210: Tennis Macs


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00:00:16   Simple Contact's Molecule and RXBar. My name is Myke Hurley, I am joined by Jason Snell. Hello, Jason Snell.

00:00:22   Hello, Myke Hurley. Today is the big day. It is. It is and has been the September event, the iPhone

00:00:29   event day and we have a lot to get to, but we must start this show as we start every show with

00:00:36   a #SnellTalkQuestion, a question from our audience to kick off this week's show. And this week it

00:00:42   comes from Rick and Rick wants to know, Jason, what were the best snacks at Apple's event this morning?

00:00:46   Rick, let me tell you, here's a pro tip. At the new Apple Park Steve Jobs Theatre space, the bathroom

00:00:56   access is poor. So you can go to the bathroom when you park because you park beneath the

00:01:03   visitor center. There is a bathroom in the weird entry, bureau of interchange entryway there,

00:01:11   but there's only like, those are singles, so that's really bad. They actually warn you when

00:01:15   you park, they're like, "If you need to use the bathroom, use it now." And then the other bathrooms

00:01:19   are in the theater, but they're in the theater after you go downstairs, after they start to seat

00:01:24   everybody. So you've got to then have somebody save your seat while you go and hope that you

00:01:29   can come back. What I'm saying is, I have a pretty strict no food and no, especially no drink, but

00:01:37   also no food policy for these things. I ate a little breakfast before I left here at 6.45 in

00:01:44   the morning and then that got me through until after the event when I had some lunch. They did

00:01:48   have some food and stuff there, but I have no comment on the snacks, but at least now you know,

00:01:52   the huge design flaw of the Steve Jobs Theater, which is when you have people waiting outside

00:01:58   before the event, there's no bathroom because the bathroom is hidden down below.

00:02:02   - I did see a lot of Instagram stories today of a smoked salmon and avocado tartlet

00:02:10   that people kept taking pictures of. - I guess great, good for those who like that sort of thing.

00:02:16   Fantastic. I don't like salmon, so it would not have been, but I have no idea. I didn't even look.

00:02:21   They had a little place, a little kiosk back sort of behind the... So the entrance to the Steve Jobs

00:02:27   Theater is this round glass thing. It's like a round glass wall and then you go in and there's a

00:02:34   place where people can stand, but there's no furniture or anything. And then there are two

00:02:39   circular staircases down because the whole entryway is like a giant circular... It's like a

00:02:45   tube that they've built levels on. And at the back of that was where the food was, but I didn't.

00:02:52   Yeah, and it was sunny and hot and we were just chatting outside. That's how I spent the morning,

00:02:57   was just chatting with a bunch of people, Matthew Pansarino, John Gruber, who else was there,

00:03:02   Dan Frakes, a bunch of people. So I got to see Renee Ritchie, got to see Serenity Caldwell briefly,

00:03:08   but of course I think she would deny it because she has to deny everything now that she works at

00:03:13   Apple. But she was there. I was missing her because she's the person that I usually always

00:03:19   meet up with at the event and they're like, "Hey, how's it going?" And I was like, "I said to Renee,

00:03:22   there's no Serenity." And then she appeared, which was pretty awesome. So yeah, anyway,

00:03:27   it is funny too. They mobilize an army for these events. They shut down the street,

00:03:32   Tantao Avenue outside was shut down today. If you looked in the Maps app, because I did, I wanted to

00:03:40   check traffic. So I just said, "What directions to the Apple Visitor Center?" And I noticed that

00:03:45   the Apple Visitor Center metadata said, "Close today," because they closed it up for the event.

00:03:51   And then there's just an army of people telling you where to go and where not to go and go up the

00:03:55   hill. And they're all very friendly. They're friendly Apple people directing traffic and all

00:03:59   of that. But it is quite a logistics thing to put on one of these events, which is why I always

00:04:05   thought they probably won't do another one, right? And now I'm thinking, "Maybe they're good at it."

00:04:10   So last week we did our draft. Oh, thank you to Rick, by the way, for sending in that #snelltalk

00:04:16   question. So last week we did our draft and we picked up predictions for what we think might

00:04:21   happen. And you crushed me, Snell. You crushed me. I've scored it at seven to three. I can run

00:04:31   through real quick. You got watch bands, you got lower end notch iPhone to have color options,

00:04:38   updates to iOS. You got a game demo, updates to watchOS, LCD iPhone less than 999, and Apple

00:04:46   Watch 4 thinner than series three. So that's seven points for you out of a possible 10.

00:04:51   I got larger screen, OLED phone, 1099 or higher. I got an AR app demo and no new iPads.

00:05:00   Tim Cook personally screwed me over within the last five minutes.

00:05:03   You lost two points in the last five minutes of the show. That was the thing. So I was sitting

00:05:08   there. I am going to admit I had Zach Knox's webpage open on my iPad while I was at the event.

00:05:15   Yep. Zach Knox created an incredible interactive scorecard, which I'll put again in the show notes.

00:05:21   The pacing of this event was slow enough that I had time to score the draft as we went,

00:05:26   because it was a slower paced event. But I'm sitting there looking at these things I haven't

00:05:31   touched because I can't touch them until the end, which was like the Mojave not mentioned on stage,

00:05:36   Mac not mentioned on stage. And it was a really funny thing because we get to the end of the

00:05:42   whole thing, because we're not going to take this chronologically. We're going to jump around and

00:05:45   prioritize this. The end when they're done, like they're literally, and that's the Tim Cook is

00:05:51   back. He's like the iPhone and the Apple watch. That's what this event has all been about. And

00:05:56   then he was like, now I want to mention the HomePod and Mojave. And that was boom.

00:06:04   So I'm really bummed out about this because I, because like my problem was I knew, I knew it was

00:06:10   over for me by like Thursday because a bunch of things started coming out. Like the naming of

00:06:18   products started leaking out. Right. And then I knew I was done because I had two points wrapped

00:06:22   in on product naming. Right. Like, so I knew I wasn't going to get it. Um, so it was a shame.

00:06:27   I really wanted to win, but you have again for the third consecutive time taken the win for the

00:06:34   September event, um, as it stands right now, Jason cannot lose this year. At worst, he will tie.

00:06:42   If there's going to be one more event because we now stand at March events, Jason's WWDC was mine

00:06:48   and the September event was now Jason. So congratulations, Jason's now, you know,

00:06:53   thank you. I really didn't want to get beaten in the way that I got beat, which was really badly,

00:06:57   but I kind of feel like if I'm going to get beat, I don't want it to be like a one point thing.

00:07:02   I want it to be like you twice the amount of points. I'm glad you feel better about that.

00:07:08   We're going to be fighting about like, Oh, what about the AirPods thing? Right. Because like an

00:07:12   airpods thing, you know, whatever is changing the focal length of portrait mode. Really a new iOS

00:07:16   feature. We don't need to quibble about it. You won. You did it. I'm glad you picked AR

00:07:20   app demo and not, and didn't, I didn't say AR games don't count because it was an AR game,

00:07:26   but there was, I was in the demo section. I was like, Oh, okay. That one's for me. Oh,

00:07:30   Oh, there's mics. It was pretty good. Maybe there'll be another chance. Maybe I can at

00:07:35   least bring it up to a tie for the year. We'll find out. So we should actually get to that.

00:07:38   Let's talk about what was missing from this event today. So I think it is not too surprising. I

00:07:47   wrote a piece yesterday on six colors where I said, you know, logically I got to say there's

00:07:53   no iPads and no Macs at this event because there've been no leaks about them. Like there

00:07:56   have been general leaks, but like the detailed leaks that are about the event, the stuff that

00:08:00   we've been listening to since, uh, August 28th, I think when that first, uh, Garram Rambo,

00:08:07   where he just guessed the string of the URL of images on Apple's website, um, all of that stuff

00:08:13   included Mac or included iPhones and watches, but nothing else. And so that really should have been,

00:08:20   that was the strongest signal. And what I wrote was, but I'm still hoping, you know,

00:08:24   it's the wish casting thing. It's the same reason I picked the iPads and the low cost Mac book is

00:08:27   a kind of like, I want that to be there. And I thought it was less likely that Apple would do two

00:08:34   two events, but I have a hard time believing that Apple is going to do a brand new completely

00:08:37   redesigned iPad pro and a new Mac laptop and not build an event around it. So they didn't get

00:08:47   mentioned. So I think I, I would guess that there will be a late October event, but we'll have to

00:08:52   see, maybe they'll do something different. I mean, they did the Chicago event, right? So they could

00:08:56   do something very different if they wanted to, or they could just invite everybody back to the, uh,

00:09:01   the Steve Jobs theater to talk about, you know, something about the future of computing and,

00:09:06   and something like that. And just, and literally just say, there's more, I actually think it's good

00:09:12   for us as people who think about this stuff and it may be even good for everybody who uses Apple

00:09:18   stuff and pays attention to have Apple spread it out a little bit. I don't think it does anybody

00:09:22   any benefit, including the other products to get loaded into September. Yeah. Yeah.

00:09:27   But when I have a broken iPad, I want the products, you know, sooner rather than later. So I'm going

00:09:32   to take a guess here. I reckon the event's going to be on October 16th because the, uh, iPhone

00:09:41   10R ships on the 26th. So I reckon they will have more products to ship on that day. Um,

00:09:49   so they would do a week, an event a week beforehand, have pre-orders on the end of that

00:09:53   week. That will be if I was going to like pluck a day out of the year, that's when I would, uh,

00:09:57   pick that for a month from now. And the only question is like the turnaround, like, can they

00:10:02   put together a whole other keynote presentation in, in four weeks? And do they want to do that?

00:10:07   Traditionally in the past, it's been more like six weeks, but at least some of that stuff could have

00:10:11   been in the presentation up until like a month ago. Right. So like, you know, there is a version

00:10:16   of a presentation which has iPads in it and they just decided to hold them or whatever. We don't

00:10:20   know, but we'll see. We'll see. Um, there was no mention of air power or anything related to,

00:10:27   uh, Qi charging for the AirPods. Funnily enough, Apple didn't even mention Qi charging on the new

00:10:33   phones at all. Yeah, they, it was a bullet point in a slide. So if we had drafted it,

00:10:39   it would have counted, but it was never spoken. They never talked about how convenient and great

00:10:44   wireless charging is. They did that last year. This year, it's just a bullet point on the slide.

