195: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2018


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade Episode 195, the third annual WWDC draft.

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00:00:23   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by my draft compatriot, Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:29   Hello, Mr. Myke Hurley, how are you?

00:00:31   I am very well indeed, very well indeed, because we are drafting today, of course.

00:00:36   Draft time.

00:00:37   It is time because WWDC is next week, so it is draft time this week.

00:00:42   How is that possible?

00:00:43   Yeah, we have some things to get through first.

00:00:45   Oh.

00:00:46   And we will begin with our #snowtalk question for this week, and that comes from Steve.

00:00:51   And Jason, Steve wants to know, over the years when you've been going to WWDC keynotes,

00:00:57   has your seating gotten any better? Like have you moved closer to the stage over the years?

00:01:02   And also do you seek a particular spot next to a friend or are there people you try and seek out

00:01:07   to sit with when you're watching the keynotes? So the way it works, so back in the day where

00:01:11   Macworld Expo was a thing, because that was run by IDG, we got, IDG got some seats that were like

00:01:19   the- You sit backstage, sit wherever you want! That was the, I couldn't sit backstage because

00:01:23   'Cause Apple controlled that event.

00:01:25   Apple in the later days especially,

00:01:27   Apple controlled that event.

00:01:29   But because it was IDG, we got,

00:01:33   there were some IDG badges and I got some of those

00:01:35   in the last few years of Mac World Expo

00:01:38   when Apple was there.

00:01:39   And so that was great because there are a few keynotes

00:01:43   where I was in the front row, which is the best.

00:01:46   - So over the time you've actually had a seating downgrade.

00:01:48   (laughing)

00:01:49   Yeah, well at WWDC it was a constant upgrade at Macworld Expo. At WWDC and other Apple

00:01:57   media events, WWDC is slightly different because the media group is only a part of the group

00:02:02   and obviously the developers are the other part of the group. So the audience is a little

00:02:08   bit different and as a result actually WWDC seating for media is worse because they want

00:02:16   to have a lot of cheering developers right up front in addition to the Apple VIPs. And

00:02:21   so we kind of get shunted off to the side. Fair enough. Fair enough. So I would say I

00:02:26   don't think my seating has gotten better. Generally how it works is we all are milling

00:02:29   about in a space for the media that's separate as any developer listening will know because

00:02:35   and you'll see it again next week. These members of the media turn up and you've been waiting

00:02:40   in line since four in the morning and the members of the media like stumble up at 830

00:02:45   or nine in the morning and are ushered right in to their separate line and they wait in

00:02:51   their separate space. It's true. I feel bad about it, but I also don't want to be out

00:02:54   there at four in the morning. So, we mill about in our area at the McHenry Convention

00:02:59   Center last year. They actually took us in and took us upstairs to where the entryway

00:03:07   was pretty well in advance. And then they actually loaded us, they load us before they

00:03:11   load the attendees in that case because there are so many attendees and it takes them a

00:03:16   long time to load them in. So we're often, I think we were loaded in like an hour at

00:03:20   least before the show started last year. So that'll probably happen again. Pro tip, don't

00:03:25   drink a lot of orange juice and tea and stuff that Apple provides for media members before

00:03:30   you go in because you're going to be in there a very long time. And where's the bathroom?

00:03:34   Who knows? Will you be able to get back? Maybe not. Just don't do it. Anyway, so in terms

00:03:40   of being your friend, you know, you run into people, you know, obviously I see people I

00:03:45   know I ran into Mark Gurman. I ran into John Gruber. I ran into Renee Richie. I ran into

00:03:51   Serenity Caldwell at WWC last year. We're all chatting and what happens is you just

00:03:57   kind of move from person to person. You're chatting and then at some point the stampede

00:04:00   begins, right? Which is the doors begin to open or somebody comes through and says, can

00:04:04   you know, can you move toward the doors? We're about to open it up and at that point you

00:04:08   like you're going down aisles, you're probably not running, although I'm sure somebody runs,

00:04:13   because that's a little bit silly, and they point you at where you're allowed to sit,

00:04:16   and this is one of the challenges that you have is like you think, "Okay, we're going

00:04:20   here, we're in good shape," and then they're like, "Yeah, you can't come down here, you

00:04:22   got to turn, you got to go down to the left further, and then over, and then you can sit,"

00:04:28   and then, you know, it's not orderly in that moment. It is literally like people are just

00:04:32   kind of like going into a row, "Do I want to have a worse seat further up? Oh, that

00:04:36   seats saved, oh now I've lost that, I need to back up. So that part's chaotic. So in

00:04:41   the end, I often sit with a friend because it's whoever I was with sort of as we began

00:04:47   to move into the venue itself in the theater part. And sometimes we will like, somebody

00:04:55   will get in a row and they know they were with three or four people and they'll sort

00:04:59   of save those seats and wave them over and then they'll get in there. I've also had it

00:05:03   where I'm sitting next to nobody I know.

00:05:04   And it really, but usually near people I know,

00:05:08   if not right next to them.

00:05:09   And it just, you know, that's just sort of how it goes.

00:05:12   Like I was right next to Serenity and Renee in Chicago

00:05:17   with, there was a group or somebody else was very close,

00:05:23   but not right next to us.

00:05:25   So yeah, that's how it works.

00:05:28   It's a little chaotic.

00:05:29   It is nice to sit with friends and colleagues.

00:05:32   if you can and sometimes you can't.

00:05:38   Thank you so much to Steve for sending in that question, it was a great opener for this

00:05:41   week's show.

00:05:42   If you would like to send in a question to open up a future episode of Upgrade, just

00:05:45   send out a tweet with the hashtag SnellTalk and we collect them up for future use.

00:05:50   So let's talk about WWDC then as we're recording this right now we are quite literally

00:05:54   one week away almost exactly to you walking into that room.

00:05:59   Oh boy.

00:06:00   Yeah almost exactly.

00:06:01   A week from now as we record this, I will be at that convention center, possibly in

00:06:06   line, possibly in the room right now.

00:06:10   Here we are.

00:06:11   And I'll be getting set up in a hotel room with everything set.

00:06:14   I'll have all of my equipment with me, I'll have my scorecard for the draft, I'll have

00:06:19   everything all set, I'll be ready and waiting, probably with a coffee in hand, to mark everything

00:06:24   off and kind of keep my hand on the control center.

00:06:28   But going into WWDC this year, there have not been any leaks of any specificity or detail

00:06:36   really.

00:06:37   We don't really know anything.

00:06:39   That has made the draft a little bit more interesting this year because there isn't

00:06:45   really anything substantial.

00:06:49   The most that we've had is kind of just like, "Oh, it's going to be quieter and they're

00:06:54   going to focus on notifications maybe and they might do parental control stuff maybe.

00:06:58   That's kind of like all there's been. There haven't been any significant leaks. As we

00:07:02   record this right now, I mean, we have some, you know, kind of we are in red alert over

00:07:08   the next couple of days, really?

00:07:10   And this is what happens is we often do these drafts and then in the intervening week, things

00:07:15   emerge. But that's also good. Like we're doing it at a point where we're sort of picking

00:07:20   based on the kind of broad knowledge of what might be there, what has been rumored and

00:07:27   all that, but without those things that sometimes leak right at the start. I have to admit,

00:07:31   Myke, looking through our draft list, I started to think of proposing a new rule, which is

00:07:35   if you make a good faith effort to pick things that you think might be chosen, and literally

00:07:40   none of them are chosen, you win. Like, to shoot the moon, but I don't think we should

00:07:44   do that.

00:07:45   I think the judgment on that would need multiple adjudicators. That's an additional complication.

00:07:51   Yeah, I do think that somebody is going to get like the golden turkey or something if

00:07:55   they get a score of zero. And it's not impossible that we could get a score of zero because

00:08:00   we are, yeah, we don't know a lot. The doubling down on secrecy perhaps, you know, Apple has

00:08:06   been, for all of the details that people like Mark Gurman get, they definitely are making

00:08:13   efforts and we talked about them on this show to show employees that they're

00:08:18   investigating people and they get people in trouble and they lose their jobs and

00:08:21   they can be investigated by the police and all these things and it does feel

00:08:25   like stuff has dried up to a certain extent.

00:08:28   Also keep in mind that the meat and potatoes of WWDC is not hardware.

00:08:33   Hardware is complicated because there's a very long supply chain. There are suppliers

00:08:38   of parts and manufacturing that happens and it is a huge numbers of people are

00:08:43   involved outside of Cupertino in all of that. And as a result, hardware stuff

00:08:47   tends to leak, even if they try to keep it a super secret, like the iPhone would

00:08:51   be a perfect example. If there's any product Apple would like to keep a

00:08:54   secret until the moment it's released, it's the iPhone. They can't. They just

00:08:57   can't. There are always going to be leaks about the iPhone because of that supply

00:09:00   chain. But software is the meat and potatoes of WWDC, and what that means is

00:09:05   software is a much more constrained group. It's generally just people who

00:09:10   work at Apple, mostly in Cupertino, and occasionally they'll bring in a third-party app developer

00:09:16   and have them be under serious NDA, and often they are working on their app in the building

00:09:22   in Cupertino, not back home. And so it's much more lockdown. And as a result, WWDC is generally

00:09:29   a little more surprising and a little more secretive than hardware events. But still,

00:09:35   one feels like the most mysterious agenda that we've had in a while.

00:09:42   Also you've kind of got two ways of thinking about this, right? If we don't know anything

00:09:47   at this stage, one of two things is happening. Either A) it's a sleeper year, there's nothing

00:09:53   happening, or B) they've done a very good job of keeping the leaks under control up

00:10:01   to this point. So if you were going to put kind of your your money on on something right

00:10:06   like if you were going to say you know put a stake in the ground do you think that it's

00:10:11   which one of those are you leaning towards that is that's going to be a real quiet year

00:10:15   with nothing much announced or that we kind of don't know anything yet which one do you

00:10:20   think it is? I think it's a I think it's a bit of both really I suspect that if I had

00:10:25   to put money down I would say it's not nothing but it's going to be a collection of maybe

00:10:32   smaller items, none of which really rose to the point where they became spread enough

00:10:39   to generate a rumor, generate a leak or anything like that. So I don't think it's going to

00:10:46   be one of those that's so quiet that it's just like this is a really boring year and

00:10:49   Apple didn't do anything at the developer conference and it turns out that they didn't

00:10:53   need to even bother inviting people other than developers to it, but I don't think it'll

00:10:59   be that. But I also suspect that maybe it will be a year without some sort of mind-blowing

00:11:06   marquee like, "Whoa, they're adding this thing," or, "They did this thing." I think maybe that's

00:11:13   where we'll see what has been sold to us as kind of bug fixes and incremental updates

00:11:17   and performance tuning and all, you know, improve stability and usability and like all

00:11:22   those unglamorous things. I don't think it will necessarily be that like Apple have a

00:11:27   big slide that says, you know, bug fixes, right? I don't think that's necessarily going

00:11:33   to happen. If you think so, you can pick that in the draft. But I, um, but I do think that

00:11:38   the, the net result will be a whole bunch of features that they'll say are amazing,

00:11:43   but that none of which are like the ones that we usually think of as, as the ones that blow

00:11:47   us away. Like where, you know, WWDC 2017, it was constant blowing away for two hours,

00:11:54   right? Like they kept surprising us with lots and lots of interesting things and cool things.

00:12:00   And I will say there were a lot of surprises in that keynote last year, so it is very possible

00:12:04   that there will be surprises again this year. But I think I'm leaning towards what you said,

00:12:08   that it's not going to be as big as last year, but there's a lot we don't know yet. And I

00:12:13   I guess, you know, we're gonna wait and see. I mean, like, look at something like Swift

00:12:16   in 2016, like, completely out of the field, right?

00:12:19   So, you know.

