165: The iPhone X Review


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade Episode 165, the iPhone X Review.

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00:00:18   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   I am joined by Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:22   Hello, Jason Snell.

00:00:23   Hello, Myke Hurley. How are you?

00:00:25   I'm very well, but literally nobody cares about that today because we have a huge show.

00:00:28   but I'm going to start with an iPhone 10 related #snowtalk question which was sent in a long

00:00:33   time ago but I've waited for today. This comes from Frank. Frank wants to know which an emoji

00:00:38   Jason is your favourite?

00:00:42   I gotta go with the monkey. I think you've got to. Because the monkey is my favourite.

00:00:47   I mean, first off, monkeys in general are kind of my favourite and the monkey emoji

00:00:52   is one that I really like and I enjoy that monkey. There are a lot of good emojis. I

00:00:58   say this, I think some of the animoji are more expressive than others, like I really

00:01:04   like the robot, but it's a robot, what can they do with it? Whereas like the fox is super

00:01:11   expressive.

00:01:12   The fox is so cute.

00:01:13   Right, and I mentioned this in the review, but one of the things that I think the most

00:01:18   impressive thing about animoji is not the face tracking, I think it is the character

00:01:22   animations that happen, like there is a lot of personality that was put into those animations,

00:01:27   They do some amazing things, interpreting certain facial features as other features

00:01:32   mapped to like, like the big ears on the top of the fox.

00:01:36   And they do things when you like change your forehead and it's, it's crazy.

00:01:40   So so yeah, I say I like the monkey because it's a monkey, but the, I think over time

00:01:48   we may come to appreciate certain animoji as having a kind of amazing animation in them

00:01:54   that makes, gives them even more personality.

00:01:56   But yeah, it's totally the monkey.

00:01:59   Which monkey did I use in my video?

00:02:01   Or which animoji did I use in my video?

00:02:03   The monkey, of course.

00:02:04   It goes without saying, really.

00:02:06   I have yet to see anybody, well this is mostly you so you need to rectify this at some point,

00:02:11   to send me the unicorn, because I think the unicorn is going to be what I end up going

00:02:16   with.

00:02:17   But I haven't seen a unicorn yet.

00:02:19   Nobody sent me a unicorn.

00:02:20   So we are of course, thank you Frank by the way for sending in that #SNELTalk question.

00:02:24   If you want to open the show of a question to Jason,

00:02:27   just send a tweet with the hashtag SnailTalkIn

00:02:29   and it will open a future episode of the show.

00:02:32   Of course, we are talking completely

00:02:34   about the iPhone 10 today,

00:02:36   because Jason has a review that he has published

00:02:39   and we're gonna be going through

00:02:40   and kind of filling in some of the gaps

00:02:42   and getting some more color,

00:02:43   maybe a seventh color to round out everything

00:02:47   about the iPhone 10.

00:02:48   But I guess we should--

00:02:49   - It's all infrared.

00:02:50   It's all infrared.

00:02:51   The color is infrared.

00:02:53   - It's a hidden wave station.

00:02:53   But we should start at the beginning and we should start at the point when you picked

00:02:57   up your iPhone.

00:02:58   So I assume you went back to the spaceship.

00:03:02   I did not.

00:03:03   I went to Infinite Loop.

00:03:04   I just went to the briefing center in Infinite Loop.

00:03:06   I think they're prepping the visitor center to open.

00:03:10   So maybe they can't just camp out in the visitor center again.

00:03:12   And my impression is that there are not a lot of people in at the spaceship yet.

00:03:16   I will say though, a lot of people, there's a conspiracy theory that the reason we didn't

00:03:20   record the show on Monday was because of this.

00:03:23   And it's not true, I went to a wedding in Rhode Island on Sunday. Our friend and colleague

00:03:28   Serenity Caldwell got married.

00:03:29   Congratulations, Serenity.

00:03:30   Yeah, absolutely. And so I came back very early Monday morning, that was always the

00:03:35   plan, I made my reservations a whole long time ago, and I was going to be in the air

00:03:38   when we did this, and I just said, "Let's just do it Tuesday." And you're like, "All

00:03:41   right, let's do it Tuesday." Not a problem. And then I got a call from Apple saying, "Would

00:03:44   you like to come down Monday afternoon?" So I literally just got to the airport and drove

00:03:49   south instead of north and went to Apple.

00:03:52   But as we're coming in to San Francisco Airport,

00:03:55   I opened the shade on the window

00:03:58   and between the fog and the clouds and stuff,

00:04:00   I was looking to try to see where we were in the Bay Area,

00:04:04   like playing that game of like, can you spot where you are?

00:04:07   And it was, you know, a lot of buildings and some freeways.

00:04:09   I'm like, what am I looking at?

00:04:10   Is this the East Bay?

00:04:11   We usually come down over the East Bay

00:04:13   and then across the Bay and then land in San Francisco.

00:04:15   And I was like, I'm not quite sure where this is.

00:04:17   And then you know what I saw, Myke?

00:04:19   I saw a giant ring building.

00:04:22   And I thought, "Oh, I know where we are."

00:04:24   (both laughing)

00:04:25   - And you were instantly reminded

00:04:26   that you had to get to work.

00:04:28   - Yeah, so I flew above the spaceship,

00:04:30   but then I drove to Infinite Loop and got a briefing.

00:04:33   And then I came home and then I put together a review

00:04:36   and went to bed at 3 a.m.

00:04:38   'cause that was when the embargo was.

00:04:40   - So you have had your iPhone for 24 hours at this point,

00:04:43   right? - Oh, it's less than that.

00:04:45   It's, it's, it's, I got it at like one 30 or two in the afternoon and it's,

00:04:50   as we record this, it's not yet 10 in the morning.

00:04:52   So, um, so yeah, it's more like 20, 18 to 20 hours ago.

00:04:56   I got the, I took, took the iPhone 10 into my heart and also put it in my pocket.

00:05:02   Yes.

00:05:02   This is a new direction from Apple.

00:05:04   It seems this time that I think they're focusing on getting these smaller

00:05:08   reviews out first and then maybe pushing out for content later.

00:05:11   We'll see if this is something that sticks, but they definitely

00:05:13   made a change this time.

00:05:14   - It's unusual, the part about this that's,

00:05:17   they always choose interesting outlets from time to time,

00:05:20   that just happens that they choose,

00:05:22   they try to push it outside the usual.

00:05:24   They've done that for a while now.

00:05:26   I'd say what the big difference was this time is,

00:05:28   I can't remember the last time they had a universal embargo

00:05:32   with different hardware procurement times.

00:05:38   I mean, that's the thing is I can't remember the last time

00:05:41   there was an embargo that everybody followed,

00:05:44   but some people had it for a day,

00:05:46   some people had it for a week.

00:05:47   That's a little unusual.

00:05:48   Usually the people get it well in advance,

00:05:50   their embargo drops,

00:05:51   and then everybody else just sort of gets handed a unit

00:05:54   and says, "Write about it whenever."

00:05:56   And they didn't do that this time,

00:05:57   which is a little bit different,

00:05:58   but they're trying different stuff.

00:05:59   So I was very happy to have the opportunity

00:06:01   to be under embargo.

00:06:02   It's been a while since I did an embargoed iPhone review.

00:06:05   I think it's been since three years ago

00:06:07   when the 6 came out, I had an embargoed review,

00:06:10   which was right on the cusp of me leaving Mac world

00:06:12   and doing six colors.

00:06:13   I actually wrote on Six Colors. That was the impetus for launching Six Colors when I did,

00:06:17   instead of giving myself a few weeks off from being an internet personality, was that I

00:06:22   had that review and we talked about it on upgraded episode one.

00:06:25   Oh yeah, episode one was an embargoed iPhone review. I totally forgot about that.

00:06:29   But I also wrote about it for Macworld because it was originally supposed to be for Macworld,

00:06:33   so we kind of made a deal where I wrote some stuff for them and some stuff for Six Colors

00:06:36   and we talked about it on upgrade. So it's been three years since I had one of these,

00:06:41   So I wanted to make the most of it even though I didn't I had a limited amount of time.

00:06:45   For what you're able to say was there anything interesting that came out of the briefing?

00:06:49   Was there any kind of mention of the pre-order's demand?

00:06:53   Was there anything specific that Apple wanted to go over with you or was it pretty standard

00:06:56   fare?

00:06:57   It's a product briefing so they're basically focusing on the product.

00:07:00   It's a lot of stuff you know I was I was actually there with somebody from broadcast journalism

00:07:04   and I it's always a reminder that one of the reasons they go over all the features that

00:07:09   mentioned at the keynote is because people who don't do this as their primary

00:07:12   job but it's just one of many many things they cover they need the

00:07:16   refresher so there's a lot of coverage of things that we already know and then

00:07:21   one of the nice things about the product briefings is that they have details and

00:07:24   they know that we want little tidbits so I got some tidbits about like details

00:07:29   about how about the inference sensor and how the camera differs from the eight

00:07:32   and how what was it some of the gestures like I didn't know that that reach

00:07:38   ability still exists, but it does, and I actually turned that on for my iPhone 10,

00:07:43   and that was something that the person in the briefing room told me. So, yeah, that's

00:07:48   the nice thing about the briefing. Apple's one of these companies, it's not like our

00:07:51   friend Andrzej Tomić talks about how in Slovenia he'll review phones and he literally gets

00:07:57   a paper sack full of phones, and they said, "Go review these." And with Apple, it's very

00:08:03   much like Apple doesn't want to just give you the product, they don't want to just FedEx

00:08:05   it to your house, they want you to come to them and sit in a room and have them tell

00:08:10   their story to you. And you can then do whatever you want, but they want the opportunity to

00:08:15   set the story. They always want to do that. That was, I remember at one point at Macworld,

00:08:20   we had like a handshake agreement with Apple that was basically like, we're going to give

00:08:25   them the opportunity to give us a product briefing because there were a couple of products

00:08:29   where they didn't brief us and, or they wanted to brief us late. And, you know, we just ran

00:08:35   out and bought the product and wrote a review really fast and that really frustrated them.

00:08:38   And we're like, guys, we got to review the product. And so we sort of made a deal where

00:08:42   we were going to give them the opportunity to give us a briefing and sort of in exchange,

00:08:46   they were going to get us the products sooner. And that was the thing we did. But they have,

00:08:50   that's a cultural thing with Apple PR to this day, which is they want to, they want to give

00:08:54   you that. They want to set the stage. They want to, they want to make sure you hear their

00:08:58   side of it before you go off and do their review. And so that's, that's a big part of

00:09:02   the product briefing process.

00:09:03   We should probably just start talking about the phone, right?

00:09:05   I think so. I think we've done our pre-phone theatrics are now done.

00:09:10   So I have a bunch of different sections that I want to talk to you about. And I guess the

00:09:14   first one is kind of the physical size of the phone. Because this is a new physical

00:09:20   size as it sits kind of in scale between the 8 and the 8 Plus. So I kind of first off wanted

00:09:28   to know how it feels in the hand. What is the width like? What is the height like? How

00:09:32   How does it feel to hold and use this phone as compared to the 8 and the 8 Plus which

00:09:38   you just reviewed?

00:09:40   It's… it is a slightly wider iPhone 8, basically.

00:09:49   It is, if you were to hold it, just like a blind test, if you just sat in a chair with

00:09:55   your eyes closed and somebody put a phone in your hand, you would say this is… and

00:09:59   you didn't know the existence of the iPhone X, you would say it's an iPhone 7 or 8,

00:10:02   right, you would say, or six, it is, because it's only, what is it, like a couple of millimeters?

00:10:09   I had somebody say, "Hey, thanks for the metric," but it's like fractions of inches are so ridiculous

00:10:13   that I find millimeters actually, even as an awful American, I prefer the millimeters

00:10:19   to say it's three and a half millimeters wider, which is nothing, right? It's 0.14 inch, which

00:10:26   is totally meaningless to me, which is why I say it in millimeters. So it's basically

00:10:31   as wide as the iPhone, you know, small size iPhone. It's taller, but it's not wider.

