185: The March 2018 Apple Event Draft


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade episode 185 and today is a draft day. It is the March

00:00:15   Education Event 2018 draft. This episode is brought to you by Squarespace, TextExpander,

00:00:22   FreshBooks and SaneBox. My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by, I'm assuming an equally excited,

00:00:28   Mr. Jason Snell. Who is not excited about going to an Apple event? I would say, well,

00:00:36   probably there are plenty of people. I'm excited, Myke. I'm excited.

00:00:38   Good. I have a #SnellTalk question. I ended up writing one in myself this week because

00:00:45   relevancy for this episode, because when we were originally going through the doc and

00:00:50   putting this all together, nobody knew that you were going to be going to Chicago this

00:00:54   week. But here we are. So I have a question for you. Jason, you're going to be heading

00:00:58   heading out to Chicago next week. What food are you going to hunt down on your return

00:01:02   to Chicago?

00:01:03   Well, we were just there, which is kind of funny, to go back to Chicago.

00:01:06   Exactly. We were there in October.

00:01:08   And I was thinking about this. I'm not there very long. This is one of the things that

00:01:13   we could talk about it in a minute or we could talk about it now. But I literally woke up

00:01:18   on -- when was that? Thursday morning. And I had a whole stream of Slack messages in

00:01:24   notification center on my iPad from you.

00:01:26   And it's like seven in the morning.

00:01:28   And I didn't even understand what I was seeing

00:01:30   'cause you were talking about a draft

00:01:32   and you had a Twitter link and the Twitter link expanded

00:01:36   in Slack to explain what was going on,

00:01:38   but in notification center, it only shows the Twitter URL.

00:01:41   And so then I opened Slack and I read it and I'm, again,

00:01:44   I'm waking up and I'm like,

00:01:46   "Oh, there's an Apple education event

00:01:47   and we'll be doing a draft

00:01:49   and we'll then have to do a post event thing."

00:01:53   So I from bed while wearing my pajamas, I made plane reservations, made a hotel

00:01:58   reservation, talked to Alex Cox about using the Chicago podcast co-op recording

00:02:04   studio, which is the place where we ate pizza.

00:02:07   As you remember Chicago pizza for Dubai Friday, episode 47.

00:02:11   Um, all of that.

00:02:13   And in my pajamas and, uh, but as a result, it is a whirlwind trip.

00:02:19   I decided I'm not going to stay.

00:02:21   I'm going to fly in on Monday.

00:02:23   evening and go to the event and fly home Tuesday night. So I'm not hanging around Chicago.

00:02:29   This is a less than two weeks notice kind of quick trip. So what time will I have? Apple

00:02:36   feeds you breakfast at the event and they might even give us food at the end of the

00:02:41   event for kind of a lunchy thing. So I'm unsure whether I'm going to need any lunch. Although

00:02:45   if I do need lunch, I probably will try to get some pizza somewhere because I do actually

00:02:49   like the pizza that's in Chicago, but I have to make my way quickly to the studio in order

00:02:54   for us to do our thing. And then that leaves me with whatever happens afterward, and that's

00:03:00   just a question of timing because I have to get back to the airport. If I have time, maybe

00:03:04   my vaunted Chicago pizza drop-in happens then. Otherwise, I will be doing what has become

00:03:09   a custom for me and is also a custom for our friend Dr. Drang, actually, when he flies

00:03:13   through Midway Airport in Chicago, which is you get yourself a Chicago-style hot dog in

00:03:18   Midway Airport and you eat it and then you fly away. That may be what it is. It may be

00:03:25   the old airport hot dog again, but it's sort of a kind of a fun tradition to go to a...

00:03:30   That is a place that prioritizes hot dogs is what I'm saying. I've had many a hot dog

00:03:34   in Chicago. So I'm leaving it open. It may be the airport hot dog. It might be some pizza

00:03:39   because I do love the pizza. We'll just have to see.

00:03:41   If you'd like to send in a question to open a future episode, just send a tweet with the

00:03:45   hashtag SnellTalk or if you have access directly to our Google document like me and Jason do,

00:03:50   you can just put one in on your own.

00:03:52   But unfortunately that is a very specific and small group.

00:03:55   So hashtag SnellTalk tweets.

00:03:57   Thank you to listener Myke for submitting that question.

00:04:00   Yeah, listener Jason next week is going to ask SnellTalk like what is the secret to your

00:04:05   success?

00:04:06   Why are you so wonderful?

00:04:07   How are you so handsome?

00:04:08   How do you do that?

00:04:09   So we've made reference to it, we've spoken about it, but in complete directness there

00:04:13   is going to be an Apple event next Tuesday, the 27th in Chicago at a high school, which

00:04:20   is a extremely different venue and Apple are calling it a field trip.

00:04:26   Let's take a field trip, it says the invitation.

00:04:31   We have a list of picks, we're going to do our draft, I'm going to explain the draft

00:04:33   rules in a moment in case this is your first time coming to a draft episode of Upgrade.

00:04:39   I wanted to kind of get your thoughts on this event in context or as a whole, why are they

00:04:44   doing this now? Why not just press releases for whatever products that they've got? Why

00:04:49   are they doing this in Chicago? Why is it at a high school? What is going on here? They

00:04:55   just opened an incredible theater, right? Like why are they doing this?

00:04:58   - Yeah, I think the idea here is Apple previously did an event in New York City that was an

00:05:07   education themed event. But that was like an event space or something though wasn't

00:05:11   it like it wasn't it was like the Guggenheim. My understanding is that this high school

00:05:16   has a couple thousand person auditorium slash probably slash basketball court you know if

00:05:24   it's a high school I assume all the auditoriums are also the where they play basketball because

00:05:28   schools like to double team a lot of this stuff but they have a space to have an event

00:05:35   and they're gonna have an event in it.

00:05:36   So some of that, I think this is a high school

00:05:39   that has worked with Apple on tech stuff before.

00:05:42   So it's a chance for Apple to, okay, let's back up.

00:05:47   Also, I'll mention Apple does have this Chicago on the brain

00:05:51   because they just opened their store

00:05:52   on the loop in Chicago.

00:05:55   And I suspect that you'll see them do some like special stuff

00:06:00   in the Apple store in Chicago around this event too.

00:06:05   I wouldn't know what it might be because I'll be eating a hot dog at the airport at that

00:06:10   point probably. So the idea here when Apple ever does an event really is that they're

00:06:18   telling a story, right? The whole idea with marketing and the way they do it is they're

00:06:22   telling a story about a product or many products. And I think Apple maybe saw a way, given what

00:06:31   products they've got ready to go this spring a way for them to do to tell that

00:06:36   story in the context of Apple in education which is an important market

00:06:43   for Apple and also a market where there's some really fierce competition

00:06:47   especially from Google with Google Classroom and Chromebooks in general

00:06:53   even my son's school which is iPad one-to-one they're all using Google

00:06:59   classroom with it. So it's like it's it's that's that's an interesting part. It may

00:07:03   also be that they just looked at the the products that were available and thought there's a

00:07:07   there's a story to be told here. There's a story we can we can build we can weave around

00:07:13   education and it makes Apple look good and we could even hold it. What if we what if

00:07:18   we held it at a at a high school and they're like, well, we you know, we work with this

00:07:23   high school in Chicago and I think I think it was a series of events that leads to us,

00:07:27   But I think it's all about the story they want to tell, and presumably we will see in

00:07:34   the products that they discuss that they're all around this kind of theme of using Apple

00:07:41   stuff in education. So it's a high concept thing, and I think that one of the challenges

00:07:47   for Apple is that putting it in a different place means the people who do Apple's events

00:07:52   have to spend time in Chicago instead of in their homes in the Bay Area, which is where

00:07:56   they all live. And so that's more expense and time for them. And you know, the people

00:08:02   like me who have literally never flown anywhere for an Apple event before, like an Apple media

00:08:08   event, I've flown to like Macworld Expo in New York and Boston, but like to just a random

00:08:13   Apple event. And I realized, you know, many of my colleagues always fly to Apple events.

00:08:17   So the shoe is on the other foot, especially the ones who live in Chicago, I suppose. But,

00:08:22   you know, it's they can call an event almost anywhere and people will come and they'll

00:08:26   do at this time. So I think this was a good place for them to show off their concept.

00:08:31   And I guess as well, if they are going, as we expect, for like, you know, not whiz-bang,

00:08:36   huge stuff, but maybe some just more focused education products, by setting it here, it

00:08:42   kind of sets people's expectations going into this, that this is going to be a specific

00:08:47   event for a certain thing. They're not going to show off the next iPhone by surprise, you

00:08:52   know, it's going to be a more focused event than it would be maybe if they did

00:08:56   it in the Steve Jobs theater. Yeah, I think that may be true. Also the, I don't

00:09:03   know, what what do they think of the Steve Jobs theater? Maybe they feel that

00:09:07   it is an event that is more appropriate. I don't know, but there is that thought

00:09:12   of like, well, we only have this to announce. Do we really want to call

00:09:16   everybody to the Steve Jobs theater? Maybe iPhones only get announced there, right? Like it might just be

00:09:19   the September event that happens there and nothing else.

00:09:22   - I think that would be unfortunate

00:09:23   because it's a great venue and it's a venue they control.

00:09:27   Also, I will point out that people are moving

00:09:30   into Apple Park.

00:09:31   Like I think that process is still going on.

00:09:33   We've been seeing tweets over the last few months

00:09:35   of people saying, well, here's my last day at the Loop.

00:09:37   I'm going in Apple Park and people are moving in

00:09:39   and getting settled there.

00:09:41   Maybe they also have this feeling like,

00:09:42   let's not complicate things at Apple Park right now.

00:09:46   That's also a possibility.

00:09:48   But you're right, it may be like,

00:09:49   oh, well, we don't want people to get really excited

00:09:51   about an event at the Steve Jobs Theater

00:09:53   and then have it be like a minor update to an iPad

00:09:57   or something like that, right?

