104: I Really Do Want to Win


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 104.

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00:00:17   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:18   I am joined by Mr. Jason Snell.

00:00:20   I am back, sir.

00:00:22   -And welcome back.

00:00:23   It was good to see you two weeks ago.

00:00:24   -Yep. -And then you were gone on assignment last week,

00:00:26   so I had Merlin in, and we chatted for a while.

00:00:29   and it's good to have you back.

00:00:30   Welcome home. - I listened to that,

00:00:32   that episode on my way home on the plane.

00:00:35   It's very nice.

00:00:36   - Very nice, very nice.

00:00:37   So two weeks ago, I wanted to mention this

00:00:40   in our follow-up because I didn't mention it last time

00:00:42   because it was Merlin and not you,

00:00:44   but two weeks ago, we also had a meetup in Memphis

00:00:47   that was really great and we met a lot of great people.

00:00:49   And I wanted to mention that,

00:00:51   that we met Stephen Hackett who,

00:00:54   no, actually we had met him before,

00:00:56   but lots of like 20 or 30 people from the area

00:01:00   around Memphis, including AF Waller,

00:01:02   who came in from Atlanta, which was wild.

00:01:04   - All the great people you could say.

00:01:06   - You could say that.

00:01:07   So I just wanted to give a shout out to them

00:01:08   'cause that's the rare meetup with me and you.

00:01:13   So we did it, it was good.

00:01:16   So I also have some follow up from my show with Merlin.

00:01:18   We talked about Yelp and I got a nice little note

00:01:21   from listener Brian.

00:01:24   Listener Brian said, "You guys spend a lot of time

00:01:28   "talking about Yelp and I feel like Google Maps

00:01:30   "generally supports a better review model

00:01:32   "with verified reviews and a cleaner design and layout.

00:01:34   "It's also already on a map, so looking for a place

00:01:36   "in a specific area is much more efficient than Yelp.

00:01:39   "Spend some more time on Google Maps

00:01:40   "and looking at the reviews

00:01:41   "and I think you'll like it a lot more."

00:01:43   Now, I actually went and looked at Google Maps stuff.

00:01:46   I hadn't really thought about using Google Maps in this way

00:01:48   and it worked fine.

00:01:50   I'm not sure I'm convinced that it wouldn't have

00:01:52   all the same problems as Yelp, but yeah, it's another, I think it's another option to go

00:01:58   to and if Google is making greater attempts at verification and things like that, it might

00:02:04   be a place. I just feel like any place that's got a bucket that you can pour reviews into

00:02:08   is still going to end up doing, I don't think it's something fundamental to Yelp, but I

00:02:12   did check and there is some good data at Google Maps, including reviews, so.

00:02:18   As a follow up of my own, I very rarely leave reviews and I don't really read reviews very

00:02:25   much.

00:02:26   So it really has to take something for me to read a review.

00:02:28   The most I will ever kind of pay attention to is like the overall star rating or number

00:02:32   rating of something.

00:02:33   Huh.

00:02:34   I just have not the time to go through the...

00:02:39   Like we went, I've been away this weekend, we went to the beach, or the coast you could

00:02:44   say.

00:02:45   nice beach though and we went to this coffee shop and they asked for a nice latte and we

00:02:51   drank it inside and they gave me a metal straw which I'd never seen before. Jason a metal

00:02:56   straw, a straw made of metal.

00:02:58   I have seen that.

00:02:59   And I thought this is really cool I want some of these. So I bought some and I went on Amazon

00:03:05   and they had some there. I'll put a link in the show notes to them in case you're interested.

00:03:09   And I just took a look and I saw that it had like five stars on like 20 reviews or something

00:03:14   I was like, "Yep, that'll do for me!" That's all they need to know.

00:03:17   Hmm.

00:03:18   So, but yeah, I now have a set of eight metal straws at home.

00:03:22   [laughs]

00:03:23   Alright. I find metal straws disturbing, but...

00:03:27   Why is that?

00:03:29   Uh, because they, because you bite on them and they don't do anything.

00:03:33   I did bang my teeth against them once, which was uncomfortable, but uh...

00:03:36   I don't reckon.

00:03:37   I still like them.

00:03:39   One of the things that Merlin and I talked about was rating systems and, you know, I

00:03:45   got some feedback about that that I wanted to share.

00:03:47   Listener Ed wrote in about, we mentioned the Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle has the

00:03:51   Little Man rating system, which is a five-star rating system, but it comes in illustrations

00:03:56   of a little man.

00:03:58   He's jumping out of his seat applauding, or he's sitting upright applauding, or he's sitting

00:04:03   upright paying attention, or he's asleep, or the seat is empty, is the one-star review,

00:04:08   which I think is great. And listener Ed wrote in to mention the MacAddict review system,

00:04:15   which was a guy called Max who was in various poses based on the rating system at MacAddict,

00:04:21   including a 5 out of 5 which was called "freakin' awesome!" And Ed said that he loved that guy.

00:04:27   And I worked at Macworld so I can say I hated that guy. I hated the freakin' awesome guy

00:04:31   so much. I thought he was so dumb. But hey, I actually wrote back to Listener Ed and I

00:04:38   said I'm disappointed in you and I give you one mouse and he said no I also read

00:04:43   Mac world reviews. Ok well we'll just move on from that but anyway that was a

00:04:49   good another good example of a cartoon rating system that's not instead of

00:04:53   having stars, boring stars, they had cartoons. And we mentioned in that

00:04:59   episode about this idea that a lot of people especially like salespeople will

00:05:05   tell you, "You need to award me five stars. If I don't get five stars, my manager feels

00:05:10   that I'm a failure. You have to give me five stars." The five-star rating system is five.

00:05:14   You have to give me five. And like two days later, Lex Friedman, and we'll put this link

00:05:19   in the show notes, tweeted out, or posted on Instagram and also tweeted, a thing from

00:05:24   an Uber that he was riding in. And I just want to read the statement that's on this

00:05:28   piece of paper taped to the front of the passenger compartment in this Uber. "In rideshare system,

00:05:33   mean good, four stars means no good, three stars mean you hate the driver. Reminder,

00:05:40   if you keep rate drivers as four stars or lower, your rating will go low too. So I'm

00:05:46   just saying, this is what we're talking about. It's a five star system where, according

00:05:50   to this driver, if you don't give somebody five stars, it means literally the next step

00:05:56   down is no good, and then below that it's just that you hate the driver. And meanwhile,

00:06:01   I'm going to give you a bad review too, because...

00:06:03   - I feel like this is an oversimplication of Uber's system,

00:06:06   but I wouldn't be surprised if it's close to that,

00:06:08   because I'm sure they have an overabundance

00:06:10   of people wanting to be their drivers,

00:06:12   so they tend to just try and keep the best, I think.

00:06:14   - Yeah, and as Merlin said, you know,

00:06:16   most people probably don't care,

00:06:18   and there's no nuance, there's no room in there for you to say,

00:06:21   "No, no, no, on my personal rating system,

00:06:23   three is a positive review,"

00:06:25   because that's just not how people work.

00:06:28   out that they, that's not how people work, that's not how they work. And I try to keep

00:06:33   that in mind when I'm using a service like this, like they probably want me to start

00:06:38   at the top and only kind of down rate them if there was a legitimate problem, which is

00:06:42   not how I would normally do it.

00:06:43   I start at five with an Uber and then move down. And I feel like I have a basic idea

00:06:50   of what Uber like and don't like and then I rate them that way. Like if I find the guy

00:06:54   to be an aggressive driver. If the car is not clean, if he takes me on a slow route

00:06:59   or bad route, then I'll mark them down from five.

00:07:02   Yeah, fair enough. Brian Hamilton, our friend in the chat room, says Uber removes drivers

00:07:08   with lower than a 4.6 rating. So there you go, four stars means no good. That's a terrible

00:07:14   way to run a rating system, is all I'll say, but that may be how they're doing it.

00:07:18   Well, that's it. It's not necessarily terrible for them if what they're looking for is the

00:07:23   best and they, I mean I know it's hard, it's hard right on the drivers.

00:07:28   I'm not saying that the way they're doing it is terrible, I'm saying that that's a terrible

00:07:32   way to run a ratings system. Yes, it's a terrible rating system.

00:07:35   If it's a system out of five and five is the only positive group, then what is two, what

00:07:41   is one? They murdered me, one star as I die, right?

00:07:45   It'd be nice if they maybe gave some words that went along with the stars, you know,

00:07:50   kind of quantify it a little bit. That might be nice.

00:07:55   We also, people said some very nice things about the last episode and said, "What if

00:07:59   Jason and Merlin had a podcast together?" I think Jason and Merlin have a lot of podcasts

00:08:02   already, but I love talking with Merlin and will do so in the future in whatever venue

00:08:09   we can find for it. But we did riff a little bit on what that podcast would be called if

00:08:15   we did one together. I suggested tactically problematic. Somebody suggested problem or

00:08:21   not. Slide that right in there next to robot or not. And contentious contentment was also

00:08:27   a – that sounds like a T, frankly. A flavor of T.

