93: The Emoji Judgers


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00:00:09   From Mii Lae FM, this is Upgrade, episode number 93.

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00:00:17   I am on location in San Francisco.

00:00:20   My name is Myke Hurley and I have the pleasure of being joined across this table by Mr. Jason Snow.

00:00:25   Jason, it is WWDC week.

00:00:26   It is. It's, what is it, an hour and a half? Less than an hour and a half since the keynote finished.

00:00:33   Yep.

00:00:34   And this was our next order of business after watching Tim Cook and company present.

00:00:39   We're doing what we do.

00:00:40   Yep.

00:00:40   First out.

00:00:41   That's the upgrade guarantee.

00:00:44   That's how it works.

00:00:45   Aloha.

00:00:46   So we are, yeah, as Jason said, we've just seen the keynote, the WWDC 2016 keynote.

00:00:53   We've seen the four major OS releases and updates for 2016, but we all know what the

00:01:00   most important order of business is.

00:01:04   Last episode we did our WWDC draft, the first annual draft, and we have the scores.

00:01:09   So I want to thank _DavidSmith for creating an incredible scorecard for us.

00:01:16   And basically me and Jason made a decision earlier this week because we had all of the

00:01:20   the App Store changes that were announced shortly after the show went live, they don't

00:01:26   count in the draft because they weren't on stage. So our decision is if it was on stage,

00:01:33   it gets counted. The final score was Myke7Jason4. I am the winner.

00:01:40   Yes, I blame it entirely on you getting the first pick in the draft.

00:01:42   Mm-hmm. Yep, that's it. That's how it works.

00:01:45   And since they talked about iOS 10, it still gives me hope that perhaps next year.

00:01:50   go to 11 and spinal tap will appear so quick quick run through my picks that

00:01:55   were correct os 10 renamed to Mac OS Mac OS series support Siri API music Apple

00:02:00   music revamp new Apple watch home screen more native watch apps and the Swift

00:02:04   announcements Jason got 3d touch actions iPad pro developer tools Apple watch

00:02:09   side button change and major changes to carplay bringing in its 7 4 I am very

00:02:15   happy we did this and I cannot wait for next year's already yeah I think we're

00:02:19   going to have to come up with.

00:02:20   Some people did some very impressive things,

00:02:23   although I would say perhaps controversial.

00:02:25   I saw somebody who created a scoring system based

00:02:28   on sort of like 1 point, 2 points, and 3 points,

00:02:31   depending on how prevalent, how prominent in the keynote

00:02:36   the items were.

00:02:37   And somebody else today was keeping score

00:02:39   and giving us half points.

00:02:40   But you're like, how does that even work?

00:02:44   Forget about it.

00:02:45   It doesn't matter.

00:02:45   I welcome--

00:02:46   We have agreed in complete consensus

00:02:48   that 7 to 4 is the final.

00:02:50   There were a couple of yours that were sort of a question

00:02:53   mark, and we basically ended up giving it to one of them

00:02:56   and not to the other.

00:02:56   And that seemed fine.

00:02:58   Yep.

00:02:59   I do welcome--

00:02:59   You were so far ahead at that point.

00:03:00   Thank you.

00:03:01   I ran away.

00:03:02   It was a runaway victory.

00:03:03   Basically, by the time the Mac OS part was over,

00:03:06   it was all said and done.

00:03:08   We do have a bunch to talk about today.

00:03:10   We do.

00:03:10   So before we start, though, Jason,

00:03:11   I wanted to get your thoughts on this,

00:03:13   because this is something that a lot of people

00:03:15   were talking about this yesterday.

00:03:16   Going into this year, we didn't really know anything.

00:03:20   There were no big leaks, there was no Gorman masterpiece.

00:03:25   - Right.

00:03:26   - What did you think about that?

00:03:28   - I like not knowing things.

00:03:30   I think it's great.

00:03:30   I like not, even the things that we know, sort of.

00:03:34   - Well, I think we know.

00:03:35   - Yeah, like the fact that there is going to be

00:03:38   a new MacBook Pro at some point, perhaps even soon.

00:03:41   We didn't know whether it would be in or not today,

00:03:44   and it was not.

00:03:45   And I think that's fine.

00:03:46   Given the density of that keynote presentation,

00:03:50   where were they gonna put hardware?

00:03:52   Already it felt like they were summarizing

00:03:56   and omitting huge swaths of information

00:03:59   about the new platforms in the future.

00:04:01   And I applaud Apple's commitment to the two-hour keynote.

00:04:04   They are probably about to start, as we're speaking now,

00:04:09   their State of the Union, which has a lot more detail,

00:04:11   and they know they've always got that in the afternoon

00:04:13   to talk to people about.

00:04:14   So, you know, two hours is it and they had to fill it with the platforms and they didn't really have any time left over for the hardware and even if the hardware was ready.

00:04:24   So we'll see it later. So anyway, I like the mystery of that and the question of what are we going to see and making guesses and not really knowing.

00:04:33   So that was a lot of fun.

00:04:34   It's way more fun. It is way more fun to not know anything.

00:04:37   So you mentioned the four platforms. That was kind of Tim's big jumping off point today.

00:04:41   Four major platforms. We've never had four before.

00:04:44   This is where we are at WWDC.

00:04:46   So let's run through those platforms.

00:04:48   All right.

00:04:49   So we'll do it in the chronological order of the event.

00:04:51   So Apple started off with watch OS.

00:04:53   Huge changes to watch OS.

00:04:55   Yeah, this was the big question.

00:04:56   We talked about it is after a year and a half,

00:05:00   you know, arguably almost almost two years since since announcement.

00:05:04   A lot of water under the bridge.

00:05:07   A lot of Apple watch users, a lot of time spent using the watch.

00:05:11   And I think this was the question.

00:05:14   Would they stick to their guns or would they say, "Oh, we got that wrong."

00:05:20   And they did the latter. They said, "Oh, here are a bunch of things we..."

00:05:26   Well, they didn't say, "There are a bunch of things we got wrong."

00:05:28   But they said, "Look, look at all these better ways to do things now."

00:05:31   And the highlight of which was, of course, the laughter-inducing,

00:05:36   "Let's see how long it takes to launch an app on watchOS 2."

00:05:39   And that's really funny because it's like that was not something...

00:05:44   Apple will never speak about something like that until they've got a solution for it.

00:05:47   And so in this context it was like, oh I guess they're allowed to talk about how ridiculously slow

00:05:53   watchOS apps are now because they've got a fix for it in watchOS 3.

00:05:58   Yeah so apparently we're gonna see instant app launch.

00:06:02   And it kind of seemed like it's for recent apps.

00:06:06   So there might be some data loading but it seemed like for the apps that you use frequently

00:06:10   they're going to be updating in the background and they'll be loading almost instantly.

00:06:14   Yeah, at one point they mentioned this idea.

00:06:18   It seems like if an app is in a complication or in the dock, which is new,

00:06:25   which is for your preferred favorite apps, I assume, although it might be recent based.

00:06:29   I'm not sure whether you...

00:06:30   Yeah, I'm not sure about that one.

00:06:32   ...whether you add them or not.

00:06:33   But if it's in the dock or if it's in a complication

00:06:35   It has access to running in the background and doing a bunch of stuff that allows those things to be a lot less luggage

00:06:41   And that seems to be their compromises if it's just some random app

00:06:44   It's not going to put any resources toward that but if it's one of your key apps

00:06:48   Then you get this extra power devoted to that, which is great

00:06:53   It's kind of unknown at this point how the home screen is going to look but it kind of seems like it doesn't matter

00:06:59   Apple have clearly stated here that basically what you're seeing is notifications

00:07:04   Your complications to launch applications as well from the complications and then your dock which is effectively glances glances are no more

00:07:12   Right and it's now the applications that are in your dock

00:07:15   Which is accessed by hitting what used to be the friends button which has now been replaced with the dock button

00:07:20   Will allow you to scroll through some applications you can move them

00:07:24   I think you can add them so I think it's a

00:07:26   I do seem to remember it's a manual process.

00:07:28   You add what you want and you move them around.

00:07:30   You can very quickly go into the applications.

00:07:33   But what I think is great, the data

00:07:35   is being live updated for those.

00:07:36   So you can just scroll through them

00:07:38   and see what's in those applications, which

00:07:40   seems like a really nice way to think about it for watch apps.

00:07:43   Because most watch apps are just one screen.

00:07:46   So why not show them as just a set of data?

00:07:49   No, it makes a lot of sense.

00:07:50   And I know on this show it talked about the idea

00:07:54   the glances were a good idea and the distinction between glances and apps was kind of complicated

00:08:01   and strange and so with the dock what you get is apps in something that looks like glances

00:08:07   but is actually the real apps and the distinction goes away.

00:08:12   I think it's a great move.

00:08:13   I mean I can't wait to try out the beta of watchOS 3 even though it's going to be a beta

00:08:19   and scary in that way just because the idea that apps are going to launch faster and that's

00:08:26   just great.

00:08:28   So here's something that I really like.

00:08:29   Faster message replies and new ways to reply to messages.

00:08:32   So one thing that they've done which I think is fantastic is removing the amount of steps

00:08:36   it takes to reply to a message.

00:08:38   A message comes in, you hit reply, then you're given a bunch of options.

00:08:41   Now the message comes in and all of the options for replying are right there.

00:08:45   So your quick replies, your emoji, I think you can send.

00:08:50   I think they had a button for digital touch right there, which is a smart way of doing

00:08:54   it.

00:08:55   >> A better way to kick off that feature.

00:08:56   >> Yep.

00:08:57   Especially with how it's going to integrate with iOS, which we'll talk about later on.

00:09:01   I think that this is a much better way of doing it.

00:09:03   And something that they have added, which I really wanted, and I know a lot of people

00:09:06   laugh at this, they think it's kind of crazy, is the ability to draw on the screen a response.

00:09:13   You can draw out characters and send a response.

00:09:15   Because quite frankly, there are times

00:09:18   where you don't want to be speaking into your watch.

00:09:20   - Exactly, there are times when speech to text

00:09:22   is not an appropriate response.

00:09:24   And I had this thought when I was looking

00:09:26   at the Google announcement about writing on the screen

00:09:29   coming to the Android Wear.

00:09:31   And I thought, well, that's kind of smart

00:09:33   because you've got a touchscreen right there.

00:09:34   And sometimes, you know, they also had a keyboard

00:09:36   which I thought was less good.

00:09:38   - Keyboard was too much on Android.

00:09:39   - But the idea that you can just quickly jot down

00:09:42   a couple of words and it will translate it into text is,

00:09:46   I think it's a good feature.

00:09:48   - So I'm intrigued to see how it will work for me.

00:09:51   'Cause I've always had a problem with digital touch,

00:09:53   that my drawings are terrible, because I'm left handed

00:09:56   and I wear my watch on my left hand.

