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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade. Episode number 107. Today's show is brought to you by Text

00:00:15   Expander from Smile, FreshBooks and AppCare. My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by Mr. Jason

00:00:21   Snow. I'm very excited today, Mr. Snow. I know you are, Myke. I know you are.

00:00:26   It is iPhone review episode. It's my favorite one.

00:00:31   It is the iPhone review episode. It's true.

00:00:33   I have so many things to say later on in the show today. So many things. All the great

00:00:38   things. But we have some follow-up to address today before that, and I believe you want

00:00:43   to kick us off.

00:00:45   Yeah, a couple things. One, we talked a few months ago. There was a, we did a podcast

00:00:50   sort of inside baseball episode or two. We talked to Lex Friedman at the mid-roll, who's

00:00:55   who's a former Mac world writer who now works at this podcast ad network. And Lex was talking

00:01:00   about their strategy and why they bought Stitcher and what they think about podcasts and podcast

00:01:04   advertising and how the podcast industry works. And that was a good conversation. We didn't

00:01:10   necessarily agree with everything that Lex said, but it was really great to get that

00:01:13   other perspective. And I thought that was a good conversation.

00:01:16   I have a couple of bits of follow-up. One is we were talking about Stitcher and one

00:01:19   of the knocks on Stitcher, I know Marco Arment had this as a complaint about Stitcher. And

00:01:24   I think a lot of podcasters felt this way about why a lot of us kept Stitcher at arm's

00:01:29   length was this feeling that Stitcher didn't really respect the creators of podcasts, and

00:01:37   one way was that they would take our file, download our file, and then cache their own

00:01:43   copy of it so we couldn't actually see who else downloaded it from Stitcher because we

00:01:48   would only see that Stitcher downloaded it.

00:01:50   And to make matters worse, they wouldn't just download it and take it away from us so that

00:01:53   we can't see who else is listening to it. They would re-encode it at a low, very low

00:01:58   quality bit rate. So the shows on Stitcher sounded worse. And these were major complaints.

00:02:04   And I just, as a matter of follow-up, I actually saw an email from Stitcher that they sent

00:02:10   out in August, I think, so last month, that they have changed their system and they're

00:02:16   no longer caching and re-encoding any podcast files. So basically, Stitcher is now a podcast

00:02:21   app that downloads files like other podcast apps do straight from the server. So that

00:02:25   was one major complaint, that they were trying to create this closed ecosystem, and I think

00:02:29   Stitcher... this is one of the funny things when people freaked out about Midroll buying

00:02:33   Stitcher, is they were saying, you know, they were sort of applying Stitcher's mindset to

00:02:39   Midroll, and I think what happened is rather the reverse, which is, Midroll came in there

00:02:44   and said, "Yeah, don't take all that closed stuff out and just open it back up," because

00:02:49   because Midroll, in all my conversations with Lex, is a champion of the open podcast ecosystem

00:02:55   and they like that and they are fine with that and Stitcher is not an attempt for them

00:03:00   to create a closed ecosystem around Stitcher. So Stitcher is just a podcast app now.

00:03:05   It's good to him. Yeah, yeah. Lex, by the way, he got a promotion.

00:03:11   He's now like the chief revenue officer at the Midroll. So I think you... And they got

00:03:15   a new CEO left, so they've got a new CEO who's a long-time mid-roll person, and then Lex

00:03:20   is now got a promotion. So congratulations, Lex. I think he's not so big yet in this industry

00:03:26   that he wouldn't come back sometime to talk podcast economics. So I'd like to do that

00:03:29   sometime down the road when we think the time is right for him and for us, because this

00:03:34   is a rapidly changing business, and we've got some good feedback about that. I don't

00:03:37   want to overdo it. This is not a show about the podcasting industry, but every now and

00:03:40   then as this kind of window into what's going on, I'm kind of fascinated by it. So I'd like

00:03:45   to be able to do that every now and then. And another related note, mid-roll is actually

00:03:51   I think the prime mover behind this podcast festival that they're doing. It's in Southern

00:03:54   California in Anaheim, Orange County. The weekend of October 29th, there are about 30

00:03:59   different podcasts that are going to be performing live at this festival, including The Incomparable.

00:04:03   We will have a pretty -- it's looking like a bunch of people from The Incomparable are

00:04:08   going to be there. So if you like that podcast, my podcast, or there's some other amazing

00:04:14   Hello from the Magic Tavern's gonna be there, which is really exciting for me because I

00:04:17   love that podcast. Anyway, it's called Now Hear This, like, huh? Listen? Anyway, so you

00:04:23   can go to Now Hear This Fest dot com if you're interested in that. That's the weekend of

00:04:27   October 29th. You can come and see us on the 29th. We'll be performing live in Anaheim.

00:04:32   Also, I'll put a link in the chat. What are you gonna be doing?

00:04:37   Remains to be seen. Might be a regular, incomparable episode. Might be a weird mashup, kind of

00:04:42   game show draft something. Depends on who's there. The slot is 90 minutes, I think. So

00:04:49   we could just do a regular episode, but I kind of would like to make it a little bit

00:04:53   wackier than that. At Macworld Expo, we often did drafts, and I like those. We did the computer

00:04:58   draft ones at Macworld Expo Live, and that was fun. So I'm still figuring it out, and

00:05:03   it really does. Usually with the incomparable, you pick a topic and then people say if they

00:05:07   want to be there, but in this case basically people are saying if they can come to Anaheim

00:05:12   and then I'm going to have a list of who's going to be there, and trying to pick something

00:05:17   that everybody can participate in will be a little bit of a trick.

00:05:19   It's going to be cool though.

00:05:20   But we're figuring it out. Yeah, yeah, it should be fun. It's not the first time we've

00:05:23   done it. We're not going to do like a radio theater performance I think. I think that's

00:05:27   not what the intent is here. I think it's going to be something else, but it should

00:05:30   be fun.

00:05:35   another piece of follow-up for you? Are you ready? I tweeted about this this week that

00:05:43   there's nothing, one of the fascinating things about podcasting is, and you actually get

00:05:48   to find out when people listen to your podcast is, you say something wrong and then throughout

00:05:52   the week people helpfully tell you that you got it wrong. And so we posted that episode

00:05:59   what, Sunday night, Sunday afternoon. And from then through this morning, I have been

00:06:08   getting notes from people about how I said something wrong sitting in an Airbnb in Portland,

00:06:14   Oregon last Sunday.

00:06:15   I expect it will still continue past today.

00:06:18   I expect because yes, some people don't listen in the first week, they listen later. So this

00:06:23   will continue, but now I can actually follow up and stop the flow of, at least from listeners

00:06:28   who have listened to episode 107 as well as 106,

00:06:33   I said there was no now playing app in watchOS 3.

00:06:35   And here's the story.

00:06:37   In early betas of watchOS 3, there was no now playing app.

00:06:40   And I filed a radar about it, a bug ticket with Apple,

00:06:42   and they said that's closed as a duplicate.

00:06:44   One of the problems is like there's a music complication,

00:06:47   but if you tap on it,

00:06:48   it only shows you the music interface.

00:06:49   So if you're playing through a different app like Overcast,

00:06:52   that is not helpful.

00:06:54   But they added one, they added a now playing app.

00:06:57   So it's no longer swipe up to the control center

00:07:01   and be able to control what's playing on your iPhone,

00:07:05   essentially, to your headphones.

00:07:07   But an app lives in the dock when audio is playing

00:07:10   through your iPhone, it lives in the watch dock.

00:07:13   You can keep it there, and I think it comes and goes

00:07:16   as you're playing, but it does exist.

00:07:19   It's not as well integrated as I would like.

00:07:21   I would especially like a complication, actually,

00:07:24   that lets me quick access it or have it be part

00:07:27   of the control center, like swipe up and then swipe right or left, like you do on the iPhone

00:07:32   in order to get that control. But it is there, and I said that it wasn't there, and they

00:07:38   did actually add that in Beta 3 or Beta 4 of WatchOS 3, and so it does exist, and I

00:07:45   said it didn't exist at all.

00:07:47   Yeah, it would be really good if it was maybe contextually aware in some way, you know,

00:07:54   when I'm listening to something on my iPhone,

00:07:56   like it knows and can do something a little bit more,

00:08:00   little bit more clever than what it does right now,

00:08:04   because accessing the Now Playing thing,

00:08:06   even when it's in a dock,

00:08:07   is not always the easiest thing to do,

00:08:08   because sometimes I'm swiping all the way to one side

00:08:10   or something, 'cause I was just in an application,

00:08:12   so it's now on the end of the dock.

00:08:14   So I'm happy that it's there, because if it wasn't there,

00:08:16   that would have been a real disappointment,

00:08:19   but it's nowhere near as easy to get to those controls

00:08:24   as it used to be.

00:08:25   No, and that's how I described it, right? Is that even the old, on watchOS 2, this is

00:08:31   one of the only regressions, but it's one I use, and when we talked about how the AirPods

00:08:35   have no controls, really, this was one of the options. That was the context of that

00:08:41   conversation is, yeah, but if you've got an Apple Watch, you actually have some controls

00:08:45   for your playback on your wrist that you can use, which, you know, it's not a solution

00:08:50   to say, "You don't have an Apple Watch and you're having trouble with your AirPods, you

00:08:54   should buy an Apple Watch." That's a little bit silly, but if you have an Apple Watch

00:08:57   and you get AirPods or even other wireless headphones like the ones that I use, it's

00:09:03   a way you could do it. But on the old OS, I could swipe up and literally spin the crown

00:09:10   to change the volume, or swipe up and tap to pause or go forward or back. And now I

00:09:16   I have to tap to bring up the dock and then tap on the Now Playing app and then do my

00:09:23   motion. And it's just a little more fiddly, and if it's not right visible in the dock,

00:09:28   you have to move to that one in the dock and tap on it. And it's one of those things that

00:09:32   I'm glad that it's there, but it still feels like it could be, contextually like you said,

00:09:38   a little bit quicker access would be nice because I think this is actually a big feature

00:09:43   that's only going to get bigger as people use AirPods because a lot of Apple Watch people

00:09:50   will probably get AirPods and the Apple Watch is a great remote for AirPods that gives you

00:09:55   more control, but it's not maybe as good as it could be.

00:09:58   That was like my thinking, like, "Oh, you know, the fact that there isn't playback controls

00:10:03   in the AirPods is a shame, but I could use my watch. I always have my watch on." I was

00:10:07   like, "Yeah, I can still do that, but it would be way better if it was super easy for

00:10:12   for me to access still, but it's not. That's a shame.

00:10:15   - Yeah.

00:10:16   - I wanna talk about Samsung again.

00:10:20   There was a really interesting article that I saw today

00:10:22   from Bloomberg Technology about the battery problem

00:10:27   that they're having.

00:10:29   And it kind of went into a little bit more detail

00:10:31   from some anonymous sources as to why it happened.

00:10:35   So of course, take it with a grain of salt,

00:10:37   it is anonymous sources,

00:10:38   but Bloomberg has a pretty good track record, you know,

00:10:42   and I'm sure they, as we speak about whenever we talk about

00:10:45   any of the German reports, they do a lot of work

00:10:47   to try and make sure they're doing these things right.

00:10:49   They talk to a lot of analysts,

00:10:50   they're really kind of clued into this stuff.

00:10:53   So basically what Bloomberg is saying that they've heard

00:10:57   is that Samsung really rushed the Note 7

00:11:01   to be out before the iPhone,

00:11:03   because they had heard what was coming in the iPhone,

00:11:06   and because there was no device,

00:11:07   like hardware design changes,

00:11:10   they wanted to get their product out quickly

00:11:12   because it had some really interesting things

00:11:14   and is incredibly good looking.

00:11:16   The Note 7, in my opinion, the Note 7

00:11:19   and the Galaxy S7, I think it's called now,

00:11:23   are the best looking phones on the market today.

00:11:25   I think they are fantastic.

00:11:27   I love the way the screens go edge to edge,

00:11:29   especially on the ones where they wrap around,

00:11:31   to the point where you can get a phone

00:11:33   with the size of a plus, like a 7 Plus.

00:11:38   You can get the screen size of that,

00:11:39   but in the form factor of a seven.

00:11:41   Like I think it's amazing.

00:11:42   I really hope that Apple take a clue out of Samsung's book

00:11:45   now and actually try and make something that looks

00:11:47   a little bit more like these than what we have right now.

00:11:49   Because that is a incredible design, the edge to edge.

00:11:53   Anyway, so they wanted to try and push it out

00:11:56   so they would be out before Apple.

00:11:58   So they shortened all their timelines,

00:12:00   they shortened all their deadlines,

00:12:01   they pushed a lot on their suppliers,

00:12:02   they pushed a lot on their people.

00:12:04   They're talking about like people sleeping in their offices

00:12:06   and stuff like that because they wanted to take

00:12:09   all these risks to try and make sure that they could be out up front. This ultimately

00:12:13   resulted in the phone not being completely designed correctly from a technical perspective

00:12:17   and not adequately tested. And for as much as you can tell, there seems to be maybe two

00:12:21   potential reasons as to why this may have happened. It may have been that the battery

00:12:26   was too big for the housing and was causing some heat issues and/or the increased power

00:12:31   from the battery because they went from a, I think a 3000 to a 3500 milliamp hour battery.

00:12:38   was too powerful for the fun.

00:12:40   So it was one of, basically there are two schools

00:12:42   of thought right now as to what exactly happened,

00:12:46   but the idea of the fact that they rushed it

00:12:49   is the overriding reason as to why this problem occurred.