00:08:30   Yeah. And also, I like the irreconcilable differences, kind of thread flowing through

00:08:36   one and three there. Yeah. Yeah. Tactically problematic.

00:08:39   incredibly long and difficult to spell names of the podcasts that break the artwork system

00:08:46   and we have to be forced to redesign.

00:08:48   Anyway, that's my Merlin. That's my Merlin follow-up.

00:08:52   Thank you for that vertical. I asked you two weeks ago, Jason, where are all the Apple

00:08:58   Watch 2 rumors? Mark Gurman had a report about Apple Watch rumors, but not really Apple Watch

00:09:06   Watch 2 rumors. So he was talking about there being the opportunity for Apple to try and

00:09:12   add a cell radio to the Apple Watch, but they haven't been able to get that to work in the

00:09:17   way that they'd like for the next version, so it's going to be put off to a later version.

00:09:22   This is all we have.

00:09:23   We talked about this on Clockwise last week, actually, and I know that Gruber linked to

00:09:27   it and I think a key here is that this article is not by Mark Gurman. It's by Mark Gurman,

00:09:34   Alex Webb, and Scott Moritz.

00:09:35   I've noticed that, but I'm a couple of his now.

00:09:38   So Mark Gurman, if I had to do some tea leaf reading here, and I don't know anything about

00:09:43   the serious history of this story, but my guess is, as we commented, "Huh, no Apple

00:09:49   Watch info," and this is all the Apple Watch info Mark Gurman could get, which was, "Well,

00:09:53   at some point they were working on this, and now it seems like they're going to do this,

00:09:57   but it's not a lot of detail." And then there's this wrapper of narrative and kind of assumption

00:10:02   that goes around it. And I'm not going to say who did that because there's three

00:10:06   people's names on it, but I will point out that one of the three names in the

00:10:10   byline has been a daring fireball jackass of the week and has made a career

00:10:15   of saying dumb things about Apple. So, hi Scott Moritz! So that's going to be my

00:10:20   theory is that Bloomberg really wanted a story here and Germin couldn't give them

00:10:25   a lot of detail and then they spun it into this story that is kind of

00:10:29   ludicrous because it's like some of it is phrased like "Uh oh, Apple couldn't make a

00:10:33   deal with the wireless providers so they don't know what they're going to do with the Apple

00:10:38   Watch," which seems completely impossible. That would have been something that happened

00:10:43   months or like a year ago. So I don't think it's a great story.

00:10:49   So here's the thing. Six out of the nine articles that Gorman has posted to Bloomberg have been

00:10:56   written in conjunction with another reporter.

00:10:58   Yes, I've noticed that too.

00:11:00   And the three that aren't, that were written on his own, were the ones that were the big

00:11:05   ones.

00:11:06   So the laptop overhaul, the new iPhone dual camera but no headphone jack, and the Apple

00:11:13   releasing iPhone app to control Apple TV using Siri.

00:11:17   Those three were just written by Marc.

00:11:19   The rest were written with him and somebody else and usually it's Alex Webb.

00:11:22   Yeah.

00:11:23   I don't know what's going on there and whether that's just how Bloomberg does things or I think it's he's providing the

00:11:29   Information and then they're being written by somebody else. Maybe they're right. They're writing it around. Yeah, I don't know

00:11:34   He's a new he's a new hire. He may be I don't know. I really don't know what's going on there

00:11:39   But anyway that story I think it's important to note that that's not just his byline and that doesn't feel like your usual Mark

00:11:46   Germin information story it feels very speculative and very shaded

00:11:52   making some suggestions about things that seem impossible in order to kind of tell this story that they want to tell about Apple

00:11:59   sort of casting about in terms of what it does. My feeling on this is

00:12:05   somebody at Bloomberg said where's our Apple watch leak? And this was the best they could get. I got some old information

00:12:14   Yep, so I go back to mine and your

00:12:18   from a couple of weeks ago, there aren't any leaks. And why is that? And maybe we'll

00:12:24   find out in a week or two, right? Like, there are no leaks right now because why? Maybe

00:12:28   it's all still within Cupertino right now. It isn't actually being produced.

00:12:32   Maybe now.

00:12:33   And that's why nobody has anything. Or, as we also said, nobody's leaking because

00:12:36   nobody cares inside of the supply chain. There's no money to be made.

00:12:40   The fact, or as theorized, or it looks like the old one enough that people haven't noticed.

00:12:47   The fact that Germin has in here is the company still plans to announce new watch models this

00:12:52   fall boasting improvements to health tracking.

00:12:55   They will also be able to integrate GPS-based location tracking according to people.

00:12:59   So that's it.

00:13:00   Yeah, the GPS is maybe the only kind of tidbit there.

00:13:02   Yeah, so that's two paragraphs and then the article goes on and on after that.

00:13:09   Many of you have checked out our member special, which was a text adventure, with me and Jason

00:13:16   and CGP Grey and I just wanted to mention because we failed to previously if you enjoyed

00:13:20   that there are a couple of more Texas Adventures which I think were all done by the same company

00:13:26   that produced Six Gun Showdown which was the one that we did over on the incomparable game

00:13:30   night show as part of the game show feed so that's episodes 21 and 33 so if you enjoyed

00:13:38   our Texas Adventure if you listened as a Relay FM member then you should go and check those

00:13:43   out as well they're nice compliments to it.

00:13:46   Yeah, and we heard from the guy who wrote Six-Gun Showdown and those other Parsley adventures,

00:13:49   and he seemed happy that we had done it, and it sounds like maybe we turned some people

00:13:55   on to his product, which is also what we were trying to do, that people would like it and

00:14:00   want to play it themselves.

00:14:01   So, yeah, if you'd like to hear a couple others where Tony Sindelar is the computer, not me,

00:14:04   I'm just a player in those.

00:14:06   That's Game Show 21 and 33.

00:14:09   And I was on your new podcast Free Agents, was it last week?

00:14:13   Yeah, it was last week.

00:14:14   Yeah.

00:14:15   interviewed you along with David Sparks. We talked to you about your much more nitty-gritty

00:14:20   than we go into here on sort of like what the issues are in your, you know, your independent

00:14:27   life and how you manage your time and, you know, just sort of like a little bit of a

00:14:33   window into what independent working life is like for Myke.

00:14:37   Yeah. So you can go and check that out. It's Free Agents episode number three. And of course

00:14:44   you will find a link in our lovely show notes, which are at relay.fm/upgrades/104 this week.

00:14:52   One more thing, it's not quite follow-up, it's like a mini topic, but we'll do this

00:14:54   before we get into our main thing today, which is, it was my son's birthday a couple weeks

00:14:59   ago and he got a lot of gift cards and maybe we'll talk about this later down the road,

00:15:05   but he's wanted a Nintendo 3DS for a long time, like, he, yeah, this goes back a long

00:15:13   time that he's wanted a DS and since you are a game person I wanted to mention

00:15:18   this to you because I it's a it's been a fascinating experience for me first off

00:15:24   we waited a long time because we have enough game devices like he's got a

00:15:30   laptop that can play games he's got an iPad that can play games we have

00:15:33   consoles that can play games but the 3ds is different and his friends have it and

00:15:37   they are playing these games he can't play and it frustrates him so he has

00:15:40   saved his money and he then added to it with these gift cards that he got for

00:15:43   his birthday and he has enough money to get a 3DS. So we finally kind of relented

00:15:48   like look we think you have enough game devices but if you want to use all your

00:15:52   money on this go to it and what I found out is and the reason I bring this up is

00:15:58   people give Apple a hard time for you know having the you know it's the the

00:16:03   iMac and then they update it and it's still the iMac and model numbers and all

00:16:06   that. But the 3DS is, there's, so first off there's a 2DS, there's a 3DS, there's a 3DSXL,

00:16:11   there's the new 3DSXL, which is not the same as the old 3DSXL. So that's all fascinating.

00:16:20   The complexities of the naming and the different versions that are all basically the same thing

00:16:25   with slight variations. So that struck me as interesting. And then when I was doing

00:16:29   my research on the in North America the current model is the 3DS XL new sorry

00:16:36   new 3DS XL and then in the context of the headphone jack and people

00:16:43   complaining about that I just wanted to point out I discovered Nintendo ships

00:16:47   the new 3DS XL without a power cable yeah it has a non-standard plug you

00:16:54   can't just use a USB plug to charge this thing. You need a 3DS plug. The gamepad

00:17:00   charger for the Wii U, by the way, will not charge it. It is a very specific plug,

00:17:05   right? And it doesn't ship with it. So we found-- I found one and I ordered it and

00:17:11   I realized I have to either find somewhere else a power plug or he needs

00:17:18   to borrow one from a friend until we can find one because it was actually harder

00:17:21   to find the adapter than it was to find the unit.

00:17:24   But just when we're complaining about Apple

00:17:26   doing some things that are user hostile,

00:17:29   like maybe not putting an adapter in the box

00:17:32   for a new iPhone that doesn't have a headphone jack,

00:17:34   just think, what if you were getting

00:17:36   a handheld battery-operated rechargeable device

00:17:41   that literally didn't come with the power cord?