00:09:58   So I have to draw with my right hand

00:10:00   and it doesn't seem to work very well for me.

00:10:02   So I'm interested to see how will I be writing

00:10:05   these characters out and will they be legible?

00:10:07   - I've got a solution for you, Myke.

00:10:08   - I don't want to have to buy a watch on my other hand.

00:10:10   - Two watches.

00:10:11   Two watches! There we go!

00:10:13   Two watches. You have the watch that you use for some things and the watch that you use for other things.

00:10:17   And it's perfectly reasonable that you would have two watches.

00:10:19   I mean, multiple iPads, multiple watches.

00:10:21   Yeah.

00:10:22   And they've got multiple phones.

00:10:23   Yeah.

00:10:24   One for the day.

00:10:25   Left pocket, right pocket.

00:10:27   New watch faces.

00:10:28   It's a constellation of watches.

00:10:30   No custom watch faces.

00:10:31   No.

00:10:32   I think that that is such a back pocket feature for like a later OS.

00:10:36   Mm-hmm.

00:10:37   There's no point doing it now.

00:10:38   You could build an entire OS release around something like that.

00:10:41   And they have bigger fish to fry.

00:10:44   I think that as much as I would like to see it,

00:10:45   and I enjoyed writing about like imagining it

00:10:47   and talking about it, they've got other issues, right?

00:10:51   Like having your apps launch is a more important issue.

00:10:55   But what they did do is what I hope

00:10:56   they would do, more watch faces.

00:10:58   So there's a new activity watch face, which looks fantastic.

00:11:00   It shows the activity rings right there.

00:11:02   They have a Minnie Mouse to match Mickey.

00:11:05   That's great for people that like that.

00:11:07   I don't like those watch faces.

00:11:08   I don't.

00:11:09   They have an numerals one, which is kind of interesting looking.

00:11:12   They're allowing for the ability to add more complications to some watch faces.

00:11:17   But something that they did, which is, again--

00:11:21   let me come back to that for a moment.

00:11:22   Something else that they did is allow you to swipe between watch faces now.

00:11:25   So you could just swipe on the screen.

00:11:27   So what I was about to say is a lot of these announcements, including this one,

00:11:32   clearly show people that have used the Apple Watch.

00:11:36   So I was thinking about this recently.

00:11:37   why was the Apple watch so kind of unusable in places?

00:11:42   Like if you look at something like the home screen,

00:11:45   like nobody can touch those icons easily.

00:11:47   And I was thinking, I guess that was an OS

00:11:50   designed on a computer, not on a watch,

00:11:53   and now they've had that on the watch

00:11:54   for a couple of years or years, sorry,

00:11:57   and now they're used to seeing

00:11:58   how it actually should be used.

00:12:00   - Or certainly not tested.

00:12:02   I'm sure, obviously, that they tested it

00:12:04   and built it on hardware and all that,

00:12:05   but the initial hardware is probably not the same size

00:12:08   as the final and all of that.

00:12:09   - And it's locked down to a desk.

00:12:11   - Right, so then you've got a few months

00:12:12   after they announce it where you're doing it,

00:12:14   but at that point you've announced it and shown it

00:12:16   and you're just refining it.

00:12:17   And it takes a little bit of time to have that realization

00:12:20   that oh no, this was the wrong approach,

00:12:22   we shouldn't do it this way.

00:12:24   And it's tough because I think you're right,

00:12:26   initially you're designing for a product

00:12:28   that you don't really, you have to imagine

00:12:30   how people are going to use it.

00:12:31   And I feel like there was a real push toward,

00:12:35   Right down to that original Apple watch launch

00:12:38   Demo of apps you just talk about the apps make it as happy as possible

00:12:43   You want to see you know?

00:12:45   We want to take advantage of the popularity of apps as a way to sell this thing

00:12:49   Yeah, and I think it went into that home screen that that was part of the message was look at all these apps that are

00:12:53   Here you won't use them, and you can't touch them anyway because they're too tiny and you'll tap the wrong one

00:12:59   But look at how many there are because I think

00:13:02   When we all saw that original honeycomb UI I mean, I thought it looked fantastic like the just the look of it sure

00:13:09   You know, it's pretty all that pretty bubbles then we used it. We have some new apps reminders and find my friends

00:13:15   They were clearly missing before yeah very much like sort of on the original iPhone

00:13:20   Why they were so the why is this not here and then here they are reminders

00:13:24   Yeah that that needed to be there

00:13:26   There were hacks to get you could like make reminders with Siri, but you couldn't see your reminders on your on your watch

00:13:32   So that was bad which led to a great keynote moment from the lady who was presenting when she checked off

00:13:39   Yeah, I thought that was really great

00:13:43   Fitness as well. So yeah a great feature here, I think activity sharing

00:13:49   So it's the gamification of the fitness which is something I think that the Apple watch has been missing so far

00:13:53   Competing against your friends and family to see who's had the most active day

00:13:57   This is a great thing like people that use Fitbits love this type of stuff

00:14:02   This is a really great thing to have you're able to click in and actually see someone's rings

00:14:06   you can see all of their stuff and like all of their steps and

00:14:09   Even third-party data as well can load into that screen which I think is fantastic

00:14:14   And then they they spent a bunch of time talking about some of the things they're doing for wheelchair users

00:14:19   Which was such an Apple thing. Yeah to do

00:14:22   because

00:14:25   Whilst it's obviously very important to be inclusive for people

00:14:29   You know if you can't you could count all of the wheelchair users

00:14:32   I suppose that use the Apple watch and it probably wouldn't be a very large number

00:14:35   But they've obviously spent an incredible amount of resources to make this stuff work for wheelchair users

00:14:43   They you know, they changed the stand from time to roll, which I think is great

00:14:47   They have optimizations and workouts specifically built for wheelchair users

00:14:51   different ways that the Apple watch can count movement based on the way that somebody will use their arms to

00:14:57   Like to move themselves to turn the wheels. I thought all of this was just fantastic

00:15:01   And it was such an Apple thing to do because it was like a we believe this is something that should be done

00:15:07   So we're gonna do this even though it probably won't move the needle on sales

00:15:12   well

00:15:12   it fits into their message along with things like the

00:15:14   Research kit and exact care kit and things like that and and the idea that this is a fitness

00:15:19   Watch and but it's also a health product. It fits all of those it does all of all of those stories

00:15:26   So but I was kind of just sitting there like mouth agape. I was like, this is just fantastic stuff

00:15:31   We had the breathe app. This is something that I've been hoping for actually not this exact thing, but

00:15:37   Something I found quite peculiar. So adena has an Apple watch and she does Pilates and there's no workout

00:15:45   For Pilates, they have no breathing apps like like we work out, you know in the in the work

00:15:51   But now it looks like they're bringing this stuff in to the Apple watch so they're doing breathing exercises and stuff like that

00:15:57   I'm looking forward to trying this out something to kind of help you relax. It seems like it could be a nice feature

00:16:02   I've never done deep breathing of any kind, but I'm willing to give this one a go

00:16:07   It could be a nice little feature and again it ties into the whole like making your life better type stuff

00:16:12   Yep, so hi. We're from California. Hi

00:16:16   Exactly take a breath. It's going to feel like a whole new watch was Kevin Lynch's closing line on this

00:16:22   Yeah, I hope so me too

00:16:25   I'm dubious about instant launching. I've got to say I am because

00:16:30   We're up to watch OS 3 now and it has you know watch was to didn't fix it

00:16:35   I'm dubious about it

00:16:38   I'm in and I really really hope they have been able to succeed on this because it will make the product more attractive

00:16:44   Well, he did say seven times that particular app was launching seven times faster. So I like that idea that you know, maybe if that app took

00:16:52   14 seconds to launch now it takes two seconds to launch

00:16:56   It's not necessarily instant, but still that's the difference between using the app and giving up. Yep in disgust, right?

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00:19:04   I do like it when we record in person, Jason.

00:19:08   It's very nice.

00:19:09   - It is, it's different though.

00:19:10   I was saying before we started

00:19:12   to our engineer, Steven Hackett.

00:19:14   - Who's seen AI, Steven?

00:19:15   - Hey guys.

00:19:17   (laughs)

00:19:18   We both held our microphones out,

00:19:19   so that was Steven in stereo.

00:19:21   I was saying to him that I feel like I need

00:19:23   to put headphones in and turn away from you

00:19:25   just to get the full Upgrade feeling, but instead,

00:19:28   oh, and see, Steven can laugh at our jokes

00:19:29   now that he's been revealed to be here.

00:19:32   - I do feel like though,

00:19:33   Upgrade is the show I've recorded

00:19:35   most frequently in person.

00:19:38   - That could be, I mean, we did one in Portland,

00:19:40   we did this last year in San Francisco.

00:19:42   - In Ireland, in London.

00:19:43   - Yeah, in Ireland and London.

00:19:44   - We've done a world tour of this show already.

00:19:45   - We have, we have.

00:19:47   Next stop, I don't know where, but it's good.

00:19:50   No, it's good, it's always fun to do these in person.

00:19:53   I think you get the,

00:19:54   you can tell when somebody else has thought of something

00:19:57   and has another idea and wants to jump in.

00:19:59   It's just, yeah, it's a lot of fun.

00:20:01   - TVOS.

00:20:02   - TVOS, it's an operating system for your television.

00:20:06   - Before I forget, Eddie Q was a disaster today.

00:20:10   - Was he?

00:20:11   - He was stumbling and fumbling.

00:20:13   - He made some mistakes, that's for sure.

00:20:15   So did the guy, the fitness guy had a lock up

00:20:18   during the Apple Watch presentation

00:20:19   where he had to actually repeat his line

00:20:21   to remember what his next line was.

00:20:23   - I felt like a kid in a high school play.

00:20:23   - I felt for him but it was his first time.

00:20:25   Q's been doing this for a while

00:20:26   And there were a few things in tvOS later in iOS.

00:20:30   I didn't understand what he was telling me.

00:20:32   - Well, he stepped on the features a couple of times

00:20:34   where he was supposed to do this.

00:20:36   Right now it does A, but now it'll do A and then B.

00:20:38   And instead he was like, right now it does A and B.

00:20:41   And now it'll do B.

00:20:43   - And he, in one of my favorite keynote fumbles

00:20:48   of all time, when he was trying to show off the Siri search

00:20:53   and he skipped forward a slide to show that

00:20:56   It's not searching of which we know it's not searching anything. It's just the next result

00:21:00   Although that was a very Myke at the movies slide wasn't it high school movies from the 80s? Yeah

00:21:04   We've seen most of those we have we haven't done one of those in a while, but Eddie

00:21:08   And somebody in the chat room is saying that Eddie didn't at least he didn't dance not true

00:21:12   I don't know if it came through on the on the live stream or not

00:21:15   But when the when the Apple music demo was done and she was playing the music and saying goodbye and throwing it back to Eddie

00:21:21   He came out and he was dancing

00:21:25   So anyway, TV OS, you know, it was, it's new, they announced a bunch of partnerships, that's

00:21:34   actually a big deal for them with more live TV stuff.