00:12:53   So I think this is clearly a bad decision in hindsight,

00:12:56   but you can totally see why they did it, right?

00:12:59   Like from a business perspective,

00:13:00   like this is a risk that you would take, right?

00:13:04   This was a gamble that they took

00:13:06   and now they're hurting from it.

00:13:08   and honestly, I hope that they're able to recover from it because

00:13:11   Samsung are doing really interesting stuff and Apple needs good competition.

00:13:16   Well I'm sure they're gonna be able to recover but it's gonna hurt them.

00:13:19   Yeah, I mean like recover quickly, right? They will obviously recover but like, you know,

00:13:23   the fact that the next phone that they release... They might miss a cycle, right?

00:13:27   Yeah, exactly. And the next phone there might be some skepticism and I mean

00:13:30   they'll be residual problems for them. There's no doubt but I'm sure they'll

00:13:33   come back. You're right, it's a gamble.

00:13:36   I think that's a good way to put it is the question is the level of arrogance going on

00:13:40   here like did they really believe that they could just push it and it would be fine or

00:13:43   did they I doubt they actually thought well let's do this really fast and hopefully we'll

00:13:48   come up with a phone the chances are pretty good that our phone won't explode that's probably

00:13:52   not what they thought.

00:13:53   Steve that thought never entered their mind right they were just like we know we can do

00:13:56   this stuff let's just do it quicker.

00:13:58   John So maybe this comes from me following Apple

00:14:01   for years but I look at this story and the one thing that I keep that tickles the back

00:14:05   in my head is, I feel like one of the problems with Samsung is that they are, I mean, they

00:14:13   always talked about being a fast follower, right? This is part of their culture, and

00:14:18   I see it here, it's like Samsung seems to define itself by its competition and in terms

00:14:26   of the smartphone market by Apple, and we saw that early on where they just aped Apple

00:14:31   stuff. And now you're absolutely right, they have pushed some stuff ahead. The entire note

00:14:36   line, which was a joke at the beginning, but proved to be find a market that people wanted

00:14:43   those large phones, and everybody thought that that was--everybody else was following

00:14:46   Apple and they went beyond. They did phones of all sorts of different sizes, they learned

00:14:50   a lot, and they found that the phablet category was a real thing, and that people wanted those

00:14:54   big phones. So full credit to them, this is not all that they do, but sometimes I think

00:14:58   maybe Samsung's culture is a little bit too focused on Apple. And you could argue, look,

00:15:03   Apple's number one. Of course you want to take on number one and you want to strategize

00:15:08   about how you can beat Apple. On another level I think, you know what, there's a lot of smartphones

00:15:14   being sold. Samsung is the leading Android smartphone vendor. It's basically Samsung

00:15:19   and Apple. And Samsung is taking, you know, Apple's got the market of people who want

00:15:24   Apple and Samsung's got the biggest chunk of the market of people who don't want Apple

00:15:29   stuff, they want Android stuff. And I don't know, at what point do you say we should,

00:15:34   our stuff should stand on its own and we can beat Apple. Like, it's not like Apple, um…

00:15:39   But I think that was what they were saying though, right? They believed that they could,

00:15:44   so they wanted to get it out before them to show how much better the phone was going to

00:15:47   be. No, but that's not, that's exactly wrong though. That's saying, that's saying

00:15:52   we're going to make the best product. No, no, no, we need to make the best product we

00:15:55   can really fast so that we can be out there before Apple because what we want to do is

00:15:58   jump in front of Apple with something that's more interesting because we read rumor sites

00:16:02   that say that Apple's phone is going to be kind of boring and that this is an opportunity

00:16:06   for us to really punch Apple in the face by rushing out a product a month before they

00:16:11   make their announcement.

00:16:12   Yeah, but I will say though, we don't know that Apple doesn't do this stuff, right? Like,

00:16:17   is a perception of them as the perfect corporate company, but I think that the new phone shows

00:16:23   some interesting decisions of them as a business that makes decisions.

00:16:29   Sure, of course, of course there are business that makes decisions, but I guess part of

00:16:32   it is Apple still, you know, just comes out with an iPhone in the fall.

00:16:36   Yeah, but maybe the Plus was a little bit early, right, because they didn't have all

00:16:38   the features for it. And so what I guess what I'm saying is maybe

00:16:42   a little bit of "Never Let 'Em See You Sweat" and a little bit of, if you're, one of the

00:16:49   business parables is that Coke's slogan for its company was, internally, was, you know,

00:17:00   our company goal is continue to be the number one soft drink company in the world. And Pepsi's

00:17:05   was "beat Coke." And you could argue that if you're number two, focusing on beating

00:17:13   number one should be what your company is all about, but you could also make the argument

00:17:17   that focusing on beating your competition and being number one is not necessarily the

00:17:22   same as focusing on making a good product and doing what you're best at and letting

00:17:26   the market come around to the fact that you are producing a better product. And that's

00:17:30   all I'm saying here is I get a little bit of a tickle when I look at this story, the

00:17:33   Bloomberg story of like, "Come on Samsung, you're doing really well, you've got innovative

00:17:37   stuff, you've come a long way in the last few years, why make a bet like this? Is it,

00:17:42   did you really need to be out a month before the iPhone?" I mean, maybe so, but I just

00:17:47   kind of don't think it's worth that. I think they're, I can see like LG doing it or something,

00:17:52   right? Where they're like, "Oh man, we gotta do this," or Huawei or something like that.

00:17:55   We gotta get noticed, we gotta get out there. But this is Samsung, did they really need

00:17:59   to do this?" And it bit him. And it's too bad, but it is a fascinating story. And I

00:18:05   just had that moment of, I'm sure Apple is very competitive on the inside, but on the

00:18:09   outside they're like, "We're just grinding, we're never going to let them see us sweat,

00:18:13   we're just going to put out a product, here's our product."

00:18:15   Yeah, they don't let it show anymore. They had a time where they would throw jabs at

00:18:20   people, but luckily that's kind of stopped now, which I like. They didn't mention Samsung

00:18:26   on stage right Samsung mentioned Apple on stage where nothing had happened right

00:18:30   saying about the headphone jack but Apple just like keeps it to themselves

00:18:33   like and how perfect it is right to say your phone's catch on fire but they just

00:18:38   kept their mouth closed which I think is the right way to go yeah because it

00:18:41   could be them next time I mean yeah and Google stopped doing a lot of that as

00:18:44   well there was a time where every Google I/O keynote was just how many Apple

00:18:48   jokes can we string together but that's all stop now so I think it's the better

00:18:51   way to be classy. Let's talk about the upgrade program, which is not this. It's the iPhone

00:19:00   upgrade program.

00:19:01   I saw this in the notes, the upgrade program. Welcome everyone to the upgrade program on

00:19:05   BBC Radio 4.

00:19:07   There has been some follow-up and some interesting occurrences with the iPhone upgrade program.

00:19:11   So after last week's episode, it seems like Apple started to get their stuff together.

00:19:15   We were talking about people trying to go who were part of the upgrade program couldn't

00:19:19   get their phones, which was like a what is going on? Like you'd, you know, as we were

00:19:23   saying in the back of your mind, you expect you kind of have a phone guaranteed. But there

00:19:27   was like, well, no, you have to wait like everybody else, or maybe even longer. Now,

00:19:32   many people wrote in to say that after a week, they were getting some emails from Apple,

00:19:35   blah, blah, blah, like saying to call them. Many people I heard from spent over two hours

00:19:39   on the phone with Apple support, but it seemed like every interaction ended up being positive.

00:19:47   So the two hours on the phone, I don't think you can blame Apple for this.

00:19:52   This was like a day or two after they announced a new iPhone.

00:19:55   This is what happens.

00:19:56   I got through the iPhones, went on sale.

00:19:58   This is just people calling up to try and find out if they're stock, to try and find

00:20:01   out X, to try and find out Y.

00:20:03   That's what's going to happen.

00:20:04   There's no amount of staffing that they could put on to fix this problem.

00:20:08   This is just how it's going to be.

00:20:10   You could never get people adequately trained enough to deal with two weeks of high call

00:20:15   support volume and then go away. Now see what Apple have learned now for next year is okay

00:20:20   how do we avoid letting people be on the phone for two hours? Because they seem to have for

00:20:26   many people at least solved the issue by speaking to people on the phone, finding some stock

00:20:31   for them, telling them we're going to set you a reservation for this local store, maybe

00:20:34   not the one you thought about, we're going to have a phone for you waiting there. And

00:20:38   there was also been some reports that Apple then started holding back some phones for

00:20:43   these people. So now, like a lot of people who said that their phones were going to be

00:20:46   shipping in October, they're now shipping now because they've sorted everyone on the

00:20:50   upgrade program out. So it seems like Apple jumped on this because they were surprised

00:20:55   by it, is how it seems. But it looks like that they have got it kind of sorted out.

00:20:59   But I would I would expect next year there's going to be a lot more communication and a

00:21:03   much better flow for these customers.

00:21:06   Yeah. Like one of the people that wrote into us is Upgrading Casey, not Mr.

00:21:10   and Casey said that he was on the phone for two hours.

00:21:13   I saw some friends who were doing it

00:21:15   and they were on the phone for two hours

00:21:17   and talking about two hours actually,

00:21:19   I went to the Apple Store to pick up my phone

00:21:22   and the lady said to me,

00:21:23   you're not doing the upgrade program are you?

00:21:24   Like really like worried about it.

00:21:26   I was like no, no, I'm just buying outright

00:21:28   and she's like oh good 'cause it's been down all morning

00:21:31   and it was 8.30 at this point.

00:21:33   So her previous customer, like the store opened at eight.

00:21:36   Her previous customer he got completely broke

00:21:38   and then I was seeing people that I know

00:21:39   and talking to people from the UK

00:21:42   who have spent like three hours in the store

00:21:44   trying to get their phones on the upgrade program.

00:21:46   The system just completely died.

00:21:49   - Oh.

00:21:49   - Which reminds me of the first iPhone.

00:21:51   So when I tried to buy the first iPhone in the UK,

00:21:54   they were doing card transactions only,

00:21:56   no cash to stop scalping.

00:21:58   And I was third in line.

00:22:00   My brother had left school at three o'clock.

00:22:03   He went to stand in line for me.

00:22:04   I left work at five.

00:22:06   When I met him, stood in line,

00:22:08   I was in the store for an hour and a half,

00:22:10   'cause this is a car phone warehouse,

00:22:12   it was like a chain of phone stores,

00:22:15   it's like a phone store,

00:22:16   and they were the only ones selling it at that point.

00:22:18   I don't know why we didn't have them in the Apple stores,

00:22:20   but it was only a car phone warehouse.

00:22:22   And all this network, complete network

00:22:25   across the country went down.

00:22:26   So they were like, you're just gonna have to get cash.

00:22:29   So everybody was going out to the cash machines

00:22:31   and just giving them like 600 pounds in cash

00:22:33   and taking the funds,

00:22:34   and they're like, you're gonna have to activate it at home.

00:22:35   It was amazing.

00:22:37   They were just like, "There's nothing we can do.

00:22:38   We have this line of like 100 people,

00:22:40   and we can't even serve customer number one."

00:22:43   It was insane.

00:22:45   Nobody expected it.

00:22:46   This had never happened before, right?

00:22:47   That people were lining up for a phone.

00:22:49   So their systems couldn't deal

00:22:50   with all of these transactions,

00:22:52   'cause they went on sale at 6.02 in the evening,

00:22:56   which ended up being like a thing that stuck

00:22:58   for a few years, because the network 02

00:23:01   were the exclusive carrier of the iPhone.

00:23:03   So they put them all on sale at two minutes past the hour.

00:23:06   Also Apple realized that perhaps not having all the iPhones in the world start activating

00:23:11   at exactly the same moment was probably a good idea. So instead it became a rolling

00:23:17   like local time in the morning you could get your phone instead of it being but that first

00:23:20   one.

00:23:21   Well, we'll talk about that Jason.

00:23:23   Yeah, it's true. So I wanted to say, so it's the first year of the upgrade program having

00:23:28   the upgrades happen and I think you're exactly right that as we talked about last week a

00:23:33   little bit. This is the opportunity for Apple to say, "Okay, how do we minimize people on

00:23:38   the phone? How do we get people's orders in early? You know, we know these people are

00:23:41   gonna want a new phone. We should ask them what model they want as soon as we announce

00:23:46   the new iPhone. We should say, "Hey, the new iPhone's coming. If you want to upgrade, go

00:23:50   to this page. Choose your model. We'll tell you when you're gonna get it," having all

00:23:54   that. And I'm sure they're going to do that. It's just a matter of that this will be a

00:23:59   learning process from them. And I also wanted to mention, talk about that podcast effect

00:24:02   of saying things and then seeing what happens and getting the feedback. It did seem to start

00:24:07   changing right after we talked about it. Like, Monday morning, it seems like Apple kind of

00:24:11   had a strategy shift with the upgrade people to make it right with them a little bit more.

00:24:18   And as a result of what we were talking about on Sunday, we got feedback from people as

00:24:24   they were hearing from their upgrade people, including Casey, but a bunch of other people

00:24:27   too. And that was kind of cool to see because they were all saying the same thing, which

00:24:32   is Apple is working on making this better than I thought it was last week, right? Which

00:24:38   is a good sign. Again, it's sort of damage control and trying to fix what was broken,

00:24:42   but this all leads into hopefully a much streamlined upgrade program next year.