00:17:45   Amazing.

00:17:46   - So this is part of the kind of comedy of errors

00:17:51   that has surrounded Nintendo for a while

00:17:55   and all of the stuff around the 3DS is part of it.

00:17:58   So the new 3DS, aside from being a marketing nightmare,

00:18:03   to call a product that,

00:18:04   which is kind of the same problem they have

00:18:06   with the Wii U when it was the Wii, right?

00:18:09   Their branding team, I think, just took the year off.

00:18:13   The new 3DS was very desirable to existing 3DS owners because it's smaller, it's nicer,

00:18:21   it's more powerful.

00:18:23   The new 3DS, rather than the new 3DS XL, the new 3DS was colored in the way that the Super

00:18:30   Nintendo was.

00:18:31   So there were a lot of things calling back nostalgia-wise, you could get the faceplates,

00:18:35   it was a desirable product.

00:18:38   Because of this and because of the way that Nintendo were pitching this, their excuse

00:18:42   for not putting the power cable is they believe that the majority of people that

00:18:45   will buy the system had a 3DS so they would have a power cable, right? Right.

00:18:50   Way to appeal to new users. Terrible argument. Yeah, but at this point Nintendo knows

00:18:55   their market. Also, we, you know, as Apple users we know nobody needs an extra

00:19:00   charging cable at any point. But it's nice. You're never gonna need another charging

00:19:04   cable anywhere ever. But like this is, it's like, okay, terrible excuse but like in

00:19:11   in some kind of hand wavy way you can, okay, whatever, like, fine, I'll accept it. But

00:19:17   then the only way you could transfer your saved data from one 3DS to the other was to

00:19:24   open up the new 3DS with a hex screwdriver. Because you needed to take the old card and

00:19:36   put it in and then transfer it to the new card. So everybody who was supposedly going

00:19:43   to be transferring right from one to the other had to buy a proprietary screwdriver, not

00:19:49   proprietary but had to buy a screwdriver because nobody has those at home. And it's like, okay

00:19:54   so you're saying that everybody that's going to buy this already has an old one which is

00:19:58   why they didn't have a cable and the only way they can transfer their save data is to

00:20:01   use is to actually then buy a set of screwdrivers. Absolute nightmare. Just an absolute nightmare.

00:20:07   So whilst your situation was bad, trust me, everybody else that bought one, it was way

00:20:12   worse. Yeah. Oh yeah. Including me, because I love Nintendo so much even though they cause

00:20:17   me so much pain. Anyway, I'll report back about my son's thing, yeah. We'll see. Yeah,

00:20:21   please do. After this break, we are going to be participating in the first annual Upgrade

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00:21:03   okay so it is september event time as of today which is the 29th of august we have a confirmed

00:21:12   date for apple's event which is going to be on september the 7th at the bill graham civic

00:21:18   auditorium so everything's kind of falling in line as we would expect and the event has a kind of

00:21:24   Blur, the bokeh I think it's called effect,

00:21:28   which will signify for anybody doing their criminology,

00:21:31   big advancements to the camera,

00:21:33   and in theory, a two lens system

00:21:36   could let you do this type of stuff with your photos,

00:21:39   so that would be kind of nice

00:21:41   for those of us that join Plus Club,

00:21:43   which will be everyone, including Jason,

00:21:45   and I will be guffawing my way for the rest of September,

00:21:48   it's gonna be great fun.

00:21:50   But like we did with our WWDC keynote,

00:21:54   we did our first ever predictions draft and we have decided why not do that for the September

00:21:59   iPhone event as well. So here we are, we have the first annual second ever, as Jason is

00:22:06   pointing out, upgrade event draft, but it is the first annual for the September event.

00:22:10   No. Stop.

00:22:11   You're not letting me do it are you?

00:22:12   It's true though.

00:22:13   It's true.

00:22:14   No.

00:22:15   It is true.

00:22:16   It's not true.

00:22:17   But we will go with the second ever upgrade event draft for the time being.

00:22:20   Okay.

00:22:21   There will be a scorecard in the show notes which will put together all of our picks.

00:22:26   We have set some more rules in advance this time.

00:22:28   We learned from our previous draft.

00:22:30   Did we?

00:22:31   Well I was finally told the rules of how drafts work during the episode.

00:22:35   So based on your standards.

00:22:38   We have 10 rounds, 20 overall picks.

00:22:41   So we have 10 picks each, 20 overall picks over 10 rounds.

00:22:44   We have lots and lots of things to pick from.

00:22:48   I am going to say that as the winner of the previous draft, I should get first pick.

00:22:53   I agree. I was going to say that too. I give it to you.

00:22:55   So my pick, my first item that I think will be announced in the September event,

00:23:03   and this isn't clear by the time already that we're explaining this,

00:23:07   we're basically just going to pick what we think is going to happen.

00:23:10   At the keynote. And that's the rule.

00:23:13   Must be spoken about on stage.

00:23:16   Yes, that's right. If there's a press release on the side not mentioned on stage, it doesn't

00:23:20   count. If it's on the website, wasn't mentioned on stage, doesn't count. Must be on stage.

00:23:26   And I'm gonna go with pick number one, dual camera on the Plus Model phone.

00:23:32   Alright, tell me about this. You're, you're, you're, I mean, Plus Model, I feel like I

00:23:37   should have left this for you even if I picked first because it's a, it's a mic kind of thing.

00:23:42   Are you excited about this prospect of a much improved sort of two camera on the back setup

00:23:48   of the iPhone Plus?

00:23:49   Yeah, I am.

00:23:50   And the reason is, like, you know, I've been listening to ATP recently and they've been

00:23:53   talking lots about cameras.

00:23:55   And I'm not a photographer, but when I take a photo, I want it to be the best photo it

00:23:59   can be.

00:24:00   But I'm not interested in owning a camera right now and carrying that around with me.

00:24:04   So I want my phone to have the best possible camera that it can have without my phone being,

00:24:12   you know, as thick as a brick, right?

00:24:14   So if Apple can do anything

00:24:17   to try and make the photography system better on my phone,

00:24:22   I want it.

00:24:23   And dual camera seems like, you know,

00:24:25   there are lots of different ways

00:24:26   that this system can be used

00:24:28   and we don't know how Apple's going to be doing it yet.

00:24:30   Like what the software component

00:24:31   for using these dual cameras will be.

00:24:33   But of everything that I've heard,

00:24:35   so better zoom, nicer focus, better exposure,

00:24:39   all the stuff that I've heard

00:24:40   could potentially be used for this type of stuff, I want any or all of them because they're

00:24:45   going to make the photos that I take better. And it basically, the cherry on the cake here

00:24:52   is that the rumor is, and I've seen like a bunch of casemakers are already selling their

00:24:56   cases like I think it's pretty set that the dual camera will only be on the plus model.

00:25:00   That is the cherry on the cake for me, because I'm going to watch all of the my friends who

00:25:05   had laughed at me and said that the plus was ridiculous. And then first off, we got some

00:25:10   Some of them starting to move over, right?

00:25:11   Like I was the only one, I was there straight away,

00:25:14   and now people start to move over,

00:25:16   and now people like you are gonna be buying the Plus model.

00:25:19   - An SE.

00:25:20   (laughing)

00:25:21   - I'm like screw it.

00:25:23   I'm going back to the rocker.

00:25:24   I don't want nothing to do with this.

00:25:26   So many people are gonna be joining #plusclub in September,

00:25:30   which I'm very excited about.

00:25:31   So I'm gonna go pick number one for Myke Hurley

00:25:34   is gonna be the dual camera on the Plus model.

00:25:36   Jason?

00:25:37   - Boy, you, that, you are gonna be insufferable

00:25:40   when that happens.

00:25:40   - It's gonna be so great.

00:25:42   - It was already bad enough and now it's gonna be worse

00:25:44   with the whole Myke was right thing.

00:25:46   I am going to go with a pick that like the plus model

00:25:51   just so near and dear to my heart,

00:25:52   something that I can't wait to see,

00:25:54   which is Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone.

00:25:59   - It's gonna hurt.

00:26:02   - Yeah, this is gonna be painful.

00:26:04   I cannot wait to see how Apple explains this.

00:26:09   I feel like there are a couple of ways it could go.

00:26:11   One way is they could do a detailed explanation

00:26:14   of why it's not necessary anymore

00:26:17   because of how great the wireless world is.

00:26:19   And here are these great headphones

00:26:22   and let us tell you all the ways that we've solved this

00:26:25   and we've got an adapter and all of that.

00:26:27   And the other way, which I kind of wanna see,

00:26:29   I kind of hope that this is what they end up doing,

00:26:31   is basically just tossing it off.

00:26:32   Like not even mentioning it,

00:26:35   just showing that there's no headphone jack,

00:26:37   or just saying, "And we've eliminated the..." you know, "And it has support for Bluetooth headphones."

00:26:41   Or something like that, which would be amazing.

00:26:43   Oh, and we've included some new Lightning headphones in the box.

00:26:45   Like, that's kind of...

00:26:47   They just did... That's it. That's what we say.

00:26:48   I am in complete agreement with you.

