158: New Theater Smell


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade episode 158. Today's show is brought to you by

00:00:14   Squarespace, Encapsula, and SaneBox. My name is Myke Hurley. I am joined by Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:22   Hello, Jason Snell.

00:00:23   Hello, Myke Hurley. How are you?

00:00:25   I'm very well, but nobody cares about that because we have a super packed show today.

00:00:28   I'm going to ask off start off I should say with a hashtag Snell talk question from me to you Jason Snell

00:00:34   What huh? I wanted to know if you had a comfortable seat for the Apple keynote today

00:00:39   Of course I did. Why would I not have a

00:00:42   Have a comfortable seat

00:00:44   Well, I saw lots of pictures of different types of seats and some of them look more comfortable than others. Yeah, so

00:00:50   The front area of the theater, which is more flat has these sort of bench seats with pull-down armrests like

00:00:58   um you might find in a in a car or something the uh upper bowl of seats which is where i was

00:01:05   um there are just regular old arm arm rests but they're padded and they're comfortable and it

00:01:10   turns out there's a power plug in the foot of each chair so there's one outlet beneath each

00:01:16   chair wow so yes comfy very very fancy indeed all that leather of course you know it's just

00:01:22   sort of outgassing a little bit into the air so you get that new theater smell so of course we

00:01:28   we are talking about the chairs inside of the Steve Jobs

00:01:32   Theater in Apple Park because today we are going to be

00:01:36   talking about the iPhone keynote, the September event

00:01:40   which wrapped up just a couple of hours ago.

00:01:42   Jason sped his way within legal speed limits

00:01:46   all the way back from Apple Park to Six Colors headquarters

00:01:51   to join me here today.

00:01:53   But of course, before we go any further,

00:01:55   We must address the scores of the draft, Jason Snell.

00:02:02   We must address.

00:02:03   Yes.

00:02:04   Because I know that's the only reason people have truly tuned in today, is just to find

00:02:09   out the scores of the draft.

00:02:11   As I had hoped and predicted, many Upgradients out there in the world were playing along.

00:02:17   I love to see people playing along.

00:02:19   I saw some people, which I think is amazing, who print out the scorecard, which I think

00:02:22   is really funny.

00:02:24   I score on my iPad. I had notability in the little slide over window. I had Twitter and

00:02:31   I had my notes app while I was watching the keynote on my Apple TV and I would just slide

00:02:36   over notability and just check things off every now and then.

00:02:41   So here we go Jason. I have something interesting for you here. So just flat out, you won the

00:02:46   draft.

00:02:47   Yes.

00:02:48   You won the draft.

00:02:50   There is some contention in not a bad way, but there is a discussion to be had as to

00:02:57   whether you achieved a clean sweep.

00:03:00   I don't think I did, because I thought we said last time that if they just show like

00:03:05   a historical picture of Steve Jobs with a Mac, that doesn't count.

00:03:09   I know I mentioned that contingency.

00:03:11   I can't remember whether I said that did count or it didn't count, but I thought it needed

00:03:15   to be, that didn't feel like, that was, I don't know, unless I was being super sneaky

00:03:20   and like there was that in there, because there is him holding a MacBook Air, maybe

00:03:26   a laptop of some kind, in one of the photos that they showed of Steve. And if that is

00:03:32   a Mac reference, then I guess I got a perfect score, but I don't think I'd give that to

00:03:36   me unless it mattered maybe.

00:03:38   Okay.

00:03:39   It doesn't matter. You got, so let's say you got, it was 5.3 then, you got face unlock

00:03:44   an AR demo on stage, 4K HDR Apple TV, cellular Apple watch, explanation of why OLED is superior

00:03:51   screen technology. I got three iPhones, no touch ID on the high-end iPhone, and a picture

00:03:57   of Steve Jobs on a slide. I knew over the weekend that I wasn't going to win the draft

00:04:03   because there were just enough stuff came from all of the leaks over the weekend which

00:04:07   kind of confirmed to me.

00:04:08   We had the leaks that revealed this.

00:04:11   Mmhmm.

00:04:12   Yes.

00:04:13   you now you have picked up another keynote victory you are undefeated in

00:04:17   keynotes just standard keynote events I am undefeated at WWDC and you are

00:04:23   undefeated at keynote events so far but that is a more total victories so you've

00:04:28   had three total victories so far and I've had two yes so as it stands for

00:04:33   2017 we're neck-and-neck so what I guess we're gonna have to really I mean that's

00:04:38   the only reason though I want Apple to have another event this year is so there

00:04:40   can be an undisputed champion of 2017 but we're gonna have to wait and see

00:04:45   about that as it stands right now we have a point each on the drafts for this

00:04:48   year yeah I don't think there's gonna be another event but you never know well

00:04:53   we'll have to try and put a call into somebody you know even if it's just a

00:04:56   real short one you know just so we can get a little drafting come on to tie

00:05:00   breaker event sure just end yeah any kind of time breaker maybe maybe we have

00:05:04   to just as it gets if we'd like pass October we may have to come up with some

00:05:09   maybe a quiz or something that we could be administered so we can we can we can

00:05:15   call a winner of something for the year what do you think about that I think

00:05:22   it's okay if we tie for the year that's what I think well we'll see I have many

00:05:25   harebrained schemes sometimes you don't know they're coming and that might be

00:05:28   one of them let's talk about your impressions of Steve Jobs theater so

00:05:32   first off before we talk about the theater itself what was an Apple Park

00:05:38   like the whole campus. What were your impressions? From what I could see, I mean

00:05:42   people were posting pictures all day and it looked unbelievable.

00:05:46   Yeah, so you know it starts out with it's the next exit down the freeway so it's a

00:05:52   totally different way to get there and the way they actually had the the street

00:05:56   blocked off, they had the street closed that the that the visitor center is on,

00:06:01   it was blocked off and so there was one way to kind of get in and then you went

00:06:05   and parked and then I ended up parking in the

00:06:08   Beneath the visitors center there is a multi. There's a there's a little surface lot, but they didn't have me park there

00:06:14   They had me park in on the second sub level of it. So it's a brand new park underground parking garage

00:06:21   So it's just brand new concrete and all the spaces are lined and everything and there's electric car chargers on every level

00:06:27   Which is pretty funny so I go two levels down

00:06:29   All the air conditioning and stuff I guess is is was running because it was super noisy in there

00:06:35   like really noisy of machinery running. We emerge kind of up into the

00:06:43   courtyard in front of the visitor center. I got to see the visitor center on the

00:06:46   way out. It's really nice. It's a big glass building in typical Apple style.

00:06:50   It's kind of a box though, it's not round like the stuff across the street. And

00:06:54   this is where people will make their pilgrimages if they want to see Apple

00:06:57   Park. Half of it is a cafe and half of it is an Apple store. And you know it's

00:07:04   an Apple store. The only difference being like the company store at One Infinite Loop.

00:07:08   It's got like t-shirts. They have six colors of t-shirts plus, you know, some other things,

00:07:15   but they've got some six colors of different t-shirts. They've got an Apple Park t-shirt.

00:07:20   There's a—with a big ring on it. There—yeah. So there's—that stuff is gonna be there.

00:07:27   And I don't know if it's open to the public soon. I don't know when. Later this year,

00:07:31   I think is all that all the Tim Cook said on stage.

00:07:34   So that was pretty cool.

00:07:36   So you can go get your Apple Park t-shirt

00:07:38   or your Apple logo in one of the six colors t-shirts.

00:07:40   And then you go across the street

00:07:42   and there's a building that we had to walk through.

00:07:46   It's like one of the entry gates,

00:07:48   basically it seems to Apple Park.

00:07:51   And then up a winding path up a hill

00:07:54   to the Steve Jobs Theater,

00:07:55   which is I would say it's a,

00:07:57   maybe a five minute walk up a hill to get there

00:08:00   in this winding path.

00:08:01   And from the top where the theater is,

00:08:04   you can see across what will be a grassy field someday,

00:08:07   but is mostly dirt with stuff planted in it.

00:08:09   It's like to grow over time, but it's not there yet.

00:08:14   Across the way is the enormous ring of Apple Park.

00:08:19   And in fact, driving in, I drove on Homestead Road,

00:08:22   which borders one side of the campus.

00:08:24   And on one side of the street are houses.

00:08:26   And on the other side of the street is a sidewalk

00:08:29   and then some trees, and then a sidewalk,

00:08:31   and then some trees and then a fence

00:08:32   and then some more trees and then the ring of Apple Park.

00:08:37   So yes, you could potentially live in a house

00:08:40   just across the street from Apple Park,

00:08:42   but it's gonna be pretty soon completely obscured,

00:08:44   I think, by trees.

00:08:46   So huge, just huge, it's huge, like we all have known,

00:08:50   but then you see it and yes, it is an enormous structure

00:08:54   that's kind of far off across this field.

00:08:57   And then the Steve Jobs Theater is another circular building.

00:08:59   It's got a little roof on the top,

00:09:02   but it's a round glass thing that there's like a,

00:09:05   you go in to the main level

00:09:08   and that's the ground level basically.

00:09:10   And it is, you know, it reminded me of like,

00:09:14   there's a circular restaurant kind of bar place

00:09:18   on the top of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

00:09:21   It reminded me of that except there was no beer,

00:09:23   but it was just like a big round space with glass

00:09:26   to look out at the Apple Park campus.

00:09:29   It felt very much like you could have a wedding reception there or something like that.

00:09:33   And then on two sides of it, on both sides of this circular, the outside of the circular structure,

00:09:40   there are steps down.

00:09:42   And so you take the steps down, and on the way down, you take the steps down,

00:09:48   and it leads to the entrance to the theater.

00:09:51   And then the theater is down from there.

00:09:54   So you actually enter down from the top of the theater.

00:09:57   On the way back out, on that level that's at the back of the theater, there is a part of that that turns.

00:10:06   So on our way down, there was nowhere to go except into the theater, but on the way back out, that had turned around,

00:10:14   and now we could enter that area, and that's actually the hands-on area, which is right below the entry lobby.

00:10:23   and that's where all of their hands-on stuff for the press was afterwards. So

00:10:28   it's obviously purpose-built for that for that for an Apple event with with

00:10:32   those details. So very impressive. It's all brand new. It's all still kind of

00:10:38   being planted and under construction and and and I talked to a couple people who

00:10:44   who said how fragrant it was at Apple Park because the fact is it's basically

00:10:49   covered in fertilizer right now because they're growing all these new plants. So not the best

00:10:55   smelling location but I imagine that will pass as the plants grow.

00:11:01   So from like a checking in perspective and a general logistics perspective, how did that

00:11:07   feel because I'm assuming Apple have got their own people or something which seems

00:11:12   peculiar because I can't imagine these people are hired all the time. What was your sense

00:11:16   for that kind of stuff?

00:11:18   - I mean, Apple's got a lot of people who work there.

00:11:21   So I imagine that some of this was like hired,

00:11:24   maybe event security,

00:11:25   but I would bet a lot of it is Apple security.

00:11:27   It's a huge campus.

00:11:29   They're gonna have to have security for it.

00:11:31   And I think then there was also,

00:11:33   there were also Apple employees who were there

00:11:34   where they brought in,

00:11:35   whether those were maybe retail employees

00:11:37   or they were people who just work at Apple

00:11:40   and were called into service.

00:11:42   But there were lots of people, they were everywhere.

00:11:45   It was because they don't,

00:11:46   the last thing they wanted was people wandering down some unapproved path.

00:11:51   And on the way out it was funny because they tried to stand in the shade if they could

00:11:54   because it was a pretty warm day and then some of them would be, had no option and they'd

00:11:58   just be standing there in the sun sweating but they wanted to make sure that we were

00:12:01   going in the right direction and not going off the official path.

00:12:05   And you've got some sweet little enamel pins as well.

00:12:08   That's fun, huh?

00:12:09   Apparently.

00:12:10   I just opened the box right as I sat down.

00:12:14   yeah, they gave everybody as they were leaving a little box.

00:12:18   And I didn't know what was in it.

00:12:20   You know, it could be like $1,000 in iTunes money,

00:12:23   but it wasn't.

00:12:24   It was four cute little enamel pins.

00:12:25   - Let me tell you right now, Jason Snow,

00:12:27   if you want $1,000 in money,

00:12:29   you could probably get close to it

00:12:31   by trying to sell these pins on eBay.

00:12:33   Because these pins are even more exclusive

00:12:35   than the WWDC pins,

00:12:37   'cause it's just a small amount of press, right?

00:12:39   It's not 1,500 attendees plus press.

00:12:43   I suppose that's true. You know, Preston didn't get the pins at WWDC.

00:12:49   Oh, so this is your makeup pins. But these pins are even better because they're emoji

00:12:54   pins. Yeah, so I got an Apple logo, I got an Apple

00:12:59   Park ring, and I got a robot emoji and a monkey emoji. It is a robot emoji.

00:13:07   I just want to, you know, we're obviously going to talk about this later on, but like,

00:13:11   Oh my god, an emoji. I'll just say that right now and later on you can hear my voice.

00:13:16   I've done it now, I can tell you all about it but we'll see.

00:13:18   Oh my god, I'm so excited. I'm so excited to hear your opinions.

00:13:21   Alright, look, we have a ton, a literal ton of stuff to cover today,

00:13:25   so why don't we take a break and then we'll go through chronologically the keynote. How does that sound?

00:13:32   Sounds good.

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00:16:15   Okay, Mr. Jason Snell.

00:16:18   Yeah.

00:16:19   Should we jump right in?

00:16:22   Let's do it.

00:16:23   So the way this all started, the way everything kicked off today was with a really touching

00:16:29   tribute to Steve Jobs.

00:16:32   After there was some beautiful footage of the campus which was kind of the intro open

00:16:39   video set to Love by the Beatles.

00:16:41   Apple were clearly very proud of their campus and I was really impressed by the speedy work

00:16:45   as they got people arriving in the morning, ended up in the video which is really cool.

00:16:50   I saw Serenity Caldwell and Rene Ritchie of iMore in the video, which is awesome. But

00:16:55   the real kind of the big part of the opening was kind of audio. It began as audio. It was

00:17:02   a clip of Steve. I don't know where this came from, but a clip of Steve talking about making

00:17:07   things and kind of what makes Apple, Apple. Were these quotes, was this speech familiar

00:17:13   to you at all?

00:17:15   I did not recognize it, although I saw some people on Twitter who said that this is where it was,

00:17:21   where it was from, but I didn't recognize it. Yeah, no, I mean, there are many, you know,

00:17:29   there are many famous Steve quotes, right, and this could have been from anywhere, but

00:17:35   it was clearly something very cool, and it was a nice one to play because obviously

00:17:38   the Apple Park stuff and the Steve Jobs Theater is kind of the intersection of Steve Jobs and Apple,

00:17:45   right? Like this is where those two things cross over. And I really loved Tim's line,

00:17:50   I think this is his opening line, saying that it was only fitting that Steve Jobs should open his

00:17:56   theatre. And then he spent some time talking about Steve. They actually spent, whilst we both really

00:18:02   expected heavily that they would do this, they spent more time on this than I was expecting,

00:18:08   but not too much time, if that makes sense.

00:18:11   - Yeah, it's exactly, I mean,

00:18:15   when we were planning our draft and all of that,

00:18:17   I mean, this was one of the things that came to me

00:18:19   is that there will,

00:18:21   there's gotta be a dedication at the start, right?

00:18:24   How can they let the first event

00:18:26   in the Steve Jobs Theater go by without mentioning it?

00:18:30   And so they did.

00:18:31   They had Steve's words open it up,

00:18:35   And then Tim Cook came out and talked about Steve

00:18:39   and he talked about Apple Park,

00:18:41   which is inexorably linked to Steve Jobs.

00:18:43   The last public appearance he made

00:18:45   was to the Cupertino City Council about this project.

00:18:49   This is sort of his last product that he envisioned.