00:24:46   Will Hope so. All right, after this break, upgrade iPhone review time. So excited. This

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00:27:25   All right, Mr Snell.

00:27:27   So you have put together a great iPhone review, which people should go and read.

00:27:34   I did say to you privately and I'll say it here again, this is my favorite that I read.

00:27:38   Aw.

00:27:39   I thought it was really good.

00:27:41   What can I say?

00:27:42   Captured by that Snell charm.

00:27:44   You get me every time.

00:27:45   Ah yes, of course.

00:27:46   Famous.

00:27:47   You get me every time.

00:27:48   So there's a lot here.

00:27:49   Well if you will so permit me, I would like to run through my kind of thoughts and feelings

00:27:56   about the iPhone.

00:27:58   And denied.

00:27:59   No, I'm not going to permit you.

00:28:00   Well I'm going to do it anyway.

00:28:01   Sorry.

00:28:02   Let's, okay, fine.

00:28:03   And then you can kind of chip in with your thoughts as well.

00:28:06   Because people, I'm sure everyone that's listened to this show has either already read your

00:28:10   iPhone review or paused the show to go and read it right now.

00:28:13   I'm sure.

00:28:14   Right?

00:28:15   So this is my place.

00:28:16   This is where I talk about my feelings about the iPhone.

00:28:18   And I have many.

00:28:19   I am interested in your feelings about the iPhone.

00:28:22   So I want to preface this.

00:28:24   I don't usually do this, but I want to preface this review.

00:28:26   This is an opening statement you're making here?

00:28:27   I have an opening statement.

00:28:28   Oh boy, here we go.

00:28:30   I love my 7 Plus.

00:28:33   I think the iPhone 7 Plus is a great phone, and I'm very happy that I made the upgrade.

00:28:38   I recommend it to many people that listen to this show.

00:28:42   Like if you are a technology-focused person like we are, I recommend it because you're

00:28:47   going to get a lot out of this device, but there are some interesting decisions and things

00:28:55   that have happened to this phone that I think need to be in some parts praised and some

00:29:00   parts criticized in equal measure. Even some one decisions need to be praised and criticized.

00:29:06   So I want to do all of that. I want to talk about all of that. I also have documented

00:29:10   the entire setup process. So I can go through that again like we did last time. Is that

00:29:15   Okay. Yeah. Yeah. What do you think about my opening statement?

00:29:18   I think I think that you're saying nice things about it because you are about to say all the things that you found that are wrong with it.

00:29:25   But I'm also gonna talk about all the things that I like, okay

00:29:28   but I have I have a lot of things that I think are really strange and I don't want people to think that I'm just

00:29:34   Ragging on the phone until I get to the end

00:29:36   You know, so I want to just talk about everything that I've found about it. So

00:29:42   First off I have the gold phone, but they had some demo units of the seven in both of the black models

00:29:50   In the store, they didn't have any pluses because that was the thing. There were no pluses available for to buy anywhere interesting

00:29:57   They didn't even in the in the store have the black

00:30:00   Demo units for the plus just the sevens just a regular size

00:30:05   Seems like either it's a combination of the plus being more popular and maybe they're not making enough

00:30:10   I don't know but there seems to that there can severely supply constraint here

00:30:14   So yeah, I saw both of them now. This is 830 in the morning. The store had been open for 30 minutes

00:30:20   They were both covered in fingerprints like just covered and I I didn't like it

00:30:27   I preferred the matte black out of the two of them

00:30:30   I will call it matte black forever

00:30:33   By the way, because you can't call something black and jet black like you have to give the black one another name

00:30:40   name, right?

00:30:41   Call it soft matte.

00:30:42   Soft matte black. I preferred that of the two of them, because to me, I know everybody

00:30:46   loves the jet black. The jet black just looks like the 3GS. It just looks like shiny plastic,

00:30:50   and I don't like that look.

00:30:53   It does, there is no doubt it reminded me of the 3G and the 3GS, except that that is

00:30:58   that big plastic curved back, and this is this, you know, super shiny, flat back.

00:31:03   But material, the way the materials look, it just looks like there's this covering

00:31:07   of plastic over the top of it. It's very strange looking. But I can also see why people love

00:31:13   it because it really does look just like it's made out of one thing. It looks like when

00:31:18   it's off, it's just a stone.

00:31:20   This is the, what I wrote in my review is, this is, I believe, the Johnny Ive dream that

00:31:26   he's been working towards since the original iPhone, which is curved edges, slab, one material

00:31:36   all the way around, as if it's just a single unbroken surface, because there are antenna

00:31:40   lines but you can basically not see them, and when the screen is off, the glass in the

00:31:46   front and the material in the back looks essentially the same.

00:31:51   So you know what I want? I want a white ceramic all the way around, you know?

00:31:56   But it won't be, because the screen will still be black. That's why this is a—I heard John

00:32:01   Syracuse are talking about this on ATP.

00:32:04   I don't like white front iOS devices

00:32:07   because the screen's black.

00:32:09   And when the screen does come on,

00:32:13   you're now competing with the white of the material

00:32:15   of the frame with the white on the screen.

00:32:18   And I don't think that's a great comparison either.

00:32:20   So I always have preferred black framed iOS devices.

00:32:23   I like the jet black a lot.

00:32:25   I like the matte black too.

00:32:26   If they made the matte black only,

00:32:28   I would be beside myself about that design.

00:32:30   'cause I think it looks great,

00:32:32   but I think the jet black is great too.

00:32:34   I actually kind of like, prefer the jet black

00:32:37   in terms of fingerprints

00:32:38   because although it's got fingerprints,

00:32:40   I also feel like I can just sort of wipe it off

00:32:42   and it's got the oleophobic coating on the back there

00:32:46   and they wipe off pretty well.

00:32:48   Whereas when I try to wipe off the back of the matte black,

00:32:53   which I also have, those are my two review units

00:32:55   or we're both different blacks.

00:32:58   That one it just smudges. So I actually think it looks worse with fingerprints on it than the Jet Black does.

00:33:06   Anyway, I think it's sort of like the ultimate Johnny Ive design. He's been going for this since the beginning.

00:33:14   I said in my review that it sort of makes the original iPhone look like clown pants.

00:33:20   Because if you look at it, it's like there's sort of like the black bottom of the back and the silver top of the back,

00:33:26   and it's got the glass front and then it's got the shiny chrome frame around it. It's

00:33:30   like all these different materials.

00:33:32   >> STEVEN SCOTT It's like how many can we fit in here?

00:33:34   >> CHET HAASE Well, and you know that that was just, you

00:33:36   know, that chrome frame, there's no way that Johnny Iov was really happy about that because

00:33:41   it doesn't match anything else, but it's like, yeah, well, that's what we gotta do, so we're

00:33:44   gonna do it. And this is his thing. So it's not for everybody, but it does feel that way.

00:33:50   And I would also say people were talking about grippiness, and I was trying to imagine, like,

00:33:54   could the Jet Black model be grippier? It doesn't make any sense. But because it's not

00:33:58   that, it's this polished covering instead of the sort of traditional rougher anodized

00:34:06   aluminum and what you get is that effect if you've got a slightly damp finger, and our

00:34:11   fingers generally are a little bit damp, that's how people are, and you run it on a pane of

00:34:16   glass, you know how it sort of sticks a little bit? Or if you pull it hard you can actually

00:34:22   make the glass like squeak. It's that effect that's happening. It's so smooth on the back

00:34:27   that it actually sort of like grabs onto your fingertip and the moisture in your fingertip

00:34:31   as you move. And so it is absolutely grippier. I have been using this since I got it without

00:34:37   a case, which I never did for my 6 and my 6S. And that's been a lot of fun because it's

00:34:42   a way better product out of the case, and I feel much more confident about holding onto

00:34:46   it than I do with the normal anodized backs of the other phones.

00:34:51   Yeah, I always keep my phone in a case. So, you know, the special black pack.

00:34:57   So it could be any color, really. Exactly. So for me, I like the gold and the

00:35:01   rose gold because I like the accent colors. So like, I have it in a nice blue case and

00:35:05   I get the gold Touch ID ring, I see a bit of gold at the bottom, a bit of gold at the

00:35:09   back and the side. I like that more. It's got a little bit more of the flair that I'm

00:35:13   looking for. Like, just not too much, right? Like, it's not ostentatious, it's just like

00:35:17   a little bit and you can match it with the case and I like that. So that's why I go for

00:35:21   for

00:35:39   think they're my preference. Which is fine, that's why they make a bunch of them.

00:35:45   Whilst we're on kind of hardware, something that immediately got me, the SIM tray is super

00:35:50   hard to open now because it has a seal on it. Genius, right? Of course it does. Everything

00:35:55   needs to be sealed up because of the water.

00:35:57   Yeah, I felt like the, um, I had a paperclip that I usually use to pop the SIM tray out

00:36:02   because I...

00:36:03   So let's talk about this for one second because I keep hearing this from my friends. Every

00:36:07   Every iPhone I have ever received has a SIM tool in it.

00:36:10   Yeah, that doesn't happen in the US when you buy a locked phone.

00:36:13   Right, see, because ours are basically all unlocked to a point.

00:36:17   So there's always this in--every time I've ever bought an iPhone--now this may have changed

00:36:21   recently but like when I bought them even from carriers, the box always had the little

00:36:25   SIM removal tool in it.

00:36:27   Weird.

00:36:28   Yeah.

00:36:29   Weird.

00:36:30   Yeah, so I--and I have some around but you know you can never find one when you need

00:36:32   one.

00:36:33   But anyway, my point is that the--the paperclip I used didn't fit.

00:36:36   I don't find something else, because I think the hole is a little bit smaller too on top

00:36:42   of everything else, and it was harder to pop it out for sure.

00:36:45   I feel like I should gray-market these things. I have so many of them. Right, Jason.

00:36:50   Yes, Myke.

00:36:51   You remember from last year?

00:36:54   It's perhaps our, you know, I would say maybe our most notable episode that we've ever done.

00:36:59   I thought we really nailed it, and we really kind of, and people reacted well to it, and

00:37:04   It was our discussion of this act of buying a new iPhone and getting it going, which should

00:37:11   be a joy. You just spent a lot of money on a fancy new iPhone. The next steps, what happens

00:37:17   next and how does it go? And we said last year that it felt like Apple needed to tighten

00:37:21   up its game on this a lot, that it was not a fun experience to get your iPhone set up.

00:37:28   It was more like something to be endured.

00:37:30   Yeah, it was, I think it was like two episodes in total, but like the one where we actually

00:37:38   kind of really went into it was episode 56 called "The Migration Experience", which is

00:37:42   a great name for that episode, where we just spoke about how hard it is and how hard it's

00:37:46   become to set up an iPhone for many different reasons.

00:37:50   And it's because over time Apple are adding more and more and more to this stuff.

00:37:54   And Apple's kind of way of not syncing a lot of these things with iCloud because of security,

00:37:59   they're great for our security does add a lot to this process. So what I did this time

00:38:04   was I wrote down every step that I had to take to get my phone set up. So the first

00:38:11   thing that I did was backed up my old phone on iTunes with an encrypted backup because

00:38:18   this is what saves the passwords. Now I've seen some people talking about this, I don't

00:38:21   know if this is confirmed, that iCloud backups are now encrypted so they will save passwords.

00:38:27   But I do this stuff over iTunes because I don't have the best internet connection so

00:38:33   I want to try and make sure I get everything possible quickly.

00:38:37   So I backed it all up, turned on the new phone, I had to enter my wifi information, I had

00:38:44   to then set up touch ID, which you can only do the one thing for so you then have to go

00:38:50   and set up later the rest of your fingers, which is fine.

00:38:52   Then I set up a passcode, then I restored from backup.

00:38:57   So that takes however long that takes, let's say 30 minutes.

00:39:00   Then I had to set up Apple Pay again, so I had to enter in some of the information from

00:39:05   my card, get a text message that I was entering a code from.

00:39:09   Then I had to, I was thinking to myself, it popped into my head, what do I do with my

00:39:13   Apple Watch?

00:39:15   And I couldn't quite remember.

00:39:18   So I decided to go for it and just unpaired my Apple Watch from my old phone, which takes

00:39:23   quite a while to do. Because the whole time I'm thinking like, "Do I back this up? Like,

00:39:28   I can't see an option to back this up."

00:39:30   Right, and the unpairing backs it up, I believe.

00:39:32   Which is not said anywhere. Like, I know what they're trying to do. I know what they're

00:39:37   trying to do. They're trying to make it a seamless experience. But just one line that

00:39:41   says "unpair and back up," like, that's all it has to say. Because you don't know what

00:39:47   you're doing you're like entering an abyss.

00:39:49   I am surprised that the Apple Watch backup transfer thing has not gotten better this

00:39:57   year. I guess they were really working on WatchOS 3 and that was the priority and probably

00:40:01   should be because that's the experience that you have every day but I'm a little surprised

00:40:05   that it still is a big pain to move your Apple Watch when you buy a new iPhone. But there

00:40:11   it is. So that's what you do, you unpair it, it backs it up.

00:40:14   I think that the process is totally fine.

00:40:16   What happens, you unpair, backs up,

00:40:19   and then you set it up with the new one,

00:40:21   restores from a backup, which is going to iCloud.

00:40:23   But it doesn't tell you.

00:40:25   And I don't think that it is a thing

00:40:28   that you just assume is gonna work.

