105: The Illusion of Clicking


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 105.

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00:00:17   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined fresh from the Bill Graham Center,

00:00:22   Auditorium Center, Auditorium Center in San Francisco.

00:00:25   Mischiefs now.

00:00:26   That's where they show off all the auditoriums.

00:00:28   Hi, Myke. I'm here fresh from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

00:00:33   And now I'm back home talking to you.

00:00:36   Not a car cast this time because that's only one I'm driving back from Cupertino and it takes a very long time.

00:00:41   But I live fairly close to San Francisco, so there was no need. I'm here now. No car required.

00:00:47   So of course we have all of the news from the Apple event to talk about today.

00:00:52   The new iPhones, the new watches, and the paraphernalia that went around them.

00:00:56   But I figure we should start this episode with the scoring of the second ever upgrade

00:01:02   event draft.

00:01:03   Yes.

00:01:04   Now, we were talking in the talk show as well as on Twitter with many people about this.

00:01:11   So the talk show that you do now, which is a lot of fun, which is a bunch of us kind

00:01:15   of talking through what happened.

00:01:17   There was some point scoring there.

00:01:20   And then we also, people were talking to us on Twitter.

00:01:22   So basically the reason I mention this is I already know going into this that there

00:01:26   is contention this time for many of the points.

00:01:30   So I want to go through it.

00:01:33   Now however, I believe that even with all of the contention, I think that I have you

00:01:37   as winning.

00:01:38   Yes.

00:01:39   Well that's good.

00:01:40   Even with all of the possible contention.

00:01:41   That's good because I won.

00:01:42   I still want to go through it because I think it's important for the final score.

00:01:46   So let's go through it round by round.

00:01:48   I'll put a link again in the show notes so people can can grab the scorecard if they want to I saw there were a

00:01:54   Lot of people scoring along at home, which was awesome. That was exactly what we wanted people to do

00:01:59   So I'm happy that everybody did that but I figure should we go through point by point? I think so

00:02:05   So the round one draft picks were for you. No headphone jack, which we know if I'm Jack on the iPhone. I

00:02:12   Went dual camera on the plus. Yep point for me

00:02:17   Second round new iPhone point for you. Yeah, I went with Apple watch -

00:02:21   Yeah, right. I mean the name any as an exact but we'll get to that. Yes

00:02:27   Full points false touch home button. Yeah. Yeah, we got that. I don't think they're calling it that but I

00:02:35   Don't think Apple calling it force touch home button. Are they they I think they mentioned said it was force sensitive

00:02:41   Hmm just like Anakin Skywalker

00:02:45   New iPhone colors now when I made the pic this is a point to me, but we all expected blue

00:02:51   It wasn't a blue now. We have two black colors now, which we'll get to later on

00:02:56   Lightning then round four lightning earbuds. So basically we're three three at this point. Yep

00:03:01   Lightning earbuds included ding names a point for you

00:03:05   This is my first point that I lost the phone is indeed called the iPhone 7. I thought that it wouldn't be

00:03:13   Now this is where I get to the first contentious point for you Jason sure. Yeah, I've new watch bands now

00:03:18   there were no new watch bands show on stage unless they were attached to a model and

00:03:24   I'm wondering if that counts. Yeah, I wanted this too. I mean the the it is two new Hermes watch bands

00:03:32   And I think they might have put up a slide with some other watch bands show anything else

00:03:38   But they did show the Hermes ones and they did say that but that whenever when they showed them on stage

00:03:43   They showed them as attached to the Hermes watches the same with the Nike one. I'm not sure about this one. My feeling is

00:03:50   And it's pronounced Nike

00:03:53   Yes, there you go. That's that's my UK show

00:03:56   See my my my feeling is that this probably counts

00:04:01   Although I would be okay if it wasn't a full a full point because those are new bands. They even are in the Hermes

00:04:07   Hermes family, their new Hermes band styles in that family. So that would be my argument

00:04:15   there. It's not quite what I intended.

00:04:17   I think we should go with a half point here. Half point is what I would say.

00:04:22   Now this one is, I know this has been a big contentious point today. Watch one is kept

00:04:28   around despite the watch two existing. This is, I mean I would call half point on this.

00:04:33   Yeah, and I agree, I think it's a half point. Now, somebody on Twitter said, "But they

00:04:37   said they're keeping the old watch around." But they did, they did, they said, "The

00:04:42   old watch is going to stay around." And then immediately said, "Except we're upgrading

00:04:45   its processor and calling it a new name." Well, okay.

00:04:49   It's kind of difficult, right? Because it's kind of all-

00:04:50   And we are going to have to differentiate between the original Apple Watch and the Apple

00:04:54   Watch Series 1, which is not the same as the original Apple Watch, because it's got a

00:04:58   slower processor.

00:04:59   the original Apple Watch does not exist anymore. There is the Series 1 Apple Watch, which is

00:05:04   all but processor, right? And I guess that's the way that it is being done.

00:05:08   - Yeah. - But so I think that's a half point for me.

00:05:10   - Yeah, I could-- - So we're at four and a half, three and a half.

00:05:12   - I could be-- I could be a jerk and say that you don't deserve anything for that, because

00:05:16   he just said that and it was dumb, but he did say, "We're keeping it around," and in

00:05:20   spirit that's sort of what he meant, even though it's kinda not because of the hardware

00:05:24   upgrade. So yeah, half point seems fair. - Okay, so.

00:05:29   This was now the first loss for you promoting big things for the spring for iPad, no iPad

00:05:34   talk.

00:05:36   I got my 32 gigabyte.

00:05:37   Yeah.

00:05:38   For the size.

00:05:39   Right.

00:05:40   Okay.

00:05:41   Watch 2 keeps compatibility with old bands.

00:05:42   I have this as another contention.

00:05:44   This wasn't mentioned.

00:05:45   It's-- It's inferred, but not mentioned.

00:05:48   It's-- Well, yeah, it was implied.

00:05:51   Not inferred.

00:05:52   You inferred it.

00:05:53   I inferred it.

00:05:54   And it's very clearly true.

00:05:55   is the model they introduced is compatible and therefore it is real. So that's, I don't

00:06:02   see the issue here. I mean, I wasn't picking…

00:06:05   I mean, the rules of the draft that we have set out previously, it must be said on stage

00:06:10   or be on a slide. Yeah, but I wasn't picking that they're

00:06:12   going to mention compatibility. I was picking that they were going to release a watch that

00:06:16   was compatible and it is completely compatible. So I think that's a full credit for me.

00:06:22   Okay, if you're if we're gonna give you this there has to be a change of the rules going forward because our rule has been

00:06:27   It must be set on stage or shown on the slide and that was never addressed the Apple watch

00:06:32   I mean they showed the Apple watch using bands. It looks exactly like the old Apple watch

00:06:36   It look bands look exactly like the old Apple watch

00:06:38   You know like just because something looks that way they could have changed

00:06:42   We're not gonna play this game again anymore if you behave like this

00:06:45   The I'm going by the rules that we set. All right, so, okay. I'm gonna give you this point

00:06:50   But in the future there will now be an addendum. We're gonna have to be more specific. Yeah

00:06:56   That is compatible

00:07:00   Yes, see that, you know, it's tea leaf reading. Yeah, somebody did mention in the chat room implied that there are new bands

00:07:06   There are new bands. Yes, but they didn't show them on stage and I agree with that

00:07:11   That I really my case about the new bands has to be based on

00:07:15   the Hermes

00:07:18   Bands that we showed that we that we saw and not the ones that are actually new that were in the press release because they weren't

00:07:24   on stage

00:07:25   That is absolutely true. We would I saw watch on stage

00:07:29   I saw it with my eyes that was completely compatible with the old watch. So we're gonna give you that point

00:07:33   However, now going forward it can be also something that looks visually correct. Yeah. All right. Okay, so sure then we go down

00:07:41   I got the watch to a GPS ding you got your musical performance. I got

00:07:47   Boy did I. I turned off so I have no idea what Cia did, but it looked involved.

00:07:55   On 9 we both lost here. No new Macs of any kind, no iMacs or MacBook Pros. You got a

00:08:01   live game demo on stage, in fact you got three of them. I got no MacBook Pro with the function

00:08:06   bar. You didn't get Frank Ocean. No Frank Ocean. So the rationale when I picked Frank

00:08:11   Ocean was that he was the highest profile person to have a recent Apple Music exclusive.

00:08:15   And then on Monday, Sia dropped an Apple Music exclusive,

00:08:19   and she was the opening act, or the closing act.

00:08:22   So there you go.

00:08:23   And I'll say, somebody tried to give me three points

00:08:25   for the game demos on stage.

00:08:26   There were three live game demos on stage,

00:08:28   but I only get one point for that.

00:08:31   And it's called iPhone 7, not the iPhone.

00:08:35   -I was going for it.

00:08:36   -So in the end, it seems like what our draft came down to

00:08:40   is that you tried to get two points for the Mac,

00:08:42   and I tried I only tried to get one point for the Mac so you won by one

00:08:48   point victory yeah which is it's unfortunate because we've had to make an

00:08:53   event of the rules however we will go with it otherwise it would have been a

00:08:57   draw and what fun would that have been so seven and a half to six and a half we

00:09:01   are now one draft apiece I wonder if there'll be any more drafts before the

00:09:05   end of the year let's address that right off the clock are there gonna be any

00:09:09   more events this year, Jason. We got nothing on the Mac at all. And in our Ask Upgrade

00:09:14   section, I'm bringing this up now, I think every single person wrote in to ask that question.

00:09:19   Are we going to see anything in the Mac this year?

00:09:23   Ah, I don't know. You would think so. Now that Intel has announced that new processor

00:09:30   family, I mean, this is the killer. Is Apple going to release new Macs and then have a

00:09:35   new Intel processor generation ship like three months later, and I think maybe they are.

00:09:41   I had a funny conversation. I was talking to John Gruber right when they opened the

00:09:45   doors, so John and I kind of talked as we walked in. And we were talking about the Mac

00:09:52   not being at the event because we figured that would be the case, and what would they

00:09:55   do. And I said, you know, two years ago, they just did the town hall event. And he pointed

00:10:02   now yeah but you know Tim you know Tim stood up there and said you know this is probably

00:10:07   the last or this is gonna be the last town hall event and I said well he he did say probably

00:10:13   right and Gruber made a really good point as he often does which is he said well you

00:10:18   know back then back then they probably everybody probably figured they were shipping those

00:10:23   new Macs in the summertime and then it didn't happen so I thought that was really funny

00:10:29   like the idea that they were confident they wouldn't need a second event in the fall at

00:10:38   that time. And now, if they want to launch the Mac before January, they need a second

00:10:43   event in the fall, maybe a town hall. So that's going to be, I realize I'm wishcasting here,

00:10:49   but that's going to be what I'm going to say. My hope is that we're going to see an event

00:10:54   next month, just like we did two years ago when it was iPad and Mac, that we will see

00:10:58   a Mac event, it will be at a much smaller scale than this because the fact is most of

00:11:02   the people who are at these events, these huge events, are there for the iPhone. They're

00:11:06   really not there for the Mac. The last time they did a Mac-only event, it was a very reasonable

00:11:11   guest list because the people who are interested in what Apple's doing on the Mac are a lot

00:11:17   fewer than the people who are interested in the iPhone. So that's my hope, is that they

00:11:22   will need to do something, they will need to do a demo, they will want to show off this

00:11:26   this new touch bar, whatever thing it is on a MacBook Pro.

00:11:29   So that's what I'm gonna hope for is next month.

00:11:33   But who knows at this point?

00:11:34   It's been so long that who knows?

00:11:36   - All right, let's take our first break

00:11:38   and then we're gonna jump into the event.

00:11:40   We'll go through chronologically,

00:11:41   talk about what was discussed today.

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00:14:10   Hey.

00:14:11   All right.

00:14:13   So I wanted to put in the show notes, you probably haven't seen this.

00:14:15   a great video that Apple did, which is the whole event condensed into 107 seconds. It's

00:14:21   really punchy and fun and fast paced. You have to basically be a speed reader to do

00:14:27   some of it. It's brilliant. It's a really, really great video. These are usually the

00:14:30   types of videos that like I think I saw Kyle's the Grey on Twitter said it's like they basically

00:14:34   show up the verge. This is like what the verge does. But Apple did it and it is brilliant.

00:14:40   So I'm going to put that school don't blink, which is a great kind of a great line that

00:14:44   they use like don't blink or you miss it kind of thing which is fantastic go and watch it

00:14:47   it'll be in the show notes started off with Cook and Corden I think this is a great little

00:14:53   fun intro it makes a lot of sense this isn't just like a celebrity for celebrity's sake

00:14:58   right because they're going to be doing the carpool karaoke thing right singing Tim was

00:15:02   hilarious and he was cheating did you see him reading lyrics yeah yeah he did get he

00:15:09   did uh I can I know the lyrics of that song my uh my son's uh graduating class

00:15:15   what fifth grade graduating class they sang that as they left the elementary

00:15:19   school so I know that song but they did have him do sweet home Alabama he could

00:15:23   do the Lynyrd Skynyrd lyrics he was fine he knew that yeah that yeah I thought

00:15:27   that was a great start um I don't know why Pharrell was there and I don't know

00:15:31   how or why he disappeared but he did like all of a sudden Pharrell was gone

00:15:36   - Pharrell is a magic creature.