00:21:38   I'm intrigued by the idea that they now have this live TV feature.

00:21:41   If you're somebody who's got services that offer live TV, you can now basically use the

00:21:46   Siri remote to say turn to this station essentially and it will launch the right app and get you

00:21:51   to the stream that's showing that station.

00:21:53   I did like that because I've been in those cases where I'm like is this on the ESPN go app or is this on?

00:21:58   The Fox Sports now app or the Fox soccer app or and now it'll just be

00:22:03   You know you can just use Syrian and it's mapping those apps to the channels that they that they offer

00:22:09   So I thought that was clever. There's some other Siri stuff

00:22:12   I think the big feature here other than dark mode which Joe Steele we got a full credit

00:22:17   He called I think he called that one and some of these others single sign-on. I think is really good

00:22:21   They didn't go into a lot of detail about it, but the idea there and this may also require some support by the providers in question

00:22:28   But I like the idea that I can put in my cable credentials

00:22:31   And I don't have to keep doing it every time I launch another app that I guess this all goes over my head because we just

00:22:37   Don't yeah, I don't have this I know but I have like I have access to all these apps that is through my cable subscription

00:22:43   So they're like they're okay with streaming as long as you're paying for your TV. And so this way theoretically

00:22:49   I will be able to put in my cable information once.

00:22:53   And then when I download a new app that requires proof

00:22:56   that I am a cable subscriber,

00:22:58   it will be able to give them that proof

00:23:00   and I won't have to worry about it.

00:23:01   That's good.

00:23:02   - So they said this is the live tune and stuff as well,

00:23:05   right, where they'll be able to launch applications

00:23:07   which are the live channels.

00:23:09   And they said that this would also be on iOS as well,

00:23:12   on the iPad.

00:23:13   - Yeah, that's right.

00:23:14   So you should be able to tell Siri on iOS to tune to ESPN.

00:23:19   ESPN and it should be able to do it. This sounds pretty cool. I think they didn't announce and it would be nice a

00:23:25   Inverse of that feature for people like you which is I'm I do not have a cable login and make all the things that require

00:23:32   It go away. Yes, please. I don't that be nice

00:23:34   Move straight on t there wasn't they didn't really spend a lot of time on TV OS to be honest and and a lot of the

00:23:41   Things that they did were just enhancement. So our series better. Yeah, you know, we have more channels. It's fine

00:23:47   They added a bunch of developer stuff so Apple watch developers or I mean Apple TV developers can get stuff like on the gaming side

00:23:53   The they've got the you know ability to livestream gameplay and save video which is great for people who all those Apple TV gamers

00:24:01   It's a serious Apple TV streamers. Yeah, sure

00:24:03   Mac OS

00:24:05   Or Mac OS. What do you mean Mac OS don't you mean OS 10 Myke? Oh, but no. Oh, but no here we are Mac OS Jason

00:24:14   Okay, so I've been agitating for this for a while. What do you think?

00:24:18   I mean you were you've been saying this for a long time

00:24:21   I was having a curve on this one

00:24:22   But what do you think about the the way it's formatted like, you know, are you in the capital M camp?

00:24:28   Well, I typed Mac OS all one word lowercase M and it just you know, it autocorrected it

00:24:34   I assume they'll change the other correct dictionary very soon to not do this, but it autocorrected to capital Mac OS

00:24:41   I think once you've joined Mac and OS together all bets are off. So if you want to lowercase it to fine, whatever

00:24:46   There was no way they could find the idea of a parallel because that's why it exists is to be parallel with iOS TV OS and watch

00:24:53   Oh, yeah, so it was always 10

00:24:55   I was more interested in the fact that they didn't number it and then and they did keep with the California place names

00:25:01   Marketing so I said last week right? No number

00:25:04   Sierra Sierra

00:25:08   It's generic. I was disappointed. I think it's a nice name and it's a name everybody can pronounce and it is a California place name

00:25:14   It's not nice to spell though

00:25:16   If you don't know before II

00:25:19   Double R. It's just it's a tricky one. It's an awkward one

00:25:23   All right, but it's it's and it's almost like they're zooming out

00:25:25   There was Yosemite and then there was well no then they guess they zoomed in to El Capitan

00:25:29   But Yosemite's in the Sierra Sierra Nevada mountains the Sierra so okay

00:25:33   So they've they've sort of like backed out of there now, but it's it's our mountain range

00:25:36   I love a mountain.

00:25:38   And so it is a range, the High Sierras, the Sierra Nevada mountains.

00:25:43   It's not a place, like a specific place.

00:25:49   So it's an interesting choice.

00:25:50   But I think it's a good name.

00:25:52   It's less weird than some of the other names.

00:25:54   It's better than Mavericks.

00:25:55   And it is.

00:25:57   And El Capitan.

00:25:58   El Capitan.

00:25:59   So, okay, so Mac OS Sierra.

00:26:02   It's a little weird to say that though, right?

00:26:04   And not Mac OS X Sierra?

00:26:05   It's Mac OS Sierra.

00:26:07   - Yeah, I like it though.

00:26:08   - Yeah, I think it's fine.

00:26:09   I think we'll get used to it very quickly.

00:26:11   - I really like it.

00:26:12   So they broke down a few features here.

00:26:15   Some are actually, I think, pretty interesting.

00:26:17   So we've got continuity.

00:26:19   Auto unlock via the Apple Watch.

00:26:23   Now this is an interesting one.

00:26:24   - Yeah.

00:26:25   - Because they, it doesn't need to be the Apple Watch.

00:26:28   You know, like I know that one of the reasons

00:26:31   that they can do the auto unlock stuff

00:26:32   because if it's on your body, it's unlocked.

00:26:35   And if it's on your body, it means that it's on you.

00:26:37   - And there's some proximity things going on there.

00:26:40   - But I think it's very interesting that they chose,

00:26:42   'cause what they also could have done,

00:26:44   I don't know if they are doing this in a show on stage,

00:26:46   is unlocking by touch ID.

00:26:48   - And they might, since they're gonna do that for Apple Pay.

00:26:51   - But I think it's a nice way to sell more watches.

00:26:54   You know, it's another Apple Watch feature, which is great.

00:26:57   Universal Clipboard.

00:26:59   Sherlock time for a bunch of third-party amps yeah

00:27:02   But they were never gonna be able to do it like you could do it if you're in the system right now

00:27:06   There was always buttons you had to press this looks amazing

00:27:08   Yeah, anybody who's using an iOS devices in a Mac it is an iOS or iOS. Yeah, yeah, that's true, too

00:27:15   Right yeah

00:27:17   I'm excited about about all of that kind of stuff the iCloud Drive feature is fascinating to me because I

00:27:23   Don't get this yet because what it seems like is they've created Dropbox

00:27:27   Well, they have created Dropbox and somebody said oh well, you know

00:27:30   I think Paul kafasas in our in our little talk show chat that we were doing said, you know, that's an that's enough of a

00:27:36   Feature set to make somebody like Dropbox feel a little bit nervous

00:27:39   But the thing is only if it's implemented well and the devil is always in the details and let's be honest iCloud Drive is one

00:27:46   of those places where the details haven't really been there so but it's interesting the idea that

00:27:53   You know, it will sync your desktop. I put my podcast projects on the desktop. So that's like eight terabytes of

00:28:01   Well, it's not but it's large files on the desktop

00:28:04   I'm going to Dropbox, right?

00:28:07   Yeah, so I but it's an interesting idea is sync your desktop in addition to other document folders

00:28:14   Make it available on other Macs make it available on your iPhones

00:28:17   I think more interesting than that is that this idea of essentially unlimited storage or at least optimized storage

00:28:24   It depends on how much iCloud storage you buy

00:28:26   Yeah

00:28:27   but the idea that especially since we have SSDs on our devices and they don't have a lot of storage space that

00:28:33   it will

00:28:35   you know basically take those files and have them be on the in the cloud and not and

00:28:41   delete them off your drive basically and

00:28:44   That is a tricky thing and can lead to some very problematic

00:28:49   Experiences for users if it's a file they want and they get in an airplane and they don't have it anymore

00:28:54   Something like that, but it's also an interesting approach to save

00:28:58   You from having you know a full hard drive as someone though who is currently

00:29:03   Using a mobile hotspot on their iMac. I don't like the idea of iCloud also uploading on my files

00:29:11   So I I will not be telling that feature on yeah, I'm paying because I can't have Dropbox and iCloud uploading everything all the time

00:29:17   but it

00:29:20   this

00:29:22   Dropbox should never have had to exist

00:29:24   Right, right. Those features could entirely have been implemented by the platform owners and it got there first

00:29:31   Which is not surprising that often happens and what I think was surprising is that it's taken Apple this long

00:29:37   To get to to get to this point, but I trust Dropbox more. I trust Dropbox more

00:29:42   I I just because they've been doing it for longer, right?

00:29:44   They they've worked out a lot of the kinks that I'm sure apples about to bump into

00:29:48   yeah, and and they've added features that you know easy sharing features and and

00:29:54   Upload features and things like that that is Apple really gonna have that here about companies like crash plan and back plays

00:30:01   Is this a thing that maybe they should be a little concerned about because I mean we focus on Dropbox

00:30:06   But Apple is effectively saying they're backing up as well here, right? In fact, it's taking everything

00:30:11   I don't know. I don't know. It depends on what they do. They they I

00:30:16   mean a backup is not a

00:30:18   It's not the same no as a backup, but it could be something that makes people less concerned about it

00:30:25   I I had a thought when they showed like how much storage they were saving and they included in there

00:30:28   Like how many how many gigabytes of backups you had?

00:30:31   I thought well it would be very interesting if some of your time machine backup data also got put in iCloud

00:30:36   And you saved it on your hard drive

00:30:39   That would be that would be weird, but that would be sort of like having an online backup

00:30:44   I don't know some of this optimized storage stuff makes me a little uncomfortable as well. Yeah, well

00:30:49   It's certainly a concept that that is it's very new and it's and it's you know, okay

00:30:55   You're gonna just automatically delete files for me and put them in the cloud. Like I don't know how I feel about this

00:31:01   Like for example, I didn't know that on my iPhone

00:31:05   I had the toggle for optimize for storage space and when I was on the plane

00:31:11   I was looking for some photos to show Federico and they were all in really low resolution. Yeah taken like three weeks ago

00:31:17   yeah, my phone's got tons of space like I don't know what it's doing, but I

00:31:21   was in a

00:31:25   Scenario in which I couldn't get to my files, but I believe they were there now

00:31:31   That could then start happening to my keynote presentation exactly and that's that's the risk you take yeah like this because

00:31:38   They're supposed to be doing smart things right, but but it there could be a case where you you know you

00:31:44   Computer knows exactly you know I know the context might have been

00:31:48   My six month anniversary of filling out that document right like I do every six months

00:31:54   But when I need it like I really need it, but now I can't get to it

00:31:57   Yeah, so this is this is clearly where we should be going

00:32:00   Especially because we're generating more data with smaller hard drives because I see just before we came here. I had

00:32:07   My iMac and my MacBook Pro giving me full disk errors

00:32:12   Both of them were doing Wow

00:32:15   So I had to do it start to in some selective syncs off on Dropbox

00:32:18   But you know like I cannot wait for Dropbox infinite that I'm looking forward

00:32:23   Yeah, I agree. I'm gonna let iCloud take another couple of years and I'll come back to this

00:32:28   Apple pay on the web

00:32:31   Fantastic. Right? Sure. I'm all for it authenticate with touch ID on your phone or tapping a button on your watch

00:32:37   Or the touch ID that will be coming to the Mac right like the whole time. I'm like, okay, okay

00:32:44   And also like, you know with the Siri stuff as well

00:32:47   The Siri button that will be on the Macbook pros, right?

