetooth keyboards are better for this because I don't have to plug anything in. All I have to do

00:33:51   is carry my stand and my keyboard out there and snap the iPad into it. And then I've got my,

00:33:56   um, you know, landscape orientation writing machine that lets me focus and then I can turn

00:34:02   it sideways and, and in horizontal mode, I can, I can do multitasking and stuff like that.

00:34:08   Will Barron Is there anything for this setup or just your general setup that

00:34:14   you feel is missing? Like, is there something that you wish was better, but just doesn't exist?

00:34:19   David Schanzer Well, I, um, it's a good, it's a good question. The,

00:34:24   the, the stands are still an open question. I think the Vias on stand is still my favorite.

00:34:31   The Tabitha is fine. Um, if one thing that I haven't found yet, although I'm not sure I want

00:34:38   to commit to this anyway, some people have sent in a sort of Mount arm stands where you can clamp it

00:34:44   to something like I have my iMac clamped to my desk. Um, and I've thought about that of like,

00:34:50   well, what if I had that for, uh, for my iPad and I would super investigate that if I had a place to

00:34:56   put that, but I don't really, my, I don't want to put it on my desk where my iMac is. And, um,

00:35:02   and I can't have a permanent permanently stationed iMac or iPad in my kitchen. So it's going to be,

00:35:10   you know, I wish the stands were a little bit taller, but with the weight issue,

00:35:14   they can't get much taller without toppling over or becoming, having a huge base and the Tabitha,

00:35:19   you can already, I mean, that base is really heavy. That's why it's because it can't,

00:35:24   you need it to not fall over. Um, I don't feel like I found the perfect keyboard that is,

00:35:29   that feels good to type on and that is easy to set up. Um, but I've got, you know, who are we

00:35:35   kidding? I'm going to try more keyboards. So maybe I'll get there in the end. No, there's never going

00:35:41   to be the perfect keyboard for you, Jason. It's one of those things. It's like it's the endless

00:35:44   quest, but it'll never, it'll never actually come to pass. It's possible. It's possible. But, um,

00:35:49   I do think, um, one of the nice things about the new iPad Pro is that it powers all of these

00:35:55   things. Some of the Matthias keyboards, especially, but any keyboard that really had, uh, USB ports on

00:36:00   it require those require more power because you've got to power the other ports. And, um, some of

00:36:04   them would just not work on the old iPads without plugging in that adapter and external power. And

00:36:10   that's not the case with the new iPad Pros. So that, that makes it a little bit easier because

00:36:15   then you can just sort of plug in anything with that simple USB-C to USB-A dongle and then plug

00:36:21   in the keyboard and it'll work. So I'll continue my quest there. But, um, but right now it's great.

00:36:27   I mean, I honestly, I think having that dedicated thing, dedicated writing machine, uh, it's much

00:36:33   less distracting. It's a good mode switch for me. I would say, I think I, I think at this point,

00:36:37   I prefer writing on the iPad to writing on the Mac. I think I, in the last year that has come

00:36:43   around where there are a lot of times when, um, and some of this is about my job, like when I'm

00:36:48   doing podcasts and email and Slack and stuff in the morning, and then I'm like, I need to switch

00:36:54   modes and write a column. That's a good time to leave my chair and go somewhere else and write

00:37:02   that column in a different context. But I do think also some of it is just that I have to be much more

00:37:07   active about switching away from my writing to look at Twitter or look at Slack. And it makes

00:37:11   me focus a little bit better. Um, so, uh, and in the stands, I can do the big, I can type with the

00:37:17   big, uh, vertical orientation, which is great because I can see more of my story. And I actually

00:37:22   really like writing in, uh, in portrait mode. Oh yeah, that's interesting. I see quite a few

00:37:29   people do that and I get it right because you see more of the words at one time. Yeah. Well,

00:37:35   if you're in landscape mode and you're writing because, because long lines are no good, long

00:37:38   lines are bad for, for legibility. Uh, what you end up with is just enormous margins and the text

00:37:44   is running down the center and you turn the iPad. If it's in a stand, you just turn the iPad and now

00:37:49   the margins are not ridiculous and you can see more context of what you're writing, which in

00:37:54   some cases people don't want it, but I find it useful to do it that way. And then, like I said,

00:37:58   I turn it into horizontal orientation. If I want to bring up, like sometimes when I'm writing my

00:38:05   columns, I will be referring to things on like Apple's website and specs and prices and things

00:38:10   like that. And then I'll work where instead of having a big wide margin, I've got one writer on

00:38:15   one side and Apple's website on the other, and I'm dragging in links and stuff like that.

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00:40:24   off our thanks to Luna display for their continued support of this show and relay FM. So you

00:40:30   mentioned that you published your iPad pro review, um, and we've both had some more time to spend with

00:40:37   the devices, right. Then we've had another week, right? So like we're living with them, working

00:40:41   with them every day. Um, and I just wondered if like you'd had any additional thoughts or

00:40:47   experiences that you wanted to talk about. Well, the biggest one for me was this weekend. So this

00:40:54   weekend we fled the bad air quality here and went and visited family up in the foothills where the

00:41:01   air quality was a little bit better. And that meant I added the incomparable on the weekend,

00:41:06   and that meant that I was, um, doing the editing on fair right on the on the new iPad pro,

00:41:13   which I had not done before. Uh, I mean, obviously I'd done on the old iPad pro a lot, but this I was

00:41:19   using the new model and I and I brought the Apple pencil with me because I thought maybe I will try

00:41:24   to use the Apple pencil features and fair right, which I've never tried before.