00:40:30   Because that's not how any other devices work.

00:40:33   Because it's so intrinsically tied to the phone.

00:40:35   It's just the whole thing is frustrating.

00:40:38   So I did it, I unpaired my Apple Watch,

00:40:39   it was going in the background.

00:40:41   Then you have to set up the home button now.

00:40:43   you choose your customization for how forcefully it hits you back when you click it.

00:40:49   Then my phone is ready, it unlocks, and I'm waiting for apps to download.

00:40:53   This drives me crazy.

00:40:54   This drives me crazy.

00:40:56   Why am I backing up the phone and then downloading applications again?

00:41:02   Why can I not just do a complete backup to iTunes and then put it all back again?

00:41:08   Why can't I do that?

00:41:09   I don't know why a backup means then download all of your apps from the store again.

00:41:14   The data is kept, but the apps are downloaded.

00:41:17   And in a world with super fast internet connections, this isn't a problem.

00:41:21   But this isn't the life for everyone, and also there are problems I'll get into in a

00:41:26   minute which make this a terrible solution for iPhone launch day.

00:41:30   I don't know why they do this.

00:41:31   Right.

00:41:32   It's funny too, because I think there's some inconsistency here, which is when I attached

00:41:38   my iPhone to my Mac and tried to back it up on iTunes, what it told me, and I had an iCloud

00:41:45   backup but I thought I would try it this way too, and it gave me the, there's some content

00:41:50   on your device that isn't in your iTunes library, I need to sync that back before I do the backup,

00:41:58   and I thought, "I don't want to sync my phone with my iTunes, I just want you to make a

00:42:02   backup." And I gave up.

00:42:05   If I'm remembering correctly, the ability to back up apps and then re-download apps to iTunes

00:42:12   changed last year, didn't it? This was part of the big problem. It's like, they always download from the store now.

00:42:17   Right, the argument is that if they're doing that space-saving thing, where it's actually dynamically giving you a different binary based on what your phone is,

00:42:26   then if you're upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 7, you're gonna get a different version of that app.

00:42:32   app, they can't just pull down the binary from the five and push it to the seven.

00:42:37   So they're embracing the cloud for that reason, and fair enough, but as

00:42:43   we will get to, the challenge then is you've got a lot of devices trying to

00:42:48   download items from the App Store immediately upon getting the new phone,

00:42:52   so they better well download, and that is where I got stuck.

00:42:58   That was the problem is that I had some confusion,

00:43:01   and I think I ended up like logging out of the app store

00:43:04   in settings and then logging back in,

00:43:07   and that seemed to kind of,

00:43:09   and then at some point I restarted

00:43:11   and it seemed to get it to life,

00:43:12   but I had a long period of time where all of my apps

00:43:15   were basically paused or waiting to download

00:43:18   and didn't download.

00:43:19   - Yeah, after a little while,

00:43:21   I started getting a bunch of app install errors,

00:43:23   like this app couldn't be installed,

00:43:25   retry and you'd retry it and it would fail again

00:43:26   and fail again.

00:43:27   So that was the thing I was dealing with.

00:43:29   That was popping up randomly.

00:43:31   Some apps were installing, some weren't.

00:43:33   Then I tried to set up my Apple Watch again

00:43:34   in the Apple Watch app,

00:43:36   and it got stuck on the terms and conditions screen

00:43:38   for like five minutes.

00:43:38   It was just spinning, spinning, spinning.

00:43:40   I had no idea what was happening.

00:43:41   I quit the app, did it again,

00:43:43   and then it just starts pairing.

00:43:45   It's like, "Hey, pair your Apple Watch."

00:43:46   And still I'm like, "Am I, have I done this wrong?

00:43:49   "I have no idea if I've done this wrong."

00:43:51   And then it ended up like after a while,

00:43:54   the Apple Watch set up and everything was there.

00:43:56   I had to like set up some stuff again, like it seemed like the watch OS 3 plus application

00:44:01   stuff like a bunch of complications got knocked off like until the apps were updated.

00:44:05   Like that was like whatever but the whole process with the Apple watch was frustrating

00:44:09   because at no point during this like one hour process I had any idea if I'd done it right

00:44:14   until it opened up and they'd done it right again.

00:44:17   I still don't have Apple Pay on my watch because an error occurred while setting up Apple Pay

00:44:23   is what I get every time I try to add the card that's on my phone and I can't even take

00:44:28   action. It's just an error occurred and that's been occurring since I put it on there. I

00:44:33   have no idea why.

00:44:36   So after dealing with my Apple Watch and all the install errors, I set up all my other

00:44:39   fingers for Touch ID and then...

00:44:42   I like that we live in a world where you have to set up fingers. That's interesting.

00:44:46   Just go through and do all of that again. And then at a certain point, all applications

00:44:49   stopped installing. So this is I started doing this pretty early in the day, right?

00:44:55   So I'm back at home doing this at like 930 in the morning. So by this point, like

00:45:00   when I started, so by this point I'm getting close to 11 a.m. This is when I

00:45:03   assume lots of people start getting their phones around Europe and stuff

00:45:07   like that. So this is just when the App Store just starts to fail and then after

00:45:12   a while a bunch of apps didn't install and their icons disappeared. So it

00:45:17   happened last year as well. So I then had to do like an inventory of my old phone to

00:45:21   my new phone and work out which apps hadn't installed. Then I had to download all my Apple

00:45:28   Music again. Yeah. So this was my setup process. It ends with me looking at both of my phones

00:45:39   and choosing which applications the phone has decided not to download and then downloading

00:45:43   Apple Music. So I will say overall, this was still very complicated and annoying, but nowhere

00:45:49   near as bad as last year. And I think there's a couple of reasons for this.

00:45:53   Yeah, I was going to say, I ended up ultimately restoring from iCloud and the encrypted iCloud

00:45:58   backup, so the number of passwords I had to re-enter was so much less than back when they

00:46:04   weren't encrypting the iCloud backups. And I have to applaud them for that. I was so

00:46:08   frustrated by the attempt to iTunes backup because it wanted to pull content off of my

00:46:12   phone and put it on my, in iTunes, just like I don't do, I don't play that game, I don't

00:46:17   want to have apps, iOS apps on my Mac, I'm not interested in having them present there,

00:46:23   just do a little backup file, you know, encrypted backup file with all my stuff in it, and that

00:46:29   failed, but the iCloud backup, yeah, was so much speedier because all of that data transferred.

00:46:36   But it's, you know, the issue is the App Store on this day cannot handle these people coming

00:46:43   to it. It's the same as the two-hour wait thing, right?

00:46:45   Yeah. And it's, and it's, this is one of those cases where Apple just needs this, if this

00:46:49   is unavoidable, which it may be because of the way they set up the app downloading system,

00:46:55   if it's unavoidable, then they, they need to really work on handling demand because

00:47:05   not a surprise that there's a huge amount of iPhone demand. And I know that it's very

00:47:10   difficult to scale for the one or two days where you need vastly more than you need the

00:47:16   rest of the year, but this is the biggest product at your company and the biggest product

00:47:22   in some ways in the world. You gotta make the onboarding experience good for everybody.

00:47:28   And that means meeting this demand. So it feels like this was the number one problem

00:47:32   with this is Apple services were really shaky that day. I mean, Apple Music stopped working

00:47:39   at one point on my Mac and a bunch of people saw this where it was like, "I haven't been

00:47:43   able..." There's a really annoying dialogue that comes up in iTunes which is very unfriendly

00:47:49   and un-Mac-like, which is something like, "I haven't been able to connect to Apple Music

00:47:53   for the last 20 seconds," or something like that. Okay. Okay!

00:47:57   Alert! Alert! You're stealing music! You're stealing music!

00:48:01   You might be, we don't know. I don't know where I am. I'm confused. So this is the thing,

00:48:06   is clearly lots of things that were bad were happening to Apple server infrastructure on

00:48:12   iPhone day. This is not a surprise though, right? So that's the challenge for Apple,

00:48:16   is how do we either increase our server capacity so this doesn't happen, or change the way

00:48:22   we handle the upgrade experience to get some of the load off of our servers. And that might

00:48:26   be something like having your backup contain apps and only restore them, you know, restore

00:48:34   the ones that are compatible via app thinning and the ones that aren't, you mark them as

00:48:40   you need to redownload this. Or, I don't know, right? I mean, but are there things that they

00:48:44   can change in the backup process or the upgrade process that lighten the load on the servers?

00:48:49   That's one strategy and another strategy in addition to that probably is how do we make

00:48:54   the server stay up. How are we hitting the servers? How do we keep them up? Do we need

00:48:59   to increase capacity temporarily? But clearly they need to do some more work here because

00:49:04   they just can't. On day one, it's a bad experience. And I know, yeah, okay, day three it's not

00:49:09   so bad necessarily, but here's the thing. Like we were talking about last week with

00:49:13   the upgrade customers, and actually there was a, people had to do a, who went to the

00:49:20   10-0 update on their old devices on day one. This also happened after last week's show.

00:49:25   In the first hour, ended up with a phone that needed to be attached to a computer in order

00:49:29   to complete the update because there was something wrong. We haven't even mentioned that little

00:49:33   part of it. But it's the same thing which is, yeah, you fixed it after the first hour

00:49:36   but who was downloading it in hour one? Your biggest fans, your most excited customers.

00:49:43   And this is the same about iPhone day one which is iPhone day one is the people who

00:49:47   are the most excited and you need to have that be a good experience and it just is,

00:49:53   you know, the server stuff just isn't there yet.

00:49:56   Nope. And it's a shame. It's a real shame.

00:49:59   Yeah. Yeah, because I mean, as a fairly sophisticated iPhone user, I ended up in that same position,

00:50:04   which is, it's like a mystery. It's like, what do I do when I have screens full of apps

00:50:11   that are sitting there at waiting for hours? What do I do? How do I approach this? And

00:50:17   I did the, I turned it off, I turned it back on, I logged out of the App Store, I logged

00:50:20   back into the App Store, which is, you know, Settings, you know, App Store, tap on your

00:50:26   Apple ID, sign out, sign back in. I did all of that stuff, and eventually it just sort

00:50:32   of went, and, but even then it took time, and some things stalled out and came back

00:50:37   later, and it's just not great, because, you know, your phone is, the apps are very important

00:50:42   to a phone and they weren't, they were stalled. It was too bad.

00:50:47   It's really weird that you had these issues as well because this was just a random day

00:50:51   for you, right? You were a couple of days before, but there were still issues, so...

00:50:55   That's true, that's true. I did experience a lot of these issues not on the Friday but

00:50:59   on the Wednesday. Yeah.

00:51:01   But like I gotta say, overall it was better and I don't know why. Maybe there weren't

00:51:05   as many problems, maybe I was used to it, maybe my expectations were different for how

00:51:09   it was going to be this time around, but it was better than last year, but it's still

00:51:12   not great.

00:51:13   I really believe the encrypted backup thing does eliminate a whole slice of complaints

00:51:18   that we had the last time.

00:51:19   Yeah, but I did that last year though, with iTunes.

00:51:21   All right.

00:51:22   So like the thing is that the data is all there.

00:51:24   Like even on the applications I had to re-download from the store after they failed, the data

00:51:29   was still there.

00:51:30   Like it's just sitting in the iPhone somewhere until you re-download the application again.

00:51:34   Like there's, you know, like it's the whole app, is it app slicing, they call it?

00:51:39   You were mentioning earlier, I think that's what it is.

00:51:40   App thinning.

00:51:41   One of those things.

00:51:42   Isn't it app thinning?

00:51:43   Yeah, thinning, slicing.

00:51:44   And slicing, it might be both.

00:51:45   Who knows?

00:51:46   Chopping it up, dicing.

00:51:47   Yeah, that's it.

00:51:48   It's app dicing.

00:51:49   App thinning and resource slicing.

00:51:50   See, we're both right.

00:51:52   App dicing.

00:51:54   Like I gave Apple some slack earlier about the two hour wait times, right?

00:51:58   And saying like, "What are you going to do?"

00:51:59   Because that's a people problem.

00:52:01   This is a technology problem.

00:52:03   is just having more robust technology. And this just costs money, and Apple has all of

00:52:09   it. So have some extra servers that come online. I know that's such like a layman's way of

00:52:14   saying it, but that's the way I look at it, right? It's like, you can fix this by throwing

00:52:20   more money at this. And quite frankly, you have all the money. So make it better.

00:52:26   So I've got some thoughts about the UI of this too that I'm kind of confused about,

00:52:30   which is, and I'm sure, this is my standard disclaimer

00:52:33   for Apple stuff, but it's like,

00:52:34   I'm sure these conversations happen inside Apple,

00:52:35   but let's just bring it out and talk about it here,

00:52:39   'cause inside Apple, conversations stay inside Apple.

00:52:42   Is the restore process,

00:52:45   is the UI for the restore process right?

00:52:47   I mean--

00:52:48   - It's better.

00:52:49   It felt like less screens than last time, I gotta say,

00:52:51   but it's still like a nightmare of stuff.

00:52:55   - There's a lot of questions you have to ask,

00:52:59   and you know how vibratey do you want the home button to be and things like that

00:53:03   that are in there. But so the app, so then you get to the home screen

00:53:08   that's restoring and it's got to restore all those apps. Is that the right way to

00:53:10   do that? Would you be better off having a restore screen that is a

00:53:16   progress bar so your phone is basically unusable or a different way to

00:53:22   display those apps? Do those apps not appear? Is there instead like a proxy app

00:53:26   that says "restoring your apps" and then as the apps are restored they pop into view,

00:53:31   would that be less frustrating than seeing a hundred apps grayed out saying, you know,

00:53:37   waiting? I don't know. I wonder if this is not instead of making them download faster,

00:53:45   but in addition is there a way to make it feel less frustrating to…

00:53:50   But then wouldn't you just think that all your apps would disappear? Like you think

00:53:53   they all got deleted?