00:15:38   He comes and goes at will.

00:15:40   He is just that, that Pharrell.

00:15:42   His hat calls him back home.

00:15:44   His big hat.

00:15:45   - Now, for everybody watching along at home, Jason,

00:15:48   this was where everything went wrong.

00:15:52   - Oh.

00:15:52   - At this point in the keynote,

00:15:54   the @Apple Twitter account tweeted

00:15:58   all of the iPhone 7 features.

00:16:00   So, in case you don't know,

00:16:02   Twitter had set up this,

00:16:04   Well, Apple set up this Twitter account at Apple, which has not tweeted but has been

00:16:08   leveraging the ad functionality to send tweets to people but they don't show up.

00:16:12   It's this weird Twitter ad thing.

00:16:15   Now they would obviously schedule these ads to go out.

00:16:18   I don't know how or when or why, but they were tweeted too early.

00:16:23   They were tweeted at this point at the keynote before anything had happened.

00:16:27   We found out that the iPhone 7 was waterproof.

00:16:29   We found out that it was in jet black.

00:16:31   We found out that it was dustproof.

00:16:32   we found out about the A10 processor that there was no headphone jack, that there were

00:16:36   air points, everything came out at this point. Someone got fired.

00:16:41   Yeah, I suspect so. Between this and one other announcement in the iPhone that we'll cover

00:16:48   later, I suspect some people are hurting. Yeah.

00:16:52   And I actually think it was probably Twitter. I think they were charged with scheduling

00:16:58   this or Twitter scheduling tools didn't work properly or something because this

00:17:02   feels like a thing that Apple wouldn't do you know maybe I'm just giving them

00:17:05   too much credit but it feels like that their PR team is a little bit more

00:17:08   reserved than this like it would take three people with four different keys

00:17:12   right to set these tweets off somebody somebody clicked click the wrong button

00:17:17   for sure so but then we have the games demo and I am so frustrated about this

00:17:26   I'll tell you why. Shigeru Miyamoto came out and announced Mario Run.

00:17:30   The reason this frustrates me is last year, I think it was probably on virtual,

00:17:35   me and Federico predicted this exact thing, that Shigeru would come out on stage

00:17:39   and that they would be making a Super Mario Infinite Running Game.

00:17:43   I remember that. In fact, I had that moment of thinking,

00:17:47   "Did I... Did somebody not have this as an idea?"

00:17:51   But you're right, it was for like a year ago.

00:17:53   go.

00:17:54   So it may have been connected, it may have been virtual, I don't know, but this is huge.

00:17:58   This is huge.

00:17:59   This continues Nintendo's march towards the holiday season of doing things when they haven't

00:18:07   got any games to sell.

00:18:08   So Nintendo basically have nothing to sell this holiday season, their home console, there's

00:18:13   nothing happening because they're gearing up for a new console launch and reveal, the

00:18:18   reveal later on this year and the launch next year at the NX.

00:18:20   They have some stuff on 3DS but there's not really a lot there.

00:18:23   So there's a couple of things like that little NES mini which is like a little nostalgia

00:18:29   hit but now we have Super Mario Run.

00:18:31   Now it was a great presentation on stage, the game looks fantastic, you know one handed.

00:18:35   I can't wait for it, this is exactly the game that I was hoping Nintendo would make.

00:18:39   There is a bit of a cloud hanging around the pricing so on stage Miyamoto says that it

00:18:46   is going to be one price up front.

00:18:49   However, in the App Store listing, because there is an App Store listing, you can go

00:18:52   and hit the notify button.

00:18:54   This isn't the first time Apple did this.

00:18:55   A lot of people have been saying that.

00:18:56   I believe.

00:18:57   Do you remember that Ninja game that they showed off with the Ninja?

00:19:00   You could control him and bounce him around?

00:19:02   Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:19:04   They did a notify thing for that, I believe, or like a pre-order or something.

00:19:09   There was like a page in the App Store for that game in advance.

00:19:12   But underscore, David Smith very quickly saw that the App Store listing notes that it has

00:19:18   in-app purchases. So I don't really know what's going on here. My thinking is that they have

00:19:26   changed the business model between now and then.

00:19:31   Could be. Could be. It also could be that they're going to offer some sort of in-app

00:19:36   purchase but it's not about like gameplay. That it's about...

00:19:39   Yeah, it might be like some Haimium you can maybe put Mario in some different costumes.

00:19:43   But it does kind of go, you know, because like basically the way that Miyamoto kind

00:19:46   phrase that on the stage with Bill Trinen who I love of all my heart if

00:19:49   you're a Nintendo fan Bill Trinen is like the best person in the world

00:19:53   Bill or he is an executive like the guy who was out on stage with me with he's

00:19:58   an executive but he translates for Miyamoto all the time I don't know why

00:20:01   they do it that way but that's how they do it yeah well and it was like I mean

00:20:05   translates but also it was almost just like they were reading the script in

00:20:09   parallel yeah yeah so it's they yeah they work together like that it's really

00:20:14   fun. It might be that like all of the levels are available. We'll wait and see, but it's

00:20:19   a little bit cloudy right now. It's going to be out for the holidays. The price is announced

00:20:22   later, but iOS 10 launch will bring Mario stickers. This is awesome. I saw a lot of

00:20:27   people saying like, um, what kind of cut did Nintendo get? What kind of deal did Nintendo

00:20:33   get? I don't think they got anything. I think Nintendo need this more than Apple does, quite

00:20:38   frankly. This was always gonna happen, this game, and I think that what

00:20:45   Nintendo have got is like the special promotion in the App Store already with

00:20:50   the notify button and they're gonna get a ton of promotion at launch. I don't

00:20:54   think they will have got much of a special do if they've got anything.

00:20:57   Yeah. Nintendo really need this right now. And their stock price went through the

00:21:02   - I'm sure it did.

00:21:04   I mean, yeah, yeah.

00:21:07   - There was an update on Apple in Education.

00:21:09   I don't know what the ConnectED thing is about.

00:21:13   I believe it's a US thing.

00:21:14   I'm not 100% sure, but Apple are donating 4,500 Macs

00:21:19   and iPads to teachers.

00:21:21   They're putting Apple TVs in classrooms

00:21:23   and donating more than 50,000 iPads as well,

00:21:25   which is awesome.

00:21:26   - Yeah, that was like their feel-good moment

00:21:28   when they talked about that.

00:21:30   talked about there was the number and then also they talked about like a learn to code

00:21:35   initiative that's based on Swift playgrounds so that the next generation of programmers

00:21:41   learns using Swift. And then something crazy happened.

00:21:48   Something nobody ever would have predicted. Nobody could have predicted it. Because why

00:21:53   Why would you?

00:21:55   Real-time collaboration in iWork.

00:21:59   Which I had a moment where I thought, "Didn't they already say that they had this, but they

00:22:04   didn't?"

00:22:05   They had something.

00:22:07   They had iWork in the cloud, which is a collaboration tool which is not really that good at anything.

00:22:17   I will point people to an episode of The Prompt.

00:22:21   Oh, the best episode.

00:22:23   which we have now over at the Relay FM,

00:22:26   it's episode number 20, Take Action,

00:22:29   where during the course of the episode,

00:22:31   we attempted to try and use iWork for the iCloud,

00:22:36   which was the previous method of collaboration,

00:22:39   not too long after it was announced, and it was a disaster.

00:22:42   So since then, nobody, well, we have never had any faith

00:22:46   in Apple's ability to do this,

00:22:47   but they did a very interesting demo on stage

00:22:49   where they collaborated on the actual keynote,

00:22:53   which was being delivered.

00:22:54   There is collaboration in-- they showed the native Mac app,

00:22:59   but they didn't show anything else.

00:23:00   However, on the iWork page at apple.com,

00:23:03   it says that you will be able to-- your team will be able to

00:23:07   edit a document spreadsheet or presentation together

00:23:09   in real time on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone,

00:23:12   or even using a PC with iWork for iCloud.

00:23:16   Now, I don't know when this is coming out.

00:23:18   I'm assuming with iOS 10.

00:23:21   I don't recall them saying it and the site doesn't say it.

00:23:25   Maybe it's out today, I don't know.

00:23:26   I'm interested to try this, but now that Google Docs gives me what I need, I can't

00:23:31   imagine moving anything, but it's great.

00:23:34   I mean, I might use numbers more, I might use Keynote a bit more with people, but I'm

00:23:38   pleased that they're doing this.

00:23:39   It was an impressive demo.

00:23:40   It's in the native applications, which is great, not just on the web, but all right.

00:23:46   Like I don't know why they're doing it.

00:23:47   Well, I mean, the reason that it was in this education segment, right, I think is that,

00:23:51   which is what they're trying to do is say, "We have lots of Apple devices in education,

00:23:57   and we want them using our stuff and not Google Docs.

00:24:00   We want to be able to provide our own stuff."

00:24:02   And so they don't have to go to Google Docs or Microsoft, and they can come to us, and

00:24:05   they will get these things because these are things that their customers in education want

00:24:09   more than anything else.

00:24:10   I mean, I suppose there are work groups that are going to use iWork to collaborate.

00:24:14   That will happen.

00:24:15   But really, I think it's telling that this was in the education segment.

00:24:19   So it should be like, "I collaborated in education," instead of "I work," maybe.

00:24:23   I don't know.

00:24:24   But I hope they did it right.

00:24:26   It'll be interesting to see how they did it, because real-time collaboration for some tasks

00:24:30   in certain work groups is fantastic.

00:24:33   And we use some of that, although it's not usually too real-time with us.

00:24:38   But it's definitely something that you and I use and other podcast hosts use.

00:24:43   we used it in Macworld to write stories all the time and there are lots of good uses for

00:24:46   it and maybe, you know, we'll see. We'll see how it, the demo was great, we'll see

00:24:53   how it actually works in practice and who it's for.

00:24:57   Yeah, I will give it a go as soon as I can. We'll have to wait and see. So then we moved

00:25:02   into the Apple Watch. Tim started by talking about all of his customer satisfaction and

00:25:08   stuff like that but there's an interesting tidbit. The Apple is now second only to Rolex

00:25:13   in watch brands and they're the number one in smartwatch. I think this is in sales, right?

00:25:18   I think. Yeah. That's really interesting. And that was in 2015 and that was with only

00:25:23   it only on sale for whatever eight months or something like that. Which is cool. Congratulations.

00:25:29   I mean, you know, I think it's worth noting, but I don't have much to say on it. I don't know how

00:25:34   big that market really is. No, and the number one smartwatch and number one smartwatch in customer

00:25:39   Sat, which is, uh, yeah, you gotta have customer Sat.

00:25:44   WatchOS 3 features will walk through again.

00:25:47   We know all of that, we've been through all of that, but that's coming on September

00:25:51   13th, WatchOS 3, so I'm looking forward to that, I think everybody is.

00:25:55   They then brought out their second game demo, which was Pokemon Go coming to the Apple Watch.

00:26:01   They've built an app which has complications for hatching eggs, they have good notifications,

00:26:06   animations look really good.

00:26:07   Yeah, I thought that was really smart too because if you've played Pokemon Go, you know that one of the problems with Pokemon Go is that the way that they built it, it's really stupid.

00:26:14   You have to like carry it around open because the only way you can see if there's anything, even though it's a location-based game and it's encouraging you to walk, you have to carry it around or put it in your pocket with the screen unlocked in order for it to work.

00:26:29   So the Pokemon Go Apple Watch app actually does everything you might expect, which is

00:26:34   if you go for a walk and you're trying to hatch eggs, you get credit for the walk. It

00:26:39   uses the fitness APIs on the Apple Watch. And it alerts you if there's a Pokemon around.

00:26:44   You still have to catch it on your phone, but you can just keep your phone in your pocket

00:26:46   until that happens. And if you are at a geo location at a PokeStop or presumably a gym,

00:26:52   you get a notification there. You can actually get the stuff at the PokeStops without pulling

00:26:57   the phone out of your pocket. I mean, I think this is all—it's all the things that I

00:27:01   kept thinking as I walked around playing Pokémon Go that I wished I had had on my Apple Watch.

00:27:07   So I think it's a good example of what a companion watch app could be for a game like

00:27:11   this.

00:27:12   David: But then they said by the end of the year, aka when Pokémon Go is dead, it seemed

00:27:22   to—I mean, obviously they're working hard on it, but they haven't got out, you know,

00:27:26   not out now. I think the excitement is starting to wear off with the game. I don't play anymore.