00:41:28   And, you know, part of that was just being resistant. Part of it was, was thinking that

00:41:32   where is the Apple pencil? Is it charged all of those things? Whereas this one has been hanging

00:41:37   around with the device pretty much since the start of it. And that's been, uh, so I know it's

00:41:43   charged and I know it's paired and I know where it is. So I brought it with me and I decided, you

00:41:48   know, it's new iPad. I'm going to give this a try. And it took, it took a while for me to get it,

00:41:53   but I did kind of embrace the idea of we're going to try to edit this episode with the pencil.

00:41:59   And so I sat at a table for a little while and on a couch for a little while, and I edited that

00:42:04   episode of the incomparable using the pencil as well as my fingers to do it. But my usual workflow

00:42:12   is entirely just, uh, my fingers for doing it. So I, uh, integrating the pencil was different.

00:42:18   Um, I set up double tap on the pencil to be play pause so that I could do that without having to

00:42:23   reach out every time and touch the screen with two fingers to tap it, to do play pause. I'm not sure

00:42:29   that was the right choice. I'm not sure how the way I hold the pencil, because I'm really bad at

00:42:35   writing and holding pencils in general. Um, I'm not sure I kept on finding like, oh,

00:42:39   I'm in an awkward position here. Uh, if I try to double tap, I'm going to drop the pencil.

00:42:44   I did that a lot, but in the end, it is the most time I have ever spent using the Apple pencil

00:42:50   because I don't draw or write in longhand. And so I can try out the Apple pencil and doodle a stupid

00:42:57   thing and say, yup, that's a great. Okay. But I can't, I can't do what people like you can do,

00:43:04   who are more committed to using it. It's just, it's not my thing. Um, but with ferrite, I really

00:43:09   got into it and I had the, I, the pencil sent as a deletion tool. Plus you could also move things

00:43:14   around and, uh, and, you know, tap to change the timeline and double tap on the pencil itself to do

00:43:21   play and pause. And, uh, by the time I got to the end of the project, I was actually working

00:43:27   very quickly. So much of what I do in editing podcasts is delete. Noises I do strip silence.

00:43:34   And then I, you can see where there's sort of stray noises where there's echo coming from

00:43:39   somebody's headphones or they bumped the microphone or there's something going on in the background,

00:43:43   their dogs barking, whatever. And I do a lot of deletion and on ferrite, uh, that's a gesture,

00:43:48   but it's like, you have to put two fingers down in the right place and then swipe from right to left

00:43:53   in order to delete something. And instead with a pencil, you just, just move it over that stuff

00:43:58   and it, and it disappears. And even if I'm editing somebody speaking and they've got a kind of a

00:44:02   pause or they, um, they say there's long, like, um, uh, kind of thing with a pencil, I was able to

00:44:10   see it in the wave form and drag over it to delete it and then triple tap on the remaining, you know,

00:44:17   tracks and, and pick them up with all with the pencil and slide it together and solve that

00:44:22   problem, which is, um, again, it's a little more precise than my finger. It's a little harder to

00:44:29   hit the right spot with my finger using ferrite than with a pencil. Um, and so it, it took time.

00:44:34   I think I could get really good using it. I'm not entirely convinced that the double tap gesture is

00:44:38   the right one for play/pause. Maybe there's a better gesture there. Um, and I, I've got to,

00:44:44   I've got to think about like all of the ramifications of this, but it just makes me say

00:44:49   what I have said all along about editing podcasts on an iPad, which is it feels, and I'm sure other

00:44:54   people feel this way about drawing and things like that. It feels different, substantively different

00:45:00   to edit something with your hands than with a keyboard and mouse and a little bit more like

00:45:06   your, you know, you're making it, your hand crafting it in a way, and it isn't always the

00:45:10   most efficient way to do it, although it's extremely satisfying to do it that way. And I

00:45:15   think it might be more efficient in some ways. And I think in some ways it might lead to a better

00:45:19   product because I noticed that I was thinking, oh, I could take that out. And normally I might

00:45:25   leave something in, but I was like, no, but I can just take that out with a pencil and I can,

00:45:28   I can do it really quick. And on my Mac using logic, I might've said, I'll just leave it in.

00:45:32   I'm going to move on to the next thing. So there's some, something like that too. And, uh, yeah,

00:45:36   so it was a really, uh, fun experience to go through that. And at this point,

00:45:41   Fair. I can do everything else in terms of, I, I, that episode that posted this weekend of the

00:45:45   incomparable it's got like, like, uh, what, 15 chapters in it or 18 chapter markers in it. Um,

00:45:53   you know, it's got art and all the MP3 tags, uh, exported and encoded as MP3 on my, uh, on my iPad

00:46:00   and then FTP up to the CDN using, uh, I think I use transmit to do it. And I did the whole thing

00:46:09   on the iPad other than the initial, um, processing of the audio files, which I did do on my Mac.

00:46:14   Cause I was originally planning on editing it. I had it all ready to go on my Mac to edit it. And

00:46:18   then I, we, we decided in a very short amount of time, we were just going to leave for the weekend

00:46:23   and, uh, and it worked fine. So you can add chapters in fair ride too.