00:53:54   That's the that's the argument right, but you could also I mean you could just lock people out and say please wait while I restore

00:54:00   Your apps, but then you can't use anything including the stock Apple apps what you want to do so this new phone for $1,000

00:54:06   Yeah, it's difficult

00:54:07   This is the thing like I don't purport to have all of the up answers because I really don't if I had all of the answers

00:54:13   Then I probably wouldn't be recording the show with you right now Jason

00:54:17   I won't be solving the problems, but like I know my experience as a user, and I know it can be better and

00:54:24   It goes back to like, you know trade-offs for security

00:54:27   A lot of this stuff is re-entering stuff because they won't sync it and I love that. Yes, they keep my data secure

00:54:32   But it's also frustrating

00:54:35   Like I don't know what the trade-off I don't know what the right trade-off is there and frankly

00:54:40   I'll let them make that decision

00:54:41   But I know that there's like five or six screens in that process that could just be synced between devices

00:54:47   you could do it locally over Wi-Fi like there is a

00:54:50   Way to do this, but hey, huh? I have so much more to say about this phone, Jason

00:54:54   But I'm done with I'm done with the setup process now. The phone has been set up. Okay, good good

00:55:00   So I stick at last okay. This episode is brought to you by app care and their new service app doctor now

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00:55:23   not be outdated.

00:55:24   There are many, shall we call them zombie applications, that are going to be cleaned

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00:55:31   But there's also going to be some good apps, I'm sure everybody's got at least one or two

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00:56:58   What an interesting service.

00:57:01   So they're gonna help out all these developers, I hope,

00:57:04   and keep some of these applications in the store.

00:57:06   You know, I can see a lot of companies

00:57:08   that could find some use out of something like this.

00:57:11   - Yeah, it's gonna be, people are gonna be shocked

00:57:13   when their app is kicked out of the store.

00:57:15   - Yeah, and I think this is a,

00:57:17   you know, it's just an,

00:57:17   if this is the type of stuff that you do,

00:57:19   like you do contract work,

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00:57:24   because I think it's very, very smart.

00:57:26   Home button.

00:57:30   Now, little home button.

00:57:35   You were not the thing that I was expecting

00:57:37   to be so contentious.

00:57:39   I was expecting headphone jack,

00:57:41   but I got used to that super quick, Jason,

00:57:43   because I use ear pods for the majority of my time

00:57:45   and I have those.

00:57:46   I got a little adapter and I'm good.

00:57:48   That's all fine.

00:57:49   That's all taken care of.

00:57:51   Home button, I was not expecting to be the way that it is.

00:57:55   So the first click of the home button, that is no bueno.

00:58:00   I can't imagine anybody who clicks that button

00:58:03   for the first time, and I'll say click and button

00:58:05   in the biggest air quotes, finds that to be nice.

00:58:09   It is a horrifying experience.

00:58:12   - So remember when I came back from the event

00:58:15   and I said that the home button thing didn't work for me,

00:58:18   that it was like, it felt like it was not quite

00:58:20   the right location and it didn't feel good at all.

00:58:23   And that's what you said,

00:58:24   that's the no bueno experience right there,

00:58:26   which is like, what is going on here?

00:58:28   But one of the things that I discovered

00:58:31   is that that was a setting,

00:58:33   that that home button had been set to a setting

00:58:35   that was not the strongest setting.

00:58:38   So it was a combination of it being kind of a weak vibration

00:58:42   and just the initial experience of like, "Whoa, this is not what I'm used to with an iPhone

00:58:47   button that I've been using for the last nine years."

00:58:49   No. I agree with you that setting number three is the correct one. It is the most forceful.

00:58:56   It is the one that makes it feel like you're actually doing something. This is just weird.

00:59:02   So it takes way more pressure to click the home button. The settings of one, two, and

00:59:06   three are not the settings I wanted. I wanted those to be pressure settings, but they're

00:59:11   They're just feedback settings, right? So how

00:59:14   One two and three is just how hard the vibe the tactic motor goes off

00:59:18   You know, I thought it might be like touch ID where you could have soft and hard presses, you know

00:59:22   Touch ID of 3d touch the same on the track pads, right? You could say how hard it is

00:59:27   You want it to be depressed? It's not here. So

00:59:30   There are some weird things about this

00:59:32   like I feel like when I hit the button the whole bottom of the phone is being clicked in is how it feels like it's a

00:59:40   hinged screen, right? So like you hit it and then the whole bottom of the phone

00:59:45   compresses. Would you agree with that kind of feeling? Like when you hit that

00:59:48   button it feels like everything's moving.

00:59:51   I don't... That's not how it feels to me. How it feels to me is like when I press it it's almost like I'm

00:59:56   pushing through and I'm feeling... because I hold it, I've got... you know, my

01:00:00   fingers are in behind the phone and my thumb is on the front of the phone and

01:00:06   that's how I click it. And it feels to me like I'm pushing through and the vibration

01:00:11   is carrying through the back of my hand, like the whole thing is going. So it doesn't feel

01:00:16   like the whole phone is bending, that's not how I would describe it. And I don't have

01:00:21   any problem with the pressure of it, it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

01:00:26   So that, you know, I just think different people react to it differently. So like, and

01:00:31   every now and then it's funny, like I was finding him the first day or two, and he's

01:00:35   kind of worn off now but I would hit the button feel the vibration and thought I

01:00:39   did something wrong like I thought the phone was telling me I made a mistake

01:00:42   like it was just getting used to it right yeah I mean that that's what I

01:00:46   don't feel that anymore like I actually now I've gotten used to it and I take

01:00:50   some pleasure in the exaggerated click that it produces like the the feeling is

01:00:55   more visceral it's like a you're in the phone like I like it but this is not a

01:01:00   better button like it's not about a button and it never will be a better

01:01:04   button and I can't work out the reason why they've done this. If there is a reason, Apple

01:01:11   hasn't said that reason. I am sure there are a long list of reasons why they changed the

01:01:18   home button. Some we could see now and some maybe will come clear in the future, right?

01:01:24   If all the rumors of the unicorn tend to be believed. But as of right now, the reason

01:01:30   on stage was no it's customizable it's like no nobody needed that it's like man I really

01:01:34   wished that this button clicked at different forces like yeah this is this is my criticism

01:01:40   is like we all talk about this we're talking about this with a headphone right we want

01:01:44   the story what is the story of the removal of the headphone jack right we got a story

01:01:50   whether you're happy with that story or not is is a you know is whatever but we got a

01:01:54   story right? We're moving to wired, we want to get rid of this old technology, we have

01:02:00   courage, but with the home button? Nothing. It's like it's customizable, but there's no

01:02:09   reason for it because this is... Look the reason is that it's not moving, it's one less

01:02:16   place for a water incursion to happen. It's gonna be one less moving part that is broken

01:02:25   that needs to be fixed. There's lots of--they have reasons, right? You're right, they didn't

01:02:30   go into them.

01:02:31   That's what I mean, I'm sure there are a laundry list of reasons, but none of them are like,

01:02:39   here's why you as a customer is gonna get a better experience out of this.

01:02:44   It's funny that you feel this way.

01:02:46   I have no problem with it.

01:02:48   Having set it to three, I just have embraced the new home button.

01:02:53   It works just fine.

01:02:54   I have no problem with it.

01:02:55   It doesn't bother me at all.

01:02:57   So I kind of enjoy it, actually.

01:03:01   I'm kind of burying the lead on this a little bit.

01:03:04   The reason I have an issue with this is because there are times where the home button doesn't

01:03:08   work.

01:03:09   I press a button that does nothing.

01:03:11   So I noticed this thing, right?

01:03:13   That if the iPhone 7 home button is covered

01:03:17   with any kind of material, something is obstructing it,

01:03:20   maybe if you're using your fingernail,

01:03:21   you're not pressing the phone correctly,

01:03:23   there is no click, right?

01:03:25   And there was this whole big thing

01:03:27   that happened over the weekend with,

01:03:29   Capacitive gloves will solve your problem,

01:03:30   blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

01:03:32   My point was never anything about gloves.

01:03:34   It was just no sensor connection, no click

01:03:37   is what I came to the conclusion of, right?

01:03:38   The touch ID sensor is now what registers the click being made.

01:03:42   That you have to make a connection with the touch ID sensor.

01:03:45   So I'm having many times where like I'm hitting it and maybe not hitting it properly and there's

01:03:51   no button.

01:03:52   Or like the reason, when I notice this is something I do all the time.

01:03:55   I am laying down on the bed with my phone in my hand and I'm kind of resting my phone

01:03:59   against my chest or my stomach and I go to press the button and I'm pressing material

01:04:05   like my t-shirt, right?

01:04:06   Like it's just obscuring the button a little bit.

01:04:08   Doesn't work like that. This is an and as well when you make that connection and nothing happens

01:04:14   It feels to me viscerally uncomfortable like you're just jamming your finger or your fingernail into a piece of unmoving glass

01:04:22   Which is really weird because you're always doing that but when it gives you the tactic it feels like a button

01:04:27   But when nothing's happening, you just feel like you're just mashing against this piece of glass. It's like this is my whole thing, right?

01:04:34   I feel like

01:04:36   The experience that I feel is not as good anymore

01:04:41   because this button is a button that can fail on me and this was always my problem with the

01:04:49   Trackpads right there are times when it doesn't work on the laptops my magic trackpad

01:04:56   Never have a problem with it

01:04:57   But every time I use one of the new 15 inch MacBook Pros

01:05:01   I hate the trackpad because it seems to not work as well for me as the magic trackpad does

01:05:06   I don't know why.

01:05:07   Maybe it's just like whenever I do this, I'm just using Stevens and I think he uses a different setting to me

01:05:11   But anyway, like I don't like that when it's not set up the way that I like but I have this button now

01:05:16   which which doesn't work and it is

01:05:19   In times that I want it to and I find it very frustrating as somebody who's used a phone for nine years

01:05:25   Like I'm so used to just like hitting that button and it goes like as I said, like I'm getting used to it

01:05:31   Like you when it works. I'm you know, I'm fine with it

01:05:34   right? Like it is a different experience and I'm fine with it, but it is a button that

01:05:39   doesn't have a 100% success rate, which is really weird.

01:05:42   I, well, I mean, it breaks the spell of the, this is no, no, no, it's a button. It's really

01:05:48   a button because it's not. And, and you, you press it in certain circumstances and it doesn't

01:05:52   react and you feel like, I just had this the other day with my magic track pad where it

01:05:56   lost connection with my Mac and I clicked on it and nothing moved.

01:06:01   What is this photo?

01:06:03   Right, so that breaks the illusion and that's problematic. Yes, that's a thing. But I will

01:06:10   say it also means stuff like it doesn't accidentally get pressed in your pocket.

01:06:16   But nothing happens. I've heard people say this. When has that ever happened to anyone?

01:06:20   And then what happens? Like, oh, Siri might go off?

01:06:24   Yeah, I've had that happen. I've had it be pressed in my pocket when I didn't intend

01:06:29   for it to be. Absolutely.

01:06:30   Your pockets must be pointy. I don't know what's happening with your pockets.

01:06:33   I have the pockets. Indeed, yeah. It's a tough world out there. People are always poking

01:06:38   your pockets. I'm sure it might happen, but I just don't

01:06:41   see that as like a "hooray." And I've never experienced what you're describing

01:06:46   with the 7, which is pressing it and having a thumbnail not register.

01:06:53   This is like different ways of operating the button, right? But what I'm saying is a categorical

01:06:58   fact that something can obstruct the button and the button doesn't move.

01:07:01   I think, actually, this came up, people were talking about gloves and things like that

01:07:04   in the winter time, which I don't understand.

01:07:06   I love how, like, I just want to say, just for the weirdness, and by the way, if Steven's

01:07:11   going through this whole thing, right? We're hissing, we're going to talk about that on

01:07:15   Connected as well, it's been a weird weekend for us. It was just so interesting to see

01:07:18   this happen, where I just said something obstructs it, the button doesn't work, and within an

01:07:22   hour everyone was posting articles about capacitive gloves. I never even said that. I don't care

01:07:29   about gloves. I'm just saying, it doesn't always work. Whatever. That's all I want to

01:07:33   say on that.

01:07:34   But it is for people who use gloves, that was a question, and there are some people

01:07:37   whose iPhone strategy involves being able to push the home button.

01:07:39   Yep.

01:07:40   And for some people it worked and some people it didn't was what I was seeing.

01:07:43   Exactly right. So some capacitive gloves work with it and others didn't. It sounds like

01:07:47   there's like you've got to hit it a certain way because it is trying to get that connection

01:07:51   otherwise it won't trigger. So it's something that, you know, if you are somebody who relies

01:07:56   on gloves and uses an iPhone, you've got a set of gloves, you should check it out on

01:07:59   your 7 before there's a really cold day and your fingers freeze or you can't use your

01:08:03   phone but it's probably not that big a deal.

01:08:05   But you might need to buy new gloves which is like...

01:08:07   You might.

01:08:08   I didn't expect I'd need to buy new gloves when I bought my iPhone.