00:27:30   I actually deleted it from my phone. I was getting frustrated. I think the way that this

00:27:33   Apple Watch app works is you, I think you set it as a workout and then it runs in the

00:27:37   background. I think that's, I think it's like hacking it through like that. I think you

00:27:41   have to like specifically tell it that you're out walking and then it will show you things

00:27:46   that are happening within the game. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds right. You actually kind

00:27:49   to enter into fitness mode.

00:27:51   Yep.

00:27:52   Okay, then we moved into the product itself, the new Apple Watch, which is called Apple

00:27:58   Watch Series 2.

00:28:00   There is no longer a sport model.

00:28:02   There is no longer just a watch model.

00:28:05   It is either Series 1, Series 2, and then the material name.

00:28:09   So for example, if you want to buy one of the previous, what would have been called

00:28:14   sport models in the new editions it is called the Apple watch

00:28:18   aluminium

00:28:21   series -

00:28:23   Yeah, I actually think this makes a bit this makes more sense to me Apple watch series - and then she should finish

00:28:29   That rather than sport and watch because calling the I always found it problematic that it was Apple watch

00:28:36   We always called it stainless steel anyway because the Apple watch was the name of the product and a name of the product of in

00:28:43   the product. Yeah, and not even the base model, right? It was even more confusing. The base

00:28:49   model had a name and then the middle model didn't have a name. So you have like silver

00:28:53   aluminium, gold aluminium, and then you have like stainless steel and then you have, you

00:28:59   know, that's how they kind of spoken about now in the product lineup, which makes way

00:29:02   more sense to me. Yeah, it's, um, yeah, I agree. Series is funny. This is one of those

00:29:11   examples where it's still they're still trying to give it up a little a little

00:29:15   flavor in the name so calling it series Apple watch series 2 it's like the

00:29:20   second season of a British TV show or something like that series 2 but it's

00:29:24   okay I'm okay with it it's not Apple watch 2 it's got a little more flavor

00:29:28   that's in keeping with the kind of interesting naming that they did for the

00:29:32   original Apple watch and but I I yes I'm happy that it's no longer sport and and

00:29:39   watch the watch watch the sport watch it's just aluminum and stainless and

00:29:44   ceramic however this is where it gets I don't know why they're doing this that's

00:29:49   the cool the addition oh sure so that one is called Apple watch edition

00:29:53   everything else is series 1 series 2 is gold is gold gone as far as I can tell

00:29:59   it's not on the pages anymore interesting ceramic instead yep but the

00:30:04   ceramic when you actually click into it the logo at the top changes with like

00:30:09   that the heading says Apple watch edition okay and I know that one is like

00:30:14   the most expensive base it's 1249 now I mean I think that the DLC coated one is

00:30:19   still more expensive but that's kind of because you put the extra extra band on

00:30:25   it yeah so it's all there's a lot of stuff happening here it's there's there's

00:30:29   It's all very, very confusing, but the naming is at least a little bit better.

00:30:34   No, actually I just took a look.

00:30:36   The black stainless steel is $1000.

00:30:38   So it's the cheapest other than the Hermes.

00:30:43   The Hermes push up above that as well.

00:30:45   There's lots going on in this line.

00:30:47   There's a lot going on.

00:30:48   Ain't no joke about it.

00:30:50   So they really had like a very heavily fitness focused video.

00:30:54   Everything about the Apple Watch 2, the Series 2.

00:30:59   seems to be very fitness focused. It's now swim proof, 50 meters water resistance. They

00:31:05   have a redesigned speaker system, which is kind of cool at the end of the workout. They

00:31:09   do something where it pushes all the water out of the speaker, which is really fun.

00:31:12   Yeah, I think it's just using like the vibration of the speaker to do it. But what they had

00:31:19   to do is re-engineer that speaker part from the original. You get the sense they tried

00:31:26   to engineer as little redo as little of the case and things like that as possible, but

00:31:31   this was a case where they had to do that. So it's great. This is, you know, Craig Hockenberry

00:31:36   has been swimming with an Apple Watch for a while. The Apple Watch is water resistant.

00:31:39   The first, the original Apple Watch is water resistant, but this is, it's like the three

00:31:44   feet or three meter water resistant where you can get it wet and it's fine. This is

00:31:49   the 50 meter water resistant. This is when, you know, I, it's very clear they wanted to

00:31:54   to do this last time and they couldn't, you know, the waterproofing that they had was

00:31:58   not good enough to make claims about things like swimming even though people have been

00:32:02   swimming with the Apple Watch and now they feel like they can actually make a claim like

00:32:06   yes it is designed for you to go swimming.

00:32:09   Yeah, like last time you could do it but they kind of wouldn't say it, you know, because

00:32:16   there are people that did it but now they're like no we are very confident in this, like

00:32:21   this works. So I think that's really cool that they got that. Because I have always

00:32:28   wanted to do that, you know, I went to go swim in my Apple Watch and now you can record

00:32:31   swimming in the workouts app. There is a swimming thing in there too. The guts of the Apple

00:32:40   Watch now have the S2 chip. It is dual core, 50% faster, has a new GPU, 2x graphics performance.

00:32:48   can now do 60 frames per second animations. And they have a second gen display, which

00:32:53   is two times brighter than the previous Apple Watch. It's actually the brightest display

00:32:56   Apple has ever made with 1,000 nits.

00:32:59   Steve McLaughlin Yeah, it's twice as bright. And the idea

00:33:03   here is that they want it to be as visible as possible when you're in bright sunlight.

00:33:08   When you're looking down at that Apple Watch, you want to actually see the text on the watch,

00:33:11   which could, you know, is a challenge. It's a challenge with any backlit device in the

00:33:16   sun. So they've...

00:33:17   If you don't know what a nits is, they actually explain it in that video I mentioned at the

00:33:22   start of the show.

00:33:24   One nits is the light emitted by a candle.

00:33:27   There we go.

00:33:29   So a thousand of them.

00:33:31   Thousand candles.

00:33:32   It's GPS to record your walk and run.

00:33:34   It shows you the route that you took on a map.

00:33:37   It looks like you have to activate it, right?

00:33:38   So it's not just tracking you all the time.

00:33:40   And third parties can use it.

00:33:44   We spoke about the cases.

00:33:45   Aluminium, stainless steel and ceramic.

00:33:47   ceramic is white, has a pearl-like shine, and is four times harder than the stainless.

00:33:53   Did you get any time with the new watches? Did you take a look at the ceramic?

00:33:56   Yeah, I did. I got to take some pictures of the new ceramic one. It looks, I mean, it's

00:34:02   what you would expect it to look like. It looks like sort of the white version of that

00:34:06   shiny, and it's not the same material, but it's that feel. The white version of that

00:34:10   shiny black model of the stainless. It is shiny white.

00:34:17   Money is no object. This is the one I would go for. I think it looks really cool and kind

00:34:22   of different, but I'm not willing to pay that amount of money on an Apple Watch. They have

00:34:27   the Series 2 Hermes and also what we found is there are some new nylon bands, which look

00:34:33   really great and I'm sure I'll be getting more of those. Apple then brought someone

00:34:36   from Nike onto the stage. They have a special Nike edition of the Apple watch. They have

00:34:41   a new perforated sport band as an aluminium case. And there are some specific features

00:34:47   and kind of apps, I think, for runners. It seems like these are exclusive to this watch.

00:34:53   Integrations with Nike Running Club, they have some special watch faces, and there are

00:34:57   four colors in that. Do you know anything more about this Nike+ edition watch?

00:35:02   I don't.

00:35:03   Is it exclusive?

00:35:04   strange too because the way that the the I guess it's the president of the Nike

00:35:08   brand described on stage is he kept talking about this product as if it was

00:35:13   like this new product from Nike that would did all these amazing things and I

00:35:16   kept thinking but it's an Apple watch so what's the story but I think that's sort

00:35:20   of how they're they're seeing it so it wouldn't surprise me if like with the

00:35:24   Hermes watch faces that are custom for that product that you might end up with

00:35:31   with the same thing here where this is stuff that is specially integrated. I think the

00:35:38   watch face is unique for sure. Obviously Nike is going to want to have, I think, Apple Watch

00:35:46   users of all kinds using Nike Plus stuff. So it would surprise me if the only way to

00:35:52   do Nike Plus stuff on the Apple Watch was to buy an Apple Watch Nike Plus edition.

00:35:56   I think I've taken a look at the product page. Yeah, the watch faces are exclusive

00:36:01   Yeah, but then it talks about the Nike plus run Club app, which I expect is available for everyone

00:36:06   Yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna say is my guess is the watch faces will be custom obviously these bands and the look of the watch

00:36:13   That that's the you know, you'll get the bands with the watch. That's how that'll work

00:36:17   And I think this is a really smart idea. In fact at one point somebody said

00:36:24   It may have been Tim Cook or no, it may have been

00:36:27   Jeff the the what's his name Jeff Williams Williams? Yeah

00:36:32   That it's the largest community of runners or something like that

00:36:36   And and that's I mean that says it all like why why does this product exist?

00:36:40   It's a Nike reaches runners Nike has a relationship with runners

00:36:45   that brand is so powerful with so many runners and this is the case where you know people know Apple and that's fine, but

00:36:53   Nike allows Apple to reach way more people than they maybe have up to now with the Apple Watch

00:36:59   Because Nike has a relationship with them those people love Nike stuff. They're using the Nike Plus

00:37:05   And the Running Club and all of those things

00:37:07   Then this will be marketed to them presumably this will be sold in places that they might

00:37:14   Otherwise see Nike stuff. I think it's all good

00:37:17   I think it's it's good for the Apple Watch as a platform to have a partner like Nike and somebody was

00:37:22   I think on Twitter joking about this during the event that this is the return for,

00:37:28   "You guys stop doing that fit band, right? And we'll take care of you over here."

00:37:33   And here's the result.

00:37:33   Because they've always had the iPod little thingy, right? You put it in your shoe.

00:37:37   Right. Yeah.

00:37:39   So, yeah, there's stuff that they've been doing.

00:37:42   Yeah, but they kind of stopped doing, they had the Nike band or whatever,

00:37:47   and they kind of shut down a lot of that stuff.

00:37:49   and there was talk at the time that that might indicate that they were going to work on partnerships

00:37:54   including with Apple since Tim Cook's on the board at Nike, right? I think. So yeah.

00:38:00   Yeah. We have clarification via business wire on the Mario app. So Super Mario Run will

00:38:08   be free to download and there will be one in-app purchase to get the content.

00:38:14   Ah.

00:38:15   So, there is only... So it's...

00:38:17   No nickel and dime there.

00:38:19   can think of what the paymium is I can't even get out of the term would be you

00:38:24   pay once it seems like trusting so that's gonna be in the show notes that's

00:38:29   people sending that into me so thank you it's all that did who's it's good I

00:38:33   can't wait to look on the website and find out all the things that didn't get

00:38:36   mentioned in the keynote but as we've talked I have a lot of that stuff all

00:38:39   right don't you worry okay so the aluminium so then the the Nike watch

00:38:44   starts at $369 as do the aluminium series 2 watches. Steel start at $549

00:38:51   these obviously for the smaller ones and ceramic starts at $1249. Then we have

00:38:56   series 1 so they took the old sport watch they've put the new chips inside

00:39:02   of it not the GPS the new s2 chip so it's faster and selling it for $269 for

00:39:08   38, $299 for the 42. So I have two questions for you. Why are they still selling this product

00:39:16   and why did they put the extra chip in it?

00:39:18   - Wow, those are good questions.

00:39:20   - It kind of feels like those things go against each other in a weird way.

00:39:25   - Right. Well, obviously, I think they wanted to keep it around, right? They wanted to be

00:39:32   able to sell an Apple Watch for cheaper. And the initial concept for Apple is going to

00:39:37   be let's take the old model and sell it for cheaper and then something happened

00:39:43   right where they said you know we we could take we can just take the the new

00:39:51   chip set the new system on a chip and put it in that in that one and not do

00:39:57   any of the waterproofing stuff and not put the GPS stuff in there but just that

00:40:01   and for the same price or whatever, something like that. So obviously they

00:40:08   had that moment where they thought, you know, we can make it better and maybe

00:40:12   there's a benefit in terms of down the road. I don't know because it adds

00:40:16   complexity. Now we've got the original Apple Watch on the Series One, which are

00:40:19   not the same, at least in terms of speed. I don't know. It's fascinating.

00:40:25   This is a surprise, right? That they would lower the price and yet

00:40:29   do something on the inside. It's not that different from what I initially thought they

00:40:32   would do with the Apple Watch. I just didn't think it would be this long where they did

00:40:35   kind of just a slipstream just, "Uh, the processor's faster now, but it's still the Apple Watch.

00:40:40   Don't worry about it." And they waited until now to do it. But in the end, what they want

00:40:45   is they want a cheap model that they can sell. And I think you could argue that without GPS

00:40:51   and waterproofing, this is also your Apple Watch for people who don't care about fitness

00:40:58   features as much, which I think is an audience.