00:32:52   Eventually I was yeah

00:32:53   I was unclear on that was one of the things that I was really unclear on that they did not go into any detail about

00:32:58   Is they showed that you can click on the dock but Craig was in full screen apps and bringing up Siri

00:33:03   What was he pressing? He was pressing a hotkey clearly? Yeah, which you can set up, you know today on the Mac

00:33:09   Yeah, you can set up a hotkey

00:33:11   And I expect to be one of the function buttons like on the keyboards currently will just become the Siri key

00:33:17   Just obviously won't have the Siri painted on it until they release

00:33:20   Sierra I mean yeah, or it's the you know double tap to do like to do dictation mm-hmm

00:33:26   Double tap the function key or the command key yeah, so maybe you hold it key

00:33:31   But it's a but hey series there. That's good

00:33:34   So it's doing some of the stuff that we hoped it would write on OS 10 like getting your files for you

00:33:41   Craig was showing some sophisticated queries like give me the files from Ken last week. That's sort of in draft mode

00:33:47   I want to see how that kind of stuff works

00:33:48   I don't know if people actually ask or need those things but like I guess if you do it's great

00:33:52   You can drag Siri file results into documents which recall like it was creating a keynote and he was like

00:33:58   Can you find me this image and then drags it from the search results? Siri had a slightly different sounding voice

00:34:03   No, did she yeah, she it sounded a little bit more lifelike to me. Well upgrade. Yeah, it's like as soon as I heard it

00:34:10   I was like, oh something's new here

00:34:14   But I mean, I'm gonna say it wasn't it wasn't Siri 2.0 was it?

00:34:18   Let's be honest about this like in Siri keeps popping up and there's a bunch of Siri stuff throughout iOS as well

00:34:25   But this whole like you just wait to WWDC. Siri's gonna blow your mind. I didn't happen

00:34:31   No, they're putting it everywhere and I I guess I guess they don't have to have it at

00:34:35   WWDC because it's a web service and she can keep on having it be better over time

00:34:40   and so

00:34:43   Perhaps they will but that was not what we got what we got was more Siri everywhere

00:34:47   And that's fine and Siri on the Mac great it it it's that's great because it was everywhere else

00:34:54   It was crazy that it wasn't there, but a couple of the features before we round off Mac OS

00:35:00   Can you explain this tabs thing to me? I went completely over my head

00:35:04   It looks like apps can be put in a mode where instead of generating windows. They just generate tabs

00:35:11   Why would you do this?

00:35:12   Within a single window.

00:35:13   It's a single window.

00:35:14   That was what I said.

00:35:15   I turned to Dan Morin during the keynote.

00:35:16   I don't understand why you do this.

00:35:17   At that point I said I don't like it.

00:35:18   But some people love tabs.

00:35:20   Some people want, you know, I'm the kind of person who turns the feature off in Photoshop

00:35:23   where it wants to open all the images in tabs and I click that off because I want my windows,

00:35:30   every image to be in its own window.

00:35:32   But some people love, you know, browser tabs.

00:35:34   This was the argument, right?

00:35:35   People love browser tabs so they did finder tabs.

00:35:37   People love finder tabs so now they're going to tab it all.

00:35:40   the world, tab everything, everything is in a tab, and every tab is in a thing, and that's

00:35:45   just how it's going to be.

00:35:46   And so fair enough, that's one of those features that I find not particularly interesting because

00:35:53   I don't want all of my apps to store all of my things in tabs.

00:35:58   But for some people it really is a big feature.

00:36:00   It was one of the things in the keynote I was like, I don't understand what just happened.

00:36:04   Like what?

00:36:05   Who's doing this?

00:36:06   I don't know.

00:36:07   I'm picture in picture.

00:36:08   Yeah, that was good, although I was a little disappointed.

00:36:10   It looks like it's very much the iOS picture in picture, where you can drag it to the corners.

00:36:14   And there are times when I was kind of hoping on the Mac you could just sort of drag it

00:36:18   anywhere.

00:36:19   On the 27-inch iMac, just let me put that thing wherever.

00:36:21   Wherever I want, exactly.

00:36:22   I've got so much screen space, it's not getting in the way of anything.

00:36:25   Yeah, and maybe there's a way to take it out of snapping to the corners and doing that.

00:36:32   And you might think, well, that's kind of a dumb feature.

00:36:34   You can just watch video on the Mac, and what does it matter?

00:36:36   The fact is that having video I will often have video going and I have to like shrink the window and I have to move

00:36:42   It into a corner and I have to try to move everything else around it

00:36:45   So it doesn't cover it and so having a having the video be floating on top

00:36:50   Is a really great feature and on full on top of full screen apps as well. Sure. I think that's really cool

00:36:56   I know I'll be using that for taking notes of events in the future. I look forward to seeing that. Yeah

00:37:03   All right, shall we take our second break and then move into iOS

00:37:06   that's

00:37:09   Yeah, I think so. I think we're I think we're there. Yeah, let's do it Jason

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00:39:23   Okay, let's move into iOS.

00:39:25   10 features of 10 is what we have here.

00:39:29   - Yes, there was a little theme.

00:39:31   10 of 10.

00:39:33   - First one very peculiarly named,

00:39:34   it was called user experience.

00:39:36   What it was actually was the lock screen

00:39:38   and the home screen.

00:39:40   And 3D touch all over the place here.

00:39:43   - A lot of 3D touch.

00:39:44   This is a good example of finding ways to use 3D touch.

00:39:48   I'm not entirely convinced that there aren't equivalents,

00:39:51   Right, like if you're on a device that doesn't do 3D touch to tap and hold or to tap and

00:39:57   swipe or things like that.

00:39:59   There may be other things, but the way they demoed is you do 3D touch, you can pop these

00:40:02   things up, you have the ability to do all sorts of interactions in these notifications.

00:40:08   Also the ability that it detects when you sort of raise your phone.

00:40:11   Yeah, because touch ID is so fast.

00:40:12   And it wakes it up so that you don't have that touch ID issue.

00:40:15   So that was really smart too.

00:40:16   They're all like, they're kind of floating bubbles over the wallpaper is the design that

00:40:19   that they've gone with for it, which I think is really nice.

00:40:22   And you can get those details when you kick off something

00:40:26   with 3D Touch, including sort of animations

00:40:29   and other information from,

00:40:31   it's not just a plain old notification.

00:40:33   The apps are basically able to do stuff from the lock screen.

00:40:37   - So if you have a calendar event, you can pop it open,

00:40:40   take a look at your availability for the day.

00:40:42   If you get a message, you can pop it open,

00:40:43   you can reply, you can see video.

00:40:46   They've also changed some of the other stuff

00:40:49   on the lock screen, you can swipe to the right now

00:40:52   for the camera and you can swipe to the left.

00:40:57   What was on the left?

00:40:58   - Widgets.

00:40:59   - Widgets, and they called them widgets as well.

00:41:01   - Yeah, but it's like the stuff

00:41:02   that lives in Notification Center.

00:41:03   - Notification Center stuff, which also pop up

00:41:05   in the 3D touch actions now on the home screen,

00:41:08   which I thought was really cool.

00:41:09   - Right, and that seems to be maybe the same interaction

00:41:11   that you get to embed something

00:41:13   as a Notification Center widget

00:41:15   and to embed it as a 3D touchable thing

00:41:18   in the notification screen on the lock screen,

00:41:21   those seem to be the same thing.

00:41:21   - So it's giving you, it's like going back

00:41:24   to the Apple Watch, right, with the dock.

00:41:26   It's giving you a peek into applications

00:41:29   without needing to open them.

00:41:30   - Right.

00:41:31   - I think that's quite nice.

00:41:32   That feels like a really good use of 3D Touch.

00:41:34   I can see--

00:41:35   - I agree.

00:41:36   - That this is the next evolution

00:41:38   of what they attempted to do here,

00:41:40   rather than just some shortcuts.

00:41:41   We're really putting a lot of stuff into here.

00:41:43   I am very intrigued to see how this stuff

00:41:46   carries over to devices that don't have 3D touch like the iPad line.

00:41:50   Yeah, and the iPhone SE.

00:41:51   Yeah, what happens there, I don't know.

00:41:54   But the greatest feature in all features, 3D touch on notification center to clear all

00:42:00   notifications.

00:42:01   Ah.

00:42:02   The best.

00:42:03   That's a good one.

00:42:04   Very happy about that one.

00:42:05   Fixing an annoyance there.

00:42:06   Yep.

00:42:07   And the multi-page concept that you've got sort of your camera on one side and notification

00:42:12   on the other side but also that in the control center the same thing you end up being able

00:42:18   to swipe to get to the audio controls.

00:42:24   There's multiple pages in control center now too.

00:42:26   No visible customization of control center.

00:42:29   Not so far that we could see.

00:42:30   Which is a shame.

00:42:31   I agree.

00:42:32   That one seemed like they were going that way.

00:42:33   I know.

00:42:34   3D touch, 3D touch, 3D touch and control center.

00:42:38   Moving on.

00:42:39   It felt like it was building to it but it didn't happen.

00:42:41   happen. Siri API opening up to developers this has rolled out exactly the way that

00:42:48   I expected it would which was limited types of applications can take advantage

00:42:54   of Siri API and they listed them as messaging, ride booking, photo search,

00:42:59   workouts, payments and VoIP calls. Yes. This seems like the exact right way to

00:43:06   build the Siri API create a bunch of interactions that build into the system

00:43:10   and build out from there. This is what I do with multitasking. This makes so

00:43:14   much sense to me. I know it will upset some developers but I think if they tried

00:43:19   to go too wide I don't think it would work. So I'm interested to see how this

00:43:23   comes out. It seemed a bit clunky in areas like even in the demos you know

00:43:27   saying I would like to send a WeChat message to X you know I think maybe for

00:43:32   some people just saying what the word message means you know like a little bit

00:43:36   that's Siri training, like send a message to X,

00:43:39   and then Siri says, how do you like to send messages?