00:18:53   And so they talked about the park campus a bit

00:18:57   and then they got on with the show.

00:19:00   But I think it was a must.

00:19:01   I don't think they're gonna be doing anything.

00:19:05   this is a one-shot deal right but I think it was a must for them to do it.

00:19:08   And one other quote that I liked is "Today and always we honor him." I like

00:19:13   that. It was really nice. I mean you could tell. I mean I think if you were watching

00:19:18   that event you know there is a very strong likelihood that you have an

00:19:22   affinity for Steve Jobs and obviously the people working at Apple especially

00:19:28   people like Tim who are friends with the guy right like this is an emotional

00:19:31   thing and I thought he did a really good job getting through that as well as he

00:19:34   Yeah, I mean, he clearly was wrestling with his emotions there, but he did a good job

00:19:39   and it was fine.

00:19:42   Tim also spent some time talking about Apple Park itself and the fact that it is 100% powered

00:19:48   by renewable energy and then kind of also going through, again, everything has been

00:19:54   designed of extreme attention to detail. That was the thing that he really kept pushing

00:19:58   on. And we were talking about the visitor center a moment ago. There's going to be

00:20:03   opening later this year. And I think what is going to be a buzzword term for Apple for

00:20:12   a little while, it has an AR experience inside to learn more about Apple Park. Of course

00:20:16   it has an AR experience because all of our experiences will be AR experiences in just

00:20:22   a couple of weeks. And you mentioned the cafe. What is the deal with this cafe? Is it just

00:20:32   a regular coffee shop that people can go into?

00:20:34   - They had it set up.

00:20:35   They had it set up.

00:20:36   There's a big bar on one side with coffee machines,

00:20:40   and they had it set up with food and stuff

00:20:43   for basically event attendees.

00:20:45   I actually went there afterward and had a sandwich

00:20:48   and a soda and uploaded some pictures

00:20:51   and things like that before I left.

00:20:53   And so it looks very much like, think of it this way.

00:20:58   Think of it almost like a museum or, I mean,

00:21:01   they're calling it a visitor center,

00:21:02   but it's that kind of thing where there's an Apple store.

00:21:04   Maybe they'll do tours, I don't know,

00:21:06   but there's an Apple store and there's this cafe.

00:21:08   So you can go there to the Apple park

00:21:11   and you can get a coffee and sit at a table.

00:21:14   And it's all an Apple store design.

00:21:16   Even the cafe is an Apple store design.

00:21:18   It's that the light wood and tables everywhere,

00:21:21   and it's exactly what you'd expect.

00:21:23   And it's sort of a fifth maybe

00:21:26   of the size of the rectangular building.

00:21:30   and then on the rest of it is the Apple store.

00:21:33   And there's a wall in between them

00:21:35   and there are walkways, doors between them on the far sides

00:21:40   so you can get from one to another,

00:21:42   but it's not a wide open space

00:21:43   that's a cafe and Apple store.

00:21:45   It's a cafe on one side

00:21:46   and the rest of it is the Apple store.

00:21:48   So I guess that's the idea.

00:21:50   I mean, I think Apple has struggled with the fact

00:21:54   that people wanna visit Apple

00:21:56   and one infinite loop is not, infinite loop in general,

00:21:59   It's not really made for that.

00:22:00   And they tried to put in some guest parking,

00:22:02   but which they didn't even used to have guest parking there.

00:22:05   So people would like pull up to the curb and things.

00:22:08   And they put in the company store,

00:22:10   which is now the Apple store,

00:22:11   they redid it as a full on Apple store.

00:22:13   It's better, but you know, it's an office park.

00:22:16   It was never designed for that without in mind.

00:22:18   And there's nothing they can do.

00:22:20   - Even the Apple store at One Infinite Loop

00:22:21   is kind of a bad Apple store.

00:22:23   It's so small.

00:22:25   It's almost like if you imagine an Apple store

00:22:28   in an airport, that's what it would be like.

00:22:31   It's tiny.

00:22:32   - So this one is bigger because it's built to do this.

00:22:37   This is intended to work this way.

00:22:41   And so yeah, and people are gonna go there.

00:22:44   So people can roll their eyes and be like,

00:22:46   oh, of course Apple's building a visitor center.

00:22:48   But the thing is, people are going to visit Apple Park.

00:22:51   - I'm gonna go next year.

00:22:52   - Apple decided to make part of the Apple Park experience

00:22:55   that they would actually,

00:22:56   okay, people are gonna come here, what can we do?

00:22:58   and so they put it in an Apple store and a cafe

00:23:00   and who knows what else they'll do, but yeah.

00:23:03   - Yeah, like NextWWDC, I'm gonna take a trip there.

00:23:07   I really, really wanna go.

00:23:09   - I would be shocked if NextWWDC,

00:23:11   there aren't some specific events

00:23:13   to take people to Apple Park

00:23:15   because everybody at WWDC is gonna wanna see it.

00:23:17   - Yeah, exactly.

00:23:19   Like they may as well try and organize it in some way

00:23:22   to stop just a constant stream of people.

00:23:25   I think that encapsulates the whole thing is people are going to visit it so you might

00:23:30   as well just embrace it, build a visitor center.

00:23:33   So they did.

00:23:34   And it'll be, you know, and it's an Apple store too.

00:23:37   And it seems ready to go.

00:23:38   I mean, it was a fully stocked Apple store.

00:23:41   People were buying stuff from the media event, were buying stuff.

00:23:46   The new stuff was not available.

00:23:48   They do also have things that you can only buy there.

00:23:51   I mean I'd be super surprised if people were walking away with an iPad.

00:23:56   They have Apple Park t-shirts.

00:23:58   That's exactly.

00:24:00   In six colors.

00:24:02   Interesting.

00:24:03   And Apple logo t-shirts in six colors too.

00:24:08   Next up was Angela Ahrendts came on stage to talk about retail, which was a surprise.

00:24:16   I haven't had a retail update in a while.

00:24:19   No, and this really felt like it wasn't going to be the event for that because there was

00:24:23   so much stuff. But it turns out that whilst going through some stuff we already knew,

00:24:29   Angela had a bunch of new things to say about retail. And I also think that maybe this is

00:24:37   an important thing for the efforts that she's put in and also I think for the company, their

00:24:44   retail stores are so important that maybe they wanted to get this, you know, we talk

00:24:48   about this, right? This is the iPhone event is where if you, if Apple really wants to

00:24:52   tell you something, they will tell you it during this event because this is when everybody's

00:24:57   watching. So, exactly, they may have had this this segment in here. So, Angela got to go

00:25:03   on stage and talk about, you know, the Today at Apple program, which is this, this, I think

00:25:10   mostly on the weekends where they tend to do like these events stuff like that

00:25:14   which is really cool especially in some of the bigger stores where they have

00:25:17   these outside areas. She spoke about some really impressive huge projects for

00:25:26   retail that Apple are gonna be working on including like a store that has a

00:25:29   cinema in Milan and what was the library that they're buying? I missed

00:25:35   where that was but yeah it's like a disused library that they're gonna turn

00:25:38   into a new sort of a public engagement space.

00:25:42   Although this is, look, I don't think there was a lot new

00:25:45   here in the retail update.

00:25:47   This is basically stuff that they've been doing,

00:25:49   they've been working on for the last year in a large part,

00:25:52   like the town square store idea with the Genius Grove

00:25:56   and all of that, they've been working on this.

00:25:57   But the point is, it actually is a little bit like

00:26:00   what I just said about how you build a visitor center

00:26:03   'cause you know you're gonna have visitors.

00:26:04   It's like the Apple stores from the moment

00:26:07   they first were opened, like people go there and like use the Wi-Fi and use the computers

00:26:14   and things like that. They were becoming places where people would go and hang out and they

00:26:21   would get packed and people would want to be there. And so this is Apple in their largest

00:26:26   locations just leaning into that and saying, "All right, this is what we're going to do."

00:26:30   And I think that their feeling is that making the Apple Store a destination, even if there's

00:26:35   lots of things you can do there that don't require you to buy an Apple

00:26:38   product. It's all good because it all accumulates, it all accrues to the value

00:26:42   of Apple. You're going to buy stuff from Apple one way or another. They're going

00:26:45   to get you and by making the Apple store such a valuable place for

00:26:48   people to go, that's good for Apple. So yeah, it's, you know, some of

00:26:53   this stuff is, I mean, this is a lot of retail trends reflected here.

00:26:58   The idea that it's about an experience, that's definitely a trend in

00:27:02   especially upscale retail and Apple viewing their stores

00:27:07   as a destination for people to go to that the new,

00:27:10   it seems weird that the new public square,

00:27:14   the new town square would be an Apple store

00:27:16   instead of an actual town square.

00:27:19   But it's no different, I think, in a lot of ways

00:27:23   from a Starbucks being a place that people go

00:27:25   and work and meet and all of those things, right?

00:27:29   a lot of these private, you know, corporate locations that are actually, they want to

00:27:37   be part of the public geography and that's what Apple's doing here too.

00:27:42   So as per the chat room it is the Carnegie Library in DC, Washington DC, which is the

00:27:47   big library.

00:27:48   Good knowledge chat room.

00:27:49   Once again, you learn a lot more when you're not at the event.

00:27:53   Yes, yes you definitely do.

00:27:56   They mentioned that the Fifth Avenue store is being completely rebuilt it looks like

00:28:00   but they're going to make sure they retain the glass cube. There's a store in Chicago

00:28:05   opening up. They're renovating a big building in Paris and they did say and you mentioned

00:28:12   this slightly but the one the one I rolly thing is you know they don't call them stores

00:28:17   anymore they call them town squares and I understand what they're going for but you

00:28:23   know there is this part of just like okay company please just like understand

00:28:28   what what you actually are it is a store like I know it's also a meeting place

00:28:32   but it is a store yeah right no that there was a lot in I think yeah I think

00:28:40   the way that Angela Ahrendts talks is very much in line with how retail

00:28:46   executives and talk about what they're doing and about yeah the high-end retail

00:28:51   and luxury retail market. Yeah because she's from the luxury world right? Yes and so for those of

00:28:56   us not exposed to that we hear this and we're like really you know it's it's it's not a store anymore

00:29:00   it's a town square well we're what's happening in the unions union square town square in san francisco

00:29:07   it's like yeah they're they're they're it's retail stores is what it is but whatever i view that as

00:29:13   being that they're doing some classification of it like certain stores are the ones with the trees

00:29:19   and with the Today at Apple program and all of those things.

00:29:23   But, you know, anyway, it's good that retail got a little time

00:29:27   because it's a huge part of Apple strategy,

00:29:29   it's a huge part of Apple's employee base,

00:29:32   and it generates a huge amount of money for Apple.

00:29:35   It is how Apple reaches people in their everyday lives,

00:29:39   in their, you know, where they live,

00:29:42   even though there isn't a lot of news here.

00:29:44   And it's sort of beside the point.

00:29:46   In some ways, I get why they need to do this

00:29:48   from time to time. I'm glad it's not as often as it was, but I'm glad that they do, I think

00:29:55   it's valuable for them to remind people about it.

00:29:57   All right, so we next up have the first product. So Tim Cook comes back out and has a couple

00:30:05   of numbers about the Apple Watch. Phenomenal growth with Series 2, 50% year over year.

00:30:13   I know that these things infuriate you because I mean that could have just gone from one

00:30:17   watch to two watches right like two watches yeah you know it doesn't curate me but it

00:30:22   is important to note that in the grand tradition of Jeff Bezos Tim Cook does not detail numbers

00:30:33   of Apple watch it's all in sort of relative or just positivity and we already heard this

00:30:37   number up 50% from last year is was in the financial so it's not new news it's now the

00:30:44   number one watch in the world and there is 97% customer sat which I quote is blow away.

00:30:50   I don't fully know what that means. Does that mean it blows me away? Is that what that term

00:30:56   means? That is. It's an item so full of awesomeness that when you see it you are blown away apparently.

00:31:05   Is this a phrase that people use? The first time I ever heard anybody use it was Scott

00:31:10   forestall at another Apple event and I'm not sure I've heard anybody outside of Apple use

00:31:15   it except perhaps ironically.

00:31:17   So it's an Apple term then maybe. Like maybe they all use it internally right? Like so

00:31:22   it's just one of those things that gets out into the world. Yeah it's blow away at 97%

00:31:29   customer satisfaction. They then they roll a video of people using the Apple watch and

00:31:35   The conceit of the video is these are customers that have written in, they've written letters,

00:31:42   written emails, and then Apple was gone and filmed them and they're reading the letters

00:31:47   and they're people that are talking about the ways that the Apple Watch has helped save

00:31:51   their lives and it's either through fitness or sickness or some kind of emergency situation

00:31:56   or something like that.

00:31:59   And there was a surprise to me in this video because good friend of the show and listener,

00:32:07   Kyle Seth Gray, was in this video.

00:32:13   I thought it looked like him and then I thought nah, it can't be.

00:32:19   Now Kyle has, over the last couple of years, he's really gotten into fitness and he's

00:32:29   a big, big Apple Watch user and this, I assume he wrote a letter and they picked him for

00:32:37   this. Yeah, it was unbelievable. I'm actually going to, I'm going to link to Carl's website

00:32:44   because there's some cool stuff on here about the types of things that he gets into and

00:32:51   you can see all the fitness stuff and I think he may have actually published the letter

00:32:56   that he sent to them because there's a post there called "Dear Apple" so you can go and

00:33:01   check that out but I was my my brain nearly blew up because I saw his face and I was like

00:33:08   hang on wait what and then then I didn't really pay too much attention to the rest of the

00:33:13   video but it did look really good because I was too busy freaking out and tweeting at

00:33:17   Kyle so great video even better because a friend of mine was in it so hooray super strange

00:33:25   like but kinda wonderful. Yeah I was really pleased to see that because he is a crazy

00:33:30   fitness person now and that has been rewarded I guess by being in an Apple video. So there

00:33:37   you go. Jeff runs down, Jeff Williams runs down the WatchOS 4 features. WatchOS 4 is

00:33:44   going to be available September 19th. I don't really know a lot about WatchOS 4 really because

00:33:49   I haven't tested it. I don't put watch betas on devices. I just don't. In the same way

00:33:57   that I tend not to put betas on my iPhone. I don't have 11 on my iPhone. I have it on

00:34:02   my iPads. And that works out fine for me. But yeah, so I will be upgrading to watch

00:34:09   OS 4 when that comes out next week. But something which is surprising, I can't recall Apple

00:34:18   doing this with a device in this way before. They're adding more features to watchOS 4

00:34:24   that I don't think have been in the betas and it's all about heart rate stuff. So

00:34:29   they're adding a heart rate app which is giving you more kind of detailed information

00:34:35   about your heart rate over the day and how it changes. And the Apple Watch can now notify

00:34:41   you if it detects an elevated heart rate at a time when it believes there shouldn't

00:34:46   be one.

00:34:47   motivates you? Is it notivate? Notivate, yes, this is a new word that we are pioneering

00:34:54   on the upgrade podcast. Summer of... no it's not. It's the autumn of naming. It's not really,

00:35:00   no, we're not going to do that. But yeah, so if the Apple Watch detects that your heart

00:35:05   is racing and it shouldn't be, you know, based upon the other information it's collecting about

00:35:10   you, it will say "hey, something's going on." So I gotta dig down more on this because I'm

00:35:15   really interested in this. One of my complaints, I was just talking to my

00:35:19   friend Scott McNulty about this yesterday, we were talking about the

00:35:22   Apple Watch, and one of our frustrations with the Apple Watch as a fitness device

00:35:26   which it should be better at is it doesn't seem to pay attention to you and

00:35:31   realize things about what you're doing. And so when they talk about how

00:35:36   it's going to be sampling your heart rate and then noticing if your heart rate is

00:35:42   is altered.