00:41:03   But with watchOS 3, they in theory have solved a lot of the problems, so why did they put

00:41:09   the extra-- do you mean like, why did they put that chip in it?

00:41:12   It kinda doesn't make sense, like if your reason was to have a cheaper watch down at

00:41:16   the bottom, it probably would have been cheaper if you didn't do-- it's confusing, right?

00:41:20   Like this is unprecedented, I think.

00:41:24   I think they must have weighed, obviously, the cost of continuing to produce the old system on a chip or just use the new one and decided it was actually easier for all concerned to switch.

00:41:41   And it may also be that this is the model that they're going to sell.

00:41:46   These two models, the Series 1 and Series 2, they may continue to sell both of these for another year or two.

00:41:53   And I could see somebody making the argument of like,

00:41:56   if we're not going to drop this because we want this to be our way in at $269 and $299,

00:42:02   let's at least put the processor in there,

00:42:04   because we're going to be selling this in a year and a half, still.

00:42:08   And we've learned so much from the old processor.

00:42:11   Let's just do it now.

00:42:14   There could be something like that in there, but it is fascinating,

00:42:16   because that was a surprise. That was a real surprise for me.

00:42:19   shipping dates they're gonna be shipping on the 16th pre-order on the ninth are

00:42:25   you gonna get one of these oh I don't know I'm undecided I'm definitely not

00:42:31   gonna pre-order one I expect I will get one at some point I don't know if I

00:42:35   will get it immediately I have no I mean the brightness is interesting but it but

00:42:40   you know I have no need for sounds better like great faster faster you know

00:42:46   So, kind of what I want.

00:42:47   - But we'll see how watchOS, I mean watchOS 3 is gonna help out there too.

00:42:53   And I look at this and I think, do I want the sports features?

00:42:56   And the answer is no, I don't swim.

00:42:59   I don't need the 30 meter diving capability stuff.

00:43:07   I don't need that.

00:43:08   And the GPS, I always run with my phone.

00:43:12   I could see the value of maybe of if it had data also of being able to leave my phone

00:43:18   behind and still get messages and make calls. But right now it's just GPS, which again,

00:43:25   if I was somebody who did stuff without my phone around using the watch, I would again,

00:43:32   that would be a feature that I would want, but it's not there. We know obviously there's

00:43:36   going to be an Apple watch with cellular data, probably the next one in fact, but this is

00:43:42   not that one. So my gut feeling is that no I won't but you know you never know. Never

00:43:48   say never.

00:43:49   Should I take a break?

00:43:51   Yeah, good idea.

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00:46:10   Thank you so much to Casper for their continued support of this show. Right? So the iPhone 7 our good old friend. Mr

00:46:17   Phil Schiller was back on stage. He was he's back. He's back everybody

00:46:22   And we have ten major features for the iPhone 7

00:46:28   First up how you call top 10 list new design, which is a stretch, but

00:46:34   We have a few things here. So

00:46:37   Jet black which is the high gloss finish is in you

00:46:41   They have black which is bead blasted aluminium gold silver and rose gold in the colors. We have a stainless steel Apple logo

00:46:50   The jet black they showed a video for it one of my favorite Apple product videos of all time because it just looked insane

00:46:58   stuff that they were doing.

00:46:59   - The machines, the various robot arms

00:47:02   that are being used to make those things, yeah.

00:47:04   - And it was the most intense of Johnny Ive narration.

00:47:08   And I tell you one thing I really liked, Jason,

00:47:11   the way that Johnny explained this.

00:47:13   And I wouldn't say that like I'm now like,

00:47:15   "Oh, I don't need another design,"

00:47:17   but I really just adored his explanation.

00:47:21   This is the most singular representation of this design.

00:47:27   Like I hear that and I hear a guy who wanted to perfect this design that they've now had

00:47:34   over three iterations.

00:47:35   Yeah.

00:47:36   And they wanted to do everything they could now.

00:47:38   I kind of like it to perfect it.

00:47:40   Right.

00:47:41   So they've tried, especially with the jet black one, to kind of make it look like it's

00:47:43   all one piece.

00:47:45   Yes.

00:47:47   And how does that look by the way?

00:47:48   Does it look like it's all one piece?

00:47:50   It does.

00:47:51   It looks very nice.

00:47:52   That's interesting.

00:47:53   I think I just posted a tweet with a picture because I took some pictures when it was being,

00:47:56   was on like a little floating on a little post and yeah it looks it looks

00:48:02   good I gotta say as somebody who I I loved the iPhone 5 black and I am not

00:48:16   sure which one of these I like more because the space gray you know it is a

00:48:20   gray it's not a black and these are these are both black iPhones and I do

00:48:26   love the Darth Vader phone so I'm intrigued by those designs.

00:48:32   By moving the antenna stripes to the very top, it does, if you're not using a case,

00:48:42   it does make it a lot less part of the personality of the phone, which, you know, the stripes

00:48:49   across the sides, it was saying, "Look at me, I've got horizontal stripes."

00:48:55   now it's more kind of trying to hide them on just kind of the corners but the black one

00:49:00   especially it's like it's you got to look you got to look closely they tried very hard to hide them

00:49:06   and there's been a lot of talk about this online there is a there are people wondering kind of

00:49:17   how the fingerprint and stuff will be and i've seen a few people talking about like this thing's

00:49:23   like a fingerprint magnet because it's glossy but the more interesting thing is from Apple's

00:49:29   kind of iPhone page and this is a little note that says the high gloss finish the jet black iPhone 7

00:49:36   is achieved through a precision nine step anodization and polishing process.

00:49:40   It surfaces equally as hard as any other anodized Apple products however its high shine may show

00:49:48   find micro abrasions of use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the

00:49:53   many cases available to protect your phone.

00:49:55   So there's a couple of things here. One, this thing is going to scratch and such, right?

00:50:00   They're basically saying that you're going to have to get used to it. It's kind of funny

00:50:03   to say like, put it in a case. Like we made this beautiful black thing and you don't get

00:50:07   to look at any of it.

00:50:10   From me looking at this, from looking at the pictures and kind of an Apple site and the

00:50:16   hands-on pictures I think I'm gonna go with the matte black I think that looks

00:50:21   cool I'm intrigued by the matte black I think that would probably more to my

00:50:29   liking than the jet black I do really like the jet black but I think the matte

00:50:34   black just edges out for me I think I'm gonna go with that one yeah okay home

00:50:38   button now they talk about the home button the home button now is a is a

00:50:42   force touch home button and they mentioned this on stage and they

00:50:47   mentioned this on the website it says customizable hmm now the only thing that

00:50:52   I can kind of come to a conclusion with is they mean in the force that you need

00:50:56   to press it but that's what other customization is there I don't think

00:51:03   there's anything but they kept saying I said it on page and yeah cost

00:51:07   customizable this is a phrase that they're using and then they went on to

00:51:11   talk about the new generation Taptic Engine. We have this new unique feedback. It now kind

00:51:17   of like has different feedback in different applications and at different uses. You get

00:51:21   different types of Taptic feedback. But there's no reason for the home button change given.

00:51:27   There was a lot of reason given for the headphone thing. The home button is just like...

00:51:31   It's solid state and... I mean, that's the implication. The implication is that it's

00:51:39   to help with waterproofing and reliability

00:51:41   and things like that.

00:51:42   But yeah, yeah, it was a little strange.

00:51:46   And I did wonder about customizable

00:51:48   and if that meant you could actually like change

00:51:49   what the behavior is on the home button or not.

00:51:53   And I don't know.

00:51:55   - It doesn't, none of the pages seem to indicate anything.

00:51:58   How does this feel?

00:51:59   I've seen mixed reports from the media.

00:52:02   - It can take some getting used to, I would say.

00:52:04   - Oh, so it feels different then.

00:52:06   - Oh yeah, oh yeah.

00:52:07   It is not at all like a force touch trackpad where you click it and think, "Oh my God,

00:52:16   I can't believe that it's not moving.

00:52:18   It feels like it's moving, but it's not."

00:52:21   No, it feels like the circle doesn't move, but there's a vibration behind it.

00:52:26   - I don't like the sound of this, Jason.

00:52:29   - Yeah.

00:52:30   - I don't like the sound of this tool.

00:52:31   - I mean, and again, maybe it's something you get used to.

00:52:36   Maybe so.

00:52:37   - I don't wanna, well, well, or you hate it all,

00:52:41   you always hate it, but you never get used to it.

00:52:43   That's the alternative, right?

00:52:45   But so it may be that it's just the shock of having it

00:52:49   versus the iPhone home button

00:52:51   that I've been using since 2007.

00:52:55   Maybe it's that, the idea that I'm actually depressing it.

00:52:57   Maybe it's just the shock and you get used to it

00:53:00   and you're like, oh no, this is actually pretty nice.

00:53:02   That may be, but it was a shocker when I tried it

00:53:05   because it doesn't, it does not, like I said,

00:53:08   I was impressed immediately at the illusion of movement,

00:53:12   the illusion of clicking that I got

00:53:15   from the Force Touch track pad.

00:53:18   And I was not tricked at all by this.

00:53:22   It was not, it was just a circle that I pressed

00:53:26   and it didn't go anywhere and there was a vibration,

00:53:29   which is, you know, that's what it is.

00:53:30   But I didn't feel like any sort of like,

00:53:33   if I wasn't looking at the phone

00:53:34   and I just press the home button, would I could have sworn that I clicked down the home

00:53:39   button? No, no, it's just you push on this force sensitive area and it vibrates a little

00:53:45   bit. That's it.

00:53:46   I'm not happy about the sound of this.

00:53:51   Yeah, sorry.

00:53:52   I have to say, a couple of days ago, I remembered that I have the Force Touch trackpad, because

00:53:59   I'd completely forgotten, because the Magic Trackpad 2, or whatever it's called, it works

00:54:04   really really well and it's a shame that this doesn't feel too good. We've got

00:54:10   water resistance which is awesome. Dust resistance as well. Yeah and we know that

00:54:17   they had tried for those in dusty areas um they for those that that uh have

00:54:24   dropped their 6s in the water. My sister-in-law did this she she my dog

00:54:31   jumped into a lake and she was concerned that the dog wasn't going to get out. The rest of us were

00:54:36   sort of like waiting to see if the dog was going to get out, but she just jumped right in and

00:54:40   pulled the dog out, which is great. My dog's still alive. It's fine. But she had her iPhone in her

00:54:44   pocket. And the fact is, I said, "Well, power it down and we'll dry it out," and all that,

00:54:51   but it was fine. It was fine. So we knew that the 6S in some cases was, or some instances,

00:54:59   not like a waterproof case, totally. Some instances would be, you know, less inclined

00:55:05   to die if you put it in water, but it wasn't a marketed thing, no claims were made. So

00:55:11   we could investigate and take it apart and say, "Oh, this is what they're doing, but

00:55:15   they're not there yet." This one, it's official. Like, this is the official, it's water-resistant,

00:55:21   it's dust-resistant. If you drop it in the swimming pool and pick it back up, if you

00:55:26   drop it in the toilet, guess what? It's not going to die. And that's a big deal because

00:55:32   people drop phones in liquid all the time.

00:55:35   I have never done it, but I know it's only a matter of time until I do. So now I'm happy.

00:55:43   Because now, like, I will do things that when I go to the beach, I won't mind, you know?

00:55:48   I won't be worried. So I'm pretty happy about this.

00:55:52   Probably sand resistant too. No, it's good. It's a good thing. This is

00:55:56   this is the these are the frontiers of smartphone features that we don't talk

00:56:00   about because we talk about processors and things like that but water

00:56:05   resistance and visibility in bright sunlight and cutting down on glare these

00:56:13   are among those and shatterability of the screen right these are the the

00:56:18   actual material science frontiers of smartphones which is we've got this

00:56:22   glass in our pocket what are the what are the things we don't want it to do we

00:56:26   We don't want it to die if I drop it in water.

00:56:28   We want it to survive a fall to a hard floor.

00:56:33   This is what smartphone makers need to be working on.

00:56:36   So it's good to see Apple getting the iPhone

00:56:38   to be officially water-resistant for the first time.

00:56:42   -Buckle in, everyone.

00:56:43   It's time to talk about the camera.

00:56:44   -Oh, here we go.

00:56:46   -Huge advancements here.

00:56:48   As Phil said, everything new.

00:56:50   So I'm gonna list a bunch of stuff,

00:56:51   and I only understand some of it.

00:56:53   Optical image stabilisation is now in both models, both the 7 and 7+.

00:56:59   We have f/1.8 aperture, which is 50% more light.

00:57:05   12 megapixel sensor, 60% faster, 30% more energy efficient.

00:57:10   A new True Tone flash, it has 4 LEDs, it can emit 50% more light and it has a flicker sensor

00:57:16   which compensates for artificial light when you're using video.

00:57:20   There is a new signal processor inside of the camera, so what kind of like processes

00:57:23   the photos, which has 100 billion operations completed every time you take a photo, and

00:57:29   it does this in 25 milliseconds.