00:46:28   Yeah. Oh yeah, you can. So, and you can even, you can either have them tied to the time code

00:46:36   of the file or tied to the audio that's underneath the play head. And if it's tied to the,

00:46:42   underneath the play head, then as you move the, the, the project around the chapter marker will

00:46:48   slide around too. So it's actually a little better than logic. So you were telling me about this over

00:46:53   the weekend, cause I think you were proud of yourself for using the pencil. Right. And for

00:46:58   you to tell me, yeah, you're Mr. Apple pencil. And I kept telling you how jealous I was of you,

00:47:04   uh, for doing this. And so this was what I was thinking about this, right?

00:47:09   This sounds awesome. This, this way of editing, like, and I don't think that I would necessarily

00:47:14   want to edit like this every week, but I would love to have the skill that you do with ferrite

00:47:20   that if I'm in a situation like you were in, which does happen where I'm not at my desk,

00:47:25   or if I'm editing something long and don't want to be sitting on my desk for that amount of time,

00:47:28   like I want to be able to move around. It sounds like a great thing, but to do this,

00:47:34   to get to that point, it takes the time required to get to grips and learn. Like I would have to

00:47:41   be learning ferrite from the beginning, right. And then getting all the way to where you are.

00:47:45   And when you're learning a new piece of software, you're slower, right? Like you were just slower

00:47:51   than if you're doing it under your usual workflow. And I was, I was thinking about this. Like,

00:47:55   I think this is why this is where a lot of the iPad criticism comes from because pretty much

00:48:00   everything that you're doing, you have to learn again, right? Like there's things you already know,

00:48:04   you have your workflow, it's your established flow of doing things and the iPad can do most of them,

00:48:10   but it does them in a different way. And it requires you to learn. Like it's not that the

00:48:14   device can't do it, it's that you need to learn a new way of doing it. And that's going to slow you

00:48:19   down for a while and maybe frustrate you. So irrespective of how it will feel on the other end,

00:48:23   which I know would be great, I'm hesitant to do it because I'm going to have to sit down

00:48:28   and learn it. Yeah, this is a big part of a lot of the criticism we notice about the iPad Pro,

00:48:33   right? And this is the thing that actually makes me the most frustrated is when somebody says,

00:48:39   "I can't do this." When what they mean is it doesn't do it the way I'm used to. Now,

00:48:44   sometimes they can't do it. Like we all, nobody knows better than an iPad Pro user that there

00:48:48   are places where you hit a wall and you're like, "Oh wow, I can't do this." It's like,

00:48:51   "Well, that's that." But a lot of these that I see, especially in reviews, like mainstream reviews,

00:48:57   where some random person at a TV network or website gets the job of writing the iPad Pro review,

00:49:03   and they say, "Oh, you can't do this." And the answer is, "Well, you can do that. It's just not

00:49:07   the way you're used to." And it might be more efficient, it might be less efficient, but it's

00:49:12   going to be different and there's going to be a learning curve and that's going to frustrate you,

00:49:14   and then you're going to write your review and say you were frustrated. And that is not the same

00:49:21   as, "He can't do it." Because the point and the underlying impression I get from these articles

00:49:27   is what they're really saying is, "It's not a laptop, which is what I'm used to, and I wish it

00:49:33   were like a laptop." And that completely misses the point of the iPad, which is that it is not

00:49:38   a laptop. It is not trying to be a laptop. It doesn't mean it couldn't be better. We said this

00:49:42   last week, could, you know, the software side really needs a lot of help. But this is a great

00:49:48   example where the way I edit on a podcast on an iPad is totally different and there's a lot of

00:49:55   adaptation and there's a learning curve and it's going to take time. And the first time you do it,

00:49:59   it is going to slow you down. Absolutely the first time I tried to edit something in Fairite on my

00:50:04   iPad, I was like, "Oh my God, this is so painful." And I actually wrote to the developer and I said,

00:50:10   "I ran into a lot of problems." And you know what the developer did? He was like, "Oh,

00:50:13   that's good feedback." And there was an update that fixed a lot of those problems. Like,

00:50:17   that was also amazing. So full credit to Wooji Juice, the makers of Fairite, for being super

00:50:23   responsive to users about this stuff too. It's got keyboard shortcuts in there that it didn't

00:50:30   use to have. It's got this great pencil support. But the big point is like, you have to jump in.

00:50:34   So for you, Myke, if you wanted to edit a podcast using this, it would be super scary and it would

00:50:38   be a big time commitment to do it. But I do think that in the end, you would have a different kind

00:50:44   of podcast editing experience out of it. But a more flexible one, which is what I would love

00:50:50   to have. What this feels like to me is like a holidays project. Right? You know what I mean?