00:10:49   And now it is, we'll get into it, but it is on all of them. That was a question people had just like,

00:10:55   well, will the, will the lower cost phone be, uh, you know, we'll have like an aluminum back and all

00:11:01   that. And the answer is no, it has a glass back and it does wireless charging. It is, it is in

00:11:05   most ways, the exact same phone as the other, as the other iPhones that were announced today.

00:11:11   It is very possible that that product is gone. The air power. We will just not see it.

00:11:16   Oh yeah. Yeah. Has it, has it been disappeared? It's possible.

00:11:20   It's not on the website anymore, except on the AirPods page.

00:11:24   Yeah. And no AirPods update. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was, I was surprised

00:11:30   about that one. I thought that it would do something, but, but yeah, it seems that, uh,

00:11:34   it is unknown. There's a lot of unknown about air power right now, which is very peculiar.

00:11:40   It maybe seems like maybe Apple bit off a little bit more than they could chew on that one is what

00:11:45   I'm going to say. All right. So, uh, let me give you some little pieces of information.

00:11:49   We've got a couple of little bits, a couple of things that have happened since the event

00:11:52   before we dig into the iPhones. I can't wait to hear this because of course I went to the

00:11:56   event and then I drove home. And so I don't know anything. And I, I didn't even check

00:12:01   Twitter or anything. I have no idea what people have been talking about for the last hour and a

00:12:05   half that where they gleaned things from the website or from people who are reporting from

00:12:10   the scene, who got some sort of a tidbit that I did not get. So tell me, Myke, what happened

00:12:14   at the event I just went to that I missed? Well, there are lots of little details that

00:12:18   we'll talk about throughout the rest of the episode, but a couple right up front. So the

00:12:21   iPhone SE and the iPhone 10, they are no longer sold. Um, and Apple's website states that they

00:12:27   will be available authorized resellers. So yeah, that's, that's, they're in the chain,

00:12:32   but they're no longer being sold direct from Apple. And then they will presumably just die.

00:12:36   There is a more expensive version of Apple care in the U S called Apple care theft and loss. Now

00:12:41   where you get up to two years of technical support and hardware coverage plus accidental damage

00:12:46   coverage, theft coverage and loss coverage. Right. This answers the question of like, well,

00:12:50   why do I pay for Apple care if you won't cover my damage or you won't cover if my phone gets stolen?

00:12:56   And the answer is, well, we got a new level of Apple care for that. Now it's really great for

00:12:59   a services company to have a more expensive version of another service that they do because

00:13:03   you can buy it with and without theft and loss. This is another way for Apple to throw an extra

00:13:08   hundred dollars or two onto the top of an iPhone sale. Um, there is a home pod software update

00:13:14   that will be shipping next week. We'll brings with it finally, multiple timer support, um,

00:13:19   and also phone calls and find my iPhone and they called out, uh, official support for, uh,

00:13:25   shortcuts as well. That was nice. That is nice. Yeah. iOS and watchOS will be shipping on Monday.

00:13:31   So they're going to be shipping on the 17th and Mojave will be shipping on the 24th. Right. Right.

00:13:40   And our last minute surprise announcement of Mojave exists. It will be out a week from Monday.

00:13:46   I guess the other thing to mention is the other phone that seems to have died is the iPhone 6,

00:13:50   right? Or 6S. The 6S is gone as well. Yeah. That one. And it's that, that's not as, as surprising

00:13:56   that the seven, you know, they, they keep on going down stair stepping over time. So like the seven

00:14:01   and the eight are still there because the eight is now a previous year model. The seven is pushed

00:14:06   down to an even more previous year model. And then the 6S falls off the bottom. Yeah. That one,

00:14:11   I think everyone would have actually expected, but the SE is really interesting. Yeah. Yeah.

00:14:17   Getting rid of the 10 is a big surprise, but when we talk about the lineup, I think it kind of makes

00:14:22   sense when you look at it now. Yeah, I agree. I, I, that was my theory all along with the name.

00:14:28   When I was saying that I thought the name would just be iPhone 10 and they'd have different models

00:14:32   of iPhone 10, I was wrapping in that the implication that they wouldn't keep selling the

00:14:38   iPhone 10, that they would just be like, that's last year's model. And now, so they, they didn't

00:14:42   do that naming wise, but they did do it where like the iPhone 10 is an iPhone that sold for a year

00:14:46   and it's gone. Like that's it. It's gone. Wacky. Yeah. All right, Jason, this episode is brought

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00:17:06   So let's start with the iPhone, shall we? Um, I want to, I want to kick off talking about the

00:17:12   product naming. This has been a thing that we've been focusing on a lot recently. Um, there have

00:17:17   been a lot of avenues that we thought Apple could go down and I would probably hazard a guess to say

00:17:22   that the avenue they ended up going down is one that I don't think either of us would have expected.

00:17:26   We have the iPhone 10s, the iPhone 10s Max and the iPhone 10 R. Now these are the names. How do you

00:17:36   feel about them? Oh boy. Um, I don't, I don't love them. I get what, I get what they're doing. Here's,

00:17:44   here's the thing. Here's it. It's like I have to settle down. This is like, um, Princess bride.

00:17:52   It's like, uh, let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I think what this suggests

00:18:00   is that last year when they decided what to name this thing, they weren't thinking ahead

00:18:08   because the big problem is not tacking an S on right. They've been doing that for ages.

00:18:16   They've been doing that since the iPhone three GS where they famously styled it one way and then

00:18:21   styled it a different way. And we asked Phil Schiller what it stood for and he said it stood

00:18:24   for speed. And then they said it didn't stand for anything, but they had already said it stood for

00:18:29   speed. Who knows? Right. But S has been like the half marker for the iPhone. Okay. That's fine.

00:18:37   But when they decided to use the Roman numeral for the iPhone 10, they were getting in really shaky

00:18:41   ground because what you're doing is you're asking people to read the first letter they see as a

00:18:45   Roman numeral and the second letter they see as a letter and that is not good right now they're

00:18:52   styling it. I noticed very much in the classic Apple S iPhone style where it's smaller and in a

00:18:59   box, which I think I mentioned last week might have been like, well, this is probably what they'll

00:19:04   do is they'll have the little box which of course we don't get to use the little box. We just have

00:19:08   to type it. And so you end up being like, should there be a space? Should there not? I think there

00:19:12   needs to be a space because otherwise it is very clearly like the iPhone XS. Whereas if you leave

00:19:19   the space, maybe there's space for your brain to flip over between 10 and 10 S. So that's weird.

00:19:23   Going from plus to max is also a little bit weird. Although I did notice the Droid Max,

00:19:29   which is a phone that actually existed had two Xs. Apple showing a great deal of restraint here.

00:19:34   Just the one X. They went with three Xs and a triple X. There is already an X with the 10,

00:19:40   right? So technically there were two Xs in that name, but they're not together. So that's good.

00:19:45   And then there's the R which do we know what it stands for? Does it stand for anything?

00:19:51   It's really cool. I can't get my head around the R. I cannot get my head around 10 R. And here's

00:19:56   the thing, Jason. I had to give, I had to really work hard to not say X, right? iPhone X. Like I

00:20:03   had to work really hard on that. I know I'm going to fail with this because you're putting two

00:20:08   letters next to each other. Like I can't help it. When I see it, I see XS Max and XR and like

00:20:14   Apple's website is all over the place because where they can, they use that little box,

00:20:18   but where they can't, they just have a capital letter next to the other one.

00:20:22   It's it is in a special like span tag or something. It's super weird. Um, and, and again,

00:20:27   it would be solved if they had just not used the Roman numeral, right? Yeah. 10 S with one zero

00:20:33   spelled out. Not, not a problem to say 10 S like, Oh, I get it. The iPhone 10 S like the, like the,

00:20:38   like the success. I get it. But instead it's the X 10. I mean, like they could have just decided

00:20:46   to call it the iPhone X like and gotten off numbers and gone to the letters. They could

00:20:50   have done that too. Right. But they didn't do that. So not thinking ahead. What they've done

00:20:54   is pick the two worst options really. Um, and I will say I don't like Max. I know you prefer

00:21:02   iPads. This is the, this is part of the problem for me. Oh, you mean Max, not Max. Cause Apple

00:21:07   makes Max and now they also make Max. I think it is really peculiar for a company that makes a

00:21:12   product called the Mac to release a phone. That's got the word max at the end. Like it just,

00:21:17   it almost feels like nobody said it out loud. It's very peculiar, but like, okay. So the idea of Max,

00:21:23   just in the thought of, Oh, I'll just call my phone. Max is kind of cute, right? My phone has

00:21:28   a name now. My phone's name is max, but I don't, I, I, I feel like that these names are very

00:21:34   peculiar. I cannot fathom are, I don't know what, like, because it comes before S, but that doesn't

00:21:42   make any sense, right? Because I'm very, I find it all very peculiar, but this is, this is, I mean,

00:21:49   any long time Apple fan will know they make sometimes seemingly very peculiar decisions

00:21:55   with their marketing, but Apple's marketing on the whole is very good. So you kind of got to give them

00:22:00   the benefit of the doubt. It feels weird right now, but in two months time, we'll be very used

00:22:06   to it. And then it's not going to be a thing anymore. And we're going to, you know, I will call

00:22:12   the 10 S max, just we all will just call it the max. It will be the max, right? Like plus, um,

00:22:18   and 10 R. I mean, I don't know. I don't know. I don't, we'll 10 S 10 R we'll just have to get

00:22:24   used to it. Um, yeah, we will. And we will, you're right. We will get used to it. It's just, I, I find

00:22:28   the, the mental disconnect of having the Roman numeral followed by the other letter. Cause I

00:22:34   don't have a problem with them saying this is the iPhone 10 line and there's three phones in it.

00:22:38   Right. Uh, although I would say there then, you know, it is a little bit weird that it's the 10 S

00:22:43   and the 10 S max, but okay. That's like two. How many things are you going to stack on the end

00:22:48   there? Could the 10 S max have been something different? 10 R like the iPhone five C is like,

00:22:54   it's just, it's a different kind of iPhone 10. Like, okay, I guess I can get behind that.