00:43:42   Oh, Intelligram, I'll remember that for later.

00:43:44   Thank you.

00:43:44   And they say also that--

00:43:47   he said there's an intense API, which I laughed at,

00:43:51   because it's like, it's a very intense API.

00:43:53   You kind of get away.

00:43:54   It's an API.

00:43:56   But they mean intense I-N-T-E-N-T-S, the idea that you

00:44:02   don't have to come up with the phrasing.

00:44:04   you say, here is what this does.

00:44:07   And then Siri can listen and understand

00:44:11   from a bunch of different contexts what you want to do,

00:44:15   and then move that along.

00:44:17   And they seem to be saying there, hey, developers,

00:44:19   you don't have to do any of this work of trying

00:44:21   to understand what people are saying.

00:44:23   We're going to do all of that.

00:44:24   You just need to write to the API saying,

00:44:25   here are the services that I offer.

00:44:27   And if that's the case, is it any wonder

00:44:29   that they have a limit of the ones

00:44:31   that they're going to hit first?

00:44:33   And it looks like it was kind of built into with extensions as well.

00:44:37   They kind of mentioned extensions a bunch of times, you know?

00:44:40   >> Yeah, I mean, that's a theme I would say of this entire iOS presentation is,

00:44:45   it's actually I think great for developers on that level because they're really

00:44:48   opening the doors and saying you get access to all sorts of things now.

00:44:51   Siri API is one of them, but there are many others that were in this demo.

00:44:55   They said you can be in maps and you can be in messages.

00:44:59   And I mean, there's just all of these different places where

00:45:02   developers can now go through extensions essentially.

00:45:06   And on the lock screen, your app can run on the lock screen

00:45:09   essentially as a widget. - It is interesting.

00:45:10   Like they seem like they're opening up

00:45:12   the first party applications to be

00:45:15   tinkered with by third parties, you know?

00:45:17   And the Maps one, which we'll get to in a minute,

00:45:19   is I think one of the bigger examples of that.

00:45:21   - I agree.

00:45:22   - But we have QuickType,

00:45:23   more intelligent suggestions for QuickType.

00:45:25   They're trying to use Siri information

00:45:27   to try and interpret what people are talking about.

00:45:30   - Yeah, this is another example

00:45:31   Where you see that Apple sort of wants Siri to be the brand for its intelligent assistant in all contexts even when

00:45:38   There's no voice

00:45:40   But at other times confusingly they seem to kind of conflate everything that happens with voice to Siri

00:45:45   Yeah, and I think they just want to have it both ways at this point, which is which is fine. I think it's fine

00:45:51   There's some of the stuff that can happen now in the quick type bar

00:45:55   So apparently if somebody has asked you all do you have John's email?

00:46:00   They will give you some suggestions who they think John is and you could just paste their email address in

00:46:04   It can help you make appointments check availability your current you can send your current location if somebody asks

00:46:10   Where are you?

00:46:10   They seem like great features but quick types in like a really great feature when it you know with the with the intelligent

00:46:16   Suggestion when it first came out if it works fantastic and but then they gave the real Federica Vitici

00:46:23   Feature here multilingual typing. I was watching Federico yesterday

00:46:28   Trying to type in English means that what he was like trying to write something out and it wasn't working

00:46:32   It wasn't like what is happening here? I can type better than this

00:46:35   He had the Italian keyboard and I need to know so he has to switch between Italian English keyboards constantly

00:46:41   Multilingual typing is a fantastic feature that will help a lot of people. Yeah

00:46:45   So I think that's great. Mm-hmm because you know

00:46:48   My girlfriend doesn't have autocorrect because she's never had it turned on because she types

00:46:53   in Romanian and English and doesn't want to switch keyboard.

00:46:56   So she'll be able to now have autocorrect turned on because she'll be able to type in

00:46:59   two different languages.

00:47:00   That's great.

00:47:01   That's great.

00:47:02   Photos, now...

00:47:03   This was big too.

00:47:04   This was actually a platform-wide, an Apple-wide announcement, but it was tucked into the iOS

00:47:10   announcement here.

00:47:11   Very Google Photos-like.

00:47:12   Yeah, very much so, but with the Apple spin that they are doing all of this stuff on device

00:47:20   because that's part of the deal with Apple is that your stuff is your own and it's not

00:47:25   sitting unencrypted up on an Apple server where Apple can see it.

00:47:29   So this has always been the challenge.

00:47:32   You've been able to do analyzing faces on the Mac in photos in iPhoto, right, for a

00:47:38   a while and you can do it on iOS because they weren't powerful enough or whatever.

00:47:44   Well here it is.

00:47:45   They have done, and they used all the buzzwords.

00:47:48   They said it's deep learning, advanced computer vision, advanced search, facial recognition.

00:47:56   They used all the buzzwords to say that now your iPhone will analyze your photo library

00:48:00   on device and find the faces and find objects and scenes and do 11 billion computations

00:48:07   per photo, so good luck, your battery has just died.

00:48:11   But from that, and use advanced artificial intelligence to cluster together your photos.

00:48:16   So the difference is that when Google does this, they do it in the cloud, and when Apple

00:48:20   does it, they gotta do it on the device, they gotta do it in the OS.

00:48:23   And they can maybe save metadata, but they're doing the processing on the devices.

00:48:29   I can't get my head around it, how it can be done on the device.

00:48:33   Those devices are pretty powerful these days.

00:48:35   Yeah, I don't understand enough of this stuff, right? But there's just something about it sounds to me

00:48:41   It's like surely it would be better if you're able to share this data

00:48:43   Right, like the way that Google does and they can kind of collate it together and learn more like where is Apple's AI learning from?

00:48:50   What's it? How what is it learning? What is a horse if it's you know?

00:48:54   All of the pictures that it believes a horse is not communicating with each other

00:48:57   Where is that data coming from? I don't understand it

00:49:00   Like Google's data is built by the photos that they have uploaded to their service and over time

00:49:06   They're able to build from that to create the information. Where is Apple's information? I don't know

00:49:11   That's what I can't understand like you're doing 11 billion computations. But what is it matching against? I don't get it

00:49:19   Yeah, I don't know. How does it know what a mountain is? I know maybe it's differential privacy. Maybe that's the answer

00:49:26   Yeah, I don't think of things. I don't understand

00:49:28   - No, I don't, all of this stuff is it,

00:49:31   like it sounds great, right?

00:49:33   - So how does it work? - Face recognition,

00:49:34   object recognition, scene recognition,

00:49:36   powerful searching, people, places, and topics

00:49:39   built into something called memories,

00:49:41   where apparently they're trying to link together

00:49:43   who they believe people are,

00:49:45   the places that you've been to,

00:49:46   the things that it thinks happening,

00:49:47   let's say birthdays or something,

00:49:49   and trying to put these into like a new view

00:49:52   in the application, which will allow you

00:49:53   to look at memories, it creates slideshows.

00:49:56   All of this stuff looks fantastic.

00:49:58   But I right now am just dubious that they can pull it

00:50:03   off like Google can.

00:50:06   Because that's what they have to do.

00:50:07   Because Google Photos is seriously impressive stuff.

00:50:11   But it's not perfect.

00:50:13   And there's a lot of time it will get things wrong.

00:50:15   I mean, it gets a lot right.

00:50:17   But it will get it wrong.

00:50:18   And I think it gets it wrong with all of that data at

00:50:22   disposal, with these incredibly powerful network of

00:50:26   cloud computers which are crunching through these files. I'm very keen to see how this

00:50:32   plays out but I've got to say I don't have a lot of hope in it.

00:50:37   Interesting. We'll see. I'm a doubter on this one. We'll see. I think what Apple is trying

00:50:46   to do is prove that you don't need to be Google to have these features.

00:50:53   In their presentations they're doing a good job of that.

00:50:56   Well yeah, let's see reality.

00:50:58   Because as somebody who is not as concerned with this stuff, it concerns me to see Apple

00:51:05   doubling down when I personally believe they can't do it without the cloud data.

00:51:11   That's my personal belief.

00:51:13   And I want to be proven wrong, but that's just what I think.

00:51:15   I think Google's able to do it because Google has all the data at their disposal.

00:51:20   And I think Apple's doubling down on "This data never leaves."

00:51:24   I get your point that if the only mountains that...

00:51:28   Well obviously they've got seed data and who knows where they're getting that.

00:51:32   Where they're getting the data from all sorts of different images, maybe it's the web and

00:51:35   they're training them.

00:51:36   And then those algorithms are then applied to your photos.

00:51:39   But that's a little different than what Google's able to do, where it's looking at all the

00:51:42   photos in its own library and using it.

00:51:46   But it's not that an approach that does not use its own services data is necessarily going

00:51:53   to fail.

00:51:54   It's interesting that they're trying this, right?

00:51:57   Because this is their thing.

00:51:59   And they are very specifically refuting Google's claim that this is what you need.

00:52:05   We have to have this stuff because otherwise you can't do it.

00:52:07   And Apple's saying, "Yeah, we can do it."

00:52:09   So we'll see if they can do it.

00:52:10   I think it's a ballsy move, at least, because they're basically saying, "Yeah, we can do

00:52:14   all that stuff that Google does.

00:52:16   So yeah, and it comes up, this just was mentioned in the chat room and I was thinking it too,

00:52:19   you mentioned not having photos on your device.

00:52:23   Like okay, so if I don't have like cloud photo library on my iPhone, how does this work?

00:52:28   If I have it not, I don't have the whole library on there, well, it can't analyze those photos,

00:52:34   right?

00:52:35   Or is it downloading them in the background and then analyzing them and then deleting

00:52:38   them again?

00:52:39   Is it saving metadata to the cloud?

00:52:41   Yeah, I mean, I'm sure it's saving the metadata to the cloud.

00:52:44   Faces does that now.

00:52:45   Faces on the Mac will save the names of the faces in the photo to the cloud.

00:52:49   It's just not analyzing it on the other devices.

00:52:52   But how do you do that if you're, you know...

00:52:56   If my phone isn't downloading images from 10 years ago, how can it find them?

00:53:00   Exactly.

00:53:01   Right.

00:53:02   Exactly.

00:53:03   And how does that work?

00:53:04   And is it just that any device needs to touch it and it does the processing and then it

00:53:06   puts the tags on it in iCloud and then iCloud finds them?

00:53:10   It could be, that could be it.

00:53:12   I'll wait and see.

00:53:17   Maps, we have an all new design for maps.

00:53:19   It looks fine.

00:53:20   A lot of the stuff like the turn by turn stuff looks great,

00:53:23   but it doesn't really mean much to me.

00:53:25   We have proactive suggestions.

00:53:28   So like Google does a really good job of this,

00:53:31   understanding when you're gonna be in a certain place,

00:53:34   looking at your recent search history

00:53:35   and suggesting things that you might want to be directed to.