00:12:20   - Right. And that's the kind of thing. I think there will be a surprise or two like that,

00:12:23   but I just don't think it's gonna be... And part of this is the power of reporting, and

00:12:29   we'll see, you know, Mark Gurman's sources have been very good. We'll see if they're

00:12:33   still very good. A few months ago, Mark Gurman said there's a whole bunch of stuff that they're

00:12:37   not going to do. And his story was basically like, Apple felt like it was biting off more

00:12:45   than it could chew in terms of OS development. And so it was going to take some stuff that

00:12:49   it was working really hard to get in this year's release and it was punting it into

00:12:53   2019 because they just felt like it was too much. And he listed off a whole bunch of things,

00:12:58   including iPad features and a redesigned home screen and all these things, and he said,

00:13:03   are not happening. We'll see. But the impression you get from that is that the iOS and macOS

00:13:10   releases will be a lot less ambitious than maybe they were going to be. It doesn't mean

00:13:13   that there aren't things in there that are still going to be impressive and that may

00:13:18   even surprise us. But everything is tempered by that report, I think, because that report

00:13:24   was saying don't get your hopes up for massive items being announced in the OS part of WWDC

00:13:32   they're trying to be a little more disciplined about delivering what they promised because

00:13:38   of course last year they announced some stuff that still hasn't shipped and that's they

00:13:42   didn't used to do that so it's been a while since Apple completely whiffed on some features

00:13:47   that they announced were going to be in the OS and then never they're about to be lapped.

00:13:52   - Yeah which is kind of weird so we're both gonna be in San Jose for WWDC I'm gonna be

00:13:59   there all week. You're going to be there for the majority of week, I believe, right? You're

00:14:02   going to be going to be in and around town. Yeah. So there will be obviously be a few

00:14:06   things that we're going to be attending. Obviously, if you see us around town, please come up

00:14:10   and say hi. We'd love that kind of thing. If you if you are going to be around. We're

00:14:13   both going to be taking a part of taking part in, I should say, the Relay FM live show,

00:14:20   which is on June 6th, Wednesday the 6th, which is all sold out. We hope that we're going

00:14:24   to see you there. We're looking forward to that. But if you are looking for activities

00:14:28   to do during the week. I'm going to put a link in the show notes to an article written

00:14:32   by Serenity Caldwell talking about some of the events and goings on that are occurring

00:14:37   kind of throughout the week in San Jose. It's always a fun time. I can't wait. I'm very

00:14:42   excited now. So I'm looking forward to it. Looking forward to hanging out with you, Jason.

00:14:46   And we'll finally get to, you know, we'll get to score this, this draft, which we're

00:14:50   now going to move into. This is the third annual upgrade WWDC draft. Let me run through

00:14:57   the rules. Standard rules apply. 10 rounds, 20 overall picks. 10 picks each. The winner

00:15:05   of the previous draft gets first pick. Jason picked that up with the education event. Jason

00:15:10   won that draft so he gets to pick first. For an item to count when we do our scoring, it

00:15:16   must either clearly be announced on stage or on a slide during the presentation. They

00:15:22   They are the only two ways that a point can be picked up.

00:15:25   If something is a net preannounced

00:15:27   or something is ridiculously obvious, it will not count.

00:15:30   So the ridiculously obvious stuff,

00:15:32   we'll know beforehand, right, when we're doing it now.

00:15:34   But if something is preannounced between now and WWDC

00:15:38   and doesn't get shown on stage, those points do not count.

00:15:41   There are no half points.

00:15:43   The points awarded on the episode are final.

00:15:45   There's no rescoring afterwards.

00:15:47   So the points will be awarded on next week's show

00:15:50   after WWDC is concluded, the keynote is concluded,

00:15:54   and we will have an adjudicator in Stephen Hackett

00:15:57   in case of a scoring stalemate between the two of us.

00:16:00   We love to and always prefer to and do our best

00:16:03   at scoring ourselves, but where we can't,

00:16:05   we will use Stephen's results as a guide to help us through.

00:16:09   So, so far this year, 2018's results,

00:16:13   you picked up the last draft.

00:16:17   I won WWDC last year.

00:16:20   So I did.

00:16:22   So it's gonna be interesting to see if I can, I need this.

00:16:24   I need to pull this back because if Jason wins

00:16:28   this draft here, he's probably gonna take all of 2018.

00:16:32   Right, 'cause we expect there's probably gonna be

00:16:34   three keynotes this year in total.

00:16:36   So this one is very important to me.

00:16:38   - You would only, at the very best,

00:16:40   you would only hope to tie me if there were four events,

00:16:42   which there probably won't be.

00:16:43   So yes, it's all to play for.

00:16:45   It's a key mode.

00:16:45   is against the wall here Myke.

00:16:48   And there will be in the show notes a scorecard for you to download so you can score along

00:16:53   with us during the keynote next week.

00:16:56   So we should probably get ready here, we're going to reset and we're going to go into

00:17:00   picking our first three items, but before we do let's take our first break of this week's

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00:20:34   Alright Snail. The friend, all this friendly nature is over because it's draft time. It's

00:20:42   draft time. So we're going to start our picks. As mentioned, Jason gets to go first. Jason

00:20:47   will give his pick, we'll talk about it and then I'll give my pick, we'll talk about it

00:20:51   and continue.

00:20:52   So Jason, what is your first pick, your opening pick, the thing that you think is most likely

00:20:58   to happen for WWDC 2018?

00:21:01   And I believe, you know, one of the challenges here is, as we said earlier, we don't really

00:21:07   know what's going on.

00:21:08   So there's, it's really hard.

00:21:10   So I had this decision of, I could open with something that I think is really boring, but

00:21:14   almost certainly, I mean, in fact, I didn't even put in here, neither of us put in here

00:21:17   game demo on stage, which is like a free point.

00:21:21   It's a free square. And we didn't do that. I feel like that it's just not even... If

00:21:26   something you know is going to happen, it should not even count.

00:21:29   I play to win through faultfulness, not through trickiness, you know?

00:21:33   So my challenge though was, do I pick something that I think is going to happen and play for

00:21:36   the win when it would be an embarrassing first pick? Boring first pick? And I decided, you

00:21:42   know what? I'm not going to do that. There's only one item in one of our categories, because

00:21:47   we had a little our agreed upon list. We had a bunch of different categories and there

00:21:52   and even though we always say don't talk about hardware and there's only one item in the

00:21:57   hardware list that I think might even have a chance of happening but I think I'm going

00:22:00   to pick it first and just let it sit there and we'll see what happens. So with my first

00:22:05   pick I'm going to say MacBook Pro update.

00:22:09   Oh wow, okay. That's a big one. I know, I know. Especially because we just spent the opening of the show talking about the fact that hardware leaks.

00:22:20   And we don't have any leaks. Well, a MacBook Pro update doesn't necessarily mean a completely redesigned MacBook Pro.

00:22:28   It doesn't. It could just be, first off, people aren't looking for Mac leaks like they're looking for iOS leaks.

00:22:33   and something that's not a radical change in the hardware

00:22:36   might not be noticed.

00:22:37   So, but I agree with you.

00:22:40   Like, do I, am I high?

00:22:42   Is this the thing I'm most confident about on my list?

00:22:45   It is absolutely not.

00:22:46   But the good news is, Myke,

00:22:48   that every pick number one, pick number 10,

00:22:51   each of them is only worth a point.

00:22:52   But I wanna go out with a big one to start this draft.

00:22:56   So there it is, MacBook Pro update.

00:22:57   I think, here's my rationale for why I think

00:23:00   despite everything, it might happen.

00:23:02   The audience is developers. There is no computer developer use. I believe more than the MacBook

00:23:07   Pro. I know that a lot of developers use iMacs, maybe even using iMac Pros now, but the reality

00:23:14   is more than two-thirds of the Macs sold, I believe, are laptops. And the MacBook Pro

00:23:22   for developers, like, they all want MacBook Pros. They all want to travel with them. It

00:23:29   a hugely important product. I believe that developer audience is going to be the most

00:23:32   receptive if there is a positive message about Apple hearing the needs of MacBook Pro users.

00:23:38   And they announced MacBook updates last year at this time. So even if it's not a huge like,

00:23:47   "Well, we've rethought it and the touch bar is going to do this or it's going to be gone,"

00:23:50   or whatever like that, just new processors showing our commitment to continue to update

00:23:56   the MacBook Pro because we know you guys care about the Mac. That's my rationale there,

00:24:01   is even though we don't have any signal about that, I feel like they have to say something

00:24:05   and it's been a year. And if they aren't planning a fall complete redesign of the entire

00:24:11   laptop line, which I think they probably aren't, then this would be the time to get the developers

00:24:17   pumped about Apple's commitment to the Mac.

00:24:20   So I had my, I had this on my list but not very high, but I had it in there, I was definitely

00:24:26   going to pick it in, out of my 10, right?

00:24:29   Just because I agree with you, it makes sense.

00:24:32   One of the reasons I didn't put it so high though is, whilst I agree that the MacBook

00:24:37   Pro's audience, you know, the perfect person is the developer for it, I think if Apple

00:24:44   don't have something meaningful, it might be a not good audience to show this off in

00:24:48   front of.

00:24:49   Like if all it is right now is just, oh hey, it has the new Intel chips in it.

00:24:54   I don't know if putting that on stage is a good thing for them, right?

00:24:59   I think...

00:25:00   Well, they did it last year.

00:25:01   I think it is a good thing for them because it is... one of the big complaints about these

00:25:06   laptops is whether they changed the keyboard or not, right?

00:25:09   Right.

00:25:10   But that's what I'm thinking of is people want that right now.

00:25:12   Whether they want it or they think they want it or whatever, like that's considered the

00:25:16   thing that needs to change.

00:25:17   I'll tell you though, they're not going to announce that we are once again updating the

00:25:23   MacBook Pro to have the latest and greatest Intel processors because we know you care

00:25:28   and you want to stay on the cutting edge with this stuff and so we've done that today. They're

00:25:33   not going to get booze for that. They're not. People afterward will write angry blog posts

00:25:38   about them not updating the keyboard if they don't, but in the moment, it's sending a positive

00:25:44   message to developers.

00:25:45   - Just the reinforcement thing you're thinking of then.

00:25:47   - Because how soon we forget,

00:25:49   there was a period in there where Apple was like so slow

00:25:53   at updating the MacBook hardware

00:25:55   and not picking up the latest Intel processors.

00:25:58   And they have now, they did that last year

00:26:02   when they in less than a year updated the MacBook Pro.

00:26:05   So it's now been a year.

00:26:06   I think they can't wait much longer

00:26:10   to update those systems with the new processors.

00:26:12   So I think that's my rationale here.

00:26:14   But again, it's a little bit of a shot in the dark. I just didn't want to go out with

00:26:17   something boring for the first pick. So there it is, MacBook Pro update.

00:26:21   I don't know if my first pick is a boring one or not. I don't necessarily think it is,

00:26:27   but it really does feel like to me, if I'm putting—this is again without really any

00:26:32   significant information, but just where I would kind of say like, this is something

00:26:36   I think Apple's going to focus on a lot. And it's whatever they end up calling what Google

00:26:41   called Digital Wellbeing. I think this is going to be a big part of WWDC this year.

00:26:49   Some focus on the way people use their devices or the responsibility that Apple has for the

00:26:56   way that people use their devices. Some kind of thing along those lines which will wrap

00:27:02   up into it some other features that are also in our draft picks which we can get into later

00:27:08   Iran because I obviously have picked a bunch of those.

00:27:11   And I reckon you may have too, but just some focus around.

00:27:15   And I actually picked this for the education event as well.

00:27:18   This is one of my things for the education event,

00:27:20   because I thought it would might maybe pop up there because that was when the

00:27:22   stories had started to surface around Apple needs better parental controls.

00:27:26   They're ruining our children.

00:27:27   This was like a thing that started to occur, right?

00:27:30   And I believe that WWDC this year for the iOS side

00:27:35   will focus on tools and functions and a rethinking around Apple's responsibility for the way

00:27:42   that people use their devices.