00:50:55   Like, you've got some time, usual things aren't happening, maybe now I'll give it a go. Because

00:51:00   my dream, I'm not trying to put this into their mind, is when

00:51:09   Marzipan exists, that I could learn these apps, right? Like I can, these apps, something like,

00:51:17   I could move to stuff like Fairite and LumaFusion and use them on my Mac and on my iPad. And then

00:51:24   it's one experience. That's what I really want, you know? Because that's actually the hardest

00:51:29   thing right now is not that I can edit in Fairite or I can edit on Logic. It's that I can't move

00:51:36   between them. Like I can't do the BB Edit, Dropbox, text file, one writer thing. I can't do that with

00:51:42   video project or an audio project. So I have to be all in on Fairite or all in on Logic for a

00:51:49   particular project. You have to make the decision before you begin, where is this project going to

00:51:53   start and end? And I would really love more fluidity because that's all of the other software

00:52:00   that I use is like that, right? Like as you're saying, my text editor, my Twitter apps, like Slack

00:52:06   and my email, like they're all the same apps, right? Like all of, I like to buy into software

00:52:12   that's everywhere I'm going to be. And these professional creation tools, a lot of them aren't

00:52:18   right now. You know, it's like I use Pixelmator on my Mac and Pixelmator on my iPad. And I don't

00:52:23   really like Pixelmator on my iPad. Like it's too slow. You have, there's too many taps to get to

00:52:29   buttons. Like they should have palettes and I don't understand why they don't. Like it's like,

00:52:33   it's slow, but I understand how you use it. So I use it. So like I'm looking forward to Photoshop

00:52:37   because it looks like it's going to be more of a consistent user experience. And I'm hopeful for

00:52:44   UIKit on the Mac that we're going to start to see a lot of these like professional iOS apps that do

00:52:51   exist, have a second life on the Mac, which will bring people like me and you to a consistent user

00:52:58   experience. Like I use a heavy music tool to make podcasts. That's what I do. It is not sustainable

00:53:07   in the long term, right? Logic as the podcast editor. Like I would love a podcast editing tool

00:53:13   as my only tool because Logic Pro is like, this is a music app that I'm forcing to do the thing that

00:53:20   I want it to do, right? Like I feel like I'm constantly fighting against Logic and like it

00:53:24   has all of these features in it, which it's trying to get me to use, but I have no use for them,

00:53:31   right? Like metronome. It's no good to me. I don't want to mention that.

00:53:34   Well, sure. Logic is a... That's the thing. And I was talking to somebody about Logic for iPad and

00:53:39   they said, "Well, I can't do it for my giant music project that I've got because of this and this

00:53:44   thing and this thing." It's like, well, yeah, first off, they should fix that too, right? But secondly,

00:53:50   the truth is that a lot of us are using a product that is designed for music professionals to do

00:53:55   podcasts because we need it and it's the best we can get. We're a subset of the audience. It's

00:54:02   not built for us, but we can adapt it and use it. We use Logic over anything else because if it's

00:54:07   power and it's capability and handling large files, that's why we use it ultimately, right?

00:54:12   Like it has tools that we need, but other things like, you know, with some of the amount of tracks

00:54:17   that we use and the file sizes, GarageBand was really getting upset with me, which was why I

00:54:22   moved to Logic. Yeah, yeah, exactly right. But we're still using 10% of the features, if that,

00:54:27   of Logic. And that's something like Fairite was built for podcast editing basically and other

00:54:32   audio editing of spoken word. And it is... Right, so it's a lighter weight and all that. I hear you.

00:54:39   If Logic went on iPad and Fairite went on Mac, it would be an interesting question of what I

00:54:46   would end up standardizing on. I suspect it would be Fairite just because it is more directly

00:54:51   addressed at what I do. But either one, I would get very excited just because of portability of

00:55:00   projects. The idea that Adobe is touting of these cloud PSD files, that sounds great.

00:55:10   Because I use iCloud in this way, right? Like I have a numbers spreadsheet that I make on my iPad

00:55:16   and then it's on my iPhone and it's on my Mac and I can just access it whenever I want, right? And

00:55:21   it's the same with Pixelmator. Like it's why I use, even though Pixelmator for iOS is not

00:55:26   necessarily what I want it to be, I use it because then I can go between my Mac and my iPad,

00:55:32   both of my iPads, and the documents are all there. Like the chapter art that I made for our

00:55:39   merch chapter, I made it on my iPad and then I went to my Mac today and just exported it so I

00:55:44   could have it ready, right? Because one reason, like the Mac version gives me quality sliders for

00:55:51   exporting images, but the iPad version doesn't. Really, it feels like they made that app and then

00:55:57   didn't really do a ton to it. Like they haven't really pushed it where it should go. And there are,

00:56:03   I don't know, it feels like there are companies, what is it, Affinity, that are like kind of coming

00:56:08   in and really owning this space. And I've thought about, well, maybe I should check out Affinity,

00:56:12   but I'm like, no, no. In a couple of months time, I'm just going to get Photoshop and then

00:56:17   I'm just going to, you know, that's just what I'm going to be on because it's Photoshop, right? And

00:56:22   I'll have it on my iPad. Like, of course, that's what I'm going to do. But like, I do like that

00:56:26   idea, right? So the idea of having a podcast project in a way live in the cloud, however,

00:56:34   that might end up being, you know, like what ideally what I would like is I have my files

00:56:39   in Dropbox and then these apps just like pull it from Dropbox and there's a way that that all

00:56:43   works. I don't know. But like just the idea of this portability is very exciting to me.

00:56:48   In a world where I can't necessarily plug my iPad in just to a screen. Although that possibility

00:56:57   still seems like it's getting closer and closer all the time to me. You know, the idea of just

00:57:01   having my iPad and plugging it in and then I can use a mouse and a keyboard and then I'm just

00:57:05   editing there. That's my iOS 13 dream, by the way, of just like you plug one cable in and now you

00:57:14   have a mouse pointer and you have a keyboard and you can just do all the stuff there. And

00:57:18   that would be like the slow march to me of like reducing the amount of Mac that I need, you know?