00:10:38   So, and for me, my challenge with the iPhone Plus models was always like, it was, I would

00:10:44   have to expand my hand so much to get around the phone. I never felt like I had a really

00:10:47   great grip on it. And then at that point, my thumb, because my hand was, you know, trying

00:10:53   desperately to hold onto it, my thumb had very little movement. So, one-handed use of

00:10:58   the phone was really limited, which was always my frustration. That's not an issue. The width

00:11:03   is not an issue with the X. If you pay attention, you'll notice it's a little bit wider, but

00:11:10   it's very little bit. Just to put it in perspective, the Plus is more than 7mm wider than the X.

00:11:18   So it's 3.5 wider than the 8, but 7 narrower than the 8 Plus. So it's definitely on the

00:11:27   side of the smaller phone.

00:11:28   Yeah, definitely.

00:11:29   It's definitely urgent towards that.

00:11:30   But, so what about the height though?

00:11:32   Like how easy is it for you to go up and activate notification center?

00:11:37   Is this something that you are finding difficult?

00:11:40   Is it more or less difficult than the Plus models?

00:11:43   How is that feeling for you in a usability standpoint?

00:11:46   Well it's less difficult than the Plus models, but it is more difficult.

00:11:49   And this is one of the things that I struggled with yesterday is I realized that I am, I

00:11:55   do a lot of my iPhone stuff with one hand where I am sort of flicking around on the

00:12:00   screen with my thumb and that's one of the reasons why I like the smaller phone because

00:12:03   I can reach most places. I can barely reach the top of the phone with my thumb on the

00:12:09   7 and the 8. On the 10, I can't. It's like a whole row of the home screen that I cannot

00:12:18   reach. In fact, to the point where I've already decided I'm probably going to need to re-layout

00:12:24   my home screen to push, to put, first off, to leave the,

00:12:29   to fill the empty row at the bottom

00:12:32   and put the most important apps toward the bottom

00:12:36   because if I want quick access to the phone app,

00:12:39   which is in the top row, forget it.

00:12:41   Like I will need to either readjust my grip

00:12:44   or I will need to call, send for the other hand

00:12:48   to stop whatever it's doing and get in a car

00:12:52   and drive over to where the other hand is

00:12:54   and tap something on the phone,

00:12:55   which again, it's not a problem.

00:12:57   - Welcome to my three years ago, Jason.

00:12:59   - Yeah, right?

00:13:00   - This is what everybody did when they got plus models,

00:13:02   right, you rearrange your home screen a little bit

00:13:04   to fit that a bit better.

00:13:07   - 'Cause it's not just that the 10 is taller, right?

00:13:08   The 10 is a little bit taller, but the 10 screen,

00:13:11   if you imagine the 10's a little bit taller than the eight,

00:13:15   but the screen goes all the way to the top.

00:13:17   So all that area that you've got the bezel

00:13:19   in the eight or the seven or the six,

00:13:24   That's screen too, so it's that much more tall.

00:13:27   And so reaching all the way up there is an issue,

00:13:29   which is why I mentioned reachability earlier.

00:13:31   You can turn on an accessibility,

00:13:33   reachability, which now that there's no home button,

00:13:35   it is one of a litany of things

00:13:36   that they've had to remap to a new gesture.

00:13:38   In this case, they've got this sort of gestural area

00:13:41   down at the bottom of the screen

00:13:42   where there's this white bar at the very bottom

00:13:44   that is your indicator to flip up to go to the home screen

00:13:47   or to unlock the phone if it's locked.

00:13:50   You can also, one of the gestures there,

00:13:52   if you turn it on, is you kind of like flip down in that area and reachability triggers

00:13:58   and it's like you're saying, "Come on down. Come on down, rest of the screen, I need you."

00:14:04   But it's also entirely possible that with a little bit of retraining of muscle memory,

00:14:08   I will start doing more of a, you know, hand shimmy kind of thing or I'll hold it a little

00:14:14   bit higher and stop using my pinky as like the maintainer of the kickstand that maintains

00:14:21   its place in my hand. There's, you know, you know, I may change my method of holding the

00:14:26   phone in order to optimize for this size. I don't know. But that was the first thing

00:14:31   that leapt out at me is one handing an iPhone at the top of the interface is not happening,

00:14:40   at least not yet. So reachability, using the second hand, moving things down on the screen,

00:14:45   all of that stuff is in play.

00:14:47   I would say I expect that you will end up finding a way to do it one-handed because

00:14:52   I remember going through all this stuff and I can activate all this stuff one-handed.

00:14:56   You just kind of adjust and contort your grip into different ways, right, which end up being,

00:15:00   oh, you hold your phone slightly differently because you want to reach more of the screen.

00:15:06   And that's always the challenge when you've got a product, not even just for a day, but

00:15:09   even if you've got a product for a week, is that's not living with it. Like, living with

00:15:13   it, over time you will adapt, like your muscle memory will adapt to the new thing. And a

00:15:20   new thing is always going to be frustrating at first. I got a new, this is a very brief

00:15:26   tangent, I got a new mechanical keyboard to try the other week, because I like mechanical

00:15:31   keyboards and this one's got, you know, my other keyboard is like missing lots of keys,

00:15:35   which I've mapped around, but it is a little bit weird. So I got one that's got more keys

00:15:38   in it. And I used it for like two or three days and I wanted to throw it across the room

00:15:43   because like it was in the wrong place and I wasn't sitting in the right place and it

00:15:46   made my hands uncomfortable and it made moving the trackpad uncomfortable, all of these things.

00:15:50   And I was like, you know what, it's changed, you got to deal with it. And I like, I stuck

00:15:54   with it and now it's fine. Like I got through that process and I probably, it didn't change,

00:16:01   right? It's still a hunk of plastic. I changed where I positioned my hands and where I positioned

00:16:06   my chair and I adapted until I found, even unconsciously, right, found a place that was

00:16:12   comfortable. And with a phone, I mean, what is more, um, where do ergonomics matter more

00:16:18   than something like holding a phone? Like your finger placement and, and the angle of

00:16:24   your wrist, like all of that is something that you may not think about it, but you have

00:16:27   a preferred style of doing it. And then you get a new phone that kind of changes it and

00:16:31   you got to adapt.

00:16:32   What are your thoughts on the colors?

00:16:34   So I'm a, as you know, I am a big proponent

00:16:37   of the Darth Vader phone.

00:16:39   Like I loved the original black iPhone five

00:16:43   'cause it was just like super black.

00:16:45   And then they made it lighter space gray later

00:16:47   but the first one was like super black.

00:16:49   I liked that I had the jet black seven, loved it.

00:16:52   So my order that I placed,

00:16:56   which since I was on the East coast,

00:16:57   I got to experience the 3 a.m. Apple product order.

00:17:01   That was fun.

00:17:02   - That was the 3 a.m.s for you at the moment.

00:17:03   - Oh yeah, I've gotten up at 3 a.m.

00:17:06   Yeah, I've been awake at 3 a.m. too many times lately.

00:17:09   That, I got the black one.

00:17:13   I got the space gray one, which is pretty much black.

00:17:16   And that one, so the stainless steel ring

00:17:18   around the iPhone 10, which Apple will tell you

00:17:21   is a special atomic process to make the space gray

00:17:25   match the glass back, but it looks great.

00:17:29   Like with the jet black, it basically makes the whole thing

00:17:33   like just a black phone, unless the screen is on,

00:17:36   it's just like all black phone with a little Apple logo.

00:17:40   And they'll also tell you that the stainless steel

00:17:43   is a surgical grade in case you need to perform surgery

00:17:48   with the ring around your iPhone, you could do that.

00:17:51   And that it's a proprietary Apple metal.

00:17:56   Like the particular mix to make this particular

00:17:59   stainless steel is something that Apple

00:18:00   has formulated themselves.

00:18:02   Okay, fair enough.

00:18:04   What I didn't expect is that I really like the silver one.

00:18:09   So the black one is how much blacker could it be?

00:18:12   None more black, it's a black phone, it's great.

00:18:15   Darth Vader phone, I'm all for it.

00:18:17   The silver phone though, way,

00:18:19   I like way more than I like the silver phones lately.

00:18:21   And there's two reasons.

00:18:22   One is the bezel is black.

00:18:25   They've made no attempt to have like some white showing

00:18:28   in the front, which they've done with, you know,

00:18:30   all the silver phones lately have been white phones

00:18:32   with silver and I don't like white phones.

00:18:34   I don't like it.

00:18:35   Sorry, Casey Liss.

00:18:36   I don't like white phones.

00:18:39   I don't like how the fact that most of the time

00:18:41   the screen is dark and then there's a white ring around it.

00:18:43   It like highlights where your screen space is.

00:18:46   I really don't like it.

00:18:46   I prefer the illusion that when the phone is off,

00:18:49   it's just a perfectly featureless

00:18:52   or almost featureless slab, right?

00:18:54   So that's what they've done with this one.

00:18:56   The back is white and it's pretty.

00:18:59   There's, even though it's glass, like the iPhone 8,

00:19:03   there's an extra layer and they have like eight different

00:19:06   layers of coating on this thing,

00:19:07   including like the oleophobic coating

00:19:09   and it's the reinforced glass.

00:19:11   And it's got a lot of things that are like the 8.

00:19:12   There is one apparently like layer that's different

00:19:15   that makes it a little more kind of like shimmery,

00:19:17   shimmery looking and it's nice looking.

00:19:21   And so you've got the Apple logo is in silver,

00:19:23   the word iPhone is in silver.

00:19:25   And then the rest of it, you know, camera area,

00:19:28   camera oval is black and then the whole rest of it is white,

00:19:33   kind of a nice reflective silvery white.

00:19:35   That's nice and so if you want that white phone back,

00:19:38   you can get it.

00:19:39   But to me, the star of this is the stainless steel

00:19:42   on the silver phone is,

00:19:45   'cause it's not like a silver phone,

00:19:47   it's a stainless steel phone,

00:19:48   it's a shiny stainless steel ring.

00:19:51   So if you think about like the stainless steel Apple Watch,

00:19:54   it's that kind of thing.

00:19:55   It's a really noticeably bright, shiny, pretty stainless steel around the ring.

00:20:03   Surgical of course.

00:20:05   I don't know how I missed this.

00:20:07   I thought that both phones had the stainless steel, stainless steel.

00:20:12   I somehow missed.

00:20:14   I think it's because the photos show it always looks reflective.

00:20:17   I didn't know that the space grey phone had a kind of grey black treating treatment to

00:20:25   the steel. So I mean I placed my order for the silver one because I think it's the one

00:20:30   that I would like the most and I'm really excited about that because whilst I don't

00:20:35   like the stainless steel Apple watch look for me, all of the pictures that I've seen

00:20:40   of the iPhone with the shiny stainless steel bat around it, I really love it mostly because

00:20:45   because it makes me think of the older iPhones that I love so much.

00:20:49   So I'm really pleased that it's more shiny.

00:20:51   Back of the original iPod, too, is something that struck me about it, right?

00:20:54   It's this super shiny, polished, silvery stainless steel.

00:20:59   It looks great.

00:21:00   And I'm saying that as somebody who never chooses the silver phone, always chooses the

00:21:04   space gray phone, the silver one looks great.

00:21:07   I think the black one looks great, too, but I really like this look as the other look.

00:21:14   So that's the one you have, the one Apple gave you was the silver one?

00:21:18   So yeah, that's my review unit is silver and then my one that I bought that's coming Friday

00:21:23   because that did work at 3am.

00:21:26   I did get one that is supposed to be delivered on Friday.

00:21:30   Well lucky, there's a whole other show that's like the upgrade that never happened basically

00:21:35   that is talking about iPhone orders where we missed it, upgrade 164 and a half.

00:21:41   But the short version of the story is that, as some people have noted, they're not selling

00:21:45   this as a SIM-free, like, unlocked phone right now, as they often do with new Apple iPhones.

00:21:50   They want you to tie it to the carrier, which frustrates me, because if I pay full price,

00:21:53   I just don't want to even bother with the carrier.