00:27:45   Yeah, I think I saw this in the list and I think it's an interesting idea. Obviously,

00:27:52   Google just did this at Google I/O. That's one thing that makes me think, you know, makes

00:27:55   me ask like, will they lean that hard into it since Google did that? Will they go along?

00:28:01   So I want to clarify your pick here. The way I read this is you're saying that there will

00:28:07   be some kind of discussion, whether it's a bullet point or just in them talking, about

00:28:13   how one of the things we wanted to do was look at how we use our devices, look at how

00:28:18   they fit into our lives and can we make that better. Can we, you know, something about

00:28:24   improving your life through changing the ways that you use technology. That seems to me

00:28:29   to be what you're picking.

00:28:30   either you or your family. That they're selling that concept and it might be like a bullet point,

00:28:35   like here are the three things we wanted to do and one of them is, you know, digital well-being

00:28:40   or something like that or it might just be discussing it on stage but what you're saying

00:28:43   is they're going to put up like an umbrella of here are some things we're doing to help your

00:28:48   personal integration. Okay, there'll be a judgment call but that's what I think too. I think this one

00:28:53   is going to be me and you are going to need to discuss it to see if we feel that it counts but

00:28:57   I think at this point, we believe that the way that we're looking at it is Apple will

00:29:02   have some kind of discussion or concept.

00:29:05   My imagination is they put up this slide of people using their devices and they talk about

00:29:09   the way we use our stuff and, "Oh, we have these new features that reinforce this," or

00:29:14   et cetera, et cetera.

00:29:15   And I'm trying to think of something in the past that they've done this way and I'm drawing

00:29:19   a blank right now, but I think that there's going to be some kind of focus on it when

00:29:25   it comes to iOS.

00:29:26   iOS. You know, like it may be, you know, the way that they've, with the Apple

00:29:29   watch, really kind of leaned into health. And then they have a bunch of features

00:29:33   that are just about all the exercise and workouts and all that kind of stuff, you

00:29:37   know, and then they talk about things that they're doing for people with

00:29:40   disabilities and, you know, like it all leads into this, like making you

00:29:43   healthier thing. And then, because then they also have, right, like they come out

00:29:46   and talk about those studies and the apps that you can download for heart

00:29:49   studies, you know, that, that kind of idea, right? You following kind of, kind

00:29:52   of what I'm putting down?

00:29:53   Yeah.

00:29:54   - Okay, so that's my first pick.

00:29:58   So Jason, what is your second pick?

00:30:00   - I'm gonna pick something that I think is a safe pick

00:30:02   and it piggybacks on what you just picked,

00:30:04   which is I think very specifically,

00:30:06   they're gonna talk about new parental controls in iOS.

00:30:09   Like better control for parents

00:30:11   and maybe for people in general

00:30:13   for access to various things in the system of iOS.

00:30:17   Now they've said before

00:30:18   that they were going to do some of that.

00:30:20   They've said that publicly

00:30:21   because there were complaints and various stories

00:30:24   and government officials and things like that. So I feel like this is something

00:30:27   that's probably a safer kind of pick, but it's an area, you know, the fact is

00:30:31   there's a lot of stuff in iOS that Apple took a first crack at it and then let it

00:30:35   sit for a bunch of years.

00:30:36   Yeah, and I feel like we're at the point in iOS now where for the next few years

00:30:40   a lot of what we're going to see is based on new hardware and new ways of

00:30:45   thinking and evolution of the market that Apple takes a second crack

00:30:50   at some of that stuff and says, well, all right,

00:30:54   that, you know, we're going to do it differently now.

00:30:56   Like that was then, this is now, we're going to change this.

00:30:58   I think this is one of those areas.

00:30:59   So I think new kind of parental controls

00:31:02   and other usage controls that they're getting pressure

00:31:05   from the EU and especially about

00:31:08   will be something they address.

00:31:10   - So I want to talk about what you just mentioned there,

00:31:14   but I'll just throw in my second pick

00:31:15   because it's the exact same reasoning,

00:31:17   which is an overhaul of notifications.

00:31:20   So I believe that they're gonna do some work

00:31:23   in changing and enhancing and focusing

00:31:27   on push notifications to our devices.

00:31:29   And it's the same idea as stuff like parental controls.

00:31:32   They implemented it years ago and never really touched it.

00:31:36   And they've made some slight tweaks,

00:31:38   but really they're just kind of,

00:31:39   oh, now the banner can either stay or it can go away,

00:31:43   or now you can reply to things from the banner.

00:31:45   But the idea of like the banner and all that kind of stuff and notification center, none

00:31:50   of it's ever really changed.

00:31:52   They've just kind of -- they've just moved the deck chairs around a bunch, right?

00:31:56   They've not actually gone and fixed any of the problems, right?

00:31:59   Using the Titanic as a metaphor for notifications.

00:32:03   And it's kind of -- I think these two things are the same, right?

00:32:06   That they have implemented them a long time ago.

00:32:08   They've made some slight changes, but they haven't really gone in and fixed them.

00:32:12   and now iOS is at a stage where now they have to go in and start fixing some of the larger

00:32:18   underpinnings of things. Going back and redoing things that have lasted for a long time that

00:32:24   have just been iterated on over the years and I think that notifications is a big one.

00:32:28   There are so many things that Apple could do here, you only need to look at Google.

00:32:34   Google have over the last maybe two or three iterations of Android, whether you like what

00:32:39   what they do or not, they have actually spent a lot of time trying to change notifications

00:32:44   where Apple has mostly been like, "Oh, we put this button so you can clear everything."

00:32:48   If you're on an iPhone, if you're on an iPad, you can.

00:32:50   Exactly. We've removed one of the ordering functions for you and that's where like Google

00:32:55   is doing stuff where they're allowing you to group notifications and hide notifications

00:33:00   and all that kind of stuff. So I would like to see something here because I believe that,

00:33:04   you know, from my first pick and then the two second round picks we both made, I think

00:33:08   all then like all goes together. Parental controls and notifications all lead into

00:33:14   this the way we use our devices thing which I think is gonna be one of the

00:33:20   maybe two or three biggest features, biggest like overarching ideas which is

00:33:24   focused on for iOS 12. Yeah I wrote a couple articles that have mentioned

00:33:29   notification overhaul because I think it's something that has to happen and I

00:33:32   hope that that happens this year. One of the things that that struck me that I

00:33:36   think as a Google, as an Android feature that I would like on iOS, is the ability

00:33:41   to directly alter your preferences for a notification when you get it. Basically I

00:33:51   want a gesture or a little box, little gear box maybe, that I can tap something

00:33:58   somewhere when I get a notification that says I don't want to see this

00:34:03   again. You know, unsubscribe. You said yes to some company like three years ago and then

00:34:08   they start sending you all these like spammy messages, right, because their company's failing.

00:34:14   And instead of you needing to be like, "Oh no, I gotta go into Sentence and I gotta go

00:34:18   to notifications and scroll to that comp--" like you just get a little button on the notification

00:34:22   and you just like stop. No more. Like, we're done. Yeah, I agree with that. And if there's

00:34:26   more granularity there, that's great. Like if I want to say, "Don't make noise anymore,"

00:34:30   or only show this on the lock screen. Or, depending on how they do this, lower the priority

00:34:36   of this. Just lower the priority. What does that mean? I don't know. Show it to me less

00:34:40   frequently, only show it to me in certain places. There are lots of ways they could

00:34:43   do this. And if an app has some granular notification settings, take me to that app. That's one

00:34:48   of the things I realized in some of the news apps I've got. You get the news app and it

00:34:52   says, "We'll send you breaking news notifications." You're like, "Yes." And then it turns out

00:34:56   they'll say things like, "Hey, there's a new crossword puzzle. And did you know that there's

00:34:59   a recipe and you're like, "This is not breaking news. Why are you doing this?" And there is

00:35:05   a screen somewhere in that app that lets you say, "Oh, turn off all of those and just show

00:35:08   me the breaking news." Again, that would be a nice thing if app developers could have

00:35:12   you tap on that thing. And one of the options is, you know, to take me to the settings and

00:35:17   choose what I'm going to see. All of these things would improve our lives when it comes

00:35:22   to phone notifications. So yeah, thumbs up.

00:35:25   So should we go to pick three?

00:35:27   I think so.

00:35:28   What do you got?

00:35:29   - I am going to take, hopefully take a point off the board,

00:35:33   although I think this is slightly risky and say AirPower,

00:35:38   AirPower, a previously announced product

00:35:40   that does not yet, has not yet shipped.

00:35:43   I'm gonna say it will be mentioned and some sort,

00:35:46   it will either be released or a release date will be set.

00:35:49   I think this is a gamble in the sense that this could slide

00:35:51   all the way to the iPhone announcement,

00:35:53   but I'm gonna say it now only because it's announced product

00:35:57   that's floating out there that has not shipped yet. And therefore, it might get shipped,

00:36:04   or at least be told that it'll be shipping at some point in the next month.

00:36:09   So I believe that when the store comes back next Monday, AirPower will be available for

00:36:16   purchase. I am not convinced they will show it on stage.

00:36:21   Right. That's part of the gamble, right? Is they may not even mention it and it may just

00:36:25   be released or there'll be a press release that goes out that says, "Oh, an AirPower

00:36:30   is available next week." It's possible.

00:36:32   Because my feeling is they would show it on stage if they had something that they were

00:36:37   also introducing that used it, and I don't think this WWDC is going to bring that.

00:36:43   No, I agree with that. There could be some products, but I don't

00:36:46   think that they're going to show off, like, maybe I'm tipping my hand here, but I don't

00:36:50   think they're going to show off an iPhone SE with inductive charging at this one. I

00:36:54   I don't think that's happening.

00:36:55   - It's possible, but I think that it's most likely

00:36:59   that they would mention this in passing in an iOS slide

00:37:02   or in a watchOS slide saying that we've got,

00:37:07   oh, and AirPower will charge your watch too,

00:37:09   as well as your phone, and that's coming out today,

00:37:12   or that's coming out later this week.

00:37:14   So I think it's a risk.

00:37:15   I didn't want to pick, again, game demo on stage.

00:37:20   But so I think there's an element of risk here,

00:37:22   but I think it's worth taking,

00:37:23   I think it's just it's floating out there, right? It's a product that has been mentioned

00:37:26   that hasn't shipped and anytime that happens, you've got to think maybe this is the opportunity

00:37:31   they do to check the box and and get it out the door.

00:37:36   I'm going to take another big theme off the board that there will be a focus on bug fixes

00:37:42   and performance improvements to iOS. That one of the things that Apple is going to focus

00:37:47   on is stability. They will focus on talking about making iOS run better and be more stable,

00:37:55   that kind of thing. One of the big features of iOS 12 is a focus on stability. The wording

00:38:02   on this one is tricky, right? Because I don't know how you market this as a feature, but

00:38:08   I think we'll know it when we see it, right? This will be something that however they refer

00:38:13   it would be like, "Oh, they're talking about making iOS run better." Would you agree with

00:38:18   that? Like, it's difficult to get the wording of this one, I think.

00:38:21   Yeah, so I agree with you. I think we'll know it when we see it. I didn't even have this

00:38:26   on my list because the way I interpreted this is it's really a yes or no question. In a

00:38:31   year when Apple is probably focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements, will they

00:38:36   admit that on stage? Will they talk about, like they did with, what, Mountain Lion and

00:38:42   Snow Leopard that this is, that's our focus. Or will they just show you what's new and

00:38:50   not talk about it at all? Not talk about it as a selling point that we're slowing down

00:38:55   and we're doing a lot of bug fixes and we've changed our focus. And so we'll know when

00:38:59   we see it, right? They will either say as a selling point, or as a mea culpa, but probably

00:39:04   as a selling point, that that's what they're doing. And if they just don't, we'll know.