00:09:59   But I think more likely it's the idea

00:10:02   that this is a great opportunity

00:10:03   to weave this education story and really put a point on it.

00:10:07   And by doing that at a school,

00:10:09   that allows them to emphasize that.

00:10:12   And it's a high concept kind of thing

00:10:15   that somebody in Apple's events and marketing group,

00:10:19   whether it's like, I'm sure Phil Schiller gave the thumbs up

00:10:23   but whoever came up with the idea of like,

00:10:24   well, will you do this in a little bit of a different venue?

00:10:27   It could also be that it is specifically like stemming

00:10:31   from some unavailability on the Apple campus of like,

00:10:35   well, no, we really can't do it at Steve Jobs Theater

00:10:37   in this window because, or we prefer not to,

00:10:40   let's get creative, who knows?

00:10:43   this is also a question that hasn't been seemed to be a clear answer for it yet for many reasons

00:10:49   but my expectation is it will be but will we see it like outside of the people that

00:10:54   are going to be in the room is there going to be a live video I would be very surprised

00:10:57   if there wasn't one just because that's how things have been for a long time now yeah

00:11:02   I think that's the standard but but you're right one of the things that we that I always

00:11:06   remember from the Yerba Buena events that they used to hell hold up in in San Francisco

00:11:12   the Yerba Buena Theater is near Moscone West, but it is a different venue. And for that,

00:11:18   they would have a bunch of trucks outside that was basically their video production,

00:11:25   and they would have to set it all up well in advance. This is the advantage of something

00:11:28   like Steve Jobs Theater, which presumably has a lot of that equipment built into it.

00:11:33   They will presumably need to do that kind of thing at the high school in Chicago. I

00:11:40   think it's a technology magnet public school in Chicago, by the way. That's my understanding,

00:11:45   and it apparently is a very impressive campus, looks like almost like a college campus, and

00:11:52   it's a showpiece, which I would expect nothing less for something picked by Apple to be their

00:11:57   promotional venue.

00:11:59   As useful as it is for me to be able to watch the video, especially as we're going to be

00:12:03   recording straight after, there would be something kind of fun and nostalgic and following along

00:12:08   with live blogs, you know, giving live blogs a reason to exist again, you know, like most

00:12:14   websites, including you, like continue to do them even though most people just watch

00:12:17   the videos now, but it would be kind of funny to follow along with a bunch of live blogs

00:12:21   again, although I would prefer to watch a video. But anyway.

00:12:23   >> Yeah, I think we don't live in that world anymore.

00:12:26   >> We do not. >> Alas.

00:12:27   >> So let's do the draft. These are the rules. Okay, so we're going to do eight rounds in

00:12:31   this draft, which will be 16 overall picks, so we pick eight things each. We have a list

00:12:36   of items that we're going to be drawing from, although Jason likes to throw spinal tap in

00:12:41   whenever he can, I expect that to occur. The winner of the previous draft gets first pick,

00:12:47   the winner of the last draft that we had was the September draft, which Jason won, so he

00:12:51   will be picking first. For an item to count as points being able to be scored against

00:12:57   it, it must either be clearly announced on stage or featured on a slide during the presentation

00:13:03   itself. Stephen Hackett will be adjudicating in case of a scoring stalemate between me

00:13:08   and Jason. We prefer to score ourselves, but when we can't, we ask for outside help.

00:13:13   No half points awarded. It is pure points and none or none, and there can be adjudication

00:13:18   and discussion over those on our next episode. No points are awarded for anything preannounced,

00:13:23   so if something gets preannounced between now and the event, it does not count.

00:13:27   Unless it's mentioned on stage.

00:13:29   Unless it's mentioned on stage, yes.

00:13:31   Right, so there has to be something on stage.

00:13:34   Which is probably unlikely, but if they said, "Oh yes, by the way, we announced last week

00:13:38   this thing that happened," I guess you get the point for that, because we can't see the

00:13:43   future.

00:13:44   But it doesn't count if it was--just as it doesn't count if it was not announced during

00:13:47   the event but snuck out in our press release, it also doesn't count if it was preannounced

00:13:52   and not mentioned at the event.

00:13:53   The points that are awarded on the next episode are final and there will be a scorecard in

00:14:00   the show notes for you to play along at home.

00:14:03   So let's get started with our picks but before we do let me take our first break.

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00:16:25   Okay you ready Jason Snell?

00:16:28   As I'll ever be.

00:16:29   Okay so you get to go first. What is your first draft pick? Your first prediction that

00:16:35   you think is going to happen at next week's event?

00:16:39   Well I think a no-brainer and I'm going for the points here.

00:16:43   Gotta go for the points? Well you gotta play for points.

00:16:46   you gotta play for points that's why we do this. I think that on stage at a school when

00:16:52   Apple is talking about education which they undoubtedly are that one of the things that

00:16:57   they're going to talk about is Apple Classroom which for people who don't know there's a

00:17:03   whole suite of features that are available for education from Apple you may not like

00:17:10   the best example of a weird one is the ability to have different users on an iPad which is

00:17:15   not available to regular people but is available in education. So I'm going to predict purely

00:17:21   because it seems logical that this will happen that Apple will announce and potentially even

00:17:27   show, but they will mention new features to Apple Classroom. I'm not going to pick just

00:17:31   Apple Classroom will be mentioned because I think that is a little bit too easy, but

00:17:35   I'm going to say that they will announce some new features.

00:17:37   All right, that is a very good one. I must say that is a very good one. I have something

00:17:42   that I think will be mentioned.

00:17:43   She's akin to this, but I'm not going to pick it just yet.

00:17:46   Um, I'm going to go for hardware cause I expect there to be some hardware and I'm

00:17:51   going to take a cue from the invitation.

00:17:53   And I'm going to say that there will be a new iPad, a new basic level iPad.

00:17:58   The 9.7 will receive a refresh of some description.

00:18:01   Um, and because that is the iPad that gets sold into schools,

00:18:05   like that's the popular one.

00:18:06   So I expect that we will see some kind of iPad revision at the bottom end of the line

00:18:13   announced at this event.

00:18:14   The plain old iPad.

00:18:16   Mm-hmm.

00:18:17   Plain old iPad.

00:18:18   That they brought back after the iPad Air went away and then came back.

00:18:22   So which would this be like the sixth generation iPad?

00:18:25   Is that what it would be?

00:18:26   Something like that, six or seven.

00:18:27   I feel like this one is a pretty good as a lock, right?

00:18:30   Like it's a year since they updated it last time, right?

00:18:33   It's an education event.

00:18:35   is the one that we heard from so many people when it came out. Like this is the iPad I've

00:18:39   been waiting for for schools. There's a lot of discussion about maybe that iPad was one

00:18:44   of the reasons that we got the turnaround, right? Because there was finally an iPad that

00:18:47   could go in on like mass purchasing in schools again. This one, and you know, the invitation

00:18:52   itself is kind of a swirly Apple logo, right? Which could kind of hint towards Apple pencil.

00:19:01   we're going to get to that maybe in a little bit.

00:19:03   I feel like we're pretty good at thinking

00:19:05   that there will be a new iPad announced.

00:19:08   - Yeah, I think that there's a good chance of that.

00:19:11   And it is the one that they will be selling into education.

00:19:15   It hasn't gotten an update in a year.

00:19:17   And by you're covering all the bases,

00:19:20   by saying it'll just be new, what's in it?

00:19:23   Well, it's still to play for,

00:19:24   but basically updating that base iPad

00:19:28   that's not an iPad Pro.

00:19:30   - Yeah, because there are still some picks

00:19:32   that we have available on our list, which we'll get to,

00:19:35   which are features for that iPad,

00:19:37   but they are specific things that I think is good

00:19:40   to separate from the fact that they're being an iPad or not.

00:19:44   - I agree with you, why don't I pick one of those now?

00:19:46   - Go for it.

00:19:47   - I'm gonna predict that because you mentioned

00:19:50   the invitation, which has that writing that says,

00:19:54   let's take a field trip with an Apple logo.

00:19:56   I'm going to say that that new basic iPad

00:20:01   that you just mentioned will support Apple Pencil,

00:20:04   which would be the first non-iPad Pro

00:20:06   to support Apple Pencil,

00:20:08   because it's hard for me to look at that invitation

00:20:10   and think that Apple is going to withhold the Apple Pencil

00:20:13   from their education story.

00:20:15   - Yeah, I mean, I'm really intrigued

00:20:17   to see how this one works.

00:20:18   This feels like something which they,

00:20:20   you know, every now and then,

00:20:21   and especially in the events,

00:20:22   there can be teases in the events, right?

00:20:25   think about the iPhone 7 with the bokeh effect in it and stuff like that.

00:20:30   But just from a pure logical perspective, Apple Pencil support on an iPad in education

00:20:35   does make a lot of sense.

00:20:37   I'm just really intrigued to see what happens to the iPad Pro line after that.

00:20:44   But I think that one of the things that we're going to see for the time being is the iPad

00:20:48   Pro this year will probably get Face ID and thinner bezels and all that stuff.

00:20:54   But maybe that kind of helps differentiate it more as a Pro for a while and the Apple

00:20:59   Pencil can start to find its way into new devices.

00:21:02   There could be a new Apple Pencil with the new iPad Pro which has more features but this

00:21:07   regular iPad gets regular Apple Pencil features.

00:21:11   I think in the past it has been maybe a risk to put the Apple Pencil down on the lowest

00:21:16   iPad because what differentiates it from the Pro.

00:21:19   But I think depending on the other things that we're probably going to see later on

00:21:22   this year, I think now could be the right time to do it.

00:21:25   >> Yeah, I think the basic iPad is different enough now, unlike the iPad Air 2, perhaps,

00:21:31   that giving it pencil support is not necessarily confusing whether it's an iPad Pro or not.