00:26:50   I think they either tie themselves into some hilarious knots trying to explain this,

00:26:55   or they just completely rush over it.

00:26:58   I don't think there's any middle ground.

00:27:00   Like, it's one or the other with that one.

00:27:03   Honestly as well, I think by this point,

00:27:05   in my mind it's pretty clear that they've done this now

00:27:09   just so the next phone which they need to take it away from for whatever reason

00:27:13   they just do it now

00:27:14   just rip the band-aid off and do it now

00:27:17   and that upsets people but I'm resigned to this now and I cannot wait for the

00:27:21   iFixit

00:27:22   breakdown to confirm if this is true or not

00:27:25   because that will be beautiful to see

00:27:28   I actually wrote the uh... the stages of grief article which...

00:27:32   in the hotel room that me and you shared

00:27:34   I know you were not too far away as I wrote that article.

00:27:37   And that's sort of where I am, is I've reached acceptance,

00:27:40   which is it's going to happen.

00:27:41   And as I've said, I think on this show before,

00:27:43   I did buy a set of Bluetooth earbuds a while ago,

00:27:46   and I use them when I go walk the dog

00:27:48   or go for a run with my iPhone.

00:27:50   I use those, I don't use my corded headphones anymore.

00:27:54   I do it for podcasts.

00:27:56   I don't like listening to music on them

00:27:57   'cause they're not good enough,

00:27:59   but they're good enough for podcasts.

00:28:01   And I just have sort of reached that acceptance phase

00:28:04   is that if I want to have wired headphones

00:28:06   to listen to music on like a plane trip

00:28:09   or something like that, I am going to bring an adapter.

00:28:12   And that's just how it's going to have to be.

00:28:14   And when I'm running, I'm just going to use Bluetooth

00:28:16   and that's going to be how it is.

00:28:18   And I don't have to like it, but I feel like,

00:28:21   as they say, where there's smoke, there's fire.

00:28:23   So we're going to have no headphone jack

00:28:25   and that's going to be on stage.

00:28:26   - My second pick, Apple will announce the Apple Watch 2

00:28:32   on stage in this event on September the 7th. I'm unconvinced if this will be shipping at

00:28:40   the same time as the iPhone. I don't necessarily think they're going to do that. They might,

00:28:45   but I'm not saying necessarily they will. I think that it will be shipping by the holiday

00:28:50   season. And yeah, I'm going to leave it there because we have other pics in the document

00:28:55   as to what this thing may or may not include. I don't want to show my hand.

00:28:59   I don't see on our agreed-upon list the existence of the Apple Watch 2 there.

00:29:04   Maybe you removed it.

00:29:05   That's all I'm gonna say.

00:29:06   I-- shouldn't-- shouldn't you have to pick some detail?

00:29:07   Otherwise, with my second pick, I'm just gonna pick a new iPhone.

00:29:10   How about that?

00:29:11   You can pick it if you want it.

00:29:12   I just thought it was, uh, that was a pointless thing to pick, but the Apple Watch 2 may or

00:29:17   may not have been announced.

00:29:19   Hmm.

00:29:20   Okay.

00:29:21   All right.

00:29:22   I'll give it to you.

00:29:23   You could-- if you wanna go there, Snell, you can take a new iPhone announced.

00:29:25   Okay, well then I will.

00:29:26   I think there's going to be a new iPhone and it's what we were talking about before, which

00:29:29   is that there's no headphone jack.

00:29:31   I think it's going to be a new iPhone and I think I'm going to, yeah, I'm going to just

00:29:36   do that to count to your very obvious pick that there's going to be an Apple Watch 2.

00:29:39   Fine.

00:29:40   I'm going to go for my third pick.

00:29:43   There will be new colors on the iPhone model that we've not seen before.

00:29:47   It will either be a space black or a blue, as we've seen some leaked pictures of.

00:29:52   I think that we are going to see a new color.

00:29:54   The reason I think Apple are gonna put a new color on the iPhone is so then if people wanna

00:29:58   buy it and it looks like they have a new phone rather than the phone looks the same as the

00:30:02   old phone, they can buy the new colored phone, which is why I think they put the rose gold

00:30:06   on the SE when they did, so people could buy that one and it's definitely not the old one.

00:30:10   So I think we're gonna see some new colors.

00:30:12   If they put the blue one out there, I'm probably gonna get the blue one, otherwise I'm probably

00:30:16   gonna go gold or rose gold because I'm bored of silver and I'm bored of gray.

00:30:20   I would be, oh, is this the end of Cortex?

00:30:24   If you're bored of gray?

00:30:26   - Fed up of gray, no more gray in my life.

00:30:28   - Okay, yeah, I would get a blue iPhone

00:30:32   if they made a blue iPhone, I would get that.

00:30:34   - Be nice, right?

00:30:35   - Colors, please bring colors into my life

00:30:38   that aren't pink, which is a color I can't see very well.

00:30:42   I would like a color I can see.

00:30:43   I am gonna pick for my third pick,

00:30:45   a non-mechanical force touch driven home button

00:30:50   on the new iPhone.

00:30:51   This rumor's been out there for a little while.

00:30:54   Famously, people have been skeptical

00:30:56   about the possibilities here.

00:30:58   I think rightly, whether this happens or not,

00:31:01   I feel like it's worth being skeptical of it

00:31:03   because you need something to fall back to

00:31:07   when the software is not working

00:31:09   that you can do in order to get your phone to reset.

00:31:12   And one of the ways that you've had

00:31:15   has always been like, okay, my phone's behaving strangely,

00:31:18   but if I press this button, it's gonna depress

00:31:20   because it's a physical button,

00:31:22   and maybe that'll do something and maybe it won't,

00:31:23   but at least you've got that fallback.

00:31:25   Press a couple of buttons, force a restart.

00:31:27   - It's like an ejector seat, right?

00:31:29   - It's something you can count on.

00:31:30   And so it is a little bit scary to think

00:31:34   that maybe you press the home button and nothing happens.

00:31:36   Like it's, oh geez, the phone is in such dire shape now

00:31:40   that when I push on the home button, there's nothing.

00:31:44   That would be bad.

00:31:44   Like if you've ever used a force touch track pad

00:31:47   when it's turned off, and you're like,

00:31:49   but nothing happens now, why is that happening?

00:31:52   That's a risk for Apple here.

00:31:55   And I'm similarly interested in how they sell this,

00:31:58   but I see the potential benefit

00:32:00   in terms of reducing the number of moving parts

00:32:02   and the number of places they have to waterproof.

00:32:04   And of course, they're also keeping in mind those rumors

00:32:08   of a next year totally redesigned phone that's all screen.

00:32:11   There won't be room for a home button on the front

00:32:13   if it's all screen.

00:32:14   So I'm gonna throw my prediction in there

00:32:18   for the force touch home button.

00:32:21   - I think you might see them change the force reboot

00:32:24   to maybe one of the volume keys as well.

00:32:28   - Yeah, maybe like volume and sleep or something like that.

00:32:30   They're gonna, I mean, if you have a software lockup

00:32:32   and that button is driven by software,

00:32:34   you can't rely on it to be a fallback

00:32:38   if you have a software problem.

00:32:40   - And I don't know, like,

00:32:41   I don't know if you can reboot when the phone is off.

00:32:44   Like, I don't know if that's a thing you can do or would do.

00:32:46   I don't know but how would you do that with a you know, the phone is off like it's gonna

00:32:51   be interesting to see why they do that.

00:32:55   My fourth pick, this phone will not be called the iPhone 7.

00:33:00   Oh wow, okay that is a bold pick.

00:33:04   I don't think they're gonna call it the iPhone 7.

00:33:07   I think it's gonna be something 6 related or no number at all.

00:33:13   my thinking. Okay. I think it's gonna be called the iPhone 7. So now we agreed on this, for

00:33:17   bonus points you get to predict a name for it. I think it's gonna be just called the

00:33:23   iPhone. Really? Yeah. The new iPhone. Yep. I'm gonna go with that because I haven't got

00:33:31   a better name. Okay. Like, you know, I don't think they're gonna call it, you know, 6Q.

00:33:36   They've already used SE, right? Which is maybe the only thing that I would have gone for.

00:33:39   but I think it might be iPhone something and iPhone plus or iPhone Pro.

00:33:44   Like they might give it some other name like iPhone something,

00:33:47   but I think it won't be it won't be numbered at all.

00:33:50   It just give you iPhone.

00:33:51   Interesting. I don't think that's gonna happen.

00:33:55   I think it's gonna be called the iPhone 7.

00:33:57   This is my wild pick that I'm getting in there.

00:34:01   Yeah, you got it in early.

00:34:02   You could have taken it to at number 10 and it would still be in there.

00:34:05   I think I would have ever picked it.

00:34:07   but I love your gambling nature.

00:34:10   I'm gonna keep it because I'm still stung

00:34:12   about losing last time.

00:34:13   I'm gonna keep it as high percentage as possible.

00:34:17   My fourth pick is gonna be, this is a debate.

00:34:20   This has been a subject of debate,

00:34:21   which is what does Apple do

00:34:22   if it removes the headphone jack?