00:57:25   But that's all like a dream for the future. We'll see. But I will concur with you that the Apple

00:57:31   Pencil is getting even more use out of me than ever before. And it really is just this almost

00:57:38   muscle memory now of just reaching out and grabbing it. Like I just pick it up and it's always ready

00:57:45   to go. I just pick it up and I love it because I can just grab it whenever I need it. And I think

00:57:50   it's wonderful. I've been thinking about this more and more and just this is one of my favorite like

00:57:57   second generation products that Apple has ever made, right? Like where they've taken a product

00:58:02   and then they brought out a new one. It's like this almost reminds me of like the iPod Nano from

00:58:09   the Mini or something. It's like you took everything that everyone loved and then you went and made a

00:58:13   one that is so much better for basically everyone that uses it. Like I feel like that's what they

00:58:18   did for the Apple Pencil. They made this thing and it did what it was supposed to do, but it had some

00:58:22   flaws and it had some weak points. So then they brought out a new one and it was like, "Oh, this

00:58:27   is a better Apple Pencil in literally every single way. Everything is better about it. Like every

00:58:33   part of it is better." And so I'm in love with it. I think it's changing the way that I use my iPad

00:58:39   again, all over again, right? And so it's making me be super aware of applications that are

00:58:45   implementing new features for the Pencil in some way because it's like, "Oh, well, I might be more

00:58:49   inclined to look at that one because it's enabling me to use this tool in new ways." So I'm really

00:58:55   excited about it. I should say the one thing that I couldn't do on my iPad that I needed a Mac for

00:59:03   in editing my podcast over the weekend was the opening of the incomparable is spoken by

00:59:08   a text-to-speech voice. It's Fred. It's the same voice that's used in like original Mac stuff and

00:59:18   in the "Fitter Happier" on OK Computer by Radiohead. It's that voice. It's a not very good

00:59:25   old computer voice. And I have an automator action that basically generates that for me on my Mac.

00:59:32   And the last time I checked, shortcuts won't do it. You can generate text-to-speech and you can,

00:59:38   I think, pick a voice now, but you can't output that to a file. I think it'll just speak it out

00:59:44   loud. And so for that, I actually used screens to connect back to my server at home and ran that

00:59:54   script and got the file and put it in iCloud drive or on Dropbox or whatever and I copied it from

00:59:59   there. So that was one place where I cheated. Yeah, but you still use an iPad app to do it.

01:00:04   That's true. All right, Jason, we should probably do some #askupgrade questions. I want to give some

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01:01:56   their support of this show and Relay FM. #AskUpgradeTime and our first question comes from

01:02:05   Nicholas. Nicholas wants to know, Jason, which processor would you recommend picking up for a

01:02:10   Mac Mini that is intended to be used as a home server? Is the i5 sufficient or should I go for

01:02:16   the i7? Myke Hurley would also like to know the answer to this question. Well, so home server is

01:02:22   not enough detail. We need to know more but I'm gonna say something that I know Stephen Hackett

01:02:27   will strongly disagree with which is I have a home server. I bought the base model. It's not entirely

01:02:37   true. I upgraded the Ethernet to the 10 gig Ethernet because my iMac also does 10 gig Ethernet

01:02:42   and I bought a 10 gig Ethernet switch with the hope that it would speed up my file transfers

01:02:47   locally and maybe it hasn't, maybe it hasn't. We'll see. But I use the i3, the base model,

01:02:54   and it's so much faster than my old Mac Mini. Not surprising because my old Mac Mini was very old.

01:02:58   And my question is, what are you using the processor for? If it's a home server,

01:03:02   it's just kind of sitting there and what, providing files or doing, you know,

01:03:08   maybe it's doing a transcode in for Plex or something like that. I can't tell you,

01:03:13   I only have had the i3, not the i5 or the i7, but I think it's sufficient. I think what I would say

01:03:22   is, I mean, if you've got the money to spend, go ahead and spend it. But I feel like you could get,

01:03:27   if you're not using this thing to like actively to do heavy workload stuff, you're probably not

01:03:35   spending your money wisely in upgrading the processor. That's my feeling about it. I think

01:03:42   people undersell the lower configs. This is a pretty fast system. If all you're using it for

01:03:46   is a home server, I don't think you need to spend a lot of money on a processor upgrade because that

01:03:51   processor is going to sit idle all the time. Aside from the ethernet though, did you upgrade

01:03:55   anything else like the RAM or the storage from the base model? Nope. You just got straight up

01:04:00   base model. I mean, but it makes sense though, right? Because your Mac Mini was probably worse

01:04:04   in every configuration option than the base model and that was doing the job. Believe it or not,

01:04:10   the SSD in my Mac Mini was larger, was a 256 because I installed that myself. But I don't use

01:04:18   it because all my storage is on a big external storage device. I have a Drobo 5D. And so it's

01:04:28   just a boot drive and there's nothing on it other than the system. So it didn't need to be upgraded.

01:04:34   Now, if you, again, if you have a different situation, if you don't want to hang a big

01:04:39   piece of storage off of it, if you'd rather just upgrade it to two terabytes SSD and have it sit

01:04:43   there and do that, I would argue again, that may be the most efficient way, effective way for you

01:04:48   to spend your money would be on external storage even then, because the cost of it from Apple is

01:04:53   quite a lot. But for my use anyway, I was like, I don't need more here. I just don't need more. And

01:04:59   I'm not going to spend $1,500 on a Mac Mini when I can spend, you know, 800 or 900. And so, yeah,

01:05:07   I'm mostly one with the base and I think that's, there's, it's okay. It's okay.