00:39:11   And I don't think they will, but there's a chance that they will. So that's what you're

00:39:15   picking. And I think that it's entirely possible. But I will tell you, I didn't want to pick

00:39:20   it because I never bet on Apple. It seems mean, but I think it's true. I'm never going

00:39:27   to bet on Apple swallowing its pride and admitting its flaws on stage. I just, I have a hard

00:39:32   time seeing it.

00:39:34   That is the risk that I know I'm taking with this one. But that's why I don't think they're

00:39:39   going to stand there and be like, "Oh man, iOS 11 was buggy, right? Woo!" But what I

00:39:45   do imagine is them saying that we've really taken time to focus on how fast and stable

00:39:50   iOS 12 will be on your devices, right? And I think when we see something like that, you'll

00:39:54   be like, "Oh, I know what you're doing." And so we'll wait and see. We'll wait and see.

00:39:59   But I agree with you. This one I think is as risky as it is a point, right? Because

00:40:06   I think we can both agree, they're probably doing this. Will they talk about it? Who knows.

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00:41:52   this show that is Smilesoftware.com/podcast to learn more. Alright Jason, pick number

00:42:00   four round four.

00:42:02   Okay I'm gonna go with something that's a little bit I think more likely to happen none

00:42:08   of these are 100% but I feel like Apple has had enough buzz around Animoji that they're

00:42:19   going to have new Animoji in the next version of iOS. There will be new Animoji characters.

00:42:26   There's an argument to be made that Animoji is over and it's time to move on to whatever

00:42:29   the next thing is. And I don't think that's true and there's another item on our board

00:42:36   that is actually another, is the expansion of Animoji into other areas, but that's a

00:42:41   separate thing to pick. But I'm going to say, I'm going to place a bet that there will be

00:42:47   new Animoji characters of some sort in the next version of iOS.

00:42:52   It's a great demo, became a viral hit, perfect for marketing. I agree with you 100%. You've

00:42:59   taken one that was like basically next on my list. I 100% agree with you that we're

00:43:04   gonna see a new Animoji like I think that's gonna happen. Oh now I'm wondering

00:43:09   what I'm gonna go with next. We're saying easy pick Jason that was an easy pick

00:43:16   and my response is hey you got to score play to win folks got a play to win. So

00:43:21   I'm really struggling because I have two that I think are in this realm and I'm

00:43:26   not sure what to go with I'm gonna do it Animoji integration in FaceTime I'm

00:43:31   I'm gonna go with it. - Here we go,

00:43:32   as was foretold, as was just previewed by me.

00:43:36   Animoji FaceTime.

00:43:38   - So I keep my, we have this whole list of picks

00:43:40   that we take from and I take my own and build my own list

00:43:43   that only I see so I can just kind of keep things

00:43:47   in order for myself.

00:43:48   As soon as you said that about Animoji,

00:43:50   I think I moved four things around.

00:43:52   Like there was like a house of cards

00:43:54   of me moving everything around.

00:43:56   But I think that what goes along with this is,

00:43:58   hey, look at these new Animoji we've got,

00:44:00   or what I reckon might happen is FaceTime now includes Animoji.

00:44:04   And whilst I'm showing you this, how about these new three or four characters that we've got coming in iOS 12?

00:44:10   Animoji integration in FaceTime would finally give something new to FaceTime after all of these years, right?

00:44:18   Like, I know, right?

00:44:19   That now you can do something in it.

00:44:21   You know, there are other features you could add to FaceTime, but this one feels like something you could more easily do.

00:44:28   Now there are of course problems with this, like if you're doing a 20 minute Animoji call

00:44:32   you could probably destroy your battery, but we don't have to worry about things like that.

00:44:37   I think that this would be a fun feature to add, it would be a logical extension of Animoji

00:44:43   in a way that makes sense. I think what I would like to see is an app, an Animoji app,

00:44:48   so I could use them in all different manner of places, but I think the more Apple thing

00:44:53   to do would be to further extend an emoji into their own applications. So you get it in messages,

00:44:59   now you get it in FaceTime, you know, maybe you'll get it in clips next, who knows, but

00:45:03   this feels like a good thing that they can do that that maybe other people don't have right now,

00:45:10   and it lends into like the past of like the things like iChat effects, right? Like they have a history

00:45:17   of doing this kind of stuff, but now instead of changing the background you change what's on your

00:45:21   your face. I agree I think it's a I think it's a logical step. This is the iMessage

00:45:26   stickers of this of this. I agree and it and it helps promote FaceTime as well so

00:45:33   I think it's an entirely possible thing. I don't know whether it will happen or

00:45:36   not that's your shot in the dark part of it but I think it is completely logical

00:45:40   that they do that. Right but this is also a that the thing of both of these the

00:45:44   new Animoji and the Animoji and FaceTime these are also really good iPhone

00:45:51   demo things. You could hold this all the way to September, but it comes out in iOS 12.

00:46:00   Because this doesn't need testing. Nobody needs to test this because it's an Apple-only

00:46:05   thing. I think we could both say these are going to be in iOS 12, but whether we see

00:46:10   them next Monday or in September, who knows?

00:46:13   Yeah, that's possible. That's possible.

00:46:16   You see both of these picks go in this exact order again in September's draft. We just

00:46:22   copy and paste, drop them right in. Jason, pick five.

00:46:25   I'm going to go with, again, I think there's some risk here because they've done it the

00:46:33   last two years. But it's such an area of interest for Apple that I think they can't go past

00:46:42   the developer conference without once again flogging ARKit and giving ARKit. Did I snipe

00:46:50   you there? You made a pirate noise, so that probably means so. It's super important. It's

00:46:56   an area of extreme interest that Tim Cook says so. ARKit is one of those areas where

00:47:02   there is a lot of growth happening. The AR and machine learning are the two areas. I

00:47:06   imagine that that's out there on the... Did we put a machine learning item in our list?

00:47:09   'cause that's probably another good guess.

00:47:11   But ARKit, yeah, we might not have done that.

00:47:14   They did a bunch of machine learning stuff last time.

00:47:16   So I think there will be updates to ARKit.

00:47:18   I think they will, beyond a game demo, right?

00:47:20   I think they will say,

00:47:22   "Here are some amazing new things

00:47:23   "that you can do with ARKit.

00:47:25   "We're evolving this platform even more."

00:47:29   It's possible that they will start talking about AR or VR

00:47:32   attached to the Mac with the iMac Pro,

00:47:34   because remember the iMac Pro only shipped in December.

00:47:37   So there might be even a Mac angle to it,

00:47:39   but I'm just thinking there will be updates to ARKit

00:47:43   to show that Apple is still on it

00:47:45   and advancing what people can do

00:47:47   with augmented reality stuff on their platforms.

00:47:49   So that's my, I think that's a pretty safe pick.

00:47:52   You never know with Apple,

00:47:53   but I feel like that's an area they're gonna hammer home.

00:47:56   - So even though that this has come out in round five,

00:47:59   I actually think ARKit might be

00:48:01   the most surefire of anything.

00:48:05   - I had to have a little pride and not pick it right away.

00:48:08   It is the more exciting game demo, right?

00:48:11   If you're gonna have a demo, at least be exciting.

00:48:14   And also ARKit, this is Tim Cook's baby right now.

00:48:17   He talks about it everywhere.

00:48:20   And-- - It's a shiny object, yeah.

00:48:22   - They've probably got some really good stuff to show off

00:48:25   because 1.3 to 1.5 was huge and they put that out already.

00:48:30   So maybe we're just gonna see ARKit 2.0

00:48:33   and maybe they'll show off some more stuff in VR, right?

00:48:36   Like we haven't really seen any VR support, right?

00:48:39   So maybe they could like tie these two things together.

00:48:42   You know, basically if Apple are working on AR glasses,

00:48:45   they need people to be making AR apps and experiences now

00:48:49   and getting good at them.

00:48:51   So when the AR glasses launch,

00:48:53   we don't have a watchOS problem again,

00:48:55   where, or an Apple TV problem again,

00:48:58   where the apps suck and just drain the market

00:49:02   out of that platform.

00:49:03   - Right, so they're building a market

00:49:04   for their future products by having it be better,

00:49:07   get better and better while it's still kind of a curiosity

00:49:09   on the iPhone. - Yep.

00:49:10   Because, and this is, they are in a unique position

00:49:13   where they can actually do this in the open

00:49:15   where typically they can't, right?

00:49:17   You can't have watch apps running on the iPhone

00:49:19   for two years, it doesn't make any sense, right?

00:49:22   But you can do this with ARKit because our phones,

00:49:26   I mean, and honestly as well, you know,

00:49:27   we've spoken about this, our phones will probably be

00:49:30   powering the device anyway in some way, you know?

00:49:34   that seems like a thing that could be happening,

00:49:37   that the ARKit may end up getting split

00:49:40   and there's like the processing side and the visual side

00:49:42   and the processing may be occurring on our phones

00:49:44   while we have our glasses on our faces.

00:49:47   And so having people know ARKit now

00:49:50   could be really helpful for the future of this product

00:49:53   and the future of this idea.

00:49:55   So them pushing and like them showing developers

00:49:59   now the opportunities available in ARKit,

00:50:02   like this is the crowd,

00:50:03   Like this is the crowd they need to get to.

00:50:05   You know, when you've got people like James Thompson

00:50:07   putting ARKit into his calculator,

00:50:10   you know, like that's because he liked it

00:50:12   and he saw it and he thought it looked fun.

00:50:14   But there is now a possibility that down the line,

00:50:17   James may make a game, like, you know,

00:50:19   who knows what he may do,

00:50:20   but he now understands how to use ARKit.

00:50:23   And so like, I think the idea of trying to show developers,

00:50:26   here are some fun ways to put ARKit in your apps.

00:50:29   You know, like you have Carrotweather

00:50:30   playing around with an ARKit mode.

00:50:32   So then when we move down this line

00:50:34   and there is a whole platform

00:50:37   that developers already understand how to use it

00:50:39   so their ideas are more fully formed

00:50:41   by the time the glasses come on the scene,

00:50:43   which is something they don't typically get to do.

00:50:46   We always say this, right?

00:50:47   Every time Apple introduces something,

00:50:49   we're like, "Oh, look how good this is now."

00:50:51   But imagine what people could do with this

00:50:54   in two or three years time.

00:50:55   I'm really excited to see what developers could do with this

00:50:59   in a couple of years time, right?

00:51:01   This is the time when they actually get to do that.

00:51:04   By the time the AR glasses come out,

00:51:07   developers have had multiple years

00:51:08   of playing with ARKit first.

00:51:10   And that is a unique thing,

00:51:11   which could be the success of these AR glasses.

00:51:15   I've been thinking about this a lot.

00:51:17   So I think that ARKit being on stage is,

00:51:20   that feels like a real strong pick to me.

00:51:22   - Well, thanks.

00:51:25   Thank you for endorsing my choice.

00:51:28   What do you choose?

00:51:29   significant overhaul of app development APIs for watchOS. Now, all right, I don't

00:51:36   know what this looks like, but I feel like if Apple are going to spend any

00:51:42   time talking about watchOS for a developer during this keynote, they have

00:51:49   to show something changing in watchOS that means now you'll want to make apps

00:51:55   apps for this again.

00:52:02   Watch app. There are loads of developers just pulling their Watch apps from the store, so

00:52:10   they even need to show 1) why those should come back or 2) why here you can finally make

00:52:16   that thing you've wanted to make but the WatchOS APIs haven't been robust enough. Whether that

00:52:22   means someone like Marco can make the WatchOS app he's always wanted or whatever it's going

00:52:28   to be, but I think we're going to see something to show some significant change, some like

00:52:34   you can now do this stuff you've never been able to do before on watchOS to hopefully

00:52:39   try and reinvigorate that platform a little bit because it really feels stagnant, but

00:52:45   stagnant on an important product.

00:52:48   The Apple TV App Store is not important in the grand scheme of things.