00:53:39   So it looks like Apple's going to be starting building that

00:53:41   stuff into Maps.

00:53:43   It looks like they have quite good search.

00:53:45   So you can search restaurants, and then you will suggest a

00:53:49   bunch of restaurant types that are in the area.

00:53:52   So you can narrow stuff down by just tapping some icons.

00:53:55   But the big thing here, I think, about Maps is the

00:53:57   opening up to developers.

00:53:59   So they showed an example where now with new Maps

00:54:02   integration with developers, you could find a restaurant,

00:54:06   Book the table on OpenTable and then order an Uber,

00:54:10   pay for all of it in Apple Pay, and you never left Maps.

00:54:14   That's cool.

00:54:15   I like that.

00:54:17   - Yeah, I mean, that's a very specific.

00:54:19   - I mean, what else are you gonna do with Maps, all right?

00:54:21   Like it is booking tables and ordering cars

00:54:23   and maybe paying for transport,

00:54:25   like maybe paying for a bus or something.

00:54:27   Like, you know, there aren't gonna be many things

00:54:29   that could tie into Maps,

00:54:31   but as someone who does this type of thing,

00:54:34   Like I find a restaurant and then I want to book a table at the restaurant and go to the restaurant

00:54:39   Like I do that like when I'm somewhere like here like in San Francisco, we're deciding to go out for dinner

00:54:43   I will do those three things in different applications. I will look in

00:54:47   Foursquare for a place I will open up Google Maps to find out how far away it is

00:54:54   And then I'll open up uber to order an uber doing all of that in one place. I like that

00:54:59   I think that'd be cool

00:55:00   It's just is one of the cases of just bringing the apps together to make this stuff easier

00:55:04   but I'm probably not gonna switch away from Google Maps because the point of interest data in where I

00:55:10   Frequent in London. It's just not as good and I want to know when things are around and Apple Maps

00:55:16   It doesn't seem to give me the information in the same way

00:55:18   Well, I you know

00:55:20   This is one of those funny things where you're also talking about these new these new map features on one level

00:55:24   You want to applaud the new map features because it's good that they're adding them. Yep on another level

00:55:28   I look at some of the new map features some of the driving directions features points of interest on the on the way

00:55:33   Being able to say it's gonna be five minutes to this gas station two minutes to this gas station. Great great

00:55:38   Those those totally should be there that said

00:55:41   those features existed in third-party GPS apps that I downloaded like

00:55:46   Four or five years ago because something like Waze

00:55:49   Which is yeah

00:55:51   well Navigon had those and back five years ago when I was using that where you

00:55:55   literally just download an app with all the maps in it instead of just using a streaming map from the platform owner from Google

00:56:02   and

00:56:05   so

00:56:06   Yay, but at the same time

00:56:08   You know this these are these are not new features. It's I think it would be just as fair to say why?

00:56:16   Didn't any of these features exist in maps before but it's good that they're there and it's good that they mentioned

00:56:21   this is one of the places they mentioned CarPlay, which is good because

00:56:25   Some of my complaints about carplay right where

00:56:27   like hey, you know, let me use let me use Siri more in the car and

00:56:33   Be more useful for things like navigation which is like the most important thing that you're gonna have in the car. So

00:56:42   You know that was all good. But at the same time, yeah, I also had that other moment of that

00:56:47   I've seen this all before

00:56:49   It just wasn't Apple just didn't do it then we had a feeling of dread

00:56:54   Craig handed over to Eddie Q to talk about music. Mm-hmm. There was a feeling what was gonna happen Eddie

00:57:01   Did some preamble and then handed over to a lady and I'm gonna try my best here bazama st. John

00:57:08   I think so something like that. I thought she was fantastic

00:57:11   She did the music presentations. It should have been done because you know what she was doing. She was singing and dancing and

00:57:18   Talking about you know talking about music the way that she likes it and she had a bunch of attitude

00:57:24   She did what Eddy Cue attempted to do and from my perspective watching it, it worked and I enjoyed all of it.

00:57:31   I thought she was fantastic.

00:57:33   You were there. How did it come across in the room?

00:57:36   Yeah, she's um, she brought a lot of energy which was great.

00:57:39   There was a you know, it was a

00:57:42   I think it depends on how you read the the humor because she was she was

00:57:47   trying to get enthusiasm out of developers for you know for music.

00:57:54   I read it as intentionally trying to get something out of a group that she knew she wasn't going to get anything out of.

00:58:03   And that was funny because of that. But you can take it either way.

00:58:07   But she was walking the walk in terms of showing enthusiasm about and love of music.

00:58:14   And how music affects her life and her mood and how she goes to work in the morning and things like that.

00:58:21   And I think that is good because that's that's that's a way to get across why?

00:58:25   Something like Apple music is important. I love their attitude

00:58:29   Like it's fresh and different for an Apple present. Oh, yeah, that's that's for sure too not to have a you know heady Q

00:58:36   Yep, right. She was not at EQ. Yep

00:58:40   We had news as well. Apparently there was an all-new design to music

00:58:46   It looked exactly the same just there was a new coat of paint on it. Everything was still there

00:58:51   Yeah, it looked like that in Apple news was the same way

00:58:54   I guess this big bold blocky all caps fonts at the tops of screens is there is a new design

00:59:02   Basically just like for both music and news things were just moved around

00:59:06   It didn't look like a ground-up redesign that they were saying

00:59:10   I mean, I need to see it move some stuff around that stuff's been moved around

00:59:14   But it's not like a fundamental rethink like the watch

00:59:16   No, I think the big I think one of the big things they did was this idea that you've got your music and you've got the

00:59:21   Music that's on this device being explicitly there. That's good. Go back to your your statement about

00:59:26   Being on a plane and being surprised that something's not on your phone

00:59:30   Yeah

00:59:31   There's nothing worse than being on a plane thinking you've got some music to listen to and you find out you don't have any that

00:59:35   Was saved to the device so there's there's some good there

00:59:38   But yeah, it did not seem like a real rethink. It was more like you said a new coat of paint built in lyrics is great

00:59:43   absolutely

00:59:45   Appen use or new design you can subscribe to newspaper or magazines now and breaking news notifications

00:59:51   I have nothing to say I'd never use this application

00:59:54   I'm never I guess I'll have to look at it again because they made changes to it, but it's just not

00:59:58   60 million monthly users in news they say I'm not sure if that's good

01:00:03   Actually for a building enough for a built-in Apple app. I'm not sure that's great. But

01:00:11   How many monthly users does Apple have like they have 15 million paying Apple music subscribers, right?

01:00:18   60 million

01:00:20   Apple news readers doesn't seem that many when you compare that these are people willing to give Apple money for a service

01:00:26   this is like a built-in news application and

01:00:28   I guess when you swipe to spotlight does it still open in news to some of the stories?

01:00:34   I think so. Yeah, so, you know, it's built into the oh anyway. Yeah, I don't think that there's enough

01:00:38   Anyway, they're still pushing it. So there it is homekit talked about homekit seems like it was the same presentation

01:00:45   I've seen a couple of times. Yeah, the big thing there is that they created the home app and they've also put it into

01:00:49   Control Center it you swipe past the music controls and you've got home controls and that's fun

01:00:55   You know great that one of the problems with homekit was that it was invisible

01:01:00   That there were things that used homekit and you could use Siri for it, but there wasn't homekit central

01:01:06   There wasn't the place you could go and so it was invisible.

01:01:10   It was just, you know, you could use third-party apps for whatever devices and you could use Siri,

01:01:16   but now they're integrating it and I think that's good just for people to see,

01:01:20   "Oh, here's all my stuff." If you've got HomeKit compatible stuff, that is.

01:01:25   Yeah, that's the problem. They're saying that more devices are coming,

01:01:28   we'll have to guess, wait and see.

01:01:30   Yeah, well, I mean the first time they announced HomeKit, a year went by and nothing shipped.

01:01:35   So they're doing better now, but yeah.

01:01:37   Phone, there is a voicemail transcription beta, so it will give you the text transcriptions of your voicemail.

01:01:44   Yeah, yeah, I mean, I hope it's better than the Google Voice transcriptions because those were always terrible.

01:01:49   And a VoIP API. So incoming calls from services like,

01:01:54   I think they use Slack and Skype and Cisco, will look like regular calls. They can be in contacts. You can choose to call someone.

01:02:02   It's part of me that's like hmm. Is there anything else in there that maybe we can use is there anything hiding in the VoIP API?

01:02:09   Probably not no. I don't think so either, but like it's that you know

01:02:13   Maybe maybe it's finally what we need as podcasters to record on iOS, but yeah, maybe

01:02:17   Maybe I think it's more likely

01:02:20   I mean

01:02:20   I like this idea that if you use Skype or whatever else that it can be a phone call now instead of a push

01:02:26   Notification it would be treated like a phone call like a peer with the phone app essentially

01:02:30   And it'll show up in recent and all that is good.

01:02:34   I do think as an aside for podcasters, at this point I would bet you that the most likely

01:02:40   scenario where podcasters are going to be able to use iOS is that the WebKit project

01:02:45   will support WebRTC and all those websites that will let you record podcasts through

01:02:53   a web app will start to work with Safari including on iOS.

01:02:57   Right now that's my guess.

01:02:58   My guess, we'll see unless there's something tucked into iOS 10 that may be our first hope

01:03:02   because supposedly they're working on that.

01:03:04   But the big feature, Messages.

01:03:08   Messages is the big feature of iOS 10 it turns out.

01:03:11   I don't think this is a bad move.

01:03:13   I mean if you don't use Messages or another chat service more to the point perhaps you

01:03:20   may be baffled about why this is there but some of the most popular apps in the world

01:03:26   are chat apps.

01:03:28   And Apple is borrowing liberally from all of them.

01:03:31   All of them, yeah. It's like there's like from Line and from WeChat.

01:03:35   Snapchat.

01:03:36   And from Snapchat.

01:03:37   Facebook.

01:03:38   Yeah, sure. And they want in on this. They don't want to lose, they don't want to make it that

01:03:42   Messages is this dowdy app in the corner that Apple gives you that you immediately replace with something

01:03:48   that is cool that everybody's on. And the things that have proven to be very popular with people on these

01:03:57   services are things like effects and emoji and animations and stickers.

01:04:06   These are all things that you can scoff and say, "Oh, those are really dumb," but you

01:04:10   know, sure, whatever, you can believe what you like, but they are popular.

01:04:15   These are all popular features.

01:04:16   Apple is not making...

01:04:19   I didn't react with this like I reacted with some of the original Apple Watch features

01:04:22   where I'm like, "Do they really think that people are going to use the digital touch

01:04:26   feature or something like that. These are proven, these are almost like table stakes

01:04:31   in messaging today. All of these features and Apple was very serious with messages before

01:04:35   and kind of way behind. Now whether this will convince anybody to catch up or if it's just

01:04:41   going to make those of us who are still so uncool that we mostly use messages feel cool

01:04:46   when we're really still uncool, I don't know.