01:05:11   So this is a question from David. This is one that I can answer. "I'm thinking of getting a

01:05:17   Nintendo Switch for our family for Christmas," says David. "The only console we have is the

01:05:21   original Wii. What do we need to get beyond the Switch itself? Extra controllers? What games?

01:05:26   We have three kids." So get an extra pair of Joy-Con because then you'll have either two to

01:05:32   four players that can play at a time because it comes with two, but you want another two.

01:05:36   I would suggest for adult hands to get a pro controller. It's much, much more comfortable

01:05:41   to use. Not necessary. Like it's not 100% necessary, but I do recommend it.

01:05:46   And some game recommendations for fun multiplayer between a family. I would recommend a game called

01:05:53   Overcooked, which is action packed and fast and fun. I would say, you know, for some single player

01:06:00   experiences, Legend of Zelda and Mario Odyssey, two of my favorite games of all time. So

01:06:06   definitely worth checking out. Mario Kart. Can't go wrong with Mario Kart. So always get Mario Kart.

01:06:12   It's great for everybody. And I'm currently playing an adoring Pokemon Let's Go. It is a

01:06:17   wonderful entry to the Pokemon series. It is especially good if you've never played a Pokemon

01:06:22   game before or like me, you've played every Pokemon game because you get the nostalgia.

01:06:26   But it also has really wonderful drop in drop out co-op. So can be really good for families to play

01:06:33   together. Like if you're playing with a kid and they need specific help in a battle, you could

01:06:36   jump in and help them out or whatever it is. So that's really great. But the main thing I'll say

01:06:42   about the Nintendo Switch is there are new games being added to the system, like tons of them every

01:06:47   single week. It is a wonderful gaming system. It continues to be my favorite console ever made.

01:06:54   I don't think you can, if people in your family enjoy video games, you literally cannot go wrong

01:07:00   with a Nintendo Switch. So that is my recommendation. I agree. I agree completely. And you're right

01:07:06   about the controllers too. Joy-Cons are fun and you end up with four if you get the second set.

01:07:11   Pro Controller is much more comfortable, much more comfortable. And there's a lot of great games out

01:07:17   there for the, I'll say Mario, if you don't have Mario Kart, Mario Kart is fantastic as a

01:07:22   multiplayer game on the Switch. So you should check it out. It's like, it's an always, every Mario

01:07:27   Kart is always great for multiplayer, right? Like that is like the staple of multiplayer.

01:07:31   Yep. Brent asks, for the last few years, Apple has released iOS

01:07:35   X.3 editions in the spring with a small handful of minor but welcome feature editions. You remember

01:07:42   there's been some like the education stuff for the iPad. I think the previous one had the battery

01:07:48   screens, you know, like after the battery problem that we had last year. So Brent says USB-C

01:07:56   external drive access seems like a feature that would fit nicely here. What do you guys think?

01:08:02   I think if they were going to add this feature, they should do it then because it's, it's almost

01:08:13   become like a meme of the iPad right now that it can't do USB external storage, even though I don't

01:08:22   think many people would use it that much. Just everyone's super aware of this thing that it can't

01:08:27   do. So adding it would just shut all the people up basically. It feels like a good feature to just

01:08:35   add if it's possible to do. You know, people like Steve Trout and Smith seem to indicate that it,

01:08:41   it wouldn't be a mountain that needs to be climbed to add stuff like this into the system. So it feels

01:08:49   like a good feature for this if that's the route that Apple wants to go down by adding features in

01:08:54   iOS 12.3. Yeah, I think the, I think the real question is what is Apple's goal with the iPad

01:09:08   software releases and how much does it think it's in damage control? Because if you think about it,

01:09:14   we're in November now, they could prioritize a couple of things and roll them out in early next

01:09:21   year and get them out as part of iOS 12 and say, see these issues that people had with the iPad

01:09:30   Pro are gone now, right? They could do that. They could say file access for storage or like an

01:09:38   update to the files app. Especially things that you would expect are not intrinsic to iOS 13.

01:09:44   Which this wouldn't necessarily be, probably. However, if one of the goals, and Mark Germin

01:09:49   says it is, he actually had a tweet over the weekend about this. He says one of the planned

01:09:56   features of iOS 13 is a completely revamped files app that includes a bunch of stuff people are

01:10:00   complaining about. The challenge is if the people who work on iOS have been working on a new files

01:10:05   app with the goal of it being part of iOS 13 for the last who knows how long. It may not be

01:10:11   plausible for it to be pulled out and put in iOS 12. If that's something that they're doing,

01:10:15   it's a bad idea because then it's like, well, we're going to bring this thing that we've worked on

01:10:19   back in time. We assumed that it would be in the new one and we can't pull it back, right?