00:21:56   So at 3 a.m., they're like, "Put in your phone number and the last four digits of the social

00:22:00   security number associated with your AT&T account."

00:22:03   Oh, my God.

00:22:04   So I look that up, paste it in.

00:22:06   I'm trying to do this all quickly.

00:22:08   And to Apple's credit, somebody at Apple said, "You know, I don't want our customers to get

00:22:15   screwed by things we can't control, like the carrier systems dying. So let's build in a

00:22:21   contingency where if we can't contact the carrier, we're just going to hold that person's

00:22:25   place in the reservation line. We're going to give them a phone as if they've already

00:22:30   reserved it. And then we're going to send them an email saying, and post on the web

00:22:35   form when you try to buy the phone, "We can't talk to your carrier right now. We will contact

00:22:40   you. Your place has been saved." That's what happened to me, is they're like, "Look, essentially,

00:22:44   look, AT&T has gone away. We don't know when they're coming back. Your order is secure.

00:22:51   Go to bed. We'll email you tomorrow." And the next afternoon, I got an email from Apple

00:22:55   saying, "Great. You have 24 hours to click through and complete your order because we

00:23:00   have now reestablished diplomatic relations with AT&T

00:23:05   and it worked.

00:23:06   And then when that was all done, it said,

00:23:08   "Great, you'll get a Friday."

00:23:09   So that was actually pretty great on Apple's part

00:23:11   that they identified the weak link in the chain,

00:23:15   which is the carriers and worked around them.

00:23:18   So in the end, I'll get the black phone on Friday

00:23:21   and that's the real phone that I will keep in my pocket

00:23:24   and this will go back to Apple.

00:23:25   - Lucky you.

00:23:26   - Yeah, it's great.

00:23:29   I do not have a phone for delivery on Friday.

00:23:31   - I'm sorry.

00:23:32   - We'll see. - Come on over.

00:23:33   - I have options.

00:23:34   None of them are from Apple right now.

00:23:36   I have some options.

00:23:37   I'm investigating some areas

00:23:39   into how I'm gonna procure a phone on Friday.

00:23:41   Otherwise-- - Just stop on by.

00:23:42   - Yeah, I'll just pop over.

00:23:44   I'll just pop over.

00:23:44   - Pop over to the house, yeah.

00:23:46   - All right, there's so much more.

00:23:47   So much more to cover.

00:23:49   But let's take our first break.

00:23:50   - It's packed, big show.

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00:25:06   So let's talk about the screen.

00:25:07   Now the iPhone X has an OLED screen, it's the first one we've ever had on an iPhone.

00:25:11   How does this compare to the LCD screen?

00:25:15   Well I spent some time with Wonder Woman, she's great, she says hi by the way.

00:25:21   sounds like a great afternoon. No wonder you're so busy.

00:25:25   - Unfortunately I had to leave

00:25:26   'cause I had a review to write.

00:25:28   I played Wonder Woman on my iPhone 8 and on the 10

00:25:34   and just sort of in parallel and was watching them

00:25:39   and comparing them and doing direct comparison.

00:25:41   And yeah, I mean, it's what everybody says.

00:25:44   It's what John Syracuse always talks about

00:25:47   when he talks about OLED screens, right?

00:25:49   Like the black levels are amazing.

00:25:53   And I don't wanna get too video nerdy about it,

00:25:57   but like I think anybody would notice the difference

00:26:00   because on a backlit LCD screen, everything is lit.

00:26:05   And so black, if you've ever had something

00:26:12   that was really dark or even like totally black on your TV,

00:26:16   your HDTV, and yet it's still glowed

00:26:18   and you had that moment of like,

00:26:20   how is it that this is supposed to be black?

00:26:21   And yet my whole living room is lit.

00:26:24   It's because even when the screen is black,

00:26:26   the backlight is back there.

00:26:28   And so you end up with this kind of like bright,

00:26:31   let's call it space gray.

00:26:32   Why not?

00:26:33   Let's call it that.

00:26:34   - Anything can be space gray.

00:26:36   - Any, literally anything, except space, Myke,

00:26:39   because space is black, not gray.

00:26:41   But anyway, the OLED screens don't do that.

00:26:44   The OLED screen, that's not how it works.

00:26:46   the it puts out light when there's light to be put out and otherwise it doesn't

00:26:50   and so looking at Wonder Woman I mean not only is it a high resolution screen

00:26:53   this is the highest resolution

00:26:55   screen I think that Apple has ever made in any product

00:26:59   and it's 458 pixels per inch

00:27:04   and that's you know theoretically that's beyond the level at which your

00:27:07   eyes can actually detect the details of the pixels but what it does mean it's a

00:27:11   full

00:27:11   1080 HD image with the black levels. It supports HDR video, so the

00:27:17   dynamic range that's capable on the display is pretty

00:27:22   impressive, so it can display bright content with detail and dark

00:27:26   content with detail. And it looks really good. I mean, that's the bottom line is

00:27:31   even if you weren't measuring the black levels, it looks really good.

00:27:35   Now, one of the challenges with OLED is color shifting. I'm not great with

00:27:40   color. It does shift a little bit if you look at it from angles but it is super

00:27:47   subtle and not annoying in the way that even earlier LCD screens were

00:27:53   and especially not some of the other smartphone screens that have had some

00:27:58   serious color shifting problems when you watch it off angle. It's a good display

00:28:02   and it also doesn't seem to be aggressively, you know, like what I said in the

00:28:08   is like one of those TVs that set up at the store

00:28:12   to pop all the colors so that your head explodes

00:28:16   with the colors on the screen.

00:28:17   A lot of panels will get cranked up like that

00:28:21   to impress you with the color.

00:28:22   And that's not, Apple wants to be accurate with the color

00:28:25   and they did a pretty good job.

00:28:26   So it looks great.

00:28:27   It is as advertised a really nice looking display.

00:28:32   Really nice.

00:28:33   - And remind me, does this phone have True Tone in it?

00:28:35   - Yeah, oh yeah. - Oh man.

00:28:37   It's just like the 8, it's got the sensor and it's doing the on the fly True Tone adjustment.

00:28:43   I cannot wait to see how my home screen looks.

00:28:46   That was the big thing for me with the iPads when they went to True Tone.

00:28:50   Everything just looked so much more rich.

00:28:51   There was a vividness to it which I really enjoyed, so I'm very much looking forward

00:28:56   to having that on my iPhone as well.

00:28:59   Now obviously the screen goes all the way to the edges and by going all the way to the

00:29:04   edges we get the notch.

00:29:06   This is the thing that everybody was up in arms about.

00:29:10   How is the notch gonna be?

00:29:11   What's the notch gonna be like?

00:29:12   So Jason, how is the notch?

00:29:14   - Well, I mean, we'll see how it progresses over time.

00:29:18   Different apps handle it in different ways.

00:29:21   Generally, the way that seems to be good to handle it

00:29:24   is that you kind of flow the background of your content

00:29:28   into those areas underneath the status information.

00:29:32   And you don't have any actual usable interface

00:29:36   that's tappable up there, you have it be just sort of like

00:29:38   part of the experience.

00:29:39   But the experience of using it is definitely like,

00:29:43   I don't look at the notch and think there is a thing

00:29:48   chewing into my screen.

00:29:50   I actually think about it more like,

00:29:53   I look at the edges around the notch and think,

00:29:56   the screen is so big that it is,

00:30:01   it's gonna flow all the way until it hits something

00:30:03   that can stop it.

00:30:04   And so it goes around the camera notch area

00:30:07   and otherwise it's like going completely

00:30:09   to the edge up there.

00:30:10   That's sort of how, if that makes any sense,

00:30:12   like that's how it feels to me is that this is not,

00:30:14   hey, we tried to do an all screen phone and stopped.

00:30:17   It's more like every place we could possibly put screen,

00:30:21   we did.

00:30:22   I think that's the message I get from this phone

00:30:24   is that Apple saying, you know,

00:30:25   we couldn't put it everywhere,

00:30:27   but we didn't stop it lower down

00:30:30   just because of the need for a camera housing.

00:30:33   we're gonna flow it all the way to the top.

00:30:35   And it has that effect of sort of like extending

00:30:37   the experience, extending your field of view,

00:30:41   even up where it should probably stop

00:30:45   because there's a camera up there, it just keeps on going.

00:30:48   - With the apps that you've been using,

00:30:50   how is the optimization?

00:30:52   - It's all over the place right now.

00:30:56   I've got some betas, some apps have been updated.

00:30:59   I have apps, let's see, there's a bunch of categories.

00:31:03   They're the apps that have not been updated.

00:31:05   - Okay.

00:31:05   - Where they're basically letterbox top and bottom.

00:31:08   - So it probably looks like a regular iPhone, right?

00:31:11   Like it's just the exact same screen size.

00:31:14   - Yeah, pretty much.

00:31:15   I mean, yeah, it just, all of a sudden

00:31:19   the phone's not as tall.

00:31:21   You've got kind of black areas top and bottom.

00:31:24   So that happens with ones that have not been updated.

00:31:26   - Just out of interest, because it's OLED,

00:31:28   does that look good?

00:31:29   Like, does it look like there isn't a screen there?

00:31:31   Like, does it look like it's just plastic?

00:31:34   Do you know what I mean?

00:31:35   Like, does it look like, or close to like the bezel?

00:31:38   'Cause like, when I'm on my Apple Watch, right,

00:31:40   when I look at my Apple Watch, and that's, oh, that's green,

00:31:43   where it's not on, it just looks like there's nothing.

00:31:46   - The reason it doesn't is because you have the status bar

00:31:50   at the top, and you have the bright white line

00:31:54   that is your flip up here to go home, that's always there.

00:31:57   - That's a shame.

00:31:58   - Those remain.

00:32:00   So those are still there as cues.

00:32:02   And then the iPhone app screen like floats in the middle.

00:32:06   - Yeah.

00:32:07   - So that's what it's doing.

00:32:08   It's trying to keep those things consistent

00:32:10   'cause the status bar stays at the top

00:32:11   and the little line for the multitasking

00:32:15   and home essentially area stays there.

00:32:19   - Does that have an official name?

00:32:21   - If it does, I don't know what it is.

00:32:24   (laughing)

00:32:26   The what do you call it bar.

00:32:27   - The what you would call it.

00:32:28   That's what we'll just refer to.

00:32:29   - Exactly, that's what it is, the whatever.

00:32:32   Then so the other things I've seen is there are apps

00:32:35   that have been carefully considered and they,

00:32:40   they do the right thing.

00:32:42   Like I was looking at a Fantastical

00:32:45   and it's got the red calendar bar at the top of the screen

00:32:50   and on the iPhone 10, the red color just keeps extending

00:32:53   all the way up to the top through the status bar

00:32:57   and it looks good.

00:32:57   it's really a consistent look.

00:33:01   And then there's some apps and I'm not gonna name any names,

00:33:04   but there are some apps where they still have work to do

00:33:08   where like the color extends all the way to the top,

00:33:10   but then they're like navigational elements

00:33:13   at the bottom of the screen are all the way at the bottom,

00:33:16   which means that they're like going off the edges

00:33:18   of the curved edges and they're beneath

00:33:21   the multitasking area,

00:33:23   which means that you can't actually tap on them,

00:33:25   which is bad because you can't.

00:33:27   And those will be fixed, right?

00:33:29   But that's an example where like, there's a lot of work

00:33:32   and I'll reference, Marco Armentz talked about it on ATP

00:33:35   and he's talked about it on an under the radar,

00:33:37   but this is an update that requires active work

00:33:41   by developers.

00:33:42   Developers can't just phone it in with the iPhone 10.

00:33:45   Huh, phone, they need to put in some work.

00:33:48   This is not one of those things where it's like,

00:33:49   oh yeah, you recompile it, you change a couple of things

00:33:53   and then it all works.

00:33:53   Like, no, you need to think about like,

00:33:54   are you going to do with the top of the screen? What are you going to do with the bottom?"