00:34:23   What happens next?

00:34:25   And there are a bunch of different options.

00:34:27   There's earbuds in the box

00:34:29   that are traditional mini jack earbuds,

00:34:31   you know, AirPods or EarPods,

00:34:33   but with an adapter already on them.

00:34:37   And so you could unplug the adapter and plug it into a Mac

00:34:39   or you plug it in and plug it into your iPhone.

00:34:41   Then there's the thought of like,

00:34:42   well, what about if they were just lightning earbuds

00:34:44   in the box?

00:34:45   And then there's what if they include wireless earbuds

00:34:48   in the box?

00:34:48   I'm going to predict that what will be in the box

00:34:54   is a pair of lightning earbuds,

00:34:58   that that's what it's going to be.

00:34:59   They are going to go down to a cord

00:35:01   and there'll be a little lightning plug there.

00:35:03   And no, they won't work with any of the other devices

00:35:05   that you own, but they will work with that iPhone.

00:35:09   And that's what you're gonna get.

00:35:11   And that's my prediction.

00:35:13   It's not really great.

00:35:15   It's like getting a birthday cake and finding out

00:35:18   that it's a terrible flavor that you don't like.

00:35:20   It's like, oh, it's a bad, it's a peach or whatever.

00:35:24   But yeah, I'm gonna say lightning earbuds in the iPhone,

00:35:28   in the new iPhone, in a box.

00:35:30   - That was actually going to be my next pick.

00:35:34   So I'm gonna go for pick number five and say that I believe Apple will keep the original

00:35:38   Apple Watch on sale.

00:35:40   And it will be like the iPad Mini that will never die.

00:35:44   Or the iPad Air 2 that will never die.

00:35:46   Just this product that they can put bargain in basement, sell out the door, because I

00:35:51   reckon they've probably got too many of them.

00:35:54   And they want to keep that thing selling and they want to make it cheap and it's gonna

00:35:57   be very confusing when they have two watches that look exactly the same potentially.

00:36:02   So we're gonna see what they do there, maybe some new materials, maybe some new colors,

00:36:05   who knows?

00:36:06   Uh, but I think they're gonna keep the Watch 1 around and sell it alongside the Apple Watch

00:36:10   2.

00:36:11   One theory that I've, I've heard is that they could possibly differentiate it by model name,

00:36:15   that there's the Apple Watch something that, that maybe the Apple Watch Sport is no longer...

00:36:21   They replace the Sport with a new name, but the same kind of idea.

00:36:24   Yeah, there, there's a, there's the standard Apple Watch, which is the one, but there's

00:36:28   a new Apple Watch Sport that's like $500 that's got GPS.

00:36:32   Apple Watch Active. Yeah, exactly, something like that. And so

00:36:38   they end up not calling it Apple Watch 1 and Apple Watch 2, but like different Apple Watch

00:36:42   models are different hardware. I agree with that. I hope that they at least

00:36:46   have an aluminum model available, because that's the look that I like. I don't like

00:36:50   the stainless steel. And I hope that then doesn't become the top-end one. Because they

00:36:56   they may, they may, you know, just put the GPS in that one and you never know. See?

00:37:01   You never know. In addition, if you want GPS, that'll be a thousand dollars. Oh, we're laughing

00:37:09   now but you never know. For my pick, this is number five, so this means we're halfway

00:37:13   through. It's gonna get weird here at the end when we run out of these things. I'm going

00:37:17   to go, I'm gonna take a page out of your book, 'cause I know how much you love Apple Watch

00:37:21   bands and there's gonna be a new Apple Watch. And I think we've said this before on past

00:37:25   shows. Every time Apple announces anything, they also announce new watch bands. Now the

00:37:31   challenge here is just, for me, the risk I'm taking here is not just will there be new

00:37:36   watch bands, new colors, new something, but will they mention it on stage? So that's

00:37:43   --

00:37:44   I think so.

00:37:45   In that mind, that's my mind, is that they have to say something like, "And we've got

00:37:48   all these colors." And that's all, like, we've got new colors for the fall. But I feel like

00:37:53   this is part of Apple's Apple Watch strategy is every single time they revise anything

00:37:58   there are also six new watch bands.

00:38:00   I'll tell you why I think this is going to be the case. I was going to pick up a Stone

00:38:07   watch band, the Stone Sport band for dinner in New York and it sold out everywhere.

00:38:14   And that was one of the ones they introduced. So that was one of the like full models. So

00:38:18   with four models going away,

00:38:20   ready for the new whatever season we're going into.

00:38:23   Maybe it's fall again.

00:38:24   These, or maybe it was like the winter ones, who knows?

00:38:26   Fashion, I don't understand it.

00:38:27   - Fashion, yeah, how does it work?

00:38:29   - That was gonna be my number six pick.

00:38:31   So my pick now is going to be that the new iPhone

00:38:36   will start at 32 gigabytes in storage size.

00:38:40   - Very nice, that was going to be my next pick,

00:38:42   so you sniped me there, good job.

00:38:44   We're sniping each other.

00:38:45   - Apple are gonna upset a lot of people

00:38:47   with the new iPhone.

00:38:48   It's not gonna look the way that they want,

00:38:50   they're gonna remove the headphone jack.

00:38:51   If they keep the 16 gigabyte around,

00:38:54   it will be a nightmare that they will be dealing with,

00:38:57   I think.

00:38:58   I think this is one thing they have to give the nerd crowd,

00:39:00   is that the phone will now start at 32 gigabytes.

00:39:03   I think that, we haven't spoken about it,

00:39:06   so I don't think we are,

00:39:06   but I think even the original,

00:39:09   the standard size iPhone,

00:39:10   from looking at the case leaks and stuff,

00:39:12   is going to get an even better camera still,

00:39:15   and it won't be the dual camera,

00:39:17   So I can think photo sizes are going to be bigger still, video sizes are going to be

00:39:21   bigger still.

00:39:22   They need to start putting these things at 32 gigabytes as base and the price stays the

00:39:26   same.

00:39:27   I think this is going to be the year because currently all of their competitors are doing

00:39:31   this so I think it's time that Apple step up and make this a thing.

00:39:36   I hope this is the year.

00:39:38   Otherwise we'll just be picking it next year again.

00:39:40   They keep this for next year.

00:39:42   On both models?

00:39:43   On both models?

00:39:44   Yeah, I do.

00:39:45   I think we're gonna start there.

00:39:47   All right.

00:39:48   Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb a little bit here

00:39:51   and pick something that's a little wacky.

00:39:53   I'm gonna pick something from the iPad column,

00:39:55   which seems totally counter indicated from all reports.

00:39:59   All reports are that there's no new iPad stuff happening

00:40:04   until the spring.

00:40:05   So this is gonna be my prediction.

00:40:08   Oof.

00:40:10   I'm predicting that Apple will give a little bit of a nod

00:40:15   that iPad is going to get love in the spring or sometime next year.

00:40:21   Now this is tough because they tend not to...

00:40:23   This is a tricky pick.

00:40:24   They tend not to forward promote anything,

00:40:26   but I feel like leaving the iPad completely untouched,

00:40:30   which they probably are going to do, is a tough one too.

00:40:35   So my thought is that they're going to talk about,

00:40:37   perhaps in the context of iOS 10,

00:40:39   some great features of the iPad,

00:40:41   or even touch base on the iPad in a slide

00:40:43   when they're talking about iOS and the iPhone,

00:40:46   and just say something about how there's a lot

00:40:50   of great stuff coming in the near future for the iPad.

00:40:53   Now we're gonna have, I'm gonna let you rule on this

00:40:56   based on what they actually say,

00:40:58   because it could be, you know, it needs to be

00:41:00   a little more than Kremlinology,

00:41:02   it needs to be a little more tangible than that,

00:41:04   but I am picking something sort of intangible,

00:41:06   which is I think they're gonna give a sign

00:41:09   that they're moving to this strategy

00:41:10   having iPad stuff happen off sync with the iPhone.

00:41:14   And so somehow, send up a little signal.

00:41:17   So you make the call on that one,

00:41:18   but that's gonna be my prediction

00:41:19   'cause from all we've heard, that's the case.

00:41:21   Is there'll be new iPads in the spring,

00:41:23   there'll be a new version of iOS 10

00:41:25   that adds some more iPad productivity features,

00:41:27   but it'll be in the spring.

00:41:28   It won't be synced to the 10.0 release,

00:41:31   but instead it will be a subsequent release

00:41:34   and they'll wrap all that stuff up together

00:41:36   and make an announcement sometime in the new year.

00:41:39   So that's my prediction here is they are gonna pay lip service to the iPad in order to calm

00:41:46   people down about the fact that there's no new iPad this fall for the first time in years.

00:41:51   I'm pleased that you went with something crazy as well.

00:41:53   Yes, you're welcome.

00:41:55   This is, I think, maybe is potentially unlikely.

00:41:58   It's pulled us back to even, I think, now.

00:42:01   But it's one of those things, like, I think we've both gone with these things because

00:42:04   if we're right, it's good.

00:42:06   It's like a little extra bonus point, even though that doesn't exist.