01:10:25   So I could see it and quite frankly, I don't look at this and say, oh, Apple is in huge damage

01:10:31   control with the iPad Pro. I think it's not too worried about it. So my gut feeling is that Apple

01:10:36   is not going to rush in a couple of iPad features. Maybe they will, that'd be great. But if I

01:10:41   had to guess, I'd say, no, they're going to stand by it because they know that in June,

01:10:46   they're going to announce those features in the iOS 13 beta. And then people will rush to install

01:10:52   the beta and they'll get those features and won't that be great. So that's my guess. I would love it

01:10:59   if they came sooner because I could use them. But that's my feeling is that they pulled them out

01:11:06   of iOS 12, put them in 13 last summer, maybe, according to Germin, and they're on that track now

01:11:13   and unless there's an emergency because Apple has been known to do that, where they prioritize

01:11:18   something heavily because they're getting beat up about it. But I'm not sure that the reviews that

01:11:23   we've seen about the iPad are really enough of that. I think they're going to keep selling iPad

01:11:28   Pros. I think it's going to be fine and they know that next year, the OS is going to make a big leap,

01:11:34   let's hope, in terms of iPad functionality. I would say that if there was a debate inside Apple

01:11:40   about some of this pro-level iPad functionality and how high a priority it was in general,

01:11:47   including in iOS 13, that the reviews of the iPad Pro probably will give a lot of ammunition to the

01:11:54   people who say, "We need to do this," right? Because what if there's some feature that has

01:11:59   been kicked down the road and it might get kicked out of iOS 13? Now somebody is like, "No, we cannot

01:12:06   do that. We're going to spend another year getting beaten up over the iPad not being able to do this.

01:12:11   It needs to stop." But I don't think that's going to happen. Everything that I've heard through

01:12:17   sources like Mark Germin says that this has been the plan for a while now is that iOS 13 is going

01:12:22   to focus on the iPad stuff. And yeah, it's stupid that it's going to happen next year and that

01:12:27   these things are here now and they can't take advantage of that. But I don't think it's a

01:12:32   crisis where Apple needs to push something forward just so it can say, "See? We slapped some server

01:12:38   support or some external storage support into iOS 12." I don't think that would be the reason,

01:12:46   but that would be the reason, by the way, it would be for being beat up in the press about it and

01:12:51   public perception about it more than it would be about serving those users like me who are desperate

01:12:56   for file access. That would not be the reason. So Benjamin asks, "Myke, with the removal of the

01:13:02   Home button and the lack of pencil navigation controls," because remember I was talking about

01:13:06   like I liked to press the Home button with the pencil but can't do it anymore. And I was saying,

01:13:10   you know, the Apple Pencil can't access things like Control Center and Notification Center.

01:13:14   Ben asks, "Have you thought about using Assistive Touch with your pencil?" So Assistive Touch is that

01:13:21   little Home button dot which is on the screen which can be programmed to do a bunch of very

01:13:26   interesting things, right? Like you can do single taps, double taps, and triple taps for little

01:13:30   options. You can bring up a little menu that can allow you to produce like to perform system actions

01:13:35   and gestures and stuff like that. I have tried it out but ultimately don't enjoy the experience

01:13:42   with the Apple Pencil. Every time you tap it with the Apple Pencil, it tries to move the button a

01:13:48   little bit. Like it's not perfect. It's way better to use with your finger. And if you're using my

01:13:54   finger on it, then I may as well choose the gestures. It is definitely an option and it's

01:13:59   an interesting option but I don't think it's the one for me. Yeah, I think so. I do wonder if at

01:14:09   some point Pencil might, given that that's a touch sensitive surface, if Apple might add like they

01:14:15   did with the AirPods, they might actually add extra gestures but not configure them by default.

01:14:22   That's an interesting move on Apple's part. Like I could swipe down and it would, like,

01:14:28   for example on some Android phones, you can swipe your finger over the, like down over the

01:14:34   fingerprint sensor and it pulls down the notification shade. Stuff like that.

01:14:40   Very nice. I would like that very much. Right? So the move that Apple made, and I'm not sure

01:14:44   whether it was because the software wasn't there or because they didn't want to train people

01:14:48   into this complexity, but when they released the AirPods, they said you can just double tap and it

01:14:54   does a thing. And then they did an update and they're like, "Oh, yeah, you can now double tap,

01:15:00   you can configure them independently and they can be different things." And like, okay, that's a big

01:15:05   step forward. I wonder if they might do that at some point with the Pencil where there'll be a

01:15:09   software update. And if you go into the Pencil's settings in the Bluetooth settings or wherever,

01:15:15   it'll be like, "Oh, you can now redefine, you can add all of these other gestures that are not

01:15:21   turned on by default." And it may be one of those things where they know that some power users would

01:15:26   use them, but they don't think that it's a good experience for your regular user. It's also

01:15:32   possible that they built this touch surface and then they realized that there were like way too

01:15:36   many accidental gesture interpretations and that the clearest signal was the double tap, so they

01:15:41   were going to stick with that. I don't know. Yeah, so I would love to have some of that stuff,

01:15:48   like to be able to have the Pencil have some programmatic cool gestures, even if, I mean,

01:15:53   I would love them for the system, but even for apps as well, right, where I can do more than just

01:15:57   the tapping. That would be really cool, especially when, as you say, it's just like the AirPods,

01:16:01   in theory, it can support it. But I think I do agree with the idea of not everything at once

01:16:09   because you end up just overwhelming. It's good to have a starting point.

01:16:13   And make the basic gesture rock solid. I think that thinking about the software development part,

01:16:17   having them say, "Look, I know we can do all of these things, but why don't we just ship it with

01:16:22   double tap?" And make it that the double tap always works and everybody is going to be happy with it

01:16:28   because it's a new thing. And there's no, it's not like, with a touch surface, it's not like

01:16:32   there's a button that does, you know, this button does something and this button does not do

01:16:36   anything. Do not look at this button. Do not touch this button, right? It's not like that.