00:33:59   And that's still going on. So even Apple's apps, I mean, they all support it, but even

00:34:04   there, there are those moments where I think, like, they've got, you know, sometimes they

00:34:10   do it better than other times and they're still figuring it out themselves.

00:34:14   Have you seen any apps that do more than just put color? Like, are there any apps that are

00:34:19   using this for information or anything like that? Or does it really just seem like it's

00:34:24   It's just the color that's on the top of the status bar is just stretched all the way to

00:34:28   the top.

00:34:31   That's basically it right now.

00:34:32   I imagine that that might change.

00:34:34   I'm not quite sure what they have.

00:34:36   The status bar is the status bar, right?

00:34:37   Unless they hide the status bar and put something up there, which some may, but instead it's

00:34:43   sort of like just giving you the sense that the status bar is part of the app interface

00:34:47   and extends to the top of the screen and then just getting out of the way of the bottom.

00:34:51   I think there may be some opportunities down at the bottom of the screen, especially on

00:34:56   the sides.

00:34:58   One of the things that Apple did with the keyboard is they actually, the keyboard sits

00:35:05   up a little bit.

00:35:08   There's like a gray area underneath the keyboard.

00:35:10   The keyboard isn't down at the bottom of the screen like it is on all other iPhones.

00:35:14   If you think about it, you can figure out why, which is all other iPhones have a gap.

00:35:19   the keyboard never sits at the bottom of the phone.

00:35:22   It sits with a gap between it

00:35:24   and the bottom of the phone, right?

00:35:25   And if you tried to hold a phone with two hands

00:35:29   and do thumb typing, you realize very quickly,

00:35:32   like thumb typing, where you have to tap all the way

00:35:35   at the bottom of the phone is kind of awkward.

00:35:38   - I would drop my phone, 100%.

00:35:40   - Yeah, you either drop your phone

00:35:41   or you like bend your thumbs way too far back.

00:35:44   - Like I'm holding it right now

00:35:45   as if I was typing on the bottom

00:35:46   and it's just not secure enough.

00:35:48   Right, so what they did is they put this kind of buffer area and then a keyboard. And that's

00:35:53   a bummer in the sense that the app space above is less than it would be. Like, you're giving

00:35:59   up some space in the app interface when you slide up the keyboard. But what they did do,

00:36:03   which I think is kind of clever, is they put the emoji/international keyboard button and

00:36:10   the microphone, you know, voice dictation button, they put those down in the left and

00:36:13   right corners of the display to the left and right of the multitasking area. And that means

00:36:19   that the like bottom row of the software keyboard has a little more spacious. There's a little

00:36:24   more room because there's two keys that are out of there. And I thought that was a clever

00:36:28   use of that space. And it made me wonder if other apps might, once they're up and running

00:36:35   on iPhone 10, might start to experiment with like, could we do things with these new spaces?

00:36:39   But I think, you know, phase one is literally make it not be in a letterbox, make sure that

00:36:45   their interface elements don't collide with the edges of the screen or slide under the

00:36:51   home area, all of those things, because that's like step one.

00:36:56   What I would like to see with that area is, you know, like on the iPad you have the persistent

00:37:01   buttons on the keyboard, like the copy and paste buttons.

00:37:04   I would like to see something like that there, because from the images that I've seen, it

00:37:08   just looks like you've kind of got the dictation on one side, the smiley face on the other,

00:37:11   and then just the gray area, you know, it would be nice to maybe see some stuff go in

00:37:14   there.

00:37:15   Yeah, the problem is that the gray area is also colliding with multitasking and swipe

00:37:21   up, so you've got to be careful there, but I do wonder about that. I actually, I think

00:37:26   it's ergonomics, I actually was wondering why they didn't put the autocorrect stuff

00:37:31   below, but I think the rationale there is that you want to see it above because you're

00:37:35   looking at your content, and so you want the content and the autocorrect to stay together.

00:37:39   Because you'd be covering the autocorrect options with your hands, most likely, right?

00:37:43   Like you wouldn't see them when you'd be obscured from view.

00:37:46   Right. So there's a lot of these things that obviously Apple has had more than a month

00:37:52   and a half to think about, and app developers have only had a month and a half at most to

00:37:56   think about. So I expect more to be done here, and then always, yeah, everybody's going to

00:38:01   look at how the Apple apps implemented all of this stuff and say, "All right, why did

00:38:05   they do that because there are lessons to be learned there. But, you know, when an app

00:38:10   fully, when I launch an app that's already been, because you don't really know, right?

00:38:14   Like you just, I just restored my phone from my backup and it downloaded apps from the

00:38:18   app store. I don't know which ones have been updated and which ones haven't. There are

00:38:21   a couple of things that I've got in beta on TestFlight, but mostly it's just things in

00:38:24   the app store. And then every now and then I open one and I'm like, "Oh, this one's on

00:38:30   the iPhone 10." Like I said with Fantastic College, like, "Oh, look at that. Isn't that

00:38:33   - That's nice. - Look at you.

00:38:35   - And then others like Slack I opened, I'm like,

00:38:38   (mumbles)

00:38:39   - Black bars.

00:38:41   And actually it's a weird,

00:38:42   I wonder if they've changed something with that,

00:38:44   you know, swipe from the left gesture,

00:38:46   where you swipe from the screen edge to go back.

00:38:50   I wonder if something's changed there,

00:38:51   'cause what I've actually found is in an app like Slack

00:38:53   that really relies on that swipe from the left gesture,

00:38:56   I have to be way more careful about how I do it,

00:38:59   or it doesn't trigger.

00:39:00   So I think that there may be some,

00:39:01   I think maybe the edge gestures have all been tweaked

00:39:05   a little bit in the iPhone 10,

00:39:06   and that maybe some apps are gonna have to react

00:39:09   to that too, but I don't know any technical reasons why.

00:39:12   All I know is that literally I used to just do

00:39:14   a very sloppy swipe from the left edge of the phone

00:39:17   to the right to bring up, open the channel view in Slack,

00:39:21   and now I kind of need to plant my finger,

00:39:23   plant my thumb on the screen and swipe to the right

00:39:27   to get it to work reliably.

00:39:28   - Okay, so there's some tweaking, right?

00:39:29   there's some tweaking that they need to do for that.

00:39:32   - Yeah, I mean, in other words,

00:39:33   if you're somebody who is really excited

00:39:35   about some of these features on the iPhone 10

00:39:37   and the big screen and expects all of your favorite apps

00:39:40   to support it right away, you may be disappointed

00:39:43   because it is not trivial to do this.

00:39:46   And they had very little time.

00:39:48   Keep in mind, these are also developers

00:39:49   who worked all summer to support iOS 11 stuff.

00:39:52   They finally hit the finish line

00:39:53   and the day they're about to hit the finish line,

00:39:55   a new phone with totally new screen size

00:39:57   that's very different from what's come before is announced.

00:40:00   So, you know, at that point they're like,

00:40:02   kind of exhausted, and now they've got a whole new version

00:40:06   of their app that they basically need to do

00:40:08   in order to address it.

00:40:09   So it may take a little bit of time.

00:40:10   - This has happened before, right?

00:40:11   When we got the 6 and the 6S, the 12.9 and the Sharp Air Pro,

00:40:14   like this is a thing that's happened.

00:40:15   When we got the 5, like as every time screens get bigger,

00:40:19   there has to be some kind of considerations.

00:40:21   And these considerations are different

00:40:23   because the screen is bigger,

00:40:25   but it also has a cut taken out on the top and bottom,

00:40:27   But you know, it's just stuff to consider, right?

00:40:30   Like and developers will find their ways around it.

00:40:33   There will be, I'm sure, many new design conventions

00:40:35   that come out of this over the next couple of months.

00:40:38   You know, like someone has a really smart idea

00:40:40   and then it starts to pollinate across the, you know,

00:40:43   across the ecosystem, like port to refresh

00:40:44   or something like that, you know, or hamburger buttons.

00:40:47   I'm sure there'll be some stuff like that

00:40:48   that starts to pop out as people work, you know,

00:40:50   kind of work through this stuff and work out some things

00:40:52   over the next weeks and months and stuff like that.

00:40:57   the new home button which we'll refer to as the home indicator because that seems to be

00:41:02   how it's being referred to in the HIG, thanks to the chatroom for digging that up.

00:41:05   All righty. So the home indicator, how easy is it to use this? I mean,

00:41:10   is this something that you're struggling to get used to? You're swiping up now rather than

00:41:16   pressing a button. How has this been? I love it. It takes some getting used to,

00:41:21   but it doesn't take a lot of getting used to. It happens pretty fast because – and everybody's

00:41:25   different and everybody's how they hold their phone is different right so

00:41:28   everybody's gonna have an experience for me this is a way less complicated

00:41:32   gesture than the old one because keeping in mind the old one was put thumb flat

00:41:37   on touch ID sensor have it register press the button and now all I have to

00:41:44   do and it's it's basically the same place and in fact when I forget that I'm

00:41:48   using an iPhone 10 and I put my thumb down there and I realize there's no

00:41:51   button, all I do is flip up, like from the place I expected the home button to be, and

00:41:57   it unlocks the phone. So it's like literally for me, the same place. It's just instead

00:42:02   of holding my thumb flat and then pressing, I'm able to just do a swipe. So it's a less

00:42:10   complicated gesture that is pretty much the same in terms of muscle memory, but easier.

00:42:17   So I like it.

00:42:19   It takes a little getting used to, but I really like it.

00:42:22   I think it's totally natural.

00:42:23   I think there are gestures that have been redefined that are going to take more getting

00:42:27   used to and are less discoverable and maybe a little finicky, but the actual swipe up

00:42:34   to unlock or go home, I think it is super easy and natural.

00:42:40   What about the multitasking view?

00:42:42   That one takes a little more getting used to because you've got to swipe and hold and

00:42:46   remember to keep holding until the other kind of cards come out, which is both a little

00:42:52   less discoverable and also more easily accidentally triggered, but it's, you know, once you learn

00:43:01   that it's there, it's pretty easy to bring it up consistently. It's just that one requires

00:43:07   a little more thought at first to get your head around.

00:43:11   - And there's also this one where you kind of swipe

00:43:14   the bar and go backwards and forwards, right?

00:43:16   Like this seems to be a thing.

00:43:17   - Yeah, this is the reason why

00:43:21   I think iOS 11 accidentally, question mark,

00:43:26   did away with the 3D touch from left to right

00:43:30   to go back to the previous app, remember that?

00:43:33   Remember that thing that used to be a feature

00:43:35   and then in iOS 11 it sort of got turned off

00:43:37   and they said, "No, no, no, it'll come back

00:43:38   in a future update." - I think it's back now.

00:43:40   because 11.1 came out today as extra,

00:43:42   actually while we're recording,

00:43:43   bringing with it emoji and the re-installation

00:43:46   of this feature. - Yay!

00:43:48   Yeah, so this is why that went away, right?

00:43:53   It seems, because this is that feature essentially.

00:43:55   So they rebuilt it for the iPhone 10

00:43:57   and then I guess forgot or couldn't get back

00:44:00   to getting it work for the other devices again,

00:44:02   because it's the same premise,

00:44:03   which is if you put your finger or thumb down there

00:44:06   in that multitasking area

00:44:07   and you do a straight on swipe left or right,

00:44:10   it moves you in that stack.

00:44:12   So, you know, from left to right,

00:44:13   it will take you back to the previous app.

00:44:15   And then left to right again,

00:44:17   will take you back another one.

00:44:18   And then if you go right to left,

00:44:19   it will take you back to the one that's to the right

00:44:21   in that kind of,

00:44:22   when you don't do any other multitasking stuff,

00:44:24   it tries for a little while to keep them

00:44:26   in the right sequence.

00:44:27   So if you've got like calendar, email and Safari,

00:44:31   and you go left to right from calendar to email

00:44:33   and left to right from email to Safari,

00:44:35   if you don't, I don't know whether it's time

00:44:38   or more multitasking or whatever,

00:44:40   but for a while at least, if you're like,

00:44:42   oh no, actually I wanna go back to email,

00:44:44   then you go right to left and it will

00:44:46   flip you back to email. - I like that a lot.