00:52:52   As long as we can all get our Netflix app and our Amazon Prime app and whatever, like

00:52:56   Does anyone really care about there being loads of games and fun apps on the Apple TV?

00:53:00   I don't think so

00:53:01   And I think that there is no like if you look at what Apple's future business is

00:53:05   All of their content stuff playing on the Apple TV sells the Apple TV, whatever

00:53:09   But the Apple watch which should continue to be an important product

00:53:13   It needs to have apps on it to continue to make it useful

00:53:18   and they I think they need to do something there to give that kind of a

00:53:22   shot in the arm that needs

00:53:25   - Yeah, it's one of those things, I was having this,

00:53:29   and if people know of one, please write in,

00:53:31   but one of the things I was doing when I was running

00:53:34   last year is I was doing a training app,

00:53:37   like a couch to 5K app, which I do,

00:53:38   'cause then I stopped running and I do other stuff,

00:53:40   and then I'm like, oh, I should start running again,

00:53:42   and I wanna do this.

00:53:43   It's very good, 'cause every run sort of increases

00:53:46   in difficulty, and they're all kind of intervals

00:53:48   of you walk and then you run.

00:53:49   It tells you, now walk, now run, so you put on your phone.

00:53:52   Well, one of the things that I have done

00:53:54   the last sort of year is looked for apps that do that same thing, training apps

00:53:59   that run just on the watch. And I can't find one. All the watch apps I can find...

00:54:04   also I'll say finding a watch app that is clearly a watch app and not just

00:54:11   tethered to a phone is also very hard. That's part of the problem with the

00:54:15   watchOS apps now is even though watchOS apps are more

00:54:20   capable of being separated, the original conception of them was they were

00:54:24   completely tied to the to the phone. And so significantly overhauling the apps

00:54:29   and trying to push them further away from the iPhone, I feel like you know

00:54:34   some of that Apple's tried to do before and the developers seem to be resistant,

00:54:37   but part of it is that maybe the developers are frustrated with the

00:54:39   platform. So I hope it gets better because as an Apple Watch user and

00:54:43   somebody who likes my Apple Watch,

00:54:44   let me tell you there was nothing more frustrating than finding an app that I

00:54:47   I thought, keeping in mind too, that they have to have an iOS equivalent to even get

00:54:51   on your watch. But to have that and then be like, "Alright, I'm going to go for a run.

00:54:56   I'm going to do this," and have it say, "Please start this workout on your iPhone." It's like,

00:55:00   "No, I don't want to bring my iPhone. I have a cellular Apple watch. I want to run and

00:55:05   listen to music. Ideally, I'd like to listen to podcasts, stream to my AirPods, and have

00:55:10   it also tell me when to run and when to walk." And you know what? You can't do it. You can't,

00:55:16   far as I know it can't be done right now it needs to change and that means that

00:55:21   the apps need to be richer. You know I feel like the the LTE Apple Watch was

00:55:26   was debuted and we all said oh imagine what it would be like when you can just

00:55:31   leave your home with just your watch that has not happened like I do not feel

00:55:36   at all like the LTE Apple Watch is taking advantage of what it could do

00:55:42   you

00:56:00   can always be connected to the internet now. So it should be able to do basic stuff like

00:56:04   that and it doesn't. So for them to realize this product, there needs to be some significant

00:56:10   change, I think. I hope that we see that and I think that if they're going to do anything,

00:56:16   then that's what they'll do.

00:56:19   So since we're in the watch section of the draft, apparently, I'm going to pick a watch

00:56:24   item which is now that the series 3 watches are already out there and again this could

00:56:33   wait until they announce new watches but I think that the series 3 watches make this

00:56:37   possible now which is why I think we're going to see a watch OS and feature announcement

00:56:44   which is sleep tracking it adds to the medical focus of watch OS your health focus that they

00:56:52   have and I think the battery life on the new watches is long enough that they can actually

00:56:59   say we will do sleep tracking. Also, as we know and as David Smith has proved, if you

00:57:04   wear your watch while you're sleeping and then charge it while you take a shower, you

00:57:07   can do this and it's not a problem while you're getting ready in the morning. So I feel like

00:57:13   maybe this is the year that Apple embraces sleep as another dimension of the health features

00:57:19   of watchOS.

00:57:20   That's not what I thought you were going to say. I thought you were building up to

00:57:24   something else that I think I'm now going to pick.

00:57:27   All right, it's a run on watch items, here we go.

00:57:30   I wasn't expecting this to occur, but…

00:57:31   It's going to be like a two minute long watchOS thing where they're like, "Yeah,

00:57:35   watchOS is great." Anyway, moving on.

00:57:36   But we have like a third of the picks we're putting on this thing now. Okay, so again,

00:57:41   like, same idea, right? We have these more powerful watches with better battery life,

00:57:46   again you could make this part of the next watch but I think that the next watch is going

00:57:50   to be on the design of the watch, that's what they're going to show off. So I think, but

00:57:55   I think they will want to make sure they have people ready to take advantage of this new

00:57:58   feature which will be an always on OLED screen as part of watchOS, is this 5? watchOS 5 isn't

00:58:05   it?

00:58:06   >> JEAN-MICHELLE: Yeah this is, I wrestled with this one for the reasons you just outlined

00:58:10   which is, one of the problems with tracking Apple is that there are things they can do

00:58:15   in software that they reserve for hardware, right? And sometimes they reserve it for the

00:58:20   new hardware only. Other times they roll it out and say, "Oh yeah, and also the previous

00:58:25   generation will get this." And this is the challenge with the always-on OLED screen,

00:58:29   the idea that there will be a simplified, probably, screen on the Apple Watch that stays

00:58:37   on because with the OLED screen and more battery, you don't use a lot of power and then you

00:58:43   have something. It may not be the watch face that you prefer. It may flip to that when

00:58:48   you move your wrist. It may also be that they, this would be a very Apple thing to do, that

00:58:56   you have to choose a watch face that has support for Always On, and it's a more boring watch

00:59:05   face, but that's the one that they're going to use. It doesn't have a second hand that

00:59:09   sweeps or something like that. That's possible too. But I would love to see them do this.

00:59:13   I'm shocked that it's 2018 and we're talking about the Apple Watch, which was announced

00:59:17   in 2014, and they still aren't using that OLED screen to show you the time all the time,

00:59:24   but it does feel like it's inevitable. And the only question is, will they do it now?

00:59:29   Will they do it with a new round of hardware that's got even better battery life?

00:59:33   Yeah, the only reason I would say they would do this now is that there might be some work

00:59:38   that developers need to do for their complications and stuff, right? The way that they pull data,

00:59:42   the way that they display data, because you know, I'm imagining you maybe have this colourful

00:59:47   watch face or whatever, and then it goes into just black and white, and the second hand

00:59:52   disappears and stuff like that, and then when you look at it again, like the second hand

00:59:56   reappears and the colour comes back. That's kind of like how I imagine this thing looking,

01:00:01   So there probably would need to be some work there to get your complications like always

01:00:06   on ready, but we'll see.

01:00:10   All right, what are you picking for pick number seven?

01:00:13   Well I feel like I'm just going to segue into this pick.

01:00:15   I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick it for all the stated reasons.

01:00:18   It may be a new iPhone feature, but since you picked always on OLED screen for the watch,

01:00:22   I'm going to pick it for the iPhone.

01:00:24   I think that there is an iOS feature to be had and the question is, yes, will it be now

01:00:29   or will it be in the fall where they say, "You know what? If you're using the iPhone 10,

01:00:33   you can choose to have the screen on showing you the time and the date." And maybe things that are

01:00:43   kind of like complications, that's possible. And maybe either notifications or a notification

01:00:49   summary related to notification overhauls, see another location. But it's the same story, right?

01:00:55   The iPhone X has a lot of battery life and it's got an OLED screen.

01:01:00   You know, raise to wake is great, tap to wake is great.

01:01:04   You know what's even greater? Looking down at my phone on the table and seeing the time and date without having to touch it.

01:01:10   That's better. Let's do that. They can do that now. Why haven't they done it yet?

01:01:14   So, it's time. And they already have an OLED device, so they can talk about it now because the iPhone X exists and say, "Here's a great iPhone X feature."

01:01:23   Yes, they could also wait until the fall, but it seems like, especially if they roll

01:01:27   in other notification kind of items, like something that's more like a complication

01:01:33   or some other kind of notification reform that they might be doing, this would seem

01:01:38   to be a good time to roll that all together.

01:01:40   It feels like it would, I agree with you, would completely go together, which is why

01:01:44   I'm also going to make my seventh pick something that I think is tied into all of this, again,

01:01:48   of the stuff that I've been picking, an overhaul of Do Not Disturb.

01:01:55   So additional functions and features for Do Not Disturb preferences, whether this be ways

01:02:01   that you turn it on and off, different applications you can allow through, more automation of

01:02:07   it, whatever it ends up being, but a focus on Do Not Disturb is a thing.

01:02:11   And I do think somehow the OLED, you know, always on OLED could help lead into this,

01:02:17   right?

01:02:18   things won't light up anymore on your phone.

01:02:21   Right. They just change. So just collect and change.

01:02:25   It's less likely to bring, to like draw your peripheral vision

01:02:29   because it might just be a little icon when you're in Do Not Disturb

01:02:33   maybe the number just ticks up as opposed to showing you the entire text

01:02:37   of the notification or whatever.

01:02:38   So I think that these things could be tied together somehow but

01:02:42   I think if they're gonna do something to notifications, Do Not Disturb should go

01:02:46   along with it.

01:02:47   I'm gonna write a column about this,

01:02:49   but I'll give you the short version now,

01:02:50   which is it was the prom over the weekend,

01:02:54   which is, you know, big formal in the US.

01:02:56   It means something totally different in the UK,

01:02:58   but big formal dance for juniors and seniors in high school.

01:03:01   And my daughter's a junior in high school

01:03:02   and she went to the prom with a bunch of friends.

01:03:04   It was great.

01:03:05   And afterward they went back to a friend's house

01:03:07   where they had,

01:03:08   that was like their designated post-prom location.

01:03:10   The parents were there.

01:03:12   They, you know, they spent the night there,

01:03:13   but they couldn't leave the, you know,

01:03:15   It's basically a safe prom night kind of thing.

01:03:18   So, and you know, they're teenagers,

01:03:19   they're hanging out and having a great time

01:03:21   and it's prom night, it's very special.

01:03:23   And Jamie says she got like an hour of sleep

01:03:25   and she wanted to go home and sleep at 6.30 in the morning.

01:03:28   Well, guess what?

01:03:29   We have Do Not Disturb on our phones,

01:03:31   but we have her set in our favorites group.

01:03:33   So all her texts and phone calls to us

01:03:37   should have broken through, except guess what?

01:03:39   Our phones were on silent because they're always on silent

01:03:42   'cause I generally don't want my phone making noise.

01:03:44   and my volume was down all the way.

01:03:48   And so I actually had, I had mute off on my iPad,

01:03:51   which I usually don't.

01:03:53   And so she finally called me and my iPad rang.

01:03:56   And that's how I knew that she wanted to be picked up

01:04:00   and we went and picked her up.

01:04:02   But she first was texting Lauren and calling her

01:04:06   and no sound was made anywhere.

01:04:08   And this was one of those moments where I thought, okay,

01:04:12   This is a problem that Apple has the situation where

01:04:15   some people want noises some of the time,

01:04:17   some people want noises none of the time.

01:04:20   Sometimes you wanna let noises through,

01:04:22   but like if I'm at the theater and my daughter texts me,

01:04:26   I don't want it to make noise.

01:04:27   But when I'm at home and it's two in the morning

01:04:29   and my daughter is somewhere and is like,

01:04:31   "I need you to pick me up right now,"

01:04:32   I have to get that message, right?

01:04:34   How do you handle all of those situations?

01:04:37   Right now, the best that I've come up with is

01:04:39   at the end of the day,

01:04:40   I need to turn on Do Not Disturb and turn on the sound on my iPhone in order to receive

01:04:46   emergency messages.