00:22:58   It's more just the disconnect of when you, when you hear it, it doesn't sound as bad as when you

00:23:02   read it. And I was already in the same camp where when I read iPhone 10, I generally say

00:23:10   X in my head, like, right. I don't, I never converted to just saying thinking 10, I always

00:23:17   think X and then try for podcasts to say 10, right. This just makes it that much worse. So

00:23:24   I don't know. I think they painted themselves as in a corner. I think that that's the, that's the,

00:23:28   the end story here. I fear for the next year. I don't even, well, I mean, I, at this point,

00:23:33   the good news, Myke, the good news is next year, spinal tap is back on the table. Yeah. So

00:23:38   sure is. All right. Let's talk about the tennis and the tennis max. Do you consider these to be

00:23:46   standard S revision phones? Like, so they've got all of the things you'd presume they have faster

00:23:51   processes, better cameras, face ID is faster. There's more storage five talking about storage

00:23:56   and as a new color. Yeah. But there isn't like a thing like there has been touch ID or 3d touch

00:24:04   or, you know, like these or like, um, video recording right from the three GS. No, it feels

00:24:11   very much like the, the feature that they're using to key. Cause this is, I mean, this is what you're

00:24:16   asking, right? It's like, what is that feature that you're like, aha, it's not just faster processor.

00:24:21   It's also this other feature. And it feels to me like the feature in this is primarily other than

00:24:30   the, you know, the camera update. Sure. It's, it's better, but, um, it's the neural engine in the

00:24:36   processor. So it's part of the processor and that they're using, they're saying, you know, it's,

00:24:40   they went from two cores to eight cores or whatever. And very much the presentation is

00:24:45   trying to say, there are huge numbers of things that these phones can do because they

00:24:51   would, the having that more advanced neural engine allowed them to unlock all of this machine learning

00:24:57   stuff that they couldn't do before because they couldn't do it fast enough. And so the argument,

00:25:01   and I'm not saying I entirely believe it because in the end it is kind of a it's faster. So it does

00:25:06   different stuff that we couldn't do before. In fact, that game demo, all those demos, the three

00:25:10   app demos where they were all walking this really fine line where it's like, it's very clear that

00:25:15   their apps are going to be available for all iPhones. Right. But they had been told to kind of

00:25:20   punch up why the new iPhones can especially be great because they have more power and more

00:25:27   features. Um, cause it's not like that game's not going to run on an iPhone 10 or an iPhone eight,

00:25:32   but on, but they, they want to point out that well on the 10 S with the A12 bionic, it's got the,

00:25:39   we've got the access to that GPU and we've got the access to that neural engine with all the cores.

00:25:44   And that's, what's unlocking these new features. And Apple was playing that game too. So clearly

00:25:48   they told them to hit that, that point. Cause the, the point here is to sell, um, a new iPhone,

00:25:54   right? Not just to sell how great, um, AR kit is. Uh, they want to sell new iPhones, which means

00:26:01   they got to really hit the A12 bionic, but that seems to be like the neural engine stuff.

00:26:05   Basically they broke it out and said, this actually enables a lot of stuff that we didn't

00:26:08   used to be able to do that we can do in terms of like the HDR photography, um, in terms of some

00:26:14   of the portrait mode stuff in terms of other, um, in terms of faster face ID, just not from

00:26:21   the sensors, but from the, um, the processor and the neural engine being able to run faster. Um,

00:26:28   but yeah, that's, that's it. I would say that's exactly, you know, unless you want to get super

00:26:33   specific, I'd say that's what an S phone is, right? It's some upgraded hardware stuff where the,

00:26:37   the camera gets nicer and the processor is better and there's some new features that get enabled by

00:26:41   it, but it's not one of those kind of mind blowing, Oh, everything's changed. Also keeping in mind the

00:26:46   10 was such a huge leap to begin with that. It's not too surprising to me that they, they pushed

00:26:52   so far ahead last year that this year, you know, what, what, what do we ask of them? Like, this is

00:26:57   a kind of like a regroup, uh, year where they're just doing some polishing on, uh, which is not to

00:27:03   say that that new processor, I mean, we've come to take it for granted that the new Apple processor

00:27:08   every year in the iPhone is just faster. It keeps getting faster and it's a thing that we expect

00:27:12   still more impressive, right? This is the first seven nanometer, right? That was, that was one

00:27:16   of the other big things this time. Yeah. Yeah. I can't wait. I don't have a bell to ring here,

00:27:20   but I can't wait to hear what, uh, John Syracuse especially has to say about that on accidental

00:27:24   tech podcast this week, because they've had an ongoing conversation about the chip things, but

00:27:29   it has been known, I think for a little while now that Apple was using a fab that was going to be

00:27:33   able to give them a seven nanometer process thing. And it's an Apple boasted about it on stage that

00:27:37   here we are with the first seven nanometer smartphone chip, I think, or commercially available

00:27:42   consumer product deployed, whatever. It's, it's a, it's a thing for them to crow about. And, um,

00:27:48   it is just like a bionic because they kept the same name, right? The, the, so nobody on connected

00:27:53   one that bad. Yeah. That was really strange to me that they've been giving them new names every year

00:27:57   and then kept the same name. This is why, this is why. So the fusion, um, I think internally,

00:28:02   and I think it's been born out now, those names aren't just empty marketing. They have a meaning

00:28:07   and fusion. The idea there was they had two banks of course, in the eight, 10 fusion, there were two

00:28:11   banks of course, there was a high performance course, and there were the, uh, the, the low,

00:28:16   the low power course, and they switched back and forth. And the idea there was a fusion of two sets

00:28:21   of cores, one that was powerful and one that was, uh, energy sipping the bionic. The whole idea was

00:28:27   it's bionic. It's up. It's, it's those two sets and they work together. And the idea there is

00:28:33   you've got those six cores or whatever. Um, but they can all be running the, the, they can shut

00:28:38   down the high power cores if they want to. Um, but the, the low energy cores can work regardless

00:28:46   of whether the high power cores are working. And now given that they call this a 12 bionic,

00:28:52   I think that's basically what they're saying is no bionic means what it means, which is how we

00:28:57   have those cores in there and how they all work together. Um, and so it's, it is a marketing name,

00:29:01   but there is, it appears to be that meaning behind it. Yeah. I think what we can see now is

00:29:08   there weren't yearly iterations of names. The numbers are iterating, but the name

00:29:14   applies to something that we have internally, but it was just, we were all, you know, human

00:29:20   beings are pattern oriented and there was a new name each year. So we just expected there would

00:29:24   be a new name, but that, that seems to be not the case. I was very confused for a little bit.

00:29:29   I was like, hang on a second. Is there no new chip? Like I was really, like, I couldn't,

00:29:33   I couldn't remember what number we were on, but I knew the name. And so I was like, I was scratching

00:29:38   my head a little bit, but Jason, I have, uh, I have been sitting here and thinking, I think I

00:29:42   might have to put two, uh, two things that the S stands for this year. Okay. Uh, one is, is SIM

00:29:49   because these iPhones, they get dual SIM support. Um, all of the iPhones now have an eSIM embedded

00:29:56   in them. So you can set up a new line so you can put a SIM card in them. You can also set up a

00:29:59   second line, um, unless you're in China where they have made a specific China only model for two

00:30:06   physical SIM cards. Cause they didn't say why they're just like, we can't use eSIM in China

00:30:10   and they just move right ahead. Um, so this is a feature that I don't have a use for anymore.

00:30:17   This is a feature I would have definitely had a use for like three or four years ago. Um, but my,

00:30:23   uh, my network offers me the ability to use my data or minutes and stuff wherever I want. Um,

00:30:30   but as a person who travels, like if this isn't a thing for you being able to let, I mean, and

00:30:35   we need to see exactly how the eSIM thing will work, but if it could work like the iPad does,

00:30:40   that would be incredible, right? Where you could just grab some data for a bit.

00:30:44   And one of the carriers that they put on the screen was a carrier called Gigsky

00:30:48   who does offer this for the iPad, right? Gigsky, you can just sign up for 30 days and get some

00:30:54   data on your iPad. So if that is a thing that you can do with the iPhones, that's going to be

00:30:59   really good for people traveling, that you could land in the U S or land in the UK

00:31:04   and then get data for the next week. That's excellent. Yeah. I'm excited about the prospect of,

00:31:10   uh, cause I've been buying, you know, like a three SIM for traveling in Europe. I would love to be

00:31:17   able to just in advance of a trip overseas to just go to a website and say, yes, I want to sign up for

00:31:22   this thing and get the data and scan it in or whatever and have it pop into the virtual SIM,

00:31:27   essentially on my iPhone and know that at that point, when I travel to that country,

00:31:32   you know, boom, it's taken care of. That would be, uh, that would be pretty awesome. Yeah. Like

00:31:36   this is just, you know, there are places in the world that people really need this. And then we

00:31:40   all benefit in theory from being able to use it when we need it. Right. Like, but there are a lot

00:31:45   of places around the world where people have two SIMs and I know a lot of my friends who have work

00:31:50   funds and personal phones, and now they wouldn't need that in theory. Right. Cause they could,

00:31:54   there could maybe be a way to do it. For data purposes, they might, but not for like calling

00:32:00   purposes. Yeah. I'm not entirely sure how all of it works. Like when I get to the UK, do I turn off

00:32:06   the data on my one SIM, but leave the phone part on so that I can still get texts or calls or

00:32:13   something. There's, there's some details to be worked out there, but it's, it's, uh, it's pretty

00:32:17   interesting. Yeah. Um, there is a question in the chat room. I don't know this. I'll ask you if not,

00:32:22   I'll find out the iPhone 10 R does it have dual SIM as well? I think it does. I think it does. I

00:32:27   think there was actually very little that the 10 R doesn't have. There are some very specific things,

00:32:34   right? It's got a different screen. It's only got one camera on the back. Um, it's LCD and not OLED,

00:32:41   but there are lots of things that are just the same, including the processor and the wireless

00:32:48   charging. And I believe the dual, the eSIM thing, I believe it has a dual SIM nano SIM and eSIM.

00:32:54   Yeah. The dual SIM, the physical dual SIM is only on the 10 S max in China. Like there's one model

00:33:01   where they're going to do physically two SIMs in the, in the phone, but everywhere else, you just

00:33:05   get the eSIM and the, they're, you know, the 10 R has more in common with the 10 S phones than it.