00:21:37   I think a more interesting question, and maybe we'll pick it later, is would the smart connector

00:21:41   come down? Because a lot of the education applications, a lot of the education, you

00:21:47   know, cases and stuff like that and they have keyboards that they use, would they consider

00:21:54   a smart connector to sell smart keyboards into education or not? I don't know how education

00:22:01   feels about the ruggedness of it. I'm inclined to think it is too far, but I just throw it

00:22:06   out there because one of the things about the iPad in education is that they all want

00:22:13   keyboards. They don't use them all the time. Like my son's school, he doesn't have a keyboard

00:22:17   here, but they have keyboards that they use in certain circumstances with their iPads

00:22:21   at school. And it got me thinking, like, keyboards are still a thing for text input at school,

00:22:28   and I could see the argument for smart connector. Then again, I can also see the argument for

00:22:34   nobody doing the smart connector anymore, other than for the smart keyboard.

00:22:38   - Because really, Bluetooth will get you what you need, right? But when it comes to the

00:22:40   Apple Pencil, there isn't anything nearly as good as that.

00:22:44   - I agree.

00:22:45   - Right? So I think they might stick to Bluetooth for now.

00:22:47   why I picked the Apple Pencil. So my second pick is an iBooks update. I think that it

00:22:54   will become books, right? This isn't necessarily in the pick, so my pick is iBooks update.

00:22:59   I think that it makes perfect sense. I mean, honestly, I see them trying to go the textbook

00:23:04   route again, right, which kind of didn't work the first time. You mean a few years ago when

00:23:09   they totally revolutionized textbooks and textbooks have never been the same except

00:23:12   that they didn't and they are. But yeah, I will give you credit for anything that they

00:23:17   mention on stage that is something new in iBooks, right? As long as iBooks gets a change

00:23:22   of some kind.

00:23:23   - I mean, 'cause we saw this a bunch, right? Like in some of the 11.3 betas, the name changed

00:23:29   to books. It's back to iBooks again now, but the name changed to books for a while. So

00:23:34   they're probably just gonna call this Apple Books.

00:23:36   - Now, if all they do is mention iBooks and don't actually change anything about it, does

00:23:41   your pick count?

00:23:42   - Something has to change.

00:23:43   - Is that an update?

00:23:44   to change. When I mean update, I don't just mean "Hey, here's how iBooks is doing."

00:23:50   Something's going to change in iBooks. Or iBooks gets some time so they show off some

00:23:54   new features, that kind of thing. Which could be from the store side, it could be from the

00:23:59   app functionality side, but I believe that there will be something on stage. Because

00:24:04   really, this is, you know, textbooks and books on iPads should be a really really big deal,

00:24:12   I think that iBooks author in its first life didn't do that. I think the focus on trying

00:24:20   to make them all interactive was probably a bad move. Honestly, I would expect to see

00:24:27   them kind of just be like, "Here's just books." It's like books, but on the iPad. I would

00:24:35   be surprised if they continue to push down the interactive route because I don't think

00:24:39   that that works ultimately.

00:24:40   Alright, do you want to go for pick number three?

00:24:43   Yeah, pick number three, again, this is one of those that I think I just have to pick because it's an education event,

00:24:48   which is there's some beta stuff in the iOS 11.3 beta that is called ClassKit,

00:24:56   which basically is new tools for third-party developers to build in classroom features into their apps.

00:25:02   And I've got to think, since that's in the beta, that they're going to spend time talking about how now,

00:25:09   and perhaps even demoing some samples of now you can have apps that do all these amazing

00:25:15   things with so this is a little different than the Apple classroom this is this is third-party

00:25:21   developer tools to make education apps that tie in to all of all of the stuff that teachers

00:25:28   need so I just want to throw that there like a couple of features they have like an exam

00:25:32   mode so an application can't be quit during a specific period of time this is one of the

00:25:38   things that's been found and also some evaluation features. So like a teacher can mark, I would

00:25:45   assume from third party apps. And this is all third party stuff, right? So if you made

00:25:49   a test exam application, you know, it could go into an exam mode so kids couldn't go and

00:25:55   surf the web and cheat, right, for example. So that's what this stuff looks like. I am

00:26:00   looking at my pics here and I am going to rearrange. Okay, so you know I mentioned,

00:26:06   You know when you said--

00:26:06   - You stole my iBooks update by the way.

00:26:08   I was, I had that on my list.

00:26:10   - I know you had it.

00:26:11   - I had it right there, but you got it.

00:26:13   - So you mentioned something

00:26:15   about Apple Classroom features, right?

00:26:16   Focusing on classroom.

00:26:19   I expect there to be a focus of some description on family

00:26:24   and that Apple to reference and kind of make a point

00:26:30   about kids and device time and stuff like that,

00:26:34   because this has been a bit of a hot button issue recently.

00:26:36   Apple created a page on their website

00:26:38   about kind of how to live a healthy digital family life.

00:26:43   I expect that if this is an event

00:26:46   which is focused on kids, right?

00:26:50   This is what this is for, this is for kids in school.

00:26:52   I expect them to talk something about like,

00:26:55   being considerate, being conscientious

00:26:58   of how much time our kids use on devices, that kind of stuff.

00:27:01   I would be very surprised to see this event go by

00:27:05   without them touching on that.

00:27:07   - I think that's a good call.

00:27:09   - 'Cause it's like, oh, look at these new devices.

00:27:11   Your kids are now gonna spend time with iPads

00:27:14   all day in school and then at home.

00:27:16   So I expect there to be like some focus

00:27:19   on a little bit moderation or whatever,

00:27:20   however they end up phrasing it.

00:27:22   But I expect that.

00:27:23   Like they have a top level, you know,

00:27:25   it's apple.com/families that launched I think last week.

00:27:30   So this is Apple trying to showcase what they already have,

00:27:33   and it's already rumored quite heavily

00:27:35   that it's gonna be more parental control stuff in iOS 12.

00:27:38   So I expect this to become part of the discussion point

00:27:42   for the rest of this year,

00:27:43   as Apple tries to just make sure that they're considered

00:27:46   as being conscientious with how much time

00:27:48   people spend on their devices.

00:27:49   - Yeah, it's not quite education,

00:27:53   but education is a lot about younger people,

00:27:57   And it's so I can see how they might sort of segue into it and say, "All right, also,

00:28:02   here's an issue not just for schools, but for parents in general," right?

00:28:07   And then talk about it because you're right, it is a hot button topic.

00:28:10   - I feel like it would be a little bit tone deaf if they didn't at least mention it, right?

00:28:15   I think it would be a very, it would be a bad omission, I think, that they would probably

00:28:19   get a bit of flak for.

00:28:20   - It's a good, even if there's nothing new just to talk about like what they do and what

00:28:25   philosophy is and maybe make a commitment to doing some new stuff but

00:28:29   also just sort of defending their existing stuff since it's become

00:28:32   somewhat controversial.

00:28:33   yep all right pick number four.

00:28:35   all right for my fourth pick I'm going to pick something that's kind of weird

00:28:40   but I'm gonna I'm gonna put it so it's like a well let me explain what it is

00:28:45   I'm going to predict that a new Apple iOS app debuts. What is it? I have no idea.

00:28:54   idea. I just have this feeling like maybe as a part of this event there will be some

00:28:59   app that we've never heard of that Apple says, "Oh, and there's this new app that we wrote

00:29:05   that does this thing that's great for education or kids or whatever." Not a new version of

00:29:10   an existing Apple app, but something new. And this is a shot in the dark, but at the

00:29:15   same time, like I said, I just kind of get this feeling like this might be an appropriate

00:29:18   time for Apple to unveil something like, you know, remember when they unveiled clips? Like

00:29:23   something like that where like, "Oh, we have a clever idea and this is going to be great

00:29:26   in schools and it does this and here it is." So I just want to cover that part of the event.

00:29:31   Like if there is a new Apple iOS app that is debuted, I want to have it. I want to get

00:29:38   credit for that. So that's what I'm choosing. Something probably educational related, maybe

00:29:43   tangential, but they do this from time to time. Like Clips is the best example, which

00:29:47   is like, "And now we have this app called Clips. Like, whoa, where did that come from?"

00:29:51   So that's, I will also say that if they decide that they're going to do like Final Cut for

00:29:58   iOS, that counts.

00:30:00   Oh, of course.

00:30:01   Because that's not currently there.

00:30:03   But a new version of iMovie doesn't.

00:30:04   Any Apple made app that doesn't currently exist on iOS.

00:30:07   It has to be a brand new title.

00:30:09   That's what I want.

00:30:10   Okay.

00:30:11   I'm going to go with a rumor mill.

00:30:14   I'm going to say that the MacBook Air will get a price cut.

00:30:17   That's next on my list.

00:30:19   Good job.

00:30:20   the MacBook Air is going to have its price cut. If that is going to happen, it will happen

00:30:25   next week. The MacBook Air is the student's computer. If you're looking at Mac, that's

00:30:31   the one. It's the cheapest, it's rugged, it's got all the ports that it needs. I'm actually

00:30:37   starting to believe that this won't happen, and we might get to that in a little bit,

00:30:42   but if it's going to happen, it will happen next Tuesday. That's my feeling on this.

00:30:48   Yeah, it's a fresh rumor, right? But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not

00:30:54   going to happen.

00:30:55   Because this is a rumor that doesn't need supply chain stuff, right? It can have been

00:31:00   a very frequent rumor, and the reason it may have come out is because they're getting

00:31:04   ready to do it next week, right? So, you know, the sooner things get, the more likely they

00:31:09   are to leak out because more and more people start to learn about them. I think that if

00:31:14   going to do it, this would make the perfect time. This would make perfect sense to do

00:31:17   it right now. I can't see why you would do this later on in the year, right? Like, if

00:31:22   Apple were going to do it with an announcement of some description, it doesn't make any sense

00:31:26   for WWDC. It's the wrong audience, and it would be a waste of time in September. So,

00:31:32   I think if they're going to do it, and they're going to do it on stage or with a press release,

00:31:35   I would expect that it happens as part of this event.