00:44:48   I really like that.

00:44:50   - It's basically the four finger swipe

00:44:54   to switch apps from the iPad.

00:44:56   - 'Cause the iPad has that.

00:44:57   It keeps you in place for a period of time.

00:45:01   You go left, right, left, right.

00:45:02   You're not going left, left, left, left, right?

00:45:04   It's kind of keeping some persistence

00:45:06   as to where you've come from and where you're going,

00:45:09   rather than just immediately moving the old apps to the left.

00:45:13   - Right, it would be super confusing if you went,

00:45:14   "Oh, to my left is this is app B."

00:45:18   And then you're like, "Now I want to go back to app A.

00:45:20   "I will go to the right."

00:45:21   And it was like, "Oh no, I don't know

00:45:22   "what you're talking about, this is the end."

00:45:23   'Cause it's like, "No, I just came from there."

00:45:25   - Yeah, A is at the left again now, right?

00:45:27   Like they all just jump over one.

00:45:29   So yeah, I'm pretty pleased about that.

00:45:29   - And that's super confusing.

00:45:31   - That's excellent.

00:45:32   - You could also never get to a third app using that, right?

00:45:34   It would always be those two, and you'd be like,

00:45:35   I'm trapped, I can't get up, right?

00:45:37   So instead they maintain some amount of like

00:45:40   that geography temporarily, that geography persists.

00:45:43   And that, you know, it's a,

00:45:45   I think it's a way more discoverable

00:45:46   and a natural gesture than the 3D touch, you know,

00:45:49   push hard and then swipe with your finger

00:45:51   and then you go to the previous app.

00:45:53   Now it's just swipe in that area left to right.

00:45:56   And it, you know, basically as you're swiping your finger

00:45:58   or thumb, the interface is sliding underneath you

00:46:03   and bringing that other app in.

00:46:05   Cover sheet has seen some changes, right?

00:46:07   There's a flashlight and camera button

00:46:09   now on the notification lock screen thing.

00:46:12   - Yeah, I think this is a reaction to the fact

00:46:16   that control center has been exiled to the top right.

00:46:19   - Okay.

00:46:20   - And it actually makes me a little bit sad

00:46:22   'cause I know they wanna limit what junk is on that

00:46:26   lock screen because they want you to see your notifications.

00:46:29   But I found myself thinking,

00:46:31   could we not have like optionally

00:46:33   a few more control center items on the screen.

00:46:36   Yeah, I would prefer home to the flashlight for example.

00:46:40   Right right I mean I use a flashlight all the time and I know how to swipe right to

00:46:44   get to the camera so I really don't need a camera button there right.

00:46:47   Does swiping right still go to the camera?

00:46:49   Yeah.

00:46:50   Even though there's this persistent button that's interesting.

00:46:52   Yeah if you just swipe right on the main interface not down in the application thing but the

00:46:56   main interface and the lock screen it does exactly what it used to do which is and left

00:47:01   takes you to the widgets.

00:47:03   But if you 3D touch on the flashlight,

00:47:05   the flashlight comes on, which their thought there is,

00:47:08   if you really need to take a picture

00:47:10   or flash the flashlight, you want quick access to that.

00:47:13   So they put those on the screen with quick access.

00:47:16   - So talking about Control Center,

00:47:20   one thing that I'm a little bit disappointed about

00:47:23   is the fact that it's been moved

00:47:25   to a not so convenient place

00:47:27   when I really wish they would have found a way

00:47:29   to integrate it into the multitasking view

00:47:31   like it is on the iPad.

00:47:32   So you're still swiping up and then it's there.

00:47:35   You're like how on the iPad,

00:47:37   the kind of the multitasking and the control center

00:47:39   is all in the same place.

00:47:41   But with the iPhone 10, if I'm right,

00:47:43   you pull down from one of the ears of the phone,

00:47:47   the little Batman ears,

00:47:48   and you pull down from the right one, if that's correct,

00:47:51   and then left and middle is still

00:47:52   to bring down your notifications,

00:47:54   but the right one brings down control center.

00:47:56   - Yep, that's it.

00:47:58   And it makes me a little bit sad because as I pointed out,

00:48:00   the top of the screen is very far away.

00:48:03   And I got used to flipping up control center, right?

00:48:06   - Yeah. - And now you can't.

00:48:08   Now for me, control center is not a casual flip up

00:48:11   with my thumb.

00:48:12   Now it is a bring over the other hand,

00:48:14   take the index finger and bring it down.

00:48:17   So it's, I know why they did it.

00:48:19   I mean, they had to do it because that

00:48:21   go to the home screen gesture is the most important gesture.

00:48:24   And that is the most natural place to put it,

00:48:27   but it still makes me sad because I like Control Center

00:48:30   and I use it all the time.

00:48:31   And it is kind of in, you know,

00:48:34   exiled into Siberia at this point.

00:48:36   It's way up in the top right.

00:48:38   It is as far away.

00:48:39   'Cause I hold my, I found one handed in my left hand.

00:48:42   And so the up top right is just, forget it.

00:48:47   Like I'm never gonna casually reach the Control Center now.

00:48:50   It's never gonna happen.

00:48:51   - And there's no way to flip those around?

00:48:54   - No, no.

00:48:55   - That's too core a feature to, I mean, I wouldn't want to,

00:48:59   I wouldn't want to make going back to the home screen

00:49:01   exiled either, right?

00:49:02   - I meant like the left and right, you know,

00:49:04   like can you put control center on the left and...

00:49:07   - Well, yeah, I wondered if there is there another gesture

00:49:09   that you could do to bring up control center?

00:49:11   I'd actually rather have a control center button

00:49:14   on the lock screen, quite honestly.

00:49:16   Like instead of flashlight, I'd rather 3D touch

00:49:19   to bring up control center,

00:49:21   but that's not in the cards either, it seems.

00:49:23   - Can you combine it with the reachability?

00:49:25   if you activate reachability, can you then just swipe down from what would be the previous area?

00:49:28   Because this is something you used to be able to do, and I think has actually come back with

00:49:33   11.1 or it's coming from 11.2, that if you use reachability, you can just swipe down on the

00:49:37   blank area to bring the notification screen down. Can you do the same for control center? Like if

00:49:42   you use reachability and swipe from the right hand side, does it bring control center down from like

00:49:46   halfway on the screen rather than the top? Yes, it does. So that's how I expect I will be using it.

00:49:52   So it's two gestures rather than one, but I bet I will get used to that pretty quickly,

00:49:57   like swipe swipe.

00:49:58   Right?

00:49:59   Like I feel like I will, that will get embedded for me over time as what I end up doing.

00:50:03   So reachability, if I'm following correctly from your review, you have to enable it as

00:50:08   an accessibility setting, which is fine.

00:50:10   And then you swipe down on the home indicator, right?

00:50:13   Is that how that works?

00:50:14   Yeah, basically.

00:50:15   So it's a little bit more fine a gesture than a lot of these, where you can just sort of

00:50:19   start on the left or the right or the bottom and then flip up.

00:50:22   This one, you have to land your finger or thumb

00:50:25   in that space down there by the home indicator,

00:50:29   high enough up that you can give then a little pull down.

00:50:33   So you basically land near the bottom of the screen

00:50:37   and then pull down and then reachability triggers,

00:50:39   which is logical in the sense that you are literally

00:50:42   kind of pulling the interface downward.

00:50:44   But it just requires a little more finesse

00:50:48   with and precision with where you land your finger

00:50:52   because you don't wanna be too high up

00:50:53   or you're just gonna scroll through the app.

00:50:55   - Yeah.

00:50:56   - Right, you've gotta be down there in that area

00:50:58   which is why that area needs to stay clear

00:51:00   because there are like these system wide gestures

00:51:03   that are going on down in that area.

00:51:05   - So Vidit in the chat room just shared a mock-up

00:51:09   that he put together that a while ago

00:51:12   which I actually really like of where maybe control center

00:51:16   could go in the multitasking view

00:51:18   And I hope that that's something that maybe could get added in the future,

00:51:21   like a way to try and combine those two, uh,

00:51:23   to make it a little bit more useful. Um, I would really like that because,

00:51:27   you know, Apple do it on the iPad and this is the same gesture, right?

00:51:30   The swipe up. I think that's kind of where it came from.

00:51:32   And I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the reasons that you've gotten used

00:51:35   to it and I'll get used to it quickly is I'm very used to now never using the

00:51:40   home button on my iPad. I just do the swipe up gesture to get to everything.

00:51:44   So I expect that will embed with me quite quickly too, for that reason.

00:51:47   - It doesn't solve it on the lock screen though,

00:51:50   which is the other part of this.

00:51:51   But like I said, you could potentially just put

00:51:54   a control center button on the lock screen

00:51:57   so that I could 3D touch that

00:51:58   and then the lock screen becomes the control center.

00:52:01   - I'm gonna assume that iOS 12 brings something

00:52:04   because every single version of iOS changes control center

00:52:06   in some new way.

00:52:08   So we can cross our fingers.

00:52:10   - I love the new control center and I use it all the time.

00:52:14   I use it to adjust screen brightness.

00:52:15   I use it for home kit.

00:52:17   I use it all the time.

00:52:19   I use it for music controls and also to connect my AirPods because there's a quick way to

00:52:23   do that if you click that little chevrony thing in the corner.

00:52:28   I hope that they find some way to make that either A) more useful or B) that after some

00:52:33   use I get used to the new way of activating it.

00:52:37   Last thing I want to talk about in regards to iOS's changes, because that's what this

00:52:40   segment is by the way, this is the changes to iOS, is the many buttons and the way that

00:52:46   that they're all changing. So kind of how do you take a screenshot and how do you turn

00:52:50   off the iPhone?

00:52:52   Uh, oh boy. So taking a screenshot, you use the side button and the volume up button.

00:53:04   But this is the story is, okay, every single gesture that's on the home button has to move.

00:53:09   How do we move them all? So that's how you do the screenshot. To do Siri, you hold down

00:53:13   on the side button, like you used to hold down

00:53:14   the home button.

00:53:15   To do Apple Pay, you double tap the side button,

00:53:17   like you used to double tap the home button.

00:53:19   To do a reboot, you hold down the right, the side button

00:53:24   and the, I wanna say the volume up button

00:53:31   and you hold them down, I think is what it is,

00:53:35   for a while and you'll get that, you know,

00:53:37   the prompt to turn it off.

00:53:38   - That's to turn it off, right?

00:53:39   That's to turn off.

00:53:40   - Yeah, and then the reboot, and this is amazing.

00:53:43   - This is the forced restart you're talking about now.

00:53:45   - Yeah, it's like, remember where you,

00:53:47   where it used to be home and the side button

00:53:50   or the, it used to be the top button,

00:53:52   but you know, the sleep wake button

00:53:53   and you hold them both down and it's like die.

00:53:56   - And then it changed to on the seven with like.

00:53:59   - Seven because there's no physical,

00:54:01   it's a software home button basically.

00:54:02   - And it's like volume down and.

00:54:05   - So on the eight, it is volume up, volume down

00:54:09   and then hold the side button.

00:54:11   - So wait. - In that order.

00:54:12   It's like control alt delete.

00:54:13   - You press up, down, it's like a cheat code.

00:54:16   - It's like a cheat code.

00:54:17   - That's incredible.

00:54:18   - For rebooting your iPhone.

00:54:18   - It's the Konami code for iPhone.

00:54:20   - Yeah.

00:54:21   - I love that, that's hilarious.

00:54:23   I mean, okay, like I see why they're doing it.

00:54:25   It's, and also I reckon most people very rarely need that.

00:54:29   What they most of the time need is just the way

00:54:31   to bring up the turn off, right?

00:54:32   Like I feel like in most situations

00:54:34   that will probably solve what people are looking for.

00:54:37   But yeah, it's funny that, I mean,

00:54:39   I would have thought that just holding all three buttons

00:54:41   would work fine. That feels to me more like a bailout situation.