00:35:43   I thought to myself, is it sampling my heart rate now

00:35:46   or is this a watchOS 4 feature where they're now going

00:35:49   to turn on the sensor every so often and keep track?

00:35:52   Because my complaint is always, if I go for a run

00:35:56   or a hike or something and I forget to set the fitness app,

00:36:00   it should know that, right?

00:36:02   The inverse of like your heart rate is elevated

00:36:05   and you seem to be inactive, so maybe you have a problem,

00:36:09   would be, oh, your heart rate is raised

00:36:11   and you are active, maybe you're doing a workout

00:36:15   and have it like capture that data or buzz you and say,

00:36:18   you seem to be doing a workout,

00:36:19   would you like me to capture this?

00:36:21   And that's one of my, that's like my number one complaint

00:36:23   about the fitness features of the watch

00:36:25   is that it doesn't seem to be paying attention to me.

00:36:26   I have to tell it.

00:36:28   So I look at this heart related stuff and I think,

00:36:30   oh, well, this is a good sign because this suggests

00:36:33   that Apple is turning on that sensor and paying attention.

00:36:37   And that's really good.

00:36:40   - Yeah, I think it does an element of that already,

00:36:43   because you can kind of,

00:36:45   you can get points for your exercise

00:36:48   throughout the day, right? - I don't know, Myke.

00:36:50   I will tell you that the difference between me saying

00:36:53   I'm going for a run and the credit I get

00:36:57   versus just running without saying it is night and day.

00:37:00   - Of course, it's gonna be way more granular,

00:37:02   and I don't think the Apple Watch

00:37:05   is gonna start tracking us for the, no, but I don't--

00:37:08   - That's stupid.

00:37:09   If I start running and the Apple Watch realizes I'm moving

00:37:12   and my heart rate is elevated, it should say,

00:37:14   "I think you're running," and start capturing or ask me.

00:37:18   - But I'm not arguing that point.

00:37:20   I'm just saying that I know that it's not gonna be detecting

00:37:25   at that rate because it would destroy the battery,

00:37:27   but it maybe will check more and/or do things with it.

00:37:31   - But that's the point is if it's detecting,

00:37:34   if it's sampling every minute, and it said something,

00:37:36   it was showing like a chart over 10 minutes

00:37:38   or something with multiple dots.

00:37:40   So if it's sampling your heart rate every minute or two,

00:37:43   then in addition to being able to see,

00:37:46   oh, you may have a heart problem,

00:37:49   it should also be capable of saying,

00:37:51   oh, I think you're exercising,

00:37:52   maybe I'll flip into capturing this

00:37:55   or I'll ask you to capture this.

00:37:57   That was always the question.

00:37:58   - I agree, it would be great, right?

00:37:59   Like it'd be great if it did that.

00:38:01   - Yeah, so I think it's good

00:38:02   that they announced these features

00:38:04   because this is stuff that is,

00:38:08   in the long run, these devices need to do,

00:38:09   which is monitoring you not just when you tell it,

00:38:11   but just sort of monitoring you and saying,

00:38:13   I think there's a problem.

00:38:14   And that's good.

00:38:15   - They're also going to be doing another one

00:38:18   of these health studies.

00:38:19   They've done these over time.

00:38:21   I think I did the one with diabetes.

00:38:23   They've done a bunch since the,

00:38:26   since health care actually was introduced.

00:38:28   They've done some with the iPhone

00:38:30   and some with the Apple Watch.

00:38:31   This is a heart study

00:38:33   where Apple is trying to get better at detecting heart arrhythmias. So weird patterns in your

00:38:39   heartbeats. They believe, Apple believes in the testing that they've done that they are

00:38:43   able to accurately track some of this stuff and recognize it. So they are going to be

00:38:48   starting an opt-in study to see just how good this data can be. And I guess a lot of this

00:38:54   stuff is to see if they're able to roll it out on a wider scale to actually give us that

00:39:00   information but really the only way you can do something like this is by

00:39:03   actually getting people to give you access to their data right like that's

00:39:07   how you find out if it is possible. That's how medical studies work. Exactly.

00:39:11   So this is yeah yeah I saw a tweet go by while I while I was at the keynote that

00:39:15   was somebody asking I want saying I wonder how many MDs are employed by

00:39:20   Apple. I don't know but I would they obviously have a lot of relationships

00:39:26   with medical professionals because that's this is in part a medical related device and

00:39:33   you can see it with stuff like this.

00:39:35   You know like I think like every human being every now and then I may get some kind of

00:39:40   weird feeling you know or like a weird pain and I'm like what is that and I would love

00:39:45   if I if my Apple watch could start being like don't worry buddy or go to the hospital.

00:39:51   Or call your doctor.

00:39:52   You know what I mean? I think that in the future, having that kind of data could be very, very

00:39:58   interesting. But at the same time, I would want it to be with a company that I trust.

00:40:05   Because I don't want them to, without my knowledge, be selling that data to an insurance company.

00:40:12   I know that there was some news recently about Apple maybe partnering with an insurance agency,

00:40:19   see but it's like on this totally opted thing blah blah blah blah blah but like

00:40:22   yeah you get my point I don't want that information to be shared with people

00:40:25   that I don't want it to be shared with but it would be kind of cool if they

00:40:28   could tell me like oh we think that there's something wrong with you like

00:40:31   you should get that checked out so yeah I'm looking forward to it but there was

00:40:35   a new Apple watch of course as we predicted and we're gonna talk about

00:40:40   that just after we take a moment to thank our friends at Encapsula for

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00:42:21   their continued support of upgrade and relay FM. Apple watch series 3, um, 3, so Leela connectivity

00:42:30   is built right in and as Jeff Williams said, this has been our vision from the beginning,

00:42:34   which makes perfect sense, right? Like these devices are great, they're great when they're

00:42:38   paired to your phone, but really all it's doing is adding another device, right? Like you're just

00:42:43   adding another thing. Ideally these devices should be independent of each other as well as they are

00:42:48   connected and that's kind of what the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE with cellular is promising.

00:42:56   As we've spoken about on the show a bunch,

00:42:58   you're going to have the same number as your iPhone,

00:43:01   so it will call when needed,

00:43:04   and people will be able to call you on their phone,

00:43:06   the phone number that they have for you, or send text messages,

00:43:08   and it will come through to your Apple Watch

00:43:10   even if your phone is nowhere near.

00:43:12   And sometime next month,

00:43:14   Apple Music streaming will be available on the Apple Watch as well,

00:43:18   which is a really, really big deal.

00:43:20   Yeah, I have two notes about this.

00:43:23   One is, obviously you're gonna have to work

00:43:26   with your carrier and there's gonna be a fee

00:43:27   to add a device to your account.

00:43:29   Like on my AT&T account, it's $10 a month

00:43:32   to add my iPad to the pool.

00:43:34   I imagine it'll be something like that.

00:43:35   There'll be a fee that you pay

00:43:37   that adds your Apple Watch to your account.

00:43:40   And then, and that also limits the rollout.

00:43:42   It's rolling out in nine countries by the end of the year,

00:43:44   but obviously the cellular version requires carrier support.

00:43:48   And that means that they won't be able

00:43:50   to just sort of drop it in everywhere in the world.

00:43:53   So there is a series three version without the cellular

00:43:56   that's also gonna be available.

00:43:57   So you can take your pick,

00:43:59   but it will be a longer rollout for countries

00:44:01   because as a cellular device, just as with the iPhone,

00:44:04   they've gotta do some company partnerships.

00:44:07   The other thing I wanna mention,

00:44:08   because it happens every time this comes up

00:44:10   and it happened again today,

00:44:11   is whenever we talk about cellular Apple Watch,

00:44:15   I hear people who say, "This is stupid."

00:44:19   And when I say it's convenient,

00:44:20   and when I probe them about it,

00:44:23   when I say, "Why do you say this is stupid?"

00:44:25   They say, "Well, I don't want it."

00:44:27   It's like, well, first off, that is an awful

00:44:29   lack of perspective that you've got there,

00:44:34   that just because you don't want it in your personal life,

00:44:38   or at least you don't think you want it

00:44:39   in your personal life, it's therefore stupid.

00:44:41   And why would anybody else want it is the implication there,

00:44:44   which is, I can tell you, people want it because I want it.

00:44:47   And then the other thing I get is I get the,

00:44:51   "Oh, well, sometimes I just want to be free and not connect to anyone if I leave my phone behind, but then they can reach me on my watch."

00:44:58   It's like, you have a bigger problem.

00:45:00   You don't have to do that. Leave your watch behind, or don't get the cellular watch, or turn off cellular when you're there.

00:45:06   There are lots of other options.

00:45:08   To draw the line there, it's like, "Oh, I can carry my phone with me everywhere and people can reach me, but my watch.

00:45:12   What have we become?" Right? And it's like, come on. What I think of is, and this is just one example,

00:45:18   I can think of a lot of them, is

00:45:21   I, everywhere I go, my watch, or my phone comes with me.

00:45:25   It's obligatory, because what if I need to call someone?

00:45:29   What if my kids need something?

00:45:30   What if my wife needs something?

00:45:32   I bring my phone with me everywhere I go.

00:45:35   And when I think about a cellular Apple Watch,

00:45:37   what I think is, there are gonna be times

00:45:40   when I don't need all of the apps

00:45:42   and all the power of my iPhone.

00:45:44   The only thing I need is to be reachable

00:45:47   in case of a problem.

00:45:49   And right now that means the iPhone comes everywhere with me.

00:45:53   With a cellular Apple watch,

00:45:54   it means I can leave the iPhone behind if I want to,

00:45:56   if the only reason I'm bringing it is to be reachable.

00:46:00   And it's a big phone in my pocket.

00:46:04   And when I'm running, especially, I hate it

00:46:05   because the iPhone is kind of bouncing around in my pocket

00:46:09   and I don't wanna buy one of those straps

00:46:11   that goes on my arm in order to keep it attached to me.

00:46:14   So look, it's not for everybody.

00:46:16   It's extra money, but I will say this.

00:46:19   I think it's interesting that we are now so far down the road

00:46:24   with these kind of satellite devices

00:46:26   that the phone, which was the thing we always brought with us

00:46:30   because it had our entire lives on it,

00:46:33   is now going to be with this product optional

00:46:37   in certain circumstances.

00:46:38   And that's something that's going to take a little time

00:46:40   to think about, like, "Well, wait a second.

00:46:44   If I'm going to walk the dog, I don't need to bring my iPhone

00:46:46   'cause all I'm gonna do is listen to music.

00:46:49   Now, if you wanna listen to a podcast, good luck.

00:46:52   But if you wanna listen to music, that's perfect.

00:46:56   So I don't know, I think it's not for everybody,

00:47:00   but I think it will make the product better over time.

00:47:04   I think watchOS has a lot of work to do

00:47:06   to become more independent of the iPhone.

00:47:08   I feel like because it started so closely tethered

00:47:13   to the iPhone, it's a work in progress.

00:47:16   I feel my hope is at least that watchOS 5 pushes even further in this direction.

00:47:22   It's been true the watch has been able to operate independently on Wi-Fi since

00:47:26   watchOS 3, but still when you talk to developers, you know, it's still not all

00:47:32   together. It's like it's got a lot of limitations and it and it needs to be

00:47:38   better. But at least there's this promise of always being connected that you can

00:47:44   have with this device and that could potentially make the apps that much better.

00:47:50   So it's going to be launching with limited carriers and Jeff said there are introductory

00:47:55   offers whatever that means.

00:47:58   My carrier in the UK EE is the only supported carrier in the UK.

00:48:04   They are only supporting LTE though so if there's no LTE there's no connection.

00:48:10   carriers are doing LTE and 3G but we're LTE only. Oh so it's a it's a not a

00:48:16   hardware limitation it's a it's a carrier limitation interesting. It's a

00:48:21   carrier limitation yeah and I was really interested about this that this about

00:48:26   what Apple was gonna do here like what was the sim gonna be I think they that

00:48:30   this is not an Apple sim or if it is an Apple sim they're not calling it that

00:48:34   they called it an electronic sim and I think the reason for this is because

00:48:40   I think this is going to be locked to your carrier.

00:48:43   Not like with the Apple sim where you can jump

00:48:45   backwards and forwards and go in and out

00:48:47   whenever you need it. - Interesting.

00:48:48   - I reckon this is going to be a,

00:48:50   you pay this amount every single month

00:48:52   to your network for this, right?

00:48:55   This is how I imagine this is going to end up working.

00:48:57   The display is the antenna, which is cool.

00:49:02   I don't know what the red, everyone was expecting

00:49:04   when the leaks came out, there were many leaks,

00:49:07   there were some images of the red digital crown, right?

00:49:11   This just looks like to be an Apple Watch Series 3 thing.

00:49:14   I thought that that was like a little bit of plastic

00:49:16   for the antenna, but no, it's a screen.

00:49:19   - No, it's basically to tell you that it's a,

00:49:22   I have a cellular watch and you don't.

00:49:24   - 'Cause does the wifi, the wifi one doesn't have the red?

00:49:28   - I don't think so.

00:49:29   - I'm gonna take a look, I'm gonna take a look.

00:49:31   I thought that it did.

00:49:33   So I'm going to the page right now.

00:49:35   - So red literally just means three?

00:49:38   - I think it might do.

00:49:39   I'm going through the pricing information right now.

00:49:43   No, it means cellular, you're right, you're right.

00:49:47   - It means cellular.

00:49:49   - Which is interesting, I mean, okay.

00:49:52   - I think it's, $3.99, I am surprised.

00:49:56   I would have actually guessed the rare Apple product

00:49:58   I probably would have guessed higher for.

00:50:00   - Yeah, I mean, it's not gonna be $3.99 for you,

00:50:02   I don't think.

00:50:05   $399 and it's a $70 premium over the non-cellular which is $329 and then they lower the price

00:50:10   of the series 1, series 2, RIP, series 1 continues. Of course technically series 1 and series

00:50:16   2 are the same age. Because the series 0 that came before.

00:50:20   Do you wear a 42 or a 38mm?

00:50:23   Oh well that's true, I wear the 42.

00:50:26   So for me and you it's more...

00:50:30   a good, but as a from from $3.99 is pretty good, $4.29 yeah for you and me. That's less

00:50:38   good but for cellular I, my gut feeling was that it was going to be way higher than that

00:50:43   so that's not bad. Yeah I'm a little bit disappointed that they're still selling the series one

00:50:49   I think that's a strange thing to do. I'm not, I feel like the series difference between

00:50:55   the series one and the series two was so specific. It was waterproofing right? Yeah and the

00:51:01   waterproofing and GPS. Yeah and I think the idea there is just get it as low a price as

00:51:06   possible that is the goal is just get it as low as possible. And under 250 is great. Yep.

00:51:14   18 hour battery life there is gold, silver and space grey aluminium. There are new sport

00:51:23   loop bands which are really cool. So you'd be excited about it. Yeah it's

00:51:27   then the nylon bands that I love but with magnets in them like the Milanese

00:51:30   loop and there are new colors across the board new Hermes products and the white

00:51:36   ceramic has been joined by a gray ceramic so there's now two ceramic

00:51:41   watches in the edition line now. Well I'll point out to you too that the word

00:51:46   edition was not uttered on stage. It was not it was not but it is still on the

00:51:52   product pages. Yeah, it's still called that but they are leaning away from that.

00:51:58   Because the gold one was an embarrassment I think. I think everybody knows that now,

00:52:04   which is you know maybe one of the reasons that they would probably never use that name

00:52:08   for any other product. The case is the same size but the back crystal, so the little sensors

00:52:16   on the back is 0.25 millimeters thicker which is apparently as thin as two pieces of paper.