00:31:39   - Yeah, I really wanna pick something

00:31:43   that is related to a laptop and to the Mac.

00:31:46   (laughing)

00:31:49   But I'm having a hard time doing it for similar reasons,

00:31:52   which is I'm not entirely convinced that the time is right.

00:31:55   You're right, a price cut is a good way to slice it

00:31:57   because they can do that anytime.

00:31:58   What I wanna do is pick something about the MacBook Air's

00:32:01   like getting rumored actual update

00:32:04   or a new MacBook model

00:32:06   or a re-pricing of the MacBook escape or something like that.

00:32:10   The problem is that I believe all that stuff happened in June last year

00:32:16   and I'm not entirely convinced that Apple would go back nine months later

00:32:22   and make changes. I might be doing a disservice to myself

00:32:27   with points here but just because they announce it

00:32:30   doesn't mean it has to come out yet. Well that's true but generally if

00:32:35   if you're gonna replace something, you would do it.

00:32:39   You wouldn't replace the MacBook with a new model

00:32:43   and not have it shipped for three months

00:32:44   'cause nobody's gonna buy the MacBook in the meantime.

00:32:46   - Well, I bet it could ship in a month, right?

00:32:47   And then it's like 11 months from when it was revved.

00:32:50   - Hmm, I don't know, I don't know.

00:32:53   It's tough, I'm gonna keep thinking about it

00:32:58   and instead I'm gonna pick something else.

00:33:00   - I don't know, you might not wanna think about it

00:33:02   for too long, Jason, I'm just gonna say that.

00:33:04   You might not want to think about that for too long.

00:33:06   You might lose it, but go on, pick number five.

00:33:09   - Oh boy.

00:33:12   Now you've made it really, now you're in my head.

00:33:15   You got me. - I'm needling you.

00:33:16   I'm needling you now. - You got me.

00:33:18   You got me.

00:33:19   - All's fair in love and drafts.

00:33:25   - That's true.

00:33:26   It's very true.

00:33:27   I am going to pick,

00:33:29   I'm gonna go down a few items

00:33:31   from what I thought would be my list.

00:33:33   I would say real quick on that I have done more rearranging of my draft list than any

00:33:40   other draft that we've done. I came in with my five and I have picked two of them so far.

00:33:46   Yeah, yeah, I hear you. I hear you. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna pick the thing that I really

00:33:51   want to see, which again timing wise I think is not gonna happen. Um, but I'm gonna pick

00:33:56   changes to the MacBook. Okay, this is what I was talking about by the way. I don't know

00:34:00   if that came across but what I was referencing is I think it's this. I think that this is

00:34:04   that this is what I was talking about with like you can announce it now and it can come

00:34:07   out later you maybe thought I was talking about something else but I was talking about

00:34:11   this. Yeah so I what I want to believe I think is that they'll do make changes to the 12-inch

00:34:17   MacBook including a way to get the price down a little bit and it'll be as part of their

00:34:23   kind of push into education and it may be that they just reduce the specs on it and

00:34:28   to get it down to 1099 or something like that.

00:34:32   But they, you know, an update to the MacBook would be great.

00:34:36   It doesn't necessarily have to be what I would like,

00:34:38   which is that they have, I know it's hard to believe,

00:34:41   two ports instead of one.

00:34:43   But I expect Apple to keep updating the MacBook.

00:34:47   This might be a June thing, this might be a fall thing,

00:34:50   but why not now with some laptop news?

00:34:55   So I'll toss that one out there, new MacBook.

00:34:58   Did you see that there was a rumor about this last week, um, that there was going

00:35:01   to be a lower cost, but 13 inch retina MacBook, which reported to be debuting

00:35:07   in June, but I think that that could have been missed, you know, I think personally,

00:35:11   I think that if that product does exist, if they are going to make a new MacBook,

00:35:16   which is 13 inches, that it will come out MacBook air.

00:35:19   Exactly.

00:35:19   So, but what I'm thinking is like, if they do that, It could be that next week.

00:35:24   and they get rid of the MacBook and the Air

00:35:27   and they have one product.

00:35:29   Because apparently the rumor is saying

00:35:31   that it will be cheaper than the current MacBook

00:35:33   and probably be around 999.

00:35:36   And I think if they do that, if they make a 13 inch laptop,

00:35:40   which looks like the current Retina MacBook,

00:35:44   and it's 999, I think that that's the only option

00:35:47   going forward.

00:35:48   So I'm really intrigued to see what they do there.

00:35:50   That was gonna be my next pick.

00:35:52   That's what I was thinking about.

00:35:53   I now know what you're thinking about

00:35:54   I wasn't thinking about that so we'll see if you get there.

00:35:57   Interesting but hey if a new MacBook if they come out with something entirely new called

00:36:01   MacBook I'll take that but I was thinking update to the 12-inch MacBook to get it down

00:36:06   closer in range to the MacBook Air.

00:36:10   Both of those things make perfect sense right and and I think that they're both possible

00:36:14   that they'll do something to bring that down or they'll just come in and replace them both

00:36:17   at the same time.

00:36:18   Yep.

00:36:19   Oh so this is put so we're into my pick five this has put me into a bit of a sticky situation

00:36:23   now looking at my list that's left and I am again gonna pick something that wasn't

00:36:27   at my, wasn't very high up originally but I think is probably a lock, iOS 11.3 to be

00:36:35   released because if they do any software stuff that's where it's gonna be included. So

00:36:42   I expect that we'll see 11.3 especially 11.3 feels like it's around the corner, it's

00:36:47   been in beta for quite a while and it includes some stuff which is probably pretty important

00:36:52   write some of that battery stuff and I assume Apple probably doesn't want to hold onto those

00:36:56   things for too long. So I would expect to see 11.3 coming out and maybe one of the reasons

00:37:02   that they've held 11.3 is it might give away too much about some of the stuff that they've

00:37:08   got coming next week. So there you go. Right, that's five picks we're up to now. We have

00:37:12   three picks left and then we're going to talk about some of the things that we didn't pick.

00:37:17   But before we do, let me thank FreshBooks for their support of this week's show. I love

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00:39:05   So we're on to pick number six, Jason.

00:39:08   Oh boy. It's getting harder, Myke. It's getting harder.

00:39:11   - It's getting a lot harder, isn't it?

00:39:13   - Yeah.

00:39:14   - Yeah.

00:39:15   I'm going to say, it's fun to talk about Mac laptops.

00:39:23   I placed them lower down on our lists here

00:39:27   because my feeling is that iOS and the iPad

00:39:30   is gonna come first.

00:39:31   And so I'm gonna go back there for a quick one,

00:39:35   which is you mentioned a new basic iPad.

00:39:39   I'm going to go out on the limb a little further and say,

00:39:43   it's going to have a lower price

00:39:44   than the current basic iPad has.

00:39:46   - Yep, okay.

00:39:47   - Just cut, push it down, push it down 20 bucks, 30 bucks,

00:39:50   whatever it is, I think Apple is feeling serious pressure

00:39:53   to get that thing as competitive as possible,

00:39:55   especially with Chromebooks.

00:39:57   And so push it down further.

00:39:59   Again, I'm just crossing my fingers here.

00:40:02   - Let's make sure we clear this one up

00:40:05   so you can get your points.

00:40:07   Are we talking about there being an iPad with a lower price

00:40:11   or the new iPad, if there is one,

00:40:13   will debut with a lower price?

00:40:14   - Oh, that's true.

00:40:15   How about this?

00:40:16   I'll phrase it this way.

00:40:17   I think the base price to buy into the iPad product line

00:40:22   with an iPad that is currently shipping will drop from $329.

00:40:29   - Yeah, the iPad will have a lower base price.

00:40:31   Let's go with that.

00:40:32   That's a good way of saying it.

00:40:33   - They could take the sixth, what, fifth generation model,

00:40:36   right and keep it around and lower the price or they could introduce a sixth generation

00:40:44   model at a lower price I would like both of those options I want them to drop that $329

00:40:49   is the thing get that down to $299 or something like that yeah but if it was $328 it would

00:40:54   count. $299 for an iPad would be that would be excellent right that would really start

00:41:00   to help them an awful lot more. Alright I'm okay so if we're thinking that this is going

00:41:05   to be pretty iOS focused, which I think we both do. And it's in schools. If you think

00:41:10   about some of the applications that Apple would be trying to promote, I'm going to go

00:41:16   out and say that there's going to be some iWork updates as part of this.

00:41:20   Okay.

00:41:21   You know, iWork is their word processor, you know, it is, you know, they have Keynote,

00:41:26   right, they have numbers, something's going to happen, there's going to be some new features,

00:41:30   hopefully better collaboration tools. What did I say? Pages?

00:41:34   pages? No, no, you just listed two of them. So I mentioned the third one because there's the

00:41:39   panoply of iWork apps, the numbers, the pages, the keynote. Yeah, it's possible. Although,

00:41:44   I mean, they've got some of the collaboration stuff now. So are you, I mean, the challenge

00:41:48   is going to be, is it new? Are there new features or are they just going to extol the virtues of

00:41:53   iWork? I think new features, new features. You say new features. Yeah, new features to iWork.

00:41:57   I mean, honestly, that could be as simple as adding ClassKit to iWork, right? There could

00:42:03   could be some stuff there where they're like, oh, and this is this class kit thing, and

00:42:07   we've added it to pages, so et cetera, et cetera. So your people can turn in their essays,

00:42:13   however it's going to be, but I think iWork will get some attention and it will get something

00:42:18   new that it didn't have previously. Just because if I'm thinking about any software that Apple

00:42:24   makes, probably iWork would make the most sense to get some time because it generates

00:42:31   stuff that would be used in schools I guess. So I went to pick number seven.

00:42:36   Oh, it's so hard.

00:42:39   Um...