01:08:11   Yeah, that's true.

01:08:12   It's just the thing, like I just find it to be a weird thing.

01:08:16   Yeah, I don't know.

01:08:19   It doesn't bother me.

01:08:20   For me, I just accepted it and it works fine and it doesn't bother me at all.

01:08:24   Yeah.

01:08:25   for the most people, it's not going to be a problem.

01:08:28   But for the people that notice it, like me,

01:08:30   it's a lesser experience, right?

01:08:32   And we talk about all the time on the show

01:08:37   the magic of Apple, right?

01:08:38   It's why we do this show, because we love the things

01:08:40   that they make.

01:08:41   And as people who really obsess over the criminology

01:08:44   of this stuff, as we do, as all of you listeners do as well,

01:08:47   it's why you're listening to this show.

01:08:48   We always talk about the story of the product, right?

01:08:51   And just as of today, the story of this button has not been told, and it makes no sense.

01:08:57   It's weird that they talked about it being customizable, as if...

01:09:00   And I kept thinking like, "Whoa, what does that mean? Are there certain clicks I can do now?"

01:09:04   And then, nope.

01:09:05   I thought I was going to get like gestures and stuff, you know?

01:09:08   Nope.

01:09:09   No, nothing. It's just like, "Oh, how hard does it vibrate?"

01:09:11   Alright, sure, Phil.

01:09:14   Okay.

01:09:14   If that's what you need, man, we'll go for that.

01:09:16   But let's talk about that Taptic Motor, the thing that is powering it, because this

01:09:20   I love.

01:09:22   - Yeah, it's great.

01:09:23   - This Taptic motor is pure Apple whimsy.

01:09:27   Like this is what they do so well, right?

01:09:30   This is the complete opposite of the button.

01:09:33   - And it feels restrained to me.

01:09:35   And I'm sure there are people out there who are gonna go,

01:09:36   ugh, I don't want it to move,

01:09:38   my phone to move at all when I do anything on the screen.

01:09:41   It's like, okay, well you should turn off that feature then.

01:09:42   And then it won't do that.

01:09:43   But I found like--

01:09:45   - It's a delight.

01:09:47   - Using Android phones that have, you know,

01:09:49   Oftentimes there are these Android interfaces where everything you do vibrates the phone

01:09:54   a little bit, and it's like, what has happened to every tap?

01:09:57   Yeah, it vibrates on the keystrokes, and that's too much.

01:10:00   You can turn it off, but Apple didn't do that.

01:10:03   It is fairly restrained, but I find it whimsical and delightful and yet a little bit restrained.

01:10:09   If you're reordering a podcast list in Overcast, and this is not something that Marco Arment

01:10:15   actually wrote.

01:10:16   It's just he's using a standard controller.

01:10:18   When you slide those items around in the list, there's a little bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-bup-b

01:10:48   of dragging them over like, this is the genius, like this taptic stuff, whatever they did

01:10:53   is amazing, right? Like, how it tricks you, because it's the same with the home button.

01:10:57   Like it tricks me. Nothing changes, but I feel like something's happening. It really

01:11:02   is brilliant.

01:11:03   At my, when I was at Apple I saw this app that was, it's a music app, and it's like

01:11:09   a piano, and you run your finger over, from left to right, over the piano on like the

01:11:15   7 Plus and you can feel your finger going over the keys.

01:11:19   It's crazy.

01:11:20   So here's the thing about that.

01:11:21   Do you remember before all this came about, it's been going on for years, about Apple

01:11:25   were apparently creating a screen that would give feedback.

01:11:27   Do you remember?

01:11:28   That was the rumor.

01:11:29   It's like it would give you feedback when you touched it in certain areas.

01:11:32   Yeah, right.

01:11:33   I think this was it.

01:11:34   People were just tricked by it.

01:11:36   That's the idea.

01:11:38   It's definitely like that.

01:11:39   And I mean, there was a Taptic Engine on the 6S for 3D Touch, but they were very clear

01:11:43   to me that this is a much, the Taptic API stuff doesn't work on the 6S because they

01:11:48   felt like that was, yeah, they said this is a much more refined and focused Taptic Engine.

01:11:53   They can do a lot more tricks with it and some of these taps are so light and they're

01:11:56   so fast.

01:11:57   - Oh, this is amazing.

01:12:00   - But I think it's really good. I'm interested to see what third-party developers do with

01:12:03   it, but I like that Apple has done this sort of sprinkling across everything and it's subtle

01:12:07   but delightful. And that is the best when you have features that work like that. I'm

01:12:13   with you. I really liked how they integrated haptics into the UI with the Taptic Engine

01:12:19   so that it felt like, you know, all that animation they've been putting in over the years with

01:12:27   all the different classes that they've got where sort of like you just as a developer

01:12:31   say, make a list here and then reorder it. But it actually, everything slides around.

01:12:36   so much animation in the UI, and a lot of this Taptic Engine stuff that they're doing

01:12:40   seems to be tied to the animation, so it really does give you that illusion like, well of

01:12:44   course, as this is moving, I can feel it moving. And that, instead of it being just a completely

01:12:49   abstract thing, it's something that's happening as part of your gesture, or as part of the

01:12:54   UI that's leading to the movement, and that makes sense. I also played a game for a minute

01:12:59   that uses this, and that was pretty amazing too, like you fire a missile, and you can

01:13:03   know what this game was called. I don't remember now. I should look it up. But it was like

01:13:07   if you fire a missile and you can feel it go and when it explodes you can feel the rumble

01:13:12   of the explosion. I mean it's not quite at like, I'd say it's not at the level of vibration

01:13:17   of like a rumble pack in a console controller. But it's also more detailed than that. That's

01:13:24   kind of a, right? The console controllers are sort of like, right? It's just a blind

01:13:29   vibration, right? This is a much more kind of refined effect, but not as

01:13:35   powerful as something in a console controller, but pretty cool. So there will

01:13:40   be some cool uses of this by third-party apps too. And bad. There will be bad ones too.

01:13:46   There'll be terrible ones that will all say "what the hell did you just do?" but that happens.

01:13:51   I've listened to and read a bunch of people saying stuff about the camera on

01:13:56   the plus. You know, like on ATP they were talking about it, Marco changed his decision.

01:14:02   Because something something something optical stabilization images mashed together something

01:14:09   something stuff I don't understand basically. But I love the camera. My god. My god this

01:14:17   camera is incredible. It's incredible. Like, just the standard pictures that I can take

01:14:24   on this thing are insane, right? The depth of field that I can get already is insane

01:14:29   before the portrait stuff is even available. The zoom? Whoa. Like taking pictures of people?

01:14:37   I know, look, everybody who's ever had a camera before, like, is just laughing at me, you

01:14:41   know, I'm not a camera guy, like, whatever. The telephoto lens. I absolutely love it.

01:14:48   Like I've been just been taking pictures, like I took a picture of my cereal just for

01:14:52   whatever. Like, you know, because it was just what was in front of me when I figured I wanted

01:14:56   to take a picture. The way that this, like, the quality of the zoom is incredible, and

01:15:04   just the detail that it picks up, like, I absolutely adore this camera. Like, it is

01:15:11   amazing.

01:15:12   Yeah, it's pretty good. Pretty great. One of the things that I discovered is I took

01:15:18   some pictures of some sunflowers that are in my kitchen. And I took that with this as

01:15:26   well as the 6S, 7, 7 Plus, and the 6S. The fact that it's capturing wide color gamut,

01:15:32   the P3 color gamut, and then the displays can show the P3 color gamut. On a non-P3 display,

01:15:40   you can tell that the color is better. It's a better camera. And on the P3 display, it

01:15:46   is shocking how much better it is. So when you're taking pictures and looking at them

01:15:51   on the device, you're benefiting double. You're benefiting from the quality of the camera

01:15:57   and the capture and then the display of it. But it's pretty impressive. They continue

01:16:03   to make--this is the thing, you know, camera is one of the most important features of a

01:16:07   smartphone and Apple has tried very hard to make that iPhone camera better every single

01:16:12   year and they did it again, it is better again, plus on the 7 Plus you've got the 2X version

01:16:21   and then, you know, they're doing a little secret sauce behind the scenes to take advantage

01:16:25   of the two cameras when they can. Which they didn't talk about on stage at all.

01:16:31   Secret sauce is making me laugh right now.

01:16:33   Secret sauce.

01:16:34   This is one of those things that Apple has the ability to do to us.

01:16:37   They have a whole kitchen that's cooking up secret sauce all the time.

01:16:40   mentions a phrase like horses and mountains and secret sauce on stage and they mentioned

01:16:45   it in regard to the AirPods and now I'm hearing a secret sauce everywhere.

01:16:50   Secret sauce, it's a thing. You gotta have sauce and if you have sauce, keep it a secret.

01:16:54   We were never saying this before though. Keep it a secret. Oh no, that's a thing. Secret

01:16:57   sauce is absolutely a thing. No, I know what it is. It's McDonald's, right?

01:17:00   But like we weren't talking about... Anyway, but it's just funny to me. Like they mention

01:17:04   a phrase and it becomes part of the lexicon for a while. Like, secure enclave. We all

01:17:09   what they are now. Jim took a picture of his pineapple pizza in a similar vein to me when

01:17:15   you can really, another example in a low light condition of the great camera. I'm, I'm, look,

01:17:22   I know that people that love cameras, they're never going to be completely happy with the

01:17:28   way that these things work, right? Because they're not real cameras, you know, that they're

01:17:32   trying to put real cameras inside of a phone, which is difficult to do. But for someone

01:17:36   who doesn't really know and just likes the way that their pictures look when they're taken really well.

01:17:41   I'm very happy. I'm just like over the moon with this camera. Like it's just incredible.

01:17:47   You know all the stuff that it's doing with the two lenses and

01:17:49   all the stuff I can get out of the zoom with them like I am

01:17:53   so thrilled with this. They look incredible to me. Um and I

01:17:57   It's one of my favorite features of the phone obviously, but I wasn't expecting it so much to love it as much as I do.

01:18:05   I'm so happy with it.

01:18:06   - It's very good.

01:18:07   And well, I wanted to just follow up.

01:18:10   They didn't mention it on stage, but it is true.

01:18:12   Every time you take a picture in the standard,

01:18:15   like in the camera app, it's firing both sensors off.

01:18:19   - Yeah, I don't know why they didn't mention this.

01:18:22   - Gathering both pictures and when it does its processing,

01:18:26   if it does, and they won't talk about the details

01:18:28   of it really, but it is doing some things,

01:18:32   knowing that it's got another camera to try if... the way I read it was if it's

01:18:38   got areas of the camera of the photo that look questionable that if it's got

01:18:42   data from the other camera that looks better it will try to mix in the other

01:18:46   other one it's super secret sauce stuff Myke it's secret sauce stuff but so they

01:18:51   won't talk about it but the jpeg you get out of the iPhone 7 plus may include

01:18:56   data that's been merged together from both sensors in order to get the best

01:19:01   picture possible. Obviously if you shoot with another app that's using RAW, you're

01:19:07   picking the the sensor and you get the RAW sensor data, but the JPEG that's gone

01:19:11   through all of Apple's processing, that's one of the things that Apple will do

01:19:14   with processing on the 7 Plus, is potentially look at the other camera

01:19:18   data and see if it can integrate that in some way, which is also pretty

01:19:22   pretty wacky.

01:19:23   My layman's way of thinking of this is it's like some kind of super HDR mode.

01:19:27   My understanding of HDR is it takes the best brights and the best

01:19:31   stars or whatever and put them together to make the best image. It kind of feels like

01:19:34   that.

01:19:35   You could do that. I'm unclear on if they're actually doing that, but wouldn't that make

01:19:38   sense that if you're on the wide angle and you take a shot with the wide angle or vice

01:19:44   versa that you would actually set the settings on the other camera to be different shutter,

01:19:52   something different about it to sort of get that to happen. The way HDR works now is it

01:19:57   takes two pictures in rapid succession and then merges them together. I don't know, they

01:20:02   said noise reduction is one of the big things that they're trying to do with that.

01:20:06   So I guess you could take detail from one lens, color from another, you know, I don't

01:20:10   know how it's done. It kind of makes sense in my brain.

01:20:13   But they do some of that, but they don't talk about what they're doing. So that's just,

01:20:17   we just kind of have to take them at their word there.

01:20:19   The speakers are so loud and they're really clear. It's not as good as the iPad Pro, of

01:20:24   because the iPad Pro has two times more speakers. It doesn't sound two times louder to me, but

01:20:31   it's a lot louder. I'm very happy. They're way clearer. It's funny, when you have it

01:20:34   at full volume, your iPhone basically shakes. You hold it and you can feel the sound.

01:20:39   Yeah, and they're not just putting Taptic Engine in there just to fake it. I think it's

01:20:46   much louder. It's still tinny. I would not love listening to music or watching a movie

01:20:51   just on the speakers, but you can. It's nowhere near as good as the iPad. The

01:20:54   speakers are just legitimately good. They're very good. This is like what I wanted, it's

01:20:59   way better.

01:21:00   And the stereo effect really is surprising in that it doesn't feel like they've tuned

01:21:05   that speaker so that it's in stereo and you don't feel like you have one speaker

01:21:09   aimed at you and one speaker aimed away from you. They feel balanced when you listen to

01:21:14   it. It plays stereo for audio, I mean for music, as well as for movies. So if you play

01:21:21   music track, it will actually use the one speaker for left and one speaker for right,

01:21:27   even if you're in portrait, you're holding it upright, it will still stereo separate.