00:33:11   So we'll come back to what you were saying, um, uh, a moment ago about like what the 10 R has

00:33:17   compared to the other in a second. But I did want to say like the other thing that, and I think like

00:33:21   I'm, I'm, I'm being quiet with like saying, Oh, I have a name for it. The other name is size,

00:33:25   but I think when we look back on this year in a few years time, we will classify this as the,

00:33:33   the time when Apple brought out three phones of different sizes that were all new, right?

00:33:38   Like that, that is this year. Now I understand. I mean, I know, I noticed a few, quite a few people,

00:33:44   um, with the AskUpgrade questions that we'll do at the end of the show,

00:33:48   were writing and saying, Oh, this was a boring year, a snooze year. Um, I don't think I feel

00:33:53   that way because I have gotten something I really wanted, which was a large phone. I'm going to get

00:33:59   the max again. Yeah. And the max is, I mean, I don't think I said this earlier, but the big

00:34:04   difference between this and like the plus distinction is they're identical. Like the iPhone

00:34:09   10 S and the tennis max, the only differentiator is the screen size. Otherwise they have every

00:34:15   other feature is exactly the same between them, which is literally just a larger version of the

00:34:22   same. Well, the only thing that's different is battery life. There is a little bit more battery

00:34:27   life on the max. Which is a function of the fact that there's more, and I would imagine that also

00:34:31   it's graphics, uh, it's graphics, uh, benchmark will be a little bit less because it's pushing

00:34:36   more pixels than the 10, but it's the same hardware inside. And then the battery is bigger because

00:34:41   it's physically a bigger phone. Like there aren't features, right? There are no specific features,

00:34:46   but it's just, Oh, this has, they said, right? It doesn't have a different camera. It doesn't have

00:34:50   a different processor. It's the same. So the other thing, the other size, right, is the, the R, the

00:34:56   10 R now you mentioned, right? And I'm very surprised. I think everyone is super surprised

00:35:01   about how close this device is to the tennis. I think we were expecting this will be closer

00:35:08   to the eight, right? And what it has, but it has the same foster face ID. Apparently face ID is

00:35:16   faster probably because of the chip. They didn't really say that there was any new technology,

00:35:20   but it's like no neural engine and the enclave is fast. Yeah. The algorithms are faster. Who knows

00:35:25   what that's going to actually work out to be. We'll see. I think some of that is probably iOS 12.

00:35:30   And then some of it is, it's literally the speed of the, of the stuff in the processor.

00:35:34   So the bionic chip, uh, has wide color has true tone. It has one camera, but it's the same sensor

00:35:43   as the, the wide angle lens, right? It can do portrait mode. Yeah. How about that? And depth

00:35:49   for field adjusting, which is a new thing that you can adjust the depth of field. So they're using

00:35:54   machine learning and Joe Steele is going to have a field day with this one when it ships. Cause

00:35:59   they're using it's it's like, like Google, I think actually they are using machine learning

00:36:05   and their focus pixels to determine depth with one camera. So instead of the front facing has

00:36:13   one camera, but it's got sensors. All of Apple's portrait modes on the rear facing camera have up

00:36:17   to now been based on the idea that it's got two different, um, two different cameras to look

00:36:23   through and it can do some depth detection based on the parallax. And, um, that's not happening

00:36:28   here. This is all it's portrait mode in software on the 10 R I think it's safe to say, if you don't

00:36:33   like portrait mode on the current set of iPhones, you're really not going to like this, right?

00:36:38   Yeah. Well, I mean, it's, it's, it's even more artificial than that. Now that said,

00:36:43   I am not convinced that we aren't headed for a world where you will be able to do immaculate

00:36:52   portrait photography with a single camera based entirely on software. I believe so. Google's

00:36:57   pixel portrait stuff does tend to perform much better than Apple's and they only have one camera

00:37:04   and pixel three is due out in like a month. And I guarantee you that thing will have one camera

00:37:09   because Google have nailed that. They know how to do it. I'm just saying, you know, somebody who's

00:37:13   got a trained eye like Joe Steele will be able to circle things in orange and red and say like,

00:37:17   no, this doesn't work. But, um, but it's getting better all the time. And the more

00:37:22   machine learning stuff that you throw at it, which they can with the A12,

00:37:26   then the better it's going to be. I've been very impressed with the, the way that portrait photos

00:37:32   have been improved in iOS 12. I think that they look a lot better. Yeah. And then you throw in

00:37:37   that demo that they had, they had a sample photograph of a woman with her hair blowing

00:37:42   in front of the background and the hair was, um, so, you know, the theoretically the hair is in

00:37:47   the foreground and the, um, the, the, then there's the background and I know they picked the one that

00:37:54   looked great, but it was in focus clear. And then the background was fuzzed out and it did that.

00:38:00   And like, you know, they couldn't have even, they would have had to shoot millions of those last year

00:38:06   in order to get that photo in there. They were showing off, but it is a good sign that they're

00:38:10   much more confident about this stuff. And it's the case where, yeah, the software getting better

00:38:15   alone can make a huge difference. And they mentioned, uh, mentioned computational photography

00:38:21   on stage, a new era of photography, and there's something to that there, you know, they basically

00:38:25   laid it down there, which other they're not the first company to do this, but to lay it out there

00:38:28   that, you know, they can improve the hardware and the sensors and they are doing that and that's

00:38:32   great. But the other thing you do is you have a lot of really great hardware and software, like the,

00:38:40   the image single signal processor, and the fact that it's tied into the, uh, the AI stuff,

00:38:46   the machine learning, uh, stuff in the neural engine and they've got their smart software

00:38:51   sitting on top and like, that's how you get like their description. I really enjoy their description

00:38:55   of how the new smart HDR mode works, where it was very cleverly described as being, well, when you

00:39:03   take a picture, there's zero frame lag, there's zero lag from the shutter, um, but when you think

00:39:10   you're taking one picture, we actually take four. Pause. And actually we're also taking secondary

00:39:16   inter-frames shot at a different exposure for highlight detail. Pause. And we're also shooting

00:39:21   a longer exposure to get shadow detail. Pause. And then all of that is analyzed and merged together

00:39:26   simultaneously in a process that can take up to a trillion operations per photo in order to capture

00:39:32   this image and have it look the best. And it's like, you know, Apple's not the only company doing

00:39:35   this by a long shot, but, um, they do have a lot of great technology and smart developers. And I'm

00:39:41   glad that they made that point that like, every time you take today, when you take a smartphone

00:39:45   photo, you know, you're not just getting a JPEG dumped from the sensor. Um, you're getting this

00:39:52   intensely processed collection of multiple exposures of the image with the right ones

00:39:58   being picked up and the bad ones being thrown out and them all merged together. And, uh, and you end

00:40:04   up with something that, that ideally I can't wait to try it out. Looks, um, looks much better than

00:40:10   a normal photo would because it's able to better simulate basically what our eyes see, which cameras

00:40:17   traditionally are really bad at. So the iPhone XR comes in how many colors, Jason?

00:40:28   Well, I didn't count. It seems like a good number.

00:40:31   Like six colors, Jason. It's six colors. That's six colors. It comes in about that. Um, we have

00:40:39   a blue, yellow coral, which is like a red, the orange product, red, black, and white. Um,

00:40:47   you've seen the colors in the house on area. Uh, what do you think of the colors?

00:40:52   Uh, they're very bright. The yellow. I spent some time with the yellow, like the yellow back of that

00:40:58   it's such a bright yellow and the blue looks really nice. The coral is gorgeous. Um, here's my

00:41:06   caveat about it, which is the back is glass and the ring is aluminum, anodized aluminum,

00:41:15   the metal ring around it. So when you're looking in the front, what you're really seeing is sort of

00:41:19   the corners of the metal ring. And then you look at the back and then you see the big expanse of

00:41:24   glass. Um, the metal ring looks nice. The glass looks beautiful. It is very similar to what the

00:41:31   iPhone 10, which anybody who's forgotten how great the back of an iPhone 10 is because you have a

00:41:37   case on it or something. Look at it. It's just, it's a beautiful glass colored, gorgeous back. Um,

00:41:46   problem is those, the aluminum and the glass don't really, I think what they said was something like

00:41:55   they're paired or they're, they combine or their color, you know, they're, they're color matched

00:42:00   or something like that, but they're not the same. Um, especially in the yellow, like the,

00:42:04   the frame, the band around the yellow one that I saw looked almost gold. And the back is like

00:42:10   banana yellow. It's the super vibrant yellow. And so I think that's a question is that I'm not sure

00:42:16   um, people who, who care about this sort of thing are going to love it only because they're not,

00:42:26   you know, it's a little bit of a mismatch because the color you're going to get on an

00:42:29   anodized aluminum surface and the color you get on that super shiny glass back are not the same. Um,

00:42:35   in large part, they're, they're not quite the same. And the yellow one really struck me. Now,

00:42:40   some of that is probably, um, expecting to see a gold, but it felt very gold to me compared to

00:42:45   the yellow on the back. So that's my caveat about it. I think they're beautiful. I think they look

00:42:50   really nice. Those bright colors are great to see. I'm so happy that there are colored iPhones from

00:42:55   the get-go in bright colors and not just metallic, various metallics like on the, um, on the 10s,

00:43:01   but, um, just, just a warning, you know, that the color of your anodized aluminum ring around your

00:43:09   phone may not be quite the same kind of color and vibe as what you're going to get from the glass

00:43:14   back. Okay. Well, that makes sense. So one of the things that has been lost though, is 3d touch.