00:42:10   I'm going to go for my next pick to say that the new version of the Apple Watch will include

00:42:17   a GPS chip inside.

00:42:19   You sniped me again!

00:42:21   Look at you.

00:42:22   Look at you.

00:42:23   GPS.

00:42:24   GPS.

00:42:25   So at least one model of a new Apple Watch will offer a GPS capability.

00:42:31   So this will be part of Apple's multi-year march to making the Apple Watch a standalone

00:42:38   product. One of the first things they can do is say not only can you put your music

00:42:43   for your run, you can now also track your run with our GPS chip which is in the Apple

00:42:48   Watch. I think that's what the pitch is here and when they talk about increased health

00:42:53   tracking stuff in the rumors, I think that is part of it right? They now have the ability

00:42:58   to track your health stuff when you're away from your phone completely by using a GPS

00:43:03   chip.

00:43:04   Yeah.

00:43:05   It's another reason why I think that it might not ship immediately is I think unless Apple

00:43:08   have let the companies in, I think they're going to want the big running companies like

00:43:12   Runkeeper to have their Apple Watch 2 GPS functionality built in immediately.

00:43:17   So we'll see what's happening there.

00:43:18   Right, although that might not be, who knows, that's the challenge, because a lot of these

00:43:24   apps are going to have to be written to run.

00:43:27   this is another reason they'll need to be independent on the phone or on the watch from

00:43:30   the phone because then you run with your watch without your phone and it needs to be still

00:43:36   operating which the current ones don't basically and then we'll also need to connect to GPS.

00:43:42   One of the challenges with GPS is getting that initial signal lock and I think that's

00:43:46   a place where the watch has an advantage because until you leave the realm of your iPhone,

00:43:51   The watch basically knows where it is because it knows where the iPhone is.

00:43:57   And so it's only when they detach that the watch has to use its own GPS capability.

00:44:02   And the way GPS works, if you know basically where you were, then it's much easier to

00:44:09   find out exactly where you are.

00:44:12   So I can see that being a very clever thing where, you know, it's not going to have

00:44:16   to say, "Well, please wait five minutes while I figure out where I am."

00:44:20   it's gonna like, it will probably know pretty quickly.

00:44:21   A lot of power issues with GPS, so.

00:44:23   - Sure. - That'll be really

00:44:24   interesting to see.

00:44:25   - I think it will only be on when you ask it to be.

00:44:27   - Yeah, like when you're running Runkeeper

00:44:31   or you're using, so your phone is not around

00:44:34   and you're using an app, whether it's the fitness app

00:44:36   or Runkeeper or something else,

00:44:38   that specifically asks for location data.

00:44:42   - Yeah.

00:44:43   I think it might even be the point of like,

00:44:44   you have to say, please track my run using GPS.

00:44:48   - Yeah.

00:44:48   it might be like that kind of level, which I know is a bit finicky, but it goes in line

00:44:54   with Apple's thinking of really trying to save the battery on this thing.

00:44:58   Yep. Jason, what's next up?

00:45:02   So for my next pick, I am going to pick again, I'm not super confident about this, but what

00:45:06   would be the fun of the draft if all we picked were things we were super confident about.

00:45:09   I'm going to pick that new Apple Watch models will be compatible with existing Apple Watch

00:45:16   bands. And I know that's scary I just feel like Apple has to go back to my

00:45:21   previous watch band pic Apple has put so much into these watch bands and it's so

00:45:26   early in the life of the Apple watch and so many of these watch bands are so

00:45:29   beautiful and expensive too that I think Apple's gonna try to make as few waves

00:45:35   as possible in a future version of the Apple watch that right now they don't

00:45:40   want to turn the whole product line over and make you buy new stuff for the new

00:45:44   thing. In fact, that's what we've been talking about. Maybe they don't even call

00:45:47   it Apple Watch 2, they just say we've got some new models that have some new

00:45:51   features and try to keep it as simple as possible beyond that. And what you

00:45:55   wouldn't say is, "Oh well, these bands only work with these three models and

00:46:00   this band only works with this model," because that's complicated and I think

00:46:05   they won't be that complex about it. But I'm taking a risk here. But it's

00:46:09   definitely something I'd like to see, so there's some wish casting happening here.

00:46:12   but that's gonna be my prediction is that

00:46:14   Apple Watch bands just work with Apple Watches,

00:46:16   at least for one more product cycle.

00:46:19   - I would be flabbergasted if they didn't work.

00:46:23   Like if the old ones didn't continue to work

00:46:25   with the new ones, I would be really surprised about that.

00:46:28   - I'm glad you're more confident than I am about this.

00:46:31   - I would be very surprised.

00:46:32   I'm gonna go next with a feature

00:46:36   that could be added to the iPhone in the tick column,

00:46:39   which is water resistance.

00:46:41   It'd be really great if Apple could do this

00:46:44   'cause it would be a new feature of the iPhone,

00:46:46   a new hardware feature, something we obviously can't see,

00:46:50   right, so it's difficult to predict that.

00:46:52   And I think it would be a really nice thing.

00:46:54   I would love to have water resistance

00:46:56   as another feature for my iPhone,

00:47:00   just so I could take pictures of it

00:47:03   when I'm out by the pool or I'm out at the beach

00:47:05   or just not have to worry about it so much

00:47:07   when I'm taking a shower and stuff,

00:47:10   you know, like concerned about steam getting in there.

00:47:12   It would just be a nice feature to add to the iPhone.

00:47:15   And especially when, you know, they've kind of nailed that

00:47:18   with the watch I was at the beach this weekend

00:47:20   and I got some sand in my watch

00:47:22   and had to do the terrifying things.

00:47:23   The first time I've ever done it.

00:47:25   - Oh, you rinse it out. - Of running my watch

00:47:26   under the tap, yeah. - Yeah.

00:47:28   - To get the sand out.

00:47:29   I was horrified at myself as I was doing this.

00:47:31   - You're talking to a guy who took a shower

00:47:33   with an Apple Watch on day one.

00:47:34   Yeah, this is the thing, is that they don't talk about it

00:47:37   as like you should use it swimming or whatever.

00:47:39   but the fact is the Apple Watch does have a rated water-resistant,

00:47:44   you know, whatever it is submerged up to three feet for up to five minutes or whatever it is.

00:47:48   It's not like you're supposed to go scuba diving with it.

00:47:51   But what we've heard about the iPhone 6s models is that they are water-resistant,

00:47:56   better than any other iPhone ever, yet they make no claims.

00:48:02   And so if the water resistance fails, it's still your own fault.

00:48:05   Like if you dropped an iPhone 6 into a toilet,

00:48:08   it would be your fault.

00:48:10   But I've seen it happen.

00:48:11   I've seen somebody jump into a lake

00:48:13   with an iPhone in their pocket

00:48:14   and they turned off the iPhone when they got out

00:48:17   and let it dry out and turn it on the next day

00:48:19   and it was just fine.

00:48:20   And I think there are a lot of stories about that

00:48:22   with a 6S model.

00:48:23   So for this model, what you're saying is

00:48:25   they'll actually make the claim

00:48:27   of some level of water resistance.

00:48:29   - This is the one where they say it's water resistant.

00:48:31   And I think they're gonna go with it.

00:48:33   - Yeah, okay.

00:48:34   Yeah, and that's what this is about.

00:48:35   it's about making that claim.

00:48:36   'Cause we know it's water resistant, but it's not a--

00:48:39   - It's time that they put it on a slide, you know?

00:48:41   And they said, "Oh, and the iPhone is now,

00:48:44   "you know, you can jump in the pool and it's fine."

00:48:46   - Yeah, that's good.

00:48:48   Okay, I'm gonna go with a little different

00:48:51   kind of prediction now,

00:48:53   but I feel like they do this a lot,

00:48:55   especially at these fall events.

00:48:57   And so I'm going to say that at the end,

00:49:01   as a way to play us off at the end of the Apple event,

00:49:05   there will be a musical performance.

00:49:08   You really do wanna win this time, don't you?

00:49:11   I really do wanna win.

00:49:13   I really do wanna win.

00:49:15   And this is my bonus point category

00:49:19   where I need to pick an artist.

00:49:22   So I'm gonna pick Frank Ocean.

00:49:24   Oh, interesting.

00:49:26   Okay.

00:49:26   Apple Music exclusive, right?

00:49:29   Yep.

00:49:30   Good one.

00:49:31   Yes, that's a good,

00:49:32   I like your bonus pick more than the pick itself.

00:49:35   that makes sense. The bonus pick makes more sense than the actual pick. I'm gonna go against

00:49:44   the understood here for my ninth pick and I am going to predict new MacBook Pros.

00:49:54   Myke that was the next one on my list too so you're not that far off. Also it would

00:49:57   be nice if we at least thought there was a possibility that there might be new Macs mentioned

00:50:01   at the Fall Apple event when all of the Macs are old. And yet, here we are, this is pick

00:50:08   nine for you.