00:57:30   Yeah, this is one of those funny things where, and I think this comes up later when we're

00:57:35   talking about the headphones, where it's not like Apple didn't used to have a signal processor,

00:57:40   and it's not like it didn't perform billions of operations. So what we're not being told

00:57:45   here is how, what happened on the 6S. So this one I thought was kind of funny because I

00:57:53   I get that it's new and it's more advanced and all of that,

00:57:55   but there's no actual sense of scale of

00:57:59   how does this compare to what Apple did on the camera before.

00:58:02   And my guess is that--

00:58:03   - What they've done now is they hit something like

00:58:05   a hundred billion or 25,

00:58:07   I mean, they've hit a milestone number

00:58:09   out of one of those two.

00:58:10   - Right. - It makes it

00:58:11   worth mentioning.

00:58:12   - Right, but if the old ISP,

00:58:13   the old integrated signal processor

00:58:16   could do 75 billion operations every time you took a photo

00:58:18   in 28 milliseconds,

00:58:20   then this is a lot less impressive, right?

00:58:22   but they chose to highlight it really because they want you to understand that software

00:58:27   and hardware, their hardware design of their chips and also their clever software is part

00:58:33   of this. It's not all just in the camera body. And so that's why they highlighted it here.

00:58:37   It's just funny because it would be very easy to report on something like this and saying,

00:58:41   "Oh, Apple talked about the signal processor." So it's like, "Yay, Apple's got the signal

00:58:45   processor." And it's like, "Yeah, cameras have that." That's not a new invention by

00:58:50   it may be very very advanced but they aren't really talking about what they did

00:58:55   with their previous generation they just want to impress you that they're trust us

00:59:00   the hardware has lots of cool stuff in it and it's been I think I want to say

00:59:04   it's been two or three years since they talked about their signal processor at

00:59:09   an iPhone event maybe it's been more recent improvements to live photos

00:59:14   including image stabilization which is great

00:59:17   That's like the motion still stuff that Google was doing.

00:59:19   And there are new editing tools that you can take advantage of as a user.

00:59:23   And there's also an API for live photo editing now,

00:59:27   which I'm really, really happy about.

00:59:29   I think that there's something long overdue,

00:59:31   even though it's only a year old, but I really wanted this,

00:59:33   so I'm happy to doing that.

00:59:35   There is also two new APIs, one for raw camera images,

00:59:39   so the images taken in raw, and one for wide color as well.

00:59:42   So you can do stuff with the new things that are doing with the camera there.

00:59:46   the new just a quick FYI the new camera size may actually stop some cases from

00:59:52   fitting be aware of that because the camera is bigger on the six interesting

00:59:57   obviously on the plus because it's completely different but what even

01:00:00   though that the funds are the same size the way that the cutouts are like I'm

01:00:04   looking at my my case here on my six plus there's no way that lens would fit

01:00:08   in there like if it's the same size cut out the lens is much bigger so you will

01:00:12   probably need a new case.

01:00:16   Or just not take pictures.

01:00:19   That means not getting a new phone, I guess.

01:00:21   There is a 7 megapixel FaceTime HD camera on the front.

01:00:24   It also has the wide color stuff.

01:00:26   The API stuff is good because what it's saying is, "Look, apps can use all this stuff.

01:00:31   We're not going to hoard this into the camera app."

01:00:34   And the wide color thing is just Apple's trying to get there, that new wider color gamut everywhere,

01:00:40   every display.

01:00:42   it's just me because I am I'm partially colorblind. I am not less impressed by

01:00:46   some colors, but I'm glad that they're very excited about this white color. It

01:00:51   will matter for some people. It's great that they're putting it everywhere. It

01:00:55   will be more vibrant and able to show more colors than displays have previously

01:00:59   shown. You know, I'm not sure how big a deal it is for most people. For some

01:01:04   people, it's a big deal. For most people, is it a big deal? I don't know, but it's

01:01:08   definitely an initiative at Apple. Like, this is one of their transitions. They

01:01:11   are going to do wide color everywhere on their devices capture and display and

01:01:18   and so good for them but it I was struck by how excited they were especially

01:01:23   since they're demoing wide color in ways that are not on a wide color display

01:01:29   like just a even called that out right

01:01:32   yeah it was that was that was kind of funny anyway plus let's talk about the

01:01:36   plus Club Myke to 12 megapixel cameras one wide-angle one telephoto

01:01:41   It creates a new zoom feature primarily. You can get optical zoom at 2x and

01:01:47   they have a four times better software zoom which can get you up to 10x software zoom.

01:01:52   Yeah. And they also showed a sneak peek of a new feature. This is

01:01:57   something that is obviously very technically difficult because they

01:02:00   couldn't get it ready in time. Shallow depth of field which is known as Bokeh.

01:02:06   B-O-K-E-H. What Apple are doing here is they're using machine learning to

01:02:13   recognize people in photos and then blurring the background behind them.

01:02:17   This is, it seems for the time being, this is only for people. It's a new option

01:02:23   called portrait in the camera app and you can even see the shadow depth of

01:02:27   field effect before you take the photos. It's happening live which is really cool.

01:02:32   and this is coming later this year for iPhone 7 Plus owners.

01:02:37   - Okay.

01:02:41   - It seems really, really interesting.

01:02:42   I think this looks great.

01:02:44   I'm happy to get a better zoom

01:02:46   because there are times where I need it,

01:02:48   but I never use it because I know that the zoom

01:02:50   just kind of produces not great photos.

01:02:52   Like if I ever want a zoom, I just take a photo

01:02:55   and then crop it because it's basically all it's doing,

01:02:57   but I'm just doing it after the fact.

01:03:00   So I'm really happy to see this.

01:03:01   I'm really happy there's going to be a zoom.

01:03:03   I mean, look, I'm going for the plus anyway,

01:03:05   and now I'm going to be getting better camera things.

01:03:07   And this portrait thing, it looks kind of cool.

01:03:10   I want to take photos that look like that.

01:03:11   And I don't have the skills or the equipment to do that,

01:03:16   so I'm happy that my other one would do it for me

01:03:17   'cause my portraits are going to look better.

01:03:19   - Yeah, I mean, the idea was on all existing iPhones,

01:03:23   you can't do anything.

01:03:24   You can digital zoom,

01:03:26   but the field of view is the field of view.

01:03:29   And now there's two fields of view.

01:03:31   there's a 1x and a 2x. And the 2x is the telephoto lens. So when you tap to zoom from

01:03:39   1x to 2x, it's just switching from A to B. And then above that point, all the zoom

01:03:45   that's happening is it's still—it's essentially still a 5x digital zoom. Apple

01:03:51   has decided the 5x is where it breaks down, and they don't want you to zoom anymore.

01:03:56   the 5x digital zoom is now happening on the telephoto lens, which they've defined

01:04:01   as 2x because it zoomed in twice as far as the wide-angle lens. Therefore, it's

01:04:07   now got a 10x zoom. That's the math of it. And what's not happening here is

01:04:13   Apple's not using fancy software to interpolate between one camera or the

01:04:18   other. There's the one camera that is a 1x and there's the other camera that's a

01:04:22   a 2x and it switches between them and that's it. That's all that's happening there. And

01:04:28   the shallow depth of field feature is one where they are using both of those. They're

01:04:34   using the spacing of those two to be able to detect depth. It's doing depth perception.

01:04:42   And then based on that, it's figuring out the background, what's far off in the background

01:04:48   and who are the people in the foreground, which is clever, but even there, what it's

01:04:53   not doing is like calculating out something that makes a picture with a depth of field,

01:05:00   with a shallow depth of field. It's not like camera one is looking at the people and focusing

01:05:06   on them, and camera two is purposefully not focusing on the background in order to make

01:05:11   it blurry. None of that is happening. It's literally using the depth perception to detect

01:05:16   the people and then using its powerful signal processing stuff, blurring the background.

01:05:22   So it's a bokeh, but it's fake. It's fake bokeh. It's not the result of optics in the

01:05:30   cameras. It's the result of a live calculated blur effect, which I think is a little bit

01:05:39   weird, although in the end if you can't tell and it makes a pretty picture, then I guess

01:05:43   it's fine but it does seem a little bit weird that all it's what it's really

01:05:47   doing is just fuzzing the background out live from a clear from a clear shot

01:05:51   that's what it's doing I I don't care how like camera people see it like when

01:05:58   I was looking at those photos I was like I want that feature that's a feature I

01:06:01   want because I don't have a camera that does it I have one I want to take

01:06:04   pictures like that because I see all my friends with their fancy cameras do it

01:06:08   I and I'd but I don't want to buy a camera right now so like as long as it's

01:06:12   good enough and I like the way it looks, I'm happy. So this is a feature that I want. This

01:06:17   is a feature I hope that they would do. Maybe they haven't implemented it in the way that

01:06:21   a lot of camera people wanted it, but it's given me what I want. So I'm excited about

01:06:26   it. Yeah, it's just, it's, it's, that's exactly

01:06:29   what it is actually. It's, this is an effect that you really like from big cameras. And

01:06:34   how do we do that on here? And the answer is, well, we cheat. We, we, because it's the

01:06:39   only way you can do it right surely like you can't actually do this with cameras

01:06:44   that are going on to smart phone somebody asked could you shoot 3d with

01:06:48   this and it's like I don't know if the API would allow it but theoretically you

01:06:51   could shoot very mild 3d because those two cameras are pretty close together

01:06:55   theoretically I suppose you could I wanted to stop for a second now because

01:07:00   ok so they've got this new this new phone the plus that's got two cameras on

01:07:06   back. And the two cameras, as far as we can tell, having two cameras back there has two features.

01:07:12   Two features that exploit the brand new hardware and the brand new iPhone. One of them is you can

01:07:18   toggle between camera one and camera two. Okay, that's good because that's the whole point is

01:07:24   there's a wide angle on a telephoto. Great. The other feature is, and it was even on like the

01:07:29   invitation, is this bokeh feature. The idea that we're going to be able to use this to do some

01:07:34   detection that's really smart so that we can get this feature that looks like

01:07:37   it's done by a fancy camera but it was actually done in your iPhone. Okay, great.

01:07:42   That'll really show off our new hardware. Can you remember the last time a piece

01:07:47   of software that was destined for the operating system and designed to

01:07:51   highlight a brand new piece of key Apple hardware wasn't ready?

01:07:57   No, this doesn't happen.

01:08:00   I am amazed by this, because this is...

01:08:05   This is embarrassing.

01:08:06   This is... This is embarrassing.

01:08:08   -We wouldn't know about it. That's the thing.

01:08:10   I'm sure there have been many times where things haven't made it,

01:08:14   but we just never find out about it.

01:08:16   -And then you do it. -But this time, they've told us,

01:08:17   because they can't -- they have to.

01:08:18   -You make an announcement in November and say,

01:08:20   "Hey, look, we actually added this cool new bokeh feature

01:08:23   to our -- to the Plus,

01:08:25   because it's got that camera back there,

01:08:27   and we figured out some other clever thing that you can do."

01:08:29   do. But instead it's like, we'll show it to you, but it's totally not ready. It's not

01:08:33   a beta that we're going to be shipping to you. It's just not going to be in the software.

01:08:37   And then later this year, we'll ship it to you. And I just, I'm amazed by that because

01:08:42   this is one of those areas that you would think Apple would insist on being totally

01:08:46   locked down is any of those features that are key to the launch of a new iPhone model

01:08:51   would be available when the phone shipped in the new version of the operating system.

01:08:56   And so for them to come out on stage and do all these demos and then say it's not done,

01:09:03   you know, I don't know.

01:09:04   It's I wonder what the story is behind that.

01:09:07   On one level, it's definitely Apple playing by a new playbook where they seem to be kind

01:09:10   of okay with it on a and like, you know, we can be different we can we can forward promote

01:09:15   software updates that will be coming later.

01:09:17   On the other hand, I would say it's a shocking divergence from the level of apparent product

01:09:25   discipline that Apple has had over the years, which is the products that the

01:09:29   software that shows off our hardware is solid and ships with the hardware and

01:09:34   isn't promised for later. I think this was just too fancy and cool a feature to not show off

01:09:41   because it shows off the cameras. Like, and to people like me who would really

01:09:46   love that, but they for whatever reason were just not happy with what they had

01:09:50   of it at this point. So it's coming later. So yeah, it's completely unprecedented, but

01:09:56   it's weird.

01:09:57   Yeah, I just, it's, you know, it's like saying we have this new live photos thing. Doesn't

01:10:04   it look great? It'll be out in December. You'll get it by the holidays, right? It's just,

01:10:09   it's really weird because, like you said, it's not like Apple has missed features, hasn't

01:10:14   missed features in the past. It's that they don't talk about them, and then they ship

01:10:17   them later. So it just struck me because that's like there's always stuff that gets held back

01:10:23   that you don't see in the iOS beta and WWDC because it's contingent on new hardware. And

01:10:29   here it is and it's not ready. It's just it's not something I've seen before that I can

01:10:38   remember from Apple.