00:43:21   There is no 3d touch on these devices. There is something called haptic touch. Do you know

00:43:28   anything about this? Yes. Well, again, maybe we'll learn more over time, but everything that I did,

00:43:35   I tried it out. Um, and not to be too cynical about this, but I think it's amazing that Apple

00:43:42   branded this haptic touch. What Apple did is they, I would be, I would be interested to see if they

00:43:50   bring this to other phones. They probably won't bother, but, um, or quite frankly to the iPad,

00:43:55   because what it really is is tap and hold, and then there's a pause and then you get a little

00:44:02   from the, from the tactic engine. And then something happens. It's literally just a tap

00:44:08   and hold with a bit of feedback to tell you that your tap and hold has been interpreted as a tap

00:44:14   and hold, which is the equivalent of a 3d touch. So you could argue that Apple has essentially

00:44:20   defined a 3d touch and a tap and hold as the same thing, but they've done it in a way that allows

00:44:28   them to brand it as haptic touch instead of as like tap and hold. And that makes it maybe seem

00:44:34   more special, but as far as I can tell, it is literally just tap and hold because there's no

00:44:39   other sensor there. All it can do is measure touch. There's no, there's no pressure sensor

00:44:43   there. So, um, yeah, I think haptic touch is just, they're putting some dressing around the tap and

00:44:49   hold probably, you know, some of it's marketing and some of it is maybe that there's a good user

00:44:54   experience and giving people feedback that they're resting their fingers somewhere. And the phone has

00:44:59   now interpreted that as a command in a way that maybe they didn't intend. Uh, so it's sort of as

00:45:04   a warning or at least gives you the feedback like, yep, I got it now. You don't need to stay here.

00:45:08   I noticed that you wanted to, you know, turn on the flashlight from the lock screen is a good

00:45:13   example of the camera from the lock screen, because those are things that you 3d touch to do on the

00:45:19   iPhone 10 on the 10 R you just lay your finger there and wait, and then it goes bzzt and then

00:45:25   it does it as if you 3d touched. I'm intrigued to see if that is something that could come to the

00:45:33   iPad, right? Because the iPad has that, like you kind of just press for a little while, right?

00:45:41   And you can use, you can do like notification actions and stuff like that. Like it has that.

00:45:47   And I guess this is something that's kind of like that, but there's also a little buzz to it as

00:45:52   well. Um, I wonder if that's the thing that they would consider bringing to the iPad in the future.

00:45:57   I guess we'll see. Uh, the price was the last thing I wanted to ask you about with the 7R.

00:46:02   So 7R, the 10R, my word, it starts at $749. Yes. That's, that's way less than I thought it would.

00:46:12   I, I was saying, I was saying that I thought that it would be, we would be lucky if it was $799.

00:46:17   I was, I really did expect this to be, I don't know, $899, $849, $799 at best. They were not

00:46:24   kidding. Those reports that said that Apple was really trying to make this a lower priced product.

00:46:31   They really were. Now like $749 is not exactly super cheap. It's not going to be there. We're

00:46:36   not going to get a million think pieces about like how this is Apple's entryway into markets that

00:46:41   they can't serve because their products are too expensive. It's still a $749 phone,

00:46:45   but compared to what they were selling the iPhone 8 Plus for, like this is basically an iPhone 10

00:46:53   with some features taken out, but a bigger screen and it's $749 instead of $999.

00:47:01   So I think that's, I think that's pretty good. We'll see how it plays, right? This is,

00:47:05   this is the thing that ever since these first reports came out, we've all been

00:47:09   turning around in our, in our minds, which is what if Apple made their mainstream or like

00:47:15   mass appeal phone and it was like an iPhone 10, but cheaper, but, but not small, but you know,

00:47:24   a bigger phone, something that's a little bit more like a plus. Well, here it is, right? I mean,

00:47:30   I held it in my hand. The problem with the context, in context, I held the, I held the 10s max in my

00:47:35   hand. I was like, Oh, this is fine. And then I held the 10s and I was like, Oh, it's so tiny,

00:47:39   but I know that that's not right. Like I know that you felt fine. Like not that it's for you,

00:47:44   but cause you were always very against the plus phone, but you held it and felt it was fine.

00:47:49   In the context where you're just holding a phone. I felt like I was holding an iPhone 10,

00:47:53   but then I held the iPhone 10 and it felt small because it is a much bigger phone. And then the,

00:47:57   the iPhone 10 R, um, is bigger than the iPhone 10, but smaller than the 10s max. Right. So,

00:48:07   you know, it's, we'll see how people feel about large phones. I know that there are,

00:48:12   we hear from a lot of people who don't like large phones. I think the market shows that most people

00:48:18   do. Most people do like large phones and that, uh, this will be an interesting question of like,

00:48:24   will Apple sell a lot of these, um, for 749 because this is the, this is, there is no new

00:48:33   iPhone that is smaller than the iPhone 10s now new iPhone. Right. And it's 9 99.

00:48:42   So if you want a cheaper iPhone, you can get one for 749, but it's a bigger iPhone. So if you don't

00:48:50   want the big iPhone, you it's, there'll be an interesting kind of case there of having to weigh,

00:48:56   do I want the larger phone or do I want the more expensive phone? That will be interesting to see.

00:49:00   And quite frankly, the difference between the 749 phone and the 10 99 phone, the iPhone tennis max,

00:49:08   like that'll be an interesting dynamic too, because that's a lot more money, 350 more dollars

00:49:15   for a phone. That's got the same processor, you know, a lot of the same features. No,

00:49:20   it doesn't have the OLED screen. No, it's not as high resolution to display for sure. But it,

00:49:26   you know, there are probably a lot of people for whom that's just fine. So having been someone who

00:49:31   is a large proponent of large phones, I think the two key reasons that people buy large phones is

00:49:38   they want a bigger screen and a bigger battery and the max does both of those. Yeah. But so does the

00:49:45   10 R the 10 R has a bigger battery too. Right. But it's also the it's got everything else, right?

00:49:50   It's the OLED screen and you know, it's true. It's got other features, right? So it's, if you want

00:49:55   the top of the line, and it's the biggest screen you can get, right? Like, you know, so there are,

00:49:59   you know, there are many reasons that someone like me would still go for the the max. But we do have

00:50:07   some ask upgrade questions at the end of the show today where people we got some people that are

00:50:12   wondering like, which phone shall I go to? And I think that that is an interesting thing these

00:50:16   days. But I will say, we spoke about the iPhones. And unless you have anything to say, I really want

00:50:21   to talk to you about the Apple Watch. I think the Apple Watch is the most interesting thing that

00:50:28   got announced today, which is why I guess we saved it for last. Yes, save not say nothing more. This

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00:52:19   molekule.com. Thanks to Molekule for their support of this show and Relay FM. So would you say then

00:52:28   that the Apple Watch Series 4, which features pretty significant updates in design functionality

00:52:33   and software, is maybe the more interesting thing that happened today? I actually was asked by an

00:52:37   Apple employee like, so which did you, were you more excited about the Apple Watch or the iPhone?

00:52:42   I said Apple Watch. I was more excited by the Apple Watch for sure. So their product imagery

00:52:48   that I've seen and you've actually seen them so you can attest to this. It looks like a really

00:52:53   different design. Like the overall kind of, you know, if you were to turn the screen off and look

00:53:00   at it, it might look similar. But with the screen on, it looks very different. Yeah, it is. Well,

00:53:08   it doesn't even look that similar with the screen off. It is taller, right? Like it's taller. It's

00:53:15   thinner. So I got a point in the draft for that. It's not wider, which means all the watch bands

00:53:21   work, which I also got a point for in the draft. Anyway, but it is taller, which is interesting.

00:53:27   And that's the dimension that they measure. Well, they are actually, so they are taller and they are

00:53:31   wider, but they've just made it all work. Yeah, yeah. It is slightly wider, but the volume is less

00:53:36   because they made it thinner and that is the dimension that's really going to gain you. And

00:53:39   also it's actually kind of a little more curved down at the edges. So that is, you can see,

00:53:48   it's not quite the same. If you've been looking at an Apple Watch on your wrist for the last few

00:53:53   years, you can see that it's not quite the same. And then the screen is fascinating too. So it is

00:53:58   1.5 to 2 millimeters bigger in dimensions, either wide or tall, depending on the, right? Like,

00:54:08   so it's kind of all over. That isn't the whole story. The corners are also kind of more rounded

00:54:13   down. They're actually saving some room there. And then the screen itself is not rectangular

00:54:19   anymore. It's got rounded corners as well. It looks closer to square than it used to as well.

00:54:25   Like it's a very interesting look. The actual model sizes have changed, right? So it's gone from

00:54:34   38 and 42 to 40 and 44 in millimeters. And that's the dimension that is across your wrist,

00:54:43   is the dimension that's measured there. So when I say it's taller, I'm sort of saying if you're

00:54:47   holding it in front of your face, looking at it, then if it, you know, that dimension, which is the

00:54:54   width of your wrist is, uh, is expanded by, by two millimeters. So I will say as well, because this

00:55:00   is, this is where it gets a little, it's, it's a tad confusing because yes, that is what they're

00:55:04   measuring. But with these ones, the same as the last ones, the actual height of the product is

00:55:08   also that too. So they are, the 40 millimeter is 40 millimeters tall and the 44 is 44 tall.

00:55:15   And that was the same with the previous, the 38 was 38.6 millimeters tall and the 42 was 42 and a

00:55:20   half. So it's just, it's just for whatever reason, whatever way this stuff works out there, the kind

00:55:24   of dimensions. So it's shaped a little bit differently. Not just, not just different,

00:55:29   the volume is reduced, but it's a little bit different, even though the bands all work together.

00:55:35   The screen is as edge to edge as they could get, like to the point where you can actually sort of

00:55:41   see it gets right to the border in those corners and they're curved. And that's right as the glass

00:55:46   is also curving. So it's, you know, it is, um, it is, you get that feeling like every little tiny

00:55:53   bit of the space of that watch face is available space. Okay. Yeah. The screen is 30% larger in

00:56:01   volume, which is a wildly large figure. Isn't it? When you think about it, like that just seems like,

00:56:06   how could you make it 30% bigger without making the thing that much bigger? It's, it's, it's

00:56:11   really wild, but it's using the volume better, right? That's using the available space way,

00:56:16   way better. Um, did you play around with the, the, with watchOS 5 on this thing? Cause they,

00:56:22   they mentioned, they made kind of an offhand remark or they mentioned it a couple of times

00:56:26   without going into too much detail about the fact that like, they've effectively redesigned

00:56:29   everything to fit this better. Yeah. It, it's hard to tell, like I wanted to see how the new

00:56:36   complications and stuff work. And I, I was stopped immediately by the guy in the demo area. It was

00:56:42   like, no, no. And I get the practicality of it is he didn't want me to mess up the complications

00:56:47   that he then has to demo for the rest of the hour to everybody else who's there. Like I get it. But,

00:56:54   um, so I, but I didn't get to spend a lot of time. I did. Uh, I mean, clearly there are new layouts

00:56:58   for everything. Um, you know, wherever you go, you are seeing stuff, try to fill that space. And this

00:57:04   is the, the, well, you know, it's the first time since the beginning that we haven't had just the

00:57:09   two sizes, right? Because there was always a larger layout and a smaller layout, but now

00:57:15   these are two new layouts that are a little bit larger still. Did you try the new digital crown?