01:21:33   I'm really worried that one day I'm going to hit the loudspeaker button when I'm on

01:21:37   the phone call and burst my eardrum. I think they'll try very hard not to do that.

01:21:42   My hope would be that they use the sensor to not do that, right? Like if you hit loudspeaker

01:21:48   and put it up to your ear it won't go off because they can use the screen detection

01:21:51   sensor. That's what I hope they're doing. If Apple, if you're not doing that and you've

01:21:55   heard that, I recommend that. That might save somebody's eardrums because these things are

01:21:59   loud.

01:21:59   I would be surprised if they didn't have it in there so that if you have the proximity

01:22:04   sensor and they know that there's a person near that speaker that it doesn't, it's volume

01:22:09   limited.

01:22:10   Thinking about it, there's an easy way to test this and I'll do it. I'll just put my

01:22:13   finger over it. This phone is so fast in everything it does. It is incredible. Everything loads

01:22:22   faster there's less lag across the whole system. I noticed it almost immediately just how powerful

01:22:27   this thing feels. It's insane.

01:22:29   Yep it's twice as fast as the 6.

01:22:32   I mean you can really feel it even from the 6s right like I feel in it like I just you

01:22:37   do every time but this thing is noticeably faster I have no idea how they continue to

01:22:42   make these things faster and faster all the time. It's such a small little box.

01:22:47   The other big thing that I love, love is the screen. My gosh, the wide color gamut stuff.

01:22:54   What it does to these screens, like everything looks better to me. Like it was how I felt

01:22:58   about the iPad Pro, right? Like that just looking at my home screen was a treat. And

01:23:03   that's how I feel here. It's a shame to not have the True Tone, but quite honestly, it's

01:23:07   so close to me. Like I can look at the two devices and I can see what True Tone is doing

01:23:11   to them. But the quality of the screen and the wide color gamut is so good, I almost

01:23:16   don't care that much because it is so fantastic. And when you pair with night shift on the

01:23:21   iPhone, it is just a completely pleasurable experience, the screen on these things. Absolutely

01:23:28   fantastic.

01:23:29   I agree. It's a very impressive screen. I think my only thoughts go back to when we

01:23:35   were talking about Samsung is it does feel like that's a challenge for Apple is can you

01:23:41   get it to feel a little more edge-to-edge, there's not a lot of frame left around it,

01:23:45   but there's still frame left around it. And on the regular 7, you know, I'm not a big

01:23:52   believer in the idea. I've heard people who are fans of Android devices say, "Oh, but

01:23:57   Apple's so far behind in resolution, you've got these Super HD displays on Android devices."

01:24:02   It's like, you know, above a certain DPI, it really doesn't matter, and in fact it's

01:24:05   a bad idea to have a higher resolution display, because no one can see it, but you still have

01:24:09   to draw all the pixels, which means you have to have the GPU to drive it. That all said,

01:24:15   the iPhone 7 not being able to show true 1080, the smaller iPhone could probably have a higher

01:24:22   resolution screen than it has, so I hope they go down that path. I don't think it's something

01:24:26   that most regular people are going to care about. It's a beautiful screen. It is a retina

01:24:32   screen, so you probably couldn't detect a whole lot of difference anyway. I think it's

01:24:37   worth mentioning that, that it's like the Plus is a true 1080 screen, but the 7 is not.

01:24:42   It's not quite there yet. So, maybe in the next version, but I think this kind of leads

01:24:47   us to our conclusions. It's sort of like, what is this iPhone? How is it different than

01:24:52   the past and what does this mean for the future?

01:24:56   So I think this is the weirdest iPhone ever made because there are strange choices with

01:25:04   peculiar outcomes. You know, we didn't even talk about the headphone jack because I just

01:25:09   feel like it's a non-story at this point. We've said everything.

01:25:12   Maybe this is why they have the TikTok approach where there's like the 5 and the 5s, the 4

01:25:18   and the 4s, the 6 and the 6s. Maybe that's why they only do two because when you do a

01:25:22   third one it gets weird. You don't want to go to the third one because this is what happens.

01:25:27   Strange things start to happen.

01:25:28   It gets weird at the third iteration. You're completely right.

01:25:31   You don't want to, yeah, you know, and this is, this is, it is weird.

01:25:36   There are a lot of challenges, things they're doing here that are like, we're going to change

01:25:39   things.

01:25:40   We're going to do all this stuff.

01:25:41   I mean, yeah, of course the phone is, or the camera's better and the processors are faster.

01:25:46   It's like all those things happen every time and they're to be commended.

01:25:49   We shouldn't take that for granted, but they're to be commended for that.

01:25:51   But then you've got, we also added a camera, got rid of the home button, got rid of the

01:25:55   headphone jack.

01:25:56   And like, okay.

01:25:57   Enjoy.

01:25:58   It looks the same.

01:26:00   It is weird and for me,

01:26:03   and I like it, I think it's actually,

01:26:06   I think it's great, I think they pushed it forward in a bunch of

01:26:09   areas that are really nice, I think that

01:26:11   the color gamut stuff, the camera improvements, it's really impressive,

01:26:14   great to look at, so much faster, all those things are great,

01:26:18   the better speakers are fantastic.

01:26:21   I do wonder what this says about the iPhone product line, like,

01:26:25   we won't know for a year what

01:26:28   this phone's place in the world is,

01:26:32   and I feel like we've got a couple of options.

01:26:35   One is, it's a weird phone,

01:26:37   and we're gonna look back and be like,

01:26:39   and then they did that third one,

01:26:40   that the seven, which was basically like the six

01:26:42   and the six S, and that was strange.

01:26:44   They made a lot of weird decisions there,

01:26:46   but then they wiped it all away and they did a new phone.

01:26:49   I think more likely is we're gonna look back

01:26:51   and say that this was a transitional device,

01:26:54   where they were trying out a bunch of stuff

01:26:57   before implementing it and a whole lot of other weird stuff with whatever next year's

01:27:02   phone is. But we won't know. I mean, there were rumors that suggest that that is the

01:27:05   case, but we won't really know until next year. But that, you know, I think one way

01:27:10   or another, it is a very different phone in a lot of ways than any previous iPhone. I

01:27:16   think that's interesting that they've done that nine years in.

01:27:19   Yeah, this is the thing. Like, I love this phone as I love all new iPhones because it

01:27:23   gives me a bunch of stuff that's really great. But it's also given me some things that are

01:27:26   not so great which is weird. You know like I don't, I can't think of an iPhone that's

01:27:31   done this before. Like it's made some decisions that are like completely perplexing. You know

01:27:38   like removing the headphone jack is perplexing. Like I'm sure that I would feel probably the

01:27:43   same way as I do about the home button if I didn't know about the headphone jack like

01:27:47   six months ago. You know? And I think that's a decision made by Apple. You know? To like

01:27:53   imagine if they would have taken off how you would have reacted. No matter how you were

01:27:56   reacting when the rumors were first coming out. You know, I think it was very smart by

01:28:00   them to remove it because that's way more of a hot button issue than the home button

01:28:04   is, right? But...

01:28:06   Well, I mean, technically, the... Oh, I want to mention and this is probably something

01:28:14   that can be solved in software, I don't know, but people have discovered by the way that

01:28:17   the lightning port goes to sleep.

01:28:19   Yeah.

01:28:20   So, if you plug in your headphones and you listen to a podcast and like 20 minutes later

01:28:25   you want to click to pause your phone, I believe it doesn't work.

01:28:30   So, there's been a bit of contention. What I have seen proven on video is play a show,

01:28:37   pause it, five minutes later you cannot unpause. Oh, so it's when it's not playing audio.

01:28:44   When nothing's happening. I see, interesting. I've seen video proof of this, I'm going to

01:28:47   put it in the show notes, that when you want to resume, you have to basically plug and

01:28:55   replug to get it to work.

01:28:57   Okay. Well, so that's one of those things that maybe that's just an unintended side

01:29:02   effect of all of this that, like I said, I hope can be fixed with the software update.

01:29:05   But this is the thing about having a weird phone like this, right, is that I think there

01:29:10   are going to be weird edge cases in all of these things that are going to come out of

01:29:14   stories and some of it Apple's gonna say "that's just how it is now" and other

01:29:19   things Apple's gonna say "oh that'll be addressed in a software update

01:29:22   that's coming soon" and that one strikes me as being you may need to trade

01:29:27   off on the battery life that like if you've got a lightning device plugged in

01:29:30   and audio isn't playing that yeah you still need to listen for it to give you

01:29:35   a command to play the audio again you got to do that and and hopefully

01:29:39   something with software.

01:29:40   With the headphone thing, I've just not bumped into anything yet. I will do.

01:29:44   Sure, but you will, and we'll see those stories. I mean, I could write those stories now. I

01:29:48   can predict those stories. There'll be somebody who's somewhere, and it's like, "My wedding

01:29:52   was ruined because I didn't have this adapter, and so we couldn't play that song." Right?

01:29:56   That story will be posted.

01:29:57   I mean, we could laugh, but that's gonna happen.

01:29:59   It's gonna happen. "My car trip was ruined because I couldn't connect my iPhone." Those

01:30:06   stories will get written by angry people. There are always, I mean, I was sharing in

01:30:11   the relay slack, there are always people who really have a bad experience with something

01:30:15   and then they go on Twitter or whatever or Facebook and they vent and then somebody picks

01:30:21   it up because if you write anything about anything about an Apple product, somebody

01:30:25   will write a story for their blog about the fact that you had that issue. Like you found

01:30:30   out with your observation about having a t-shirt in front of the home button that that became

01:30:35   a story on people's websites because you had an observation on Twitter. So that will happen

01:30:40   at some point down the road, that's true. And some of them, Apple will be like, "Yeah,

01:30:43   that's, you know, whatever." And other times, there may be some things where they're like,

01:30:47   "Oh, actually, yeah, that's a good point. We're gonna fix that in an update."

01:30:50   Which one are you gonna buy? Because I know you were on the fence about the plus, and

01:30:56   some of the stuff you were saying in your review really made it seem like you were maybe

01:31:00   leaning that way more than you ever have before because of some of the advancements.

01:31:04   I know but I mean I thought I gave it away when I very specifically said it's

01:31:07   almost enough to make me switch and join the plus club because of the camera

01:31:11   I just want you were there if I had some luck in it I read it I know what it meant

01:31:14   by just keep see if I could do that word is almost but but not not quite though

01:31:20   you know the plus I've got it here I actually am going to switch I've been

01:31:24   using the seven I'm going to use the seven plus as my primary for a little

01:31:28   bit because that's part of the experience of it

01:31:30   It's really nice and big, it's also really big.

01:31:34   So that's my thing, is do I really want,

01:31:40   for the more flexible camera and all of that,

01:31:43   the fact is I run with my phone in my pocket,

01:31:46   and this thing's enormous,

01:31:48   so am I leaving my phone behind if I do that,

01:31:50   and then I can't listen to podcasts,

01:31:52   because I don't have, unless I get out the old iPod Shuffle

01:31:56   or something like that,

01:31:57   just it it it the way I use my phone I don't think there's enough benefit in in switching

01:32:03   to the plus because I'm going to have to tow that thing around everywhere I go and it's

01:32:07   big. It's really large like it's very you get used to it yeah you get used to it I it's

01:32:14   it's funny to me to hear so many people get so close just fall at the last hurdle next

01:32:20   year I think I'm going to get you all I think it's always worth considering I don't know

01:32:24   - No, Myke, next year, the smaller phone may be so amazing

01:32:28   that we don't even need that big phone anymore.

01:32:31   - That's a topic for another time.

01:32:33   - Let me, I'll give you this to button this up,

01:32:35   which is I did as part of this run a bunch

01:32:38   of benchmark tests, a bunch of speed tests

01:32:40   with Geekbench using a bunch of different iPhones,

01:32:42   including the SE and the five.

01:32:45   And holding that SE in my hand,

01:32:48   I felt like I was holding a remote control,

01:32:50   like a clicker or something.

01:32:51   It's so small.

01:32:52   Good or bad, is that so small?

01:32:54   - That ship has sailed.

01:32:56   There's no way I'm gonna use a phone that size.

01:32:58   Forget it.

01:32:59   I know the nostalgia when it came out

01:33:01   and people like Groob were saying,

01:33:02   "Oh, but I like it, I like that size."

01:33:04   I don't like that size, it's too small.

01:33:05   - I think it's crazy pants to go back to a phone that small.

01:33:10   It's like child's toy phone.

01:33:12   - I was a big advocate in that phone existing

01:33:15   'cause I think it's an important part of the market

01:33:16   and not everybody wants a big phone.

01:33:18   Just like not everybody wants the gigantic phone

01:33:20   that you use, but for me, I can't see going back to that phone ever. It's just so tiny.

01:33:28   Alright, so I feel like I've made my point now, like that's why I wanted to say it up

01:33:33   top, right? I do really, really love this phone. I'm happy I made the decision. I've

01:33:36   already sold my 6S Plus. It's gone. I love this phone, but it's a weird phone. I'm getting

01:33:44   used to it, but it's weird and things are going to continue to be weird because I haven't

01:33:48   even bumped into any headphone stuff yet. It's going to be weird and we'll see what

01:33:54   it results in.

01:33:55   But, Jason, it's time for some Ask Upgrade. This week Ask Upgrade is brought to you by

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01:34:41   I can see if those people have actually looked

01:34:44   at their invoices so I know what to send them.