01:10:40   So, should we move on? We're only halfway through the...

01:10:47   Let's keep... Yeah, let's move on to number five.

01:10:50   Display. Wider color garment. 25% brighter. New color management. They didn't mention

01:10:56   True Tone. Do you know if it has it?

01:10:58   I don't know. I assume that they didn't mention it. I assume it doesn't since they didn't

01:11:01   mention it, but I don't know.

01:11:05   we move on to audio stereo speakers on the iPhone twice the volume it's now in

01:11:11   stereo I've seen a couple of people ask this if there's something you know is

01:11:16   the case gonna case is gonna block them off from what I can see in something that

01:11:20   I saw a Dan Moran tweet earlier the speaker is actually the earpiece

01:11:26   the speaker is actually the earpiece yeah so what you put your ear to that's

01:11:31   That's the second speaker.

01:11:33   It's there.

01:11:34   Interesting.

01:11:35   Yeah.

01:11:36   Not coming out of the top, but just sort of coming out of the top area.

01:11:40   Exactly.

01:11:41   Huh.

01:11:42   It's weird, huh?

01:11:43   It's a good use.

01:11:45   I mean, having stereo, having so that if you're watching a movie that you get it coming out

01:11:49   sort of left and left and right in stereo sound field is a good, it's a good feature.

01:11:54   They should do that.

01:11:55   I'm glad they did it.

01:11:57   So I'm happy because I listen to podcasts on my phone.

01:12:00   I've been listening to them more on my iPad because it's louder and clearer so now stereo speakers will give me that on my iPhone as

01:12:05   well

01:12:06   Yeah

01:12:08   They called seven earpods because this was where they take away the headphone jack from us. Yes

01:12:12   So let me give some of the setup the most popular headphones in the world makes total sense

01:12:18   Apple's headphones are the most popular headphones in the world the earpods because so many hundreds of millions of devices are in use with these

01:12:25   things

01:12:26   They basically said we're moving to lightning digital audio. It can provide power for things like noise cancelling

01:12:32   They showed this stuff on stage then they said we're gonna put lightning ear pods in the box

01:12:38   We're gonna put an adapter in the box

01:12:41   And they just showed this on stage. It's gonna be in there

01:12:44   Okay, I've got your stuff and you want to use it this adapter cost $9

01:12:48   You can buy it separately

01:12:51   Yeah, I was surprised by that but I was surprised that it was in the box, too

01:12:54   So I was sort of thinking $19 if they're a little bit sorry, $29 if they're not sorry,

01:13:01   and in the box if they think, "Oh, geez, people are going to be mad. Let's just put it in the

01:13:04   box." Well, that's what they did. And I guess the standalone price then is $9 for the, "Oh,

01:13:11   geez, let's put it in the box for free." Or you can buy... Somebody was suggesting just,

01:13:16   you know, buy a bunch of them and tape them to all of your old headphones.

01:13:21   - I guess so, right? - You just never lose them.

01:13:24   Yeah, yeah.

01:13:26   - We haven't had time to look at this

01:13:27   'cause it just published like half an hour ago,

01:13:29   but John Paxkowski of BuzzFeed

01:13:32   has an inside kind of conversation and stuff

01:13:35   with Greg Josuac about why they did this.

01:13:38   They were moving at the headphone jack.

01:13:40   - Well-- - I'll put that

01:13:41   in the show notes.

01:13:42   I don't know what it says yet.

01:13:43   - I look forward to reading that.

01:13:44   - Why did we do this?

01:13:48   Courage.

01:13:49   (laughing)

01:13:52   - Sure.

01:13:53   - I mean, okay, so the idea being that

01:13:56   maintaining the old connector is not feasible

01:13:58   for them going forward.

01:13:59   They have a vision for what the future should be

01:14:01   and they're courageous, so that's why they did it.

01:14:04   I really don't like the courage thing.

01:14:06   I think it's a stupid word to use.

01:14:08   - Yeah.

01:14:09   - I think they could have said this in different ways

01:14:10   that didn't paint them in such like a

01:14:13   look how much of a hero we are.

01:14:15   Like they could have just said why do we do this?

01:14:17   because we look to the future, says the same thing

01:14:21   in a not so ridiculous way.

01:14:22   - Yeah, I get what they're, this is,

01:14:25   every now and then Apple does something like this

01:14:27   where it's like, I get what they're saying.

01:14:30   I don't love how they said it.

01:14:31   They're so, oh yeah, or to quote a line

01:14:34   from "The Force Awakens," "You must be so brave."

01:14:38   - I know.

01:14:38   (laughing)

01:14:40   - Yeah, I know, it's fine.

01:14:43   I get, they gave, there are three examples why, right?

01:14:47   It wasn't just courage.

01:14:48   It was there's other, there's not a lot of space inside that phone.

01:14:53   And that Jack takes up space and we want to use that space for something else, which again,

01:14:57   it's not a lot of space, but it's true.

01:15:00   It takes up a lot of space in there.

01:15:02   And you know, I thought it was an interesting way for them to explain it.

01:15:08   It did in the end, the courage one, what that really means is, hey, we're Apple.

01:15:12   We like being the one company that has the ability to just eject existing technology

01:15:21   and be incompatible and figure everybody will follow us and figure it out.

01:15:25   And we've done that time and time again, and this is no different.

01:15:30   Is that courage?

01:15:31   I wouldn't say so.

01:15:33   I think it's something maybe a little bit different from courage, but it is Apple's

01:15:38   way of saying, "We're just going to go ahead and do this."

01:15:42   it's the right thing to do in the long run and we're going to just do it now

01:15:44   and everybody will deal with it because one thing I can roll my eyes at

01:15:49   some of Apple's excuses and I will but what I will say is there's no somebody

01:15:54   was asked me on Twitter over the weekend they said um but in two years it's not

01:15:58   going to matter and I said well of course in two years it's not going to

01:16:01   matter but that's because this is Apple that's doing it like Apple has the power

01:16:05   to make this not matter in two years at what Apple does I mean Apple could do a

01:16:10   lot of stuff that would have huge effects on everybody and move technology

01:16:14   in different directions because it's Apple and the iPhone is a huge product

01:16:17   so and they've done it before with other technologies to where they've said we're

01:16:21   going to embrace this and everybody else is like oh I guess we should embrace it

01:16:24   too so that's what's going on here they do have a vision and this goes into

01:16:28   something that I was wondering if they would do which is to they they addressed

01:16:32   the headphone thing a little bit more than I thought they would but in the end

01:16:37   And it was also all about the quick pivot to look at this awesome new wireless thing

01:16:43   that we built, which is, again, not really an excuse because you could build wireless

01:16:49   headphones and still have a headphone jack, but it is thematically linked and it gets

01:16:54   you off the subject of taking something away from consumers and on the subject of a new

01:16:59   product you want to sell to them, which is what they did with number eight.

01:17:02   AirPods. Nobody has tried to fix the problems of wireless audio. Now Apple say that they

01:17:09   have. These are untethered earbuds. It has a new W1 chip inside of it.

01:17:15   They're gonna run out of letters. Which Apple says will give them a consistent

01:17:19   connection. IR sensors detect when the AirPods are in your ears.

01:17:25   Yep. Which is kind of cool. And the audio will

01:17:28   pause if you take them out. I guess if you take one out? I don't know.

01:17:32   I can tell you. I use them so I can tell you all about it.

01:17:36   Let me go through this and then I want to know what you think. Accelerometers recognize

01:17:40   a double tap for Siri. I assume also to stop and play pause music maybe, hopefully. Five

01:17:47   hours on a charge. They come in a case that gives it 24 hours of charge. So the case is

01:17:51   basically a battery. Apple says incredible sound, a magical experience. To connect the

01:17:56   AirPods to your iPhone, you just open the case near it and a little UI pops up and

01:18:01   you just say "connect." What do you think of them? I think... I really don't like

01:18:09   that non-teather, that's my feeling. So, I can tell you, let me tell you a little bit

01:18:13   about it. So, it's got a, it's got this little case, cute little case, with a

01:18:18   lightning plug on the bottom, with a female lightning jack on the bottom. That

01:18:23   that is 24 hours of charge, right? So it's a battery case, and they live in there, and

01:18:28   they'll charge in there, which means that if they run out after five hours, you can

01:18:32   pop them in there, and after, I think like a minute or two, they've got several hours

01:18:38   of charge transferred into them.

01:18:39   How little is the little case? Is it pocketable?

01:18:42   Yes, oh absolutely. And it's got a little flip top, and they nestle down in it, and

01:18:50   when you flip the top next to the phone, it does—I took some pictures of this—it

01:18:55   does a pairing request, and the software on the phone is set up so that it recognizes

01:19:02   that pairing request, and it pairs them. So the act of opening the box next to the phone

01:19:08   lets you say, "Oh, do you want to pair these?" And you say, "Yes," and that's it, and they're

01:19:12   paired. And at that point, theoretically, they now sync that pairing via iCloud and

01:19:17   all your other Macs and iPads will also see them because they fundamentally they do use

01:19:25   Bluetooth and they will work with them too and they'll show up as AirPods and you can

01:19:32   select them as an audio source and play. So that's interesting. When you get them out

01:19:37   of there, they're a little bit funny looking because they're earbuds, they look like earpods

01:19:44   they've got the extended, they've got sort of extended beams. Stems. Exactly right. And

01:19:51   that's partially for, that's where the battery is and the antenna is. It's also where the

01:19:55   microphone is, I believe, because again, these are for an iPhone, which means you need to

01:19:59   be able to talk as well. When you put one in your ear, it switches inputs on your phone

01:20:13   plays the audio in your ear. And if you put the other one in your ear, it plays it in

01:20:19   stereo. And then if you take one of them out, it pauses the music, figuring you're taking

01:20:25   one of your earbuds out of your ear because you're trying to hear what somebody is saying,

01:20:30   which is also very clever. And if you take both of them out, it disconnects from the

01:20:35   phone and the audio source goes back to the phone instantly, which is very clever. It's

01:20:41   all very clever. This is what happens when one company builds all the hardware

01:20:45   and all the software is you can do stuff like that and it feels kind of magical.

01:20:49   They're not wrong that it feels kind of magical. Now I don't think that that the

01:20:53   ear pods are particularly comfortable in my ears. It was a very loud room so I

01:20:58   can't tell you how they sound. Some people are kind of outraged by the fact

01:21:02   that they that they cost 150 bucks. The Jaybird Bluebud X2, which are sort of

01:21:08   considered good Bluetooth running headphones. I have a pair of those. Those

01:21:13   cost 150 bucks. So it seems to be not cheap but also not necessarily out of

01:21:21   line for a pair of wireless earbuds.

01:21:27   I don't know how I feel about these. I really don't like that there's no tether.

01:21:32   I feel like I would lose one. People are going to lose them. Absolutely. And I'm unclear on if

01:21:35   there's any, you know, any find my earbud feature.

01:21:44   But it's too late. Like, at any point that I lose one of these and I'm out and about, it's gone.

01:21:49   That's true.

01:21:50   I feel like this is, I don't know. It looks like all the technology's cool and I like it for that,

01:21:55   but yeah. And really, that case doesn't really fix my problem so much. Like, I don't know,

01:22:01   24 hours of battery life, okay, that's kind of cool. I guess I could charge it again. But I'm

01:22:05   charging something else. I'm plugging something else into charge. What I wanted was like,

01:22:11   you know, we spoke about this before, like I want these on a tether that has some kind

01:22:14   of lightning port on it somewhere and I can just charge it from my iPhone. I'm never charging

01:22:19   something again. This is not the product for you then. No, I really don't think it is.

01:22:23   It's not the product for me either because like I said I just don't find that, I don't

01:22:26   find that earbud design. It's yeah, it doesn't work for me. It doesn't sit right in my ears.

01:22:34   Just gonna stick with my lightning ear pods to be honest. There are a new a bunch of beats

01:22:39   Headphones that have the w1 chip in them solo 3 wireless

01:22:44   These are over the years 40 hours or on the ears power beats 3 wireless

01:22:48   which are the that's 40 hours of charge I should say the power beats 3 wireless is the

01:22:54   the

01:22:55   workout ones that they have and then beats X which are apparently

01:23:00   affordable and light and

01:23:04   The affordability is $150. Is that well, what are the what are the air pods cost then?

01:23:09   175

01:23:12   Something like that

01:23:14   I've lost maybe or maybe I read that I think no air pods are 159

01:23:18   All right. So I don't know if beats X is that then

01:23:23   if that would be weird if they're affordable and only

01:23:26   Only nine dollars cheaper

01:23:30   Well, they might mean affordable for beats. Oh, that's true. Oh, well, there's lots of lots of

01:23:36   Beat sex or 149 95. Wow, that's funny. And they have a cable and you think Apple's headphones are expensive. Well

01:23:43   Try Apple's other headphone brand

01:23:47   Yeah, it's again. There are cheaper options than all of these things, but it's interesting that Apple is now

01:23:56   using technology in Beats that's also in the Apple stuff. That's very interesting.