00:57:21   Cause it features a taptic feedback now, right? I tried it, but, um, whatever mode I was in,

00:57:27   I wasn't actually getting the feedback. So I don't have, I don't have the haptic feedback to report,

00:57:33   but the idea there is that, yeah, as you're flicking it, it should actually be, they said

00:57:37   they redesigned the whole crown, even though it looks the same, they redesigned it. And it's funny

00:57:41   that there were all those rumors about it being like a non-moving crown. Cause that's absolutely

00:57:44   not true. It is. You can still move it and feel it, but it is giving you haptics to basically give

00:57:50   you more feedback as you spin the wheel. Like how many sort of ticks you're, you're spinning that

00:57:56   wheel as you spin it. Um, but it felt perfectly normal to me in the context where, you know, I

00:58:01   was, I was spinning that crown around, but I wasn't feeling any of the haptics. So this,

00:58:09   this new digital crown brings with it, coupled with a new sensor on the back, cause they've also

00:58:14   redesigned the back to include some new sensors, which will allow you to perform an echocardiogram

00:58:20   on yourself, which is bonkers. Like that is, that's huge, right? Like, I, you know, we were talking

00:58:30   on, on I kind of our draft picks episode about like, oh, we don't think we're gonna, they're

00:58:34   gonna add new sensors to this thing. Right. We didn't think there would be new sensors

00:58:37   specifically. Um, because we just like, oh, what else would you measure? But like, they've already

00:58:42   been measuring hot stuff, but I don't know if we would have expected that, oh, they're gonna,

00:58:46   they're gonna add the ability for you to perform an ECG on yourself. Yeah. It's, it's really,

00:58:52   this is really big. Yeah, it is. It's, um, it's the first big new health sensor feature. And we,

00:59:01   we keep hearing rumors that the, um, that Apple's testing new health sensors. Um,

00:59:07   one of the challenges is it's a medical sensor, so you need approval. And Apple not only said that

00:59:12   they're, they're getting FDA approval for this, but that the president of the American Heart

00:59:17   Association came out on stage to say, this is a, this is great, you know, basically. Um, so that's

00:59:25   pretty fascinating. And the idea, I'm sure in the days to come, we're gonna get think pieces from

00:59:31   cardiologists about how people shouldn't get too excited about this, or, you know, it's not going

00:59:37   to be a very good electrocardiogram or, you know, all of those sorts of things. But on its face,

00:59:43   it seems to be the idea here is, uh, just yesterday, there was a story by, um, Jason

00:59:48   Perlow, who, um, is a tech writer who said that he's going to be an Apple watch user for life now,

00:59:53   because he had a fast heartbeat detected that, um, they followed up and found out that he had atrial

01:00:00   fibrillation, and he ended up having a heart procedure to stop it. Um, the idea here is that

01:00:05   the electrocardiogram will be able to much more accurately say, we think, you know, we think you

01:00:10   may be an AFib, and you can send that data to your cardiologist. Also, if your cardiologist wants you

01:00:16   to, you know, take an electrocardiogram every so often, you could do it right from your Apple watch

01:00:21   and then just pass that on to them. That's kind of interesting instead of going in for a, you know,

01:00:26   for an appointment somewhere to have it measured. So there's that, it will be interesting to see how

01:00:30   that, how that goes. They also adjusted the heart sensor so that it also can do low heartbeats,

01:00:34   which is interesting, because that's another, another sign. So yeah, it's, it's a little

01:00:38   interesting bit of engineering. Their challenge is how do we get a sensor in that actually does

01:00:42   something and works and yet fits in this very, very tiny space? And it turns out the answer was

01:00:47   an electrocardiogram is something that they could do and wire it to the crown. So you can sit there

01:00:52   and touch the crown with your finger and it's touching your skin with the electrodes on the

01:00:57   bottom and using that circuit, it can do, uh, an ECG on you. It is a shame, you know, as these

01:01:05   things go, uh, it's US only for a while cause they've got FDA approval. They have that so they

01:01:10   can, they can launch it and it's out there, but they need, and I understand they need to go and

01:01:15   get a medical approval from all of the major bodies and all of the places that you want to

01:01:19   put this thing into, but they're gonna, they're gonna work on it. Um, something else that I

01:01:23   thought was absolutely amazing is the, uh, support for detecting a fall. If someone has a fall,

01:01:30   they have better accelerometer and gyroscope stuff. Cause I was thinking like for my grandma,

01:01:35   right? Like I would, if, if this, if that became a thing in her life, which at some point it could,

01:01:43   I would 100% spend the money to put an Apple watch on her just so I had the peace of mind.

01:01:48   I was thinking about how, you know, cause the idea here is if you take a fall, it will immediately

01:01:55   put up the thing that you can slide to do an emergency call. If you take a fall and don't move

01:02:01   for a minute. So basically you're unconscious. It calls, right? Plus it sends your information

01:02:07   to your emergency contact, like where you are and all of that. I thought that was really interesting,

01:02:12   right? As a, as a proactive way of like, if the user of this device is in trouble,

01:02:17   can the device sense it and call for help? And that's what they're trying to do with this feature

01:02:23   in the series four. Yeah. It's very, very clever. I was thinking about like, if I'm out for a run

01:02:28   and I, and I fall and hurt myself and I can't move, you know, or I can't get up or something

01:02:34   like that, then that, you know, that, that is, or if I'm unconscious to be able to call for help

01:02:40   immediately, it's already after a minute. It's it's yeah, that's really smart. Yeah. Like

01:02:45   I, I am, these two things have really surprised me the most of like how much of a jump they have

01:02:52   taken again in the health censoring when it kind of felt like they may have hit their limit for now,

01:02:56   but they're like, Nope, here's a bunch more. Like I was really, really impressed by those two,

01:03:02   those two health kind of focus things. Um, but we should maybe talk about some of the,

01:03:08   the less kind of, um, monumentally important, but maybe more daily important stuff, which is

01:03:13   the watch faces. So we have seen the artwork of the, the, the heavily customizable, like eight

01:03:19   or nine complication watch face with the, with the analog clock in the middle. Um, that was detailed

01:03:24   a little bit more. They showed so that it's basically richer complication data. There's

01:03:28   a lot more stuff going on. Um, but they also had a new version of the modular face as well. Right?

01:03:33   Yeah. So there, there, it looks like there's two faces, um, the modular face and this, um,

01:03:40   you know, face with hands that, uh, so that basically you've got your lots of complications

01:03:45   at hands and lots of complications and digital, but beyond that, um, they're much more customizable

01:03:52   than they were before. I, I, um, there are those four circles, all of which can be complications,

01:03:58   or they can be photos of people, you know, that you tap and it lets you contact them. Like, so

01:04:03   there's, there's a much bigger, richer, circular complication style that is available to developers.

01:04:10   There are those corner complications, which again, I don't get a lot of detail of, but again,

01:04:15   it looked like there were yet more places that you could put complications in the corners in addition

01:04:20   to those circles. So you've got like eight or more complications on that one. And then there are also

01:04:25   in the modular version. Again, there's, there, there are a lot of different places you can put

01:04:29   them. And then the other thing that they showed in addition to the circular complications is it's a

01:04:34   complication, but it's almost like a mini app. It's like a little bit of data. And I laughed at the

01:04:40   first one that they said, which was stocks. Boy, somebody loves stocks. You can see a stock chart

01:04:46   on your watch at all times. Oh boy. Great. Great. But then the next one was baseball. Hey,

01:04:52   I ran into a guy from Major League Baseball before the session. I was like, oh,

01:04:58   they really like to use you guys on stage, don't they? And there it was, there was a baseball line

01:05:02   score showing. So a big horizontal space where an app can put a bunch of data if it wants to.

01:05:08   These are called the Infograph Modular Face and the Infograph Watch Face. They're the names of

01:05:15   these faces. But there, there's, there's a lot of data there. And again, and then there were a bunch

01:05:20   of faces that are just pretty colors and, and they're, they're very nice. Yeah, they had like

01:05:24   some effects, right? Like a fire and a water and like, so Gina was watching it with me today

01:05:28   and she saw those and she was like, oh, I like those. And there's the Breathe Face too. And I

01:05:33   was like, but there's no information on them. She's like, yeah, but they're better than the

01:05:36   Silly Toy Story ones. And I was like, good point. Right? I was like, yes, that is a good point.

01:05:41   And that's the point here is it takes all kinds, right? Like the Breathe Face is hands and the thing

01:05:46   that's going to remind you to calm down and breathe, or you can get one of these just

01:05:51   completely information overload faces. And that's great because different people want different

01:05:56   things out of their Apple Watch. And when that story broke with the image and a bunch of the

01:06:03   designers that, that you and I know started rolling their eyes about just how many complications were

01:06:09   on that watch face. My comment was, you don't have to use it, but I'm excited about it. Right? I mean,

01:06:16   that's everybody's got an opinion. If I am electing to wear a computer on my wrist, I want it to have

01:06:22   access to the most amount of information that it can possibly have. I show it to me because otherwise

01:06:28   what's the point. And if that's not your bag, then that's great. But like, I want more. I want,

01:06:32   I always want more information on my Apple Watch face than is there always have always done. So

01:06:39   yes, please more. And then if you want just to like a pretty kind of like wind face with hands

01:06:45   and like blowy wind of colors or something great, great. They have that too. You can have that one.

01:06:52   I want the one with all the complications on it. So one thing is worth noting for the sizes. And

01:06:57   this is obvious when you think about it, but I've had a bunch of people ask me, so I'll clear it up.

01:07:02   So the sizes have gone from 38 to 40 and 42 to 44. The watch straps, the bands are compatible,

01:07:10   but only in the same class. So if you want to go from 42 to 40, none of your bands will fit.

01:07:17   The 40 and 38 share bands, the 42 and the 44 share bands. Good one. That's a good FAQ.