00:52:23   So it's still thicker right like it's exactly the same size except for the back right like

00:52:28   which is kind of the way that they explain just dig into your skin a little bit further

00:52:33   than before. Yeah but still it's impressive that they that they plugged all of this new

00:52:38   tech in there and it didn't because remember between series one and series two they answer

00:52:43   is zero in series 2. They had to expand. It's thicker. Not a lot, but it's a little bit

00:52:48   thicker. And I had that moment while they were talking about this where I was like,

00:52:51   "Oh no, is the Apple Watch going the other direction? Is every future Apple Watch going

00:52:54   to be just that much thicker than that which came before it?" And the answer is, "Kinda."

00:53:00   And also, it depends on your definition of thicker, right? If you're thinking, "How

00:53:06   far away is it from my skin?" Well, the answer is, "Further." Right? Like, it's

00:53:11   still bigger. It's just like, "Oh, only the watches are millimetre thicker." It's

00:53:17   still thicker, right? But like, okay, you can do whatever you need to do to argue your

00:53:23   point, it's fine. There is a new dual-core processor, which boggles my mind. I cannot

00:53:30   believe the Apple Watch is already a dual-core processor. It's wild. 70% higher performance,

00:53:37   which has now enabled the ability for Siri to talk to you, which is great. I'd never

00:53:43   thought that before.

00:53:44   That was a big missing feature on the Apple Watch.

00:53:47   So I'm wondering how that's going to work out. I'm looking forward to playing with that.

00:53:53   There is a new W2 chip inside which has 85% faster Wi-Fi speed and 50% more power efficient.

00:54:01   And they did a phone call demo with a lady called Deidre paddleboarding on a lake, which

00:54:06   was awesome. And then Jeff Williams did this great thing where he was like, "I'm gonna

00:54:11   go rogue for a minute." And it was really nice what he said about like, you know, we

00:54:15   can sometimes get lost in this stuff, but that was almost like magic. It was a really

00:54:18   cool little thing that he said. I enjoyed that.

00:54:20   Yeah, she was like on a paddleboard at Lake Tahoe or something.

00:54:23   I know. Unbelievable. Like, she was so funny as well. She's like, "I'm really nervous

00:54:29   about falling off this thing."

00:54:30   Just trying not to fall.

00:54:32   Unbelievable. 18 hour battery life, pre-orders on September 15th, shipping September 22nd.

00:54:40   I'm gonna get one of these. I didn't really want to update to the Series 2 but I had a

00:54:48   series of issues that meant that I needed to get a new Apple Watch and there was nothing

00:54:53   else available and I was travelling the next day so I have a Series 2, I've had one for

00:54:56   for a while, but this is a really worthwhile upgrade.

00:55:01   70% faster performance and the ability to make phone calls

00:55:08   and leave it completely untethered,

00:55:11   this really feels like Apple Watch version one.

00:55:16   This feels like this is what we would have wanted

00:55:18   the product to be from day one.

00:55:20   - The product they originally envisioned, yeah.

00:55:23   I think to a certain degree that's true.

00:55:24   - It does really feel like that.

00:55:26   this is what you would want this little wrist computer to do.

00:55:30   - And I mean, seriously, if you're a runner

00:55:33   and an Apple Music subscriber,

00:55:34   the idea that you can pop in AirPods

00:55:38   and play your playlist and just leave

00:55:42   and the music will just keep streaming

00:55:44   and you'll keep going is, that is, again,

00:55:48   not everybody's use case, but that's pretty cool.

00:55:52   That's pretty compelling.

00:55:54   - Yeah, I mean, like, can it get better?

00:55:56   Like, you know, if this is the type of thing that you do,

00:55:58   can it get better than that?

00:55:59   Like, I don't, you know what I mean?

00:56:00   Like, it seems very, very, very impressive.

00:56:03   - Yeah, the answer is thinner, longer battery life,

00:56:06   more power, better operating system.

00:56:08   There are lots of improvements the Apple Watch can make.

00:56:11   - Oh no, I don't mean the product.

00:56:13   - Oh, I just meant to say,

00:56:14   there are lots of improvements they can make,

00:56:16   but it's, all the pieces feel like they're there now.

00:56:20   - This feels like a good, like,

00:56:22   now you can start making it thinner

00:56:24   and stuff like that, right?

00:56:25   because you've got everything it needs.

00:56:27   - Yes, at this point I think they have no excuses.

00:56:30   This is the fattest that the Apple Watch

00:56:33   should ever get, right?

00:56:35   - Yep, yep.

00:56:36   Oh, and really--

00:56:37   - Hey, remember all those rumors

00:56:38   about how the Apple Watch was gonna add a camera

00:56:40   so that you could do FaceTime up your nose?

00:56:42   That didn't happen.

00:56:43   - I believe that they were gonna do that

00:56:44   and then just canned it because it's dumb.

00:56:47   - Yeah. (laughs)

00:56:48   - But I guess putting LTE in it

00:56:50   means that it's more likely for that to happen now

00:56:52   than it was before, right?

00:56:53   because in theory you could have calls when you're away,

00:56:55   but like I don't want that.

00:56:57   I really want a design refresh to the Apple Watch

00:57:00   and that's what I hope for four.

00:57:02   I think that should be the focus for series four,

00:57:06   but we'll see.

00:57:06   I mean, because every Apple Watch is amazing

00:57:09   and then you get it and you see all the things

00:57:10   that are wrong with it, right?

00:57:11   So I'm keen, I'm keen, this is going on my list.

00:57:16   I assume you're buying one, I'm gonna get one too.

00:57:19   So yeah, this is--

00:57:20   I will probably get one of these.

00:57:25   Apple TV next. Tim Cook did the product introduction. I've noticed this isn't a new thing, but this

00:57:33   tends to be the way this is done now. Tim Cook makes the initial introduction for every

00:57:37   product and then introduces somebody to talk about it in more detail.

00:57:42   It's the CEO's prerogative. Tim gets the first blows, right? He gets to be like, "All right,

00:57:48   boom."

00:57:49   - He's the first and last word on all the products.

00:57:51   - Yeah, exactly right.

00:57:52   - I mean, 'cause if I remember,

00:57:53   he tried his hand at introducing products in full

00:57:56   and he's, it's not Tim's strong suit,

00:57:58   he's better tactically deployed

00:58:01   and then have somebody else come out

00:58:03   and do the meat of the presentation.

00:58:05   I think that that works a lot better.

00:58:07   So, throughout the history of TV,

00:58:10   there have been a few inflection points.

00:58:12   He talks about color, he talks about HD,

00:58:16   and now we're at the next one, 4K.

00:58:18   The product is called the Apple TV 4K and it features two key technologies, both 4K

00:58:25   and HDR.

00:58:27   Apple tried their best to do demos of this on a presentation where nobody could see it,

00:58:33   which is funny.

00:58:34   I believe they had a 4K projector.

00:58:36   I don't know how good a job that would have done in the room at showing a difference,

00:58:40   but all I know at home is they just made the colors different.

00:58:43   I mean, you didn't actually show me a HDR image because the Apple TV can't output that.

00:58:48   - Yeah. - It was a funny way.

00:58:50   - It was different.

00:58:51   It was different.

00:58:52   It's in that weird way where you look at an image one way

00:58:55   and then you see it in a different way

00:58:57   and you realize your eyes have kind of calibrated

00:59:00   for the first image.

00:59:01   So it looks like the colors are weird and all of that.

00:59:04   I'm not sure that that demo really worked for me,

00:59:06   but I get it.

00:59:08   I know what HDR is and how it's probably more beneficial

00:59:12   than the extra pixels of 4K.

00:59:15   And you put them both together

00:59:16   and they're supporting HDR10 and Dolby Vision here.

00:59:19   And this is a big deal if you've got a big TV,

00:59:23   or you're going to buy a big, beautiful 4K HDR TV.

00:59:27   And to see the difference between 1080 and 2160

00:59:32   lines of resolution from 1080 HD to 4K,

00:59:36   you need to either be very close to your TV,

00:59:39   or it needs to be a very, very large TV.

00:59:42   HDR, a little bit different.

00:59:43   But so, you know, this is a high end ish kind of thing,

00:59:47   but it's a big deal.

00:59:48   And I think there's a lot of good stuff in here.

00:59:50   It's Apple's competitors were playing in this space.

00:59:54   And this is a very Apple kind of space.

00:59:56   Apple's customers are much more likely to be the kind

00:59:58   of people who have big expensive, beautiful TVs.

01:00:01   And so Apple wants to be there for them.

01:00:03   - So I sit in the middle of those two things

01:00:06   that you proposed.

01:00:08   I have a 42 inch TV, which is a big TV,

01:00:11   but not a very, very, very big TV.

01:00:13   and we're not super close,

01:00:14   but we're not far away at all from the TV.

01:00:16   Right, like we are in the other sweet spot,

01:00:18   which is we have a relatively big TV

01:00:20   and we're relatively close.

01:00:22   - Yeah.

01:00:23   - So I benefit whenever we watch things in 4K

01:00:25   because our TV has apps built into it,

01:00:28   which can show things in 4K and I love it.

01:00:30   But basically, you know, as you've said,

01:00:33   as many people said, the money is in HDR, right?

01:00:35   Like that is a bigger, at least for me, I find,

01:00:39   much bigger leap. The color is really unbelievable. And I was going to buy this Apple TV as long

01:00:48   as they did one thing and they'd done that thing which is to remaster the screensavers

01:00:53   into 4K HDR. I love the Apple TV screensavers. We very frequently just have them on in the

01:00:59   house and I just sit and look at them. I just watch them. And me and Adina, we talk about

01:01:04   them. Like every now and then I feel like, "Oh, have I seen this one before?" Or like,

01:01:07   "Oh, did you see that?"

01:01:08   'Cause there's so many of them now

01:01:10   that they cycle through and that kind of stuff.

01:01:14   And I'm super excited to see them in 4K HDR

01:01:17   because I bet they look unbelievable

01:01:20   because they look unbelievable already in just regular HD.

01:01:23   So I'm really excited for that.

01:01:25   Obviously the UI is in 4K now as well.

01:01:28   The Apple TV 4K features an A10X Fusion chip,

01:01:32   which is the chip which is inside of the iPad Pros.

01:01:36   This is twice as fast and four times better graphics

01:01:38   than the current Apple TV.

01:01:40   They are working with Hollywood studios,

01:01:42   all the big Hollywood studios to bring movies in 4K HDR.

01:01:46   They showed Spider-Man Homecoming

01:01:49   as a movie that they're gonna have very soon.

01:01:51   - Yep, look great.

01:01:53   - Great, I wouldn't know, just look like a nice HD.

01:01:57   - I've seen a minute of Spider-Man Homecoming in 4K

01:02:00   in the Steve Jobs Theater now, yay.

01:02:01   - Yay. - I guess.

01:02:02   - That's an intersection of a bunch

01:02:04   Jason stuff right there. It is. And these movies, this is kind of unbelievable, same

01:02:09   price, automatic upgrades for old movies that you've bought that go on to the store with

01:02:14   4K HDR. I was so impressed and happy with that because there have been, I've been reading

01:02:19   stories that have talked about Apple's negotiations and they were saying, and it's not everybody

01:02:24   who's involved, they listed, they listed what studios were there and there were some that

01:02:30   we're not there like Disney, but you know, they,

01:02:35   the idea that if you've bought it in HD, you own it in 4K,

01:02:39   they're not gonna differentiate.

01:02:40   I think Apple wants that flow to be,

01:02:43   I think Apple wants to get away from the,

01:02:45   what quality level did you buy this video in, right?

01:02:47   I think it's a much better experience if you just buy it

01:02:50   and it scales to whatever quality level your device can take

01:02:55   and your internet connection can take.

01:03:00   And so having like, oh, well, I bought it in SD.

01:03:02   Can I buy it in HD?

01:03:03   Do I have to upgrade it?

01:03:05   Now I need a 4K.

01:03:06   And so for them to just say, look,

01:03:08   4K movies are the same as HD.

01:03:10   We're gonna upgrade your HD movies to 4K, HDR.

01:03:13   It's just, it's done.

01:03:15   Like, don't worry about it.

01:03:16   There's just the cost of renting a movie.

01:03:18   And that's great because it's still stupid

01:03:21   that they price SD and HD differently now.

01:03:24   They should just give up and just say, here's the price.

01:03:27   and you'll get it in whatever format you can take.

01:03:30   - They also announced some partners

01:03:32   that are gonna have this content, Netflix and Amazon,

01:03:35   which is now later this year.

01:03:38   - Later this year.

01:03:39   - It was supposed to be done by now.

01:03:42   It was summer, right?

01:03:43   Summer was the timeframe.

01:03:46   - I don't think that was right.

01:03:47   I think they were more vague than that,

01:03:49   but it's clearly not gonna be summer now.

01:03:51   - I think Apple would've loved it to be

01:03:54   with this Apple TV though, right?

01:03:56   Like I think that would have been real good, but no.

01:03:59   The TV app is rolling out to more countries this year,

01:04:03   including mine.

01:04:04   They showed a slide where they were like,

01:04:07   oh, we need the content people want.

01:04:09   There was one channel from the United Kingdom on that list.

01:04:12   So can't wait for that.

01:04:14   - Welcome to the TV app,

01:04:16   'cause that's what it's like in the US.

01:04:17   There are channels and apps that say we love it.

01:04:20   And then there are ones that say,

01:04:21   nope, we're not interested in playing your game.

01:04:24   And, yeah, that's just -- that's where we are.

01:04:28   Same with the single sign-on stuff,

01:04:29   where there's TV providers that have it

01:04:31   and TV providers that don't.

01:04:32   So it's a real work in progress.

01:04:35   The TV app is very much like Apple's vision

01:04:39   of how nice things could be if we could all just get along,

01:04:43   but we do not yet have the ability to get along,

01:04:46   apparently.

01:04:47   So now the rest of the world gets to discover that.

01:04:49   Yay!

01:04:51   That is rubbish.

01:04:54   live sports looks like there are a bunch of live sports things. I didn't really understand

01:04:59   this Jason is this good stuff like I don't really have a way of being able to gauge this

01:05:04   type of thing. Yeah you don't have an opinion about sports well what I'll say is it all

01:05:10   comes down to what the just as with all the other content what the apps that are being

01:05:14   provided provide to you. It would be nice if you had ESPN and you had the NBC Sports

01:05:25   app and you had the Fox Sports app and whatever other sports apps you had, if they all did

01:05:33   this then you could have that moment of, any MLB app, you have that moment of "oh look

01:05:40   what's on it's all unified in one place isn't that nice" but it comes down to all of those

01:05:44   content providers providing that information in a way that works with the

01:05:48   TV app and it's right now it's all really spotty so it's a it's a nice idea

01:05:54   especially when you know if you it's them trying to save for cord cutters

01:06:00   basically this is the TV app is like you should live in the TV app it's got all

01:06:05   your stuff there and that should include live sports and live news as well but

01:06:09   But they're still limited in terms of what content providers they're working with.

01:06:17   And so it's a nice idea.

01:06:21   They had a game demo from That Game Company, which is the company behind Journey.

01:06:26   I was so excited.

01:06:29   I love Journey.

01:06:32   And so when they said that Jenova Chen from That Game Company was going on stage, I was

01:06:37   like, "Oh my God."

01:06:38   its and its sky which is kind of like minor spoiler for journey on the last

01:06:45   level of journey one of the things you do is fly around a little bit and it's a

01:06:49   little bit like that because people fly around and then there's totally like

01:06:52   lots of gameplay cues lots of familiar things that feel like things right out of

01:06:57   journey that and and it's coming this winter for iPhone and Apple TV so I

01:07:03   guess it's a platform exclusive at least for a little while I don't know I was

01:07:07   really excited to see that because that's actually a developer whose stuff

01:07:10   I like and I like Journey a lot and so I think it's kind of cool that

01:07:15   they got them out on stage to make this big announcement in an Apple event.