00:42:40   [mumbling]

00:42:44   I'm gonna take a flyer on something that is one of these things that's probably

00:42:48   going to be announced in a press release but I think they might mention it on

00:42:51   stage.

00:42:54   And that's AirPower. Ah, darn it. Okay.

00:42:57   AirPower, which is supposed to come out this year,

00:43:01   hopefully soon. What's the education story there? I'm not sure there is one, but it is

00:43:05   a mat that you can put like your phone and your Apple Watch and, you know, another phone

00:43:11   or whatever on there.

00:43:12   This is nothing to do with education, but...

00:43:13   Nothing at all, but if all they have to do is mention it.

00:43:15   Yeah. I mean, what I'm saying is...

00:43:17   We've got a bunch of other great updates today.

00:43:19   This is just a pending thing which should happen, probably should have happened already.

00:43:24   If they've got people's attention...

00:43:25   And if they mention it on stage, I get a point. Yeah.

00:43:27   I mean, this is good. I mean, okay, so my next one is new AirPods because if they do air power

00:43:31   They've got to have the new AirPods case to go along with it

00:43:34   So I expect that AirPods will get an update too purely because like these two things should exist in the market now

00:43:40   They they will I reckon they will be available next Tuesday whether they talk about them or not

00:43:45   But it's time to put them out there and I guess this would be the right time to do that

00:43:50   Yeah, I think so

00:43:51   And so we're both taking a chance that they will mention that they're also releasing some other stuff

00:43:56   even though it's not part of their education story. And a lot of times they do that. Not always,

00:44:00   but a lot of times they do that. Just in passing. Since I've got your attention,

00:44:04   we did a bunch of other updates today. And other times they just don't mention it and they are

00:44:10   released entirely separately. So that's good. We're both, it's probably likely that they either do

00:44:16   both or none for pick seven. So that's good. All right. So we have our eighth and final pick.

00:44:22   And that's okay. What we've got left, we're going to get to it in a minute, but there

00:44:26   is a, basically what we're left with is a bunch of things that could happen. Like there

00:44:31   is, there is maybe a case for each of them, but none of them are really that likely.

00:44:36   Yeah. And there's a strong case against each of them, I would say too.

00:44:40   But this is stuff that like people want or is there, there is a general conceived notion

00:44:46   that should exist, right? And that this could be a time for that. Like what we don't have

00:44:50   in this list is iPhone 11, right? But it's stuff that you would maybe expect Apple to

00:44:56   do now and is maybe on the B side of their products.

00:45:00   Sure. Okay, so here's mine, which is, I think this is going to happen this fall as a part

00:45:08   of the new generation of iPad Pro models or maybe this summer if they don't wait till

00:45:14   all, but given the announcement and given some of other, you know, the invitation and

00:45:21   given some of our other picks, I hold out a small chance that a new version of the Apple

00:45:28   Pencil will debut next Tuesday instead of waiting to debut with the iPad Pro. I feel

00:45:34   like the most logical place to debut a new version of the Apple Pencil is not now, but

00:45:40   with the iPad Pro, but there are a few things. First off, it might be required for a new

00:45:46   iPad that supports the Pencil, although I've been thinking of it more as fancy, snazzy

00:45:53   new features for the iPad Pro. It's also possible that it is a new Pencil that's required in

00:45:58   order to work with the existing models. But since the Pencil, there's handwriting in the

00:46:04   invite, we're talking about iPads, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that there

00:46:09   might be a new pencil model, even though you would think they would save that for the iPad

00:46:14   Pro, there may be a reason for them to just get out ahead and release it now.

00:46:17   So I'll throw one in there.

00:46:18   You know what?

00:46:19   I bet it's an Apple Pencil with Qi charging.

00:46:22   Could be, and then it would go with the AirPower and then I'd get a 2fer there.

00:46:27   That would be the exact, that would be great.

00:46:31   Does Qi charging go both ways?

00:46:33   Like, I don't know how it works, but like...

00:46:36   Uh, no.

00:46:37   'cause I was wondering like, could you have an Apple pencil that charges because it's

00:46:40   touching an iPad? That would be frickin' amazing. But you know, that would be really great.

00:46:47   Maybe sometime in the future.

00:46:48   Oh, that's, yeah. Maybe.

00:46:50   Alright so, oh god I've really got slim pickings here.

00:46:54   Uh huh.

00:46:55   Okay, I'm, I'm, I'm gonna go safe and I'm gonna try and just make sure I've got some

00:47:00   some stuff across the board here. We have a pick which is MacBook Air receives an actual

00:47:06   update. I'm gonna go with that one. So this is the MacBook Air as it currently exists.

00:47:11   This is that rumor that they're doing something to it to make it different and keeping it around.

00:47:16   That like not just a price change but that something will happen to it. So this can be

00:47:21   basically if the MacBook Air has some kind of different specification, some different tech spec

00:47:28   than before, then I get my point. It's not a good pick, but I feel like I'm just trying to play it

00:47:34   it safe. Yeah well and you'll get you'll get re-pricing you'll get a point for

00:47:41   re-pricing if they just re-price the existing one if they if they change the

00:47:45   specs you get a point too so that's the idea there is that basically there needs

00:47:49   to be a MacBook Air that we refer to as the MacBook Air early 2018. Yep. It

00:47:55   needs to change like that and it could I had that pretty high up and then I just

00:48:00   kept thinking about it and thinking about it and I decided that it was more likely that

00:48:05   your price cut pick would happen than this but I think it's good. Look, we just picked

00:48:10   16 things that might happen in an event that was just announced that there's not a lot

00:48:13   rumored about and that is probably not going to be a major event with huge announcements

00:48:17   in it. So I think we did a pretty good job of ginning up 16 items that might come true.

00:48:21   I have six more. Okay, let's go through the stuff that was on our big list that we didn't

00:48:26   go through. "iBooks author update." This is probably something that will happen, but I

00:48:32   don't think would get a stage time.

00:48:34   I mean, they might mention it in passing. My guess, my guess, and the reason that I

00:48:39   liked this one is that I get this feeling, and I didn't know how to pick it, but like,

00:48:45   if they're doing an education event, and they are going to be very tempted to talk about

00:48:48   reinventing education again, one of the things that I feel like they could do is talk about,

00:48:52   like how to make it easier for teachers or college professors to send items to the students

00:49:01   to read or things like that. And they might have almost like an Instapapery kind of thing

00:49:05   where it's like, "Oh, well now in the new iBooks Author tool, you can bring in an article

00:49:10   and then send it right back out," or something like that. It's possible, but it's also possible

00:49:15   that they will release an update to iBooks Author and not mention it on stage. I think

00:49:19   also possible that they'll just say, "Forget it." Forget about iBooks author. I don't know.

00:49:26   But yeah, it's certainly relevant in a way that these other items that we have on our

00:49:31   list are not. I wanted to mention the iPhone SE update. Like, it's time for that one, too.

00:49:36   And that really has no relevance to education. There's no education story there at all. But

00:49:40   that's a product that's hanging out there that we keep thinking they're going to do

00:49:43   an update to and it's time, it is exactly the right time to do an iPhone SE update.

00:49:50   So they could, it could happen.

00:49:53   We have a new iPad Pro. I believe this is coming this year but I think June would be

00:49:59   the earliest for this. And I understand why people think this is coming because it's

00:50:04   a pencil, right? Because if Apple decides not to put the Apple pencil on the lowest

00:50:10   end iPad, then in theory there would be an iPad Pro update. If we're going to believe

00:50:15   that this invitation is trying to show us something, it seems pretty clear that this

00:50:19   is Apple Pencil related, so maybe it's a new iPad Pro because that's the only place they're

00:50:23   going to put the pencil. It's a possibility, but I think it's too soon. And I just don't

00:50:28   think that the iPad Pro is for this market. I don't think it's an education tool. I think

00:50:33   it is a professional tool. Clue in the name. Then we have two revisions to two products

00:50:39   which are very old, the Mac Mini and the iPad Mini are two things that are on our list.

00:50:45   Both possible, both could fit in this event, but I think that neither of them are going

00:50:50   to get anything, maybe ever.

00:50:53   We lack faith there. I would say the Mac Mini is more likely to happen only because it really

00:50:59   needs an update and they could plausibly make a case about, "Oh, well, you know, a lot of

00:51:04   schools like to have the Mac Mini because it's low cost and they can put it in blah

00:51:09   blah blah blah blah. I think they could do that one and I hope they do. iPad Mini, I'm

00:51:16   just a little less convinced that it has a future, but it's entirely possible that they

00:51:21   could do something with that. So these are two that we might end up kicking ourselves

00:51:26   but probably not.

00:51:27   And then the last one is something that I believe will definitely happen but won't get

00:51:30   any stage time, which is new Apple Watch bands. Anytime they update the store with a bunch

00:51:35   of products, they put new Apple Watch bands, because it's a new season.

00:51:38   So I would expect them to see that. I just don't think there's any, there's just

00:51:40   no Apple Watch story for education, which is why they probably won't have a segment

00:51:43   where they talk about Apple Watch, in order to mention that there are also lovely new

00:51:46   Watch fans now on sale for spring. But they will undoubtedly, I would say, be available

00:51:53   for spring after this event, because that is what Apple does, because Apple's smart

00:51:58   and they sell a lot of watch bands.

00:52:00   - So that's the draft.

00:52:01   We've got our eight picks.

00:52:02   They will be in the show notes.

00:52:04   You will be able to find a scorecard,

00:52:06   so you'll be able to score along with us

00:52:07   as the event is happening next week.

00:52:10   And this should have been obvious by now,

00:52:12   but Upgrade will be out on Tuesday next week.

00:52:15   We won't be on Monday.

00:52:16   We'll be recording on Tuesday the 27th

00:52:18   and releasing on Tuesday the 27th.