01:07:22   Just something to bear it. You just, you just got to bear that in mind because I know that there

01:07:26   will be a lot of people that will want to go from 42 to 40 and they'll, you would probably get a lot

01:07:31   out of that, but just understand that you'll be starting again with the bands. And it is interesting

01:07:35   that like, I can't seem to find on Apple's website, like watch bands in sizes that aren't 40 and 44

01:07:42   anymore, unless you buy a series three. I think they've basically decided that that's what they're

01:07:47   going to call their watch bands now, but they're compatible with the old one. So it's fine. Oh,

01:07:50   yeah, of course. Silly me. I've just walked myself into my own logic puzzle. Yeah. Rather than saying

01:07:54   this is a 38 and 40, they just say this is a 40. That's confusing that if you do have a series three,

01:07:58   right? It's like, well, this is a good fit. I can't believe I just explained that and then got

01:08:02   myself tied up. If anything, that was a good thing to go through because now nobody can get confused

01:08:06   because we've just given them information. There is a new stainless steel, a gold stainless steel,

01:08:12   which I think looks awesome. I am very keen to see how that looks in person because I bet that

01:08:18   would look really good, especially, and they do a gold Milanese loop as well now. So I think that's

01:08:24   going to be a pretty good look. Are you, I mean, I'm naturally assuming that if you were going to

01:08:30   get a phone, you would get the 10S, but you mentioned like, you know, you may not want to buy

01:08:34   a 10S. You might just wait for the next one. Are you keen on buying one of these for yourself?

01:08:40   Well, I'm going to buy a series four watch for my wife because she's got a series zero.

01:08:49   Yeah. So that's going to happen. Will I buy one for myself? We'll see. I need to write about it,

01:08:56   right? So it's possible. It's possible that I will just get a, if I get a loaner from Apple,

01:09:03   I can use that for a while and I know how that is and then that'll be fine. So we'll see how it

01:09:07   goes. But I'm definitely the most interested in this. If I were to buy, if you said, Jason,

01:09:15   you can buy one of the things that got announced today, I would absolutely buy the series four, um,

01:09:22   Apple watch with cellular. That's the one I would buy. I think if you can say one of the coolest

01:09:26   products, this and the 10R is cool. Like I'm surprised how much I like that, that product.

01:09:34   Like I have been dooming it in my mind to the fate of the 5C, but I don't think it's going to have

01:09:40   that. I think part of the problem with the 5C, it was the colors. Weren't the problem. The outdated

01:09:45   technology was the problem. Exactly. The perception that it was an old phone. Yes. And this is not an

01:09:50   old phone. It looks like a new phone and it's got the guts of a new phone. And I think this thing is

01:09:55   going to sell. It's going to sell well because of that. And the colors are amazing. And the Apple

01:10:00   watch looks really cool. Now look, I do not believe I'm going to buy one of these for myself.

01:10:07   I'm going to be buying one of these to give to my wife. Right? Like I, Adina is using a series zero.

01:10:14   Yeah. So our wives, what's wrong with us? Our wives are using old Apple watches.

01:10:17   She's perfectly happy with it. I was like, no, this is a, this is the thing. I want to see what

01:10:22   it looks like. I want to get a feel for it so I can buy it. And then it's yours, right? Like

01:10:26   I'll play with it for like two days so I can get an idea of it and then it's all yours. And so like,

01:10:30   that's something that I'm going to do. And then she can get a nice update to her Apple watch

01:10:34   because she does use it and wears it and loves it. Right. Every day she uses it. And so this will be

01:10:39   an incredible upgrade for her to go from series zero to series four. That's going to be amazing.

01:10:47   And it's also, you know, we saw this in the images, but it's really great that they

01:10:51   dial back the red on the digital crown for the, for the, yeah. Yeah. So the crown has a ring

01:10:57   and it's black if it's the GPS model and it's red if it's the cellular model. And that is,

01:11:03   that ring I think is the contact for the, the ECG as well. But it's, but I think that's the

01:11:09   color coding is, uh, and yeah, that's as somebody who put a space gray dot over my red, uh, cellular

01:11:17   dot on my crown, I endorse this plan to not have it be a big red dot on the side of your watch.

01:11:25   Yay. Good job. And the series three is sticking around at 279, which is a fantastic price.

01:11:32   I think for that, I'm surprised that they are keeping it for that price, but yes, you got

01:11:37   399 for the GPS, 499 for the cellular and, uh, they keep in two, I think it's two 79 for the,

01:11:46   uh, the series three Apple watch, which is still going to be around. So yeah. Yeah. So

01:11:51   series three is the survivor this time. That'll be your, your, and the series three Apple watch

01:11:54   is pretty good and that's a cut down price for it. Right. So that's, that's not a bad deal.

01:12:00   Um, either I have given some thought to the fact of like, um, does Lauren want the series four or

01:12:06   does she want the series three for cheaper? But I think not only do I want to get the new watch

01:12:11   model, but I think having the bigger screen is going to make a big difference. So I think

01:12:15   you're going to go with that one. All right, Jason, the upgrade Ian's they've got their

01:12:20   questions. Oh boy. And only we can attempt to answer them. That's right. Not a guarantee. We

01:12:26   will, but this episode is brought to you by simple contacts. It is great when an app takes a time

01:12:32   from task and makes it easy for you. Simple contacts does this by being the easy way to

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01:12:50   offices, no more waiting rooms. You can order your favorite contacts right from their website

01:12:54   or the app, which is the app is really cool to use. And I know Jason's used it. We'll ask him

01:12:59   about that in a moment. But once you've done it and taken their test, you have all this stuff

01:13:03   available to you and then you can just order them whenever you want. They have all of the lens

01:13:06   brands you love with options for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, colored lenses and more.

01:13:11   And you can order exactly what you need right from the palm of your hand whenever is the right time

01:13:16   for you. The vision test with simple contacts cost just $20. The comparison and appointment

01:13:20   without insurance could cost you over $200. Simple contacts can save you money and time.

01:13:27   But just to let you know, this is not a replacement for your full periodic eye health exam.

01:13:31   Simple contacts is checking that your current prescription, the information you're telling them

01:13:35   still helps you to see $2020 and they renew your lenses based on that prescription. If you need a

01:13:40   new prescription or you need to have your eye health examined, simple contacts can't do that

01:13:44   for you. You still have to go and get that done somewhere else. But Jason, could you just tell me

01:13:48   a couple of things about the exam, the simple contacts eye test?

01:13:52   Yeah. Well, when we talk about how it's supposed to renew your existing prescription, that's

01:13:59   actually what it tests. So there's a video, it's very clever. It uses your device's camera,

01:14:03   you set it up, you walk away from it. It wants you to be, I think, 10 feet away. And it actually will

01:14:09   use the camera to figure out how far away you are. And it gives you feedback. There's like a

01:14:13   little video eye doctor who appears and says, "Nope, now you got to step back. Now you got to..."

01:14:17   And then when you get to the right distance and you're wearing your contacts, and the idea is

01:14:21   there, can you see the eye chart from that distance? Because that verifies that your

01:14:27   current prescription is still valid, is still accurate. And they literally put up the little

01:14:32   eye chart and say, "Read the second line." And you say it out loud and it verifies what you said.

01:14:37   That's amazing. That's really great.

01:14:38   It's you're just taking an eye test and that's how they do it. It's very clever.

01:14:42   As a listener of this show, you can get $20 off your first order of contacts. Just go to

01:14:46   simplecontacts.com/ahoy20 or you can enter ahoy20, A-H-O-Y-2-0 at checkout.

01:14:53   simplecontacts.com/ahoy20 or just use the code ahoy20 for $20 off your first order.

01:14:59   Our thanks to Simple Contacts for their support of this show and Relay FM.

01:15:02   So we do have some #askupgradequestions. First one comes from Mark.

01:15:08   XS.

01:15:08   What is the...

01:15:11   Those lasers, lasers XS.

01:15:13   Yeah, we use the lasers, the extra small lasers now here.

01:15:16   Or the extra small maximum ones.

01:15:19   Extra R. They're extra righteous lasers.

01:15:22   Extra radical lasers. What is the width of the 6.1 inch screen on the iPhone XR?

01:15:29   Is it more comparable to the Plus?

01:15:30   I recommend you go to the text packs page on Apple.com.

01:15:32   This is where I got my information. Don't worry, Jason. I've got it for you.

01:15:36   It's hard to tell from the pictures. I don't like the skinny XS size.

01:15:40   So the comparison tool on the website says that the XR is 2.98 inches wide.

01:15:46   The Plus is 3.07 inches wide. So it's slightly smaller than the Plus.

01:15:52   But for comparison, the iPhone X is 2.79 inches wide.

01:15:56   So it sits in between them, but closer to the Plus in its actual physical size.

01:16:02   And it's in between the iPhone, they said the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

01:16:07   It actually slots right in between those two.

01:16:09   It's sort of halfway in between.

01:16:10   But then also, though, the screen is bigger than both of them.

01:16:13   So that could be good for you. Right.

01:16:15   I'm including in the show notes, the wonderful Kate Matthews did a lovely little drawing,

01:16:21   which shows you how these things will stack up together.

01:16:24   So you can see with a lovely little outline exactly where all those devices fit.

01:16:30   So you can see what's right for you.

01:16:31   But I would say that if you don't like the physical size of the X,

01:16:36   but want the features of the X, that maybe this is right for you.

01:16:40   And this goes into Scott's question.

01:16:42   Am I crazy in thinking that I want to trade in my iPhone X for a XR?

01:16:46   I don't think so. I think...

01:16:48   I don't think it's crazy either.

01:16:50   Yeah. I mean, it's like we said, it's a good price.

01:16:52   And it is...

01:16:55   I'll tell you, I'm sure the screen on the XS and the XS Max are nicer.

01:17:03   I'm sure they are.

01:17:04   I'm sure that the blacks are blacker and all of those things.

01:17:06   And they said that the dynamic range is even better on the XS than it was on the X.

01:17:11   That said, the XR feels really good.

01:17:13   Like it feels like an iPhone X.

01:17:15   I know the screen isn't as nice, but it's pretty nice.

01:17:20   I mean, this is not...

01:17:21   Apple is not...