01:16:39   There's no obvious missing feature on the Pencil. We know that it's a touch service,

01:16:45   but there's no obvious missing feature there. So they can ship it like that and ship it and have

01:16:50   it be solid. And then if they want to, they can be working on the background on a more capable

01:16:56   touch surface in the existing hardware for, you know, later.

01:17:01   - Yeah. And it's like, and also let's make sure that when it gets out into the world,

01:17:04   people aren't complaining about activating it by accident all the time.

01:17:07   - Exactly. Oh yeah, exactly right. And then when you roll it out, maybe you roll it out,

01:17:12   but it's, you know, it's not on by default and individual apps can support it and you can go

01:17:16   into the system settings and support it. But if otherwise it remains unchanged and the base

01:17:21   approach is just solid, that's, you know, maybe, maybe I'm still holding out some percentage chance

01:17:27   that they built this thing for very ambitious sets of gestures and then realized that they,

01:17:34   people miss, they misinterpreted the gestures too much and that they ended up keeping it simple

01:17:40   because that was the only way to have it be a good experience. It's possible.

01:17:44   - And finally today, Chad asks, how would you feel if Apple released their Pro apps

01:17:50   like Logic and Final Cut for the iPad, but restricted them either to more new devices,

01:17:56   right? So only the newest ones could use them because of power reasons, or if they said,

01:18:00   hey, only the 12.9 inch iPad Pro could use this because they need the screen real estate. What

01:18:06   do you think? Like, would you, would you be fine with that if they restricted it to certain models

01:18:11   of the iPad? - I would not be surprised at all if stuff got restricted to certain iPad Pro

01:18:19   generations. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. If this generation especially was a line that got crossed

01:18:24   at some point where it's like, it's just, it won't work. We need all the power of the 2018 iPad Pros.

01:18:30   The 11 versus the 13, I don't know. I don't love that idea. I could see why somebody might say

01:18:37   that. I did have somebody point out to me that they couldn't use Logic on an 11 inch screen

01:18:45   or even on an iPad screen. And I, my response was that I spent years editing podcasts and Logic on

01:18:51   an 11 inch MacBook Air. So I'm a little skeptical that an 11 inch screen couldn't support these apps.

01:18:59   It would be tight, I know. I would, so I would, I would not love it if they differentiated based

01:19:03   on screen size. I don't think Apple's ever really done that in the past. And it's much more likely

01:19:08   that they would say, sorry, 2018 only. - Yeah. I think there might be some iOS 13 features that

01:19:12   will be 2018 iPads only. Right. They've done that in the past. Like even the current multitasking,

01:19:19   you get different results depending on how old your device is. So like some apps can't do the

01:19:24   slight, like three apps at once on screen or whatever, you know, like it's a, they,

01:19:28   they're like RAM constraints, processor constraints to what can be done. So, but we will see,

01:19:33   we will see. I continue to be very excited for June. I said this on connected and I'll say it

01:19:38   here too though. Like I really people just got to get in mind that like, we don't know what 13

01:19:46   is going to be and we can't assume it's going to fix everything and make the iPad perfect.

01:19:51   Cause I fear that like, that is way too much of the conversation right now is people like,

01:19:55   Oh, but it will be fixed in iOS 13. Like we've had some, I've been seeing some questions come in and

01:20:00   some feedback come in where people are starting with the assumption that everything is fixed.

01:20:05   What do you think about this? And it's like, we can't start with that assumption though. Like

01:20:09   the general consensus amongst people that pay attention to this stuff and people that have

01:20:16   information is that, or at least have believed to have good information, right? Is that there will be

01:20:24   enhancements in iOS 13, but it's not going to be like, Oh, well now everyone can replace their max.

01:20:31   Like I don't think we're going to get to that level. It's just going to make people that

01:20:35   use iPads already. They're going to be really happy and it might bring some more people in,

01:20:39   but it's not going to be like the magical fix for everything. Do you agree?

01:20:44   Yeah. You can never make assumptions like that. That's that's like a,

01:20:49   I feel like whenever you buy any hardware, the golden rule is never assume more features will

01:20:57   be added or software problems will be fixed in an update because I've had that happen to me before

01:21:02   where you buy the hardware and you're like, well, this new thing's going to happen. And they're

01:21:05   working on a new thing. And the end, what they do is they announce a new piece of hardware that has

01:21:08   the new software on it. And the old software, old hardware never gets it. Like you can't, you can't

01:21:13   make assumptions about this stuff. So I think it's great right now that we're just imagining that iOS

01:21:18   13 will solve all of our problems. But the fact is, um, it's always going to be a more complicated

01:21:24   reality than that. That was true actually back with iOS 11 and even iOS nine when we were like,

01:21:29   finally multitasking and, Oh, they're going to fix the multitasking and every, not only, you know,

01:21:34   when they address your problems, sometimes they won't address your, your issues. And you'll be

01:21:38   like, ah, I've got to wait again. They didn't address my issue. Maybe they're never going to do

01:21:42   it. But even if they do address the issues that you've got, sometimes they do it in a way that

01:21:46   you're like, Oh, this brings other issues. This is not perfect because of course it's reality and

01:21:51   nothing is perfect. So, uh, hard to make those hard to make those assumptions.

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