00:54:46   I think they don't want to make it easy, because you don't normally want to force reboot an

00:54:52   iPhone. So they want to make it for people in the know or who are looking up an emergency

00:54:58   thing online, but not everywhere.

00:55:01   So that's that part. There are more button uses that I'm going to talk about, but we're

00:55:07   going to start talking about Face ID, and I think the button comes into play a little

00:55:10   bit more there as well. But first, let's talk about a new sponsor for the show and

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00:57:46   Okay so Face ID, maybe the main event, you know, like I know that the screen is like

00:57:51   a big thing but I think Face ID, this is the thing that like, what is this going to be

00:57:56   be? What fundamental change is this going to be to the iPhone? Because the screen is

00:58:00   the screen. We know Apple can make a good screen, right? No matter what it is they've

00:58:04   done, they're so good at this now, the screen's going to be great. And you can decide whether

00:58:08   you like or don't like the notch, but that's your own personal taste. But Face ID, facial

00:58:12   recognition, it's never really been done very well before, especially on phones. So I'm

00:58:17   going to go through all of this with you, Jason. How was the setup process?

00:58:21   Shockingly easy, easier than Touch ID, I would argue.

00:58:26   Psst, I hate the Touch ID setup.

00:58:28   - I hate it.

00:58:29   - Right? - I hate it.

00:58:30   - Okay, so Touch ID where it's like,

00:58:32   hey, we scanned your finger.

00:58:34   Now change your grip and keep repeatedly

00:58:38   touching your finger awkwardly on the thing

00:58:40   until we tell you not to, as we show you an animation

00:58:43   that may or may not be tied to what's actually happening.

00:58:46   - And then I have to go into settings

00:58:47   and add every single other one of my fingers, right?

00:58:50   like you do this like five times or something.

00:58:53   - Well, good news, you only have one face

00:58:56   and it'll only accept one face.

00:58:58   - This is frustrating for me,

00:59:00   but it's not the end of the world.

00:59:01   Like, you know, I would like, like me and Adina,

00:59:03   we share fingerprints on our devices and it would,

00:59:06   you know, she's just gonna, she knows my code,

00:59:08   she's gonna have to use the code, right?

00:59:10   - Yeah, that is, I wish it would support more faces

00:59:14   and maybe it will in the future

00:59:15   and maybe there's some hardware constraints there,

00:59:16   but it will only do it, but yeah, training is easy.

00:59:20   like shockingly easy so uh... when you set it up it'll train you but you can

00:59:24   also at any time

00:59:25   uh... just going to settings into the uh... face i_d_ settings of the settings

00:59:29   app

00:59:30   and say enable face i_d_ and what happens and there's a video in my review

00:59:35   on six colors

00:59:36   i did a minute and a half video of like the top features

00:59:40   of it it's hosted by a monkey and emoji with my voice. By the way, I just want to say about

00:59:44   this as a quick aside i have no idea how you did this

00:59:47   I have no idea how you wrote the review and made a video.

00:59:50   You are superhuman, Jason Snow.

00:59:52   - Don't tell anybody or they'll come

00:59:55   and take me to Area 51.

00:59:56   - Shh, don't tell anybody.

00:59:58   Now you've gotta be the alien emoji now.

01:00:00   - So my entire enrollment in Face ID is in that video.

01:00:04   And that's like, I think I shortened the pause

01:00:08   between the two scans by a half a second or something

01:00:12   to get it to match my voiceover.

01:00:14   But basically it's all there.

01:00:15   And all you do is you say, train, okay, so train face ID.

01:00:19   And it shows you a selfie,

01:00:23   the selfie camera with a kind of like a target box.

01:00:26   And you're supposed to put your face in there.

01:00:27   And then when it does that,

01:00:28   then suddenly you get like a circle.

01:00:31   And it's very much sort of like guiding you to like,

01:00:33   look at the thing and see your face in the circle.

01:00:37   And once that happens, then you get this,

01:00:40   it's like a little, like a clock almost around your face.

01:00:44   and it says, and like sound effect begins to play

01:00:48   of like it's seriously like,

01:00:50   like it's scanning you, but it's just a sound effect.

01:00:53   It's just silly.

01:00:54   And they did it to make you feel like your face

01:00:56   is being scanned 'cause it is,

01:00:58   but it's being done silently.

01:00:59   So they make a sound effect.

01:01:01   And the text basically says, move your head around

01:01:04   sort of in a circle until the circle fills in.

01:01:08   And so basically at that point,

01:01:10   there's this like clock ring around you.

01:01:13   And as you basically want to kind of like lift your head up and kind of pivot your neck

01:01:18   and just sort of like let your phone see different angles of your face. And as you do that, it's

01:01:22   giving you the feedback as the little circle moves around. So essentially, you do one little

01:01:29   neck stretch from 9 o'clock to midnight down to 6 o'clock and back to 9 o'clock, like just

01:01:36   around the dial. And it goes, "Great, do that one more time." And you do it one more time

01:01:41   and it says "Done!" and that's it. It takes no time, it's completely painless. I do have

01:01:47   a trivia tidbit and this came out of my briefing, which is Face ID is entirely based on infrared.

01:01:53   The only time that the selfie camera gets used is in the setup process to give you feedback

01:01:59   where you see yourself as you would see you in visible light. That's the only time that

01:02:04   camera is used, the RGB camera. In terms of the actual training and actual sensing and

01:02:09   actual detecting, all of that is infrared. They've got the dot.

01:02:15   It's not the camera, they're just showing you it's working.

01:02:18   That's for humans. That's so smart.

01:02:20   That's to make you feel good about what you're doing.

01:02:22   It's not needed. It's like in the same way that you don't see a picture of your thumb

01:02:25   when you're using Touch ID. It's not required.

01:02:30   So they show that to you and they play the weird sound effect of scanning and they put

01:02:34   this little computer scanning effect over your face to make you feel like, "Yes, now

01:02:38   it's tracking my face and it knows me, but that's all for show. In the background, it's

01:02:43   got an infrared blaster basically that's bathing your face in infrared, which you can't see,

01:02:48   and it's got the dot projector which is putting those dots on your face.

01:02:51   That's Apple whimsy, what that is right there. That really is great.

01:02:55   Oh yeah. Well also, I mean, it's whimsy, well it's Apple whimsy in the sense that it's whimsy

01:03:00   with a user purpose, which is to make you feel, it's delighting you in the fact that

01:03:06   your face is being scanned, but it's also giving you feedback that yes, this is a futuristic

01:03:12   device that is scanning your face with its magical process.

01:03:14   - Oh, that's so great. I love that.

01:03:16   - To make you feel like it's actually happening, right down to the fact that it's got these

01:03:21   sound effects going on in the background. But it's super fast. I mean, you really, you

01:03:24   do a couple of neck stretches and you're done.

01:03:28   - How fast is it to unlock, Jason? Let's be real.

01:03:31   Okay, let's be real. Face ID makes unlocking your phone irrelevant. It's a, I saw, I think

01:03:41   it was Ben Baharan? Somebody said, or no, Horace Deju said, "It's not a feature."

01:03:49   From a user perspective, it's basically not a feature. Once you get used to it, which

01:03:53   takes no time, like I'm already doing it, so it took me hours. Once you are used to

01:04:00   the fact that when you pick up your phone

01:04:03   and flip up from the bottom, it just opens.

01:04:05   You stop thinking about Face ID.

01:04:07   It just, it disappears.

01:04:10   And it's fast enough that most of the time,

01:04:13   when I flip up, it's already unlocked.

01:04:16   And the way Apple has done it,

01:04:20   if you flip up and it's not unlocked,

01:04:23   it completes the unlocking procedure

01:04:25   and then proceeds with the flip up gesture.

01:04:29   So you don't have to wait to see that the lock is now unlocked and then flip.

01:04:34   There's no like pause for unlock.

01:04:36   Now I'll go.

01:04:37   You just pick up your phone and flip and it all happens.

01:04:41   And I have not had a, I have not had a failure.

01:04:44   The only failures I've had are when I have like been showing it to somebody.

01:04:49   And so there's like multiple faces or it's pointed out out of the fit or I'm

01:04:52   holding it kind of in an unusual way, but in terms of just literally just picking

01:04:56   it up and flipping that works every time.

01:04:59   And yes, occasionally there is a delay where I flip

01:05:03   and I see the words face ID for a moment

01:05:05   and then they go away, but it is momentary.

01:05:08   It is a fraction of a second.

01:05:10   So I'm very impressed.

01:05:12   Like again, your face may vary.

01:05:15   In fact, it probably will.

01:05:16   Otherwise you could unlock my phone, but it just worked.

01:05:20   I mean, I hate to say it just works, right?

01:05:22   We all joke about, oh, it just works.

01:05:24   It just works.

01:05:25   Like for me, it has just worked

01:05:28   And it shows you why,

01:05:30   we talked about this on the show before,

01:05:32   the goal here is not what if we made face scanning,

01:05:35   if you're Apple, right?

01:05:36   The goal is what if we made it so that

01:05:39   when you use your phone, it knows it's you

01:05:41   and it just unlocks it and you don't have to change

01:05:43   anything about your behavior.

01:05:45   And that's the goal.

01:05:46   And I think they met it.

01:05:47   Like, I don't, it's just not an issue.

01:05:50   And on top of that,

01:05:52   on apps that do biometric authentication,

01:05:55   you can, you see where it's like, you know,

01:05:57   it brings up a little Face ID thing and then it opens.

01:05:59   But like, I don't have to like,

01:06:01   oh yeah, right, I need to enable Touch ID

01:06:04   and move my thumb down and have it read my thumbprint

01:06:06   and now I can use the thing.

01:06:08   Instead it goes like, boop, Face ID unlocked

01:06:11   and that's it for apps too.

01:06:12   It's pretty great, pretty great.

01:06:15   - If you try like angles,

01:06:16   like do you have to have the phone right in front

01:06:17   of your face?

01:06:18   What is that like?

01:06:19   - I mean, it just seems to work

01:06:22   unless you get it kind of like at an unreasonable angle.

01:06:24   Like if it's laying down on a table,

01:06:26   I kind of have to lean over like, hello.

01:06:28   And then it unlocks.

01:06:29   - Okay. - Right?

01:06:31   So you can't, yeah.

01:06:32   So if you want to unlock it,

01:06:33   like when it's in your pocket

01:06:34   or when it's laying on the table,

01:06:36   you know, six inches away from you into the table.

01:06:41   Yeah, it's not gonna unlock 'cause it can't see you.

01:06:44   But you know, the use case

01:06:46   that's by far the most common is you pick up your phone

01:06:49   and with the raise to wake,

01:06:53   you literally like lift up your phone

01:06:54   and your thumb is moving to the bottom of the screen

01:06:57   and you flip it open and your phone's open

01:06:58   and you just don't even think about it.

01:07:00   And that happens, for me, that happened very quickly.

01:07:03   Like this morning in the car, my wife is driving,

01:07:05   we're coming back from the doctor

01:07:07   and I was like, oh yeah, I wanna see what's going on.

01:07:10   And I took the phone out and I went flip and was looking

01:07:13   and then I thought, oh yeah, I just unlocked that phone

01:07:16   without even thinking about it.

01:07:17   I didn't think about where my face was, was I looking?

01:07:21   I was just behaving like a person using their phone

01:07:23   and it all just happened.

01:07:25   - And you can do like, I mean, you know,

01:07:27   this is my hope is that like, you know,

01:07:29   you just take your phone out your pocket,

01:07:30   you just swipe up and look at it like it's just a motion.

01:07:33   Like, you know, the swipe up is done

01:07:34   before it's in front of your face kind of thing.

01:07:36   - Yeah, and that works, right?

01:07:38   Like if you pick it up and you're swiping

01:07:41   and it's not open yet,

01:07:43   by the time you get it up to your face,

01:07:45   then it Face ID unlocks and it opens

01:07:47   and it holds that gesture.