01:24:02   Because I doubt they will be licensing the W1 to other vendors, although, you know, you

01:24:07   never know. But it seems unlikely. I don't know. It's, it's, uh, the AirPods are exactly

01:24:13   the kind of product I'd expect from Apple, right? Without that, without that cable connecting

01:24:17   them. Because that's the first thing that when I got my wireless earbuds, the Jaybird

01:24:22   earbuds. I took it out of the box I'm like, "Hey, they're wireless!" and the bulk of

01:24:27   the of the product is a wire because they're still connected to each other.

01:24:32   That makes it a much harder product to lose, like you said. This is absolutely

01:24:38   the Apple way though, which is it's just two little two little white earbuds. You

01:24:42   stick them in your ears and there's magic things that happen. Sounds like

01:24:47   Apple, but I don't think I... For me, the question is since I use in-ear stuff

01:24:52   Would I right now I'm just I'm using those blue buds and I might continue to use that for a while

01:24:58   They're not the most comfortable either for me. So because I'm spoiled now because I have custom

01:25:03   custom inserts and

01:25:06   We'll see. But yeah, also maybe a $9 adapters in my future. Who knows?

01:25:10   Apple pay 90% of contactless payments are in the US with Apple pay now, which is a nice statistic and they're adding the

01:25:20   Yep, chip standard for Japan.

01:25:23   Yeah, and it's unclear to me, and again, I'm only going on what they said.

01:25:27   I thought it was very specifically worded that the chip that is for that NFC standard will be available in iPhones sold in Japan, I believe is what they said.

01:25:38   Which makes me think, maybe not anywhere else in the world, maybe there will be a special Japanese iPhone that has that chip and that it's not available anywhere else.

01:25:46   I don't know.

01:25:47   know.

01:25:48   So, Kyle's the Grey is telling me in the chat room that the Beats X, they actually have

01:25:54   a lightning cable he said, but the problem with those headphones, they go in-ear.

01:26:00   I can't do in-ear.

01:26:01   Oh yeah.

01:26:02   No, that's the stuff.

01:26:03   That's a shame.

01:26:04   But yeah, okay, I don't know about that chip, but it's cool that they're doing it.

01:26:11   Then 10, feature number 10, final feature.

01:26:14   the A10 Fusion chip performance, this is all it's about.

01:26:17   The four-core CPU, two cores are 40% faster than the A9,

01:26:21   twice as fast as the A8.

01:26:23   The GPU is 50% faster than the A9,

01:26:26   and this is the longest battery life in an iPhone.

01:26:29   Two more hours if you're coming from a 6S,

01:26:32   one more hour if you're coming from a 6S Plus.

01:26:34   - Yeah, so one of the things that they've done here

01:26:37   is with this four-core CPU is what it really is

01:26:39   is they've got two fast cores and two battery-saving cores.

01:26:42   and they've got some software that,

01:26:46   or actually I think it's in the hardware

01:26:48   that makes some determinations

01:26:49   about what it needs at any time.

01:26:52   Do I need more performance or am I okay on performance

01:26:55   and I wanna save power?

01:26:57   And so one of the ways that the battery life gets extended

01:26:59   is that it's not like it's burning

01:27:01   four processor cores all the time.

01:27:03   What it's doing is it's deciding

01:27:04   whether to use the super powerful cores

01:27:07   or the energy sipping cores.

01:27:10   and it switches as need be, which is a very clever design.

01:27:14   And so I think that's interesting.

01:27:17   And then I will also throw out there

01:27:18   that they put up that chart again

01:27:22   that they've done the last two years

01:27:24   where they show the almost, it's not quite exponential,

01:27:27   but the dramatic speed increases

01:27:29   that Apple continues to make on these processors.

01:27:31   And a couple of years ago,

01:27:32   they did a step where we thought that they were slowing down

01:27:36   and since then they have not slowed down at all.

01:27:38   And this is the case of another speed boost.

01:27:40   I think it's interesting that they also talked about the A8 and that's something

01:27:43   that we've talked about on the show before which is most people who buy a new iPhone and this there

01:27:48   are some people especially people who listen to this show who might buy one every year most

01:27:53   people don't buy a new iPhone every year they're buying one every two years or every three years

01:27:57   probably that's the majority is two and then three is a pretty good number and one is a pretty good

01:28:02   number and then it goes from there so when you say it's 40% faster than last year's model that's

01:28:08   relevant in terms of, you know, how much how much work did you do in the last year to make

01:28:13   your iPhone faster? But for most people upgrading, they're gonna be upgrading from two years

01:28:17   ago. And for that the message is even clearer. It's like it's twice as fast as that phone

01:28:22   that you bought two years ago that you're now ready to turn in and get a new phone.

01:28:26   So I think that's interesting. And on the battery life side, because they've got that

01:28:32   the switchable cores along with presumably a lot of other stuff. This is it goes back

01:28:36   to what Stephen Hackett and I did a did we did the chart in the story about

01:28:41   Apple's various power claims over time and this is really interesting because

01:28:45   this is Apple making greater battery life claims than it's

01:28:49   done before on the on the iPhone and that is you know they they it's not

01:28:54   as if the capacity of the battery has has has not changed over time because

01:28:59   they use more power and then they also put in more battery

01:29:02   more efficient battery and it's the battle of like

01:29:05   more power for these features, but more efficient processor here and more battery here and then

01:29:10   less battery because we've got a thinner phone. There's complex variables at work here,

01:29:16   but the bottom line is Apple's claimed battery life on these models is more than it was before.

01:29:23   That's kind of a big deal. I wonder what it'll be like in practice. I imagine that you can really

01:29:29   kill the battery life if you crank up, you know, you're running apps that kill the processor,

01:29:34   that use those two high-performance processor cores, that'll probably hurt, but still, it's

01:29:39   exciting to see Apple extend the battery claims here.

01:29:46   If you're in the US, the 7 costs the same as the 6s. It starts at $649 with 32, 128,

01:29:53   and 256 gigabyte options. The Jet Black is in 128 and 256 only.

01:29:58   There's your black tax right there.

01:30:00   Yeah, I think it's I think it's yield issues. I think they just can't make enough of these things to be

01:30:05   iPhone 6s is at 32 gigabytes and

01:30:08   128 gigabytes now the iPhone upgrade program is now available in the UK and China

01:30:14   Yeah, you can pre-order on the ninth going on sale on the 16th

01:30:19   iOS 10 released on the 13th AirPods are in late October for $150

01:30:25   So are you gonna do the iPhone upgrade program?

01:30:28   I took a look at it and at 45 pounds a month I don't think I'm going to I think

01:30:33   I'm just gonna buy outright. No, makes sense. Because it was

01:30:37   always just gonna be a business expense anyway I may as well just buy it

01:30:42   outright I think. Yeah, no we and we should talk about the the prices but I

01:30:45   think that's an ask upgrade question so I guess we'll get there but so yeah

01:30:49   we've got some dates now that pre-order happens Friday they're gonna go on sale

01:30:52   a week from Friday. iOS 10 is shipping middle of next week. And that's Tuesday. So Federico

01:31:02   Vittucci, be warned, get that iOS 10 review ready for September 13th.

01:31:06   I have been receiving many iMessages from Federico asking for my request, his request

01:31:12   to help me to help him with screenshots. Oh, nice.

01:31:14   So I think he's working very hard right now. Yeah, that's good. You want to know how many

01:31:18   words of my iOS 10 review I've read I've written Myke? One. Lower. Half. Yep half a word. There's

01:31:29   a couple letters but it isn't actually it's just like a B and a Q and it doesn't spell anything so.

01:31:33   Oh that's terrible. Yeah I know. I'm thinking I'm I'm really bad. I'm rethinking the Q.

01:31:38   I'm thinking I might go with a W but we'll see. We'll see. This episode is brought to you by

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01:33:32   It is time for some event focused Ask Upgrade.

01:33:37   Wow! Jeff wants to know how slippery is Jet Black?

01:33:47   I can't tell. I did not hold a Jet Black phone in my hand long enough to tell anything about

01:33:56   that. So, I don't know. Basically, it didn't jump out at you.

01:34:02   I'd imagine that they're all slippery. People want to know if it's more slippery or less

01:34:07   slippery though that's the key. I don't think it's gonna be less how could it be

01:34:10   yeah I don't think it's gonna be less slippery than the 6 or the 6s this is a

01:34:15   slippery phone design anyway so the beyond that I I don't I don't know it's

01:34:20   too early to tell I haven't had a chance.

01:34:23   Alex wants to know do you know Jason if apps and developers can take advantage

01:34:29   of the dual-lane software?

01:34:32   I my guess is no my guess is that you'll be able to use a zoom API and when you

01:34:40   get to 2x it flips cameras and there may even be an API to say sort of like you

01:34:45   know go from number one to number two I don't think I don't know we'll see I

01:34:50   don't know beyond that it's possible that they will have an API for you to do

01:34:54   like a 3d capture or something like that they you know they don't talk about

01:34:58   about developer APIs at these events. So my guess is it will probably just come through

01:35:04   standard kind of camera APIs that you'll—it'll do the right thing, but I don't know that

01:35:08   for sure.

01:35:09   Steve McLaughlin Will wants to know how he will be able to

01:35:12   charge while using his nice third-party Grado headphones. My question to Will is, how will

01:35:18   you charge using any wired headphones? I think the answer is you won't, right?

01:35:23   Steve McLaughlin Uh, well, or, I mean, I thought Apple might

01:35:26   do it but apparently they haven't. I'm sure somebody will come up with an adapter that's

01:35:31   very much like the old, like the Griffin iTrip or things like that where it's a headphone

01:35:37   jack and power adapter that will be more than $9 but as of now there is nothing. Jeff wants

01:35:47   to know do the iPhone 7 support True Tone? Jeff we do not know. As far as we can tell

01:35:53   know. Brando is interested in finding out will

01:35:57   lightning headphones work with iPads and older iPhones. The compatibility on

01:36:02   Apple's site says that yes they will. Says that the wired lightning

01:36:07   headphones will work with the older models? Yeah. Interesting. Yeah it's got all of

01:36:11   the all of the iOS devices even like the 5c. So does that mean that they're doing

01:36:15   it digitally that that they've got a DAC in the in the headphones or in the plug?

01:36:21   That's what it would seem to indicate, right?

01:36:24   Because we knew that because I believe there's no analog audio out on old lightning.

01:36:30   I think that was the story there.

01:36:32   So there'll have to be more investigation there.

01:36:34   But if the compatibility says that, that's very interesting that you would just be able to use it with an iPad or whatever.

01:36:40   And AirPods absolutely is compatible.

01:36:42   Like I said, it'll work with Macs, it'll work with iPads.

01:36:44   It is, it will, you know, the software will make it show up as an AirPod.

01:36:50   but it is basically Bluetooth that it's using to do the connection.

01:36:55   Basically, looking again, if it has a lightning connector,

01:36:59   AirPods will work, the EarPods with lightning connector will work.

01:37:02   Yeah. Interesting.

01:37:05   Luke wants to know, would you buy an original Apple Watch or get the Series 1? Does the upgraded

01:37:14   CPU make that much of a difference? So I guess Luke is maybe, you know, you can find some deals

01:37:18   online for the original Apple Watch. I mean... We don't know. We don't know, right? I mean...

01:37:25   Yeah. It depends how much of a discount you're gonna get. If it's a serious discount, go

01:37:30   for it. But otherwise, like, it starts at $269. You know, I don't know how much more

01:37:35   of a discount you're gonna get. Yeah, that's it. But there may be. I would say that there

01:37:39   probably will be a secondary market for the original Apple Watch from the people who really

01:37:43   do want this new one and that with watchOS 3, well let's see what people say, but it

01:37:49   may be that getting a used original Apple Watch if you're on a tight budget might be

01:37:56   the way to go and use that for a while because watchOS 3 will make it more usable and yeah,

01:38:04   that might be because yes, the Series 1 is going to be cheaper but you're also going

01:38:09   to have used originals that will be even cheaper.

01:38:16   Nick has asked, "What is the deal with the ridiculous UK price rises?

01:38:20   For example, plus rent from 699 last year to 819 this year."

01:38:23   Brexit, weaker pound, VAT.

01:38:28   That is your trifecta right there.

01:38:29   So our prices are always higher because 20% is whacked right on, right?

01:38:33   It's in the price.

01:38:34   It's not like in the US where sales tax is added afterwards.

01:38:37   It's in the price that you see because everybody knows it's 20% no matter where you are in

01:38:40   the country.

01:38:41   Right, but that was the case last year when it was £6.99.

01:38:43   Yeah, but I said it's always worth remembering that the VAT is there.

01:38:49   I don't know if it was £6.99 to £8.19.

01:38:52   I'm just going on these figures that have just been given to me from Nick.