01:17:22   It's not a cheap screen.

01:17:24   This is a screen that's better than the screen that's on the 8 and 8 Plus.

01:17:27   And so I think it's got appeal.

01:17:31   If you're somebody who wants a larger screen, but doesn't want to spend $1099 for it.

01:17:35   You can get a great price.

01:17:37   Well, a great price today, right?

01:17:41   A regular price, price two years ago of what a new iPhone will cost you, right?

01:17:46   $750.

01:17:47   Yeah. We're back to the standard plus price.

01:17:50   In 2018 for a flagship phone, a good price, you're getting all of the technology inside.

01:17:57   Basically, all you're losing is the telephoto lens and the OLED screen.

01:18:03   So, you know...

01:18:05   Do you care about those things?

01:18:06   If you don't...

01:18:06   That is your question.

01:18:08   And if you also would love a wonderful blue, yellow or orange phone, right?

01:18:13   Then like, yeah, maybe you should get a XR.

01:18:16   Like, I feel like it kind of like with the Apple Watch, there should be a lot of people

01:18:20   that maybe don't pre-order on Friday.

01:18:22   Like go to a store and look at these things.

01:18:26   Because you might change your mind about what you want.

01:18:29   Like, I think if you are someone who is on...

01:18:33   You don't want the Max.

01:18:34   I think that there is some questions you want to ask yourself about what phone you want,

01:18:39   I think.

01:18:40   Which I don't think it's been this way before.

01:18:43   Keith wants to know, are you able to confirm the improvements of Face ID unlocking?

01:18:47   Is speed and reliability improved?

01:18:49   Now...

01:18:50   You can't train your face in the demo room.

01:18:53   It's not allowed.

01:18:54   And they don't show you anything?

01:18:56   Well, I mean, even if they weren't trained for anybody's face, they didn't have a passcode

01:19:00   on them.

01:19:00   So I could do nothing.

01:19:02   There's no way I could test that.

01:19:04   There was also nothing to say about orientation now.

01:19:07   I don't know what that means for the iPad.

01:19:09   Like, will it be iPad only?

01:19:11   Will there be two cameras?

01:19:12   We don't know right now, right?

01:19:13   Like it's all seems up in the air because we were expecting all that stuff to come together.

01:19:17   I believe that Apple drew in that they're saying it's faster.

01:19:21   I'm keen to see what that actually ends up looking like.

01:19:25   Um, Avi has written in, I feel sorry for Avi.

01:19:27   Avi says, I've held off on getting AirPods anticipating an update.

01:19:33   Is it worth continuing to wait indefinitely?

01:19:35   Now, famous last words.

01:19:38   I think you should just get them because if AirPower was close, they would have said.

01:19:46   Yeah, AirPower may not exist anymore as far as we know.

01:19:50   Um, who knows?

01:19:53   I would say the big rumor is that they would have, um, always on, um, ahoy lady.

01:20:03   Um, and if that's a feature you desperately want, you might want to wait for it.

01:20:09   But otherwise I think the current AirPods are great and you should just go get them and not worry about it.

01:20:14   And if they were imminent, they would have surely been shown off today.

01:20:18   Like even in just a, oh, by the way, the new AirPods, or they would have shown up in the store.

01:20:22   Yeah. If there are new AirPods, will they be ready for, for the holidays maybe, but it may, maybe they don't ship until October or November, or maybe there are next spring. Who knows?

01:20:31   And the likely updates really are like, you get always on Siri and may, may be better battery life, possibly a color.

01:20:37   Like, uh, and honestly, AirPods are so awesome.

01:20:42   If you get them today and they add those features, you'll be fine.

01:20:45   Cause AirPods are great as they are right now.

01:20:49   Um, Myke wants to know along with many other people, will the older watches get the new faces?

01:20:56   I don't think so.

01:20:57   I don't think so.

01:20:58   I think those are faces designed for those, for those sizes of screen. Yeah. That's why that's the whole premise.

01:21:03   They're designed for the edge to edge screen. That's what they're for. I don't think you're going to see those on any other.

01:21:08   And even if they fit, I don't think they'd do it because it is a selling point is a unique selling point of the new models.

01:21:13   Exactly.

01:21:14   Steven asks, what do you think the delay in bringing the new heart features to Apple watch outside of the U S will mean for sales?

01:21:22   I don't think it will mean anything because you'll get the features if you buy the watches whenever it's available.

01:21:28   Um, I, but I don't really think that many people would make their purchasing decision based just upon this.

01:21:35   I feel like you'd have other reasons.

01:21:37   Yeah.

01:21:38   Right. Like I don't think it's going to be a difference maker and it will be a nice thing whenever the watches end up supporting them.

01:21:44   Like, but you know, I feel like if you really needed that, you would probably have a different product in your life already.

01:21:51   Mm hmm.

01:21:51   Um, but it will be a nice feature whenever it does happen.

01:21:54   Sure.

01:21:55   Uh, Will said any word on how keyboard cursor works on the iPhone 10 without a 3d touch or are we back to covering up text with press and hold?

01:22:04   Do you know if the keyboard selection thing works?

01:22:06   I didn't try that. Um, it would be interesting to see if, if you tap and hold and get the little haptic, does that mean you can move the cursor around on screen?

01:22:15   I didn't try that, so I don't know. My guess is it won't, but, um, I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

01:22:21   So iOS 12 added the ability to navigate by swiping on the space bar.

01:22:29   Hmm.

01:22:30   I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of it.

01:22:33   Maybe that's why. Yeah. Good one. Good one.

01:22:36   So you can swipe on the space bar. Uh, I believe.

01:22:41   Well, yeah, there is a way to do it. I don't, I don't use the Apple keyboard, so I'm, I'm, I can't really help you there, but that is a thing you can swipe on the space bar to, to move the text insertion cursor around.

01:22:54   So maybe that, maybe that's what they're going to have, or if they don't, that's an easy thing to do. Gboard has that already, right? It's like a thing that they could do.

01:23:02   Um, and Lachlan asks, do the new phones come with the same five watt charges? The answer is yes, they do.

01:23:10   Oh good, because they don't have little chargers laying around at the event, so I have no answer there.

01:23:16   Yeah, they do. They come with the same five watt power adapters, which is a real shame, because the batteries are bigger, um, they don't come with any more powerful, uh, charges, which is, I, that's frustrating.

01:23:27   I think that Apple should maybe bundle something a bit more, a bit better in there, especially because the 18 watt charges are expensive, uh, and they, you know, the USB-C lightning cable thing, like all of that stuff they should, they should move to.

01:23:40   Um, I did see as well, Jason, I mean, I personally don't really care about this now, but, uh, these phones will not have, um, headphones to the lightning, lightning to headphone adapters in them?

01:23:52   Yeah, apparently not, so, you know, that, they can add that to the list of, uh, sins on the, uh, running scoreboard on the Verge.

01:24:00   Yep, and now, uh, as I, I saw a Verge Artcore, uh, headline today, it did make me laugh, they said, "Oh, and there are no longer any more phones," like, 'cause now they killed the, the SE and the 6S.

01:24:11   Yeah.

01:24:12   There are no more headphone jacks on Apple's phone.

01:24:13   Did you know that the Verge has a story that they, that they, uh, keep updated, that is, "Here's a list of the best phones that have headphone jacks"?

01:24:20   Mm-hmm.

01:24:21   That is a great example of an editorial organization reflecting the priorities of its leader.

01:24:28   Yeah.

01:24:28   'Cause Neeley really cares about headphone jacks.

01:24:31   Like, I understand, like, if you care about it, like, I get it, but at this point, just, like, I feel like—

01:24:36   Just wait, just wait, though, 'cause if they do away from the headphone jack on the iPad Pro, then you're gonna hear me complain about it.

01:24:45   [laughs]

01:24:46   All right, then you can keep a, a running article.

01:24:49   Yeah, I would—

01:24:49   Yes.

01:24:50   That will be frustrating.

01:24:51   Here are the iPads that have headphone jacks.

01:24:53   None.

01:24:54   Especially if the rumor of USB-C comes true.

01:24:57   That would make it even weirder.

01:24:59   'Cause then I need an adapt—to edit a podcast on an airplane, which I'm not gonna do with Bluetooth headphones, um, I need adapters, and then they don't—uh, yeah.

01:25:09   Let's, let's not—well, there are other episodes of upgrade for us to turn over other iPad rumors, but good news, we'll be doing that for who knows how long now, because they weren't announced.

01:25:20   They were not.

01:25:21   So that is it, that is the September event.

01:25:24   Uh, thank you so much to everybody that sent in questions with the hashtag #askupgrade.

01:25:28   If you'd like to hear us answer a question at the end of the show, just send in a tweet with the hashtag #askupgrade, and we get them in a sheet and we can go through them.

01:25:35   Or if you wanna open the show with the hashtag #snowtalk, it could be a question about literally anything.

01:25:41   Now, Jason, I'm gonna assume that you're gonna have lots of things going up online, lots of words to still be written about what happened today.

01:25:47   Where can people go to get that?

01:25:48   I need to start writing things.

01:25:50   Uh, all the links, uh, and some of the words will be at sixcolors.com.

01:25:54   Great, so you can go there.

01:25:55   You can also follow Jason online.

01:25:57   He is @jsnell, J-S-N-E-L-L on Twitter.

01:26:00   I am @imike, I-M-Y-K-E.

01:26:04   Um, thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of upgrade.

01:26:08   I hope that it has provided you with entertainment and information, uh, about what has occurred today.

01:26:14   Um, and you know, it's always great to, to have Jason who's been there amongst it all.

01:26:19   Um, you always can help provide a very useful perspective, having actually held and touched and seen the products, which, uh, you don't get many other places.

01:26:28   That's why I'm here.

01:26:29   It's one of the reasons you listen to upgrade, right?

01:26:30   Upgrade in, because you get that, get that insight.

01:26:33   Thank you so much to Simple Contacts, Molekule and RXBar for their support of this show.

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01:26:53   Download, you're going to talk about this in download?

01:26:57   Yes, absolutely.

01:26:58   Of course, so relay.fm/download for that as well.

01:27:01   Thank you so much for listening.

01:27:02   We'll be back next time.

01:27:03   Until then, say goodbye, Jason Snow.

01:27:05   Goodbye, everybody.

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