00:52:20   - Yeah, it'll be later in the day

00:52:23   because of course the event's in the morning,

00:52:24   and then I will make my way to the Chicago Podcast Co-op

00:52:27   where the very nice people there and Cards Against Humanity and all that will, they have reserved a

00:52:33   space for me to talk to you, Myke, and that's, that lets me travel a little bit lighter and sound

00:52:39   like I'm a professional and not in a, like, wandering down the streets of Chicago,

00:52:44   which would be a very different sounding podcast. And something to note, because I didn't realize

00:52:48   this until Jason mentioned it, just so everyone can synchronize their watches, whilst this event

00:52:53   is at 10 a.m. as usual, it is central time.

00:52:56   Because I'm used to events being at 10 a.m. Pacific,

00:52:59   but it's not going to be because that's not where the event is.

00:53:02   So just in case, you know, make sure you put it in your calendars right,

00:53:04   because I would have been waiting there 10 a.m. Pacific,

00:53:07   and that would not have been a good idea.

00:53:09   So 10 a.m. Central is when that event is going to happen.

00:53:12   Right, so two hours earlier than an Apple event usually happens.

00:53:18   Of course, we just hit Daylight Savings Time here,

00:53:21   so that's extra complication for people who are in places that did not, that do not change

00:53:27   the clock at that point.

00:53:28   It changes next Sunday so everyone will be saving the daylight.

00:53:33   All together.

00:53:34   That's how you get the most daylight, you save it all together.

00:53:37   That's good.

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00:55:38   So Apple had like a super busy week because they also announced that WWDC is happening.

00:55:43   Yeah, it kind of came out of the blue again

00:55:45   But I think everyone's in agreement that we're really really happy to have been told about this in March rather than in April or May

00:55:51   It's gonna be back in San Jose, which I think pretty much everyone is excited about because it was great last year

00:55:58   From June the 4th to the 8th at the expected. Yeah. Yep

00:56:03   Yeah

00:56:04   We actually had that question a couple weeks ago about when

00:56:07   Wwc was gonna happen and we said probably that first week of June because that's what we'd heard

00:56:11   Like people analyzed things and it turns out yeah, that's it in San Jose

00:56:16   It's exactly when we wanted but it's nice to get that locked down because people are reluctant to buy flights and reserve hotels

00:56:22   especially if you can get a deal if you have no cancellation and then if they moved it and all of those things but it

00:56:28   Is it is when we when we thought and as a parent I have to say

00:56:33   It's not my kids last week of school that week, which is the first time in many years that I have not had

00:56:41   all the end of year school activities happening simultaneously with WWDC.

00:56:47   So, as usual, I'll be flying in, I'm gonna be spending the entire week,

00:56:51   and I'm wondering what you were planning to do, I know like last year you came in San Jose for a few days,

00:56:56   because previously you could just drive in to downtown San Francisco every day, but you can't do that anymore.

00:57:01   Same as last year, I got a hotel room,

00:57:06   the it's the it's the motel next door next door to the motel I stayed in last year.

00:57:11   That one sold out. I think word spread that that place was relatively cheap and had been

00:57:16   completely redone inside so it looked kind of sketchy from the outside but inside it was really

00:57:20   nice and so it was all it was all gone but the the place next door was there and I'll basically

00:57:27   it's there for me to sleep for three nights I think and then and then I leave open whether

00:57:33   I'll be there on Thursday or Friday because I would just drive down for those and I did I think I drove down on Thursday

00:57:38   Last year and was there again and then and then drove home again because it's it's drivable. It's just a very very long drive and

00:57:46   We're very excited to announce

00:57:49   that we

00:57:51   Relay FM have teamed up with AltConf and ATP to create the first ever

00:57:56   WWDC podcast festival. So what we're doing is over two days. So on Monday

00:58:02   The fourth and Wednesday the sixth they were gonna be live podcast

00:58:05   So on Monday the fourth is gonna be ATP live or conf and all comp our next door to the Convention Center

00:58:12   They're in I think it's the Marriott Hotel like next door and then on Wednesday

00:58:17   There's gonna be relay FM live which is gonna be a lot of really cool things

00:58:23   They're gonna be I don't want to I want to say too much

00:58:25   But I will be there you will be there Jason and a bunch of other relay FM hosts are gonna be on stage

00:58:31   We have some fun stuff currently in the works for that which I'm really excited about

00:58:35   So if you're going to be in San Jose

00:58:39   You can go to all conf calm and you can get tickets for those shows

00:58:43   They're five dollars each for each night and all of that money goes towards supporting the work that all can't do all conf is amazing

00:58:50   They put on a bunch of free activities and workshops and stuff like that

00:58:54   For people that are in town who maybe couldn't get themselves a ticket or just want to experience something a little bit different

00:59:01   So we're going to be doing those live shows.

00:59:03   If you are going to be in town, trust me, you want to go to these two shows.

00:59:08   They are great ways to spend your time in San Jose.

00:59:11   And if you're thinking like, oh, I don't want to get a WBC ticket, but I want to be around.

00:59:15   These are the types of things that are so much fun to do.

00:59:17   There's great stuff. There's lots of great conferences.

00:59:20   It's like kind of like sub conferences that happen around WBC now.

00:59:24   And there's so much great stuff to keep yourself occupied with that it is worth making the trip.

00:59:29   I am not even going to attempt to get a pass as I have never needed to never wanted to because

00:59:33   there was just more and more awesome stuff happening and I'll tell you like last year

00:59:37   San Jose was so much fun it really kind of felt like more of an event town and it's going to be

00:59:43   great this year and we're doing some live shows so go to altconf.com and you can get tickets for

00:59:48   Real AFM live on the 6th on Wednesday the 6th of June. Really excited about that.

00:59:56   Shall we do some Upstream, talk about some stuff that's going on in streaming media right now?

01:00:02   Yeah, yeah, really quickly, we'll blow through some streaming news, there's always more.

01:00:07   There's always more. Upstream mainstay Reese Witherspoon, she has a new show with a Hello

01:00:13   Sunshine production company, it's been sold to Hulu. This one stars Witherspoon again,

01:00:18   alongside Kerry Washington, who's best known for starring Rowan Scandal. This is an adaptation of

01:00:24   of a book called Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

01:00:28   This is going to be going to Hulu.

01:00:30   I expect it was probably shopped around

01:00:31   to a bunch of people, but I just find it really,

01:00:34   it's really cool to see what Reese Witherspoon's doing.

01:00:36   You know, I looked into Hello Sunshine a little bit

01:00:38   and basically it was created because she wanted to be able

01:00:41   to help more women get starring roles

01:00:44   in shows and in productions.

01:00:47   And it seems like she's doing a pretty stand up job so far.

01:00:50   It's like the third or fourth show that we've spoken about

01:00:53   she sold recently. Apple has ordered an animated comedy show from the creator of Bob's Burgers

01:01:05   called Central Park and it is a musical comedy. Lauren Bouchard, the creator of Bob's Burgers,

01:01:11   has teamed up with Nora Smith and Josh Gad on this project. It's described as telling

01:01:15   the story of a family of caretakers who live and work in Central Park, but the twist of

01:01:20   show is that they somehow end up saving the world. I'm very intrigued to see how that

01:01:25   comes together. It's going to be produced by 20th Century Fox Television, which is really

01:01:30   weird. So they're producing it and Apple has bought it. And this is because Bouchard has

01:01:34   a deal with 20th Century Fox.

01:01:36   Yeah, he has a deal with 20th Century Fox, right, which will be owned by Disney at some

01:01:40   point. But they're still a studio and they still sell to other providers. And that's

01:01:46   where that's where Lauren Burchard's deal is. Interesting voice cast too, right? So

01:01:51   Josh Gad, you mentioned Leslie Odom Jr. from Hamilton, Titus Burgess from Unbreakable Kimmy

01:01:56   Schmidt, Kristen Bell from The Good Place, Daveed Diggs also from Hamilton. So it's

01:02:02   quite a thing. And I don't know, have you seen Bob's Burgers? Do you watch Bob's Burgers?

01:02:06   So Bob's Burgers is a show I've seen a couple of episodes of and really liked, but it's

01:02:10   not easy to get here.

01:02:13   really good. It was it was mis-marketed in the US because it airs on Sunday night

01:02:20   in the animation block on Fox and as a result I would say and my apologies to

01:02:26   those who enjoy Family Guy I don't really enjoy Family Guy I think the

01:02:30   mistake was that it was marketed to Family Guy viewers so the original

01:02:34   marketing for Bob's Burgers was I'd say not in keeping with what the show's

01:02:40   actually like. It's brilliant. It is a brilliant and brilliantly funny show. So if people haven't

01:02:46   tried it, you should give it a shot. And I think Lauren Burchard, before he did Bob's

01:02:51   Burgers, didn't he do home movies? So he's a very talented person. And it's interesting

01:02:56   that Apple, this is Apple's, I think it's smart for Apple to do this, for Apple to get

01:03:01   into some animation stuff too. It's like, again, what we said before, like try to diversify

01:03:07   the content of an Apple service. It can't all be sci-fi series, right? You need to keep

01:03:13   on diversifying and have it appeal to a wide range and a new show from the guy who does

01:03:18   Bob's Burgers with an all-star cast. Great, great, great idea.

01:03:21   It looks like it's, I can buy Bob's Burgers on Amazon now. It's previously has been really

01:03:26   hard to find. So I'm going to put that on my list for the future. Maybe I'll pick it

01:03:32   up. It's not on Netflix or anything here. It's typically been pretty hard to come by.

01:03:36   I expect it's like Sky bought it and Sky can be pretty tough with that sort of stuff.

01:03:42   And this was one that I missed.

01:03:43   This happens.

01:03:44   I don't know how this happens.

01:03:45   I try and follow this stuff as close as I can now.

01:03:47   But every now and then something from Apple sneaks under the radar.

01:03:50   This is an immigrant anthology series called Little America, which is an order by Apple.