01:04:48   You're always cool. So let's run through some of this stuff. Like Unconnected I think I

01:04:54   was talking about how what I really wanted from messages

01:04:56   was it to become aware of the internet.

01:04:59   And like so because previously you send the link to someone,

01:05:02   nothing happened.

01:05:03   We now have rich links.

01:05:05   We have things like stickers that are coming in.

01:05:07   This is all stuff that's happening in other chat apps.

01:05:09   Big emoji, I love big emoji.

01:05:12   When you just send an emoji and it goes

01:05:13   and it just becomes a big emoji,

01:05:15   I love all of the apps that do that.

01:05:17   Seriously, I think it's fantastic.

01:05:18   - Well emoji, big emoji is a big thing.

01:05:20   I was really happy to see that because emoji art

01:05:22   so detailed and at the default sizes it's actually even hard to see what all the details

01:05:27   are so make them bigger.

01:05:29   And Apple is going to be suggesting emoji as you type which is good.

01:05:33   I'm currently using Gboard, it came out in the UK.

01:05:35   I've actually switched to it as my default keyboard.

01:05:38   But follow up from last week, I didn't know you could remove the default keyboard but

01:05:43   turns out you can and I have so I'm using Gboard completely right now.

01:05:47   It's like a feature request that was heard retroactively.

01:05:49   It was fantastic, I was so happy.

01:05:52   And then they have a feature that I really think is excellent for people to learn the

01:06:00   use of emoji.

01:06:01   Right.

01:06:02   Which is the emoji suggestions.

01:06:04   So basically you can write out a message and when you hit the emoji button you get a bunch

01:06:10   of words highlighted in yellow that you can then tap and choose an emoji to represent

01:06:16   that word instead.

01:06:17   So they use basketball for example and they could change it to a basketball.

01:06:20   there was like a love and you can choose from a bunch of different hearts and faces with

01:06:24   the heart eyes and all of that stuff.

01:06:25   What a fantastic feature this is.

01:06:26   I thought that was great.

01:06:27   I thought that was really fun.

01:06:30   An interesting way to use emoji.

01:06:32   Yeah, and I'm fully on board the emoji train and some people roll their eyes at emoji now,

01:06:37   but you know, my mom sends me emoji.

01:06:40   I have no time for people that judge emojis.

01:06:43   I know.

01:06:44   There you go.

01:06:45   So we're not going to even talk about them anymore.

01:06:46   I'm turning my back on them.

01:06:48   So it's great.

01:06:49   To see that, what I didn't see is an improvement to Apple's emoji keyboard because one of the

01:06:54   problems with it is I want to be able to search for a particular thing.

01:06:59   I guess I could type a thing and have it suggest, but if I want to pick a flag I want to be

01:07:04   able to have it find a flag for me or whatever.

01:07:08   But still, a lot of fun to have not only the replacement emoji when you toggle to the emoji

01:07:15   keyboard but that even in the little smart bar it will suggest emoji for you.

01:07:21   Yep then we have bubble effects which reminded me of Google's whisper and

01:07:26   shout thing from Ella a couple of weeks ago but we have animations so you can

01:07:31   make the bubbles big you can make them small they have an invisible ink feature

01:07:34   it's like a transition where they yeah where they kind of pop in in various

01:07:40   ways and animate and then end up being the bubble that you expect. I thought

01:07:44   All of these look really fun. I actually thought that was way better than Google's approach

01:07:48   Which is I'm gonna make my text smaller big I changed the font. It's well

01:07:51   This is the difference the the old-school Apple Google difference, right?

01:07:55   Yeah, like Apple do it with a bunch of crazy polish and they make animation right Google says hey

01:07:59   We can put a slider there for font size

01:08:01   I mean, I still like the the other one and now I think Apple's one looks more intriguing to me

01:08:07   You can have full screen effects and animations

01:08:10   Yeah, that the like fireworks go off and you send a message friends can really annoy you by sending those

01:08:16   People crazy, you know Myke I was sitting there thinking I don't think I'm ever gonna use that

01:08:22   Except that I will use it to annoy Myke when Myke annoys me with and Steven to everyone

01:08:28   Is you you are my you are sort of my top digital touches as well

01:08:34   So if it's an if it's a wacky feature from Apple, I'll be getting it from you gentlemen

01:08:39   Yes, I look forward to the confetti messages to come there's a kind of pseudo emoji reactions type thing

01:08:46   Where's someone can send you a message and you can like like it or heart it or something like that?

01:08:51   Yeah, which should kind of cool. It's again trying to get across, you know

01:08:55   Communication modes that don't work when you're not in the room written messages

01:09:00   Feature built for me. I think little inky kind of consent just draw all my messages

01:09:05   I want send my messages by texting anymore. I'll just write them all

01:09:08   No, it's it's adorable. Why not? Yeah, and then digital touch finally. Yeah to the iPhone. Yeah. Oh at last I know

01:09:16   So you'll be able to and it looks like it's gonna step further you can draw on images and and and all that sort of stuff

01:09:23   There were also a lot of I mean there were a lot of gestures like, you know

01:09:25   Just double tap on this and you can send this thing and you just swipe up here and all that's complex

01:09:30   But that's not Chinese is impossible to understand and that's very popular. I know

01:09:35   They have things like listening to music in line and stuff like that

01:09:38   But the big thing I think here is they've opened it to developers they like rush through this

01:09:42   But it's gonna be an app store. It's gonna be an iMessage app store

01:09:44   Yeah

01:09:45   But it was just like you had to be an iMessage app store and then you did that goes like they were just jumping a real

01:09:49   Your apps and stick them in and stick them in iMessage stickers. They'll be able to do payment stuff

01:09:54   They're square cash you made a book tables order food. There's a ton of stuff in here

01:09:59   I'm excited to see where this goes messages is like a platform now. It's becoming big and I'm cool

01:10:05   I think this is great.

01:10:06   I like messages and I'm looking forward to it.

01:10:07   >> What do people use phones for?

01:10:08   This is one of the top things people use phones for, if not the top thing at this point.

01:10:12   You know, and apps like Blind.

01:10:14   There's going to be, I mean I can predict it now because we just came out of the keynote,

01:10:17   but there will be people who will do the, like the emoji judgers, they will do a tut

01:10:23   tut saying, oh this is a frivolous feature.

01:10:26   It's frivolous in general to even do anything with messages and it's frivolous, all of the

01:10:33   are frivolous in particular and those people are missing the fact that this is again the

01:10:39   most popular thing people do with their phones, it's the most popular services that are apps

01:10:44   that people download for their phones.

01:10:46   This is what phones are for, for a lot of people is messaging.

01:10:50   Not calling people anymore, looking things up on the internet but my daughter spends

01:10:54   most of her time messaging.

01:10:56   That's what she uses her phone for and Apple's base messaging product was boring.

01:11:00   It was like it was a dumb messaging service.

01:11:03   It didn't do anything.

01:11:04   - It was just text messages.

01:11:05   - Yeah, it was SMS.

01:11:06   It remained SMS for far too long.

01:11:08   - Yeah, even through the iMessage protocol,

01:11:10   it was still built on the back of it.

01:11:12   Now it is, we are way past that.

01:11:14   - It reminds me of Notes, right?

01:11:17   So many of us scoffed at Notes, me included,

01:11:19   but now it's one of my favorite applications,

01:11:21   speaking of which.

01:11:22   - Oh yeah, so collaborative notes apparently is a thing?

01:11:25   - What is this gonna look like?

01:11:26   - I think you're gonna be asked to take action.

01:11:28   - You think so?

01:11:29   (laughing)

01:11:30   You think it's gonna be like, I'll make an edit,

01:11:32   then everything stops, you make an edit, everything stops?

01:11:35   - I don't know, it's an interesting idea

01:11:36   to collaborate with other people inside your notes.

01:11:39   - If it would be live in a magical world

01:11:41   where they can make it live,

01:11:43   we would be doing our show preparation in Apple Notes.

01:11:45   - Probably. - Right, because I use it

01:11:47   to collect information for the shows

01:11:49   and then transfer it into other applications.

01:11:52   But irrespective of it,

01:11:53   even if it is a take action type scenario,

01:11:55   I think it could be really great still.

01:11:57   Like, you know, like Evernote collaboration was good.

01:11:59   You know, there were conflicts and stuff,

01:12:01   But it was just the idea of two people can put things into a

01:12:04   note, I think it's needed.

01:12:08   I wanted to do a shout out for the conversation view in mail,

01:12:14   because that's one of the reasons that I have tried to

01:12:18   use other apps other than mail is that it doesn't do a

01:12:23   conversation view where I can scroll through and see the

01:12:26   entire conversation like I can in Gmail.

01:12:28   And they finally are. That's a finally.

01:12:32   Live photo editing and Apple said about stabilization.

01:12:35   Yeah.

01:12:35   Which could be great. That Google app is so incredible.

01:12:38   The Google app is fantastic.

01:12:40   I hope Apple are doing this with live photos.

01:12:43   And that's what they're doing.

01:12:44   I hope so.

01:12:45   They said they're going to do image stabilization and then also editing of live photos.

01:12:50   I actually heard from somebody, you know, sort of through the grapevine that Apple people were frustrated

01:12:57   because they know they were working on this feature

01:12:59   and then Google kind of preempted them.

01:13:01   - Snuck it in there.

01:13:03   And then Split View Safari on the iPad.

01:13:05   - Yeah, it's kind of the only iPad announcement

01:13:07   that we got. - We'll get to this

01:13:07   in a minute, we haven't asked a great question about it.

01:13:09   But that's in there, that's a wanted feature.

01:13:12   I use two web browsers sometimes.

01:13:14   I mean, I use Chrome anyway,

01:13:15   so like I'll pull up Safari to do some stuff.

01:13:18   And then the last big announcement,

01:13:21   Swift Playgrounds on the iPad.

01:13:23   - Yeah, yeah, this is-- - This is big.

01:13:24   - There's a lot of people talking about this,

01:13:25   that it was unlikely to get Xcode on the iPad.

01:13:29   Step one.

01:13:30   But the first step is to get something on the iPad that is code related and app building

01:13:34   related and Swift Playgrounds was what a lot of people thought might be the answer and

01:13:38   here it is.

01:13:39   I, like many people, said this is logo.

01:13:41   A little bit.

01:13:42   You know, it reminded me, because I used to, I remember doing the logo stuff as a kid.

01:13:47   I am gonna give this a go.

01:13:49   I'm gonna give it a go.

01:13:51   It looks like it's built for people who don't know how to code, mainly children, but I have

01:13:56   a children's level of code knowledge.

01:13:58   Yeah.

01:13:59   None.

01:14:00   So I was excited about it.

01:14:01   I'm going to give it a go.

01:14:02   It looks like fun.

01:14:03   It looks like it's built really well.

01:14:04   It looked beautiful.