01:07:19   Yeah it was Mario last time. Yeah exactly. And now it's that game company this time

01:07:25   who they are in the gaming world they're very well respected this is to land

01:07:30   their game because I assume that there is some level of platform exclusivity

01:07:35   this is a big deal. This is a big deal because Microsoft and Sony would have been in that line

01:07:41   to get that game. Sure, and instead it's Apple, although you know he was like "oh and it's so

01:07:48   easy to control that you can use the Siri remote" and I'm like "hmm" yeah nothing changed with the

01:07:53   Siri remote except the menu button has a ring around it which looks like it's kind of raised

01:07:58   which I guess that is how you orient it. I mean that's not the worst thing in the world but it's

01:08:03   - Not enough, I mean, so for example,

01:08:06   we're watching The Office right now,

01:08:08   and we're watching it on the Apple TV,

01:08:12   'cause it turns out The Office isn't available

01:08:14   for streaming anywhere in the UK,

01:08:17   so we're buying seasons on iTunes again.

01:08:19   I say again, I have some seasons.

01:08:23   Some seasons fell off the back of a truck

01:08:25   when I was a younger man, but now I have the ability,

01:08:28   the means to buy these things, so I do.

01:08:31   And so we've been watching through it again.

01:08:34   And so I'll set up an episode, I'll put the remote down,

01:08:37   and then I'll move and then pause the episode

01:08:40   or click it and then you go back 30 seconds.

01:08:43   Just that remote, I feel like it needs to be suspended

01:08:47   in animation above me so nothing can possibly ever touch it

01:08:51   because if anything touches it in any way,

01:08:53   even just glances against it, something happens.

01:08:57   It's still a problem, that remote,

01:08:58   in a way that my other remote controls aren't.

01:09:01   Maybe because they're not so slight, right?

01:09:03   Like, you know, if you sit on any remote,

01:09:06   you'll press a button, but this one,

01:09:08   because it's so thin, it's like easier to move again.

01:09:11   Like it's just not, you know, it isn't a good remote.

01:09:14   And it's a shame.

01:09:15   And I know my iOS devices can do this,

01:09:18   but like I want to be able to reuse the remote.

01:09:21   But whatever, like it's, you know,

01:09:24   I don't get really mad about it, you know,

01:09:26   like I know that many of our friends do.

01:09:29   but it's frustrating but I'll live with it, you know, whatever.

01:09:33   Apple TV 4K starts at $179. What do you think about that?

01:09:39   Again, why are there two sizes? I mean, like, seriously, we're still doing this?

01:09:45   I don't know and I'm disappointed. I was hoping this would be $149 but I guess that goes back

01:09:52   to the classic Apple pricing argument which is find, search your feelings for the price you wish

01:09:59   it was and then add money to it because it will never be the price you wish it was. But

01:10:03   I had really hoped that this was a going to be a re-pricing thing where this became the

01:10:08   standard 149 and then they lowered the price of the other ones because...

01:10:13   Ahh...

01:10:14   Yeah, Apple TV's are expensive.

01:10:16   There is a 149 Apple TV, but it's the one that you expect it to be, which is the old

01:10:22   one. Which I'm pleased that they're still selling because it would be really annoying

01:10:26   to buy the 4K one if you don't have a 4K TV.

01:10:30   I'd be like, I know I'm paying more for this

01:10:32   than I should be, you know?

01:10:33   Like for a feature I can't even take advantage of.

01:10:37   But yeah, they have 149 for the 32 gigabyte regular,

01:10:42   and then for the 4K it's 179 for the 32 gigabytes,

01:10:45   and 199 for the 64 gigabyte model.

01:10:49   For all of the games, I guess?

01:10:52   For all of the many games?

01:10:54   I don't know, I don't know.

01:10:55   - Yeah, and I think you should be able to get in.

01:10:57   I just, I wish they would take that fourth generation

01:11:00   Apple TV and price it at 99 and just say,

01:11:02   look, we want people on the Apple TV platform.

01:11:05   At 149, given, you know, just to be clear here,

01:11:10   Amazon and Roku have 4K streaming boxes for $99.

01:11:15   So it's a big price gap between Apple for,

01:11:20   and what are the differences?

01:11:22   I mean, I appreciate that it's got this powerful processor

01:11:24   and at the 4K model, and that it's gonna be able to run apps

01:11:28   like in 4K run games and it's got iPad Pro power.

01:11:32   That's all great, but it would be nice

01:11:35   if there were some other entryways into the platform

01:11:40   because I don't think Apple is,

01:11:44   we can argue with Apple's ahead at all,

01:11:47   but they're certainly not so far ahead

01:11:49   that they can say you will pay $180 for a 4K box.

01:11:54   KBox from us or 90 from someone else. I don't think. Yeah especially when I mean

01:12:01   I know you must have seen the news about the next Amazon Fire TV may have an Echo

01:12:08   built into it. Which is like that's really interesting. Yeah I'm

01:12:13   skeptical of that but okay but sure they're trying yeah it feels a little

01:12:17   bit like everybody loves the Echo so let's stick it on everything that we

01:12:20   Yeah sure, but yes isn't that their point though? They want it everywhere right? Because

01:12:26   then the more places it is the more attempts they have to get you to do things with it.

01:12:32   But yeah it's like Apple with Siri but they don't seem to add a consistent Siri message

01:12:38   everywhere. Just one quick thing, you know because I guess this is tangentially related.

01:12:43   The HomePod wasn't mentioned in any way during this presentation. Was that your expectation?

01:12:48   Were you surprised about that?

01:12:50   What was your thought there?

01:12:52   - That was my expectation.

01:12:54   - Okay.

01:12:55   - It's already been announced.

01:12:56   It's not ready to ship.

01:12:57   Why say anything about it?

01:13:00   All the stuff that they announced,

01:13:01   you know, they didn't mention the iMac Pro either, right?

01:13:06   They already announced it and it's not ready to ship.

01:13:08   So what is there to say about it?

01:13:10   - I don't know if you were aware,

01:13:11   but Mac OS is shipping on September 25th.

01:13:16   - Yes, I was aware of that.

01:13:17   But to those out there, I actually talked to somebody

01:13:20   from Mac PR, no, because then I would have gotten six points

01:13:23   in the draft, but it was not mentioned,

01:13:25   but they did update the Mac OS High Sierra index page,

01:13:30   which means it's coming out a week after iOS 11.

01:13:32   I think that's good.

01:13:33   I mean, I think Apple should make these big splashes,

01:13:37   but also spread their rollouts out,

01:13:40   because I think that that gives them more publicity.

01:13:42   I think it's good for them.

01:13:43   I think it's good for us who talk and write about this,

01:13:46   to have a week where we talk about Mac OS High Sierra

01:13:49   and a week where we talk about iOS 11

01:13:51   and a week where we talk about the iPhone 10

01:13:54   and a week where we talk about the HomePod.

01:13:55   I feel like that's way better

01:13:57   and when they release all their products in a week,

01:14:00   what can, you know, there's a limit to what you can say

01:14:03   and stuff gets lost.

01:14:04   So having High Sierra have a little more time on its own,

01:14:08   I think is actually a good thing for High Sierra.

01:14:10   - Yeah, it's funny you should say that

01:14:11   because I was thinking the exact same thing

01:14:13   about the iPhone.

01:14:15   We have a staggered period of time to talk about the iPhone.

01:14:19   - No, I think that's absolutely true.

01:14:21   The focus is gonna be on the iPhone 8 at the start

01:14:23   and then the iPhone 10 later,

01:14:25   which I think is not bad for,

01:14:29   if I'm Apple, it's gonna be more coverage.

01:14:31   And if I'm a person who writes or talks about Apple,

01:14:34   it's more time to cover those things.

01:14:37   - Speaking about iPhone,

01:14:40   should we move on to the main event?

01:14:42   - I think it's time.

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01:15:30   And the thing that I am so impressed by now is we're building an RSVP page, right?

01:15:35   So we're going to be sending out invitations to people, and we want people to go to the

01:15:38   website and RSVP.

01:15:42   And I love how we can set up this form which plugs into Google Sheets and as people submit

01:15:49   the form it just goes into my Google Sheets and I have this lovely Google document now

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01:16:49   So we have three iPhones announced today.

01:16:54   Three! Are you getting it yet? Three iPhones!

01:16:57   Three products. These iPhones now join in maybe the biggest iPhone line currently on

01:17:08   Apple's website, there is the iPhone 10, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6s, and

01:17:15   the iPhone SE. They are all there, they're all available, you will be able to buy or

01:17:19   to learn about pre-ordering. The fact that you can still buy the 6s now makes me assume

01:17:23   you will probably still be able to buy the 6s. I find this really interesting. That's

01:17:29   a lot of iPhones.

01:17:33   - It is, the fact that they kept the six around,

01:17:37   but this is their strategy, right?

01:17:39   Is to just spread them out.

01:17:40   This is how Apple does the low end

01:17:43   is they keep the older products around

01:17:44   and cut the prices on them.

01:17:46   This has been their strategy for a while now

01:17:48   and it still is.

01:17:49   - So Tim set off by talking about looking back

01:17:55   10 years of the iPhone.

01:17:58   This is exactly how I assumed they would introduce

01:18:03   this phone. Months ago I was talking about this. Like, I...

01:18:07   Because there's been a lot of people arguing, right, over the last

01:18:11   maybe six to eight months, maybe even longer. What are Apple gonna

01:18:15   do here? Are they gonna acknowledge the ten year anniversary or

01:18:19   are Apple a company that doesn't look back? I think at this point we can

01:18:23   say Apple used to be a company that doesn't look back. Tim Cook's Apple

01:18:27   likes to look back. And I think they should! I think they should.

01:18:31   You know, I mean this even comes down to like the wallpapers in the iPhone X seem to be

01:18:38   either they got a six color rainbow on them or they're remasters of original wallpapers

01:18:43   right of the original iPhone.

01:18:46   They do look back.

01:18:47   You know the rainbow Apple logo is all over the place now right like which it wasn't for

01:18:52   a long time.

01:18:53   Like I think that they do and I think this was right because Apple changed the world

01:18:57   with this product.

01:18:59   you know, it may be that we look back on this in, or people look back on this in like a

01:19:04   hundred years time and come to the conclusion that the iPhone changed the world even more

01:19:09   than the Mac did, right? Like, this may be the biggest thing Apple ever did, was the

01:19:14   iPhone. That may be, I don't know, I don't have a sense of that right now, but this could

01:19:20   be it. And I think if you get to ten years, honour it. And they did. So, Tim kind of looks

01:19:28   back at the big features that have been added over the years hardware and software and then

01:19:33   he's like we've got some amazing stuff today and he brings out Phil and Phil rapid fire

01:19:38   goes through the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. He says all new design and I'm going to give

01:19:45   him that because there aren't really many places you can take that the way that an iPhone

01:19:53   as it has looked with the home button there aren't many places you can take it anymore

01:19:57   and I think with the glass back and all that sort of stuff this warrants a new design.

01:20:02   I think it does. What do you think? You've seen them. What do you think?

01:20:08   I don't know. I mean I don't think if you saw someone holding one of these you would

01:20:13   be like "Oh check it out that's the iPhone 8." I don't think that is the case.

01:20:18   Okay. Well I mean maybe I just think when I… it's just as much as you could do with

01:20:23   it. I think which is why they created the 10 because there isn't really much more

01:20:27   when you can do and at least going from aluminium to glass,

01:20:31   like that's a big change, right?

01:20:33   Like that is a big change.

01:20:35   Like when they run from plastic to glass,

01:20:37   like these are big changes.

01:20:38   But I don't know, maybe I'm in the minority here

01:20:41   and probably will be in the lower end.

01:20:43   And you know what, I haven't seen one either, right?

01:20:44   I'm only going on press shots.

01:20:46   You've actually seen them.

01:20:47   - I get that from Apple's perspective,

01:20:50   this is an all new design,

01:20:52   but I think that it looks so much like the previous ones

01:20:54   for the people who are not particularly attentive,

01:20:57   that I'm not sure that it will have

01:20:59   that kind of effect on people.

01:21:01   - Okay, I'm willing to accept that,

01:21:03   because you have a much better opinion than I do,

01:21:06   because I haven't actually ever seen one of these things.

01:21:08   The glass is apparently the most durable ever

01:21:11   in a smartphone.

01:21:12   Hello, huge investment in Corning.

01:21:14   That's what that got you.

01:21:18   They have an aluminium band that goes around the outside.

01:21:21   This is the only aluminium on the phone now,

01:21:22   which is a big change.

01:21:24   we haven't had that since the iPhone 4, right? 4S? 4S was the last phone and then everything's

01:21:30   been aluminum since then. They have silver, space grey and a new gold. Now Jason, have

01:21:36   you seen the new gold?

01:21:37   I haven't.

01:21:38   Okay, do you just saw the ones that they saw were either silver or space grey?

01:21:44   Yeah, I focused my time in the hands-on area on the iPhone 10, not the iPhone 8, to be

01:21:50   honest.

01:21:51   Good plan.

01:21:52   Yeah.

01:21:53   I don't know what that color is. It looks like a mix between rose gold and gold. It

01:21:56   looks like they kind of just threw them together and called it gold.

01:22:00   If I had seen them, you still shouldn't ask me about colors.

01:22:04   You know, my second question was going to be, was anyone around you and what did they

01:22:11   say? Because I know that colors aren't necessarily your strong suit.

01:22:15   Not my strong point, no.

01:22:16   New Retina HD display. Finally, True Tone has found its way to the iPhone.

01:22:22   Yes. This is great. I'm pretty pleased about this. We both love True Tone, right? Or do

01:22:27   you not have opinion about True Tone? I don't remember.

01:22:30   I like True Tone. I wish I could have it adjust the colour temperature without being as aggressive

01:22:37   with the brightness adjustment because I find myself disagreeing with the brightness adjustments

01:22:42   when they happen and I get frustrated and have to manually adjust the brightness to

01:22:47   be what I want it to be. I don't like that about it.

01:22:50   New stereo speakers, they're 25% louder, deeper bass, big fan of that.

01:22:57   Sure.

01:22:58   Great.

01:22:59   The A11 Bionic chip, which is the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone.

01:23:05   Everything is significantly faster basically.

01:23:08   Everything's faster.

01:23:09   What they did, the last generation, what they did is they had high performance cores and

01:23:13   high efficiency cores and it would sense, the system would sense when you needed high

01:23:18   performance and it would switch and when it you didn't it would go back to the

01:23:23   high efficiency cores which use less power. Very clever. This version has six

01:23:29   cores, two high performance for high efficiency and it can use all six at

01:23:35   once. So if it really needs to crank it up it can actually use all six cores, it

01:23:40   can put the really hard stuff on the high power cores, it can put the

01:23:45   low-level stuff that isn't that intensive on the high-efficiency cores

01:23:48   and that that controller is deciding what goes where and that's a very that's

01:23:54   this is Apple's you know chip design saying what how do our what's the

01:24:00   profile of processor power of our devices and how can we be most efficient

01:24:06   and so the last time it was switchable cores and now it's just different kinds

01:24:11   of cores that are addressed separately.

01:24:14   It's pretty cool.

01:24:16   Cameras, now I don't understand enough

01:24:19   about camera technology, so I'm gonna be

01:24:22   very general about this.

01:24:24   The camera on the 8, I will say,

01:24:29   I think of everything that I picked,

01:24:32   one of the things that I was so sure of in my mind

01:24:36   is that the iPhone 8 would have dual cameras.

01:24:39   I really thought they were going to do this.

01:24:44   They have some really cool stuff that they're doing for portrait mode, which we're going

01:24:47   to talk about in a minute.

01:24:48   But just the API that they're adding made me think that they were really going to do

01:24:52   a lot of this stuff, that it was going to be on this phone as well, but it's not.

01:24:58   It's just a single camera, 12 megapixel sensor.

01:25:01   It's got a bunch of new sensors in it.

01:25:02   This is the stuff that I don't understand.