01:07:49   It knows you're trying to open the phone

01:07:51   and it holds that gesture

01:07:52   and it puts up a translucent sheet that says face ID,

01:07:55   and then the thing, little thing spins

01:07:57   for a fraction of a second and it unlocks.

01:07:58   So you, even though there's two steps,

01:08:02   you can do them out of sequence and it's fine.

01:08:05   - And because of the face ID stuff,

01:08:07   it's also hiding notifications now, right?

01:08:09   - Yeah, by default, that was already a setting

01:08:11   that you could do, but now it's by default.

01:08:12   So like, I got a Slack message from Stephen Hackett

01:08:15   while we were doing this, and it just shows up,

01:08:18   if I tapped to wake, it just shows up as a Slack message

01:08:20   and it says Slack message from Stephen Hackett,

01:08:23   but it doesn't show me the message.

01:08:24   And then I picked up the phone to look at it

01:08:26   and it Face ID unlocked still at the lock screen

01:08:30   and revealed the content of the message on unlock,

01:08:35   which is pretty cool.

01:08:40   The other place that I've noticed face detection

01:08:43   outside of Animoji is in the screen lock setting,

01:08:48   like 30 seconds of inactivity to do screen locking.

01:08:52   It uses attention detection on that.

01:08:56   So if you're sitting on your phone and after 30 seconds,

01:09:00   it's gonna dim because you're not actually looking,

01:09:03   you're not actually interacting with it.

01:09:06   If you're still looking at it, it won't dim the phone

01:09:10   'cause it knows you're looking at the phone.

01:09:13   Why would you turn off the screen

01:09:15   when you're looking at content on an unlocked iPhone.

01:09:18   And so it won't, it just won't do that,

01:09:21   which is something you can do when you're,

01:09:24   literally the phone is aware of whether it's being watched.

01:09:27   - And how do purchases in the App Store work?

01:09:29   'Cause you know, you usually, you'd press buy

01:09:31   and then scan your thumbprint.

01:09:33   Like how is it doing that?

01:09:35   'Cause I'm always looking at it,

01:09:36   so how is it authorizing the purchase?

01:09:38   - It basically is the same workflow

01:09:40   as on the previous ones,

01:09:41   where you know, you've got that Apple Pay-like thing.

01:09:45   That's not actually Apple Pay because Apple,

01:09:47   the App Store doesn't take Apple Pay because reasons.

01:09:52   Anyway, so you basically double tap the side,

01:09:55   which is the Apple Pay gesture.

01:09:57   And then it does a face ID scan.

01:09:59   So that's how you confirm,

01:10:02   'cause you don't wanna just say,

01:10:03   "Oh, I see your face, I'll just charge your account."

01:10:05   - Yeah, 'cause yeah, that doesn't work.

01:10:07   That's not how it works. - That's not good.

01:10:09   So it has you do the little double tap Apple Pay gesture,

01:10:13   even though it's not Apple Pay.

01:10:14   and then it checks that it's you and it's a done deal.

01:10:18   - So we spoke about Animoji a little bit at the top

01:10:20   and kind of pip it through and you know, you say,

01:10:23   right, so like this seems like a really impressive feature

01:10:25   technologically and from an animation perspective.

01:10:28   Is this something you think that you'll use?

01:10:30   Like can you see yourself using Animoji?

01:10:32   - Well, yeah.

01:10:36   I think it's more likely gonna be stickers

01:10:40   than anything else with funny expressions.

01:10:42   - Yeah, 'cause you can, you can what?

01:10:44   you can make a face and then turn it into a sticker, right?

01:10:46   - 'Cause I'm not sure I just wanna send people movies

01:10:49   of like me talking with an animal face, right?

01:10:53   I like, I'm not sure I wanna do that,

01:10:55   but I like the idea of making a,

01:10:57   sort of like making my own expression

01:10:59   that the face is a mask that I wear

01:11:01   and then I make an expression.

01:11:02   It doesn't necessarily even need to match

01:11:04   the existing emoji expressions.

01:11:07   And then I can send that off.

01:11:08   I think that's probably more likely gonna be the case

01:11:11   then that I'm going to be sending those Animoji messages. I'm not convinced in the long term

01:11:16   if this isn't more like, you know, like other iMessage apps and stickers and things where

01:11:20   it's a fun thing for people to do and it'll be novel and then some people will keep using

01:11:24   it and everybody else will stop using it, but it's very cool technology. I, you know,

01:11:29   I didn't lead with it in my review because while it is adorable and I think the animations

01:11:34   are really great and I think everybody's going to be sending Animoji messages for the first

01:11:39   few weeks that they have an iPhone 10. In the long run, I don't know. I mean, I was

01:11:44   actually thinking I would rather, um, uh, what about things like an emoji picker where

01:11:51   you pick, where you say, I want the smiley face and you know, the, the, the, the circular

01:11:55   circle yellow face, and then you give a, a facial expression and it picks the emoji that's

01:12:00   closest to that and just sends that like an actual emoji. I think someone could build

01:12:03   that. I think probably someone will build that. I hope that they do. Cause that sounds

01:12:07   like a fun demo, right? Like even if you don't use it, like that sounds like a fun little

01:12:10   keyboard to have. I think that's something somebody could build.

01:12:14   And I can't, I also like, uh, you know, will there be more Animoji characters down the

01:12:18   road? Maybe so, because obviously it's, it's hard to do it because you've got to do a lot

01:12:22   of character animation, but that would be fun too. So, you know, maybe I also, you know,

01:12:27   they've only got it down as this sort of like 10 seconds with sound kind of thing. And I

01:12:31   wonder if there's some variation that can be done in terms of like, could you turn that

01:12:36   into like an animation that has no sound that you can just do a really quick like three

01:12:42   second animation and send that instead because I feel like that would be less intrusive than

01:12:49   a video with audio to send like an animation.

01:12:53   So the stickers then adjust static, they're not moving stickers?

01:12:58   Yeah I think they're just static.

01:12:59   I think you basically pose and then drag it out or tap to send it as a stick.

01:13:05   I mean you can have moving stickers so I hope that they find a way to make that happen for an emoji

01:13:09   That'd be nice almost like live

01:13:11   Animoji yeah kind of thing where you you do a little thing and then it turns it into an animated sticker

01:13:16   Yeah, I don't think that is something that exists right now

01:13:18   So I have a couple of little things left to round this out first off the camera. Is this what you'd expect?

01:13:24   What what is different with this camera to the iPhone 8 camera the big things are?

01:13:30   it's a

01:13:32   optical image stabilization on both

01:13:34   which the plus does not have.

01:13:38   - So this is both back lenses, right?

01:13:40   - Both of the back lenses.

01:13:41   So it's got OIS on the telephoto

01:13:44   as well as on the wide angle,

01:13:46   which the eight plus does not.

01:13:48   - Okay.

01:13:50   - And then what else?

01:13:52   It's got a wider aperture,

01:13:56   the telephoto does on the 10 than the eight.

01:13:58   Otherwise it's pretty much the same.

01:14:01   There are a lot of things that are shared, right?

01:14:03   glass back, although it's not exactly the same, it's pretty close. The selfie camera

01:14:09   itself is the same. The rear-facing wide angle is basically the same. The telephoto is a

01:14:15   little bit better. So the chip is the same. This is not using a faster A11 bionic, right?

01:14:23   It is the same chip. It uses the machine learning part of it more because of the Face ID stuff,

01:14:30   it's the same chip, the same speed. I ran Geekbench on both the 8 and the 10, and they're

01:14:36   the same. So it has a lot of things in common. Of course, nobody's upgrading from the 8--well,

01:14:41   there was somebody out there who was upgrading from the 8 to the 10, and they bought an 8,

01:14:44   and then three weeks later they're going to get a 10. Okay, fair. But 99% of people will

01:14:48   be upgrading from a previous model. That's true, although that's the review unit on my

01:14:52   real one, but it is most of what is in the 8 plus some things that are unique to the 10.

01:15:03   So it shares a lot of the advances that the 8 had. The wireless charging, the inductive charging,

01:15:09   is another example of that. The processor is the same. The camera, the zoom camera,

01:15:17   the telephoto camera is subtly better, but not dramatically, just subtly better,

01:15:23   lets in a little more light. It has the OIS, which actually means that in low-light settings,

01:15:28   where sometimes on the plus models, when you're zooming in in a low-light setting,

01:15:34   even though you're zoomed in, the software will actually keep that zoom, but it'll actually flip

01:15:41   over to the other camera. I don't know if you knew this, but this is something that happens

01:15:45   sometimes is you're zoomed in with a, what you think is an optical zoom, but it's kind of dark.

01:15:50   - Yeah. - And it'll be like,

01:15:51   I'm gonna use a digital zoom instead on the other camera because it's got image stabilization. And

01:15:59   so it's gonna be a better image, even though it's a digital zoom because of the image stabilization.

01:16:06   On this camera, they both have image stabilization. So that'll be, you'll get better kind of low light

01:16:11   stuff going on. - So it's not doing the swapping.

01:16:13   - I think, I mean, it may, but it has less reason to.

01:16:18   And then let's not forget, the biggest thing here is,

01:16:21   if you're somebody like me, who has never bought a Plus phone

01:16:24   because they're too big for them,

01:16:26   this is the first small sized-ish iPhone

01:16:31   to have the two cameras set up.

01:16:33   So I'm gonna have the two cameras set up in my pocket

01:16:35   every day for the first time, which is very exciting.

01:16:38   - Yeah, it's a great life, I'll tell you that.

01:16:40   (laughing)

01:16:42   last thing now I'm only asking this because people want me to ask it and I'm

01:16:46   sure you don't have a good enough answer for it yet but I'm gonna ask it anyway

01:16:50   that's a great reason that's a great reason people want to know is a great

01:16:53   reason to ask a question battery life

01:16:57   well Myke I'm happy to report that I've had the phone for less than 24 hours and

01:17:01   I haven't run out of battery because I've kept it charged I have nothing to

01:17:05   report I wanted to ask it because people will wonder why we didn't but I know you

01:17:10   you haven't had enough time and also the first set up of a phone kills the battery like it's

01:17:15   not a good test. We'll report back on that next week.

01:17:18   Because it's doing spotlight indexing and it's downloading apps and the whole thing

01:17:21   it got it was definitely when it was doing the restore it was chewing through battery

01:17:25   life so that's going to be a long term thing to watch given that Apple is confident enough

01:17:30   to quote two extra hours of battery life and Matthew Panzarino who had the phone for a

01:17:35   while he had it for a week at TechCrunch. Panzer says that it lasted longer for sure.

01:17:42   And I read I think the BuzzFeed review Nicole said that it was interesting the way she phrased

01:17:50   it which is like you can't get through two days with it but you can get through more

01:17:53   than one day was her takeaway which is awesome if that's if that's the case. It sounds like

01:17:58   there's more that there's more you know this is not a two-day phone battery but we may

01:18:03   be getting to the point where with the X, it really truly is an all-day battery.

01:18:07   All right, so I mean this is kind of it for the review. Is there anything you wanted to

01:18:12   add? I don't know. I mean you read my review while

01:18:15   I was sleeping. Sure did.

01:18:18   More app updates will help. That's some of what's going on here.

01:18:22   And we're going to know more about that over the next few days, right? Some of those apps

01:18:25   are going to start to come out over the next few days. Obviously, we'll have more to say

01:18:29   next week because one you'll have had a week with it and two hopefully I have one as well

01:18:34   and we'll have had a long weekend with it so there will be more about this next week.

01:18:39   Now of course we did have our listeners send us in Ask Upgrade Questions and I have a selection

01:18:45   of iPhone 10 Ask Upgrade Questions which we're going to do just after our final break where

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01:20:52   way to cook. Time for some iPhone X Ask Upgrade.

01:20:58   Infrared dots.

01:20:59   Yeah, that's what it is now. Lee wants to know, Jason, have you had any accidental touches

01:21:06   with the palm of your hand as you hold the device? Because, you know, maybe your hand

01:21:09   is like stretching over to the screen more than it would normally. Have you noticed anything

01:21:14   like this?