01:14:05   Yeah.

01:14:06   You know?

01:14:07   You can drag and drop code around.

01:14:08   You know, the ATP guys will do a better job of explaining this than we will.

01:14:12   But I think that it's great.

01:14:13   It's going into public beta next month.

01:14:15   Right.

01:14:16   It's going to be in, I think they're going to put it in the public beta of iOS 10 and

01:14:20   then they'll make it available as a downloadable free downloadable app.

01:14:23   I thought that was so funny when he was like,

01:14:24   and we're going to make it free. Like who is expecting to pay for this?

01:14:27   Yeah, that was weird. That was, that was a little bit,

01:14:29   they just wanted to make the point of like,

01:14:30   we're doing this out of the goodness of our hearts, uh, to, uh,

01:14:33   make because people should learn to code.

01:14:35   And I thought that was a little strange cause it's also like you're seeding your

01:14:38   programming language to a new generation of people.

01:14:41   I think this is step one.

01:14:43   This is the beginning of the maturity of the IAM pad as a platform. Uh,

01:14:48   speaking of which, should we do some Moscow grade?

01:14:50   Let's do it. This is our spur of the moment post keynote ask upgrade.

01:14:55   Lasers. Thank you Stephen Hackett Demandus.

01:14:59   And Ryan asked... He shoots his lasers like a six gun.

01:15:02   I know. Hey partner, watch out for my lasers.

01:15:05   And then Ryan asked, there was nothing about the iPad here.

01:15:10   There were no iPad specific features shown in this keynote.

01:15:14   We haven't seen what the beta looks like yet.

01:15:17   There might be some stuff that we were looking for.

01:15:20   Like, the multitasking view might have changed.

01:15:23   Things that were in our wish list.

01:15:25   External keyboard autocorrect might actually be in there,

01:15:27   because who knows?

01:15:27   There might be little bits and bobs that we haven't seen yet.

01:15:30   But yes, there was nothing iPad-specific shown on stage.

01:15:34   I've seen a couple of--

01:15:35   Other than Playgrounds and the split view in Safari,

01:15:37   that was it.

01:15:38   Playgrounds is an app, right?

01:15:40   It was like, what we saw last year

01:15:42   was the fundamentals of iPad changing.

01:15:44   Somebody mentioned to me on Twitter about this,

01:15:46   I wonder what you think.

01:15:48   Is this like a TikTok?

01:15:49   'Cause last year was all iPad.

01:15:51   All the good features were on the iPad, not the iPhone.

01:15:54   This year all the big features seemed to be iPhone first.

01:15:57   - I sure hope not.

01:15:59   I think it's still possible that there are going

01:16:01   to be iPad features that roll in later.

01:16:03   - I think we're gonna see 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 for this stuff.

01:16:06   - I think maybe that's the way to do it,

01:16:08   is as much as I want them now, because I'm an iPad user,

01:16:11   maybe that's the way to do it is,

01:16:13   it's not quite TikTok, because it's not like

01:16:15   10 is iPhone and 11 is iPad. It's more like 10.0 is iPhone because we need to get that

01:16:21   out right if you're Apple we need to get this out it needs to ship with the new phones that

01:16:25   are going to ship in the fall in a few months time and we'll get we'll get it out and there

01:16:28   aren't new perhaps not maybe there are but probably there aren't new iPhones or iPads

01:16:34   shipping in September right so you do that along with the watch and the phone exactly

01:16:39   and you defer your-- - And new Macs probably as well.

01:16:42   - Right, so you defer all your iPad features

01:16:45   - Till later.

01:16:46   - And have them be in 10.1.

01:16:48   - I've gotta say as someone who uses the iPad

01:16:52   pretty much full time, right, for the majority of my work,

01:16:55   I am miffed but not upset.

01:16:57   Because all of the things that I wanted for the iPad

01:17:00   were things that would be great to have.

01:17:02   There was nothing that I needed

01:17:05   because something is stopping me right now, you know?

01:17:08   - No, I think, and it was such a packed keynote

01:17:13   that maybe they just didn't have time for it.

01:17:16   But the one thing that I sort of wished I had seen

01:17:19   was them, if they do indeed have big plans for iPad things

01:17:24   but it's not gonna be in 10.0,

01:17:26   but it's not gonna be a wait until 11 scenario,

01:17:30   I kinda almost wanted them to say that.

01:17:33   That would have been nice if they had said--

01:17:35   - Yeah, I agree.

01:17:35   - And these are, you know,

01:17:36   And not only do we have a bunch of great iPad features in iOS 10.0, but there's a whole

01:17:41   bunch of other features that are going to be coming later this year.

01:17:43   Because they called out the iPad at the start as being so important.

01:17:47   It's one of their keys.

01:17:48   But then did nothing throughout that focused on it.

01:17:51   It was like everything was like, "Oh, and this is on the iPad as well."

01:17:55   Yeah.

01:17:56   Right?

01:17:57   Yeah.

01:17:58   So I think that's the question.

01:17:59   I'm not disappointed, or maybe I'm a little disappointed now, but I'm not too worried

01:18:01   about it.

01:18:02   is yeah I want I want there to be another shoe to drop here and if if

01:18:07   they're truly just sort of like yeah we did our thing for the iPad now we're

01:18:10   forget it nothing new until 11 then I will be upset I'll be sad another Ryan

01:18:18   asked how do you imagine the auto unlock feature to work on max of multiple user

01:18:23   accounts I imagine that it's going to be locked to to the Apple ID right that's

01:18:29   Yeah of an account and it will unlock for that account and do you reckon that part of this is touch ID as well

01:18:36   for the max I

01:18:38   Don't know I mean they didn't show it, but then they showed touch ID working for Apple pay which means that the iPhone right so so

01:18:46   First off it makes me wonder if you'll be able to unlock it from an iPhone if you don't have an Apple watch

01:18:52   Because why would you be able to do Apple pay, but not to unlock?

01:18:57   Seems a little bit strange and then second is that yeah, could you do touch ID?

01:19:02   Yeah, David asked what is the Apple file system

01:19:08   so here's the story ding I

01:19:12   Imagine speaking of things ATP will talk about

01:19:15   There is a session at WWDC not included in the keynote at all

01:19:20   but there's a session of WWDC that is basically announcing the new Apple file system and

01:19:27   It's going to be available as an option for external non boot devices in

01:19:34   Sierra in Sierra and then rolling out in 2017 as a real thing

01:19:40   so Apple the new Apple file system is real and it's gonna happen and John Syracuse is gonna lose his mind and

01:19:48   We need more details, but it's not something that's gonna impact anybody for a year

01:19:53   Which is you know what is the right thing to do?

01:19:56   Yeah

01:19:57   Let people have it for a year and work out all the issues because the last thing you want to do is have a brand new

01:20:04   File system on your computer when they discover a horrible thing that destroys everything all your data

01:20:09   Ryan asked if there was any word on changing default browser on mail apps

01:20:13   Nothing about that specifically but on that note there will be the ability in iOS 10 to remove

01:20:21   Apple

01:20:23   Stock applications from your device and then re download them from the store, right?

01:20:27   So you will be able to remove the mail app. You'll be able to remove the tips app

01:20:31   You won't have to hide them in a junk folder anymore

01:20:34   And then will the next step and I saw something in the chat room about this from a Stephen Hackett

01:20:39   That right like you can remove the mail app and then the mail to links don't work anymore

01:20:43   So there's a there is a question of like what happens if you if you remove a stock app first up

01:20:49   Does it really go away and second?

01:20:51   You know do are you can the system handle that?

01:20:54   You know and I'm sure that these are all issues that will be worked out by the time it's shipped considering the system

01:21:00   Maker is letting you do this the system should be able to handle it right like if the if oh if oh you can remove

01:21:07   It but then mail links don't work anymore

01:21:09   Well, then what was the point in removing it right like right all you're doing is cutting your nose off to spite your face

01:21:14   Like there's no benefit to you there rather than just keeping it in a folder if when you start removing things it breaks things

01:21:20   So I'd be interested to see what the implementation ends up being on that

01:21:24   Rajeev is

01:21:27   Disappointed that no dark mode was announced for iOS. So am I huh? It was announced a tvOS

01:21:32   I want to my iOS to please that made me sad. I thought we were pretty much in a sure thing for that

01:21:38   But no nothing and Edgar asked Jason finally today. What do we have for lunch? Oh, this was a great question

01:21:45   so I went to

01:21:47   specialties, which is a sandwich chain here in the Bay Area and I got a

01:21:52   They make a sandwich called the peanut butter and stuff. Oh, it's got peanut butter banana and

01:21:59   Cranberry sauce. Oh man, so it's basically a peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwich

01:22:05   And then I had the their oatmeal wheat germ chocolate chip cookie, but you got me one too. I did my lunch sucked

01:22:10   We watched

01:22:13   The keynote at Twitter's office, which I'd done before which is fantastic

01:22:17   They put on a nice spread of breakfast food

01:22:19   but we went to a place next door called market and I grabbed a turkey sub and it

01:22:24   Basically was just all bread. It wasn't very tasty

01:22:28   Sub par it was sub sub pop and I'm probably gonna have to get another

01:22:33   Lunch and because of that joke we have to in the episode. Yeah, so that was ww DC. How's it later? Go home today?

01:22:41   We're gonna be a part of relaycon WWDC. Yeah, I want to check that out go subscribe to the connected feed

01:22:47   It really thought of M slash connected. We have a big show planned

01:22:50   So I'm really looking forward to that and we'll be talking more about all this stuff with a great bunch of guests Jason

01:22:56   You'll be involved. Yes, our engineer mrs. Steven Hackett will be involved

01:23:00   We've got that we've got a whole big night planned in front of a live studio audience

01:23:04   So make sure you go and check that out and that'll be in the connected feed that will be in the connected feed

01:23:09   So go to relay.fm/connected and you'll be able to subscribe and you will get our relaycon

01:23:14   WWDC episode. If you want to find our show notes for this episode of upgrade head on over to relay.fm/upgrade/93

01:23:22   I hope that you all enjoy the many pieces of information that will come out over the next few days

01:23:28   I am wondering you know, this is normal for us how much information we could know if we were reading Twitter right now

01:23:35   I know right immediately after the keynote all this stuff just starts to leak out

01:23:40   This is what we do for you is we exactly our first goal is to record a podcast

01:23:43   Afterward so that's what we do as you say upgrade first out yep

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01:24:12   I I still don't think my first pick

01:24:15   Considering it ruined seven to four through everything off. Ah I just I was unbalanced from now on

01:24:21   You got the first pick in every round so you you were ahead of me the whole time

01:24:25   That's my story. I'm sticking to it for someone who likes drafts that seems like a really in anyway

01:24:32   Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much to FreshBooks and MailRout for their support

01:24:35   And we'll be back next time and I will be in England until then say goodbye Jason Snow. I'll still be right here. Goodbye

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