01:25:04   There's a bunch of new sensors.

01:25:05   Yes, suffice it to say it's a better camera according to Apple with lots of nice new sensors

01:25:12   and deeper pixels. The pixels are deep. How deep is your pixels?

01:25:18   I think it was maybe about three years ago where the camera segment stopped making sense

01:25:22   to me in any way, right? Because it got to the point where they were like adding in things

01:25:28   that only really people that super care about cameras can fully understand, right? Like

01:25:33   why such a thing is really good. Like even to the point where they're like the

01:25:37   aperture is this. I have like a vague idea of what that really means. Like my

01:25:42   camera is my iPhone. Yeah. Like that's me. You know I don't know enough about this

01:25:47   stuff. But lower noise and a wider range of color they're things I can understand

01:25:52   and that sounds great. In the 8 Plus this dual cameras both 12 megapixel which I

01:25:57   think is new now. They have all the new sensors in them as well and then we're

01:26:02   looking at portrait mode. Portrait mode on the 8 Plus looks fantastic. They're doing

01:26:08   a bunch of stuff to make it better, but this lighting effects thing looks so cool. So this

01:26:14   is a beta but it's shipping with the iPhone this time. And it's using machine learning

01:26:19   of course and depth maps to detect everything that's going on in a portrait, so the person

01:26:24   and the background and all that sort of stuff. And you can choose from lighting effects,

01:26:29   So different types of portrait lighting and it will change the light that is appearing

01:26:34   on someone's face.

01:26:35   It's not actually there, right?

01:26:37   Like it's all being added in and you can change these effects in real time through the camera

01:26:42   viewer and even later on go into an already taken portrait mode photo and change the lighting

01:26:47   effect.

01:26:49   This looks so cool.

01:26:51   Yeah, it looks good.

01:26:54   I played with it a little bit in the demo room and it looked pretty good, but again,

01:26:57   using demo photos.

01:26:58   - Yep, of course.

01:26:59   - And so who knows how it will work in reality,

01:27:02   but it's a fun idea.

01:27:04   And again, it's sort of like,

01:27:05   what can they calculate with a depth map

01:27:07   and a powerful processor?

01:27:09   How can they do that?

01:27:10   I think one of the things that I thought was interesting

01:27:12   is they're saving all the depth information

01:27:14   so you can change the effect later.

01:27:18   In photos, you can go to edit

01:27:20   and on one of these photos, portrait photos,

01:27:23   and change the effect.

01:27:25   And it just updates it

01:27:26   because it's saving that depth map

01:27:28   and all of the associated data.

01:27:30   And that makes it adjustable, which is kind of fun.

01:27:32   But we'll see how it works in practice.

01:27:34   - It's like portrait mode, I don't use it that much,

01:27:36   but I'm happy I have it.

01:27:37   And I feel like I'm gonna feel the same

01:27:38   about the portrait lighting effects.

01:27:40   I'm not gonna use them that much,

01:27:41   but I'm happy that I'm gonna have them

01:27:42   because every now and then I might wanna do it, right?

01:27:44   Like, and then it's cool that I got it.

01:27:46   For me, like with the Plus,

01:27:48   having the second camera to be able to zoom in

01:27:51   is the thing that I like the most.

01:27:54   Phil said that this has the highest quality video capture ever in a smartphone. You can

01:27:59   shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second and they have some more chips and stuff to analyse

01:28:04   movement and all kinds of things. There's lots of stuff being analysed. And slow motion

01:28:10   is at 1080p 240 frames per second now. I love when they make it slower and slower and crisper

01:28:15   and crisper because I love doing that slow motion stuff every now and then. And also

01:28:21   all of these new chips and all of the new processor stuff,

01:28:25   all the new camera stuff, all the new processor stuff,

01:28:28   it's all gonna make ARKit even better.

01:28:31   They're really excited about that.

01:28:33   And they showed off some cool AR apps that are coming.

01:28:36   There was an MLB app, bat-bat thing,

01:28:38   which looked kind of cool,

01:28:39   and a bunch of game demos as well.

01:28:41   So, ARKit.

01:28:42   - Yep, not a surprise.

01:28:44   That's why I picked it in the draft, right?

01:28:46   That's like, they're gonna show off ARKit and they did.

01:28:48   - But they didn't give it as much time as I was expecting

01:28:51   they were going to give it. I will say that. And I think that's why I saw those demos a

01:28:55   couple of weeks ago. They were maybe meant to be on stage and they got bumped.

01:29:00   I'm really surprised, really surprised that the iPhone 8 line got wireless charging. This

01:29:06   was a big surprise to me. Apple imagines that they were, Phil was talking about no more

01:29:13   plugging in as being a thing. This is awesome. No more plugging in. And they were talking

01:29:17   about how they can imagine cafes and airports and cars starting to support all of this more

01:29:22   and they were showing iPhones in various places and I was like...

01:29:25   Underlying all of this is Apple's confidence that the iPhone has such a huge impact on

01:29:31   the world around it that now that the iPhone supports wireless charging, now everybody's

01:29:36   going to get on board with it. And you know what? It's probably true. It's probably true.

01:29:39   Well, so here was the thing. I was thinking, "Okay, Phil, right, like, you are, I understand

01:29:45   how big you are but like let's not assume that everybody's just going to implement just

01:29:48   for the app for the iPhone but Apple is supporting an open standard it is pronounced Chi but

01:29:56   spelt Q I which quite interesting I'd I never would have pronounced it that way so I'm pleased

01:30:04   that I got to hear it before I said it for the first time yeah and Apple showed a bunch

01:30:08   of companies and products that already use this stuff including IKEA stuff which I'm

01:30:12   I'm really excited about because I'd stayed away from any of these types of things.

01:30:15   Yeah, it's a popular standard and Apple's just going to use it, which is funny. And

01:30:20   they're also going to, as was revealed later, try to extend it. They like built some stuff

01:30:25   that's based on it, but extends it and it's not part of the standard, but they've said

01:30:30   that they're working with the standards body to add their information back, which is great

01:30:34   to propose it as a standard. So this is an interesting example where I think if you had

01:30:38   asked any of us about Apple doing wireless charging we probably would have

01:30:42   said it'll be proprietary and instead it's not right I mean there is there is

01:30:48   some proprietary story about one of the accessories that Apple announced today

01:30:52   that's not going to come until next year but bottom line if you're someplace

01:30:57   that's got a Qi wireless charging pad or whatever the iPhone 8 will charge on it

01:31:05   Turns out that means seven in Chinese. I was just told. Yeah that's what the

01:31:10   glass back is for right that's why they went with a glass back like that's

01:31:13   that's one of the great things that you get for having a glass back is you can

01:31:17   have the charging go through it. Because at this point in the presentation

01:31:22   they're showing third parties and they're like oh there's a bunch of stuff out there

01:31:24   like Bell can have a charging pad and blah blah blah. Yeah. This device starts at 64

01:31:31   and has a 256 gigabyte model 2. Only two storage sizes now in the iPhone.

01:31:37   We've left the 32 gig world behind in the new devices. 64 is now the new base. Only

01:31:44   two choices, which is kind of interesting. So we've set a lot of iPhones out there.

01:31:49   But I wonder what the analysis is here that let them decide, look, two is enough. Like,

01:31:55   two price points is enough. Normal and big.

01:31:58   I bet it was we're selling three phones this year.

01:32:01   I bet that was one of the big things about it.

01:32:04   It's like this is too much.

01:32:05   It's just too much to handle from a stock

01:32:07   and inventory management and costs.

01:32:09   - Right, and I think maybe they did an analysis

01:32:12   of who buys what and said there's the people who buy

01:32:16   the low and there's people who buy the medium and high

01:32:21   and why don't we just combine those together.

01:32:23   The base price is up from the iPhone 7 though,

01:32:25   699 and 799.

01:32:27   Now keeping in mind these are 64 gig phones instead of 32.

01:32:31   So you're getting some more storage for that.

01:32:33   You're getting twice the storage,

01:32:34   but it doesn't change the fact that the base price

01:32:38   to get into this model is more than the base price was

01:32:41   yesterday to get into the seven.

01:32:44   - Okay. - Yeah.

01:32:46   - Well and today I guess, right?

01:32:47   Because it's still around.

01:32:48   - I guess you can, yeah, but have they repriced?

01:32:50   I think they repriced it though.

01:32:52   - Probably, they probably did.

01:32:54   pre-ordering on September 16th shipping September 22nd. But we have one more thing and as Tim

01:33:01   said we have great respect to these words and we don't use them lightly. I think the

01:33:05   only time they've used it was the Apple Watch. I think it's the only time they've used one

01:33:09   more thing since Steve died. I think. Tim introduced this new iPhone as a product that

01:33:16   will set the path of technology for the next decade. That is a bold, that's very bold,

01:33:24   very bold. Because you know everything that we think that we knew about this phone beforehand,

01:33:30   all of the rumors would suggest that it's kind of similar-ish to what a lot of companies

01:33:35   are going for right now. But I'll say the iPhone 10 is what it is called, in my mind

01:33:42   I keep saying X, I'll get used to that, right? Like I will get used to calling it the iPhone

01:33:46   X, but I was, in my mind they were calling this the iPhone X, right? I mean I used to

01:33:53   call OS X OS X because that's what people called it, right? But like, iPhone X made

01:34:01   more sense to me in my mind. I can see why they went with X, because it's like the future

01:34:07   phones today right like they went with 10 but I expect that there will be an

01:34:12   iPhone 9 next year but we could talk about that another time. Edge to edge

01:34:17   display this is the big thing this is the big thing right this this is what

01:34:21   it's all about that they have made so many changes to this device to

01:34:25   accommodate the fact that they wanted to have a screen that went for the entire

01:34:29   front of the phone. This is what a flagship phone is in 2017 this is Apple

01:34:36   had to make this phone this year. They could not have let this go another year because

01:34:42   all of their competitors are making phones that are attempting to or achieving this,

01:34:46   right? Like this is the trend. This is what people expect from phones today. They want

01:34:52   all screens. So as big a screen as they can possibly be, you know? And they've done that.

01:34:57   And I think it looks amazing. A good friend of the show, Mr. James Thompson, the developer

01:35:02   Peacock, he's already in the simulator, kind of been playing around and has got Peacock

01:35:07   working with going all the way up to the very top of the screen. It looks amazing. I've

01:35:15   put a link in the show notes for this. I'm really excited about this. Jason, what do

01:35:19   you think about this look?

01:35:22   JASON LEWKOWICZ Well, I mean, when we were talking about the

01:35:25   watch reaching its ideal configuration by having cellular data access, I feel like it's

01:35:31   It's very clear, and I think, Johnny, I've even said it in the video, which is that the

01:35:36   iPhone X is where they've been headed from the beginning, which is—the iPhone, as it

01:35:44   was originally formulated, was a device that was almost entirely screen, right?

01:35:49   There was no big keyboard or anything.

01:35:50   It was almost entirely screen on the front, except, you know, it had bezels and a button,

01:35:56   and you know, it's got the place where you put your ear, and there's sensors and all

01:35:59   that.

01:36:00   idea was it's almost entirely screen because that's the most important thing

01:36:04   is that big bright touchscreen so here we are where they're this much closer

01:36:10   you know much much closer to reaching that ideal that they set out with ten

01:36:15   years ago so yeah I think it looks I think it looks great I think the way

01:36:20   they've done it with curves you see some design sense where they've got the the

01:36:24   notch that's out of it with the sensor stack uh-huh is it's kind of a curved

01:36:28   notch and then the edges of the phone are all curved which goes into the whole

01:36:31   round rect curved iPhone design language so it all kind of fits together I'm sure

01:36:38   they'd love all those sensors to be invisible and not take up any space but

01:36:43   it is it is still there and they've sort of leaned into it a little bit yeah

01:36:47   that's the next couple of years right the next couple of years are all right

01:36:51   how do we get rid of that right like I feel like that's that's where it goes

01:36:55   from here you know like in a minimize it or yeah yeah I mean like I don't think

01:36:59   that the next phone gets rid of it but it's like makes it smaller makes it

01:37:02   smaller until they can completely get rid of it but this is this is the

01:37:08   ultimate design this is the final form right like this is it like yeah I I

01:37:15   think I think that's exactly right I think that everything now is details of

01:37:19   of thinness and things like that and maybe one day foldability or transparency or something

01:37:27   like that.

01:37:28   It's a new thing, right?

01:37:29   It's a thing that we don't have now.

01:37:30   But basically this is it.

01:37:31   So the iPhone 6 was the end of the line for that design which is why we've now had like

01:37:38   four of them, right?

01:37:39   That look basically the same.

01:37:41   That is the end of what that phone can look like.

01:37:45   iPhone with these big thick bezels right at the top of the bottom that was it

01:37:49   that's what that was and that's and now I think I think we're with this now

01:37:54   right like for maybe for the next five years or four years however many years

01:37:59   it's gonna be our iPhones will look like this right and then there will be

01:38:05   revisions on this but this is it and I will say personally I am more excited

01:38:12   about this than I was the iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is a great looking phone but it was you

01:38:17   know they made the plus which I was really happy about but it was just like drag you

01:38:22   know you made it bigger. This is it right like this is the phone I wanted. This is the

01:38:27   phone I want.

01:38:28   See this is my question for you is this is a smaller phone but with more pixels so end

01:38:37   of the end of the plus club for you.

01:38:39   So let's take a real diversion before we start talking about this phone in more detail.

01:38:44   I am sad about the fact that there will be some things here that I'm not going to like

01:38:49   and I know that.

01:38:50   This phone is narrower, way narrower, so it's going to feel weird for me for a while.

01:38:57   Like typing on the screen is going to feel strange and stuff like that.

01:39:01   But my whole thing about the Plus was I wanted what I considered to be the best iPhone.

01:39:07   I wanted the iPhone with the most.

01:39:10   That was it for me.

01:39:11   I want to have the biggest screen I can have so I can have the most information on it.

01:39:14   I want to have the best camera.

01:39:16   I want to have the best battery life.

01:39:17   That was always it.

01:39:18   That was what I wanted.

01:39:20   And the whole screen thing for me was I want to see as much as I can on display at all

01:39:23   times.

01:39:24   And I feel like for the most part I will continue to get that with the iPhone X because the

01:39:29   screen is really big.

01:39:30   Now there are a bunch of different trade-offs.

01:39:32   It looks like it's not going to have as much information as the Plus but I never expected

01:39:36   But this is like a good middle point plus a bunch of other amazing stuff. This is the best iPhone

01:39:44   So it's the iPhone I want right like in for me. That's an event. I felt like the plus was the best iPhone

01:39:50   I know that many people don't and I understand why but I feel like this is the best iPhone and it will take me a

01:39:56   Little while to get used to that going to a smaller size

01:39:58   But I wouldn't want an 8 plus I want this phone because I would regret every day by in the 8 plus

01:40:05   This is the phone that I want because it looks incredible

01:40:08   Talking about those looks it has a glass front and back, but it has a stainless steel band Oh Jason

01:40:15   I'm not gonna want a case on this one. No, I'm not gonna wanna I think I might not

01:40:20   I think I might go Apple care and no case

01:40:23   Because I mean I wanna I want to hold one right because I need to understand the slipperiness

01:40:33   But I'm expecting glass will feel will have a bit more grip to it. You have held one

01:40:40   Do you have any sense of that at all?

01:40:42   Hard to say hard to say I use I didn't feel it being substantially different from the iPhone 7

01:40:49   But I only held it for a little bit

01:40:51   I mean it felt like an iPhone to me and I use an iPhone 7 without a case now

01:40:55   So that might be an answer, but we'll have to see it definitely was super comfy and you know nice

01:41:01   It was a it didn't feel overly large either was nice. It's really not that much bigger

01:41:06   Your friend of mine mr. Dan Moran put he tweeted out a kind of tale of the tape

01:41:12   And I'll put this in the show notes. It's either it's really not much bigger

01:41:18   so the iPhone 7 is 5.4 4 inches by 2.6 4 and

01:41:23   The iPhone 10 is 5.6 5 inches by 2.7 9

01:41:28   It's like it's you know, it's it sits in the middle but closer I think to the seven

01:41:34   Then yeah, yeah. Oh, no, it's it's definitely the idea here is is what if you could have a phone?