01:04:47   Like that's too much.

01:04:49   That's too much work.

01:04:50   Well you see how, right, this is the problem you created with the way that your notifications

01:04:54   are so bad, right?

01:04:56   Well that's true, right?

01:04:57   I have just turned every sound off on my phone because I just, I never, because in most cases,

01:05:03   also I should say, a lot of sensors here, phones should be able to tell if it's in your

01:05:07   pocket and it can vibrate when it's in your pocket and when it's been laying somewhere

01:05:12   flat and not moved at all for a period of time, it's not in your pocket, right? It's

01:05:18   been abandoned and maybe it needs to get your attention in a different way at that point.

01:05:23   Like there are things, I'm not saying it's an easy problem, but I'm saying it's a problem.

01:05:27   And so I would roll all that in. I'm going to heap all of that on to do not disturb overhaul

01:05:31   all.

01:05:38   to know and in these situations I don't.

01:05:40   Alright, so that was pick number seven. We have three more picks to go and then we're

01:05:47   going to do, we're going to talk about the things that didn't quite make the cut but

01:05:51   we think are likely but won't be scored. But before we do, let me take our next break and

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01:07:12   Round 8 now. Are you ready Jason? What have you got?

01:07:16   I am ready and it is time to make a Mac pick.

01:07:19   Hooray! Finally! Is this the first? Well there was hardware right?

01:07:24   Should I say Mac OS mentioned on stage?

01:07:28   Nobody knows! I think that was an actual thing we were debating a lot last time.

01:07:33   was whether they would mention the Mac at all on stage. I'm going to say HomeKit on

01:07:37   Mac OS. I don't know what form this will take, but if you didn't know, HomeKit, very important

01:07:43   to Apple, not supported on the Mac at all, not even a little, not even a tiny bit. So

01:07:48   I'm going to say, and I think I'm actually, this is a super risky pick because I think

01:07:51   they may just not care or it may just be part of something larger because there are some

01:07:55   thoughts that one of the things that they do this much debated strategy of making it

01:08:01   easier for iOS developers to develop Mac apps, which is another thing we could

01:08:04   pick in this draft, although the feeling is that that's probably far away. One of

01:08:08   the things that they would do in terms of eating their own dog food would be to

01:08:11   take the Home app and convert it to run on the Mac. But regardless, I don't care

01:08:16   whether it's Home app on Mac OS, whether there's a new Notification Center

01:08:20   Today widget on Mac OS that shows you your HomeKit status, whether it's Siri on

01:08:26   the Mac that is doing HomeKit. I don't care. What I want to do is to be able to

01:08:32   sit at my desk and change the lighting in my room via HomeKit without realizing

01:08:38   "Oh, all of my iOS devices are elsewhere in the house, so I have to leave the room,

01:08:43   bring back an iOS device, and then do it." That's stupid. The Mac should do HomeKit.

01:08:48   So I'm going to say, mostly out of my being irate that it doesn't already, I'm

01:08:53   I'm gonna say that Apple's finally gonna get

01:08:55   with the program and allow the Mac

01:08:57   to control HomeKit devices.

01:08:59   - Yeah, I mean, I see why this could never happen, right?

01:09:03   Because it's like, well, you probably have an iOS device,

01:09:06   probably, and/or you should be speaking

01:09:09   to your iOS devices, you know?

01:09:10   - But this goes to a lot of the misconceptions

01:09:12   of how people use their computers,

01:09:14   and I hope that Apple is changing its tune here,

01:09:16   'cause yes, it's true, we all have iOS devices, right,

01:09:20   more or less, many, many, most Apple used to.

01:09:22   sometimes think to myself, oh, let me just turn on the light and go to notification center on the Mac.

01:09:27   Right? So even I as an iOS first person do this. I'm just wondering if like what the strategy is

01:09:33   going to be. When I'm using my computer, I'm using my computer. I'm not using my iOS devices. And in

01:09:40   my case, I will grant you a lot of people, they're doing that and their phone is in their pocket.

01:09:44   I get that. But my phone is not in my pocket a lot of the time. It is charging and it's charging in

01:09:49   another room because I've got all of this great Apple technology that lets me

01:09:54   know if I get a text message or if my phone rings. It happens on my Mac, but if

01:10:00   I need to turn on a light or adjust to the thermostat, I can't. It just

01:10:06   seems dumb. It is a huge hole in the Mac where I think it would be something

01:10:12   that they should address. So I'm gonna wish cast a little bit and also

01:10:16   feel like if there's ever low-hanging fruit for a macOS update, supporting HomeKit is

01:10:20   it. So there it is.

01:10:22   Alright, so my next pick we might need to do some discussion over as to how exactly

01:10:29   we're going to score this or what we're going to let through. I want to pick movement of

01:10:33   Control Center. Now, the thing is about this, I believe Control Center's going to move,

01:10:43   I just don't know which device they're going to relocate it somewhere else on.

01:10:48   So they're either going to change the iPhone to be like the iPad or they're going to change

01:10:52   the iPad to be like the iPhone.

01:10:54   And I don't know which one they're going to do.

01:10:57   Or both.

01:10:58   Or both, right?

01:10:59   To a new location.

01:11:00   They move them both to somewhere completely different.

01:11:01   Turns out they're now bringing out a control center device, which is this whole extra thing.

01:11:06   No, do you know what I mean?

01:11:08   What you do?

01:11:09   It's like AirPods.

01:11:10   You tap the back of your device and it pops up.

01:11:12   throw it across the sky and it goes into airplane mode. I'm not sure what they're gonna do here

01:11:20   and I want to see if you are okay with that. It changes on one iOS device to a different

01:11:27   thing.

01:11:28   No, I like that. I think we had in our list, I put in Control Center moves on the iPhone

01:11:32   10, but I think this is a perfectly good pick and I like how it's broader because you're

01:11:36   calling out something that we've talked about before that I think is important, which is

01:11:40   Apple made some changes to the UI for the iPhone 10 and for iPads last year,

01:11:44   and they did it differently on those devices.

01:11:46   So they started to diverge and it's a little bit weird.

01:11:49   It doesn't mean divergence isn't okay, but it's a little bit weird.

01:11:52   And then on top of that, I personally am still frustrated all of these months

01:11:56   later about where control center is on my iPhone 10, because I use,

01:12:01   I hold my iPhone in my left hand.

01:12:02   And a lot of what my iPhone interaction is, is swiping with my thumb.

01:12:06   And guess what?

01:12:07   Guess what I can't do with my thumb, Myke.

01:12:09   I can't bring up Control Center because my thumb is not six inches long and does not

01:12:14   reach the far corner of the screen. And I used to flip up Control Center all the time,

01:12:19   so I would love to see it move on the iPhone X, but I think I like your broader point,

01:12:24   which is, somebody's gonna see Control Center moved somewhere.

01:12:31   Pick number nine. Pick number nine, oh boy. The penultimate pick here. Oh, yes, yeah,

01:12:38   Let's do some more pressure, Myke. That is very helpful.

01:12:40   We have a lot of things. There's probably like 40 more things to pick from, from our

01:12:45   shared list. Because that is what we do. I think we mentioned it, but to make it clear

01:12:48   again, we don't... I think it's fairer this way for the draft that we agree upon a list

01:12:53   that we choose from and then pick them, rather than me and Jason just surprising each other

01:12:57   with our big ideas. I think it works better for the draft, right? That we have a list

01:13:02   and we pick from that list. So there's a lot left on the list.

01:13:06   There is a lot left on the list.

01:13:08   I am going to go with a pick

01:13:13   that I think is probably not gonna happen,

01:13:16   but it would be amazing if we saw it

01:13:18   and I'm gonna broaden it enough to make it possible

01:13:20   that we'll see it.

01:13:22   And that is development environment on iPad

01:13:26   at the developer conference.

01:13:29   Now we had this in the list as Xcode for iPad.

01:13:33   Yeah, that is probably a stretch.

01:13:36   - Yeah, you know.

01:13:37   - But what I'm sort of saying is,

01:13:41   something more than what we have now in Swift Playgrounds,

01:13:45   I would love a demo where they say that,

01:13:48   basically you could write an app in Swift on an iPad

01:13:50   and submit it to the App Store.

01:13:53   But it might not be Xcode, right?

01:13:54   It might, or it might be called Xcode

01:13:57   and not be Xcode as we know it.

01:13:58   - Yeah, like I imagine that you could say like,

01:14:00   oh, hey, that project you've been working on,

01:14:02   you can take it on the road on your iPad

01:14:04   and do this and do this and do this,

01:14:06   and then throw it on your Mac to submit, right?

01:14:09   - Right, right, that would be a possibility, right,

01:14:11   where it's a buddy to your Mac's Xcode,

01:14:13   but it's not all of Xcode, but it's enough to get you,

01:14:17   it's advancing the ball toward the ideal

01:14:19   that the iPad could be used as a development environment.

01:14:22   - I wanna throw something else out there, right,

01:14:24   as a potential thing here,

01:14:26   is just somehow tethering your devices

01:14:29   to make them run differently,

01:14:31   like to maybe have it run on the device.

01:14:32   Do you think that's the thing that we count here?

01:14:34   are we talking about purely like a tool for iOS

01:14:39   that will allow you to advance the work

01:14:42   that you're currently doing on your application?

01:14:43   Is that kind of what we're going for here?

01:14:45   - I think it's that.

01:14:47   I think it's definitely that.

01:14:48   - The creation of some--

01:14:49   - Either you're building your app on your iPad

01:14:53   or you're able to sort of take some of the work you're doing

01:14:56   but I think Swift is probably the key here.

01:14:58   That's when I imagine a development environment on iPad,

01:15:01   that's what I'm imagining

01:15:02   is it's a swift app development environment.

01:15:07   And the dream is that you could do enough theoretically,

01:15:11   and then everybody will complain and be like,

01:15:12   oh, but I can't do that because of this, because of this,

01:15:14   and that probably will be true.

01:15:16   But that at some level,

01:15:18   they will be able to demo app development

01:15:21   that involves you doing it on an iPad Pro.

01:15:23   - I like that.

01:15:25   I would like to see that just because it's a statement.

01:15:29   That's why I would like to see it.

01:15:30   Obviously I wouldn't use it,

01:15:32   but I would love to see it.

01:15:33   I think it would say a lot about iPad and iOS.

01:15:36   Which makes me think that I'm gonna shuffle things around

01:15:41   a little bit and I'm gonna throw out,

01:15:44   the only thing that I feel any kind of confidence

01:15:48   about hardware-wise, purely on gut feeling,

01:15:52   is new iPad Pros announced at WWDC.

01:15:56   - Wow.

01:15:57   - Yeah, I know.

01:15:58   I've got this one into my head.

01:16:01   There is no indication that this is gonna happen.

01:16:06   I just think it's gonna happen.

01:16:09   - I wanna live in your world.

01:16:11   I want new iPad Pros.

01:16:12   I totally want new iPad Pros.

01:16:13   I wanna live in that world.

01:16:14   I don't think it's gonna happen till fall,

01:16:15   but I want it to happen, Myke.

01:16:17   I'm with you there. - Honestly,

01:16:18   this is one of the things I'm picking just purely based upon

01:16:21   I wanna put that energy out into the universe, you know?

01:16:24   - If you win the draft because iPad Pros

01:16:26   are surprise announcements at WWDC,

01:16:29   I'm just gonna tip my cap.

01:16:30   That's like, great, I'm glad you won the draft.

01:16:33   - It's like, I'll take that off.

01:16:35   This is good for all of us.

01:16:36   Like the reason is they did it last year.

01:16:39   They could do it again.

01:16:40   They're not gonna have any significant software advancements

01:16:45   in my opinion in iOS 12 for the iPad.

01:16:48   So a way to show continued,

01:16:50   some kind of continued love to the iPad line

01:16:56   is to show off new hardware

01:16:58   that might not even ship for like a month

01:17:00   or whatever, right?