01:03:55   It is a half hour episode anthology series by the Oscar nominated writers of The Big

01:04:00   Sick, Kumail Nanijani and Emily V. Gordon.

01:04:04   It also comes from Lee Eisenberg of a show called "Smilf," which I am not familiar with,

01:04:08   and Alan Yang, co-creator of "Master of None."

01:04:13   So this is a show, it's based on true stories, as described as "a small collective portrait

01:04:18   of America's immigrants, and thereby a portrait of America itself."

01:04:22   It's a straight-to-series order that they've picked up.

01:04:25   Oh, and by the way, the Central Park show, the animated show, 26-episode order split

01:04:29   into two 13-episode seasons.

01:04:32   So yeah, there's more kind of like documentary style drama as well.

01:04:36   Um, coming from again, excellent creators, like a really great kind of cast of people.

01:04:40   Apple.

01:04:41   Uh, this one sounds like Apple, um, said half hour anthology series.

01:04:48   Hmm.

01:04:48   Not sure if anybody's going to watch it, but you know what?

01:04:51   It sounds like it will be high prestige and working with really talented creators

01:04:57   and that, and, and probably my guess is they were like, yeah, it's worth being

01:05:01   in business with these people, even if sometimes you look at a project and you think, "That

01:05:06   sounds like it could be really great. I'm not sure who's going to watch it, but it sounds

01:05:09   like it could be great." Again, Apple's still writing checks. Sounds good. These people

01:05:15   are all…

01:05:16   David: They want the next big sip. They want the next master of none. Working with these

01:05:21   people now on something that they are probably very passionate about, even if it won't get

01:05:26   a lot of traction because it's maybe not going to be high profile and flashy enough, it is

01:05:33   still something that's going to get those people into the vault for maybe their next

01:05:36   projects.

01:05:37   I think anthology series, it's not really even the subject matter, I think anthology

01:05:41   series are a hard sell because people really like having...

01:05:44   Characters you can latch onto and grow with.

01:05:47   Black Mirror has broken through but it's hard to do and Black Mirror's got a sci-fi premise

01:05:54   and it's got controversy and all of that, but it's still, I think, people don't understand

01:05:58   Black Mirror either.

01:05:59   Black Mirror is like clickbait, right?

01:06:01   That's fair.

01:06:02   You know, and I'm not saying this, I'm not trying to cast aspersions on the show's quality,

01:06:06   but like, it is popular because it's like, "Oh, what are they gonna, what are they gonna

01:06:10   make me feel bad about now?" Right? Like, it's kind of got that feeling to it of like,

01:06:15   people want to just go and see it to see what's happening. So yeah, and also it's like it's

01:06:20   complete fictiony type stuff right where this one is going to be based upon true stories so

01:06:25   it's a little it's it is different but i think black mirror is more of a

01:06:28   it is like the exception to the rule i think for these types of shows yeah i think i think so i

01:06:34   think people are not really programmed to do uh anthology series but but that is two anthology

01:06:40   series at apple right because they're doing the spillbug one that's true yeah amazing stories

01:06:45   which is more of a black mirror except not because...

01:06:49   That would be higher profile, right?

01:06:50   Yeah.

01:06:51   Just because Spielberg's attached.

01:06:52   Should we do some Ask Upgrade?

01:06:54   Yeah, I think we should.

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01:08:03   So our first upgrade question this week comes from Chris. Chris wants to know

01:08:08   what are our favorite Apple Watch bands and what types of Apple Watch bands would we like to see

01:08:13   in the future? Jason, what is your favorite? What do you wear every day?

01:08:16   Uh, I, much to my shock, if you had told me before the Apple Watch shipped,

01:08:22   where I was really concerned about the fluoro elastomer sport band,

01:08:28   I wear a sport band almost the entire time. And lately I've been wearing the Nike sport

01:08:36   band with all the holes.

01:08:37   Okay. Yeah, they're cool looking.

01:08:38   And it's the kind of like light gray with the black, I guess, or dark gray rings. I

01:08:46   like that one. I have a black one that I wear a lot. I have an orange one that I also wear

01:08:49   a lot. I kind of retire that during the winter.

01:08:51   Is that just a regular orange one? There isn't a Nike orange one, right?

01:08:55   Yeah, it's just a regular one. And I bring that out sort of during the warmer weather

01:09:00   and when it's baseball season. My favorite baseball team's colors are orange and black,

01:09:04   so having orange stuff, then it's like, I don't know, it feels, it's fun to do that.

01:09:09   And watch bands are all about the fun. I have a leather band. I have a black, I have the

01:09:16   original black leather band, which is not as good as the black leather band that came

01:09:20   and I put it on sometimes when I'm maybe trying to trying to dress it up a little

01:09:26   bit but the surprise to me is that I always wore a leather band on my watches

01:09:30   before and I find that I end up gravitating toward the that sport band

01:09:35   because I really like how it feels so it's weird and unexpected but there it

01:09:39   is. Do you have any dreams for watch bands? Is there anything that like you

01:09:43   specifically want that they don't have? I don't know. I think it's possible that I would

01:09:52   see something and it would speak to me. You know, the funny thing, and I don't think Apple's

01:09:57   gonna do this, is what they really ought to do. I mentioned my baseball team earlier.

01:10:01   I feel like Apple needs to start actually coming up with, and again, they wouldn't be

01:10:06   branded in the sense of like a visible logo but like if you're in you know if you're in

01:10:13   Chicago can you get the Cubs colors or the the you know if you're in San Francisco can

01:10:20   you get the Giants colors or the A's colors like that I'm intrigued by that idea of like

01:10:26   can we find color combinations if you're in you know a big college football place can

01:10:32   you get the local team's colors? Could they do some color combinations that were inspired

01:10:38   by sport or something like that? I think that's probably impractical because there are so

01:10:43   many and yet I keep thinking that would be a winner if people could basically wear the

01:10:49   colors, fly the colors with their watch bands. So that may be a future. Maybe that's something

01:10:55   that they do a limited supply of that's only online ordering or something like that. I

01:10:59   I don't know, but that's the only thing I can think of.

01:11:01   I wanna say like a nice new leather band

01:11:04   or something like that, but the fact is

01:11:05   I don't use the leather band that I've got.

01:11:07   - I'm gonna go one step further on your colors thing.

01:11:11   I would like to see Apple try and do something

01:11:13   like Nike ID one day.

01:11:15   Do you know what Nike ID is?

01:11:17   - Oh, is that the bill to order?

01:11:19   - Yeah, the full customization thing.

01:11:22   You have a bunch of options and you can change

01:11:24   all the colors and change different materials

01:11:26   to match your own thing and you pay more for it

01:11:28   I would love that because it's difficult, especially with a watch band because it's small,

01:11:32   but you would probably pay two to three times the price, but you could get exactly what you wanted.

01:11:37   So if you wanted your sports team's colors in a sport loop, you could get that. I would love that.

01:11:42   That would be really great. So then I could get the exact band that I want in the exact colors

01:11:46   that I want. You know how I love customization stuff and that's kind of like the ultimate.

01:11:50   My current favorite watch band is the Black Sport Loop, which is a terrible name for what this

01:11:56   product is because whilst it is predominantly black it has little flecks of rainbow colours

01:12:02   all throughout it which I love and I love the Sportloops because they're really comfortable

01:12:09   they are infinitely adjustable right because they use that velcro not velcro I wear these

01:12:15   when I swim and I wear these when I'm just every day like the black Sportloop is my favourite

01:12:22   Apple Watch band. I liked the regular sports. Then I really liked the nylon and this is

01:12:29   the best mix of all of the stuff that Apple's made. I always had my eye on the Milanese

01:12:33   but never went for it and this gives me what I want from that. When I'm swimming I can

01:12:39   tighten it to the way that I want and then I can very easily adjust it. I really really

01:12:44   love the sport loops. If you've never tried one, go to a store and try one. Go look at

01:12:48   them like that they are surprisingly nice I really really like it so the

01:12:53   black one is my favorite one because it has these little colors in it which is a

01:12:56   nice surprise. Bozy writes in do you know of any smart speakers that have a digital

01:13:03   out either optical or coaxial suitable for connecting connection to a high-end

01:13:07   DAC or ample speakers so Bozy said like the Echo Dot has an aux out but the

01:13:12   internal DAC is low quality I have no idea about this I assume probably Sonos

01:13:16   right? Would be what you'd want? I think Sonos has a product that is designed to

01:13:24   what's the name of it but yeah Sonos has a product that is designed to go to an

01:13:29   amp and has coax out and optical out and all of those things it's not going to

01:13:36   take your voice control unless you're using an echo with a Sonos integration

01:13:43   and the right music service.

01:13:46   But if you're doing that, you could tell the Sonos Connect,

01:13:51   it's called.

01:13:52   - Yeah, they have one called the Connect

01:13:54   and the Connect Amp.

01:13:55   - Connect Amp is its own amp.

01:13:57   - Right.

01:13:58   - And the Connect you attach to an existing amp.

01:13:59   So if you've got powered speakers.

01:14:01   - This looks like the original Sonos, the Connect.

01:14:03   - Yeah, so the Connect has optical out, coax out,

01:14:08   analog out, and you attach it to an amp.

01:14:11   Or if you have speakers that require an amp to be powered,

01:14:15   you can get the Connect Amp and it'll do the powering for you.

01:14:18   And then what you would do is you would pair that with an Echo

01:14:23   that has the Sonos thing, and then you would tell it to play

01:14:27   and you have to, and it's limited to, I think like Spotify

01:14:30   and the Amazon Music Service that you would have to have

01:14:33   on the Sonos.

01:14:34   It doesn't do, even though the Sonos does Apple Music,

01:14:36   you can't voice control Apple Music from an Echo,

01:14:39   but you could do that.

01:14:40   And at that point you were using voice control on like a little echo dot to get music to play through your

01:14:45   Through your speakers through your amp via optical or coax out from the Sonos, but that's I think that's what you have to do

01:14:53   Right. Yeah, you have to use daisy chain in a bit

01:14:55   But like that is a pretty cool solution you get the best of everything, right?