00:50:09   So I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go and say, right, so everybody's saying no Macs, no Macs, no

00:50:15   Macs. My hope is that there is a misunderstanding here, and Macs will not be shipping until

00:50:22   later in the year. But they will talk about them on stage. That's my hope. There will

00:50:26   be a slide and they will say we have this new amazing MacBook Pro because this MacBook

00:50:32   Pro, what they're doing with it, I think it needs to be spoken about in person.

00:50:39   Because in theory they're making some big changes to their most popular computer and

00:50:44   they're doing something which is kind of new, you know, with the touch screen thing.

00:50:51   I think that they're going to put this on stage.

00:50:53   I'd be very surprised if they left it to just demos.

00:50:56   I mean, they can do it, but it would really surprise me.

00:50:59   So I think we're going to see new MacBook Pros mentioned on stage.

00:51:03   Wherever they ship on that is a whole other thing.

00:51:05   I'm not sure.

00:51:05   I got burned the last time by this.

00:51:07   So now we at WWDC, right?

00:51:09   And so now I'm, I'm concerned.

00:51:12   I despair.

00:51:12   Like I despair about new MacBook Pros, but I hope that I hope that we do it.

00:51:17   I hope that there's a segment about the Mac where they at least very

00:51:20   briefly discuss some amazing new Macs that they're releasing,

00:51:24   including new MacBook Pros.

00:51:26   And I'm gonna say, they'll also give some lip service

00:51:29   to the iMac and see how great the iMac is

00:51:32   and how they have new iMac models also

00:51:34   that we'll be shipping shortly

00:51:36   as a part of that presentation.

00:51:37   So that's gonna be my ninth pick.

00:51:39   New iMacs will be mentioned as well.

00:51:42   - I'm not confident about that one.

00:51:43   - I'm not either, but I just,

00:51:45   I had to pick something with the Mac.

00:51:47   I'm not confident about any of the Mac choices

00:51:49   and I was most confident about the new MacBook Pros, so.

00:51:52   - All right, well, I'm gonna go for the real,

00:51:54   like annoying pick then because if I pick new Mac Pros I also pick Mac Pro

00:52:00   function bar touchscreen. Okay. I mean this is the one I think you should have

00:52:06   picked. I don't think the iMacs will get any stage time because I think all

00:52:10   they're gonna do is just speed bump them. Yeah. And they don't they don't spend

00:52:15   time on that. They just have to show it on screen and say new iMacs too. All

00:52:20   right. But yeah so the function bar the much rumored function bar touchscreen so

00:52:23   You're doubling down on MacBook Pros is what you're telling me.

00:52:25   Yeah, I'm doubling, doubling.

00:52:27   So if they don't release this, that's two out right there.

00:52:30   So the rest of our list is focusing a lot on other iPhone features that I consider to

00:52:38   be less likely, other ways of dealing with the headphone stuff that I don't think that

00:52:44   I think are kind of just wishful thinking, and maybe some Apple TV and iPad stuff which

00:52:49   I don't think none of that's going to happen.

00:52:51   Yeah, alright.

00:52:52   So that's my 10. So you got one last pick so you can pick from what I think is not gonna

00:52:57   happen.

00:52:58   Alright, well, I am going to pick a classic that so often happens at these events, and

00:53:05   I'm gonna be rooting for it for the first time, because usually I roll my eyes at these

00:53:08   things and I want them to end. But I'm going to pick, for number 10, the last pick, a live

00:53:14   game demo on stage.

00:53:16   I think you're gonna get that one.

00:53:19   It'll be boring.

00:53:20   You really wanna win.

00:53:21   We'll be wishing for death, but all they have to do is say these new iMacs, oh,

00:53:27   these new iPhones, the GPU performance, it's so insane. How do we even explain how crazy, how powerful, how huge the GPU performance is?

00:53:38   We've got these guys you've never heard of from some gaming company that you maybe vaguely know with the sequel to the game that they had that was really big last year,

00:53:46   and they're gonna come out and show you a pre-canned demo with a monster that's really rendered well.

00:53:51   It's always epic. Bring 'em out here boys! Yay! It's always epic.

00:53:54   And either they have Infinity Blade or they have a Zen Garden, like one or the other, they're gonna have it for you.

00:54:00   I have to say, so last time I was really excited about this and I wanted to win,

00:54:06   but my win was bittersweet because you went off the reservation a little bit and spoke about Spinal Tap for 10 minutes.

00:54:12   But when I won it was still great. However, if I beat you this time, it will be even better

00:54:20   because I can tell you don't want to repeat. You want to win.

00:54:23   No, I actually tried this time. I want to win this time. Yeah, I do. I want to win.

00:54:27   And you staked some of my picks, so that made me upset that you were—I felt like you were

00:54:32   giving it to me early on and then you kind of righted the ship a little bit and decided

00:54:36   you were, "Oh, I see. It's on. We're not just being silly here. Okay, we'll play ball."

00:54:40   I was drawing you in. You have a strong second half.

00:54:43   Alright, so, in our show notes this week is a PDF that I've put together, which you will

00:54:49   be able to use to play along with the event. Yeah.

00:54:54   And you can grade us. The funny thing is, I actually, for the first time in a long time,

00:54:59   I won't be able to watch the event live. [GASP]

00:55:03   So I'm— What is happening? What is wrong with you?

00:55:06   What are your priorities, Myke? I know, it's terrible. I have an engagement

00:55:11   that I cannot break, so I'm going to be somewhere else, and I'll have to be following along

00:55:16   on the live blogs. Like it's 2005. I suspect that our listeners

00:55:23   are going to, as they did at WWDC. Oh, this is what I was going to say. I know

00:55:28   I'm going to know who wins, even though I don't need to watch. I will know what's announced

00:55:32   based purely on the fact of who wins the draft here. So you can go and play along and we

00:55:38   encourage you to go and play along and you can find a link to the PDF in our show notes

00:55:43   and then we can see who wins and we can tally it up in our overall draft pick winnings.

00:55:49   And I think it's going to be two-nail, Jason, just so you know.

00:55:52   All right. It's a little trash talk. That's fine.

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00:56:57   Just before we recorded today, Jason, Adina ran upstairs and she was like, "I have a

00:57:01   document that we need to sign. I've mentioned this in a few places we're

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00:58:01   Alright Jason, it's time for some Ask Upgrade Questions.

00:58:06   Ask Upgrade!

00:58:07   Our lovely listeners who tweet to us with the hashtag #AskUpgrade and allow us to pick

00:58:12   these picks every week and Brent asked, "How about in addition to Myke at the movies you

00:58:17   do some Myke Reads comics section?"

00:58:20   Can you read any comics? Have you started reading comics?

00:58:24   No, I can tell you what happened to me. So I was planning on downloading some comics

00:58:28   to read on the trip and I had some great suggestions from you, right, for things to pick and I

00:58:36   opened up ComiXology and I couldn't work out what I was buying.

00:58:41   So like, I had the links, right? Like Spider-Man, like, great. Where on earth do I start with

00:58:45   these issues? Like, can I buy a collection? Is this the collection including all of the


00:58:50   Yeah, that's true.

00:58:51   It's a nightmare. So, you saying, sending me a link and say, "Buy this exact thing,"

00:58:55   brilliant. So, we should do this, uh, maybe in a few weeks' time, once this –

00:59:00   Yeah.

00:59:01   Once all the iPhone stuff has calmed down.

00:59:03   Le- let's do that, because I- I know we've talked about it before and I gave you some

00:59:06   recommendations and I have more that I can give you now, but I think maybe that's the

00:59:10   best way to do it is to have some recommendations that are very specific. I understand for people

00:59:15   who are interested in getting into comics, veterans don't have this problem, but this

00:59:18   is the standard thing that happens in comics, is that the comic industry shoots itself in

00:59:25   the foot because it's been so much time trying to cater to the people who are their hardest

00:59:32   core audience that they end up turning their back on a much larger potential audience of

00:59:39   everybody else in the world and this is an example of that where I can tell you

00:59:45   ultimate spider-man is really great and then you go in there like individual

00:59:48   issues and they've renamed there are the you know number one but then there was

00:59:53   another number one eight years later and it gets really confusing and what we try

00:59:59   to do with the incomparable when we do a comic is we actually linked to a couple

01:00:02   of what are called trades which are those collections where they take six or

01:00:05   eight or ten or twelve issues and put them in a volume that you can buy. And

01:00:10   they have those for digital too, where you can--I just bought one the

01:00:13   other day where for fifteen dollars I got whatever, twelve issues of a comic

01:00:17   all together in one file that I could read. I could just flip through and read

01:00:21   the whole story. And this is the problem with comics is that it gets very

01:00:24   confusing when I tell people, "You should read this," and they're like, "Oh

01:00:28   yeah, okay, Ms. Marvel, but is that Ms. Marvel--" Somebody told me the other day,

01:00:31   they're like, "I just started reading Ms. Marvel, but I got really confused because

01:00:34   because I opened it up and she's like coming back from somewhere and the Avengers are in it

01:00:38   and I realized they're reading Ms. Marvel #1 from 2015 instead of Ms. Marvel #1 from 2013.

01:00:46   - It's too much. - It's too much.