01:17:01   But I think, I hope really

01:17:05   that we're gonna get new iPad Pros.

01:17:06   I may have burned the pick here,

01:17:09   but this is just the gut feeling that I have

01:17:11   and I hope that it comes true.

01:17:13   So I'm gonna go with that for pick number nine.

01:17:16   - Now remember we did in a previous draft as the idea,

01:17:22   like I picked the Mac being mentioned on stage.

01:17:29   and I don't did it. I think maybe it didn't. I don't know. I'm going to do something similar here,

01:17:35   which is, and I think this is a risky pick, I think because at the last quarterly phone call

01:17:44   with analysts, Apple had very little to say about this product, but I'm just going to pick the Home

01:17:52   Pod will be mentioned on stage. Maybe there'll be an update. Maybe they'll talk about stereo pairing.

01:17:57   Maybe they'll talk about new Siri features that will work on the HomePod as well as other places,

01:18:01   but I'm just going to put it there on the ground. I'm going to lay it there, which is

01:18:04   very simple. Is the HomePod's existence acknowledged in some way?

01:18:09   Okay. I think you're going rogue. I don't think that was in our list,

01:18:13   but I'm happy to allow this. I don't think so. I don't think it was in our list.

01:18:22   Maybe I added it and didn't. That was not one of the ones I told you. You can veto it if you want.

01:18:26   No, I don't want to, because again, I think this was the same as the Mac. I think you

01:18:31   did this for the Mac too. I like it. I like this as a pick because it is a tantalizing

01:18:39   thing, right? An omission completely of the HomePod this year would say a lot.

01:18:47   They announced it last year at this event. How could they not mention it? If they don't

01:18:50   mention it, especially in a Siri context, plus it's got features that they promised

01:18:54   that they haven't delivered yet. Like, when would they do it other than now? And if they

01:19:00   don't, wow, that will be something, right? So I think they will, but yeah.

01:19:04   Jared: I will note as well that we are in our final round and neither of us has mentioned

01:19:09   the word "Siri" yet.

01:19:10   Tim: No, that's one of the reasons I wanted to get a Siri pic in there and I thought about

01:19:14   picking a slightly different Siri thing and I decided it would be a little safer. Remember

01:19:18   last year when we were convinced that Siri was going to be the through line of the entire

01:19:21   event and it totally wasn't?

01:19:23   Jared and Tim >> Yup.

01:19:24   Maybe it'll flip the other way. Maybe this year we'll totally discount their Siri stuff and then

01:19:28   it will all be about Siri now that they've got Siri on all these different devices.

01:19:33   We'll see. What's your last pick, Myke? That's the last one.

01:19:36   - Similar idea, right? You know, your HomePod thing is a canary in the coal mine, right? That

01:19:42   mention. So I'm gonna pick for my final pick, a mention of user automation improvements or workflow

01:19:50   on stage. Apple bought workflow over a year ago. I want to see what the point was.

01:19:58   - Right, wouldn't that be nice? - Why did you do this?

01:20:01   - I have some theories. - I have many theories.

01:20:03   - I have some theories. You mentioned notification overhaul. Like, one of my thoughts was,

01:20:08   wouldn't it be great if you could tie workflow to notifications? So when a notification is sent,

01:20:13   like instead of the apps having to do a URL callback or something, it's like,

01:20:16   when a notification is sent from this app that contains these things, do something.

01:20:20   or when an event is sent,

01:20:22   like that would be one way to do it.

01:20:23   Siri is another way where you could train Siri

01:20:25   to do things on voice

01:20:26   that were actually just kicking off workflows.

01:20:29   There are so many different ways they could do it.

01:20:31   They could also say,

01:20:32   we are a believer in a variant of Swift

01:20:36   as a scripting language,

01:20:37   and now you can use that to automate apps,

01:20:39   our apps and other apps can follow,

01:20:41   or we're gonna embrace the things the Omni group

01:20:44   are doing with JavaScript and we'll go that route.

01:20:47   There's lots of different paths this could take,

01:20:49   But yes, wouldn't it not be nice

01:20:52   if after they bought Workflow,

01:20:54   they said anything about it or user automation as a concept?

01:20:58   Wouldn't that be great?

01:20:59   - It'd be great.

01:21:00   And this might be one of those things

01:21:01   where we have to adjudicate together

01:21:05   to what counts towards this.

01:21:07   You know, one thing that I thought was,

01:21:09   what about Workflow on the Mac?

01:21:10   - Sure.

01:21:13   I think we'll know, and I'll give you that one.

01:21:15   Yeah, I think we'll know it when we see it.

01:21:18   I think it's one of those.

01:21:19   I think we'll know.

01:21:20   Boy, that would be, for me, that's the dream feature.

01:21:22   I think I wrote about that on Macworld last week.

01:21:25   In my geeky iOS dreams was

01:21:28   a new unified user automation story from Apple,

01:21:32   where they say on iOS and Mac,

01:21:34   here's how we're gonna do it moving forward.

01:21:36   And I've yet to see much evidence

01:21:39   that Apple cares about user automation at all.

01:21:42   But maybe we live in hope.

01:21:44   - One big thing was they bought a company that does it.

01:21:47   I mean, this is what I'm saying.

01:21:49   It's like they've not done anything.

01:21:51   It looked like they didn't care about it, right?

01:21:53   Automated, nothing's happened to it in years.

01:21:55   They did nothing with this on iOS.

01:21:57   They always made it hard for the workflow team

01:21:59   to get features through it seemed, right?

01:22:01   Including the app even originally debuting

01:22:03   in the first place.

01:22:04   It seemed like it was always a fight of app review,

01:22:06   understandably, because it was such a strange

01:22:09   and application that did things that typically seemed

01:22:12   like they wouldn't have been allowed.

01:22:13   Then they fired Salzogoyen,

01:22:16   but then they bought workflow.

01:22:18   Right, so it's like it seemed like that they had,

01:22:21   they were doing everything they could

01:22:22   to make this difficult or make it an edge case or whatever,

01:22:25   but then they bought the team and they didn't kill the app.

01:22:28   The app became an Apple app,

01:22:30   which they've still updated since, right?

01:22:32   So like that shows something.

01:22:34   I want to see what the point of this was.

01:22:37   I want to see why did you acquire

01:22:39   that group of incredibly talented young developers?

01:22:42   Why did you do this?

01:22:44   I want to see that.

01:22:45   So we'll wait and see.

01:22:48   So that's it, that's our 10 picks.

01:22:51   You can find in our show notes the scorecard

01:22:54   so you can score along with us.

01:22:56   That is the 10 picks that me and Jason have chosen each.

01:23:00   - But we're not done.

01:23:01   - We're not done.

01:23:02   I have a small list. - Oh no.

01:23:04   - I have a handful of things that I wanted to mention too

01:23:08   as well as I'm sure you do of things that we think

01:23:10   are likely but just missed out

01:23:13   on our official draft list.

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01:24:46   Alright, give me a couple, give me two things from your list of items that you think could

01:24:54   happen but didn't make it into your official top 10. I want two items from you, Jason.

01:25:00   We can do more, but just to start off, I want two.

01:25:02   Yeah, I've got about 10 that made my list of possible picks, but I didn't pick. So,

01:25:10   first two. Dark mode on iOS. Again, it goes back to that whole OLED screen discussion,

01:25:17   like a real valid dark mode. I would say dark mode on the Mac too could be thrown in there

01:25:22   they have come close but they just can't go over the edge. Like an official dark mode,

01:25:27   the system knows, all the apps can change their appearance based on it. And then one of those

01:25:33   old saws that I'm kind of just tired of bringing it out and having it be rejected, which is

01:25:37   improved family sharing features on photos. Presumably there'll be new app, new features

01:25:42   and photos. There always are. I write a book about photos to update it every summer. I imagine I'll

01:25:48   have to do that again. But the one that keeps coming back and that Google has tried to address

01:25:52   and Apple hasn't is the fact that if you've got two adults with Apple IDs and their partners,

01:25:59   and they want to share their photo libraries and pour into a shared photo library, you can't do it.

01:26:03   You can't do it. There's family sharing. It's a lower resolution version of the photo. And even

01:26:08   if you copy it over, you have to do it manually. It's not good enough. So I'm kind of beaten down

01:26:15   about that one because it should have been there years ago when they

01:26:19   announced families in Apple IDs and they haven't done it yet but maybe this

01:26:24   year. Yeah I was thinking about the dark one too and that kind of led me also down

01:26:29   the path of some iOS design refresh in that it feels like right now there are

01:26:35   multiple different, even in Apple's own apps, like styles and ways of showing

01:26:39   certain elements and I think maybe it's time to just unify some of that stuff a

01:26:45   little bit maybe yeah just just being a little bit more consistency that would

01:26:50   be high on my list if not for that Mark Gurman report that that was one of the

01:26:53   things they kicked to next year but I would I would love to see that and then

01:26:58   also some form of easier Mac app development for iOS developers not even

01:27:04   necessarily my list right this idea of like straight up you put your iOS to

01:27:09   iOS app on the Mac or whatever but just some kind of beginning of this you know

01:27:15   whether it is that, what is it called? UX kit, like what photos is made out of, you know?

01:27:20   Just something that seems to like, crack open that door a little bit, you know, something to kind of

01:27:26   bleed a little bit of life maybe into the Mac App Store through this or something which is like,

01:27:31   "Hey, iOS developers, we're trying to make it easier for you."

01:27:34   - Yeah, that would be great. And it doesn't have to be Marzipan. In fact, it could be

01:27:40   a step toward that, but not the whole step.

01:27:42   Just ways of saying, all iOS developers use Macs,

01:27:47   but it's hard to write Mac apps as an iOS developer.

01:27:52   So let's make it easier and start down that path.

01:27:55   It doesn't always have to go all at once.

01:27:57   Two others that I wanted to mention that both of what,

01:28:01   so refinements made to multitasking on iOS,

01:28:05   which again, I'm gonna kind of assume

01:28:07   based on the reports from Mark Gurman,

01:28:09   that has been kicked major iPad improvements have been kicked to 2019.

01:28:14   However, you could make refinements today and I'm thinking specifically of things like

01:28:20   better support for keyboard and changing focus between apps in split view and maybe even

01:28:27   using the keyboard to control split view and and slide over and things like that some things

01:28:34   that are not a complete overhaul but are refinements I would like it now this did not happen.

01:28:39   last time, right? They announced the multitasking features and they did not change them one

01:28:44   bit for two years. It may be that that's what we're looking at again, but I'm going to still

01:28:48   have a little bit of hope that they could do some little refinements to make the stuff

01:28:53   that they introduced last time better and that we might see those in the next iOS version.

01:29:00   And then my other one is something that I constantly hope for. It has not happened yet.

01:29:04   I feel like it would be super easy for them to do because they already have a text insertion

01:29:08   cursor on iOS, which is to just let you pair pointing devices with iOS devices.

01:29:14   And all they all they may do is move that cursor. That's fine. That's fine. If

01:29:18   somebody edits text on iOS, I'd love to have a trackpad for text editing. Only at

01:29:23   this point it would be enough for me. And I don't anticipate that happening, but if

01:29:27   it does happen, you know what it's going to be? It's going to be one of those 50

01:29:31   features that's on that slide that says there are 50 plus more features that we

01:29:36   didn't even talk about here. It'll be one of those, if it's anything. But they could

01:29:40   do it. They don't need to completely rethink iOS in order to just let you pair a Bluetooth

01:29:45   mouse or a dragpad and move that little iBeam cursor around.

01:29:49   I'd love that. I have two more Apple Watch ones.

01:29:52   Oh boy. I know. Third-party watch faces.

01:29:56   Yeah, I feel like that's never going to happen now, but it would be nice.

01:30:00   But to me, I try and apply the third party keyboard to this idea, right?

01:30:06   It seemed like that was never ever going to happen and then one year it just happened.