01:14:58   You get the best sound quality that you want because it's clearly important to this person

01:15:02   Right like to have great sound and I'm assuming they already have great

01:15:06   equipment and you also get like for $35 or whatever it is you get voice control too.

01:15:14   The Echo Dot is an easy purchase when you're going into this stuff anyway right? Like it's

01:15:18   so cheap. I wonder if they're how cheap they're gonna get that and I still don't know why

01:15:22   they don't just give those to Prime customers. Like I'm surprised they haven't done that

01:15:28   yet.

01:15:29   Other than controlling the demand a little bit because I thought that they would start

01:15:33   giving kindles to Prime customers too if they asked and instead they make a cheap Kindle

01:15:37   but it's an opportunity for more revenue and it limits how many of them they make and sell

01:15:42   because they probably sell a lot of them for free to people who wouldn't use them and that

01:15:47   doesn't benefit them so they probably tested it because it's Amazon.

01:15:51   Chris has written in, "I have a 1TB hard drive in my iMac. Would I get better performance

01:15:56   by booting from a USB solid state drive or would it be worth the money to get a Thunderbolt

01:16:02   solid-state drive to boot from. The computer is mostly used for stuff like Final Cut and

01:16:06   Plex and gaming. And so I guess I have a question that goes on top of this, Jason. Is this even

01:16:11   a good idea to boot from an external SSD?

01:16:15   I wouldn't boot from an external drive purposefully only because you're... I don't know, somebody

01:16:22   out there will probably tell me I don't have... You know, I didn't see this question before

01:16:26   we started so I didn't do any research on this but I as personally I don't do that because

01:16:32   I find that booting from external drives tends to be sluggish because you tend to get better

01:16:37   performance out of your internal drives than you do going through a bus to the external

01:16:42   drive. That said there are probably extreme examples where you've got a really slow spinning

01:16:46   hard drive and a really fast external bit of storage and it might be able to eclipse

01:16:51   it but I mmm... I get nervous about it like I don't understand enough about it but it

01:16:57   feels like you could be introducing some interesting errors here and there. Also you're increasing

01:17:02   your boot or you might even arguably speed up your boot time but then you're using the

01:17:08   computer and like Final Cut and Plex server and gaming is constrained by probably your

01:17:16   GPU more than anything else. Final cut is going to be constrained by your disk speed.

01:17:25   I don't know, is the spinning disk going to be faster or slower than an external USB?

01:17:31   USB? Again, I would have to do the math. Then there's theoretical speeds and then there's

01:17:38   real-world speeds, which are different. I don't know. It's possible. I don't want to

01:17:41   give some advice here because I haven't done the research other than to say that I would

01:17:47   never boot from an external drive. That's just a rule of mine and maybe things have

01:17:52   changed but I'm a little skeptical. There is probably an external super fast storage

01:17:58   that you could boot from but even then I don't know. I don't have a good answer to this question.

01:18:07   Rick has written in, "Do either of you have a strategy when your podcast queue starts

01:18:11   to get too long?"

01:18:13   -

01:18:14   -

01:18:15   -

01:18:16   -

01:18:17   -

01:18:18   -

01:18:19   -

01:18:20   -

01:18:21   -

01:18:22   -

01:18:23   -

01:18:24   -

01:18:25   -

01:18:26   -

01:18:27   -

01:18:28   -

01:18:29   -

01:18:30   -

01:18:31   -

01:18:32   -

01:18:33   -

01:18:34   -

01:18:35   -

01:18:36   happens. I'm not going to name any names, but there are podcasts hosted by friends of

01:18:40   mine where I just don't listen to every episode. I listen when I can, but they're not all on

01:18:47   the, like, "I will listen to every single episode of this podcast" list. And then also

01:18:51   I have some podcasts that come and go because they're the more storytelling like "Hello

01:18:54   from the Magic Tavern" or "Dragon Friends" or "The Adventure Zone" where I will listen

01:18:59   to "I'll Get on a Kick" and I'll listen to a bunch of them and then I'll leave them there

01:19:02   because they're not going anywhere and they're not topical. So it's a combination of them.

01:19:06   those. But okay, I'll mention one, like, "Reconcilable Differences" I really like,

01:19:10   but I don't listen to every episode. "Cortex" I really like, I don't listen to

01:19:13   every episode because I don't have enough time, I don't have a lot of

01:19:17   podcasts listening, and then all of a sudden I'll have a couple things

01:19:19   I have to drive to, like next week I'm speaking at a user group in Sacramento,

01:19:23   so I'm going to be spending a couple hours in the car each way.

01:19:25   Well, I'll be listening to lots of podcasts on that trip, and so that'll be

01:19:28   a chance for me to get caught up a little bit. But, you know, by the time I

01:19:31   do that, there will have been, like, a bunch of episodes that I haven't heard

01:19:35   of some of my friends' podcasts that I will just have to skip. And so I triage it.

01:19:39   Yeah, mine's very similar. If my list starts to get too long, I just start cutting out

01:19:45   stuff that's topical. So like if I have a show that is news-based and a second episode

01:19:50   comes in, well, the first one's gonna go now because it's old to the point of there being

01:19:56   a new one. So all that old news is gone again. So that's something that I do. It's kind of

01:20:00   just triage and then I let things just go into a long list and I can pick them out when

01:20:03   I want to if I want to get to them later. But typically I will listen to shows that

01:20:08   I really love that are news focused will get hit first or just the stuff that I'm waiting

01:20:17   for the episodes always, right? To the point when I see them, I'm like, "That is going

01:20:22   straight to the top of my list because I must listen to it today."

01:20:27   Keegan says, "Do you think that Apple's competitors like Microsoft and Samsung know

01:20:31   more about Apple's future plans via supply chains or espionage than we hear from rumor

01:20:37   sites? Is that something that we believe happens in the technology industry? Do we think that

01:20:42   they probably know more about it than we do or at a faster pace? What do you think, Jason?

01:20:48   I don't know for sure. My guess would be that they know differently. My guess would be that

01:20:52   some of the stuff they discover from reports and that maybe there's also stuff that they

01:20:57   glean from the supply chain or from sources or friends or all of those things. But I would

01:21:06   bet that mostly it's from media reports, actually.

01:21:11   Yeah, I would agree. The majority in the pie would be they know what we know, but every

01:21:17   now and then these companies are going to have their own sources because that's just

01:21:21   a thing, right? You want to know what your competitors are up to and sometimes that means

01:21:25   corporate espionage, which I'm sure does happen in this industry, but it needs to happen less

01:21:32   because there are people that make websites about it. I bet this needs to happen more

01:21:36   in the oven world than it does in the computer world. I think about video games quite a lot

01:21:48   with this because it's something I find really interesting that a video game can be basically

01:21:52   completed before anybody knows about it.

01:21:54   It stays under wraps really well.

01:21:57   So I would expect that there's a little bit more of this corporate espionagey stuff in

01:22:01   the video game world.

01:22:03   Because it seems to be that video games are able to be kept under wraps for longer.

01:22:09   For example, Super Smash Brothers just got announced as a game that will be coming this

01:22:14   year.

01:22:15   This is a game that people have been going crazy for, hoping that it will come out.

01:22:18   It's obviously been in development but we didn't know until it was announced like a

01:22:22   week or two ago.

01:22:23   So I but I expect that Sony probably knew because somebody was able to get that information

01:22:29   to them.

01:22:30   Who knows?

01:22:31   It's very interesting.

01:22:32   Last question from Keith.

01:22:33   Do you use any charging stations to keep your devices tidy?

01:22:36   If so, which one?

01:22:38   I use the Studio Neat material dock on my bedside table, which is a iPhone and Apple

01:22:45   watch combo thing which I really like but that's all I have kind of charging station-wise.

01:22:51   What about you Jason?

01:22:52   Jason: I have that funny little Apple watch charging dock that looks like a classic Mac.

01:22:57   Is that okay? Yep, yep. That I can put it in and you know it's in the watch mode or

01:23:03   clock mode alarm whatever that's called.

01:23:05   Is that made by Ilago?

01:23:07   Sleep night. Yeah I think that's right. Okay. I have that on my bedside. I don't keep my

01:23:12   phone by my bedside so I don't and I just have a lightning plug for my iPad and the

01:23:18   phone's laying out in the kitchen on a Qi charger. So nothing exciting.

01:23:25   If you want to send in your questions for the end of the show just send us a tweet with

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01:23:34   Thank you so much to everybody that did that. Just bear in mind we will do Ask Upgrade next

01:23:38   week most likely but it will be focused on the event so if you have questions after Apple's

01:23:43   event next week just send a tweet with the hashtag #AskUpgrade and I'll try and grab a

01:23:48   selection of those for us to talk about on the show so if you have questions about what's

01:23:51   happened maybe there's specific things you want to get Jason's opinions on having been

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01:24:30   If you want to find Jason online, it's at sixcolors.com.

01:24:32   Jason, will you be doing any event coverage next week?

01:24:36   Of course.

01:24:37   it is I don't know but something yes. Are you going to be doing live? I'll probably

01:24:43   leave the live tweeting to Dan and focus on paying attention. And what is that Twitter

01:24:48   account for people to follow? That's a six colors event is the Twitter account or you

01:24:53   can just follow bleed six colors and we'll link to it from there. I will put six colors

01:24:57   event in the show notes so people can follow along. Dan and Jason do a great job with that

01:25:03   I always keep that one going when we've got something, we've got an event going on.

01:25:08   But Jason is @jsnell on Twitter.

01:25:10   I am @imike.

01:25:11   I-M-Y-K-E.

01:25:12   Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of Upgrade.

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01:25:22   And we'll be back next week from new and exciting locations.

01:25:26   Until then, say goodbye, Jason Snell.

01:25:28   See you on the other side.

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