01:41:40   That's basically the size of the seven but has has pixels that are more toward the plus

01:41:44   I think that's definitely part of what's going on here and then

01:41:48   The glass versus anodized aluminum. I think maybe is why it's more grippy

01:41:54   potentially like the jet black because that's a very different a very different size I

01:41:58   Will say though, you know, and I'm not trying to put the cart before the horse

01:42:04   But whenever whenever they make a big one of those war

01:42:07   Then I will be I'll be even happier than I already am when because I assume that I'm sure they will someday

01:42:15   There will be multiple sizes of this phone and that will be that will be something I'm sure I'm sure

01:42:21   That'll happen. That'll happen. But the advantage in addition to the inductive charging, that glass,

01:42:26   and we'll see how amazingly rugged it is, but that glass back and front gives you that,

01:42:32   you know, I think maybe a better, more grippy feel than the...

01:42:36   So it's good. It's a...

01:42:38   Yeah, yeah. It's quite a little device. I'm looking forward to spending more time with it,

01:42:44   but I'm glad I got a little bit of time with it.

01:42:46   and you know one of the things that I took away from it is that obviously this

01:42:53   is the iPhone 10 doesn't have a home button and I think it will take people

01:42:56   almost no time to adapt because if you're like me you're holding the phone

01:43:01   in your hand you move your thumb down to hit the button and there's no button

01:43:05   there right well what do you do you just take your thumb and flip up from the

01:43:10   bottom of the screen does the same thing it's not a big deal so I think

01:43:15   everybody's gonna kind of get over it. And there are a lot of advantages to

01:43:18   that phone. It's awfully pretty, I gotta say. It's like, again,

01:43:26   controlled environment, only images provided by Apple, right? So I can't say...

01:43:30   I look forward to what the display experts say about it when they get their

01:43:35   hands on them, right? And how it feels to watch a movie on it and what, you

01:43:41   know what it looks like there's a lot more to be done outside of apples area

01:43:45   of complete control but you know yeah it's it's pretty nice you can it's not

01:43:51   it's not like you look at it and say this is a premium product it's like no

01:43:56   this is a this is the future this is it's what we said when these rumors

01:44:00   started which is the whole picture is this is the future of the smartphone

01:44:04   today but you're gonna pay. Space Gray and Silver. Silver has a white back, both have

01:44:11   black fronts which was a very good move. Super Retina display is what this display is being

01:44:20   called 5.8 inches 2446 by 1125 2.7 million pixels 468 pixels per inch which is the highest

01:44:29   pixel density on an iPhone.

01:44:31   The, oh, there has an OLED, which Sheila called

01:44:34   the first OLED screen good enough for the iPhone.

01:44:38   Features HDR and True Tone.

01:44:40   You can tap the screen to wake it.

01:44:43   Obviously there is no home button,

01:44:45   as Jason mentioned a moment ago, you swipe up to go home.

01:44:48   You swipe further with a, I think a slight pause

01:44:51   to access multitasking.

01:44:53   - Yeah, basically you start that swipe

01:44:55   and then you stop and the cards come up.

01:44:56   It's not like the iPad multitasking.

01:44:58   it's definitely more like the equivalent gesture

01:45:02   to the double tap on the home button is today.

01:45:05   - And you double tap the sleep wake button,

01:45:09   which is bigger now,

01:45:10   and I think called the side button now

01:45:12   because it does more than just sleep wake.

01:45:14   For you double, I think you double tap it for Siri.

01:45:18   - Double tap for Apple Pay, tap and hold for Siri.

01:45:20   So it's the same gestures you used to do on the home button,

01:45:25   you now do on the side button for those, yeah.

01:45:28   Face ID, Apple has a camera system called the TrueDepth system, which features an IR

01:45:35   camera, a flood illuminator, a dot projector and a front camera.

01:45:39   All of this stuff will work in the dark, it doesn't illuminate your face.

01:45:42   It was a little bit confusing initially from the images they were showing.

01:45:46   I know they were trying to be illustrative, but I was like, "Does it light up your face?

01:45:51   What is a flood illuminator?"

01:45:53   No, it's all invisible.

01:45:55   And it obviously employs neural networks and machine learning.

01:45:58   And the A11 chip has a neural engine inside specifically, well not specifically, but primarily

01:46:03   for face recognition.

01:46:05   Apple has done a lot of testing with Face ID, which is the replacement to Touch ID.

01:46:11   It should all work no matter how your face looks.

01:46:14   If you put on glasses, grow a beard, put on makeup, it doesn't matter.

01:46:17   It will learn your face over time.

01:46:19   They say it cannot be spoofed by photos and they even had masks made of people's faces

01:46:26   by special effects companies and apparently they've worked so those won't spoof it either.

01:46:33   All of the face detection happens on device and it requires user attention to unlock.

01:46:38   So if your eyes are closed or you're looking away it won't unlock your phone.

01:46:42   And this was a really impressive statistic.

01:46:45   So the whole time we've been talking about security.

01:46:48   Is this secure enough?

01:46:50   Apple said, of course there is an error rate for all biometrics.

01:46:55   And for Touch ID, it was a one in 50,000 error rate.

01:46:59   For Face ID, it's one in a million.

01:47:02   So they say, I would love to know how they got this, but it's basically their false positives

01:47:08   rate is the idea here.

01:47:10   What they're trying to sell is that this is not a less secure thing than Touch ID.

01:47:15   It's more secure.

01:47:17   And I also appreciated that they were super upfront by saying that if someone shares genetics

01:47:22   with you, especially if they're a twin, it is more likely to be tricked.

01:47:27   Yeah.

01:47:28   Mr. Spock and Mr. Spock with a beard, great little Star Trek reference.

01:47:32   If you have an evil twin, you might want to put a passcode on your phone.

01:47:34   And that's true.

01:47:35   I wonder if that will happen, if we'll get a bunch of stories about how somebody's brother

01:47:42   can open his iPhone or something because their face similarity is just so...

01:47:46   Even if they're not a twin or their father or whatever, you know, a mother and a daughter

01:47:51   can open the iPhone because they have this face similarity and it confused the phone.

01:47:57   It could happen.

01:47:58   >> I'm looking forward to testing it.

01:47:59   I'm going to walk around with my iPhone and just put it in all my family's faces and see

01:48:03   if it unlocks.

01:48:04   We'll see.

01:48:05   Did you get to play with this at all?

01:48:08   >> Little bit.

01:48:09   I -- so you -- it sounds like you can only, for now at least, train one face for FaceID.

01:48:14   >> That's a shame.

01:48:15   That's a shame.

01:48:16   And I think the idea is, you know,

01:48:21   you have to go through a training procedure

01:48:23   that I didn't go through.

01:48:24   So the person who had the Apple employee

01:48:27   who had the iPhone 10 that I was looking at,

01:48:30   she was trained on it.

01:48:31   So, and she showed me like, you know,

01:48:35   lift to wake and she's not looking at the phone

01:48:37   and then she looks at the phone and it unlocks,

01:48:40   the little lock just pops open.

01:48:42   And then you flip up, just it's the same gesture

01:48:45   as on the, to get to the home screen is to unlock.

01:48:49   It's very much like swipe to unlock is back

01:48:52   to a certain degree, except now you're swiping up.

01:48:56   But so it doesn't auto unlock and go to the home screen.

01:49:00   It auto unlocks and just sits at the lock screen

01:49:03   with notifications and things.

01:49:05   - Yeah, I don't know about that.

01:49:09   - You're gonna have to see how it works in practice

01:49:10   and if there's an option to carry you

01:49:13   straight to the home screen.

01:49:14   But I think what they want is for you to use,

01:49:16   to have the opportunity to interact with notifications

01:49:19   and widgets and things like that with the phone unlocked

01:49:24   at that screen. - And I like that.

01:49:26   I actually do like that.

01:49:27   But the thing is, is it's gonna be slower

01:49:31   because all I need to do is one action

01:49:36   on the current iPhone and it unlocks.

01:49:39   There's more than one action on this current phone.

01:49:41   It will be my assumption.

01:49:43   And maybe over time, I will just learn to just swipe up.

01:49:46   But with the current Touch ID,

01:49:51   I don't feel like I'm ever having to authenticate

01:49:53   and then click.

01:49:54   It's just clicking, right?

01:49:55   I just click and it goes.

01:49:57   I can't pick my iPhone X out of my pocket

01:50:01   and start swiping it before it goes in front of my face,

01:50:04   right, because it won't unlock.

01:50:06   But that's the thing that you can do with the current iPhone.

01:50:09   So I feel like it's gonna take some training.

01:50:12   - It's in the details, it wouldn't surprise me

01:50:14   if you flipped up from the bottom when it was locked

01:50:19   and then it unlocked if it wouldn't just say, okay.

01:50:22   - I hope so.

01:50:23   - I see where you're going here.

01:50:24   - That would be great.

01:50:25   - You made the gesture to go to the home screen

01:50:27   and I've unlocked you so I'm going,

01:50:29   and it's been a certain amount of time, right?

01:50:32   Ideally that's what it would do, right?

01:50:33   If it can understand your intent

01:50:36   and that you wanted to go there,

01:50:37   it should be able to take you there.

01:50:38   - Yeah, 'cause I bet if you swipe up,

01:50:40   it will be like, look at me or put in your passcode, right?

01:50:43   Like, so yeah, maybe it will do it.

01:50:45   And then, 'cause that's all I want really.

01:50:48   - And you've already given that command basically,

01:50:50   but it's like, I'm sorry to do that.

01:50:52   I need to just check and see that it's you.

01:50:54   Oh, it's you, Myke.

01:50:54   - 'Cause I will learn the new way of doing it

01:50:56   and it will be quick again, if that's the way it is.

01:51:00   Right, that will be great.

01:51:01   I'll learn the new thing.

01:51:01   Like I'll get my phone out of my pocket

01:51:03   and I'll put my thumb on the display and it will wake up

01:51:06   and I'll swipe up and then I'll hold it

01:51:08   in front of my face and I'm in.

01:51:09   I really want that to be the case.

01:51:10   I hope that that's the thing.

01:51:12   But either way, right, like this looks really cool.

01:51:14   I'm excited about it.

01:51:15   I think it looks awesome.

01:51:16   I like the idea of this.

01:51:17   I think it's a fun feature, right?

01:51:19   Like it's just gonna feel fun and new and different.

01:51:22   And Animoji, Animoji.

01:51:26   - Oh, you know, so I feel like Animoji

01:51:29   is probably going to be like iMessage stickers

01:51:33   where everybody's gonna play with it

01:51:35   and then it's just gonna kind of fade away a little bit.

01:51:38   - This is what people have been saying to me today, Jason,

01:51:40   but I use stickers and use stickers with other people

01:51:43   every single day.

01:51:45   I know there are people that stopped,

01:51:47   but I know that I am gonna be using this a lot.

01:51:50   - And I'm not gonna make a prediction

01:51:51   about like what percentage will continue to use it.

01:51:53   I guess what I'll say is everybody's gonna be playing with it

01:51:55   when they get one of these.

01:51:56   And it is amazing.

01:52:00   So Animoji works whether or not you're the person

01:52:02   who has face ID on the phone.

01:52:04   It will work with any human face.

01:52:05   So I was able to test this.

01:52:07   And it's weird and it's just, I mean,

01:52:11   I don't even know what to say.

01:52:13   It's just totally bizarre and enjoyable.

01:52:16   It's, you know, you're making faces

01:52:19   and a little animated creature is making faces back at you.

01:52:23   It is gonna lead to a lot of, yes,

01:52:27   weird iMessage conversations and the fact that you can

01:52:29   record and send them to people.

01:52:32   I suddenly had that vision of like,

01:52:33   there's this whole new class of thing that's gonna happen

01:52:36   where there's gonna be homemade animated movies starring an emoji.

01:52:42   Yeah. Acting things out because you could literally like you're talking and the

01:52:46   animated character is speaking and yes it is frivolous but it's also incredibly

01:52:51   fun and there will be some unanticipated applications for this that will just

01:52:58   will I think end up being hilarious. There will be lots of memes, there will

01:53:02   be lots of funny videos, there will be, you know, whole movies that are conversations

01:53:07   between the fox and the pile of poo and the chicken and the unicorn or whatever. And I

01:53:14   feel like this will lead to other interesting areas, because once your phone can do face

01:53:18   detection there's so many potentially weird things that it can do, so there will be apps

01:53:23   that will also tie into this. But yeah, it was super fun. It's basically an app in messages.

01:53:29   So you tap on it and you can pick your emoji and you can tap to make it big and then you're

01:53:34   just you know look it's like looking in the mirror if what you see in the mirror is a

01:53:38   cartoon pig.

01:53:40   And so you can make a face and you can send it as a sticker or you can make a little movie

01:53:45   and send it as a little movie.

01:53:46   Yes.

01:53:47   And it can have audio in it.

01:53:48   And it's with sound.

01:53:49   Yeah.

01:53:50   When Federighi was demoing this I was screaming with laughter.

01:53:54   I was just going wild.

01:53:56   the demo area the woman who is in front of me using the iPhone 10 while I was

01:54:02   waiting patiently and she brought that feature up and started talking with one

01:54:07   of the emojis and I just started laughing I was howling it was so funny

01:54:12   it just goes so funny like because she because she had a she brings up like the

01:54:17   the Fox or no it was the pig and she has this look of amazement and then the pig

01:54:22   is amazed. It's just like, whoa, wait a second, like, I'm watching a cartoon pig be amazed

01:54:29   that it's a cartoon pig because she, it's using her amazed facial expression. I was

01:54:34   able to do like, you know, lift one eyebrow, lift both eyebrows, raise both eyebrows, drop

01:54:39   both eyebrows and like, you know, tilt my chin, all this stuff and it totally did all

01:54:44   of it. It's pretty, yeah, it's pretty cool. It is, it is, the fact that all that happens

01:54:49   in real time based on your fa-- you know, this is the kind of thing where they do motion

01:54:53   capture for video games and movies and things like that, and facial capture and all that.

01:54:58   To just have you standing there in front of your phone doing that, it's pretty cool stuff.

01:55:02   Again, not gonna change the world in the sense of making everybody's lives healthier and

01:55:09   happier and all that. Well, it will make people happier, because it's fun. And not every feature--

01:55:13   this is like the iMessage sticker conversation, Myke. There are gonna be curmudgeons out there

01:55:17   are like, "Oh, that's stupid."

01:55:19   - There are just people that don't--

01:55:19   - It's like, "Fine, don't use it."

01:55:20   - "Kaya, that's fine."

01:55:21   Right?

01:55:22   - Don't use it.

01:55:23   If you don't wanna have fun--

01:55:24   - I'm gonna use this every day.

01:55:24   - That's fine.

01:55:25   - Because this is, I use emoji all the time,

01:55:26   I use stickers all the time,

01:55:28   and now I can like-- - It's weird.

01:55:29   - I can mix them all up.

01:55:31   I said this, I tweeted this, I believe it,

01:55:34   I think Animoji will sell iPhones

01:55:36   like Photo Booth used to sell, Max.

01:55:38   - I think you may be right. - People are gonna see this

01:55:40   and they're gonna go like, "I need that.

01:55:42   Like, how do I get that?

01:55:43   we need to buy an iPhone X, like alright maybe I will, right? Like I can see that.