01:34:46   I love that I can create account lists.

01:34:50   I can't remember the exact name that they give it right now,

01:34:52   but it can show every invoice that's been sent,

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01:35:54   - Hooray. - Let's get into

01:35:56   Ask Upgrade time.

01:35:57   (imitates air whooshing)

01:36:00   TJ, upgrade it.

01:36:01   - Taptic vibration, taptic vibration.

01:36:03   probably a six to a seven.

01:36:05   And TJ wanted to know what our favorite

01:36:07   3D touch shortcuts were and if we take live photos.

01:36:10   So my favorite 3D touch shortcuts,

01:36:12   I love the peaking at emails, links and messages,

01:36:16   just so I don't have to open stuff and switch apps

01:36:18   or like I get a message, I just wanna see what it says

01:36:20   in full without sending off a read receipt

01:36:22   or I get an email and I don't wanna open it

01:36:24   so it marks as read, I just wanna peek at what it says.

01:36:27   I love all of that stuff and there was notifications now

01:36:30   and you can kind of expand the notifications.

01:36:32   that stuff is great. I'm really happy with all of that. I also really do love live photos.

01:36:38   It's one of my favorite things that Apple has added to iOS in recent years because it

01:36:42   just makes my photos more delightful. Like, the photos sit still, I swipe through them

01:36:47   and they move a little bit which is nice, and then I press and hold on them and I see

01:36:50   something that wasn't captured in the image that I caught. And it's a whole different

01:36:54   way of taking photos and a lot of the time the real joy of the photo now is actually

01:37:00   and looking at the moments before and after it.

01:37:02   I really, really love Live Photos,

01:37:04   and it seemed like such a trivial thing

01:37:06   when they introduced it,

01:37:07   but it's one of my very, very favorite things

01:37:09   about iOS today.

01:37:11   - Yeah, my favorite 3D touch shortcut is actually the,

01:37:16   I'm really liking in iOS 10, the flashlight

01:37:19   that you can 3D touch on the control center

01:37:22   and then choose the brightness of the flashlight.

01:37:24   I think that's amazing and hilarious.

01:37:26   - Light, medium light, low light.

01:37:29   - Oh, look at that.

01:37:29   - Yeah, right?

01:37:31   - So you control center, I'm about blinding everyone.

01:37:34   - Yeah, control center 3D touch is something

01:37:35   that I really wanted for iOS 10 and they delivered

01:37:37   and I'm very happy about it.

01:37:39   And I take live photos too all the time.

01:37:41   I don't often by mistake, 'cause I leave it on,

01:37:44   but I do enjoy them in certain circumstances.

01:37:47   And it's really fun to go back to a photo that you took

01:37:51   and like and discover it's a live photo

01:37:53   and get to see the world around the photo that you like,

01:37:55   which is really sort of how Apple pitched it last year was,

01:37:58   you know, what if your photos could come to life?

01:37:59   It's not like, okay everybody,

01:38:01   I'm gonna take a live photo now, so start acting.

01:38:03   It's more like, it's a photo,

01:38:04   and then you can see what happened

01:38:07   around the moment of the photo, and that's pretty cool.

01:38:10   So I'm all surprised-- - Like, is someone like,

01:38:11   blinking and making, you know,

01:38:14   the face before they make the photo effect?

01:38:16   Like, I love all of that.

01:38:17   - Yeah, I got a picture of my dog running around

01:38:19   and in the live photo, the dog kinda like,

01:38:21   comes into the frame and looks at the camera,

01:38:22   and then that was when the picture got taken,

01:38:24   and then she runs out.

01:38:25   It's like, it's pretty cool stuff.

01:38:27   And we have a great selfie live photo of you and me where the flash fired, the true tone

01:38:33   flash on the front of the camera fired, and you're blinded by it.

01:38:36   And that's the best live photo ever.

01:38:38   It is the best live photo ever.

01:38:41   We need to, I'm going to find that.

01:38:42   I'm going to put it in the show notes.

01:38:44   All right.

01:38:45   Somehow.

01:38:46   This could take a long time.

01:38:47   Do you have it to hand, or am I going to have to keep scrolling through your Twitter time?

01:38:50   I think it's in my favorites.

01:38:52   All right, well, we'll find that.

01:38:56   we'll put the GIF version in the show notes.

01:38:58   I'm gonna leave that task of use now.

01:39:00   - Okay.

01:39:01   - We can do this.

01:39:02   Next up on our

01:39:02   Next up on our upgrade this week we have Richard. Richard wanted to get an input from you Jason.

01:39:10   Isn't it a major oversight that Sierra isn't aware of tethering and will attempt to sync

01:39:13   desktop and documents no matter how large they are or what connection you're on?

01:39:17   It's a major oversight that the Mac is not aware of tethering. This has been a thing

01:39:21   for a while now. It's probably why there are no cellular capable Macs is because I think

01:39:28   there are some fundamental problems. I'm surprised though that they didn't three or four years

01:39:32   ago put together a new set of APIs for the Mac that indicate whether something is on

01:39:37   a cellular connection or not. But I mean, your argument would always be that until Apple

01:39:42   makes Macs with cellular stuff, then they're not going to bother. But this is a problem

01:39:48   when you tether because it has, it thinks it's on Wi-Fi and it can eat as much as it

01:39:54   wants. But of course, you know that it's on cellular.

01:39:56   I think this became a problem when the OS became aware of tethering as a thing.

01:40:02   So when they added the continuity features?

01:40:04   You got the little link in the chain thing, so it knows.

01:40:08   But there's no API.

01:40:09   That's the thing.

01:40:10   iOS was built fundamentally for the idea that you're going to do a lot of things on Wi-Fi

01:40:13   and less things on cellular.

01:40:14   From day one, that was the iPhone OS model.

01:40:18   And so every app, every part of the system has these two different classes of data, and

01:40:23   sometimes settings about what the behavior is.

01:40:26   every app has that. And the Mac has never had that. And it would be a big thing to do

01:40:32   that. They could do it. They could have done it, they could have seen this coming years

01:40:35   ago and Apple seems like they just don't care about worrying about the Mac using data when

01:40:41   it's on a cellular connection. So all I have to do is say use Trip Mode. That's why it

01:40:46   exists. I think it's tripmode.ch is the website, I believe, but it's a, Trip Mode is a utility

01:40:53   that looks at the connection that you're making,

01:40:56   and you can do it by interface

01:40:58   and by a Wi-Fi base station, I believe.

01:41:01   So you can basically say,

01:41:02   when I'm connected to this device,

01:41:04   turn on and block all data from these processes.

01:41:08   And it's not perfect,

01:41:09   but it does allow you to use metered connections

01:41:14   and block certain background stuff like iCloud

01:41:19   from using that connection.

01:41:22   It's not perfect, but that's the workaround right now.

01:41:24   But yes, Apple has been missing the boat on macOS for years

01:41:29   in terms of laying the foundation

01:41:30   for being able to differentiate between,

01:41:33   okay for unlimited bandwidth and please watch your step

01:41:38   and don't download stuff on this connection.

01:41:40   - Yeah, it's kind of surprising

01:41:46   that they've added this new feature

01:41:48   and it doesn't do it, right?

01:41:50   Like, as you sound like, I completely agree

01:41:51   old features, maybe it was never thought of the OS didn't know the difference between

01:41:56   tethering or not, but now it feels like it could. When an application like trip mode

01:42:01   exists, it shows it's possible to understand what the connection is.

01:42:04   It's only with tethering with iOS devices though, I mean that's the thing, is that there

01:42:07   are also little Wi-Fi hotspots and there are non-Apple devices.

01:42:12   Yeah, I know, but tethering on iOS devices will be a good start at least.

01:42:16   Sure, but it's just not there.

01:42:19   ask the age-old question I feel like every episode of upgrade gets this question. In

01:42:24   light of the A10 in the iPhone 7 should I wait for an upgrade to the 12.9 inch iPad

01:42:29   Pro or purchase now? So I'll give you the same answer that I give as always. If you

01:42:33   can wait and you can wait for an undetermined amount of time, if you can wait for a year

01:42:37   even before needing to buy an iPad Pro you should wait because the A10 in that thing

01:42:43   is going to be bonkers. It's going to be bonkers. So if you can wait, because we expect

01:42:50   within the next six months there will be an update, then yeah, you should wait because

01:42:53   those things are darn expensive. So if you can wait, wait. If you can't, it's brilliant

01:43:01   right now. So there you go. Nate wanted to get started with some HomeKit stuff. Jason,

01:43:07   where should he begin?

01:43:08   Oh, I'm the wrong person to ask. I bought a couple of Hue lights. I don't have any HomeKit

01:43:14   stuff. I actually bought a couple of Hue lights just so that I could write about the Home

01:43:17   app, which I haven't done yet. I haven't even put in the lights. How many Apple writers

01:43:21   does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is they're waiting for their Amazon

01:43:24   delivery of their Hue hub so they can do that. So I don't have an answer here.

01:43:30   I have no answer. Alright, so I have a basic answer. Go to Apple.com and take a look at

01:43:36   what's HomeKit enabled because they've got some stuff there.

01:43:40   But my next tip will be what I'm thinking about right now.

01:43:43   I am trying to find devices that are HomeKit enabled

01:43:47   and have some kind of other service attached to them.

01:43:50   Because in, when is it gonna be, a week and a bit?

01:43:55   Just over a week or so away?

01:43:58   I'm gonna be receiving an Echo.

01:44:01   - Oh.

01:44:02   - Because they are available in the UK now.

01:44:04   And I want to be able to have devices

01:44:07   that the Echo can talk to and HomeKit can talk to.

01:44:10   Because I don't want something that's locked into one system.

01:44:14   So I don't want things that just the Echo can talk to.

01:44:17   I don't want things that just HomeKit can work with.

01:44:20   So stuff like the Hue lights work

01:44:22   and I think some of the Y things stuff work.

01:44:23   So I'm trying to find things that I can use for both

01:44:26   because I don't want to get locked into one of them

01:44:28   because we have no idea which one of them

01:44:29   is going to win right now.

01:44:30   Google Home might be the winner.

01:44:31   You know what?

01:44:32   and try and find devices as much as possible that will work with all of my stuff because

01:44:37   when we move into the new place I'm going to be doing a lot of this so before the end

01:44:41   of this year you're going to be hearing from me a lot more about home automation so Nate

01:44:46   if you can hold off wait until I start looking into this stuff otherwise if you want to buy

01:44:50   right now look on Apple's website.

01:44:53   Last up today Tony asked about Apple pencil skins and pen loops for the Apple pencil and

01:44:59   asked me if I had any I could recommend and if I found them useful. So I will include

01:45:02   a link in the show notes to a little post that I put on my Tumblr site where I linked

01:45:08   to some things, some little hacks that I have for my Apple Pencil including a clip, a pen

01:45:12   loop that I use and the skins that I use. I recommend all of those things. I think the

01:45:17   skins add grip and a little bit more fun to the just white piece of plastic that you get.

01:45:22   I think the pen loops are almost essential. I think you have to have something that attaches

01:45:27   your pencil to the iPad. So right now my 9.7 I have the pencil in the pen loop of the Logitech

01:45:33   case thing to create and on my 12.9 where I'm still using the smart keyboard I have

01:45:38   a pen loop. I think you have to keep them together. Otherwise it's going to get lost

01:45:43   or it's not going to be there when you need it. So I really recommend the stuff and things

01:45:47   that are in that blog post are tried and tested by me and I love them and when I bought my

01:45:52   second Apple pencil for my second iPad because multi-pad lifestyle I did the exact same thing

01:45:56   with them, although I bought a different skin. One of them has the pencil skin that you see,

01:46:00   one of them has a Crayola crayon skin that I found from a different website. So check them out,

01:46:06   the skins are great, the dbrand skin is really good and the other skins I found are really good

01:46:10   as well. You'll find links in the show notes to my post where I explain all of that.

01:46:14   I think that's it, Jason. I have enjoyed this one. I was really looking forward to it. I hope

01:46:20   our listeners have too. I could tell you were having a good time. This is your time to let

01:46:25   it all out, let all your feelings about your brand new Apple product out.

01:46:29   Yep, that's good, it's good stuff.

01:46:31   So, and next week it's going to be Mac OS time because as we record this Mac OS comes

01:46:40   out tomorrow, Mac OS Sierra, so next week it's going to be all Mac all the time I think,

01:46:44   so get ready for that one.

01:46:45   I'm not upgrading.

01:46:47   Shh, silence.

01:46:49   We'll talk about that, we'll talk about why next week.

01:46:52   If you want to find our show notes, go to relay.fm/upgrades/107.

01:46:57   If you want to find Jason online, he's over at 6, the amazing 6colors.com and the incomparable,

01:47:03   incomparable.com, the incomparable.com I should say.

01:47:08   If you want to find him on Twitter, he is @jasonel.

01:47:10   I am @imike, I-M-Y-K-E.

01:47:13   Thanks again to our sponsors for this week's episode, the great folk over at AppCare, Fresh

01:47:18   Books and Smile.

01:47:20   Thank you for listening, as always. If you like the show, share it with a friend. Why

01:47:25   not? What is the worst that can happen if you do that? They might say they don't like

01:47:28   it and that's okay. They probably won't judge you too harshly. We'll be back next time.

01:47:33   Until then, say goodbye Mr Snow.

01:47:35   Goodbye everybody.

01:47:35   [MUSIC PLAYING]

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