01:21:15   Nope.

01:21:16   Okay, great.

01:21:17   Nothing.

01:21:18   They've learned how to do this with the iPad over time.

01:21:22   James wants to know, "Do screenshots of the iPhone X

01:21:25   black out the notch in the rounded corners,

01:21:26   or are they just rectangle squares with everything there?"

01:21:30   - They are complete rectangles,

01:21:32   which means the notch is not there,

01:21:34   nor are the rounded corners,

01:21:36   'cause if I didn't mention it earlier,

01:21:38   the other thing about this is that there are lots

01:21:40   of rounded edges to this phone.

01:21:43   It is not perfectly square.

01:21:44   The screen ends in these rounded edges

01:21:47   that match the rounded edges of the device.

01:21:50   But when you take a screenshot, it's a rectangle,

01:21:53   which is why, like, if you look at my video,

01:21:54   what I ended up doing was taking a photo of the iPhone,

01:21:57   emptying out, basically, erasing the screen portion

01:22:03   and making that transparent

01:22:05   so that I could put my screen recordings behind it

01:22:09   and have it look like it looks on the phone,

01:22:11   because the raw screen recording or screenshot

01:22:16   will be rectangular and you'll miss the notch and you'll miss the curves in the corners.

01:22:20   Kyle wants to know how does the steel feel in the hand compared to the aluminium? How do those two

01:22:28   materials kind of stack up when you're holding them? Well the the the aluminium is um is like the

01:22:38   I don't know it's it's less shiny right it's this it's less shiny and less tacky because it's um

01:22:45   because it's that aluminum feel that Apple does so well, the stainless steel doesn't feel like that.

01:22:51   It's like going from an aluminum Apple Watch to a stainless steel Apple Watch, basically.

01:22:57   It is much smoother, and it's a little more grippy because it's so smooth that your fingers

01:23:04   just kind of like stick on it a little bit more. - The stainless steel is more grippy, you're saying?

01:23:08   - Yes, you're right, whereas the aluminum's got that kind of soft feel because it's been blasted by

01:23:13   whatever they blasted with little beads or whatever to give it that feel so it's it's a different

01:23:18   um it's it's a shiny instead of matte basically i think i would say in in terms of the feel but

01:23:25   looks great how grippy is the glass back versus the jet black aluminium asks me here

01:23:30   i'd say that they're comparable okay um i think i think this is any eight right i mean i think

01:23:35   i think they're all pretty pretty comparable um the aluminum frames may be a little less grippy

01:23:42   because they are that blasted aluminum,

01:23:45   and so they're a little bit less tacky,

01:23:50   whereas this thing is the stainless,

01:23:53   is more like the grippiness of the glass.

01:23:56   So it's got more in common with that.

01:24:00   So that's, yeah, that's my take on it.

01:24:02   - Paul has asked, "Is there a setting

01:24:04   to allow the iPhone to unlock

01:24:05   and go straight to the home screen

01:24:07   rather than having to swipe up on the lock screen?"

01:24:10   - So I asked about this,

01:24:11   And I think the answer is no,

01:24:13   although I was kind of hoping that there was a,

01:24:19   that there was a-

01:24:20   - An accessibility setting?

01:24:21   - An accessibility feature, but I don't think there is.

01:24:25   - Okay.

01:24:26   - And you know, the reason Apple doesn't wanna do that

01:24:29   is that Apple wants you to be able

01:24:32   to look at your notifications.

01:24:34   - Sure.

01:24:35   - And use that interface,

01:24:35   'cause that's a useful interface too.

01:24:37   Like app picking isn't the only thing you do

01:24:40   when you pick up your phone.

01:24:43   Sometimes you look at what your notifications are,

01:24:45   and they built that notification interface

01:24:47   to be pretty robust.

01:24:49   So, and it's got widgets and all that stuff.

01:24:52   And those widgets now, when you look at them,

01:24:54   are unlocked, right?

01:24:56   They, if you tap them, they will just,

01:24:58   like notifications too,

01:24:59   they'll just take you where you need to go,

01:25:00   'cause you're looking at the phone,

01:25:01   face ID's already unlocked the phone.

01:25:03   So you look at a notification and tap it,

01:25:05   and you don't get one of those,

01:25:06   oh yeah, you need to put your fingerprint on the glass

01:25:08   before we continue.

01:25:09   Instead it just opens and moves along its way.

01:25:11   So I haven't seen a place where you can get it to

01:25:15   just jump to the home screen.

01:25:18   I'm a little surprised by that, but there it is.

01:25:23   - Andrew wants to know, in your experience,

01:25:26   does Face ID work well outside and in bright rooms?

01:25:29   Neil I. Patel at The Verge had issues with this himself.

01:25:32   - I have used it more inside and in dark rooms

01:25:35   than outside and bright rooms.

01:25:36   I need to spend more time.

01:25:37   I gotta go walk the dog.

01:25:38   So I will try it and report back and we will see.

01:25:43   Yeah, I would imagine that if you're backlit brightly

01:25:46   by the sun or something like that,

01:25:48   it might have a challenge even with the infrared

01:25:50   of having you be kind of swamped.

01:25:52   But I haven't experienced a touch or a face ID failure yet,

01:25:57   but I have not.

01:25:59   I've been doing a lot of stuff here at my desk

01:26:03   and not out in the world,

01:26:04   which I will be doing hopefully soon.

01:26:07   Mr. Espresso asks, "Which screen is better for just reading text in something like Instapaper

01:26:11   or iBooks?

01:26:12   Is the OLED of the X or the LCD of the 8 Plus what's more comfortable?"

01:26:16   - Mr. Espresso.

01:26:17   Is this Federico?

01:26:18   - No, actually.

01:26:20   This is the best I could get from their Twitter account.

01:26:22   - I like contrast, and the nice thing about the OLED is that the blacks are really black

01:26:26   and the whites are really white, so you should be able to get a very contrasty thing.

01:26:29   It's also much higher resolution, which means that the text should be clearer.

01:26:33   It is OLED and not LCD and those are not exactly the same but my guess is they're both fine.

01:26:39   They're both great.

01:26:40   I'm not sure one is going to be better than the other.

01:26:42   The OLED might be better but it might not matter.

01:26:46   I've read things on both of them.

01:26:48   They both seem great.

01:26:51   And finally Matt asked "I have a 5S so any upgrade is going to be a big for me.

01:26:55   What features should push me towards the 10 instead of the 8+?"

01:27:03   8 Plus, okay, that makes a difference

01:27:06   'cause I was gonna say dual camera, but that's not it.

01:27:08   So what features should push you toward the 10?

01:27:10   The screen being bigger, big high resolution screen,

01:27:16   the 8 Plus has a nice big screen too,

01:27:19   but this is a nicer screen.

01:27:21   And Face ID, sort of like going,

01:27:26   not having to worry about it at all

01:27:28   and just it locks when it sees you.

01:27:30   but you know as we wrap this episode up it's worth saying this is a $999 US

01:27:36   dollar phone. This is a pricey phone. My review is that you know

01:27:41   tomorrow's iPhone today. This is what they're doing. We theorized about it when

01:27:45   the rumors about this phone were out there earlier this year and this is the

01:27:49   case. You're buying the cutting-edge first generation of a whole new

01:27:53   way of thinking about the iPhone and you're going to pay a premium for it. And

01:27:57   And if things like Face ID and having the smaller device but still has the dual cameras

01:28:04   and the OLED display, which is very, very nice, if those are like, "Well, those are

01:28:09   nice but is it worth another $150?" if you start to have those questions, or I guess

01:28:14   it's the A+ right? So it's not quite... There's still a gap there, right? Is it $150? I don't

01:28:22   know what it is. But everybody's going to have to decide for themselves. The iPhone

01:28:28   X is not a phone every person who has an iPhone should by default buy, right? I mean, like,

01:28:33   you need to look at what it offers versus what the 8 and 8 Plus offer and make a decision

01:28:38   about whether it's worth the extra money. And I will also say, as I said when I reviewed

01:28:42   the iPhone 8, which I also—we didn't even talk about that—I wrote a review of the

01:28:46   iPhone 8 last week, after all this time, because I spent time with it and I was thinking about

01:28:51   it. And the short version of that review is, for a lot of people, like, the 8 is

01:28:56   going to be a great update from the 6 or the 6s. It's going to be a great update

01:28:59   and it's going to be really familiar. It's going to be the same shape, it's going to

01:29:02   be the same iPhone. My wife has the has the 8 now and it's like, it's really

01:29:07   great, it's fast, it's the size and shape and behavior that she expects

01:29:11   from an iPhone. The iPhone X is not that, right? It's not quite the right size, it's

01:29:16   not the right behavior, it's got a lot of new stuff in it. And so it's not for

01:29:20   everyone. For our audience it's probably for a lot more than you'd expect and

01:29:25   then you gotta look at the price because it's expensive and those features may

01:29:28   not be worth it and over time those features will probably come down to the

01:29:32   rest of the product line but that's the future. Today it's the high-end

01:29:37   cutting-edge iPhone and so you have to decide yourself whether you want to

01:29:41   be a part of that or if you want to save some money and get something that's got

01:29:45   a lot of the same features, not all, but a lot of them, and is in a much more

01:29:51   familiar package.

01:29:54   Alright, that's it for us. Upgrade today. I wanted, just before we go, to have a little bit of follow-up.

01:29:59   Just one quick thing on iPhone X bumper cases. So I mentioned that that's what

01:30:03   I'm looking for. I want a bumper case for my iPhone X. And three

01:30:08   listeners sent in three different cases to me. So, Rapscallion sent in a case by

01:30:12   Incase called the frame, Will sent in the Rhino Shield crash guard and Kai sent in the

01:30:19   dbrand grip. These are all bumper like cases that are coming for a couple of phones including

01:30:25   the iPhone 10. The one that I want out of all of these is the Incase frame so I'm keeping

01:30:30   my eye out for when that's going to be available for me here in the UK. That's the case that

01:30:34   I want I think. It looks really nice. I know that Incase do good stuff and it's a bumper

01:30:38   case which is exactly what I want. So it would be a shame to not see the stainless steel

01:30:41   but that's probably what I'm gonna go with if I go for a case. I honestly hope

01:30:45   that I won't want to have any case on it like I'm gonna feel comfortable in

01:30:49   holding it. I am going to buy AppleCare+ because the screen replacements are so expensive.

01:30:53   I was gonna mention that the the replacements for the screen and the

01:30:56   glass and all of that on this are much more than on other iPhones. Much more to

01:31:03   the point where even even me, even the guy who never buys AppleCare, I'm

01:31:07   thinking I'll probably buy AppleCare for my for my X. Like because it's like

01:31:11   - It's too much.

01:31:12   - It's $279 for the screen, $549 for the back,

01:31:17   out of warranty.

01:31:19   I think this is because of the charging stuff.

01:31:22   I think that's why it's so expensive.

01:31:23   So yeah, Stephen Hackett did a good kind of,

01:31:26   he put some charts together on Fido.

01:31:27   - Scary.

01:31:28   - So I'm gonna get it.

01:31:29   - He sold a lot of Apple Cares with that story.

01:31:31   - I bet he did, he should have gotten affiliate for that.

01:31:34   That's why I'm buying it, 'cause of those charts.

01:31:36   All right, so thank you so much for listening

01:31:38   to this week's episode of Upgrade.

01:31:40   we hope that you've enjoyed it. We're going to be continuing our iPhone X coverage next

01:31:44   week as we will both have had time to spend with the devices hopefully knock on wood that

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01:32:21   can go and read his review, which you should, and I'm sure Jason you're going to have more

01:32:25   coverage of the iPhone X over the next couple of days I would expect.

01:32:29   I guess. Your guess is a good mind. It's unknown what you're going to say, right, because you've

01:32:33   written the review but I'm sure there'll be things that you all want to talk about

01:32:36   maybe there's going to be some apps that come out sure you should go stay always

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01:33:05   Bye everybody.

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