01:55:47   I'm really excited about this. iOS 11 has some additional features for the iPhone

01:55:53   X so Craig Federighi came on to demo this. Really unfortunate. Face ID's first

01:56:00   demo failed. Now Stephen Hackett, our good friend and adjudicator of the draft that

01:56:06   we didn't need this time because it was a landslide, he went back and watched

01:56:11   some of the video again to try and work out what happened here. So Craig Federighi, he raises the

01:56:15   phone to his face and it doesn't work and he's thrown up with an enter your passcode.

01:56:20   And what maybe I didn't see or what was difficult to see at the time because it was like

01:56:27   shock and horror that the warning says your passcode is required to enable face ID.

01:56:33   This phone may have been rebooted and that's why it didn't work. And

01:56:40   he picks up another phone and he does it and it works straight away but it I don't necessarily

01:56:45   think this is a fake like any looking at this and seeing that message I don't think that it's

01:56:51   fair to say this this this doesn't work my my guess is actually similar to what Chris

01:57:02   Wells from the Verge guessed which is my guess is that on this on this pre-release uh iPhone 10

01:57:09   some process died where it didn't necessarily reboot,

01:57:12   but it got to a point where it needed

01:57:13   to demand authentication again.

01:57:16   It's either that or Craig picked up the wrong phone,

01:57:18   which I doubt, but is not entirely impossible,

01:57:21   but they had the right one on the monitor.

01:57:23   So my guess is-- - Well, he was the only one

01:57:24   demoing, right?

01:57:25   Like both of those phones were trained to his face.

01:57:27   - Were meant for him.

01:57:28   So yeah, so that's my guess is that while they were sitting

01:57:31   out there, it basically got in a state where it reset

01:57:35   and needed to authenticate.

01:57:37   And rather than put in the password

01:57:39   and explain what was going on, he was like,

01:57:40   "Okay, this isn't working.

01:57:41   I'm gonna move on to the next one."

01:57:42   I had a similar experience in the demo room

01:57:44   where the woman who was demoing Face ID to me,

01:57:47   she had a false start.

01:57:49   And I thought it was funny

01:57:50   that the same thing happened with her.

01:57:52   And with her, it happened twice.

01:57:55   And once was, she accidentally pushed the side button.

01:57:58   And so the phone went off and she was like, "Oh."

01:58:03   And then the next time she woke it up

01:58:06   and was explaining the feature to me.

01:58:09   Again, something you wouldn't do in real life,

01:58:10   but she was explaining the feature to me.

01:58:12   And by the time she got it held up and her looking at it,

01:58:15   it went off 'cause it had gone, it timed out, yeah,

01:58:18   and put the screen back to sleep.

01:58:20   So it was like, and let's try that again.

01:58:23   And on the third try, she did it.

01:58:25   And it was, you know, she was not looking at it

01:58:27   and it was locked.

01:58:28   And then she looked at it and it unlocked.

01:58:30   And when that happens, it's magical.

01:58:32   I think the challenge here is we can't necessarily glean

01:58:36   from this what a percentage of reliability this is.

01:58:39   And what I think everybody who looks at this

01:58:41   has been saying all along is it needs to be

01:58:43   about as reliable as Touch ID.

01:58:44   It doesn't necessarily need to be more reliable than Touch ID

01:58:47   but it needs to not be less reliable than Touch ID.

01:58:49   - It's just gonna be in the ballpark.

01:58:51   - I think there's a learning curve here

01:58:52   but I think ideally if the phone is not requiring a passcode

01:58:57   and you pick it up and with raise to wake,

01:59:01   you pick it up and look at it and it unlocks.

01:59:04   That needs to work.

01:59:05   That needs to be bulletproof.

01:59:06   and we'll see. We're just not going to know until we try it out. Keeping in mind that

01:59:10   this phone isn't even shipping for a while. So we'll see.

01:59:17   As well as the fact that you can activate multitasking by swiping up, you can also swipe

01:59:22   left and right on the bottom area where that line is and it goes backwards and forwards

01:59:26   between your most recently used applications, which I think is really nice. I think that's

01:59:32   That's really cool, I like that.

01:59:33   And they demoed new Snapchat filters

01:59:37   that use the face tracking and they look really detailed.

01:59:40   So very, very cool, very cool.

01:59:43   Okay, last few things.

01:59:44   Cameras, they got the dual cameras on the back.

01:59:47   They seem to be mostly the same as the 8 Plus,

01:59:48   but they have dual optical image stabilization.

01:59:52   There's a quad LED True Tone flash,

01:59:54   and the front camera, which is the True Depth camera,

01:59:58   has portrait mode on the front.

02:00:00   so you can take amazing selfies.

02:00:02   - You've got all the sensing equipment

02:00:05   for the face detection,

02:00:07   which means you've also got all the sensing

02:00:08   that's required to do portrait mode

02:00:10   and the light, you know, portrait lighting mode,

02:00:15   because it's got, to do all the face stuff,

02:00:17   you've got to have this really great set of sensors

02:00:19   in the front, which means it's a great selfie camera too,

02:00:22   kind of as a secondary thing.

02:00:25   It's like, oh, and also that means

02:00:27   that it can be a great selfie camera.

02:00:28   I'm wondering what cameras might take the better portrait mode photos, because the back

02:00:34   cameras don't have all that IR stuff and you know, it's just all that.

02:00:37   No, they have to do a different kind of thing, I think, than what the front does.

02:00:42   Yeah, the front's probably got way better data, is my guess, than the back, but the

02:00:45   back is probably good enough for what they're doing.

02:00:47   I wanted to mention too, this is one of those features where Samsung made a big deal with

02:00:51   the Note 7, Note 8, the one that didn't explode, the new one, that they've got OIS, optical

02:00:57   image stabilization on both their cameras.

02:00:59   And they did a whole demo of how a zoomed in iPhone 7 Plus

02:01:04   didn't look as good.

02:01:05   And at the time I was like, well, I'm gonna guess

02:01:09   that Apple's gonna do dual optical image stabilization

02:01:12   and here it is on the iPhone 10, but they've got that.

02:01:16   And I'll point out that this means that there's an iPhone 7

02:01:19   and 8 sized phone with two cameras on the back

02:01:23   for the first time.

02:01:27   - They gave a sneak peek of something called AirPower,

02:01:30   which is like a big, I don't like the name,

02:01:32   like a big mat type thing, - Surprise.

02:01:35   - Which will charge your watch, iPhone,

02:01:37   and a upcoming AirPods case.

02:01:42   - Okay, yeah, so here's what Apple did.

02:01:44   Apple wanted to do their own charging mat,

02:01:46   and they felt like it was really dumb

02:01:48   that it would only charge one of their devices

02:01:50   and not more of their devices,

02:01:51   because of course we all have all of these devices,

02:01:53   so many of us have all these devices.

02:01:55   So like, okay, what can we do to build something

02:01:58   that would support that?

02:01:59   And so they built this AirPower thing,

02:02:03   which is not gonna come out until next year.

02:02:05   But what they said is that the Qi standard

02:02:07   didn't support this.

02:02:08   So this is their extension of the Qi standard.

02:02:11   They would like in the future for the Qi standard

02:02:13   to support this, but this is an Apple only thing for now,

02:02:18   which is, 'cause they want the devices

02:02:20   to be able to talk to each other

02:02:21   and give each other their charging status

02:02:23   and charge all these devices at the same time.

02:02:25   and they said that's not possible with what's in the Qi standard today.

02:02:28   So it's Apple Watch Series 3 only.

02:02:30   It does not work with previous models.

02:02:32   Obviously, they had to change the inductive charging system

02:02:35   in the Apple Watch Series 3 to also support this,

02:02:38   and apparently it did not support this before,

02:02:41   even though it does have inductive charging.

02:02:42   All Apple Watches have inductive charging.

02:02:44   It's the latest iPhones, and it's this new case.

02:02:49   We were—the rumor, the leak was that there were new AirPods coming

02:02:54   because they had a picture of the case and the case looked different. It turns out

02:02:57   that's the new case that you can buy for your old AirPods that is

02:03:05   the wireless charging case and basically it sounds like it's just a slightly

02:03:11   redesigned AirPods case that supports this new wireless charging standard that

02:03:17   or Apple's extension of it. So in the end sometime next year you'll be able to buy

02:03:22   a pad from Apple and lay your watch and your phone and your AirPods on it and they'll all

02:03:28   charge like magic and other devices presumably too. Maybe your Apple Pencil someday, who

02:03:35   knows.

02:03:36   64 gigabytes and 256 starting at $999. Thanks. October 27th for pre-order. November 3rd for

02:03:47   shipping heartbreak hotel. Oh wow. Yeah. This is a shame, right?

02:03:56   You know, it's a, like I said, I, I, for people who are desperate for it, yeah, you're gonna

02:04:01   have to wait and that's, uh, that's tough. But I think everybody kind of expected that

02:04:05   this would be late. I thought early November was good. I was concerned that this was going

02:04:09   to be like a December kind of product. So I thought that that was, it's interesting

02:04:12   that it was not that far away. I always assumed shipping in October. I thought

02:04:16   it would ship in October. Well, no wonder you're so sad.

02:04:21   Yeah, and $999, which is I think the predicted price, like, and the fact that

02:04:25   they raised the price with the 8s, kind of, kind of, which I was surprised by, but

02:04:31   actually closes the gap a little bit between the 8s and this model. But $999 to

02:04:35   start for 64 gigs, yeah, that's, that's pretty much I think what we all expected.

02:04:41   Oh, one other thing I want to mention, because this has come up in a few places,

02:04:44   The notch in the screen, like how does that work?

02:04:48   Like apps are gonna need to be aware of it.

02:04:50   How do you work around it?

02:04:51   It's got the status bars in two different places.

02:04:53   Control center comes down when you swipe

02:04:55   from the right side.

02:04:56   I think notification center needs the left side.

02:04:58   You may be able to do it from the middle too,

02:05:00   but you can do it from the left side at the top.

02:05:02   It's gonna be different.

02:05:05   And there's of course the little black bar at the bottom

02:05:08   that represents the home swipe area.

02:05:10   So apps are gonna potentially have to be modified

02:05:14   so that you don't have like key information

02:05:17   that appears like blocked by the notch

02:05:20   if it tries to spread it out.

02:05:22   But I've got the feeling that there's probably an API

02:05:25   for this for app developers to use to detect this.

02:05:28   I don't know that for sure.

02:05:29   What I do know is that when I actually tested this

02:05:34   with a video on the iPhone 10,

02:05:38   and when it played, it actually played with the edge

02:05:42   of the screen of the video, the edge of the video image

02:05:47   up against the notch instead of over, right?

02:05:51   Now if you double tap, it zooms across

02:05:54   and then you can see with the notch there.

02:05:56   - 'Cause you can currently do that, right?

02:05:58   You can zoom in on videos now if you want to.

02:06:00   - Right, but it's all based on the screen,

02:06:03   you know, the horizontal and the vertical.

02:06:05   But it seems like what they've done here

02:06:06   is they've calculated it out,

02:06:07   because the idea is you don't want to watch a movie and have the side of the

02:06:11   movie cut off by the notch of the front-facing sensors and it sounds like

02:06:15   as far as I could tell because I looked today, that doesn't do that.

02:06:20   It doesn't force you to like view everything in the world through this

02:06:24   weird notch on the side. You can if you want but it's not required. But this is

02:06:30   something that all the developers have between now and November 3rd I guess, to

02:06:33   to sort of figure out if their apps need to be updated

02:06:38   to support it.

02:06:39   But my gut feeling is that the worst case scenario,

02:06:41   there's probably a way that Apple makes available,

02:06:44   I hope, to app developers to basically say,

02:06:46   look, just don't draw on that part.

02:06:49   Like pretend that the screen is slightly narrower

02:06:53   so that you don't cut off any of my stuff.

02:06:55   And that's probably an option.

02:06:57   And then other developers will work around it

02:06:59   to take advantage of that space.

02:07:01   I bet developers are happy about the November 3rd ship date.

02:07:05   - Yeah, right?

02:07:06   - If anyone's happy, I bet it's them, right?

02:07:08   You get some time to actually, I mean,

02:07:10   I know you can't test it.

02:07:12   - You'll have the gold master of iOS 11

02:07:14   and you'll presumably have this in the simulator

02:07:16   and you can test it out in the simulator

02:07:17   and you can get an update to your apps

02:07:20   if there's something really broken.

02:07:21   I think that they'll be very happy

02:07:22   to have more time to do that.

02:07:25   - And you can do a provisional support, right?

02:07:27   I mean, a lot of people I understand

02:07:29   want to make big changes before they actually have the device, I totally get that. But I

02:07:33   would expect quite a few developers will play around and will be willing to push a build

02:07:38   from like just tested in the simulator to the App Store. I would expect that many people

02:07:42   will be willing to do that. So that's the keynote Jason Snell. There was one piece of

02:07:48   breaking news during the show that I just want to touch on before we leave today, which

02:07:53   is our old friend iTunes. There has been an update to iTunes today, iTunes 12.7, which

02:08:00   has ripped out the app store. The iOS app store is no longer in iTunes. It's almost

02:08:05   the opposite of what we expected. As of today, there is just going to be music, movies, TV

02:08:14   shows, podcasts and audiobooks in iTunes. iTunes U, ringtones and the iOS app store

02:08:21   have been pulled out of the iTunes app.

02:08:24   - How about that?

02:08:25   - This isn't what we expected for iTunes, right?

02:08:28   The expectation was we're gonna get a bunch of apps

02:08:32   that are not iTunes. - It's weird that,

02:08:33   yeah, they're just pulling stuff out of iTunes instead.

02:08:36   - Rather than making standalone apps,

02:08:38   which is what everybody expected.

02:08:39   Instead they're doing kind of the same thing,

02:08:42   but in the reverse, which is really weird.

02:08:45   - It looks like even though they're removing

02:08:47   sort of like the ringtone section,

02:08:49   It sounds like if you attach your device to a Mac with iTunes

02:08:53   and it shows up, you can still drag custom ringtones

02:08:57   into onto that device.

02:08:59   'Cause I actually have custom ringtones.

02:09:01   I wish that was an iOS.

02:09:03   I wish I could just put an audio file in files

02:09:06   and say, make this a ringtone, but they're not there yet.

02:09:09   But this is better than nothing.

02:09:11   'Cause I do use custom tones, but I don't like,

02:09:15   I only attach my iPhone to my Mac to do stuff like,

02:09:19   copy ringtones over and things like that. So I'm happy to have them pull this stuff out.

02:09:24   But that's an interesting step. And we'll probably discover other things that nobody's noticed that Apple secretly did today.

02:09:31   Did we mention on the show? I'm not sure we did. That High Sierra has a release date. It's September 25th.

02:09:38   So that was something that they didn't mention in the show, but they did do it.

02:09:41   So, you know, it allows us more time to talk about all these things.

02:09:45   If you would like to find our show notes for this week's Bumper episode go to relay.fm/upgrades/158

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02:10:09   Connected tomorrow being the first place so you can go subscribe relay.fm/connected

02:10:14   So we'll be 24 hours removed and we'll be able to talk about our feelings.

02:10:19   I'm really intrigued on Federico's feelings about iOS and some of the changes there as I know he's hard at work on his iOS 11 review.

02:10:29   So now he has a date so I'm really intrigued to see how his mental state will be tomorrow knowing that he has a firm deadline for his iOS 11 review.

02:10:39   Are you writing any reviews?

02:10:41   Yeah, I'm writing an iOS 11 review for Macworld that is very short and then I will supplement

02:10:50   it with lots of other iOS 11 related stuff. And then High Sierra, I assume that I am writing

02:10:54   a review of High Sierra, but I actually am happy that it's been released a week after

02:11:01   iOS 11 because I haven't really started on that.

02:11:05   If you'd like to find us online and other places, you can do that. You can go to Twitter

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02:11:26   I'm very excited

02:11:28   And I'm sure we'll have one more to say next week. Until then say goodbye Jason Snell. Bye everybody.

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