01:30:10   And I think that that could be the same, you know, we just have to wait it out.

01:30:14   And enough of which has surprised me that it hasn't been included yet, which is yoga

01:30:18   as a fitness tracking type.

01:30:22   Just feel like, you know, these developers in California, I figured they might have put

01:30:27   yoga in, like how they have swimming and all those kinds of things. That's always surprised

01:30:31   me. So yeah, I think that that's one that I would like to see. I have one more after

01:30:38   this. You can pick out any more you want.

01:30:40   All right. I'll give you two. You give one and then I'll empty the rest of my list. Some

01:30:46   alteration to the business split in the App Store, the 70/30. And it's already altered,

01:30:53   because if you have a subscription that goes longer than a year it turns to 75/25

01:30:58   I think or is it 80/20? I don't know. It's better after the first year. So the idea that they're

01:31:03   kind of charging you for content for customer acquisition. 85/15? Oh yeah, even better. So

01:31:08   there's a good one. I don't have a subscription in the App Store. But yeah, so the idea there is

01:31:12   you acquire them and you pay Apple and then you pay them at a lower rate. Maybe some change there.

01:31:18   I don't know what that would be. I don't think it's going to be a global sort of like,

01:31:22   it's all 80/20 now,

01:31:23   although it's possible they could do that.

01:31:25   Somebody was asking about services revenue, by the way,

01:31:27   my understanding is that all the App Store revenue

01:31:31   is Apple services revenue.

01:31:34   And then part of their expense in that line

01:31:36   is the payouts to developers.

01:31:38   So I think if you change the split,

01:31:40   it doesn't change the,

01:31:41   I don't think it changes the revenue

01:31:43   because I think the revenue is all of it.

01:31:46   Now, if I could be wrong, correct me if I'm wrong,

01:31:47   but I think that's the case,

01:31:49   that it's all revenue, right?

01:31:50   And then the 70 is expense that they pay that back out

01:31:55   to developers.

01:31:56   I think that's how that works.

01:31:57   - Right, 'cause they don't report services profit.

01:32:00   - Right, it's services revenue.

01:32:03   I mean, they are profitable,

01:32:04   and that's their margin, right?

01:32:06   That's a business with quite honestly,

01:32:07   a pretty good margin, a 30% margin,

01:32:10   the App Store business is.

01:32:11   So they're essentially bringing in all the money,

01:32:12   they're paying out 70% to their suppliers

01:32:15   and they keep 30%, that's pretty good deal.

01:32:17   - 'Cause I thought that that wasn't gonna happen

01:32:19   because of that.

01:32:20   But yeah, you've just kind of opened my mind up to that a little bit, which is that it's

01:32:24   not necessarily profit.

01:32:26   So you can still report the same numbers.

01:32:28   Maybe the changes won't be global.

01:32:29   Maybe they'll be in very specific areas where they're like, "We're going to change what

01:32:34   certain kinds of apps do."

01:32:36   You make a watch app and an iPad app as part of your whole universal thing, you now get

01:32:41   an extra 10% of the revenue.

01:32:42   You know, something like that as an incentivization tactic.

01:32:44   It could be, but just a change.

01:32:46   So anyway, I had that in there because I think that, again, we don't have to specify what

01:32:49   the changes but a change some change somewhere and I'm gonna I'm gonna say

01:32:52   again I had on my list and again my heart's been broken too many times I

01:32:56   couldn't pick it the the expansion of that free iCloud storage space figure

01:33:00   because it should be bigger than it is I'm not saying they get they they still

01:33:04   offer a 99 cent subscription 99 cents a month and that is the most in my mind

01:33:09   that is the most embarrassing product in Apple's product line is the 99 cents per

01:33:14   month iCloud storage space just make that free make that the free tier make

01:33:17   that the free tier. People are going to love iCloud. They're going to want to use more

01:33:20   iCloud space. A whole bunch of people giving you 99 cents a month so that you don't completely

01:33:26   degrade their experience is not worth it on any level. Make iCloud better. Expand the

01:33:32   free tier. It's not something for nothing because you're already giving away something

01:33:37   for free. Do I think it's going to happen? No, I don't. I think they're just going to

01:33:42   keep dragging their feet. I'm tired of getting my heart broken so I didn't pick it.

01:33:45   All right, the last one I want to throw out there is Siri to get new assistant focused

01:33:51   features. I don't really know what this looks like, but just Siri gets some features where

01:33:56   they're like, this makes it more like your personal assistant or your digital assistant,

01:34:01   right? Where like they somehow give it some features that are meant to be like, oh, hey,

01:34:05   and now it's a better assistant than ever before, you know?

01:34:09   - Yeah, no, that's making it feel a little bit more personal. It could be things like Siri, type to Siri, it could be Siri in an iMessage.

01:34:19   There's lots of things it could be to make it feel more assistant-y. Well, we'll see. We don't have to score that one, so that's good.

01:34:25   I had basically three more. Enhancements to SiriKit. Again, this is a case where I feel like I picked it so many times that I didn't want to bother picking it where it's, yeah, it's more for developers.

01:34:35   like let me take my podcast player and tell it to play a podcast, which you can't do now.

01:34:40   Let me tell a different music playing app that I want to play music.

01:34:44   Let me do more.

01:34:45   This could be how they show HomePod, right?

01:34:47   That they announce new Siri kit intents and that they show it off in the demo of HomePod.

01:34:52   Could be.

01:34:53   I mean, my dream last time was that they were going to show cloud services with Siri too,

01:34:56   because that's one of the places where they're way behind Amazon, is the ability to build

01:35:00   cloud apps, basically.

01:35:01   There are like Siri apps that you can talk to on any device because you add them via

01:35:08   an app store and then they're just in your Siri.

01:35:12   And Alexa does that now.

01:35:15   And Siri doesn't.

01:35:17   But I don't think they're going to do that either.

01:35:19   I put MacBook and MacBook Air updates too.

01:35:21   I think there is a distinct possibility that Apple will just unload a slew of apps.

01:35:31   minor updates to the laptop line in at once I picked the one I wasn't going to

01:35:37   pick any more than that one's the most relevant to this audience and the most

01:35:41   obvious that they could use the latest generation of Intel processors but I

01:35:44   think there's a chance that the whole laptop line could get revved and that

01:35:49   they could do it on stage so we'll see everyone likes hardware where it's

01:35:54   applicable or not right right right and if they've got it ready to go in there

01:35:58   and they're going to just churn through their laptop line that's two-thirds of

01:36:00   of their Mac sales, like why not do it on stage

01:36:03   in front of an audience of Mac developers,

01:36:06   or of Mac users who are iOS developers, like it's important.

01:36:10   My last item, and I didn't pick this

01:36:12   because we sort of like, you got your FaceTime pick.

01:36:14   I didn't want to do two FaceTime picks,

01:36:16   but every year we think

01:36:18   maybe they'll do multi-person FaceTime.

01:36:19   Imagine the demos if you can have like two grandchildren

01:36:23   in different states talking to grandma at the same time

01:36:26   and each other and stuff like that.

01:36:27   - And all of them using Animoji.

01:36:30   - Yeah, right?

01:36:31   And the technology exists to do this.

01:36:33   Everybody, that's, people are like,

01:36:35   "Oh, what about FaceTime?"

01:36:36   People assume FaceTime will let you talk to multiple people.

01:36:39   And it won't.

01:36:40   So--

01:36:41   - My only assumption with this, Jason,

01:36:42   is that there is just something

01:36:45   in the underlying foundation of FaceTime.

01:36:49   - That makes it too hard.

01:36:50   - Yeah, because why would you not have done this by now?

01:36:54   - I know, I don't know.

01:36:55   It's a real mystery to me,

01:36:57   because so many other services do offer this sort of thing.

01:37:01   And that's why I didn't pick it,

01:37:02   is like it's gone on so long that they haven't done it

01:37:05   that now I feel like I'm just a fool if I keep picking it.

01:37:09   Fool me once, shame on me.

01:37:11   Fool me five years in a row.

01:37:14   Or fool me once, shame on you.

01:37:15   Fool me five years in a row, shame on me.

01:37:17   I should just get the message that it's never gonna happen.

01:37:21   And then you know what happens, then they do it.

01:37:23   So maybe this year.

01:37:24   - You've at least said it. - We live in hope.

01:37:25   you've at least said it, you know, you've got that.

01:37:27   - Yep.

01:37:28   - I got that. - So that is the draft.

01:37:30   Of course, all of those that we've mentioned in this segment

01:37:32   they are non-scorable items.

01:37:34   It's merely for, I don't know, bragging rights, I guess.

01:37:37   These were the things that we thought

01:37:39   and they end up happening.

01:37:40   And also I guess to commiserate and be like,

01:37:42   "Oh, why did I put my new iPad Pro in there?

01:37:45   "We kind of just should have kept the yoga fitness type in."

01:37:48   You know, that's the kind of idea.

01:37:50   So on our next episode next week, which we will be,

01:37:54   We're recording as soon as we can after the keynote ends.

01:37:58   So you can look for that.

01:37:59   I mean, I'm hoping in all honesty

01:38:01   that we will be able to publish, upgrade,

01:38:04   probably before or just after the State of the Union.

01:38:07   It's kind of, it's my hope

01:38:09   that we will have the episode out as quick as we can.

01:38:11   - There is a tight window between the keynote

01:38:14   and the State of the Union,

01:38:15   which is a too Pacific, I wanna say,

01:38:17   that is the window that we're hoping to do.

01:38:19   I'm going to run out the doors of the keynote.

01:38:23   and across to the hotel and then we're going to do that episode immediately.

01:38:29   I think we're already we're going to like make sure lunch is already there so that we don't have to wait like

01:38:33   get lunch and then none of that we're just going to do it so it'll be hopefully as quickly as possible after the event is over.

01:38:41   So Jason will be he's going to be there and so he'll be coming from the convention center to meet me

01:38:47   and then we'll be recording the show and we're going to be doing two things we're going to be

01:38:51   scoring the draft and then we're going to be talking about some of the big themes, some

01:38:55   of the big ideas, what was announced, what was not announced at WWDC so you can catch

01:39:00   that next week so look out for that. And again I'll mention it last time in our show notes

01:39:06   this week which are at relay.fm/upgrades/195 you will be able to find a link to a PDF which

01:39:13   you can download so you can score along with us and please tweet at us with the way you

01:39:18   you've scored. I love to see when people are scoring, I love to see what people, I always

01:39:22   find it funny to see how vastly different everybody scores the drafts, that's always,

01:39:27   it always makes me smile to see that. So that's always a lot of fun, so we look forward to

01:39:31   enjoying that along with you. And if you want to find Jason online, he's over at SixColors.com.

01:39:39   Jason how, what are you going to be doing? You're going to be live blogging, live tweeting

01:39:42   the event, what's your plan?

01:39:44   I haven't come up with my plan yet. I will do some coverage from there. I figure everybody's

01:39:49   going to be watching the video, so I hope to do a little bit lighter commentary maybe

01:39:53   on Twitter while also taking notes and thinking and planning what I'm going to say, of course.

01:39:59   I am going to link to the @sixcolorsevent Twitter account, because sometimes you will

01:40:05   put things on there too, so if you want to follow along there you can, but of course

01:40:09   if you go to sixcolors.com you'll be able to see whatever Jason's doing, if he's doing

01:40:12   anything at that time but follow Jason on Twitter he's @JSnell and I am @imike I am

01:40:17   Y K E. I want to thank our sponsors one more time the wonderful folk over at Skillshare

01:40:24   and ButcherBox and Smile with PDF Pen 10 and also Pingdom as well for helping make this

01:40:29   episode happen. We hope that you have enjoyed the third annual draft 2018 WWDC draft and

01:40:37   We'll be back next week in person from San Jose, California.

01:40:42   Until then, say goodbye, Jason Snow.

01:40:45   - See you next week, Myke.

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