01:00:48   Alright, so we'll do a segment later in the fall that's a little bit more detailed reading list

01:00:55   and maybe have you actually read something and then report back for a little end segment.

01:00:59   That'd be fun.

01:01:00   - So we need a name for it, right? - Yeah.

01:01:01   'Cause we have Myke at the Movies, which is so great, and I would like to propose Myke

01:01:04   at the Magazine Stand.

01:01:06   Okay.

01:01:07   'Cause, you know, there's no M, right?

01:01:10   We need the M.

01:01:11   Yeah.

01:01:12   Okay, well, if somebody can come up with something better than that, you know, send it in, but

01:01:14   otherwise we'll say that.

01:01:17   I know you don't want to.

01:01:18   Do they have that in?

01:01:19   It's like Myke at the Magazine Stand?

01:01:22   Is that a-- I thought you called them news agents.

01:01:24   Well, but yeah, but Myke at the News Agents doesn't work.

01:01:26   No, it doesn't make any sense.

01:01:27   That's the problem.

01:01:28   Neither does Myke at the Comic Book Shop, so that makes sense.

01:01:31   Yeah, but you would-

01:01:32   Myke at the MacBook Pro downloading things on ComiXology.

01:01:35   Well, see, it doesn't work.

01:01:37   No.

01:01:38   We need some, we need some names.

01:01:39   Shwolle in the chat room already suggested Myke with the manga, but I, we're not reading

01:01:43   manga.

01:01:44   No.

01:01:45   So that is, that is a false.

01:01:46   Nice try.

01:01:47   I mean, we're not reading magazines either, so that's why it's Magazine Stan, because

01:01:49   I guess that's where you get comics.

01:01:52   So we're gonna have to go with that for now.

01:01:55   Jason asked, Jason, do you use genealogy software?

01:02:00   Will our digital detritus be meaningful to our kids?

01:02:03   Will ancestry matter to them like our parents?

01:02:06   What do you think?

01:02:07   - I think ancestry is always something

01:02:09   that's interested people.

01:02:10   I actually think ancestry stuff

01:02:11   is gonna be more interesting to people in the future.

01:02:14   The digital world, the fact that, so I use,

01:02:18   I think reunion is where my family tree has kept my dad

01:02:21   in the last 15 years of his life.

01:02:23   Did a lot of family tree research,

01:02:25   a lot of genealogy research.

01:02:27   And so I put all that in and uploaded it.

01:02:30   And then one of the amazing things about these sites

01:02:32   like ancestry.com is that one of the things they do

01:02:36   is they, with your permission,

01:02:37   they will match your entries against other entries

01:02:40   that are in their database.

01:02:41   And this is one of the exciting things

01:02:43   about where this stuff is going is

01:02:45   ever since I put my family tree into there,

01:02:47   I get these emails saying we have a match.

01:02:49   I mean, immediately when I did it,

01:02:51   I got a whole bunch of matches

01:02:52   where that person that I have way up as like an end point,

01:02:56   I don't know who this person's parents were, but I have this person as a distant ancestor

01:03:01   of mine." And the web database will be like, "Oh yeah, I think we have that person in our

01:03:06   database." And you click and you realize it's the same birthdate, it's the same death date,

01:03:10   it's the same name, they have the same spouse. This is the same person. Except on somebody

01:03:14   else's family tree, they have their parents listed. And their parents. And suddenly you

01:03:21   realize that your family tree has gone back much further on some other person's family tree. They

01:03:26   kept that information, whereas your family lost that information. And it's pretty amazing

01:03:30   when that happens. So I think people will still be—it's gonna always be sort of a

01:03:35   hobbyist, sort of a small percentage, but I think people will be more interested in

01:03:38   that because we're eventually going to have—I know the Mormons are trying to build this

01:03:43   too. It's like a database of everybody because genealogy is very important to people who

01:03:48   are in the Latter-day Saints religion. So I think this is what computers are great at,

01:03:53   is people putting in their family records, also some intelligent agents scanning and

01:04:00   OCRing lots of paper records and other kind of historical records and correlating all

01:04:09   of this stuff together. It's sort of like Google for a history of who was alive on the

01:04:15   planet. I think that's really cool. So yeah, I think that's going to continue to be interesting

01:04:21   and the tools will be way better in the future. So I think it's great. I wish my dad had had

01:04:29   access to that and spent time with some of the Ancestry stuff because I think he would

01:04:35   have found even more than he was able to find doing kind of legwork and going to county

01:04:39   offices and things like that.

01:04:41   I don't do any of this stuff. I think I probably will eventually, right? I think it's something

01:04:48   that people start to do, I can't think of a nice way to say it, at a certain age.

01:04:53   Yeah, I think there's truth in that. I mean, my dad certainly, like I said, it was like

01:04:56   the last 15, 20 years of his life, he was really interested in it, and sort of maintaining

01:05:00   some of those links to the past, because I think when you get to a certain age, you realize

01:05:04   that you know things that, unless you put them down, are going to be lost when you die,

01:05:09   and that you want your future generations to understand these things about this family.

01:05:13   So I think that's a part of it. I do wonder if, in the United States, and I don't have

01:05:17   another perspective other than mine as an American, if the United States has more interest

01:05:21   in genealogy because of the fact that we are a nation of immigrants. And so everybody in

01:05:25   the US sort of has this question of like, when did your family come here? How long has

01:05:29   your family been here? Where did they come from? Where did they emigrate from to come

01:05:34   to the United States? And so that's another layer on it for Americans in terms of genealogy.

01:05:41   Would you like to ask Kevin's question?

01:05:44   Uh, yes, Kevin.

01:05:46   Listener Kevin asks, this is such a setup,

01:05:49   "Who edited Six-Gun Showdown? The sound effects and music were fantastic. This is our special members episode."

01:05:56   Take a bow, Myke. Go ahead.

01:05:58   I edited it. So the reason I wouldn't want to ask it is because I didn't want to ask that question and answer myself, and I didn't put it in there. You put it in there.

01:06:05   Yeah.

01:06:06   So yes, Kevin, I did edit this and...

01:06:12   You're very proud of it.

01:06:13   I actually consider Six Gun Showdown to be my editing masterpiece, yes.

01:06:18   Inspired by the radio drama stuff that you did.

01:06:22   Yeah, I wish I considered my editing masterpiece as the incomparable radio theater, so absolutely

01:06:27   fair.

01:06:28   It's fun to step outside of the comfort zone and do something like that.

01:06:32   And yeah, that was good.

01:06:34   That was good.

01:06:35   many hours on it and a relatively large chunk of money on the sound effects. I bought a

01:06:41   lot of the sound effects licenses. I had like specific things that I wanted. So I'm happy

01:06:48   that people seemed to really enjoy it because it made it worth it.

01:06:50   Yeah, Old West sound effects are not as easy to find. There are a lot of stock sound effects

01:06:55   that Apple gives you, but Old West stuff is not among them. So you did a great job.

01:07:00   Thank you. And Mitchell asked today, final question, "Enquiring minds want to know

01:07:04   know, will the new MacBook Pros have a light up Apple logo? Mitchell, those days are gone,

01:07:10   I think. I think they are done. I think we have seen the end of light up Apple logos

01:07:15   on laptops. Like even the Apple stores now have the mirrored logos on them when they

01:07:22   open the new stores like the one in San Francisco. I think that we're done. I think that that

01:07:27   is a thing of old now from Apple from a design perspective and we're just going to get mirrored

01:07:32   logos and all of our products going forward.

01:07:34   I should have picked that in the draft.

01:07:36   You should have picked it in the draft.

01:07:38   But I think you're right.

01:07:39   I think that the MacBook is showing us what they're thinking of, and no other Apple product

01:07:47   has that.

01:07:48   They're all, you know, all the iPhones and iPads, they're all moving to having this shiny

01:07:54   Apple logo on the back, and I feel like, I think you're right.

01:07:57   I think the MacBook Pro will do the same.

01:08:01   you'll be able to get it in space gray, so feel good about that.

01:08:03   Yeah, can't wait. So excited.

01:08:05   Alright, so next week, Apple Event. We look forward to it. We'll see who wins the draft, which is going to be fantastic.

01:08:12   Yeah, and we will do next week's episode after the Apple Event. We're not going to do it on Monday.

01:08:16   We're going to wait. It's a holiday weekend here in the US, and rather than try to do some episode of upgrade a day

01:08:22   before it's immediately put out of date, we're going to wait and do it hopefully Wednesday evening, and if not,

01:08:28   I don't know when. Wednesday evening. We'll work it out. We're gonna work it out. We're

01:08:34   not gonna make you wait. There'll be an episode sometime after the

01:08:36   event. Yes.

01:08:37   If you want to find our show notes for this week's episode, head on over to relay.fm/upgrade/104.

01:08:42   If you want to find me online, I am @imike, I-M-Y-K-E. Jason is @jasonelljsnell and he's

01:08:52   at sixcolors.com. Thanks again to igloo and smile for sponsoring this week's episode,

01:08:58   And we'll be back next time. Until then, say goodbye, Jason Snow.

01:09:01   Goodbye, my Pearly.

01:09:03   [ Music ]