01:38:56   But the problem is we have a weaker pound.

01:39:00   And the weaker pound from Brexit means that the dollar and the pound are way closer to

01:39:05   each other.

01:39:06   Apple has changed their prices and I would assume they're also casting forward for the

01:39:10   future in case it gets to one to one, right?

01:39:12   Because you never know.

01:39:14   So now it is effectively one to one.

01:39:17   I remember many moons ago when the pound was very strong against the dollar that this was

01:39:23   basically what it was like anyway.

01:39:26   And then Apple adjusted their prices to become more fair over time.

01:39:31   And we were getting decent deals.

01:39:33   But now that is not the case.

01:39:36   You know, I will be paying quite a lot of money to get myself one of these iPhones and

01:39:44   it is going to hurt.

01:39:46   But what am I going to do?

01:39:47   Right.

01:39:48   So I'm taking a look now.

01:39:49   Right.

01:39:50   So I'm looking on the US site and I'm going to the the six plus.

01:39:53   Okay.

01:39:54   So I'm going to the black one here.

01:39:56   So let me bring it up so I can give you what the prices are.

01:39:58   So I can pick up a 128 for $869 or 819 pounds.

01:40:03   Now 819 pounds in dollars today is $1,092.

01:40:12   So yeah, thanks everyone.

01:40:20   So this is just what we're gonna have to deal with

01:40:23   for the world time. - Can you buy an iPhone

01:40:25   when you're in America and take it home?

01:40:28   I won't be out. I'll be home again. I would have done that. That's what I would have done.

01:40:34   So what I recommend is that everybody send a bill for £120 to Boris Johnson.

01:40:40   Yeah. I'm sure he'll pay all that.

01:40:43   I'm sure.

01:40:44   And as well as everybody asking about the Max Jason, everybody asked about the iPad

01:40:48   as well. No news on the iPad today. I don't think we're going to get anything this year.

01:40:52   Well, no news on stage. There was some some storage and pricing stuff that was announced

01:40:57   So the base storage for all iPads now is 32 gigabytes. No more 16s. The mini 2 is now 32 gigabytes only

01:41:05   The mini 4 is no longer sold with 64 gigabytes and the mini 4 and the air 2 now have a

01:41:14   128 gigabyte option for $100 above the base price

01:41:19   The 128 gigabyte Pro is now $50 cheaper and the 256 gigabyte pros are now $100 cheaper

01:41:26   So they did some pricing changes and some storage changes to going into the holidays

01:41:31   If that wants to give you any more indication that there won't be any more iPad news this year

01:41:36   That's it. That's that's right

01:41:37   Like that's it were holding out

01:41:39   Hope for iPad news iPad releases this year that for me has proven that you're not gonna get well

01:41:45   - And we heard through the grapevine at WWDC

01:41:49   that this was the plan,

01:41:50   that iPad would be a spring thing.

01:41:53   The 9.7-inch iPad Pro announcement

01:41:57   was sort of the start of a new cycle

01:41:59   where iPads will get updated in the spring,

01:42:02   and hopefully maybe an iOS update as well

01:42:06   to add some other iPad features, but not today.

01:42:09   And yeah, I wouldn't expect

01:42:11   we'd hear anything more about the iPad.

01:42:12   That was it.

01:42:13   That was their positioning for the holidays right there.

01:42:18   -So, that's it. Jason's now.

01:42:21   We got through another one. -We did.

01:42:22   -How was the event? Overall, how did it feel?

01:42:25   -Uh... -Was it fun?

01:42:27   -Yeah, you know, it's always stressful.

01:42:29   It's always stressful.

01:42:30   And this one was strange because it was --

01:42:33   the hands-on area was a little peculiar

01:42:34   because it was mostly showing off the AirPods,

01:42:40   I would say, more than anything else.

01:42:42   Even like the phones were there,

01:42:44   but the AirPods were there.

01:42:46   And there were people with like little trays

01:42:48   full of AirPods because they didn't want to have

01:42:50   multiple people using the same set of earbuds.

01:42:54   So they would like, one person would use one set

01:42:56   and then those were taken away

01:42:58   and new sets were brought out.

01:42:59   So it was a lot about that

01:43:02   and a little bit less about the phone

01:43:04   and a little bit less about the watch,

01:43:05   which I thought was kind of interesting.

01:43:06   They were there, there was a watch station,

01:43:08   there was a phone station there,

01:43:09   but it was just, I don't know.

01:43:11   It was a little bit strange.

01:43:13   It was not -- 'cause last year, there was also the Apple TV,

01:43:17   which wasn't part of this announcement at all.

01:43:20   Glad I didn't pick that in the draft.

01:43:23   So, I don't know. It was fine.

01:43:24   It's Bill Graham Pacific Auditorium.

01:43:26   It's a big venue. It was very nicely done.

01:43:27   It's, once again, the hottest day of the year.

01:43:29   I don't know Apple's luck in doing these events

01:43:32   in early September where they get these incredibly hot

01:43:35   Bay Area days, and that's not a --

01:43:37   It was, you know, they have to pipe in air conditioning

01:43:40   stuff like that. It's kind of funny. And I anticipate that this is the last, probably

01:43:45   the last big event that we'll have that isn't on the Apple campus, but who knows, they might

01:43:49   do something big in the spring before they're ready, depending on when they're ready to

01:43:53   open it. So it was fine. I saw a lot of interesting people. I saw Mark Gurman.

01:43:59   I was so excited to see that Gurman got in.

01:44:02   Yeah, he was there.

01:44:03   Right. He can't beat the night now. He works for Bloomberg.

01:44:05   He works for Bloomberg. Well, that's what I said to somebody. It's like, he's the lead

01:44:08   Apple writer essentially for Bloomberg. How are you going to deny him? And he's doing

01:44:12   his job. And you know, whoever is giving him information is not doing theirs. So the fact

01:44:18   is Steve Jobs and Katie Cotton would have made it personal and would have tried to use

01:44:22   their power to punish him. But today's Apple is kind of not worried about that. And so

01:44:28   Mark Gurman was there along with a bunch of other, you know, fun people to see. John Gruber,

01:44:35   Jim Dalrymple, Serenity Caldwell, Renee Ritchie.

01:44:38   I get to see all those people.

01:44:40   Sat next to Horace Deju, so that was kind of fun.

01:44:43   I got to see him working on his trademark charts

01:44:45   in numbers on his laptop as we sat there.

01:44:48   That was pretty awesome.

01:44:49   And so, yeah, I mean, it's fun.

01:44:51   And then you get into it.

01:44:52   There's a lot of anticipation about the event,

01:44:55   about the work that comes out of the event,

01:44:57   'cause once I'm done with this,

01:44:58   I'm gonna start writing things

01:44:59   and all sorts of other stuff is gonna go on.

01:45:02   But this is also the high season.

01:45:04   It's like the most important day,

01:45:06   maybe on the Apple calendar and the most important week

01:45:08   and probably the most important month.

01:45:10   I mean, this is when everything is going on.

01:45:11   So all of that is good.

01:45:13   People always ask, "What do you feel about the event?

01:45:15   How was the event?

01:45:16   Can you score it?"

01:45:17   I don't know if I can score it.

01:45:19   This was a little lower key.

01:45:20   I thought the pacing was a little bit weird.

01:45:23   I thought the Apple Watch, the pacing really slowed down.

01:45:25   And then Phil Schiller came out there

01:45:27   and I thought that he was kinda like

01:45:29   blowing through those numbers of the top 10 list.

01:45:34   and that felt a little bit different from usual.

01:45:37   Three game demos strikes me as being too many game demos,

01:45:40   but they wanted to --

01:45:43   I understand why they wanted to showcase everything they did,

01:45:46   even the, you know, "Wizard of Oz" theme demo.

01:45:49   -Yeah, the first two game demos were not really game demos

01:45:51   for the sake of game demos. -Yes, exactly.

01:45:53   -They were different things. -Yeah, exactly.

01:45:55   And then the third one was a more traditional game demo,

01:45:57   which was, "Let's show you this new game

01:46:00   that really makes our GPU look great."

01:46:04   The first one was like, of course you're going to give them time on stage, you'd be crazy

01:46:07   not to.

01:46:08   Yeah.

01:46:09   You know, because Apple may, again, like just to go back on what I was saying earlier, I

01:46:14   don't think they necessarily got a cut, but Apple may have paid them for console exclusivity.

01:46:18   Yeah, you know, if you can get Miyamoto on stage and if you honestly and Pokemon Go is

01:46:25   going to come up on stage, you say yes.

01:46:28   Right.

01:46:29   Those like, yes.

01:46:30   Yeah.

01:46:31   Exactly.

01:46:32   They're not even really game demos.

01:46:33   it's like a whole different thing really and it's not even that it's just like

01:46:36   adding more star power to your event so i don't actually think i asked you

01:46:41   uh what you're gonna do iphone wise i don't know i'm i'm uh i'm eligible i

01:46:48   mean i'm i i'm i'm coming off of the two-year

01:46:52   upgrade cycle actually so what will i do i don't know um

01:46:59   I was seriously considering the Plus because of the improved camera,

01:47:05   and having gone from the realm of "imagine all the cool things Apple could do with a dramatically improved camera and clever software"

01:47:15   to that it's a Plus with a 2x optical zoom, essentially,

01:47:20   and this feature that will be there eventually that fakes a fuzzy background.

01:47:25   Yeah.

01:47:26   -Not enough for you. -I don't think so.

01:47:28   I don't think that's enough of an improvement, especially since the camera in the main 7

01:47:34   still has optical image stabilization and other improvements and that all you're gaining

01:47:39   in that, well, you're gaining all the bigness that you've talked about before and you're

01:47:44   gaining this sort of ability to zoom.

01:47:46   It's a nice feature, don't get me wrong, but it's seeing the reality of it versus the fantasy

01:47:50   has made me think, you know, I would buy the fantasy, but the fantasy's not for sale and

01:47:55   the reality I don't think I would buy.

01:47:56   I think this is the weirdest iPhone that has been announced. It's weird.

01:48:03   It's a strange, well it's the third step and all the rumors are out there, right? That

01:48:07   it's, that it's, that tech...

01:48:09   Getting all the pieces in place.

01:48:10   That next year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and that Apple plans a complete

01:48:15   redesign of the iPhone for that. And so what we've got here is a third year of the iPhone

01:48:20   6 design, even though they're calling it the iPhone 7, it's the third year of the iPhone

01:48:25   Sort of like how the iPhone 5 was a bigger version of the iPhone 4, really.

01:48:33   This is, you know, this is the same with, you know, with upgrades.

01:48:38   I would say most iPhones don't appeal as much to the one-year turnover as to the two or

01:48:44   three, like I said earlier.

01:48:45   I'd say this one definitely feels like that.

01:48:48   It's another iterative thing.

01:48:49   It's got some nice new colors and stuff.

01:48:52   If you've got a 6s, you probably don't need to upgrade to it.

01:48:56   I -- Yeah, in some ways, I would say it's maybe the least compelling update

01:49:01   they've done to an iPhone in a while,

01:49:03   because it is this third swing at Johnny Ive perfecting the design of the iPhone 6.

01:49:09   And it's fine. That's fine.

01:49:13   I have to admit, I'm not 100% sure I will get an iPhone 7,

01:49:17   because I do use wired headphones from time to time,

01:49:21   especially on planes, and I can get an adapter.

01:49:24   It'll come with an adapter. That's fine.

01:49:26   I don't use earbuds, including the Apple earbuds.

01:49:29   I don't use them.

01:49:31   So I could do that, and when I'm running,

01:49:33   I'm using Bluetooth, so that's fine.

01:49:35   But, you know, is it -- My 6S is pretty good.

01:49:39   So other than being impressed by the new colors,

01:49:43   the new black colors, if it was in blue,

01:49:45   I would be a little bit more enticed by it.

01:49:47   But again, I'm not sure that enticing 6S users is really Apple's goal here, right?

01:49:53   It's to entice people who are on the 6.

01:49:57   Or before.

01:49:59   If you... I mean, you don't know, probably, but if you weren't the type of person who would get review units,

01:50:05   do you think that would change your decision? Would you definitely not get one?

01:50:09   Or would you maybe be more inclined to get one?

01:50:12   I don't know. I don't know. It's a good question. I don't think I have formed an answer yet.

01:50:22   It's fine. I mean, it's a weird—we're in a weird business where part of me needs to

01:50:28   update to everything or have those things around so that I can write about them, right?

01:50:32   Like, I need to spend time with that home button so that I can write about the home

01:50:36   button and what my experiences were with the home button. And so I buy things that I wouldn't

01:50:40   as a general consumer because I need to have them for my job. So it's hard for me to sometimes

01:50:47   make the question of like, "What will I buy and what is necessary?" And just because I

01:50:51   buy it doesn't mean that a regular person would do the same.

01:50:57   I will be buying it. I think I would have always bought it.

01:51:01   I'm not surprised.

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